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Revelstoke Herald Jan 25, 1902

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 Vol    V.  No    107
$2 00 a Year inAdvnee
Come and See
100 te
Boots and Shoes
Men's, Ladies'and Children's,
now selling at actual COST.
NO OLD STOCK.    .'    i
These goods were all purchased
last season. . """; .
I'lt'orls were crowned wilh
success. 'L'lie most novel
was     the     employment    of
Save 40 per cent and buy.your
Shirts now.
We are offering a splendid line,
of Wv G. &  R.   and\White
��� .    ~ ,*- --"-:1_ *     - " ��� .V    /.'
-Shirts at,^e. above bivi\...dis- .
i***ii*iflf;,li*,*^S:.x '"'-'A,*'*;;. -;
count.    AH  goods are of the
Latest Style and Pattern.
Our bargains  in  Hats are  in
keeping with above discounts.
The stock includes:
(RUSH, aiid
In the Opera House Last Night
���The First Hospital Ball.���
Brilliant Affair.���Artistic Decorations and Splendid Music.
The ball, which came oil* lust niglit.
in aid of the Queen Victoria Culture
Hospital, was an entirely smeessful
alVair. Over UIO tickets were sold and
a large number of people came in
yehterilay Troiii points south and
along tin.* main line tu take it in.
Owing to lhu delay caused t.i the Xo.
1 by lhe blockade on the Iii*,' Hill,
special cabooses were attached to ,i
freight from Field, which brought in a
ciowdof v'sitors from Field, Glacier
lingers'.Pass, IlleciHewaet and other
stations east of here in "tlu* division.
Tim hull was ���never to elaborali'ly i r
more effectively decorated for any
occasion. The ladies, wilh the aid oT
volunteer assistance, had worked hard
every day during the week to bring
the decoration scheme to pei fection
aud their
hundii'ds of small Union Jacks, iu
every conceivable shape and dii-.ctiou
around tho galleries, ceiling an,1 actoss
'i" * -'.age were the supper was laid.'
. omptly    at     nine     o'clock     the
programme commenced to the strain*,
of   the   Revelstoke    orcheiti-a.      The
grand inarch was led by'Sonl,  Kilput
rick and Mrs. Curruthers;  Capt.   T. E
L.   Taylor   and   Mrs^-'Ji'ilks,   Si.    It.
Atkint. and Mrs. U. A'. L'awson an.l  Cl.'
S .MeCarter and Mrs: Flint.    The tyiill
gradually filled until even the. big floor
"pace ofthe opera housTS was  crowded
with dancers, of whom there   were  ill
least    a   couple    of   .hundred.      Tin*
galleries     were    .well      filled       with
spectators enjoying the dir/zHiig scene
below   and   anticipating   lhe   call    to
supper.'-This repast, which was tastefully   spread on   the- stag-*,   was, an
excellent one, provided- by  the   ladic.-
of the.town, and w.*is']greiitly  enjoyed
hy   the 'numerous ' guests.     It*  wa.s
served bullet fusliioii.-so-ilia*. the extra
work attendant on a'sit down  Suppe,'-.'
was   avoided.      Daiicng was  ki^'V.li '
linttlTour-uVlock- thi*.*', n.oi-ti:rip;.--'"-'X-tiv'
uifair was an entire success financially
and     socially      and      tin*   '.Herald
congratulates the ladies ofthe hospital
and society on  the  very   encouraging
result of their labor.-, and the complete
el-hit with   which   the   first   Hospital
Ball in   lievelstoke   was   carried  o.jt.
Mr. Duyle, who nobly  stood   bis  post
at the ticket   wicket  in   sjiite   of .tl o
cauld, cauld blasts through   Ihe  oilier
door, took in 211 tickets ot all kinds.
and Mrs. Mi Curler, Urn. and   Mrs. (5.
Ui^leen and Thus. Kilpalr'uk.
Kniiiloops.���It. \V., Bio. Chailes M.
Field-Dro . Mrs. and Miss Turnbull,
Mr. and Alls. Carey. Mrs. TVyckoff, .1.
C.irlin, 3. McDonald, Mr. Mrs. ancl
Miss Field.
I'.illUer. -Mr. Yy* A. Anstay.
Doii.-ill.-Mr. W. Robinson.
Waver.���The Mioses .MiCallum.
Wiiuli'i'inere.���Mr.   and   Mrs. PUt^
Mi s. Kiinplon.
Galena.���Mrs. Geo.  McMillan.
Letters nf legl'el were u-ieived from
lion. XV. C. Well* anil others.
Much of the succo-1.1 of the ball was
due the Revelstoke oi chest ra under the
ii'.idciship of Mr. .Tas. Taylor, the
music of which wa.- certainly Ihe best
ever produced iu Gulden. The mem-
���ii'i-s nf Mouniain Lodge are to be
cuiigratulrfltd on the very successful
way iu which the function was conducted.
engineer's Fatal Hallucination.
As the result oT a si range hallucination,.!. F, Sihle. nn old and liiibted
engineer oi'tlie Wabash railroad, was
fatally injured last week. Sihle was
at tbe ilirultli* ot' the big locomotive of*
iho Limited, whicli was thundering
along at a r.ile of -JO miles an hour.
When the lights of the town of Attica
appealed,- the old engineer gave u
start and shouted lo Riirb Frick, hia
"Jump for your life,' Burt, the
su itch is tinned."
lu au iu.-Uiii. Sihle had applied the
salety brake, reversed- the lever and
had jumped Lo e..c.ip." llie spectre his
harrassL'il nerves had mojoi-ed up.
Tiie fiicinar. followed, but was not
injured. The train came to a slop and
Frick went lo Iiml the engineer. The
latter lay on the ground horribly
injnied. His skull'had been crushed,
an arm anii a leg hmUen, his libs
fraci ured and his spine injiued. He
���.vas carried alie.-nd lhe train. Meanwhile an investigation showed there"
bad been no damrer tu lhe train. The
signal light? of the switch showed an
imolisl.rui-ted path. Sible was brought
to a hospital, where lie managed-to
gasp out his story. 0 A.-i nrdtiig to
Fireman Frick, Bible had lieen more
in-less nervous since he >\vas in llie
wieck ,ii_*L*ifayetle some nnmlhs ago.
The pus-'engi-rs were shaken up by t.he
s'lilden stopping of the 'train, bill, no
one *.*.as,liui-t.
Agricultural     Resources      and
~�� Possibilities of the Valleys   cf
and   its
j,.the.-Columbia  River
*:��� Tributaries.
I'.i-lio.-l  nl"   lhc    li.
i Krli'iiliuru |
C. ��� Uejit.   ��f
We have a Beautiful Line in
Goods at away down  figures.
- j^mU���l -"*"'"" Cisrling.rj'^: ��>ii ��
In the competition for the Calgary
-Malting & Browing Go's, trophy the
following games have heen played:
On Wednesday evening Rae 21 beat
Carruthers 5 and II. A. Brown 32 beat
McDonnell 7. On Thursday H. A.
Brown 1IJ beat Pinkham 0 and Brock
11 beat Rae 7.
"West Kootenay includes llie   valley
(if the Coluinliiii from   Llie   Big   Bend,
alio'.e Revelstoke, .south In the   International Boundary, a distance of nouns
200 miles, nnd, tho va lfey oi* the ICootenay river and lakes from the boundary
line north. :i distance, uf some 1.1 miles.
Of this di-tlriuL the report says:    "This
coveis a vast extent of   li.-rritory,   but.
inasmuch as it is alino.-L altogether a
mining region, il isal! In in ped together.
���Several towns,  some   of  considerable
size, such as JCelson and Ros-land, are
included in Lhis section; also others  O.'
lesser size, such as Ilcvoli-.toke,   Kaslo
and others.    The.   c.'iininunicatioii   between these places ia  good,   and   consists of railroads, steamers and roads,
and access is easy by the .same   means
cf transportation* to   outside   places.
The. land fit i'or agricultural   purposes
is      comparative    small.      generally
wooded, along the. valleys of the rivers
aud in places requires dyking and while
thero 'do   not exist   largo   bodies   of
Hind snitiiTile, still  tliere   are   patches
Trom 50 to 1000 acres in extent.    1 n the
Big Bend, cm Goldstream, there   exist
large stretches of land that, are covered
"with wild grass, at the same time   the
land is subject to overflow during high
water.    George Lafornie, the   packer,
finds this land suitable, for grazing his
pack animals during the   open   season
in the Big Bend.    Between Revelstoke
and   Curries   creek   there" are    some
splendid Mats suitable for   cultivation,
but covered with a heavy   growth   of
cedar.   ���' Between   Carnes   creek   and
Downie   creek   tliere   are   some   nice
benches also covered with a growth of
lieavy limber.   The   great   drawback
is, tliere  is   no   market available for
"their products, everything  has to  be
packed on mules' hacks, costing on an
average 7 cents \per  pound.     In   the
.vicinity^of.lteyelstokc..quite  a.  large
ijiiaiiLlcyol' lanif is lUiu'Ci-*" cultivation.
Hall's Landing is the hest farming laud
in the district.    On Fish   creek   there
are large sections of good  land. which
is heavily timbered.      At   Revelstoke
and along tiie railway line oue isslruck
with   the   luxuriant   growth   of   I'ed
clover and the thriftiness of the  vege
table and root crops. This being a
wooded section, no live stock, with the
exception of poultry, is raised.
Further south, that is along the Arrow
and Kootenay lakes, there are small
patches of alluvial bottom land" at the
mouths of streams, flats of small extent
on the lake shores and here and theie
strips of higher land, gravelly loam
slopes forming the liase of mountains
which rise abruptly along almost, the
whole of the shores of the lakes, comprising the only area (it forcultivntioii
Tho rest of Lhe district i.s rugged in (liu
extreme and were il not for the great
wcr.llh ol' Ihe mines would be wor! hlos-i
fov all othei* purpuses.
A Relic of Early Days.
no-.vn in the C.P.R. freight >
there is the oldest fi eight car that
seen service on western division of the
Canadian i'aeillc. Tho car is'a yellow
unlovely object now, but there is a
warm place for il. in the heart, of every
operative on tlie line. Thu cur i.s a
lucky one, having come unscathed out
of half a dozen wrecks, and any one
who rides on it naturally  has  hia  life
The car was built before Vancouver
was thought of ana, city. It, was do
signed when Contiactor Onderdonk
had his hcadciuarters (it Yale, and was
constructed by Mr. W. II. Armstrong,
now of this city. That was before the
railway was completed through the
iiioiuiLuins. "Whon the line waa
finished it was, put on between Port
Moody and Savonas Landing, this side
of Kniiiloops, as express and pay cur,
and the letters, ''C.P.R. Express," are
still discernible on it. The car at that
time was in charge of Mr. Steve
Tingloy, of Ashcroft, who was then in
charge" of the express business of "-
C.P.R. in tho west.���Province.
Didn't Find Her Honey.
A young married woman from Llie
south who was visiting New York wilh
her husband left him in their liolel
room one morning white she went on
un errand. She was not accustomed
to big hotels nor to big New Yoik. but
she ijot buck without a mishap in half
au hour uud knocked at the door.
There was no response.
"Let me in, honey,".said the young
woman, knocking more vigorously.
Still no response.
������Hf.M'V. let me in." called the young
wi.man, " redoubling, her exerLions.
'���Honey, honey, let me in."
Siie rattled the knob and shook the
door and pounded with both fists, but
there was,thi* silence of the. grave .on
thi* ui her'side. The" young woman's
voice'rose to half a rrv.
\"lloney. aren't you there? I want Lo
net in.    Honey,.open the door."-
Then arose trom ihe other side of the
dour a-deep buss voice with a resentiul
note in it.
'���M-id.-un," il said, '-this is nnt a beehive. This is a bathroom'."���New York
BIG     MONEY,     AS
BE   CLEARED   BE-   *
Masonic Ball .at Golden
Golden,  Jan. 21���On  Friday  evening a gay assemblage, nnt only of local
devotees of   the dance, 'inl. also hugely
augmented   by   visitors     from   Field.
Revelsloke,   Windei mere   and    oilier
points enjoyed the  hospitality  of   the
members  ol   Mountain   Lodge, No. 11,
Grand Register of B.C.    Tlie Columbia
Hall   was   decnr.ited   georgemialy   Im
the occasion; and while theuninitiat* d
in scanning the many beautiful desi.cn-.
upon   the   walls   were    not    without
those   who    had   travelled   the    road
could trace strange significance in   lhe
the   various symbols   which    were  so
tastefully displayed.     Promptly   upon
Ihe tick of nine o'clock,   tho  orchestra
in readiness  .and   the seats   upon   the
four    sides    filled    with    eager    and
expeclai t gue.-.ls-, the   masons  formed
a hollow square towards the centre  of
the room to receive with due cerr-uiony
It. XV, Bro. C. S  Stevens,   the  district
Deputy Grand Master of  the  Masonii
District -No.   :i.     This   disti ng .ished
brother was accorded the  hoiiuis due
to one  so   exalted   in   the   craft   and
acknowledged   in   fitting   terms    the
cordinlity of  his  greeting.      The  programme   was   then   commented    and
was   carried   through   wilh    a   spirit
thoroughly      western.        The      h.'-t
evidence lhat   everyone    thoroughly
enjoyed the pleasure   so  thoughtful!}
provided lies in the facts that the floor
was constantly thronged aud thut' i he
majority    of   -the     numbers    were
persistently encored.   The good nit un*
of the management and the  orcheslia
in responding to the repeated requests
for  "more"' was   a   subject   o.f   most
favorable comment on the part of  liie
visitors.   At the supper interval ext i-a***
were    contributed     by    M'ss    Wells.
Messrs. J, S. Gibb and. 12.  Plow right,
and   were   thoioiighly   un joyed.    Up
wards of sixty couples partook  of the
tasty and   bountiful   supper   prepared
by the genial host   of   the   Columbia-
Judging from the expression  of  the
visitors     and     the   freelv  . expressed
verdict of the  townspeople,   the  event
of Friday evening   wus   a   mo.-t pio-
nounced success lyid   the  membei-**  of
the iodge  may   be  assured   that  their
painstaking   efforts were   thoronehly
nppreciatcd by those who had the good
fortune to be numbered amongst  their
Thc guests from outside were:
Rerelstoke.���R. W���  Bro.  T.  Downie.
Bro. Dr. Cross,  Bro. Geo. S. MeCarter
5 6Xs��CS��Si^*2xi��<^^
Never before havc'wc made such onslaught on  prices.      New,   Fashionable,   Seasonable ��
(���a ancl reliable merchandize will be sold in many cases at a mere Traction of their  former value,   p
g This means a big loss lo thc Company. " , g
.jgj^^_TI-IE_ST_QCK MUST. BR.SOLD���Sweeping  reductions _wiTl._ take .place.throughout JS
every Department, so great that they will wash out buyers mistakes  and   clear otiL thousands <|
of remnants arid forgotten things.    Thc power of clearing lies in the prices.      [jg-S^Rcad them- ��
Reported Attempt toAssassinate
the King of Greece.���Ontario
Hotelmen up in Arms.���Police
Raid onlhe Mew York Bowery.
Tom into, Jan. 2Ti,���A ilust explosion
in the Lust Creek mine, Colorado, lias
caused a lonsidcrabli.* lo*.s of life ami
much damage done ui propuity.
Ai cording tn Llie l.isL reports 21 ato
dead and 8  injured.
Lo.vi'u.v, .I.m. 2T>.~Itiglil Him. Mr.
Ilallonr, leader <*i" llu* government
Imperial J louse of Commons-, slates
that no disc.i'-*--ioiis looking ;to pence
proposals iu .South Africa are now
A'l'ilKXfi, Jan. 2T>��� It is repoi led that
an attempt has been made lo assassin- .
ate. King George of Greece. It is said
that a _ park inspector jumped in
belween the assassin and Llie King and
received Lhe UniL'e intended for the
Later���The report of lhe atteuipted
assassinatiun of King George of Greece
is now declared to be unfounded.
Nuw Vohk, Jan. 23.���A laid made
by 100 policemen on the lowerlBowery,
resulted in a number of notorious
resorts being closed and 32 prisoners
locked up.
Tokoxto, Jan. 2o. ���The Presbytei inn
i-liui-i li funds for the year ending Fob.
a-i'wii: be short by .$198,500, unless that
aiii.'.'.nt is received iu the next six
weeks. The amount received- for the
year is only $l)2o,000 while ��291,(300 is
required.      (
Toronto, Jan. 25.���Hotelkoepei'i
from all parts of the province hnve
waited on the Ontario Government to
protest against any prohibitory legislation. ,-.
A company has been organized in
Seattle to build a railway through the
Copper River and Tanana countries in
Alaska from'Prince * William's Sonnd
tb.Yiii-foii*."" ':'��� -"* ;-";--"���' ��- "- ".--;.:*
Importers of sugar in" England are
unable to obtain storage as all the
w-.rehouses are crowded with sugar
brought in to evade the expected tax
to be putou sugar l.y parliament.
Americans are arumging to build
and operate 23 miles of electric railway
in Shanghai. . '    ' *
The ��� Concord flour mill at Boda
Pesth has been destroyed by fire.
Loss, 3,000.000 crowns.
The treal y cod ing the Danish West^
Indies lo the United States was signed
in Washington yesterday.
Seven more members of tlie Second-
Canadian Rifles have been given -their
discharge al, Halifax.
The latcsL advices fiotri Buenn
Ventura, and Bogota report ali is quiet
in the inU'i'ioi' of the republic of
Tlie jury on the recent New York
tunnel railway disaster practically
exoiiei.-iled Lhe engineer and censured
the oH'uials.
Ladies'- -Jacke.ts-S3.00.
Black Beaver, regular $4.75 and $5.50.
Fawns, grey ancl   black;   all   this   Season's
goods, regular prices from $10.75   t0  $12-
Sa 1 c P ri ce -. '.'SB
Children's Jackets and ulsters Half Price.
Ladies' Furs.
All new, stylish   goods,
gardless of cost.
will -be   sold   rc-
Ladtes' Blouses.
Regular lines at $1.25 ancl $1.50, will clear
at 75c.
*    Black Sateen and figured Lustre   Blouses,
Lined. .   Regular at $2.50 and 3.50.
Sale   Price.
Children's Dresses.
In Cashmere. Flannellete and Serges���all
- sizes���reduced to half price.
-Lacs Curtains
A few pair of odd lines of regular goods at
S2 and $2.50.     Sale Price per pair. -75C
iftiers^s asisi iSs-y's Shirts.
$1.50 Men's Navy Blue Flannel Shirts. .75c ��
75c. men's black sateen shirts
'90c. Boys' navy blue ilannel shirts
..6oc h
$1 men's underwear, sale price 75c
$2 and $1.50 odd lines in men's  undershirts, to clear $1.00
$1 men's lieavy winter cafjs; sale price.40c
Flare steEeites
A few pieces of flannelette in fancy stripes;
Regular price Sc; sale price, o- -.- ��� ���"������ ��� ��� ��� EC
Shoe Bargains.
Ladies' Fine Dongola Lace or Button Boot
medium weight, well made.  Regular $2.50
���sale price." S2.00
Ladies' line Dongola Oxford shoe, machine
sewn sole, well made; regular $1.75; sale
price :��� $1.25
Laches'. Go5f Capes.
Ladies'. Golf   Capes,   extra   long,   regular
$13.50; sale price .._..$10
" 36 in. Unbleached Cotton, good heavy
weight; regular 10c.; sale price ... .8^_,c.
36 inch Bleached cotton;    regular..... 10c
|������*#W<iMiWW#<y��yW#��y�� w<i&I-*-*-*��*****f++4r*44��*4f44i**-C-41- f*L*44r4*4f***.*4t4-1H(mf1[**44,4
The council met last night as usual,
all present.
The clerk read a detailed statement
with numbers of .vouchers attached
shewing the exact disposition of every
dollar and cent in the item of S310,7o
shewn under the head of maintenance
of Kire Brigade in the annual statement. The return was ordered to be
kept in llie office for inspection by thc
An application from Dr. Cross was
read for position of medical health
ofllcer, cither at u-sual rates for medical
attendance, viz $2.50 for day and $3.00
for night, call, or at the old figure of
810 per day, The communication was
returned asking that the terms be
made more definite and an alternate
rate for a yearly salary be udded
Petitions were read from wards 1
and 11. asking for the pit system to he
authoi ised in place of tlie present one.
The petitions were signed by a Urge
majority of the actual resident voters
on the list. Referred to bylaw committee, with instructions to bring in
the necessary amendment to- the
Health Bylaw at the next'meoting.
_ The (hau man of lhe P. W. committee brought in a verbal "report
embusing the appointment of a city
janitor but the matter was not decided.
The chairman of the F. W. & L.
committee had no repoit to present on
the flre alarm system, but promised to
get at it early next week.
The city clerk was ordered to write
Kamloops and find out what the
electrician who put in the system
there would charge to come over here
and fix ours up.
A motion Was passed to  remind  the
school trustees that thc school   buildings required insuring.   ^,
The mayor said the Puhlic Works
committee xbould make n lift of. all
property belonging to the city nnd
the Fire. Water & Light committee
get requisitions from the fire brigade
of their requirements.
After signing some cheques, tha
council then adjourned.
tiawa Hr--"'"���������^  *&-^^i?!j!&^tvitt>^.  ^���������^*ii^Wiiai^i^-r'>  ���������*iMWs^r������*-*i*i**'*"*'***i*'Nni^*;*'l^������**������*Mita\Ufc^ ��������� .-  "  7.  '  r*F.;wi:*i  ^l^eblolie .TftttaM and ^[ailwnft  Jeu's Journal.  1  it  I'libllslicd liy  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  MiuiHgliit; MrecUir.  A Seini-Weekl)- .louriiiil published In llie  l-iilcroslsof tliu railway mon. inliiiu** nii.'ii and  Inndtit-ss men ol the West. Dnys ol I'libltciuiun  T-'o.lnesilay mill Hutnnliiy.  ahvih.iisi no-sates.  Display nds., fl.Wl per Ineli* siii(jl������ column.  $_. per ineli when inserted cm title p>it*e  l.i*!;nl ii.li., Ill I'.L-iits tier ineli (uonpui-lel) line  , for ilrsi Insertion; Ti eents for eiieli iiildltlnniil  Inxerlitui. I.oenl notiee.**. 10 oents per line euc.li  j**-*ne. llirlli, Marriage nml Ileiuli Notices  free.  SlU'SCKll'TION   IUTUS.  By innll or enrric**, ti per anniini; $l.'J.r> for  fix 'inuiiilis, Miielly lu iut\'iiuee.  (It'll .1011 DKI-.IIIT.MK.NT.  Isone ol the best equipped prlnliiiK ollices in  llu: West and prepared Id evecnte nil kind.- nf  '.rlml'if. in llrstelass style al linnem prices.  One price to all. No Job too larye���������none loo  ainall���������torus. Mall orders promptly aiieuded  lo.   Hive us a trliil on yournexl order.  TO COIIIIKSI'ONIIKSTS.  We invite correspondence on any sul.jecl  ol iliteresl lo the nenerul public. In all case*  llie bona llde name of the writer musi iieeoin-  puuv maiuiserl|.l, bill noi neeessarlly for  ]>iibllcalluii.  Address all eoiiiiiiiiiiIeiilloii*s lo llie Miiiinv,'>'r  demand would cease as  quickly  a rose.  Statistics and   ri'lurns are all   very  I well in their way.   but   the  miners  of  I British   Columbia'   would   consider   a  little     intelligent      iiil'oriual.iuii     and  assistance nn the part of  the  govern  incut,   willi   a   View   to    the   future'  development of our resources a  great  deal more,  to  the   point   tlinn   whole  stacks of reports on I he  work  already  accomplished in I.he past.  Jt*u,.*,u.iji~gr~riF*������^*'*'LJ* ���������"-*'-' -...������*������������v.���������.-^**-.'i������'-������JWMiT.ii-niiaarT  ne.  ', *>T*y**yf-  R11DMONDI TE   OFFICII A L.  The foundation should be laid by buying Ileal Estate in the new Town of  MITII.'K 10 CO'UIKSI'OSHUNTS.  I.���������All corresimiulcnee musi be legibly  ���������vrilien ou one side of llie paper only.  '-'.--Correspoiiitciiee containing personal  itiatler musi be sillied ivitli tlie proper inline  i.i llie writer.  (i* K.CiliOOAN,  Editor.  SATl.'UH.W,  ���������.lANU.VRY   25,    11)02.  TIIE OUTPUTOFLAST VEAR  The    provincial    mineralogist     lias  issued   a   bulletin   on   the    eslimaled  amount  and   value. of   the    mineral  products of the province for 11)01.   Tlui  report only  professes   to   be   approximate as all the returns are not* yet   in.  It s*ays:     -'Roughly   speaking,   the  increase made iu 11*01   over   WOO   is   '23  per cent on gross value   of   ontjiiit.   of  the  province.     This   will   be   a   very  agreeable surprise   to   many,   as   tlie  circulation of reports giving a contrary  '   impression has caused a very despondent view to be taken of Lhe progress of  the mining industry ilnriiiglUOl, which  doe* not, seem to be warranted by   the  tacts.    ..  There is an apprec'able drop in the  placer gold production, owing to thc  sudden melting of the snow last spring  causing freshets and leaving a shortage  "of water during the latter part of Lhe  season.  The tonnage of ore mined from the  lode mines iu the past year is about.  f71,S32 tons', equal .to un increase of  M17.03G over the year 1900. a little more  tlian 57 per cent.  Tliere has been* .'in increase in the  output of all the inetals with the  exception of lend, the low price obtainable in this Province for lead "ores  having discouraged this class of  mining, except where accompanied  with good silver values.  ..The gross value of the copper output  has increased 200 per cent over 1000,  v. bile lode gold has increased 'Hi per  rent and silver 14 per cent."  The drop in the production of placer  gold alluded to is from 03,030 oss in 1000  tu4*5,20l oz. in 1901." Copper shews a  big increase from 9,907,0SO pounds to  1.0,7:30,798, By districts the Grand  Forks and KetLle Kiver copper camps  hive increased their output, from  "103,420 tons to 401,008. If it was not  _______foiLthis_ remarkable   item of increase  A Montreal despatch of rei-enl   date  says:    C.   1".   Devlin,, former  inembei  for Wright county   in   Ihe   Mouse ol  Commons,'now' Dominion government  iininigrulioii agent  for   Ireland,   i.s  ii.  the. cily     .In nn inlervicw   this   inorii  nig he expressed himself as a   t'oll.iwei  of .loliu K'ednioiiil,   and  said   Kiiglnnd  oppressed lhe Irish because   Ihey Won-  Human Cat holies.    Asked for a reason  as to  why  so   few   Irish-emigrate  to  Canada.        Mr.    Devlin   said   'il    wa-  liociiu.se.'of. llie    llrilisli   Mag     which  Moated   over   the   Dominion*' nml   lhe  reluctance of that, "race   Lo live   under  it,   because  tliey   hated   Llio  country  it represented.'    Me thought, however,  that tin.   appearance   of   Sir   Wilfrid  at the   recent  banquet,  l.o  John   l\ed-  inond   at   Ottawa . would    lessen   flint  prejudice.  ��������� Mr. Devlin.   Dominion  Government  I mmigi-uliuii Agent. I'or Ireland, is one  of Lhat  peculiar   class   of ollicials.   ol  which   the   Laurier''government   has  furnished to an'1,astonished '.Canadian  public so many striking examples.  Mis  job.   to begin willi, was made fur him.  aluiostas soon ns the l.ibcrarparty lir-d  came, into power.  II is experience in tlu  tusk, whicli he  was  undertaking"'.was*  absolutely nil.    Nor lias his  loriii   ol  ollice   brought   out   the   possession   in  Mr. Devlin of  brillliant qu.-ilifie,-il ions',  which might make up I'or any  lack  ol'  experience on   his   pari*.    Irish  iinnii  gration to Canada   ha-  not,  increased  al all since Mr. Devlin's job was  made  for him.    The II lOUAl.ii docs not know  what;   -Mr.   'Devlin's   salary    is.    Mis  name docs not appear for.iomi*  reason  or other on the Civil  Hcrvicc  List   I'or  lOI.H.   though    he   is     obviously   Mill  holding down his job.     I.ul   whatever  his salary'is. and  it  is  probable  it is  something handsome. Mr.   Devlin   has  not been able ������o  far  to   point- to  any  tangible results I'roni his appointment.  Kxeuscs are in order, and it is a cold  day  when  a    follower   of   .lohn   Keil-  moiid. as  Mr.   Devlin   now   proclaims  himself to be. is short ������n excuses.      It.  would never do ror a   Ifedmondite  to  admit the   cold   fact   that   the   Irish  agricultural population   is  loo well oil'  and   contented   under  ihe  mild   and  conciliatory    rule     of     the     present  Imperial     Government   to   want    to  emigrate at all and in consequence  the  statistics shew  a   falling  off  of   Irish  immigration to the United States  and  British   colonics   alike.     That   would  never   do.      Abuse   oT   the    flag   has  probably become second nature to Mr.  Devlin since his association with John  Redmond, a.nd so our precious Dominion   Immigration   Agent  for  Ireland  ! tries to cover up the fact lhat his job  is a useless one.  in   which   he   is  not-  earning his wage* by venting hi.- petty  .A  Situate right at. the Doors of nil the Famous Fish Creeic Gold Mines.  ,      F1KTJSKN minutes-  '      witllc irom jSIuin St.'  GOLDFIELDS, will dike you to the mouth ofthu-big  5,000 foot-tunnel  oii  the  Famous Camborne Group, or  on to the Goklliug Group.  YOUR   OPPORTUNITY   is now  to  l.uy  at   thu  bottom figures and vou will get  the  advantage of  the  raise that is sure to-come next year.  Some More Facts,hmlJfwafk0 JS  take you to the Big Goldsmith Group, Scott Group,  Wide'West, Beatrice and Trilby groups, and a host oi  other properties that avi-1 advertise the Fish Creek  Camp, in' I*. <>.       .  THIRTY minutes   walk   will   take   you   to   the  Famous Eva, Impeiial and Oyster Groups.  INVESTIGATE  AND  YOU  WILL  BE  PREPARED  TO  TAKE THE  CHANCE.  224 LOTS NOW SURVEYED AND READY FOR THE MARKET IN  A FEW DAYS.  F. S. L  aa  LOCAL AGENT,  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  TIME TABLE"  S. S. ARCHER OR S. S. LARDEAU  milium*; between Arrouliciid.. lhoii'-oi .-  [.Rinlini.' ninl Comaplix, coiiimeuciiiij Oetol.ei  1-ltli. 1'iiTl, will Mill ns lollows, weather permit-  tiniT.  l.i-avinit Ai-rowlieiiU tor Thomson's l.i}������(.i������lJ  mi.. Coi.mi.lix  iwlci-liiily-lUk. ind 15k.  I.uiiviii(! Comaplix nml Thorni-oii's I;j*";l*������*:  for A rrmvlicml... .twice daily-. :l*'**������n| I2.-I.il.  Making i-lose connections Willi nil L- l. J**  Steamers' and Triiins.  The owners reserve the riiilil tocliiingc times  of sailings witliout,notice.  The Fretl Robinson Lumber Co., Limited   ~ '. NOTICE.  TAKK NOTICE that ful dnys 'after iliilo 1  intend to apply lo llie Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works for permission to entaiid  curry nwny timber from: llie-followingiles-  eribed ltimls:J ' ......  .Cuillineneilltf    flt.   ������   l.o^l    in.irko.1   >'..tfor V  I'en-v's southeast eornor post situate nlioul 'iXXO  feci'rom Scon Crock,7 theuce west -111 clniins;  thence north Kill clniins; llieiiceciist-10 chains;  ilieiiee .-.oiuh 11.0 clmins, to the Tiliieo 61 coni-  irtenccmcnt: eon mining Gil) a ere-..  ROGER F. TKRUY.  Golillicllls. H.C. Oct 17U1.19UI.      Nov. li-ll.  si'^ig^r'^:Efac'tby^;::,  7y7yKEvkLsr6Ki7^7ii'Ci;7;L7  H. A. BROWN,   Prop  1?I!KK   IlllKJII-lKTri  Al.l. 'I'llAINS.  I-MKST CLASS   ACCOil.MoriA'I'lU.N-.  II HATED   HY, HOT   AIII.  llKASOXAHLli   KATblB.  otel VSotorSja  Brands:'  OUR   SPECIAL   and  THE   UNION  Brown Si. Querin, Props.  TCUSOTRIC HULLS AND LIGHT IN liVKHY'llOOM.  ALI.   GOODS   UNION   MADK p  UOTIGE.  TAKK XOTlCi: lliat sltly ilnys nflcr ilale 1  iiitend to apr-'V i������ H'e Chief i'omniis*.ioiier  o[ l.Hiuls nml \Vt-r'l*:s for r.<.'riiii*.frIon7.to pur  chase a parcel ot iimil ilescriLcd as follow.-.:  CoiamciK-inir at a pom markeilAlice Perry's  No. 1 l'ost; Ihence wi.-si -0 i^hiiins; , llience  North locliaiiis; thence Kast 20chnins; thence  Southiu chains lo poinl or eommenceiiient.  This fraction of Und commences North of It.  K. l'errt'.s, iirc-empt'.on following ^McKenzic's  :North-\Vest ...Line, eoiituiiilng about 8u acres,  more or less. -  AI.ICH I'KUUY.  CoUllVc-lils. Nov.'i~. 1001. I)cc*l-liii  *s  m.  m  d  m  W  m  h  lroum.Y sthurt an  Ml-ll-rl'ri  ALL THAINS.  -  BAIt WELL SIJPPI.11������D_1������Y TIIK CHOICEST  WIXISS,   LKJUOltS AND  CIOAKS   -.'..'.   '.-.   ���������  ��������� -LA. largo range of Toint'.r.afic,',: ;;  -.���������:'���������'. Iliicliess'������������������.���������'���������'���������unil -.Jilliitteiiliurg -  .-':��������� llraiils,:"Staiiipc<l7 .Designs, -.:.  :��������� Slumped Linens, Ehibroidery ���������'7  ^" Need ies, Hooks^Ao.; ~ ';��������������� LLyyy.y,  vMlerllii nn'iiZefiliyi* Wools, all.7-���������  ' i shades, Slipper Soles,.Vulen-, /  \  sciences Luce, .Insenioii:*^;;*:/;  ;;r*nn ��������� nI; jli" -���������i",,:yjy-:'-^^-r-.-yy yy  ^^.-MADISON^PARLORS;:;  M  Wholesale  jn'd Retail'Dealers'  ������ Misses Sheppard & Bcll'^j  '���������^M '    McKenzie Avenue      oc'-'S      rf*  ���������Hi {������j  J5TOTICE3  the istutistics would not he. very  i-iicoui-iigiiis. At the siimu timo tlio  . in.ii'kct has bei>ii uguinsL both silver  mul leiul so long.that it is wiinclerl'iil to  see the nutpiit even holding its. own.  tin. \vny it does and the fact i-emaiiit*  that in spile of everything; we are  inukinp pioijiess in our inininp; dis*-  ;ti'k*i>* taken as a ��������� whole, "llioiif.h.  lieu  spiti  nml  tin*  "TiTAl iTrni ry~=t x^th i-st���������K-  lln.  Knirl.-md.   -myo  Mr.  Devlin, oppir-**..-.!-!*. the. IH--h lx-c.-ni-c-  tliey are Honian fJatholic:*!. If this is  the ease. ' pr*i'h.ip< .Mr. Jievlin will  kindly explain bow it. is there are)  nearly hall* as many itoman Catlmlie  Irish livini; in l*'iit_'l:iii(l as thr*n> arc in  Ireland lu*i'Si.-lf. 'I'lu-y liei'. wc suppose.  NOTICK Is hereby given that :'.n days   ailer  date I intend to apply-  to lhe  Chief Commissioner ol Lands nnd \Vorks for permission  lo cut and carry away timber from llie*follo\v*  ine describeil  lands:'��������� Coinmencln������ at a post  at llie south-east corner of Roger T. Perry'--,  pre-emption,   marked'   -.Southeast  corner'of  timber limit applied for by F. .1. noldsmltli";  i thence wt*i 111 chains; thence north ICO chains;  l^h������r_c.^e^':t_'iil_,e_ha_ln___to_Fi*.Ji   Creek;   llience  ; following the meahdeniics of"l--i.an_C-ree'ic���������16U  chains to point of commencement; containlni;  rdii u^r^-i, mo:-: or le*.-.  ThoinKin'! IjiTidlnc, October Ulih, 190V.  HOME  GK,O^A^3ST  r^t  || PRIME BEEF.  PORK..   Ml) i TON.     SAUSAGE.  FISH AND GAME IN SEASON.  The very best on the'market tod  Including:  Potatoes,     ' Cabbage,  Carrots, Turnips,  ETC.,    ETC.i    ETC.  l-ll-ls  LIVKCll  .13 .1     n iiuic,     i......^...     ..v... ..,ll,���������  ,���������1 there in the   line   u   SliRhb   retro-   from Knt_li-h ..ppiv^i-.n .., I.vland   lo  Kieision. due to this   eau**t. or   that   is  p'erceptil.le.  We have a great vaiiety   of niineral  'Wviiliirin this province nud ' we   need  iwt and   should   not   pay   our   whol"  .attention lo  the staples*,  gold, silvui.  lead, lopperand conl. It is pi-ovorbially  ill advised to put all   one's   i'(!(t������ .inl.nl  on������ liask-k-t and   inixed   niininj";   is   n.*-  ��������� iHictfMHi-y for the permaiieiit progress  of a mining country as mixed I'ai'inin^  in tor .an agricnltr.il comni'.init.'y. ' XX'e  have fjreat and untouched resources of  minerals, less well known pi't-li.-ip-*, hut  in Rvenl and ''constantly incrcaaili^  ileiii.-md and every elfort shotild lie  made hy the KOVtrnmeiiL anil press" of  the province to foster and encourage  the  development   of  this   source    of  Kiifrlnml f.ir n-luiti  Tbi-i-i* i.1 one tliiuu' ipiite certain.  Then* is nl all eienl*- om- Irishifian  wlio hates the lliifi andllii*. eouiit.ry it  represent-.*. anil that lri*������liiiiaii is the  D.uiiiiiioii (lovoriiiniyil.* liiiiiiiycration  A^eiil fur Ireland. In llu' 1 li:i: vi.ii**-  iipiiiion the siiiniei* .Mr. Devlin is  licved    from   his    official   diifies  in  Notice.  A special ineetinj? of the Hoard of  License Commissioners will lie held in  the Provincial police ollice,Kevelstoke,  on Tuesday, the 21st of .lanirirv, to  decide on" the application of ".I. D.  Ciillis. or Dawson Citv.  .P.'. A. Cl'i-Bl!.  Chief Inspeiaor.  " "aI^TiirsnTiraiily"Of-\Vell cured������������������'-���������  Timothy Hay  I. *���������-  -   Send orders for same to  S. D.JCROWLE,  llevelsioke, P.. C*.  CANADIAN  PACIFIC RAILWAY  jyilNES BOUGHT AND SOLD  AV *. lrtva pii'.-jh-isors for till kinds of metalliferous mines and pros-  p-yts, uii'l desire to hem- from prospectors anil others having property  for .-rile. " / . *������������������  Out* facilities for m iking quick sales are uiiriviilled. ���������  Sjii.,1 us reports; also samples of ore.for oxhibitioii at our Office.  -n  .   THE MINES'EXCHANGE, LIMITED.  CBOK.70. Noleon. B.C.  'lM\txmr.i\inKn^*M  II. fl. PARSON, I'rcslilent:  M. .1 .O'BRIEN, Managing' Director  TRAINS LEAVE REVELSTOKE  Teacher Wanted.  Teni her wanted f<*r the Uevel.iioke ;  Public Schnr.l: one of the .junior rooms. ���������  Applv l.v letter to the S������ ret.iry ol .  the lievei-loUe.Sihfiol Hoai'd., API'1' .  e.ilii.11*" I" he i������ '*y '������������������,* i:,tU ���������l'l,">'"'y-!  1 f ii ri. . | "  ''���������''��������� (,,sV,'-iVt.My^;xoURIST CAR SERVICE  F.ASTnOUNI)   .S:2o  \VllSTBOi;XI) 17:30  SOUTHI50L XI)    :-l:io  WANTED. TO  ST.   PAUL  relieved    from    In-    oliicial   uuiie*.  mi                                             HUP<1   ;:-   .,*i���������,   I-   in , '                        ir^:,|.,,.c  e,���������, -i hMW...  w..H.���������������,-,   |^ Wednesdays, I-ndajs.  ,   ,       ...     :...,., .i,���������    h.V,������J,i 10 Mid-'*'. ���������vlfna-smaiJ.'HI'i-*-', .wtl*" . ,                 ,          ,���������._,������������������  me Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.  Llinlled I.lntiility.  rnrry n full and complete Hue ol  Scotch and Bye Whiskies, Boahdies, Rums,  Holland, Old Tom, London Dry and Plymbuth Gins,  ���������* "��������� * H  Ports, Sheries, Clarets, Champagne, LJqueral  I Imported and Domestic Cigars.  he very irksome -mil li.-imperinir to the j f**"-������������ ������ ^ (nVri.u"!*^"^ : Montreal and   UoStOll  We.ilt.li.   One great, form of assist unci*  whicli tlie   government   could   render  iTOiild lie to place tha mining, portion  ofthe   community   in   close   lelation  with the markels for these, less known  mineral commodities a task which only  requires a   little 'energy   to   perform.  Promptitude   is     necessary,       'J'here  is    it    hig    demand    ju*t    now     for  instance forplatinum and inolylidenum  The demand sprang up quite suddenly  owing to the discovery   of   uses   for  these metals hitherto!unsuspected.    A  chance invention  in  some laboratory  may put either one  or the other   or  both out  of date tomorrow  and   the  soaring si ml of .1 patriotic Kcdiiuinilitc   A.l.ire*" ������1! I"ttcr* to-J  and left free lo hatch liis silly lies and         .   _.__   childi-h Ircii'-oii'- in .1 privale  capacity to   LET  the   lirlter.      We     w'.'i 111  no   allinnoe  between   Canadu     nnd   the    avowed  enemies of the flujr  find   empire,   even  l.o increasi: our iniiiii^i'.ition statist ic-1.  Infact   we  could   endure  with   equn  I1KK-.I.D f.flir.*  dte. M-liii.  FRIDAYS  roronlo--  Cfitiasjc,   loriwr   Ki.nrlli   ?ire*;t  Vor.r-.tv, The Jlol-ons r.anV,  and O.-tnn-i  to, n.'..K..  ., lux -20-11  PROMPTLY 5ECURED1  niuiily to behold the Canadian i-ensu-*  returns pcrmiincnlly diminished and  the popul.'itioii of   Ireland   con'esporid-  ingly incre.ised by   one.   figure,   if   M''' | ^.rU, for ���������ur i���������tere,t.nK be*,**" Invent*  Kclmomlile Devlin wo.,1.1 onlv. kindly I   or'^.P- and ^JJ^^l ,  'witlon or improvement mid we will tell yon J  Ine ot r opinion ns to wliethrr it i������ prolyl >ly>  )patenlal,le. ReI������ct������il ������pp"c������<lonjrhaveoflei.^  (C,. sncccs-jfiilly prosecuted by "t. ������t  Jcond..ct7ully equipped oflier^ in Montreal  ,3 w"������h nRlon'; *n\.*in..inllfiM uatomoiiipl-  ?y lispatch work and quickly wciire I-nteiiH,  !ay, i'roid ns tlie invention. Highest references,  fiirnislied  . SUNDAYS.  .and   \VI'!)XI'.SI:)AYS  Passengers li-jkctcd  to all   points  at lowest rates.  consent to furnish it.  3iTOa?IOEl.  TA.KK NOTICK tlint ������) day.-i alter dale, I  Inteni-! to apply to the Clilef Ceiniiiissioner ol  Lands and \\ork.i for permission to purchase  tlie followlnii; ilc.scril-ed lands:  Coinmeiieiiii; ala post marked "E. MeAdams'  ^ ... 1 Post," ultiiatc rlose to llie old line ol  Hill .V I'rantford'a pro-emption, Fish Creek,  thenee nortli *10 chains, tlienee west _*0 chains,  thenee south 10 chains, thenee east 20 chains  to point of commencement,  ool.Hit-Ids, .Ian. i������tli, lift*.  K. Mo-Adam.  I Hon  iovei .��������� .--     .  Ilhe Dominion. .  I   Specialty:���������ratent btismea* ol   Mnntilac-  Iturerj ancl KngineerB.  MARION & MARION  ; Patent Experts and Solicitors, r  >n������il... / New York UlcB'IdV.nontremli;  S0W������������ ���������   \   Atlantic Bldg,Washington D^J  DIRECT STEAMSHIP  SERVICE  From Vancouver to ���������  CHINA  "   "     JAPAiS,  AUSTRALIA,  ALASKA  ���������Full Iiiforiaation ae.I  particular* apply  ���������toNcarest c.I'.K. Agcnl.  T. W. Bradshaw,-     E, J. Coyle.  REVELSTOKE  Steam Laundry CoT.'y.  A challenge  \Ye challenge anyone in  Revelstoke to give sub  stantial reasons for supporting Chinese laundries  In exchange we offer to  tiivc 10 good reasons why  *> O        , J j  Chinese laundries should  not be patronized.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B." Paget, Prop.  -I'roinpt delivery ol parcels, baggage, et������.  10 any part of the city .  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken  Agent  Kevelsioke.  Assist. Gen.  Passenger Agent  Vancouvsr. ,  BUKER & SAXTON,  Proprietors.  All orders left at K. M. Smytlie's Tobaooo  tore, or by Telephone No.7 wllli*ecelve prompt  tiention.  Jas. I. T?7oodrow  "BUTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beef, Pork,  Muttori,Etc,  Fish and Game-in Stason....  Allorden promptly filled.  "K'SSSS - -'RBYBMECraB, BJB. t-iA-  V  uy--  ''i-fy.Lt  \7ff7ri  1 fi*..  The Northwestern IJsvef^p^esit Syndicate  UIVKTCD  Ciipitul: 11.000,000 'nl,000,OCO allures.  Tar vulue $1.00 eaeh.  All Treasury Stock.     No Promoter's aud no Preferred Stock.  Large Veins Free-Milling' Gold Ore  First Allotment.    200.000 Shares noW offered for 50c". a tharc.  ANDREW F. ROSENBERER, SIBBALD & FIELD,  Secretary, P.O. Bin 700, Nelson, fi.C.  Olllelal  llrokers, Hevulsioke, B.C.  THE TOWNSITE OF  IS -NOW ON THE MARKET.  BUY BEFORE YOU SLEEP.1  CIRCLE CITY is the Terminus    of   the   proposed    Railway   already   surveyed  via the Lardeau  Creek witli  fork to that point.  CIRCLE CITY is beautifully situated at thc base of   thc Lardeau Pass,  Galena  and Surprise Creeks.  *> *-  CIRCLE CITY  is   absolutely   .surrounded    by    Mining   Properties   now   under  Development. .....*���������������������������  A*  renxm  from the  iS-  ���������Printers  ���������of  ���������Fine  ���������Office  ���������Stationery.  Including  LETTER   HEADS  ENVELOPES   '  STATEMENTS  BILL HEADS  NOTE HEADS  SHIPPING TAGS.  POSTER km DODGER  PRIUIENa -A  SPECIALTY  Herald Job Office  FRONT STREET."  ...���������..-..;......,.:.,*-.,..v..|..l. *...;..;. !.���������;.,g..(..J..;,...._  PELLEW-HARVEY,  BRYANT & Q'iLMAH  Mining Engineers  and Assayers,  VANCOUVER, Il.C.      Established 1890  ASSAY WOFIK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  UNDERTAKEN.  Tcst-i made up in '2,01.0 lbs.  A specially niadcot cheeking Smelter  I'lilpa.  Samples Irom the Interior by mail or  express promptly altenileil tn.  Uorresp-jinlenee solicited. J  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ***f.-f*|.*I-+.f1..|i**t*I''I**'l'*+'f***'f**  jH-ai'O  ve  Successor to D. Jonklini,  Manufaeliirers of-  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES  Repairing- of Boots, Shoes  and Harness, a Specialty.  Next Boor to Guy Barber's  'tWhich ..wil  fse8^^  be utilized next Season  by Concentrating  Plants.  SEND' FOR-- PARTJ'CULARS: AT ONCE  /LO -THE GENERAL-AGENT,,,-.. ,. ,-: .-,  -- .^.Eerifeu'SQiij-..B; -, O.,'_ j  A GOOD  NAME....  In better-tlinn riches  We have the name of making  the onlv Slvli--.li Suits in Town  ���������for d'tiraljiliiy anil quality  they also excel.  .TRY ONE  R. S. WILSON  -   Next the McCarty Block.  Ably furnished with the  Choicest' the Market  affords.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large,  Light bedrooms.  Rates $i a day.  Monthly Rate.  Wood for Sal������  J. Albert Stone ���������   Prop.,  13  fni;,'  <HXrJ  First Glass Dry "Wood  delivered in any length  for Cash.  APPLY TO:  ECarna  LEGAL  o jliilllifi  11 A., IX.IJ.  nrristor,      Solicitor,    Notary  tr.-t Struet. Huvcl-tuk-e: ���������  Miiiiuy to lonn,  Public,   Elc.  FARWELL   ESTATE.  The choice land north of trunk,  between Tapping'!, and Long's, will  be subdivided for sale as soon as  possible.  G. M. SPROAT,    VICTORIA,   B. C.  _ P.O. iSox, li). *  #f\S'e'E^  Red Rose Decree meets second and fourth  Tuesdavs of eaeli month; White Rose Degree  meets third Tuesday of each quarter, in Oddrcl-  lows Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome  WM. WATSON,  President.  HY, EDWARDS,  Secretary.  ;beautiful  ARVEY, M'CAI'.Tl*:^ .t I'IKKJIAM  .larfKier.*.. Solicitors. Ktc.  Solii-ltor.- f������.r liiiiierl.il Hank ol Canada.  Coinpanv fiiwU in loan mS percent.,  l'11-.-.r mjiekt, llevelsioke 11. C.  CHURCHES  ~W  U  Is the recognized organ for all tho latest, mi ain  Kootenay. Particular attention is paid to* securing  intelligence from thc newly disMivered.l-Voc Milling ^old C'ainps  River and from thc placer and qiiarUiiiinrs of the Rig Uend and district- {  in the immediate activity of Revelstoke. such as TUcciUnwaet, Albert |  Canyon,'Jordan Pass and Isua-j Cruel*:.- Next seaf*n will" witnes.*,"- -"* big j  revival of certainty throughout Korth Kootenay. and mining niciV iincl* j  others desirous of gaining this earliest mid most .-riUhentic nows rt'Oin' ' the.j  -distrietr_.will���������find-the'-cnluiiin-i���������oC-tli"ii"���������HERA-T-iD-their^best-soiu'ce���������"���������������-���������-[  information;- -   - \  .-'.,-��������� '.     ��������� "..-.., * ,*;  Railway News is also a Spocii*,11 y of the -IQKnATJD and articles of  j  special interest to Railway men will ; J.so he Comad in its columns. J  j,  t  >!KT1I01>I**T CUCRCH,   HKVElSTpKK.  l*i'e:ieliiiij,' service*, at II a. iu. and 7:30 ji.rrx  iov.'s  of North    |  enriV   and   reliable   l! ula'-������ nieciiiii; at   the   close  ol   ilie iiKirninj;  J T-i-l.   flservire.   r-alili*u!i School.uid llible Ola--, aiS:.Jii  on   L'i������u   jj xv������olclv    I'rmer  Meeting   eery    Wedne-day  cculns.   at 7':.J1.   The    public   arc   cordially  mviied.   Seal* free.'  Kev. C. I.ADNF.r., Pastor.  ST. PK1KIIS CIII'J'CII,  ANGLICAN.  ICiclit a.m.. llolv Kiichiirlst; 11 a.m., ma _js,  ��������� itanv nud scriiMii (Holy hui'lif.ri*.t. Iir-,1 Siin-  ilay in ihe month); 'J:.io bu-.nlay srliool, ������ir  -TnTllJIrtnTS-jerviTorlijriJvciiSiiiis-tfiiuriill -uid-  -ermon. llolv Da..���������The iloly Kuclinriit is  celebrated at 7 a.m. ors 11.111., 111 announced,  llolv Uantisiu afier Sunday School ai3:15.  c A.TRocrxiER. Kecior.  Express. Delivery  All orders, left at W. M.  Lawrence's will be promptly  attended to.   H.   Cook.  MOUNTAIN VIEWS  GO   TO      ��������� -^wrtOsaXKJs^cl-.    --     ���������  :m::r,S- .Xj-A-TTidieir,  l-'or yonr Christmas Fruit and Hon lions  Chocolates, 40c. to 60c". *  ���������  C-inilies from 15c.  -  F\NC  '   RiSCI.MT.**!.     OP.aXGES.     I.ESfOKS.  TOYS AND r.lN'CY O'OODS.   -'  Mackenzie Ave.    Revelstoke, B.C.  Now ready at my Studio, views  of Rcvel.-.toke and vicinity, jftlso  telephoto viewa of all the peaks  visible, from the'city. Thoy will  ho upon permanent platinotypo,  the finest photographic paper procurable and absolutely permanent,  size 3x1, 25c, si'/.c *ixG, 50c." ,; Send  these to your relatives and friends  for the New Vear and they will  have something of a true artistic  value. The Studio will remain  open this evening till 22 o'clock.  Tn future there" is to be no more complimentary transportation on any of  the steamboat linos on the Pacific  const.-  Not. evon'Get.rgc JMcL. Brown, the  genial executive agent of the C. P. R.,  can taku a trip to Victoria without  paying out ihe pood coin of the realm  for his transportation.  F. XV. Petwrs, assistant general  freight ncroiit of the big road, will also  be asked.to piesent his ticket should  be take a trip by water.  There will be no distinction. Rich  and poor���������-the .M.P., M.L.A., supreme  coiiix judge, all must now go'down in  lheir jeans and pay up like little  men.  JOven the editors of the newspapers  Inust perforce separate themselves  I'i 0111 their hunt-earned coin  and  pny.  pay. l>'*y-  Tbe system. li!;e nil good things, has  bi-i'ii iinpo.-i'il upon. Last year for  insl11111.es, tbi'i-i* weru in the neighborhood ul* .)<)0 animal parses out cn  Briti.-.!! Columbia sli'iiineis. llie  government oHicials iu lhe north, fioni  Gov.;iiini' to ollice buy, tr.ivelli'd free,  nnd put up only for llieir meals and  hci-lh-i. About every pruniinenb  uiiiLhnnt in Victoria wa*. the possesser  of 1111 'Miinual" which he carried in his  side pocket.  "Think I'll take a trip to  Vancouver  and see the buys." one of them    would  say, whereupon he ^would   board   the  Chiirmer, give the  purser   the   merry  mile and show bis pass.  The oliicial would bow low, note the  number nnd ii'im'e on the pasteboard  anil pass on.  Still iincit her holder of a cherished  ���������'annual" after working hard all spring  anil summer, would say to his 'guid'  wife tbat be thought it would he  beneficial lo hia health for him to take  a jaunt up to Alaska. The guid wife  would agree wilh her hubby and suggest thnt she should also accompany  him. Fiie minutes Inter an application  would   be   maile    to    the    steamship  ci)  'p ny for a trip puss for Mrs."   a .3   b j guid mini and his  wife  would  t 1 -ii - art oif on their northern trip.  S  in-i person else bad  a sick  cousin  or aunt, gave the steamboat companiM  iu. hard    lode   story.md the    relative  'would Like a journey with other dead  I heads. -  The move to do away wiili all free  tiatispoi'tatinn was.^the. result of a  lengthy meeting in Seattle some time  ago, wliontbe ollicials of the O, P. N,  company, Washington-Alaska steamship company, and the Pacific Coast  steaim-hip compnny met. The decision  was iinaniiiiuut and it was agreed to  ailhc-ie ftrictly to the new rule,  "in my opinion," saiil   a   prominent ,  C.P.R.   oflii-iil   this   morning,' "tha  lime, is not iard?sLilnt when all ipasses  over the rail loads of Canada and the*  United Stales will also be called in and  no  inoi-e   issued.     The   matter * was  talked over a year ago and all but  one  road agreed,    ft is   probable   that   by  ilie eiul of this year that company will  fall into line, and then tlie  great  pass  system   will   be   stamped   out.���������Vancouver World,  NG pkDltffl  i>i:i3BYTni*.i.iN cnur.cir.  c*a*-vicccvcrv Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:C0 p.m.  to which .ill are -.'clcomc. I'rayer mc-eiin*; at  t.u.������a. every ncilm*Mli*.y. -  r 1 jikv. Vi. O. Calder, l'a-.tor.  THE HERALD oilers ,*iil\-siiitiigcs iu its to tar "Weekly circnlation  aud tho class or readers, which it peaches. unpiirallelccT in the district. It  appears twice to any other paper's once a week and is found in the homes  of the wage-earning classes, tho backbciiii*_of the* business, of * the district".  Bus'nessm������ii want their annouixcements to reach -the Imino peoplo who  have the money to take advantage of their oilers and the-homes and  families which render it necessary for them to spend it. No other cluss of  circulation is of any use to them. Thesj* siii; Uie kind ot people- who nmku  up a hig proportioii of our Subscribers, ��������� peoplo with homes, i'.-unilie-?.  employment and interests right at home, the jicople ISevelstokc* - merchants want to get at. A space in our advertising euluimas, judiciously and  thoroughly util'zed, constitutes a Twice A-Week letter to every hcine in  i*.o:i.*.s catholic ciiri'.cii.  M-i������s .at lO::a a. in.  mi  first,  second ami  fourlh SunUuja in the month. ���������  ' r.EV.   FATHER   THAYKH.  Revelstoke, and in the Railway ai.d UliniiiL  stoke business.  OUR JOB PRINTlNa  points,   t j-ibuL-iry  to  ."Suvel-  BALVATIOX   AIOIY.  everv niglit in their Hull on Front  SOCIETIES.  Gold RanR-e Lodge K. of P.,  ^Io. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Moeit* everv Wednesday in  OddiViVow--.'" Hull nt 8 o'clock  Vinitiiiff iCnights invited.  A. Hisows. ;C. C.   i    ::���������.���������.���������  F. S3- ibi'-wi-s. K. of R: Si S.  RevelsteKe RioK Co., it  , Skating every afternoon an.l .evening  Irom  3 toS nnd Ironi S to 10.  Thc Tut.lie are Invilcil to vl-.it llie Hlnkj no  charge belli!; made for Spectator*).  A cliarcc ol 'ior.. will ho made for skating. ;iu  the afternoon ladies or children l.'c,  - Season Tickets mav be piiri-haicil ill lhc rink.  Ladies $.1;������, Gentlemen fO. " Children .fl.  Good for **kaiin-. aflcrnoon and ev.-nlni;, i*x-  i-cpt -special cvc-nli -uch us Cnrnival-, Hockey  Mutches, etc,     - - -  Hockey Practices.  SENIOUS���������Moii-liivs, I'iIduvH and Saturdays  from ill to 11. Wednesdays, from  7 to H.  JU.SIOU3���������TiiC'ilaiHfroiii  in 10 11,  and  Wi-d-  ,   . neudajs from 7_to8.  LADIES���������Tuemliiys from 2 to 3.  Curling every nfternoon and cvcnlni;.  PLENTY OF MILK  FOR EVERYONE    -  * *���������  .Why   poison   your systems  using Condensed-Milk, done  up   in  old   rusty   tin  cans'1  ' when yon can buy pure   ���������  SALMON ARM MILK  ������  at REVELSTOKE DAIRY.  ���������J .LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  ���������5 - -j     Secular L--.c"ti:ic*- tK held, In Jh.e  r| !       Viif:      r-ddfellow'  Is the completes!) in the district for aiipliaiuces. material and*  Craftsmen. Our work, speaks for ib-i-olf. 5*To other cjfeice in North  Kootenay can touch it,'because we not only- have the tools-* to do good  work with, but we know how to use then). Oall and .*jee-our Samples and  you will perhaps be surprised to see the artistic and lLnished class of work  whicli we can turn out.   Prices graded down to unit the tiiu-"-*.  .I'alfon Uie Third V  ^    dav oi .."icli inouili. it h n.m. tharp.  *#^i3    Vi'itiupljrvilireii coniiall.- iniitea  Si  '.i! =  |iA  '���������feiJSS.  W'.G. MIKSEY, l'.cc.-Scc.  NOTICE Of ASSIGNMENT  K. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMiST  AND ASSAYER.    -  Royal School of Mines, London.    Seven ycarE  NEW YEAR'S CAKES !  NEW YEAR'S GAKES !  NOTICI: I IIEKEISY GIVEN" that Henry .1.  llouinc, ol llevelsioke, Ilrltluli Coluinliiii, and  I'rank II. lionrno, of Nakusp,llrltlsli Columbia,  cnrrylni; un ljiisiues-i at Kevelsioke, Nakusp  and New Denver n������ (leneral MerclianlH, under  the llrm name ol Hourne lirotlieri, have liy  deed dated the lOtn day of January, 1802,  assigned all'llieir and rach of their real and  personal pro lcrty vihli'li may he seized and  aold undci-cxeculion. for the Rencral heiu-l'it  of creditors lo Frederick Buncombe, of Hiiro  street, Viinco,uver, Merchant, and Arthur  <.Ylllin.ni Johnston, of Water Street, Vancouver, j al,out three-quarters Size.  A Modern Fable.  '   .    "(By ueorge Ade).  In a Small Place   wliere   I.he Local  Freight stopped to rake out the Ashes  and pick up a, Car of Produce,  there  was a Boy who had set  his Heart   on  heing a'Kailrnad Man.    He  would go  down to thc 1x0 Depot* and stand oh ���������  the 2xli pUiU'orin and look at the Head  Brakeman on No. "4, and say to himself:  "Somo  Day   L   shall   be   like   him if  I improve my Opportunities and learn  to make a Coupling on the Kun .without the use of a Stick.'  ���������lie- was-dowu^-Ilippins-the-JTrains���������,  every Day  in Defiance of the Town ^  MiirsIial,   and  ho worn   a  flat-topped *  Hat and Braid on   his   Clothes   and  chewed Conductor's Delight.    All that  he needed to be a real Hailroader wa*   *  a large Silver "VVatch and a "few Orders '  written 011 yellow Tissue Paper.  It was a* I'royd Day when thoy put  him 011 ������n Kutra Kuu for then ho  was privileged to speak of the Super-  '' I inteudent as the Old Man and wave his  lund at all the Diniug-Rooiu Girls  along the Line.  .liiht  as   he     wa.s    becoming    w������U  acquainted with  all  the  Agents and  Operators and   had   acquired a largo  vocabulary to he  used in  cussing tho  F.nginecr. he got what seems to be due  every Brakeman.    He was little slow  in withdrawing the Left Tin and  the  Bumpers caught him.    When he"cams  out of  the   Hospital,'   his   Left Hand  looked like a  Pair of Scissors.   Then  lie was a-sure enough Railroader.   He ,  went back to the Road and  the next  time they landed him Right.   He got  mixed up in a Head-on Collision and a.  Gravel Train piled up on  top  of him.  By tho time the Surgeons  had pared  away what wouldn't be any more 'us������  to  him,   he   was   trimmed   down   to  As noon aa  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE,$2 PER YEAM, IH AiWANCE.  EDWARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  71EER H������AI>s, BIRDS. Etc. MOUNTED,  Fur*. Cleaned ind Pe-alred.  ?CST KAST OF PP.ESBVTEKIAN  CHURCH  Third Sweet".  FRUIT, PEEL,  GROCERIES  For people who like  to make their own  Cakes.  A. M. SMITI  Merchant.  . A'mcctin., nUlic creditors is hereby called  lor Monday, the "JOtii day ol January, .130'-', nt  the hour ol 1 p. in. at the oDlce ol l!c*sr������. S-  (ircciibhlelds Son A- Co., Water Street, Vancouver.  All creditors are required to file with Arthur  William JohiiMoii, one ol the ..Rslgnce*, full  particulars if their claim*, and the nature of  th-'ir securities, if any, held by them, nnd  notice is hereby b'ivoii thnt after the first rlay  of April the.vssignees will proceed to di. tribute the assets am ng the creditors, of whose  debts 'or clajms they shall have received  notice, and that they will not be responsible  Ior the asset i or any part thereof so distributed  to any creditor of whose debt or claim they  shnll not th in have received notice.  Dated tlii* Hlh day of January, A.D.. late.  an.!E*4t.  DAVIH, MARSHALL-i MACNEIIL,       .  . Solicitors lor the Assignees.      Marked Up a little,  he got his Crutches he went back and  got a Job on a Crossing where, his '  duties were to wave a Red Flag and  criticize the Policy of the Road. One .  Day his Uncle, a well-to-do Citizen  came along and said to what was left  of him: "If you,had taken my Advice,  you would be a successful Business  Man, with the usual number of Arms  and Legs."  Then .tlie Remnant replied as follows:  "When the Choo Choo Microbe begins  to work on a Man, he would rather  he a crippled Brakeman than an  athletic Bank President."  Moral:���������"He whose Soul is in  Railroading   never  objects   to   being Z74*&b?&^*������b??;p^^  15-  .1  ���������IS  IS  MISTAKES  May lu* made in wearing  Chest Protectors  But your grt> il.est mistake will  be Hindi* in' not wearing one.  They are a grent, prevenlal.ivi..  of cold ami nobody s-litnikl lie  without one when they can  get them s-o cheap at the  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.'Y  All .S'/.es and Prices.  See l lu-tii iu our window.  'V iW  Notes of News.  Rev. II. Fii'iincs-CIinton left fur  Nelson yesterday morning.  tiood ice lias been the order of the  week every night at the rink.  dipt. I). Paul Hughes ni-rivfd in  town from tins east on Wedntjsil'.iy's  train.  Bruce It. Wnrilen, snperinl eiident of  the .Silver Cup mint1, was in town  yesterday.  Xlis olVu'o i.f mining recorder at  .Illecillewaet has been abolished by the  government.  There was no school yesterday as il  wus found impossible to get the  'building!, warm.  The lliin.M.n regrets lo hear that  Mr. Bi'un.lri'lt, fiiihi'i- of Mrs. 11.  Parsons, is seriously ill at her  residence.  ���������Miss Weeks, a young lady, who was  a few yuats ago a resident heri*. registered at the Revelstoke from .Vernon,  ���������yesterday.  The Quadrille Club held their usual  fortnightly dance in Selkirk hall on  Tliurjiday night. The affair was, as  iisiial.'.a complete success. _  A. Jl. fi'racey. manager of  the   Kvn  mine at Cold Melds, came up   to   town  last night from the mine and left again  this inoriiing for "Nelson.  i  Services     in     St.     Petri's    church  tomorrow, Septuagesiina .Sunday, will  lie as usual at II a.ni.,  and   If.il)  p, in..  Rev. C. A. Procunier olliciating.  The scliiiollioiiid will hold a meeting  in the council chamber. Xo. 2 lire, hall,  some evening next week, of which due  notice will be'giveu to.'the*'press.  A strike of two  l'eet of  galena and  gray copper is report eel   on   the drift  on the lead in  the Maybe  mine,  near  Verguson, owned by the Double Kagle  "outfit.  W. II. Vickers, a former well known  resident of Revelstoke and Ihe Lui-  deau, is now "owner"of the California  hotel, near the wharves in Victoria,  and has entered into the state of wedlock.  An Italian, working for J*". .Julian,  had his shoulder dislocated and a big  slice of his scalp removed on Thursday  by a bough of a tree which he had  felled striking him. It took 20 stitches  to- keep Ihcscalp in its place.  Capt. Taylor once moro. requests  anyone who has in his possession uny-  .thing belonging to the Rifle Company  to hand it in as soon as possible as he  ������ responsible to the government for  all the company's property. *,  C. H. Pirson, secretary of the  Mountain I.odge.A.F. & A.M., Golden,  writes the Hkiiai.d as follows: "We  cannot speak too highly of the music  given by the orchestra under the able  leadership of Mr. .las. Taylor and the  obliging way in which the many  encores were given.."  The interior of the Methodist chiu'ib  presents a very handsome appearance  now thai the work of decorating the  interior approaches completion. The  metallic tiling with which the, walls  and ceiling have been covered not only  -raid's  Wishes  His numerous  Customers  at Patrons  h Happy  and. Prosperous  New Year  Red Cross  ������������������<&  *.������  ������  NOVElIYrPBOTOS "  3 1 miike all style* of l'hotii lii'i'ltons', ).  ������   llriioelies, Tins, I-l c.     Very Newest 7Hc-'-f  ti .''.signs-.  *������ ;'      1 copy any j.hotogrui.il or (intyi.e.  JS**���������  ���������as-*-  &���������  s>~  ts**.-  tk���������  fiB���������  ���������>-  tv������~  es*~  <&-  ������**������������������  ar***-  IE*"--  Shows the necessity of providing yourselves with good Rain Coats and Rubbers  It was very wet (especially coming home).  We   have   excellent    Rain    Coals    and  Rubbers to  protect yott  from   tlie  slush  and snow.  We ���������offer vou barcrains in these lines.  Taylor & George  Wish all their Customers and prospective  Customers " A Happy.'and' Prosperous  New Vear, 1902.". That you will enjoy  tlie former wc arc sure. But to be assured of prosperity it is necessary lhat you  buy vour  DRESS GOODS, MEN'S FURNISHINGS,  BOOTS AND SHOES, &C,  from its. Now is the time to sort: up.  We arc sort. 11������; un our Best selling lines,  and to do tliis' properly we oiler you  Bargains.  Call and Inspect Our Goods  CALL AND  INSPECT   THE  NEW CONSIGNMENT OF  U\MP3  STAMP PHOTOS,  I--i.nr rn-iii  -     20 FOR  .lis (liven.  "ST.UI'HO:  TAYI.OIi'lll.OCK.  HOWARD   KING,  . noToiii..\i'iii-:i:.  iS^****-********'****'***'****'^^  3Ii-s. Ij. .1. Kdwards of Nakusp I'linie  up to hlike in the ball nud .-.laved a I*  Mrs.  Maker's resilience.  The. annual congregational  ol" St. Andrew's I'l-esbyteriai  will take place nn Thursday  next, the :10th inst.  Threw ynnnji ladies ��������� niaile llieir  I'oruiiil' debut inlu .society at. Ihe  Hospital Hall last niglil. -Miss linker  and the .Misses On*.  A big crowd was, expected lo arrivi*  from Golden last tiigtli- but owing tu  tbo little discrepancy in ..���������011nerli.u1  wilh the No. 1 they did not t.iirn up.  A description of the i'ii-i.--s(*s af last  night's hull by an export hand is on  .file in the I ..���������:it.*.i.i> oflice. ll has been  ei'iiwdeil out ol* this is.-ui- hut watch  for it. in our next.  The third sei'inon in the l-telYirin.-itinu  series   will   In*    delivered    tonuirruw  evening in SI.   Andrew  Uev. "VV. C. faldi'i  English Bible.**  AROUND THE  Personal Paragraphs Pertaining to Railway Men,Picked up  By the Herald Man on His  D aily Rounds. !  blaster Mechanic Grant llall (���������anil* in  from the coast this inoriiing.  (;. A. l.ell, of Montreal, iliief.miditor  locomotives, freight cms or anything  'else tliey might rciiuire ut a greater  speed I linn ������!ver hefoie, and thus meet  the wants ol* llieir rapidly increasing  business, lt.is understood Unit tbe  directors will expend from $15,000,(100  to $20,000,000 on improvements.  You wiii find in  our Tailor Shop a  WlM      JJL very elaborate  variety  of Tall  and  IE,!**      ������ Winter   Suitings  and    you'll " find  workmen who are competent to make up any of thes  Suitings  exactly  to  your liking.     AVe do not employ  cheap tailors, we do not  handle  any goods   that   could  possiblv depreciate our excellent reputation.      We'can-'  ���������not compete \vith sweat shop ready-made clothes when  price is. the  sole consideration, but when style  and  lit  and wear arc duly considered, we' can and do. compete  with all ready-made goods, and all other tailors. ���������  Ladies' Tailored Suits to Order.  CT.   IB.  CJIRIESSl^^ItT,���������-  The   Art Tailor,  MackenzieJAve.  chinch.  ���������Tvnilale  and  Iho  beautifies    thu    building    lint"  greatly to its warmth and comfort  While on a visit, recently in Southern'! Tll(' Fiei'1 lepres-ent.-ilive- l.i**l. night  Oregon. AV. 11. Pool vi.sited the mining  faction whiih has recently come into  such prominence t h rough I liedis-coveiy  of valuable leads of free milling minrl/..  Mr, Pool, who prospected the sunn*  country l.*i yours a_.11. staked out some   I0"*"*"'-  promising property and ha-* come men        ..\ gt'iit.li* 7.i*i-hyi-lii.-.iiHiig up   in  working on it now. vicinity of T-l- .Jaime t'arhi*   liil  jV niaiiimolh ledge  nf  platiiiuni   ore   town on Tlnii-.day evening   anil  hn*   been     ilist-overed     in    Southern . i.he mei.air; -ailingjlowii  In    I   -d  oT   the   <J. P. 11.,   is    going     thinngh  ICootenay on bis annual au liting tour.  I     An in-struc-tion car in chaise of Ii. C.  ,     - Huell   anil     M.  P.   Johnson     of   the  ' International Coriespondencc Scliool.  Chicago, is  in   the  yard,    (.hisses   fur  engineers are being hold  every evening.  A Miowslide   on   ihe    Hip;   Hill   the  other side of Field .blocked  in  a7 snow  plough   and   two   engines    yesterday  morning and obstructed trallie on   the  I main line to dat".     The   two   rolaries  Kridiiy'i No. 1 had  not left   Laggan j went ���������p ���������*,.���������.���������   n���������Kt,,.'s  Pass   and   two  according to the liii-t repoit;.  received j ,.n���������mi.3    f,.,-,m   here.      The    snow    is  before going to pn-ss.   That   however, ; ,.iiftii-,g on the hill  and  the   woik   of  is no sort nf excu-u*   for .-aying   -he i-- j ciwrinK u,e u..lct was a iliHicnlt one  T.agc i_i  behind.  Teacher Wanted.  Teacher wanted'for the Revelsloke  Public. School; one of the junior rooms.  Apply hv letter to the Secretary of  the Itevefstoke School Board. Applications to be in by the. lath .liuiuary,  If 102.  T. .1  GliAU.VMK,  Secretary.  Ir. \V. Jordan and M vs. Joidan, Miss  Hamilton and l,en L. Simmons of  Nakusp, H. W. Troup and Mi-** Jolin-  stoniMif Arrowhead .came up from the  south la-rt night to thu ball.  She   will   be   along'  some time tonight.  at. the ball were Mrs. K. B.ti'ineault.  Miss J. (Jaini-y, XX',. Gee. II. S. Murl'.iO  and J. J. Jones:    W. Jl.m-i- .-mil XV. P.  j Clarke were in from filarial'  11 nd   Mr.  I.inil Mr. Thus. .Mi..Mahoii from  Koger'*=  ���������The-T-imiSh���������opcinred���������:iUhe_lf.-it_oii_  Moi..lay nf C.P.K. biakeman F. \V.  Collinson, as the result of severe  injuries, received in the leg while  i-oiipliritr i-.ii.-s at fv-tpya.ii the day  hefoie. Amputation of the limb was  Imiiiil nec'^sary ami llie injured   man  i 1 o'.ild   not     rally     fioni   the   i-ll'ects.  j [>(>r-e.iacil was an iiiiiiiarrii'.l nml  ruiiii*  llu*  '.In*  -.������������������lit  Provincial Board of Health  Regulations for Dealing With the Outbreak of Smallpox at the Town  of Fernie, East Kootonay.  Approved By Hie Honour the Lieutenant-  Governor in Council, the 17th Day  of January, 1902.  ������'<S���������)������-S������������*S������������������������ ������S������&.*D W������������������'^^  FURNl'TUHH CiUODS must be sold  at cosl in* order to make room for  another large carol* Furniture, whicli  will be here shortly, call and see if  we can't arrange to supply you. Now  is your opportunity to furnish cheap.  REVELSTOKE    FURNITURE   CO'Y.  JIKALTH  ACT.  ON" .Ulf.Oll**..' nf llu* oiillit-i-.il,-   nt   *.iiin!I-iinx  in lh.1'I'iiwii ol   I'Yrnle   il   Is- Hereby  pro  Uregon, in .)ni=ephiiH* County. The , liefore nun ning. I-ii'm. niglit il x- wiiil  metal hn*. long lieen known to exist in *, to hav..- ili-upped m 11 In.low /.i*m. This  the plucei gravid*: of lhat section. The ! i-> liy fur the low.--!, n-rnnl thi- wint.-r.  formation   is   serpentine   with  which J   the    unlive   platinum    is    inv.-uiably '  found associated  lliert-  in   greati'i-  or  ���������  l������*i������ i-uaiitily.  Tlwre nill be deep and general ivgrcl,  felt at the news that th*^ Uev II. Irwin  is dwail.    The news was received,   says  the   '*(.'olniMbian."   in   a   letter   from  Archdeacon Small to a leMidentin New i  "We-jtmiiihtf-r.        Xo     details    nf   the j  * melancholy event  are   given   in   thai  latter, beyond fhe fii-.tlli.it Mr. Irwin's !  ilealh occurred in a hospital., in   Mon- j  treal, and that lxrith the ileci-.-rii-il"s IV-.-t '  had been badlv fro/en.  ���������   ij  Back from Europe cornea .I. I).'  flialiiim. gold <ouimi-.sii>iicr of the  Atlin district, lie has innileH trip to  the old land and to Prair.-i*. whil.herhe  went on leave cirly in the winter,  accompanied by Mrs., (iraham. The  latterreinained with her piueiits in  France. While in the old land, the  Atlin gold ..coinniiiisioni.i* etideavoied  to interest capitalists in British Col*  linibi.i iind in Alliu. lie found the  capitalists of New York more easily  influenced than those of Britain, the  moneyed men of the latter place have  been so grievously deceived iu ninny  instances by mining sharks. Kvery-  wheie he fo.md complaint made of the  . instability of '*li>g'uiliition*iii this province, which seemed to net as a  deterrent upon investors.���������Vancouver  "World,  Dvlick.tl** ml'!  .jJinrirl-.iii'idy.I'l.fiu-iiiU  Mccormick's  CHocolates and (reams,  '1 Iw iltivor i   uni,un������n������'-'j*l,  *l Im* 'jtnilily !<��������� i\\c l������'"-t.  Tho I'Tl'*'* the most poj������nlnr--  50 ([NTS A POUND  Hi[p|.0'l Aliii������ii.l-.-1f.*V. mul  ".f. per 11..  Walter Bews, Phm. B.  IlrtiKKist nn.I Htatloniir.  l'.r..\\ii lll...*k. Tcilophriiiff 18.  ! fi om IbirliiiKti.ii.  ', The suit taken l.y Mrs. II. Stevens  ! njr.iin.--t th<* ('*>ii<idi.ir. P.ieilii Ibiilway  : for S'J-i.fHH) dnuiarrix. on nccniiiil* of Iier  > Iri-biinil, win, was tilled by the  j evplooinu   of an   emery  wheel  in  the  ; M.lIIt li*:il shops   soille   lime   lljro.     Wiib  ��������� <oiiclnil."l l.i-l. wi*i-lc. J.iiliie I).ilierly  iTiie j-uljrini'iit Ki-.n-.tiii^ the whlow  Si.imi.    Th..-f.ilh.-l and mot her  i.f  llie  ; viet tin. win. weie joint pl.iintilV- with  the widow receive *$I<j<J i-.ich.  i Tin* east hound Winnipe'f expn*>.s  I 11 irri-.wly esciped b.:inj< wirtke.l at  I (lobden staLionon ���������'Monday. Tbe  eiis'mi-' lender and h.igK'i.K'.- .-m Ijefitine  j il.'iail.-il while pasirinj; ovei 11 switch  j lo cleat the main line for the we.st-i  I bound liaiu. An entcilie and wreikinfr I  .oiillll  well;   -..-lit   to   tin-   sii'in'    fl 0111 !  X HATE IT I -������������������w  The largest stock oC the latest WATCHES,  <;i-OCKS, RINGS, SILVER WARE, CUT  GLASS, FASHIONABLE. JEWELRY, Etc.  My many years* experience enables me lo buy  goods. At the right prices, enabling uie to  buy gooila at the right prices, enabling me to  . soil_to_the public ut reasonable prices.      ,  J*.   C3TJY, SAJ������l>J3tt^La  \v.vrcii ni2i\\iuiNa a specialty. ���������  in th  cljiiined:  1,���������ThAt the town is in n stiH<; of tuinnintine  until further tioifc.*.  'J.-���������That no person i*luill.'V������e uHowcil to Iouvl*  tin* town ^iihUt nny i:lr<!UinNtnnees wlinlsoovtir  ".���������Tlmt. all iiu������i*tiii^������ In -pIuipcIios. Iini������������������������������������������-��������� -intl  suhnnl������ nnil ot. <'rpiihUi'y._iliorlnnMiri' iiori'hv  prohlhitoil.  1.���������1 lint no person -htill nvdri* nny clrcinn*  xtflHCff ho I* I nny '���������convfi'stithi'ii ''u:!mim.M*vvr  with nny ptiisou finurmuiiit'd, an������l n������ pi-r-'-u  mifk'r qiin.r������iiitine shull tith'inni to brt'iik siu no  orrommuiiiffiii' \s itli nny mii������-iili*r.  .'(.���������Any hotcl-kni'inT. Iinltiinn-hou^r l'-'fjiM  or lionM*hol'U'r suypet'liiitf, knowltit;,or ha viiik  ifffO*l n'uwm to hcltevr ihutnn> pot'.*on re-iilln^  'upon or * fr^rjiitMitfiu*; his1 premises {������ ill o  miff'*riiiK fnnn v. rash of any ttoi-'orlpliou, slnill  iit oik-*- notify, tlK* .Mt'dii-nl llcnlili otiirt'i-,  glvinn lh*.' siiunc anil fJccujMtti-fm r>f. nml otlior  jihrticiildr.^ ii'-rossiiry i������ properly Iilontffy sueh  l>������r.son.  (;,-.\nj'j.fprm having 11 rn^li on liN limty  chall notify ihe MfrllfHl'll-frilLh Ollie������T on ihu  UTmi flj)pi:arAii('ti of lh*- Mini'"  7 ��������� LiMlcr aniliorlty of ih*1 "JU'iilth Act," it  is hiT-fhy -/(('finr-fl (lint nl! and every pi-iiuii  not hn\ln^ a -ciTtiih'ntri of icceni siH-cossfnl  v* cfiniilioii i\n'ot\ \\ !!hhi one 3<*ar. nntl fnrther  not hWiupihle to jji'.ei proof of nmv.n to the  ������������������ntNfHHion of tin* Medical Jl������-������It!i ('lllccr,  ahal! he ������t oh(,vj viK'CJniiti.'d.  it)  l^. ��������� * f(er ii period of-*<c\*(������ii (7j dnjs from this  ���������1111 it- Kiiy perv'tn, refn������inu \n pifSfiu id nny  pnolic t.iiU'p.r who may th-mimd ft, proof o'i  t'lLf-clu itioi), ������|ih.1I be llithle to   the  prcierihi-d  SIBBALD & FIELD*  ^.O-EIrTTS   IPO'S,'  .      _       . , MP-   n. 1'. II. TOWNSITE.  Real Estate g������ .^.i^^^Site.  ���������t^.TL-, ��������� ������t/-������t ������ r-   ( Cwialu I'uriiiunont .t Western -  H ^ A \l   I A I ��������� ?       Oniiiiilti Moi'tEiis,'o Corporal Ion.  1 II"- t\.lX \jXrkt-,   l Kiiuliiiblc Vavliigs Loan mid UullUing  Insurance  \Bs0clall011.  "'  i"Ini|ierinl Fire..'...'''Caledonian Kire.   Atlas Flre.    ,  CHiiailimi l*'lre.   Murciuiille Flre.    Nortliern Flre.  Ciiiirdliin l'lre.-.Maneliostcr Flre.; Orunt West Life.  Oei'iin, Acclilcut and (.luarantce.   Confcrteratlon Life  I.Ciiiiiullan AeeldcnliAssuraiiceCo. 'Connecticut Fire  HOUSES FOB SALE AND RENT.  CONVEYANCING.  CHAS. Al. FIELD.  IVin'i.tiiki-.-iiiil thi*  U.itk   w.11  (li-iucd  ,        rt        ... I.\��������� ,,,,,.,1,.!,. 1 I,., i |.**llKllii-������ limli-r till: "lll-lillli Ar-t.  in :i fiiiplf tif Jioiip.-".     l*(iitiiri,in*lj tin* ,,,...���������  1  ���������,i,��������� ,.1   ul,,..���������i       I'i-iiii ii--i uiiili-r li.e "Iltiil'Ii Act":-  tl-illll UM*. Mllllllllf? iit  It   I'-'ilMI .-'I    -|ll'*"ll  ... . ., ��������� i������������������.    r.i I,,.. ���������.;<.,.   .),,.'     * ny ii'-fon-ivli'i vii.Utc-Hiiiiyi.(',tlii!i.rn,-l*ili.ii*i  lit liriiiM.f llu-' i'.i'I-hIhiiI.  filii<*iiii**f-   ���������-"'-'���������( |.l;.)i.r���������1.|,l',������������������[|���������I| |i IIhIiL; to it line of *im  wlirrli* t.l-.iiti niiylil h.'ivi* Ik-'-ii   ili!rhi_-(l. j hikI ti,n'.j-lx iii..iiiIis' lmi.rl*.riiiiin>iil.  AL lli<_' tinii* Hi'" lim''  I ruin wns nlmul I Ini'C  rlUhinl.  llie   iv._.������| l.f.nnif  Iiiiniii cil   ym-tl*.  hliiry  Thi! jriMii'i'.il stijierinli'iiilciiN and  K'.ipi'i*inti*n(lt*nty i.i' ll"-* Cunniliuri  P-ifific Railway, who hnve l.i-fii in  iVonli'P.'il forthe pust wi-i'k <unfi*riinK  witli lht* president 11 ml oLln*i- oIlici.il.M  about expenditiii'O for m-xl ycsir, have  I'cliiiiipd lo their homes. Thu otYlciiils  .-ill sny tlmt. tliey hnvt* li.*<*n liiirly  siUTii.sufiil, mul tlmt next y.-ni-'llic C.  P. R. iriiiniigeiiient will uxpemlj ji.  large Kinii nf money in improving the  stys-tein in every depni'tiiiciil. One of  the. chief expenditures will he the  extension or their shop** in ."Untilreiil,  by which Ihey will lie .ttbin Ui turn out  Iml.-.t ki Vict<..-iiUlil*i H'.tli day i.f .Im  A. I,., I'.'tt.  (IllAI'.l.i:    J. KAtlAN.  r*(-r'*tn.ry'if tki* i'rorlnelnl Board ������if lli'iill...  Ky rNiiiHiianil,  .1. I). I'llLNTI   E,  Adiinc ITovlncl.il 'Secretary.  In Stock...  ,      A''Warehouse full of  first-elnss  ijnnllty   Wheat, Oats,  Short,       Bran,  Hay, Coa".  Krlpcs away down for 3pot Cash.  J. C. HUTCHISON  That's what the man  said who wasn't insured. A small payment every two. or  tl 1 ree yeai-s would  ' ��������� have enabled him to  ���������su y  LOSS FULLY COVERED  INSURANCE  Optional with you. of course, which you want to say, hut we  would strongly "advise you to carry soma insurance. Your card  ���������will bring you full inforniationas tocost.  LEWIS   BROS.  HEAL ESTATE AND FINANCIAL AGENTS.        NOTARIES PUBLIC.  *'  li  it!  I  m  m  \\\  I  1  11  ���������m  ������������������%.  ':������  1  IA  f


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