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Revelstoke Herald Apr 12, 1899

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Array // / '      ���    -/ v /
'���.'������,������". "ii
Vol. III.    No.  29.
$2.00 a Year jn Advance.-.
C.B. Hume
& Co
50 pieces best  English
Print���at cost.
I  <
5 -      Great Bargains in Laces
and Ribbons until gone.
We have secured J. &T.
Bell's Boots and Shoes
and can safely say they
are the finest goods' ever
shown in-Revelstoke.
Japanese. Matting ��� a
fine assortment of patterns ��� at prices lower
than ever before.
In rugs and squares and
carpets we think" we
have the finest range
ever shown in the city.
Window shades and
curtain poles���the latest
thing out.       -",
Don't forget we always
lead in Teas and Coffees
���Our Ram Lais is still
the favorite.
In Coffees our Excelsior
blend of Java and Mocha
is delicious
We have been fortunate
enough to secure anoth-
ercar of Ascroft potatoes
���The price is a little
higher than some others
but the potatoes are
The Great Departmental Store
CB. Hume & Co.,
*^.*J*��j*.***+.*+.+jp��**!**j*.***:*j++. ��
Emblems of Spring.Fill the Big Busy Store.
In New Dress Fabrics we are this season better prepared than ever to furnish the world's Newest and Choicest Dress
Materials in assortment, not only equally, but positively surpassing any similar showing made in any single store in this
city   and   at  prices   that  will   once more (and very emphatically) prove our supremacy in the retail Dress Goods business.
Wash Fabrics
'New Knglish Prints, ill the latest colorings. . Exquisite Muslins, in dainty and
artistic designs. White Muslins, White
Piques and colored plain or fancy new
Ginghams, in check and other effects.
A Shirt Waist Event
Tlie chief clinrin of this Shirt Waist offer
is the charm of novelty combined with
lowness of price.
00 Ladies'Fine percale .shirt waists, in
handsome phdtl designs, woven on tlie
bias in pretty shades,- green, rose and
violet, made with throe point yoke hack,
full iKiiicli front, self collar anil cuffs; a
very smart shirt waist, special fl.00 eaeii.
Metallic Satinctte Skirts at $2
11) of-these l-.entitiful skirts will go on
sale Monday. They are the balance ol a
lot; the regular value of which Is 52.50;
tliey are in black foundations, with wide
silver metallic stripes, well maele full
- skirt and gored baud; a good ?2.00 underskirt Monday for $2.   " ���     .
Wash Fabric Bargains .
livery lady should bestow more ihan a
���-'     casual glance at tliere beautiful fabrics.
.."   , *He.-ieles being pretty they areninrvelorisly
..-.    cheap.. ... **    .   ���'   ^ *
_*i pieces new' fast   color Prints, in a
choice le-sortmciu of light grounds, with
-_    new-spring designs, suitable  ior child-
rcn's dresses, shirt waists, etc.    Regular
15 cent gooels. Monday l'_!>- cents.      "   ,
15 pieces1 English Cambrics, excellent
���washing fabrics, light and dark effects,
checks and stripes, nbii fancy designs,
worth 12H cents a yajel, Monday 10 cent.-.
Ladies' Wrappers
Those pretty percale wrappers will have
hosts of admirers Monday. They're new,
stylish and moderately priced
25 Ladies' new percale wrappers in very
handsome plaid effects, latest style, full
Ironts, skirt cut extra' wide, perfect fitting, n regular V2 00 article, special f 1.23.
20 Cent Cretonnes for 15 Cents
Monday wc sell exactly 200 yards of
these new cretonnes. When tliis quantity is sold the opportunity to buy at this
price censes. They are in new art patterns, bright colored effects. Regular
20 cent cretonnes, Monday 13, cents.
. -<���
Ladies' Hosiery -   ...
These lines ol l....<Hes' hose  arc  only
hlnu of the Innumerable specials prepared for Monday's offering.    .
-Ladles' plain black cashmere hose, fast
dye, seamless, special 35 cents. ���
Ladies' fine-quality plain black cashmeres hose, extra soft finish, special 40 cts.
Special Curtain* Cuts ''."-,'"
.Housekeepers .will 'have a gala elay in
' tlie ciirlnin department ou Monday rc.vel-
*.     ling lunong'-..srgniu.; like the.-e: . },
1*1 pair white ltie-e i'iirln!ns,*"ncnt J*tylc.
and rich designs, S yards long.     Regular
.    $1.'__�� a" pair,-Monday for 85 cents.
4 pieces curtain scrim, in cream and
blue, plnln cream, cream and reel, cream
and mahogany. ltcgulr.r 35 coins, Monday 25 cents.
Items for Home Needs���Monday
Thc second floor of the Dig Busy Slorc
is a veritable housekeepers' paradise.
This list has been specially prepared for
them for Monday. fivory article Is use-
Inl, ol reliable quality anil moderately
priced for Monday's special bargains.
Glass Pepper and Salts, regular 10 cents,
Monday 25 oents.*
Small Japan Tea Pots, regular 45 cent*,
Monday 35 conts.
Glass Tumblers, regular $1.25, Monday
90 cents.
Cake Plates, with handlcs.rcgiilar price
-    90 cents, Monday 60 cents.
China Tea? etts, regular price ~7."0, on
Monday for $5,00.
Sin. Scollopcs,-regular prico GO censs,
Monday for 40 cents.
Glass Water ��-'otts, regular price $3.00,
on Monday at $2.25.
Glass Water ritchors, regular ?1,50, on
Monday for $1.00.
Goblets, regular price, $1.75, Monday at
$1.35.    * '-    -,
Fruit Stand, regular price 90 cents, on
.    Monday for GO cents.
covered. Vegetable Dishes, regular price
- 00 cents, on Mczid.iy for 40 cents;
Cut Glass Fruit "Dishes, regular price
So cents, on Monday 60 coins.
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Japanese Matting,
j\rt S-'qr.urcs, Hugs, Mats.
Hundreds of otlicr bargains offered on
Monday throughout thc store,
:evc!stokes Great .'Departmental Store
Tu im Ftkkkt, Centre.
Oppusite Cowan I'.lock. -
Latest, Daintiest and Best
Assortment  of Fancy
Goods  in  town.
M. K. Lawson.
Haig  &  Crage
Notaries Public,
Sole Agents for
"^^ Townsite
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries Public, &c.
Taylor Block, McKenzie Ave., P.cvelstoKO Sta.
"Money to Loan.
XV. White, a. C. J. M. Scolt. H..I..LL.T5.
F. L. Gwillim.
Barristers,   Solicitoi s.    Etc.
Solicitor for Im) ..rial Bank oi Canada.
Company funds'to loan at 8 per cent.
Offices:   Molsons Bank Block.
First Street,   Revelstoke Station,   B. C.
Office and Residence, two doors east Cowan
Night and Day Calls attended to.
Telephone connection.
L. O. S., London. England.
Trained,    experienced,     medical,     surgical.
obstetrical iiurs... open to engaceiuent.
Address:   NURSE LUCAS, llevelstoke.
Wood Dealer and Drayman.
Draying and delivery work aspeeii-ty. Teams
always ready on shortest notice. Contracts for
lobbing token,
Some Great Snaps
Hit vini_: bought thp -Bankrupt. Stock of
reduced jiric-e, I cm now offer bargains
that cannot be equalled in the cily.
Twenty Bars Ro7&I Crown Soap..  $1 00
Three lbs. o: English Bfst.'Tea.   .     r 00
White Star Baking Powder 12 oz.        15
Rolled Oats. So lbs. for     2 00
French Peas. 5 Tins for      1 00
Pure   Gold    Flavoring    Extracts,
5 ov. .... '...- L        15
Peach. Pears. Apricots,   5  z\ lb.
Cans for only     1 00
-   To Rent
- Three Front Offices in Taylor Hlock, heat and
water  provided;   $20    per   month;    lavatory
For Sale
~63o will buy n two-storied storo 35x100 lot on
Front street. Terms $340 down nnd $310 on
moiithlv payments. Apply at this ollice.
Applv Herald oflice.
 * For-Sale-
Come and See my $5 00 Suits
Is^l��^$323l2^2 S^SS^IS^SSS?
"The Best Sarsaparilla"
Purest - Drugs
By the most modern scientific methods.
Boarding House mi-1 Lot. Keeond Street,
Cent re. This hou-.e is 20x44,' to be >.ulil with or
without houscneild .-'fece-ts. Apply Mr.s. Lok.���
veu ti, l'rc.p.
. u A  Bargain.
'One No. 9 Coo*,; f-io*,.;, iu j..-o 1 cAvt, i).i��..
chair.: and one s��.vui!! 1 tu*.!. >���.. ! >* h-Hi.-ht for
l-lll cash.   Api !;. '��� 1.._, " ,.e .'ii-.iiau., omce.
Laundresses Wanted At Once.
Four competent steam laundresses.    Apply
Its'Advantages to Prospectors in Opening
Up Their Properties
Something uvi'ry laboring nivii in
the county should be interested in
wince corporal inns unel (runts have*
gobbled everything and apparently
l.d'l I'.i'l hing for the lioiicsl toiler but,
bald work without a just roriiinpeiise.
Why not help ourselves when we can.
At no time in the lust 2!) years has
there been as good tin opportunity ns
there ia at the present for people of
limited menus to better their circumstances if they would club together
and make an elfort. Where the system of co-operation has been adopted
and given a fair trial, it  has  provi-d a
success.   It has  even  under utifavor-
able circumstances been successful.
Can there be any more favoiable conditions for successful co-operation than
those which prevail at the present
time. Our miners mil prospectors are
scattered over :m unlimited urea in
small unorganized bunds. Their work
is tedious anil hard, tlieir privations
great ai.cl nothing but thatinfatiiation
which tlieir mode of life seems to
install���the hope of striking it rich
some day���could induce theni to
persist. The miners will work underground for six months in the winter
to save up enough lo prospect m the
hills in the summer season. There
are ninny, who are not fortunate
enough to secure work during the
winter months anil who to defray
living expenses during the dull season
are obliged to part with some of tlieir
best claims tbey have located for a
mere song. So the man who really
endures .-ill the hardship of discovery
is lie who fates the .worst in ninety
eases out of-uvei'y hundred. T-ike, for
instance,' tin* celebrated War Eagle at
Erssliind, B.C., which n prospector,
sold onlv a few years ago for $12.50,
and which today, is worth millions.
There are today just as good and pos&ij
lily better prospects than the War
Eagle which could lie hael for almost
nothing ceuupari'd with tlieir actun]
value and they are of such a charaotei
that tbey will not require 10 cents on
tbe dollar of as much money todevelop
as the.War Eagle did. Is mining not
a branch of business in wliich co-opei-
ation would be. ad v;>ntageous instead
of plodding along from year to year as
the poor laboring man has to do and
gelling no further ahead, only .veur-
ing his life out to fatten some corporation who don'l, think half as much of
Jiiin.ns he dpc.s_.of a.dog? Would ic.
not be better for a few to club
together    and   liiro   some*    mu:     v, b��
:ii)>i     v.-l-o
Souter Johnny
Tlie Sender Johnny, a claim on
Isaacs creek, owned by Billy Ogilvie.
is lnokinir very well. Two men coin-
tiii'iit'id 1 be-'other day on lhc work of
driving ;l.. tuui.e-1 some "01 feet in
...-_..���_!__ -'!'.,��_;.���
Silver Cup
The Silver Cup people have increased
Iheir wen king force by four men and
everything points to a renewed activity
iu the taking out nf shipping niatei ial.
It i.s rumciredthat the tramway formerly used ut tbe Lanark mine will be
shipped in and used to, curry the ore
from the mine to Eight Mile, whence
it will be taken over the wagon road
to the Lauding.���Topic.
Empire Group
A deal was recently made, snys tho
Tiout, Lake Topic, by which the
Empire group of five claims, adjoining
the Wagner group on the southeast,
passes into'the hands of an English
company. O. D.-Hoar engineered the
deal, and the figure, it is understood,
is $15,000 cash, The ore contains fair
values in silver, lead copper and gold
and averages S123 to the ton. The
vein is from five to ten feet wide and
contains a streak of clean cue varying
from one to four feet in width.
* Nettie L
Things lire being pushed * along
pretty lively at the Nettie L. A large
force of men are at work and arc
employed in drifting both ways on the
vein anel in sinking on about 10 inches
of clean "ore. A car was taken up
recently and it, has aided .very materially iu economy both of time and
labor. About seven terns of ore are
now 1 ving at the Landing. In the new
ore sheds ovor 20 tons of zinc blendi-
and gray copper aie lying that averages 227 ounces-to the ton in silver.
Commodious cabins have been erected
for the'sleep.ing and eating quarters
of the uien]und the'property in general
is vapidly taking on all the,airs and
graces of a budding - mine*.���Tiout
Lake Topic.     .���
The -Eight Hour Law
That the mining 'legislation railroaded through the Provincial Legislature at the,tail end of the session
will do a great deal of harm to the
mines in the Lardeaii-Duiiciin distiict
is the opinion of Aid. G. Frank Beer,
who has just returned from a visit to
lhat. region. In talking with a Nelson
Miner reporter Aid. Beer, stated that
the law would surely prove unworkable, and that if it was enforced it
would mean troublo with the miners
which would perhaps end in tbe closing
down   of _al!. llie.  mines.    In   a   new
undi-ralntidr.     pio-mi
knows it good claim
L"t hii.i   pie*!"   out
bv  \.,*i-'-iiiile
i'i^''.i,   li.iiirs
.-1.5.1   camp   >i
P.evelstoke Station, B.C.
A FIVE ROOM-SI), one-story house, with
bathroom and panlry, and .""0x100 loot lot on
'third sired west. Ior sale. Price f 1,01)0. _fUK)
down and balance on time to suit purchaser.
Applv at thiseilllcc. tf
"\ INC. CHUNG wMics to notifv the public
thai he has umved his Chinese* store from
DoiikIiis street to the building hitherto occupied by Hip Cluing on Front street, and that
lie has i>iiri'li.t"cil Hip Chung's stock and business. Any person liaving nnv claims auainst
Hip Chung will please send them in to Wing
Chung within the next ten days.        ap8, 4 t
Here is a Good Investment.
House and outbuildings and Lot 4, Block -H,
Mara lounsite, for sale at a great sacrifie-c if
taken at once. foO spent iu improvements
would make it a property tliat would rent for
at least il'l a month. Terms $825. do�� n and the
purchaser to a-tunic loan of $:I30, repayable at
13 a month. Now rented at $10 a month, Fine
high and dry lot, AVxlOO, In garden last season.
City -liter connection", etc. If sold at all must
be within 10 days. Apply "I".l_I\" Hkkald
oflice. u 20-29
A special meeting will be held in the
No. 2 Fire. Hall at 8:30 p.m. on Friday,
April 14th. for the purpose of discussing
the early closing movement. A representative meeting is requesteeL.
;-." SiCs it.
i the most
promising claims to be found in what
is already proved lo be. a good uiining
district, and each one put a small
amount of money to develop the
property. In Ibis way in t.he course
of a few months they will have a
property .worth hundreds of thousands
of dollars. One thing sine, if good
judgment is used lhey will make big
money. . These same men can go
along all this time wilh their business
as usual. The one looking nfter the
mining business having an equal
interest with the rest will undoubtedly
work to the best advantage possible.
At present'tliere aie claims that can
be hail ror very liltie. money and could
be* mud"* very valuable by a small
expenditure. By this co-operation
plan the claims could be made into
large paying wines, then tbey could
dictate instead oT being dictated to.
lt does not require that each one put
up much money as the company can
comprise more or less members as the
occlusion mav require. Mining ia
essentially a business adopted to the
co operation plan. A dozen men or so
bound by ties of self interest if nothing
else could accomplish much in this
way. Tliere'never was a better time
than now. The opportunities now
presented especially in British Columbia, where it is now already demonstrated beyond a doubt that it is
fabulously rich and where portions of
the counlrj- arc just now being opened
up by railroads and will in a very-
short time be all life and activity.
Especially this is the case in the
Lardeau country in West Kootcnay
dislrict. Here* there are a number of
very rich properties waiting development and in a short time will be
shipping millions of tons of rich ore.
West Superior.Wisconsin.. ������ '
.vi'i --,*, In !'H
j s.:!i'2i-! Ji, ;* i":i4>' -:*'.;i". is the properties
.u e pi ull y well developed. In the
Lardeau district the men arc* so Jar
away from any centre that they have-
nothing lo elo but work and would
rather stay in the mint* ten hours.a
day for $!j.:*i0 than lay olf for 16 hours
at reduced pay. The men had no
complaint whatever as lo their work
and but a few of them know yet that
the eight hour law is in force. Aid.
Beer thinks that an attempt to en.
force the law will do irreparable harm
to the country.
The Epworth League
At the monthly consecration meeting of the Epworth League of lhe
Methodist church a valuable arldition
to the list of members was made, six-
persons joining by taking the pledge
and two others by certificate from
other leagues. It is expected tbat
Rev. Ur. Eby. of Vancouver, (late of
Japan) will lecture under the auspices
of the League parly in May.
The following programme Tor the
ensuing qnaiter wa�� adopted: Members will kindly clip them out and
April 10.���re*n=ccration   Meeting.   'Roll  Call,
April 17.���The   True  Mature
April 21-
May l.-
0!   Repentance.
���The    Successful   Epevorth    League
 V Mr.*. Loveking
Consecration Meeting	
Whyshould I confe-s Christ?"..;	
 By F. Bcr.ER AXti Otkurs
May S.���Literary Evening  _	
 M IssEs Evans and Sjuth
May 33���Song Service Guspel Invitatioi. _
 The President
May 22���An evening with Great Briton-'.
May 29-social Evening. .By iue whole LEAe^TE
June 5���Con-ecration.-RoIl Ca!!, Etc	
'.' - '....;;.Bv the Pastor
June 12.���What can we do to fight Whiskv	
   ..By H.L.LovezIjcg
June 19.���The Wonders of Grace. ._.:,.; ..'.
June 26.���An Experience Meeting ...........	
... ���.....;.... Keasc-o Cihcle
Ten Times'Uie Amount of  Prospecting
Work Done for the   Same  Money asg ���
Could  Be  Performed  by. Sinking  or
Tunneling���Its, .Great  Value   in    the
Case of Irregular Massive Deposits.
As to.the'method  of  applying] th*'.
drill   in   piospcctihg,   let   tis  suppose
that we.luive what often   01 curs  hen*,,
a showing on Ihe surface thai seems lu
some extent piimiising anel yet, ��e are
not sure whether there is any  extent
of vein or whet ber it holds out in depth.
We want to find nut at the least cost,
of money and in the shortest possible",
time.   In n district or locality where
there   has ' been considerable surface,
dislurhanee and in,11 position to be to.
a certain exient positive of the natuie,
of onr deposit.    If we. sink  a  shaft lo
11 deptii of 100 feet the total cost will    ,
be very close on_ $3,000. and  the time
consumed will be a" least four months.
If the sh-ift is made large enough und,
properly  timbered  it.- will  cost more
and take* longer. If the propel ty turns
out good, then the. shaft is nil  right,.'
but if not we liiy-out the $3,000.   With"
the same-amount ol  money  10 holes
might have-'been bored with a diamond .
drill to the same-depth at intervals of.
sny 10 feet apart"-along the stiike of
the vein and  the. vein sampled  for a '
length of 100 feet, and'the work done
in two and a half .months.   But ns the
holes are seldom bored in the plane of.
the vein  the  miichji:e  placed  on  the,
vein at a distance of say 100 feet or so
to one side and the hole bored at such
.tn angle as'tocut the vein at' a  giveu
depth we have* the additional ndvan-
tage.of ciosscntt.ingjTfie country for a
considerabla'dtatatice on.-, each side of'
the vein anel encountering and locating  any   parallel "veins   wliich   may.
exist, or finding our "own  vein  shoulel
any slip or fault-have, orcuriocLin  it.
In addition, we t'-have   a   clean,   neat,"'
continuous silinple <>f^ ore across our
vein froin wall ,to wrnirnt   the point "
where it is c.iit,���"an*d also samples oT ���
the wall lock, and from the3e can  1)k
learned a great deal of what  we may
expect to findjivhcii mining is begun.   -
irthe ground issi-amy.'nnd the rock is  *
very schistose the ciu.o will be  broken
up into small' pieces,  and  this, would '
indicate that thet-giciuntl is leaky  and s
we may.'have^tjpbubJSi with  water in '
our mine, consequently  when  buying '
our first machinery we   wiU provide
suflicient boiler capacity  and 11 pump
of good size to handle, the water.     On
~t lie" Dllfp'r~li'arid"tlie-cnre~-iiiny-e*ome out.���
iu long." solid pieces and the hole may
bold the water.from  the" di ill  nil  the _
way down,  and  this  will   be   a   very
gooel indication'that,  we  will  have u
dry shaft.  . I found this to be the case
in sinking a shaft" to. a depth   of   150
feet", 80 feet below.the, level of the lake
which was onlylOO-yilirits distant, anel
the shaft was'quite dry.     Of course it '
will   be   reiiiemiieied   these arc* only
One advantage of the* diamond drill
is that it does not at one bole show
any considerable "area of the cross
section of the vein, .and this is often
nrgpel against its use, as it is said you
may bit the vein at a. pai ticulnily rich
spot or at a particularly poor spot, or
you may hit il where the vein may
have suddenly 11:11 rowed in or widened
out, and thus get- a', totally false conception of the value or size of the vein,
and Hint, a few feet either way would
show quite a diffeient result. This is
quite true, hut .the *way to overcome
that is to boiej.-i n.nmlier of holes from
the same poinU'one .below the other;
this will test 'its' width at varioiis-
depths-, and then bore a series of holes
along the strike of the .vein, and iir r
this way a meat iirea..o_ the vein may'
be sampled very cheaply and in a short
time, or a few holes -may show from'
thc nature of the vein matter that the .
deposit is of no value nnd- money mny
be saved t.y not de\ eloping it. In the
ease of prospecting nnd.locating ore
bodies of minerals which do not occur
in veins but in ii regular massive deposits such as iron anil uickvl. the diamond diill is extensively used; in fact,
for the determination and lho extent
of these p.iiticular kinds of mineral
bodies they are almost exclusively
used in many sections in preference tu
shaft sinking. .
I must say in conclusion that I am
of the opinion that a. diamnuet drill
skilfully and - judiciously used is a
splendid scheme foi; cheaply and
ciuiikly prospecting st* property, ami
thai {be disadvantages are largely
outweighed l.y the advantages.���R.
Beacon iu Rat "Portage Miner. --
l  I
 -J ���   ,-... ___a  (1*w������__Imi_i������i>C'-- *^*ff-W'^irt������"������,U"*>^*,'J������'"*'^**  ���������������5  Revelstpke  Herald  Pubuifc'ed ln lntaretta o  flteTaUtBke, L_������rdc������o, Big Bend, Tront Lake  UlecllUwaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  ._������ and Eagle Facs DlstrloU.  A >OHl������aOH... Proprietor.  5'*!*JL Ssad-Wealilr Journal. published ln the  imtcreats et Ravelttoke and the nnrronnd ng  * maid, Wadneadaji and Saturdaj s, making  ' i������c������t-ieoo_������!tlon������withaUtralnB. .,���������.���������.���������  * A*T������rtl������l-������ Bftltf: Display adi, <l.w per  ^m_toeb71|i.MperlncbwhenlnMrtedon titlo  SiT liral \*i.V_lo per (nonpareil) Uno for  ���������CSlnintla*; le for aaeh actional Insertion.  RMdtBg aoUoea, 15o par line each isiue. Bljh,  4_mar������and Death notices, free.  - B_taorl������Uo_ lUtea:  By tnaU or carrier. ������!2,00  ,*-f������ruiiiB! 91.13 for ilx months, ilrtclly In  -^15? ������j"ub D������������������rtnient: Tub HiRii-n Job  ���������' Bepartn"ent U _one of tha betl equipped  " "BrtnUng alBeea In Weal Ko-Usnay, and U pro-  ���������Sa-ed to exewote all kinds ot printing ln first  iHm itr>* ������ koBMI prices. One prico to all.  M o Job too Urge���������none loo ���������mall-tor ub. .Mau  ������5*n promptly etwuded to.  .Give us n trial  "'"*_-5���������������_Su* "Wa lm correspond-  laH oa an������ inlljeot ot Interest ������x> the goneral  ���������public, ana dealre a, reUabli, .rognlar oorreB-  ���������".re n Scotchman's Lees Indecent?" '*'"���������������      Sir     Hibbert,  however,  might  {.SHS^Kh  Its socrota,,-.  -luilee.  to^cumenliu, ,u:;::,   .,r each iind ove^  ir.nd  fling was u uroiiilnent      feature, 'Hems wild and unsustainable  Docs   the;   Y.   SI.   C   j\.   know   that   tho  kilt  has  the. highest offcinl      sanction  t  Milt  in  which      noiablllik'S apn  grcnl   functions,  -"colcliuii'n  are  l  Imri*  le'KH  to  the Rood  qiioi'ii   Vletorln  What of lhe- picliiivsiiue would ruuiuln  to Scotland  If tin*      kill  were      taken  away?     ���������U'lieiv would the tflnr.v of the  Hlnrk Wulcli on dross parade' be if lhu  famous      replmeiu   fell      Into      line in  trousers'/      First   In   llu.'  hearts  of   the  servant  t;lrls of eireiil   Itrliuin  are  llio  virile    Mlgliliindi'i-s       of   tlie        Furiy- '  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  MKTH0DI8T CHURCH ��������� Rovolstoke.  Preaching services al 11 a.m. aud 7:30  p.m. Class mooting al the cloeo of the  morning sorvieo, sabbath School and Biblo  Oloes at 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayor mooting  ovory WedncBeiay evening nt 7:30 p.m. Tho  publio aro cordially Invited.   8o _ts freo.  11EV. 8. J. THOMPSON, Pastor.  -HUKOH    OF      ENGLAND-St.    Pater's  tilt  has  ihe hlRhest offcinl      sanction.      ih'tirsay  evldeni'..'  is  onlv  wormy  oi    *o"R5"voi:toko    HouMof BorvlcSr Evo'nt^  lial lo a Scotchman il Is like the dross   nlnecs   like   C'lilgary   wliere   proofs   aiu ��������� prnyor  ,i���������Hy  at 5 o'clock. Fridays at   7:30.  nit   in   which       iioiabllllles  npn.nr  ut   never   given,   und   eerliiinly   never   elc-   Siindayminil Feistlviils:   Holy Coiiuuunion nt,  and      lhat      eminent   manelcd   for  fear  the  .'"ley   rev. Unions   *������&������������  ii'i'scnlcil   In   kills ami lnuiy   lie   elispi'nveii.       l.uls      ut   gossip   Firat Sunday ln tho monlli Holy Communion  "pendent   In  Ral  ���������Te^y-���������..locall,'     surrounding  ixYe-rtoke.   In aUcaaea the bona fide name  of the wrltar n>_������t_coompanr.manUBcrlpt,but  eat necessarily tor publlcaiio .  Address all i-vrimunioatlons  REVCLSTOKE HERALD  Revelstoko, B.C  NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS.  '   I. AU   correspondent*    mnst   bo    lcglblj  written on one ilde of the paper only. .  1. Correspondence   * .containing      porsonai  - -IttirVrnR beTsigped, -with, lbs pr por name  ' "V^^J^iidenoo 'with  reference   to any  --thing that  has-appeared  to   another   pat.tr  ���������inst first be offeree)-for Publication to that  paper before lt <san������ppoar in. Thk Hiiiald.  about llie gi'iilal edll'ir "f Ibis paper  has heen iinunulgati'il and reached  our curs, bill as must nf It was iruo  wo have uflVri'il tin evidence In rebuttal  l.'eviulnly In our Utile jirlvaie doomsday hunk vve have s.inu' black murks  iil_.'idnst one nr lwo persons, vvlinsu dls-  ngieculile eluiller with l'l'l'ereiu'i' to us  lias eiuiie to mir Iciuiwlcilg-i*. and per-  R.*ronel Fool. Tlieir niliulivrs have' hints ilu-y bad belli*r walk In. llu:  never seen anything inii'i-eipcr In thus. I paihs of rlKlilenusness as lung' as wo  brawny le>gs. Iluttles have been won 'are In town ll' tbey dmi'i wish to  and kingdoms i*nnc|iu>rcel by the nvn'soe us Kid blink ut 'cm; bill wu are  who wore the lellts. The Y. sr. l.'. A.'slow tu linger,  has a formidable cumi~iili~.ii nhetid  If It  Intends to abolish  kills. Calgary Has sn man.',   gooel points as  a  place  of  residenci;  lhat  it   is a pity  inioll   thlmrs  can   eica'iir  as   the   following:      .V yoiinii  business man  (not us,  chappy.)  is ciujatrod      io bo     married.  Nelson 'Kvei-ythlng     has      been      prusrosslng  'smoothly.      One  day���������lhis      happened  |lr.si   wi.-ek���������-the   parenis   or   ihu   young  lady received an anonymous loiter ap-  purposely  misspelt  and   In  a  nt ir.orning services.  PRK3IIVTEIHAN CHUKOH-Ileiyclatoke.  Hervlcu uvor> Sunday ui 11 a.m. und 7:!Ui  p.m. liib'o OI.bs ut 2:30 p.m., to which  nil nro welcome Prayor meeting nt H p.m.  every Wcdnuailoy.  ���������   -   KEV. T. MKNZIES, Poator.  SENECA   KETCHUM  While   Chief    of      Police    in  Under Mayor   Houston  A  year ago  Son ecu  Ketchum  ROMAN   CjS.THOI.Ii"    CHUROll-Rovol*  sloko.     Mass   Urol m.d third SuuilayB In  inontu ul 10:30 ������ in.  REV. FATHER T1IAYEH.  SALVATION AHMY-JIeollngB cvory'night  iu lhc!r hn 1 nu Krunt Stroot,  Loyal Orango Lodge, No   1658.  Hi'giiliu*  iiii'i'llugd   nre  held  lu  lhe  Uililli Hows Hall  nn lho third l"i iilny  ill ClU'll Ullllllll nl 7,:ui p. in.    ViSilll.'g  liii'tliicn cnriliiillr luvlli'il  -W. C. lllriu-.v, W.M.j !!. I', IVttl  piece, leecr.^ec; Dr. T. j.-ll's, I'm, sec; Tliejs.  Suicd, Tri'iimn'iT.        ,  was  WEDXESDAY.      jIPHIL      12,      1S99  Is fast becoming one of the noted mon ,  west of tho Cuseades. selUsC "s  No  small   part  of  tho    reputation ,���������������������������.,,���������       ,.,,,���������  conceded   to   Seneca .is   duo     '-    ���������.*������ auoslion.     Again  THE   CHINESE DIFFICULTY  r  The'tension" between ; England and  Russia as to their prestenslons in  China grows more acute. The Hus-  ~Flans object-to clauses in a Chinese  railway contract Bivliif. the proprietors of the Northern railway curtain privileges. Inconsistent with the  Kuasian claims to bu tiie only railway-  owners in Slanchuria. The Knglish  minister supported ihe contrary, but  i>u ihe Russians, repenting iheir pro-  U->*tH In a more*;peremptory form, tbe  Chinese showed'*'U,_ disDosition to iu-  c-vnle from their-' agreement. Sir  Claude Macdonald therefore informed  U)*TsanK-!e-Yamure, that his ffovern-  mnot Insisted iii>pn his countrymen's  rights, and If pressure were supplied  to Tekin hie Kovemmetu would support China,'" adding that if after this  aiMurance China gave way. Great  Britain would exact retribution. Sir.  Tirodcrick on Tuesday- "stated that Sir  Claude was. acting upon bis Instructions, and 'that"lhc British government regarded .tie contract between  China and the Northern railway  as- a blndlne aBreement.  London and' .St. * retcrsbuig nro  there*fore a't open variance, and If the  latter threatens' Pekin, as SI. tie .lurs.  i.i->* new ltussian ��������� minister there,  Et*o~ns inclined-to.do.'u grave situation  Mill arise, one, ln l'aci, whicli must  produce either a. retreat by one naity  nr a war..  -    "'.**'  It Is cotnins -.-"rapidly to t'nis, thai  li'urope-its a whole must make a  serious agreement as io "spheres ot  indU'-nce'", iny China with well defined  boundaries; or the'effort to prevent a  ������?neral war T.'lllb'e a failure.  It is simdy impossible for the 12m-  r-?'or of Ilussiaj''- however, devoted he  may be to;peace as'a theory, tn allow  any liuroipoan power' to interfere In  Miuichcrla -or even to acauire Influ-  e.-ice there. This'grand province is  tlio naturaLouth-t of- his jVsiatic  e;r,ir.inlon.*-;?an J^ acciulsilion tvithout  which Siberia fs practically valueless,  the object and t_ie pivot of the present  Czar's reicii. . He cannot retreat, and  -���������if���������we-dcc!aro-war-on_hii'.*.,_Fr..nct*���������vilL  l*; called to his assistance.', and .all  Kurope will speedily be in names.  On tho other hand, the British  position' is extraordinarily difiicult.  British subjects-have acquired railway  ecne-Bsions which Interfere with Rus-  Ei������.n dominance * In Manchuria, the  e.hlnese threaten to modify these concessions under RusHlan nreisure. and  it Is pari of ourjpolicy when dcaiins  ��������� v ith semi-civilized states to insist thai  !r.dustrl2tP-uich"ts . upon whicli lars^-  eun-.s have be'e-n stak-id shall noi bo  \ !ol';nt!*r cancelled or subject ui unjust  interference.  Lord Salisbury must therefore ;,iess  tne Government of China to abstain  from yielding io Russian riressui.":  If he ur^ss-S, he musl in common justice guarantee. Tc-kin against the con-  n.-auencc-s ol refusal, and in that  <ruaruntee lies hidden a collision wlib  ���������Russia,  with all It?  far reaching con-  SuClU?:pc*F.  to     the  fame of his titles of achievements  during his term as chief of police of  Nelson, B. C.   It was in June oE 1S97  tukiUK no notice of it further  than   showimr   i!   in   the   Kontloniun   In  fortunately,       this  Court   Mt.   Begbie,  I.O.F..N0.3461.  Meets in the Odd-  fel'ovvs' Hall on llio  Hnd nnei, till Kridiij-HOf  1'iicli monlli. Vls.ting  broihrou invitod to  ullena.  pETTIPIECE'S  Directory  and  Mao  of the  City? Revelstoke  1899,  T beg to inform the public,  thut the Third Annual 1_ Iroct-  ory hnd Mup of tho City ot  revelstoke will be issued  from tho ollice of publication  on "or nbout thn 1st of May.  Ucsidcs containing a complete  list of thc names, occupation  nnel 'residence ot every mala  resident of Itovelstoko unel  vicinity it will contain valuable information concerning.. North Kootenny. Place  your" order   now.  PRICE   FIFTY   CENTS  Remit,   to   .  It.  P.   PETTIPIECE.  Rovelstoke,  13. C.  These Are Facts  TO PROSPECTORS AND MINERS,  opened up by the  Mineral properties  Diamond Core  Drill==z  genllumun was nonil liumored enough  to smile at tbo anonymous writer's  attempt t" asperse his character.  .Those tlilnjrs sh'.uld noi lie.  B. IX. Campbell,   K. D. .1. C. Johnson  Chief Ranker. Itec.-Si'c.      >  ���������RITftlBS NAVY  Th- event of last month in Ensianil  v. as-the- publication of the naval estl-  i-.at-.*s, which show an Increase of  -El.'.jl'i.W conu>arc-d with those of last  year, and amount to ������26.i>il,Vi$. It  is an unparalleled expenditure In time  of peace, but wliich Is unavoidable If  Great. Britain Is to remain slrons  enongh on the-seas to meet any Lirob-  nble combination. The worm of it is  that now England is ppendinifCnonrly  ������-7,000,060' a year upon naval defences,  she is relatively* no stronger���������it may  ������# questj'.>n������*cl if as strong���������than  vlich the'naval. <*-stiniat ������������������.������ wcr<* l*~ss  than hair tha't su'.i. Tlio rni.id  growth "f the Fi������i"li nn'l Russian  navies-, the iiicrea.-*-.- i'i ihi OTm.-in  fliet. th" dovol'iprnfi.t "( the naval  renrer of*''"Jaran and tli" Vnltcd  States make it increasingly dinicult  for England to hold h������*r own upon the  sea-. *And aa Franc-.* wilh a population of +8.000.000. finds it Impossible to  jint aa many soldiers In th>- field a"  Germany with B2.000.000. t*~ If th<* great  powers continue to develop their naval  resources 83 they nre doing at pre-  s*nt..England may���������nay must���������before  long find herself b-'comlnf; relatlvely  weaker. But befor������ lhat time comes  the colonies may take* a truer view of  ���������what they ought- to do in the Way of  sharlnc . th<* cost of Imperial defences. .  .   -'���������     . -  while he was chief that several holidays came in quick succession, says j * * *  the veracious P.-I. They included! what with Sifton. Major "Walsh,  thu Queen's Jubilee and the Fourth, ~,V;ide, P. R. Thompson and the writer,  of July. They were celebrated in v-u arc a Iim: army of martyrs,  wild western fashion. In fact thc c'l-anmer, Latimer and Henry Forrest  celebration became so intense that uiayud m no harder luck ihan vve are  tho whole city government was inca- playing'. Listen to what Sir Hibbert  pacitated  from . business  for  a  week. ii.is'to say in full session of parliament  "The mayor begun the celebration," ui,out Sifton:  said   Editor   Ketchum,   "I   found   him      u-n. Hjhbm-t. ngain renewed his charge  around  one  evening celebrating in  a thin "a Victoria lawyer had received a  fashion that was altogether too wild tpeof sr.OO for gutting a liquor permit  and   western  even   for  Nelson  and   I [,"om nie minister eiftlie Interior, and  arrested  hiin." |,vils   interrupted   by   Sir.   Sifton,* who  "'Whnt!'   sniel   he,   'you   arrest   mc.  denied   ihu slalomuiu;      but,  after au  I'm   mayor   Nelson   and   you're   only pnjniuiod discussion. Sir Hibbert T*6it-  the chief of police.   I discharge you.' t.,ated  and  maintained  his  statement  'Oh,   no,   don't   elo   that  now,   I   said. an(i   offorcd   10   mention   the   name   of  'I wont be discharged.    I refuse. Come o,0 lawyer, if he could obtain his per-  along.'" niissioiilo elo so, which ho believed he  "Well I took him arouud for a timn col,it|.      n0  next  charged  that liquor  until   his 'ardor   wore   off   somewhat, v.hioli was being taken Into the Yukon  Then  we  went  Into  a refectory    and v.iulur.perinil by persons not friends of  squared  our differences. :,|1(. minister of the Interior, bad been  Wo  concluded  that  wo would  cole- ,**iL-layoel   at  tbo  boundary  u-.nil  liquor  brate   together.       The      city      cleric  -.oionyini,-   to   frinnils   of   the   minister  couldn't do anything without the may- li;ul   passed   up   ihu   river  and   got   to  o*,- so he plnyeel poker;  the policemen *oau-SOn first.   'This case woulel come  couldn't get along without mo, so they ))L.f0i'e   the*  commiltee      If  a  Hal  was  quit   work.    The   machinery   o������     the  K,.nintcd.   and   he   challenged   any   one  government   was   stopped.    I   think  (lC lh(. ,',-iinisU-rs to     say thai     a Hal  that   if   the   queen   had   known   what ^..ouU1 d.; granted, but in vain.  was going to happen she woultl have, J ������    *    ������  postponed   the  jubilee.   "I   have   hnd I  eonio .pretty wild experiences, but j 'Now listen to what hu has to say  none of them bent mv career as chief about poor Siajor "Wnlsn. One would  of police. " 1 think  he   was   ttilklng  about   you   and  Here 1  had been for years  a  nir   I me:  trying to. dodge policemen,  and  I  be-'    Sir   Hibberi   thon   read   a   statement  came  one   of   the   most  Important  o������  from   thu  agent  or one  of  the  largest  them.      it     gives   you -n   remarkable  financial llriiis in London, in which the  feeling   to-be   chief" of   such   a  town,  honor   swindle*   was   fully   dealL   with.  You   can   very" readily  Imagine   your-  Hir  Hibbert  said   this   gentleman   loid j  self a king for you come very  near him that he had a letter     of recom-;  being  boss  of  all  you   survey. mendntion     from      Lord    Jjtratlicona.   ��������� ivhlch he tried     to present     10 Siajor  ,Wals"n. but tho commissioner     was so  OLD GLOKY drunk that ho could not read tiie letter  land  ordci-'-'l  :.he  genii'.-man  out of his    I oflice.       Nobr-dy   could    question    that  jU a fourth of Julv dinner in Shan- Commissioner Walsh was living in  Sbai thr* English consul toasted lhe tho Yukon in Immorality and , open  RiiiiFh lias*. ' Hu said*. -Here is m diur.kcnness, disgracing the Queens  th" Union Jack, ulie tlag of nags, the name and the Queen's authority. He  Hag thai has floated on' every con- und othur officials nnd dls_raceei  tin-ni and .jv.**ry s-.-a for a thousand themselves and bad disgraced Canada  years, the lias on which lho sun never The men who marte- ihese charges were  ���������**.*-*-������������-"������> ���������     "    ^~-    ^   = -.  ^-^lr]...^^������.1^_^T-7-^p-,-^_->-^.rx__j.n.r.ies'���������;-e"-")gA  It  wax   strons      sentiment:,   and   the'th.y  were      afraid   that      they would  Americans w. iv a little overawed until   strike   so   near   som-;   o:   the*   ministers  Ell  Perkins  was called      to  toast  th.  lb.it rhe-y would lose the* property, they  Stars  and   Stripes.       Looking   inlo   lh-   had  in   the Yukon,  proud faces or     the  Englishmen      be I ���������    *    *  said:      "Here  is      t--.  the  Stars     -and |    Af.or a ,nosl Bcaihlni? allusion to tr.-*  Stripes   of   the   new   republic.       When   blackmailing of  miners Iiy  the   Yukon  the setting sun lights up her stars in   0(rcic;,> ijir" Hibbert     falls     foul      of.  j_laska   the   rising  sun   salutes   her  on   u afjf. |  lbe   rockc bound   coast   of   Slain--*.       It'    jt, r.-rxuxs to Mr.  Wade, he said  '.bar I  is the Hag of liberty, never lowered lo   p...nt.iyn,ail     iiaii  c..-j;;,.ti      ,.n  him.  and  any      foe.   and   ili<~   only   flag       that  nsked whether cli.-irR.j~i -.u.uld'be niid-.  whipped   thc   fiaz  on   which   the      sun iasa|nf.t      him   ir.\K      ...ssiun.      and  he-  nev������r ���������������_���������. |frankly told      him  then*      would     l>".    * |\i-;i'-r-uiiOn   Mv.  Wnd''  I-'i-l   ���������*t.ii*t'-l   fir  1 Davison.       if.-   (Sir   Hlbb(-tl>. ha-1   had  b-idlii������  hank, i-i   fn.ui   Ureat      J'.rliain  xililc  pnrti-s    talking  The- most serlniis  'i.:i.T.rg.--s '.v.-r,- mad", but -,vh..-u aslc .1 If  ,        _ illi'-v*   w.jiild   allow   their   naiu-s   n>   !.-  1-rom   lhc  tree   Lanco. lLsiji] 1,l,c.jnm.,.sil���������l ���������.|,h direct Ciarg.-s.  The   sensation   of   lhu   v\uul<   is   un-   ,., ,.u,w,|   t,,  dn sn.   lj.t..use      they said  doubl'-dly  the exiraorilinary spi.-ech  of  y^.ot ilie*y -.vent .is trusi-e-s for >ierv>r.i-  Sir   Hibbert Tupper's.      Tin:      aee-usa-   in   j-;,iKini!ij,   and   thai   if   lho   s-vtrn-  tlons hi* makes against   Sifton and !h-   lri,.r-,l  miiiniaine-d   in  oflUc   thi*   unscrp-  Yukmi   otlii-l.-tls   are   of   such   a   grave   i,1;i,ltis  lasi-.ils  who  had   robbed   ib.m,  r.i.lure  thai      a commission      will  nn-   :j���������.j.   v. ntild  simply b-  rulihed  of  v hit  di-ubti-'lly   hav.'.   ie.   be   appointed       lo   pr,,,,...-!-,-   they   h!><l   auquired   if   their  make     Investigation. i-omrnissioiiH  Vu.>,._,.-J \y..r,. published.  ' re al!  tlie go now.      Sir Hibli-u may I ������    ������    ��������� .  lie  correct  enough' In   his      as^rilons       F;nfll| f        reading   moro  Indeed   vve   have   not      lhe      sllgniest '  cloubl   but   what   the   main   portion   of  IPELSTOK.E  1H0N WORKS..  Blaolismithiner. Jobbine  '    Plumbini?.   PiPe Fitting  Tinsmi thine  Sheet Iron Work  Machinery Repaired  Mining "Work a SpeoiaHy���������_____  ROBT. GORDON  Revelstoke   Station.  The Acme^���������-*  Soda  Water  Works  Miinut'actnrers of all kinds of  Aerated Waters', Soda and Mineral  Waters in Syphons and Bottles.  Factoi ie9 at Vernon and Revelstoke, li. 0. ! ���������  j*  M. J. O'BRIEN,   PROPRIETOR\ Ors.  McKechnie   and  Jeffs. Attendants  To obtain rapidly the knowledge of the value or rrufs or li-riged  nothing i9 to be.compared with the Diamond Core Drill, which will  prove more iu 30 day? than an outfit of meu tunnelling or sinking  shaft" could prove in ten years.  The Diamond Core Drill can pierce the mountains mid take the  secret of what it contains frpm their very hearts, aud tlio more solid  the rock formation, the quicker it will do its work.  The Diamond Core Drill is so constructed that it eir. bo taken  c_j  pieces and packed on the backs of horses and curried   and   winked  almost inaccessible places where water etui be obtained,���������and it  be in almost any part of British Columbia.        ' .  For full information and particulars apply bylotter or in pardon to  J.    D.    SIBBALD,  REAL     ESTATE   AND     MINING     BROKERS,     REVELSTOKE  itevelstoke Hospital  Maternity'Room i.i connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.  ORIENTAL  Large light bed -rooms.  Table furnished with  the cheiLv.'.t, the market  nlToi'd<~. Best Wines  Liquors and Oigar..  llates   $1.00 a dny.      Monthly race.  J. ALUKUT STONE, Proprietor.  rings  U pper Arrow. Lake,  ammmmmmmmmmtmmnmmmmmmm?mmmm!_s  I   THE MOLSONS BANK   1  fc iNCOKl'OIl.VTKD   UY   ACT IW   P-Xlll.t VWKNT, 1835. 3  ^  ,  3  E ' HEAD OFFICE MONTREAL 3  02 000,000  S~l.500.COO  PAID UP CAPITAL      -  REST FUND -���������-   - - . ^   DIREUTOHS:   Wm.1Ioi.son SIaci'iikiison, I'imIiIimiI:   S.   II. Kw-imi. Yie-ei PrcuM.-nl:'^3B  W. M. Iv.V.VISAV, S.VMITKI.  KlM.hV. IlKNIIV A IIC'II IHAI.I',  .1. I". Ul.KI'.noil .V, .2  11. .Mauki.a.-.d Moi.sun. -3B  F. "*0Ki~i:ur0N Thomas, Ucuurnl Muiiiits  8=  fc . -A general banking business transacted. Interest allowed a' current  f^ l'ates' ������ J. I"). MOI.SOV.  &        ~ - SI.v.v.viii:it,,Ki:vi i.sriiur, li.C.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  RATES.   $1 oo   PER   DAY  "Well Known for Their    *  Health Giving Proparties.  T    . .   .     w-.., r l'-idln������  bank, i-i   fi  abs with ihe Lance ������������������"-.���������i oth*-r p-*.,....!--  J , >... him  in iVeti.ri.i  !.  his arraisnment is founded on fact,  but what Is the use of one man ac-  cusltiR another of enormities before- n  e:rltical assemblace -vvhon he has not  "lie material proofs ready to his hand  to adduce?  ������    *    *  Sir Hibbert's Ions speech and sub-  ECCiucnt Uight from the debate, ele-  rlining to p-meiin io r-taud the .jaff of  rebuttal, surely has d<*>n'* him no fc"iod  air a. imrliameiitariai). Tf his .-ie.cua-1-  tiuns are tru������* and lie has gnnc to tli.  c.ijasl 10 sccui'** tli'- iie.-c.-T-.ir.v- docu-  cienlary evidence und llvlni; wllncssis  In time for the sittinpr of the commission, then his party is liable to be th"-  Kalner, but  met he hai  a. hold of these.  s party is naoie io ue m. -     -  Bur-Iv-   before   parliament   <������c   Breiiter   rascali   Ihan  ���������1  plenty      of  time   to Ket   is-  l-resumlin; Sifton  lo be  Finally, after rc-adins more sta:  r.ient-. Pir Hibbert concluded by urs-  Insf the appointment of an impartial  commission to make a thorough inven-  lijrati'.n and promised to assist the  coinmlsslein If it wa _ appointed. Th>-  investllfntlon by ^\Ir. Oi;iivi. was not  hiilTlcIent; no matter how able and  vfTieiei.t an official, but he did not  believe- the people of this country  woul.-l be satisfied ur.iil a thorough  iiiriuiry  w.-iK held.  *    *    ������  Ko^V'al! lb-* forcic^inj .-li-ir**^.**: .iri.  v>ry S'rioii.. nnd of ;;ra-.-- iinpo.-t.  should 'J-iifper i.t!',-'*'���������*-i i:i ni-..*>-.-In,-^  what lie says, Kifion v.*o:*it lie retir'-d.  i.et liim never think that. There at*.-  few e.f us but r.eei! the upporl unity to  Ihan Sifton���������thai  a rascal.  Both Hotels Opei] for the Winter  Tin; Arrow Lakes Steamers Kootenay and Minto Call Daily.  A Conveyance is run in connection-with'tlic Steamers  an'l tlie Springs.  Cootl Aceonimotlntion both  at-the. Springs   and at-  the Landing.  Telegraphic Communication.      Uaths Free.        ltates  S\,'2~) per day.  .    BROWN,  Proprietor.  Good acconimofl.ilion. A good b.w  well supplied wiili c'loicj wia23  liquors and ci^-irs.   Cj  House.  Free B:is Meets All Trains  Brown  <Sc Pool,  etops.  -i  i.*-.ui.t*ww<^m  Hotel Ferguson  I  B'--  Fcrguson, B.C,  IT A<"('e>M.MOl~ATie>>.-  r.v tiik !,ahi)i;ai.'.  ' ,���������_-_���������-...  One  comfort  about  n. break  of  tl.I.'i       At Mount Forest tho experiment of  kind is that rominfc from such a pro- thawine*; out frozen   water  pipes      Imminent   source   and   made:   In   suedi   a electricity   wa_        tried      by      Messrs  public and fearless manner. Sin on and Corley   and   Collins,   electricians.    In'  the other  fellows must  for their own an  hour and  a half  they  thawed  out  honor, not only take oilicial ooBnizance '!:*> feet of the main and'four branches, _ j  of it   but must submit to  the crucial of fiO feet each.    The strength  of the ���������|  ordeal  of a eonnnlssioii  of Inv.stiga- rurrenl. was li; ampere and 30  volts,  Plates $2 Per  Uay.  D. FERGUSON,  Proprietor.  REVELSTOKE .   Sash  and  Door  Facto y.  IV~nntifact-jrers of  and Dealers In '"*',.  Sn^li. rioor*1, Tnrniiiu*:-. rihitli3. e*.(rncr  lll'.eki, .Mnllliliiiu:^ of .til hniil'. Ki-iicy  ll.ihlt-1 mul Ver.-mil-ih work. Uravki-ts  of t'vvry i!r?cri|.tion mad..- to order.  Storo nntl tithe; Kit.ini_._i, VinJovv  l-'riuni}^, with s.-i^h lilted a _>ii������.i-i.tlty.  All the Inlet niiuhim-i-v. Dry kiln on lie  preini.ce_. .Call tiiiu get prices before  goinir elacw-liejre.  ^E'VEUST������KE  Do  Vou  Uiant  q   }iome  in    This] Growing    mining  and  I^silcuoy  Centre  ?  The C. & K. s������eam Navigation Company have som) of th i u  lightful piopprty in llevelstoke.    It ia charmingly   situated,   handy  to  to any portion of the town.    Come and enquire about it at once.    Easy  term 8 if necessury.  HHIG 8t C^AIG, Sole Agents  F.JfteCmTY  .Wholesale and Retail Dealer in   PRIME BEEF, PORK,  JAOTTOJi-MD SJllDS^SE  Fish   and   Game   in   Season.       Markets   at   Kevelstoke  Revelstoke Station, Nakusp, Trout _[,ake City, and Ferguson  THE PIONEER LIVERY  Feed and Sale Stable of tbe Lardean and Tront Lake  Saddle   and     Pack  always for hire.  Horsei  Freighting  and  Teaming  specialty.  ; WOMEN    RUN    THE    TOWN  OF  COURSE   THIS   IS   IN   THE  STATE OF  KANSAS  Mayor and Half the Council Women-  Carried the City Election with Flying Skirts���������Town Marshall is a Man  Beattie, Kansas, April fl.���������In the  city elections here two tickets wero In  tlio Held, one composed of women  nnd tho other of, men. Mrs. Charles  Tot lei' was elected mayor, Mrs. Sheldon, Mrs- Schllght, Mrs. Smith. Mrs.  Klrlln. and Mrs. "Wutklns for council,  while* Miss O'Neill for clerk won  easily. Women drove their own carriages all through a blinding snow  Hlorm carrying voters to the polls.  The police judge and marshall are  men.  A BRISK DEMAND  For Great Western Shares ���������The  Nettie L Strike Likely to Send  Them up With a Bound.  The .continued rich strikes on the  Nettie ' L. have created a, lively demand for the Great Western company's shares, both in Hevelstoke,:  Calgary and in the east. ' Shares are  likely to take a big jump towards par  ln tho Immediate future. With a  large body of ore running from $100  to $700 and $800 per ton Great Western shares promise some sensational  developments.  The Nettle L. is undoubtedly oiie  of the richest mines in Uritish Columbia. Thc famous Reco, of Sandon.  produced as rich ore in small quantities, but the Nettle I... Is showing  up quantity ua  well  as quality.  (.ODD   SETTL.E11S    COMING     WF.ST  Montreal, April c.���������Father- Morin,  the colonization missionary, left this  morning by'the Canadian l'aclllc railway with u party of 123 settlers bound  for the Xorth West. The party is  made up of intending settlers from  Quebec and the United States. Their  destinations was Edinontun and Winnipeg.  JAPAN   WATCHFUL  Vancouver, April G���������Ad\ lues from llie  for.easl brought by the Empress of  '.Tapnn' indicate that Japan has been  watching with jealous eyes Italy's  recent attempt to gel a lease of San  Mun bav, and the attempts thai have  been made lo brills the United States  Into  the grab.  birsEiui. warr Dir:-*  London. April tf.���������Thos. K. Ellis,  chief whip of the Liberal,, parly in  Orcat Britain,  is" dead.    * ^  A FIUGHTFUJ- ACCIDENT  Wm. Hodgins and son. who arrived  in Edmonton' from Kc.nlrcw. Ontario,  on the 17th, were so seriously injured  on Saturday afternoon by the kicks of  one of their horses thut the life of one  i.i despaired of and the other seriously.  though riot dangerously injured. Mr.'  Hodgins and bis son, who is 19 years  of age, were putting the hors*: in tbe  stable, and the younger one -vvas about  to tie him up when the animal kicked  r.ut viciously, the shod .-hoof striking  him in the face, breaking his nos.; and  cutting his face terribly. ��������� Tl'.e older  man. on seeing his ��������� son's position,  sprang forward to drag him out, when  the horse kicked again with both feet.  This time the blows struck on the left  aim and hip with force enough to  break them both. The two injured  _m< n were eventually rescued by  neighbors who were attracted"by the  -ncise. '��������� - * *- ~���������������������������=-=���������=^���������*���������* - ��������� -���������  MOST   SHOCKING   TRAGEDY  CRAZED  FATHER QUARRELS  WITH HIS WIFE  And Flings Their Baby Into the  fatove���������No Doubt as to His  Insanity���������Held Under Guard.  Toronto, April 6.���������News of .a dread-  til domesllc tragedy has reached here.  A farmer named Bouuker, living on  Ihe seventh range In Inverness, had a  ciuarrel on Monday with bis wlfo over  Homo trivial matter. The ciuarrel  ended for the time being and the  couple went to bed. In the middle  of tho nighl the man arose, put his  wife out of doors and proceeded to  murder his 11 months old child. lie  first strangled the infant, and then put  the body Into the stove. After a  littlo while the father, who is supposed to bo Insane, went to"the stove,  and taking out the baby's half consumed body throw it Into a snow  bank near the house. The murderer  |s under guard ln a neighbor's house,  whither he had Ued after committing  tho awful deed.  FEA11S   FOR  THE   POPE'S  HEALTH  London, April 4.���������The Pope had a  fainting 111 yesterday, "according to a  despatch received by the The Dally  Telegraph from Home, which proved to  be of thc gravest character. Every  effort is being made by. Cardinal  itanipolla, Papal secretary of state, to  conceal . the real condition of .the  supreme pontlff.hls object Is to prevent  \he powers from working up tlie next  conclave.  ESTABLISH  AN   OltPHANAGE  Winnipeg, April 7.���������Tlie . Roman  Catholics of this city will establish nn  oi plumage home here.  CANADIANS     AND     THEIR     GOLD  t__Ulawu Free Press: "It's a'miffhty  itueur thing," said an English capitalist, who formed' one of a group of  guests, chaltinir .in the Russell rotunda yesterday, "that you Canadians  did not go in tor. developing these  u'lirvellous gold deposits years ago.  Gold vvas the lliemo of conversation,  in- it is unite likely to be ot the  average chat heard in hotel rolundas  these days. "Well," chipped In another  of the group, "we Canueks..aro Conservative when it comes to matter of  risking capital In "unexploited fields,  but now that the yellow dirt has heen  uncovered sutllciently to reveal "sure  pay" streaks running in every direc-  licn, you can wager on Canadian  capital bidding high for a.,front place.  There was lots of Canadian money  lying in .the banks drawing !J !-_> por  cent, but a big pile of it lias found an  outlet in the irold fields. As a sample  of Canadian prosr-ssiveness, there is  George E. Foster, minister of finance.  He Is said -to have cleared a clean  one hundred 'thousand dollars during  lhe pasL year, and is today a rich man.  Mr. Foster got in on the "ground  door" tnthe big "War Eagle" mine  deal, and piled up tho prottts at u  drizzling pace. Another mine in wliich  Mr. Foster is interested is paying  monthly dividends .yrllh unfailing regularity.  DEBATE   RESUMED  Ottawa, April ".���������Colonel Prior resumed the debate lh the bouse of commons yesterday on the Yukon charges  against the department of the interior,  lie tiuoted certain positive instances  of gross" irregularities on the part of  the olllclals at /Dawsoii City. Rev.  Maxwell said that he did not believe  the stories." J. Ross Robertson and  Dr. Montague insist on a thorough  arid  Impartial  investigation.  DISBANDED  Havana, 'April 6.���������Thc Cuban  airay and Cuban military assembly  havo been disbanded.  ARCHBISHOP O'CONNOR  ���������Toronto, April 6.���������The Right Reverend Dennis O'Connor. Bishop of  London, has been appointed Archbishop of Toronto, to succeed the late  'Archbishop .Walsh.  P.   K.   BOARD   RE-ELECTED  Montreal, April ft���������The annual  meeting of the C. P. R. was held in  Montreal yesterday, when all members of the board were re-elected.  JAPANESE WILL REMAIN  Vancouver, April ".���������The Japanese  consul, Shimezu, has been asked if the  report which came by mail from  Japan that Great Britain would not  Veto British Columbia's anti-Japanese  legislation was true.* Shimezu said:  "No, it is not true. 1 have received  official Information. In reply to a  protest by Japanese Ambassador  Count Kalo at London it has been  favorably considered. and British  Columbia's obnoxous law prohibiting  Japanese labor in the industries of  that country, and in mining, will'soon  become null anil void on the ground  that il is unfriendly to Japan." "  M  EVIDENCE      ACCUMULATING  SIFTON   REPLIES  TO    PROVE     ROTTENESS       OF  YUKON ADMINISTRATION  Sifton will Have to Meet Charges  Before a Commission ��������� Halifax  Member Speaks���������Minis teis   Uneasy  Ottawa, April 6.���������Borden, of Hall-  fax, continued the debate on tho  Yukon charges yesterday, and set  forth among other counts against the  minister ot tho interior, three specific  charges impeaching the administration at Dawson City. ' He mentions  witnesses who will prove his* statements beforo a properly constituted  tribunal. The cabinet members are  very uneasy and afraid of unpleasant  exposures. ���������  PERFIDIOUS ALBION  here  'have  Berlin, April 3.���������It Is stated  that, the British government  declined to Join Germany and tho  United States in the proposed joint  commission to settle Samoan troubles.  There is a bitter feeling against England here on account of'her attitude  in the affair which contrasts with her  expressions of amity. Germany Is  plensed over the friendly course the  United States are pursuing. ' Complaints are made that England is  taking advantage of the situation tb  further her own selfish ' ends. The  oilicial world is pleased that the  T'nited States has endorsed the scheme  s*e>   thoroughly.  KLBVATOR  ESCAPES  TION  DESTTIUC-  Porlage la Prairie. April 4.���������Fire  broke out nn the premises of thc  Dominion Elevator Co., just north of  the C. 1". R. track at 2 o'clock,,* this  morning. The main elevator ��������� and  drier were not touched, the (Ire being  confined to ihe engine room attached  to  the" rear.  A BUCKET SHOP DOWNFALL  Montreal, April 4.���������Arthur TIsbet, a  notary ot this place, is under - arrest at Albany, New York, being short  some "15,000, most of -which is clue the  York County Loan Institution. Bucket  shops caused his ruin.3  . LOWE aOWN  Ottawa, April 4.���������H. E. Lowe,- the  latent agent, has skipped, leaving  many creel ito'rs and inventors who  'nourn his departure.     . .  MILLIONS  WED MILLIONS  Xew York, April ���������}.���������AV. K. Vanderbilt, jr., and Miss Virginia Fair will  be married today in New York.  ENGLAND    IX    CHINESE   WATERS  Hong Kcng, April 4.���������Great Britain  is sending troops and ships to the  vicinity of Canton to protect British  Interests.  CASH FOR IRRIGATION  Ottawa, April 5.���������The debate in reply  lo the address from the throne was  resumed in the house of commons by  Minister of Interior Sifton, who in a  cool and deliberate address. laid the  facts of the Yukon administration  before the house and the country for  Judgment thereon. He explained his  .statement on the tariff made recently  at Perth by saying that as an issue  between the two parties In the bouse  It was a settled question that the party  would carry into effect such changes  from time to time as new conditions  demanded. Borden, the member for  Halifax, will reply to Sifton today.  Replying lo a question put by Sir  Charles Tupper the Premier said thnt  writs for the Winnipeg election will  be probably issued tomorrow.  HARRISON RE-ELECTED  Chicago, Illinois,-. April 5.���������Mayor  Carter Harrison was re-elected today.  Nearly the complete returns give  Uartcr Harrison (Republican) 103,523.  and Altgeld 44,539. Tho election of  Harrison may be largely attributed to  his stand on local questions and the  popular support he has drawn from  ali parties In his fight against the  street railway companies.  EAKfN   IS   SPKAKEIl  Regina, April 5.���������The North West  Assembly opened at-Regina yesterday.  Eakin, or Saltcoats, was elected  speaker.  ENGLAND   ASSENTS  London, April 5.���������Lor," Salisbury has  accepted Germany's proposal for a  commission to settle the Samoan difficulties.  DEDUCTION   ON   LUMBER     RATES  Washington, April .".���������Senator Foster, of the United' States, states that  the dutv on Canadian lumber enter-  Ins tho United States will be reduced.  THE   PIPE   OF   PEACE  Hong Kong. April- 4.���������The Uniled  Slates Philippine commission has issued a proclamation ol" cordial good  will  to 'the natives of the islands.  ALIEN LABORERS  ' Washington, April 3.���������Drury J.Tal-  lant of Great Falls- has been appointed an- immigration-inspector for  service In . Coutts, Canada. This, appointment is made in accordance-.'with  the recommendations of the collector  of customs at Great Falls, who states  that an additional, inspector is urgently needed to prevent the importation into his country of allon contract laborers.  S^fdfdfUfUfdfk &&&&&&  Revelstoke will Quintuple its   y  Present   Population y  of 2000. &  Revelstoke has been' selected by the  C P. R. as the terminal point for North  Kootenay and Okanagan. '; .It must, go  ahead. The judicious   business man  will  invest in' _j������������l  Revelstoke Real Estate^  while it can be got on the ground floor. $������ji  Glance Down Tliis List:...  $700 will buy two line business lot*s 7 ami S, block 10. on  first street, 50  leet by 100 Iter.   Oppo-ite J. D. Sibbald's-1 evidence. Easy terms.  $230 cash will buy two nice lots, 50 by 100, nearly opposite Sampson's:  bouse.    Lits 3 and 4, Block 11.  $330 will buy a lot 25x100, next the Front St l'ost Ollice.  $1000 will buy a block. 75x100 on Campbell Avenue.  $1000 will buy a lot 25x100 in the centre of the business part of Mie  enzie Avenuf*.  $700 wil.l buy two lots, 0 and 7, block !", 50x100 opposite C. U. Hume &  Co.'s ware bouse on Campbell Avenue.  $075 will buy a hou*ti and lotO, block -10. on Third Street..   Five   rooms  bath room and pantry.     $750 down and balance   to   pay   ou lot  in 10 years at 8 per cent."   The lot is 50x100.  $3,500 will  buv a-block   fronting on First   St. opposito  the Imperial  ;,  Bauk.    SV,- 100x150x75.' ���������Corner Uimnauplit   Avenue "and   First  S".   The C. L\ li. siding runs along onu side.  .A splendid busi-  , -    uess location.  $20C0 will buy a business block 50x100 fronting on   First  St.,   between  the two banks.   A fine site for a business'liou.--e~.  PROPOSED CHANGES  J.othbridge, April -1.���������The irrigation  limus bylaw voting $30,000 to the proposal was passed by 02 of a majority  yesterday.  KIPLING  GRATEFUL-  London, April 4.���������Rudyard Kipling  has written a" letter of thanks lo all  who manifested sympathy for him in  his recent illness.  DISASTROUS- ACCIDENT  CASUALTIES  Manila, "April 5.���������From February 4  to ADril ���������}, 1S4 soldiers have been  killed, and 970 wounded in the United  States  forces  ln  the  Philippines.  BABY ECZEMA AND SCALD HEAD  Infants and young children are peculiarly subject to this terrible dis  order, aud if not promptly arrested it  will eventually become chroulc. Dr.  Chase made a special study ot eczema  and diseases of the skin, and we can  confidently recommend Dr. Chase's  ,Ointment to cure all forms of Eczema.  The first application soothes the irritation and puts tho little sufferer to  rest.  Neepnwa, April 7.���������An accident occurred nils' morning on R. Reilly's  farm. 12 miles north of here. As Jas.  Stephenson and John MePhail, farmers  ot the neighborhood, and others were  sawing wood with a steam power  r.-achine the saw broke with awful results. One xilece of the saw struck  MePhail on the head killing him instantly, another piece struck Stephenson almost severing his right arm at  the shoulder and cutting the fingers  off his left hand.  SHARP    SKIRMISH    WITH    FILIP-  __.__-__- ___,=,__INO:Bg.= .    - -;       -..-,  M&nila, April 3.���������A - reconnalsance  was made today by a detachment of  cavalry under Major Rucker and developed into a sharp skirmish with  1.000 insurgents entrenched at Quin-  cjua, five miles north east of Malolos.  The main portion of the rebel army  nre stationed apparently between  Quinqua and  Pulitan.  IT NEEDS  STRAIGHTENING  Ottawa, April 5.���������The British Columbia government wil send a commission to Atlin to straighten out the  cold claims tangle. ���������  CHAMBERLAIN'S   BROTHER    DIES  TETER WHITE  Brockville, April '7.���������Peter White, ex-  speaker of the house of commons, was  yesterday elected by the Conservative association as their candidate for  the vacancy created by the death of  T. F. Wood,* Q. C, M. P.  PREPARING FOI! WAR  Stockholm, April 7.���������The Riksdag  yesterday voted 2.3SS.0OI) crowns for  ������he purchase of rillcs and 220.000  crows for the improvement of tbe  Swedish fortification!.-.  DESTROYED BY FIRE  Montreal. April 7.���������Garth & Co.'s bii;  Iron foundry on Craisr street was  almost completely destroyed by fire at  a late hour last night. The foundry  was stocked with a large cjuantity ot  valuable machinery and had a largo  stock on hand. The loss will be very  heavy.  RUSSIAN  TROOPS  Montreal, April- 5.���������A member of the  Senate, who holds an* important position in the council - of the Liberal  party, said this morning that lt. was  decided that in the course, of a few  uionths that Fisher would be replaced  In the cabinet by Duffy, commis-  fclunei- of public works in the Quebec  cabinet, who represents Bronio counly  'n the legislature. Fisher will, as the  "tory goes, go to England at the close  -if the session to replace Lord Strathcona, who is anxious to retire from tha  high commissionership as soon as the  eovcrnment can relievo him.  DESTITUTION   IN   ALASKA  Seattle,  April    7.���������Great-   destitution  ii, reported from     Alaska     and     the  Copper, river A- relief "expedition -Is  to be started an once. ,  ^i  &  $i  IMPERIAL BW  ���������OF CANADA  Head Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital ���������' .    $2,000,000  Reserve    ....   1,200,000  Directors:  H. S. Howland   President  T.R.Nerntt, Vice Pres., (St.Catharin_a)  William Rarosav,  Robert J affray.  Hugh Ryan,   T.  Sutherland Stayuer  Eliob Rogers.  D. B. Wilkie, General Manager.  Branohea  North Wes**. and British Columbia  Krandon  Calgary  El mon ton  South Edmonton^  Portage la  Prairie  Prince Albert  N  Vnncouvot  Winnipeg  ReTdlstok-  _Uon, B.  OJ.TABIO.  Esses Niagara Falls   St. Thome*  Fergus        Pori. (Jnlborne  Toronto  Gait Rat Portage      Welland  'n^ersoll   iSault St. Marie Woodstock  Li>!o_cll  ISt, Catharines   Uauultou  Montreal, Queliec.  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  uf .<$] and'- upwards received and  interest allowed.  Debentures ��������� Provincial, Municipal  and other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Avail-  ible at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United .States, Europe,  India, China, Japan. Australia, New  Zealand, otc - ; -���������.*-  Gold  Purchased .  This Bank Issues Special Reoelpts  which will be accounted fop at any of  the Hudson's Bay Co's- Posts in ths  Yukon unk northern districts.  A. R. B. HEARN.  Manager llevelstoke Brat eh  ^= WALL >S  Papers  'tilt**. Inunilii".   Miv?.-,   Km*  lici__..i Gill-5, ami  l^.ruer* uf  all ilcivru.liuii*..  Tlie- i-lieiipi-sf-iiiil be-tsicx-k of  .WAl.l. I'Al'El'S in the ell}-.  Liberal   ilisemnils   iriven   on  al! easli orders.  I   do_l  onlv' in.* W A I. I.   ���������  1* .1 p-E ICS   and solicit .111  -   inspection of "my stock.  W&Bfpney  .MGK.E.NZIE JIVE.  -99=  Canadian  Pacific  RaiLwav.  and Soo Line.  iM^jif.  Jf^#s#a  WINNIPEG  ELECTION  t.  Winnipeg. Ayril 7.���������The voters lists  for tbe AVinnipeg bye-election must bo  ready by June 13th. T. L. Metcalfe  Is registration clerk and the,voting will  take place u week later.  Ottawa. April -J.���������Zoltan Vanrajcs,  Oie Hungarian journalist, has made an  airangement with the interior department by which' five or six hundred  Hungarian families will-be,brought to  without funds and will have to be  helped by friends.  Birmingham, April 3.-Richard Chamberlain, head of the Chamberlain  Interests in Birmingham, brother of  the  Hon.  Joseph,  is dead.  EAKIN   FOR  SPEAKER  Reglpa. April 4.���������It is now - definitely known that Mr. Eakln, M. L. A.  for Saltcoats.- will tomorrow, be proposed by the government as the  ppcaker of the Legislative Assembly.  Eakin occasionally acted as deputy-  speaker and is thoroughly; competent  for the position. The choice is said to  be generally popular.  ITALY TO  OCCUPY  SAN  MUN  Hong Kong. April 7.���������The whole of  the province of Manchuria in China is  ever-run  with  Russian  troops.  London, April 4.���������The Rome correspondent of the Daily Chronicle says he  learns through ofiicial circles that  Italy and Great Britain have arrived  at an agreement which will result in  nn Italian occupation of San Mun bay  hi the province of Chi Kiany, China,  before April 25.  CURE FOR EPIDEMICS  Stop talking and thinking about  contagious diseases.  , Dr. Cyrus Edson, one of New York's  famous physicians, 'was recently asked  what are some of the ways In which  the highest health may,*be maintained.  He replied, we find In religious teachings the soundest hygienic rules thai  have ever been devised. He who  really lives up to the' teachings of  Christianity will keep his body in a  perfectly healthy condition.  M  Grogan & Co. are handling some of the finest  mining" propositions in the  Big-^Bendy^^Lardean-an d  Fish Creek camps of North  Kopt3 nay. Full paticu-  larso'3^i.i ned and funish-  ed about mining claims in  the District,  big block of Carnes Creek Consolidated at ten cents.  These shares will be up to par yet.  lnsuranc  WORLDS PICTORIAL ROUTE  EAST   AND   WEST.  ,  FI LIST CLASS AND  TOURIST SLEEPERS  .......from;".....  =     J-'ACIFIC TO ATLANTIC.  $6  Quick TiuiP,       Good Service,  Lowest Changes, ' Lowest Rates  ^-Tickets���������issued���������through���������and^^  UapgiiRe   checked to destination.  AGUINALDO  DEPOSED  Hong Kong. April 6.���������Aguinaldo  has been deposed as leader of the Tn-  surjmnt   forces.  "W. K. Vanderbilt presented his sou  W. K. Vanderbilt, jr.", with valuable  securities worth $10,000,000. Thc "latter will man? Miss'"VIrgInia Fair  shortly.  Edmonton Bulletin: A party of  Omaha prospectors are rxpected here  shortly bound for the scene of tho  gold strike at Tete Jeune Cacho.with  t, pack train of 50 horses.  The mineral production of Canada last year is given by the geological survey as $37,757,000. This represents an increase pf 100 por cent  on the record of 1891,and 200 per cent  on that of 1888. It is more than likely .that an even greater rate of progress will be recorded within the  next Ave years. The start was a long  time in being made, but the gait was  a good .one when it was struck.  FIRE��������� We are agents for   the Scottish   Union,   Queen,   Caledonian,  Atlas and GuartUun.  ACCIDENT���������London Accident and Guarantee.  PLATE GLASS-Lloyds.  /Vlon\J to hoan  We*1 aj[Ji*ji Ej- t_~ E t li-ibls S wi ' , Loan aud  Building Association. No membership fees. No necessity  to take shares. No fines. The association offers a  straight loan repaid in monthly instalments. Can be paid  off altos-ether after two years.  DAILY TRAINS.  liast. "    i West.  S 2ok. .Ive���������Revelstoke���������Ive. 10.50k  TO AND FKO.M   KOOTIiXAY POINTS.  S. 15k..Ive���������Revelstoke���������arr..16.05k  For    information,   time   card*.  maps aud tickets apply to  T. XV. BRADSHAW,  Agent, Rovelstoke.  XV. .!���������'.. Andkiison,  Travelling  Passenger Agent, Nelson.  E. J. Coyle,,District Passenger  Agent, Vancouver.  J. R. Hull  & Company  Butchers'  and.  Betali Jiialcn tn Beef, Pork eta  KAMLOOPS and REVELSTOKS  All  orders in our line prom  . filled... ......."'   i GROGAN & CO.  Address :   Revelstoke.  Office :   Herald Office.  gfe       Code :   Moreing    Neill.  We Hav   a Good Supply of  Building  Material  * ���������     ' ,1  ������"���������������* Lumber  CUT PRICES FOB S POT CAS  Cull and see u<: We'can fix you  REVELSTOKE SAW MILLS  Revelstoke Station, B. C.  r';  " ���������<���������-:���������':  1-_-___-_! HOUSE  BANING  It will S3on be tims for house cleaning-  and you will want some new curtains  this year. We are offering some special  values at 85 c. a pair. $1.50 a pair, $1.75  a pair. Also a beautiful range of Swiss  Curtains from $2.00 to $4 ������������-  We will show this week some great  bargains in White Quilts, and in Pillow  Cotton, Sheeting, Factory Cotton, Etc.  We can do them at eastern prices.  In Table Linen, bleached and unbleached,  we start them at 30 c, showing a very  fine range cf patterns up to ������1.25 a yard.  Come and get some of these bargains  while they last at  The Cash Bazaar  W. MKM"HUM, MANAGER  HOWSON BLOCK. - MrKENZIE AVE.  THE  "Win. Brown returned yesterday  morning fiom a trip to Kamloops.  Mayor McCarty nnil City Clerk  Shaw vvi'iil ibiwn on Monday I" Kamloops and rctiirueel this morning, l'lii-y  hitvi: been gelling posted in the way  things .ue run in tho ranching capital.  It is probable that tbe C. P. 11. will  rest.in; its regular service between  Nelson and Kevelstoke nexl week the  I rain for tlio north leaving hen* at  0:10 p. 111. instead of IWOii. 111.���������Nelson  .Miner.  Business Locals  ���������We are receiving daily shipments  of ni'iv laid egg.*.    Jioiiine 13rus.  U. 15. Iliinii'A: Co. have aiiiilhei' carload of Ashciofl potatoes un the   way.  A carload ol hum and bacon is just  being unloaded at (J. IJ. Iiutne & Co's.  warehouse.    **  Tii"*, tics, tics, all the. latest patterns  and fashion., ut close prices at C. li.  Iliune A: (Jo's.  Consignment of hats, all lhc latest  styles in Fedoras anil bald bals just  opened up at O, 13. Hume & Co's.  Do not. forget, the grand sacred  concert iu the Presbyterian church  under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid  Society on tin- evening of April 13l.li.  ���������Hotline Bros, are showing a complete line of china and glass ..'are,���������  dinner tuul tea. sets, cut and engraved  tumblers, in fact everything required  by housekeepers.  ���������The three front ollic-es in tlie  Taylor block now occupied bv Messrs.  White*. Owillim &Seolt, wiU'be vacant  on .May 1st. Llc-it anti water is provided, electric liirhts installed, lavatory  in coniici'tiiin���������$20 por month.        2t  --The first Hour of Bourne Bros.'big  I busy store   has   been converted into a  This vear vvill ba handled bv !h>: Cnnndn Drug ' showroom   I'or house  furnishings, and  ,t Hook Co.    They nrea first class wheel,���������c;������ii   a vt.,.y complete line ol'carpels.sepiares.  hi: had in dl.f .rout colors, nnd nt reu'-.oiiHble  prices. Don't purchase belnre seeing these  wheel-.      D  THE CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  LIMITED.  CHAS. R. MCDONALD, Manngcr.  Mckenzie ave.. ki-.vklstokk station.  COMING EVENTS .  April 13���������Concert in the Presbyterian  church.    7:30 p.m.  1 -  LOCAL  AND _GENERAL   NEWS  Council meets to-night.  E. Ij. Kin man left yesterday morning for Trout Lake City.  Mr. "Walcott, of the St. Leon Hot  Springs, spent a few days in town this  week.  The City Council meets on Friday  night in their chamber in lhe court  house.  Col. Baker passed through town  yesterday morning, en route to the  south country.  A movement is on foot, with which  the Hekald is entirely in accord, lo  close all the si ores at 6:30 p.m.  F. ('. Gamble. C.E., has been in lown  for the past few days inspecting progress on the river bank protection  works.  Mr. McLeod of the C. P. It., came in  from Donald yesterday with bis wife  and family and will take up their  residence here.  Geo. S. McCarter  left  this  morning  for Golden to attend  couit.     Mr.   McCarter has been, retained  by   the   ele-  ~f_rnUe">!) twerT-r'uiTiii"n'Hx*jisp*_*T-i'~ ���������~���������  matting, floor oilcloths, blinds, curtain Jiules and iiiiuiiitings is being  shown. The goods are all new and  carefully selected. The virions ile-  partnients are worthy 11 careful inspect inn.  A Most Welcome  Event  The   Metropolitan  Opera Company,  who  have,  established ��������� themselves as  prime favorites   in    the   eyes   of  thei ner month to carry it out  The Sewerage System  To .the Editor ol the IIiuialii:  Sill: It appears lo mc that iliseus-  *.ioii 01*1 a subject of such moment as  sanitation is to llevi'lslnke should  bring about good results and be beneficial to thc'ceiiiiiiiunit.y. The question  of sanitation is a subject that in Kevelstoko is of vital importance to  everyone ami shoti'ld bu the first, on  the order paper of our new city and a  first charge on her ratepayers. Care  should be taken to look into the be*t  methods and an engineer should be  employed for taking levels aiul getting  out plans and spei'ilicaliosis. but in any  ease tbe sooner senile permanent system is adopted the better for all concerned, for otherwise we are liable to  bavesome malignant epidemic which  will deal wholesale mortality amongst  our children.  One of the objections advani.ed is  lhat it. will raise our taxes. This is  no doubt true, but would it not he  belter to pay a small amount more in  taxes I ban to pay large doctor bills?  Others say that the cost would be ton  great and that, the dry eal th and  scavenger system is the one we should  adopt first, as the cost would be so  much less.  In order to invite criticism I am  suggesting the following: That the  city after having surveys made and  speciliceitions, establishing the probable cost of a system, should it not  cost over S 10.000, at once submit a  bylaw to the people to raise the  amount of money to carry out a  permanent sewer system.  The.-111)011111 of sewer required I vvill  submit for argument a.s threo miles,  $13,500 per mile for a main trunk  sewer uf two feet in diameter, or  roughly. $10,000; and to show the  comparison between the cost of this  and lhe dry earth and scavenger  system 1 take the number of houses as  ���������100 and the cost to  each  house as  $2  >"w"!  Wj  m  m  '_:-_  &>-  r<^Tx  K'i  isrj  m  m  m  m  fi"������~\  ������S  ft*?  m  IB""  tj������  cka  PS"'  Vtfe"  _s_  m  m  m  m  f'53  Kevelstoke public   will   return   to  this  e-iiy, and  vvill   be  at Tapping's  Opera  House. April 22.    Tlie above  company  have   made*  a   decided   bit   with   our  aiiui-etiient. loving people, and as  they  are a company of bard honest workers  tbi'y will no eleuibt iiicc-t. with  a   warm  welc-onu*.    Tbey   will  play  all  leturn  dates in the. province,   as  every where  that they have operated the public request*; tlieir return.    The cast,  still   includes   the    favorites.     Will     Rising,  Blanche    Aldrui-h.   .leani'tle    Lincoln,  Alice James. Muni-ice llaqeinan. Eddie  Smith, and Al. E. Thurston, leiior.iv bo  possesses   a    rich    voice.      A. Sydi"*y  ltliorer, a doscripiive   huriluui'   -ii.gev.  is a valuable .���������iililition. bis act.   Ii.-iug  a  novelty, and only   otic  of   ils   kind   iii  Aiui'riru,     ii.-iinely.��������� Edison's     Dieiiiu  Realized, introducing   many   pictiues  that, act. talk and   sing,  e've-iy   motion  ol'the eye. band and   every   11111 -c.-1 <- .is  brought nut   as   nnlurtil   a.s   life.    Tins  should   not   be   compared    wilh   illus-  lr-ili'il picture's,  each   film   is  over 000  feet   long,   and   runs   from    12    to la  minutes.      Tbe    novelty    is   new    and  elTectivc, and   cost   upwards  of  !?2.ij(>')  to manufacture.    This is said   without  uny exaggeration, nnd should  in* seen  to be nppi't'i ialeel. The above company  need no introduction to Revelstoke, as  tliey have  shown   I he nisei ves  already  to lie: an   organization    far  above   the  avcagc.    The Opera vvill  be ".Mikado'* I  in which will ho  presented   soine   "le-j  Prices as before, .aK.\. i  Manager Morkill, of the Kootenay  Lumber Co., vvno w.is in town on  Tue.-duy. reports the ice on the Arm  in a very dangerous condition.  .Ice Morg.inVi old barber shop on  Front sire. 1, in being converted into a  handsome' utvl commodious structure  for the Great Western Mines (limited).  There is a rumor, which it i- to ho  Imped i*-' correct, lhat the C.P.K.  liifini*. t _ *-i*iiff in cm" of their big  stcuuici-- to open up a p'e**.-*age through  IlicAriu.  A   niei-ltiig  of   th"   exi-ctitiv.*  ir.illci*   of    the  " The Leading Store  "No Bluster, No Fuss, Just Business,, Thnt's All."  SK  5l*'K*S-K:-&'SK&K������������������������SiJE 'K-:vSaa-������XXffi-SSifS^:K-K'������::vVX-:iK;K3';KvK  Having  now   opened up our Spring and Summer stock of  MENS',   WOMEN'S and  CHILDRENS' BOOTS AND  SHOES,��������� "The   John   McPherson Make,"     We   invite  inspection.       Our   BOOTS   and   SHOES   hav;   earned a  Good   Reputation for   Durability,   Style and Comfort, and  REASONABLE PRICES.  X-iK������:E-E*:0SS-;vS*!'3':^^ >S3-K^-K'K;:*!j"'������K>.S--K:K>R:-iR'K*:iKK3'  SPECIAL NOTICE  Commencing with the FIRST TUESDAY IN MAY, and  until the last .Tuesday in September, this store WILL  CLOSE AT TWO O'CLOCK EACH TUESDAY  AFTERNOON. This is to give our staff a chance to  enjoy a few hours liberty during the summer. We respectfully request our customers to make their purchases early  on the morning of closing days.  m  m  m"  m  ������1  ������__}  James Gill & O  Taylor Block.  McKenzie Avenue.  Wmmmmmmmmmmiwmmm&mmmm  -".-���������>;"  m  m  m  fe-r3  m  m  6?'J  ������������._  KS  rB  m  g������  m  m  m  m  m  ������������������5S'������J  m������m  This would eepial ftSOO per iiioulli or  $9,600 per aiitium, which would pay  thn interest and a sinking fund on  $00,000. assuming the money ceiiild bu  bad at. ."5 per cent, and thai- the sinking  fiinil was $1,500, which would wipe out  the debt, in 20 years, but on the other  band, if the cost is $10,000. wu would  pay less ihan half and have the. sewer  as an asset.  The quest ion of water is ntie which  enters inlo the* system of scvvi'rage  au-.l lright ho ���������', "liimbling block, but 1  have l'.o (loiibi the present company  would devise ways and means for  water for Hushing purpose*", and thai.'  would certainly bo a thing to be considered befoie anything could be: deuie.  A not her matter to he rbiifciilered  is the si'werpipe, e-ould it not be 111.-11111-  r.-iftiired beiv? a*- vve have clay unci it  is quite prnliable it would be gooel for  this purp.*se. The principal cost being  for  the   pip".  '->���������   would    be   hi-tter   tn_  iiiauufae'iire   on    the   ground,   if it is i   practicable,     thereby    letuiuiug    the | McEwan  ninne-y in   the community  instead   of  paying out .1 large amount  in   freight  as   well  as     for    manufacturing  else-  Epworth    League  and Sunday   School  Convention  The ninth annual convention of all  Methodist leagues and schools in B.C.  will be held ' at New Westminster,  beginning Tlinisday evening, May  IStli and closing the following .Sunday.  Tliu,members of the convention tire  thc members of the B.C. Conference,  the ollicers of the convention and the  delegates from the leagues and schools.  Each league is entilleel lo otic; delegate  ror every 20 or fraction of 20 of ail  .uieinbers unrolled. E-ich Sunday  school is entitled to one .delegate I'or  every 50 or rr.ictiiin.cif 50 of all ollicers,  teachers and scholars ciirnllell.  BIRTHS  Pkicuin���������At I.'i'velsleiki*. on * Wednesday. April 51 h, 1S09, the wile of .1.  Perriii of a son.  (.-.\PONKlilA���������At Revelsloke'. on April  Dili, tu Mr. and Mrs. Augelo (lapon-  e-i-'.ii, a sou.  0ill���������At Revels!eike. on April 10th.  tn Mr. and Mrs. James Gill, a  daughter.  I HAVE ALL TIIE LATEST  If-ff   "5*     Off   7A     \.3i/i?Z/r&-  tars'���������  lly Kipling, Anthony Hope. 11. Iliiiur  IlnKgilrd, Hunter, llall, Ciiiii.SIeiiklu-  wie:/., me , nlso a new Inl of British  Columbia  -    PH0T6GRAPHS  ������74gr-',"Al.\'l Mil  'lOi'.ACCOS.  (f& 'i  ���������<Zf'J      ViJ  Opposite C.P.K. Hlatiiui  4  1  xv%  &  All  v-VJi  o  o  00  o  Gents' Fu ,,nishing,s,i  Boots and Shoes, i  Hats and Caps,;  Stationery,:  Tobaccos,!  Cigars, Etc.,1  Fancy Articles,  Patent Medicines, Etc.^  o  P.  H  M  0  00  ^>  H  pa  ���������im'zm  o>^;  .,Game Traps..  We have just received a slock of Traps, Numbers 0 aud 1. Send in your  orders al once as they are going fast. Hunters and Trappers are  right vp lo date with our new Savage Rifle, 30 303 ; almays d stock  on, hand. A good heavy reliable revolver is not I.o be despised when  Mr. Silver Tip is al close quarters. We ivill close out our present  stock al cost.  HARDWARE AND   TINSMITIIING. 1���������   " .  McCarty Block- W.   M.   LAWRENCE,  MARRIED  "nut wardrobe*.  7 it. and $1.  Sacred Concert.  I where. j  I My object in writing lhis is tn open |  ! tb.--inattei-for dise:ii-siou, nnil if. my j  I figure*- iirpniily approximately corivct, j  Oswald ��������� On Saturday.  April Sib, 1S90. at. lln* residence of  Mrs. Win. M. Brock, by the Kev. S>  .1. Thompson. Mr. Frank .McEwen "f  Keveistnki*. In Miss Margaret te  Oswald, of Bav Oil v. Mich.  EDUCATIONAL  CARD  bo rendered in the Preslivtcriiin church   "'~  Pencil drawing, blnck ninl eolorcel cruyon������  I.i    ..i,_,...i���������,Ml,_.,���������ii������_>ivi,r !,\r   n-.v-l o:I nnd w-ntiT c-o'.nr on canvas, silk, chinn, etc  .ni       _.,'���������-., .    I thev show I tint Hie 1 .iiep.i* CI   n>    P'*������ t^,. h_,-, ......L-iv.   *e .-..r >nr.-_th  .Thei���������foke'W-Lilg   I* llu* programme to !   .. . '        . . .    ..         ... ���������      , ' jaineu.*. .vc-ckiv .   51 j.cr meiniii. -  * ���������      ~~- - r-^--���������     -- ���������-���������Pcf    rrrRl���������frmnng-rciTTr.^nir-i���������r.up_-n���������,*,:n.-r,.n>c-.--!.-.?--; r.-hoiirK=vvce!.-'.:.%i-;.iT  : . -   , ,      pt'r-monlh.     rrene'li, '-! hours weekly, *?-l per  S+O.0O0 would not bei   taxed  p.s   highly ��������� Kin.-.th.    Latin. 2 hour- weekly, fl per month.  ,",������ be would thrn..������h the adoption of a j    ^^^Mi" 'SE&r.-K.-nzl-"   Avenue,  sv-tc-ni of dry earth, hpsidi-s he   would . oj'i-j.its Tn.ylor Block." *  Otlii-i-  to-morrow evening:  Chorus  Solo....  Praise Ye the rather," 'Jonnod  (-1IOIR.  .. "Anclioreil." ".dams  Mn.... L. PAt-N-niiKi.  Duet "The Wind nnd the Ilnrp,'-   ..Clover  Mbs. Lavvkenci: ani. .Miss Poilbv.  ?ulo   "I'l:e Mii;l.tv   Deep," Jude  Mn. W. MisLllRI'M.  .-ulo "Consuli'r tin- Lilli..-," Topllif  Mrs. .Inn's.  Iltadir.p,  ..   .'���������p.e.h.'rt nl ^icilv,".. I.oii^:elio-,v  Mk. I!   A. I.-WSOS.  AntH'-m    ..-'Ilnrk. Hnrk. My soul," ...Slie'.lcy  i;uoin.  i>Ti:i:.viis'.ios. O  .r-linrnl Snnctns from "Tlie- Holy  have   an   e.-l-ibH-hwl   system,  wise he  wouid   h<-   paying  y-ai  vear   and   nnthing   to   =linw   f  niniiey.  Pno Bono Priii-ic.)  *. ft e-r  his  r!n>n 'rrtlo    ..._--_   Citv,"   ���������       cmil  Ml'.. ". I.. S.ir.-DKl--   AM) CUOIK.  r-.r.o     ."Siilvtt No-,   U>Hiiin>>.-'... I'lwolomlnnl  Ml.,1.   I.AKT.I-WT.  om. I I'-.-niliiu; ."Tin:  l-liir-lc-iiiiMi'-i -tory,".      Anon  .      I Mi.��������� br.-iS.  Lih(>i'-il-Ci-,'.iS'.'i'v-.itive' ��������� Qu������ri"i!"."0!ii' ;-vv>.'.'tly Sol'-mn 1 lio'isilii."  ,,, ,      ,    , , .     ., ... - > ...   .... \nll.rnv,.  A--e.ci.itii.il will b.. Ill-Id in the e.t,ice ol ; Mpjl_  jEi,.^   j;i.., ,.���������i-Kv. j|MDi,  i.kvi-is   tN(,  e-e  HARRY  EDW.ARDS  Taxidermist..  Canada is No! Good Enough for Him  To the Kditnr "I the Hkkai.Ii.  Sm: _I ibiuk it ti.y duly as a flrili'b.  subject to in-ike known  In   Hu-   pi-eiph-,  of t'aiiiul.i (.mil ni'iiv "soeei.illv to  tb.*'  ' i  poopli-of Ilri'i-'i CiiliiTiibiii)'i   *-t.-ite   nf!  IiEKR UK VI"",  r.lP.lJS, A MM A LP, Klc,  l'r-'*.'rvc! and Mr.������int*_d.  Third St. East of Schoolhouse  THE CITY BAKERY  DOER NOTHING TXSE hut nmkt: pood  jtvuiul���������it n'qiiiriii nil mir iitirininn���������  ivii'l wu prlilo ourst'lviss mi our )iroinj>t-  ne.-s of delivery anti Llio tuti*-*iar;tion  Kivcn to (iiistniiievs  M'CAGUE BROS.   :    -    -     Front Si.  PICTURE  FRAMES  IVr.-nns luiviny ordered I'ieturc Frunios from  A. C. (J(uvn;i ������nd not redeeming; them iipim  ilolivery, crtii now *>I������tftin tlicm from mn nt n  G'lEfttLY HE Due ed Rate, they having  been left in my charge. "Anyone, of emirse, cun  bnv���������iirit come. Iir.it choice���������of n splendid lot.  Call M residence, corner King and Kroi't  Streets.  M. PEIT1P1ECE  ,j..l^..t.i,^.^.l.^.i..i.^^i,i.4.^i.,t^,4,.l.*.1.^4.  I Spring Suitings !  *?������ *���������  ^_���������~���������.���������=.__=���������=_.���������_________ j-_  Latest,   Best   and %  *  REAL ESTATE  MINING  AND  INSURANCE  AGENT  The   Latest,   Best   and  Most Ujp-to-Date Stock *  TO SUIT AMY TASTE  in the City, MADE UP %  ' ������5*  >5*  4-  HOWS YOUR PRINTING ?  DON'T OVI-JIU.OOK TIIK  HEKALD  D. Sili'n.ilil. at S  p.m- ]  lhc sf-civlai y. .1  on S.iluiday. '<  The Pre"-b;,-l<*riar. crince������rt in l!i>'  rV.i-.rib ion.0now evunini; proinisi*" So  be llie musical treat of the* si-a^em. An  t*xi-'*!h'iit proifi "mini** has boe-ii irnttiii  up and a 'large iittt-'iiduncc is anticipated.  Cbiis". M. Ki"ld oprnr-d tbo Mining  Kxth-iiijre tinder his own iii:inugcnie*nt  on Tue-*il.iy. tic is making considpr-  .-.Iiie .iltc-ratioiis and iniprr.veineiit.. in  the btiililiii!: .'iiui will run it in all  iL'opc-its <-i'~ a lirst-clnsE houso.  The rc'Kiilar.eiuaiterly niot'lini; of the*  board of trade will he.' held on TiK'sday  ii?:<t. 17lb instant, insti'.-id of Tbiirs-  eliy. 13th. to |i"i mil n-.i-inliers attencl-  imr the Pri'-byt." i.il) i'oncprt. The  iii"i'!i"n:i.f th>* i o-.mi-il of the boarel  v.ill also lie jiivt'n up that nif{bt.  alfaii'i wliie-h e.vi-i-  111  _ 1 miiiiii'/ eMiiip-t whii h  ami   about   ...ir  infi-l    bninili-  I R.S. WILSON.  t        GITY Ty^ILOR. *  4" _-  -l-l"l--H"l-l"l"l--f"l-l'I"I"l'-I--l"H"I"I-l"I--I-'i"l-  ++4*+++++**M-l"l'+*'M***'M"M'+**  I FAYETTE BUKER_!   ill in;* to all   L'i'Od   Hrit.i*-h  ������ulijerl-  i^reiup  I  J.H-M.K1I*.. , ,  .-Vjlo "Cilvnrv," 7.     I'.ti 111"}-1  MR. '.. ll.U'.H-R.  Iiuct    .-il, XV, .-t 1'hi.ii in thu i:.iiiMHln*V'���������,,��������� | wi _1������ lirst. tn  eliuw   your   11! I .-iition   ln|  .Si-i Sc'.i'.i.p.v imi Mr. -Iki.pri-m. ! the*   hiiperintenilent   of     <i    uriiiip   of I  Vnthura     ... ."The. Kiiur 01* Lmvo,"    . ...I'.'-'irly |      .... .   *   -. . . t              CiTo-n.                                   I lumps* in the* near vicinity owneel bv a j  powerful     Kuirlish     synd irate.     Thi**!  s.iperinli'iiil"i*.l Leiopc 11 T":iiikei*.   who i  in    his   h-lreel     teuv.iiels     eve-rythinir,  Hrit.ish and Cimuliaii. doe. not   for -ire-t!  What to Do With thc Youngsters  To the E'llio.- oi Tick !Ii:i-..vi.d.  Si:i: Now tb it spring is here; and  I lie summer os'enings vvill soon lie*  upon ii-*, vvr- woulel Kiiuee.-t that 11 slop  be put to the shouts of the small boy  on our streets at a late hour of the  ni;j;ht. It, is* extremely sail lo see  parents allowing their e-liileli-cn to run  the strueis until 10 o'rloe-k at niglit,  an hour in which all vomit; p'-ople  should be; in l.buir Ik-Is. We elo not,  loiommciiil tlifj Curfew, kneiwing  what a failure il has provi'd in many  towns in lbe l/nitc'l States. Why  .-bould not parenls provide some  means* ol making lieun:* happy anil  pleasant for the uirls and boys by  iiitieiducitif: Raines for tbe cveiii.i^v,  Mieli a*- parlor cr<>C|iiet. or even a ���������mint-  of eiii'bi e*. c ribbajre or e-asino. or so-ii'-  otli'.'i-i'C|.i-illy harmless and  ine; piist.iiiii'i. C.'.'ilamiy  in a great measure re-sp,  This Week  # We Offer  .inilue.-l    and    iiiniaN  lerta.'i  p:.ieiil'i  in".  -��������� ��������� I >1 - * I'or   \ iw  of   I In-    y< ui.  to use'some   choice   Aenerie'iin   expiey-i  sions:   to   Canadians���������even   nsinjr Jhe !  same   expressions    towards  Canadian!  inacliinerv   u-eel    at   the   mine-.    This',  same example of Yankee presumption '  cxprchscs sutrpri������o I bat S'^   many   rnen  shoulel live in   a country like Canada. !  Why nol  leave  such  .a.  Oo.I-for.-niken  place anil jro Io Colorado   where   there  ii liberty anel   freedom   of speech.    If  the country  across   the  international j  boundary line   is   such   a   pranel    nidi  fJoel-fe'.iriiitj; eoiiritry   why   <.lioul<l   !!.., 1  suli.jfct   of   this  cniiiiriiiii1'.11 i.-ii   I'.-ln)  this much luiiod flr'li-.b c-mniiy. j  ll i^iMisi, *- 11 |.i-;. ,',.-   lb ii   .'   JJriti'ih j  company   sl.'.itlil   ������������������':,,,|',>'    -i     :,-,.in    as j  -.���������:;.' ' ill' c..rl������--i! of I heir   tiiirics   who in  ]..     i.i-'m   v  iuinil"ij uii'l ill bred   icjiinr-  i a-.i-e   < iiim.I    keep   bis   tongue   from  Silver Prunes at 11 cents  Black Prunes (new stoc'nj at 8 cents  And  a full  line  of  new  evaporated  fruits  Rowat's Imperial  Pickles���������4 bottles  for $:.oo.  Mixed, Chow Chow, Piccalilli, White  Onions.  CAN-1  Insure! vour properly n^nllist  Iosh  l.y lire.  IiiMiiri'- vour   Llie ��������� "Accident   or  r>i',ilh."  Of'.'r vou 11 cliiuii'o to Inve-it ei -inull  or tFirun iLiiiount o! yonr ceiniltif^rt  or ciipitiil ul 11 profltublc rule o!  Inlcr'.'it.  LOAN  YOU   MONEY-  rid)  jCl_^-f)iilv UckI Compunle's !leipreRcnte..l.  Oiriec ,McK������n/.li: Avenue.  *-i"i"i������i":-H"i"i"i"H",f-*i"H"i������*f"H-i"i-'*"-i"i'  1-ar.Der  WMcMQlKrtiid-Jewdtef  McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C.  C. P. R. Watch Inspector. Best Repair Work' in tin City. A Fine  Stock of Watches. Clocks, Wedding: Rings, Engagement Rings,  Jewellry, Silverware Etc. ,  NOTICE  In  the   County   Court of  Kootenay  Ilol.Iun nl . ort-lci'le.  Xo. If. of lHW".  In tho matter of K1I1111 Demon ilee*cim>il, nnil  In lhe mutter of the "Olllcinl Ailiiiiniitriilor'H  Art," ilntnil l.'.lh ilnv of Mnri'h, IfclW, ii|iiui re'iul.  I11K tlie iilliihivlthof* Wnltcr Scolt, mul .Iiuiil. !���������'.  ArinrlrniiK, ll li onlereil tlmt .liiim-.i F.  Arm.".!roll;,', Ofil.ini ��������� Aelininlslr.-.t<'r for tlie  feuinlv Court Dlslrli-t of Koou-nyy, hluill lie  Ailiiihilslrntor of nil ninl sliiKiilnr tlie kooiIs,  ehiiltelH 11111! ereillt.s of I-'diin lienititi iIcecnKecl.  Am! that Mils order he publish.',! In two  consee-iitlve weekly !������sneii* of the Hkiiald, n  nevvspnper imhliMlicel nt Kevelbtoke In the Hald  County.  3.-7 (Pg.l.)      J. A. FORIN.  TENDERS  WANTED  $  ' J  Just opened  out���������full  line  of  Fresh j $  Groccriei j <}j  1 GROCERIES! ^^'  BREAD1  A   !*������������������  Fcnlod Tenders will he received by thc undersigned np to thc l.'ith dny of  April next  nt  noon fur .sinkftifM<H)x 1x0 prospect shaft on the  mine, the contractor to provide nil  1 uuiieriHi, tools, pmvd'T and   provisions,   l'nr-  thor pKi'tfciiIfir.s emi he obtained hy applying  either In person or letter to me at Kevelstoke.  The lowest or any tender not   necessarily  accepted.  'U  ������������������'���������* ���������" ':n. :-r������rfb Ttli. JSW.  1 ' . J^WS P. SIHIIALD.  Undertaking and Embalming  R. Howson & Co.,  Mackenzie Ave*  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Furniture  LICENCE AUTHORISING AN  EX-'  TRA-PROVINCIAL COMPANY  TO CARRY ON BUSINESS.  'Companies Act, ISO".'  r.-'.s1*,;.,-.'  to -irr.7-  thi _ *<"-'.''.  I'.u: Iliiii, t.iptaiti of fhe "Winnipeg  lioc-key 11*11111, thts best team of hockey  ji'.ay.'r.- in the world to-day, iiotw-th-  i-taii'lir.^ Iheir recent, defeat by the  J.ii'iili-e'.-il   t.'iu:-.,   whose   victory   wa<-  v.iii firun the Winnipeg brn-s only   bv  .    .* . ���������     ciiimiie:i    aim    nimai-.    .11    11;*-     ... ....u      .....   .       ,, . . .  ,     .        .   .  iir.i'A: pl.iy. pas-ed tbrouKli town   y--*~-j pr.opl(.. :lfler t hev have left the parental j vilily .11- t be- counlry vvliie-li   ,s  giving  California to bit   roof.    Trust inir "these few lines   vvill lie-1 hiin   a   living,   anil      who   refuses   to  taken in as kindly 11 spirit as they  are 1 ..niploy   Canadian   labor     if    Yankee  labor can be setnreel.  G. M. Thomas.  Revelstoke, I5.C, April 5, 1899.  t >-i-day morning from  hc'ine   at   Winnipeg.     Tn   tho   reeenl  inateh nt Montreal Mr. Main leceived a  bail vvouud in the left eye and  had   to  >_:.> to California for treatment.  written.  ���������Your.,  A-Weu. Wisoer.  llevelstoke. April iOth, 1890.  Pure Colt! j'-hio*. -;:  p */1--> ."*���������'_ for 2^  c.n'-'     'i'.fvM-'  We  carr7 tlie  largest assortment of  Fruits in the city  Geo. Bell & Co.  V  II. AJIAK. -Manaokk.  Jobbers and Dealers in  Hay, Feed  and  Vegetables. :.  Tclcplione Nn. "���������".  C'.'.-   ���������      ;   o , ��������� r -1     '..     ���������      -���������   :   -    % , Abbott Pviines Comoany. Limited  <: .jv.r.;.7?r.Kr., r!V'/'*/r/?������<?/?.'������s^i%*-iyv: Notice  ... " ,, _,    I    T""~)~"~"-   v.;',\  hr   rei'civ-.  hv tiie   uii.ler-  .������  ������������������<*..     . ....     >\y-o- i -i-iii-il "p '.0 1. "Oil '���������" -.ioinln.}-,. April  10th IKK),  ��������� '.-, - 1- *c C." , fu; up. i*vt.'T,-io:: 'luring tlie coming summer  *<w *>^ ; of tl.'' prt-^..-oi tiiiine-l  into tlie Ahliott claim,  .si!iint....l on llnlev Creek, Lnrcienii cIHtrii't.  The prc-e-Dt tunnel is MS feet lone, anel Mil.  vvill hnve to be extended until it crb__.'*eiit3 tlie  vein requiring nn extension of about 301) feet.  This extension must be- G feet fi inches in height  hy 4 feet in width nnd continued on thc line  1.  {.rices pi  new tnnnc! excavated, which price vvill cover  ilotel Victoria  J. V. PERKS, Prop!  llotel Aceomtneidntlon Best in the city  Ior the money.  Canada: |  Province op Duitisii Coi.umiua. t  No. 128.  TIIIH IS TO CERTIFY Hint "Thc Ilrltlsh  Lion Clol'l Minlnir anil Development Compniiy  n[ Ontario, Limited," " Non-I'ersonnl Liability," is nu'.liori?.oil nnd .licensed to enrrv 011  liiminciis within the Provinceof British Ceilum-  hltt. nnd to enrry out or elfeet nil or any of tho  objects hereinafter set forth tn which the  legislative authority of the Legislature ot  British Col 11 mbin extends.  ��������� The head oflice of tlie Company is situate at  Owen Sound, Province of Ontnrlo, Canada.  The nniount of the capital of thc Company is  eighty thousand dollars, divided into four  thousand shnres of tvventv dollars each.  The Company is specially limited under  section B6 of tho said Act.  Hcaterl hv hot nir  and electric light nnd boll  ln every room.  Hourly street ear between lintel and station.  Large and well lighted sample room.  Free bus meets all trnins.  KIErVIElIjSXOKIEI, _3. C.  ol the present tunnel.  Tenders must state price* per lineal  foot of  all expenses connected with mnintainance of  present tunnel vvhlle work is *in proEreKs.  Contractor to furnish all tools, labor, plant,  etc., required.  The lowest or  any  tender  uot necessarily  accepted.  H.ABBOTT.  " .-'"  -  President Abbott Mines Co.. Limited,  Vancouver, B.C.  The head oflice of   the  Company  in   this  'rovinco is situate at Kevelstoke, nnd John  .tannine Pcott, Barrlster-al-Law,   whose  Iress is Kevelstoke nforesnid, is  the attori  or thc Company.  The objects for which thn Company have b  istnblished are:���������  To carry on in all tlieir brun.-hes the opi  tions r.f a ruining, milling, reduction anel  Manning Pcott, Barrister-al-Law, whose address is Kevelstoke nforesnid, is the attorney  for thc Company.  The objects for which thn Company have been  -.stablishcd are:���������  tera-   ���������.   development Company.  CIvcn under my irand andserl of oI~!',e at Victoria. Province ot Brit'ih Colin .bin, this ninth  day 0/ Kebniary, one thoii-and eight huiidr-.<~  and ninerv-nine.  [~,.s.[ P. V. WOOTTO'",  1"���������Iw Ilcgistrar of Joint Stoek CoiiipanicB  For Sale or To Let.  Buildings iij varietv for sale or to let.  20-28 .Apply to R. TAITISC.


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