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Revelstoke Herald Mar 20, 1900

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 A$  J  Al  .0  -ISSTTE3D   TWIOE-A-WEEK  REVELSTOKE.B. C. TUESSDAY, MARCH 2Q, 190Q.  $2.00 a Year in Advance:  I THE LIBERAL-  CONSERVATIVE IDEA.  r^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^  C.B.HUME  &C0.  Great  Carpet  i   25 per cent.  Discount  We are clearing out our entire stock of Carpets and are  offering them at tlie' above  discount:* You can make  your selection from Brussels,  Tapestries, All Wools, and  Unions.  Money saved is money made  This is a great scheme _ to  It is with  feelings of the greatest  satisfaction   thnt    the    Hkiiald announces the unanimous nominal ion by  Saturday's convention ot Thos. Taylor,  of  Trout   Lake   City, to   run   as thu  Liberal-Conservative candidate in the  coming  provincial elections.    It tines  ]not   think   lh.it a stronger  or   more  popular   candidate   could   have   been  selected.  His candidatute received the  most enthusiastic   endnrsation   of the  whole  of the L-iidi-au.   A glance at  I the names of the delegates to tbe con  vention will show  what a thoroughly  representative gathering it was and to  what a very huge extent- it expressed  lhe feeling of the whole community in  the   action   taken    by    tlie    Liberal-  Conservativ party in bringing forward  ! a candidate to contest this constituency  on Dominion party lines.  The idea,' which furnished the spring  of this action, is ably expressed in the  resolution  adopted-  by   the    Liberal  Conservative convention last Friday  This --resolution' .points .out   that a  ; similar eiisis  exists now-in  this pro*  | vince as had to be faced tit the original  formation or the  Liberal-Conservative  party in Canada.    That it was formed  out  of the  most patriotic,  far-seeing  and intelligent elements of all the then  existing shades or political    thought  in the Dominion  with  the  purpose of  supplying the  country with a govr-rn  ment'which would be able to  work on  j broad and  vigorous  lines  for the welfare of lhe-whole community.   That  the idea gathered  round  the  banner  ofTaber.il Consei valisin the very  best  men in  tlie   country   and   proved   so  successful in its results that toittoday  we  owe the  fact.that Confederation  was rendered possible and thatCanada  insteadpf being a  vague  name for a  string" of    scattered   and   mutually  antagonistic ;  provinces    and    crown  1 colonies is to-day in  reality  a  nation,  strong and united   and   with  a   very  real and independent inlluence  in  tho  wider affairs of the Empire  VICTORIA POLITICAL POINTERS*1, CONSERVATIVE   CONVENTION.  THE BIG EVEOT  VISITORS iK^fsffwSarwe^  place to form accurate ideas oi whats correct  S2$#5_.fancies  off stylish dressers and to  riiqi_l������>vs of last week will be suppiemenTJea  wftKlnv new novelties and original creations  Town fcJr the first time Friday morning.  TheTare0herefo?the ^*^������58SB������  tiiic. ...ore All are welcome to any suggestion |  tTSv give, Ho need to buy unless you i  Want,Tut ff you do buy you are not asked  fancy prices.  J Tailof^Msde Suits   .  and Stylish Ready-to-Wear Skirts  be as natty as anyone could wishjoi.     inns,   wo   <  irme ,i Jnd well worth the attention ot careful drwsei-  t. . -  ������������������  A. C.  Thompson   Interviewed   by  the  Province.���������Mr. Martin on an Electioneering Tour.-A Long List of Lovely  Promises For Revelstoke.  A. C. Thompson,  of the  Kootenay  Mail. Kevelstoke, li.  C.  who arrived  in the city yesterday, left  for home  by today's train.    Mr. Thompson is so  full of political  information   fiom  all  quiii ters that he is fairly frothing over.  He said : "I saw Joe Martin yebterday  and from what he told me 1 am afraid  if smart action is not taken  that  the  Out ton party in my district will stampede to Martin."   On being asked  the  why ami wherefore of this. Mr.Thompson, said, "Although I was only  will-  Mr. Martin half an   hour,   I   g������   llllL,|;  home with the pi online that two  veiy  telling appointments are to  be  made  in my district,   and   a   much   needed  bridge is to be built.     lie  fairly  took  ���������,y  breath away  with  the long  list  of'lovely promises he lit ed   at   ine.   1  went to see Mr.   Caiter-Cotton  about  it, aud the.res.ult   was  I  wired  Kellie  to come over  nt   once  aud  head   off  Martin, who was. going   ������P   t,-u   lme  to-day on a  'promising' tour.    Kellie  has arrived aud we go up tbe   line   together.   Joe Martin   will   be   on   the  sauie train."     ,  Among    other . things* which   Mr.  Thompson had   to   say   waWhat  m  ���������Kevelstoke   the   Conservatives   think  (hat   Chailes   Wilson   is   not   strong   lh_ |)urpose  of  enough, and he has   retired   in   faynr   to .ltu_n(* l)le t  of Thomas Taylor, who has resigned  His position as' government recotder  at Tt out Lake, to contest the constituency against Martin.   ���������  UANGEKTOTHEVKOVISCK. ,  At a mass meeting of the citizens of  Mr. Thos. Taylor Selected as Candidate    .  to Carry the   Banner   at  the Coming.  Election in Revelstoke Riding;.  The    Liberal Conservative   convention called to select a candidate for thc  coming general piovincial election was  held on Saturday evening in the opera,  house.   The following  delegates were  present either in person or by  proxy;  Kevelstoke-W.   E.   McLaughlin.    J.  McLeod,  I. T.  Brewster (proxy). \\ .  Ilrown. W.G.Birney,  A   MeNab.-A.  J.-McDonell. S-   L. Saunders (proxy).  W  J   Lee. K. Gordon. L. A. Fretz, M.  Anderson.   O.   B.   Hume,'  F.   Baker  (prnscv). H. Varnes:  NY. Newman and  T  13 *L Taylor were  unavoidably absent."   Nakusp-T.   Abriel,   John   Gem-lie (poi'xv).  John   Ployui-t  (proxy).  Fire   Valley-Jas.   Reilly    and    Jas.  Kelly (both   proxies).    Troi\t   L*ike���������  Gus   Olson.   Hugh   McPherson, U. K-  McLennan,   Dr. T.  A. Wilson.  D. L.,  Clink.   Ferguson���������A.  E.  Kincaid. R.  P Pettipiece.   G.   O.   Batho  (proxy),-  J.'w.   Mesley    (proxy).    S.    Shannon  (pioxv).     Uomoplix-IL     Moore.    S.-  Menhenick (proxy).   Thomson s Land;-  ing-A.   M.    Craig  and   M.   Beaton.  Arrowhead-J.   J.   Foley  and  A.   Is..-  Jordan.   Two delegates were  to have  .  arrived  from   Illecillewaet but could  not get here owing to  the train being-  late.   The following letter fiom Albert  Canyon speaks for itself: '  J. D. Sibbald, E**q.,  Secy L. C. A., Kevelstoke.  Dear Sir.���������In response to your letter  addressed to Mr.  J. Anderson, a meeting of the elector* of Albert Canyon -  ;vas held on Saturday evening last for.  appointing a delegatQ-  conseivative convention-  a  Victoria-last   evening   the   following   tioll ���������f Revelstoke  _.._:..._  .kuc u-iccurl ��������� "  .1  ,1ol������-r:ito to  CO  ut Kevelstoke on March 17th for selecting a candidate for  ensuing   election.  1 beg to.say lhatthe following resolution wi-s'iu-iinimqusly passed :  - "That the elec tors of Albert Canyon-  thank the liberal-conservative asfeocia-.  for   invitation * to  Carpets, Curtains, House -Furnishings  '     ,_.v. ih. toPi= .rai--.*������������ T^lT"  resolution was passed  "Kesolved.'that this meeting regards  tbe action of the lieutenant-governor  in summoning the Hon.'Joseph Mai -  tin to the premiership ns fraught with  danger to the best interests of the  province of British Columbia, condemns the policy announced by Mr.  Martin as.miscchievous and hurtful to  business and provincial development  and believes the time to   be_ ripe   for  where.  Chiidrens   .  Boots and Shoes  Just opuiihiB 200 palrs-  Ain tl7oson wiuil���������       -     ., * ;  Any kind you want. ���������   *  Groceries:  H vou want nice poods at*riBlit,price.,  come Kiitl hHO our xtack and set our  quotations.  . FISH.*  For tlio lonten season *-wo have juat  received a nice line of tish:  "TtABRADORHERRING.* .-<~  COD FISH.',  CROSS ft BLACKWELL'S'    .  KIPPERED HERRINGS in tins  CURED MACKEREL.  OLD' COUNTRY   S*MOKED  HERRING.  loved wilhv-ut the'slightest regard  to  the wishes of  the people  and  the administration ol our allairs seems tu be  at   the  mercy   of   the   lirst   political  lulventurer sumciently impudent and  tricky enough to gta'sp  it.     H seems  Ui bo obvious that the remedy Tor this  condition of afUirs must  be n radical  one.    It is inconceivable that itcan be  really mended   by   placing   again   it-  power the very men,  who have  been  directly, responsible for allowing  our  affairs to slide into the  present chaos.  What we  need   is a clean  sweep, new  blood, broader ideas, fresh  influences.'  This* can   only   be   gained   by such a  f_ision-;is-wati-made.aUthe_-Jiiueof tjie  origin-il   foi million- of ' 'the* Liberal  Conservative party in  thu" Dominion  We are giving  Special attention to  Teas and  Coffees.  An.1 have the best that money oan buy  KAM I.AI.B*. an a package tea, has no  equal in the city.  You can got It no  where  olso  in  thc  ��������� City.  WE  HAVE  THE  SOLE  AGENCY.  C.B.Hume&Co.  and the opportunity for such a fusion,  i's offered by" thc. stand  taken  by the  Liberal-Conservative parly in lhe pro  vince to day.  The Hekald is gratified  to see thiit this ��������� fact is already recognized.     There    was   more   than   one  staunch' Liberal   hete   at Saturday's  convention, which so heartily endorsed  Mi'.'Tnyior's noiiiinalioiKiis tlie stand-  aid bearer of the Liberal-Conservative  party at the coming election.   This is  a feature of the times, whose signific  unce cannot be too'strongly emphasis  ed.   The present crisis existing in out-  provincial   afftiits is   loo  grave  lo be  utilized for a mere pat ty triumph or to  he twisted into an attempt to  bolster  up-liny   political  party    at   Ottawa.  Still less   is   it a 'time   for  grinding  private   axes   or   furthering personal  ambition. It is a lime for united action  on the part of all the best thei e is in the  province with  the sole object of  the  welfare and progress of the "cornmun-  jity.     Such   a  union   could   only   be  ' affected by a   party   based  on   broad  lines, at once Liberal and Conservative.  .tt   once    practical   and   progressive.  And    as   is   only   natural   the most  vigorous,    practical,   intelligent   and >  progiessive .-.section of  the province,  theYale-Kootenaydistriit,  lias   heen  the first to grasp the situation in  all  its bearings, has shewn the rest of the  piovince what the appearance of the  Liberal-Conservative party in British  Columbian politics really   means   and  has   piomptly without dilly-dallying ^  or loss of time hroughtrflrc   ideTX-into-f  material and practical, result.  We're Ready .-Witli Spring Footwear.  with a complete .took of Spring shoes for old and }���������������f   x��������� - .    Revelstoke.    Our  .'knows ito duplicate, nor even a rlcwe woomlo tsJe ^���������>������ "Th   sfc lcs a're cor.  Bhoe slock ism.de up of the best makes ^e ^ ^^^S.     There  is  enough  rect and strictly up-to-date���������the qualities aie of the ^lybes. .fc  vpriety to satisfy every pos-ible   "hoe   wajrt no  master   t om w ^  emanate.    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He expressed himself as rather doubtful about the Conservatives of Victoria  declaring for   party  lines.     lie   sain  that a resolution might be possed   l>y  a majroity vote   of   the Conservative  meeting cilled tonight to decide'upon  the course to adopt,' but. there were  a great many  Consei vatives opposed  to party lines at tbe capital.     He  had  nothing   to   say   regarding   his  own  position in the struggle, or as   to   the  condition of nff.iii's on the mainland.���������  Province. ��������� ���������   -  send delegate to convention, but being  all of one  mind in' regard to present-  political  crisis in  B.-C... and  assuring  the   conservative   paity  of their   un-:  divided   snppo.t,   to    uny    candidate -  they mav put iu lhe held for the put-,  pose of relieving * the present premier,.  Mr; Joseph  Martin,   from* oflice, ibis -    *  deemed unnecessary to be represented.    ;  at said convention, and  trusts to tbeii"  wisdom   in    selecting   candidate, who-       .  will   receive    Albeit     Canyons   *olid-    -  .vote.",   ...,-.- ..'       -  ,������.    i   - .-,-.- .  "Perhaps it would  not be too* much  -    -  to   a<k   to' be   further   advised  as to-  candidate and progress, and  anything;-  wc can do to, further parly's inlerest-  mav be relied upon.  Albei t Canyon, Mar. 13, 1300-    ���������  ��������� Mr J  J. Folev, of Avrowhead, made  an able"chairman  of   the convention,    -  and J. D- Sibbald acted as secretary.- -  The onlv name proposed  to  the con--    .  vention was that  of, Thos. Taylor,* of   .������������������  Trout Luke City, which  was i-eceived.  with great enthusiasm  and a,unanimous nomination was tendered  to lnui.-   .  Mr Taylor was then introduced unci  thanked the convention in a few well -  chosen words after which the meeting  was  addressed   by   tt"L*.   Clink  V. .:  M. Brown, Dr. Wilson. A. Lucas. G.E.^  Grogan. W.E. McLaughlin and othei-s,,  a*id close<l with the national anthem  and three rousing cheers and-a' tiger  for Mr. Taylor, and  three cheers f* r-  ihe     Conservative*  leader,    Chai'.e**-.  Wilson. ...  ^i^ke the* occasion   doubly ^^?&"^���������^^^^^ we have  without any thought of   buying but  ev ^\^x^&w ^ will  be to   shoe  I See Our New Suitings and Wash Goods |  1.   ..      :      "  ;-     ���������-���������,iHM_.nrNP.w Dress Goods silks, Wash Goods "and trim-      |  Now is U,e time to come and see our New Dre. 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Thev Hew up the-slreet with lightning  rapidity and finally fetched up in front  of Gill's big clothing ind gents furnishing   store, as   it    was   impossible   for  them to get by the bargains mid. hijt  ,,.U- of spiing goods, and James Gill &  Co says   tbey   can   stop thetn every  time.    Come in and"see how it is done.,  ���������Advl. '  , - City. Council  Patrick ' .ind>  In Ih������  Meakin's White Iron Stone China.  on Fr day.  i  Pro-Boers.  Arrivals   from   the   north   by   the  Prince*!, Louise  tell   a   strange  story  about    matters   at- Bella  Oool.-i.      It  appears that nearly all   the niembets  ���������f Ihe   Norwegian   colony   there   are  slronglv pni-lJ-ier and already several  mix-ups   have   taken   place   between,  them and British  settlers.    Mr.  Clayton, for many  years' a   traJer   there,  before tbe Norwegian colony was over  thought of, was among the passengers.  He savs   that   the   matter is   simply  becoming unendurable.     Mr.  Philips,  of   Victoria,   who .has   been in   that,  section for two   months   on  business,  says that   it  is   enough   to   make <i  Briti*-her's blood boil to hear the  way  tbey go on.   Kespect for the Queen,  even, is lacking in   some  of   them.���������  i World.  -Drop in and look at my selection  of nifty suitings, you may feel unite  free without leaving an older. I have  Kivcn you the invitation it is for vou  to _������������pi it- J- B- Oressman for High  Class Tailoring.  Met  on"   Friday,   Aids.  Newman being absent.  COMMUNICATIONS * *  * ,.  Were received from^the deputy* com-  commitoioner of lands and works suiting that tlie   province   was   unable to .  grant villa lot 30 for cemetery purposes -.  fyled ;  T. XV. Bain   and  J. D. Frtiser ^  complaining of scavenging system, re-.  '  ferredto tuayor-;   Peputy minister of.-  finance sUting that*the S150 appi opri-,  ated to the Revelstoke fire department,  had been already 'paid, and   no  mo������U  ,vas   available,   fyled;     T,   Chr.sttan-  asking S-V) for bis shack for purpose of  quarantine station,  referred to  puhlic;'  works: .Iat������'*s. Andetson, applying for *  job of foreman or city, filed.  ���������PETITION.  From property o.wncrs on blocks 05  nnd 10 on Fitsl street, begging the  council Ui have the grade of the sidewalk permanently fixed. The city  surveyor wits instructed by .notion to  give the grade and mark it with a hulv  ���������t tbe corners of the street and intersecting avenues.  BYLAW.  I    To borrow S3.000 fro'mthe Molsons  bank, passed three readings.     ' .  The council adjourned nil Monday  night lo finally pass the above bylaw:  Rosebery.  Manager   Brewster   returned   from  the   Boseberv   on'SuDday,   brintring  witli him  the  men   who   have   been  working up there  all   winter, as the  supply of timbers was getting low and  this is a bad time to get more out.   He -  reports   everything very satisfactory  at the mine.   Operations,  with a full  force, will be resumed in three or four  weeks. .  I IBloemfontein.      Marcli    13.���������Th  Free   Staters south  of  here  are  re;,  potted tobe rapidly returning to work. '^.JS_i;sy*&!$^  ,>ji7.S-i'V.'A^IW������'^"'*.'*"--'^-''-'*/*-1--V:' '  "^i^-^ L,,ii_^^A-^^*^-^*-^-*^*.^*h .^  _di_t_������-si_a'-,''-������^  ^        ^^��������� ��������� '-    ___.____^.,_,_.t/ww������_i!__������tmr.'_^  Revelstoke   Herald  rout  Published In tho Interests o������  ���������#Tel stoke, Larcdau, Bis J_t ..'id, Tr  lake, Illlcillewaet,  Albert Canyon,  ,  .   Jordan    Pass    and    Haste  Pass  Districts  'A.  JOHNSON    -    ���������    PROPRIETOR  A  Semi���������Weekly   Journal,  published  In the   interests   of    Revelstoke    and  the   surrounding' districts,     Wodnes-  flttys   and   Saturdays,   making   closest  connections  with all  trains.  Advertising   Rates:       Display   ads,  inch, single column, $:*  S_fheP when "inserted     on  __<e__al  ads,  10c  per  line  tor  lirst  insertion;  additional insertion.    Il, __  ��������� ���������*   issue.    Birth.- Mar  00 per  title   pace.  inch    (nonparlcl)  ao Dor eacl*.  Heading notices,  UNDER   FIRE  A  Member of tho    First    Canadian  Contingent Tolls Him Experience  Gcotko   Love,   plasterer,   ot  Westminster rood,  haa  rccelTod  a lettoi*  from, his brothor who Is a member  of   C  company, Toronto, of tho first  Canadian contingent, la Sdutli Africa.  The letter is written from Belmont,  January 15th. Ho .ays:  Dear George; I bont you. a lottor  from. Capetown detailing a tow of  my experiences on board shin and 1  trust   that   you    havo    rocelvcd    it  o������  my   trip  it soon slackened and beforo  reached tho edgo tho Doers put. In  tbo meantimo-my' section had boon  ordered back to protect tho artillery  and I had a, groat view of tho light  THE REMEDY THAT FAILED  It Would Not Cure tho Husband ol  the Smoking Hublt  "It will only'bo necessary for you  to  drop about  half a teaspoonful   ot  n-om tuoro.     tbis   onuou   our   nine  ngni. We capturoa <-.* ^'soners, *^0'"mlacLixro in his cup of cofl'eo each  tents, wagons, oxen and 40,000 rounds morning),. tlio circular said, "and thn  of ammunition. Tho Boor casualties ^^ tor tolmcco will gradually leave  woro supposed to bo 33, our loss was hl Ho may not ceaso tho uso Of  " "'- "-1-'- "'' tobacco immediately, but within a  week he will begin to abhor tobacco  if tho mixture Is given him faithful*  ito per line   wch^^ f_e(.  rtoge and D  Subscription   Rates:  earrler,   .a  per annum  By  $1.*  in advance.  mail   or  for  3ix  months, strictly ... ��������� wtjrAT.P  aur_Job pepartment.JlIB HEIUJT..  Job  Department  is  one   of      gialpped priming ofllces In West  Kootenay, and is prepared to execute  all kinds of    printing    in    first class  ������������vur& c^������j& ���������������  One  price to  at-  all.  ���������4ar   us.  tended   to.  next- order.  *o correspondents: Wc invite corny, pondence on any subject of lnter-  ect to the general public, and desire  a reliable correspondent In every lo-  entity suroundins Revelstoke. In. all  otafies   tho   bona   fide   name    of    tho  Mall   orders   promptly  Give   us  a  trial  on  your  >na   nu .    j,t_...,.  Writer   must   accompany   manuscript,  tfut_not necessarily  *        -���������-������������������-...n,.,.  rrlter   must   auwui.,.,..  tit not necessarily for publication.  /Rldress  all  communications  REVELSTOKE   I-IERAUP   O   Notice to Correspondents  1. All correspondence must he leg-  H������ly written on one side ot the paper  only.  t. Correspondence containing personal matter must bo signed with the  praPer name of the writer.  Correspondence     with     I'steronce  '��������� appeared  in an-  to anything that has��������� appeared in another paper must first bo offi'.reil for  publication to that paper oh.Ci.re it  can  appear  In  THR  HER^t.D  that   you    havo  safely.   I will ilow give you a  riod  and  brief  account,  since  then.    Wo  loft Capetown    ou  December  1st aud  woro sent to    Do  Aar,  the baso of supplies    for    llio  western contingent of tho army. We  stayed   thoro  a  snort time, then   on  to Orange river, then hore, whoro wo  have boon sinco Dccomber 0 th. This  Is a  very    important      point      and  would  be   tho  Ilrst point  of  attack  if tho BoorB attempted a flunk movo-  ment.   It Is but a. fow miles    from  Modder Rlvor.   For a time    we woro  hero by ourselves but have boon   reinforced  by  200  Cornwalls    and 200  Queensland  Mounted  Infantry.      Wo  also usually havo two piecos  of artillery hero.    Naturally my experiences  havo boon many    and valuable  also   interesting.    Wo havo had   our  share of hardships and  Ipponvonlcn-  ces, but ono  soon gets used to that  and   looks   upon  it   as an ordinary  thing.    Tho  whole country    has    a  monotonous   sameness,   a.  succession  of plains and rocky   hills or kopjes.  Tho  plains  aro  generally    rod  sand  and all around our camps, whoro tbo  bit of grass is tramped    dovru,    tho  sand rises in  great    clouds    at the  slightest wind.    It is almost Impossible to keep clean.   Water is scarce.  Our water -isCarted three miles.    A  bath, we get ono occasionally,    Is a  luxury   maeed.     Tho  days   "-���������*  two. It was a flno llttlo light and  flnoly arranged. The lioors were  completely routed. Our Toronto boys^  got praise for their coolness, marching and manner ot cnarge. it was  a great experience for us all. Next  day wo advanced on Douglfis. Tho  Boors retired and we took tbo position. W-o vacated tho place in tho  morning, talcing all loyal peoplo to  a place of safety. This ended our  llttlo adventure, which ..was a most  successful one. Wo marched over 110  miles In tour days, GO miles of which  wo walked. WM. LOVE.  C Co., Canadian Contingent,  South Afrlcn.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY. '  &&&&&$*&&&&&&&  RUSSIA AMAZED  of  At tho Pluck and Endurance  Tommy Atkins  London, March 15.���������Thc Russian  military attache with tho Boers, who  was captured by tho British, sent the  following telegram to tho czar: "I  am perfectly amazed at tho energy  in  action aud  tho endurance of tho  British  moro.''  Infantry.  I   need    say    wo  SPENCER ONCE  MORE  CANADIANS ALL t  disturbances  ���������at  of  aro    ox-  Lonilon, March 16.���������Spencer Wilkinson, in the! Morning Post, commenting upon the very -satisfactory  nature of tho occupation of Bloemfontein, says: "The anticipation that  tho Boer's resistance along the Orange rlvor would collapse on 'the occupation of the Free State seems' to  have been realized. It will be in-  await the  meeting and  The ������������������������������������ unfortunate  which have  recently   taken  place at  Montreal   between     tho '*"   ~*  McGill   and   Laval   universities,   are  to be regretted from more: than ono'  standpoint.   It is not at all necessary  to argue the causes which led up to  the trouble.    No  doubt both  parties  \>Cere  to   blame1���������one  for  having  attempted to coerce the other, and the  other for refusing to take any -part  in.: the celebration  of  Britain's   victory.    One thing at least is certain  the British flag was grossly  insulted  by Briti "*  "-   ---���������  *���������* *  v_ell that  that no such conduct can t  be tolerated   in    any  The   very   samo  ment  cesslvely hot   and   the   nights cool,   teresting  to  <_...._-.  *_.,_   ._. ....���������  some of them excessively cool.    New  the  possible fighting  of  tho British  arrivals    generally     get    dysentery,   troops moving southward of the rail-  thanks to tho cool nights, hot    day_  aHd tho water.    I had a 6light attack  but since then havo been in splendid  health,  despite  tho heat   and    sand.  There aro no  green trees here   and  no running streams or  lakelets,  my Canadian    eyes    tt, is  a  Cows and sheep thrive well,  live on   the green shrubs that  grow  scantily on the desert plains.     The  Kxtmrs   aro  interesting    peoplo,    bo  simple  and  childlike.    The majority  live in bramble or mud   huts,    just  as  they   did   generations  sand.  and  To  desert,  They  ago.  itish flag was grossly.'*���������"������������"������ one Uiing that stan.s out most prom- ������������    ���������t   Brandford   or    Venten  tish subjects   and it is 3 ist as ono        s         emclency of   tho Brit- ���������C?U1^           General Buller to  mt it should be clearlj  know,n ������������   i        organization,      .lust  think ?om"   ���������'lain  aml threaten the  _..._V,  -nn.inr.t can for a mo- ls'VNar���������L,.   ���������<���������  <wi.t.__   100.000   men the mouniMn ������������������".._��������� ���������  of    the  colonies.  Briusc <."'������������-*���������    ,  :,;���������- .���������,.���������lf L0 tUo  y lathe true meaning    of    liberty  people who offered the insult to  flag are those who never really knew  until  its protection. Tho  France  so proud  Roman empire,  tHey  bore   aloft  last week  be  the  of  is  they .came under  of  which  they  claim   to  is   today   as dead as  and the tricolor which  through   tho  streets  lasc.-wecn.  is, but a poor , substitute  for the fleur-de-lis under which their  ancestors colonized Canada. The one  was the emblem  of  royalty,  aspirations  and  traditions���������the   other    of  communism,   bloodshed    and    decay.  The carrying of such: a flag through  the streets of Montreal, the commercial  metropolis     ot    Britain's    most  loyal    colony    was ���������    an     extremely  thoughtless and    ill-adivsed proceed-  : ins which might under.other circumstances have been productive of personal   injury  to    the    processionists.  Eorttmately the incident came to an  emi without  any   serious  result.  There are other considerations  however which present themselves in  this connexion. Wa have in Canada  too mahv modifications of the Cana-  fresh  tea:  dian citizen.    We have    French-Can  avians,     English-Canadians,    Scotch-  Canadians,        Irish-Canadians,    . and  Giermari-Canadians, arid    should    the  present  spirit  of   exclusiveness   keep  on growing we shall no doubt in the  West at least, have in 'the near, future   Doukhobor-Canadians,   Galiciau-  Canadians  and     Finnish-Canadians,  each   with  its  own  national  society,  and its desire to remain distinct from  the rest o������ the    community.    Every  fawn and village in Canada has    its  French,   English,   Scotch   and   Irish  brotherhood    the members of which  keep    themselves in    little rings or  circles, as far apart as possible from  their neighbors.    Tho Canadian who   was born here, who    has    grown up  here and~"wh"o~naturally^i5-proiid_o������_l  his country cannot be blamed if he '  wanders why these people came here  at all, seeing that they. seom ; so anxious to show that, although they have  Canada a good enough place  " ing they are  but not of It.  thoueht v.a..,^_��������� _ __-  in which to make a living tliey  interest  merely in the country  They take very little i������ any  in Canadian  politics, they refuse to I  read   Canadian  newspapers   as being I  hides of thought, and have j  of the  task* of  feeding  100,000  scattered   over  hundreds  ot- miles  territory, and feeding them~well. better   and   certainly   moro    regularly  than ever; troops on an .active campaign were ever fed before. England  is 6000' miles away, yet her   commissariat   department  has  reached  such ,  perfection that no blunders   aro   made  in  tho  feeding of hor    huge    army.  Think  of-the Cuban war where American  soldiers  almost starved  practically in sight of their own country,  and   you  will   realize   tho  enormous-  ness  of  the  undertaking.      Wo    aro  fed well for soldiers, far better than  I anticipated.    For breakfast wo get  bread and coffee;  : for dinner   " - *-  meat  soup;   supper,   bread  and  Wo also receive three rations of jam  per week.   The food. is of good quality.   Tlio tsoer  is   a   coward,    uatcn  him In the open and he floes like a  roebuck.   They are very treacherous  also.  Thoy could not possibly stand  before us for a week were it not for  tho   numberless    naturally    lortinett  kopjes or hills that nature has planted  here.    However artillery is being  hurried  up  and  soon' tlio Boer  must  go.    Nothing can  stand  beforo    tho  mighty power and  perfect system  of  the English.    It is simply admirable  to see  the  cool,  suro way in which \  the British aro doing things. Nothing  disturbs them.      Perhaps it is  slow,  but it is deathly sure.    It ia a great  thing* to   belong,    to   an   empire   of  such  might,   especially   so    when Its  great power is on  the sido of right,  as    I am convinced  it is in this case.  I esteem  it  a  privilege to be  doing  my  little  shave  for    tho defence  of  tho empire.     Today  I  am on  sentry  go on Scotch  Ridge,   so  named     be>-  cause on it occurred the fiercest fight  in the battle ot Belmont.   How    the  British   drove  the   Boers    out     is a  wonder,- as the position is .practically  impregnable.    For    a  wonder   it     is  cool  todayr*s6~ I- have'taken-advant-  ac;e  of it to write to you during my  hours   off.    Soldiering   is new to   me  in  every way.   Despite  its hardships  and inconveniences .I like it to some  extent.   The   fact   that    one is fighting in.a good cause naturally renders  hard , duties a  pleasure.  "It is  We  are   not   hav-  way and the retiring Boers. Looking  to tho    strength    of    Lord    Roberts  army  by   the time * ho  reaches    the  Vaal  river,  it  is ; not surprising that  Sir Charles Warren's division is detained in Natal.    An advance of the  two armies on separate lines will be  quite the best form of  operation to  crush and  to bring    about the submission; of the enemy's forces.     The  Boers cannot longer afford to divide  their   forces.     Serious  resistance ; in  Natal would enable Lord Roberts to  cross the valley and compromise the  ~        " -  ���������-*  ���������W!>t_1.   S_rious resist-  Ventersburg  pass  ���������   _ Boer  lines   of  communications  15.,   via   Lorenzo  March   13.���������Lord  ly  every   morning."  And so tho young wife sent hor  llttlo $2-bill on and got a flagon ot  the  tobacco  cure.  "Pretty bum coifeq this morning,'  he remarked drily tho first time she  dropped a half a teaspoonful of the.  mixture  into his cup.  "It's tho samo as we've beon using  right along" she replied craftily.  Now  lo  and   behold!   he    was     a  pretty   proposition  himself,  and     he  had,  unbeknown   to  hor,    seen    tho  package holding the flagon of "Agin  Tobacco"   mixture  when  it was  delivered.  ; So  after dinner   that    evening   he  produced   a large   bulky'''package', of  fine cut tobacco from his pocket and  took therefrom  a    largo    chow.   ���������  It  wus the first chow ho had ever taken  in    her presence, and she marvelled  thereat,  hut she determined to persist with the prescribed treatment.  "Dead rank chicory again this  morning, isnt it?'' he inquired next  morning at breakfast.  "I'm suro It tastes the same to mo.'  That evening after dinner ho produced a short, black clay pipe and  a package of a new kind of.tobacco  that was as black as the groundwork  of a Jolly Roger.  '.Thought I'd,' brlns this old dude-*.n  up from, the office,'" ho explained  cheerfully. "Its as sweet as a nut.*  Whereupon he filled the house with  the aroma of punk that was strong  enou gh to break : rock.  [iU   338   OHM.   TZOS.Od   jC.16A0._I   spu,;,  my wages is certainly doing us on  this coffee game," ho remarked when  he tasted his cup next morning.  "Really,", she said, innocently gazing at.the  10c  bunch of asters    In  ,the middle of'the table, "I can't detect  any  difference."  1     "And   yet   there   are   a   few   low-  foreheads that dont believe that all! r"f_������������������_!*>/_:  women are born" actresses," said  he      laHiitfia  to himself on his way to the  office  'That evening he  brought home  a  box of auction stogies, and after ho  had smoked ^ne of them after dinner, all of the peoplo in the neighboring flats stuffed the keyholes of their  hall doors'with cotton and closed the  that morning,  hall transoms.  "I must persist,  though,''    thought  his baffled little wife, gloomily.  "Coffee  tastes  like  stewed-   guriny  I saclcs   again  this   morning,'   he' re-  (marked  at breakfast next day.'   She  felt-a bit sorry for him, but she was  -NCORPORATeO 1STO*  Sf^Si)^i'^S:)3s^^'^a^!"^i!>'^StS:^:'^ii^^^  Dress Goods and Silks  The  Revelstoke Herald  (SEMI-WEEKLY)  Without exception the most complete stock in the west. It represents all tho desirable novelties In  plain nnd fancy weaves, and eoa-  , slats of many exclusive designs In  blouse ������nd dress lengths.  White Goods  In this department wo are always  fully assorted In cottons, cambrics,  sheetings, pillow cottons, piques,  muslins and various other linos too  numerous to mention.  Flannelettes, Prints  and Ginghams  In these goods ire carry an (m-  actenso range of patterns and aolora,  from the medium priced to the best  English and Canadian manufacture.  Linens  We are showing a magnificent  range of linen damasks, table cloths,  napkins, doylies, tray cloths and  sideboard covers. Quality considered  our prices are oxceptlonallly low.  Towels and Toweling  Our stock was never so complete  before. 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After  dinner,   for  the  first  time  to  her knowledge,  he  it  conies   to   a  cnoice  ul  _>.������   |nuiip(i   ont   n   nacl_a"p     of  ci*r.__-pttf*=!  the  day  laborer    can  always   ',"lleu  "ui-  a   paci_a0e    or  citaiecce-,,  lnL " ���������> ] lit. one and began- to smoke it.  She went upstairs, poured out the  remaining $2 worth of her bottle or  "Agin Tobacco'' and carefully h'-l  the bottle.  "Coffee's all right this morning,"  said he at the breakfast table next  day. ' ��������� *  "Yes?"   she  Inquired  absently.  When  fessions  ^Wc^Tfunny -Uom When there  is liquor in a man,  is'in liquor.  Tho Jewish citizens of Winnipeg  are raising a subscription ' for the  Canadian  Patriotlc'fund.  George Bertram, M.P. for mid-Toronto is dying. He has never recovered from the effects of an.operation  performed on him last summer. He  Is 55 years old.  n���������*"> Victoria has '. decid'Jd'.'.tc.v .sit  month.   . 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Will      i__t ���������_������. j           .  which has   been   placed  the  viceroy,  the    r:*arl    of  posal  by  Cadogan.  It is a question for  ticians to solve how much time two  women save who risk their lives  running across the steet in front of a  rig, and then have to stand and wait  for the other woman who was afraid  to run.  E. C. Hall, C.P.R. operator  Rossland, died very suddenly  ���������eek from  cerebral  hemorrhage  "The'fools hold deep discussions while  The wise  man holds Ills tongut*."  An army order Issued on Welaes-  day announced that tho Queen    has  ordered that in  the future    on *   St.  Patrick'6  day  all   ranks of  her Irish  regiments  shall   wear,  as a   distinction a sprig of shamrock on tho head  I dress to commemmorate the gallant-  the mathema-j ^  of her lriBK  ^131^.5 jn  th0    10  cent battles in South; Africa.  A reduction in the local passenger  Tate  on the C.P.RJ.   lines   goes   into  effect on the 15th inst, says the Frae  Press.    The rate on  the   main   line  . .to   Brandon   has   hitherto  been three  a    cents per  mile,   which   rate  is    also  ���������vjS.1 'charged  on  other sections. This rate  ���������  -- Mr* Iwill   now   be   in- effect  on  Hall was on duty  the previous night |}n Manitoba, and with  sudden taking off has shock- : train   service    on    the  leaves    a "branch lines,  the  province Is placed  the    married  halves,   don't  what    do     the  friends.    He  left  yesterday   for  New  he sails to  Paris.  ,iud his  ed   his many  widow.  Mr.   Tarte  York from  where   .  He goes to represent the government  at   the Paris exposition.    He will  be  -absent���������thr_^_or^foux__wceks and    expects to  be back in time to see    the  estimates    through  the    hous.*.  decided  on  Saturday to postpone his  all: lines  the excellent  main      and  rates and acco-  in  a position  as to  modatlon  equal   to that of any other  district   in   Canada.   A  reduction,   is  also   to   be   made  in    the    rate    m|but  Assiniboia. -       1 se  Quericus:      Let's   see,  men   ail   have    better  they?  .���������:������������������'��������� Cynieus :������������������.-" "Yes.  Quericus:        Then  bachelors have?  Cynieus:      Better quarters'.   o   Let  him  record  who  would compile  Sage: maxims for the young���������  "Is .that.:young' woman quick at repartee?"      "She must- be;  she doesn't  seem to have a friend in the world."  "In an argument with a man, a woman  invariably  has    the  last    word.  But death alone ���������: can* decide'.' the victory "when thc battle   is between two  women," says Jones, of Wales.  The fool, the wit and: the wise man  Should    ne'er forget    great    Nature's  plan,  And that is:     There is sure to be  A bigger fool, a greater wit, a   wiser  man  than  he.  "Your    honor,"  protested    the    burglar, "I am honest.as the day is long."  ���������'I don't doubt it,"  replied  the  magistrate;   "I   understand.;������������������...you;   fellows  transact all your business at night." ���������  Two heads may be better than one.  ut* a man with a cold wouldn't think  ���������ad in a posltloa U give as  good ralue for the money e**-  -fe&ded, either for advertising  space In its publication ���������*���������**  for lob printing, as can be  given by any other, house of  the hind in British Columbia.  Write for estimates and sam  ples of printing. AH wo������l������  turned out promptly a������* satisfactorily. One prietB ������b aH.  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Such      terms      as  French-Canadians,        Scotch-Canadians,     English     or     Irish-Canadians,  should have no placo in our national  vocabulary.   It should be quite sufficient for us to be known  simply as  Oinadians,   whose  loyalty  and   devotion  to  the    British   crown    should  henceforward go ..without saying. Our  il   societies  should   be   merged  ic- grand national society *hav-  r  its  object    the  advancement  ��������� -..        untry    and     the    living, in  peace and harmony .of all its citizens  of whatsoever nationality.    The man  who  takes a wife loaves father, mother and   family, and  does not prate  continually' to his spouse of the aristocratic   exclusiveness   of   his   maternal  ancestors.     .xrve  of  the motherland  is  altogether commendable,  but  love of country is a duty which every  citizen   primarily     owes, to   Canada.  The Roman empire was composed of  many     diverse    elements,     but    the  proudest boast'of each was. "I am n  Roman   citir.en."     Canada     haa   now  r**-"-h-d a point where.    cv.rv rifi*_r-n  should   bo   proud   to  say    "I   am    a.  Canadian.**    We need  no  descriptive  or   additional     mc.lif_c.-_tions.       Th"  term   "Cnnadian"    should    bo    goi'i  ejioueh    for everybody    who  Is  good  enough    to belong to Canada.  Lieut.  Governor    Fprget    has    left  with" Madame Forget for Ottawa.  A peaceful retreat���������Running away  tvlthout firing a shot. - - -  trip  but  since   changed   his   mind  Where are the promised reductions in duty on coal oil and agricultural implements;and 'the reformation of the senate? Why does  not the government impose export  to?"'" ,\Klm "* ,U.U1,*������"--��������� -"- T, ca���������e* duties on r.ickel and pulp wood?  Why It **-ouldlbe worth one s while wh doe8 it Tote down all mea8ures  wen tor the-experience, let alone the Ior the rellet of tae eo le from  patriotic side of the case. The trip; ranway monopolists Why does it  i^rfir'*-^ l"*1,1 -i?,1-*--^ to'not appoint a railway commission?  me II  I   ever  come  back.   We  have (why  doCfj R a..i(.t forei_.   lmmlgra.  tion and refuse to help the would-be  O������^������1,000.00,SfON^OUr^SHr^  FOR A LIMITED TIME AT   10  CENTS-  FIRST  been in one little battle, a comparatively small one, yet as ���������, prettily arranged a battle as one would wjsh  to see. I shall give you a short account of it. Our flying column was  composed  of two companies of  the  settler   from   the  eastern   provinces?  Can  anyone  tell.  The veterans of 1885 will be pleased  to learn that .the celebrated scout  | Charlie Robs; who was so   prominent  Queensland   Mounted   Infantry.     two North West eampalgn'.haa been  pieces of artillery and the Toronto Bppolnted to a commission by !/>rd  company. 100 strong, of the Royal Ki^chener in Loi.d Roberts' Horse.  Canadians. We started on December. and was in the relief of Kimberley  31st at 2:30 p.m.. camped tho same \ with General French's cavalry dl-  nightat .: 30. having gone 19 miles. | Tlglon_ Lieutenant Ross writing to  10   ot  which   wo   rode,   and     walked ' Major Jarvis   of th(. o.G.F.O., speaks  ?inC* 1_ *.*-*-��������� ��������� Tl*en came the part of' in the most' enthusiastic manner of  the   soldiers   me   ono is accustomoa j the   regiment   he   is   now    connected  M>uiagcr   Thc  Wm. Y.  Cochrane  compos-  Toronto  with,  and  says  his troop is  Gd entirely of Canadians. *A  man   is   chaplain,  from   SoMth   Atnca   .was ; frivate  0'L.cary   whose   case   is   romarka'ile.  He was shot in the head  during li*.***  battle, of Colenso.    The bullet lodged  in   his  ���������'��������� brain  I speechless,   si  1 His  life  was , despaired  ! William   McCormack,     pros  U'beary I  to   think   of  when   reading, -of    Napoleon's and  Wellington's campaigns.  Camp fires were lighted, our evening  meal cooked and  we lay down beside  our rifles  to sleep.    It was our  first  bivouac.       Early   next   morning   we  arose, and after a hurried moal start- '  ed on a 15 miles' quick march to the!  enemy's   position.      it     was   a   ham j  march through  heavy sand and  most  of it under a hot African sun.    Thr.-e j ^\\ii&m   M^CoVm'ack,     president    or  miles   off   tne   enemy*.,     position we!,      '       ,   ��������� ��������� ' _'   ���������,        ���������.���������  , ,  ,       .,,_,_       i* i    ���������   'the  Royal  College  of Surgeons, w.io  formed  for attack and    advanced    in n. tin_     jik     volunteer   surueon  skirmishing   order.       At   liw   yarns I wpu a,������,tinsn .?���������.'*v      ���������   "       .      i/,.i,  ., .... ,   ��������� _,__,, I with   the   British     army     in    Souti)  the   arti.iery  opened   firo.    th������   sh.ll    Afri.a.   removed   a   portion     of     t__  striking  the   Boer  laager   and     ihus  catislng them lo hurry like frightoned' mountiiin goats up the kopje,  from wliich they op-.np.d a hravy iir'1  on. our  guns.    At tho'First'shot  our  company charged and took up a ppsi-  tioii <*jn a ridge about. 000 yards from  tlie: Uoei'3.' in tne meantime inc  Queensland Horse wero worrying the  Boer flanks.    There was a   hot.    Fire  for a time.  CoC.HRA.NK,  Ranch,   Limited, Maoleod.  W. B. Pooi.,  President  Great  Western  J.   D.  Graham.  Gold  Commissioner,  Atlin,  B. C  Geo.   S.   MoCautkk,   Solicitor,  St    Leon   Hot]'^Springs,  J.  of  YOUI-G,  The    Calgary  DIRECTORS:  J     JOHK  Managing     Director  Mines,  Limited,  Ferguson  and Kevelstoke,  F. W. Godsai.,  Rancher,   Pincher   Creek  Reyelstoke.  Revelttoke.  Herald.  W. M. Buown, Proprietor  liring   promisin  n,     rendering     U'l.eary j com panics   at  a   pro  ghtlcss   and     paralyzid.   Olllbi    i.yiny. famflll.  despaired  of,    hut    fir   proPG1UG3    111   t.110     tainOUs  Til  th em  to  i-.f   nf ^pr-Mii'iiv-   ni-omisins claims  and developing  but  of accvium0   piom    ^     f^ (,(mw{im already  owns  and  prope .  F.nn'irau    district    one  and   a  *)tl?e   of the remaining  quart tr.  The.   Mav   Boo is   tho  sislur  an   extent that will justify  has  paid   for    in  full,   -the  threo-quarters  Sufficient promoter's  Trilby   and  Old   Saul  Interest  in the  May-   Bee    mine,    in'the.  shares have been  set aside, for the  pure  thc  British  Our deftp voiced artillery  the quick pinj. of the rifles, the.  ���������whir-r-r of the Maxims and tho pop-  pop of tho Boer bullets showed that  the Fight was in earnest.,; Soon the  rifle firo died away, and the artillery  shelled tlie kopje, after which t.'ir;  Toronto company advance a id tn"  IJoor position with fixed bayoneta. At  first they received a brisk fire,    but  i wounded  man's brain,    extracted  the  bullet and  OT_c!iry  has siiT'o  practically  recovered  his ,'lo'st sons!.*..  |     Thn  annual   report of th;  ?Ioi*ti*i_l  V/ool   board   of  shct-p  fn:.iT'>i'*',i(!ri-r.i  sh-jv/s  th.it ?/Iontana still   hold*:  first  place,   nir-ont;    th .    wool'    producins  etiites' of  the'" union.   This  year  20.-  000,000 .'pounds  of   v.ool    v/ere    produced,    and  the total  value estimated   at  ?*!,200,000,  and  tlio    shipments  ot lambs and mutton brings thc total  m> to ?*l,E00.00O.    At the time of enumeration,    March    1st,    there    were  3..111.183    head;     since    that  , 072  lamb:*  wcro  drqppcd  and  1 shec-p   imported.     KJcports  158,421.    Present  1.002  Z17.58B  v/cro only  assessed   valuation  profit.    The  company  fMsh   Jiiver   district,  and    a  and   a  half miles  from Ferguson  nnw  famous  Nettie  L,  which "has broken all records  in  nou   famous   JNetu       , ^^ ^   ^^   located   together m  "    ~   "     'urns carry identically  carrying high  values  May Bee,  with  offers  the public  hares   (par value  fTrt  1.0  cents  eacli.  Shar  wi  II be sold in blocks of 100 and upwards.  of sheep  in  thc stale is ?8,302,94*!,.  Tin:  company   i*c*-i(-rvos   tho right   to    .v  Applications  may   I.e.  sent  to the  Secretary,  Or to JHO. J. YOUNG   HERALDBLOCK, CALGARY.  ithdraw the  sale  of shares from  the  market   at   any time    without    notice  A. H. HOLDICH. REVELSTOKE,  ) BRILUAKT.  CAMPAIGN  II IMIIIi   ���������Ml-* ' ,  Lord Roberta the Hero ot tho Hour  In England  London, March 14.��������� (9 p.m.)���������The  following is the text of Lord Roberts'  *������jpatch: I  ''Bloemfohtoln, Tuesday, March 13, ]  (t p.m.)���������By the    help of God and  the bravery of Her Majesty's soldlorB,  tho.troops under my command havo  '+������._-      nossesslon    of   Bloemfontoln.  havo boon shot It his Intention to fluo  had been known. More harm, has been  done by the surrender than is conceivable.  Unless tho statements of the brother  of Dr. Steyn are doubtful there wilt be  llttlo If any more  resistance south of  the Vaal river. '������������������������������������.  ���������o.  GENERAL   FK13NCH  the  1. ___t������. JD11 *..������__     MWQ ..  "t-yesldency   evacuated  ltust    ovonin__  fcr Mr. Btoyn, lato president ot    tho  Qt_uigo Free State.   Mr. Frasor, mem-  bet* of tho lote oxceutlvo government.  .Ho mayor, the secretary  of tho lato  Covernmeht, the landroso and   other  eoTOi-nment   officials    mot    me  two  uilles from tho town    and presented  *_������������   with   tho  keys    ot    tho  public  offices.    Tho  onemy  havo withdrawn  from the neighborhood and all seoms  quM.     Tho   Inliabltonts   ot   Bloomfontoln gave .the troops cordial w**l*  oome."  .'..'. [jondon, March 14.���������The above despatch   though   dated   Tuesday,     was  not rocelvcd  at the war ofllco.. nntll  .���������SO, on  "Wc-dnoaday.      It   was  made  psJiltc   a    tow    minutes     befora    t  o'clock.    Tho  dolay  Is  attributed  to  tho Hold telegraphs    not being con-  ���������eoted  with   Bloamtonteln   on   Taea-  d������r   ovenlng .'���������' Extra  papers  nro   out  on  tho etreots and  roads  of London  ������������������Ad the inhabitants &ro singing pat-  ... rtotic. sonRB and onKaglnp: in domon-  striitlonB.        Ijord Roberta'  despatch  i**u_ed a fooling of great relief. The  **������ s once of tho nows oagorly looked  for had  provoked  soma misapprehension during tho oarllor part of    tho  i������������r that  tho  British had  iuM  ������'th  acheck    hoforo    Bloemfontein,    and  anxious    inquiries    woro    ails    i.t  the war office and In tho lobblea ot  parliament.     On     tha   reception    ot  tils news, tho Queen at Windsor cas-  ��������� tie. the Princo of Wales at Marlboro  house.   Lord   Wolsoley     and   others  were  immediately  notified,  hut at 9  o'clock  tho  war office  ��������������� ���������'*������*  the public having giv  deserted  o'clock ',tho war- office .was aeseruju,  **"  "w,������ bavlnc sivon   up hopo of  ^tlleTnowe^tll Thursday  /t_.r___i.r_-_<7T_    March      l* .-*-*>������������������  s_u^r''4''-������'^_i''  Uorc  on  receipt  Bloemfontoln' haa  uwu; .<vH������  tho  chureh  bells  wra  rung  and  procession, 'headed for tho GoTea-n-  Bient house, over which the Union  Jack was hoisted, where Sir Alfred  Mtlner mado his acknowledgements  to the demonstration. Tho crowd  ~ then paraded through . tho principal  streets cheering and singing "God  Save  the  Quoen."  ANOTHER ATTEMPT  To   Free  tho    Boer    Prisoners  iSimonstown -  Capetown," March  14.���������It  haa  Just  Has    a  Slight    Skirmish    With  the Boers Near. Bloemfontein.  Bloemfontein, Thursday, March 15,���������  Lord Roberts entered tbe Free Stato  capital today unopposed. He lay iu  Venter Volel, U miles away, huh  night with General Kelly-Kenny'H  and Colonel Vlles' division, the Guards  brigade and the mounted cavalry.  General French having cut the runway and tho telegraphs e-xperlened a  slight skirmish with some Boers htiud-  ing the kopjoH to the south cast of  the town early In the morning. Tho  cavalry brigade moved forward and  occupied slowly several kopjeB- which  commanded the Boers. A few woll  placed shells on the Boor artillery  drove oft the enemy.  General French then sent: out scouts  to* feel their way toward the town,  perceiving which the correspondents  of The Sydney .Herald and. the London Dally News, and another paper,  galloped forward and , entered the  town which', wore an every day aspect. '������������������  The peoplo were out shopping, or  for morning walks, and at Aral th*.  threo newspaper mon were regarded  as townsfolk. When later It 'became  known that they wore: forerunners of  the British army they were greeted  cordially and conducted to the cluo,  where they mot Mr, Frasor, of tho  executive council, the mayor and  other officials. These three were persuaded to .take carriages and go to  meet Lord. Roberts. As the i party  drove out of the city, the:British cavalry were crowding around like a  huge net. The disputation soon..arrived opposite the knpjo where Lord  Roberts was standing and the correspondents rode forward and had tho  honor of announcing to the commander In chief that Bloemfontein would  surrender.  A llttlo later 'Hie deputation began  to approach and Lord Roborts wont  forward to meet them. Tho scene was*  picturesque . In   the   extreme.  A few yards away, the guns of a  battery pointed their grim mouths  toward the late position off the Boers,  while- the tin roofs of Bloemfontein  shone in the distance.  After salutes had; been exchanged  a member of the > deputation stepped  forward and.declared that the town  I being without: defences wished to;surrender, hoping that Lord Roberts  I would protect life and property. . Ho I  replied that providing Ihore was no  opposition -. he; would undertake to  guarantee  the   securing  ot  both.  The Interview was very: cordial without a sign of solemn ess. It struck  the correspondents that the deputation seemed revived by the presence,  of the British- troops.������������������*.���������.. Lord Roberts  notified the deputation of his .intention, of entering the town - Instantly.  They withdrew* to Inform, the townspeople. : Lord Roberts then made his  military disposition ordering the . Ilrst  brigade to follow him and to takii  possession of the town. .With.his:staff  and the military attaches he descended    the, kopje and arrived: oh':the  SEIGE OF LADYSMITH.  By W. G. Steovona  "Thoro goes that stinker ou Gun  hill," said tho captain. "No, don't  get up;    havo some draught boor.'  I did havo some draught boor.  "Wait and soo If ho fires again.  If he does we'll go up in tho conning tower, and havo both guns In  action   togo *' ���������    '      .  Boom! Tho captain picked up his  stick.  eavln. of I-dysmlth. You^ou't know   S^PERSA^L    Bi\N^  tin you have tried It ^oluK  you feel when tt. ������^t*gSSg  shell into vou ^d y������u ^a      P  at  _       -iTi-^   .h������t   another attempt has  plain, where he waited until the eav  transpired  that  ^otner t*.        i*- ������       approached,  then he entered th;  bean  discovorod  to  tree    w i,t* .folIowod   ,jy   his   personal   staff,  imaonere   at-Simonstown.    -      _,.������������.  the general stafC and the military at-  Tho remarkable quantities or water   taches and the troops,  melons received by tho Pn������of��������� ������' |    ,New   York,'   March   15.���������Tho   New  Come on," ho said.  Wo cot up out of the rocking  chairs, and went out past the swinging mout-sate, under tho big canvas  ot the ward room, with its table  piled with stuff to read. Trust tho  sailor to make himself at home. As  wo passed ��������� through the camp the  blue jackets rose to a man and dressed up trimly on either side, Trust  the sailor to'keep his self respect  oven' In fivo weeks', beleaguered  Ladysmith.  Up a kneo loosening ladder of rock  and then wo camo out on to the  green hilltop, where they first had  their camp. Among tho orderly  trenches, the sites of the deported  tents, woro roughor Irregular blotches  of holo���������footprints  of  shell.  "That gunnor," said the captain,  waving Ills stick at Surprise, hill, "Is  a, Gorman. Nobody but a Gorman  atheist would havo fired on us at  break, ast, lunch and dinner thc same  Sunday. It got too hot when, ho put  one 10 yards from tho cook. Anybody olso wo could havo spared; ther  wo had  to go."  We   camo   to  what    looks   llko   a  ���������ondbog redoubt but  In tho eyes of  honvon  it  Is a conning    tower. : On  either aldo,from behind a sand bag  epaulcment  a     12-poundor    and     a  Maxim thrust forth vigilant eyes. The  sandbag plating of the conning tower  was six foot thick and shoulder high;  the rlvots wore red earth, loose but  binding;   on   the   parapets    sprouted  tufts of grass, unabashed and rejoicing In the summer weather. Against  the parapet leaned a couple of men  with the clean cut, clean shaven jaw  and chin ot the naval officer, and   a  half  a dozen   bearded    blue  jackets.  Thoy stared hard out of sun-pucker-  , od eyes over tho' billows    ot    kopje  and  veldt.  J\_������rward we  looked  down  on    the  one *.7:   aft we looked    up to    tho  other.    On bow and beam and quarter we looked out    to    tho enemy's  fleet.  /Deserted  Pepworth's  was    on  the port bow. Gun hill, under Lombard's  Kop,   on   tho  starboard,   Bul-  wan abeam,' Middle hill  astern;. Surprise hill  on  the  port quarter.  Every outline was cut in adamant.  The  Helpmakaar   ridge,    with -its  little black ants a-crawl- on their hill  was crushed flat beneath us.'*  * A   couple  of  vedettes   racing  over  the pale green plain northward looked aa if we    could    jump    on thelv  I heads.    We   could    have . tossed    a  plug back. Even uiuu&u ������_.���������,, _���������..  thoir shell, it made all tho world of  difference to know that tho fallora  could reach the big guns If they over  became unbearable. It makes ull the  difference to tho Boors, too, 1 ������____-  pect; for as sure as Lady Ann- cr  Bloody Mary gets onto thorn they  shut up in a round or two. To have  Uie very men among you makes the  dUToronco between rain    water    und  brine.  other   day    they    sent  a  l?.--  '- Camp under a  OF CANADA  Head Oflice, Toronto  Capital Authorized,   -   $2,500,000.00  Capital Paid Up,  Rest,  $2,311,034.00  $1,502,172.00  Tho  child ������e-  pounder up to Caesar's uamp uuu _���������. ,.  boy who, It he wore not commanding  big men around a big gun in a big  war, might with luck bo in tho fifth  form.  "There's  a  SM-poundcr   up  there,'-'  said a high officer,    who mlr***  "���������*"-���������  havo  boon  hlB   grandfather  .  "All right sir," said tho   c  ronoly, "we'll knock him out,"  Ho hasn't knocked him out yet,  but ho is going to next shot, which  in a siego is the noxt'bost thing.  In tho meantime he has had his  gun's name, "Lady Ellen" neatly  carved on a stone and put up on tho  emplacement. Another gunplt- bcar3  tho golden legend "Princess Victoria  Battery.' on a board elegant beyond  tho droam ot suburban preparatory  schools. A regiment would havo no  paint nor gold loaf: tho sailors al ���������  ways have everything. They carry  thoir homo with them, solf-susialn*-  Ing, Bolf-rolylng. Even as tho constant blue-jacket says, "Right Gun  Hill up, sir," there floats from below  Ung-ting, ting-ting, ting.  Fire bolls.  Tho rock-rending double bang  floats over you unheard; the hot iron  hills swim away.  Five bells���������and you arc on deck,  BWishing through cool blue wat."  among white-clad ; ladlets in long  chairs, going home.  O Lord, how long?  But the sailors have not seen horn*,  for two years, which is two less than  thoir usual spell. This is their holiday.  '"Of course we enjoy It,' they said,  almost apologetically, "we so seldom  get a chance.''  Tho Royal navy is the salt of tho  sea and  the salt of the earth also.���������  G.W.Steevens, Ladysmith,  Dec.  26,'!_0  o  DIRECTORS:  H.   S.   Howland,  President  T.R.Merrltt.Vico-Pres,  St.   Catherines  William Ramsay, Robert Jaflray  Hugh   Ryan,   T   Sutherland,   Stayner  Ellas Rodgerg  D. R. Wilkie, General Manage*  BRANCHES  North West and British Columbia:  Brandon,     Calgary,     Edmonton,  Golden, Nelson, Portage la Prairie  Frinc*       Albert,       Strathcona,  Vanco-avw, Wlnnlp .8, Rovelstoko.  Ontario: ,  Essex, Fergus, Gait, Ingersoll,  tiistowel, Niagara Falls, Port  Colborne, Rat Portage, Sault Ste.  Marie, St. Catherines, St.Thomas,  Toronto, .Yelland, Woodstock:,  Hamilton. , .  QmtDee:  Montreal.  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of 11 and upwards resolved and Interest allowed.  Debentures���������Provincial,  Municipal,  and other debenture* purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit-  Available at all points of Canada,  TJnlted Kingdom , United States,  _Enrope, India, China, Japan, Australia, Mew Zealand ete.  Gold   purchased.  This  bank  issues Speelal Receipts  which will be accounted for at any  of the  Hudson's  Bay  Co's Posts  In  the Yukon and Northern districts.  A. R. B. HBARN,  Manager Revelstoke Branch.  immmmmmmmmrmrtm mi  THE MOLSONS BANK  Inoobpobated dy Act ov Pat������ua.mbn't, 1855.  HEAD OFFICE MONTREAL  PAID UP CAPITAL  -    -    -    -  St,0OO,0OO*  REST FUND  ��������� .    -    -    -    -  ai.6O_.O0O  W. II. RAM8AT, BAMUKl. FlMI.KY, lUrtlKV AUCIIlBiXJ), 3. P. CUWHOW",  H. MA-HCLAHD UOl-SOX.  V. Wokitbrtob Tuokab, Qoueral VckJUgo*.  A general banking buiiness transacted.    Interest allowed at ou*c_m*  M  rates.  J. D. MOLSON,  MAKAQBB, KBVELSTOKB, B. C,  .i_iiiu.-iu.a.u*u������w^  \ D, Sibbald  REAL ESTATE  MINING  AND  INSURANCE  AGENT  McKenzie Ave,  THE BULLET  WHITES     GWILLIM   &   SCOTT |  Barristers. Solicitors, Notaries Publle.  Tavlor Block, MoKenzle Avenue, Bev-  Tayior ���������c"������**el'Btok(S station.  Money To Loan.  *. White,. J. ���������*>*������������������ Scott B.A.V  o. c.  F. L. Gwillim.  L. L. B.  P. 5URNS 8c CO.  Whiz,  New York Sun.  __    s the little 1  'Get  out  of    the  way  when  New York Sun.  vhiz!'.goes' the little blue bullet.  -*���������   -���������>    *-v������_  wnv  when    I  hum,  You can laugh at round shot and  shell, and dodge as they clumsily come,  The big round shot   is a bully���������loudly  HARVEY & MoCARTER  Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.  Solicitors for Imper I al B ������*yf Canada  Company funds to loan axt J.=r���������,ru  Offices:     Molsons. Bank Block.  Wholesale and Retail Dealew  And s.^s^s-C^^^!������^,ffi^ ^---^i!ic-  to   all  -   soars,  As I fly on my  in   the   ali  as  high  death dealing errand  "lit never hear;-  miss  that  flinch  the men that. I hit never hear;  York  Evening Journal   publishes  the  following from President Kruger  "Pretoria,   March   13.,   via    Berlin,  March  14.���������Tho   burghers  will   never  cease fighting until  death., Our force  .     _  _ __���������.  rsoT comment and an invesUgation  tt'^oVertS that compromising letters  weXcontained  in the melons.    Tha  writers   Planning   the   escape  of   the  caitlves     Great  satisfaction    is felt  kece at'tno facti that   the transpoit .-^^------j-       d 0rd01. to our first  ���������wiUi the tho_bulk_]0_f_^(P������������'        j.^^ of detence   The Natal campaign  was longer In our favor than wo expected. The British will nev*.r io:ich  Pretoria. The burghers, Steyn, Jou-  bort and myself, as well as all the  others are united. Thero are no differences.    God help us.  "(Signed)    KRUGER.''  will sail for St Helena tonight.   o   PRESIDENT  STEYN  In.  With   t_he   Fighting   Burgh >rs  Hit tho  Trail  Northward  * London, March IB.���������A despatch  from Bloemfontein, dated March US,  Bars: "Bloemfontein surrendered, at  IB o'clock today. It-was occupied at  noon. President 'Steyn," *��������� **l*-*a a  majority .of  the    fighting    burghers  ��������� has  fled   northward.   General   French  was  within' five  miles  of  the   place  . ob Monday afternoon. He sent a  summons  Into  the  town threatening  to  bombard_it  unless.it surrendered |������-.���������_���������������������������.        _  A   whlto    flag   meeting  was   held   presided  over  by  a I Mr.  Steyn     ���������1"���������������    Mr.   w*.a-.i������r    tin.  by  *i 'a-m.  Tuesday.  was hoisted Tuesday 7^������*lt������ | nounced  Mavor  Kellner  came    out    to   meet  STORMY   MEETING  London,    March  16.���������Tho Standard  has   the    following    despatch    from  Bloetofonteln,        dated    ��������� Thursday,  March 15:  The civil authorities here  definitely   made  up   their   minds     to  surrender on    Monday.      A.   stormy  held   presided  over  whom    Mr.  Fraser    de-  as  a coward, charging him  biscuit over to Lombard's Kop. The  creat yellow emplacement of thoir  fourth big piece on Gun hill stood  \rp like a Splthead fort. Through the  big telescope that swings on Its pivot  In the centre of the tower you'could  see that* the Boers were loafing round  It dressed in dirty mustard- color.  "Loft hand Gun hill flred, sir,''  **ald a bluejacket with his eyes' gtueJ  to  binoculars.  "At the balloon"���������and presently  we hoard the weary pinions of the  t-fteill, and saw a puff of white below.  "Ring  up   Mr.   Halsey,"     said   the  caTYtain.  .Then'I was pware ot sort of tar-  Wiulln cupboard.'under _ the breastwork ot creeping trails of wire .on  Un*-  jrrouid and  a. couple of sappers.  Tho corporal turned down his page  of Harmsworth Mairazine, laid it on  **���������"������������������  mr-it-ft.   and   dived    under j the  j. W. Croas,  south of .the town,  surrender * of   tho city.   o   GENERAL   PRETTYMAN  -Appointed  of  tt������u> m/io-.*���������-���������%*  * ��������� ���������������������������-'-������������������������������������v   - -       ������wi*vi   noun  deputation of the town council with & want of euough moral- courage  Mayor  Kellner  came    out    to   meei &        .    the sltuation.     The    late  Lord Roberts at Spitz Kop, fivemuej presldent was, however, not to  making a formal | P^s^guaded and when the meeting  broke up he left town. The occupation was extremely well managed  and orderly.. The spectacle was most  impressive when the sixth division  marched through in grand style, notwithstanding that, like tne rest of tho  army it had covered 40 miles in 27  hours. ..  Large numbers of the burghers are  surrendering their arms, many travelling to their homes and others  aro treklng to the east or the north  TJrtth their cattle and goods.  , -During;the last few^ days the !ta-  habltants of Bloemfontein . had  been  th**>  parapet,   and  tarpaulin.  Tlng-a-ling-a-ling;       buzzed      the  te'eohone bell.  The gaunt, up-towering mountains,  the lone, - smooth-deadly guns���������and  the telenhone hell!'  The mountains and the guns went  out, and there floated In that roaring office of tho Daily Mail instead,  and the warm "   '     ~"  It's  the  ones  that  I   ....~~      at  my  hiss,   and  listen  again In  lear.  I go to   my work unseen.     I neither  bluster nor blow;.  I but whistle and sing, as 1 wing my,  way,   and  straight    to  my  billet  go.  I  cut  through    muscle  and  hone,  cut  through heart and brain,  I can make the men at the big guns  quake as I cut and  come again.  I   laugh   at  the  glittering  sword,   the  lance   and  the   bayonet's   steel,  I  volley  them back,  heaping   dead In  the track, as the wounded stagger and reel,  A  tig ror  the round    shot and    shell,  as they finish in smoke and dirt.  "When'.I'.hit-my- mark,-1 leave wounded  and   stark.      *Whlz,   whli!       See  the  lite blood spurt'. .  'In  days  of old,  when    knights    were'  bold,' and armed, cap-a-pte, -i  They faced the spear;  they faced the  sword,  but  never  fronted  me."  "Whiz,  whiz!  goes the    little blue bullet.      Ping,   ping,  - ana    pit,  pat,  pat.  When the    rifles nhoot, skedaddle and  scoot,  or don't show-the    top of  your hat.  "Now  look    them    over,  O Red   Cross  men.     Count them up. I say:  Was It shot or shell, weapons of steel,  or thc bullet that won the day?"  Office:   Taylor! Block, Mackenzie    Avenue,  Revelstoka.  .    Surgeon to thc CI*.It-  1    Heft'th ofllcer, City of Rcvelnto e.  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage  Fish and Came in season.  CHUBCn���������EoyelBtoke  . WMRFtYTERIAN   CHUHIJ"���������m������t������'������"--������5,  S,nroBw^o.,BV^ytrD.eP0������Tng .������ 8 p.������.  ������ve_yWe.*ne8aay^ ^ MBSZIES, PB8tor.  .  ,,������������������,. CATHOLIC OHUKOH���������Kovel-  K������"wife M��������� first aod third Bundays In  moath atlOiM *gfey  FATHEB THAYER.  OA.LVATION,ARMY  Meelin  ta'tboi? ha'U on Front Street  every mghb  Table "furuished with the  choicest  the market affords. Best   Wines  Liquors and Cistars. Large,   light-  bedrooms. Rates $1    a    day..  Monthly rate.  nw'sira.-Piopi.  Rate $1 co  DAY  tne  yyu.____,  rustling vestibule, of  *ho play-house on a December night.   ������������������������...-__ war now*.  THE   LIGHT   CLAD ��������� BRIGADE  Military Governor  Bloemfontein  Lobdon, "March 15.-A despatch  to tho Daily Mail from Bloemfontein,  dated. Tuesday evening, March 13.  says- "Major. General Prottyman  has been appointed military governor  of Bloemfontein. Lord Roberts and  his staff havo ridden through the  town   abd * have    been    everywhere  *opulatio"n_7T_Th������*--shc>ps-=r-are^gladly-  opened  and   there   ia general  rejoie*.  PREMATURE' REJOICING  and - -.consequently  the city resembles rather a" relieved  than' a. captured   town  This is the way we make war now-  only for the instant it was halt a  joke and half homo-sickness. Where  wer^.we?    What were we doing?  "Right hand Gun hill flred, sir,"  camo the even voice of the' bluejacket.    "At the balloon."  "Captain wants to speak, to you,  sir. "same the voice of the sapper.  Whistle and rattle and pop went  the shell Tin the valley below.  "Give'him a round both guns together," said the captain to the tel-  said  Some of the Tribulations of the First  Canadian   Contingent.  The  following  original  verses    were  recited  by  Mr   Dalby,   the  Conserva-  Uve   organizer,   at   the   dinner   given  tha  other  evening  at  Ottawa   by   S r  Charles   Tupper   to  a   number  of   his  parliamentary   supporters.      They   are  entitled   the   "Charge   of     the     Light  (Clad)   Brigade"   and' have    reference  lo the fact that when .-the first Canadian  .contingent     arrived     at    Up*  Town     it  was    discovered    that    tha | ���������������r  blundering   Laurier   government.had  equipped  the  contingent  with  400  too  equip! 400   t_o   few   trou.  Methodist Church, Revelstoke  Preachlne services at 11 a. m.  and 7-30 p.m. Class meeting at the  Stole ��������� the morning service Sabbath school and Bible class at 2.80.  Weekly prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:30 The public  ���������e cordially invited. Seats tree.  Rl_V.3.J.TH0MPS0N,   Pastor.  ^OBSBT SAMSON  Wood Dealer  and Braymar\.  The  C olumbia  House.  Good accommodation.     A.   good Inr-  well (supplied .with choice wi io.������*  ' liquors and cigars.  Free Bus Meets All?. T rain-  Brown   & Pool  Proprietors  ���������DraTtaB and delivery work a speolal-  ty      Tolms always ready on ���������shortest  QOtlOO.  (.lilt*   **���������.������������**���������/ ���������*  __    i    ���������_  Oontraota  for Kibblnsr  takMi.  THE PIONEER LIVERY  Peed and Sale Stable of tlie Lardeau an4 Trout Lake  many  sirs:  St. Peter's Church (Anglican)  Holy   Eucharist;     11  Ottawa, March 15.���������Tho city is re-  -oimne today* over the relief of  Mafeking, although nothing official  has been received yot. Bells .are  ringing and flags are flying from all  tho principal buildings In tho city.  -^- o ���������  THEY WOULDN'T  FIGHT  Capetown, March- 15.���������The Trana-  vaalers.at Bloemfontein threatened  to 'turn their guns on tho town it  tho peace advocates refused to fight,  but tho threat was unavailing. Tho  war party* has fled. Tho BriUsh are  now working the Free State railway.  KO   INTERVENTION1-     N  Mr.Wessels  President  of  tho Raad,   has  gone to  Inland  to  solicit - public  sympathy'  and to plead for the independence of  the Free State."    *  T. O. DAVIB, M. P-  Member  foi*  Nakty Accident to .the  V Saskatchewan.  Ottawa, March 16.���������While returning  In a carriage last;: night; from ia.*'visit  to the premier's residence the;'.' horns  attached to the cab in which Mr. T.  Davis, M. P.. 'was riding rani away  6PS hand Gun,ffiirnre^-sir  the bluejacket  to  the captain  Nobody cared about left hand Gun  hill; ho was only a 4.7 no|?,u-^*  .Svery glass *was clamped on the big  7?^rghrhPandeGrhlll is up, sir,*'  Banf^B the forward  gnn be  us;   bang-g-g coughs    the ate  -     Every glass clamped  Our  low  gun .overhead,  on  the  emplacement.  "What a  time  they  take!  sighs  The bravest paled  when  he was  told  That  somebody had  blundered;        ,     ,*.������������������  ���������_.  And  the Corps'  supply of pantaloons,, Uervice;  -Was-mlnus-jUBt^four-hnnared.--.-.-,-.   - i C-Brmnn.  hearts  are    brave,  and    yet    wo  grieve -...  .,    ������ __"**���������*���������  At  prudence  so neglected;  They send us to the front and leavo  Our rear quite unprotected.  We marched for' many a weary mile.  In costume light and airy;  A little  in the" classic  style  Of-Grecian-Statuary   a.m., matins. Htanyand sermon (Holy  Bight  EuchariBt, first Sunday In the month);  2:30 Sunday school, or ' chiidrens'  7:30 evensong (choral) and  wiiu__ .-^-^Koly-ii-Days���������The_^Holy  EuchariBt Is celebrated at 7 a.m. or 8  a.m., oa announced. _, Holy Baptism  after Sunday school at 8:16. -  C.| Paget, D. D��������� Pasor.  Saddle    and     Pack  always for hire.  Horses-  PteightinR   and   Teatning  specialty.       /' -.<;-  I_anding-every-n_brning^at_7^o*clock=-_  B.  Of course me' met some very hard.  "wnat  u-   i������u������>   ���������*   - ���������^,__ .loud I Somo trying situations.    the lieutenant���������then .a .leaping clone    =������ tQok ������U8 *>aU ,the jlme to guard  a little in front and to the right.   -.    Qur ba|  Damn"   sighs a peachcheeked  mid- I  base of operations.  So^rana������X^r^3U ������*'**** ������������  |Bhlpman.  who���������"  "Oh,   good  shot!  for  a second  his Bhoulder broken.*:- He will be con  fined to his room for some days. Senator Watson was-In the cab with Mr  Davis but was not hurt.   o������������������������������������  IN THE  SENATE  'fe  Ottawa. March 16.���������In the Senate.  Mr. Mills in answer.to a question said  -������._������. __ ,_���������������t��������� r>n"Karb wire or bindar  Ti-L-Haig  "Dall_^TaKe_leave!rThornson's-Landing-:eve_J  for -rrowt L������k������* City.   Vot partieulars write  .-  tor iron. i*������. CBAIG & HILLMAN. Thombok's Lahbimo  London, March 16.��������� In tho houso  of commons yesterday replying to  ��������� Wm.::Redmond,, Irish ..-Nationalist,  who asked ' whether the government  of the United States had ottered its  good offices to Her Majesty's government  with    the -view    of bringing  moiiuu.   euu,,..    .   about peace in South Africa, the gov-   year shows a gain of  oyer���������:���������. 35,000.000  -j���������     <..i__���������.   t    Ttnlfoni-    compared with tho same period in the  last fiscal year.     ",v*~   Hutv inr.reast_:l  that no 'duty  on barb wire or  twine was contemplated.  : The C. P. R. -bill-re railway branches  in Manitoba passed;;the committee.  Canada's foreign trade for the eight  months   ending    February    28th    this  emplacement.  - Had It hit the gun?   No such luck,  says the captain, "he was down again  five seconds after we fired."  And the men had all gone to earth  ot course.  TlnB-a-llng-a-llng!  !    Down dives the sapper,    and presently    his    face      reappears,    with.  Headquarters to speak  to you,  sir."  fJii-it; th������ captain said to headquart-  ernment leader, Arthur J, Balfour  said: "Her Majesty's government  would not. accept the intervention of  any power in the settlement of the  South  African  affair.  The   duty increass-1  What the captair  by $3,000,000.  DOMINION PARLIAMENT  TOMMY'S  HEROISM  Excites   tho  Admiration    of  General  Joubert  Pretoria,   March 13.���������Beforo  return  ing  to  the  front  today  General  Jou  bert said  to  a  reporter:   "Tho heroism and  courage of  the British soldiers is beyond question.    Thoy rushed the  kopjes  and entrenchmonts  ia  .,a  fearless   manner  but  were not    a  match for the Mausers which simply 1 cai-._irt.Kn  mowed  thorn  down.'' ' -'   6   ���������STEYN'S   FLIGHT  Would Have  Been Shot If Hia Intention  Had  Been Known.  Bloemfontein, Tuesday, March IS.���������  Contempt for thc fllKht or tho 1' r^  Hlalers Is universal, many peoplo hore  .isscrtlns  tbat   President  Steyn  would  Ottawa,' March .16.���������Mr.   Russell,   of  Halifax,   movola  a    resolution   ol  confidence   in  the  preferential  trade  policy of the government.   ' He spoke of  the. reform in tariff,  the reduction':in  duties; the increased   trader with Britain  and : the  warmer, feeling;. towards." shit  Canada  on   the   part   ot   the   mother-   ail(i* thonoht vou  Bee  land  brought   about  by  the  prefer-on-   ^i^  ,?,.  ,������ ,i     %  Hal   tariff  which   was  doing  so much   miracle  ii  it  nau.     i  In welding the    ties  that bind    Great  Britain   to the Dominion.  Sir   Charles   Tupper   and   Mr.   Ma.-c-  well also spoke on  the matt.r..  ' Tho   wearing    of  the    green    by  the  Canadian     militia     on     St.    Po triol-:*?  day  was' brought  up  by ".Mr." Quinn.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier promised to fp-  the mllltla department on ch^-  matter.  Mr. "Fielding's two million dollar  bill was passed In committee and i .:-  celved Its third  ri.._(".Iiir-  Ottawa, Mar.-'* ").���������Tho British  Empire ler pi" ���������������������������asscd resolutions at  a meotirt. in 0".awa favoring n Canadian i.;n?l   reserve.  ers in not to be repeated to   the pro  fane;    the captain knows his mind,  and speaks it.   As soon as that was  over,  ting-a-ling again.  "Mr*   Halsey wants to know if he  may  fire again,   sir."  I" "He' may   have  one   more"���������    for  shell is still being saved tor Christmas.  It was quite unimportant and probably quite ineffective.      At first    it  staggers  you   to   think  that  mountain  6hahing  hang  can  have no   re  but  after,    a little  experience  it would be  miracle if it had.    The emplacement  is a small mountain    in itself;     th  men  have run out into holes.    Once  In   a  thousand  shots you  might  hit  the  actual  gun  and    destroy  it���������but  shell is being saved for Christmas.  If   the   natives  and   deserters     aro  I not lying,  and thc.sailors really  hit  Our sufferings would be less '��������������� keen;  Were there any���������' chance of���������; getting  A  box  or  two  of  vaseline  And somei mosquito netting.  We've Bclssors and needles and cottons and pins;  But nowhere to put the patches,.  We've pipe's and tobaccos and those  sort of things;  And nowhere to strike our matches.  This  thing is  gctling  quite  monotonous;  And we long for the  sake of variety  To tuck our shirts into divided skirts,  As they :do in polite society.  Notary Public,  Sole Agent for  tjevelstoKe Hospital 1  M&teraiky Room la ecmaecUon.  Ycttc-am*, kept    ra   ckaod.  Crs. McKechote   ta*   fefls  Canadian  Revelstoke  . Townsite  1      Minim?. Fire and  Life Insurance. ���������  Offlco. Opposite O.P.R. P**rot  Pacific  Railway  The Revelstoke  Herald i������������l *"**-'���������  Our statesmen talk of.., glory,; why  We have no heart for glory now, sir..,  We'll talk of medals bye and bye  Just now we: want our. trousers.  Wo long to meet the foe man's steel.  To  hear, the welcome rally,  t'.omo on ye ltoyal  Sans-Culottcs*"  Charge, * Borden's  Corps   de    Balli  REVELSTOKE  IHOH  de    Ballet.'  And when  the ^batteries unmask,  O'er head ; the Iron ball  screeches;  Then all we ask, "give ui the task  To storm Pretoria's breeches."  in   thc  Pepworth'-s Long Tom, then tint  g inner may live on his exploit fo.-  the rest ot his life.  '���������We   trust we have    kiil'-d   a  fc.v  men'1   says   the    captain,    r..i*r-.-ily  "but wo can't hope for much mam."  And yet,  if they, never hit a man  this handful of Eailors have been t" o  What  did   Adam  first  set  Garden of Eden ���������His foot.    ,-,  Appropriate  dress  material  for  lady    student Book    muslin  print.  ������������������You don't  mind   the Playful  antics  of  my  little   brother,    do    you?     she  m*Oh no," he replied. "I find them  reaVly interesting. But, tell me. does  lnsanltv run in your family?  Ono day a mother was teaching  her little boy the alphabet and,  pointing to the letter O said Now,  T,_v.i.���������   c _^   i-nii  tell what letter this  a  and  lilacksraitliing, Jobbing,  Plumbing, Pipe Fitting,  TinsniiUiing Sheet Iron  "Work. Machinery He-  paired.  Mining     Work   ' d     Specialty |  KOBT. GOSCOW  Ftiv-a .!������������������������������������������>*���������-���������������������������*���������  Has ���������nore  readers    la North  Kootenay than any other _*P������r;  haa more advertisers in Bevel-  stoko than      any other paper;  does  more job  printing in the  city than any other paper;  it's  news is  more spicy and up-to-  date; its Influence     is greater;  . Its advertising rates are lowest  circulation considered;   its sub  scription rate is only ?2.00 pel  annum; It .covers the field. Try  it and be with the crowd.  Write to  ���������    REVELSTOKE HERALD,  Revelstoke, B.C.  Bobby, can  you tell what  is?"      Bobby     (In   great  glee)  mamma,  that's  a  football.  "Oh  Tom     Sharkey   and  Bob  Fitzslm-  mons havo signed  articles  of agreement for a 25 round bout beforo tho  club * ottering  the largest purse, ; during the first week of August, the winner to  tako  all the  purse.    Marquis  I of  Queensberry    rules    will  govern.  I Tho mon t-nd the clubs    are each to  l put up a forfeit of 55000 each.  Undortaking- nrA Embalmta-?  K. Howson 8r.Cc.  J_ACKV.-._IR   A.VB.  (-fit-til P(Ml>raiil  Kurni    r .  Sill '���������  Soo Line  IREC     ROUTE  EAST AND WEST;  Flnrtclm elcepors *n alt Wains.   Tourlit o**.i������-'  pan HevelKo).* dally for, Si. Paul;' Tuesdayi-  a-d  Saturdays  foriToronto;< Thursdays-for  Montreal *uid l_Mt<.  DAltY TRAINS  "i-i "������Vest  o*0 leave��������� ���������    cclctoK-c���������arrive 17:10 -  6:S0 arrive " leave 1T.JO  To and from Kootenay Points  8;10 leave���������BcTeletoke���������arri-TC 16:15-  Tickc.t������ Usned ar.rt tafrijage checked through^  to'destination  Cheap Rates  to the  Old Country  For lull particulars aa to time latcs.and for  copies of C. P. K. po"jlieatioii", addrees nearest  local agent or  T. W. BRADSHAW,  Agent, ReicTstoke.  W. F. Anderson, Travf-nins Pafsenger Agent  j:el9on,.B. C. .  3.  Coyle.   Assiitaa     Gi.i*.r.il    I'Msengsr-  Ayerit, "V'aneoover, B. C.. ^j^S***?^^^^  ur**.VH*H*������U&iU^VpS^W3&pit&  S_SS^SS_������i_iS_!__S  SK'JSiSSaiSS!^^  ,M-'t'*+'fr++-i^'M**l'4***l*++***t* ++* '  *  ilJiiii^iiiilC  .COVuNG ON  -...--*  Kvervhody -luiuld take   n  lonlo and  Mood jiunil-.r.    Dili! of llio vory bust  ihlu_.-> for this   season   is   n   specially  prepared arid powerful  SARSAPARILLA  made tor ourselven.  It retail* for tl per bottle nnd will do  mare  nood    than    several  ot   patent ���������>.  medicine**. ���������*  Sold onlvnt the.... .  -   CANADA DKUG ii BOOK CO. >���������  T    McKenzie Ave.    ���������    UcvelstoWo Station ���������*  LOCAL AND  GENERAL NEWS  ���������Telephone McGri'gor if yon wnin  ' n tl rs y.  llnu. J. Vven ilium* was in town on  Suii'liiy.  ''���������'Ai'i'hdeni'un .Small loft lust titght for  Lyitnn.  H. A. Pei'ley returned front Calgary  on -itilimliiy.  Bourne Bros spring opening will  taki* place mi I'Yi.l.iy.  "Jo.. Mni'Kiiti liii* Iiiki'ti 11 position in  J. .Smith's burlier shop,  T. Tavlnrleft on Sutin'iliiy (.vi.nitif;  by the dehtyod train for the coast.  Drill for tin* lifle company to-night  nt the usual hour in the opera house.  ���������Call and set* .7. Ii. Ct'ossinau's new  tailoring estiibliahmcnt. Ahlin's old  stand.  Daily service for the rest of Lent  will he held in St. Peter's church at  4.30 p. tn.  F. Kobinson has started ncnnip nt.  the Green Slide and will rush in logs  to keep the inill Kr"K'  ��������� "Wils-On's port wini"; one ot tlio  very hi-.st, kept hy the Canada DriiR &  Book Co.  The Columbia Comedy Co. put on  Lost in New York at tin; opera house  ..-ist night to a pool* lio_i!_e.  ��������� I'uruitnre Cream for niaUinp; old  furntttu'i* look brti_*lit. and new at the  Canada Druj; & Book G<\  *\V. B. Pool. Minn (.or of tlie Nettie  T... and A. Allan of Cnlparv left this  morning on a visit, to the. Nettie L*.  ���������If you want trunks, and hn[������f_**ij_;e  ttiken'tothe station or any druyin*.  call.o'n F. "W. McGregor.  ���������Tailors, coat, vest, tronser limUers  wanted     at   once.      J.   B.   Ci-cssiiinn  . Revelstoke Station.  J. A. Lewis left this morning to  ���������'I'ak** charise of Fred Robinson's mil!  .���������it Comnplix.  ��������� Largo supply of   Japanese paper  napkins,  different,    sizes   anil   prices  just arrived   at the Canada   Drug  Book Co.  &  C.C. Worsfold, government cutsineer,  arrived in town on Sunday to inspect  the progress of C. Hollen'. work above  the canyon.  On account of thp non arrival of  goods which were expected. Bourne  Bros, have been obliged to change the  date nf theii* spring opening from  Wednesday to Friday next.  D. Str-K-han hits the contract fo put  npH. A. Brown's new building on   the  riirnei* of .First   St.   and   Connnnght  ; Ave.and the work will .'commence as  soon as the lumber can be procured.  Mon. Jn". Martin came up the line  as f.ir as K'iniloops on Saturday. The  object- nf his visit to Kiitnlonps is  st-ated to be to try and get mayor  Gordon of that city to join his cabinet.  The alterations to the lower story  nf the Oddfellow's hall are nearly  completed and there is' now a very  handsome and coniinodioug public  h ill cap ible of seating about :_00  people.  The B. O. volunteers for garrison  duty will not go to Halifax but. will  nfs'r-t the Imperial tronns in garrisoning Esquiinalt. The Revelstoke <)e-  lachtnent will leave here tomorrow or  Thursday.  II. M, Ha Via ford, advance agent for  tin* Iconise Brehany Ballad and Opera  Concert Co. was in town on Satunlay.  His business was to try and get lot)  tickets taken np for a concert here on  "A'pririlllit** *������������������^J-=    --���������������������������  The Vancouver Lii>i'ral-(?onsei*v.*it,ive  convention deflated last Friday night  fin* parly lines bv an almost unanimous vote, only'''Mr. Cotton and three  others heing against it. The chances  ���������.re very strn'ng lh.it Victoria will complete the circle hy falling into line tonight.  Speaking to a Herald man nn  Saturday Mr. Kellie said that the  Cotton party inlei.il to put aearuli.late  forward in every constituency in the  province. Mr. Cotton's platform will  lie out shortly. Mr. Kellie is nut sure  whether he tu* some other candidate  will he out in Revelstoke. hut if no  other conies, forward he will not see  Mr." Cotton left.  " The thanksgiving service on Sunday  night in St. Peter's church iv.ts weil  Htlended. .Choral evensong was sung  by h full choir. "Ven. Archdeacon  Small of Tyttnn preached the, senium,  taking for his subject " The whole  Hrinrnii* nf God." After Ihe sermon  iheTe Di'Uin was heartily sung to tho  well known ('iiadrnph.' chant as 11  Foldim act of thanksgiving to Al-  :; niighty' God for the recent successes  vouchsafed .lo the imperial arms in  South Africa. In lhe afternoon the  ���������u-ehdeacon i_.ave n very interesting  ���������uhlr.'ss tn the .Sniulay school nil the  ���������mission ���������work' among the Indians at  i.ytlon.  New   Zealand    Government   Railways.  New Zealand built her, railroads,  .'���������completing the first line in 1SS-J. The  iinmbpt* of miles now in operation is  about 1,000, The building of the roads  was done diiectly by the nation, and  tlie workers were, ami still are on  such woi*. . allowed to select their  foreman. The pay on the railroad  averages about. MO per cent, higher  than the wages on our American roads;  and the 6.000 railway liauds have an 8-  hour work day. Yon can ride. 30 miles  for 10 cents, and first class service is  rendered the penple. The annual net  profit of the New Zealand railways  a verages S2.250.000.  The government owns the telegraph  and telephones, the rates being about  500 per cent less than our Western  Union monopoly. Both pay .-*. profit,  The workers enjoy the 8 hour work  day and the weekly half holiday. The  government also conducts the expiess  business for the benefit of all the  people.  DIRECTORS' REPORT       l see the..  Parties Creek Consolidated Gold Mines,  Limited Liability.  To this Shareholder.. nT thn Oarnes  Creek. Consnliiliit.ed Gold Mines,  Limited Liability.  I.M'IIM AND CIBSTI.ISIKN',���������  It was suited In our lust annual report thai  the nerossiiry conditions hud been compiled  Willi nnd application mudo to thn government  for crown |;rnnlii ol the Itosebery itroiip, con  ���������dsllng ol the elxhl adjoining mineral idnlins  KoscUery, Kniplrc, fiillsliiiry, A ..sonic, .Itiblloc  Kingdom, Coronation nnd Imperial und is;  acres of Innd on the north fori: of Ciirncf  Creek. Tliuso erowu i.riinl*. havo .since heei  duly received, iIiiih iniikin*; the coin pan y'i  title to thiM Kroiind perfect and liidlMpuinble.  In addition to the above-mentioned prnpert;  the compnny still hohls tVns (nllowhn* inlnerii  claims:    Kt. I'et-.r al llleclllew e, Homes n,'e  nt CiiriiuH Creel., Kimidyko at Downle ureet,  and Consolidated at Downio Creek.  Conslderahle surface i)rospeutini* has hcei  done on the different claims of t.he P.onel.or>  Hroup und iiiueli additional information Rained  in this way Iu rennrd to the t'Ontiniilly of Un  vein und the prohahle extent of ore deposits.  Winter cabins, sheds, etc , have been ereotei'  on tin; Itosobery elnim, and work has been  carried on there continuously all winter.  An Kssaylni; plant has been placed ut the  works, this beinn thought necessary to enable  our foreman to make lhe tests required for lib  Kiiidance lUKiivliiK-orc.  The lower, or No. adrift, has been extended  S2."( feet, gftiniu.! a point iipproxiuiately 2.10 feet  below' the surface. Oro is continuous for the  whole length of this drift,-100 feet, and con-  sidernble bodies ol the lusher '(-ratio ore have  heen struek, especially in thc most recent pari  of the work; The hlKh-p.nidc ore now mapped  out by our workinRS has been computed ai  fl.OOO tons, valued nt $K> per ton, and wo believe  this to be a' very conservative estimate. .Thi.-  estiinate; however, only represents a small  part of the advantage ftuineil by the work  done. In Kiiinln'i; depth by driftliiK wo have  been Approaching the richer;pun of the vein,  und we also auliclpato striking larger bodle.*,  of ore than ..ive have yet found, by nienns of  comparatively short cross'-culs from this.ianiu  drift, ilirough the mineralized zone, wbichis  upwnrds of forty feet wide, and the surface of  wbieli nt some points shows indications ot containing good oro for thc greater part ol Its  width.  We are gratified to be nhle to report thai tlie  ic-iultsof our work have justified an increase  in the price ot our treasury shares. Shortly  after our last annual meeting. 100,000 shares  were sold'at ion cents per share. After this  sale It: was thought advisable to offer no more  id these shares at less than i'i cents. Two hundred thousand shares have been offered and a  sale has recently been made of 30,000 shares at  this price. This is especially gratifying in  view ol the existing depression in tbe mining  businci-s and the prevalence* of cheap stocks,  and serves to indicate' the" confidence ivbic.h  our steady progress in development Is iuspir-  Red Cross  When you have lo'.purchase drugs or gut a  prescription lillud. Sec that the lied Cross Is  on the pnekugu. It I* a guurauteu that the  drugs used are pure and prime. For not only  Is It Imporluut lo hnvo pure drugs, hut nlsn  prime drugs. Unfortunately thero are many  Inducement . offered to nianulneturers to use  drugs, which, nlthough pure, do not serve the  purpose of doing uny flutter than those which  ire actually adulterated. These nre drugs  which have been collected out of season, or  have been 1'iully cured.  We use our experience (of nearly IM yeurs) iu  examining the drugs wo use, nnd you enn  depend upon everything being in the priuicst  condition.  G.F. Curtis  " THE DRUGGIST "  Successor to the MeD. A. W. Co.)  Red Cross Drug Store  KEVELSTOKE STATION.  THE I.ATKST..IDEAS IX  Suitings and  Overcoatings  NEWEST AND BEST  In all its grim earnestness is in full swing.  Prices of all goods are SEA. DI LY ADVANCING, especially in the matter of WOOLEN  GOODS is this the case  '." Forewarned is forearmed." Si:*: months ngo,  knowing that owing to the scarcity of Wool,  all lines of Woolen Goods would 'advance in  price before 1000, we ordered direct from the  manufacturers in England, $2,oooworth  of Men's, Womens' and Children's Hosiery. This consignment has just arrived, and  is offered to you on the basis of tho LOW  PRICES, which means that we can sell them  at about the piice we ourselves should have to  pay for them.  THIS  WEEK  ONLY  E.&T. CORSETS   Regular Trico ei.60  This Week  '.....��������� ,������I.OO  A new assortment ot Embroideries  just opened.  M. K. LAWSON.  E������ &ILL a CO.,  The Taylor Block,  McKenzie Avenue.  Revelstoke  BAKERY  Bread, Cakes,  Pies, Confectionery  A  Full   Line  of-Fresh  and   Carefully  Selected Groceries Always in Stock.  Sice our line of  PORRIDGE STUFFS.  A. N. SMITH  . Baker, Grocer and Confectioner,  Red Rose Doprce meets ������eoond nnd fourth',  Fridays of eaoh month;  Will to Itoso Dun to.  meets Ilrst Friday of eimli montli.ln Oddfellov*-i'  Hull.   Visiting brethren wolcomo.  . II. VARNKB,'.'. . ' T. E, 1. TAYLOR,  fecretftry. President.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  Kezulnr meetings are held In the  Oddfellow's H-dfoii tho Third . rl-  duy of oncli month, at 8 p.m. shnrp.  Vlsitlnn brethren cordially invitsd  i>  TI108. STEED, W.M.  Court  Mt, Begbie  I. O. F., No. 3461.  Meets In the Oddfellows' Hall.on thesoeond  mid fourth Mondavi, of  each month. Vl������llln..  brethren Invited to. attend.  K.D.J.C. JOHNBON, O. W. M1TCHKI.L,  Ohlof Hanger. Hoo.-i-ee.  A. H. HOLDICH    -  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  AND ASSAYER.   .  Royal School of Mines, London.    Suven year*  nt  Morfu  Worlca,  Swiinsua.     17   yours Chief  Chemist  to Wltjan Coal and Iron Co.,   F.ni..  I.ate chemist and Assayer, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined and reported upon.  Revelstoke, B.C.  THE LATEST WAR NEWS  Is not in it with our prices on  WATCHES AND CLOCKS  CALL AND SEE  ,\ Large Range of Imnortcd Woolens to  select from  J. B. Cressman.  aW-AMin .. co.'s Old Stand.  Guy Barber, jeweller.  4* _.4"^-i"_P'l"l"i"l"_r*t *t*l.'i''J.'W''i''i''i'i,'4K__,**4'  C. J. Aman I  X   Tobaccos. Pipes, Cigars, Etc. *  X   Scientific Works on Mining, Etc.,  %  5 Minerals, Minos and Mining hy Osborn 4,  4< rrospeetiiiR,    Loi'nting   and    Valuing if*  +       Mines���������hy Stretch. <*���������  jj* Handbook of Itoeks���������by Kemp. T  2 rrospectlnu for Gold  and   Silver���������b a.  X      Crake. 4_  4< Stamp Milling of Oold Ores���������by Ulekard 4*  * . . T  HARRY EDWARDS  Taxidermist  Deer, Heads,   Dlrds,' Animals, Etc., pre.st.rvod  and lnonnted.  THIIID.STRHKT, KAST OKSCHOOLHOUSB '  THAT'S    Till!    CONDITION   AFTER  HAVING  ShD .       .'      .       .  C. P. R. WATCH INSPRCTOR.  Anthracite C oal. B.  cm,,,, ���������*���������**������������������-- Furnace or Stove Use.  Price per ton for Stove Coal delivered irom Cars��������� $9.00  ������ ������        Furnace Coal delivered from Cars���������$8.50  Cash Must Accommpany Orders.  WILSON URGES PARTY POLITICS  ".Arrangements, are partially ' completed ; tor  the sale of the 170,000"shares' still offered at this  fiBiiro and it ��������� is;expected that tlio sale will be  bronght .to icoinpletion .'withiii: the tiKXt sixty  '.i_iiys;,.,''.i ..;.;.. ;���������'.'���������' V;:":', \.-\i ��������� "!-''"'-':7v^'..'���������/��������� .'-i-^'.  .'. We;have not been, unmindful of the fiititre  of the treasury ami are glad to be able to report  Uiat*the. company,: still, holds "318.130 shares  Avbieb, iittbe steadily increasi ng value caused  by development, sliould' be ample j for future  operations..'', ;'.'' v.".-...,,'.'.'v:.-'!:".,V':.' .--:  , Keceipts and expenditures areas follows: '���������'���������"���������.  Kxpendltlire year ending Feb. IS, lS"JS.*f 0,-155 00  Expenditure year eliding feb.15,1800. 0,151 00  Kxpeiiditure year ending Feb. 15,1900;. 13.0..S 31  "Total expenditure'..'.';.'..!.''..'.;.'.'."..'. s.7 f:  . -'BECEirrs. _'.:-.  Cash on hand last report..1.  Sale of Treasury shares;....  Sundries..;..... ".........  Liabilities .....';..'.'.....''.;..   ?  Total   EXi'Ksnm.r.u.  Liabilities as per last report...  Assaying plant.   Solicitors' fees    General expense, including commis  sions, Tiilvertisingrcic-   Work at Rosebery mine   Work on other claims   Traveling expenses   Government fee*-.   Management and ollli-e expenses.  Merchandise   Interest and .discount   Printing   Telegraphing   Oflirc fixtures   Cash on hand   Total   We have the honor to be yours truly,  ���������,J_ M'CARTY president,  C  II. TEMl'Lh \ii-e-pre--ldi'nt.  i:*l'." BKEWSTKR see.,treas and mgr���������  W. COWAN.  Directors  Kevelstoke, U. C. March 13, 1<X0.  B. C. Conservative Advocates a Straight  *   Fight.  Mi*. Charles Wilson, of Y,*in_*oiiver,  tin;'iiot'niiiiillu.-i'lei* of.LlioC'iuitti'i'valives  of - IBi'iti.sh CoUiinlii.i for prnvir.einl  ntTiiifs. js nt, tin; Qni-fn's." illr. Wilson  wns mm'ii l>y a Mnil mul Kinpiru ri>-  portei* lust i.'Vi'niiig.  " Well I ntii frfiu to nil mi I." siiitl Mr.  Wilson, in reply to lhe lfjuirter's  IpiuliiiK tliii-stioii, " llniL tin* pi'tiviiiL'i.tl  politics of RriUsh Culiiinlii.-i nre :i  tangled s.k(_in nt, presei.t. While I nin  of the opinion (hat Mr. Wclniii's, the  Lieutenant-Governor, was strietly  within his conslitiitioiml ri������lit in call-  ins iipc'ii Mr. .loseph Martin to form a  Government, still I think he took his  political life in his hands In (loins; so,  for if Mr, Martin is unalile to perform  the task allotted tohim, "it. is, to use  a Western phrase, 'all up' wilh the  Lieutenant-Governor.  " I don't believe Mr. Martin will he  aide lo secure a corporal's stiarcl ir.  Lhe next House, unless he forms an  alliance with the Liberals, and j.t*-t  ���������r=���������e^ ���������'-"'���������'yar.-tnis���������lunttm-e���������lhe���������R;;f'i'!_iiji-.i3_.:ire  5,CKH 24 . J  . ,. - -  not anv   too  sweet  on   tne   ���������-.loriny  petrel.  " Spenkintr for myself, n? well as a  tonsiderable following in the province,  I strongly favor the runnint; of pio-  vincial politics on straight party lin"S.  British Columbia is overwhelming  Conservative, and there never existed  a better opport unity of reLurnin*. :i  Conservative Government. The time  i? opportune, for the Conservatives to  sink their trifling diilerenri'S, draft a  stion;* platform, aud apeeil lo the  elettoi-.ite ,is n. party. The I_.il������'i*iiiH  are on the horns or a dilemma. They  will not unite on 'Jni' Martin : in a  partv H'^ht they would he foiednoineil  ���������* *���������' -   - :-   - * -   : : ,..-.r..  '.,ti5o 21'  ��������� "-'Ssi.Sf-  ���������,rm oo  vll) 25  729 06  ....flS.K*** I*  ....* 1,101 -to          -.>97 67  .   .. 33 00������<  .       473 23  .   '1,115.10  101 67  .    1,704 10  217 5'i  2'S 71  02 75  32 12  l.M 75  51.0 50  ?18,32G 05  To thi: PiiAnF.noi.iiF.ns  ok thk Caknf-s 'Cheek  CONSOLIDATED 1-Ol.D  MINES,  LTD.. LlAKIMTY.  L..DIB3 AND GF..NTI.F..ME.S-:���������  "I be^: to report having made a thorough and  careful' audit of the books and vouchers of the  Carnes Creek Consolidated Cold Mines, Limited Liability, and certify that the iieeoiiiitanv-  In? linanel'ni statement exhibits a fair and correct position, of the company at the date men  tioncd.  The books have been well kept and are posle i  to dute. J. M. i;i ������V i.i,  A.I l*.t.)f.  The Copper King.  The llEHAi.r. was shown somo l>i<;in-  tifill saiiiple..*. of almost native copper  ore recently, taken from I tie Copper  King claim on the north fork of the  Liirdeau near Circle City. The samples  are   an   excellent,   indication   of a hie;  F. McCarty, Revelstoke, B.C.  The Famous Crow's Nest Coal  ' Leuve your orders tit.my office on'McKenzie Ave.  $T.B0 a ten, Delivered fiom the cttrs.  Terms:   Cash with order.  Newly Built.Newly Furnished;':  Lighted by Electricity.  $1.00 Per Day^  The City Hotel  Robt.Caley^ Proprietor.  Best Wines, Liquors and.Cigars.  Headquarters for Railway Men.  1-nrf.c and Well Lighted  .Si-mole Kooms......  Heated bv Hot Air and Electric  Bells anil Light in every room  ^Free^Hns-*Mccts-AU-Trains    -    .' ���������' -. ���������   ---���������=__-i_=__-_.  Reasonable Kates   -...HOTEL  YIGTORIAj-      -  .lOHN \'. PERKS, PnopRii-Ton. - *  Vlght Grill xtcra in (--nnoction for the Convenicueo of Guests  ���������K/Sl-IBation .    - |^������V������0S^������lk������,.Iio(S.  I  Ht'W*'_H4'M'M������'W*M'W_4*'  ���������t %  ������*���������  | Clean  1 Linen  to failure. o\\ inn to inlernec ine st rift  and it is juM, ;i ipies-tion if a lar^e  majority of them would not prefer to  ���������-co a (.otwi'vative Oovernnienl returned rather than a coalition with  Mi*. .Martin at its head, lliim-aconles**.  that there is a section of the Conservative pnity which is fearful of ������  ret m n to Fedei ul lines in provim ial  alt'iiirf*. We feel confident, however,  I hat before the   elections,   which   will I -*.    |i,,r>i_  .1 , -A, f ,. I   _t.       I t I _   __. LI  take place in May or .lime, whatever  scruples they entertain will be overcome, and the Conservatives will  piesent a united   front   in   the    next ���������  _    ���������  election.    That is my earnest hope, at I ?  fit    VOUP    Iieck   "With   com-  any  ial e.  ���������Mr. Wili-on is.*v lending barrister of  Vane Oliver. He occupied a seat in  the Hriti.sli Oolunihia liepislature  from iaS2lolS8fi.~M.iil   and   Empire.  j is indispensable to tbe 4.  t well dri'fised man. We 4*  I are up-to-date in our j  ? methods and make your j  look     like    new  *  * Your  collars  nre   sluiped j  T properly and   your shirts 4.  Notice of Sheriffs Sale.  Under and by virtue of a warrant, of cxean-  lindv oT l.i'rh iri-'iilt* c-r-i-ioor ore   in I lvit I "on ii'"*fl out of lhe   'Jounty c'otirtof v0ot-  noci> 01 liign pi.uii. toppi.1   oie   in in.it. j en|...  ,1(>1,1en ftt n,.vf.|Stol.*e, and to me dlrcrWd  district���������the sample, shown   would run  about SO per cenr. copper.   The Copper  King was located by I.ou Thompson, a  well  known  prospector, and   it is i'iciw  owned by  Jl, C. Dier .who, we  under-  staiid, has had a fair olTer of   cash for  this prospect.  War Notes.  Capetown-, "March I.".���������The naval  brigade, which has been operating  against the liners in Africa, sailed for  England today. Oataere. is holding  Hethulie and the whole of the railroad  south of Bloemfontein is now in the  hands of the British. The news from  Mafeking on the 0th shows the garrison were in bad shape and holclinp*  out, buoyed up by the knowledge that,  their plucky fight is appreciated at  home,  Halifax, Munch 10.���������The troopship  Monterey, with Strathcona's Horse,  sailed at _5:10 p. ui,  afjainxt the goods and .hiUt"!������ of the I'.o-tnn  and llritish Columbia f'npper Mi nine, and  Smelting Compnny, I have '���������ci/..vl anil taken In  Rxci'iition all the intcrrrt of thc ������������������nlil eonipany  In tlio followlim-dnwrll icd mineral claims  xan_tt"il in the Itevclstoke Mlnlnu' IHvlslon of  West Kootenay and In the Standard l!a������ln in  the Big Itcnil f)istrict, vi/.: Tim ..andnrd. Criterion. Illac-k lic-iir. Iron Chest, Contractor,  Monitor, Iron II III. Commander and Wimnha*;n  mineral elninii, nnd I will offer tho intercit of  the said coinpanv in said eliiiin!. for sale jmli-  licly al. tho court house In the City of rtcvrl-  srnlte, I!. (;., on .Monday, thc 'ifitn day of March.  ltKXi, at thc hour of '1 o'clock in tlio afternoon.  Dated this 19th dav of March, twin.  STKI'IIEN ItKIWRAVR,  Sheriff of North Kootenay,  Uy hi*, d'pnly,  ROHEIIT II. MAYNE.  It        Sealed Tenders.  SKA LED TENDERS addressed to the under-  slpned and endorsed " Tenders for r'ainlin_ "  will be received np to noon on I-'riday, _ Inrch  It*., for pnlntlni; the tic v fire Hall; two coats  of paint on the outside fmd oil and varnish on  the walls, ccillni; luid 'lonr of the first floor.  Tenderers will please put In-an alternative  tender omittini; the vainisbing.  C. E. SHAW.  / City Clerk.  ltcrcMoke. MarchVlip.-vm.  i'orr. We v.-ant your  work. Satislaf-tion guaranteed. Business office:  Two   doors  c*a>t  Molsons  J Bank.  W E hereby notify the smoking  public that the Cigar Makers' Union  have resolved to permit members of  the Union to work in our Factory,  and UNION CIGAR. MAKERS aro  now at work with us.  U<!<_i_@B--(r&  ���������   05f^  THOS. I.Eli, i'loprietor.  I--0 Chinee** Hraploycd.  -S*   X  t *  t Surprise Steam Laundry 1  T 4*  '$��������� A. If*>Ki_ii, froprleto)*. _���������  ���������ii *  Jas. I, "Woodrow  BHTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season   AH orders promptly filled.  a^InSck RBYBIrS*0KB, B.������.  AGENT...  SMELTER  TOWNSITE...  Notary Public.  Fire and Life Insurance Agent.   FIRST STREET,   - Revelstoke  Lost  Corns;  ivforif>g corn Cure  If von have oniv one corn or if you  have  a pood crop, il will remove them all without  pain. . *       ' >1  PRICE 250.  rrepaied and sold by  _FI_ELD&   BE-WS,  Jispensint! Chemists. NIGHT UELI  When youroaeh Ferguson, B.C.,  Stop at "*���������* ��������� '   m __���������__���������!  Hotel Lardeau  J. I.A.-UOHTON, Proprietor.        ���������  Kestf'2.00 a day house in the I.ardcau. Hest  of cuisine .service.���������Finely equipped bar,���������  Choicest wines, liquors and cigars.���������Head*  nuarters for miners and mlnliiK* men.���������Well  lighted -and heated rooms, neatly furnished  If you want to get fat-  DUINK  LONG'S DUBLIN STOUT AND ALE  . '        UECOMMENDI.D BY  .IVY'THE MKOICAIiiPltOKESSION  Orderi'left with Mr. Pajjet,KxpreKsmau, or by  mail,;wlll rqi'eivo prompt attention'. <  Goodn delivered free.  ���������-���������'.J. E. LONG, Revelstoke Sution.  Start a  Bank Account!  ���������'nucl Keetire your (JLOTHES*' from  our iip-to-ilnte tuiloritif; eiuporitiiii.  ���������We Kiiui-iiiti'i*. you* a perfeet fit.,  the liest (jiuility of (_;oik1s on the  iiinrket, latest fiishitins, and we'll  pn ,ensy on your Inink iii-count.  We i.ive you lit. finish nml (|tiitli*.y  unci l.he'work   is  not done in e-ist-  'ern sweut-sliops.  R. S. WILSOH  .l-4-4.-H-+4-V.t^4"H.4-^+-t-H.-J.4"i.4"l'*tt  We Repair.'. ������������������.-.-. .-        f-  ..   WATCHES, .-:**������������������  CLOCKS,  and all kinds of Jewellery'  If the work U not satisfactory wc  refund your money.  W E GUARANTEE OUR WORK  and btand by our guarantee.      "  Wo also carry a (.ood line of Watches  and Jewellery, which: we dispose of at  moderate prices. " ���������  KM. ALLUM,  ' Tho Leading  Watchmaker and Jbwdor.  First Street, next door to IIkhai.d oflleo.  Ai^AA������^AAAAAiXii&Jf,^<%������T*>f.^-.f.������{,>f.>������<>f'>X.������Yr'l.  Snaps ;ks'".'.  Kitchen  Copper Saucepans and Kettles  almost iiidcislrtictiblcand as oh*,  as tin���������  ' From 25c. to 50c. each  ] Also a few Granite Iron Kettles  20c,   25c.   30c. Each.  DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE  -W. M. Lawrence  1 Hardware  Tinware.  Stoves.  Telephone 36. P.O. Box 86.  Savage Bros.  NOTICE  - NOTICF. IS HKUBUY GIVEN that'a application will be made to the Legislative AxHCinhly  of the, l'rovinco of i Hrltlsh Columbia'' at -in.  next session for an Act to Incorporate a  Company .with power to construct, enuip,  maintain and operate telephone and telegraph  lines within' and throughout all the cities  towns,;: municipalities and districts :<if: the  mainland of the Province of Iir) tish . Columbia  inuKto construct, erect, and maintain,such  and so many poles and other works and devices as. the t'o'.npany -deom" necessary for'  making, coinpletiii:-., supporting, usln^, working, operating and malntainlni. thc H.vsteni of  communication hy teleidionc and tclogTiiph,  and to open or break-np any part or parts',  of the wild., highways or .streets as often*  as thc said' Company, its .agents, officers or  workmen think proper and for the purpo-e of  tlie undertaking to purchaser," acquiri*. lease.-  expropriate,'    h������ld   and.'sell  and   disjit>sm of  iii..  limit!* alorusaid, ami to pure).use or* 1 -!*������_���������. fur  uny term of venrx, any teltiphonu or L_-lo^ra[iU  lino ti'stablishud or to bu established In Hrittsli  Coliimblu ('onnftcted, or to be ci)initictu<_  with  ih������ line which  the Compnny ���������may. ronstruet,  linrt to anmlgiimiito.wiih  or  lease, its line or  lines, or any portion or portions thereof, to   ._.  any comnany   pyssesflns ns   proprietor, nny  line'of ti-lephone'or telegraph��������� ..onimunicatinn ,  fonmictlnjr or to'be; ronnuuted . with1.* the isHld-*'  CoiiijVany'riline or, linos, hiuHo borrow" money  for the purjiose of tho Company, and to pledge  or mort^iif;G nny of the Coinpany-H a^ets Tor "  that    purpose,   and   to   reeoive -boiiuxes,  or  in-1vIlexes from any person or body corporate. - -  and with all other usual; necesHary'or incidental rl^hti,   powers  oj;  prlvUcgos  us  may'be  nottessary or.incidental, to the- attaihnVelH*;of  tlie above objects, or any of tn&in..        .  JJatedthislstday of .\farch 1900.  - >;  '    .   ---. -        DALY& HAMILTON*.  ..' *"*Solicitors fur thu Applivantw.  Mortgage Sale  v    of City Property.  Under 'and' by virtue ol the power of sale  -allied in a certain indenture of mortgage  le hy the lato A. (I. M. Bpragge aud wliich  tga^e will he produced at the time of sale.  contained in a certain indenture'of mortgage  -     '  *   which  jage will he produced at the time of sale,  there will be offered lor sale at public auction  by Hobert 11/ Mayne, Esquire, Auctioneer,, at  his oflice, Klrst street, Revelstoke, B.C., on tho'  31st day.of .'March'; l'JOO, at Uie hour, of two-  o'clock in thc afternoon, Ihe following described property, namely: Lot. numbers sixteen; seventeen and eighteen, inliiock number  thirty-six, according to a plan of part of "the  _<!lty_. I Itevclstoke, dulv registered in the Land  I'egistry oflice at Victoria. I_rc.ras-l'la,ii7-ruin-  ber uHli." On the properly there Ih a comf  frame dwelling'witli nine rooms, bath, pantry.  ber Klli." On thc.properly there la a comfortable  frame dwelling with nine rooms, bath, panti  large halls, furnace and modern plumbing.'  he properly will be sold subject to a rescrv������  bid. .' ', ������������������'   . ,-  Terms and conditions of sale will he mado  known nt thc sale or may beascartalnt-dln tho  liieanliiuo : from  the auctioneer or from the  mortgagee'sBOllcltorou application," '   * '  Dated tliia 8th day of March A. U. IIKM.  .1. M. SCOTT.      -���������Solicitor-for tho-Mortgagcc.���������  ,Rcvolstoke,.H. C: "  TO 'CONTRACTORS."  Tenders will be received by the umleralgiieil  up to April 1st; next; for a 40x60': building, two.  storevs, containing 20 rooms, "-'or plans,  spuclneatlons, etc., apply.to l'������. Corning.  March 1-1���������tf  ���������    -     NOTICE  Notice Is hereby given to purchase��������� of lots  in Block "A," Town of Kevelstoke, otherwlso  known as the "Mara Townsite Property," that  all instalments on account of purchase are to  be paid to John I). Sibbald, Mara Tovrnnlte  Agent, and to no other person, ' v  j. A. MARA,  WANTED.  One Hundred   Marten   Skins.  G It A H A M,���������'��������� A lbcrt Canyon'.  Writs    T.  Second Street  THE  Pianos and  Organs  "TUNED AND REPAIRED  LESSONS ON  THE VIOLIN....  Tor Terms Etc.; apply to  Jas. Taylor,  UNION HQTEL,  Family Grocers  ...SAVAGE HROS. beg to inform tho public  .. and their patrons that they have added a  ...choice line of FRESH GROCERIES to their  ...stock, and arc prepared to sell at close  ...figures iorcash.  We still handle  FEED AND FARM PRODUCE  All Purchases delivered free of Charge.  Fresh supply ol fish every morning.  Careful attention.  Prog, pt delivery  TO LET.  Thestoro lately occupied by F.'Ahlin <fc Co,,  on First street, cast. Apply for terms and particulars to F. AIILIN.  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.  Tlie partnership heretofore existing between  W. F. Crage and Robert II. Mayne carrying on  business under the tirm'8 name and style of  Crage & Mayne, at Rerelstoke, has this day  :bcon dissolved. -  ��������� Dated this 20th dav of Fehruory, 1900.  K. II, MAYXK.  To Freighters and Contractors,'  FOR SALE.  Eloveu Tack Mules.  Four Saddle Horsos.  . Three in Sleighs.  Also harncsB, apera'ocs, complete, with  opes, etc.   Tools, camp ontfltB, tentH, etc.  Write T. GRAHAM, Albert Conyon, statlhB  requirements, and partlculars.wlll be at once  forwarded.  FIRE INSURANCE ^  All classes of Insurable risks covered !  at fair and equitable rates.  LIFE INSURANCE^'  Policies���������non-*forfcitable, nuar-  anteed values, cash loan values,  throughout the history of the  policy.  MONEY. TO X0AN  _..   --en  W   Coll  on good business or residential   f*  ��������� iji property. h  ^ g^cted   FAYETTE BUKER, J  ?_^2SS������32^g^SS_*������^5*j2^S?


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