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Array /'.  Ia ���������-  i ;  V  I  I  i.  TOK  ,f).l  Men's  Journal.  Vol    V.  No   61.  C. B. HUME  MO.  ig4f4&>tr4*mr*4*4W**r******1F&&m  COFFEES  Our Tea and Coffee Trade is  steadily growing. Why ?.  Because we. carry the best'  procurable. There is nothing equal to  RAM  LAL'S  FiVE O'CLOCK  BEN HUR  Pure Mocha   and   Java Coffees  always in stock.  British Columbia  Strawberries  will be in this week.    Also  .   CHERKiES  ��������� APPLES *      1  I^APRiQTs" 'A ~ \uAL:'"'''-:  GLASSWARE  Now In  2154511-215  BERRIE DISHES -  WATER PITCHERS  TUMBLERS  CQBLETS .  Prettier than ever.  I;  V;  \  r  !  Lamps!  A nice range of Parlor Lamps  Prices surprisingly low.  FRUIT SAUCERS  BREAD AND BUTTER  PLATES  CRACKER JARS  CHAMBER SETTS  A nice line to choose from -  FRUiT JARS  t  Pints     Quarts     Half Gallons  CB. HUME  &C0  REVELSTOKE B.C.     WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST 7, 1901.  $2 OO a Year in Advance.  THE RAILWAY  Lemonade Setts  Place the Responsibility of the  Continuance of the Strike on  the C. HP. R. and will Appeal to  the Government.  To tlie local lodges of B. L. E���������   B.   L.  V., O. R. C��������� B. R*. T. und O. R. T.:  At. a joint meeting of the above  organizations the following resolutions were adopted unanimously, und  endorsed hy the Local Lodges of the  organizations above mentioned, and  the Committee whose signatures who  are attached hereto, avc appointed to  forward a copy of same to sister  organizations and request them to  take prompt and similar action :  Whereas, there appears to be no  prospect of nn early settlemert regarding the difficulty between the  Canadian Pacific Railway Co., and its  striking Maintenance-of-way men.  And whereas said strike has continued during the past six weeks, and  the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. have  heen apparently unable to procure a  sufficient number of men to keep the  road-bed in its normal condition.  And whereas, the only apparent  reason for the continuance of the  strike is the determinations of the  Canadian Pacific Ry. Co. to refuse  recognition to the Brotherhoods of  Railway Trackmen.  And whereas, said refusal of recognition of said organization is a  denial to the members thereof of representation and is also a blow aimed  at the basic principles of organized  labor, justice and natural rights.  Aud whei'tas the jCiinadian Pacific  Railway Co. have refused the good  offic es of the tfeneral Chairman of the  B. L: E., O. R. C. and B.'ot R. T., and  as said refusal doth'cle'arlyv show, .that  the responsibility "of the continuance  'of the strike rest's' solely with the  Canadian Pacific Railway Co. "'  -** .And whereas the.employes in train  service-are.*, being.put. to unnecessary  annoyance arid.their .lives; jeopardized.  Therefore be it resolved tbat this  meeting of the Five' Brotherhoods  jointly assembled,' do hereby instruct  the General Chairman of the skid |  Brotherhoods to proceed at once to the  highest officials of the Canadian Pacific  Railway Co., and, if neeosary, also to  the Dominion Government, and in  each instance forcefully place before  both the' prevalent conditions* of  affairs, and strongly press for an  immediate settlement of the strike.*  Resolved that the Brotherhoods here  jointly assembled do guarantee to  compensate the several chairmen while  engaged in carrying out the provisions  of the attached, as provided for in the  laws governing the organizations to  which they belong.  A copy of these  resolutions   to be  forwarded to the General Chairmen.  Signed by Representatives.  The above is a copy of a resolution  passed at a joint meeting of the local  lodges of the five brotherhoods at Fort  William last .week.  MINING DISASTERS  In Toronto By the SJlvertonian  Mr. Dooley.  ��������� ������������������MininY' said Mr. Dooley to his  friend Hennessy, "is a terrible rhisky  business."  - "It is that," answered Mr. Henne������=sy.  "Ink at th' poor devils wid their black  eyes' nishin' to th'.dhi-ug sthores fr  bromy siltzer after a pay day. It must  be turrihle hiit'-td on thim."  "It's not thim Ihespikin' about,"  interjected Mr. Dooley, "they can  always'-, orghatiize a sthrike an' go  fishin' in th' dog days. It's the poor  man wid th' capital I'll be sorry f r.  Take that man Gcodherman, , fr  insthnnce, Hinnisy, it's fr the loikes  av him me heai-rt bleeds. There he is  Hinnisy. in Toronto, working harr'd  for his money, bottlin' th' cup that  cheeis and inehviatt-F. wid the mercury  boilin' in the ice house, aft-Hid t' taste  a drup av his own bottlin] f'r fear he  wud whander down'' by th' Sthoek  Exchange an' dhrop some tips. You've  played enough av thim on the cour-i*se  Hinnisy, lo know how disastrous they  *?an be."  "Oi have," said Mr. Hennessy, very  emphatically.  "But one day hi������ feelin's gets th'  bistav him, an' a lurrking reporter  hears his ravin's. Th' nixt day th'  papers say "Great Sthroike on th'  War Aigle' or th' Cintre Stbar a  Bonanzy.' As good luk wud ha** it he  has more sthoek than his thrunk will  hold so he distributes it alongt wid  some nuggets behind th' phlate KbUn  windys in a confident's office. Too  see, Hinnissy, what wid his own stack  an his girrl's Black-stock, he has his  han's full. Bat he sends up a chikia to  Alko Hall, which fate house is catted,  and while his wife if plocktn* tb' bin  he sits ou th' front stips an' watches  th' throlleys go past wid th' preachers  an' widdies. These hav seen th  papers an' are riwhin' to th' biokers to  mine in Wnr Aigle'certificates. That  word broker, mind ye Hinnissy, is no  josh; they've bruk many. In a day  or two it lakes out av th' Gooderhaiu  disthrillery that th' sthrike is nuthin'  wurth spakin' av, an' thin th' widdies  an' preachers come ringin' th' dure  hell at Alko Hall an' want to sell back  their sthoek. 'Will ye buy il?" says  they. 'Me fellow shuffereis,' says he,  c-hokin' wid emotion, 'av course, I will,  lit a phroper dishecunt.' An av course  his sthocks go down wid th' rest an' th'  papers tell what he lostminin', an his  wife hires wan av the widdies to do  th' rough work."  "But ( thought that th' War A igle  was a good mine*" suid the puzzled Mr.  Hennessy. *  "It makes no diffeience, said Donley,  "look at the insurance money the widr  die* Inst an' see th' preachers takin' up  missionary collections to come even f'r  the money thay dropped minin'. 'Twas  not dropped down lh'shaft, moind ye  HinnisBy, although th' preachers wud  say it had gone deeper than Hiatus  far-r as tfiey weie concerned. Where  did th' money go? ye'iis^. You'll have  to ask th' brokers.   They had  it last."  A Point Well Taken.  It will be remembered that in the  investigation following upon the  assassination of King Humbert of  Italy it was disclosed that iht> plot  originated in Patterson.,N. J., among  i> colony of Italian Anarchists, and  Bresci, the man selected to commit the  crime, crossed over to Italy from the'  UniteJ States for that express purpose.  Slnx-e the trackmen's strike it is well  known that the Canadian Pacific  Railway Company have imported  Italian laborers from all parts of the  United States, and that hundreds of  these Italians gathered up in the hot  beds of anarchy in the*" United States,  are now e.uployed as section men all  over'the'C. P. R. system, hut more'  particularly on th'e" West and Pacific-  divisions. Inside of six weeks Great  Britain's future King, the Duke of  Cornwall and York, will be crossing  the continent on tbe Canadian Pacific  Railway. Is it safe' for , Canada's  national highway to be entirely at the  mercy of aliens, among''whom-it, is  quite'"possible ^-there.. msvy t.be ,, ninny  AnarchistR of the-Paterson. N. J.i type  on an occasion of this kind?. ' Forewarned is forearmed. h The Canadian  authorities must take no\;hancos with  the life of Britain's future king.���������  Kamloopti Sentinel.  Canadian Matterhorn   Unconquered.  Mount Assiniboia, the Matterhorn  of the Caqadian Rockies,' after seven  attempts in as many seasons, is still  uncovered. ��������� Walter D. -Wilcox,* of  Washington, D. C.,'and Henry G.  Bryant, ex-president of tbe Geographical Society of Philadelphia; accompanied by two Canadian Pacific- Swiss  guides, were defeated recently, in an  attempt to reach its summit, .although  an altitude of 11,125 feet was attained.  This is a much higher point than has  previously been reached. Fi-enz, the  chief Swiss guide, says that Mount  Sir Donald, the highest of the Selkirk  peaks, is a morning walk compared to  Mount Assiniboia. Professor Fay, of  Tufts college, Boston, and Messr**.  Scattegood~and-~Oitratrir^of~Fhiludel-  phia, accompanied by Swiss guides,  succeeded in making the first ascent  of Mount Vanx aud Chancellor Peak,  but were defeated on Mount Goodsir.  Messrs. Charles Thompson, of Dallas,  Texas, C.W. Weed, of New Vork, and  W. Little, of Brunswick, Maine, with  Swiss guides, failed to reach the  summit of Mount Hunguble, which  tbe guides claim will prove another  Assiniboia. The ascent.of Mount Sir  Donald was mostsucaessfully.made on  Saturday by Mr. aud Mis. Berne,, of  Kent, England, Mrs. Berne being (he  first lady who has reached the summit.  THE GEORGIA  MINSTRELS  TO AVERT  STRIKES  -j-.  British Columbid Superintendent Prefers Union to Non-  Union Employes.  Mr. R. O. Clute, in a letter to the  Globe, discusses the possibility ol  avoiding strikes. His arguments rest  on the evidence of Superintendent S.  M. Robins, of- the .New Vancouver  Coal Company. '  The company has for ten years held  to an agreement with the Mine  Labourers'Protective Association, by  which none but union men are to be  employedand by which lhe association,  in return, promises to exhaust every  means of conciliation before deciding  on a strike.  Although this agreement concerns  over 1,400 men, it has for ten years  averted all friction between employer  and employe. On one occasion, during  a period of depression, the mincis  without a dissentient voice vol ed to  reduce their wages by .*ii20,000 per  month. ,  Superintendent Robins* finds dealing  with olliceis of a union preferable to  dealing with the men individually.  ���������Matters," be says, "Lhat are biought  home through the union have gone  through a. process of sifting and revision and all artificial grievances  have, in most instance?, been eliminated before coming to me. That is one  reason. Another reason is that in a  well organized and, reasonably well  conducted union . no countenance  should be given to the. airing of personal grievances between lhe men and  the bosses. ,I think those are the  principal reasons."  Mr. and Mrs. G. S. MeCarter and  family returned from a visit to Supt.  and Mrs. Douglas - at Banff on Monday. : ,'  .       **  - ~w    '  , D. J. McDonald, "* Governor Mcintosh Vex pert, '.accompanied hy Mr.  Steward the Company's engineer,' paid  a visit-to the Fish creek .camp last  week and was very much pleased'with  whathesaw. He informed-the Trout  Lake Topic, correspondent that with  one exception these were the first free  gold ledges he had seen in the country  that he thought would not*, turn to  base ore with depth. i'  THE HOSPITAL  ASSOCIATION  association,  tlie   similar  Annual General Meeting and  Election of Officers.���������A Resume of the Bylaws Passed.  There wus a capital meeting at lhe  annual general meeting of the hospital  association held last' Monday in the  council chamber. The gathering was  representative in character ������nd  unanimous in its desire to get on with  the good work. ' Aid. McCurty was  elected to the chair and G. S. Aid-  Carter read over clause by clausii a  draft of bylaws of the  largely based on those of  society in Calgary.  These bylaws provide for eleven  directors to be elected by ballot at the  annual meeting, who appoint their  own chairman uud secretary-treasury  and hold their regular meeting on the  second Monday in oach month, five to  form a quorum. A special meeting  can be called at any time by the  president and secretary-treasurer or  by any three directors. Two directors  are to be appointed to visit the  hospital in weekly rotation.  Clergymen are to be allowed to  visit the hospital on terms of equality  buL are to confine thoir ministrations  to members of their own denomination.  The medical board is to consist of  such physicians as may be' appointed  by thc board of directors, who mny  by resolution remove any member,  and will form an advisory board to the  directors on medical matters relating  to the hospital. Tlie members of the  medical board will each for one month  in rotation visit the hospital daily and  treat non-paying patients.  . Patients are to be admitted to the  hospital by card of admission, signed  by one of the medical board and two  directors, which .card is to state  whether the case is a paying, patient  or not, except in cases of emergency,  when,the. lady.'superintendent 'shall  admit' the case and.v obtain the  necessary signatures to the card of  admission afterwards^' 'No ' insane or  lunatic patient is to be admitted' to  the hospital." -      ' ' '    .  . The lady superintendent is to be.  appointed on the recommendation of  the Victorian Order of Nurses.     '  ��������� The charge for a private ward is  fixed at ten dollars per week, including  board,   medicines  and ordinary  nursing but exclusive of medical  attendance.  Upon the formation of a Ladies  Hospital Aid Society, a committee of  eight of its members is to lie appointed yoarly at the annual general meeting to hold otlice concurrently with  the board of directors and the following ladies were namud to hold oflice  for the ensuing year: Mesdames  Canuthers, Wilkes, B. A. Lawson,  W. M. Lawrence, How-son, A. Brund-  rett, McCarty and A. N. Smith.  After the bylaws had been*, put  through the next order of business  was. the election of the board of  directors for tho ensuing year. A. E.  Phipps.nomiiiated, seconded by W. E.  McLauchlin the following names : C.  H. Temple. Thos. Kilpatrick, R. How-  son, XV. B. Pool, .1. McLeod, F. McCarty, G. S. ��������� MeCarter, C. F. Lindmark. R. Gordon, T. E. L. Taylor and  1. T. Brewster. There were no other  nominations and the election was  made unanimously.  lt was decided by resolution moved  by C F. Lindmark that the directors  make calls on subscribers as funds are  needed..  The meeting then adjourned and the  directors met and appointed T. Kilpatrick chairman and B. R. Atkins  secretary-treasurer.  The Forest in Flames.  A big bush fire is raging at Ten  Mile, on the Big Bend trail, which  started from a tree which fell across  the trail and was probably set on fire  in order to clear it out of the way.  The lire was so hot on both siues of  the trail on Alonday that Geo. La-  forine's park train had to gallop for  over a mile to get through. Tbe  immense masses of white smoke,  which formed on the top of the" mountain behind the town formed a magnificent sight. There are other fires  leported on the Big Bend trail, one  between Downie and Carnes and  another at the Devil's garden, this  side of Goldstream. South of town a  bush fire has been burning for some  time around the'settlement across the  Illecillewaet,- which seems to have  taken its rise, in the fire which destroyed Julian's shingle mill. There  lire also big fires--reported- on. 'Fish  River. The long spell of dry weather  and intense heat has made the forests  in the'c'ou'nffy'yery'infla'mihable", " - -  LATEST NEWS  BY WIRE  Chinamen Commanded  to  Cut  Off Their Cues.  *    Card of .Thanks.... ,  The Ladies Auxiliary to B. of R. T.  wishes to thank the ladies and gentlemen who aided to make the dance in  aid of the striking trackmen such a  success. - ��������� '  Bs-������������*'������'*^^ -  At the Opera House on Monday  ���������Look . Out for the Street  Parade at 2 p.m.���������Two Brass  Bands.  The Richards & Pringle's famous  Georgia Minstrels that will appear at  the Opera House August 12th nunibeis  fifty performers. Harry Fidler, who  has no equal as a delineator of Ethiopian songs and dances; James Moore,  Kid Langford. Dick Thomas and a  quartette of tbe funniest end men;  good singers, capital entertainers and  original and creative comedians; the  popular Alabama Quartette in their  latest song .successes; "Christian, the  world's champion cycle skater; the  military novelty, " Tbe Black Watch  Drill"; th������ aerial wonder, tbe only  Sheilds, known on two continents mm  ths king of ths air; ths Bousely  Brothers, superiors oi mtoaie, and the  costlisst first pari ia point of scenic  setting aad costuming ever presented.  Watch for ths magnificent street  parade taking piace every day at &80  P<ia.  REID   &   YOUNG-  Commencing Tuesday, July 2nd, for the Month of July  ENUINEBARi  vntb  Our Entire Stock of Summer Goods  LADIES  L adies don't   miss the   opportunitj*'   to    complete     yonr  purchases' of   Summer   goods   at    BARGAIN     PRICES.  Blouses, Whitewear, Wash Goods,  Summer       Dress      Goods,  Sailor Hats Children's  Headwear  flie stock must be reduced and early purchasers will get  the*full benefit,  A BIG BOODLE OF   BULLION  Death oi Dowager Empress of Germany  on Monday.���������Carnegie   Sloughs   Off  Another Hundred and Fifty Thousand  of Filfthy  Lucre   for   a   Library   in  Montreal���������A Terrible   Gasoline   Explosion   in    Philadelphia.;���������Organizer   "  Lowe On the Strike.  Victoria,   Aug.   ".���������The    Chinese  reform association has issued an order  for all,its members in this country  to  cutoff their  cues.     The   order  will  affect 0,000 Chinese in California and a   '  large number in British Columbia.  Philadelphia, Aug. 7.���������By a gasoline explosion here on Monday night  six buildings were torn to atoms and  over a score more wrecked. Six persons are known to be dead and several  are fatally injured. 48 were taken to  the hospital. It is . thought that  several bodies are still in the ruins.  The property loss is about $75,000. '  San Francisco, Aug. 7.���������The San  Francisco labor council has ordered  the sand teamsters to join the strikers.  There are about 000 of them.  Sax Francisco, Aug. 7.-8340,000  in gold bullion was stolen .from the  strongroom of the Selby Smelting  works at Vallejo near^San Francisco  last night. The thieves tunnelled  from the shore of0 San Francisco Bay  to the building.  Montreal.      August     7.���������Andrew"  Carnegie    has   offered - this; city one'  hundred  and   fifty   thousand dollars  for a library,   provided  the  city.jsvill *  contribute  a  site and   spend fifteen  thousand dollars^ yearly 'in .maintenance. '���������     " ���������   *       ,* ���������*-'  _' -   ._       ���������.*...    .      i* 1-*.*'  Philadelphia, Aug. 6.���������A terrible'  explosion in'a block of six buildings on ;:"  Locust   "St. ^wrecked"five"'%o������   the-.  structures, causing  the  death  of 20  persons and injuring fifty others.  i   : -  Cowks. Aug a���������King Edward and  Queen Alexandria left here for Marlborough House today. It is not likely  they will start for Berlin until Wednesday.  . * * *  Pittsburg,     Aug.     7.���������President '  Shaffer, of the Amalgamated Association, announced at Pittsburg yester- <  day that the general order for a strike  of the men in all the  steel  combine  millB would go out that afternoon.  Cronberg, Aug. 5.���������The Dowager  Empress of Germany, sister of King  Edward and mother of Emperor, William, died at her castle here today, the  cancerous affection of the throat from  Boys and Youth's Summer Clothing' are included in the  GRAND    SALE  Also   Bargain   Figures in.  Men's  Furnishings, Hats, Caps &c.  * Our Desire to  make room for. "Fall Importations is your opportunity to  save money on summer goods.   Begin on July 2nd, 1901.  REID   &   YOUNG  t*00WM**Vr\9������W0)fWM0j9Brr'HI^ I  which she suffered having proved fatal  sooner than was expected. She was  nearly 61 years of age', her birthday*  being November Slst, 1840.  DESPATCHES IN BRIEF.  The Kostaglass, works, the largest  in Sweden has been burned.  Tbe exposition   building erected   at *  Kansas City during the boom of 18S7,  costing over ������100,000 has heen destroyed bv fire.  A terrific explosion of SOO quarts of  glycerine occurred yesterday near  Bowling Green. Ohio. One man waa  blown to atoms and many others had a  narrow escape.  Winnipeg, Aug. 5.���������Mr. A, B. Lowe  who is vis-iting the local trackmen,  was section foreman on the C. P. R.  for about 15 years, from the time the  C. P. R. company was organized, until May, 1833. when the trackmen  lwgan to organize.  He was then appointed organizer  and at the convention in St Louis last  year, was elected first vice-president  of the Brotherhood of Railway Track  men of America.  Mr. Lowe has just come through  from Ottawa and on his way here  states that be visited and talked with  the majority of tbe striking trackmen,  besides holding public meetings at  Pembroke, Schreiber, Port Arthur  and Dryden.  Be reports tbat the men are standing  mm firmly as on the first day, not om  man from Ottawa to Winnipeg,  having retained to work.  He also states that the O.P.E. brack  Is in pretty rough condition, there  having been practically no work done  on it since tbe st^ke, especially Eton <  Chalk Rivtr westwards. ijfrtt'* ifoitnial,  Published By  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  Mannglni; Olreeior.  SWORN OFF.  A Semi-Wceklv Journal published in the  Interests of the railwav men. mining men iiinl  hu������inesR men ot the West.  Pays ol l'ulillealimi  Wednesday and Saturday.  ADVEP.IISIN'O   KATES.  Display ads.,$ 1.50 per inch; single column,'  ti per inch when Inserted . on till.' !>"���������-���������  J-egal ads., 10 cents per ineh (nonparlrl) Um  for flrst insertion; Scents Ior each Hdilltion.il  insertion. Local notices 10 cents per line each  Birth,  Marriage   and Death    Not lew  issue,  Iree.  SUBSCRIPTION KATES.  for  By mall or carrier   fi per annum; 11.'  si*; months, strictly in advance.  OUR JOB I>F.P..J!TMK.\'T.  Isone of the best equipped printing ofliei". ���������"  thi- Wot and prepared to execute nil kinds <n  printing In nrstclass htvle at honest pric's.  i.int price to all. No job'too large���������none ton  small���������Ior us. Mailorders promptly mien.led  to.   Hive us a trial on your next order.  TO COKKKKl-nNunNTS.  We invite eorrcspoudenru on any subject  of interest lo tlie general public Jn all ca-cs  lhe bona fide name of tbe writer must jieuoin-  pany manuscript, but not necessarily Ior  publication.  Address all communications lo Ihe Malinger.  Sillier. TO l*ORRI*M*OSI>KNT<.  1.���������Al! correspondence must be legibly  *.* ritten on one side ol the paper only.  2.���������Correspondence containing pergonal  matter must be signed with the proper name  ol the writer.  (i -..GUOGAN, Kdllor.  Wednesday, August  7,   1001.'  THE 2 PER CENT TAX.  A syiiilic.'ilu   I<*l.ter henring iivG'iipu  Town il.'ili'.s;iys Hint,   Hi*.'  I!rit.i.-*li gnv-  oi'iimiMil, lins (li'cidt'il lo t'Npnli'iiite tlie  Oocrs .-uni infill ions  lifitish ('oliiiiiliiii.  "IIh-  l:inil   ol'   pi'rppln.'il   spring" as a  sniliil'li' I'.tiiiiK forsiiint* of llit'in. "I'er-  peLniil -.prion" W nil i-iglit, if you  tlnirl  cure wlitit you  say,   hut  lllis provinci;  as ,*i I'nt.'.iro homo fiirexpalriati'il lloors  i<. ipiil.e  imollioi' '��������� nmUui'.    If  hrother  IJofi', .regiirded ns an iniliviilu.-il, lintls  In*   is   full   up  of  the Transvaal   or.  Orange * Kiver    colony    and   selects  lhili.-h   Columbia   as n Iiki*Iy place to  to lmike a   lioine,   we suppose he can  come the same as nnyliody i*lse.      XX'v  aie   not   particularly    stuck  on   him,  but.   lie   can   come.    Uut brother liner  fetched over in large  hatches, at   government expense and dumped down in  privileged .separate communities in the  province, iiftuv having been   slobbered  over by every maudlin   old woman of  both sexes   .'mil   every   enemy   ori.he  Kmpire that could by  any chance gel*  within   smell   of him on the way..is n  very  rlill'eivnt proposition anil we do  not   require any ol hi in in iiurs,jusi.at  present I hank you.    British Columbia  may be tho land of "perpetual spring"  bud this proposal has got to he knocked  on llie head,   even if we have to own  up Iti an occasional couple of weeks or  so a trifle late in the full lo do it.  to June 30, 1000, was $.'i02,(l!)S, or $.l.-"������7  per cent, on a population of 110.000.  This included all the provincial tuxes,  namely, the real 'property, personal  .property, im ti.no. wild land, ivvemt**.  llu* mines has quadrupled. U.'l'iiie Lhe  mineral taxes was put. on mines weie  taxed in the same way as olher properly--!, t*., in real estaie, personal  mineral mid coal taxes. The compilir  of the-Memorial, t.'j bolster up his ease,  has included such charges as liquor  licenses, marriage licenses, ami so on  which are uo more to be classed with  taxal ion than is rent."  "Will you kindly deal with'the  inatler of taxes on mines, -as lhis is  perhaps the most important feature of  the discussion."  "The compilers state Ilia!, 1 here is a  steady increase of taxation, bul. the  revenue derived liom mineral lax does  not indicate this. When I his lax was  originally biougbl before Ihe hgi.-I'i-  ture. Ihe rule lixeil wan li per cent., but  afier inlerviewing ninny deputations  of mini! owner.-. Irom Kootenay and  after an exhaustive discu-sion of I be  whole subject, it wai* decide,! lo   make  p    '     ���������'���������'  m  ^^lii^il^i^^^^'^^^^^S^^^^^liii^^^P^^.  ih*. Turner's reply to  the   memorial  of the   -Mine   Owners   Association   is  deserving of a   careful   pertir-al,   even  by those, who do not agree   with   his  view of the case.    In fact lhey are the  very people who should .study it  most  carefully.     The  present* depression in  tlie mining industry of Kootenay need  not   be   converted     into  a   bone   of  |K)liticul contention.     ll is a mailer fo  be     investigated     and    if    possible  remedied, not to be wrangled over by  disputants, whose minds are   already  made up.     The   Hehai.I) has always  opposed the two per cent fax as   bearing hardly on  small   local   companies  and on low grade properties.    Jt is an  undoubted fact also that it acts   as   a  kind of a bogey to detercapital, which  might otherwise be disposed to invest  in thejdevelopment  of   the   mineral  wealth of Kootenay.    And these evils  cannot be said   to   be   offset   by   the  revenue accruing to the province from  the   proceeds  of   the   tax,   since   its  supporters   invariably   argue   that   a  tax, which brings in   so   little cannot  possibly  be   burdensome.     However  Mr. Turner himself  admits  that   the  tax is not ideally perfectand intimates  that the   whole   subject  of   the   taxation   of   mining   properties is it very  complicated and difficult  one.   which  the provincial government   will   have  to go  into   more   thoroughly   in   the  future.  In this connection the IIehai.b  would again submit the impropriety  of lumping up every form of the mining industry except coal under the  head of metalliferous mining for  purposes"of taxation and legislation.  "What similarity for instance is there  when one looks into the matter between the mining of free milling gold  quartz and the winning of the silver-  lead ones: which form so remarkable a  ���������-featui-e���������'Of���������Kooteim>-'s���������mineral" i'C~-~  sources. The first as a rule easily  mined, treated on the ground without  great expense, the product shipped  without loss as bullion lo a market  ready tohandle it at the nearest largo  business centre.     The   r-econd taking  TUE COMING CLASH.  the rale I per  tent  was assured by I hesc deputations ilia!  lhis lower rate would bi;ing in at least  $100,000. bill llu* actual receipls only  amounted lo SSO.TSS and at the '2 per  cent, rale I'or lhe year ending ".'lib  3une. 1001, produced in the. neighl.o,-  hood of .$70,(100, whilst the product  ol  ��������� Printers  ���������of  - -Fine  ���������Office  ���������Stationery.  Including  LETTER   MEADS  ENVELOPES  STATE ME N'SS  BILL HEADS  NOTE HEADS  SHIPPING TAGS.  POSTER AHD DODGER  PRINTING   A  SPECIALTY  Herald! Job Office  FRONT STREET.  The   Cleveland  Cili'/.on says :    "The  new United Hrotherhood  of   Uailway  ICniployo*-', patterned afier the   old A.  It. V.. is reported as   'forging   rapidly  to (he front'on I.he Pacilic Coast.   The  old   brotherhood organs  are    making  sharp attacks on fhencw organization.  In   the    West.  il. is beginning lo dawn  on the unionists  that   ;i great light is  coining   with   (he   railway   trusts   in  that country, whilo the l.aslern workers will be forced   into   conflict   witli  tho   iron   und    steel   octopus.        The  ���������Westerners assume to believe tbat.  .J.  J. JI ill not J. P. Morgan, is the coming railway king of America and that  he is tho genius who is now   directing  thc continental consolidation.      fie is  described   as   a   man   of  remarkable  ability, and as cold  and   heartless   as  the rails of his' iron-highways.     He  hates organized labor with the ferocity  of an annoyed tiger,   especially  since  he   was   defeated   by   llio   A.   R.  U.  several years.ago, and if a clash conies  he. will strike wilh all   the   power   al,  his command. "Whether the. notifications to I lie employes of the Southern   Pacific   that   after     sixty    days  iresent wages will not be paid  is    the c*nT?   eai P  beginning of Hill's plan to   brealc   thn  power of union  labor, time alone will       About  .10  head   of  cattle.   !.">   pigs,  determine."���������Tho "Worker. horses, harness, wagon, sleigh, huggy  two mowers, rake, plow and harness,  cream separator. churn. butler  worker, tools, elc.  To be sold all together, and. if desired, with a lease of the place and the  privilege of buying "with immediate  possession if necessary.  F. W. COLLIN,  The Mining- Association Memor- jj-.07.im Enderby, 13. c.  ial  Brings   Out   a    Valuable  Statement. From the Finance  Minister  Hon. .J. H.Turner, Finance Minister,  in response to a request from the Colonist, has given us the following state-  Tnefifitf regard to   some   of   the   more! me-Kinc  at  SoniliwcVt  corner   of   Un X-'/C,  'I'llj attention of ITc-uiuptors of Crown f.ninls  i.*- hcrehv ciillcl lo 1111 ���������iiiienilment lo llio "I.111KI  .���������.ci," pav-i'il at Uie livst hoi-ion of the J.ubis-  liiinre, which provide.*- if) follows, vi;::  ������������������li. I're-ein liters of Crown I.und-, u lietlicr  in urrcur-j in payment, of insiiilinuntu ol  miri'liu-ii! monev or not, who u! the time ol  coinin*.' into force of tliis aci have nljiulucil  (Juriiliciitcot Improvement, or who shull liuve  nbliiliicd C'ertiliciito of Improvement within  twelve month*, thereafter, shall on conforiiiiiis  ivuh tlie provisions of the "l.iiiiil Act," except  ns hcrebv nlteicJ, he ontiileit to obtain Crow;*,  ���������.'"������������������mil- of their pre-emption clniins upon completing puvnients of purchase money nt lhe  rate of .-ovc'ntv-livc cents per acre, und Crown  (iraiit fees, wliicirpaymeiits mny be nnule ns  follows:  " Twentv-fivo cents per acre on before the  :11st day of'llevember, lull;  ������������������ Twentv-live cents per ucre on or before tho  SOtli duvoi June, lUlU;  " und the remaining���������!  " Twenty-live cents per ncro on or before the  "Nt day ot" December, l!)l)-_, nnd without any  further payment ol interest." __  W. S  GORE,  -. Deputy of i.iinds and Works.  Lands and Works, De'purtinent,  Victoria, 13. C, 1st June, l'JOl.  We challenge anyone in  Revelsloke to give-substantial reasons, for sup-^  porting Chinese laundries  In exchange we offer to  give io good-reasons why  Chincsc laundries should |  not be patronized.  BUKER* & SA'XION,  Proprietors.  Good accommodation.    A good Bar. well supnlicd with  Choice Wines,   Liquors and Cigars.  ���������2.  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  Fi^ee Bus Meets AIS Trains.  fr  *  :  *  | Brown & Giierin : Props. |'  ***M'**'7'*I'**J**.i*******^  Notice.  P  Government Distribution of Stumping  Powder.  I-Alt.MEltf desirous of IioIiir *-npiiliod with  Hlasiin*: Powder at cost price, lor clenrisiK  land, can obtain blank forms of requisition  from the Secretaries of the Fanners Jiiktlltitcs  as follows :  Henry* Hill--, Scc'v, Alberni Fanners'  riisULutc, Alberni.  .1. A. llalliday, Sec'y, Comox Farmers'  Institute, fcniidwicii,  John ?tewart. Sec'y, Xanaimo-Ccdnr Farmer.- Institute, Stark's Crosslin;. Nanaimo.  II. de M. Mt'llin. See'y, Cowichaii Fnrincr-,'  In*.itote, Someiio*.*.  J II. Smart, Sec'y, Mctchosln Farmers'  Institute. Mctchosln.  C* K. Kinj*. -ice'v Victoria Farmers' Institute,  Cedar Hill.  K. Walter, Sec'y, Islands Farmers Institute,  Ganjrcs Harbor.  K. A. IJrown, Sec'y, Delta Farmer./ Institute,  (.adner.  H. Ko*=e. Sec'y, Surrey Farmers' Institute,  Surrey Centre.  A. H. P. .Mathew, Sec'y I.anglcy Fnnners'  Institute, I.aucley.  Alex. Philip, See'y, Richmond Farmers'  Institute, Vancouver.  A. M. Vcrchere, See'y, Mission Farmers'  Instliute. Mission City.  G. IV. Ohad-ey, Sec'y Chilliwaek Farmers'  Institute. Chilliwaek.  situated on Fi?h liiver. I.nrdt*ftti. ll'������st Kootc*  serious   matters   dealt' witli    in      the   nav, thence half nmilc ea-t, thence one-cii;hiIi  1 of n mile ������otitl_. :h<*:ir*c half a mile we-t, tlieni ('  ^iL-moii.il   presented to tlie   Governor-   nne-cl-rhih of a mile north to place oi com-  ' | iiiencf-Tni*nt, and containint' -Id ai.ri-fi.  tfcnei'itl liv   tlie   iJinintr   AsbOti.ition.      ���������  MJr-i^K-ati-'J 2i-t June. iwi.  j\C-'jin���������\v COItY ilOJIf-.MCI-..  Ml*. Tiiriiei* was Hiked:  "The Memorial says thatthe expense  of governing  the   province   i.s  22   per j  NOTICE is 1 ereby civeii that ������i days after  date I intend to applv to tho Chief Co-mml-*-  s'.oncr of r.and5 and .^'s for, l^^"*vig^^Vrr.:-Green-Se.-v-Kcnt-ranncrs'-Iirstltuter         -it ...   ..',,-.      A,;a>"..z.  J.M. Webster,-Si*c'y Maple I.idjjc Farmers'  In*.t.'t"tc. Web-ters Corners.  . John  liail,   rir-i:'y. .Mntsijui  Farmers*   Institute, Abliot-ford.  A.H.   Criehtini.   Sec'y'    Osoyoos    Fanners'  Insttute. K.*Iowna.  W.I*. Ilor-lfy, .-..*..������'>', Spallunicheen I'armers'  In.*ttutc. ArinVtroiiir*.*--  S..M. Mcdiiin*. *-..'(���������'>-, Salmon   Arm  Farmer.-.'  ' In- tittui*. <**.Irn.in Arm.  I    J. K. .-uiltli, Sec'y  Kamloops Furmcrs' Insli-  ! lute, Kamioops.  II. I'-:rev  Hnilce'. P**c'y, Oknna^aii Farmers'  NOTICE  t^^^7^^^-**vj^^^������:*tf^������������^r<:-������^^<w*;*5  -*���������'���������'*" '-���������  2     Confectioner and Grocer  \f Fresh Eggs,     -, .  | "Butter   ��������� ���������  S Vegetables   '    ' "''   -  5 ���������   always ou liund. ���������    ���������' . *   * j  I Ice Cream'    *  '���������'  \  Home Made. Candies .  9 .  a specialty.. .      ..-.'. w  e^s<^vvvv������^*^<;4^������*4*������������f������WV*������^4  as a rule four or five ,-������������������������> todev,*iope.   cent, of lhe revenue.   Is this coi reel r | (.���������T/;jE^���������^ ������'^;:>������' ���������������, jj- ^^: | "������������"'-������������������ ^'^-j. ���������. ANnKRW>S.        ,  dipped in the ore lo..,,   distanee,   for       "J ������U. not know what   is   meant   by j ������Wj^'^w^rio pZt^ &"&*?% \ i^par.nent o^lSffi?^' '" *V '""'���������  ������i*nsive  tre.un.mt   at th, Mueller, j lhe expense of governing, hut if  it   is , ^^^^^t7ixxx^x^T71^ j V",f"U' *' V" ^ " WL I  on:, fluctiiatinr: inark.-i sul.j^c tl, i the total of civil B���������v..,-n.i..'nt salaries 11^^\'^^^������ 11,.^'!^ "f'r.^ i  inanijmlntions and <'apriecs utterly h,*- j and tlu- coat of collection of reven.i.'." j ..7'J!^^^������:!i'J������������[;;^:irlfri^'.',VI^: i  yond the miner's   conl.-.1.      The   one   fal.1 Mr.   Turner,   "lhe   statement   1, | ;..,,th Sift���������;-*?������������������ ft'������������������{,*������,������"; ',','.'>'|;;. j  A GOOD  NAME....  "Is boltor than riches   . '   Wc have tho name of makinp  thc only StvUhhSuits i if Town  ���������for durability und .qjiftlity-  they nlso uxrul.   -  ���������tn- x i "rpv .ONE  R.S. WILSON  Next the McCarty Block.  ri>.lx  r.'.frri  ^;.PRIME BEEF..* PORK.     MUTTON.     SAUSAGE.  FISH AND GAME IN SEASON.  JS  Ifav  KM  g  ii  H.Q. PARSON  iequii-e< -no help from anyhndy.  Capital snap.-til iiwlieii.-vcr.mil whenever found. Under the .-uhniiii.-trntioii  oi the late Ti-aii**vaal government it  was taxed directly and indiicctly in  eveiy shape awl foian. and yet capital  rushed in to devclope the gold iK-ar-  ing conglomerates of the Hand and  made immen.-t* profit;*.. Tlie other  receives its best illustration right here  in Kootenay. Here we posse.-** silver-  lead ores,, which'for combined extent  and richness are admitted even by  our American cousins to surpass anything'on the continent. Kootenay  should Ije the greatest producing cutnp  o: these metals in existence. . Under  existing circumstances the Coeur  d'Alenes with an average of SOT, ore,  an area of some twenty five square  miles and about a dozen shipping  mines,produced last year $llfS7.>,(XX)  in silver and lead to our tot.il of $o.-  000,000.* There is.something wrong,  when such -an obvious discrepancy  exists. ^Vhafc is it? AVhy is it :-  "Where is it? If the "mining policy of  the provincial government is not to  blame, then what is?  diiiia inaccurate.   These charges in llu*   point of i-omm.-n.-cineiit  1 Dated tlit-4(1: July I'-fll.  years   ending  June   .'.')   ultimo,   were I  ij.'i.l.Ml.'i. and as lhe revenue w.-i-  Jsl.T'iT,IliS. it follows that the percentage was under V.i\. If the expense  of admiiiirLering justice is included,  the percentage is just, over'20 per cent.  I'or the current year the total,, including the coit of adininf-lei-iiig justice  is e.-tiin.'ited at ������377.812, on a revenue  uf $'2.110,751. or IS per cent. For the  current ye.ir civil service salai ies aiul  collection of revenue only total al  SSGO.OSO. or twelve and a half per cent  These charges are steadily decreasing  in proportion to the revenue, having  been twenty-three and a half per cent  in ]&?J.J.  "What about llie municipal taxation  on mining?''  "It ia open to question if fhe mines  in this province are affect, at all by  this taxation, which appears to have  been included in the memorial in order  to swell the total."  "The memorial says that taxation in  this province is ������10.78 per capita.  What do yon understand by this?"  ������������������I am not quite clear what is meant,  but the act nil amount   of  taxes paid  July 31 I ni.  ,i. b. jrcKE.vzri.;.  POR SALE  r.-...  1 lie Citv nt fti'vcl.tokc hit-; ii qiiKiilityof wire  nmlii'i; if-'.'l fonapls ii'.-'d In. thi* c.inslnictiini  nl flic pc**t lmiiMi .-.ner f.ir "nl". Apply < . r *  ."haw, ( liv Oleri.-.  July"! It"  WHEEL FOR SALE b  On ������nlc one new Sir. fn'iiim'niu .jliflin bicycli*  Will tuku 1'. iliilliir.i for it. u-  Apply Hr.rAi.i-, OOici*.  , j Provincial Secretary's Office |$  lit.- IJONfil'l; tin- 7.i..*iiii.ii.in;-''Ji,v._rii(ir*iii-! {.A;,  I'mini'il in.** l*.'**:l l.i.jft*.**'! in mitlci* tin- fulinw i $������  "uy ������|H*-iiun."*ii[<: x'i'JS  Ulii July, I'Jfil.      'p-5[  ri'lt   f.    ''iiniflit'il.    ot   Tuna     I.Hl.1*,    VP-r  , MiMiiit i:-.(.-i>nlc*r. tn  li<*  It'.jrt-trnr oi  Ine    i;i.u;il-.*   C'.'irt .if    Ki'O'.-nm,   lii.Mi.'li   in  'Irf.n:   I.hI.-.*': *...*-*fi ii[.j.ij!i.tiii..iu t<������  tiiK.* effect  mi til" I ill* :n-'rtril.  lfclli Jnlv, 13,)!.  .fi.hn   Mi-i.c.-nl. nf  tin'   Ciiy   of   Kev-lrtok'!,  K-auiro   .-..'ri.-riii.in,   Uj I*-- h'm.-riihcr nf tin*  JJiir.:.! ot f.l<'i'ii*.in^ l.VinMriii**-ioiic.r*( for the .-.ilil  .���������ity, \i<*>* .M'|.*r.:inn   Vi. V. Nt-v, inmi. rc-mri..it. i  I lit). July. I0i)l.  Kilnin .".'Iilr, Arslit>r WlIil*i!i������o!i  mnl  l'virr  1 .-ii'.i.cr. r.f tlie* t:ltvoi Kevcl-tokc. JN'jiiIri--), t"  >���������; iVnci* v.cv.e.-������ '.ix Hurt for tin;  Ki-vi-Nii-ki.*  ��������� Ki.lln*; ot tli������   \*.._',t   KooUinny Kl'.rturnl Tl.-i-  . :ri.:. Jy-*!-t  % SPRING and SUMMER ||  Millinery  m  m  K:  The Latest and /Ylost  Stylish Hats.  Trimmed and Untrimmed  ���������*.>***.  ^  m  House Furniture for Sale  Mr?. .1. f>. Oralinm offor-i f������r ������h1p tlii v.-h'i!r*  of tliceontcnrt of her .lwi*Ilinir, *-i*f*oii'l St rue f.  I'lir-ions ileiironi of pnri������lift-.iri^ will plfl������ic cull  at tlie house on nnd nfter th" ������lh in.st. l.'H*v!***n  tlie hours o/ t������o [..in. and five p.m.       Jy-n-lt  FCR SALE.  Choief reti'li'iitiril profiflrty on Mnckenzi**  Avenue. Three I^it-i n������xt to Dr. .VfeLemi's  reiidencu.   Apply lo J. il. Kiott.  For Sale Or Rent.  A aoven rootin'il house for sule or rent. Apply  to J. KemRghau. July J7 if  TO RENT        *i  Furnished Rooms to let.   Apply to it, Tap-  tiilUf. ixx'.yn I mo.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  .VOTJCK.  Tromlwell MlnliiK elftlm, i-ltiiHte In thi*  f.iinleiiii iflmni; Oiviiion of West Kootoniiy  rii������trict.  Whore lopHtcil: On I.cxlin;ton Mountain,  nenr I'ool Ori*i*fc hriilge.  Tnti* Notlpi; Hint T, F.C Oreon, of N*i>l*(on,  neting hm iifreiit for the " Iniperiiil J>evo>ip*  ment fivrnIipHt". Ui.-iitcil." Kree 'Mirier'*'  Certiliente No. 11:12,01], intend, .sixty <l������ys from  this 'lute hi*r"of. to upply to the r Jllnln������  Ke.*ordcr for ft Certifieat<r pf Improvement"!  Ior tne pnrpo^.j of ohtniniPB u Crown Grant of  tho nhove elnlin,  And lurllier take notice thnt ni-tloi^ under  Pectioii .'17, imi^t he enrninenred before the  li-uiunrcof cucli Ccrtlliente uf Jinprovcmcntx.  , Wntcd this twentieth day of June. 190J*  K. C. GKKKN, '*  P. JC, S.  ^  Madison   Millinery. Parlors.  5������^  gg Misses Shepard &. 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As the local  paper of such an important Railway Centre, its  attention has always heen. drawn to Railway  matters, and recently it has definitely taken up  the task of forming5 itself into a vehicle of railway  news in which railway-employes all over British  Columbia and -Alberta'will find the news of the  Great Railway System to which tliey belong", and  of personal and the happening's . affecting' themselves'and their fellow employes.  THE HERALD  has long* enjoyed the .1  a.ve'f.x  S> ���������(-! =..;..  circulation of any  M  paper published in the district, which is now  rapidly increasing" among" the Railway Men East,  West and South... It is hardly necessary to point  ���������out to any shrewd businessman the advantages  which it thus offers as an advertising" medium  throughout the entire field whicli it covers.   "  E R   E  K������ _sftwi%a  it?-*!  tf&  5**������.  ���������uDseription *$-2.'U  $i.2S FOR SIX MONTHS, IN ADVANCE  It takes a foremost place in the race for prominence and. 'popularity- with business houses and  as a consequence does more -business ��������� with those,  requiring Printed;-Stationery ahd. onice supplies  than, any other "Printing Establishment in Eastern British Columbia. The class of work turned  out has been pronounced equal to anything of the  kind executed ih the large cities by much larger  Printeries.  &������ PMTIIJ  I, is equipped with the latest faces-in type designs  -and all.work   entrusted   to  THS  HERALD is  ~ - handled by experidnbed-'workmeh who thoroughly  understand the proper .use of the material at their    r   ���������  oiiiy printing house in. the district*, but it does  claim to b  r*, . .  Ana in a position to give as scoocl value for the  money expended,.either for advertising--space in  .its publication or for Job Printing, as can be Piven  by any other, house_of the kind in British Columbia. Write for Samples of Printing. A11 work  turned out promptly. One price to all. No lob  can be too large/or too small for THE HERALD'S  consideration. Special attention give to orders  by mail.  Printed and Published by  LIMITED LIABILITY!.IV.' "  A. JOHNSON, Managing- Director.  gratia Sim^jt'^nt.w.v.fe.^;  V  ,JM.*  COTT   11,  LEGAL  A., 1.1. I!.  Certificate of  Improvements  Hurt liter,       Solicitor,    Notary    Public,  McKenzie A*,eniic, KuvilituLu blntiuii.  .Money to lonn,  i:tc.  pjAitVKV, M'i;ak'ii:'{ a. i-inkham  Hnrristei-   Solieilon. i:ic.  Pollcitor.i fni I tn i>t*i titl Hank oi C.anailn.  Company Inniti to loan at.S pereeiii.  ]"ii***i* hriu.i.i, IleicNiol.u hialioTi, H. ('.  NOTICE  MEDICAL.  T    W. CHOSS,  Ollice:     Mnclicii/ic Avenue,  liuruMoltC,  sunn 1:0.s to Tin: c. p. it,  Ifeallli Ollicer, City of Kevelstoke.  I..I.  CHURCHES  511.1110DIST ClIlMlfll,   UKVin.sl'OKK.  rrciicliniK services at 11 a. in. and 7:;KI p. in  Class ineetliiK nt tin* close of the mornlm;  ������������������crvice. ,-nlibiitli School and liilileolas*. at:i:,lu  Weekly l'raver Jlcciln;; c\ery Wednunl.iv  evcmni,* at 7 Ml. The puljlie are uuniiiillv  Invited.   Seat.s free.  Uev. C. LAi)Ni:n, Pastor.  "Dora," "L'helma" and "Clam"  mineral claims situate in Llu' Lai clean  Mining Division of West Kuotenav  District.  Wheie localed: Along Fool Creek  about  '. mill* :il)ov<> In icljLjt.-.  TAlvKNOTIClC that 1, l*\ 0. Green,  of Nelson, acting ns agent for IS. I*!.  Cimvc, Fiee Miner's Certificate Nn. 11.  .">0.)72. intend, sixly days fiom the date  hereof to apply lo the .Mining Hcc-ord-  er forcei l.ificales i f improvement*-*, for  I liu pmpoM* of obtaining (Jrown  grants ot the aliove cl.iinis*.  And fuilhei' lake notice that action,  under section :_7. must. In*   commenced  helot e Ihe issuance ot'siKh   certilicali .**  of inipiovement.i.  Dated this 1st day of .Tune 1001.  F. C. (Jniii:x.  (Continued from j.prc :  st. i'i:Ti:it s tiiritcn, anoi.ic.vn-.  KlKlit ii.in.. Holy Knclinnst; 11 n.m., iimtins,  i.ilany and sermon (llolv l-hiehniist  lirst Sim-  day in tlie nionili); 2::io   Miindny   school, or  ehililren'.iiervice; 7::;n Kvensong (elioral) and  .sernion.   llolv llu*,**���������The llolj   Ihichaiisi is  ccloliriiled at 7 a.m. or h a.in., ns announced.  Holy JSaplisniiiiier .SihmIhv School ai:!:l.-i.  , c. .v. l'l'iocuNiKK, Keelor.  Certificate of Improvements  propei ty, income or wild land���������but on  the imposition of this us. thev were  exempted fiom all these. It is certain  that under the old form of taxation  many mines, probably all, would pay  more than under the mineral tax. And  a point especially to be noted is that  under the present sy.-tcm a mine until  actually shipping ore is entirely free  from taxation, though at the same  lime, as is evident from tlie votes for  expenditure, very lart  l'liKSHYTi'.lUAN   CHURCH.  Sen ice every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:11(1 pirn.  lo which all are welcome. 1'inyer meeting at  8 p. in. every \Vt*ilm"*iliiy.  i*.i:v. w. c. Cai.dku, l'aslor.  HUMAN ('.VI IIUI.IU CIIIM'CH.  Slies*!   nt 10:811 a. in ,   on   lirst,   second  and  fourth Sundays in tlie mouth.  '   i:i:v. i*ATiii:i:-iiiiviin.  (Frac-  iu the  West  M  Slreet,  HI.VA'IION   .Ml.MY.  ctiiti; every uiylit in their Hall on 3'ront  Gold Range Lodge K_. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Sleets every Wednesday in  Oddfellows' Hull at S o'clock  Visiting Knights invited.  13. Ci. BuuiuijGN, C. O.     :    :::::  :   : F. XV. Mackixrot, K. oi.' It. & S.  NOTICK.  "Choll.i" "Tuscnn" and L. V.  tional Mineral Claims situate,  Laideau .Minima Division of  Koolenny Dinii'itt.  Where located: On Lexington  iMoiimain Houth West of Eva mine.  Take notice lhat I, F. O. Gi een. of  Nelson, acting ns ajjont for Andrew F.  Kosenher-ei', F. M. C. 11. oftJSl and  Ihe Imperial Development .Syndicate,  Limited, Free .Miner's (,'ertiliYate No.  IJ, 2201(1, intend, sixlv davs fi-om the  dale heieof, to appiy to' the .Mining  Kecouler lor certificate**, of improve-  menth, loi' the pin pose or ohlaining  Ci own grants of t he ahove claims.  Anil further hike notici* that .-icl ion,  under section  Ii", must he commenced  befote the issuance of such  certificites  of improvements.  '   Dated this first day of June 1001.  F. C. GltEEN.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1638,  D ^ .'tcfiulnr inectiiiK*. arc held   In the  5,/a Oddfellow's Hull on  the Third  Kri-  ������--5^ itiiy 01 each month, ill 8 p.m sharii.  ''J Visiting brethren eordiallr invited  'i.'sT1^3 THOS. STKliU, W.M.  ^saUi:- "\v. q. BIItSliY. Itee.-Soc.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Royal School of Mine**, f.oiulon.    Seven  vcars  nt  .Moria   Works,   bttausea.    37   venrs   Ulnel  Chemist   to Wiyan Oonl and  Iron Co.,   ling  tate c.liemis_t and A.ssajer, Hnll Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined and repoited upon.  Ferguson. B.C.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTfCE.  EDWARD A. HAGGEN,  Mixing Enoixtsbk,  Member .-.merican Institute Mining Knp-ineirs*  .Member Canadian J.linin*; Institute.  ki:vi*:i.stoki:. n.c.  Exnifiinalion of and reports on Mineral properties a sfiemntty.  "Joker" Mineral Claim, situate in  lhe r.'ii'duiiii JMinitig Division of West  Ivootenay District.  Where located: "On Lexington  .Mountain adjoining Eva group' on  West.  Take notice that I, F. C. Green, of  Nelson, acting as agent for the Imperial Development Syndicate Limited,  Fiee Miner's Certificate No. B, 3_!0JG,  intend, sixty days from Ihe date hereof, to apply to the Mining Uecorder  for a certiliiate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown  grant of the above claini.  And fin I her take notice that action,  under section 37. must be commenced  liefore the issuance of such certificate  of improvements.  Dated this first day of June. 1001.  F. Ci Green-.  Red Rose Degree meets second and fourth  Tnesduis of each inontli; Wliile Itose. Degree  meets third Tuesday of each quarter, 111 Oddfellows Hull. Visiting brethren welcome  WM. WATSON. IIY. .EDWARDS,  1'resident. Secretary  H.   EDWARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  DEER HEADS, BIKDS, Etc. MOUNTED,  Kara Cleaned and lie-aired. .  ���������  LOVEIllNG'S OLD STAND   " :     Second Street  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  ' "Imperial" and "Balfour"', mineral  claims, situate in tbe Lardeau mining  division of West Kootenav district.  Where   located: On"   Lexington  mountain, south of the Eva mine.'  Take notice that I, F. C. Green of  Nelson, acting as acrent for J. J. Folev  F. M. C. B. 32030. Corv Jlenben-k, F.  M.C., B. 32.021' and John Brennand  Fiee Miners Certificate No. B. 32037,  intend 00 days fiom the date hereof, to  apply'to the Mining Recorder -for  Oertilicale of Improvements, for the  pin pose of obtaining Crown Grants of  the above claims. ;  And further take notice that action,  under, section 37. must be commenced  liatore the issuance of such certificate  of impiuvements.  Dated this Sth day of June, 1109.  F. C. GREEN." -  Inspection      of      Metalliferous  Mines  INSl'ECTOIlS' DISTKICTS.  TIIK Inspector** of Metalliferous mines nre  hereby assigned the following as their respective luHpcctlon Districts with headquarters as  noted, inch -nsslgniiient to lake plnce from  June l.lth.l'.Mll, until further notice.  AIlCIllll.M.li DICK, Inspector.  Headquarters.    Cm 11 brook,    ollice   of  Deputy Mining I'.etordcr.  Inspection DNtrlct shall comprise all of  Kast ICootenay and nl������o (join Jiiver mining  Division of West Kootenay.  In  add I lion   to  the  dm les  ol   Inspector of  Mclalllfcrcus mini"., Mr. Dfckv.lil also actus  Inspector    of    Coal  Mines   within llie -.nine  District.  JAMES McfinWiOIt. Inspector.  Ilen.l(|iiarters,     lull***.*      of       Mining  Recorder, Nelson.  Inspection   District   -.liall   comprise  all   of  Wuii   ICoolcnav    except   Coat   Wive.   Mining  Divl.-lon and also lhe draiid forks and Kettle  Itiver Mining Divisions of Yale District  THOMAS MORGAN, Iii-.pci.tnr.  IlciKliinarter-, (.overnnieiitJ.iiildiiii*'*!.  Naualino.  Inspection District. Vancouver, Island and  Coast Dislricl.  Mr. Miiri;->n l<-also Inspector of Coal Mines  for lhis District.  Notice is herehy jjiveii of sneli Iiisnc>tfnn  Districts and that 111 accordance with the  "Inspection of Metalliferous Mines Act. 18'J7 "  and AmcnilliiK Acts, notice of accidents to  employes happcnin.; ������ ilhln anv of such Districts must lie promptly reported both totlie  Inspector of such niitrlct and also to tlie  Minister of Mines, Victoria.  In mines not Included in the nliovc Districts  miiniiKcrH will report, in duplicate, to the  Minister of Mines direct, w ho. if he considers  it necessary, -will assign nn Inspector lo  specially report.  Blank forms upon which to -,nnkc reports* of  such   accidents   may   be  obtained   from  llie  Inspector of   the   District, from   the   Minim*  Keeorder, or upon application to this oflice  RIOIIAlMiMelifllM*:,  r,        .        .   ,,,, Minister of Mines.  DoDartmcnt of Mines,  oth June, l'JOl.  2JOTIOE.  ������i ������������������-*   Notice that -ne month after date I intend to  Rpplv to tlie Oh cf Commissioner of I amis ni.  Worts for permission to purclnue SJ0 acres of  Innds tuate 011 Hie Nortlieast Arm of Arrow  Lake in.the district of W.cst KootcnSy. B.o"  and described as follows Comincnelnir at a  postplanteiron the north ������hoi-?of?thi Srorth*  cast A nn1 of Ij r.per A rrow Ijikc, 20 ch sins sou th-  ,\vcstofthe mouth of Bltr Crock and nmrLc 1  "Fred Koblnson's Soi.thwest corner-"thenro  north a) chains; thenee east SOehali": t ?Sec  35������ V ch������"������; thenco west following ?he  luV}L,Hht0'?oi^ul Arrow L������*"-' SO chains to  thepomtof commentement. "  Dated 19th July, 1901. i'  uljr 20-1 mo. f red. Rob! nson,  C.E.Skene, Agent.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.       "      '  "Blue Jay" Mineral Claim, sit ..ato in  the litudeaii mining division of West  Kootenav district.  Where  located: On  Lex-npton  .Mountain   one-third of a mile south of  the J'.va, mine.  Take notice that I. F. C. Green of  Nelson, act inp as ap-enl for Dan Me-  i',n.fi.sh*' r,,po.Miner's Certificate No. B.  32DIG, intend (50 days from the date  hereoi. to apply to' .the Mininc  -Itocorder-for a-Certifie.ite nH niprovc-  ineiUs. for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Ri-iint, ofthe above claim  And lui ther take notice that action  under section 37, must he commenced  Ueiore thc issuance of such certificate  nl mipiovements.  D.iU'd this 1st day of June. 1001.  F. C: G it ken:  je .sums of money  have  to  be  provided for roads, trails,  bridges, etc., in   order   to   enable   the  mine:;, to develop their properties.   At  least S2O0,0OJ of the expenditure  voted  for   thu   present   year  on such works  may be placed to woi ka for the  benefit  of  uiinin*;   development   in   the  province,     whilst     the    total     revenue  estimated from mineral tax   is ������80.000.  A   representative   of the mine owners  during last session stated to  me   that  the 2 per cent, tax would shut up the  mines of British   Columliiu.   I  asked  him to he sure to refrain from publishing such a statement, as it would  have  a very injurious ell'ect on the province,  for   if   a   payment,   of   under .$3o,000,  which   was   all   it   w.asac   lhat time,  would shut up in industry making an  export of over eleven   million  dollars,  there   must   be    something seriously  ������ 1 ong about the whole  management  of this great industry.    The claim that  this   tux   of   2 per cent, on minerals is  unfair to mines of low grade ore is  the  put  of the memorial most worthy of  consideration.    Jt has always been felt  by the government that low grade ore  might under the method of assessment  laid down  in   the act, be more heavily  taxed in proportion to profit than ore  of   richer   quality.    With   a   view to  eiuedy   any   such   unfairness,    if    it-  exists,  most careful investigation has  been and is being made by the government into the whole system of taxation, with the olijeot of introducing an  .ict at the next session that will, if it is  possible,   fairly adjust the incidence of  all taxation.   At the same time it must  not  be   forgotten   that   in all mining  countries mines are subject to taxation  and   in   most   the  taxation   is  much  heavier than in British   Columbia.    If  we   take Natal, for   instance,   we find  mines   are  subject   to   pay :   Mining'  claim, ������2 per month: machinery stand,  10s. per month ; royally 1\ per cent, on  value   of  mineral  at   mine  (not  net  value).  "In ' the state of Iowa mines are assessed as real property, at one-fourth  of market value and pay this from the  commencement, whether making a  profit or loss.  "In   Illinois mines are assessed   at  '  full value as   real   estate   or  personal  property and the shares of the-same  mines are also taxed. . j  "In Colorado, mines are taxed, at  one-fifth of gross income, and to this  is added the value of all improvements  and works ou mine, and the shares are  also taxed. ,  ' "In almost all of the states, in fact,  mines are taxed higher than in British  Columbia, and they get little in  return, as roads, trails, etc.. are not  made and kept in order by the state to  anything like the extent of these  works in British Columbia. In fact,  the mine companies have as a rule tc"  make their own roads.  "As I have said if this province  followed the old system of taxing  mines as real and personal pioperty, a  much larger revenue would be derived,  but it certainly would more injuriously  afJect most mines than the present  system. Take the Le Roi for instance,  valued at five million dollars. The tax  on this, would amount at least to  $37,000, or more than the total amount  collected from all the mines in the  province, last vear: and-this methti,!,.-  though it seems to be generally  .idopted iu the States, would seriously '  affect mines being opened aud,, es- '  pecially the mines of low grade ore,  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICE.  "Theliua" (fractional) and "Canon"  ri'.ictmniil) mineral claims, situate in  1 he Lardeau mining division of West  Kooienay district.  Where located: ;On Pool creek  adjoining the Thelma and Dora mineral claims.  Take notice Ih-it I. F. C. Gteen of  Nelson, acting as atrent for the Impei-  11.I   Development Syndicate.  Limited  .*���������*  '���������liner-, Ccitific.ue No.   Si. 330JO*  inlend dO days fiom the d.it������ heieof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for  ceil ilicate ol improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining Crown grants of  the above claims.  And furl her take notice that action,  under section 37. must be commenced  lii-lni.. the issuance of such certificate  of improvements.  Daled this first day of June. ]f)0I.  F. C. Ghkes.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICE  Rossland mineral claim, situated in  he Lardeau Mining Division of West  Kootenay District  Where located: On Lcxincton Moon  ain South of the Eva mine "''  'P A  T.'T^ -W\rill ,-.,-,   . . ���������������������<*II* .  f���������*ce,UHl.it-.orTm^;,e5eI^?,for  the  purpose   of  obtaining a   Crown  grant of the above claim  And fnrthertake notice that action  i!?.wHCl*,n37' lnust b������ commenced  before tho issuance of such certificate  of improvements. Jte  Dated this 8th day of June 1901.  F, fj. Greek.  where tliere ai e vast bodies of mineral  and costly works have to be put up to  fit the product for shipment.  "As shown by the [public accounts,  the total amount of the tax collected  to June 1900 was JJ31.S0L This on an  output valued by the mine owners at  over eleven million dollais, the tax  lieing not quite one-tenth of one per  cent. In the same year the canneries  of the province paid over 1} per cent,  on their whole product, though most  of them were operated at a los.*- on the  year's working. The same applies to'  all the business of the province and  al-oof all other countiies taxes have  to be paid whether profit or loss is  Hindi..  "As to the share of the but den of  taxation borne by metal mining,in  proportion to other industries, put  down as 50 per cent, of the whole, or  S^.527,273. there is no explanation of  how this is arrived at. U is evident  that the customs duties, with whicli  the provincial government has.  nothing to do, are added. As to the  pi oportion of pi ovincial taxes borne  by the mines, they appear to be as  follows: Total taxes collected in the  3'ear ending 39th June, 1000. $392,698  of this the mineral tax amounted to  $31,894; not one tenth of the whole."  "I think the memorialists should  have been more careful in compiling  sUtet'nents. the effects of which, aa  given to- the public must be most  inj.it ions. They should know that  the" subject of taxation is a most  ilinici.lt one. At the present trae the  province of Ontario]and somelof tho  stales have commissions examining  into this important matter thoroughly,  with a view to equitably adjusting*  taxation, but they find it a most complicated, business, and so far have not  reported or have only issued interim  reports, and appear to have arrived so  far at no better system than those  already in existence." *t4-^^4**_.*M������l.*l.*J?**4.4.^+4*'i.*4**J**i.*-i'*i'  ���������f  f  Disinfectants!!  Foul Drains, Closets.  Stable or decaying  garbage , need close  attention. Don't wail,  for  an   epidemic   to  '4. break  out,   but   get  fr some  t CHLORIDE OF  LIME  * CREOLIN, JEY'S FLUI  * Carbolic Acid or Powder,  fr     Ton can get any of these nt.  fr Canada Drue- & Book Co.'s Store  fr  fr ************ ***********  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  I*  *  ^lC^.^'M^<n^AfuL   47Vayny ������ft4M4y������d/  OMy ^ Ar>A*yter<i/^L^^ C<H(ynjrJ?vLz.  ���������fty   iinlofe/ ������0^0^ 07L&tJy_  -F"j.��������� "���������r rrr- -.*���������/ &  it-rr&t /UrV7iHy' ^**^������^^f^,  t^ *  Notes of News.  ���������Special  Parlors.  sale   of ribbons.   Madison  11. A. Brown started operations in  the Union Cigar factory yeslerday.  Mrs. Smythe left on Monday for  California, where her brother is verv  ill.  Bert Campbell left yesterday morning to Inke in the Vancouver street  fair.  D. CI. McNeil, the Silver Cup supei-  intendent registered at the Revelstoke  on Sunday.  Mr. G. F. Curtis left on Saturday's No. 1 for Vancouver to lake  in lhe street tair.  Ham Donelly expects lo have his  contract 611 the Canyon waggon road  completed in three weeks.  The Ladies Auxiliary to B. R. T.  cleared ������13-1.30 by their dance in aid  of the striking trackmen.  ���������Now   ready  Special   cigars-  factory.       Stock  guaranteed.  The Union   and   Omit   the  Union   Cigar  mil  Workmanship  At .1 meeting of the city council  held on Saturday night Dr. Carruthers  was appointed medical health ofiicer  at a salary of S10 a day while actually  employed.  J. D. Sibbald and A. Johnson of the  Heii.vld are away at the famous  Glengarry group at the head of Boyd  creek this week and expect to return  about Friday.  IL Edwards, taxidermist, has several orders on hand including a case of  bear cubs, a fine bear robe from T. W.  Grahame of the Landing and several  johs from A. F. Rosenberger.  ���������Buy your children's school books  at Bew's Drug Store.  A prisoner who was heing conveyed  on Sunday by provincial constable  Wilson from Grand Forks to New  West minister to serve five years for  a serious felony, escaped from custody  on the train at Salmon Arm and has  not been recaptured.  ���������New readers and other new books  for sale at Bews' drug store.  The rumor is persistent that R, \F.  Green of Kaslo is to be minister of  mines. ���������' If he accepts a, cabinet  position there will be an election in  which he will be opposed by W.  MaeAdam of the Sandon Paystreak  or Chris. Foley of Rossland.  The tough" element, which was  pretty strong" in town a short time  ago has passed on to serener climes  About 200 undesirable visitors have  -been asked by the police to take a  walk since spring and the invitation  was not a merely formal one either.  ���������Send in your orders for The Union  and Our Special cigars to the Union  Cigar Factory. Stock and workmanship guaranteed.  The. London A: B. C. gold fields  whicli is represented out here by J.'  Roderick Kobinson and has lately  ���������bonded-the-Eva���������giiiup���������at���������Camlw'riie"  lias =hares in the Ymir mines, and the  Whitewater. Enterprise aud Ruth  properties in the Slocan. It is the  most successful English company  operating in Koooenay.  J. H. Wilcox came in on Sundav  from the Standard basin and reports  that when he left, the cross cut on the  Commander was seven feet in ore and  not through it yet. The apnea ranee  of the ore has elicited lhe most favoi -  able roinmem from tin* best local  ������������������Xpert.*;. Samples have been forward-  ad to A. H. Iloldich at Ferguson for  .K-.-iy.   1  The old M-hool building is being  moved by J. Keriinghan lo lhe Lorner  of the school yard next the Methodise  church. An admirable suggestion was  made ihut it would serve very well for  a city hall and municipal offices, the  iiW being to haul it across Second  street on to block 52. which Judge  Spro.-it ha? offered either to lease [or  sell lo the city. However, as th������  council has not as yet come to any  decision about Ihe block and as Ihe  school trustees want to get the-building ont of the way. jit has to go over  into the corner at all events for the  time being.  J. IL Scott, mining broker, of London, Eng., who w.is in town on Monti iy. paying a visit to tbis district, is  well acquainted with mining matters  in every camp of Kootenay, which he  has frequently visited. lie considers  the prospects for a diversion of British  capital our way very slim. British  Columbia stinks in the nostrils of tbe  British investor and his ways of doing  business and ours are too widely  different to be successfully combined.  Tha present West Africa boom now  raging in tbe old country, Mr. Scott  considers, one of the rankest swindles  on record. There are no less than 220  English companies now operating in  alleged goldfields of that part of the  World.  Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Scottleft for  Band' on a couple of days trip this  morning.  Fred Riches, recently car checker.it  the C.P.R. station, left on Monday for  Camp Mt'Kinney.  E. A. Haggen is leaving tomorrow  for the Big Bend to examine some  mining properties.  ���������Yon can get Bennett's While  Cintta-Percha Fuse at C. B. Hume .fc  Co.'s.   It has no equal.  .Mrs. J. D. Graham left town on  Saturday morning. She is spending .-���������  few days at Halcyon.  Edward Whymper. the famous  Alpine climber is explo ing the wonderful Yoho valley near Field.  Thos. McMahon, C. P. R. tie  inspec  tor, and Mrs. McMahon, from Rogers'  Pass, are registered at the Revelstoke.  The No. 2 this morning was an  "Empress" train, made up of 12 cars,  carrying 'a. large number of passengers.  Miss McNangbton. formerly of  Arrowhead, hi'.s been appointed to the  vacancy in the Kamloops public scliool  teaching stall' occasioned hy the resignation of Miss Cavss.  It is reported that Mr McNicoll  refused to meet the committee of  railway men who were assembled at  Vancouver in order to interview him  regarding the trackmen's strike.  ���������A big line of Christy Stiff Hats  now in. Latest and nobbiest styles���������  al, C. 3J. Home & Co.'s.  There were between sixty and  seventj* visitors at Williamson's ranch  on Sunday last enjoying the al fresco  pleasures of the woods and lake. It is  a charming spot to spend a summer  day.  The arrival of a new valve enabled  the Revelstoke Water, Light Si Power  Co. to connect their main on the hill  with the second dam last night, thereby gaining a noticeable addition to  their supply of water.  Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Bourne left on  Sunday for a tour which may include  the Old Country and is likely to* last  several months. The Herau) hopes  tbat the trip will have its expected  beneficial effect on Mr. Bourne's  health.  Microscopical  Exactness  Is demanded in the Compounding o  Prescriptions; and our care and skill  ���������the results of experience and  training���������assure that degree of accuracy. And, in addition, our drugs  are always pure and fresh. Bi ing  your prescriptions here.  RED CROSS DRUGSTORE  G. F. CURTIS,  TAYLOR BLOCK.  McKenzie Avc  AROUND THE  RAILWAY YARD  Mrs. Dent entertained tha choir of  the Methodist church at her residence  last night. During the evening Mrs.  Burgess, who with Dr. Burgess is  leaving town, was presented with a  silver bon bon dish by the member? of  the choir as a souvenir of her connection with that body.  The ICL. Co., owners of the Com.  aplix townsite, contemplate clearing a  portion of the townsite and have  several men at work grading new  streets. Hewitt Bostock is expected  ���������there shortly and intends doing considerable work with a view to pushing  the interests of the town.  News has been received of the  suicide of Colonel Forrester, formerly  proprietor of the Lake View Hotel at  Sicamous. A despatch from Horns-  ville. N. Y., says that he walked from  a sanitarium at which he was staying  to the nearest police station, about six  miies"ilistaiuE He entered the station  and immediately drew a revolver,"  with which he blew out his brains.  No reason is given for his rash act.  He was 76 years of age, and had led  an adventurous career in many parts  of the world. Among his exploits  was a campaigu in China with the  "ever victorious army,'' and he had  been on friendly terms with "Chinese  Gordon.'' the ill-fated martyr of  Khartoum. He was for some time  proprietor of the Lake View Hotel at  Sicamous, which he. .sold out aliout  five years ago, and went to New York  wliere he resided until his sad nnd  sudden end.���������Kamloops Sentinel.  New  School  Readers   -AXD:   c  OTHER NEW BOOKS  AND  SCHOOL   SUPPLIES  New   and  attractive designs in  8CRIBBLER8  Now on sale at  BEWS1  DRUG STORE  DROWN BLOCK.   TEL. 48.  PrinS   Groods  Come and see oui*: Beautiful display of  SPRING MERCHANDISE.  Beautiful   White   Goods  Fancy White Muslins, All-Over Ibices, Valencium, Etc. Swiss and  Dainty Muslins. A most beautiful display of those Fashionable  Goods in various colors at 15c, 17c, 20c, 2oc, and 50c  Under Skirts  Mercerised Sateen Skirts in endless colors���������all prices.  Perren's   Gloves  We sell the Famous " PEBRENS" Gloves.    Once worn always  asked for  Boys' Blouse Suits  Just   to   hand, the    finest shipment of  BOYS' BLOUSE SUITS  These are the best make in Canada and don't rip anywhere.  Men's Clothing  We have just opened up a large range of Beautiful Sateen-Lined  All-Wool Serge and Worstered Suits and marked them a way down.  CALL AND SEE US BEFORE BUYING ELSEWHERE.  TAYLOR & GEORGE  THE  WIDE-AWAKE  BUSINESS   MEN,   MACKENZIE  AVE.  ���������������������>  THE COMMERCIAL  CENTRE OF THE  LARDEAU  MINING  COUNTRY  Business Lots from $150 Up  Residence Lots $f5 and $100  SOLE  AGENT,  HENRY FLOYD  REVELSTOKE  B. C.  V4&*4ftt**4r**MKf**m^^  JOHN D, SIBBALD,  NOTARY  PUBLIC,  Telephone So. 101.  1'. O. Box 7(0  Personal Paragraphs, Pertaining to Railway Men Picked up  By the Herald.  B. Mee, travelling locomotive foreman, was in town yesterday.  Grant Hill, the new master mechanic, and Mrs. Hill returned from  the south on Monday.  Contractors at Nelson for the Lardo-  Duncan railway are .calling for 500  Ialiorers. The wages offered a.te .$2.25.  and $2.50 per day.  J im Doughty, who has heen employed for some time in the C. P. B.  shops at Calgary, has been selected as  chief engineer of the waterworks in  that city.  Mr. nibb, C.P.R. wiper, had his  hands liadly burnt on Monday morning by the hot cinders falling on them  while working under an engine. He  was despatched to Kamloops hospital  during the day.  The Canadian Railway employes  at Winnipeg have arranged for an excursion to Delta on Saturday, Aug.  10th. This annual picnic under the  N. P. R. was aways a hugh success,  and as the arrangements are in the  same hands this year, equally satisfactory resides are looked for.  The Vancouver Orange celebration  committee have presented a handsome  locket pendant to Mr. E. J. Coyle. C.  P. R. Asst. Gen. passenger agent, as a  mark of appreciation to the courtesies  extended to the visiting Orangemen  and the consideration shown by* the  C. P. R. in the matter of transportation rates.  Jack Stewart has secured the contract for the seven mile cut-off which  the Cansulian Pacific Railway Company Iwus decided to build at Field on  the main line. The work is' very  heavy and i.s expected to cost'well on  fo #100,000 per mile. Its construction  will elVect a great, saving in the operation of the road both in respect to  thc time and expenses.���������Nelson Tri-  hune.  D. D. .Mann, of Mackenzie it Mann,  says that the Canadian Northern will  lie. completed from Port Arthur to  Winnipeg by October 15th, perhaps  by October 5th. The orailway will  thus catch two-thirds of the crop  tributary to their lines, or ten to  twelve million bushels. The rest of  the crop will go to Duluth by the  Northern Pacific or to Fort William  by the C. P. R. The Canadian Northern has ordered box cars and  locomotives from every firm of car  and locomotive builders in Canada,  and are buying locomotives and cars  in the States, so that they will have  fifty or sixty locomotives and 1,100 to  1,500 wheat earn of L00O bushels  capacity and over.       v  Abridge span on a Trans-Siberian  railway burnt out and delayed a train  with a Minneapolis globe trotter on  board for two days:  The span was about 70 feet long  across a stream with banks 12 feet high  aad -with a solid gravel bottom. "How  long will be required to repair it?"  asked the M. 6. T. of the foreman of  the job. "Ah, we cannot tell," was  the reply  of the foreman.   "It was  The Prospectors' Exchange  :    No. 5 K.-W.-C. BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.  (.���������old, Silver Lead nnd Copper Mines wanted at tlie jp^-Excliange.  Free Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.  Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore  te tlie Exchange for Exhibition.   '.  All samples should be sent bj express Prepaid. Correspondence solicited.  Address all communications to    ANDREW F. ROSENBERGER,        Nelson, b.c.j  "Ja  JFOIR,  jL.GrTHIZ-'j?  REAL ESTATE-  r Camilla Permanent it Western  I <"!. p. n. TOWNSITE.  I 3I.VI1A TOWNSJTi*:.  ���������pTTVT i TUT"! iT     I Camilla Permanent it Western  '      rlilAllLlAL-M        U'imi'1'i Mni'iKiimi Corporal  i. llll&llVjAXJ.L,   i K(1���������_.ni.lu .avintj.-i Loan ami liu  INSURANCE !  HOUSES FOR SALE AND RENT.  I Inn.  uilding Association.  i Imperial Fire.      fJnardian I'irc.      Mereantile Kire.  ' Ciiiiailimi l*'li*i".       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Large and Well lighted _ '  Sample Rooms   .   ���������                                       Heated by Hot Air and Electric  *   Bulls and Light ln every room  Free Bus Meets All Trains  Reasonable Kates    ������  -^.IHIOTIEIj  VICTOBIAj^  JOHN V. PERKS, PnoPiUKTOR  Night  Grill rloim in ('-.nnection Ior the Convenience of Guests  Hourly atreet Car  Between Hotel av.d Station  &������<->������to������is<t, e.g.  3 Wake Up  AND SEE THE BARGAINS AT  GUY BARBER'S IN  Watches, Clocks. Etc.  1844* Rodgora Broi.' Flat Ware.  SPECIALTY. WATCH REPAIRINQ  burned by the will' of God. Jt"mny  tnk-e ;������ week." Then the Minneapolis  man began to laugh. "What is it?"  asked a passenger." Tie. says," explains! the other, '-that the bridge  wa.s destroyed by the will of God and  that it will require a week to repair it.  Jf it wa*i in America it would be the  will of the superintendent of the road  that it lie repaired in two hours and if  it wasn't done some one would lose his  job.','  A sad accident occurred on the G.  N. \V. Central, near Forrest, at a late  h'jur Friday night. Tbe regular mix-  e 1 train was shunting around, tilting  on frpsh cars, when Conductor Ifarpell  who was coupling the cars, caught his  foot in one of the frogs, and the approaching train knocked him down,  crushing his foot, and splitting his  led from the ankle to the groin. Thc  unfortunate man never lout consciouH-  ness, and waa brought to the city,  where the ambulance wm in readiness  to convey him to the hospital. The  doctors at first considered his case  hopeless, bnt say now that there Is a  chanee that he may survive the  terrible shock. j!'   V        /  The Trackmen's Advocate for Augnst  which Is just to hand, does the Hxb-  ald the honour of quoting nearly the  whole of a lengthy editorial on the  strike from its columns. The Advocate  Ib the official organ of the B. R. T. of  A.  Notice to Go-Owners.  TO JRlCltAIlD Mcdmkmid.  Under Mineral* Aet 1897 and amendments  thereto, notice Is hereby elven that we, LouIfo  I.eon line- Graham ami lins I.llnil. havener-  Icirmed nil the niscusinent work on the "Golden  Kaele" mineral claim, situated on lhe dlvldo  hetween Krcncli and McOulloelc Crceky. at the  head ol (Iround ling Ilasln in the 111k Hend  District ol West Kootenay, located 10th Sc|i-  'temljer, 18% and recorded 21 September, 18SH  and that Hlchard McDi.rmld the ��������� recorded  owner oIone-(|UKrter Inlcrest in said mineral  claim haa neKlevted to do his share ui thc  work or to pay Ior same Ior the years 1898,1889.  1WX) arid 1901. Notice la hereby given to the  said flchnnl .McDIarmld that unlivs said  charge* are paid within nlnetv davs ol thu  first publication o! thu noticu wushalfprocccd  to record mid delinquent Interest as provided  oy section II ol the ���������'.Mineral Act Amendment  Act, 1000."  Dated at  Kevelstoke. II. C, Oth August, 1901.  <���������������������������.,,..���������,.. ( I** I'* GllAIUM,  l'"on"efs|rjL'sl.u.fD.  REVELSTOKE  Lots will be sold at a considerable reduction up to  July 10th, 1901.  Now i*,the time for prospective purchasers to buy.  MAYNE, Sole Agent;  REVELSTOKE.  N  4'  I  v  ;


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