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R A. I L, W
fl   V
Vol V.-187
$2 OO a Year in Advance
We have at least one for every
- lady in town and  they are ready
for your inspection. There are
-some specially fine ones in JVlonte
Carlos and Madallion  Trimmed
Waists in Lawns and  the   New
Linen effects.
This is the time you will he
Iookingffor something in a nice
wash material for Summer
Dresses and Waists. Our showing includes some very dainty
effects in American novelties.
Dimities, Organdies, Lawns,
Printed Foulards, etc.
We hope to see you
your selection while. our
is-complete.     We  are
^ ainumber-of beautiful styles and
��_-io two alike."
-?*_k -
Visit the Millinery
^ and Dressmaking Parlors.
���^*-t***-****     j"* i
��� A. ���?���*��-,*:
_j?j;i-* ^1?*$ .,
Ground ' Hog ""an~d "-Stankard
Basins Reported on���Expected
yisit of "PftvinqialVMmeralo-
gist to Big.'Bend. * :   ���*  -    -/
r ��- -        -v..
In the last-issue of the Herald u
short ai count w,f�� given of the'nuneial
resources uf Smith, Lit mme and
Cirnes cieek', and it is now pioposed
to dnal with mining operations furthai
_to_tho,now h
Leaving Ciines creek the fitsFcamp
to bevisired is tint ol Siandiiid Basin.
Tlie genual, fiHiiiationvlheie isgia-
plutic sclrist.'ir.ter.spc.'iS'-d with niiitow
tianils ol limestone* running li-iuly
north "iind t south. Dinritic dykes
tiaveise this foi nm tion at light angles
and the imiier.illz.it'on. is must often
found along the contact of and 'in
these dyke*)'* lu tins vieimty lhe
Standaid Gi'onp. lias heen largely
developed hy- the'Piince Mining Com
Dimy, a -local".s'yndirate. thnt , hns
���expended iilioiit'.'J-O.OOO on' the cluiiiis.
On their; property a. shaft has heen
-sunk .on the..oi^.*and.seveial tunnels
mn trom it (..Ore has been eniounteied
in neatly all ol_.th.se which shows the
vein to be *a. continuous oue. The
���average assay of the rock, is 13 per cent
���copper,'$2.2j5'rn.gold,-and ahout2oz.
silver to t*hc,(ja_? .# "
The Keystone, mountain ciinp adjoins that jnfrStandiird. *B*tsin, und is
aliout 40 Kiil&'frori'f^ReveJbtoke. -The
grincipal properties v7there are the
ilver Shield,*1, Carbonate Chief nnd
Keystone grojip5*i"Con-��iderable^woi k
has heen done on all thoseJittt so tin
r.lie only shipments have been from the
first mentioned. ,Tbe ore of the'Silvei
Shield is aur argentiferous galena and
the small amounts* sent lo the smelter
have given veiy^satisf-tctoiy return**,.
On both the* Ciirburmte Chief Mind
Keystone the ; ore bodies aie
aisenopyritic, tarrying values in gold,
copper and gulenu. Av notiteahlo
feature is the heavy noh capping, a
ieddish brown smteiy nines, which is
typical of the big mines neat ftoisland.
About 250 feet ol tunnel has been run
on the Oai hoiirtte Chief and a smaller
Amount on thu Keystone, and as soon
as shipping facilities iiie,secnied the
output fi oui all the groups mentioned
fhould he lnrne. Most of the tl inns
aie about 7001) feet above ��fa level and
there is consequently a heavy snow fall,
hut their richness will prevent this
disadvantage from being much noticed.
At the head of McCullough Creek, a
tributary on the norlh of Gold el renin,
is Ihe well knouri camp Gtound Hog
Basin.   Many promising claims have
been located theie.   pioimnent among
tlietn   being   thu   M.niiiiioLli    Gionnd
Hog,   O. O. D..*i01e   Bull,   Alice   and
tlonrest ike.      Quite a l-tige amount of
woi k   has.   been   done, chiefly   oirthe
C O. D. and' Ole   Bull, which .ue  the
pioperty of theB C AllmnceSyiidi*Mte,
and the^Maple   Leut f belonging   lo the
MmiiiihoI h Mining Comr; my.    lhe ote
so fai   found   is all   auiJfeiousqii.nl/,
cm lying very satisfactory gold -..ilues
As this i!> a nee milliug'camp, as soon
lis ti.msporlation   is  ptovided, it will
piobably become a iivul of Fish nvei.
Specimens sent tolhe Paiic, Exhibition
Jioin   both   Ihe   Maple   Le.it and the
C ^O.-rD.   w_t_   much    illumed     by
Euiopean, mining   men,   hut   as   the
people, owning   the   properties think
them too good   lo   sell   no   change in
owueiship has taken place.
���Several-other   promising���locdtions
h,i\e been   made  in the Big Bend but
they   do; not,   at   the  pie-**ent    time,
requite  special mention.   As has heen
staled hefoie, lack of (shipping facilities
is all I lint   pi events   that   paitof   the
province becoming an inipoitant faetoi
in the mining indusliy, and lhe people
of    Revelstoke    should      not    cea.-e
agitating until it is   piovided,    If   the
whole Pi ovince is to he visited in oidei
Iiy   the  Piovincinl   Mmwi'.ilogist.   the
B g Bend will be in Ins   itineiary  this
year,   as   it  is   the   only    itnpoi taut
dibititt  remaining  unreported  upon.
Thos. Taylor, M.P.P., has been agitating for this and it is to   be   hopes-his
efforts   will   meet  with success.   Mi*.
Robertson's reputts ate to lie relied on,
although  not   booming    enough   for
-*peculateirs, and a satisfactory declara*
tion nf   the   mineral resources of  the
Big .Bind   fiom   him    would   ensuie
attention heing given   the  disttiet by
other prominent experis.    ���
Two Hundred Dynamited
Nienna, May 0.���A mosque at. Kin-
pi i lit, in which 200 Moslems had
assembled, was, according to a dispatch to Die Zuit from Sofia, blown up
with dynamite May 2. The worshipeis
were buried in the ,iuins.     The   per-
iieti ator of I he outrage, a man named
-*opow, committed suicide In shooting. A paper-found in one of his
pockets described him as a member
of the "Macedonian Knights of
Rifle and Target
The following are the best taigets made
on the i.ingc last Saturday. Weather
was fine but a cross wind wa* blowing
winch pi evented high scores being made:
- 200       600       800       Total
A I��i��son
.   27
I sin liko
K   l-lilm-n
M I'liikhttiii
.    St
11 JBilkor
.   20
Down*.. ���	
..     21
Description ot the Notorious C
and W. Lots���Impossibilr.y of
Coal   Oil   Licenses ��� Weils'
Ai the value of the now tmroi lour,
LoU f59_ and 1391, South East Koote-
n_.y, in a matter of gieat unpen lance
to the piovmce, and is aUo the subject
of investigation at Victoria by the
Special Committer* regaiding the Columbia and \V_*.ter n l.ltlwiy scandal,
the following description <tf the location and enoiinou-, value of the lands
in question should prove ot interest to
Hurald ic_deis.
The distuct in question, known as
the Flathead country, lies in the south
east poitiou of the Port Steele mining
division and covei**, the dunnage aiea
of Starvation, Akainma and Oil ot
Sage cieeks which liow southwest
into the north folk of Flathead nvei
at oi below the boundary line. It has,
been known for many years that oil
e\is>tcd llieic. Mi. Feinie, the pioneer
of the Crow't, Nest country, having
disco\ered it in the early eighties. It
was not however until the fall ot 1SQ1
that an e\pe* t examination was made
of the district when Dr. Selwyn, ot
tlie Geological r Suivey, visited it
accompanied by Mi. Fernie as guide.
About a mile and a half up the left
bank ot Cameron Falls creek (probably
identical with Sage) and about sixty-
yards above a rocky leet of grey
sihcious dolomite a powerful odoui of
pntiolcum was noticed, aud upon a
descent being made to tho water and
the giavel and stones stirred a considerable quantity of ori lose to the
surtace and. floated atvay. He collected
a wine bottle full .inc. it was placed in
the Geological Survey Museum where
it still lelnains. Continuing down the
Flathead valley he encountered, on
the edge of a I eaver dam, m.Akamina
cieek, ledges of dark blue shale Upon
layets of thisbaingrenruveda quantity
of'd irk green patches ot^oil lose to the
surface. Thrs second occurrence is
ahout 15 ibiles in a ditect line* west, 10
degrees' south, from the hist point
visited. ,      . ,,     .,       ,_���-���,.������
The principal'locationsnoticed was
about; a mile-and, a*rhalf * further"up
Flathead-riy-er ..where"","at the"-edge ot
the water.hard flinty shales; like those
found at the beaver dam were encountered. ' Directly layers of   tins lock
weie raised, to use Di Selwj u's woids,
"the oil uses and spreads   ovei the
stufacofitlie water in such abundance
that a short,time Suffices with the aid
of  a   tin   cup,   to collect a liotclo full.
Ilete, also, a  considerable quantity of
gas escapes ftoin the cracks and joints
in the lock, and  ignites  freely on the
application  of a  match. '   In several
oilier* places similar, indications were
noticed   and   Dr.    Selwyn    stionglj
recommended   that    these    finds   be
tested, pointing out that only a small
outlay would be requited.
-But it was not until ten-years aftei,
in Septemher,  1001,  that   advantage
was taken of the valuable information
contained in  tbe report  in question,
although   additional    publicity   was
given  to it through copious extracts
���n "the*Provincial Mines   Repoit~toi
1890.", At that time R. G. Leckie, MriE.'
anil Hugh Baker took a   trip through
the Flathead country, and,  as a result
staked out 20   to 25 miles of'.land as
petroleum claims.     Mr. Leckie .visited
Victoria the following   month  when
the writer was shown   his samples,
which he waa afterwaids good enough
to donate to th* Provincial Mineral
Museum.   '
*" And now comes the iiinstinteiesting
pait of -the matter. > Mi. Leckie .
locations and the consequent boom in
thelexploitation of oilllisclosed arvery
stalling fact. UNDER NEITHER
is good enough to give the right to
stake out oil claims THE GRANTING
LIMITED TO COAL. This fact has
been well known to the Chief Commissioner' and his Deputy W. S. Gore
since October 1001, and no steps have
heen taken to remedy it. It "was
brought to his attention by the
Department of Mines in 1001, and a
bill was-drafted hy that Department
which the Chief Commissioner, who
hud charge of the working of tlfe Coal
Mines Act, was too indifferent to have
passed hy the House.   '.
Such being the cose, and the facts
are known to every hamster of repute
on the coast, foi they were all consulted, is it not strange that Hon. W.
C. Wells, fioiii Ins place in the House
on the, 10th of last month gave "As
a matter of Government policy," as
a reason for withholding these licenses
in answer to a question by Air. Oliver
asking- why they hkd not been
But this is not all. He knew, as
well as anyone, from stai t to finish the
value of the lands m question. This
idea of ������distoyenng" that they weie
oil lands is all bosh. Anyone\,in look
at page 52(1 of the Mines Re poll, 1800
and page 1008 of that of 1001 and find
out whether Ihe Government had not
been m foi Hied of the value ol these
land***. It is unnecessary to tommr-nt
nt .ill nn the matter other than tu
accentuate lhe Herald's statement
in Ixst issue-that the at lions of Mr.
Wells, piior to the Ciown giants now
rescinded, require stringent inve&liga
ot Mav 7th givuM the following
account of lhe death of Mrs. Mayhew.
"A Mi >. Maj hew. wliu* first name
(ould not lie learned, died at the
Hiovidence hospital yesteid.iv aftei-
nooii liom stomach double. Thc case
is one ol ihe most pitilul th it has been
called to the attention ot the cnuntv
nffici ���!*, loi ,i number ol veil- Tlif*
woiiim, \ Im w is ib u* .') _,en, old,
came It oui hei N.nili Dakoi i home
onh a week or so ago,.and until she
was In ought to the hospital in a dv mg
condition, I wo days ago, she ie-*ided
ai, Mullan. She leave*, a diughte.,
kC ucely tive veais old
Little oi nothing is known of the
woman here, .is ���she, seems to be a
complete stranger She his no money.
Her remains were taken to Worstell's
undertaking pallors, and from there
she will he buiiea as a county charge.
It is not known here whether she has
a husoind living or not."
The deceased lady was well known
in Revelstoke having resided heie tor
some time as also at lAtrowhead and
Comnplix. Private advices received
by the Hkka_d state that her fi iends
ateTnot satisfied that the cause of
denth was natural arid poisoning is
suspected. Steps mil he taken to
have the matter thoroughly in
veatigated. ,
t _____!l ______ ____________ ______
r i^i t^i e^i t^,r rj,i i^i i.j.r tjj.1 r^,i ty
Horseshoe Sold
A very important deal has been
closed wheieby the 'Horseshoe, one
ot Trout Lake's most piomising
ptoperties, passes into the hands of
Philadelphia parlies. The deal was
put thiough bv Geo. W. Stead,
manager of the Ethel and Lucky Boy.
The proper ty changed'Handsat $10,000
and on Thursday last the first payment
of S*5."5,000 'was paid to the vendors,
Messis. Hillmaii. McCaitei and Craig.
The balance is to 6b made in two
payments of $5,500 each. The flrst of
these falls due on October 1st next
and the (inal one on April-loth, 1901.���
Topic. '      _        .-��   .
Revelstoke  Will
Additional Business
Thfs -Year
���"Have   Many
.   I" J V    . __
v   Mysterious Death.
A despatch to the SpokaneCluonicle
from Wallace, Idaho, under the   date
-Particulars of the
, , Smith-Barber -BiCH:k. **;"<,;.,. - >
-  __   -,-������*.-'���.���',*:���.  i_.i_ -' <������*���������-    ��-jrt��.*ftSLi4^;_,
With "(he opening-of spungsigns are
not, warningT th it Ruvelsloke' will
e\.pei ieuitt.1 lime of gient expansion
tins vent '"Alroulv seveial houses are
undei way, a couple oi so having been
iouipleted, and steps aie beingtaktiu
low uds piovi<lm_ lor seveial bii-iness
linn*,   llu- 'enlaigid      inemn.es     llieir
��� ncii'iised ilotl*.*, iiqime   vThis speaks
weil lot  Revelsiok'e. -       i
The   hi st business block of the year
has    been   cniiiiiiein ed nnd on tomple
i ion will be o( i tipied bv M. A. Smith &
On  and   J     GiiyBuber.    It will have
.50 It. fi mil age on   MtKeiizu* A>*e. and
��� iiiiipv    lhe spate between the Canada
Ding ifc Book   Company's stole at tho
miiiei   ot    Victoria   Road   and   that
occupied byj. B.   Cressman.   Of  the
old   occupants   of ,the'' lots Mi\"H.'N.
Csuisier has removed acioss the street
and Barbel'8 store   tyas, on -Saintday.
taken   bodily  to  the  north    side   ni
Victoria Road   wheiehe will cany on
business until   his   new   piemises  ate
completed.     The   plans   of   the   new
building,   which   is   being   elected by
<outiacini    D. -McCtrlhy,     shovv^  n
substantial two stoicv wooden business
block, thi* Ion ei  fl.it*'to  be devotecTto
stoie sp.Ke   anil   waiehoiising ioo'ms,
while   I lie   uppci    will   be  pi tctu.illy
lesidenlial.   Of lhe fifty foot lioulage
Smith   and   Co.,    the-   giocers     and
confectioners, will occupy   28 leet and
J. Giw Bnibei,   the   jeweller. 22   teet.
Two laigo windows   will   be   used for
display   pmpnses   in   the loi mer and
one���in���the���hit ter,���entrance���to���the
second   story   being    obtained   by   a
btiurway   which  sepiiiates    the   two
business  establishments.      In appearance thc stiiicluie will much lesemble
the Taylor block fin thet south  nn the
same   side   ol   the  street  and.will be
n  noteworthy addition tn the business
ediliceH of the city.   At least two more
blocks   of     equal     size     are     under
consideration   and it  is probable that
paiticulais of same will be given in oui
next   issue.     Tn show bow   our  local
contractors   me   tied up  with work it
mny be   stated that at  least   one w.in
compelled to refuse   to   tender for tho
lemodellirignt the city hall.
Some Nt-ws of the Mills���A
Large Increase in the Payroll of Revelstoke���New Con-
crns to Take Hold.
Thnt Revci-iol i will to a great
extent be Ihe heailqiiaTtei s of the
lumbering indusliy lor the north
ensiein intcnor ol Bntish Columbia is
conceded by,ill whohavegiven the matter n thought. Within the past monMi
lumb.imen^of money and experience
fiom EisternCanada and the Noithern
States have gathered in this city with
a view of putting into shape the,
different companies who ate opeiating
mills and timbei limits tritiutaiyto
Revelstoke. Nor is this all. Cipitahsts
fiom Chicago, West Superior. Ohio
and Indi tna are now negotiating for
timber leases and lor mill sites.
The payioll that finds its way to the
city business houses this year w ill be
increased by ftoin 300 to. 500 men, ,i
large riumbei ot whom will bung their
families with them and make (heir
homes in this city. Thpre is no town
or city in the uiterioi of Bntish Col
uiubi.t that has so tavoiable a prospect
for expansion as Revelstoke and the
Haerld expeits to see the census
l etui ns in from three io live yen rs
giving Revelstoke 10,000 to' 15,000
The Revelstoke Lumber Company
have all then winter's cut, over thiee
million feet of logs, now secure m Ihe
boom at the Big Eddy mill, i Tin
company have now sufficient logs to
keep the mill busy rutting all suniinei.
The company h ive just started a new
camp in their limits up the iiiv-ei,
supplies are being forwarded and
anolhei drive of logs will be sent down
to the mill hefoie low water this fill.
The Fred Robinson > Lumber Ce.
have just about completed extensive
impiovenlents to then mills here,
which will increase the output of the
mill to fully doublejts former capacity.
The same company are enlarging the
Comapllx mills and making extensive
improvements-preparatory to a large
cnt this summer and next winter***- S,'Z\
The Arrow-head Saw -Mill-ng,Co.. of
which"-,, ames Taylor*. irAJLthe" local
ni inagpry-is -malting improvements f\
the"'milIs -opposite " A-rovvheadT?wrtlr
the prospects tor a bier year's cut. - ' ;
ThelArrovvhead 'Lumber Co , who
aie building one of the lurgest mills in
the interior -of Bntish Columbutlare
now rushing the woik of construction
at Aiiowhead
The Revelstoke saw mills will h ive
their big markets in the Etst The
prauie countiy is filling up lapidlv
with the very best of immigrants, and
the lumber * reqmied to house the
multitude is impossible of conception.
The piaine market is a big one and
gives every promise of much further
. -*3*. .-t*�� **fr. .*fr. **!*. .*���*. .*fr�� �����. .*���
Tty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Boiled Linseed Oil
Raw Linseed Oil
Neatsfoot Oil
"White Lead
Yellow Ochre
Mackenzie      ty
Avenue . . .  ty
t ty
,. Dress Goods
In all the newest materials ami coloring
1'ricCb from 25c per \ ard
Ui_ Sh i rt ^Waists
���We are ilicvinR all thc nen'ilc-iipis con
1 siatmg of��Wash S,ilk*i at SI 00, "��liite
j-Laiwis; Qr iss _nn;u��y OrgjnJtii,, etc    at
WatoSiOl)..**^;,.^-..-^ ^�� ������ y,, _._.v .1 -
Santiago. Chili, May 13���The
strike at Valparaiso " is becoming
moie serious. The strikers had a
number ot encounters with the police.
dnVifig. which ten persons were
killed and two hundred injured.
A detachment of 6,000 ti oops has
been despatched to V.ilp.uaibo to
quell thc disnider,       "     '
Montreal, May 11.���The big long
shniemeii't, strike was practically
���eltied late last night at a conlerence
of lhe stuke leaders and the shipping
Our. Victoria Letter
Ladies Tailor
; Made Costumes
Made in Blouse Waist, Russian Coat, silk
lined    Prices $14 to $-25
Cloth Skirts
For Ladies' and Misses' ���Mioses -izes 30,
32, _!4 ui.h Tiieae goods are made In the
best makers and ht and niaterml speak
for themaehea
Department    /*'
Jliich larger than over, marke-L at *,ellm(r
jincfj,. Co'nprljing "-.lie-tun-;. Pillow
Cot-urn*, blcaclieil an. nnblea_lieil cotton,
I/jn-ilale C^nlV)rlc "t"lanneli*tte at Sc per
yanl. L'nnUat, Sc per >*ir<l Towelmss
ainlTOH-ls, 'l.iblfi Lineiu and Xapkins
Special pricji, to large bu i er**, ,.
Whiter Wear
Atmoiie-, Saving Prices    Call mami loot*,
overtlna hue, it "ill be north the trouble
Will Not be Thrown
The recommendations as to alterations
and impiovemcnts in llic mineral acts laid
before the Mining Committer of the Legislature by the Provincial Mining Association have been turned down by that committee, with thc suggestion thai-they be
not taken into consideration this year.
A number of thc Mining .Committee ,are
opposed to alleratibiis in the placer act
especially, without any possible reason
othei than the fact that they ai c soreheads
who for-pure cusseclness wilt,not "consider
a fair pioposition on its merits placed
befoi e lhem as il did not originate in their
own brains. There is no sense or reason
in delating the consideration of these
matters adecting the mining industry as
placed before theni. Thai the changes
recommended are considered necessary
for the benefit of the mining industry is
conceded by most men who have given
mattei attention Ihe II_iiai D is pleased
lo note thai lhe execulive officers of the
Provincial Mining Association are nol
going to be tinov^n down by these soie-
lieads and aie taking action to place
before,the legisl iliu e lhe facts in the casr
and the necessity foi immediate consideration of lhe .uncndrneiils suggested in
conformity with lhe wishes ol a huge
pei rentage of the people of British Columbia who ate inieicslcd diiectly and
indirectly in mining in this province.
^Victoria, B. C, Maj 13.���The sole
topic of conversation this week lias been
the C. &. W. investigation which has held
continuous sittings. Joseph Martin swore
he had nothing whatever promised him in'
lhe matter and he, voted for Bill 87 under
a misapprehension. G. McL. Bi own has
been ic-cNnmmed and a lot of new matter
elicited. He staled that if it had nol heen
foi Hon. W. C. Wells thc deal would have
gone th. ough and Ihat Dunsmuir had m
his presence accused the Attorney-General ol" being in for .1 share of the piofiis.
Sir Thos. Shaughnessy will be here on
Monday next and the Committee hoped to
present their report by the 20th.
The House met on Monday and adjourned almost immediately lhe Lieut.-
Governor had given his assent to a few
unimportant bills. It meets again on thi,
20th when the first business taken up will
be the rcpoit of the C. & W.  Committee.
The Dominion Labour Commission has
been sitting at Ladysmith all week and a
large number ot miners have been examined.
Col. Hayes has been sentenced lo two
yeais in the penitentiary for defrauding
Capt. John Irving- in a mining deal on
Alberni canal."    " 1
The Mining Committee of the House
have decided not to recommend any
changes in the laws this session, but have
had the Mining Association's lcqucsts
regarding lhe amendment of the Plucer
Act piintcd and they will be submitted to
placer minors all over the province for
censure or approval.
Irish Land Bill.
London, May 8.���Thc Itish Land
Bill has passed its second reading in
the House of Commons by 433 votes to
*��� The Irish Secretary, Mr. Wyndhum,
announced in the House today that
negotiations were in progress with the
view of the Department of Agriculture
of Ireland making a special exhibit of
Irish industries at the St. Louis
- Parasols and
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-facketule Arenu** Twnmmmmmmfmtmrommtg-g  ���������e***-  ?   S GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION,  ITS LUMBERING, MINING  AND RAILROADING,  WILL MAKE REVELSTOKE  The Largest City in the Interior of  British Columbia.  ���������S5***-  \VE WISH TO CALL THE ATTENTION OF SPECULATORS  to the Fact that Great Opportunities Exist to Make Money in Real  Estate. Lots that sold four yeaas ago for $50 are worth to-day $1,500  and  values in the future will increase more rapidly than in the past.  -������Q  THE   SMELTER   TOWNSITE  CONTAINS THE VERY CHOICEST BUSINESS   LOCATIONS  IN THE CITY OF REVELSTOKE.  Special Inducements Offered to Home Builders  We have given you the tip. Don't fail to take advantage of it.  LEWIS BRO������r^0���������_vi_-&l_, b. 0.  HON HOTEL  FIRST CLA38 $2  PER DAY HOUSE  Choloe Brands of Wines, Liquors  and Cigars.  J. LAUCHTOH, Prop.  Fir-it  Street.  tytyty ty ty ty ty ty t$������ ty ty tyty tytytytytytytytyty ty ty $1 ty  THE  THE COMING SECTION OF AMERICA.  jj *S=* UNION ������3)fr  li   Cigar  Factory  UEVEI.STOKE,   B.C.  H. A. BROWN,   Prop.  ty If you want to locate in the most prosperous state  Y* of the  Union; the one  in which   there  are   the   most  it cotton   factories,    furniture    factories   and   diversified  ty factories of all kinds.  Brands:  OUR  SPECIAL  and THE   UNION  'lVVffVVfVlVVVtftfV_VV������VVVfvWifVfVfVVvvvlfffiflffVV ^P  Kevelstoke Herald and  Railway Men's Journal.  TncifcDAY. May 11,1003.-  i___Y THE FOURTEENTH.  Tod-iy and tomorrow nre tlie  minivers-ine*** of the cluath of two of  the most brilliant Irishmen the world  evei knew. On Mny l_tl., 1S20, died  Henry Gr-V.tiin unci on May 13lh, 1S17,  Daniel O'Connell. ThelnuurnK oratory  of the former was ihe original statement of Erin'- grievances which al  this late date are Vieinj*; temedied,while  the latter prostituted his Demosthen-  ean Rifts feu* political popul iritj*. It  is needless to dwell on the lives ot tlie  two men but**, after all, it is well as the  year rolls round to recall the salient  figures that the march of time has  imprinted on the calendar of the ages.  WHO PRE VARICA TED ?  it must not be supposed that wlien  God looked upon all that Ue li.td made,  and found it very good, that Victoria  was a known quantity cm the face of  the globe. Things might have been  different otherwise. And the reason  for the non applicability of the dictum  at creation is easily appaient when wo  consider that the golden calf, which  wa_ torn fiom the hands of the  Israel-ties, has reappeared of late ye.u**,  and is worshipped in a new form, th.it  of the Almighty IJolI.tr. _Co ..ippot>i-  tion but this can cover the circiim-  sUtncca as developed within the p.i-r  week atthePiovincialcapit.il, where  "Ministers or the-Crown have dilleied  a_ to the interpietation of their oath  and iii.kI- statements so totally advei so  thnt it i-* easily seen Ihat some one ii  a liar.   The question is, Who?  Kx-Pieinicr J.iuisiiiuir, in the Columbia and W.-tein investigation,  made a Hntement which we have no  hesitation in saying he believed to be  perfectly true. The lately honourable  "Jim" ii a man nf very lixed ideas and,  even in his clashes with the laboring  men under him, must he credited with  outspokenness. That heing the c.i*>e.  ive aie constrained to take his veision  of the Chief Commissions'a* report of  the result of the negotiations legal cling lhe C. <fc W. land subsidy as a  reliable one. When the puiity of  politics in the province is at stake, and  the honor of the whole Legislatmc  ������ami*-*hed by aspersion, the present is  no time for pattyism to he evoked, but  rather should we all do our best to  clean the skirts of our legislalois and,  whoever may be found wanting, let  those whose reputation is besmirched  be hniled from power.  As tlie matter stands at tire time of  tvri'.ing Mr. Wells accuses \V. .1.  Taylor of making improper proposals  to him, which allegation is explicitly  challenged by the law partner of the  Attorney General who states, amid all  the powt-rs of prosecution surrounding  an oath, that the Chief Commissioner  was the person who suggested the use  of office for personal gain. The C.IJ.R  is vitally interested in the matter, ns  that cm poration would have been the  beneficiary had negotiations -iided  successfully, audit is to that company's  officers the Province must look for1 an  fjcac*t statement  of    alf.tirs.     It   is'  popular   to  decry   the   testimony  of  tlieso gentlemen in a general way, but  we  believe in the sanctity of an   oath  under   all   circumstances;   and   those  who have lived in   B. O. for 11 number  of years, and knew G. _IcL. Brown as  U. P. Tt. agent  at Vancouver, will not  for  a   minute   admit   that  he  is not  worthy   of    credence.     Sir   Thomas  Shaughnessy has seated his willingness  to appearand testify.and will probably  have  arrived in Victoria before  these  lines reach our   renders, so we refrain  from  entering,   in "detail,   into    the  alleged   coii.litions   of   the   proposed  surrender ol the lands concerned. But  we must say thiSTand  do   so   witli no  disrespect   to   the   special committee.  that  the crux of  the   matter  will Vie  found  antecedent   to   the issuance of  the C. and W.   Crown   grants, and lie  particularly   in   the    representations  made  lo   the   cabinet  by   the   Chief  Commissioner.     As  we  stated   in  a  previous   issue, departmental mattets  are passed by the   Executive upon the  recommendation   of  the  .Minister*  in  charge, and there can be no doubt that  Hon. W. C. Wells was either ignorant  or knavish in   his   representations   at  the time the  oiiginal  grant  of  Lots  1383 and -1591 was decided upon. There  is    no    other    supposition     tenable.  Therefore,   it  does   not much matter  whether he is a tool or a prevaricator.  He must be one or   the otliT. and, in  any event, is unfit   to hold his present  position.  Of the actions of Hon. 1). M. Ebeits  it is not our intention to speak, by  leason of thefactth.it the grants in  question were m-ide upon ar. opinion  of Gordon Hunter, K.C, now Chief  Justice of the Province. But we are  constrained to ask why an outside  opinion was required? Eliminating  .Ul extraneous matter, isjt not reasonable to imply that the opinion of the  Attorney General was adverse to the  proposal of Mr. Wells! If such wns  not the cas������ why was Mr. Hunter  asked to decide. If Mr. Wells had  been in touch with,,ind held confidence  in Mr. Ehei t.*> as hit*, colleague and the  law ofricer of Lhe Ciown no outside  opinion would have hsen nece-mniy,  and the acquiescence of the Attorney  General iu the gratiling of the lands in  dNpute would, at all events, have  been inferred fiom liis attendance at  the nieeLing of the Executive when  Mr. Wells' lcconiiuendation was  accepted.  Such heing apparent, we have no  alternative lo believing that the  actions of Hon. W. C. Wells were,  fiom start to finish, actuated by  ulterior motives the true in waul ness  of which it is the duty of the investigating committee to discover. Whoever is thc real culprit the Chief  Commissioner made grave misrepresentations, and his defence has beep  picvirricittion so palpable Ihat his  i*_t.lining of a lav. yer is merely an  endeavor to find a little cloak of  decency to cover- a colossal aggregat'on  of iahehnnd. The fur ther the rnaltei  is investigated nnd (he additional  evidence produced each day both  point with no uncertain flngpr to the  position we have taken that Wells did  not speak the truth.  NOTE AND COMMENT.  We can nlso congratulate Mr.  McBride in liis support of tha  Premier _ action and trust his sense of  rectitude, which we believe is his  strongest impulse. This regarding  the adjournment of the House from  the Rossland Miner. Hear, hear, says  the IIisitAl.D.  LEGAL  t K MA STRE ��������� SCOTT.  Barristers, Solicitors, Ktc.  Kevelstoke, B. C.  J. M.Scott, U.A..LL.B.   W.de I7, le Maistre, M.A  The Attorney-General's amendment  to thc- Graveyard. Act has not lieen  priated. Which leads one to suppose  it was unfit for publication.  Charles Wilson, K. C, has been  retained hy the miners to look alter  their interests trefore the Labour  Commission. lie is not only the  Conservative leader but also a leader  of men.  Once upon a time there was a man  went to Kern county, Cal., and started  boring for oil. He bored lietter than  he knew, for, without a minute's  warning, up came tho stream and  landed him in the next county. Which  shows that some Wells play the devil  when they're bust.  "The same old Game" is an old song  which in Ontario has been changed to  read "The sane old Gamey." It has  been placed in the Index Expurgatoria  by tbe Grits.  JJARVEY, M'CAKTE . _. PINKHAM  Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.  Solicitor*! for Imperial Bank of Canada.  Company funds to loan at 8 percent.  FiB-T Stkeet. Revelstoke li. C.  SOCIETIES.  Jas. I. Woodrow  BUTCHER  Retail Dealer in���������  Beet, Pork,  Mutton, Ete,  Fish wid Garrie in Season....  All ordeta promptly Slled  "ti&KSSfi. KBYB_fWfORB,B.fll  io.o.o.o.o.oo.o.o.o.o.o.o:o:o.o:o.oTo.o.o.o.o:o.c  Spring  Suitings...  Have now ui rived in all the  new shades*. We will be ouly  too plea.eil to show you the  latent metropolitan at>le������.  ��������� Expert workmanship and  high class trimmings.^  M.A.WILSON,     '  Fashionable Tailor. *  ���������  Next the McCarty Block.  *  <_���������u*3tSi������i<sui������������^  <| Write to  |    John T. Patrick  +1" Pinebiuff, N. C.  .  1*1*1 1 ��������� I ITI ITh '** ****^* **^** -***^* *^** *^** "^* **^** ���������*^** ******* -**^* **^* "^ '*��������� "** ���������*��������� ������** "^** ���������*��������� '*'  ���������+- -*��������� *4." ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tyfV ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tyVP^f  +P*0*0000*jr000������0&0������0000*0#+������00000Jt0*00JHHV000000000t-  9  SUITS   FOR THE   BOYS I  $7,Suits for $3.50.  $3.50 Suits for $,1.75.  $5 Suits for $2.50.  $2.50 Suits for $1.25  EDWARD J. BOURNE, I  $4 50 Frieze   vercoats for $2 25  Revelstoke Station.  Bourne Bros.' Old Stand.  w---*<**<--������*---'-**<r*-r*g._'-^  P. BURNS & COY  Wholesale and Retail Dealers  PRIME BEEF.     PORK.     Ml; * TON.     SAUSAGE.  .   FISH AND GAME IN SEASON. '  .  ,  Red Rose Degree meets second and fourth  Tnesdays of each month; Whit* Ro������e Degree  meets third Tuesday of each quarter, ln Oddfellow ������ Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome  DK. CARRUTHERS, T.B.BAKER,  President. Act. Secretary.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE  No. 1658.  Regular meetings are held In the  Oddfellow's Hall on tho Third Friday of each month, at 8 p.m. sharp.  Visiting brethren cordially invited  ED. ADAIR, W.M  W. JOHNSl'ON, Rec.-Bec.  BOATS  Boats for Sale  Made to Order  A first class boat builder with a large  expcrienc- "in their construction on the  Coast is prepaicd ������o received orders for  boats for river and lake use. Information  and particulars can ke obtained on application at the Herald office.  -      FHliE HUB MEETS. ALL TRAINS.  *    ' KEASONABLK KATKS '  FIRST CLASS 'ACCOMMODATION.  ELECTRIC -BELLS AND LIGHT IN* EVERY ROOM.  W. M.BROWN, ,-   Prop.  BAR ,*WELL SUPPLIED BT THE CHOICEST'  ��������� WINKS, LIQUORS AND CIGARS .'....*;.,  HOURLY STREET CAR ,  MEETS ALL" TRAINS.    " ' 1 "*"���������'.  By Royal  1848  Another channiDf*; extract from the  testimony of "\V. J. Taylor: "No, I  thought Prentice wan the man Friday  for Mr. Wells, running with tale������ to  .Mr. Diinsimiir.*- "That's so," interjected the Minister of Finance. And  Friday has always heen reputed unlucky.  \V. A. Galliher* introduced the Columbia River Improvement Company'-)  Bill in the Holme of Commons late last  week. Bob Kelly and Frank Burnett  have obtained a. leave of 2D acres of  foreshore in Vancouver, The party  of purity is becoming the parly of  prurience.  We have the first issue of the  ���������'Ozonagriim.1' If it does not become  ��������� lecent it will have a very short life.  Blasphemy is nothing mora or less  than the prostitittion of brains.  Cold Rang*. Lodge, K. of P.,  No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C,  MEET8 EVERY WEDNESDAY  lu in Oddfellows' Rail at ������  o'clock, visiting Knights are  cordially Invited.  B. VAN H0R\E, C. C.  G. H. BROCK, K. of R. _ S.  II. COOKE, Master of Finance. 4  WOOD  Wood for sale Including  Dry Cedar, Fir and Hemlock.  All orders left at W~ M.  rerelve prompt attention.  Lawrence's wilt  W. FLEMING.  -|_A. KIRK . .   _������������������ ___  Domini n and Provincial Land Surveyor.  REVELSTOKE, B. C,  MOSCROP  BROS.  Plumbing*, Steam and Hot Water  Heating,  Electric Wiring: *  Bell Work*.  Pipes. Valve* and Fittings.  Second St., REVELSTOKE, B.C.  A member, his name Alan Neill,  Thought others had no right to squeal  About taking bribes���������  And bomchow his gibes  Make us think there is dirt on hi? heel  The Mayor has been letting loose a  little hot air regarding nur articla list  >veek on the mis-tpplication of water  ivoiks profits, Willi the waterworks  it, ii easy to put out nil  his fireworks.  At the Inst sitting of the County  Court in Vancouver there weie 03  ipplications for naturalization, of  .vhit'h 01 were on beh'ill* of Orientals.  One moit satisfactory thing is thsy  ,111't vote.  Chief ' Justice Hunter, acting as  Lahor Commissioner, tried to induce  Dunsmuir . miners to go back to work  lending the findings of the Commis-  ���������.ion. Th<! Curtis eo nmission however  ind shown lhem how such tribunals  id toward Coal Baron Jim and they  ���������(���������fused to swallow the bait. Quite  ������������������ight.  Another gang of crazy Doukhobors  have started fronr Saskatoon. Huvinir  eft the ladies behind they took on*  heir trousers, Strap oil on the most  irorninent part below the waist would  bj a certain cura.  NOW OPEN  FOR BUSINESS  PHOTOQRPAPH    STUDIO  Civ������ me a call.     See lampUs and g.t prices.  ' .STAMP PHOTOS A SPECIALTY.  , W. B. FLEMING,  Orer Kootenalr Mall Office.  Oriental Hotel  Ably furnished with tbe  -Choicest���������the���������Market-  affords.  Warrants  1901  JOHN    BEGG'S  Royal   Lochnagar  BALMORAL WHISKEY. SCOTLAND  By appointment to His Majesty the Kinj*, rgoi.,-        ,  By appointment to Her Late Majesty, Queen Victoria, 1848-190-.       - - -.,   .  Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Cempany, Limited, Agent*.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms.  Rates $1 a day.  Monthly Rale.  J. Albert Stone ���������   Prop  SIBBALD& FIELD,  _%.C3-__l__Ta?S  __PO_-t  Real Estate  - FINANCiAti  Insurance  ������*!. P. B. TOWNSITE.  MARA TOWKSITB.  UKRRARD TOWNSITE.  CAMBORNE 10WNB1TE,  [Canada Permanent _ Weatarn  "Canada Mortgage Corporation*������������������   (Colonial Investment and I_>an Company.  PATENTS  I PROMPTLY SECURED]  Write for our Intt-reillnfl; book������ " Invent-,  or'-' Help" and " How yon are (wlndled."  Send im a rough (ketch or model of -.our In-,  ventlon orlmprovewent and we will tell you,  free our opinion as to wlietlier It !��������� probably  'patentable. Rejected application* have often  'been succe-u-fully proaecnted by tie. We  'conduct fully equipped Office! In Montreal  and Waihington; tnl-iqiialinee into prompt-,  ly dlipatcli work and quickly Retire Pntente  aa bron d aa the Invention. Higheit references,  furniahed. f  Patents procured through Marlon & Ma J  Hon receive special notice without charge in >  over too newspapers distributed throughout <  the Dominion. * 1  Specialty:���������Patent business of Manufac-  tuiers and Engineers.  MARION & MARION  Patent Exports and Solicitors,  *Mr___*   /  New YorkLlf* B'ld'g, flentresli  Wl-*****   \   Atlaatk BM������, W-uh(og1������n D.C.  H. PKRRY-LEAKE,    .  Mining Engineer  and Metallurgist.  .SPI'CIALTIK.S :  Kxamiii-tion and reports en Mladig  Properties.  ftpsclficattnn   and Cnnitmctlon 0  Mining Machinery.  GOAL FOB SALE,  /"Bun Fire. Caledonian Fir*.  I Canadian Fire.   Mercantile Fire.  J Quardlau Fire.   Manchester Fire.  I Ocean, Accident and Uvarantee.  = (.Canadian Accident Assurance Co.  Atlas Fire.  Northern Fir*.  (Ireat West Life.  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VANCOUVER, ������. 0.  Proprietor.  ZEI^VE 10? !_  The largest stock of the latest WATCHES,  CLOCKS, BINGS, SILVEB WABE, OUT  GLASS, FASHIONABLE JEWHLB _",. Ete.  Hy many years' experience enable* me to buy  goods at tire right prices,. enabling nre te  oell to the public at reasonable prices.  j". <__-T_r-_r._3_A__=?/_3_____������/.  WATCH -CXFAIRIN0 A SBTiOIALTT.  14*' 7\  0  Railwaymen's Press. -  b. of _,. f.    ���������'*:.  . The   principal  article   in   the May  issue cf tho    Locomotive   Firemen's  Magazine   is a ' full   account   of    the  settlement  of  the  "Wabash   dispute  and also a  general  history  of    the  trouble.       Of    special    interest    to  Canadian firemen   is   the; following:  "For  the    firemen    increases    were  granted   on   the Canadian   lines    in  accordance     with      the      Canadian  Southern  Division   of  the  Michignr.  Central".       This   extract   from   the  mens  committee's   statement  to the  press shows   the   mutual. friendliness  that will  ensue  as  a  result  of  the  settlement.     "The  settlement  is entirely  satisfactory   to   all   and    the  committeemen. ��������� will  return   to  their  former positions in  the  service,' after  beirg compelled to remain here many  months, with only, the kindliest feeling and respect for their employers".  In it's technical  and   other  features  the number is  fully up to  the " usual  high standard of the Magazine.  ( B. OV It. T.  The Railroad Tr ainmen's' Journal  also devotes considerable space to the  Wabash settlement, and is ��������� equally  jubilant at the successful termination of this long drawn out trouble.  The result is well summed up in the  opening leader. "'"With the dissolution  of the Wabash injunction the  Brotherhoods of Firemen and Train  men have been offered all kinds of  gratuitious advice as to what they  should and should not do if they ex-'  pect to be permitted to live in the  " ..future. The general' concensus of  opinion is* that the organizations  carried themselves very creditably  through tha affair, and gained the  confidence of of thousands who, before  the injunction, ga've them little credit  for either common sense or decency  of purjose." In view of the Oth  Biennial Convention of the Brotherhood which opens at Denver, Col., on  May ISth the other leading feature is  a beautiful illustrated article on the  ^city in question. . -  IT. K. Y. M. C. A. '  The May issue of "Railroad Men"  the organ of tbe Railroad  Branch  of  . the Y. M. C. A. is brim full of good  things.     It  opens   with   a couple of  '' short articles by Geo. J. Gould and E.  - P. Ripley, both predicting a pros-  perons future for .western . roads.  Considerable space is also- devoted to  Col. Yorke.the British Chief-Inspector  of Railways, and his report, on IX. S.  railroad methods. A tribute however  i*> paid to his unbiassed views at the  conclusion of the article.? "The whole  document was "described by a .-well-,  known railroi-_lman,-whoJiad,re<jd it*  .carefully,^ as the .most thorough'  candid," and "on the whole, impartial  criticism ever passed upon  American  ��������� railroading by a foreigner."-, A reply  to Col..Yorke is also" given, wiitten  by P. H._ Dudley, but,'except, in a ftw  minor particulars, Mr. Dudley agrees  with the former succinct criticism.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that SO days, from date  I will apply to tlie*Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Worku for h special license to cut  and carry nway timber from the following  described lands in West Kooteuay .  Commencjjug at a post planted about 4 miles  up 111*; Mouth creek, ou the soutli bank, and  marked "lolin Boards' south east corner post,"  thence west no cbains, thence north 80 chains  thenee cast Si) chains, thence south SO chains  to the |.ciint of .���������ommeuceHt.  Dated the *-*8tli day of March, 1903.  i-jiin suA.P.D3.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 80 days from  date I will apply t<> tlie chief Commissioner of  I. nds and Worts for a special licence to cut  and carry away timber iroin the following  -escribed lands iu West Koolenay :  Commencing at"u post planted 4 miles up  Big Mouth creek, i'n tlie miuiIi hank, anil  marked "It. -.Luiid'-i-'r.ulli wcki . oriier iirit,"  thence east 80 chain.*, int.*'ice ninth b������-*liHina,  (hence west 80 nlialii". them*!- ."outh 80 chain*  to the point of i-omiiieiiccinciit.  Dated the Hath day ot March, 1903.  P.. A. LU   D.  3STOTIOE  NOTICE is hereby given that thirty  days Irom date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands Hnd Works  tor a special licence to cut and carry  away timber from the following described  lands in West Koolenay:-���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  south bank of Canoe river, about 2 miles  westerly from Arthur T. Claxton's north  east corner post and marked "Fred  Wilkes' north east corner post," thence  south 8o chains, tlience west 8o chains,  thence north So chains, thence east 8o  chains to place of commencement.  Dated the 23rd day of Alarch, 1003.  Fred Wilkes.  NOTICE.  Take notice that So days afterdate I intend  toapplyto the Chief Commissioner of Lands  and ������orks for a special license to cut and  carry away timber from the following described lanfsin .West Kootenay:  Commencing at a past planted aboutt*4 miles  up Bin; Month crock, 011 the south bank, and  marked ��������� Gin Lund's north weit corner post,"  thence east 80 chains, thence south SO chains,  thenee west ."0 chains, thence north*' 80 chains  to the point of commencement.  Dated the 28th day of March, 1903.  , GUS LUND'  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given thai 30 days  I after date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of l-tn-ls and Works for a  special licence to cut and carry away  timber from the following described lands  in West Kootenay :       -���������*-.-���������  Commencing at a post planted one-half  mile south of Canoe river, on the east side  of Kellie creek and marked "Arthur J.  Mott's north west corner post," thence  south 40 chains, ihence east 160 chains,  thence north 40 chains, thence west 16c  chains to the point of commencement.  Dated the 20th day of March, 1903.  Arthur J. Mott.  NOTIOE.  Thirty: davs after date I Intend-to apply to  the Honorable The' Chief Commissioner .of  Lands and Works for a special license to cut  and carry sway timber from the following  described lands in West Kootena;:  Commencing at a post planted about -I miles  up Bir -Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked "R. A Lund's north east corner poit."  tlience nest 80;chalns, thence south 80 chains,  Thence east 80 chains, thence' north SO chains  to the point of commencement.  Dated the 28th day of Marob, 1903.  s- .      K. A. LtlND.  NOTICE.  Thirtv davs after date I intend to apnly to  the .Honorable : the .Chier Commissioner of  Lands and Works for a special license to cut  and carry away* timber from the following  described lands in-.WestKootenay:  Commencing at a sost planted about G miles  unBIg Mouth'creek; on the. south bank; and  marked '���������"John Sanderson's south west corner  post," thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thonce west 80-Chains,: tbence south SO  chi-.ins.t6 the point of commencement"*  Dated the 28th day;of March, 1903.  JOHN SANDERSON.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that thirty  days after date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special licence to cut and carry  away timber from the following* described  lands in West Kootenay :  Commencing .it a post planted % mile  south';of Canoe river, on the east side ot  K.ilie creek and marked "Daniel V.  Motl's north east corner post," thence  south 80 chaiiis, thence west' 80 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence east 80  eliains to the point of commencement.  Dated the _oth dav of March, 1903.  Daniel V. Mott.  NOTIOE.  Notice is hereby giien that 30 days from  ���������late I will apply to the chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for a special license to cut  and carrv away timber from the following  described lands in West Kootenay:  Commencing at a post planted about 6 miles  up Big Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked ' John Boards' north-west corner post,"  thence east 80 chains, ihence south *o chains,  tlience west SO chains, thence north 80 chains  to the pointof commencement. 1 * _  Dated tne 28th da} of March,"1903.,  '-������������������ 'JOHN SOARDS. *  NOTIOE.  Down in Dixie."' '*���������  There are many opportunities in the  South for making  money, .especially  to those who understand manufacturing sortie useful articles and bave the  means  to  start  manufacturing on a  small  scale.       .Mr.   Fred  Oliver* of  Pennsylvana went to North Carolira  a few -years since with comparatively  small  capital  and  today   he   is    a  wealthy-man.*    He   made  his ; fin-1  money by starting a small cotton seed  oil mill. : Mr.* Julius Lewis, a Northern  man, went 'to  Raleigh,   N.  C,  and  started  a  small, hardware   business,  and he  made,  within  a few. years,  enough money to afford to retire from  business.       Mr.   Lewis  was elected  chairman of  the  select -men   of  tbe  County of Wake, which has'located in  its district the State Capital.     North*-  -ern nren are not-only-welconie'-down  South, but in many instances  elected  to important offices.     If you want to  learn  something   about  tlie    South  there  is  no  better  man to write to  than John T. Patrick of Pineoluff, N.  C, who was founder of the prosperous  Northern men's settlement and winter  resort, Southern  Pines.     Last  year  there were more  than  ten   thousand  people from'the North  who  visited  Southern Pines.    It is a noted health  resort, and Pinebiuff is another place  being built up by Northern ��������� men "and  women.  ** Take notice that thirty davs* after, date I  Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and works for a special license to eut  ��������� nil enrrv n\-**ir timber from the following  described lands: ,, < <���������  Commencing at a post planted "about 8 miles  up Big Mouth creek, on-the south bank, and  marked "Gus Lund's north east corner post,"  thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  tbence east 80 chains, thence 'north 80 cbains  to the point of commenrement. ,  Dated the 28lh day of March, 190.1. ,-.     '"  ', - GUS LUND. -  NOTIOE.  NOTICE is hereby given that Ihirly  days alter date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special licence to cut and carry  away timber from the following described  lands in West Kootenay : *  Commencing al a post planted on the  north bank of Canoe river, about 5)_  miles westerly -* from Kellie creek and  marked '"Arthur J. * Mott's south east  comer post," thence north 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, tlience south 80  chains, thence east 80 chains to the point  of commencement.  Dated the 21st day of March, 1903.  * __ Arthur J. Mott.  NOTIOE.  , Thirty days after date J iiit"nd* tn applv to  the Honorable the Chiel Connnisiioner jf  Lands and W"*r_s for a special ili-enie to rut  and carry away tlmnci rrom tho JIollov inj?  described lands in V.csl hootuiaj.       ' "      ���������  Commencing at a pott i_Mite_ about S mile*.  up Big Mouth ciei-k. on the south bank, and  marked "John Sanderson's ton th eait corner  post," thonrc we**! 80 chains theni_c north SO  chains, thence cast SO ihslus thenee south 80  ehainsto the pointof commencement.  Dated the 28th dsj o: Marcn, 1903.  JOHN BANDER-JON.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  alter date I intend to make application to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for 'a special license to cut arid  carry away timber *. from the following  described lands situated _ in North East  Kootenay district, B. C:��������� '   "    j.  Number One. ���������-    ' ���������'..  **-*!* ���������  Commencing at .a post planted on the  west bank of the Columbia river about one-  third {}/$) of a mile below the,head of Sur-  prise~"*-Kapids.,-.and-marked "C. H. Johnson's south east corner post," thence west  80 chains, thence" north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chain's, tlience* south 80 chains to  the pointof commencement: *,  .., Dated this 21st day of-March, 1903. *  _-  Number -Two. -' *��������� '       -*-,_  Commencing at a postmarked "C. H.  Johnson's north east corner post,'' planted  on the west bank of the Columbia river, at  a'point about 2>_ ,miles below the head of  Surprise Rapids, thence west 80 chain1:,  thence south' 80 eliains, thence 1 east 80  chains, thence north 80 chains to the  point of commencement. ���������>  ..   Dated this 22rd day ot March, 1903. _.  . ."      ^C.'H. JOHNSON.  GOLDFIELDS  POSSIBILITIES..  If you are looking- for possibilities in Estate  Speculation that will double your capital,  it will be to your interest to invest RIGHT  NOW, before the best of the properties have  been taken up.  REAL ESTATE  AT GROUND FLOOR PRICES  Are you looking1 for Business Lots, Residential  Lots, or other Real Estate? Goldfields is the  Payroll Centre and Resident Town of the  Famous Fish River Free Milling Gold Camp,  and has a Future unequalled by any other  Town in the West.  For Terms and Particulars Write  ROGER   F.   PERRY,   Manager,   Goldfields,   B.C.  ���������*-1  NOTICE  Take notice that thirty days alter date I  Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner or  Lands and works ifor special licenses to cut  and carry away timber from the following;  described lands: -,       ���������.*" *.*./_ ������  1. Commencing at a post marked "Mabel  Martin's south west corner post," planted at a  point about one mile east of Pingtton creek,  and about 19 miles-up from its mouth, thence  east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  nest 80 chains, thence south. 80 chains to the  point of commencement.  2. Commencing at a post marked "Mabel  Martin's north east** corner post," planted on  the west* bank: of < Pingston creek, about 11  miles'up from its mouth, tlience south 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence, north 80  chains, thence cast 80 ehaini to the point ot  commencement..  ��������� -"       ��������� :    . .  Dated this 26th day of March, 190s:*  -,.-*. -.,;..     MABEL MARTIN.  Beautiful Costumes.  New York Herald, June 4th, 1002:  The costumes intended for Miss Marie  l__mour and the other lady members  of "A Wise Woman" were seized by  Chief of Treasury Agents Heron this  morning and"are-piled up in the  seizure room of the Cnstqm House.  "Manager Davis' called at the Custom.!  House this* afternoon and held -a'  conference with Collector Erhardt and  Chief ' Heron. The costumes'. were  valued at $5,000, and tbe average duty,  on them would be nearly 60 per _ cent.  - It is probable, however, that thoy will  be allowed to pass free of duty. They  should have been entered at Paris as  "tools of trade," und it was through a  blunder on the other side that they  were not.  NOTICE.     -  '  **     ** t    *.  Thirty days after date I intend t ** apply to  tbe Honorable the -hlef Commissioner of  Lands'and Works, for. a;* special license-to cut  and carrv away timber from-the following  described lands in West Kootenay:  Commencing at a post planted about 8 miles  up Big* Mouth creek, on the sonth bank.and  marked "Lew ^Thompson's north east corner  po������t," thence west 80 chains; thenee south 80  chains, thence east 80chains,* thence.north 80.  ehaini to the point of commencement. .  Dated the 38th day of March, 1903.  ~*   ~'  ~~ ���������  ���������   LEW^THOM-SON.-���������  NOTICE.  Take notice that thirty days after date I  ntm*1 ������*>.n.l*,A,h.  >ni.t_f f*A__l..l.*..������ .*.#  -NOTICE. ' " *  Notice 1. herebv 5<t(-ji that thirty dajs alter  ���������_M I -til a pp.. to iheOhlef Comnu aiouer of  Lull-is _7id VI orks *(M a specia' li.en������e to < ut  a,iu dUT) avay umber from the following  dcsc-ibed lands in *>"est Kuotenay.  -  Cemmencing at a post planted on the* -mtli  bank ef Goldstream sbouL four and n quarter  miles abo\e the mouth of French croelc suti  marked "B .A. La*A**on'a north westcori.cr  post, th������-ni.e ^running esst'160 chainsythcncc  south '0 chalne, tlience west ll>0 chains, thence  north 10 eb-tins to point of commencement.  Dated this 17lh day of March, 1903.'  *' '-'..*���������       -*B."A. LAWSON.  NOTICE.        '-������  NOTICE is hereby^given that thirty  days, after date I intend to apply 'to the  Chief Commissioner of Land*, and Works  tor'a"' speciaUJicence to cut and1 carry  away timber from the following described  land's in WesUKootenay :v '*?"* ^ ' '  < Commencing at a post planted on tbe  north bank of Canoe river, about five mile-.  westerly from Kellie creek and marked  ,"Daniel V. MottVsouth wes^corner'post,"  thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence -nest 80 chains, thence  south 80 chains to lhe point of commencement.' ",.*���������<��������� * "J  "Dated the 21st day of March, 1903.  *   "    _   j" Daniel V. Mott.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that 30 day*,  after date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a  special license to cut and carry auaj  timber from the following .described lands  in West Kootenay :'  Commencing at a post planted on the  south bank of Canoe river, about 3 miles  westerly from Arthur T. Claxton's north  east corner post and marked "Fred  Wilkes' north east corner post," tlience  west,80 chains, thence south 80 chains.,  thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains.to the point bf commencement.'  Dated the 23rd day of March, 1903.   -  Fred Wilkes.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereb) given that thirtv days after   ~" ief Commissfc  ipecial license  timber from the following  date I will apply io"the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and  "A orks for a special license to cut  and csrry away  described lands in West Kootenay  Commencing at a post planted on the south  bank of Goldstream*. ahouf four and a quarter,  miles, above -the mouth of; French* creek and  marked "E.L'Hume's south west corner post,"  thence running east: 160: cbains, thence north  ���������Ul chains, thence west 160 chains, thence south  ���������Toehaini to pointof commencement.   Dated thla 17th day of M_ri_7lMS? "  *    ������  L. HUME.  -   NOTICE.' ;  NOT ICE is1 hereby given, that thirty  da) s after date I intend to'apply to j!the  Chtet Commissioner of Lands- and Works  for .1 special licence to ciitand carry aw.iy  timber fiom the foilowiiig* described lands  m West Kootciwj : **    *     '���������  Commencing at a post * planted on the  north bank oi Canoe iiver,-ab_iut one mile  from "Arthur J. Motl's sot ith east corner  post and marked "Win. T. Healey's south,  east corner post," tlience north 80 chains,  theuce west 80 chains, r thence' south 80  chains, thence east So cbains to the point  of commencement. - *  , >  Dated the" 21st day of March, 1903.  Wm, T."'Healev.  -intend to apply to the Ch'ief c'ommisaloner of  *     "    nd -Aery awa-  descri bed lands  Lands and  and carry, away  orks far a special license to cut  timber from the following  Commencing at a post planted about t miles  up Big Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked "J, A. Stone's north west corner post,"  thence east to chains thence south to chains,  thence west 80 chains, tbence north 80 chains  to the point of commencement.  Doted the 28th day of March, 1908.  J. A. 8TONE.  NOTICE.  Take notice that thlrtr days   after date 1  intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner cf  Works for a specfal license to cat  timber from the  following  Lands and Works for  and .carry away  described lauds:  ���������    NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that 80 days after date I  iatend to make application tc the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to  cut and * carry 'away timber from * the following  described lands ia "North. Kast Kootenay district:  Commencing at a post marked "Warren Mc*  Cont'* north - west corner post," planted * on the  south bank of Columbia river, about M miles bo-  low Surprise Rapids, thence south 160 chains,  thence east 40.* chains, thence north 180 chains,  thence west 40 chains to tha point of commencement. -. -*'  . Dated this SOthday of March, 1903.  WARREN-fcCOBD.  NOTICE.  *      - NOTIOE.    *  " NOTICE is hereby _given that, thirty  days after date I intend lo apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special licence to "cut and ,carry  away timber from the following described  lands in West Kootenay: *.,,,*���������.  , "Commencing at a post planted on the  west bank of Canoe river, about one mile  northerly from .Wm. T. Healey's-south  east corner post and marked "Arthur T."  Claxton's north east corner post," thence  south 80 ohains, thence west 80 chains,  thenc*e 'north 80 chains, thence east 80  chains lo place of commencement.  Datedthe 21st day of March, 1903.  Arthur T._Claxton.  , NOTICE.  1. NOTICE is hereby given tliat 30 d_>s  after date I v. ill apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a  special license to cut and carry away  timber from the following described lands  in West Kootenay:���������  Commencing 'tt a post planted on lhe  north bank of Canoe river, about one mile  westerly from Arthur J. Moll's southeast  corner post and marked "Arthur T.  Claxton's north east corner post," thence  south' 80 chains, thence west 80 chains  thence north 80 chains, thence east 80  chains to thc point otcommencement.  Dated the 21st day of March, 1903.   -  ARHUR T.   CLtXTON.  , NOTICE.  Notice fs hereby "given that SO days after  date I will apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for special licenses to cut  and carrv away timber from the following  described landsin West Kootenay:���������  No 1." Cemmencing at a post planted on the  east side of Whatshan creek about 6 miles  Certificate of improvements.  NOTICE.*      u <  Mountain Chief mineral chim,' tiuute in tliu  Aito������ Lake ihiiiiii*! diw-um of West Kootenav  cli-tnct.  iMiere located*���������On Can*, on creel., almut two  miles from the junction ������nh Cariboo creek-  Take notice that I. V K. Hexlnn.l, agent for  I'eter McDonald free uiuierS certificate B 8S,Sl._,  Klltn Mcnougald, fre- miner 1 ccrtiflcat-e, K3i,_W,  Walter Uu*,*i free miner*, certificate, _,933,intew1,  ���������5i\t-. da-w froni the date hereof, to applj to thu  mining recorder for a certificate of miprovementri,  for the mirpo-, of obtaining a crown --rant of tliu  above claim  And further take notice tliat ictinn, under section 37, u-ni-t lie commenced before the issuance of  sutli certifocat. of imprcvemcnis.  Dat*������l tin's Tth "day of April, 1003     '    **       -      .  'A   H. UEVLAN1)  In the  County Court  or   Kootcsw,  Holden^at Revelstoke.^  In the matter of the Estate oi, JauieB Liiu__Y,  ���������.lece**u*-*l \ ' r     ^  NOTICE is herebv ciien that all persons hanng  claims against the Estate of the said James  Lindsay, late of*Fire Vallej. West Kootenay.  deceased Intestate, who died on the 5th day/ ol  i__Si  north of "the north end of Whatshan lake and I Marcli, A. D., 1903,' are rc<*uired  t-o^ send b> post  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days  -liter date I will,apply to the Chief Commissioner of. Lands and' Works ,for a  special-license ��������� to cut and carry away  timber from the" following described lands  in West Kootenay:  Commencing at a -.post planted on the  north bank of Canoe river, about one mile  easterly from Boulder creek and marked  "Wm. T. Healey's north west corner  post," thence south 80 chains, thence east  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west so chains to the. point of commencement.  Dated the 24th day of March, 1903.  Wm. T. Healev.  marked "John tiadway's south west corner  post" thence east*.40 chains, tbence north 160  .chains, thence, west 40 chains, thence south  1160 chains to the'point of commencement*  No. 2. Commencing at a pose planted on the  east side of. Whatshan creek, about 6 miles  north or the norlh end of Whatshi.n lake, and  marked "John Gadway's south east corner  post," thence north 160 chains, thence west 40  chains;'thence-south 160.chains, tbence eait 40  chains to the point of commencement.  Dated the 15th April, 1903.  "      ,> , JOHN GADWAY.  NOTICE.  hereby given  that 80 days after  the Chief Com mis  prepaid or to deliver to es.-rs. lc Maistre & Scott,  "-Solicitors for the Administrator, <dui> appointed  by order of this court dated tbe 20tli iii.*. of Marcli,  1903,) on or befora the llth day of May, 1903.  full**particulars of tlieir 'claims dul-* verifled  and the nature of, tlie securit}, if an}, held by  them: "-���������������,���������*. -   *        ' "  Ami, further, take notice, that after the said  llth da*> of Ma>, 1903, the said Administrator will  proceedto distribute the assets; of the said Estate  among the parties entitled thereto, having regaxxl *  oni) to tile claims of which he shall then have had -  notice and shall not be liable for the assets or "ally v  part thereof so distributed to any person of whose.,  claim such Administrator had not notice at the  time of the distribution thereof. _ i? t. ^ * i*  Dated the 2nd ,lay of Apnl, A. D., 1003 <"/-  LE MAISTRE * SCOTT,     '       "1-'J    _  Solicitors for tbe said Administrator,      ->  First Street, Kevelstoke.* IL C.  mt  In   the  OF     BRITISH'  Notice' is  date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and works (or special licenses to cut  and carry away  timber from the  following  described landsin West Kootemy-��������� -  No. 1. Commencingat a post planted oa the  north west aide of cariboo creek, about IT  miles from it* mouth, and marked "R. R.  Hall's north east corner post," thence west 160  chains, thence aouth 40 chains, tbence east 160 \  cbains, tbence north 40-chalns to the point of  coaamencemeht. '  .    . - - _._    No -.   Commencing at a postplaated on the   of March, A. X), 1903, granted to Margaret Adela  south side of Christy's creek, and about eight   Smith, the sole executrix under the said will.,  Supreme   Cot rt  COLbMBt-i.  In the  matter of the  Sdecea-ed.  Estate  of A. JT.  Suiitli,  NOFICE is herebv given thatTTobat- of the Will  of tbe said A N. Smith was on the !4th day  -NOTIOK.-  SV������n������t ;������*_o-tn&d.������������������.-] i-KSS fi^^rS^feTOJ  NOTICE.  Notice is horeby given that 30 days after date I  Intend to apply Co the Chief Commissioner of  Lanils and Works for a spocial license to cut and  carry away timber from the following described  lands In West Kootonay :���������  Coinmonclng at Ilobert Sanderson's soutli east  corner post on thewost side of and about eight  miles from tho mouth of Pingston creok, tlience  west 80 chains, thonce north 80 Chains, thonce  oast 80 chains, tlience south 80 chains to the point  of oommoilceiiiont.   Containing 640 acres.  .BOUT. SANDKttSON.  Halcyon, 80tb April, 1W8.  Commencing at a post planted about 8 mile*  up Big Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked "Lew Thompson's south west corner  post," tbence east 80 chains, thence -sortb 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80  chalns to tha point of commencement.  'Dated the 28th day of March, 1903.  LEW THOMPSON*  ' NOTICE.    '  Notice is hereby given that 30 days attar date I  Intend to make application to the Chief Commia  sioner of Lands and Works for a special license to  cut and carry awa> timber from the following  described lands ln North East Kootenay district-  Commencing at a post marked "A. P. Dudgeon's  north east corner post," planted on the west shore  of Kimbaaket Lake, ahont *> mile up from the  outlet, thence south 160 chains, thence west 40  -1-ahiB, thonce north 160 chains,: thonce east 40  chains to the point of commencement.  Dated this 27th day of March_1903.  A. P. DUDGEON.  NOTICE.  five Reoued "JJ ouie to Bent Furnished ������1_  ._ .    . Apply Hia_u>  Ber month, Including waiter  Set or  -    ujta,  .NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that to days after date I  intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner/of Lands and .Works, for a special license  to cut and carry away timber from tbe following  descnbed lands in North East Kootenay district:  No. I.7 Commencing at'a post marked "U. P.  Wilson** north west corner post," planted on the  west shore of Kimhasket Lake, about 4 mile up  from the: outlet,' thence south 160 * chains,:. thence  east 40 chains, thence north .160 chains, thence  west'40 chains to point of commencement.  Dated this 27th day of March, 1903.  No. 2. Commencing at a post maiked "H. P.  Wilson's north east corner post," planted on the  north bank of the Colombia river at the outlet of  Kimbaaket Lake.-tbence west 160 chains, thence  south 40 chains, thence east 160 chains, tbence  north 40 chains to the point of commencement.  Dated the 28th day of March,-1903.  H. P. WILSON.  Notice Is hereby given that 80 days after (I  date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands-and-r/orks-'or-speolal licenses to cut.-. . _=__���������__���������_> r c_**_- ,   and  carry-away-tlmber from   the following I    ������... -.ii.. <h_> thirtv _avs after date I  described'land* In West . ootenay:-    - 1 ,_T?���������5 .*_'_*L?..-'?..*Ki^  No. i. r  west side     _         ���������  from its mouth; aear the ��������� Chieftain cabin and  marked "James Ellin' north west corner post,"  thence soutli 160 chains, thence east 40 chains,  thence north 160 chains, thence west* 40 chains  to tbe point of commencement.  No. 2, Commencing at a post planted on the*  ���������outh side of the west fork of, Mosquito creek,'  about 2% miles from where It vmptles into the  main creek and marked "James Ellis' south  east corner post," thence north 80 chains,  thence wen180 chains, thenee south to chain*,  thence 'east 80 chain* to the. point of commencement  Dated tht 15th April, 1903.  .   JAMES ELLI8.  ry away  described lands:  Commencing at a post marked "Frank  H.'Black's northwest corner post," planted  on theeast bank of Pingston creek about 13  miles up from its mouth; thence cast 80  chains, thence ** south go chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains* lo  the pointof commencement.  Dated this 26H1 day of March, 1903.  FRANK H. BLACK.  milts from; the*head .of Whatshan Lake, and  marked "R. R. Haifa south east corner post,"  thence west 160 chains, thence nor! li 40 chains,  thence test 160: chains, thence south 40 chains  to tba point of commencement.  Dated tht ISth April, 1903.  R.R. HALL.  NOTICE.  "Nollct-If _trtby~glTtn*that SO day* after  date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner  fit Land* and Work* for special licenses to  cut and carry away timber from the following  described land* in Weit Kootenay:���������  No*: 1. Commencing at a post planted on the  nortli west side of Cariboo creek, about 1-  miles from its mouth, and marked "B.Ellis'  north east corner post," tbence west 1C0  chains, thenct aouth 40 cbaina, tbence east 160  chain*, tbence north 40 chain* to the pointof  commencement,:.     /'  No. 2. Commencing at a post planted on the  ���������outh aide of the west fork of Mosquito creek  and about S'X mile* from where it empties into  "--- ain  creek, and marked -B. Ellis'south  And, further, take notice tliat all per������oni baring  any claim against the said Estate niii**t send in  full particulars of tlieir claims to Me-s**r*i lc M&istri*  _ Scott without delay.  Dated this 2nd. day of April, 1903.  L_ MAISTEE _ SCOTT,  Solicitors for the Executrix:  First .Street, Ke-* elstoke, B C  In ...the. County   -Holden*  Coirt of   Kootenay,  at-Revelstoke.^-t _^-  tbt  tast  thtnet north 80; chains,  H. L.-vnQHIAD.  Bettnt Street.  NOTIOE.  Notice ia hereby given that 30 days after date I  intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for & special license to  cut and carry away timber from the following  described lands in North Kast Kootenay district:  No. 1. Commencing at apost marked "James  GUmore's north west corner post," planted on the  south bank of tbe Columbia river, at a point about  10 miles below Surprise Rapid**, thence south  160 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north 160  chains, thence west 40 chains to the point of  commencement.  No. _> Commencing at a post marked "James  GUmore's north east corner post," planted on the  south bank of Columbia river about 10 miles below  Surprise Sapid*, tbenc***west 80 chains, tbence  sooth 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chain* to point of commencement.  . Dated tht* 14th dky ofMarch, 1908.  . J AMES OtUfOKK.  -      , NOTICE  80TICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN that The Tred  Robinson   Lumber    Company,    Limited,  tend to Apply to change tbe name of the  company to "HARBOR LUMBER COMPANY,  Limited."  Dated February 12th, 190S.  HARVEY McCARTER _��������� PINKHAM.  Feb-l_*3m. Solicitor* tor tht Oonjpuny.  NOTIOE.  In th* matter of the "Trustee* and Exectrts-m  - Act," and       ,.  In the matter of the Eitate of Swan Andirson,  deceased. ���������-  AU parson* having any claims or demands  against the estate of Swan Anderson. Hue of  Ifleclllewaet in the Province of British Cotnm-  bia.deceased, are required to file with the a  undersigned their names and" addresses and'  full particulars of their claims, and the naturo  of the securities. If any, held by then, duly  verified, on or before the Slut day of May, 1903.  And notice Is hereby given that alter tho  distribute the estate amongst the parties an  titled thereto, having regard only to the  claims of which he shall thed have had notice  and he will not bo liable for the  tat(  tor hadnot notice at the time of tht distrlbu  the estate, "or any-part thereof so *ftitrfbp7_d*,  proeeen-of<  part thereof so distributed,  to any person of whose claim such admlnfstra  tor had not n  ton thereof.  Dated at Revelstoke, B C���������  HARVEY, McCAETEtt  _r  Solicitor* for Administrator;  ,28rd April, 190S.  McCAETEtt _��������� PINKHAM,  WANTED  QOOD CARPENTERS  EXPERIENCED CARPENTERS* audi Framei*  E for Mill Work at Arrowke-uL ___-������sa W. J.  tUDQATE, Arrowhead. ^ tt-tt  NOTICE."  Notice* 1* hereby given" that 80 day* after  date I will apply to th* Chief Commissioner of  Land* and Work* for special licenses to cut  and earry away timber from tbe following  described land* in West Kootenay :���������  No. 1; Commencing at a post planted on thc  north side ol Snow creek, about7 miles from  where tt empties into Cariboo creek, and  marked. "C... Hall's norlh west corner post,"  (hence south 40 cbaina, thence east 160 chain*,  thence north 40 chains, tbence west 160 chains  to th* point of commencement. -  No. 2. Commencing at a post planted ou the  north side of 8now creek, about,7 miles from  jrhera It empties Into Carl boo \ creek, and  marked ���������<., Hall's south west corner pest,",  hence north 40 chains tbence east 160 chains,  ��������� hence south 40 chains, thence west 160  halns to the point of commencement.  Dated tht 10th April, 1903.  C. HALL.  corner pest,  thenct ,w*st80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thenct' tut 80.chain* to tht point of  commencement.  Dated thi* ISth April, 1903.  B. ELLI ������.  NOTIOE.  after date I  Take notice that thirty day  lutdnd to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of  Lauds and Works for special licenses to cut  nnd carry away timber from the following  described lands:  ��������� 1. Commencing at a post < marked "Mary  Bourne's north west corner post," planted on  theeast bank of Pingston creek, about 10 miles  *up from Its mouth, thence east 80 chains,  thence south 80 cbaina, thence west 80 ohains,  thence north 80 chains to the point of commencement.  2. Commencing at a post marked "Mary  Bourne's north west corner post," planted on  theeast bank ol Pingston creek,about 11 miles  n-jt from * It* mouth, thence! east 80 chain*,  libehce aouth 80 chains, th-mce west 80 chains,  'tnence north 80 chains to the point of com-  neneestent.*  Dated this 26th day of March, 1908.  MARY BOURNE.  NOTICE.  ���������NOTICE is hereby given that thirty  days after date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and -Works  for a special license lo cut and carry  away timber from the following described  lands in West Kootenay:  ' Commencing at a post planted on tbe  south bank of Canoe river, about two  miles westerly from Arthur T. Claxton's  north east corner post and marked  "Norman E. Suddaley's north west corner  post," thence east 80 chains, thence south  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 8ochains to place of commencement.  Dated the :13rd day ofMarch, 1903.  Norman E. Suddaley.  In the matter of the Estate of John Henry Kiis-  sell, deceased  NOTICE is hereby given that all persons having  claims against the Estate of the said .John  Henry Kusnell, late of KevclaUike, It. C, deceased  intestate, who died on or nbout the *27th day of  Jan , 1MB, are required tosemllo P'Ht or deliver to  Jle������ini. le Maistre *.t Scott, --Solicitors for Ail-  mint-m-stor, (duly appointiM by onlur of thin  Court, dated Uie 6th ilay of March, 1803.) on: or  Iwforethe Utlidsyof May,*A. D., 1903, full particulars of their claims tlulv \erifiod and thti  nature of the security, if any, lie Id I>> them.  And, further, take notice ihat after the said nth  day of May, 1903, the said Administrator will  proceed to distribute the a������si ts oi the said Estal-  among the parties entitled tlic.rf.to. liuiing regard  oni; to the claims of it Inch lie iliall then have bad  notice and shall not he liable for the assets or any  part thereof so di-ttrilmtcl to anypenon of who*-.***  claim such administrator, hail, not .notice .at tko;  time of the. distribution thereof. *  Dat������d tlil-i 2nd. ilay of Apnl. A. D., 1903.  LE MAISTRE A SCOTT,       '    "  Solicitors for the Adniiniotrator,  First (street. Ketelstoke, B  C  NOTICE.  -���������Notice Is hereby given that 30 day* from  data I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Land* and Works for a special license to cut  and carry away timber from the following  described lands in West Kootenay:  Commencing* at a post marked "\V. A.  Dashwood-Jones' north west corner post,"  planted on the east bank of Pingston  creek about twelve miles up from its  mouth; tlience east 80 chains,.- thence  south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  thence north 8 chains to the point of  commencement.  Dated this 26th day ofMarch, 1903.  W. A. DASHWOOD-JONES  NOTICE.  Notice is hei-eb> gi-������en thit 30 <!_> s after date T  intend to appl> ut the Chief Commissioner of  Land*-, and Works for -*]H-cial licenses to cut and  can-} awa> timlier from the following descriiie*l  lands in West Kootenay ��������� .������       K.  1 Commencing at Gu> Barter's north cast  comer post on lhe ea.*-t -dope of l.tigvton creek  vallev about eight mile*, from thc mouth of said  creek, tbence south 80 cli.iini, thence -westSO  chains, thence north SO cliatus, then������<- east SO  chain-to the point or commencement. Contain-,  ing 640 acre** *  -  2. Commencing at Gu\ Barbci-*s south eait **  corner post 011 the <*ait i*lope of I'uigston creek  valley aliout 8 mile*f from the mouth of said creek,  thence north 80' chain.*!, thence, west SO 'cliaht-,  tlience south 80 chain-i, thence east SO chains to  tlie point of commencement. Containing G40 acres.  J  GUY BAHBER.  Revelstoke, B C , Kth Apiil, 1903  MeMahon Bros. & Company,  Limited.  Notice is herebv given that MeMahon Bros,  mftec  _pany,        c  and Trading Company, Limited.  and Company, Limited, iniend to change thc  name of the Company to The Big Bend Timber  Dated thi* 10th day of February, 1903.  HARVEY, McCARTEE,* PINKHAM,^  3m Solicitors for e Company PROTECT YOURSELF  FROM   Till-:   SliVKKIC   I'ROST   WITH    \  CHAMOIS  VEST  We have them to fit Men,  Ladies and Children, and  at very reasonable prices  ���������AT-  QnaddDrug&Book (o  BORN  S.tYTllK���������At Kevelstoke, May 12Ui, to  .Mr*, and .Airs. II. E. H. Siuytlic*. a  son.  NOTES OF  NEWS  Union iniu.e Footworn-. U. B. lliiini  ���������.V Co."*-.  Mi.    iii.i1    Mrs.   Fred    Tavlor     will  r elm ii to Kuvelstuku shortly  E.isl crii ,inil western apjiles now in  at. (.'. B. lin uie & Co.  Then* was no fnotb'tll  nnttch   .Siilm-  dny week ns lepQitc-d in Lhe .Mail.  st-ililes complete   with   sniltllu    liorses  ns well us rifts of all kimls.  Henry Bod ine roluined from  Camborne on Tnesdiry.  J. ,1. Foley of Ari'owhend, who wns  ri.'porled seriously ill last, week, (he  Hi-.kai.ii is pleased to st.-ite, is sfeadily  SaiuiiiK in strength with tfociil hopes  for complete recovery.  The Western Socialist of A-'nncoriver  aiul lire Clarion of Nniiniiiio. have  iiii*il<*-iiinnli'(l. iiniler tliejjniiine of lhe  "Weslern Clarion." The new sheet  will lie issued Iri-weekly.  _len's fancy and  all new goods.    C.  white dress   slm It*  B. Hume <fc (Jo  The Vancouver World'��������� proposing ,1  vote of thanks' to Hon. W. C, Wells, is  a "-pec-mien ol GriL politics.  Rev. C. Ladner returned on 1'iiday  morning from unending the iMolhodiif  district meeting at Kamloops.  AV. J. Butler, owner of the Luck\  ���������Jack group near Goldfields in the Fit>h  Kiver camp, is in the city.  At Lhe meeting of the T. O. F. on  -ilondav evening Dr. Ohipperiield wa*.  appointed Court physician.  Iloadqniu teis  famous    hdls  New Spring Hats,  for John B. Stetson's  C. B- Hume <fc Co.  Miss K* AV'nodward of Fergusot,, 1*-  spending a few davs in town the guest  of .Mrs. AVilks.  Men'-* Union made overalls can lie  bought at C B. Hume \* Co.'s.  Hon. Sydney Fisher, Minister of AgnJ  culture, passed tlirough on No. 2 tocla*. 011  iii.s bay home from Japan.  There was a small lire yesLeid.iy  evening which considerably daiiiiiged  a small shack behind Bonnie B10.S  hardware stoie.  ���������LOST���������A pair of eyeglasses, between  the depot and Salvation Army ban.11.ks.  Kinder will please leave same al H rutin  oflice.  Every minute the House is in session  nt,Olliin-a it costs the country S'JS  At that rate the average speech on the  Budget costs $2,S0O.  The AVorks committee nre eoiisider  ing tlie remission  of  H.N.  Comsiei's  taxes, owing to the river  encroathing  on his property.  Misses  Sutherland   &   Patton    \i ill  give a musical and elocutionary enter -        aid   ol   St  tainment on  the  20th  in  Peter's" Sunday school.  Wm. . Downic, the newly appointed  Superintendent of die Atlantic Division,  C. P. K. went east llii*- morning to entei  on his new duties.  ���������AA "hen you are thinking of getting  some Photos taken give tne 11 call, in  the "Kevelstoke Studio"' iu tlie  Tapping Block.  One after another the Trades and  Labor Councils are damning JMcIunes  fake "Conciliation Act." V'uncoiuei  and A'ictoria are the latest iu line.  Supt, T. Krlpati'ick and Mis.  Kilpatrick returned to the city on  Friday morning after spending thiee  weeks" visiting the coast cities.  .1. Fraser. C.P.I.. bridge forem.u.  and Ali-i. I-"ra.**er, returned on Mond.iy  froin a two mouths trip to friends in  Nova Scotia and Ontario.  J. En nest   of  the   Criterion   Hotel  Camborne, was in the city   yester-d.11,  Mr.   Ennest  reports    the  Fish   Rivei  -(ramp as-being speciaily'prosperous*^���������  J. A. Darragh, manager of lhe  Blwoo.l Tinworkers Company. Full  river, ai rived in town Sat tnd.ij  liiorriing. and after a day with hi*  family. left for Camborne. "  The Chinese Reform Association had  the plate of honor in Sunday's Colo  imt. Thiity-lwo chinks and a* dragoi,  look like pie to the Honorable Jim.  The Mining Association have' asked  the Provincial Mineralogist to get out  rjiiai lei ly leport.** instead of aiiii'iul  ones.    He will ce n,ider the matter.  .Messrs. Dave, Andy and Peter  Ferguson who aro heavily interested  in mining in the Ferguson district  came in on Monday morning from  Victoria and went soutli l.o Ferguson  on Tuesday morning.  li. A. Bradley, manager- of the  Dii(|iie.sni* Mining Co.. who has been  iu the east for the pi*sl; si\- weeks  1 el Mined to tlie < itv on Tuesdij's  del.ued No _ fiom Seillle. accompanied by Mis   ili.tdle}.  Tne ill.nl s milling e\pei I \,ihii-d Lhe  1 ilesl mold 1)1 tc k fiom Goldfields at  ;},__ 0!) pei 0/ , when pun- gold is worth  only S2'l (j" Km h wild si ilenients  ue w I1.1I damage lhe milling news ol  ii'lidbl.  piuin ils. '  On S.ilnid.ty 1 isl the Dominion  K\pie_s Co. ti.in-.poi ted east the thiee  gold hue ks so 1,11 teiiueied fiom the  Fish Rivei camp. Thev weie valued  it ahoul !*>l 300 Just the arHanted  guild ol an enoiiiious prodiictinn  lielom fall.  The   Litest   lnlante   sheet     ol    the  Cii mliy Uouipmy at Phoenix, sIiohs.i  ii edit li.tl nice of ovei   half .1  million  And this fiom $'! .")0 to $~M) oie. alter  paying smelt ing and lefinmg th uges  Fi-h   ii-.er has   etjual   ltdges   and   all  lequited is astiiinji mill to stnnp  oul  thi n i-iil) free gold contcnls,  Af the Anglican tleiitus in Vm-  couvei 1 1st ������eek t.\o dtMiics l.ithei  stai tied Ihe auilience hy sa>ing thev  Iind .uiinged foi Smid ly* exclusions  on the Coluniln 1 wilh ibeivice 011 lhe  lioat. Needless to saj tliey did not  come fiom Revelstoke.  Mi. A\'. McDonald, who recently  ir rived 111 town, has jimthtsed (vm  lols on Fust street, neai the Cil\  Hotel, and w ill 01 er t a residence He  is a plasterer hy Made and lias the  coul 1.ut foi seven section houses foi  theC P. 11, as well .is local woik loi D  AUCai thy and otheis.  AM. James Dor.ince has opened .1  tailoring establishment in Lhe Fret/,  block on FnsL Stiect, rrear ly opposite  the   City   Hotel. He   has   a   woll  selected slock of iu.ileri.il to select  tiom and comes well leconimonded ns  ���������1 hist class cuttei bv pioininent  business houses in the old country and  -irsti.rli.i.      '  Dr. KG. Brett ot the Baiilt R.ini-  tauan, who has been set iciusly ill foi  -oinij time is c oming   over    this   week  10 spend ,1 couple   ol   months   at   the  11 ik von Hot ,S|)i nigs The Di's main  li lends will be pleased to leaui Ihat he  s gradually glowing stiongei and   his  comjilete recovery only a rn.itlet ot a  short tune.  The Grand Lodge Meeting at  Vernon���������The Election of new  Officers���������Revelstoke Delegation, in Attendance  .1  for  prosecuting counsel  Court ljcing held in  week.  M. Scott left on Tuesday evening  A'ernon   where    he  apjiears   a-  at    the   Assi/.  that   town   tin-  Mr. T. W. Glover gave an interesting  1-Ciur*** in lhe Methodist church last night  on "'The Great Social Problems of Ni*i*  Zealaad." His remarks were listened to  with greal attention.  Rev. S.J. Thompson preached in lln  Methodist church last Sunday evening  and 1-turned to Victoria* I he following  day. He was warmly received in  many old friends heie.  Dr. Chippei field passed the examination iiefore the medical board at tin  coast and returned to the city on  Monday rnorninif.*.and has opened up  liis office again opposite tho Canada  Drug fc Book Co.  Andrew F. Craig, the well know n  I_udean freighter, of Beaton, was in  the city yesterday with a carload of  hotses, wagons, and harness, en  route .10 Beaton from Kamloops  Mr. Craig has also purchased the  .c-u-tage business of J. A*. Magc-e of  Comaplix. Mr. Craig will now have  the very best outfit ever owned in  the Lardeau and will run a dailj  stage line into Camborne and Gold  fields besides a full complement of  freight transports. "Visitors to FV���������  piver   camp   will   find   Mr.   Craig's  J J. Kelly, a mining m in w ith lui q-i>  inter ('sib in Fish .Ii1 ver. aimed lhe  othi'i   day   fiom   the   east. He   is  lepie-wnting ,1 latge amount of cipitnl  Hid leaves in a few dajs foi Cauitmi nr  to look oyei the count! y. Mi. Kelly  was a-sergeant in the American Aimv  md went all through the Cuban  campaign.  Ralph Smith has wiitlen the V in-  1 on ver Trades and L1I101 Cmrni il ie  the machineiy ol thee iitniii il code as  igainst unlawful combination, that  lire provincial attoine\ genet nl is ill  poweiful with leg 11 d to the operation  oi tlie law, Tlie Dominion government  makes the criminal code, hut lhe  pioviiiLi.il authorities opeiate its  usefulness.  Hon. D Af. ICIiPits is Attorne*.-  fienei il lor the time being at least  We shall see w hat we shall sc'-.  Theic is .1 movement on foot to  bring into this Pioiince domestic  servants trom the populous cities of  the east. The question of domestic  seiv.ints 111 BuLisli Columbia, and  practically the whole west, has been  under consideration at dilleient time***  in coast cities, where lhe housekeepers  have been obliged to engage foteign  hcl|> bticlr as Chinese and Japs, owing  to the solicit) of voting Canadian  women who would undertake the  uorkot   tire   household   but   without  ���������any prictic.il ie-*ultST ln"~tlns   city  rheie is an efloir being made in that  direction which pi onuses to be  siiccetsfiil, and the ladies ot Revelstoke  will soon have an opnottirmty ol  making arrangements to be supplied  nith the help* ot young and ex-  pcnenced Catiulian gills from the  east. The III i< m_i������ will have lull  jMirMciil.il*- next week.  The f! ni nil Lodge IC.'of P. of British  ('oliiinhia convened  .*��������� L  Vernon,  B.C.  this year.     Tho convention was railed  loonier nt 11  o'clock  Monday,   Grand  Chancellor II.   Holfineister   presiding.  After    t-i'L'dt'UtinU    were     read     and  approved lhe ceremony   of eonferiing  thi* Grand Lodge degree was performed  upon twelve candidates, two of whom  were Past Chancellors of Gold   Range  Lodge 2(>, Hros Stewart McDonald and  II.  A.    Hrowii.        After     filling     the  vacuities       on        v 111 inns       standing  lommiUccs lue lodge ad join tied   imt il  "_ [1. 111.    At the illei iioon meeting lorn  nun L*   additions   weie   made   to     the  ini'itibeiship 1 oil ot the Giimd   Lodge  Tin' lejioi Is ol I he various ( oiriiintlees  weie then taken up   and   disposed   of.  'lhe committee   on   tiie  slite  ol   the  01 del      sliongly   recommended     ihat  1 nor o alien 11011 be given Iiy the vni ions  deputy     gland   chdtitellots    lo   then  respective duties, also that eveiy tlloit  lie   made   In   establish     1 en.plus     ol  H-illrhonc   Si-teis,   pointing    ouL Ihe  v .tillable aid these   L idles'   AutihiUies  aie to the order.      It    was   decided   to  h ive question c udsjiunted foi   11-e in  1,111k vvoi k so that the candidate.-*   may  be butler    versid   in   the   ritual.       A  motion that "The Pythian  Review   ol  Montreal"   be   appointed   the   official  oiganol  the   G1.1111I   Lodge   ol   B    C.  until birch trine   as   the  Giand   Lodge  sees fit   to   hive   .1   piovinci.tl   organ  jiassed unanimously.  A smoking concer t was held in the  Ver nou Openi House on Monday ivghl  when the memheis ot ColdstieamNo  IS, the local lodge, enleilained lhe 1  guests in 1 ight r oy.il style.  The imjnir liinl leutine ot Tuesdays  meeting was the election ot nllrcer s ten  thu ensuing yc.11 and atLti sevui.il  -pu itud cfinl ests the following weie  selected to ollice : Gi mil ('liniiielloi.  C. F. Nelson, New Denvei; Giand Vice  Chancellor, A 11. Ferguson. New  Westminstei; Giand Pi elate, (.i..lob 11-  -011, Nauaimo; Giand IC. ot R. and S,  K Pleidnei, Victoria; Giand AL ol K ,  10 Nut ban, Victor 1.1, Grand M. ol A.,  Win. Ii vine, Nelson; Giand 1 G, T.  W.rlkei. A'lctoini; Giand O. G.,i G.  T. Mallei y, Kamloops: Supteine  Repiusuntal ive, Noble Uitiris, Ti nl.  The Giand Lodge of 19J1 will beheld  it Giand Foiks, B C  Altei installation the netvly elected  ofhceis made shoitspeuches and when  1 he Giand Chaucelloi had imide Ins  appointments ol D. G. C's the,  sessions of the Grand Lodge weie  ���������d-outned to May 10th, 1<)UI.  Gold R ingu Lodge was lejuesenttd  ii> E. G.Biiuidge, H A. Blown, J. W  Meiinutland S. McDon lid.  Troue Lake Sawmill Capacity  of 5o,obo feet per Day to be  Erected���������Valuable Timber on  Trout Lake  Measi'S. Cecil Win! and H. S. Barton  of London, lOmjland, were  in   the city  List week and spent two days at Trout  Luke City,   looking   over   {he   timlier  property on the   lake   in   which tliey  11 re heavily interested wilh W..Cowan  mid   Le.Mnistte   and   Scott.      During  their  visit   south   they   were   uccoiii-  pmied   by   Messrs.   Cowan   and    Le-  Maistre and plans for the erection   of a  sawmill with a enpucity   of nU.OOO feet  per day were gone into   and   arrangc-  nients made loi    the   election   ol   the  simu.       A     contiiKl   h.is   aUo   lieui  signed Willi   Trout    Like   (onti.utois  loi tho tutting of 1,(IU'),000 I eel of logs  10 he duliveied lo tliumilll lii'i siiiniiu r  Messis. F. B.  Wells and   John   Aln 1-  liamson,    two     ot       the     gentlemen  uiteicbled 111 thu Trout Liko townsite,  were piesent Willi the   paity   and   ,111  ngieeincnt wns   enleied   info   by   Ihe  townsile comjiauy to   convey   lo   Ihe  mill company .1 huge j)i>'( e ol   guiiind  on the lake  shote   lot    a   iiiiIImIc, tbe  piesent millsite not   hiving   sr.fliiienl  spate  lot   a   null   y.ucl.     The   p.nlv  1 etuincd   lo   the   citv   on     Silnul.iv  evening nnd Messn  Ward and B11 ton  proceeded     en     loulu     to      London,  Kngl md, wheie fiullier  iiiiaugements  will tie made in   connection   with   the  loinjuriy. Besides       lhe      timbei  incijiei ly al Tiout Like Messis. Ward  and Bnilon aie hugely inteiested in  the itiigatiou woiksat ICamlnops,  wheie several thotisand acies have  been acquired suitalile for hint fium*-,  and a flume 17 miles long has been  icuistititled ti oui theNoilli Thompson  loi tho (impose* ot bunging walei to  tbe laud.  Artistic Successes  NOTICE.  Noti**!* Is hereby'given Hint ::n diiya after  date I Intend to make uppllcailtin lo  tlie Clik-f 1 omniisalniicr oll.aiiils aud Works  fiir a speeinl license to out and carry away  timber from ibe fiillowiii** deseilbcd lands  situated in Kast Kooteimy Distriet, H.C. .���������  Commciu'iiii; at a post planted on tlie north  bank of the Ooliuubia river, just above I lie  inoiitti of iinuiilns ercek, niul uitirked ".1. It.  .VUClcery's soutli oast cornel'." thence north  ft) chains, tlience west SU clia ns, ihence south  Hi ehuliifi, theneo east SU chains lo ihe plai^e-ol  bef-inning.  Dated this ntli'iiity of May, ltili't.,-   .  .1. IS.  MrCr.F.KHY.  _____ _  Notice Is hereby given that thirty dav.i after  dale 1 Iniend to make application 10 the  Chief Commissioner of bands and Works for  a special license to eut and furry away ilmlicr  froia thu following desei-lbcd land.**, situated  lu Kast Kooteuay District, I!. 0. :���������  Coiniiicii in*; at a po.sl planted on Ilie nortli  ba* k ol* the ColtiDibla river a out *.',*.<: miles  below Cummins ereek.nnd inurkeil ��������� 1!. uorle'K  s-uth east lorner," tlieiiee west 80 elniins,  liienee north SO chains, thenee east K0 ehnin*-.  Iheneesoiitii WI eliaivis 10 place oT he*{J:>iiiii|;.  Hat Mi thijfltli ili.v ,,f May, lfl'W.   ,  C   l^()^ 1 I*.  TOILET S  Ci iv ei *. \s.oited *so ips  CI   0   (ilvniiiie Soaj)  Ohvi   Oil &. Cuciinibci Soap  3 for 25c  3 for 25c  4 for 25c  A  1 li ccc* assoi Inn nt  alvv;i\s on  hand  City Fathers in Session  There was no quorum of the Citj  Council piesent on JFi id ij* last, so the  legulai meeting was held on Tuesday  it S p. in ; piesent the Al lyoi and Aid.  Hume, jMcl.Lod, .Mc-.M ihon. Law and  Foote.  COUMf MC V'tlOS-s  Fiom Chief nl Police, file alarm  icpoit.���������Filed; W. Al Livriunce, regaiding fences bioken hy snow plow  mil asking leave to plant liees on the  sheet; T bleed, as to open ditrh on  Kiont stieet; Associated Boat da of  Trade, re tourist lates; city solnitoi.  enclosing copv of lettei.-ent to II. N  Com Met that city not 1 espoiisihle foi  uveferrcr oac hmeiits; Athletic Association accepting terms of lease lot  igci cation ground.  ri-TITtOV  Fiom several resident's asking that  cast Railway avenue and Fouilh  street he opened up.���������Filed.  CITV H \__  REMODKLUNf,  Tenders ������ei e received from Messrs.  Nettle. Agren and Ftel_ fru* tins work.  On motion of Aid Hume and McLeod  W A. Fretz was avsaided the ronlract  oncondilion '.hat he put up bonds of  ���������3*ii5 and commence and complete  woik on instructions of Board of  Woiks.  ���������vroTiovs  Rw letter W. Al. Litvtenre���������Moved  Iiy Aids. ALLeod and Foote thil  Board of Works made Pm-nity as lo  snow plow damaging fencei nnd Alt.  Lawiencp he asked to refiain from  planting trees till in-utter wis luither  consideied  Re lettPi T. Steerl ���������AIov*.*d by Aid*.  Liw and Hume, that BoatdTif  W'oilc-T  ufend to matter at once.  Re Athletic* A1s01i.ition Alnvcd   hy  Aids AleAl.ibon and Foolc thnt ollei  he accepted suhjert to following altoi-  itions:���������(.1) That enliante fee to the  grounds sh ill nol he more iluin 3Jt:  (h) siiiew ilk extension be om.lted foi  this year, (1) public hive free access  to gi minds when not in use foi  1/1 itches ot games; (d) th it no pmcl ice  01 game he held on lhe .Sabbath by  in wilh the consent of the Association.  He Tom i-t Tiavcl.���������Aloved by Aid".  Law md Alt AI thnn th.it city tlci k be  insii ik Led to w 1 He rhi local .Supt. of  IheCI'.K as to I oui 1st fates dining  the -iinimn from Revelstoke to  South Kootenay nnd Bonndaiy.  Columhi 1  Rivei���������Aloved    by     Alcln.  Lnw and   Mr.Million, tint  representations '������* made to lhe Dominion   gov  (���������iitmeiil through  VV. A. Cilliher,   AI.  P,  loi nin of lhe government diedge  In   sli i.ghlen   the   channel    of     the  I olumbi 1 livr-i   below th,** budge,  r vk ������-.\ 1.1   riv 1. \\v  On mot on ol Aids   Hume and Law  the 'Pin Sale Bvl uv   was   intiorliiccd  ���������mil   11 ml    11   first    time.    The    itbiial  monthly ��������������� counts weie passed.  11 Mii:nrii rkkksiis  1M1. VV,*"*A. Fiels! nitiiiialcd to  (iiy    cletk    yesteuiiy    th tt   he  unable to   adept   thc    rontiatt  leniodelling   the    City    Hall    on  ltr\Llstolve ccitaiulv owls adebt of-i ititiule to  \\ 1 II0I1I1114; foi bi-ii)**nl���������' II iluhl Nelson and liis  coiiip.in> to the Opei.i irou-,e fm the piesent i*eek  Vie have 110 lu.--.it itinu in s tvin^ th.it* a tioup o  equal all loiiud ca]iacit> his nevct been seen 111  the inteuoi of the l'mviiue md veiv seldom it  tliu Co i*������t 1 vei*. uiLiiiliLi of the toinp mv pos*,is  *?es in ,1 lugli debtee the hist requuuncut of his  ut, that of elocution,,mil it lias hi tna genuine  plea-llie to hell splendid I nylisli piopiih leu  deiul b*, iiti**t** like II mild X*_l**oii, Clilioul  ltiuce and .Misses Vcilsnu .mil Dtvalseiii  lhe oiieiuu^ pliv, on Vlrunliv evtn.ng, w.us  I.rml l.vtion's Krcat di 11111 ' KiilieliLii * tvuli Mi  Nulliou in the title lole oni Mi Ihilee isAiluen  de -Iattpiat The ]e.i<lui*r;feuiiileili.iiacteis, .lube  (leMoitnnei and .Mmon de I.inuiu.vseto ill thu  Ii.mils of Mis-Neilson .1111] llelcnu hcott 1 e.sptct  ivl'Iv 'lhe conip Liutiveh niiiioi p.ut of tin. boj  page, I*tniiLois, < nnu into 11uusi1.1l ]jioiimiciiLe h*,  reason of its evtiemeh 1 level piesent ition bv  Miss Mane Davidson lhe stoi) told bv this  cli**si(. diam 1 it ish udlv iieeLssaiv ioi*.eill as it  is Ttell kiiovin to all lo-,ers of the liiunic v.mld of  the theatre l*pie;i iminilie >Ilv it 11111 he des  enhedas ,ls('lhe tiinuiph of mind ovei nl ittei '  lhe p-uutn le-jiulection of the nupflitv eaidmiil,  the pission of love defviug de itli ill Adneu de  M ui.unc and. liuIiicioii spin nn*, the ho} Jianeois  tow arils 1 limn s viork afl pomD with 110 uueeit 1111  h'l^ei to the lesson that hodilv inliiiiiilieM 'and  int.ip leities mav be siiimoimteil undei tlie stiess  01,1 dominant will and disi^^aidof i irctiiustanees  In the elurietel, of ' Halielieu' 111 Nelsim  showed himself a master of ins .111, and 11 ciedit  to the 'nonunion of ('inula Irom his opening  scene with .lulie wheie the tine min shines out  tiuoti������h the eruat of conventionalnitstciit*, to the  dual -eene in the Kings ehambei Mi Nelson whs  the eiiiliii.il to the life Throughout act i, w lieie  the buiden of lhe work fills 011 the titular ehaiae  ter there -iva** not .1 -.ingle we ik point 'ilie change  111 Adneu 110111 lhe intended uisassui to the  devoted sjim, reconciled to Ins wife and defending  the life of the Cardinal was brought about ie 111  iiiiniu ible in inner "Mr Hniec tluouglioiit showed  .1 eoniplete grasp of his part and held himself well  m IiiikI until the close of the diama Ilie other  characters were v. ell sublimed, Miss Xeilson pel  iriving with vivid efreeb the changingmoousof  hope, leer .mil love  'Jillsdavs pliv was Don Cesar dfc Hi/an, a  roniatte eoinedv founded ou \ ictoi Hugo's novel  lhe compui-, w,u>, equ.ill\ at home in it and the  title part anil that ofMiintaii 1 wci-e gems in tlien  w.i>  I_ist nights pcnorminee was "Iho Meiehant 01  Venice** -ts Sh>h,ck Mi "Selson sitniassedhi-  previous ch iracleris itiourt md Miss Scott, as  I'ortia, gave abeiatifu] lenditiou of the plea  comme-iiem^' Ilie(*n ibtv of ineii-j isuotstiaiucd "  The ludlenees ar.-lughtlv growing largci and the  Opera JJoua'* should l>e crowded for the list three  performance*- * 1 he lull tonight is ' Tngom 11, the  Barbarian,' l trlii*,lation from the Germ ill and  tomorrow nvht "IJanilet* will be given, followed  on Satnnliv evening, bv "Jtomeo ind Jiihet,'  which will elo**. the engagement If suitable  amu^enients enn Ik* made it is possible the com  pin> w ill j*Ja> a return one nigllt v i**it on Victoria  Dav, the 2-th in*.tanl  iMilICL.  Xollie is hereb) plvcn that ihlih  dim altei dale I luioud to make  nppl lent Ion to iho (Jblef comiiiissiouei- 01  bands and Works for a special license 10 em  and ennj awav tlml-er 110111 the lullowlUu  ebsiriheil lauds, situated in 1 asl Knotennr  I^isliut, II. u   ���������  Oomineiielii/ at a post planted on the north  ban** of tho Columbia, ilvei about '> iniles  above I he 111011 th of( u mini ns i reek and mark  ed 'It S Under, south east loruer," thece  west su 1 haiiis, them e norlh 1*1 < limns, thene**  east 80 chains, thenee south SO t haiiis to the  phue 01 beginning  Hated this inIi dav of Mav, 19UI  ������   S   lllil__lt  NOTICE.  Kotlic is herebv given that 0 davs nft"r  date 1 intend 10 mnki* upplli itlou ti the  CI1I1 f( ommi*.*,lonei ol bands and Works foi a  special llcom e tot ut and eanj avvaj Ifiuticr  fiom tho follow Ing described lauds ululated  in East Kootena) District 1{. C     -  Commencing nt a post j.hinted on the nortli  bank 01 tlie Columbia river about one mile  above the mouth of Cummins creek, uitirked  1 I It McUlcerv's south east eornei," them e  nortli SO chums, tin nee west 80 thiiins thene.*  sou li bu chains (hence east bti (lialus to the  initial post.  Dated tlnsctli dav of Vlay, 10(1!  J. 11   -IcCfd EltY.  Javing  PURCHASED THE" DRY GOODS,  Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, etc.,  I am prepared to make you the best possible bargains in  these lines, and beg to solicit a continuance of thc patronage extended'to the old firm.  NOTION.  Notice is heicbv giv (11 that'10 divs iftei dite I  intend to make applte itmn to the Cluet ( omiiils  siouei nf 3,mils md Woiks foi a ,pei 1 il license lo  cat and c.mv aw iv timbei fiom the following  deseidied lands nt situ ited. 111 1'ist Kootin iv (lis  tnet, II C ���������  Coiuiiieileing it 1 post pi oiled on the South  bank of the Columhi 1, nvei, about three miles  above the month 01 (, moo 1 ivl>i, and maiked "U S  .lohiisnn's _v'oitli West Coiner', tlience 1* isl SO  eliiins, thenee south bO eh mis, theiue west SO  chains  tlieuie ninth bO ehainsto uiitiil pout *s  1> ited this 7th (1 iv of JI lj, 100) "  11  *j JOHNSON  AND   BEING OPEiVED UP AS FAS,T  AS POSSIBLE  *. ���������  ������ A visit to Our Stores and a'n inspection of the new  goods is particularly requested.  MACKENZIE  AVENUE.  NOTIOE.  Xot-u e is hei eb> giv en th it 10 dav s aftei d iteil  lutein! to iu ike application to the* Chief Couimm  siouei of I amis and "A oiks foi 1 special hccNse to  eut.nd earn awav tunhei fiom the following  dest 1 died binds situated 111 I 1st Kootenav dis  ti u t, II 0 -1  Commencing at ,1 post pi lilted on the south  bink of the Columhi 1 live 1 abiuit fom miles abo\e  the mouth of Canoe nvei, and maiked "11 S  Johnsons Noilh West (oinei , theuce eait SI)  1 liains thence south SO eh.ains tlience west 80  eh nns, theuce north Ml chains to the place of beginning - /  DitidthH7tli tlav of Miv, Tins     *  II fe TOIIN-aON.  NOTIfE  Notice is heiebv given that lOdavs aflu date I  intend to make ipplie ition to the Clin f Couimis  sioner of L m Is anil Woiks foi a s.ieci il license to  cut and 1. nj aw 1) timlci firm ihe following  dean iIhhI 1 mils s tu iteil 111 \V est Kootenav Disttiet, IJ  C ���������  Commencing ���������ia post ]iljnt,*>(l on the i.oith hank  of the Colnnibiiiivei, ahiiut two miles west of the  month of Cinociivei, md mnikcil I T Nngles  Noitli I'ast Coinei , tlieiiee south 61I drum,  thence west SO eliains, tl ence norln TO chillis,  t'lenee cast 80 (Inns tn Hi.' pi icu of beginning  Dated this 7th dav of Mav, lfiiu  ,T T Ntai.i:  Hon.* Paviel -Jills,, ex Minister of  Jubtice and Sndge of the Snprerne  Coiut died suddenly on Ftrd ly lust nt  Olt-ivv.i. As 11 strftesumn, jurist .ind  mnn of letteis ho wns one ot the most  pi onimenc men rn contetnpoitity  Canudian Irte.  c NOTIOE  Notice i������ herebv g ven that SO iImi aftei date I  mtinid to make application lo the Chief Coinmis  oionui of Lauds and VVo.ksfoi a s.ui ml lirensc  to cut and can v awav timber from the follow mc  described lands situated 111 West Kootenav Dis  strict, H C-  Commenting at a post marked "C Bojle sNorth  Last Cornel, planted on the west hmk of the  Columbia river jus} below the mouth of Kight  Mile cieek (below Cmoe liver), thence west to  chiuis thenee soutli bO chillis, thence cast 60  chains, thonce north 80 chains to the point of com  moiieenieiit  Dated this ilrd da> of April, 1001  C   HO-LE  ������ ?V5* 8-f-S-i*^  !c--KY.*{'->!- C-i it*} 5- {������������������������ Vi 3"������**S->;  :���������������-���������������������-��������������� ���������*.���������"*--*���������<��������������� R-{--*5,--{ *���������������������������������������������������*-���������������������*���������������*!������'-������  #  *-*<  ���������     ___. &  ���������      %  HOUSE  TO YOUNG PEOPLE                s  FURNISHINCS.  J  WISHING TO GETfMRRSED   *     /  CARPET8,  But not having the necessary  LINOLEUMS,  ,                   funds to furnish a *home wilh,  PICTURE   '  -   come along to us and we will*  '   furnish it for you.  By paying ���������  FRAMING.      -  a few*dollars per month, you'  UPHOLSTERING  will   gradually   become,   the *  CABINET  ,      owner of it.    You will l*iave_a ^  -   (     nicely  furnished   home   and, .  MAKING.  something to look atrfor your  ALL KINDS OF  money, instead of,spendingjt  REPAIR WORK.   |  'foolishly.           .    '       *-  ���������*.    -,  REVELSTOKE  FURNITURE  STORE.  8"  * -  ������  ���������fc K*S<-fe^*"������*S-KA-*������* ?���������������*-������ a-SK'eSf ������������������������������������������������������������������'}'<*-������ fe-S-������^**������������5SiS*-*S**������"������JK������:-K-������������**������-3fi* *  NOT/013.  lake iiollii* Mm thirty day* after date f  mtiiiil V, np|.lj l > the ( luef ( oiiiiiiisnioner of  I_md*iaiid Works for 11 special license lo cut nnd  carrv a������<tv tiiiil*.'i from the following dos< ribed  Until* ���������  Comiiienciiig it a post marked "Prink CuhcV  11.nth e 1st coni.-r posi planted on the* with bunk  of the west bran* h of I'liizhton creok about 21  mlliH from It������ moiuh and J mile from the Korku,  theme north W> ih_uis, thfmi' went 80 chillis,  th*>ne** Mouth 30 (hiin**, tlience east 61) e hains to  point of 1 rHuiuciirfitient  Dited tliiri Mh ila> cifMi),l(������l  H!*M( CA-sK  NOTICB  Notice is hereb> given that thirtvda>������ after  date I intend to in ke application to ihe Chief  Comml slonerof bands and Works for nspeelal  license to eut und r*arr> awav timber from  the following <le**eribed 'anela situated in  Vi est Kootenay Distrii t, Ii C   ,���������  Commeiiein*; at a post planted on the west  bank of the Columbia river, just below tlio  mouth of Kight Mile creek (below Canon  river) and marked 'K s butler's south cast  corner."_tlieiiue_u_est 8llj hnlns, theneo north  80 chains tlience east 80 dial ;s, thence south  80 ubalns to initial post  Dated thi* 2Jrel daj of April, 1001.  ' II. S  BU  LK������.  the  w,is  for  the  PROMPT DISPEHSINC OF  PRESCRIPTIONS  WALTER BEWS  * l)iii'!i;ist md St itioner "Se\l Iliinie block  hisis  ol      Ins     If iiilci      llllfl     ,1     S[IP(llll  iiKCliiif- of Die fhitincil   will   he   held  to consult'!   the; inatlci.  L. O L.  The iorhIiii nii't'tiiifc t'f I* O L. No,  Ki'iS will lif held in the lorluc** room  t'liiiinitiu', Friday evi'iiinpf, .ltSo'cIotk  shin p All riit'iiihi'ii in e u'liiicil.d lo  lip [iicsciit. Visiting 'iiemliciH w������!-  ciune'.  The Knyiil ficfiilct Ohnpter will by  opcnvil this evening; ill the lodge room  ,11 7.IJU o'clock, und the iristullution of  (illli crs will lake place nl the close of  Ilie Omnge Iiodjife meeting on Kuduy  eienitif**. All tppmber8 are I't'tjiiested '  to he piesent at'7.30 this evening,  NOTICR.  I f-k** notue that LiHi-lt dav*i ifter date I  intend l**������ ippl> to th* clifpf f^,niniisiiiuner of  Uinds and VVnrki* fo** a -.peri.il b'i*ni*e tofiit md  r,irr> Aw i> tunl**������r from the following described  lands ���������  Coninii'ncnw at.a post inark-'d "John fiotirnt a  No J, -.o tth west iiinrr po--t." situated on tin  cist side of r'*n(r*t.*.n *-rcok, alxuit } of ,1 mile  nortli of flies ra>l������*������r*ri ral.m, theme north wi  chains, thfn**c e*ast ifl) cliainM, thene** ii'iiith iKl  rh ilns, thnnre w/*st &) ***halns lo i>f>iiitof com  mem einr -it  Dated this ith d ij of \Uy, lWI.  JOHN UOL'JISF  NOTICE.  Notice is herebv eiven that thirtv  davs after elate I Intend to make  application to the Chief (ommlxsioner of  bands and Works for a special license to eut  and carry aw������) limber from Iho follow ine  described land-i -Hunted tu Kast Kootenav  District, It C   - '  rommii'i'lnir at a poht plant-don Iho norlh  hank of the Columbia river, about 1 ml ea  below the mouth of Cummins creek and  marked "h fvaulu a vontli east corner," tbence  wesimdialus, tlipixe north 80 chains, tlience  east bo chains, thence booth 80 elmlna 10 the  place of beginning--.  Dated UiIhAUi rbi) of Ma*, 190.!  i:   i\A(,U*  NorrcE.  Take notu n tha I thirty da>s after dat-c I In Und  to apply to the Chief ( omrnfsHloni' r of Lands aiul  W'01 lea for a spot ml llcom,** tti cut md ( irry awn)  timber from the followine; described hi nils -  Coinnu iielni; at .1 postmarked "-iiniff Martini  sontli v\eHt (ornerpo*4t ' situ itod on the coat hank  of I'imiriton (reek, a-t folm flouriicH  N'o 2 north west (01 nor, theneo north W) tha las,  I hence inst 80 ch uns, tic me south Bf) chains,  the nee wi-*t RiKliaiiis to pointof eommew. ment  Dated tlnsfflli daj of lUy  llKW  .IA.MKS MAItn.V  NOTICE.  Tale nrtliee thai Unity dajs after date  T initial to nppl> lo the ( hlef Coiniiiiflslouer eif  bands ind Works for 11 apodal lleense to eul and  t ariy awav timber from the following tluscribud  lands -  C'onimcm lup; at a post marked ".ronnio llnsli  vvood tones a south west corner post, aitualud on  theeast bank of I'lngHton creok,about 12 inilus  from its mouth, theme nortli 80 chnins, thenei  ��������� list 80 chains, Uiunec' south 8O1I111I11M, lliunce  west 80 cluiiiis to point of (omliieiiceineiit.  Dated this 8th dav of Ma>, 1901.  -M'NNIJ*: DASJIWOOI) JOKfiS.  Notice of Sheriff's Seizure  and Sale.  VOTICK I������ Iir.fll'HV GIV-HN that under and  '���������, by virtue of .1 ������a mini, of execution Issued out  of Ihe Count*. Court of Konteila>, hotdi 11 it Itoss  I mil, il C , ilali d the _nd "May, 1003, antl tlirected  tn the Slicrlir o' North Kootenav, against the  i(e,oda and i hattels of the Jlavenport field Mines,  I iinitid,,iUlie-aultof **( I, Miniumi, I liavetlus  ela> sel/etl untl takon Into crt'cutfoii a t|iiaiitltv <if  tools and cerorerlos now In two cabins 011 the  properly of thu sale) Dive-nport Oolel Mines, bun  ited. ilson, 1������kcabin 14 fort x li, fct I, also all the  lntcr^sl nftlii* Davenport fjnld .Mines Limited m  tin mineral (lalina know 11 as the .Mountain,Meadow  flriuip, vl/, Tho Meadow, Hk>hirk, Slukispcaie  ami liohela, situate on Whltfi clrouso .Mountain,  ahoul ir, miles from burton City, J! C, and winch  I shall sell h> i'llliHc-Auction  At tho Burton Hotel, Burton, B   C, on  Monday, the 18th clay of May,  it the hour of   ll o clock 111 the uinrnuiff, or so  inueli thereof as shall satisfy the above execution  witli alleosts,  expenses Sheriff's fees, etc , unless  the said amounts are sooner paid  Dated this Bih il ly of Ma>, 1003  JAMBS TAVr.OK,  Deputy Sheriff  <tl>  eiSSv  Isj-x-  _l)  You want to get thc Goods in your, hands to-be  able to judge their quality. "-/*-     "'       '<* ,  It is impossible to do  this when you buy the  icady-made clothing; soj  that is one distinct ad-*  vantage   in   having  usj  make your clothes.  We carry a stock   complete   in   every   particular  Sec us about your DRESS SUIT.  Ladies' Tailored Suits  ���������J. B. CRESSMAN, - Mackenzie Ave.  We 1110 tleiirinj* 11 line of dinner  ������������������ftIs, 07 pieces. Rpifului price $12,  Friday arid Stiturdiiy $S. C. B. Hume  & Co.  ���������r-Ti ������*_?>. _-_*_ _ _h_ _**__���������_ JT* JT* aPT* ������^*������ JT* _*_f_ #_ht m-K JT* JT* JT* -ii-P- ���������"I*'* JT* a-P- JT- ������T| JTm JT* __P* ���������."I*.  '4*1 Vfcr \L* Tl* 'X* ���������X* 'X** "X* "i* "X* "-Si" "i   "X* *vL   *%S������* *_L* *JL* *JLr *X* lX' ^r *Jfr **\r *JP *Jjr fX  * Tailoring!     Tailoring!! #  ty To the Residents, of Revelstoke and District : ^  T   J. 00RKANCE, Tailor,  j& Wishes   to  announce that  he  has   started  an  a up-to-date "business on First street, opposite the  SCtty Hotel. Mr. Dorrance has had considerable  experience in his business as a Tailor in Aus-  ttralia, having been his own master for the past  14 years, which is'sufficient to recommend him  to the public of this .district.  SI can guarantee all work entrusted to me to be of  the best.    ONE TRIAL SOLICITED.  *P ty ty ty ty ty ty tyty ty ty ty ty tyty tyty ty ty ty ty ty tytytyl  <_


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