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 Ofofif*^^  _A.3ST_D  LWA.Y - MEN'S JOURNAL.  Vol V.  187  REVELSTOKE B. C.    THURSDAY,  MAY 7. 1903  $2 OO a Year in Advance  C. B  &C0.  LIMITED.:  I"  K,-  WE HAVE, "'FOWNE'S " WASH SILK GLOVES.  SHIRTWAISTS  -We have at least one for every  lady in town and they are ready  for your inspection. There are  some specially fine ones in Monte  Cailos and Madallion Trimmed  Waists m Lawns and the New  Linen eftecLs.  _   MILLINERY  DEPARTMENT  MISS~ WARD has opened  a shipment of Ladies' andMtssc*-*'-  SaiJors .and Ready - to - Wear  Hats."    ,-  ^GENERAL  '/r.DRYGOODS  ~SWe������re adding   to  our  stock  '���������every^'d'ky..    Among   the   new  "arrivals;1*.are/* New     Organdies,  ^New-Tancy Prints,   New  Foul-  1ai-__������ New'Ginghams.. We hope  J'to,JshoW you the goods.  __,  ~" "4<������r*:  *_ . _*"_i  ���������"���������r-L 7* *,  gSUM  ^FOWHPS|%raLbVJES, IM WHlJE?ANb; ClBEAM.  H.?__E_______L__;i_-J_^^gi3E4 vv^*^_b#K������?w{ -i^iWir'*. *������,  -/,-*,*- -.***s  {.'tf'  C������S. HU  -LIMITED  '���������_-:  -;j*> -v  -r���������'---_-���������  WELLS OFFERED  ABIG BRIBE  Startling Disclosures Regarding  the C. & W.-bHouse Adjourns  for a Week���������Probable Personnel of New' Cabinet.  (Special to The Herald )  VicTiiiuA.- B. "v., May ."..-The big  thing thi* week in "political circles  cnine on Satniday, morning when ex*  "V-etnier^DiriT-iiuui -gave;���������the���������-ti ne  inwardness of the Columbia & VVeatei n  (khikIhI. Special inletest' was beina  taken in the Ohiet^Cuiinnissionet s  uridente Imt he thiewno light on. the  ���������mutter although it wns iippurent that  hit wns holding something hack. This  did not. suit Mr. Dmmmiiir, who got  vei y impatient at Mr. Well**.' testimony.  At last lie aliruplly hnist out,--Oh,  tome, out with it, wi-lU " ' .    .  The  Chief   Oomnimatoner however  rein ni ned diiml).  '    .  "Well, then, I'll tell it myself." wild  Mr. Dunsiniiii.iind went on, "When,  Mr. Wells tame buck he flist told Mi.  Prentice that uftci sneing Sir Thos.  Shaughnessy. the latter would not  accept the ptopomtion lo build to  Sp������nce*s Budge. Mr. Wells would,  not deliver the Ciown gtnnU. Mr.  Taylor, of Ebeits& Tayloi.uppioached  Mr. Wells in Monlieal and offeted hun  one in twenty shaies in a company,  which would take over the grant fioii*.  the C P. R.t of which his shine would  lie 30.000 acies. I think, if he handed  over the Crown giants. Mr. Prentice  told ine not to say anything until Mr.  Wells told me. Mi. Creorga MtL,  Brown was pressing for an answer na  10 why the Ciown giants were nol  handed over, tusked Mi. Wells why,  Mr. Wells said he would explain in a  Bhoit tfme. He'later dime to my  house and told uie.'* I said: ���������'Wells. I  will cancel the grants, I won t have  any monkey business In the government while I tnri in it.'; I found out  afterwards that it was wrong to grant  thoso landP."     , . ....  The exPreinter having made this  statement the Chief Commissioner  fully corroborated It nnd stated that  Mr. Tavlor informed htm that'two  members of the Monte were in the  deal, hut he did not get tlieir names. ,  When lhe House met on Monday it  wns announced that the Governor  would give his at-sent to the lteclssioii  Act, wl i.h he did shortly nfter as well  a.4 to all-Bills (hat hud passed their  third reading. The Premier then made  a, short atutement regarding lhe  aotonlshing disclosures' of- Satnrdiy  find suggested  that-tin  adjournment  be taken for a week pending t he stigma  on the. honor of ihe Hout-o being  dented by the Committee. This was  fully Mgieed to by tii.' JMcBi ide, and  although Houston and Neill objected  the Legisl.ituie 10-.H to meet again on  Monday next. Mr. Oliver, n ho has  vutiially been ' conducting the C. and  W. investigation will have the assist'  ante <jf counsel .paid by the Govern'  ment and has retained L, P.Duff, K.C ,  ���������for that pm pose.*> TheCoiiunittee will  hold at least two.-and piob.tbly thiee,  .sessions all week.  Today W. J. * Taj lor absolutely  denied the truth of the Chief Commis"  Hioner'b evidence und slated practically  that Mr. Wells approached hiin on the  matter. Pint of'the conveisation as  sworn to by Tavlor is as foi ows: ,  Mr. Wells:   "The company  sbo.ild  -do-something^foi���������us���������Theie.will be  twenty oi thirty thousandtuies in it."  Mr. Taylor. "Who lot? You ot the  Government?" and remarked that  attei going round 10or 20 there viotild  uoi be much left.  Mi. Wells said that there was mote  iii it hy not giving it to the company  at all, but bv having it located.  - Mr. Ta-floi: "You cannot do that  now thnt the grunts, are issued. Look  heie. Wells, itis ii^vety unusual thing  for a Minister to go tnund-with Crown  grants in his pocket sparring for ter mn.  The flist thing you know you will hnve  people saying ihat you are trying to  hold some one up."  Mr. Wells said that he could explain  it satisfactorily.  Mi. Taylor: "Perhaps yon can to  yourself, but can you to the pnblii?"  Su Thomas Shaughnessy is idignant  at Wells' version of the deal and will  probihly come heie and give evidence.  Buiiionr is nusy as to what the  Premier will do, it being lealizedlhat  the present Govei nment c.mtiot stand.  A man very close to Col. Pnot told me  todnvthat the outcome would pi obably  be a Consei vatue Government.forrned  after the passage of the estimates, and  nii appeal to the conntiy on party  limes. In the event of Ihis couise being  pui'Rut'd he staled that Chits. Wilson,  __. 0., would be asked to torin a  government, "and the following would  most" likely .be the personnel of the  cabinet: Chas. -Wilson. K.C, premier  and attorney general; Colonel Piior.  Minister of Mines; Richard Mi Bride,  Provincial Secretary; R. G. Tatlow.  Minister of.Finante; It. F. Green.Ciiief  Commissioner, and an Island mnn,  probably Mc-Phillips, Piesident. of Ihe  Council. It is conceded that this  would I'orm ii strong combination.  The Grand Jury today in five minutes" returned "No Bill" to the  Indictment against George Ji-ffs frr  manslaughter in which tho Deputy-  Attorney General wot ked no haid to  secuie uconviction.  ���������Light refreshments will bcseivednt  the City Bakery after the show eveiy  night next week,  GOLD, SILVER,  COPPER, LEAD  Are all Found in Paying Quantities in the Big Bend-  Smith, Laforme and Carnes  Creeks.  Refui elite was made in a recent issue  to some of the extensive placer giouuds  on I he east side of the Columbia liver,  ���������tbove Revelstoke, so it is pioposed  now to deal briefly with Smith cieek  on the west side, which flows into the  Columbia about, 50 miles above this  city. In eaily days tbe creek in  question was extensively worked by  placer miueis but not as much attention was paid to it as to Gold stream  ���������u*$l its tiiUutaii-s.paiticuIailv French  and McCullough "cieeks. With the  ���������id\ent of impioved methods of mining  tnd the peifucting of monitors the  woik of sluicing surf.ice deposits has  been lendeied comparatively easy and  deep p.iy gi.iv-L'l is ill lis made accessible  without the sinking and tunnelling  foiiii"ily the universal practice in  mining old < li innels. OnJSiinth cieek,  howevet the wtuk at piesent done has  been moie in the direction of sinking  and dulling than hydiuulic washing,  although on the Howard claim, some  distance to the north, tt couple of  gi mtjs aio provided for.  The principal enterprises on Smith  cieek have, so fin, been the McCarty  claim, and, adjoining it," the Blue Jay  which is held by the Duquesne Mining  Company. The work on the McCarty  ground has been more in the nature of  piospecting lli.iu actual mining, but  theiesults obtained wan.tnt the comment einent of operations on an extensive scale which will be taken in hand  ns soon as possible. *, Tbe shaft will be  continued to bed rock and drifting  commenced to woik the rich auriferous  deposits.whicli prospecting has shown  to exist in the vicinity. On the Bine  Jay, Mi. E. A. Bind ley, the manager,  has spent a large quantity of money  and each season repot ted the results'  obtained as most satisfactory.' He i.s  now in the east on business connected  with mining in the Big Bend and on  his leturn, will lesume opeiations'on  Smith i reek.  JTurning loathe discover ies of mineral  to _>lace.*lotated4under, the provisions"  *o"f- the' _Vfinieral ActJ in'TheBrgB'end  country, the. indications are exceeding promising. Almost withru sight  of, Revelstoke, to the noith west is  *Jord to Pass and about 15 miles up the  creek imining through it, the Jordan  group of claims was located,.which a  small amount of development' work  has proved to be of moie than average  value. These propel tie's will come  into prominence in the near fiituie.  Advening to the east bide of, the  Columbia the Hist mineral locatious'of  any pioied lmpoititiue ate about eiuht  mrl'sup Lilormetieek whnhenteis  thenvei some 20'miles.above Revel  stoke. The grea' est amount of development has been done on the "Adair,  and McCallum groups, which 'ate  adjoining and   run < practically north  andsnulh from the .head of the two  '���������ranches of the creek' in question.  The Kuieka < laun in the Adair group  has been wot ked moie extensively  than tho otheis and a two foot vein of  chaltopvnte was encutinteied in one  of the tunnels. Theoies of this section  geneially me similar in appearauce to  some of those of Rossland, tnd cairy  good values in gold, silver and copper.  Some of the veins, howeiei, consist of  copper sulphides, carrying from 4 to  1 oz. of gold, and will, in the ueai  fnt lire, he of gi eat vii'ue. The owners  of all the claims in this vicinity are  steadily woikmg them'.witli a view to  f iitm e opei ations as sopu as adequate  ti asportation facilities are supplied.  Continuing to the noith the next  notable mineral tamp,, is on dunes  creek, about eight miles to the north  of L'i for tne. The principal develop  merit on this creek has heen done hy  theCtrnes Cieek 'Consolidated Gold  Mines, Limited, that owns the Rose  berry group of eight claimaon Lookout  mountain, between the noith and  south foi ks. Some 700 feet of development work has been done and about  $20,000 expended on the properties of  ihi-j* company since their location in  1807. All of the claims are Crown  Granted and the company has a mill  site of 155 acres on the north fork. A  minetal zone upwards of 50 feet in  width has been found aud gold values  weie obtained throughout, together  with fiom" 8 to 10 per cent copper.  Arsenical pyrites, carrymg gold and  silver .and ehalcopyrite (yellow copper)  lvtve also been "encountered." Many  mining men of prominence have  leported on these properties including  W. Pellew Har vey. F.C S.*, Francis J.  O'Reilly. A.M.I C E.. ,,md. H. Perty  Leake, M.E , of Revelstoke. All these  authorities speak highly of the pio  perttes and Mr. Harvey estimates that  the aisenical pyrites can be treated by  the cyanide process for $3.50 per Ion  and 87 per cent of the gold recovered.  As the value of, th_ oie assayed by  hi in. was $22, it can.' bet seen that the  priopetties are exceedingly valuable.  Development has already proved a  continuous ore body���������pf 200 feet at  least from the surface which increases  in value as depth is reached.       <  lt may be sard, in,conclusion, that  all the mineial locations'.,from Giound  Hog basin south, appear to be on a  well defined'^ mineral**-, belt running  practically parullel with the Columbia  and about 4 *to*"6 "miles east. ..This  makes the supposition "tenable that, a  careful investigation->."v'ill show ^a  distinct connection-;between the free  gold of Fish river camp-jind those of  the; basin mentionedj^^If such*is the  ra������e~only*'KU_������sp������-Tt-rt*tioir^'d4ffieul.tl,e8  can prevent-iil! tn#mterrneduitfecamps  fioin coming into ptominenLe shnitly.  In* (he next issue of the7 Herald  descnp'ions will be given ot huthei  mineial discovei ies in the Big Bend, it  being thu intention , to. take up the  description*, ot the mineral wealth  sutrounding this city"*in a systematic  m inner, not in a booming sense, but  from rnlormalion obtained from official  and other lehable* authonties and  repofts.^many of which are practically  unavailable, having never heen placed  ui the hands of the public, -'*  ; '     *'   \        *���������  Thin.si'iies of articles will be widely  lead, and, it is hoped, will create even  moie,than the usual,inter.est in the  undeniably blight pioi-peets of Revel'  stoke. ' , ~~   _~, '  STRIKERS SLAIN  IN CRONSTADT  Montreal Strike may be Settled  ���������Mongolian Act Passes the  Dominion House���������Other Telegraph  News.  St. Pktersbukg, May 0 ���������A sei ioti-  clush occur red on Monday between  strikets and infantry at Cionstadt;2U2  persons weie injured and 3 ofliceis ot  the infant! y killed.  MACLEOD. N. W. T., May 7.���������Small  slides continue at Frank, Alberta, but  none of the lock teaches the base of  the mountain. Business men expect  to move into town again within a week.  Montrbai, May 7.���������Shipping interests gained in the Montreal strike  situation yesterday, mote cargo being  handled. Freight handler" have decided to handle no goods from steam  ers worked -by non union men. All  thelaige industrial establishments in  the city are likely to close down on  account of shortage of c������al. As the  result of a conference between the  mayor and a committee of stiikersla*,t  night, the longshoremen agtee to  certain terms which may end the strike  today. The shipping* men are now  considering the proposition  London, May 5.���������Kind Edward re'  ceived a great popular welcome on his  arrival in London from Portsmouth.  The raihoad station wftu closed to the  public, but appi ouches were thronged  hy large crowds and the road to  Buckingham Palace, which was gaily  decorated with fligs, was thickly lined  with people..  Our Ottawa Letter.  [special, correspondence.]  Ottawa, May 1st.���������The Gainey  investigation is still wearing on its  weaiy way. Some excitement was  caused over the alleged substitution  by Mr. Gamey of a deposit slip of the  Crossin Piano Company, and the  opening of .. the campaign of the  defense was a magnification of this.  The newspapers" cited for contempt  have made the amende honoiable  anS the incident has dropped.,- The  defence are calling hack duvers, &c,  in an endeavor to prove Mr.-1 Stratton  was not at his office when."the' money  was stated by Gainey to.be paid oveiv  -The1, .Ontario - Legislature; 'is -^again  in , session at >- Toronto'-1 and* the  Budget speech passed offt without any  incident, I lie pro forma "���������- resolution  being adopted without divisrou: All  hands seem to be waiting the1 verdict  of the Commission.    ,  TheFiench government have sent  official notice thnt a team from that  country will compete for the Palma  trophy at Bisley in July.  In the Senate the Bill making it a  criminal offence wrth a penalty of two  years' imprisonment, for ahens to  incite strikes in Canada has passsd  its second reading. The Brll regardmg  the illegal use of the union label ts  meeting with strong opposition ���������fiom  the Canadian Manufacttuers' Association and I. M. Fortier,  the Montreal  old  time   enemy  of  It hardly looks as if  Buy When You Can Get the Best Choice.  That is Right Now.  ii  Ladies' Tailor-Made  Costumes  'Then, are all nen and ntyllah Price.* from $14 to$25  Thene good, are late in coming to hand Wa got a Hpcclnl  di-countfroni the manufacturer!ou thin amount, no offer  thcin to >ou at upecial price.  Ready-to-Wear  Skirts  Full Range.-Slres 38 to ������    Prices from $3 00 up.  Misses' Bead) to-wear Skirts, sizes SO to Si, just put in stock  Blouse and  Shirt Waists.  Oar stock was neier so large and varied as at present.  Prices from 75c. up.  Wrappers, Tea Gowns,  Duck and Linen Skirts  Dressing Jackets, etc.    In now ideas, advanced Btyles    A  A beautiful range to select from ,  Children's Dresses  and Aprons , -  In Linen, Muslins and Lawns    Sizes from 1 jonr to 12  )ea������.  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The apparatus, which is of  the highest class manufactured is now  being installed ui the hospital where  tt will be of great use. Tlie follow ing  are the contributors:���������  Molsons Bank��������� $50.  T. Kilpatiick���������$25.  W. B. Pool-$25.  W. de V. le'Marstte.-$25.  A. E. Kmcaid.���������$25.  C. P. Lindmaik.���������$23.  G. S. McCarter.���������$25. -  Taylor & George.���������$20 in go'd  O B. Hume.���������$10  B. A. Lawson.���������$5.  T. W. Bi adshaw.��������� S3.  Miss McKinnon.���������$5.  Miss Campbell.���������$3.  Mrs. Tapping.���������$2.30.  J. G. Barber.���������$5.  Dr. Sutherland.���������$5.  Mrs. W. B. Nicholson was elected  *,econd   vice president   it    the  -  lust  meeting of the Ladies' Hospital Guild  _���������*���������_ i+_j*tt ______ ______ ___i!_^-__i_- MM..  *$> ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty 'V 'V 'V 'V  YET ANOTHER  COLD BRICK  Was Brought to the City on  Tuesday from the Goldfinch  Mine at Goldfields, Fish River  District. *  * Manager Frank Black-well of the  Norlhwestci n Development Syndicate,  Goldfields, arrived in the tity Tuesday  evening accompanied. l>y the l.ite-iiitn-  ���������tger Judge J. B Cuitis They brought  with them an 8t "ounce gold buck  valued at $1600, the pi oil net of,a 75  liout_.-j.iin of-tlie^ompaD-j's ten stamp  mill. "The bullion was'obtained from  80 tgn*. of ore fiom the'Goldfinch."  Development on the -"properties of  the tompiiny is being puslie.l as Lipid  ly as possible, and it is expelled Ihat  in a few weeks the null will start  running steadily. The two runs t-o  fai have been meiely of lock sent  down as a counterpoise when shipping  mining and food supplies by the gra  vity tramway totheiamp.it the mine.  The owners are much pleased at the  high value of the fa.cond run, whuh  fully bears out Judge Curtis'piedit-  tion that when the pliles became  seasoned thc oie would average at  least $20 in gold.  A leptesentative of the Herald had  a short talk with Mr. Blackwell and he  seams much impressed with the mineral weath ol the Fish river tlistiict  To use his own words, "I found conditions much better than I expected."  He hopes to have the mill in full swing  in two or thiee weeks, and. from  present indications, the lock will he at  least equal in value to that mentioned'  above. Mr. Bl ickwell, for the past  four and a half years, has been man  aging the<-uou mines nt Ely. Minn.,  for the steel trust and isa gentleman of  large experience in mining. 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Harold Nslsou and his clever company  will play a week's engagement at the  Revelstoke Opera House, pu-senting  Shakespeaiian and romantic diitma-*  in a manner never before attempted  Iiy an orgnni_ution travelling through  Westorii Canada. Mi*. Nelson and Ins  company began their season in eastern  Canada lust May, and since then h_v_  been steadily touting" west with a  success that has made u rccoid in the  dramatic history of Canada. Jn Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and the  towns of North West Canada his.  HauiUt, Richelieu, Shylock, Romeo,  ant. other chatacters have cteated a  sensation by their dramatic strength  and intellectual refinement. He is at  prssent completing a seues of <*ogage-  ments in the Crow's Nest and Kootenay distiicts, where ciowded houses  have been the invariable rule. Thc  plays are magnificently and correctly  costumed, many dresses having been  brought fiom Europe by Mr. Nelson  where they we're mude by. the most  noted theatrical costumers. The company carry a large amount of scenery  and thoroughly delightful and artistic  performances are assured. The opening drama on Monday night will be  "Richelieu."  Rifle and Target  The Rifle Association held their second  shoot on Saturday when the following  were the best scores m-ule. Dull weather  mitigated against good target practice:  S00       600       600       Total  Dr. Cftrruthern    80       31        ig 89  B. A. Lam-on       ������       25       S������ 79  T.Stceil    W        ������        18 ������  T.Bain    IS        19        W ������  Dr. Sutherlanil....*:...   2**        1|        1< g  Clias.Holtcn    22       IS       ;2 ii  Total      Wl  Arei-ago 85 or ������2 per cent.  Description of'the Remodelled  ** ��������� ���������* <.    ������������������������'  School  Building, Tenders-for  Which  will   be  Opened  To-'  -\ ���������*"    *������ -*��������� -  morrow Evening. ,.,." '>>  ' "'*  Tenders foiviemodclling of^ttie old^'  school building forus* as the City Hall   .  will he opened at the council   meeting  tomorrow   evening.     The   plans   "as  piepured show an edifice which, would-  I ������ a credit to a much  laiger city than  Revelstoke.     The main enttance will ,  be on McKenzie Avenue, the present  poitico being tetained, with tailings at  '  the front, thc  building being reached'  by   a.   wide   flight ot   steps  fiom tho"  street let el.  The ' entrance to the ground floor  will be on the right hand side of the -  building, a wide cotiidor tunning  neatly the whole length. To the left  will l)e"the"oHice-f_t;iiief_ot JPolicp-U-  x 11 feet, the counter of the City  Clerk's department adjoining it. The  main office is 12 x 18 feet and ample  loom is thus provided for ofllce lix-  tuies, desks, book rucks, etc. '  The rear and is subdivided in tho  plans into two 'rooms, the right hand  one 10 \ 12 feet being designed as a  private office for the city oleok, while  the left division 12 _ 10 will be.used tit  n stoiu room for the electric light  soi vice. In this room will bo displayed  all clitS2.es -of lumps, shades and other  fixtures so that intending purchaser-,  may ba able to pick out the most  suitable fittings. Ktoin this room a  flight of steps will lead to a workshop  11 x 10, the latter being an addition to  the present building and filling in the  space lietv* eon it and the file hall. ,  A double  High I of steps leads to the  upper story which  will be used as the  council cliiuijber with a small office in  the front for the Mnyot.   The size  ot  the  chamber  will   be  approximately  ���������10 i 25 feet.   The large windows on the  second floor will beieplnted by smaller "���������  one**, the plans pi oviding for three on*; -  each side of the council chamber.  The "  present pitched roof will be taken off  and a flat one. having n fall of  8 feet "  in Ihe length  of  the building bmlt in  its. place.  .Altogether the plans show a   ,  rery  suitable   a-haiigpinent for  civic  pnrpoKes and the new  City   Hall  will  doubtless be found most Convenient in  every respect.  A Startling, Discovery.  Wilhin the past few weeks a star of  magnificent brilliancy has appeared to  "most of our readers. On close ex?min?-  tion it proves to be Marie Laniour starring  in " A Wise Woman." Manager Tapping  says thnt by this disco ,-cry we are placed  in possession of observation which proves  that this luminary is approaching with  great velocity, and Ihat she will be distinctly vi-iblc to the people of this city m  her radiance at an carlv dale.,  *. I*   >?l  ������'V;  , ������**.*i ���������"> i  " r]  ���������I'i.Z I  --**-"**v I  ���������*-l  -   ������'I  "-J*.'** L  7v-'������|  'it'  -**���������*!  1    '   -**���������������  __#P  *-*���������   ,    l'jf    I  >*i.-i \y  ^nmmmmmfffmmm^mfmfffmfffmmffmfmmffmm?1  T   8 GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION,  ITS LUMBERING, MINING  AND RAILROADING,  WILL MAKE REVELSTOKE  ������ The Largest City in the interior of  British Columbia.  WE WISH TO CALL THE ATTENTION' OF SPECULATORS  to the Fact that Great Opportunities Exist to Make Money in Real  Estate. Lots that sold four yeajs ago for $50 arc worth to-day $1,500  and values in the future will increase more rapidly than in the past.  THE   SMELTER   TOWNSITE  CONTAINS THE VERY CHOICEST BUSINESS  LOCATIONS  IN THE CITY OF REVELSTOKE.  Special inducements Offered to Home Builders  Wc have given you thc lip.  Don't fail to take advantage of il.  ^   T T^IXTTQ  "RT? flQ   local agents,  E   JJ-Ej W ������0   JS-KLIO. REVELSTOKE, B. C.  ���������HS������  -*������3  ----_������  -**-<<**"3  -"���������"HS9  &mmmmmmmMm������iumimmmmmumumiiil%  Revelstoke Heraid and  Railway Men's Journal.  TuunsDAY. May 7,101X5.  MAY THE EIGHTH.  After the "time of purging" during  which' the monarchy of England wits  merged in the Oommonivealth with  Oliver Cromwell and , afterwards his  unfortunate brother Richard at the  head of affairs, the royal succession  was, restored on May Sih, 10G0, by the  accession of Charles the Second to the  the throne. The liberty of the subject,  for which the limndheads fought, has  been greatly enhanced since the  rebellion of 16.0, and wc can look back  with pride at the history of the succeeding centuiies as  "   *   *   freedom slowly broaden!, down  " i'roni precedent to precedent."  THE STORM CENTRE  The storm centre'of the Columbia  and "Western investigation has apparently shifted. As will ��������� be seen in  another column, Sir. W. J. Taylor,  law partner -of Hon. D. M. Eherts,  offered the Chief Commissioner a bribe  of 30.000 acres of coal and oil lands if  he would complete the notorious deal  with the C. P. R. In justice to Air.  "WelU it must be said he refused the  bribe, but why he did not at once  infonu the Premier rather than leave  it to come to Air. Dunsmuir's ears  through other, sources, we are at a  loss to understand* How Air. Dunsmuir could retain the over discreet  Air. Wells and the law partner of the  -alle*i;CTl-=briber���������in*=his-contidence and  let them remain his colleagues in the  government is a matter that should  lie sifted to the boitom. No member  of the House who votes otherwise than  to turn the rascals out will be worthy  of the votes of his constituent--. Gen  tlemet). itV up to you.  particular,   would   not  exist   if   this  branch of the city service was properly  attended to and an adequate supply of  water forthcoming during the summer  season.     Pure   water and lots of it is  an absolute necessity if thc health of  our citizens is to be preserved, and wc  are   sure   the   ratepayers, as   a body,  would be willing to submit to a higher  tax levy   if   this proposed profit were  eliminated and spent where it rightly  belongs���������in "the provision   of  an improved   and   enlarged     water   works  system.      This' juggling with the city  funds   makes the   separation of  civic  monopolies   and     civic    taxation   an  absolute   necessity.     In all up to date  cities   enterprises  of   this   kind     are  managed   by   Commissioners,  totally  absolved from   control   by the council  as far as   tho application of  profits-is  concerned, and   if   some   step   is not  taken in this  direction by Kevelstoke,  or   the* present   methods   very much  altered, wc   shall   havo a lew general  taxation at the expense of   the public  health.  iii UTUA L CONCILIA TION.  CIVIC JUGGLING.  The calm assurance with'which the  Mayor and City Council pat one  another on the back regarding expected profits from the municipal water  and electric light works would be  amusing, if there'-was not a niorr*  serious side to thc matter. The Hev-  Alr. Stiggins was no'more a hypocrite  than are the gentlemen in question  who. as late as Alarch 27th, growled  at provincial water rentals being toe  high in respect -of these works that  "were not run for profit but as ar,  improvement to the city." And yet,  out of these yclept unprofitable, works,  they propose to provide for practically  all the civic improvements and relieve  the general lax(>ayer from any lev*,  on this behalf.  To put it shortly, a citizen who it  enterprising enough to. use both civil  water and light has to pay far too  ���������much for them, so that the annua)  levy for municipal improvements shall  look nice on paper, and relieve tin  large body of citizens, who do not usi  both. these commodities, from paying  their proper share of taxation. And  JJje profit from tho  water  works, in  This method of disposing cf trouble  between employer and employee lias  been most extensively employed in  tbe bituminous coal fields of the  United States, and a synopsis of the  results there obtained will, for the  purposes of this article, be the best;  means of illtislnting its effects. The  latest oflicial document available  dealing with the matter is the "Coal  Hi-port of the Illinois Bureau of Labor  Statistics. 1000" which contains some  very interesting and instructive data.  Tbe Secretary to the Bureau in question writing to the ._$/. V. Alining  Recotd in October, 1001, said:   "Whal  i s-k n own as the-j ol 11 f or mterstiite  organization resulted from the suspension which occurred in the summer of  1S07. While the miners at that time  ������v������*re but partially organized, so miserable had their posilion become, that  tlie order to suspend was generally  complied with. In lhe fall of that  year representatives of thc miner-" iiikI  operators met in national convention,  and'formed- the present nrganiz-itiom  It embraces the competitive coal fields  of Pennsylvania. Indiana. Ohio anil  Illinois. I might*, say that the real  basis of the movement is the'inutiuil  recognition of the right to treat with  ���������*ach other as an organized body, find  ill contracts' nlrectiu'g mining prices  md wages of other classes of labor uie  .���������or.sntniiinled through duly selected  li'legates representing both interesls.  These agreements continue "for on*-  ye-ir, and have been scrupulously  observed.  "The States forming the; national  ugaiiization hold separate conventions  for: the. purpose of adjusting matlers  total lo them. Where any disagree  mfiit,irises at any point between the  miners and operators, representatives  if each interest arc .selected to ascertain whether or not the general  igi'fcment between miners and opei-  ���������itnrs has been infringed upon, the  understanding in every case being  tliat work will not be suspended or  bti-ilness in any way interrupted, pending such investigation.  "The operators of this and thc other  dlnles appoint commissiotiers at. a  regular salary, whose principal duties  ire to  meet  with   representatives) ofj;  the miners, and see to it^tli.it the  provisions ot the 'stale,' as it is>tailed,  is eveiywheie obseiied and complied  with."  We  will   further   qucte   fiom    the  repot L mentioned:     "Sinie   the li'dei'  'ation   ii.is   effected,   with     but    lew  exceptions, tbe li.idehas sucteeded in  avoiding the di*-.igreeiiK'iils   that lead  lostnkes.     Tire   plan lesponsihie  for  these   lesnits   does   not   piesume   to  remove t.iu-ips of discussion, ot even to  discourage legitimate agitation, but to  apply whole    difleientes     ,11 ise���������and  they are muneious���������the taie elements  of  common   sense.     In shoi t, it is the  long delayed acceptance of the invita'  tion extended Iiy the ancient piophet  of   Tsinel,    "Come,   let us  leason   together."     Out  of  it has come many  substantial   benefits   to     the   mineis.  .Wages have been mateiially incieased;  thu not king  d ty   1 educed  to     eight  hours: semi   monthly   payments;   the  genet.d adoption in tins  State of   the  mine 1 un system; the lecognition, not  only   of    the    organisation,   but     its  practical admission hy the employeit,  as a joint   pnitnet   in   thc   business.  Many of  these  concessions have been  made possible,   not   because  of    the  union     alone,    but   on    account     of  improved conditions.    Organisation of  itself,   however  strong, may  coultol,  tint it cannot creatP.      Tt is no dispar*  agement of the present method   to say  that,   back of   the friendly alliance oi  these  interests aie the fruitful, causes  that have recently  contributed to our  great   indiisttial   revival, and itis the  wish of .ill that they might coDlinue.  Having set outan official i_port of  the scheme of mutual conciliation, we  will now givp a confirmatoiy slate*  mfnt of veiy recent date as to its  result's. Senator Alarcns A. Hann*  addressing the Amalgamated Assti-ia-  -liotucit Iron. SteeLnnd Tin Weaker-* at  Columbus, Ohio, on the 21 st. ultimo  snid :  "To you. my fi iends. is rlw tlin  practical woi kings of an oig.wwzntion  which started you on a print* ipl. of  mutual inlet cat, anil inviting your  eiiiploveit to join with you in the  settlement of a scale, which means nn  annual agreement. That is the underlying principle which iv the most  importnur factor in tin*-gieat problem.  "In other In inches of husiness.  notably the United Aline Woikers.  followine* that example, we have had  fi ye conseciti ve yeai s' absolute peace  ami comfort. Inuvocatrd tho doctrine,,  recognizing the fact that yon cannot  separate the interests of the employe*?  and'-employee, that there must be _  'common gtonnd upon whicli the  employer and employee enn meet on  friendly tei mi, with IhP determination  in iio wluil might, and feeling I bat is  the solution ol the whole question.  The amalgamated association was tbe  pioneet in this woik, nnd their  conservatism has been the foundation  of theii sniceis. Puisne thnt policv,  my l'i iends, meeting conditions at  conditions change; meet opportunities  -us ''nppnitmiilipq offer for your own  idvancprnenl, for your own better*  inenl,   but  always   with  a   spitifc  of  LEGAL  1: siv sTitn _ scon.  _._>  Barristers ".olieilor**, i'Ac.  itevclsiokv, 11 C.  J.ll.Scott,11 A ,LL.H.   W.tl. v'.le.Iaistro, M.A  JJAKVEY, M-CAUTE. .A. I-IXKIIAM  Barrister**  feoliLitors, _tc.  Solicitors lorlmuer'nl Hank of Canada.  Compam- funds to loan nt8 percent.  Upst Street, Rcclstokcll C.  SOCIETIES.  "Red Rose Degree meets second snd fourth  Ti.esda-ts of each month; White Rose Dcc-ree  n__ets third Tuesdaj of each quarter, in Oddfellows Hall    Vihltinfi* brethren welcome  Dr. CHRRLTHERS,  President.  T B   BAKER,  Act. Secretary.  conciliation and conservatism, and  you will be the leaders repiesenting  labor in Ibis gieat government."  The conclusion must thetefore be  drawn thnt the I wo Luge bodies  men tinned have found the adoption  of mutual conciliation an absolute  si'icces"). As in these two impoi tank  instant essuch satislnLtory 1 esultshave  brer, obtained, we would suggest thafc II  this method should leteive careful J  consideration at the hands of hoi It  ciipil.nl and labor in British Columbia.  The iron hand of compulsion should  never be used except ne a  last lestul;  Writ* for our interr-iting hooka " Inv���������nt.  or'a Help" nnit " Hot/ you arc swindled."  Send 111 a rough sketch or model of /our In-,  ventlon or improvement nnd weivill tclt vou  free oiir opinion tin to whether if it prfcbabl/'  patentable Rejected nppllcatlonsh-ivcoflen  been ���������.Meccisfully pioicculed by ns. We  conduct fully equipped oflirri In Montrenl  and Wiiililiiftlon ; tliisc'tinllfiei Hi to prompt**,  ly dispatch work and quickly secure Tntents  aa bro-id .U, the Invention. Highest references,  furnished. 1  Patents procured throuffh Marlon & Ma 5  rlon receive (-pedal notice without char-ro l|i'  over ioo newspaper! distributed through-lit,  thc Dominion .  Specialty:���������rnlenf birilneas of Manufac /  turcrsnucl ltngiiiecni j>  MARION & MARION     5  ... ..-  ,        Patent Experts and Solicitors,   (  many men tnay|bo pt'istliiaed who will   >omi..,_.   /  New York Life B'Wpr, l*1ontre_[<  e resisti ng force. k C__!____L___S!tl< BJd_,WaibIniiton D.C.i  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE   No. 1658.  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"As a salmon net hasn't pi overt a  success," BUggesled Mr. Neili. "the  Government might try a fish trap."  Whci eat the House smiled  audibly.  NOTICE.  Notico la herebv given that 30days front date  I will apply to the i hief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for ft special license to cut  and carry away timber from the following  described laud*, in West Kootenay .  Commencing at a post planted about 4 miles  up Bin-Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked "lolin Hoards' sout.b ������a***, corner post,"  theneo west 8') eliains, thrnas north SO chains  Ihence ea������t 80 chains, the.-.sc south SJ chains  to the point ol commence*;:.  Dated the -'8th day oi Mt*rji:r I91S  .umi.s .iwaKDS.  NOTICE.  Notice is herebv ���������_��������� i-_,i  time .*_   ��������� '>'.*.'  i.n.i.  dale I will applv to the Ohi.-f I'-.i.ii m****h>,*.*7 o*  L nd.s and Work** lor n -*, p ,*i.   hi'*     ' ���������  and carry away  iiiiilicr   *.* -'    -  dc-eri bed lauds in v\'e.**t -  Commencing at a  .     *.   ,   Rig Mouth creek, ou tne soutn Imtik and  marked "K. .Lund's i-outli vveht erner post,"  thence east 80 chains, thence north 8*1 chains,  thence west 80 chaiiis. thence south 80chains  to lhe pointof commencement.  Dated the 28th day ol March, 1003.  R   A. LU   D.  NOTICE  NOTICE is heieby given that thirty  days from dale I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner pf Lands and Works  tor a special licence to cut and carry  away timber from the following* described  lands in West Kootenay:���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  south bank of Canoe river, about 2 miles  westerly from Arthur. T. Claxton's north  east corner post and marked "Fred  Wilkes' north east corner post," thence  south So chains, thonce west So chains,  thence north So ehnin**., ihence east So  chains to place of commencement.  Ij.ili'il tin* 2311. tiai 0! March, 1003.  1 Ri-u Wilkes.  NOTICE.  Tha lepnrt 011 Coast lion Oies, by  the Provincial All net alogist, is a most  exhiustivc consideration of this branch  of the mineral wealth of the Piovince.  It will not he long liefote these  extremely valuable deposits will I e  extensively winked. The furnaces at  Irondale, Wash., impoit at least 75 pei  cent of their pioduitftoin B.C.,paying  an impoit duly of 40 cents per ton.  Wilh this duty not called tor, with  much bettei coal, und the added  incentive of the Dominion bonus,  biains and e.ipilal could todny make a  success of iron piotlutlioii al lhe  Coast.  Take notice that .10 fays afterdate I intend  to apnl> to thc Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works for a special license to cut and  carry away timber from the following described Ian .8 in West Kootenay:  Commencing at a post planted about'l miles  up liiu Mouth creek, on the aouth bink, nnd  marked'Gtis Lund's north west corner post."  thence cv-t 60 chains, theneo south 81) chains,  thence west 1*0 chains, thence north 80 chains  to the point of 1 ommencement  Dated the 28th day of March, 1903  GUS LUND.  The voluminous 1 epot t of the Pi ioi -  Ebetis trip to Ottawa is a disgiaceful  waste of money. Everything.except a  few tables, is ancient* history. For  instance, the Report of the Convention  of Provincial Ptemiers al Quebec, thai  Col. Pt tor was loo busy lo attend, is  included. Also a whole lot of slut-  about thc Halifax awaid of twenty  years ago. It would be mtei estuig to  have a detailed repot t of expenses.  After an 'exhaustive examination  the physicians in attendance on Joseph  Mai lin. M.P.P., have decided ..that, foi  the pie-sent, it*������is ^ not absolutely  neeessaiy to amputate '"his leg. *.Mi.  Martin will thetefote be tound again  in a few days and lake his shot at the  -Government. .'*"���������''���������������  NOTICE.  Thirtv davs after date I intend to apply fo  the Honorable lhe chief Commissioner or  Lands and Works fnr a special license to cut  and carrv awav timber from the following  described lands in West kootena;  Commencing at a nost planted about 4 lnilci  up Hie .'.'outli creek, on the south bank, and  marked "It A. Lund's north cast vomer post."  thence west SOJehatn**., thence south 80 chains,  thonce eait 80 chains, thence north 80 chains  to the point of commencement.  Dated the 28th day of March, 1001.  R. A. Ll)ND.  NOTICE.  '��������� ' '��������� *.. .-. ii. r-bv j^i>-cn thai 30 da3*s  .id-, ..._i��������� l v\..t *v*ip'o 10 Lhe Chief Com-  mib-jioii-r 01" haiius and Works for a  special licence to cut and carry away  timber from the following described lands  in Wei������t Kootenay :  Commencing at a post planted one-half  mile south of Canoe mer, on the east side  of Kellie creek and marked "Arthur J.  Mott's north west cornet post," thence  south 40 chains, Ihence east ibo chains,  thence norlh 40 chains, tlience wesi 16c  chains 1o the point of commencement.  Dated the 20II1 day of Marcli, 1903.  Arthlr J. Mott.  .  All ai rangements   have   been   coiu-  ���������   ipleted for the" laying ^of *the ^coinei  ', stone  o\ the ..new   Oraiige^Hall    in  "Vancouver, on   Satutday.^July^llth.  ilembei*-of the I_ OIL." from *all "over  ���������the "Pi ovinee  are  expected-to be in  Attendance. ."���������" _���������        "   l     .''''���������*  . Dr."W. T. Councilman, Shatuck pio  feasor of, pathological anatomy '111  Hatvard Medical School,-has discovered-"the genu of small pox. In  importance it is claimed to rival the  ���������discovery of ether as an ,'anaesthetic,  'which also occulted at Boston.  TV. A. Galliher," M.P., made astiong  plea for a 80 per cent duty 011 conoded  lead. He also pi o tea ted against a  recent Oi der in Council t\ hich prevents  British Columbia, tobacco gioweis  selling their pioduct, to Canadian  factories.  NOTICE.  Thirtv davs after date I Intend to apnly to-  the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of  Lards and Works fr.r a special license to eut  and carry Away* timber from the following  described lands  In 1*1 est Kootenav*        ���������  Commencing at a post planted about ft miles  unnic; Mouth creek, nn tho south bank, and  marked'-John Sanderson's south west corner  post." thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chnins. thence west 80 chains, thence south SO  chains to the point of (.ommencement.  Dated the 28th day;of March, 1903.  , JOHN SANDERSON.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby gi\cn that thirty  da} s after date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special licence to cut and carry  away timber from the following described  lands in West Kootenav :  Commencing nt a post planted )_ mile  south of Canoe r.vei, on lhe east side ol  Kellie creek and morked "Daniel V.  Molts north east coiner post," thence  south 80 chains, ihence west 80 1 hams,  thence north So chains, thence east 80  chains to the point of commencement.  Pated the 20th dav ol* March, 1903.  Dimel V.  Mot*i.  If you are looking' for possibilities in Estate  Speculation that will double your capital,  it will be to your interest to invest RIGHT  NOW, before the best of the properties have  been taken up.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 davs from  dale I will applv to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for a special license to cut  and carrv awav tlmher-from thc following  described lands in \\ est Kootena):  Commencing at a post planted about ft miles  up-*"Rle Mouth creek, on, the south bank, and  marked ��������� JohnPoards' north west corner post,"  thence east 80 chains, thence south'fO chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains  to the pointof commencement,        ���������> ,  Dated the 28th day of March, _903.  '    *  " -   s JOHN SOAItDS.  NOTICE.  * Taka notice -that thirty davs after date I  intend to apply to the thief Commissioner of  Lands and works for a 'special license to cut  and carrv away timber from the following  described lands :  Commencing at a post planted about 6 mll������s  up Kijf Mouth creek, on the ������oiitli bank and  marked "Glis Lund's north east .corner po-*t "  tlience west 80 chains, tl cure south SOc-iu'D"  thence east 80 olialn������, thence north "HI (.bum  to the point of commencement, v    .  Dated the 28lh,doy of .March. 1903.  t.L'P i.'UNri.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby g*i\en thai thirty  davs alter date I intend lo apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special licence to cut and carry  away limber from the following described  lands in West Kootenay :  Commencing al a post planted on lhe  north bank ot Canoe nvei. about $>4  miles v.eslei!} from Kellie creek and  marked "Arthur J. Mott's south east  coiner post," tlience north 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence south 80  chains, thence east "80 chains to the point  of commencement.  Dated the 21st day oCMarch, 1903.  r . *���������     Arthur J. MoTr.  REAL ESTATE  FLOOR PRICES  James Dunsmuir refuses to deal wilh  the-Western Federation of Miners. As  a result practically all his miners ure  locked out. The Coat Baron will, if he  continues to keep his mines closed, be  known as the Coal Barien.  Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, hy  tha decision of the Supreme Court,  will have to submit to . having their  representation in the Dominion House  reduced. Their plea for special treatment was disallowed.  The- Grand Trunk-Pacific Railway  'Bill vwas to he presented to the Railway Commit lee at Ottawa today. This  '*>{* the first step towatds a railway that  -.'means muih to northern B.C.     * -  -    NOTICE.  Thirty days after date I Intend tn apply to  the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and W**rks for a,special license to cut  and carry away timber from tho .follow ing  described lands in West Kootenay:  Commencing nt a post planted about 6 miles  up Dig Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked "John Sanderson's smith east corner  post." thence west 80 chains, Ihence north 80  chains, thencc.east 80 chains, Ihence south 80  chains to tho point ol commencement.  Dated the '_3th d������> of March, 1903.  ,  JOHN SANDERSON.  NOTICE.  Notice- is hereby given thai 30,days  aftc* date I intend lo make application to  the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and  Works for a speci.il license to cut and  cany a\va> timber from the following  described lands situated in Norlh East  Kootenay district, B. C.:���������_  *"        Number.' One".  Commencing at a post planted on the  westbank of the Columbia livei about one-  Ihud ('/$) of a mile below the head of Surprise Kapids 'and marked "C. H. Johnson's south east corner post," thence west  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, Ihence  east 80 chains, thence "south 80 chains to  the point of commencement.  Dated tlns.2ist^day of _rarcli,^ic*03.  ^ ** Ciiumber Tnd. s  Commencing at' a post marked "C. H.  Johnson's north east corner post," planted  on the w est bank of lhe Columbia river,' at"  a point aboi,!--^- miles below tho head ot"  "Surpuse Pa.1n.1s --thence ,'.cii So chains,  tl.e.iee sOull do ch.i.ii**., theuce cist So  chains, thence iior.n so , chains to the  poinl of Louiir.-iioemciit"  Dated this 22rddaj ot March; 1903.   "  1 "   - "     " C. H. JOHNSON.  Are you looking for Business Lots, Residential  Lots, or other Real Estate? Goldfields is the  Payroll Centre and Resident Town of the  Famous .Fish River Free Milling Gold Camp,  and has a Future unequalled by any other  Town in the West.  For Terms and Particulars Write  ROGER   F.   PERRY,   Manager,   Goldfields,   B.C.  --** 1  i'v  i  5  ;-.1  \  ���������ii - .1  NOTICE  "  Take notice that thirty da>s after date I  intend to apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of  Lands and ������orks for special licenses to cut  and carry away timber irom the following  described lands:  1 Comnioncnifr at a post marked "Jlabol  Martin's south iv est corner post," planted at a  point about one mile east of Pingston creel*.,  and about llinilcs up from its mouth, tlience  east 80 chums, tlience north Si) chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains to the  point of commencement.  2 Commencing at a post marked ".ratio]  Martin's norlh oust'* corner post," planted on  the west bank of Pingston. creek, about 11  miles up from its mouth, tlience couth 80  chains, tlience west SO chains, tlicimc north SO  chains, tlience east 80 cliams to the point of  commencement..       .      *   .  Dated this 26th day of March, 1903.*-  ���������*   MABtL MARTIN.''  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days  after date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a  special license to cut and carrj away  limber from the follovMng descnbed lands  in Wesi Kootena*, :  Commencing at a post planted on the  south bank ot Canoe met, about 3 miles  westerly from '\rtluir T. Claxton's north  east corner post and marked "Fied  Wilkes north east coiner post," thonce  west 80 "chains, thence" south 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains, theme north So  chains to the point of commencement.  Dated the 231 d day of March, 1903.  Frld Wilkcs.  ���������   ' "    .NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date 1 will apply to the Chief CommL.loner of  Lands and Vi orks for a special license to cut  and carry-away  timber* from .the following  described lands!  Vest Kootena):  NOTICE,   '  Thirty days afler'date I Intend t apply to  the Honorable 'tho "-.hlcf Commissioner of  Lauds and Works for a special license to cut  and carrv awav timber from the following  described lands In West Kootonay:  Commencing at a post planted about 8 miles  up Rig Mouth creek, on the south bank, and  marked "Lew Thompson's north cast corner  post " thence west 80 chains, tlience south 80  chains, thence east 80 chains, thence-north 80  chains to tbe pointof commencement.  ���������  Dated the 28th day of March, 190.).  "..KIT TUOMPSOS."  NOTICE.  Dunsmuir broke his * silence in the  Bouse the other day for the purpose sf  ���������berating trades unions geneially a'nd  the Western Fedetation of Miuers in  part;cular.      l *.*���������"'  Ralph Smith's amendment to the  Railway Act is being well received. It"  provides for a standard height of  drawbars, and "-outside laddeis for all  box can.  Take notice that thirty days  Intond to apply ,*o the Chief Commissioner of   _ .   days after dato  I  .inly    '.'... _*.'_: _   :.._' _;  Lands and Works for asiiecla. license to cut  and carry away  described lands:  timber from the foi lowing  Commencing at a post planted about 8 miles  up nig Mouth creek, on tho south bank, and  marked "J, A. Stone'*north west corner coat,"  thence cast 80 chains Ihence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, 1 honco north 80 chains  to the point of commencement.  Dated the 28th day of March, 1S03.  '   J. A. STOKE.  Ccmraenclng at a post planted on the.*-mill  bank ef Goldstream about four aud a quarter  miles abo\e the mouth of French creek and  marked "B. A. Lawson's , north west corner  post, thence running cast 160 chains, thence  south 40 cbains, thence west 1C0 chains, theuce  north 40 chains to point of commencement.  Date 1 thiB 17tb day of March, 1903.      '"  . B. A. LAWSON.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereb} given that thirty dajs after  date I w ill apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and norks for a special license to cut  and csrrv away timber Irom-the following  described lands ln West Kootenaj:  Commencing at a post planted on the south  bank of Golastieam abuut four and a quarter  miles above the mouth of French creek and  marked "E L Hume's south west corner post,"  ihence running east 160 chains, thence north  40 chains, thence west 160 chains, thence south  40 chains to point of commencement.  Dated this 17th day of March, 1903  ��������� E  Li. HUME.  NOTICE.  - NOTICE is hereby!:* gfiven that thiity  days after date I4inl'ejid^ to apply to the  Chief Commissioner _of.Lands and "Works  for a speciar**Iicence..to cut and carry  away tmiber from the following- described  lands m-'Wcsl Koolenay :   *���������    * .   1  Commencing at a post planted von I he  norlh bank ol Canoe nvei, about five miles  vvesterl\* from Kellie creel*: and'maiked  "Daniel V. Mott s soulli*west corner post,"  thence east' 80 chains,*, thence north 80  chains, thence west 80"chains, thence  south 80 chains to the point of commencement.   1 *i*��������� -_  - Dated the 21st day of __arcli��������� 1903.  Daniel *-v. Mott.  NOTICE.  Take notlca that thirty days after date I  intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for a special license to cut  and carry away timber from tho following  described lands*:  Commencing at a post planted about 8 miles  up Big Moutb creek, on the south bank, and  marked "Lew Thompson's south uest corner  post," thence cast 80 chains, thence Torth 80  chains, thence-west 80 chains, thence south 80  chains to the point of commencement.  Dated the 28th day of March, 1903.  LEW THOMPSON*.  NOTICE.  President Roosevelt has sent eight  gold medals to as many Bailors of Kincardine, Ont., whorisked their lives to  rescue the crew bf an American  schooner.  The Liberals are about to form a  joint Interior Association. They argue  that the mining industry would he a  tie to bind such a society together.  Frank Sullivan's demeanour in the  ���������witness box showed him to be a son  WWtby nf tbe notorious "Cap."  Notice is hereby  Siren that SO days aftor date I  incena in inaae application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to  cut and carry away timber from the following  described lands in North Bast Kooteimy district:  Commencing at a post marked "A. F. Dudgeon's  nortli cast corner post," planted on the west shore  of Kin-basket .Luke, aliout I mile up from the  outlet, thence south 160 chains, thence west 40  chains, tlience north 160 chains, thence east 40  chains to tho polut of comnicnccii.ciit.  Dated this 27th da) of March,ji903.  A. F. DUDGEON*.  NOTIOE.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby giv en that 10 da] f> after d.ite I  Intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for u special license to  cut ami carry, aw aj limber from the follow mg  described lands in "North East Kootenay district:  Commencing at a post marked "Warren Mc-  Cord's north i* est corner pust," planted on the  south bank of Columbia river, alK-ut**. D������ miles be-  luw Surprise Itnplds, tlience south 160 cliaius,  thence east 40 chains, tlience north 160 chains,  thence west 40 chains tothcpoiutof commencement. '  Dated this 30th day of March, 1903.  WAUKEN McCORD.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that thirty  da} s after date I intend to .apply to [the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special licence to cutand carry away  timber from the following described lands  in West Kootenay :  Commencing at a post planted on lhe  noith bank of Canoe river, about one mile  from Arthur J. Motl's south east comer  post and marked "Wm. T. Healey's south  east corner post," ihence north 80 chains,  thence west 80 ch.uns, thence south 80  chains, Ihence easl 80 chains to the point  of commencement.  Dated the 21st day of "March, 1903.  Wm. T. Healev.  , NOTICE.  Notice is hereby giv en that 80 days after date I  intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Land** and Works for a special license  to cut anil can*} aua> tiinl*cr from the following  described lands in North Kast Kootenav district:  No. 1. Commencing at a post marked "_f P.  Wilson's north west corner post," planted on the  west short* of Klnilxuket I.tke, about 4 mile up  from tho nutlet, thence south 160 chains, thence  east 40 chains, thence nortli 160 chains, thence  west 40 chains tn point of commencement.  Dated tins 2Tth ila> nf March, 1903  No. 2. Commencing at a post marked "II P.  Wilson's north east corner post," planted on the  north bank of the Columbia river at the outlet of  Kinibaskct Lake, tlience w est 160 chains, thence  south 40 thains, thence east 100 chains, thence  north 40 chains tn the point of commencement.  Dated the SStli da> of Marcli, 1903.  II   P. WILSON.  Five lUome- House m ficul Tumi'lied ������1_  Ser month, including vvntvr,    Applv ll'tUD  a*"-**-01* Jn.itWr'*.      ,  MRS. H. HU--IIHH D������i-e. ���������.!!���������:,_.  8������c������nd Street.  NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that 30 dav s after date I  Intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and M orks for a special license to  cut and cam away timber from the following  described Ian-la  in North Kast Kootena) district*  No. 1. Commencing nt apost marked "James  Gllmore's north west corner post,* planted on the  south tank of the Columbia river, at .1 point about  10 miles below Surprise Itapids, tlience south  1601 hams, thence cost 40 chains, tlience north 180  chains, thence west 40 chains to tbo polut of  commencement.  Ne. 2. Commencing at a port nfarked "James  0.1--1.-*-, ��������� n*>*-tli no' comer post"planted on the  si-nth Kii I of i *>Uii*il*i Liivrr about K -nijt*. below  stirn-i-,. Hap* I-*, tlirn'e w.-**t 80 chum, itienLe  nf li **o /If! **.   tlunc*.  ot*t F0 clu'in**,   Uhiic-  l   [n  'I  'ii lew -ir't-nt.  U. < ' V. - ���������   il'U"  JAMES GIXMOEK.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 davs alter  date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands-and Works tor-special licenses to cut  and carry-away timber from the following  described lands in West    ootcnay:*���������  No. 1. Commencing at a post planted an the  west side of Cariboo creek, and about 18 miles  from its mouth, near the Chieftain cabin and  marked "James Ellis' north west corner i-ost."  thence south 160 chains, thence east 40 chains,  thence north 160 cbains, thence west 40 chains  to thc point of commencement  Ko. 2 Commencing at a post planted on the  south side of the west fork of Mosquito creek,  about 2lA miles Irom where it empties into the  main creek and marked "James Ellis'sontli  east corner post," thence north 80 chain*),  thence west 80 chains, thonce south 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains to the point ol commencement *  Dated the 15th April, 1103.  J-MESi:i.US.  NOTICE.  ''.NOTICE is hereby given''that thirtj  days after date I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and W01 ks  for a special licence to cut and carry  away timber from tlieiollovving' described  lands in West Kootenay:l .,     1    ��������� >  Commencing at a*.post planted on the  west bank of'Canoe river, about one mile  northerly from Wm. T. Healey's south  east corner post and marked "Arthur T.  Claxton's norlh east cornei post," thence  soutli 80 oliams.'ylience west 80 chains,  thence north 8o> chains, thence east 80  chains to place of commencement.  Datedthe 21st day of March, 1903.  Arthur T. Claxton*.  -     NOTIOE.  NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days  after date I will apply to the Cliief Commissioner of Lands arid Works for a  special license to cut and carry away  timber from the following described lands  in*" West Kootenay : ���������*  Commencing at a post planted on lhe  not th bank of Canoe nvei, about one mile  easterly from Boulder cieek and marked  "Win. T. Healey's north west corner  post," thence south So chains, tlience east  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, tlience  west so chains to lhe point of commencement.  Dated the 24th day of Marcli, 1903.  Wm. T. Healev.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is heieby gi\en that 30 dav s  aftei date I w ill apply to thc Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works foi a  special license to 'cut and carry away  timber from thc following described lands  in Wcsl Kootena) :���������  Commencing it a post planted on lhe  norlh hank of Canoe river, about one mile  westerly Irom Arlhui J. Molt*, southeast  corner po_t and,marked "Arthur T.  Cl.i .ton's nortli cast "corner post," thence  south 80 chains, thence west So chains  tlience north So chains, thence east So  chains to the poult ol commencement.  Dated the 21st clay of March, 1903.  Auntie T. Ci.wtos.  Certificate of Improvements.  - NOTICE.  Mountain Chief miiici-vl cl&tm. situate in the*.  Arrow Uike u'liuii,: division of We_t Kooteua) ,  disstri' t ** *  "Where Incite. -On Cinvvin creek, about two  mile- from tbejuuctuni vvitli^Cariboo creek  'lake u.tiie dial I. \ It. UejKinT, agent for  Peter MiDonaM five mine****, certificate Ii 32,3*"*%  Kllen Mc Done ild. free miner s.ertiticatc, 1132.399,  \\ alter Ho****,, free .iuncr *i ccniHeatc, 41 933 intend, i  sivtv tlav*. frym t*ic d-it_ hereof, to applv to the  iuiiiui������ reconUr for a ccrt.f-cate of improvement*?, ,  lorilie nurj*.������-e of oblauung a crown gnntof the  above claim  And further take notice that action, under eec-  i*t--ii *7. niiu*x lie commenced befoul the 1-tunce of^  such c**r-:ilicite of impr-eveineuti* *���������  Dated this 7th dav of April, 1S03. '    '  ���������A. 1!. HEVL-L-iD  ]'<  '���������:��������� M  ~    . NOTICE.  Notice fa hereby given that 30 davs after  date I will apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for special licenses to*-cut  and carrj aw a) timber from the following  des< ribed lands in \\ est Kootenav ������������������ _  No 1. Commencing at a post planted on the  cast side of Whatshan creek, about .miles  north of thc north cud of Whatshan lake aud.  marked "John Uadvvav's south west corner  post " theneo cast -10 eliains, thence north ICO  chains, tlienca west 40 chains, thence south  lWi chains to the point of commencement  No 2 ' Commencing at a post planted on the  cast side of Whatshan creek, about G miles  north of the norlh end of t\ hatsh*. n lake, and  marked "John Gadway's touch cast corner  post," thence north 160 chain-,, thence west40  chains, thence south 160 chains, tbence ea<t4u  chains 10 the pointof commencement.  Dated thc 15th April, 1903.  -    ' JOHN GAD\V_*Y.  t all persons hav 111^  1 of tlie said James  -NOTICE..  Take notice that thirty da)S after date I  Intend to applv to tho Chief Commissioner of  Lands a-nd Works for a special license to cut  and carry awny Umber from the following  doicrlbedlnndH:  Commencing: at a post marked "Frank  H.Black's northwest corner post," planted  on theeast bank of Pingston creek about 13  miles up from its mouth; Ihence cast 80  chains,'thence south 8������ chains, Ihence  west 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains to  the point of eommencemeiil.  Dated this 26H1 day of Marcli, 1903.  FRANK H. BLACK.  L  NOTICE.  NOTICE IS HLREBY GIVEN'that The Fred  Robinbon   1 umber    Company.     Limited,  intend to applv to change   the,name of thc  company to " H\RBOR LUMBER COMI-A.*N*������,  Limited."  Sated Februar) 12th, 1003.  SIARVEY MoCAltTEll it PIXKHA������M,  Feb-12-3m. -      Rolloitors for tho Company.  * NOTICE.  In thc matter of the "Trustees and Executors  Act," and  In tho matter of the Estate ol Swan Anderson,  deceased.     - "  All persons having an) claims or demands  against the estate of Swnn Anderson, late of  Illecillewactin the Province of British Columbia, deceased, nre required to flic with the  undersigned their numes and addresses and  full-particulars of thcirclaims.and the nature  of tbe securities, if any, held bytbeni, dulv  verified, on or before the Hint day of May, 1903.  And notico is hereby given that after th*:  saiddate the administrator will proceed 10  distribute the estate amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to thc  claims of which he shall then havo had notice  and he will not be liable for the proceeds of  the C5talc, or an) part thereof so distributed,  to an) person of whose claim such administrator had not notice at the time of the distribu-  t on thereof ,  Dated at Revelstoke, B C , 23rd Aprfl,190S.  HARVEY, McCAI'.IEH <k PINKHAM,  Solicitors for Administrator.  I == 1  WANTED  t  GOOD CARPENTERS  pXI'EBIEStril  CAKI'IlvrEBS and Framera  .or Mill Uuik at Arrowhead.  LUDGATE, Arrowhead.  Address W.J.  28 tf.  NOTICJ3.  Notice* is hereby given that '10 days after  dnlel will apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for special licenses to cut  and rnrry away limber from the following  ���������described lands in West Kootenay ������-  No 1. Commencing at a post planted nn the  north side of Snow creek, about? miles from  whore it cinptles Into Cariboo creek, and  marked "C. Hall's north west corner post,"  thence soulli 40 chains, thencu cast 160 chains,  thence north 40 chains, tbence west 160 chains  to tha point of commencement  No. 2. Commencing at a rost planted ou the  north Bide of Snow creak, about 7 miles from  "where it empties Into Cariboo creek, and  marked "dlall's soutli wept corncrpoit,"  thence nortli 40 chains thence cast 160 chains,  theuce south 40 chains, thence west 160  ehainsto the point of commencement.  Dated the ISth April, 100),  C. HALL.  NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that SO davs after  date I vv 111 apply 10 tlie Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works for special licenses to cut  and carry away timber from the following  described lands in West Koo'en-i) :���������  No 1. Commenclngat a p_st planted on the  north vrest side of 1 arlboo creek, about IT  miles from its mouth, and marked "R K.  Hall's northeast corner -toal," thence vrest ICO  chains, thence south40 chains, thence east ICO'  chain*, thence north 40 chains tothcpoiutof  commencement.  No 2 c ommcnclng at a post planted on the  south side of Christ)'s creek, and about eight  miles fr.im the head of \\ hatshan l_ikc, and  marked "It. K. Hall's south east corner post."  thence west 160 chains, ihence north 40 chain**  In the County CotRT ok Kootenay,  HOLDKS   ������.T  Rfc.% tLSTOKE.  In tlie matter of the __tatc of James Liuils_),  ilccea.-e_.  ���������*OOTICK u hereb) given tliat all  1 ^ cLiuns again.**! tlie Estate  Lmil>av. laic of Fire Vallev, West Kootenav.  deccairfid mt_-taU-, who died on the 5th ilay of  March. A.J), 1903, are requu^d to send bv post  prep ild or to deliver t-o _-.**r,* le Maistre _.Scott,*  ���������bolKitcrs for the Administrator, (duly appointed  bv order uf this court dated the 20th dav of March,  _90H ) on or before the -nth ifa) of May, 1903  full particulars of their claims dulv verified  and the nature of tlie security, ifanv, held by-  thein* 1.  And, further, take notice, that after thc said  Jlth dav of Mav. 1803, tiro said Administrator will  proce. lto distribute the assets of thetaid Estate  .inioi-g the parties entitled thereto, having, regard  onlv to the claims of w Inch lie shall then&arc.uul  notice and -diall not lie liable for the asset, or anV  part tnorcof so distributed to anv person of whoso.,  claim Mich Administrator li-ul not notice" at the  time of thc distribution thereof. -**    ,-~.,T  Dated the 2nd day of April, A. ������ , 1003."    I   ' t "  LE MAISTRB _. SCOTT,  Solicitor*! for the <inl Administrator,   '    ,  First.-treel, Heielitoke B. C.*>  IV    THb    SLPREMi:    COfRT     OF     BRITISH  Columbia. ,  Estate  ii A.N  *V-  sM.  *.*- p  H  '  *���������" .-"...  In the  matter of the  deceased.  Smitli,-*  I^OFICE is herebv given that Probate of the Will  1J ^ 'of tbe said A. S. Smith wns on the 24th day  of March, A. I)., 1633, granted to Margaret Adeln,  Smith, the sole executrix under the said will.''  ,    And, further, take notice that all persons haying  f any claim against the said Kstate must send in  Ihci.-e east 160 chains." thence ."outh40chains   tyeSriahont-ietl^,rC,al,Mt0McW��������� leMal*���������  to tho point of commencement. <r*������oii witnont ueia>.  TVA.../I .1... is.I.   a���������.11   ,_������������������* Flfltcl *h<u /ml. ,1*1-. .,!  Dated the 15th April, IMS.  Et. K   HALL.  NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that SO days after  date I will apply to the Chief Commissiouer  of Lands and Works for special licenses to  cut and carry away timber Irom tbe following  described lands in West Kootenay:���������  No. 1. Commencing at a post planted on tbe  north west side of Cariboo creek, about 15  iniles from its mouth, and marked "B. EM***  north east corner post." thence west 1C0  1 halns, tbence south 40 cbains, thence east 160  chains, thence north 40 chains to Ihe point of  commencement.  No. 2. Commencing at a post planted on the  south side of thc west fork of Mosquito creek  and about ,\y2 miles from where it empties into  the main creek, and marked ' B. Ellis'south  east corner post," thence north &0 chains,  thence wcittO chains, thence south 60 chains  Iheuce east l>0 chains to lhe point of com-  meacement.  Dfttetf this 15th April, I "KB.  B. ELLI .  Dated this 2nd. da) of April, 1*"**03. '  le MAisTiti: _ scorr.  Solicitors for the Executrix.  First Street, Revelstoke, B. C  I**,  NOTIOE.  Take notice that thirty days after date I  Intdnd to apni) to tho Chief Commissioner of  Lauds and norks for special license*, to cut  ami carry away timber from the following  described lands;  1. Commencing at a post marked "Mary  Bourne's north west oorncr post," planted on  tho east bank of I'lnghtmi 1 reek, about 10 miles  up from its mouth, tlicnre cast h0 chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence wcsl SO chains,  theneo north 80 chains to lhe point of commencement.  2 Commencing at a post marked "Mary  Bourne's norlh ueit corner pnsi," planted nn  thc cast bunk of l'lin-*ton crd-k, about 11 miles  up from its month theuce cast Ml chains,  tbencescnithSO elniiiiN, th mc wc-H 80 chains,  theneo north 80 ehainsto the point of commencement  Dated this 20th day of March, 1903  MAIty BOURNE.  NOTICE.      -  NOTICK is hereby given that tliirt)  days after d.ite I intend to applv * to the  Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works  for a special license (o cut and carry  away timber fiom the following* described  lands in West Kootenay:  Commencing at a post planted on the.  south bank of Canoe river, about two  miles westerly from Arthur T. Claxton'-*,  north east corner post and marked  "Norman E. Suddalcy s north west comer  po-t," tlience east 80 chains, thence south  iio chains, Ihence west So chains, Ihence  north 8ochains to plaec of commencement  Dated the 23rd day of March, 1903.  NORM\_   E.   StDDM.EV.  THK   CoLNTV    COIRT   OF    KOOTENAV,    HoLDtS'-.M���������REV1 LbTOKET- --: ��������� ���������  In the matter cf the Est ite of John Henry Ru-i-  sell. deceased  NOTICE is hereb) given that all persons having  1 ' claiin-i against the K-bite of the said John  Henrv l.u**_ell, Into of Revelitoke, B C, deceased  uitvatatc.vvhr.dieii on or nbout'the- 27th day ot"  Jan , 3903. are required to send bv po*"t or deliver t���������  Me*.*>r*i le Maistre <fc Scott, Solicitors for Ad-  niinn-tratnr, (duly appointed bv order of this  Court. <\it<d the 6th ila) of March, 1003.) on or  beroi-e the lltinlayof Mav, A. D., 1903. full particulars of tlieir claims dulv verified and tbe  nature i,f the security, if .iny, field b) them.  Anil furUicr, take, notice that after the said llth  day of Ma). 1903, the- -soiil Administrator will  proceed to distribute the assets of tlie-sanl Estattt  among the partie*-. entitled thereto, liavinc reran I  onlv to the claims of which he shall then bavehail  notice and shall not lie liable for the nsiets or an)  pirt tlieienf so distriliut-d to anv iwrson of wlio-i- '  claim such administrator had not notice at'tho  time of the distribution thereof _'.  Dated this 2nd. .lay of April, A D . 1903.  LEWi.VlSTRE _ SCOTT.  Solicitors frr.he Ailmlnistrati.,  "���������  first htrcet. Revelstoke, J .0.  ?  .    i  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 dajs irom  data I will aiipl.v to thc Chief Commi������*-ioncr of  Lands nnd works for a special licence to cut  and carry away timber from the following  described lands in West Koolenay:  Commencitifr at a post marked "W. A.  Dashwood-Jones' north west corner post,"  planted on the east bank of Pingston  creek about twelve miles up from its  mouth; tlience east 80 chains, tlience  south So chains, thence west So chains,  ihence north 8 chains la the point"bf  commencement.  Dated this z6(h day of March, 1903.  "'  A. DASHWOOD-JONES  W.  CORPORATION    OF'   CITY  OF REVELSTOKE. ���������   "  TENDERS  FOR WORK ON CITY HALL *  The Council Is prepared to receive tenders  for work required on 1I10 Citv Halland oaiccs���������  corucr of McKcuzie Ave aud i-condSt.  l'lansaiia specifications can be seen at my  office  lender*:will bo received up to noon on Fn  dav Ma> Sth, 1903  H.FLOYD,        __ City Clerk.  Kevelstoke, B C, April SOth, 1903.  _.|  HI  S*  ..   A  MeMahon Bros. & Company,  Limited.  Notice is hereb) given that MeMahon Bros,  ft   * '    .in, .  nnd Trading Compan), Limited.  and Company, 1 imfted, intend to change the  nameof the Comnany to Tbe Big Bend Timber  Dated this 10th day ol February, 1893.  HABVEV, McCARTER _ PINKHAM,  S*B Solicitors for e Company PROTECT YOURSELF  FROM THE SKVEKK FROST WITH \  CHAiViOiS  VEST  We have them to fit Men,  Ladies and Children, and  at very reasonable prices  ���������AT-*-  CdnadaDrug & Book Co  NOTES OF  NEWS  Fate vi ell f*\*-t('i *, till .Si pteinbei.  l)i (.'in-*, went up to Hi millionth  on Xo. _ tod.iy.  ->h."\V. liiws .ind liiiile lil.iiiud  fiom thei.i-t un S.tUlld i\ mi'iiiiii^  G. Mifj I5.o.\i' p.i**-til tluniijj-ii the  city *ve*-tei(l.iy, en unite to   Vicloiia  ]Jev.-M. Vm Sickle, of Hnbsl.inil.  *i\as in tow n foi a couple ol (l.i\*> List  Meek.  iiniiiiiiiioucly  to reappoint  your.  Tho  line.  i'cq nested t lie Conference  tliu   pnstot*   fur  lUHithei'  city water vviggleis   are   nc.-irly  The. Colonist on W'eiliiesilav* contained  Mr. Taylor's scnsnliontil evidence. The  leiidiiijf arlicle w'is on "Hydrophobia."  Comindrum.���������Who is the mad dojj?  Theiidore Lndfjnte slates Hint, to  facililale riiinniiinii-iit.ion wilh llii*.  ciLy. n' private telephone lint* will lie  hli*uii*_r to his Arrowhead mill.  l'lOiintial     Public  went -outh  on   1 Ins  F. G     fi i in hie.  "U oiks ensjn.uei  inoiiiin^'s ti.i n.  Dt Suit Kin, of Iv^ssl un), pi***-f(l  thinne-h the city llna moiiiiii^ lioimd  foi Winnipeg. ���������*  So f ii* a**; can lie ,i**cr'i t,lined then is  110 Until in tlie l nun I that a new  county will he tie.Ued with shei ill's  office heie.  "Mes-rs   W.dc    \    K*   "M.u-f*.   and    \\  Cowan    ire    visil.nif   Iiout I ake on business     in    eonneetion    wilh    tlio    liunhei  liidnsiiy  ���������Car or Ogil vie= (lmn jus-t ai l iv ed.   C  B. Hume ���������. Co  A f.iiewc-11 dante' Lo .Ah*. T K.T;  T.ivloi was given m Selkuk Hall last  Futl.iy evening. Ahout 30 couples  attended  ���������Fiesh California onions.   C B Hume  &Co.  The Old Countiy le.im. wild will  show the ]{**velstoke i luh how l������ play  Ass-ou.itioti foothill, hail a good piat-  tice S itnid.tr altei noon  .lolin Houston, M. P. P.. pass-eil  Omniyli the city yesleulay inoining  hdiiiul for Nelson. He was uncommunicative logaiiling political cnnili-  lions.  The Hevelstokc Dislrict T.ii-en.sing  IJiiinil held a ineeling Inst Tliui'.-ilriy  ind   pi.ii,led   limslVi   of   l_\.t    Until  license, C iinlioi ue,   to   l.evesqne   und  Tlii'iv.  Theic being only twotivil cisestlit1  Com I ot Absi/t* set loi tomoi low has  lici'ii c iiici'lli'd. Wells mil .MiC,n lei  v .Sunshine, I.ul , trn.sti; lii**-sl mil mil  M igee v i_i a. k tn _\el*-<>n  Th"ic weie nopiolestsonleied iL the*  Com I o( Ke\ ision ou_ilonday Ihe only  eh mgi's lii'ing in uie weie iiililiiif*- new  i|i|ilit mts.ititl -Inking oil Hie de id  and .il.-u nt,  ���������Si vi i.i! in 'inliei*, nf lhe K. of P will  leave loi Veinon on S unlay to Utenil  the (u md Lodge nieetiiiif which will  l>e hclil on May lllh .mil 12th Among  theni will hi- K Hull ulge, J. YV ]3en  net, S   Mi Don, ild und II. A, 13iov\,n.  .Judge .1 11. Cm Lis is in Hie city  having I uiiied ovei the piopeiLies ol  IlieXoiLhwesleLii Dpvolopineiil Sj ndi-  (ale Lo the new ljianagei Fi.ink  I*51_i I*.well. lie leaves loi his home in  Ciliiinel, .Mich., lonioitow lnoinuig.  Has Made Application at Ottawa  for Special Act.���������Enormous  Powers Asked.���������Lumbermen  Make Protest.  V  T , is  liniloi   vi .itoi  is   deeping   into the  Ui md Folk*  and   the   ll(i(i(  -���������tons .md houses ol the lown and  dumps unit,lining two millions have  heen washed away. Sonic eo.isl  p.ipeis coiilused it with Lhe Lliuving  l3oinid.il) hiug  lolin   Kiio.,   ol  has heen appointed  tlio liv.i mine, Fish  ���������Law ii   mow eis. iriamle    non  Ii.udwaie.     CB Ilium & Co.  w ai e.  Chai le*  lettuned  accepted  Co.  Little, who has lecentlj  hoin South .\h it i, has  a position wilh P. Hums *.*���������>  ���������Screen dooi a f i oni SI 2. to !**2 75     ('.  B I__iue& Co., Ltd.  "Win. -.edfei'D. .in cniphnee of  lhe  .  Enteipii-e Bteweir,    had    his    l ighL  ���������   hand badly   poisoned   while   painting  casks.    Amputation   will ptobablr be  -   iiece=saiy.  ���������C.B Hume _. Co.   will   h.iic   l_liul*  Cat*.  E S. "Wilson, the old established  tailor has sold out his business to his  biother M. A. Wilson, who will  continue at the old sl.u.d. "Watch his  adiettisement next week.  ThePtemiei has taken the Ili:n\i U****  advice   and   given   uolue   ot  a hill Lo  amend Lhe Bureau of .Mines   Act   anil  .  re-define   the  functirns ot the Piov m  cial Mineralogist.  ���������Xew ideas,  new   fashions   and new  goocls at Wilson's the t.uloi.  The last four pel formaiices of 'he  Clata Hauiuei Company weietulK up  to then usual standaid. Il c leluin  engdgemeKt is booked the coinpanv  tviII besuteorgood houses.  ���������The most fastidious can be pleased  in dress at M. A. Wilson s the Lailoi.  W.J  Bntlei on Tuesday bought  mil  John  Ueiosiei's iiiteiestin the   Link}  Jatk   gioup   just   belov\ the Lva, Pish  livei, neai   Goldfields     lhe con-uli-i  ation   is   uiidei-lood   to   ha\e     been  Sin,rou.  ���������I "or  a   Xew   Vmk   cut   tir   M. A  "WiUon. the tailoi.  The annual meeting of K uiilccp-  distncl of the .Methodist chinch l-  being held in K union-*,** Weonesd.i}  _ an<l_totl_v._ Jtev C Lidnei li'[l_ on  Tuesday .iftoincon to alttnd ft and  will teluiri toinoriow  uioiniug.  ���������When nidei ing \ oui -pi ing clulhing  go to M   A  W,l������ou, the tailm  Manngt-i Tapping s,i\ ��������� 1 t������ ha- seemed  one night fi-om the m.iii.igi'iiieiit ol "A  \Vi**e Wniiien." The d tie will lie  auiioonced l.itei on It will he i month  or <*onl lean. A litil" eniigy of Liu-  kind, if pursued, will bung t**- out  town a lngliei standnid of  tonipiines.  The infant dnugbti'i tif .Mis P.  Motan had a ni"sL wondei Inl t-(ape on  Ftiday afternoon. Fleming - l>igl< nn  ran suvny. nnu knot king lhe lillh* gitl  down. both hnisi-s and w igo'i .vent  ovei hei. Theonlr injiuy w i- a -ni.ill  liiuise on the le-ftside.  J. W. Bengongh, the well known  cai icatnrist. g.iw a p"ifru in nice in  Selkilk Hall on Thin-day eveni g A  veiy fair niidieiire atlcndid and  seefned highl} delighled with tin  many cm toons especialh those of  local significant?.  Kamloops cehbiated Ma} Duron  Fndav la-,1 foi the hi it lime. About  _00 tliildu'ii paiaded and .i ba-e ball  match and other sports lilled in a good  days fun. The new city bind made its  initial appeal.mtc und pla} cd most  Cieditably.  William IJ.i-.nic*. S ipt. foi the 0. J'.  B. in South Kootena}, has been pio  tooted to the position of Gcmial  Supeiiiitendent ol the Atlantic  Dii ision. He has been in 13. (' iintc  lSSOandis piobablv lhe most highlj  lespetted C. P. K. ollu ul in th"  Province,  The (juniteilv meeting of lhe i flh nil  hoaid of the Methodist chinch was  held on Monday evening when leluin**  from all depaiUiieiits of woik loi Ihe  past ye.ii weie ptp������*c*nted. All vieu  most'satisfaetoi}, pin liciil.nly in the  financial biaiuh. The iiim of $22*_0  "H*as idiscd foi all pin poses, which it  pxtrcmelv good foi the congiegation  \n a city'of this size,   lhe Boaul also  Houghton, Mich ,  snpeimLPndeiifc of  nvei The coin-  p.un have alto closed a eonli.K L with  R C. J-!iblet, ol Xclion, loi Ilie con  sliiiction ol a Liamw.iy hum the nunc  Lo the new stamp null.  . man named \nlonio Gaieeio, wis  seveielv iii|iued at the shingle mill iMon-  l\a\ nioi mny, liis leli u m being c infill in  ,i saw. Il was ampul ile.l lhe same d iv  bv Dis Sulhuil.'ind and Cioss, anil the  iiijinecl man is doiin; \eiv well. He lias a  wile anil hiollici in town  Owing to a huge sh piuenl of papei  being del ived in li.msiL n\ei Lhe 0. P.  It., the IIlilt iM) is tinted to issue this  week a loin p.ige slij-et on pa pel  furnished locally No hieak will  on ui in I he senal stoiy, "A Bit of  Blue Fnainel," vv huh will be continued  ue\l w eek.  The Cotton Plant.  Many    people Ninth of   Mason and  Di\on Line wondui   how lotion glows  and.tia lew   h tve been South wegi\ea  desci i plum ol Lhe tot inn pi mt tin uisb-  ed us hy one ol   the Noithein  set I lets  aL Ihe   WuiLer   Health Hesoi I. Pme-  blull     X.O .   the   tow n I lint has  been  liuill  up   by   Not them   people    "We  concluded   to   plant   a   hille   ciop    ol  cotton, and give } ou a taiLhlul des.rip-  tion.    The seeds ,ue nbout the si/e ot a  sin ill   bc.in   v\iLh   a   veiy tough daik  hull   coveung   the kernel oi   meat, as  the   ���������Soiitbeineis   call   it.   The hull is  co\ eied w ill) a   liu/.v cotton like   suh-  sL.mce which is the ends ol   the cotton  libie th il was  left sti(km<r ou the hull  ni the ginning   ptoiess     liich lilneoi  ban ol cotton sticks in Lhe hull jnsl like  the hau enteis the human scalp     The  h.ut oi   fibie of   good cotton is  about  an laeh in length,    flic cotton seed is  pi luted iu   Ninth Caiolm.i fiom Api il  20lhioM.iv   10th.    the  taiinet  having  ��������� ipeiio'lol"  twenty days lo plant.    In  I ivoi'ible weathei   the cotton spiouts  an 1 is up in a weeks tunc     The}oung  [il.mt looks  as much like }oung but k-  vvlie.it   as    two     twin    hiotheis*.   and  unless   it   is a   month old a   Xoithein  man   would   take   an oath ou it being  buckwheat.     The   blossom    is in the  shape   ot  a hollyhock     When it fit st  blossoms   nut   eaily   in   the   day, the  llowei is white, by evening it is a deep  led     The   nc"sL   evening   the blossom  (Imp-oil   and   leave.i   tiny gieen ball  iliont the si_e   of    t l.uge  g.uden pea  ln.tfewdi}s   it is as l.uge   as a small  mat hie and it glows and giowi until it  bertilni s the siye or~.t���������guinea ..ggraud  then   it   bnisis   onen   and in a day tu  Inn the II *ei \    staple   hangs   fiom the  1 oil m its snowy whiteness, and a held  of cotton in Oei   Nov. and Dec. lesein-  bliiaiiew fallen snow.  We Noithein-  eis vv ho have   iiime   south   to   livedo  not plant the collon Im   tlie nun ker as  wet an iu ike I ugei piofitson poultry,  vegetables and   tinits   but the mtoine  to the ii it ive lin inets ol lhe coiuil y  in  wliuli    thi-    Noll belli      people     have  Inc. it ed ( Moon* County) is mine than a  f-'iuLet of a million dollats annually "  Notice has been given in the prei-'s  thai a big corporation, to be known ns  tlie Columbia Kiver Improvement  Company, will apply at tho present  session of the Dominion House for a  special Act of ini-orpnrnl.ioti. Very  wide powers me asked to be included  iu the cluii'Lcr and local lumbermen  think thai the Act pioposed is of  altogethei too wide a ehaiactei to be  given to iny puvnte concern without  piupi'i salegu.utls to pioteit their  uiLiii'sls. The poweis asked in Lhe  noLici' ol applu ation iue as follows:���������  i. '1 o i onstiue1, build, maintain and  ei| up pieis and olhei vv oiks, at oi ne.u  I hi point wheie the Columbia Kivei enteis  ilie Uppei \iiow lake, in the Disttiet  ol 1 isl Kooienu, Hi it ts.li Liiluinbia, anil  to use booms in i-oniicclion llici evvuli.  2 *1 o constiuc-t and maintain pieis,  slides, ilaius, booms and such olhei lin-  piovenionts on the s.ud nvei above  Uppei \iiow Lake, oi any of its branches,  oi tnv olhei iiveisoi slieanis eniptvmg  into saicl'lako, as may be leqiaiecl to lacil-  it ue di ivin^, i alung,c ollei ting and soi ting  timbei oi saw logs, and to levy and  lolteet lolls and dues upon sueh said timbei  and logs.  }. I oaiqiiu e,own and opei ate di climes,  siows, baigesancl tugs loi the puiposcs  aloiesaul, oi anv ol lhem and io it'iiio,e  lOeks, cheilge and iciiiove slicials, h.u s  mil olhei iinpedimciils in the way ol chiving and pioteelini, said timbei.  Suili a si Ill-ille must n,]tii musi}  altei I thu luinhet industiy belvv.>c'ii  Kevelstoke and the bend ol Upper  Aitovv Lake, and it is undeistood that  a uniLed piotcst bus heen loi wauled lo  the Mimstei of Public Woiks by.  nullmen and timhet ovvueis in the I  d.stuttconcerned igunsl Ihe passage  oftheAil. H is e isy to uinlei stand |  th it, undei thu omnibus cliulei  pioposed, piaclie.illy the whole ch ui-  iifl in ly be closed, o\ce|)t 111 it le-  qiiiiedloi actual steainbo it navigation  mil the owneis of all limbt'i Ihat  passes into the Upper Aiiow Lake  tiom the noith be "held up" for Lolls  and dues at Lhe will ot tlie Imptove-  inenL Company Theic is no doubl  that a soiling boom might be ol  bandit to nullowneis along Ihe lake  shoie, bill Lhe AeL asked lor has no  linuL whatevei, and its pass-ige could  pievunl tunlici opetatois to the  noilh bunging down logs iu bag  booms, which is by far the most  convenient method of handling  timbei tiom the limits to the nulls.  Fven weie Ihe pioposed Act limited  to such an c.stent as not to mtettete  wilh lhe business of olhei opeiiitois  the local limibeimen feel stiongly that  nny tolls imposed should be u'gulated  by the Govainoi-Geneial Hi-Council.  The cost of a soi Ling boom to meet all  lequuoinenL**. lor a number ol'jeais to  come would not be ovei !->20,()00, and  if Govoininent control is not feasible,  it has been suggested lh.it* the company be made n co-opeialive one,  having as sh.iieholders all niillmen  and Limber owneis whose business  would bp allectpd by the scheme- ln  thai case it is lecommended the piohts  bp limited to not moie than ten pei  cent pei annum altei opeiating  e-coenses and tepair** have been pio  v uled for.  Filher of these methods of limitation  would consetve the public inteiest,  and lhe business men concerned are  detei mined to make a strong fight  against the sanction by P.tihaincn*, of  any chartei with the laics poweis  proposed ' bv the) Columbia liiver  Iinpiov ement Company.  prospect of business recommencing  and very hopeful of the future. The  only danger now is from the swollen  condition of Old Man's river, bill  clearing is being pushed and it is  expected that next Monday will see  the resumption of mercantile activity.  Nine more miners have been reported  as dead making lhe known total 77.  [t'ROai SATURDAY S EXTBAl-  KNTOMBRD  *MIXKlta SAI'R.  There were eighteen miners at work  in the mine at the time of the catastrophe, who, by herculean efforts,  succeeded in digging their way out.  They hnd to eut tlirough over thirty  feet of rock and boulders, .propping  and cribbing as they went to prevent  the looso rock from fulling and crushing theni. Their appeatance on lhe  suititcc was the signal for gi eat  lejoicing and many questions weie  asked as to the cause of the disaster,  bill all lhe self rescued men agreed on  lhe tact that nothing wns wrong with  the mine nnd then* had heen no  explosion of file damp, natural gas oi  any other local distuibanco. The veiy  fact of their all escaping piacticallv  uninjured disposes ot the iitst minors,  and the mudslide suggestion, Known  out hy the Provincial Minetalogist,  must ho discatded as untenable owing  to the miners having cut their way  tin ough masses ol rock and boulders  and encounteting no mud of any  desct iption, The names oi those so  wondcihilly saved tiom a feaiful  death aie as follows:  ll.niy Gale, Charles Fan-pi, J. Chapman, A. (-hunt, Mike Soiki, Joe  Bianmck, A. Dawson, John Sitotn,  F. Alek, Dan MeKenzie. John Wat-  kins, C. Johnson, J. Kila, Andiew  Pi tes.ik, G. Hawki, B. Senilis. "F.  Senilis, 1). Yeskid.  .7.   Snolii'ind  I_.   Vcskid, however,  have since died from shock.  d_ mi itoi.i.  The names of the dead and   missing  so Icir as is known at piesent aie:  Alex Leitch, wife and -1 sons; Alfred  Clark and Mis. Clark and 3 children;  C'lias. Acroyd and wile; Vnndusun nnd  wife and 2 childipn; thiee unidentified  men; Jim Graham and wife; Joe and  Jack Giahain; Alex Graham and wife;  two half bteeds named Johnson; John  McVeigh; Joe Biytun; J. J. Scott and  a young man* employee ot, McVeigh;  Frank Vouchen; Ftnncis Ro;hett,  employed in stable; David Fostet;  Alfred Daws; Fted. Fan ington; family  of W. Wartingtou ((!), eight or ten  Slavs, names not known; Wm Williams and family ot fotu: Chas. Rice,  btother in law of Williams. J. Sirota,  and D. Yeskid.  probably meet this afternoon   to   cor-  *iider the above resolution.  ACTION I-OSTPUNED.  When lhe ri'sohn ion of the Bonnl  of Trade at Friday's special nifeling  was bionghttotlie notice of the mayor,  he decided to await, fiiilhe.r infoima'  lion before acting. Accordingly  nothing wns done hy lhe Bonid nf  Trade.*il* its meeting Monday nioiiiing  and the question of local relief remains  in abeyance until the necessity for  same is proved. It* is likely, however,  that some .steps will he taken at the  regular meeting of the city council  tomorrow evening.  Mr. Thus*. Slced and Mrs. 11. N.  Coursier received the sad intelligence  of ihe ih'.-iih of their father, Mr.  .Milliiul Steed, nl Crceuiorp. County  of Sinit-oe, Oul., yesterday, at the  advanced age of   82 years.    Tho late  Mi.   Steed    was   i    nl    ihe   oldest  pinneds in the county, and was held  in veiv high estce n loi Ins steilmg  qualities by all who knew hun.  Gie.it Success���������Our millitipiy sales  have suipassid oui expeelations. Il  Mm mint,) ipally nice bit visit oui  millini'i v dcpuliiicnt. C.B Hume it  Co. Lid.  In the debate on tho Budget at  Ottawa, W. A. Galhhei, M. P.. attet  congratulating the Finance Minister,  snid: "Theio is no cup so full ot  sweetness, but it contains bitterness  lot some. The diop of bitterness in  this cup was for the silvet-lead men of  Butish Columbia. * * * It lehef is  not gi anted, thriving towns in the  lead disttiet will be abandoned."  *_" This is house*!leaning tmiP. and  Iteid & Young have .iiianged loi the  housekeepei a complete line in house  furnishings, sui h as i ugs, cm nuns,etc  * ly -.*.������!-.��������������������������������� __.���������.���������.������������������-. '.-i*������4*i*>_-_V  _������____-  H  AVING PURCHASED; THE DRY GOODS,  Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, etc.,  I am" prepared to make you thc best possible barg*ains*in  these lines, and beg to solicit a continuance of the patronage extended to thc old firm.  NO'I ICE.  Notice ii lii*rcb> ixiveu th it SO ilays aftoi ilite I  iiitcnil tii niiplv tu the Chief Goiiiiiii*winm>i of  L_mls niul vv oiks foi il ipctial Iici'iho to cut anil  c-uirv awav tiiiiljii fiom tliu followm*** iluscubtid  lnluli ill \\ est ICnotuiliiv ���������  t'oiniiieiiiin.' at ltobcit s.uiilc'i*.i)ii s south oust  coinei po**t on Iho vvi***t -jiili ol nnd about eight*  miles fiom tin month of Ting-stun cmck, thuTiiu  ntst SO ihuius, IheiKo noilh Sll ill .mi, liienee  e Mt SU ch mis, thence south 80 (h.iins tn (lie point  of ii-mmeuceitieiil    Cont 1111111^ (140 ni ies.  itoiiT ���������^A^Dk.���������������30^'.  II ik} on, 20th Apnl, 1D0J  AND BEING OPENED UP AS FAST  AS POSSIBLE  A visit to Our Stores and an inspection of the new  goods is particularly requested.  THE FRANK  CATASTROPHE  At I SSI NO.  ��������� i I  W. Warrington; Pahdy Moiris; Tom  Delapp, engineer; A. Tashgian, weigh-  man; M. Mailygian,"tippleirmn: Alfred  Clark.  The missing men wete nil working  on the surface and are believed to have  been instantly killed.  This biings total identified as dead  to sixty-eight.  iviCRcn  The seriously injuted are Leicester  Johnson, Mrs. "vVatkins and James  W.iri ington, whileslight injuries were  suffered by the yonng daughter,  Jessie, of Alex Leitch, who was killed.  NOTICE.  XnLice is heiehv jiiven th it 10 ilujs .ifter (lute I  uiteiiit tn npplv lo the cliief Commissioner of  l.imls .mil \\ oiks foi special licenses to 1 ut uml  1 niv in iv thuliei fiom the followmg described  lands 111 V\ est Kootena*.   ���������  1 Coinnicnciii^ at Onj Burbci s 1101 th east  coi nei po*,t on the cast slope of Pulsion ci eek  vallej about eight miles fiom the mouth of said  neck, thence south Su ehiiiiu, thence west80  chaiiis, theme noitli 80 eh mis, theuce east 80  chains to the point of commencement Contain-  111s 1,40 11 ies  2 Commencing at Guv Uubers south east  coiner post on the cast slope of I'uig-itnn cieek  v.illev about 8 miles from the mouth of saul creel;,  theme noith 80 ch.uiiH, thence west80 chains,  tlieuie south 80 chiiins, theuce jC 1st E0 chums to  the point of commencement   Containing 640 acres  .7. GUY BARBKK  Revelstoke, IS C ,27tli Apnl, 1008  MACKENZIE  AVENUE.  &tytytytyty ty ty ty ty ty ty *  _i* "*  ^} -  r-liom-i--       4  i  ty  ty  ty  ���������ff*  Tackle  ty  ty  ty  ty  tyty  ty  ty  ty  ty  >  $  ��������� l-'ishmgis pood spoit  ���������if you have thc hes't  ���������of  material   to   help  ���������}0ll.  ��������� Wc have just ic-  ���������ccivcd a shipment of  ���������Fishing Tackle and  ���������can suppl). you wilh  ���������the very best goods  ���������made.  IHiirkibI  anil   sialioiiir  *Si-*.t lluiue lllo(k  tytytytytytytytytytytytyt  Cause Definitely Stated as Rock  Slide ��������� Town Evacuated ���������  Message ot Sympathy from  the King.  ViCTOftlv, B ('.. Mny .*j���������(Sppcinl  toutspondentej���������YestTdiiv   the Gov*  r-n,oi ���������Cre.iei.il tr������!i*=iii'tted th"  following mess,isre of sympathy fiom  King Rdvvaid VI f.  '���������His i\l,L*|i'stv Ihe King 11 most  giii'vedto he.u of the ternble dis ister  iitFiank, and he comin md-* me in  i.inveyto the beiriived icbil ives In-  deep svinp.ithy and tondoleni e with  the olhei snlffieis."  .Sinnlat messag'"? h ive heen sunt by  the Pnnce and I-Vincesi of \Vnlesimd  Rt. lion, .fo'eph Chiimheilnui.  fl hni now been definitely decided  Ih it the i.inse ot lhe dis.mtei nt Krank  vv.is an enoimons io( k slide. O.ving  lo lhe rock heing pi mc ip illy htne'tone  l.uge ohowprn of dust weie mused hy  Ti k nor,, which looking soineivhal hlcc*  smoke caused the lepoitsof vnlciimc  union to be eiitubilcd. The North  West Govei nnient 01 del ed .in in������pec*  lion of Tnille nioiintain on S iturdav  ���������vhali lesulled in the evacn ition of  the town. The committpp consisted  ol Mi-ssrs.Byion,Smith ind McC.uthy  1 hen lcpml states lh.it another  immense body ol lock may brenk  inose ,11 nny moinpiilnnd cause ariothei  slide of even gi enter dimensions I hun  Lb it of Wednesday last, which would  he txpeered 10 wipe out p.ut of the  town iT not the whole of it. The  ( oik lusion of the 1 cpoi t is 11s follows:  ������������������Oni ii'coiiiiiiPiiilation is Ihiit the  lown he immediately vainled/as 11  Kmpoiaiy piccdiitinn, and that some  compilcnl peison 01 pei sons be employed at or tc lo icir.ove the danger,  so thai the indii"tiy of tlie village may  be pttii ceded vv ith.iiB soon ns all danger  is icnioved, which should not take  long" .  I'he exuminnlion was nol. however,  snhsfauoiy lo I lip Government unci h  fm I her inveslig.il ion wns mnde yes*  teid ly by n piuty of engineei s.ininciH.  el(��������� headed by I'lemifi llaiilliun.  The (onscnsiis of opinion was thnt  ilUioiigh thu lime 101k will tonliniiu  lo ciniiible lorsometiriie.it will only  ( omc down in minor slides thnt will do  no diuiinge. To see il thin cont lusion  is conect (he town has been tl ised foi  a week and daily obHcrvntioiiH will be  made by experts in the meantime. The  I'-suik   people  are   jubilant   at    the  REMARK WILE ESCAPES.  The family ot Mr. Sam limes had a  most miraculous excape, their cottage  heing the second from the end whete  the crash began. By an almost superhuman effort, fnnes managed to drag  himself out of the debtis, and one  after the other, saved his entire  family. "While they are all shaken up  and suffeiing fiom bruises they are  thankful co be alive.  /fnother lemaikublp escape was that  of the two little daughters of A.  Lei_'*_,_who_wpi*p _ta.ken _out_of _the_  ruins almost uninjured, while Mr. and  Mts. Leitch and the four sons were all  dead.  The family of the two Graham",  whose homes weie separated by a  mile, nnd the employees of Poupoie  and Mi.Veigh, tvhose cabin was a mile  fatther cast, were buried fully a  hundred feet deep nnd nono of the  bodies ceil ever be lecoveied.  In fact it is doubtful if many of the  bodies of the dead aie evei found.  Coprri-thr  Permit us to diaw .your  attention to the wisdom of  piesenting your family with  Choice Lot  The flrst step toward providing for theni a home of  their own.  A part onlv of the amount,  .   usually spent on pretty but  useless presents will make  the fust payment.  REAL  ESTATE  Is the basis of all wealth,  and you can now lay the  loundation   of    your    own   prosperity while rnaking_^_  someone else happy.  Call and investigate, we  have other things to tell  you on tlie subject of How  to Own a Houso of your  Own.  LEWIS BROS,  Agents Smelter Townsite  W  ft  US)  You want to'get the Goods in your hands to,,be  able to judge their quality. _ k \\,'  It is impossible to do  this when-you buy .the  ready-made clothing; so  that is one distinct advantage in having 'us  make your clothes.  We carry a stock   complete, in   every   particular.-7'  See us about your DRESS SUIT. ,  Ladies" Tailored Suits to Order.  J. B. CRESSMAN, - Mackenzie Ave,  BIG SAbC  Board of Trade Active.  As soon as the rumors regaiding  the I'.'ank disaster were authenticated/  Mr. G.ii. McCarter, Piesident of the  Boand of Trade, wired the President  of the similar organization at Frank  asking if assistance was needed. The  following reply was 1 eceived :  "To Board of Trade, Revelstoke.  "We would gratefully thank you for  any financial assistance you can  icndei in our emcigenoy."  "H.W. Chambers, President."  Accordingly n special meeting of the  Board of Trade was called for ye9tci ���������  day morning at 10 a. in. After  informal discussion it was moved by  \I 1.Floyd,seconded by Mr. Le Maistre,  and carried, "That the Mayor be  asked lo tall a special meeting of the  Council with a view to rendering  llnitncinl assistance to the Fiank  sulfureis'from the (ivic funds." As  thu news yet received was so tnengic  the meeting then adjourned until  Monday at 10 a. tn., when finthei  llnancial assistance will he arranged  if necessary.    The City Council will  TO  RENT . .  That well known Stopping  Place in thc Big Bend  known as  Boyd's  Ranche  For full particulars as to  terms, etc., apply to  Harvey,  McCarter  4c Pinkham.  * ������*.-*_i  ??���������&  r",  ���������il   ���������  Carpets,  Lin oleums,  Carpet Sweepers,  35crWindow Shades^  House FurnishinjgsjL  1 <w-**  - .**"*"l  ,\?&  .*e-*..  R. Howson & Oo. BSffiS^  UiHl-rtiiklng, Knibalinllljr, Ktc. Jl ickcii/ic- Avenue. ���������"TV"-,'.*  ii SUITS   FOR  THE  M. A. SMITH & CO.,  Hik remoM to A  >'   Smltli.  BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS  I'l-i'Dli antl Coniploto Line of Oroccriea.  ������00000000V00^000<0000000000,9^������00000000������0000000iH^0^0li^r  *$*������5?  '-"���������*������������������*/���������-J  $7 Suifs for $3.50.  $3.50 Suits for $1.75.  $5 Suits for $2.50.  $2.50 Suits for-$t.25y$$\\  4  . -*-t->*. 1  '*-4s>   I-  $4 50 Frieze   ver coats for $2 26  ii EDWARD J. BOURNEVii  i* *^ . . ..- *r^ *.������ ���������M..������^*.. .***.>  Revelstoke Station  Bourne Bros.' Old Stand.-  j i  *ii  1  ���������_f#-r-������-r-������r###**r4f-r-r*r_'-r*r-f^  NEW  BAKERY  is now open on Mckenzie ave.  Hit' uiiilcrsignnil he;:-i to auk n fairsliare of  Public Patronage.  Home Made Bread  A Spccialtj  -eOMFEOTIOHERV AND OAKES  OP ALL KIN0I.���������  A. E. BENN1SON,  Mackenzie Ave,  BOOT AND SHOE  REPAIRING.  I have opened up u Boob and  Shoe -{(-"pairing Shop, oppo-  bitu tbe Glimux Hotel, and  will be pleased to receive a  share of the Custom work of  the City. Special attention  given lo tha repairing: of  Shoes for Railway work.  JARVISH. ARMSTRONG,  Opposite OSiutox Hotel,  3S


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