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Revelstoke Herald Jun 22, 1901

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Array y\  '���������* '-a  -j  bs. ������  Vol    V. No   4.8  REVELSTOKE, B.C.     SATURDAY,   JUNE  2^.   1901,  $2 OO a  Year in Advance.  k  ���������m  M  ii*,  I  ���������������'  <>  t  ii  (I.  v*#+*4*m^*.**ite&44*i:<r<**r^^  Our Tea and Coffee Trade is  steadily growing. Why ?  Because ve" carry the best  procurable. There is nothing equal to  RAM  LAL'S  FiVE O'CLOCK  BEN HUR  -and-  Java Coffees  always in fctock.   ���������  British Columbia  Strawberries  SHIKE OF  Provincial Police Withdrawn by |  the Government.* j  STRIKE IN  SOUTH KOOTENAY.  Strathcona's Hired as Specials by the  Company. Revelstoke Full of the  Strikers But Utmost Order and Good  Feeling Pevails. Men on this Division  Are Confident of Victory.  will be m this week.  ' CHERRIES  --   APPLES  APRIOTS        "���������'  Also.  215-CASES-215  BERSUE DISHES  WATER P3TCKERS  TU2SBLF.&S  GOBLETS  Lemonade Setts  Prettier than ever.  ii ���������  A nice range of Parlor lamps  Prices surprisingly, Io\v.  FRUIT SAUCERS  BREAD AND BUTTER  PLATES  CRACKER JARS  CHAMBER SETTS  A nice line to choose from  FRUIT JMS  Pints     Quarts'    Half Gallons  i*<4f*'f-*4f������*<f'S������*������*'***4������'*4f'*'������������<+  C.B. HUME  &C0  The most noticeiiiile change in the  situation in the Truckmen's strike out  here is that According tn the Nelson  paper*: the men.in South Kontenay  have joined the ranks ot lhehtrikei*-..  On tliib division as tar us lha Hi*.....]..}  can ascert.iin there is priieliciitly no  work being done iit all from Laggan to  Kamloops. So far it h.is nob been  found pushi'ile to replace the men. who  have gone out. by othei!*.. At the  beginning ot* the week a p.irl.y ot  Galicians. hired in bhe .Edmonton district , were brought as far a.s Laggan  but refused to come on any further  and demanded to be sent home.  There     are     now     in     "Kevel.-toke  including    Japs    and     Chinese      between    five     and   six   hundred   men  on  strike, fetched, in from     the   main  line and brunches..   There are all kinds  of iiation.ilitieb and everv class of employe      in       the       uiainicnance     of  way department.    The executive committee sit**, every (lay in their rooms in  Selkirk Hall attending to the affairs of  the strike.     On Wednesday evening a  public meeting, which   was  got  up at  very short notice,   was held  and  well  attended.   On Thuisday evening there  was a general meeting of members of  the various  railway  brotherhoods, at  which members from every union of  railway employes in  town   were  present and assured the trackmen of their  sympathy in away'which tended very  greatly to encourage them in  *.*. favorable estimate of the issue of the strike  On Thursday   at   the   request   of  the  officials thi-ie w,\> a meeting of section  foremen at   Donald,    at  which   Nels.  Anderson and Morris Andeison were  the   delegates   from    this   point.    No  meeting,   however. ~ took place   .-ince  after consultation the section foremen  present sent ii'letter  to   the .officials  stilting that the only negotiations now  were through the grievance committee  in   Montreal.      .Yesterday afternoon  anoth.-r consultation was held  at the  call  of the   trainmen in   their. lodge  room-in t.he Oddfellows Hull.        - u-i .  The officials state that the   roadbed  in tho division is still in good condition  and that if. is being   regularly  patrolled, but* admit  that  no work, is being  done on it.     The   roadmasters   make  daily trips and look  after  low   joints  and so forth.,   Trains are "still running  the same as  usual,   though   the   Imperial   Limited   is  dropping    behind  schedule time.     .Yesterday morning a  number ot* the members of Strathcona's  Horse, gathered up from all over the  province came in*and have   been   put  out  to   act  as   special   constables tit  different  points   m   the   pay   of the  company.     They   are not required to  do any  work   bevond   guarding  the  right  of  way and giving warning of  any actual   danger   to   traffic  which  they may observe on the line.   It must  be confessed   however  that  the   distinction   between' their   duties    and  those of the xordinary bridge or track  watchmed is so nice as to   ba scarcely  visible to the  naked   eye.     Still   the  company   is  paying  for  them    and  although   the'��������� HERALD honestly   believes that as far  as   thf y are special  constables  their  presence   is   wholly  unnecessary, there is really nothing to  be said.  With regard to the ca*e of the extra  constables, which have heen added to  the provincial police force at this poiDt  the mistake made by the government.  in putting them on has been admitted  The union~ hei'e~h"iive" taken-" the  matter up tand are also in coi-  respondence ' with Ralph Smith  and Rev. Mr. Maxwell with regard to  the aliens alleged to have been brought  in from Seattle to art as specials.  President Wilson, of the brotherhood  of railway trackmen, was appealed to  with regard to the extra provincial  police and advised the engagement by  the union of n competent attorney lo  represent their case. .The committee,  whicu had already held an interview  with Gold Commissioner Fauquier on  the matter, have retained G. S. Mr-  Carter to go into the legal aspect of  the matter for them. ' The result has  been that the.men have been relieved  of I heir positions as provincial constables and "any special constables,  employed from this out will be swoin  in as peace officers tinder the Dominion Railway Act. Indeed these  special provincial police have not* been  ujnuccef-8 from any point of view, and,  being men totally ignorant of the  duties of a constable's poxitiuri. have in  one ease, if not more, already exceeded  their orders. The special provincial  constable stationed at Wigwam compelled a gang of Japs on Thursday to  remove it, tree from across the track,  which he had of course no authoi ity to  do; while at Sicamous on Thursday  the special constables, whether C.P.R  or provincial is not known, wanted to  drive a Chinese gang out to woik on  the track by actual violence. The  Chinese resisted bis assumption of  authority, and removing their dunnage  from the boarding car to a flat car on  an eastbonnd train, were brought back  by Roadmaster Watmoi-e up to Clan-  william.  With these few exesptions,  the conduct of tbe stiike on  this division has been characterized by  the utmost quiet and good feeling.  The report published in a despatch to  the provincial dailies of a fracas in the  yard here is made of whole cloth without a shadow of a foundation as fur as  the provincial police know. The most  diligent inquiry nn the part ot the  Hkrald has failed to unearth any  occurence which "might even have  heen twisted into such a yarn. The  town haB been gradually filling up  with the strikers all week and the con  duct of the men has been most ordetly.  Trouble there has been none in this  town of aoy description. It must be  admitted however that a report has  reached the  Herald that Foreman  Snyder was chased hy his Chinese  gang into his i.ir up llie line, though  ivitiiuut sei irius injury. It is tlie  earnest desi-k* of Llie leading men in  the local union to avoid ihi* least,  appeal .nice ut violence and lo this end  men h.ivu lieen luld oIT tj instantly  check and -slop anything of the kind  either in town or  on   itielii.e.  ���������Meanwhile the men are cheerful  and conlideni of victory within a very  tew days, a confidence which is based  nn excellent, foundations. There is no  sign ot wavering in their ranks and  the memhernhip roll of the local union  is constantly being increased, as  tunny a*- "-.evenly members affiliating  on TluirsiUiy and Friday alone*.  Ono point on whicli they quite emphatically clear is that despite of all  newspaper despatches tn the contrary  they are not out in .sympathy with tliu  eastern striking tiiickinen but on their  own account.  UllllSVANCK      COJIJIITTKK'S     CiKCUJ_A.il  The following circular has been  issued by the grievance committee in  Montreal :  Headquarters Joint Protective Board.  13. ol'K. T. of A.  Canadian Pacilic Railway  Urand Union Hotel, Montreal.  Montreal, June 10, 1001.  Dear Sir and Brother:���������  Your Committee has not been able  to make settlement with the General  Manager. Wecontend ior fair wages,  fair conditions of employment, and an  agreement signed by tho proper  ollicials, which will piotocb all Maintenance of Way Men against injustice  and petty discrimination. Ke declines  Lo make any concessions except in  individual cases, and told us plainly,  in the presence of five Itotidinastois.  that it is the policy .of the company to  replace Roadmasters with Civil  Engineers. "We requested him to  give Uo an outline in writing stating  what he considered fair wages, and  fair conditions of employment for  Maintenance of Way Men. *  In reply to our request on the Sth  instant, hesuggestedth.it confeiences  be resumed, and on the same d.iv sent  out .1 list ot printed rules without  attaching any signature thereto; they  are being distributed by Roadmasters,  who are telling the men along the hue  that their committee went home. The  president of the company will be  informed of the double dealing th.it is  going on, and requested to consider  your grievances ai once and make a  fail-settlement, it he decline-!* to do so.  a suspension of work will be. ordered.  You kno-v, what your instructions to  your committee are; rest assured they  will be carried out to the best of our  ability. We have not and lire not  giiing to ait r.tshly; if ihe company  force*.- ns to suspend work, we will  '���������strike lo win," even if it lakes a year.  We have been lair with the.'managei;  your grievances were submitted in  writing, with an explanation why you  think you aie entitled to the things  asked for; if he has any conception'of  fair wng<*s" and" fair 'conditions of  employment for our craft, -he has not  submitted i". to yonr committee in  writing. Pay no attention to rumors  or false report*.; be as true to your  selves and families as your committee  is going to be to your inteiests.. If you  do this the mallei* will he settled and  settled right.  Yours in.B. L. and U.  (Signed)  Joseph Lennox. Chairman.  R. C. MO-S'TGOSrERY,  E. E. Mason. '  -  -     Theodore Armuxdsok.  F. F. Frederick.  J. B. Budnskill.  George M'Taggart.  -  J. W. Joiixso"-*?,  Committee.  A. F. Stoot. Secretary.  MR. marpole's circular  Vancouver, B. C��������� June 13th, 1901.  To Maintenance of Ways Employees'  Pacific Division, C. P.'R.: . '  A committee claiming, to represent a  large number of our Maintenance and  Ways employees had a* meeting with  our management at -Montreal in April  last. ��������� They submitted a .memorandum  of what they claimed to be grievance  but which, so far as concerned this  division had never been presented in  any way either to the undersigned or  to "the superintendents, in charge of  the respective roadmasters' sections;  the committee-werc-tokUa-s���������it���������would  take some weeks to investigate same,  free transportation would be "given  them to return to their homes��������� and  a promise was made them >' that by  the end of May they would be recalled  to Monti eai for conference. They  were accordingly recalled-to Montreal  on 30th May. when the question of pay  and conditions of maintenance of way  employes were fully discussed with  them." It was pointed out thut the  Canadian Pacilic Railway company  had made extensive enquiry, and  found they were then paying as much  ���������and in tininy cases more than wis  paid by other railways.' and that the  conditions of seclionmen on the whole  were very much better on the Canadian Pacific Railway than else*,  whei i*.  The j-oiiiiniMoc were also advised  that the company, desiring In see their  employes satisfied hud made many  increases dating from 1st -May and 1st  June, benefiting especially those who  hud been in our service for some time,  which , increases amounted on lhe  whole to about SjjlCO.UOO per annum.  A memorandum of the rules, dated  Tth Jtinw,"]i*!H. governing the service  of section foremen and section men,  was 'also issued" by the company and  since then has been added to.  The company, in addition, agieed  to give section foremen transportation  once a year over any part of its li. ���������  and similar transportation to othei  maintenance of way employes who  have been in the servile for three  years or more. '  Theeommittee was received throughout-the conference in the most frank  and kindly manner and afforded every  opportunity to give reasons why their  demands should be complied with,  but have failed to give any sound  reason.  While we know that many of the  employes on Maintenance uny Way  are salisfied'with their pay and conditions and are not represented by this  committee (having been so advised by  them) we feel th.it the olhers, whom  tbe committee cluim to represent,  should know the true state of affairs  and wp sincerely hope that neither the  committee nor any, large number of  our employes who have been in the  company's service for "years and in  whose welfare tbe company and its  officers are sincerely interested will be  guided by reckless and hasty advice.  R. Marpole,  Dominion Day Celebration.���������The  Trackmen's Strike Extends to  the N. & S. Branch.���������Building  the S. S. Revelstoke.  Tivcntyof Nakusp's representative  men met on (Saturday evening In cm ry  out lhe progranie of sports to be held  heie on Dominion day, and from the  interest displnyad, it is a foregone  conclusion that lhe best day's fun that  ever Look place here will be witnessed  thatday. Over one hundred dollius  was subscribed at' the meeting, at  which L. J. Edwaids wa.s elected  chairman and L. E. -Simmons, bccie-  tary. The various committees wen:  formed and the whole thing is having  remarkable sat cess.  Quite fifty men have turned out  nightly to clear the grounds for the  many games. The chief attractions  will be base ball, horse and foot r.ices,  rowing, swimming and jumping contests, also log riding, ending with a  grand ball in the evening. There is  some talk of chartering the magnificent steamer, Minto, to bring a crowd  from Revelstoke. Since the meeting  the funds have swelled to a large  amount.  The trackmen's stiike has exlen'ded  to the N. &S. branch, all section and  bridge men going out on Thursday  night and not a m in is working.  The fishing and picnicing season is  on and it is a .pretty sight to see the  boats and'parties out on the lake each  evening.  The Hotel Nakusp will re-open for  business on July 1st, under the management of Mesd'imes Manuel and  Blondin, who are always popular with  the I ravelling public. -  The ship yard wiii be kept busy for  some time to come with the building  of the Revelstoke steamer. -  INVOKE THE  L  ra up<i  f*s*.J  U. S. Officials on 'the Sound  Watching Imported Non-  Union Machinists. ��������� Other  Railway News cf Interest.  Taciwa, Wash.. June I!)���������Agi-nlsof  the treasury department, iiri* on tin*  Sound to prevent the introduction <u'  Ih'itish Columbia non-union machinists  to Lake the places of striking union  men.  William Blackmail, state labor coin-  missioner, is said lo be co-opeialing  with the federal authorities. Though  none of thc men will talk, then* is i canon to beliove the federal authorities  have received au intimation that the  shopowners would attempt lo meet  the strike through tho introduction of  contract labor.  There is a question whet hei' llie  Sound shopowners would bo able to  secure help from British Columbia, for  the Canadians have shown sonic disposition to help the men on this side  of the line. The refusal of .Victoria  shops to handle the Garonne i.s an  instance. Some of Lhu local shops  have made an attempt Lo resume work  with the aid of machinists' helpers,  but the effort has proved a failiuu.  Though one of the dupartmontollU-iuls  spent a day here, it is not believed he  found any violation of lhu couti act  labor law had occurred at T.icomti,  but it is intimated others on Lhuriound  have been preparing to do so.  1 he Strike in South Kootenay.  The Nelsou  Tribune   of  yesterday  says: ,      - "   _     _.   -  " There was no'general observance* of  the strike order among the local trackmen yesterday, although it was  announced foil. Wednesday evening  lhat all the trackmen would quit on  "the following morning. So far us  known t h e "o'n I y meow ho"h ave"6 i'i t" are"  two on the Slocan branch and the  crew at the junction. It was reported  on Wednesday evening that all bauds  were at the'time-working on the  Crow's Nest division, between Medicine  Hat and the Landing and nothing  later has been received. On the Kootenay branches east of the Columbia  everything was reported to be going  ahead as usual.   " ' -  '  Trackmen's Meeting at Toronto.  Toronto, June 19.���������A meeting oi  the striking trackmen was addressed  in- Forum hall, Yonge street, tonight  by Mr. J. T. Wilson, of St. JLouis, iV.o..  the bead of the order. There , wei e 75  persons present, all strikers." It had  been expected that the general public  would attend, but for some reason .01  other this hope was not fulfilled ; in  fact there was nobody in lhe hall except the strikers themselves, the  reporters and two labor leaders fiom  the city. The latter were Messrs. Armstrong, a former president of' the  Typographical Union -of the United'  States" aii'd*4 Canad.i-'anii. "a-iahor 'man  of 30 years standing and Mr. S.ttinders.'  of the Longshoremen's Union, both of  whom occupied seats on the'plalfotm.  Invitations had been sent to all the  prominent labor leaders in Toronto,  but these two alone responded.  Mr. Wilson spoke for over an hour  and left for Montreal at 10 p.m."  llu  lead inc.���������.ag''-'. showing tin* number nf  meiiwlinweieoiit.it dilVetutit point-  alniig the Canadian Paiifif. togethei  e.illl lht* uuii-sponii-'iict' thai pa**-et.  be! ween Lhu toiuiuilleu and Mr.  ���������shaughnes'.y. which ha.- aheady been  printed. He also gave an :u counl of  lhe inngic���������. oi'the Li.ukoien's sliikc  o!i,lhi. Maine Cuii'ial. He appealed  cirnestlylo the strikers to Hand, by  liim and not -.'<) back so woik. He  admitted I hai the C.iiuidian Pacilic  had p iit! and wa- piying its trackmen  higher wages than the (~!rand Tiunk or  I iiii.i'ciiioni.'tl. bul -aid Ihi- had nothing  Io do with llu- I'lieslinn, ami I hat the  CI'. K. 'hould be compelled lo .nivalin, the i.ile slill fuithi'!' to $1._X)  per day lo eveiy laborer they employed.  illl* .S.iui.deis, who followed, ingrd,.  the men lo sland together. Mi. At nisi rung pointed on! in slinug tel ms  thut lhe public mind wa*- picjudiied  .lUainsMhi'sirike to the fad that the  Canadian Pacific was actually treating  Us men better in u-g.ud lo wages than  the Ci. T. It. or the Dominion government, i nilwny ".y-leiii. If, hu said, a  builder in Toronto paid his men 2-"5 or  '.'���������() p..'!' eenl. more '.viges than other  buildeis it, would be very diliii till  iud-jed lo make people understand why  his men ihnttld go un sirike while the  men employed by those u liu paid a  loiver late remainc*.' at work. Ile did  not. wisii to discourage the stiikeis,  bul warned ihem lh.il. this fen tun* of  Lhe case -A on Id luquire a good deal of  explaining.  Mr. Wilkinson, section   foi email,   cf  Xorih Toionto, was in thu chair.  ���������^e*  a***.������  Thn Triune.  3Ies**rs. Dave and Andy Ferguson,  owncis of Lhe. famous Triune gioup,  who were in town this week, informed  the IlER.M.n that on Monday ne\t they  will start system itic development  work on the group, on the  Silver Cup  hill. It is the intention of the owners  lo ship as soon as possible about *"0  ions of oie. to the smelter and ihe  balance of Lhe output will be hauled  lo a convenient place on lhe wagon  road for shipment by sleighs nexc  winter. Last-winter SO tons of the  Triune oie was shipped,t.o. the smelter  which nutted nearly $2o,000 after all  freight and smelter chinges weie deducted. Thc ,Messrs. Fetguson have  pOHsibly*th������r*i'i������lieSL- p:npa_ly ~.iniijj._u_!  L:i t deau today "and are doing a great  deal lo pi ove that wilh thci Nettie, L.,  Maybe and Ajax. the Lirdeau has ihe  richest gold, silver and lead properties  in British Columbia. The Messrs  Ferguson have proved their faith " by  staying wilh it in all kinds of prosperity and adversity. -  -  BY WIRE  Fatal  nxplosioii   at  N. Y.  Paterson,  GENERAL HALY RECALLED.  Out  Seattle.  Probable  A  in  .,t������S>S������S)������e>S������  iOOD  ing's  Machinist;: Still  Great Bcjccr Rising  China. Au Unfounded Report of the  Surrender of Gen. Botha. Canadian  13ui!dirjg Opened at Buffalo.  Huk.wlo. June 22.--The Canadian  building at the P.in-Aiiieti-.-.n Exposition ha- been opened lo the public. It  i- said to be ihe handsomest building  on the grounds. Ill-, c.illod the Pan-  American Home.  Paterson, *S~. Y., .Tone 21���������Two per-  ���������ons weie killed and one injured by an  explosion of fireworks in .t store under  a tenement building here and several  are thought lo he burned to death in  the lire that followed.  I-.ATE1..-  Fonrfeen persons are believed' to'  have been killed and a number injured  as a resnlL of lhe (ire.  Ottawa, June 22nd. 11, is reported  on good -itithoriiy that Major General  O'Graciy Ualy commanding the Canadian militia has been lecailed by the  impel ial auihnriLies.  Se.vttm-., .Tune 22.���������-The ��������� Metal _ ,  Trades Association of Seattle has  decided to stai t work again on "Monday. The strikers are en formed that  lhey can go Lo work or their places  will be filled. The Association oilers ,  the same hours and wages as beforo  the strike. -j  r t  DT-SPATCUCS IX BrtlEI*'    *  The river is now open between  Dawson ancl White Horse. . '  It is officially  admitted - that   Get--'  many desires lo increase hei* claim  of  indemnity against China. ��������� ;  Despatches from Napict tell   of   the - '-  loss of seven lives among the members'   .  of two families by  a   terrific; tornado '_- ,  on Thursday.. '.;  '* "Win. Waldorf Astor has   contribute,  ',-.  ed    ������5000   to   the  Victoria  .Jubilee;-. ���������_"  PlirSeS. j,-   ',_      ���������_ *���������'-_���������   ... ;  .',,.*-*TJ'-J*K-,A**'SS&3;j.'-''".  -^K������n^\V.i-i"iirM-"-I^rcl~t^i"Jost-lBe-:^-r^"-!'-  ford complains ol" tne   wanl-of proper'- "-  strength     aud    efficiency,   in     Great -  Britain's Mediterranean Heel,.' ,   ...  It is reported that 0.000 Cape  Colon-.    -*���������  ist have already joined the Boers. "     ,  '^Tbe Tower  Lumber  Co." at Dnluth *  has lost $150,000 by lhe burning of their  sawmill. .      "        ' '"  Hose Eosg,  Juue-22.���������A,German   -  tnis-sionary    repents    that     a   .much   '  greater Bovcr rising in  China is prob-'    *  ably in the near fut uie   and   that   the'  present edicts in   favor  of   foreigners .  are   merely   a  blind. , The _Gennan-  ofticia! repoit,   ilrnit.l   this   and  says  that the Chinese.governors aie helping  to maintain oider. ' - -. .  London, June 22.���������The Sun prints  an anuounc-enicnl again that Botha  repudiates K*. Hirer and has derided to  siu-ieiuier. It also .-ays that it is be-  |i*-\ ed at B*.ili-li foici_*;ii office that the  surrender has alreiidy taken place.  L.\Ti"R.���������Tbe iiiniK'ir of the sur--  lender of Gen. Bolba is now slated to '  be unfounded.  -' '(-l  o-X.  >i->'*.|  j,   /ri~r J  '.   -/'���������>>, *���������-  -   ���������"ritm  ���������        v ."'..**. .-i  "* !   *���������*/��������� .-  ,     -_-k r> _  *-".*. E-vS-ra.1  **,-*:i"-..'l  '���������'Ait'tyi  ,- -,\?y-**3?i  -AAm  -TigyeTjAi'A  ���������������^*&m\  ..*. *  ,*-. "*"���������"*���������������������������  ���������-������.:-  .-<'  -'?.'  _Qu:r:. values all_-through the store will  surprise^you. It would take tb61on^ttr&ii=  umerate the advantages in every line, but in  the following' lines every shopper will  have a big advantage   Ties For Men, in  Derbys and Boas . . .  Plowing: Ends  &  Ladies'  Sailor  Hats..  Ladies'  ises  ALL DESIGNS AND  PATTERNS.  Summer  \ nder-  wear  Boys Cotton Duck Suits, j  thing for Summer Wear.  ���������*ust  the  Everything new and up to date.   ITou are  especially invited to inspect our stGck.  ai*******a***H*****Mn**Mf_������ll_(M__MIMIWa*MH  MAIL ORDERS   PROMPTLY ATTENDED T  REID   &  X^H*r*J*rrjmWrt)tjm^9Jf0P0Jr^^  AROUNDJHE'YARD'  Personal    Paragraphs   Pertain-  .  ing to Railway Men Pickedup^ ,  "=^Bystfie"Herard."  ~    --*���������*--"- --���������  Alex. "Wallace of the, Nelson   C.   P.  E.   freight   stalf* left Wednesday for   ,  Smelter Junction, where he will   look  after local freight. ,, -    '   .>  C. E. Beasley has .succeeded   A.   II. .  Fischer  as   station   ticket  clerk     at  the union depot "Nelson.     Mr. Fischer   ,-  will   leave   within the next few   days  for S:m Friiiicisco. .       ���������-���������?  "Mr. D. Cain]ib*?ll. who held the posi-  tion.of chief crpentcr at the C. P.   R.  yawls at Itat Fortnge. has  severed his *  connection   with   the   company    and  gone to Furl William.  Work is Ut Mi>.i*t at once on the extension of the C. Si E. acro&s the Saskatchewan river into Edmonton. M.  McCriinmon of Calgary, has been  .���������vwavded the contract.  The wm hinen at the Canadian Northern shop.*-   in  Winnipeg   are   busv.  Preparation*,    are    being    made   for  building new cai-s and new machinery '  is being put in to meet requirements.   ,  Mr. John Thompson,  who   for   the'  past three   yeai* has   been baggage-  ���������  master at lhe Union station,  Toronto.  has li't-igned to accept the position  of  assi*>t.int general baggage master for  the  Canadian  Pacific Kailway,   with .  headquarter*, at Montreal. Mr.Thompson   was bcfoi-e   coming   to   Toronto  thiee years ago. on the Grand Trunk  stall* at Montiv.il.  Tke Macdonald. working on the C.  P. P.. luu* met with rather a peculiar  accident. Tlie tiain was backing up  near "Maclean and gave a jerk. Macdonald fell down and made a jump off  the track, hut the dump of gravel sent  him back, lie caught hold of the  rail to pull himself away. The train  went over his wrist, and Dr. Low has  found ir necessary to amputate thq '  hand.��������� Regina Leader.  v .'*;������������������ I^fstofit ijferald ami 'IJaihung  *  en  ami   tf[aii  Journal.  Published By  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  Managing Director.  A. S������mi-Weekly Journal published In Die  interest*) ot the railway men. milling men ami  buiine-w men of the Wesi. Days of 1'ubllriition  tVadne-Ktir and Saturday.  AriVERllSl.NC   RATES.  Display ads.. J1.50 per iiioli; sing]** minimi.  12 par inch when inserted uu title \nwv  Ujal ads.. 10 cents jier inch (iioiiparli-l| lim*  ior rlrsi insertion; *��������� cent-, for canli k<1.!iiI.>*u.!  Insertion. 1-ocal notice*! 10 cent- ).er lim* i-iwh  tsiut. Birth, Marriage and Iil-hiIi NoiIm-i  free.  SUBSCRIPTION  RATES.  By mall or carrier, ������*2 per annum; *.I.'-'.*i fur  six months, strictly in advance.  OUR JOB  DEPARTMENT.  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TIIE   TRACKMEN'S  STRIKE  The Railway Trackmen's sirike  now  in  full swing from one end of the (_'. P.  1{. system to the oth *r   is   one   of   the  must important in, many ways, which  has yet occurred iu Canada.      It is  an  object,   lesson   in   the first place   how  rapidly and  completely   organization  can be effected among a class of work-  ims.    who   were   supposed   from   une  cause   or   another   not   to he   rcadily  auieuahle to organization at all.     The  order  of  railway   trackmen   includes  men engaged in very dissimilar occupations   except  that the object of lliem  nil   is to keep the track   in   shape   for  traffic,   of  all   nationalities including  the Oriental races and  working under  widely    differing    rates     nf   wages.  Bridge carpenters and section  hands,  trackwalkers   and   watchmen,   Canadians,   Irish   and Scotch,   Finns   and  Italians,   Hungarians   and   Japs;  aud  Chinese are standing together in this  issue and have   responded   readily   to  the .-call.     Much more   promptly  for  that   matter   thun   lhe  allied   trades  rallied to   the machinists' nid^'ui   their  last, strike, although  they all are now  enjoying equal benefits from the issue  of   that  struggle   with the  men who  hore the bin den and heat of the fight.  The case of ii.'.iduit u* II iyi a i i.f lhe  Canadian Noi I hern sccnis lo suggest a  possible .in.-.wi'r to lhe ihiel ul-jed ion  adi'.-incd against the govci iiinrnt  ownership of l.iihv.iys ihnl it. would 1)*.'  impnssilili* lo keep the vast palroii'igc  entailed by this policy on! of tin* hands  of tin* poli l iri,i u-i. 11. iippi'.'ii.i that Mr.  ll.-iyiiim ha--: lu'i'ii I hri-iili-iU'il Willi  d -ini-.sal nl llu* in -t.-uni.. of a supporter  of the pri'scnt, .Manitoba government,  because he was opposed lo lheir railway policy and said so. Then the O.  Ii. C. Jinti'rvi'iii'il. What the upshot  of lhe urttti'i* has been or whether  any conclusion has so far been arrived  at. all ihere is uo information. Hat  lhe ciim1 is without doubt a most inlcr-  I'sting and important, one and inevitably points to the conclusion that in  ihe event of government ownership  ever being adopted in this country  tin* politicians would not have  everything finite so much in lheir  power as is populailv imagined. In  fact there can he veiy liltie doubt, thai  once ai'oii.-ed to a possible danger from  lhis nuarli'i* the unions would prompt  ly render dismissal for purely political  reason**, an impossibility. Umn***!  dismissal is one of the veypoin's iu  Llieir lel.itions with Ihe employers,  from which unionism protects union  iiirii. Kailway employes are divided  in their political allegiance il is true  but self interest is Mrungi-r than  poi it ies as any government thai would  attempt lo play the meiry game of  ili'i-iipiliUion, which the politicians  now carry on wilh impunity in Uncivil service, would very soon find out.  Organization among railway employe!,  has tendered I lie service to society of  removing this danger from the pall', ol  slate ownership.  "Sociely of Revelstoke Pioneers.  Kevelstoke June 17, li'0'1.  "I'ii ll-.o ll.'Mt.w.r, :  h is t'litisidi-ri-d advisable lo form ,*i  s-ncii'iy of llu? pioneers of the district.  I consider wc should urg.iiir/.i', as it  would likely prove to he a useful institution in Kevelstoke.  It. Tai'I'INO.  The Mcy;a_:iiics.  Tin* Locomotive !"���������* igineers -Monthly  Jou i'i ial for J une < ou tains a bright and  n'n.i'ly il Insl i,i led article of Switzerland  and is full of iuleresth-.g technical and  oliicial news.  K.iilroiid Men is a New York publication devulfd to tlie railroad service.  Iti*, parlicularlyinteresU'il iu the work  of lhe Y. iM. C. A. among railway men.  The June l'liMi'.ii-r i-onl.iins much  inutlor nl'irein-ral i terest .lo railroaders. It. s'1-t.-.a very high sl.in.l,ii il fur  lhe .-C. vice.  11*  isiness  .Men  lion.  c  IKi'C  \V  *..*;���������:���������!���������;;)���������  Kir...  1    class  whiti  coo  1;  w.n'.c*  d   ,".!.   oi  ee.  Apply  o this  on;  .-.*.  COMPULSORY  ARBITRATION  There are various points of discussion  in the present controversy between  the trackmen and the head officials of  the company at Monti eai. On some of  th-i-ie it ia almost impossible for an  0 intelligent judgement to he given  without possession of a full presentment of the merits of the case on both  sides. The question of wages is the  one most intelligible and on this public  opinion is certainly on the side of the  sinkers. A dollar and thirty live  cents a day is not considered an  adequate wage in this province for  - labor such as is requited of a seclion  hand or two dollars a day for carpenters. The contention of the company  i= that lhey are now paying higher  wage? in lhe maintenance of way  department Uian_any other and further  lhat the inctease demanded by tlie:  -men would cost an additional .S'jUO.OOO  * year. People in this piovince however are not in the least concerned  ul tout the rate of wages paid hy railway tympanies elsewhere. They want  to see lalmr geta good living wage in  j.iitish Columbia and lhey are decidedly of the opinion lhat thc place I'or  the company io save :5:*>if).0!X) is  any where c!**e except out of the  w.ijffs of its lowest paid employes.  Inso fartooas iln������ piesent.-triiggle is  one for recognition nf lhe organization  by lhe company the public are decidedly wilh lhe striker**. The employes o'  lhe C. P. K. present a front of  (itgaiiizeil labor, which is a magnificent instance nf the fieedoiii  of our Canadian institutions as  couipait-d wilh the condition of  tei rorisiii which prevails on uiiny  of the railways in the .States.  The organization of the trackmen is  all that i.s needed to complete the  array. If the trackmen come out  ahead this time the recognition of  their order by the company is secure.  The Herald believes that it is in the  nterest not only of the trackmen but  (society at large and even of the  company itself that organization  bhould not in their case receive any  set back. Forthis reason we sincercly  liope to see a conciliatory attitude  assumed again | by those in whose  hands lies the power of settling this  dispute. AVe can only speak for this  d.-r.sion and for what we know. JJut  if the state of the case on other  divisions is the same as it is on this  one, the men are bound to win and  the company bas nothing to expect to  gaiD by continuing the fight.  Some remarks nn the "Now Zealand  method of abolishing strikes, which  recently appeared in the Toronto  Globe arc worth pcrsusal. The great,  organ of Canadian Liberalism says :  '���������The criticism is urged against the  New Zealand system of compulsory  arbitration that it is tin-British. On  the other side of tho line it has been  declared un-American. Thc conntry  that has adoped it is purely a British  coninmnihy.* ' H, i*i worth observing,  too. that the factory laws for tho  protection of women mid children wero  opposed on Lhe same ground. Hut.  they have been on thc statute-book of  England for a half a century ancl no  one would think of going hack Lo  foi mer conditions., The British workmen's eompensalioii-for-injury bill was  opposed on Lhat as well as other  grounds, but that measure was promoted and made law by a party which  is supposed to be particularly solicitous  of prescriptive rights and opposed Lo  fanciful notions of the obligations of  employers to their workmen. IL is  true that, the Conservative party in  Lhe old'-hnul has an infusion of Libcral-  "Unionists in it* and Lhe reform was  wrung from Lhe Tory element as a  peace-ottering Lo Llie Whig spirit of  their new allies. ,As to compulsory  arbitration it can fairly bo said that it  has been adopted by New Zealand as  .a.re111edy for-ono of Lhe greatest evils  in lhe. industrial world, that it has  worked well. that, it has not dealt  harshly with any class and is believed  there t" fill as perfectly as anything  human can the design for which it was  insliliited.''  Wc have a l'i'e.-.h supply of   lang'.c  fool Hy paper, poison liy paper,   insect  powder anil   blowers ai   Canada   IDrug  i!r .'look Co.  ���������The newest books always come in  as soon as printed aL the Canada Drug  ���������v. Hook Co.  ���������New vaccination shields very  comfortable and only l.'ic. at the Canada Di ug it Bool; Co.  ��������� I>r, Hurgess,   Demist. 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A good programme will bo  given from the verandah. Admission  25 cents.  SPACE- RESERVED FOR  Revelstoke  Station.  %mmmmimm$mm������^mmm  w&'mmm  *  Government Distribution of Stumping  Powder.  ��������� KAUMEKS desirous of lieine supplied with  J.l*i*,titiff powder til coil price, ior clenrine;  land, cnn ohtniii blank forms of iciulsition  from ilie Secretaries ol the Farmers In*-titiiic--  a*. foilows :  Henry    Hill?,     See'y.      Alucrni    Farmers'  In-iltn'lt!. Alberni.  .1. A.   llalliday,    See'y,    (,'omox    Fanners'  Institute, Sandwich.   <-  John Stewart. Hec'y, Nanaimo-Cedar Farmer*. Institute. Starlc's Crossin*., Nanaimo.  ll.de M. -*Iell!n. See'y, Cowielian Farmers'  Insit'ite, Someiio*!.  J   II. Smart,    Sec'y,    Metcho-iiii    Farmers'  Institute. Jletehosiii."  C 1-. Kinir, See'y Victoria Farmer*,' In-ailute.  Cedar Hill.  !'. Walter, Sec'y, Islands Farmers   Institute.  Ganges Harbor. "  K. A. Drown, Sec'y, Delta Farmers,' Institute,  Ladner.  II. llo-c, Sec'y,  Surrey   Farmers' Insiitute,  Surrev Centre.'  A. II. 1*. Malheur,  Sec'y    I-angley  Farmers'  In-titnto, I.anijley.  Alex.    Philip,   Sec'y,    Richmond Farmers*  Institute, Vancouver,"  A.   M.   Veri'here.  Sec'y,   Miftion   Farmers'  Institute, Mi-*-ion City.  G.  v.". olia.I-ey. sec'y Chilliwack Farmers*  Institute, ChiiliCvar'c.  U m.  Green. *5cc'y. Kent Farmers'Institute,  Apa^*iz.  .I.M. Weh<-icr, sec'y Maple Ridge Farmers'  Iu*-litute. Web**iers Corn���������.������������������"���������*.  .lolin  I3a!!.   See'y, MaiMjui  Farmers'   Institute. Abbot-ford.  A. fl.   Crichton,   Sec'y'    Osoycos    Farmers'  -Ji.-:t.L!ite._K*_!o.--*n������i_^__-_.        -    W S. Hor**ley, sec'y, Spallumche-'n fK-me.-s*  rnsttiue. Armstrong.  S.M. McGuire, Sec'y,Salmon   Arm  Farmer.*'  Institute, Salmon Arm.  J. F.-inith. Sec'y, Kamloops Farmers' Institute, Kainloop=.  II. Perry Hodze**, Sec'y, OiRnajjan Farmers'  Institnte.'Venion.  J.It. ANTlERSON,  Deputy ?.iini-uer of Agriculture,  Depar'tmen*. of Airricnlture,  Victoria. B. (;., May MS01.  Mr. Dooley on   Education.  ������������������Fiithi'f Kelly don't think   as   much j  iv it as 1 do.    He Wiis in here las' night j  an'says he: 'Ve  can'L   buy   idjacalion j  I'r people." he a.-iys.      'If   yu   cud,   th'|  only man in   th'   wniruld   thai   knew  anything wild lieJ.iwu D. Rockefeller'  hf.iays.    'Idj.ication,' he says,'is ������otiu*  thin* thiit a man hn.-   lo   fight   f'r   an'  pull out iv ils hole be   th'   hair   iv   it-  head,* he says.    ���������That.'.- tin* reason  i("s  so precious.'he says:'ih.ej'se  so   little  iv it. an'   it's   hard   lo   get.'   he   says.  IMPERIAL  LIMITED  Starting June 10th,  will make the run from Coast to  Coast in  rs  Cheap Rates,  Now in Effect to the  PAN-AMERICAN  EXPOSITION.  T. \V. Bradshaw,  A pent  Reveisioke.  J, E. Coyle.  Assist. Gen.  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Pro-eniptor������ of  (Jroicn   Lnn'N.  wli*������th^r  i:i   arrc-ir*������   in   i������:ijmciu  of     in^.i-jlnicnts   ������������f  llioy'ae  sinny  qii;iiit;t.y   iv   ������i\\,   Li.al j ;.,)mir)r llU(1 fur,..- of this wi iu������.-������ fin������������in.M  rroxnjM (trlivjryof puf-^l", bK[<������aBP, etc  t*i any pnrt of thf city  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken  looks like it. lint il ."lin't* til*  rule  lliiu.' i.'.'rtilira.i.*-rif Inii.n.vcniont. ,-irwlio -hall liu;���������.- j    ,,..,,. .iDtiiiiiiiil (Ji-tnlii'Hte*. of linprovfiiieiu ���������.���������������������������mi:, i  lie says.      'Illl* wuri-uld i**. full iv pcitple tu,.!^. inoitll'*1 ti:i*i**nft..r,.-IihII i.ii i*.iiif.tr:nin*_; '  ���������   i .*,i - _ .- ./.i,.,. ;.*   il. ,i    L*;���������.i '    I,,, v.lili Hi" i-rcivi-nui*. i.f the  'hui.l .ir*t,"' .*������i*.*|.i I    All  n.-d.-r'*  i-ft at  K. M. Smjrthe'-i Ttibnem  weiirui   i.line jiioii J  l*.    lli.it    kiiiu.     IU* n_ ll(.,,,i)V 1LiL,.r,;,|, !,*-* eniiil.*'! lo nlnnln I'ronii I -i.,,-.., or !i*rT..*;i*i>h.jii'--No."wlllrecelve prompt  snys-, *'iiit nfter they've hud it I'i  loiiR time it lur-rii.** *_;rpen ;tn' Mite, aw' -  some duy wliin tliey Ihry lo jrcl *-oii:t* ���������  thin' on it, tii' \ia\\ nliriiker throws thim |  out. Xn. i-ir; idj-u'iiiioii iiiciiih Hiruiiiili* I  nn'ivtirruk, nu' wuriy. ;i;i' Andhtevv  C*!iriiity-_;i('himsilf is ih' on'y w.in I  know llinl's been nlilc to pick it up in  III'brief intrrv.iK between win ilolbu  ;iu' another.' ho say*. "Th" sin-utest  man in my d,ty at this Colled;;., iv th'  Sailed JIi-.-iil. Wit������ a It-ad ivlw> ii-ecl r,o  come to fehuol wilb. a ball' a ilozcri  biled potat<i������*s in ait nl' ncivs-p tper ar:'  saui'd v.'iwid allnveiiin' tn pay J'r hi*.  laritin'. Anny'.hiiif; lhat buy laincd,  lielarm-d. yi* bet. Ivry line of Latin  In* knew riprihinted a sink iv wood an'  belonged to him. ���������'J.\v-i������.irt borimi'cd  at lb' back dine iv a millj-Viiiairc. lie  knew moie than iiiiny man I iver yet:  .in'now lie is at lh'bead oT wan iv lb'  best little w.-in-rnoni s-chools in Dn  Page county.' lie s.-.-iys. 'Andliicw  CartiayKie's ten milIyoii������ won't make  anny Hubert i'uriis,'be .says. It may  make ninie Andlu-ew Cn inn yule's,'  says T. *Tliey'*_e enough to go loimd  now,'says he.  tiin't*. of llieir i.n-i-i!i|>ii(in eli.lm- ii|.oii nun- ; at(.<iii!un  p!.*r.:ii*:  t.iL-Lrnt.jit- r.f i-iircha**.*  iiton'*y at *.!..  rate i.i' -.:\.MHJ-'* .*-"''ent-" i������er acre, an.! I'r.c.ui  (.pitit i':l'*., v. ijii*!: ->nym..nts may   lie  inft'l'* n-  '"������������������Tnc'nty-nvr-.'ent-. |*������'r acre on  l.of..re  th" . J^S.   I.      VV OOCtlTOW  :',!-.t rlny nf lJ.:L*eiill.''r. I'i'l!; !  " 'I'u'.'jnty-Iive r..nt-i j.it acre on r.r V'fdrc th'* '  nnth flnrnl Jtiiifi, 1902;  " and tlie rcmainliiK���������  " Twentv-fivo o^nt*** per acn* on or l,*.f(,r������- the  .11 ������t day of Herein her, i'.itrl, and without mi}  further payment of interest."  w. s (.ok?:.  Deputy of I-andi and U'or*,**:.  T.nndiAn'1 WiirSrs, Uepartment,  Victoria, II. (!., Ist June. 1901.  Chloride Lime, Carbolic f/rs,  Acid, Camphor, Suipluir (^  Formaldehyde, Fuini- %;  gating Pastilles, etc. In (||  fact all   disinfectants  and  fumigators  m,  FIELD & BEWS  Druggists and ������ tationers,  Telkphoke 18. Brown Block.  Ably furnished with the  Choicest the Market  affords.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms.  - Rates $i a day.  Monthly Rate.  TELE 211 tk ANMVEBSARY  OFTHE  BATTLE OF  THE BOYNE.   ,  CRAND PROVINCIAL  In the City of Vancouver  J. Albert Stone   ��������� Prop,  REVELSTO'KE TO  VANCOUVER  and liBTUUN . . .  Good front the 10th  to the 14fii of jjily  Inclusive,  BEDRAGGLED SKIRTS  Thi-i isjlinrd weather on those beautiful  white  skins:   miikcs   them   tllrtv   nil  ' around the bottom���������so you'd not'want  to wash them yourself.  We want them tor yon, though.  Wo want to make them clea.i anil  hrieht and tresh. Wc make all liiieu  look fresliaud sweet.  FAYETTE BUKER.  H.G. PARSON  NOTICE.  ������������������Canaptan coNTrN-nr.sT.KxKMrTio.v Acts."  aT-I- rfttiirnt'<l S*iutli Afrfcnn VoluntecrH. who  have not alrcmlv do mi ?n, arc requested to  cotninini'icnm v.itli fhe midcrslKiiv't without  rl.jlnv, h* aho tl:': nfxt of kin of tt.nv' dfren-*cd  (tr o"f those who have n<it ytit returned to  Jiritisit C'oltiinlun, or any other iiorNOiii inter.  iM'sI in milling proiiCrfie������i hrld by ���������juuh Volunteer". Th������ latent (inlo pf<������vihlu for rocclvin^  npplU'HLlons for c3.-r* nipt ion itndT tlie above  Acts will be thf fir**t-of .ruly.T'rovimo.  KicirAUi) MoiixuiJi:,  Minister or Mines.  Department of Mlnc^i  Victoria, It. t"., 3rd June, 1901.  BUTCHER  Ilctail Dciili-r m-  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season.  Corner nnu-;!ns  KluKHtn-cti  All orders riromptly flllcd.  EBYEMTORB, B.C.  ���������(fct ;t c.'iiiicr.a or koilak nnd enjoy  yourself. The Canada Drug & Book Co  keep tliuni 'it all prices.  WHOLESALE  Wine and  Liquor  Merchant  This excursion will be taken advantage of by the majority of the  citizens of Revelstoke and the surrounding. country, many of whom  have novel' had a chance to visit the Metropolis of the North Pacific.  Ample timo will be given U>> visi������ outside points. Those not wishing to  leave Revelstoke on the 10th1 may go on the 11th and then arrive at  Vancouver, in time to view the Grand Parade���������ii.OOO Orangemen  expected in line; .  . ' '  All B. O./'iodges wast of .Revelstoke will be in attendance" as well as  Lodges froir. (lie 'States of Oregon and -Washington, and possibly  Ualifori.i:.. The Duke of. Connaught's Own Military Band is engaged  for the day us woll as others from outside points. '  A first class programme of sports including Lacrosse, Base Ball,  etc., is but* ig arranged at Brockton Point, Stanley Park.  The Hf n. N. Clarke Wallace, Sovereign Grand Master; ;E. C. Clark,  M. P., an I Win. Johnston of Bally Kilbey, Ireland, are among the  pi'oiiiiiiu'.ifc speakers of the day.  Conif all and enjoy yourselves. . For further information see large  posters..  Parties intending to take advantage'of the   excursion   rate   should  leave 1' heir names at thc 1-EHAI.d office or with the  secretary of the L.  -^O^Ti^:"so'thatfan-estiinatw-of--the-Hiiiiibei'-who-will-avnil-theinselve8=of���������  this O] iporttinity to visit the coast can Iks arrived at.  ThOS. STEAD, W. M.  W. C. BIRNEY, Sec*. L. 0. L. NO. 1668.  ***** t,*******************i *l******li**b**************  Rates:   $i.ck> per day.  Good accommodation.   A go od Bar, well supplied with  Choice Wines,  Liq uors and Cigars.  Free Bus Meeti*? All Trains.  Brown & Guekrin : Props.  *i xr.************************.* &********Wrfr*************  I <^@^^^^^^^^<^<^^x^^^l^^^f^^<^)^  1 THE MOLSONS BANK  REVELSTOKE, B- cC.  W  INCOHFOHATED BV ACT OF I'AS LUMENT, 18C5.  ii)  HEAD   OFFICE:  3S/COnSTT.E&IEJ .A-Xj  Paid ap Capital       ...        -       $2,500,000. *  Rest Fund   ----- 2,050,000  DIRECTORS:  Wm Mo'eur M:-nhrr-,t'xi. Pi*.-.,ideiit:    S-*H.Ewing. Vice-President  W. M. Bam.-av.      S-uiiuel Finlny.      J. P.OIeghorn,  H. Maikland Molson.     Lt.-Col. F. C. Henshaw.  James Ecliott, General Manager.  A general banting busineaa transacted.        Interest allowed at current rates.  " "F. McBETH. Manager  Kevelstoke, B. C.  -_.m-.i_l**   *-VrrWZ*&~W  - ffi3"T_.  RAILWAY MEN'S JOURNAL.  PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY.  Takes a place in the Hrst rank of Journals in this  Province. Its mining", telegraphic and local news  is gathered from reliable sources and presented  to the reader in attractive shape. As the local  paper of such an important Railway Centre, its  attention has, always heen drawn to Railway  matters, and recently it has definitely taken up  the task of forming" itself into a vehicle of railway  news in which railway employes all over British  Columbia and Alberta will find the news of the  Great Railway System to which they belong, and  of personal and the happenings affecting themselves and their fellow employes. THE HERALD  has long enjoyed the largest 'circulation of any  paper published in the district, which is now  rapidly increasing among the Railway Men East,  West and South. It is hardly necessary to point  out to any. shrewd businessman the advantages  which it thus offers as an advertising medium'  throughout the entire field which it covers.  /*.   SI  -sypscripiisr  $1.25 FOR SIX MONTHS, IN ADVANCE  lnuum  It takes a foremost place in the race for prominence and popularity -with business houses and  as a consequence does more business with those  requiring Printed Stationery and office supplies  than any other Printing Establishment in Eastern British Columbia. The class of work turned  out has been pronounced equal to anything of the  kind executed in the large cities by much larger  Printeries.  Is equipped with the latest faces in type designs  and all work entrusted to THE HERALD is  handled by experienced workmen who thoroughly  understand tbe proper use of the material at their  disposal :^THE HER ALD-does-not claim, to-be-the^  only printing house in the district* but it does  claini to be  LEGAL  J.M.  fcL'OTl'    Ii. A.,  I.1..U.  .*.tirri**ter,      -"filii'ilcr,    Xf.tary    I'nblii*,  Mt'Ken.'ie Aveiiui.*, I!*_v_lsi.������ke',!*:t'iliuii.  M.nie. Uj loun,  fjAKVEY, M'CAliTI.-i A: 1'lNKlti.M  llurri'icr**, t-Mlit-itors. l.tc.  fcoUtilnr*. fur lni|>*_.Jal Hunk in Cfliincla.  Oonipiinv fnml** to limn tits [.i*r cent  .���������ii'.sT Mum", kevclsioku SMlUlOll, li. C.  MEDICAL.  j   w. fii'O*".".  O-iic-.:     Miii!.cn/.lu .iM-'imc,  HcveMoki*, 11.1'  Sl!l!l7,'ON Tl) THE (J. 1'. K,  Health Ollli er, Citv oi UuNeUtoku.  CHURCHES  MKTIlOIIltT tllUKCII,  HEVKI.STOKK.  I-i-i-arlilng sur-.ii**;'. at 11 a. m. nml 7:S0 p..in  Clu*.*. meeiiUK i>t tliu -.lose nl tlio liioriuni!  ���������.mice. Milium li School undlliblcClii".*. iu:i:.il)  WcLklv l'rmci* yuciiui. e\ery \\u<1iii"-iIil>-  evenni,; nl 7:ail. Tlie pubHu nro rortlliilly  luiltL'U.   .Siiiilairie.  Ecv.C. l_ADKl.it, Fu&tor,  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICH  "Dora," "riii'liu.i" :ui(l "Clai.."  mineral claims situate in tin* _L.trdc.-iu  Mining Division ul \Vi:-l Kooli-nay  District.  Where located: Along Pool Cit-cl*.  iibont .'. milt* above Iiiulli'.  TAK"K NOTIOE thnt I, F. C. Gicen.  of Ni'l.siiii," ni'l ing n*. agent. I'm* 11. I'..  (jrovi*, Free .Miner'.- Cert-Hiram No. I).  TtiiUTl, iiiti'iul, sixly il.iys. from tin* ilati*  hereof tn apply to I Ik* Mining Recoid  i*r for ceilifU.iLc.-. i f iinpi'iivi'iiu'iil*-. I'm  lhu purpose of obtaining Ciown  grams oi tin.* above tlaim-.  Anil Iurther take notice that anion,  under sei'li.iu .'7. must In* romin.*nci*d  before I hi* issuance of siu h  cert i lie.tics  Of illipillVl'llI'Mll*-.  Daled this 1st il.iy of .Turn* 1001.  1*'. C.  GltKES.  .st. i'i:n.iib iiirucii, amimcan.  Eiislit n.iu., Hoh Eiiflmrlijt; 11 n.iu., matins,  Uiriiv anil s-crniun (Holy l-iii:linri*,t tir*>t sun-  cltv iii iliu moiitli); '-':"..i   tuiidiiy   school, or  rlillilruii's -itviiu: '< ..'.'.I I'vinisong (ulioi-Hl) una  sei mull,   llolv Dm*���������-The  Holy   huclmrii-t I*.  relelnmcilHi 7 a.m. nr S u in , us iiiiiionnicil.  Hi.lv Uiinli-in niiui SniulnyS-i-hooi iit.l:l:..  r. a. l'liorUNlEK, Kuctor.  l-Ki'-MiinatiAS riiuiicu.  Service oorv Sumluv mil n-m. ������������(1 "'������������������.* p.���������  lo v,liii'li nil are welc-ninc. l'juyur Meeting ul  bii. in. eveiy Wedm-Miiiy.  BKV. W. C. CA1.DEI1, Pastor.  ROMAN  CATHOLIC CHUUCH.  Mns-i   ill 10:31) ii. in .   ������������   fin-t,  r-otond iind  lovirih Siiiulny-, in tliu inontli.  REV.   l"ATIli:il   TIIlYl.lt.  SALVATION   AllMV.  Meeting eery night in their Hull on Front  Slreet.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  &.  WILL IT BE  ANOTHER  -  CAO  -J  t'titk ii  Steam F3oi!er Inspectors' Exiim-  inci'icn.  Al'I'l.lCA'l IO.\' fir i.ii.-il.linlinil i*. Pliu'll  Hiilk-r lii*.|������*i.ii.i*i v. ill I.** ii 11 immI In tin* i'I.i._��������� I  !n-*tiv'cl.ir oi si.'t.in l!..tl(i**, Nov. \1. **i'iiin-i*.*r.  I! (.'., uj. ui .lulu.. HUli, i'*<jl: Ai.iili.'ii'ii-i'iii-i  lie Itetui'i'ii .!*.. iti4f" i.i 'J*, un.! ...M*.*ar**. llie\  1MU--1 luu.* luu. a: U-m-,1 !i\.. ii'iii- j.rj.oii. til  win l-*.liu|i i' *c11���������-*i it'ii. u r*. i ..*'i liiiii-1*-. i.i* l.oiScr  uilikt'i-., *..**fl inu-l nK(. Ui\\>: it llinrij.i*:!.  nn.lui -iiini'.in*^ nx *.'.* niu *. ii".ini .*nii}.'  l'i*l ill-, ol ].t:l'lh*itl il *. mi.> I.i* i.'jlull'.i.i!, 'in  H*iiui*--i ni ititi.*: i!i>i,r nt.i'tlii nni -, ::..ni Hn  I'!11os lns|..*i ii.i ui i-uuii. 'j;.i;!.*r-, N< a \*..*,t  inin**lv:. I! C. inul I. i.-l li" imi.iTl, lillt.l in  inn! .-flurneii lo l.in: tin m Uli.i^ llie a'.io'.c  iiii>ni.|iiK*iI ili.ti*.  'i'lu* <*tin.liiltii..*s ol<*('ie.l for *.\iinii!ipr*on  ui!l ilirn In* iiulU'.i.-l u> ui il.iu* inm ].lin.... of  e^MinmiiiHiir.  Tlio .-.alai*\ v.-'lllii* i\W tn*i muiuh  IV.MU.lii,  Chi jt Co.".iii!i**iiip.t-*'<jf I ami*. A- Works,  J.iuul*.... Un;];-, Iii..iar:nient  Vii'tni'In, II ti., -.'.'n.! M...\, l'),i|.  Lexington  Mountain's Ledges,  Tlio (U*v(.*iO|iiiii-'iit uf llu* Imperial  ii nil ICv.i t?i*nti]i*. liy tin* IxiikIoh ami  Uiili.-li ('nim.iliia fioM I'ic'nN is i*;:-  p'-ul.-il to lis*iii'_r into pioininence tin*  l^olil k'il:_;t- oi I."\inn!on miiitnialn   i:i  an.  Lin* l.:i!ih  ll'-W" (liaU'it't,  liiiiiiiii.-iii! h.i.-  i"oiii]i,iia!r."i'!  i in*. i- a  mil iilihiiti^h  liu*  oniin*  hcon *.'..i!..'il  vi*t*i-  liitii*  ���������vi-lojimoiit   ha>   hui-n  Red Rose Degree meets second and fonrtl  Tue**davs ofeai'li month; While Kose Degree  me.'i* nurd Tuesday nlcncli qnaiter, in Odilfel-  lo������s Hull.   Visitiii;; brethren wolcomr.  wm. Watson*, hy. ismv.uins,  president. Secretary.  Gold Range Lodge K. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Mi*r*ts t'veiv Wedn'esdiiy in  CXUll'i-llnw**.' Hull ui SoVloclt  Visitinfr Kniplits invituil.  Si. Cf. BuiiHllJOi-". '". C.     :    : ��������� :    :    :    :  :   : F. XV. RIackinhot, K. or It. & .S.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  W. G. BIRNEY. Itee.-Scc.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Roval Sehool of Mines, London.    Seven year**  af'Morfa   Works,  Swansea.     17   years  Cliie!  Chemist  to Wigan Coal mid Iron-Co.,  Eng  Late chemist and Assayer, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined auu reported upon.  Revelstoke, B.C.  EDWARD A. HAGGEN,-   -.  'Mixing Engixher,  Memlier American Institute Mining Engineers  Member Canadian Mining Institute.  REVELSTOKE, B.C.    *  Examination ol and reports on Mineral properties a specialty.  H.  Eu WARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  DEEP. HEADS, MRUS, Etc. MOUNTED,  Furs Cleaned and Bcpaired.  LOVEKING'S OLD STAND     :     Second Streot  Pan-American Exposition  -Buffalo���������Nr'Ytr-tlt-S^A^May-to  November, 1901.  ODDFELLOWS DAYS, JUNE26-27  And in a position to give as good value for the  money expended, either for advertising* space in  its publication or for Job Printing', as can be given  by any other house of the kind in British Columbia. Write for Samples of Printing-. All work  turned out promptly. One price to all. No job  can be too large or too small for THE HERALD'S  consideration. Special attention given to orders  by mail.  "Cluil..." "Tnscoii" nnd L. V. (Fimi -  tional Mineral Claims siLuaU', in lht*  Lui dean Mining Division of YV'ebl  Kontemiy District.  Wlit'i'i! located : On Lexington  Mountain South West ol Eva iniiic.  Take notici* lhat I. F. C. Given, of  Nelson, lifting as agent fur Andrew 1������.  KiiMSiili-'i'R-n'. F. M. 0. Ji. 150281 and  the Imperial Dovflopnient Syndical.f,  Limit I'd, Fieu MinurV CVrlifiiate Nn.  B, 2201(1, i nt tnd, sixty days from llu*  dati* hfreof, to apply to lhe Mining  Ri'i'oidi'i' lor cui'Lifii-.-i(i.*.t of impi-ovf-  nifiils, lor llu* pin posi* of oliiaiiiing  Ciown grants nf thu nliovi* flaiin*-.  And lui'ilici' lake notice I hat act ion,  inidi'i' si'clion '.il, intist. In* i*oiiiniL*nci.'il  hi'l'iii'ii llu* issniaiii*** of such cuiiiliciU'-s  of iiiiprov(>iiii*nt*..  D.uiid this lirst day of .Tunc 1001.  F. C. <Jiti--KX.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "Jokfi" iMineiiil Claim, situate in  llie I.ti'ilunu Mining Division ol AVcht  Koiiifti.iy Di***LricL.  Wheie localeil : On Iiexingmn  Mouiilaiu Htlioihinir Eva group on  Wi-st.  Take notifi' that I, F. C. Green, of  NeKon, net/in*-, as aRunt I'or the Imperial Development Hyiulieati. Limited,  Free Minei's CertilieiUc No. B, :*'_.0!G,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, lo apply to iho Mining Kucordi-t*  for a, certificate of improvement''., I'or  the purpose of nhlniniug n Crown  grant of lhe above claim.  And further taku notice, that action,  under section 37. must he couiinenci tl  helore the iftsuanre of such cei t.fi.-.ite  of iiupiovetnents.  D.iled this, liist day of June. 1001.  F. U. GltiiKS.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  ������������������Imperial" and "Balfour", mineral  claims, situate in the Lardeau mining  division of West Kootenay ilit>n ict. ,  Where located: On Lexington  mountain, south of tin* Eva mini'.  Take notice that I, F. C. Gieen of  Nelson, acting as agent, for 3. 3. Folev.  F. M. C. B. :12030, Coi v Menhensk, F.  M. C, B.S2.021 aiul John Brennand.  Fiee Miners Certificate No. B. 1*2037,  intend 60 days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder loi  Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of ohtaining Crown Grants of  the ahnvecl.aiins.   ���������  And further take notice thatfictirm.  under section 37. must he coinnifiiied  li.ifore the issuance of such certific.ite  of improvements.  Dated thia Sth day of June, HOP.  -  F. C. GREEN".  Printed and Published by  The Revelstoke Herald Pub. GO.  LIMITED LIABILITY.  A. JOHNSON, Managing Director.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "Blue Jay" Mineral Claim, situate in  the Lardeau mining division of West  Kootenav district.  Where  located: On Lexington  Mountain  one-third of a mile south of  the Eva mine.  Take notice that I.   F. C.  Green rf  Nelson,  acting as   agent   for  Dan Mcintosh, Free Miner's CertifiiateNo. B.  3201G, intend CO  days  from   the d.ue  hereof,   to    apply    to    the.   Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown grant of the ahove claim.     .    ���������  And further take notice that action,  jindei' section 137. must lie commenced  hel'iii*}' the  issu.mce of such certificate  of improvements.  D.ttwd this 1st day of June, lflOl.  F. C. GitKi'N-.  A BARGAIN IN  REAL ESTATE  A VALUAUL!*: IIKSIDKNC!*;���������  Property nc.irthc Court ho*.!.*-.,.*. Cost  over !->2.t)00. Inrs..ile ill. Sit.-.!'.). For  leriiis and particular.-, applv to A.  JOHNSON. Herald Ollice.  A    BUSINESS  PROPERTY  FOR  SALE  ONSKOOXD STHr.KT--_Y ii:uf,-aiu  and on e.isv iemi.: of pavmeiii,. Ajiplv  to .1. D. SUJBALD, Heal  Iv-tate  A;rt.  OPALINE   TREATMENT.  sif   ISonie   Tr?a{n:ant   for   Lr.dles.  I nil! sen.I frue uitli full iu>*lr'.ictiiiii*> somr  of tins siiiii*!*' i.rt'|.ni-uii(in ior tliu . m������ <*f  f-'eln'orrlilijii, Ulc'ialiou, ]i|*-i)l*.cc.ni.jnt :iml all  l"!*ii!'ili* trnuljle*. i.. nil lt'diei* -yiiilfii-^ uii-Jro-s  to iMllS. .1.11 !,i:i"��������� |!,*i,iii*li M.imii-cr. near  j:u*>t Kaih*,a.  Siriiml, l'.ovi.*l������ilol:u biutinn.  >li*.v II���������'2m  t? -' j, r  5^  < 0  P. <7i Tr, fl  ���������ii)  ^ rfis Wj I [ti) fit, V, r. - tAv  For a   K  ig-e t-iTisice  Kootenay.  in   n.as  ' A report hai retched Hpnltane fs oni  npp.'ifiintly reliahlt* muiix-l-s I h..t .lamc-B  .1. I-I iii and lhe Great Niirlhei u have n  new eiiterpii'se on foot hy which lhey  expect to control neaily all the ni'e.s of  eastern Washington and British  Coliiinlii.i, ns- well a*^ a large share ol  the Montana oif**-. bay*, ihe Chronicle.  Thii is lo lie. done liy entering into  the  smelter  hubinc***, near the Ciow's  piobal.'.y   at   Fernie.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  To all tlio I.odpcs of lhe I. O. O, F.     -  tliroiiRliout tlio world���������  OKEETIXC :  You f.ri.* hereby frntornallv rcquo^toil to  tuilii! Willi tlie vwa iiriny of Oild Kclloivs in  innl.'liiK "Odd Vi-llow*.' I)n>**" lit tin* 1'iui-  AnitirivHii Kxpositinii inemtiniblc In the MininN  of our ln*]oT.d oilier, mid to llmt cud wi*  isYti'iid lo llio in em lairs of jour IoUbu n t'oidlnl  lnvluillon to lx* iiresmit on llil������ nci'iiHlun.  On .lime 'ixVil ������u nntii!l|iiiie tliu |di.ii*,urc of  ���������noctlnc nml i*rci*tliii** i.rnnd Sire Culilc, tliu  CirHiul Miisti'riiuil (Irnnd ollli'ers of eucli llrniid  l.oduo JurlMlU'llnii tlioioiiclioiii il.u worlil, ns  well li-iiiiiny of lhe inuuib'.rK ... ..our lodge.  In order Unit every Odd Kelluiv mid lleliekuh  miiv lie inftirmert of thu poort Intentions of the  liunnl.i Odd l'elloivs, ho ri'Sin'clftilly rcqneHt  ; on io hnve UiH curd ftii'l tliu enelovi-d lotlvr  printed iu your dully uud weekly ueisspiipor.s.  1 riitoriiiillvMMirs,  0. I.O. F.l'AN-AMllH.CA.N uo.MMriTr.i:.  Toiillliel od pes of the I. O- t.O. F  'I hrotiKliout the world���������  GRHUIINO :  The riin-Amerionn Exjio-iitioii will bu bold  in tin* Citv of Uuffiilo, N.Y., U.S. A., from  M������v Ist to N'ov. lvt, liiul.  The Oddfellows of liuffiilo, desiring to  excm] lify the tencliln^s of our grand order���������  Ihnl of extending nn honorable reception,  frntcrniil prrctlnc; and cencrous hospltaiitv to  our bretliern from ' strnngo cities und distant  .states"���������liuvc oiicucd au Oddlellowt* lleiul-  qin>ili.rsat213 Mllrnt fniinre, Hnffalo, where  books of regibtry will bo Kept, and coinpetenl  arties constantly In charge to give ( free of  cost) reliable information to llie visiting Oddfellow, his family and friend*!, sojourning in  our city, and wliere one mav bu directed to  clean and respectable hotels, boarding or  private houses.  Visitors are at liberty to have tclCf-rams and  mail addres.ed to tlicru in care of ������ald headquarters.  A reliable guide, with maps of thc city and  Exposition Grounds, will be on fale for the  convenience of visiting brethren.  Your members visiting Buffalo during the  Exposition   are   cordially  invited to  call at  1. O. O. F. Headquarters that we may have the  pleasure of meeting and greeting you, and aid-  Iuk you as mucli une are.able along the Hues  indicated.  The Secretary of your Lodge is requested to  rend this communication at several meetlnpi  that Ail of your members may become familiar  wnh the good intentions of jour brethren In  Buffalo.  It will be an advantage for oacb brother and  liner to present an official receipt or other  ���������ream cf identification,  llopinir we may have the of meeting many  of the members of your Lodge during the  coming summer, we remain.    Yours in F. L. and T.  CHE I.O.O.K. I'AS-AMERICAN COMMITTEE.  NOTIOE.  "Thc-lnia** (frar I ional) and "Canon"  (fi'iiftimi'tl) mineral cltiiin-', situalein  Ihe "Lai'deau mining division of West  ICootenay ilislrirt.  "Where 'located: 'On 'Pool crook  adjoining the Tlielma and Dora mineral claims.  Take notice tint. I. F. 0. Oieen of  Nelson, nt'tinp; as iiseut for lhe linper*  ii.l Development Syndicate, l.iniiled.  Free Miner's Oi-rlilii-iiiu Nn. 11. I.2010.  intend (50 davs from the dale i'.eieol'. lo  apply to the Al initio llei'oider I'm  certificate of impiovi'inenls, fur llu*  purpose of nht.iiniiiK Oiuwn miauls nl  lhe ahove dainiF.  And further take notice lhat action,  under sect inn 37. must he cuiiiinenced  hefoi is the i**suanee of such certilic.iles  of improvements.  Dated this liist dav of .Tune, l'JOl.  ���������'��������� o    F. C. Gitisisx.  Nest, Pa:  addition it is icpiirlcn lhat several  new branches tin lhu toad aie in, contemplation thiough this state and also  tlii'oii;rh Montana whiih will contribute oies. In the huge smeller. In short,  the plans, if carried nut," "will result- in  aKre.it monopoly of lhe ores, as well  as giving the Great Northet n the  conl.iol of the hip; fiuight'tialfic that  would result from the shipping ot  these ores.  That llill has secured Ihe control ol  the famous Orow's Nest coal lields is a  well known fact, lie has no good  outlet for ,those fields Io get his coal  to market. Ic must be shipped over  the Canadian Pacific to Lake Kootenay  and from there shipped down the nevv  Bonner.-, Peri y branch of the Great  Northet n. Lately it has been reported  that Hill intends to build a branch  f.toni either Kalispell or Jennings up  to the1 Crows Nest fields, the road  probably branching at Kalispell. This  will give a good outlet for the shipping  of coal, but there is another difik-uUy  to be overcome.  By simply having this branch the  Great Northern would be compelled to  send its car**, into Feinie empty, as no  freight to any amount "would I e  shipped in lhis direction. With a  smelter at- Fernie operated by the  Great Northern the .cars could be  sent in loaded with ore and shipped  back with eoal, I litis carrying ft eight  botlf v^iyS^itTrVarprolitrto'the road���������"-  I u addition to this it is claimed that  Mr. Hill is now planning for another  extention Irom lhis line nc-ar Kalispell  I o Hut te, passing on its'way some of  the richest mining distiicts of Montana. By this road he- would dr.uv  heavily fiom the big Jiutte smelters  mid carry ore into British Columbia to  be smelted. .This smelter would not,  hn'.veyi*!". draw the oi es of Montana  alone. It is so situated lhat the oies  fiom British Columbia mines to the  west and from Washington could H* | nf  handled   as   easily   as    the    I'llniitana I  one out.side  lh.' lvropuriie-* held bv ihi* Jmpeiial  Devi lonment Syiiilicafi*. i'ii* nio-t  pi*oi;.i*>ing .-if v.-lii^h ai-������ n >\v \ irtn.illy  undei* bo::d to lhe I.cjndon and Si. C.  Gold Field*.. ."inch woik a*. h,*is l,.-en  done on the mountain, litiwi-wr,  woi:!*l point to the coniliision tli.t'^  Lexington iiioiin&iu ii.i distinctively  gold, district, wry little galena having  boen encountered.  On the liv.i and Impel ial gtoitp-i  the work done has expo.-ed i������o ledgi"**,  nf gold-bearing quartz, l mining parallel to each othei- and about 1.7) feet,  apart. The largest nf tluse is al-.ouL  sixteen feet in width, and what-is  reg.iide.1 a-; a conserv.it:-.f* estimation the value of the oie plan��������� it at ->20  to the ton. The oilier le-lg.* Is much  smaller, ln-.t ii ir.ncli innn* cleai-ly  (leCined, having two smooth wall'.  The oro in this, ledge i.s very ricli. gold  being visible in many of the --peciii..-:.**,  ������0 th.it, It nil mi is of some very fancy  assays.  The geneial feeling thvotigliont the  district i, that Lexington mountain i-**  peculiarly I'oitunate in getting the  London and 11. C. company interestcil  in its develojiment. Tlii_> coinpany  not only has ample mean.**, for carrying on the necessary work to thoroughly develop the pioppi'ty. but it ha***  l:.id phenomenal luck with all of the  properties il has taken hold of. It is  on the cards for tlie London and 25. C.  lo products another Ymir in thy Imperial *.i!k]. I*, va properties, Hint in this  ease of the Lardeau properties it has a  much mow favorable showing to  sir.rt in wilh.���������Ni-lson Tribune.  Interesting iVlialng Suit."  A sensational suit which will startle  I lie mi: i. g v...rid of the Pacific northwest ii.: filed in the United "stales  ciuuil toui-t sit Moscow. Idaho, on  Tiii'&tl.iy oi last week says the Butte  Westel n Mining "World. Ji *--*t battle  of lhe giants. ' On one side an* pitted  I'ii trick Clark, ihe noted mining man  of Spokane, and agioup of associates,  and on the other Chn'iies Sweeny, tlie"  well knotvn anil daring Spokane.mining operator; F. K. Cull;ertsoi., an-,  oilier well known Spokane niiiiingfiuan  and the two big corporations mining  iu Idaho and operating" financially in *  New York City. Ci:.r.: and associates  chnigu Sweeny nml Oulljeit-son- with -  swindling tlii'ii! out.of the two mining  claims-in the Coeui'd'Alenr-s valued at  Sl.000,000. They sue" for the l-'ei-overy  of these claims for a receiversliip  thereof, for an in junction vest raining defendants from extracting oie from the  disputed ground and for aii'accounting  ror cue already exti'-ictod. which is  valued at SoOO.OOO."' The sitis.itional  allegation is uncle that Sweeny's- company, the Btitt'alo IIu.up, is pr.ictically  insolventand that the ICinpiie State���������  the Idaho'"company���������b.i.3 lillle prop-  eiLy- or value- beyond the disputed  gi ouiid: The couiplaint is an n-.tensiily  interesting story of alleged intrigue,  falsehood and niisiepreseiilation, .'"by  which it is claimed the injnied owners  of the disputed ground were ii-drtrcd  to part with properly valued atSI,.000,-  000 for a consideration of 91,000. ' The  disputed claims adjoin the 'ffigev-  Poorman mine at. Bmke, lilS&'o.  Clark and other coinplainan!s':a*!lr!ge  that Sweeny andCuibertsonuul.Virfully  esp'ored thedispuf_d'gronnd hWifejins  of diamond drii.s. operated at 'f..'{feptli  01 LCK) reel: that they i3ciited";:i{_gr'eat  ore shoot, broke into it, ext!ii!i.ic^i'''ore,  and paid dividends 'and   the'tlf't^'Mht  -rK^iiirni'1'or $J;("*eor-TO^  representation that the gi'oiVfeV'ivas-'no  good. They wanted it <!f.ly'*.-or*the.  siiLf.uerights.it wa.*, claiTi^j|-,j.. The '  title of the bill is P.itj.jt^'^lk,  Ilenj-imin C. Kingsbury, J31 iuijs,,Qljiik  antl James-P. Harvey, r^.������p_Ji'ii^its,  vs. the Bul'fali) Hump ���������S'niHKvS'i*"-  p.my. 11 corporation orgjjiiiii.d.j-^iKlei-  the lawsof thestalc nfNe-^.i'X.ivi^liit  l-anpiie    Stnle-ldwliit,, ."-M.i.'juft Sc  the  Developing   coinpat.y.^jifj Apr*i������Rl-fiHon  nigiiiiz.'il undei the !.*i.\v������;���������j������f.l^-.j!������ii.*iiu  ' New Yo:!:, defendants.  ,   Liii'ir;;.';! 'j::*"  i������*j;i*j:i;>������i ir.i'.i  .Lsundr:  ores.  Airaiigemenlsit   is  claimed,   would! : nc :=Mltar7i-V*?Mndr**>-.n*..|U  be nimle \\ ilh the Canadian P.11 ific to. Tin- following ���������'V,tf!|V(iiji' '-A*fHl}"r a"  g,-l tian-pi.iiaiinn of (|..:ii. Voithern Jm-ricU- ..taken >i*i,iii.lj*3heV'!-*t������iaiial  Ireighi liom I-einie In L-ikekootenav. 1 r ,   -    . , ., -���������'1-      "./   *   t v  v. here con.ie.t-oii-- woni.i be inndi* ������ ii ii | ������������������':lll������'J'*.v *J on:n������1 -,, i j -("*������ ?1-.iyi^ V.^l.* j hy  Ihflu.'il. line opeinieii by the Gie.il Profe.-.-ov E. J. ���������Ifr!.i>/.j5.iijfj**,JfcifcV*ii.  Noilhein This boat line i-nniii'i-l*- j M.is*;.. mav br  wilh tins Spokane Falls & Xuithern at  Nelson.  Fi run NeKon the plan   wi'ii.d   lie  put a line into Bepublie.      Wheie  brain li   fiom   the    Spokani'  Noi Lht'rn would   siart   is   not   knnwn  jp-.tro  .,<  f*>f._,.M(j���������o.,.nUftiiii5^ to  Cii,'5tvuj- taiiT-ivi'lSi'. in  .,, j lie; chl n-.zo.      The ..-J51 it i*,v^/>������j������fftioii  ll)e;M   .-imply   .inodh*.:):    c-.'i}. ivii*,.<if..itht.  "F.-r.ls .t j advantages whicit-:'l:-!R^r;!:*!t������.t'it(tj������?.are .  I   mitt ������i  1   - * ������  n    ���������������  Id.-iiving  i-������)tii .=v*li(.*;,_:������H,s.irtX������lU8������s������������.im  nit nuikes littb* ilili'i*rt>ut e.     The   Re-j' ...  public branch 01 the road   would   ioi.-  laundi-ies whit^i-ai'rino'vjc.biii.'ii-g u]//i-,il<-  CERTIFICATE OF IMPBOVEMEHTS  NOTICE'  Rossland mineral cliim. situated in  the Lardeau Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.  Where located: On Lexington Mountain South of the Eva mine.  TAKE NOTICE that I, F. C. Green,  of NeUon, acting its agent for Corv  Menhenick F. M. C. B. '32 021 and J. J-  Foley Free Miner's Ceitificate No. Si,  !"2,03(i. intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, toapply totlie Mining Recordei  for a certificate of improveinenls, foi  the purpose of obtaining a Ciown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate  of improvements.  D.tted this 8tb day of .Tunc 1001. ���������  F. C. Gbeeis".  ncct wilh tii"* new line to be con.-  trticted, known as Ihe Victoria,  'v'ai-.ioiivei-.i.nl E istei 11. at Midw.'iv  th.is giving Hill 1 uiui*.: tions with ilie  i-na.-t* ovei Biitish *".oil. and t'.itching  Mill more mining districts nn tile. way.  This Republic branch it is t l-iiuied  would be extended lo touch the  Okanagan districls.  Thesnii'her. it is slated, i.s not to bg  constructed under the ti.inie of th������  Gieat Noi thetn, and probably Hill's  name ������ ill not appear iu tin* entci pi i-i*,  bul it is lo be under tin* contiol of the  iailw.iv ninar-.ati* and will be the largest smelter in the west.  Il i-claim.'d .uu* stioi.g indiK ement  to Hill 'o take .such a s'ep U a recent  heavy drop in his freight trallice in the  west. The lead mines nf Slocan  nearly all shut down 01, account of the  low piice of l".-ul and money has been  lost by the Great Nml hern on that  account*. In addition to this the recent,  bounty the Canadian government has  ofTeied for refining of lead is still another inducement for. such an . enterprise,  eii in large oiucv.*,--.;-..;. jfii.-irf-iamii  "Spraying tit.au-.-taiMij.fltfr-li itisUan-  olher evil th:.������obot<i>]:;.iiC!i_xi:������������li������(ated  by   any   civib'.':olb*.-i5.ui*rfilin'jClui.-;fnm  L  al  on  as llu. cj:ri\������.."i.:afi"eiL"tv'flfe sf.agnatjo  of .lepraveil iu-.cc;, that ailijbre to,,tl  ..      -,., 1- ip_j:rj:!--j���������**���������������*���������-   j--Viu?  ot.l  "*'Mi.    ilieC'nnese arc* .-rfllvcted more  . .   .-.i-xfr. 1 n���������."������������������������������������-> i-'i'r-\i-i-t  this,   iiiici-o-oi-gajli-iu   .than,  jinv   n'ty* ���������vi?.'.:.' ",��������� ,������_'*"ia si.   -  ,91!,.���������!!!,!-  tion, o������ ^,-evi.thsii^ryhhm.',fkun'i  ���������xwcjv^ Wte^^mxnil^iiliSU-t^l fjjvith  CT^iffilJtft9?A.rtJf**,SlY������������iKii8,������t  ,/ mi I>C'03. ~.~.Tt-.yih ;-'-'.-tn'\  <jh Disinfectants !l  Foul Drains. Closets.  St-nhle   or   decaying  garbage    need   close  attention. Don't wait  for  an   epidemic   to  break  out,   but   get  some  CHLORIDE OF  LIME  CREOLIN, JEY'S FLUID  Carbolic Acid or Powder.  Yon can g������t any of these st  Canada Drug: & Boole Co.'s Store  :finimnii m������f*M***M*,i"i������*  io  4y#tyr  -etTtdybrued/  iyrf  BIRTHS.  Kisjiax���������At Trout Lake on Wednes  day, June 12th, the wife of E. L.  Kinman of a daughter.  McMahon���������At Revelstoke, on Sunday  June 16th, 1001, the wife of Thos.  McMahon, of a son.  Frasek���������At Kevelstoke, on Wednesday, June 10th, 1001, the wife of  Fred Fraser, of a daughter.  Notes of News.  PROSPECTS IN  THE LARDEAU  H. Perry Leake returned to town on  Tbiirsdav morning.  Mrs. S. Solloway returned on Tuesday from a visit to the coast.  The. Methodist Sunday school has  ft-.fd Dominion Duy for its annual  picnic.  Tlie sudden extinction of the electric  lights on Wednesday night was owing  io a broken shnft.  Hugh Smyth ha-s heen away this  week at the .meeting oi the Masonic  Grand Lodge at Nelson.  Next Sunday, third after Trinity,  ���������tei-vices will lie as usual in St. Peter's  church at 8 and 11 a. in. and 7.30 p. in.  The Ladies Aid of the Methodist  church -will hold a lawn social on the  parsonage grounds on Thursday June  27 th.  ���������Don't forget the strawberry  festival to be held on the grounds oi'the Methodist parsonage on Thursday  evening June 27th.  "Round trip ticket from Revelstoke  to the Christian Endeavor convention  at Cintinati on July 6th to 10th for  378.50.   Selling dates July Ist and 2nd.  Round trip ticket from Revelstoke  to the National Educational Association meeting at Detroit. July 8th to  12th for $81.25, purchaseable on J uly  ?ndand3td.  The subject taken by Rev. W. C.  Calder for tomorrow evening's sermon  in the Presbyterian church is "The  Relation of the Gospel to the Economic  Things of Today."  TheC. P. R. have "made a rate for  Revelstoke footballers going to Golden  on the 1st. A single fare rate for the  round trip will be given for a football  team of ten or more players,  Saturday, June 29lh is the date for  the election of a school truutee to fill  the p!ace of Trustee Graham. Mi"  Graham is out for re-election und will  be opposed by Cond. J. Lawson.  Tbe Bachelors gave a very enjoyable  hop last night in the Selkirk Hall by  way of a farewell entertainment to  Mrs. and Miss Muckleston, Miss Drake  and Miss Fraser, all of whom aie  - thortly leaving town.  The Rising Stars, the Revelstoke  junior team played the Revelstok football club on Thursday evening and beat  them by two goals to one. The following is the Rising Star team which will  go to Golden oo Dominion Day: D.  Smythe, goal: C. Palmer and J. Inches,  full hacks: G. McLeod, E. Corson and  A. Hillier, half backs: W. Beavn. G.  Graham, G. Beavo, E.   Cams   and   G.  -=���������Richards,���������forwards. -They���������play���������a  smart game ancl ought to give. Golden  a tare on the fir-st  "Billy" Grant, who for several years  was employed as Imokkeepei* for P.  Burns & Company of this city, is now  Mackenzie & Mann's right bower in  the railway construction which they  have in hand in lhe provinces of  Manitoba and Outarin. "Billy" is  credited with having made u raise of  ������'.������.,000 in the recent jump of Northern  Pricitic stock.���������Nelson Tribune.  Thelmpetial bank repot ts shew that  that institution has enjoyed a year of  almost unprecedented prosperity.  The rest fund has lieen fattened up by  8150.000. The net profit." during the  pnst year together wilh lhe bnlance  carried forward and some S2ri.00o  premium on new capital stock placed  $.*ill.067.39 at the disposal of the  directors. Thc increase in the total  depot-its not bearing interest* is*  8100,000 and on those bearing interest  SS1.2SO.000 compared with a year ago.  We cannot say whether or no Unremarkable increase has anyconnei-  tion with tbe fact that the coinpanv ii-  spreadiog itself for a new coat of  p iiDt on the office of the local  branch.  George E. Foster, formerly minister  of finance in the Conservative administrations which preceded the present  'one. says the Nelson Tribune, is one of  the lucky sliHielioWcra in the Imperial Development Syndicate, wliich  is about to close a very desirable deal  with the London and British Columbia  Gold Fields for some eleven claims in  the Lardeau. During the past few  years Mr. Foster has sunk considerable  money in tbe development of British  Columbia properties, from which he  bus bad comparatively small returns,  and the knowledge that he is likely lo  make a good turn-over on his Imperial Development holdings will be  r-ceived wilh satisfaction, ns Air.  Foster deserves good luck-  Some Talk by the Eagle cn  Conditions Existing in the  Wonderful Mineral District,  Of which Ferguson is the  Centre.  To those in this dislricl who weie  figuring una "boom" this season hi-  fore the railway actually reached the  foot of the lake, the present compara  tive inactivity is somewhat of a disappointment. But to the Diore coiikpi-  vative busiii*.;ss men and mining  property owners there is no occasion  for becoming discouraged.  It is quite true that few investors  are wending this way at present, but  how can it be otherwise in the face of  abackw.ud season and aperies of good  and bad reports concerning railway  construction?  The fact that sotn������ two hundred men  are now at work on the grading, and  that this number will be inc.eased to  seven hundred before two weeks is ri -  assuring. The advent of the railway  will revolutionize things in general.  There is still an unlimited area in  this district which will well repay  prospectors, while the course of recent  events goes to prove that probably the]  best finds are being walked over daily.  This fact is brought forcibly home to  old-timers who were so well acquainted with the ground in li ish. creek  camp where such a remarkable free-  nulling gold discoveries were made  during the last week, not to mention  the high assays obtained from a property wilh the townsite limits of  Ferguson. '-  ��������� Never a year passed over the camp  when so much development work took  place. In'fact we have made more  actual progress during the past year  than all previous yeais combined.  IUCJlAKKABLY RICH FINDS  Besides the thousands of dollars  spent in development work last season  there ��������� were a few remarkable discoveries made which in themselves  would eventually make this camp.  Some of these were the Triune and  adjoining claims. Lucky Jim, Cromwell and Metropolitan groups. Not  only were they discovered, but trom  the Triune 120 tons of $3.00 ors was  shipped, while a 6-ton test shipment of  Cromwell ore well repaid the owners  for thoir trouble.  Then, too, must be taken into consideration the amount of capital which  became interested in here last fall,  which to the investor means only an  initiatory expense, for only this season  is the benefit felt, since the new owners are now employing men. buying  supplies, hiring pack horses, etc. To  be added to this is the probability nf  two or th-ee more shipping mines for  the camp this winter, thus employing  men hereafter the year round.  And while the* Eagle is centering  its mind upon the new companies-, new  T7apitTilrnvw"discoverieV71itrd"i!rcieiisecl"  employment of men, the old timer.-*.,  the backbone of the camp, must not  for one minute he overlooked.  1'KOGllEMS   OFTIIE   SII.VKK'rUI������ -MINE.  The Silver Cup people are now  working a force of 15 men on purely  development woik, and il i> develop  ment work too, as the report of the  rich new strike at a depth of well nigh  ���������100 ft. last week indicates- While not  officially aware of the fact, llio Eagle  leaiii.i that if the railway build- up  here this fall, the Cup has a compressor plant onlered, subject to cancellation, which they will thun install.  And even if thi-i is nnt done, the usual  annual shipments for lhe purpose of  paying going expenses will be mad.*  thi.s winter. Last winter 200 tons were  sent out, the gross returns being ������100  to the ton. An important factor in  this shipment was the increase of gold  values, they being almost stilVicient to  pay all expenses of handling the ore.  As soon as the snow goes sufficient!}*  to allow pack horses to reach tin* Cup.  additional supplies will be packed in  nnl possibly inore.mcn put on.  ]to iii*: cox*rixi;nn|.  Microscopical  Exactness  Is demanded in the Compounding of  Prescriptions; and our care and skill  ���������the results of experience and  training���������assure that Degree of accuracy. And, in addition, our drugs  are always pure and fresh. Biing  your prescriptions here,  RED CROSS DRUGSTORE  G. F. CURTIS,  TAVI.Or. BLOCK.  McKenzie Ave  K. of P.  Only the Mayor and Aid, Nettle  and Abrahamson turned up to the  Council meeting last night and there  was in consequence no quorum.  Secretary Holdich. of the Great  Western Mines, Limited, has received  orders to move the books, etc.. of the  oflice lo Ferguson and will piobabiy  leave about the first of the week.  The ice cream social to be given by  the ladies of the Roman Catholic  church at the opera house on July 3rd  promises to be an attractive entertainment. There is a good programme hy  local favorite amateurs arranged,  which includes a very pretty Japanese  dance hy nine little girls.  ���������Don't forget the lawn social at t.he  residence of Mrs. \V. M. Lawrence, on  Tuesday evening. 25th.  The "Enterprise cigar factory have  made a shipment of cigars to Ferguson  and have orders booked both for that  place and Trout L-ike City, which will  be filled next week. The company  have four cigar nnikers and two strippers employed and turn out a daily  output of 1000 cigars.  ���������The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church intend holding ���������>. lawn  social ac the residence of Mrs. XV. M.  Lawrence, on Tuesday evening, June  25t.li.  Yesterday morning before breakfast  while David Strachan, a well known  old timer in Revelstoke, who has  recently been employed on the C.P.R.  as bridge carpenter was silting on the  rail of Ihe station platform lie nii>-*-ed  his balance and fell backward1-, receiving injuries to his .-pinal column, fiom  which he is now lying at the Oriental  hotel in a very dangerous condition.  He is reported lo be paralyzed frum  the waist down and th.. paralysis is  spreadiag-to-liisTiriiiKr^   t-=    - ~~  ���������Reaitre and take in the fir.-t strawberry .social of the -season, given by  the Ladies Aid of the Pt-psliylerian  church at the residence of Mr.-*. W. M.  Lawienci*. Tuesday evening .Inue  25th.  Monday is St. John the Baptist's  day. on whiih the belu-inling of the  gieat forerun ner of the go-spH by  Herod AiiLipa-*-* is comiueiriorated.  Long previous however to the lime of  the in.trtyred saint at about thi.s time  a festival hail heen observed in cnn-  ni'ci.ion wilh lhe. worship off'tlie sun  and the heathen practices of the fea.-l  were long kept up iu Kurope even in  the christian era. In the norlh of  KiU'ope even down to quite a late  period Lhe bale or Haul llres were kindled anil children leapt through llio  flames, a harmless .survival of the  human sacrifices oft'eu'd in a darker  and bloodiei-age. To this day in parts,  of Kt.gl.md the belief survives lim I  those wlio wai ih in a iluinh porch at  midnight fast ing will see the disembodied spirits of those in the parish  who will die during the next twelve  months pass iu weird pioce.ssion befnri*  lhe dooi*.  ���������I  (P.  ^^^^^^������'W^^^^���������������^>������������������������>^'^*������^^���������^������.^^���������^^������^*'^^  Honest admiration is elected by  those who wear our clothes. They are  always correct; elegant, suit-able.* It is  pleasing to' be well attired, and pleasing to bu conscious that others admire-  your taste." By buying here you disarm criticism and usually save yourself cash.,  ."  '.  ".'"..."  I-HGH CLASS LADIES;.,  CUSTOM, TAILORING  THE ART  TAILOR.  Mi:ICESy.IE 'AVENUE"  Large and Well ..lghtcd  Sample .looms   A GOOD  NAME....  I.s better than riches   ......  We have the name of limbing  the only St.vli-.li Suit* in Town  ���������for durability and quality  they alio excel.  tpv ONE  R.S. WILSON  Next the McCarty Block.  *J.-F. McLeod  Confectioner and Grocer  Ilcntcd by Hot Air and Electric  '     . Bolls aud Light in every room  Free Bus Meets All Trains -  -   j'.eiisoiuible lime*.   -cHOT'EL  VICTORIA^  .    _ '    JOHN-V. PEUKW, Pi.or..ii.'i'o.t ,  Ki-j-lit  Grill ito >:*i in Connection for the Convenience of Ouosts  Itonrlv   Street Car  llolwcep Hotel ami Station .  ���������- lf\<rgW(Sll<S'lf |o),������lc_ ?  .:  WALTER BEWS, Phm. B.  (Late FieM cc Hew**).  Druggist, Stationer, &c  Havingdi.ieoived partnership anil  H'tumcil full control of tlie bus!ness  heretofore known as Ki-il.l ,fc Bews,  I beg leave to thank our many  pmroni for their patronage in the  past ami trust that I will enjoy  their patronage in the future.  Fresh Eggs  Butter  Vegetables  always on hand.  Ice. Cream  Home Made Candies  a specialty. ���������  i**<*e-4"***������**4V**e*jF������*^^  To Mine Owners,  Prospectors  and Others..  For Sale at Albert Canyon  The following are the officers of the  K. of P. for the coming six months':  L. Buck C. C; Hlewrl, McDonald V.C.;  J. W. Bennett, PreUle; 11. S. Wilson  M.of VV.; II. H.M.iyne M. of E; A.  Eilgui' M. of h\; F. II. Lewis K. of R. &  S.; XV. Winsor M. of A.; S. Smith  O.O.  L. O. L.  The officers of the U O. I... 1058,  desire to thank both Ioc.il um] visiting  members of the Ordpr for their  attendance lust evening. Two * new  ineiiiliprs were taken in and degrees  given to others. IC38 is enthusiastic  and getting, in good phape for the  celehration of the glorious 12tli al  Vancouver.  Waragraph Coming.  (.'Iiiii. Law of Toi onto. Iiiimiil'-s  manager of the Waragraph (.'(>. of  London. ISng., lias made a date to shew  nt, the opei'iL house next Thursday,  Friday and Saturday nights. All the  principal Montreal and Winnipeg  papers give enthusiastic accounts  of the show.  The finest moving pictures ever seen  in Canada.���������-Montreal Star.  By far the best, ever neon here.���������  Ottawa Free Press.  It is many yenrs since onr city has  heen favored with such an instructive  and charming cntcrtiiiniiient, the  theater heing crowded to the doors  last night.���������Winnipeg Free  Pres*..  WALTER BEWS  Bachelor ol 1'liarmaey.  Tklei'Iione is���������IJroivn Block.  Declaration  of Dissolution  of Partnership.  We. riarencc William Kiel-', of (lolilcii, 11. C ,  and Walter Hew*, of Keralitolcc-. Ji-I!., lur.ii-  erlv i-emher-iof the linn <i*irr;iiig on bu������luesH  as .fr.i-'i'i-it*. an*" merchant" at develdt'ike, in  tii" I-rovliicc of British CJoI.iml.ia, under llie  it}!������ nt "Kield A R<*������s,'! 'lo hereby certify  that the ->ald partnernlilp wins on the 1Mb 'lay  of -lime, 1901 di-wolved.  Wiin>;������������ our liand-s thia ISth day of June, A.  f>��������� 15-j],  'r",Jf; O'������������������*-   1    U. W. VIKI.n,  CoWen, ii. c ,      r    ivi r'rn. i. i-*wf!  Soll<*it<*r )    "'rBI> '-���������������������������������" n.  Large quantity of.- Mining  Supplies, Sawmill, Hoisting  Plant, Concentrator Plant,  Blacksmith's Outfit and all  the Stores, Plant and Supplies situated at the Waverly  and Tangier Mines, Downie  Creek.  Foi' full particulars apply to Mr.  C/'arlsoii,   al,   Albert   Canyon,    or  Messrs.     Wilson   Si Sunkler,   Inns  Court Building, Vancouver, 11. C.  SPRING and SUMMER ������|  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICK.  Trend-veil Mining elnlrn, ultimte In the  I.nr.lenu Mining Division of. Went Kooteimy  liiMirlet.  Where Incnteil: On Lexington Monntnln,  nenr I'ool Creek bridge.  Take Notice that I, F.C. Orccn, of Nelson,  acting an ncent Tor the " Imperial Iieycloi*-  ment Svi.illci.te. Limited." Free Miner'.,  c.crtificnte No. B32,041,Intend, sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply to thc Mining  Uecorder for ft Certificate of Improvements  lor tne purpo-ii) of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim,  And further takenotice that action, under  Section  'XI, must   bo  commenced  before tha  Is-nianecof Ditch Certificate of Improvements.  I.at'.tl this twentieth day of Juno, 1901,  F. 0. GBERN,  P. L. S.  ^2  n  *8  Millinery  QZ%  The Latest and Most  Stylish Hats.  Trimmed and Untrimmed  Madison- Millinery   Parlors.  Misses Shepard & Bell  McKenzie Avenue      od'-S  WaNTKP���������I'cnitfon ������-i housekeeper or work  I ng companion near Rcvelnoke.   Comfortahle  horn*  more desired, than   saierr.      Box 71,  1 Kevelstoke Station.  am*m  SSm


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