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Revelstoke Herald Jun 15, 1900

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Array 1$
-ISSTJ-BID   -T-W"IOE-_A.-"V7-_E!-EiK: ���TTj'ESXJ^.TrS   -A_._N*3D   ^--E^HDJ__1TS-
Vol.   IV.     No.   4S
$2.00 a  Year in Advance.
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RAM LAL'S TEA as a Package Tea
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Market, as a sample package will convince all lovers of good Tea.
The Balance of the   Revelstoke Recording District Described.
This is situated about 5 miles from
the Keystone, nml is a little higher,
put-Imps 700 or SOO feet' In this camp
there have: been 3 new locutions recorded ami 21 certificates of work
issued during tlio past season. The
locality has been brought inlo notice
by the. Boston anil il. C. Copper Mining und Smelting Company, the
properly of which is by far the best
developed of any in the neighbourhood. All arrangements for steady
winter's work seemed complete, com-
iiioilious cabins having been built, and
an ample: supply of provisions sunt up.
but. owing to some most unfortunate
hitch in the Company, all work was
suspended and the men discharged.
The cause was certainly not the want
of visible ore on the claim, as there
is a very line showing.
On this creek the principal set of.
claims is that known as the Rosebery
Group, comprising 10 claims,all owned
nud being developed by the Carues
Creek Consolidated Co., Limited.
Development work has been continued
throughout the past season with a
view to placing the property on a
thorough working aud producing
basis. Ou the Rosebery itself an
upper tunnel was driven to prove the
lend, and continued for over 100 feet,
assays being made frequently of the
ore (,u*si-ni(:al pyrites, carrying gold),
which were -highly satisfactory. A
lower tunnel ha.- been driven some I-S50
feet, exposing lhe Name kind of ore,
but. witli Mime yellow copper Ichal-
copyrite) showing. As this ��� lower
tunnel is deep enough to prove the
ore body continues for nt least 200 feet
from the surface, there should be a
mine here in tbe near future. Very
com foi table cabins for stores, sleeping
and eating, have been biiilbconvenient
to llie properly, whilst a third tunnel
bus buuu commenced at a sliil lower
depth. A large ore bin has been constructed lo receive Lhe output of the
miuiviiiiil it is proposed to construct
an aerial ��� tramway li> a convenient
point on tbe North Fork of Carues
Creek, whence the existing trail (to
lhe mould of Carues Creek) can lie
icattily widened lor rawhiding the. ore
out in lhe Columbia River. Once
I hero, river steamer's can take ir. lo
iieveistoke. lo connect with the O. P.
H., or call pin Mi': uicir way down the
river lo the smelter at Trail. The
development of these claims has been
prosecuLetl uodui: unavoidably high
transportation expense.-.
Seventeen ccruiicales of work have
been,* issued during the pitst year to
claims tiLber than ilie Rosebery Group,
and Hi new locations recorded iu this
To the south-east of the Huschery
Gioup Htv located numerous oilier
mineral claims held by iinlivulu.il
prospectors, many of whicli, with llie
iimtleit amount, of work performed on
llieui, show ore ::imil>ir in character
lo Lhat ill '.lit: Knsehery, and are being
held at valuations which caunoi long
remain overmoked by mining   capital.
Extending from tne Rosebery Group
a ro.-a the'Nonh Fork of Carues
Clock and up the slope across the
r dge that separates Carues Creek
from Standard Basin is a mineral belt
of iron capping with strong indications
of copper, the greater portion ot
which is occupied by recent mineral
This creek empties into the Columbia Kiver about S-. miles south of
Carues Creek and __.) miles north of
_Re.v e.ls111k e,____There a re JS._clajJ n___u p____n_
it,'of whicli 11 were new locations last"
year. The ore generally assays well
in silver, copper and lend. The camp
also contains ore-very similar in appearance to the Rossland ore, and is
certainly one of the promising camps
of the Dig Bend. In the immediate
neighbourhood is the Adair or Eureka
Group of cliiinis, on which very considerable work has been done,
especially on the Kureka claim, where
between $2,000 and ��3.000 has been
expended.and substantial preparations
made for the more permanent development of the properly next season.
When work was concluded for this
winter, the owners reported having
tunnelled int.) a vein of clialcnpyrite
over two feet thick.
.ion DON I��ABS
No new locations have been recorded
iu ill's camp owing lo the lateness of
the season, which kept many ofthe
old locations beneath the snow all the
summer. For the same reason very
little actual development work was
done the assessments being performed by labour applied on trails, of
which four miles were built, and which
will pi live of the greatest service in
lhe future by supplying much uioie
conveuient access to the claims.
This camp is situated some 12 miles
from the mouth of I-*aac Creek, which
empties into the Columbia Kiver
about 111 miles south of Kevelstoke.
Some 11 new locations have lieen re
curded, and 15 certilieales of work
issued for tliis camp   during the   past
*j>**��^j*+j*#ji>+9&&j*p+������)*j*j^j^.p*j**j&PWjm��*+j>j&+j&����*��&9A p**&*��jKM*j*9#��**imi9**��*jm-��>*K* �����
At this Store all goods must be Fold in their season. In fact we insist on closing out
many lines long before the season .is ended, which is emphatically true of our
Millinery. That's why we inaugurate a Clearance Sale of our Untrimined and
Eeady-to-Wear Hats which wo are going to' let go at half price and less. Every
Hat is perfect and of the latest New York'.Styles. The hats are suitable for Summer
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A Shirt Waist Sale
Very special prices on these very
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. Sal m-ila'v  .'...\'..."...'.. '. '. .35c
Some Silks
for Saturday
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Choice of
Ladies' Costumes
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Sample Suits, Home.-piin material, made- iu
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choice '.$12.50
$6.50 Bicycle
$ Skirts $5.25
Bicycle Skirt Material, in light and medium,
tan and   brown  mixtures.    Regular $0.50���
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C. B. Hume & Co.
Fancy summer
Hosiery \
We have an almost exanstless variety of the
very prettiest colorings anil effects yoji
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Corset Vests
and White Goods
We may reasonably expect busy sales in the
Underwear Department on Saturday with
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Ladies' Corsets, fine Summer netting, long
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Saturday .* . 70j
Ladies Vests,  fine ribbed Swiss,  in  colors.
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Ladies' Gowns. Heavy Cotton, neatly
trimmed with lace.   Saturdav 75c
June the Great
Wash Morith'���:���"���,
The present month.is oh
the greatest of the  \ear
Goods selling.     Already
had" increased   business,
have planned for stil!  larger,
record as
for* Wash
we   have
,   but   wre
Satiu-diVy's  programme
values that will do it.
"   '               r
350   Yards   Fancy   Striped   Piques,     white
grounds, with blue, pink and navy stripes���
;i splendid firm quality  for blouse  or skirt.
Regular 25c.    Saturday 15c
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qualities, reliable washing goods, regular IS
20 and 25c.   Saturday 15c
150 Yards White Tucked Apron Lawn, 36
inches wide, good quality. Regular "20c.
Saturday    15c
Knd Bags
The greatest amount of work performed ou any one location was lhat
done upon llie Hecla. one of the Heda
Group, where a tunnel was run in 112
feel, which is expected to cot the
ledge in another 40 feet, at a depth of
110 feet from the surface. Surface
croppings from this gi oup yielded on
iis.-ay from S5 to $1*1* in gold _ values,
and while these are not very high, yet
the size of lhe leads and their
character, which is chiefly arsenical
pyrites, render it an extremely promising camp.
The following yearly .statistic.** for
the Division are report ed by Mr. Fred.
Fraser. Mining Recorder:���
Free miners' certificates issued ... 302
Claims recoided     85
Certificates of Work issued  212
Crown grants issued....  21
Transfers 1 ecorded   ..., ."  37
Options          "          2
Buying good Carpets means a very big item
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up and every few cents even that you can
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Ladies' 23 inch. Silk and Linen Umbrellas,
Steel Rod and Paragon Frrrne, Fancy
Handles.    Saturday  $1.25
The Vancouver government organ,
The World, admits the complete defeat of the Martin administration but
ib dropping hints that Mr. Martin
may yet make an arrangement with
some of the. Independant members,
which will enable him "to secure the
strongest following in the present
legislature." The Hisrai.u does not
know who tlipso Independents may be
nor does the World condescend so far
to details as to attempt to enumerate
them. But it does know that this
province distinctly declared on the
0th that it, wanted no more of the
smart aleck politics which placed Mr.
Martin in power lust session and has
kept him there ever since. Mr. Martin must not lie allowed to stand upon
the order of his going. He must go al
If Sir Wilfrid Ltiurier's word goes
for anything it is obvious that Mr.
Martin's defeat drags Lieut. Governor
Mclnnes down with. him. He must
go to. In every violation of the constitution, in every pipes of political
chicamery which Mr. Martin's perverted genuis devised and his eotoss il
impudence curried through, the Lieut.
Governor has proved  himself a   readv
��� l _
tool    and      an    eager     m complice.
When he gave Mr. Martin the unlimited time for forming his cabine'l.
which he denied to others, when he
accepted .is his advisers and as
ministers of the crown, men of straw
whom he knew were only selected at
so much a. month as stopgaps, when
he signed warrants for' public works
of 110 immediate or vital necessity in
enntravntion. of the law, Mr. Innes
displayed a partisanship," which only
success could palliate. 'He has lost
and must take the consequences. And
the Laurier government need not go
afield to search for his successor. The
appointment of Mr. Bostock would be
satisfactory even to that gentleman's
political opponents and would go far
to assist in restoring the confidence of
the outside pablic in the stability of
British Columbia from an aciminis-
tralive and financial standpoint.
Join Hands at Last--Regisnation of the'
Schreiner Disloyalists in Capeto-r-m���'
Serious Complications Expected in'
China���A Eattle may be Fought Near'
Pekin on Sunday.
London, .lime 11.���The following-'
fi 0111 Lord Rolierts is dated Pretoria,
���Iline 13,���The enemy evacuated their"
strong position during the night and'
retiled eastward. Buller's forces'and"
mine afforded each other mutual'
assistance. Details of the casualties*
have not reached nic, but I' understand they are moderate.
London.    June    11.���-Uen.    Buller"
icpoi-ts that Gen. Lyttleton yestetday
received tin: foi-mil submission  of  the
town and district of Wakkorstroin.
Tikn   Tsi_��-,   .Time    11.���An    inter-'
n.it ional force,  of  murines,  consisting
of 915 Biitish   and   008  of  the' other
powers, half way to* Pekin.  was held
up   on  account,of the railway being'
torn up by Boxers and is.not expected
to reach Pekin   before  Sunday.    It i��'
ippoited   thar, .30,0(X) Chinese   troops
are   outside the  cjty to prevent their
entrance.    Guns have beei^trained 011 _
the British-American  aiid     Japanese'
Lean lions.
Hong Kong.- June II.���Four com-,
panies of the Jlong Kong regiment
and a mountain and field battery start
fin-Tien Tsin tonight. The, Fusiliers '
are expected to sail ou the Terrible on
the lStli.
London,   June 15:���Mr.   Schreiner,
the Cape  premier iind  his colleagues,'
lesigned     last   evening.    Sir     Alfred
Milner aereptir.c their resignations.
Gen.     Buller's   casualties   on   June.
10th were2Ti killed. 120 wounded  and 2 "
missing,    "Sone of the morning papers
or   the  news agencies  have a    word'
from Pekin ditect todav.
Mt. Gilmoiu* in Vancouver, defeated
Chas. Wilson the leader of t.he straight
Conservatives, by six votes. The
figures were 1-102 fo 1-150. In such
close polling as thislheie is room for
a subsequent revisal of the count,
which may yet leave Mr. Wilson in
possession of one of the Vancouver
seats. It was a subject of great regret
on Saturday night that Mr. Wilson
was left out. He is ilie lec-ognized
leader of the straight paity line
Conservatives, a section which fought
11 clean, str-iight light in tiie contest
and stood for an independent,
progressive platform, under dictation
of or obligation to neither clique nor
corporation. In this eleition stiaight
Conservatism stood for independence
and progress. Mr. Wilson carried its
standard nobly nnd was one of the
very men needed in the legislature to
bring order out of chaos and introduce
a general trend of legislation, wliich
while working .for llie best interests
of the people and favorable to their
just demands, would vet maintain
the prosperity of the province by
antagoinism lo capita'. It is sincerely
to be hoped that we may yet see Mt.
Wilson filling a seat in the house and
cabinet at the next session of parliament.
General Merchants      . Revelstoke, B. C
A   Lead  of  Three  Feet of Galena   and *
Gray Copper i.i the South Drift.*
Manacer Pool of the Great .Western '
Mines   Ltd   received   on    Wednesday.
the plea-*ing intelligence" th'it another
big  strike or   ore. h.-.d been  made on
the Nettie L.    The lend was uncovered_
in mining UipVniit.li "drift on the upper"
working^-, which is now ny   the   Ajax
claim. " There ai-e'three feet of galgna":
and gray copper; and 11. Morrison,   of-
Ferguson reports the strike as the best ,
yet made in the" uiine   from   personal'
inspection.   ' .    -   -   -      .
Echoes* ol the Fray.
Tueid.'iv'*! World in a douhle lea'de.}"
and possibly   inspiied . piragraph   an;
nounces that Lieut. Governor Mclnnes '
may lesignl
There is a Vancouver minor that if
Mr. Mclnnes resigns and   if   M>*. JBn.-.- j
tock   succeeds   hini,"   Mr. Martin   will
take the field for ihe Dominion House'
in   this   constituency.      There   are   a *
good many-'-'ifs" in this repot t*.
Bighleen candidates left. ��200 in the""
snow���Palmer. Kane, Hull, Yates*, *
Lachoie, Grnb.-iiu. Burnett,,- Ford.'.
Fraser. and Bizantson ..among Llit* *
Mai Unites, R-iyiner^ R'oberKoh and
Iligsin-. Independents, * MiicClain*.-'
Williams and Dixon, Lahor candidates''
and Ari-'strinig nnd Costigan "CViii"'
servaiives. while Wilkinson. Con-,
servative. and Beebe, Martiuite. are"
still u-ciiihlins in the balance.
Thirty   one.   opposition    and   seven'
Mai Unites i- tlib tally .it present, bub
there   is   likely   lo lip   a   recount   in.
Vancouver  and   a    protest     against
Mclnnes.     So   far   a ' grand   total  of"**
30.a.S'"ha!loti. "wpie   marked for   the'
opposition and 17,009 for Martin.
Another great lo-s wns sustained hy
the province in the defeat of Hon. C.
H.   Mackintosh   in   Rossland. Mr.
Mtickintosh is a man. who has done
more good work iu bringing Rossland
to the front than any nl her dozen men
in tho province put together. His
election would have helped immensely
to leiustate British Columbia in the
eyes of investors. Had he been elected he must, have come directly to the
front as cabinet minister, pel haps a>
premier. All Kootenay would have
hailed a summons lo him to form a
cabinet with delight. As fiee of any
section in the now victorious opposition bnt yet having political
atrinities with a very large proportion,
the pieponderating jiroportiiin. of ils
members, as a man with a big slake
iu the country, of conservative common sense and yet of progressive ideas
iind a staunch friend of the people,
Mr. Mackintosh could have foimeda
slioug and stable government pa: ty
oul of the opposition to Martin, .is
pel Imps no other in.in of prominence
among them can hope to tlo. He
would have had a majority in Ihe
house, the full conlideme of the piovince. and his talents and abilities
would have been devoted tc fui thcring
the progress of the country and the
welfare of the people together. The
Nelson Miner calls the defeat of Mr.
Mackintosh "The most striking piece
of political insanity in the records of
the province," This is strong language but British Columbia ceitainly
owes a grudge to the frantic demagogues who iu the supposed interests
of labor robbed the province of Mr.
Mackintosh's services and left progressive Conservatism nt such a serious
disadvantage as that in which it
stands ut present in thc legislature of
the province.
The Isabella Kerr Concert.'-
The   Ladies   Aid     Society   of    the"
Presbyt'.'i'fan church afforded lo those'
prescnt_.-it__ll.eir_entertainnienb in the."
opera-house on Tuesday night, a very
pleasant eveninK's nmusemeiit.      Miss"
Isabella Kerr*, the Toronto elocutionist,"
filled the star role of tlie   programme.
Perhaps   the   Soul   of the  Violin was*
the best enjoyed of all   her   numbei-s.
The   titlenl.d"'    young    violinist*,   A:
Mathews,   was warmly   welcomed on'*
his   first   puhlic appearance in   Revelsloke   since   hi-. illness.      His   pieces'
were greatly "enjoyed and shewed that
his year's study in Toronto lias render-'
ed  "him   a   performer      of    immense"
pi utilise.        Botli   his   numbers   Were
ioucily>ncored.    A guitar and mando-*
lin    trio    hy   Mes-r-.    J.   Taylor,   li.
Humphreys'awl J. U. Barber, and two '
songs by "the   popular   leader   of   the
Pieshyfer'um     church    choir.   S.     L..
Saunders  were ,-ill   well   icceiveil and
completed the programme.     The   entertainment deserved a   better' house '
than'it got."
Junior   Conservative'  Club.'
The i omiuitlee    iippointed   hv   the'
Liberal-Conservative   Association   for
the purpose of foi milig ii junior  Conservative   Club   ilesiiu  to meet nil the'
young members ol* the party at 8 *,). in.'
sharp   on   Tue-ttay   evening     at   the"
a-uociation loom-*, on the ground floor
of ihe Oddfellows hall.     An invitation
is extended via 11 young Conservatives,
who wi-.li In join  the   club and  have
the n-e of the hall for a l ecrcitiotraiid :
reading loom, to lie present.
City Pour.ckeeper Protests.
To thu Editor of thc Ueuald.
Sir:      Inferring  to ad in last issue"
of the Hkiiai.d over'my name oifering
a lewaid   for   untagged   tings.     This"
was inseited hy the City   Clerk, C.   E.
Shaw     without    my    knowledge   or"
sanction. Unless" he,   Mr.   -Shaw,
acknowledges t his through Votir paper'
it. is my intention to prosecute hun,-
us this is veiy damaging to tne.
Yours truly,
Rout. Sasison.
Hurrah For Taylor I
CoMAPLix, B. O.���When   the   news"
of  Taylor's   victory   was  announced''
three hearty   cheers were  given   and*
thn   boys   all   went up to the Qtipen's'
and drank to Mr. Taylors good health,-
A   torch   light,   procession  headed hy
the Comaplix Biass Band, under   the
leadership of Cory Menhenick. inarch-'
ed through the town   and  after a few-
appropriate   selections   were    pluyetl ���
Mr. J.  Lewis addressed the boys in- a'
vt-rv able manner. H8HH  Revelstoke   Herald  Published in the Interests ot  ^elstoke, Laredau, Bi_?Bend, 'Cr-out  balse, lllicillewaet, Albert Canyon,  Jordan    Pass    and    Eagle  Pass  Districts  ,*_   JOHNSON     ���������    ���������    PROPRIETOR  __-"������.ml���������"Weekly   Journal,   published  4a .th* xhterests   of    Revelstoke     ana  ���������������__���������.   ���������grounding   districts,   Wednes-  #_������ye   and   Saturdays,   making  closest  ���������M-MLaections  -with,  all  trains.  (vec Using Rates: Display ads,  -,-ci inch, single column. *2.00 per  h vrnen inserted on title page,  ii ads, 10c per inch inonpanel)  Une tor lirst Insertion; 5c for each  Additional insertion. ���������rttoKnotteg.  Us per line each issue. Both, Marriage and Death notices, free.  Subscription Rates: By mail or  ���������airier, t't per annum; 51-2-j i������r SI!l  ���������months, strictly in advance.  Our Job Department. 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It was not only the men in tho  ranks ivho showed and exulted in this  reinvigoration; their officers were just  as certain that it was the master who  was coming.  From that day to this* I havo made  it ray task to .study this unique man.  ���������who is, I believe, more beloved and  admired than any living man, trusted  most implicitly, followed more unquestionable, and obeyed more cheerfully  ���������(especially when he sets his army the  hardest task) than any living man  of whom v.'u have any knowledge.  : .. ,    Charms the Correspondents.  The first lime the correspondents  saw him was at a railway car window  3.x Modder TCI ver. "He sent for them  and addressed them as on*.* who  speaks io friends. It seemed to tiiom  that he lifted every disability and  brushed away every limitation which  had hampered and almost crippled  them In their work np to that time.  They were to write what they pleased.  - h . said, and this was not to be eeii-  sured. Only their telegrams would  be scrutinized. They were to _.*���������'-'  wherever he v.-.r.t, wherever they willed   to  go.  Many ha-1 never sc*i-n him Ij-.fore.  bul ail surrt-ndf-red lo the sj.--.-il Ihitt  surcharges tht* atmosphere- around  him���������during this- brief interview, i.i  which he revealed that sympathy,  trust,'and frankness ard l.eii-.nh lhai  bread".h of vie-v.- which _*.iv nm'uig hi-  n*i-*������st mark'-d trait?. Th---y lo ked ur.  hi.- face as upun the fa-e ..f :v _\!__r.-  Letfler-. a man born t" li-i- .:. tb \.::~.  of m-n, to be followed and .���������'������������������*.���������;..���������.].  'To mc- his face suggests tin- fn..'i. nt  a granlv.- mountain, fuamtil, l.:*.'..  1 -r-.u-.-r-.* by slf'i-m. _::_'.n. and r:i'*A*:.g  clian-.-.-. Il record? .v������:ii-ilntanc i- with  every lrl.il to which mortals ar- ]i"t  all Huff-.r-.-'l ':: the solitude "f unilivii]'*.!  r-..-i<OTitlI<lliiy. Care, 'worry, sickti-'-..*'  dar.i,-*-*:-. ur.c^.islng r._h ciltm, all ha i  l..-f: ir.-Ar rna-ks there, yi-i all w.-r-  written across a gentK-. Fympathr-tie  count-nar,"1. never gay or merry, y-t  Ksidoni si-jrn. ar.d v.-ho'dy Ignorant ������������������>/  passion.  I have known many gn-a". faces, but  that <���������- "Ly.-! linlierls is a f.-u- apart.  I fancy tin.'.. In the minds of ih'-lr  v.-orslilppers, soni*j o������ the soberer god:,  of the old 3nytivlosIt_c had fac-s Ilk-  his.  Delight",   th-   Att.i *h[���������-���������=.  He  was .**���������..-*.  i"r-*.*.;k    ;.   *.  i'l,..-:a!   i'i  !:��������� .  had b*--'_.-: t-< th*-* w:.r r --. ���������.prmd. *-.*:*.  The a*t.iv'.i.-s had w;ii',*d in f-in,*  Tur.Ti '_....:! h" r.-:.���������. f'-' th.-'iu. Th-y  came. thlnklus thai tie y -,-.���������:���������.��������� -ining  to in: sh.:::'_.��������� 11 a&tdc* a::d 1-ft nut n"  the ������_T_cii-_-:i-.'-:ir. as they ii-'.'i bf-n witli  a le:-:-:-r ,v-_r.-rni ���������"���������:���������."-���������-. I:-'-, i:; th - lb WI.  r.at when they met Lord Robins he  Rudyard Kijiling by il'ri'cevul Landon,  of the Times, H. A. Gynne, of neuter's, and Jnmes Barnes, of Harper's  ATngay.ine, and myself, he said, in  effect, that as we shared the dangers  of battle, exposure and'hardship with  the soldiers, hu would like io ask:  "May I call you comrades?"  And nt that dinner, when the roses  hung over every man's head in token  of thc liberty with which all were  entitled to speak, without fear of an  echo reaching the outer world, I was  lold by one of his rricmls lhat Lord  Roberts never objects fo lhe. publication of anything ho says before a  gathering of men, because it is his  rule never to say anything that he  would regret to have repeated.  "Little  Bobs."  In person .be- is  "LLtlle Bobs."  Jie is one of those small packages  ln which llu* sorts have so often packed military genius, as if il wore a  rare commodity, not obtainable In  bull:. ik* dresses in surge klinkl.  which, plain ns* lhat always must be.  lie renders the moro plain hy ridding  It of  all   orders  and   decorations.  There are men on Ills own stuff���������  there wns oven an American newspaper reporter wilh one of the armies  ���������who wear a lhu- nnd a half of ribbons*. Rut tlu* chief who is entitled  io perhaps four lines, appears every  day. for every duty and function, with  a tunic as rare of decorations as that  of any civilian, .lie is so nenl and  precise in his dress Hint J suspect he  must have been a dandy in earlier life.  He is quick and nervous in his movements, and his constant habit is to  thrust cither one or both hands under  his bolt���������a practice which makes it  easy for artists to familiarize his figure with lhe public. He is instantaneous and direct in conversation,  and goes as straight to the point in  view as a well aimed bullet to a  target. I have noticed thai when ho  meets new people he advances  towards them eagerly, listens intently and in three minutes either engages the new acquaintance in earnest  conversation or has done with him  with a decisive not of parting.  Lord   Roberts'   Court.  With the army in South Africa his  headquarters form a court���������almost as  if he were a part of llie Royalty hu represents. Toil do not call upon him.  You sign your name in a. book, and  he sends for you later if he wants to  see you. Tt may be a duke whom you  find in the central sails of the residency���������as it was In my case���������and who  offers  the  register  for you  to sign.  The Field Marshal works continuously, and to do so has tn bo free from  Interruption; therefore visitors meet  him only at lunch or dinner. In  Bloemfontein. where he was living between Willis, his table was a small one  standing a few feet from the head of  the very large long* table at which  sat his staff���������his ponderous, impressive staff of distinguished men of Hie  aristocracy. You dined with "Bobs"  In khaki, of course, at Ids small table  ���������if you were highly honored: or you  may dine with his staff and be presented to him after the meal for as  long or brief an Interview as he  pleases.  That is precisely the amount and extent of state about his surroundings.  I3ut all state vanishes when you much  the hand of "the Little Man," and tall:  with him ubnui the two subjects  which engross' him���������the war around  him  and   politics  sit   home. .  A Keen Politician.  .If you wonder thai politic? tlnd such  spacious lodgement as Ihey do in his  mind, you have not remembered how  politics have affected him In his career  as a general, hero In South Africa���������  .when   Ik-   could   have . prevented   this  royal, gift of remembering everybody,  the humane quality*.of flawless tact,  th*. superior, almost sunerhuman gift  of justice. Good men like him be-  catto- he Is good; kindlv xaet^ And a  ve.-spoi'sive chord in his nature: and  those who are stern feel that he, too,  Is stern upon occasion." He has complimented a Tommy on his soldlerli-  nesK in such a way ns to win the  man's loyalty lo the end and surrender ot his life, and on tho very same  day he has ordered home a general  knowing that thu order carried wilh  it the ever enduring disgrace on a  man who meant us -well as himself,  but had not the capacity to realize  tils ambition.  Tils, army will do anything for him;  march longer, starve harder; go without tents, blankets, and rum more  days nnd weeks, and die In greater  numbers tor him than any other man  alive. They will do all these things  willingly and gladly whoro other armies might protest anil grumble and  go ahead with sulletiness. He can  get more out an army, from lhe  Ciiiuds down to the roughest scouLIng  toi-i.-i (.sis lie did between Modder river  nut! r.iociiifoiitelu), than any Russian  or Oct man general could have extorted with iron discipline and atinmuntino  ntiOiorlly. It was the so-called  ���������'London pels"���������the       Guards���������who  lirnui all Kiii'openn records in n three  days' march Inlo the Free State. Tn-  sli���������.d of grumbling they made It a  mailer of boasting. Whenever other  prliates would dam another leader,  ftcl ei ts' men say, simply: "Bobs  knows- what 'e's about:" "Bobs will  do iho job." It suffices the majority  meitly lo sum him up with this  plu-ai-e: ���������'���������_���������_, is a man!" Ho can  make nu mistake lhat his army will  rficoijnlzc. Whatever he orders or  docs is regarded as the refulect'.on of  supormiman  inspiration.  How His lion Love Him.  liven if ho fails he is certain lo tie  considered infallible at the end. There  m.v have been more than ono "Wel-  lii-i-ton at the head of Briton's armies  in UK: past, but there has never been  a previous Roberts���������never in English  histoiy has there been scuh idolatry,  or any such magnetic  loader.  "The men feel that they know him  .and that he knows them," I was told.  "Tt is a case of love returned for love  and admiration exchanged for admiration " Jle scrupulously returns the  salute of every Tommy he meets. He  speaks to hundreds about whatever he  sees them doing, or whatever interests  him   or   rouses     his     curiosity. Ho  thanks whoever does anything for him  ami compliments all who are smart  or scldier like in manner and brave  in service. He knows llie names or  a  multitude  of  men.  "Sometimes," said a general, "when  I have been with him Inspecting regiments in a new command, he has said:  'New, Jn this regiment are those fet-  10".���������*; who did so-and-so at Kabul,' or  Tirak, or anywhere. And he asks for  them by name iind talks to them. He  is rliarp on offenders, and can detect  looting, defects ln dress, misbehavior  of any son with so quick and keen an  ey-.* that, the men feel���������in this as in  hls*. courtesy���������that he Is one of them.  They know that he Is to be reckoned  .with   in   every   way.  "Loot."  *iW have all been slightly misled by  thi; Boer word "'commanderlna." Ir  mnl-.ts stealing seem less offensive���������In  fa-.l, under the new name of "commandeering," stealing commends llselr  to many of us. Lord Roberts has  b> oo   awfully flown on  it.      He seems  action. His life is all activity, and  his mind worlts with his body���������that  is, In the heat of affairs and ot movement his brain Is coolest and works  moat quickly. His compact, nervey  little body is* all a reservoir of  strength, and you can speak of his  physique of a giant. Indeed, he lives  on hlh nervo and draws upon his  strength, as if both wore inexhaustible. He will sit iind write for 10  days on end, dealing wilh a multitude  of varied subjects���������civil, military, cov-  ���������arinj; tin: enormous range of view  of a soldier, and an administrator;  and then. If the need comes,' he will  bounce on a horse and ride CO or CD  miles, tiring lleutenante whose lives  are  spent  in  tho  saddle.  "Blain Livers and High Thinkers."  He lives very plainly, asking for  few comforts and no luxuries. When  he visited Modder River ho found  Lord Methuen established In the  hotel, and that general had been at  the pains lo clear out a part of tho  building and appoint lt for tlie Field  Marsha I's lodgings. I tut Lord Roberts,  thanked him, and remnrked that he  had ordered his tent to be set on the  veidt, and thai there he meant to stny.  When his army is in motion, marching and lighting, he travels with it  covered wagon and a tent, the first  being his house and the second his  workroom. Tho wagon is a light four  wheeled contrivance whose top is a  room:*- and complete enclosure ancl defence against rain and cold wind. On  the side board is painted "F. M. L_.nl  Roberts," so that we may., all know li  when  it comes along.  Sue!: is tho .famous "Bobs"���������like so  main other men at so many -points,  so Ordinarv in a hundred little human  wavs. yo! so separated from us all in  other respects���������in other respects which  sueni to us superhuman, that are antagonistic to much of what we know  of him, that are inscrutable, that seem  Illogical when we trv to account for  him- . JULIAN   RALPH.  The American government corral at  Manila has been quarantined. There  are four suspected cases of bubo.ilc  plague among the teamsters, who are  living in filthy dwellings, which will  b". burned.   '  "Does your husband look after  things while you are away, Mra.  Dvrigffs?" "He takes care of the  chickens and children, but I always  send my ' house plants over to  mother's."  Tapoly: "You're an orphan?" Miss  Summergurl: "Yes." Tapely: "Well,  whoso consent may I ask in order to  marry    you?" Miss    Summergurl:  "Well you might ask mine."  Frank Warkc, alias Oreco, the Italian charged with murdering his wlf������  at Niagara Falls, pleaded guilty of  manslaughter at the Welland assizes  and was sentenced to 10 years In  Kingston penitentiary by Chancellor  Boyd.  The private bank of J. L. Ross at  Aurora, Out., was entered last weak.  The safe was blown open and *>rer  $."00 taken. The post ofllco was also  entered, the safe burst open and ������G0  In cash and $]GO worth or stamps  taken.  &$i&&$i&#*$i&&&m$4  COMPANY.  The__  Revelstoke Herald  (SEMI-WEEKLY)  Ib the leading newspaper ot  the great mining districts of  West Kootenay. It gives all  the latest mining, telegraphic and local news, written up  ln authentic, reliable and read  able articles from unqnoaUoa-  able Information. It enjoy*  a large circulation and te.eoa-  Mquently unequalled as aa  advertising medium ln torn  field ln which lt Is published.  fad in e  -. ���������*���������*���������..  cf.  - Yon ar**-  !''��������� t\f. as yon |  please and go v.her*- yon _ll_<���������only  r������U-ase! do not get ir; the uay <,t uny  bullets, as I am r:-;;i;----ible for your  safety."  One night  at a privatf* dinner tendered   to him.  war by a vastly smaller one���������In Kandahar;   in   many  fields.  Lord  Roberts never smokes tobacco,  and  with  drink he  has little  to  do.  A  glass   of   wine   with   two   of   the   three  meals  sutlice   for   him.       tie   preaches  temperance to his soldiers, and they all  know that ho  shows  no patience with  thoso  who  drink   to  ��������� x-'i-ss.      tie  pre-  s-idtt-  at   meetings  of  ilv  Arniv   Tern-  p-'rasice   association    ���������itI     i-xi-ils     s*>-  I i,:*Lo*vy, bin. hi:, all  broad mir.i!,*d mo:i.  | l-.y   refrains   from   advocating   tlv-   lm-  ! pus.* ibit-one form of whicli  .*.- tot.it a!>-  i-.inttii'C  I      '.'.���������:  hi.s  tiov* r '��������� n  know.i   to u*.-.- an  I .-a:!', and Indfd. :!ut.* inu-l b" coni-  i p.ira-.lv-ly l'v-v m-n who-,,, ii-ligloti ln-  1 f.ucnv-*" tli.-i:*. S'i do-ply a-- il'i". hi-*-  ! ,:i ��������� ���������..���������!--.- .iff.-.ir of i.f*\ IP- ii-vc-i' p.ir-  ..I-* his i>'> .y. nov.-r forcei-i it upon  tiioac- .iroiiml him.      Vet. on everv Sira-  ��������� l.iy slnct- !u* Joined h'.s army ho has  atl-ndfi! IHvine tci'vlc.-. Not a word  hub  Iw;  s!>ok>_.-n   to  his  i>:::'.'f suggesting  ��������� ���������:��������� t<!-i!i-iing li.-*!t* pi-'.v:-iic-���������yet bo Is  certain tu attend the we.-kiy servirv���������  ���������.���������-p. example lo tlu* army so modestly  jnd so persistently iirosenlfd lhat it  fanno- h.-l_> hut !>������������������ powerful. When  li** to.,!; tin- s.-ir-ram-'nt at iJrl'Tonti-ln,  ifio oth-'i- '!::}, in I In- faiu, one might  .-:iy. "f the- whop- nuiiy. it waa witli-  o.o. .-:. ������������������.!���������,'. a? ihe parading of religion.  A!!     .;v.'   it*   il i'.n   it-",,    ot   j-inipl'-   f.tilll.  I.   is ii!::in:--i   ar. b.'ii'd  to  iveo;u;ii:- h!:i  ;.,��������� :**.*.'.<���������,} f .   ;: n'i    :*-ym;*.it hy     *.*.iih     .he  l.rni    :  -.:���������:'������������������   '��������� :   ���������*-*���������������������������!���������.'-������������������ o*,tr-c-      v.-Vx!:  i n.   g.-Tioi-.'d   .o     Mipi-i-rfii*     in   eo.-iinri-irifJ.  I .-j:*'-*.   n L  '.-,'.'���������   hi;,'J   of So In .*,*:*    -_i.il   arr'ny.  i  | *.���������*.,i:.<-t   oftr-ii   have   to    folio*..       f   have  _:-!:���������; tl   mi.::..-   ���������*.!'   hia ��������� fri-.'i'lH   -bow -lie  e.:i.   I,"  boil:    S')rl.*-> of    mm  nl   t.::(.-.--  i.���������*'-.���������.-   lie   ran   oos.-s*'.*.--*'*!   ir.'iln   wbieb   w**  imng:?!-*** must war with on-, another.  "He   does   possess   I hem,   that's   all."  i.s   the-   best   answer   f   have   hail;   "I  uijii'l know  bow, but  lie does."  Why  Wo   Like Jlinx.  ' lie  is all  things  In all  men.  in   the  best   sense   ot   the   phrase,"   said   one  "Jfu    has    the  nn:   to*  have    caught   tho     spirit     ;n j    The Wife:  to  love  me.'  you  know?"  whii-h we wno would not "stc-il" a Dm i  have      b-c-en      commandeering     Dutch |  Rih'.es.   horses,   and   any  other   nnrta- I (my more  bit; in  our path.      At a certain   point. 1 _^^______>  ofnvur"'^TiTr^-TC-orr-totjeiTP"-?i7tff_w^������_-i-J1=ii"=r_-'*="  riding    ahead   of   the   Field    Marshal (  i      anil   saw     a   Canadian   with   two   rat s  5?^  fowl= hanging from his saddle. ]  "Here."  sai'i   the  officer,  "'^lere  did j  you  got   the"-*.*  fowls?  "Commandeered  Vrq.  sir."  "Well, for gr,oiln'-ss* sake, hide them.  JIe;e _s Lord Roberts just behind us.  n.'.l   ha-, e  you   shot."  t;p   cantered   Lord   Rom-ris   with   his i  fa*-e   troubled.       "What   in     the   man i  i!fi;._   -.villi   tlmv  ��������� l.iekc.���������-���������"'��������� ho :i*'Vc-������il. ���������  mor-..]y, |  ' Sir,"    replied   i!*.<*���������   staff   offieer.   "h" ;  i  h:k< iiiideitunnt!   that   you   are on   very j  si ci"   rations,   and   he  ileslreit   to  ot*>r  'i'.iilor made silk coats, jackets and  basque bodices are highly fashionable  both here and abroad.  "llarie, our now cook's cooking is  horrible!'" "Oh, George, do look ou  her as Lenten discipline and let's say  no morcT"-"_Jout it." *   ���������  At the Levee���������"ow dreadfully stout  the general is getting!" "Yes, isn't it  fortunate? Otherwise ho wouldn't be  albe to weiir all his medals!"  "What d.o you mean by a 'hypothetical question'?" "Why, it's one of  these questions they ask you when  you're trying to  keep off a jury."  Jack: "Let's bet on the game. If  wo win, I marry you." May: '.'And  if we lose?" Jack: "Why then you  marry me."  He: "Aro yon fond of dancing?"  She: "Look here, you can't talk, but  you can dance, so suppose we have  another  turn."  A IS year old son of Mr. Chafes  I'i well, of Stockdale, accidentally  shot himself in tho abdomen with a ve-  .olver.      His condition  is critical."  Cnrrye: 'hey say she has given  up advocatng woman's rghts." Choliy:  "Yes; she goes in for woman's lefts."  Carrye: "hWal are they?" Choliy:  "Widowers."  At Ailsa Craig Victor B. Hall was  committed Ton trial on the charge ot  manslaughter iu causing the death of  Mrs. Christina Charlton by Improper  medical  treatment.  "Shall I sing 'Because I Love You?' "  ased Mrs. Darley, as she seated herself at the piano. "No." replied Mr.  Darley, who s a brute; "if you love  me.   don'l   sing."  Papa: "riuch a wedding- as you  want. my dear, will cost $1,000."  "Then what is to be done, papa?"  "You will have to get married without  my consent."  "My husband lias ceas-d  The Maid: "How do  The  Wife:    "It  i.s   im-  Steriptioii $2,00 Per flnnam  $1,25 Por Six Months,  Strietlu in Mum.  possible for me to make him miserable  5oots  and  Shoes  We have just finished  stock-taking, and have a  number of odd lines  displayed awaiting your  inspection.  Quality considered, the  price now placed upon  these goods is very low  indeed.  The  following are a few  of the bargains offered:  SADIES* I,OW SHOES:  l.es.nlnr price, $a.25; now  $1.50.  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('���������  ij  t  11  ill  n  i  f i  ���������VJ  1  ii  ?w  \  /}*  l'���������^  U������| v/V y>  ������  War News  m-y  1  Lorenzo Marquee, June ������.���������Unit-id  States Consul HolliB, who returned  here yesterday from the Transvaal,  had a two hours' interview with Pre-  ���������aMent Kruger at Macador*. It is  atated Mr. Hollia was the bearer ot  friendly despatches from the United  ���������States government urging Mr. Kruger  to treat lor police.  Cape .Town,* June 9.���������General  Warren with a strong force, including  the Canadian artillery, is reaching  through Uriqualand West. lie encamped. (U. Campbell yesterday, no opposition being oi'Cered. Numbers nt  rebels are handing in their arms to  tho British commander.  Mafeking, May 29.���������Colonel Plumer  occupied Vieorusl yeslerday without  opposition. Tliis district is regaining  ils normal condition. Supplies aro  arriving dally.  llammonln. Orange Kiver Colony,  June S���������General Kundle made a strong  demonstration against the Boer position employing 500 of General Ura-  iian'ts Queenstown mounted iil'l,es,  two guns and the Cape mounted Infantry under Colonel Dalgetty. The  lloor .outposts were driven back and  lheir lunger was located, but the  n-oops returned without a battle.  London,. June 9.���������Tlie driblets ol"  news from the Transvaal do not thro*-  much light on tho situation In and  around Pretoria.  Interest is largely felt ln the fale of  ���������the British prisoners, but it seems  probable that about 3,500 have' been recovered. ��������� including 129 officers". .The  Federals havo removed about a thou-  hand.as hostages.  The Lorenzo Jlarques despatch to  the effect that United SUU03 Consul  llollis has bC'ii conferring with  President Kruger is creating some  i-omment, but in view.of the Associated Press Washington despatch there  is little disposition to regard Mr.,  Hollis'  message in any way official.   *  A* special from Pretoria says c\iri-  (Uisly. enough the only shell that broke  in the town the day prior to the o?~-  eupation of Pretoria hit tho United  states consulate.  A despatch from Cape Town announces the work of organizing the  Kovernment of the Transvaal is pro-  needing.- .A portion of Sir Alfred  Milner's staff has gone to Pretoria to  ���������taj-t the machinery, so the proclamation of the annexation of the Transvaal  may  be speedily  expected.  A special from Pretoria describes  tlie visit made by ofllcers of Lord  "Roberts' staff to the presidency on the  ith' of June. It says we were received  by a Dutch pastor and were shortly  joined by Mrs. Kruger. The lady  wore a black silk dress and a white  cap. She composedly exchanged  greetings with her visitors who notified her of their intentions to replace  the burgher guard by a guard of  llritish troops. The burghers thereupon laid down their arms near the  lions guarding the entrance.  London, June 9.���������General Buller has  at' length taken the offensive and by  manoeuvering, he has secured a. position west of Laing's Nek, by which ho  believes he can make the Boer position untenable. Presumably he will  immediately follow up his success.  Lord "Roberts has communicated  nothing for three days nor permitted  ..he correspondents to wire what is  going on. '���������  London's inference is that he is  waiting, although it Is possible that  he is disposing his army for a reach  ��������� ���������after    Commandant    General      Botha.  There is a blockade - of the wires  owing to the rush of official correspondence, which may account for the  scanty press despatches.  I_bn_I"o^~Jun^"97^Th"e~w_fr"offi_^has"  received thc following from General  lluller:      "Yellow Boom Farm, June S:  h, T  i  ���������On June t>. General Talbot Coke, with  iho 10th brigade and   the South African   Light   horse   seized   A*"an   wicke  lii 11 and the enemy made some resistance  and' a good  deal  of  sniping occurred. Our casualties were about four  killed  and  13 wounded.      During  that  day and .the following,  we got two -1.7  and    two   12   pounder   naval   guns   to  Van Wicke hill and two five inch guns  "on   to  the  south   western  spur of   In-  kewelo.      Under  cover    of   their    lire  General Hildyard    today assaulted all  tho  spurs  or the  borg beteeu  Botha's  Pass and  Inkowelo.     The'attack'was  Planned  by  Hildyard and  carried  out  with immense dash by tlio troops,  for  whom'no  mountain:* .were  too steep.  They outflanked   the enemy  who were  forced    to      retire  from    ��������� lheir    very  ' strong positions.     I think wc did not  have   any   casualties    and   I.   hope   I  have  obtained  a position  from   which  I can   render Laing's Nek untenable."  Pretoria, June u.���������(Delayed in transmission).���������Pretoria     surrendered    last  night after  the  forts  had   been  bombarded  a  day by    siege guns.     "General  Hamilton,   on  the  left",  seized    a  ridge of hills,  and Witwatersburg on  lhe   cxclrcnic   right   of   tho    enemy's  position was captured* by the Gordon's  and Cornwall's, who held the ridge at  th,j west" of tlio enemy's position.   Tlie  Australian    lancers   and   mounted   infantry   galloped    down    a   ravine    between   the     ridges    and     turned     tlie  lioers   tank.       Two     hundred   British  "ifiiccrs   who  were  prisoner**!  wore   released.      It Is    reported   that the rest  arc   at  Waterval.      A   porliou   ot   tho  army, Including the Cnnfidi.-iiis, marched  past  the  court  house.      It   wns  a  ,.   magnificent spectacle.  London, June 11.���������The war ollice lias  received thc following despatch from  Sir Red vera Bullnr: "Mi'Hd<*unrtern  in Natal, June 9.-���������With reference to  my iness.iKo of June 8 we halted yes  terday to go over by trains'.,  pass which is very steep. I. Iind the  enemy were about 2,000 strong in a  carefully prepared position which  they must have.been very disappointed not to havo held longer than they  did. Have all retired and aro 28  miles to the north west. I find our  casualties were more than I flrst  thought. They were one officer  wounded and two men killed and IS  ���������woundeU."  ��������� General Sir Forrester Walker wires  to tlio war ofllco from. Cape Town  under yesterday's date:: "Informa  ii-.ii received from natives early yos-  leiday (Saturday) icporis the envmy  in'three columns near Honing Spruit.  Thc railway has been almost completely destroyed between America  ���������ind Uoodoval."  It is reported in London that Lord  Jlol.orts has imprisoned on the race  course all the male residents ut Pretoria.  Loudon. June 12.���������The fourth battalion of tlie Derbyshire regiment,  which was guarding Lord Huberts'  line ot communication at lloodeval  has been wiped out, all the men being  either killed, wounded or taken prisoners except six. Lieutenant Blan-  ehuril, of the Canadian Infantry, was  anions  tho wounded.  Lord Methuen reports having successfully engaged an army of the  ���������enemy 10 miles from Heilbron on Sunday. Heavy fighting is expected in  Basutoland. where the Boers are  rallying. Brilish troops tu the number  ,of 50,000 men arc rapidly closing in Oli  the marauding Boers In tho vicinit**  of Kronstadt and it is expected, that  th.y will  soon  be crushed.  At Ficsburg 1,000 Boers have surrendered to General Brabant.  1 Tt is officially announced that President Kruger haa located his capital  at Marchdorp, where he has a body  guard of 1,000 men and is rapidly collecting stores.  London, June 12.���������Fifty thousand  British troops are within 50 miles of  th'e: marr'auding Boers north of Kron-  slandt, and they are . expected, or  course, to make short 'work of them.  Xe\ orlheless, outside of the slender  war ollice advices no one knows what  Is going on. South of Kronstadt  there is a wide gap. The railway  is only partially defended and as  General Kelly Kenny has hurried the  available troops northward the assumption is that there is' danger of a  second raid. Tho loss of the Derby-  shires is estimated at from 600 to 700  men.  A Router despatch from Maseru,  dated June 11. says: "Fifteen hundred Boers surrendered to General  Brabant today in the .Ficksburg district."  ���������Machadorp has ��������� been finally proclaimed  the capital  of the Transvaal.'  A Liorenzo Marques* despatch says  that the village .of. Machadorp has  swollon-into a small city, the majorlty  of tho inhabitants living in tents.  An oliicial Boer telegram asserts  that .the British have been defeated  with considerable loss at Donker-  shoort, in the southern extremity of  the Free State, 10 miles from Norvals  Pont. It waa thought this district  had boen cleared of Boers and.rebels  long ago. The Boers still cling to  JJains's Nek,, but General Buller's  forces are still working around in that  direction.  ��������� Lord Roberts has wired Cape Town  that prior to Wednesday he liberated  251 officers and 3,500 of the rank and  tile. The Boers consequently took oft  only. 900, prisoners.  There is still scarcity of food at  Maieking,. but the railway is  repaired. Seventy-two rebels have  been arrested in the Vryburg and  Mafeking districts. Sixty-five were  marched into Mafeking.  ���������"���������"All-** of���������General���������Carrin"ijton's"������oree-  had landed at Beira a week ago. The  organization to invade the Transvaal  from the north is , already far advanced.  Ventorsdorp, June n.���������Two hundred  and fifty Boers have surrendered to  General Hunter and the remainder in  this district have promised to give up  lheir aims.  thi: c:::  Tien Sing, June 9.-���������It ie reported  from'Chinese official sources that 4,000  Boxers surrounded 1,500 Chinese troops  between Iofa and Yang TBun "yesterday." Fighting is still going on this  morning. Five hundred Boxers were  killed, but the despatch gives no account of the Chinese loss. Thirty of  General Niep's troops encountered a  body of Boxers three miles from here  on the 'Taku road and killed 21 of  them.       _.; . *   '  The French cruisers Denier Casteau  and Jean Bart, and the Russian  cruiser Rusisa have arrived  at Taku.  ��������� o   DEATH IN  ARISTOCRACY  London, June S.���������Henry Wellesley,  third Duke of Wellington, died at  Strathflelrt's House, Mortimer, Berkshire, yesterday morning In the 55th  year of his age.  RUMORS   OF   AVAR  New York. Juno 9.���������The possibility  of war between Japan and Russia  and the effect of lhe rumors on the  financial world are discussed rather  fully in The Herald today. its London correspondent cables the anxiety  from events In the far east spread  yesterday still further. Over and  over again tiie opinion was expressed  that nothing could avert war between  Japan and Russia. in diplomatic  circles nothing else was talked about.  There evlsts in financial circle.*! all the  preliminary of a panic. Public sentiment Is urging the government to take  more active interest in Chinese developments. ���������  THE WORK   OF 1MM1GRAT10N  London. June 12.���������-The Lorenzo Mai-  ques correspondent of-the Times says:  "At Macliadurp President Kruger has  a body guard of 1,000 burghers. Stores  are being moved as quickly as pos-  s'.h'.ii 1t:i :r.!.- i-L*li>i t., I..*-..:,- *:,_. .  The- Portuguese authorities  have sent  A Real Estate Agent Gives His Yiovws  to a Journal -in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis. June 7.���������Alex Plimp-  t'n, Canadian real estate agent, who  lias been looking over the twin cities"  for a few days, has given some in-  teiesting figures concerning the  money his government annually spend,  in Its emigration campaign , in tliis  country. Mr. Plimpton says Americans are not. really converted into  Canadian subjects, and he regards the  effort made by his government as a  foolish one so far as the United States  is concerned. air. Plimpton asserts  that not more than 1.000 actual homestead entries can* be traced to-citizens  imluced'to settle in Canada; who formerly lived in the United States.~al-  though the records of the department  officers show ten times that number.  The Canadian government pays salaries and commissions* on emigration  business and has 'some 250 agents at  work in the various states. Some of  the agents receive both salaries. and  commission and make a very good  thing out-of the work. For example,  the agent at Steven's Point gets $1,200  a year and last year his commissions amounted to $1,500 more. The  agent at Kansas ��������� City gets $75 per  month salary, and he also has.a nice  expense account. A great majority of  Iho agents, however," are paid commissions at the rate of $3 per head  for male emigrants, and $2 for femalo  emigrants, over 18 years of age, and  $2 *each for all others. Mr. Plimpton  says the total cost of immigration "in  Canada last year amounted in appropriations to more* than $350,000-  WIRE  SPARKS  aro  HORRIBLE MURDERS  A Family of   Eight Killed and   Mutilated with an Axe by the Hired  Man, Near. Moosomin  a further.body of troops -to tht; border  of their territory."'  Li-r.don. Juno 12.���������General Sir .Fred-;  erlck Forestler Walker reports lhat  in the disaster to the British troops.*  on June 7 at Roodesval, where the  Boers cut Lord Roberts' line of com-:-  miir.lcations. the fourth btmailim; of  ilie Derbyshire! regiment.. were ' all  killed, or wounded or taken "prisoners',  except-six. It is inferred that' the  Boers captured.* oyer. 500 men and as  late as Juno 10-were cutting oft the  British forces north of Kronstadt  from  reinforcements.  ���������Tho news that the cutting oft or  Lord Roberts' communications with  tlie oulsldo works was accompanied  by sucli a serious loss came like a  thunder bolt from a comparatively  clear sky. In London until the new;;  came, it had been thought that the  destiuction ot the railway- had ly_o':i  accomplished by Free Staters who  were avoiding rather tiian annihilating the British regiments stationed at  tlie point attacked. Tho liners appear  to be. sufficiently strong to separate  all the British forces north and soutn  of a long stretch between Itoberval  and   Uell.bron. ������  ���������: ���������������'���������   The Templar Publishing company,  of Hamilton, has been dissolved by  the court, and 938.000 ot .eharoe cancelled.  Seven   thousand, dock   laborer  on  strike  in   London,   England.  The St. Louis car lines are now in  operation and riots have ceased.  The Kumassi   relief column   is  now  half way to the beleaguered town.  i__.It_is_reported_that_tho_nalionaL_orc.es_  of Columbia have sustained a reverse  near Colon.  The ore shipments from Rossland  for the last week show a falling o'T  of  over 1.000 'tons.  .' The three year old son of James  Ward was smothered to death during  a* fire at London. Ontario. .  ���������r Canada is the only country" with a  cold storage system on the* Pari;; exhibition grounds.  The-.British ste.in.c-i- Bermuda cullicl*-  ed with and sunk the schooner Norfolk near New York. No lives Woi>*"  lost In the catastrophe.  The First Canadian contingent hns  been presented with -Cronje's flag' In  commemoration ot the'.r gallant work.  Her Majesty has. cabled thanks to  Canada for the address of congratulation on  the fall of Pretoria.- ���������  The earnings Af the C. P. R. for the  week ending June 7th show an increase of $37,0C'0 over the same period  of last year.  The first Imperial Limited trains of  the C. P. R.'s fast summer time started *oi'.-th_?ir. race across the continent  yesterday.  The body of F. Clayton, a bicyclist,  who has been missing from Seattle,  was' found in tho Yukon river. Ho  has been murdered. -  The funeral of the members of the  Mo Arthur family.- rocently murdered  at Moosomin, took place yesterday.  The murderer will probably live.  The loss in taxable properly at the  recent Huil fire i.s given as .1,03!,.10,  non-taxable 52S2.S50.   o   "Poor old General Debility," exclaimed Mrs. Partington, "it is surprising hn wlong he lives, and what  excitement his illness creates; the  papers are full of remedies for him."  She: '"So you have crossed the  oceaii ������4 Jtimes.* You must be getting  used lo4 it." ,He: "Yes, considerably. I have lately got 30 that' I can  recognise half tbe wave* _7e meet.**  Moosomin, Assa., June 11.���������One ot the  most horrible and shocking tragedies  in the annals of Western Canada was  enacted about 14 miles from this town  about 12 or 1 o'clock Saturday morning., when Alexander MeArthur, postmaster of Welwyn, and eight member.-*,  of his family were brutally butchered.  Mrs. MeArthur and two boys were  killed outright. Mr. MeArthur and  Russell MeArthur have since died, and  three other members of the family lie  at the point of death. The eldest  daughter. 11 girl of some 15 years, escaped. Thc- story of tlie murder is  as follows: The hired man, one John  Morrison, confesses lo have done the  act. Friday evening ho was playing  fooiball some tour miles irom the  'place he was working al, ami U-fl for  his lionie'al McArthurs about half  past eleven. 11 would seem as though  he had made up his mintl to kill the  family as he look olt his boots outside  or the entrance to the house find hud  an axe with lilm. From lhe porch ho  entered into a kitchen. On the north  west corner of the house is a double  bed room with bods In the north west  corner and south west corner, leaving  a space between tho two beds ot somo  five feet in which was a cot. Mr.  MeArthur occupied tho bed in the  north west corner, and was apparently .lying on the right side. In bed  with him was a little boy of .��������� or 5  years. The other was occupied by  Mrs. MeArthur and her babe of about  two weeks, and at the foot of the  same bed slept a little girl of about  7 years. - On the cot before mentioned slept a little boy of about 3 years.  Tt is apparent that Mr. MeArthur  was struck first, and i>n the right side  ot tlie head with tho back of the axe.  From! all appearances he never moved  after being struck. Whether 'Mrs.  MeArthur or ��������� the little boy was' the  next victim matters not, but tho little  boy' who. slept with his father was  struck ovei- the left eye and from, the  ugly gash left must have been struck  with the sharp part of the axe. The  little fellow cannot recover. Mrs. MeArthur received four blows. The  right ear was partially cut. There is  a gash on the head, another over the  right'eye. and a deep cut on the;*.skill}  as though done with the blade -of an  axe. The blow at the baby was not  very well aimed, as there is a gash  about -two inches about the temple  and partly through the .skull. Neither  was the blow aimed at the little girl  sleeping with her mother. ' very exact,  as from the marks left lt would appear as though he intended to strike  with the blade of the axe, but miscalculating the distance,, the blade  over reached its mark and' struck,  with the handle of tho axe .-.on the  neck. From those he seems to have  gone to the little boy in the ' cot.  There is no skull wound on thu child,  but the whole side of the face is black  and bruised and apparently was  struck with.the flat of an axe. The  murderer thought six.ot his witnesses  were now dead, and yet he was not  satisfied, for he wont upstairs whore  the other members of the family were  sleeping. Upstairs, turning to the  lett and immediately to the right,  are to other bedrooms. In the first  slept the oldest boy of the family,  about 13 years, and Morrison's bed-  mate*. He-was found lying on nis  face with a gash about ."> inches-long  and one inch deep near the middle  of his head. Of this room was another occupied by the elder girl of the  -family,-somc-15-years,-and_her_brother._  about 11 years. Tho boy was Morrison's last victim and was found  lying 011 the floor with his face lying  on his hand. On lhe back of iho hand  was 11 deep hole, likely made with the  corner blade of an axe. McArthur's  life was short. When the police rcacn-  nci the place thoy began to search lor  ���������the murderer and found Morrison with  a bad flesh wound as if he had tried  to carry out his previous intention or  self destruction. Reside him was a  revolver with three cartridges and the  hammer.. raised, a double barrel  shot gun" with" tiie right barrel discharged aud the axe with which ii.:  had clone his bloody work. Ills recovery- is doubtful, but he was able 10  be moved and was taken to Moosomin In charge of Sergeant Mclnnes  and   lodged al   the barracks.  IMPERIAL BW  OFC/yMADA  Head Office, Toronto.  Capital Authorized, - $2,500,000.00  Capital Paid Up, - $2,391,863.00  Rest, - - $1,554,710.00  DIRECTORS:  H.   S.  Howland,  President  T.R.Merritt.Vice-PrM,   St.   Catherines  William Ramsay, Robert J affray  Hugh   Ryan,   T   Sutherland,   Stayner  Ellas Rodgers  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager  BRANCHES  North West and British Columbia:  Brandon,      Calgary,      Edmonton,  Golden, Nelson, Portage la Prairie  Prince       Albert,        Strathcona,  Vancouver, "Winnipeg, Revelstoke.  Ontario: ,  Essex, Fergus, Gait, Ingcrsoll,  liistowel, Niagara Falls, Port  Colborne, Rat Portage, Sault Ste.  Marie, St. Catherines, St.Tb.0ma3,  Toronto, Welland, Woodstock,  Hamilton. , ,  Quebec:  Montreal.  SttTings Bank Department���������Deposits  of $1 and upwards received aud interact   allowed.  Debentures���������Provincial, Municipal,  and  other  dobentures  purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������  Available at all points of Canada,  United Kingdom , United States,  Europe, India, China, ,"r-a*-"*u. Australia, New Zealand  etc  Gold   purchased.  This bank issues Special Receipts  which will be accounted for at any  of the Hudson's Bay Co's Posts In  the Yukon and Northern districts.  A. R. E. HEAEN,  Manager Revelsloke Branch.  gmmwmiH������WHiiHwmimm������iiiim������inmi������miMit������Hii  THE MOLSONS BANK  Incorporated by Act of Parliavibnt, 1855.  HEAD OFFICE MONTREAL  T-he Revelstoke..  Herald    rSemrWeeklyl'."  Has more  readers    in  North  Ko.tenay than, any other paper;  has more advertisers in Revelstoke than     any  other paper;  does  more job  printing in the  city than any other paper; it's  news is more spicy and up-to-  date; its influence     is-greater;  its advertising rates are lowest  circulation considered;   its sub  scription rate is only $2.00 pet  annum; it covers the field. Try  ��������� it and be with the crowd.'  Write to  REVELSTOKE HERALD,  -  Revelstoke, B. C.  PAID UP CAPITAL      - - - -      82,000,000  REST FUND . - - - ���������      31,500.000  DIRECTORS:   WM. Molsox MAcruKRSsx, PrMident; S. B. Ewivg, Vice-President;  W. M, Ramsav, Samuel Fiwlet, h������vby abchibalu, J. P. Cleohorx,  H. 31ARKLASD MO__SOX.  F. WOKfKBTOK Thomas, Gtsnenl Manager.  A general banking business transacted,     Interest, allowed at current  rate*3' J. D. MOLSON,  Manager, IIevelbtoke, B.C.  m^miimuiiumiiuumiuimmmiiu^  REAL ESTATE  MINING  AND  INSURANCE  AGENT  McKenzie Ave,  UWMgf-avimmiu.mu.inww um,u*utni,.,u,i,i���������ivrm'"**r*  P. * 50RNS & CO."  Wholesale and Retail Dealers  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage  Fish and Game in season.  ���������VHITJ5     GWIIXIM   ���������&   SCOTT  barristers,  Solicitors,  "N'ocarles Public.  I*:t...  Taylor Block, McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke Station!   -  Money To Loan.  W. White,. J.  M.  Scott,  B.A.,  Q. C. L. L.  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DOMINION   PAiU-l-'iMlONT  Ottawa, June 12.ln the Ikiuko of commons yesterday the reply of tho Hon.  Mr. Mills, minister of justice, to the  suggestions of Sir Charles Tupper in  re/jarri to the election commission  was read, in which Mr. Mills pronounced all of the KUKKCHtion**) us  being without value. Sir Charles ex-  pres.KOd himsoir as bo'.ng disappointed and Mr. Blair rcpHi'il at sumo  length. The committee reported thc  eights and measures bill, Into'<which  a clause has been intiodiiccd providing for a standard wciKht and length  for binder twine. The premier guvo  notice that he would bring down a.  bill dealing with Chinese immigration.  On a motiun to k������ '"'���������o supp.  IIH-bcrt agairi brouf.li1- up the  matters, and wanted an,investigation  Mr. Sutherland replied that an inveti  gallon had already been held.  J. W. Cross,  OHlc.:   T.iyior   Dim I;. .MiiuUi'ii/n:    Avi.nui',  !t-**volfttoUi'..  KtirxRou I'i llu* '* l'.lt  llcH.lti i.l!ifi:i. i.Hy ni lirvi',.111 11.  Methodist. Church, Revelstoke  Preaching services at 11 a. in.  and 7:30 p.m. Class meeting at tho  close of the morning service. Sabbath school and Bible clans at. 2:30.  Weekly prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:39. The public  are cordially invited. Seats free.'  REV.S..T.THOMPSON,   Piwtor.  ,'__./-\p, u��������� -p<P    <. ft *v1 ������-*i"*) 1--T  Wood Dealer  and bravrnan.  0 1  Praying and delivery worl: a special- j  ty.     Teams always ready on shortest (  nnflo������������.        Onnirni'iM    fnr   Uihblnrf   l������Ven  lOANADiAN  ! P&G'IFIC  HEVELS  **T0KE  r ir^<vm;    kcprtn?t {*���������  lilackstnithing, Jobbing,  Plumbing, Pipe iMlting,  Tinsmith it is;   Sheet, lion  St.  rotor's Church  (Anglican)  Eight a.m.. Holy Eucharist; 11  a.m., matins, litany and sermon (Holy  I'.-iclmrist. lirst Sunday in the month);  2:30 Sunday school, or eMirlroas'  .orvicc; 7:80 evensong (choral) and  sermon. Holy     Days���������Thc     Koly  Eucharist is celebrated at 7 a.m. or S  a.m.. as announced. Holy Baptism  after Sundav school  at 3:13.  Ji!. C. Paget. D.D.. Pastor.  >p!y Sir].  Yukon] ,i������KBBYTEI_.AN   CHURCH-ReyolitoWf  .. ���������      Ser-.-ictj  uvc-.'y LjuiKla-r ut n ii.ni. und 7::>'l  "       p.m. ��������� Blb'o  CliBS" nt   2:30   p.m.,  to  which  nil nio -wplcomo.   Pruycr   meeting ri 8 p.m,  I'vcry Wcdiicsday.  REV. T. MENZIES, P*Btor.  Work,  paired.  JvL.'ichhmry    Ko  Mining  Work    a  ���������-obt. goe:  E _*,t������-i*:i."i <: 1; ���������������  Specialty  "Do all your employees drop ��������� their  tools the instant, the whistle blows?"  "Oh, no. not all of them. The more  orderly' ones of them have their tools  put away before that Uma."    .__  .   OMAX     CATHOLIC-   OHUROH���������Revel-  otnke     Marx  first and third SaDdays in  mc nth ot 10:W' a m.  KEV. FATHER THAYEK.  I���������   SALVATION* ARMY���������Ueeting   rjry  B.ght  in their hall on Front Str<_ _.  Undertaking nrd Embalming  E. Howson & Co���������  UACKKKZIK  AVE.  Reltit Tle*lerii in Fnrnltu'c.  "Imperial  Limited5'���������  Wci*vsfc for the yens- 1S.OD will  ho <-������n:Jiic:i<-oiJ ,. UNE Kith  Tin: ������������������ZiJip-Ki-tstl I^iiultcd"  ir.'uvx .roit kc.vcbs tlie C011-  tinciit in feus:*' ciayx w_tli-  aiit <-fortiJK<*. it. i****; :i solid  vt'������i;J>silct!. train, luxnri-  C7i*ly cqi-jp'.C'l *-*r������tI_ every  j.c..".:;2!ile esvesitiitS _"_>_.��������� the  I'Ci-.ifttt'l' stzi'.i coRveiiiciiee  of i������!isKe.i:s.erK. Ask your  friend* tvlio have , travelled 011 it. or address  E. J. COYLE.  A.G.P.A.  Vancouver. B.C.  . W. BRADSHAW  Ajent.  Fevcisioke Al-H'*-**-M'+**4^*-*'H-H-**4* *** ;  *  I Fountain  I Pens   Wo have, just received a lar>-*e  supply of Fountain Pens, rant;iii^  in price from ?l to $H each Tlie.-e  pe u-s are all guaranteed andiol the  very best makes.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  KEVELSTOKE  , 4.+_l.+.|.^._j.1.+.i, ���������to**'-** ^..>.>^^..|.-f. *  P. H. TRUDGEON.   KLEOTHIOAL SU PI1/I IW,  .  ...GALL MCLLS.   AXNUNC-IA TORS.   BATTERIES.   MEDR.AL 1-ATTEUIES. Etc.  /U&VLr  vliMen  foists 4lA4y<L>   COWAN BLOCK.  MARRIED.  ���������Watmohk-Wahino���������On Siitimliiy.  .liiiii-'Jih, 1!W0. ltolici-t Walinoi'i' to  Aliie MutiUhi Waring, by Rev. S. .1.  Thnmp-mi.  Local and  General  News  Ai-chtU'iicon Puntt-uaih spent Weil-  in'.-iluy in town.  A. II. HoWlicli has been nway at  ileal* Creek this week.  E.A. Rriuliey. minim; broker, return-  ������'il from a visit to Pittsburgh, !?���������<���������> <>n  Monday.  A. St. K. Hmnersley the Viincoiiv-  i'i- c-.ity snlicilei- was in town Wutlncs-  ilay anil Thursday.  ���������I. J3. Cressinan will lie installed in  his new c|natters on Mackenzie Avtsnuu  by the end ol' this week.  Delimit-, the Fire Kin}; enlivened  Front t-lreet la.-t. night by a free show  at the old Herald stand.  Services next Sunday (First after  Trinitv) in St, Peter's chim-h will be  .**.> usual, Rev. Dr. Paget officiating.  K. A. Blacki-ini-u has strawberries  ripe in his garden cm Douglas street  nust J. McMahons, blacksmith   shop.  The funeral of the infant son of Mr.  and Mrs. T. E. L.. Taylor look place  at St. Peter's church and the cemetery  i 11 Tuesday.  P. l.umont. general manager of tin**  ('anadit Drug-Jo Bonk Co., paid a business visit, to their store here on  ���������Wednesday.  Promotion examinations commence  i i the public school on .Monday ancl  all pupils, who are "not detained liy  sickness, must attend.  ���������Large consipiHiient of the worltl-  f.iinioiis Liptim's Teas just received at  U. B. Hume & Co's. XVh have tho sole  a^i'ticy in town for these teas.  Canada thistles are already very  ronspioious in various spots on thc  imvnsito. The city council should  lake steps to eradicate this pest.  Returning ottii.-er Coursier made the  official recount of all tha ballot boxes  mi Tuesday morning, the result being  a majority foi-Taylor of 115 votes.  There is tti be a uiPetinc. of all the  elected members of the opposition at  Vancouver un Monday, tlie result nf  wliich will be looked fur with great  interest throughout thu province;  A baseball game was played near  ilu> new rink last night in which teams  of ladies and gentlemen were e.ngaged,  Miss H. Dunn captainingtlie victorious  team and Miss K. Glover the losers.  The attention nf travellers is called  to thc new time table of the ���������***������������������ s.  Lardeau. I lie Fred Robinson Lumber  Co.'s boat, on the North East Arm,  which appears in our advb columns.  The services in the Methodist church  next Sunday ut the usual hours. The  Pastor will speak on "Our duty to tlie  famine stricken people of India." All  cordially welcomed lo these services.  EPWORTH LEAGUE.  ' Subscription Lists Opened for the  Reiief  Famine Fund.  At   lhe   Epworth    League   in     the  Methodist church   on   Monday   night  F.   Buker   gave   a   liuu   biographical |  sketch of Saul, the first King of Israel, i  Mr. Johnson did the same for Joseph. I  recommending the Stirling qualities of '  character seen   in Joseph for thu imitation of all young men.  Al the close of llu; regular meeting  Rev. S. J. Thompson, the pastor of  the church, introduced the question of  this India Famine Fund. A committee  of ihrei! were appointed to prepare  subscription lists, and Messrs. H. L.  Lovering, F. Buker, XV. Savage and  \V. Bews, witli Misses Mulntyru,  Glover, Sawyer and Carlson were appointed collectors. F. Bnkcr is the  treasurer of the League and will duly  keep account of all monies paid and  sue to the forwarding of the. money  through safest channels tu the  Missionaries who are laboring in India  iu the.famine district, who will administer the relief to the most needy.  Subscription lists will he held at Field  & Bews' store on First street, and at  Savage Brc.'s store on Second street,  for the convenience of any who may  wish to aid in this laudable effort of  the young people of the Epworth  League.  A Faulty Ballot.  Under ihe above caption the Columbian comments very severely on  methods adopted by the Martin  government in the election to destroy  the society of tho ballot, even hinting  at ballot box stuffing in that city.  However the last charge may be, what  it says about the ballot papers is  certainly correct: "In New Westminster at any rate, there was no  secrecy about it, bur, the mark of every  elector could be seen by tlie deputy  returning officers and the scrutineers,  according l.o statements made to The  Columbian on reliable authority. The  cross made by the elector, it seems  could be plainly seen through the  ballot paper, when it was exhibited to  the deputy returning ofllcer for verification of the official mark."  As every elector must have been  aide to notice for himself lbe paper  on which tho ballots were printed  was of the thinnest possible kind, the  surface was glazed rendering it difli-  ctilt to make a mark with a pencil  without leaning heavily on it-and the  pencils weie of the hardest variety  made. Everything conspired together  to make it absolutely impossible to  mark tho ballot without the cross  shewing through on the opposite  side.  iponges  Large  Consignment  Just Arrived  INCLUDING  Carriage Sponges  25c to T5c  Wool Sponges, 10c to <T5c  Mediterranean Sponges  10c to $1.50  Manruka Sponges  $1.50 to $5.00  Red Gross'  DRUGSTORE  Geo. F. Curtis,  TAYLOR BLOCK.  McKenzie Ave  66  m LEADING STORE  **  Jas. I. W"oodrow  "BUTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beef, Pork-  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season....  All orders promptly Ailed.  M���������K_'u EBYBMSORB, B.0.  Special Sale  LA'B'I'ES' BLOUSES  Special offer in Ladies' I31out<es, new and popular goods,  latest styles. Regular prices $1, $2 and $2.50, "ointr  now at 50c. SI.50 and $1.95.  LADIES' SKIRTS.  In Crush, Linnet), Pique and Duck,  and 8-1.50���������going now at. SI, $1.50 $  Regular price��������� $1.50, $2.50 $0 15*,  i.Toand $:...-*���������().  .'    MEN'S    FURNISHINGS  AND CLOTHING.  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CALL AND SEE  Guy Barber, jeweller,  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  With all the latest improvements fr  ���������will lake unci reproduce records, fr  Price $25 complete, incltidiiiK fr  Recorder, 'Reproducer, Brr.is Jlom fr  Tapphire Sharing Knife. Ear .j.  Tubes, Camels Hair Brush, Oil fr  Can���������also half a dozen records and 4"  books oi instruction. fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr fr  **************************  A Bylaw   to raise  tho sum   oi  $4,000.00   ior  street purposes nnd .sidewalks. .  WHEREAS  it is deemed expedient to  im-  Erove certain streets in tho City of Itcvelstokc  y grading, clearing, gravelling and ditching  thu same una io construct sidewalks in and.  alony certain of thc streets of the said City.  AND WHEREAS it is expedient to borrow'  thesuia of four thousand live hundred dollars  for tho purposes aforesaid.  AND WHEREAS lhe whole amount of rateable real properly of iho said oily according  to the last revised assessment roll is six bundled ami two thousand, six hundred and  ninety-seven dollars.  AND WHEREAS it will be requisite to raise  annually by special rate sulllcienl therefor.,  the sum of three hundred and fortv-elchl  dollars and forty-three cents for paying th������  said debt and Interest thereon.  NOW.THEHEKOKE, Iho Municipal Council'  of the Corporation of the City of Kevclstoko  enacts as follows:  1.���������lt shall be lawful for the Mavor of the  Corporation of tlie Oily of KcvclstoUc. to borrow  upon Uiu credit of tne said Corporation bv  wuv'of debentures hereinafter ���������mentioned,  froin any person, persons, firm, body or bodies  corporate who mav be willing lo advance the  same us a loan, a sum of money not exceeding  iu tlie whole ilie sum of four thousand five  hundred,dollarsand to cause all such sums so  raised or received lo he paid into the hands of  the Treasurer of the Corporation for tho  purposes and with tlie objects hereinbefore  recited.  ���������-.���������It shall be lawful for tho Mavor of the  said Corporation to cause anv number or  debentures to he made, executed and issued  for such sum orlsuuis as may be required for  llie purpose and object aforesaid, noi exceeding, liowever, the sum of four thousand* live  hundred dollars', each of thc said debentures  heing of lhe denomination ol live hundred .  dol.ars, and all such debentures shall be  sealed wilh the seal of the Corporation ami  signed bv the Mavor thereof.  !:.���������The said debentures shall bear the date-  ofailth Juni!, A. 1).. -'.'Oil, and shall bo made  pavablc in iwenty-llvo years from the said date  in'lawful money of Canada, at the ollice of the  .Molsons Rank in Revelstoke aforesaid, which  snid place o[ payuieul shall be designated by  snid debentures "and shall have attached to  them coupons for the payment of interest unit  C.J. AM AN  TO THE PUBLIC.  THE   FRED   ROBINSON    LUMBER   COMPANY,    LIMITED.  On and Utter this date cmr prices for Cut Firewood will  Iw us follows: ���������  $1 00 Per Cord at Mill  $2.00 Per Cord Delivered  +-^t******+***++********'*''*-t'+  ���������*  ���������*  ... ���������*  A LOCAL INDUSTRY    OF PUBLIC BENEFIT  THE REVELSTOKE  STEAM LAUNDRY..  IS BOTH  The oriiriniil lnc.-itors of the Sunset  iniiie. whii-li ciiine into such pro-  jniimni'P in the recent, election weru  lhe two well known Hevelstoki!  prospectors Tom Edwards ,-ind Tom  Horn,  The voUngoii tlii'tivomoKcy hy-lnws,  miu to horrow $1.()C0 for ti new No. 1  lireliall and the othei' to horrow 81, 500  im- side w.-ilks awl street iiiiprovinents  will tiikc* plnce on Monthly at the opera  house.  _ Kngines** No's 63'. and CTjO are heing  ri_t^l^witl7^el^"tVic^he;������l~lii:htsrt.l)e-  :ir***t to lie used un this division. 050  -���������.���������ill likely lie re-uly to haul out the  Imperial '[/united tonifiht witli lhe  new illumination ut the head.  II. Floyd, agent of the Ferguson  t.-Hvnsite. came up from the South  ��������� m Saturday to meet .Mrs. Floyd and  family who have jn<l relui-neil from  California. .Mrs. Floyd and family  will take up their residence for the  ���������summer in the city.  ���������C. li. Hume it Co. respectfully direct  the attention of the ladies to their  vi'tv i-oinpleie ami up-to-date stork of  I'i mi weal- of all kinds. Our sroods are  niadi; up hy the he-L manufacturers  in Cauida and for price and style our  .-election cannot lie hi-nt.  ��������� Important to I!n .*��������� ini'crs. Firemen,  l*ii*iil'_:cmei.���������lust opened at ('. IJ.  Hume it Co's store a coiuplrte line of  l.'nion Made, hilihctl overall-, anil  jumpers. We intend io future to  i-ai ry complete lilies in every depart-  jilent of Union goods, as far a-, is  po-*-iiile.  The Conservative Association have  U-a*-i'(l llie lower partof the Oddfellows  Hall for six mouths and intend to  keep it open as the Cnu-*crval.ive  i-iiinmtitee room, with a view especially t-.. ill.* ftiim-ilion of a Vouni: Con-  .*-"'*,-vi'.tive A������������������o'-iiil ion. whicli will he  alile   lo   u-i_   I lit!   mom   as  a reading  l'OOItl.  A powerful arirumenl* in favor of the  government   ownership   of    railways  i-niiiv.-. from Norway.     On   the   state  railway   in    that     cinnlry     married  couples are  allowed   to ride   together j  for a fin-e and a half.      It  might how-j  over   lie   ndvUahle   for   advocates   of I  government     ownership     n*-ing   I liis I  .-iinnnient.   lo   make   up their   minds  whicli "I' each couple is supposed lo lathe   half,   Iwfore   propounding it to a  mixed audience.  A prominent 13. C. Conservative  io!d the HeraI-I- Ihe other day that  ��������� he. did not look for a general Oommi-  ion election this year ln his opinion  the Laurier government will arranfje  lo have the con vas taken  as  early   in  ��������� 11)01 as po.-sihle, that a   redistrihulion  ��������� hill hased on the figures of the  census  ' will be introduced at   a   i-essior, called  as soon lis the returns are complete  and that then the house would he.  dissolved.  To tlie Ratepayers  Don't forget that the  iinprovemenls  t<- the city for 1000 will he decided  on  Mcndav nertt hy your vote.  A. N. Smith  Ma vor  To Rent.  .'-urni**.lie<l Rooms to let���������all convenience.   J.  Ii. CltE-NiMAN, Miickenzie Ave.  HARRY EDWARDS  Taxidermist  Deer Heflil.s,   Birds, Animals, Etc.,  preserved  anU mounted.  TUIlin STRKET. UASTOHS-CUOOLHOUSE  TIME    _r_A._BXj-E3.  -STEAMSHIP���������"LARDEAU-ti  Running Between Arrowhead and  Thomson's Landing.  The Proprietor requests your  patronage on the ahove facts.  First Class Machinery ami  First Class White Help, ensures First Class Work. A  ti ial order is solicited from  outside points, or from residents of Kevelstoke who are  not already on our list of  patrons.  ���������*  ���������+  ���������*  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  fr  PRICES CUT FOR CASH.  FRED'ROBINSON. ���������  Managing Director.  I.nrisennd Well Lighted  Sample Rooms   Heated by Hot Air and Klec.tric.  Hells and Light in every room  Free Bus Meets All Trains  ItcaKouuhle Kute.-i    . .;.   -...EOTEL   YIOTORIAji-.  .,..  ,-     .     JOHN V. PERKS, PRori-iKToit.  XlKht Grill itairi ia (''.nncctiwu for the Convenience of (.tiests  Hourly Street Car  lietweep Hotel and r-iiuuon  E������������v������0s$������Ik������, !.(������.=  THE LATEST IDEAS IN  and  Suitings  Overcoatings  ' NEJVEST AND BEST  A Large Range of Imported Woolens to  select from  J, B. Cressman....  -Ahlin .t Co.'s Old Stand.  Cleanliness  Is Next to Godliness . . .  Wc arc now settled in a larger store  where we can display our stock to  better advantage.  We   invite   inspection   and  -puiranioe  satisfaction.  FIELD & BEWS  Druggists and Stationers,  BROWN BLOCK.  Nnw is the time to call nnd arrange:  for u Sl'lII.NO SUIT nnd an Oi'lSHCOAT  ���������Splendid line of Suitings, Newest  Fashion fifties, good workmanship.  R.S. WILSON  :   ' Next the McCatty Black.  ...J  tli������ siifniiiurtj to thu  interest.   Coupons  mtiy  ljcullnui  graphed  be wither written, printed, htampe*  IpOllH  :U or  litho-  ���������1.���������Tlie mi id debentures shall bear interest at  five pur centum, per annum, from tlie date"  thereof, which interest shall be payable semiannually al the cillicit1 nf the MoIsoii'k Hank in  Kevelstoke aforesaid, in lawful money ������i*  Canada, on tin: Wth day of June and the oOth  dnv* of December respectively, in each and  every vear during the eurreney thereof, and it  shall Im expi-ehhed iu .said .tebentiires ami  coupons to tie so payable.  o.���������It shall bo lawful for the Mayor or tho  snid Corporation to negotiate nnd sell tlie said  debentures, or anv 01 them, for less than par,  but in no rime shall the said debenture-j, or  any of them, be negotiated or sold for lo������s than  ninety live per centum of their face vclue,  including the costs of ni'Kotiatlnj* and sale,  brokemKQ and all other necessary expenses.  0.���������There shall be raised and levied in each  your during the currency of thc said debentures the sum oT two hundred and twenty-live  dollars for the payment of inicre.-l, and one,  hundred and twenty-three dollars and forty-  three cents for payment of the said debt, under  i lie snid debentures by a spc. iai rate suilieient  therefor on all the rateable real property iu the  said Municipality.  7.���������Il shall he lawful for lhe snid Munit-lpRl  Council io repurchase *.ny of tiie said debentures upon such terms ns may be agreed n^on  with the Icgol holder or holders thereof, either  ni the lime of sale or at any Mibviquent time  or tiiue**, and all debentures so re-purchased  shall lorlhwilh he cancelled and destroyed,  and no re-issue ot" the debentures shall be  made in conj-cquence of such repureha.-e.   -  8.��������� This Bvlnw shall tnke cfTeet on lhe 30th  davuf June. A. 1)., linid.  Head a Ilrst time June 1st, 10l)i>.  Head a second time June h-l. l'JOU  Head a third time and passed June 1st, 10QU.  Received the ns.ient of the elect.������rs June   iwm.  itoeonsidercd nnd dually pa-sed and adopted  hv the Council, June VJ0U.  Citv Clerk.  Mayor.  If you want your scuv.eng(!ring  work don������ in a clwin uiui economical way send a card to  F. SAUNDERS,  REVELSTOKE STATION".  Geo. S. Hogan %  Proorietor.  Commencing  .'mic  10th. 1900,  follows   (wuHtiior permitting).  ���������will   sai'. as  Leave Arrowhead for Thomson's Landing  and Coniapllx at "o'clock daily.  Leave Thomson'* I.Aiidinu and Comaplix for  Arrowhead at lSo'eloe!-: dally  Connecting With All C.P.R. Trains  and Boats.  The owners reserve the right to change  limes of sailings without notice.  FRED. ROBINSON,  MannpfinK Director.  fr  -~.fr.  fr  fr  j. *  fr *  ****-M-I ���������*** VI ���������H"T'-M"*t"������'M-I"<"W  t TELEPE-ONK NO. -43.  NOTICE!!  500 White Miners and  Helpers Wanted  ���������S_v  Kor the W'cllliiKton Kxlennlon and Cornox  mines to Hnr.>-n*i*.dc nil ih������ fMiliicne In our  mine". Apply at once to thc mannitcrs ot tin.'  aid mlnei*.  Wi  E hereby notify the smoltinff ���������  I public that the Cigar Makers' Union j  have resolved to permit members of j  the Union to work in our Factory, |  and UNION CIOAR MAKERS ara!  now at work with us.  UgS^QO0^   ���������   05%&0-*  \fm*i������ry,    ���������  TIIOH. I.tCK, Pi-opi'ii'Un'.  Wellington Colliery Co. Ld  REVELSTOKE  SMELTER  w  TfiK,  CITY EXPRESS  K. W. P.. I'AfiKT, Proji.  Prompt, delivery of parcelH, b,\(!f;agc. c.te.,!  any partof tlio ('ity.  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken  All orderK loft, at II. M. Smythis't Tohiero  Store, or tiy Tcleplionc No. 7__4_0. will rccc.ve  prompt atiniitinii. ^^  LEWIS BROS.  succrasoiis to ka yettk isukeb  _E1I3sr^L2srOI^-T_., BBAL ESTATE  C3-JB_rSTE_E?.A.IJ I3STST7_E2;A.lSrOB AGENTS  ..FIRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE..  Money to Loan on Easy Terms.  Rents Collected..  One door east of Molson's Bank  **-M.-***l*^-lHh****-****-*-*+****'fc  fr fr  ������ We Repair  *  WATCHES f  CLOCKS,  anil all klmls of Jowellery  fr  fr  fr  T If tlio   work  is  not mitisfiictory we   fr  5 refund your money.                                   fr  | WEGUARANTEE OUR WORK fr  fr nnd t-itnnd by our guarantee.            fr  fr Wc also curry a pood litio of WiiioIick  fr  fr and Jcwelterv, wliich we dispobe oi at  K*  ���������* modcrato prices.                                         fr  fr  E.M. ALLUM, t  The Leading ri������  WatRhmiikcr aiid'.lcivelerr1���������^-Jj."  X  First Street, next door to I[i:iui.ii ollii'o.  fr  fr fr  jf* ������y������ lift jtt jf* ������^* >ji i^i ������������������ >y������ ������ti ������y i >t|������ t|* &i x^t n* t^. ���������|**f' *J"I**I"*T*,*T^ f*  h-  R. H. MAYNE,  SOLE AGENT  w&  ..LOTS FROM $150 UR.  -ON   EASY   TERMS-  R.H. MAYNE,  Notary Public and Insurance Agent.  (iP  i  is.  Paints,    Oils,  Glass.  Our delayed ntock of the uliove has Just  arrived and we hnvo miiuli iileasiini in  nluclng beforo the. HevelHtoke piilille 11  IIhI of tliu kooiIs wc arc now prepared tu  supply them at reasonable prices.  Dolled and Raw Oil, Turpentine, (.'mil,  Tar, Varnishes In three grades.  Colors ground In Oil, Japan or Dry.  Cold Water Kalsomlne In every shade.  Wliilliig, riaslcraml Portland Cuinont  fiondsKiiaranleed to he of bustrjuallty  and all (ruin best maker.*!.  Starrct's Mechanics Tools for Sale  <-v.W. M. Lawrence  Hardware. Tinware. Stoves.  I'alnts. Oils and film,  Agent for Hamilton Powder Co.  TAKK NOTICE Ihatthe above is a trno copy  of thc proposed llvlav.* upon which tin.' vote of  the Municipality will be taken at Tappliift's  (ipei-a. llou.se. Kui-ond .Sircut, JievclMokc, II.I'-.,  on Monday, the 18th. day o[ Juno. A. H., HHHi,  between the Injur* of R o'clock 111 thc forenoon  and -1 oYlni-k in Ihe afternoon.  Itevclstoke, .lone t.-t, VM.  CIlAltl.KS Elth-Ki:**'!-: SIIAW,-  City Clerk.  __, W      "  ife-  ���������������������\������zin^,i  Itcd   Ito������e  Decree meets si'cond  and fourth  Kiidavs of each  uiouth;   While Hose  Iienrco  meets'lirst Krldny of each iiionlli.lu Oddfellows'  Hull.   YiMtini: brctlirun welcome.  WMrMATii KKSr =-^-'JVK.-lJ:-T-A-Y I.OK.~  Keeretary.  I'ri'.sldont.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE No. 1658.  J.cL'iilar nicotinics are held in tlio  Oddlellow's llallon the Third Kri-  davofcaeh month, nl 8 11.in. sharp.  VlsllliiB brethren cordially Invited  THOS. STEKI), W.M.  Court   Mt. Begbic  I. O. F., No. 34<5t.  Meets In the Oddrel-  lows' Hall,on ihoseconii  and fnurili Mondays nt  each moil til. Vlslllui;  brclliren Invllod to at-  tend.  K.D.J.O. JOHNSON,          C. W.M ITCH I'A.h,   Chief Itiiuctci', Dee.-Hcc.  WiM-1***  yy  P.O. Box 86.  Telephone 36.  Savag-e Bros.  Eeeond Street  THE  Family Grocers  ..SAVAGE BROS, beg to Inform tho public  . and their patrons that Ihey have added a  ..choice line of KRESH GROCERIES to their  ..stock, and aro prepared to sell at close  . .figures for cash.  *.  Wc still handle  FEED AND FARM PRODUCE  All Purchases delivered free of Charge.  Fresh supply of fish every .morning.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Itoyal School of Mines, London.    Seven yearn  at  Morfa  Works,  Swansea.     1"   years  Chief  Chemist   to WIkhii Coal and  Iron Co.,   Kuf.  I.ate chemist and Assuvcr, Hall Mines, I_td.  Claims examined and reported upon.  , Revelstoke, B.C.  When you reach l-'ur(-iiHon, ]),C,  Slop at the ��������� in  Hotel Lardeau  3. I aubiiton, 1'rnprletor.  Host ?'2.00 a day house. Iu Iho Lardeau. nest  of cuisine service���������I'i net v equipped bar.���������  Choicest wines, liquors and cigars.���������Head���������  quarters for miners and inlnini! men.���������Welt  flKhtcd and heated rooms, neatly furnlRbciH  NOTICE  Notice Is hereby hIvcii to purchasers of lots,  in Block .-A," Town of Kevelstoke, otborwlso  known us thc "Mara Townsite Property," that  all instalments 011 account of piirelinsu are ti>  be paid to John I). Sibbald, Mura Towiisilu  Agent, and to no other person.  J.A.MARA,   *       t  To Rent.  Piano to Rent.   Apply to J. M. Bcott.  Sheriff's Sale~  UNDER AND BY VIRTUE of a warrant of  execution issued ont of the Countv Court of  Kootwiay und directed to tlie Sheriff of North  Kootenay against the goods and ehattcla of  John Kelly, I have slczcd and taken Into  execution two barber's chairs, two barber'*  cabinets, two mirrors and sundry barber's  utensils, whicli I -will offer for sale publicly ur.  my oflice, First street, itcvelstokc, on Juuis  l.th, 1900. at 2 p. ni.  Dated June 7th, 1900.  JAS. TAYLOR,  Deputy Sheriff .  of North Kootcimy.-  Careful attention.  Prompt delivery  Board.  HOARD���������Wlth'nr without room.  tilt- HEKALIl oflice.  Apply at  4*  nh  i  :  I <  M  -^  0  ' _  i  v.  )5  )  :'*-#:  'f-'W;>  *$  ssas  ia___  ���������Mwiia


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