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Revelstoke Herald May 13, 1899

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 (/  H^V__anwuaBH__-__-  fj  >  I  ';  Vol. III.    No. 38.  -ISSTJE3D  T"\ATIOE-A.-'VVrBBIS:~"VV-EX)3srESI)JA.irS   -^2>T3D   SA.TTTK.IDjft.YS-  REVELSTOKE, B. C. SATURDAY, MAY 13,1899..  S.2.00 a Year in Advance.  i  J  ������  1*  K#&+*#������*'������4������'*****<f*'������******aY  O.Humdi  1  &Co.  House  Furnishings;  This is the season of the  year to make your home  attractive, by laying new  carpet?, getting new rugs  and   squares,, the   latest  designs:  re-papering, and *  hanging new curtains; iri J  fact a general cleaning up .���������!  and change all round. " j  We have the Finest ]  Wall Papers  Blinds  Curtains  Curtain Poles ;  Carpets  Art Squares  Rugs      '  |   Japanese Mats  ever shown, hy us. In  fact we carry everything  you require to freshen up  your home. Before making your purchases drop  in and see our stock in  this department.  The Great Departmental Store  1 HARDWARE i  We have received* iiuothi'r cur  of hardware and are making a  special hid for the following  lines:  Water Pipe  Pipe Fittings  Qalvanlzed Stales  Nails  Building Paper  Raw and 'Boiled Oil  -    Paints of all kinds  Events and men mny change,  but our reputation as the lur--  post "shovel" dealers in this  city goes od as usual.  jar We are agents for the Giant  Powder Co.. Victoria. Stock  kept at Revelstoke and Thomson's Landing.  ao_o������������������.o������ao:oo_xo������raoooo"o:oo:o__o'  Sole Agents in this City for  jC.B.Hume&Coj!  WHOLESALE    AND    RETAIL  \\  GENERAL MERCHANTS  WW<������������������W#������*tfw������W������rw<irt; i  BOURNE BROS.  COME WITH CONFIDENCE  You will never meet with a disappointment here. Every dollar's worth of our Merchandise  is-.new and fresh and no matter how low the prices quoted, qualities are always thoroughly  reliable. We are daily saving many people many dollars. Are you of the number ?  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Kidney, Julienne, Consomme-  40  Sauces  Tomato Sauce '  25  Blue Label  35  Pattcrson't, }��������� pts., 2 for     25  -    "         1 pts  20  Lea *: Perrin's 1^ pts ..��������� '.. - 40  Lea,!: Perrin'sl'pts :  65  Anchovy, C & 11  25  Soaps  Eclipse,'4 Bars for  25  r>aisy,5bars for .'  25  Sunlight, 18 bars for  1 00  Washing Soela���������Some sav wholesale houses  quote at V,i per pound.      Our price���������3e per lb.  Blueing  KlbCukcs, per lb....*.  20  Vinegar  CroBse ABlackwell's.quarts  30  Salt  Three, lb. Bags, Windsor Table Salt, por  bag *       7  Five lb. Bags      10  Dairy Salt, 501b. bags, per bag.*      90  ; Candied Peel  ���������* . We consider Keillor's the best.  Lemon and Orange      20  Citron *.  . 25  ���������V.*:'   Pearline.;'"'' '        c      ' J  Half pound pockets, 2 for -.-" 1*.  Mustard  KEEN'S���������Though a little higher than Inferior  grades���������thc _c_t is the cheapest    *        15        30         55  Maexaroni and Vermicelli   "  10 lb. boxes for ' '.,     00  ^   ��������� Flour  Ogilvie's Hungarian Flour, 100 lb: socks... 2 35  ,   ' Spices  We quote for pure goods only:  Black Pepper, per lb  20  White Pepper, per lb .'  25  Cayenne Pepper, per lb '... 30  Allspice, per lb  25  Cinnamon, per lb .  25  Cloves, per lb  25  (linger, por lb  25  MixedSplcc, per lb .-  25  Starch  Stoux Laundry Starch, best on the market ~  1 lb cartoons      10  Bulk, pcrlb       9  Yeast  Quillet's   Royal Yeast Cakes, large size  packets, 3 for     25  Bird Seed  Cottom's with Cuttlefish Bone���������two packets for      25  Sapolio   -  Two cakes for =.  Z5  Matchless Silver Polish, pcrbottle  25  Silver Soap,'per cake  25  Wellington Knife Polish  20  Stove Polish  Royal Black Lead, per cake .'!      5  SixCakesfor  :     25  Enameline  PerTlnlOe three for ;      25  Boss Stove Polish Liquid, per bottle      15  Pickles  Crosse & Blackwcll's assorted pts      35  White Star.'MIxed, in Quart Sealers      35  Mincemeat  QUALITY IS ALWAYS I.V DEMAND  The quality of WETHEY'S MINCEMEAT  makes it a seller every time.  Two. Packages for    25  Pure Gold Icings  Chocolate, Pink, Lemon onet White,2 for..    25  Pure Gold Jelly Powder, all flavors, two  packets for      25  'rj Packet--! ~.   M Packets   111). Packets \  Mustard and Horse Radish  A great appetiser.  InGlossJnrs       35  Evaporated Horse Radish     35  '-���������                Coxes'  Gelatine  Two Packages for      25  Dried Fruits  Currants, cleaned    9  Muscatel Raisins     0  Prunes (extra quality)  10  Silver Prunes, very choice. .*.  12}_  Nectarines  15  Pears, 2 lbs. for.'.  25  Pitted Plums, 2 lbs for  25  Dried Apple6, per lb     9J_  Evaporated Apples  1-.J4  Cheese  -Macloren's Cheese,-small Jars '..._._.      35  Medium Jars   55  c Bovril  Two oz. bottles '      40  Fouroz. bottles '    '70  Johnson's Fluid Beef Cordcal large bot,... 1 25  Christy Brown's Biscuits  The Best ln Canada.  Fruit Biscuits  20  Lemon  20  Ginger Snaps '.  20  Mixed  20  Wine Biscuits, per lb  25  Social Tea, perlb  25  Marsh Mellow, per lb  25  Raspberry Bar, per lb  25  Fig Bar, per lb ~...'  25  Christy Brown'-Sodas. 2 lb, Cartoons  25  Soda Biscuits, in bulk, 8 lb. for  25  Canned Fish  A FEW DELICACIES  Though much has been salel against  articles of food preserved ln tins, wo can  'highly recommend tho use ot such  linen da as wo offer today. They arc well  known, besides every tin carries on Its  label thc guarantee of thc packer, to  which we add our own.  Salmon, 2 lor  25  Herring in Tomato Sauce  20  Morton's Bloaters.".  20  Lobsters (Maple Leafi  30  Standard Oysters, lib Can  15  Columbus Oysters, 2 lb Cans "i  30  Pilchard's Flat tins  40  Sardines, 14 lb. tins, 3 tins for  25  Sportsman, 8 tins for 50  Tobaccos  T. tt B. Plug, 3 Plugs to the Pound     80  McDonald's Chewing, 8 Plugs for     70  Shoe Blacking  Day <fc Martin, large tins     9  Shoe Polish  Whittemoore's    Polishes,    the     world's  standard     25  Flavoring Extracts  Pure Gold Flavoring Extracts,���������we only oSer  the best to our customers; do not be misled  by inferior goods���������Quality before Price:  All flavors, 2 oz bottles     20  8 oz bottles     eo  16 oz. bottles 110  THE LARDEAU RAILWAY  The Kaslo and Slocan People Pull the  C. P. R. Stakes���������Judge Forin Grants  an Interim Injunction Against the C.  P. R. Until May 30th.  A.Kuslo despatch of the 8th lo the  Nelson Tribune snys;  The viiih'oiid building in the Lurdpau  has already commenced to cause  complications, and the Kaslo & Slocan  people seem to hnve the hest of it.  The C.P.R. engineers surveyed their  line, as described before, entirely on  the west side of the Liirdeau river,  while the K. & S. surveyed on the  east siele. But when the C.P.R. Rang  started to clear their right-of-way  they came to a very big rock bluff,  directly in their route, which meant a  heavy expenditure either in making a  tunnel .or building several miles around  it. It was then decided to biidge  across the river anil run along the east  bank for a few miles, and then biidge  the river again back to their own side,  and so save expenditure and time.  These few miles happened however to  lie part of the K. & S. route. Hence  the departure a few days ago nf John  Hamilton Gray, chief engineer, and  Mr. Carlson, with a. gang of men,  whom they at once put to work to  grade this little piece of rond and take  eiufc the C.P.R. stakes. The O.P.R.  people again put t.heir stakes on top  of the K. & S. grade, bnt the K. & S.  enng kept going right ahead with  their.work. It is likely that the nut-  come will be that the K. & S. will  .build their short piece nnd give the.  the CP.R. running powers over it on  condition that the C.P.R. give them  running powers over the balance-of  the line, which would save the K. & B.  huilding four and* five miles of road  into Duncan City.  Owing to the scarcity of laborers at  piesent the t;.P.R. contractors tried  to hire Carlson's gang itv the Lardeau  but Carlson reciprocated hy engaging  several of the C.P.R. gang. The K.  & S. have forty men at work now, and  just as soon as active construction  commences they will putns many men  to work as*their opponents have. This  means that there will he. over two  two thousand men working in that  district this year.  Another item in the Nelson Tribune  of the same date snys: The trouble  between the rival railway companies  'Topped up in .Tuelge Form's chambers  Monday meirning, when the Kaslo  and Lardo-Dnnean Railway Company  made an application for an injunction  restraining the Canadian*Pacific -from  trespassing upon* their right-of-way  through Duncan City pass. Judg"  Forin granted an Interim injunction  restraining the Canadian Pacific Railway Company till May 30t.li from trespassing upon the plaintiff company's  right-of-way in the pass. The order is  subject, however,  to  be   dissolved   at  any time if the Canadian Pacific .company can show that the statements  contained in tlie affidavits filed nn behalf uf the Kaslo and Lardo-Duncan  are incorrect. It may he nlso varied  or extended, but until it is disposed of  iu setme manner thu Canadian Pacific  comp'inv will be unable to proceed  with the construction of its Kootenny  and Trout Lake branch as contemplated.  Harry Lindley Co.  The Harry Lindley Co. have been  playing he-re for the lust three nights.  On Wednesday, Molly, one of Lindley's  own plays was put on anil well played,  but owing to the bad weather only to  a poor house. Thursday night" the  oltl est.ahlit.hed favorite*Little Lord  Fauntleroy with Little Ethel in the  title role and Harry Lindley as Mr.  Hobbs, the New York grocer, a part  which suited him well. Last night  Byron's Om- Boys furnished Mr. Lindley with another good scope for his  powers in low comedy in the character  of Mr. Middlewick. the irascible, hut  good hearted retired bntterman. He  wns well supported by his company  and the piece was very nicely put on  indeed. Mr. Lindley has a lot of new-  scenery with him and the' pieces are  well staged. "This afternoon a Little  Ethel matinee was given at 230o'clock  with admission put down to the popular price of 10 cents, which carried  with it a chance of winning a valuable  doll. Tonight a powerful five act  play, the \Vages of Sin, will be put on  and conclude the engagement,.  Board of Trade  The executive council of the hoard  of trade met on Thursday evening.  Mr. Kellie, M.P.P., was present, hy  invitation: He was supported by the  presence of the editor of the Mail.  The time of the meeting was taken up  with the ��������� member's views on the  expenditure of the government appropriations. He thought the $4,000  voted for tbe completion e>f the canyon  wagon road would'he more advantageously spent'em building trails in the  district as the canyon was now quite  navigable. As to the required trail  from Goldstream to the mouth of  Canoe river he would offer not even  any suggestions. In the course of the  discussion, if discussion it could be  called. Mr. McCarter stated-that J.  Genelle had a steamboat on Shuswap  Lake, which he . was ready to bring  over and put ' on the river, provided  $1,000 worth of husiness was guaranteed.him.- Nothing definite came put  ofthe'evening's* talk except a vote of  thanks to Mr. Kellie for nis presence  at the meeting. , .    , **  Little Johnny.���������Pa, what do you  mean by "a thing."  Pa.���������An M.P.P. in the hands of an  editor comes as near it as anything  I know of.  TROUT   LAKE   AMD  LARDEAU  The Mining Record on the Prospects'  of Railway Construction���������The Lanark  Fiasco Might Yet be Retrieved.  Next to the Boundary Creek district  probably no section of British  Ceiltim-  11:11 has  greater  uueleveloped  mineral  potentialities thnn Trout l^ake and the.  Lardeau.   The Silver Cup Hnd  olher  mines   in    that  district  from  which  from time to time small consignments,  of high grade ore  have  he'en   made to  the  smelters,   are   now   in  advanced  stages of development,   and  adequate  transportation     facilities    alone    are-,  required   to   bring   the   dislrict.   into-  prominence.    It   is,    therefore,   satisfactory to be able to state that nppar-.  ently there is every prospect that the  C.P.R. stimulated by the project  of a  rival company, will this summer com-,  mence the construction of the contemplated branch line to Trout Lake from  Arrowhead.     All    last  year  survey. -  parties were in the field, and'a feasible.  route into this district, preaenting.but.  few engineering  difficulties,  was discovered.     The    only  section   of the  proposed line, so far as we can  learn,  that will  he" at  all  exceptionally   expensive tn build, is a rocky  bluff near  Thompson's Landing, the cost of  tun-,  neling and blasting Mt this point being  estimated at 8100,000 per mile.   But as .  the    bluff    only   extends   for  three-  quarters of a  mile  or  thereabouts,   it  can hardly be  considered   as   a   very  formidable obs-trnction  in   the way oC  the undeitaking.    Meanwhile notor.lv-  will this   proposed   railway^ prove  of.,  incalculable benefit to the mine owners.  of Tront Lake  and Lardean districts'  and open up a vei-y promising section  of the country, but. it  will  also  facilitate travel and traffic betweeu  Revelstoke and Rossland  lo   a   very   great _  degree.   At present no less than eight \  changes are made between  these  two  places, but when a railway  is built to  Lardeau, the only transfer  will  he afc,  this   point  over   Kootenay   Lake   to  Kuskonook.    Apropos   of the Trout4  Lake mines it is lo be mentioned with*  regret thnt one or two of the London  financial papers are   still harping on *  the   almost   worn-out  string    of  the.  Horne-Payne mismanagement.     The.  Lanark fiasco was   bad   enough, .it is-'"  true, but one would have thought that  by this time it was sufflcieully'Hncienc  history   to   be.   forgotten.     However,.  since the matter  is  again   being   discussed, we   may  say  "this much.  that,  while Mr. Horne-Payne was undoubtedly guilty of gross extravagance  in  many -.ways,  the premature   erection.,  of the-concentrator  at'th"e  Lanark'  mine was a matter for which be can.  hardly be blamed. _ If a man  engages  the services of a mining engineer;and .  deliberately disregards  the advice or*,  opiuion  he receives,   he   must suffer.'  the consequences, and accept the full  responsibilities of" his action.   But*in'  -Continued ou Page *~.  ad and Others Follow  Becaus~e~~1*w~^Uihg^for^O-A"S-H..only--^ _o,ne  profit  only   and the*  Consumers  Save the   Retailers'   Profit,      This is as it should be and consequently in stores-'  where the consumer formerly had a credit account, but is now paying Cash, a vast difference  will be found in the prices and we may safely say  that  IS2 Consumers' "Wholesale Supply Store  Is the Leader  And the others will no doubt try to come into line.      To refute  interested parties we take this opportunity of saying that  several  false   statements which have been circulated by  "We have come to stay,"  And   Revelstoke's Great Departmental Store  ltSo have Our Prices."  Our printed catalogue is now ready, and will be forwarded to any address upon application to our office. This catalogue  contains a complete list ot the prices of our stock of GENERAL GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, TEAS, COFFEES,  SPICES, DRIED FRUITS. MINING SUPPLIES, ETC. Our catalogue is worth studying, even ir you don't buy  from us, as it will show you exactly what an article is worth, and when you know what an article is honestly worth.  you can easily estimate what the CREDIT system has cost you.' Consult our Catalogue, wherever you buy. It is the  authority on prices.  Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.  Special  Quotations  Given  on  Large  Quantities.      Estimates  Furnished Promptly.     Special  Attention  Given to  Large Orders for. the Entire Supplies for Hotels, Boarding  Houses,   Camps and   Mines.  "WIRI-TIEl   FOB   OTTIR,   CA.T-^X_,OC3-"U"E5   TO"  the e. APPL.ETON Company,   REVELSTOKE, B. C  ���������aSsassaffl^ . Re-elstoke   Herald  Published in Interests o  _R?v*'voke.   Lardean. Big Bend, Trout Lake  .tllliclllewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  A    JOHNSON...  .Proprietor  A .Semi-Weekly Journal, published ln the  Intercuts of Ke-e_.__ie___.o and the t-urrounainK  district, Wednesday., aud sHtureiajt), makluK  _,c*_*-l connections wim all iihIiih.  Advertising R&tee : Uis.iii.__j* ails, ?1 SO per  column inch. $3.i.4 perlnchwhunliiHiirtednniiilo  pajee. Lecal sua. fir. par (nonpareil) line (or  tlrst ineerlK-n -. Sc for ea ;h additiunalii heition.  Reading notices, 16c per line each isaue. Bi������h,  ilaTihKeAiuo tvath notices, tree.  Subscription I'tites: By mail or carrier 82 00  per annum ; il.ii lor six mouth-, strictly In  uur Job Depariinem: liiK ' IIkk. i.n Job  Lvp. nncni i.i one of lhe host equipped  pru. :o ; o-ii tc In Went Kooli'iiay. anil i. un-  txi'iu .o exwuto -ll kinds of prie.tii.K in ilr-t  rla.-* style at liDiit^i pricea One price io all.  No job tcola'fit���������none t<������ sniall���������loruB. Mull  order, promptly btlendi-d to. Give ua a triul  ou your next o. d  r.  To Ccrrcepondentei: We lm c,.iTi-i.pnnd.  e'noe* em any nunject of Int.r.-.-*i -ei lh������ k-'Mi'.i'tel  intiltc, nud de:-lre_ a relirtbl- ri-ftulir c.r.i*--  '.en.dei.t    in     even"     Utcii) deirreuiiulii'K  WL.v.'Utoku.   In all case, ihe hon^ lid-  n..n,,  e������l iii- wTi'er niurt accoin- any uianii^ rlpi, t.m  r.ot m-*-. ;-*rtri;y f.,r l.ut>lif-.4rit. ,  .-ddre&s *������tl cv.imiin'cations  REVELSTOKE HERALD  Rcvelstokt).\B. C  NOTICE TQ GQSP.tSPJhD������?l:S.  I    All e-iPOTiriciji*c     iiniii,   I.i;    l.'Kilil}  Aiiticii>-n: n   fide of tlie 1'iii.v.-.--iiii.  1. Corre-rc idcneie conluu.-ii,^ persni'.al  p._.n. r mun-..be fciuned \sur. ti.;_ i.r pui-iiame  ct tlie write:.  onileneie   with ,rt'fer.iiii'r   to: any  P'li.-t ilrrt be olfere i for  publication to  that  l.aper before it can appear in '1 UK Hi'itM.i).  o.     uri eol o  SATURDAY,  MAY   13.  1S90.  A CANADIAN  BRIGADE  Colonel? Sam   Hughes,   M.P.,       has  .proposed   a  plan? '; whereby*  a  Cana-  . dian brigade . may  be.; added .to y the  ; .Imeprial   service. ?While  Major   General ? Hu .ton's... report deals? with    the  better  organization  'of? the   Canadiau  ?raUitia,:ColoneV Hughes demands that  .Canada should; ta'ke,her share .of the  -yrnilltar;.-.. responsibilities 'foi,. the "'eru-  ?pire. '" ���������������������������-���������������������������.:...���������:��������� ...  .CANADA���������THE SPOILED CHILD  "A Canadiau Liberal" writing on  the work of thc Joint Commission  in the May number of tho/ North  American Review discusses in detail  some of the more important matters  with which the Commission was called upon to deal,and incidentally compares his native land to a spoiled  child In  the following extract.  "Canada  has  many  peculiarities  of.  a   spoiled, child,   and   ventures' upon  many  manifestations  of   these  pecu-1  llarltles,  that woultl  not  be attempted  but for trust in the protection of  the motherland.     Many of Its public,  possibly  a,  majority      of   ils   people,  teem to lack all sense of proper proportion,   when      considering  the  adjustment  of  international   conditions.  The  Impossibility of the coercion  ot  75,000,000   people   by   5,000,000   people  is  not  understood.      Foolish  dreams  of bringing the people of  the United  States to  terms  by withholding saw  logs,   nickel,   and  other.��������� natural.'products,  arc  indulged  in.    Our vagaries  and'pur   senseless .impudence   are   a  source   of      annoyance      to   Knglish  statesmen,, who   look   at   times   with  111' concealed       disgust       upon     our  schemes."  Progress   however   is   being   made  Intelligence  and   moderationol  view  are   characteristic   of   a,   fair  proportion   of   the   population.      Periodical  crazes will subside  iii due time,  and  i������   the  United   States  were   to   adopt  towards us a trade: policy fairly res-  ��������� poslve. ������������������ :'.'iii ���������",. liberality      to  / our  own   general   tariff      policy   towards  them, an influence woultl he brought  into  action   for  promoting  better  un  del-standing''.and more widely  extended   friendship,  which Woultl  he  more  effective''"Mum" ill!  other      inlliienees  combined.  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  pice  _   The plan -. oi Colonel -Hughes; is  as  .??��������� .'follows-, yd) ?,Give    yGreat   Britain:  the .privilege  of   enrolling?a.  brigade  ...of; Canadians, : officersy and smen? f or  ;'service?: iny: any y part? of. the. world.?:.  :;_(2j.yThe "term 'of.enlistment to?be;|  ���������five-,or :?se\*en.?y ears. ??..���������? a ?>;-"???-?'' y  ,;v(3_';;?The -.British '.government to.pay  the; force; the pay?to?be. the"sahie.as  the British? soldiersyeeceive. ?.?  :,:: 'W The brigade ?to ?beycompbsed of;X  ..'one^Iaritime^prpyiiice  battalion;v.one'  y Quebec?? province��������� battalion"/-;...'two ;..0n-.  ':"��������� vario. province v.battalions, ��������� one batt.al-  ?;?ion;?froi_a ������������������ Manitoba,*the NorthsWest  ."������������������'and -British?:Columbia;? artillery, cav-  , ??alry:   engineers,-? array.?? service   corps  v.'and'?medical? staff   in. .proportion ? ?fof  ,.���������'"��������� eachVunit;and?each ;locality.:" ? ...y, ;??y  ".On   discharge,   it. .is?' proposed   that;  ������������������'; each? soldier  receive ?,not. from .Brit-  yain,:?but? from? Canaday 1C0  acres.:-.. of  ,'��������� land," withy a? cottage,   a?', team ."of  '".horses, a couple? ot 'cattle, implements?  .? and other" outfit, '��������� in v all worth, a few  :.���������'; hundred; ^dollars,   sufficient; ,to   hegii:  ��������� life.asya small' farmer. ?Similar concessions   ta  be   made ..by   Canada   to  .her; sens? serving. a?termV of years, in  ?the ? imperial "navy. ? The   gfaat ?froro.  Canada v would   ensure '. the ���������'���������return-, of  .-.���������; a most, desirable ..class of settler,: and  "would   fully make. up_.the.?;differencb  : ir.: pay'between the; Canadian^ and? the  "'���������..''-  British   service, v?. A"."similar":���������" grant  might ?witu. benefit to Canada and .the  .'?���������'���������'��������� empire   be ? made", io ^honorably .'.dis-'  ?;  charged,? British   soldiers? .enlisted   in  'the motherland  .'���������:.���������...   THE RIGHT MAN    ?  ? Superintendent" "Sam" : Steele     has  been doing good * work in the  Yukon  -as will? be. seen by tlie following no-  ���������?=tice^seEfcf^^nom^Ds^cuiaiihy^Faith^ Fen-  .tor..���������      "Colonel     Steejle   should,     be"  .given : a special  vote  of  thanks    by  Parliament. ?Xo - marp ever ;deser.veel  it" more;      Besides   having  hisy-men  ��������� under such a rema.rkable state of;dis-  ���������y-clpline he has done wonders in;many,  other  ways.   V."e   are  now   having  a  weekly postal ..service. 'I" believe that  -Colonel  Steele ,;is?���������partially   responsible  for : the   improvement.,? I' know  '.. ; that ho* is wholly responsible as far  as,- authority here   is concerned.  Col-  /..cnel Steele at the very? beginning of  ; the . winter: made the statement that  .'.r no." man... would   starve      to^death'''in  1 lawson" this "'���������winter.-   Well,   no   man.  vhas ''starved to death so far; nor-will  .���������-,, anyone   starve   if   Colonel   Steele   is  notified.    He has located"nearly every  Dawson.      He   knows   that  'Ui    THE EXODUS ;*  ;A  good -deal  of capital is .attempted to  be made?.by?interested?.parties  out  of ;the  fact; that: large  numbers  ..of? Canadians  are ?drifting y  into .the  United;? States. .?? Large 'numbers y of  Canadians .drift .every   year, into ? the  States   and������������������ will???continue ;tO;do. so,:  and :the act? pfyparliament w.hich?:will  succeed in."."pryeritihg  them .form  doing? so ?has yetyto he  formulated;!? ?'  ?  In- accoi'darice with the?law'::ot?sup-  ply ..and'?demand,.: young ������������������ men?.? "are  ?needed?to-;fill ;;theigaps;?in; thevcities,:  and":.in the?Eastern'���������'��������� States;?tbe?needr;  ed -v supply.rls  drawn of rom ..���������the..';h'iei������h'r.  boring; Canadiany rural v^lstt^  ��������� The ���������;only,: ?"wiy_?to "offset the? emigration is to encourage a good class  of American? people -to find liomejs  in the North ' West. ?ylf l the': government? would voffety.only. ?the,*samc?fa'-.  cilities ?"to".Canadians : ai~d"Americiu~8  that- it? offers?, .!:=_ to;??: ^Galicians. f and  Doukhobors, a stream of,healthy?immigration might 'be? diverted towards  the ���������-���������' Territories .;;* r? Quantity -:?is -nnt  everything/': .v ;?*;?...  ; .When'all's said and, dbne.Spain may  have the. best, fot the/bargain? by? accepting ?20,000.000:; ih, exchange . ���������,'<?.  that bunch of billigenercy Unbwiv las  the*:' Philippines.y? .UU ' :?_"        ���������������������������-���������..:���������'  , Toronto -Telegramv.'?,When,' Hewitt  Bostock, .'.M-.P.-;'''" failed-, '���������������������������.: to'V,;~������-ithdr1iw.'  his anti pass bill at. the:bidding.of Sir  Wilfrid -Laurier,'-.'he .'showed that he  was, tired? of'being ^tepped^n  every .  .time liis:p^^iits-to.rcs^:its feet; flu-n(,ey_.llich ,^tron  -l-.i������v,.  .���������l15v_.".imnn:t  From Our Special Heprosentatlve  Thursday,   May   5:    Morning   sederunt  of   the   Synod      was   taken   up  mainly  with   the   discussion   of   the  recommendations in the foreign mission    report.     . These ��������� i-oomnienda-  tions  were;   1st,  that a lady  teacher  be added to thc staff of missionareis  to   lhe   Chinese   on   the  coast.   2nd,  I that n new school bulldiug be erected, anil ard, that ii Chlneso catechism  be sent to the Chinese in the Kootenny.  The report ou church life and  work, prepared by Kev, Geo. Wilson, Vernon, was rend. The report  was very full and contained sovor-  til very Important recommendations  the discussion of wmch occupied the  attention   of   Synod   for   considerable  time.  Tho main  reports of tho afternoon  were, 1st that of   the camuiltteo  appointed   to   consider   tlio   advisability  of the Assembly's  preparing and au-  thorixing  a  book  of  forms   for  family,   social  and  public   worship:   2nd,  that   upon   augmentation     presented  by Hev. J. C. Herdman, aud 3rd that  upon Manitoba college given by Hev  A. B.   Winchester.  These   reports 'fully   considered.  A very   important  matter  was  thc  approval  of  a  scheme  to   publish    a  paper  in  the  interests  of the church  in   the   west,   with   headquarters , at  Vancouver.     Provisional   committees  were   appointed     and   congregations  may expect  to   receive copies of  the  first issue shortly.  The evening meeting was well ''.attended' and aroused as much interest; as- the  former  meetings.  Rev.   A.   li.  Winchester  was      the  first   speaker  of   the   evening.      His  aim  was  to   show      the  inllucnce  of  Christian   character   in   regenerating  , tho  world.    At  the day  of  pentecost  the   followers       of      Christ   counted  themselves   by   tens,      now   they  are  numbered      by    milions.  ���������   Wherever  that leaven  of  Christianity has been  at work, there is  prosperity and  social   religions.   Wlierver   this   leaven  has become dead, there is failure and*  misery.    Look  at   Spain,  he   said,   in  Armada   times,       wilh   its   4u,uuu,000  people,  its  wealth and  glory.      Look  tu  it  today   with   its   17,000,000      of.  poor   despairing   people.   They -know  God  then;   now  they  have  lost him.  Mr.   Winchester   closed  a   line  and  powerful   address   and   an   appeal   to  parents  to   train   their, children      in  the  knowledge  and lovo of Christ.  Rev. .1. A. Logan, clerk of thc  Synod spoke of the necessity, of training children with a view to thc  deep responsibilities of life. His  address was a plea for character in  young people. This was to be found  not in putting on externals of Christ-  not | i'lnity but in imbibing the spirit- of  ils   founder,   Jesus   \_.nrist.  W.   H.   Moodie,  of  Kaslo,   followed  with a very interesting and vivid account   of   the   work   and   life  of      a  mining  eiamp.      In   Kaslo,     he   said,  thero were ihrce churches and 17 saloons,  aud  Kaslo was  a model  mining town,    in no other parts havo thc  young to show moro backbone. There  are   two   centres   of   inliuenco,      tho  church   and  th'e  saloon.   A  man  has  to stand by the ono or .drift'.into the  other.    There,  is  no   half   way   place.  Mr.  Moodie spoke  of the great in-  ~ ~  Christian   men  METHODIST CHURCH ��������� Revelstoke.  Preaching serilcuu ul 11 a.m. and 7:1)1'  p.m. uiaea meeting at tho close ot tho  morning service, cabbuth bchool and Bible  Olasu uc 2:30 p.m. Wcokly prayer meeting  every WedutBuay evening ul 7:3u p.m. Thc  public are cordially invited.   Smite tree.  HEV; 8. J: THOMPSON, Pastor.  f'HURCH Of ENGI.AND-St. P. .tor'a  *-' Hovoli-toko Hoard of service: EvuninK  prayer dully at 5 o'clock, Fridays at 7:1111,  Sundays ami Festivals: Holy Communion at.  a.m., uiornlng pruyor at 11. Sunday dcliuol  and Bihlo Oni..* al ���������_-:*!, evoi.ing pruy. r hi 7::������).  First Sunday In thu mouth Holy Communion  at morning nervices  PUKdll.TUltlAN CHUHi.ll���������Royolstokt*.  Service! even Sunday at II a.u.. mid i..������  p in. Biu'u (Jl'B-i nl i4:.l0 P.iu.. to which  all aro welcome. Prayur mceling at 8 p.m.  every Wednesday.  KEV. T. MF.SZtES, P-Btor.  K~~ OMAN  Htoke).  pETTIPIECE'S  Directory  and  Mao  of the  CitypRevelstoke  * a rmrs  "i  These Are Facts  TO PROSPECTORS AND MINERS,  opened up by the  Mineral properties  CATHOLIC   CHUKCH-Ilovel-  --   a ���������.     Mass   Hrot, ni.il ililrd Siinilaya ln  montli at 111:31) a.m.  ItEV. FATHER THAYEK.  CALV \TIOS AltMY-.M "ClIiiKSCViry night.  O   in ihu:r lui 1 on Front Struut,  Loyal Orango  Lodge, No   1058.  Hi'pular iiiuclliifrs nre IidIiI lii the  Oililielliiws Hull em thetliinl Friday  oi* eii fh mun lit ul 7. :i0 11. ni. Visit lug  liniilirrii ceirelliiMv hivlli.il  W. li. Hirnev,'W.M.; 11. 1'. 1'cltl  ���������   Siic: Ur. T. Jeffs,.Fin. Sec; Tlioa.  Steiiil'. Tri'iisurer.  B. R. (Jiiiii|>h-!1,  tlliifl"  Ranget  Court  Mt.   Begbie,  I.O.F.;.No,346i.  Mccls In th'* Odd-  follows' Mullein the  2nelRi_l.'.4ih Prid _y* of  vaoli mouth. Vin.tinft  brethren invlled to  attend.  K. D. J. O. Johnson  Rec.-Sec.  1899.  I beg to Inform the public  tint the Third Annual Directory and Map of the City   of  revelstoke    will     be    Usucd  from the office of publication  on or about the 1st of May.  Besides containing it complete  list ot the names, occupation  and  residence  ot every mal������  resident    of  RevelBtoke   and  vicinity   it  will  contain  valuable    information    concerning North Kootenay.     Place  your  order   now.  PRICE  FIFTY   CENTS  Remit   to   R.  P.  PETTIPIECE,  Revelstoke, B. C.  REVELSTOKE  IRON WORKS..  The Aeme������������������������*  Soda  Water  Works  Blaoksmithixiier- Jobbine  Plumbing.   Pipe Fitting  Tinsmitlim-*  Sheet Iron "Work  Machinery Repaired  Mining Work a Special _y_-_____-  TIOBT. GORDON  Revelstolte   Station  Diamond Core  Drill-_=^=  To obtain rnpidly the knowledfse or the value of l-feTs or lt'dpreu  nothing is to be compared with tho Diamond Core Drill, whirli will  prove more in 30 day; than an outfit ol' rueu tunnelling tir pinking  shafts could prove iu ten yeai's.  The Diamond Core Drill can pierce the mountains and   lake th  ecret of what it contains from their very hearts", and the more solid  he rock formation, the quicker ib will do its work.  The Diamond Core Drill is so conKfcructed that ifc air. be taken  t.���������>.  pieces aud packed on the backs of horses and carried  and   worked  almost inaccessible places where water can be obtained,���������and it  be in almost any part of British Columbia.  Por full information and particulars apply by letter or in person to  ;.  J.    D.  REAL     ESTATE   AND  SIB BA L. D,  MINING     6ROKERS,     REVEI.STOKB  Manufacturers of all kinds of  Aerated Waters, Soda and Mineral  Waters in Syphons and Bottles.  lactones at Vernon and Bevel-  stoke, IJ. C.   . j  M. J   O'BRIEN,   PROPRIETOR1^  [JevelstoKe  Hospital  Maternity Room in connection.  Vaccine    kept    on    hand.  !rs.  McKechnie   and  Jeffs. Attendants  ORIENTAL  Large, light bed  rooms.  Table furn'shed with  the clieiiji"-t the mm ket  afford--. B-*-r. Wines  Liquor-- ami Cigars  ltates  $1.      a dny.      Monthly  rare.  J. ALBERT STONE, Pmprietor.  Leon  ~ ""��������� * .c  ���������ammmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmTmmmmK  I    THEMOLSONS BANK    ������  g ��������� ���������    ��������� INCOIIPOKATED  BY  ACT OF   PMIT,1\.M1~I~T, 1355. ^  ,1 HEAD OFHCE MONTREAL     : 1  ings  PAID UP CAPITAL  BEST FUND  on'-'something'' soft;  _?While Mr. Siftoii is putting up,his  "Douks" ?and -lipping, his "Fius" ' it  might bo a-igood schpme '.to'." clip-'.the  wings of? man yy? Canadians who - are:  flying over the fence into "Uncle^Sam's  yard.--'- ?'*. ���������;. ���������?' -y  '���������-    ? * . .���������.���������. ..-iff. ~'f'..f,f -,;.  A Toronto '.Christian? Scientist  .swallowed some strychnine last w-eek.  Now  he  is  so; deatltthat  even?. his  might have? upon the yminers..?'-.He  spoke ?in''ther'hlghest^tefm.s':6f'������;f;'.'the  self denying 'work"..?'. which was v?bding  doue-in ; i.--?? , Jtenay, b}-.?_our. mis-  sip'narles.':.,������������������'���������:*'.'- ������������������..��������� -'?>���������;'���������:��������� ������������������ '?*���������?.???  ���������.'���������:-.Rey...'J.',:P. Grant, of-:Maple Creek,  read a paper on the: relation of ?the  parent to .'the:1 Sabbath, school? ;. He  said the. parents:_madeva;. grave, mis-  ;take when they? left the religious  ; training ot their children entirely to  the.. Sabbath   school   teachers, csxih.  Upper Arrow Lake,  BRITISH COLUMBIA  &  S_ 000,000  $1,&00.000  Vlec-rrenl-cnl; -  HOKX,  V!'MAUKi"AsV>"Moi.se_!>.:.  F. WeiKrKiiTON Thomas, Genernl M.inagcr.-  Intei'i'si iillowed a' current. ~j|g  J. X). MOI.SOM.   .        2t  MASAI-.KH,*,KKVKI.S1_)_1!,   H. C.   .,J^J  C_ BEST FUWO - ...  2__1 DIRECTOKS:   Wm. Molson StAcriiKiisoN, Prcslelent; S. H. Ewi.-eu, VI  fc W. 'M."Kamsay, Samukl Finxky, Hi'Nhv Auciiiiiam*, ,1.-P. Ci.Kin  "~" H. Mahki.a.ih Molson.  A general banking business trans-acted  rates  g^       MASAeiKll.UKVKI.S'lOai'.,  ������. v.   ,.fjy   ���������        ���������  RATES.   $ioo   PER   DA.Y  Well Known for Their  Health Giving Properties.  ..-..                 -- , ..   .-������������    ;    LUfci..    _3iHJU(l_.������_.        __.^^_v.    friends  admit  theyfact. .*   Can. it.; be ?ijad.?"its? own:: particular, sphere   'and  ilhat-Ghr-ist-ianiSciehee^do������s_^o.t^^v^  the .human  stomach* poison  proof?/^the child.'That of the SaSh"atE7"scHooI  ���������" .? .;;?' ;?.,-������������������-���������������������������-���������-;-_V^_ ���������:' -;.    _��������������������������� :jio ito%.teach   the   word   of .Gou.?7: ?  .Regiuti?:has now .a'flrst1 class Con- j.?Mr. Hudson, -the "representative������������������oK  servativo ��������� newspaper';.W, Thov second;:dor' of , Macleod,- followed in", the  number of The ���������"Westj'ls full of- up to'* samegstrain, impreEsing on the...par-  date -news and clever "comments 'on?,ehts .the paramount duty, of training  passing events. The makeup reflects their". children? by precept and exam?  much credit on. the .staff.". f:?'??: ple?in  the-nurture  of   God.'    ?  ' .������������������  .'���������'���������,-���������������������������"' :���������'..:'������������������'"'-v -���������''  -': - 'V ...  ?;: W.',   -"Before ; the close   ??of the': meeting,  ���������''.'���������   ���������/���������?;'_    -,,'������������������   Rev.   J. rC "Herdman ?.announced , the  THE L&TTEROF TH_. LAW      ; programme  for  nest? Sunday's  servi-  - r..f.f.-Ur������������������-.'.'':'���������.' .i:.^,. .''      .-.'Ices. ���������':-���������".'��������� ^''���������'-,.'  Seizures by Canadian CusttrasdfficfcrsonT:-Rev'-I-;:Knox^  '---���������''���������----��������� '.'":��������������������������� -! the thanks of the Synod  bo tendered  g- Both Hotels Opp_i for the Winter  The  C olumbia  Ilouse.  Good accommoiiation. A. gocd bar  well suppl:ed will* c^r-'cewiuc-B  liquors and cigars.  Free Bas Meets All Trains  The  "Bro wn.". -^gz-^������ -ooiy  Proprietors.  .rook   in   uaw.-=on.       w������   _    -      , s,���������,v.n U1_  ���������.���������.....   .  there   are   several   road- ape-jus   hero. , u   .  U.QQ q������ ,.harge are  m<:0llng  wllh  men who nave held up inuns. stagrs ; ln,,it.   dliljcully   lhan   tUev   cxpcet,Hl  and   person..    Ho  is  lak.nB  _t<-pB   tf" .-..c-ording  to   Information   which   hit'  prevent   the   holtlics      up  of   anyon-i    ,.jav.ht,i   gkagwav      from   the   north,  brinsring -.-olii into the city from    tiw , cvory  t{rort  is   bel, t  fot.Ul  ,,  ' to the session and managerEof Knox  church, to the leader and members  of the choir, to the frbinds who had  so kindly .'opened  their homes for the  uuu   h���������i.i....0         emtort.ainment  of  the visitors, to  the  acro-ss the international bountl-   frlc.ntis   who   arranged   and   provldpel |  feir   thp   elrive   on   Thursday,   to   th>*' '  mn..*   difilculty   ihan   tliey   cxpccie-.i.   ,.,iit.or of th<* Herald for reporting no  Ac.-jriling  to   Information   which   lias   fuIly the meetings,  to ��������� tho  transport  '"'" "      tr,-.���������   th.*'.north.    nim���������   feimi-i.-inies       for   the   reducpe  iht Gold Trails  1'hose entering the upper Yukon  i anil Atlin countries with, the intwn-  ! tion of escaping the Canadian cu<-  j mmsi and gettins their American  : giioOs  ill ,-.,������,,,1 b    ^-...,          .  creeks after the .wushup. Ho is nl-  ways looking ahead, always planning  ahead.? That is the kind of "a man  rteiuirfcd   in  a  country  lllt.-r  ih: _���������.*'  cision  of the  PAKLIAWEKTftRY   PASSES  It is to be regretted that there was  found   a   sufficient    number   of   politicians   on   boih   sides   of  the   house  to  kill' the  bill   Introduced   by      Mr  Bostock  last  week     for  the? purpose  of   compelling   railway   companies   to . Ji'fu". "������   *"*-  issue passes to benators and u-.amber.-; r Ottawa.   One  of   parliament.   The   present   sy.tem  which  means  tho granting-of  fa/:���������>:*-;  by railway companies to the uu.inb*iu  of  tho   legislature       is   ejbj'jtiiioinable  from  more than     one poi-*. of view.  Although   the  grantin.sc  of  -i   pks.?  is  ostensibly      eomplimor.ir.rv.   i*   looVs  very   much   like   a   .de'ic.i'.e. f-ivm   if  bribery,  inasmuch a a  t iiy.  vmss  rpaily  means a certain amount o' colt.'  e.as>-  in  the   pocket   of   the  Icij- ������������������*.������r. *  whr  is paid mileage in addition t" his indemnity, by  the  country,   vh.-ther he  uses a pass or not.  To compel railway anel   *tli(lr f.iasportation      compani'.s   to   givo   as  n  right  what  they now   grant  by   way  of  gratitude   for future   f;u*i s wouu  mean  a considerable savi.i:; t-i     tlie  country in rniieage   charn-s   -i.s ��������� well  as a free hand to the legislator to do  ���������what   he   honestly     believes    to    be  right.      Some   men's  consciences  ::it  so  sensitive that they _nu muuencod  by money considerations.       -  | thoseu nscrupuloua ones to carry out  ! their fraudulent design-:*, but with  pronounced disappointment*) They  have used bribery, force anil diplomacy all to no avail, and only to find  themselves the losers. Collector  Milne has been act.ualntcd with at  least eight of such cases, ami his  men have* under o seizure several  thousand dollars' worth of goods ���������,������������������,���������  seized on the Chilcoot and White reception of the  [pass trails and  held   pending the de-'    The'meetings  ation companies for the reduced |  rates granted, to Rev. J. C. Hon!- j  manantl those who assisted In mak- '  lug the .meetings pleasant and sue- '  fessi'ul.  Thc moderalnr closed with a few  words 'if thanks to friends in Cal-  cary, and encouragement to ministers. ��������� ��������������������������� if  A  vote  of  thinks was  tendered  to  ���������.������-     t:. ..i,1,',,     ���������f   ,l,(,    rnilncitri.nl  Arrow Lakes Steamers Kootenay and Minto Call Daily..  A Conveyance is run in connection with the Steamers  and the Springs.  '  Good Accommodation both  at   the   Springs  the Landing.  Telegraphic Communication.      Baths Free.  S1.2f- por day.  and at  Rates  gVEUSTO^g  Do  You   Want  a  COlnlng  and  BROWN,  minister of customs at  man  had  goods  to the  'lev.    Mr.   Hogb'in,   of   the  school   for   his   kind   and  members.  were     then   closed  with   the   Moderator's   benediction.  After  the  meeting    the   Presbytery  Industrial I  courteous '  i Ottawa,    uiie   man  ������au  {,u������uo   ^"   ���������������������������-       jillui   -.'-^  ������������������������ ���������������     ���������      -       -      -  'v-luo   of   S1300   taken   in   charge   by  ot Calgary met te.  license anel  ordain  i the officers. Another lost his team.  1 He. made bold declarations that he  ' would run over any officers who at-  i tempted to intercept. him for the  ' collection of duty. He escaped thc  ��������� officers at Log Cabin anel unelor cover  ',or ilarkncss got down to Beunett.but  I was there overtaken  Proprietor.  J.  M.  Brunton.  for some yoars missionary  in.      thi:s     district    to     the  work   of   the   ministry.   Rev.   J.   W.  Morrow._   itModerator   presided     and]      j  Rev.   J.   Knox' Wright  adili*es=cd   lho ) -r-���������--*  mir.istry in a.few well chosen words  Apart from the team, all thc articles seized were merchandise and  miners'  outfits.  The owner, Mr. Mllnc states, will  not be deal with leniently with by  him. He has heard too much talk  from these people of evading the  customs officers, anel will stand by Iiouku was  his men. giving them every encouragement. In the good work they havo  elone. Duty will have" to be paid on  all American goods crossing the  boundary, and not on the valuation  that may be placed on ,them by the  merchant, but on thoir appraised  [ value in Skagway. i  There is overy probability that  the session will be prolongcel through  dog days of summer. Sir Wilf. d  Laurier at a recent sitting of tho  house announced that the rt~iJi;tr:bu-  tion bill woulel not bri brriut?ht down  before the business now before tho  li. poaoel of. Ot, Oo.itso  much will depend upon the. character'of'this important piece of legislation; but if it is what both 'tie'cs  of the hotiiee; exppct, the .opposition  will in all probability put up a desperate fight, which will keep t'r.rlii)-  ment in session uutil the summer is  well over.  <Hotel Ferguson  Fergtisoni B.C.  ;i_  I  Ukst A (.-commcm-ation  In TiiH I.ai:ni*:au  Rates $2 .Per-   Pay.  D. FERGUSON,  Proprietor,  REVELSTOKE-  Sasli  and  Door  Facto  Home  In   This? Grocaing  J-jollamy  Centre  9  The C. & K. steam Navigation Company have 3DU������ ot thim  lightful property in Kevelstoke.    It i. charmingl/   eituated    handy  to  to any portion of th* town.    Come and enquire about it at once.    Ea.y  terms if necessary.  HRIO & CSRIG, Sole Hgents  RJtoCJ_B.TY  ni Whnlpsale and Eetail Dealer in    PRIME BEEF, P0FCK,  ^DTTOJl J1JSLD SJ11DSJ1GE,  Pish   and   Game   in    Season.       Markets   at   Kevelstoke  SvelstokeStation, Nakusp, Trout Lake City, and Ferguson  y-  THE PIONEER LIVERY  Feed and Sale Stable of tbe Lardeau and Trout Lafce  r  \ Mnnufncturgracf  nnd'Dealers ln      "**& \  S:������sK  T>oor*������.  Turning.  ri!uth������.   ('orner  (������al������l������'S :*iul WrniHl.ili work, ttrackeiii,  of rvprv fiewriiirtoi* made to order.  Stun* mul iHTift; Vluluisa. Window  Krinin-a, Willi ���������'asli fitted ;i sppcinlty.  All tin*.latest niiit'hincry. Dry kiln on hf-  _j-������rtitnisr'?.' <J*nlt and get prices btfer  "Kt������in������c elsewhere.  i, SAWYER &TttAKNINO-  Saddle    and     Pack  always for hire.  HorueD  FretKbtinp;  and   Teaming  specialty.  D iii v Ht aire r lea ves Thomson's Landing . every morning at 7 o'clock  e'.t_,������������������. lakeOitv.    For particulars write ������������������������������������ ���������  fur Trout Lake City.   *     P      ^ & HILLMAN, Thome's LaxdiN������. /^  *_  t  THE  TRNSVAAL TROUBLES  THE     PLAUSIBLE    PRESIDENT  ENFORCES HIS CLAIMS.  Tne Dreyfus CasejojBe Heard, May 29  MANITOBA  VILLAIN CAUGHT  Eagland and  Russia  Retch an Agreement re China.  Capetown, May 5.���������The reply of  President Kruger of the Transvaal  republic to tho demand of tho Bee-  rotary of state for tho colonics lor  tho cancellation of tho dynamite concession la published today. Kruger  contends that thc concession is bona  ndo and that it constitutes no breach  of tho London convention. The  Transvaal president insists that he is  .entitled to au opinion as to what is  for the best interests of the republic.  Tho amendment of thc concession  asked for by the Brtish government,  the president adds, would be a breach  of faith with regard to othor parties.  CADOGAN TO RETIRE  New York, May <>.���������A London despatch to the Evening Journal says  that Lord Cadogan will retire from  the vice-royalty after the , visit of  the Prince of Wales im August next  and that the Duke of Connaught will  replace Lord Roberts as commander  in chief, of the forces in Ireland.  TROUBLES OF HIS OWN.  Regina, May 6.���������Colin Lome Campbell, a constable of the North West  Mounted Police was today committed for trial for stealing $48 from  the canteen; Campbell wa6 managing the canteen last month and the  checks ho received for sales he paid  into his own account with tho savings branch of the Bank ot Montreal  and did not account for them in the  canteen   cash   book.  YESTERDAY'S PARLIAMENT  Ottawa, May C���������Sir Charles Tupper continued the ��������� budget debate in  the House yesterday. Hon. Mr.Pat-  terson following. Rufus Pope and  Heyd spoke closing the. debate.  BRITISH COLUMBIA WILL -HELP  Ottawa, May G.���������The government  loclvcd a telegram "from the British  Columbia government stating that iu  view of the position taken by the  British', government in regard to the  Pacific cable, and which they feared would delay and thus defeat the  schemo, they would contribute two-  eighteenths of the cost of the cable  in- aditlon to the Dominion governments five-eighteenths.  A FRIEND IN ��������� NEED -  Paris, May 6.���������Sarah Bernhardt has  arranged a great benefit for Lydia  Thompson, an old time burlesque  actress. The* matter has developed  into a>* patriotic * demonstration and  tickets- are already, seling at a premium. - '        ''  THE END IN  SIGHT.  Paris,   May   6.���������Le   Matin      today  states that tho public hearing of the  Dreyfus  caso   has   been   ordered   for  May 29th.  - SCOUNDRELS CAPTURED -  Pilot Mound, May 6.���������Geo.Wright  and Robert McKibbon were committed- for trial here last evening for  an outrage committed on tho person of Mrs. Robert "Atkinson on Sunday morning, April 30. They will  go to Winnipeg tomorrow ^accom-  panied by' Provincial Chief of Polico  Elliott.  ANGLO-RUSSIAN AGREEMENT  Washington, May 6.���������Official assurances have been given this government that an agreement has been  reached betweeu Great Britain and  Russia as to the spheres of influence  in China. The matter concerns only  ���������the-two-parties_and-tb.at_in_no-man_.  ner does it affect thc interests of  tho United States. The agreement  does not amount to the seizure of  lands in China defined as being  . within cither of the two spheres,  even should 'any territory he acquired ln them by either parties to this  agreement. The United States are  not to be subject to any discrimination in trade matters. Such rights  as are now possessed in treaty ports  are to he enjoyed freely by .the  United ' States.  COLONIA'.   SECRETARY   CHAMBERLAIN DISAPPEARS  NEW   PAPER   FOR   EDMONTON  A new papor to be known as The  P������st will shortly be issued at Edmonton by the Post Printing company. T. A. Gregg, who for some  months past has been engaged in  getting up a paper descriptive of Alberta and the Crow's Nest PaBs district for free distribution among settlers nnd those seeking locations in  tne Went,, the Canadian Pacific railway oompany having granted per-  mission for circulation on branch  Unee, will have editorial charge cf  th* new paper, nnd F. Fraser Tims,  ex-representative of Victoria district In the Territorial Assembly,  will be business manager. It can  eafely be said that these, gentlemen,  fully Informed as they are as to the  resources, the possibilities and the  needs of tho Western country, will  put forth a newspaper that will l������e  of great service to the Edmonton  district and all Northern Alberta. It  is understood that the paper will  pursue an Independent course, tha  intention being to serve the pc-ple  rather- than the party, but a3 both  Mr.TIms and. Mr. Gregg have both  Identified with the Conservative party  and Conservative .papers, the new  publication  will  probably  lean   - ln  Marchand Rf ported Dead���������Want a Cora-  mission to Investigate the C. P. R.-���������  Duka of York III���������Ludgate's Uot It-  Lightning on the Strike     ���������  London, May 8.���������The crisis of ut-  falrn   ln  tho  Transvaal  In  beginning  'to overshndo all othor topics ot  public 1-torent, and no doubt thsre  reigns an uneasy, feeling In official  circles. Despite tho fact that Right  Hon, Joseph Chamberlain 'Ih not  known to suffer from any Indisposition he has left town suddenly,  which is u somewhat unusual thing  for him to do. Mb prlvato ������ocro-  tary hus Btrietly concealed hla destination. The absenco ot tho colonial hoc rotary at this juncturo causes  no end of speculation In parliamentary circles. Tho general opinion Is  that tho country has reached tho  limit of tolerance ot Oom Paul's diplomacy. It Is felt that something  mst be dono to terminate the present unbearable situation. Dr. Jameson, who led tho famous raid cn  the ransvaal in 1890 will return to  the Cape of Good Hopo next Satur  day In pursuance of hurried orders.'  Important schemes relative to the  critical stato of Anglo-Boer relations  are supposedly afoot.  A SEVERE SENTENCE  Regina, May 9,���������Corporal Donovan, who has been for several years  In charge of tho N. W. M. P. canteen  has been tried before a justice of tho  peace at the barracks for some minor  matters iu relation to the recent irregularities of Lome Campbell. 8Ld  been sentenced to one mouths' imprisonment, to be degraded in rank  and to be dismissed- from the force.  MARCHAND   REPORTED  DEAD  Paris, May 8.���������It is persistently  rumored that Major Marchand, ilie  leader of the famous Marchand expedition which was returning from  Fashoda on the Nilo to the Red  sea, en route to France, has bein  killed by a band of maurauders iii~sr  Ras Jibzoutll, a French post on lho  coast and that Captain BaratUr A'l ..  wounded in the same encounter.  YESTERDAY'S   PARLIAMENT  Ottawa, May 9.���������Sir Charles Tupper yesterday moved for the papers  regarding Lord Aberdeen's .refusal to  sanction Tupper's appointments in  '96 and in. so doing revived7the old  protests against Lord Aberdeen's actions. . R. L. Richardson, of Lisgar,  moved a resolution- for a commission  to enquire fully Into the financial matters connected with the Canadian  Pacific   railway.  Frank   Oliver-.followed- urging  the  appointment of a'general railway commission. ^  CANADIAN   PRESS     ASSOCIATION  Winnipeg, May' 8.���������It Is announced that the Canadian Press association will givo an excursion thlB yenr  from Toronto to the Pacific coast,  over tho ' C. P. R. lasting' 2* davs.  Stops will bo made at Winnipeg,  Brandon, Calgary, Banff and Vancouver. Tho excursion starts on  July 18 and August 1.  DUKE   OF   YORK   ILL  London, May 9.���������Tho '' Duke of  York, owing to a severe cold is now  confined to his room. Tho Prince ot  Wales has visited York house daily  since Friday last.  DEATH ' FROM LIGHTNING  Regina, May 9.���������Two sons of Edward Brooks, residing at. Fairvlew,  near Peuse,, were plowing on a gang  plow on Saturday;*-when Charles Edward and his brother, Ben, fellrback  from a thunder clap . Charles Edward, who was aged 18, was killed  Instantly by lightning and Ben' was  slightly scorched. The horses were  startled by tho shock but received  no Injury.  ^_-LUDGATE_IN_Pp_SSE.S_SION ^  Vancouver, May " 9.���������Theo.Ludgate  took possession of Deadman's Island  this morning with 50 men, and at  noon great gaps had been made  among the trees, wU.io the whole  island Is ln a perfect halo of smoke.  The whole matter of possession was  brought off very quietly,and few people knew what was to take place.  Tho provincial police may attempt  to retake the Island and then trouble  Is  sure to  follow.  BRITISH VICTORY IN EGYP  London, May 9.���������Thc foreign office has received news that Colonel  Evatt has attacked "Chief Kabarega  on east bank of the Nile.completely  defeating him. Three - hundred of  the enemy were killed. Kabarega  himself wa3 severely wounded and  King Mwanga was taken prisoner.  Colonel Evatt's doss was two killed,  and 20 -wounded Uganda soldiers.  DEWEY'S SUCCESSOR  Washington," May 9.���������It is announced that Admiral Watson has  been appointed to succeed Admiral  Dewey at Manila.  NEWS NOTES  GERMANS    HOLD   A    MEETING  IN THE STATES  I 81.  II  GREAT BRITAIN  HAS ANNEXED  THE FRIENDLV ISLANDS  THE PHILIPPINE   INSURGENTS  MUST LAY DOWN ARMS  Toledo, May8.���������German-Americans  of this city held a monster mans  meeting yesterday afternoon to protest against the proposed Brltlsh-  Amorlcun alliance. Speeches were  made by the leading member* of  the Gormnn community but before  thc meeting was over a division  arose and there followed a heated  discussion in which a great many of  thoso present Indulged. The object  ot tho meeting being lost sight of  many- left the hal. When the vote  camo up to sustain.tha United States  government In tho Samoan question  tho vote was 393 to 7 against tho  government.   .  WHAT   WILL   THE   U.   S.   DO?  Washington, ��������� May 8.���������The administration, is becoming moro confident  that the Filipino insurrection will  end through peaceful arrangements.  The administration will offer autonomy to tho islands, but the insurgents must first lay down their arms  and acknowledge the Amorican sovereignty   over  the   islands.  SUPT. COTTON DEAD  Battleford, May 8.��������� Supt. John  Cotton, of the Norths West Mounted  Police, died at 1:20 oclock yesteruay  afternoon, after, a long and painful  illness. Tho  deceased   contracted  pneumonia several weeks- ago.  WHAT HAPPENED TO JONES?-  Rossland, ��������� May, 8.���������W. S. Jones,  collector of internal revenue here Is  a defaulter and has left the "country. Inspectors Millar and Gill are  here from Vancouver investigating  the matter. Jones has been absent  from Rossland about a month but lt  was understood that .he would re  turn. * The amount taken will exceed $3000."  OPERA SINGERS UPSET  Fort' Steele, May 8.���������One of the  teams conveying the Metropolitan  Opera company from Cranbruun. ...  Fort Steele yesterday morning ran  away about four miles from heie.  throwing the occupants to the irroun.l  and seriously injuring Miss Millard,'  principal soprano, and Miss Colby,  ono of the chorus. Several other  members of the party wero slig'.hl>  scratched and bruised. -  [A telegram was received In town  this morning by Matt Kussell, the  company's advance agent, to the effect that the reports of the accident  were greatly exaggerated, only two  chorus girls being slightly injured.]  HAVE   COME   TO   TIME   " '  ��������� Cornwall, May 8.���������-The St. Regis  Indians held a meeting here yesterday and decided to hand over to  the authorities all tho Indians  against whom warrants are out. This  will likely end the trouble.  BRITAIN'S TAKING WAY  San   Francisco,      May ��������� 7.���������Letters  from Tonga received here say    that  Great  Britain   has  taken   over      tre  Friendly. Islands as a ' dependency.  KIPLING,  L.L.D.  Montreal,   May   8.���������McGill   university  has   offered   to  confer  the  honorary   degree   of   L.L.D.   on   Rudyard  Kipling  at  the  medical   convovation  on   June   6th.   Mr.   Kipling   has   replied   signifying   his   acceptance.      _  BOARD OF TRADE KICK  Winnipeg,   May   8.���������On      Saturday  last the Winnipeg board of trade disapproved  of  the  Douglas  Grain   bill  _an_d has appointed a delegation to_go  to Ottawa, *   -  a  LAND HUNTERS  There is a potato famine In the  Kootenay.  Atlin townsite will he put on the  market on May 17.  Traffic on tho C.P.R. for the week  ending April 30 waB $620,000: for th������  same week last year it was $573,000.  H. J. Robortson of Toronto, bas  beon placed in chargo of Hull brothers & company's brunch at Golden, B. C.  James Metcalf, warden ot the  Kingston penitentiary, who hns boon  very 111 for n considerable period,  haH been retired.      i  Nelson city council has mndo a  grant ot $500 towards thc building  of a female ward In tho Kootenay  Lake general  hospital.  Tlie Government will not enforce  payment of the ������10,000 bond held by  thorn ns security for the fast Atlantic service from Peterson, Tate &  company.  A commission has been appointed to enquiro Into the sanity of  Simeon Czuby, the Galician murderer now under sentonco of death at  Winnipeg.  D, H. McDonald,. M.L.A., Ib the  only membor of the Assembly who  represents his native constituency,  having been born in the electoral  district  of  North  Qu'Appelle.  The Allan liner Numldian haB .arrived at Montreal with a large crowd  of ' immigrants,   consisting   of   Galicians,   FInlanders,   Hungarians,   Partisans,  Medes  and   Mesopotamians.  Augusts Carney, formerly of Calgary, and now police magistrate of  Kaslo, has been authorized to assume jurisdiction in small debt cases  for   the   Ainsworth .mining   division.  In the House of J, Commons last  Monday Hon. A. C. Blair statod that  the C. P. R. had not yet submitted  for the approval of the governor in  council its rates on : the Crow's Nest  branch' or lines connected  therewith.  Vancouver Province: T. O'Brien,  barrister of Calgary, who. has been  In the1 city for the past few days  left today for Victoria. He will go  up at the next examination for admission to the British Columbia bar.  The  Dominion  Telegraph   company  is making rapid progress with Its line  from   Lake Bennett to Dawson.  The \  line has been located  15 miles down :... j--   op...--,.   U������ o n c\ ! I n Cr*  Lake  Bennett   nnd  poles   have  been . vv ...,  <x "  w   iiniiunug  distributed   almost   to   White   Horse i  rapidB.  Joseph A. Richardson, who up to  a few moths ago was a* partner in  the Winnipeg. firm of A. McCutcheon  &. company, - fuel dealers, has-been  arrested at St. Paul on a charge, of  having embezzled $5000, the property-  of the firm.      V  . The Hudson's Bay company's districts of Edmonton, Peace River and  Athabasca which have hitherto been  under separate management have  been amalagmated and will In future  be under the Immediate supervision  and* control of -W. T. Livock, of Edmonton post.  ,Dominion Alliance having been refused a prohibitory- law for the  whole- of Canada has decided as the  best course to agitato for a. Dominion act which will bring prohibition into force in any" province  whose electors' vote decides on ehe  adoption of such a measure.  The Toronto World, says that on  Sir William Van Home's return  from California he will become chairman of the Canadian Pacific board.  Shaughnessy will succeed him as  president. R. B. Angus or E. B.  Osier will be vice president* and D.  McNicol, assistant general manager.  According to Alaskan advices, a  syndicate of 88 aliens, who were excluded from Atlin, has .been formed  to bring suit against the Canadian  government for $15,000,000. Damages  are claimed for property lost by the  exclusion of tho plaintiffs from the  famous Fallous mining district. Each  alien claims $175,000 damages. They  consider that a fair estimate _ of the  profits they would have . gained by  -the-developmenUofi.their^mlning pro-  pcrtles.  Major Z. T. Wood, superintendent commanding the Canadian North  West Mounted Police ln the T.t5i;.i  district, has begun ," enforcement of  the order promulgated by the Domin-  Revelstoke  REAL  ESTATE  ISSTIFFE  The Lardeau railway is assured.  Steamboat communication with  the Big" Bend and Canoe lliver  gold fields is being pushed forward.   A great future is opening  up before  The City of Revelstoke  Now is the  time to take hold of  the remaining chances of bargains  in business and residential  property.  i  These are some properties  SS7C0 will Inly two fine business Int. _ 7 anil 8, bloi-.k 10, on fit-������t street. 50  by 100 leet.    Opposito It. P. Petti tiieeu'_ rHsiilettci'.     Easy terms.  $230 cash Will huy two nie-e lot?, 50 by 100, nearly opposite Sampson's  bonne.   Lot*- 3 aud 4, Block 11.  $350 will buy a lot 25x100, m<xt the Front St Post Office.  $1000 will buy a bli'ick, 75x100 on Campbell Avenue.  $1000 will buy a lot 25x100 ia the centre of thebusiness prut of Mackenzie Aveuup. i,  $700 will buy two lots, 0 aud 7, block 0, 50x100 opposite C. B. Iliime &  Co.'s ware house on Campbell Avenue-   ���������  $1000 will buy a house and lot O.block 40, on Third Street. Five rooms  bath room aud pantry. $400 down aud balance on time to suit*  purchaser.'  The lot is 50x100.  $3,500 will buy a block fronting on First St. opposite the Imperial  Bank. Size 100x150x75. Corner Connaught Avenue and First,  St. The C. P. R. siding runs along one side. A splendid business location.  $2000 will buy a business block 50x100 fronting on First St., between  the two banks.   A line site for a business hou.'i.  Large Party of Delegates From Kansas    onl   government  some   timo   ago ex-  A  PROHIBITION   BILL  Toronto, May 8.���������The Mail's Ottawa  special says: Notice of' the proposed  prohibition resolution will be given In  a elay or two. The resolution will  provide for the taking of a vote in  any province. There shall be required a petition In Its favor contaln-  :inar at least 25, per cent of the names  on the electoral list of- the province.  The vote shall take place only on the  occasion of a federal-general election,  and unliko the late.plebiscite, will call  Into force an actual prohibition enactment.]! It shall be repealablo only  after a period of four years, and  a  __- ..-_,.���������-      .        , vote  for  such   repeal   shall      only   he  that direction.   Mr. Tims, who   5s a. taken.on the occasion     of a federal  of  tho   electorate  therefor.  have     petitioned  powerful writer, has been a frequent   general election, and when 25 per <*ent  contributor to   the  Herald,   anl Mr.    "  "-          *"-     ���������*-"*���������-*������������������-  Gregg has had a wide newspapor experience east and West. All who  know .them will wish, thr.m scucccn.  In their undertaking, and hops to ^ce  them.give tho Edmonton district a  paper that will wortniiy represent  tbat most? progressive portion ot the  Territories, a. district destined to become within a. few years the nwst  proauctivc of the "West. ��������� .  An action for $5000 damages has  beeen entered against the. C. P. R.  on behalf of John George the fireman .who "was seriously injured in  the accident last fall in which Engineer Little and Brakeman Reed  lost their iim.  Missouri and Iowa  A largo delegation of farmers.prin-  cipally from tho state of Kansas,  arrived In Winnipeg on Thursday  and left the samo day for Portage la  Prairie. Some 22 gentlemen com-  poso the party , which is in charge of  G. Eno, Dominion government immigration agont. Their names are:  J. W. Penner, Hillsboro. Kansas;  G. W. Penner, Whlteford, Kansas;  H. F. Howard, Blue Bluffs, Kansas;  J. W. Balman, Chula, Missouri; B.  Fast. H. Penner, J. Reigher, HUIb-  boro, Kansas; B. Fulk, Durham, Kansas; R. L. June, Carlton, Kansas;  J. J. Voth, A. Eno, Lehigh, Kansas;  David Goertz, P. Shroeder, Canada,  Kansas; A Huxman, J. Haufman,''  Pretty Plains, Kansas; J. W. Koehr,  Pawnee Rock, Kansas; J. Broese,  Dundee, Kansas; W. P. Soloman,  Ridge, Kansas; G. W. Wreiland.  Wreiland, Kansas; D. Ens, Inman,  Kanaas.  These gentlemen were all appointed by tho various farmers' clubs  of the state to visit the Canadian  West with a view to selecting suitable lands for a large number * of  families who purpose coming Into  the country either this fall or next  spring. The delegates aro largely  of German extraction,"' many of. them  being'���������_.Mennbnltes. Prospects for, a  farmer are not. sufficiently bright In  the -western states to hold the population? and they aro consequently  seeking now homos. The present delegation will visit Edmonton, York-  ton  and  Dauphin  districts.  Tho highest priced calf on both  sides of the Atlantic in 1898 was  the Shorthorn bull calf, Scottish  Champion. This calf was bred by  W. S. Marr, Uppermlll, Tames, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and bought at  auction for Wm. Duthle, of Duthie,  Collycie, for ?i,65D.  IMPERIAL BANK   OF 0/\HADA  Head Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital $2,000,000  Reserve     -    -    -    -   1,200,000  Dirootors -.  11. S. Howland    IV.-sident  T.R.Merntt.Vice Pros..(lit.Catharines)  William Ramsay, Unbelt JafTray,  Hugh Hyan,   T.   .Sutherland  SN\> ii.r  Klins Ki)>:������*i8.  D. It. Wilkie. 0*uer-al Manager.  Bronohea  North We-a*- and nritisb Columbia  tf riindon     I Portage la  Calgary Prairie  IClinont/iii I Prince Albert  V ������c_couvet  Winnipeg  Revel, tolc*  South .Edmonton. Ndson, B.  ONTAK10.  Niagara Falls   ISt, Ihornaa  li'.se-i  Ki'rirtts  Gait  I nir.'i'^eill  Lihiowe!!  Port Colborne iToronto  I tai Portage     j Welland  yaull St. Mariei^ooditock  ���������St, Cat)iurines lllamilton  Montreal, Quebec.  Ravings Uank Department���������Deposits  of   51   "nd    upwards    received    and  int. ri'.. . alleiwud,  lieheuiur-s��������� Provincial, Municipal  nnd nth _r debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United States, Europe,  India, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Gold   Purchased  This Bank Issues Special Receipts  which will be accounted fop atony of  tho Hudson's Hay Co's Posts ln the  Yukon ank northern districts.  A. R. B. HEARN.  Man-gor Revelstoke Bratuh  Papers  f-il--1, Iiiirrciine.   Mlw������,jKm- .  t.us-i'il G������ii-, ftiii   borders of  nl_U.eH*ri])-iou������.  Tlio ������*l.cv,K"tt nml husx stock of  WALL I'AI'KUS in the city.  LiU-ii'l   iHsi'ijuii-!*   j_riv������n   uu  ul! cr.*.i uritars.  I   ilftt!  onlv    in    W A h 1/  1* A  1* K IC S   nud aolifit jiu  iiiSif'-'Ciion of inv stock.   \  W.6. Bipney  %      y,\eK,E-NZIE JIVE.  'V,������������_,__oa___, -  eluding all alcoholic liquors from '.he  Yukon district; and, has notified all  person who have permits to taite in,  or who have beon contempatlng ti a-  ing in liquor, to that effect. Major  Wood has notified the Collector of  customs at Skagway that ln accordance with orders received from Ottawa, American envoys will be allowed'; to acompany - bonded goods  through to Log Cabin, as long as tho  Canadian customs officials aro stationed at that point.  On last Monday morning a serious  accident happened to Georgo Fou-  crault, brakeman on the Arrowhead  line. It was shortly after, the arrival  of the regular train "at Arrowhead.  While making a coupling . between  two of the cars of the passenger  Foucrault's, head was caught between  them, with the result that his jaw  was "broken and severe Bcalp -wounds  w;er'e sustained. It is also feared  that the skull was injured. One re-  cult of, the accident was tho immediate loss of Bight. Tho engine, which  was ? on" the turn tablo, was at once  hooked onto" a cab'ooso and the injured * man was brought back to  RevelBtoke. and conveyed to the  hospital, where  he Is now lying.  The . Canadian Pacific and Great  Northern.' railways are' making a  faco to secure the best location for  a railway in the Lardo district, to  the north of Kootenay lako, says tho  Nelson Tribune. For'the past two  -weeks the Canadian Pacific has bad  a force of engineers at work locating  a line from the old townsito of  Lardo to tho lower?���������'���������; end of Arro-S-  lake. ��������� ��������� It. Ib ^generally understood  that work would . bo commenced on  the lower end of the branch' some i  time this summer, but during;, the 1  past week the Canadian Pacific of-)  flcials began to fear that the Great  Northern might get into the district  ahead of them, and It was decided to  throw a gang of men upon the Lardo  end of the braHch at once.        .  ^        Grogan & Oo. are hand  Jf������ ling some   of   the   finest $$&  &x mining propositions iii the   ~  tiT Big   Bend,    Lardean and  ^ Fish Creek camps of North  .jfe Kootenay.    Full  particu- g&  |fc   lars obtained and furnish-    -  *& ed about mining claims in  J^ the District. ������  Canadian  Pacific  Rail wav.  and Soo Line.  WORLD'S PICTORIAL ROUTE  KAST   AND   WEST  F1KST CLASS AND  TOURIST SLEEPERS   from   TACiFIC TO ATLANTIC.  Quii-k. Time, Good Service,  Fewest Changes,    Lowest Rates  Tickets issued through and  Baggtigo   checked to destination.  Carnes   Creek   Consolidated   nnel   Great  Webtern  Mines,  Limited, at 25 cents.  p  FIRE INSURANCE���������We are agent** for 11. P. RiLhet A: Co's. companies.  MONEY TO LOAN  Canvassing agents for the Equitable Savings, Loan and  Building Association. No membership fees. No necessity  to take shares. No fines. The association offers a  straight loan repaid in monthly instalments. Can bo paid  off altogether after two years.  DAILY TRAINS.  Et-it. AVest.  S 25k. .lve--Revelstoke-lve. 10.50k  TO AND FROM   KOOTK.N'AT T0INT3.  S. 15k..Ive���������Revelstoke���������arr..10.05k  For    information,   time    cardt,  maps and tickets npplv to  T. XV. BRADSHAW,  Agent, Revelstoke.  XV.   F.    Anderson,  Travelling  Passenger Agunt, Nelson.  E. J. Coylk, District "Passenger  Agent, Vancouver.'  J..H. H������n  Oompany  B ule'hcrs    and  Retail Dealera in Beef, Fork ete  KAMLOOPS and REVELSTOKE  All orders in our line prom  G*><-<i   ^  Address :   Revelstoke.  Office :   Herald Office.  Code:   Moreing    Neiil.  ^^F##^^#^*#^  Wo Hav    a Good Supply of  Building  Material  a^d Lumber  CUT PRICES FOR SPOT CAS  C.\\\ and S3 j us. We can fix you 1  RE/ELSTOKc SAW MILLS  Revelstoke Station B C.  *  Tr ��������� .  -*,. .*._*:  iSTSWE^ESK i.  &->  pairs nf Ladies/  Lace Bouts.  Button and  "0 pairs of Ladies' Slippers iinel  Oxford ties.  25 pairs- of Boys' B.ih.  103 pairs of Child's. Girls'and  Misses' Boots, Shoes mid  Sli|iuer>.  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The horse raring item has ��������� be>en  irmiiveil from the Sports progr.tinine  for the 21th.  a A. Johnson, of the Herald, spent a  couple days at the Halcyon Hot  Springs this week.  Dr. Rr-Whittington, of Vancouver,  has heen elected president of the  Methodist ionference.       '  Mrs. F. W. MacGregnr left on Mon-  eav night on a couple of month's visit  to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Savage,  at Kamloops.  R. Laing. who has heen away in the  Klondike arrived on Friday morning  and leaves with his family for Victoria this morning.  The Diamond Core Drill outfit is  lying ut Mnaiee's ranch, about a mile  beyond Comaplix. and cannot at  present he got tiny further.-  Rev. C E. Pnaet arrived on yesterday's Xo. 1 and is for tlie present, the  guest nt liis bint her. E. W. B. P.igi't,  at his iT-siiience on Third street, west.  Ira Black, nf'Trout Lake City, is on  his way to ihe coast cities "with ;>  valise full of specimens of Lnrdeati  on*, just lo open their eyes down there  ;i hit.  REFORM AND  LABOR ASSOCIATION  Endorse the Eight Hour Law for Undcr-  Ground    Miners���������Petition     the     City  Council With   Regard  to   Labor   on  Municipal Public Works  The regular meeting of  the  Reform  .mil   Labor  Association   was  hi'lel   on  Saturday  evening,   .May  (ill).  1SU9, in  Labor Hull,  Tapping's  theatre,   Pres.  Adair in the chair.    There was  a  fair  attendance.  Onu application foi* membership  received anil six new members edi.ct.i'd.  O.irriispimiU'iiei* from boarel of trade  anil city council re central peiste>flieo,  und from .1. M. Kellie, M. P. 1'.,  acknowledging receipt of resolution  re Hig He-nil trail, were fyh .1.  Resolutions an.l correspondi'iici*  freuii tin.* Ti'tuli'K und Labor Council of  Hi.ssl.tnil seie'king the* assistance of this  association along with similar trades  in \i. C. in their demands In the; Provincial 'geiverntni'iit, that the recent  suspended S-linnr law relating to hours  of labor in metalliferous mines, hi*  strictly enforced.  Kctiolvixl unanimously that this  labor association adopt us reuel in  full the* ri'sriliitiuns of the ltosslund  Trades and Labor Council, anil that,  the recording secretary be* instructed  In write' to the* minist.i'i' eif minus, the  Hon. J.F. Hume, M.P.P., urging upon  him and the. Provincial government, lo  comply with the demand*- of the Rossland Trade's anel Labor Council, also to  onr local member. J.M. Kellie, M.P.P.,  asking hiin to bring all his influence  tn bear on the government in aid of  the ele-itianels of the Rossland Trades  anel Labor Council and the enforcement, of the 3-hour law; and for the  recording surretiirn to notify the suid  Trades and Labor Council of Rossland  of our sympathy and assistance in aid  of their just demands.  Resolved that the receireling secretary write le> our Dominion member,  Hewitt, Bostock. M. P., asking him  kindly to supply their association with  sessional papers, also with all government papers and pamphlets relating  tu hilirif und reform issneel by the  Dominion government.  Resolved that the recording secretary be instructed to write to the city  council on behalf of this organization  asking their honorable body to dei as  much city work as possible by day  work, but in case the city council sees  lit to let any work hy contract; Lhat  thn council instruct the city solicitor  to insert a clause in all contract to  the effe.ct thut no contractor shall pay  less than $2.50 for a day's work, and  thut.citizi'ns residing permanently lie  given preference te) strangers unel no  Chinese be employed hy contractors.  Bro. - F. Whalley w*is elee-ted ser-  gi-arit-iit-arins in place of J. P. Skinner  resigned.  Bro. John Samson was elected to  temporarily till the position r>f (in.'in-  i-i.-il secretary in the unavoidable  absence nf Bro. C. E. Hanson.  A vote of thanks was tendered Bro.  0. K. Hanson lor the able manner in  which he has filled his duties, also tei  Bro. R. Tapping for his geneious  action in giving this association a  receipt in full pavruetit for rent until  May 1st, 180$).      "  Tlio meeting then adjonrneel until  next regular meet.ini; at ij p.m., Saturday evening. May 20th, al the same  place.  THE CITY-COUNCIL  The Public Works and Fire, Water and  Light Committees Programme  The council mot as usual last iiicht.  All the members were present. The  minutes nf t.hu lust meeting were read  and ceiuliriiii'd.  Curri'spiiiidence Trotn T. L. Haig relating to his   appointment  as   police       _,  magistrate, mid asking the council  to j ijjSj  raise the salary  gran tod   by  the gov-1 ~*>gi  i-rnment. $250; .1. Murphy  demanding  iviyuii'iit  nf    the   balance    of    Fred.  Fraser's   account;   Labor   Association  regarding public works in the  municipality; Provincial Secri'tury reporting  Jlr. Haig's appointment, at a salary   of  Si'it) per iintmin; T. L. Haig protesting  against *he street in front ol   his  re..i-  ilonee being eipcni'd up.  T. h. Haig's coniiuunii'iition re his  appoint mi'iit. pi'iidiu'cd soinu eliscuss-  ioti. Aid. Brown thought that at  present thc salary hud bi'tter he 1. fl  us lixi'il until it was si'cn how tiiui'h  work was involved in the position.  Aid. McK-'chniu moved that the letter  In*, referred to the Finance Committee  to report, at the next meeting, seconded by Aid. Oruhunie, Aid. Brown  asked thc council to settle the nriller  at once. Aid. Kilpatrick asked at  what dale the: appointment was supposed lo cnminunce? He moved that  the mutter be laid over till the police  are -ippoinlcil. Seconded Alii. Brown.  Aid. Crage: thought that tho appointment would date from the time it was  g.-121'tted. The motion of Aid. McKechnie was carried.  Mr. Haig's other letter was laid over  till the report, of tho street committee  came in.  Aid. Wells moved that Mr. Murphy's  communication be fyied, seconded ny  Aid. Crage and fyled it unanimously  was.  Secretary Stumper's communication  was also laid away in the archives  for future reference, as the matters  referred to therein had heen fully discussed and decideil ut a former  meet-  The Leading Store  " No Bluster, No Fuss, Just Business, That's All."  Ready to Wear Garments  We have a complete range of Summer Shirt Waists  and Blouses, Underskirts, Overskirts, and tailor inade  Costumes. Correct styles, colors and designs. Prices  very reasonable.  DRESS GOODS  We have a good selection of Dress Lengths, in all the  newest colorings and material.     We   are sole agents  B  P  m  ll  m  Pi  m  $.  m  m  e������  for  Priestly's World Renowned Dress Fabrics, Black  ^5  |^ Figured Goods. 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Arm, hut was  driven back into Arrowhead by the  continuous bad weather em Wednesday.  Services tomorrow iu St. l'etei's  ehurchuill be* as follows: Celebration  e>f the Holy Eucharist.S a.m.; .Morning  Praver. Litany and sermon, il .1. in.;  Kven=nng and sermon, 7.BD p.m. Rev.  (.'. E. Page--., D.D.. the new vicar, will  officiate at all sei vices.  A chunk of rock at the 13-mile post  disputed the right-of-way with th*.*  Arrowhead train e.n'its way 'home on  Wednesday afternoon. A couple of  t-hnts and an hour nnel a hairs delay  were required hefore the question was  eh'cided in favor of thc train.  George Foncranll, the injured  biakenian of thc Arrowhead branch.  is making very favorable progress  tnwaiels recovery. He will leave on  Tuesday for Montreal to receive  special treatment, for his eyes, and will  be ���������ii-ceiinp.'.nii'ii l~v Nurbe Lucas as far  ai W-.r.uip'.'g by Dr. Cross.     *  The Kor.ipr.-.y has been taken off tlie  Aiie-w l-ek**. inn and sent down to  Nakusp for overhauling. The Rossland and thc Minto are now making  'he trip between Arrowhead and  Rxihi-on. The Kootenay Lumber Co.'s  l uji Archer is also al Nakusp for  repairs to damages sustained while  breaking ice in the Arm.  H. I.. Bn ranch, manager of the.  Silver Cup mine, was elected as vice-  piesinent of the Silver-Lead Mines  Ab-.ni iatinn. which organized at  Sanrinn nn Monday. H B. Alexander.  Jiianacer of the Ruth mine ut Sandon  wa-. ele-it. cl president of the association, which will apply at once for a  tbarter of incorporation.  T. R. Detvey, of Trout Lake City,  has been appointed a notary' public  for the county of Kootenay.  The Revelstoke Royal Scarlet Chap-  trr, L O.L., will convene on Sunday  aftcrnnon at -I o'clock. All Sir Knights  will please attend. Visicing brethren  welcome.  linn. .Teihu Ceistigun has gnne over  to the GHts. He was one of the Conservative old men of the sea und if the  other peoplo think it worth while to  take him em their shoulders, so much  ihe better.  The pulpit, in the Jlelhodist church  will bo occupied tninoriow in tlie  absence of the pastot at the conference ut Nanaimo by Mr. R. Howson  in [.lie*, morning and Mr. 11. Lovering  in the evening.  C.  f>.   Hume   &     Co.     have   made  ���������aI'liangements__jtvit.il F.^R^-Stewart <fc_  Cn.. of Vancouvei'. for the use of their  cnlel storage warehouse here. C B.  Hume & Co. will be in charge ot the  warehouse and will utilize it for their  own goods.  John Savage, of the C. P. R. restaurant, is spending a holiday with his  parents at Kamloops for the benefit of  his health which through rheumatism  has become seriously inipureil. The  Hkkald with his many friends here  trust that the holiday may be benefi-  e i.il to his health and that he may return to assume his duties at un early  date..  Si-hiicil Inspector Burns spent  Thursriay and Friday in town inspecting the public schools, which he feiunel  inn very .satisfactory condition as fur  as the progress of the children and  general elTii ienry nf the. statT is concerned. The Hekald hopes he will  repoit very strongly on the unsatisfactory condition nf'the* present builel-  intrs unil the futility of the proposed  addition to them.  The Public Works committee* reported the engagement of W. Fleming as  foreman und proposed the following  improvements:  1. Wales St.. clearing between 1st  anil 2nd st., cost $20.  2. First. St., clearing between Charles and King st... $100.  3. Front st., clearing between King  and Wales st., $I_).  -1. McKenzie Ave. 8 foot plank sidewalk on both sides between Victoria  and First, St., cost $180.    .  5. Six fiint sidewalk junction of King  st. and Front st,. to junction of McKenzie* Ave. und First St., $1317. .  6. Front st., 8 foot sidewalk on both  sides from Wilson to King sts.. $82S.   '  7. Cedar box drain from a point on  Victoria Ave.. 220 leet oust of McKenzie Ave. to near Huuie &~ Co's.  watfliinisi.', S11062.50.,.  S. Cedar box drain'frnth "Hotel Edwards tn Boyle Ave., $;"50O.  9. $500 for clearing and grading  streets and clearing alleys us the committee may deem expedient from time  to time.  10. Grading Second st. between  Campbell ave. and Charles st.. $100.  The report, concluded with a recom-  mendntinn from the city solicitor lhat  llu* cost, or maintaining the roael and  sidewalk to tho station be borne between the city anil lho C.P.R.  The report was'referred back to lhe  Public works committee.  The F. W. & L. Co. ivcntiiiiiPiided  lhe "placing of 50 32-candle power  electric street lights at $1.50 each per  month;  The placintr of 30 hydrants for fire  purposes at $1.25 per month each;  Procuring 500 leet extra, hose for  each brigade $1,000.  Purchasing six rubber cnats and  as  .Dealer in.  O  o  O  Gents' Furnishings  Boots and Shoes  Hats and Caps  .Stationery  Tobaccos  Cigars  Fancy Articles, Etc.  SPRING SUGGESTIONS-  &  ������  *  &  :-s  rs.  JK  5K  X  as  %  *.  HARDWARE AND  TINSMITHING-  McCarty Block- VV .  ������ff-Estim-tcs given on roofing anil furnace work.  Are You  Troubled  With   SEVERE���������  HEADACHES  You will find nothing  Better than our  HEADACHE  WAFERS  s.a.:m::-. XjZes-  2?nt on a little paint anil varnish nnel brighten up the house.  J^ package of our Wall Finish will make plastered walls look new.  X have also 20 shades ol the celcl)rateel Elephant Enamcla.  3SJ"othing like our '��������� Ironitc Floor Palms.'!   Dry hard as granite.  ~~~~7ints of all shades kept In stock aud 20 to choose from.  , Stains both In oil aud varnish, and of the best brand.  LAWRENCE,  Mail orders promptly attended to.  ..FIELD & BEWS.  WHITE, GWILLIM & SCOTT  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries Public, &c.  Taylor Block, McKenzie Ave, TtevelstoKc Sta.  Monev- to Lonn.  W. White, Q. C. .1. M. Scott. B.A..LL.B.  F. h. Gwlllim. '  HARVEY   &   M-CARTER,  Barristers,   Solicitors,    Etc.  Solicitor for Imperial Bank of Canada.  Companv funds to loan at S per cent.  Offices:   "-*   First Street,  Molsons Bank Block.  Revelstoke Station,  B.C.  DRUGGISTS    -    STAT'.ONERS.  ' EEVELSTOKE. B. C.  pair of rubber boot  for  fin;  brigades.  $35:  Acceptance of offers of the brigades  wilh regard to their property;  Recommended pure hasing a site anel  erecting a hull for BfinudeNo. 2 anel  the establishment of an electric fire  alarm system, if not too costly. In  connection with the last item, letters  were read from the mayor, city clerk  and ps-mayors of Kamloops wilh regard   lo   H. O. Diei-'s   system   of   fire  alarm ���������____yLl__Ju_cjily recommendatory.  Mr. Die'r estimated" the ciisC"iif~ri"st5ill^  ine a similar system here al SG00.  The report wus adopted. The fire  bylaw oce-tipietl the attention of the  council for the rest of the evening.  Sweet or Sour, iii 2T> cent bottles  .GEO.  BELL    &   OO-;.  *0i Jo*bt)ers and Dealers in Groceries, Confectionory, Fruit, Hay. Feed.  && ii. _a.:m:.a.s, :n������_a.:i*t.a.c3-:e:r,_'  DR. E. H. S. McLEAN  Office and Rcsidenee, two doors east Cowan  *  Block.  THIRD SI REKT, CKNTtlE. '.".     -    "  -Night and Day Calls attended to.  Telephone connection..  Notice  Take Notice that John Jl. Robinson, of tho  City of Hevelstokc, intends to applv to the  Boarel of Licensing Commissioners of lho City  of Revelstoke, at the-next sitting of lho  Licensing Court for a license to sell lleiuor by  "   by   htm * anej  the  premises owned  j lG i  retail on  situate on Lots 15 and 1(5, Block 23, on   the corner of Orton Avenue and Second Street In lbe  sild Citv of Revelstoke.  Dated this llrst day of May, A. D., 1899.  Trout Lake and Lardeau  THE MIKADO  Notice.  OnSMon ..'.v. Mav 13ih, between the hours of  10 a.m. ar.-l _ p.m., a committee of The llevelstoke Water, LiBlitJtPoiMT Co., Limited, will  commence a lour of inspection of the water  and liKht sy.-tcir.-s. .    .  Us-ot" the it-rdcn hose for irrigation purposes is strictlv prohibited, under penalty of a  he&vv fine, except with the sanction ol ihe  Company on payment of rates for use of hose  as per nchclnV*. * ,.,_-.  Hos* permits can be secured at the Com-  pani's. office without which the use of the hose  is illegal.  I  Adapted to the  Latitude  of Vancouver,  B. C.  Enter Joe. Martin elisguisetl as Pooh  B.i'n.  Ludgate.���������Come over here, where  Cr.tton can't hear us. As my legal  adviser do ynu think the Dominion  government has the power to grunt  nie the lease of Deadman's island?  Ponh Bah.���������As your legal adviser 1  think thoy mnst certainly have;, but as  the Attorney General of the province���������  Cnlton.���������(Joriic over here, whete  Mr. Luilgatei's legal advise-r can't hear  us. As the Altornc-y-General of the  province���������  Pncjh Bah.���������I think that thc Dominion government have nothing at all to  do with the island. It belongs to the  provincial government. Still as n  private individual���������  The Province.���������Come over here  whe-e tbe Attorney-General can't hear  us. As a private individual do ynu  mean to stay with Mr. Ludgate?  Pooh Bah.���������As a private individual,  that is niy private concern, still us  fighting Joe Martin���������  Colonist. -Come over here where  private; individu-ds can't hear us. As  fightinc: Jno Martin do you mean to  stay with your job?  Pooh Bah���������It's none of your darned  businets.  [Continued from Page 1]  the case of the Lanark. Mr. Horne-  Payne merely acted on the* advice of  an engineer from California, well  recommended anel prr'siitii.ibly properly epmlitlcd tn give an expert'opinior.  on the value of the.-methods to be  employed in the elevplopment nf the  Lanark mine. Thut the ' engineer in  questinn formed wrong conclusions  and accordingly recommended a  entirse which ended in disaster, was  niost unfortunate, bnt. at least, the  fircninstunee is extenuating so far as  Mr. Home Payne is concerned. Moreover it is neit at, all certain that the  Lanark maj' not. yefc retrieve iis past  record, fnr although the* ore in t lull rift, '-pinched ont." then* are* still  gnoel inelirat ions of mineral in either  parts of the property, unci if. the;  directors of the Lillooet and Fra<-er  gnldfiflds can he persuaded to spend a  riioderati* sum of money in judiciously  exphiiting the; mine, the failure may  easily become a success.��������� Mining  Record.  Business Locals  ���������Sweet peas in bulk ut C. B. Hume  & Co.'s.  ���������Weeklv shipments of fresh eggs  at, C. B. Hiime't- Co.'s.  ���������Choices Government creamery  butter from Alberta at C. B. Hume &  Co.'s.  ��������� Gentlemen's linen "bats fnr warm  davs. Buy one and rush tho season at  C. li. Hume & Co.'s.  ���������Song service at the. Epworth  League meeting in the. Methodist  church next Monday evening.  ���������Chocolate dipped nuts, in almonds,  filberts, walnuts, burnt peanut., maple  sugar anel a large variety of choice  confectionery, just opened out at Geo.  Bell & Co.'s.  -TMarsh Mallow, chocolate drops,  Macaroon's crackernels.sponge fingers,  Scotch shortbread, cocoannt. drops,  jelly cakes, apple blossoms, jam jams,  cheese biscuits, peach tarts, iimnnirst  many of the choice varieties of biscuits  at Geo. Bell & Co.  ._..' Notice  Under an'd"T>v~vrrtti-e"Of-a wril of-Fi-fa-tome.  direct'.d out of 'the Supreme, Court of British  Columbia against the eoods anil chattels of the  Arrowhead Saw and I'lanine Mills Co., (Ltd.)  I have ������ei7.crl THK STEAMER EMPRESS, thc  property of the said company and will offer  the same at I'ablic Auction at 11 o'clock in the  forenoon of  Wednesday, May 17th,  1899  al Arrowhead.  G. E. GROGAN,  ?! Deputy Sheriif.  Revptstoke, May ilth,1S59.  $1 O C w,i' h''J- (-"'- 8> wk 11' (opposite .1. A.  I Z 0. ^tonc" ri' _d_nce), nOxlia), fenced,  woul.l make 11 ".plen'li.i garden, corner lot, 170  feet frontage: the be*.'mi*.*' in the city. For  particular- aj.ply at one-e to R  P. Pettipiece.  Furnished Room to Let.  A lnrze front room, Hirht and comfortable,  (barhrei'.m privl!"t:c������).     |S per month.    Apply  R. I'. P., 11 KHALI) offiie.  Two Good Miners Wanted.  For Tanzler Mine. Albert Canyon.  Girl  A c. ncral *crvaut.  ply Hkkald.  Wanted.  Must be good cook.  A[.  Wanted.  A eencral ������. rvant.     Waecft." Ilo per month.  Mum ho capable of w������-������hinir. and a good rook.  Apply by letter to Box 3W, Revelstoke, B.C.  Twenty Bars Royal Crown Soap..  Three lbs. of English Bfst. Tea...  White Star Baking Powder 12 02.  Rolled Oats, 80 lbs. for '   French Peas, 5 Tins for.   Flavoring    Extracts,  $1 00  ���������i 00  2 00  ROBERT SAMSON  Wood Dealer and Drayman.  Draying and delivery workaspcela'tv. Teams  always ready on shortest notice. Contracts for  jobbing taken.' -  Gra-ge & Mayne  Notaries Public and  Conveyancers   Sole Agents for the  Smelter Townsite  FIRE  -MINING������������������_,  and  Office:  LIFE and ACCIDENT  INSURANCE.  First St., east,' Revelstoke, .B.C.  LADIES? EMPORIUM  Tinr.D STitEET, Centre.  Opposite Cownn Block.  Latest, Daintiest and Best  Assortment  of Fancy  Goods in town.  M. K. Lawson.  For Sale  J _t*5 will buv a two-storied "tore 3'nlOO lot on  Front ������:rec:.' T-rms J3_~, down and   t3".0  on  monthly   pnj-m'-nt".     Apply    at    this   office  Apply IIeh_ij> office.  For Sale  Boarding   Home  and   Lot,   Se.rirA   Street,  Cen'.re.    This !ir,u������e Is 50x14, to be sold with or  without 'nous.'hold effect".    Apply MP.. Lots-  voi.r>. Prop.  We Can Make You  ���������l-+-l-V-H"I"l-t"}-I'+*-H-M"t������W"i-l-H������H-  4- ���������_  4*  ���������������  j*  X.  ���������*  ���������5-  o,  -*���������  any kind of a suit,���������bicycle, dress e.r  just a Rood up-to-date biisinc.flSRiilt,���������of  any kind of cloth, In any style yon ask  for. Tailoring Is our bn������in*;s<i; anil wc  arc known throughout North Kootenay  to by reliable. Why spend yonr j;ood  money in chcap-john eastern sweat  shops, when you can do better���������quality  anel workmanship considered���������by netting yeiur rlothes from a union Bhop,  a shop that spend* yourmoncy in town.  R. S. WILSON,  CITY MERCHANT TAILOR.  " Natures   Own  Health  Preserver.'  ^eQuaker Bath  Cabinet  Turkish Baths at Home. Saves Health, Life,  .'.".die-hie and Doctor bills. .These llaths are  pleasant, TcnliiK, Oleanxlng. Jtc-Bullellni;,  Invlie.iratlnK, Stri;n������thcnln^' to the body,  blood, muscles, heart, etc. For further particulars, information or circulars apply to'  Chas. J. Aman, opP0. station.  Pure   Gold  5oz   Peach. Pears. Apricots,  Cans for only   5  2J lb.  1 00  ire^Other Goods in Proportion  A BIG CUT IN  ^GENTSLHJRNISHINGS  Come and See my $5.00 Suits  FREE DELIVERY  STRICTLY CASH  ES. Jackson.  A FINE L0T OF  SILVERWARE  uasr received this week  INCLUDING::::  Carving Sets  Castors  Knives  Forks  Teaspoons  Butter Dishes  Bon Bons  EDUCATIONAL  CARD  Pencil drawing, black and colored cravon*.  oil and water color oirruiivius, si]-_, ohfna", etc.  Two hours weeklv:   fl per month.  EiiKlish (eveniuii elas..) 0 hour.s -weekly, ������.l  per i-l>iu)i. rrenrli, - hours weeklv, $4 per  month.     Latin, 2 hour- weoklv, $1 per month.  Spei'ial terms tn families.  Address: Miss Steele, MclCensIe Avenue,  opposite Taylor Hlock.  EGGS.  EGGS.  EOGS from pure bred prize winning stock of  White Plymouth Rocks. ?3 for a Eettlng of  13 eggs.  John Yatks.  Leave orders at Rotirne Bros. Im  IN. PROBATE  In   the Couuty  Court, of   Kootenay  .   holden at Reve*lstoke.    lu the ROodii  '.    or  Arthur Godfrey   Molron Spragge,  -       1~._dcce:ased, and ln *thc -matter of the  "*" ���������    ''OlTu'larAdinlnlstrators-Ae'l,"-before-  His Honor J. A. Forin, Counlv Judga,  the 2Ulb duv of April, 1S99. "���������  Upon tho application of Jameis Ferguson  Armstrong, Official Administrator of' tbe  Clounty Court District of the .County ofj Kootenay, and upon reaelfnir rho affidavits and-  papers filed on this application.  lt is ordered that the said James Ferguson  Armstrong, officialadministratorof the countv  court .district of the_ county of Kootenay,  be and he is hereby appointed' aelminls>  tralor of nil and singular tlie pergonal estate,  effect- and credits of Arthur llodfrc.- Molson  Spragge. late of Revelstoke, H. C. barrister.  dce'Citsctl, with thc will annexed.  And tt is ordered that a ropy of this order lio  publlsheil ln the Revelstoke llerald newspaper  tor  the, space of four weeks from the dale '  hereof.  (Signed)- J. A. FORIN,  34���������lt.\v Judge.  Undertaking and Embalming  R. Howson &. Co.,  Mackenzie Ave.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Furniture  'x'*l''**'i?T''xl'l''i'lX''l''lllI''X,'X''I',I''l''i.l'4',I'll'lXllXli'llllfr  FAYETTE BUKER______________  CAN-!  ****'l-l"1"l"I"l'*M"f������*l"i"l"f������H"H"l'il"l>'T"f'  T.L.HAIG  Notary Public,  Sole Agent for  Revelstoke  ~"^ Townsite  MINING,  FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE  WATCHES  AND GLzeGKS  Qby Barber,  Insure your property against loss  by lire.  Insure your Life ��������� "Accident  or  Death."  Offer you a chance to Invest a small  or large amount of your earnings  or capital at a profitable rateol  Interest.  LOAN YOU  MONEY .   -*_&  ������)(p-Only Best Companies Representee].  Office McKenzie Avenue..  **^^'M'*;W*'i'*iFW'fW***'i'-|������M+  McKenzie Ave., Revelstoke  HARRY EDWARDS  Taxidermist.  DF.ER MEADS.  11IRDS, ANIMALS. Etc..  Preserved and Mounted.  Third St. East of Schoolhouse  Hotel Victoria  J.V. PERKS, Prop.  Hotel Accommodation Best In the city  for the money.  Seated by hot air and'electric light and tell  ln every room.  Hourly street car between hotel and station.  Large and well lighted sample room.  Free bus meets all trains.  ZREV-sxiSO-orK-iE, b: c.  T'Y  ���������^ '  __-*_Ml


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