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Revelstoke Herald Jan 3, 1902

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 T  1ft  y\  i .  Vol    V.  No    I02  REVELSTOKE B.C.   SATURDAY,   JANUARY  8,  190^  $2 00 a- Year in Advance  j'i ���������-  10i  Ll I  I I  w  t*4Nf44fW4f^4Hf444HHNf*4t***4Ht+  Tot  Our hv  BOURSES 8F  The Old River Channels of the  Glacial Period From Which  the Gold of Cariboo and Eig  Bend was Derived.  The recent litilli'iin on tin* Horsefly  discoveries issued liy lhc Department,  of .Minos contains tliu following interesting iicciiunt of the origin of lhu  placer gold iu the creeks of llritish  (,'oluiiiliiu. The provincial mineralogist says:  Tlie generally accepted theory tia lo  the origin of the gold in these various  creeks i.s, that it has been derived  from tlio washing away, by those  streams, of some old channels of thu  fllacial age. but U10.-.U old channels  must, again, hnve derived their gold  from a previous denudation of the  country, wil h a consequent concent ra  tion of values.  To quote from Dawson, iu' llio report  of thu geological i-mrvoy of Canada.  1SS7: '-The deep, rich leads of Cariboo  evidently dato from a period antecedent to that in which the country  was fur a time covered by a great ice  mass, or, arc, iu other words, pre-  gl.-icial, anil lie beneath the boulder  clay and olher deposits due lo the  ���������ice age.' Tho wearing down of the  country lock and natural concentration of gold had been in process froin  the r-lo.ii** '.of lhe Miocene or .Middle  Tertiary period (or perhaps, in some  localities, even from an earlier date)  lu tlu* glacial period. Muring lhe  pfr'iod of the Middle Tertiary, a* great  part of the province" included between  the Coast ranges and the Cold range  lieca me occupied by fresh water lakes.-'  These old channels uf the glacial  period, although admittedly uf al.  least, .���������.econil.-iry origin, may for all  practical purposes, lie coiihidcrcil .the  source of the placer yold in our modern  creeks.  The old channels do not necessarily  follow tho present streams, nor eoxx,'  form to the piesent topography of the  country, except iu so far as the  topography is inlluonccd and deiined  by the older rocks which also defined  the. topography in pro-glacial days*,  consequently,...these old-..-channels !;>.*  under all that deposit, wliich is called  the "glacial wash, and il; has been  proved in many cases that even this  glacial wash may again bo overlaid by  more recent volcanic flow.  The general area iu whicli these old  rivei s flower? is fairly well-bounded  and denned in   this  instance,  and,'to  villo. the famous old placer mining  centre, would pass through the upper  pint of thc Horsefly river, and  consequently renders it exceedingly  probable that new placers should bo  found in that section. which  probability is not in any way  discr.'dited by thu fact that a. portion  (if this riier above the old diggings  ha*, been shown to be practically  barren.  The information available regarding  the new discoveries on the Horsefly,  as ui ven, applies to but a. limited area  of country, but to the north west and  south cast of these new finds there is a  great area of country in which similar  geological conditions exist, and in which  there is great probability that at no  distant date still other new placer fields  will be discovered.  Engines vs. Jack Frost.  Now that milder weather exists over  the western prairie, tln*C, P. II. trains  have bi'i-n able to get inlo the city on  lime This ' shows conclusively that  lhc big mogul is not a match for Jack  J-'rost when that gentleman is out  with all his terrors. Hnilroad men  claini that the small engine for .sonic  rcnstin is better able to withstand the  cold than lhe bigger.machine. Others  claim that, this is an absurd contention,  and that tbe heavier the engine the  greater resistc-ni-c it. has against the  cold. Whether this is true or not tbe  fact remains thai, the-steam chests of  the moguls on the C, P. P. gel so  (-lulled with the HO below zero weal her  that it is a dilliculL matter for* them  to run within five hours of llieir  schedule. Wilh lncmnoLives in the  pink of condition, it i.s claimed that  cold weather should not have i his elfect  on the steam; but where lhey have  been worked liar.! and arc in anyway  unsound, the linger (be engine the  harder il is for it lo withstand cold, as  a greater surface is exposed.��������� Free  Press.  .Seeing the Old Year Out.  Ar, six o'clock and again lil. midnight  tin* engines in the yard uud the steam  wh istlein i.he shops gave a prolonged  farewell tii the old year. At the six  o'clock concert one agitated individual  under tbe 'inpiiissioii lliat J h.-*..-.li.*-***.*  or ioiinclli(iii*.u or itevelstokc hnl.-l or'  something down lhat way must be on  lire added Lo the confusion by ringing  an alaim on I he li rebel I. fetching many  a worthy (itizen out just, as he was  about to sit down to ,a well earned  ..upper. At* midnight lhu banci played  the old year out at the liie hall. .-.  AROUND Til  again   quote   from  ���������'included between  and the CJold  range  courses of these  old  been  fixed,   except  Dr.   Dawson,   is  (he  Coast  rauges  but   tlio.j-.act  rivers . h'tiA-e not  at   isolated   spots  Personal Paragraphs Pertaining to Railway Men Picked up  By the Herald , Man on His  Daily Rounds.  The meuibi'iship of the boiliuiikers  im .on in Winnipeg has doubled during  the past year,  Cond. Cainsoii of the C. P. U.  Winnipeg is in quai-autim- with a mild  allai-k of small pox,  A. II. l-'ryer, chief ari-oiuil.iiil of llie  C. P. it. Vancouver died last Monday  at his residence in that city after a  .slmi't illness.  A lireman was hilled and two persons  injured and p.m nfa car ol valuable  race horses dealt oyed in a collision of  freight trains at Kcilhvillc, La., on the  fust.  1\. 1'ayne, foreman of the C, P. It.  machine shops in Winnipeg and for  years secretary to the .Machinist union  had a daughter born to him on Dec.  21st.  As lhe>result of a passenger train on  Uiu Baltimore and Ohio Kv. jumping  the track, two men were"killed and 11  injured at (iiencoe. near Cumberland,  Maryland on New Year's Bay.  O. N. M onsen-alt, inspector of  bridges for the. C. P. K.. has recently  completed an examination of thu rail  way bridge across the Columbia al  Kobson and was well satis-lied with  the work.  Thomas li. I.ukhcck, formerly of  Spokane and late of the (!. P. !{., has  been appoinluYl general freight and  passenger agent of the Republic is  Ci-and Forks railway. wilh headquarters at (iranil Forks.  ��������� A. Ii. Kenton, chief clerk in tiie  ollice of 11. S. Jenkins, general- superintendent of C. P. Si. telegraphs.  Winnipeg, is visiting 1 ho west, partly  on business and partly on pleasure,  Mr. Kenton was lormcrly night oput-  al.ur at Swill Cut rent.  ���������Section foreman Thos. Campbell,  who. lost both feet on the Kaliunr  section of ihe 0. P. K, e-isi., id Winnipeg Inst summer soon after thu strike  coiiimeni-ed, has been lifted out with a  pirn* of artificial feci by tho trackmen,  yardmen and shop employes in Winnipeg.  A special from ICalispell. Mont., says  Lhat a st'.ctioti foreman   on   lhu   Great  Northern, while drunk on New Ye*u*'-  day, killed his daughter and iujuied  his wifa al. Jennings Mont. A special  train going to the scene with a  physii inn, ran into tin: switch, killing]  the engineer and seriously injuring  Mi email, brakeman and doctor,  Four persons were killed and 21)  injured, several of them possibly filially, in a collision on the Chicago iV.  Norlhweslci n railroad on Sunday at  Malta, III., lit) miles west of Chicago.  The trains in collision were, "The  Omaha Flyer," an easl.boimd passenger  train and an t'listliouiid freight train.  Tin* wreck ea.ight lire and two passenger coaches, one sleeper and eight  freight cars were burned aud another  sleeping car was put liy burned.  Word (.(imcs from Missoula, Mont,  lhat conductor Charles King was  killed Christmas niglit jsut across the  line in Idaho. Conductor ICing was  blown from his train by the fierce  stoi ui ratting while trying lo reach the  caboose. King had been helping a  brakeiniin and started to the rear end  of the train when the disaster occurred.  King's mangled body was found at the  bottom of a deep gorge, having ��������� been  blown from the train whilo almost in  the centre of a trestle.  Instructors are being prepared by  the Canadian Pacific to go ' over the  entire line and instruct train crews  upon the new standard American  rules regarding signals, lights and  methods of running. The Grand  Trunk and Canadian Pacilic recently  reached nu agreement to use these  rules in future. The Grand Trunk has  been usini; the system all summer, bul  many of tlie rules are new in the  Canadian Pacilic system, which makes  the use of instructors necessary. The  inirodiicl.ion of I lie universal system  will enable any Canadian engineer l.o  handle a l rain ou an American line.  Voice.  "Afier January 1 it will he impossible  Tor any man who is' permanently  disabled in-the loss of ringers, parts of  hand'or foot, defective, eyesight or  hearing, tn secure employment in the  train service of western railroads.  The order has been promulgated and  will be enforced. Tt, .will not elfecl  men now in service in good standing,  bill hereafter employment .will be  ref'.rsfd these men, who the:*", the,di*-.-i  bility occurred in the service of-the.  railroads or elsewhere. Tin: recent  disastrous wrecks are supposed lo be  onu reason for the new order.' But.  with all. there seeins'lo be no disposition to make shorler bonis of labor  for Ihe men who drive the heavy trains  across the country."  JOIST NEWS  J������SXsXS������iXKiXH'e���������<^^  whero they have been worked, as al  the Cariboo Hyclr^olic. the lloraolly  Hydraulic, thcAj/v0"'1*0 Hydraulic, and  a number irj.other camps..  At tlies.i-'lJOiiits the .channels have  been ,>roveii and a large amount of  speiV.alion, has been indulged in���������  arguing from the data obtained���������as to  llieir ' furthe.;_ course. Speaking  generally, tho trend of Jtho main old  river channels seems to have .bc-cm X.  W. and S. 15., with smaller stieams  flowing in from the sides,and. of course  _subjecU(->_thc_(_t'ooks__,-ind__Jie_nds___that_  are to be found in all streams.  These old channels are often of great  width and at great depth. At the  Miocune a shaft is down 500 feet and  has not yet reached the bottom of the.  channel.  In the old channels, as in modern  streams, thu gold is not, evenly  distributed, but has accumulated  where conditions favored its collectioi-..  These old channels form thu bench  claims and the greater number of llie  hydraulic claims of the country.  The modern water-courses lm\e been  formed by thc cutting into and  washing away of llio deposils left  after the glacial age, when il often  happened that, the modern_sticam cut  across or along the old channels, again  concentrat'iig Llie gold from the In d*;  of tliu ancient'stream in lhe bed of lie.*  new stream below llie point i f  intersection with the old channel.  Hence om* modern .streams an;  spotted���������rich in one place. bu:.  becoming sometime*; absolutely bin i en  a. short ���������distance above the- inlers-ectinn  of the old channel. The model*:!  stream may, loo, have, cut through  thc bed of the old otic* in several places  or may hnve cut more than one old  channel, Huts giving several rich spots.  Froin this it follows that if a modern  stream is rich in one, spot, it is no proof  that there will be other rich spots-,  although fhe chances of such recurrence must be considered favorable.  Along thu flanks of the old drainage  area the old channels were not' buried  as deeply by the subsequent wash as  was the case .nearer the centre of such  area, and, as the old and the jiciv  general drainage areas correspond,  being bounded by tho older mountain.**  along theso flanks it more often occui-s  that the old ehtiLuiels have been cut  by the modern streams, and here must  be looked for the most probable  ground for placer' diggings.  As can be seen from a glance at* the  map, a line drawn S. K. from Barkei-  cn  Fl  1  >KTAKIN  flu������l^i.Mj.g.i7.jjim������Lj������i mil  ���������Mr_n,'^l('Wfjl'HI������������iii*������������ni.������Twr^*******f*^^  ~i  30=  =DAYS=  =30  CO.MMKXCINC.  We must reduce our Stock to  prepare for Stock-Taking.  ]   Prices will be cut in two as  Goods must be sold.      ������  *-"l"*i ������..-u^  .-cxxmitracsx!* rs-rm-^r.-������,-*t.,~****=zr=x.*7~*������*sr,*r.  ��������� *l  ������j.,njj.������i.m in,.���������.....  IB  REID  ��������� ���������  iT.rvji'.nrrMi  H  ir*********-*************** f������0<****r*a  t4LtS<*<C't4r44S4f-���������*t������4H(.tHf'������-**'04e4K4Mh������  Reported Liberation of Miss  Stone.���������Canadians in S. A.  Constabulary Dissatisfied.���������  Big Blaze at Portage.  ToiioNTo, .Ian. '.(. ��������� Cul. O.irchey  Boulton, who, during the northwest  trouble luised a tone known as  I.nullon's Scout***, is dead at Cobouijr,  (Jul.  The Canadians at the front, who  joined Baden-Powell's constabulary,  are dissatislied on account of the  Canadian contingents being split up so  as to make up regiments half composed of old countrymen and half of  Canadians and trouble is reported to  be biewing.  London, Jan. 'A.���������An unconfirmed  reports states that Miss Stone and  Madame Tselka, , the American  captives, were liberated in Turkey on  January 1st, wilh an understanding  that absolute silence be maintained  concerning their captors, failing  which, vengeance will be wreaked on  the American mission.  P.miis, Jan.:',.���������A despatch in the  papers yeslerday says that a bomb  exploded on Wednesday night under  the balcony of the palace of the Grand  Duke Constantino at Kiev, No  damage was done allhough a great,  panic followed. Fifteen students have  been iirreste.l in connection with this  outrage. Later reports represent the  news as uiifuundecl.  Tabloids  The Lake of the Woods Milling Co.  has received an order from the  Imperial government for 1000 tons of  Hour, etpial to l^.utlj barrels, for South  Africa. ���������   '   .  It is understood that King Edward  will be compelled to ask parliament  for a grant towards the Queen Victoria  memorial. ' ,  '  Two hiin'drcd thousand pounds has  lieen placed at "the disposal of-King  Edward for charitable ' purposes by  Sir Ernest Cassels, a merchant and  financier"' piominent. in Egyptian  (inancu. King Edward has* decided to  devote the gift to a sanitarium which  will accommodate 100,000 persons.  The new King Edward stamps made  their appearahce at midnight on New  Year's Day. There was an enthusiastic  demand and the stamps were ��������� well  received.  The British* Admiralty has invited  the Clyde shipyards to tender bids for  the'eonstruction'of Iwo battleships of  10.500 tons' each, five armored first class  cruisers and i two protected ct uisera,  .Work on the 20 warships now * in  course of construction is asked to be  expedited.  A big fire at Portage la Prairie op  Wednesday night did 800,000 worth of  damage. It originated in the Central  hotel. "       .  ���������-Eiigeno-f Carter,���������the-billiard-expertv-  died in Chicago yesterday.  The boiler of a locomotive exploded  yesterday in the shops of the Central'  Georgia   railway,   killing    five    ,incVi  outright  and. injuring    12,   three   of  whom will probably die.  Bangor, Norlh Wales, i6 again  tinder military control- on account of  serious rioting between the strikers  and thu workers at .Lord Penrhyn's  slate (piarries.  Signor Marconi bis definitely  decided to locate his Atlantic station  .it Cape Breton.  The chamber nf commerce of Christ  Church, New Zealand, has passed a  resolution calling on tlie government  of Mutl colony lo seek larilf reciprocity  wilh Canada  Alex, (iilisuti has been nt.lcially  declared elected M. P. for York. N.B.,  hy a m.ijorily of S*_il.  Thomson's Landing Titbits.  Thomson's L.\ Nm no. Bee 31.���������Mrs.  Tobin. wife of.His. Tobin of Thomson's  Lauding, has gone south to Spokane  to spend the winter with friends there.  .1. C. Collins of Nelson, is paying the  Lardeau ,*i visit collecting subscriptions  for I.he Nelson Tribune.      -    -  .1. Stewart, of .Vancouver, travelling  agent for On* Century Insurance Co.,  is also paying the Lai-deaiTa visit. :" >  A good Christinas tree -and concert  was given tit the school house at the  Landing on Christinas Eve. It wa������  patronized by a. large - number of  people from all parts., forty-eight  coming from Comaplix,. with" Chief  Young as leader. The Thomson's  landing people did not forget their  old time chief. They' had a. airen  whistle on tbe tree for him. It was  patented in London. England. He is  going to sound it on the boat on New  Year's Eve.  . The dance glvon by tlie captain and  ofllcers of the s.s. Ros3land at. Arrowhead on Christinas Eve. was a. very-  swell affair. Tliere were as many as  a hundred guests present and the  officers made everybody feel thoroughly at home anil enjoy a very pleasant  evening.  %5t'  f  S r.V  iC .;���������  ,   k _������������������.  t' -ilri I  *. ~-C*  ���������    ���������rtr-  -   i*.  "       % LL'T-i  '���������59.1  -.Hi  ri ���������������������������>>.���������?��������� ,i      r ,.  --.\;,..-  i'cL 3jfrncfetplit tjmlil anil IJnilwau  ii:  Beit's ^fournnl.  I'll lit l-.li**'! Hy  T'uc Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  MiiiiiigliiB Director.  A Scml-Wocklv .loiinnil iiiil-.ll-.heil In tlie  inicri'sis nl llio railway men. iniiilni? men ami  Ini-liie*,-, men of tin* West. liny*, in I'lililli-mmii  W.-liK-Mliiyiiinl.Siiiiiiiliiy.  aiivki-.ii-.ini; mills.  Pi-iilnv ml*..>} 1.50 per Ineli;   slnitlc column,  .1.'   I.I.T    llll.'ll    Wlllill   lnsei'tuil      mi      lit If     pll-SI.'  l..-:,-i.l ml-.., Ill eents per inch (lioii-mrlol) lim;  l..r i!i--i lii-ii-rllon; fi rents for eneli iiil.illilnniil  lii-ertiiin. Local notices 10 eents pur line eneli  Is-iie. Ulrtli, Marriage nml Dculli Nuliccs  I fee..  M-KSCIIII'l'ION   I'.ATKS.  P.vninlKir currier. fJ per iintiiim; ���������Jl.*..'. dir  f-I-c'iiiontlis Mni-lly In uil'.'iinee.  OUI! .101! IIKI-AIITJIKNT.  I.s one of the lies! equlpiiCil |irintliiL'Otlici.*, In  the West nml t.reinirc.i to uxee.iile nil Iciiuls nl  l-rimluir In lir-aclH-**. style ������l honi'st ln'iees.  xjut; iirlci* lo nil. No Job nm liirKe-noiie i.-.n  hiiaII���������turns.' Mull orilers promptlr iitiemlcit  in.   Hive n*. n li In I on your next iinler.  10 CIIIII'.K.sl'OSIIKSTS.  We Invite cnrri's|iiinileiii'u ou nny *.ulijeet  i.i liilere-l to llu: uem-riil public. In nil enses  tlii* Loan llilo inline of llie vfrilcr iiin.-l iu'wiii-  imiiv iiiiimisc-rl|.i, Imi not necc-MirUy mr  |,iil>lienliiiii.  Aililru*.** nil eniiiiiiiinlciitloii*. In the Munuxci'  MlTll'K 10 l'OltltKl*l*USIll!.**.'l'l,  I.���������All eiirreipoiiiliincc niiist lie li'ttlbly  wiitten cm otie.slile of tho )iii|*or only.  ���������J.���������C'orresponileiice unntHiiiliiK i.i:r.-iiiinl  mHtlvr musi liu>i-:iii!il with the proper inline*  ..f llie writer.  il   K. UUO0A.S,  IMilor.  FltlllAY,  ,I.\N..AI!Y  '3.    l'.m.  AN ENCOURAGING REPORT  A  REAL AIR LINE.  The   Coninioiiweallb,    a    first-class  Canadian uunilbly   review, which   ha.s  just rnmplcli-d llie   Mist   year   nf   ils  existence   at .Ottawa,   in    di*-rus*-ing  the   po.ssib'.lilii'.s   of   Hying   machine.-  notes llie fact thai an l^nglish   linn   i*  repoiU-il lo he actually manufacturing  these new   vehicles  for  sale   and   are  now lilling  orders  lo  be   ready   nexl  march.    The Commnnwealth   remaiks  lhat wilh   the  peiinanonl   success   of  airship.-;,   protection   will become!  im-  possihle and a system of universal free  trade will be inauguniLed     it   is  easy  to  foresee  other  important    changes  which lhe possibility of aerial  navigation musi inlioduce.      I*'..n i i'������i's  and  Miivies as a iiii'.ui*. of   mil ii.nal   defence  will   become    ob.-ol.-u-.      The     Hying  hai tic-hips of   lhe  fuliiie   will   laugh  bolh slonu walls anil  wooden   walks   lo  .scorn.       AU     modern     iiiellinds     ol  warfare will but enilered iiupraclieable.  The present modes  of  ir,ui--|iorlatioii.  the  t nnlincnlal   limited   express   and  lh" Aliunde greyhound will follow lhe  singe  coach   and   canal   boat   of  our  fathers into oblivion.   The  Ihnnsitii!.-  iipon   ihciusands of  miles   of  railway  track   now   existing   in    I'lnropt*   anil  America will lie used only,   if  used   ill  all, for  transport when   lhe  value   is  slight   or   lime    no    object,    ju.-f   as  nowadays   certain    classes   of  goods  travel to .San  Francisco and   Vancouver from   liiirope  round  Cape   Horn,  ll will be noted as a sign of a simple,  unprogrcssive people thai traveller*, in  a country slill have lo make um* of lhe  railway to proceed from  one  poinl   lo  another.    Oh, but all   this   is   a   long  way olT !    It may not be so Tar as some  people imagine.    .Men   a re   si ill   alive  today, who were present when Iicorgi*  Stevenson on lhe "Rocket" hauled the  lirst train that  ever  ran   in    Kngland  from     Manchester     In    Liverpool   in  ���������September. JSJO.    .Mr. Saiilo-I'unionl  has proved thai lhe navigation  of  the  air is   practicable.     Before we   know  wheie we. are. we. shall  be  taking our  tickets fin-a holiday  trip home on   a  Hying machine wilh   as  lillle concern  as we now step on   board  die C. I'. B.  express fo take a ran over lo  Vancou  ver.  INTENSEL Y EXCITING  In another column will be found  au  account   of   the   origin   of   and   area  occupied liy   the   B. C.   placer   fields,  which, rrom the pen of  the provincial  mineralogist,      strikingly     corroborates the  contention   of   the   lli*..t.\i.i>  that a rich   strike   of   shallow   placer  would very probably be the  result    of  a careful exploiation   of   the  count inlying to the northwest of the location  of the well   known   Big   Uend   placer  gravels on Goldstream  and  its   tributaries and Sinilli Creek.    Thc shallow  diggings    on     these     creeks     were  exhausted in the stampede, of '<>"  and  the auriferous gravels or the Big  Bund  now only yield their riches to scientific  workings   at    depth.      But    as    the  provincial    mineralogist    notes    the  strike of the placer   gravel,   following  the trend of the old river  channels   is  N. W. and S, fi. across   the   province.  A line   drawn   from   Dense   Lake   in  Citssi.ii*   to    Wild    Horse    in     Kast  Kootenay in this   N. ���������W.   and   S.   E.  direction touches every   placer   camp  of   any   notoriety    in    the    province  except the Similkameen, commencing  with   Wild   Horse   and   running    on  through Big Bend, Cariboo,  Omineca  loCassiar,    It is along this strike lhat  the   placer   prospector   may    explore  with reasonable hopes of good results.  And along the whole line of it there is  no portion hitherto unexplored, which  lies   so   clone   to    easy    methods    of  communication and a base of supplies  as that which lies immediately   nortli-  - west of the Columbia from  about   the  head of Smith Creek,   although   there  is hardly   a  creek   running   into   the  Columbia   on   lhe Gold   range    side,  whicli is not likely to repay a careful  examination.    On tbis side of the river  the headwaters   of   Goldstream   itself  deserve a more thorough   exploration.  It must be constantly borne   in   mind  '��������� iliat~aithouglrther"e"is"n'o���������doubt- that-  llie old timers in the   sixties   did   run  ov������r this country  pretty   thoroughly,  yet wilh miners'wages at   ten   dollar*.  a day, gravel that would not yiuld tbat  wage was- contemptuously abandoned  as not worth  while   bothering   aliout.  But beside*., this   tliere   certainly   are  Inge   areas,   which   even    thc     first|   coniei-! never visited  and  particularly i necessarily, becau-.  is lhis true of tliatgreat area of country | boaid .-aid   dial be  lying     northwest     of     the      fam.iu^ | ������������������������������������ experiment  Big       Bend      placer  ,J   camp        ami  in between it and Cariboo.  Ciidcr  the present depressing con- j  ditions" surroimdiiig silver-lead mining j  il seems  lo  lhe  Hkk.m.h  that  in   no  way   could    the    British    Columbian  ptospector   put   in   the    next   sea*.m  mote   ptnlitably   than    by   exploring  Rome portion (if this  iinmen.se  utretcb  of practically  virgin  ti.nit.oi-y.    Kven  if he does not  strike   a   poor   man's  diggings,   he   is   a   great,   deal   more  likely in this  way to get   hold   of   ,-i  proposition,   which    capital    will    be  willing to lake oif his hand*',  than   be  is by bunting up silver-lead properties.  In   tbe   piesent   state   of   the    metal  market, a revival of placer mining in  thi*     province     is     rpiite     a     likely  occurienct in   the   immediate   future.  These       Horiefly     discoveries       will  stimulate the demand for placer (burns  ,-ind   in   fact   have   .already  done   vo.  The old placers   of   tbe   Similkameen  have bean  acquired   for  development  liy   a   Chicago   syndicate.   Ameiican  capital will  be launching  out  extensively in the Big Bend   placer  camps  next season and all the indications are  that the prospector with a good placer  claim staked out will have no  trouble  in disposing of if.  Mr. Deanu of ICauiloops-,'' is felling  the good poople ol" Ottawa lhat just-  now public inl crest politically spunking  is centered on the filling of the  vacancy in llu; Dominion cabinet.  From the point of view of .Mr. Deane,  as chief booiiisler for Senator Teinple-  itiau. this slati'ini'iit may be correct.  But the general public is not losing  any sleep over die matter. In.  Kevelsioke for instance public opinion  politicallv speaking is. as near as the  HKHALI) can come al it, centered on  the filling of the vacancy in the local  gold conimissionership. Close inspection would'probably reveal the fact  that throughout Kootenay public-  interest politically speaking does not  rise much higher than the inudhole in  -which the Dunsniuir government is  floundering. It would probably be  better for lhe piovince, if our people  did take rather more -ictive interest  in the doings at Oltawa. but we have  been so long ignored and neglected by  tbe Dominion authorities that we  have practically ceased to pay any  attention to Federal politics. A spasm  of interest occasionally seizes the little  knot of Grit politicians, of whom Mr.  Peine is just now tbe exponent,  whenever a possible, job. is   discerned  4  Ground Floor Chance to Build a Fortune.  The foundation should be laid by buying Real Estate in the new Town of'  imwiiiii**.-**"**-****    ���������'���������iiiiiii.minii  Situate right at. the Doors of till the Famous Fish OreoK Gold Mines.  SOME FACTS:  FIFTEEN minute,*  walk from Main St.  (���������CHiDI-MEf-iDS,  will  take you  to the inontli oftlu; liig  ii.-jOO  foot tunnel on  the  Famous Camborne Croup, or  on to the Goldbug Croup.  YOUR   OPPORTUNITY   is now  io   buy  at  the  bottom figures and you will get   the  advantage  of tlie  raise that is sure to come next year.  Some More Facts JEE^'im  take you to the Big Goldsmith Group, Scott Group,  Wide West, Beatrice nntl Trilby groups, and a host, of  other properties that will adveiti.se the Fish Creek  Camp, in li. C.  THIRTY minutes   walk   will   take   you   to   tho  Finnous Kva, Imperial and Oyster Groups.  INVESTIGATE  AND  YOU  WILL  BE  PREPARED TO  TAKE THE CHANCE.  224 LOTS NOW SURVEYED AND READY FOR THE MARKET IN  A FEW DAYS.  i  ���������  E3i  LOCAL AGENT,  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  TIWSE TABLE  S. ARCHER OR S. S. LARDEAU  lying around loose... Beyond the limits  of this inner circle, nobody in British  Columbia expects to see anything  worth botherinK ubout conic out of  Ollmvii and nobody is ever disappointed in c-oti<-t'i'ii<-nc*e on thsit score.  BUSINESS-LIKE  MANAGEMENT  (C-ONTINI'EI)   t*-i:i).M   I'.ir-K TWO    )  Tt'r.l.IC NOTICE ' is hereby given to. llie  Electors of the City of Kevelstoke tliut.l  rei-nirc the presence of the sniil electors at  mv iillieu in the City of Kevelstoke, on the llltli  iliiv of January. 190*!, ut 11! o'clock noon, for  the purpose of elect ins persons to represent  theni in the munli'ipiil council ������s Mayor mul  AMennen.  The moile ol nominations of catuliilati'S shall  he as follows:  The candidates shall be nominated iu writ  imr, the writlni; shall he subscribed hy iwo  voters of the municipality as proposer ami  seemlier, and shall he delivered to the return-,  imi'ollicer at anv time between the dale oi  this notice and'^p* in* of the day of noiiiliui-  tion; und in iheeventoi n poll heniK necessary  .-uvli poll will he opened in conionnity to law  on thl-liith day of January, 1'JW. at 'lanpiiiK's  Onera House, on Second sireei, in lhc uly oi  Kevelstoke. and kept open between lhe hour  of viitlit in the loreiioiin and the hour of  four in the afternoon, lor taking and recording  the vntes of the elector.*,, of which every person Is herehy re<_iiiri*il to take notice and  Itovern hiniseif ai;c.irdlni.ly. ...  Tin: persons qualilleil in he nominated and  elected ior the otlice of Mayor oi said city sha 1  be -ui-li in.am male l'-riti.ili subjects of thi* lull  aire of I wcntv-onl' years and are not disqnali lied  midtfr nnv "law, and hnve been for the six  iiiuiitlr* n'fXt prci-i-ilini* the day of nomination  the reitii-tered o.vuer, in the Lund Heiil-ilry  Otlice. of land or real properly in the city oi  the ai-essed value on the last municipal  aveisnieut roll, ol one thousand dollars or  more, over nnd above any registered uiciini-  braiu-es orelmrge, and who nre otherwise duly  iiualiliediL** municipal \oters. .  Tlie ncr-ons qualified lo be nominated nnd  elected a-aldermen of .-aid eitv shall he such  venom "������������������> are mule Iinnsh subject*, of the full  Aire of tweiuv-one vear*. and are not di**quall-  lied under anv law, and have been for the six  month- next "preceding the dnv of iioiiuniition  t'ie rcei-ter.;d owner in the ..and Ki-giMry  Otlicc of land or real property In the city of  ilie a*,-e****eil value, on the Ian municipal  aiei-m������*ni roll, of live hun.lro.l dollars or  more, over and above any registered liiciim-  brance or charge, and who are otherwise  qualified a-* municipal yoien.  Fv.-r* candidate nominated shall sienify, hv  A ������r"it'iii" nccomi.aiiying the nomlnntion  nauer lilt con-ent to iu<-li nomination, except  -In ens" -uch person he absent iroiuthe municipality When -uch ab-enec shall be Mated in  llie nomination paper.  Eiery candidate nominated shall, on or  ty-f'orc the koxir ot i p. m. ol lhe day of nomination, iumi.-!i the returning ofllcer with a  \-THrem~entTtl^'rinnR-sp'*cifyiiiS7li<e-'-iaiid-or  -eai r.rot.e.-tT upon which he qualilies.  Given under my hand at Kcvelilukfr. this Mth  d-iy of Dei.ember, 1901.  CIIAKLC3 EP.SKINK SHAW,  Keturnfng Ollicer.  ItiinniiiK hetivccn Arrowhead. Tlinni-'on's  I.andin^ and Comaplix, commt'iirin^ October  14th, UIUI, will sail as lollows, weather permuting:  Leaving Arrowhead for Thomson's Lauding  and Comaplix twicedaily���������lllk. and l.r:k.  Leaving Comnpli.-c and Thomson's Landing  for Arrowhead twice dnily���������T-l-lknnd 12:13k  Mnltiug close connections with all C. 1*. It.  Steamers and Trains.  Theowiiers rc-erve llie righl lo change times  of sailings without nolicc.  The Fred Robinson Lumbar Co., Limited  I-'IIKK   IIUS  JIHt-lTS  ALI. TIIAINS.  I'lllST CLASS   AI.'CO.M.MDDATIII.N.  II KATlCll HY  HOT AIR  HlOASllNAULIi:  KATtS.   '  otel Victoria  i  ������*  li Iaces and Braids il  m  m  @������  A large range of Poinl Luce,  IMichcss and Ilattciibnrg  llrnids, Stamped iJesign-,  Stamped Linens, Embroidery  Needles, Hooks, Ac.  Berlin and Zcplivr Wools,"nil  shades. Slipper Soles, Valeu-  sciences Luce, Insertion.  Cnll at "*���������* ,|^,i  MADISON  PARLORS.  m  m  m  I  i  igjp Misses Sheppard & Bell fejj  rp*                  McKenzie Avenue 0C1.1    "rUf,  fcVs;                           - '������Hi  SliSI                                  - *6f->>  Brown &��������� Guerin, Props.  KLliOTKIO I1KLI.S AN'D J.IG11T IN KVERY ROOM.  IK1U11I.Y  STIIKET C.Vll  JIMETS  ALL TltAlXS.  HAH WELL BUPI'I.IKI)  I1Y THIS CII01CEBT  WINES,   LlQUOHei  ANI) CIC1AHS-   m  Wholesale ind Retail Dealers  gg PRIME BEEF.  t PORK.     WD j TON.     SAUSAGE.  ' FISH AND GAME IN SEASON.  Hcon^cii] gkrxd"w-:lt  'J'he very bc-st on tlio miirkot. tod  itn'luiiiiiK:  Potatses,       Cabbage,  Carrots, Turnips,  ETC.,    ETC.,    ETC.  NOTICE.  om*   iiiiin   on   llii*  w.itili'il   in   niiikn  i'ii.*.   liuu-   li.is   ni.iv  i fCiini*'iy I'or i*\-pi*i-!iiicn!.*i in  iiiiiiin_r or  i in lmi-iiH'M? of   111.*   Uinil.      XX'e   knoiv  . cxnrtly \\ lull :i iniin* ii-ipiiri--*   .in-l   111**  I man who puts up lai-^i' tr.niiiv.iy.i  ninl  ! r-iilwiiy,   wlm   liiiv-.   mnc-hiiii'i y   nnd  j iini**. sli.-il'Liiip:  which   i-*  itnni*rp,ss*iry.  j iniiki'n ii tvi-i-ilili* nii.-ftjikt*.      I   s-tippfHi"  llii������i*a lnii-i! Iiiii'n millifini  ami   ir.illions  of iloll.-it-s s(|iiiiiu1imcil in   llie  Ko-sl.'iinl  camp hy nifti who cliil noL kntiw   their  liusiiicss nml   tliu   provincr   Rots   tin:  lilaniL* foi- it.    Tin* ptovini;i.,  however,  is noL to hl.'iitie; the nn* is there ami all  that, is- nt'i:i's-.-i:-y i.i :.o si*e that the men  lo   whom   tliu   hliiitiess   is   ctitrus-tccl  -lionlii perform their duty.     There is  jiiotlii'i- fiiuttRi' I   would   like   to   call  attention to.   and    I   think   yon   will  iifjifi: with mc.    I do not  helieve   that  any miniiiK nniiisi)_;er.   m.-iniij^ing   director    or     r.lTIciitl   who   linndles   the  doc-iiineiits* of a   coinpanv.   should   lie  allowed lo -peculate in   the company's  shares.    I hold it as a sac red truit and  I think circtirnstiiriccs justify rue when  I say that it is a. vitfil iiiir-t.-ike to   have  the entire   directorate   investing   and  .<<pec-i>l.itinft   in   the   shares   of    their  mine.    If I am the managing  director  of  a   company   there   is   nothing    to  prevent a report   coming   to   rue  and  my going on the market and   perhaps  robbing :��������� great many people.    I maintain that the  shareholders  of a  company should'get the  first   information  and I feel satisfied that   the   diieclor*  of  this   company    will    nJopt    that  principle.  TAKE NOTICi: that oo '!���������>������������������ after ilftlc I  1 intern! to 8i.ply to tlie Chief Ootaiiiliilon***  of Liiml-i mi'l Wi.ric-. for pernil-ilon to pin i.ikI  curry   away  limbor  Ironi  the   lollnwing <li*-,-  Al.������o lirst qniility of well cnrc.l  Xi m o th y^H ay  Komi orders for -smile to  S. D. CROWLE,  Itevclstoke, P,. p.  FRENCH  RESTAURANT  TH������   MINES  EXCHANGE  LIMITED  MINES BOUGHT AND SOLD  AV.*. hivi! inuvli-wers foi* all kinds of metalliferous mines tind pi*os-  ]iii:U, a.ti:ldft.Hire to hear from prospectors and others having property  for sule.  Oitt* I'.ioiliLies for unking quiclc sali;3 tu-c unrivalled.  .SjihI us rep')i'l,s;-alsn samples ������f ore for exhibition at om* Offlco.  Box 700.  THE MINES EXCHANGE, LIMITED.  Nelson, D. O.  II. fl. I'AItSON, I'nr-sltlcnt.  On I'ront Street, isiiitnin open lo1  'llie public    Mciils  scrveil  ul nil  ln.iirs.  Prop  rry  Cri.v,'inni������n**lnK   f.t   a   po-*.   nmrlccl   rpxei-r F. j        *,Blll..urcP  f.cr'v'-.������oii������h**M������t c-irn-r pn������ ���������ltnnt������ kIx.iii Um I A.  REBUCKESE,  f.*.-t irotn **'('*-nt Cri*..-lc. tli^n.:.*  ������-*.t -tn cIi������iim; ' ., ^ -   liii'-n*.-.* north HVictinlii-: ilien<-!-.*,Ht-HI cluiin-; |  il,Pnr.*v.iilhl*a cli-lii". to lli������ Pli-M "f cm-j CArvJADlAN  menrvi.ieiil: ront*lnln*t oW kct.;-^   i>frry      | VH!^HUIrtl>l  CoMfleM-.. II.COC*. lTdi.iwi'.   ' Nov. 0-li. PACIFIC   RAILWAY  T  nsroTiCE  -Lily 'laj-- alit-r .lute I  inii-n.l t" rtpf'".- t������ tli**\'hii*f<oniini-i"in-r  of   l.nn.1- Ktnl   l\������rk-  for i...* mil-ion  to  pur-1  VKK .VOTirK tliR  ......������..._   chH-e ������ p������r������:������l of lnii-i il.-icrlbei! as follow: i  O.tnm.-nclni: nt * t>t.ii mnr'������-..-.l Alice I'.-rry'*.* j  \-o 1 r.i-t; thi-iic--* ������c������: L.1) cfnln*.; Ihence i  N-orih li.cliKins: the:*.nc Ka.*:'.ticlmmi; thenri.-|  -mitli I" chain*, to p-.ir.t of i-OTjinieiii-w.-i-':;!.,  Thi-fructioi.f.f land .-..miocnres .\orir. .if It.  V  ivrrr'i pre-i-mpti-in lollowin,-  Mor.enzic -  TRAINS LEAVE REVELSTOKE :  liASTUOUNn....  WKSTBOl.WD. .,  SOUTH HOU.NT).  S:20  17:10  H:io  (To he continue.] In next,I������iiie.J  crjlita-.nlns ttVujt W ucre-  finHlli..*I-!s. S-ov.27. 1001.  Sorth-lVol   l.'.n'-*  eor le?-.  ALICE PKRI'.V.  lie-; l-lm  NOTICE  .n^icscrll-e.1 i������n-I������^mmendm.  ������t ^ Post  :orncr  of  oMnmIth  at lhe south-east corner of Roger  K,  pre-emption,   marked    ''Houthea-t.  w  timtyr limit uppllc'lfof hy F. 1. c.olt  thcnei* west 411 clmins; thence north Wi chains;  the  c? cast 10 chains to  Fish  Creek;   thenee  following the meanilcrlni-s of Fish  Creek   ICO  Hialii-i to jKiint of commencement; contolnlng  &KI acres, more or less.      y J_ f;0Tr);,M ,.,,���������_  Thomson's Landing, October 10th, 1901.  I TOURIST CAR SERVICE  TO ST. PAUL DAILY  Montreal nnd Boston��������� -   FRIDAYS  Toronto ---  ..-.SUNDAYS,  -...and   WEDNESDAYS  WANTED.  was'TKII���������By a man aged V, who is In  possession of a good trade amiI J3.no*> csp tal,  (���������orrcsnondonce with a maid or widow,  tetween & incl 50. with a.mall capltsl. with a  view to going into business and matrimony  I-ldreM all lcturs to "J. B " ������"��������� ���������''��������� ������"���������-������  Hkrald oflice.  dec. H-Im.  I  TO   LET  fniiAae lorner Fourth Street aud Ortoh  Avcniic. For partlc-Hsrs apply to D. F.  Form**, The Molsons Bank.  Dec S3-tf  DIRECT STEAMSHIP  SERVICE  From Vancouver to���������  CHINA  JAPAN,  AUSTRALIA,  ALASKA  Full Information and particulars  appl  to News Agent.  J. W. Bradshaw,  Agent    i.i  Kevelstoke,  E, J. Coyle.  Assist. Gen.  Passenger _ig*nt  vanconrer.   "    , M. J. t-'BRIES, afanaglng Director  T������e Revelstoke Wine ana Spirit Co.  Limited Liability.  Carry a full nnd complete lino of  Scotch and Rye Whiskies, Boandies, Rums,.  Holland, Old Tom, London Dry and Plymouth oins,  Ports, Sherios, Clarets, Champagne, LJque rs>  Imported and Domestic Clears.  Wo aro ])rcpiired to make up single cases of Vines  and Liquors for the Christmas season.  Call and see them. -  Eota  REVELSTOKE  Steam Laundry Co.'y.  A tallenge  We challenge anyone in  Revelstoke to give substantial reasons for supporting Chinese laundries  In exchange we offer to  give 10 good reasons why  Chinese laundries should  not be patronized.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  I'rompt delivery of parcels, liaggage, etc.i,  to any partof the city    -  Any Kind of Transferring'  Undertaken  All  orders left at E. M. Smythe's' Tobaceo  tore, or by Telephone No. 7 will receive prompt  attention.  Jas. I. Woodrow  BUTCHER)  u *  Retail Dealer in��������� '  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season....  AU oiden promptly filled.  l^sKs. rbybm-bokb/b.*]  ���������Mb 7L-  IS*"'  .'*  \  n  w  \\  T!i$ lortti wsster !t Devslopm&rct Syndicate  UiU.TED  Capital: $1,000,01.0 lu 1,000,0JO ohares.  Par vulue $1.00 each.  All Treasury Stock.     No Promoter's and no Preferred Stock.  Large Veins Free-Milling Gold Ore  Fii\_t Allotment.    200,000 Shares now oflbreil for 50c. a bliare.  ANDREW F. ROSENBERER,  Secretary, I'.O, l!i>.\ 7U0, .No1m.ii, n.O.  SIBBALD & FIELD,  Ollieinl  HioU-is, Uevul.->lbl.e, B.C.  THE TOWNSITE OF  IS NOW ON THE MARKET.  2oo ���������Lots  BUY UEPORI2 YOU SLliEP.-. -    '  ' CIRCLE CITY  is tlie Terminus   of   the   proposed    Railway   already   surveyed  via the Lardeau Creek Avitii fork Lo that point.  CIRCLE CITY  is beautifully situated at the base of   the  Lardeau   Pass,  Galena  ancl Surprise Creeks.  CRCLE CITY  is   absolutely  Development.  surrounded    by    Mining    Properties   now   under  Which will be utilized next  Conccntratms.  Plants  SEND FOR PARTICULARS AT ONCE  TO THE GENERAL AGENT,,  G. B. BATHO,  Ferguson, B. C.  .- . ,*.-; j.< .v.i..{-*i.*t*t-v  PELLEW-HARVEY, |  BRYANT & GiLMAN |.  Mining Engineers  and Assayers,  VAXCOUVUU, n.c.  AS8AY WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  .UNDERTAKEN.  Established 1S90   <j?  Tot*, made up lo 2.000 lbs.  A Kpeclally made o! checking Smelter  Pnlpi.             -                       -                      - 00  Sampl***. Irom the Interior by mail or ft)  e.xpre**M promptly attended to." U)  Correspondence holicited.-. @  1  VANCOUVER, B. C. fj,  ****************** **********  ;Siici:es*-iir to II. Jenkins.  Miinufacliirors ol -  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES  Repairing of Boots, Shoes  and Harness, a Specialty.'.  Next Door to-Guy Barber's  Certificate of Improvements  nsroTicE.  Cold 11111. Mineral .Claim, ���������itnate in the  BevulHttike Mining Division ut Kootenav llistrict.  Where Located: In Ground Hog Bantu, on  McCnllough Creek.'7 *  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. fe. Hume, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B, -17899, intend, sixty  dayi from the date hereof, to apply to thc  Mining Recorder for aCertlficate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  flrftnt. nf fliA alvwa plain, *  And further take notice that action, tinder  Section 37, mini be commenced before   the  iMuaiice of such Certificate of Improvements.  Bated this 4th day of September, 1901.  ���������   C. B. HUME.  Oct. 11���������tf.  Oriental Hotel  Ably furniahed with the  Choicest the Market  affords,  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large,��������� Light* bedrooms.  Rates $x a day.  Monthly Rate.  XV     ������{J-  J. Albert Stone ��������� P_-j  Red   Ro������e ne-;rce moots second nnd f.-iiirll*.  Tue-s'lnis ofeiicli inontli; White Itose U.-itree  meet*, tnirit Tiii-Mlny of eneli .-imi'tor, in Odd fellows Kail.   Visiting brethren welcome  W.M.  WATSON, UY' EDWAltUS,  I'reildcnt. - Eccretnry.  BEAUTIFUL  J  15 BS!      .,*  Now ready nl my Studio, views  "of Revelstoko and vicinity. Also  telephoto views of till tiie peaks  visible from .the city. They will  lie upon permanent platinotype.  the finest photographic paper procurable .���������iiidahsohilely permanent,  size lixl, '2Tic., size *lx(i. ;"0e. Send  these to yoni- Teliitivo-t and friends  for tlie New Year,and lhey ���������will  have something of a true attistio  ���������VHlne. I'lwj.-'.Stiidio will remain  opjn this evening till 21 o'clock*  LEGAL  from the  ���������Printers  ���������of  ���������Fine  '  ���������Office  ���������Stationery.  Including  LETTER  HEADS  ENVELOPES  STATEMENTS  BILL MEADS  NOTE HEADS  SHIPPING TAGS.  POSTER AND DODGER  PRINTfNC A SPECIALTY  Herald .Job Office  FRONT STREET.  A GOOD  NAME....  Ib bettor than riches  We hnve the name nl miiklii-;  Ihe tmljrSlyllsli Mult*, In Town  ������������������Ior durubllilj* and iiuiilitv  they uUo excel.  .TRY ONE  R.S. WILSON  Next the McCarty Block.  r &aie  First Cl.-iss Dry Wood  delivered in nny length  for C.isli.  NEW YE ATI'S 01? OLD.  ���������ilSTORIC EVENTS THAT HAVE FALLEN  ON JAM.   1.  iVIIIInin tlie Conjiiiuror Crowned on  \e-iv Yem-'n nnd l.Htnblli-iIicd the  llollilny   In   I-Ififflund ��������� Tlie   Day  In.  : A]ia-*riuiin AiiiinlN.  INCB the birth of Jesus of  Nazareth the beginning of the  your has been variously' fixed  ut Dec. 25, the tiniiivet'sni'y of  his birth; Jan. '1, the anniversary of  his circumcision; March 25, the anniversary of his conception, and on  Buster Sunday. In the British Isles  Iho dato most preferred was Dec. 25,  and It wus not until after Hustings  Unit the present day was chosen. William the Conqueror was crowned on  Jan; 1; jvhether beeauso he honestly  deemed 'tho dnto, ���������which was then lu  use in Normandy, the most convenient,  di* whether he wished to thus signalize  his victory, thu day was then lirst  used, nnd litis since been used.  The duy Is set aside for feustlng nnd  niei'iiineut nil over the Christian  world. It Is said thnt ln Furls over  (ib'0,000 Is spent on sweetmeats nlone,  while It Is far from uncommon for n  iriitn to expend on one New Ven r's present as much as one-fifteenth of his Income. In Scotluud so universal Is thu  custom ot giving up the eutlro season  (o thu duties of the trencher nm! tliu  cup Unit tho day Is kuowu ns "Daft  tiny," a touching allusion lo the state  to which, nfter morning has come, tho  majority ot the celebrntors nro reduced. New Vear's eve Is known as Hogmanay, supposed to be derived from  the old Saxon hog night, the time for  killing hogs for eating and sucrlllcc.  In tho rural districts of England  there existed until a very late day a  custom, which probably came from the  -APPLY TO  JM.  SCOTT   Ii A., U..11.  Bnrri-itcr,      Solicitor.    Notary  First Street. Itevcl.stoke.    .  -Money lo lonn.  Public,   Etc.  FARWELL-ESTATE.'  The  choice  land   north   of-track,    .  between Tapping's aiid Long'.-,, will  be  subdivided for sale as   soon ns  possible.       -.*" '     -  G. M. SPROAT,    ViCTORIA,   B. C.  P. O. Box, -135.  pjAI'YT.Y, M-C.UtT3T.t-c PIXKIIAM  Bnrri-itori, Solicitors. Etc.  Solicitor*, for Imperial Hank of Canada.  Company funds tc. loan nt8 percent.  FikhT bTHKhT, Revelstoke U. C.  CHURCHES  METHODIST CIILTIKH, 1.EVI.LSTOKE.  I Tcaehinj; services at 11 a. m. and 7:110 p'. m  Ciii is meeiiiiu at the close nl the morning  -.or*, lec. Hubbath School and Iiible Class at 3:.'>U  Wee tiy .Prayer Meeting every Wedne-day  even *3i������ a! 7:110. The public are' eordiallv  liivii<.'d.   Seats free.  P.ev. C. Ladneh, Pastor. .  ST. PETEI. 8 CIlL-RCIti AKOLICAX.  Eijtlit ii..ni., Holy Eiichari.-t* 11a.m., ma'.Tis,  1 itiiuv i' *inl seriiit.'n (Holy Eucharist lirst Sun-  flHv.r.. .'.he inonthl: .'ir.to   Sunday   si'liool  children Vservice; 7:311 J*_\c*nsohg*(ch"oralJ and  sermon.    Jloly Days���������The Holy   Eucharist is  celebrate, l.'it 7 xi.xxx. or S a in., as announced.  Holy lia OLi.sin after Sunday School at'-l:lii.  c. a. I'I.ocU.s-iek, Rector.  -PI-KSnYTKBIAS'   OHURCIf.  Service cve-ry Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  to v.hk-11 nil ������re welcome. i'rayer meeting ut  8p. iu. everv -Vedm-sday.  Rr.v. W. fi. CAi.nF.r., Pastor.  xpress Delivery  All orders left at ��������� W. M.  Lawrence's will be promptly  attended to. "  ���������H. =Cook.  QO TO .mranm-  . n^Ej^S.   LATJDBB  Tor your Chiistiiins I-'ruitiind lion lions  Chocolates, 40c. to 60c.  ~ ~  -Candies frcr.i 15c.  TAMCV BISCUITS.     ORaXGES.    I.EMOXS.  TOYS AND FANCY GOODS.0  Maclwnzi; Ave.    W.evclstoke, B.C.  KOM'A.-.- CATHOLIC CHURCH. *  Mass   at 10:LU a. m .  on   Hrst,  lecond and  fourth Sundav; in tli-.������ month.  ISEV.   X..TIIKH   THAYER.  SAJ.VATIOS   AliMV.  Meeting every ifjglit in their llall on Front  Street.  SOCIETIES.  Jt  Gold Range Lodge X. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Moots everv Wednesilnv in  Oddfellows'" Ilai] ���������itSo'cl'iick  Visitintr Knights invited.  ������1. A. Knows,   C. C.    :    :    :    :    :    :  ���������    F. li. Lewis. K. of It. Si S.  ReveisieMeMhri.*  Skating every afternoon and ovcnluir funi  3 too and from S to 10.  The Public are Invited to visit lhc Kinlt; r.o  charge being made foi-Speelatois.  A charge of _���������.-><*. will bo made for skaliiis.   In  the aftciiioon ladies or children 13c. *  ?cn.-oii Tickets may he purchased at thc rink-  I.ndiO!, E..8U      tieiiUc.ncn^fi.      Children *..!.  bond for-.kntine (iituruooii and evninR    c.\-  cejit -.pecliil events;Mich as Carnivnl.*.,  Ilockev  Matches, elc, .    *  Hockey Practices.  SENIOIiS-Moniliiys,   Tri-Iavs  and  Saliu-diiyii  ' "   fnun 10 lo 11.    Wednesdays, from  7 10 8.  JfSIOItS-TucsilHjs from in to II, and  Wednesdays, from 7 10s.  LADIES���������Tuesdays from 2 lo ,'l.  Curling every uftcrnoon and eveiiln... '  HEW YEAR'S CAKES !  NEW YEAR'S CAKES !  L.OYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  A  y    Kepuliir meelinc" are held in  tht  ^13      Oddfellow's Hall on the Third Fri-  *y^i?,   day of each month, at 8 p.m. sharp.  y^LfrJ    Visiting brethren cordiallT invited  VA .tt'3 TilOS.PTEEI). W.M.  1'6=E-  \V. G. BIKXJiY, Rce.-Sec.  FRUIT,  PEEL,  A. si. KOLDICPI  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  -    AND ASSAYER.  1 flovoi Pcli������ol of 3iines, London.    Seven years  I nt "Morfa   Works,  Swansea.     17   years  Chief  \ Chemist to Wignn Coal and Iron Co.,  Eng.  ' Late Chemist and Assaver, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined and reported upon.  Ferguson. B.C.  GROCERIES  ���������"'    .*  For people who.like  to   make   their   own  Cakes.*1  J  J  A. N. SMITH  1  H. EDWARDS  .    TAXIDERMIST.  DEER HEADS, BIRDS, Etc. MOUNTED,  ���������.F"'T.fj2"&Uad Repaired.  JLsT iAST OF PUESBYTERUN CHURCH  Third Street.  Foi* those who have. titknn thp  t'lit-istinns jii'osont level' early.  But his prescription.*! ,-ii-e licit compounded  DRUGS AHD MEDICINES  but a libei-alquanlitv of the innuy  excellent things in our full line of  FANCY GOODS.  TOILET ARTICLES.  PERFUMES.  CHOCOLATES.  All these are sold at very reasonable prices and by purchasing now  the worry is over before the time  for pleasure begins. '  Walter Bews,  DRUGGIST.  Brown Block.  PHM.B  Tel. 48>  KEW SEAR'S AT MOER1STOWN, 1781.  Greeks, on down-through tho Romans  and thc Germans, of eating on this day;  a species of sacrifice cake known as  God cukes���������small, triangular buns half  an Inch thick and filled with mince-'  meat, while the famous Boxing day,  with its attendant custom of "Stephen-  lug," are all through the isles the chief  event of the rural year.  Americans, in spite of the fact that  the day Is less distinguished than  Christmas day, owe many of their-  choicest privileges to ' events which  transpired on New Year's day, says the  Cincinnati Enquirer. It was on the  lst'of January," 1770, that Washington  unfurled at Cambridge, Mass., the first  Federal flag, the original emblem with  thirteen stars. In 1770 the first*Society of Universalists met at Gloucester,  Mass., and. Major General Benjamin  Lincoln,, commanding the' Continental  forces in the south, established his first  post nt Purysbury, on the Savannah  riv.er. In 1781 occurred the mutiny at  Morristown, N. J., the most'formidable  movement of its kind in the military,  annals of the nation. Some 2,000"of  the New 'Jersey troops of the line, angered by the repeated negligence of  congress, grounded their arms and refused to fight until some.further provl-'  sion.could be guaranteed toward their,  maintenance and pay.- It was indeed a  crisis in the conflict, as the outcome of  this bold move must either intimidate  or" encourage the entire army, all,of  whom .'were suffering from much the  same, causes' as their, brethren from  New Jersey. General Wayne saw at  once:that-itTwas not'-for'hlm-tb personally deal with this question ,aud sent  Colonels Stewart and Butler to intercede. ' These - ollieers conferred with  thc ringleaders at-Princeton, and while  the conference was on General Clinton  sent two British ollieers to'coar the  mutineers over to tho other service.  The prompt manner in which tho militia handed the Interlopers over to  Washington had much to do with the  speedy_ compliance ot congress with  tln'ir just,demands. It was a happy  turn lu a most embarrassing affair.  Ou New. dear's day, 1815, during the  second day of tho battle below New  Orleans, the British made the mos*  determined of their three assaults and  lost the tlower of their army. From  this day until 1SG2, from some Strang*  freak of fate, which seems to buncb  her important events on certain days,  few things of note occurred. But In  1SC2, thc second and most critical year  of tho civil war, "congress enacted something which will forever, be memorable  to many political economists���������tlie.suspension of specie payment until further  notice. Just how such a huge machine  managed to exist until New Year's day,  1S70, when specie payment was resumed, will be a matter of endless comment among the economists of the future.  -     .      - ���������  A Queer Berlin Custom.  One of the queerest New Xcar's customs is the unwritten privilege of thc  Berlin rabble to smash any silk hat  that  appears   in   Berlin's  streets   ou  New Year's day. ��������� '  -'      '"'   * ^  Holiday Excursion Tickets."  New Year tickets will be sold on  Dec. 30, 31 and Jan. 1 good going up to  Jan. 1 and return up to Jan. 3rd* 1002.  ���������Sleigh riding parties. Book your  orders with H. Cook at Lawrence's  store.  A. Piers, of Montreal, who has  charge of all tbe steamers in the  Canadian Pacific service, was in Nelson  sast week on a trip of inspection. He  wns well pleased with the condition of  the company's steamers on the  Kootenay and Columbia and coinpli  cients Capt. Gore on the same.  Hon. C. H. Mackintosh on the  Position ofthe Mining Industry  in British Columbia.  At 11 mct'ting of the shareholders of  (lie Giant Mining Co.  held  in  London  last Novombi'i'. Hun (J. II.  Mackintosh  pi'L'Miloil and Hindi: some   very  pointed  rcm-irks i.n tin* management of B. C.  mines   by   li'ngli.sli   companies.       He  s.aiil :  I do not   think   there   is   a  greater  uiiiii'i'a'i province in   the   world   than  liritiili Columbia, or a  more progressive colony thun Canada.    1 am, there-  I'cii'f, lii'fc to ask you   to   assist   us   in  every possible way, not only  by   your  coiilideiK'i*, but by coming  to see the  I'cnnli'j* as we know it.    Iain glad   to  say thai within recent months a large  number  of  gentlemen   have    visited  British Columbia.   They   have   examined the mines ami they  believe that  with   cuii!   uud   [.niper   management  Hi*iU*.li Ciiliimhi.-.ii mines will be made  to   pay^ better than any known milieu.  Now there i.i one thing wo adopt and  one maxim we believe   in,   in   dealing  with   the  Giant   .Mining   Company���������  that is that lhe mine-.hall be conducted  on   bui,iiiu.*ii   principles   and   not   for  stock-jobbing purposes.   (Hear,  hear.)  L believe one of the greatest alllictinr.s  that has happened tn people in  diffeig  ent  countries   having   mines   is. that"  lhey never know which s.ide they are  tin���������who are their friends and who are  lheir enemies.     Now   wu   adopt   the  plan, and I hope the shareholders  will  Mislaiti Ihediiectois in il, of  having a  small     capitalisation     and     working  economically,  doing   the   opposite  of  what has been done by a  great   many  mines     which    have    been     failure.*..  (Hear, hear.)    When I left here a year  ago we had discussed thc   question   of  the issue I have mentioned���������the question of   business  like   management of  mining���������aud I promised that if I could  fin.I a   property   worthy   of   absolute  recommendation to lhe Brilish or  any  other public   1   shouid  endeavour   to  secure it.   There was one I   knew   of,  whicli trom thu suiface had   paid   the'  cost of development   and   which   had  .yielded enough profit .to   prove   that  it \v������3 11 mine.      I.   therefore, .opened  negotiations and secured  th'e_ services  of onu i.f   the   most   thorough-going,  honest    and      painstaking     experts,  underground as   well   as.surface,    in  America���������Mr.   D,   3.. Macdonald.     I  then wdtit to the superintendent of the  Iju  Roi,   Sir.   Long,   a   man "of  vast  Hxperiuiico'iuid obtained   his   opinion.  Later we also got the opinion, of'.Mr.  Astley   (coiiiiiltiiig   engineer   of    the  Snowshoe,)but prior to   that   we   had  arranged for the mine,   , One   and  all  agreed that it was the most (promising  property of the_ Rossland camp.     We  organized a company, and we are here  today to discuss ithe   question' as   to  what is the best method to  adopt,   in  order torbring the niine to a'successful  ......    ,     ( ^  issue.      ,  ' 1 suppose you do not anticipate ���������  having a very long speech from me,  brt" there are one or two points I would  like to mention, if I am not detaining  the aieeting. ln going into this  enterpiise we made up our minds that  there should be no over-capitalization.  We mads-up ' our  minds   that   there  should be economy.    We   considered  that the shareholders had a right to  hold     the    directors    in   every   w;ay  responsible for any  delay   in. giving '  tht 111 ev'ery.infoi'uiation.'   So far, there  has been uo such thing as extravagance t  in connection'witli  it.    The property  was bought at   a  very   low  price, as  compared with other mines.     At one  lime the mine was held at a very high  figure,   but" iu   consequence    of    tlm  foi mer owners requiring capital, I wus  able to bccure it for half the amount  demanded for it two years ago.   Since  the systematic developments we have  been carrying out. we believe we have  a   mine   quite   equal   to    that   great  properly���������thc Le  Roi.   (Applause.)   I  consider that we are here simply as a  family   party    to    discuss   domestic  matters.    I have always held, and will  always    hold,     until     circumstances  change   my   opinion,   that    directors  cannot properly administer the aifan-s  of a mine without seeing''matters for  themselves.    I have greatly regretted  that   ever     since    I    went_   to    the  Rossland camp 1 liave hardly seen the  directors of an English company.there,  save and except Mr. G. S. Waterlow,  and one or  two others,   who  take a  great inccrest in the province.   I think  it should be a matter well   understood  that one or two diiectors   every  year  should come out and see the property  that    other   men   are   managing.     I  believe it is utterly impossible;   otherwise, for men to  control  large pro������  perties   like   these,      I    have. seen  immense amounts of money absolutely  squandered   on  properties  quite  un*  (CONTrXC'ED OX PAGE TffRKE.)  /  . i  >--.-  fr  \y  t .' -=  I'.���������&  m  V:r ^
m     nte_U-MBi
We Wish
Our many patrons
A Happy
and Prosperous
New Year.
Canada Drug & Book Co
^.������ws* union ^&m S
['(*# . Cigar  Factory.: (gi
K.MVTHK���On thi' IWlh l->e<'- lo Mr. and
.Mrs. II. IC. H. Smythe a daughter.
Gordon���On Dec. Will to Mr. and Mrs.
It. Gordon a son,
-:50c. v
-   gents
|j II. A. BROWN7,   Prop. JJ
�������*.        Brands: ,       (ggj.
(ill) ^
C15-E2<rEI^A.Ili  X&XHttCrJEXJi.liT'X.S.
Notes of Mews.  �� (j. f. CURT1
I'm*   Alileriniiii   in
It. Tapping is out
Ward 2.
Dv. McLean has opened an ollice in
Jj, A. Frct/.'.i building on First St.
Nomination day for the new cily
council i*> .Ian. Will, a week Irom Monday.
Principal .Sullivan of the Nelson
public M-luiul left lhis morning for
Watch night service in the Methodist
church on Tuesday evening   was   well
. al tended.
C. V. Diamond, of. Comaplix, was in
���Nelson on Sunday "on his honeymoon"
snys thu Tribune.
Mi.ss Grant leaves on today's train
for Notch Hill, wheie she has laken
the position of school teacher.
Jt. P. Pettipiece of the Ferguson
Ragle, went through last night, to
lecture on Socialism in Seattle.
Miss. Bertha Fick, niece, of Mayor
Brown is spending' the holidays with
her uncle and Mr. and Mrs Guerin.
I*:. A. BmiHey. manager or the
Duquesne Mining Co., returned la^t
Friday front a holiday trip to Seattlo.
Messrs. Ramsay Si Melveir/ie. who
have just, finished the painting of the
new Imperial Bank block at Golden,
returned t.o town last night.
The. balance ot the payment on the
American property has been paid by
the Mount-tin Mining Co. to the owners
Abrahamson Bros, this week.
Golden will holdits bonspiel on the
ICth. 17th. and ISth January and expects rinks from Kelson, lievelstoke.
Banff and Calgary to be present.
' Geo. Sutherland has accepted an
agencv from the Crown Tailoring Co.
Ltd. of Toronto, a strong firm, which
is doing business f.ioin Cape Ih-e.ton lo
Vancouver Island.
Cond.   Ogih'ic   of    the   Arrowhead
branch came back this  morning  from
it ten day's trip  to  the.  count.    Cond.
McLean relieved him in charge ol  tlie
* smith train during his alienee.
'Die citv clerk and auditor were, busy
last, night* up till well . into this
morning with the financial statement
for 11X11,'which will be presented to
lhe council at tonight's meeting.
Next Sunday, second" afier Christmas, services will be us usual in St.
Peter's church at S and 11 a.m. and 7:,S0
p.m. . There will be a second celebration (choral) at the 11 o'clock service. '
There were liig crowds at the skating
rink on New Year's Eve and New
Years Night. The management have
contrived to'keep np a good sheet of
ice in spite of the mildness of the
M. J. O'Brien is now the only candidate for -mayor. Aid. McLeod and
.Horace Manning are the candidates in
_ _ Wa.nl l._Ald. Taylor in "Ward 2^ No
otherr are. as vet definitely iii'the tlel3-
except It. Tapping. - The candidates'
for school trustees areC. F. Lindmark.
John Lawson and Robt. Cordon.
At the requester a number of the
ratepayers the Mayor >== willing a
public meeting in the opera house <m
Tuesdav evening next, at which the
financial s-tatenient and report of the
council ol" 1(101 will be presented and
every ratepayer will be given a chance
to expri*-**--*. himself.
A curious ice formation has been
observed in lhe ice on the river near
theC-uem-lide. They have named it
the "turntable." It consists of a block
of ice about 15ft feet iu diameter
almost perfectly ririulur
vc-lves freely and continually within a
larger mass of shore ice
His numerous
and Patrons
A Happy
and Prosperous
Red Cross
������ Drugstore
Mackenzie Avenue.
,\V1'   HAVli-
Ladies' Dress Goods
planned particularly for presents
Come in and look  around  before you
-_;ei what vou want for the N1��\V YliAR.
>'el what
len's Furnishing Line
and can fit youotit fr.om the little   bald   spot on
top of your head to your favorite corn.
Stock  wa.s
Will be
An Option Secured,'on Twelve of
the Claims  by  a   Revelstoke
- Syndicate. .   *
A very.s.'ifihfaolory deal lias just
been completed whicli eii-fiu-es lhe
I borough exploitation of llie l'.ig IViul
mica lields. a company of Kevelstoke
capitalists having paid .-'.I.O'xi down in
.secure an option on Leo ol the claims
in that iiislrict.
. The. terms of thc deal' provide for a
thorough examination r.f the i-l.iim.**..
which if.-satisfactory, will bepuri-hiiM'd
by'lhij uompiiuy, the original owners
retaining an "intuies,!. Uf course.
iieilhiugYuu be (loin; until the snow i.-.
gone. sunk.ie.ntly tn allow men and
supplies to bo taken iutu the claims,
but as soon as possible work will be
The company, as organized ��� at
present, is composed of M e.s.srs:
Kilpatrick, MeCarter, Kincaid' and
Flindt. and the cl.iims covered by the
agreement are owned hv W. Dainard.
F. Deacon. C. Hatch, . D. Mc-Donc-al.
O. D. Hoar and F. Ilalliday.
The Revelstoke men are intere*-ted in
the steainbont line which will .operate
on the lievelstoke route to the. Dig
Bend, hut next, summer supplies will
of necessity lie senfitVovevthe Golden
route, a.s there is a break in the water
route, on the Columbia river,"" kbove j
Revelstoke. which will necessitate an I
additional boat lieing built.
If some enterprising steamboat man
would place a vessel on tbe Columbia
to operate between Beaver and the
Big Bend next, summer it. would likely
Taylor & George,  - Mackenzie Ave.
of all   kinds
just opened up.
A set of
from   the   Foley  factory   In
England, will suit you.
Hockey Skates
The Hospital Ceremony.    ���     ���
To the Eilltnr ol llio Hkkai.d:
Dkai: Sin :    ���
The article in lhe Kootenay Mail of
the-27l.il nil, under I beheading of '-The
Hospital Ceremony" calls for ti direct
contradiction from uie, for .'which 1
ttiist you will give me space in yonr
valued paper. Let me say once and
fur all that I n'evei wiote. anything lo
the Westminster or any other paper
directly or indirectly for publication
in conneclionwiih the " The Hospital
Ceremony." .Although .advised by
high authority to wrile to the leading
papers of the Dominion (both east and
west). I refrained from so 'doing and
foi a reason, which, if mentioned,
would get me tin credit' in certain
(planers. "While making.this statement let me say by dropping the word
"festivities" tlie Westminster is substantially correct.
1 remain, yours tinly,
W. C. O.vi.nr.15.
wwnUinsecm-ingthebiwinewfor this,,^,,^ , . ^^.j     lo
town   anil tie l*    n.-ntlFTTnlp    riTT'irci hi*��tv:���, .-,.,. . , 1���_.
which re-
pron tnni e-nfiTi-ii^nneTir
���Golden Era.
(The above report in the Kra is
substantially correct. The Kevelstoke
syndicate has an option on altogether
twelve mica claims in the group, i.wo
others outside ofthe recent deal. The
property is situated at the head
waters "of End and Potlaleh creeks,
two small streams flowing into the
Columbia on tlie. sotuh side right in
the bend of the river. It. is ihe
intention to proM-rule work oil th��
claims next, sea-rui and supplies will
have to go up first, by the pai'ktr.iil
from Donald, whicli runs |.~>u  lhe   east.
School Notice
The teacher wishes to announce lo
parents, since there seems lo be some
misunderstanding re home work in
the     senior     department,   that     the
Roger's Pass   Festivities.
From Our Own Correspondent.
- Rouif.iis' Pass'." .Ian. J. 11)02.���lhe
Christmas festivities at Roger's Pass
were very quiet, but. on New .Year's
Kve the residents gave a dance al the
residence of Mr. T. Booth, at which a
very enjoyable time was spent. Dancing* hegaii at -I o'clock with'. Mr. 3,
Fennel as violinist, (and very *.ibly be
performed to), and Air. T. Mayhncid as
floor manager, who sometimes had his
dancers lost in the mazes of the dance
which _once in awhile would hriii<T
foith rears of laughter. The inusji
was varied with tt taste of the bagpipes played' by Messrs. MrKiiehrun'.
McKenzie and Livingston, and whiie
they delighted every true-hearted
Scot, yet, to most, of those, in whose
veins the pure Scotch blood did- noi
flow, lhey, weie rather huty. Messrs.
Wilson and Campbell nave us 'a
glimpse of the sword dance to the
strains of the same music, while
several of the gentlemen present
enjoyed themselves us well as giving
enjoyment to others wilh their step
dancing. Among tlieni I saw Jlr. T.
Graham who was determined lo get
there or die in the attempt. At .21
o'clock a light repast was served.' to
which all seemed to'do ampli* justice,
after which dancing was renewed
until two o'clock when after the
Happy New Years heing exchanged
and part of tho National Anthem
sung, our pleasant evening came to nn
One Who Was Turin;;.
You will find in our* Tailor Shop a
very elaborate  variety .of Fall  and
Winter   Suitings  and    you'll   find
workmen who are. competent to make up any; of these
Suitings'"exactly to your liking.    AVe do not employ
cheap tailors, we do not  handle any goods, that  could
possibly depreciate our excellent reputation.- v'-We'-can-'
nor compete with sweat shop ready-made clothes when
price is lhe sole consideration, but, when style', anil .fit
and wear are duly considered,'wc can-and  do  compete
wilh all ready-made goods, and.all other tailors. ���
Ladies' Tailored Suits lo Order. ' -
CT.   IB.   QRESSMAIsr,.-   ���"������?*.��������� ?.'. ���  ..'--;���
The  Art Tailor, Mackenzie Ave.
prepare, their history, phy.-siology and
dictation al home, beside*? somespecial
work in arithmetic or other subject.
Henceforth, each child will supply a.
special exercise hook itKWriting paper
iind Veep it for home... work alone.
This will give parents an opportunity
to examine the work and progress eif
tin* pupil. Let the children conic
sii] plied with this book whon school
op.-us, also a blank scribbler for
drawing. I f any parents do not wish
their childien In do this regular  home
side of the river.    A /���ro.-i*inir  is iinuli;
iit present by bun I In (jet to llu* i-laini--. | work,kindly send n note lo thittefVoct.
It is tho  intention   however, to apply j p,^,.,,^ wil'l ���,)(e   that, hereaflur,   the.
to the legislature .it the no\-| session
for a grunt tn extend llu* pi*i--.ciil
packtrail from Coldstream north to
the bend of tin* Columbia and tn take
siipplii**- in thut way from lhe steamer
landing  at, Laporte. which   is   about
,. ���   at,  Laporte.  wliu-li    is
The  forma-   urt.v miles froin   tin;   piopcrtic-s     This'i
I ion is apparently due to the existence  -
of :i whirlpool in tlij. river,
A neat card has been ret ei veil con-
veving to the Hki-.ai.o the compliment
of tin* seaion from lhe Imperial Rank
of Canada. The immense -trides made
in the last ouarter of a century is
shown by a compai ivm oi the annual
statements for 187<- and IMI given on
Uie inside. in lhe first, the. a**-els and
liabilities balance at $:-:.12!>.7:C> and in
the l;iiter*it.��._.l.0��r;.r,.��r>.
Trnoppr Ceo. A. Ilowei--, ot the C.
M. K. writes to say that the boy*- arc
settling down to a drill again. Tliere
are 11 old Strulhcnnas in Troop I,
Squadron A, 2nd Battalion or Ihe
CM.IL. to whicli he is posted. They
do not, expect to sail from Ilalir.ix till
January loih, and are bu**y at firing
practice, two troops being del ailed
every day, the first day with Morris
Uihes'anri lhe next, on tin- Bedford
Capt. Taylor Dropped Out.
Aid. Taylor has retired irom tlie
mayoralty contest in favor of Mr.
Martin O'Brien, managing director of
the Revelstoke Wine & Liquor Co.
Mr. Taylor will ion as a candidate for
^Vai-d two.
trail winiId also  afford a'.-cess   to   th.-! for eaeh child.
timli.ir limit,**,  on llu*  r.iluiubi.i  ni.iili
of   Coldstream    .inrl     open     to     lhe
prospectors <i    large   area   of   almost
unexplored country of very  favorable
formation for galena and   well within
thr strike of the placer gravel belt.
government, grant is based ti|>on the
actual average al tendance, and
nhuciifc or truancy deprives lhe town
of a portion of the grunt thus raising
the ireiieral taxi**-.    The  grant   is .**>20
The Wide West.
.Mr. Alirk Pitt has just, returned
from the Fish Creek camp. Lardeiiu,
whet e he has a contract I'or the Wide
West Company of Lima, Ohio, ,1. C.
Morrav, the ��� B. C. representative
reports that the tunnel, which is in
over J-fiO feet, has opened up three
very nice leads liom 1-1 inches to two
feet wide, earryine: good value in silver
and lead. Mr. Pitt will iptuin in a
short, time t.o complete his cniitracl,
Iheoliject.or wliirh is to tap (he main
lead, which has immense surface
showing". It, ii expected I his.will be
uncoveied within the next 10 feet.
The Ohio men have apparently good
cause lo feel jubilant, over the way
their invest ment is turning out. The
superintendent stales in his lot�������������� iv>*.i
I he lend is wideningi 3 - |wA (lie
indications aie that a largo hi���,^ \,,,,
he. I'liciiiintt-i'i'il soon. Tlio men will
return nfter the flist. of the year and
work will be pu<-he<| vigorously all
winter.���Hossluud .Miner,
JSlo.    Cabinet  Making.   Uholstering,  Picture Frarhing," Polishing,*-
and all kinds of repairwork. .   .* ,���    .,-,
Collins made at a few hours' notice.    Finished in either .Walnut,
Cherrv, Black Cloth or Poli-died Oak. at EASTERN PRICES. .
//        -!���-..*/ *.:���.���������/ #$
Dr. Santa Claus
who   have   Utken   the
pic-enr,    lever    early.
St. Peter's Sunday School.
I'or   those
I 'liristmas
But. bis prescription** arc  not. compounded
but. a. liberal quantity flhe many
excellent things in oir full line nf
All these arc sold at very reasonable! prices and by piirclmiliig now
the wm ry is over before the time
for pleasure begins.
Walter Bews, phm.b
Brown Block. Tel. 48"
The Christina1*! tte'at givi n lei the
children of St. Peter"*j Sunday Kchoo
and congregation was held intheopei,a
hou-t; on Monday night. A i-*ibst-ir:t-
ial tea \\ as the fir*.t, item of the programme, alter which the gifts suspended from a Christmas tree in the
corr.ei-of ihe hall even- distributed to
the expectant youngsteis by Santa
CI,xxx-i deputy for the occ.-i.-ui, capitally
enacted by a popular chuichwiirdeti of
St. Peter's in snow-ihne costume*.
Among the varie.us gifts wa**. ,i purse
of $7.'j in gold presented to Rev. and
Mrs. Procunier by the members of tbe
congregation with tlnii* best wishes
for the now year.
A piograinmu of song-*, recitations
and tableaux followed rendered by the
children antl members of tha congre
g'ltion alter which tht* floor - was
cleared and a little dancing indulged
in. R. Tapping, the proprietor of the
opera house gave the dancers a
Christinas ciuol in great style amid
loud npplaiine.
The. new scliool trustees will b��
elected at the same place and time as
the city council.
Wake Up
Watches, Clocks, Etc.
Real Estate
PITVI A 1VTPI A'T>   iCtuia.ln. I'ermimeiit .1 Western
* lliailWftL,   ^ Ki|iiltttl)leVaviiiK.sI.ii*ui and Buljil
Insurance ���!
Hug AsHoolatlon.
Imperial l-'ire.      Clnnnllan Kire.'  '- Mercsntlle'Firo.'
einiiailliin Kiro.      Caledonian.1'Ire.
i tlniilcituriuloii l.ifo.      Atlas.FIro.   Wanolicalcr Kire.
toenail, Ai'i'lilent anil Guarantee.   Great Wont Life.
J   D. SIBBALD, Notary Public.
Public Meeting
AI fhe ref|iu*sl of a number of the.
ratepayer.-! a public meeting will be
helil in the: Opera   I Ions-,  on
.Ian. "tb. ,-i|,8 o'clock, Jo consider the
financial Htatcmerit and tejiort of the
outgoing council and to give: the.
ratepayers an o|)portunity to express
theinselvtM publicly.
XV. M. UROAVN. Mavor.
City Elections
Having lieen recpicMted by a large
iind influential body of the ratepayers
to come out as a candidate for mayor
at the coining election, I beg to solicit
your vote and influence in that
. M. J. O'BniEKt
Optional with you, of course,
would strongly" advise you to
That's'what the man'
said who wasn't insured.   A.'sniall.'pay-.
.- /���._'-*.<.,-!    .*.���/. *-%.
ment every two or
three years w o_u I d
have enabled him to
a     ���  .i-T'i -\"iJ  ,t--:if   ���'
you  want to' say,- nut we
me insurance.* _..Your card
will bring you full information as to cost.


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