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Revelstoke Herald May 11, 1900

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 %  j  t/<  ';'4I  _*<  g|lL_K2(l^ fe_S  srfj  -Aa*.  i**u*--nn__  Ti  ^s  -ISSTTEID   TWIOE-A-WB-IIK ��������� TTJ-2I3SI_)_A.'_rS   .A-IL-TID    FRIDAYS-  k  i  *,  1  Vol. IV.    No: 38  REVELSTOKE.B. C��������� FRIDAY,   MAY 11, 1900.  $2.00 a Year in Advance.  Parasols   AND   Umbrellas  We are now opening a choice  line of Umbrellas and Parasols���������newest and prettiest  selection in the City.  CHILDREN'S' at   35<Q  $ | .50  LADIES'at   $ |   25���������$8.Q0  CONSERVATIVES AND THE  EIGHT HOUR LAW ,  \wr������-*&*������j^*������������������������j*&������������*������9**m'9.+.������-������-&#������������&9-������-������������]***&*������*������������*&*������&i  UNDERWEAR  Tn Ladies' and Chiidrens'  Underwear we are now  showing the neatest things  to be seen anywhere. Prices  are surprisingly low.  Hosiery  Attention is* called to our  lines of Ladies'.-Gents' ami  Children..' Hosiery.' Our  comfort hose is the very  latest idea in these goods;  The legs are cotton and the  fept natural wool. -They absorb the "perspiralion and  promote health, and nt the  same time are light aud-cobl  We have these hose in gents'  and Ladies' and there-is; a  big run on them. .".;*,  It is u thousand pities that, the Nelson Tribune cannot mind its own  business. Its nniildlehi'iiiled incursions  into this riding only cover il with  contempt. It. seems for some leiisnn  or another best known to itself lo  have miuli1* a murk of the Consei vative  ciindldale in this riding in order In gel  vid of any of the mud. which it. has lo  spare l'rini its discussion of affairs  nearer home Mr. Taylor never said  lhat he favored amending-, the eight,  hour law, meaning thereby the particular enact ment relating lo I'.iidcrgi'nuiid  miucis, when he Ilrst. announced his  candidacy. What he did say at that  lime wns that he favored n general  eight hour- law, that is eight-hours  work t'oi* a day's pay in all trades, still  leaving a workman the freedom of  earning extia money hy overtime, if  he so desired. This aiinoiiiKeiiien  did not include the eight hour eliiuse  relating to underground mines at all, a  subject which Mr. Taylor* never  mentioned till he told the Ferguson  iiiiueis that ns far as he was concerned  it should stand.  Spring  Neckwear  The latest Spring Novelties  in Neckties are now on view  in our store. ��������� 11'- ypu want  something neat nnd fashionable come and inspect our  fctock of these goodsl   ���������  A sheet like the Tribune which i-  peifectly incapable of fair arguniei t  probably cannot see the point. To  minds, incapable of grasping more  Ih.in one idea al a time the words  '���������eight hour law" merely sugge'st the  clause inseited in the amendment to  Lhe mineral mt in '93 and fail to convey  any other meaning. And so -the  Tribune goes on with its muddle-  headed line of argument. Il wanLs to  know what ell'ect, Mr. Tayloi's  "sudden conversion," is going to have  on'his party. As there was no con-  veisioti aud as Mr. Taylor's, party is in  thorough accord cm - this point with  Mr. Taylor the question is a difficult  one to answer. Mr. Wilson's position  is quite clear, Mr. Taylor's position is  quite clear, tlie Conservative party'*-,  position ' is quite clear. -Then; viave  been no conversions to anything and  m.thing lias had or will have any effect  on the stand'taken by Conserviilives  on this tiii'ittei- whether in power or  oi.t of it. ^ _ _ . .  SATURDAY MORNING  Every man within reach of this Store who is jj  thinking- of a pair of new shoes will be inter- \\  ested in this announcement for Saturday f  morning". It r efers to 300 pairs of boots which  came our way at a reasonable, yes, a big discount off regular values and are now ready to  leave us on the same easy terms. All up to date  styles for this season, all of good qualities as a  matter of course and a full range of sizes, The  men's boots are on view today in the east  window.   Ready at 8 o'clock Saturday morning  GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP  A Personal Review of the State Owned  Lines in Sweden.  ROLLS STEADILY   ON  50,000  Yards Good  ..at qc. per  White  Cotton  Sounds-cheap, doesn't it? ' And so.it is. probably .the lowest price at which such a  goo rqnality, of White Cotton has ever been/oflered. 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We have a big stock  to select from ai d those  needing Wall Paper will  find it to their advantage to  inspect our line and,get our  prices before purchasing el--e-  where. Our Window shades  and curtain poles are new  and arthstic.  The parly declares in tlie first  place  for the  principle  nt   n   general   ui-^liL  hour law   for nil   classes   of   worker-.  Th.re'jiie.otlier .people  in   the .world  besides underground miner.-;, although  perhaps as 'theie.   is -no   other* class,  which c-ini just at present he so readilv  made use of as a  text fur* its frantic  el.iptrap'. the Trilmne has  temporarily  overlooked that Inct.'    The  Conserva-  tive p.u-ty in Biilish Coliiinliiii propose  to do their best to make  the   d*y   for  which 11 day's wage is  paid  consist  ot  I'-gllt hoin 5 for everybody, if  need   he.  liy legislation.    We my  '-if need lie "  beTcause"  it iniis>t.(.ie   borne   in   mind  that    legislation] is    not    absolutely  necessary to effect, this very  desirable  social reform.'-   In   New - Zealand   the  eight hour day is universal even applying  to   classes   or   workeis,   such   as  railway trainmen,   in   whose   case   il  must be most iiifflcult j>������   application.  But no legislation has ever been passed  on   the   subject,   the   reform   having  heen brought about hy   the   foice   ol  public opinion, aided   no   doubt   very  laigely by the fact of the  gover urneiil  owning the railways and other public  facilities. .. Mr.   Martin,'   when;, heie,  scotred"|at=tli^rideirtlfiit~liard-a������difHst-  legislation was not it necssity on   thi-,  question.  ~A lawyer   like " Mr."Martin  naturally wants to see a. "statute made  and provided" behind everything. Bul  the case in   New   Zealand   is 'n   tact  woith  all   the   theories   of . till    the  politician lawyers in British Columbia,  ^^I3^;fbI,;  . We've planned a very " paying " list for you if you come to make  your "choice before the quantity on hand are all gone.    The variety  ��������� of goods.thus offered in.iudes rtearlv all the Spring styles in vogue  tind you'll be delighted with the high values, but come early to be  sure, of tliern.  Five pieces new Spring colorings, Amazon cloth suitings, pure_  wool. ���������*t*4.ineh<-s"wide.. with correct weight for Spring costumes ���������  tfpeciui_ : ! L _$ 1.00  Five pieces new black fancy fabrics, silk and Mohair, raised  effecis,- beiutifully finished"; Mnall and large designs, fast -black.  This material will make.a .Nobby Skirt or handsome dress, 42 in.  wide.��������� Special .       "  gQQ  8  Our Final Shipment  of-Muslins���������-7-^���������^^  Groceries  We are always on the top in  this line; being the heaviest  ���������Lf l_ _ -4>t������ \������ ���������  choicest goods at the lowest  prices.  RAM LAL'S TEA as a Package Tea  cannot be beat. It has no equal In the  Market, as a sample package will convince all lovers of good Tea.  C. B. Hume & Co.  This is then the attitude "of the  Conservative party on the genera!  eight hour day reform. They take  their stand on the plank .of the New  Westminster platform and mean to  abide - by it. Their position differs  entirely from Mr. 'Martin's, -who  distinctly stud here that he would  not support 11 general eight hour  enactment. And, secondly, with  regard to the parlicular legislation  nlTeeled underground miners, Uie  position of lhe party is equally clear.  Mr. Wilson, speaking here, told Unpeople of Biitisli Columbia thut- the  Conservative parly intended to let  lhat legislation stand until all the  parlies interested demanded its modification or repeal. "All the parties  interested," remember. The Coii-ui-  vative pai ty doe-, iii-t, wish, like Mi*.  Cotton, lo escape the question with a  lot of vague talk about its only being  a question of wages, or. like Mr.  Martin, to wash bis hands of the  lespon.ibility by liaudin .' thu matter  over to 11 plebiscite of the whole  province, three fourths of which has  only an indirect interest in it. We  liaW irdopted a course -it^pnce straight  and practical. As tar aa we ai e concerned llie enact ment ���������.*. ,11 "remain on  tlie statute book until both miner*- and  iniueowneis demand its modification  or repeal. Miners can i.iue lli-u  choice. It is u.-eless dWciissing what  Mr. Cotton would do if 'ttirthei* labor  tumbles arise over this eight hour law  1 la use. 1 Heohvioti-.lv does not' know  h niielf and moreover has no following  in lire province and a very poor chance  of even holding his.-e.it in the house.  But. if fin ther tumble should arise, and  there is no certainty lhat it will not.  over this matter, they know what Mr.  Martin will do and they know what  Mr*. 0 Wilson and tho Conservative  party will do. Mr. Martin will refer  the question to the whole electorate,  leaving the voles of the minors themselves to he swamped by those of  peoplo without any concern or interest  in the question. Mr. Wilson will stand  by the enactment until the miners  themselves ask for its repeal. That is  what the Conservative position is. hy  which the party rs prepared to stand  or fall.  These dainty corded muslin* are more popular than  ever. This 'particular quality comes Irom the maker  direct to this Store. As this'is the last of these  suiierline goods we expect to receive it will be wise to  make a special trip to'-sec these on Saturday. Ten  pii-c es new muslins, w idtli 30 indie*.. The styles are  piiriii-.i'nily dainty many small spots and little  figured pattern1! that are always wanted for children's wear; then there are plain and fancy stripvd  designs, white or colored grounds, splendid washing  goods. Elsewhere a similar, though inferior quality,  .sells at 20c.    Our special price 15c  Ladies' Up-to-Date  Sailor Hats  No Headgear *-o appropriate for warm weather wear  us the most imity ready lo wear Sailor Hats, and this  ���������-eason they are going lo he more popular than eve--.  We never had mi large a stock oi su many varieties  ,i< now. All the correct American styles are. here,  and prices that will please yon if anything will.'  \ *  English Brussels  for 60c.  Not an every day olfcr, but ;ispecial Wednesday  occasion, that will hi ing ninny a prudent buyer here  at eight o'clock. The saving is well worth appropriating whether on the Bru-.sel>^ore the Union carpel,  and splendid oil cloth reduction couet up the difference between the regular and the Saturday pricen on ,  what you need and tome earlv enough lo make it  yours.  1(K)   Yards   English   Brussels   nf   choice design  and  ��������� eoloriinr ijoo.l.s. worth 70c. and 75c. to clear Saturday  per yard at 760e.  One Hundred and Fiftv Yards S.iper Union Reversible Carpet. 80 imhes wide: a full range of all that is  new est in design*, and colorings suitable for bedrooms  Regular* price 05c.: Special for,Wednesday per yard  at .- 60c  Two Hnndted Sqn-ire Yardi Extra He*ivy Canadian  Oil Clolh, all width- up to 2 yaid-\ in new floral and  black de.sian*���������a --plendid we;iring cloth���������worth 50c.  Special for Sat urdiiy per yard at 40c  Guaranteed  "Kid~Gix>ves^  While on his recent visit to Sweden,  Mr. Chas. Landmark,  in  view of the  popular   feeling   now   so   general   in  British Columbia in  favor of government oxv.nership of railways,  made, a  special   point   nf   studying   out    thn  working   of   this   plan   in     Sweden.  Speaking  to  a   Hkkai.o   man,     Mr,  landmark said that as  it worked  out  in    Sweden    the  principle   of  state  ownership had in his opinion  both its  good points and hud ones, lint that on  the whole his study of the government  railway system thero had  left him in  fiivor of the state ownership plan.    In  Swedim   the   main   trunk lines were  constructed by the state some 30 years  ago and they have since acquired and  built    several     branch     lines.     The  principle   of   state   owneiship is not  rigidly   maintained  as*-1 private  companies    own     certain   lines   and cm  readily obtain   charters   to   build,   if  they wish to do so, and the service on  the stateowned trains is a good deal  better in sections where, they have to  compete   with   n   private   line,   than  where they are without competition.  The rates are  not low,  being on   an  average about three cents a mile.   The  government does not go in for cutting  rates, but the stateowned  lines are a  very considerable source of revenue to  the   -nation,     the   profits   last   vein-  amounting to 13 million crowns which  is just about the same as our.dollars.  The* state  railway   service   is    kept  quite, apart from politics,  the whole  system, heing   under*   control of one  oliicial, a thoroughly competent railway man,  who is responsible to the  government   arid  irremovable during  good behtiviour.   All the other railway  officials are responsible only  to  him  and the polrticians and other government officials have nothing whatever  to do with them.   To   make  government ownership a success in Canada it  would   he essential   that'sonie   such  system, was   adopted'from   the start  and the railway service kept clear of  politics altogether.   The unions among  the  railway   employes  are    fostered  by the government which further provides  a pension   for everyone  in  the  service from the highest to the lowest.  His .visit, to   Sweden   has   left    Mr.  Lindniark     decidedly    impressed     in  favor    of    the    principle    of    state  ownership of railways.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  Grand   Lodge' Decides  to   Hold   Next  Meeting at Revelstoke  At the Pythian Grand Lodge meeting held in Rossland this week, it was  decided to hold its next Grand Lodge  session at Revelstoke. The officer's  chosen for 1001 are as follows : Grand  Chancellor,' J. L. Brown, Kamloops;  Vice Grand Chancellor. N. Binns,  Trail; Grand Prelate. H. Hoffmeyster.  Vancouver; G. K. of R.* & S., Eir.il  Pferdner, Victoiia; G. M. at A., A.  Ferguson, New Westminster. G. I. G..  C. F. Nelson, New Denver; G. O. G.  John Thomson. ��������� Cumberland. The  supreme representatives are H. J.  Anstie and A. T. Ackerman. J. Savage, the delegate to the meeting from  Kevelstoke, -will . return ..home . this  evening.  The British Advance Guard Be-'  tween the Zand and the"  Vaal Rivers  ORANGE FREE STATE ANNEXED  Newest shades, prettiest styles, bound to give enduring satisfaction. "Enough different pricings to  be sure of���������just, the style and quality you prefer and  no possibility of dissatisfaction because our guarantee  goes with eai h pair. " Those who have glove needs  lor Saturday or any other* day can choose here from  the finest and most' varied selections and yet at most  moderate cost.  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We have yet  to hear any explanation from Mr.  Brown of his extraordinary course in  linking his fortunes with those of the  political adventurer whose first advances he so properly rejected. Under  the circumstances it was a dirty he  owed to the community whose suffrages he seek", to have taken the  opportunity offered by the convenMon  lo present any justification he may  have to offer for his extraordirrarj-  course.  The Finance Minister stands condemned out of his own month and it is  i.  hard to understand how he can expect  the electors to condone his amazing  inconsistency^, or An imperil tbe  interests of their community by assisting him in what under other circumstances would have been laudable  personal ambition.���������New Westminster  Columbian,  WKftJsyiWWB^.ftf^.a-M*^^ ********IMH*!m**JM^^ "  The Pontiac Group  Messrs. R. G. Edwards and XV. A.  McCurdr are in the Fish River district  from Houghton, Michigan. Mr. Edwards is Vice-President and General  Manager of the properties of the  Pontiac Company on Pool, craek. in  the Lardeau, and is in the country for  the purpose of superintending the.  development work. Mr. McCur-dy is  the assayer for the Pontine Company,  and has a complete assaying outfit,  which will be set up at Cnmaplix.  It is Believed in London that in' Two  Months Roberts Will be in Pretorra'.  ���������Bullfer Clearing: the Boers out of  the Biggarsberg District���������The Canadians and New Zealanders Pull the  Australians Out of a Hot Place.  Capetown.' May 9���������It' is   reported'  that  Gen.  Buller   is   advancing*   on.  Biggarsberg and that   the   Bofi-s  arc  withdrawing.   It is believed here that,  on the arrival of the British  at Vaal,  river   a    proclamation    was     issued'  annexing the Orange Free State to the  Dominion of the   Queen   and   demon-.  strnting   the determination   of"   Her  Majesty's   forces   to     assist.    British  supremacy over the annexed territory.  London,   May    10���������Gen.    Hutton's'  brigade, while skirmishing'yesterday^  took sixty'prisoners.     Gen." Hutton's v  mounted  infantry brigade   including  the Canadians "with' a   part   of  Gen._  French's   cavalry  crossed   the    Zand.  on Tuesday'and began to'work its way._  along'the railway' northward ' in   thu _  track' of the   retreating  Boers.   The  Boers, however, opened fire with from  8 to .10 guns  and   sought   to  enclose   -  the British."   Geii.   Hut'ton" fell back, ' -",  the Boers following'nritil other British  cavalry'   reinforced      Gen". "  Hutlon.  During the night the Boers retreated.  The British advance rolls on steadily.  Gen. Broad wood'and Gen. Hamilton j  have   penetrated ' 15 ' miles     be'yond "  Wy'hberg.   ,  From" ii Boer source comes "the report _ .  that in a skirmish outside of Mafeking  on   May   the' 5th, Col. B.ideh-Poweir'  was wounded.' ' , - ���������'   .  A  despatch   credited   to    a    semiofficial source in Pretoria says that the  republican   powers   have   delivered ,������,���������"  collective note   to "President Kruger t  informing hinr that they will hold him_  personally responsible  for  the safety;  of the'mines, and  they, will   support-"*''-  England'in 'enforcing "cornpehsatron ." k~  in event of their destruction. '   .**.'        .   -  Ottawa, May 10.���������Sir Alfred Milner ,^  confirms   the    report    that "-Pr'tvates_  - '  Allan,       "Windsor.     Ont..     * Deslisle, "  Toronto,' Morehouse, N.B.y and J.'P. " ���������  Blunt," 'addresses   of 'wtiuin "are' not*  given, are missing. ' . -  Toronto.    May. 10.���������A   cable  says ^  *  that, when the Australians which were  _  wilh Hutton's brigade were in .danger  of being cut off  the   mounted .Caua-  -dians and New Zealanders  who-stood  the' Withering   fire    were  ordered. U������-,   ,  make a demo'nstr.itibn and threatened"  the' Boer   flank',   thus"* releasing; the~,-  Anstralians.     ,        *."���������.���������"  London" May ' 10.���������It ..is*"' officially  announced that the British*' have  crossed the.Zand river:   ....  Thaba Nen it,   May  0.���������The   Boers "  moved - their   headquarters ,to   this  district from 'Ladybrand to Clocolan. * '  * London," May 0.���������Lord Roher ts has  received a most cheery telegram"'from  Mafeking' dated April 27th.'  _=PKEToitiA_-='May���������lO-^Pi-w-r-KriiRer-���������  received a telegram'from a bu'rgheres's  offering ail armed body of'women  in  defence of the Transvaal.  ������_ondon.   May    10.���������Lord ''Roberts **  wires that the enemy is'in full retreat  The Boers held some strong positions '"  but were  forced ' back.   The   British  cavalry and'.horse   artillery are pursuing   the  Boers' by * three  different3  routes.   The' British' casualties' were  unknown "when the le'porf was sent .  out.   _  London. -May   11 A  despatch   to ',  the Daily Telegraph from Wolgegent,* "  dated Wednesday, says:     The burgh-'  era held a   meeting   recently   without  the consent  of  President  Slej-n.   at'  which the advis. hility of submission  on the part of the  Free Staters   was"  discussed and approved of.     Members _'  of the House of Commons were freely  betting jn t.he lobbies last night'that  Lord Roberts would be in  Pretoria in .  two   months.   Predictions   'ire made   *  that] he  will  enter   Kronnstad   nest  Monday and it  is   believed   that   his  advance guard is reconnoitering in th������. f  vicinity    of    Ventersberg.      Beyond " .  Krnonstad is an intricate and difficult  country, and if the Boers should -elect "  to fight it is possible they could'cheek '  the progress of the British until  Lord  Roberts' numerous cavalry had time ">  to iroi-rnroiniid their flank-^iind -enclose���������  them.    From 15,000   to  20.01X) "is   the '  highest estimate of the  Boers.' Commando Bctba and Dewet" are reported l  to have quarrelled.     Lord Robert's  is  pushing hard  after   this" "force  with '  55.000 men and 140 guns.  -   '���������   .* ^2 I  *"-. ���������):-*?_. I  -.-���������.*.i I  :z'-.^  rX'f.  .. ~ * -.'* I  -..--,   ���������*���������.&-���������  Wedding Bells.'  Rev. Dr. Paget officiated at' a'quiet  but     pleasant    wedding" service'  on'  Saturday evening when he united in '  holy    matrimony     William.   Wyllre ,  Johnston,   a   well   known    Rossland '  mining   man   and " stockholder    and  secretary to Hon. C. H. Mackintosh tn  Miss    Isabella Thorn?,   of    Dundee, ',  Scotland,   who arrived from the old  country  to    nreet    her    prospective  The  Pontiac Companj- is well supplied with   ,_    ,     j       ,-���������_ .   ���������   - .     ,-._..     r  funds and is prepared to develop cm its   husband on lh.it evening's tram from  holdings on an extensive scale.  I the east.' ,im,im-tU.*i*nMXi>Wt'ir- nh*Hic'U*,&Uilt.tliK*T.iaM,  n,mui������U^'ti*M^'tt'-UV:r.^������^^  ���������hnWmhi i������*f������������  hi  9  Roveisiokb   Herald  Published in  the Interest-) 11  Revelstoke,  l__r.i_uu,  Big jjuna, ''"rout  .Utuie,  lincilluwaet,   Albeit  Canyon,  jura*_a    I'ass    unit    Kajjle  i'a*������>   Jjiscriois  a, juii.Nt-u.N   ���������   ���������   j.-i-.oria.nn.o.u  A   aeinl���������V������ cuiily   Juuiu.n,   |juuu������uvu  ��������� --*���������    -uLci^id    ui      i.c*. c*. l.;..c      an i  J.A    .S'-lirunllu. Illi     Uiat.iui^;,      lt������u^*".-  wi\'i   una   suiuiua}*!,   u__i^*.*j_;   ciu_>t;*3l.  .^ulic-CLluii'a    Willi   till    Li'alll*3.  _r_.a*. el'Usll.g     liUlca. uiopiuy    ads,  ������i.._>u pet .i.e., -������i..alc cuiuiun. $-.UU pul'  uicuc wneu InoclccU oil Lille i'Hi������.  __ct_.ll di-s, IOC JJel llll.il (..���������.u.ij.c-.i.ii.i.'  _..,c lor lll-al lliacrrllvnl', -JC lul" eact*  __uuiliou.ii iiibciuuu. JlvauinB nonces,  ive, pel* line eaen u-SUe. J_������u ill, -*a*a.t'-  t.aeSe  ana   btum  noiiet.a,  tree.  auosi.-ripi.ioii limed: liy mail or  ���������u_.ir.ci, ���������- per annum; *ti._!> tor six  u._..ius,  -siiicuy   in auvance.  v_/ui* Jul, jjep*-i*iineiu. 'l'_.ii*.' _.ll*_HAl.J.1  Jou Liepari.uciii. io u"������ ol uie Ue*������t  e^uippca pnutiiii; unices in West  ___uiciiui, -t.iu ia i>rei-.ai'e*- Lo "XeCULe  111    KlIlUS    ol       lU'lllLlllti        in       lUSl    ClUS.-i  ... ...   u...   XionesL   l_rn_.ua.      U He    price   lo  ill. No Jou loo i-J-1'j.e���������nu.ie loo small  ���������lor "*���������. _>i.ail oi'-ei's pioiupliy al-  IcinJeU lo. UiVe us ot trial on yuur  UCAl    oiuo:*.  To cunos[>oiiileiiis: We invite cor-  feapoliuei.ee on uny sllUjeUl ol UUel-  c_l lo Li.e general pull lie, illll deSll'e  ���������_ rdlAOie cuiicapoliceiiL 111 e*������ol*y loco., iij aurounuuit; IceVeisioKe. in Ml  _������_ca llie Oouu llUe lictuie ot Uie j  rtiiler iiual ueuuiiipany inisnusv. ripl,  l_ui   ;jol  j.eeesauruy   lor puuuc-tliun.  Address   all   coinuiuiiicatiuiiii  ItKVKJLdTuKK    JLlUltALO  dominonco   in   thc   peninsula   which ' instead of the curs.   Having the eon-  ovcrsliauo^s  her  strategically. \ trol of tho refining anil the regulation  Tho very tow months winch Iiuvl  passed since l-oid Charles iieresLoul  made his report as a special delegate  of the Uriiish chamber ot commune  tend to coulirm the couuiuaions t*i  which he came,    lie pointed out Unit  of the price of transporting, llio  monopoly had nothing lo do but to  fix its charges, and its charges to thc  Canadian consumer ate five ccnlh a  gallon more than they were when the  monopoly   took   hold.    The   Standard  it was i-iiiLiun, Uie u intuit Seines ami ' oil, resisted as it was by former fiov-  -u-  Nollce  to   Correspondents  1. Ail correspondence must be legibly written on one aloe ������������������! llie pupef  omy.  _. CorrespujiUL-nce coiitainuis J-oi--  ���������onal iiio-LLei* niuaL oe ali_iiea \illlillle  tuu>_/ci'  uci-iiie oi   me   *������*������ riLji*.  J. CorreaiJuiiueiiee v\uli r'ifer'jiice  lo tiiiyiiiine mm nus uppiur-s-i in an-  i-Liiei* i^aijei luuaL lirsL __._ ij:li;a*J lor  puulicunou   lo    imiL   Jiapt*r    elitole     il  Col 11   appeal-   HI   T _:_.___    ll-ll-.Al.il  Japan winch would be drawn togticnm*  in tar eastern puuey by Uie logic  of evcuis, witn tieruiany as a tneml-  ly ii' passive ally, l-ranee and Kiissu*-.  lie wiul would not oe iiiciuueil "l*<.  caur-e mey hail praciicniiy no trade  m China, and, besides, tneu* mam  object was to secure additions o������ tti-  ntoiy whicli mignt. be taxed for the  benc-nt of uieir own people."  *\Vo cannot be too frequently reminded of Uie dosing wortis of lila  lcport:  " i lie prospects of trade in-China  are piaciicany limitless, it was an  umpire wan a population of tour  miiiditd millions of people, who were  born millerk. ln ouiei* Lo snow How  lime mo tradL and commerce of  Cnina were yet developed, and Una  wo nan scarcely yet scratched tne  sun ace ot us puaai unities, lie nng .t  mention Uiai japan wnh a population  ct tony-two liiiiuons, has a uude auu I  commerce aiiioumuig io torty-iivu  millions sterling, ���������whereas China, with  at least ten limes, itie population, lmd  only u.i luntioiis sterling per annum  of tiade and commerce."  i-venis move so rapidly that probably only a lew years will elapse  before a twenty-two knot transpacitic  service.irom Vancouver to i oicunama  aud Houg Kong will become a pressing need in the interests of Canaan  and the __inpii-c.  enimcnts, was eagerly welcomed by  Mr. Fielding. It is a new taxing  system���������a plan for taking from Canadians ?800,000 to $1,000,000 a year  and laying it at the feet of Rockefeller anil liis brother millionaires.  TO EXTEND THE  NATIONAL PARK  THE COUNTRY IS  SAFE  EMTEkPRI't.IWG japan  Tco much attention cannot bo given  to the part Japan is paying in the  diplomatic game between uue groat  poweis, wun a view to a readjustment oi that "bulauca ot power"  which was to sevc-voiy shaicen by Uie  conapso of tne Cnincsc adinirustra  tion, on tho one hand, arm hy t*i*.  debut of the United States as a  "world povr'er" en tho other.  An examination of one of these  large maps which Lord balisbury so  strenuously lecoiniaenu-i to me budding student oi liiu-rnniiona! pontics,  win show hew viiai a part iuo disposition c: Corea. must pray in mo  near tmu-.-c. _,oi*ta is time p<_innauni  of the mainland ot China, adjoining  tho Kussiauized province of Manchuria, the nearest part of which '.j  w-.thin a day's" steaming of the Japanese islands. Thc subjugation ci  Corea   to   Russian     influence    wouid  STYLE OFGE.HEKALS  St. James's Gazette: The style in  which Sir Jttedvers Buller writes his  snare in tno curresponuwice is wormy  or tho story ho has to tell. It belongs  to tno Kind of which ho and Lord  Mctliiiem aro toasters, and as tar as  our experience goes altogether unique  iu tho history of war. Wen have  written nobly, laconically, confusedly  and tamely from the field of battle.  '1 hey have heen pious tliere.nnd hero  ic, and have also canted. But never  in tho history of our armies did it  happen that generals scribbled, their  coniessions of defeat nnd failure, of  thc useless death of men, and of discredit to the tlag, in a manner which  suggests careful selection from tho  forced jocularity of tho funny man,  the slangy chatter of a horsey young  woman, and the gabble of a smoking  room late in the evening. XVo have  insisted on this point before, but let  us come back to it once again. This  place all the principal ports of saa- ! si0VGnly way cf talking is only the  tegic value upon tlie mainland :n . 0UtWard and visible sign of inward  the hands of that great power, wluO) cvil 0������ some kind. Observe, Lord  might be expected to speedily convert Roberts does not shake cap and hells,  them into positions as impregnable ljut writes business in a businesses a. Sebnsuipol, a Cronsiadt or a , j,-].e v,-ay. So do all tiio oflicev.. who  Portsmouth.' j succeed.    It is  only in a certain war  Past experiences of  Russian prom- | 0fflce an(j society military world that  The Legislative Assembly Passes an  Important Resolution  The following resolution, proposed by  I Mr.  A.  10. Cross, and seconded  by Mr.  A.   L.  Sillon,  was earned UiitminiuUHly  at il r-'coni sitliiitf   of lhe   J__etflsiuuve  Assembly:  Whereus, during the year 1S8,"<, Uie  Dominion guvuriimciit beiiifr inipivssen  witn me oeaiitnut iKiiunu scenery ana  ( tvpuiou lieaiiiiilll 7troi>i:riius OL lue  nil ne rul waicrs, anu tne iniiuness of  tne Climate and un* found in tne ponu  wlrure uie line ot me uiiiuiuiaii iJuci-  nc rnuuay euters llie itocK.v nioua-  ticiiiS. act apart ten eXcti������ai\e are.L ils  a   iN.Ltioiiai   rtirK*.  Aiul wnereiis experience since thaL  cuti.e na.s aiiip.y aeiiioiia-.riLt.ea luiu cue  1'epULiLt.ioii Liien c-njo>eci was imiy  wa.i-u.HLeu. tlie i*-ai'K uov.' ul1u!_: itn-  nituy vis._eu in eonsiueiaoie nui.ioeis  oy    i-oliiiaia    LlnM    ln,a.ii.ia    _.l*i/lll    evei..  p.n'L  ol   tne   woriu;  _u.uu ������u<.read II is uu.levcd LIKLL tile  Wuo.e e.LaLel'u laee vl die ...en..  i\iooiiluiii i**xii*^o poaaesaeS, in an l-.|Uhi  uc-j^lee, U.U Li.e iil'opei'LleS LliuL i.i.*.ive.  tno i-ai'iv ;lc ii;_.i:il ao wuioiy and lilv-  oi'iLoiy   Known;  And wner=as the present lJ:irlc is  iiol of auineient eALfciiL lo serve Llie  a.uaiLioniti xiUi'iiOtfe ot a. reaei've ioi*  aucu wim ai.in.,-i.s aa me hioUihuiil  Mieep .uiu KoiLL, eiK auu oLiier vari-  et.-ea of uetr, iilc, ami me necesaiiy  lot* tne estaolisninent of soon a reserve in uruer lo pievent Llie eiiiuu  uesii'UCLioa of tlie game aniiiULis, uirus  ami nsu winch nave tiifcir nauiiai in  me   itocky   lvlountains   ijeing   eviuem;  'Oheretore be it resoived iIkll in tlie  opinion of mis house me _.\ationiil  jf-u-it ill j'auir shouiu be extenuecl so  as to include Uie area the bounuanus  of whicli  may be described as toiiows:  Bemiimiitr at tlie point wncre the  norm boundary ot townsnip Hi metis  Hie minsn Uoiumbia boundary; thence  running east to lhe line nun-men  l-aiiKcs S and !) west of the lifth meridian: thence south aiong the saiu line  to tne point where it sirikes tne 1111,9  of the Canadian l-acinc railway at  a point near Kananaskis scUlIO-h;  tlience south easterly aiong the dividing lino between tne ttucicy lUouniains  proper and the toot hills until it  strikes the International boundary;  thence west along the said boundary  until it strikes tne British Columbia  boundary line; thence north westerly  along the said line until it readies  the starting point.  Carried unanimously.  ALLIANCE  ises anent the neutralization ot thc  Black sea.the Pamir and other boundary quarters leaves us lo doubt Lhe  eflicacy of her recent paper engagements with the Untied States as������u:  the perpetuation of an open door.  She may be aiming at a. position  which would enable her to steam to  all tho principal doors of trade other  than at home under her own flag.  Japan, with the oxception of Britain,  in her island fortress of Hong Kong, !  would then become the only base for  carrying on an effective warlike operations against the colossus of Use  north.  The   magnificent    harbors    on   the  western coast of Corea are unmatched j  anywhere in  the  far cas-.,  aud quite 1  recently   Lord   Charles  Beresford   ex- |  pressed  the opinion  that the port of  ___Maf3rop_o.__on___the___so.uthorn  coast,   is  smart slang is allowed to mix itself  with duty���������and the victories of these  heroes aro still to win. So far thoir  eggs are addled, and do not justify  so much clucking of jocularity.  THE OIL MONOPOLY  The  Standard    Oil    company    has  Wherever  a human  heart  is breathad  i or tini  oones  01  inave men ne,  j The ruuuy warmtu ot  die uiitisti fias  i iias   million  against   tue  SKy;  Wliferevur -_oianio..L*s stars have shone  ai.iee   ever   inc-ir course   uegan,  The  lov.'iy  ones  of    tne    earm    nave  Ki.ow.. iney stood tor tne nghes 01  11,un.  Ana   proud    are   men     of   the     Saxon  t_ngue of centuries wii.cn are gout,  Ann piouu  mac tne nags riue siue oy  sine    ai   me    nvemietn    century .1  oawn,  So  who shall    lear at  the lion's hair,  who   piuck  at  the  eagles   teatiier,  Wiion tlie sum of our- nngut Is firm for  tlie   i-igut   and   the    two   flags   tiy  together?  i"ot  not  as  Gog  and  Magog shall   the  Saxon's   sons   be   twined,  -fter a  lonr stru*.*.lc got hold of th_    To sweep  the earili wiih   a sword  o������  ,.itei  a  1011., ������Lin_,i,n. t," .        (il._ or blast wllh Sl i,llg*ltm_j wind,  Cauadiiiil  market and   is  today  mak-    when the m*n fiags tiy togetntr, tneu  in" a cootl fat thing out of its people. ' ._    the w,,lf of .war muse cease  in��������� a feouu wi L.  uD ������.. 1       , Tq j,0W| his Kinisler note and prowl o*i  On tho day  following    Mr.   Field.ngs i        the  world  preserves or* peaca.  financial   statement   another   lacrcaa. | Should  weQ measure ^our ehigntg,n  the  tooth  and  claw?  ' Should we   .eat  the brow to a  narrow  unmatched in the world, not excepting even Halifax, Sydney, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro or Hong Kong.  Of Corea itself the centre of ilie  .great agiia_ion that is now going on  5_a the far east a recent writer in the  London  Times says:  "It has seemed plain to many li\-  ing in these countries that Corea lies  at the bottom of the question whether Russia shall eventually drive Japan  .out of the markets of the mainland  ,ff not.   If Ruisia becomes ihojxiughiy  of a cent a. gallon -was announced.  So that the people ct Canada ate  now paying 52.CO0.OCO a year more  than the sam. oil would cost on the  other side. Refilling iu cheap?- a 1.1!  the cost of transportation is l-_._.  than it used to be but since the ar-  Tival-of-the-Stamiiird���������Oil-company.  tbo increase aggregates five cents a  gallon. The Standard Oil company  comes high, but it seems we havo got  to have  it.  For many years ths   great  American  monopoly  has   had   its   eye   op   Cepacia.    Of  course it  isal  ways  wiliin,} ;  and abl _   to  pay for concessions, and !  the proposal was made to the organ- '  izers of the Conservative party whoi'  ridge ana  broadc-h  :tle urutar jaw?  Should   we choose  the    wrath    01   the  cyclone's path, or the shine of tr.j  harvest  weather?  Should we rule  our course by 1 love or  force,    wiicn    the    two      i!ag.*5    fly  together?  no   was   ritther  a   raw   specimen   1 r  llie    COllULl>    ,*--.l..     OllL    lie    l.Lep_.,._._.    ..I.  ���������������   ,j.e.*,e.ic������    01  me editor   wun    1.  U:*.uai ���������coliiiuonce  on    a li*ee.  Aim 1 !*...-.  ciii*sen.  ������������������.excuse me," he said, after the ordinary  saiuiaiioiiB,   "but   win   yu_.   __.,  .    ...    _.->l ot your knowledge a..-  ablli'-   if this country is gom'  lo ia._.  on   the  Philippines.'"  ���������"mere is nothing else to do," replied   trie   etiitor.  "how   aoout   Porty   lteeky?"  settled, as one of  us."  "That's settled,  as  one ot  us."  '   mc  band-wish  Islanas?"  "In   with  us   too."  "How  iiuouc cuDy?"  ai   win   oe   111   by   and   by."  "And  Guam and  the scaiterm'?"  "All in or heard from."  "And are we goin' to have; the same  Old  star  ripangied  Banner?"  "The same."  ".Anil the same old American eagle?"  "The  same."  "And tiu sumo old Fourth of July?"  "Just the same."  "And  the same old Uncle Sam?"  "A nttle taller and wider out, that's  all."  "And thc same old constitution and  by .ws?"  "Exactly."  .ue same old great and glorious   republic?"  "The same, only more so."  "Much obloeged," ho said, starting  out. "They wanted me to run tor  constable down in my country, but I  d.'dn't want to put my curd In the  paper and whack up $5.00 till I know-  ed more about what kind of a. government I was goin' to get mixed up  with."  "Oh, the country Is all right," said  the editor encouragingly.  "I reckon." he hesitated a moment,  '���������you wouldn't object to guaranteeing  that tho p.Tllnjlum of our liberties  wasn't going to be jostled nor shook  on its underplnnin', would you?"  "Not at all."  "Much obleeged, much obleeged, and  if I ain't a constable after the returns  conies in it'll be because there's a cog  dropped in the gudgeons of state,  that's all. Good mornln'," and he  passed out more breezily than he  had come in.���������New York Exchange.   o   M. Ispoy, Lamartine's barber, is  still alive in France at the age of VI.  Justice Harlan of the Supreme  Court lives tully three miles from thu  capltol, but frequently walks the entire  distance  to  his  home.  The eldest consul of the United  St.'LLes in point of conilnuous service  is Jtiorano .1. Sprague, wno became  consul.at Gibraltar in 184.3.  George Gould is said to be, with his  sister Helen, tue most democratic  member of his family, a thing which  has considerably shocked the Castel-  lanes.  The Emperor of Germany is collecting piayn.g varus. Jrte-lias examples  oc some oil tne earnest known and  specimens irom every country ln the  world wnere they are ln common usvi  D. XV. Northrop, Grand Rapids, has  a uroinei* 10 Amos li.., pacer, 2.U**) 1-2,  who is credited with a half in 1.9J 1-a,  and a mile in 2.12 l-'t an a four year  old  last  year.  The  Queen    of    Roumania (Carmen  Sylvaj    is    so    passionately    lond    ot*  I iiuwcrs   that   she   is   posiLively   unabio  to rest'happily in a room wnere iheru  are   no  blossoms.  The dead crnperor of China continue.*!  obSLinately to issue edicts in Ins own  name and conduct himself with total  disregard of the proprieties of the)  grave.���������Newark  Advertiser.  Many of the modish spring Elons  and other jackets have narrow, mo-  uium ieiig.ii scene ends in front, with  short, double revers on each side,  reaching in length a little below thu  bust. ;  Rubato. three years old, sister to  Agitato, - 2.0H,   worked  a   mile  recently  ��������� in 2.30. last half in 1.11 3-8, and a three  year old'iilly by El  Benton a mile in'  -2. .5, last half in 1.15. Both are in  Millard Sander's stable.    .  A'Persian priest is trying to introduce sun worship in Chicago. As the  j sun is an unfamiliar object to most  ��������� Chicagoans, it is doubtless regarded  with reverence, and the gentleman-  from Persia may find a fruitful field  in the dark city if he works it right.  ���������Minneapolis Times.  A movement is on foot to form an  Arts and Crafts association at Vancouver. It is the outgrowth of the  Art Workers' Guild, a small association of painters which meets monthly  in  that city. 1  Henry Frick, whose suit against An- I  drew Carnegie is attracting much at- i  tt-iitioi*.., is of Swiss descent. His  father was a Swiss farmer, \vho livud  in Westmoreland county, Pa. His  mother, was a German, "a daughter of  Abraham Oberhoit, once a well known  Pennsylvania  distiller.  A scientist says:    "If the earth waa  flattened  out,  the  sea would be  two  miles deep all over the world." After  meditating, a Kansas editor gives out  , lhe   following:       "If    any     man   is  J caught trying to flatten out the earth  t shoot him  on the spot, and don't he  too  blamed  particular what spot.    A  gieat. many of us can't swim."  ifc.y.  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Alberta  Hotel  Cetlgnp>  Thermopylae and  Marathou  Vim glo-  rious   words   in "Gr-itce,  But the Greek lives only lor us- tcdiiy  ;n  the  Letters and   Arts  o*   Peace.  The   Unman    sword   and   the     Ttoman  shield  have rotted  in  run away,  While  the Roman  roads  are  paths of  peace in many a land  today.  The  Marlborough-). and   the    "Vrc-lllnc-  tuns   have   furthered   the    l^ngr.sh  fani".  But   heap   them   up   by   the*   s-���������ore   or  more   and     they   jjale   at    Shalcc--  ypeare's  nam-?.  v"e muyt  Irnm  to    u?e  our    swelling  thc-ws with  th?   war wolf   held  In  ....        i tether,  ; in power to give large contribution.** ; That a-jons f-hall praty thi> blt-s.sr-d  ! to the party funds in return for a ! (la5's. when thc two flags fly  ! reduction  in  the  duty of throe ecr.i-i i  ii.gplhr r.  Snwenched   in   Core*,   she   will   be  in     ��������� privilege of  im-I The Ynnjc*.. throttle* th- TuboJ Mho.  a position   to   watch     every   line   of , ..���������..,__-;._    .,,   s_    ..._,.   ������������������._       -ri.,. I ...   !.he Hrlton_ is breaWni.  th?  Iier.  Japanese communication with the  continent, and will form a menace  even to Japanese autonoray which -.'ic  irclbllions' of *at small, tai hardy  people can 111 brool:. If. on the fvt]j������r  hand. Japan should control tho peninsula, she would have a vanta^t  ground on the Yellow sea which even  ;be possession of Part Arthur does  not give the Russians."  The Coreans themselves arc desr-rinert rs "a decadent race" as compared  with  either the Chinese.  Russians  or  Jap.mese.     China   hau   i.een   open   t. *.  outride   influences  fcr   nearly  a  rc-i.  tun-',   while   it   is     cniy    within   Ir.c  last 20 years that Corea has had an  intercourse   wit*, the world at large. _j-__ I  American   firm    it   now  constructing  ft railway twenty-six mii*>.*.2 Jong from '  fcteoul   Lo   Chemulpo,   and   the   .f������0;|;i- j  ese have a/vii.ired tho rights to build  a line froia Se-mJ  to Fusa'n    on    the  southern   coast,   a   .^istflpce   of   thrfo ,  jujindred miles.   This \>-i}l r>f}W "P lo '  commerce  the  richest portipn q{  tl-e ,  peniiiftMla   and   will   give   un   i!VW,te j  for  the entrance  of  foreign products '  ���������now only fou-a/J in' quantity near thu  open ports.  Japan plainly looks hp*>h Cnrca a<5  the nearest natural, market for j,...:*.  surplus manufactures:, as well a. a  eource from which U. tirav foodsiuffs  and raw material. Such leUt\i th*-  case she liae no desire to absorb im  porting   its   oil   jn   tank   cars.     Thi' , shall our chldren's ch!ldrt*n lv  proud  Conservatives   placed   iiriuc;!.l<? abov ��������� j aPfI  say:    "It  was  w.Ml  and  thel.>  .  ,,     ,               ,   '      ,   ! *.lan=  ware pure?  party   fund   contributions  and   wou.-i . Can.  u.e  ntHM(]   (,n(1 j,a},:    ..-rhiB t|,.,u.  have  none  of  it.   Mr.   Fielding,  hor.- which   r  do   to  my   brother  ...;n.-*.������  ,,,.        ,        . the  sfa  ever,    in  ISOi  seemed willing to give    i3   ihf.   thing  which   r   pray.   ������re   tu*-  the  oil   company   what  thoy   wanted  and  brought  in a  bill to allow them  la   import   theii'    /ii,'     'n    |������nk   curs.  elosi-  of th-* day,  my  brother man  do  unto  nrn"  Ts il ftnod that thr* sons of the nations  fall  and   the   Holds   br������p<l    fire and  smoke?  a | Notwithstanding the strenuous opi)o?  sitio'n from all parts of tho country,  Mr. Fielding could not be shaken.  That minister cither did not understand irhfir. was being told him or  did not want. 1.0. with the chances  Ian;c.y in favor of tho latt.r yipw of  th(! case. With la.*! Staudar.l Oil  legislation passed, the process of oc-] strike  tupylng Canada commeped. Thn; The Alaskan bill waa  octopus  notified  the Canadian  oil   re- , the (J, S, senate.  nerien that, having In thc tank ' Munkacsy, the famous Hungarian  steamer an independent system of  jarnsportation, it would be able to  lay dow.i ^ij at so low a rate as to  drive the Canadian*, x^t of the indis-  try. Thero was an alternative, ii.ow-  evcr: tho Canadians might sell out  tn thc Standard Oil at once.   To this  ts It aopd that v,-r- -,yho are proud ������o  be iree. should f.-ift'-n another yok<.'9  As we answer these In their just degrees, as w. reason their why and  whether,  In so much shall _tho llsfct cf our  race burn hritfht, as the two flag;,  fly together.  '������������������     ��������� RD.vlUND   VAXCK COOKE.   0   Halifax plumbers have gone out on  passed   by  Unequalled cuisine. Arrangement*  can be made for banquets or private  supper parties. 13.--A. Perley, proprietor.  H. A   PERLEY.  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Turkey   has   satisfied   all   the  wm_n-.p'i  to  surrender every refinery    hassles   respecting   customs   duties: '  "*���������**.- - _ ... tt.     ..-    *n-_.������ -._,!..     _.    r ������������������.i _-������_.   yielded In ufi^r lo avoid a deadly  competition and to nave ^'hat. it con: 1.  Tho cr.topus now had control of tho  reflninfc industry. An a next -move  ii. ������������������.oj.ified tlio railroads thnt ,.hcli  rates s-lioutrt j.c ;> certain fistirc to  its United States pommel itors and a  Certain   lower  llgure  lo  itself.   Tlicsc  other-  iiticallv   so long as other powers ex- ! i-iiar^a hail   to  be agreed  lo,  erciso "the same    forbearance;       but j wise Uie m.tirp  oil  business of    the  8ho   would fi������Ul to the death ratlu-r   railways      woul.l    Do    awept.    away  tfclA ������e������ iift^ier pon*cr a������_uir������ _t������  ������ tlwoiitfh ti* iw������ of tha Unk -.teanwr I pubhe batk Hutu**.  K. '���������'. -Francis, a;London, Ont,. ma-  cliinist,  has fallen  heir  to a  fortune.  During April In Winnipeg, thero  were 82 J.irths, 2S marriages and 30  deaths.  Cliarleboln has been nwardefl  ���������l.'ilO.OO due on G.N.W.C. railway* con-  Htniction. '  Geo.,- Koss of Hamilton' has been  appointed assistant postmaster at  Toronlp."  A civic committee lia9 been appointed in Winnipeg   to   loolc'nUrr  Gko.   S.   McCautkii,   Solicitor,   Revelstoke.  W. M. Buown, Proprietor   St    Leon   Hot   Springs,   Revelstoke. '...-.,  The Double Eagle Company* has. been formed for the purpose,, not only of m ning its present" propeities*..  but of acquiring promising claims and developing them to an extent that will justify their sale to English and  other c< nn pa riics at a profit. The company already owns and has paid for in full, the' Trilby and Old' Saul  piopoitics in the famous Fi.sh Rivei district, and a three-quarters interest in the May Bee' mine, in the  Li."(ica ii district one .and a half miles fnm Ferguson Sufficient promoter's shares, have been set aside for the  [vji-chaso   of the remaining  qtmrti-r. ',-'���������"   '.'"_,   '  The  May  Bee is  the sister claim   to  thc    now  famous  Nettie  L,  which  has 'broken all  records in .British  'oMimbia   for   large   bodies    of phenomenally  rich  ore.    The  May   Bee   and   Nettie  L   were    located   together in  1802   by  Mr.  VV.   B.  Pool  (who has been appointed manager of the Double Eagle Co.)   Both claims1 carry identically  "'"   :..'_*'-o  ricli qrc  on   the  surface  and    thn    same    remarkable   ledge,,    runs   through    both,. carrying high  vaues  old,  copper,   silver   and    lead.      The   promoters  have  already  spent  $4,000   in  developing the* May Bee,  with  ^client res-nhs, and in older  to place  the  mine quickly  <n  a shipping  basis the   company-now  offers  the  public  'i opportunity  of investing to   a   limited   extent in   fully   paid    and   non-assessable .treasury  shares  (par value  ,j  at   10 cents each. , '.'_._..,  Shares will be sold in blocks of 100 and upwards.  The company  irfovcs  lie right to   wiihdiaw the sale of i-Laics  ficm  the maiket   at   any time   without   notice  A, pHeiti��������� ���������5   - *������ to ,U Secelar,, ^ ^ HOUDlcH_ revelstoke,  Ci iojmii. J. 1tl������.C KIT/ID     '<-",.'*       C*t*G*B s  >  B  War News  l>iv -Umnbly  i *.*. andfort    is    33  ���������n-.U-BV.uil   inpltn-1   anil  in  ters ,this  London, May 4.-NCW of the occupation of Brandfort waa Issued by the  *ar offlc* at 10 o'clock 11.1b morning,  containing  a   despatch   P������^������������8l^h  most important commuiilcatlon re-  _,ived  from  the   front  since  the cap  iruym^.rjde^r ^  E������p^rrrv^  ^opemtlon with General Buller later  .n        Xt   provides   an   advanced   base  ...   supplies  and    at  the  same    time  ,������������������,   the Boers now  south cast  of  Vrm ii.ln  ������*hlch   is  obviously  the  _\_Ctor   the     importance   attached  bv  an  hands  to  the  intelligence.  The  1,'oer   army   at   Brandfort   was   com-  ,  *.-idcd   by   G.cneral   Dclaroy.      It  is  " r-tiring      on     Wynburg.  miles    nearer    tho  Is   now   Lord  Roberts' headquarters.     What particularly  gratine-   the   British   public   I.  the evidence that    the    army of  t-<**-cl  oberts in the Orange Free Slate ha-  covered  Its  mobility    and    1h  uB������un  capable  of   undertaking    the    general  Bdvance.     so    ions     retarded.      It   Is  hardly expected the Boers    will muku  uchof a stand ,outh of   Kron������adt  and  possibly  not  there  if  Lord   Rob-  ens succeeds  In capturing   Wynburg.  thus,  interposing   between    the    ma n  mueiEl  army  and  tho  Boer fores   in ,  ���������_ ,    neighborhood  of Thaba Nehu and  noatenck.   In   which   case   the   latter  ���������uuuld  be  forced   to  move  far   to   the  .......ward   and     their     mobility   ������uuld  >>,.., uabiy  enable   tht-m    .to   reach    the  'JthelhLi   and     Harrlsmlth    line   oi  tafety      The   only    opposition    to   the  _.tn.:sh   soldiers   at     Brandfort   seem,  u,   nave  come   from   the  l���������*-*���������"\  ...   command.      The    central   Lritisa  ' u.'...j- Is now in line with the extreme  J_t  at    Bossof.   under   Lord  M,ethuen.  u..a   the   extreme    tight-   at    Blanus-  l������.._.;te   under General  Buller.  .u,way North. Cape Colony. May ...  -omithfleld was occupied yesterday  by General Hart's brigade. Out of tha  loO Boers in the town, 25 were captures and tho rest decamped. L;ui>-  brand was recently full of Boer v.-ound-  * ed.  who'have    now been    removed  to  ��������� i.*.ck-=berg. ���������*  ���������.ndon.  May 5.-The war office last  e.o.ing issued'the following despaten  u. ���������!   Lord   Roberts,   dated   Brandiort.  _r.iu.Ly. May 4*. "  "Thr*. mounted infa-a-  .        lr.-   iuive   gone   on   to   the   Vet   rivei.  *.,"     -est of tlib force haa reached here.  -���������."   railway   has    been    repaired,   to  j-,.-dfort.     General   Hunter      reports  ._,/ satisfactory news   that  the passage   of   the   Vaal    has    been ��������� carried  __ "* Windsor without opposition.  V-irentown.   Capo   Colony.   May   2.���������  .     :v.-:-J.ih   six-inch  wire   gun   opened  u.iexi-ectedly. on .the Boer laager ye=-  v-iuu/at'a   distance of seven  and a  ,-\-_   :illes-throwing    hundred    pound  h".e.is   with   wondertul   accuracy,   ana  v.   ���������_.���������=. s'S a hasty rccieat   of the l.urgh-  ,.'"-      The bombardment continues to  u'"-   -t   all   points   by   howitzers   aim  - " j -uns, supported by two compan-  '  '!_"_,' ot" the Muuster regiment, and the  l._ -ra  being driven   from  shelter ami  u.-e-LOlunm  being   put   out  of action  Brabant's'Camp.  Tuesday.   May 1.-.  ���������-        __,u_-..fs    division  -now    occupies    a  '''   "���������   -.lom,   position   on   a   range   of hills  'fl   u-.     Ladybrand   road,, about  , tu  "       * milu, from Wepener.    The   troops aie  ..irented by a large  force, of Boeis,  recently occupied Wcpertfr,  now  been * located   in  known   in      the   Free  ���������in   regard   tn   military     matter"   that |  m   "-fa." ministrv     Ik     phuwliig  ithe  Canadian     ministry  'great   reluctiuice       to   place  British   army   officer   In  comm  the   Canadian   militia.     Il-*-'  take    up   the   stand that    an   o.lli e .  I'though  selected   by   the   f'"������*   *������\;  crnment is a Canadian and not a Brit  l"bh official,  subject not to the  BiilIs.i  ���������war office nor to the governor gentnal.  but to the  Canadian minister< of mil  itla  with   whom  another  land of  ministry  LORD ROBERTS' ADVANCE.  Vet Kiver Crowed After Scvii-I  "o������������  Hard  Fighting.  Vet  Kiver,   Sunday,   May  ���������'���������  -Tester*  t\\ en  . A LA MODE.  Tied will be even more popular for th������  ,������t.m.n n" d winter than it bus been the  past summer.  IMKMAL B/V.MK,  G  siiuiiuu****-* ��������� .     ��������� ������,i  s,e ot the new Mr capes for tbe cold  days of late autumn aro fnnhioneil to  day.the British after a long mareli on- ; days 0I lnle uullU���������IU .....   countered   the   Boers  holdliiK . the  Vet j tl,t* shoulders closely, and reach below  *������i.���������*.infin..'|  waist.   Thoy hnve.high, stylish colltiri  o being of '"'"g     waist.   They  rests  full    respunsi-  bility  for  appointments  and  administration.      In  Hutton's  case   the  diffl-  'culty seems to have been accentuated  ���������������..���������������������������  v,v the Intervention of  illtn.ry  matters  and  river with six guns, iw  irtillery      duel     onstieil.  Hutton   after     :*.  its   repreaen\.-_u  Lord  Mlnto    in   m  strained relations with General Sey  mour at Halifax. One'suggestion is  that the difficulty might bs surmounted by the. selection for commanding  ofllcer a Canadian officer now serving  in South Africa, but   in official quar-  severance   of   the   tie   now  existing betwlen the British and Can  adian   toroM   by   reason   of   tho   sel-  aa * * * ,rViiy officer would  be      greatly    .egrctted      on    Imperial  cction of a British  be      grei  grounds.  LOUD HOBE11TS' ADVANCE  London,   May   ���������")���������-  fantry   with   Lord  The   mouutod    in-    Hol:>erts.     among  whom are the Canadians, have picketed their horses on* the i.oiith hank of  the riet river, IS ml.es north of  Brandfort. The head of Lord Roberts'  column has thus adva aced H2 miles  from Knr.ee Siding in v-vo'-dtiyts, <;r. 02  miles north o.C Bloemfi micln. Little  powder was spent. The liritlsh marching was hard work, the Boers retiring  out of the reach of the. British shells.  The correspondents supplement Lord  ltc-iberts'  plain, statements  with  a  few  dotails.  A.3  General   Hucton.*.' ���������with   the   first  mounted  infantry  brigade,   drew   near  Brandfort  he'���������'. saw  a l>ody   of   troops.  They opened fire upon the .Britith who  replied heavily.    They wert* the.  Irish  American brigade from  Lorenzo  Mar-  qusea,   aud   it      is   reported,   that   the  Irish lost several men.    The Boer flag  was   flying   over   Brandfort ,v.*hen   th������  British    entered    the   town.     Several  ���������itish   wounded   were found   in   the  The  Bo-er postmaster g.xve up  public   buildir.'gs   to  range.     An  Meanwhile   General  sharp engagement got around the rlvir  on  the  left,  just  before  sunset;     -_he  Boers    retreated     during   the    night.  General*. Hutton   started   early to Iind  the drift on the west.    When this wns |  discovered   it  proved   to be    strongly I  held and   protected by two guns. The  British   speedily    engaged    the    Boers  who enfiladed   ihe   dismounted,  firing  with   a   Maxim,   but   General   Hutton  pushed forward his own pompom  ana  galloning Maxim*and forced the Boers  to leave the river bed.    The* encounter  was   terribly . hot.     Later,   the   whole  British force crossed the river, threat-  the   Boer    ridge.     Tho    Botrs  have , received  about;  the  same  time  the news of   General Hamilton's  occupation of. WMnburg. : About sunset  r.  detachment  of   20  Australians  who  had crept unseen toward the river bed  found  themselves near a kopje which  was   occupied   by   the   Boers. ..   After  firing thoy llxed bayonets and charged,  capturing the kopje.    All was done on  their own initiative.    Thus nisht foil.  .Early, this morning it was found  that  the whole Boer force had fled.   <)   the  a.  l'M-PiU'mii in yellow nnd black, satin  ,1, season Is n, l considered ns fttbbion-  aWe aTieau desoie satin matelasse, v.c-  torfa silk, funic, benzine and otlie.  qualities of repped siU.  Vor practical autumn us.es there is now  . c, oat demand for falnic gloves of suede  "-raK^r**'  Heart Office, Toronto.  JapiUl   Authorized,    -  ..$2,500,000.00  Capital  Paid Up.  Rest,  f;_.mmmm  n.'mai^  $2,391,053.00  $!,D54,7IC1.00  iiz  4-���������  t-" *  THE MOLSONS BANK   |.,  HEAD OFFICE MONTREAL  =3  3  3  en ing  must  Tl-LKGltAPHIC  TICKS  The Manitoba   legislature    resumes  today.  General   Unrein..'who  ranks  next  to  Agulnaldo, has been captured.  Dr. St; Jean, a,prominent physician  ofOUawo,  and ex-M.  P.,  is dead.  D., Morrison, aii IS year old resident  of  Xapinka,   was  drowned.  The   Mollory     Line     steamship   pi er  of  Mew  York  was  destroyed  by  fire.  Loss   .1,000,000.   o-   GOLD   COAST  TROUBLE    -  hundreds who prefer the now cmefully  fitted tailor jackets of cloth with stitched  revci'8,   kaiser .collar   and   plain,   cloit  Black nnd white effects both in Ureisi '  and millinery ore still in the lieiglit of  favor. Many designs iu sill; nml wool  * fabrics appear in tUese quiet coinblun-  tious, and some arc more expensive by  the yard than silk.  The newest black and while gowns  worn at day weddings nnd receptions .'are  those in brocaded patterns* over chocked  taffeta of very rich ({utility; also in male-  1 Ihks_ silks and vntius nnd in [iluin or  (lowered stripes, both wide and narrow,  in sill* and satin alternately.  Although not ql.ivnys strikingly becoming. .'; handsome black toil els never lack  -elini-in or distinction if well made. A combined trimming of jot ornaments and  IHack velvet ribbpn. will, often*transform  the .uncomplimentary effect of a dull  blnt'k 'cnslimeie or di-np d'ote gown, especially if nblt of rich luce or a touch of  color be added near the face.���������New York  Tost.    DIRECTORS:  II.   S.   Howland,   President  r.n.Merritt.Vlce-Pres,   St.   Catherines  William  Ramsay,   Robert  J affray  Hugh   Ilyan,   T   Sutherland,   Stayuer  Ellas Roilgers  D. R. Wilkie, General.Manager  BRANCHES  North "West and British Columbia:  Brandon,      Calgary,      Edmonton,  Golden, Nelson, Portage la Prairie  Prince       Albert,        Strathcona,  Vaucouver, Winnipeg, Revelstoke.  Ontario: "���������*,  Esses,   I<"ergus,   Gait,   Ingersoll,  Niagara   Kails,    Port |  HIIUCI.  Tn!;������   \\ >i   Moi  W. M. KAMSAV.S.VMUl.  ���������PMO I'-'OAPITAL      - -   *      - -      S2000.000  KEaTFUNB - - - - -      81.SO0.0O0  v,.\<:l-lii:ii������i������v, Pnaiii.-iii:* s;  11. Kwino, Vice. l'resiiii-Jit; ZS  Fni hi, lfKSIIV Alll_IJ.h.M.!',  J. i'. L'LhOHGKN, *^*  II. J1.VUKI.AM> Ml.l.-MI.V. Z������^  F. Wokfmiion 'i'l.oi.AS, General Maiuicrrr.                   ' *^5p  i.uii ii.in'aCtei-1      Inti-rt���������i ������llowfd ��������������� c-iii-i-.-nt. _'^  MANAC.DII,   l',HVI'.l.i*T<.r*l-,   II. V,.' '-'.J  j������      A i.i-i ei.il li.i'il-i'^' l,L1  lf~ niLe������.  ^ M������ iUU-itii iiUUiUiiii^UiUUkUiiAUiiiJ iyUiUia'-^-^ ii i<W U iii a ^  Llstowel,  CoTbo ne. Rat Portage, Sault Sie  Marie. St. Catherines, St/I ho ma  )  aid  Toronto,  Hamilton.  Welland,     Woodstock,  Quebec:  Montreal.  Savings Rank Department���������Deposits  of  f.l   and upwards received and  interest   allowed.  Debentures���������Provincial,   Municipal  find  other  debentures   purchased.  Drafts and Letters o������ Credit-  Available at all points ol Canada.  United Kingdom , United StfUes.  Europe, India, China .T<tv*^n Australia, New Zealand etc*  Gold  purchased.  This   bank   Issues  Special   Receipts  whicli  will be accounted  for at any  o������  the* Hudson's  Bay  Co's   Posts  the Yukon and Northern districts.  A. R,. B   HJSAUN.  Managpr Revfilstoke Branch.  ln  REAL ESTATE  MINING  AND  INSURANCE  AGENT  Br  town  "the   keys   of   tho  Itoss.     Lord    Kitctienc.r  rived at  Roberts   at   dark.  Captain   i������ak~������.     ������������������  .   T nvti  Brandfort at noon, and  Loid  General French's cavalry are sweep  ing to the northward. -It is expected  the infantry - will advance towards  Kronstadt immediately. Although no  prisoners are taken, and though a.t-  t.5mpt was made at pursuit, nevertheless the news has not been received  with tha rapture that attended the  flrst  successes  of Lord   Roberts.    *  General Hunter's crossing tine Vaa.l  at Wlndsorton brings the relief of  Mafeking, 196 miles beyond,'1 almost  within a calculable Interval. Xt is regarded   as   quite   possible   ths.t   Mafe  king may  birthday,  be succored er.e the Queen s  London, May 7.���������The   colonial   oflice  has  received   thc    following   despatch  from Sir Fred Ma dill Hodgeson,  governor and commander in  chief of the  Gold   Coast    Colony,    dated   Kumassi,  April 27:     "The  situation I  regret to  inform you has changed for the worse.  On April 23rd<a force was sent to clear  the rebel forces to the, eastward. Four  members   of    the     constabulary   were  killed and.. a considerable number Were  wounded.   The Hausas were obliged to  evaluate. and    to concentrate   around  the fort.    The engagement lasted four  Twenty   of   our   native   allies  uu   *...������   Hausas     were    killed.     The  present   occupants of the fort number  35.,  including   18 * Europeans,    six   of  whom are missionaries.    It is thought  that   further   reinforcements    will    be  sent to the Gold Coast."  ���������a   BUSH    IN  Too Saccesstul.  Domestic servnnts in Hawaii do not believe in titles., 'i'liey insist upon calling  their employers b'y Jhclc Christian names,  in spite of all protest.  : One lndy, who upon her arrival was at  once addressed ns Jennie by the menserv-  outs, expostulated with her sister for allowing  them   to   become   thus  familiar.  She was assured that every effort had  fceen made to induce theiu to say "Mr."  aud "Mrs.," but this they steadily refused to do.  i," they said; "too many Smith,  too raucn,.Tones.; You John and Lizzie."  One  English   woman   was  determined  ���������   -  ,n���������t0 ciinnld never, address  McKenzie  S &.-CO:  "No, no,  >,    UU,;      ku,_     _... ,  uch Jones. You John and Lizzie.'  uu. English woman was dot"-****"!**!*!  that her servants should never  her in tUo familiar fashion that other  ivhite people had allowed to become common. She therefore instructed her hus-  liaud never to mention her name in their  hearing.- One day thia lady had some  visitors, .and to lheir great delectation  the cook presently put his head inside tho  dhor nnd asked sweetly:  "My love, whnt vegetables do you  want today?"  After that the Eugliih woman was content to be called simply Mary.���������family  Herald.      :  Wholesale and Retail Dealers '  ,  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage  Fish and Game In season.  DIED  WITH    A   ROSE  HER  MOUTH  The Revelstoke  Herald ^mi Wceklyl  BR  ULLIANT ACHIEVEMENT  General   Barton  Defeats   an  Army   of  U ,n nnft T-rx-rs at Rosidan.  30,000 Boers at  San Francisco, Cal., May 2.-���������A young  woman giving the name of Helen  Gray was found shortly after 1 o'clock  Friday morning in a shrubbery tn Golden .Gate Park, suffering from th is  effects of poison she had taken with  suicidal intent. She waa taken to th.2  hospital * and the poison  The girl, who was-very-  tailor made gown re  receiving  Be happy!   Be happy in spite of every- |  , thing!, When, a person is not happy, he  j is a failuro in life. ~ To be happy is to be  ��������� normal, and'tho normal people are thoso  who come out on top in the long run.  Nature and human nature detest abnormal things'; and unhappy people are certainly abnormal people.   It is said that  nothing makes happiness like happiness,  and. frvm-obse'rvatiou, onosees that it is  true.    Happiness ts two  things���������a good  habit and a spiritual state. Many women,  you think, are born-unhappy.    Is thero   uv_, '.,.*_, .Irrnlndnd Cr  wucic ���������_..-., -      ...���������_   l^nvlnc* a num.- i ,-n-eii aresseu w ���������>> li--.--" ���������      _._._.  casualties   were   slight:  -General     <   ���������  ton is pursuin  Klap dam  u...������ them. .Wlndsorton and  have been evacuated. Gcn^  c_*  .A. liu  nave  ai.d   who  have  ��������� mc.:.* inuuntain  btcuc as Sewartlapberg. This morning the Borderers' Horse under Col-  o..ci .Maxwell came into action with  i..-_- l:o.^-s outposts, but returned to  camp ,*_uer locating the enemy. Later  ;-. tiOv.{i of 500 Boers were discovered  niai'oLui g past the Boer position, bui.  the British were unable to tell whethei  ti.-i/   i.-ere   frlentla   or   enemies   until  * thci-  d*i-appeai*ed  In   a* hollow   a   few  ',  miles iLWay vrhtn they proved to be a  i_..,er (_i.:iunand.  eral Paget's  brigade  is attackan  Boer positon at  Warrenton.    The en-,  hnent   yesterday .was sevejre.* and  9  in the  morning .until  4  gage  lasted,from, j _  o'clock in  thc  afternoon.    More  than  once the British infantry were, obliged  to^engage the Boers at close quarters,  'and   the    Boers   only .. retired   when,  their retreat was nearly cut  ofF.   The* I  British lossc-s wero  five killed  suid  2*>'|  wounded, mos>tly Welsh fusiliers.    The  British took a hatch  of prisoners, including the Swedish ambulance which  they   allowed   to   return.     Tha    Boers  in their   hurry left their dead on the  General  Paget  made   a   strong  name' was assumed and thafshe-came  from Indianapolis seven months ago,  where her aunt resides. Everything  .about her * shows that she has been  used to  luxury.  A  neculair* feature  of    the    young  woman's attempt to pnd her life was  the 'finding  of  a    rose  branch, which  was held between her teeth, and bound  into its  place, as the    bit of a bridle  might have been, with the sold chain  ,-hich had been* attached to her glasses.  "My story is not for the public ear,"  she  said  to    the    hospital    physician  today.   "I  came    to    this    city  seven  months ago from, Indianapolis, where  I have  always  lived.    My father and  brother *diecl   there *. recently,   and  my  who   is my one    remaining  re-  1__.  lillO      .,V.u       ..  ...  any. onefsuch'-n Vcakmluded creature that  she'cannotcultivate-the good habit of be-  iue happy?  Tlie trouble with the average woman  who fancies heiself unhappy is only an  unwholesome fancy. Sho caresses and  nourishes uuhappincss. In other words,  she hugs trouble." She luxuriates In being  melancholy, in looking on the wrong side  of things. .If she only knew how disagreeable this made her iu thc sight of  men she would very soon change her tactics, for it has come to be a recognized  fact iu modern civilization that happiness  is a necessity of life,  Has more  readers    in North  Kootenay than any other paper;,  has- more advertisers .in  Revelstoke than     any  other  paper;  does more job  printing in the  city than any other paper;  it's  news is more spicy and up-to-  date; its influence     is greater;  its advertising rates are lowest'  circulation considered;   its aub  scription rate is only ?2.00 pel  annum; it covers the field. Try  tt and bo with the crowd.  Write to  REVELSTOKE HERALD,  Revelstoke, B. C  roctry Denned.  T>.l>'e fnrui  -.b������ murker. siTords.  L<]iinis ar.tl (Jicars.  in-drorms. K.ttes  'Monthly late.  tlie.1  with .the choicest  Bet-t  Wines  Large, li-atit-,  ������1    a    day.  J; II  RATE $1 oo PER DA7  '���������^*-_-___l  flond acoemmouf-tion.     A.   good"\- \J f  w-r!i jimmied: with'choice v.-i ������������������*������������������;'-^l  .-'.-��������� '-v-'*l  liquors and cigars.      - '  -"-;';*.  onse,  George p. Morris, the author of "Vfood-  ian, Spars That Treo," was a general ol  .he New'York.nllitia and: a favorite with  nil <* who know him.    Mrs. Sherwood, '-  Free Bus Meets All T rain.. *..|  Brown  & Pool  Proprietors -  '������������������ tolls how anothei  hor "Bemlnlsconccs,    ���������*��������� -- ,  poet ossoclated the Beneral with a definl  THE PIONEER LIVERY-���������  * ���������    . ������ and Sale Stable oi* tbe LanSoau Bad Trout LaUe  a.tiav;i>.' *-*-*-������,*---   of the bridge, thereby preventing  reinforcements     going   tor   assist  in  CANADIANS  ASSIST  in   the  Capture"rtThaba   Nehu-Col. ^eWng'GenerarBarion's brigade  '       Otter Slightly Wounded.    . London>  May 7.-The ^;*������*^efrom ,  .Toronto. May 3.-The Globe has tin pubUshed the ������^"������v*"������������ ^t-    ^ n6t necessary.  folding .despatch this, ������orn������������ ^ Lord   Roberts. ^JTrt   ^               -It^i-                          face_ either  -FFecEri-k-Hamilton:  Bloemfontein,. _ur(lay   Mai--.~ -L-n^^fij-jijisionr " ���������7���������i^H:tionT���������That->9-all-I-*  '-.  i*- .-.-The Canadians participated ii. ���������lth   General  ^"^VhrLventh divi  .wis  -                                             un -������������������,,,!. n.s br-lBacle of .the se***.entn a  il-.j-oaptui-e  ���������|u-fiay  last.  ant  ed.  miles 'in  the  rear  of the same  div  ance  to our  right  enemy is  ..- ..- . Private ��������� Dafoe   of  the  l-.alil_._i company was killed. ��������� Lteuten-  Gulunul Otter was slightly wound-  Private    Burns,   of   the   Ottawa  cimivttri.  and  Privy.!*  Culver,.of  the I ~        o������ the.river.  ..������-���������  x..-unSW.ck    company,  were   a.s., | ������o_   thr__    hourg  v..jumji*u.     On Monday the Canadians-  ���������ul-.-uneoJ   from   Springlield    anil   -on  Tuwv.../   ci-oss'.d    the MndOcr river  in  thi." fi'.i-.o of the Brxirs fire, helping to  i -.'cci**.  i- the waterworks.      They rushed ar.ii oc-cupk-d a kopje commanding  tho wa'.'.rworks.    On Wednesday  they  uuvivii'rf to Thaba Nehu, cuming Into  action early In the;nfternopnyand lighting until dark.     They captured sever-  The nction    was   really   a  well's brigaue u.   -...^   the same distance  to our  right.    The  in strength on ,the opposite  Our .guns engaged  without   our  being able  to lorce   a passage ot  the  river,   but   shortly     before    dusk   the  mounted infantry undir General Hutton turned the enemy's right,  and,  in  a very dashing   manner   pushed them  across   the   river    under    heavy  shell  and musketry lire.    We are now  bivouacking  for the   night   within "three  miles  ot  Vet river.    Our  casualties I  because  my mother.     So I  .in  the world   and   without   friends.  office has      haU   not  mention  the  names  of   mV  cs. or my own,  for that matter.  I  am penniless  disgrace  or privation      " " ���������*������ ������' - will'-say.^  MaX"' OSEBEBT'S     TREACHER  OUS  STOCKINGS  am entirely*,-*iUone*j~ot"MaTco''Bozzaris,'' called  upon  York, ia his old age, and  the  him to define for her what was poetry and  Mew York, i-i his old age, and  the nsked  what wan prose.  He replied,"'When Genoral Morris com  mandi his brigade and says, "Soldiers  draw your B words I' he talks proso; when '  *"* ��������� ���������" ���������    .*!-������������, --D-nitr-tvillina  will!     GWILLIM '&   SCOTT  draw your Bworasi ne uuu ^.v���������,    "he  ���������ays,���������'Soldiors,���������draw--youJi_willinij I * .  __.���������jj--> ^a talis p0tStry.!' pBarrlsters,--Solicltor.s,_NoJ;aTiesJPubllc,  Si0"   iS  Z:������ToTt������ s^me' dTvision is".    _OUD     ROSEB_E_RT'S  .. Begnrdin-B BhoM.  Tobeftble to obtain a  now Bhoo which  easy as an -old one It la  frill tiel almost as <._._,_,.__.    _  only noccssnry in having tho measure tnk-  . or even ln obtaining those already  lido to put on two pairs of stockings, th*  Ind worn at thut time of the year ln  bi  l.lpd worn ui. wim*. -_..��������� ���������  Whluh the pm'choso U made. The roluo-  tance which thoso havo who are independent enough to consult their own comfort  to par? with an old shoo or any old garment U familiar to all. The roason Is that  \i hM nda-ptcd Itself to the foot, Is worn  With onmfart moi is easily, put on and oft.  al   kor-Jes  i smart. . rear   ���������   . (.i.n.-ullanH fought in a most workman  like   manner.      The. Boors , eventually  * retired.',  Colonel Otter's 'wounds-were  caused by  a mauser" bullet which en-  iV his - shoulder* and  ch|n, ; slightly  him. He returned to Bloem-  numerous. General Ham-  :erday: and suo-  entlng* the  Junction of  hope are ^---yeHtera^.. and, buo-  The action    ������"������������������*'  *-        I lllon was ---  ,-   guard   skirmish   and   the    cecdcd   In  I^v*--'";"**   "*^ J,   cxecutod  '. h   . . u(* workman- I two   Boer   forces    b>   a  ***'���������., ule  .cment by some ot^th, ^^  ttre  wounding  move  Twelfth  Lancers  Horss.  who charged a body of Boors  and inflicted serious loss.    The enemy   ���������  "  thn Held.  their   dead on  the field  SrnlonMwday l** 'but hopeS t0 I "^ thei'r wounded to be attended^by  rejein ills regiment'shortly.*.  CANADIAN CASUALTIES  General MacDonald's  Highianueri, -.-lodged the enemy or.  U-e right flank., under cover of the  tne   rib������ ,..i.i-h    ooeration   the  At   one   time    when   Lord   Rosebary  was visiting relatives    in    Dumferline  he   was   one   of   a   house   party   who  gave  a   number  of  amateur performances. .     Whyte-Meiville,     author    of  "The  Gladiators," ,was  another  member  of the  party,  and also something  of an; actor.-. * Indeed,': Lord* Rosebery  used never to lose an opportunity to  take  part  in  private  theatricals.   For.  many 'years  Mr.   Melville   had   entertained ! his friends  wjth' stories of the  plays   they put   "on  Curing    his stay       .,     ,    ,   . ._,,,,  with  the premier. ftPnt 2������, Wr*  "V?  1n,I'on(on  _.���������.._ ._ ��������������������������� ���������, ������i,������������������. for   Ottawa-Hull   fire    homeless   has  Here is one of them: reached  ������12 000  In Rob Roy, Melville took the part . '     '  ot the  famous brigand and Rosebery   . Jljo e������������fl������t yoar old daughter of W.  ...__  ..   _i,i���������..o.--.  ������    ���������_,���������    .*-i���������*������,.,i,nni    Martin, Uarrie. was k lied by a pilch-  was  a  chieftain  of    the    triumphant    j   ^ accident  clan.      At the  last    minute    It    was , _    " , .  found  that Rosebery had   no plaidcd    ���������������*&* 5^������. ������f ������'��������� lcf.tf ������ntar ������ fov  socks to go with his kilt, and a stage    ^^,^1������ la"lt0rt" ���������llU,'lnt  Taylor Block.^cK^ie^venue, Rev-  Money To Loan.  W; White,. J.  M. Scott.B.A..B  y* F. L. Gwillim  Sa-JJle    and      Pack,  always for hire.  llui>������'  '..FieisbtinB  a������*d .Teaming -a^  ,,    specialty. -,-     . *_\J*"  Thomson's Landing  T_..n_  m-vire leaves Thomsons ^""'i-'  !?;_ TVobuC Uke City.   For ivuticul:^ wnte  every morning at 7 o'clock,  CRAIG & lllLLUAN; Thomson's Landing., * ,,J |  ������a.avBY&BioOA*a_CER     j   ,ROB������RT SAS&SON  Wood Bsaier  and Draymaiv  Barristers.  Solicitors.  Etc.  Solicitors for Imperial1 Bank o: Canada  Company funds to loan at 8 Pe-" =e"*''  onices:      Molsons Bank Block.        ,  Fli-h" Street. Revelstoke .Station, B. C.  j. W. Crots,  AVfllllC,  StfS dislodged   the  enemy  o,  ank,, under  ment  has   received  a  cable  from  Sir  May  Alfred Mllner, dated'Cape Town, May  a. It says: '.'Private H. Barr, of,the  Royal Canadian regiment, died of enteric' fever on April 30 at' Bloemfontein; and Gunner E. Picot, D. battery,  Canadian artillery, died of ' enteric  Aar   today.       (Signed):  the  first  fever   *t   De  Mllner."  The    ofiicer    commanding  Canadian     contingent     repoi'ta    from  Ulocmfonteln   thc   d-eath . on   the   2nd  Instant   of Private     11,   Lister,     00th  rifle**:.      -The    cause    of death Is  not  given.   ,  Thy   following   havo" been   reported  ir.iu'.'IVig on April 24:    Sergeant U. H  ollicer;   Corporal  T.  E  Canadian     Dragoons  Private-  P.'.Uury,    ltoyiil   'Canadian  Kyn. .  reserve  L.'.iulin.   Royal  and >vero very o....    .  Hamilton -ivas: advancing this morning  to a difficult   drift over   the Klelncet  river.     General   Hunter   reports   that I  Barton's  brgade was heavily engaged  this morning two miles north of Rooi-  ���������     The   enemy's position   was four  miles long and strongly held.   He says  that our   men marched   magnificently  and carried ridge after ridge in grand  style.    Casualties in this force, and In  General Hamilton's and General Hun-  s brigade will be reported as soon  ,__ possible.    Captain Miller, who was  taken* prisoner near Thaba? T.'Chu has  been  sent  to   General   Rundle's 'camp  by the enemy with a se'irere wound in  the abdomen. General 'Brabant reports  sergeant  and. three rhen  wounded  SOCKS   IO Bu   ���������.,.   hand painted, .the nether extremities  of the now ; famous ' statesman in the  required plalded colorings and all  Which marked '-Mb clan. Toward the  middle of the second act Rosebery  warmed up considerably to the part,  and he could feel tho paint trickling  down .to. the  floor- from  his limbs  in  UOWll: .LV/    ..._    _..__.  great  drops,      But  he  was  not  pre  pared  for the remarks  which  greeted  -  "<��������� ������1ia nnenlng.  Portage la Prairie's council,. has  decided lo tax churches, which will  be fought out In the courts.  There is trouble in the Prince of  Wales Fusiliers, Montreal, and five  officers have resigned.  Four Italians at Murdoch's _ camp.  Ontario & Rainy River railway construction were killed by dynamite.  and    agents,   of  OWf:   T.iylor  mock, Mackenzie  Hcvel.-ituke.  BKoim-iWuyoJ'i^-eM^-  Methodist Church, Revelstoke  Preaching    services   at  11   a.   tn.  and 7:30 p.m.   Class meeting at'the  ana cou  p.m.   ���������_.._._._        _  close of the morning service. Sab  bath school and Bible class at 2:30  Weekly: prayer meeting every, Wcd-  ���������nnBrtnv  evening  at 7:30.    The public  ter s  him from the front row at the opening 1     pr0periy   owners  ot the next act, when an old Scotch- | Winnipeg, 'have   taken'exception   to  man said: -       ������--n���������  ,������������(_.    mips.  "Say Dougla, hoot there, man! Your  plaid   is     getting    mighty   traitorous.  If you don't put some ice on yourself  your colors will be running  into each  other,   and   you'll   be   worse   than   a  Campbell in the   last act."     It almost  St. Fetci's Church  (Anglican)  Eight   a.m.,   Holy   Eucharist;  am -matins, litany and sermon (Ho J  luchaHst, first Sunday in the month).  childreas'  Draj-lng and delivery work a specialty. *:Teams always ready on bbortest  nntlna.      Contracts   for  lohhlnB   taken.  HEVELSTORE  iitOfl WORKS  Blacksmithing, Jobbing,  IMumbing, Tipe IriLling,  Tiusniithin'r   61icct J run  (anadian  Pacific  Railway  anJ-  iacc  Soo Line  .ROUTE  EA3T AND, WEST'  11  methods  ot collecting water  rates. 2:30 Sunday     school, or  Just to thwart the Spectator in its "���������*������/  7:30H5vve���������^l1'  <CS?,���������1) vfoU  ^nt^Su^__ff^a,������" ���������*-    -���������unced.      Holy. Baptism  Parkin's-Faux Pas."  Work,    jMacbincry    He-  paired-  Mining    Work    a    Specialty  ..OBX.GOJirtflOW  HfM-Hu 1 *  First elm  ckcTcra on all irelns.   T<*ur!������t cur  pa.������-������ l!<vol->tolt������ dally for_ 3:. Paal;  TiicJd������y������|  .t d  S.-uurrtay-i for .Toronto;. Thursdays  rotj  .'.loiurf.il iu:d Hosto * ' ���������*  8:ftl..  8;10:  DAUY TRAINS  ....lr.-xve���������      .olstohi!���������arrive...  ...arrive- " leave   To r.ml irom Koolcnav I'oluU   Ic.ive���������Ilevelstokc���������arrive...  ...im|  ...ii>  ..M-j  "Dr.  Parkin's Faux  Toronto Telegram:  Al   ID.     ._,      w   a.m., as announced.  after Sunday school  at 3:15.  B. C. Paget, D.D., Pastor.  It is really too I  s^H--~--8''"a"1;S^sSrK KWK?  Evening  Post  OnUH CH���������Kcvcliitnj.  one  on May 2nd. w  one  of  them,  who  had  been  '\ 111   treated   and  Tho  Rev-   Chiles M   Sheldonfcwho  Si.'** patrol, and that . ^^^S edged .^he   Ast-  ,een  brutally    dover ���������������������������".'-JgESiSlSu     seminary.  l(.;.  for  dead  by  the \ the    An^^hc.^* chlcfly  pur-  seminary  -������������������"      " . 1 ���������-"-- ;--   ���������   .    .���������,,   fnr  deprt   bv   tne l the    Ana"*."--'    ..*"--.���������.:_',__    _-h  UriigooiiH. - ���������{ m   treated   and   let  for  oe.   O-��������� _.��������� . 1 ,,������������������,._���������    ������-as   found   the    iOllo������...-=   -   :    j aUe(j m tionnou., i uise.ioe  ^~.   --        ulmoqt impoj  nllow his hatred v.-.  _, ���������  _m to incite his own Vancouver Pro  vince  to lie like    Ananias,  Sapphira  and Dr. I^yds  Vancouver Province:    The outbreak  rJs*J^P^^~i-*'"'������--Av.������-���������~���������.  x-tw*. ri ������������  nt   2-..-10   p.m.,  to  -ahie1  Si-rVm -rt������^ t&* 'M*?ciiaK m 8 Dn'  "^Tw, T. MBSZIEB. Pastor  tho   Imperial | Mounted Rifles,  >, OMAN*    OATnotitr   CHUROH-Revel  stoke     ���������VTi'-a   firt,t ar.d ililrd Randays i'  21*.    I  i.,El i |  C,,m,,,^ttt___!l ",-,nV������Governments.     .    \ \7umX at  "randfort^laager ^...^ ^   ( "-^^-"^^ he had until ne w������ { ;;y_ p��������� th, roa(,.  iintl   Dominion   Gov  i tounu, .-.���������-  .������- carefully at-    honorable,  wounded and  haa   been   ������"���������... 1 nat���������.ailzeil  g. was       ^V .la!"fBct that hi������ fellow country-   " ble that the infection snouiu "������ -���������������      ' ov M,MY. v-pM,  cviry i  Tjtn3crtaking ������rd rmtalmicg  F. Howson & Co.,  MACKEX/.IE  ATS.  liiW.X T>e#l*r*������ln rumilu ������.  Tickets l������suc!l and bagjragB thcclted throug|  .to destliiatioii  Cheap Rates  to;the  Old Country  FuTlul) part-cti!ar_ a<; to time rates, and f|  copies: ofi'C. P. 1������-1 ublications. addrctsn������iri|  localjaircnt or  T. W. BBADSHAW,  Agent, Rev elstolj  \V. F. Aiidcrron.TraiclI'iig Passenger Agc|  Kclsou, 11. C. .  15.  -T.  Coylc,   ArsWan    <52-ieral    Pismo^  Ajeiil, Vauconv.tr, B. C.    -    u    i_i   Ktntoil   here I woiuweo aim  -*^-   ���������- ���������  ..rnf ^r^TrV-r^ormcdl tended by the Ketherland  ���������������*���������������**���������������"<*���������*������������������*   *<,1 . _^t*7*''���������>"_.___ Iiiimm llili__!ii������fi-ti'i*#Tt*i������ '    i"ii -n���������n "i m * f ���������|ii***./'_Jt_^/V.__:',l_X*^'.,*T^"?'__^'L_^/jil^'t;V^ v"Vii!lf.*" '-*���������-���������-' -������������������������������������.-i ������������������>-������������������ *������������������*���������������"  wm  ,<>_^,w,n*A.������  ^Muii^i-WA..".-*.****^*".'  ,...,_ _<>_***.'>...**������*-'.>**'****--*u*^l-^*^  ..���������^���������mf-^m^'K*********^  i-S-SKS!***-?'  ���������;. 11 ���������*'��������� .*���������..>. ���������  ���������..w;.',.,ii"ui[..>ii'ii;"'"i'"''1 ;"'TX'." ".',"'^Ts?^Ts?���������^?*^^!f'?1������?ti  I.'i;  i  .i-  ?.  f  -5.-H-+*-t-*4-**l"b*i-t-J"l">-l-W-l"!'-.'-:-** -:-*m-  +  -}���������  ���������I.  J.  -}���������  t  JL.  fr  fr  lil^Jilie  COMING ON  Everybody should lake ft tonic* nml  Blood purillcr. One oi tliu very lies-,  ihinurs for this sea.--.on is a specially  prepared and powerful  SARSAPARILLA  made lor ourselves.  It retails for H per bottle and will do  more   good    than    several   ot   patent  medicines.  Sold onlvat the....  CAXADA DRUG fc HOOK 00.  McKenzie Ave.    -    Kevelstoke Stuiiuu  fr  fr  -i.  fr  fr  t, **************** *******  P. H. TRUDGEON.  ... .ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES.  ...CALL BELLS,  ....ANNUNCIATORS.  ....BATTEKIES.  ....MEDICAL BATTERIES, Etc.  .COWAN BLOCK.  ���������   y  ���������*   ,���������''������*���������<      __���������'  *." '    ..-.'.���������������������������'������������������'     '������/i'.f'V .*Jm),./  ''.'-C-tiyA'X'" k-'iV/l^^c^/  * ���������/'    .,���������.���������    /'' C - ft ������������������*  *���������'-,���������������������������'.!.''..'_.   ���������'^A.-/"-C^ ' <v7/3^*,..0���������"������������������-'  ���������* r *.���������.���������_.-������..-���������,...'������������������'������������������' ������iA/V ?.J-"t/f.'J ������������������''������������������������������������' -'-" ���������'���������,'.'���������'���������'''" ������������������������������������������������������''  ,   ..i.i-.va-.*.- .-</       in.-,. ...���������*,.._,.>.���������,.,--���������.,���������*.-*. ,_4r*_.-.;t*. ji",,,.-*.....-u*.,,*uw.������w  .*'       t ���������', l''>   f) -/���������    / '/  :?  ���������1   LYING MARTIN  ORGAN.  MARRIED.  Johnston���������Thoms���������In St.. Peter's  church nn Mav "itli liv Rev. E. 0.  Pncet. D. D.. W. W*. Johnston of  Kri.-.������liiii(l. to Mis-. Isabella Thorns of  Dundee-. Srotlniul.  BORN  UfHiiiDOE-On .May Sth,  to  Mr.  nml  Mrs. E. f>. Biii'fidKV, n (laughlcr.  Local and  General  News  C-ipt. Taylor leturned to town from  Vancouver this morning.  The Biu-helois aro pivint; a hall in  the opera house toiiiRli'..  ���������Best butter in Cnnnrln���������the Montreal creamery���������nt Savage's.  Tlie imiTiicip'O rate fur the coming  year is poi iir to lie about 17 mills on  -the dollar.  ��������� C.N. Corrip-an will lie in his dental  office over the Ciiiiadn Drug & Book  Co's. store from May 22nd to June 3rd.  Perry T-pnke is laying out the lines  for a separate system of poles for the  telephone wires in the cily.  ���������Wanted -A #ood blacksmith at  once. Apply to Robt. Gordon, Revel-  &toke Station.  It is well to inakr- a note of the flirt  that all free miners' licenses expire on  tlie last day of this month.  John Rohinson of the sawmills has  just completed a fine flight of steps at  nis residence on Second street.  H. A. Brown intends to open up his  new lobiic-co and cigar store in the cornel* store of his block on First .St. tomorrow.  ���������R. H. Trnemnn, photographer, will  In- at his Studio, Smith block. Revel-  sio's.e, for two weeks, including May  24th.  Services in St. Peter's church on  Sunday next (Fourth after E.ister) will  I e hs usual. Children's service at 2:30  *|i" in. instead of Sunday School.  B. E. Drew left on Wednesday for  (/.iiiibornt.. Fish Creek, where he is  intending to put up a building for the  pin pose of running n store there.  C. XV. Field, who looks after the  G.-.Iilen branch of the firm  of Field <fc  - Ben's, iii-rived on Tnesdnv to' relieve  W; Bewx. who in turn will take charge  of the Golden store for a few weeks.  The large, sum of ST.iiOU, half of the  total appropriated for the genor-il  requirements of the whole riding by  tlieiSeinlin-Cotton government, is now  being expended in putting the Trout  Lake wagon i-oml in shnpe alone.  Kaslo raised S3.000 in ii couple of  hours for t.he Sandon relief fund and  llie city voted another $500. Nelson  Ii.-s appropriated SI.00(1 as a iiiiinici-  j a.ity and wilh that and private  siiii-jci-int.il.ns and the proceeds of an  enU'i tainment the total amount  I'm war leu from that place reached the  S3.-500 mark.  I. T. Brewster came down in one  day from ihe cabin at the Rosebery to  town on Wednesday. He put acoup'e  ot* men to work on the mine till the  ]a*ktr.iin can get in. He says the  i-eiison is at lea*=t. six weeks .-iheid of  time ns far a-s the snow going off i I the  mountains is concerned.  ���������W. J. Gould, photographer. Cabinet pliotoi. plau.io nu.-_.tl. at about  h ilf ii.-ual prices. First class work,  no long delay in finishing work, it will  -L.e delivered in a few days. Call early  .- s prices lire cut for u short time only  l>. ;idvm-tfce and introduce the work.  Ftudio on First street next _L.A. Frelz.  " C."BrHTTtiie~.(oCoriiave jnsl, installed  in their warehouse ,-i lift tunning from  Lhe cellar to the top floor. The makers  ������������������ire. Leitch fc Turnbull of the Canada  Elevator Works. Hamilton. The  elevator, which will carry about 1500  lbs., will be .-in enormous convenience  to the firm in handling theie large  stores in the \viit-el_ou?e.  The .-imiii.-il scindul which occurs on  th>! Arm of Arrow Lake of turning  p.-ick horses loose to starve on the  meadows formed at the held of lhe  arm by the receding wmers of the  I.ike in the full has culminated thin  yen in it fnitliei- crying disgrace.  Owing to the supiiiencss ofthe government ofHcinls th<; dead horses were  not hm ied this spring and the bodies  iii-i- now drifting admit in the witcrs  of the liik<-. poisoning the air iind  i trending tlie eyes of travellers.  Gold Commissioner Coursier is away  pivlng his fit*.������t ofHriiil visit, lo Conu-  '.ilix iind the Fish river district, Thu  l.'rfiiiUuirn-'.- people are pulling hard  fir ii good round .sum lopiitthe witgun  i-ii.ul up the liver to the uioiitn of Pool  <*.i������--.l* in it good state of repair, stiinu-  l.ileil no doubt hy the windfall which  llie piv.-'-iit election has brought to  their bieilnen in the 'J'tout Luke dis-  tril t in the sli:i|i.- of $7,500 to put the  ni.i'ni trunk ni.nl in .shape. Hence in  .-ilI prob.iliiliiy Mr. lCoui_,ier__ visit.  Now i> the lime to strike while the  flection is hot.  Fire at the Queen's Hotel.  About 11 o'clock on Wednesday  night fi.lines were observed bursting  out nil round the roof of the Queen's  hotel on Second street, east. Alarm  wis .-������t once given-ind the No. 2 Fire  Brigade were promptly on the spot,  followed in it short while hv their  lomi-.ides of No. 1 from tlie Front  t-li-eet station. The pressure was  /.���������set; I lent and the pffort* ofthe firemen  >xbly directed and well carried out,  ���������succeeded in getting the flames under  iviiy very quickly. The kitchen  ceiling had a. hole in it, where the fire  iipparentlyjsUirted. and the furniture  and bedding iOf the bedroom above  ���������was burnt, but otherwise the flames  did no damage, though the wnter  damaged tbe dining-room next to the  k itch on considerably and a good deal  of window glass was broken hy those  ���������who were conveying the furniture to a  pUce of e_fety.  The desperate nature of the struggle  i* hich the poor old Vancouver World  has undertaken to keep up the tail of  the Miirtin party in tliis election is  well shown by the downright, und  deliberate falsehoods lo whi-.li ils  peiiiiy-n-liner, whoever he is, has to  resort.,who writes up "The Swing of  Victory" <*olun_u.  " In Rovelstoke." this unveriicioiis  chronicler asserts; "the Conservatives  ui-c thinking of dropping the idol of  theii- hope (Tuylor) anil nre on llio  still hunt for n stnni'iird hciu-er, whom  they consider would have some chance  of success." Of course everybody in  Revelstoke. fllitrlin supporters included, know this statement to be n, lie  without, the faintest shadow of foundation. It is intended for consumption  in nlhur constituencies where the  government men need heartening up  very likely quite as biidly us they  want it here. Revelstoke Martinites  enn draw their measure of encouragement from the assertion in another  p-irt of thu same column Unit West  Yale has gone buck on Murphy and is  now solid for Beebe. A cause which  hns to be bolstered up with mistate-  inents lhat. n schoolboy could see  through musi be in desperate sli-iiighls  indeed. '    ___^  NOTICE!  A special general meeting of all  supporters of Mr. Thos. Taylor who  can attend will be hold nt the  Committe Rooms, Oddfellow's Hull,  tomoriow (Saturday) evening fit S  o'clock. Business in connection wilh  the campaign will come up for discussion, anil further organization will  be undertaken. Mr. Taylor and others  will ni.-ike short uddresses  Rora'.'GoitnoN,  .Secretary,  Large  Consignment  Just Arrived  INCLUDING  Carriage Sponges  25c to 75c  Wool Sponges, 10c to f5c  Mediterranean Sponges  10c to $1.50  Manruka Sponges  $1.50 to $5.00  DRUGSTORE  Geo. F. Curtis,  TAYLOR BLOCK.  McKenzie Ave  '% i&mm STORE  9?  TO THE LADIES  Card of Thanks.  The proprietors of the Queen's Hotel  desire to convey their thanks to the  members of both fire brigades und the  public generally for the grunt assistance rendered in getting under thu  fire ' ut Ihe hotel on Wednesday  evening last.  Take Notice 1  FOR SALE���������Some useful furniture, (.rockery, Stoves, Quaker Vapor  Bath, etc, Can be seen nl Mrs.  Oorbett's lesidence. First street,  lom-Lli house from Imperial Bank.  When you reach Ferguson, B.C.,  Sto*) al the ,���������h  Hotel Lardeau  J. I AvoiiTO.v, Proprietor.  Host $2.00 a das* house in the Lardenu. Host  of euisinc service.���������-Finely equipped bur.���������  Choicest wines, liquors nnd cigars.���������Heftd-  quiirtsrs for miners anil mining men.���������Well  "lighted and heated rooms, neutly furnished  THE LEADING STORE takes great pleasure in  announcing thc arrival of one of the largest and mo&t  select ranges of  LADIES' FOOTWEAR  Ever Shown in the Interior.  These goods are from New York markets and nre  sure to meet the requirements of those desiring an exquisitely dainty, exceedingly stylish, yet durable article.  SHORTLY TO ARRIVE   Dress Muslins, Ducks, Prints, Etc.  OUR LINE OF LADIES' COSTUME CLOTHS IS SECOND  TO NONE IN THE CITY.  JAMS aiLL a CO..  The Wide-Awake Business Men,  McKenzie  Avenue.  THE LATEST WAR NEWS  Is not in it with our prices on  WATCHES AND CLOCKS  CALL AND SEE  Guy Berber, jeweller,  O. P. R. WATOH INSPECTOR-  THE   FRED   ROBINSON    LUMBER   COMPANY,    LIMITED.  -   FIRE INSURANCE ���������  All classus of insurable risks t-ovurcd  aL fair unrequitable rates.  LIFE INSURANCE  ���������y^  Polirk**;**��������� non-forfclniblc, irimr-  twiteed vulues. cash loan vuluu.s,  throughout thu history uf the  MONEY TO LOAN/,  on pood bussinesri o.r r_;i.i*Llu*ntial  property.  SSP.L-ctcd.   FAYETE BUKER,  $  On and after tliis date our prices for Cut Firewood will he as  follows:  $1,00 Per Cord at Mill  $2.00 Per Cord Delivered  PRICES CUT FOR CASH : '  .  'FRED ROBINSON.' ��������� ,        ���������     .   ���������  Managing Director.  The Famous Crow's Nest Coal  L'e'ave vonr orders at my office on McKenzie Ave.  THE LATEST IDEAS I.V  The Queen's Birthday  Tho coiiiinitt'.'Msi met us hitmhrciI in  Ni>. 2 (ireli.ill on Wednesday night to  receive tlie report of the iiiuuici**  committee and make further iiii*nii}j;e-  nients. Aid. Kilpatrick was elected  permanent chairman and B. 11.  C.impliell secretary of the jjeiieral  committee until after tlie spurts.  The iinance committee reported  siilisciiptions ainoiintiiip: to $220,  with a donation from the city  comicil, ii ni.-uter which has already  -ho liii-iefeiied-to Lhe-tinance coiiiinibU-e^  Preliminary appropriations were  made of $50 for a purse for a foothall  match and S23 for printing.  The following committees wore  arranged in virtue of the power granted at llie puhlic meeting for the  parade and sports, committees to add  to their nuiriliur:  Finance���������-Mayor Smith, (Japt.Taylor  XV. J. Lee. U. L. I.ov-ering and G. JE.  G ruga n.  Parade���������Mayor Smith, XV. .). Lee  ami .1. Lander, maishaU; J. McLeod.  W. G. Biiney, H Gordon, ii. J.  Bourne, A. Johnson, J. G Barhei-, S.L.  Saunders, A. Sullivan. E. Ti imhlo, A.  Han bury. I. T. Brewster, J. Oiitliell,  C. Ii. McDonald, T. Steed. F. 13. Wells  and F. .Mc-Uu-ly.  Sporth���������W. J. Lee. W. Smytlie. 13  .Mar-shiillsay. .1. B. Smith. T. Bain, .las.  .Ml-Ivj-iii. T. Kilpatrick, XV. Ciiwan. J.  Savage. A. .McRae, II. N. Coursier, W.  Jehu. W. Hank, O. Holten, L. O.  Jehu, Kincst Adair, J. Ringer, K. D.  Johnston. C. Ii. Skene, W. Newman.  Printing���������li. Tapping. B. Ii. (Jump-  hull, and A. Johiibon.  A further committee on decorations  was. struck consisting of :  XV. M. Lawrence, C. F. Lindmaik,  H. O. "Dier, Thos. Taylor, , Wm.  M. Bi iwii, IJ. A. Brown, J. Abraham-  son, J. Shaw and Ii. Tapping.  It was arranged to   hold   a   general  committee meeting in   fire  hall   No. 2  on Wednesday evening next, lfit.li inst.  The sub committees will meet at call  of chairman.  Dr. Corrigaii will in; in his office  here from M*iy 22nd to June 3rd.  The mayor wired $140 to the ninyor  of Sandon through the Imperial Bank  on Wednesday and a furl her .sum of  th" next morning. A hox of foot  wear which belonged to the sock  coniindent fund, but dirt not get oft  with the consignment for South  Africa, has also been forwarded.*  and  Suitings  Overcoatings  NEWEST AND BEST  A Large Rr.nze f>f Importer! Woolens to  selcci from  J, B  Cressman.  Caf-AhWn ,fc Co.-i OM Stand.  THE   CITY EXPRESS  K. W. II. PAGET. Prop.  $(T_50 a ton, Delivered from the cars.'  *OT*���������'"'"' John D. Sibbald  I-Hrirennd Well Lighted  Sum pie Kounva... .7.  ��������� ITeatcfl by Hot Air mid iCIeotrie  JUells and Light in.every room  Free fins Meets All Trains  Heasonable Hates   -^HOTEL  YIOTOMA.  JOHN V. PERKS, Pbopmietou.  Xlislit Grill J**.'.. >-i !n l-yiinectioii for the Convenience of Guests  Hourly Street Car  i e, _...������,-. inf .p]\u/._._ii[.*tH[ni ������������������**/._._  '9  Between Hotel ami Station f^(������W������.S'_.������ik@ ,'   Ho Co  1   KEVELSTOKE    I  Prompt flellrory of parcels, bagfe-ape, etc., to  uny part of the City.  Any Kind of Transferring:  Undertaken  AU onler" left nt It. .\f. .mythe'- Tobacco  ?mri>, or by Telephone No. 7__(K_ will reeoive  pmnipt intention.  ********-irt"t******+******+*  fr *  fr "A LOCAL IXDCJSTRV ?  ^  ������  SMELTER  TOWNSITE  dP  w  (^)  SOLS AGENT  .OF" PUP.UU BENEFIT.'  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.  Thn annual ijeneral mcctini. of thi;  Revelstoke Wnler, Light nml Powi-i-  Co., limited will he held in Compnny'.  offic:--*, Cousin Block, Rf-velstoke, B.C.,  on _Hm_d.iv, June 1th, 1000, at2 p.m.  THE REVELSTOKE  STEAM LAUNDRY..  .IS BOTH  The Proprietor requests your  putron.-iKc on t.he iiliove fiir;li>.  .First, CIiikm Mnchinery ami  Kiiht. CIiish Whit.i! Help, en-  .inres Fii'Hl C'Iiipr Work. A  tiinl order is soliciteil from  outside points, or from residents of Revelstoke who nre  not ulready on our list of  patt'otiH.  J Geo. S. Hogan *  * Proprietor.  t  fr  I t  fr***-**********************  % TKLEPHONE NO. 13.  ..LOTS FROM $150 UP.  -ON   EASY   TERMS-  R. H. MAYNE,  Notary Public and Insurance Agent.  SubsGribfr fei? th������ ffei?aM,  CALL AND SEE THEM.||  The best assortmont in the City.  M. K. LAWSON,  Mackenzie Ave.  H.l  ssV  Baker  AN'])  Confectioner  Bread - Delivered - Daily  CALL AND INSI'KCT OUH STOCK OF  NEW  GROCERIES  Red Rone Dcerco meets second and fourth  Fridays of oacli month;   White Rose Di'h'reo  meats flrst Friday o tench month,In Odd. oIIowb'  Hall.   Vlsltlne brothren welcome.  WM. MATHERS, T. E. Ij. TAYLOR,  Secretnry. 1'resldent.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE  No. 1658.  .HoKUlftr meetinKH aro held in the  Oildfollnw'H HftlFon the Third yri-  dity nf each month, At 8 p.m. nharp.  Visiting brotlirun cordially invited  THOS. STKKD, W.M.  Court  Mt. Begbie  I. O. F��������� No. 3461.  Meets In tho Oddfel-  lnivs'Hnll.nn iheso������oiiii  and fourth Mondavt of  ench lnotith. Vi.ltlnn  brethren Invited to attend.*  K.D.J.C. JOTINfON, C. "V. M1TCUELL,  Olilef Khukit: Iteu.-Scc.  TIJMIB    _T_A.BIjEJ.  STEAMSHIP   "LARDEAU"  IC. J. Aman  **  .         *  fr Tobaccos. Pipes, Cigars, Etc.        +  J Scientific Works on Mining. Etc.,  *  fr fr  j, Minerals, Minus and Mining by Osborn   fr  fr Prospecting,    Locating   and    Valuing +  fr Mines���������by Stretch.                                      +  + Handbook of Rocks���������by Kemp.                 Jj  a, Prospecting for  Gold  and   silver���������      3.  j_! Crake.                                                            ^  4< Stamp Milling of Gold Ores���������by Hickard +  ****Hi*t';f"f.**f'H'**vM"I������M.*++*++^.-f'f  ComiiianrliiK May l������t, Jnno, StonmorH will run  as follows:   (wunthur penulttlng)  r   Leaving   ArroivheiuJ   twice   dolly'   for  Coiiiapllx and Thomson's Landing -. _.   at 10 o'clock and ft o'clock  .   Leaving Thomson's Landing for Arrowhead twice daily iU7:*10 null lit o'clock  trains and steamers.  The owners reserve the right to change  times of sailings without notice.  Is sometime**! wrapped in a small bottle,  and often the door lias been closed on  death by a single bottle of medicine.  Isn't It Important, therefore, with such  serious matters, to be .sure of your  druggist?  Wc pride ourselves on the qunlltr of  our drugs, and the careful way In whieh  we prepare our medicines.  To be truly accurate in compounding  medicines Is more than weights and  measures.  FIELD & BEWS  PHARMACISTS,  SECOND -STREIST.  YOUR  pring Suit  ........  Now is the lime to call and arrange  for a SI'KI.W SUIT and an Ov'UKCOAT  ���������Splendid line' of Suitings, Newest  Fashion l'lates, good workmanship.  R.S. WILSON  Next the McCatty Block.  FRED. ROBINSON,  Manager.  A. H. HOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.  Royal School of Mines, London.    Seven years'  at  Morfa   Works,  Swansea.    17   years Chief  Chemist  to Wigan.Coal and Iron Co.,   ICng.  Late Chemist and Assaver, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined And reported upon.  Revelstoke, B.C.  HARRY EDWARDS  Taxidermist  Deer Heads,   Birds, Animals, Etc.,  and mounted.  preserved  THIRD ST1H5RT. EAST OFStTIIOOLHOUSE  ^,^,--^,^.^,^i^,^.^,^.4?*j?,t*--l.-'_' * *********'b  We Repair   WATCHES  CLOCKS,  and all kinds of Jewellery  If the work is not satisfactory we  refund your money..  WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK  and stand by our guarantee.  We also carry a good line of Watches  and Jewellery, wliich we dispose of at  moderate prices.  E.M. ALLUM,  The tan-ding'.  .Watchmaker unci Jeweler.   ___.  _*fri^.>-ftt^i^^-^>^t^i^.fti^.^^'i^.--ft^  I Paints,    Oils,  Glass.  I Our delayed stock of the above has just  I arrived and wc have much pleasure in  idaclng before thc Kevelstoke public a  list of the goods we are now prepared to  Isupply them at reasonable prices.  j Hoilod and Raw Oil, Turpentine. Coal,  Tar, Varnishes In three grades,  -v.  Colors ground In Oil, Japan or Dry.  Cold Water Kalsonilnc in every shade.  Whiting, Piaster and Portland Ccmont  Goods guaranteed in*bo nf best quality  mid all from best makers.  Starret's Mechanics Tools for Sale  ���������~\-W. M.. Lawrence  Hardware. Tinware. Stoves.  Paints. Oils" and Glass;   '  ffWAgcnt for Hamilton Towder Co.  " r   Telephone 36.  P.O. Box as.  Savage Bros.  Second street  THE  Family Grocers   SAVAGE BROS, beg to inform the   public  ... and their patrons that they have added a  ....choice lino of FBKSH GROCERIES to their  ....stock, and aro prepared to sell at close   figures for cash.  Jas. I. "Woodrow  BUTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season  ,  All orders promptlv tilled.  '  VV E hereby notify the smoking  public that thc Cigar Makers' Union  have resolved to permit members ol  the Union to work in our Factory,  and UNION CIQAR MAKERS arc  now at work with us.  THOS. LEE. Prnpi-iftf)]-*.    '  Cleanliness  Is Next to Godliness ...  If ynti want your scavengm-iiiR-  work dom; in a rh'iin nml economical wuv send a card to  -  F.  SAUNDERS,  REVELSTOKE STATION*.  NOTICE  Notice Is hereby given to purchasers of lots  In Block '���������A,'.' Town of Kevelstoke, otherwise  known as thc '.'Mara Townsite Pr-,porty," that  all instalments on account of purchase are to-  be paid to John I). Sibbald, Mara Townsito  Agent, and to no other person.  J. A. MARA,  IN   THE ��������� SUPREME   COURT   OK   URITISII  _ . GOLUMRIA.  In thc matter of Thomas Richardson, deceased.  and' -  In tho matter of the "Oliicial Administrators'*  Act."  - Dated ninth day of March, A.I)., 1000.  Upon reading the allldavlts of Alexander  Mc.Rnc, Walter Kcott and Georgo .". MeCarter,  It ts ordered that James Ferguson Armstrong,  Official Administrator for tlie County Court  District of Kootenay, shall be Administrator of  all and singular the goods, chattels and credits  of Thomas Richardson, deceased, and lhat this  order bo published In tlie Ki**.v.:i.stoki* Uerali>  newspaper for one month.  [Signed]    A.J. McColl,  All persons having claims against the above  named deceased are required to send In particulars of their claims, duly verified, to J. F.  Armstrong, Fort Steele, the Administrator,  within one mon'h from this date, after which  time thc said administrator will proceed to  distribute the estate anion*; thoso persons of  whose claims he shall then have notice' a-nd  said administrator will not be responsible to  any creditor of whose claim he shall not have-  bad notice at thc time of such disrributton.  Dated this 22nd day of March-1900.  GEO.S. McOARTEK.  Solicitor for the Administrator,  For Rent.  .  A fine new nine-roomed house with all  modern Improvements, complete in every ���������  detail, having fine bath, closet and- bowl.  boJiidcs numerous fine clothes closets, pantry,  etc., .and a fine cellar separate from the.  furnace cellar, centrally located. Apply at.  Hwiald oflice.  V,'c still handle  FEED AND FARM PRODUCE  All Purchases delivered free of Charge.  Fresh supply of fish every morning.  Careful attention.  Prpmpt delivery  Mortgage   Sale.  Under "Und by virtue of the power-of sale  contained in a certain Indenture of mortgage  which will be produced at .the time of sale, ,  there will be offered for sale by public auction  bv Robert Ii. Mavne Esq.. Auctioneer, at his  office. First Street, Revelstoke .B. C.on Tues-  day tbe 15th day of May 1900, at the hour of  two o'clock In ��������� the afternoon, thc following  valuable propersy -situate on Upper Arrow  Lake In the district of West Kootenay in the  Province of Urltish Columbia, namely :- Lots,  numbers 11S8 and 1139, In. Group one, on tho  official plan of the survey of the Kootenar  district, containing together by admeasurement three hundred and fourteen acres, more  or less, and all - water records in connection  therewith. On the property there is-crecled  a frame hotel with other buildings and within  the limits ofthe property are valuable mineral  springs and excellent water power facilities.  Thc terms and conditions of'gale may ba  ascertained on application,to tbe auctioneer,,  or to  GF.O. S. McCARThR.  Vendor's Solicitor,.  P.erelFtoie April 22rd 1SC0. .      ���������:  ���������V


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