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Revelstoke Herald Jan 22, 1902

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 i -:;_!*.
l y ti ,.?-)ly.% i  y i ,-,   /���'
//        *.'*?'   ty '   i/'I.A.*    V7**''!.'7---"'**
.<   r'y .a-.-ii.
Vol    V.  No    J06
$2 OO a  Year in Advane
Come and See
Boots anil Shoes
Men's, Ladies'and Children's,
now selling at actual COST.
.���   NO OLD STOCK.
These goods were all purchased
last season.
Save 40 per cent and buy your-
Shirts now.
We are offering,a splendid line '
,of W.-.G". &;R.��� and.'White
'Shirts, at-.the""above big   discount.     All;goods are  of the"
Latest Style and Pattern.
The First Meeting of the  City
Fathers-elect   for   1902 ��� The
Committees  for   the   Coming
Year Arranged by the Mayor.
The new eouneil held ils  first,  meeting according to statute on  Monday
eveuini;.      Present   the   Mayor,  Aid.
McLeod,   Hume,   Taylor,    MeMahon,
Law aud Maiming.
Thu first proceeding was the -swearing in of Aid. Taylor, McLeod, Law
and McMahon by his worship.
The Mayor said in opening the
mooting that thc council would have a
number of "imporlant transactions to
be considered. It would be neccs**.nrj-
for the conmiillees to do lheir work in
order to get these matters disposed oli*
promptly aud harmoniously. Ho
hoped the _ council would work
together and that . the friction of
former years would be avoided. He
then declared thu council open for
3. Savage applied for position of
janitor of city lirchalls, referred P. AY.
committee; Government Agent, ro
account for.keep of prisoners, referred
Finance committee; School TrusLees
asked for use of council 'chamber for
their meetings, "granted by resolution;
Gordon' Dill, book agent, protested
against thu prohibitory license
reijuircd by the cily bylaws, fyled.
From Ward II asking to revert to
old pit system, the present system
being in lheir opinion a most unsanitary one. Another of tlio same -tenor
was rend from Ward 1. The two
petitions were signed by S2 names.
Tlie clauses in thu Health Bylaw
rolating Lo this point were read and
the medical health officer was called
on who saidthat he, was opposed to
the pit system and considered that the
present system, if carried out properly,
was better. As it is the bylaw is not
enforced... The' city   scavenger, had
extended In June   19U2.   with   interest,
til the rate of o%.
His worship asked the F. XV. Si L.
committee to have a report prepared
I'or the next regular meeting on the
lire alarm system, whether to amend
il. or abolish it altogether and put
something else in its place.
After reading some aceouiitt and
littering to an eloquent* plea for a "Safe
from the city clerk, it was resolved to
pay ihe Smelter Co. $2o for ground
rent of the land on which the small
pox pest house stands and to bum (lie
pest house.
The following  are   the   committee*,
struck for 1002, the lirst named in each
case being tho chairman:
Finance���Aid   Hume.   Manning   and
Public Works���Aid. Taylor, McMahon
and Law.
Fire, Water it   Light���Aid. McLeoed,
Hume and Manning.
Bylaws���Aid.      Law,     Taylor     and
-   I. O. O. F.
At the meeting of Revelstoke Lodge
last week lhe following officers were
instulldd. R.\S. Wilson, INT. G.; Nels
Eckland, V. G.: J. A. Stone, R. and F.
S.: 3. 1. Woodrow, Treas.-, C. Hanson,
W.; T." .1. Graham, C.; N. T. Edwards,
O. G.; E. Walerson, 1. G.: XV. 3. Loe,
B. S. N. 0*.: H. N. Coursier. L S.X.G.;
J.Shaw, H.S.N.G.: Geo, Caldwell, L.
S. V. C!.;'.T. D: McLennan, R. S. S.;
Gus Hedstroni, "L.S.S.
Thc following ollieers wore installed
at Selkirk Lodge: IJ. D. G. M.. Bro.
Gordon acting as installing officer:���
N. G. A. Sexton, V. G. 3'. Outhert,"
Sec., .T. Mathie, Treas.. Horace
Manning. T. XV. Bain; Conductor, P.
Hooley; U.S. lo N. G.. F. Manning; L.
S. to V.G , .1. McLeod: E.S to V.G. A-
E. Kincaid: L.S. to-V.G:, H. Fay; I.G.,
J. McGinncss. ��� '..   ,
only   about RO    houses    which
Our bargains
Hats are
keeping-with above discounts
The stock includes:-
We have-a Beautiful Line in
Goods at away down figures.".
BIG     MONEY,     A��   ���
adopted it. People objected to tlie
system as unnecessary and expensive.
The council.should decide whether to
enforce the bylaw or revert to the pit
system. ] lie did not think there was
as much danger in Revelstoke from
the pit system as in 'other places owing
to the. porous soil and tlie absence of
surface wells Still he thought it a
dangerous and repulsive system and
ho would urge the council lo take
'immediate action. The scavenger had
thrown up hi*, job because'he did not
have enough houses.on his list to make
it worth his while. Something had to
be none and iPlhe council did not come
to somo decision tonight, he would
have to do so himself. '
.1. C. Hutchison" said the reason lie
quit the job was that there was not
enough work to make it worth , his
while lo keep it on. A great, many of
thc names on the petitions had had
the work done and never paid for it.
He did not think Ihere was any kick
comin*. to them.
Aid. Taylor thought the bylaw was
all.~riglit,~if '-people--would comply
with it.
Aid. McLeod supported the pit
system. Kamloops had had to drop
the box system. The ratepayers had
asked for the. bylaw to be changed and
their ideas should be complied witli.
Aid. Manning said the box system
had been proved a failure in several
eastern towns. Hiilf the expense
of disinfectants, with the pit system
which the scavengers fees amounted
to'would render the pit system quite
sanitary and far cleaner than the box
system, ln the winter the box system
was an impossibility.
Aid. Law supported Aid. Manning
and McLeod. L
Aid. Hume said the existing
grievance arose from the neglect of
the present bylaw. ' He believed in
the box system hut it had never been
given a. fair trial in Kevelstoke.
Aid. McMahon said that even when
the boxes were cleaned once a month
the system was unclean. With a
little trouble the pits worked very
well. �� _
Dr. Carruthers said iie believed lhat
the pit.system could be made tolerably
safe in this town but there ought lo be
one system or the other adopted.
The mayor thought that there
should be a wider expression of opinion
on lhe subject than SO names.
Moved Aid. McLeod  seconded   Aid.
Manning that   thc   health   ollicer   be
instructed to gel all boxes cleaned  at j
the expense of occupants in uceoi dance'
with bylaw N'o. 1.    Carried. j
Moved   Aid.   Law.   seconded    Aid. j
Manning thill tenders be   i*i��eeived   at
the   next   regular   meeting   for    the
appointment      of       health       ol.lccr.
Carried. j
Moved Aid.   Hume,   seconded   Aid. I
McLeod   that    the    note    for    $3000'
authorised    by    the    bylaw    lo    be
borrowed from?the Molson's   bank   be
leuewed aud  the   time   for   payment
Big Berid Mica.
The British Columbia. Review, ol
London. F.ng.. chronicles the fat t lhat
a. bhipinenl of mil a hud lately been
received llieie fiom neur Revelsloke.
in this" piovince. Tin* quality, adds
lhe Review, is said lo lie unustmlly
good nnd lhe deposit is" to he worked
on a large teak*. Mi'.'a di.pnsils���',\herc*
lhe pi udui-i. is of lhe liviLer-kind. are
quili* valuable. Ihere is _a deposit, in.
Cariboo which is said In'b'e'lliie large:-!,
in the world. Sheets of unusual n'v.e
almost as clear as glass, can lie' obtained Ti am ir. The inacee*--.*-ibiiily of
the'deposit. however, prevent*** it I rom
being utilized. When Caribou is givui
railway laeiiilie*. lhe ili-]ios.iL will he
winked ai-.d another impni unit
added   Lo   those   of ihe'pto-
Personal    Paragraphs   Pertain-
��� ing to Railway Men Picked up
By the Plerald   Man   on   His
- Daily Rounds.
-XV. F. Tye. Chief of C.i'.R. Guiisli ue-
lion, of .Montreal, was in town
'John G. Sullivan of Trail. C. I'.U,
engineer ill charge nf Ihe Lardeau
hriini-h, was in town ye.-lerd.-iy. lie
says the mils will bell id to Trout
Luke by the lirsl of March.
No wind regarding Hie stiike liu-l
week among the c-u* repairets in the
C-F. It. shops at Vancouver has been
leceived by the members of the union
here. The trouble is staled to have
arisen owing to the discharge of some
union men by a new foi email. Master
Mechanic llall was sent for and the
matter appeals to have been satisfactorily settled.
The transcontinental freight bureau
has is-,ued ij, call to 17 lines for a session
in Pciriland, Fein nary IS, at which
more ih.-.n 1000 questions will be taken
up. There is *i sluing probability lhat
trans'conlinental r.itesas a whole will
be discussed and a possilv'liiy that the
bureau may decide upon -ii.iporta.nL
reductions. The Northern Pacific,
the Great Northern, Builingtoii, Sanla
Fe. Union Pacific and other lines in
the west will tie represented.
A construction train of -IT, empty
cars was sent out of Nels m one day
lasl week to be used in work east of
Kooienay Landing. As part of it was
passing over Lhe trestle at the foot or'
Cedar slreet. ti rather peculiar accident
occurred.- A rock rolled down on the
track ahead of Lhe engine, and the
engineer immediately set tlie brakes.
The train was stopped in time, but one
of the empty dulnp cars near the
centra of llie* immense train ".buckled
and went to pieces from the piessuir,
blocking .the track* for a couple of
'4*The Chicago Si Knslern Illinois Ky.
is siii-#piii*iiig\"td! install" ii""syat6iii'" of
electric signals to prevent accidents.
The new device displays a signal in the
cab of the locomotive. -Tiie track is
wired in blocks, the rail being used as
the lundiictor. "When there ,is bul
one train in a lilocli, the signal in the
rub will burn white. Should another
train touch the same block the light
is   instantly   changed   to   red,   which
means danger. The signal is not
.ifVected by snow or sleet, or by
weather or nny kind. ll. will do ils
work among ii mir/.e of swilches and
rro-sing as well as on a slraight irnck. '���
The Brotherhood of Hailw.iy Employes has decided that Chicago shall
he ils future headquarters, and to hold
its next Congress there in May, 11)01.
The question of ritual was taken up
and the conference decided that the
nomenclature of the ollieers shall
follow that of railroading. 11 was also
decided to place an organization in
each of the following cities: Portland,
San l-'rancisco, Albuquerque, Omaha.
Helena, Kansas City, Denver, Kurt
Worth, SI. find, Chicago, St. Louis,
Little JHock, Now Orole.'iiis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Nashville, Atlanta,
Washington, Pittsburgh, New York
City, Boston. Montreal and "Wiiini-
Who Was It ?
There is a story  going the rounds of
the press   telling  how a certain, man
who owned a cuckoo clock in his house,
went out to an itnportiiht lodge nieeL-
ing one  evening,  assming   his.belter
half   that   he   would   be   back   about
midnight.     When   hu got back    12.
as he knew very well,  had  long past.
As   he   opened   the   door   bis   t-potise
invoke and asked the time,      The aiiy
reply "oh, just about 12, my dear," was
frozent o his lips hy the sound  of that
confounded   cuckoo   clock    beginning
"Cuckoo!    cuckoo!    cuckoo 1!"  three
times.    There was nothing  for it and
the wretched man had to stand  there
in   the   ball     and    repeat.     "Cuckoo,
cuckoo, cuckoo" nine  limes himself io
make it good.    This i.s the story.    Il is
possibly a fiction, bnt at all  events it
has a I rue sequel.    On the night of liie
celebiation, whicli followed the reel nt
municipal contest in Revelstoke, or, to
speak more correctly,'on the  morning
after, a  worthy   citizen,  a  uilepayer
property owner and an  O'Brien  man
arrived home.    There.was "no  cuckoo
clock in this man's house-But us soon
as. he opened   the   door", to tlie intense
amazement of his good lady  he  began
"Cuckoo,    cuckoo,   cuckoo,    cuckoo, \
till  his   wife   thought" Oontl.   Upper
would soon be taking another trip  to
New Westminster.
Thos. Tavlor. M.P.P., returned from
attending the opposition convention
at New Westminster yesteulay nr.d
slaved-over in town. He says the
opposition have received positive and
definite assurances of support cmui'li
lo guarantee thc ceilainty of tho
defeat of the government when the
house meets.
��5X����^��i)����gi������ 5XSO���� -tS���� S��^S����S��SCiX5XS��iS:^^ GxageSs��������-*)��^^
Never before have we made such onslaught on prices.      New,   Fashionable,   Seasonable
and reliable merchandize will be sold in many cases at a mere fraction of their former-lvalue..
-<��JChis_means_a_big4oss,to_thejCompany. *��� -'_..   -' .     _.   ._ .     _,    , , _ '_._""_..;  '_.   .__,___     	
THE STOCK MUST BE SOLD���Sweeping  reductions   will   take  place  throughout
every Department, so great that they will wash qui buyers mistakes   and   clear out  thousands
The'power of clearing lies in the prices..    fjr^Rcad them-
Terrific Snowstorm and Blizzard
Raging in New York State.���
Winnipegs Score a Win in the
Stanley Cup Championship.
C'iiat.xl'Quku. Jan. '22���A terrific
snowstorm is raging in Chatanqua
County N. Y. Before T> last night
15 inches had fallen The Northwestern
Pennsylvania system is in a grip of
severe blizzard.
Niiw BltiTAi.v, C'o.v.v. Jan.���An
explosion in the basementof St. Mary's
ttoman Catholic church. New Britain
Conn, caused a fire, which completely
destroyed the interior of the structure.
Loss iiioO.OOO.
Wijf.Nii'iiG. Jan. 22.���In the Canadian
hockey championship for the Stanley
cup, the first game of the series was
played in Winnipeg last evening.
Winnipeg was victorious, defeating
the Toronto Wellingtons by 5 to 3.
Bui-1'at.o, Jan. 22.���The suburban
trolley lines of Buffalo are tied up and
the city cars ate running regardless ^of-
schedule time on account of a heavy
snow storm. The storm* has been
severe in lhe vicinity of Lockport and
The troopship Victorian, sailing from
Halifax on Jan. 2Sth,  will-take  mails
and   parcels   for  lhe   troops in South
Loid Kitchener reports that since
Jan. 13th tliitty out* Boers were killed,
113 wounded, 170 capt in ed and 41
A new steamship lline is to be
established between Boston and St.
Johns. Nfd., with two sailings a week.--
The Irish Nationalist parliamentary
fund, has only received $1,000 so far
M*.:s- .year. Many., members ; of
parliament are retiring on this account.
Heading railway will take back all
union men discharged at the time of
Lhe late strike and afterwards. This
order elfects 000 brakemen in the
Anthracite region of Pennsyl.vannia.
All was quiet at Panama yesteiday.
The Insurgents lost. 17 wounded in
Monday's naval fight. Killed not
known. The government.forces lost
5 killed and 4 wounded.
Bob Fitzimmons, ex-champion pugilist, fell down-stairs in the Orpheiiin
theatre, Brooklyn, yesterday. [fc is
feared that he is seriously injured.    *
The hotel owned by M. Tynan-at
Cold Rock, Ont., was totally destroyed
by fire - on Sunday. Nothing was
There is no news of the missing
warship Condor.   -
Fifty   more   petitions   praying    for
of'rcmnants and forgotten things
Ladies' Jackets���$3.00.
Black Beaver, regular $4.75 and $5.50.
Fawns, grey and  black,  all   this  Season's
goods, regular prices from $16.75   l0  $12*
Sale Price $8
Children's Jackets and ulsters Half Price.
Ladies' Furs.      -,:
All new, stylish   goods,
Cfardless of cost.
will   be  sold   rc-
Ladies' Blouses.
Regular lines at $1.25 and $1.50, will clear
at 75c.
���Black Sateen and figured  Lustre   Blouses,
Lined.      Regular at $2.50 ancl 3.50.
Sale   Price     $1.75
Children's Dfesses.
In Cashmere, Flannellete and Serges ���ail
-reduced to half price.
ss and Boy's Shirts.
$1.50 Men's Navy Blue Flannel Shirts. .75c
75c. men's black sateen shirts 50c
90c. Boys' navy blue flannel shirts . . . .60c
$1 men's underwear, sale price 75c
$2 and $1.50 odd lines in men's  undershirts, to clear $1.00
$1 men's heavy winter caps; sale price.40c
prohibition,   mostly   from    Methodist"
churches,    were    presented     to    the
Ontario legislature today.
���   Four men were instantly killed on  a
log railroad   at   Cross   Forks,   Potter
County, Pa., by a runaway train.
A few pieces of flannelette in fancy stripes;
Regular price 8c; sale price. .-  5C
Shoe Bargains.
Ladies' Fine Dongola Lace or Button Boot
medium weight, well made.   Regular $2.50
���sale price .\ .$2.00
Ladies' line Dongola Oxford shoe, machine
sewn sole, well made; regular $1.75; sale
P'-ice    $1.25
Lace Curtains
A few pair of odd lines of regular- goods at
S2 and $2'.50.      Sale Price per pair. -75C
Ladies' Golf Capes.
Ladies' Golf   Capes,   extra   long,   regular
$1.3.56; sale price ; "$-|0
36 in. Unbleached Cotton, good hcavy
weight; regular 10c.; sale price . . . .8^c.
36 inch Bleached cotton;    regular 10c
S. O. E. B. S.
Lodge Royalty, 'Ml, of the S..0. E.B.
S., received a visit yesterday from the
Supreme Grand Sepervisor Bro. Rev.
II. Fieni.es Clinton who came lo instal
the ollieers for 1002. The foliowinfi
were installed at the lodge meeting
lasL nighl : W. P.ist President, Bro.
\V. G. Watson ; W. President. Bro. G.
E. Giogan ; \V. Vice Piesidrnl Bro. S*
D. Croule: XV. Chaplain, Bio. S. Need-
hum. W. Sect et ary. Bio II. Edwitid;;
W. Tieastirer. Iho T. N. Buker, XV.
Committeemen, 1-t Bio. II. Pa.-_.on.:,
'3riS I.m.T. Skinnet. W.'Piisl Piesidtnt
Wiilt-on received a epinminsion from
Bro. (Minion to inst.il lhe other committeemen and the Inner Gtiniil on
some subspqiu-nl oc-raasion.
After lodge v. as closed the lin-tbreti
piesent sal down 10,1 fine joint of the
roust heel nf Old England washed down
with the good ale and beer of Kevelsioke and a veiy piynsant evening wan
spent in toasts, soiii;-**. music' and
recitalions. The 1Ii-:t:ai.�� does not
know whether auy of the married
biethreti had lo call "cuckoo" in the
hull on reaching home but thinks it
very probable.
ft+#���C*4��4[4H!��1H[4Ht����4'**4** &Sm**
The following games have been
played in the competition for the
Calgary Brewing & Malting Co's
trophy since our last issue. Rae 13,
McDonnell?: Carruthers9, McDonnell
S. The second game was played 'last
night and was a close, and exciting
contest, - *r  Kgtai^a^^^iS^iiwHS^iff  i  ly  fl"  ^elst^* tynH anil ^ailwufi  Published My  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  ��������� .Miinngiiig llirei'lnr.  A Semi-Weekly .loiii-nn! 'publlshi'd in the  inti.rt'.sts of tlu* niilwtiy men, mining men ,ln'l  hn.-iii.-ss ineli of tin. West. Iinys of I'lililU-iiiion  *A\'.|ii*.'s.lHy mul Satin ilny.  A1WKR-IIS1SB   KATEl..  liisplny lids., fl.oO per inch; singlti o.ilnmn,  fl per ituili when inserted on 'lil le piif;i.  L.-ijiil nils., IU cents per ineli (tuii������i>tii'icll line  uu* Ilrst insertion; fieenls for eneli mliliiioiinl  insurlion. l.ocnl notice.*** 10 minis per line eneli  issue, l'.irlli, MHrrln������e nml Deuth Notices  free..  Sl'HSCIIilTION  It.lTKS.  I'.y mull nr currie*-. fi per annum; ?l.'-'. for  six months, strictly in nilvmiec.  Olllt'jOll IHifAltTJIKST.  Isiiiie ofihe best equipped priuliiiKollii-es in  Hit* West nml iirepnri-.il to execute nil kin.Is of  ...rlmlni; In lirslelHSs style nl honesi prices,  line i.rieii lo nil. No job too lnr*:e���������none uio  snirtll���������forns. Mail orders pri.inpllv iilten.led  lo.   Hive us n trinl on yonr next i.r.ler.  TO WHIIIIWl-ONIlKNls.  We invite eorrespoinleii.'" om nny snl.jei-l  ol interest to the e.enernl publie. In nil i-n-es  Uie bonn ll.'lc nnine of the writer must m-i-om-  j.miiv mminserlpi, but not neeesstuily for  {.iiblh-iitloii.  A.lilress nil eoiiiiiHiiiientlons to the Mumper  .NliTll.'K TO COIIRK-I'OSI'BNI--.  legibly  1.���������AH    eorrespoiuloiiee    must   be  writien ou one sitle of the paper only.  ���������_'.���������Correspondence containing , personal  .mutter mu-i he signed wilh the proper iimue  i.' lhe writer.  ���������Cl. 1*:. GIUiOA.N, Editor. ���������������������������';'  Wkunksiiay.   Januaiiy 22,  1902.  WHAT 3IR. DUNSMUIR  FORGOT TO SAY  The reference to the mining industry  in     Mr.     Diuismair's    manifesto    is  characteri.stic.    Characteristic that  is  not more   particularly   of   -Mr. Dims-  mulr or Mr.Diinsuiuir'sadministration  than ofthe whole tone of the ideas witli  regard   to   this    important   industry  prevalent    in     the    atmosphere,    at  Victoria.    The only mention   made of  it   is   in   connection   with     taxation.  It is true that this time there is a  hint  of reduction, a  suggestion  that  it   is  gradually dawning on  the  Victorian  intellect that the mining districts are  not a kind of Tom   Tiddler's ground,  where all that one has to do  is to go  around "picking up gold and silver."  a   vague   suspicion     that   there    are  possibly mines   and   mines   and   lhat  every kind of mining is not surrounded by exactly similar conditions   and  perhaps not usually amenable. In a cast  iron fiat rate of taxation.     These  are  cheering symptons of a coming  lucid  interval   in     the    dealings     of     our  governments wilh the mining interests.  At the same  time   the   fact   remains  that the only aspect under which  the  industry   presents   itself    is   tbat   ol'  something to be taxed.    The idea that  it requires to he assisted or fostered in  any way by the government has  not  risen above tho A7icforian intelleftu.il  horizon.  Of course in a manifesto like Premier  Dunsmuir's it was not possible lo go  very extensively into detail. Tlie  11 Eli a I.I) will suppose for the sake of  argument that he had forgotten to  in>ert in his open lettyi; that fjne old  ..'ru>ted gag abenil d.,>ing everything in  hi.- power to furtliei; the interests of  t,he mining industry and will venture  t,i\suggest cei'tuiu lini'.-along which lie  V.V&bi"- have stated ihnl his govcrti^  i^i-siit* intended to proceed under tlii.-  Iioad. Something after the following  style would be very much in order :  "I cannot fail to re.'ogiiiy.e the fact  that the mining industry of Brili.-li  Columbia i*. m once the most important ill the province antl tli������ one to  which in the past thn h*ast attention  has .Imt.hi paid by pur "administration*.-.  I propose to make a great, change in  this particular in tin* futni* and I  would like to enumerate cerlnin  methods by which J intend tii assist  and foster tlii* industry, if I remain in  ofllee.  1. Our mineral resources in the lirsl  place are not half advertised. We  have fallen into the error of imagining  uth_it because we know something  aliout them in British Columbia, the  outside public is as well acquainted  with them a.s oui-selves. I propose to  do something to remedy this defect by  taking a leaf out of the book of  Manitoba. A very usual and effective  method employed by that* province to  advertise its agriculliirnl resources is  to despatch through the other  provinces of the Dominion and the  status of the Union, from which  settlers are likely to come, railway  c.l 1*8 filled with an exhibitof the grain,  grasses and veget-ables of the province.  This expedient has never failed to  attract great attention and to bring  settlers into the province. A.s an  object lesson it is worth all the printed  literture ever published, though the  latter is useful as an handmaid nnd  adjunct of the oars and serves as a  lusting memorial of their visit. I  propo������e to fill two ears,  one  with 'nn  exhibit ol' ores from ICootenay and tho  Boundary and one with another "from  Lhe other milling sections of the  province, and send them, accompanied  by good talkers, well inforined on  milling matters' in the province,  through the mining stales and centres  of capital in the I'nited Stales and 1  believe their lour will -be of .great  adviiulngi* by opening the eyes ol  the milling men and capitalists in  Auierii-a to the wonderful richness and  variety of the mineral resources of  lirilisli Columbia.  2.  Under the same heading of advor-  isement 1 intend to uiake  onr annual  mining report of a broader scope than  at present.    Instead uf ,i mere chronicle   of    the   doings   in 'the   dilVerenl  eainps.it will contain in fulun* article-  containing iiil'ui-iiii-.linii In mining men  of a general character  on   I.he   nature  of   the   mineral   di*-i-ovi*rii's    nli-i'.'iily  made ���������ii*    the 'province .and. on   Ihe  reasonable expcrtal inns which may lie  furiiii'il    for   the.   future 'from what i***  alri-.'idy   delinitely   asrertamed.      We  I'liiiw enough now.tu liw able to  direct  capital  as. lo   lhe .sections, in   which  the pi'i'iiiani'iu-y of llu- lead- hns   been ,  fairly established and llie  nal ure  mul .  character of the ore likely l.o b.*. found  in this camp   or   thai.     The   mining  report   of   flu:   province   of    Ontario  contain.-   articles   along   thi'M*    lines'  which stamped a.s  they  are  with  the  weight of government  approval, give  a very  clear     idea     to   mining   men  whereabouts in the province In go  for  what they require.  .'".  In another way nUu   I   intend   to  take  Ontario   for   my   model.    Their  bureau of Minos acts as   a   meins   of  informatioii In the  mining   men   and  prospectors   of     the   province     with  regard to markets for their oiv. prices,  demand and  so on. particularly  with  regard to  iho   less   known   minerals,  inany of which . modern   manufacturing     methods     and     inventions   are.  calling foi willi continually increasing  urgency.    It also   forms   an   obvious  and recognized agency through which  mining   men    and   buyers    can    get  information   as   lo   where   they   can  purchase    the    ores    and     minerals  immediately required by lhe  market*.  The monthly bulletins  issued  by   the  bureau through their assay   ollice   at  Belleville    form     thu      medium     of  communication     un    these    practical  topics and   also   furnish   timely   and  valuable  information   on    the  mineralogy of the Ies.-  known   minerals   in  demand I'roni lime to time.    I propose  to initate. tin'. Ontario government in  Lhis   respwet  by   establishing   a   sub-  ofl'ice of the llepl.of  Mines   at   some  suitable  point   in   ICootenay   with   a  complete assaying oullit in connection  and a   thoroughly   qualified   man   in  charge, whose business il  will   be   to  keep in  constant touch  wilh  mining  mutter*  and   by  means    of    monthly  bulletins furnish information on every  possible point which iu liis opinion will  be valuable to th<^ mining men  of  the  province.    I propose  that   tliis   ollice  shall   contain   lhe    besl     and     ino*?t  complete collection of   British Columbia ores   that   can   be   made   and   a  second equally  comprehensive  collection of -peciniens of   all  lhc ores   and  minerals in   demand   in   the   market,  which  are   not   well   known   lo   our  Illinois   mul ni-o_-i.ec-lor.--_  , .A   .well  Ground Floor Chkrice to Build aFortune.  The foundation should be laid by buying Eeal Estate in the new Town of  ::%���������;  "Situate right nt the Doors of all the Famous Fish Green Gold Mines.  ���������FIFTEEN miuutcp  ��������� walk from Main St.  GOLDFIELDS, will take you totlie mouth of (liu liig  5,000 foot tunnel on the Famous Camborne Group, or  on to the Goldbug Group.  YOUR OPPOKT0MTY ia now io buyout the  bottom figures and you will get the advantage of the  raise that is sure to come next year.  Some More Facts |���������,f^toiT5  take vou to  the   Big   Goldsmith Group,  Scott Group,.  Wide'West, Beatrice and Trilby group?, and it host of  other  properties   that will   advertise   the Fish  Greek  Camp, iu li. 0.  THIRTY minutes   walk   will   take   you   to   the  Famous Eva, Impeiial and Oyster Groups.  INVESTIGATE  AND  YOU  WILL  BE  PREPARED  TO  TAKE THE CHANCE.  224 LOTS NOW SURVEYED AND READY FOR THE MARKET IN  A FEW DAYS.  H       H       El#BI BOH!  LOCAL AGENT,  REVELSTOKE, B. G.  ��������� 1;  ellVctivc iu one mining i-ountry "r  iinollier. 1 sue no reason therefore  why there, should be any contention  over their adoption and. I propose to  direct the Intent energies of the  Department of Mines lo set them on  foot with the very least delay possible.  I hope th.it after a very short period  of operation their usefulness in fostering the chief industry of British  Columbia will have proved as remarkable, as it has done elsewhere." -  Mr. Diuisiviuii- forgot to 'put .anything like this in liis manifesto. Bul  the umn in power or wanting to bo in  power, who will get up on liis hind  legs and pul up a line ot talis., built, on  the above model is ihe "Man for  Kooienay."  Cigar   Factory  KliVliLSTOKK,   B.C.  I-I. A. BROWN,   Prop.  Brands:  OUR   SPECIAL   and THE   UMI0M  I'lMil-:  UUS  MEETS All, THAI NS.  ID 1!ST, CI.A SS   A CC'OM MO IJATION-.  11UATBD BY HOT'AIR.  'HKABONABt.!':  HATES.  -Brown & Guerin, Props.  ET.EOTRIO BELLS AND LIGHT IN EVERY ROOM.  TIW1E TABLE  S. S. ARCHER OR S, S. LARD 1HAU  Running lictwecn Arrowlioiul. Thomson s  LHiiiliii������ unil Ooninplix, i*oiiiiiiL-iicr.iin Oi'lobiir  Hili, l'.KIl, will snil ������������������_���������> sull'iiv.**., wuiitJicr _>i*rnnL-  tin-r:  Leaving Arro-vlieai-i Ior Thnnr-.nn'S-t Laiiiling  tui.l conmTilix iwiceiluily���������101:. niul_10k.  I.oaviiiE CoiniiiOi.-. -.aiiil Thomson's LiunlliiR  for 'ArrnM-liciuK'.'^^wiii.u'diilly���������7:l.'ik mill 12:*l������k  Mukini; cli.si. iii.niic-.ctions with nil ti. 1'. It.  Sieiiniiira and T^ain.s.  The owners rssorvc the.right to ehir-iige ,l,In.es.  of i*iiiliiii*s wi?liout.iiolii-<l.  The Fred Bobinscn Lumber Co., Limited  WANTED.  WASTED���������S\- ti _niui-i-LKi.il I' wh'-'1 i,..i,'1  nn*.<*.-ss.oii of n if oil tr.ulo mul yi.Uim raipltal,  Oorrespoii'liiiiro with ������. miiUI or . widow.  bctivc-_-n IU Kiid. ST., Willi iisimill capitnli..Willi n  view lo j-'ni-v.; into bu**iuesi nnd nmiriTjions'.  Atlilrus-- nil Killers lo '-J. B."  IIi-.J'.ai.d ollice.  dec. U-lin.  sclfi-tcd exhibit of tbe^-j la Iter will  ;i.Uo be placed on vii*.w in ������vi*ry  recording ollifi' in thf provinee.  1. Tbe fourth Hiellio.! of aiMS-ling lhe  mining industry which    I   inlend   to  adopt will he borrowed fnun Australia,.  A liiiuibci of prufeHfeiirs and i-xpi'its in  iiiineralogy will be eugag.-.d, who   -will  travel Llirnugh tin-   provinci*   opening  elas-ses in lb.it, ."-Lii'iici', which   will   be)  free in lhe publii.'.    'I'lie ohjecl of Ibese-  elitfses* \\ ill be the  in^l riti-l iini   of   our j  i  miner.*-and prosperloi > and llu* coiii-ki.* I  will be nllogetbi-r of H pr.iclicitl lialure, i  chiefly   on   lhe   s.iin|il<*i-   u.i'tliods    tif.  analyhi-i   and   deteriiiii:iilinri    of    the  chin alter of tin* iniiicr.ils ('iietmntered  hy tlieni   in   lheir   daily   occupations.  In Aiistialia .'iliiiost fvi'iv   ni.in   iri   a.  mining camp U!ul,*i>l.ainl-i the   ihu   of  the blowpipe and   the   easily   feasible  methods of determining Hit: rpiulitatiTe j  n.'itiire   of   ores   in   lhe   field.       This  knowledge has- been gained   hy   them  through     attending     the      travelling  schools of mining  esf.nblib.hcd   by   the  government nnd lhe re-mltis that very  little   ore   or  .mineral   of   any    value  TO;   LET  _<____!ial'O^ Jn__.i__.r__ Fourth- Street-and J-Erton  Avium. >"or |.nrtli-,il������r< aplily to 1). r.  IV.pKi.v The Molson*- 5.������iifc. Uec '.'���������.������������������it  Teacher "..'Wanted.  TiMchpr.wanted for the Kevelsioke  Public School: or.e of ihe junior rooms.  Apply by letter to tlie Secret my of  the RevelHtoke School Board. Applications to be in hv the.   l.'ii h  .laiiunry.  um.  T. 3.  OltAir.VMR.  Secretary.  ������_v.  m:  W  p  1  : A: largo range of roint I.i'.cc,7.  ' lliiuliess', nnd .-Hiiltenli'iirK;  -liraids, ��������� ,Stiuiiiieil.':-I)esinns,'r  Slamiied Linens, Kniliroidery 1  ������ Need lcs;-Hooks, ��������� &e;; yyy ���������:���������'. yi yy  : llerliii'iiiiii Zejiliyr AVoolrinll ,-  'shades,."Slipper Soles,-Viilon-j  - sciences Luce,'; Insertion.';'.-  m  ���������^  1IOOHI.V STHUlCTdAR:  JIIlK'l'S  AlJr. TRAIN'S.  HAU WELL BUrPUED DY TIIE CHOICEST  WINKS,   LlQUOItS  AN'D CIQAHS     ......  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CiRCLE CITY is   absolutely   surrounded    by ��������� Mining-   Properties   now   under  Development. .........  SEND FOR PARTICULARS AT ONCE  TO THE GENERAL.AGENT, -  G.B.BATHO,  Ferguson, B. Q. .;  id ill.'  IViillli  0  ' Is Uie l'ecogni/.eil   organ for nil Uio latest  mining news  ol* Noi'lli.  Kootenay. Particular attention is -.uid lo securing ear.U- and reliiilile  intelligence from the newly discovered Free jUiHinfi Oold Camps on Fish  River and from tlie placorand fiuiiitz mines of Uie Bis Bend and district.  in tlie immediate, activity of Kevelstoke, such as .llleciltewnol, Alliert  Canyon, Jordan Pass and Isaac Creek. Next. season will witness a liig  revival of certainly throughout North .Kootenny, and mining men and  others desirous of gaining the eailiest and most authentic news from* the'  district will lind the columns of the llliltALD theii* host squrt-e of  information.', - - '  Railway News is also' a Specially of the HERALD, .-mil articles of  special in terest." to Railway men will also be found in its columns.  AS -AN" ADY  THR HERALD offers advantages in its total "Weekly circulation  und the class of readers, which it reaches, unparalleled in the district-. It  appears twice to any other papor's once a week and is found in tlie homes  of the wage-earning classes, the hacklione of the business of the district.  Biis'ticssr.ien want their announcements to reach "the home people who  have tho money to take advantage-of thoir offers and the homes and  families which render it necessary for them to spend it. No other class of  circulation is of any use to them. * These are the kind of people who make  up a big proportion of our Subscribers, people with liomc-K, families.  employment and interests right nt home, the people Revelstoke merchants want to get at. A space in our advertising columns, judiciously and  thoroughly utilized, constitutes a Twice A-Week letter to every homo in  Revelstoke, nnd in the Railway ai.d Mining points, trili'iitary to Hcvei-  stoke business.  LEGAL  JM. SCOTT   B A., I.L.B.  15iUTl������tcr,       Solicitor,  I'ir.-atueet, Huvclsto&c.  Money lo loan,  Notary    Public,   Etc.  f^ARVEY, M'CAP.TE". *-t I'lNKllAM  Hamsters, Solicitors. Etc.  -Solicitor.-* for Imperial Hunk of Oamidn.  Coinpanv iiinuS to loan iitS percent:  FuibT STUEfcT, Ile\*cl*-toku it. o.  '.     -v       -CHURCHES" "  .MCTHOniST CIIUI'.CII,  REVlll-STOK K.  I-reueliin--' service*- nt 11 a. m. awl 7:30 p.in  Cla**** incelui������,ai tlie close ol lhe morning  service. 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Jenkins  Maniifiu-luroi-s of-  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES  Repairing of Boots, Shoos  and Harness, a Specialty.  Next Boor to Guy Barber's  Ably furnished with the  Choicest the Market  affords.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms.  Rates $i a day.  Monthly Rate. ���������  J. Albert Stone ���������   Prop.  Fiist Class Dry Wood  delivered in any length  for C.ish.  APPLY TO  ..-ft /t*JSV  '������������������V?5Vs������A.  yy-.  e-'&V   '<  .'!    1* tf J  SALVATIOS   ARMY.  Meeting every night iii their Hall on Front  Street.  FARWELL   ESTATE.  The  choice  hind   norlh   of  track,  hotuccn 'lapping's and Long's, will'  be  sulHllwiIud for sale as  soon as  possible.  C. m. SPROAT,    VICTORIA,   B. C.  I". O. llo::, 1-2",.  cAjji ^ss ��������� Delivery  All orders loft at W. M.  Lawrence's will be promptly  attended to.  -H.  Cook.    .  GO  TO ���������^x=B=3iC3H2!S^   *, ���������-*--  *. X/LJEl,S.   ILiJ^TJXDX^'Sj  l-'or your Christmas mill ami lion lloua.  Chocolates, ^joc. to 6oc������-  Csr.dies from* 15c.  FANCY   niSOUITS.     03UXGES.    LEMON'S.  TOYS AX11F.VSCY GOODS.  Red Rose Degree meets second and fourtl  Tuesdajs of each.month; White Rose Ileprci  meets third Tuesday of each quarter, in Oddfellows Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome  WM. WATS-ON, HY. EDWARDS,  . President. -       - Secretary.  BEAUTIFUL  X*l XT ���������13 fl Mrtftt rf-������  Now veudy nt, my Studio, views  of Itcvc-lstoUo nnd vicinity. Also  tele pl 10 to view? of till tho peaks  visible from the eity. They will  lie upon permanent pl.-itiuiil.ype,  the finest photographic paper procurable and absolutely pcrinnnenl,  size 3jr*i, 25c, size dxG, 50c. Send  these to your relatives and friends  for tho "Now Year and they will  have something of a true aitiftlic  value. The Studio' will remain  open this evening till 22 o'clock.  Mackenzie Ave.    Revelstoke, B. C.  SOCIETIES.  OUR JOB PRINTING  Gold Range Lodge K. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Moots everv Wednf-sdiiv in  Oddt'i-lliiw*.'" Hull nt So'clock  Visit iiij_r Knights invited.  II. A. J Shown-.  C. C.    :    :   :   :   :   :  F. 11. Lewis. K. ok It. Si S.  Is the completest in the district for appliances, matci-Ml* and*  Craftsmen. Our work speaks for itself. No other, 'office in North.  Kootenay can touch it, because we not only have the tools to do good  work with, but we know how to use thetn. Call and see our Samples and'  you will perhaps be surprised to see the artistic and finished class o������ wort  which we can turn out.   Prices graded down to suit tho times.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE No. 1658  ".ocular mcclinm are held in thc  Oddfellow'.*. Hall 0:1 the Third Fridav of each month, ul 8 p.in sharp.  Visiting brethren cordially Invited  A. .1 HN'SON. ������'. >t  W.G. BIRNEY   r.ic.-Sec.  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE,$2 PER YEAR, IN ADVANCE.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Roval School of Mines, Uindon. Seven  at 'Morfa Works Swansea. 17 years  Chemist to Wican Coal and Iron Co.,  Late I'hemist arid A-.-a-j<?r, Hall Mines. I.  Claims examined aud reported upon.  Ferguson.  years  Ohicf  .ti?*  B.C.  Revelsloke RiaK Co., Ltd.  SkathiR every alternojii un.l evening fiov.i  3 to .'] anil from 8 to 10.  The Public are invited to vi-.it the Rink; no  charge being marie for Spectators.  A charge of 2os*. will lie miule for akatlni.. _Tn  the afternoon Indies or children l.'ii.'.  Season Tickets maybe purchased at the rink.  Lad ica fll 60, Gcn'lcmen ?0. Children fit.  Good Ior skiuln-; nfternoon and ov-iiiin^, ex-  ccpt special events such ns Carulruls, Ilockev-  .Yiatchcs. etc, _  ,. Hockey Practices.  SENIORS���������Mondays, frldnvs and Faturilnj-s  - from 10 to 11. Wednesdays, from  *   7 to 8. '     "  JUSIOI'.S���������Tuesdays from  into  11,  and  Wednesdays from 7 to 8. ���������*  LADIICS���������Tnei-diij's from 2 lo 3.  Curling every iificrnoon and cvcnlug.  MiTH  Another Extract From the  Monthly Bulletin Issued by  the Ontario Bureau  of Mines.  The following extract from the  monthly bulletin issued by tlu* Ontario  Bureau of .Mines is ol' interest, partly  because thu irit'ormalion contained in  ;L with reganl lo molybdenum is just  wh.it inn'own miners und prospectors  an. asking I'or and partly as an illustration .il* one way in which iij?nvi"i'ninenl,  which is ii-ally alive lo llu* importance  of the mining industry can help it out  in ils i*:iilj- .stayes:  "Tlie InlluwiiiK i'ii(|ui: ies 'of _;oueraI  inleii'sl have lii'i'ii icceived. l.'-'ltcis  in reply from mine owivri! nnd prospectors will be foi win dud to proper  parties nr atldii.'i-.st-s i;ivt*ii free of  cliiugi*.  "1    Two Aniofii'.iii nictalliii'Kical and ���������  cln.'iiiifiil works utilizing raw material,  olVcr cm rent piiios I'.ir molybdenite. a������  fid*   from   riii'lv    mailer    and    other  oh.ii.'climi.'ilili' mineral .���������is.'po'-sib!i*.  "2. A New York dealer in minerals  for school pin poses, etc. will purchase  molybdenite, wolfram (tungsten) and  other uncommon ores, both for home,  trade and export.  "IJ, A Chicago dealer in oils. lubricants, etc., asks for in formation  regarding deposits of ozokerite or  Rilsouite in Ontario.  "The Assay ollice is preparing a Hit  of factories, chemical and metallurgical  works, dealers, etc., in the United  States, Great Briton, Germany and  France which use ores and minerals  known to occur in Ontario.  "The list will also include uses and  approximate market values of minerals  at present commercially valuable*!  "Molybdenite or sulphide   of   molybdenum having   the  composition   Mo  H2 and containing about 50 per cent of.  the metal molybdenum when , pure   is  ut present of commercial value.  "Its chief use is as an alloy, ferro-  molybdenum, which, according to the  reports of expert iron masters, gives  toughness to steel combined with the  property of selfhardening, acting in  many lespects like ferro-tiingsten. It  is also used in making molybdic acid  ,-ii-id other commercial chenicils, some  of which are said to be used at present  in dye works. Pi e*-ont production does  not equal the I'l-iimnd and market  values run from lOct-r. to 30cls. pur lb.  It it, found in iiiiiiifroii.*** localities in  Easlfrrn Ontario .-issnei.-iled wilh sul-  phide*-. Midi <ih pyrile .uid pytihotite  and also'oi." ur.-!:~ small m:.i;i editions in  syenite.  "TL is sloe! ^riiy color.soft nnd greasy  marking tin paper and generally found  in Hakes, r*r scale. lt rosemblus* graphite, hud is heavier, lighter in color,  and gives a sulphur reaction with  silver co'11 after I'uMiig with soda.  carbonate. ���������  ,   "Lirge beds of this valuable mineral,  might prove profilahlc-liy a system   of  concentration a.s  llie   demand ' is   not  likely to decrease.  Remember the hospital ball on the  2:1th insl, Everybody welcome. A  charge of 50 rcenls will be made for  s-peclnlors . occupying the gallery,  whicli will include supper.  ���������P-LEN-T^OF-MILK���������^���������  FOR EVERYONE  Why poison your systems  using Condensed Milk, clone  up in old rusty tin cans?  when you can buy pure  SALMON ARM MILK  at REVELSTOKE DAIRY.  Certificate of Improvements  ZtTOTICIE-  Gold Hill Mineral Claim, situate in tha  Revelstoke Mining Ulvlsion of Kootenay District.  Where Located: rn Ground Hog Basin, on  McCullougli Creek.'.  TAKK NOTICK that I, C. B. Hume, Free  Miner's Certilicate Xo. 11, 47S99, Intend, sixty  davs from the dale hereof, to applv to tha  MinliiK Recorder (or a Certificate of fmprovc*  mcum, (or lhe purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant ol the above claim.;  And further lake notice that action, under  Section  37, must  bu commenced before   the  issuance of audi Certlllcate ol Improvements.  Dated thi'i Ith day of September, l?ni.  C. B. HUME.  Oct. 11���������tf  NEW YEAR'S CAKES !  NEW YEAR'S CAKES !  i  H   EDWARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  DEER HEADS, BIRDS, Etc. MOUNTED,  Fun, Cleaned and Pcj-alred  JLST EAST OF PRESBYTEKIAX CHCBCH  TMrf Street.  FrfUIT, PEEL,  ' GROCERIES  For people wlio like  to make their own  Cakes.  NOTICE Or ASSIGNMENT  NOTICE I HEREIIY OIVEN that Ilcnrv J.  Bourne, of Itevclstoke, Hrltlsh Columbia, 'nnd  I'nml: II. Bourne, of Nakusp, British loliim bin,  curryini; on btmliioaa at Itevclitokc, Nakusp  and New Denver as Heneral Merchants, under  the linn iihiuo ol Bourne Brothers, have by  deed duted the lOtli ony of January, 1W2,  assigned all their and ncfi of their* real ami  pciMinul pr.i.crty which may be seized ami  hold iindcrexccullon. for the general benefit  of creditors to Frederick lluscoinbc. of Haro  *-trcet, Vancouver, Merchant, and Arthur  tVllllnm Johnston, of Water street, Vancouver,  Merchant. ,  A meeting ol the creditors Is hereby called  for Monday, the 2iltii day of .Intuitu*,. 190.1, at  the hour of *1 p.m. at ihe elllce nf*Me**hrs. S*.  drecushlelds Sou A. Co., Water Street, Vancouver.  All creditors are required to file with Arthur  William Johnston, 0110 ol the sslitnccs, full  partI*!ular*iof their clulm-i and the nature of  their securities, If any. held hv thetn, and  notice is hcrebyglveii that niter the lirst d,tv  of April the Assignees will proi-e.'d to distribute lue assets um ng tin* creditors, uf whose  debit or claims the\ -.hall Have received  notice, and thai they will not be rcstionsible  for the assetsor nny part thereof so di .tribui. d  to any creditor of whose d,-ht or claim thev  .shall not then have received notice.  Dated thisHth day of January, A.D.. 1002.  DAVIS. MARSH li L .t MACNEII I.,  iiu.IS-lt. Solicilors lor the Assign ee*,.  NOTICE.  TAKE .NOTICE that CO days after dato I  -Inland to apply to the Chief Commissioner  of Laud*. nii'I works for permission to cut and  carry away timber from the following described lands:  Commencing at a post marked Wogcr F.  Berry's southeast corner post situate about 200  feet from Scott Creek, thence west 40 chains;  thence north ICO ehalns; thence cast 40 chains;  ihcnce south ICO chains, to the (ijacs of commencement; containing G40 acres.  ROGER F. PERRY.  Goldfields. B. C Oct 17ih. 1901.      Nov. 6-tf.  IsTOTIOB.  TAKE NOTICE that slxtv days alter date t  l intend to apply to thc Chief -"ommissloner  nf Lands and liorkj for t*crmls*.Ion to pur  cha.-c ix. parcol ol land described as follows:  Commencing at n post marked Alice Pcrrv'i  So. 1 l'ost; thence west '20 chains; thence  North-111 chain-; tlicnce East 20chains; ihcnce  .-nutli 10 chains to" nolnt of commencement.  Thi- fraction.if land commences North of K.  F I'errT's pr.'-eiiipuoti lolloivinc McKenzle's  Nortl.-llc-.i Line, (onta'.niu*: about 60 acr������s,  more or Il-*s.  ALICE PEKRT.  I'.oi.IfloI.ls. Nov. 'il. lwi. j)cc 4_im  Notice.  A speoiiii uipoting of tliu Biintil of  LicensjC Ciiminis-jioiiersi will lie. held in  thc* Provincial nolice office,Hovclstokr*,  011 Tue=iilay, the 21s<t of Jiuuriry. to  jilrcidt* on tho .ipplic-ition of .7. T).  Gillis, of D.uvson City.  JR. A. Ui'PEK,  Chief Insju-ctoi*.  JSTOTICE  NOTirK i-������ horoby i;Ivnn that 30 ilar^ a.'tcr  rlat-c T intcnil loapplv :��������������� the f'hfef Coni-  lTiI^-iotH-rn; r.and" mul vVork* inr fvermif^ion  to <"tt nn<( ������Mrry a uny tun l^r from the following ilc*rribe������I Iii'-'-'I-:"��������� ���������"���������'in-iicncltis; at a po������t  at th*1 souui-<ca������-t comt-r oi" Ro^tr V. Perry's  pr^-ernpfoii, inirk-ofl -?o������ihea-������: corner of  iIintcrllruitHppliM for bv F J Oold*mlth";  thenct T\f-t4'j ph-iin-s; tbenocnorth 1GG chains;  thenco on������t id rliAlna t'i I ish Creet: ihence  fo*.lowing* M.pin*i'"*injorinir������ of Fish Creek 160  chnfn������ to pufxt of * ocimcnc-rmen;; containing  C10 acros, iuortr ur Ic-^s.  F.J-GOLDSMITH,  Thomson's Landing, October X6th, 1901,  III'Ml Will -,-,**f*>*v, ^������w*fco^-t^^V'?^^w^^i*>-���������-^  '���������'*5**Vsw������rrr*^ ?*3^i* j_-.w**^,*7t������  u.*;lj������t.*i*.\ri-UAVXi'.ttM-Ji;J L  VV     *vf-  3.  #���������  MISTAKES  May In* iniiilt* in wonr'nig  Ohest Protectors  litil your gi'imtpKl mist nku will  lie iiiikU* in not wt'initig run*.  Tlii'y ni'is n gri'iil pi'cvt-iiliil.ivL'  ul' i.'i'il.l ninl iiohoily shnulil bu  without one wlii'ii lhey run  Uiit llii'in mo clu*ii|i ut tin*  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.'Y.  All Sixes .-iini l'riri'S.  Si'i*. llii'in in om- window.  N,  MARRIED  lli'Miii.i*:-ll.\Y.���������Al llu' llnli-l Yii-  Inriii. Kcvulhtiikr. II. (!.. nn I In* 20th  itisl. lis- I Sew \\*. (,'. Cilili'i-. William  IlimihU' ol* Uossl.uul, II. ('.. Ki Kiln  M. Iluv nl* Iliirvi_*y, New   lii*ini*,\vii*U.  Notes of News.  \V. I!. I'niil iBttirni'il 1'i-tiiii llu* iiiii.*-!  yi'.slriilny nun ning.  Mr***. ('1111. nf Viiiii'inivi'i'. N vir.it.inn  li.'i* tcl.ilirrs in lown.  .Mi.ss l-r.inc'L's I'liftel hns i*i*lni*iu'il tn  v.-hool ut Villi-.  1). WoUloy hits ri'tui-nuil from n li-ip  up to tliu lii'iul nf l*"'^h creek.  .Mrs. 11. .1. Ijiiiiino is nwny on n* vi*.it  In her lunllu'r in Wi*lii*-*kiwiii. AHn.  ��������� Uarlond wheat, lirun shorts now in  ������l. C. 11. llninu Si Uo.  Don't forget t.he '.lai-gains .in hoots  nnd Shoes al C B. ILiiine & Co.  ��������� If you want n nice box of apples  r'ivh us n cull. Wa have n cur of  Coldstream apples.   0. B. Hume it Co.  I? The IlisriALii reRieLs lo learn that  Mr. Dan Hobinson is in ;i very low  condition.  The Union Cigar Factory hns  .���������oinincnc-ed the manufacture of n new  hi'iiiul of cigars culled tin: La Gi'oun.  The Methodist chui'ch is slill in the  hands of the painters. It i-i expected  ihe work will be completed by Friday.  II. A. Brown returned on .Sunday  from a successful business trip in the  intei esls of the Union Cigar Factory.  S. A. Sutherland of t.he firm of  McKinnoii & Sutherland, Ferguson,  returned from a month's visit to the  coast* yesterday.  R. P. Pettipiece,   editor  of   the   Lnr  deau Fugle,   went   through   home,   on  Sunday   from  a  lecturing   tour in lhe  interests of socialism at the const.  The. city council will meet again this  week on Friday evening at 7.30 when  the appointment of a medical he.ill.li  otticor and the scavenRiiig cpiesiion  will he taken up.  The funeral of W. IJ. SU'plii'n*-. the  victim of the accident in lhe O. L\ H.  yard last Friday morning look place  yeslcuiliiy iiflei'iionii at the cemetery  nnd was conducled by Rev. <J. Ladner.  Kev. ILFiirnies-Clinfoii of St.. Juiiii'-i'  Vancouver and Supreme Grand  Su'peivUoi' of theS. O. K. P>. S. arrived  iu town on Tnesdny inoriiing tn inslal  the ollieers of Lodge .-loyally I'or 1!M:2.  ���������F. .Mi.lJ.irty his 12 ear loads or  anthracite coal in his warehouse and  parties wanting coiil should leave their  orders at.the oflice of J\ Burns it Co.  in the McCarty block.  The pest house at Smeller Point,  used during the smallpox epidemic  last summer, was burnt yesterday hy  Chief IJ.iin acting under instructions  from the city council. '~  li. A. Haggen o������ the Mail, had hi*  left hand pinched between the levers  of the press on Friday and sustained a  painful wound, which has kept the  arm in a. sling ever since.  Wishes  His numerous  Customers  Wroiis  ppy  aod Prosperous  New Tear  A  ������*������������������  ������������~  ���������Shows tlie necessity of providing yourselves with good Rain Coats and Rubbers  lt was verv wai (especially coining home).-  We   have   excellent    Rain    Coals    and  1*1 ubbers to  protect you   from   the  slush  and snow.  We offer vou bargains in these  lines.  !*������  -**������������B  ~-*������  ���������������.������  -���������������*>  Red Cross  = Drugstore  Taylor & George  Wish all their Customers and prospective  Customer's "A Happy and Prosperous  N'ew Vear, 1002." That you will enjoy  the former we are sure. But to be assured ot prosperity it is necessary that you  buy your  DRESS GOODS, MEN'S FURNISHINGS,  BOOTS AND SHOES, &c,  from us. Now is the lime to sort up.  We are sorting no our Best selling lines,  and to do tliis properly we offer you  Bargains.  ������������������*������  <3-H33STEE,A.L   nvtZE^C^A-lSrTS  ���������������&  ���������9  ���������*������  ���������-.0  Call and Inspect Our Goods   Taylor & Georgi  CALL  AND  INSPECT   THR  NHVV CONSIGNMENT OU  of  nil   kinds  and  Crockery  just opened up.  A set of  CUPS AND SAUCERS.  from   the    Foley  factory  In  England, will suit vou.  SKATES.   SKATES.    SKATES.  Hockey Skates  -=-=_Iii���������the-recent���������civic���������e!ec-t-io������s--iaL  N anaimo Socialists refused to vote but  wrote "Socialist" across lhe face of the  ballot   paper,    says    the    Ladysmith  Leader.  Sandon holds a winter carnival and  bon-.pi������d on the week commencing Feb.  17th. The Sandon hockey club are  making arrangements for a big  tournament on the 12th, i:Uli and Uth  Feb.  The-Mis=,es   Olive   and   Kva   Wood  ward, sisters of Miss Woodward ol' lhu  11 KiiAl.DsliilV. are visiting  lheir sii-ler  iu lown today, on their  w-iy   to   Vancouver.  Uev. 3. A. McLean of Great Village.  Nova Scotia, and Mis. .MeLi'.m were  in town on Sunday us llie *;iiet.U of  Mrs. Allan McNab, and lel'l. I'or lhe  coast last, night. The reverend  gentleman occupied the pulpit, in Si.  Andrew's church uu Sunday evening  very acceptably.  List, week A. 0. Thompson, once* nf  llie Mail st.-dV and now nf Nanaimo.  was attacked by a l'mit|iad on llu:  outskirts of Ludysinilh, 0. C. Mv.  Thompson instead of "holding up,'  gave his assailant a miiiii.1i over the  face and a swift stab in lhe. vest  butlons with his umbrella and the  would be dime novel hero look to the  bush and got away.  Tlie C. 1*. 1>. steamer York was  launched last week on Okanagan lake  to relieve the Aberdeen, which is laid  np lor an ovei hauling. Cupi. Troup,  Supt. of the(*. 1'. It. i'.t'i't was present  at lhe launch. Alter the Aberdeen is  again on the run. the York will be  laken to pieces .-iiul shipped in sections  In Trout Lake, where s-he will be  running nexl summer.  The lteveWl.ike is lied up at Xnkiifp  inside lhe lim.in nut of everybody's  way and out of all possible 'lunger  from ice. She will et.ine. up lhe rivei-  as soon as ever the ice goe*- out. F.  McCarty i.- enllerling information wilh  regard lo a tramway al tbe Ileath  Itnpids and is ligiiring on lhe cost of a  boat about DO feet long to be built to  run above lhe rapids.  Sibbald & Field have been tippoiti ted  local agents for the Northern Assin-  anci: Co. of London. Kng.. (Fire). The  company was est.ibli*-hed in 1RW and  hi-.- been doing business in Canada  since'liT.Jts capital and funds amount  to over SMS.OW.OOO. It has a revenue  of about five and three i.u.u-ter  millions and il* deposit, with lhe  Dominion government is over $211.000  Messrs. IMlew-Harvey. Bry;>nt Si  Oilman, provincial a.-sayei".***. who  <*o!'.ducULhe_-A.Lai.couver-Asjiiv Office  and Ore Testinc Work*:, and whose  advt. will be found in another column,  write to say that pai ties desiring  information on any on:*- or minerals  in their possession, can gel it by  mailing lliem a .cample and lhe firm  will give their opinion free of chargt*.  ���������is to whu the or*: is and whether of  any coniiiieic.ai value.  The pi 03111 nunc al the H0~1.ilal H.iU  on Friday will start promptly at nine-  o'clock. Tin* woik of ileeoiating the  hall has been going un nil week and  some verv   novel   ami   arli-.ic   elfect������l  Mackenzie Avenue.  FRIDAY, JANUAR  Gentleman's Ticket,  Lady's Ticket,    -   -  S2.00  $1.00  EVERYBODY COME ALONG  AND SPEND A SOCIABLE EVENING  BEBBDm  (^������������'^^������^������^;S'(S'������(*������''^������^(������^^'^'0(S'^*������  f ALL AHD WINTER SUITINGS  BUUm-un*.i'iffuf*r,.Bff^TgrT|fl  t  THE   NORTHERN   ASSURANCE  PIE.K1!  OF LONDON. ENfiLAKD.'  CO.  -^������  ���������<������  CAPITAL AND  FUNDS.'.  REVENUE   DOMINION DEPOSIT....  .    5.714.000.  211.700.  m  Yon will find in  our Tailor Shop a  very elaborate  variety ol" Fall and  Winter   Suitiiifjs- and    you'll   find  workmen who arc competent, to  makeup any of thes  Suitings exactly to  your liking.    We do not employ  cheap tailors, we do not  handle any goods that   could  possibly depreciate our excellent reputation.      Wc cannot compete with sweat shop ready-made clothes when  price is the "sole consideration,  but when style  and   fit  and wear arc .duly considered, we can ahd  do compete  with all ready-made goods, andall other tailors.-  Ladies' Tailored Suits lo-Ordcr. ' .   '  CT.   IB.  OiR/ESSIMI.A-IL'T, ���������  Thc   Art Tailor,  Mackenzie Avc.  lv  ���������*H������J  _A.3-^3sTTS  |������E   SIBBALD & FIELD,     -  *-������������  Revelstoke, B.C.  FUHNITUKE OOODS must be sold  at- eost in order to make room for  another large carol" Kiu-niture, which  will be here shortly, cull- and set. il'  wo can't arrange to supply you. Now  is your oppin-timity lo furnish cheap.  REVELSTOKE    FURNITURE  Th  The New York people who control  the Laporte tovvmiite, have noticed lhe  1-epnrt.s in tin; press with regard 10  lhe  building of tho steamer Kevelstoke and j in this line 111.1v be antii ipated.  are making inquiries wilh regnii to j will be a big riu-.vd at. th-i d.mri  ihe matter. 'thing    like   th"   number    inke   it  in.  j V.I10 say they are fining lo and a Urge  .las. A. Taylor of Arrowhead, was in number are lik.*ly Lo avail lliein-i*lvo.<=  town yesterday. He expects some ol' ,,f tilr lifty tent a<ltni>i*iiiii a*������sp'*<-:iiloi������  lht* Ontaiio   lmiibermer.  iritei-oatcd   in 1 and iiipiier coii.liiiuilii'n.  Ihe   new  sawmill  at Arrowhead to be! ..  __ __    out here eilher   in   .Maich   or early   in:  April.  Herbert Martin, iicrt.nl for the Rnid-  Manin Concert Co.. was in town  Monday and made a date to give a  ron'r-erHtrtlie-opei'.i-l-ionse-on-I-,ub.^2fl.-  nnder the aiispiei-s of the Ladies' Aid  Society of ihe Presbyterian church.  The company consisls of Miss Enid  Martin, inez/o soprano, Kp.llowes  Hanson, baritone, and Kdgar Buyliss,  I...U.A.M.. accompanist and organist.  It is meeting with great success and  very llittering press notices at lhe  const. Mr. Martin is an old resident of  Revel-stoke and noticed to the ifEKAr.n  his surprise at the great, progress made  in lown since he was here four years  ago. Miss Knirt Martin n*;ed lo play  tbe organ in .St. Peter's church and  many then here will remeiulier hi*r  . beautiful voire, wliich has naturally!  Iii-eii immensely improved bv study in  ll'.ui-     under   Me.MlanKi     Miirchesi.   a  eie.,vrirld   renowned   teacher.  who    has  if any : expressed an opinion   lliat   Miss   .\Im-  I liu'-i   "siieeess   a.s   a    vocal   aitiste   is  1 assured."  P.' Welsh told the Ne.lcon Miner  H-tonlly that thc rondeau blanch will  be i-onipleted from ICnotnnay lake tn '  Trout, f.nke. a ilislance of 10 mile.*., by !  M-jrcli. Tweulv three miles have;  aheady been completed. A I. pi rsenl 1  only a iuiall force is employed. |  What has bet onu* of llie. Hoard of \  'J'r.ide ': It has not mrt for son.c* lime  and Ibeie sue quite a number of I  niatteis, to wliich its lUtcntion should ���������  be given. This body has done good I  sei vice iu the past lo Hevel.stokc nnd  i.sfnrtoo valuable to bi  subside inlo obscuril y.  I  allowed    lo !  The Victoria bus will stall I'or the  opera house 011 I'Yiday evening from  ilie Victoria, hotel at S p. in. shaip  aiid take up people from that enil In  1 he dance. At S l-*> the )>us will be al  the station und will pass up MacKen/.i"  Ave. at 8 W. People wishing lo lake  advantage of the bus should be  promptly on time to catch it as il g'.es  along. After the dance the bus will  he on hand to take people homo. The  fares are paid.  Il''ll(-lnn������ nml  *-iirpri-in*/I>- rii*n*niil lire  McCormicks  CHocolates and (reams  '1 hn tl.ivf.ri   iin-.iiri>n**-.^'l.  'I'll.; ii'iiLlilr i** lie: \it"-l.  Tlie i-rii'i- lhc ni'i-.t 1 fi_.iilar  50 (HITS A POUND  Inquest on Death of W.Stephens  Provincial Board of Health  Regulations for Dealing: With tho  Outbreak of Smallpox at thc Town  of Fen 19, East Kootenay.  Approved By His Honour the Lieutenant-  Governor in Council, the 17th Day  of January, 1902. '  JJRAl.Tll  ACT  fi\ /.r*CCU!>.T nf Hi'- mill.rent: n' siiui!l-pox  '���������' hi ilie Tcmn el jl'ernli- 11 ii lu-roliy |.i-n-  .-.liitnit-rl:���������  Wake Up  AND  SEE THE BARGAINS AT  GUY BATCHER'S IN  Watches, Clocks, Etc.  yi 844 Rodgers Bros.'. Flat .Ware..  SPECIALTY WATCH REPAIRING  11.-Tlmt tin. town is in h .itnli* .it r]iiiirniilliii'  "iiiitil luruliur noilci*.  ''��������� 1     '.'.- 'Mint 11(1 ].i'r**on ulinll Le iillowi-il  tn lcnvc  Ur. i"i*oss. coj-oner, held  an   inriup  inlo the. (-.'Hise of the death  of  \V        ._  _  Stephens in IheC. P. li. railwav   ynnl| tliu ii.i-.ii v.nili-riinj-clroiiinsiHnce.swIiiitioover  last Friday morning. The fnll-.iwing  jury were eui|)aiK'lled \V. li. J<eid,  foreman. C. it. Mac Donald, ]>. ,s,  \\"il������nn, J. Morgan, .I..(iiiy iSailmv,  T. W". liain. The \vitni.s.se-i r.x.nninei.1  were Fred Homes, yardrna-.ter, NeN.  I'. A'tnleison, secCiiiii foreman and .1.  W. Bennet. tobacconi-t. .Voni* of  tln-rii added any fresh fact, to the  published reports exi������.[it pr-ih������p., ,Mc.  lienneti. who stated thai the deceased  had oi-.ly just ",sr;a,ped li*-*ing inn ov-r  by Hie No. 2 :is it Mini* 111 In 1 h������*  .-lid ion a short while previously thai  wiun; morning.  The jury bioughl in a vci.li't that  the d.-ei-asi'd came to hi- death by  being run over by a sleeping ear in lli-e-  ('. P. li. yard, while '.viilkiuu down l.ht*  cenlre of the ti-iiflk and no 1.1.mmi* coieltl  be attached lo the (!. P. Ii. or any nt  lheir employes.  -'Hint nlliiioclint,"* in i-hnrelii'-i. loaves-uni  W  W>'  W>  WO)  SIBBALD & FIELD,  HHANCIAL-12  j!LO-Ei*Trr,s .fo:k. -  krm~   fi. V. II. TOWNSITE,  ������Mf~   MARA TOWNSITK.     '���������  _rw*   UERRAMll .T0WN8ITK.  ������T-   CAMIIOHNK TOWNSITE,  1 Ciuimlii Permanent .t Western  'Itiniiilii MoriKHRC Corporiiiio-i.  ..   -n���������    -        ,    Itnblc Viivlngs Lonn ami Huilding Association.  II Iiii]ierinl I-'iro.      Guiinliiui Kiro.   '  Mercantile Fire.  mCMlVQnna    I I-mihiHmi Kire.      Ciileilonliin Kire.  !LBO*8l ltt.iIw*S   "1 Confeileriitlou I.ifc.      Atlns'-KIrc.   Manchester Kiro.  - lOri'iin, Aceiilcnt unci Ciunrnntcc.   Orent West Life.  COAL FOH SALE. HOUSES FOH SALE AND RENT.  CONVEYANCING.  <m  ' wJinoU mi*I i_ili.iT ptii>lic ^nthcrJn^Hare iiercby  prMidiiicfL  i;--That mi per-ion *>Iiall iixlor tuiy cirr*uni-  sltuK'tw )i*iM nny c"iiviT^������ti<iii wlmiMicvor  with any p'.r-'.-ou <[imrinitinu<1f cwi'l no pyrMin  ntuW-r .jimrniiliije <c)inll litiomut lu bP'^k Mime  ut romm ..iiieM'' with tiny oiif-uIfT.  :,   -Any Iiot*E;l-i:cftl>L*r.   lod^Ing-hou^o koi'tt'T  or !i'jii������i-tiol<tf'rsi]|-<j>-rM'ili-tL-;l kiio\\l>m.i>r huvliip  K'H.d r(->uM0i) to \)fllti\r ttmttttu pCTM>n rc-sMin^  ������|rfiii or fri*qucntiiiu   Iiih   prenii-'ti^   is   ill   <������   .  MifNTJiiK frnui h rft^n ut nnv Mr-MTiptlou, vl.i.Jl I  .���������t fHK*.   ������otIf>*   (hf    M'Mlh-nl   llruitli   Olht-  , {  si; iw,? tin- jiftiii*' hikJ rfff/'tipiiiiriii ttf. rtntl ��������� oilier t(  [���������.-irtit if:;tr-, iifccs-itry ;o pnipcrly idi'iitiry mk-Ii ;t  "WM":' i> m  1'. Ai*. 1 ii.*r*r,n lin-iin.! 11 ru*li mi Iil������ l...<ly 3 '  --l.-ill H'.:llf llu- .Mvilifivi H.-nllli OHK-.-r oil il..- n .*^)i  ilr.i H|,|,i.*,riiiif<>. 1,1 the M.inc. ' B  ^J  1-1 ii'lr-r iu,ih..rllj ������/(lie "Il.'nllli A.'l," it |'-i<'_|)  lv li.*ri*t,v .!.*. inriiii tlmt nil mill every per.-ni:  noi IihvIiik u i-.*-tli*irttl'; i.f reieut Mwc-e*.-.!n 1  v i-i'iiintiiiii dn;.*,| wiiluM mri-n'iir. un.l fiirib.-r  nc.i l.ninir���������i,\��������� xit i-*!.,* \,rit.-,!'ni -.nine i.. lie-  iiiti-.Iiullc.ti .,f ti,,.' Jtciiio,,! llcnltli <*IIi(<r.  "hull tip nl r.n. c Mu>niimh-.|.  J, I>. SIBBALD, Notary Pubii".  l'.EVEI-STOlvI  liip("_*.l Alnion.I*.  |.(>r  Walter Bews, Phm. B.  hrnirKi-*! ������n������1 Ptntloncr*  J'.ruwn Itlock... Tclephunc l*.  I  SEALED APPLICATIONS.  Pur llu? pn-itlon of -Cily M cOii iti Health  Ollirur tt-tldrcvscil lo Ui" uinlpr's.iriwi! mul  oiiilnrspil "Mcdlnil Henltl: uil'irer.'* will be  r-J-rtivod upto nimn on  FRIDAY, JANUARY 24TH.1902  MJ"-A]>l'!i'-iitils will ������inte snlnrj* leqnlreil.  i'��������� v.. su aw;  ���������  '    . C. il. c.  H. - ' (t'-r n p.-T...il cl -i-i cn i'i ilnis Irom Hi s  iliite uny |.i*r*^ni r.-rii*.iii*r 1*. pic^cnt lo ������n>:  pnlilii; ollicer iilm mny ileoiBnil it. proof ������������������������  Vnrclnitlnii,-ilinll l.c liiililc to tin* preserilj'.-'l  pcniiltie-i iinil.-r Il:<* "llc-iltli Act."  I'ennltir**. niiclrr tlic'llenllb A������*t":���������  A ny pcrson^vli.i MnlRtei bitj- oftiie provisions  of tins rroelninm imi iv liable to * line of J16U  unci to (ill *<ix inoir.iliv iuipri->onraeiit.  Diitcil at Victoriji Uii������ ir.tli ������I������j- ���������f Junuary.  CHA31I.K    .1. FAOAV,  : .ipretmry ol trhc'J'rovincial Bourd of Henltl..  'By Commnnil,  J.Ti. rUKXTl,.E.  Acting t'rovinclal ������ecrei|*rv.  ���������M)  m  #  18  Wiped Out  That's what the man  said who wivsn't" insured. A small payment every two or  three years would  have enabled him to  say  LOSS FULtY COVERED  INSURANCE  'Optional with yon. of c-oiir.se. which you want to say. hut we  uvoulfl strongly advise yon to carry some insurance. Your card  ���������will lii-iii"; vou full informationas tocost.  ii LEWIS   BROS.  P.EA.L ESTATE AND FINAXCIAL AGENTS.,      NOTARIES PUBLIC.  w.  *^>  <n  Wi)


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