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Revelstoke Herald 1905-12-21

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.      V
Vol    XVII: NO.   24
$2 OO a Year in Advance
������������������<��������� ������^<��^-*^��' ���������������������������
|   G��   Ba
Department  Store.
Avoid the
Rush by
Doing Your
on Friday : ,
Price. *V
and Children's Winter Coats are'all
*'���_* -:    '"'     t���  y��-~  * ���-'"- "'Ss
<-��� *c.
< tf#"__ r Our Furs ,
' n' acceptable -Xmas
^^^.~*T<S7 't ''At-'    v   " ������� - f
". > ,<***   Three'Dozen. 19-inchfDolls, nicelyjmade, (undressed)^
4'=.\Regular*35c.'Doll.'/Youjcari'buy one^Ffiday for 5c.^    -~
t ���: * -. ,. ,5 %   - - ���" i   -        , ���-c        --;->���:*   **�� 0   . ~-
-__.. ,A _  __    T, J     i~ .1-      ?5c<    .and
A meeting of the curling club wus
held in Ibe city hull on Tuesday evening, President Kincaid in the chair.
The canvassing committee icpoited
that ubout 10 names had been secured
of those intending to cuil provided
satisfactory anaugements were made
witb tbe Rink company.
After some discussion the representatives of tbe Kink company mode the
club an offer   to supply two sheets of
culling ice for $250,   which  was  accepted.     The  caretaker  of the   rink
will be entirely under thecontiolof
the club and take  all ordeis for putting same in proper shape from J. H
Jackson, who   was appointed an ice
committee.  _ The   Rink management
are also installing elect lie lights in the
link, and each sheet of ice will be lit
up by, thirteen 18  c. p.   lamps.   The
walls Jof the curling links will also be
whitewashed.     These  improvements
will make the Revelstoke links among
tbe best lit in  the Kootenay, and add
not  a  little   to   the pleasure  of   the
devotees ot the game.
The election of skips ipsulted as
follows:���XV. A. Slui-dy, J. A. Dallas,
T. J. Graham, H. A. Biuwn, G."S. Mc-
Cai tsi', F. B. Lewis, XV. A. Foote, A.
McRae, D. Mr" Rae, ���_)_ E. Phipps, ...
H. Jackson. Any member of the club,
however, has the privilege of skipping
a rink, should ,be so desire, whether
elected to the position or not.
A most stringent enforcement of the
rules will be maintained this*season in
regaid to the playing of games when
scheduled, etc. The prospects of the
club have never been brighter than at
piesent, and th'e season promises to
be one of the most successful in the
history of the club. '
Workers Saved from Perilous
Position in Tunnel ��� Swimmers Diye Through Icy-Waters to'Effect mens' Escape.
New York*, Dec. 10.���Three daring
swimmers "to day rescued the two
Italian laborers, who for more than
forty hour, have been imprisoned in
the East River tunnel of the .Pennsylvania Railroad by a c.ive-in at the
Long Island Oity end of the under-'
water bore.^\.(
Surrounded bv water which threatened to.engul^ them the moment the
com pressed Jsir should fail to hold it
in check, "theT;wo entombed men had
kept up constant communication with
the suiface^by tapping on -. the pipes
which brought tbem air.
'are ^all   reduced and they'make a"~yery-J!
as 'Gift-V,?,.*^ JyjfJ 1,'_;"-. A_.     .J J:' ���"-  <
'���* >-**"/- ,'Ari assortment of' Toys and Games., worth
~ y -*^5c.'^will'go oif sale at'ioc.  ^  a~ -r'>-    "'   -*Tn .���
~J--&, [���
y is-A-i ���   ,.���s *-��� .<-   -.   v *^~-     , f_
^*-   j- '���~l,izx*xJa*Si->'t iSt^-.-^-'t--'' ' '��-���r-^-J1-;��tf��'-.^c-'���,���*    A -r-^-
A '^beautiful assortment ofrXtnas^tree decorations.
j --r
Crockery   and   Glassware
��� o-
o* - - Glass Water Setts���$1,750 A~
-���-.    Gla-s Berry Settsr-$2.25.��\ .
A }. - Fruit Dishes���25c, 40c, 60c.,
^X ���*" 1 -Wine Decanters���$1.50.       ~
T-  ' (Water Bottles, 51.00/^   -   -
T   "v "Water Pitcbers.'Toc. arid $1.
��� """ Celery Tr ays/-Oc. and GOc. -
���  Cake.Stands, 05c. '  -"-
- *i Glass Cieani and Sugar���50c
"Glass,- Custard Cups per doz.-
7   .$200:        %     S   <"_' "
Beautiful line of Out Glass���
^Prices $4 to ��20.00.
'   _���'-������ >     u ��� '    ' ^ " ,  '       -
Cups and Saucers 15c. to $4. ,
Tea Setts $6.75 to $25.00.        .
. Dinner, Setts���$10.00 to $75."*���
-'A magnificent line of Jap-, y
ranese  Fancy-China,   small^
,. Purses, Fern - Jars," Biscuit -.
Jars, Fruit Setts,. Bon Bon-.
Trays, Tea Setts, 5 o'clock
Tea Setts, Bowls.\    "   '   .    "
These'are nice'for-Present
*- Giving."    ���-    ' - ��� *
..*��� ~ Hockey Meeting   _ --
'.."���- , *���
A meeting of the^ hockey club win
be held on Tuesday,',Dec. 20th in^the'
City ~HalI.<It- is impoitant for "all
who are interested in the great winter
game tb"~be present, promptly-at 8
p. m. -j    .���,,     j. +���> f  '   - .rX.y ,  "% ,
j     '���*    -t--1""     '"     --*--���*-.    , m~r   "
'   ' - < ��' z���~~P~i~ ���- -<,   ' S
'"""'"Pri Rathbone Sistersr^yl 1
***At the fast .regular meeting of-,Crys-
tal Temple No. 3, the following officers,
weie elected for tho���ensumg term: _ r
_ M. E. C.T;Maggie^Gordou.\ .,," ,.'
-* E.^Sr��� Florence Somes." * -;"*" t ,
^B.'J.^Lida McDonald:" Zir&gi *" .
V.M.-ofrT.���Beatrice'Ainslie.'-"*'.,' l
" ^.M. of R:'and O.-^-EUz 1 Bvowa.-^Pt '"
' M. of F.���Annie Cooke. *\ -j��,
;-'P. T.���Annie Eendei son.S' tr-
O. Gi���Minnie A'gnew. 1 _i ���?'"'
'Past Chief���Elsie A."Bennett. 1
From 11:30 a.m
nutil 2 p."
-J-- Dinner 50c.
r   I.   f
, " .   "-        SOUP
'   "'     Oyster a* la Creme
Consomme de Vollaile aux Quenelles
Baked Saimon.
fisu    ,
Cod and Dressing
-      tt*    	
-^'ENTREES   ^ .
uV.Ohicken, a la Quail
"* Veal Cj"oquettes        ^.
<\   J. ~P %-Jt KO-*-STS ' r- ,      "
rL    Roast���Tnrkey, Oyster Dressings '
"*. 1   .- *.** Cranberry Saucedv,       i,
" RnastjDuck, 'Apple Sauce     "*
_Roast"SuckIing Pig a la Anglaise 'ir
Roast Pqiterhouse Beef,,-Mushrooms'
,,,(- "'Roast Goose, Oyster Sauce     , '
v; v  "S.-y>- tl���'    -   -      ��� -'
c       .   .. .
Queen ^Olj ves?* Sjvceb'-Pickles
���-*'-���    -*J^��*��^*ftr^jJ'aVf*rS- '
that Brovvn sells the BEST'IN
THE WEST."     >t'" *
Presents for Ladies and Gentlemen.
fc -
Purses at -_0c    7oc.   $1.00
'*>$1.25    $2 50    $5 00     $0.00.
_*���Hand-Bags-at*-$l 50-$1.75���
$2 00     $-00     $_00���   $3.00
and $6 00.     . ,
Manicure Sets���$1.50 $2.00 *
*_    $5.50 $12.50 $13.50.     .
t    Ebony Brushes��� At $1.25
$1.50 $2 25.-
i t    Ebony Hand Mirrors���At
- ���  _   $2.25, $2 o0 ��,.. 2o.      _ .
<L>orfumes-2.>.    50c-  IbcS
-I ��� * 4; "$2 00 $U 00 $ I 50.
'1 y- 'Fancy  Collars���75c.   $1.00
- ^  .' * $1 2o ^2 0J, $2 25, $3.00 - $i
..Fancy Belts-75c $1.50 $2."
Gloves- $1.25 $1.50 $2.50.,
-. Handkerchiefs ��� 25c   35c
. 40c 50c 05o  75c  $1.00   $1.25
;  $1.50 $2.75.
Umbrellas -(Silk)-$7.00 $8
��� Cushion Tops���50c. and $1.
" Neck Furs-$3.50, $5.00 $10"
Fancy Silk Waists. " ** A
Silk Shawls.     "_      _ ,
Waist and Dress Lengths.- %
Slippers���Pullman's, leather-
-1. $2 23, -$3.00.��� ���---- >���>"���- i��� --^
Pullman's Felt���$1.50.       *      '
Black Kid Slippeis.
. Tan Kid Slippers���$2.50.
Suede Slippeis���$2.75.
Felt Slippers$1.50.
Men's Boots���Men's hockey
-.boots.    ���*  >
Dancing Pumps and Oxfords
$3.75 and $4.
Mufflers���Scarfs from 60c to
$2.00.   >
-Padded Mufi_ers���75c to $2.00
Dress Mufflers $2.00 and $2.50
Gloves���Thin lined;Mocha at
$2 50, nicely boxed. .
Thin lined Mocha $1.75 boxed
Silk lined Mocha; boxed, $2.50. ,-
Unlined Mocha, boxed, $1 50.
Men's Fine Buck, boxed, $2.
Men's Mocha Mitts, boxed, $2.'
Handkerchiefs���Pui e linen,
25c. and 35c. each.     '
Pure linen, half dozen in box.
$1.50, $2.50 $3.00 and $4.00.
Silk Handkerchiefs -Plain 60c
$1.25.   Initialed 50c and 75c.
Fancy borders���75c. and $1.
Christmas Tree Entertainment
t*     1       1. *   .
- The annual Christmas entertainment
of tbe Methodist Sunday School will
take place * in -the jcliurch tomoi 1 ow
(Friday) evening. The programme by
the~-children ���wi!l be a splendid one,
and most entertaining..'' All aie invited. - Collection at the door to help
defray expenses.        ' i*** ~- ^
~~" " '---'Sweet Com
^ Mashed Potatoes
"*   -. -        Stened Tomatoes
-T  1 - '_.       -   -
""     '""        .     ,   PASTRY       '    ,
English Plum Pudding, .Brandy Sauce^
v    <, Lemon Pie     '-'' Mince Pre **    ,
.   "1 *���'1 -s11   TT""-*    ;        , " *- tv 1
i   - ,      -^   'DESSERT .
Vanilla Ice Cieam* 'Assorted Cakes
Oranges -_ r"    A    Apples
, Assoited,Nuts^    -Raisins,
Premier McBride Says Railway Enterprises will Receive
Every Encouragement, but
Assets of Province Will Be
Hon. Richaid Mr Bnde, Premier- of
Bntish Columbia, accompanied by his
secretary, L. McUip, came up liom
the south last night and pioccedid
west on No. 07. Thos. Taylor, JI P P.
accompanied tha Pii'iu'or we-at is far
as Kamloops. Tl.o Nelson Daily
News of Wednesday had tbe following interview with the Premier: ���
" Seen at theStiat'icona last evening Mr. McBride snd that his tup
had many purposes, ot some of which
he could not speak very definitely at
present. He had a conference with
Si Wilflid Lauiiei, dining winch
many matters tt detail affecting
several departments were discussed
These matters, the pieinier intimated,
would be disclosed 111 due time.
Continuing, Mr. McBiide said :   " It
is quite true, as I no'tice in my  oC  tlie
provincial  papers   have   aheady   reported   that,    I   confei'rcd   with   the
heads    of   several     transcontinental
railway    companies,     ltieludu.f*;'" Su
Thomas Shaughnessy,  J. J".   Hill and
C.   M.,    Hays.     Personally,   and   as
leader of the government,   I am  on
very  friendly tonus   with them   al.
But any suggestion that I ani^or'have
been,' or  have ��� even     contemplated,
making ---bargain  with -an yt corporation, or offering special privileges to
any is too abauid.'to require contradiction or comment."' I thought'that
theiecord of thejast '-cssron.of.-lh'i*-
legislature >***�� as - sufficient  * prosof  <f
that.   IJ^n rS[ ���*   :, ,;<-      I    .
., '_' Of course   we   are> -not- gojng to
antagonize " any/ _iail\Yay 1 .company
wantonly..,   That would be foolish as
weIli-tts',>riuiiust.*"t^Bi'itUh k- Columbia
I A Merry  'Xmas
Our Stock   of  Christmas
Fresh Lettuce, Celery,
Christie's Biscuits, Chase
Tetley's Teas.
Delicacies   is  hard  to
nd  all  Seasonable Fruits,
and     Sanborne ,  Coffee,
WeBb's Chocolates
We have these in all kinds of Fancy Packages
suitable for Beautiful Presents, filled with the choicest
Candies obtainable.
ft   Cutlery and   Glassware
- Carving Sets, Cutlery, Silverware, Lamps,   Glassware, Toilet:Sets,TArt Pottery, etc. -   _t
Call in and look around the Store or send in your
Orders.    We will.do the rest. ��� -    ,
<ss*��� ���
* Coffee
Stilton Cheese"
Smoke Brown's'. Special"
Cigar.   ...    1   -- ' .^ ~ * .,-���
We are selling all cue glass articles'
25 per cent cheaper tli m anyone eKe
in town. - The veiy best make���Law-
teuce Hardware Co.   1
Presents Suitable for the Children
Hand Bags, 50c. Purses 40p.
Sen ing Setts 50c. 75c. $1.25.
Sterling Silver Thimbles 25c.
and Soc. Silk Handkei chief-,
25c 35n 75u and $1. Mittens,
50c Silk Mitts. $1.25 Manicure
Pieces  60c   and   75c.     Toilet
Setts, Skating Shoes $1.75.
Hand Bowls, 25c. Toques, 50c
and 75c. Neck Furs, $3. $7.50
Hand Mirrors, Handkerchiefs
in Fancy Boxes, 50c 75c and
81.00. Lace Scarfs, Gloves in
Fancy Boxes.    .
O.B. HUME & CO., Ltd.
Departments tara
L. O. L. Officers.     "   ^
Officers for the coining year were
elected at th" regular meeting of
L.O.L.No. 1053, on Friday evening
last as follows : - " '
Bi o. Atehihon, W. M.,   -
Bro. Cameron, D. M. 5    ..
Bro. Ft S. Tagftart, Bee-Sec.
Bio. T. Steed, Financial Sec.
Bro. Rev. XV. C. C.ilder, Chipl.ain.
Bro. J. Shaw, l*)ir. of Ceremonies.   "
Bio. Ed. Adrtir, Lecluier.
Bio. J. H. Sashaw, lat. Committee
Bro. Watson, 2nd. Committeeman,
" Bio. W.'J. Sashaw, 3rd Commrttee-
Bro: Johnson, 4th Committeeman.
Bro. O/ G-. Thgnipson, 5lh Committeeman.
YOU'RE THE MAN we want to
try our "UNION" Cigar, Brown's
Cigar Store.    S"
Beautiful cut g'ass ornaments���vases,
dishes, etc. \. evoffer this stock 25
per cent cheaper than you can buy
anywhere else in "town,��� Lawrence
Hardware Co.   ' _ ������,
r 1,
The very best candy, nuts, figs,
dates, and also London layer raisins
ranging from 25a.to 50 cents per lb.
just the right things for Xmas dinner,
at O. B. Hume & Co's.
Lac-ieS' Day Friday, at
Brown's Cigar Store   -
The finest assortment of bound
hooks/Poels, und the latest fiction
ever shown in Bevelstoke is now on
view at the Canada Di ug and Book
We have only two sets of dining
room chair, left, they have gone pretty
brisk this last few days. Your credit
is good 10 per cent off for cosh, John
E. Wood, the furniture store.
Smoke Brown's "Marca
Vuoita "Cigar*
Music.^During, the    Dinner.
The  best mixed- candies  in town--
only 10 cents per pound at Manning'?.
Odd pieces of! furniture for Christ-
nia . at,Howson's.��-    �����
_     J-      A   *-*      -
$l���buys a dainty-little foot stool,
wire legs, \ ery strong, at Howson's.
Toilet^ cases, the best made, sold at
The Canada Drug Stbie. 1
Toy Books for children, every kind
at thc Canada Drug and Book Co.
All kinds of Smoker's supplies and
Xmas piesents at'Smythe's; ���""
New arrivals in Stnilax, Mistletoe
and Holly at C. B. Hume Sc Co's.
The best mixed' candies in town,
only 10 cents per pound at'Maunin'g's.
The best mixed1 candies in town-
only 10 jents a pound at Manning's.
Ifyouwish yonr Xmas cake made,
decorated or baked, see Hobson Sc Bell
Ladies' Day Friday, at
J_verything a Man or Boy. wears i3
sold at J. (i. Macdonald's. ..
We have eveiything that is correct
in Men's Christinas'Neck Wear���J. Or.
Candies for children in Toy department; 10c. per Ib, all day Friday. C.
B. Hume and Co.    , *     * -
Every girl likes gbod chocolates���
take her a box of Webb's���for sale at
Bourne Bios. 4
The"prettiest child's toy in town���a
little wnc chair���get one at Howson's
Furniture Store. r.
Bring the "childien to see Santa
Claus making toys in tho window
evenings at C. B. Hume Co.'s.    .
We have swell perfume atomizers
and swell perfumes to fill theni with,
at the Canada Drug and Book Stoie.
What a Xmas pi esent II! A nice
child's spoon, knife and fork set, from
25c. upward���Lawrence Hardware Co.
All kinds of fancy odd chairs, settees, etc., 10 per cent off for cash,
John E. Wood, the furniture store.
For your child "get a Boys' or a
Girls' Own Annual, new ones for this
year nicely bound only $2.25 each.
Blocks, trains.drums, stuffed figures,
engines, boats, and any kind of toys
you may think of can be fouud at tl.
The Canada Drug Store.
a's'soon as possible. > , Tho goveijnpent
will do^everythingi*in 'its \'powcr<,to
encourage^ariU assist railroad ��enlci-
nuse.v But it"^. will" not'"alienate   not
L*i-- T   i-     -- t~ 1 ��.~.���
cripple the assets of"*the province, 1 or
any part ofc thein'^to   euncb   corporations whose owu..interest will induce,
-yes, even _equire_the__ to build.      j
"Neither1 is rt the polrcy of tl e
go\e_ument to provide the cost.of the
constuiction'of abroad to^ bei handed
over afterwards to a ptnate, corporation. A thoiojigh "understanding cl
thi- by the public as well as by the
corporations will- clear the ail and
facilitate an understanding. It will
also, I believe, expedite the building of
roads wheie iudu-ttial conditions will
make them legitimate business enter-
puses r    '     (  ,   -   ���
;'In regard to public woiks generally
lhe,"mernbe_s of the goveinmeut, tha
cabinet' mimstets, bine spared no
efforts to acquire an intimate knowledge at first hand ot the leally pressing needs of every d'stiict of the piovince^ _ Such will bp attended to and
"provided for as rapidly as IbtTfinaneial
conditions permit."
Mr. McBi ide also spoke briefly of his
visits' to Halifax, Boston and New
York, which were-hurried and on
business of a ptivatc nature.
His ti ip homo allowed of no delay
until he reached Cranbrook, whore hu
found preparations had been made fnr
a public meeting. The I.ugesl hall in
Pr.uibiook was filled to lhc doors,
probably nearly COO men limn the cit}
and sui rounding disti icts being piesent. The Pieinier addieissrl the
gathering bi lefly on piovmcial issifc-
generally, staling the'government's,
position on the quesiion of railway
construction and public works. The
assurance that railway building would
be encouraged without sacrifice of thc
revenues or resources of the piovince,
and the prediction that the big turns
continental roads would 111 their own
inteiest begin opeiations in the vcry
near future, were loudly applauded.
After the meeting a caucus *��as held
and the geneial organization for the
district was gone into.     .Tames  "
was nominated president and
Thompson,     becietavy.     Tho
presidents will be one from
the outlying distri' ts, and ���������*
strong working ccihtion.
Bourne Bros.
tlvlackenzie^ -
Avenue/ --A
>-    r '<_��#���
la  -    .
tytytytytyty tytytytyty .ii ty ty ty tyty ty tyty tyty^4^MM
ty. ��T��k.rE-��a^ Br^v 8"., _g_^. **!!*����&**% Mr ymm &..m\m**\sjj&^mti
��� 4��
*  j\- 1   -���* j**,' .'Aat. rvtt\"*y
'Is pnce.mo-e'drawing near-' "The"question will"bes whatJ5',*
1 kindof preseuts shall we huythis year.   When you5look7r
-^14    ^   b rck last year or tw o.or_ thr ee ye.irs, andlthlnk* how' fool.   J
Jt. ��i. ishly you havelspent your money m track that is no eai thly-<r~,
TJ7 ��� "*    good, and probably "on the rubbish heap a-inonth after-syouif;'
ty * >. j}l'lv,e boughf it,a little iimely suggestion might be bf set vice?'-��
S  "   i.to you. ^,WHAT> could jyou buy better than  a  piece 'of;""*
���-    ^Funiiturejieitlfer for vour own use or for vour friends*^-We-"-- -^
_ ^-carry almost:everything a''FURNITURE STORE'is sup-''t
posed to cany. >      -~*1"^ ', .       -".'
.-. * J . ~5 7" " i-'.ir. '    t
-X      . .    'D1ES3INC TABLES, WHATNOTS, ETC - ^ vi/\
jg.   ""      Come and select1 oul the piece jou   want   -while   our   stock
���j.1,  1       Ijrg3.    We will reset.e it for you for Xmas. . "1       ��   '-
ty        Your Credit is Good. Ten Per Cent. Off for Cash.'_ *
# JOHM E. WOOD, - The Big Furniture Store
G. II.
carb  of
��� ts, and will form a
Salad bowls, sugar and cream sets,
carving sets, bkate->, biscuit jars.pickle
jais, butter dishes, fruit dishes, tea
sets, handsome 1 .inps, sterling silver
goods, all suitable piesents for Xmas,
at eastei n prices. -All goods guaranteed. Call and see us ���Lawrence
Hardware Compa iy.
A souvenir give . to every purchaser
fiom now to Christmas, oniy two days
left, John E. Wood, furniture store.
smokes our cigars, ask him
how he likes them, Brown's
Cigar Store.
Notico Is hereby pHen thattbirt. <5nv3 after
dntcl Intend to apnl-. to thecbicf Comtnls
litoiicrof Loud. an<1 Work j for a special license
tocut and carrv awav limber from lho follow
Ine dcsi.ribe<l .ands, hltuate in the O.oyoos
Tn\ 1-non of *k tile itIstfIct ubuut acvea-miles up-
the north fork of Chcrrj erect-���
Nn 1.   Commencini; at a post on tbe north
bank, running west M cha{n", rhenee south SO
chains tuence east SO cnalna. thence north
(.hnlns to polut oroom.iiontomont.
Dated No*. 23rd, 1905
No 2. Comtr-cncfnir at a post on the nortb
bunk of the nortb fork of Cherr-. creek, about
scm.ii miiod up tbo creek, running cast E0
clmlns, tbence north80 chains, thence nests,
chains thence south 80 chain-, to point of com-
Dated Nov 23rd, 190.5,
J o. 3 Couimenclnif at a post on ihe uorth
bank of the north fork of Cherry track, about
eight mile, up the creek runniujr north 80
chain*, 'hence cast SO i-halns, thence so itli ��)
chains ihence west SO chaius to pointof commencement.
Dated No\. 23rd, 1905.
-No 1 Commencing it a post oa fie north
bank of the north fork of Cherry crock, about
nine iniles up tho creek. runBirvnorlh ��0
chains thence cn-.t *) t hains, theno�� south SO
chains thence neat SJ chains to poir.it o�� commencement. ~
Dated hov. 23rd, 1S03.
No 5 Comrienclns at a pmt on the 'outh
bank of the north fork of CLerry ��ree_, about
eleven miles up the creek, running eastbo
chains thence north SO chains, ihence vrest 60
oSalns, thence soutb SO chains to point of com
Natcd Nov. 24th, 1S05
No fi commencing at a post about one-half
mil- from thc south bank of the north fork of
( herrv creek.about tnelve miles up thernek.
running cast F0 chains, thence north SO chains,
tlience ne-t EO chains, thence south SO chains
to point of commi>ncem:_t. lt
Dated Nov. 24tb, 1905.
No 7 Comraencln? at a post about one-bait
mile from the soutb bankof tbe north fork of
Cberr> creek, running east SJ cbains, thence
uorth 80 thains, tnence west S'J chains, tnence
south SO chains to polut of commencement.
Dated Nov illh, 190j.
No 9    uommencm?
cast bank of the south fork oif the north fork of
Commencing at a post on the nortb
_ of tbe south fork of the nort"   "
Cherry creek,   about one half,-. mile   up  thai
creek, ruining south 8> chains, thence east 80 * '
chain", thence north 80 chains thence west SO',
chains to point of commencement. J -*
_ Daled Nov. 24th. 1905 .
Commencingat a post on the northeast bink of the    ou:h fork of thenorth fork
No 8
of Cherr} crock, about one half mile up  tht
creek, running nortb ��0 chains, thence nest 80
chains, thcnccsoLth 80 ohains, thence eastSO
0'ialns to point of commencement.
Dated Nov 24th, 1905.
_   .?��� ��� ��.. Commencin-f  at a'post abont one
half mile from tbe   north-cast  bank of  tho ,
v>ulb fork of the north fork of Cherry creek '-,
ami ubout one and one half miles up the creek j   *
running sonth SO chain-, thenceeast 80 chains    *
tbence north 80 chains, theuce west SO chains "
to pointof commencement.       ~        x
Daled Nov. 24t_.j?05. "
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m It-  \r  If  11  It  4-4-4--.-4-4-4--M-.-H-4-+-. 4-f-f-*-.-.-������*  -.  -4-  -4-  | Oonsoi  I lakes  :-.-.-4-M-4-4*4-4-*H-. 4-4-4-4-4*4*4**. 4-4  I.  It wns bitterly cold, ftladys Kennel slii\civ(l in rhe dump of the cirly  moriui.", as -ho puccd up ami down  the emi>t.v street. A white mist lay  ovcr London. Under it thu hulls.. .  weio f<*r the most jiai t silent Mill,  with cl.s_-������-hiJL doois mi.I  windows.  Hut aomu ol thcm wero beginning  to .stir -lill-mon's carls were busy  rattling up aiul down tho sti outs now  antl woikmen were hurrying to c.itch  trains and liains. Life was commencing ng.uu afler the sleep cf the  night, ami presently tlie grunt wide  doors of tho in i&on"would open to let  out into life again .some who had  bcon almost a', good  as, "dead.  Oladjs stopped aiul pccicd down  tho court j aid. A littlo. stiangc-  lookmg gio#,p i\as beginning lo collect���������ragged women they weio for thp  most pait, al! siuveiing in the damp  cold of the morning���������women very dif-  dcront to her, e\en though sho was  plainly dressed���������women to whom  thero was nothing strange in wailing  outside  piison   doois!  Something that was more than tho  mist struck her with- a cold chill.  Sho was like theni���������like; tho->c wretcli-  cd women who wailed' She loo was  waiting for a ciiminal to come out���������  blio loo���������Gladys Kennel, of Grange-  lands Couit, wailing just as thcy  wero!  .She was plainly dressed, yet her  navy-blue coat nnd hcr red hat bore  on unmistakable impress  ..ho walked slowly up the street  and then back AMien sho reached lho  gales again the Iittlo crowd seemed  larger. She would not bo a cownrdl  Sho would not shi ink now! Tho time  was over; sho had como thus lar;  bhe had waited in silence and  patience for this morning, and now  bhe must l.o true and bravo!  The doois were thrown open suddenly and a small crowd of mon  camo out. straggling in ones and  twos and thiees���������men with hang-dog  airs, with boat heads, or olso with  liold faces and defiant oyes, and head  carried high.  There was a rush towards tliom.  Gladys hung back Tor just a moment  and then sho too cUuted  forward.  One had come out very differently  to the rest _lo stood against tho  gateway for a moment looking out  with strango, dazed eyes at a woi Id  ho seemed scaiccly to recognise. He  passed his hand across* his face and  looked again, and at lhat moment  Gladys  caught his  arm.  iio looked down with a great start  of surprise.  "Gladys���������you1"  lior breath wns choking in hev  ���������jjiront.  "Oh, Eric! Oh, thank Heaven,  Eric���������at last!*'  He looked down at lior Iitinguly for  n. moment, and then, as if realising  wheie and what he was, ho began to  unloosen hcr  fingers  from his ni'm.  "What brings you heio������" he nsked.  "You ought not to have come���������you  ought  never   io  ha.c  come " It  only  makes things  worse "  "Eric���������Eric-, don't say those things  to nio," sho ciied. "Oh, my dearest,  you knew I should wait���������I told you  so���������I told th.rn all so, and 1 do not  mean to deseit jou now And you  can't desert mc after I have waitotl  eo.   Eiic!"  Shc had forgotten eveiything but  lum. She was looking up wi'dly  into his white, changed face and her  heart was beating for lum just ^s it  aad beaten neaily thiee .\cais ago  before they had taken him away Tho  iittlo crowd had dispeisod. Thcy  ���������rere out in thc broad road, walking  liowii slowly towards the noisy thoroughfare and tho open shops  "Eric, you could not belie* e 1  should e'.cr let jou go*?" she was  i.ijirg. "Oh, you know I believed  ������*ou   innocent,   and  alwaj*s shall."  "Ves���������oh. my darling, I was found  juiltj-, and it docsn t matter what  anybody believes now. I havo been  punished. I have done my thrcj  reals just as if 1 had been" guilty  Oh, Gladys, lhoy called mc guilty,  - and what-doc--!t-matl'T-o*. eti���������what*  >ou believe now-' They havo branded me���������shut me up wilh thi"-vcs and  rriminals Oh, Gladj-s, nothing matters hut thht."  She tightened her fingei������ en his  arm.  "It does  matter,"     she said,   in  a i  low  voice.      * Eric,   dear,   it  matters ]  ever;, thing.   I believe you innocent,  I  know jou  never committed  tlio foig-  cry. and I .-.in going to nintrj  you."  Ifo started.  "GlacKs *'  lior small i.xcc was white and set.  "I know  what  it will  mr-an,  dear,"  she said; "but  I urn prepared.      Vou  know  I  have some  money  thnt     mv  mother  left  mc       It  will   be  enough  in full swing. Clerks woro rushing to  nnd fro, bells ringing, lifts nulling  up and down. In tho outer offices an  army ol clei ks wn.s hard nt work.  Rn* William himself wns in thc thick  of business, and amongst nil those  fivo or si\ hundred peoplo only ono  man sat inert and listless.  llo was n .voung man with n dark,  Keen face, thnt just now lookod  clurwn and haggard, lie was bending ovor his desk, doing notli.ng except stir ro at a sheet of note-paper  which ho held in Ins hand Hound  liun. on ever side, weie letteis waiting to bo ntte.uled to. Twice acleik  had como to him with note-hook und  pencil, nnd twice Sydney Doveruiix  had  sont  hnn nwny  lo  wait.  llo could nol dictate lotti-is yet.  Tic could do nothing, llo winded to  think.  Tlo stared at the papor and icad  Ihe words o\ci   again ���������  "Krie Che-sui ton was relcas-.-d this  morning. i\'as mot by a pretty girl  in imvy-bl io clothes niul ied hai  Thcy drove nway together in a l.uu-  som."  Sydney's brows conltacted    A  veiy  uglj' look dailencd his lather   hand- |  some face.  "Iltili! If l.o is out, what then'**  And tho gill���������it cuuld not havo boon  Gladys���������:t   could   imt  havo  boon."  He got up It ...lily and, crossing tho  room, opened a door which led into  Su- William's piivato room Sir Vtil-  lmm was nlon-, nnd looked up sharply as Sj-dnoy camo in.  "Ah, Sydney!'- he said, "Anything urgent*? '  Sydney   hesitated. -  "I think [ must have left a memorandum behind in your safe at your  house last night," ho suid, a little  hiibkily, nt last. "I had better go  and get il before 1 do anything else,  for, you remember, thoro is a mooting nt twelve."  "To bo sure." Sir William pullo 1  his keys fiom his  pocket.    "-You  niej  tho park, green and bright lay on his  right. Ho looked towards it dully,  remembering in a queer way the  morning rides he had had with  Gladys during tho past two or three  years Ho had dono woncterful things  in that time. His luck hnd been fabulous llo hntl got on by tremendous  strides, nnd had lisen from being an  insignificant nobody into Sir William's persona!  liiend.  His car turned tho corner of Queens  Gate sharply und ran down tho wido  street lie drew up boforo Sir William's house and got down. Thc man  who opened lho door know lum well  enough,  and  Sydney rnn  in  "Ask Miss Gladys if she will .oj  me for a few minutes before 1 go,"  Iiu said, as he turned inlo the libr-  ni'.v.    "I  -hull  not be long hero."  "Miss Glntlys is out, sir," said tho  man  Sydney   turned   sharply.      liis   face  giew a iittlo gicy,  and thc words on  tho shooL of note-paper in lus pocket  giew  .suddenly  clear  before  his  eyes.  "Slot by a girl  in  navy-blue���������"  "Uo  you  know   whoro  sho  is?"    ho  asked,  sharply.  Tho man shook his head.  "She left no message," ho said.  "And when  did  she go  out?"  Sydney asked,  huskily.  "That 1 enn't say, sir. Beforo  breakfast, I  think,  sir." '  Sydney luir.ed away. Tn the libra-  ary befoie him he fumbled for a  minute with Sir William's kejs. What  need to go tlirough tho faico of examining tho safe? Thero wns nothing there ho wanted.  Tho butler met him in lho hall.  "Any message for Miss Gladys,  sir?" ho askod  Sydney shook his head. "So," , ho  suid.  III.  Onco   more  his  hand   vvas   on     tho  wheel  of tho car,  and once more     il  was   thi'-bbmg  under  lum.   At     tho  membrnnco camo back. His faco  changed abruptly. He drew a painful breath and tried to turn.  At tho same instant Sir William  Kennet camo in, Sydney was looking  at Gladys.  "Forgive���������if you can," ho said, in  a fooblo voice. "I loved j*ou so���������  from tho vcry first; anil I hated Eric  becauso of you���������that was why I planned his ruin���������why I forged tho  cheque."  "You!" Tho woid carno like a cry  from Gladys s and Sir William's  lips.  "You!" Sir Williat.i repeated. "Tho  son of my old friend1"  The dying man did not move.  "That wus why," ho wont on,  slowly. "1 jiut it in Eric's desk���������  thu cheque���������where it would bo found���������  it got him out of tho way���������it got  limi out of tho way���������but it was no  good���������sho dui not. euro���������.vou, I mean,  did not care���������1 might have Known���������  ah, Gladys, lorgivo'"  She roso to hor foot. Forgive'' Forgive tho shame and di'-graec? Kite's  hitler pain' Forgive thc deed that  had branded hiin a forger nnd a  thiof>      How  could  she?  Sho turnod awny. Tho faco of Eric  on IIig other sido of (ho room met hor  eyes. Sho wont up to him and put  out her 1-nnds with a sob.  Eric's whisper was hoard only-hy  hcr. '  "Wc must forgive him���������ho is dying," ho said.  +++++++++++.t.+.+-t.++++.  i About tiie House ���������  I ���������   I  VJ_CJ-_.i_.IUAN DINNER.  Cream  of potato  soup.  Macaroni with tomato and cheese.  Siring  beans.  Cauliflower with mayonnaise;.  Wnfc-i s. Cheeso.  Strawberry   shortcake.  ColTee.  top of the roa_ he tinned into Kens-  .sure you put it back in mv safe')" ,,0 |'"gt-on Gardens and shot forward be-  asked.    "Well,   it  ought  to  leach   us \U\CTC" hues of smooth  green grass  llo  sat staring straight  ahead.  Ho  not to do business out oi ..office houis  my boy. Gladys is always grumbl.ng  at mo about ii��������� says I ought not to  go into accounts with my dossoit.  and insists on sitting vvith me while  I eat my nuts, just to soe I don't do  it. AMien sh j is your wife, Sydney,  you must lot hor keep that up. It's  a bad thing to carry business home.  Well,  go  and  get  tho Papor."  llo handed ~ the koj*s to Sydney,  who turned and crossed lhe loom  slowly.  "lly tho wny, -Sydney," Sir Wil-  lior.m said, suddenly, "you'll see  Gladys, no doubt Tell hcr to expert jou to dinner to-night If you  can   come  I'll   tnko    someone     homo  wilh me to moke a fourth, and  thon  ���������then,     perhaps,    Sydney,    my  bo>\  j*ou      and    sho   can  settle  things.   1  want j'ou married.    Speak to her and  arrange  it to-night.   Sho knows    my  wishes,   nnd j-ou  ought  to  have     no  difficulty  now.''  Sydney's  throat was dr.y  "Bid you know," ho asked, abrupt-  ly,  "that Eric Chestei ton  come  out this morning?"  Sir William looked up with a little  start  "Why,    no,"   ho    cried.    "Aie  sure  of if"  Sydney   nodded,    and     Sir  VII Lam  sank buck  in his scat with  a     fiownl  between      his  liovvs,     which   cleared I  quickly  after  a  minute  "Well,  sho won't be such a fool  as'  lo    Hunk  of    that  follow now,  .said,   shaiplj-.    "Sho must have  shot past tho Albert Memorial, out  through tho gates, across tho road,  and  into  the park.  Thc gardens had boon full, but tho  road seamed empty now. The 'long  lino of liottcn Kow was deserted. On  Ins left tho Serpentine lay like a  broad streak of silvor between the  trees. He slackened speed a little,  and crawled along thc road trying to  steady his thoughts and the boat of  his hoait Wh.v was thoro that uncomfortable feeling upon him���������that  queer, cold feat that had nearly undone  tlu eo j'ears  ngo?  He looked round at the great park.  There was no ono in sight that morning. His car approached the cornor.  and thoro suddenly a smnll splash of  color against the biown of the road  caught  lus  eye  On  a chair  under  tho  trees  was   a  gul  with a ied hat'  .   Thu car shot foi ward sharply under  lus    nervous grasp   and  thon slowed  down    aaam.     J lis   hard  grey     eyes  der   tho  A day or two later on every wall  in Sir William Kennct's businoss  hou.so was posted the following announcement .���������  "Sir William Kennet, having 'received proofs of thc innocence of  Eric Chesterton of tho forgery with  which he wns charged, has decided to  appoint him manager in place of  the late Sydney Devoreux, which position ho would have occupied had it  not boon for thi.s most unfoitunnto  mistake. Sir William fee's that tho  regrets and congratulations of tho  wholo houso will be with Mr. Chester-  Ion   on  lus  return."  And when Sir V'illiam drove rip in  his motor-cnr with Ei ic nt lus side,  lho five or six hundred ciiploj'es were  crowding doors nnd passages to welcome him.  Hoth Eric and Sir William wero a  little white when they 1 cached their  rooms, and Sil William held out -his  hand.  "Now for a frosh start," ho said  London Til-Bits.  PERSONAL POINTERS.  Interesting    Gossip    About  -    Prominent People.  Some  you  was    ', T | st-arcd  blindly at tho giil  un  1     trees,     and   then    lus    heart gave a  thiob.  lie  might, have  known.   Ho   might  have  understood 'the  meaning   of _the  cold  fear  that  was  upon  him  if     ho  iind not been a  fool.   Ho might have  known  nfter  all    thoso    j*oars     that  Gladys was   loyal     and  faithful  and  tiue to tlic man she loved.  And she vvas with him now!      The  , l(:second  figuie   under     the  trees   grew  ,    "j | suddenly clear to him.       They     wero  1 ' I looking  into  each  other's faces;  both  her     lesso.-i,    and, I   *��������� was   emphatic i ,    , .   ,   ,, , ,.    , ,  onough.       A   forget ���������    Good   heavens, I ���������'Q "''8^. both wero blind to overy-  Sydnoy,  T can't  understand    womon.   th'n������ a,K ,������vCP'������,"C l:Isc*  How    could   she     mako   excuses   and' ,  Uut  "'"Mc"1* <���������'���������������**���������  "tight,  sight  stick  to a man  who had  sullied    hls | h>m  and sp.nng  to her  feet.  honor as Eric Chrsterton had   done?!  ' Ei ic��������� Eric-  she  Why do  women  stick to  blackguard, jc,-io*1*    "lAit us   teI1  1,!m  nov'  hero  is  Sydney!  tn  now."  Shc ran out waving her hand. Syd-  as thoy do, Sydney? I can't understand them. I'd givo Eric twenty  yeais  if I could,  just    as I'd      give    ., .    ,  twenty years lo any man who  stole   s,le   u'cc  in  the shameful  way he  did "  "J3ut"���������Sydney's voice camo strain-      ,, _    _    ��������� ,   ���������  1    I'or a     moii'-ent    Sydney struggled.  The last    drop cf   blood died     from  "Sjdr.e'.v���������Sydney,     here is    Eric!"  bioathicssly. "He     has  , come    home.       C'oaic and speak     to  ' him."  ed and husky���������' but who knows what  temptation ho may have had*?*' hj  said. y  "Hah!" broke in Sir Wi'liam. "Ive  heaid you say that before, but temptation is no excuse for a man. It ii  no excuse for thieving as Chesterton  did Gladys tails mo hard, but of all  sins a man can onim.t forgery is to  mo least worthy of forgiveness It is  tho coldest-blooded oi crimes A man  may do something despot ate in a  mom. r.t     of-pa__.On���������something     for  his face. Speak to him���������to tho thief,  the forger, ihe man who had just  finished "serving time"���������how could  ho speak  to hiin'**  His attitude was strange for an  lionpet, worthy, upright man, as Sir  William had called him. Guilt,  shame,   and  bitter    hatred   drew   his  President Loubet, of Franco, was  born with a passion fc* music. He  has composed several oratorios, and  is an excellent performer on the  piano.  One of the wealthiest peers in the  kingdom is Earl Fitzwilliam, who is  the fortunate ' possessor of somo  no.OoO acres of -land in England  and ffoland. Under tho recent land-  purchase measure, "however," he has  disposed of some of his Wiekiow property Some twenty years ago lho  Fitzwilliam estates were put at  about 92,000 acres in Tioland, worth  92..0.000 per annum; and about 24.,-  000 acres in England, worth about  S-i 10,000  a  year  An early incident in Lord Wolsc-  ley's career was characteristic of  thc spirit or tho man. At thc ond  of J8..t, m recognition of his services in tho Crimean War, he was gazetted captain. Wlien it was discovered, however, that Woiseley was  little more than twonty-onp yeais  old, the i,ipta,incy was cancelled. Uut  thc youny man protested so vigorously against this injustice that tho  cancellation itself was cancelled and  the i-sptaincy restored,   i  Thc Empress Eugenic is devoted to  flowers and personally superintends  hcr garden, both at Farnborough at  thc Villa C'yrnos, her house near  Cap Martin, which is famed for its  roses. Armed with a pair of scissors, her hands protected by garden  glove", tho Empress busies herself  about  hcr  rose   trees,   pruning unde-  Cnuliilower is richer ovon than  cabbage in protoid, tho nutriment  value of eubbago being* ono part  protoid to four of carbohydrate, so  that latilillower served on ontiio  wheat bread, toasted and enriched  wilh a while sauce to wluili tho  yolks of tvvo or more eggs' havo been  added, would seem to provide tho  full measure of needful piotoid, and  in a form that even tho most pronounced opponent of the vegetarian;  might consider satislactory.  If properly taken caro of aftor  the meal cold vegetables dressed us  salads are most appetizing at this  season. Tho chief desiderata are  tenderness of the vegetables, just  enough diessing and uo more, and  a chilled state whon served. Cheese  combines well with many vegetables,  as it does also with grains and  macaroni. When delicately1 cooked  and diluted with appiopriatc ingredients it may bo usod, but moio  sparingly, than in tho season when  tho function of digestion is morc  vigorous. .  Tomalocs with Macaroni.���������Cook  one-half pound macaroni in rapidly  boiling salted water until tender,  scald ono pint cream over hot water;  add half pound cheese cut into thin  shavings, and stir until tho choose  is__aclted; add ono-fourth cup butter  and a dash of salt and paprica.  Have ready, baked in a serving dish,  fivo or six tomatoes vvith the skin  nnd core removed before baking;  dispose the macaroni in" a wreath  nrot nl tho tomatoes, pour tho  cheeso mixture ovor tho whole, and  servo hot  Cream of Potato Soup.���������Boil five  potatoes and an onion fivo minutes;  drain, add two quarts of boiling  water, and cook until tender, then  pass them wilh tho liquid through a  sieve. 'Season with salt and popper, and slir in tho yolks of two  eggs beaten with a cup of rich  cicam. Do not allow the soup to  boil, but stir and cook until the egg  becomes slightly cooked. Ha.vo  ready a small turnip and half/a carrot, cut in straws and cook until  tender, separately in boiling salted  water. Add those to the soup tc-  golher with one or two tablespoons  cooked peas or string beans cut  small.  edgo of the spoon, and poach in a  saucepan of boiling water four or  live minutes or until firm. l_to wator  must not boil hard, but simply simmer gently at thc sides. Six or  moro balls may bc cooked at ono  time. Let drain in n colander while  making a cream sauce, reheat tho  balls in tho sauce and serve.  Frineh Spinach���������Tlio French stow  spinach in a little nulk or stock, or  in a littlo water to which a pieco of  buttcr has boon added. The broth  is served with tho spinach. It may  bo n-odless to add that spinach must  be   thoroughly   washed.  HINTS FOIi 1IOM1- LIFF.  lace inLo haid  lines.   Gladys's happy  sirnble  shoots     and   getting  rid  of  oyes beamed upon him. If she knew j withered leaves. Her Majesty is  ���������Ifcavcn-hrlp-him4-���������3f-.Ae--Ou!d-.-w������-.\t-ry^i������iipaia--iir-lho--'nclghborliooil-of-  into his heart, whet would hor eyes iFninborough, where her groat kind-  look  like  then'.' n-ss has  .ridr-ared her  to everyone.  Tlis  shaking hand   luineil  tho  driv-      .,        ti--h. ,      _     i, ._  lins-whcol.      The    cur   shot   forward I,1 k'rr  ^ilh"i������������   I ackhnus,   tho young  ������ (Gorman  pianist,  has  won   the Ilubm-  to  which ho may not be quite responsible���������but in order to forge hc hns to  sit down and think and plan nnd  wait       It  is a deliberate, cold-blocd-,  _f������Cr\T������i%n'_,.',r\nn.le^_rt,ld _n������p"������"������^ "������ l'���������������.' nn.l"_uHh������,'ab__pi.   j������������'������  V^oot ^,000  fr     foi.nd.-d  give     it   1   '.on t     understand,      nnd ������������������._..   ���������,,  , i,���������  r���������>,,i   0,,,   ,-���������(���������     ,.������������������ I prodaim   "Ihu  iincst-pianist   in  Olatlvs least oi all.    Shu be'icved him \ '.���������..,"."n:v_-_;l_i!]������_r?r.'...������  .,..'."       ���������J1! woild."    Th  He     pui Ici   the   sped-le.c., I  innocent, of course, bul-spcak to her ' J���������'*'   ������P���������   SPaC������  ab������"t  ~I,y'l������  again  to-night.   Her obslinu. v  is  be-1    V.!"'.' . ,   .,  1     What   i.nppi-iod   tl-Ti  Park I  thc  competition to-k place  hi-   did  j in   I':i]-������",   and     there  wero  thirty-six  nnt   competitors     from     all     parts       of  cabs ' I'Urop. When     Tlackhtius     finished  .es    wagons  lollort -playing     the     Rubinstein      Concerto  aw none of them, sholh   orchestra   nnd   listeners���������in   de-  his I fiance of the  traditions of such corn-  ears, but above all he heard Gladys's ^petitions��������� burst into a tumult, of ap-  clear   voice,   with   the  gl-ul  so'-nd    iiijplau.se.     JI_   is  just  over   twenty-one  'buses  throw   up   tho  thiet   and   forger  Chesterton,  was so  a.stoni.lung  for     us  to    start    in   business  with j sibta for his niece Gladvs.  -omewherc, and uncle can do what he  likes.   He was cruel to you���������oh,     ho  was  horribly  hard   on   us   both,   and  I am going to mniry j-ou���������at     onco,  Eric,  darling."  Ho stood still  in the middle of thc  road and looked down at her.  "IJut���������" he stammered. "I thought  >���������Sydnoy said���������that you and he���������"  Shc stamped her foot  "It is not true���������it is not true." sho  Tried, passionately. "I would not  marry him to save my life I would  not  marry him  for a  fortune "  "But, Gladys, it would bc belter  He is getting on. Vour undo thinks  ���������fiie  world  of him.    Tlo  is  his     light  hand, and I "  "Eric. don't���������don't' Tt has all  been dinned into my cars for three  years, and it has made no difference.  j can't marry Sydney I'ncle has  bribed mo with everything I o can  think of. He is going to make him  a paitnor and goodness knows what  else But it is you I love���������you 1  love, and you f am going to rna'i-y  ���������and  _ocn,   Eric,   dear "  t>iiiiiing   to  try my  temper,  and     I'll  guarantee that sho sajs 'yes'  to you  whon    you ask   her to become    your   Rnrl  carnages  ujrc " i past  him.   but he s:  Ilf.   mind   xvas made up  about Er.JT,,0"e   was     "     c������nf,!RMl "oi"-  Chesterton,   wi'o  had l'orq.d  hi" name  to     a  cheque  threo yeais  ago,     anil  nbout Sydney  Pevureux, who, he wai   ���������*������������������ , . ,, .      ,    .   ,       ,   .  , .   i.,     T_  ��������� -    ���������  convinced, w'as the best husband pos-"������v nothing-nothing but h.r bright,   the Ru.imsfm  prize.  That   sho  ^PP-V  c.vt"!  beneath   hcr  red   hat. a  good  story concerning  the King  did not  fall in  lovo to his or.J.r and1   _Tho warning shout be did not hear. ' o( th(i Ue.gians  Is told  by a French  WITH LAMB  LEFT  OVERS.  Lamb Croquettes���������Two cups finely  chopped cooked lamb, ono cup boiled  rice, one tablespoon chopped purslcy,  one tablespoon lemon juice, two  tablespoons flour, one cup cream,  one tablespoon butter, salt and pepper .to taste. Scald 'the milk; rab  the butter and Hour together until  smooth, add to the scaldetl .milk,  and stir until it thickens. Mix thc  meat, rice, parsley, and seasoning  well together. Mix with th'e thickened milk "and cool. When cool,  form into cone shaped croqticllcd,  cover with egg and bread crumbs,  and fry in  smoking hot fat.  Curry of Lamb���������Two cups chopped  cooked lamb, two tablespoons flour,  two cups stock, one tablespoon  orange juice, ono-half teaspoon  chopped mint, two tablespoons buttcr, ono teaspoon curry powder, salt  and pepper to taste. Brown tho  butter, add thc curry powder, moat  and mint, and cook ton minutes or  until thc meat is. well heated and  seasoned. Add tho flour, stir until  brown, add the stoclr and stir until  the sauce has thickened. Season and  serve in a rice boiler. In place .of a  ricc boiler, one cup boiled rico and  one of meat may be used, following  the__directions_giy33ii_nboye.  A littlo salt rubbed on earthenware pudding dishes will tako away  brown spots.  A new clothesline if boiled for half  un hour will become tougher, last  longer,   and  will  not  tangle.  A shco of iaw tomato' rubbed on  to ink stains on a whito cloth or  the hands  will   remove  the stains.  Tho smell of tobacco in a room  will bo gono in the morning if a  basin of water bo placod there over  niglit.  Have scraps of ham, tonguo or  pressed hoof for they help to season  forcemeat and make excellent relishes.  Cut ofT tho flap of sirloin of beef  and sprinkle salt over it if tho weather bo warm, then boil and servo  cold.  All herbs Used for medicine should  bo gathoicd on a lino day and bo  well, dried in the sun, spread out on  paper.  In making buttonholes, if the cotton i.s passed through beeswax it  vvill prevent its knotting and bo  much   stronger.  Chamois gloves aro useful wear for  a railway journey, for thoy can bo  washed overnight ready for the next  morning.  Make tea with soft wator ns often  as possible, for it soft .ns and opens  tho tea leaves more thoroughly than  hard water.  JTilk is not so likely to turn sour  if kept in a low, wide pan, but it  turns very quickly if kept in a long,  narrow vessel.  Patent leather can be revived and  brightened by rubbing with a linon  rag soaked with milk. Then polish  with a soft,   dry duster.  After frying do not pour off lho  fat until it has cooled a little, and  then bo careful to keop back 'tho  sediment, which throw into the pig-  tub.  Soap suds should never be wasted,  as they prove a very valuable manure. No ono who is lucky, enough  to have a garden should ever throw  away soap suds.  The'clear juice of one. lemon,-taken  without sugar, in a wineglas-sful of  cold water, is a thorough remedy for  muddy complexions and erruplions  on  thc skin.  A folt hat x may bc stiffened by  placing a wot cloth on thc brim, and  passing a hot iron,over, this till it.is  dry Pulling**" away the cloth ,will  raise  the nap.     <  Physicians assert that,baked potatoes are moro nutritious than thoso  cooked in any othor way, and that  fried ones aio tho most difficult to  digest. .       '      .   *  Piano keys can be cleaned as can  any old ivory hy boing rubbed with  mu������Iin dipped in'alcohol. If very  yellow use a pieco of flannel moisten-  .-d  with  cologne  water.  If new tinware bc rubbed over with  frosh lard and thoroughly heated -in  iho oven beforo itMs usod it .will  never rust afterwards, no matter  how much it is put in water.  Braid for trimming washing frocks  should bo dipped in cold water and  pressed dry on the wrong side with  a rather hot iron before being usod,  to avoid shrinkage afterwards.  Eric has  come homo,"   and      ho!���������five years b^-low  the  age  limit   for  Eric  that  .lie  soe.  rarv.      A   few     years     ago  eopold  noticed  at an  art ex-  running    policemen   hc  did   not lv011tempo  Tho  broad  gnt.wny scorned  to!Kin(, i ofJ  W������4I>.   I   Villl'Or <>l.      . "IV. (lilt   li'lte   lltlll^ >   II U V #t 1*1. I r.1 I l_ I "'"ij ������VVj/-u ".m        HVHM.U -*_r        U" __-T������-        -. --  all lus n.nd and will weio bent on 1 havo vatus.icd into air aS he Unshed 'hlbl-,iol, n ,,maI1 parnting reprosent-  sccurmg hi-i wish. Ho resolved tolt-������^r<Js lf H-V(**������ Pn1* C������rnor scorn- ing a ,lock of Bheep m a n,.ld at flun.  spare nothing to  make her  vicld.   It i od    empty���������empty���������eicso.ate    ������s     m=J.     t  rirnc      Wh,,n   the  K-       expressed  time that  anvonn    h..d!oun   Ilfc* ,      , ,        ,  and it loused      "e turned    he lovor sharply  --    'car,  like  a   living  thing,  sprang for-  Tho  IT  pa  was  tho  fiist  opposed him for veoi'-., - - ,  all    his   fierce     determination.      Shoicar-   '1'<e .....       .,  should  mairy    Sydney Bovorcux     or   ������������'���������  Ah "-  dashed  inlo    the   ������,tonc-  sulTer for it. j woi k ho threw  up his    hands with a  At  tho  door  Sydn.v  looked     back | Cl1 -  for an instant and  then slowly wnl  The great business hoii'.e of Sir  i"\.in_im I-cniiet and Co. was liuin-  jjcing  like  a  hive.   'I'he  morning  was1 Hvde Park Corner ran past him, an-l  out���������back to I.is own oflico. Ho rang  a bell, gave ..ome oiders as lo what  was to bo done (lining Ins absence,  and then, slipping into an ovei coal,  went out inlo the yard behind tho  gieat building where Sir William's  motor stood, 'lho chauffeur wns no-  whcic to be seen. Sydney looked  i ound, and then suddenly got, inlo  thc car Ho would drive himsolf. He  could not stay���������could  not wait  Sydney shot out inlo the open  ������������������troit il wus thick with tiiilhc 'Ilie  morning wns in full swing by now,  nnd thc city vas fid!���������throbbing with  business  life.  Sydney ran awnj* from it all���������  down from the cit,-, liimi'fji thp  < i owdo .   stieets,   out   -nio   (ho    opon  "An hour at most," said tho doctor, "lie cannot livo longer than  (hat If Ihero is anyone he ought  lo see thcy should bo fetched at  once "  Gladys put up hor hand to her  shaking lips nnd then tut noil to Eric  who stood beside her. They hnd soon  the car flnsn forward and had follow-  (rl it, and it vas Ene. l.ho wen l��������� how  and fetched Sir William���������Frio tho  foiyci '  Sydney   Iny   very  ;,till     The    hnid,  keen look had gon^'fCoin lit*; faco    lie.  had  fnrgoll'n  Gladys mid  the lifj.pi- ���������  ikss in iur oyrs; b. t su.kknly it  ��������� aino bnok She win siltinir beside  lum���������lli.re^ close to iiini, and sho v.n'i  iiying  ng  expi  a wish to buy the picture ami asked  the price, thc artist put on a guileless look and .aid:��������� "Supposing  your Majesty paid for iny sheep at  tho butcher's value, 50 fr, apiece?"  The. King glance*! at the canvas,  mutt'Tcd, "Ten or twelve sheep . . .  for r>C. ) fr to OOOfr. . . . not too  much lor the picture," and the bargain was concluded. Three days  Inter thr- painter took his fnnva.  to tho castle it Lnoken. When the  remit ing of lho shcop began the artist pointer' lo a number of while  d"ts in the bnfkrji oifml, and said,  gravelj, "Unn't forget those There  nr.- ni Imsl a thousand." "Ilut iln't  that nisi diisC1-" iCmg Leopold ns'.cl  ni.-.i   -i-lv ".Vo,   ���������'.���������������������������;     iho ���������!     iro  fh.-rp " "On .vour word of lion ir?"  " .ii mv Void cf bono: " And thus  tho Iv.ng cf the fli'Iftin ... whoso  Icniiirg (ouiiad- striit economy- is  well l.no.-.n, paid ..0,000 fr. for rt  painting  which  would  havo been well  Pilaff of Lamb���������One-half cup rice,  two cups cold chopped lamb, two  tablespoons buttcr. Boil the rico  in plenty of boiling, snlted water  twenty minutes or until tender.  Drain and mix with tho finely chopped meat, which should be seasoned  with salt and pepper and a few  drops celery extract. Add tho buttor, mellod, and when thc meat is  heated, turn lho rice and meat into  a greased tin mold. Place in tho  oven a few minutes, or unlil lho  pilaff keeps ils form when turned  out of  the  mold.  -Mutton Scallop.���������Two cups finely  chopped cooked meat, one .cup tomato sauco, onc-hilf cup broad  crumbs, ono tablespoon butter. Melt  the butter, add tho bread crumbs,  and stir until they are thoroughly  greased; s/'jison thc meat .villi salt,  pepper, tx drop or two of onion juice  or other suitable .seasoning. Fill a  greased buking dish with alternate  laycis of tho moat, sauce and broad  crumbs, covering tho top with tho  crumbs. Ihiko twenty minutes in a  quick oven  am)  s_r������'c.  DOCTOR IN THE SCHOOL.  The schools of the city of Brussels are divided into six groups, and  each group has its medical officer.  He must examine thc pupils from the  physical and intellectual point of  viow, and endeavor to foresee and  to -* check any abnormal development or tendency to dis*cas*e. What  is^vmIir.ctl^s_"Fiw*entivc"ino<licino''"  (prophylactic), such as cod-liver oil,  may then bo prescribed at J,he public expense. A remarkablo feature of  this medical service is that the medical olllcors have to givo lessons on  hygiono   to   the  senior  classes.  Mr. Arthur Burrows, barristcr-at-  Inw, of Lincoln's Inn, London, has  recently completed his ninety-third  year, having boen born on August  _Gth, 1812. Ifo is the oldest prac-*  tising barrister 'in the kingdom, and  hns held the appointment ns onc of  the. conveyancing counsel to tho  Chancery  Division  sinco ,1877.  FEATS OF PENMANSHIP  KIWG'S BIOGEAPH ON A GRAIN  OF WHEAT.  M. J.  Sofor, a, French Gentleman,.  Displays  Wonderful  Skill  With a Pen.  The feat of writing the Lord's  Player upon a space which a sixpence would cover is so familiar as  to conso to bo wonderful, but ono  cannot resist a tributo of genuine  astonishment to a man who can  write tho wholo of our National Anthem along the thin edgo of an cr-  dinary visiting-cnid, and who has  noluallj penned biographies of King  Edward und .several members of his  family upon a tiny grain of wheat,  f-'ueli a microscopic "calligrnphist"  is M. J. Sofor, a French gentleman,  who, wo should say, could safely  challenge tho wliolo wor <i to rivalry  in his own Hold of penmanship, say's  London Tit-Bits.  Perhaps moro wondorful still aro  tho portraits bf celebrities which M.  i-Jofcr produces out of their bio-  graphics. His presentment of the  Czar, for instance, is not only a  clover likeness, but every stroko in  it is part of a continuous life of the-  llussian Emperor in letters so minuto that to the unaided eyo thoy  seem part of an ordinary pen 'lino  while thc artist is at present en-'  gaged on a similar picture of King  Edward, which will bo made up of  his biography containing 44,000 let-  tors.  There is 'probably never been a.  time when this art of minuto penmanship has not exercised itB fascinations.    In  Cicero's time,  ,     ABOUT 2,000 YEARS AGO,'*  tho whole of Homer's "Iliad:' was-  copied so microscopically that ft  was placed in a nutshell, and a fow  centuries later an artist wrote a.  short poem and enclosed it in'a. hollowed grain of corn, whilo still another penman in theso long-gone  days actually wrote a verse of Homer on a  grain of millet.  Pcdotti, a fourteenth-century  Italian, performed tho most astountl-  ing feats with his pen. Ho wrote-  a poem of over 100 linos on a space  no larger than his littlo finger-nail;  mado an elaborate landscape-sketch,  including ''a shepherd and a drovo of  sheep, which a grain of corn completely covered; -and penned a long  treatise on poetry in- such minuto  letters that tho manuscript had the  appearance of a closo series of perfectly straight lines; ���������w_ilo he dedicated to Urban VI. a history of tho  Papacy,"* which* took the form of an  excellent likeness of tho Popo In _,.  whoso, honor^ it was ,written. Urban,  was incredulous when he was assured by the artist that the portrait  was composed of more than 12,000*  words in tho form of a consocutivc '  history,. and exclaimed, as well he-  might,������������������ "Why, this-is'nothing less**  than a miracle."    *���������.'<-  But Italy had no ' monopoly, of  theso minuto calligraphists. Many,  centuries ago Peter Bales, an Eng'  lish Chancery clerk, wo learn from  the Harlcian Manuscripts, transcribed thc whole of tho Bible in  such small compass that hc was able  to       ,     '      .       '      -  ENCLOSE IT. IN A -WALNUT.  "The nut holdeth the book,-" we are-  told; "there are as many leaves in  his littlo book as the great , Bible,  and he hath written as much in oho **  of his little leaves as a great , leaf  of the Bible.'/ And, not to bo outdone by Peter Bales, another Englishman, of the seventeenth century,  ono Henry Mason, copied' the whole  of "Paradiso Lost" and enclosed his  manuscript in a hen's egg.  As we have seen, M. Sofcr is by'no  means thc first pen-artist who, has  mado a portrait tho medium of a  long,, narrative. At tho British  Museum thore is to be seen an excellent likeness 'of Queen Anne, little larger than half a sheet of, note- '  paper, every delicate line of ,which  is made up of words and sentences,  tho entire narrative being sufliciont  to fill a small volume; and at St.  John's College, Oxford, thoro is a  hbael of tho_ martyred King, Charles ' ^  I.,"which, although to all appear- '**���������  nnco n delicate engraving, is "similarly composed. With the help of  as microscope you can road in tho  lines of the ..fa:c and thc ruff the  wholo of ' tho Psalms, lho Lord's  l'rayer, and the Creed.  SPINACH.  Tn cooking spinach in a large  quantity of water, which nmst_ be  draiti-d from it, the polttsh salts", Its  most valuable constituents, arc lost.  Tender spinach will cook in (ifLccn  or twenty minutes; if ntlralion can  bo givon to thc process use a littlo  moio water nr.d  less he;.I.  Thc Kaiser puts in twelve hours of  work a day; hu knows some-thing  about cngiujcring and electricity; hc  can paiiit a picture and mako a caricature; he can cook us woll as eat;  he leads in prayer and conducts a  choir; ho changes his dress twelve  times a day and has ������..00,000 worth  of clothes; he bears a hundred lilies  and is an Admiral in three of thc  biggo"-t navies; he does a hundred  different things and does each one  neaily as woll as docs Lhc export in  that particular line���������certainly a  Koyal  .Tack of all   trades.  llo stared  at lor and  thou  all    ro-  paid  fer by 10,000  fr  jlicnifly  popuhi  Spinach      Halls���������Melt      two     table- . almost   invariu  rpo'Mis of (lour and half teaspoon    of i rather     lon,  M-ccr      When  blended add or,-.- tabl���������  er>oon  <K-m   end   (brrr-tpini tors  of n  i up     icioke.l     spiniuh,   fiioi'p-d   (u-o  Brat   well,      lui'oic     fiom   hi.',   ntltl  two eggs,    onc nl  a  time        t-re'.tui  vi ith salt  and poppet   to ln������te. md a  few   gin ins     of     nui'O.        Muller    on?  tnblc-'poon  and  fill  with  the spi'ia h -the   '.op  with   ;i  i';.t   crys'.ai   bul  mixture,   maUiiig  it   level, with     lho   and  licars hcr initials  in rubies.  Tho .voung Crown Princess of Germany is rapidly becoming tho leader  of fashion in Horlin. .She has sot a  now custom, which is becoming cx-  r. -\ li * I o walking she  hl.v carries a dainty,  walking--tick with a  gold itip and .."rumcnl'd v.i'h a  siiken bo--.* II-'.* li'o.-al lll'riitic-s has  a large c olic^'.icn (.f ��������� A. 'ks. fron  ivhirh .he r> nblo to ���������-eli t onc to  siii! any ciat'imp ll'.-it -i . mav bo  wcarii'g. On" -ier.,- hiii-isoiuc mauve  teli,.vd     f-l ck     ri     _ nis. ������������������'1      c.      .tl  Kl-MAItKAIlLE   GRAVI.YAIW. ]  Tho Ked Indians of Pala, in California, woro converted to tho Catholic  faith in thc eighteenth century, and  remain Catholics to-day. Though  somo superstitions prevail, their belief in the resurrection is strong. Believing that the dead must remain  for some time in the grave, they observe exactly the hour at which the  spirit departs, and tho rude wooden  cross ovei1 each grave in the ccme-  toi*y states the exact hour, minute,  and ilay on which the person died.  Suspended from the arms of tho  cross is an alarm clock, with tho  hands set at tho particular hour.  The alarm at tho back of the clock  has bec-n set at tho same moment.  Tho person who placed the clock  there believes that at thc proper  momont tho alarm will sound antl  will  awaken  thc  sleeping spirit.  ANIMATED NATURE.  fimarty���������Do J'ou know I saw a  lice bough repeatedly when it started  lo leavo.  Tarty���������That's nothing, .1 saw a  board walk ail  alcnj lho beach.  Mis.     Starluppc���������"Ah,     profes  And Jikw is my daughtei   golli.ig  \ ith  her niuric''    Do you   think  will   over   b.rorae     a   gieat   Mul*  I rof.s'cr-  to     .av.'  or i  on  sho  i*������"  c (ionic,   it is very hn'*d  Mr-.     Starluppc���������"liut  pO.S������Y",SC'S      som.    of   lho  )"       rrofcssoi��������� "Aihll  ,\l   suie'iv      :no  n, j quail' cnli-  ''jl::,  ___da:*_c',  s_e haf a moulh 0$  yAH-iSAii,  -^>o-^o-K>-.<3*4^>K>-cK>4-<>4-o-^-o4-  The Case of     j  | John Penrose 9  <? -$  i^-H>^<>4*<><H>-*K>4<>-^-o^o-4'04-o  During E__y sorvicp ns assessor of  *tho Vesuvius Lifo Insurniicb Company, I quickly discovered that ivU  such corporations aro looked upon  41s tho legitimate prey of thoso that  doom thonisolves shrewd mitj sharp  in business. "Juries as a rulo proju-  ���������diced against.an insurance company,  and (here is littlo uso in ono of thom  going into , court unless it has tho  sliongest pii' of legal legs to stand  -upon.  I acquired so much skill in fcriet-  ing out sovcral plots agairst our  companv thit I was1 not only complimented nn my success, but givon  tho most diflicult pioblems that  ���������carno befoio us This led to my connection with whal wns known ns the  ���������case of John Pcniose, tho most ex-  traoidinaiy afiair of thc kind of  which 1  have any know lodge  Penroso was an engine driver, in  which capacity ho had boon employed  for five yeais, when ho applied for a  policy 111 tho Vesuvius foi a thousand pounds His physical examination vvas satisfactory, and the policy  was issued to him for thc benefit of  his wifo Thoy had no childien.  Threo years nftor the issuance of his  policy it was incicased to two  thousand  pounds  This did not attiact attention in  tho multitude of business, for the  man kept his premiums i romptly  paid, but when .m. months later I  learned '10111 a fnend of m no in tho  Excelsior that tlie same man hud  taken out a second policy, this time  111 tho Execlsior, for the benefit of  his bi othei, thc ciicunistance struck  mo as a littlo peculiar Not that  such instances nio unknown, but tho  annual payment of lht> premium on  tin 00 thousand pounds of lifo insurance is a considerable sum of money,  cspociallj' ior a railvvay engineer  -whose wages aio not high.  How over, tho matter gradually  passed out of my mind, until, si .  months later, just befoio tho semiannual payment became due, when  wo were notified of tho death of Penrose Tho notice came officially and  in duo and rcgidar form On the faco  of it our company vvns disposed to  pay tho claim, after tho usual formalities, without any c_rest'ion. I ask-  _ cd tho managing direct oi to allow mo  * to look'into the matter, and hc consented. Withm the following ~ woe'e  "I was at the littlo town cf Bcrwyck  near which" Penrose had made his  home, and tiom which .1 e had "been  buried somo tune before.  . Tho fust pcrson-I mot as I stepped  oil tho tram vvas Catoii. thc assessor  of tho E-Ccisior. Ho 'smrled as hc  took my hand and drew  mc aside  "You may as woll tako tho next  train back, '- said 'he "It's all as  stiaight-as a string ,,,Our engineer  struck Ins head against a " tclogiaph  post, was killed as dead as<-Julius  Caesar, vvas followed to his grave  by a host of mom ning friends, and I  havo telegraphed homo that it's "all  right, and "they must not think of  '   disputing  the claim."  I was inclined to tako 'Caton's ael-  vico and ret tun with lum, but, having gono thus fnr, decided to 'look o.  little fui ther into "the matter So I  bado him good-bye and went'to tho  singlo hotel in the town, a ramshackle "affair, whero I vvas the only  guest that night t  It would have prejudiced my business had my on and occamo, known,  tor it did i-ot take me long to find  that Penrose, tho engine driver, had  boen held in high roipvi'1 i-v almost  everyone, and no whisper of anything  irregular,, in his taking off had been  utteied   by any living person  I gavo an assumed namo at tho  hotel, and took caro not _o drop any  hint of my ical errand in Bcrwyck.  lt was easy to pick up from tho gossip in tho bar-room the paiticulars  of "Penrose's death.  Ho was the engine driver of.No. 11  which drew thc day express ovor the  run of sixty miles to Kenwood in  ���������tho-forenoon and-back-agam-m���������tho  evening to Bcrwyck Something loss  than two wooks before his engine  broko down, and another driver took  tha train, leavrng him with No 11  to go into the shop for repairs no  followed tho J-xpresn on" tho night  run at a safe distance. When opposite his own house,, two miles out  of Bcrwyck, he leaned out of the car  to shout somo message to his wife,  who was standing rn the door, and,  forgetting a telegiaj-h pole which  stood near the tiack, was struck  with terrific violence, hurled out ot  tho cab, and instantly killed His Airman, who vvas his brother Dick,  stopped the <-tigine, ran back, and  helped to cany tho dead body of  his engineer to his home, where hrs  widow  was prostrated'with giief.  An inquest was hold, the remains  wero viewed by the hundreds who  gathered at tho funeral, tho physician who investigated for us was  abovo suspicion, and really my visit  to Bcrwyck looked liko tho most  causeless jovn oy any moi tal could  undertake When I went to my room  I decided to tako the morning train  homo and inform tho company it was  useless to make any dlsputo of tho  claim  I missed lho train by five minutes,  and was obllgedto to stay in Eer-  wj-ck until late in tho afternoon I  wns lrntatoi, and, lo help to pass  away tho tune, decided upon inquiring fuithor ubout tho dead man,  though without tlio slightest hopo of  leai ning anything that could justify  suspicion  To a perron disposed to build  theories I lea1 nod a fow suggestive  facts Tn tho fust place,, the accident of the ongino diivcr so injur ori  his fireo that it was bovond recognition Tn the second place, despite lho  recommendation of thc examining  suigeon some vcus bofoie, Penrose  was far gono. with consumption Again, his brother, although i Stroil chaigc of nn engine,  refused P, and quitted tho employ of  tho railway company. There was  nothing in this last, but taken into  connection vvith the preparations boing mado by him and his sister-in-  law to moyo away, evidently as soon  as tho two received tho policies on  tho engineer's life, the wholo affair  ciiused  md rcnovved misgiving.  It was only tvvo miles to tho  homo of the vvidow, and I set out to  walk thero early in the ovoning. I  had-no oreciso course of action loid  out, but intended lo bo governed bjr  circumstances ns they arose.  It wns a clear* moonlight night in  May when I camo' in sight of tho little cottage, which, from the, description I had received, 1 recognised as  tlio homo of Mrs., Penrose. A light  .was burning in tho front room, and a  shadow which passed over tho curium convinced mc that sho was uot  alone Tiobably lici biothcr-in-law  oi somo of hcr ndlghbois weio present.  Whilo m liorwjck "I managed to soo  a couplo of photographs of Penrose,  and I impressed then appealanco  upon my memory so clearly that 1  could not fail lo lccognisc thc man  on tho instant should I ever meet  lum in tho fit sh In tho samo way I  gained a good idea of tho appearance  of  tho  br.Ot.hor Dick.  Stepping among tho shadows of a  group of trees on tho opposite sido  of tho highway, I hold my gn/o ou  the houso whilo debating with myself tho bost com so to follow, for I  was at my w.is' ond '  I had stood thus somo fifteen minutes when tho door opened and a  man camo foith. ITo was revealed  so clearly in tho bi i .lit moonlight  that bofoie he appioachod mo closei  I identified lum-as -Dick Penrose,  thoro could be iio mistake on that  point. - i  Ho walked rapidly in the direction  of Borwj'ck, ond wns no moro than  fanly out of sight when I decided  upon tho boldest gome of blutt over  conceived by a poison in a situation  i csemblmg   nunc.  Glossing thc load, I passed softly  thiough tho gate, stopped more heavily upon the little front poich, ancl,  without knocking, pushed open tho  door and passed into the sitting-  room,  where sat���������who?  John Pcniose and his wife, talking  in tho most pleasant manner in. the  world, and quietly consuming what  was loft of a bottle of wino, of which  tho departed brother had taken.  My informal entrance did what I  intended it should do, caused them  to think it was Dick rot'l nod for  something ho  had forgotten. ,  I need not attempt to pictuie 'tho  astoundarl oxr-icssion of their faces  when thoy saw a stranger before  them;     - '  "It's no .use," I called out, "I'm  an ofKcor, John Penrose' But I will  be easy with you, provided you toll  mo how you woikcu the thing - I  must havo overy pornt and tho truth  the wholo truth, ana nothing but the  truth It will pay you better- than  to attempt any moio tricks "���������        '  By remoi solessly pressing my ad-  vantago I gained the facts' , Penroso had increased and cairicl his  heavy insurance with tho de'iberatc  purposo of swindling tho companies.  Ho had no cleaily defined plan as to  how this wa.s to bo dono, but __ Believed he we uid find the way ~ A  stiango chanco precipitated his purposo Ho allow od a tramp to ride  on lus ongino on tho night ief erred  T.O, and tho vagrant lost his life as  described. When tho ongino backe 1  to the spot whoio thc manglod body  lay, his brother^Dick, who was m tho  plot, suggested the daring scheme.  The. tiamp_had beon about tho sta-  turo of ^the enginoci j A quick ox-  change of clc thes vvas made, and tho  body carried;, to tho home of'Penrose, j near by His wife gludly lent  her assistance All the husband had  to do was to keep out of sight. Ho  lived at homo all the tune, and was  ai ranging to,Jcave the country for  America as 'soon as the insurance  monoy could be collected  I know I ought to have brought  about that man's punishment, but I  could not help pitying him '_ Ho was  in the last stagcs_,of consumption,  and-vainly hoped ti prolong-lus lifo  by tho fraud ho had in mind. ' He  managed to get away from his home  without discovery, and I nover learnt  what became of him, his wife, and  his-brother. It is certain, howover,  that hc did not survrvo long. Should  any-of-his���������"old���������acquaintancea ��������� read  this sketch, of course, thcy will not  credit a word of it, though it is  strictly truo in every particular.���������  Fcarson's Weekly.  !  1  Fashion  I   Hints.       *  *��������� ��������� ���������������������������'��������� i  COATS AND SKIRTS.  Thero aro good hanging plaited  skirts in fashion, both sido plaited,  and box plaited, nntl there aro circular skirts galore, and as for tho  coats lo go with them, they arc soon  looso fitting and tight fitting, short  and long, some with coat tails and  somo without Thc thrce-quai Ui  Empire coats aro extremely fashionable. Thoso coals, however, arc  generally worn ns a separate!- wrap,  and'aio best liked in the three-quarter hngth^  That the' shirt waist suit is hoio  aguin will bo a delight to eveiy woman in the land It will bo extremely good stylo mndo up in corduroy, and also in the now shadow  plaid soft worsted materials  Sleeves ull show tlio same tendency  of fitting tho lower arm snugly, tho  pulls, the trimmings, and tho fulness  all  coming above  lho olbow.  Though tho Canadian woman  scorns tho hoop skirt or any thought  of it, sho is not adverse this season  to using a littlo crinoline ni hor  silk petticoat, and also m- her  sleeves In tho slocvc which shpws a  full pufT above tho elbow veiy often  a littlo cTinolotte is hidden away  to mako lho pud stand out as it  should Tho bands of crinolottc u=od  for this purpose are generally about  aa inch wide, and running through  the centres are two fine cords of  feathorbono In forming this support foi tho sleeve, ono band of tho  crinolotto goes around the arm about  in lho middlo of .the puff, and another extends the length of tho pufl,  starting fiom  tho shoulder These  bands aro held together by being  tacked, and of couiso ono is fastened to the undei-arm seam of thc  lining and the other fastened in thc  shoulder scam, and then again at  tho arm band, where the puff ends  This manner oKlioldmg out the putt  cannot bo usod in transparent mat-rials, but it will bo much employed with such fabrics as ladies' cloth,  Honrretta,   velvets  and  silks  number nnd variety of stylos are;  limited only by the ingenuity of the  designers.  For a Iittlo girl too young for the  two-piece frock ono having three  box-pleats may bo made quito fancy  by liaving a square yoke and sleoves  of lawn or silk, which aro removable. From a deep frill of the dress  goods at tho shoulder the lighter  sleeves reach down to tho wrist. A  short puffed baby slcevo goes .with  the rounded yoko, showing a littlo of  the neck and arms for a party dress.  Tho addition of a bolero to tho ordinary blouso effect  in  quite stylish.  SHOULD LIVE 100 YEARS.  "It is a good working hypothesis  to regard lho natural life of a man  as 100 years," said Sir James  Crichton-Browno at tho last mooting of tho Public Health Congress.  Tho subject of his address.was "Senility," and he said among other  things: "Every man is entitled to a  century of < lifo, and every woman  to a century and a littlo more, for  women livo "longer than men. Every  child should bo brought up impressed with tho obligation of living to  3 00, and taught to avoid tho irregu-  larrti s "I living which tend to pro-  vent tho attainment of this ambition."  NO  MIDDLE  GROUND.  Tho proprietor of tho dry good3  store hail proposed to tho mdliner  who owned tho establishment across  tho way.  < "But, Mr Wrappcmup," sho said,  "I'm not sure I lrke you well enough  to.marry you. Lot us bo mercly  fiiends,   as heretofore"  "Wo can t, Miss Wnbbens," he answered, tlirough his set teeth. "Thoro  is no friendship in trade. You wul  lrka mo well enough to many mo or  I'll add a millinery department to  rny stock!"  TROUDIE  ALL ROUND.  "Johnny,  what's baby crying foi?"  "Ho swalleiod a dime "  "Mercy,   but   what   are  j*ou  crying  for?"  "It was  my dune "  It's a good thing tho child doesn't  know that ho Is father lo tho man,  or doubtless things would tako a  turn.  THE DRIFT OF FASHION.  In coloring the new fabrics - show  an ca.cpusrte btanding "of, many tints  of oho shade "Tlie heliotrope, amethyst, and prunei'tints~arc extremely  fashionable ' --Much ,Burgundy 'rod  will bo worn. The citron shades' arc  m demand, and the bronzes and  greens aro in high favor 1 ho peacock shades aro -iked, and a lrttlo  touch of lemon yellow or old --gold^  is-i often used in combination  Though the strictly tailored gowns  for shopping and street wear - aro  stirivingly'plain. with no. suggestion  of trimmings, save, porhaps, stitched  bands or pipings, yet the gowns for  calling, at homo,* and evening wear  aio lavishly trimmed" And the trimmings aro indeed works of art. A  number ot the impoi ted velvet gowns  ato {rimmed'with bands of fino cloth  which aro exquisitely embroidered or  inset .with little lace" medallions  Very old lace���������old filot and old Venetian���������is used as a trimming' for  lho chiffon cloth, silk, ancl crepo  gowns. Tlie ribbon embroidery is  .the height of fashion It is uscd^  to trim cuffs, i overs, and berthas/  and in exquisite garlands decorates  tho lower part of- the full evenrng  sknts of gauze,, tulle, and net  Tho now gored and plaited skirls  this "autumn aro all-finished with a  hem at tho bottom, which varies in  depth from one and one-half to two  inches Rows of stitching finish tho  hem at the top When the skirt _, is  mado of a heavy material it is often  faced with thc self fabric, tho facing  extending about the depth pf 'the  hem and being stitched at tho" top  and-bottom Thc circular skirts are  vory hard to hem, and so they aro  gone-ally'faced. The facings aro  narrow and are cither of thc self  matenal-or of-silk matching-m color-  the petticoat. Ono of tho most important features of thc new skirts is  that tho closing is invisible. Many  of the skirts close in fiont or on tho  side under a plait All tho skirts  fit more closely around tho hips  than during tho spring and summer,  and many of tho now models introduce tho tunic effect  For fall costumes silks arc high in  demand, and much mono vvill bo  seen, as well as exquisite patterns in  the wrap-printed silks  FROCKS FOR THE LITTLE ONES  There aro fashions in colors for  children's clothes as well as in thoso  for grown ups, and this year tho  popular colors ���������in garments for juveniles are red, which is always moro  or less nr demand, several shades of  pale blue, gieen in tho fainter tones,  and for dressy clothes white, which,  aftor all, is the most appropriate  color for tho little folks. In materials there is a large variety from  which to choose, cashmere* and hen-  rietta cloth and "the other soft fabrics in the solid colors, fancy materials* ..in polka dots and checks,  and tho gay plaids so popular just  now arc surtable for~c*vcryday wear,  while for dress up" occasions there  is whrtc pique, as well as the thinner white goods Frocks of lawn or  mull, with insertions and edging of  Valenciennes laco, ate being worn  over colored linings, and make the  daintiest paity  drosses   imaginable.  Stylos in the making of drosses for  small girls aio mnumcioble, although there are pai ticularly only  two models; the ono-picro pleated  fiock, with ils long-waisted effect,  produced by a belt held in place by  narrow bands of the same material  ns tho frock, and tho pleated or  gathered blouse and skirt. So many  changes mav be rune; on these two  models in the way of tiimmings nnd  ornamentation,    however,  that     the  for.  hc  for  of  th.  TWENTY YEAES IU PRISON.  Wlien   Couplo   Meet   After   Separation Both Are Aged.  A lomniitic incident nnd its tiagic  sequel aio told in conncp^ion with  tl.o ca_*t-uic%oJ.Sakhaliii by l.itt" Japanese Thi first thing thcy did waa  to liberate Russian polilical prisoners who weio on tho island. A Russian, now "n London, interviewed l.v  The Evening Nows, said that ns f_,r  as was known theio woio about a  dozen such prisoners together with a  number of Poles.  "Tho saddest caso," ho sajs, "was  porhaps, Madame Wale! ci-stein, thc  j'oung wifo of a doetoi who was cou-  ccmod in tho political movement of  1879-80, called tho 'People's Will "  Seized ono night by tho police, she  disappoaied into lho gloomy jaws c  tho Schlusselburg, that dicad fortress of tho Nova. Onco inside all  tiace was lost by tho fiicnds of the  prisoner. No inquiries of lho hearfc-  bioken relatives weio answered. The  voung husband's frantic appeals  news of his wife woro scorned,  "Stifling his patience as bost  might, tho young doctor waited  a year, for onco a year tho rules  tho Schlusselburg permitted  prisoner to write ono open letter.  Tho letter never came The piivile^e  had boon vvithdiawn by tho govornoi  for somo trivial offence Tiy as they  might to kosp the rules theie was al  ways' something that allowed the  jailers to lcport thc prisoners for m-  suboidinatun, and to piosoive the  isilenco of death that enveloped th ���������  fortress But wo have 'means of getting intelligence, and every fow years  wo learn who havo boon executed pr  died, and whp stilled dragged out tho  fearful existence in the cells of silence  of /that ghastly prison. Twenty  j'ears passed.    ' ���������        ,  "In 1900 we heard that Madame  Walckenstaia, Tregoni, PirofTski, Jab-  alofl, and'about, eight others woio being sont lo Salchalin for tho rest of  their lives,-if life it,<could bc called,  each ono rulTcring from incuiablo illness caused by tho miasma- of tho  ,SchlusseIburg ' 'Dr.' Walckcnstoin  journeyed across .-that weary waste,'  thousands pf miloson loads ill-made  ���������theie,was no lailway thon���������and saw  his wife, tho wife ho had lovod alb  theso-ycars. < *������������������>*'  , What a meeting���������young andjjoauti-  ful when thev parted���������giey, middle  aged, and wrecked with disease when  thoy met���������a mooting of -tears. a The  husband, believing his'wife to be free,'  and that ho could take hcr to somo  part of the world whoio Russia's  tyranny docs not roach, journeved  again to Sakhalin, only to find that  just boforo tho investment of tho  island by tho Japanese^his wifo was  lomovod ������p Valchvostock. Tho poor  woman was smuggled out of tho  island by moans of a Japanese coasting vessel, and is being kept in thc  prison at Val d ivostock, where tho  military authorities will .not allow  any non-combatants, and hor devoted  husband* may not oven seo her. By  strango misfortune sho was tho only  prisoner sent avvay, alii tho "-others  being left on tho island."  WOLVES ATTACK MISSION  SUFFERINGS OF   ENGLISHMEN  NEAE AFGHANISTAN.  Jackals    of     Region. Go Mad and  Hake Onslaught on Animals  - and Men.  A remarkablo story of hardship anl  suffering is told by tho mission under  Col. A. H. MacMahon, which has  returned to England aftor spending  two and a half years demnrking ths  boundary between lho Persian and  Afghan territory in Soistan, about  which  there  was a quarrel.  No fewer than fifty members of lho  mission lost their lives, some from  hoat and thirst, others from being  fro/on to death, and some from  drowning, and hydroplna, while  nearly 5,000 camels and 120 horses  succumbed. ���������*- ���������*  Tho mission consisted of eloven  Bntith.j.ofliccrs, a laigo staff of survey nnd irrigation oxpcits, nn escort  of 200 native infantry, sixty cavaliy,  v\ ilh a largo supply of transpoi t, including thc Fifty-eighth Cnmcl Corps,  in all a total of 1,500 men, 200  hoi sos and 2 200 camels. As tho  bast, was at Quotta, 500 miles across  almost watei l������ss dosott, whence all  stores except giain and fodder and a  few local commodities had to be un-  portod, the difficulty of feeding tho  mission  can  bc well  appreciated.  Fivo weeks woro taken in tho  march of 500 miles over uninhabited,  watei less country, bolvvoon Quetla  and Soistan, and three men and -x  number of animals were fro_en to  death. The camp was foi mod at  ICahuk, a bale, desolate spot, windswept, v.ith alternations of ext-cmo  heat and cold, and hero the mission  stayed  two  and a half Si'mmcrs  Tho work of dcmai cation was very  difficult South sOi the Helmund  nvor, for ninety milos, tho line ran  thiough an absolutely waloiless desert, in which the pillar-building parties had to spend six weeks, bomg dependent entirely upon water brought  from considerable dislances Noith  of this section lho boundaiv was  through countiy liable to inundation,  in which pillais of a massive permanent nature had lo'-be built. . *  WATERLESS   GLAOIF.R.  sion. So well, however, did tho mission succeed in its work that il.  Miller, tho Russian Consul nt Seia-  tan, Was withdrawn in coiisequenco  of his failure to frustrate rts cfiorts  * AVhon thc mission ciossed tho River  Helmund, in spito of Russian protests, unti-Hntisli riots wmo organized, and woio ananged to take placi"  on King Edwaids bntl-dav But  tho schomo failed, end vvas followed  by tho flogging in public of tho ringleaders of the move ment. who included the majoiity of tho Rus nn ago.us  in Soislnn Tho ofiect of this on the  Persian it ind is not ai.Ticult to understand.  OLD SHIPS OF THE LINE  TEEIR      COST   AND SPEED  ""   THE   GOOD   OLD DAYS.  IIT  \ ���������  - ^  SOME  DON'TS. *  Valuable,    Hints     for   Those Who  Use  Firearms.  "*-   i ,  Don't forgot that* tho front end of  a gun is always dangcrous.-cno matter who holds the weapon.  -" Don't forget to handle guns" on tho  theory that they aro always loaded  and cocked. It is an excellent working hypothesis.  - Don't forget to be very .careful in  _choosing.7_thoso_jiyIiom_voii_.aUow___to  accompany jou on a hunting trip.  Thero is nothing like picking number  eights out of your scalp, or digging  a few' buckshot "out of your'-lcgs, to  mako particulars in choosing your  hunting companions.        '   ���������  Dou't go hunting with a crowd.  Ono companion with a gun is enough  to watch- and lo look out for when  firing  one's  own  weapon.  *���������  Don't put a loaded gun into a  waggon. Dou't put a loadod gun nnv  whoro out of your liands. -, If you  must lay it dawn or stand it against  a'trco^or a fence unload tho gim  But when you pick it up again r assume tliat it is loaded and handio  it accordingly.  Don't attempt to get ovcr a fence  with a loadod gun in your hands. Jf  you insist on keeping tho load <- in  your gun whilo scaling a fonco shovo  tho gun through fust, mu7_lo foremost, and when you arc ovor pick it  up by tho stock.  Don't koop a gun loaded when" it is  not likely to bc called into immediate requisition. "    .  Don't shoot at anything simply bc  cause" it looks as if it might bo a  deer, be absolutely suro that it is a  deer and nothing but a doer.  Don't shoit at all unless you know  exactly what you aro shooting at,  something moving in tho brush is not  game���������it is a man or a boy  Don't shoot with bullets unless you  nro rcasonablj' sure as to v. hero thoy  are going to stop.  Don't forgot the rule* Never permit  a revolver, loaded or unloaded, to  point tow artl yourself or any ono  elso unless j-ou moan to kill. If it  friend playfully points nn unloaded  pistol at j'ou, knock him down, and  got sense into him somehow  Don't forget for a moment that all  firearms arc deadly wonj ons, that  thoy wero made to destroy life', and  are fearfully efficient contrivances for  that purposo. A moment's forgetful-  ncss may moan sudden death or a  lifctimo of haunting horroi and mi3-  eryt  Thc last twenty miles of tho frontier again ran up tho waterless gln'-  ial slopes of the Sink Koh Mountains The demarcation was finally  .completed at thc end of last year.  Ono^of thev most tragic oxpeuences  was tho death of an Indian surveyor  while on duty in the vvaterloss desert  'of Dosht-i-Margo, which had" nov-ir  before boon -visited or surveyed. Ho  ventured too far from watei, anj,  owing to tho intense -heat,,, was un-  "ablo, cither'to move forward or to  retrace his,, steps. "Iio and seven of  his followers paid tho penalty with  jthoii- lives. l * v  1 Tho incidmt was marked by" tho  lieioism of ono of his men. who, seo-,  ing the su.veyor die, vdolci mined to  rescue tho map for which so many  lives had been' given 'Ho cut It o(7  from tho board of the plane tablo,  and, knowing that'hc could not long  retain consciousness, wound it undjr  his waistcloth round his body ,  .' Then ho nlmdly started northward  in _tho hopo of roachingj water Tho  four men who started,-With him col;  lapsed, and ho himself romombeis no  more than coming to consciousness  at night time lying in a pool of  ,watcr by tho Krash river  J Heie ho was found by'a wandering  Afghan, who cat nod, lum on his  back to an Afghan village, where his  lifa was saved after receiving careful  attention. 'Iho bodies of his unfoitu-  nato companions wero afterward dis  covered rn a " completely mummified  condition  j Last Wintor all tho-jackals' with  Which Soistan abounds for some unknown causo went mad and attacked  mon and animals The disease also  spread to lho wolves, who played  groat havoc.  '       '        HYDROPHOBIA.-  1 Four numbers of .the mission were  bitten ono of whom died of hydrophobia A, mad wolf which attacked  thc camp of tho Camel corps bit  seventy-eight camels and ono horse,  and forty-eight of the camels and tho  Hoi so died of hydrophobia On another*" occasion-n-hoi do of "mad wolves  tirod unsuccessfully to rush tho  ciunp.  Tho Seistans themselves wero so  (ivorcomo by terror of-theso mad animals that they actually killed oil all  but a veiy fow of tho.r dogs, on  whom they acpend for safely and security at  night.  \Great suffering wns caused by the  winds. Dining tho Summer what is  known as tho. .'520-day wind attained  a1 velocity ot anything up to seventy  miles an hour, and it was impossible  to vonturo out, except, perhaps, for  nn hour in tho evening, when it  slightly moderated. Tho air was fi.li  of dust and salt, and was extremely  painful In tho Winter terrific blizzards, with intenso cold, woro common experiences Tho lust visitation  of this sort was on March 29 of  this year, when thc temperature  dropped to 4 above '/oro and tho  wind registered 120 miles an hour  Jln this stoim 600 camo's wero  killed, bul thoir bodies disappeared  in an incredibly short time, ns tho  Soistans, who aro always anxious tj  get flesh, rushed m and speed ly demolished them.  ANCIENT CITIES.  -From ond to end Siostan was found  to bo one mass of ancient linns, and,  oven whero n.ins do not exist, 'S  thickly carpcied with bits of old  brick and pottery marking tho sites  of moio ancient  habitations  Many of tho ruins aicof imposing  dimensions, covciing very huge areas  of giound, m irking the cxisterco of  what must havo been a veiy populous and vverlthv countiy As many  of thoso jilaces will probably no,*er  again bo iisited by Europeans, the  data collected will prove of greatest  interest Thc bulk of the desci ted  cities had piobably^iot Leon occupied  foi   tho last 500 jears  From thu outset, political difficulties w ci o c\pei lchccd on thc Persian  side of the houndaiy owing to Russian agents having misicpiesentcd to  tho Persians the objects of tho mis-  Naval   Architects     Geek     Lessons  From Clio Ships  of Time  of  Trafalgar.  Beforo the Institution of* Naval  Aichrtecls, m London, Sir Philip  Watts recently lead an uiteiesting  paper on British warships at tho  timu of Trafalgar.  The rocoids as to the rate of sailing, hc said, wero of necessity very  indefinite Tho speeds attaino-1. hovv-  evei, wero slow, oven if judged by  tho speed of laigo modern sailing vessels Tho maximum speed recorded  for frigates at tho tune under con-  sic'oiation was ton knots running  fieo, and eight to eight and a half  knots whon -close hauled. At Trafal-  ga: tho average age of tho English  Imo-of-battlo ships vvas 17 yeais  Tbat the French ships m 1805 were  mostly now ei than ouis was mainly  duo to tho enormous losses which  thoir navy had suffered in tho preceding half-contuiy Botween 1789 and  ISOO theio wero 48 French line-of-  battlo ships and 53 frigates lost by  wreck and  capture.  'COST   01    OLD   MEN-O'-WAR.  Tho cost of ships varied largely  fi om time to time The Royal William, of 1,918 tons burden, built in  1719, cost about ������30,800, being ������16  per ton. Tho Royal George, of 2,-  0<t0 tons, built in 1750, cost ������51,-  700 or ������26 7 per ton. In 1800  ships of tho lino cost ������21" per ton,  whilo in 1S05 tho cost had risen to  ���������iiSo 4 per ton. The timo of building  vanod, m tlio caso of ships of tho  line, from about fiyo to ten years,  but was often longer," than would  have othcrwiso boon necessary, in order to allow the frame to season well  befoie being planked. ' The arma-  1 merits oi English and foreign* ships  had hardly altered ���������. morc than .the  ships themselves dui mg tho half-  cbntury  boforo" Trafalgar.  CHANGE TO TO-DAY.  There was so Iittlo chango in naval  material dining the" ccnturj beforo  Trafalgar that both the designing  and fighting of^ships' was- less experimental in character than in modern  times ' Theie .was no question of gun  versus torpedo, no doubts about ram  submarine or mines; no problems as  to .the relative value of speed as*  against coal endurance, or additional  guns or protection, not speculations  as to tho bost distribution of armor  and'tho comparative risk of belt deck  or thin sido perforation Tho sides  being of oak, no-progressive improvement was possible in the protective  material, as was the caso at present,  when piocesscs for manufacturing improved aimor wero being continually  discovered. Since that dato stoam  propulsion in its varied foims, shell  fire, uon and steel armor, steel hulls,  breech-loading and rifled guns, torpedoes, mines, high explosives, elcc-  tucal appliances, submarines,! hud  all boon introduced.  "      BIC  GUN THE FACTOR.  Thoso changes had been threatened  but had still left intact, thc suprem  AT EDINBURGH'S REVIEW  INSPECTION  BY  ICING   OD    40,-  000  VOLU-TTEEE   TBOOfPS*  His Majesty Was  Greatly Delighted   With  tbe  Magnificent  Parade.  Tbo groat review of Scottish Volunteers, .m.storing. cs ;t dui, tho  bigcost body of troops seer.' iu Scotland since Flodden���������namely, S8.3R?  officers and men���������wa<, 1 old in Edin>  burgh lecintlv undtr favorable weather conditions .lthough the actual  lovicw took but n hour, Edinburgh  was the scene of tl.o grcatesl activity for tvvetitv-four hours bo.'orehand,  n constant succession of tiooptrai"3  pouring thousands of men into tln.  rapital ���������'"No finer parade ground than  t.o "King's Park could have been selected for tho march-past, the surrounding hills giving an opportunity  for thousands of, people to get an  excellent view of the operations Tho  King, on proieeJing to the Parade  ground, rode down the lfno taken up*  by tho troops, which extendo I westward ast far ns Jcamo Dean's cottago at St. Leonard's At lhe saluting baso in front of lho grandstand, where 5,000 people were ncJ  commodatod. ho was attended bj' tho  Duko of Connaught, and a body  guard of tho Roj-al Archcis Aftor  hi eakfast" at Holyrootl, the timo-  honoied ceremony of presenting -the  kej-s of tho citj to lho King by tho  Lord Provost and magistiates ttook  place, and tho corporation then' presented an address expicssive of their  lojalty. file review vvns a tremen-'  dous success, and, as tho Duke c-  Connaught told the corporation. '  >    THE KlSCr WAS DELIGHTED.    ,  "I would have traveled double tho  distance," he said, "lo see the very  fino sight that I have seen   to-day."-  Fr ancis'    Wemj-ss���������Chartcris���������Douglas,   eighth  Et.rl     of    Wcmjss      and  March, who acted as aide-de-camp to  thc King,  and  who  still  wears     tho  iirufoim of  tho London Scottish     on  tho occasion,    was born on Aug.   4,  181S, and figured as Lord Elcho until   ho   was  (55       He    was  honorary  coloiiei  of  tho London  Scottish fronr  1878 to'1900.   Sir Robert Cranston,  who was born in Edinburgh in 1813, -  is  provost  of   his  native  city. >    and  takes a gieat interest in its lifo. Ho_  enteied the famous Queen's Rifle Vol-"  untcer  Brigido in  1S70,  and  becamo  lieutenant-colonel   in     1903.  '   Ho rs  connected  with  thc firm  of Cranston  and     Elliott,    and      tho vvell-knowiv'  Waverloy hotels,  vvhichvhave invaded "  London    Holyrood Abbey was found*-  ed in 3123 by David I.  of 'Scotland; '  ana      -as    dedicated,   to   the     Holy   -  Cross,  or     Rood,     and  brought ^ to(' -  Scotland vby Margaret,   the wife  ��������� of. j;  King Malcolm    The foundations. ^ of .  tha  palaco,   apart     from  tho -abbey. At  wero���������laid about 1501 bj' Jamcs'IV.   '  It has been twice" dastrojcd,~r.rst' by^  the'English'1' in  154.4-, and, secondly. "=;r'  by  Cromwell's    troops in  1650   l lt  was '"reburlt  hy    Chnilcs IT.,  1671-..  1679, and ceased  to Txs a'permanent-)  rojal  palace after  tho, accession -  ofj  James VI. to tho throne of England/   ,  Ths   most    riiteresting   histouc inci-   *  dent was thc murder of Ri^zio, whoso,  blood spot is still shown to  the enquiring  visitor. -"* r-    " ''..*_  JEWS IN NEW YOEK. ' .  \%f  "li  /*!  '%  id  %,. \t  *<*A~ ca. fil /li  tii -ri.hi'M  ���������   jj&M  ^ - -J'-M  y rs__fc<l  ."-������_:  acy of tho big gun in tho big ship as  it existed at Trafalgar. In the old  days, as now, lucre vvas sometimes a  strong disposition to discover defects in British ships. Our vessels,  it was said sailed slower, carried  sm-'llcr and poorer guns at a less  height, and were of inferior form to  thoso of tho enemy; thcy were designed wilh finer ends,-so that thoy  pitched moro 'heavily and even cn-  drngered���������their-masts r~ they "^"Svcre  older than tho enemy's, for wc had  not to build so many new ships to  rcplaco Injured ones. Yet, in spite  of it all, thoy generally brought the  enemy to action, nnd on thc whole  thoy generally boat him Ono miglit  hopo that, should need unhappily  ariso this, too, might bo repeated in  our  dnv.  SPEED WON FOR TOGO.  Tho discussion vvas opened by Admiral ������>ir N. Bovvdon-Smith, who  said lhat at this time our thoughts  woro necessarily carried from Trafalgar to Japan. Trafalgar had crsur-  cel-us peace on lhc high seas for 100  years, and wo might hopo the same  would be truo with Japanese victory  at Tsu-sluma Speed, ho thought,  had enabled Admiral Togo at that  bnltlo to place bis ships where hc  pleased, and, though every warship  must bo a compromise, he hoped  that speed woultl not bo ono of the  factors in thoir construction lhat  tvould bc lightly thrown "over.   '. ������   A "sluggist" or congested liver,  arises from want of cxcrcisc^or over  eating and drinking It is~ sometimes associated with catarrh of tho  bile diet"'"' Pain on the lower right  side of tha chest, shivering, and loss  of appetite, indicate its presence. A  bluo pill and black draught, though  an old-fashionad,  is a useful remedy.  Shingles is a popular name for  herpes nostcr, in which small blisters, sui rounded by redness, occur  in tho lines of an irritated norvo.  Fretrtiently it affects one-half of the  body, foiming a belt or ring half  lound. It is peifectly harmless.  Batho with wain water, and apply  -ine ointment.  Christian Denominations are Faced  by  Great  Problem.  ' A very serious  the "Christian    church,  in the city of New  York   This problem rs furnrshed by tho Jews, and is "  quito new. -It^doos not concern tho*  lower East Side,"and the vast influx .  of  Jews  there,   which  threatens     to  swamp    and     drive     out , Christian  places of worship.     That is an     old -  I matter.       Tho process  is  going     on  theio more rapidly than ever before, l-  nnd  this fall    several     churches     of -  various names havo  announced  that  they  can  no   longer   withstand     tho',  pressurc-  ! Tho  new  problem  weighs    against .  churches  in  every other part   of tho"*  city.      It is  to  be remembered that '  Now York has 700,000 Jews, a num- J  ber as great as Jerusalem,   London,  Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Vienna  nnd a whole lot of other cities, - in-, ;  eluding���������Philadelphia ���������and-Chicagdj;���������'  put together.    Theso Jows nre of al-  jrroDrcm. ������������������ j       ^   JA i-$!Z������R  problem confronts '      \ t _������-'#������ ?J&5fr  rch, ,of all nauicSK     ' '   ���������. J w^-vSi!  *. .?  .-    r/^y.l  tf-fi  ��������� JM  . A&  *-._*-<;  r    -v.  most every possible nationality, and  fully one-half of thom, possibly moro  have   emigra'cd     thither  within   tho  -  last  ton years.    Russian  persecution  '  has driven them here,   and so     havo  hard conditions in Austria.  Getting acclimated, and becoming  familiar with American methods of  business, and New York opportunities, a very largo proportion of theso  Jews arc making money rapidly..  Just as rapidly as thcy do, thoy aro  going into residence sections of New r  York and purchasing homes., Thero  are, in somo quarters, discriminations against Jews and refusals to  rent property to them, but Christian  ���������insusceptibility to Hebrew p-archaso  money has yet to bo discovered.  Uad ison and Fifth * avenues - havo '  long been tho home, of many woll-  t'o-do Jews Within a short timo  lho West Sido has witnessed many  newcomers from among them. ,  Into   tho   new  section,   called     tho -  Borough of tho Bronx,  and rnto  tho '  best   parts     of   Brooklyn,   especially-,  tho  now parts,   Jows  aro going     in   ���������  such  enormous    numbers  that '   they  have upset and changed most of tho  plans    which   .Christian Church     extension managers had  in hand.   Roman  Chatholic  and  Protestant     aro  alike    affected       The Jews   do   not-,  in any section, cease to bc    Jews in  that lhoy   enter     into   the affairs of  the     neighborhood     and     lose   their  racial  identitv     Thcy remain  Jews.  Once a vear thev flock to thoir   own.  places  of  worsbipin  groat'numbers  The rest of the year thcy appear "to  obseive neither  Saturday  nor     Sunday,  save    lo    make    them  anel  all  other days times of business nnd   of  amusement      This,   at  least,  is     tho  Don't trust the lock mr_haiii<*m   of'practice of a very largo part of Now  '>'  --iUf  .-'TS.  . iv  ,A ~''J<  . "?T.F  .*   1? \\  ft   ^^5:  i- .Kwfrn .,3  . i^j*������j  -ihs4,  *J'M  ���������"Vs?"  rf -.:*���������$  tho best gun ever made. When working the lover or bolt of a magazine  to transfer a cartridge from maga-  .ino to barrel soo that the mu77le  points in a safe direction.  York's Jewish population.  ���������*���������-  .*-  "Ts Pied out of danger?'3 "No;  Millie hasn't given L.ii������* in answer to  hip proposal yet."    r  \ ������������������^i<. t ���������j: ���������>_*__. _fl *_._���������..-. WW- itii. -i^.j, ^33nr_tt.������VW0*. ?iVt*.*: U  <__E-Est_aii'iiuw(tih__ *_  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������o*c****������*e������o������������*o*������������*������***o������������**������e������������  IA (iREAT NAME & A GREAT PIANO !  : ��������� 2  ________!  A great name  in business is won  on the strength  ol many years of  upright and honest dealing ��������� a  great Piano is  the result of the  best material and  skill in labor, directed by lhat  superior knowledge which belongs to wide experience and familiarly with the  highest ideals in  the art of piano  manufacture.  ���������  lill  These are thc  reasons why the  Nordheimer Piano commands  the highest attention and patronage. Their  every note is  pureand musical  They are manufactured for critical and high  class trade, their  very appreciation demands at  least some musical know ledge.  We would be  glail to show  ycu this artistic  piano and make  you acquainted  with ils pleasing  possibilities.  Revelstoke Insurance  Agency  LIMITED  LOANS  REAL ESTATE  INSURANCE  Revelstoke Herald and  Railway Men's Journal.  Published   erery Thursday.    Subscription $2  per year.   Advertising rates on application.  Changes of advertisements must be in befor  noon on Wednesday to insure insertion.  Job Printing to all its branches promptly and  neatly executed.  Thursday, Dec. _1, 1905.  REVIEW OF  THE STORES  Christmas Trade is Good���������Revelstoke Merchants Provide  Seasonable Present in Abundance.  Never before in the history of Bevelstoke has Christmas trading been so  active as it is this year. In spite of  the chronic complaint that times are  quiet, money is fairly plentiful in Revelstoke, not merely for payment of  necessaries, but for the purchase of  expensive articles for Christmas gifts.  Merchants in all departments of trade  declare that there is no market heie  for cheap goods. Tbe good people of  Bevelstoke have a fair idea of the  value of what they want and are willing to pay it rather than take anything inferior at a lower price. There  is a growing tendency also among the  citizens to patronize the local merchants in preference to the departmental stores of the east.  There is hardly a slore which has  not put to the front attractions specially designed for Yule-tide, and it is  only fair to say that there aie more  novelties this year than ever noticed  before.     An  appeal is made to every  class of purchaser; to the man who is  going to spend his Christmas quietly  at home; to the traveler who will want  to take to his friends a souvenir of oui  city; but above all to the kind-hearted  Santa Claus who will want to visit  every home in the Railroad City,  where little friends eagerly await him.  The following is a brief review of  what may be found at the different  stores in tbe city:  J. O. MACDONALD  has laid in the newest offerings in  gentlemen's furnishings and haberdashery. The style is strictly up to  date and the quality of the best. Mr.  Macdonald is the local agent for the  famous Fit Reform Clothing.  REID AND YOUNG.  To attempt any description of the  almost endless assortment of goods in  ladies', gents', and children's wear  bandied by this firm is impossible in a  limited space. A few of the lines to  which special attention has been paid  however, are fashionable furs, silk  blouses, fancy--* collars and neckwear,  ladies and gents' fine umbrellas, fancy  goods, etc. The boot and shoe depart-  ment,and the gents' and boys' furnishings department are also complete.  The window arrangements are most  excellent, directing attention to the  special lines handled bv this firm.  THE A. E. GEORGE CO.  are showing a well assorted stock of  ladle*'dw������ Roods, furs, blouses.skirts,  neckwear, gloves, hosiery, handkerchiefs, foot wear, etc. Special bargains are being offered for the holiday  season.  C. B. HUME AND CO.  So great is the attraction at this  store that at certain hours of the day  it is with difficulty that purchaser-  can move about, the floors being  thronged with eager buyers. Messrs.  Hume & Co's stock is larger and better than ever. Heie one may find nil  the latest novelties in fancy goods,  also ladies' purses, hand bags, fancy  collars, belts, gloves, handkerchiefs,  umbrellas, cushion tops, neck furs,  fancy silk drapes, silk blouses, silk  shawls, blouse and skirt lengths. A  specially fine line of crockery and  glassware, toys for tho children, gents'  furnishings, a fresh stock of gi-oceties  including all the latest delicacieB, also  Xmas confectionery.  BOURNE  BROS.  have their "usual excellent display of  fruits and provisions including Malaga giapes, Jap and California oranges,  bananas, nuts, figs, raisins, dates, con  fectionery of all kinds and Christie'*  fancy biscuits. They are also showing a flne line of crockery and glassware.  BED CROSS DRUG  STORE  has a splendid stock of drug store  specialties, souvenir goods, leather  goods, Xmas cards and calendars,  gift books, perfumes, Lowney's chocolates.  w. BEWS  has a most complete stock of cards,  calendars, booklets, Annuals, souvenir,  burnt leather and ebony goods, photo  frames, atomizers, Xmas novelties,  fancy boxes of stationery, perfumes,  also a fine range of confectioneJy.  CANADA DRUG AND BOOK CO.  are showing an endless variety cf  souvenir goods, cards, calendars etc.  AI_o���������the"~~latest-designs' ihTwork bas7  kets, chatelaine bags, purses, toilet  und~~manicure sets, dressing cases,  leather goods, ebony goods, etc. The  finest French. English and American  perfumes, also an extensive range of  toys, books and games for children.  II.    MANNING  is making a special feature of bis  "Home Made Candy,' of which he is  showing a large variety, also Cadbury's, Webbs, and Patterson's Chocolates. In toys of all kinds he has a  splendid selection, also smokers' supplies, souvenir goods, etc.  v. o. BROWN  has a fine variety of novelties in cigar  and cigarette cases, case pipes, tobacco  jars, and all kinds of smokers' requisites, also a complete stock of tobaccos,  cigars, confectionery, etc.  J.  GUY BARBER  has a fine display of jewelry in which  there are several special lines unequalled in the province. Novelties of  striking design in sterling silver; diamonds, rubies and topazes set in lings,  pins, brooches, necklaces, etc.  E. M. ALLUM  has a most complete stock of high  class jewelry, includiug diamond,  opal, ruby, emerald and other rings,  gold and silver bracelets, watches,  chains, silverware, etc.  R. HOWSON AND CO.  have one of |the finest 6tocks of furniture  in  the interior of tbe "province,,  also a most complete assortment of  house furnishings, carpets,' etc. This  Arm are agents for the Heintzman  pianos.  JOHN E.   WOOD  can supply anything in the furniture  line. He carries a specially fine line  of fancy chairs and tables.  LAWRENCG HARDWARE CO.  have a magnificent display of plated  ware, cut glass goods, sterling silver  novelties, case carvers, fancy lamps,  pocket knives, razors, etc., also electric toys and' motors, skates, hockey  sticks, etc.  E. J. BOURNE  has  a complete  stock of  men's and  boys'  furnishings,   boots  and  shoes,  rubbers  etc.  HOBSON AND BELL  are showing a complete stock of fancy  and staple groceries, Christmas confectionery, oranges, figs, dates, nuts,  raisins, Christinas cakes, plum puddings, etc,  A. E. BENNISOW.  "Tho City Bakery," as usual, is well  supplied for the holiday trade with  the choicest in their line. Christmas  and all other cakes, pies, plum puddings, etc., a specialty.  TAILORING.  Messrs. Cressman & Morrison, Scott  & Potts, and Knight & Devineareall  extremely busy filling oiders for  Christmas in the most up to date  tailor made garments.  MEAT MARKETS.  P. Burns & Co., and J. I. Woodrow  are well stocked with poultry, fish,  game, meats'of all kinds, etc., for the  holiday trade.  EXPLOSION  IN ROSSLAND  One   Man   Killed   and -Much  Damage   Done to Property-  Chief Mines will have to Close  Down Temporarily.    .  Rossland,   Dec.   10.���������At  2 o'clock  this afternoon about a ton of gelignite  pi  in the thawing bouse of  the Centre  Star mine exploded, through some unknown cause, killing John S. Ingram,  formerly chiefbf police-here, and also,  at Calgary and' Winnipeg, and injur  ing several scores of people. Ingram  was in charge of the powder, and his  death removed the only possible source  of information as to the cause of tbe  explosion. His body was recovered  fiom the debris badly mangled. Lock-  hait, assistant diamond drill operator,  who was at work under the Centre  Star offices was badly cut about tbe  head and legs,.but will recover^ Sev  eral members of the office staff and  men in the compressor building wei e  hurt by flying glass or by being  thrown violently against the machinery. Buildings in the immediate  vicinity were twisted out of shape acd-  the windows all broken.  The big War Eagle boarding house  is badly damaged, some of the inmate-  being injured slightly. In thecity the  shock of tbe explosion caused much  consternation and did a large amount  of damage.���������Nearly all-the plate glass  windows on Columbia avenue were  smashed many people receiving cuts  from the fragments. The merchants  had their Christmas goods displayed,  much destruction being wrought  among these. The amount of glass  destroyed is enormous, and heavy importations for repairs will be necessary  The citizens feel thankful, nevertheless, tbat the loss of life and property  was not greater.  The Centre Star, War Eagle and Le  Roi mines will be shut down for a few  days, because of injury to the steam  and air pipes and compressor machinery and the practical wreck of the  buildings containing them. The dam  age cannot be exactly appraised bnt it  is thought it will reach probably  $50,000.  John S. Ingram leaves a widow and  five children.  The injured are:  E. M. Brown, badly cut about head.  Mrs. E. M. Purcell, badly cut.  Mrs. Geo. Cain, cut about face.  Mrs. Leary Donohue, badly cut and  bruised about face and nock.  Wm. Lockhart, nose severed.  Wm. Tomlinson, nose cut.  Many more were slightly injured by  falling glass.  Safest Place to Ride on a Train  After several years' experimenting,  officers of the Pennsylvania railroad  have come to the conclusion that directly behind-- a loco.uotivc is a bad  place for sleepers or .any other cars  which are useel for passengers. For  this reason an order has been issued  that in . all instances a baggage car,  whether the car is needed for baggage  purposes or not, must be the first car  of tbe train.  This rule applies to excursion and  regular trains. In the case of a combination baggage and smoker car, the  buggage end must be first. "The only  possible deviation from this order,"  the order continues, "is on those divisions v. here no pi ovision is made for  running trains at the end of a suburban run. This is the only time when  an excuse will he accepted."  This is the first official acknowledgment from a. raihoad company that  the middle of a train is the safest  place to ride. Several years ago the  Pennsylvania road staited to make up  its trains with sleepers and dineis  next to engines, with the object of  keeping coach passengeis from walking through sleepers when they  boarded trains at small towns. Recent  accidents on this and other roads have  convinced many railroad men that not  only the front end of passenger tiains  but also the rear should be protected  by a baggage car, whether used or  not.  Notice.  On and after January 1st next the  barber shops will close each evening  at 7:30 o'clock/.excepting Satin days.  ,.J. A. Morgan,  Roy MacDonald.  A choice selection of C iristie Prown  ,ind Co's biscuits direct from the factory at Hobson & Bell's.  FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT-  Mackenzie' avenue,- apply for particulars at the Herald office.  U R A CUS tomer we woii'd  like to have try our SPECIAL  Clear, BROWN'S   CIGAR STORE.  - At Hobson & Bell's can be had th's  seasons pack" of tomatoes, corn, peas,  ���������leans, pumpkins, apples and fruits of  all kinds.   '-".'J ���������-     "\'  LOST���������An open-faced'lSk. gold watch  Finder will  receive a liberal'"reward  on returning same, to the Herald  -Officer'--'  *���������i������������i_������������.*_ ' r.  .\i -.-������*:   j-i-f . '  Knox Presbyterian Church, Rev. J,  R. Robertson, *B.A.,i Pastor.���������Regular  services on Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30  ->.m. Sabbath' school and Bible class  at 230 pita. Weekly, prayer meetiug  >n -Wednesday ' night at 8 o'clock..  Choir, practice on Friday .night at S  o'clock. A cordial welcome is extended to all.     ,    l - , ,  OPERA HOUSE  NEW YEAR'S NIGHT  JANUARY ist, 1906.  Under auspices C.W.O.W.  REVELSTOKE  FANCY CAKE  AND CONFECTIONERY  If you want the above-wu can  supply you with anything in thia  lino.|  TRY OUR    -  WHOLESOME  White and Brown Bread  om es and Buns  Dances and Private Parties Catered To.  Full Stock of Excellent Candies.  A. E.  BENNISON,  Mackenzie Avenue. ���������:  ������ I    > <  ������������������������������������9*���������������������������*���������������������������������**������*������****���������*���������  HOBSON &  THE REVELSTOKE WINE & SPIRIT CO.  LIMITED.  Import direct from Country of origin.  WHOLESALE     DEALERS     ONLY.  RBVELTSOKE,  IB-  O.  BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS  Fresh and Completo Line of Groceries.  ___��������� u ���������_____  The British Columbia  Employment Agency  In connection ������ith Agencies at  VANCOUVER, SEATTLE  -���������   CALGARY,  WINNIPEG  AND   EASTERN   CITIES  AU kinds of holp supplied on shortest notice  LUMBERMEN'S HELP A   SPECIALTY  Applications promptly   attended   to.     Oflice  Quoen's Hotel Block.   1*. O. Box 248  R. H. R0CERS,    -   MANAGER  Ee-, elstoke, ,B.'C.    ...  PELLEW-HARVEY,  BYANT & OILMAN  Mining* Engineers  and Assayers, .,  VANCOUVER, B.C.'^Established 1890 '.  GET YOUR EYES EXAMINED FREE  A large varie   f  of Gl.is-.J5 a! iv i"  kept in _tjj!c luyr  Try a pair on  ���������we guarantee a  perfect fit.  If you require  anything- in Jewelry  it is here for you.  A complete stock  of the right class  of goods.  J. GUY BARBER,    -   Jeweller, Optician  WM.   FLEMING,  Wholesale & Retail Meat Merchant.  AS8AY WOR OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  ,    ;    . L'NDE.TAEN.     ������  j_.Tcsts made up to 2,000lbs.    " ...  ��������� _���������*- specialty made of checking Smelter*S  Pulps.,        .,���������-_---     , .     - w  Samples from the Interior by moll or  express promptly attended to.      -���������*  Correspondence solicited.]      .   -',-  VANCOUVER, B. C.       L   "  Wholesale anil Retail  Fish Merchants  FRONT STREET  New Westminster  Fish and Game in Season.   -  First Street,   -   Revelstoke. B. C.  vi  BIHUSS '-���������:'&  'Wholesale and.Retail,Dealers  PRIME. i BEEF.  > PORK.: i MITT0N.  ;���������<>- -s-. '^ hsh'AKD 'Gl_2H_e^S_3_&0_f.'V-  -*���������* 'it '-ic-'i-,  -As. ... Jr. i-l-A   - x  SAUSAGE/  '.'I*.;.  ���������r  I:_ ^  I V' v 4  asm  REOPENED'  -REMODELED  Union Motel Restaurant,  Mrs. FV-cKitrick, Manageress.  ���������    Open at all hours.-**" " **���������   .t  Meal Tickets Issued.  SHort "Orders tastefully-served. . ���������-,  .-" ���������   Rates Moderate.  ___  11 -.  . >. si  *, *i  JOSEPH MELROSE, DlEECTOn.  GOOD  Musio,Singing,Dancing  Big Dance and Supper  AFTER THE SHOW  Prices 4, 0, and 8  WANTED TO BENT���������A Piano by  the month, apply at the Hbraxd  office,  *00000J*0J*J*00000*00P0*������P***>  Bankhead Coal  Delivered  $9.00  9.00  8.50  Orders left at P.  Burns & Company's  Office will receive most  prompt attention.  All kinds of Fish, Salmon,*  Halibut, Cod, Smoked Salmon,  Kippers, Bloaters, shipped to  all points.       ' ' '  Write for-Frices  Jas. I. Woodrow  ���������RUTOHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beet, Porki  Mutton, Etc.  FUh and Game in Season....  Corner Dongla*  Kins Street-  All orders promptly tilled.  &BYE&ff������0_-B,������.&  F. McCarty, Agent.  &4^<r*W������Nf4f4W&+f4W**V*0*)  GOAh!  Wlien you want satisfactory  Furnacu or Base Burner Coal  Try tbe Semi-Anthracite Crow's  Nest Coal  $9.50  VICTORIA  "��������� One'of the best and '     ' K>  commodious hotels, in the  'City.-  .   *..'-!   '.'.'.''  'Free Bus meets all trains.  ' Hourly Street Car.   . - - ,  Fare IO Cents  W. M. Brown,   Prop.  Front Street  PER  * TQN  Oiders left at Lawrence Hard-  wuio Store promptly attended  to.  SWAN CARLSON  Agent.  'COT! & BBICGS  Berrlnters, Solicitors, Etc.  Solicitors for Molsons Bank.  Flrat Street  RcvclstO-e, B. C.  fJAKVEY, M'CARTER _ PINKHAM  Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.  Solicitors for Imperial Bank of Canada.  *-     Company funds to loan at8 percent.  First Stbikt, Revelstoke B. C.  Dr. Morrison  ^^^^*VVV^^*-WV^^^^^VW-^^^^^*^A*A*S-Mir>-*A*A**^  LOANS  NOTARIES  SIBBALD & FIELD  '   " HAVE P -      "'  Houses ahd Lots  FOR SALE  - ~ t - */  IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY *  INSURANCE,.      .... ,   'COMOX COAL,  DENTIST  OffltQ-lAwrenco Hardware CoT BJock���������Vpitalr.  Gait Coal  $8.70 PER SINGLE TON  I ���������""  Reduction made for large quantities.  Delivered to any part of the city.  Oiders left at tlie Lawrence Hardware  i Store,   or  at   Smythe's  Tobacco  Store, promptly attended to.  AUSO  200  Cords  Wood  WELL SEASONED  ��������� $4.00 per Two-Rick Cord.  J. C. HUTCHISON, FIRST ST.  Miss Ethel Dever,  -   A. T. CM. -   -  TEACHER OF PIANO  & VOICE CULTURE  STUDIO   AT   THE   PARSONAGE.  f  Wood for Sale.  Having established a permanent  wood yard, the citizens can depend on  getting flrat class dry wood at all  times,  .    ROBERT SAMSON.  *������ i .  1        ,  A "?���������'  I    1  S-. A  hi     A  DANGER OF KISSING. .  ^lthonxb OallRlitful Bon* Think It a San.  t r*tht*ps*e*a*.  Kissing! Its dangers! Its dellshts!  Ever since the daughter ot a queen of  tenderness ilssed her child and, contracting diphtheria, left motherless  feer family of babies, girls have bew  trained against kissing.  But lt ls a natural instinct Breathing only la equally necessary -with  this, the soft expression, the wordlew  sons of love.  To prohibit lt would deprive this existence of one of its few delights. It  would disinherit the unfortunate proletarians, who, possessing little else,  have yet this capital, this power, thia  poy, which ln a moment's contact  makes them the envied of the cold,  I cloved, the unloving Midas.  Lord of Millions! Yet without lova  he ls without that which, tho igh tha  ecstasy be but for an Instant, lifts  mortality to paradise and makes man  telleve In Immortal bliss.  Therefore, as one who at least remembers her joys, I pray that no voica  r be so potent as to annihilate kisslnc-  It is the mother's last tender prayer,  left as a*-seal upon the lips, the cheek,  lhe brow of her child.  It is the prayer ol forgiveness ot Innocent sinners,   the   unspoken   sympathy'with a broken heart, the pleading with the straying, the   encourage*  tnent to the disheartened.  So   distinctive   is It ln   character  "    that its tender breathing on a Btrang-  *".  er's brow will, like a magician's wand  bring back "how dear to his   heart  are the scenes of his childhood," and  many an eye hard with the bitterness  of frozen tears has brimmed over with  the dew of penitence~at the.touch ot  ^    3ioly, piteous lips.  ,' But aa the greatest good in mlsure  fcecomes the weapon of foul evil, rather than prohibit kissing let a means  . tie'suggested whereby-the hungry for  this, the magic touch of youth, may In  a'measure be fitted for Its enjoyment,  and not ln Ignorance do ill to any,  even the least of the little one?.  First the kisser. Let the kisser  read and learn from the wisdom, the  tacts that the microscope has given  to students." ' _  ' The teeth, at whose roots ls found ������  deposit' called tartar, -* If scraped oil  this deposit will sometimes be- found  In a state of decay. And.the substance if placed " under, a powerful  microscope will be found .to- be, at  least in part, a mass of moving life.  _ It is not necessary for any disease  to be In the mouth, throat or any part  of the body for the breath to be foul,  _ "' and odors aro as sure an indication  A of "danger as plain ls the physician's  -guide to the location of disease.^  ���������"V-" The simplest'remedy for*this dang-  - erous-condition'of the'teeth and-this:  '>unpleasant;-malodorous'breath is tha,  - .application, of>precipitated chalk.-, ^*.v>,  ' 'PTSsei several times per. day for. diseased teeth and-gums, washed off "with *  . water "arid applied before sleep, the un-:  ' conscious swallowing- of, the   sail via  carrying .tome* of the'i chalk will   nol  ���������jtmljr ameliorate'the unhealthy ^condi-  Itton of the gums but, arrest^decay, of  ithe steeth. -Hf wlll'Jalso^lmprovJ^the;  "^condition of .the* stomach, and. thus, if  ?"&there be'no cancerous root or inflammation .of the throat and intestines,  -'. relieve the dangerous'effect of a .kiss.  - * Mothers should learn that the clean-  ���������. ftdess of a'child's mouth ls more nec-  ',*H]essaryyto^health than a clean face.'  ��������� Even,*cleanliness "of '.the body is less  - tiowerful ln effect tl.an. cleanlinessfof  (the" gums. The* free use-of 'a 'toothbrush, not too hard, with equally, free  jnse of precipitated chalk, will so as-  1 ^.custom a,child to the-freshness of a  Ere mouth, 'allied to f_ie - "moral-,  tught of pure,words coming there-  , t m, that the result wilf not only'bo  -. more healthy kissing but more heal-  'Ithy" living.���������Mrs!* George > Spencer," in  * K. Y. Eve.-' World. - -,--= /     ^.   ."   - ,-'  DRESSMAKING   -fo - '*''*'*"^^^**'������ft'*'**' *''*'������������������'*''**l*1 '*''*"*''*'  Sewing done by the day or taken in,  charge .$1.25 a day, for the winter  .eason. ��������� ������������������'-������������������'  MISS NORDAL.  Apply to Mis . Benson at Cressman &  MoriUon's tailoi- -hop.  NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given Dial on application  \illbemado to the Legislative Assembly cf  Hue l'n������ Inco of llritish Columbia, at Its next  session for nn Act lo Incorporate a compan> tn  nc called "lho Kamloopa and Yellow Head  I'aes Hallway Company," with power tocon-  trtift. equip and ape-rate alino pf rullnnj  rom a i.oint at or noar Kumlnnps. thencu  -mining in a northerly direction follo-liig  ihevalk-js of the Nortli Thompson rl\cr, the  Canoe river ard MtLeitnan'd creek to a jioini  itorncarTcte launc Cache in tho Pro-ilnce  if Mr!Uill Columbia vith all Blich powers as  na) be iiecc-Bry und expedient for thc construction and operation of naid lino of Hnilwav  ind wilh power io purchase anrl develop and  ���������on\c> o\crits Plight of Wny, electric power,  md tn bell and distribute thu same within thc  mid Province of British Columbia, and with  power to ntquirc and operate steam boats and  errles In connection wilh the Hallway, and  with power toeffecf a Junction with any line  ii mi.wav to he construi ted from the bouth to  i. p. In tutor near Kamloops or with tho Can-  nun i'-cilic Hull way at that point and also  .ith auy rail wav coming westward through  'he Yellow Head Pa--s.  Dated at Vancouver, British Columbia, thi  ilh day of December, A D , 1905.  TUPPER i. GRIFFIN,  Royal Bank Chambers, Vancouver,  British Columbia,  dU Gw        .       Solicitors for Applicants. .  The Leading: Merchant Tailors  Don't'order a Suit because it is cheap. Order it  because it will be becoming*, fashionable, durable and  comfortable. The best is the cheapest. We make the  best. In making a Suit we give advice when wanted and  we accept advice when a customer desires to give it.  Every now  and then you are confronted  with  the  question, " Who's Your Tailor "���������Cresssman & Morrison, ,  of course.  el.  torpor ation of tho City of  .   .       Revelstoke  Notice re Voters' List for 1906  .       The Leading Merchant Tailors.  '. ������T*. .'T. Jf. .���������. jf. . _*. .V. Jf. ._ __. . __ Jf. Jr. Jr. ���������*_ . __. __��������� __. j4%^2_ * *** .T. _P. . _*��������� *-  Tl.i 1.1 1.1.1 Ijl Tr,! IV.I .Jf .jt��������� *|T * *T,* '-f-* *-f���������     I     Sfi   Tli   *i|*     *fl-      *������-     A   *Jj *,T1 111 \P*X* *,  The attention of persons w ishing to qualify to  ate as " Householders *' or '* Licenco Holders'  t the Municipal Elections to be held in January  IKIO, is called to the fact that farms of declar  ition may he obtained and the necessary declar-  ition mado up to and including December 80th,'  instant. ** t    - **-  Section 3 of the Act provides that "no declar-  iptcd   ...   _ _        l! liv ered to hun vv itlun 48 hours aftor it is made;  i-.iou shall  bo  accented  by tho   Clerk  unless  irov ided all declarations shall be delivered before  > n eloek in the afternoon of tlie day on which the  liat is closed b> the Clerk."  'JT. _ .'s and others taking thc declarations will  tr**ease note the hour as well as the date on the  forms w hon the declaration is made ��������� _������o  Docemler31st, falling on Sunday this jcar, the  list will bo closed at 5 o clock mtho afternoon of  fioSCth.  B- ' ^ J      ' ��������� I-  Tlio term,'; Householder is thus defined by .the  amended Act:��������� *���������'   > ** ^  ^ it"..      - " **.---  , " .'llouseholdei-'' shall evtenrt to and include  every ., person  who  holds-and occupies a  ^v 2 dwelling tenement, hotel or boarding house  '- or an} part or portion of a dw cllmg.tenemcnt  -*-?    hotel or boarding house "within a Arumci-  v;v-    pahty. who has paid directly to lho Munici-  ' palitv, rates taxes or fees of noteless than  ^,-'^r. two dollars during the current jear " ,      *yv  p"' __-*     l-"     \ "    h"floydV "-"  *   '-"       !'   '       ^m.    A CityClerk.-  t ' A    -. *j    ���������     i  ,  7)  Ks-  Hiking Artificial rraclon-St������net ," ' A  '. To meet .the growing demand,. for  artificial Jewelry the process of mak-  tagi -precious- atones" has become  ���������greatly improved within the lasffew  fears, and Its further development haq  cnllsted the service of ' some " of -.tho  most1 skillful-chemists.'^'���������*"' '- , *  The material chiefly used-Is glass/  , fiut it is not the "ordinary glass ot  commerce.'   It is prepared with    the  nBreate8t_car���������rby~highly~-iiIIled"a_tis^  ens, for upon its clearness and perfect  homogeneity depend the quality of tha  Imitation.kerns, which are far super*  lor to the cheap grade of counterfeits  - that rely oa silver backings, for. their  lustra. n ;    ��������� ' ���������     /���������    '  This glass can only be made from  .bsolutely pure i quartz, or, better still  from rock crystal, as quartx'frequent*  far contain minute veins of iron, which -  trould impair the clearness and color  ������f the glass.   The blcarboate of pot-  B8h and the oxide of lead which   arc  mixed with it must also be chemically  e pivra. 'Other 'Ingredients of less im-'  * portent, ire borax,;, which promotes  the flux, and small quantity of arsenic.  The best glass for imitation-.'gems  consists of rock crystal, 32 per-' cent; >  bicarbonate of potash, 17   per   cent;  tod- a    trace    of    arsenic    Carefully prepared by   competent   hands,  oxide of lead, EO per cent;    borax, 1  |hls mixture, produces a grade of glass  (Which   ln brilliancy   and   Iridescence  fields little to.,the genuine diamond it-'  ' self, and. these .qualities may be'further, enhanced by the substitution of  potassium for the bicarbonate of potash and an increase' of the quantity *t  'pzide of lead used. 'Jp.  Stones carefully made by this process can only be distinguished from  the genuine by experts. This ls true,  bo waver, only so long ; as they ara  new, for imitation gems wear off, become blind and lose their flro with  ago, and lt Ib to remedy these defects  Ithat the_efforta of chemists ara now,  jSireetad.  Opaque gems, like tha turqnolsa am,  Che opal, are made from glass whosa  transparency Is destroyed by the ad������,  idltlon of oxlda of sine after pulverltae  ftlon.   Tha color   of the  turquoise   it  - produced by, ntana of ralda at wssw  ���������pn -   '  '.NOTIOE.**-' ��������� :1a -   -"  ^"Notice is hereby give_*thatl. Intend to applv  ���������it the ncit meeting of the Board oi Licensing:  _ ���������mmlssloners Ior-the city nf Kevelstoke, for  .he trannfer from me to Kubcrt Laugli ton of  eveisiokc. B. C.-of -"the retail -liquor licence  jield bj me in respect ol the prem ises at Kev  elstoko known as thc Victoria Hotel. .     ,  Dated this 15th" December. 1905.   **   - <v  .-i. .-I*. jf. .*_ . .^.. .*_. Jf. Jr. .-^ .���������. .-i. .-*. . _-. .Tl. .*_������ .H*. . _*. . _*. .*_. jf. jf. Jf. . _i. .T. .*I*. .'  1*1 l,T,l l,T.l rjl*. l*f IJ,. If,! l.Pl^J,! IJJTJ.1 1.T.1 l.f.1 1J.1 IJ,! Ij... Ijrf ljf.1 1.T.1 I.T|T 1J,J ri- Ijl,1 IJ.ATjTjTT  %   LAWRENCE    HARDWARE   Co.,  Ltd.   J  We invite you  to come and inspect         4 4  ��������� Our Stock of Xmas Presents, includ-                 - ^  ing: ��������� Butter   Bowls,     Tea   Sets,            ,        j  '        Roger's Plated Ware of all   kinds. J  Cut   Glass   Goods,   Sterling Silver              -       ���������  Noveltise, all kinds ot Skates   direct ;  from the manufactureas,   Carvers  in *���������  f^ Cases, Fancy Lamps, Pccket Knives,  " Razors and Boys' Watches. \.  ^   PRICES TO SUIT ALL PURCHASERS  ������__*_ __K ������*fr������ ***** Jb* ***** ***** &* **^*t ������t_ -*f| jt* |T> |^ **r* **r. >T| ������&*. **]P* |^������ ********** ***** **r* ***** _  *4? *4������* *_t' 'X* 'X' lJ{i' l4������ l4������' le\*1 *4* l4������' l*t>* s4*s Sf*M l*4.1 l*J������1 B_P T|>' l4������l l*f** *���������!** **%? 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Bcgular meetings-are held ln the  Oddfellows Hall on the Third Kri*-  day of each month, at 8p*m. sharp.  ... .....   brethren oordialh invited.  J A. AOHhSOJ*,--W. M  .Vinltlng brethren oordialh invite-  J A. AUHhSO-VW. M**   ^  k.     -"���������   K. J. TAGGERT, ReC-See;  -  '     KOOTENAY STAR, R. B. P. 'J i  ,'��������� 1  Meets on First Tuesday of every month/in  r.-O. O.iT. Hall. *      *��������� '- 1 1   A .  P -*     , . J. ACHESON, W. P. "J  ���������>\ii   ~A~   R. J. lAOOEUT, REG.    _v,>i     l  v Ojld Renere Lodge, K. of  P.,  , No. 26, Kevelstoko,.-. C.  MYETS EVERY   WibNKSDAY  lu   Oddfellows'-Hall   at  E  o'clock    , M .ting  Knights-are  - eordiully invHtd.y-  ;J. B. SCOTtCc. C.t       ."���������-,-.      c  BThMAtT McDONALr, K. of R. A 8,  H. A, BROWN. 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Chief ���������.-ommisslonor  of Lands and Works for a special licence to cut  and carry timlier from the follow ing described  lands, situated in West Kootena} district:  Commencing at a port planted at W. K,  Reid . south wcstcorner.thcnce cost 80 chains  thence south ROcbalnB. theuce vvest 80 cbalnp,  thence north 8J chains to point of commencement.       * - i  -    , J. T. FARMER.  Revelstoke. B. C. October 24th, 1905.,   >>   -  ^      ." '      ' "   ' NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given tbat, 80 days after  dato, 1 intend to apply to the Don chief Com  mli-ioncr. of lands and Works for special 11.  cenre to cut and carry aw ay limber from tbe  following described lands, situated on upper  Arrow Lake: ���������*  Commencing at a pout planted at tbe south  west corner of  Lot  6,1������,  running north 16C  chains; west 40 chains; south IW chains; east  fti chains lo point of commencement. -   ,  Arrowhead, October 27th, 1905.  OEO. BOYD.  NOTICE.'  Notice i* hereby given that thirty days after  date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commis  sioner of Lands and Works for a special license  to cut and carry avvay timber from the following described limits, situated on the west side  of Arrow Lakes on a creek emptying Into Shelter Bay. In West Kootenay district:  Commencing at the second south west  angle of Lot 811 of tbe K and 8 limits, then  w est 80 chains, thence nortb 40 chains, thence  west 40 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence  east 120 chains, tbence north 40 chains to  point of commencement.  Dated November Uth, 1905.  0X0. B. CAMPBELL.  '". \     ,' -"' NOTICE.   ,. '* -S- <  ' Notice is hereby giv en that 30 days after date  I intend-to apply to the Honoranle the Chief  Commissioner of Lands'and Works for permission to cut and carry away timberfrom tbe  following described lands situated in West  Kootenay district:   " ,_���������   -~  I.. Commencing'at a-post planted on the  south side, of Smlthnreek about VA miles from  tbe Columbia river and marked "E. J Johnson's north east corner post," tbence south 80  chains, thence west SO chains, thence north 80  chainB, thence east 80 chains to the point of  commencement.    !>','"-.  A 2." Commencing at a post planted on the  south sideof Smith'creek about 81^ mi Ies from  tbe Columbia,river.and marked ������������������_ J. Johnson's north east corner post," thenee south 80  lhains, thence vvest SO chains, theme north 80  chains, thence east80 chains to tbe point of  commencement.     .,-      , i -    .  .. *.-^ > -t        r  *3 Comirencing at a- post* planted on the  south side of Smith creek about 4>A miles from  the Columbia river-aud'morked ��������� E.J. John-  sou's norlh eau corner post," thence south 80  chains, thence vvest 80chains, thence north'80  chains, thenceeast 80 chaius to the point of  commencement. -r{ *v ���������-,    ���������    .     -\  4 Commencing at] a post planted on tho  south bide of bmlth creok aboui5}������ miles from  the Columbia river and marked ' E. J. Johnson's north east corner post," thence south 80  chains, thenie vvest 80 chains, thence uorth 80  cbains, thence cast 80 chains to tbe point of  commencement.     .,'.,       ,  5. Commencing at a post'plnnted on tho  soutb side of Smith creek about 1114 miles from  tbe Columbia river and marked -E. J. Johnson's north enht corner post,"-thence south SO  chains, Ihence west80 chains, themenorthSO  chains, tbence east 80 chains to the point of  commencement.       f)^  ' ., ������  C. Commencing at a'post planted on thc  south sldo of Smith creek about 1% miles from  Ihe Columbia river and'marked "K. J. Johnson's north easl cornor.post," Ihence south 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, theneo north 80  chains, theuce east 80 chains to the pointof  commencement. v *.  . Commencing at apost planted on tho  south side ot Smith creek about '2J_ miles from  the l olumbla river and mirked ���������-E. J. Johnson's south east corner post," thonce north 40  chains, thence west ICO chains, thence south 40  chains, tbence east 1C0 chains to the point of  commencement,       ���������,'T'= -  .8. Commencing at o post planted on thc  ���������outh side of Smith creek about 4,i miles from  the Columbia river and marked,"E J. Johnson's south east corner post," thonce north 40  chains, thenee west iso^chains, thence south  40 chains, thence east 1G0 chains to tho point of  commencement. l  9. Commencing at a jiost planted on tho  south side of Smith ereek'about OH miles from  the ( olumbla river and marked "E.J. Johnson's south east corner post," thence north 40  chains, thence west 100chains.tbenessoutb 40  chains, tbence east ICO chains to the point of  commencement,  10. Commencing at a post planted on the  north side of the north folk of Smith creek,  about CA miles from the Columbia river and  marked- E. J. Johnson's south east corner."  thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains  to thc place of commencement.  -Dated November 27th, 1905.  '   , _  \,S . ,E,J. JOHNSON.  /���������  Of  THE HON HOTEL  W.   J.    LICHTOURNE, Manager.  NEWLY BUILT AND FURNISHED  STRICLY FIRST-CLASS  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED  WITH BEST BRANDS  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS  ARROWHEAD, - B. C.  CITY LIVERY STABLES  First-class Livery and Feed Stables, Saddle Horses.  Single and Double Rigs  for Hire on   Reasonable  Terms.    Turned out Clean and Neat.  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Notice Is hereby ghen that the reservation  notice ol ������lilili uas publUlicd ln the B G  Garcttc, and dated 9th Atigunt, 1901, covering a  belt of land extending back a distance often  miles on each aide of the Slccoua Klver, between Ktlullaa Canyon and Hazelton, Ib cancelled,  Noiice In alno ci ten that that portion of the  ice of which was'published In  reservation, not!  tbe  B O. On. otto  and dateil _7i��������� December,  NOTIOE.  In the matter of John Sjoberg, deceased, and  In tbe matter of tbe Official Administrators Act.  Notice ls hereby given that by order of nis  Honor J. A. Forin, local Judge, dated thelSlh  day of October, 1906, George Kmlth McCarter,  Ofllcial Administrator for that part ol Kootenay County comprised within the Revelstoke  Electoral District, has been granted letters ol  administration to administer all and singular  tho estate of John Sjoberg, deceased, intestate.  And further take notice tbat all claims upon  the aaid estate must be sont ln to the said Ad-  mlnistrator at bis office,Imperial Bank Illock,  Itcvelatoke, B O., within SU days from tbe date  hereof, after which all proceeds will be distributed among the partlci lawfully thereunto entitled.  GEOEGE SMITH-UcCABTER,  Offloial Administrator.  0. (ed tbe l.tb day oi Novemt*-r,W5. ,      3  1899, covering a belt of landcxtendlni; between  tho moulh of Kllliniit Ilher and Kilsilas Can-  yon, Is rescinded in so far as it covers land  lying between the Kilsilas Canjon and a  point In the Kltimnt Valley, distant ten miles  In a northerly dlreetlon from tbe mouth of  Kitimat Itlicr, and that Urown lands thereon  -ill bu open to sale, pre-emption and other  disposition under tho provisions of tho Land  Act, on and niter tho eighth (8th) day of December nexl: Provided thai tne right of way  of any railroad shall not be included ln any  lands so acquired.  ' W. 8. 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Us aolightfillness was us purely  traditional ns tho royul'lineage  claimed  by  its owners.  Jlr. Willcoxcn was one of thoso  whoso god is Mammon. Ho hnd inherited money, quarried a half-sister  of Commodore Waugh for muno/,  and made money. Year by jear,  from youth to age, adding thousands  to thousands, acres to acres; until  no*.*., at tho age of ninety-live, lie  was the master of incalculable riches.  lie had outlived his wife and tlioir  three children, and his nearest of  kin were Thurston Willcoxeu, the son  of his eldest son; Cloudesley Mtorn-  ington, the son of his eldest daughter, nnd poor Fanny Laurie, the  child of his youngest daughter.  Thurston and Fanny nad each inherited a small property independent  01 their grandfather.  But poor Cloudy had been left an  orphan in tho worst sense of tho  word���������destitute and dependent on  tho "cold charity of the world,*' or  thc colder and bitterer alms of unloving rich relatives.  The oldest end nearest kinsman and !  petition cf Thurston to be permitted  to continue his education by a course  of studies ut a Gorman university,  and afterward by a tour of tho Eastern continent.  Thurston's nb<-c:icc wa.s prolonged  much beyond the orlg.n.tl intention,  a.s has been related; he spent two  years at thc university, two in travel, and neuiJy two in the cily of  Paris.  His grandfather would certainly  never havo consented to this prolonged absence, had it been at his  own cost; but tho expenses wcrcinjt  by advances upon Thurston's own  small patrimony.  And,     in   fact,   when at last     U13  young gentleman returned to his nu-  I live country, it was because his prj-  I perly  was nearly  exhausted,  and  hi-  I remittances  were small,  few  and  fur  j between,  grudgingly sent,  and about  ! to be stopped.   Therefore nearly penniless,   but  Perfectly    free   from      tho  smallest,    debt   or     degradation���������elegant,   accomplished,     fastidious,    yec  truthful,   generous,    gallant  and   as-,  pi ring���������Thurston     left    the     elegant!  natural   guardian      of  the  boys-o     ��������� I'0'"1. f      trusl0������  Mr.   Willcoxcn-had,    of  course,     re- | ^"rl������ s P���������>Pprty.  ceived     them   into  his house to     bo ' ���������"'-s,.-':r,\.act ,wa  -    ���������   I 01  salons  and   exciting scenes of   l3a"iyJTh  for the     comparative    dullness     and  dreariness of his native place and his  grandfather's house.  He had  reached  his  legal majority  just  beforo leaving  Paris,  and    soon  after his arrival at liome lie was ap-  of     poor      Fanny  dant,      sometimes upon the Catholic  chapel,  sometimes   upon   tho Protestant church, now became a very   regular frequenter of the latter place of  worship;   .lie  object  of his     worship  boing not tho Creator,  but tho creature,  whom,  if ho missed  from     hor  accustomed seat,    tho   singing,     and  praying,  ..nd  preaching for him lost  all  of its meaning,  power and  spirituality.   In tho churchyard ho sometimes tried to catcli her eye and bow  to her; but ho was always completely baflled -*n his aspirations nfter    a  nearer   communion.     She was always  attended from thc church and assisted into hei* .'.addlo by Judge Provost,  Colonel    Thornton,    or somo     ot!:<._  "potent,     grave  and    reverend  seig-  nors,"    who  "hedged hcr about witli  a divinity"  that  it   was  impossible,  without  rudeness  and  intrusion,     to  break      through.     The more ho was  ballled and perllexod,  thu more eager  been 1110  his  ilesiro    lo  cultivate     her  acquaintance.   Had  his  course     been  clear    to  woo    her  for  liis  wife,     it  would  have beon   easy  to  nsk     permission of F.lith to visit her at her  liouse;  but such  wits  not  tho     case,  and Thurston,    tampering   with     his  own     integrity    of     11urpo.se,   rather  wished that this much    coveted    acquaintance should  bo incidental,  and  their  interviews  scorn  accidental,    so  tliat ho s-hould not commit    himself,  or in any way lead her to form   expectations    which   he had no   surely  of  being     ablo   to  meet.   How  long  this      cool  and    cautious      foresight  might avail    him,  if    once ho     woro  brought in close companionship with  Marian, remains to be seen.   It hap.  pencd one Sunday afternoon in October that he saw    Marian take   leave  of      her     voncrablo    escort,   Colonel  as to vist Fanny in  reared and educated; but no educa-i Ulor.(li^'l,,t ''syl,Jin( ". ":hich s,������ "a3  tion would ho afford tho lads beyond I <-,?".*'nocI* ���������"������ ������M������-wlain hcr real con-  that dispensed by the village school-< d't,ou' And havl,,������ hCa'd hcr - P'������  master,   who  could   very   well    teach  tliem that ten dimes make a   dollar.. , ,, r- _     - .,  and  ten dollars  an eagle;  and     who    ,cl' f'om, V'0 1co.nnn9mo"t ������' "*e "f*"  could    also    instruct   lhem how     to   h".   a,Kl  to, bring hor home to    her  native   county,     where,   among     the  woods    and    hills and streams,     she  ' I nounced      incurable,  though perfectly  write their own names���������for instance,  at the foot of receipts of so many  hundred dollars for so many hogsheads of tobacco; or to read other  men's signatures, to wit, upon the  backs of notes of hand, pnyablo at  such a time, or on such a day. This  was just knowledge enough, he said,  to teach the boys how to make and  save money, yet not enough to  tempt them to spend it foolishly in  travel, libraries, pictures, statues,  arbors, fountains, and such costly  trumpery and expensive tomfoolery.  To Thurston, who was his favorite,  probably because he bore 'the family  name and inherited some indendent  property, Mr. Willcoxcn would, however, have afforded a moro liberal  - and gentlemanly education, could lie  have done so and at the same timy  decently withheld from going to some  expense in giving his penniless grandson. Cloudy, tho same privilege. As  it was, he sought to veil" his parsimony by conservative principle.  It was a great humiliation to the  boys to see that, while all tho youths  of their own rank and neighborhood  were entered pensioners at the local  college, lhoy two alone wero taken  from the littlo day-school to be put  to agricultural labor���������a thing unprecedented in that locality at that  time.  When this matter was brought to  the know ledge of Commodore Waugh,  as hc strode up and down his hall,  the indignant old sailor thumped hi_  heavy stick upon the ground, thrust  forward nis great head, and swore  furiously by- the whole Pandemonial  Hierarchy that his grandnephows  should not be brought up like clodhoppers.  And straightway he ordered his carriage, threw himself into it, and rode  ovor to Charlotte Hall, where he entered the namo cf his two young relatives as pensioners at his own proper cost.  This done, lie ordered his coachman  to take the road to Dell-Delight,  where he had an interview with Mr.  AVillcoxen.  And as he met little opposition  from   lho  old  man,   who-seemed  might find at once that freedom,  space and solitude so desired by the  hearl-sick or brain-sick, and where  also his own care might avail    her.  Old Mr. V'illcoxen, far from offering opposition to this plan, actually  favored it���������though from tho less  worthy mo.ivo of economy. Wh.t  was tho use of spelling money to  pay board, und nursing, and medical  attendance, in the asylum, when sho  might bo boarded and nursed and  doctored so mucli cheaper at home?  For tho old man confidently looked  forward to .he time when the poor,'  fragile, failing creaturo would sink  inlo the grave, and Thurston won1.1  becoma her heir. And hc calculated  that every dollar they could save of  her income ,would be so much addsd  to tho inheritance when Thurston  should come into it.  Very soon afler Thurston's return  homo his grandfather gave him to  understand the conditions upon which  he intended io make him his heir.  Thcy wero two in number, viz., that  Thurston should never leave him  again whilo he lived; and, secondly,  that ho should never marry without  his consent. "For I don't wish to  bo left alone in my old age, my dear  boy; nor do I wish to see you throw  yourself away upon' any girl whose  fortuno is lo_s than thc estate I intend to bequeath entire to yourself."  CHAPTER XII.  j 'Jt'hoi-nloii, at ��������� tho churchyard gate,  and gayly and alone turn into the  forest road that led lo her own  home. He immediately threw himself  into his saddle and followed her,  with tho assumed air of an in different  gentleman pursuing his own path.  Ho overtook her near one of thoso  gates that frequently intersect tho  road. Bowing, ho passed her, opened  tho gate, and held it open for her  Passago. Marian smiled, and nodded  with a pleasant:  "Cood-aftornoon, Mr. Willcoxcn,"  as  sho  went  through.  Thurston closed tho gate and rode  on after her.  "This is glorious weather, Miss  May field." -  "Glorious, indeed!" replied Mar-j  ian.  "And tho country, too, is perfectly  beautiful i.t this season. 1 never  could sjmpathiye with the poets who  call autumnal day's 'the melancholy  days���������thc saddest of the year,' "  "Sor I," said Marian; "for to mo,  autumn, with its refulgent skies, an'd  gorgeous woods, and rich harvest,  and its prospect of Christmas cheer  and wintry repose has ever seemed a,  gay and festivo season. The year's  great work is done, thc harvest- i_  gathered, enjoyment is present, and  repose at hand."  "In tho .world of society," said  Thurston, "it is in the evening, after  the labor r.r tho business 01" tlie day  is over, that the gayest scenes of  festivity occur, just preceding 'the re-  poso ...of sleep. So I rcceivo yo ir  thought of the autumn���������thc evening"  of the year, preceding thc rest "01  winter. Xaturc's year's work is dono  sho puts on her most gorgeous robes,  and lujlds a festival before sho sinks  to her winter's sleep."  Marian smiled brightly upon him.  "Ves; my meaning, I believe, only  mow pointedly expressed."  That smile���������that smiic! Tt lightened  to set about tho accomplishment   of  it, and nevor knight served liege lady  as I will serve youi"  Marian smiled. **  "How? Oh, you must' mako yourself a position from which to influence peoplo! I do not know that I  can advise., you how; but you will  find a way, ns���������woro I a man, T  should."  "Being a woman, you havo 'dono  wonders!"  "For a woman," snid Marian, with  a glanco full of archness and merriment.  "No, no; for any*..ono, man or woman! But your method, Marian? I  beg your pardon, Miss Maylield," hc  added, with a blush of ingenuous  embarrassment.  "Nay. now," snid tho frank girl;  "do etill 1110 Mnrian if that name  springs -iioro readily from your lips  than the other. Almost nil persons  cull mo Marian,  and I liko it."  A rush of pleasure thrilled al!  tlirough his veins; he gavo hcr words  a moaning and a value for himself  that they did not certainly possess;  ho forgot that the grace extended to  him was extended to nil���������nay, that  sho had oven said as much in the  very words that gave it. no answered:  "And if I do, fairest Mnrian, shall  I. too, hoar my own Christian name  in music from your' lips?"  "Oh, I do "not know," said tho  beautiful girl, laughing and blushing.  "If it ever comes naturally, perhaps;  certainly not now. Why, the venerable Colonel Thornton calls me  'Marian,' but it nover comes to mo  to call him 'John!' "  ( (To be Continued.)   ���������   A  CHESS VILLAGE.  ITS SUPERIORITY IS GUARANTEED,  doctors are puzzled  Ceylon Tea has a del_c.bixs._ess all Its own  Sold only sealed tn lead packet., at 40c, 50c, and 60c per Ib.  By all grocers.  Highest Award;  -   St. Louis,  1904.  ^ -.  out .tie Farm I  SHEEP  NOTES.  Place  in   Germany   Where  Children Learn the Game.  In a plain of tho Hnrz Mountains,  a few miles distant from the quaint  old town of Ilalborsladt, Germany,  lies the village of Slrobeck. 'The  history of Slrobeck and its people  has for hundreds of years been associated with tho game of chess. It_  is a veritable chess village,-a nur-*  scry garden for that ancient game.  From earliest childhood the boys  and girls aro mado familiar with  board and men. At school chess' is  treated as nn obligatory sulVjocl, and  is taught systematically. As soon  as pupils have mastered the moves  and the rules of-the .game, thcy are  encouraged ��������� to undertake tho solution of chess problems and to invent  now ones, just as an English schoolboy is set to  making Latin verse.  At Easier there are chess examinations ond tournaments among the  school children. Tluec awards of  lienor in the shape of chess-boards  bearing tho inscription, "The lie-  ward of Industry," 'are given by the  .village community. 1'. Theso tournaments nro attended', by lovers of  chess from far nnd_near. During the  last half-century-several chess congresses of wide interest have also  been held at Strobcck.  From a very early-"time tho Slro-  becleers hnve had the-privilege of  challenging to a game .of chess any  princo or nobleman" or-cxalte-d personage who happens to pass through  their village.. In tho, year 16ol the  "Great Elector" of Brandonblurg was  challenged in this,way, and in memory of the event presented to tho  villagers a carved board and a set  of silver chessmen,  still  preserved.  How chess became the ruling passion of Strobcck  has never been as-  through all his nature with electric, fcortained, but the legend most gen-  life-giving, spirit-realixing power, erally believed sots forth that in the  elevating and inspiring his whole bc-|elevenlh    centurv a  famous political  It was not fortunate for old Mr.  Wiltcoxon's plans that his granson  should havo met Marian Mayfield.  For, on tho morning of Thurston's  "first meeting with the charming girl,  when ho turned his horse's head from  the arched gateway of Old Field Cottago and galloped off, "a haunting  shape and image gay" attended him.  It was that of beautiful Marian,  with hor blooming face and sunny  huir, and i oimded roseate nock and  bosom and arms, all softly, delicately flushed with the pure glow of rich,  luxuriant vitality, as shc stood in  to ��������� tho sunlight, under tho arch of azure  ing.   Itis face, too, was radiant with prisoner was  confined  in  an  ancient  lno   as      he   answered    the  maiden s .......  smile.  caused  tower which  still  stands in the centre of the village.    Time hung heavy  But something in his eyes    ��������������� on ���������,    hand d ,   ,  Marians      glances   to  mil     and  thofchoss    ho b        ���������  f      -%ot-of   mon  _ndybrow VP "Verne was to be had.    Thon the pri":  Then  Thurston  governed  his  cou������-loncr carved a ** for Mn*self  tenance���������lot    no   ardent or  admiring  spoke  were  think that it was no more than fair   morning-glories,    with    her   graceful  -that-lLe-boys'-uncle-shoii-d-share-tho j-arms-rais-.-d-in- the-ac*_-of binding-up"  expense of educating them, he sought j tho vines  out tho youths, whom he found in  the field, and bade them leave thc  plough, and go and prepare themselves to go to C  and get educated, as befitted tho grar.dnophews 0."  a gentleman!  Thc lads were at that time fnr too  pimple-minded and too clannish to  leel their prijo piqued nt this offei,  or to take offense at the rude manner in which it wa.s made. Commodore   Waugh   was     their  grniidunclc.  At first this "image fair" was almost unthought of he was scarcely  conscious of tho haunting presenco,  or the life and light it gradually diffused Ihrough his whole boing. And  when tho revelnlion dawned upon his  intf-llect. ho smiled 10 himself and  wondered if, for Lhe first time, he  wa.s falling "n love; and then he grew  grave, anil tried to banish lhe dangerous iho'ight. Hut when, day afier  dny. ninid nil the busin.-s aiid thu  pleasures of his life,  the "shape" still  nnd therefore hnd a right to educat  them, and to be short with thcui, ! pursi'ed him, instead of getting an  too, if ho pleased. Thnt wa.s the way ; gry with it or growing weary of it*,  in which thcy both looked nt the J ho oponod nis heart anil too', il it.,  matter. And vcry much delighted I and made it at home, r.nd set it  and very grateful they were for tJio I upon a throne, where it reigned su-  opening for education thus made for ' prcmc, diiT'.sing delight over all hi.s  them. I nature.      Out soon,   too  .soon,     this  Anrl vory zealously they entered ' bosom's sovereign became the despot,  upon their academical studies. They! and .stung, goadrd and urged him to  boarded at thc college and roomed sec again this living, breathing, glow-  together. But their vacations were j ing, most beautiful original. To s-vk  spent apart, Thurston spending his j hor? For what? 'Ho did not even  at Dell-Delight, and Cloudy his ot try to answer tho question.  Luckenough.  When the academical course was  completed. Commodore Waugh, as  has been seen, .was at some pains to  give Cloudy a fair start in life, and  for the first timo condescended to  use his -'nlluence with "the Department" to procure a favor in the  shop, of a midshipman's warrant for  Cloudesley Morniiigton.  In the meantime old Mr. Willcoxcn  was vi ry gradually sinking into the  imbecility  natural     to  hi.s  advanced  ag"; and his fascinating grandson was j in scones and society whero he could  gn .ling  <omo    ascendam-y     ovcr    hi.'hardlj  have expected to find a youn"-  Tims passed ono week  And then, had hc been disposed to  forget tho beautiful girl, ho could not  havo dono _o. For everywhere where  tho business of his grandfather took  him���������around    among the neighboring  planters,   to  tho villages  cf  i!   or  of  C ,  everywhere    ho   heard      of  Marian, and frequently ho saw hor,  though at a distance, or under ci.--  cumstances ihat made it impossible  for him, without rudeness, to address  hcr.   Ife both saw and heard  of hur  min*.'.       Year by  vear this    influence  increased, though it must be admit  cd  th .t Thurston's conqurst  over his  grnndfntii-M-'s  whims wa.s  as slow as  girl of her i'lsignificnnl position.  Marian was a regular ultendnnt   of  tho   3'rotn.stant    church   at Benedict,  whore, before tho     morning    service,  that of the Hollanders in winning lhe' she taught tn the Sunday-school, and  land from  the .sea. (before  the  aflornoon   service  she    ro-  llo-ove-,   th������   old   man���������now    that  ceived a class of colored children.  Cloudy  was p_._,vi.led for and  off his      And Thurston,    who     hn'd  brcn     a  bauds��������� it-n_ a more willing ear to the   vcry   careless    and     desultory  alien- ' indicate  my  work,  and  tell  mo  liow'  glanco  escape,   and    when he  again  his  manner  and    words  more deferential.  "We spoke of the world of nature.  Miss Mayfield; but hov,- is it with thj  world oi man? To many���������nay, to  most of the human race���������autumn is  tho herald of a season not of festivity and repose, but of continued  labor, and increased want and privation and suffering."  ���������"That���������is-bce<_iise-socicty_is-not~"in"  harmony with nature; man ha.s wandered ns far from nature as from  Cod," said Mnrian.  "And as much needs a Saviour to  lead him back to the one as to thc  otlior,"  replied Thurston  "Vou know that���������you feel it?" nuked Marian, turning upon him one of  her  soul-thrilling glances.  Thurston trembled with delicious  ploasnro through nil his frame; but,  guarding his eyes, lest ngnin lhoy  should frighten off hcr inspiring  glances,  bo answered,  fervently:  "I know nnd feel it most profound-  IJ-"  And Thur.-ton thought ho spoke the  truth, th .ugh in sober fnct ho had  never thought or felt anything about  the subject until now that Marian,  hi.s inspirer, poured hor life-giving  spirit   into  hi.s  soul.  Sho  spoko   again,    earnestly,  dcntly.  '���������You know- and feel it most  foundly! That deep knowledge  that deep feeling is the chrism  thnt has anointed yon a messenger  and a laborer in thc cause of humanity. 'Called and chosen,' l*c thou  also faithful. There aro many inspired, many anointed; bul few arc  faithful!"  "Thou, then, art tho high priestess  that hast poured tho consecrated oil  on  my  head.   I  will  bo faithful 1"  He spoke with such sudden enthusiasm, such abandon, thnt it hnd the  .IVect of bringing- Marian back to  tho moderation and rolontic of hor  usual manner. ITe mw it in tbo  changed expression of her countenance; and whut light or shade of feeling pas.s.d over thai beautiful fuco  unmarked of him? V, hen ho .spoke  again it wns composedly.  "You spe.ik ns the prcn'her. nnd  teachers prbaeli and (each���������in gi ncrnl  lerins. Be explicit whnl \wr-ll yo.i  have me to do. Mis..  Mnyf.old?   Only]  But he must have antagonists. One  by one his warders learned tho gtiino.  Thc peasants of tho village were  taking turns to guard him. Soon  they all knew how to 'play, and all  became enthusiasts.   4   UNQUESTfONABl-Y.  "Have  you   a  modern   street  railway system   in  your   town?"    wroto  tho Eastern  capitalist.  ���������'-Ou r���������slrfeiFit -���������raii i way���������8ysln__7' '-  wrote the Western real estate agent  and town boomer, in reply, "i.s  strictly up-to-date. Forty-seven persons hero havo been run ovcr by tho  cars or knocked off the track in tho  last six months alone."  It is veiy difficult to fatten a  poor sheep  in  cold  weather.  (let lho sheep in good condition  boforo  winter  sols  in.   '  If you value the wool product, nn  even condition must bo kept up.  A poor sheep will cat as much and  require as much labor in securing  its fleece as a good. ono.  Horsemen   who   divide   their   stock  up into    small    flocks are recognized  as the most successful shepherds and  tho  have tho healthiest and bost developed  sheep.  It is a mistako to ignore the mutton sido of flock returns when tho  outcome of the br-lncss is being  estimated.  Tho shepherd who hits a lot of  good fat sheep each winter, will  find hi.s feeding pays quite as woll  as the average.  Only the very best sheep, animals  which are true to their specific varieties of breeds and full, of promise,  should bo selected for brooding purpose.  In a majority of cases size is only  a secondary consideration, provided,  only that thc animal is fat, smooth  and trim.  Not only does it cost less to make  a pound of young tlcsh, but the  former is worth moro in market.  The man who makes his sheep as  good as he ..can beforo sending to  market, need' have no fear of his  placo  in  mnrkot.  A thrifty * animal, * full of robust  health'and vigorous strength, is,  more capable of resisting tho poison'  of --Contagious ' diseases successfully  than* tho unthrifty animal.  . If thore aro any sick or - unthrifty  sheep .in tho flock, ^separate thom  and if possible,' market theni in  some way.' It will not pay to winter them.  In buying sheep to feed this ��������� winter, buy good ones. Thc valuo , of  tho feed is the samo whether fed to-  good sheep or poor ones; the difference in tho profits will bo vvith tho  former.  With "the sheep selected for breeding, tho natural growth and character of tho wool of the animals to  be" mated should-be a matter-of first  class importance. '       '  Tho best interests of sheep 'husbandry does not so much call for  extraordinary weights as they do  for the production of muttons of  moderate weight and choice quality.  ��������� Valuable as blood is in breeding,  it has a very nocessary adjunct and  that is, individual merit. Pedigreo  is of little valuo in itsolf unless  backed by individual merit.  Howevor well grounded the position of the wool grower may be at  any time, he is short-sighted if ho  neglects to look after tho mutton  sido of his business. But at thc  samo time, he should neglect tho  quality of wool and the interests of  wool  production.  Sheep 'increases so rapidly and  mature at' such an early ago and  their flesh i.s so wholesomo for food  lhat on the majority of farms a  flnclc can readily be made profitable.  It-... claimed that ono sheep for  each cow can bo kept with very'  littlo  if  any  additional  expense     as  tho flock should bo fed and manag-ed  wilh a view to wool growih and  that  cf  fino  quality.  Whilo thero i.s a groat advnnlago  in securing good blooded stock, the  profits of tho herd or flock depend  equally ns much upon tho caro as on  the  blood.  No sheep sliould bo allowed to dio  from old ngo, but nil s. ould bo fattened and sent to the butcher before their vitality has impaired to  such nn extent as to impair thoir  rationing qualities or depreciate  their value.  While (hero is a-i abuudanco of  good pasturage is ono of tho best  times to fatten sheep that havo  passed  thoir prime.  INFLUENCE IN MILKING.  Any unusual    mplhort    of milking  not only causes a diminished,   yield  from milk,  but also causes the milk  which  is     obtained  to  bo  of  poorer  quality,  as    shown  by thc per cent,  of  fat.       Tho  variations   in   quality  are usunlly much greater than  those  in  the-yield.    Experiments  in   which  0110  ' teat     at   a    timo   was   milked  caused a falling off from ono to two  por cent, of fat in-thc milk ctylained.  Slow  milking gave,  on  the .average,  0.4 per cent., less  than fast milking,  and  wilh  somo cows morc  limn  ono  por cent.    The difference in     yield of  fat from nine cows experimented upon was moro than onc pound of buttor por day.       A   change of milkers  also had n marked effect, but in this  case  the individuality  of  the  milker  scorned   'to     bo  thc    chief  factor,   ns  certaiii   milkers  always  obtained belter milk than  others,  and  this* was  the case whon  both  tho milkers wero  thought     to  bo     expert.     The* cows  wore  clean   milked  in  every case.  Iu  attest  with  four., cows,   which     was  continued  over  periods  of  one  week  with each milker,   the  inIllc~obtaincd '  by   ono     of   theso  milkers** contained  nearly: one-half por cents of fat more  than* the other.'"** This  was  repealed  in'every case in favor of tho/'same'  milker. ���������*'    Tho    most  marked     effect,  was found    wlion    cows  were milked  with milking  tubes,   the  quality     of  milk  being  invariably  poorer     when  tho  tubes  used  than  when'tho  cows,  were milked  by hand..  ar-  pro-  nnd  O'l  Throat Coughs  A tickling in the throat;  hoarseness at times; adeep  breath irritates it;���������these  are features of a throat  cough. They're very deceptive and a cough mixture won't cure them.  You want something that  will heal the inflamed  membranes, enrich the  blood and tone up the  system     .-.    ,\    .'.    .*-  Scoffs Emulsion  is just such-a'remedy.  It has wonderful healing  and nourishing power.  Removes the cause of  the cough ancl the whole  system is given new  strength and vigor .'. .'.  Sr.-.tl fur free lample  SCOTT 6? BOWNE. chemists  Toronto, Out.  JOC etnd $1.00.    AM dnttrgiits  lho sheep consumes much that tho  cow   will   refuse. ' _  I_ambs intended as next year's  ewes should not bo bred at this  season as it is bettor to givo them  plenty of time lo mature well.  Wool is a product from feeding  just thc same as fat or flesh,     and  FARM NOTES.  A good way .to ascertain whether,  you aro feeding your cows too much  is to watch tho mangers after .. the  animals have finished eating. A -lot  of hay left  over shows  over-feeding.  Farmers should not pnly breed  pure bred bulls but "they should  raise more 'calves and havo more  cattlo'on tho farm and not depend  upon buying feeders that thcy should  raise upon  the farm.    "  T ha improved ��������� breeds of podigrco  slock- add a now prosperity to tho  fnrm and a young farmer can make  more money in ten years with pedigree stock than .his, father hns-in a  lifetime with common or, scrub  stock The day of the.scrub- has  gone.  If old brindlo ishould get tho start  of you and-reach the orchard don't  got excited if she does happen to  choko even if sho is bloating when  you find her. .Get tt stick about two  inches or a littlo" moro in dian_Ql.li*'  put it'into" her mouth liko a bit  and fasten it 'thore with a ropo  nia-de fast- at each end and looped  over her horns. Probably she will  not like tho treatment but tho  chances aro against the apple; and  this-inethod���������nlso tends "to-kecpTtli^  bloat "down.  BENEATH HIS NOTICE.  "No,"  said  Pompus,   "I shall  not  notico his  comment at  all."  But," protested the friond, "he  called you a blithering idiot."  'Exactly, and there is, no such  word as blithering in tho English  language."  SOME HUMAN MARVELS THAT  ==_MAZE THEM.  Curiously  Enough,   the  Most  Remarkable of   Them  Are   of  the Fair Sex.  An account of a phenomenon observed in a girl of twelve residing at'  Vladikavkaz, in tho (.'c.iciisus, has  Just been fur warded to this country.  Tho girl, whoso niinio is bulla, has  marvellous magnetic powers, and  every object which sho approaches begins lo move. Jf sho goes near a  kitchen-dresser thu crockurywai-o upon  it begins to dance, washing hung on  a lino flies off, u bottlo .standing on  n tablo is rinsed in tho uir, and  stones lying on tho ground leap In  lho nir ond full  again.  Doctors and professors of physical  scionco aro unable to explain tho  strango power,, whilo ignorant peoplo  assert that Miss l.ubti is possessed of  nn evil spirit, and lhat sho should  bo sent to Father .lohn of Cronstadt  to havo tho demon exorcised.  A VERY STI.ANGE LAOY  is Miss Kvatina Tardo, who was  born on tho Island of Trinidad somo  thirty years ago. From childhood  sho has nevor oxporicncoil tho sonso  of touch, and medical men nro of  opinion thai there is no connection  between tlio sensory nnd motor  norves in nor body, and she is there-' -  fore utterly devoid of physical feeling. Doctors hnvo thrust needles in  hor limbs and under her nnils, applied rod-hot irons to the solos of  her feet,' and cut hor flesh with a  jagged knifo; yet all sho said sha  could fool wns n slight jar.  Miss Tardo can control tho boating  of her heart, stopping it at will and  then permitting it to beat again.  Sho is proof against poison nnd disease,--' and consumption, diphtheria,  and typhoid germs havo not tho  slightest effect upon her. Altogether  sho is a veritable wonder. ������  A young lady of Narlibnno-possesses tho strango gift of being ablo to  see with the naked eyo as if with lho  X-rays. Hor wonderful achievement  has created a furore in scientific circles, and sho has been found very useful by surgeons in diagno.ing fractures and examining tho interiors ot  Patients' bodies.  ' Dr. Fcrroul, of Narbonno," and Dr.  Ornssct.'of Montpollier, who hnvo  examined hcr, .declare that sho can  soo through opaque bodies ae clearly -  and penetratingly as if hor oyes gen-  orated Honigen rays.  In a farmhouse near Delaware River, "in -nuntcrdon County, Del., rcsido  a family of -       *':    **      .    *  "CHRONIC I-AUGITERS;   -     -   .  Tho parents and, their children-havo  ,nn affection of tho .muscles' of -*tho'-  mouth and-throat-that compels them'\ -  to  givo vent  to-apparent merriment   .;  at,frequent intervals during the day. '  ,   The -maludy first appeared Jn     tlio  father.   While-seated  at  tho    dinner-     -  tablo ono-tiuy ho, wilhout any appar-.-',   "  ont  causo,  burst into."a  loud fit -of.  laughing," und  continued'for.  sovWnl'  hours.   Doctors  were  consulted,    but  thoy woro forced' to admit' that,  tho,'    *  malady baflled them -completely.' ���������'.' t ' *";-  Somo weeks'lalor Susie, tho youngest child,"    burst   into" a  similar   fit    '  during ono of.' hor. father's -a,ltacb_.'  From that* timo "onwards '.slio lauglicd   -  without "cessation    for   four    or    fiva"  hours at  a "stretch.   Ono by  one tho  remaining' members of tho family Tell  viclims    to     the  strange complaintC  Charles, tho eldest son, hud his first  attack whilo proposing for tho hand   ,,  of a girl at Wilkesbarre.*   The, maiden  accepted hiin,   nevertheless,  and   her  children  woro taken "soon a.tcr birth  with     regular'.altucks at tho     samo  hours ns thoir father.  Tho entire  family,   . including '   tho"  granchildren,  have laughed- incessantly for years,    and   this has had/'a .  strango effect' on their voices.     Both    '  men and    women   talk in tho    samo  tone,  resembling the  " VOICE OF AN AIjTO SiyGEU. . .-'-,"  A     well-known   publican"    of' 'St?  Louis is'a    living "chalk man.,.   His  wholo body.-has   bcoino thoroughly,  impregnated with chalk as tho/result  of bad attacks of gout.   J lis 'fingers,  havo  turned  to  cl*alk,  and  whon    he* *  was visited by delegates of a surgical  society  lie   iictunlly  wroto  his  name  on-,   a    slate   with one ot his   little.  1  I  THE  CZAR'S     NEXT STJESP������  Clear Outt  - -  - .tvx.:  fingcrs~  Herman Harms, of St. Charles, in  tho" Stato of Minnesota, has been  asleep for, ovor a decade. He fell  asleep after supper ono evening, anil  sinco thon ho has .scarcely over  awakened of hi.s own accord. When  ho began nis remarkablo period of  rest ho turned the scale at 182 lbs.,  but within three years all his flesh  vanished, and ho is now a living  skeleton,'weighing only 81 lbs.   .}   A PERSONAL INTEREST.  Blankvillo is a small place, but has ^  enough     enterprising     citizens        to  maintain   a   lecture  course.     One   of  tho* lecturers  last year  delivered  an'  interesting discourse on the wondors  of radium.*  He told of its discovery,  its enormous cost, and the. great' things that.  wero  expected  of  it  in   tho     future.  At tho closo of his remarks, ho said,  he would     be,glad  to  answer     any  questions' his hearers might feel  liko  asking him as to particulars ho had :  overlooked     or  not    made  perfectly  plain.,      , ,--.*.  After    a pause of    a few.moments,  an earnest-looking    man    arose   and  said    there    was    ono question ,\ ho..  would liko to ask.  ���������'���������'What' is it?" said tlie lecturor.  "I'd like to know," responded tho  man, a spasm of pain contorting his  features, "if radium will dire bunions.'1 * '    '  ;"Mary,*������ eald a latij' to hev new.  maid, "I must insist that you keep.  better hours, and that you have loss  company in the kitchen in thc evening. Last night I was* kepi awake  by the uproarious laughter of ono  of your friends."- ".Yes, mum, I  know/* Mary replied, cheerfully,  ''but  site  couldn't  help  it.      I  was  I telling her how j;ou tried to , mako  a -wife yestejgdajj m������SJ-ing.. ^       '   _-  titbit 00  A  OOOOO OOOOO-O-O <HX*}00 OOOO O  I   YOUNG I  FOLKS  BLOOD   DISEASES.  ITHE READING OF ROYALTY  'ooo<w>(_vo-cvo<-oo<>o-<><>cH>a(>o<>  ROIllSRT'S  TEMPTATION,  Ding' ding! Tho conductor pulled  tho strap oa tho eloctiie car, Uio bch  iang and tho car started. Mania had  ju_,l stopped on boaid She turned  to  tho conductor nnd said"  "My litllo boy will bo coining  along fm ther down Ihih stieet, on  his way homo fiom bchool 1 want  to tuko him down-lown. When 1 soo  him I'll motion to you, thon please  call lum and slop the car. His  iiauio  is   Uobeit."  Of all lho jolly things there nio  Ior a boy to do, Robert thought that  riding and driving weie tho best Ho  had mado friend-, with thc gtocerand  niaikct-ian, the milkman and postman, and ii'iy ouo ol theni,, would  tako him in when he could go with  them. As for tho Kind old captain  across lho sti oot, why, it was ono of  tlio delights of Robcit's life to dnve  tv 1th him.  "Rcmeimer," saitl mama, ovoi and  ovcr again, "rcraoral er thnt you  nover nuiil go to nde wilh any ono  without asking.mama thc fust time,  especially if it is a sti anger."  "Not if it is a very polite slran-  gcr?"  "No, no mattci who it is, or what  ho tolls vou. Strangers don't always bring littlo boys back whou  they say they will, und mama can't  spate jou to be a stranger's boy."  Ilobeit was plodding - on toward  home, wondering what he should do  tho rest of tho afternoon, when tho  electric- car camo whining along  Just as it passed lum thc conductor  pulled the boll-strap and called out,  "Robeit!  Como on'"  Robert was 60 surprised that he  stood still. Ch, how he wanted to  ' gol Tho conductoi must bo acquainted with him, for he called hun Robert. Ho would surely bung him  back, for a conductor has to come  back with his car. Oh, how hard it  ivas to stand there shaking his head,  when the car had stopped at tho  whito post just beyond, and thc conductor was calling, "Hurry up'"  Somo ono was waving a handkerchief  to him from the car window, but ho  could not sco who it was  Robert thought that ho never before had wanted to do anything xn  his wholo life quite so much a* ,l.e  wanted to"* ride on that cai now. lt  ' was such'a fine chance' The conductor might not stop for him again  ever, if ho would not go now Why,  this was a temptation! Tins was just  wliat mamma had told him about  for his^Sunday lesbon���������a wanting < lo  do wrong, and. a chance to do xt.  -  "There is something queer about  temptations,", mama had explained.  "If you' say 'No' to one, no matter  how small it is, it will bo easier to  say 'No' to tho noxt one", though  that next ono may be much biggei;  hilt if,you say 'Yes' to tie little one,  thero is1"* no ��������� knowing what dieadful  thing you'may vvant to say-"Yes' to  next' tiihe."      ' * **  And now Robert knev?, that what  mama had told him about had happened to him This very morniDg, on  tho way to school, Harry Arnold had  called to him to come across tho  track to seo his new bicycle. Robert  wanted to go, but he had said "No"  Ior mania had told him not to run  back and forth across the tracks. If  he had not snid "No" to ,thnt, 'ho  was suro that ho could not suy it to  tho'conductor now.  It wns so hard to stand still that  blurring tcais filled - Robert's eyes,  and he turned toward home - Then ne  - heard a hand-clapping���������Clap-clap'  Clap-clap! Hc dashed his hand across  - his eyes nnd sprang toward the car.  That was mama's call. It meant  "Como quick'  Como quicki"  Tlie conductor caught- Robeit by  tho arm und swung him bn board  just as tho car started on. "You're  a blow boy," he said.  "I wasn't slow when mama called  me." said Robeit. -  Tho^ conductor laughed. "That's so.  Next \ime I'll'clap my-hands," he  said.  " "Next     time   wo'll  bo   acquainted,  and I'll como quick if jou just   call  ���������mo��������� mayn't-Ir^mama?"������������������ *- ���������  "Yes, dpar," .aid mama. "If nothing  happens   to     prevent,   you    may  'lake the trip next Saturday morning  and you will bo on the car over two  hours."  "Oh, thank, ypu, mama, thanl.  you'" ciied'Robert, joyously. "Why,  every singlci thing has happened just  ns you said it would. -You told mo  if I looked out for temptation peoplo would learn to trust me. I'vo  tried it, and it works."  VEGETABLE WRONGS.  Digging tho eyes out of potatoes.  Fulling the cars  of coin  Cutting thc hearts out of trees.  Fating tho heads of cabbages.  Pulling the boards out of rye.  Spilling tho blood of beets.  Breaking  tho necks  of squashes.  Skinning apples.  Knifing peaches.  Squeezing lemons. Quartcung oranges.  Tlucshing wheat. Plugging watermelons  Felling trees and piercing the bark.  Scalding  celery.    Slashing maples.  Ciushing and jamming currants  Mutilating hedges. Stripping bananas.  Binning pine knots.   Burying roots  nli*'o  Jilted a Society Girl   r 1  Vegetable substances growing beneath tho soil contain starch, and  nio unsuitable food in such conditions as obesity, diabetes, and infancy  "What wvro those two women  quai idling about out on tho verandah?" "Why, thcy woro coming In  together, and when they got to tho  door thoy both Bald, 'Ago before  beauty,'  at tho same time."  Tlio truo pleasures of homo are not  wilhout, but within; and tho domestic man who loves no music so well  ns his own kitchen clock and thc airs  which lho logs sing to him as thoy  burn on tho hearth, has solaces  which othei A nover dream olj     .  Can  all  be   Cured  by the  Use    ot  Dr.  Williams'  Pink Pills.  Moro than hr.lf the disease in tho  woi Id is ca.ised by bad blood���������weak  blood, blood poisoned by impurities.  Bad blood is tho ono cause of all tho  headaches and backaches, lho lumbago Und lhcumalism, the ncuialgia  and sciatica, lho debility and bilious-  i.css and indigestion, tho paleness  and pimples mid nil tho disfiguiing  skin disensis liko ec/oma, that show  how impuro tho blood actuully is,  it is no uso tiying a diberont mo li-  cinu for each" disease, becauho they  nil spring from tho ono cause���������bud  blood To nn a disease you must  met light down to tho lout of tho  troublo in the blood That is what  Dr Williams' Pink I'ills do Thoy  mako now lich, blood. Common  medicines only touch the sjmptoms  oi disease Th. Williams' Fink Bills  toot out the cause That is why  these *uill- euro when doetois and  common medicines fail Heie is pns-  ltivo pioof���������"T su.pied agony fiom  indigestion, ' says Mr Fred Fillts,  of Giand Desei t, N li "X had no  appetite ior my meals and no energy  foi mv work, my stomach caused ma  constant di-ticss, and everything I  uto lay like lead on my chobt At  tunes I felt my life'a burden I v. as  alwais .loctoiing, but it did mo no  good Then a littlo book came into  my hands, and I read that Di  Williams' Pink Pills would cuio indigestion I got them and began taking them, and I soon found they wero  helping mo. My appetite began to  nnpiove, and my food to digest better I usod the pills for a couple of  months and I was well. Now 1 am  always icady for my meals nnd I can  eat anything, and all thc credit is  duo to Dr. V, illinms' Pink Pills. I  keep tho pills in tho house all tho  tune, and I occasionally take a fow  as a piecaution I ton honestly ad-  viso all dyspeptics to use this medicine, ns I am suro it will cuio them  as it did me."  Givo Dr Williams' Pink Pills a fair  trial and lhoy will cure j ou, simply  because they mako that nch, strong  blood that disease cannot resist. Sc.  that you get the genuine pills, with  tho full namo "Dr Williams' Pink  Pills for Pale reople," on the wrap-  poi aiound overy box You can get  them fiom youi medicino dealer or bv  mail nt 150 ccnt3 a hot or six boxes  for S2 50 by wi llmg tho Dr Williams  Medicino  Co., Brockville,  Ont.  STR-SET TELEPHONES.  The finest system of stieot telephones, in thc woi Id, tho most conveniently and comfoitably ai ranged,  and having lho most numerous  booths, is found in< Stockholm. In  that city tho telephone, has , been  giafted on tho daily life of tho inhabitants until-it has become mdi-  spciibablc Street telephone pavilions" aie found at eveiy cab-stand,  theatre, lestaurant, and in evory  thoroughfare, antl they open auto-,  mnlitally by dropping a coin into a  slot. The booths ai_o of attractive  design and ai chitecturo. 'Ihe floor  is several inches abovo Uie pavement  of ground, as tho case may bo, so  tho person using the 'phone stands  out of thc damp in the most in<le-  ment wealhci Each station has a  gas-jet winch' is kept lighted at  night. , ^ -  SMILING BABIES.  Tho well baby is never a cross  baby. When baby cries or is fretful,  it is taking tho only way it can to  lot mother know.that there is something wrong. That something is  probably somo derangement ot the  stomach or bowels, or perhaps tho  pain of teething These troubles arc  speedily removed and cured by  Baby's Own Tablets, and baby .miles  again���������in fact thei e's, a smile in  every dose Mrs Maiy B Adams,  Lake George, N.B., says���������"I have  found Baby's ^Own Tablets so good  for tho jlls" of, little ones that I  would notjiko to be without/thcm."  That is tho experience of all mothei s  who have ti ied the .tablets, 'and they  know this medicine is safe, for it is  guaranteed to contain no opiate or  poisonous soothing stuff. Equally  good for tho child iust born or well  advanced in years. Sold by all  diuggists or mailed at 25 cents a  box by willing tho Dr Williams  Medicine Co . Brockville, Ont.   6   A LITTLE MIXED.  "I have cooked a little surprise for  you, doar," said young Mrs. Honey-  bride���������"an almond sou Mo for after  dinner. I got tho reciro from that  new cookciy book that came as a  wedding present, and thc instructions  are really most clear. - Handy, isn't  it, a book like that? I'm sure thc  thing will  turn out n success."  Edwin smiled a dubious sort of  Abyssinian gold smile, and teuipor-  i-ed about the success as he looked  at tho souffle  -."Can't say I like it," he said, after tho inst mouthful "Sure you  got the instiuctions right, darling?  It tastes very funny.'-   .  "Oh, yes," responded Angelina,  with tears in her eyes. "I can say  them by heart from the book Just  hear mo," and sho reached down the  Volume "Take half a pound of  grated almonds "  "Quito right," intercepted Edwin,  following with his finger.  "Ono pound of caster sugar, mix  well with the whites ol three fresh  eggs "  "Correct," said hcr spouse, as she  continued,   breathlessly:���������  "Add two ounces of whit* pepper "  "Pepper! Great goodness!1- said  tho unhappy man, as he turned over  tho loaf.  "Two largo carrots chopped Into  dice, a spoonful of mustaxd, four  chopped onions,  and   -'Stop! Stop! You must bo wrong,  I'm sure. Why, my dear, I thought  go. Vou aro muddling up almond  souffle with Irish stew. You've forgotten to cut tho leaves of this  cookery booklM ,   ������  .  A girl a-dmlreB tho tono of a oachc-  lor's voico when there is a ring in it.  IT IS    VERY     VARIED IN  RANGE.  ITS  Literary Diet  o������  Some Sovereigns  ���������English Politicians and  Churchnxen.  It ls not every Sovereign, who, ns  lho King of Sweden confessed in a  lccent icmnikablc intoiview that ho  did, rend authors in at least four  (1 liferent languages eveiy d.iy of his  lire; but theio is ono Koyal lady,  who, if sho would, could easily  eclipse even  this lecord.  'Iho Queen of Roumania reads  largely in seveial languages, ancient  and model n, m which she becumo  proficient wlien quite a girl. Although she loves her uative Geim.xn  authuis, sho piofets those of Fiance,  especially Pieiio Loti, hcr friend and  biogiaphei. The Ev-Qucen-Regcnt of  .Spain also makes Loll her liteiaiy  Idol, while lho lato Empress of  Austua woishipped at the shrine of  Heme  YELLOW-BACKS   FOR   NICHOLAS.  Tho C.ni has a passion for Froni-h  novels, and hib favoi ito author is  Fiancois Coppie, ho also reads English novels and inj_n-incs with avidity. The C! ci man Empeior confesses  a w eakness for French wi ltei s, especial ly Georges Ohnot, tho author  of the famous "Iionsides"; but he is  also a diligent reader of German and  English authors, and devotes pait of  eveiy evening to reading to tho Em-  pi ess Ho is a great admirer of  Kipling, and has taken the gioatest  delight in reading tho Jungle Books  to  his  children. _.-  Almost all the French Presidents  have been industrious readers. The  piesent, M. Loubet, has an enormous library ofi books, every ono of  which, it is said, bears signs of  much reading. M. Faure was an in-  vctei ato reader, vy th 'a preference for  books of travel and colonization  Immediately after this early morning bath ho would shut Himself in  his study vvith his beloved books and  spend from two to threo hours in  leading and making notes M. Carnot had a passion for history, and  devoured eveiy book that had any  reference to the French Revolution,  in which his grandfather was a prominent figure.  - ENJOYED   CORELLI.  Our lato Queen, as tho world  knows, was aJ great reader and student. In her later yeais bhe developed a great liking for modern  fiction nnd was familiar with every  novel of any note that appeared,  nor favorite author is said to have  been Mane Corelli, but she did most  of her, reading by- deputy, as listener '" ' " "  * Many of ^our statesmen find time  amid all their distractions to- read  largely. Since Mr. " Gladstone's  death. Mr.'Morley is piobablythe  most industrious' reader anibng politicians, and his range is almost ns  wide, as that of* his'late chief Sir  Ilr II. Fowler is a "glutton for  books"; but nearly all his reading is  of a ponderous type, with a,.bias to  theology and history Mr A. J Balfour is a lapid and a great reader,  and varies theology and philosophy  wjtli thp latest novel by Doyle or  Barile; and Lord Goschcn pursues  literature as a hobby, the only one  he confesses to.  BISHOP'S  FAVORITE.    ,-  The'Bishop of Ripon reads widely,  tan never resist a book that concerns itself with his favorite Dante.  He has probably the finest Dante library iii England. Since Lord Bow-  cn's-death Lord Justice Stirling is  the greatest bookworm on thc Bench,  and. Mr. Fletcher " Moult on, whose  tastes are similar to those "'of Sir  James Stirling, is probably tho  greatest reader at the Bar. Lord  Woiseley is " a "greedy, reader,"  especially of antiquarian books, and  spends his early houra reading and  writing" in his library, while among  wi iters none perhaps have read more  than Mr Meredith, who has 'an un-  rl-valleil knowledge" of French literature, which he has for many years  made his chief recreation.   /    ���������_ .       -    -_  TIIE PENAI/TY OF SUCCESS.  Patient���������Isn't that a protty big  bill?  Doctor���������Well-, living costs mora  than  it used  to,  you  Know.  _- J  -  THE  SECRET Or YOUTH.  Dc Soto looked for tho secret of  youth in a spring of gushing, life-  giving waters, which hc was sure ho  would find in thc New World. Alchemists jyid sages (thousands of  tliem), hava spent their lives in  quest for it, but it is only found by  those happy people who can digest  and assimilate the right food which  keeps, the physical body perfect that  peace and comfort are the sure results.  A remarkable man of 94 says:  "For many long years I suffered  more or less, with chronic costive-  ncss and painful ..indigestion. Tbis  condition mad* life a great burden  to me, as ycu may well imagine.  ,"Two years ago I began to use  Grape-Nuts as food, and am thankful that I did. It has been a blessing to me in every way.**- I first noticed tliat it had .restored my diges-.'  tion This was a great gain, but  waa nothing to rcompare in importance with the fact that in a short  time my bowels wero restored to  free and normal action.  "The cure seemed to be complete;  for two years I have had none of the  old trouble I use the Grape-Nuts  food every morning for breakfast  and frequently eat nothing elsc. Thc  uso has made me comfortable and  happy, and although I will be 94  years old next fall, I have become  strong and supple again, erect in  figure nnd can walk with anybody,  and enjoy it " Name given by Pos-  uni Co , Battle greek, Mich  ���������"Thcro's a reason "  Head tho little book, "The Road  to Wellvillc," in every pkg���������  Wash oilcloths  and linoleums with  warm water and  Sunlight Soap, rinse clean and wipe  dry.    The colors will be preserved  and the surface unharmed.  Common soaps fade the colors and  injure the surface. Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves  oilcloths and linoleums.  Sunlight Soap washes clothes white without injury to the most  delicate fabrics, or to the hands, for if contains nothin3 that can  injure either clothes or hands,  Sunlight Soap is better  than othcr soaps, But is best  when used in the Sunlight  way (follow directions).  Eque lly good with  hard  or soft water.  LCVCS BROTHERS LIMITCD. Tcronto  -STJHVIVORS OF LUCKNOW.  Only   Ten     Survivors    at Annual  Dinner in London.  Tho annual dinner    in conimonora-  tion of tho entry into Lucknow of  tho relieving forco under Geneials  Havelock and ,Outrnm was hold in  London last'month. Every year, naturally, tho number attending the  dinner grows smaller. This year tho  company numbered ten���������threo rep' c-  sontatives of tho gainson of the  Residency and seven of tho relieving  forco.  Tho chair was filled by Lieut.-Gcn.  Sir G. Digby Barker, who vvas an  ensign m the 78th Highlanders (the  Seaforths) in tho relieving force The  other representatives of tho relieving  forco wero Major-General J. S Biggc,  C B , Major-General F. E. A. Cham-  icr, CXE., Captain J R Pearson,  Captain J. Robertson, Major-Oeneral  G. Stewai t, C B , and Mt. E. Ber-  nll Tho representatives of the garrison present were Ma3or-Gonernl H  Cook, Colonel G." L. IC. Hevvett, and  Colonel H. G. Gore-Browne, V.C.  Tho latter and General Cook aro now  tho only surviving officers of. tho  32nd Regiment (Cornwall Light Infantry), which was' practically annihilated before the'suppression'of-tho  mutiny. --   ^ . ,.  Corporal Comber, of the 78th. Regiment^ and Sergeant Coyle, , of tho  75th Regiment vverq'also present.      .,  HE OWES A DUTY :   ,  JO THE PUBLIC  TELLS   OF   BENEFIT DERIVED  FROM DODD'S KIDNEY .PILLS.  .Cures of Rheumatism-and Dropsy  "by     Canada's      Great     Kidney  i  Remedy.  Yellow Grass, Assa , N.,W. T.,  Oct. 23��������� (Special).���������"I thinE I  should let the public know tho benefit I derived from Dodd's Kidney  Pills." The speaker vvas Mr. John  White, well-known here,*-'and ho  voices the sentiments of many a  man on those western praineib who  has been relieved of his pains and  misery by the ��������� great Canadian Kidney Remedy.  "I have, been af_icted(, with Rheumatism for years," Mr. White continued. "I tried doctors and medicines, but never got anything to do  me much good 'till I tried Dodd's  Kidney~l'ills7~ W_int_they_did loraino"  was  wonderful.  "I also know tho narris family,  and I saw their liltle girl, Edith,  who was cuicd of Dropsy by Dodd's  Kidnoy Pills I know that to bo  tiue I tell you I feel liko recommending Dodd's Kidney Pills even  Etronger than I talk."  There is    no Kidney Disoaso     that  Dodd's Kidney Pills cannot cure.   1   Suffering ma. be unavoidable, but  no ono has any.cxcusc for being dull,  and yet some people aro dull. lhoy  toik of a better woi Id to come, while  whatever dullness there may bo here  is all thoir own.  To prevent It Better Than  to  Repent  A   Ilttlo    m.dicino  in    tha    shape  o.   tli_-  womlcrlul   loll.-Ls    which   aro   known   us  l'armelee's   Vegetable  Pills,   ailiiilnKter  bl tlio  iiropcr lime  and   with   tlio directions adhered to often prevent a  set iou*  attack    of    sickness,      and     savo    motiv  which would  go  to tlio  doclor      In    all  liicgularitics    pt    Ihu     digestive   organs  tl.cy   aie   an   involu.iblo   coiiclIIvo    t'ril  by  cluansing  tho   blood   thcy    clear    tlio  skin of inipcifcctions  "Talking about inventions," said  tho business man, "I havo a littlo  machine in my placo that would  mako mo a millionaire if I could only  keep it going nil the time." "What  is it?"      "A cash regiatei."    .  Untie' tha Kervo lash^���������-The torture  and torment of tho victim of nc-ivou.  prosltation and nervous ^ debility no  one can rightly estimate who has not  been undei tho ruthless lush of U.__-  rolentl<_s human foes M Williams, of  JTordwich. Ont.. was fo. Tour yeais a nervous wreck"- Si - bottles of Houth  American * Nciviiie worked a miiaclc,  and   lus   doctor  coii_imcd  it���������28  A library isi truo fairyland,' a vcry  palaco of dolight, a havon of repose  from tho stoims and trouble.- of the  world' Rich "and poor tan enjoy it  alike, for^herc, at least, wealth gives  no   advantage. '  Cholera and all summer complaints  ara so quick In their action that the  cold hand of death is upon the vict.iws  beforo 'tliey aro nwaro that dun.r-r Is  near If attacked do not dt-lay in getting tho piopcr medicine Try a close  of Dr J. 1) Kcllojg's Dysentery Cordial, and you will get iinincdiato relief  It acts wilh .wonderful rapidity and  never  fail  to effect a cure  THAT TERRIBLE  WOLF.  "Yes,"  said  the traveller,   "I  had  some exciting experiences in Russia.  Pcrhap. the worst affair happened  one night when, ten miles from my  home, I discovered my sl. _gh was  being followed by a pack of hungry  wolves. I  fired  blindly^into    tho  pack, killing one of tho wolves. To,  my lolicf, tho others stopped to devour him, and in this way I was  able to gain on them. But soon  thoy wero on iiy sc nt again, and  again I fired, with the same result.  I kept on repeating this, untir finally there was only one fierce wolf  following my sleigh, with hungry  eyes fixed on mo in anticipation, of  the supper he was going to make  off me.'.'  The friend who had listened" thus  far to tho thrilling story Interjected a laugh and said, "Why, man,  according to my reckoning, that last  wolf must have had all tho other  wolves  inside of him "  Thc answer came, reluctantly and  senou-ly, "Well, yes, now you mention it, that last wolf did wobble a  bit!"   ��������� -  NOT A  DOUBTER.  "I'd have you know, sir," said the  pompous individual, "that I'm a  self-made man "  "Ah, indeed1" rejoined tho meek  and lowly person. "I thought there  was a home-made air about you^-'-  '  TnE MERRY MINSTRELS.,  Tambo���������Mr. Bones, how am you  all feelm' dis cbenm'?  Bones���������Fust rate, sah' kind_o' like  de weathah. An' liow am you fejl-  111"?  Tambo���������O Ah fools 'bout like a  sewin'   machine.  Bones���������How's  dat?  Tambo���������Kind o' sow-sew. Ha, ha,  ha'     *  Bones���������Ah's got a question Ah'd  liko ter ask you, Mr. .Tambo.  Tambo���������All right, sah; you kin cir-  gashiate.-  Boncs���������What am de di (Terence between 'a mail carrier-und a handle  factory  dat docs business by mail?  Tambo���������Ah don't know, sah. Whnt  am do difference between' a mail carrier and a handle factory dat docs  business hy mail?  Bones.���������You am gottiu' so ignorant  dat jou is almost horizontal. De  dillercncu���������am���������dls:-Do=mail���������carrier  handles do mail, while factory mails  do handles  Intel locutor���������Ixidiei and gentlemen,  with your kind permission, Clarence  living, tho celebrated Engli-h tenor,  will bing I'ho Water We Usod to  Boil,  Wo'ro Now Obliged  to Fry.  GOLD-PLATED   LACE.  A novel I y of French invention is a  process for electroplating delicate  laces so _s to give them a brilliant  ilcxiblo surfaco of gold, silver or  othor metal. It is announced that a  company has heen formed for the development ol tho process on an in-  diibtrial scale. So thin is the metallic jieposit that tho softness of the  laco is not destroyed. The fust suggested uses of tho metallized laco aio  for furniture covers, wainscoting and  tho incrustation of wood, but it 's  thought that thcy may albo be employed in tho trimming of gnrmenls  and the ornamentation of headdresses, i  Tho business in^whlch" you are sure  you could have made money is generally tho other man's.  &p.1Is.J  The Refreshing1 F_*a  cf a liotc.jp of ster. .nur  ������S������-j*'--"*������ s**<  s������  noo  .&  J0   /*i  fA���������������������y TUr&P&Tf/  TEA Is the comfort of all tho vvrin n v li > have (r!;d it. TiRHC NJVl'. CS  arc ..ooilud and tired mu.cles h\VIOl>RATE:>. THE FLAVOR IS fl'JST  DELICIOUS.  ONLY ONG DB-r TEA. lil.UE WliCOVS IT.  "Wanted, a sliong hoi e to do  thu woik of a i until iv niini>>.. i," u  an iul\< _ i isoiiii.it winch appealed in  nn English i.iW-iapcr lhe ollioi  day  Mother Craves) Worm I'.Mcrmlnnlnr  is jileiininl in taltii mho nml eiloctunl  n ili-.uoving norms. Many hnva uic.l  It   with   h-.t  ii-.-Km  Study and Inlior mnuot mn'u Uvi-ry  man an artist, h'it no one can succeed  in ait  without lhem  Suulipht Soap is letter Chan o'licr conp.,  but JO butt vten tied in tho Sucligh, V7ay.  Buy taniiglit Ecap a__ fellow d>r.cuc_6.  niinkin-���������"Ifow can I make my  chimney slop Miinkmg." Jui^s���������  "Give il one of thc_o ci{,ais> you gavo  m.i yesteiday."  R.onkianrl Herd Yorftcl-ires  Good  hi reding  stock   (all  ages)   for  sale ul i c--.soikiIjIo pi ices  JAMKS   WILSON   A.   SONS,  To gui,   Out.  QARPET    DYEINQ  ^^ -UclCespinc   Thli If & ipccUlLr villi tSe        ^  BRITISH  AMERICAN  DYEINQ  OO.  84QJ particular, bf po>l votl we uraiur. lo-a.'1-fy  ACirrtM _o_ '38. M.i.Ir.3*. ,  Art Unf.Y I'AMIf.Y nf skin iliacxic. la the ono  f;oueraUy tlescubeJ b> tlio wortl hczom.. In all  t. fnr.ru It ru-its uiftlm.) tio.itni.iit, but is  u.mplotoly curo I by V\'un\ or ������ Corato lueu in cun*  iio.tlim Vt Mi \Yo_vor'. byruu.  Lady (to returned missionary)���������  "And how wns tho king of tho sav-  ages clothed'' Mis.ionaiy���������"H'm-  principally vwthrauthoiity, madam;  and not much of that."  HelpIOSS ns a Baby. ���������South American  niicumatlc Cure (.trikei the root of tho  ailment and strikes it quick It W.  Wnglil, of Dunicl stieet, Brockville,  Out ,. for twcWo yenrj a great suflercr  from rheumatism, couldn't nnfih lilm-  liCli, fteil himseli or diess himself After  using t_ix bottle, vvas able to go to  -Oil. and says "I think pain has  lelt   mo   foi ever "���������2(>  Tho world would bc the better and  brighter if our teachers would dwell  on tho duty of happiness as -������oll as  on tho happmcbs of duty.  .Hor  Heart   Uke  a   Pollut-d   Spring.  ���������Ill . Jum.'S Srlglcv, Pclco Island,  Out. says, "I v.ns for fivo ycr-rs afflicted with dyspepsia, constipation,  heait disease and nervous prostration.  I cured the heart trouble with I)r  Acnctv'H Curo for thc Heart, and the  other ailments vanished like rafht Had  lelief In half an hour after tha first  dose "���������27 ,  If' famo bc the last inPrmity of  noble minds, ambition is often 0 tho  fust; though, when properly directed  it may bo no feeble aid to virtue.  Practical Every tlay Ic.ccn.  on  FARM ACCOUNTS  ror 75.. |)0������t pild  FARM   PUD.  H0USC,  Boi 423. Chi.i-.ini, Oj-  BASTEDO -fit CO.*  77 K liar Cast, Toronto,  FJR MANUFACTURERS  Ladi&v' and MiasoV Fur and  I'ur lined Co������U anp Jocicots  Kterv th{ng  in  Furs,    bend  catalocr.  W* buy Mxm Tur* aad 0>ns.ajr  bend for Price List.  r   r+-  i'*.  '. vi  ���������"&  --'.*  S V  ' A Tonic for tlio Debilitated ���������Parmc-  Icc's Vegetable Pills by acting mildly  but thoroughly on tlio secretions of thc  nodv es a valuable tonic, stimula -lis  tho "lagging or nans to healthful action  and restoring them to full vigor. Ii-ry  eau be taken in graduated mom s uii-l  so used that thcy can bo disco ��������� turned  at any tliuo.r without return of tre ailments which thcy were used to cl'ay .  thcm.        --* ..  ^Roliglon should bc a strength,  guide, and comfort, not a source of  intellectual anxiety or angry argument.  WELCOME AS SUNSHINE after storm is the  relief wlion an obstinate, pitllow cough has been  _nvon away by Allen'������ Lung Balsam, io opmm  In it.   The good olfect huiti  If vvo do our bost, if we don't  magnify trifling troubles, if we avail  oui selves of the manifold blessings  which'surround vs, vve cannot but  feel that life is indeed a glorious inheritance  RHEUMATISM   AHD   PARALYSIS.  Their   complete    home cure.   Post  free  to  readers   of  this paper.  For limited period only.  A handsome illustrated treatise, giv-  inr full dojcr ntion c' Jlheumatism and  Paralysis, with instructions for a complete home cuie, describing thc most  successful tioatuient in tl.e world, recommended by the Ministry and endorsed bv medical men .his highly instructive book was written by W. H  Veno, iv gcntlom_n who has made- a  study of tliose diseases The preface is  bv a gradualo of the"TJiTivcrslty or  Wuit/burg Send postal to-day and  you uill receive the book free by return ���������Aridic .1, Tbo Veno Drug Co , 2-t  King   bt ���������    ������V������st.   Toionto  Wo expect our health to be the subject of somo miraculous interference,  and neglect tho homely precaution,  by which it might bc secured.  MAKE A NOTE OF It, " Tlie D ft X." Monthol  "platter is guaranteed to cure the wor������t cv������ of  hukacho, lieadacha, stitches. Aroid rabitltuUi.  Get tbe genuine mar* by Davis ti I_,wrenc������ Co.  FISHINO TS FRANCE.  Now is tho scasom for f.slung in  Fiance; don't imagine that fish hero  are tho size'of your trout in your  clearvvater lakes and rivers Fishing  in tho Seine means satisfying the  passion for fishing, and catching nothing, or "else one or tvvo fish so  small that it l .^necessary to uss a  magnifying class "to find out what  kind thcy uro In this fishing season, you will daily see an army of  men turning their backs upon work  and the beauties of Paris for five or  six long hours, holding out fishing  poles and lines, the latter sinking to  no purpose, except to bring up an  old shoe,   incidentally.  $5,000,000 AN ACRE.  Tho price to be paid by the London  County Council for a small strip of  land fronting Piccadilly and St.  James's Street is t'he highest yet  reached. For the 1,200 square feet  to be acquned by the municipal authority for street improvements the  owners asked a sum that worked out  at the enormous figure of $7,500,000  per aero They have actually been  awarded under arbitration an amount  representing about $5,000,000 per  acre, including, of course, compensation for disturbance.  D. H. BASTEDO & CO.  -FUB MAHHFA0TU__������S===  77 3BC_.__.Br TlCT������e-������>, fl_c������_-. onto  LADIES'   AND   MEN'S   FUB   AND   FUR-  LINED COATS ef every kind.   Everything in *  run at close prices.    TUE  TB_.DE  SUPPLIED,   bend for catalog.  SAW   FIIKB WANTED.      SEND   FO   PRICE  LI81  "\\.  i  -  -      ' >W A"  Much,   certainly,     of "the  happiness  and puuty^of our lives depends  .on  our making a wise choice of our com-       ,       t ,-.A?  panions and friends.   If badly chosen,     ,. * ^J-^H  they will  inevitably drag us "down;    i'SS'^fS.  if well,  they will raise us up.    .   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He���������"You are  equally guilty. You rccuived the  stolon goods.'*  FEBROVIM, WHAT IS IT? It is tho name of  t_e belt tonic It bnlld* up ths syntem, gives  u������w life, make j peoplo well and strong lie sure  you get the genuine "Ferreviin." ' ������  Mrs. Ncxtdore���������"I've been thinMng *  of having my daughter's voice cultivated.   Wculd  you!"  Mrs.  Pepprey���������  "Ry all  means,  if    you  have     tried  every othei* remedy."-^  It fs an Elixir or Life���������Sinco forgot,  ten time, men have been Eecklng for ,  the Elixir of Life, which tradition says  ence existed. - Dr. Thomas' Ecleclric Oil  is an I^lixlr, before whllh pain cannot  live. It is made up of six essential  oil-., c.irefully blended so that their cur-  ativo properties arc concentrated in on'-.  It hits no oqual in thc treatment of  lumbago, rheumatism, and all bodiiy  pains.  i '  Visitor���������"How beautifully still tho  children sit while you talk to them!".  Schoolmaster���������"Yes; I've got1* them  pretty well trained. I told them at  tho start that every time I caught a  boy moving in his seat whilo I was  talking to them I would talK ten  minutes longer." ,     v  Cash or Cure     \   *  HSb3oh*s Consumption Cure fails to cure  yocr CoU or Cough, you get back ail you  paid for iL You ue hoc of a Cure oc  the Cai. ,'  If ��������� wasn't a nre cure, this oflet would  not be made. , ... .  -   Can anything _e hires >  If yoa hare a CoU, Cough, or any dbeaM  ef (he Throat, Longs or Air Passages. t>7 -  SHlt-OH  25c per botlle.    All dealers guarantee it..  As life wears en, the love of^hus-  band or wife, of friends and of children, becomes the great so^acc-and  delight of age. The one recalls tho  post, tho other gives interest "to the  future, and in our children vvo livo  our lives again.    _ i  .;*���������-.*i(?S_  *��������� >Jll  il e  *. 3"  v t  ,*fi*  HELP WAttTEi.  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Engineer E. E. Mackinrot, wife and  family are visiting friends in Vancouver.  J. M, Kellie left on Monday morning  on a business  visit   to Now York and  -i���������other~e.iste._rci ties:1  Contractor  Kernaghan   expects  to  complete  the Y. M. C. A. building by  -    1st of February next. . i  Services   appropriate   to Christina. ���������  ���������will be held  in  the Methodist Church  on   Sunday.     The choir ts arranging j  special music for the day.  The C. XV. O. XX". Amateur Minstrels i  ���������will give away five hundied free meal  tickets   on   ilonday,   Jan.   1st,   1900.  Look out for them, as  they are absolutely free.  The   Ladies'   Auxiliary    of    Kno*s  I The regular senii-inontlily dance of  Co. 5, K. M. R. took plnce in the drill  hull lnofc niglit and ns usual was well  .attended aiid -xn enjoyable evening  spent.   .  The regular work of the High  School will be proceeded .with on  Friday morning. Any visitors will be  welcome. ' Kindly enter without  knocking. ..    -  ��������� The Ladies' 'Aid of St>Andrew's  Church purpose holding a basket  sociable in the Selkirk Hall on the  evening of the first Thursday of January, 1000.  Kevelstoke Amateur Minstrels are  practicing arduously for their enlrr-  taiiiuientivliich will lake place in the  Opera House Now Year's Night under  auspices of lhe C.W.O.W.  Messrs. T. it. Lawrence, A. E.Brnd-  shaw, Chas. Dyers, and Mike Griffin,  well known employees of the C. P. R.  lel'L on Sunday morning last for n holiday visit to thoir old homes in tho  eust.  The Sunday School and Band of  Love of the Salvation Army will hold  their annual Chrisluias entertainment  tonight. Exercises will commence at  S o'clock. An invitation is extended  to all to attend.  Amine, merits are being made for  the installation of special fire apparatus at the opera house, and hereafter,  by order of lhe city council, two firemen will be. placed on duty at the  opera house dining all public entertainments.  The shareholders of the York Coun t y  Loan Co., of wliich there are nearly  70,000, are taking action to protect  themselves in the winding up order  thai h.is just been granted hy the  Courts in the e:i_t. Tliere are a number of shareholders in every town and  citv in Canada.  1������3 OFF  .   - ALL OUR  I. mi; Smi: Wares  _)    ^J  :������-;S OFF  >"- - ,���������*  - ���������".:���������* 'J, -  r ALL. OUR- ;.,    JJ  Shoes and  Sandals    ''  *"'���������*>    ~s      ,1  Church have purchased this week  from the Kevelstoke Insurance  Agency a handsome Newcombe piano  for use at entertainments, etc.  Chas. H. Deutschman left on Friday  morning for Boston to attend a meet -  ing of the Sportsmen's Club. Mr.  Deutschman will exhibit photographs  of the famous caves and other attractions in and around the city of Revelstoke.  A very successful tea and sale of  work was held by the Ladies' Auxiliary of Knox church in the chinch  pallors on Monday evening I.i .t. All  the fancy work offered for sale was  disposed" of and a most enjoyable  social evening was spent by those  presenc.  Roy M. Smythe, of the "Army and  Navy Tobacco Stoic. ' has twn prettily  decorated windows in which he is di������-  plaj ing i hiind.sntno ussoi-tinent of  cn.se pipes suitable for Christmas gifts,  also tobacco j.ns, pouches, cigar, and  cig.nclle liuKioi*.-, and siiiokeis' ioijui-  sites of nil kinds.  The Ladies' Hospital Aid Society  will rPiid a hamper to the hospital lho  dny before Christmas and will be glad  to receive any contribution of fruit,  j.im or anything people feel like giving. Donations made with donor's  name may be left any time this week  with _ h-. Clark. 2nd St., or with Mrs.  Kincaid, oth St.  A LEATHER  T-V1A:  Pocket Books  Purses  Bill Books  Novelties  It looks that way.    Leattfer Novelties arc vcry popular���������never nicer  or prettier or so inexpensive.  Wallets Traveling Sets  Wrist Bags     Cases  Chatelaines Music Rolls  Curios Card Cases.  (Any Piece we can Mount with a Suitable Inhial.)  You ancl your friends are invited lo visit the store and form an   opinion of  the Handsome I-eather Creations from personal observation.    The stock  is  very large and varied.    Walter Bews, Phm, B, DSXTa I  MACKENZIE AVENUE, NEXT HUME BLOCK.        I  The production of Sousu's "El Capitan," and Gilbert ami Sullivan's well  known opera, "The Mikado,'* by the  Rosuan Opera Company, drew large  audiences to the opera house on Friday aud Saturday evenings i-ifct. On  holh occasions the solos, duetts,  choruses, etc., were well rendered hy  the different members of the company,  who were greeted with loud applause  and many' encores by appreciative  audiences.  On Friday last Mr. R. Linghton  entered into j-.cs_t.sion of lhe Hotel  Victoria. '"Boli." i.s cue of th;- best  and most popular hotel men in'-the  district, and uaAfs his management  the patiocs of this v.all koown house  may feel assured of tbe very be-t of  treatment. Thq,-ho_������e will be entirely  renovated throughout arid everything  done which will add in any way to the  comfort and convenience of the  guests.  ���������The���������ii_i-tnl)e i*_-f>_ ���������Sfo���������A.idreVr-'^-La--  dies' Aid visited the liome of Mrs.  Hugh Bruce on Monday evening last  and presented her with a handsome  cream and sugar holder and biscuit  jar as tokens of tlieir .ntccui and  appreciation of her service-* ���������*. president of the "Aid." The p.o_.niation  ua_ made- by Mi������. Kobt. "Wilson,  secretary of tbe Ladies' Aid, the ad-  dro.s being read by the -ia. cor. A  very pleasant hour ui- two was spent  with Mis. Bruce and family, the company breaking up al 11 o'clock.  Smythe's Cig.ir and Pool Ri.oms.  Brakeman J. H. Davison died .it* thc  Golden hospital last Friday morning  from injuries received, while coupling  cars al lieavei'i-iouth'on AVednesday  last, when the engine suddenly backed  and a steel lail blippiu^.from .i flat < in  he was on caught.";,uid diovo him  against a box car, inflict mg terrible  in jui ies*. He .whs removed lo Golden  hospital, wbete he died I'uday morning. The body was sent east foi intei-  ment in charge of Brake'inan^McI-eill.  One of the'.best entertainments  given in the city this sea-on was that  of the Polni-itier- Sisters Conceit  Company under*the auspice, of the  Fire Brigade Kd: "2 on Thursd.iy  _\*_ning 'la-t.^/trThe eiilcit.ynment  consi'-ted of vocal "and instiipncnl.il  3uIection., each of which weie \\"1L  received and many of lhem .Denied.  0. AV. Hitchcock, dramatic unpei'-  sonaior, also.- contributed substantially to the' progtamme. At the  conclusion of .the' concert .. social  -d,riit-e-w���������-!���������iiuiirj-t o- which- tiea.1! y���������a i I  of the IiLi-f..! crowd prf-sent remained.  The Polmatier.Si.sl.r8' Orcheslra fui-  nished thc- music and the unanimous  opinion of those present was thai  tliey had never danced to better  music. Sliould tho Polmatier Sisteis  ever come rhis way -gain the3' uie  sure of a warm welcome in K'-vel-  nl-l>e as liit-y made a host of fi iends  during their short stay in our midst.  Dolls, kid and also dre������.<������il, i.mging  in pi ice fiom 5c. to 8IQ each, also n lot  of unliieikable celluloid and i libber,  sold at the Canada Drug Stoie.  i9**aooaa*o**m*aaaaaa*aa*  SEE OU.. HAND'BILLS    ���������*'*  ���������"SPll'-Vr     ,'%AiA  **" T'-tJ'iS' 'iS--"rrt��������� - "*"' "it-. _-.  .    "lj   H*.. _J_e-       -t Afi*r.. V>  The   balance; - bf Our:  "  r   ^Women^s- JacketsV"V>;: ^:;i  Womeii^Rain Coats i   ^  Leather Goods  Perfumes  Books  Candies ������������������ "'  Calendars ������������������~-  Pictures.  Red Cress Drug (.  LIMITED.  Mail Orders a Specialty"  >9******aaaaaa**aaaaaaa*ai  TERMS FOR THIS SALE STRICTLY CASH  eEagB_E_B_s_-_____SHaa________i  Jhe Jl* &, Qeorge Company  TOTS!   TOTS!   TOYS  Cadbury's  Fancy Chocolatos  Wobb'a  Fancy Chocolatos    /m^.  CHRmr wi as u  it &*w  Leather Goods  Souvenirs  Novelties  Albums  Ink Stands  Jewellery Boxes  ung's  Candy Kitchen  IS THE  Sweetest  Place  Patterson's  Chocolates  ������  Manning's  Homc-Mado Candy  Rocking Horses  Dolls    ,  Friction Trains  *  Loop the Loop  Printing Pads   )  ,  Childrens' Blocks  Buggies, Etc.  Xmas Boxes df Cigars.     Smokers' Supplies  We send you our heartiest  wish   that every 'moment may  be  golden  with   Christmas  cheer and  that  each   re-  t r ���������  membrance  be  bright with,,pleasure, '"and  for years "to come. _ - ' S'  Li "*  May this be, the "best Christmas  you  have  ever had, and the worst yoii will 'evenhave: ���������  " A Merry, Merry Christmas, and many  of thom to You and Yours."  J. G. fViacdonald  The Up-to-Date Clothier.  i __rt_i____****  -


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