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Revelstoke Herald 1901-11-30

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Alyi/iA' iy-J /iJ-l/'n
Ifea-Ba  KVt'    C^J*' ^nir ufim
Tin* largest and must eiiitiplelo
stock  ill    Knoli'liuy.
anil Knee lim ils. also Laced and
I and 2 Hucklt! Lumbermen's
Snag Proof f.ools. These par-
tieular lines of Kubhor (ioods
are guaranteed by us.
Ladies', flout's and Oliildren's
Overshoes���all kinds.
OOt>S and
A large impnrlation and a complete assortment of SLATER'S
famous Boots and Shoes, King's
and Moll's Hoots and .Shoes,
���Weston's Youths' and Children's Boots and Shoes, The
above* are lhe very hest boot
and Shoe manufacturers in
Uanada and the goods are
warranted the best" on the
this month in CARPETS ANC RUGS
���Beautiful selections���choice
The Linoleums are directly imported and tire lirst-class. in
every respect.,
t)ur stock of Flannel and Flan-
nelletles for this Fall were lhe
Be.-,t over put on the market
here and met. with a ready sale.
%and. Quilts
AVe have just, received a new-
line of the above articles and
placed them for salo. Special
Baruains in AY] UTE WOOL,
We are showing n splendid line
of Table CloLhs��� bleached unbleached, eoloied. Towellings,
Pillow Casings, Sheetings���all
Gloves H
Just received mi assorted shipment of Ladies' Kid Gloves
imported from Fraee.
A Complete Line
of Groceries
As usual, our stock of Groceries
mil tlie very Dost obtainable in
the markets of lhe world. Every
article Fresh. Purchased in
carload lots regularly every
Our lines in this Department
are most complete and we
carry a carefully selected stock.
They include tlie Latest Styles
in flats���hard and soft���Shirts
White- and* Colored, .Collars,
Cuffs, - Underwear, Imported
Goods, Hosiery, "etc., and we
specially call your attention to
our Imported 'Underclothing.
Tl rfi i   ���i���nTTmnmrnnnHT^
We are showing the most tasteful and latest styles in Ties.
Agents for Giant Powder Co
and Bennett Fuse.
A Big Turn Out to the Thanksgiving Spread Provided by tiie
Ladies of St. Andrew's Church.
Pretty near everybody in '.own
seemed to turn nut lo lhe turkey
���flipper given by the Ladies AidSoriely
ol'St. Andrew's chinch uu the evening
of Thanksgiving Div. The opera
bouse was ai ranged for the nonce ns a
I ii "JT bnnipietl ing hull over I he 11.inr of
which were scnltered a iiiiinh-'r of
tnhles, daintily set (inland decorali-d.
around whicli gathered lhe good
citizens of Revelstoke, llieir wive.*, and
children and sweethearts to whose
w-ints (he ladies of the society, a>*i>lrd
by friendly helpers of oilier communion?, rendered assiduous service. A
better spi end no man or woiuau can
ever hope lo put fork inlo. All lhe
traditional culinary skill of a score or
more of Revelstoke homes was displayed iu its highest and most
toothsome (lights in I.he dainties
pressed upon the notice of flic hulid.iy
making crowd of guests, which in
relay upon lehiy for over two bonis
filled the seats around the pretty
tables. Altogether it is estimated'
aliout rj.jO people sal down lo the
In the fur corner or the hall, near
tbe scngc. a fish pond, prettily illuminated wil h colored electric lights, was
installed* under the charge of Mrs.
.Jenkins, which did a land oitice
business, while the prizes concealed
within its mysterious sawdust depths
held out, and in the opposite nook,
under the galleiy, Mis. Boyle and
Mrs. Palmer conducted a stall for the
sale of fancy work and candle***, which
was also a centre of considerable
attraction. Tlie Fish Pond realized
$10.83 and the fancy woik and candy.
stn.ll $01 towards tbe proceeds of the
entertainment., Tlie last mentioned,
it may be remarked, with all the fancy
woik and pretty things lisplayed on it
was the contribut'on'of the Willing
Workers of the church. These iiltle
people have done wonders since their
organization. The haudsoni'j oak
communion table in fhe church, the
chair .forj.the.. pulpit; ancl_. choir ;.ai e
' th e i r,e; i f tf,'. as ^w ell/as:'t h e ^car'p.e t'-__o_n.
the . pulpit ; floor. Altogether ,they-
have coiurib'iiled about S150 worth of
furniture in' this-way.,to Si. Andrew's
church,- besides the large sum mentioned $01.50. which was taken at
their stall and* which goes with the
rest of the proceedings of the evening
to lhe current expense fund of the
church, ll, is a pleasant and praise
worthy idea thus to allow the children
of lhe church to fed lhat the church
is theie very own'lo love and work for
and take an interest in.
The total proceeds of Ihe evening
cannot be given as-ill the tickets sold
have not yco been turned in. 133 half
dollar tickets, -13 quarter dollar ones
and $S2.D0 in cash was taken l.y lhe
church financier. R. M. Doyle at the
door, So that with tlie sums above
mentioned it will be seen lhat, Lhe
labor of love, hard work though no
doubt, it, must have been, of tha Ladies
Aid of St. Andrew's and those who
helped them lias resuile'd in a substantial financial assistance to ' lh'..*
curi ent expense fund of the church.
_. Tlie___.fol.lQwiug__is___the___list -of ��� I lii__
virions tables with the ladies, who
presided over and assist ed at them.
Mrs. Lawrence, red service, assisted
liy Mrs. Atkins, Misses Edgar. Fiaser
ami Grant. A pretty menu, presented
by P. It. Atkins, graced the table.
Mrs. G. M. Clark, white and gold,
assisted by Mesdames ' Carruthers,
Wilson, Rae. and Miss Creech. The
decorations were yellow" chrysanthemum and * asparagus fern. Hand
painted menu curds, presented by Mrs.
Coursier. were iu use al thi.s "titbit'.
Mrs, Urqiihart. pink, m-sisled by
Mrs. Kimberley and Miss Cannon.
Mrs. Risl..cn, yellow, a*-.*<i.*.teil by
Mrs. Dr, McLean and the Misses
Tne centra table was presided ov:--
by Mrs. IJ. A. Lawson. and was laid
with blue colors. Mendaincs Cuili.-.
Didisheim, Shaw, Lyons, Mc Cartel,
and Miss Spurling assisted at thi ���
The tables on the left were piesided
over as follows:
Children's tables, Mrs. Cook, assisted
by Mesdames Calder, Kennedy, Walling, McPherson and Miss Reid.
Mrs. John Lawson, pink and green,
assisted by 'Mesdames -Birney, . Me-
Laughliii, and Misses McDonald and
Mrs. Simmons, yellow, assisted by
Misses Bell and Quip.
The tea and toffee arrangements
were presided over by Mesdames Mc-
Rury . and Payne, assisted by .Mr.
Edwards. '
After supper a programme arranged
by Mrs. Lawson and Miss Dunn was
presented, consisting of tableaux,
songs end instrumental selections.
The following were fhe tableaux:
Kentucky scene���Miss Edgar. Messts.
Dallas. Urquhart, W. Clark. L.
Soloway. Cliil Urquhiirt. H. McXab;
Fair Queen���Miss   Edwards;   Discord
-ind llie Peai'cinakei���Misses Dunn
.mil F. L-i-.wui and J. XV. Graham;
Tin i-i- (iriu'i-.-���M i-**.es Vnleiuiin. and
! Iiiiiin: Three Si-apegi'.'ii'i'a���Clilf Uiqu-
h.-iit, I.,. SolloiMiy and 11. jilt-Nab:
.Mulling h.iy while lhe sun ishincs���
Mi-s Ilium and 11. Clark.
Sunt;-, weie given by Miss Shepmd
mid II. Cook, recitation Edna Rrucc,
violin snlii-i by Miss Spurling, piano
duel by Mrs. Didisheim and Miss
Fi.-.ser. pi.-iiioMiln by JO. Humphreys.
B. A. Liwsou, on behalf ol the
ladies, i hanked I hose who had attended
.uid llie members of other iluirches
i'or their n-.siolance. .'insuring Ihem the
Ladies' Aid and Willing Workers
would gladly reciprocate whim requited.
Imperial Troops en Route
Xo. 21 company, western division,
Royal Gmiixiii Artillery, leaehed
Liggnn with I heir special Haiti about
���I n. in. this morning and were due
here .iI, about 3 p. tu. this afternoon.
They have come fiom IJernmda to
relieve No. 1!) company at Esquimult,
as i.hey are ordered for service in
China." The strength of ��� No. 21
company is five officers and 1(13 noncommissioned ollieers and gunners,
with eight women, and eleven children.
The ollieers are Major W. McGurdon,
in command, Capt. A. E. Harrison,
Lieut. C. (i.Sladen and 2nd lieutenants
A. Ll. C.iineroii, O. R. E. Millnian and
T.A. Whyte.
Accompanying the R. G. A. is n draft
of llie royal engineers from Halifax
The draft consists of one warrant
iilliier, twetity-six non-eomiiiissioneu
ol'iici-i's and suppers, with three women.
This is about the largest party of
Imperial Hoops, which lias s.0 far
crossed the continent by the C.P.R.
Mica in Jordan Pass.
Refeiing lo an article which appears
under another heading in lhis issue
in which a good mica deposit is
declaied to be equal lu a .$23 a ton
gold quartz mine and especially n poor
man's property,- it ui.-ij' not he
generally known Lh.iL a discovery of
mica in what is helieved lo be paying
quantities was made liy .Lis. Ruigh'.y
in the Jordan Pass, about 12 miles
froin town last summer. There is
both block and lubricating mica in the
deposit, the vein on the surface being
throe feet wide. Mr. Reighley was
unable to do much prospecting: nn the
lead during the p.isl season, lull, next
year operations will he conducted,
which will del ermine more about the
extent and value of the deposil.
'-^:-y^^-r^^r-J,''"li-.-i.-""r^-.-r. *--~.<^J-  '.,\.>-?,,^--   .-,..   '
.There was a reunion or tne scots-,
men in town last night iu honour of
St. Andrew and the land o'cakes at
Dr. CaiTiithers' residence. About a
dozen compatriots of. the late IJ.
"Burns were present and kept the fun
going' till the -wee suia' hours this
Personal    Paragraphs   Pertaining-to Railway Men Picked up
By the Herald   Man   on   liis
Daity Rounds.
.1. Siddell of the C. P. R.   shops left,
on Thursday I'or Portland, Ore.
The   Winnipeg   Telegram     reports
tlmt (he   C.P.R.   inlend   pulling up a
.S3(J(*,000 hold nf Victoria.
F. T. llusloeil, (lie newly appointed
Supt. of maintenance of way and
structures on the Pacilic Division,
with 'head quurlor.s al. Vancouver,
came in from I.he west on Thursday.
About $1011.1)011 will be spent this
winter and next year by the- CP.lt. al
Fort William, in improvements, which
include!! large elevator and coal dock
equipped with modern coal handling
.fame-** Melntosh, aged 10. fell olV the
Pacific express near Ashcroft af 2
o'clock Tuesday morning. The train
was running fast through a cut. hut
the only injury the man sustained was
a bruised knee.
Nelson is a great, place for siniislinps
in the yard. On Monthly yard engine
3S1, alias Dennis, was in trouble again
It went through the wharf at a section
which was resting on two jacks and
would have gone clear into tho lake
only the cab caught on the. foot walk.
A. B. C. Denison, city passenger
agent of the Great Northern at Portland,' will succeed fo the vacancy
caused hy the death of general western
passenger agent, R. C. Stevens. If is
stated that Mr. Dennison will assume
the duties of .his new position on
Dec. 1. ���'"' ' ' '_
A man named Peters employed as
a* sectionniiin east of "White River on
the C.P.R. was instantly liilicd while
traveling on a handcar between White
River and O'Brien on ..Monday. A
light- engine, coming froin tho wesi
was met and two companions , of the
unfortunate man jumped from the car
and escaped injury.
' With the first,passing oT winter fhe
Ouiailbiii-Xui'L hem'' n-.i I way-coin pany
will-start on' the . construction * of
several immense shops, which will be
fitted otil. wich all .the latest uioderu
machinery necessary in thc construction of passenger coaches, freight and
box cars, mid in   fact,   cars   of   every
description llie company need in (be
west in their constantly g increasing
bu* mess.
A mistake not likely lo be rectified
seems lo ha ve been made by lhe first
designers of car wheels I'or railways.
Tlie Manges, doubtless without special
consideration, were placed on the inside, where they may remain, but a
i-jtii-inah contractor has shown (hat
wheels with outside flanges will safely
round sharp curves where those with
inside flanges will jam or leave tlio
In spile of nil the modern appli'
ancrs and contrivances on modern
trains, the list, of accidents lo train
men still keeps large. When the new
patent, couplers were attached to flu*
freight cars, it was thought that the
lives of tlu; brakemen would be
readily insurable by any insurance
company, but in .spite of everything
wc are yet confronted wilh shucking
accidents to brakemen in our daily
papers. It would almost appear as if
the lirakcmen had thrown aside their
w.'ifehl'uhii'.-s of former days. The
chapter of accidents and death along
lhe C. P. 11. i.s large Ibis year and
thai fatal accident in Winnipeg is a
terrible addition lo Iho list.���Alherlan
Mica Deposits in the Big Bend.
ft is noi gererally realized by the
people of Golden and this-district just
iiow valuable lhe mica properties thai,
have been opened up tbis summer in
Ihe Dig Rend and on Ice river are.
Mr. J. F. Smith, of Kmnloops, has
spent a few days iu ' (jolden, al lhe
instance of Messrs. Pierce and Hatch,
superintending the preparation fur tbe
market* of the product .of lheir Big
Uend propi.rt.il''.. His opinion may bo
Liken as authoritative, as be has for
the past nine years been taking out
mica f'-nm a mine at Tete .laiine Cache
-mil bringing it, fu Kamloops by pack
train over llie mountains. That the
mineral so brought ouC has paid Mr.
Smith good wages will give some idea
of its value on the market, and when
he states I hall he mica he has seen
in town is of as good quality as l.hat
laken from his clniins, it will be seen
that llie locators of these claims have
a bnnaii7.n. In Mr. Smith's opinion a
good mica mine is worth twice as much
as a gold mine, even if the quartz
assayed as high as $23 to the ton.
Besides, mien, is a poor man's proposition as good wages can always be made
working under primitive conditions.
The government should lose no time,
in- having a good road constructed
���ii In these properties, for it is' lhe
intention of those interested Lo
continue development woik. As to the
value of these deposits on Ice river we
have no data, but a shipment has
been sent to-the English market and
when returns are, made their actual
value will he -known. It has been
known for a longtime that mica was
lu be found in this district, bul lhe
average prospnetor would pass over
mica without a thought in his search
for other minerals. "The general
'interest shown- by the business men of
Golden in tbis question of mica production lms been favorably commented
upon by Mr. Smith, who says that it is
in marked contrast lo the indifference
he has met wiLh in Kamloops when
trying l o arouse I be people there to a
sense of the value of his properties at
Tete Jaune Cache,���Golden Era.
e*i)��S-���X3��SX5XsX4X_^ iX^��������<^��S��*^^
'    iilr'-\".   ��� -- K3^
WHEN you arc thinkinp-' of
buying FURS, you natnrally
think of this Store���the nclec!
FUR HOUSE of Revelstoke
ot the splendid and uncqualed
stock       of     Dependable     Furs
gathered here.
When you purchase your
Furs from us, you arc spared
any anxiety as to quality. - We
arc responsible for the satisfactory service of every purchase
you make; therefore you are
sure of the Best that the money
you pay can buy.
CAPERINES in large assortment.
Imperial Government Willing to
Arrange Terms of Peace if
the Boers Admit Defeat.���
Duke of Teck Injured.
London, Nov. .'Id.���Si ill 70 recognized commandoes and hands (if Oners
ranging in strength fiom Tf) lo l-jQnrc in
lhe Meld, l.oid Kitchener's striking
army at piesent amounts to only
���l."ill)(K) iiieii. lien. Mutton, who
commanded the limt Inigude of
11 ton li Li 'il infantiy ir. .Smith Afiicahns
been appointed couuii.'indrr-in-rhief
of the force,-, of the Australian Commonwealth.
London. Nov. .'JO.��� Right liuu. Sir
Charles llitchie. the secretary of stale
for lioine alVairs. said in ,-i speech last,
week that the Uritish ate willing to
arrange peace in .South Africa if the
IJoers fiankly acknowic-dge thems'-
selves beaten and ask.lor terms. The
government would be willing lo assnre
the Beers of repreaent.-i! ion in the
colonial parliaments in the course nf
Tho Duke, of Teck, brother of the
Princess of Wales was thrown from
his horse while hunting near Kant-
wich, Cliesliiie, sustaining;i concussion
of the brain and an injury to his hip.
His injuries were not serious. The
duke was one of the royal party during the recent colonial tour.
Nl*:w YoitK. Nov. 30.���Snow has
been falling at Troy, >;.Y.. for many
hours. Navigation on the canal is,
closed and KIO'boats between 'Water-
vlietand l.'lica are frozen in and can-
net reach tidewater. ' ���       ,
J?i..\iNriKi,D, Wis, "Nov. 30���The
village of Plainfield " is burning.
Practically ,dl the'business houses tire
in ruins and the residences are threatened. No further particulars have
bdeii received.       ."- * '
Tabloid Telegrams    '    *"
- The anarchists of London have been
���prevented by the police from openly
celebrating the anniversary of the
execution of the Chicago anarchists.
. Eleven thousand horses have been
bought in Canada for South Africa ,by
fhe British authorities since last April.
Two Chinese .were.killed, and two
fatally wounded as ti result of a highbinder outbreak in-Frisco Chinatown
Thursday night.
A remarkable tidal  wave  has   inundated the east coast of   lioglaiid  from -
Norfolk to IsCuni.
Col. John Partridge has been nominated as police commissioner of
Greater New York by mayor-elect
Seth Low.
The switchmen of the JMeKeesport.
J'.i.. district have struck. The olher
railroad  trainmen  will   not   recognize
the "strike.
A private telegram from L'erareceived
al Vienna says that .Miss Stone and
.Madame Tsilka have been murdered
by the brigand*:.
It is rumored lhat Russiaand China
have bioken oil' their negotiation*,
concerning .Manchuria in consequence
of Japanese objections thereto.
Revelstoke is to be a Recruiting
Point For the Third Contingent and Ten Men Will be
Taken Here.
Ottawa. Nov. :��.���Tiie third contingent I'or South Africa will lie known as
the Canadian Yetuu.-miy and will bu
clothed and equipped as Imperial
Yeomaniy. Kecruiliiia: in Uiitish
Columbia will take place from the Oth
to the I Ith Dec. of the following
quota: Victoria. Kevelstoke, Koss-
land. Ncison and Kort Steele 10 men
each, Vancouver 20 men.
_ E. MfAdam returned last niglit from
Goldfields where In.* has been btisv
asiisling iu the work of clefiring and
surveying the townsite. lUr.'Dcvc-rewx
tbe surveyor, has completed bis work
of plotting the ground and the maps
will he le.idy in a few days, when lots
in this promising town will l)u placed
on the market. fioldiields should
attract considerable attention from
investors, as its location in the heart
of the gieat freeiuilling gold camp on
Fish Kiver gives the place an assured
fuliiteas a business and distributing
point. ^^btoli* l|������aW ami %w\mv.  ^*n'4 $Wnal,  Published liy  The  Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Lim.lad Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  .Mii'iii|*iiii; Ulrcctor.  A Jieinl-ttVel.-lv Jiinniiil published in the  Interests of the railway men. iiilnliiK men *'"���������  biisim-ss men nf tlio West. Uny*, of Publlcaiion  Wednesday und Satiuduy.  AllVEHIISINd   KATES.  Illsplav ail-,.. fl.&O por iucli; single column,  S2 per Inch when inserted on title piiiie  Legal inK., lu cunts per Inch (nonpariel) line  for HrM lnscriloii; 0 cunts for ench nddltioniil  insertion. Local notices 10 cents pur line each  issue, lilrtli, Marriage mid Deuth Notices  free.  SUBSCRIPTION  1IATKS.  Dy in MI or currier, Jr.. pur milium* $1 .'J.I Ior  six months, strictly in advance.  Ol.'lt JOB  DKI'Al'.T.MKST.  Isone of the bum equipped prlnlliiKoHlces in  the West uud prepared io execute all kinds of  printing m lirstehiss style at honest prices.  One price to all. No job too large���������noue mo  hiuall���������for us. Mall orders promptly attended  to.   (live us a trial on your next order.  TO COKKKsrONDENTd.  We Invite correspondeni-u on nny-siilijeet  of littrru-,1 io the Kcticrul public. In all case.-,  I lie bona llde naiiiu of llio writer must accompany mniiiiscript, bin not necessarily lor  publication.  Addre.s all communications to the Manager  NOTICK TO COllKKm-ONDKNTS.  I.���������All    correspondence    must   be   legibly  written ou one- side of the paper only.  '2.���������Correspondence    containing      personal  uialter must be signed with the proper iimuc  of the writer.  O. ... GKOtiAN,  Editor.  -   SaTUIIHAY,  NoVH.MIIKH 30,   11)01.  TIIE TRIBUNE  GERRYMANDER.  The people of fhe. Revelstoke and  N. IO. Kootenay electoral districts  should awaken fo the fact that the  recent redistribution scheme, promulgated by the Nelson Tribune, is  one which very seriously affects them.  It must be remembeied that coming  from the source, from which it does,  it represent* not the opinions of a  newspaper put forward merely as a  topic of seasonable discission. The  editor ofthe Tribune and the members  for the Nelson riding are one and the  same person and the Tribune's redistribution scheme is dangerous, as  being the scheme of one of the most  aggressive, obstinate and narrow*  minded members of the local legis  lature. If he can see his way to force  his idea, with which theother members  ��������� for south Kootenay are quite likely to  agree, on the present weak and distracted provincial administration, no  considerations of reason or fairness  will restrain him from doing so.  as sliced out by the Tribune is  admittedly entitled to one member  under the head of population alone.  Is it not entitled to some consideration  on the score of the tremendous task  aid on the shoulders of that population of developing the resources of  this enormous stretch of territory?  It iu the veriest nons.cu.se lo assert  with I.he Tribune* that neither Ihe  Revelsloke nor lhe li olden ridings  have any undeveloped territory more  extensive or valuable l ban any other  Kootenay riding. The fact of the  matter is that when developed the  resources of the country within the  above described limits will be found to  entirely overshadow in extent, value  and variety those of till Ine remaining  ridings in Kootenay put logelhi-r.  Hut the development of lhis dislricl  isone of Ihe very last things which I he  Tribune wishes fo be accomplished.  In its narrowminded sellishnes.-. it puis  forward wilh an immense aud hypocritical parade of fairness and reason,  its plan for retarding lhat development. Openly il is for equal distribution of seats in the legislature.  Secretly its editor, means if he can liy  any means accomplish it, fo cinch Ihe  north country in lhe interests of  Nelson. With only one member  representing all that vast area, its  development might easily be hampered and hindered for au iudefinit*  period and the growth of a great  distributing .and business centre for  the whole of Ktoteuay in its u.-tlu al  geographical position on the main line  of the C.P.R. and in the centre of the  district, instead of, as Nelson' is, al  one end of it and on a branch road,  might be postponed for years. This is  the real otiject of the Nelson Tribune  and the member for Nelson, an object  against whicli for their own individual  welfare and the welfare of the country  every elector in North Kooienay is  bound by the most telling consideration to struggle tooth and nail.  G&m������m8m!Lmmffl&  am  IS IN THE HEART OF  THE  GREAT FREE  GOLD  CAMP  ON   FISH   RIVER.  i ...    ���������������������������     ������������������     ��������� ������������������ ��������� -��������� "'    . " . ��������� ' L"     '"* "    ,..'-m'     ������������������**   '   ��������� ������������������    ��������� ���������     ���������* ���������*���������    ��������� ������������������n������*i     ���������  t  ONLY  FOUR MILES  FROM  NAVIGABLE WATERS.  Two and One-Half Hours lake you to the Main Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  A place of Great Business Possibilities.  Now is thc time to make your choice of Lots.  CAMBORNE will be an important place on the Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway Line as it istributary to Pool Creek  whicli lias large numbers of Mineral Properties under diflerent stages of development. The properties now being opened  up " Thc Imperial Development Syndicate " and the Northwestern Development Syndicate are almost at its door, besides  Free Cold Propositions, Lead, Silver and Copper Properties are within four miles.  I SIBBALD & FIELD  Agents.  A GOOD  NAME....  Is belter than riches   .....'.  Wc have the name ol makhiK  the only Slvlisli Suits in Town  ���������for durability and quality  lhey also excel.   TRY ONE  R. S. WILSON  Next the McCarty Block.  Oar case is a very strong one, if  properly presented and the electors of  North Kootenay should drop all  merely local considerations and urge  oiir claims with a united voice, because  we have a dangerous enemy to deal  with, whose plans, if carried out will  leave us iu a very sorry position, as  far aa influence in the legislature is  concerned. Mr. Houston's plan is to  cut oif the Trout Lake and Arrow  Lake mining divisions from the  Revelstoke riding and the Windermere division from N. E. Kootenay  and leave the Revelstoke, Illecillewaet,  Lardeau and Golden divisions in one  riding with one member. This riding  ���������would have, the Tribune probably  correclly asserts about 4,400 of a  population.  The Hkhald has shown, as it hopes  conclusively to every fair minded man.  how strong is the case for at least  leaving the present arrangement ol  two members for North Kootenay  undisturbed. And reason and justice  nlso demand that the present arrangement of two ridings be continued. The  people of Golden and the' people of  Revelstoke are alike, it is true, in that  the future fortunes of themselves and  their towns depend veiy hugely to  the development of the Big Bend and  Canoe River sections. Rut ihey-approach this district by dilTerent  routes,' they are doing what development has so fur been done along  different lines, their aim.*--, while from  one point of view identical, from  another are separate and possibly may  even appear conflicting. Tt is only right  and just that the present arrangement  by which each community, separated  as they are by tbe divide of the  Selkirks, should have its'own electoral  riding and its own member to speak  for its interests at "Victoria.  Now our case briefly put is this.   On  these -1.-100 people, whom Mv. Houston  would leave wilh only one   member to  represent   them    in   the    legislature,  devolves   the   task   of    developing   a  -disti'ibL"exte"ntiinf5"frourtlie~Suriiiiiit_of'  the Rockies on the east to   the   divide  between   llie   Thompson    river    and  Columbia,   and   Oanoe   rivers   on  the  ���������west and from Tete Jadne Pass on the  north to the southern   boundaries   of  the Lardeau, Illecillewaet and Golden  divisions on the south.     It   is   nearly  200 miles long at   its   extreme   length  from norlh to   south   and   about   100  miles across from east  to  west  at ils  widest in a straight  line.     The   area  contained    within   these   limili   is at  le-ist half a.s great as the whole of what  is left of west a iv! east Kootenay   put  together.     Il   is   about a. thitd of the  whole.    True the northern part is not  included within the recognized   limits  of Kootenay at all'     ft is supposed to  be p.-vit of   Cariboo.       Bul   it   is   the  people of lievelstoke and Golden,  who  are doing the development of it.     It is  entirely   within   their   sphere   of   influence.       If   for   instance a waggon  road   is   needed   up   the   (Janoe river  valley, as it very soon   will   be,   Ihey  are the people who  will   need   it   and  who will have to do the kicking for it.  The people of Cariboo Cnnd   the   members for Cariboo with the   tremendous  peaks of tlie   Gold   Range   divide   between them and it, will neither   know  nor care anything   at   all   about   the  matter.  ���������&<������&&S_*E*  ii the County Court of Kootenay Holden  at Fort Steele :���������  NOTICK 18 HEREBY GIVEN'tlmt on the 17th  dav of October, 1901, It was ordered by His  Honour J. A. ]*'orin, Esq., of thc said Court,  that James I'erirusou Armstrong, Oliicial  Administrator of the County of Koetenay, be  iidminisirntorof all aud singular llie Estate of  William E. Koss, of Ferguson, B. C, deceased,  interstate.  Every person indebted to the said deceased  is requ'ired to make payment forthwith to the  undersigned.  Everv person having in possession effects  belonging to the deceased is required forthwith to notify ihe undersigned.  Every credUor, or other person, having any  claini iipon or interest In thc distribution of  the persona! estate of the said deceased is required wiililn thirty days of this (hue to send,  by registered letter addressed to the undersigned, his name and address, and the full  particulars of his claim or Interest, und a  statement of liin account, and the nature of the  security, (il any) held by him.  After the expiration ef thc said thirty days  tbe Administrator will proceed witli the distribution ofthe estate, having regard to those  claims only of which he shall have had notice  Hated al Fort Steele this 17th day of October.  1!H)I.  JAMES FERCUS0N ARMSTRONG,  Oct. as-til. Oliicial Administrator.  Notice to Go-Owners.  To Richard Mcdiakmid.  Under Mineral Act 1S97 and amendments  thereto, notice is hereby given lhat we. Louise  Leonllne Graham and Gus I.und. have performed all the assessment work on the "Golden  Eagle" mineral claim, situated on the divide  between French and McCullock Creeks, at the  head of Ground Hog Basin in the Big Bend  llistrict of West Kootenav, located ICth September, ISM and recorded 21 September, 18%  and lhat Richard MeDiarmld the recorded  owner ol one-half interest In said mineral  claim hns neglected io do his share of thc  work or to pav for same for the years 189S, IS!)!).  1C������J0 and 1S01.' Notice is hereby given to tne  said PIchard MeDiarmld thai unless said  i charges  arc  paid   within  ninetv days of the  The Hkrat.d hopes to see the people  of Golden and Revelstoke and their  representatives present a firm and  united opposition along these lines to  the selfish plots of the Xel.������on schemer.  We have a very dangerous man to  deal with, who ������vil! stick at no form of  pressure on   the   present   feeble   and  vacillating adn:inistra*.ion to carrv his i fir**t publication of this notice weshail'proceed  ,v .    i_        i    t    r  i * I to reoor_d-said_delliiqiit*nt_!n.(.-r(*.st,as_provldcd  = poirifc: IJatrine--wnOie-irtnll-e-tHTri?i-e>s-5 bfsecifoS Hot lhe "Mineral Act Amendment  and nrosperitv of the district, of North   aci.iooo."  .-      ' .    ",.     ,.   ,*,        **���������*. ,,���������_.       Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, Gth August, 1901.  Kootenay is attacked.      Every   other _. j L.I.. Graham,  consideration must be  laid aside until " lc"f ' GC!I l-o'o-        __^______  the al tack is repulsed. The IIehaldI  has not always been able tn chime,in  with the ideas of Mr. "\VtrlN, but it has  never had fhe smallest hesitation in  milking known ils very high opinion  of the energy and fidelity which that  gentleman   has   always   displayed   in  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  Notice to Co-Owners.  To .I.S, riillersoii nml all others claiming  through him any interest iu lhe claims  hereinafter mentioned :  Under the Mineral Act, 1S!)7, and amendments  thereto:  NOTICE TS HEREBY fllVKX Hint we, I".  McCarty and 11..I.Holinie have performed nil  the assessment work rm lhc KHii'vicw. Ik-lehcr  Ai-abiiui, Victoria IV, Maple l.cuf, Sliiunroi'Ic  iiud Mammoth minora! claims situate in  Ground Hog Basin, in llie llevelsioke Mining  Division of West ICootemiy, located In August  lSlln and recorded at Uc.velstokc on lhu :)rd  September. ISilii, and tlinl .I.S. I'alierson, tin-  recorded owner of an intere-il in llie snid  mineral claims has neglected to do or pay for  his share of the assessment work for the yours  18!)!), MOO and 1901, und that unless said charges  are not paid wiihin niiielvdiivs from the first  publication of this nntli-ur wc'shall proceed to  record said delinquent interest as provided by  Section 11 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act,  1900.  I'liKK   IIUK  MUKTri  .\ I.I. TWAINS.  I'lltsT CLASS   ACCOMMODATION.  HHA'I'lill   HV   HOT .Mil.  1II-1AKO.VAI11.I-:   HATES.  Dated at Kevelstoke,  September, liioi.  JJ. C ,  this Oth day of  McCarty,  aug -  C������-������wners{H. J. Bourne  To Mine Owners and Others  FOR SALE���������Five- (5) second hand Sullivan  Roi.-k Drills, the drill holes V/,. to :', inches in  diameter, depth 10 feet, mounted nt screw  columns complete with Hose, elc. Those drills  are in first rate condition and are situated at  the Mines of the Toronto-.,illooct Hold lleefs  Coinpanv at Lillooet. Applv.EDGAR IILOO.M-  F1ELD, Box 7-13, Vancouver,']!. C.      Nov. tl-lt  H:03VCE3  G-iRO'WlfcT  The very best on the tnnrkot today,  including:  Potatoes,       Cabbage,  Carrots, Turnips,  ETC.,    ETC.,    ETC.  Also first quality of wolleured  Timothy Hay  Send orders for same to  S. D. CROWLE,  Revelstoke, B. Cl.  Ably furnished with the  Choicest the Market  affords.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms.   ���������  ^-___-w^^-Bat.es-?-I-*.a-"lay*=^--���������-=���������_������������������=-i^=*****  u .Monthly Rate.  J. Albert Stone   ���������   Prop  NOTICE l-s HEREBY GIVEN, In pursuance of  th**'.'reditnrs' Trust Deeds Apt.lWH," that  John Vincent I'e.-k������,nf the City of Revelstoke,  tu  nn* Province   ol   llritish Columbia,  Hold  Proprietor. lms by deed, bearing; date the 10th  .,     .   , .       ,.   .,    ���������   . *,.       ,      ; day of October.   A.I)., HC'l, w-sl-jned   all   his  serving the MiLei-l-M s "I   Hi!*73 ruling tor ! r,.ai,.|���������| personal property, wept an therein  ivhich hi*  is   a _nei..',c*i*.    (l.-Mm, oil', j '"^"fTv !." J������J?v.���������^^nna^^-aiX  ulllyiely   upon    liim   nml   Ki*vi*Klok(- j tru-i-lur th*. purpo-.-of "ntlsfylni; ratably am!  ii    -���������!���������   ..!,..  infi���������i,������tl ,.,���������.*,  i��������� - proportionately    and   without  prejudice    or  n ill*. J.i ylor tn ti^lit Uli.'ir c.iubi. lo i  ,rl,^ri,j*, the creditor* of ice said John Vln-    ��������� ,,-ni i*.tI'.<. the Af-lisnor, and the ������nld Trii-ncc  ha* undertaken lhe IrtiM.i created by llie miI.I  .it-i-d.  All iH-n-on*. having rIrIisk nitain^t Hi" said  -lolii! ,-liiri.iit'l'i*rks nre rcijulred on or before  lh" l-nili day of S'ovi*nit**r, A. I).. l'JOl. to lend  I-. tli>- <a|.l Truntec full particular* of the "W  duly v'-rlH-'ii, uircIIht with the particulars of  ���������die scrnriiy. If any, hold by them.  ANIi NOTfChl I.** HEREHY OIVKN that  nHer llu- -.aid tenth day of November, 1'jOI, th'.'  ������ald Trn-i*'*- will proceed to dl������tr*.bti:e the  a"������,_-t-. anion*, tno-e creditor*! ������ho������e /jlaliim  have been lodged with hl:n and that he will  not !-*:��������� re'pon-iblc aft'-r said dale for the Hjcot**  ti distributed, or any part thereof, to any  p.'r-K.n or p������*r*nns, lirrn or corporation, of  whoio debt or claim he shall not thfcn have  ri-c***lvcd no:i������*������*.  A ".lectins of the Creditor*! of the (.aid John  Vincent Perk" will Irf held ac the ofllre ol  John Drlnkwxter S-Ibbitld. First Street, Kevelstoke, Hrltlsh Columbia, on Saturday, the  tHCi-ty-dxth day of October. A. I).. Wll, at the  hour oi two o'clock In th*? afternoon.  H������t������l at Revelstoke, B. C��������� this 12th day of  October, A. I>.,I9U1.  J. M. 8COTT, P.evelstoke, B. C.  Solicitor lor the Trustee.  upon  a finish iiml tin* people of Inilli ridiiifj--  shoulil stiinil pwpsu'fd to sink a\\  niinor (linVrri-.cos unil uiiiu* .is one  man to buck these ^cnLli*rrii*ii in lhc  coming battle for justice anil pi'i.o;i'i'*-'s  in North KooLemiy.  Now if concessions nre made to  Cariboo an'l Cassiar in regard to  membership on the score of area,  surely here is another very reasonable case for exercisinK the same  discrimination.        Nortli     Koolenuy  Notice.  The followlnc; Liquor License? have been  received for the Revi'lntoke T.'ccnsc district,  viz:  O, V. R-, Olacler House, Glacier. P..C.  Kdward Harrington, Merchant.-*' Hotel,  Illecillewaet  Swan Anderson. Windsor HotcI,|THcciIlc*.vaet  E.J. Kerr, Arrowhead Hotel. Arrowhead.  J. .1. Folev, I akc View Hotel, Arrowh-ad.  'Ihoq. M'cNaught, Halcyon Hot Spring  Sanitarium, Halcyon Hot Springs.  itlrrhaol Grady. St. Leon Hotel, St. Leon  Sprinifi.  K.J. Hudson, Leland Hotel. Naknsp.  John Hector, Columbia Hoiihc. Nakusp.  Thomas Abriel. Hotel Grand, S'ttkuxp.  T. J. Lovctt, Iliirton Hotel, ISurton Citv.  Isaac Jlate Nock, Pioneer Hotel. Thomsons  Landing.  T.   W.    firahiunc,    Prospector's   Kxchauge,  Thomson's Lending.  J. A. Cameron, Hotel Queen's. Comaplix.  R. Ci. Macleod, Lardeau Hotel, Comaplix.  Cory Menhinlck, t'endragon Hotel, tlnm-  borne. ,  J. A. drey, Kva Hotel. Camborne.  And fnrthertake notice that tho'regular  meeting ofthe Board of License Commissioners will be held In the Lake View Hotel,  Arrowhead, on the ICth day of December, at  the hour of eleven o'clock, 1901.  I'.. A. UPPER,  Nov.ZMI Chief l.Iceni'C Iinpector  LOST.  A I'ln"��������� Cnlon Jack���������from the Opera House  on or about January 2nd, 1001. The flag was  used for the decoration of the Opera Hou.se  for thcTrainmon's Hall on NewYear's Kvt*.  The finder will please rotiirn.aame to Hjcxald  Office. Oct. 9���������tf.  NOTICE.  TAKK NOTICE that CO days after dato I  intend to apply to the Chief Co-nmlssloucr  of Lands and Works for permission to cut and  carry away timber from the following described lands:  Commencing at a post marked Poger F.  I'erry's southeast corner post situate about 200  feet from Scott Creek, thence west -10 chains:  thenc" north IM chains; thence east -10 chains;  thenee south 100 chains, to thn' placn of commencement; containing 040 acres.  ROGER F. PERRY.  Goldfields, n. C, Out. 17ib, 1901.      Nor. ������-H.  CANADIAN  PACIFIC RAILWAY  New Schedule  Effective October 1", Hwl  EASTBOUND  WESTBOUND  8:20  17:10  Passengers booked to all  Eastern, Canadian and U.S.  Points.  Berths reserved on Atlantic  Steamers for passengers to  the Old> Countrv.  Direct Steamer Service from  <l       ir  Vancouver to    **  CHINA,  JAPAN,  AUSTRALIA,  ALASKA  Full   information and llustrated  pamphlets furnished on  application.  T. W. Bradshaw,  Agent  Kevelstoke.  ������teS Victoria  Brown & Guerin, Props.  KLKOTUIC JJF.LT.S AND 1,10HT IN' EVJ3RY 1'tOO.M.  llOHItl.-Y  STIIKUT CAIt  MUKTS  ALI. THA1.VS.  HAH  WRI.I, SUPPLIED   HY THU CHOICE***.'!*  1VJXKS,   LIQUORS  AMI  CtOAHS   I  (5*^3  ���������j  ViMH.-iiii.HH������M.unj.m.������i.������t���������������mn.  TTKVT^WFffipgiyy  Tki.i:?ho.si: Xo. 101.  ]\.0. Box 700  The Prospectors' Exchange  No. 5 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver Lead and Copper Minos wanted at the ������l__p-*l*:xchaiiyc. '  Free Milling Gold Properties wanted a: once for JiiiKtern Investors.  Parlies having mining property for sale are-requested to send samples of their orcj  to the Exuhnnin! for .Exhibition. n  All samples should be sent hy express Prapald.  i  Address all communications to  Correspondence solicited.  rsr  ANDREW F. ROSENBERGER,  PffW>jjmiiur..������-.���������������������������������ni������-������>-'"-*-si HIMJMUHI.MM���������  Nelson, B. O.I  gBBa_KE  II. G. PARSON, President.  M.J. O'BRISN, Managing Director  2.e Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.  .Limited Liability.  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  Manufacturers oi ACME BRAND AERATED WATERS  GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  Campbell Avenue.  Revelstoke, B. C.  r  E, J. Coyle.  Assist. Gen.  Passenger Agent  Vancourer.  REVELSTOKE  Steam Laundry Co.'y.  A Challenge  Wc challenge anyone in  Revelstoke to give substantial reasons for supporting Chinese laundries  In exchange we offer to  give io good reasons why  Chinese laundries should  .not be patronized.  BUKER & SAXTON,  Proprietors.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  Prompt delivery of parcels, ba-rgDec, elc,  lo any partof th* city  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken  FRENCH  RESTAURANT  On Front Street, Is again open to  the public.   Heals  served at all  11 -      hours.  A. REBUOHE8E,  Prop  All orders left at R. M. Smytho's Tobacco  Store, or hy Telephone No. 7 will receive prompt  attention.  Jas. I. "Woodrow  BUTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season....  All orders promptly filled.  CoTirnKefttV fcEYBMSOKB, B.&.  Express Delivery  All   orders    left   at   W.   M.  Lawrence's   will    be    promptly  attended to.  'I  ��������� I  ill  ���������il  I  -H. Cook. maw.um������������jiju������M������u ������.**.������������������������������  ARCHIBALD      ,'SOTT, Hancock. Mich.  PETKR LAMONT. Nelson. U.C.  CHARLES 1-J. ST ILL WELL. Neleon. B.C.  JAiMES A. MAGEE, Revelstoke, B. C.  gMmiH, I l*B~*l*T*.1-i:^TT7.CTT<r������Tcrnr������*K...-.i.*������fji������l������CTPaTi  aliimmiwHsciiinju^JifjYimi  || |UUUfl.-.M.-������^l  BOAKD OF DIRECTORS.  DSi. G. A. Si. HALL. Nelson, B. C.  .), FRED HUME; Nelson, B. C.  JAMES P. BYEHS. Trail, B. C.  J. C. T. CROFTS, Nelson, B. 0.  SAMUEL M. BRYDUES, Nelson, li. G.  A. E. ROSENBERGER, Nelson, B. 0.  U  ��������� ���������' "- - "y e  .**  i a  a   n   ,. is >.  tt~������* \J ii     k  Incorporated untier the Laws of Brit.sfo Columbia.  utf-mB'.1'." ynf^BTSB^x  ital: $1,000,000 in 1,  Par Value $1 Each.  Shares,  ALL TREASURY STOCK.     N������1 PROMOTER'S AND NO PREFERRED STOCK.  mwmmmimrMMjij, j..w.,tma-r*nrrrriiaTTti.*tiiii<m  Located in the  Free Gold  9  Fish  asms.  River Camp,   Lardeau  Oyster Gp., 6 Claims  Mining" Division,  British Columbia.  ,,������������������.���������������/��������� aiwmjui.  200,000 Shares, Now Offered at 50 Cents Per Share.  In view of the splendid showings of both high and low grade ore ancl thc unrivalled facilities for the economical  developing and working-of thc properties, it is confidently expected that,-not only will.the present issue of stock be sold  quickly, but no more will be offered at less' than par.  Address"all inquiries for information'] or applications for stock to  Official Broker,  Revelstoke, B. C.  SECRETARY.  P. O. BOX 700,  IELSON, B. C.  ARCHIBALD. ,T.' SCOTT, President.  _ PETER LAM ONT, Treasurer.   .  OFFICERS.  DR. G. A B. HALL. Vice-Presid.'.nt  A. F._ ROSENBERGER,' Secretary  ���������ikUA^-vtaiTO*********-*******^^ ���������,:���������,..j>u.,u^., m u).  hi  T���������.i|t ,Hrifl7m-|  THE TOWNSITE OF  IS NOW ON THE' MARKS'  BUY BEFORE YOU SLEEP." "'  CIRCLE CITY is the Terminus   of   the   proposed    Railway   already   surveyed  via the Lardeau Creek with fork to that pointy  CIRCLE CITY is beautifully situated at the base of  the Lardeau Pass,   Galena  and Surprise Creeks. **���������*, -' '' '  CiRCLE CITY is   absolutely   surrounded    by    Mining   Properties ��������� now   tinder  ���������-^^���������7 - -- - ���������13eve 1 opmenly~-"-'~'.' --���������;---- -."-  ' . ������������������ -;-   - -- *��������� ���������- - .  ���������      -~^-���������~  tW~'  Which will be utilized next Season' by Concentrating Plants.  SEND FOR PARTICULARS AT  TO THE GENERAL AGENT,  ONCE  Gr. B. Bix\PH0<  Ferguson, B. O.  Is now open for business.  '  MONDAY,   WEDNESDAY   AND  SATURDAY,  Hours:    io a.m. to 2 p.m.  Ladies requiring 'portraits taken  of themselves or their children  are requested'not lo wear white  dresses or have much white  material round the neck.  Come and sec mydocal views,  cloud effects, telephoto views,  pictures ofthe moon, etc.  Thunderstorms and blizzards  will be added as opportunity  occurs.  Wright Porritt  PELLEW-HARVEY. *  BRYANT & GiLMAN  Mining  E  and Assayers,  VANCOUVER, U.C.      Ei,tiibli.sliO(l 1890  A8SAY WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  UNDERTAKEN.  LEGAL  JM. SCOTT    II A., LL.I1.  Unrrisler,      f-olicitor,    Xotarv    I'lihlie,   Etc.  McKenzie Avenue, Kevelstoke Station.  Monuy toloun,  JJAKVKY, jrCAIl'l'ir.t ,t PINKHAM  llarrlsters. Solicitors, .Elc.  Solicitors fur I m [it-rial Hunk of Canada.  Company funds loluan at8 per (tent.  ��������� :���������  l*'ii!ST tjTiiKKT, KuvulKtokc-mutlon, 11. C.  CHURCHES  *ii.rii(ii)isr ciii'iti'ii, ki:vi-.i.stokk.  l'rcucliiii** sen ices ut 11 ft. in. unil 7:^0 p. m  Cla**s mcctinc; nt tlie close ol the iiioi-iiiun;  sen-ice. Piibiinlli Sclniol uud Ulble Class, ut 3toll  Weekly l'riiyer Meeting every Weilnesiliiy  evening ut 7:*!0. The public ure eoriliiilly  inwtccl.   Keats free.  llov. C I.Ai*.sr.r., l'astor.  .st. i'i*.ri:iis < nn-cii, angi.ii.-an.  Eiplit u.in., Holy Kiielmrisl; 11 n.m., ma -vis,  .ituny nml .senium (Holy ISurliarist lirst fcun-  iluy In tlie ltionlli); '2-.:',ti  Sunday   school, or  child ren'.s --ervicc; 7::',0 Eveiisoiiy (choral) and  sermon.   Holy  lliiys���������The Holy   KtichtiilM l*>  celebrated nt 7 r..in'. or S n.m., us announced.  Holy llti|Hisin ailorSiindiiySchooi iU3:15.  c. a. I'KOcu.N'iKU, Iteclor.  I'liiMivriiiiiAN ciifiteii.  Service every Siin-liiy ut 11 u.in. and  to \- hleh till nro welcome.  1* p. in. even- \\ e(liic"*duv.  i-.i:v. ������-.  :H0 p.m.  I'rayer meeting at  c. Cai.deh, Pastor.  IKl.MA.V C.iniOl.lC CHUI'CM.  Mims   ut   ID ���������SO a. in.,  on   Ilrst,   seeoitd  an*  fourth .Siindiivs In llio month.  I'.i:V.   KA11IKI1   TIIAYKK.  SU.VATION   AI'.JIV.  Meeting every night in llieir  Hall an  Front  SOCIETIES.  Gold Range Lodge IC. of P.,  No. 25, Revelstoke, B. C.  iMccIa every WpcIiipmIiiv in  Oddfellows'" Hull ,-iLSo'clock  Visiting Knights invited.  11. A. JiHow.v, CO.:    :    :    :    :    :  FM. B. Liiwis, K. oi*- R. & H.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  jiepiilur inectings are held in tht  Oddfellow's Hull on the Tliiril Eri-  dny of each month, at 8 p.m. sharp.  Visiting brethren cordiallr invited  THOS. STEED, W.i.1.  W. a. I11K.NEY, Rcc.-Seo.  SsJCxm.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Itoynl School 01 Mines, London.    Seven years  ut  Morfa   Works,  Swansea.     17   veurs  Chief  Clicinist   to Wigiui Conl and  Iroii Co.,   Eng.  Late chemist and Assuyer, Hull Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined und reported upon.  1 Ferguson. B.C.  Test*i made 11 p to *2,ooi)ll-s.  A specially made of checking .Smelter  Till [1.1. *  Samples from the Interior by miill or  e.xpresi promptly attended to.  Correspondence solicited. .  "       "VANCOUVER, B. C, t .  **************************  p.. ���������*-***,  *-q_1__������.  ���������$l9EXj  s-o-i^p*  RiKES  Itcil Hose Degree meets second und fourth  Tuesdays of each  month; White Rose Degree  meets ihird Tuesday 01 eaeh quarter, in Odolel-  lows Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome  WM. WATSON", HY. EDWARDS,  President. Secretary.  H. EDWARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  DEEP. HEADS, 1IIRDS, Etc. MOUNTED,"  Kurs Cleaned und [*c,*nirod.  JUST EAST OF  PKESUVTERIAX CHURCH;  Third Street.  Certilicate of Improvements  ICTOTiaiE.  Gold Hill Jli.-.ernl Claim, situate in; the  Kevei.-toke Alining l.������ivisioii ol Kootenay Dislricl.  In Ground Hog  Basin, on  Wliere Located:  MeOiillouyli Cicclc,  TAKK NOTICE that I, fl. li. Hume, 1'rce  .iluier'-Ccrtillciiie No. 11, -iTbOii, hi lend, sixty  (In.vs 110111 the ante heieol. 10 apply to the  iMiiuny i-.ceurdcr lor accrtilicuie 01 linprove-  uieiii**, jor the puiposc of-obiuiuing a crown  .UrauLolALcabovc-cliiIiu.*--���������-������������������=������������������- - .-���������  And fuither Inke notice that action, under  Scciioit  '.ii, musi be 1-oiriiueni.ed  belorc,  lhe  issuance 01 such Certificate of improvements.  Dined HiiS'llli uiu 01 September, 191)1.  U. H. HUME.  Oct. 11���������tl  Chief Arthur of the B.  of L.   E.  ��������� Declares They Are Against  Common Sense and a Wrong  Which His Brotherhood Will  Never Commit.  In ii ic*L'i*:it is's-iie nf the I'hil.idelphi.i  Nni-tli Aiiiui-ii-,111, Chief Art hut*, the  veti'i'.m li.-.uk-r jf the B. ni 1.. E. i?-ive  111 iiiturviisw on l.ilini' tupit-s.  In the ciiiii'si* ol his i-miinrks .Mr. Arthur sniri. "Ijoolvint; l],u-kw;iul o.-'i'  experiences .clui-iiii; my con auction  willi lhu ]3i-i)therliooil for the pnst  thirty ei<2,hl ywii-ii���������for Hventy-eicthL  of which I huvc served :is the executive ollicer ;iiiil five .is their auditor���������  I ruciill-thi: time when it was not at all  easy to obtain an audience with the  representative:; of the companies*. Now  it i*> (lill'erent.  "A delegation appointed liy the employes 1.0 wait upon the pivr-ident or  Kcni'iul in,i!iii������ri'rol'uliii(i>t .my railroad  on tlie cunliueiit linds the rioni-a of the  exuentivu ollice IhiiiK open and the  tjriev.iiu'es discussed wilh an e.ii'iif'.->t-  ness that show*, a realization thai the .  well'aie of the company depend*: upnn  a continuance of amie.ilile iclations  between employei'.*- nnd employe.*-  Nniviidnys the railroad chiefs will take  up I he work of ni.ikins,' roiit;li place*  smooth and crooked one.- straight  with as much eueigy 11- tlinii^li the  colTers of the company henelitled  therehy, which undoubtedly  they   do.  "I have harped continually on the  value of arbitration when the unswer-  vuhle force meets the immovable one.  So fat* as the Brotherhood is concerned  T do not know of one dispute in ils  history I hat could not have been  submitted to arbitration. I have heaid  of the Australian plan of a national  board ot arbitration and decidedly  endorse it.  "My idea would be to have a. boaid  made up of three disinterested men,  whose reputation for fairness is above  question, each party to select une man  and the two to select the third.  "Objection lo this suggestion will be  raised immediately and it will be said  that either the capitalist or the  employe would be unwilling to submit,  the matter in dispilte lo arbitration.  My calm convict ion, based on a life's  experience with labor questions, is  that ho who is Junwilling to submit a.  dispute to the decision ofthe arbitrator  is iincomtortably unaware that his  case, is not sound and therefore,- fours  defeat."  Continuing his remarks after   favor-   .  ablt! comment ou   the- possibilities  of  compulsory, arbitration,   Mv.   Arthur  said:  '���������Speakingof the Brotherhood and  myself, I deprecate strikes. They are  foreign' to our pulicy, which is an  amicable one. We have been called  selfish, exclusive and unsympathetic *.  because our stand in labor disputes  outside our own organization has  always been ;i conservative one. I  hold that this is the proper ground to  take. Ench union for itself. The  locomotive engineers are in ths  skilled labor class. They are quite  capable of taking care of themselves  without assistance from others.  "Let others rise to a similarly strong  position and they can fight theii* own  battles without calling for a general  throwing down of tools and a ,tieup  from ocean to ocean. I believe in  unions being mutually helpful. Where  the fight is a just one there should be  given moral and financial assistance,  advice and counsel. But for employes  who ure "well treated, at peace with  their employers and with no cause  for complaint to refuse work in order  to strengthen the strike in a body of  men whose grievances interest them  only from a sympathetic point.* of  view is contrary to ' the dictates of  common sense, and a wrong of which  the Brotherhood will never be guilty."  /  f,  L Schnider..  Successor to I). Jenkins  Manufacturers of ���������  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES  FAR WEIL   ESTATE.  Tito [choice land norlh nf truck,  Imluuun 'ttipi.intj'ji mul hour's, will  bu Mibilivi'ictl i'or sule us noon ms  j alible.  G..M. SPROAT,    VICTORIA,    B. C  r. 0. jsci.v, -iw.  AND RAILWAY MEN'S JOURNAL.  PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY.  Repairing: of-Boots, Shoes  and Harness, a Specialty.  Is in a position to give as good value for the  money expended, either for advertising" space in  its publication or for Job Printing-, as can be given  by any other house of the kind in 1(British Columbia. Write for Samples of Printing. All work  turned out promptly. One price to all. No job  can be too large or too small for THE HERAIiD.  Next Door to Guy Barters  GO TO-  m  ���������^VS/'t^'  Lauder's Bakery  For cvcrytlilngTrcsli nnd Now  FBUIT C.IKK       MADUIKACAKE  SPONGE CAKK     SCOTCH CAKK.  LADY FINGERS   MACCAKOONS  CURRANT BUNS DINNER. ROLLS  PUFF PASTRY     1'IES.  TARTLETS RUSKS for Infants  TIME TABLE  S. S. ARCHliK OR S. S. LARDEAU.  II111111I111; IjcIwc'.ii .' rroulu-r.il. 'I'lionison'*,  I.uiiiliiiK nntl (IriiiuipH.N, coiiiiticiK-ini; October  lltli, lllul, will hull ii'i"iollou.H, ivcuilier permit-  tint?: t  Leaving Arrowhead tor Tlinmsoir.s Latullng  nm! Uoinn->ll.\- tMlcodully--10k. und lljlt. -  Leiivin-* Coimiplix and Thomson-** Limiting  for Arrov.liend....twice dully���������7:10knml lliMk  Sinking pIoho coiiiieelloiis with all C. I'. It.  Steamers and Trains.  Theowner*- reserve the right to change timoi  of sailings without notice.  Th3 Fi-ed Robinson Lumber Co., Limited  WANTED.  Wnnted immediately n Cook and Waiter  vVaiie*, ^.'iJiind ?-> re-jpeetlvcly. Apply M. M  IIi.'cims'AN. i'endrasoii Hotel, Camborne. octOt  The Price of Molybdenum.  The price of molybdenum having  been disciidseil the following information l-cgtircliiifr production-*: and  price in the United States i.s taken  from ".Mining Industry." ���������  ISO!)���������Jlolybtleiiite. production SO.sbort"  tons, v.'iltie SjloO por ton.  Molybdenum, production 0..mU lb=.  vulue i*!1.2.> per lb.  lOflO���������.Molybdenite.     ]irndiiction     IS!)  short ton", vulue .S.V) per ton.  Molybdenum,   production    :;0,000  lbs., vulue $l.i'i per lb.  No production \va*s reported in ISIS.  It may nlso bp pointed out  tlmt ore  unless I'liiiniiiji l2peri'eiitiiiolyl)demiiii  isnot piircbii-ied. ,'illhoiiKli it   may   be  conceiitr.-ited lo that (le.*-ir������'d tenor.  ll will thu*. be Bi'-en that the mark.t  as yet is very limited, and care should  be taken not to build too much on a  present xilci for 11 idrge i.iiiintily.  althoiiRh there are evidence;, of an  increase in i.he near fulure. The  projecled institution of iron indu.-tri.'.s  in this province will if mineralized,  oirer tho most available market, for  local molybdenite, and itissalisfactory  to know* that, we have at hand a  supply for the manufacture of  molvbdeuum steel.���������Victoria Colonist.  OUR SPECIALTY:     DECORATED 0AKE8  Prompt delivery to any partof town  LAUDER'S BAKERY.  ACES and RRAIDS  A large range of Toint Lace,  Diichc.si and Uattenburi;  llraiil-*, Stamped Designs  hlamped Linens, Einbroidcrv  Needles, H00M, Ae.  ISerlin and Zephvr Wools, all  shadc-i, Slipper holes, Valcn-  .icIenceH Lace, Insertion.  Call at the  MADISON PARLORS.  Misses Shcppard &  McKenzie Avenue  Distribution Car System  The announcement, has been made  that an arrangement had just been  effected by tbe Canadian Pacific, tin*  Great Northern and Northern Pacific  railways, whereby the "distribution  car" system will be discontinued by  these companies.  - At the time Commissioner McLean  was in Vancouver .several weeks apo  the iptestion.was taken up. coast merchants contending that the way the  mixed car system was handled by the  railway companies discriminated unfairly against them and in favor of  the wholesalers of the ea������t. They  claimed that the companies allowed  merchants in the ease to make up  carload lots, comprising shipments  consigned to two or moie retailers in  the Kootenay and other British  Columbia poiiits,    II *.'."��������� !���������.&$&. :t'iiQiX'.'>.'L'ttiLr:������������* L, li������\ttit&&^������5tt-u-itt.iiz*i  i  **  CHINA  and a lot of Beautiful dishes  "JAPANli'SE," have just  been opened up at  Canada Drug & Book Co  REVELSTOKE.-  Japanese Napkins always in  stock���������35c. per hundred.  iy/ty*  ��������� ***********���������*****>*******  BORN.  Munho���������On Nov. 27th, at Nelson, to  Mr. A. Munroe, C. P. R. roadmnstei  and Mrs. Munro, a son.  MARRIED  Ylo <s,n7(yfte^iy yZri*e/ ���������&?*  W������uer%ML^ALy J        T  -mmi^mmmJmm^. ii_  , 1   ...    m 1 ��������� nji n 1 j        /l  ������#*& /U0-24S d^tyrv/^rt^ tr r  ������^=������ UNION'������^gr  Cigar   Factory  REVELSTOKE,    B.C.  H. A. BROWN,   Prop.  Erands:  OUR   SPECIAL   end THE   UNION  ALL   GOODS   UNION   MADE  ^'f^^(?  Lines���������Ijakkkr���������At Edmonton, on  November 2(1, by Kev. D. J. McQueen. T. XV. Lilies, ef Strathcona,  lo Kathleen, yoonge*-t daughter ot  P. Barker, barrister, Kclinonton.  Notes of News.  St. Andrew's Dav.  ���������See those 30c. silks for blouses at  Reid it Young's.,  Can nothitiK he done to (ix up that  awful crossing at. the MeC'iirty   block ?  ���������Boys' and youth's reefers just  opened up  at Reid As Young's  C. IL McDonald of the Canada Drug  Si Book store is away on a trip to  N������lson.  ���������3nst opened up at Reid ������fc Young's  *. full line of China silks in all shades.  There will be special services in the  Methodist church tomorrow and a  thank offering will he taken np.  ���������Very pretty silk fascinators for  evening wear at Reid & Young's.  XV. 3. Goepel. provincial auditor,  returned from the south on Thursday  -evening.  .1. D. Sibbald left on Wednesday for  Victoria on a short visit for the benefit  of his health.  Miss Olive Stewart, who has been  visiting her sister Mrs. D. T. Forbes,  left to return home to Calgary on  Saturday last,  C. B. Hume returned on Wednesday's No. 1 from a visit to New  Brunswick which has lasted nearly  three months.  J. C. Hutchison is building a warehouse for hay, oats etc., 18x50 feet, on  the switch opposite the Revelstoke  Wine & Liquor Co's wholesale store.  Tomorrow, Advent Sunday, service  will be in St. Peter's at 8 and 11 a. m.  and 7.30 p. m. There will be a second  celebration tit the 11 o'clock service.  When the recruiting officer of the  Canadian Yeomanry conies here, the  Herald is of the opinion that some of  the old Strathconas will not be found  very hard to gather in.  Members of Lodge Royal ty, S. O. E.  B. S. are reminded that the second  Tuesday in December, Dec. 10th, is the  date of the election of officers for the  ensuing year.  .The bishop of New Westminster  will hold a confirmation in St. Peter's  cliuruh on Tuesday next and several  candidates will be presented by the  vicar to receive the apostolic rite.  The Quadrille Club had a good  gathering last Wednesday night,  about 30 couples being present and a  pleasant time was enjoyed by all who  took part.  Archie Matthews has returned from  attending the Conservatory of Music  at Toronto and Revelstoke people are  hoping for a chance to hear him again  on the violiu.  W. Kirkup and Lew Thompson  left  town on Sunday on the No 1.       They  will   visit   the   eastern states and Mr.  ���������Thompson-uiay-go-tO-the_old_, country,  before returning.  ���������The clearing sale at the McCarty  Block will continue a few days longer.  Special sale of hats Monday night,  Dec. 2nd, beginning 10 o'clock sharp,  Special sale of clothing Tuesday night  19 o'clock sharp.  The membership of the curling club  is increasing fast. 10 new members  were enrolled on Thursday afternoon  alone. The prospects for soma good  curling this winter are bright, once  this sott weather lets up.  Mrs. C. II. Temple and Mins Temple  have returned from the coait. ^ Mrs.  Temple's health is shewing marked  signs of improvement, though her  complete recovery will yet be a matter  of **oine time.  R. Tapping i.s extending the portico  at the opera house across the entire  width of the sidewalk so a-s to .obviate  the drip, which has hitherto been such  an unpleasant feature of the sidewalk  at that point in wet weather:)  There has heen a, big rush of taxpayers to get in before Dec. 1st,  during the last few days and the city  clerk has been kept busy issuing  receipts. The need of a safe in the  ollice has bfcen badly felt.  Capt. and Mrs. Tatlow ninne in from  th<* coast on Thursday's No 2. The  captain went on lo Nelson but Mrs.  Tatlow remained over as the guest of  Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Phipps. Capt.  Tatlow will pnt in a day or two in  lievelstoke on his return trip.  The Mines Exchange Ltd., Nelsm,  Manager J. F. Mussel in an, has taken  over the business and goodwill of the  Prospector's Exchange. A. F. Rosenberger, the manager of the Pro������-  pector's Exchange is still connected  with the new company.  All sorts and conditions of  men require all sorts and  conditions of medicine. We  have the very best for each  man's need. Thc weather  necessitates attention to thc  health, and many simple  remedies there are which we  can give you, saving you,  perhaps, a severe illness.  Wli'.'ii vou cnn own  nl your own.  Now ii the linn* lo nuike yniir  nrriiii-iciiicnl lor lnillillii*; next  Sprliu.; if ynu will I'ull upon  us we will show yon liow lo  In-come yonr own Landlord ninl  Save Kloney  G.AF. CURTIS,  The Druggist.  TAYLOR BLOCK.        -      - McKenzie Avc*  The city council met last night unci  held a short session. As the petition  for the central lire hall bylaw got up  iu the absence of the city solicitor  was irregular, three fresh petitions  are required ono for each item anil no  bylaw was introduced for lhis purpose.  Wright Porritt has completed and  put on view in his studio a set of .six  photos shewing sunrise on .Mount  Tilley across the Illecillewaet laken at  intervals from S 04 to S.3I on Nov. 2:"!th  last. The cloud effects, shewing the  changes in the appearanee of the sky  during that space of time are very  beautiful. Mr. Porritt is teaching us  Revelstokers what a wonderful  countrv it is we live in.  m  Wil lime B. C. PERMANENT LOAN AND SAVINGS CO. stock for sule  lit lis inr value of ?I0U per **li*ire, with n premium of .f_!."> per share. This  stuck is now cumin-.; a perinniieiil dividend <n Ki-jlit percent, per minimi,  jiii-I is un iilisoliitely sale investment ntiliiublu tlieoriliiinrv interest rules.  1 lu.*. Stool; luii risen from .flt.ll per Slnu-e in Jiuiiiiiry l!H������i to tfva at tlio  l-ri'M-ut tunc, nml will without duubl lie worth .-f 1 ."ill in one year from the  jTtfM'iil Umn. 'I'he assets of the Coinpanv have increased from ..P.'.TjIl.-ia ul  I'eeeniDer 31st, Ib'JS, to over? 1(10,000.uo nl'tlie present lime.  Also CLASS C Accumulative Stock���������sill per month invested iu this  Slock wil! tie worth siiuu.Oti in ciglii vears. Figure out vour nrnllt lor  your.-elf. "  XVe are offering special   inducements  to  purchasers  of Lots  for the balance of the year.  VERY EASY TERMS OF PAYMENT.    '  IN MICHIGAN  An Immigrant Train in a Collision and on Fire���������Passengers  Roasted to Death Lijce Rats  in a Trap.  A disastrous wreck occurred at  Seneca, -Mich., a small way station  about 70 miles southwest of Detroit,  between 7 and 7.SO o'clock on Wednesday night.  Train No 13. an immigrant train,  with two engines, westbound, collided  under a full head of steam with train  No I, westbound, about one mile from  Seneca. The result wns that five or  six coaches on the immigrant train  ���������were crushed and it������ load of human  freight sent into eternity in a moment,  while one coach on train No I. which  consisted of a parlor car, dining and  baggage cars, was also telescoped and  four dead bodies have been taken  from tbe ruins. It is not known how  many    people   there     were   on     the  I ,*, ... ?,*...> ,.,. _ . ....!..       1_.. ^     .-I- n    .5 _ _ . T_   Ir  .I������lllilf.,.������ll,l, LTrtlili , t���������u vIjft-tlCAL 11-11  will be anywhere from 00 to IT/).  The people were caught like rat.s in  a tiap and crushed. Then the wreck  caught fire and those who were not  instantly killed were slowly roasted to  death, and none of the spectators who  quickly gathered from the farm houses  near by were able to give aid. Th  whole immigrant train wa:- soon consumed by the flumes. I-jvwt person  on thr train, it i*** now reported, was  killed.  [���������'ariiiel's residing along the track  rushed iihing the blazing mass to  resciu** llio***** whom they thought  might ho alive. Tin- bodies when  hauled out of tin* wreck wr-r<" t.ik<-ii to  noiir by farmhouses, which are filled  with this dead, and a large number of  injured were taken to a hospital at.  I'hi'U, Ind.  Along the track long lines of burned  bodies lie covered with blankets, presenting a gruesome sight. It may be-  that the exact number of killed, or  who they are, will never be known.  At present it i.s impossible to get anything resembling a list of injured or  dead from Seneca.  Tt is said here that t.he accident was  the result of a misunderstanding of  orders. It is reported in Sennca that  No l should have wai Ted nl, Senec-i  station and No Hi should have taken  the siding. This was not done: then  the crash came.  The net result is that, one whole  train, No 13, is burned, the engines  are complete wrecks on both trains,  and on No -t, the coaches between the  dining and the baggage cars are ci-uvh-  cd into kindling wood.  UTWt   DKTAILK.  In the wreck on the Wabash rnil-  roiul, near Seneca, Mi"b��������� the official  list gives t.he names of ten' dead and  f8 injured, bill, it is believed the loss of  life iiiimhe'rs 100, ns it is asserted VX)  passengeis were completely incinerated and that with the removal of the  wreckage, the bodies crumbled lo dust,  which was scattered by a high wind  prevailed at. the time.  It took four coffins to hold the  fragments of Ihe bodies taken from  Ihe wreck,  ^s     Real Estate, Insurance & Financial Agents, Revelstoke    ^  Way) to w|������/  NOW is tlie time to make  Your Stove Purchases.  We have.a  Splendid Line of  HEATING STOVES  AT RIGHT PRICES.  A full Line of  Hardware and Paints  are also in stock.  Stock c$  Are, as Usual, Fresh and  CompistE.  FSSgifehagaxM^^ *  By   paying  your Taxes   before  December   ist.  You save  money all  the time by buying your  Dress Goods,       Men's Furnishings  Boots and Shoes,  House Furnishings  From  Always ready for business with prices that suit ancl  goods that please.  .   Our 50c. Bargain  Shirts will cost you nearly $1 next  week.  Wake Up  AND  SIDE TIIK. UA1U.AINS AT  f.UY ISARnUR'S  IN  Watches, Clocks, Etc.  1S44 Rodgers Bros." Fiat Ware.  SPECIALTY WATCH REPAIRING  <3-E2TE!3S,^.Xi   STATEME1TT  Of the Affairs of The Molsons Bank on the 30th  ,. September, 1901.  UAWUTIKS.  (.'.tpital paid up $ 2,T.(K),l)l)().(]i)  ii.",evvu I'und .- Jjia.liVJ.OHO.fKj  Ki'bafe in full on Notes discounted         fiO.IIOO.OO  Profit and loss account  .'ll.iJOO.17  (I'.'nd dividend           100,000.00  [Sonus of one p.i'. to shareholders...,  "il.OOO.iKI  Uividends unclaimed  '"'��������� '���������������������������  I nterest, Kxchango, Sic., reserved   Notes in circulation   Krtl.-1.1_ce due to Dominion Government...,  "        "    Provincial Governments   Deposits not bearing interest   Jletiosits hearing interest ,   Hue to otht-r banks in Canada,   i.jo.*.-)  IOS,."iM).*[a  ..  2,*I.V.,720.00  20,010.01  2fi.jnM.jj.-j  .. 2,702,118.27  . .I2,5l(i,7WI.()S  ..     21T,,'2T>1.-12  .*}!2,riS(5,(K{fi.*i:  Specie   Dominion notes   ASSKTS.   $   '.{TA, 171.2*1     1,172,188.IT,  ���������81  18.2.'B,nOI.OS  ^23J2(),T,'M.T,T,  Deposit with Dominion gov. to secure note circulation  Notes and ch**<pies of other banks   Due from other banks in Canada   " Foreign Agents ;  " Agent.* in United Kingdom   Dominion and Provincial Government securities  Municipal, railway, public and other securities..  (Jail and short loans on bonds and stocks   Bills discounted and current ,  Mills past due (estimated loss provided for)..  Real estate other than bank pre mines   Alortgages on real estate sold by the bank...  Hank premise-, at head office and branches..  Other Assets   ,T������f,;.:m.  120,000  Mil,310  18tl.87.'J  5I5.20K.  .-..11,120,  :������ 1,1.-.7.  ,037.28!).  .215,112,   15,227,0.18.           87,2<!S.          85.332.  ....."       38,002.       :ioo,ooo.           J 0.307.  ,00  .00  ,W.i  Ml  .00  .17  .00  .51  .00  ��������� 9  ,01  .10  ,-lt  :k>  ,00  7.370,508.20  15,7������0.030.rj.1  $23,120,537.55  ^*it.-c.*r*<w--r<r-<fj'^  E  -A.G-IEIISr'rs   F033,  REAL ESTATE  r Cnnmlii l'lirmniieiit *fc Wiislf-rn  n. I'. It. TOWNSITE,  MAKA TO WNS IT IS.  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"There is not ruth in the story reported here I o have been telegraphed  to the Colonist from Montreal, that  the Dominion tfovernment had promised to subsidize Mackenzie Si Mann's  road. The inatler has not even heen  considered.  ���������'Inciuiries at Toronto show that the  provincial Kovernment. presiimablv  lhi-mif_.li Mr. Wells, lui* intimated to  Mackenzie Si Mann that it uiiiiil, be  utile to sifj;n a contract and award a  cash and land subsidy to that portion  oi'the Canadian Northern Ihnl will  run through noil hern British Columbia if the contractors would consent tn  divert the line to Hole Inlet, mid  connect at that poinl, with the Inland  railway.  "So far there have been no negotiations whatever with the Dominion  ���������,'iivernment and no assistance has  lieen promised or even usk"d."  *������������������ Notice to Curlers.  There will he a. meeting of the Curl-  iiif,' Club in the No 2 /ire hall on  Monday night at 8 o'clock. Business  of importance will come up and all  members of the club and others wishing to join are requested to attend.  Now is the time  to leave your orders for  Christmas Cakes  There will bo on linnd for the Kollilav  iriule a i.-ouiplutc line o������ Fruit nml Confectioner}-.  A. N. SMITH.  ustoticie  N'  OriCI-. K hereby i*lvi*n that .10 davs nfter  -��������� ilnte I intend to npplv to the Ulil'ef t.'om-  mlii-loiierof I.niuls and World) for permission  io cut nnd vxxxriy unity timber from the following dcscrilwd Iniid**:���������CoininciicIiiK nt a post  nt the south-enst corner of Roger F. Perrv-'R  prc-emr>tion, innrkcd "Soutlicait corner 'of  limber limit applied for bv F. .1. Goldsmith"-  thence wet ID chains; thenee north 100 chains-  thenee en������t JO clmins to Fish Creek: thence'  following the meandering of Fish Creek 160  chains to point of commencement; containing  010 acres, more or less.  .   ,      ,* F.J. GOLDSMITH,  rhomson's Landing, October 16th, 1S01.'  UHI'X'JMr.Esr   BOOKS  BIBLES  EOOKS  For all denominations  Also a large range of  Poets in several qualities of Binding.  Prepared and sold only by  W. Bews.   Phm. B.  BROWN BLOCK. TEL. 48.  ii  ' T  (7  i\  n  i  n  \fl  7\*,i  i  4  it  m  "8  1  ic-'iM  I  '/j  aa\


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