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Revelstoke Herald Jul 6, 1901

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Array /  il  xU  ,, I  ty*  i  fl  1.  I  a  1  5  fe-  w  tt&l-rr. *r.-n te stBR<b  ""���������������������������������?-  .-aUSKS^  __g.'ilrin*a*ivrT'j  ,rr%. IT y IT  tiUZlfl  V-^ J  '*-_.     W. -4 Bio***  7   Ri   Y.v..    k  -=.  .'-_������_       -ri  111 B  ���������iuS2S2J1   <Si������.i^ rl'nttsjsi    K**W*=  /  /)  L/'  Vol    V.  No   52.  REVELSTOKE   B.C.     SATURDAY,   JULY  ������, I90I.  $2  OO a  Year in Advance.  ������<4^^^'-*ro������Mtt^tt.������*g-tf'*������*<tf.<<<l<������^:a^'l*'tS  1  Our Tea and Cufl'ee Tiatle ia  steadily growing. * Why ?  Because we curry the best  .procurable. Tliere in nothing equal Lo  . j RAM  LAL'S  ; FiVE C'CLGGK  1 l'i Yen um  sis  Wn  T  Account of the Football Games.  on   Monday as Given by The j  s, o. E b. s.  Mem bets of'Lodge   Royalty   2-kt   (if  the   above   order   .ire particularly re-  I quested to attend the regular meeting  ! to   be   held un  Tuesday evening July  |i)th, when business or importance  will  come up for consideration.  II. ICow-vnns, Sec.  Golden Era.  When relume Donaldson blew the  whistle I'm* the junior game on Monday thine wa* a large i.rmvil of spectator.*, present on the Held and the tennis  lined up as follow.--.:  i'evei-ioki���������f'oal, O. Smythe: D.ick.  C. Kilmer, .1. Inches Halt' Rack, K.  Cot.-.on (Capt), O. Mi Lend, C. ('uisoii;  forward-, XV. lienvo, 15. .Kerns, G.  !3eavo, 0. Kit-hard, G. Orahiiin.  Ciolden--CJu.il. A. Woodland; I3.ick.  R. Kenny, li. llanna; lla.lt" Buck, I.  M. Alpin, Ci. Rt.tlVer, A. Morgan: Fnr-  w.nds. R. Hanna, II.. Pnghe. M. Mcintosh, I.. Ciould (Capt.), W. Pughe.  " Uiinsider.ible coimiiont was aroused  by the diU'eic'iice in weight between  the two teams, lbs* Revelstoke boys  averaging much huavjer than the  Victorias.. prom the  apparent  thai,   a   close  Pure Mocha   and   ava  always  fiee  in s-toek.  ���������i.O.  British Columbi  awberries.  Card of Thanks.  The Willing Workers of the Prosby-  teiiau church wish to extend their  thanks to the Indies and gentlemen  who worked so hard to make the  entertainment on July 1st, such a  grand success.  a  5B-M  5������  i^HT  ix a  GQLLiSlOi  RAILROAD  MEH AT  will be'in this week.  ���������-��������� .CHERRIES  APPLES  - APRIOTS ' -'   ;  Also  start it was  'game was to  hi; expos Led. the ball travelling lirst to  niu* goal and then to the other, the  local team was having the best ol it.  The. lurward line ot -the -Victorias,  however, was weak and nt ciilic.il  moments lost tho ball through '.ho  men not being up iu position, in fact  one of the playets seemed to bu unable  to 1 ear himself away fioni the defense.  During lhu lirst half no goals'weie  scored though both had nairow  escape?. The goal keepeis, however,  v.ne on h ind and make good stops,  one in pnt ticul.ir by Woodland which  was nun h applauded.    ,    *  After a short rest, the ball was faced  nil' again the Y.rlorias. having lo play  willi the -sun in their eyts. and after  aliout 20 minutes play a .goal was  scoied by Revelsloke. It was'claimed  that the player who' scored \\as olV-  side. but tlie referee gave the goal and  play was resumed.... The Victorias now  made desperate eiVoits to .even the  stoie anil shot after shot wis poured  into the Kevelatoke.go.il, hut Smvlhe  made sunn; good stops and was lucky  in   having the. ball pass (he posts^when  t ���������.' : ���������_���������"*��������� rt**. .rt-* ���������"���������.m^i^-.Tt-\���������^"r iV**fr?"i^'. (_ .������ t ?i������  BERRJE BISKES  WATER PUCKERS  TU&BLEBS  GOBLETS  Lemonade Setts?  ia.n_-0_v_c_r.__  A nice range of Parlor Lamps  Prices stir pri sin  jrlv'Iow.  FRUIT SAUCERS  BREAD AMD EUTTEFf  PLATES  CRACKER JARS  CHAMBER SETTS  A nice line io choose irom  j.   W.' Westfall " Talks    Over  The    Present,    Condition   of  the   Mining   Industry, in-the  Lardeau -'with  the   Rossland  Miner.  J. XV. Westr-ill,  a prominent Tiout  Lake   mining   man,   has   been  in the  city for   several   days in consultation  with the management of the Old  Gold  and Primrose properties   in    the  Lardeau, or which he'is" superintendent.  Both    ���������   properties     are    now    being  developed, and  the showing obtained  with  the  woik done, up to lhe piesent  time would indicate that both propositions have every prospect of .becoming  producing   iniues   in   the near Inline,  lie'will return north in a ilay or two.;  ltel'eriing to the outlook for  the L-ir-  de.i.i,   Mr.    Westfall     expresses     the  opinion " very    decidedly,  chat the distiiet'has a very bright  future  bei'oie  it.   This would have been realized thi.-  .eason, he   believes, ihad"-it-lnot been  for the slump' in leaiCwhich has had a  marked   tendency   to  discourage capital from' entering  silver-k*a*d   camps,  and   capital  is  jiisl \\liat"th'i_ Lardeau  needs at   lhe   present time to ileiiion-  sUatethemeiits of its mining properties.      Wilh all the setbacks from lhis  source*    Air.    Westfall   says    thai, the  section will have it busy-season.    Cor.-    ______      _ . .        siderablo-ivork will bejlurie during the.  iuVinisseil so   eiia't"wlii*n   tfie^wtitsiie ^ull-7ucl.y,' aTi'nalfway. and sever.il ol  blow   for   time   lhe score was 1 to O.in   th(j beU"L.l. p,.0perties will ship.     Tliuse  Kevelstokf's-l'avor. j shipments .ire safe"lo run high," a'urt by  After   the   game   was    over, , Geo._ ni.st. s'L,.[s.(m l|,e prediction is ve-itui ed,  Reavn, who kicked the   goal.' ai-know-   (ol^idel.Hiile capital   will   be available  let'ged  that.-he   wasoff-sideandthat   fo_.   LllL. -tievelopiuent  of . the    othei  the   referee's   decision   was incorrect,   pl.(vin-lsin*B propositions with which the  so   it,   was   agreed'that   the game be   ..oll-'(,.y.  abounds.     The season is just  called a draw.     _ i opening in thu Lardeau. A late spi nig  TU13 sknioii  GAJfE, clil over the country has delayed iimI-  The senior teams took the   Held   im-   ters,   but .when  Mr.  Westfall left for  mediately alter the close of the junior   Rossland a numberof men were going  game. ' The local   team   appearing  in   in for the summer. _ " *     -  white with a winged   foot   in   red   ou       The L'U'deati has suffered heretofore  their breasts.     The   Kevelstoke team   for  lack   of-transportation   facilities  found   themselves   short  a'man and a   more than anything else.     This is now  little delay ensued.    Air. U-Sanderson   being letucdietl to. a great extent  by  went   on   to   fill   the vacant, v and ihe   the constiuction of the road now being  teams lined one another as below: built,by the .0. P. R.     The   line taps  Revelstoke-Goal. Hamilton; Backs, [the heart of the mining district, and is  Dodd,  Purvis; Halfback, G.irey, Ale-   planned lo serve the entite country as  Mae,   Samlei'stili; 'Forwards.  .Smythe,   thoroughly   as   can   be achieved by a  Gi.ihain,   AicGuire,   Donaldson,  Can-   single line of iails.,  Under the cuciiin-  *'Golden-Go:>l.   Tom';   Back. T'lylor.   stances    existing   up   to   the present  P.itmotv; Hull'Back', King, Alexander,   time in regard to transportation it has  Sr,*iiker;"-P6rw.*ircl.s,-^Field���������Robertson.- heen=-imp'ossib![e^in^'iiiosfc_i_iiistances  lioll, Sinclair, La Fleur.        ���������    '     '   '      to'ship.ore that,  would  not'run  from  The game was a, most'emn'yal.Ie one   iJoO    to    SGO   per  ton   to   secure net  1'iniii   a  spectator's   standpoint,     the   leturns.   Tho advent of tlu*. railway,  pace being a,   hot   one' from  start  to   it  is   believed,   will   enable  property  linisii.    No goals  were scoied  in   lhe   owneis   to   ship   $���������_"."* and $.S0 ore nt .i  ,'ir-t half diii'mg uhich'the Revelstoke   piofit. and in this way a large number  liini having won the toss.'played wilh   of mines that   have not been opened  . ueir hacks to the sun: the Golden men   out can be worked   profitably.      It   is  having lhe disadvanlnge ot' the sun in   difltcult to state at the present time  lheir eves.   The form exhibited by the  just what value   the   lower  grade  of  liuiuc team  was  a   surprise to those   piospectt. ��������� in   the Lardeau possess i'or  who had   not  knowji   of the faithful   ihe'reason that the "attention, of opei-  pr.tctise which has been put, in  by  the   atois has been confined to  the hifiher  local men for the week previous n-o the |.grnde   properties. ,  Examples   of   the  paine. the elfects  of   wliich could   be  ���������ji-cii   in    the   pei feet    iiudei standing  which   existed   between   the   players.  The Revelstoke defence was kept busy  but   proved   equal tin   the    occasion.  stopping rush after tush.    When  lhe  whistle wa  Rolling Stock Damaged at  Hastings on Thursday Morning.  I-.igineKo. GTH) 'and two cars were  considerably damaged hi a collision al  Hastings about S o'clot k Th.ir.-dsiy  nuiriiing. The ,*u eident was lhe i'cmiK  of eai elefsness on the part of some ol  the stockmen at ilastings who were  loading some of lhe nice iuii'.-es on a  large stuck car which it was intended  lo attach lo the Seattle express.  Iu order to facilitate lhe easy loading  of lhe stock cat they had pushed it to  the bide track, wheie tbe roadway  crjsses the line. The car was still on  the side track, but was foul of the  main line. The Kamloops local had  just gone past, and the sloi.kiiien  evidently thonght!ihat there would be  no mote trains along that way until  the Seattle express passed.  Shortly, after Hie, Kamloops local  went by a special light- easthound  train, consisting . of an/' engine and  'caboose", in charge*of Conductor Filx*  ger.ild and Engineer Scott came flying  along and on acciiiintof a sharp curve  in thn ro.idjnst there did not see the  protruding stocl'car till' too la'.e to  avoid a collision.'. The side of the stock  car was badly smashed and the whole  sideol lhe engine and caboose stripped  oif-.   The*cab was also wietked.  'Fortunately u<- one was seiioiisly injured and theie were no hoises in the  stock carat the time, lhe men having  gone up to bring them down after having plated the car iu the position ihey  diil. The damaged cars aiul engine  were Inought back-to the woikshops  for rep.iir.s.aiu! another stock cur taken  out on which t he hoi'-'rs wen* shipped  .in time to catch'tihe Seattle express.  Community   of   Interests   Will  Throw   Many   High-Salaried  Employes Out.  A Chicago desp i! ch says:   Employes  !1S  E.f_gif������i  ft. M-n  I8L.  In Properties.in the Fish River  Free Milling. Belt  r ���������-.-, ���������".-' '    'A t-s. . ,��������� * > -  On the ith inst. a deal was concluded  in_ Nelson whej-eby the I3va and  Imperial groups*! the propel ty of the  Imperial Develo'pment Syndicate on  Fish River passed -inlo lhe hands of  the London &.IJ. C. Goldfields Co. for  the sum of $_50,pOO in. a straight'c.is-h  payment, extruding over ' Uwelv.e  -months.ii_i--AA-L-r"-?'- t-"-" -' **'   '-'*,'. l.  of iho great Kailio.id uuiuo.inie*;.  which have now made their grasp on  lhe piineip.il lines of the. West and  Norl Invest secuie and begun to get  down to details, will .soon feel the  effect of lhe combination.  The "comiiiiinity of interests'' has  abolished all competition. As a result  thousand!, of men who have earned  good salaries by reason of their skill  iu obtaining business in competition  with other roads will be discharged.  I'.xperises must be cut down.  The fast freight lines aie said l.o be  doomed. The fast lines sue looked  upon by the owners of raihnails as the  breedeis of competition anil manipulation.  A majority of freight soliciting  agents are attached to lhe fast freight  lines, and if the latter aro abolished  thousands of men with salariesaverag.  ing i'roni $75 to $100 per month will  be thrown out of work.  Another prospective result is the  musul'iilation of the ollices of railroads  in the trust in ditVerent cities.   ���������  In Chicago the Alorgan-IIill interests  maintain four seperate ollices���������The  liuiTuiglon, Motion. Gteat Northern  and Northern Pati fie. ' It is ligured  that as these four ollices iepie=e'nt one  interest and the business might be  transacted in one, the consolidation  would save money.  Tiie Vanderbilt system maintains  six oftices in this cily--the Lake Shote,  Michigan Central, Nickel - Plate. Big  Four, West- Shoi e, New Yoik,  Ontario aud Western. The West  Shore, ollice, it is s.iiil is stireto be  abolished soon.  It is likely that the business ot all  the railroads will sooii he tiansiicicd  lliioiigh two offices, the Lake Shote  and the Michigan Central..  i Winnipeg yeslerday. Mr. and Mi=-  Kelly are well known perl'oi mi-is  having played Keith's, Kaster and  Hill's, I't'ocliu's and Pastor's >'**w  Vmk Vaudeville ciu'iiils for years.  This i-tln*ir lii'sl visii. to C.irada and  Iheir'porl'onuauce will no 'doubt prove  attractive to the people of the west.  The programme consists of refined  comedy and musical specialties. L'pon  I heir return   fnun the coast dales v  ill  be p!  ayed in Winnipeg."  The .Met ry maker- will play in  Kevelstoke on July "Oth. Seats may  beseemed nt the store of the Canada  .Drug and Book Co.  ARE STILL  The Citizens of Revelstoke will  Turn Out and Give Them a  Bumper House at Monday  Night's Concert.  A concert to be held in Tapping's  opera house for the benefit of the  striking trackmen is being arranged  for Alonday evening next. July Sth.  The piogiamine is in the hands of J.  Taylor and a first class list of numbers by f.ivotite local atnateius has  been secured. Tickets are on sale at  F. B. Wells' J. Guy B.n tier's and the  Canada Drug & Book Co's. stores.  There is sine lo be. a bumper house,  i**-thc sympathy of the citizens ol  Revelstoke with the cause of -the  ���������.trikei.s is univer-al. Aihnission 25c,  icse.ived seats, 50c.  ' Excursion to Vancouver.' -' _  A special train will.leave Revelsloke  at9..'0p. m.'on Wednesday, July'IOth  I'or the benefit of the excursionists to  the'coast. .If,' sufficient passengers  desire it, a sleeper will be pnt on.  r"$jy<  ���������43 .ft 3 3^1  TI  The Keily fvterry Makers. .  ���������   Continuous -vaudeville   is    now tlie  favorite  form of amuseniL'nt iiiall the  cities,    and   a laic"  leading  L*V'  American  ISsue of the WhinTpog Free Pfess'lhTis  refers to   the   leading' aitists" in  the  above company: *���������  ���������'Air. and Alls. Kelly, of* the Killy  Merry Makers, who are now on a lour  of the Canadian west, passed  through  The Labor Dept. Deals Gently  Withits Erring  Brother,  the  ' C. P. R.  Ottawa, July 3.���������John "Wilson, president of the Brotherhood of raihvay  tracknien, was here today to interview Air. 'King, deputy - minister of  lalior, and entered complaint that the  G.'P. ii- ishnpqrUng foreigners to take  tho places oLstrikhig.track.inen  Air.  King pioiuisetl.-'to write to the  Canadian Pacific on the subject and to"  conin.unic.ito to them the statute,  adopted by parliament. He. will also  see that the immigration officials do  not allow new arrivals uudcr contract.  No Change in the Strike  Situation on Either Side.���������  The Men are Standing Firm  and no Work is Being Done  on the Division to Amount to  Anything.  Imoih all over tin* v,est the press of  the towns and citiet on the C. P. R.  system report th.it lhe men are still  holding out.    The Golden Era says:  "On this division the strike has not  materially changed, the men standing  Hi inly together and the company still  using the Japanese gang and patrolling the track with the special train.  Orders have been issued to nil freight,  crews limiting their late of speed to 13  miles an hour on the best portion of  the track and from eight to ten on the  more dangerous sections. It is reported that the company has secured a  dozen men fiom the coast to act iu*i  bridgemeu on this division, .hut we  have since learned that they have  refused to go to work.''  Calgaiy papets lepo'rt that trains are  again running on the 0. Si E. and in  tact the first mail since AIoud_iy *week  fioni Edmonton got here this morning.  The-Medicine Hat News reports that:  a joint meeting ef mcmbeis of the  i ail way hi othei hoods and orders was  held on Saturday afternoon to discuss  the strike situation. A resolution was  passed instiucting the chairman of the  joint Grievance Committee. Montreal,  to wait upon the management, and  endeavor lo effect a settlement as soon  as possible."  The'chief featnie of interest is   that  thcbiidge gangs   both  on 'the   main,  line on   lhe   pi ah ies   and    in     South  Kootenay,   who   belong    to    another  organization, have joined:th*-. B. R.' T.  of A. men in   the   strike. . There   are  now in town here CO  men,   who  have'*  been brought in to work5-by  lhe company and   been   gathered   iu   by   the  strikers.    At Bear Cieek,   which   has  been selected by thu company  as   the  dumping'grounil for these importations. .  a.bridge gang is.repqrtcd^at..w_ork>aii(l._  e������SXK**&-D'_)S3������S^^  Commending Tuesday, duly 2nd, for the Month of July  Pints     Quarts .   Half Gallons  i*^**^.^.*-^'**^'*^-*'^^  blown for half time a uish  was made fur the walei pails i>y the  nlaycrs to get sums of the du<t fnun  their throats, and a welcome 10  ininules rest was enjoyed.  At the  call of the icferee's whistle  lhe ball was put in play ng;.i i, and for  the lirst few minutes' \mis   veiy  even,  but     soon, lhe ,  Revelstoke    defense  shewed signs" that the* hard struggle  was   telling on their  staying power"**  and   the   Golden   forwards began   to  bombaid Hamilton.   About this tiyie  a regrettable accident occurred  when  Roy Smythe came into collision  with  Dr." Taylor and received a nasty fall  which   .laid  him   out.   A substitute  being   necessary,   C.   Palmer  of   the  junior team   took his place and play  was   lesmned.     Almost  iumiediatel'-  after this.!. r..a Fleur by   a' beautiful  shot from the wing, which eluded the  almost invincible II imilton, scored the  first     goal     for  Colder.     This    was  followed ina  few  minutes  by a  long  shot riom King, which was  tried   for  by one of the Revel-stokes backs,   but  j'assed   .tint   and   sailed  thiough  the  goal.     After   this   the    home    team  1 phi veil   more   on    the   defensive and  when time  | two to nil in favor of Golden,  latter,  said to be chaiacteristic of thu  average   Laideau   high-grade proposition,   are to be found in the Nettie L.  and   Silver,,-Cup.'' both   of which aie  well known proilncei'S. 'The on: from  these   mines  runs   about the same as*  Slocan ore in respect to lead and silver,  ami   in   iiddition '-curiy, atcouiing io  lhe last "smelter leturns, from ������l(i to  $-.0 in gold.     With the ore bundled at  aconsiiiei.ible redii'tion   by mil   both  ptoperties will become rich piodncers.  as it will not be necessary to  sort thiol e    fioni    either     as   closely   as   is  probably the case at the present  time.  Of the  low   grade pi operties which  llie constiuction   of lhe railroad Will  bring   within   the   pioducing sphere,  there  is a score of inofe.in sight now,  and     this   number   will   probabiy'be  doubled'during the present season by  leasen  of the  woik to' h'e can ied on  or  already  under   way. ln  other  lespeets theLardeau, according to Mr.  Wistfalll, offers exceptional facilities  i for mining operitions.    The prospects  cnn   be  developed  to   the producing  stage in almost every instance by tunnels and   the   tunnel   sites   are   well  located.     Wood is plentiful and water  for power and other purposes can be  obtained ad lib.   Towards the end of  the   present   season    the    operators  interested   in   the  district,   now just  approaching its  active epoch, expect  tn tell a Uie of substantial progress in  was called the score stood | every department of  mining.���������Ross  land Miner.  _^_^ (���������)_  Ouir Entire Stock of Summer Goods  Ladies   don't   miss  the   opportunity   io     complete     yonr  pin chases   of   Summer   goods   at    BARGAIN     PRICES.  Blouses, Whitewear, Wash Goods,  --.-���������;   Summer       Dress      Goods,  Sailor Hats  Children's   Headwear  'T'-ie stock must bo reduced and early purchasers will '^ct   the full  benefit,  soifie'of tlfe'-men bion^ht iii* from   the  east,,who iuo,}vell guarded.hy, specials  to pi-event'lhe strikers gelting'a word \'  with them.' However"six of lliem were  added totlie strikeis yesterday,     The  track is gelling very -rough   and   the  ordeisare for still slower.speed.     The''  local committee heie received   a   telegram vest erd.iv fiom President Wilson. .  io the ell'ect that, "the men are report-  ,  ed standing firm on   all ' p irts   of   the  system."   This  is   undoubtedly   true  from Winnipeg to   the   coast,   as  the  inipartitl evidenceor the press testifies  So far there has  not   been   a  solitary  instance from Laggan to Vancouver of  any man, who went on strike   having  gone back to work.  This morning an Italian gang of  thirteen was put off here, all of whom  have joined the strikers. The fore- -  man. who'speaks good Englisn, states  that the men ate part of a crowd of .  aboutSX) hired in Boston Mass. under  a promise of S2 a day and double  time;���������=-=���������=���������������������������-.  .  --��������� ,. -   - ���������-��������� .-..--*-.���������  oys and Youth's Summer- Clothing' are included in the  raj-si  Also   Bargain   Figures in   Men's  Furnishings, Hats, Caps &c.  The striking Italian trackmen residing in the t". P. R. section house across  the yard were oidered to vacate the  premises this  morning.  A   special   despatch   to  the   Globe  dated Montreal, July 1, says:   There  was an intetesting development in the  strike of ilie C. P. R.i track men  today.  As intimated aheady, one ofthe committee has given  up the fight.    I.. C.  -Montgomery of Webbwood, Ont., has  left  the   commit tee    and   taken   the'  position of ro.ulmaster at the Ottawa  terminals.   Of course both sides  make  the most of it.   .Mr. Wilson,  president  of lhe trackmen, says that it  is a* soli*  tiny ease.'a nd  will have no influence  ou   lhe   strike.   They   also   say "that  Montgomery has been  doubtful from  the hciuning  and   tbat  they   traced  him and round him .conferring at another   hotel   with   C. P. R.     ofitcials.  They   have iniiseipieiilly strnck   him  Irom the committee.  *.   yi\  tt' *,   \>.  Our  Desire to   make   room   for "Fall -Importations  is   your  opportunity to  save money on summer goods.    Begin on July 2nd, 1901.  Y  .i  1 fgdfcWiMSW.Jli.W.t^^^ Wf***^********^*******^  Ths Hospital Site.  The  hospital   site committee met at  11   o'clock   this   morning at  Dr, McLean's ollice.   where J. M. Kellie and  John     Abrahamson    and     Di's   Cur-  rulhers and McLean met* with  Judge  Spro.it. J. D. Sibbald and R. H. Mayne  and made j. lour of inspection ot the  various sites otfeied to the committee,*  There   were   only   two    before    the  committee,  the site   offered   by   the  Smelter Townsite Co. on  the brow of  the bank   at  the   end   of Mackenzie  Avenue, two blocks fcr $1,000.and the  location offered by J. A   Mara, known  as the old steamboat lot and the five  lots between it aud U. N. Coursier's  gi ounds lor $TD0.   The nmjoiity of the  committee present weie in   favor  of  the Mara  sitp,   wliith   is ceitainly   a  most charming spot, but there will be"  a miuoiity repoi t in favor of the other  ns   well.   The coram it tee  and   other  gentlemen     weie     entertained     hy  Mesr5.  Alnahamson to lunch at tbe  Central a' tbe close of their labors. ti . r  nff      . t        < ���������*.������)  ���������(     _.   fore   all   they  have to do is simply to  u^lstof^trald and IJaitotaa | ..  tu  Published By  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co*  Limited Liability.  A.  JOHNSON,  Managing DIrcrtiir.  A Semi-Weeklv .louniftT .mbliilieil In tbe  interests of th. railwav men. ininlUK im-'" ft"  bnsines������ men of the West. Daya of l'liblii'dl'oii  Wednesday and Satuiday.  ADVERTISING  P.ATES.  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In all cases  ih- bona tide name of llie writer must aecoin-  jiinv manuscript, bin not ncce****iirily lor  ������.ii Miration.  .���������Ltl.lre*!*. all coininunicatloiis to the Mhiiiis-'ci"  NOTICE TO lOllM.-ltl.-'IiKNr**.  ..--All i*orres|*onilence mii-t be legibly  *.*.r:ii**ii on one side of lhe paper onlv*.  ���������J.���������Corr**-**poTideiii*e eoiitainiiij. |iit**i������iiii1  matter must be sii_!ieil uillitlu* [.rnper iiaiiic  nf tne writer.  ti. lC.iiKOGAN,  Alitor.  ai kx. i.tri..*.:-  'I'ravullliii;  "jreiit.  Satiirilny, J  illy   0.   1901.  THE   ALIEN  LA BOH  A CT.  An appendix to the Juno number  of  thr-   1-abor   Gazette,   contains   a.   consolidation of the   acts   to   restrict the  imjioriatiori     and     eiiiployinent      of  aliens.      During the last session of the  Dominion parliament  certain  amendment.*,   were   made   in    the   previous  statutes of this nature,  which   tended  to simplify   the   machinery   provided  for bringing the act to bear on parties  guilty of its violation.      At   the same  time further amendment in the same  direction seems to be necessary.     The  act prohibits the importation of aliens  or foreigners into Canada  under contract to perform labor  or  service   of  any kind in Canada.     To   do  this   is  rendered by this act an offence against  the law.     "Why   then should there be  any difference   made   by   the  act between   this   offence   and any  other:-'  "Why should it lie rendered   necessary  to obtain a written   consent from thc  Attonery General of the   province  or  of a judge   of   a   supreme   or'county  court before a case of this kind can  be.  brought into court?    Why should not  a competent magistrate   be allowed to  act  on   the   sworn   information of a  prosecutor on  a   charge   of   breaking  the law of the   land   in   this  case   as  well as in any"othei'?     Wherein  does  this offence differ from any other that  it should l>e guarded from prosecution  by a lot of red tape?   Is it because the  parties   aggrieved   are   most  usually  working men and the offenders usually  wealthv individuals or   corporations?  It looks very much like it.     Particularly   when   on   examining   the   previsions of the act one   iinds   that   the  only party   violating it,   who under it  can   lie    proceeded    against  without  ceremony are  the   masters   of   vessel  knowingly   bring   in   aliens      under  ."���������onti-ict. Masters of   vessels     are  presumably not looked upon at.  Ottawa as [K'rsons of much consideration .-o thev. if thev violate the act.  are declared guilty of an indictable  (^'en������~~j.T7nisliable"-l*y fiiTe~"or ini-  pri-onment. while oilier offenders, the  individuals and cot*|)oratioiis aforesaid  are only liable "lo forfeit and pay a  -uni not exceeding one thousand  dollars nor "Mess than fifty dollars,"  which is to lie ������������������recovered" as a debt  and paid over io the government.  Surely -what is sauce for the unfortunate gfni-e iif a ship master  should also U_* as pungent in the ..a-*'*  of the corporation gander. The act  ���������nenls further stiffening before it will  Imi* of much avail to the working men.  for whn.se licnefit it wa.- o-tiMi-ibly  p.is.se<l.  Uend   their   lodge   and    enjoy   the  material benefits which their union as  a hody confers upon   themselves.     In  unionism eternal vigilance   must everlastingly be  applied   lest  the   organization   should   become     ossified,   lest  number"!    should     mean     mere     nn-  wieldini'ss  and   lest   the   big   surplus  should simply turn into a  big  anchor.  Because   the    I'oices  against which  unionism was devised neither slumber  nor sleep.      The   continual   cry of the  ��������� hare  holdeis   hungry   for   dividends  .hkI   yet   more   dividends   keeps   the  corporations      ever    awake.        And  unionism is one of the few   reiuaii.iiig  obstacle     between   the     corporations  mil their goal.      If   lhey   could   have  helped   it, ([unionism   would not be in  existence ut all to day.      Where   they,  can help it, it is not as a matter of fact  in existence even now.    Where it does  exist, to openly attempt to destroy   il  would he too dangerous   in   any   case,  in some impossible.     A declaration of  war   would   be   impolitic:-<tt.   present,  lint, it will surely come.   The IIi*:it.\f.i)  d ies not say this  in  outer   lo   foment  trouble   between     capital   and   labor-  l.n pital is   inarching   blindly on to the  iue.vilablc,   which   is   either  a   social  revolution   or   chaos.     An   alert and  ellicient unionism is om.1 ofthe factors,  wliich   will   decide  which   i.   it to be.  Theivfoie   I'or   the   sake    of     human  society we want" (o   see   an  alert  and  eflicieiil unionism in existence.  Kvents are   rushing  on  to the final  clash.    All   the social symptoms point  to a coining   change.     The bare idea  of the  possibility   of  the existence of  such combinations of capital as we see  causiially   mentioned   every   morning  in the papers today would fifteen years  ago     have   been   scouted   as   absurd  Social doctrines  which  were laughed  al as the dreams of cranks ten. nay five  years ago are today the sober conviction of the man on the street*. The old  political divisions are ceasing to  have  an assignable meaning. Grit and Tory,  Libe.tal and Conservative have already  as lil tie   significance   as   Hanoverian  and   Jacobite    or    Roundhead    and  Cavalier.      The   stage is being cleared  for greater issues.     These straws are  not  pointing   nowhithor.     This i.s r.o  time   for   unionism   to be dozing.    It  will   have   a   most   important part to  play in the transition period, which is  coining.    Not  long ago the Herald  pointed out how the existence of the  railway brotherhoods would   greatly  facilitate the adoption of government  ownership of railways by acting as a  bulwark between   the   employes and  the   politicians.     This is only a small  instance of how   out  of   and thiough  the   labor   unions   lhe   coining social  revolution  may  evolve itself without  (lunger to  society.     But to play their  part the  unions must be alive to the  situation,    keeping  llieir  early  faith  and doing their first works,  absolutely  free   from   encumbrance or  entanglement within   or   without.     Or else���������  disaster.  l'.\ UM Kit*.   ������',L'-ll*rili-  of bclllir supplied   wllli  lllti-titi*.   I'uw.I'M' nl   t   price,   it.r cli'iinn**!  lllll.l. CHtl   Ulllilill     blllllk     I'lU-lll-   I.f    Ifi'tll-Ilitlll  froin llu* Sccreliiric ol lhe riiiliic.s  lnslilille.-  is follow*- :  Henri"     Hill**,     Secy,      Alliernl    Farmers'  Inntltu'te. Alberni.  J. A.   lliillnliiy,    See'y,    Cuinnx    Farmers'  lii-tilulo, sunihvlch.  John Stewart. Sec'y, N'liiinlnio.Collar Fanners Institute. Mark's Crossing. Naiiaiuio.  II.de M    Mellln, Sec'y, Oowichiui Fanners'  Insltute, Soincuo.*.  J  II. Smart,    Sec'y,    .Metcliosin    Farmer."'  Institute, Metelio-iii.  U" K. Kiuj;, Sec'y Victoria Fanners' Institute,  Cedar Hill.  I*.. Walter. See'y, I-lnn-'.s Farmers   Institute,  Onuses Harbor. '  li. A. Drown, Sec'y, Bella Farmer.,' Institute.  Lnilner.  11. Hose. See'y,  Surrey   Fanners'  Institute,  Surrey Centre.'  A. ll.l'. Mathew,  See'y    I.angley   Farmers'  Institute, l.iuiKley.  Alex.    1'hillp,   Sec'y,    Uiohmonil  Farmers'  institute, Vancouver.  A.   M.   Vercliere,  Sec'y,   Mission   Farmers'  Institute, Mission City.  G.  IV. Cliad-ey, See'y Chillhvack  Farmers'  Institute, Chilliwuck.  Wm.  lireen, See'y, Kent Farmers'Institute,  Altassiz.  .I.M.Webster, Sec'y Maple  llntge Farmers'  Institute, Websters Corners.  .Iiilin   Hall,   See'y, }lntsi[iii  Farmers'   Institute, Abbolsford.  A  II.  Criclitoii,  See'y    Osoyoos    Farmers'  Insiiute. Kelowna.  W l>. llurt-ley, see'y, Spalluiiiclieen tanners'  I nst line, Arnistron*:.  S.M. McOuire, See'y, Salmon   Ann Fanners'  Institute,Salmon Ann.  J. 1<".Sinilli, See'y, Kmnloops Farmers'  Institute, Kamloops.  II. l'erej   Ilodjies, Sec'y, Okiinagan Farmers'  Institute, Vernon.  J. K. ANDERSON.  t>  Deputy Minister of Agriculture,  Department of Agriculture,  Victoria. II. IJ.. May 8,14)01.  GROCERIES,  PROVISIONS, Etc.  Hardware, Etc  iiMmmm������m������m&m^&Mmmmwm  CANADIAN  PACIFIC...  Oriental Hotel  Ably furnished with the  Choicest - the Market  affords,  :._>������������������*:  "Soo Line"  Notice  to   Preemptors   of  Crown Lands.  The attention of Pre-emptors of Crown Lands  is hereby called to au iiinenilment to the ''Laud  Act," passed at lhe last session of the- Legislature, whicli provides ns follows, viz:  "(.i. I'rc-emptors of Crown Lands, whether  in arrears in payment of instalments of  purchase monev or not, who at the time of  coiiiIhk into force ot this _ot have obtained  Cenili eates of Improvement, orwho shall have  obtained Ceitilicates of Improvement within  twelve months thereafter, shall on conforming  with the provisions of the "l.aud Act," except  as herebv altered, he entitled to obtain Crown  grants ol their pre-emption claims upon com*  pletinu pavnienls of purchase money at the  rate of seventy-live cents per acre, and Crown  Oram fees, which payments may, be made as  follows:  " Twentv-llve cents per acre on before the  :11st day of December, 19U1:   '  " Twenty-live, cents per acre on or before the  :10th davot June, I'JXli;  " uud the remaining���������  '* Twenty-live cents per acre on or before the  .'list day ol' December, lllO'J, and without any  further payment of.interest."  w. s (ionic.  Deputy of i.anils and Works.  Lands and Works, Department,  Victoria, IJ. ti., lsiJune, l'JOl.  IMPERIAL  LIMITED  Starting June 10th,  will make the run from Coast to  Coast in  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms;  Rates $i a day...  Monthly Rate.  100  Hours  THE    PRICE   OF   SAFETY.  If one were to bay of unionism that  it (Vila to reach its ideal, that is only  whnt must be said of nny mid every  human institution since llu.* world  hfgnn. Unionism due- tint and car.-  not escape from the common lot. It  has its dangers to contend with hoth  within and without. It has defects  and failings some peculiar to itself and  some which it shares with othei  organizations and like all other human  associations again some of these  defects are liahle to hecome the moie  conspicuous as the particular union  itself becomes lo outward appearance  more perfect. It does not do for union  men to imagine because their brotherhood is organized to the highest point,  because it extends it ramifications lo  every corner of the continent and in-  elude** within its membership every  ellicient employe of its particular _l.is._i  in America. . because it has a big  levenue and a big surplus, tlmt there-  Death of a Veteran Railway Man.  News lias been received from New  Whatcom. Wash., of the " death nf  Thos. Ij. Wilson, for some years ������  resident of Vancouver nnd Victoria.  Deceased moved a, year and a half  ago to \yiuitcom lo live with his son-  in-law. \V. II. Gordon, C P. 11. agent  there.    He was one of the  oldest   i-siil-  *\viryfnt'iTiTrcnnird7rriii^  from Kiigliind as mechanical  superintendent of the  Great   Western   Kail-  way   of   C.iiiadn,      under     President  Uridges, who was nft.ei"*.*. arils manager  of the Grand   Trunk.      Subsequently  .Mr. Wilson  occupied  important  positions-on  the Grand Trunk .ind Inlei-  colonial rnilvvays.after resigning whicli  he built and  managed   the car  works  ai Port Hope, Ontario.      Ile was   the  inventor of  a  number  of   useful railway   appliances,   some    of   them   for  year.-! iu   u-i'.      lie also invented and  patented  a   car   inaili*   exclusively  of  lolled     channel   -steel   and   lire-proof  paper,   which   promised at om: lime lo  ri'voltitionizii car building entirely.   It  was submitted to  the  beat expel ts in  the   United   .Slates, who   declared   it  practical  aud   mechatiit'nlly     perfect,  but   not   posses-drift   snl.icieiit capital  himself,  and  failing  to induce others  to   launch   tin:   enterprise   fairly,   lit*  became  discouraged  and  never nftei-  wards made any effort to float, it, and  it wns thus lost sight of by the railway  world, although it was much talked of  at  lhe   time, '   In this age of steel and  paper   it   may yet he taken up and its  utility demonstrated.     Thr:   deceased  was ii   man    of   more   than  ordinary  ability   in   his   own line.    He leaves a  widow   and one daughter,  both living  in What com.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Columbia River   Waggon Road  to 8-Mile Creek.  t-enleil lender1. *.-np<*r������rrlbert 'Tender for  Road," will be received hy V. Fauquier, E-q.,  Government Agent at Kevel-toke, up to noon  on -.ainrilav the'JSth lintant, for the con-truo  lion and continuation of the Columhla Kiver  -Wsui<f.n-lR.-,ad-w-^M-l.c-creek,=_diose.i>ese!-.  "tnl.-.  Plan" and Specifications can be-*een at the  oflice of th>* (iove-iiinciit Audit at K--*vclsto_*e,  on and afier Monday tlie'-Mlh ln*.!������nt.  Tender*! will not be considered miles", made  out on the forint* 'applied, sinned wilh th<*  actual signature* of th������ tenderers, and accompanied by an accepted ch.'*qu������ on a chart-red  bank of Canada, payable to the undersigned,  for thc sum of "Ix li nnd red (OX)) dollar", which  ���������diall be forfeited if the party ti-nd������*rIiiK  decline io emeriti to contract when called upon  to do so, or it lie fall to complete the work contracted for. Chi-quesof unsuccessful tender-  ers'wili he returned upon **ijiiilri(r of contract.  The Department I" not Uiund to accept the  lowest or any tender,  W. fi.lJOHK.  Deputy CoiiituN-loner of Lands and Works.  - .Cheap Rates  Now "in Effect to the. r.  PAN-AMERICAN  EXPOSITION.  J. Albert Stone   ��������� Prop.  Revelstoke  Steam  Laundry  ..*.*' ~r.";>'*\   "���������;*:���������.    ..  '*','  ,    ji.iV.1t.  JAM^AAA-A^'^i^k'  '(:yX'^:L^.7yri^-^--ir^.&L  T. W. Bradshaw,  Afteut    -  Revelstoke.  J, 6. Coyle.  Assist, nen.  rosseiiRer Anent  Vancouver.  A. N. SMITH  BAKKR, CONFKCTIONKR,  and caterer Ktc.  CHOICE GROCERIES.  GRAHAM BREAD  Wedding Cake, a Specialty.  Mail order-; promptly and carefully.  *. attended to  O. Hos  1M2.  Revelstoke, B.C.  BEDRAGGLED SKIRTS  This isjhard weather on those beautiful  white skirts: makes them dirty all  around the bottom���������so you'd not want  to wash them yourself. .   .  We want them for you, .though.  We want to make them clean and  bripht and tresh. We make all linen  look fresh and sweet.  FAYETTE BUKER.  MiGvPARSON  OPALINE   TREATMENT.  Self   Home   Treatment   for   Ladies.  I will send free with full Instructions some  of this simple |iru|>iiral|itn fur the cure of  I.eucorrhiea, Ulceration, Oisplaccincntaiid all  Female troubles to all ladles sending address  io MK.S. J. O. I.EK.H llranch ManaL'cr. near  Ka.it Railway Signal, Itevclstoke Station.  .' May II���������'im  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICK.  Tr'ifdwcll MIiiIhk claim, sltnatc In thc  Lardeau Mlnliij. Illvl-I'm "' Wot Kootenay  llistriei.  When" located: On l-cxlnifton Mountain,  near l'ool Creek l-rldnc.  Take Notice that I, K. 0. -".'recti, of Nel������on,  actiiiK as azent for the " Imperial Iievcioi*-  nieiit KvndlCHie. f.itail-iil." Free Miner's  Certlllcate So. ll.f-MHl.Intend, ������lxty day from  tin* date, hereof, lo apply to tin* Mlnlin.  Uecorder for a Certificate ol Improvement*,  for tue pnrpo������e of obtaining a Crown Oram of  ���������he above claim,  And further tiikcnotlcc that action, under  Section :i~, must lie commenced before the  Issuance of such Certlllcate of Improvement*!.  Dated this twentieth day of .lune. 1001.  F.C. ORKKN',  P. I,. S.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  The Double Eagli: Mining and Develop  ment Co., Limited Liability,  NOTICI'" is lii'i-t-liy (jivcu tlint tlif  iinninil |_"i*ni*rnl ino-Linp. of ilmit"  holdcis'of this crtinp.'iny, will Im held  nt lhu coiiipiinv's ulllcc nt,U*Vi"f?u*ion,  li.C. on Tliuridny. .lulyllth, lIXil. at  2 p. in. Tin* Ininsfcr hooks of thc  totunuiiv will lit: closed from July 1 lo  11,11)01/  A. II. IIoi.iiich, Secretary.  The Great Wrstcrn Mines. Limited  Liability.  NOTICK is hurt'liy pfivrn thnt I liu  ntiuiui) jttiifi'ul iiii'i'tins: fif share*  lioldfi.s iu thi.s t-iiiiipitiiy will Ih* held iiC  tliiToinpnny'Molliti. al KeiftU'-nri, It C.  on Wcdiii'Kiliiy. .Inly 10th. IDOI. nt 2p  in. The tmnsfiT hooks of the t*oin-  puny will he closed from July 1 to.  10, iWl.   "���������  A. II. floi.Dicil, Sfiretury.  I'rompt delivery of parcel", h������Ki?ai{e, etc.  Xji any part of tin* city  Any Kind of Transferrins  Undertaken  All orders left at P.. M. Smythe'* Tohacco  Store, or by Telephone N'o.7 wilt receive prompt  attention.  WHOLESALE  Wine and  Liquor  Merchant  Jas. I. Woodrow  BUTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season....  All orders promptly tilled.  c"rnKYn?S.?e1Jt".. RBYBfcSTOKB. B.������.  ���������Ut-tacnnier-ior kodak nnd enjoy  yountclt. The Canada Drug & Book Co  keep them it all pricci.  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  A BARGAIN IN  REAL, ESTATE  A VALUABLE -RESIDENCE "-  I'roporty nrur the Court hoiiMe. Cont  over 92.000, for wile nt 81000. For  tonus and particulars apply to A.  JOHNSON, Herald Office.  A   BUSINESS  PROPERTY  FOR SALE  ON SECOND STREET���������A bargain  antl on easy terms of payment. Apply  to J. D. SIBBALD, Real Estate Agt.  THE 211th ANNIVERSARY  OFTHE  BATTLE OF  THE I30YNE.  GRAND PROVINCIAL  ORAM DEMONSTRATION  In the City of .Vancouver  JULY12th 1901  KEVELSTOKE TO  VANCOUVER,  and  RETURN  Good from'the 10th*  to the 14 th of July;  Inclusive, ���������  This excursion will be taken ad vantage of by Uie majority of the  citizens of Revelstoke and the surrounding country, many of whom  have never hud a chance to visit the -Metropolis of the North Pacific.  Ample time will be given to visit outside points. Those not wishing to  leave Revelstoke on the 10th may go on the 31th and then arrive air"  Vancouver in time to view the Grand Parade���������5,000 Orangemen  expected in line. -. '   . '   "  All P. C. lodgi*s west of Revelstoke will be in attendance as well as  ��������� Lodges from "the   States of Oregon   and  .Washington   and   possibly  California.    Tim Duke of Connaught's Own  Military Band 'is engaged \  for the daj' as well as others from outside points.  A   lirst. class programme of sports' including Lacrosse,   .Base Ball,  etc., is being arranged at Brackton Point, Stanley Park.  The Hon. N. Chirks Wallace, Sovereign' Grand "Master, E. C. Clark,  Jf. P., and Win. .Johnston of Bally Kilhcy.   froluiul,   are   among   the  ' prominent speakers of the day.    ���������   "      ��������� ,**,  Come all and enjoy yourselves.     For furl her information see large  posters.  _Jh*UL'ties_inte!K.ing-to_take adviintage-ofithe���������excursion���������i'a.ta-slioiild-=-  leave their names at the Herald office or with the secretary of the 1_,  O. L. so that an estimate of the number who will avail themselves of  this opportunity to visit the cuast can be arrived at.  Th08. STEAD, W. M.  W. C BIRNEY, See L. 0. I. No. 165S.  *************************^.l*********************/****  x        .  i  Columbia House  Rates:   $1.00 per day.  Good accommodation.   A good Bar, well supplied "with  Choice Wines,  Liquors and Cigars. -,  Free Bus Meets All Trains.  ii Brown & Guerin : Props.;;  :_/*"  P. BURNS & CO'Y.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers  PRIME BEEF.     PORK.     MUTTON.     SAUSAGE.  FISH AND GAME IN SEASON.  V  v.  i  MMBOHHi is I  V.  it  AND RAILWAY MEN'S JOURNAL.  PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY.  Takes a place in the first rank of Journals in this  Province. Its mining', telegraphic and local news  is gathered from reliable sources and presented  to the reader in attractive shape. As the local  paper of such an important Rail-way Centre, its  attention has always been drawn to Railway  matters, and recently it has definitely taken up  the task of forming itself into a vehicle of railway  hews in which railway employes all over British  Columbia and Alberta will find the news of the  Great Railway System to which they belong, and  of personal and the happenings affecting themselves and their fellow employes.. THE HERALD  has long enjoyed the largest circulation of any  paper published in the district, "which is now  rapidly increasing among the Railway Men East,  West and South. It is hardly necessary to point  out to any shrewd businessman the advantages  which it thus offers as an advertising medium  throughout the entire field which it covers.  Subsor  Per Annum  $1.25 FOR SIX MONTHS, IN'ADVANCE  It takes a foremost place in> the race for promi-  nencs and popularity with business houses and  as a consequence does more business with those  -requiring Printed Stationery and office supplies  than any other printing Establishment in Eastern British Columbia. The class of work turned  out has been pronounced equal to anything of the  kind executed in the large cities by much larger  Printeries. ",'���������-.-'  LEGAL  M. SCOTT   B. A., I.L.B. ���������������������������.*���������  Barrister,      Solicitor,    Notary    Public,   Etc.  McKenzie Avenue, iievil'-tol*:*.* Staiion..  Money toloun.  'jJARVEY, JI'CAltTKH A PINKHAM  Barri tern, Solic-lters, Kte.  Solicitors Ior Imperial Dunk of Canada.  Coinpanv fundi, to loan at 8 percent  Fikst bf'tUET, RevelBtoke blatioii, 11. C.  MEDICAL.  T   W. Cl'OSS,  Ott.cc:     Mackenzie ..venue, Revelsloke, II.C  SllHU_.0.*J TO THE 0. I*. It,  Health Oflleer, City ol Revelstoke.  CHURCHES  METHODIhT CHURCH,   KEVK1-STOKE.  Preaching services at 11 a. m. and 7:110 p. m  Class uieciinj; at the close ol the morning  service. Subbatli School and Bible Class at������:3U  Weeklv Prayer Meeting every Wedne-iday  evening at 7:SU. Tlio public-are cordially  Invited.   Beats free.  Rev. C. Ladxek, I'abtor.  SI. l'KTUi'. S CHUItL'lI, ANGLICAN.  Eight a.m., Holy Eucharist; lt a.m., matins,  .itauy and senium (Holy l*.uchari->t first Sunday in lhe month); '2:'An Sunday school, or  children's service; 7::iu Kven.oug Icliural) and  sermon. Holy Dav*,���������Thc Holy Eucharist is  celebrated at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m , as announced.  lloly Baptism alter Sunday School -uit'lo.  C. A. l'UOt-L'NlKK, ltCClOr.  Certificate of Imtprovemens  NOTICE  "Dora," "Thelma" and "Oliua"  mineral claims situate in the Liu-dean  Milling Division of West Kootenay  District.  Where located: Along Pool Creek  about A mile aliove bridge.  TAKE NOTICE that J, F.C, Groen.  of Ni'lsnii, acting as agent for B. E.  On ive. Free Miner's Certi tic-ate No. Si.  50072, intend, sixty days from the. date  hereof to apply to the Mining Keeorder for certificates cf improvements, for  the purpose nf obtaining Crown  grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action,  under section 37. must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificates  of improvements.  Dated this 1st dav of .Tune 1001.  F. C. Green.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  I'ltESBYTKItUN  CHURCH.  Service every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:1)11 p.m.  to which all are welcome, l'rayer meeting at  8 p. in. every Wednesday.  uev. w. c. Cai.deh, I'astor.  ROMAN CATHOLIC ClU'Wlf.  Masa   at 10:30 a. m.,   on  llrm,  second  and  fourth -Sundays in the month.  HKV.   FATHER   THlYEIi.  SALVATION   ARMY.  Meeting every night in their Hall on Front  Street.  Gold Range Lodge K. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C. ,  Meets every Wednesday in  Oddfellows' Hull at 8o'clock  Visiting Knights invited.  E. G. Butuudge, C. C.    :    :   :   :   :   :  :   : F. XV. Mackinrot, K. op It. & B.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  .Regular meetings are held.in tht  Oddfellow's Hall on the Third Friday of each month, at 8 p.m. sharp!  VUiting brethren cordially invlteui  THOS. STEED, W.M. :  W. G. BIRNEY, Rcc.-Sec.    '  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  ' AND ASSAYER.  Royal School of Mines, London.    Seven years  at Morfft Works,  Swansea.    17   years Chief.  Chemist to Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Eng.  Late Chemist and Assayer, Hall Mines, Ltd.*  Claims examined and reported upon.  Revelstoke, B.C.,  EDWARD A. HAGGEN,  Mining Ensii-jeer,  Member American Institute Mining Engineers"  Member Canadian Mining Institute.  KEVELSTOKE. B.C.  Examination of and reports on Mineral properties a specialty.  Is equipped with the latest faces in type designs  and aU work entrusted to THE HERALD is  handlsd hj experienced workmen who thoroughly  understand the -proper use of the material at their  disposal. THE HERALD does not claim to be the  only printing* house in the district������ but it does  claim to bo  Red Rose Degree meets second and fourtl.  Tuesdays of each month; White Kosc Degree  meets third Tuesday of each quarter, in Oddfellow! Hall.  Visiting brethren welcome  WM. WATSON, HY. EDWARD3,  President. Secretary. *.  "Chollii" "Tnscon" nnd L. V. (Fractional Mineral Claims situate, in tlie  Lni-dcait Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.  Where located : On- Leicingtoii  Mountain South'West'of Eva mine.  Take notice that I. F.C. Green, of  Nelson, acting it's agent, for Andrew F.  Rosen lierger, F. M. C. B. 502S4 mid  the Imperial Development Syndicate,  Limited,'Free Miner's Certificate No.  B, 22040, intend, sixty days from, the  date hereof, to apply to tbeMihing  Recorder for eeruncates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Krauts of t.he ahove clu.ims.  And furt her take notice that action,  under section 37, must he eommeiiced  liefore'the issuance of such certificates  nT improvements.  Dated this, first day of June 1801.  F. C. Green.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "Joker" Mineral Claim, situate in  the Liit'de.'iu Mining Division of West  Konteiiiiy District.  Where located: On Lexington  Mountain adjoining " Eva. group on  West.  Take notice thnt I, F. C. Green, of  Nelson, acting as agent for the Imperial Development Syndicate Limited,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B, 32046,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Keeorder  for 11 certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown  grantof t.he above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under section 37. must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate  of improvements.  Dated this flrst day of June. 1901.  F. C. Green.  Certificate of  NOTICE.  Improvements  H'.  Ku vV.ARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  '    DEER HEADS, BIRDS, Etc. MOUNTED,  Furs Cleaned and Eepaired.  LOVERING'S OLD STAND     :    Second Streot  "Imperial"- and "Balfour"1, 'mineral  flairus, situate in the Lardenu mining  division of West Kootenay district.     .  Where. located: Ou Lexington  mountain, south of tbe Eva mine.  Take notice that I. F. C. Green of  Nelson.'acting as agent for J."J. Foley.  F. M. C, B. 32030. Cory Menhensk, F.  M. C, B. 32.021 and John Brennand.  Free Miners Certificate No. B." 32037,  intend 60 days from the date hereof, to  apply to'the Mining Recordler for  Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action',  under section 37, must he commenced  bafore the issuance of such certificate  of improvements. ������  Dated this 8th day of June, 1109.  F. C. GREEN.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "Blue Jay" Mineral Claim, situate in  the Lardeau mining division of West  Kootenay district.  -  Where' located: On Lexington  Mountain one-third of a mile south of  the Eva mine.    *  Take notice that I. F. C. Green of  Nelson, acting as agent for Dan Mcintosh, Free Miner's Certificate No. B.  32010, intend 60 days from the date  hereof, to apply to the . Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  _Crown Rrant__of_the_ahoye_claini  Discoveries of Minerals.  In an address before the New South  Wales Chamber of Mines early in the  year, Mr. A. J. Benstisan, a noted  mineralogist, said relative to mineral  discoveries:  "Not   infrequently   discoveries   are  made, by meie accident,  by  men having lint the crudest ideas of mines and  minerals but these are generally   on  account of   the   fact   lhat   in   ceita-n  localities the valuable   Mi'istniices   are  oozing out of the earth, so to spea' ,  and can't help being found.   A faun, r  ploughing  his  hind    might    uneaitli  bright substances, which may turn out  to be such minerals as lead, antimony,  or bismuth in lheir common  forms of  sulphides; .or,  perhaps.-  silver   in   iu  native stale; or metallic   gold,   if  the  stone is very rich, when he can hardly  fail   to   note   lhe   substances   are   of  value.     Much   prospecting    may    lie  done by men who set out definitely to  seal ch a locality   for  some   paiticulitr  metal in   a   more   or   less   systematic  manner, but for want of a little  practical geological knowledge, perhaps he  pas-ics over   olher   valuable   deposits.  A prospector armed with some knowledge of   the   mode   of   occurrence   ot  minerals, of the use of  the   blowpipe,  and of a few crude but useful  tests,  is  more likely tu meet with success,   and  will assuredly waste less time than one  lacking such advantages,  'Here are a few, not common, but  interesting instances, of the indications  that help to lead the observant and  trained eye lo lhe goal it seeks:  "In Michigan and Illinois, in the  United States of America, there is a  plant known locally ns the Lead Plant  (Amorpha canescens). It is a low  scrub, and is said tu be only found in  the vicinity of lead lodes.  'In' Spain, a convolvulus indicates  calcium phosphate.  'In Rhenish Prussia, a pansy,  known to botanists as 'Viola calam-  inaria,' is only iecognized in zino  districts, and analysis has revealed the  presence of this metal in its roots and  flowers.  " The wild, asparagus of Roumania  grows only near sulphur.  " Coming nearer home, it has been  shown that the color of eucalyptus  leaves is lighter near the alumite  locks of Buladulla than that of others  in the same neighborhood.  " There are many "discoveries made  by chance_and.by mistakes, and many  by geological deductions. Cobalt was  discovered in Flintshire by-a black  stain that was at first thought to be  manganese, "  "  " Copper was found in South Australia from . examination of green  mineral in burrowings of tbe wombat.  Diamonds in South Africa, and gold  in California were found by chance.  A geologist discovered-phosphate of  lime in France by analyzing sand that  ,was used to give a violet 'color to  bricks. Any mineral of a ' peculiar  appearance in a district should be  carefully examined. For years the  great Comstock lode in Nevada was  worked for gold, and the rich yellow  sand, which eventually turned out to  be silver chloride, was being thrown  away. The Broken Hill Silver Mine,  I believe, was first pegged out for tin.  The porous pumice ore of Mount  Morgan was sold for cleaning hearths  before its value became known."  Inspection  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced  . .    " ������������������V-."'      * \ before the issuance of such certificate  Metalllferousi of improvements.  j    Datod this 1st day of June, 1001.  F. C. Green.  And in a position to give as good value for the  money expended, either for advertising space in  its publication or for Job Printing, as can be given  by any other house of the kind in British Columbia. Write for Samples of Printing. All work  turned out promptly. One price to all. No job  can be too large or too small for THE HERALD'k  consideration. Special attentio n given toorders  by mail. c  INSPECTORS' DISTRICTS.  THR Inspectors ol Metalliferous mines are  hereby assigned tbe following as tbelr respective Inspection Districts with headquarters as  noted, tuch assignment to tnlee place Irom  June 15th,1901, until further notice.  ARCHIBALD DICK, Inspector.  Headquarters,    Cranbrook.    ofllee   of  Deputy Mining Recorder.  Inspection District shall   comprise  all' of  East Kootenay and   also tioat  Kiver mining  Division ot West Kootenay.  In addition to the duties of Inspector of  Metalliferous mines, Mr, Dick will also act an  Inspector of Coal Mines within tho name  District.  JAMKS McGRKOOR. Inspector.  Headquarters, Ollice of Mining  Keeorder, Nelson,  Inspection District shall comprise all of  West Kootenay excopt Coat lllvej Mining  Division anil also Die Grand Forks anil Kettle  Kiver Mining Divisions of Yale District.  THOMAS MORGAN, IiMiie.tor.  Headquarters, Government Buildings,  Nanaimo.  Inspection District. Vancouver, Island and  Coast District.  Mr. Morgan Ib also Inspector of Coal Minos  for this District.  Notice is herebv el veil of such Inspection  Districts anil that fu accordance with the  ���������'Inspection of Metalliferous Mines Act, 1897,"  and Amending Acts, notice of accidents to  employes happening within any of such Districts m'ust bu promptly reported both to tbe  Inspector, ef such District and also "to thu  Minister of Mines, Victoria.  In mines not included in the above Districts  managers will report, In duplicate, to the  Minister of Mines direct, who, If ho considers  It necessary, will assign an Inspector to  specially report.  Blank forms upon which to make reports of  such .accidents may  bo obtained   from thc  Inspector of tho  District, from   tho  Mining  Recorder, or upon application to this oflice.  RICHARD Mc 1.IUDE,  Minister of Mines.  Department of Mines,  oth June, 1901.  American Railroading in Mexico.  Say what they may, it is the settled  truth that, to the average Mexican,  the railroad is a device of the hated  Gringo, installed into the land of the  peon and mesquite for the simple  purpose of aiding and abetting the  devil and all his works, and, in consequence the Gringo lailroad man  who does not walk chalk or who is'  unfortunate enough to run over a  drunken peon asleep on the track will  have to hurry out, of the country while  it is dark yet or suffer imprisonment  in a Mexican jail, which, if all stories  are truthful, is about the worst  punishment that could well happen to  an unfortunate victim of circumstances.  The siiperbtitious Mexican used to  take it out of the railroad by piling  stones on the track or by taking out  a few rails or ties and then camping  out along the right of way to look for  results, and prisoners, if any 0110  happened to be injured in the smash,  but the government took a little hand  in that .sort of busine*-.*. and now the  brother of our uister republic takes it  out of the trainmen, if 'anything  happens, by putting them in jail, and  if a drunken Mexican goes to sleep  tinder a ear and is run over, the  engineer, conductor and brakemen all  go to jail and very often stay tliere  I until the county officials get good and  ready to let them out.  Railroad officials can do but very  little for the men and while tlie state  officials are profuse in their protestations of friendship for the good  government of the American, while  they profess to be highly offended  every time a returned traveler takes  the opportunity to tell the truth about  the habits of the Mexican government, still it cannot be denied that the  governor of the small town is a ruler  in his own right and he will do as he  likes and as long as he likes and will  not respect the rights of the American  railroad man unless the general  government takes a heavy hand in the  matter and shakes the local king off  his imperious perch. Quite recently  ten trainmen were confined in jail because of accidents to Mexicans who  did not have sense enough' to dodge  cars and the local officials would not  let them out. ' The engineers finally  refused to run their engines until 'the  men were released and in consequence  the President of Mexico had to take a  hand-in the matter and release the  men when business was resumed. This  was only one instance, for stories of  engineers and trainmen being smuggled'out of the country under cover of  darkness or shipped out in boxes as  freight are .very common and generally  possess considerable of truth in them.  An acquaintance of the writer who  had- suffered'-'the*' usual indignities'"  heaped upon American railroad men  in Mexico, promised himself to, as he .  'expressed it,* "knock, the stuffin' oub  of the first Mexican he met as soon as  he got into the_United States," and he  is feeling*better, for he kept his word.  ���������Railroad Trackmen's Journal. -  In Favor of the Conductor.  Printed and Publish ed by  The Revelstoke Herald Pub. GO.  LIMITED LIABILITY.  A. JOHNSON, Managing Director.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICE.  "Thelma"* (fractional) and "Canon"  (fractional) mineral claims, situate in  the Lardeau mining division of West  Kootenay district.  "Where located: JOn Pool creek  adjoining the Thelma and Dora mineral claims.  Take notieo th it I, F. C. Green of  Nelson, acting as agent for the Imperial Development Syndicate, Limited.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 32040,  intend 00 days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for  certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining Crown grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action.i  under section.37. must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificates  of improvements. ���������'  Dated this first day of June, 1001.  F. C. Green.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICE  Declaration of Dissolution  of Partnership.  We. Clarence William Field, of Golden, B. C.  and Walter Bews, of Revelstoke, B. C, form*  arlymembcrBof the firm carrying on business  as druggists and merchants at Kevelstoke, ln  the Province of British Columbia, under the  style of " Field & Bews," do hereby certify  that tbe said partnership waa on the 18th day  of June, 1901 dissolved.  Witness our bands this 18th day of June. A.  D���������_901.  THOS. O'BRIEN,  Golden, B. C,  Solicitor  CJ. W. FIELD,  WALTER BEWS  Rossland mineral claim, situated in  the Lardeau Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.  Where located: On Lexington Moun  tain South of the Eva mine.  TAKE NOTICE that I, F.C. Green,  of Nelson, acting as agent for Corv  Menhenick F. M. C. B. 32 021 and J. J*  Foley Free Miner's Certificate No. B,  32,038, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply tothe Mining Recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must he commenced  before the issuance of sijich certificate  of improvements. !  Dated thia 8th day of June 1001.      <  F. C. Green. '  Napoleon Cabana.was employed as  a conductor hy the Canadian Pacific  Railway Company. . While walking  across some tracks belonging to the C.  P. R. company he was - run over and  killed by some cars "which were being  shunted fiom one track to another.  His son and two daughters sued the  C. P. R. company, alleging that the  accident was caused by the negligence  of thc employes of the company, and  claiming $15,000 damages, this amount  being demanded because, at the time  of }iis death, Cabana was making  $1,200 per year. The case, which was  tried before a mixed French and  English jury, lasted five days. The  jury found that Cabana could have  avoided   the   accident  had  he taken  r.  proper precautions, but that on the  whole the company wail chiefly' to  blame for the accident. It was also  found that the track on which Cabana  was killed was one which the railway  company was, in fact, forced to use  on account of the extent of its business  and that at the time'of the accident it  was properly lighted. In view of all  these facts the jury gave a verdict in  favor of Calbana's children of $6,000  S.O. E.B.S.  Members of Lodge Royalty 244 of  the above order are particularly re*  quested to attend-the regular meeting  to be held on Tuesday evening July  0th, when business of importance will  come up for consideration.  1   H. -Edwards. Sec.  Some Interesting Figures.  In Citizen and Country of May 10, a  list of tbe' salaries paid to the employes of the Dominion Labor Bureau  was given. - We were informed, however that a mistake had been made  in quoting the salary of ei-Alderman  Frank Plant, of London, who is now a  staff clerk at Ottawa, at $1,000 a-year.  She figures given ua were copied from  the -Winneipeg "Voice" but Deputy  Minister of Labor McKenzie King  has kindly furnisheus with the following list of the employes of the  depaatment:  Deputy  Minister and   Editor  Labor  Gazettef$2,500.-  Cook , Wanted--A ' woman Cook  wanted for hotel. Apply at Herald  office.:   ':-  Two fair wage officers, each, $1,500.  One staff clerk, $850.  One staff clerk, $800.  One stenographer, $400. "'  One alien officer, $850.  One messenger, $420,  .One law correspondent, $200.  35 labor correspondents, each, $100.  Several employes of the department  duriDg the past session are not named  in thu above list, and Mr. King states  that after July 1 some changes are  likely to be made in some of the salaries which are heing paid. He also.  6tates that Mr. Bremner of British  Columbia, who was appointed alien  labor officer for that Province under  the Justice Depnitment before the  Labor Bureau was organized, is receiving a salary of $1,000 per year.  The enquiry into labor  troubles   in  British Columbia mines last year cost  the people of Canada $0,711.51, as.follows: R. C. Clute, Toronto, Commissioner, remuneration from   November  10. 1890. to May 5, 1803. 110'   days  ab 1  $40 per day.  $4,400.   In   addition  to  this, Mr. Clute received travelling; and  living expenses and .undry expenses'  amounting to $1,520,78.   R. F. Harris,   ,  as clerk and secretary, received $271,89  for   traveling  and   living    expenses,, '  while other sundry expenses amounted  to $252.84.   Mr. Chile has made  two  special trips to British Columbia since  the one above referred to, the miners*  stnke for the eight-hour day having  taken him to Rossland and other mining centers for a couple of months last  summer, and the Commission which is  now investigating the  Chinese  question in British Columbia is being  presided over by him.   His "fair wage" of  $40 per day will give him  a  salary  of  $12,000 for a year ot 300 working days;  or, if Sundays and holidays are charged for, it   would  amount  tn  $14,000.  Politicians and lawyers find it a profitable business to "farm'' the farmers  and "work"the workingmen.���������Citizen  ���������nd Country.  *1  ������������������'I  8  m. lUK-tna  __*~i_ j__-"'_^.?i***ai*iaa3:.,-������ii. i.������  ���������������-l'++'-*'M**'l*'i^*i**_.+*������*++*t*+*_*'t'*-'++*  I Disinfectants!! I  r     _*  +  *���������"���������  fr  **>.  +  *  +  Foul Drains, Closets,  Htalilf* or deciyim;  Karbatic ni'i'il elo*-e  attention. Don't wait  for an epidemic to  break out, lint get  some  CHLORIDE OF  LIME  CREOLIN, JEY'S FLUID *  Carbolic Acid or Powder.      *  You can get any of these at 4  _������  Canada Drug & Book Co.'s Store *f  t _**f-........*_..W-*������*** ***********'"  BORN.  l'i)itsi.i_.vn��������� At Nelson on .limn 150th,  to Capt. and Mi's. Albert. Fm-slund  nf Nakusp, n daughter.  (^f-Uy-WtTT^ycny?- <fn-Asny ���������4i>ffnJjO  '?&m&  f-U^M^tJ^/tcttyL  4n-Arn,' iytv&uA  Ale*- yidt- ibi&u, y&fa  irny  UeAy *6 A^Ler/fed/ 4sny //Ltd   C^iy7lyf~rii,-Z  fu,   WTtx/ey /TaMl^r' 07l������*ty^  /*ic\  MARRIED  Eft.Ksnx-JoilNSOX���������Al. tin* n'Milenee  uf .Mi*. C. F. l.inilmai-k mi theII insl..  hy Rev. ('. Ladiier, .Mr. 'Crick  '���������'l-ik-son nf Craigellachie, to Mis**.  Hilda Johni-on of Tacoma, Washington. U. S.  Notes of News.  ��������� Ice Cream Soda* every day at  Hews'.  Ii. G. Parson or Golden wai. in town  ye.steiday,  The hot weather is bringing up the  liver again.  Mr.. A. Johnson and family aie  away nn a trip to the co.iit.  The Sunday School picnic of .SI.  Peter's church is taking place this  afternoon.  The Kelly Merry Makers, a vaudeville company, have made a date at  the opera house for July 20th.  The council had F. W. McGregor  employed yesterday cutting down  thistles on the townsite.  J. H. Robinson has put in a sidewalk on MeArthur Aye. to connect the  Queen's hotel with First St.  A tortoise was found yesterday  under the station road sidewalk, where  it had apparently taken up its residence.  Mrs. F.' ������. Hobbs and Miss Hattie  Hobbs are spending a few days in  town from their home in Vancouver  with Master Mechanic Hobbs.  L. D. McRae has returnedfioin a trip  down the lake,' where in company  with Sam Hill he staked some good  looking copper claims tbis side of the  St. Leon Hot Springs.  Thos. Stead. W. G. Birney and R.  Wilson left this morning for Salmon  Arm to institute a Royal Scarlet  chapter of the. Orange Lodge in that  town.'  The subjects in the Methodist church  on Sunday (tomorrow) will be, in the  morning, "Results of communion with  God," and in the evening, "Riches  without money."  Thera was a special meeting of the  council on Wednesday evening at  which a bylaw to boirow a sum of  S3000 from the Molsons Bank io meet  current expenses of the city was read  three times and passed.  Services tomorrow, Fourth Sunday  after Trinity, will be as usual on the  first Sunday in the month .it 8 and 11  a.m. and 7.30 p. m. There will be a  ce[ebration at the 11 o'clock service.  Rev. C. A. Procunier will ofliciate at  all services.  Mrs. Cliffe. wife of Editor Cliffe of  the Sandon Mining Review, and her  children were in town last night en  route to Toronto on a visit to relatives'.  T. H. Dunne has taken a contract, to  ftaint a drop scene and two scenes,  an  li.p.   Kani'v White .Muslins, All-Over I,ace."., Viileiieiuni. 1011*.    Swiss  ,'iiul   rjA  )���������<    I'iimt'.v .Muslins.    A   nin.sl,  lieuuLil'iil  display  of  lliiise   K.-u.liionnbli.   5?J  THE CITY COUNCIL  interior and a landscape for the Vernon Dramatic Society. The drop is to  be a representation of a charming hit  of scenery on Long Lake.  D. Mater an employe oftheFied.  Robinson Lumber Co.. Comaplix. iva<  brought in un Thursday evening  Miffering from a' bad cut from the saw.  A partial amputation of the three  lirst lingers of the light bund was  necessary.  Surveyor Ron*: of the Dominion  I-ands De|Mi"tmeiit. New Wetstmin.ter  ij camped neat- the hi irk yard with a  party and is engaged in plaiting out  ihe "C.P.R. right-of way. He will  afterward*, proceed to dcteimiiie the  iiuits of the Dominion b.-!t in Kootenay.  As there .seems to lie au idea preval-  eut that the excuasinn to the coa.it for  the 12th of July celebration is likely to  be inteift'ied with by the vtrike. the  ������������������xecutive of L. O. L. 1G.V? wish to  ���������announce I hat. unless the road is tied  ���������up altogether, lhe excursion will come  olf without fail.  On Thursday at a meeting of the  Rossland -MineiV Union a ballot was  "I a ken on the question ot whether a  t-trike snould be inaugurated for the  "purpose of advancing wages of the  inuckeis from S_*.50 to S3 per day.  '. lie result is being kept secret by the  i xecutive committee until the next  Meeting of tbe union.  Tbe members of the ReveUtoke  f.-otball teams wish thiough the  I.'erald to express their warm appreciation of the royal hospitality  extended to them during their visit  to Golden on Dominion Day. Es*  F"-iBlly do they desire to mention Mr.  Vv'arren. who so kindly placed his  I outsat their disposal. Capt. Sinclairof  lire foot ball club and the genial pio-  ] rietorof the Columbia House. Mr. J.  C>. Ulloi-k. The good citizens of Golden  will never find any difficulty in persuading our Revelstoke leatherhunters  t������������come over to theii pretty town to  play a match.  The Waterworks Deal Given  Another Jog.���������The Quarantine  Accounts Settled up.  Met as usual on Friday evening.  All present.  ('OttltKf.l'OXI'l'N''**!.:.  "... It. McDonald asked the council to  reconsider their decision with re  feri.'iice to allowing a Imi'ilstand to be  placed on thc uorner opposite the*  Camilla Drug Ac Hook Co's store;" the  city clerk was instructed to advise the  writer that the council would be willing tu allow the stand on the lot next-  No '2 (irehall.  J. II. Robinson asking for a road  crossing to connect with the sidewalk  which he has built from First St. to  the Queen's hotel; referred to P. XV.  committee with instructions to pul  crossing in.  Deputy Prov. Sec. said that the  matter of the vacancy iu the board  of license commissioners created by  tho resignation of Aid. Newman would  he attended to. City clerk instructed  to answer the letter and get an  opinion.  Chief Bain drew, attention to the  thistles growing on the streets and C.  P. It. right of way. City clerk instructed to notify the proper provincial and C. P. R. authorities.  REl'OKTS  Aid. Taylor reported that the P. XV.  committee recommended building the  city's share of the fence between P. R  Peterson's land and the park- reserve  provided the cost was not more than  $15.   Adopted.  BYLAWS.  The bylaw to borrow S3000 from  Molsons Bank was finally passed and  adopted.  inquiries. '  In answer to Aid. Nettle the city  clex'k said that Judge Sproat had told  him that Mr. Farwell would give the  city lot No 29 for cemetery purposes  on tlie city* paying the cost of the  transfer.  Aid. Nettle asked on behalf of Fire  Brigade No 1 why certain articles  asked for last April had not been  supplied  The discussion on this point brought  up the whole matter of the purchase  of the building and lot.  The Mayor asked for the opinion of  the council on the advisability of  approaching Judge Sproat with regard  to the purchase of a block for city  purposes.  The city clerk reported that Judge  Sproat had said that the city could  get tho block next the English church  for $2000.  It was decided to put a fair value on  the tents, blankets, etc., in possession  of the city and sell them.  Arrangements were made at the  instance of Aid. Taylor to have the  mayor present the rifles subscribed for  as presents to the returning members  of Strathcona's Horse at some subsequent meeting of the council in the  near future.  Aid. Taylor said that the Water-  works"Co_]ipany's~titIe was now com*--  plete and suggested that as the  debentures had not been sold that the  council should arrange a meeting with  the directors and try to close tlie  matter up one way or the other.  The mayor thought the suggestion  an excellent one, and suggested that  a date for the meeting lie arranged.  Aid. Bourne thought that the city  could raise, part of the money on the  debentures and hand it over to the  company with a bond tu complete the  purchase later.  Aid. Nettle suggested that the  cotn|iany make the city an offer.  Aid. AbraliiiniMin said the city of  Kainloop*** took a year to sell its  delioiuure*-".  Aid. Nettle thought the city had  carried out its agreement to date and  it was the company's turn to make the  Hrst move.  Aid. Bourne disagreed with Aid.  Nettle.     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Big" Chances in Oil.  Even promoters don't always Inke  themselves seriously. Sometimes they  are templed to poke t'uuat thc-ii* own  game. Local luibiness men have  recently received a printed .circular  accompanied .by the following letter- from a Huston "investment  broker," which would seem to indicate  a burlesque:    "1   send you  prnspeclu.-  of the Oil Company and offer you  chance of a lifetime to buy all stock.  Ail you have to do is to send in your  money. We assume all the responsibility for spending it. We are going  to purchase 1.(XX),000 acres of the finest  oil lands in the world jnst as souti as  we raise money enough to find the  land. Your money is perfectly safe  with us. We. will never lei go of it  after once we get it. Buy s-tock nr.w  and secure the benefit of onr decision.  The land ive expect to buy i.s directly  over an ocean of r.il. O.ir prm-ps-clu*-  _of".e!'S,_bi������gi������-i_ii-_._!cem entsi^tha n-a n y-  other prospectus ever sent out. From  the land which we inlet.d to buy you  can almost look over to a piecu of  land whi-u'e the Sundown Oil Co. expects to start into sink a guihe-r next  Tuesday week. Ourntock will go up  just a**, soon as they stiike tlie gusher.  Our company will go op jn.-l as soon  as we have sold all lhe stuck we tan.  Send your iimnsv by pxpess. See  map ol onr land in geography, li-  vestigate this- We need your monev.  In order 111 i( onr stockholders may  he au re lo receive a dividend we allow  Ilium to deduct same fioni lheir lir-t  remittance. Nn nther company oli'eis  such induceiiieiity.  The Roman Catholic Social.  Wednesday evening was murkeil as  the occasion of the social held by the  ladies of the Roman Cat In die cluirch  in the opera, hou-r*. The hall wa>  ���������J.cautifiilly decorated with flowers,  f.ms and bright colored hunting and  streamers fur the occasion. The p. o-  f-e'edings commenced all o'clock when  lhe various .stalls opened up for  business. Tbe ii.fi cshnienls wi::*.. in  charg'i of Atf-'sdaiiics Itoliinson. Ni-tiier-  ton, -McCarthy, Hobson, IJiow.-i ai.rl  Le.vef|iic>. -Mrs. Hutchison and Mis-,  Lauretta Garvin attended to llie  flower table, Mrs. IJakt'u* and .\li~s  Lovcrnie were in charge of the candy  stall, while Miss Kllen Leveque. ran  the li-sh pond and was cle.-ired out of  her wares before the proceedings were  half over. There was also a voting  contest for the most popular bachelor,  with Messrs. Hobson and J'aker as  returning officers. Supt. Kilpatrick  headed the poll, though Cuy ��������� Barber  ran him very close. The raflle for the  marble clock was won by ticket No ."il,  the purchaser of which is so far unknown. The musical progtamine  under direction of Mrs. Wilkes con-  menced at 8 p. m, and was as follows :  Piano Solo     Miss Oarvin.  Song      Miss Shepard  Uecitation        Miss i'.dgar  Song Mrs. I .a wrence  is  'fl>  j)   We ha ve.inst opened up a   large  range  of   lleaulil'iil   Sateen-Lined   (*)  it.   All-Wool Serge und Worsl.ered Suits and marked llienia way down.   Rp,  ������  CALL AND SUM US UKFOIlli BUYING' KLSKWHKIU-.. ---.   ^....^^^^^^^^^^^ j)  0  m  TIIK   WiniC-AWAKK   BUSINESS   MKN,   MACiv.?.X..l.i;.   AVI*..   fift      *������  I     TAYL������  -.uiu-*m������i**wmT1--**^.*-"re-gi������TT^.-g^^  Vai!.  ^^EFta,  Thc difference  between-" rent paying and  the ;]" irk beck plan  of Rent Ptircliase.  RENT PLAN      .    '  Pay $10 or $l:"i per monlh for the  use of Miinuliiidy else's house for  10 years. At llio end of Hint  linie the land lord owns the  house and money, the renl.payer  has a package of receipts.  BIRKBECK  PLAN  Pixy from SKI lo  ..ll.j per  month  for the  use of a hr.iue for  ���������yeai.**'.      At the end of that true  you' own   your  home   and save  money ever afti-r.  I'or I*'tirther iiiiorni.iUo:. apply to  LiEWiS BROS, ai* ���������."������ G- S- N-teCARTER. '  Gai-iorai/.sanie. "'    '-*' Solicitor.  fe^*<ratt^^;^-������^'4<tf-<3<r'ratt*<6'-9'a  ^.ij. . xT-jLcLeodl  Confectioner and Grocer  Z,                Fresh Eggs '       |  %                 liutter , ������  I                  Vegetables ���������%  ���������a                     nhviiv.s on luintl. 7,  V ' ,    ,V  ,<3                                    . .V  v            Ice Cream $  I Home Made Candies |  V ���������"- siieeiultv.     ' ^9  ^j^-j'*������^^*^y**i-jr^-������:<r-4r*r'<_'*-r^^  NAME....   -  'Is bf������ltpr tlinn riches   Wo li avc the mime of ir.Rkmtf -  'the only stylish Suits hi Town  ���������for durability kiiU qmijity  , they ulbo exeul.  -iTRY ONE  R.S. WILSOK"  Next the McCarty Block.  Japanese Dance and Sting'from "Wang.  Mr. Wilkes and lhe- Misses Josephine.  Emilia and Adele Leveque. Rloanor  Paget.. Pearl Rohinson, 1 furry JDumic.  Mary Kdwards, J_ulu' .������Pat rick and  Eleanor Bell.  _\ri_-s Shepard".*! song was givon a)  well deserved eneorc and _Mi*s. l.a\v-  renec- and Miss Kdtrar were both well  rereived anrl their milliner's highly  appreciated. iliss Garvins piano  playinjjshews a wonderful talent I'or  so youthful a performer. The  _Ja_M_p_t!___a_dan_ii^aiirl___SQrig__f 1:01 Oi"V\Lii li.a_  w,.s hov.-ever the hit of the evening.  .Mr. Wilke-s' "nihher necking"' kept Lim  audience in a continual roar and Lhe  hevy of youthful beauties with L ie:r  ipiaint .Tajiane^e costumes and pretty,  dance comiilclely   took    the   house hy  St/lI'lll.  The wlio-V affair w.is an immense.  -n..*.ee.,s and nutted, the Tlicu.vi.b 1111-  ilerstaiuK-, .Si 10 for this funds of the  church.  Their Subscription to the Provident  Fund  Releases tha G. T. R. From all  Claims by Employers.  An important judgment hau just,  heen rr-nde.r*d hy the court, of review  sill iter .it. .Montreal in lhe ease of  l"i*rgu-.o;i i s. Grand Trunk Hai I way  eoinp.iuy. The plaintiff, who was an  engineer in the employ of the defendant <"onij,*itiv. win injured ,tt liicli-  1110:1 I while employed a limit hi.scii'-'ilie  and .-.-ied llie company for "Sl-l.tHW  daii:.*i;ci->>. The jury awarded the  I>i'iir.tifl .Si.'i'JO damages.  The d<-fe:ii!';.nls ti-'r-adetl, ljf-sides denying any fault on the part of the  coiiijuiny. ih'it. under* ths authority  of i-erl.si,i .italulc-i of tls������ Dominion ������  fiilid i :��������� vicictv ha-i be<;:i ef-.r-iolished  kiifii. ii n.-, rlie Grand 'i'rurik Jiailway  [|i.-.ii;*."(lt"* ,*in**l Provident society, the  oliji ct   of   which   w-*,".   to   pri'ividi"! for  Ihe p lyineriL of sick hetteHl^ or allolv-  ,'iri'*.-4 lo tli.-ii* crnjiloyees, inrTnlicrs of  such soc'i"'y. in case of sickness or*  amilenl, not] al.-,o an insurance pny-  ahle lo the legal representatives of  any iiieiuher. in the event of death.  It w.i- further pleaded 1.1mf the  pliiiril.Hr' was a member of thaf, society  at the dale of the accident and subject lo rules, regulations and hy-laws  of the society. One of the hy-laws of  the society provided that, in coiisirl-  eratioii of the subscription of the  Grand Trunk Hallway company to society no member thereof, or his re-  pict-eiitntives. shall have any claim  against, company for compensatum on  account of in jury or death from accident. The court of review maintained  the [ilea anil granted Lhe defendant's  motion for a judgment, in favor of Lhe  company. The aelion of Lhe plaintill'  was therefore dismissed,  Notice'.  Tlio lir-it nmiiinl RCiionil meeting of the  JicrclHolcc Ilr.ipitui ."-upiutv will lie lielil nt the  Fire Hull, Secuml street, on Jloiuldv, Auk in, 1  fltli. 11)01 nt the lionr of eiglit ji.iii., I'd! the  )itirpn>u of eleetiiiK Inisiec-i lor tlie en*-iiin*,-  yeur nntl yeneral IjiiKiness.   . .,   .  All i'it.-oiis wlio 'have snhseribeil -f.i.OO or  npwiirils lowftrds the I'uiitl*, of the Societv txx-ir  entitled to lie prritMit nml vole on" nil "nii'itieru  briiiiKlit lieturc the meeting unci nil bitch ure  inviteil to lie prcM-til.  c ll. R.ATKINS,  jyn-wtil. "Secri'tnrv.  Notice,  XOTIflE is I eroby itivcn Hint f0 ilnvs after  (lute I intend lo apply to llie Chief Coinmi ���������  sioner of I-tinilH nnd Works I'or j.ernilt-sioii to  purelui.**c the following tieMiribett lunil; eoiii-  iiiviieiin; at Southv.est comer of Lot Xtu:,,  filuiucil on KImIi Ulvur," LnnlcHii, West Kooienay, llienee half a mile eiiM, ilienee iiiiu-uIkIiIIi  of a mile i-oiith, thence linlf 11 mile we.st, llienre  one-ficluli of a mile north lo place of coni-  nieiicemeiit, nnd containl 11^ *I0 uere**.'  _Pe_r-f.nc*aie<l i!l>l .lune, liiiil.  jyi!-'Jiii-\v COltY .MKXIIHNIUK.  House Furniture for Sale  Mr***..I. D. Clriiliiini offers for sule the whole  ai" the ronton!*, of her dwelling, .Second Street.  I'er.-ons desirous of pnri'liasinic will please call  nt the limine on ami after theSlh inst. I.eluciii  the hours of two p.m. nnd nve p.m.       Jy*li*tf  L05t  f.iin eviMilnir between Mr. Dickie's liou**1!* und  the Minion A Lady's V.'a..c!i In Hold lliinliii','  Cnic together ������ltli a short vice..' of cliiiln and  ������������������ufeiypln iitiui..)it*il. Kunii-r will be snUably  rcwunied 011 reliiriiliij.' nunc 10 fe. J.'I.IXlii,  Itevi'l-iiilie Siatl.m. jv ���������;  Clinic..  A ven ne.  r.-^idctn*  -    FOR SALE.  re'lilvntlnl  proji.-rty on  'Hire*.   J.i.ti ii-ixt to in*.  :.   Apjilv 10 J. M. ij. on.  M iicl;oii*.|(.  .Mcl.i'un'.**  rrTVJF-"^ T!'!E COMMERCIAL  M������**-'i**        CENTRE OF THE  ������<:*Ws*S'ot*������^i *-uS������_fC* ui2tx.i>v rAjJ tlLsultt)  Vctc<r  *'$��������� F$ "Tf -'^.."C* ���������"������" "fu '-r .i~y i  DUNTEY  I   Business Lots from $150 Up  l ��������� Residence Lots $?S and t  ������ Adia-rliiylH*.!    tiLlilU'- ������������������"   u". 6."  ���������   '  _.',_������a_s___j s&������.iir&.'rrxr2vi������rBrnzasr<^Sz\tt&t^^ tsinxtsaxa^ tcxvai  Help  Wauled.*,  A yoiiti*--i^irl for lij.ht house woik in  small   family,   t'10     wai-liiu^.      Apply  fl !���������:���������!.*.!,!> l-illLl*.  Ijiii-iiit-.s   ."ilimLion.  ���������he foi siili..���������Apply A.   N.  .Smith,  - fee. Cie.tni .SoiI.ik everyday at liev.'H  ��������� I'p to d.il ���������.' shirt waista iii.ide nl  the Madison Parlors.  ���������The tieiveiit liooki alvvayi come in  ii������ somi an printcil at the Canada IJr'ifj  Si f'ooU Co.  -Alwiiyn read f.hc Canada f)rii._ Si  liook Co'a ad, .soiiiel hinj^ new and up  l.o dale all the time.  ���������iVe.w vaecinalioti (-liields very  coinfoit,iil.ile and only \Tic. at the Canada. Drug Si rjciol; Co.  ��������� We hnve a fresh supply of lanj_;lc-  fooL fly paper, poison liy paper, insect  powder and lilower*. at Canada Drug  ���������fc Hook Co.  ���������If you are trniihlrri this warm  weather with corns, we have a new  plaster that fastens around the toe  and removes corn in two days. 25  cents pur hox. Try one they are  excellent.   Canada Drug & Book Co.  w.-'2;fl'.������^'._*.*yir*i"a"*_".vi*-^^^  1.J0HN D. SIBBALD."Take..!  J^G-'LLilJ-H rJ?   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Hells and l-i^lii in every room  Tree litis Jleets All Trains  Kei'-vonul.le [tales  '..."'  ^-HOTBL  YIOTORIA.J-.  .lOllN V. ..'J'-LUCS, Pltoi'itiK'i'OR  Nijilit Grill.i'cri:'i -.a Connection for tlio Coiivenionee of Guests  Wafo  Bo  ,   AND  RISE THE BARF. A INR AT  GUY BA7HJlill'S  IN  Watches. CSpcIcs, Etc.  .344 Ro:J_2.ei-a Bros.' Fiat Ware.  SPECIA"L'.TY"^^~^\VATCn_R"EPXn^N"a'  Lots will be .sold at a considerable reduction up to    |p  July 10th, 190t. <������>  Now is the time for prospective purchasers to buy.     ^  I. H. MAYNE, Sole Agent;  REVELSTOKE. !  I  xx.


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