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i     ""**���.-��>_-������? j-vs.--���-���*���""*���"'
Vol    XVII: NO.  16
$2 OO a Year in Advance
Department  Store -
WE NOW STAND ready to show you the
finest stock of Dress Materials ever shown in
this section for Evening or Street Wear.
New Radium Eolienne in the Leading Shades,
Reseda, Champagne Castor, Japan Blue;   there is
nothing finer,for a   nice  Evening or  House  Party   Gown
.than this beautiful, soft, silky sheer fabrics.       You can buy
it the same here, as in any. City Department^ Store.,,
-    "Per Yard S1i25^:; ..-':;       '
r" - Silk'and Wool Crepe de Chene, in the ..New-Shadings,
42 in:,.Fall _Silk,'.Warp, finest wove filling. There seems,.to
be nothing to quite take the place of this High Class Fabric
for some styles of Gowns., r    The same price here as in* the
"'Cities. ,        ';*���,���,".
42-frieh,, Per Yard 90c. \
* For. Street1 Wear we have the* Famous  Harris
Vpuns,* made in the old "way.**     They ar,e   wonderful
and have''the., appearance   for ��� Tailor-Made   Suits,
Jcome 54 inches wide. '-The Price���i.oo and-1.25.
. *,, Broad Cloths are .fiist in" favor ,for^ the- Tailored Costumes:,.. .We'have-therri iri aH.he'New'Colors and Shadings
ih'the Best Qualities' procurable.  '/ '-' J        ""\"" ^   . ��� *".  \
C:I;-^2::if^;-^.5b VndVS2.00-   -    "." >"<.
WSSt-    -JtS-'-S77 S? S  ArZv-t-iiJli    .     -'it    ---_.,-- ^    .       ��   -
a "   'ni "" -'"--S ^-*f   '-'   -.*--?**���" .�� *"  '_-MM=J       .      ���
5?":)5:**?rhe%acme.of' perfection .ace^Stan-
. -Y<*tP"" ^~* *'��_--���*���'t_~' "-'->".*/�����<*��� i**''^
*fi_1#�� *HPi?r_A> Wnr_^rT^__Vm1__h_
- f/.~ ��� _.
~ Underwear,,** for * men. ^"
(,,   -   -   ���-
Underwear,,- for * men.xXlf^yoirHwant.   ���-"
-jomething'v>to,J_tand.-he *<heaviest  nf *-*��� ���*
wear and keep -.out"^the* .cold,"-"'here is .
*���"     -     ***��� 1 "-*���""' * "'    ~*    "      .*���-_�����. ���**    ''. *
exactly" what .you-jwant. *��� ~A1I   wool
^ 1     S     ���-       <ii -   " t���,       . ^ -     c
,ahd^guaranteed.J. .>..,'. ..'....'. ._. .1.50
._    .<-".- ?       V     '-"1     ii.      .'*.-'''...
,-.*>'=--.;> *  * ' '��,-.'   -**���?**->> t, <--..V ..
,-. v'ln the finer makes - we* .can* -show.'
a. ._
-,   (-.'" -v-    -*; - ,-^ ���>_"*;*.-   _-_/ w^ *v_.-^ /
you_'EngHsh��rGaslimerer UndenvearJ
Health- Brand .Underwear, "Woolseley
"v.. ���*.��'' """" Jtr *".-   ���;""..'_'���
Undenveac^Silk ^Underwear,   Fleece
Lined Underwear.1- "VAlmost'anythin
��� t*    ��� t _ ,,   ., -.**-       .^  . 1   -
"made,in the shape  of"Men's--_Undcr-
wear we   can i show you  in "this  De-
partment.' '.^ j;   ^-; ;_ "' \P\
_ oURJ.ONG SUITE. ' It would be .ivory odd thing you could ask us
for if wc did not have in stock. New Delicacies, New Fancy Groceries
constantly arri.ingT 'If you aie not able to come into the Store jourself,
have our man elisor tclcphone'your order., It will receive our best attention
Our Groceiies^i.rc alwajs/resli and wholesome..
Our Fall shipment  of
Slater Shoes are'here:
King of the Road is a
Boot for railroad men,
extra double sole,' roped
stitched, oil tan top,
elastic sides, very light,
soft boot, ' strong and
durable���$5.00.      ,    j^
- Box Calf WelC extra
sole, visculized. A good
strong shoe for Fall wear
���has a neat appaarance
and polishes up nice.���
*"     ' * .$5.00.       ,       , -
. ' The New Tan Boots for Fall in several shapes and
.different leathers, also several shades of Tan. See. them.
They are'priccd at $5.00.
Nice Box Calf, soft tops, welt, heavy  or light,   MeKay
sewn solesr    A good and serviceable boot for $4.00.
' Dressmakers & apprentices wanted
Apply to Miss Cough, Second Floor.
Alberta Wheat in Competition
with American Grains Wins
Coveted Prize at the Portland Fair.
Alherta winter who.it, iu competition with winter wheat raised in
Washington, Oregon and California,
can ied off the gold 1ned.1I for excellence at tho Lewis^& Clarke Fair at
Portland. .Largely as a lesult of this
fact lnnnigi.ition from all pints of the
United States into Alheita will follow.
The Alberta winter wheat shown at
Portland attracted an enormous
amount of attention because of its
supeiloi'lty to the wheat of Washington, Oregon and California, und -the
fact that it'cai'iied off the gold medal
in competition with the pioduct of all
those Pacific coast st.ites boats evidence as to its excellence.
.The wheat was exhibited by the 0.
P. K. and no fewer th.in four thousand
sample bottles of the grain weie dis-
-tributed giatis to interested agiicul-
turists from all parts of the United
States. The xesult was that the land-
office maintained in Portland iiy the
Dominion Government was besieged
for inf 01 mat-inn concerning lands
available for settlement in Southern
Alberta. Jinny men after obtaining
this "information left for Albeita to
look over tho land and its possibilities.
-JA, large number of-those who became inteiested in Albeita through
the exhibit were people ft om eastern
parts bf .the United States, wiio had
come "west_ to look at tho lands of
Oregon and .Washington, and'-' not
being satisfied'jwitlj them they were
attracted by-what. Alberta had to
offer."-"Many farmers of Washington
and Oregon also evinced a lively intei;
est^'in ��� the- grairi-pidducing elands of
Thanksgiving- Dinner.
The dinner in the Opera House on
Thanksgiving Day under the auspices
of Knox Cliiii.h Auxiliary promises
to bo the most successful aifair of tho
kind over given in tho city. Arrangements havo been mado to accommodate a hundred peoplo at one sitting,
and ample pro\ision has been made
for a large number of guests. Dinner
will bo served from 0 to S p.m. and
will include nil thu delicacies, as well
as thc substantial home piepared
dishes which are necessary to make a
really flist-class Thanksgiving Diniici.
While the dinner will be the chiet
featuio of the evening, there will also
bo a salo table of useful and fancy
lirticlea, a. table of plants, a home-
mide candy booth, and "lish ponds"
for tbo boys and guK An excellent
programme of'vocal and instrumental
music has also been arianged lor.
John Houston, Mayor of Nelson, Resigns���Says he has
Health and Energy and shall
Make a Fresh Start.
Andrew '"Harmand Captured by
Vancouver Police���Suspected
of Murder of Oliver- at Wolf
Creek, Montana(      *   - '
Vancouver, Oct. 10. ��� The police
made an exciting capture, this morning of a man named Andre Harmand,
alias Ermy, for ""murder in Montana.
He left Nelson Thuisday night by the
C. P. B.1-going west. Tlle sheiilf fi'om
Montana is'e ipeeted to art ire heie to-
moirbw. .   *   ���*������'  , .   t
The officeis who made the cuptuie
receive $250 reward. 1
The, evidence which has already^
como into the hands of the" police
seems sufficient tp prove that Camille
Kemy, the man who was ai rested by
Detectives Mulhern and Wadell Monday morning, is the person wanted for
the biutal muider of W.J. Oliver at
-Wolf Cieek.-Montr,���on-September 23
last. =
A further search of Itemy's possessions was made and a 10 size gold
filled, bunting case Waltham was
found bearing the initials engraved on
the back of W. J. O. und 011 the inside
the inscription ("From Mamma to
Wason." The case' is numbered 0,172,-
C2_, und the works No. 8,573,307. The
police believe that the letteis W. J. O.
on the cose aie the initials of W. J.
Oliver, the muideied man, and that
this ditectly connects Reuiy with the
Retuy is still surly and taciturn in
his^ cell at the police station and beyond piotesting most vigorously
against the accommodations, has nothing to say except that be admitted
that he was in Calishell two or three
weeks ago. He has made no statement as to what he was there for or
why be left.
Afurther examination of his correspondence shows that he is well connected in Palis, wheie his brother is
president of the Mutual Benefit society
w ith offices at 205 Rue Lafayette. He
appaiently came to America in 1002
was in Montreal a while and then
came west living in Battleford and
Piince Albeit until August of this
year. A lot of Mackenzie & Mann time
checks among his possessions might
bo taken to indicate thut hc was a
timekeeper or some such employee on
construction. no apparently has a
sister in Battleford, but the name is
not given. Among his possessions are
a haixtmerless shotgun, a couple of
cans of powder and a fancy Indian
", QliiSSi
Gigantic'Wave Swept Over the
Steamer-Campania When the
Decks. rWere  Crowded With
New YojiKVjOct. 10���Five lives-are
known to have been lost and more
than 30peisons\iujuied, some-of thom
soiiously," omthoCunuul line steamer
Campania 'la>t( Wednesday,' when a
gigantic wave',-1 oiled ovor tho vessel
and swep't'acrpss a deck thick with
steeiage passengeis. ��  . ,
So suddeiiiwas the coming of'the
disaster andl-so great the confusion
which attended' and followed ,it*that
even the.bfficers oi the steamer .themselves were unable to estimate the full
damage of the^tiagedy. ".���_,'���*_:/.*- 1
'I_ is possible that the1 five.-persotis
known to be missing fiom the steerage
may rio'b - constitute the fnll-%nul_iber
of dead/ \^|\; 4 ,- -~-k -*...
".When the*Caii)*pania-.reached.quarantine today'telii'O-^-theR injiired^-pas-^
sengcrs were still in the ship's hospital,
some of them seriously hurt! an'd' a
score of others weie sulferiug niinoi
injuries.  , -' ���-    ��� -
The* steamer was ploughing'along
under full head steam last Wednesday
afternoon. A heavy northern sea was
"running, but the-weather conditions
were far fiom unpleasant and the big
boat's decks weie ciowded with passengers. The steerage deck^ was
ciowded with inert y-makers, aud there
was nothing to indicate an approaching disaster when,.suddenly the big
vessel hitched to port and.scooped up
aii enoimous sea., ��� _ r '���. ���* , . *
1 Tlie wa\ e boarded the steamer about
amidships on the port and swept clear
across the steeiage deck completely
filling the spice between that deck and
the deck above," and carrying everything with it. The steamei's side was
bin ied so deep that the passengers on
the deck above the steerage w'ere submerged to their waists as tbe immense
volume of water rolled aft then suiged
foi ward.
-������All -the -cabin���passengers���on- the
upper deck succeeded in clinging to
the suppoi ts with tho water around
them, and w ere saved, bub the unfortunates on the steerage deck found
themselves utteily helpless. The
irresistable lush of the waters sweeping tow aid the foi wai d of the boat
caniccl��eveiything beforo it. Heavy
railing and othor obstructions which
had beo�� unanged near tho ruiliDg to
pievent passengers being washed overboard served their purpose only in
pait. So gieat was the volume and
force of the rushing waters chat a door
in the rail was smashed and through
this opening fivo of the helpless ones
who had been caught' by the wave
were swept to their death. Others
dashed -��� against the rails' and like
obstiuctions escaped death, but many
of them received seveie injuries. One
young woman had both legs broken at
the thigh, and seveial persons suffered
broken libs and arms, while moie
than a score wero bruised und
The following letter fiom John
Houston appears in the Nolson Ti i-
bimo of Oct. 10th :
Gor.DriELD, Nevada. Oct. 0.���I
should have dropped a line beloic now
but as I was a wanderer I thought it
best to defer writing until 1 h-ul a
postoffice adrhc-s. I havo been heie
a month, and shall leiiiain foi a time.
Goldficld is a boom tow n, built up in
less than two yeais on shipments ot
very 1 ici. gold oie fioui a half dozen
claims, none of which came from below 200 feot. Piopeity is very high,
25-foot lots on the main stieet being
held at from ,$200 to $100 a fiont foot.
But I am of opinion tho low n has seen
ils best days, although it will bc a
mining  town for j ears.    Tonopah, 28
miles distant, is in tho same condition.
At  that  place  theie aie well-defined
veins of good width, cart ying good
values in silver and gold. Seveial
shafts are down on ei 70') feet, and one
or two over 1,0(11. bi .ty-dve miles
south is another distncL (Bullfiog), iu
which several lemaikably lich lliuls
have been made. But this is not a
new countiy by any moans. Old disti icts all ovor this section of tbe state,
having been scenes of active
mining operations 30 and -10 ycuis ago.
Goldfleld is a type ol tho Amoiic.in
mining town.. Most of the residence
buildings aie canvas. Theie are also
good frame buildings, and half a do/en
stone buildings, one almost as large as
the K._W. C. block. But the country
around is a desert.
I might wiite something personal;
but the least said the better. "The
decision of -Judge Irving tuUde me disgusted; that decision, coupled .with the*
tact'1 that' I seemed' to^ be unable to
.makel^M y^^^s^j^inU^isiness at
Nelson^ developed a flto'f despondency.
t--Ib-was"continual worry, and boi row
ing fiom Peter to pay Paul.     ,     -   -
I am discredited, pi am broke in my
old age; but I gaye Nelson and its
people the best that was in me for 15
years, and every dollar I made is still
in evidence in Nelson in property that
is paying taxes.   ^>
The debts I left will be paid if I live;
fori have good1 health and theie aie
just as many chances to get ahead
now as in former years.
I sent in my resignation as mayor
today to take elfect at noon on Monday, Oct. 23.- The council showed its
calibie by passing that $1 a'month
motion; but, then, all things will come
1 ight iu the end.   ' HOUSTON.
Aylesworth Sworn In.
Oitawa, Oct. 10���Sir William Mulock, the letiting Po-tinaster-Geiieial
nl tended the l.ut Cabinet council on
Sil tu day afternoon niul to. k foi ma 1
fuiewell oE his colleagues. After his
dip.iitiuc the older was put thiough
appointing him to the chief justiceship
of lho E .chequer bi inch of tho On-
titu'o High Couit, anew ollice P.uha-
inenL piovided for two yum a ago at
the 1 (.-quest of the Ontaiio autboiities.
The new Pot.tniastei-GeneV.il of
Ciuiad,'. Hon. A, B. Aylesworth. K.
O., was sworn in bcloie Bail Giey
shot lly alter 1 o'clock this afUrnuon, ]
and v. ill tako up
his office.     Mi.
doubtedly piesent himself for election
for Not th Yoi k.
The pievailmg impiesaion is that his
adiniiiisti .ition of the PostolTice De-
pai tment will be onlj temporalr, and
that befoie loug his legal set vices will
be employed asMiuistei of Justico and
Attorney-Genei a 1.
the blow. The body was brought to
the city on No. 2 at midnight last
night nnd was taken to It. Howson's
undei taking patlors. Dr. Cross, corj
oner, held an inquest to-day and the
remains w ill lie taken west to Susl -
wap to-night for interment. The deceased was well known in the city
wheie he was highly lcspccted by his
Death Claims Sen. Fulford.
Ott vwa, Oct. 10 ���Much 1 egret was
felt when the news was leceived here
Sunday fiom New ton, Mass., that
at once the duties of i Senator Geo. T. Fulfoid. of Bvock-
:Vyleswoith will un-' villo, died at tho hospital that afternoon as the result of injuries receive d
in an automobile accident a week ago.
Senator Fulfoid's injiuies, which wero
at first regarded as slight, developed
into put��>lysis of the vital organs.
The accident which resulted'-in' his
death was caused by thc automobile1 in
which the senator was riding with
Win. T. Hanson, of Schenectady, Jf.
V., coming iu collision with an electric
car. The cntiic party, including the
chauffeur, Louis Zeriax, of Albany, N.
Y., were tin own.     Zenax died three
Section Foreman Killed
A sad accident occurred last evening
near  Ciaigellachie   which lesulted in
the death of C. P. R.  section foieinan'days later, but Hanson escaped with-
,.- -���,____   ._    outseiious injury.
William Hllenen. The accident oc-
cuned after seven o'clock. Mr. Hllenen was coveiing his section bn_ a
velocipede when No. 07 came along
.ind sli uck bun before he succeeded in
getting clear ot tho tiack.   The uufor-
Senator Georgo Taylor Fulford  was
a nati v c of Broc^ ilie and was 53 years _ *
old.   He was called  to the senate' iu
1000.   In politics be was a Liberal. Ho "
amtlssed a large foi tune .is a manufac-"
Innate   man   was  killed instantly his  turer of patent medicines, and was" an
head being Clashed iu by the foice of enthusiastic yachtsman.
-  ,   1,    * "i
.'""       * ',    ' "���*--.''    vl
'teat idesfj
a \     ���.      '      -
f - <       -1--   . ' t-?-i
<��� 1^1
Business   Blocks  'will   be'
erected in the "Last Great West" in less tha'n Five Years.
��� 1        _���_-���-���
&he jffdair Manufacturing Company
Wiil Compete for a Portion  of this  Business
Rathbone Sisters Entertainment
The petformance at the Opera
nouse on_ Monday evening next by
the Amateur Diamatic Club will undoubtedly be one of the best of the
season. The play to be produced on
this occasion  is ji spaikling three-act
"After testing all tbe now avars-
thotics and leturning the outfits as
unsatisfnetoty for denial uses, our
local dentist, Dr. Moirison, has at last
got a "nerve saver" that is fully up to
what is claimed for it. For shoit
npeiatious it excels' gas and all other
a.aisthetics having no ������after eflects."
Thediugis composed of well known
compounds put togother in certain
propot tions, by a famous French
chemist. It has been tested in England for the last two years and is getting well known in America, 'JDr.
Morrison having been in communication with tho Dean of 'the University
of Michigan about its effects and use.
I Theie need be no more dread of taking
an avarsthetic as this is an ideal one.
comedy entitled "Dandy Dick." It
is brim full of humeri, some of the situations being paiticulaily funny. The
scenery to bo used has been specially
piepaied for the pioduct ion and is
complete in eveiy dccail. A dance
w ill take place ut the close of the performance, in consequence of which the
cuttaiu will iise piomptly at 8 o'clock.
Tho public arc lequested to liparthis
in mind. Tlie entertainment is being
given under the auspices of Ihe Rathbone Risteis, who have chiugoof all
airangements, Music for the dance
will be furnished by the Revelstoke
orchestra, and lefreshmcnts will be
served by tho ladies.
To establish Manufacturing Plants they are seeking* '-
Capital and are putting on the market   " .       ., S,
30.000 Shares, 50c per Share
Save If our-Money and purchase a small
this Stock   and   look   for   BIG RETURNS
Block  of
in   a
few years.
A small beginning���Big Ending Financially.
Alberta has a Grand Lodge.
The giand lodge of Alberta. A. F. &
A. M., was formed last Thursday
including' all Masonic lodges in the
piovince, all of which heretofoie have
been under the jiuisdictiou of Manitoba. Tho following officeis were
elected:      ,. . -y
Grand master, Dr. MacDopald, Calgary; deputy giand ih'rt'stc'r,^, H. G,
Taylor, Edmonton; grand senior warden, Fied English, Calgaiy; grand
junior warden, IT. Kelly, Medicine
Hat; grand tieaeurer, E. N. Brown,
Calgary; grand-seeretaiy, J. J. Duig-
man, Edmonton; grand chaplain, the
Rev. Mr. Clivers, hethbridge; grand
registrar, the Rev. J. Huitcliffe, Red
Deei; disti ict depu lies, J. T. Macdonald
Calgary. A. R. Di\on, Edmonton. C.
E. Smith, Medicino Hat. W. S. Scott,
Dr. Braithwaite and T. Tweed weie
appointed past gr. nd masteis.
Secure some of Hammonds American
Hams and Bacon, new customeis asking for this brand daily at C. B. Hume
& Co's,
O'he /kdair Manufacturing Company
Revelstoke, ��. C.
]. KERNAGHAN, Pres.     "        'A. JOHNSON, Sec.
Wc have Heating Stoves for either 'coal   or   wood -^So
or to burn both al from $3.tO SSO..-
For Cook Stoves, ���' McClary's -Kootenay, Range for
Coal or Wood is the fa*��orite* in thc West both (or
economy in fuel, moderate cost and general construction. We keep these in three sizes, also a variety of
other Stoves, Ranges and Heaters which may be
seen in our Hardware Store.
In cooking utensil-s wc handle thc best lines made in
Try a Package of  IMP
to clean your chimneys.
Headquarters for Stoves, Groceries, Etc.
A��'^A^jW' I' ''
Timid persons who watch with
great intentness every chango occurring in their physical state and magnify every little deviation froni the
normal condition into a symptom of
serious oisoase are often annoyed and
alarmed by thc presence of spots bofore the eyes.
They are sure the motes nro of dire
import, presaging weakened vision,
if not total blindness. Thcy are
constantly looking for thcm; thc Inst
thing before going to bed is to look
at tho light nnd the first thing on
waking in tlio morning is to look
toward the window* to sco if tho
specks are still dancing in tho eye.
Thcy nre. of course, for almost every
on,i can see them }f he will look for
them. Tho reason why wo do not
ain ays seo thom i.s because we havo
learned to ignore them whilo looking
at thc more beautiful things in tho
The ��pot�� may be black dots or
ring-shaped, with a light center,
looking liko minuto bubbles. Thoy
ere few or many, singlo or collected
together in larger or smaller groups
cr strung out in long, wavy linos.
They move about irregularly, somo-
times rapidly, sometimes with a slow
solemn sort of progression. They-are
apt to bo seen ���more, clearly or more
persistently-.when the person is not
well���when be is "bilious,"; but they
have no significance ���whatever,; Thcy
are simply the shadows cast' upon
the retina by wandering cells in tho
humors of the eyeball."
If thcy are seen in largo numbers
so as to cause great annoyance, a
dose of salts will often alter the
patient's bilious state so that he will
become moro cheerful and ���in condition to ignore the motes in his eye.
The beam, we are told, he will ignore an.vway.
Sometime? these specks arc due to
an optical defect which properly fitted glasses will remedy.
Some peoplo aro also annoyed by a
blurring af the sight,���"cobwebs" before the eyes,���wliich comes and goes
irregularly, seldom lasting for any
length of time, and usually chased
away by a few vigorous winks or a
gentle rubbing of thc eyeballs. These
are simply little collections of mucus
due t. a JDiiHl patarrhal condition of
the  conjuctfva-- ' '���    ---������   '
The remedy is to fill a small glass
(a regular eye-cup is the best) with
water containing a little salt or with
a saturated solution of-boric acid,
and then put .the'eye in and opon
and close the lids several times. It
this is dono three or four times a
day for three or four days the "cow-
webs" will cease to form.���Youth's
Ccnipanion. - ���
As the face is more exposed to sun
and dust than any other part of tlio
body, more care should be taken in
cleansing it. Soften the skin with
clcths wrung out of warm water,
then apply thoroughly a good cold
cream, after which a thorough rubbing with' a camel's-hair brush will
leave a few impurities in the pores.
Hose-water .8oz., ��oz. of borax, and
2oz. of strained lemon juice make a
lotion excellent for removing tan and
Lemons are almost as necessary as
soap. Nothing bleuches the skin aud
,* hands like a little diluted lemon
juice applied at night, and it softens
the complexion. Then thc finest cf
manicure acids is made by dropping
a teaspoonful of lemon juice in a
cupful of tepid   water.   This    removes
Dr.  Williams'  Pink Pills   Cure D s,
ease Through the Blood.
Medicines of the old-fashioned kind
will sometimes relieve the symptoms
of disease, though they can never
touch the disoaso itself���they never
cure. Ordinary medicines leave behind them indigestion, constipation,
biliousness and headache; purgatives
leave the patient feverish and weakened. Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills, on
tho othcr hand, do direct good to
tho body, blood and nerves. They
fill tho veins with now, rich, fed
blood; they brace the nerves; thoy
drive out disease hy going right to
the root of the trouble in tho blood.
They always do good���they cannot
possibly do harm. Mrs. Geo. Henley, Uoxgrove, (Int., says:���"It is
with thanks that I tell you that
Dr. Williams. l'ink Tills havo cured
mo after my doctor had said I-could
not bo cured. I suffered from an almost constant fluttering of the
heart, and sometimes severe pains.
Tlio least exertion would leave ine
breathless and tired out. My appetite was poor, and my head ached
nearly aU tho time. I had lost all
ambition to do any work, and felt
vcry hopeless. I had taken a great
deal of medicine without nny benefit, until I was advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. These have
mado .a remarkable chango in my
condition, and I am feeling better
than I have done foriyears. I gladly give my experience in. tlw hopo
that it will benefit others."
Now Dr. Williams'"Pink Pills build
up strength as they did In Mrs. Henley's case in just one way���thcy��� .actually -make.hew:blood. '���-ThaK:in'all
thoy: do, .but they, do .it. .'.well.'..'., 'i'hey
don't act on tho bowels,, they don't
bother with mere symptoms. They
go right to tho root of the trouble
in the blood. That is why these
pills euro anaemia, headache, heart
palpitation, indigestion, kidney trouble, rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia. St. Vitus dance, paralysis, general weakness and the special ailments of growing girls and women.
Hut you must havo tho genuine with
t.ho full namo , Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People, on tho wrapper
around overy ..box. Sold by nil
medicine dealers or sent by mail at
50 cents a box or six boxes for S2.-
50 by writing Tho Dr. Williams'
Medicine   Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.
Dr.  A;   T.  Schofield  Gives  Maxims
of Old Men.
Dr. A. T. Schofield, in his new
book, "Nerves to Order, or the Maintenance of Health," gives theso
health maxims of great men who
havo lived to long age:���
"Moltko, when asked in his ninetieth year how ho maintained his
health and activitj, answered, 'lly
great moderation in all things, and
by regular outdoor exercise.' Crispi
said that 'regularity and abstinence
aro the secrets of long life.''' Sidney
Cooper also belived in regularity.
Logonvc attributed his long life to
regular  exercise.
An American  nonogenariun,    Ni-nl
"Here   Stop   and    Bpend a Social
Hour in Harmless Mirth
and  Pun."
Some weeks ago visitors to a certain establishment in Chicago wore
confronted with a notico to the following elTect: "hoarders taken by
day, week, or month. Thoso who
do not pay will be taken by the
nock." This straightforward announcement, though it may have
mado tho conscious-stricken tremble,
excited almost as much hilarity as
tho earnest request posted in tho
bedrooms of a small hotel in the
Juras: "Strange gentlemen will to
please not dress for dinner, as tho
costume llntters the hearts of tlio
maidservants and no work is iiccom-
That this notice was not unnecessary can bc deduced from tho fact
that the evening dress worn by men
has frequently created a sensation
among those unaccustomed to it.
Indeed, a famous actor who donned
evening- dress on one occasion when
invited to dinner in a town out on
tho Western plains almost caused a
riot, so anxious wero tho cowboys to
soo the strange apparition, and it
was only by conveying thoir guest to
a public building, and charging fifty
cents a head for admittance, that
Vcry unconscious was tho humor
displayed by a worthy citizen of
Territet last year when ho displayed
a notice to' this elTect: "English
spoken here. . American understood.'-'-
But it is feared that some wandering wag of British nationality must
have been nt' work upon a notice
observed last autumn in nn hotel on
the summit of a Swiss mountain.
The sign in question originally read:
"Accommodation for travellers by
horse, cycle, or motor-ear"; but, in
order to bring it abreast of the
times, some individual unknown added the words "or by motor-boat."
A Borno newspaper three years ago
exeitnd somo hilarity among British
sojourners in Switzerland by publishing an advertisement-that might
have been ., composed by nn inhabitant of thc Emerald Isle. The clTort.
in   question     announced     that   "The
  Hotel  is  a favorite  resort   of
those who arc fond of solitude.
Those who are in search or loneliness are. in fact, constantly flocking
to this hotel from the four quartern
of tho globe."
An enterprising American hotel
proprietor somo little time ago issued a notice to his guests to tho
following effect: "Press your trousers free while you sloop," with tho
result that in the first month
Onc of thc most remarkable notices'
on record is to bo seen in 'the taproom of a well-known Uttoxetcr
(England) hostelry, as can bc gathered rrom the following transcription:���
Here's to Ta! nds Pen 'DaS Ocl a
Lh Ouliin ha? - R. M. Le Psini rT
Ha!     NITFU nio Tfr;   iE nds  HIPRE
insufficient      protection ! best   aio.      .,,,.. . ,.,���.,
Cormaro's  rule I    At   *'""st s,��ht  tl,ls  <='''Sra0-t--cal **��-
03  r  lC  nouncenicnt,     that  with   the  oxcrciso
cold with insufficient protection !
against its influence,
was extreme - temperance in eating
and moderation in drinking. Jle
took anything that agreed with him
ancl nothing that did not. Chevreul
was sparing in food, ond, like Cor-
maro.  cultivated cheerfulness.
"The late Isaac Holden believed
thut hc owned hi.s great length of
years to his habit of living mainly
on fruit and avoiding all starchy articles of diet, including bread.     Jew-
all stuins  from the nails and     skin, j ett  ^ol(1  ]>.'c.  N.  Pope,   the     well
and loosens tho cuticle naturally and [ known -_-0,n|i scholar,  that  * to  havo
much  better than  any sharp
a great work in progress is thc way
to livo long.' According to Sir
James Sawyer, the secret of longevity consists in 'paying attention to
a number of small details.'
���'Among these aro tho following:���
[First, eight-hours' sleep. Second,
; sloop on thc right side. Third, k.^ep
��� tKe  bedroom  window open  all  night.
Everyone can take .a tepid bath
without injurious effects; not everyone can take a cold sponge" bath or u
hot   bath   with   iranunity.    Tho     safe
rule to follow is to begin-the daily I "*<-,,'^dr����". "l'uio"i ,��PC" , .-
bath with tepid water. Castile or *fourth*_, .I?*0 , ma\ �� the bedroom
ofive-soap, a rough-.wash-cloth, and door. -Fiith do not havo the bed-
plentv of friction After the bath j "tend against the wa 1. -Sixth no
rub and __ub^aacUstill_=tub,=witl__,a4__^
Turkish   towel   of  generous   size,   un-
of a littlo ingenuity can easily bc
translated, may appear utterly in-
conprehcnsible to those who "Here
stop and spend a social hour in
harmless mirth and fun," but it is
absolutely certain that most people
would prefer to have, to render its
meaning clear rather than to have
the task of making the following notice, that recently appeared in a
Continental hostelry, intelligible.
Doubtless the writer of the notice
knew what he.intended to convey by
it. but it is to be feared that the
information will bo withheld from
most readers. This mysterious an-
nouncment runs as follows, but to
what effect is  for from   obvious:���
"Gentlemen who come in this hotel not say anything about their
meals they will be charged for, and
if they should say beforehand that
ihey are poing out to breakfast or
dinner, and if they say _thcy _not
fhc-y  will   he
And From a Used Up Man He Became as Smart as a Boy.
Orlnnd, Ont., Aug. 28���(Special).���
Mr. Chester Loomis, an old and respected farmer living in this section,
is spreading broadcast tho good
news that Dodd's Kidney Pills aro
a suro cure for tho Lame Back and
Kidney Disoaso so common among
old people. .  Mr.  Loomis says:
"I am 76 years of ago and as
smart and active as a boy and I
givo Dodd's Kidney I'ills all tho
credit for It.
"Beforo 1 started to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills I was so used up I
could hardly rido in a buggy and I
could not do any work of any kind.
Everybody thought I would not livo
long. Dodd's Kidnoy Pills aro a
wonderful  remedy."
Tho kidneys of the ,\oung may bc
wrong, but tho kidneys of the old
must bo wrong. Dodd's Kidney
Pills mako all wrong Kidneys right.
That is why thoy are the old folks
greatest  friend.
The satisfaction of having the
we hing done early in tho day.,
and well done, belongs to ever*,
user of Sunlight Soap. mb
The   Rich,   Clear   Color   of
til the skin is thoroughly dry, red,
and tingling. It acts as a splendid
at     U_T"temperature of the     body. ihf**-  anything   to   cat
Seventh,     exercise   before   breakfa .t.   charged,   or  unless   tVy  bung  it   to
Eighth, eat littlo meat, and seo that   -hc nono; of  the  manoscr      And  no
it  is  well  cooked.   Ninth,   for  adults' tons will  be allowed  afterward about
It i.s a mistake to suppose that tho
Icclh of every person should be ot
the same whiteness. The variation
of color Is largely a constitutional
result.       There  is    only   one general
rule  to  offer  respecting  thc care     of    .,    -     ���., . ,  ,  ... -   ,. .,,
the  teeth,   and  that is  that  they  be, ����>><>���   I-iftcenth, watch  tho three  1) s
drink no milk. Tenth, eat plenty of
fat. to feed the cells which destroy
disease germs. Eleventh, avoid in-
toicants, which destroy these cells.
Twelfth,' daily oxercise in tho open
air. Thirteenth, allow no pet animals in living rooms���thoy are apt
to curry about disease germs. Fourteenth,  live    in    thc  country   if    pos
Not   a
of a  pill
Pill ���
tlio -iifistnnro  which   enfolds
kept immaculately clean and in perfect health. Theii* color then matters nothing, for their condition will
prcvo that thcy are well attended
to. Tlic' teeth should be cleaned uf-
ter each  meal.
Warm your basin by pouring a littlo hot     water into  it;  then  put      a
.small quantity of finely ground linseed meal into the basin, pour a little hot water on it. and stir it round
briskly until you have well incorporated them; add a little more meal
and a little more water, then stir it
again. Do not let any lumps remain
in   thc  basin,   but  stir  the    poultice
.well, and do not bo sparing of your
trouble. What you should do noxt
is to take as much of it out of thc
basin as you may require, and lay it
or, a piece of soft linen, letting it bo
about a quarter of an inch thick.
 *, ������- *
Mother���How did you come to be
teasing  that  little  Jones girl?      Her
mother was just nompla/ning to    ine  count.       To      remove   thc      faintest
about it | chance of    it  thus   being  defiled,     a
Willie Hordcase���Well, she wanted j.cypress tree is planted aftor each in-
Bomcbody to tease hor, I wanted to*! torment, so that the cemeteries re-
tease somebody, and wc were both j somble forests moro than anything
accommodating.      That's  mi. ' elso.
���di inking   water,   damp   nnd   drains.
Sixteenth,  change  of occupation.'
���The  cxclplcnt
_.  t   _.  .   which   cnfoldn
li'io"in_V<fiicnis" and makes up thn pill
mass- That of Parmelcc s Vegetable
1MII . Is -��o compounded art lo preserve
their moisture, nml tlioy enn lie carried
into iny latitude without impairing
their strength. Many pill . In order to
^kcrp tliem from adhorlni,'. arc rolled In
powders, which prove naiiscatinir t
!_-*.<-'-      l,i:rn--'!c--''<   Vegetable   l'ill.      aro
Tho failure'of the herring fishery in
Scotland during recent, years has
thrown out of, employment gre.it
numbers of persons, among' them
women and girls who have.'no otlvr
sources of employment. This prom-it-
ed the Duchess of Sutherland and
other philontrophic ladies to establish at Helmsdale, in Suthorlundshiro
a carpet-weaving manufactory which
bids fair to develop into a highly important industry. The first carprt
tinned olT from the loom has jusl.
arrived in London, and is being exhibited at the offices of Jlessrs. Waring & Gillow. The Duko of Portland,
however, has purchased the carp't,
which closely resembles that of a
Tin-Wish carpet, a green center being:
covered being of a rich  red color.
it.  and  nothing will   bo allowed
deduct anything out of it."
���   ON STEIKE. ���
Richard   Parker    Rose From'Seaman to be "President of
the Floating Republic."
Somewhat over a century ago,
when England was lighting for hor
life, a mutinous spirit spread liko
tho plague through a great part of
tlie fleet. And^ strange to say, our
Government was almost as helpless
in face" of tho outbreak as Kussia
found  herself.
Our famous mutiny of the Noro
commenced- on .April 14th, 1797.
Quito, unsuspicious ' of disaffection
among his men, Admiral Bridport
gave the order for the Channel
Squadron to proceed to sea. But
the seamen of his own ship, instcad
of obeying the order, ran up the
shrouds, nnd gave threo cheers���tho
uppointed signal of rebellion to tho
whole Hoot. The" men then made a
demand for an advance in wages, to
the amount of 30s. per month; and
an increase in their allowance of
provisions. AVe woro at war with
Spain, France, and Holland, and nothing remained to the Government
but to yield to tho. men's demands.
Order was quickly restored, nnd the
ships set sail���all. but three, which'
woro  loft behind.''
But, curiously, our Government
was as slow to carry out its promise as the Russian hierarchy. On
May Tth, a much moro serious mutiny broko out on*the-ships moored
at the Norc. It began whon Admiral Colpoys ordered the mon to go
below and remain quiet. They obeyed at first, but very soon tried to
forco their way on deck. Admiral
Colpoys thereupon ordered thc ""Marines to Ore. Only a few oflicors
Tho Marines throw down their arms
and, tho men, coming on deck, seized
Lieutenant Bover, put a'ropy round
his' neck, and prepared to hang
him. But. with fine bravery, the
admiral stepped forward, saying: "If
anyone is to blame it is T. I gave
the  order  to  fire."
He and his officers were seized and
locked in thoir cabins for twenty-
four hours, after which thoy wero
sent  ashore.
Thon followed a terrible state of
things, under the leadership of Richard Parker, who, from an ablo-
seaman, suddenly roso to be "President of the Floating Republic."
The mutineers paraded Sheernesss
with red flags, took 'ships out of
the harbor, sent boats up the river
to win over thc ships lying at
Long Reach. Thoy stopped merchant ships going up and down, and
effected a veritable blockade of
lly this time the mutinous fleet
wns     a   very     strong   force��� thirteen
mi   piepaied   that   they   are   agrecahlo   to
lhe   most  delicate.
"A horseshoe is supposed to be a
sign of ��ood luck." "And no it. Is,"
replied the snort, "if it goes under
the   wire  first, on  your  hnr ."
Belinda��� "I   love   this      e-ccc-sively
hot,     weather     don't,.vou    Mr.    More-
ham?"      Mr.   IL���"So;  X
it.   1 shnll  go nway if it continues
Belinda���"t  do hope  it  will!"
sail  of the line,  together with  many
to   sloops,   frigates  and   gunboats.     Onc
of  the  favorite  amusements   of     tho
men  wa.  to  tie  the olTicers    to     the
end  of a rope,  attach  a cannon  boll
to     their     feet,     hoist   them   to   tho
yard-orm,   arid   then  suddenly
What the Government did  in  these
circumstances   .seems   curious.      They
to"the j offerod   pardon   to  thc  men   if     they
'would   return   tn   iheir   duty        -And
on  May  29th  thoy sent down    threo
Lords     of     the    Admiralty   to   treat
with   tho  rebels;   but   the   latter     bc-
When     onco   filled      in,  a     Moslem
grave is  never  reopenod   on   any    ac-
haved  with  such  insolence that     thc
Admiralty  Lords     returned    without
doing  anything.
-Soon,     however,     three     mutinous
ships deserted.     Then,  on  June Oth.
.. ,   when     "President"  Parker  gave   thc
cant  stand,o_flpr   (��)   -ai,       n(_   _hip   oboy(,(1      it.
Next day the oflicors of the Leopard
with a few loyal seamen, succeeded
>n cowmg thp mutineers aboard, and
bringing  away   the  ship. On  May
13th Parker's own ship, the Sandwich, surrendered, and that was tho
end  of  Lhe mul iny.
Porker nnrl a number of tho loading spirits were- tried by court-martial, nnd hanged on June P.Oth. Tho
men of the whole fleet, however, got
(heir "ri��o" in wages of .*)... fid. a
monlh. an increased allowance of
provisirni, ,fiiH" pay while suffering
wounds,     nnd     olher   advant-
considered     sufliciont  to  justify
hanging of thirteen men.
Tho men of the frigate Danaa mutinied in 1800, and took tho ship
into tho enemy's port. And at Malta, in 3807, a mutiny broke out,
which had a terrible ending for tho
men. Tt commenced on April -th,
and lasted till the 12th, on which
day, fearing tho consequences, the
mutineers exploded COO barrels of
gunpowder,  and
Perhaps tho most interesting of all
Bsitish mutinies was that of II.M.S.
Bounty, in 1789, which gave us tho
little colony of Pitcairn Island. The
Bounty, under the command of Admiral Bligh, went to Otahoito, for
the purpose "of bringing away some
bread-fruit for acclimitisation in tho
West -Indies. For six months tho
shi]) lay there, and tho luxurious and
froo life demoralized the men. Soon
after" the Bounty sailed' with her
cargo, twenty-three of' tho men seized thc captain while .asleep, with
eighteen of tho crew, put them in a
small, opon boat, with only 150 lbs.
of bread, 32 lbs. of pork, and 28
gallon.-, of water, and cast thcm
adrift. It seemed virtual murder.
But, b.v tho skfll and courage of Admiral Bligh, tho frail craft was kept
afloat for throe months, and travelled 3,618 iniles to the island" of
Timor, off Java. From here, Captain Bligh and the twelve surviving
men sailed to London.
The mutineers, meanwhile, mado
for Tahiti. Thoy quarrelled violently among - themselves, and half of
them 'deserted' on touching land.
Many of these were captured later
on by tho Pandora, and brought to
Portsmouth, where three of the ringleaders were hanged. Those who remained in the Bounty disappeared,
no  ono Icnew  whither.
But twenty years later a British
ship stopped by accident at Pitcairn
Island, and the crow were astonished to find a happy community bf
half-breeds ' there, with one white
man���all of -whom spoke English.
Then tho 'terrible history was told
them how the nine mutineers, with
eighteen natives . of Tahiti, landed,
in 1790," burned ' the "Bounty, and
commenced a lifo of drunkenness,
treachery and murder.���London Answers.
TEA is suggestive  of it's  PURITY AND STRENGTH.    It'*
DELICIOUS FRAGRANCE is still more enticing.
Frosh from tha Plantation in Lead Sealed Paoketo
TRY THE RED LABEL.    For sale at all live grocers.
Is a line business for a young
mnn. $40.00 to $60.00 a
monlh to start. Best place
lo learn is in
--M oitaioiuo T sent on ��Quc��t.    Write.
T. J, Johnston,      W, H. SHAW,
Manager. l'rc-Hliloii'.    <$.
? K>*4*-o4*-o-K>--H>4*-cHk>--K*-^<>-k>-*-
_ In luml. Wn own n.-ul ollor for
salo Hvo aoctlons o. land uoar Cralk.
Atulnlliola, nt prices that cannot ,b��
duplicutail. This In all choice, gently
rolling, piiUrlc. Write for liiloiuiatloii
P.   O.   Hox   -138,   Winnipeg,   Manitoba.
British Columbia will soon be supplied with the finest of. oysters
grown in bods on this coast, .according to the report of Captain Krucst
Kemp, Dominion Government expert
on oyster culture, who has , just
completed an inspection tour *of tho
Government nursery bods among the
islands of the Gulf of Georgia. Theso
bods were "planted some time ago
with shipments of oysters, brought
out from Princo "Edward Island by
tho Dopartment of Fisheries and Marine, and are now in a most flourishing condition. Thcy havo grown
considerably since being put out. Jn
fact, somo wore lifted which had
grown'ovon morc than they would in
thoir native beds. Others were opened nnd found to be spawning, although it was not expected that they
would spawn at all this year on account   of  being  moved.
. 4	
Husband���"The doctor told me I
must go to a "rest-cure.' " Wifo ���
"Did he look at your tongue?" Husband���"No. I "told him about
A Tussle With Coffee.
In   1N01
land,   (he
nt riantry Bay, in Tre-
mi-n, complaining of bad
food and olh"r -ii-i-vnnces, determined lhat they would refuse to sail
to the West Inrlics whenever thc order should be given. It nover carno
to anything moro than a general
agreement  to  mutiny.     But  this Was
Thero is something fairly demoniacal in thc way cofi'co sometimes
wreaks its fiendish malice on thoso
who use it.
A lady writing from  Calif,  says:���
"My husband nnd I, both lovers of
codec, suffered for some time from
a very annoying form of nervousness, ucconipuniul by most frightful
headaches. In my own case thoro
was eventually developed some sort
of affection of the nerves loading
from the spine to the head.
"I was unable to hold my head up
st might, (he tension of the nerves
drew It to onc side, causing mc thc
most intense pain. Wc got no relief
from medicine, and were puzzled ns
to what caused tho trouble, till a
friend suggested that possibly the
codec we drank hud somothing to'do
with it, and advised that we quit it
and  try Postum  Codec.
"We followed his advice, and from
the dny that we began to use Postum we both began to improve, and
in a very short time both of us Wore
entirely relieved. The nerves became steady once more, thc headache. ceased, tho muscles in the back
0/ my -neck relaxed, my head
straightened up and the' dreadful
pain that had ho punished me while
I used tho old kind of codec vanished.
"W'e. hnvo never resumed thc uso ot
the old codec, but relish our Postum
every dny as well as wc did tho
former beverage. And wo are delighted to find that wo can give it
freely to our children also, some-
Ihing wo novor dared to do with tho
old kind of coffee." Name given
by Postum  Co., Battle  Creek,  Mich.
Postum Coffee contains absolutely
no drugs of any kind, but relieves
tho codoe drinker from tho pld drug
There's a reason.
. During June, July, August and
September the Chicago and North
Western lty. will sell from Chicago,
round trip excursion tickets'to San
Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland,
Ore. (Lewis & Clarke Excursion), Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver at very
low rates. Correspondingly cheap
fares from all points in Canada.
Choice of routes, bost of train'' service, favorable stopo\-crs o'ntl liberal
return limits.- Bates, folders nnd
full information can be obtained
from B. II,. Bennett, General Agent,
2 East King St., Toronto, Ont. ' 31
Oil SAf.i-.���BVRItYBODV Willi
keeps hens or pots should send
0c at onco and get tlio beat prnctlcK.
lnloruuitlon anil latest nows nbout
poultry and put stock keeping, every
111 unth for tlio noxt 10 month., -lsmcy
back If not sall-fied. Agents wanted.
Address,   Poultry   News,   Owen    Sound,
Superfluous Hair Parmanently Removed
Whilo traveling in JUexIco I discovered a drug- which removes hair from
face, urms, neck, or any part of Uia
body instantly and permanently. so
will send to uny one Afflicted without
any exuoiiso but u uostago stamp,
llon't Judge my treatment by unsuccessful attempts uf others. I huve sulTcrod
for yours with this allllctlon and now
my life s woik is to help others Irom
this humiliating troublo. My treatment is easy and accomplished at home,
and I will forfeit ?5y0 it it (ails to .
remove hair. Don't sulTer longer. He-
hot is now yours for the asking. "Writ*
��?.-*., _H* . y��a "forget my address.
POHOTHY ftl.AOK.jRis fcorth Sixteenth   Streot.   Philadelphia,   Pa.
JTiAitM at Ajjmrai;, a.-**- ���"���������a���
1 Ufi98 acres���32 miles north ot
-ialgary; - S miles from Airdiie railway
depot; convenient to church, schools,
stores, etc.; splendidly situated; limgnl-
tfceut view; flrsl.-cla.SH noil; good Water
supply: up-to-date .Improvements; well-
built house of eight rooms,, ntlcd with
all modern conveniences and drainage
ivstcm; stable, cattle sheds, burir.v
;ncd, workshop,, corrals, eto.; pood
fences, all new and substantial; .will ho
sold as a going concern, with stock,
crops, machinery, tools and houso furnishings; this fnrm Is all plowable, and
is especially adapted for growing hard
fall wheat and for mixed  farming,    full
Particulars    on     application   to      Gray
rosT   Airdrio.   Alta.
Jenks���".Well, there .was ono.'thing
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A lady who teaches a select school
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that young lady. "I hopo, Fanny,"
said tho teacher, holding up the en-
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a love-letter." "Why, what an
idea," replied Fanny; "I have outgrown all that foolishness years and
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These two desirable"- qualifications,
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"Pa," said tho boy, looking up
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Miss .Vcrc���"Mr. Pcsmond, why did
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Lifebuoy Soap ��� disinfectant ��� is
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Miss Pearl Hall, a Dawson girl, has
nriivcd at Vancouver to enter school,
nnd is proud because a portion of
her expenses are to bo paid from
money* sho herself panned from ..he
gold 'lands on the Yukon, says the
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���ge "Why do    you persist in your
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"I wish Mrs. Brown," .said .the
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A beautiful young lady and her
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g--��*"mw J?J-"  ^���������J������'������..J.-������k������>-_r-^-������.<������-������_������">-^������>'������.������J������-������^J������-*-������Jl-������.������>  I The .���������Return of I  ! Cyril Webb    ?  *. ' *:*  With a painful strugglo for breath  Sir Basil .sfc>__3cd quickly'out of tho  conservatory into tho library and,  snutting the door, dexterously turned the key in the lock.  Whito and trembling���������seeming to  have aged by years in a single moment���������he paused in thc middlo of tho  room and glanced round hiin despairingly, liko a muni momentarily  expecting utlack from nny sitle.^ Tho  farther door, which led into tho hall,  was closed, tho windows were shuttered nnd barred, and he was alone,  lie moved quickly, though with  faltering steps, and unlocking a  drawer of tho writing-table took out  li revolver, which he laid on tho  I)lotting-pud. Then walking close  to tho wall, so that he was screened  from view of anyone outsido the  conservatory, ho drew thc heavy curtains across thc half-glass doors.  Even above thc rattlo of the curtain  rings upon the pole ho heard thc  tapping on thc pane of the conservatory.  Ho stumbled back to the writing-  table and, falling into thc chair,  took up tho revolver and examined  It. Satisfied that it wa. loadod in  all livo chambers, he threw himsolf  forward on liis face on tho table and-  woun 1 his- arms about his head to  shut out the sound of the spasmodic tapping, tapping on tho glass of  the conservatory.  It was 'an impressive picture��������� tho  big, dignified old man, surrounded  by almost overy luxury money could  provide, bent in body and broken in  spirit by abject foar come suddenly  upon him If some of his clients  could have scon within thc library of*  Sulton House ut that moment there  would havo been a second i-un on  the bank next m���������rning, but ono  vory different from tho first, which  occurred tho day following the arrest of Cyril Webb, the cashier, on  a ohargc of embezzlement, now a  twelve-., car-old event; for Sir Basil's  whole attitude typified ruin, and tho  destinies of . himself" and Sturton's  . Bank wore so inseparably linked  that one could not fall and leave tho  other standing.   ' *��������� . _,  Presently ho became aware that tho  tapping had  ceased.       Hc raised his  head and Listened intently. Hc liston-  " ed long.  , There" was no, sound     but  Sir Basil, with a feeble effort to  spcak sternly. "You have no justification for coming here so late at  night. Tho penalty you suffered was  the penalty prescribed bv law for  tho offenco of which a British jury���������  not I���������found you guilty. If tho object of your visit is to get mo to  help you to a fresh start in lifo, I  will remind you that 5'our crime  nearly ruined tho bank. If you  have como with the idea of blackmailing mo by suggesting thnt I  was a party to your crime, I assuro  you that you are not in a position  to threaten mo. You nro a convicted felon, and that fact would mako  your oath of less valuo In a court of  law than my slmplo word."  Webb buried his faco in his hands  and wept, his bowed shoulders trembling with tlio strength of his emotion. But no sound escaped him  for some moments. Then suddenly  he dashed the tears from his eyes  and started to his feet, shaking wilh  passion.  "Givo mo hack my name, my character, tho respect of my fellow-  men!" he cried, with a gesture of  passionate appeal. "Givo mo back  my right to liold my head erect and  to speak with honest peoplo! Givo  me back tho happiness which agony  has stolon from the last twolvo  years of my lifo, and my wife and  my child! Give���������can you do this?  Can you'ovon make amends to me?  Living in tho lap of luxury, saved  from utter ruin by tho crimo you  pinned on mo that you yourself  might cscape-^-have 'you over thrown  a thought to mo tied down in prison? Have you over thought of mv  wife, murdered by grief? Have you  ever thought of my littlo girl, cast  upon the world, homeless, friendless,  ruined for lifo by bearing hcr father's nnmo? Think well of what  you havo robbed me, and marvel  that I have not como for vengeance,  but for justice���������just for simple justice!"  "What  is     your  idea  of justico  in  this  matter?"  "You cannot givo mo back tho  best years of my lifo, nor my wife;  but you can 'restoro ,me to respectability and help me to Iind my child.  To begin with, I want a written  confession from you that you, and  you alone, committed the frauds and"  applied the money to saving tho  bank���������that you robbed the bank to  savo the bank���������and that when he  found discovery was inevitable ^you  contrived to throw it on me. I want  a full history of tho whole affair,  giving overy detail."  "Good    heavens!"  cried  tho banker, feverishly.    "Do you realize what  that" would    mean?. I���������I might    Jio  'the':rsoughing;of thc~wind among .the-willing to���������.to hejp you; but not^that-  -���������-������������������       '     ���������    ,-*ibovo\which".the" way!**- That".:'.way's,"impossible!���������-*���������.Jt.  '."--trees" of. tho garden  -J;-; throbbing, "ofj'his^pulse  seemed loud.'  , ."Then he-heni-dia bell ring.in tho'ser-  . *. Wants', quarters.^'and .he. started,-" a  ' -.look   of * exaggerated.-alarm, r'contqrt-  ling, his fine*features."   But' it'was in  just,, such    ^emergencies  as 'this, that'  he   was'   * strongest,     and   recovering*  ��������� quickly   from   the-'shock   of  thes fear  that the bell might arouse some'  of  the servants he lit a candle and wont  out into the dark hall. - Dospito the  flickering    light    ho  carried,* he saw  through the glass panels of the hall-  door that a man stood in '.ho porch.  Seeing the light, the man tapped upon the glass.  "Who aro - you?" inquired tho  banker, speaking through thc letter-dap '  "Open the door," replied a cold,  even voico.  "What do you want?"  -   "Open  tho    door,  Sturton,"     saih  tho  voice,     dropping     to  a   slightly  lower  key.       "Open tho  door or     T  shall  ring until  tho servants como."  Quietly  Sir;Basil   pulled  back  tho  bolts and turned tho key;  slowly ho  _ opened     the     door;   noiselessly     the  man  in  the porch stepped  in,    whon  the banker    closed ' the    door     and  nervously  led     the  way   to" the   library. ~  Tho visitor closed thc library-door  ^. and turn������d the key in the lock.  JHTc was "a tall, thin man bf middle  age, with a narrow faco, hollow  checks, deep-set eyes, and thin lips,  set "in a straight lino of bitter determination. He_worc no hajr.up.on  ~niis"faco, and-tliaiT"upoir liis~Hcad'was  thin  and  short.  As Sir Basil stood thc candlestick  upon tho writing-table and blew out.  the light, with a quick movement hc  laid a paper over the revolver upon  the blotting-pad.  "Sit down and tell mo what you  want," he said, softly.  "You havo courage, and I admire  courage, even in a scoundrel," replied the visitor.  "Don't waste your breath in abuso  but explain why you have como  here." said Sir Basil, dropping into  his chair and stroking his forehead  nervously with his hand.  "Surely that would bo wasto of  b,roath," tho othor returned. He took  a chair on thc opposito side of thc  table and sat down facing his host.  "Ask yourself what it .was you feared when you saw me watching you  through tho conservatoryi window!  You feared that Cyril Webb hail  come back to ruin you, to strip you  - of all thc honors that havo fallen  to,you sinco, tho" day Hho^bank, ^-by  wonderful, good _��������������� fortuno," weatHcred  thc storm which' was caused by you  and- paid for���������by. mot You thought  your-thief of a cashier had returned  to force you to confess your guilt  and treachery and thus establish his  own ii.noconcc. Thoso woro tho  thoughts which took the breath out  of your body, the colon out of your  faco, tho strength out of your limbs.  And you woro right, Sir Basil Sturton���������you   wore  quito rjght."  Tho banker's head drooped and ho  uttered a few inarticulate words.  "You aro a man of riper years  than 1," Webb continued, "and must  havo tasted sorrow. I hnvo heard  it snid that a woman camo into  your lifo onco, and loft behind her  ono of thoso gaps which atho incessantly. Hut you cannot conceive  what. I have suffered during tho  ���������past twelve yenrs."  "You     arft  wanting   tine,   nnd     I  would 1-uin^.mo,' aiid-,_end -mep.,J grey-  headcd~'"*fa"s"V_. v.am7 -to, prison!** -I  should > never como "out, joven 'Jif 'Ji  rrishcd'Jto,show my face "again . to  tho outsido" world!" ,' . S' * -��������� ^  ' Webb* leant forward 'suddenly and  took up thp revolver, from under tho  paper," which had failed to hido It  from his eyes.������       " **  "1 can't help *"that,V he said.  "Without such a confession from  you,'my life is*"not worth sixpence,  and my child is irretrievably lost to  mo. I shall stop at nothing to gain  it, nor abandon hope of forcing i\  from you until I-havo rendered " you  incapable  of making  it."  "I cannot do it���������I cannot^ do it'"  murmured the banker, anxiously eyeing tho rovolvcr in tho other's hand.  "Be careful; it is very light at tho  trigger." . - ���������  "Don't toy ��������� with * destiny, Sturton," replied Webb, sternly, lowering the weapon. "I havo not come  hero to discuss the 'situation with  you or to utter hollow threats; I  havo como -- for your confession,  which shall re-establish me as ,an  honest man, enable mo to got somo  sort of an honest living, and gather,  what sweetness I can out of the remaining years of a ruined life. And  I'll not Ieavo this'room until I have  obtained your confession or exacted  the penalty from you with ono ��������� of  these bullets'. Tako paper and pen  and writo."  "No, ,no; I cannot do it!" criod  Sir. Basil, piteously. "Hloncy I will  "glvo^freoly. generously���������only name  a sum. What good can you do in  this country? Mud sticks, and you  are suspected. Where and how could  you earn a living? Oo abroad��������� to  Franco, to Italy���������anywhere you like,  and an ninplo allowance shall bo  sent to you regularly to moot all  your requirements."  havo business  to  attend   to,"     said   tho confcrsuinl.   Don't spare     your-  "You^are trilling with me," Webb  replied," hotly, raising the revolver  again and resting -tho barrel ovcr  tho back of his hand so that its  muzzle pointed directly at tho banker's head. "I havo no mind to  sparo you. Why should I?," .Think  of what I have boen through. Think  of my doar ones���������ono dead and tho  other Heaven knows where���������perhaps  worso than dead. In mv failing,  years I ha-e only ber to count oa;  sh i alcno can impact" a,'^i !������������������ Ii'i..i>i  ness to tho frayed eni. of my ruined  life. To count on hor I must establish i my innocence, or onc day her  heart may bo broken, as her mother's was, by hearing that her father^  was u-criminal." - -,     . - ', ,  The banker * throw his arms .* out  over ,tho tablo and' buried his faco in  them, 'groaning.  "*    -~  Webb watched him with glinting  eyes, but continued speaking in a  lower key and rather more gently.   -  "The thought of my child���������the one  tic I have binding me to mortal life  ���������has been the single solace ofi all  tho bitter years. Sho was a me.ro  babe, a child of three, when your  treachery robbed hor of hor father  and mother. I bolievo that she was  sent to tho workhouse, as tlie only  rcfugo open to her. I must find  hcr; if she is s'till on earth T will  find hcr! But T cannot go to her as  what I am. No doubt tho fact���������the  wholo story has been.kept from her,  and sho thinks hor father dead. But  sho is a girl of fifteen now, and  what would he lior first question to  me? Como!" ho cried, his tuanncr  suddenly  changing.     "Como!      Writo  self, for you did not spare me. And  if your imagination of what it  moans to you terrifies you, remember  that I have suffered tho actual experience and am unrovengod! Write  now! . Como, Sturton, bestir yourself and write!"  He pressed the muzzle of tho revolver against tho back of the banker's head as ho ceased speaking, and  Sir Basil started to his feet and,  swinging round, grasped tho ex-  cashier's wrists with all his ebbing  strength.  "I can't! I won't! I swear by  Heaven 1 wonjt!" ho criod. "And  I will tell you why I won't! llon't  draw back���������don't touch that trigger,  for I mean you no harm. But "listen! I took your .-'.iiid from tho  workhouse. I took hor in compassion and remorse nnd I adopted  hor."  "Is she hire?" criod Webb, a  strango look of mingled huppinoss  and resentment crossing his face.  "Ym, sho is here! Tliree years of  her lifo are yours, but twolvo nro  mine; and twelve years of my life  hake been wholly hers. Sho has  grown into my heart as tho core  grows in tho apple. You woro right  ���������a woman came into my life onco  and flitted out as light as thistledown; hut sh. left such a gap in  my heart that the rest contracted in  nn cflort to fill it in. So I havo  lived1-1  wifeless,,   childless.     loveless.,  And. then  Ruby camo,   and���������and   "Sho knows "nothing���������nothing of  hor parentage., Ah.'man," said tho  banker, remorsefully, "don't look  liko that! I know what your  thought was���������that I ruined you und  then buried all knowledge of you  from your child! I did���������I did���������for  hor sake! She is my adopted niece.  Wo have become everything to each  other, and everything I have in all  tho world i.s too littlo for me to offer her Do you realize tho position? To. take her away would bo  liko tearing tho roots off a seedling  and expecting it to ilourish. To j  force a confession from me would bo  to destroy her faith in humanity, for  she believes I an. the most honest  and upright of men. And I would  sooner bo shot down bv you like a  dog���������here, whero I stand, without  preparation for death���������than write or  utter the words which would dralioy  her faith in mc." He "dropped  Webb's hands and half-turned away.  "Take off your boots and copio',with  me.",            '-                  '            '  There was something in the banker's manner which mado the ex-cashier " comply without stopping ,1o  question; and, , -although he was"*  quick in throwing oil 'his boots, he  acted "like a man in heavy sleep. ..  * Having; lighted J-andJ taken", up; ;a:-  candle,..SiivBasil,<"walked feebly, '"lo"  theidoor.-yc't.Webb^.followed;'-but*; suspicion-, miist^.have "flashed , into* -liis  mind", -for as. Siiv,BasiKpassed .^out"  of-this "room; ho darted .'back 'quickly  and snatched up '.the. revolver from'  the^chair on which'"ho had laid 'it a  few moments before. Then ho, followed tho banker across the.stately  [ hall, up the wide staircase* to -tho  first landing, and a few yards down  a passage. Treading lightly, their  feet foil noiselessly upon the thick  carpet.       -   ,  As Sir Basil paused before a door  and looked back warningly over liis  shoulder, WobtT slipped thc hand that  held the revolver into a pocket of  his thin overcoat; but he did not  relax  his* grasp.  Slowly, and almost without sound  thc banker opened tho door"and entered. Cautiously and breathing  laborcusly Webb followed.  The room was large, with a wido  and deep bay-window at ono end, a  velvet, carpet on the floor. , Even-in  the uncertain light*from th'o candle,  which the banker "shaded with a  trembling hand, 'Webb could see lhe  room was richly .furnished. With  tho head against the wall facing the  window stood a white French bedstead; ' and it" was , at this Webb  turned his hungry eyes after a cursory glance round him.  In the middlo of the room Sir  Basil stopped.  "Could you give her all this?" ho  whispered, with a sweeping gesture  of, his arm. ."Have you suffered for  nothing?'  AbOUt the  ....House  SELECTED RECIPES.  from, tho firo and let cool. Then take  the cans and tighten the tops, and  ns thoy cool tighten until cold, then  tighten again. Wiap each in brown  Paper and sot away in a cool, dark  place Sea to it, that the lubbers of  tho cans aio soft--and  pliable  To muke Tomato l'igs ���������Scald and  skin pear-shaped small si/od tomatoes, and to eight pounds of tomatoes add threo pounds of sugar Cook  without wutoi until the -vegetable  chu ifics, then tako out uud sproud  on dishes, and dry in tho sun,  sprinkling on a littlo syrup whilo  drying. Pack in Jars or boxes in  layeis with powdered sugar between  tho layeia 'I'hey v.ill keep in this  wav for a long timo, that is, if Clio  not  too   altcntivo    to  How to Can Corn and Tomatoes ���������  Scald,.;peel and slicb tomatoes in tho  proportion of two-thirds tomatoes to  one-third of corn. Put in a porcelain  kettle, lot boil for fifteen minutes.  Cut tho corn from tho cob and cook | children aro  twenty minutes, adding a litllo wa- thom.  ter and stirring ofton. Whon dono I Fi uit Cookies ���������Cretin ono cupful  mix tho corn and tomatoes and cook of buttor with a cuplul and a half of  together flvo minutes more, lotting'light-brown sugar, then heat in, ono  them boil up once. Tako from the'at a timo, four oggs, tidd ono tea-  stovo and fill cans already heated,'spoonful oath of gioimd cinnamon,  scaling in tho usual way. ^      .'cloves   und   allspice,   onc   teaspoonful  To Can Fresh Beans.���������String "tho 'of soda, ono tea-cupful of chopped  beans, break in several pieces, cook'laisins, and flour enough lo make as  in  boiling wator fifteen minutes   and  soft  a  dough  as  can  be rolled    out.  It takes but a fow minutes' time and?I ICP  AP   t   f i I I tnir  oi  l irr  tho floor is kept lookmg weii. LIrfc Ur A UALlfcY SLAVE  can.  Driod Beans for Winter Use.���������Cut  tho long string beans lengthwise, tie  into bundles and hang - to a line in  tho attic or in some warm place.  Wrap paper bags around tho boans  after the first few days. Large and  rather old beans may be used lor  this purpose, and they aro excellent  when used for* soups or vegetables.  Thoy should bo soaked ovor night in  salt water, before .using.  - To Can Pumpkin and Squash for  Pies.���������Cut up the pumpkin into small  pieces,  after    having, peeled     off   the  Cut out with a cako cutter and bako  in a quick oven.  WITH  PEACHES.  Poaches should bo canned beforo  fully upe or soft Thcy paio easier,  keep shape better and we think are  fully as good flavor If fiom a tieo  unusually exposed to dust, do not  wash but brush or wipe with a soft  cloth Th'o least fruit is manipulated  tho bettor it is to can.  Paio as soon as may be after the  flint  is  gathered and  drop  at     once  HAVE FUN AT HOME.  Don't be afraid of a little fun at  home Don't shut your houso lost  tho sun should fade your carpots,  and your heaits, lest a heatty laugh  shako down somo of the musty old  cobwebs there! If you want to rum  your sons, let them think that all  mirth nnd social enjoyment must bc  left on tlio tlueshold without when  thoy como home at night. When  onto a house is regaided as only a  placo to oat, diink and sleep in. the  woik is begun thut ends in gambling-  houses and reckless degradation  Young people must havo fun and relaxation somewhere, if they do uot  find it at their own hearthstones it  will bo sought nt other und less profitable places Thoiefore, let tho lire  bum brightly at night nnd make tho  homesteud delightful with all thoso  littlo arts that patents so peifectly  understand Don't repicss tho buoyant spirits of your childien, half an  hour's merriment 1 ound the lamp  and fucsidc of homo blots out the remembrance of many a caro and annoyance during the day and the best  safeguard thcy can tuko with them  into the world is thc influence of a  blight littlo domestic sanctum.  PERSONAL  POINTERS.  Some  rind.   Stew until tender,  inash   very | lnto     cofd   water,      not moro    than  fine,  and  add  no  seasoning.       Havo  enough  foi   two  qunrt  cans;   or.o     is  tho jars hot, and fill them with hot  pumpkin and seal tight. Squash may  be treated in  the snmo way  better. Every minute it is under water some of tho juice is extiatced I  never can cling-stones,   but use them  To Can Peas.���������Fill a quart full of to pickle  peas and shake down well, until tho I paie firm yellow poaches and drop  can is quite full. Pour into tho cans 'into wator as directed Put half  enough wator to fill the can full, or I teacup'hot wator for each can mto  even to over-flowing. Screw thc i the kettle, add half teacup or more  cover as in tho caso of tho corn,'and of granulated sugar With a bught  pioceed in the same/manner as coin,   skimmer take tho peaches from     tho  To Can Tomatoes^���������Vcry ripe tomatoes aro best for this purpose. Put  the number ypu wish to can in a  basin of-scalding water, and lot  stand a moment, when the skins may  bo easily removed. Then put them  into a granite vessel without water,  and place'over a-moderate heat, and  bring to 'a boil. After boiling slowly a half hour, put - into cans, while  stcaming-.hot, and seal tightly. Keep  in a cool .dark closet.  To Oan Corn.���������Cut tho corn from  ten or" a dozen large cobs, for ono  quart can. -Press the"corn in tho can  with a small  potato masher or any-  watcr and diop into the kettle. When  they bubblo lift w ith the skimmer to  change tho position and when boiling  hot fill cans and seal. Ixavo from  fivo to eight minutes, open and fill  with fiuit kept hot for the purposo  and seal. If the cans haven't been  woll tested, invert, and if dry in half  an hour, all is well  ��������� Whito peaches do not retain * their  shape. When soft, crush thom, dis-  solvo sugai to sweeten in tho kettle  in a littlo water, add peaches, heat,  boiling hot*stirring to prevent adhering to tho kettle. Theso can bo  put into jugs and hermetically scaled  thing that will press the corn. ,Whon|With wax.   They make nice-pies   and  tho. can  is-full  scrcw,_on tho.*.,cover   dumplings.*- -r>r .t_   t. , . .....    ������,.._.  A,  TCriish^very npo peaches, cook*in,a  lightly. *. w.Theh -"J>laco4 the. cans, in "a  wash-boiler,70n tho^bottom "ot.which  you ,haye;*fir"st'*..placec- a^cloth*;to .prevent. _ reakihg.,.-La'y,ithen a" layer * of  cans arid a._layor^oficloth.ialternate-  ly.ySoyv?, coyer- tho^cans ,woU*- with  cold- water?,'placo ithe^boiler .ovor tho.  fire, and boil' threo- hours"steadily  Aflcr     this   boiling,7, lift -the boiler  very, littlo  wator,   sweeten -to, .taste,  ^spread   . on"plates,  spunklc with su-  Webb did not answer, but slid past  him and approached the bed.  It was a singlo bed and narrow,  standing out from thc wall; and half  hidden in tho soft, pink curtains,  which draped from tho projecting  head and fell upon tho pillow," tho  pink and downy quilt, and tho lace-  edged shoots, Webb beheld thc hoad  and.shoulders  of a girl.     '-  She was lying almost upon hcr  back, with ono arm thrown lightly  across hcr bosom, the other���������baro to  tho olbow���������drooping ovor tho edge  of the bed. Hcr dark hair streamed  ovcr tho pillow; long lashes lay  upon her cheeks, and her lips wero  parted in a faint suggestion of a  smile.  As Webb stood and gazed down at  her his thin, white face seemed to  pucker up, and his chest expanded  as a great sigh swelled in his hear.,  but he stifled it ero it took sound.  His eyes were prcternaturally bright.  .Neither of the =mcn-spoke.  Presently ,Webb dropped down on  his knees "and kissed lightly the  hand which, hung at tho side of the  bed.   "        * i \A  i   '     .  The girl moved regtlessly and  turned right on her side? drew away  hcr hand with impatient quickness,  and laid it on tho pillow half under  hcr" check.  Webb leant more forward, and his  white face dipped Into tho pink  quilt. For a few moments hc remained thus. Then hc rose and,  looking neither at thc girl nor Sir  Basil, moved towards thc door on  tip-toes.  With greater firmness in his steps  and straightcr carriage of his body  tlie banker followed him out of tho  room and back to the library.  Webb walked straight to the  writing-table and, laying down tho  revolver,  picked up his hat.  "Well?" said Sir Basil, in a low  voice, which quivered.  Webb walked round tho room slow  ly, biting his lips and glancing - ovor  the ornaments arranged * upon the  mantelshelf - and-, " the low bookcases  lining tho " room. Presently , he  stopped and took up one of half-a-  dozen photograph frames. * Unhesitatingly he opened the slide- at .tho  back and drew out the portrait . ol  the girl in -tho bedroom'-.upstairs,  and without a word, or casting a  look of inquiry at Sir Basil, . he  slipped -the photogiaph * into his  breast-pocket. Then ho turned "and  approached tho door. ,  Webb," said tho banker, who liad  been furtively watching him, wondering. The old man's tone was soft  and his manner exceedingly gcntlo as  he moved towards the othor. "You  will let me help you? Some���������some  money? Lot me make you an allowance���������for my own sake!' You have  lost much by me������������������" t   .   .  "Everything," said Webb, harshly.  "But she has gained as much."  "For my own peace of mind, lot  me,"- urged Sir Basil. "At all  events until you find work."  Webb, paused, turned half-round,  and threw a baleful ' look on the  banker.-__The-next, instant_he_lookod  'dully at tho door, squared his shoulders, and left tho room.  4f Sir Basil steadied himsolf by leaning on tho edge of the *tablo, nnd  stared after the man. He heard, the  front-door open and shut quietly.  Still    ho  leant    on  tho  tablo     and  stared into -tho dark hall   * -Sir Basil went slowly and heavily  into the hall and bolted tho door.���������  London Tit-Bits.  gar and dry-in-tho. ovon "This -is  called "peach 'paste ���������and;- needs^ ���������vonly  soaking, over night, in cold-'water,  and then simmering.a short time.'  Yellow or "white rod-stoned peaches  aro delicious if pared, stoned, the  cavities ,filled with sugar and dried  slowly in the oven.  CARE OF PAINTED FLOORS  ..If it is possiblo to havo a hardwood floor, one painted a dark red is  my second choice lor dining room or  chambci <writes a correspondent. If  taken caro of propei ly that is a very  satisfactory color._, ln the first place,  fill all cracks with a combination of  putty and plaster of .pans Tlie following is what I have usod w ith excellent results One pint of common  whito lead paint such as is used for  woodwork, and -J- pound of putty  stirred well together, when ready* to  uso it add about one-half its bulk of  plaster of pans and apply immediately. You will find that it will  shrink somewhat, so'that a second  application is necessary to completely   Cli   tho  cracks.  " Thus far I have boen unable to  find'a dark red paint ready mixed I  thercforo got the darkest possiblo and  at tho same time get a small can  of black, which I mix with it-until  I get the desired shade. After->"the  floor lias bcon painted and thoroughly dned it is given two coats of  shellac. A now coat cf shellac each  spring- and-1 fall~will~kccp "it^n-^good  condition. Each week after the floor  is wushed go over it with a cloth  wet with a mixtuie of kerosene and  linseed oil, equal parts. For my dining room, which is constantly, I  have as a back saver a mob kept os-  cspccially for that floor, and whenever during tho week it has a dusty  look Which sweeping docs not remove, I pour somo of tho oil mixturo  upon the mop and go ovor it lightly.  Interesting    Gossip  About  Prominent People.  The King of tho Belgians makes  only ono appearance at public worship in the course of the year. This  is on the day which commemorates  his accession to tho throne.  Tho Pope does his privato writing  with'a gold pen, but his pontifical  signature is always gr\en with a  white-feather quill, which is believed  to como fiom the wing of a dove.  The samo quill has been in uso for  many yeais.  Pmicess Charles of Dcnmaik is  very clover with her fingers, and onc  of her hobbies is the making of feather fans Beforo her mamage, she  used to fashion quite a number of  these out of tho feathers of the  Sandrmgham peacocks, and sell them  at ba/aais for charities  Tho Popo has no fewer than 10,000  of tho most delicious oranges growing in tho gardens of tho Vatican  His Holiness distributes these to his  friends throughout Europe, prepares  the list to whom they aro to bo sent,  and practically superintends tho dispatching of them.  Lady Naylor-Leyand was formerly  Miss Jennio Chamberlain, of Cleveland, Ohio ~ Sho became the wifo of  Mr. Naylor-Leyland, as ho then was,  in 1������S9. Lady 'Naylor-Loyland possesses^ jewels tsWhichj-aroL almost *-un-  rivallod <Svcn by Royalty, "including a  wonderful pearl-tipped". : tmre Sho  has.also.a magnificent service of gold  platof only* equalled byt thc* one \at"  Windsor, and^ as its" mistress* loves to  decorato hcr tabic with orchids, thc  combination of tho -regal flowers and  tho precious metal has a truly superb  effect ^ Lady Naylor-Leyland's r son,  littlo Sir Albert, went to Eton last  September for his first te.m, and  has shown promise of making a  good cricketer.  Bjornstjerne Biornson, the Norwegian poot-politicinn, does not appear  to set great store by his literary  work Ho declares that ho "would  rather sco his name on a spado than  on a book, "and, for the most part,  lives a patriarchal life .now adajs on  his farm in the hcait of Norway  Bjornson was once asked to mention  the greatest pleasure that Ins poetry-  had ever given hun "That," he replied, "was when a delegation of  political opponents matched to my  houso and smashed all my windows,  for," ho added, "they had no sooner  dono this, and started to march  homo again, than I hoard them sing,  'Yes, we love this land of ours '  They had to sing the "song of the  man whom they had attacked'"  Tho Duchoss of Albany never permitted her children to be spoilt, as  tho following stoiy shows. The  present Duko of Saxe-Coburg and  Gotha went to*Sandroyd House  School, Cobham, kept by the Rev. L  II Welloslej-Wesloy, a descendant of  both tho Iron Duko and the great  preachci. It was a rule of the  sthool~that���������a" boy-who-spilinnk oif  tho boards scrubbed it out. Onc day  thc little Duko of Albany was tho  culprit, and wns told to go to thc  housemaid and bring a pail and  scrubbing-brush. With an indignant  look ho reminded his tutor that ^ho  was  ;"tho  Queen's   grandson."    Tho  Visitor���������"Do you suppose it would bo worth my  while   to   try   fishing  'round here?"  "Wai, tho ilshin' ain't good, but I don't know how  yo  valuo yer  time."  protest brought a quiot repetition of  the order, and tho angry youngster  was compelled to perform his task.  Tho Duchess expressed great appreciation on hearing tho story.  Apropos    of the daughter    recently  born   to     tho  Duko   and  Duchess   of  Norfolk, ft is interesting to note   tho  prominent     part    that   tho 'numbers  seven and twenty-seven hate     played  throughout tha Duke's life.   Born   on  December 27th,  1847, his fiist     marriage took    placo   in  1877,     and    in  1887 his wifo died, leaving him   with  an only child, who was seven   years  of ago. 'After boing a widower     for  soventeen years hc married, when   in  his   fifty-seventh year,   a  lady,    born  in 1877, whose ago was twentj-seven  and to mark this occasion he received  from the   Roman  Catholic-Union  oi  Great Britain-an address  of congratulation    on    April   27th,     190-.  It was on May  27th > of tho   present  year that ho   and ^tho Duchess    loft  town   for   A rundef'Castle,  and     his  daughter   was   born  on  June     27th,  at seven o'clock in the evening. This  happened on a Tuesday, tho only day  of  the  week which  contains    exactly  soven  letters.   In   18S7  he was    sent  on a mission to the Popo by the late  Queen Victoria,  in connection     with  tho Jubilee festivities.   It seems coincidental lhat his father hold thc title  for only seven years,  and that     ono  of     his    ancestors���������Henty,   Earl     of  Suriey���������was beheaded on Tower Hill  in  1547, at the age of twenty-seven.  Wo may also note that the titles of  Norfolk  and  Arundel,   also     Herries,  which the Duchess holds in her   own  right, havo just seven letters.   ������   Pa, what is a repartee?" "Oh!  merely nn insult with, its dress suit  on, my son."  FSENCH  KING'S  03TJISERS OP  THE LONG _VC0.  Rowers    Often    Fell Dead at     tht  Oars���������Chained to Their Tasks  For Years.  Tho galleys   of   Louis XIV.     were  tho   last  oi   European    vessels  vthcio  Christians  were  employed  as  slaves.  The  Moorish  galleys   hud   Christians  as rowers up     almost   to  our    own  time,  says  the  United Scr\ico Magazine, and tho Maltese hold Turks and  Moors  to  that hard labor,  but    tho  Flench of tho Louis Quatoize   period  chained to the samo bench felons who  had  been repne*.ed  from  the gallows  ���������murderers  and   robbers���������and    thoso  whoso only fault was that they wished to wot ship God in their own way.  Tho oars of a first-class galley wero  about fifty in number and fiom forty-  fivo  to  fifty    feet   long,  each     being  pulled by     six     mon,    who   sat    on  benches  on  deck placed  a  little obliquely to  tha keel.   These oars     were  no\er taken inboard while tho galley  was at sea, but when not in use wero  cock billed  by  depressing tho   looms  and making them fast with a toggle.  Tho largo and heavy loom had   grips  bolted  to  it   so     that slaves     could  easily grasp  them.      Along  the middle  of the deck between thc   benches  ran fore and aft a  raised  bench   ,or  walk    called     tho   "coursier,"    upon  which an  oflicer  called the  "comito"  walked back  and  forth,  armed   with  a long whip,  with which ho enforced  silence and stimulated the slaves    to  tho utmost exertion at the oar.  NEVER LEFT BENCHES  While the galleys were in service  tho slaves were never allowed to  leave their benches, to which thoy  were chained, eating and sleeping in  tho exact placo where thoy toiled at  tho oar In very rainy or cold  weather an awning was tented over  the galley and stopped to the gunwale This was generally gaily  striped. Victor Hugo somcwhpr says  that tho galleys of Louis XIV. answered tho samo purpose as tho  steamers of our day; and; indeed, a  first-class galley,. going at steamer  speed over the smooth, bluo Mediterranean, gaily painted, with gilt  carving, streaming pendants,- trumpets sounding and armored soldiers  at their posts, must havo been a  beautiful sight to those who could  closo "thai- oyes**to the wretched,  emaciated creatures who toiled at  the  oars, . ' - " ���������*���������  THE DRIVER'S  WHIP.     '",      .  Each  of   tho _ rowers'  benches  was  ten or .twelve "feet long, covered with ...,  a*-coarse   'sacking pf' baiVe",. and ij<ruc-"-"  tending 'from  tho ./'coursier",, to ' tho',..  side.   To-each'1bcnch"HiXv'*slaves'J*w"ero~~_  chained- by. a  ring  about ^the^ankio,*.-;  There  was  a _ footboard br__stretcher  for   keeping  their    feet  out  of" - tho^  water   "when - v seas   _ wero takon  on.*,  board.   As  has* been  said,   the    oars ' [.  wero  about   fifty  feet  long,   balanced(���������  so  that  thirteen  feet of their length     '  was      inboard        and     " thirty-seven  feet out       Tlio     "comito"     or ,boat- "**  swain,'  had  his  post   aft.   near     thc  captain,   while  his  inatos,   or   "sous-     .  coniites"^  were    on - tho  "coursier,"  armed "with   long  and  heavy    whips.  When the captain gave tho orderv to,  move,  thc  boatswain  used  his  silver"  nhistlo or .'.'call."  which was repeated by his mates, nnd the slaves gavo  way together,      the   30 oars     rising  and falling like ono machine       They  ceased pulling at the"   same     signal,  and great   piccision      was absolutely  necessary  to   prevent  the  slaves     of  thc next bench  being struck by   tho"  loom  of thc heavy  oar.   " ,  RELEASED BY  DEATH.  - The" labor    of   a  galley  slavo���������tho  most    fatiguing possible���������has   passed,  into  a proverb.   Six naked  men  (for  they were clothed only when not   at  work), with shaven heads, chained to .   "  a bench, on foot on thc stretcher, thc  other      on    the   bench   before them,  bending forward toward tho stern of  tho  galley  and  pushing   tho  oar    at  arm's   length     abovo    tho     back    of       ,  those .in  front    of   them,  raise     tho  loom, .clip tho   oar,    and fall     back  upon, the scat with their full weight.  This  nffon  rnnlinuod  for mn.ny  hours,, -  without intermission, and when-thero  'i  -    !  .  Vj;'  i i   -  A  7te-  \Jii  *������-  _   ^JPS  y f^-m  ���������z.-LPi'-gi  '    ���������*'.**������.-���������*$  Vs .  sJi  v   _v +  kis.  '���������1  .   t: .  ' )'  was danger of utter exhaustion pieces  of bread dipped in wine wero crammed into their mouths by thc "sous-  corn it c-.s." If one of thom'fell dead,  as not infrequently occurred, the  signal was gucn, rowing suspended  for a moment, the shackles knocked  off and thc body pitched overboard.  -+-  GLORY OF ANOTHER KIND.  Sir John Furlbert, who has beon  identified with the National Ked  Cross Society since its organization  in 1808, and is said to know moro  about lied Cross and ambulance work  than any othcr man in Europe, is also an old experienced volunteer.  Somo years ago, as ho relates in  bis recent book, "In Peace and  War," Sir John accompanied tha  British volunteers to Belgium, '-.where,  encouraged by tho sight of many  Belgian comrades with bomcdnlod  breasts, some of the Britons were inclined to follow their example, and  consequently required to bo i-losoly  inspected.  Ono day Sir John spotted a man.  on parade who astonished him by the  number of his medals He was evidently flattered by Sir John's notice,  and swelled out his chest" quite no-,  ticeably.  You seem to have seen considerable service," observed tho knight.  "In what wars have you engaged?"  Bless you, I've nover beerr in a  war," returned tho resplendent member of the^ citizen army. "My father  and I wero awarded these medals at  agricultural shows for a special breed  of pigs,  for which we arc famous"-  1 *>'''-  Maggie���������"You know tie apples out  in tho orchard that you told me not  to cat?" Father���������"Yes" Maggie���������  "-You know you said they'd make mo  ill if I ate them, didn't you->" Father���������"Yes."- Maggie���������"Well, the*  didn't.'-* ^2i_*T*' ���**���______"*
A "great name
i n busino. s is won ���
on rthe strength
ot many years of
upri.nlu and honest de.iling ��� a
great l'iano is
the resi-.li of ihe
best material and
skill in labor, directed by lh.it
superior knowledge: winch bo-
longs to wido experience and familiarly with the
highest ideals in
the art of piano
__"'   ",'T" '"'.'"* V"?   i" ' '   "','-."*"i*,"-W.  ,r
tt b
I _ ��. :
p.m. ._-_____z_
'i'hey arc manufactured I'or critical and high
class trade, their
very appivciii-
lion demands at
le.isl some musical knowledge.
W'e   would      be
__      ^ glad    to     show
p^j&'.ifoj' you this  artistic
"~       piano  and make
yon    accpiainted
___���'. Hs'f.yi.'i_ _r a... ft -ui wilh its pleasing
li" iv .-- v. ;���"">-- ,t
-2W��S__  ^^'���i*~-^i-^��4-v4?'-,
These aro the
reasons why the
Nordheimer l'iano commands
the   highest   al-
Revelstoke insurance   hgmoy
Revelstoke Herald and
' Railway Men's Journal.
Published   e��ery  Thursday.     Snlisci Iption 52
por year.   AA\ er tiling rates on application.
Changes of advertisements must bo  in befor
noon on Wednesday to insure insertion.
Job Printing in all its. branches promptly and
neatly executed.
T_iunsD.__, Oct. 19, 1905.
Gold in the Flathead.
Tlie Fernie Free Press has the following story of Lhe Flathead Valley,
told tb the staff of that paper by an
old prospector named John Cochrane,
who had been brought inlo the Summit
House, on the Crow's Aest Pass, "more
dead than alive" on tho previous day.
The story was told aftor' the old_ limn
liad recovered considerably from the
effects of the privations he had undergone.
"Mr. Cochrane is a typical prospector of 05 years of age,'' says tlie
Free Press, "and lie told a Uirilling
tale, bordeiing on the incredible, of an
unknown gold mine he had discovered
in the heart of the Flathead, and of
terrible privations lie had undergone.
'I left Spokane four weeks ago,' said
Mr. Cochrane in purl, 'for tho Fiat-
head to prospect certain coal and oil
claims held by a Spokane syndicate.
"With nie was an expert who went in
to examine the seams. "We took
possession of a vacant shack near our
claims, 21 miles south of Crow's _Cest
and one mile down tho Flathead river
from the junction of the Crow's. Nest
trail with the river. After two or
three days my partner took sick,
caused, we both believed, from drinking spring water that was covered
with oil seepage. He left me to go
back to Spokaue, promising to send
ine more grub and assistance.* I did
"noEliear trom him ngnirT AT few days
after he left me I discovered near our
cabin an old blaze murk on a tree,
hut returning from their claim on
Thursday,,-iid finding ine no better,
they brought me oul on horseback.
"Tliere is a legend still current
among old-time prospectors," adds Ihe
Free Press, which may throw some
light upon the strange story told by
this old miner. The story goes that
years ago three minors with picks,
shovels and paus made their way into
the Flathead country. Some weeks
later one made .his nppeaiT.nce back
into civilization and told of a harrowing conflict with Indians. Tliey had
discoveied a rich gold claim and were
busy developing it when they were
attacked by Iudians. Kis two comrades
were slain and lie escaped. "Undaunted
hy his experience he secured the assistance of tliree others and Weill back
to follow up his discoveries. That was
the last ever heaid of them.
"John Cochrane lias gone to
Spokane. His two roscueis were rewarded for their kindness by a full
description of his liud and tbey left
Ciow's Nest Lhe next niorning to sift
it to the bottom."
ri -
Chas. Deutschman,s Recent
Discovery is a Veritable
That this marvellous province of
British Columbia contains many natural \\ onders bidden away where
mortal man hath not yet penetrated,
is amply evidenced by the recent discovery of a number of wonderful caves
at the head of a valley which has long
heen frequented as a hunting resort
and as an easy access Lo some of ihe
higher mountain peaks, lying near the
main line of tlie C.P.R.
It was lhe good fortune of the writer
Lo bo one of a party consisting of  -Mr.
���^; Howard   Douglas,   supei inlendent  of
mile further on I noticed another, and , the Canadian national parks at Ban'f
upon    examination   I   found
evidently marking an old trail
and Gl.u-ifi-; -lr. II.   E.   A.   Ooch,  in-
others, |
\-t--.i ! ."-pectin- of Dominion land.,   Brandon;
\\ itu I   ' ..
I Arthur Jiuine-in. editor of the  leading
a good deal of difiiculty I followed tl.e   ,,,_,.- ._ Kt.V��.ls.-toko. <--Cljr-e H. Greigt
blaze, though all-igns of a trail  had Winnipeg: R.  M.   Henderson,  Revel-
long   since disappeared.     I   kept on, i stone,   who   with (Jli.i.. Dctil.scluniin,
the dUcoveic- of the caves  a_  guide,
believing that the trail  had  r.ot been
made without a purpose.     Aft'-r  four
luiles  laborious work   I came upon a
deserted placer gold mine on  a small
creek.      I  examined it  with inteiest.
The    diggings    had    evidently   been
deserted for many years,  probably  15
or 10 years I should say by the general
appearance.  A great deal of work had
been done by the unknown miners.    1
should say at least enough to keep six'
men busy for two seasons.     A   ti eneh
50 feet long, 10 feet deep and 3  feet
"wide at I lie bottom and 5 feet at the
top had been dug and  the earth  bad
evidently been washed for the  yellow
metal.    I saw no signs of lhe deparled
miners, no pans, no habitation and no
tools of any nature.     I came away
after spending an hour or two  there,
intending to go back at a later day. A
Jew days later my food supply ran out
and I took ill,  paitly   from  privation
and   partly  from   di inking   tbe   oily
water.     I was iu a vcry bud condition
when found by a couple of prospectoi s
who came to my cabin  last Tuesday.
���Jhe gave me some medicine and food,
ii-ceiitly made  a somewhat  extended
explur-.tioii ul'   tin., u undei fill   region.
A few mill"* wost of Glacier, where
the Canadian Pacillc baa located one
of their comfortable anil justly popular
hot<.'!_, wheie the roadbed runs along
llic. valley of the Iliecillewaet, the
party left tlie railroad and slruck up
tlie mountain side, first tlirough a bit
of foi est of grand cedars, I lien along a
clear uiouiildin side, the path always
tending upwards. Afler an hour's
easy climbing, the trail became more
and more difficult, following the rocky
..ides of a little mountain stream
which spring, fiorii I hcglaciers crowning the peaks on either side of the
valley. Two hours climbing brought
tl.e p.nLy out onto ;in expansion at an
elevation ol about 5,-IOO feet, guarded
by a narrow pass at its entrance, and
,' heie camp was made for the night.
Unfortunately early next morning
snow began falling heavily, which
added gieally to the discomfiture of
Lliose not accustomed to mountaineering. However an early slait was made
and some of the many natural phenomena of the dislrict were poinli-.d out
bj* lhe guides.      From a gu.it ice field
���ji'ititt dl-tutioo, iY<nn which a Ktroinn
pours dp'.vii this upper valley and
within a short half milo disappears
under four natural bridges, sweeping
out from under the last one in niiamiw.
gulch at the bottom of a great canyon
antl then a -hort distune- further ou
pours in what appears to be two
streams directly into (lie .side of t'he
mountain to eome out again, nobody
< as yet knows where. All hough Mr.
" Deutschman, the discoverer, expects
to find ils outlet somewhere in the
vicinity of Rogers Pass, some eight
iniles away.
The first cave visited has been called
the Marble cave from the beautiful
outcropping* in tlio walls and ceilings.
The format inn seems, to an unprofessional eye.-to be a blue limestone
.earned with white marble, nnd
Ihrough this the water lias pinned for
countless ages, wealing the rocks inlo
all sorts of grotesque shape.-., l.idders
hud been placed Lo aid the descent of
the harder places with hewn logs laid
over the deeper pot holes lo keep one
out of tbo water. AVilh Lhe aid of
1 interns Ihu descent is easily made
and the tortuous course followed.
Here it widens out into a large auditorium with vaulted roof, Ihen again
one has to squeeze through narrow
passages and over ledges of fallen rock
to otlior largo openings and over
caverns that make one shudder Lo look
Tlie second cave entered was much
smaller and a lillle more difficult to
enter, but very interesting, while Lhe
Lhiid was a very narrow and difficult
climb through a cave lho (Ioor of which
was solid ice, which bad melted but a
few inches during the whole summer.
The mammolh cave was reserved
until al'Lor dinner, and overy bit of
one's reserve force was rcquuod Lo
make it, the most difficult of all, for
having only beeri discovered, a few
weeks no preparation has been made
for gelling into iL.
The only approach ab piesent is down
the almost perpendicular side of Lhe
rock for about 1:20 feel lo the floor of
the canyon with ahalf inch rop .round
one's body and an inch rope snubbed
LO lhe ioot of a liltlo balsam tree,
clinging Lo a rocky ledge at lhe Lop to
hang on by. Tbe indomitable guide
assured ns it was not only a vory easy
trick Lo go down but a perfectly safe
one, bul it did nol look it. However
il was a case of go by that roiite or
slay in camp, so each iu turn screwed
up courage and down we went without
ascr;itcb. Then the descent began,'
down Lhe rocky ledges alongside lho
roging torrent, lo .Lhe greal domed
opening in the side of tho mountain
towering thousands of feoL perpendicularly overhead. Soon we were in
darkness and lanterns had lo be lighted
and then on down, down, down, along
narrow rock ledges, ovor upturned,
locks, thiough narrow squeezes, flat
on hands and knees, and frequently-
lying prostrate and wriggling one's
body along as best one could. Then
a sharp turn round a jagged rock with
but an inch or two of toe-hold, over a
darksome yawning crevasse anil tbe
cave opens out into a vast gothic
roofed chamber wilh the water lushing pell mell along its course away
down below, goodness knows how far.
Or one comes ont on an overhanging
gallery, with roof high above and the
auditorium nway below in the blackness *�� here the acetylene lamp's light
could not penetrate. Again other
chambers open floored with great
jagged rocks which have tumbled from
above and remain unworn and piled as
they fell, leaving the roof so high
above that our lights failed to reach
it. Further and further our guide
lends the way and roofs and walls
become incrusted with the most beautiful formations, some white as Lhe
snow, others shading off, into creams
���-.l'i .  V.- ���,._���_���
A-SGSSSSgfi.^SSa^ $��&$.**?*���$*$*&
Reduction   made  for large, quantities.
Delivered to any ji;i,rL.oi the uity.
Orders left at the Lawrence Hardware
Store, or at Smythe's* Tobacco
Store, promptly attended to.
$4.00 per Two-Rick Cord.
Egg- Size Selavered
Stove " "
8.00 $
Orders left at P.
Burns ~& Company's
Office will receive most
prompt attention.
F. McCarty,
Agent. 3
Mining Engineers
and Assayers,
Testi- made n-> to 2,000lbs. "     ��
*** A Bpccialty made ol chcu-iug Smaller
Snmples from the Interior by mail or
��� express promptly attended to.
-orrcspondeiicosolicited.'       '   . ".
_ ..VANCOUVER, B. C. -
,md salmon pinks. Many of tlic.se
incrustations seem to be ovrr a foot
thick, and there are tons and tons of
thom, ceilings and walls in many
pl.ic. s beinffcomplctclycovpi-od. Many
too aie the stalactites hanging like
crystal icicles from the roof, some
litLle larger than a knitting needle and
fully fifteen inches loiitf, those too,
range in thr-ir dhading. and are so
carefully guarded by our guide that
not. a singlo piece must be broken off.
This is as it ..hould be for much of Lhe
uatural beauty of this '..ondrous place
would soon bc marred by vandals if
given the libeity. It is indeed most
fortunate lhat lliis wonderful spot
comes within Lho Nnlurai park reservation which insures its being kept as
near as possible as nature left it and
free to'all who may wish to see it. ilr.
Deutschman deserve*) great credit and
recompense too, for the work he has
already done anrl Lhe infinite pains he
has been lo preserve every stone and
tree about lhe place.
Al'ttr penetrating several side chambers and ancient, wntor courses Ih.
main cave wns followed about .. mile
inward and an esLimnled depth of 5"0
feel, when, after a shoil rest the guide
said, "now wiLb I hi.s ropo we aio to
niiike a further drop of aboul 200 feel
to the hed rock below." A unanimous
chorus arose from Lhe enliie party.
"TIihiik you, Charlie, but we will leave
Ihal for another day," and Lhe icLiirn
jouin.y was accomplished without
mishap afler spending nearly four
hours in this placo of marvels. Al the
turning point, we weie far awny frum
the wiiter, its conslntiL roar could,
however, bo beard far oil' through lho
rocky walls. illr. Deutschman bus
penetrated .something like �� mile
furiher in on the lower level above
i efei ied I a and deseribed  (o  us .some
usiness (jo
A Uioroujrli husines4 training.   Arrange*
mentis for iioardmg Canadian Pupils.
NOF-TOM   PRiMTZ, Principal
Revelstoke Corresponding Secretary
A&.S'S8M!FSdS0HEnY    .
If ynii \v;..ut tljt) atiova wo can
supply vou with anything iu tliirf
Iiu..)      - ������
������1'KV OVlt
Whits ar.U Sroism Bread
Sgosids am. Bur3 /
&% g�� S^ $**i 5 ""-f      K s����      ������**���*-.
^s. ��*&_����� a**-_ I     b<s_>
Duncos .iml lViv-.t'c  lV.r*ies Cjitortvl To.
I'n 11 Stoi-l: vi K^c-olJcnt Camlfo;..
A. E.  B��-^_SQ^,
Mai'ltc-i-Xic Avenue.
t.iocoo��o �� tt 9 �� ft a* eo ��e��eto��3*��
Sewing* Machines
Hcmtzman Pianos
6i  "^^irv^'9-n'o
3 g?8ff*
it mm
and Ar.rrnu.G in the fuiinituki. line.
JFicall anl Cmnplolo hum uf CiiiKjoiiey.
!. Wood,
tmim u re
r-SJir. Tr_-_r^-roc_~__r___r��__-. n .iu__r>��.-_
AL    once    for   "CANADA'S
for tlic town of Revel .Lolcc^ind
suiiouuding   countiy,   which
will be reserved  for the light
man.    START NOW   at   tho
best selling season, nnd handle
Liberal Tei ms.  Wiito for par-,
ticulms, .ind** send _5c. for our
Handsome Alumiiiuin Pocket
Microscope���A   Little   Gem ���
useful toF.trmei&in e:-.amininjr
seeds and. gi,iin; Oicb.irclists in
examining   trcoo   for in-:ect.;.    t
N Gaidiners in ex.iniini'.ifj plants   -
'for  insects-; Te.icbeis fc SchoL   '
ins   in'studjing Lotanv* and
Everybody in ft huudtcd different ways.        , _
Stos.�� '& We!!5-_gtoi_,
.\"   P (Over LOJ Acres)
TORONTO;        7 -       '   OKTAR50
Import direct from Country of origin.
D_3. O.
t.,;pG?J%rB&RBER, '-   -Jeweller, Qpt.c.an
The Brilisli Columbia
Employment' Agency
In con.iccllon v ith Ag-ii-i-b at        J
Allkiuils of help .ippliuil on slioitc&t notice.
Applicntinn^ promptlv   .ittcndoil
Queen . Iloti'l llioilc    I>. O. Bo\ ^4S
R. H. mi&Aj
Re\c-l��tuUe, IJ. C.
Piano Tuning
Lsavs 0rdor_ at Allum'9 Jewollory 8tore
Eight Years' Exporlonco.
Madame Griselda (the celebrated so
prano) ��,ay-,:���" The piano I used for my
concert last nl^ht, and whioh was tuned
by jou, w.is done perfectly and I found it
in excellent condition."
Wood for Sale.
Having established a pcinimicnl
wood yard, the citizens can depend on
getting first clas_ dry wood nt nil
Wholesale and Retail
Fi-li Merchanls
Hew Westminster
;     _   ,;, Fish and Game in Season.
First Street, ' ���   Bevelstoke, B. C.
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Open at .ill hours.
EileaS Tickets
Short Orders tastefully served.
Rates Moderate-
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Jas. I. Woodrow
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Beet, Pork,
Mutton, Etc,
Fish and Game In Season....
Cornor Dounln.
Allnrdori promptly fill. d
All kinds of Pish, Salmon,
Halibut, Cod, Smoked Salmon,
Kippers, Bloaters, shipped to
all points.
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Fruits of a8I
-Cinds in Season
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on top of the very high ranges  to tho I ot llio inany bounties of this marvel-1__
westward a glacier cau.be seen at no  ous cave,. ' j 1 HE  HERALD���Prices right.
W. tV3. Brown,    Prop.
Onc of the best and
commodious hotels in the
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Hourly Street Car.
Fare 10 Cents
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Ma-CT-^_W.r��...^W'iTO-gCTCT ^^f^^^^-i!'yy-i:A'^i?i^:'^ir^V^j!iS^  'a-->>,v.csT.  K  ui&kt,  Ccqtt A iimcas  ~^*** ������������������"<-��������������� i_a i.'*.*  _ssa_^.ga?ag_Bag^^^s^  Jlarrlfitcra. Solittiton, Eta.  Solicitors Ior Jlulsons Hank.  First Street  Hovelstoke, Jl. C.  JJAB.VEY, J-'CAHTE . & l'INKHAJI  Barristers, Solicitors, Eto.  Solicitors lorliniicrliil Hunk of Ounaila.  Cnmpiuiv lunds tolonn mS percent.  FntsT Stuekt. Revelstoke B. 0.  IJUCiU S. CAVI.11Y  Biiiijlor -roil Solicitor.  Ol i it..���������Cumir 1 nil Street and Boyle Avo.  KMIISCOKK, 11,'C.  Dr. Morrison  ])l*M*i-*_  Oflue���������I,a������TCii50 II inl-iiro Co. Blook���������Upstiil-  CanscIIalicn ef Reserve.  SOC11STIKS.  LOYAJ. ORANGE T_ODG12 No. 105S.  1'oi-ulnr incctini;s are held in the  Oililf-110-..s Hull on iliolhiril I il-  tlA\ nf L'tu h nioiitli, itbp in slinr])  M -tlii_ bn Uiren (orillnllj ln-.llt.il  J A Al'III SON*, *.*��������� M  11 J 1AU-KK1, Ilee-iiee.  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Win, fium >������m pcr^oii who i.iay  desire to obtain vo-li) licences nml.r tlie pruw  Bions of lhe ' JL uul Act for the purpose of i iti in_r  tnnljer  from ** the  follow mg    itosmlied   timb.i  lllUlt- ��������� ���������ZZri-  No 1 ���������Commencn g at u poit located on ������ est  ���������"liank of Nortli llioinpson l*i\-r, three ii lies -,0'itli  of month of Aiticda liner, marked "1. 1-t,  south e ut corner , run iiiig wt-t UUinnni,, nortii  120 ch uni cast 40 thim- to mot, -.ou'li _'onj  n>������ibui���������to -laitu g point, (.ontaiiiiiy ubout, tliu  acres b-T.Cii  1> ited Jul-. 12th, 19-"5  No 2��������� Conimeiu.li s atn post lpcited on south  line of No   1,4V Ui tins west of tTitl. llioivpso.i  lt������t.r. mini, ig-sojth  ltO cln.ir-,, not 10 _Ii-iii_,  north .iliiigmcr li-iii-lliOcbuii������, ������gjt 40 eliaiM.  <-   to starting point, .ontniiiiiig about o*u acres   ������  tt-   Dated July 12th, 1005   ,       .      ->  _.o J ���������Commencing at a post located on west  bankof Nortii Ihompson liner, ilose to tij.il. J  in.Its south of sonth hue of No _, m irked "111' 1',  south-east comer', runp.ng ivestr10 chaius,   nortii  i* '100 chiins. cast 40 chiius, south nlong iner buik  "'to starting point  containing about 010 acres i_  ~J '~   '*<���������'Dated July 13th, 1900,U~J~    '   , -*    ^ , \  "'  No 4 ���������Commotion g at a posHocitcd w eit. .iio  '_'-,   "Nonli '1 hou.|,st,n llhcr, clusoito tri.l, aliout  1  miles soutii of No J, n .iked " 131 *_ , south eist  ** JcornVr . riiiimiit: udst-Ocl ams, noithl.U chains,  ��������� *        east SO chuii-torn er, sontlnl.'i,l mer bank to  sterling po_.t������iunt.u_i-i.������bb&tfcOacrc_,     , >���������  Dlted Jul} l.tn, 100S " -      '  No  5 ���������Coinmcneiiijj it a po't Ioc.!>o.l on eist  _     bau'-Of Noitli _iKuips&'i lliiu-, opposite north  -lc "   cast corner of No 4, luiirked "EEr, north wcot  **   -    corner", running east 40 cliaim." Boutli 1S>0 chains  "iveHt 30 chains  lo   merr north along  river to  starting point -  " -   .      -.    L  D ited rui. 13th, IOO.-*,'  No 0 ��������� Commencing at i post Incited on *nejt  bank of North 1 liom. ^o i liner, four- miles south  of No, 4 marked IIT, south ci-a corner',  running west40 chains, nortli 220 chains, east 20  chains to rn er sojth along river bank to starting  point, containing abont 040 chains ^  -    **      Dited July 13th, 1905  ������ No 7 ��������� Commencing at a post locitcd on enst  binkof Nortii Ihompson Kntr, opposito northeast coi nor of No 0, in irked " 11 r 1", north nest  corner , running cast 40 chains, south 220 chains,  ���������neat 20 chuns to river north along mer bank to  starting poiut  containing about 64U acres.   -  Dated Jul) 13th, 1005     \  No S ���������Couruonchi" at a post Iocited on Hone  Creek, one- quarter mile cast of coniluence ������ith  * , North Thompson lluer,' ui.irl.ed "11 F V,  south west corner', luiiuing cast 1C0 chums,  noith 40 chains, west lbO chains, south 40 chains  to starting point '-  DetedJulj ICth, 1905  No 9 ���������Commencing it a post located forty  rods north of llmnder Creek, on west bank 'of  North'Ihompson liner, mirked "E T I , south  eist cornor , running west 10 chims, noilh 100  cliams, ei_t 40 chains to mer, south along rnei  to starting point, containing abi ut 040 acres  Dated Jul) lTtli, 1003  No 10 ��������� Commencing at n post located half  mile south of Hell U< ar.ng i leek, on east b ui\ of  North Tlio'iipsoiilliv i r, marked 'X Jf.lli , south-  " *���������*" west corner'. ruuuing eiwt 40 chiiiis.-iioith 100  chains, west 40 chums lo mer, suulh along mer  to starting point  containing C40 acres.      ,      y  DatedJuly 17th, 190. '        -, -  No 11 ���������Commencing at a post located onwest   bink of Nortli lhoipp.cn Itiver, thr^e.miles sout'i.  of No 0, inir-Hl   ' 1. .  ������    south east'cornel',  running west 40 chims  ninth ll> I chains' east 40  , chains to mer. south along rncr to starting point,  ' contiimng about 0,0 acres "     '  Dated Jal) 17th, 100> v "'  No 1'2 ��������� Commencing at a post located on east  bankof North llionip in Ill������ar, about 4. miles  Boutli of N'o. 10, in .rked ' i: _' r , sjutli nest corner, runni.ig east 4111 e .is, north 2001 hims, nest  80 chillis to wnr Soi'li ilimg rii er to point of  starting, co itainiiigs.hu it e,U acres. -    ,  - Dated Jul) ISth, l^t 'i  No 1*1 ��������� Coini ici .ng ftt 1 post located on oust  " bmkof XprUi'llioiiipniii liner. 100 chains north  of mouth ot Mul I i-ik in..iii!ic;ea-t40clmii8,-  north 240 ilia i-, ������est -0 11 am. to mer, south  alougrl\.rt.>si.utjib',i.-) at, louiahihig about 0.0  acres  Dated .Tuh l-th, 1FC1  No 11-���������Co.nnieii'-iiig at a post Incited on eist  bank of North 1 hoinpsonliner, '20 ch uns north of  Mud Crook, miming cist 1C0 chains, noitli SO  chains, west Cl cli uns io mer, south alougmer  to starting point, containing ubout 040 acies.  Dated Jul) Sth, 1005 '  No 15 ���������Coinmo-ii mg it a post located on w est  bank of Nortii '1 hompson Iiiver, about 20 chains  norlli of mouth of Jlud Crook, in irkod 'Ii K I',  south-e isfcorncr' runnlug u est CO chains, uoith  80 chains, cast 12) chaiiiH, soutli 0U chains to  river thcuco south along i Ivor to starting point  containing ibout 010 acres.  Dated July Sth, 1003  **- No IG���������Commoiiiuittat a post Iocited on west  bankof Nortli lho.np-.ou Kivei, thr������.e quaiters of  a mile nortii ol '1 rout I reek, mirked "I, V r ,  nortli west cornei", r inning east 40 ch nils smith  100 chains, west ,40 eh ihu, nortii ltAI chains to  4tartiug point  Dated Jul) 5th, 100s  Tho compctit ir offer ng the higl est cash bonus  will bo entitled to hpseiiillieeiu.es eovoihig tliu  * limits, renewable .inuiiall)  for a term of tweut)  one )eir.  Each tender mi st ho a' ci i p iniud by a cprtidod  cheque, mado p lyuhlo tn tho niiihralgiiod at pur  In Victoria tor-Mil the amount ot the lirst voir s  ' feos and tho amount of bonus Undeiod, and also  a cortilled cheque foi t! 03J, being tho cost of  cruising UiuliiiiitH,  'lho ehoqiieo will at onco bo ro1 in nod lo uiis_<-  cossful competitois.  W. S  GOUll,  Doputy Conimisslonei of Lands and Works.  Land and Works Department,  Victoria, 11 C , Hoth hoptoraber, 1006 td  THE HERALD FOR  JOB  PRINTING.  ..-��������� .       COAST   DISTRICT.  Notlools herobv given that tho reservation  notice of. which was published in the 11. O  <*r.i*_tti\ and dntod UtlvAngu-i, luol, covering u  til-It of land extending l.u-.-k a dlstiineu of le-n  miles on eieh side of the Skeena Ulvoi;, betweon Kilsilas Canyon and Hiuelluii, is e'tiii-  eellcir. - ,   .  Notico Is also given thnt that portion of the  reservation, notice of which w-us;publlsheil In  Uie 1). C. tiiizetto and dute-d -Tin December.  ISM, covering n bolt ot.hiiuloxtondiiig between  thu mouth of Kitlmut Klver and Kilsilas I'sii-  von, is leseiiuted In so fur us tt covers land  King between tho Kilsilas Canyon iiiitl li  liulnt ill the Kitimat Valley, distant teu miles  in a northerly direction Irom the iimuili of  liltiinut Klver, nml thai Orown lands lliereon  ivill Uo open to -iilc, preemption uml other  disposition uiKior the provision- ol lho l.und  Ael, on anil niter tho c-luhth (Sth) day of iJe-  i-c in ber next ��������� Provided that tho right of wav  of an) ruilroiid shall uot bo Included luuii)  hinds so acquired.  \V. S. OORL*,  ppput) Comiiilssioncr of Lauds S. Vi orks  Lnnds and 1\ orks Drii'irlinont,  Mitoria II. U , Jlsl August, 1S03       knot 3m  ���������*��������� *0  ty  I ty  The Lead.reg t^efcharBt Tailors        ty  Oi-  "~~  *��������� ty  ty -J     Don't order a   Suit because  it  is  cheap.    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Commomlng nt apost planted on thc  south side ol bmiili ereek about _���������.<_ iniles from  lhe Columbia rivor aud mnrked I. 1 Johnson's nortli east coruer post," tlience soutli 80  thains, llieme wist .0 i Indus, t'lenee norlh bo  iniilns, thonco eust SJ ehains to tho point of  i-oiuuioiieemeut.  2 Com mem Ing at a post planted on tho  south sidei I .nnth ireek ubout iUmllet>frinn  the Columbia rncr mid marked ��������� r. I Johnson's noilh east cuinor post," theneo south 80  chains, liienee west SJ chains, thonco north bO  chains, thonco caitbO chaius to the point of  commencement.  1 Commencing at a post planted on tho  soutii side of -uiitli creek about IJ-J miles from  tlie Columbia rher und marked ��������� L J John,  sou's norlli en-i cornei post," thence south 80  (hnlns, tlieuie west i-Jchulns, tlRiico north 80  ehains ihe'ico east e0 chain- to tho point oi  commencement.  1 Commenting at a post planted on the  south side ot Smith creek about % miles frpm  tlie Columbia rivei und marked ' h J Johnson's north east corner post," thence south SO  ehuins, theuce westbo chains, theneo north SO  (hains, tlience cast SO ihuins to tbe point of  commencement.  t    Commencing ntapost  pluntcd  on  the  soiith side of -tnilh ereek about Cl*** miles from  the Columbia ri\e-r and mnrked   \l_  J   Joh"-  s.ui's north east cornei post,"  thence south  ihaiiis, thenee west 80 ciiains, theme north  chains thenceeast tO chuius to the point  commencement.   t  b. Commencing at a post planted on the  soi th side of biuilh creek about 7J.. miles fro  The Leading F_3es*char.t TaESors.  ^���������^tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyty^f  tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyty  ty ^  4*- 0o floi  Negleot Yo&ir Earn������  ty XVo have a larpe assortment of Garden Tools, Spades,  ^f noes, Rakes, Etc., Oruaruental  Gaiden   Fencing,   Gal-  ty vanized Wiie Mesh Fencing.  ty  ty  ty  ty  ^2?  om  .III   III aiwu wi  -iimiu "'���������"'ft t������wu������������   ty.. ���������*..~~..   this Columbia ri.tr ona mnrkcu   'J    J  Jolin-  _   _.���������_���������     ....   1    __._.._..    ..~.   l    tf    l_>_m__A    i mil ll      Crt  soli's nortii east cornei post,  chains, thence westbo chains  llienco south  thence uorth  chains, tnence \iestou ciiaiiio, m_w: umtt  diu'ns. ihoiiie east 80 chains to the pom  commeueeiueut.   - *  7 Commencing at a post planted on the  south -"Hlo ol -muuIi creek ahout _}_ miles from  the .olumbia n\or and marked ��������� L. J Jobu-  son-������Oiitli east corner post," theme porih 40  chains, theuce westlOO chains thencesouth in  chains, thence cast 100 chains to tho point of  commencement.,"  s" Connnoi.dngat a post planted on the  soutii side of Smith creek about iy, miles from  the',o utiihia liver and mnrked-,, L J. John-  son'ssouth east corner post'; thence north 10  ihuins, ihotte ������est IMi chains, thenee south  40 limit's, thenee cast lbO chaius to tue point of  eouimeuconieut.    _*_<(,,_ . ,.=_     ^T * "  0" Commencing nt a po=t planted Jon the  south sideof bmith creel, about hi. miles fron  the t oluin hia rncr and marked 'K.J John-  sou'-soutii oust corner post," thence north 10  chains theneo west 100 chains ihence soutii -lu  (liains, thence east 100 chains to ibe poinuol  commencement, iri- .���������   *T  .  ,^~s   -..���������  10 Commencing at.a post planted on the  north side of the north lo-k of croiih creek,  about (AA miles from Ihe ColumDia mer and  mirkea'L. J Johnson's south east corner."  thence north SO (.nam-, thence nest SO chains,  thonce south SO chains thouco cait 80 chains  to tlic place of (ommeiieemcut.  Dated September 1th, 1S05.  E  J. JOHNSON.  NOTICE.*  Notice is hereby ghen that thirty dajs after  datoliricnd to appl) to tlio Chiel Commis  sioner of Lands and _ orks lor a special In ense  to cut and carr) ana) timber (rom thcfollo-n-  ing described lands situated on tlie west bide  of Arrow Lakes on u ereokemptying into Shelter llu)  in Vvest Kootenay district:  1 Commencing at tho second south west  angle ot Lot 811 of tho K and b limits, then  utst 1C0 chains, fhencesouth 10 chains, tlience  past 100 eliains, thonce north 40 chains to  point of commencement. .     .   ,  2 Commencing at the third south nest  angle of Lotbll of the K and S limits, thence  west 80 chains, thence north SU c nins, theuce  oast 40 (ham-. Uicmcsoulh 10 chains, theuce  east ,0 thains to point of coinine.ietmeiit.  Dated .lugust-Sth, 1905.  -;        GEO   B   CAJiPBiiL-.  Cerlti-cate   of   Improverrjents  *    NOTIOI-  llecdov View,No 2 mineral claim situate in  theAno\ Lake .MiningDamon of Vest Kooto-  na)-I)isti let���������*~   ���������      ���������-������������������������������������-=��������� "   ���������      **  Wheie located���������one mile nortli of Tire Vallc)  Cieek, ,u d font miles oast of Kettle liner  14KB NOl'ICli tint I .Tohn IS Old acting  as iv.nL for im self, lree "Miners Cc.tiHcate No  lillj.01, intend, si-tv ki)sfroin tli-" ditc hereof,  to appl) to the Milium llecouler for .-, Cort.tk.ite  of linpioianient, foi tho purpose of obtaining a  Crown Giant of the ahove claim  Aim! furtliei tako. notice thit ictinii, nnilii  Section J", must ho eoiimonced befufo tho issu nice  of such Certificate of IiiiiiroieiuoiiU  Dated this _3ud da) of Jul), A. D , 1002.  .    - i JOHN B   OLD.  Certificate- of   Improvements  "    NOTICE"  rolodora and ftommerset min������rul claims situate  in the Arrow Lako Milling Dmsion of West  Kooteu i) district  Wheio located-���������Two miles east of Kettle river  and one nnlu fiom Tiio \allc) Creek  T_KK NOIICE thit I John B Old, r IT C  BOWIJ, acting as n cent for A II Old. I" M. C  n OofflM and W IT Tago breo ilmers Certificate  No li l"H20*i, iiitind sixty da)s from the date  hoieof, to apply t. tlo Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of luiprovemonts for the purpose ot  ol t lining a Crown Grant of tho aboie cliiins.  .And fni ther liko notico tint 'iction Hinder  bection 37, must ho commenced I. fore'the  iss lnnci- of sutli'Cert.fieate of Impro\cir.ents  Dated this 22nd diy of July, 1C05  JOHN B. OLD  NOTICE.  In Itho matter of _ llh.ini Sha!.fou\, ilerc.iscd,  ami in the mattci of the Ollicial Admimstra  tors Act  Notico is hereby given tint by order of Ilia  Honoi J A 1'orln, T.ocil .1 uUe, dated the ISth  il vy of September, IIWj George -. Mcf'irtcr, 015  eiil Admmistriitor for tint pirt of Kootena)  County comprised vrtthm the Kovilstoke l.Icctor.d  j)'strlct, has boon ^milled letters of _ dministra  tion, to administer all and singular lho estate of  \*v ilh lm Mialifou-:, deceased, mtostate  Alio furthor lako notice t! at all clilms upon tho  naid estate must bo sent lu to the said Aihnims  trilur, at his olhcc Inipori-I Ilink llloek, Itovol  stoke, It C , within in di)S from the d ite hereof,  after which tlmo all proceeds will lw di-tribute.  among thu parties law full) thereunto entitled  OtOKGE S  McCAKTKR,  Ollicial Administrator.  Dated thu 14th da) of September, 1605.  Whitewash Bmshes and Blushes of all kinds.  Call and inspect, our new stock.  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Sine, of the cit) of  ltoclstokc, K C , iccountant its liquidator, for  tl.e purposes of sur h w mding up  'ihecreditors of tlio ahove Coinpm), which has  its heid othco m said city of Rev elstoke, and ill  others having an) claims against said Coi. pan),  ai e required, on or beforo tin- iir^t da) of _ ovom  bei, 10-i, to scud to If l^ve^ McCarter A, 1 .nkham,  solicitoi-for said liquidator, it their ofheo, l.irst  Street, Rcvclsfoke I* C, tlieir names and .id  dresses and description:., and thc full particulns  of their el inns oi debts, \_rif..' li) oitli, and the  nature anil amount of tlo securities, if any, held  b) thcm,and tlio specified \alue of such seeuril i!s  nnd if so required 1_ notic.! in ^wilting from snid  lio.mdator or lus bohcitoi-; to come in .ndprovo  their slid deots or claims in Pie usual t.i\ at  such ture aud plnee as shall be specified m such  uulice  Alter the flrst da) of November 111., the said  I quiditar w .11 proceed to distubuto llic as-ots of  the Co-npan) amongst the pait es entitled tlicieto,  liav mg regard p..lv to tho cl.uiii" of w Inch lie Mnn  ins had notico, and the liquidator v ill not then ho  liable foi the a_-ets or ,ui) part llieieof sod's  trihuted to an) peison of whose claim he had not  notice it the timo of tho distribution th "not.  Dated this 7th dnj of September, 1003  FREDERICK E  SI\*E,  sop 14 td , Liquidator.  NOTIOE. ���������  In the matter of Fra in Lower, deceased, and in  the mat-cr of the OPicnl Adiniiiistratois Act  Xotico 1������ lurch} g.ven thnt h) oidcr of His  Hanoi J A I orm, Lotal HuVi' rtntml Ihe 12th  dav of Septeii blr, IUOI, Oeoige _ McCartei, Olli-  ciil AdmiiiHtrator for tliat put of Kootenay  Count) (oiuprised within tho Revel-toko Elector  al Districl, his been erinted litters of administration, to administer all and singular thu estate  of rrnin Lower, deeiasul, intcstnto.  And further tnko notico tlntall cl uniB npini tlio  Slid cstato mn. _ l>o sent in to thosald Adiiiiiiistra*  tor, at lus ollice- Imperial Hank Hlock" Hccl.toho,  IIU -.tliin 30 da.>s fioin tho ilnte horc-oT, after  i-.li.cli time oil proeee ls will bo illsliiliutcd among  the pai tie_ law fully thereunto entitled.  ,, GKORGE S   McCARTEIi,  Oihelal Aduiinlstrntor  Dated tlie llth day'of September,'" 100.  &   ---   v.     -     NOTICE.  "- Notice Is hereh*. given that at the expiration  of one month from the date hereof, the registered ollice"* or clnef plnee of husine-sof tlio  B;ovvu Bear -lining aud Development Company. Limited Liability, w ill be removed from  Donald, II. O , to (..olden Ii. C. _  Dated 1st September, 1005 - ,  sep7 SOd  .    , O. D  IIO II .     *  Socrotar) tcjjiid Compnnv  NOTICE.  ���������- Notico is hcroh) given thatthirt) da^s after  date, I intend toapply to tbo Chief I'ominis  MOiier or Lands rod IVorks for permission to  ( ut and carrv awav ti.nbor from tlie following  descrihod lauds situale m West Kooteu i)  distrii I ~ _ -    .  Commenting nt a post plentcd nbout four  hundred jards south of Uowmecreek about  three and uhiU miles above the worth fork  and maiked 'C 11 Nagle's norih west comer  po,t," tbPlici south bO ciiains, theme cast SO  chains, the me north a'Tchains thci.ee vvcstbo  ehains to the point of ectnmcuceincnt.        '  Dated August 1'i.h, 1905  ', ' G   R. NAGLE,  -Per H. llclleau, Agent  NOTICE.  >sNotice is herein -ivon .hat thirty dn)s after  dato I intend to apph to the Chiei Commissioner of Laiu's and* \\ oiks far rcrmis-ion  to cur and curr) i.vvav timber from tlio lollowing described lands situale in West Kootenav  distrif-t . <  _ Commtnel.iir_at e post plented on tho_eoulh  side of row nio creek", about lour I'ud-hrec-  q.iarter miles nbove the north lork md null I -  ed ' G. Ii hngle s'noitli-west corner post,"  thence south W ehnlns thenee ea-t M) chiiiri-  theneo norlh SO chains, theiue west 80 chains  to ll e point oi (i mineiK eiuouc.  Dated .vUjubt L'jlh. 1005  G. H. NAGLE,  i'er E. "Mcllcan, A-,cnt.  NOTICE.  <>  NOTICE.  Inthe matter of Robert ligt'art, decpiised and  m thc matter of the Olhcial Aihiunistrutors  Act.  Notiec is herein an, en that bj order of Ills  Honor J A Form, Louil Judge, dat( it tho 12th  do) of S-ptcmher, 1905 George w iti Carter, Ollicial Administrator for that part of Kootena)  County comprised within the ltevelstoke Llcctor  al District, lias been granted letters of administration to administer all and singular tlie estate of  Robert Taggart, ueceised, intestate  Ard further tako iiotite tlint nil rlaniis upon the  said estate uiust.be scat m to tlie said Adminis  trator, at his oil ee Imperial Dink lllo.k, Rc\el-  ftoko, B C, within S9 dj-.-_rom the dite heicof,  after which time all proceeds will be distributed  aiuo_g the partus law fully thereunto entitled  GKORGE S  McCVRTER,  Ofllcial Administrator.  Dated the ulh daj of September, 10j.  NOTSCE.  jrotieo'is hcrchv given that CO diys nftcr dito,  we intend to nppl) to the Ifon tho Chief Com-  ������������������i.i������ioncr of r->rds and Woiks forpeimisrion to  niiif hise 100 acir-s of land "itmlc on Upper A now  Ij>ke, West Kootenay D.stnct, descrilied nH  follows ��������� ".  ( oinmencing at a pn tpl-inled on the eistshoie  of Upper \rrow I-ii'c, at the corner of lot 1.1J9,  Group 1, and marked'-AiTOwhe-id Lumbcr Con-  |ian% * iouth n c-t comer post' theneo east along  the -Orth bojnd u-v of Lot I V., '10 chains, theiue  nnth _' rl iu s, tlieuco west "0 chims, more or  Ie������������. to the shore of Upper Allow Ijike thence  southe-Iv, and following the sl ore line of Upper  Arrow l.nkc, to ih������ point of (ommencement.  Daled tliis Sth August, 1005.  1008       ARROWHEAD LUMBER CO , LTD.  Notico Is lierch) givon that thirty do)n nfter  date 1 intend to iipulv to the Chief i ommls  sionerof Laud' iiuil Works for rcrmlssioii lo  cut nndciiri) nwav timher from Die fullowiug  described hinds sltuato iu West Kootena)  dlstiict:  Commencing nt a post planted" nbout two  hundred jards -outh of Downie creek, aboul  sl\ miles above thc north fork nnd marked --G.  R Migle s uoith webt comer post" thcnio  sotilhM) elinlns, llioneo east t>0 chnins, thenic  north bO chains, llienco west 80 chains to the  pol.it of cuinniciiieini'iit *  Dated August Joth, 11)03.' y  G. It! NAGLE,  Per E. Ji oilcan, Agent  NOTIOE.  Notico is herebv civcti thatthirt) ilnjsn fter  date I intend to apply to the Chief Commis  -loner of Lauds unci w'orlts lor permission to  cutnndinrrv awa) timher from tho lollowing  described lands tituutc in West Kootena)  district '  Commencing at a post- planted on the south  sideof Downie r reck just below the mouth of  Cnii}on crock, nnd marked 'CMcIKan's north  west corner post " tlience cast 100 ohaii s,  thencu i-outh 10 eh lins, iheuce wcsl liiOihnln-.  thei ee north 10 chains to tbo point of commencement  Dated August 28th, 1005.  E. McBEAN.  NOTICE.  Notice ls horob) given that thlrt) dais after  dute I Intend to nrply to tho Chief Commis.  sioner of i and-, and Works for permission to  cut and can) awi.v tlm. or from the following  dcsoibcd lands situate in Wost Kootenay  district,  Com-reiicing at a post planted about tvvo  hundred )nr(h nortii of Downie creek trail,  about kl\ l lilts from tlio llig Bond trai I  and marked 'Lit Demi's north-\ est corm r  post," Iliinie south bO ciiains, thenie east i()  chains, theuce north 80 chains, theiue vve^l fcO  chains to tlie point of roini-cnceinout.  i ated September 2nd, 1903.  sep 7 E. McBEAN.  '-iJjMdd  OV31JK!^saSB_**5X=SSt^  L.C,HTSURK-, Kr.naarcr.  HEWLY BUILT AHD FU!_E������ISir!ED  STSIGLY FERST-SLASS  THE   BAR    IS*   SUPPLIED  WITH BEST BRANDS  WINES, L.QOOP.S AS-0-CiOARS  ARROWHEAD, -  B. C.  First-class Livery and Feed Stables, Saddle Horses.  Single and Double Rigs   for   Hire   on   Reasonable  Terms.    Turned out Clean and  Neat.  Orders   left   here   for    Firewood    promptly    filled.  Dry Fir,  Hemlock and Cedar.  FOR   SALE'-.  ���������At a Dargaln If Sell!  Thla   Month���������  ONE RESIDENCE  Tn Ceiiti.il P.ut of tho Cii), nnd Otu  Lot 50 -v. ioo.  A GOOD RANCHE  So Aoics, closu to town, 35 aires ol  which c.-in bp i-.isil) i It.ii. il. ..mi hlc lor  ll.iv and Mi\eil l.iripinjr -^1>P'> loi  p.ii.icul.us .it HERALD Otllce.  OO  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  D_SIGN3  Copyrights &c.  Jlnrone nonrtliiB a Btectcti and dcgcrlptlon may  qukldy nacortnln our opinion fieo wlie-thor an  tin ontlon Is proliably niitonl ililp f nmniunlra-  tloiisBtrlotlyeonUileutlnl ilAtiODOOt on Patents  fiont free Ohio it nrcur> foi i-eciirlni-iiatenr-.  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Oliver   stood  out   sick,  should  be separated  from  Till- 1--YUM DAIKY  A-^���������v*^A������������������vvw*������������������v������������������������AA'|vw���������*^^  CIIAPTKU  L���������(Continued.) | niggers  o'  Oo'iiu'ns   "111  set lie house ] iiis'wwii-i'rifke.  Most   terrible   wn.s   tho   nwukciiiiig   ",  from  this divum  of safety,  when,  on .  tho 17th  of August,  iho division un-  Tho first essential for puro milk Is  be  tho  upon  tho lawn,  his  teeth chattering, ' rust/   immediately.        Tho      personal  ,1111(1   liis kois  knocking  tugether with 'cleanliness  of  tli.  milkers  is nlso   of  I terror,  yet  faintly   meditating a des- great  Importance.     Thoy should     bo  .  ,,   ..  , ��������� ,    ,    ���������������������������-,   pernio onslaught to  the rescue   with   clean in appearance and habits. Just  gers  o   uot)   ns        ,������   * '������iis ������ta rnl* (boforo     milking,   the  milker's  hands  lire,   an    heave  wo-dem   two    poor j     ..]|���������lir.  m0j"  h.hn   said,    "ono mom-1   -      --   - h'  old     Innoccn s      into do Humes outiijpnj^ i  beseech vou!"  puru ileliblish  wanton!" j     rt'0 pnllS(,,|     "      ' i  der   the  commund   of   Admiral   Cock-!     ���������������������������"'   h,;"K^LlK;,;���������?I?:i;^PuJJ;;^?.;,   ''I'ro^il'. 'my   beauty!   Only    don't   Oow sUlblus shoukl  bo kcpt clottn n���������  burn was seen to enter the mouth of. u"0."������*' ,|u;! c,".1.?> .s.,!.in.*?"!������ V.V.._.������"t    ot    !>'������   ������rilt-u   u������fore moat l-������     to������   the lime, and  whitewashed  twice     a  "?��������� ...    , ,,,,,, , ,   year.     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She might pussi-  when the combined military and na- j ������>*' -s������v,������ ������-h0 mansion, ������������������������������><'������������ theso  val   forces   under   Admiral   Cockburn"! lw<> "'-J l"-'0I)lu *'ero ll0t l}keiy l.i  b,������  soldier'.. child," said  I'-tlith; her sweet, clear voico quavering like tho strings of a lute ovor  which  tho  wind has passed;   "1! am a  General    Ross   landed "at  that I ������*������������>'.   U) -lo ������o-o" tho contrary, their   soldier's    child���������my   falhor   died   gal-j  ludicrous terrors would tend to .'.Uni  on d  place.   None  remained   to  guard    the     ... . ,.        .     ,,  homes but aged men,  women,  infants ! <���������������������������   '''������ "'nut-"      cruelty o       the  A universal panic sei/.-   marauder, lo  destroy them  wilh tho  100 pounds of limo; to each quart  ! of this mixturo add five quarts of  I water.    Tho dairy house should not  be located close to tho stablo    and  and negroes  cd tho neighborhood and nothing occurred to tho defenseless people but  instant flight, females and uhildren  woro hastily put into <-nrriuges, tho  most valuablo items of plate or  money hastily packed up, negroes  mustered and tho whole caravan put  upon a hurried march for ..Prince  George's, Montgomery or other upper counties of tho Stole. " With  very few exceptions, the farms and  plantations wero evacuated and loft  to the mercy of the invaders.  At���������: sunrise all was noise, bustle  and confusion at Luckenough.  Tho lawn was filled with baggage  ���������wagons, horses, mules, cows, oxen,  sheep, swine, baskets of poultry,  barrels of provisions, boxes of property, and men and maid servants  hurrying wildly about among* them,  carrying trunks nnd parcels, - loading  carts, -tackling harness, marshaling  cattlo and making other preparations  for a rapid retreat toward Commodore Waugh's patrimonial estato in  Montgomery County.  Edith was placed upon her pony  and attended by hcr old maid Jenny  and  her  old groom   Oliver.  Commodore and Mrs. Waugh entered the family carriage, which thoy  pretty well filled up. Mrs. Waugh's  woman sat upon the box behind tho  Commodore's man drove the coach.  And the whole family party sot forward on thoir journey. Thoy went  in advance of tho caravan so as not  to be hindered and inconvenienced by  its slow and cumbrous movements. A  ride of three miles through  tho old forest brought them to tho  open, hilly country Hure the road  ' forked: "And hero tho family, were to  . separate. '..,....  , It had been arranged that. as.Edith  was too dclicato. to boar'the forced  march of days' and nights' continuance before they could " reach - Montgomery, * sho should proceed ' to Hay  Hill, a plantation near tho lino of  Charles County, owned by Colonel  Fairlie. whose young daughter  Fanny, recently made a bride, had  been  tho schoolmate of Edith.  Here,-at the fork, tho party halted  to take loavo  lioii.se.    Kililh suddenly  took  her   re-  are  soldiers,   and    will    not   hurt     a  soldier's     orphan   daughter. I am  alone and defenseless," she said; -'I  solution, und turned her horse's head .remained hero voluntarily, to pro-  directing .her attendant to follow. , -_oct <���������,,. |loln0i becauso I had failh in  "Mul where are you going to go, | tho better feelings of men when they  Miss 1.tilth?" asked her groom, Oli-, hhouI(I l)0 appealed to. I had heard  ver,  now .spousing for the lirst time. , drcudfui   tales  of  tho  ravages of  thc  lantly   on   the   Held   of  battle.      You | ���������P������,������'  ������������-tiwl,lon should  bo. Riven  to  | drainage.    The room should be thor-  "Huck  to .Luckenough.'  "What for, Miss Edith, for goodness  sake*?"  "Bnck to Luckenough to gnnrd tho  dear old house, and take caro of  vou two."  "Hut oli, Miss Edy! Miss Edy! for  Marster in heaven's sako what'll  como o' you?"  "What tho Master in heaven wills?'  enemy through neighboring sections  of tho country. I did not fully believe thom. I thought them lho exaggerations of terror, and know how  such stories grow in the tolling. I  could not credit the worst, believing  as 1 did, the British nation to bo  nn upright and honorable enemy���������  British soldiers to be men���������and lirit-  ish   officers,  senllemen.    Sir,   havo     I  "Lord, Lord, Miss Edy! ole marse trusted in vain? Will you not let mo  'ill kill wc-dem. What 'ill old marse j nM,i niy Servants roi iro in peace? All  say? What 'ill evoryboody say to a I that the cellars and storehouses of  young gal  n-doin'   of  anything     liko 'Luckcnougl1   contain  is at your     u*is-  ilat dm-?     Oh, dear!   dear!  whut will  everybody suy?"  "They will say," said Edith, "if I  meet the enemy and save the house���������  thcy will say that Edith Lanco is a  heroine,   and   her  name  will   bo   pro  positi. Vou will leavo myself and attendants unmolested. I havo not  trusted in tho honor of British soldiers to my own destruction!"  "A pretty speech, niy dear, and  prettily spoken���������but not half so por-  bably preserved in the memory of the sunsive as the sweet girl that utter-  neighborhood. Hut if I fail and losj ed il," said Thorg, .springing toward  my   life,   they   will  say  that     Iikiitli.her.  wns a cracked-brained girl who do-, Etlilh suddenly raised thc pistol���������  served her falo, and that they had I ���������,, expression of deadly dotcrmina-  always predicted she  would como to  a bad end."  "Better go on to Hay Hill, Miss  Edy! -'Deed, 'foro marstor, bolter go  to Hay Hill."  "No," snid Uio young girl, "my resolution is taken���������wo will return to  Luckenough."  Tho arguments of tho old negroes  waxed fainter and fewer, 'lhoy felt a  vugua but potent confidence in Edith  tion upon hcr face.  Thorg as suddenly fell back. He  was an abominable coward in addition to his  other qualities.  "Soi7e that girl! Sei/o and disarm,  her! What mean you, rascals*.' Aro  you to be foliod b.v a girl? 'Seize  mid disarm her, I say! Are you  men?"  "Captain", countermand your order!  f bog,      lentrcat   you,    countermand  and her abilities, and a sense of pro- j vol,r order!    You yourself will great-  tectlon  in  her   presence,   from  which  iy regret having, given  it,   when  you  they wero loth  to  part  -Tho sun was high when-they entered  tho forest shades again. '   ^  ���������"See," said Edith-to her companions, "."everything*. is'SO fresh and  beautiful and joyous" here! I cannot  even imagine danger."  Edith on reaching Luckenough retired to bed, and addressed herself  to sleep. Tt was in vain���������her nor*, os  wero fearfully excited. In vain she  tried to combat her terrors���������they  completely overmastered hcr Sho  was violently shocked out of a fitful  Commodore  Waugh called his niece   ,i0/c  to   ride  up   to   the   carriage   window       old   jonny  stood   over  her,   lifting  and gave hor many messages for Colonel Vairlie, for Fanny and for  Fanny's young bridegroom, ami  many charges to bo careful and prudent, and not to ride out unattended,  etc.  And then he called up tho two old  negroes and charged them to seo  their young mistress safely at Hay  Hill ond then to return to Luckenough and tako caro of the house  and such things as wero left behind  in case the British should not visit  it, and "to shut up the house after  them in caso they should come and  rob it and leavo it standing Two  wretched negroes would be In little  personal  "danger  from  tho  soldiers.  So argued Commodore Waugh as  he  took  leave of them  and gave  or-j  her up, shaking her, and shouting in  her  ears:  ".Miss Edith! Miss Edith! They arc  here! They are here! We shall be  murdered  in our beds!"  In tho room stood old Oliver, gray  with terror, while all tho dogs on  tho premises were barking madly,  and a noisy party at the front was  trying to force an entrance.  Violent knocking and shaking at  tho outer door ami the sound cf  voices.  "Open! open! let us in! for God's  sake, let us in!"  "Those arc fugitives���������not foes���������listen���������they plead���������they do not threaten  ���������go and unbar tho door, Oliver,"  said Edith  Heluctantly and cautiously  the old  are calmer," suid a young oflicer,  riding hastily forward,-and-now,"for"  the first .lime, taking a part in ', tho  scone."   " ' *    '      '    '  ��������� An honorable youth in-a band>of  military marauders. y   .  "'Sdeath, sir! Don't intorfero-.with  mo!   Seize her,  rasculs!"  "Ono step morc, and I pull tho  trigger!" said 1-dith.  "Captain Thorg! This shall not  be! Do you hear? Iio you understand? 1 say this violence shall not  bo perpetrated!" said the young officer,   (irmly.  "Sir! Are you drunk, or mad? You  aro under arrest, sir' Corporal Truman, take Ensign Shields' sword!"  Tho young man was quickly disarmed.  Edith was now wild with desperation���������her eyes flew wildly around in  search of help, where help theio  seemed none.  Edith had gained ihe back door.  They started in pursuit.  "Sow, by the living Lord that  made  me,   the  first    man  that     lays  ders for the carriage to move .on up j ���������lan ���������i,ejef-.  the main branch of the rood leacjing , ..Ijisht another randle. Jenny���������that  north toward. Prince George s and j is llyi���������s in Us iockot_it will be out  Montgomery. ��������� , ln a minute."  IJut so argued not the poor   old ne-      Trembling   all   over,   Junnv  essaved  groes. as they followed Edith up the  west branch of the road that led   to  Charles-County  thought it was so sufo an' out'n do  wuy up dnr! Oh, what .a 'scapo!  what a  'scape  we-dem  has  had!"  CHAITBIl   fl.  in  so  to  do as sho  was  bid, but  only   sue  ceeded   in    putting     out   the  expiring    -light.���������-Tho-souiid-of-lho-tinbarring-of  This pleasant, road ran along tho | the door llad dc,pnved her of the  side of a purling brook under tho t 1<lst remnant of s,-lf-control. Edith  shadow of the great troes that skirt- stl.uck a light, while the sound of  ed the forest, and Edith ambled footstopa alu] voices in the hall  leisurely along, low bumming to her-1 warncC| hat that several persons had  self some pretty song or listening to; e���������lel.c(j.  the merry carols of the birds or j ..rt.s jjeI1_ am, rj,-fiVi ntir] s0l,  noticing the speckled fish that gam- from Tfllv M,-|i oh_ -\ns.s Edy! Thorg  boled through the dark, glimmering aild his 'mo��������� ave up dar a 'atroyin'  stream or reverting to the subject of. everything! Oh, Miss Eilyl an' us  her  last  reading. . '  But beneath all this childish play  of fancy, one grave, sorrowful  thought lay heavy upon Edith's tender heart. It was the thought of  poor old Luckenough "deserted at  it6 utmost need" to tho ravages of  the foe. Tlien came the question if  it were not possible, in case of t.-tho  house being attacked, to savo it���������  even for her to save it. Whilo these  things were brewing in Edith's mind  ehe rode slowly and morc slowly,  until at length hcr pony stopped.  Then sh3 noticed for the first time  the heavy, downcast looks of her attendants.  "What is tho matter?" she;asked.,;  "Oh! Miss Edith, don't aske me,  honey���������don't! "Aint't we-dem got to  go back to do house and.stay dar  by our two selves ar ter wo see you  safe?" said Jenny, crying:  "So', what? you two alone?" exclaimed Edith, looking from one to  the other.  'Yes, Miss Edith, 'deed we has,  chile���������but you needn't look so 'ston  ish and 'mazed. You .can't help of  it, chile. An' if de British do come  dar and burn de houso and he'avo  we-dem into de fire jes' out of wanton, it'll only .be two poor, ole,  unvnluable niggers burned up. Olo  marse know dat wel 1 enough���������dat's  de reason he  resks wc."  "But for whnt purpose have you  to return?" asked 'Edith, wondering.  "Oh! to feed de cattle nnd de poultry, aiin take care o' dc things dat's  Ief' behine," sobbed. Jenny, now com-I  pletely broken dowr; 'r-v hev terrors. I  "I  kr ow���������I jis  does���������T-.o-v dem  white  | hands on her shall die?" suddenly  exclaimed the young ensign, wresting  his sword from the hand of the corporal, springing between Edith and  her pursuers, Cashing out the blade,  and brandishing it in thc faces of  tho  foremost.  Thorg threw himself Into the most  frantic fury���������a volley of tho most  horrible oaths was discharged from  his  lips.  "Upon that villain, men! Beat  him down' Slay him! Vin hira to  tho ground with your bayonets! And  then!   do  your  will  with  the girl!"  "But- bet oro this fiendish order could  be executed, ay, beforo it was half  spoken, whirled Into the yard a body  of about thirty horsemen, galloping  fiercely to tho rescue with drawn  swords   and  shouting  voices.  They  were nearly threo times     tho  number of the foraging soldiers.  (To bo  Continued.)  That summer day was so holy  its beauty, .so bright, no clear,  cool; that rural .scene was so soothing in its influences, so culm, so  fresh, so harmonious; it was almost  impossible to associate wilh that  lovely day and scene thoughts of  wrong nnd violence and cruelty. So  felt Edith as sho sometimes lifted her  eyes  from  her  work   lo   the     beauty  round?"   queried   the  man   with  and glory of nifture around her.  And 'snub nose.  THlltTX-KN AT TABLR.  "Ever sit down at a table wbero  there were just thirteen?" asked lho  man  i:i  tho shaggy ulster.  "Once." replied tho man with tho  white spot  in   his moustache.  "Well, you never observed that any  bud luck  followed   it,   did  you?"  ��������� -Why���������haw���������yes. Bad luck for  most of the  Ihirtcen."  "Any  of   lhem   die?"  "iN'ot that I know of. N'ever  heard  of nny of  them  dying."  "Not      enough      victuals      to    go  tho  oughly dried onco a day. If tho  sholvos nro of wood, they should be  painted. Sour milk should not be  kept In tho dairy whero thero Is  other milk to bo kept sweat.  lt i-s a mistake to purchaso poor  utensila for a dairy. In tho soloc-  tion of utciiBils. got thoso thut aro  simply constructed and easily cleaned. ' Pails, strainers, cans ami dip-  pors should be mndo of pressed tin  nnd freo from seams. Tho cleaning  of ovory dairy utensil should bo  done thoroughly nnd promptly. Thoy  should bo washed In warm suds,  scalded with clear, hot wator, then  rinsed with cold water. Milk cloths  should be kept clean. Washing soda  is a good thing to keep in a dairy.  Steam is a more ofVectivo storillzor  than water, although boiling water  is very good. If there is much sterilizing to bo done about a dairy, a  small steam generator is tho bost.  After being cleaned and sterilized,  keep tho vessels in clean places and  in  pure nir.  A supply of good water is of tho  greatest importance to a dairy.  Spring- or woll water is the best.  The water should never be allowed  to becomo  stale.  Milking is an operation which requires skill. Dairymen know that  there i.s as much diftcrenco in milkers as in cows and that 'a good cow  may be ruined by a poor milker.  The milker should not ..handle tho  cow any more than h" can holp, Tho  hands should bo kept dry and the  pail should be held cloho to the udder. ' A.s soon as the milkipg is done  the milk should be taken to tho  dairy room- .and not allowod-to.  stand. *���������'_���������" ' ���������'���������'"'���������'���������-  I'he, pyramidal strainer is the .best*.  TJn;th- pyramidal form, tho centro'ot  the'"metal gauze is raised- nn'd 'the,'  straining .surface is'much-.increasbd".  Inipiirities''.striking against it;-work  down'until out'of the current. - .  Cooling' is 'so' closely��������� connected  with airing that the-two terms aro  often confused. Machines are constructed for doing both at tho same  time. Cool to within throe or four  degrees of the'.temperature of water.  Every dairy farm should havo a  never failing cold spring, a good  well or a supply of ice. Tho cooling, of milk should roceivo tho same  attention  in  winter  as  in summor.  Tf you expect to raiso good dairy  cows^from your, hoifor cows, you  must bo. kind to them from the day  they are born. You cannot club a  cow  into  submission.  DETAILS ON TIIE FARM.  There is perhaps no other businoss  whero so little attention is paid to  details as is tho caso in the liusiiioss  of farming. Our farmers should  know what branch of their business  pays thom best.' They should keop  records as to cost of production in  every line of their work. They generally have too little system about  their  operations . and  tho result     is  ing year. What i.s truo of poultry la  truo of many othor interests on 'tho  farm. Lot us become moro systematic in our work and let us begin  to keep Home pystein of uccounts during  thc coming year.  FEEDING  HOGS NEW C0KN\  Tho farmer who always has a  bunch of hogs to feed about thc  timo new corn is in the dough, is  exceedingly lucky, for my .experience  has proved tliul Ihey will do bolter  on thc now corn than on tho old.  After feeding a bunch of hogs for  owhile ou old corn tho now was given them and tho gain Wu.s. vory  noticeable. On an average thoy  gained ono-half pound apiece each  day moro than whon thoy wero fed  on tho old corn. Not "only did thoy  do better, but they' rolishod iheir  feed and oven chewed up tho green  stalks. While feeding on the now  corn, 'their bowels woro in a healthier condition, and it took less slops  to satisfy them. So whon a farmer  feeds now corn his reward is threefold. His hogs arc fattened quicker,  at less expense, and with less labor.  LAMBS IN TIJE CORNFIELD.  Lambs can bo profitably fed in the  cornfields in tho lat������ summor or early fall, aftor tho covn gots out " of  reach. Thcy will clean up tho  weeds, and do no har_\ to the corn  other than take oft tho lower leaves  and eat the broken-dow*.\ stalks. As  corn matures they will got the oars  within reach���������and bo benefited. With  a run of thc cornfield, in which rape  has been sowed, and tho opportunity  to get at a clover pasture, thoy will  grow and fatten at the samo time  and bo only a benefit to the cornfield.   -  Old sheep may have too good. an  appetito for corn jand break" down  the stalks'to get iC but lambs /will  r.ot^know 'enough to 'tip' .much ��������� of  that.'-"No matter how clean the "corn  whon*laid by, there will growTsnough  weeds'.to feed a few- sheep. \ ~.-"-, ' f  *.  HAD HUSBANDS ON PAY  SOME     QUEER   BARGAIN'S     IN"  THE MATRIMONIAL LINE.  to  One    Lady   Employs   Hubby  Her Boots���������A Subject  for Tatooing.  In a casu involving matrimonial  dilTeroncos that wus heard a few days  since it transpired that to the husband woro relegated those household  duties that usually fall to the wife's  lot, for tho execution whereof he rc-  eoiveil from his better half a ivoakly  sum of half a crown, says an English paper. i   .  Again whon, In tho oarly seventies,  an elderly Welsh ludy became enamored of hot* coachman and proposed marriage, tho prudent Jehu,  unwilling perhaps to bo ontiroly dependent on the caprices of nn exacting sopluagi-nurian neeeptcd lhe i-ITer  conditionally on his boing permitted  to continue in his post as coachman  at doubled wages. To thi.s sho  agreed, and daily, till tho timo of  her death, which occurred some sov-  on years later, was as lho ladyUk-  ^n..l������_u.   f.���������������JL1*"f^*1 Ih������i������   dioi-to-;    tho     thickness  of  tho  wall  was 2.7 centimeters. The tiles wero  punctured at , in tor vala with small  holes ubout two centimeters in diameter.. Tho section at tho top of  tho  drain  was  semi-spherical,  fitting  OLD SEWERAGE SVSTEMS    ;  HOW THE   BABYLONIANS     DID  TH-SIR DRAINING.  Excavations . in Oldest  Cities     of  World  Show Remarkable  Systems.  It i.s goaerally supposed that it is  only modern man who has pcrfoctod  a system of drainage nnd soworago  to carry from his houso and city tho  overflowing rain water and the filth  and g'lirbngo which accumulate. In  thu excavation of Bismyui tho undent Sumerian or pro-Babylonian city  which flourished -1,500 yours ago,  writes Edgar J. Banks In tho Scientific American, a remarkablo system  of drainage, perfectly adapted to lho  alluvial pluin of tho Mcsopotumlau  desert, has boon discovered.  Babylonia is perfectly-'level. From  Bagdad to the. Persian; Gulf-thero Is  not tho slightest elevation, save for  tho artificial mounds or an occasional changing nnnd drift. In most  places there i.s a crust of hard clay  upon tho fhM.aco, baked by tho hot  sun of Riunmcr time, so hard that lt  resembles stono. Parts of tho desert aro perfect for bicycle riding.  Drainage in sucn a country, without sloping hills or streams of running .water, i&ight tax the ingenuity  of  THE MODEKN BUILDEK.*  In constructing a houso tho ancient  Sumerian of more than 6,000 yoai'3  ago first dug a hoio into tho sand to  a considerable depth. G At Bismya^  sovoral instances woro found whero  tho shaft had reached tho depth of  fourteen motors beneath tho foundation of tho houso.  From tho bottom he btiilt up a  vortical drain of largo," cylindrical,  terra col la sections, each of which  is provided with grooved flanges to  receive the ono abovo. Tho sections  of ono drain were forty-eight conti-  molers    in  diameter    and sixty     in  .THE  UNEMPLOYED*.   ��������� "  . "  Measures    Adopted for Their    Relieve in Several Countries.   ,  Tho problem of tho .unemployed  working man is ono of tho most important questions of tho day in several European countries. Among  tho measures introduced by the government at tho present session of the  British Parliament was a bill for tho  relief of tho unemployed, but it.did  not become a law. The Belgian minister of labor has published a document setting forth the facts in his  country, and measures have bcon  adopted for the solution of the problem in Sweden, Hungary aud Russia.  Tho most significant of recent contributions to a knowlcdgo of the subject is tho report of a committee of  the French Chamber of Deputies on  tho conditions in Franco. It shows  bj numerous facts and figures that  tho introduction of machinery and  foreign competition havo mado it impossible for tho small farmer to earn  a livelihood by the cultivation of his  land.    Consequently he sells his   tw"o  often  loss of    time or efforts     spent   or threo acres    to the large proprie-  fn  Unes     of work    that under  these  tors, and drifts to. the.cily^ to swell  conditions are not prolitablc. Too  little time is spent by tho farmer in  contemplation, and in tho study of  now tu proceed in ordor to obtain  Tht! grenlcst- profit from their eti-j  deavors. If the farmers would go  to work, and keep accounts ninny  would be surprised at tho end of tho  year to learn that not all of thoir  work  on   lho farm  is  pro!! tablo.  Too many men keep cows that con-  sumo tho profits, earned by part of  lhe herd. Why? Simply becauso  they will nut ascertain what each  nnimal produces per year The poor  cows must be disposed of and better ones put in their places.        This  tho ranks of tho great army ��������� of  idlers.  Tho only remedy suggested in tho  report for this disastrous oxodus is  ,to-givo-tho-villager_and-farmer���������employment "which shall add enough to  his earnings to mako him contented;  that is, to orgnnizo and promote  houso  and village industries.  Attention is called to the methods  adopted in Russia for fostering the  oarning capacity of tho rural population. Thero aro about fifty domestic  industries In lhat country by which  fnrm laborors can earn small sums  away from tho farms, piich as lock-  smitbing,    shocmaking   and  painting  Icons.  Tho  government   oncouragos  foresight was apparent whon, on his  wife's decease, it was found that her  incomo's source was an annuity  which expired ��������� with her. With his  accumulated savings, howover, ho  was enabled to *purchaso a small  business and marry a woman more  suited to his position and years.  STKETCUED HER SHOES.  Tho possession of smull foot was  scarcely an adequate - reason for  ono's employment as a living last.  Yet such was tho unfortunato lot of  a Lowestoft man, whom his wifo,  at .tho rate-of half a crown a pair,  compelled,to stretch,hcr new boots,  in "which,'as "she" greatly prided herself-��������� on - being -nattily; shod,'.-'shovwas  excopdingly,;Iavish,'"'for ever buying.  Iresti-fopt'.wear.'i Being':cntlrely.'-de-'  pendent.upon��������� this' well..and ,_much-  shod lady, -though'ho suflVjred a continuous ��������� indrtyi'domV hail ��������� to'*- submit,  although her'onco*-wcnt"bn unsuccessful strike for an increase of wages.  .TATTOOED HIM.*  Even greater tortures wore* endured by a Viennese gentleman whoso  young wife was bitten with tho  mania for tattooing. Th'at sho 'herself had beon tattooed by a- proficient in the art was to him a matter of indifference, but on her proposing to try her 'prentice hand on  his limbs and torso he thought" it  timo to utter a vehement protest.  This was mot wilh an' offer of generous payment so long* as he should  bo under hor hands���������an oiler which,  as his wife held tho money-bags, and  tightly too, ho accepted with tho  modification that his salary should  continue during such timo as he boro  hcr handicraft upon his person." To  this, though .it virtually meant a*  life income, the lady agreed, and,  under her hands, her husbanc^ soon  became  a     polychromatic  work     of  art.   4 .  A KNOWING DAUGHTER.  "Your father is just a little bit-  Well���������opinionated, you know, doar,"  f.aid young Jenkins, "and I'm rather  afraid as to what ho will say when  I  ask him."  ���������i^That's-all-right,���������George,"���������-said-  tho girl; "I know how to manage  papa."  So next morning sho went to papa  in a stato of great indignation, and  excluimed: "Whnt do you think has  happened? That absurd young man,  Mr. Jenkins, has had the impertinence to propose to mel"  "Absurd young man!" exclaimed  hor falhor. "Who aro you calling  absurd? Lot mo toll you that I consider Mr.  .Tonkins    a    hard-working,  over it liko a'cap, and provided with  an opening to rocolvo the water from  above. Sand and potshords were  thon filled in about tho drain, and it  was ready for uso. The water, pouring into it, was rapidly absorbed by  tho sand at tho bottom, and if  there it became clogged tho water .  escaped through the holes in tho.  sides of the tiles.  '' ;the temple.-at'-bismya; - '-  , -,1 ,.*���������*���������.        - .    _   - .-,';        . *"        -"- '���������    -  was l provided JAwith -.'-,sovcral -suoh -  drains:, . Ono palaco',.wds*.discovered, "���������  with-four; oi,largo bath,, rosombliiiff '  a-modern Turkish bath,- and.provid- ,'.  ed.with a-bitumcn/lloor, sloping:"to.,-.  ono-'corner, emptied "its .'was'to" wator. ?<  into  ono.       ���������   "'   *._'������.���������   ..-"���������-���������' A'   -",-'  In clearing out - the drains,  a few  pf  thom,     whow  openings  had  beon  exposed, were filled with tho drifting  sand;     others   wore half full   oi tho  filth of long post ages; in ono at tho  temple   we   removed   dozens   of  shal--^;  low  terra  cotta drinking  cups,    not  unlike  a  large  saucor  in' shapo   and  size.   Evidently it received thu waste  water  of  a     drinking  fountain,   and    ,  tho cups    had    accidentally dropped /  within.  In tho. Bismya temple platform,  constructed about 2750 B. C-'We  uncovered a horizontal drain of tiles,  each of which was about tx metro  long and fifteen centimetres in diameter, and not unliko in shape, to  those at present employed. It conducted tho rain water from thopiat-.--  form to one of the vertical drains.  One tile .was so well constructed'  that for a long timo it^.sorved as a  chimney for our, house, until my  Turkish overseer suggested that ils  dark smoked end project from the" -  battlements of the house to "convince  tho Arabs that wo wero well fortified; thus it served as, a gun until  the close of tho excavations.  In othor parts of the tomplo moro  elementary drains woro employed   to  carry oft the surface water from tho   slightly inclined  platform.     It     consisted simply of a groove  CONSTRUCTED OF BRICKS,  ���������"'���������ai  *3j  "'I  Bleady,     tospectable.    young    fellow.  must  be   dono  either   through   breod-jthoso  industries,  called  koulsari,    by ' juSt  tho  very  sort  of  husband     for  if now he*" heart ached it. was more  with grief for Fanny's fate than  than dread of her own. Thore comes,  borno upon the breeze that lifts her  dark Iresses, ard fans hcr peai ly  cheeks,  thc   music    of      many    rural  Who's     talking    about    victuals?  There wasn't any victuals."  "I thought you said you sat down  to a table where there  wore thirteen  persons?"  I    "That's   what T  snid.      The    tnblo  ng or through purchases, but preferably ihrough tho formor method,  if maximum proftta are desired. Wo  have called the attention to this  fact many times beforo but the subject i.s of such vital concern to the  interest of every farmer that wa cannot    refrain     from   speaking    of    it  prentices, and of schools and salesrooms, in . which pupils may bo  trained. As far as possible it re-  Serves to thc koulsari tho manufacture of certain government work.  Bits aud stirrups, for instance, are  mado by tho peasants of Yaroslav for  voices���������of rippling streams and rustl- W(,H in a lawyer's oflico. ft was a  ing leaves and twittering birds und j mco| ;ng of creditors. There were  humming bees. twelve  of   lhem.       r  was   Lhe     other  But mingled  with  these,  at length,   ,,mn."  thero comes to her n Lien live ear a  sound, or the suspicion of a sound,  of distant horse hoofs falling upon  tho forest leaves���������It draws nearer���������it  becomes distinct���������she knows it now  ���������it is���������it is a troop of llritish soldiers  appronching  the  hoi.se!  They rodo in u totally undisciplined and disorderly mnnner.  They galloped into Lhe y.ird���������they  galloped up to tho house���������then leader threw himseli from his hoi.se- uud  advanced lo  Lhe door.  IL  uns   the   terrible Thorg!  i'c.le ."'. rl ilh .".nd nein ly ns tnlm,  l-t.ilh ai. ..n.'l I.i. coining.     And how  There was a long pause, nnd then  thn man with tho baggy trousers inquired:���������  "In what wny did the mooting  prove unlucky,  if I may ask?"  "Tt w.is a bankrupLiy meet ing. I  was the bankrupt, nnd none of 'em  ever gut a cent out of mo," answered Ihe. man wilh the white spot in  his   moustache,   heaving   a  deep  &igh.  DON'T.  Jf you cannot show a receipted  tailor bill don't scorn other people's  clothes.  nyslcm  in  Franco.  again.      Find some method  of  keep-   tho  military  service.   At  St.  rotors  ing accounts.    Do  not suppose    that   burg there i.s a permanent exhibition  an  elaborate system is  necessary for  it Is  not.  For example, on many farms poultry is actually kept at a loss. Not  that wo do not believe-in keeping  poultry on tho form, for wo do, but  not every farmor or farmor:������ wifo  makes money at tho business. Now,  when an account clearly shows tho  actual facts In the case nnd it demons! rates that tho poultry business  has been run at a loss during tho  post vear, it is cortain that either  the poultry will bo disposed of or  el'o a cheaper molhod of raising  chickens w.ll bo adopted during the  nexl. .season. If on the othor hand  as is more often tho case, the wifo  has actually made a handsome profit  out of h'-r poultry, but hor husband  is nol inclined 10 agree wilh hor nud  hence is unwilling to nrrango ror n  suit able hen house or yards, if she  can show by her carefully kepi, record thai siic hns rmidn a luindsomo  profit, sho will have no trouble in  inducing her husband to provide her  with  suitable quarters  for  tho   com-  tilda,  If you'ro so confoundedly particular.     Just  toll  Mr.   Jenkins     to  see me nnd I'll make it all right."  Which  he did.  . QUICK ADVICE.  Well,   what's  the  troublo  asked the grull old physician  now?"  of tho  of articles  mado  by  tho system.  One,'chronic patient.  estimuto of the annual earnings ofj "Oh, doctor," whined tho profos-  prasants by theso industries is as, s'ional invalid, "I feel such;an awful  high   us   fifty-eight  million  dollars,     j pain-in Tiny  side  every  time** I  raiso  A bill has been introduced into tho ' rny hand'to my head."   *"  French       Chamber, appropriating!    "Huh!".. grunted      the    g., o.   p.,  money for an inquiry as to tho ox-, "then'don't raise your hand to your  pedli-ncy     of    establish ing a   similar  head!     Fivo dollars,  please."  SCOTT'S EMUIilON unit u a  bridge to carry ihe weakened and  lUrved system along until it can find  firm support In ordinary food.  Send for free s._nple.  SCOTT & HOW-IE, ChemWn. "  Toronto, O ttnrio.  50cand |i.oo; _U-i-jgi.-.  __SS^^3S_!^____i__^_5__S_M__E  or arranged by omitting tho bricks  in tho floor; frequently tho groove  was continued down ov.r the vertical edgo of tho platform.  Tho Babylonians of a later period,  who buried, instead of cremating  Iheir rdcad, carefully provided thoir .  cemeteries with drains. Tho graves  wero small house-shaped structures  entirely or partly abovo ground, nnd  whenever they wero found upon tho  sloping side of a mound, they wero  protected abovo by a breakwator,  whilo along tho sides wero square,  opon brick drains. Tho rosult was  that some of the graves, although  thousands of years old, and constructed of unbaked clay, are still in  a perfect stato of preservation.  To  tho student  of architecture     it  may be surprising to learn that tho  arch, until. roccnLly supposed to havo  been  unknown. to.,th'e  ancients," .was_J  frequently employed by. the pre-Baby-  loninns. of    moro-than -'6,000 years. ,  ago."    Such an arch,.in.a poor, state \  o'f preservation," was" a^few years ago-  discovered in "the lowest stratum, be-'  ncath the Babylonian city of Nippur. -  More recently an  arched drain'   woe  found beneath the  old  cily  of Fnr5t.  which   tho    Germans  havo  excavnled  in  central  Babylonia.     The  city,   although  one  of   the   earliest   known,  was  built upon an earlier ruin,    and  provided  with an arched  drain   constructed      of    small,      plano-convex  bricks.    It measures about one meter  in height, and has an equal widlh.  While delving among tho ruins of  the oldest cities of tho world, wo  are thus finding thut at tho timo  when we supposed lhat man was  primitive and snvejto, he provided  his heme and city *<7ith "improvo-  mmtsj' which w������ txrn Tiiclincr. to cull  a li'.llc account ior a long ! modern, .?'_ which ve rje only reinvesting.  1  GALLANT MU.   BttAlX.  Mr.  33!  Mi=s   Eldcrleigh���������Just   think,  Braix, I arn within  ten years of  Mr.  Braix���������I  can't believe it.  Miss   Eldcrleigh���������That's   sweet  .-Cou���������but it's true.  Mi.   Braix���������Well,    if anybody  had  told  me you   were  45  I'd  have  said thcy were five years ofi" anyhow.  of  else  Jl  "X called to soo your father this  nflernooon," remarked Charlie, as  he took a seat in tl'.e parlor. Dor.i  fluttered visibly. Recovering hcrso'f  with an apparent efTort, .she said,  simply. *'Di,l yon?" "Yes," replied  Clin: Me. "ITe hns b'jon owii;  firm  tii.-te.  _UliM,MiVJ^.mHI������IIUI {LAW-BREAKERS IN LOVE  IWOMEN WHO HAVE SUFFERED  MUCH.  |3T&mous     Criminals     Who     Have  Sorely Tried. Trusting  Girls.  Barristers   nro    supposed;   in    tho  pursuit of their    professional duties,  to bo hard-hearted.    Theio uro   veiy  few  of thcm,  however,  who    do   not  ilii'in. fiom the duty ot endeavoring  to drug fiom tho lips, of some poor,  trembling, tiniful gul in the witness-  box  fails dnmaging  to the anan she  loves  in    tho  dock���������a fact,   perhaps,  which will send to lho gallows or to  penal servitude the one for whom sho  would willingly lay  down her     own  life.     Sweethearts  as   witnesses     for  tho    prosecution   are    toirlblu trials  oven to the most stony-hearted advocate, snys London  Answers.  In  a cum!  tned     before Mr.  Boron  Tuddleston,   nt  Manchester,    a    man  Was accused  of  minder,   and   it  was  most  iiiipoitnnt     to   show   that,     a  short  while artcr the deed was dono,  the accused called at his sueclhcni I'.s  use nnd  got her to  mend a    rent  his coat     A piece c-f his coat had  cen torn out in a sti ugglc, and had  ;'i\  picked  up  at  the scone  of     the  me.      In     it  were    some   stitihes  made  with   blnck  cotton      The   piis-  onor'i. sweetheart, an extremely pret-  _y girl,  was put into the box to bo  examined.  'CONDEMNED BY SWEETHEART.  It  was clear  to  everyone  that  slio  was <|intc certain that he was perfectly Innocent    of    the charge brought  against him.    If s_e swore that 'she  had mended his coat on thc night of  the mm der.  and that  thc stitches In  lho* piece   of  cloth   found   were  hers,  he iiw must be found gulltv.  The prosecuting counsel, one of thot  most     eminent  Q.   Cs  of  his  time,  ���������shrank  from  putting  the  tatal   question      Ae;nln and ngain he led up "to  ,'t,   nnd     then  avoided  it      His  hesitancy wns plain to the junto)  counsel  ith     him,   and     at  last  thc junior  flecked  his  gown   and   whispered     in  his   ear.       His    words    directed  the  Q.C.'s oyes  to  a coiner of thc court  Where thore sat a grey-han od,  woriv-  faced woman,  clothed in  deep black,  tho widow     of    the    murdered man!  i'i hat  figure  won  tho victory.        The  1.0. fated tho witness,  the questions  /ore  put   and  answered.     Thcy  consumed to death tho man the     witless loved'  Lefroy, tho murderer of Mr Gold  in the Brighton Railway, was a pe-  uliaily mild, inoflcnshe, and well-  mannoied young fellow in private  life. >Whcn he committed the crime  or which he was executed, he had  tor some time past been paying"his  addresses > to a young lady, who  bund it quito impossible to credit  im wth the commission of such an  awful" depd  LOVE AND 'DOUBT.  yLefroy, slie was sure, would be ablo  .o explain all, and ".weep aside the  earful web of suspicious facts that  jfmd gathered round him.  i One dav, before the trial came on,  she leceivcd a letter fiom Lefroy,  which had been secretly convoved to  her from the wi etched prisoner. In  it he pioto=ted his innocence in the  strongest term.; but, he said, if, in  fapitc of his being innocent, a mistake should he made, and ho were  found guilty, he imnloicd hereto help  hiin His food wa? being sen't in  irom outside, and nny fnend, he  stated, was at liberty to supply him  pith delicacies. "Would she send him  ���������n ' some food, and conceal in it'-a  small file? With it he might be able  io file tho bars of his cell window,  and escape. Would she also���������and  '���������his was more important even than  the file���������purchase some prussic acid,  lut it in a phlul, nnd conceal it in  he food?  B is hard to believe thnt Lefroy  really thought he could escape if he  ad a file It is most probable that  ���������e onlv asked for it to delude the  /o'ing lady into believing lhat the  irussic acid would most likely  lever be requiicd. ire declared most  olcirnlv that ho would not ics-.it to  the poison until the vory last nio-  ncnt. 'Ihis lettoi awoke the young  <adv to a suspicion of Lefrov's guilt  -.che answer-J-it��������� In-a-lettoi���������which"  id ciedit to her hcavt nnd ludgmcnt.  Iverw helmed as i-he was wilh grief,  he wrote bnck to the miserable man,  loinling out the folly and wickedness  if his rer-uest, begging him ifjic w-ero  inocent to r. lv upon tho lust ice of  .Is cause, and if he weio guilty to  how his true penitence by resigning  Himself  to  his  punishment.  The lettor Was one full of angui=li  it conflict belueen lovo nnd terrible  fouht, nnd of i.signalinn to the de-  roes of Providence She wo'ild hnvo  ao hnnd In an attempt to defeat  ustice. nor In tho new crime Lefrov  ontcnipluted.  TRICKING THE POLTCE.  For n young nnd innocent girl to  iiiddonlv discover thnt the innn to  vhom she has smrendered her heart  s a cii'mnnl io an oxpeuen-.-o which  hav well demand our deeuest svn-v-  >athv with the sufferer It is onc  ho shock of which- has frojucntly  lad the most terrible lesults.  Courvoisicr tho Swiss valet, who  nurdcrcd his mastei. Loid William  Uissell, stole vuilous article!, of  ewellery, which he sccicted. and siuc-  'ectled in smuggling out of the house  "he minder had been planned bv him  /ith considerable running He had  nanufuctuied marks upon some of  he doors and windows of the mnn-  lon to raise the impression lhat the  oiise hnd heen entered bv burtrlnrs  'ho police howovei, had little" dim-  ultv in iccogni/lng that tho "mails  ci c bo-jus ones, mudo for the piu-  osc of diverting suspicion from  bmo poison in thc house, and  ispicion quicl'lv centred around  O'irvolsler. Still, for .some time  iei*e was Iiudlv sufficient grounds  ii his nn est, and almost to tho day  f his ti Inl the caso against him  ���������enied hmdlv conclusive.  WHAT A LOVl.il"S CRIME DID.  /At    length,     however,  tho missing  jewellery was traced. Most of it  Courvoisicr had left, wrapped in a  paper parcel, with a French' lady,  who kept a restaurant, at which "ao  sometimes took his meals. One trinket���������a little gold locket���������Courvoisicr  had given to a girl with" whom h'o  was in love, She was. traced,;and.  tho detectives presented - themselves  beforo her.  Sho had not Heard of th'o crime, or  of h'er lover's arrest. Hta had mentioned nothlivs of the awful tragedy  to her when ho had Inst seen hor and  brought her that piesent. She related everything that had Happened  on the occasion. Tho officers icpro-  sentod to her tliat her lovor had got  into somo trilling .scrape, which necessitated  their  unquestioning her.  Thoy demanded to sco tho ttinkot,  and slio undid thu ribbon with which  it was tied round her neck, and  hnwlcit it to them. Onc glanco  hHovrcil the detect Ives that tliu locket  hnd belong d to the dend man, and  thoy pounced upon it When tho girl  heaid what tho real charge was  against hcr lovor she fainted, anil  her grief was so tenlblo that, oven  the officers woro affected She was  not, however, to appear In tho wil-  nes������-lio\ Sho went inhun. befoie  tho dny of tho dial. She was nover  to  learn  Ihu futo of her lover.  "TELL A LIE FOTl MY SAKE'"  Worse oven thnn tho ti iuls of theso  unfortunate ones must have been  those of sweethearts who have not  only cliscoveicil their lovois accused,  but who havo been appealed to by  them to save them fiom thc penulty  of their guilt by false testimony.  _  ".How. terrible you look!" Hush's  svvootheait^ , remarked to him. one  night. "What is tho matter'' What  have vou been doing?"  Ilush was a farmer, and the young  lady wa9 keeping house for him Thcy  had had tea together that night, and  Hush had gone out. His face when  he entered tho sitting-room later on  startled  the  girl s  "It is nothing," hc declared. "If  anyone should ask vou anything, remember that I have not been out  moro  than   twentv  minutes'"  lt was untrue, and tho girl wondered what Ilush could mean by asking  her to sav such a thing An hour  or two later the police swooped  down upon the fai m to arrest Hush  for having that evening murdered  two pcopie by shooting thom. This,  thon, was tho meaning of that awful  expression on his face, and of his  warning words.  TRUTH WILL OUT.  nc could not "possibly have committed the crime if he had bee.i absent only twenty minutes that evening. Hush wanted hcr to periuro  herself in order to establish an alibi.  For a considerable time sho "did ������as  Hush had bidden hcr, declaring that  hc had not been absent more,than  twenty minutes all the evening. But  thoso who heaid her weio aVnircd  that shc was not speaking tho truth,  but only trying to shield the man  she -loved, und the folly and -danger  of such a cense wero pointed out  to her Burs-tin? into teinblo grief,  she  confessed* all. "*���������      ' '"  At the trial of Hush she appeared  in the witness-box. What a teinblo  oidcal it was to her vvas apparent  to all Shc looked like a ghost, her  pallor being lendeicd nil the more  conspicuous by her l lack costume  Sho trembled, and her voice vvas so  faint that she could hai div bc heard  The scoundiel Jtu .h, finding that she  had determined to speak "the truth,  turned upon her brutally, and declared that she was perjuring herself  at thc persuasion of his enemies      t  So cruel and bullying was his examination of tho poor girl thai  everybody m Court was. filled with  indignation, and a bu/./: of muttoicd  and hai div restrained rage followed  each  brutal  question  BULLIED GIRL HE LOVED.  The judge expostulated vvith the  prisoner time after time. Bull} ing,  reproaching, sneering, the wretched  man -piolongcd thc mibetablc witness's agony for over an hour. It  was his revenge on her for refusing  to do his bidding and pcrjuie hci'-x-lf  to save hun  fiom  thc gallows  .������������������"ni shall, the lewcl thief,.-having  robbed     a    joweller's     safe  of  some  shall told her '"a friend" would give  her money for them; and, with tKe  gems in hor pocket, she sot off, determined at any risk to save her  lover from tho fato threatened him.  With tho gold she would receive ho  could escape abroad, and there begin a new and Honest life! %���������  TKo terror and tho shame of wh'at  she was doing, However, was too  much for Kor. Sh'o fainted in tho  street, and was carried into a House,  whoro the peoplo searched her pocket  to find ii clue as to her addrcs-s. The  Jovvels were discovered, nml thc police at onco Iiifonned. The accident  led to thu ui'U-ts of hei self nml of  Mai .shall, who to save her, confessed  all, and related how hu hud persuaded hcr to help him. She was allowed to go fiec, nnd wns removed trom  tho Court in a Rwoon, ns JIai shall  wns led away to fourteen years'  penal fcorv itudc.  'ihe history of crime, indeed, is  filled vvith the recoids of broken  hearts.  ESCAPE FROM PORTLAND  MOST  DREADED     CF  ENGLISH  PRISONS.  "Unsuccessful     Attempts      to    Get  Away From This Penal  Institution.  "Escape     from     Portland' You  could as easily flog back the flooding  lido."  Thc old, c'i'ny beni ded ox-warder  shrugged his still broad shoulders  contemptuously. n* "The man who  can got clear avvay from Poi tlnnd  hasn t vet been bom,"  hc  added  Ami so it would scjn to tho most  unobsoiving visilois, bu>s the London Expiess Theie is no point of  vantage upon whuh a warder, with  gun loaded und cocked, is not stationed; theio is no singlo piisoncr  upon whom is nol cen tied the stcel-  huod glitter of n scoie of jealous,  untiring  ollicial  eves _hc  favored i  convict v, ho is pnvileged to entei an  officer's house, theie to execute- some  necessary repairs an masonry or  Yvoodvvotlv, cniiie.s out his task with  an aimed warder standing at his elbow  Should a prisoner v camel tj d.-s-  per.-uion by the unending louni of  unwilling service and longing to  break tho silence to which he is condemned, make a bid for freedom, the  blnck   flag  is   hauled   mast  high   and  |||nb\      l,.l_       IT       IKLUIL'll      lllll-l,      ll.L^.l      .v.... - i���������i I     _  tho boom  of cannon rolls clown from ?ml T���������������*I'������U ������'-������������'������  tho heights  to  tho town  below     The ?',r'  .,h*-\m"'.?. ������ _ h__ .   _w,n.  connections   between   tho  Vc.ne  Itai- ^J^--   _.0t..V\^'M ������-7lnrff  ,     -r.i i..-j   /_   ii,..i 'of Babbacomho notoriety, Buige und  no   utilized   so   dial   ,,      , ,, ,      ���������,    ,,    '    -     "%_  , . .   ���������.,__   Ooudio ure all known there.       Bui go  ;>li!iors.   is     at  onco ,  ,,      , , n  *i       ���������  nnd  Goudio nro tM ill  there.  rortland^is^ns proud of*-its notorious prisoneis as it is of'its famous  prisoners From     the     convenient  height of ono of thc hostclrios which  faco the qumrios men infomous in  history arc pointed out When their  hour of libeiation comes, if, it ever  docs come, crowds throng .lip little  local railway station * to'witness  their depnrtuio And this.severance  is not without its, sadness to ' the  prisoner - ���������  racks     and     the   piison���������telcgrai h c  niwl   telephonii���������ai  a  coi don     ot    Si  diawn mound the island Wardeis,  soldieis, townsfolk aic^at onco i on  the alcit, and ,tho chr.se ,, in whK.li  the vvietched ln.man quarry has no  ghost of a c'-iiuic->, 'begins, and ��������� is  sustained until the too dut in, convict is again " J  within prison walls  "Tt is tho wholesome diead of  punishment that accounts for the  few 'attempts that are made to  escape," said the cx-w-.irder alieady  refeirod to No legal quibble can  pull  tho culpr-t out of his trouble  "Lighter diet-is ono of the penalties of his oflensc, and .that is no  mean thing in this appetite reviving  locality Then thj convict i.iust don  a lively- of blight cannrv yellow and  wear ten. pound uon.s dav tind night  These irons are fastened ito the  ankles while chains pass up his logs  and oie linked to a belt around the  waist  '.'II. m.iv be flogvred, too It is  probable that ho will bo.' Thtrty-  six lashes laid on bv a muscular oxr  marine aie no joke "  The ex-warden is pioud of .'us prison He exults in its absolute security "Whatever pcopie may snv,  th->ro nevoi has been an escape from  Portlnnd," said my old friend, who  has over o score of yeais of service  to  his credit.  "There is a rumor that a Frenchman once crept away in a thick haze  clambered down the cliffs to a waiting boat nnd thence sped ovor the  Choline'   to his    native  land But  there  is  nothing of  this  in  tho     official   records     Another  story     .tells  rpnning rapidly out of sight. He  drew tho attention of tho constable  who accompanied him to tho circumstance, and togother they gave  chase. The issue was never in  doubt. The tired, hungry, footsore  convict was rotaken and suffered severely ���������. for his temerity.'.'  The latest recorded attempt occurred on Jan. 1.6' of tho present  year. Two men-���������John Wilkinson  and Qeorge Vincent���������burst through  tho ceilings of their colls, crawled  along the corridor, and by means  of a length of ropo which had been  dcrtly Miiugglod, gained tho o.eiciso  yard Theneo they broko thiough  four gates, all illtctl with patent  locks Tliey made tho attempt bea-  vvnrd nt a spot which was pointed  out to nio by a lourtcous olllcor.  Vincent, wiiilo Ir.ving to descend a  precipitous vvnll face, fell and broko  his ankle Hoth wero then captured.  How faros the pri'-oner at Portland? Does the system In \oguo  mako a botlei man of him; is it io-  fommt ive ns woll an penal?  1 s'ippose these questions will be  nsked and asked npn>n vvith tiresome  reiteration Afy friend tho cc-vvat-  der hud responses, ns ready as emphatic  "Look here," ho said, "ciiminals  don't (dine hero to havo then pal-  utes tickled vvith dainty viands,  their bodies rested upon beds of  down, their cars regaled with iacy  gossip They como here for punishment  "Thoy nro not badly treated, and  I say this in -pito of your opinion.  Follows sodden 'and' debased have  quilled PoiDand with moie than  .ome-spnrks of manliness in thom  Besides, 1 have had tho same men  throutrh   my  hands  TWO OH   rnREE TiMISS  over,   vvhuh   doesn't hpoak.badly for  life ti eat ment tlny've lecelved hero,"  lie added with unconscious humor  On the other hand, vvhntevei my  fi lend the ex-warder may sav, it cannot but bo admitted that tho convicts are insufficiently fed, oppressed  bv the insulTeiablo law of perpetual  Silence, nnd used as beasts of burden oven on the public highway  "Don't send me back to penal m-ivi-  tude," was thc piteous wail of a  wrongdoer to iho judge on whose  mercy his punishment depended the  other dny "Tho life is one I  wouldn't  givo to a  doir..  Portlnnd, of course,  has held most  of   the   prominent   conxicts   of     this  Jabc_    Bal-  Buddiford,  whom  to  a malformation   of the  thrJc-.r    .Loo  'damp air allowed to circulate  through- the shed. So the loaf becomes  soft  and pliable.  LEAVES   FOB CIGAR  WRAPPING.  * When tho leaves aro stripped, an  oporntion requiring great enre, thoy  aro-sorted into dill'orent qualities and'  mado up into bundles weighing nbout  half a pound each. None but an experienced man can do this. A singlo  worm-eaten or stained leaf in a  bundlo of cigar wrappers will .poll  its value.  Not all tho leaves from ono ttnlk  will muko wrappers. Those ncaiost  tho gioimd nro used for Idlers, tho  nexl thico or four nre known us seconds, and only tho choicest of thoso  higher up    uro put   into thc bundles  WHERE THEBRITISHFAIL  THINGS THEY CAN'T MAKE IN  THAT COUNTRY.  The  Weather    Has  a  Lot  to    Do  With It���������But Britain Builds  the Best Ships.  Wo can still nssort without undue  boasting thnt Brituiu holds premier  placo in a gi cater number of industries than any othcr nation iu thu  world says Pearsons. Weekly. Wo  build tho best ships, mako "the finest  steel. No other countiy can beat us  ia thu textile iiidusliics Wc aio far  nhend of all lho lest of the world in  ithe lnanufuciuiu of .sporting weapons  igly lied wllh string  A platfoi in of poles or boards is  then mndo ready, und lho "hands"  slacked on these, but ends inwuids.  When thc stuck Is complete bouids  mo put over tho lop, and heavy  weights lu id on lliese. The ends ot  lho pilo must bo coveted to keep  lhem from drying out, nnd the pile  often examined to soc lhat il (loos  not heat.  HEADY F0K THE DEALEHS  Tho tobacco is then icudy for the  deulors, but not yet for niuikot. The  dealers assort the bundles, box tho  tobucco, and when this is finished  "sweat" tho leaf in a sealed loom  The second fermentation ripehs and  softens thc loaf and , gives it that  shiny, oily surfaco known as "batm.  face."  r .Ordinary smoking tobaccos aie usually cured much uioi e. rapidly than  cigar leaf. This is done by lho use  of artificial heat. Each plant c on-  tains when cut about a pound of  water, und to dry this out and oiro  the leaf takes about ]00 houis  lunds  All tho sumo wc must freely confess thnt theie is n large number of  indiisliies iu which Britain Ings hopelessly behind  Tho reasons for our lack of progress in Ihcsc ducctions aio vanous.  In some of them wo really cannot  help oui selves  TuKe, tor ins-tiiiicc, dried vegetables  for which tho demand is constantly  Increasing, especially for tho Navy.  Out of eighteen large firms which  con ti net for tho supply of our Navy  only ono is English, the otheis being  Canadian, French, Dutch, or German  Tho Board of Trade Journal, commenting on this fact, snys that thc  principal cause of our failure in this  respect is tho  DAMPNESS  OF TnE CLIMATE,  thero being nn excess of moisture in  nearly all vegetables giown in Great  Biitain  Added    to   the   great demand    for. ,  fresh vegetables and the high rate of  bpen in a P,BCC; ll was of " ufe*  Noaily  overy  laigo  grower  has  his! wages  prevailing here,   these aro  the I    Harry     was    sobbing   bitterly    at  own  foi inula for  applying  heat.   Us-heasons why the dued vegetable bus-   homo when Mr.  S ,  thc photogiaimer  ooooooooooooooooooocoal  YOUNG  FOLKS  0<><><>C.-_-0_VOO<*K>0<>-00<K><>(>0-0(  HOW HAROLD AMES WON.  Harold Ames was proud and hap*  py when Mr. Jones, the great newspaper agent, took him as onc of his  boys. Not n moment lato was he  with any of the papers, and lho  wages were a quarter more than in  his lust place Every one of thoso  quarters should bc put aside to t.uy  mother tho now dress shc needed.  Harold's mother was a widow, and  ho was her only child  Five weeks had Harry kept his  place, and five quarters rattled in  his monej-bo.x���������thc rest of the jnonoy  ho aluuys hunded over to his mother  to buy his food and clothes���������when a  teiriblc tila) befell tho boy. hub-  bcriljcib complained that their papers  were not left regularly and one n.an  even sont word that, though paid for  his paper had not come for a wholo  week past. Of couibc Hurry was tent  for and reprimanded, but he < ould  only say earnestly, "Please sir, I always did icave the papers at -very  houso " An.l tho answer vvns, "Don't  make matters worso by telling a Ho '-'  He was not dismissed, but was lo  havo a week's grace.  Poor Harry' Tears of indignation  welled into his eyes. As to the nursing papers, he knew nothing about  them. It vvas a mystery, and it. vvas  a mystery that continued.__ He left  the papers, legularly in* Mortimer  street, yet again people called at tho  office and said "they had never gof  them. At the end of the week the  boy was called up and dismissed. In  vain Harry's mother pleaded far ner  child, a good boy, with a good character  for  honesty  wheicver  he     l..id  ually the temperature is kept at 00  degrees for tho fust twenty-fourj  hours. That turns tho leaf yellow.  Then twenty    hours   at   100 degrees  incss fails in England  The dye. trade, onco Biitish, has  been captured from us by Germany,  and vve cannot flatter ourselves   that  fixes tho color Third comes thc real' this loss is not laigely our own  curing, which requires forty-eight j fault Tho fact is that the Oerman  hours at 1125 degrees Tho stalk and manufacture!& have not spared money  stems ate left in ordinary smoking! or troublo to find substitutes for  tobacco, and those, too, must also' raw material. It is-their scientific  bo cured For this purpose a heat of, methods which have resulted in such  125, giadually using during ton, hugo firms as the English Solving  hours to 175 degrees, is necessary. | Cotton Company buying ninety per  Enormous oxpenenco is neccss.aiy i cent, of their coloring matter abroad  to cure tobacco by artificial heat. To j and in English dyers as a whole bo-  mako tho fire too hot at the begin- j ing able to purchase only ton per  ning causes the leaf to become cent of English dying matoiials.  staichy and stilt and gives iti a bluish! There is ono color, however, a  color, which is undesirable. Some j brilliant carmine, of which it is paid  kinds  ef   heavy   leaf need air-drying' that  our  failure to make it 'is     not  for some time beforo in ing ��������� This is  particularly tho case with tobacco  cut in wot weather when full of s-ap.  Yet if damp leaf is kept too long beforo 'curing it becomes .."house burned"   and>loscs   its  color  our  own  fault  Tho  stoiy   is   often   told   that     nn  English manufacturer wont to Lyons,  whence this  color comes to  us,    and  paid its maker ������3,000 for his secret  But  when  tho  Briton  returned  homo  If tobacco is too  drv before     it is' and   began   to "manufacture   tho  thousand     pounds'   worth   or  jewels, ,'how a ,_,.,<,������������������_,. made a dash'for lib-  found���������the���������poLce���������so-hot-upon-his  track that he dare not venture out  of hiding in a lodging-house in Soho.  At the same time, it was neocssuiy  that hc should proemo money. ITe  determined to t-nnliile in the girl he  loved, nnd sent her a message that  brought her to him Up to that  moment tho poor girl had never  dreamt of the mnnner in which her  lover made a livelihood. Hc began  by showing  hor tho jewels.  She looked at* thom in nmn.emuil.  and then, as it dawned upon hcr that  hc could not have gained them Honestly,     burst     into  tcnis     Throwing  erty,-broke-iiito-a-cliaplain's���������house  and s-lolc a suit of bioadcloth,  which ho sent back six months later  Personally 1 doubt the truth of it.  "Thero was one fellow who managed to gain thc Pore-hosier road,  Weymouth���������seven milos away. That  wus in 1873. His name vvas Beaumont, nnd he was rcully onc of lho  most dar. devil men ever consigned  to Portland.  "When   hc  first got nwav  ho  managed to'concenf himself in  a church.  There ho stole a surplice,  which   ho  somehow-  l igged  into  a respectable  LM1TA1JON  OF A   SMOCK  TOBACCO FARMING CARES  GHEAT    CAUTION    IS     NECESSARY IN THE WORK.  This  Is   a  Most  Difficult  Business  Some Tobacco Won't "Cure" *  At All.  Just about thc tunc when the.mam  crop of tobacco ripens in the northern and middlo parts of Ine United  States comes lhe clanger of frost and  hail  Both of tliose things will rum any  crop, so tho grower waits longingly  for the day when the leaf is r>pc  enough to cut Sometimes ho cuts it  too soon, and then.the crop is������.usc-  less 'Most of it will "pole sweat"���������  that is, the leaves will sweat jUnd  ferment when hung in the' shed, and  those which escape will bc thin and  full of white veins. .   ,. ���������.  There is no other crop m the world  cured, the.lonf-is variable in coloi;  if too wet, thc color will bo' too  dark Fair wenthor, with occasional  showers, helps tobacco to assume tho  beautiful golden red so greatly  valued  A DISTINCT VARIETY    '  - Tho Pcrique tobacco so laigoly  used for eiguielto blends is all  giown in Louisiana, neai the Mississippi, on deep, rich, black sail'. Ver-  iquc is an entirely distinct vnnoty of  thc  tobucco   plant     It   is  planted  in  .J une  dye  -not  ho   found 'that tho color   wns  nearly so  brilliant  as  THE'FRENCH  PRODUCT.  He went back ,to-Lyons and complained that he had lost both _his  timo and money, whereupon the  Fienchmaii' explained���������what he had  forgotten to say before���������that it  only .bulliantly sunny weather  the perfect cat mine could" be"  duced. ������  Carboiundum,   that  wonderful  vvas  that  pro-  nnd  _, , ,  , _   ,     -  , __   beautiful artificial gem which is only  Februaiy  and  harvested  m  June.   It ]cllS> lmtd lhnn the (]iamondt  js com*  is  rapidly   air-cyred,   and   the   leaves'ing  nlolo  -ncl  morc  lnto  use  EARNING ��������� THEIR-  hcrsclf upon  her  1'iices-,  hhe  implored   ,,                       ..,,___ ,  h���������.n  to  ictiirn  Lhem,  saving  that    if   Creeping cautiously down  the road  ,   .            .                ...          ,                     ,      I Hn   rnm_ n_.r_s_     n.  Lnunle   nf mill,  he did so -=he would lovo hnn, ns sho  half  so   difficult     to    sccuie  in  goocli"1   ,SOI"0W,h.at  condition   us  cigar   tobacco    Not     n | son s Weekly.  plant must bc cut  till     the dew     is  almost off the giound, nor any after  tin eo~~o'clock���������iii   the     "day      Neither  must cutting proceed when the sun is  too  .iot.    Sunburnt  leaves  w ill  never  cure.   They  always   remuiii   green.   A  cloudy but dry day is the ideal - for  harvesting cigar tobacco.  Tobacco plants are cut oft just  above tho roots with one blow of a  clonver, or with a pair of long-handled vhcnrs Thc plunt.s must iio on  the ground until a triflo wilted; then  they nro turnod over so that the  leaves on the othcr side may also  become a Millie withered They must  not He too long. If too much wilted  the leaves will  stick  together  HALF A DOZEN METHODS.-     ^  ato,     then   twisted  into  bunches     of  twenty and  laid  in  bovces  Great weights, as much as 7,000  pounds, arc put on the full boxes,  tho result being to squeo/o tho juice  right out of the leaves. This juice is  black and gummy At the end of  twenty-four hours tho leaves aro  taken out and nned , Thcy then reabsorb tho juice and become darker.  This process is repeated many  times over, at intervals of a day or  tvvo; the tobacco is thus cured in its  own juices, and grows darker " end  darker until it shines with a lustrous  blackness Peiiquo is said to bo the  most wholesome of all tobaccos  grown. -    '  Latakia, now so largely used for  blending purposes in pipe mixtures,  comes from the Loyant, a*nd is cured  similar  fashion ���������IVar-  overy  day. Yet practically* our whole supply comes from Niagara. Hoio,  again, our failuic to manufacture for  our own market is not our own  fault It is the huge water power of  Niagara which produces electric heat  too  cheaply   for  us  to  compete  Wc may hope, however, that within a vcry fow years we shall be able  to beat tlie Vankcos by making car-  boiundum,    aitificial   giaphite.    "and  similar products on British territory, gllr  whcn you rang.   Kovcr  takos.it  for the "Victoria" Fails  of the  Zam- always  oIT  the dootstep  and  lays  it  besi  will  provide power  on  a     scale -     - -  - *-    quite unmatched  by Niagara  or  nny  Some  Political  Sinecures  in  British  Government.  SAX, ARIES.-  the  (had in tho pnst Marshall declared  that to icturn the lev els was impossible, that if she did not assist him  ho was lost, and that if sho helped  him just lhat once he would  NEVEft THIEVE AGATN.  At last his entioatics prevailed,  and shc consented lo cat ry some of  the jewels  to an address where Mar-  ho came across a couple of milk  cans, which he "proinplly commandeered. With these he proceeded  boldly or. his way, passing'scores of  people, who had not the faintest  notion  of his  identity  "Ho did not long enjoy his liberty, however A superintendent of  police was diivmg along tho Dor-  cheste' road when ho caught -a  glimpse  of  a     white  smocked     man  SUBURBAN LIFE  IN AMERICA.  Mrs. Whitchen���������After incubators, this is the limit.  A spocial vehicle is used for carrying tho plants to the sted It is a  long, low waggon, with nicks thirty  feet long, on which tho plants are  hung upside down The cart drives  right into thc shod, and thc plants  aro hung in rowt on laths suspended  to tho roof.  It is a very odd point that a tobacco leaf killed by chlorofoim or  frost will not cure at all It remains  always perfectly green Curing,  therefore, is probably a life process  duo to the chemical activity of the  materials stored in the cells of the  leaf  There are half a dozen different methods of curing tobacco. Tho plants  I intended to mako cigar wrappois, of  which the cutting and housing has  been just described, aro air-cuied as  they hang in the shed. This is the  simplest process, but much the most  lengthy  As soon as all green color has disappeared, tho grower knows that the  curing is over and the tobacco ready  to strip. But even then lie may have  to wait for days, for sti lppmg cannot begin until a wet day comes If  he tried to strip his tobacco in dry  weather, tho leaves would crack and  split all to pieces. On the fiist wet  day the doors are all opened and the  An amusing account of thc duties  of tho Junior Lords of the Treasury, who roceivo salailes of ������1,000  each, is given by Mr. Michael Mc-  Dorugh in Longman's Mugn/inc.  Theso officials have no business  whatever "On their appointment  they assemble in a room nt tho Treasury and take their scats at a table.  A solemn official appears and says,  'Will your Lordships allow your becre-  rctary lo enter?'  "They bow, and tho Financial Secretary to tho Treasury comes in.  'Will your Lorships allow your secretary to take a scat at the table?" the  ollicial then asks. Again they bow,  and the Financial Secretary .sits  down. Thej then disappear, and the  depaitmcnt sees  them  no  morc  "What then, do the Junior Lords  of tho Treasury do for  of ������1,000 a year each?  tics, according to an amusing definition once given by Canning, arc, always to be at St. Stephen's, to keep  a House, to ciicer tho Ministers. They  are, in fact, tho assistant Whips of  tho party in  office."  Othor oflices to which there aro no  duties attached are those of Lord  President of the Council, Lord Privy  Seal, and Chancellor of tho Duchy  of Lancaster. The fortunate holders  of these sinecures receive ������2,000 a  year each for doing nothing  Tho best paid posts under Government aro hold by lawyeits Tho Lord  Chancellor receives ������10,000 a year.  Tho Attorney-General has a salary  of ������7,000, and tho Solicitor-General  ������6,000; and both receive, in addition, high fees for cases thoy conduct  on behalf of thc Crown in the Law  Courts.  Accoiding to a Parliamentary return the highest sum paid' in salaries  ahd fees to the Attorney-General   in  other- cataiact     on  the face  of     tho  earth  Mention of water power biings    to  mind      the    fact   that,    while thirty  in the little smoking-room, but this  two weeks past we've none of. us  thought of the paper or ex-en gone  into tho room, we've been so dreadfully anxious about poor Mr. Oir."  May    I   sec  thc   smoking-room?'".  *f*.  -.���������.___ W������-.?^0 .���������_"!?_",., ro_ra asked the photographer.*  and cables for half tho world, today tho indnstiy is practically dead  in this country. .It has gradually  left 'us for Italy. Tho reasons aro  two���������first,   that Italy  has  ABUNDANT  WATER  POWER  to work hor mills, secondly,  that her  Certainly, sir," said thc girl, surprised.  But when Harry, Mr. S., and Sarah  entered tho room, there was a still  grcater_sui prise ,_for_the_floor_.was_Iit-_.  tered with papers, yet folded, carried in froni various doorsteps by tho  busy Rovci. Dining his master's illness no one had taken the papor from  him ami praised him for doing it, so  he must have tried to earn praise by  bringing in morc papers, searching  every doorstep up and down tho  street.  "And we all too upset to notice!"'  said Sarah "Well, I novor! Rover,  you'ro a thief! 'I .lis will bc news  for yojr master."  "The mystery is discovered!" said  tho photographer. "Could I nsk as a  favor that this loom bo left as it is  for Mr Jones of the newspaper oflico  to  see?   I think  your emplo.vcr    will  Mipply of labor is far cheaper than  our own. All the same we could  mako much more uso of water power  if  wo -wished.  Fianco gets nemly 000,000 horsepower from 49,000 waterfalls upon  non-navigublo streams. Wc hav������  many hundreds of similar fulls in  Scotland, Wales, Cumberland, Devon,  and elsewhere which could well be  utilised  Tho success of the new Scottish  aluminium works nt thc Falls of  Fochnbcrn proves this  Jl seems an old fact that nearly all  our best typewriters conic from     the  ,,ot object when he heais'that a boy  btutcs,  and  that  one has to  pay at; has      been      accused     of    taking  tho  least 5100 for a machine which   cer- j papers "  tainly does not cost more than $25.      "Cer'tainlv, sir,"  said Sarah.  Nearly every important patent con-      The agent wns taken to No. 8.  Ho  nected  with typewiileis is owned    in   found  thero   all  the    mlbSing papers.  ...i-i    _..,!-_ i       ��������� a"d   thls   thougn the first   and Rover was kind enough to make  their  salary\w,MnS "'"'"f WCrC ������ad������ ������"   lhls '  Their dii- SItio of tho Atlantic. It is possible  that our loss m this respect may be  attributed to our cumbersome, costly, and ineffective patent laws.  America, again, provides us with  clothes-pegs. Tlic few that are made  in this country are mostly whittled  by hand, and cannot, of course, com-  pelo with tho smaller and neater products of American machinery, whore  blocks of wood fed into a machine at  ono ond como out at the other finished  clothes-pegs.  any year was in 1893-94, when the  total reached ������20,285, this being  made up as follows-���������Salary ������7,000  fees ������12,635, clerks ������650.  In 1903 the salary and fees of tho  Attorney-General amounted to ������19,-  921, 7s.  9d., and the salary and foes  of the    Solicitor-General to ������13,0681 Ames'  door    and a   parcel  v  19s     3d.   In     1904    the emoluments, directed  to Harry's mother  were:���������Attorney-General,       . ������12,993;   tamed  a  beautiful  dark  dress  Solicitor-General, ������9,748. u  things    clear     bringing    in   another  stolen paper during his visit.  "You aro entirely cleared, my lad's  he baid. "We mubt have you back.  This is ,a queer affair" And ho  patted Hover on the head.  "Thank you,*T)Ut I can't spare my  boy, he suits me," said tho photographer.  "Well, then, we must give Ames a  present, for he has suffered unjustly."-  "I don't want anything, sir. I'm  only  too glad to be cleared "  "Tho boys said you were saving  money foi some purpose; perhaps X  cculd  help you  to  that."  "Oh, nothing, sir, fpr me; but I  did want to get mother a dress "  "Ah, yes I won't keep you now.  Good-bye, Mr S You have done us  a valuable service by dealing up  this little affair."  That evening a knock cam" 1o   tho  es  loft.  It  confront  , / ���������'  tt   'tt i  round the corner, knocked at the  door to ask Mrs. AmcsT to send his  wash home a little eailier. He was  surprised to see Harry in tears, and  asked the reason Mrs. Ames explained.  "Look here," tho young man said,  "I'm fond of myfctencs; I'll take the  boy." And the photographer laughed "Cheer up," ho said to Harry.  "Come nnd work for me, and wc'lF  find out this riddle." He knew  Harry���������knew him for a good boy.  A few days later Mr. S. called at  the newspaper office "Papers gone  rogularlv since you dismissed young  Ames?" he asked  "Not a bit of it. Worse complaints  than over,"  was  the reply.  "Ah, a mystery," said Mr. S., and  went  away.  Next day hc got up very early and  walked 'up and down Mortimer street. (  Harry's successor was dropping the  morning paper on every doorstep.  Mr.- S. leaned against the portico of'  No. Land waited, keeping an eje^on  the whole street. Then he" went  home chuckling and stai ing hard at"  No. 8, whero the door stood "open to  air tho*house You could do tha. m  this quiet street. He asked Harry if  No. 8 hau ever complained of -tho  papor coming irregularly, .but Harry  shook hu, head.  "No. 8 was too - ill," he said.  "They thought he was dying all last  week.   The girl told me so."        " -   ������  "Do they keep a cat?"  he asked.     -$,  Harry staled. "They keep a dog,"  he said, "a jolly one, it can do heaps  of tricks."  "It is too clover by half," said Mr.  S. "Come with me, my boy. You  and I will go and ask how No 8 is "  Harry wondered, but got his cap and  followed. To this question the girl  answered joyfully that her employer  was a great deal better���������out of danger. /"  "Can he read the papers yet? ' asked Mr   S - i  "Well, now, how odd'" said the  girl     "I was just going to get it for  *- 5 .-"  jj '*y$  <tir: -".yap  ������������������it ,'  Di_"Kf  . ''ffiift  Vs'-'*-*!������  . ."-._. *  -   - ������Sj.   Af*?  -' t.   A; ft-Sg  .    Ji -'/*-  '   ' ~i ' -.-'  SpJiz>  ���������"'. S. S-  ��������� s -S*  T ji  tf  . ^1  1 Rover.' ZJiT^S^i^i^.'--JSiO*fiaiiStU������!S-  r_.-������������_M:-(-=--������a.*sJu*ct  j���������. -     ���������--.-. ���������, ,. --.._-_������������������-,���������,| *- ���������  i^>ai>t-aM(&������������,rDio������^������  P^_H*?y'&^**^*������W*y^^ gggfg^yiSi^K1^  -ESS  BSS  ^������__  RESS  Every Piece of Dress Goods in Our Entire Stock   Being-  Sold   at  Cost;   This  meaRS  a  Clean   Sweep   in   This   Line.   Genuine   Bargains  are  Offered   Here   for you to Accept.  r  "f l'^'*trMT_fff_rgf''M  Tweed All-Wool  Dress Goods  56 inches wide.    Reg. Price $1.50, now  $1.15.  Ladies' Cloth  In black and colored.    Reg. Price $2.00  Now $1.50,,  "All the full shades.    Reg.   Price  $.1.25,  Now 90c.  Fancy Dress Goods  Regular Price $1.00.    Now 75c.  Fancy Pattern Tweed  Fancy. 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C, Oct.  13th to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ringer, a  son.  Morgan���������At Revelstoke, B. C, Oct.  16th, to Mr. and Mrs. j . A. Morgan,  a son.  LOCALISMS  '- ...Bargains���������positively for Friday and  Saturday onlv, our 45c. blend of O. O.  ColTee for 35c". per lb. C. B. Hume  fc Co's.  Thursday next is Thanksgiving Day  a Dominion statutory holiday.  Howard McRae. C.P.R. engineer of  Field, spent yesterday in the city.  Tlie thermometer registered five  decrees below zero on Tuesday last at  Field.  __ ___' _.:  P. Crotty came down from the  Consolation mine, French Creek, on  Monday.  Supt. T. Kilpatrick left last Friday  on a two months tour of eastern  Canada.  Mr. John D. Sibbald returned on  Thursday evening last from his visit  to the eastern cities.  Refreshments will be served by the  Rathbone Sisters at tlie "Dandy Dick"  Dance, Monday, Oct. 2-i-d.  Typhoid fever is again epidemic in  "Winnipeg, 242 cases a month for the  past three months is a record.  On and after October 20th the C. P.  R. twice-a-day train service will he  discontinued from Calgary west.  Don't forget the dance which fol:  lows the "Dandy Dick" performance  on Monday night at the Opera House.  Mr. and Mrs. G. S. McCarter returned on Monday morning from a  two weeks' visit to the Portland Fair.  Mr. and Mrs. A. McRae and Miss  McRae, returned on Tuesday night  from a tliree weeks tour of the Pacific  coast cities.  Judge Forin arrived in the city on  Tuesday evening to attend a sitting of  tlie County Court, which was held  yesterday and is continuing today.  For 50 cents you ciln enjoy a first  class turkey dinner at the Opera  House on the evening of Thanksgiving  Day, with a first class musical programme thrown in. Children under  twelve, 25 cents.  The good ship "Mud Hen" left for  Arrowhead on Monday. She has not  heen reported since she left this har-  lx>r and the owners are asking re-insurance. There is the earmarks of  good every day speculation in marine  insurance, I  Mark tlie date well���������Thursday. Oct.  20th ��������� Thanksgiving Dinner in tho  Opera House.  Thomas Taylor, M.P.P., returned on  Sal.urday from a two week's trip to the  coast cities including Victoria.  TMessrs. D. McPhaddcn and II. A.  Longhead have the contract for the  building of Jas." Hutchison's new  residence.  Services in St, Andrew's church next  Sunday wil! be:���������11 a.m. "A Prophccv  of Gladness." 7:30 p.m. "The Significance of Trafalgar to tho Empire."  Harold Nelson and "company will  present the great Italian tragic drama  '���������Francesca da Rimini" at the Opera  House on Wednesday evening next,  Oct. 25th.  Sir Henry Irving tlie great English  actor died in England on Friday night  last just after he came oil* the stage  and had entered his apartments in the  hotel.  Mr. and Mrs. James McGinnis returned Lhis morning from tlie. east and  are today receiving the hearty best  wishes of their many friends inwhich  the Hi-KALD joins.  Mrs. McDonald and family, wife and  children of Mr. Alex. McDonald, arrived in the city this morning from  Prince Edward Island, and will make  their home here for the future.  Tho committee in charge of the  arrangements for the hospital ball,  which takes place on thc evening of  Nov. 23rd. are working hard to ensure  its complete success in every respect.  R. Tapping is having the Opera  House cottoned and papered throughout, which will give ir, a bright and  cheerful appeal ance. The new dressing rooms are about completed, which  will _gi ve iruichneeded ^increased a<>  TRiiHiifSUiftioH- in- tlie=_wings~~of tlie"  stage. Other improvements are also  contemplated. It is Mr. Tapping's  intention to make the Revelstoke  Opera House one of the most, popular  and comfortable play houses in the  west.  Chamois  Vests and  Chest  Protectors  Guard against Colds  longstanding; wear    ������  +    a Chamois Vest and  take no risks.  Chas. Richards came down from  McCullough Creek this week, after  completing his contract of getting out  logo for the Revelsloke & McCullough  Cieek Hydraulic Mining Co.  Mr. E. C. Fiomey returned on Tues-  d.iv evening from Vancouvei*. where  hc was with Mrs. Froiney, who underwent an operation in the sanitarium  in that city. Mrs. Fromey is progioss-  ing as favorably a= can be expected.  The new school house at Art*o*<yhead  is nearing completion. -The building  is a handsome one and a credit lo the  entei prising town at the head of  Airqw lakes, as it is to the government who ordeied its erection.  Tiio Canadian Woodmen of- the  "World held a vory successful dance in  the Opeia House last night.. There  was a good attendance, and excellent  music was furni_hed by the Revelstoke  orchestra. Refreshments weie served  at midnight.  The -Methodist congregation will  hold services in the Opera House next  Sunday. The Rev. Mr. and Mrs.  Henuigar, who are on thsir waj* to  China as misaionaiie., will spend Sunday here and Mr. Hennigar will preach  both morning and evening.  On Sunday evening the 52nd inst., a  special service will he held in St. Andrew's chuich commenioratinq the  100th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar and the death of Xelson. It is  expected that <=ever.<l of the patriotic  organizations of the city will take  pait in the service.  A man by the name of McMinn, was  brought into the city on Monday night,  by constable Geo. Campbell, of Anow-  head, chareed with attempting to  commit suicide. On Sunday List at  St. Leon Hot Springs. McMinn in a fit  of despondency slashed his thi oat  with a razor.  Thipe wrecks occunod on tho O. P.  R. Saturday" between ono o'cloeic in  the morning and one o'clock in the  afternoon. No one was killed hut  there was consideiable damage to  rolling stock and a fireman-was seriously injured. Wo-atbou-d "passenger  JSTo. 97 ran. into an open switch at  Karlstad, affreight train was derailed  at Sunshine, four box cars were demolished in -h, head-on collision between two-freights near Dexter. A  fireman is reported to have been seii  ously hurt.   ,   .        ,  BUSINESS LOCALS.  The amount of lead tic-alcd at* the  Ti ait refinery is 50 Urns a dav' ������iJid the  amount of silver treated is oC.0UU  ounces a week. Last week a shipment  of more than a ton and .a half of silver  was made to Shanghai. There nte  now moie than .".10 men employed in  the various depai tmonts of the Trail  smelter.  Rov. Dr. Day, of Macdonia will hold  service tonight in the Methodist parsonage. Dr. Day is* a native of Macedonia nnd his talk on thc condition of  things in his native country is very  instructive and interesting to the  l.ii'Ke audiences who have had tho  pleasure of hearing him. Dr. Day has  found homes for a dozen children in  Revelstoke.  The entertainment in St. Andrew's  Chuich on Tuesday evening given by  the McNnb-Donaklson concert company was worth listening to. Tho  company piovcd themselves capital  enteitainers. The iccitals of Miss  Donaldson were exceptionally good  and the solos nnd duetts of Miss McNab and Master Ernet-Dainty were of  a high oider. Tho short time for nd-  vei Using and the cold night lesulrcd  in an audience nono too Inigc, but  those present thoroughly enjoyed the  excellent programme submitted.  John F. Moore, International Railroad Secretary of thc Y. M. C. A. is  to visit Revelsloke. He will arrive  next Saturday and in the evening will  meet the Board of Directors in the  Association rooms. .Sunday afternoon  he desires to meet the young men of  the city, especially railroad men, in  the Opera House at ilx'.V). Mr. Moot e's  licadqu.irlcrs are in New York Cily,  but he has travelled a great deal in the  Northwest States where hc has established mnny railioad associations. Hc  will help plan the I-tevelstoko building  while here.  Smoke Brown's Uni an Cigar.  Hay, Oats, "Wheat, Bran and Shorts  at Bourne Bros.  Private Funds'to loan on Real Estate  Securities,   Apply to J. M. Scott.  **"  FOR SALE���������A 100 lb. Dayton Computing Scale, apply at Bourne Bros.  Smoke Brown's "Special"  Cigar-  Smoke Brown's  " Marca  Vuelta "Cigar.  Senega���������for Coughs���������the only reliable remedy at Bows' drug stoie.  Still time to-put in a nice bod of  tulips or crocus'���������cheap bulbs at Bows'  drug store.  Crocus Bulbs at 75c. a hundred at  Bew_' drug store.  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Reserve your seats now al the  Canada Drug fc Book Store.'--  DIVERSITY OF  is  Wc have a fine ran-jfe of upholstered  goods, cail and see it wliile stock is  com plete ut John E. Wood's.  0***.CV*������**0********������**������**  a a  Wc have a complete  line of the Best Imported and Domestic  Cigars.  BEST VALUES IN TOWN  When you want good  Cigar3 Give us a Call.  Red Cross Drug Co,  LIMITED.*  a       Bring.   Uo Your  Proscriptions    ������  **********a*������aaaaaa*****a*  Lumber  Trade. Good���������This  Foremost Amongst,Canadian  Provinces   in    Resources   of  Many Varieties,  The following is an  extract from a  letter appearing in the Chicago Record  Herald, from   the pen of its famous  coi respondent, XV. E. Curtis :  Banff, Canada, Oct. 4.���������Taking one  consideration with another, British  Columbia is the richest of thc Canadi-  an���������proviricet*���������rich~in_ diversified-re^  sources. Its lumber mills rcalizo  about $10,000,000 a year, and ship a  laigepartof thoir product to foreign  countries. No section of the world  has finer forests. 'I'hey take out  "toothpicks." as they call them, a  hundied and twelve feet long by two  feet, square, without aknotof blemish.  But the timber is being cutoff in a  most extravagant and wasteful mnn-'  ner, without legnrd to tho future, and  thus thc richest lesouicc of tho province is being rapidly destroyed beyond recovciy. Occasionally sonic  wise and far-sighted man calls attention to (his waste, but nobody listens  to him.  The second  most valuable industry  is mining,  which  amounts to   about  thc same ns~ thc  timber, but is not so  certain.    Probably the gold and silver  output   during   the   past  five or six  yeais has averaged $10,000,000 and the  coal   S."),000,OUO.     Tlio gold and silver  mines    me    of    immense    richness  and the conl is inexhaustible.    The de  i posits on Vancouver  Tsland and along  the   lino of   the   Canadian Pacific are  probably tlic  most valuable, in quantity mid quality, in all America west  of   the   Mississippi   Biver.     Tliere is  anthracite as  well ns bituminous coal  In unlimited  quantities.     San   Francisco is at present the largest market,  hut  you   will   find Vancouver Island  coal in use everywhere on the Pacific  coast.  Thote is a good deal of agriculture  and horticulture in British Columbia,  although such a statement __ay_seeni  surprising. Tn thc valley and delta of  tho Fraser river the soil is rich, the  I Jhe J$. 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G_ F������!acdonald  FIT   REFORM    WARDROBE  ���������.**���������  o  o  o  li  111  climate is mild and farming is very  piofitahle^ The soil from which timber has beon cleared is parl.iculaily  rich and proluctivc, becauso it contains the deposits of the docayed vegetation of ages, anil it produces remarkable crops. As many as sixty-  two bushels of wheat, 111) bushels of  oats and fivo tons of hay per acre are  often taken from former timber lands  hero,' and expoiiencad .armors iv'll  tell you that they would rather have  fifty acies of that sort than 1(10 acres  of pni.it io Jand. The climate is also  favorable for fiuit, and in certain sec-  tions of British Columbia apples,  pears, cherries, plums, currants aud  other fruits of the temperate zone are  raised with great success. Tliis is a  good hop country, also, aud no crop  pays bigger profits.  CHOICE  RESERVE-  Fruits  Vegetables  Fresh Butter  i  cwG_  Kight of Way fob Railways, Etc.  NOTICE 1. hereby ghen lhat all Crow n lamlB  alow? the located lines of any railway, power or  tr..mi\a> company, Incorporated miller mitlior.tv  of the Legislature of tliin Province; and biuing a  width of/ lift}- (00) feet on each mile of saul lines,  aro rcseneil forrishtof way purposes for sueh  railway, power or train na} company.  IV. S. a ORE,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands A. Works.  Lan Is and Works Department,  Victoria, B, C., 3rd October, 1005.  012;  Call and inspect-Stock  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT  Al.ar& Ledgerwooif  Cor.  THE QROCER8  First St.   and Orton Ave.  At the Herald  -i  i_**tt___  __���������_���������  _____���������__���������


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