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Revelstoke Herald Aug 24, 1901

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Vol    V.  No   66
Year in Advance.
C. B.
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entire stock of Straw and
Linen Hats, including Ladies'
Gent's and Chiidrens' at Cost
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Cotton and Cashmere Hose.
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and Cotton, including the
celebrated Health Hose.
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thing in these goods come
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A few lines left which we are
offering' at a great  reduction.
Is the Bylaw for the Purchase of
the Waterworks and Electric
Light Plant Legal?
The city council met last night as
usual. Present Aid. Taylor. Nettle.
Abriiliamson and McLeod.
The cily clerk of Kamloops stated in
answer Lo inquiries that tho tire alarm
system installed there in 'OQ by Mr.
Dier worked very witistuctonly. the
repairs required were nil, the poles
were 150 feet apart, the wires insulated
and the batteiies used the wet cell
(Laclede). Referred F. XV. Si L. committee.
Tlie letter to the mayor enclosing
resolul ion of Vancouver committee for
the reception to T. R. H. the Duke and
Duchess of York, published iu the Inst
issue of the Herald whs read.
The mayor thought the proposition
of the Vancouver committee should be
taken advantage of. The outlying
mining camps should be asked to lend
ii hand and furnish an exhibit. Iii the
meantime a. public meeting could be
called and committees struck to cany
out the plans then adopted. There
would be hundreds of people come
from across the line and it would be a
great chance to make a good display
of the mineral wealth of the district.
Aid. Nettle thought the royal party
would have plenty of time to inspect
an arch in Revelstoke. Unless we got
substantial aid from the outlying
districts he did not think we could do
Aid. Taylor thought the- expense
should be looked into. '
Aid. Nettle moved that the mayor
should call a public meeting to discuss
the subject, seconded Aid. McLeod and
Aid. Nettle asked Aid.   Taylor  and
Abrahamson , to rescind   the   motion
"which theypas'sed last meeting.---\"5*
' Aid.   Taylor   thought    the'   whole
council passed the motion.
"Aid. Nettle   moved,   seconded   Aid.
McLeod; that the motion passed "last
meeting be rescinded. "
In   speaking   to    the  motion   Aid.
Nettle   said  that   he    believed  that
the bylaw was illegal and no earthly
use. A petition was presented to the
council and before it was presented it
was in print." As there was four out
out of the seven aldermen, members
of the company there was never a
quorum present to pass the bylaw.
The bylaw was submitted according
to a petition and passed. If the bylaw
had been acted on the council might
have brought an action on, .which
would have bankrupted the city. If
the bylaw could be proved legal and
the    comDiiny  could   hand
save all this expense.
Aid. Nettle said he was waiting
the debentures to be signed.
Aid. Abrahanison pointed ont that
as a matter of fact the debentures had
been signed mon ths ago hy ex-mayor
Aid. Taylor said fhe members of tho
company were citizens the same as
anybody else. If it ho tl not been for
the dickering with the city, they
would have put in the extra system
last year and if it happened that the
deal was called oil', they could put it
in now.
The mayor said that if the city had
agreed to recoup the company for
their outlay, if they put in the extension of the system, wliile the deal
was pending, he thought they would
have gone to work and there would
uot have been any shortage of water
right now.
Aid. Taylor thought that if the bylaw was illegal, the blame must rest
with somebody for all the expense and
trouble spent on passing it.
The bylaw to close Wynn St. along
the school house fence was finally
In answer to Aid. Nettle the city
clerk said he had no offer except R.
Tapping's for the pest house fence.
Aid. Taylor^asked if Dr. Carruthers'
appointment as health officer had been
properly put through.
The appointment for the" balance of
1901 was duly made by resolution of
the council. The appointment to date
from date of resolution.
The council then adjourned.
The Terms of Settlement of the
Strike Set Forth by the B.R.T.
of A.  Committee.
Montreal, Aug. 19.- Having received and considered the above proposed terms of settlement the track-
mens' committee on Saturday issued a
manifesto entitled "The rock on which
the C. P. R. truckmen stand." Jt reads
as follows:
The principal conditions under which
the committee representing the maintenance of way men on the C. P. R
will make settlement withthecompany
are as follows:
1st. All men now on strike who have
not been convicted of crime in connection with the strike shall be reinstated
in their former positions without prejudice. . "���
2nd. An agreement must he signed
by the proper official of the C. P. R.
setting forth the terms and conditions
of employment of maintenance of way
men which will protect them against
unjust discrimination by any of the
company's officials, "
3rd. A reasonable ancl uniform in-
crease in wages must be granted sufficient at least to make the purchasing
power of a day's wages equal to what
it was two years ago, or before the
general rise in prices.
4th. The committee will submit the
settling of the differences to impartial
arbitration, the arbitrators to be selected in the usual'way.
Rumor that Vein had Pinched
Out * in Lower Workings
Denied. The Mine Never
Showed Better promise.
A." F. Rosenberger was in town on
Thurseay evening en route for Camborne. He confirms the report lhat
the London and B. C. Goldfields have
been granted an extension of time on
the-secOnd-payment of^their -bbnd<-on
the Eva, bnt strongly denies the report
that the vein in the lower tunnel has
pinched out' - He says on the contrary
the appearance of the mine was never
better all reports to the contrary not
5th. And this committee endorses
and have always approved of the position taken by their president, John
Wilson, in the controversy, and consider themselves entitled to his advice
and aid without interference or dictation from any ' source. When ' the
above terms are accepted by the company the strike will be declined off,
but not until then.
J. Lennon, representative Pacific division.      .-,.'���,
.rrj.'B.-Bi'unsk'i],.-representative west;
ern division. -
A. F. Stoutt, representative eastern
E E. Nason. representative O. & Q.
division. . '
J. W. Johnson, representative
Atlantic division.
Personal Paragraphs Pertaining to Railway Men Picked up
By the Herald.
Engineer 3. XV. Tomlinson's engine
No 070 was turned out of (he shops on
Wednesday evening after undergoing
a thorough over hauling.
Here is a chance for the boys of this
railway town. The Poison Iron
Works, Toronto, are oifering two
prizes of .'tiio and $10 for thc best and
second hest free hand pen and ink
drawing of a C. P. Si. passenger
locomotive done hy a British Columbia boy under 10 years of age.
The Great Northern shops at Hill-
yard, Havre and Everett arc to be
supplied with electric power. The
officials of the G. N. engineering dept.
have also plans before them -for substituting electricity for steam power
in the operation of their trains over
the Cascades.
Chas. King of North Bend and president of the North Bend division of
the B. R. T. of A. passed through for
Montreal on Wednesday, where he
goes to supersede Mr. Taggart a.s
representative of the bridgemen on
the grievance committee.
The election of a new general chairman for the C. P. R. system of the B.
L. E. takes place today in Belleville
G. M. Ross, who has been working
in the C. P. R. telegraph office, Nelson,
for the past couple of months, is now
in charge of the office at Halcyon.
Cond. W. Burton, whose run is on
the main line, between the Hat and
Moosejaw, and who, with Mrs. Burton has been spending his holiday in
B., C. has returned to" his home in
Moosejaw. _-    ���
A. S. Embree of the C. P. R. shops.
Nelson, was married on Monday, last
to Miss Emma Grant of Nelson.
--W-Winsor. LC. ,P. R.. timekeeper,
left on a trip to the coast on Wednesday. It is rumored that he will
return in double harness.
man in the C.P. R. shops at, Winnipeg, on leaving to take up his new
posi Lion.
Brake man 3. 3. Spain was knockpd
oif the top of a box car at Whiteiuoiith
hy his head knocking against the
corner of the freight shed. His face
was badlv smashed.
The Trethewey Brake
News has been received from Mr. W.
G. Trethewey, now at Montreal that
he. is about to form a joint stock company for the launching of the enterprise of the patent brake which he
took to the east with him. Mr. Trethewey says he has been veiy successful
in keeping tho proposal before the C.
P. lt. company. By the formation or
a stock company, all American railway
systems can be communicated with.
The new company is to have a capital
slock of SUOO.OOO in 0.000 shares of $50
each. Four thousand of these shares
an: to be placed in the treasury as a
working capital, and 2,000 shares or
$100,000. to be divided among tht*
owners as per their interest. By this
arrangement Mr. Trethewey will he
able to finance the exploitation of the
business until it is brought befotc*
every railway company, and he has
hopes of it turning out a great success.
Freight Grievances Commission
Prof. S. J. McLean, the Dominion
railway freight grievances commissioner, arrived in town on the No 1
yesterday. This morning at 10 o'clock
he held a session in the council cham
her at which the freight committee of
the hoard of trade were present and
handed in a carefully prepared report.
Full particulars of the intetview will
be given in our next issue. *
A banquet was given at Toronto
Junction to J. J. Scully, who succeeds
Grant Hall as chief  locomotive  fore-
Fine Surface Indications of
Galena on Alex. McGregor's
Properties Next the Adair
Group.  ,
Alex,     McGregor    has come down
from       doing        assessment on
his claims on Lafonne Creek, the
Rob Roy, Albion and Lizzie Ross. The
claims are* located near the Adair
group and - are making under development a fine shewing of high grade
galena." J. "B": "McKen_.ie,"one5f the"
locators of the Camborne group of
free milling properties bonded to A.
F. Rosenberger, was up to" the claims
and says they present the finest look-
i ing surface indication of any galena
I propositions he ever saw."
Franco-Turkish Relations Bad-
strained���Capture    of     Boer
Convoy���Despatches in Brief.  '
Pretoria. Aug. 21���Loid Kitchener
reports that Col. Williams has captured in the vicinity of Klerksdorp,  after
a hard fight, an entire Boer convoy of
SO waggons loaded with ammunition
and     supplies,    much   stock   and   18
prisoners, including the   Landrost   of
Bloemhof and  a  telegrapher   with a
complete outfit.
Cai��k Town, Aug. 24.���The royal
yacht Ophir witli the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York has
left Cape Town for the Island of St.
Vincent nnd will reach Halifax about
Sapt. 15th.
Martial law has been proclaimed in
the Queenstown district of Cape
Colony and all country stores ordered
to be closed and all goods likely to
benefit the eneinv are ordered to be
taken Ito specified places and no resident is allowed more than a week's
Constantinople, Aug. 2*.���The
French Ambassador lo the Sublime
Porte has sen. an ultimatum to tbe
the Sultan.
Yokohama. Aug. 24.���The Marquis
Ito has abandoned his proposed
American tour, during the course . of
which he would have received the
degree of L. L. D. from  Yale.
Tien Tsin,' Aug. 24.��� Tbe delay of
the Chinese ministers in signing the
protocol is causing some uneasiness in _
the foreign community ' at, Pekin,'
although the ministers of the powers
do not think that China intends^ to
defy the powers by ultimately refusing
to sign.
Havana, Aug. 24.���Lino Lima,   the
notorious bandit,   for whose  capture '
idead or alive the military government
Don't forget, we carry
Biggest Stock of Heavy Hardware in the City. It will pay
you to get our Prices before
over the
property 'free of encumbrances then
he was with them, bnt if it was not
legal theii he asked the council to
quash the bylaw and cancel the debentures
A big shipment of Paints
Oils, Nails, Etc., arriving.
Tools of all kinds always
in stock.
We are agents for the celebrated BENNETT  FUSE.       .-
& CO
\lderman Taylor thoughi Alderman
Nettle-could have saved=the city-quite
-i sum if he had brought this point up
six months ago. If the market had
heen good and the debentures sold,
what position would the city be in
today? It was no credit to bring this
up at the eleveeth hour, when all the
damage was done, that could be done.
The vote of the people clearly showed
that thev had perfect confidence in the
council hi submitting the bylaw. If
the bylaw is proved illegal aud quashed,   the company  will  of course be
bust.   - . '   -,
Alderman Nettle said the council
had neve.1 been in a. position to handle
this question. He was prepared to
take a seventh part of the blame ol
the illegality ot the bylaw, if it was
illegal through a technicality.
Aid. McLeod looked at  the   matter
in the same light as Aid. Nettle.     He
[could  not  see  how  any   men could
I serve two masters.    It was a pity that
people interested should take  part*  in
selling it to themselves.
Aid. Taylor said that he was not a
bit afraid to stand up and say that he
transferred his shares in order to get
the deal settled, in order to accomplish
the mandate of the people as expressed in the bylaw.
Aid. McLeod asked what was the
agreement between   the  council  and
the city.
Aid. Abrahamson thought that the
question of the illegality had better be
laid on the table till the return of the
city solicitor. He would also ask the
mover and seconder of the motion to
allow their motion to stand over for
one week. "
Aid Nettle and McLeod consented
to allow tbe motion to stand over one
The mavor thought that if any
aldermen knew months ago   that  the
I bylaw was invalid he was  derelict  in
his duty to the ratepayers in not  call
Government Ownership in Natal
In a letter from Natal, Jas. Cummings, Dominion Trade Commissioner
to South Africa says:
"The colony of Natal owns all the
lines of railway. 550 miles, and transports Natal products for about one-
third "less than foreign, in this way
protecting the farmers. The net
revenue from the railways pays the
interest on the entire public debt and
a large portion of the ordinary government expenditure, reflecting * much
credit on the general manager, David
Hunter, and the colonial government.
Little Natiil in her railway policy has
improved very much over, Canada. If
all the^money expended by muni��
"ci pal i ties "andgovernmiHil^in'Cariada
for railways, canals, and harbors had
been kept in the ownership of the
people, managed for the benefit of
Canadians, piade self-sustaining* and
patriotic in developing our own cities
and harbors and carrying Canadian
products for lower rates than our
neighbors, nothing would be heard
about a railway commission."
Commencing Tuesday, July 2nd, for the Month of July
Trial Shipments of Standard Ore
Both A. C. Flummerfelt, manager of
the Granby smelter and D. W. Moore,
ore buyer for the Trail smelter, who
were in town  in the beginning of the
week, inspected the specimens of cop
per  ore  from   the   Standard   in   the
Prince Mining and Development Con-
pany's oflice and    both    pror.ount. A
very favorably   on   the appearance of
the ore and asked for trial shipments
to their smelters,  wliich the company
intend to make at once.
Our Entire Stock of Summer Goods
Ladies dont    miss the ' opportunity   to    complete y   u
purchases   of   Summer   goods   at    BARGAIN     PRICES,
Blouses, Whitewear, Wash Goods,
Summer       Dress      Goods,
Sailor Hats Children's   Headwear
fhe stock must be reduced and early purchasers will get  the full benefit,
Five-Mile Creek Trail.
The Prince Mining and Development
Company with 'characteristic energy
have got up a subscription list to complete the trail up Five-Mile Creek lead-
nig direct from the river to Standard
Basin.   The company have given $125
the  Bevelstoke  Steamboat    Co.    an
equal amount and ��200 has  been put
up by other mining men interested in
the district tapped by the trail, making altogether $450, the amount net-;
essary to complete the trail fron-n the
point    at    which    the government's
appropriation for it pinched out this
year.     This sum will be repaid out of
next year's estimates, as the ti ail is a
trunk trail,  tapping a very valuable
and important mineral section, from
which shipments will be made as soon
as ever the' launching of the steamboat
on   the  upper  river gives   the mint
Boys and Youth's Summer Clothing are included in the
Also  Bargain   Figures   in Men's
Furnishings, Hats, Caps &c.
Our Desire to   make  room  for  Fall  Importations  is  your  opportunity to
save money on summer goods.    Begin on July 2nd, 1901.
I ^��mMMI/��^^M<^% 9j��**iW*Jr+**i&+Jr*Jr*+��+
ing attention to it at  that  time  acd  owuers facilities for transport
has offered'a reward of 51.000 has been    , Cf.
kiTledat Masurijes in Ihe^" province* cf
Matauzas. Cuba.
Ithaca, Aug. 24.���TheLehigh Valley
passenger train on the Cayuga" Lake ,.
division was wrecked norlh of King's
Ferry, 20 miles north of Ithaca, last ���
night. The engine struck a boulder
and ran into the hike. The fireman is
missing and engineer injured. . -
Buneos Ayues, Aug. 24.���Three _ ;
thousand laborers engaged in the construction of a branch of the Southern
Railway from Prengels .to Bahia.
Blanca have gone on .strike, alleging
that their wages are in arearsl Most
of them are armed and have assumed a
a. menacing attitude. The government has ordered troops to the scene.
' Atlanta. Ga., Aug 21.���A head on
collision on the River line of the Rapid
Transit Co., killed oue mini and injured 17 people.
Che'efoo, Aug. 21.���Apparently there
is a   movement oTTfoot on thepartW     "
Great Britain, Japan and  the  United
States   to   force  Russia   to   evacuate
Xin Chuong,
A pro-Armenian sheet issued in Paris
asserts that the Turks have been looting and murdering in the Sassoon _
district since July and that several
Armenian villages have been wiped
Aside from the purl ial equipment _
of the Star plant in Pittsburg and the
preparation for its immediate resumption, there has been no special
developments in the steel strike
situation since Monday.
Six btudents sent by the Chinese
government have arrived in" San
Francisco and entered at the university of California.
150,000 logs have lieen caught on the
upper Gatineau River through low
20 Russian torpedo boats and several
despatch   boats have arrived   at   the   .
Dniester Delta and Russian troops are
mobilizing on thc Turkish frontier.
It is currently, reported in Russian
circles that the Cyar has decided to
broach South African intervention to
Emperor William and President Loubet. He considers the time opportune
for friendly mediation.
"Prince Chuan, tbe brother of the
Emperor of China, is to visit America.,
coining from Germany and sailing for
China from Vancouver.
English athletes representing Ox- "
ford and Cambridge arrived in Boston
yesterday morning. They leave for
Montreal tomorrow .'to compete with,
the Canadian athletes and will' meet
Yale-Harvard men in New York * on
the 21st. , j   .
_.t    V ? v I
' H-l ^���������jw^'V^^  l^^.-^,,.^;^^^^^  ^tfjiOli^i.^  ^eA^t'li?X^?^l2|2au^  %tt\'$ Joiu'unl.  Published Hy  The Revelstoke Herald Publishin1: Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  Mnnagiii*; l)iivr*i..r.  iinytliing     I'lse,   who  road     Hi  di'spal't  I"  si nl on   llio   depot .lust  A Semi-Weekly Journal pnbli.-licil In tlit*  interests of the ra.il-.vav men. minim; men niio  business men of the West. Davs of I'tiblieuiion  Wednesday and Saturday.  ADVERTISING  RATKS.  Display arts., $1.50 per inch  t*2 per  inch   when inserted  l*'rid.'iy lint* iniliosiiatiiigly pfonoiiiH't'd  it anolhi'i' MrXiroil I'iiUl*. Tlu*y would  not I'tiU't'liiiii ior ii moment ��������������� sug-  gi-slion tlint thoy might possibly, .as  lhey nppi'.'iri'd so oxplifil. for unco he  true. Tliere is, hou'i'vee. by this time  unfurl uinfely " dou'.-l, wli.-iii'vei- that  they were I rue or of Llu; very unenviable light* in which tliey |>laee the  : gi-iici'.-il < h.iii'Uien. a leiiet'lion from  which the brotherhoods,   whom   tliey  Strike To Be Settled.  I'\un* circiiiiist:ani.'es in.'ik.e il, eerlt'.in  ...'^���������T'-^.'v.J.v's���������^^^  sin-ilc I'.ilr.iii'i  I  on    liih*    p"*.*.'!  Legal ads.. 10 cents per inch  (n������npan..*;i  ..m ! ^.prcsoul, will havu lo lake very vigor*  Jor tir-st insertion;   5 cenis for each  :iiMiii..ii"!        '  thev   wish   to   clear  nsenion.   Local notices 10 cent** per liu ��������� ���������'.'������������������I.  s������ue.    Birth,   Marriage   and   Deuth    .'m.ik*.*-  ins  I  i  SUBSCRIPTION RATE*!.  By malt or carrier, fi per annum; ;]*-���������"��������� f������r  six "months, strictly in advance.  OUR JOB DEPARTMENT.  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In another column will be found  the  documents in the   case  of   the   recent  failure of the attempt of the five  railway brotherhoods to settle the C.P. li.  trackmens'strike by conciliation.    Of  course they are not new but.   wc   have  hesitated to publish thetn before.   The  experience of the strike has been  such  as to render the hasty   publication   of  rumors and  even  despatches   hearing  on the subject a course to be carefully  avoided.    Particularly so   when   they  are of such au extraordinary character  as they aro in the present case.   While  brotherhood resolutions had  on  otliur  occasions been so twisted   and   turned  by the C. P. R. hack   i*r������*=5uion   ,lg   l0  convey a semblance of support to   the  attitude of tha  company's officials   in  the matter, the documents of wliich a  copy was posted at thc depot here last  Friday week  were   so   explicit  as  lo  render   it  almost   inconceivable   lhat  they were, as was the general  opinion,  only another fake.   On the other hand  their contents were   so   extraordinary  as to render   it  almost   inconceivable  that they could be true.  However, us these documents   have  now been published -and reprinted for  over a week in every paper m Canada  and the silence of the conciliation committee  at  Montreal   seems  to    give  consent, the Herald hns been-reluctantly [forced to   the conviction   that  these letters and memo's are   genuine.  We  have   then, to   believe   that,   the  general  chairmen   of  the   five   oilier  brotherhoods do ' not  consider that at  present   the   B.   R.   T.  of A.  is    "a  responsible   and   workable    organization," that they advise  the trackmen  to accept the 10c. a day raise of wages  conceded in  Mr.  MeNieoil's   letter  of  June 12th and declaie  the   strike   off;  then    in   a   year  from   now,    if   by  that time the trackmen have succeeded  in forming "a. responsible and   workable organization,"' of which the chairmen cf   the   five   brotherhoods   have  ���������obtained-leavertcrbe^ihe-jiidgcs^thw  can bring up a schedule, which i;*  only  ������������������to apply to   foremen  and   fii'*-l and  second men of one  year's standing  in  the   company's   service"   and   to   no  other.- either   section   men   oi   eslra  gangs, who are to be entirely outside of  the benefits nf the schedule and organization.  It is scarcely ci edible that the geneial chairman can irsvc expected the  truckmen's committee to ucci-pt tilth  terms as the*-e. terms, which at pi ������������������.-put  would simply imply a complete mii-  rencierand in the future a betrayal  of the very men. who-.* condition mo*-i  intently deiii-uids the *-ei i*ii e= of their  organization. XX'a presume that it is  the existence of thi.** cla��������� of Iiibm-iiig  men in the SI. 1!. T. of A., which at  piesent renders the brolhr-ihori'l in tho  eye* of Mr. McNicoll. and .ippaienlly  his opinion is .-shared by the general  chairmen, an inesponsible and unworkable organization. These poor  people have it seems no rights that  anybody is considered hound to  respect. It happens, however, that it  is just this very class with whom the  public most largely sympathizes in this  very strike. It is these very dollar and  a quarter a day men whose wages and  position the people of the west'at all  events want to see improved.  Xo, these terms aie not fair or  reasonable or such as Ihe trackmen  could be expected to entertain. If the  general chairmen really think they  ate, the men whom they represent, at  all events out west, do not agree with  them. There was not a lailroad man.  engineer, fireman, conductor, brake-  man, operator,: despatcher, machinist i  The Trackmen's Committee  Demand Arbitration and Propose the General Chairmen of  thc Five Brotherhoods as ji  Board.  Tin* following I'.iieiiiiieiits set, forth  f ini*sTit mil ion.iii the trackmen's strike  as. far as is known :  ('UNCI UA 'I'll u's ui.roitT.  ���������'Queen's 1 lotel,-Monl real. Aug. 1(1. 1-K-l  "To the onieer*-, and iiieiiiluir-s of the  Ii. of I;. 10.. O. I?. C. II. of I.. I*\. II. of  li. T.. ami O. K. T., of tlu; (-'aii.iili.in  Pacilic Hallway.  "Dear sirs a nd brothers.���������-Tho undersigned   (-eneral   ('hairin.in    herewith  submit, tin* following report   for   your  consideration.    '" compliance with request of members of our ort;aiii'/..ilioiis  wo ineL in .Montreal on Thursday, Aug.  Sill. I'-IOI, l.o renew the   oll'orls.  which  some   of   the   (ienoral   Chairmen lind  niiule towards obf.'iiuiii"_;   lhe   consent  of the company   .-uid   mamlenancc-of-  way men for the Gcnoiv.l Oliairinen of  the five organizations   lo   net   as conciliators in tho present dispute.      Our  services being accepted   by ljot.li   parties,    we.   Uiok up   I.he.   duties of conciliation hoard.      After   several interviews   had  been   held  between     the  Hoard   of   Conciliation,  the company  and     committee,     representing      the  trackmen, wc succeeded   in  obtaining  iihnsisofsettlement, which we believed  fo he reasonable ancl   lair,   undor   thu  present   conditions     of     tho     strike  .situation, ancl recommended that it ho  accepted by the trackmen,  explaining  lo them that thc terms submitted were  equal to those obtained by any cf  the  other organizations iu   their   lirst   efforts to obtain recognition.    Ai'lor lhc  terms of settlement had been fully explained to the. trackmen,  and   a   vote  taken by them,   the   following   letter  was   presented* to   the "Board of Conciliation by the Chairmen of the trackmen :  " -.Montreal. Aug. J J* I!-ul-  '��������� 'Mr. Ghas. Pope,  '* -Chairman Conciliation Committee:  '��������� 'The terms of settlement  proposed  by the General -Manager of the Canadian Pacific liailway Company through  your   committee,     representing  . the  ���������mainteniineo-of-way   men.   is not considered a fair basis of settlement.    AVe  believe a board of ;arbitr.itor***, compos  ed of fairminded men. would render a  decision more favorable   to   the   mon  we represent Lhan has been   proposed  by the General Manager.     Therefore,  we   will   request   the members of the  Conciliation Committee to recommend  that the matter be settled   by .-lrhilr.i-  tion.      ]loping   it   will be  consistent  with the views of the members of your  committee   to   comply   with   this request, and thanki  nmue'to bring ahon  standing and a fair settlement, we are  ������������������ 'Very truly yours  ������������������ -..Signed) .1.'Lennon Chairman.  '���������'A. F. Stout. Secretary.'"   ti-Wi:-iis-ii^Bortril���������������f���������Uifncslia-l-ionr-  feel that* our duties as mediators  have  ended, and that nothing   further   can  be done by us unless-President Wilson  of   the   li.   li.   T.   of A. will agree, to  leave   the   city ' within     twenty-four  hours, and not to interfere in any way  with either committee, ami   will   givu  authority   to   the   Trackmen's   t'om-  mitte to declare the-strike  oil',    when,  in their .judgment,   a   reasonable and  fair ba lis of settlement ran bo t-lTi'ded.  (Signed)  "Chas. Pope. Chairman >J. orl.. K.-  A, Shaw. Chairman O. K. C  CifO. K. W.u'k. Chairman 15. "f f,.l-'.  K. K. Kddy, Chairman 15. \i. T.  XV. II. Allison. Chairman O. !!.'!'."  Tin: ti:aci:mi:n''s answkh.  I'pon   receipt,   of    thi������   report    tin*  trackmen issued th'- following ciiculsir  today :  "Headquarter-*     .Libit,       Pi nd i-Live  Hoard. Maintenance of   Way    Department Employes, C. P. P. j  "Grand    Union.   Montreal, Aug. 10. |  I..1.1.              ,                                      ������  "Dear Mr.-, and brother;-,--The Genera! Chairmen of the ol her orclcis on  the C. P. Si. have been in Montreal  for some time. Last I'Yidny thoy were  accepted by the President of Mi- C. P.  li. Company and myself to ar:t as a  Conciliation Commit tee. fnsix-ac! of  their trying to conciliate ancl eii'ecl. a  .settlement through the President of  the: C. P. Ti. Company and my.ielf tliey  took the matter up wilh the Gouoial  Manager. After coii.Millat.ion for  itliout a week the following is ;x copy  of a message which shows tho basis  of the settlement pioposed by llie  General Manager. r-oiiiinciit upon  which f consider iiriiieees***ary:-��������� (Copy)  ���������Montreal. Aug. S'2, K>01. The .Second  Vice-President and General Manager  will approve circular setting out flic.  pay for liackmcn in accordance-with  liis letter of .lune 12th. and ;il.*.n   rooit-  tliitf   the    trackmen's strike  shortly be si.Ul.'i1..  Tho first of liicsi.' is i.!i,".t* Lv.  aceii'le'i.ls   involving   hisu of  dr.-i.wn public attention to llio fact that.  I'no track is really in a dangerous condition ami that travel   over   it   under  present; conditions presents iiiucli more  than the -ordinary pcivo.iitage of risk.  Tin* socond o!" these, is tlmt represeii-  lutin-is'have been made by   the   other  employ.".*, nl tiie   company   Hint   lhey  will shortly cease work not because* of  any individual grievances but because  they do not propose lo   unneces:-arily  risk their lives.  The third is that public opinion is  calling I'or arbitration in no uncertain  voice, the dislocation of lui.-.iiii*.*'.-going  lioyuiiil l::o limil-' which any private  I'.irpnr.'il ion owning a monopoly has a  right In in:!icL upon thc* puhlic.  Tin* fourth is tint the Duke of Cornwall's ton-.'across ('.-matin will ceilain-  ly be cancelled if the r.trike is still on  forty days from now..-mil a vi-il which  w ill I'orii: ;i iiiiiqia. ailvcrti-finettl for  tlu* i-oiniiry ai'.'.l list- Canadian Paciiic  Railway Company made a imiqu>* nd-  wrti'-eineu' of au entirely iliT.'.'i-eut  char icter.   -N'ieloria Post.  *  . m ���������  ,*o serious   ];*,  life have   ^  e&  s  M  8  Y/L?  P\  'xti'  C.-.s*1  '4  SPACE RESERVED rFOK  r?  SPACE  *5"3iT^r'*'T'T!'S3>"  fc>    V+5    tit    164  if***-  v%.  IhULZiiu.  .-^WL^i.-iis^ijiCili.  BUSINESS  MENTION  --Special sale of ribbons. 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N.stice i- hereby pivt.*n to the  said i'ichard MelJutrniul lhat unl*:"*s fi.xitl  charges ar*: paid within ninety ila*.* nf ihe  lir**L pulilicarn.netf this mm***- 'Ae-h.:II proceed*  tfZkJgSL '$$  w - 'i--"_5-2.-iS _*>*e*^  uovernmer.t Distribution of Stumping  ' Powder.  i.-AltMl*_.'.3 desirous or lieing :*,opplicd v.'ith  RlHStini; IW.vder at eost prit'C,' ior clcnrisij;  laii'l, can obtain blank forms of ree|iii������liion  from the Secretnriu*> of the Fanners Insiitnies  as lullow-h :  Henry Hill*', See'y, Alberni Farmer*,'  In-tii'.iie, Alberni.  J. A. Hr-lli-lay, Sec'y, Coinox Fanners'  In-titute, Snndwieli.  John b'te-.vart. Scc'v, Xanaimo-Ccdai' Farmer:* lii-tluiie. Mark's"Crosmnif, Nanaimo.  II. de II Melli.i. Soe'y, Coniclian Farmer**'  l*n*sit������te, Sonieno-*.  i H. Smart, *jc*e'y, Moichosin Farmer*,'  Iiisiiiiuc. Jleiclmsin." .  C- li Kine, see'y Victoria tanners' Institute,  CV.iar'Hill.' , ,      ,   ,- T    .*.   .  K. Walter. 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Jurmers' Jnsti-  folMv i:,-.   in,. }   ul-    Kn-nic,   .  e >:; ciiiniis to ,     jj   j.,.,, .   i;iid,.cs,  I ]ri-;;t;;ii;,"'*'cr:io.|.  See'y, Okaiias'iii Farmers'  Notice.  SfiT!''K .ilrrcby t-ivn thai  .laic f int.*n*lto applv in lhe i'lil.*f *c_.*:ni-iI*-*  sioner of Lauds and '.Vi.r'-es for p'*r;iil**ie������ii to .  pnrclir.s.* the fi.tlonlin; d,*t"rlb> d imi-: ���������o;u-|  inriifln.' at .-".i'iiIiv <"*i rori'*.*r of Lot ������������������'���������'���������'..  situill".! on I'i>li ItiviT. Liiril-.-ill, Hr���������l Keioli- '  nav, tli'-uci- half a mil.- ������������������������-'. tti<*nt*r- m. -> lil ii, ;  of a mil.* -o'lth. m.-'iict' hall a ro 11* v,csi. :!*.".jr.- ;  one-i'litnlh oi a mile norlh r.i place tn c-ia- l  in."ic.*nicni, a::d coniaimnir lOncro-. .  ipXF-X.if at.*.: 2:vl ./nu.-, I'.K.l.  Jj0-'_in--A f.'OKV MIV.-liK.VICK.    ;  ,      . J. K. AVT'KHSO.V.  j Ii-piity .Sinister of Acriuultnrc,  . i ln;pariin*>iil of AcrleiiHurc.      :" nt . "' v-c'ori-.. ll. <:.,-I'ivS.IMI.  i  '" -  I    B1UJ..���������,J CERTIFICATE OF IMPROyEHEHTS  A  GOOD  N.  ������Lj������������ jLm _ -Ju -i*oJ��������������� ��������� ���������  f���������Is-bctt  ���������jr-lhan-riches-*-.���������.���������.���������.--. ���������r������������������  We have the name of inakiiif:  tlie only Stylish Suits in Town  ���������for   durability   antl   qiiiility  they also excel.  /rit^���������  ittr.,              TRY ONE  S. WILSON  j     N  ext the McCarty Block.  .. .  : ��������� :: 1  w������ ���������ntL-v_rirta*jii-i������v������u������/ n  Wholesale and Retail Dealers.  PRIME BEEF.  PORK.     MUTTON.   ' SAUSAGE.  AND GAME IN SEASON. -     -.   , ���������.  tss  r.t-r\  .53  SWsJ  ii  ,.;-/>.���������,rr-=-i*-;*rs^>5-'-.*:-v*:���������-',     ������������������r^i-L-'^t^'^'T^.r-'^'P^^A'^'^t^^fKP'^t'."���������'3f^.^IF'TJ'X'C-S-S'Sj ri-trs  a.a  'V^ HOLES ALE  me  r?^^53r7*^r5'^ir:-^.^P5''*c^,*?*',rpA*-!.v_^.^^^*^r^.  Si'*i6^^te^^^s&S^w������fi������*^  P SPRING aa������������2 8SJE3!M %  .vcrnci-:.  m  r S.-<,  m  Millinery  T-.i*..:.'.i !i   M.nln-   c*t-.;::..   -iPinte    in    lliu|������.'L-3  Lar!.*.*!   Min.a.*   In: :-.nn nl ft nl   Koifl-iiiiy , ft;,.  . if.rj ,  I >-'���������>,  O-.i LcxiM-clon  M'jiintain, i A+<  ' " i,  T!ic Latest anil Alost  Styllsli Mats.  Trimmed and Untrimmed  i  m  m  m  (Continued on I'agc three)  flir-'ctiori from the point \. h������r-_ Kisli  trail c:r..���������f**-Meuhinnick f -roY and inarh-^-.l  ���������'.!. n.'.M������Kc!i/.ie'- n.,rib v.*."it .*cri:*-r." ri.,.|....  -outh 10 ciiain*!, thefci'ca-t l(. chaln*=. til.-' f.  north in cluiin-, th.-ti'*'.'v,*t ,t ill ch.iini lo ti.'  i.o'.nt of ci'intncnccin-'it.  lia-edthisOtl: Ju!;' I'JH!. *  J. Tt.v.rKF.X7.1K.  July.'II I m.  WHEEL FOR SALE  On Mile one n<ni ?f.5 CnluinUn cliain bicy-h*  Wil! take ������"��������� dollars for It.  Apply )[i:������Ai.n 'XllcC.  FCR SALE.  fJIinic*'* rc*ii'Iential properly on Mackenzie*  .\v-mie. 'Ihrce Lots next lo fir. .McLean's  n-ildenei:.   Apply to J..M. .S"jTt.  For- Sule Or' Rent  _.  ._  _-. roomec  to T. Kernaghan.  A seven roomed house for sale or rent. .Apply  July 17 if  :-.na>i<*.*.,. s;.-eh C'Jrtff.fv.le oi Impr'r.nnifiits.  luted tins ;*.'.-.--niic'.h 'ltxy',1 intt'i. ICflL  t.C. OKKi-.N",  V. L. S.  FOR SALE.  Aliout 30 1ic*:k1 oT f'.tlt.l.:, I*"> fiif.3,  lioi'W".. lui mow, wagon, slrji}?li. bil������tjy.  !,\vo inov.-i:is. Mike, }>I"W (ind linrnesi,  i:ii.,un scji.-iiMliif, cjliurn, ImtU'i*  worker, luoK etc.  To bu sold .'ill togptlifi-, .ami, if df-  sirod, willi a Ic-hms of I tic plimo and tlio  privilcfjc:   of  liuyiilfj  wilh   immodliito  ]IC.*5K('SSioIl   il'llCC'CSiS.U'y.  F.W. COLLIN,  jy-27-1 m Knclerby B. 0.  Jas. I. Woodrov/  gUTCHER  ltd nil Dealer m���������  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season   All orders promptly filled.  Corffir������?Si&". RBYE&a-fOKB, B.ff.  .LIMITED.  Starting June ioth,  will  make thc run from Coast to  Coast in  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. \V. B.Paget, Prop.  Prompt delivery of parcel**. Iinirgiigc, etc.  to any partof the city  Any Kind of Transferring  All orders left ut It. M. Sinvthe's Tobacco  Store, or by'i'elcphoue No.7 n'lll receive proin])t  intuition.  Ably furnished with the  Choicest the Market  affords.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms.  Rates $i a day.  Monthly Rate.  J. Albert Stone   ��������� Prop  Cheep Rates   '    '  Now in Effect to' the  PAN-AMERICAN  EXPOSITION.  T. \V. Bradshaw,  A Kent  Kevelstoke.  J, E. Coyle. -  , Assist. Gen.  1'assciiKcr Ajjent  Vancouver.  A. N. SMITJ  BAKER, CONFECTIONER,  aud caterer Etc.   '  CHOICE GROCERIES.  GRAHAM BREAD.  Wedding Cake, a Specialty.  Mail orders promptly and carefully-  attended to  P. O. Box  i3?.ox Revelstoke, B.C.  .'  \'i7  1 ' ���������:.  il  'if  ���������;  u'  ������  i  A>  ������������������>   ������  k<  li  :  ii  i.'i  '.ni  Ai  /v  I !M  - AND RAILWAY MEM;S JOURNAL,  PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY A?fD SATURDAY.  tri  Takes a place in the first rank of Journals in this  Province.   Its miniixsr, telegraphic and local news  -cs>?  s  is gathered from, reliable sources and. presented  :i  ih  to the reader in attractive shares. As the local  paper of such an important Railway Centre, its  attention has always been dra-wn to Railway  matters, and recently ii  b nas aermrceiy gbazszi wo  *>  the task of farming" itself into a vehicle of railway  news in "which railway employes all over British  Golumbia and Alberta will find the news of the  Great Railway System to -which they belong", and  of personal and the happenings ���������affecting' themselves and their fellow employes. TIIE HERALD  has long1 enjoyed the largest cirenlation. of any  paper  published in the district,  whiei  is  now  rapidly increasing* among* the Railway Men East  West and South.  'i'ir, "iCl -h ������5 "JTi I'"C7 Tt artf^ddVi'V^T %-f*.  TTtfXr'i'rY,  otle to any sHrewd businessman the advantages  which it thus o&srs as an advertising* medium  throughout the entire field which it covers. '  r J.������= *v_r*_r'M ������ J*_r������ ��������� r^rar"������- **. r_ci  m  $1.25 FOR SIX MONTHS, IN ADVANCE  It takes a foremost place in the race for. prominence and popularity with business houses and  as a consequence do.es more business with thos  e  requiring- ifrinted stationery ana ounce supplies  than any other Printing* Establishment in "Eastern British 'Golumbia. .The class* of work turned  out has heen pronounced equal-to anything: of-the  kind executed- in the large cities by much larger  Printeries.. --  Is equipped with the latest faces in .type designs  and all work entrusted to T1TE KL-EALD is  handled by experienced workmen who thoroughly  understand the proper use of the material at their  disposal.   THE HERALX3 does hot claim to be the  l-^oniy^printrng^to  ������    claini to be '  T5  8.  norougftiy  %g'W" H k������~W&L%  And in a position to. qive as srood value for the  e in  by any other house of the hind in British Columbia. Write for Samnles oi Printing. All work  turned out promptly.    "One vriee to*all.   No. job  can be too large or too small !or-THS HERALD'S  .consideration.   Special attention give to  by mail. *" '     ^  orders  Printed and Published by  fc!������%4'**fc8r/Pfc     U^rb^ IJf    lira elk    * if  Limited liability.  A. JOHNSON, Managing Director.  y)  VP.  1' H  is     ki  i  i f  h  Pi  3  BS_33S_aS3fl8SE!es������KaS2a3i I  RJ  i  ���������1  "j  i t  n  'i,  ,'          H  S___3,-_fiSE",  ll*..ll!*-t.'r,        *���������.>.!   i' .r,  Mr* Ken. ie Awmi  , l{. \il t<������l .  'li'inn,  y.oxxt y lo loan,  NOV! I i:  L-jL> _ li fc_i<t_>' t:     ti tic uyjtL*,  hakvj:v  M'l'AI '  I'l'.KIi.'.M  .  ItniriMm*   *-nln lt.ii-   t:ti-  Soliettoi*. for Im.>-^*inl Hank ol ('iiii.i.lii.  fHlnjiKlH   flllHi'  inl,.in HtS |.t. r i .'111.  i<M.M bici.il, llc\el**iouc Staliun, Jl, C.  MEDICAL.  T     \V. CltO-s-i,    OillCC:      "MliektllKii'   \\elllll*,    Itoi cNtnl.t'. ll.l'  Si; Itli I ON   I O Till'. ������'. 1'. It,  It *ailli Ollicer, I'll*' oi  llcu-l-ilul....  &. (ru 81, Q s be  (CMlllIlUni   f.-..' 1   1'  ,-e   Iuo)  'D.it.i,"     "i'ii" in.i"     "ml      "('i:n i  iniiH'i i! riuiiii *. .**ilu  li-in  tin*   '..nil'Mii  A.'iiiin.; Jii\ imiiii   u!    \\ i-,i    K'.iiiti'ii.*;,  bisti it I,.  When' lcio.il i fl:  Aiiiii1?   I'niil   Cicel.    sd^ i nlo-i :s:i������l   regulations   guverniiiB  ''tX'^^OtIgK U^tk ('.  ������,w���������.|;,-;"������������,->'������71 (T������   -���������������   <������  tho  nl Xi-Imhi, m'liiiK ,i*.  .i,t-iii-   mi- ,I>. K-1 *'"���������������!*������>'���������������������������. ���������������������������������<��������� ������������������>*��������� U'f-i'ii'l of  one year  ('iiivi-, J.'ii.i'Miiii-i'*, ("i'i tilir iti* ^'".   13  .7.1)72, ml ."inl, siNly il.iy- ri-nin tin* il-ilo  li'I'l'ul' (u .i pply In i li- .Miinii- iicioiil-  I'nr ci'i I ill .He- < I nnpi.iwmi'ii'.-, itn  t  CHURCHES  111.1 HUH!"!   f lll'ISl. II,   111 VI.I "HlKi:.  I'leachln;; *.i*i iIit*. at II a. in. nml 7: .n l>. i.i  C; 1 .i-- iniM-ilii.; nl llu; "'In*.! nl th." laornln,.  '1'iviei*. i.(ii.l������alll Sell no! a nd I 111 ile I la-*, al .i.lr.l  UVlkiv lJlil>,'l' .Mrelln-; e\el\ W..lneMin\  c\eniiiit nt 1: xi 'lhc public arc ei.ulli.lU'  Invilcil.   .--Lilt. ireu.  Iti*v. C. I..MiM'l;, 1'ii'lor.  SI,  !'l IIIII.*. (Ill'lllll,  .l.MII.Il'.lN,  1 :ii;lit n.iu,, llolv Kin-til,rlsl; II a.in , niiilin*.  ' iianv Mint ������i*riin.ti (II.ih Kiicliiirlst Iiiii (*iin-  iluv In ihe im.nilii; ::-..'. . stiniliiy *���������( hool, m*  eliililien'!. *i'i'\ li e; 7:.'0 i:\cn^oni* (ehnrnli n'.nt  *erlilol<. Holy Mm* -The Holy l.ucliiii i������i ii.  eelehrutcd ai i ii.i i. or i. a in , at iinnnittiectl.  Ilul*. ]!iipti*tiii alici '*.n.nla\ .**ehtiol nllitl.'i.  i* .v. rnoii'Nii'i:, Itcclor.  llu*   pin |io-i.     ul'     ciiit.lining      Ui.iu'n  j.;i:i!il*. nl I In- aliovt* cl,lim.*.  Ami Imi liei i.ikc lint it i> lli.it .i'-linn.  iitiili-i si'i'tiiin liT. iiiitst, lie ciiiinii'iiLCil  lii'l'm ��������� the i-.*..i nice u!" Mitli i iti iiic.ili*.-  iii' i ni pi (H'l.in.'hls.  I) itoil thi.s I .t il.iy uf .IiuiL* t(K)l.  !���������'. C. C!ltl'.i:.v.  Certificate of Imorovements  NOTICK  rillHIIMI'KIAN  l lll'l.l 11.  Servlci" ovt'iy Miwlny lit 11 a in. mirl Ti.'ii |> in.  lo v.hleh nil aie ������ole.iiiie, 1'iajcr iiicciIiik nl  8i>. in.c\ci*\ IVuiliie-'lay.  I'l.V. lv. c. Cai.iiiii-, I'l'.llOl*.  HUMAN- CAfllOIIC I'lll'KCII.  Mn-s   ill   v):'lli  a. in.   -il   llril.   r.cconil   nml  founii *jniiiliijs :n lhu inontli.  l'llV.   IMTIIIIl!   TIIAVIIII.  "���������AI.VAl'IO.S'   AllJIV.  ."loeilin; every nl|_ht ill their  Hall ������n I'l-oiit  Gold RaiiRC Lociije K. of P.,  0B'-^V\    N������- ~0' Kevelsioke,  D. C  fe#f       ���������  V&S^V/.y  Jit'Cls I'vt'fv AVcdncJilnv in  V'^y    Oilill'ellows' Hull at SnVlink  ^������&jP      S'isitint' Knt-clith invilcil.  I.. II. B::ok,  0.0.     :     :    :    :    :    :  :    : F. 11. l.Ewn:, Si., ok it. Si ������.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE No. u5v,S.  ��������� >��������� Keiriiiar mcotiiiL's arc hcl.1. in th_  VJ\\ OililieP.oii'a Hall on lhe Tliini l'n-  -;'|V^    dav oi each month, at S ii.m sham.  tiiZ'cL'O    Vibiting hrotliron cordinllv invited  V)'"*    |C'_ n'ltr,-:   ^'T'l.-i^n   lv *.t  *s.**?li.^ ^  TilOs. aTJSlSU, \V.;,l.  W. li. IIIKSKV, ncc.-?CC.  "Clmll.i" "Tiisciin".'ind L. V. (Im'.k-  l.ioiiiil .Minernl O.iiin;- Mlu,tic, iii the  l.iiik'.'iii .Mining Divi-jiim of Weht  Knul etiny lli.sti-ict,  Win.*!.. Incited: On lititliiRton  Muniitiiiii South Wehi of F.vu uiiiif,  Tiille iinlii'i' tlmt 1, K. (.'. (ii-een, nf  Ni*l.*nn. ni'liii{r ns nielli I'm' Aniliev.' F.  lliisfulicixei., F. M. C. U.TM'2Ar nnd  tin* lin|)c*ri.'il IlcvcliipiiioiH .SyiKlirnle.  Ijimitcil, I''iee .Minci''.- l.Vrliiic.'iii.' No.  II, :_aj|(!, iiiteini, biNly il.iys limn the  ��������� I iti" li.'ifol, in upply to the .Mininu  Ki'cdiilci' ioi* cei'tiliiatcs of itnpinvc-  iiii'iit!.. loi- lhc pmin.se of (.liLnming  Cimvii Ki'.inl.s of the hIilh*i* cl u'nis.  Ami I ii i-t her l.-iUe notice Una net inn,  miller M-clion .'17, iiiu-L In* cuniiiieiicetl  Ijel'uie I he isnmiiie of micIi certifii:;ile������  of itiifn iivcinont**,*.  J}<ituii lhis fitsL il.iy of Juno 1001.  F. C. Gur.KS.  Certificate of Improvements  ���������'0T10E.  A. H. HOLDICH .:  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  llo..-al Pchool of Mine*, 1 on.'on     Sovpii  vear  nt   Morfu   Woii,-,  Siiniisoa.    17   \oars   (Jliu-J  (-hein.il   io Wigan Coal anil  lion  (Jd.,  Jhi;;  Laic chemist aiul As-a- er, Hall Mines, i.td.  Claims examined ...nit repoTlcd n;nui.  rei'muio... E.C.  lCmVABD A. IIAGGJCK,  Mining Exoixi:i.:t'.,  Member .M'.i'.ricnn Institiitc r.iininir r.iiKino.m  Member Canadian .'lining Iiibtituie.  iicviii.s'roin:. ii.c.  Examination ol anil lepurts on Mineral  properties a specially.  jriP&<WV=! WiiV/r-r-t/' ,-:*v.  WtA^  \/    / \   ^ /  Red llo^o Degree meets ������������������erniid w\\(\ fonrtl)  Tut.������(la\i1 nfc'it'li month; White Uosu J^ocrrec  meets thud Tn^tlnv of onch ijntirter, in Oddfellows "Hull.   Veiling bretliveii wcleoinu  Wll. WAT .SON. H"V. KDWAKJ)S,  Pi evident. Seeretary.  H.  EDWARDS  TAXI DISK MIST. - *  TiFSLlt HKAB3, BIRDS, lite. JIOUKTIID,  l'-|irs Cleaned and Hc-inrod.  just i: a st ot.' 1'ki:sjiyti;kiax ciiukcii.  , '- ' Third Street.  Inspection      of      Metal iiferous  --,    -   .-^ j n g g -    -.     -.- ^ L__  IXtfTIZCTOl'.S' DISTEICTS.  TIIK Inspectors of Metallifeion*! reinc*1 are  liereby te-sifrncd llie folloi/nit; us then* ie**pcc-  ti\e Inspection liisirieis Willi heaihiiinrler*, a*,  noied. t no li a*s'jriiincnt to take place from  June 13th,I'JDl, mini turllicr notico.  AltClIIl'.AI.I) D1C IC, Inspector.  lieadqnaiiet.s.    Criinhronk.    ollice   of  Deputy Mining ttcioider.  Iii'ipoctloii   Hi-trici clinll    eoniprlse   all   oi  i;a*.t Ivooloiniy and   aUo  Coal   Jtnci  iiiining  Ih.*l*;ion of Wesi ICootenay.  ln addition to ilie dimes of Inspector of  Mcttillifeions mines, Mr. Hick m ill al*.o nctit*  tn^pccloi' o������ Coal Mines uiihin lite Mime  Disirlct. - '  IAMKS AfcGKF.aOIt. Inspector.  Ilondf|iiiirter*!, -ilhco of J[iiiin;r  itecorder, Kel-on.  Ini.ii'. ct ion. Iiislrict stnitl comprise nil of  U'c-i Koolenny except Coal liivij Mmtnj{  Hlvl'lnii and also tlu llrand I'or!:*. an.l Kettle  Itiver .limine Divisions .m" Yale Dl-tilcl.  'IliOMAb MUhdAX, In* pcelor.  Iloiidiiimrturs fiovcriimciit Ihiildings  Xnnaiiiio.  In* peel ton nl-tnct. Ynncoiivi r, Island und  <;oii"l Iiislrict.  Mr Moruiiii i������ nlio Insiiettor ol i'o.'.l Minijs  for tins lii*.',i*lcl.  Nniice Is herehy ;.lvoii of s':cl, Inspection  Iiistiiets and tliu: in accordiiiiee w.in It,..  ���������'Iii-ipi elnni of MelallilelolH Mines Aol. 1M'7,"  and Aiiieiiiliii]- Ac!*,, m.lii c of acildciil*. to  employes hnppi tiin^u ithfii nnv of mo h Ills*  Iricts nnist l.e piuiajilly repu: ted hnili io ihi  ln*.pceloi til such Idsirlei und nl>o to the  'IiniMerof Mint*., Ylctorin.  In inliii'*- noi iiii'liol-..! li. tiie alioio Dlstrkt.s  innn*ii;ers uill icport. in duplicate, to the  Mlni.ler of Miiu'i dlii'i'l, who, if he I'liiisider*.  it iiecc****niy, Mill a***.ij;ii an Jntpectoi to  i-peciall*. leport  Jlliink'Ioriiis upon nliii h to .onke lopoits.of  such   ucciileiils   may   he   obteineit    from   the  Inspector of   li.e   l/'ibtrlct. froni   the   Mining  Keeorder. or upon application to thit oltlee.  ltiClIAlllI .McliltlDK,  Minister of Mines.  Dcoartinent of Mine,  otn June, loot.  "Jokei-" iuitn_i'.il (Jl.-iim, sitiiulo in  the I.inleiiii Mining Jjivis-ion of Woat  Koolenny District.  Where loc.iluri : On Lexington  Moiiiit.iin iiiljoihini; Evil tnoup on  NVest.  'J'.ilce nolice thnt I, F. 0. Green, of  Nels-on, ;ictin*_; tii iiGft'iu for Lht* Imper-  iitl Development biyiidicitlu Tjiinited.  Fiee Jiiiiei'o Oi'rlilic.ite No. 13. '3'20-ilj,  inLend, hixty days from the il.-ili- hereoi', to apply lo the .Milling Keeorder  tor ,i cei it.'ii at,e ol impiovoniciiLs. for  tin; pui pose of obtaining ;i Orouti  gi.tnt. of the aliovi! cl.iiin.  A t.cl furl her taku noLiee Lhat action,  iiiider secLion '.fl, niut.1 he coniiiienceil  liciore lite i!*.Mi!iiir,i! of blich cei*lifii.ale  of m.piovi.motits.  Dated Lhib Iiiii day of June. ICO].  F. C. Ghees.  Certificate of Improvements  ' NOTICK.  "Imperial" and "U.ilfoiu*'', mineral  t'1-.iiiib. s-iliiate in Lhe l_.nrde.ui mining  diviiion of West JCnoU-nay district.  \Vhere lou.iled: , On - Li.xinglon  mountain, south of Lhe Eva mine."  Take notice Lliul. 1. F. C Gi'Pfin" of  Nel*-oti. aetinir a*, a^ent. for .1. .]. Folev.  F.M. C.. 11. :J20SG, Ooiy ilenheti-jk, F.  :M. (;.. Si. ::y2.0'2l antl John Uri-im.ind.  Fiee i\liiiers Cot'LillL'.itr No. B. X20H,  intend (JO days front the date herr-of, to  apply to the. Mining "'Hecordei" for  Gettiiicate of Improvements, ior the  nm pose of o'ut.iinin;; Ciown Grains of  the above claims.  And Inrtiier take notice Liiataction,  iiiidfr section 37. intisL be coimiK-nced  li.ifore the iKSuance of sne'tx certiKeate  ol inipiovcmeiits.  D iled this Sth d.iv of June,  1]00.  F. 0. GREEN.'  Certificate of 'Improvements  NOTICE.  "Blue Jay" Mineral CUim." situate in  the Ijiirdeau mining division of West  l_i.oleiiiiv district.  Wheie   located: On   Lexiiifrtrn  Mountain   one-thiulof ,t mile south of  tin*- Jiva mine.  _T.ike. notice. Lhat 1. ]���������'. C. Gieen of  Nelson, acting as agent for D.in Jlc-  fnio'ih. Free Minoi's CertiHcateNo. J-5.  32010, inLund 00 day.s from the date  heioof, to upply ' Lo Lhe Mining  Itccoi der for a Cei tificale of 1 inprovt-  iiiciiU, for the purpose of ohtaiiiing a  Crown giant ol I he above claim.  s^-Aml-liu tlier-take-notu'e-Lli.it���������.tctiorTT-  umli r section :17, must he tommi'iicecl  heluie the issuance of such certilicate  of improvements,.  l..iu*d this ut clay of June, IfiOI.  F. C. Giti-.ii.v.  f: om Litis dat--', if the trackmen of  tlio  (.'.  I'.   K. Company   )i.i\e   effected   a  i'o������.pons>ible     i������nd    workable     organization,    the   I'limpany    v,\]]   meet    a  (ommittoe anil grant them a schedule,  iirovideil, however, that .such schedule  ���������*li.ill only apply to foremen  ami   first  and   -eooiid   cla***.s   men   of one year's  s-t.imling in the company'*..service, and  neither the hcliedulo nor.my of itscon-  tl'litins shall upply to ntlici.s employed  either oil boction   ivotk   or  on   exti-.i  j/.mg.-, nor >h;ill any coimnitieu repre-  se'iting the organization at any   Lime  intei fere or attempt to   inicu'uro with  the ii-l,itioii3   bcLwoeii   the   conipany  atul employees in its   maintenance   of  way   department,   lo   v, houi the said  schedule will not apply, a.s  above  set  forth.   The company will reinstate all  met! in their respective positions,  provided   such   position-   have not been  tilled under   proini.se   of   permanency  during the absence   of  strikers.     In  the else of positions having been filled  th<* company will give such loinnining  men     preference    in     filling    other  po-ition i as near to their old  location  ;*.s po���������able.    Thi.- clause not applicable  lo those who have been guilty of   violence.      The   fact that men have been  engaged in the strike   shall   not   prejudice   their   positions   once they are  restoied to the service.   Tlie company  will   always   be   glad   to   meet    any  committee   of   its employes, whether  engaged in the maintenance of way or  any other department, for the purpose  >*f discussing suggestions calculated to  iemove any disadvantage under which  the men may labor or io promote   the  interests of the company.   (Signed)  D. McNicoll.  2nd Vice-Pres. and Gen. Manager.  Charles Pope,  Chairman Conciliation Committee  Moiitrpal.  To  be embodied   in   the   rules   and    .  ivgulaiion.-:���������(13) Employees suspended or ilia*, hargc-d will have the right of  appealing the decision to their immed-  iite si.peiiors.    (Signed) D. McNicoll.  "Your committee declined lo accept  the pion'nsod terms of iicttlement and  sent the letter of August 14. aheady  published, and signed by-Jost-ph Lcn- '  on. Chahman, to the General Manager  proposing ;o accept, the General  Cluiiimen of the other otdeis as arbitrators, and anaiige a settlement fair  to both parties. No answer has been  lecjived to the above. We have'requested the General Chairmen of the  other orders to lecommend to the company nnd youvrepresentatives that tlie  differences be bet.tied by a boiird of  arbitration, the arbitrators to lie  selected in the usual way.' Vour case  is in a conditipa to be presented to the "*���������  public in a true light. Jf you will lie '  true to yourselves the hont-st people of  Canada, who believe in upholding  right and.cuishing wrong, will assist  you in securing nu honorable and fail-  settlement. Some of the men who  were deceived and influenced to return  to work suspended work again and  have notified your committee lhat they  will stand firm until matters are  set tied right, or sever their connection  with tiie company'forevei.  Vours in B. L.Si V..  John T. Wilson,  President B.K.T. of A."  CERTIFICATE CFIMPROVEfi/IEHTS  NOTICE.  Certificate  of Improvements  "Theliiin'" (fractional) nnd "C.innit"  (fiactioivil) mineral claim"-, silunli** in  the Laidcau mining division of West  Kootenay district.  Where loented: ;0n Pool creek  adjoining the Thelma and Por.i minernl claims.  /l'ake notice tint I. F. ('. Green rf  Nei .on, acting as ni;oiit for tin- IinpiT-  ii.l Development Syndicate. 1/mit.d.  Fiee Mtnei's C'oitifif He No. S3. :jit)!ii.  intend 0) davs l*nni sin 'date in'ien*. t<,  app'y to the -Miimi*/ ];.���������! i.nler lor  cei t ilicate of iiiipro*. ctni-nt-, fur the  ptirpi.se of obtaining Ciown gr..nt.- of  the above i i.iinis.  And I'm tin i L.lfe notice that :������ tioi,.  Illlilel  Examination     Results   Reflect  Credit   Upon   the   Institution'  at New Westminster.  -���������-*-he-i esiiits-of-th_"-J-iine examinations ���������**-*  ot Toronto, held in Lhe Columbian Cnl- .  lege, New WesLminster, have been announced. . They certainly reflect great  ctedit upon the work of tho institution.'  Of 17 candidates who wrote bnt two  were unsuccessful, the icinaiiiiag 1.7 be-  ingjill at least sufficiently successful  to pioceed with tbe woik of the next  year.   ���������  Following are the results;  First Year���������Miss  M. Palificr,  Rev.  XX'. Sj. Hall (starred in I.-itit:).  Matriculation���������-K. Clinntiell passed  in grammar, arithmetic, history  physics, .-ilgebr.i, euclid, tlipmistry,  antient history; CD. Gill.it,tiers passed  i>i grammar, arithmetic, English  history, phy-ic, coinprsition. algelna-  euclid, c!".e:i*.i.-try, J-nin and aneient  history; It. (!. Hac tosi'p'etes ina'rieu-  I.ili m (i_--:tept' Engh-ii literal me);  lnjiletes     full  *i- sji Lion :i7, nn-st he comtii. n nl \ m -,<   II -ien   Robson    cminetes     mil  bill'i e the issuance of sue h cwt fa'ti.1,,   .  -    i  ,* i,.      ,,    . ' ,      ���������       ,.  ol' improveinenls. ^-L" ; ni.-itrici....Li.*n:   Miss K.  Amlr?.ejewski  Oaleil this fitat day oi" .1 nne. HiOl.'     ] pasfed in grammar and   composition;  /  f    -    -������������������-���������������-������������������ *..������ ��������� a.i* | -\.r^i LIUU 'UIU tit  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTSi'''"'"^1^-M> c,,,fcon co,!1  , . '      part i; M,ss   1*..   J.   Caison   com  ITOTICE.  " O K." Mineral Cliiim, sitnnto in tlie  KercMok-! Mining Ilt\isiotiof West Knotcunv  Ulstric-t:  Wliere lociitod:���������In Gronnil Hog Babin, on  McCulIoiiKli Creel.-.  TAKi: NOTICi: that I, Clinrlcs I". Liii'lmurk.  ol Itcvelstokc, lrrce Miner'*! Certilicnlc N". H,  ���������I7!H*I1, intend, sitlvrtnyi from tin* -lute Iieieof,  to npplv to the Mining lteeonier for u Ceru'i-  cnti* ot IiriiToienient", for thu puft-o-* "'  iibtHlning aCrov.nCrnnt of tlie nboic claii.i.  And further take nolle*; lli.it action uihIt  Fection 117. must be pommeiiceU before the  issuanee of such Certificate oi Improvements.  Dated this Sth day ot August, A.D., 1901.  Aug 17 2m CHAS. F. LIXDMARK.  NOTICE  I'.ossl.'uid mineral claim, situated in  tin* I.-itdc-in Mining Division of 'We-t  Koiiieuay District.  Win-re localed: On Lexington Mountain South of theKv-i mine"  TAKE NOTICE that I, F.C. Green,  of N'.l-on. artintf as apjent for Corv  Menlienick F. M. C. Si. :r2im ami .1. J-  I-'olev Free Jlinei*'.-' Ccitiliiate No. I).  :?2,l>::<.!. intend, sixty rlays fiom li.ed.lic  heieof, toapply totheMinitj-^ liei cider  for a cei tilic.tte of impiovemeu!**. foi  the piupo-^u of obtaining., a Ciov.ii  e;i.'uit of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under set tion 37, must be commenced  hefoie the issuance of such certificate  rf improvements.  D.ited this Sth duy of June 1P01.  , F. C. Greek,  ii  F. C. Guiilis. 'MissM. Curtis passed in aiithmetic,  I gramm-ir. physics, eheun'stiy. Latin,  | French,    composition     .mil     ancient  pletes  pletes  ptrtl (including physics): A. Dever-  aus passed in arithmetic and Englieh  Irstoiy: II. W. Cillandei-s passed in  a-ithtnetic and English history; Miss  Ell.i John_,ton completes part I; A. E.  Stepheus-on passed in aiithme'.ic and  Enuiish history.  Of the five candidates who wiote on  the leeent teubers* examinations, all  were successful in securing certificates.  AYith the splendid college spirit that  has been so much in evidence during  the year, backed np by such a record  of success in examinations, the faculty  and management are veiy much"  certified indeed. At the present rale  of progress in both prestige and attendance, Columbian College will, in a year  or two, be a credit.to the province, ���������^C 3^iii-d+? r^ lit ���������Zi?: t^y.i auT-".'������ __r  -������*!������!te.&U..'������toB>-*,l,',*������l*^^  ���������1 ll' 11 l-l'll'l *.������*.��������� ���������t.-t.^.^i-t'-H"*"*'*  SCHOOL  ���������i  ���������i  *  : ALL THE NEW %  ; EDITIONS   AT.. *  '��������� Canada Drug & Book Go J  jj REVELSTOKE. %  'r ************ ************ *  MARRIED  <r&ri  7ft_   4h7dy?iy  y3&uy yzc&yfirri'  ���������fy, 4<rllofey yUJhi"' tniStty.  ���������*���������*���������*-*������������������ r**in*-.' n���������iw���������n���������mm  Come and  see our Beautiful display of  SPRING  MERCHANDISE.  Carlsox-Erikson At the residence ot  Mr. S. McMahon. on the 17th inst.  by Rev. C. Ladner. Andrew (i. Carlson to Ida G. Erikson both of  Ciaigellachie,  BORN.  Wawux-On the 22nd   inst..   tn   Mi'-  and Mrs. AV. G. AVatxon a son.  Notes of News.  Mrs, Wood house of Trail is  visiting j  .Mrs. ,1. Simmons of lhis city.  A. A  week.  Clark paid a visit lo  town this  F. McCarty has been aw.iy in the  Olcanagan this week.  .Ins. H. Currie of Trout Lake has  been gazetted a .1. P.  Miss Nellie Boyce of Nelson is in  town on a visit to Mrs. W. .1. bee.  --All Summer Goods at cost to make  room for fall goods coming in. At  Reid A: Young's.  -.1. H. Wilcox is leaving for the  Standard basin tomorrow morning.  J. M. Scott left on a trip to Banff  this morning. He will return on  Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson came in  last night from Nelson and left by No.  1. on a visit to relations at the coast.  Mrs. R. P. Pettipiece and family  of Ferguson, came in Thursday night  on a visit to Mrs. M. M. Pettipiece.  H. Parsons, "car inspector, has been  laid up this week with a varicose vein,  which is giving him a lot of trouble.  D. F. Forbes, accountand in the  Molsons Bank returned yesterday  from a holiday trip to Calgary and  Banff.  Eber C. Smith, who four years ago  was running a daily in Rossland is  now city editor of a daily in Manila.  C. J. Rumens is leaving, for Standard Basin tomorrow. Mrs. Rumens  intends" to start for Spokane in the  morning.  Services" in St. Peter's church on  Sunday, twelfth after Trinity, will be  as usual, Rev. C. A. Procunier officiating. Services at S and 11 a, in. and  7.30 p. m.  Mrs. J. D. Sibbald and family are  expected to return from Caesar's  Landing tomorrow morning.  C. G. Shaw,' who was here for a few-  days on a visit to his nephew, C. E.  Shaw the city clerk, left on Thursday  for Banff.  H.. G. Parliam of Vernon, was in  town yesterday and was sent on to  Kamloops* by Dr. Carruthers for  treatment of an attack of fever contracted at-Fairview.  ' J. Kernaghan has secured the contract for the erection of a building in  Golden for H. B. Alexander, whicli  will be used as the office of the local  branch of the Imperial Bank.  ���������Ox Sale. A quantity of Bicycle  Fittings below cost. We want to clear  out prior to opening up in our new  furniture .business.   _The_ verv  latest  Mrs. A.M. Craig ol'the Landing is  on a visit to town.  Mrs. Cm-ley and Mis*. Mae Onrley  are leaving tomorrow on atiip east.  Miss Corley will be awuy for a  year.  lv. S. MeLeod, proprietor of the Lardeau hotel, Comaplix, was in town  this week to get medical attendance  lo an injury to his hand.  T. Huller, who has been employed  in R. S. Wilson's tailor shop for the  past four years is leaving tomorrow  for Honolulu.  The Alberta Masonic lodges are  making arrangements to meet at  Banff on Sept. 2nd and hold lodge on  the top of one of the mountains in the  National park, following an ancient  Masonic custom.  Secretary Atkins of the Hospital  Board has banked $1000, the government grant,' to the credit of the  hospital building fund. The plans for  the new hospital prepared by architect  Dalton of Vancouver, arrived yesterday and will be discussed at the meeting of the board, called for Tuesday  evening.  D. McCarthy commenced operations  yesterday morning on the new business block which T. Downie is building on his property next the Molsons  Bank. The dwelling at present on  the lot is to be hauled back to the rear  ahd will form the end of the store.  The new portion of the building will  be 40 feet long by 22, the width of the  lot and two stories high. It will when  completed be occupied by Messrs.  Reid & Young, dry goods merchants.  H. A. Brown and Mrs. Brown returned on Tuesday evening from a  visit to the Lardeau. During his  visit Mr. Brown visited the Amy C.  and Victor claims on the Glengarry  ledge with Mr. Sonniman, a mining  man of Spokane. They also visited  the Hidden Treasure group on Trout  Lake. Mr. Sonniman was well pleased with what he seen, and stated that  he was informed that the country was  hard to get into but found it not so  difficult as Colorado and Montana.  Microscopical  Exactness  Is demanded in the Compounding o  Prescriptions; and our care and skill  ���������the results of experience and  training���������assure that degree of accuracy. And, in addition, our drugs  are always pure and fresh. Biing  your prescriptions here.  REDXROSS DRUGSTORE  G. F. CURTIS,  Fancy White Muslins, All-Over Laces, A'aleneiuin, Etc. Swiss and  Dainty Muslins. A most beautiful display of those Fashionable  Goods in various colors nt. 15c, 17c, 20c, 2,"ic, and ."ilk*.  Meri'i-rised Sateen Skirts in endless eolors���������all prices.  Perren's   Gloves  We sell the Famous '* PERU ENS" Gloves.     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In carrying out bis contract for the removal of the concentrator, hoist, sawmill etc. from the  Waverly mine he has had to practically rebuild the 2S miles of waggon  road but expects to have that part of  the job over by the end of the week  On Monday he will ship up every team  he can lay his hands on and expects if  the fine weather continues to finish  the contract in short order.  Mining Notes from the Gold  Belt���������Trestle Work on the  Road Burned.  Comaplix, Aug. 19���������J. II. Young has  left for the head waters of  Isaac Creek  to do assessment   work    on   his   gold  claim the Skyline.   There is a splendid  shewing of gold ore on  this property  which is situated in the gold belt.  _. The forest   fire has   done   a  lot   of  damage to the   trestle   work   on   the  wagon road  between  here and   Cain"  I borne.   About. 200 feet was burned out  | on Sunday which  will   interfere   with  trallie for a few days.  W. Butler   and   his  partners  struck some line specimens   of  ai.d copper   ore  on   lhe   Lucky  group.  On the Mountain Boy claim the  owner has discovered a ledge of rich  gold quartz. For two years this claim  has been woi ked as a silver-lead property with splendid results.  All the towns in Lardeau are more  or less in danger from forest   fires.  Tklkphoxr Xo. 101.  r. O. Box 7M  The Prospectors' Exchange'  No. 5 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver Lend and Copper Jlinos wanted at the dj-vl.xchango.  Free Milling Gold Properties wanted ut once for JCasiorn investors.  Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send .samples of their ore!  to the Exchange for Inhibition.  All samples should be sent by express Propaid. Correspondence solicited.  Address all communications to    have  silver  Jack  ANDREW F. ROSENBERGER,        Nelson, b.c.  CychylineGas Bicycle Lamps for two  dollars.   John E. Wood.  H. A. Brown, who has just returned  from a business trip in the Lardeau in  the   interests   of    the   Union     Cigar  , Factory, reports results as exceedingly  sacisfactory.  The mayor is calling a meeting in an  advertisement in another column for  Monday nest at S p.in. in the opera  house to discuss the communication  received from the Vancouver citizens  committee for the reception of the  Duke and Duchess of York. Ladies  are particularly invited to attend.  Conductor W. Ogilvie, the well  known and popular presiding genius  of the Arrowhead branch has just got  back from a holiday in the Fish Itiver  gold belt- He went up to the head  waters of Sable Creek and reports a  numlier of outfits with puck hoi-ses iu  at. the head of Isaac. He also visited  other creeks in the camp and secured  interests in some valuable   properties.  As there are to be no sports at  Ferguson or Trout Lake it is likely  that there will be quite a crowd in  from the Lardeau to take in the football game on Labor Day, in addition  to the large contingent of visitors expected from Golden. There is quite a  good attendance every practice night  at tho gun club grounds.  -The -.members of the Catholic  Church choir met at asocial at Mr. C.  J. Wilkes residence last night. During the evening a presentation was  made by F. Baker, iu the name of the  fhoij.' and other church members, of a  silver watch to Miss Loretta Garvin,  in recognition of her services as organist during; her holidays. Music, dancing, cards and refreshments made up  the rest of the programme of a very  enjoyable evening. Miss Garvin is  leaving   to   return   to  the convent ar.  The Expected Happens.  New York, August 20.���������It has all  along been evident that the Hill-Morgan scheme to secure harmony of opera  tion   in   the. Northwest   would   be   a  failure unless the Canadian Pacific  were taken care of in some way. The  syndicate has evidently decided on  some plan for taking care of the Can  adian Pacific and it has fortified itself  by buying enough Canadian Pacific  stock or by having enough of the  stock in the hands of friendly interests  to secure influence on Canadian Pacilic  policy. This accounts for the recent  movement in the stock. Wall Street  has taken considerable stock and a  good deal has been absorbed in the  west and also abroad by those on the  inside or familiar with the situation  It is expected that Canadian Pacific-  will hereafter pay some attention to  the desires and best interests of its  American competitors.  New  School  Readers  -.AND:  OTHER NEW BOOKS  AND  SCHOOL   SUPPLIES  New  and   attractive  designs  in  SCRIBBLERS  Minneapolis tomorrow morning.  Now on sale at  BEWS*  DRUG STORE  BROWN BtOCK.   TEI..������.  This Space Reserved  for John E. Wood's  New Furniture Advt.  Watchmen Asleep.  One of the i\nX men to make his way  to the assi.--tat.ei? of Peter Pighter, the  engineer of the express train wrecked  by a fallen tree at Hope last Monday  was Chas. King, president-of ihe North  "Bemrd i visiDn"oriire"BrR7T:"on=t.T1whb  was a passenger on the train. After  leaving the injured man in good care,  Mr. King with two others went to the  shack where the watchmen, who were  supposed to tie walihing the fire were  stationed. Ib*-asserts that he and the  two witni-sxes with him found them  asleep in the shack instead of being at  their posts.  The Powerful Group  Tiiis group which consists of four  claims, namely: Powerful, Wonderful  Terrible and Rainbow, owned by .1. II  Young of Comaplix, and partners, is  situated on Lexington mountain near  Camborne. On the group are large  ledges of the. rich free gold quart-/, now  becoming widely known as the distinguishing feature of the greatest  gold belt in Canada. The. assays from  the ledges traversing this group have  been very satisfactory, and sufllcicnt  to enthuse the most skeptical mining  man in t.he country, The owners are  about to commence active development work which will he watched  with a good deal of interest. There is  an nnexhaustable supply of the very  bent timber on the claims, -which art-  all full size claims 1500x1500 feet.  There is the finest water power in the  world right on their ground. The  Hkiumi wishes the owners of the  Powerful group all success in their  development work.  mM  LEWIS   BROS.  m INSURANCE, FINANCIAL AND REAL ESTATE AGENTS Wi,  Spi     Represent, the following .reliable Companies.       _ ...W^  NOTIOE.  A public meeting is hereby called  for Monday evening at 8 o'clock in  Tapping's Opera House to dif-enss the  reception of T. R. JI. the Duke and  Dncness of York. Ladies specially  invited to attend.  W. M. BROWN, Mayor.  m  ash  i  m  <m.  The Provincial Building and Loan Association, of Toronto.  The Canadian Birkheck [nvestmentiind Security Co..Toronto.  The B.C. Permanent Loan and Savings Company, of Vancouver.  The Norwich'tTnion Fire Insurance Society. FIRE.  The National Assurance Co., of Ireland. FIRE.  The Phenix Insurance Co., of Brooklyn. FIRE.  The Phoenix Insurance Co., of Hartford. FIRE.  'fhe Queen Insurance Co.. of America. FIRE.  The'Efjuitahle  Life Assurance Society. LIFE.  ilie Metropolitan Plate Glas Insurance Co.  Agents for the Smelter Townsite.  Houses for Sale or Rent.  P. O. Drawer���������7 5.  mi  S  Wake Up  AND SEE THE BARGAINS AT  GUY BARBER'S IN  Watches, Clocks, Etc.  ,1844 Rodgers Bros.'. Flat Ware.  SPECIALTY WATCH REPAIRINQ  Large nnd Well lighted  Sample Hooina   Heated by Hot Air and Electric  Bolls and Light In every room  Free Bim Meets All Trains  Iteuhonable Kates   Notice   to  Contractors.  FISH CREEK WAGON ROAD  SK^I.ED TESDER?, superscribed " Tender"  for Fish Creek Wa^on Jtoad," wil! m received  by F.G. FH.iir.uier. Kit-iirc, Oovernineni Aecm  at Revelstoke, tip to Knl1 Includlrin tlie /7th  ilayof Anznot, lMl.at 12 o-rloclc. for the construction and completion, in one-mile section.*  of n wa-**on road from the junction of tnn I.iir-  dcan road, at Thomp-on'/* Landing, to the  boundary of the Camborne Townsite. ft distance  of about o miles, iM feet.  Plans and 3i.ec.illcntion������;<'an be- aeon at the  Government offices at Kevelstoke, Coinapllr,  and Trout Lake, and at the Store of Mr. rra������cr  at Thompson's Landing, on and after the ictli  day of August, 1!������1.  T<-ndf>rs wilt not be considered unless made  onl upon tlie printed forms supplied for the  purpose and an agreement to execute the  ISond appended to the form of tender in duly  sinned by the Contractor himself and two other  rciponr.ible residents of the Province In the  penal sum of $10.00 each for each mile of road  tendered for thc faithful performance of tlio  ivork.  The Iiepartmcnt is not bound to aceopt tlie  lowest or any tender.  (Signed)    W. 8. O.ORE,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands it Works.  Lands ami Works Department, Victoria, B.C.,  12th August, 1001,  .BARGAINS  as   Flowers  Aliout CO healthy plants, IncludingKuschins,  Geraniums, begonia", Ktc, from 55c. up.  wards. Call eariy and yet the choice. Sale  Is-gtns Monday, Aug*. 12th. Store on  Mackenzie Avenue.  MRS. C. TURNROSS.  TO LET  A furnished house on Third St. containing  one double .tiling room, dining room, kitchen  cellar jiunlrv, four bed rooms, one bath room.  Apply Mm. Spiirllng. Aug. list  FOR SALE  * 'the City of lievelstoke has a r-uantityof wire  netting and boards u-md iu thc construction  of tho pi-at hoiisi- fence for sale. Apply IJ h  Shaw, City Clerk. "  '  .Iuly.11 tf  TO   RENT  Furnished Kooms to let.  PlBg.  Apply to R, Tap-  July 17 1 tno.  I J3c^ UNION ^saa  #   Cigar  Factory  REVELSTOKE,   B.C.  H H. A. BROWN,   Prop.  i������  Brands:  OUR   SPECIAL   and THE   UNION  ALL   GOODS   UNION   MADE  -O.HOTEL  VICTORIA^  JOHN V.-PERKS, pROPMETOit  Night Grill Hoox-i in Connection for the Convenience of Guests  Hourly Street Car  iietween Hotel av.d Station  ij^vebfrdlks, i.(g.  *       _   _    _ ���������  NOTARY  PUBLIC,  JOHN D. SIBBALD,  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  f  fr  ^.o-Eisra? poe  REAL ESTATE-  I f!. I������. R. TOWNSITE,  I.MAKA TOWNSITE.  -*  fr  ���������H  -*  **  ���������}������  fr  FINANCIAL-^  INSURANCE \  COAL FOB SALE,  Canada Permanent it Western  Canada Mortgage Corporation. *,  quitablu Vavings Loan and Building Association.  S Imperial Fire.      Guardian Fire.      Mercantile Fire.  Canadian Fire.      Caledonian Fire.  Ooufcdcratiau Life.      Atlas Fire.  HOUSES FOB SALE AND RENT.    J  ^ddress Pevelstokft Station.  fr if  **PPPPPP&P������PPPPlk>ikrPP*.ppp&p������i9i^pp^  THE   PERFECT   3DBBSS���������  Many   men   have  many  minds in the matter of dress  ���������but the dictates of fashion  .   must be considered.  We make the clothes you  want, correct in style, ofthe  best material, and in a faultless manner. '  ������  There's real distinctive- '  ness in the garments we '  make. I  Our stock is the largest(  and best assorted in the city. I  Your Patronage Solicited   CT.   IB.   OK/ESS .MI-A-IN",  The Art Tailor, Mackenzie Ave.  y^/^^^^/^^f^x^^xMhiM  u  ������  il


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