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Revelstoke Herald Jan 18, 1901

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/    - jF  . ��
&-�����   /U.Jh<&yUi
Vol   V. No. 6.
REVELSTOKE.   B. C, FRIDAY,  JANUARY  18,   1901.'
$2.00 a Year in Advance.
-i -
To Make
We are offering
100 Pairs of
actual COST
[Ladies', Gent's, Children'a]
These are Boots that
we only have a few pairs
of each line and' we must
clear them out to make
room for New Goods.
We are aWn clearing 'but'
all Short lines of W*. G. & R.
Shoe.".      There,  aro   some
Eua]*i& in these.     Gull  and
see them.
. Choicest aiid Best that
be procured.
Development and Roseate   Prospects  of
the District.
A. F. Rosenherget. wlin has been On
a trip through .tin- L.irdo-Duncaii
district has ri-lui'tioil to Nelson. HU
iiiissuui there wns to examine anil
lepot-b on certain mining prnpi*rlit's
for a mining company. In speaking
nf the district last evening he stated
that, the nioHl promising 'property in
the vicinity uf Duncan City is the
Ln*��t Mountain group, situated on
T>o��I mniintnin. On this considerable
development has lieen done. At,
present a large force of men is engaged
���ind ii considerable quantity uf nre
has lieen taken nut. Iir the tieai future the com pun v expect to he iu a
position to ship, and lhe ore will undoubtedly he. sent tu the Mueller at
Situated near this is the L-.vina
group svh'u h is also a promising property. On this considerable tunneling
has lieen done unci ,i vein of high grade
silver-lead ore lias lii-t-n followed some
distance. A trial shipment uf one
carload of ore has been sent to the
smelter and satisfactory results have
been obtained. Moie vigorous work
will be carried on early next spring.
Another property in "the same
uiineial Jielt is the. McLeod group,
consisting of _six claims. It, is a low
grade silver-lead property, lint the
mineral deposit is exceedin ly large.
During the next season considerable
development v. ork' will be done.
Iu the Upper Duncan country and
along the Duncan river the Gold Hill
Mining Company is operating several
large prospects extensively, and expects to do a large amount of work
during the coming season.
On Glacier cieek, which empties
into lhe Duncan river, is the Surprise
group, which has been developed
considerably and is now showing up
���.yell. More extensive work will be
r_yme on it next suinmci-. In the same
^district, and located on Bear creek, is
the ICarhu group, which is showing
up well.
Opposite to the Duncan district is
Minuted the large Lardo mining district. One uf the principal groups in
this division is the Frisco, carrying
huge* ledges containing -high grade
gold'arid -.copper ore." '"'In' tli'e^saine
ted ou Davis creek, about, two mile",
from the town of Lardo. It, iniit.-iins
a ledge of I'recmilling gold ore which
gives fair values. Outside ' nf tlu-.se
t'noie are :i l.Mge number of oilier
pioniising piospects on the same
On Hatnill cieek, which is on the
opposite slope, is IheCai Inmate group,
which carries lead ore giving fair
values., Dining lhe past, season a
large number of claims have been
slaked and more development, work
has been done than tiny season in the
history ur the*section. The prospects
for llu* coming year ate: est eedingly
bright, and with the proper futilities
for transport,il ion the district will at
once in.ike lapiil strides to thel'iout.
and be among the hest disuicts of llie
province.���Nelson Tiibune.    ,
Splendid Ice and Good   Costumes,
Prize Winners.
iTIu* first carnival of the season at thi
"Revelstoke rink was held last night
and ii'it. a de ided success. Then
were a large number of spectator
presqnt notwithstanding the effect.-
ot the municipal election enthusiasm
which kept some away. Ther.
were' quite n number in costum-
on tin* ice. The fiist prize, for Indie
costume was awarded lo Miss Nul.ie
Dunne and the second to Miss Myitlt-
T.-mple. J. J. Porter, in an Indian
dress took lii-t fer men's costutne-
aiiil Waller Buck, fir-t as a clown fin
hovs. The ice was good but got cut
up pretty well during the evening
The hand \\ a> oi copied in escortm*.
the winners in the municipal ennte-
round town and so was not in attend
awe. _ unu h to the regret of the
A Bright Prospect
HappinesR an d health go
hand in hand with wholesome food. We lead the
procession, for we supply
The Best Products,
and cutting . the margin
down, eaves you money.
Our delight is in your
satisfaction. We propose
to make the new; yenr'��
business a pleasure to out
triends by supplying, better things than ever.'
C. B. Hume"& Co,
C. P. B. F&ST TRA1H.
Regular Service Between New York and
Pacific Coast in Eight Hours.
Nn\V YORK. Jan. 12 < The Canadian
Pacific- railway��� ui.uiagemenl^is__jir-.
ganizing to run n remarkably fasL
train from New York to the Pacific
coast. In the early spring a daily
train will be run each -way between
this city and Pugrt Sound, covering a
distinct* , of 3,512 miles in eighty
hours. This' is twent'y hours quicker than any former Canadian Pacific
schedule.   '
The Managing; Director Explains Jim
Hill's and the Company's Position.
"The negotiation with Mr. Hill,"
said Mr. Rogers, "have been with n
view to arriving at a business ar
ratigement wider wliich a pei'iniuien'.
market in the United States would be
secured for it, large tonnage of coal
and coke from the Crow's Nest mini"-.
Instead of this litnitir.g the supply to
lhe home market, it will have dire'ctlv
the opposite .effect. Iu -' all coal
mining opeiations in order to take
cure of the small trade for local consumers, which is at.vays more or less
lluclnating iu its demands, it is neces-
to form a backbone in the business.
For example, the Biitish Columbia,
market fell nil last spring until we
would have been obliged to shutdown
our coke uvenV; and almost close our
mine.-, had we not. l>een able to secure
some trade to lhe south. British Columbia liiiningandsmeltiug operations
have now been resu-ned, and lhu
demands fur coal and coke have- been
very largely increased, bnt our company is not. given any assuranre th.it
Ihi*- demand will continue; ai the sau e
littie we are expected to continue' the
expenditure'..of very Jarge-sutns- of
Tnohe'y^'n-t luiSd'eVeiiinuien
and cousU'iiftioii of coke ovens. ��� This
i cannot be doins unless there is a' rea-
.suitable amount of trade in sight of a
put maneiit rli.ira.cter.
ln tin Oil-.iiMi despatch lo the Toronto World the following appears:
Jim Hill, although interested, has
not seem eri coot nil of l he Fci-nie Coal
Mines, which will probably remain for
all lime in Canadian hands. II. is Inn*,
however, th it people outside of Can-
ai.a u'TVied S5.00J,0"X) for the Crow's
Ni-st Pass mines, * and,although this
deal would have given Mr. Robert Jaf-
fr.iy a eleai ptolit of half a million
dollars, the offered was promptly
' The Canadian Pacific, so the story
gnes. long since realized the enormous
value of the coal deposits, iu question,
iind made a pretty energetic at tempt
to force a sale and squeeze nut Senator
Cox, Mr. J affray and their, friends,
the latter declaring lhat Ihe big company would not give Ihem anything
like sufficient cars tu handle the output of lhe mines.
But   tlie, Toronto   capitalists    were
iinVlhe-iuen_toJi.e^qi_a_e__^l^_heiice tho   ��   c
entiy of Jim Hill upon the scene,  atid"'~>��'":v
The meeting held on Monday evening last placed the hospital  idea on a
business    tooting.     When   the  committees report next month, they will
have collected the. necassary information and we shall know what steps are
required to initiate the work.   They
.vill be able, if they do their  business
liroperly, to tell the meeting what sites
an   he  obtained,  the  sources   from
' hich funds may he expected and the
.lohahle  cost,  of  the   buildings   etc.
���������quired.   The meeting was thoroughly '^satisfactory   in   its   results.    The
ilEKXi.o was. however,  disappointed
mt  to  see  any   ladies   present.   No
'ospitnl scheme here or at.y where else
ui prove a success without the active
miperiition   of   the  fair  sex   and we
.ope the ladies of Revelstoke. mean to
.ike hold.   The societies  too   might
ake np t he mat ter at lodge.mcetiugs
luring the month, which is to elapse
before the next meeting.   The fraternities frequently assist liy providing a
bed or even, when they can atfoi d it,
furnishing a   whole   ward.-It   would
greatly help the project, along, if the
finance committee could report some
such offers at the next meeting.   Let
us nil take hold with thef intention of
eirryingont the project to completion
and" we  shall   not  be   much   longer
without  a   public   hospital   in Revelstoke.
Reid & Young.
Onr readers attention is directed to
the advertisement nn the Hrst page of
Messrs. Reid & Young, the new dry
goods firm.' ' The ne<v 'firm intend
can ying a Hrst class, np to date stock
of drygoods, boots and shoes and
ready made clothing, and Revelstoke
citizens will be in a position to make
lheir selection from .a full stock in the
city instead of sending their money to
eastern houses. -Mr. Reid of the above
firm is well known to-Revelstoke citizens, having resided here, in the
employ of Bourne Bros., for the past
four years, Mr. -Young, - the other
member of the llrm. comes from Vancouver, where he has heen engaged for
some vears in the mercantile business.
Revelstoke may be congratulated on
the excellent material of which tho
new council is composed. It is an
excellent sign of the healthy condition
iif the community to see such a large
proportion of its fotemost business
men willing to take hold and help run
its municipal affairs. The Hekald
confidently expects from the composition of the council that 1001 will see a
broad, businesslike and progressive
policy adopted on all matters thut
come liefore the city fathers.
Landslide Near Hope.
UThe snow and land slide, which
ocenred on the main line of the C.P.R
between Hope, and Agassiz on Monday
was a very serious affair. A por ion
of the long tunnel near Hope caved in
anil the damage was extensive. A
large section of the mountain' at. Cat
Landing, near the tunnel came down
carrying away part of the track and so
filling up the remainder' thut it will
require a considerable amount of work
to put things in regular shape again.
is to
Sheldon's New Book.
A new hook by Chailes M. Sheldon,
the famous author of "In His Steps."
never fails to excite the interest of
thousands of readers. "Born to Serve."
is the title of the latest hook by Mr.
Sheldon, and the advanced sheets
indicate a very strong, hunk indeed,
one of thrilling interest to the thoughtful reader, one in which with a
master's hand manv of the cankers of
social life, uf domestic unhappin*��ss, of
the hroader woman problem, of social
reform at the' vitals of society���unlaid bare, with cultured delicacy, bul
none the less with graphic unflinching
truth. The Canadian rights have been
secured by The Pnole Publishing Company, Toi onto, hut as the story will
not appear in hook form for some
time the publishers will run it as a
serial in the Presbyterian Review,
beginning with the issue of the 3id
inst., thus enabling the readers of that
paper to have this most interesting
work in advance.
De Wet Joins Forces With
Commander in the Transvaal.
Lospon, Jan. 10,���The complete absence of news from the front, to day,
is taken in well-informed circles to
mean th.\t Lord Kitchener hitis matters
well enough in hand to suit his own
view of the case. Thu situation reminds the critics of Lord Kitchener's
work in the Soudan. For weeks
nothing was heard of him, and
were the gloomiest forebodings
what his intentions may have
The work of organization complete lie
'proceeded with the swift sure blows
which culminated in the victory at
It i.s to be noticed that the public Viae
absolute confidence, in Lord Kitchener
and de-pite the bad news which
followed the wil hilrawill of a portion of
the troops there is an absolute absence
of anything resembling panic.
The reinforcing of the Army in
South Africa is proceeding steadily,
men and horses being shipped to the
front every day.
Indignation over the minder ot the
British Peace Commissioner tit De
Wet's instigation is still apparent, and
the general feeling of admiral ton for
the Boer leader's soldierly qualities litis
changed to one which bodes ill for him
upon his capture, an event which
cannot he long delayed.
An important repot t. received from
Johannesburg, that General. De \Vel
cnossiiD thi: vaal, ,
iind joined forces with the ��� Transvaal
Commander, if true, piobiibly means
the concentration of seven thousand
Boers, with seveial guns, for another
big attac'x.
The lake between Arrowhead and
Thomson's Landing and Comaplix has
been irozen, and communication
between these points litis heen suspended tor the past. 10 days. The C.
P. R. steamer Minto failed to break up
the ice in an endeavor lo do so' yesl er-
1J 'VVlNGr purchased theDry Goods,  I
, *    Bros., wewi'l hold a Great Clearii
Men's  Furnishings,  etc.  from   Messrs. Bourne
ring Cash Sale for Thirty Days, planned as never
before'this   matchless  sale ��� Dry   Goods   awaited   by   Revelstoke's   CLOSEST   most
OUKRE'/U buyers.    Probably'never before, s-irely not in Kevelstoke has a more select
stocK of Staple''aad Fancy Dry Gjods been offered at such wonderful discounts.
Two Mining Men From That District in. "
the City.���They Oppose Two
Per Cent. Royalty.
\V. B. Pool, manager of the Great
Western Mines, of Lardeau and Trout
Lake, and John J. Young, proprietor-
of the. Calgary   Daily Herald,   who is   ���
.heavily   interested   with   Mr.  Pool in
several   Lardeau    properties,   arrived,
from   Vancouver last   niglit and   are.
registered at the Dominion.
Messrs. Pool and Young are in the.,
city    on    mining   business  and   will
incidentally   intervie.w   Hon.   R.  Mi-.
Bride,    minister   ot    mines,   on   the,
subject, of the two per cent, royalty on,
ore.    They   claim   that  the royalty^
coming on top of all the other taxes,*
licenses, stnmpage and hurden6 which   -
the mining industry has to bear, is an
unjust  disctitiiiiirition.    The    almost
unanimous feeling in the. interior, they
otate. is to   the  same   i-ffecl.   and  a
considerable   amount ,of   Indignation,
exists that the government should so.
discourage    inventors, that  they' aro
scared away from British Columbia to.
the mining slates south of tbe boun-:
dary, which,   instead of cinching thu. .
investor, oiler him every inducement
to go and develop their, mines.
"Nn other industry in the province,"*-
said Mr. Pool, "is taxed to the extent
that the mining industiy is. and yet it
us ".that industry  to which we look to.
employ labor, build up thriving towns. j_
in the interior and furnish business for
the coast cities and Victoria.    Instead.      '
of taxing the investor the government.,
of  this province, with its millions  ofv
acies of undeveloped mineral  lands,
should offer  him  liberal   bonuses  to.
come here."       .- ... "
Messrs. Pool and.Yoting.areenthusi-.
astic over the future   of the   Lardeau.
district.    Many rich.mines have heeu,
developed,   including   the Silver.Cup..
Nettie L., Triune. Beatrice and others,
and. are   now  in   a   position, to ship,
large C'uanlities of ore'running  fr.om ���  :
$100 tu $'300. to   the ton, hut  they  do     -
'not  feel   like   doing   it under present
conditions.   The Great W.estern Mineb*
alone have spent SiO.QOOio den-loping     '
tliere propeities, and, are prepared to.    .
spend a great deal more under- favorable co'nditious.as'. regards legislation..
Editor **C"ouiig, who is from the chief;   '
lown in the great cattle range country    .
oast of.the Rockies, gives very favor-,
able  accounts   nf -the   progress   and
piosperity'of that section.���Victoria; '
Daily Times. .   " .       _,  ' '-     .'
���- TiF^"WUmCIPAlFELEGTlOMV - '<���
It     is     Mayor     Kilpatrick���Aldeimart
Bourne aad,Taylor, for W.ard.2.
The polling for the  mayoralty  and)
Ward No. 2_took place   on  Thursday-. -
with Lhe following rastiU:. Ifoi* mayor: -
T. Kilpatrick 153. XV, 3.  Law   &i;   for.'
alderman in Ward2���H. J. Boiirne,72,
T, E. L. Taylor 01, T.   J.   Graham  50"._
A large number or plumpers was cast,
in proportion to the total votes in   the.
alderiuatie lonlest.  -
*_ '<.':*'���-.
Winter Jackets
| and Gapes
Ladies Home Journal.
"The Baltimore Hello Who Made the
Most. Brilliant M.ileh of Any Girl in
.������..tiH.'1'.ica" i�� the title of an ititicle in
'lMielmdie.-*' Uotiu* Journal for Jiitiii-
ary, '���Housekeeping in a Millionaire's
Family." "The.'Little Women' Play."
ar npted from Miss Alcott's charming
story., for .stage presentation, and
illustrated by Reginald B. Birch and
two pictorial pages. "A Winter Service
at churih," by W. L. Taylor, and
"The Town Meeting." by A. B. Frost,
are some others of the leading literary
and aitislic features wilh which lhe
Journal begins lhe twentieth century.
Two articles show plans and detail for
"A Country House of Moderate Cost"
and "A Southern Farmhouse to Oo-t
Iti'JOIlO." Eilwaid Bolt writes of "The
Two Centuries and This Magnaine"���
the Journal. Practical articles show
lhe fashions of woman's wear and
touch upon utmost every subject for
the home. By The C.irtis Publishing
Company, Pniladelpht-L. One dollar a
year:, ten cents a copy. '
A Snap in Real Estate.
For (JO days only tlneu lots for $1,000
100 f i. ft outage by HO tl. deep i orm r
ing ou lane, tu business portion of the
city. All -fenced and ,. planted ,-.,in
sin-ill fruit trees. First' t-laW liusine*-s
or garden pioperty. Addiess, P. "O.
Box 181. Revulstoke Station. '���*
the  adoption   of   a  war-t"-the   knife
policy against, the Canadian Pacific.
Jim Hill, however, dues not show' up
in any other capacity than as a rail-
mad owner and builder.
It appears that Hun. G. A. Cox and
Mr. JalTray/who are all powei ful in
Ottawa, havegiiri'.-inteiiil Mr. Hill that
l.'tie charier which lie is after will be
secured at I.he coming ��esss'mn of the.
Canadian Parliament and that aheady
a majority of lh'* menibeis of the new
house nre pledge to vote for the bul.
the Canadian Pacific to the- cnniiury
The proposed line i tins from Jennings, Idaho, on the Great Northern,
mi the Kimti-iuiy River, to Fei uie. aiul
thence to Fort Steele, tapping the
Great Ninth Stai mine, owned by ' D.
D' Mann.and others.
In view of lhis new line to the south,
thu coal compnny has given out contracts for 400 more coke ovens, making
700 in all. Il may nlso be said Unit all
the Ministers will support the new
charter'except Hon. Mr. Tarte
Tirclose'-uiit otir-Stock of.Stylish Winter Jackets,
we. have reduced former  selling  prices~50-to-75���
per cent., thereby creating some of the greatest
bargains of I he age.    A few quotations :
$5.00 iiwlead of *$7 50 for Ladies' Black Beaver
Jackets, stylish and well made, thoroughly up to
date and perfect fitting.
$2.75 instead of $4.50 for Ladies Extra Qualily
Beaver Cloth Jackets, latest winter styles and
well made. i
$3.00 instead or 85.00 for Ladies' Black Beavei Cloth
Capes. Fni* Collar and thoroughly well made.
$1,25 Feather Boas
for 75c.
These stylish Feather Boas   will   lend   an   added
^j^i'himii to your tailored costume to say nothing of
"the-ivarmth-iind-iiinifort to_be_deriyud during the
cold d.'ivx vet lo come. ��� '       ~" ���
Dress Goods
Broken linos of Dress Goods  which must cleared
marked at prices which will effect, a quick sale.
15c. a yard instead of 25u.   Small cheeks tind  mottled
goods.    Regular Price 25c.    Sale   Price l.'*c.
_ Prints and
1 Zephr Ginghams
���Don't   forget,   the   grout   clearing
cash sale at Reid ii Young's
'��� ,'t
Rocky Mountain Rangers.
Mr. T. E. L Taylor is experiencing
the greatest diffl-ully in cilltng in the
equipment of tlii; rilie company.
Frequent, no'tires_lvive been posted in
the p.tpers and members have p'etsis-
tently disregarded them. Mr. Taylor
has received imperative orders lo have
the equipment ready for inspection at
any memetit and he again earnestly
requests all members who enjoy giving
him tronble'hy keeping accoutrements
in their- possession to change their
minds and assist in getting the equipments together by leaving it either at
Mr. Taylor's house or Taylor &
George's store.
���Special bargains in   the  shoe  rle-
pauiueril at Reid U Youtig'n.
15  Pieces Prints,   dark   'ind    medium
Regular Vii\e. it yard.   Sale Price 8c,
10   Piece*.  Zephr  Gingham   in   Fancy
Regular Price 21V.    Sale Price 12_,e.
3 Pieces Check Ginghams.   Regular Price 8e. and
10c.   Stile Price Ot:.
Beady to Wear Skirts
Ladies' Skirls in Navy Blue Serge, assorted
lengths, well made. Regular Price $2.50. Salo
Price $2.00.
Wrapper Specials
Every garment reduced in the Wrapper Depart-
- ment.
Morning Wrappers, cut full back waists,  lined,  turn
over collars.    Regular !*>2.1jU.    Sale Price SI.-Id:
5 Pieces Flanneletts in checks and plain, good
heavy weight.    Regular Pi ice 15c.  Sale Price 10c.
Cotton Towels
More Towels sold in J.iuuarv at this Big Sale than
iifany other mouth of liie year, of course the're
cheaper now.
Cotton Huckaback Towels���Special S.ile Piice 20c. a  fe>
���>it;'-- - : I
Ladies' Ready to Wear I
Hats I
Your Choice ofTwe.nty-flve Ladies' Readv-lo- <|
Wear Ii.-ils, all colois. Regular 1.50 and Sl-75 <��
for 75c. Q
Men's,-Boy's and 1
Youth's Clothing |
All new goods this season. Special bit-gains in >s
each dcpaitmcnt. (i
fni7A.TCH-tbr ahd read our advertisement attentively  during
* '      find them interesting, they'll teach you practical money i
Mail Orders Filled Promptly,-
this  month,
money saving.
The Postmaster's Report.
If. as it- is   said  lo   be.   the  postal]
business of a community  is a  gauge,,,
of   its  general   business   advance  or.
decline, then within   the  period   em-'
braced within the just issued report of--
the post  office  department June  30.,
1S90 to June 30. 1900,   the   business 'of-
British Columbia seems- at first sight',
to have fallen off about 2 per cent aa,
compared svtth the  preceding  twelve,'
months.     The  gross  postal revenue,;
for   the fiscal year   ending  June 30,.
1S��Q.Wl-.*i,'A42.472 and  for  that * ending'
June 30,    1000    2T?,06S.     RcvelstokoT^
receded with moht. other points in' the.
province.     Our  mark   in    the.    first,
period was $1,487 for  the   two   offlces,
and in the second only 53.020.   We. are.
not   the only   pebble   on   the    hcach. ,
Rossland. Nelson. Kamloops, Sandon.
Fort Steele,   Golden,   Vernon,    New\"
Westminster and Victoria  ure  other.,
important places   shewing   the  same,
decrease.   In   fact Vancouver,   Cranbrook,   Grand    Forks,     Greenwood,'
Feruiii are   the   only   places  of   note.'
S i which make a shewing the other way: '
* ' The reason   for   this   detretise - is  ex-.
plained by the deputy   postmaster   to',-
he that the year covered oy thib report
is the fust, duriug the whole of which
the reduced postage rates  have   been.,
in   force,   the  higher    rates    having'
prevailed during the lirst half of  the.
fiscal year ending June 30. lSfO.     For
any point then to shew a   marked   in-
ciease of postal business in   the   face,
of this fact evinces a very considerable,
increase   in   population   and   genernl,
btisines's   activity   and   poiuLs   which,
shew a  decrease   must  not  ou   that
account be considered to   have  fallen
back in other respects.     Under every
other head except that of revenue tho.
postal business of the province and of,-
the whole Dominion shews a  marked,
A Trifle Mixed.
The Columbian is responsible for the?
following piece of historical   inforuia-,
"The remain's of the Right Rev.
Mandril Ureigiitmi. D. D., Bishop of
Loudon, who died on J.uiunrv 14th,
weie inieriodiin St. Paul's Cathedral
this morning. Tne deceased is tho
only Bishop of London buried there
since tbe death or King Johu. whose
body was laid to rest in the cathedral
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Correspondence    with     reference  "to    anything   that   lias   appeared   in  onotJier paper must first be offered for  -.publication   to   that   paper   before  it  ��������� can appear in THE HERALD.  THE TIME IS RIPE.  A   great    many   of    the    western  : papers are advocating a line of action  Cor-the Conservatives similar to that  .- iiropounded by The Herald.    The Ed--  monbon Post savs:  What: tie youne   Consewaiives    in  parliament, will do under present ci>"  '  cumstances     will   bo   watched     with  much Interest.   They hold tho destlnv  of the  party  i:i  their hands  and  on  tliem  deooDds  the  future  welfare  or  that  party.      As  The  Post  has  frequently pointed' out, the defection or  -bolt" from their leader..Sir Mackenzie   Bowell.   in   1S0S.   did   irreoavablp  harm   to   Conservative'prestige   and  power and the effect of that deplorable act is still felt.    But all or uear-  lv   all   o������   those   who   deserted   their  tdiief and stulined themselves ou Uiar  occasion were defeated iu the last el-  eiction. and with them should so th������  weakness they brought to the party,  which can. fret alone very well without   them   in   tie   leading   positions  thev  once held.      The    Conservative  parliamentary partv htis entered ou a  new era.    Let them prove themselves  worthy of it.   They have within tnci:  ranks all the elements for the making  of a great Canadian party- such as tho  peooie want.     As to their policy, th"  Liberals have paid them the sretuosi  possible compliment by appropriating  it as their own, though when    it was  Conservative policy thev execrated it  without stint.     The Conservative aim  should  be   to    evolve    a  policy  that  would be  the  -rreatest possible good  to this country, without striving afror  something popular    that   will    carry  them   into   ofScn.       That   will   come  soon enough.   And the new Canadian  policy    should    mean    new    leaders  There is no use denying that, and it  devolves  upon tiie  voting parliamentarians to provide leaders which evidently, tii?y are capable of doing.  The Post is perfectly  right.      The  day has passed away for the old party  cries and watchwords to have effect,  In   the  days  sonc  hy  the  Consorva-  . tives did a great work in building up  . tne   country  zzid  developing  our  in-  . dustries. but the oid jn*--n of the party  . are too prone to live .in the past, aud  .- stem  to  by force  ol  association and  ���������, sentiment   ta   trust   lo -svgone   glory  . and tradition ratrer ib:in the traditio  ..of  the living present, dt  is  tho  day  -���������^oJ-thc-youag-=i*ia-"-rit-pc:itics-aud~only"  rthe  bright'hope asd  high  aspiration  i of youth can. throw -oil   the political  , fetters   with   which   the .people   are  bound.      Never   had   the     Conserva-  i<ives such a   chance.      Nothing  now  . hold.? them to policiies that time has  .worn    threadbare.        Many    burning-  ..questions are engrossing tic attention  .attention of the people and there is a  ^grand   scope   for   a   party   with   ad-  rtranced ideas to Snd satisfactory solutions.  ��������� Lot, a; have dot-:- with th.,- .jjvii.sp'ng  jafter offi.:-". This sacrifice of principle  ^o.power. I; is a shame and r. sor-  ������to~ that our politicians should put  upower l.f-ior<* patriotism. Canada is  ������������i .glorious herl'Agr.*.- A great, young  ^nation has b* ~v. born and i.������ growing  jand  tfarobii.iL: -*ith .���������r-utii-ut 111"'*.    lu������  -ties time.; aro iu our hands and It is  -our -tiounden duty to ju-r. yj it well  :itlnt we do ou- duty. Let the* "ovig  <Jonserr-^t!ves .formulate a policy that  fhas .tor  it--.-   salient    features    blows  r-imed at too erils that too long have  been .the bane    of Canadian  politics.!  life, aad recognition at the hands of  the ������vaopl<> will soon come. Let it be  tAowa to ilie world that in Canada we  ������a b.-ced patriots whose principles  ������an:iot he ^c-ntimin.it"d by greed of  gain or iimr. of power. Let the young  Concervitiv:-.- oi C'asadti have for  their watchword: ��������� ':-Van to yourself  be true." See that they advocate  purity, advancement and reform and  ������-���������-; "iii -have a party in Canada cap-  - able of working out the manifest  destiny of this great  young /.-ountry.  A MATTER FOR  CONSIDERATION.  It is reported that- the coal lands*,  of tho Crow's Nest pass-have passed  Into   tho. control    of    Mr.  Hill,    tho  push ing- and enterprising president of  the.  Northern   Pacific,    and    that   an  extension ot  that lino will  be made  to  reach  tho coal  country.    Tho deposits of coal   in   tho   Crow's    Nest  pass  arc  said    to    ha    tlie    best  in  Canada  and   Mr.   Hill  will   doubtless}  exploit  them  for all  Uiiiy  tiro worth  ami  there    will    consequently    he* a  great  increase of railway    traffic    iu  this section of Uie country.    There la  now a line from Calgary to Macleod.  and should  the Northern Pacific connect with the main line by a branch  running;  south   from   Macleod,   Calgary���������tho nearest   place   of   importance���������would  reap  an  Immense  benefit        There    is,    howovcr,    another  phase of the matter.   Valuable strikes,  of   copper   havo  recently  been   mado  In what i.s known  as the Swift Current   mining .region,   a   district   just  south of the' lino from  Southern Alberta.    The  mines  are known  to' bo  verj'  rich  but  their    development  ia  hindered   for   lack   of   transportation  and   tho   engineering     difficulties   in  the way of ijecuring a ( railway from  tho   American   srido   are   said   to-bo  very great. "'So much so indeed tha:  thoso  interested    in     tho  mines  aro  looking   for   railway     transportation  through   tho   Canadian     side,   -vhei-p  then.* are no natural objects to speak  of to overcome.   Should thc Northern  Pacific bo tapped  by a tine running  to Macleod,  a spur from  the "vicinity  of Cardston' would   reach  the mining  region  in  a little  over 20  miles.    A  large extent of country on both sides  of  tho' international   boundary  would  .thus be opened up and there would be  a great Increase of trade.   Calgary ia  the natural   metropolis of the .North  West and the city certainly profits by  the development of thc country round  about it-   In view of the coal deal the  Northern Pacific Is  bound  to run   a  branch   to tho Crow's Nest pass linn  and   if   proper     representations    are  m;ido   thero   Is    no   reason   why  the  route followed should not be the one  suggested.   Our board of trade should  hike the matter up  antl   go  into    it  carefully   in   all   its   aspects .at   the  earliest, possible  opportunity.  We  have  been    having  Edmonton J    The content"* of  thc coal. nin. goes  weather fcr the last week.     Calgary  never haa bad weather of Its own.  a ��������� ���������  No more worthy man orer received  honors   from   Queen    Victoria    than  down with the mercury.  ���������      ���������      ������  Strathcona-  storW   appear ' to bo  epidemic at present among   the English papers;- Tho latest is that a aerl  SHORTHORN CATTLE  Lord Roberts, now Karl of Kandahar, geant's  party of bold  bad Western  and Pretoria.  . . .  V/e would suggest that the' Labor  Gazette, run by the government,  should publish some statistics respecting the civil service dismissals  since 1896.    .  ���������       ���������       '������  The New    York    Sun    Is   of   the  ers threatened to hang a Biitish s'f.ff  ofllcer. Tho chanrcs are, howeyor,  that If tho Strathcona's worn iti get  a hold of the fellow who pcrp.-nrai-  ed this Journalistic Un they '.vouId invite him-to participate in "a ' ueck  tie social." '. Seriously speaking,  however, half the stories that come  from   thc..front  atiou'   the   escapades  opinion that Canada will be annexed', ot the Canadians are utter lies, wlth-  to  tho United States.      The Yankees ! out the  slighest foundation  in  truth  have  the  Sun.   but  that  Is  no : and havo the    effect   of making our  may  reason why they  earth.  NOTHING BUT  RIGHT  should    own  the  Canadian boys appear like a gang ot  lawless banditti.  We would like to draw the attention  of tho Strathcona Sun to tiie fact  that it is_ not..io.iirnalistic otiquetto to  quote- from the editorial columns of a  contemporary without giving due  credit.  a ��������� *  In the late U. S. presidential okv.-  tions the cry of the "full dinnor pail"  was eminently successful. Our  American cousins evidently beliovo in  appealing to the stomach instead of  tho brains.  a ��������� ���������  Aguinaldo. the Phllippino louder,  has again been reported dead. Ho  seems to huvo as many lives ns the  proverbial cat as ho has been.' reported dead about a dozen times, but  always bobs up again serenely.  ���������       ���������       ���������  No one who employs labor would  dismiss an employee without at least  some pretext,-' The government, however, absolutely refuses to let Mr. J.  JTKMS' OF INTEREST  Appeals to thc Unionists of Irekind  arc being made by the Earl of Erne  on behalf of the Irish Distressed  Ladies' Fund. This fund is intended  to aid ladies who aro victims ot agrarian troubles, and of Uie system  now oinliodied in the operations of  the Irish land courts. There are  upon the hooks some 71 pensioners,  and ot these one Is 96 years old. Tho  average yearly grant Is "'100. Thc  organizers of the fund endeavor to  make such ladies independent hy procuring suitable occupation for thetn,  and the claims of education nnd  lllucss tiro also generously acknowledged, Tho fund will receive thc  cordial support of tho Unionists.  FRAGRANT  INJUSTICE.  The government of Canada should  surely treat its employees as well "as  corporations or private individuals  do. As amater of fact when a civil  sen-ant falls under tho poitical ban  fie is treated worse than the .poorest  railway sccth.n hand. ��������� He is often  dismissed without even being told  why his services nro being dispensed  with and -without being given a  chance to defend himself. When  Sir. .1. 11. yiioaipspn was dismissed  nt a few. .lays notice from thc position of li.'.mtcstcLUl inspector he, not  unnaturally, wrote to rthe Department  asking for the cause of his dismissal,  and the answer he has received  appeared in The        Herald.  Ti' tlio let'.iu* can bo believed no  charge was ntudo against him. but he  was just told thiii. he would have to  go. It a railway corporation, a  bank, or in f:ict any labor employing  institution -.vers to treat its employees  in a similar mf-nner there would be a  protest raised at once all over the  country, -jut thia government of ours  seeems utterly regardless alike of thc  feeiing or ihe people or the rights of  the civil servants. They run a labor  bureau ostozisihlv in the interests of  lhe laborers and mechanics but they  treat their own employees In si manner that v.'otih! he condemned by  every labor union in tho country.-  It" Mr. Thompson is accused or par-  tizanship, or of neglect of his duties,  it is only fair that he should know  it and be given a chance to defend  himself  A SOURCE  OT  ANN0VANCE.  One of the most useless features of  our pyKteiti of - government survey  is the read allowance plan. In nine  cases out of ten in the broken foothill country it is quite useless  and a great deal 01" hind is wasted  in this manner besides the- difliculty  which often c-nsueo when a inaii has  to fence a tract of country. The road  allowance should be done away with  in Western Alberta. It is only a  nuisance aud a prolific .-outre of  atmoy-uic..- to settlors. V.'hat is the  use of cutting off iand for roods  where reads can n.-\i-r be built. Tho  highways in the country will have  to be r-xpropr-.nt.-d alonir Ihe most  iKCvisary and feasible routes anil  we T.ottl.l stigg.-s! ili-it lOio'ti ih.: Do-  inlniot: land act comes up for  ainr-sdm.-nt. soon* at loa.-t of tlio re-  dictilous restrictions which ar.* now  Imposed by rmsim of the road allow-  attc- f-yslrrr. shouM he removed.  The sysiero is all very well whoro  it is all level r.ralrie :md roa-tl allotV'  ancc trails are :nu3tly passable', but  in a broken country v/here large  tracts art* fenced, the restrictions Imposed are trfr*o a. groat, annoyance  to the settler.  The Territorial government has  done well to appoint Mr. Calder, secretary of tho council of public  ir.rtmrtion. lie is a man of brilliant attainments, broadminded and  sobiilarly. r.nri during a number ot  years ax school inspector has gained  experii-jiPi; that that will hi; valuable  to him in his now position. Tho  position   is an   Important   otic  ;is  the  The  time is now ripe for aet.Ic.Tj.    No  trammels oi the past tie 'lown th'.'.Con- J .c/Jt...,.inry of the council nr public in-  eui-vat'ves.       Let  ri?rr.     --iH*   to     the 1 s-t-jj.-tion    practically adniinsK-r.s    the  jjK'z-ss'ian. -,_,   J educational Jaw of the Territories.  There wns such an outcry early in  the season over tho failure of the potato crop in .Ireland, that it comes  rather as a surprise to have a record  given of a return valued at "5500 per  acre. This crop was grown at Tynan Abbey, County Armagh. Thc  variety grown was the "up to date,"  and tho yield was nt the rate of 27  tons to the Irish acre of sound table  R. Thompson know why his services \ potatoes.     Of course an Irish acre is  were dispensed with,  on such methods.  Shame, shame  Kverybody Is wondering why the  Crow's Nest Coal company sold out a  property said to be worth one hundred million dollars for a twentieth  part of that sum. The only apparent explanation Is that the Toronto Globe wanted the spondulicks,  *  .    ���������       ���������  The American press gibes*at Britain  statute measure, hut still the yield is  an extardordinarly. largo one. In  years gone by, before the first failure  of thc potato in Ireland, $100 per acre  (Irish was no unusual return, but. the  price was very low.  ,     ARA13 BRIDES   '  Austrian -Ladies Wed    Circus  Arabs.  Something of a sensation has -been  caused in Vienna ' by the announcement that seven .Vienna ladies, weary  of   Europe   und   western .civilization.  on  account of reverses at the hands j ������='-" married seven male member of  a Bedouin trope which has been per-  of the Boers who are bplendid fight- ,  ers, are in their own country, have all  modern weapons and are officered hy  nion who have learned the art of war  in the best military schools of  Europe. Yet the British seldom  or never twit the Americans with  being held at bay fcr ovei two years  hy a band of semi t-.avages ia the  Phillipines  * * ������-  The Indian Head Videl.Lc learns that  correspondence has been going on for  some time past between some of Fort  Qu'Appelle business men and Toronto  capitalists respectluc tho buihling of  an- electric railway from Fort Qu'  Appelle to Indian Head, aud that  most encouraging news has just been  received from Toronto bv the promoters who are almost assured of the  road. It is intended to he run through  Wtde-Awtike. Messrs. Boyle, Fot-  liei'stouehaugh and Wililams, of Fort  Qu'Appelle,   feel   nuke    sanguine    of  success.  c  ������ ������ a  Sir. Fred Stimson in an interview  whicli apponrs in another column, is  quoted as saying that he does not  understand why the British government did not come back to the North  West for more horses after thoir  experioueo with the Strathcona  mounts. The Herald does not agree  with Sir.' Stimson in this particular.  The only wonder will he if the Imperial government ever buy more  horses from the Territories on account of thc bad advertisement which  was given us ihrougli Dr. Alcfiach-  rpii's rlugs.  forming iu the Austrian capital dur  ing the summer and autumn. Five oil  these adventurous women arc spinsters and two are widows, and they  have .hist accompanied their Asiatic  spouses to their native deserts and  oaiscs, whore they are to be "again  married after the Arabic ceremony.  Th*-; scene at the station when they  took their farewell of "Felix Austria"  was truly astounding.' The platform  was crowded with ': sympathetic  friends, the majority of whom were  women aud girls, and not a few among  thorn expressed their envy of their  sisters who had won such magnificent husbands. ��������� All the seven brides,  according to the ungallaut reporter,  "were of uncertain age," and, as they  all had some property, he insinuates  that the Arabs' were not so much  fascinated bythdir .beauty and youth  as by their gold and silver. The  crowd of women left on the platform  as the train steamed, out burst into  tears at the departure of thc heroes  of the circus.   o   . THE   ENGLISH   OFFICER  Through  hitter nights    and    burning  davs  Ho  watched   the  veldt stretch  hare  and griiv  At home beside the cheerful blaze.  We wrote our views of hiai  After breeding Shorthorn cattle for  15 years with profit, my experience,  writes a Manitoba farmer. Is really  more ln lino with new beginners than  that of thn laiger brooders. Always  keeping a dozen or bo, I am greatly  Interested in the young breeders find  anxiouB that Ihey avoid the dangers  that I know exist in starting in this,  the boat and niotit satisfactory  branch of farming.  The beginner should buy- a cow, not  a heifer. - The-belter may or may not  develop according to promise, hut a  four year'old cow can be bought for  wbat sho Is, T would not advise a'  beglner to buy from a farm where  much importalng and selling is done.  A skilful .herdsman In such a place  can feed and fit heavily, knowing his  animal will bo sold before any bad  'effects show. I owned Windsor (Imp)  after ho had been fitted for throe or  four months by tho Russells, and his  stomach was burned, completely out.  Half a bushel of chop was of no moro  value to him than  so raucb chaff.  Furthermore, a cow that is so reared as to mature at, say four years. Is  .bigger, stronger, more apt to bo Tortile  and worth, for keeping purposes, very  ���������nearly or n"lto double what tho same  cow would be worth If forced and  ripened h. year earlier..  Beginner*., seeing at tho big farms  and shows the way cattle are fed,  sometimes buy blanket and fit, Limine-, like the Journalist who wants a  Christmas number every Issue, to beat  everybody else. That chap's rattle  will go to pieces and he will burn his  fingers. The nature of tho cow calls  for grass, shade, water nnd liberty,  a good  share of the year.  In choosing a bull, I always get  an old one if I can. Nine-tenths  tho prize calves fail to hold their  lead when mature, many being Impotent, or nearly so. and old sires  get  the  strongest  stock,  anyway.  I once smi' a prist" winner at Toronto and Winnipeg with back, shoulder, rib and loin perfect, hut whose  fine bono and effeminate head and  horn Is lo me, at-least, assign tbat-  he will never pet strong, sappy stock.  Th������ use of hlcr. strong, m*iS"iiline  bulls, like Village Hero, Caithness.  Robbie O'Dav: or Judce is safe  cnouirli. A hull's head might better  bo extra heavy, '.approaching coarseness like Topsmaii. fT weak ca'vci'  follow the_use of a bull-with a heifer's  head. Remember. It is easier ,1.0 breed  down than up. ami a e-o-d big one  "s "belter than " a frond lilLle one.  Never let the r-alf fat get off the  animal. Lot your h-lfors pi���������due. at  three years. Filed .plenty ct bi'mi.  Never overstock p-~iEhiros. ITcp \,\,t  square hulls at least three years old.  "Do you think all those wealthy  pooplo should go to church on Sunday?"  "I most cortainly do" They play  enough all tho week, aad they ought  to lie mado to work one day of it"  The Engineer  I.cauitig from the cab window docs more  with his ears than his eyes. The "nimble and grumble and roar" of his engine  nre to him articulate speech, and a false  note in that jumble of "sou uds  would catch his  ear as quickly as  a discord would  strike the car of  the leader of an  orchestra.  He thinks more  of his engine than  himself. That is  why he neglects  to notice symptoms whicli are  full of warning.  The foul tongue,  the hitter taste,  sour risings, and  undue fullness after eating are hut  syiiijitoms of dys-  pcjisia or some  form of disc.'ise involving the stomach and organs of  digestion and nutrition. In time the heart, liver, lungs,  or other organs arc involved and the  engineer has to lay off.  Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery  cures diseases of thc stomach and organs  of digestion ami nutrition. It purifies'  tlie blood and Ij'tilds up the body with  sound healthy flesh.  "I inert'ten bottles of  Iir.  Plurce'a  tlolden  Mcdic'il Disc-oviTy nnd scvcialvinNof lii������' Pleus.  ;et    nnt lvllcts' a yt'iir :ii;o t his sprlnR. nml liiivo I101I  nf   no trouble with imliKCbtlon sine*," write.., Mr.  ,      IV. T. 'l'liu.iipioii.ot'Townseiid, nroailwnlcr Co..  '    Moiitann.   " Wonts fail to tell linw tlmtikfut I  um for lhu relief, as I li.vl auflrriil so much and  it ������ccnu:<l that the doctors could do me no Kootl.  I pot down in n-eiglit to i?5 pounds, mid was not  nlite to work at all.   Now I weigh 1C0 mid can  do a d.iy'-������ work on the farm.    I have recommended  your  medicine to fccveial, and  Rliall  nlwRys have a irood word to say for Dr. Fierce  aud hLs medicine.'.  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.  ������   J.-M.-SCQTT. J&A., J>.L.B '  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public., Btc  McKenUe Avenue, Revelstoke Station.  Money to Loan  HAKVEY. McOARTBR & PINKHAM  . Barrhrtere, Solicitors., Etc  Sollcltoim    for    Imperial    Bank    of  Canada  Company funds to loan at 8 per cent.  Offlces:.   Molsons  Bank Bleck  tint Street, Revelstoke Station, B.O.  J. W. CROSS  Ofies  Mackenele Avenue, Revetaok*  Surgeon to the C. P. R,  Health. Officer. City of Revelstoke.  Methodist Church. Revelstoke  ������EL '% ft���������" C,aTq ffleeUnS at the  ������we of the morning. service. -Sat*  S?^..8Ch001 aBd B,ble ctoBS at l-S.  Weekly, prayer meeting every Wed-  needay evening at 7:30. The puWlt  Me cordially invited.   Seats free,  BBV.8.J.TH0MPS0N,  Pastor.  A STRANGE rtlUDAT.  We  mourned  brain:  Wn judged  him  ���������slow.  How  much of  what  vain.  How much ho did not know'  his   curious     lack    of  titDid. Judged him  know  wa  was  Too well he loved each foolish frame:  "Is war a same?" we sternly cried.  And.  wliile we    talked  of "England's  name.  For England's sake he died.  ���������London Spectator.  ������-  reasure  t  ���������*������ ��������������������� n-'i ������*������.'V**-<s.-V���������������*��������� ������������������������������������������ m v i ��������� ������5i^-V������*������*^'**V*VV"''������'fc V"������ ������~'"^^  A STRANGE   QUEST.   THE   DUKE   OF   ARGYLE  RFv  .'   PORTED  TO BE   MAKING   ARRANGEMENTS   TO  HUNT FOR  TREASURE   LOST   IN TIME OF  GREAT ARMADA.  Ixmdoi. .fan. fi.���������Severn I inlcrcstinfc efforts to recover treasure that  has lona lain at thf: 1/ottoru of th" sea will stsnalizi-i.the opening year  of the new century. Of tln-s" lh& two rnojt imoortaat un; one which  is to b������ undertaken under tin- auspices of tbe Lloyds, off the roast cf  Holland, and the other under the direction of tl������<* Duke of Arsyll. on ihu  ���������coast of Scotland  In the Cormrr *.-ase r.hi- treasure <-m<Hints to JS.OoO.OOO In bar sold, sunk  in her majestv's Khlo Lutine 1:1 1T?D. Tho Xmhorlandu claim.*u Uiu  wreck, owing to rt lust being witl'.in the three mile limit of thr- Dutch  coast. But. after much lesal controversy and n^cotlatioit. which ha-  extende.l over the irr-atcr nart of tho century now drawlni; to a close  the Netherlands ffiyvernrneut. lias slven Its consent tn Uovds takinir tlio  necessary shops to recover the treasure, wliich war, originally shipped  for tiy purooso of furnishing tie neecse-ixy supplier to tbe uovernmr-nw  of tho <:ontiueniaI tiowera in the otruggie attain.*! the firat Napoleon.  Tho wreck  has  heen   located  and    the    treasure  l������  r.< r-*Ksibl=.  Tho rrther t.reunur������* Tias Ittin cftnrealerl by the *!'<ip for wveri1 huri  dreds of years, dating hack to the timo of thc Spanish Armada. ':!.;���������  craft cotztaireins the trcasuro bor������ the name nf Admiral of Florence  and now Iier; in Loch .Duan in comparatively shallow water. The Dtik������  of Argyll has a man show ine* exactly whore If now )jjjc. prid a bo::*.  300 years ago one of his aaco.-tor." employe*! a m.in r.ith ������> .Uvitti; bo.1:  to heprin operations. Th������ diver succeeded in recover!ntr. yorne cannon,  but ftiispendert* operations on the sovernment notifytnK him that, anything recovered was the property of tbe crovm. in spite of th������ fact that  the* waters and shore rights at tbe spot Where the wreck lies are the  property of the  Duke of Argyll.  According to the ancient laws nf Great .Britain, all treasure trove  is a pijrquisfte of the crown, no rnfirter on whoso pronerty if. mriy he  found, and this naturally had a deterrent effect upon any search, for  treasure.  Owing, ��������� however. ������o the fact that the Duchess of Argyll is a daughter  of fho Qur-en. the latter has agreed to forego the rights of the crown  to all treasure trove rights* In connection with the wreck of the Armada, flagship, the Admiral of Florence, and all the gold, sliver and  t.rr.cions stones recovered will belong exclusively to the. Duke ������nd  Duchess of Argyll, who are beginning operations with a vle-iv to a search  of thc wreck early in tho ne*w year.  There In now every prospect, therefore, thnt the dukedom of Argyll,  now so poor that tho duke has br-eT obliged 10 let his ancestral castle  for a term of years t.o a paU-nt food millionaire, will ero long be  placed In possession of sufficient trttisure to restoro the somewhat dim-  mod fortune of the house. ^  .   ...    ������.,������,���������, ,-���������  A foil! 11  In the   l-Iotlse.  There was a strange wedding feast  Sunday ni^'it in thc apartments of  the Misses fa 1 roll, at No. 240. East  One Hundred and Twenty-eight  street. New i'ork. Miss Sarah Cat-  roll, arrayed in thc white robes of a  bride, stood beside the coffin of hor  dead sister "tlary, and weeping, placed  her bridal bouquet upon the top of tho  coilin with other floral tributes which  had been sent to .'decorate the apartments rilr the wedding of the former.  "Mary will be buried today In St.  Raymond's cemetery, West Chester.  Sarah will follow the funeral cortege  to tho burying ground, and give up  her honeymoon for which she had  planned for several months.  Sarah was married in the recory of  St. Raymond's church by Dean Mc-  Kenna to Thomas J. McGurl, tho son  of a well to do hotel keeper of Main  street, West Chester. They have  known each other since they wero  children. Their engagement, which  was announced six months ago, 'was  regarded as one of the pleasant bits  of gossip of the early spring. - Six  weeks ago they began to prepare for  the wedidng. No one took greater  interest in the preparations than Miss  Mary Carroll, who Is 27 years old  She assisted in the maturing of all  the plans of the bride elect up to two  weeks ago. when she began to com  plain of severe Illness, and allowed  her sister Sue to take her place.  It was not thought that anything  serious would happen to her. and the  arrangements for the wedding were  all completed with the expectation  that she would be one of the -bridal  party. One hundred invitations were  issued to friends for the reception  after the ceremony, which was to  have taken place In St. Raymond's  church. Because of the fact that she  Mvas-conlirmed-In-St~Raymbnci's, the  bride desired to be married there in  preference to her own church, All  Saints, One Hundred and Twenty-  ninth street and Sfadislon avenue  A caterer bad been engaged to provide an elaborate supper for the  guests at the One Hundred and  Twenty-eight street house.  iMiss Mary Carroll suffered a severe  relapse a week ago. On Saturday  tier condition was regarded as hopeless. The physicians were urged by  the family (o use heroic measures to  keep her alive unlll after-the wed-  flttig. That was her wish. Everything that medical lore could suggest  was done to extend hor tenure - of  life, winch became every moment  more feeble Sunday morning sho  realized thai she had only a short  time to live, and kissed her sisters  goodbye.      ai n 0.L..oel{ sJ]0 diu(1  Messengers were sent to those who  had received Invitations to the wedding recalling them.- It was added  that on aceount of the death of Maty  Carroll the ceremony would be performed privately in the rectory of the  church, instead of in the edifice, and  .it J o'clock in the afternoon Instead  of ar ������ o'clock.  For a tlrno it was thought that tho  bride who was pro.iLrated with grief,  would he unable to go through (he  ceremony. She managed to recover  sullicjenf/y to go io the rectory. Her  sister, Sue, acted as bridesmaid, and  Walter Charles was best man. Upon  the return of tho bridal party to tlie  house they found that tho undertaker  had laid out the dead woman in a  handsome coflln.  A I*ra"s crucifix shone out lu tlie  light of burning candles at the head  of the coffin. Black draperies covered thc windows and pictures on the  wall. In the dining room an informal supper w?ts served Tor Uie immediate bridal party. There was no  music, no mirth, no Joy. The bride  wept and the bridegroom looked sorrowful. The bridegroom woro the  original gown made for her and the  wreath. Her boiinuot was of white  IJrldal   roses.  The honeymoon has been postponed  until next summer.  St Peter's Church (Angllcaa)  Bight. a.m.,. Holy Eucharist; 11  a.m., matins, litany and sermon (Holy  Eucharist, flrst Sunday in tho month);  3: SO Sunday school, or chlldiwu'  eervice; TfSO evensong (choral) - sal  Bermon. Holy Days���������The Bat?  Eucharist is celebrated at 7 a.tn. orO  *������������������>*���������. as announced. .. Holy - Baptism  attar Sunday school at 3:16.  a A.PROCUNTER, Vicar.,  Presbyterian  Church   -  Service  every  8unday    at  11  a.m  and 7.30 p.m.   Bible Class at 2:30 p.  m. to which all are welcome. Prayer  meeting at 8 p.m. .every Wednesday-  BEV. W. C. CALDER, Pastor.  Soman Catholic Church   ������������������  Mara vfir-Bt and  third-   Sundays In  month at 10:30 a.m.   REV^FATHER THAYER.  Salvation Army  {    Meeting every  night  in their hall  lon.fcront street  $A$A$A$A%A$A$A$i$4$A$i$i&  Thc_   Revelstoke Hera  (SEMI-WEEKLY)  Ia the leading newspaper el  the great mining districts or'  West Kootenay.' It gives all  the latest mining, telegraphic and local news, written up  in authentic, reliable and read-'  able article's from unqtteatloii--  able information.     It   enjoys  a large circulation and is consequently   unequalled   as   an  advertising   medium   ln- tb*  Sold ln  which lt is piifciitthM.  /  Subscription $2,00. Per HnnUm  $1,25 For Six Months,  Strictly in Advance.  It takes a foremost piace ln  the race tor prominence and  popularity with business  houses and as a consequence  does more business' with  those- requring printed stationery and office supplies than  ' any' other printing   establish  ment ln Eastern British Columbia. The class of work  turned out has been pronounced equal to any thing of the  kind executed in the large  cities by much larger prfnt-  erfee.  Job^Printiiig Department  Is equipped with tha latest  'races ln type designs and all  work entrusted to The Herald  la handled by expriecosd  workmen who thoroughly understand the proper use of the  material   at   their   disposal.,  The Herald does not claim, to  bathe only printing house in  the district but it does claim  to be  .  ��������� *.   <���������    Su'.? :'!  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DRAMATIC  SCENE  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������O������������������������0������������������������������0������������  DEATH ON CHINAMEN  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  *  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  *  ���������  .���������  Halifax, Jan. 9.���������The steamer Roslyn Castle with the Second Canadian contingent made out oC the harbor at 7 o'clock laat evening  and camo to anchor at quarantine half nn hour later. Sho remain-'  ed there until this morning, the troops disembarking at' 7 this  morning. Many friends of tho Cuhadlan Mounted Rifles and the  baterlos have beon here for several days anticipating the arrival  of the Roelyn Castle, which was at last sighted ��������� last evening.  There were prospnt ln Halifax Mrs. Ogllvie,' whose husband la in  command of B. battery, R. C. A., and Mrs. Ogllvie, wife of Lieut  "Eulff" Ogi'.vlo. of tho Bame battery; Mrs. Cufhbert. Mrs. Begin  and Mrs. Sutton. Mrs. Cuthbort and Mrs. Begin had travelled all  the way fro-i< Port Macleod to meet their husbends. Mrs. Cutb-  bert sent hor good man away a captain, and she wos able to welcome  him back a major. Mrs. Ogllvie. Lietitonant Ogllvio's wife, waa  here, It might be said to resume an interrupted' honeymoon. The  young lleutenint was a member of Canada's permanent force and  waB stationed at Kingston. Hemarrled Miss White, of Montreal,  a few weeks before���������the war broko out and they were spending their  honeymoon In London when Lieu tenant Ogllvie got. an offer of a  place in Canada's second contingent Ho relates with pride that  his wife stronjrly urged him to accopt, and ahe never wavered ln her  opinion when iu the darkest times that he did the right thing ln  going. Lteutenant Ogllvie thinks, however, that Canada ia a good  enough place ln which to continue tho honeymoon. Immediately  on sighting of the vessel arrangements were made for going out  into the harbor to convoy greetings. There was first tho quarantine boat, then tho boat containing the Ottawa officials, who had  been detailed for payment and reception of thc contingent. A boat  contiming the ladles followed. But when the quarantine bout  reached the suId it waa ascertained that Lieutenant Sutton had succumbed to enteric rover on tbe voyage, when lt was seen at once  it would never do to to allow  the   ladles  to   come    aboard.  that  A boat wns thnrefore sent to interrupt them, and they were told  tnat there was sickness on board. Their feelings mav be imagined.  At length, however, Father Slnuott. who had mtnlBtered to Lieutenant Sutton' to tho end. and Major Forrester wore tahon to the  Arugs, where Mrs. Sutton was, and broke tho news to the unfortunate lady. 'It waa one of the most painful scenes which one  wno nad seen many painrul aecrtes har, witnessed. Notwithstanding the Heverend' Father's effort to soften the ehonk the blow  W'���������J,\i, ?ul ?nf to th0 y������unS wifu* u *��������������������� the culmination of  a month of-anxiety Interrupted or a few wordsrof hone to end in  utter ruin. The event completely quenched ��������� tho glad rejoicing.  Sergeant Trumpeter lnglis. of Winnipeg, also "died of enteric fever  and was buriod at eea. His wife, It is understood, lives in- Winnipeg. Eigjit men are still in th ' hospllal. but are considered convalescent Numbers of tbe men and officers are still suffering  rrom the toils and privations and the work of tho later part of the  campaign . lieutenant Moodie, a man of unusual vigor and who  nas nan his full ahare of campaigning was out of bed. but not much  more Mnior Forester will proceed immediately to -England to  consult physicians. . Many ofllcers. however, declare that they  never felt better in their lives, Lteutenant Colonel Evans, Lieutenant Colonel Leasard. Major Williams. Major Hurdman. Captain-  Costignn. .and Captain Mackee. Major Massie. Sergeant Maior Wor-  tningron. Captain Allan. Lieutenant Eustace. Captain Wynne and  nitrara t.w all well. The men-were paid off at once. Lieutenants  Colonel \ tdal and Jarvis working half the night at the job. They  will he landed at 10 o'clock today, and acocrded a hearty reception  by the citirens of Halifax. The C. P���������.. U. Telegraph company  extended thp same -jrivilego to this lot of men as lt has to them  all. giving them the right-to send messages to relatives. Accordingly a great bundle of despatches were taken ashore and  Hashed  to anxious friends in all parts of Canada  t  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� '  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ��������� '  ���������  ���������  ���������  Three   Western   Railway  Amalgamate.  They Had Butchered   His Relatives-  He Shot Them on  Sight.-A Life  of Vengenco.  Mokil Is one. of the islands of tho  Caroline group of the" western Pacific.  The folowtng   gruesome story of   an  American who once lived on tho  island is vouched for by' a writer in  the Pall Mall Gazette:  Ono day in November,. 1860, a  sma|l Sydney trading schooner called  off Mokil. The one white trader  living on the island came off in his  whaloboat. He was an American of  about 50 years, bronze-faced, stout  and muscular' and. quiet unassuming.  Ho had juBt agreed to supply, the  captain, with some pigs, turtle and  poultry in return for somo European  provisions, when the Chinese cook  and steward came into the cabin. The  trader looked at the man cautiously  for a moment.  "Is he a Contonese?'!'he asked tho  skipper. . ,'  "Ay! He comes from the Kwang  Tung  province,  I  believe."  "Thought bo by the run of his eye.  Been with you long, sir."  "No. I only shipped him from  Sydney this trip," replied the master.  Presently the American arose.  "Well. I guess I'll get along ashore,  captain. Perhaps it would be Just  as well If you let your steward come  with me and pick out the pigs you  want Trust a Chinaman to tell a  good pig."  The captain assented to the proposition and ln a few minutes the trader  accompanied by the steward, left the  ship and went on shore.   .  An hour afterward the boat returned, bringing the pigs, poultry and  turtle, but without the Chinese  steward. I  "Where's my steward?" asked the  captain. , |  "He's  dead,"    replied    tide ��������� trader '  calmly.     "I shot him'tho moment I I  got him InBide my house.   Now don't'  get mad captain.     Here's a man I've  brought aboard  who'll make pust as  good a Bteward-as the Chow."  "Why did you murder the-man?"  gasped the astonsihed captain.  "I didn't murder him. I shot him  as I mean to shoot every damned  Chinaman I come across In the'South  Seas. I can do it down here."  Then he told his story.  "When I was   a lad of 14 I sailed , _.  .   ���������   ., ___  with my father in a big lump of a ' P������int   on,r,ilf-   companv'a   mam  between Vassar and  Spraguo  IBig Railway Project  ���������^*>������������>������������������������������������������������������������*.������������m������������������������������������������������������������������������������������qo������>������������������������������������������������������������  Companies  THE MOLSONS BANK  Incorporated by Act '6p PXki^akent, 1855.  ��������� , ���������. , . .   .������  HEAD OFFICE MONTREAL  The, North Saskatchewan    Country to be   Reached.���������A  Number of Colonial Appointments.���������War News.���������  Roberts' New Titles.  Ottawa, Jan. 4.���������The Canadian I to cause considerable indignation ���������  Northern railway will apply to par-! among the parties referred tn anfl  Uament next, session for an act con-' 1,lst evening about 5:20 he'was me*  flriniig amalgamation with the On- ��������� on Front Btroet bv one of the ladle*  tario and Rainy River railway com- i accompanied bv her husband. wh������  pany and tho Manitoba Sonthcasiern , Publicly horsewhipped him. (Shaver;,  railway and confirming thf* bond is- i Tho affair has caused intense excite-  suea-and mortgages securing the men*- ia town.  same,covering tho Ontario divisions SITllflTlflN IN PUIIMA  and the Gilbert Plains branch of the. ol.lUHI ,ul' ������������������' UHINA.  company, and authorizing the company -to make traffic and other arrangements with 'the company constructing _a bridge over tho Rainy  river, and with the Minnesota.'Railway company and empowering tho  company to coneruct the following  lines of rallwav* '  1.   Commencing at-a point  on thn  Paid up Capital  Rnfit Fund  DIBBtTTORg:  Wm. Molson MAcnreasoK, President;  92,500*000  3,060,0������������  !K1lt"g:  "��������������� molson JKAcnreasoK, PrcaWeatt-SU H. Kwma  v<��������� r-. ������������������������������������    ,  W. IC ElMSAV. S^KL ������������������, J* P. CU^OHH.   H*i������������!&V&������~������������' .  JAUK8 Eu.iot, General Uaniger.  A general banking business transacted.     Interest allowed at current;.:  rftt*8' ���������   J* D. MOL80N.  MAMAQER, rtEvaLSTOCB, B.C.  mmmuiut  DELAY IN NEGOTIATIONS  flrst' mentioned  lino west of Carman   think   that   he  thence to a geerally. southerly dlrec-, The viceroys objocUonTSre "Steely"  hermaphrodite brig called the  a  Luba.  in  the    China-Valparaiso '    ?'   fencing  at  L'efr.   Hong   Kong   one   time  ���������������������������������������������������������������������0*������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������0������t.������������������������oo  Exit Dr. McEachren.  'The Dominion Veterinarian Relieved of  bis   Duties.  The  news  that  Dr.  McKachren has  . been,  relieved   hy  the  government of  his   duties  as  Chief Veterinarian  for  the Dominion will be an' item of the  ���������   greatest  possible  interest.���������and  satisfaction���������to the'ranchers of Alberta.  The news is also a matter of some  '..satisfaction to The Herald. We Have  always liked Dr. McEachren as a  private individual, for be has many  genial qualities. But. as our readers  know, we Iind no manner of use for  him in-his official capacity, and the  ranching country is to bo congratulated on his removal.  The genial Doctor has no kick  coming over what nas happened. Ho  is a wealthy man and ho retires at a  age .when most men would prefer to  lie free from tho worry and trouble  ot - a high official position. Ho ^is  manager of a iargo ranching company  in South-jrn Alberta and he. will 'now  be ahlf* to devote his abilities to :.m  owu and his company's business 'Tt  appears therefore that the dismissal  is a matter i'or congratulation all  round���������io  tno   ranchers,  to  tne gov-  - eminent, u: the .company, to The  Herald and to the Doctor mmself :  It is reported; that Dr. McEacuren  will he succeeded by Dr. Rutherford  l'.x-M.lJ. f  A BRANDON BLAZE  THE GOVERNOR TO LEAVE  Sir Edward McCallum to be Succeeded  as Governor of Newfoundland by  Sir John Brampston.  St John's, Nnd.. Jan, 8.���������Sir Edward McCallum will leave early in  March to assume the governorship of  Natal. Reports say'that he will be  succeeded as governor of Newfoundland by Sir John Brmston, who was  chairman of the royal commission of  inquiry into the French, shore question in 1893.  AUSTRALIA'S   WHEAT   CROP  Ottawa, Jan. 4.���������The department of  trade and commerce haa received  from J. Sharke, commissioner in  Australia, a r������ ort toted from Sydney, New South "Wale*/. December 4.  He says that the wheat harvest in  New South Wales is estimated to  yield 18,867.000, an average of 11.9  bushels to the aero. This in about  live million bushel*? more than last  ' years  crop.  Two Business Blocks  Destroyed  and  One Damaged.     $25,000 the Extent of the Loss.    Good Ser-  " vice by the   Firemen:  Brandon, Jan. 7.���������Brandon suffered  severely hy fire early yesterday morning. Two Rosspr avenue business  blocks having been destroyed and one  damaged. Thc firemen did valiant  service and had the buildings been of  a substantial character the loss would  have been slieht. The sufferers are:  D. A. Reesor. ieweller; W. J. Curie,  confectioner; J. O. Todd. XV 3. Young  & company, groi-ers: Geo. Botting,  Barber: D. H. Srott. Insurance agents;  McDonald & Calvert, gent'n furnishings. Dr. Powers, thc Brandon college  and   Brown ' &    Mitchell    were  ii.'imaged by smokr* and water  total  loss will be about 826,000.'  The  We   were  trade.  undor  charter  to' take 36   coolies   to  Tahiti.     My    mother,, two    younger -  brothers ahd in? ulster were aboard��������� |  had been'i.ai'it: g in tho L.uba for nigh I  on four ;"eaiv*      Mate, was'-my uncle.  Regular ,* family  ship.      We    carried  nine hands.      i'"lived forward.      One  night,  whan '-p  were  two  days  out.  the  Chow's  ai.v!e .*.' sudden' rush.      I '  was  aloft  w'th  a   Swede staving the  top-gaMant    will       They first.  killed  every   nan   >f tl*.' watch on deck, then  they  went    below    and    slaughtered  every  '.ivl-iir s- n!   forward    and    aft.  fi hulf an aoir it was all over, and  they- lowevd    ihe   two    boats    and  cleared out.     The Swede and I came '  ou deck, arid this  is what    we saw: ���������  My fiivher.   ootl-er and sister s heads  were  lying  on  tno main  duck.      My  two liltle brothers. 5 and 7 years ot  age.    were   just   trunks���������hands, feet,  heads gone���������and iiy sister's body (she !  was   17. or-morel   wis  d'semboweled  and  thrown  across the fife rail. And  every  other  body  was    hacked    and j  slashed about, rtunks of flesh-lying;  around everywhere. i  "They  had    set the    brig on    fire \  F"e"eh baTine  tt^Hame day.  "That's why I always shoot one of !  the Chinamen when I get the chance."  Viceroys Protest against the Terms.  Vexatious Delays.    More  Ttoublo In Sight.  company's line between ^lm*tr*-eg and viceroy' of yJiTSe* ta^ iSLhZ  Marchand. thence in a geWlly west-  ������*%������ Jolnrnfteh J crated ffi  fi!Ld,r0CVOnMO a Pt������int DOar -2a,rraan ' 8U,T"-^ here, but the faS tnat the  then passing.through, or near Belmont other southern viceroys alio had pro!  to  the   western    boundary  of  Manl-, testcd.causlng the country to Insect  2. Commencing,at a point, on the ' '^erT^^^J'^J^ ^  last mentioned lino between Carman P^'a. ^ a great *****"<>* in  and Red' River, thence ln a generally   The airrcomenf h-m net ���������������  w^^ ���������  nrrh^a4V,adl^r������,ne.    *   "' ������** . ~������1?*^^ ^JK  will   sign   tomorrow.  tion. passing  through  Manitou to the j i��������� .SmTol thoaf whlcl," the court  'n^mm^neC^a point on t^^S^i^^  LS^ES i^a^ne^s^h^ ~H^ ������  dlrcctl-n to a point near Emerson i! xL?.Un?>!han,s'L the ?ourt eventually  and commencing at a point  on    the  '        ' . ���������   Influenced  by the protest from the south, because it was generally felt that tho  dynasty had less influouce thero than  in tho north.Chnng Tung has strongly urged the court not to return to  Pekin, but to establish a capital iu  the Yang Tse valley. Ho says this  will strengthen the south toward tho  Chinese cause; also that the sighing of the agreement as it exists at  present would be a most serious  menace to tho dynasty, as the state"  of the country Is doubtful. The note  will be signed if China is very sincere in carrying out the provisions  of the agreement  Li Hung Chang is invisible to the  public. His attendants claim that  he is suffering from a relapse, though  many persons think his relapse, is  made a convenience so the s'gning  of the note can bo delayed until the  court can be heard from again.  I D, Sibbald  agreed   to  endeavor   to  make   better  ������m������   wiiiu������*m;iujj <������.  a   norm   ou     tne i tpr-mo' nftnr  ihn   <ilo-r,<n~ ���������������   .il   "f^  said  line and  thence in a generally I $������? court"donbttoa?   L������   in^, UOt<S  I easterly direction along or ne*r the  -       - doubtless    was   Influenced  ' row of townships    numbered i.  to a  line  REAL ESTATE  MINING  AND   .  INSURANCE  AGENT  McKenzie Ave,  RATE.$l.oo PER DAY  a     point,    one  ,mllo  north    of    the. company's  line  between.  Winnipeg    and    Ste   Anne,  thence in a generally southerly direc-  tio  to  the" international   boundary.  6. Commencing at a point on the  company's line near, the end nf the  40 miles constructed bv the" Winnipeg, Rneat Northerni railwav company tlieDce to the village of St. Laurent, thence, to Oak- Point on Lake  Manitoba,' thence in a generally northerly direction to a paint near Grand  Rapids on the Saskatchewan  rlvor.  7. Commencing at a point, on thc  company's line between Oak ��������� 'Lake  and Macdonald. thence in a generally  westerly dlrectlonUo Brandon, thence  In a generally northwestei ly direction  to the provincial boundary near township 15 or 16, thence In a tiennrally  northwesterly direction to a point nn  ,the company's line northwest of -3at-  tieford. "  V ���������: .,   COLONIAL APPOINTMENTS  A DREADFUL FATALITY.  THE  QUERN'S  MESS AGS  A WINNIPEG FIRE  Property to the Extent of $30,000 gone  up in Smoke. A List ofthe Losses.  Winnipeg. Jan. 7.���������Main street.  Winnipeg, was'visited by a rather  disastrous firo early yesterday morning and as^'a ��������� result, about - $30,000  worth of property was destroyed in  the space of a few hours. The places  Jtnirnedjomprised^hat^musical-centre  occupied by the Grundy Music company, Samuel L. Barrowclough, H. B.  Marcy and the Winnipeg theatre box  office, as well as the jewellerv establishment of Mr. Thos. C. Thurman  SECOND    THE   ADDRESS  Montreal. Jan. 8.���������Charles Marcil,  the young member for Bonavenlure  has been asked by Sir Wilfrid Laurier  to second the address in reply' to  ���������the speech from the throne when the  house opens, and ha= accepted. It  is not known who will more the  reply, but he will be an English-  speaking member from Ontario, probably Hyman of London.  GREAT SNOW    STORMOlN  RUSSIA  Trains Buried.  Odessa. Jan. 9.���������Dozen.*, of irainn  nro snowed un on Uie Southern railways, and some arn completely hurled. Thousands of laborers have been  despatched to clear the. tracks. 8ev-  eral - Russian steamers are mlssine.  Sebastopopl is full of vessels which  have taken shelter in the harbor from  the gales. The snow fall in tho last  three days has been so heavv that  no walls have arrlvdd ��������� hero  "New Homestead Inspector  A, Jumping Pond Rancher Gets the Appointment.  -W. W. Stvart. of Jumping- Pond,  has been appcinted Homestead Inspector, vice. J. R. Thompson. Mr:  Stuart is a rancher of several vears:  experience; a man who Is well posted  on western matters, and. of course, a  strong Liberal.  The Earl  of Hopetown was  sworn  in   as  the   firs>t  governor   general   ot  the federated      Australian-    colonies, .'  amidst  hcpjips  o"  pageantry  such  as ���������  the  world  had    never    seen    before  attempted      on   this      side   of'     the  world.   Scores of thousands of people  participated    in    tne    demonstration.  The  rejoicing'of  the  CommonweaTlh .  was  intensified ,bv  a  message  wblyu ���������  Queen  Victoria sent through. Colonial  Secretary    Chamberlain,    and    wliich  was  read   hv  the  Earl   o?  Ilcnetqwn  as follows: '       !  "The Queen commands, me to ex-I  press through you to the people^ of ,  Australia, Her Majestv's heartfelt' in-'  terest in the inauguration of the Com- '  nionwealth. and "her earnest wish,  that under divine Providence it may  Sir Alfred Milner to be Governor ofthe  Transvaal. ,   Nsw   Governor   for  Cape Colony.    The Governor  -    'of Newfoundland  lo be-  "Governor of Natal.  ' London. Jan. 5.���������Tha following colonial office appointments wero, .announced'last evenins: . ,  - Sir,'Alfred Milner, to be governor  of the Transvaal and ' British high  commissioner.  ' The Hon. Sir Walter Francis Hely  Hutchinson, ..governor of Natal and  Zululand since 1893, to be the governor of Cane Colony.'  Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Edward McCullum, governor of New-  fo-indlaud since 1898,'ana aiao--ne-  camp to the Queen since 1900 to bo  governor of Natal.  .Maior Hamilton John Goold Vdams.  resident commissioner of tne, uecnu-5  analaud protectorate,' to be tho Hen-  tenant governor of the Orange River  colony. _  tight Men Killed   in a    Railway   Accident,    All Railroadmen.  .Fairmont. XV. Va.. Jan. S.���������An east  bound encine with 23 empty cars collided with a west bound engine run-  nig light o the bridge crossing the  mouth of Coon run. above the Evo*'-  son section on the Monongha division of tho Baltimore & Ohio railway  today killing eight men and injuring  three more fatally. " '  Both eiigney wew going at full  speed to switch as the Pittsburg  flyer was nearly due. The dead are  all, railroad mon. - fc  The  C olumbia  Good accommodation. , A good  well supplied with choice wi  liquors and cigars.  O  B.  Free Bus Meets All Trains  Brown   & Pool  11 ���������* -   X  Proprietors  P. 5URNS 8c CO.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton- Sausage  Fish and Came in season.  The Revelstoke  Herald  ensure increased prosperity and weil ' ���������_��������� n ...  ^in^^fJi^l -an.d belove? -**���������.; JNew'CpmmanderrinrCriief  The  weather for such tin occasion'!   '   -*'������������������''  -       * ''  was not <Jf the best,-but it -did not 1  JfiSi.TSS'.n'SSv nrr^"! p������e ! Th5 E?.rl t K?ndah3r and P"*������������* !���������������"���������  cession formed ol  ministers, officials.' , at Work in the War Office,  judges,   clergymen,  'members'of,..the j  -i-���������,������'     ..T~-..'   ~i    r,   ,    ,v.  house of commons, and trades unions, ! ,.���������t?������d������n\3*?- J1"���������? Ea|' ������$ K:���������-  and   all   kinds  of   people,   allegorical    dahar-and   Pret������na     is  already-im-  cars, colonial. Indian,, and Imperial  troops and bluejackets moved at 10  o'clock down the vtroop route toward  Government House. ' Stands ' which  had been erected - at every available  spot   woro   th'ouged   with "sightseers.  AGAINST  AMERICA  Germany   to  Institute a Sharp   Tariff  Against America.  * Berlin, Jun. 8.���������The Berlin panel's  report an aliened interview uranted  by Prince Herbert Bismarck to a.representative of II Corriers Delia Sera,  of Milan, in which the prince is representing as asserting that thc  great Gorman industrial organizations  with the approval of Emperor Wil-  lian and Count, Von Buelow. Imperial  Chancellor, have compromised with  the agrarians and will mett , the  United States.with a sharp protective  policy. Sixty marks per ton, on grain:  is-mentioned as an ��������� illustration. Some  of the papers cast doubt upon th'e  tiuthenticity of the interview, but the  Berliner. Tageblato-sees in it a fresh  confirmation of the recent statements  of Conut Von KHnkowstroim. the  agrarian leader.  A   REPORTED  ACCIDENT  San Francisco, Jan. 3.���������A report  haa renchod here from Reno, Nevada, that si train ou the Nevada,  Colorado & Oregon railway, north of  Reno waa blown from the track nnd  several passengers injured.  SAD FATALITY  Boy  the' Riil-  Killed While Crossin,  way Track. ,  Sh'odden. Jan." 9.���������Thomas Herbert  Wride, tbe S year old son of Thomas  Wrdte, a farmer near* this place fell  while croslng ther ail way track last  evening and his head striking one of  the steel rails hesustained injuries  which caused his death a few hours  later.  BOY KIDNAPPED  Blackmail       Again     Attempted���������Bov  Taken From School ' '  , Union Springs. - Jan.'' S."���������Ea3s  Fraser, son of Captain N. H. Fraser.  of this city. Is missing V from' .tbo  school in Atlanta and a letter has  been received notifying his father,  thnt  he has  been kidnapped."  MAXITOBA   ELECTIOX  Winnipeg. Jan. a.���������Th������ writs for  tho bye election in South "Winnipeg  have been, delayed hy the difficulty  of putting the manhocd suffrage into  operation. The election will iot be  held until February. J. T. Gordon,  of Gordon & Ironsides will be tho  government candidate.  '  PREMIER TO BE-PRESENT  Ottawa. Jan. 7.���������Sir Wifrld Laurier left for Toronto tonight to attend  he dinner of he legal society tomorrow ntght.    He was accompanled^by  mersed in his arduous new duties at  the war office. He. will take no holidays. There is no "further news from  Lord* Kitchener, .who, acording to a  Capetown despatch, is ratline for  5000 men to guard the Rand mines.  Enlisting in Cape Colony continues  active and 500 men will leave .Capetown for the north within the next  few days. . *  .PERISHED   IN .THE   FLAMES  fSumi W������el:ly  Has more readers in North  Kootenay than any other paper;  has more advertisers in Revelstoke than any other paper;  does more job printing In the  city thin any other paper; it's  news is more spicy and up-to-  date; its inllnunce is greater:  Its advertising rates, are lowest  circulation considered; its sub  scription rate is only $2.00 pet.  annum;-it'covers the Hold Try  it and be with tho crowd.  =^_Y.''rtte^to=-=.  REVELSTOKE HERALD,.  Tfpvels(/>lre. B   O.  ��������� Of G4NA0A  Head Office, Toronto.  Capital Authorized, - S2,500,000.00  Capital Paid Up, - $2,458,603.00  Rest, 51,700,000.00  THE PIONEER LIVERY-  oed   and Sale Stable of tbe Lardeau and Trout t>ake  Siddie and   Pack  Horses  Always  for  Hire.  Fieighting and  Teaming  a  Specialty.  Daily Stage'leaves Thomson's Landing everv morniug-at  for Trout Lake CitT-    For particulars write  o clock,,  CRAIG & HILLMAN, Thomson's Landing  ably furnished   with _thea choicest '  the market affords.     Best^Wine*.  Liquoisand  Cicars.     Large, light  bedrooms. R<ues    Si     a . clay. -  Monthly rate. - .-       ���������  J.  . wi.  CANADIAN    PACIFIC  AID SOD LINE.  Flre   in   an   Orphanage   Results   in  Great Less of Life���������Thirty Dead, .  *       *"       i������> '  Rochester.   Jan.   8.���������Not  since   thc  great lantern works  fire ot 1888. in  which many persons met tiieir deaths  aod  many   more  were    injured,   has  such  aa   awful   catastrophe    afflicted  Rochester as the fire at the Rochester  orhpan asylum, a three story structure  on- the  corner of Bubbnll   Park  and  Exchange  street  early this morning.  '   Of the 165 to' 195 inmates, between  20  and'80  lives'have been  lost and,!  many, more of tho children and wo- I  men taken from the building will die I  from  the terrible 'bufnts anil' injuries !  received. .,.,..      ', t   ' . '   .    - i  ���������At 12 o'clock u<e'identified de'ad'irij  the   Rochester  orphan  asylum   holo^  caust   has   reached" 26   children,   one'  nuisc and' one  cook. J  A PULPIT SENSATION  course of his remarks he referred to  some of Cobourg's leading lady, clti-   , j   vzens as going to the local  shooting  Mr. Fitzpatrick. solicitor general. _) gallery.     His remarks were such at  A  Clergyban '  worsewnippcd     hy  an  Indignant Husband     -  . ' *  Cobourg, Ont.. Jan. 9���������Rev. Melville. Shaver, who preached in .a  crowded *��������� church on. Sunday on  "Wrongs in Cobourg Which Must Be  Made  Riaht"  had  an' unpleasant ex-' .        _   r__  perience     yesterday.       During     th������' which will be accounted for at any  DIRECTORS:  H.  S.   Howland,  President  T.R.Merrltt,Vlce-PreB,   St.   Catherines  William Ramsay,  Robert Jaffray  Hugh   Ryan,   T  Sutherland,   Stayner  ' Ellas Rodgers  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager  BRANCHES  North West and British Columbia:  Brandon,     Calgary,      Edmonton,  Golden, Nelson, Portage la Prairie  Prince       Albert,        Strathcona,  Vancouver, Winnipeg, Revelstoke.  Ontario: ,  Essex, Fergus, Gait, Ingersoll,  Listowel, Niagara Falls, Port  Cclborno, Rat Portage,-Sault Ste.  Marie, St. Catherines, St.Thomas,  Toronto, Welland,- Woodstocic.  Hamilton,  Quebec:  ' Montreal.       . i.  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of $1 and upwards received and interest  allowed.  Debentures���������Provincial, Municipal,  and .other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters; of Credit���������  Available at all points of Canada.  United Kingdom , United States.  Europe, India/China Japan A"������-  tralla. New Zealand etc.  Gold   purchased.  This  bank Issues Special Receipts  of the Hudson's  Bay Co's  Posts  in  tho Tukon and Northern. districts.  A. R. B   HEARN. "  . ,\rnn-���������r Rnve!*tn1c<> Rmnr-h  STILL CONTINUES TO OPERATE FIRST-CLASS  SLEEPERS ON ALL  TRAINS FROM. REVELSTOKE AND KOOTENAY  LANDING  Also Tout ist Curs passing  Dun in ore Junction, Daily for  St. I'mil, SatuMlay**. for Mon  ti'cal ssnil Boston, Mbnllays  and Thursdays for Toronto.  Samo oars pass Kevelstoke one  day earlier.  No trouble to quote rates  and give you a pointer regarding . the Eastern Trip you  contemplate taking.  Fall and Winter Schedule now Effective  !'"r T-itie-Ubles. Kites and full in-  foruiJiti.-ii call nn or address  nearePt  local iiKcf, or  T. ^.BRADSHAW.   ���������       E. P. COYLE  AZCnt A. C. P. A.  Reiftlstokr Vancouver, H. C. i  ROBERT SAiVLSON  Wood Dealer  and Draymarj.  . Dr"2^S and delivery work a ������  tjr.     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Dim* is laid up   witli  tiiiisUiti*-  ���������Special discount, of 21  per tent   (if  hais nnd cap* at Reid & Yotliin's.  llilt.������ rt..** *-**r - ,...-���������������������������  ..   ...1.,.,,   TIl.-i<\LD I <tlMllll"rH*ll    ".ll"  _ Rooms to rent.   Applv at ������L1,ALU   ,,���������. sliml. a.-iy.  oftice. . '.    '. .  ��������� , ,,.,iiK-tii.n. m.   l?"v,y".' rr.:  <UU  ln.--p. li.n-ns was iii-t-f nu 'I'u Htlav  uid itispi'i'tt'd tho pnlilie ��������� si'hcitil.. In  I In* iifliMiitiiin In* ini't thi* trusters ami  ii-r.-iiii;i'iiii*tits mi. In In* Hindi'   tc   open  illllillll'l' I'lKllll  felt* till' InvVlT   l-llls'st.s    in  routed   liuililiui;.    Mr.   Bui-uti    "������**  k .to .Victoria, liy win:  __���������All Rtinds at a Rrunt ivductidii.  K. T.HWsnti.  ���������nil     j.irket*.  Uii.iti 'Biiaaai'*  ���������l^ulies      tiiaiitlfs  Aliinutiicliircrs prii'fs.  j.J.YoiinBiindW.B.P.._.livli������'iH"l  trom  tlii; cotiit. this iiiiiriiii'o*  J. J. Fnloy  (if   Arfowlit'iiiV   spent  couple of days in town this wi-ck.  ���������Ounce spools   iTi-i(.'ki*t   silk   in   nil  shndet;.    2iit;. spiuil nt Hi-ill & Yining'.-  C. Vv. Keti'hen of Sic'tuiotis was  in  town on Monility  Hevivnl services li.'ivi* liceti ('iiiulticii'il j  each niglit. this week' in llie Muilm ]  list cliuri-h with i������mnl iittenilnui'i* niul  i const.only ileepeiiinn interi'st. The  iiu.|.tiii"_'.s huve liKi'ii vinultu teil liy the  paMm' of the ehni-cli -is*-iste(lliy the 15(i  'iirth.'Iji'iiuuif nml iitlu'i' proniineiit  iiii-niliei-t Hf the i lint eh. It i.s likely  I he luci'tiiiKs will cotitiniit* all next  week.  h. A. Krplz, huiltler, of RevelstoUe,  B. 0., who hns lieen in lown for a lew  ilnys, Wiis miiirieil ihils urtei-noiiniil  ihi* Mel liodist pHisimiiue to Miss  .Iiiii H. Fiir.sev, of Renfrew, Out...  who  iiri'ivcil   in   town  this   niorninu;.  town on .uoii.mj,  ���������������i i-i-    /���������      rr,   , t    r-   it ��������� "��������� '"   "t'l'IVOil    111    lllvui    ���������   Mrs. V. ,.ti. Baker of   Golden   ri-tfi*-   'Hie lumpy ( ouple leave on lhe   innrii  teivd.iLthi.*Ruvul*.l'.ikeoii lu.-sd.iy. ������������������,.,-���������  ,,,.������������������-���������   f<11   v .���������.-..   Ilium-   in Revel  ...,!.-,.���������COirni-v    HeriiUI.      Mr.    Fret  -Tailor made eostumes. A. B.  Pliilp   ^''.-pikc'i. y   HentUI.     Mr.    LmvI/.  & Co.. Uisll Bii-wur. ������������������nil  li^n-iile. ret..i-.,e.l   In   ho  n       on  Wednesiliiv    eveninjj;.      rhe   HftllAl.I)  Frank Appicost came   in   from   the   i'1'"'-'   with   the .many friends  of Mr.  -'���������- brelz in   wisliins;   himself nnil    Mrs.  Fie'.zn happy and prosperous married  life.  coast yesterday.  D. McCarty returned from a trip to  the Slotati last night.  .Supt. 'Didisheiai of the.Home'Payne  outfit loft for the old country on Tiieh-  Dan McRae has left town for a few  months visit to his home near Reg'uiu,  Assn..  Dr. Bii'.'Kesa. the dentist, the  Hek.m.d in plensed to say, is aroutid  after his illness  Calgary C. P. R. Official Defaults.  C, P. R. Detective  R," Bullick   went  through   tin   Tiiestlny   from the west,  having   in charge  A nil few.  Mellwain,  lhe tuis-Zui^ C.   P. It.   clerk from   Cal-  Kiit-y,    Mellwain     was   "w.-inled"   foi  olitain'mt*;  money   from   the coiiip.-iny  hy the simple, hut unlawful process  of  carrying on the puy rolls the iiiiiues of  r.uhitier   of    "*j;li'j*.->ti>"    who    only  ���������20 per cent discount of men's and   a    nuumei    .,.      ���������.._ .  youth's clothes and men'sodcl pants at   uiiiteiializeil  loiif;  enough  to aigu for  JtvidiJs YounK's. their money iind then   wont   hack   to  E. A. IlaRgon,  recently editor and  ������-'>e l>Lh(-Jl' a!'cU'*  proprietor   of   the   Golden   ISr.i,   haa      The exactiimount of the shortage is  purchased the Kooteiitty Mail. ,u,t known, but it   is   supposed   to be  The postponed races at  the  Revel-  somewhere   iu   the  neighboriioo-1   of  sttike rink nre nnnui.nited to take place   ?1,S00.  uest Tuesday evening. -i*l_0 m:mnel. nf Mcllwaiu's capture is  A Cape town   despatch   dated   14th   s*i"w'* ������������������' ���������-'"������ l'ollowitig despatch from  nays   the   Strathconas.  will    sail    for  Seattle:  Halifax tihout, Monday nest. 21st inst.        Dt!,,L.L.tiv(.K L:.ne   and   Phillips   late  ���������Ladies heavy ribbed fleeced  lined,   yesterday afternoon iiiiested  Amlieii  veals.    Regularise.    Sale price 50c. Mellwain  at thc  request, of Canadian  dipt. John Piiterson and  Traitunas-   Pacitic railway officeis. iit C.ilKtiry. ^;  ter Rninilioii are two old ReveLstokers      At the police station Mellwain broke   /������  on the Nelson council for VJ01. ,'own   totni-.leteiv   tin..!    iulii.iU.eil    to  ^  C. ii. Philip & Cu. ol Vancouver have Ctiie.l" Meredith both his identity antl \W  opetied up a hii? mock of dry goods in ^\\u i\c si-s^ttri.t-d poverty ;is the ������M  the Cash B.i'iiiar. ^ ... ,    ', .      , .,    ^  cause which prompted linn   to minimi  Editor Beaton has retired  from  the   ���������_,��������� Liu.ft mid expressed a willingness  nintiaKeuient.    uf   the   Nelson   Miner.   .        . .    .,        ,        ...      ,       .',      ..  ��������� . :..'| to return to Ctintida  witliot-.t   exti-adi-  THE  LBADINGr   STORE  LATE JAMES GILL & CO. '    *  To the Ladies:  We have just opened up a large choice Btock of  DRY GOOD-', which is the best and new  stock in the City.  The latest Styles and newest patterns that can  be puicluiB* d. Call ami see us. It \b a pleasure  to show such excellent go> tls and it will be a  pleasure for you to buy them.  -For Sale  A carload just opened up at  A. N. SMITH'S  BAKER AND '  CONFECTIONER.  I'  Bread - Delivered - Daily  Red Koao Degree meets Rcconit and fourth  Kriilnj'R ol each month;  White Roue Dcgreo .  liioctB AratPrliiayotaiich montli.liiOdclfollowB'  Hull.   Visiting brethren welcome  WM. MATHERS,  Becretary..  TAYLOR & GEORGE  THE WIDE-AWAKE BUSINESSMEN       ������*wPM7iif AVE.  MACKENZIE AVE.  HATS  4e HATS ^  HATS  Trimmed and Untrimmed  The best assortment ot Trimmed  and Untrimmed Hats in the  City/Call and Inspect beforo  {lurch using.  **************************  ** '. tfr  Misses Shepard&Bell gjj  McKenzie Avenue      oa'23      ^ j *  T We Repair '  J WATCHES  ������ CLOCKS,  ��������������� and all kinds of Jewellery  fr  fr     If the   work  is  not satlalnetory we ���������*!  8   fr  refund s-our money. fr  M * ��������� WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK *  ������fi   T tvail stand by our guarantee. V  P;> "fe We n's0 carry a good line of Watches T  B*ij T-and Jewellery, which we dlsposu ol at T  r'\  Lu  mott'r1110 prices. S, i  11 E.M. ALLUM, |  mi-a   Tandlntr tj������  A. USEFUL  SELECTION  FOR CHRISTMAS  HUN OVER THK LIST.  Carving Setr In Case or in I'alra.  Fish Carvora hi Case.  Toa l'ots and Toddy Kettles.  "Banquet aud Hall Lamp*).  Rochester nnd Silver l'latcd Warn,  -lu Spirit Lamps, Tea 1'ois, '1'rayn, ctc;  Uo'geru' (1817) Knives Forks and Spoons ]  Minder Silver-Plated  GoodB  all oil  thlK-dt Quality.  SKATES  ���������HOCKEY ANDSl'lUKG.  Court  Mt. Begbie  I. O. F��������� No. 3461.-  Meets In tho Oddfellows'>I all,on the second  and fourth Mondays of  each month, . Visiting  brethren Invited to ut-  tend,  I B. II. ATKINS, C.W.MITCHELL,  Chief Ranger, Uec.-Sec.  /@fcxrnv"/SP^  1 l'W,#lM  46.%s*^  i-.'fc>,~---'W-  Gold RariRe Lodge' K. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Meets every Wednrstlnyvin  OdilMldw.s' Hull ill Sn'clock.  VUilinir Knii;lit8 invited.  Wm.���������AIatiibwb. C. C. ������������������* :-��������� *   :   :   :   *.'  :    :    :    :     J. Savaok, K. OP 11. & S.  The Leading  Walchmakor and Jeweler.  SX McKenzie Avenue    ..ww      ..%,,,.  ������t^^^^$$$������i^'i?������^^^i������i'  ************************* if  i&jffe 1 Painty Timepiece  ^viv'P  v!^   ' ==============  ^_W. M. Lawrence  Hardware. Tinware. Stoves.  raints. Oils and GlaBB.  ff-t-y-Agunt lor Hamilton Powder Co.  l_OYAL ORANGE LODGE No. 1658.  . >*��������� itpgular meetings are held In thu  BL<fA Ocldlellow's Hall on the Third Fri-  Rfiljv day Di'eacli tnuiith, at 8 n.in sharp.  S, Visiting brethren cordially luvlied  , THOS. STEKD.-W.M.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Koval Sehonl of Mines, London. ��������� Sovon years  at  Moi-fa  Works,  Sjwannca.    17   years  chief-  Chemist  to Wlgan Coal and Iron Co.,  Eng.  Lute 1 hemlst and Assayer, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined auu reported upon.  Revelstoke, B.C.  COMPOUND  SENEGA  COUGH SYRUP  ..-Is. unexcelled: as : p.Vreracdy: tory  Vilo'tiglis; Colds,consumption.'aiid.'  ;.alt l'.roucliial affections.   .1 ;.'"'���������;  _.rw^ wv.,. ,^     .   .   , The long, delicate chain Is the correct adjunct for a  -^T-'_j\ xvSi'^^SP-^'i',, Dainty Timo Piece, and is useul in so many other  x-C&*\   1/ fe'fe^P'ii A ways you can't afford to be without one,  -^Ji"--.\x\    ^t^fX   lv] Weofferspecfalhargainsinthcsefashlouable chains  ���������'IX ]i!j.J\\t2''fii'\   j ij -'" '���������������"��������� ������������ltlinnl. tho wutch. ,  WeonerspKciai uu,h....,a ���������  j2y   111 either with or without tho watch. (  \'f^O^C���������   GUY BARBER, Watchmaker and Jeweller  ' )<y,:,.'       "  V-\ . ���������   ro,.      Mackenzie Avenue, \  THE  FRED   ROBINSON   LUMBER   COMPANY,    LIMITED.  On it'tuVafter this date ous? prices U)V Cub Firewood will  he  as  follows:��������� ���������  ��������� :"'$100. Per' Cord at Mill  $2.00 Per Cord Delivered  PRICES CUT FOR CASH.  FRED ROBINSON. ��������� ���������   _      ��������� 'Managing; Director.  NAME....  Is better than riches   Wo have tho name of making  the only Stylish Suits ln 'lown  ���������for durability and quality  thoy also excel.  .TRY ONE  H.  EDWARDS  TAXIDERMIST.  DEEH HEADS, BIRDS, Kte. MOUNTED,  -Kurs Cleaned and Itcpalied.  LOVElllSG'S OLD STAND     :     Second Street  I GIVE YOR .TBETII ATTENTION  When   thoy   first need  it,  hclorc  they  Kivc yem naln,   thereby  iivolctmi'  neeu-  - rt���������   u**.l   f������w������miY-tnf: more Hath  Ki\u )u>i t"U,   "��������� .     a     lchssuflerini! and asssurtnc more satls-  faetorv and permanent work, und at less  cast, than if left until the latter stages  of decay.  Next the McCarty Block;  rgess,  Dentist,  Taylor'. Bine's.  *ot- Xowintlie  timo   to   r/ui  in  your  ^^        Winter'saui'iily ut  i.f.rcitand Well Lighted  Su-iajile 'looms   niiitin[������i!ii!i-ii���������    ui    ^.,.       which is now n morning   _i.ipt*r ngtiiii.  ���������Sect onr window.    Blous(>!=. rt*u;iiliit  S1.0O. S2M. S3.U0,   OcitiK liu- $1.7'J    '  ii. Pi,i p fc Co.  A'protest hiis been  entpreil   against  thuieturn oi' thi> Ri*v. G. H.   Maxwell,  -'iiiiiiiibpi'   tilcciv for   Bttri'aril,   loi-   tin-  Doiiiiniun liotise.  Tim miiioi-ul   output,   in   Slocan   fin  -     ���������                               Heated.bv Hot Air and rllcclrlP  Dells and Light ln every room  l-r<*c Hub Meets All Trains-  Heasonablu-Itates.   .  ^,HOTBL' "TldTOE/IA^-.  JOHN-V. PERK.S, PuoniiBTOii.  SIBht  Grill .*���������..* 1=1 '.������> (".nncctlo'n for UicConveuicnce of GuestB  Eiourly Streut/lar.  tion. %  Mellwain was iii'vesti'ilby Lane*  nnd  Phillips,  in  a Iii*l*i'li.'ill at Finiliivi'iini  nml Civluiiibia t-lioi'tK at 5  n'llock. yet  tci'day   iiUi'i'iioon -ju>t as" he was leuv-  iti!.;  tile   place nfli-i*  liavinjj;  I'titcn   I  snppi-*!*.    Tim  ili*tectivi*s  tn rt-sl i*il tin  ...    ii|iiui   two warrtui'.s.   the s-iiliMiiiu-i*   of  ISLOis put. down  .1=. -13,tXKl urns,   nl' -,x   which hailhecii   wireil   10 the citv In  ioliil   Viiluu   ot   iibiit-lv   Lln-ee   million   ,,        ..      Q    ...      ... ���������,,     .    ".  iiolliu-i. Canadian Pni'ilic (.tiiccrs.    lhe tet-hiu  ,, t, _. ,        , cal'chaise in both win-rants is foiyi'i-y.  Messrs.   Bourne   Bro;?..   wnn    have   ��������� ,   ^ ,.      ., ...  aisptised   of   ihrii*   di y-ou(U slock   in   ^oafih  m reahl y tliey   were issued   111  'iles'i'B. Reid it   Yoiinu,   will   LOiuiiuie   consequence.     of     lhu    -sums     which  in tht; Rrocfcry and hai'.Uviiie buaine.ss.   Mellwain    nhtiiini-il     liy   t.iuce>-fur.>  There will be; no nieetitin nf the  city   carryitiji; upon the pay rnlis- the iiiiino  council lo night.    The tit-si tneeliiiK of   of   a   number   of   lictiliniis t-inplnye*-.  -11   ���������.   ..nnv   of   which  council '.u u,B..-.,    . .. _  Vue new council will take place  in  cord.iiici' with lliesliitiiti; on   Monday  ������������������veiling.  ���������LntlipK heavy ribbed vests, long  islecves.   3oc. at Ue'ul fc Young's.  Mis Gibbons, the school tuialress at  Comaplix bus been in town this week  wait'nivj for the Arm to become piiM.i-  nbli..   '  The sidewalks are in tin 'usceedingly  dungerotis condition and if  *-iiiii.*iliiii'n  is not speedily done, the city   will   be  ^pjiy_itig_ d.triitiges   to somebody before  km ��������� :���������' ^i_j   Xe>:t  Sunday   (second   after   Epip  hitnv) services will he held as usual   m  St. Peter's church, Rev. C. A.  Piocun-  lur officiating.  ���������Special barRAins in the tnen'.-  fiirnisliing department at Reid &  Young's.  J. E. Griffith^ gold commissioner nt  Golden and Gory Metiheiiick, the  founder of Ganborne were two rale-  payei'SOt Revelstoke. who put in their  votes on Thursday.  The services next .Sunday in I.he  Methodist church at the ii.^iinl hoiit-s.  Subject for evening "The Resiirection  ofthe Body and Everlasting Life."  .Strangers iu the city will be cordially  welconiod.  A. H, Gracey lea vert for Revelstoke  l his morning, and before he returns to  Nc'.KOn he will visit ihu Eva group in  the Lardeau mining district in order  to lay out further development work  at the property.���������Nelson Tribune.  Supt. E. 3. Duchesnay is expected to  iniss thruutth here on thi-, ceiling's  is'o. 1 eu mule from Montreal to Vancouver. In ^>itt_* uf the pt-eas denial.-  ,there is no dnuhi llr-it he is g.jin^ to  Cuba, though in what position is iniL  linuwn here.  Upon one pay roll, a copy of  was forwarded lo this city, anpeatr.  the names of five men and opposite  their names memoranda certifying  that they wen* paid aiiin.inls I'm labor  performed ranging from SIS 10 S'dO.  Mellwain entered the service of the  Canadian Pacilie railway on May 4.  1SSS. as a la borer ai. ������L.uO a (lay, but in  ���������l short time was promoted,l<> the posi"  lion of fuel inspector and subsequently  to the post of clerk to the superitiien-  dijiii7it7~GalgnTiTj';���������lle-woiUed���������in���������thin. I  position until Jaiiuary 1,When he  eaiue to this city aiuV au inveslinaliou  ||^eg^ta;fetes|^  i'aficasoiiahle prices; VTiio'i'iiod Bar o,",  =���������'������-��������� Viiret cliisaaiiit inelud') ���������:-  NOTICE.  I have received an a'irllcati������" ''r.-ltr  Pkciiibtrom lor a renewal 01 .retail liyuor  i-inco lor thc Sprlmt.1 Hotel ��������� s'''"^..-*1  Allien Can vr.u, H.c:��������� and 11. siicclal   ������>������������l}*}5,  POTATOES. TURMIPS,   CARROTS   .^t,^WedncMlay. ���������J^������\J?^  'ClUi0B' K.A.HPl'Elt. ' '  Chief Licence Inspector.  Revelstoke, Jan. 11th, l'JOl.  IC AjOUvmJiciitc.u.;.������"Y."-  M8f.������KSSI5  BEETS.'ONIONS. PARSNIPS,  Ali,o for sale about -10 tons of  "���������PIT.  When yon come to see us,  its'a. cast?" of "well met" for  hoth. bectsuse we enjoy making fine clothes, you' enjoy  \waring them and Know that  we know how to pwdtice what  you like. ��������� Our new goods in  gloiious .-tuif. and we have  made some stunning suits*���������  warm one-, iu tlie hest sense  of the word 1  See Our $18 and $20   Suits   to  Clear out Fall Goods.  J- B. CRESSMA.N.  MACKENZIE AVENUE.  S. D. CROWLE,  ooa-3111 KwlstoUu, l'.O.  NOTICE  WHOLESALE  CiRfiFsCATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTICE  .B1^u^^cX^^^nV^Lig?n  "~tf  wL~i-L   Koou-nav    tmscrrrt;     a ���������--  ������������f    V, t!-t      KOOO-.l^.       win.    located:  r.i   tho   headwater.*!  or   Kvnr  Creek, a tributary oi Pooi Creole.  of Shis    'ici'inuns     l,y     liis     micc,S.o,'   ������%ln���������% CSU^flor^lAJi  revuiiled     tlm    slioi-liiKP.     the     i*xiu'l   5������^ Mi��������� ??*-i1������if n"'������������->'Ti'   'k������"|(^  iiiiiouiit of wliicli, ihoiiKli I'sliin.ited to   Min������er^1Ii.?������iiC.(''at'e"lN-ot!  V3CM2.  intend'. i,',xi.t \ #*  he ovc, 81,500. i, not known. ^^,^tt^:hx^^^mj^   _  cicnu. .'or the nuroo^e   of   obtaining   Crown  bruins '.! trie above clui.TU.  NOTICE. And further tftfec nonce  thnt Rctlon, under  Fccilon :>T.  must   l������e   commenced   before   Ilif  I Ui'Vi'ls.K.U'*, Dec. 17, 1000.        t^nim-poivjch CirtliicnieKof finurnvctneni-.  I Ladies and uentleman: . .J���������1** thu Fi""'** <*������>' ������>' *������*ptcu.i������r, a.d.,  On   .mil   itl'u-r   Di-c.   '22iid    I . huve '    * j   FRED_ Ritchie.  dui-iiled    to   iMiiy    on   11   t.ti ict.lv c.sli      Thlj notice wi^ flr������ oubiMieil in this"^  lri.-liliiisin   d.iili!*.-t*tioii    Wilh    l.-uiiultv on thu'jih Uny of Nove*5iber, 1500.  ^NOTIC^IS'UERKBYYGIVE^  Moil will;.bo'-'ni'fi(lo. to,:tlie:[,e|ji*ilr*turo,oi itho.V.  l'rovin::o .of  'Uritiiih .' olnnibiti.:-:iitVit.-i',:nKXC::r  Si.'Bsla'.iit'iii' nn (ict'10'inc..rpor.itc an cssoclu-.--  lion���������loi'bu   l:iiowii..as:"TH)': : liltl'I'ISU .i.COI.-V '  UMB1A   ^MINING:;a!;B0CIATI0>;,"   Uie:v*.a.i������i.  uH������o('.iiiilun-bellijr.:.foundert-.for-ilieV.followini:V:  our pose.-*, :iifin]o!y:,-v First, to' promote .the ::,i.rt ft :j;  ���������undiscinricc.-i- conucctcil, with,tho economiciil V  l.rodiiciiou ot'.vKluahlc- niinerui-, aud- kioUL-i ���������  hy.rtaciuisVit. meetings for ..the.Tuiiillnit'and'-,  discustiloiv of ��������� tecluiic.al .papers and the , nub-:;  sequent.distribution, of biicIi. Information' ������������ s  innvbc giiincd 111i-or.gh.the modiuin of ptibli-  ctition. Kecond. the ,e.*tabllshinent 01 a' een-v  trul reference library tind. a .headquarters-;for.  Hi**'-.'purpose of this nrirahiziiiimi;   'i'lilrd,. to"  ] take-concerted action upon finch. matters as.,  nirocci.hc liiiiilriB and nietallurpicttl iuQiistrie-i  of Hic. Province of British 'Columbia anil u>V  encouraye and promoto these industries by all ,���������  lawful and honorable means.':' ;,���������::..��������� V::..: .:;.'.. ;^V  llutcd at Xossland.'B.C., beccmtKJr 15th. lMoi,  .'.���������'Lrr^TtAiLy&nK-siiiiTOKL^y'y'L'  dec.21i6w; V .   V.-'���������.r-SoltcitorB for Applicants;  Home Grown  Vegetables  ���������'Merchant  HE" V ECS T O KrE-BreT  IncliiditiB��������� ,  CABBAGE.  TUENIPS.    ,  POrATOES.   -^^-CARROTtS.,^.  SMELTER  TOWNSITE  apcr  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  My i-ensons tor sn doing ave ns follows:���������First���������'J'hi* ticcotnits liuiiiK  ii(.*ce5,Mitily i-ui.ill i'.tul imtiicfnns. nn  t*iic'l(:������*9 iiuKtiint ol'eNpmiM* is cntiiiU'd  in book keeping -tnd tin*, loss ill c-cille-c'-  tions iind lht* linn* nnd .1it.tont.irn1 it  l-i-quilt::-, volis tin* lliisini'ss of wliul  lit tii* profit. 1 lici-c tiinv lie in it. _,      .   .  Om-i*t'.vi.-iit..*sj.eii*:i>s ate   cash   tinil   R,:*^n������oi,. ���������*, llmt.-J  nin.sl In-|nii(l when due. -  ;,'r.iim"-r*-mt:li ,'tr  Tliu Ktii ml [have t.nken is one I have  licet'j foi-c-i'd into nnd hope all will help  uiu ("nit in the iiial.toi*. 'Piirculs win liu  left ;u Ui'iiDiuinn'M liiilot* .-linp.  F. BbiCElt  I^OST, on Friday-tutjhl Junuary 11th.  in   thi*   skalinii   link,   ti   nncid   silvi-i  wutch, with .\V.ililisiin niovuiiiciil.      Il i  the   findi'i-   will   i-i*ri:i'ii ''it.   to    Puti'i j  Hooli'v, McKenzie Aveiiiit', or   to   tn-  Heiiald office  hu  will bu Mutably i-i-  Mut-ded.    .  The sympathy ot the co.iitnunity is-  exii-'mlml to Mr. und Mis. O. \V.  Jlitvl'.-H in tbi-ir loss (tf Ihoil' little  hoy. The iiahy was oii|y ill a week.  '���������XIis wa-ialiiiiit night mouths old. Tin-  liinei'.il rtir.k placiv ,-ii 2 p. in. 10  day, conducted liy Rev. W.'C  Oiildei'.  Little Ar.thiir Caltiy.si-iti (if J. Calcy  tif the City hotel, lirnSi* hit- shoulder  hliide onTue.stlay .whili* plaviti-^ with  hia brother on liie bell", by a fall to .th"  llrioi*. "The little idia'i is doinir well  -.���������tnd will be out of bed in a couple ol  diij's. - - *  The Canadian census will he taken  on the basis of the population of t he  cmmti-y tit midnight on .Sunday. Mar  '.ilft. The work of the entiiiH.i'atoi*.  will lie-in on April l.-t and is expecteil  tn b������ completed in-ibout a foitni)jhl.  Tberu will be a commissioner appointed fi-i* each electoral district and an  .'in::iii-r<.l.:ir for each polling sub-  <|ivi;ioil.  G-.'"l  -,ouit:  Hansohr.ld Ftirnitiira.Hor Sale.  -.''  cook - .'.'.ova, table.:,   cliftlrr, ind <.  rjl.l articieii lor swlc.   Cheap.  Apply nt this otlice  ther  NOTICE  Mountain ftelle rAineral clK.lm������Hitunted  In    the   I-ardcau   Mininu   Dlvliil.in   61  Wcs:t    Xoot������Jnay     District. Wttcr'j  locat.;.!:,   at   th'e   hendwaterv of   Bear  Creek, u tributury of Pool Cr������������k _  .1.  rrcl   Rit������hli*.   nt I }S,  . ..,,   =.������   as������nt tor   1 nn* i &>7  in .ir.     Krcc   Mini*.-*-.   O.rtltli-atc 1  mi. Bi.iOTJl.    Free .Min.-r'iiCcrtltlcatc N... 1CW1J  int.-1-id, M\t>-d.ivs   Irom the  dntc   hcr^ot,   tn  ,u.���������:;. (*> the Mining Kccord^r for a (.'erilil'-ai..-  of linprov'.mcnt-., fur   the   p������irp..--* of wottt.ii-  111,,' 11 I'rowu l.r.liH of tii" .iliove i-In.ri*..  -And fnrt'iicr tnl:C; r.oii*;^ that   ar-tfon,   undor;  iluted tlu.i l-if'.eetith d:ty ol V-'cp'cr.iber, A.!^*  f)��������� :0c0. '.-V  J. FKF.ri. KITCH1E.    I ,*^*_  ThNnotir.. way tlrit piihlivh.,(i in lh'.-, :.ii>':.-: ijl  on ti.,; tub dm" ol Mdv-i-mb'T, 1'jCIi. '        1,^:1  fr************************'^  !;Tiie Election is Over!  .fr. fr  fr            But"I am mill  at   the  Kamo ������������������ - .?  t   I AU orders left, with \V. A. Nettle, or  addressed ��������� to    the   undersigned   will  receive prompt attention.  .'' Terms' Cash.  August Johnson,:.  ItcvclBtoke Station.  But"I am mill  at   the  samo  old stand with a full Hue of  SOLS AGENT  Cigars, Tobacco,  Stationery, etc.  _r_^-ExceHcot7 lshlntj'and Shooting.  jBSC-Boat'iuid Canoes for Tourists.'  Jj-First Class In every particular.-.  Rates, $1 and $1.50 per day.  11 Lake view Hotel  I J. W. Bennett %  fr ...  ._  ������������������    .      imnn  1 l*5������  (Successor to C j. Aman.)  Apply  iTOrrXGE5"  NOTICE.  Room end hoard for two   Kcntlemen.  hy letter, **S" Heratil oflice.  STEAMSHIP   "LARDEAU"  Runninp; Bet-wecn Arrowhead  and  Thomson's Landing.  Commoneinp   J-.ine  10th. jf.CiO,   will  sail us  follows   (Afcutt-er i,er.'uiltinrf).  ; T.cr.vo  Arrowhead   for   Thomson's I-cndlng  and Comaplb: atVo'clock dully.  Leave Thomson'-, [.uudini* und orntiplix for  Arrowhead at 17 o'clock dully  Connecting With All C.P.R. Trains  and Boats.  ���������smith. IS.HEREBY GIVEN that one /month  after date' I -'intend . to apply, to .the Uhlet  Oomniissloiicr of Landii and , Workfi for p. r-  mhslon to piircliase :iti acres of land situated  on the \Vc-:t Fork (if Dun,-an Hlvcr, in the  I>lf.tric.t ni Wflst: Kootenay," deaciihed' af  follows: Commencing at a post Kituaied at th**  Ncrtlien-st corner of Lot 5188 (iroup li ��������� anc  marked "W. K. Smith's r-'outhcasc corner  tticncc north 40 chain*;. tliPiicc west 20 chains  thence-'outli -10 "luiinV to the north houndar*  .if said Li.t.'illiS. thence cast alon;c *nld huuri  dary to tho point of comiiicnceincritTV,    ���������  w. it; SMITH.  Dated thia 1-lth day of November, liiOt). ���������-.-  The owners reserve the right to change  times of sailings without notice.  FRED. ROBINSON,  Mus-ising Mrcct'jr.  'j&O'Il'XGXV  p  I  From 5th Jan. to the 25th|  ^Jan 190L a reduction will be|  lowered on all lots in Smelter|  |Townsite prior to the closingg  I of annual books on 1st Feb.       |  Intending  pun-W ������ should   take adjutage   of #  ^JoCbef^H'ienow   prie    li.f   Tor   1901-2 are  |  in force. ������  :-:0 ..ICE IH. ilBHEll Y t.i I * SN that one month (iS*,  nf'ler  (Into ��������� I  Intend   to   apply    to  the Chlel \g!i  Commissioner   of Lands and  Works for per- (&&  miy-doDto purc.hnse ;tu acres of land situate on .^  the Wt������t !*'ork of Duncan River, iti th"distrlrt /Jjg-N  of   West   Kootenay,   de^cfiht-d   us . follows:��������� vy/    V'*,  Commciicim.'at a" post sltutitcil at: the South (ZSj.   *;Sj_S  cast corner of l.nt 51 SB. Crono 1, and   marked vs^sJ*1   ������^j������  " Asians     Ciini|.'riell a    South-west    Curncr"; /S\      *  thenco Kast UJ ctialns, thence North -10 chains, "Sbs? . "���������  thence West JOchuins, to lhe Northeast corner  ol said   Lot  51HX,   tlier.cc n!..nq   the   Eastern  honndary of said [.ot.'ilSS -10 chains to thc point | (?%  of commencement.   ,  rut*:-'l tUiil-lthdtivof November 1PW.  'Jt^VvAjL*'  Notary Pubiic and Insurance Agent. |  *******,*******************  Jas. J. W"oodrow  "RUTOHER  Retail Denlta* in���������  ,    .Beef, Pork,  Mutton,Etc.  Fish and Gatrie in Season.'.'..  All orders promptly filled.  a^In^cct, RBYBfrSffOKE. B.6.  FIRyT CLASS  STOVE GOAL  SEASONED  FIR.  CORD WOOD  (Jnli  on   JAS. C. HUTCHISON and  get prices.  J. GTJILLETTO. Proprietor.  .fcltuutcd on tho hnhkn'of tlio Shunwip Lake*,  one nf the luritust and-most beautiful laken  In British Columbia.  SICAHOUS, B.C.  THE   CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. PAGET, Prop.;  Prompt delivery of parcels, haggage, etc., ia  ny part.of'tho City.  Awi Kind of Transferring.  t: Vundertaken  ill orders left at' tt. M. Sinythe'H Tobrfco  StorLSr by Telephone No. 7^0 will recrtvo  prompt alien tion,    .,    '.    '        . ,  '' .  any  Agent Imperial OH Co. Limited.  Heavy Draying a Specialty,  L A. FRBTZ  Contractor  and Builder  Houses and Stores to Rent-  and For Sale,  xXBtygC^^&xtf''  ^K^vw^F^i^a^:  ���������������47K������BS1JWR9W3,1  'iiwwwpie^s^J^sv^


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