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Revelstoke Herald Aug 17, 1898

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 /  ---'.'.' u  /.  .//  -ISSTTIEID   TWICE-A-WEEZ- ���������VVrEIDISrESI.-__.__rS    .A-IsriD    SA._TTJI^X)J*_."Y"S-  Vol. II.    No.  88.  REVELSTOKE, B. C..- WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17,  1898.  $2.00 a Year in Advance'.  j^ggSei-_____������e22g5_SgSSgS<a^  Hudson's  Bay |  Company   I  [tNCORFOIl-TKD 1-70  The   Most   Upto-Dato   Outfitters  in Western Canada.  Intending Prospectors should write us R.  for one of our new Keillors, which Jj  contains an excellent Map and an  estimate of  the  probable cost of a  complete outfit for the Gold Fields  Hudson's Bay Stores,  Calgary,  CA-0--T, Feb. 1, 1898.  Haig  &  Crage  Notaries Public,  Sole.Agents for  Revelstoke  ^^ Townsite  MINING,  FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE  WHITE & SCOTT,  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries;Public, &c.  Solicitor for Imperial Bank of Canada.  Front St., Revelstoke, B.C.  .  W. White, Q.C. J. M. Scott, H.A..LL.B.  JAMES MURPHY, B.A.,  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  -"'���������"- bmce:' Cowan Block.   P.O. Box MS.  Third St, Revelstoke. B.C.  HARVEY & M-CARTER,  Barristers,   Solicitors,    Etc.  Offices:   Molsons Bunk Block.  Third Street, Revelstoke Station,   B. C.  Jw  Sick people can't afford  to take anv-chances when  having preemptions filled  Wc take particular pride  in keeping ourstock pure  ��������� nd in givingextrae-ore to  the compoundiii- of prescriptions. There's nothing fancyabout our prices  ���������a fair profit Is all vve.  want.  Chas. E. Reid & Co.  ���������������������������/������  C. B. Hume  HAVE RECEIVED SEVERAL-  CARLOAI)S������0-   ���������  Staple Groceries,  Flour and Feed,  A lid arc ill a position to quote  PRICES  .  that arc  bound to sell.  Pleasant  hoppin  SANDON  Full Lines of Hardware  Full-Lines of Crockery  Prospectors!   Miners!  Come anel sec what we've got in your  line.   We make a specialty of this trade,  and can lit you out quickly and at right  ' prices.  _~S~~~-Agent- for   3      isa    v Ram Lal's  ^illO^"    PURE  .^irasS^ {NDIANTEA  We have at our magii-iuc-t at Rtivelsloke'anel  Thomson's Landing, a complete stock of ex-  plo-ivos, caps and fuse, for, sale at wholesale  and retail.  THE GIANT POWDER CO.,  Victoria, B. C.  c.  Solo   Agents  B. Hume & Co.,  and Trout  Revi'lstoke  Leike City,  -tation,  B.C.  c_Q  Iry.  FOR  B. E. DREW,  GKEKNGR0CE11  FRUIT  For Preserving fresh and good  Vegetables, Canned and Dried Fruits.  Biscuits in great variety.  Garden Stuffs of all kinds.  G. B. Ha^E  & Ge-  House Furnishings  ^-^for Warm Days  This is a comfortable storo  to shop in these warm dttya.  It is comparatively cool in. the  warmest weather. Ventilation  is excellent. It is an economical store to buy in, too.  Just now our  Summer  Clearing" Sale  makes money saving on many  needed lines easy. " Here are  a fcw hints from a store full.  Great  Blouse Sale  We are selling them fust on  .account of the great reduction  in this department.  Muslin and assorted qualities, balance, of the season's  best sellers, rich., designs,  dainty patterns of blue, green,  pink, ~ black and white, etc.,  worth $1 25, ������1.40, ������1.50 and'  ������].75jibr$l   .  Also several other lines  which we will clear at cost,  price for the summer clearing  sale.    -  Remember they are all 1898  patterns wi ih detachable collar {ind-Cuffs.-"-" --- ' '���������- :?--:>--���������..-.-";.'?������������������  Ladies' White  Underwear  The remainder of the stock  of    ladies',   white   underwear  will go on sale Monday nooning  at greatly reduced prices.  Summer  Wrapper Sale  -^__Ther,eIs^_aJ_fe_w_do_en___mpre.  summer wrappers here than  there ought to be at this  season.   Special reduced prices  A City of Eminence, of Hope, of Great  Possibilities, of Order and of Mines  .It is with some degree nf sadness  that one hills farewell lo Kaslo with  its charming lake*, its lofty hills, its  calm anil,restful sky and gorgeous  sunsets, en route lo Sandon among  the hills. Kaslo lingers long in  memory, the mirroring lake aud its  peaceful location, making it almost a  fairyland. I love"the hills with their  rugged sides mid snow-capped summits, with (he -forest' glades, their  mighty gorges, their pleasant valleys,  and their sparkling streams, hut their  charm ia euhancee! hy a fevv days rest  hy  Kooleiiny'sf pleasant  waters.  Just received direct from Scotland.  Carpets  ORDERS TAKEN'  FREE DELIVERY  FIRST    STREET,    EAST  Why Pay Rent.  When you can own a home  of your own ?  If you villi 6avo, say, five to ten dollars per  month on our accumulative system for a few  voars, you wilL then be in a post lion to buy or  build a home of your own.  By taking shares in this company, persons en-  moderate means are enabled to participate in  tho profits enjoyed by the company.  The saving of money is like Ihe saving of  time. If done at all, it must be done systematically.  Safety Is a most important. consideration  when making an Investment. This Is a perfect system of co-operative savings, and I he-  safest plan ever offered for accumulating small  holdings anil loaning it to members on real  estate security.  Loans...  Loan* are made on the. security of improved  real estate without delay, HO per cent, ot the  Appraised cash value being advance"!.  Excess payments of principal may 1)0 made  with any monthly pajnicnt  B.C. PERMANENT LOAN & SAVINGS  COMPANY.  F. RUBER, Agent,  McKenzie Ave., Rev"intoke Station.       inaulm  If you will come and look at our.  BRUSSELS    TAI~1~STI"Y    WOOL    .vuoiti  JAPANESE RUGS AND SQUARES  WOOL SQUARES  FLOOR RUGS  COCOANUT MATS  You will be pleased.   Anil don't forget that wc  have a  Full Range of Linoleums  Also LACE CURTAINS, ART MUSLINS,  TOWELS and TOWELLING, BLEACHED  and UNBLEACHED TABLi: LINEN,  Etc., Etc.  Dry Goods  j\ fine assortment.  Bgo_s and Shoes  Biggest anel best assortment in the town  And remember to nsk to see our lines of  Straw and Felt Hats  Wc will  .1  ���������st roi-k bottom prices, and vvill  try to pl.__.__e you.  will clear them out next week.  Child's Dresses  a Bargain  Special price reductions  have, been made on every  child's _lres3 for the summer  clearing sale.  Pretty dresses for the little  ones in navy and white,  neatly trimmed with lace  edging. Special price for next  week, 75c.  Towels  ���������__���������  Good time to get in a stock  ot" towels. We never sold  them so cheap. Turkish  towels, S0x4Q, Al quality, not  so good a towel sold in this  town for 90c, a, pair; our  price during this sale, 50c a  pair.  All other lines, special re  duced prices for next week.  Art Muslins  ind  now vve are off. for Sandon,  aiiout 30  miles west of Kaslo.     The  Kaslo and  narrow guage railway is onr means of  travel anel feillows  most   of   the   way  lhe bed of Kaslo-creek.     Mining and  lumbering camps are passed and sumll  towns that have sprung  into  aclivity  in a day  and  perhaps will  vanish  as  rapidly as they, have appeared.   This  railway has tlie most dangerous appearing roadbed vve havo  ever   seen.  In many places it clings lo   a  rocky  cliff vvith barely track room while  far  below a thousand feet, one sees  tree-  tops and finds himself on an overhanging cliff   which threatens  to  fall  the:  moment the train is  on  it.     Instinctively I clntche'd ��������� the  e-ar  railing   and  thought of my.life 'insurance   policy  securely resting 'at home.     Winding  about with Lhe valley vve continue lo'  climb     higher,   and   after    rounding  Payne mountain we arrive in Sandon  the most unique-town  in  the   Kootenay in many respects.    .Siiniion is in a  valley,   between . I wo towering hills,  not more than a stone's  throw  apart.  On one side above the tovvn   is the   IC.  & S.'i.iilway.'hy which -vve have come,  which here linds its terminus,   excepting a spur which  rims about a  mile  further- up  the   valley   lo  Cody.    On  the oppii.-.ite' side of llie town is the  friend of this province, t.he reliable  C.  P. R,.'  whose' branch  line  ends  here,  having come in from New Denver and  I he Arrow Lake.---.     Too much  cannot  be said   in   praise   oFlhis  delightful  transcontinental line, lhe C.P.R.     Its  facilities for travel nre t.he surprise of  the tourist anel have been   most  influential in making British Columbia the  coming province;.' For elegance, safety  and rapid transit, .for its   hit ere. I  in  anel care for its passengers' it -is   ideal,  'luid'ono'sooivcouius "to ,",iook-'upon   its.  bands of stejl as  some  living   thing  that brings   ns   news   of   friends  and  home.* But to return lo   the   unique  town of Sanlon.     It. has  one  end  nt  the head of the valley, lhe olher about  a mile below.    It has  but one street,  roughly speaking, and  nearly all  the'  dwellings  aiv   built   to   face   it,   anel  Carpenter    creek, ' a  sparkling   little  stream, runs through the  town.     Far  up the hill. at. the bead of  the  valley,  is the Slocan Stiir silver mine,  whose  ore is hi ought by lr.-_nir.-irs  to  a  concentrator iiboul    halfway   down   the  hill and from tliere packed  by horses  to the railway below.    On  the left is  another mine, the Rico,  on  the right  the Ruth, mid dozens of smaller mines  abound in the  hills   on   every  hand.  Higher-Still one sees a mighty glacier,  "nt whose foot lies a grassy   glade   far"  ibovo the   timber   limits.   Sandon   is  essentially a silver-lead  mining tovvn  and trails" to claims run in every, possible direction.    Hotel accommodation  is most excellent, tlie town  is orderly  and quiet; no  Chinamen   are  allowed  within its borders, and   most  efficient  water,  electric light,  Hre   and  police  systems    are    here.   The   Methodist  denomination  alinie  has    a    church  building   which   is   us   unique   in  its  situation as tlie town itself.     Built on  the side of the mountain and supported  by cribbing below, it (lnds the ground  on one siele 111 feet above the ground  on the olher and is reached from  the  city by 1!.' step-:,  nearly all   built  by  the enterprising nnd zealous pastor.  Rev. A.M. Saiiforil, B.A.   It is a ne.it,  commodious    and  pleasant   place of  worship and rellects great credit on  the    denomination   whose   members  are small hut who are all aennsecrated  Rem-roiis people.     With Mr. and Mrs.  Sandfonl we spent a me ist enjoyable  time    and  tlicit-  genial   manner and  arduous zeal for their work   has   endeared them in onr memory as well as  to the hearts of the people of Sandon.  The Sandon Mining Kcview, published  by Mr. Clitr, whom we hail  the  pleasure of meeting, is a credit to the town  and     doubtless     will     do    much    to  add   to   its   business   enterprise   and  commercial importance,   Mr. Clifl is a  ready, intelligent and   pleasing   platform speaker and occupies a fiist rate  position  in   tho  advocacy   of  proper  political intei ests of, which his sound  judgment and careful thought render  him an able supporter.    Such   is  Sandon and its interests a city of eminence,  of hope of great possibility, of order  and of mines.  Rev. J. A. Sipprell.  Sainton, August 15,1800.  PROPOSED   LARDEAU   BRANCH  A General   Idea   of What  the   C.P.R.  are Doing and Will Do  The proposed Lardeau railway vvill  in all probability lead from Arrowhead  along the northern shore of the Arm  to Thomson's Landing, thenco to  Trout Lake City with a spur to Ferguson and along the western shore of  Trout Lake to a townsilu known as  Dawson, situated on Liirdeau creek, at  ��������� a point where Healy anil Tenderfoot  creeks empty into it, owned by a Spokane syndicate', thence through the  valley of the Lardo creek to the head  of Kootenay lake. From (his point  and Kaslo the C.P.R. vvill run barges  as is now done on the Arrow lakes  between Arrowhead, Nakusp and  Robson to connect the terminus of the  Crow's Nest with their Lanleau  branch anil the main line here, and  also their Slocan branch, which, by  the time the Crow's Nest reni-hes  Kootenny lake from the east, will be  built to Kaslo from Whitewater, thus  giving the C.P.R. practically a monopoly of the trade of both the Koole-  nays. The C.P.R. are also reaching  out ofter the Boundary business, but  are very apt to again run up against  Mersrs. Heinze and Corbin, who vve  believe are by no no means disinterested in that promising mining and  agricultural country.  WHY NOT INREVELSTOKE ?  The   Government   Sets The   Standard  Wage at $3.00 in the South.  The Slocan Sun says: "It is a  gratifying fact lo know that laborers  wages in Koolenay have at last been  raised from $'2.50 to S3.00 per tiny.  Heretofore it has been the rule that  the wages paid by the government for  such work vvas Llie standard, and for a  time wages on roads, trails, etc , was  $2.50 per day. We are informed that  the workmen recently employed on the  Duncan river trails were al. first offered $2.50 per day but refused to go unless Ihey were paid $3.00 which Lhey  reaelily secured. Recently in Sandon.  a parly advertised for laborr-rs, eiiTer-  ing .$2.50 per day but none responded.  When an olTer of '���������"'..OO was made the  help required was obtained. Novv LhaL  lhe olel rate is restored, it is sincerely  hoped they will never go below that  figure.''  The n~-~r.-vr.i_ hopes, this may be a  pointer 10 the laborers of Norlh" Koo-  tenay ; the rate being only $2.50 here.  $3.00 a day is I it tie enough and it  shoulel be ile'inaiieled. lo correspond  with lhe price of living. -   -  DONALD'S PRIVILEGE  of  What  the    Golden     Miner  ' Says  Donald's Opportunity  Donald should capture the Big Bend  trade! If the storekeepers in Donalel  have any enterprise they will not  capture this trade but vvill retain it  and extend it. Donald is the proper  centre for outfitting for thai country,  as it now possesses tlie. necessary  means of communication in a good  substantial trail, which vvill shortly  lie replaced by .1 waggon rond, and is  35 miles nearer thnn Revelsloke.  Because Revelstoke has succeeded in  obtaining some of the workshonl that  were located in Donald and tliereby  aii increased trade, it does not necessarily follow that it is going lo secure  some of Donald's trade. . The C.P.R.  did Donalel an injury in removing tlie  workshops: but Donald's existence  does not depend.upon" (he" C.P.R., but  upon'the exert ions,of liqi..citizcris. ' II.  has a fine.mining ancHuinbering country all around it: ' It is the, i-oinmonee-  ment'of ths greal. roael to' the norlh,  where all outfitting should lake place.  Ct has novv the Big Bend trade. It can  secure the trade to the mines up the  Beaver valley, and vve have no doubt  that Donald will soon become a great  prosperous centre. The C. P. R.,  although it brought trade to somo  stores, was an incubus upon the enterprise of the citizens, Now this has  been removed and vve have faith in  that enterprise that will establish  Donald as nne eif the most flourishing  towns in East Kootenay if the citizens  will only believe in themselves, put  trust in their own energies, push their  trade, let theoutsiele world know what  stuff her.citizens are made, of. Donald  will soon go ahead.  Galicians Driving  White   People  Away  Five thousand immigrants from  Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, North  Dakota. Iowa and "Wisconsin have  been induced to settle in the Dauphin  and Edmonton district. Few of iheni  came empty handed. If Mr. Sifton  woulel pay more attention in getting  Lhis class of immigration nnel less to  Galician elenieiit. the people of Manitoba and the Territories would be  devoutly thankful. While people  from the Territories are. constantly  passing through Revelstoke. bound for  other lands, having become entirely  disgusted with the Galicians and some  of them have absolutely given away  their farms Lo get out "of their dirty  seUliiiii-iits. It, i3 a disgrace to lhe  country to pawn olf such a puck of  cuttle on any com.try. - Mr. Sifton  should be compelled to'"spend a, week  amongst these people  The Spokane Fruit Fair  To tho Editor of the Hkkald:  Remarkable Progress in North' Kootenay  When ono stops long enough to  glance back over the record of the  past seven months, since the lirst of  this year, in mining circles there ".jean  only be a feeling eif vast satisfaction  experienced at'the truly remarkable  progress made in the opening up anel  development of the mineral resource's  of this section. So steady has been  our march of progress that many of  our gootl people overlooked the wonderful strides taken in their anxiety  for the wild, feverish activity of ii  great broui. If such vvill but take the  Lime to look back carefully over the  growth of oiii" mining ineliu-try since  January 1. 1803, vve feel assured that  Ihey vvill find nothing but encouraging showing and will return to their  daily round of business more firmly  convinced than ever thai this district  is tlie best in British Columbia, at the  present date to which tliey could pin  their faith.  MR. SEMLIfTS CABINET  Three  of  the   New   Ministers   Named  and Take the Oath of Office.  The  Victoria  Colonist   of   Tuesday  says: Premier Semlin has  decided  to  I'l.'iain to himself the administration of  the   public   works  department.     Mr.  Joseph Martin  has  reconsidered   the  matter, waived his personal  ambition  for    the    time,    and    accepted     the  attorney-generalship.    Mr. Cotton has  been selected as finance minister and  has also accepted.   These three min-..  islers were  duly  sworn   in   yesterday  iifternoon. anil the members to com^  plete ihe cabinet, vvill  be chosen 'and  installed before the close oT the week.  The peculiar features of Mr.  Semlin's  cabinet  making   are   many, not  the  least, conspicuous of them  being lhat  while   two   of   the   most    important'  portfolios are given the cily of   Van-^  couver,    Lhe    whole    of     Vancouver-  Island has been absolutely disregarded."  The ceremony of swearing in occurred   yesterday   afternoon,    the    nevv  ministry    at    once   assuming   oflice.-  The probability's that the other selections vvill be made today or tomorrow."  Mr.-R. F. Green of Kaslo, is  frequent-    .  ly mentioned on the streets as a strong  candidate for minister of railways anil  of mines: tbe provincial secretaryship~  and control  of  the education   department being  retained-iu  conjunction,"  anil a place, being found  for someone  from Nanaimo to ad in in ist er.  As an alternative. Mr. Forster, of  Delta, is spoken of. although it is"  more probable that he will be slatctl  for the speakership to the disappointment of Mr. J. M, Kellie. Mr. C. B.  Sword may be askeel to become presi-~  dent of the council without portfolio.  The chief interest in yesterday's development; centres'upon  Mr. Martin's  withdrawal of his  refusal   to  support  '  j Mr.   Semlin   in   his   leadership.   The;.,  consensus   of   opinion   is that  ho ha*. "  I changed his mind not one iota, becoming attorney general  with  a  fixed deter 111 in a tion to squeeze eiut the premier  before many months have passed. - In -  explanation of- hi.8_xbjLilige;of/,base, he  himself says: -     ���������   -.  -      \  "After I had refused Mr. Semlin's offer of the attorney generalship I was ~  waited on by 11 nuinber  of  opposition '  members of the house at Vancouver, '  and they urgeel :._e to find some way if  possible to meet Mr. Semlin's views, so  that the opportunity of the hour might  not be lost.    On  arriving hero I found^  the situation   very critical: and   while -  you can quite understand that it is impossible for me to lay bare my position  as f understand  it. f  came to the conclusion that the only course to pursue '  wus to accept  Mr. Semlin's offer. __In  doing this I   have the entiie  approval  of Messrs. Forster, Deans  anel   Ralph  Smith,   opposition   members-elect,' at-  present in  the city anil the position |I,  have taken vvill be acquiesce! in bv the-  othei_niembers-of.tlieopposition.''- - --  Kevelstoke Station, Revelstoke and  Troul Lake City,  B.C.  C. B. Hume & Oo.  We are showing a nice  assortment of Art Muslins,  worth 25c, a yard, for 15c_  These few selections bear  strong witness of our claim as  being Revelstoke's greatest  bargain givers.  Bourne Bros.  Court at Donald  Judge Forin he>M court at Donald 011  Jh-iday under the Speedy Trials' Act,  when the two following rases were  disposed of: Queen vs. Win. Dins-  dale���������indecent assault. The Crown  prosecutor staleel that upon a perusal  of the depositions he had concluded  not to prefer any charge owing to  lack of corroborative evidence. The  prisoner vvas elischaiged. W. White,  Q.C for the. Crown and Geo. S. McCarter for the defence.  Queen vs. Geo. Hawkins: Releasing  piisoner nt Windermere: Prisoner  was elischaiged. XV. White, Q.C, for  the Crown, Geo. S. McCarter for the  defence.  Sir: The fifth annual Spokane  Fruit Fair will open Tuesday, October  4th, and close Saturday, October loth.  The public-spirited citizens of Spokane  have contributed-' and guaiantee'd  nearly $15,000 to. ensure the financial  success of the undertaking. Tlie  premium list, at all times liberal, has  been greatly milled tei this year. Tin-  capital prize conl est for finest and  most, artistically arranged county or  district exhibit of friiit.grains. grasses,  roots anil vegetables, vvill this yeat  draw the feillovving magnificent prizes:  First, the $100 DodsonCiip. (nt present  held.by Whitman County) and !"2<M) in  cash; second, rash $2)0: third, cash  .$100; fourth, cash $75; fifth, cash .<i50;  sixth, cash $25. In aelelitii'ii thereto  there will tliis year ho given outright  in this competition throe silver trophies (also (.minted by Mi". George Jt.  Douson, jeweller. Spokane) of almost  equal value to the. Capital Prize Cup,  which will be awarded as follows:  One for the county or district making  the best exhibit of horticultural pro-  ducts,,one to the county or district,  making the hest exhibit of agricultural products, and one to the county  or district which shall most artistically  arrange its exhibits. This year's fruit  fair vvill be on a larger anel grander  scale than any of its predecessors, and  the music and other attractions will  he an agreeable surprise lo its patrons.  From an attraction standpoint the  leading feature of this vein's fair vvill  no doubt be the mammoth pictures on  a moving scale of .-ill the latest war  scenes by sea and land which have  been secured in the oast at a great  cost. Many -if the now famous bailie  scenes at the Philippine.*., Cuba and  Porto Rico, will be produced with  thriling effect at each evening's performance at the Fair. A nominal admission fee of 15 cents will admit the  visitor to all the feat ures of the fair.  The various transportation companies  centering at Spokane have put into  effect a 2-cent per mile passenger rate  effective at all times throughout the  Fair.  Trusting (hat vve may this year,  ns  in the past, rely  upon  your personal  co-operative support,  I am,  Very respectfully yours,  II. B.VI.STEK. Manager.  Spokane. Wash., Aug. S, 1S0S.'  The Kootenay Mail Service  The mail service in Kootenay is  something which should be brought to  bear upon Mr. Mulock's mine] in his  wise anel economical administration.  The llBKAl-o believes in ecououilciil  principle.-*, but when it comes to"?Ji-i-  ously interfering wilh a country's  progress anil prosperity, anil leaving  everyone uncertain as "to when i"om-  munieatliiii with outside point- mav  be ��������� had. it is time to elnivv  the line'. The service in tin*  south country is simplv outrageous. Mail, say from Spokane,  addressed to points along the- Arrow  Lake's inti*>l pass their deslinalion.  come on to Revelsloke nnel then  return. During a sojourn oi i\ week  at Ihe Halcyon Hot Springs, the  lli:n.vi.D, the: Kossland Miner, the  Vicloria Colonist', the Nelson Miner  and other papers, all taken and paid  feir by the company there, failed to  arrive, nnel the letter i-ervice is nea.ily  as uncertain." The great commercial  of tin- Kootenay (leiiiiinil a. belter mail  service anel Me.-srs. Mulock and  Fli'tcber's   attention    is     respectfully  called lo the matter.  MANILLA HAS FALLEN  -  Admiral    Dewey    Bombards   the   City  Before Surrender. a  IloNGKOKO, August loth.���������Admiral.  Dewey began the bombardment of  Manilla at. 5 o'clock on Saturday morning. For two hour he poured sheit  anil shell into, the Spanish defenses,  and then the Dons surrendered uncoil-'  elitionallv. Gi.eat damage was elone  lo lhc Spanish forts.  Short Wirings  Five hundred tons nf chemicals  were tlestroyeel by fire at Victoria.  U. S. Ambassador Hay vvill succeed  Day. as secretary of state. ���������'  A telephone line will be established  between Cai-bcrry and Neepewa.  Corn-tables vote bill was introduced  in Ontario legislature yc-tei"day anel  fixes a right that election e-emslable.-i  vote in future.  Negotiations ot a conciliatory nature  are proceeding between Great Britain  and Russia.  Evidence favorable to Ponton was  produced at the Napanee bank trial.  The Cuban insurgent army is disbanded and paid iiy the- Uniteef States.  The father of Corbett the pugilist,  killed his wife, and himself at Sau  Fraiici.--.-t>.  There is a wild rn-,h from Skagway  tn I he new gold discoveries at lake  Tagish.  McKinley named commissioners to  arrange' the (.-vacuaturn of Cnh.i ar.d  Poi to Rico.  The Washington Marine Band.  The Washington .M.-uine Band   con-'  nected with the Salvation Army, who  were brought here thr.uigh the enter-,  pi ise  of Captain   Bailey  of the  local"  corps,   havu   hail   a   successful   visit.  Their open air meetings always drew  an admiring   crowd to hear them, anel  the entertainments  given   by them at  the barracks anel in Tapping's  theatre .  each   time0 attracted    a   good    sizetl  crowd.  Tlieir presentation of the drama  "The Prodigal Son." at Tapping's hall  on Monday last was very well done.  The career of a modern prodigal was  traced from childhood to manhood,  through a life of dissipation, which  culminated in an attack: on the life of  another and subseeiuent imprisonment,  to his reformation aud reception into  the Salvation Army. There was a  good deal of pathos in the play, bnt  this was relieved by a vein ol genuiii-  hiimor. The drama, was rendered all  through in suc-ii a way as to reflect the  greatest cretlit, on the members of the  cast, vv ho displayed but little of the  amateurishness' which might have  been expected.  Last night a concert was given at  Tapping'., hall by thu members of the  band. Adjutant, Hay presided and a  long and varied program was rendered,  consisting of vo.al aiul instrumental  selections, t-lub swinging and speeches  by the chairman. Bandmaster Forrey  aiid I__nd**ine:i Foulke and Mc-Phee.  Si art-el y a hitch occurred in the whole  proceedings, which closed, after an appeal by the adjutant for converts, at  10 o'e-lock.  The hand pi"oceeels wost this afternoon to fill an engagement of several-  days at JC_.iDlcops. Revelstoke   Herald  Published in interests of  R.vehtike, Lardeau,  Bi������ Bend, Trout Like  llle)i!lewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  Pa*_ and Eaxlu _"a__ Ii istrie ts.  A. JOHNSON...   Proprleto-  Our London letter.  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The Royal Conftuission. on Licensing���������  Loid- Revelstoke and the Princess  Victoria of Wales ��������� Blackmailing  Company Piomotcrs .-- Why Men  Don't go to Church���������Wesleyan Con-  fer-iice at  Hull.  London. .Inly 27, ' .1SVIS.  The automatic kUclion rati go in  Leicester Binitire is now in working  orilor. It. is siirroiiiieleil dayD.v -liiv  by an udmiring crowd, and must, lie  innking.il fortune for its proprietors.  The Bovril ten''tuul'coffee are said to  bo excellent. They arc certainly boiling hot, anil the heavy illustrated post  card is really very pretty.: It is adorned''on lhc loft hand by .an. excellent  photograph    vignette:    ot somo    well  TSccrr?"po������ndeents:   We inv       corresponds--'uiovvi.   monument   in '.the  metropolis.  ence on aDy subject of interest '.o thn general  public, and desire a rclliibli re|?i!lar uurreo-  pondent in every lecah' surrouiiilini.  Kevelstoke. In all casos the .bona rule namo  of the writer must accompany inaiiuaii'ipt, but  not necessarily for publicaiio .  Address all communications      y  REVELSTOKE HERALD  Revelstoko, B.C.  NOTICE TO G0P.RESP0HD-KTS.  1. All corresiiondciico iiiusl, lio legibly  written on oneeide of lhe pnpur only.  2. (Jorresponeluticc containing persona,  mntter iiiiiki; be signed .with li._. pr pur mime  of lhe writer. -   .y ���������  rfi-.i. orroapundeiiee "'Vvith reference,-, lo any  IhiUK lhat has uppeureil in nnollior puper  must lirst be offered for putilieutioii to that  paper before it can appcur in Tiik Hi:ii.vijl).  whdni.sday.ai;gust; 17, jsus.  Earl B i-oivnlow in a speech iit.a.  Primrose League meeting in   Kngland gave ihe following delinition  of what constitutes a Tory.,   "To  secure the rights   of   property to  rich and poor alike, to secure even-  iiauded itistice tu till lier Miijesty's  ?sub;jects in all pai~ts oDlhbvyorld,  whatever might   be   their   color,  race   or  religion:   to, defend The  houorof ilio?Etiglishyllag   where*  ever it iloated", and to lislpy-fssist;  and encourage all those who might  "be low dbwnou the?, niirgsyof the  ?ladde'~  to ascend   to  the .highest  ypqi'uti-T-iua word, The Conservative  policy is/to level: up   and yiiot"; to  level do ivn,"-:?::.  -?: Archbishop  Walsh,,: who?: died  ?suadetiiy ub ::Toroni()  last vyeek,  ?/ cauie to Canada at 22yeaas of age,  /aud may almost-be  boiiu ted/as h  : Canadian;7/Iu  18S0   he succeeded  Archbishop Lynch iii.Toi"oiito.JiIe  ?  vvas asingularlyable man,tiriddis-  ,? charged.the high i'mictiotis ot'iiis  ? office  with   great?? wisdom.  ? His  ? liberal and   enlightened attitude  on   all   puolic/;aud   controversial  ���������;,  question;-'caused him to be held in  ? highesteeui   by- till   classes:   and  ; , creeds. ?Ile   did not live  long  to  /   enjoy the high   position   whiiih he  .so ably   filled,   having   been  only  nine years.in oflice.?? .'?/���������������������������/ ������������������������������������;'���������  Jn nddition lo this there arc ..also  swoets, cliocolnlos, cigarettes, etc., an  supplied al the uniform price ol one  liciiny." ';���������','"'��������� ,t.i  The traders of .Liverpool have jusi  had  tin    experience   ot? tho  : imposls  which Lhc United SUdcs have, i ccided.  Io exact, Lo cover the cost ot tlio w'.t  between Unit .country and Spain." 1 no  United Slates have: decided  to levy. a.  war tax of JO cents upon every hill or  lading issued: on goods" imported lrom  Umt country.   The war tax camo.into  operation   on   lho: 1st   of   July, y -    ������  steamer .Liicuiiia  has  arrived ;in  tho  Mersey   wilh-: good   goods   coiisigiieel  .from   Now   York: to   U"ade~rs, iny this,  counlry   and. on   the.   continent, y All,  lhc bills of lading havuigreforenco lo  tlioso goodsbore Uie stamp ot .lhe pay-  niciil: of   the  war  lax.? Oiie/ot. those  bills of lading may cover; one,package,  o-"-��������� several,  and  as  it.  applies   to  all  goods imported from Lhe. "United, States  ports, it is cxpeced: that a large revenue vvill bo derived from it.   The arrival  in  Livepbol  of this first lot oE  taxed bills;of hiding has created much  interest'in shiping circles.  : Tho    Daily    Graphic'sWashington  corrcspondont     telegraphs::   "-"Postal;  authorities? here express? the greatest  interest, in. llie aclion oCjtho'.'-British  government in. ox tending penny .postageI? to*eiei"taiii British colonies.  .Conversation? with/' postal officials    show  they aro opposed'. to it between '.1-ti'g-  l_iml':and���������'������������������alieVliiiltedlfStales,-' though  with: the - geiiorai '"pulilic ? the? suggestion: vvoVUd-;b'e.: most popular:"?:���������?    : ;���������-'���������  .'. Mr? I.in!iicheiyHc-iton,ythe??ardcnt;  ildvocate of this and Mother.?ppstaC.i'"e'-,  forinsyhas receiA'cd.lelograiris:frbm.all.  parts' of, Lhe English speaking .''world,,  congratulating  him  upoii : Lhe success  of:1tho?ivioasi:i"o?:.Rapiel:: .?i:6ihm~tiiica-  tioii is: not of much.direct use. to Lheiso  who .can -iievery affovely Lo ..cross y?the  ocean���������in -"other, -.words, lo the majority.,  .'of, the population ?bolh?iiL liomeaiid  in' the colonies.    Foi- Lliein ''.cheap, postal communication is. the .best?''obtain-;  able._means ofykeepiiig tip ;tliiil lively  intercourse upon which mutual knowledge aniV intoi'courso;.depends.- .From  this point of~viow;���������- the-rcdiictioiijof the  Imperial postage to the familiar coin?  vvhic.li. even tho poor disburse without  Elizabeth ]. island has written a  .: lively paper oil  '-The Abdiciitibn  -O-^Mau," maintaining that iii  yielding to  the tendencies of the  "? hard democracy of today man has  cast away the bold and-.vigorous  virtues which made him woman's  hero and cheerfully accepted master. As iar? as the Uititi'd Stales  is concerned tliere is much truth  iuBislaud's observations.     6   ?���������  .-<*��������� '   "     ��������� ��������� .-������������������     ~~    y. y  A pat-liamentary I'ettitn has been  issued showing the loss of life last  ??^V_ear^by_-_v>ireck,^"civvniiig-ibi,:other  ���������   accideutsiTn3 n tis Irine rclw iTtr~;Lril~~f  registered in the United Kingdom."  -Among 218,010 persoos   employed  there were 1,101   fatalities (eir one  in 155), in addition to which 13 pus-  :   hengers were lost in vvreck".. "y  A .handsome monument has been  ?,:eret'.teti over th _��������� last'-'rcs'ling.-vilac*  of'? Corpora}     Hockin-,    vvlm  vv^-B?  killed in"  the   .skirniish  with   Alio it'll ty-Voice over a yeat"  ago.   Jf  Ji--erected in St Mary'.-* chutcliyard  ."'. I'ritit'e-A.lbe.rr. by the I'atherot' the  --deceased,'Admiral   1 lockiii, ot'Ji'.r  Majesty's navy.   -  fact vve own a good share of it. Look  iit our���������ahem!���������enterprise in snap-  pi ng up unconsidered' trifles 'in.'.the  way of territory. Wc snoak 'cm, and  vye hold 'om, and wc moan lo do so.  Lo'nilon. .fuly .27.���������To realize lhat wc  are living in iiu age of successful miracles, it is only necessary lo bring together two ileitis' of news wliich  appeared'in.'yesterday's--papers. On  tho one haiiil, wo havo it Dublin journal receiving -descriptions, of 'yitclit  'races, which wore telegraphistl across  10 miles of'soa..without wires." Only a  of Vi'iiles has boon ablo to volieve the  lediiim of confinement, lo his room  iiillictt-il' upon him by liis. nc'i'.idciil,  vvhii'li nil Uie'world-deplores, by listing; to'the pei-for'niancos'iit the'London  theatres, irtuisniiitcil ovei" iin eleciro-  centui-y ago. or loss.thc experiment  not have-credited the satomont. The  other piece .of news is, Lhat the Prince  lipio.vv o'pIODd oSii fs.iv.6A o~. ii|iii.vv ":|.iii.ia  would liayo boon denounced nswilcli-  pliono wire, which had boon carioil  into Llio aparlmoiit where he reclines.  Verily" those arc days of wonders.  Thoro can bo no iiuesLioii-Lluit lhc  event, ol' the: week has boon the .'jubilee  cri'ckol   match   oi:' Dr.   XV. : G.;, Clriic'o..  Yos, this has'indeed' boon a week of  Grace, y The? alleged'..?.vvnr  has..had , to  take? a ? biick'scat,. Llio . bye-elocLions  have: boon forced lo..ptit-their Lhuuibs  up,���������meLaiihorically   speaking; '  'pai'-.  iiameiil'-hiis paled its ''ineffectual., (ires,  and tho Blackpool will case has grovel led at tlie; foot of king cricket. Good  old'-.W. G. G." lie: is/fifty''-'hiot.. out;"-  Long may ho oonl.imic tei reign?.  -??A rcmarliiiblo sceno:wus witnessed  al.tho Crystal; palace on .AVedncsday-  in connexion "with Lho 'World's Third  : Sunday   School';.convenlion.: ?;  The  The,���������great, oroliestruwas oc'ciipicd by  a junior, choir of .5,000 voices,  representatives   not   only .of   the.... Sunday,  schools throughoutylhc United .Kingdom.? but also of tho? Christian couh'-.  tries tlii-oiighout'.-1-iii-opc,'. with llie ox--.  coptioivot' Spain,:  During Lho interval  at- Lho  concert. . Llio  groat? choir-rose  from thoir. seals, and 'waved Hags re-?  presenting" Llio? .lags of  the' .different',  nationalities.��������� . .;:-..Tlio   vvholo   -ssem'b'.y;  numbering.30,000,:then':joined iiv sing-'  ' hig Uie hymn : "Blest :-bb the .Tie: Unit  Binds Our Hearts.in Christian Loyc.'y  Thoy effect. was?;1iiiost..:impressiyei''iiiil  inspiring.?? : ? ??:,?:'.??:?:?-.'y:y^::.::?:.,?.y?'??.?:::::.;  ;������������������;���������,The governihonLhas.?aftei" full?con.-:  sid6ratidii??aL:unt)i"C?:Lhan;_.onc:?ctibhiet;  eoiincil??";dG.idceVy?ynol?-:-_tb'. procood;  'with -the: idea ot?establis_ih-?a .1 Ipriiaii'::  Catliiilic ' iiiiiver-ityyih: Irehiiid.; with .  theaul. of?~)Ublic:: funds. ?Lord' Salis-::  bury: aiid .: his  col leagues, ?it yis  said;?  have:no doubt of, their?being?able?.to  carry: such: n"':ni"e~isii'i;e'..' vveraythey. ;so  ���������;incli"ii_di':,.''atid -with ?iuo.i"o y ,lhaiv??:the  normal: majority in "the house?e>f,:com-"  liioiis, ?i)oc;iliso  they'..woulel ;;liave? the^  support ..'of. tlio'-Nationalists; and pro-:  bablya "''dozen. Liberals,: but-they real--  ize that.a victory"?of;tliis"'kinil must  seriously  offoiiiliiiany:: of  thoir'sup-,  ipoi'ters? both;?in?pai-li-i-_e!it;anel?in  the?country.. '.?.��������� vy;J.'-''? '��������� ;:':':"-: 77:i' ''-yyy  ? Ailhoiigh lheve_i:iitis.;bGbn iiiucli clpiiel  anil oeeasionally, vory.iUircatQhingvap-.  (���������'poar'aiicb,'.the.vveathoi"?in July_ha's>;so  i fiir been gonorally H'ii.si'��������� Tlio? tempcra-  by an Italian sailor lo whom Tie ap-  poaled in his own tongue. Yet the  sailors continued to rain blows upon  him until ho drew his knife in self  defence. He slill suffers from injuries  to his arms. The French sailors took  possesion of the provisions stored in  Lhc lioaL, and begun lo consume them.  Hensehcl,,declares lhat tho few lire  buoys nnd, holts  on  board Woro uso  Liberal. Satisfied when the last, Glad-  sloninu parliament, mot that t.ho Hoiiso  of Comiiions would ho called upon To  legislate on the":liquor (juostion, and  afraid that parliament' would follow  Lho usual:habit of legislating llrst and:  enquiring aft.crvvarils, Jlr. Ilathbono:  look a novel stop. At his own'expense  ho .'dispatched a commission to America Lo report, upon lhc results of pro-  ??" FRONT STREET, BSVSLSTOKE  loss, nnel UiiiL discipline was tho worst hlbilion thero. anil us a result of iudo-  possible. aiid thai the lire and o'thcr : pendent inquiries Mr. Rnthbone is con-  drills vvore (iiilto negloi-lod. (vluecd lhal proHibilioii, except in lhe  Tho poculiai" iiisliliition called the rural, district's," Is a failure, anil thai  "Queoivs noiinty" is iiboul. lu bo cast. 1)V .,, niuch-slricloi-���������iiilnilnlstrnlloii ,'of  in lhe shade by the diari law jusl in- ,ll0 ,.lw ilV Ulis c.0utiti->-. vve should  iroiljiced into the '1 riiiisvaiil Volskrnil. R.,.m.0 boiler rcsulls, nol only by "a  lhis provides', Hint'u bonus of X;ii)0 re(]iicl.io)i in lho iiumboi" uf: public  shall be granted lo every parent of,12 ,iIOUSos. but a imich better class,  boys, who can show thai, he lias I M.iny ramous opitaphs have been  burgher rights. Tlio.aim ol uaurse-is'givcl) fi-oin timo Lo timo in Notes and  to insure, .ir- possible, tlinl the fnturi!. Q���������t.rieH, but 1. don't' LliinU tho one he-  flghting., roree ol lho _ counlry���������l Inn- low )l:ls ,,oon ilieiudod. The grave yard  Shor- oly.K.,. years .and lipwnrds nro K.in-ounding the old parish church at  liable! ip cominand)  shiill bo siibslnn-' ciielleuliani  is" croilitod  Willi  the fol-  Best $1.00 a day house in town.  The bar is supplied with the best brands ol' Wiiii.'.s,  Licptors   and   OiKm".  I.ialy ���������aiigmenLeil   ill : no  ilistanl.  il:ile\ (  the French g'ovoriiincnl in face .of lhc i  coiiUniiod  (IccroaBO in the population,  a few'yeai'S ago,. olTerod ii litmus niiel i  frdedoni I'roin taxation to"'those.heads'  of families reaching ii,certain nuinber  of  children;   and   now   thoy   go  one  furthor.: .Ugh!     I'm   glad   I'm? not    a  citizen of the French llopublic.  -.'Why?  WoH,: the .bachelors thoro are having a.  liard tinic of it. at prosonl.   Tho latest.  lowing,-lines: '.'_���������  "llorolie l-aiiel my Lhroo eliiughtcrs.  l_illod  by  elrinUing    the    Cheltonhaiii  walors.?-.,   "  Tf .wo liad stuck to Kpsom salts.  We'd not bo lying in these vaults.'.'..  ..���������."But Lhis 'epitaph is: apocryphal,  .Wliat is nol apocryphal is mi equally  absurd ."'epitaph "on;. one, .lohii lliggs,  "Pig Kiiloi" Loi" Luopiod'it.inyselC.only.  ii few vvcoks.agio: ?. . ~????r  Free Bus JV\eets JRH Tpains.  (SIDS LID^ND Propr-ietop  proposal is to 'compel tlioso unfoi'tiin-i.;,_,0,.0 lies lolmSl li"--;������ "    ������  ato  individuals  to  weava; livei"y,?"a ;,A ^mous manvfor Idilinjj.pigs: yi  "���������~dr Ivil 1 ing: pigs wiis ���������'li is ''del igh t.  an-uiulue-.-scnsc'/qf'^  ,_.,.,. _..      .._,.        ....       ���������       ... ,_...       t-Jaces;'-ev'eu';,.^:^iJ<|ay':;gg^'1.'Cely-.'t0JlCl1_  ing..60 degrees," which is ?li belovv. the  average for the tiuit- of .the yc-iiKTho  absone!0 of heavy rains ._ is favorable  for. the:? .l-o;)s.?amJ? they; ar. making:  gootl''progress..'-'' 'I'ho" 'st raw crops as a  rule are looking, vve!!,:; wheat and -bar-,  ley;espoi_"iiilly?: Tlio repoi"t;of: the condition of the crops in? Great? Britain  pcrial bond?- worth far, more than., it  will cost in lhe most "'.extravagant estimate: 7 ;���������;������������������-:? ���������;'������������������?  .' A remarkable scene, was-'witnessed  r.i the Crystal 'Palace on Wednesday in  connection with, the '''world's third Sunday school convention. . The-great'..'.or-.  . chest ra was .'.���������"occupied ?:l)y a, _nh ior  choir -of 5,000..; voices-,    repreyontative  not   ypnly .? of  Ll-.e ���������   Sunday,, schools" "published'Un?tht1 Time-!, sots :fortli-:as:  throushout JLho  Unitod  ICingdotti','. but  most ���������.' *- i>ro!i". i noni  also of? all . the Christian.ycountries in ! \Ul\  o'veVa'se cone!ir.itni ;()f  Liirqpo.vvith the exception" of Spai~i?-.'!:'at,������v'^v7ic.'it*~-o'ps.'''?.-'rh.c-' avers  Dtii-ingaii interval.in tho concert., the  tion',of'_-vl-eaiy.fi!i-?lli���������  feature,,    Lh'  the,; grass  age.-Coiidi-  lyhoic? ot' Great  great choir rose from .their seats? ahel 'j-iiritiiii-'.'is ? 1-i'"'points' higher -tliaiVylast  waved flags representing the elifferenfi vo  nationalities. "The   , whole ..yp.sscm" '    ' *  numbering 30.000, then--joined in sing-    "Blest". Be? the   .Tie*  ing  the    hy'mn:  That  BitidSiOur  i".The trade;ia  I tibials   hav  .���������Hearts?, iri  risf.ian.'i  i;d'-.;.*i'������iiisi'': Klre-nuo~to?j  jften '.'rhael*  in" certain' !  ,'arte'rs '.t-hat-5 .he.'ospVey.: plurrS't! ..._* as  Love."; Tho effet-l: was  most  i.mpi'os-  kitc���������.ITrii-Tira 11 rfiifg?  ;  :To...what."'is  diie  .much? worn?ioe'ay. ns: eyn  ���������,". -'Tbci-e :tv??  '!it.'',������o de'i'iuilS'  special dress marking theni out for lho  ..contempt'?,of tlieir "contcriiporiU'ios.":  Tlio color is ;to bo that of:,"tho dead  leaf,"? ?l'iii glad���������,��������� I'm in; Briton.;-Being  a bioiulo --bru'nolto" wilh Jjrovvn, boots  and Ti"Ocl!lcs,??(lcail leaf, colors would  not suit; my; complexion. I also read  that, "the widow who refused a" second  offer ..to hiari'y is lo wear mouniinsc  eluringvii. term of years, and To bo out  off from ? altcndaneo at.? spectacles.  dancoi~?:arid: fetes. This'tillyslie: had  attained'.'.the:ago of 50 years,;when she  recovers hor:liberty." ��������� Whoever: hoard  of a widow?refusing a.second chanc'o?  .? Mr. Hooley miglit have taken points  fronV ai'ryBoit, th^ Sonlh Africaninil-  :'l'o~iii���������ire.i?in . dealihg with ;tho yblaek-:  ;maUiiig ;;,ne~v'spa|)si"sy;ytliat?" dfi3gi"iirb  ijouinalisin ih the cily.: Jlr? Beil?'is:tiie':  last?niaii?"t:o?l)i"ybl!ieKi~iailod.;   As  lie  :has?promoted?a tiiiinberof'compiinies'  ?he:;canie?iinder: tlie?operatioiis;of Llic-  blribkinaiiers':? The  usualythiiig^Avas,  el biio.???Aii.:a rticlft?"s!at.i ng':'?a bpnipaiiy'  ���������iiti-wiiieiv-;Miv?'.13ei't'-.wa?s'.:int  .!ioi-.t:;lo?hiin, with "an intiinilLiori;:tliat  :it, would?be?priutoil ainloss?:Uib?bditbr  l)eai-drfi"bm?:J\li".? Boit.'yll. waS'Vbtuvii-;.  ed?withVa.-'poliio;-. note _from ?Mi". :Boit'  ;to.?;ilio; effect: that:: ho  had 'read ?:t!ie  article, ? .aiidy'diseiipproved ?ol?  i t, ?; bvl.t  t if, courso f lho"; b d i f. or cou I d ? pit t~ i tin  :liisi'".pdper';itr':-.he-'':pleased?-J".'LiUei-.',:~oii/iv  sir.mgeryarticle was' sent??ywilh'~.Lho  ;samc;-lilacl!mailing   niessage,;?? Tliere  i;;;onrSli-.Beit.wi'ol.c,:a still���������;'nibi-e-polite  note,: that it really ..was of no. concern  to ,;liim:,'what  the . vvritorypiit   in'- his  papei-./'arid that lio begged "not Lb l)a  troubled: again. yAftev lliis ?h;ul; .jeeii  .reiieated;.several ��������� tiriie_,?, the.-,. '.black -.;  mailers put :Slr. BeiL dovvn  a'sja-'hiid]  job. arid if, they oycryincritioned :hini  vvas,iri;teriris?.-)������ praise-v:?,.;?: ::;?:?.?::: :?  ?::.::Tho Chinese army,yaecoiding'tei i'lr..  Ho"'iday yMacartney.? "vvouid iiluiibaf  million's  of;?inei_i.''';''.'b-ut-" it  vvouid,.take,  l-iliions.  of   moiioyy tq?: organize   it."  .iii'i'il ?al)Oiit  ton - Japs  tin  the iva'i'palh  would   disorgaiiixo   it. : .Betlcr.   "ipciiel  ���������ll3ei'.-'mone.y;'oii fSomoUiing.i'.Rofiil..?    ,?  Tlio ritualistic I'P-actises iri niiiiiy ?oi'  LhC!::cliurchds:Oi': the? country preieliiite::  i,iriny" etiseree!i'tab.le; scenes? There"- wab  ���������j.inotliej'r row in "a." cliurcli on .Sunday  last���������:thisy.t.ime Tn?, Liverpool: ,:?lTioro  was? 'tlie'?Tci.istqiiiai"'y-'.>,-loud ..' laugh ter"  tho usual diiniagb Lb.I'.aisai'.d'unil.ivol-'  las.anel.inevitable few fights. J".issra'ce-;  .ful Scones;jn.Churt-li," is.iiow.as cum-  ���������iiio'ti it-���������.'!''(?������el 1 hiej;p's" "C-yV:!inj;';:T������'a.taltty.;'-'.  .and I .itneicrstaiiiil' it is regularly.'."kept  iniypo in ailncvySpapor -oifi'ces.;- VJ.iidei'"'  jii.libfie'?i:'h"ciinistaricps'':it sti-iitcs', mo. :a:;  j 'somewhat,!'.', singuliii- .that,   tho. ;coi"i"os-  F.JVeGJlR.TY j:  .Wholcsiilomid Ketail jDcaler in..:.?:..... . .  PRIM BEEF, PORK,       Jj  MTTQcK JIM) $J\mJ\&E  \  ;i  ei  i  --A  Boih.:.niorning.,;"itfloi"tiooii and night.  Both?heat and cold lip (lid"eniluro,??:??;  Whicli'' no pliysioiau Con Id o'ci"? cii'i'c.;  His knife is. laid, his work is dono; '?.'���������"���������  lliope to liciivon his soukhas gono."? .  No? suchyocccnlric?practices't, pro-:  suinev.in those days would be allowed,'  whence it. is Lhat .modern comoti'ies arc;  more decorated,, but.less interesting to  visitors than?ancient church, yards.  '-';ylt has; beeri'iiptcd tliat -Lord: Kevol-"  stoke 'vvris invited? toUmbcfc Uib I'rince  of Wales Jiit.: tlio house of Sir /Edgar?  Vincent, 'Eshu- Place.    This   Throvvs  some ; light on  the" report; in?highest  circles? tliat?: tliere : is   an : attaclnueiit  botween? ; T?ord   l-ovolstbko ; arid? tlie  -Princess Victoria of Wales. ? Tlio list  of guests invited/to, moot the-Triiiob  OL.Wales. is?iil\vays :subniiLLo(l, to hini  liofqrohaud."and"one.may bo"siive that;  Lorel;Revelstoke's name :vvouid not he"  incliided/if it;?was;;inot acceptableyto  ���������Tli's'.?iRoyal.-'.''.I.-ligliiie,ss?;,:vTh,e?,'.,allaiiv''"'.:,is  said;to/bbyan old:one..iinel wiis rcgarel-  "od,at?biib time.: as "absolutely"hopeless."'  Tlib y Baring: yc rash;? impoyorishcd.ytlio:  fairiify.,ywho? :ns:;eyeryorio?ykiibvv ^)8-.  haved:/remarkably???: well /over?'it.? It:  broke- the?l.at;c" Lore! Rovclstbke??dbvyn,:  so', that ;lieywas:::neve!-Zquit.e-;tlib samo  after it: /Now ;it:is :said;tliirigs? fiiian-:  bial;,ai-n?.lboking?iip  again/'arid?:hav~o  boon .doing, so for :inany;?years?;, -Lbi-d  Revelstoke.;:is?nbw very well, off,? anel  will be; an? exceedingly-, riqli.:iiifhibutia.l.  livan. ?Ho '.will. 1)0? 30; iiiySepteinbcr,  and; the :.Prihcoss?'3i'.?: .':.-"/���������-?���������? ���������'?  Fish   and   Clanic   in    8c;ison. .;/?Miu,kol.s -atJ/Uiiyclst'okc,-'  Koyol!5tpko-Stiil',ipii,''.iSra.k  ';���������;,,, w :  Hlcciilewactv B. C^  Fir.st-cliiHS in every respect. :  Good acciiiiiinodatioii'. J Hest  Wines, ''Liquor's "tind; GitriU'S i\t the Bsi.r. ? ?y JJ/: ?; //  j;J;:?1^ap;panV/Rro.pBie^6r  Cciil rallyi^J-ilo dated?  .;?   :/���������/?    J'JJJ y������������������Th'd.'yliii'gest-hotei ,in? town.  ;:/'////:?/;/; ?/:; J??JJClioicp;y?WiiiGi~,y?ljii'.iiors/^and^^CigarsJ'JJJr'J'.;  J;';?y yJJZ.;/???J:J?;J?:_/Best.:?:/nccui~imddaiiou;^  :!;:/::;;f//4|S?J:;y:?S|:y  ;~j  ���������fit  S?:  Large y liRh fc/bed ? rpqtn s. ?;  _ Lhe 's'.ipi-emacyy b������    .,.,..,  ll:o Anglo-Saxonyraco?   -A Spromhibnt lU'TT  French  writer.. uses the? question; as i      '''  lho title,of,a. now? book?iu vvSiich lie ;  freely admits the  !%boti!ei ��������� be .iii'.'oree.iH<_:-.  I^VT1-??-^  saoW   that ?S::iJ '.rt'rStntct.iMl .  foi-.v nii'ilfr.ory. p'l'-.rposvs';-".''is, .ty  Oii.-thc" <loeiia'~", a~id._ Kil"tiiik"fh'i''Klat  meiu-Gi: a.;^ow-fa<"!./ -'which/havv  irap.r.er.ia ol* ..a.?'daily". pap.or sliqulel i.be.  gj_--I___?>__ sent tlriiii exc'lteelly; e'rigiiged  -rfnyyotjirr  ihyarfrtiuig the ;,qiTefL_t?TT  Men so to Cliiircli.", / ,??, ''/????''''  ? Tlier!xi.)'bi.'tiilipn?'of' ralibits'-frbni'?Now.  Zcalanii ii.'!;*, assutned such: proportions  i lint  it lias''.got quite bsybnel 'lho "oxK  The Edmonton I'ullulin S'iyb'the  Clalicians vvlio arrived there thij  season too late lo plant even pota-  toes.will neeel jiovcrniiieiit aid ucxr;  winter." .Mr.-"Sifton'will be sorry'  about this Galician Imsiues-Jwheu  it will reejiiire somethini-'niore  ; (_o-*tlv than sorrow to puc maUers  right. " ���������-,-���������'.-     . ' ?     ���������''"'    -,--'-'  .���������;���������*'���������: Allan's line "of steamers are making  some remarkable trips..'   The running  both byihe Parisian anel Caii.forni.iii  during the entire season ha.s been r<������-  . markable both for its speed "and regularity..   The  Californian  on  her last  -voyage home made the quickest pas-,  .sage  of  the  season,   reaching '��������� Li.ver-  , pool at: 10 p?m..j on Friday. S days Z  ?hours from  Quebec- The passengers  from/Toronto who  left that  city  on  Thursday   morning  and l boarded   the  the  steamer at  Rimouski "on   Friday  morning"made the passage from Toronto'to Liverpool in S days 12 hours.  Being on board the steamer 7 days and  II hours.   This shows what the company's   new   steamers   iiow ���������'building  will  elo from  LivePpool  to Quebec in  less than "7 days. .��������� '"  The Ear! de la Warr hns issued a  statement denying 'that ho accepled  money to join any of tlio companies-  jirom'bteel by Kruest-Hooley; llie baiik-  rupl, but ho admits lhat he''received  about ������23.000 from Mr. Hoooloy "as  jrifts in recognitionuof services ron-  eiered." having worked hard'in tho interests of the companies .with which  he was connected. Lord "de la Warr  atlds that1'while he considers himself  niorallly justified in accepting the gift.  he does not desire to retain a shilling  to the prejudice of Mr. Hoooloy's creditors, and he is therefor taking steps  io ascertain the .exact amount -received and to refund it. Lorel Templeton and Lord Gordon-Lennox deny  that they ever re.������.civ(id money fiom  Hooley. il  ���������spite our vexation  i - _,.* ~      ������������������ ��������� ,    .!..    :.,������������������_ nr���������"   ������-  .Wo  cannot go.,it,!yw!lo,"eyaTK,.,lytl1,iy;^  OV^!.,^^^  the 1-iiglish.or the 0.,S'- Hag -now I um ot ,tU,! "������ 1^HJ/.J' uU' J", P  ���������iloatB. Th .Anglo-Saxon ha. supplant- ? f, ������������������)������\m '^" UU1 ��������� -'_ ?' thJ "i'i-  -d utfin-NorUi Ain.ri.-a. which we ty.;, \ l5���������?"'^, *'?B i^-"x}^ hnUi' U"- '''-  I'upiod'froni Canada to Louisiu'ha':'   Ho j lV 'J'1'?-'.! '?"'  ,'le-minate's America"by Canada and the !;'i?ll!Tl,-3��������� Ii"~-'1-,   J*,.   ,,..,-.,f....   .,,..  1'.. S.   ..As.la-b?   rn.lia   an.r Bnrm. h; \U'U  ������������������"' -i"" ������'' ."   '���������la*"*   "  Ocea-ii.a  by?.A!i-tr:i,li:t a-ufSw  JCe-i:- ; huftdle.-s;    .:;������**"  \>  land: .   Europe  and   tho  entire .--world j'"~? "'>VU-' -?'''-"  by-his commerce, by his industry and ,'idise; iw..>b-  uni  his politics. - . 7     ^S.-*-!)��������� biineli'.-s;  dry othor birds  follows:" Osprey  vuli.uro  plu'������if?s  is?  n;:i'ti  ,di.s:  The :-Anglo-Sii'xoiv h; today ax the  head of that civilization which-is most  active, most-progressive; niost dcvoili--'  ing._' -'::,:"  Obsorvij. what v,-������ "Frenchmbn have  dpno wit.li Now Calodonio; and othor i  ���������p'ossesions -i.n Oneanica. and what, the)  'Anglo-Saxons have done- , in Austra-,  !ia and New .Zealand. Observe what  Spain, anei Portugal made of South  America, and ���������������������������what/the ��������� Anglo-Saxons?  miKio o'f North-"Ambric-a'.        ,;        ~  There is asi miicii difference as ha-  tvyeen  night and. day."  ("Considering tho siiprtority . cor.'cln-  sivoly proved, tho autho;- .proceeds' to  search Tor the cause bf tins 'superiority, lie finds tbo soe.ro!. of this "irre-  sistable power in "tho oibieration of ils  youth, in ' 'the direction jjivon to  studies, to the; spirit which rfdgns in  the school:-:. Tho I'higiish and tho  people of lho "C s. hi.ivr; porcrdved that;  Uie need's of the thnos vo'iuiro lliat  lho yeiiii.ii should be trained to lK:Com.  practical,-energetic men. and i.'o; pul,-  lic. f .inct.ionari-s'or mere'men of let-  toi'.s, who know -life only from what,  th'-.v loaiii in book-; and the-foolish  prejudice;,-which appears to increase  with the progress of instruction loads  the fathers eif families in France:,,in  tho- middle class especially,to direct,  the ideas of their sons to Un: curoe-rs  called "liberal." and lo public, office.  Even, in sleepy Holland tho foregoing facts .are known respecting Kngland. for an Amsterd.im paper ro-  i_'aii;..s: "'The English'really think tlie  earth be-lougs to theni. and that oth'-."  nnlinn:~ are; afraid of theni." ��������� Iinpri-  iiiii!".! As to vve linglish lliinking wei  own Uie earth, well as a matter of fact  cons,' ineiuditift  s; birds? of par-' j  Indian .parr"', i  agevs: ivc.tl s'u'ti-. |  biindlns-.' huiri- ;  ming bird* il_.l������. .bsiii'dles;'. impeya!!,/  and other ���������biriis/--.0.>2'..;buiui!CT.;;:;owl*f |  and-hawks 7,Uii bandies.:??, ���������, " '." ' j  Similar sal es .,frG(iisonriy .take, piace.,':  flow many ir.iiiibn.- of birds ftv;> an-  i-iii.-l'ly saeriftcetl on '-the- altar of fas-._  hion wiil Clever; l)i;.--"..-iuiwn.-.'..U."has-J  'licbn assorted iateiy . that thero, has ?  ���������been ii - great'decline in; the bird wear- j  in-, fashion.: bur. T air, afraid it is riot ?  :.o; for in one of? the. mqat?' fashionabie f  widely .circulated . papfirs'.-'.the' .-New-" :  from Paris begins: "Birds' are worn ;  moro than ever, and bioi'_?_.'_ rnaclo, eir- ".  tirelv of feathers, are coming , into j  fashion." When ".will womb'Ti be'sham- j  eel .out of this orue).. heartless'vanity.  A  description of  tlio iS'.-A-nez whici-i ?  followed  the coliision of the liner. i_t ;  1'ie.nrgoine  wit.li  t.l:e    Crbmarthyshire, ,  has  licen  given by one  of  the crew, I  an Austrian ..named lU/riscbel, who has  arrived  al  Vienna ou  bir.; way home,  il frilly support!" trioY-lories of cowardly   b'ruLality.   'and   the   iitfer , want   of  dhse-ipllii*.    which   jirevailed.   ijic   says  at the Lime of '.ue colliiiion the vessel  win", steaming -at   i'.i . linola.    Captain  Deloncle was !:"> unnerved Unit he'forgot,  to  close  tlie   v.-iiter   l.lf.;ht    ilnor-,  altli'iugh ' the   prcssuije" of     a; biil.tnn  vveiulel   have  dime  i!,/' In   bis  despair,  he   I'ep.-alededly  slioiited   "Mon   Oieul  Men "Men!    Temst    est pordu!'���������!.'   'The  Ilaiian:-! eirr-w their knivon lo keep tho  pfl.:puj;crs from lbe boalK, and in  caring for thoir safely were disposed  to throw' others overboard. jVs the  ve:-':.el canted over. Hemseliell leapt,  overboard and (.aught n boat's-iiainte'r.  'lln- French sailors slriii-l. him r/ith  the oar:.;, but lie was liualy drawn in  j ear  -i":i~~v.--"S;'  ; rabbi'  ���������"In';���������;:!;  'I "sV.it"  '< It' iy -'���������  7'Ui;:; ,.-���������  ;'������'!!!?;  /the:   si  \  a !!)'>!_ :  ���������}!������������������'���������'��������� this';;expqrtei" '���������',alone; aiiout.  ��������� e.'.--  '.f  tiTril.fr  are   i!x."el   p.T.  t7~;!Sarie,':?boXi''s;.1"':J'.l.'"'Vi~iiieh--'-ihn  iii-.i-fvOKonantinexported. while  ���������.j? /he pays over iX 100a. vvcok.  ��������� ���������_:���������..ie d in jar syiyb'rap'iyvtith'iii  s'.i.fiiat'"tl thai-the '"iot.~iJ: onfpiii  ::-,-.)!! ''-v'iiV Tea-rli-'������:~~. (h'llior.s.'  i-'ir.lhi������������������-''"jy.ilK it at  flv5.;.Takln;:  ;���������.���������;<:';-T'!:ii'7iii.ite at.?.3d-pftr rabbit,  iit ������������������'���������tisa!.������.wi!!, ,b'a ���������:������������������;. elistrihuteeV  triitdir-rs will .'.'exceed ?���������';������00,000.  ..iiii ���������'���������;���������.   ;:. Ve.iriHidereiel���������'ilVa.t  the.   total  air. _���������..:.! ./'r.'ir.g in to?, the .colbny- as li_.ie  pj-oeec'ls  of   thtj  rabbit, ?,inelustry , for  liii*i.s':r.t*on will bo beLween XI00.000  and  ._���������- 5.0,000'   . At this raid there will  .-ooii   'us. an ,t-nd .to . the/.fornplahit.s  ed':a rabhit''plague- ih,.the Antipodes.  Thfe   V.'es'eyan   conference'   at   Uie?  open\r:?i 's'vs'-ion  in   Hull   resolved  by  .in   (j-erwheiming ?majbi;!t,y,;..to .elect  the   Rev.   iftigh. Price. Hughes  as 'ito  prt'sideiit.'"   H.   P.-?' Hughes; has   beeii  chosen   to,  occupy-' theydist.itigiiished.  ar.d 'rcsix-insible position', ar. ;i conipar-  nr.ively ,:a;!y- ago.-j the Honor thercfoi*  /e;vrt~c.n-_ei.'.ripon"'him'"'I:.  a   tribute  to  ���������[ the..g.-r:at'ah31iS".y.,x'-'al,an(3 energy with  < lAhii'-li lie has labored.for the adviiiice  I of  MeUibdistin,','ariel ��������� ihe  rnaiiy  Koeial  ���������   ref'i'rn!:*   wiUx    which   ^vfetbo'iiHin   is  1 i(l(-rii.l;'ie.d.:'"J*'~-.'-. Hughes has eerl.aiuly  j "vvein..hi*i sp-irs,"    if he has at'titn'-n  Kl.ciyri more j!f.:;d than dincretion;-.this  j e-aivtir,;    biiiid   hi*'. co-ri'ligionislH     to  i-the-  Jail Ui.'if. iii.'^has  beeii  a' man, in-  ; Len.-rd^. ('.am )->t, ii.i'.d that he iias .druie  '��������� a. lib',*?-, a.-ieiin Koreio- reKi.iec.ts a mai-  Jvi.lirniB evangelistic work in    London.  jjilr.  I-Vug libs spoke of himself?5i:; a re-  l -former,    i! . li.Vs l.dbn endeavorins ������������������">  | re-feirm the nielhoeUi of Wesieya:!  Mi-  j' thoili*m. a; .1  if he has, not. HU:"(:c'.:i|ei!  : in  gelling  bis  v.'.iy.  II..rati hardly'bo  | eiuej-iioued  that  time  and  events are  ��������� (?ii liis side.:  ', The royal toininlssioii; on liceiifiing  I eoncludiiii'g. the hearing of- evidence  ) ;.csl.erday. Appointed a 'Utile', iiiore  tlib ii I. wo year:; ago. the com mi t lee-' has  I held over !-���������'! sittings and he-ard mil)  ! wiliu-sses.���������'' The last wltnesB was Mr.  j ltaihbo.no. who formerly sal. for many  years ill the House of Commons as a  Details pf the: ?ton"iblc accident by?  which-Bd.yJSgaris'.' littlo :ilaiighLoi";/lost  licr,life::ori Tuesday:, last; are'lo.hand.  It, apears sho.was Laking a; iioiiy ride  aroiiii(i:Wai"ilricr.,:t,ho/groiiiul/is thickly  covered 'with stumps, and on' passing;  brie of thc.e.the:pony sliiiublod/sLiirt-  eil anel i"an away, .uuseatirig?the' rider;  who unfortunately ?vyas'?iibt iiblo. to  release ? ;Iior:?foot;;fi"bmi".thoy-Icathbr  stirrup:;yShc'y'iiyas? dashed; against?. a  iui hi bin- of flic '-slump's,"''and brbat.libi!  her; last ii mombiit oriwo: after;bbing  picked;iip, by; lhoHgoiiined father-'.who  had been a iiowerless spectator of .the  dreadful" tragedy,:?Gi"Ciitsyin'.ial!.!X is  felt,_ and?;expi-csscd??fbi" ..ilinibbroiivcil  family/ by;.a-/vory 'large" liinribcr ??of  friends; and acquaintances.  ; ������������������.-.'������������������:.'���������'  AND SCOPACrFIC LINE  ? J Sh o r Ies ty and        ������  Quickest JRoule      ?  To" Vukon   iiiul'"   Klondike  Gold  Fiold*-.   -���������     --:;;:-.:���������;.,,;���������, , y v,,;---,?,,.  ,  To J'-'astfin and liiironcan points.  Td  I.icilic Goast, Gliinn, Japan  and Australia; : / ''-.."'"'  TOURIST  CARS  Pa-s Hevt'lstoko daily to St.  Paul, except / Wednesday to  eHStern points. :  "Magnificent~.slecinhp and dining  cars on all trains. /  Tickets :issued ..through-'? and  tyiggflg'-* cheeked to dost iiiation.  Daily Trails Loavo JElovcletoUo  E'l-itboi'ii-d...?.':....... 7:10 a. in.  XVestboiind ./....,;,.,;. .5:20 p.m.  SoiUhbound   tor all Kootehay  points,.,;...:.-;.-. j...;..-;.. ..8 a. m.,  Fot'? iril'orniatioii,   tiiiiu    cartU,  mop's rind tickets: ripply tc    .  ���������.T. \V. HRADSIIAW,  : Agent, Helvclstoke-.  'XV. f ]���������',    A.NI1UI1.--0.V,   Travelling  l.'iisscnger Agent, Ncl-ion.  I'I. J. Covi-i",District Passungcr  Agent, Vancouvei'.  JAS.    McMAHON       J;  General  Blacksmith  AND WOOD WORK-EK-  WiiRnnp. Iicivt and l''_.!it. bui.t to order or  repaired    IL-)r_*i __eK.iii__; a specidtty.  'Klion'on P".:iii;1-is Strcot. Kact. K^velstolie.  S. MdMkIioii. Muifr.^er.  Bliop on Firat Street, i.iat vest of Union  Hotel, 1 tovolijtoke -"t.ilioii. .Iuh McMnhon,  Manugcr. u'-l-lf  r/rriblb/i i'uriiishoilywith/  ?llio:cli()iiosi-.:tlK3 iiiarket  Ja ITonl < .///BeSty/AVincSy  :??'?":;'?:,?.?���������;���������? .;::?H ,-,.::?���������? I jiq!i(i!'s'?y-iiiid??.J?3ig!irs:':  liatos?:$L00:?a;;,(.!ny;'yy!\IniVfhIy?i .V'ce';': y/  J?J J;J;j UAL B E RTjSTON lll.j Pr.ij)i;iotor;J/J  ? /? /ITcccf arid Sale Sfcahlb-of tbe Lardeau arid Troutlealcb -Oistrict  8aeLlle;/iuiil  -/djick  ?: ?i 11 vvi iy s; f 11 iy 11 i re. J;?;;  lll)l-SCS?  irroigljiing/ iiiiii "'Teaiiiiiig?  y ^hJHiciiil'tJ^ ;:*/;;/,//?;??;,:;"?';  ; Dailv yi'iigt! '-'leaves"'.-Tin Vinson's "Ijiiiiiliii.'i :ey'i!i.'.y."ine)i;iiiiig 'iit,?.7.'o'clock?,':  ,:iiit'.i'r'oiit,:Lake.,City.':;/..l,^ii!:|'~!irticulai',s',vvi:ii6'^  -":'/.?/ ?????': ?//: J: J:      /;CUA 1G?&/ 111 LI jIIAW, Ti!0"isi.)~*:'s,LANii!Nri.;,  To secureoaoor?tliosi* dcsirtibie/lots;  -GHliAlP oil ?th_ C..fc/Lv-ySterim; Ntivi-?  : gatioti Company's site./??,?/=; :/;-// ;y_//-y  ?:: '-.ijionfc'���������������������������'������������������ wiiit- /till:.-Jl,iievZbobiu /comes'  tKir^vay.ybiiti'BU _/" N U W^U'ii'UffUUi  -J/j;Jj?;"J:-:/// U'UfB'cilQi A gents; J?  Wc Havo-a Good Supiily of  Jj-j:-???J?B uil;ciiri''g uj  ;;;;^/ji?'j?;/iy},aterial,j  :;?"?//:.?j.j?y?'vnci;/;!iLim''ber.  'WfeatlDB'^'ouj'^?  ���������WaStaw S'hoesI" ^  CUT PRICES  FOR S POT CASH  :??' On"it and Sec us; AVecan lix you  ,;2/:J:^LV������L3T0.K������J������AWj.MILk5?:;  Rovolstoke SUitlon, B. C.  If; yiiii ���������wii_jt.n'ni).j,l :Sliii-.rj' SIioo  como t ,  I). .liillliillS.?--;.^;;::?:*;; ?-.:;"'.:?.;,    ���������,.;;   .':;;;.: .;;.f  If ynu vvuiit a no v.1? Prospector.,'yi.oo como  _������������������"     ���������"���������''-���������-ito 1). Jenkins.-';--. ���������"������������������.   ���������','.'     .:'������������������-<;���������,���������'.���������.,������������������".���������"���������    :.:,.'-:  T.riAQtT  ;..: :'.:...':'->���������-: ���������'������������������.������������������.������������������.������������������-,;  If you waul ii line or Hironi; Cork Soled Slioo  como to U .lenkiiis.; ':     ?: :;;?.o;:::?;:?;  Lei;: Uoot coiiio 10?J>.:?  elO^n/;;/:  E. Wood  jj/ji; and'-Buildep :;|-  Ettiiii.ator., plans nnel i?pccifloation3 fucnialicd  on applicatinn. Shop Slid rosair .work  promptly'��������� uttendeel to. ; Waoel , carvi-K a  fcpct-iilty.      Work    f-hop    on   Front  Street.  If yoii want u Ij)iiy  .leitkiiis. ;.,, . y:  aiioOH arid lliniiebb repilre'eVbh llio Hliortcst'  notices: "~-AH' liiieu ot --'.work kept in stock;  ut prices to suit nil. , .-.'���������.'f':.'������������������  D J JENKINS  Tl2e/ReveI������tok.e  Pl^oto Company  J?'.''.?/--' Revelstokje, B. C  STUHIO: POUOrjASSTUEET-  Ps." l-juii  o  n  gl uompariy  _~iitcher3    and    Wholesale    an J  Retail Dealers in Beef, Pork, e*c  KAMLOOPS and REVELSTOKE  :.      ..'.'     <<i    -'it        '���������  All orders in oar line promptly  tilled   -l'irel Street, one-block"from  tlio .Imperial  '.Juste ol OniiiulH,   Huvelatoko Stiilloi), U,  C.  Wopci!f;:Vv :pod!;j:;  Guarnnteed Full;  "   ; ?   Cord������McasHi"o.  The: undersiariioeih.'is a large supply  of Henilock, .Spruce. Fir and ; Pine  VVobd for sale'. 'iVuy persoii,it'tiuiring  vveibel ?Avill? kindly leave their orders  vvith Mi-. ^V. JM. L-iwi"i!nce.?Reqelstoke  Station, or willi H.yN.: Coursier,  Front Street, Keyelstoke.  Vinlt yfUf-U FRANK JULIAN.    -;  ? Sam jNeedfiam"; :  Cleaned  Altered  Repaired  In Gocd Style nt I.ovve3t Pricou.  DoUOIjjVS StIIKBT  ���������   RMyK.USTOKB  f|E������������LSTQK  lip WORKS  Blacksniit__i___r- Jobbina:  Pltunbini-.   Pipe Fittine:  Tinsmitliiiig      ?  ,/  ?S5ieet Iron "Work  __Ia.a__ine--y HePaired  Mining Work a Specialty..  a.  RO_3T. GORDON  Kovolstolio St ii. f  i *<n <"���������)  ouble Oyer (li  LI HUNG CHANG BOUGHT  BY THE RUSSIANS  Beaven rails to form a Cabinet for  British Columbia  The   Vanko-tfp.ir.lto   War Spark Dying  Out ��������� United   States   Troops   For  Fcrt Yukon.  [i \ (Special tin The llorald.)  Washington. August I".'.���������SUirmishes  arc reported iis having taken place: at  San Juan and Albouito, I'orto Itico.  I'I"ACI" NT"-'.OTIATIONS  The Spanish government has accepted the protocol, and issued its instruction to Camboti to sign lho preliminaries   for   the.   negotiation     treaty   to  settle  the  terms on  which  peace can  be   secured.    Hostilities   aro   to     immediately cease on the signing of tlio  piolocol.  I'LKUISCITI'; CAMPAIGN  Winnipeg,   August   12.���������The   Norlh  West  prohibilionisls   have    arranged  the plebiscite campaign iu Regina.  "iVATlSKWOIlKS PETITION  Tho petition of tho Winnipeg water  works    bond    holders    has    reached  Ottawa.  FAST ATLANTIC LINE  Montreal,  August  12.���������The  Atlantic  fast liner scheme musi-if undertaken  bo iloaietl by Canada without Imperial  aid.  SAVING BANKS  The deposits in the Dominion saving  banks    has  increased    $2,100,000  during the. past" fiscal year.  PACIFIC  CA ______  London,   August  12.���������The     colonics  . whicli will be interested in the working of  the Pacific cable  project  will  be consulted before any further steps  are taken.  DENIED ~  Winnipeg.   August   12.���������Ogiivie   denies thai he- expressed an opinion  as-.  . toawheat prices attributed to  him in  recent dispatches.  VICTOR JA CABINET  Victoria, August 12.���������Late last night  IU.  Heaven  made the  statement that  lie  had   not  succeeded   in   forming  a  cabinet,  nnel   that  he  might,possibly  look outside  the opposition    for colleagues.    Cotton and Semlin have both  declined  to accept Boaven's offer aud  join a cabinet with him as leader.  DENMARK'S. DEFENCES  London.   August   1'.���������Denmark     is  . strengthening the defences of Copon-  h: gen.  HAWAII  ;   New York.  August  12.���������  Th  Hawaiian  commissioners  have  from San' Francisco.  "COLOMBIA CLAIMS  London.     August     12.���������liali  granted .Colombia   cigt.i   months  ���������which  Lo  settle Cerrr.li  claims.  0'iina's action in llio Xow Chcmatig  lailway affairs may load io Lho gravest  consequences.  Winnipeg, AugusL 12.���������Wheat culling has comuieiicod in Southern Manitoba.  WORLD'S Fa ilv.  Toroiilo.'Augusl 12.���������The Globe proposes that tho world's lair in 1001 bo  hold in Toronto.  Tiie Ounadau  l'acilii:  has  locale.!  a  line between Toronto and Stiribin y.  TROOPS   FOR  FOI.T   VUKON  Montreal. August 12.���������United Stales  I roups    have    been    ordered    to    St.  Michael's and foil  Yukon  to preserve   order.   .- _         t.. _ .'.  17.   S.  sailed  has  "in  - Toronto. August 12.���������A new bridge  is to bo built'across the ' Niagara  liver. O  ' CHINESE COMPLICATION  London. August 12.���������Montreal Statable.���������I long Kong and Shanghai  bank which furnished the capital for  iho const ruction of the New  Chang railway system has not received any official notification of  lhe successful result of (he Russian  I'.nlics in Chiiia, which are designed  io block the completion of the line.  If the news of China's broach o~ eon-  n.ict is confirmed, ihe hank will li.i-  nio'liuioly lodge a claim for indemnity. II is generally believeel LhaL Li  Hung Chang has been bought, body  nnel soul, by lhc Russian government.  'i he sit-.-.attoti is regarded as very  grave indeed.  Everything possiblo vvas done to stop  tho train, hul iL was not. possible to  pull iL up in Lime lo prevent Lhe whole  train running over lho body of deceased, which  was frightfully  mangled.  Tlie doctor's evidence showed lhat  death  must have boon  instantaneous.  'i'ho jury retired for ilcllhci'tiltou and  Lho followiui; is lhu verdict:  "Thai Lho deceased .lelscpli llerri-  elha I'liino to his death by being run  ovor by a graved train, em lhe 2nd day  of August. lSbS. while lying asleep  on the ra 11 roael I rack on the Crow's  Nest Pass branch of Lhe C. P. 1... between tlt~t.Ii and sixth sidings, nnd wo  lind from evidence lhal lhe dei-eased  vvas sillier iit the time of tne accident,  and add a re'coininonilal.inu tliatgrcul-  cr care bu taken in slowing up trains  whon au object is seen em the track,  and lhal more elTectivu appliances for  the rapid slopping of construction  iruins ho employed than al present  exist.'    CANADIAN NEWS  Skagwav Burning ��������� Admiralty Judge  Wanted ��������� Immigrants Fiom the  States���������Gov. Mclnnis Disquieted.  Ottawa, AugusL ll.���������Qr. Dawson is  uu route from Ottawa I.o Edmonton.  Vancouver asks for the appuliiliiicnt  of an admiralily judge.  11V LAW   l"|-|'"l"ATEIJ  Winnipeg. ' Augusl 11.���������The Fori  William novv waler works bylaw has  been defeated.  FLOCKING  I'TtOM THE STATES  Five thousand immigrants from the  United States have settled in the  Dauphin and .Edmonton districts since  January of this year.  PRICES WILL. KEEP  UP  ;  Montreal, AugusL J I.���������The. loading  Montreal" mills predict gooel prices for  wheat.  AT CHRISTMAS  The   Imperial   penny   postage   vvill  come into force on Christmas Day.  TUE WHEAT CROP  The Ontario fall wheat crops are reported the best on record.  SKAGWAY-IN FLAMES  Vancouver, August II.���������A steamer  arrived at Victoria reports Skagway  in flames.  INSPECTOR  OF  CUSTOMS  Commissioner Ogilvie is appointed  inspector of customs in the  Yukon.    .  A   GOVERNOR'S   DIFFICULTIES  Victoria. August II.���������Martin, Semlin  and Collon, three leaders or Uie provincial opposition, were yesterday invited by Lhe Hon. R. Beaven to seals  in his government, and each have in  turn declined. Tliere^ seems now no  possibility of his being successful in  liis task of forming's new cabinet. TL  seems more probable thai Governor  Mclnnes. will be compelled Lo make  an inglorious retreat, from lho position  he has taken up. Joe Martin had a  conference yesterday vvith t.he governor but refused to talk..  NEWS OF THE WORLD  PEACE   STILL   DELAYEO  ANOTHER ACCIDENT  The Third Expedition lo die- Philippines  Landed���������r/fanila 'Al'.acked ��������� Coimo  Captured���������Promotion in thy Navy.  Now York, August 11.���������The third  Philippine expedition from Lhc United  States has readied Manila after a  very perilous voyage.  -      MANILA ATTACKED  The insurgents attacked Manila on  Sunday night last and a great number  ol"   noi.-conibiit_.uls   arc   reported     to  havo boon killed.  c:0.\. IO CAPTURED  lieneral   Wilson   has ' sui.-coilcel   in  capturing Lho  tovvn  nf Coani'.'.   Porto  Rico atlei" a lierec engagement.  - PROMOTION.  ������������������Washington-.���������AiiKiisl-~-.-h-=���������f-iinson-  anri  other  naval olliccrr. arc strongly  recommended. for promotion.  PEACE TI~I"MS  'Washington. August II.���������The Lorins  of peace have been so far seltledThal  ;i draft agreement 1ms been prepared,  and is now awaiting lhu signatures of  the oaiilrne-ling parlies.    No cessation  of hostilities has yot boon ordered.  The   railway   construction   at    the  Crow's Nest seems to have its share of  accidents. Another of those sad events  occurred on Thursday morning, which  has resulted  iu tho death  of Joseph'  Hcrrietha. According to tho evidence  before  Coroner  Anderson   it  appears  that Robert Gail- had spent the previous evening with the. deceased, who  had  been  indulging rather freely  in  drink.    Witness retired to bed about  midnight  leaving  Herriotha   up,   nor  was he ia bed when the witness got  up   in   the   morning.     Gair   deposed  to tho fact however, that deceased was  sober on the morning when tho aci-  dent  occurred.    They   were   walking  to  breakfast and  deceased  sat down  ou the track  to fill  his  pipe, saying  that il was too'far to walk to the cars  for breakfast.   Witness left hiin there  and saiel he seemed,epiito capable of  realizing the danger'he rail in sitting  down   On; the  track.   '��������� Deceased ' complained several times of feeling sleepy.  The  deceased; was  employed  on -. a  work train engaged iii hauling-gravel  from   a'   pit   west.?   While   travelling  alemg between'the IIfill and sixth sidings tho brakeman and  conductor on  board Lho liniu wliich caused the accident, 'sighted "a..din*],   object  ahead  of tliero on the track which looked like  a cont lo them. The traiii was backing  at the time and t.ho witicsseEj, were on  tbe  roar car;, the  whole  train   of - IG  cars . heavily-loaded with "gravel, in-  terveniiig.'bfilwecii theni  and tlio engine.   When at a distance or about 12".  yards from l\le object, and when running at a spood of about 20 miles an  limir, tbo witnesses distinguished the  objoek to bo a man asleep on lhc track.  NEWS OF THE WIDE WORLD  Russia Ti-s'.iperiiii Willi Biiti-.li In'.crcr.'.s  iu China���������The New, Chwang Kail-  way Loan--Britain Repudiated.  Loudon. August 11.���������The Pekin correspondent of tho Times reports that  Chung Li Vainan of the Chi nose foreign oflice has given formal assent to  all the conditions imposed by the Russian chargo-de-affairs. S\: Payloff, regarding the contract for the new  ��������� Chwang railway extension loan.  These conditions arc in direct-conflict with the terms of signed contract  and are designed to block the completion of the final contract, anda by this  tion of the final contract, and by this  means repudiating the contract: made  .The corner stone of the new city  hall in St. Thomas was laid v.-ith  Masonic ceremonies o;_i the Sth. by  E. T. Molone, of Toronto, grand master. .  Some of Lhe London papers and  people are .accusing Jlr. Holey of  talking loo much. Tliere is no doubt  that he lias talked too much for tho  peace of mind and reputation of some  of them.  Bismarck was a lover ot dogs. He  had a greal Dane dog wliich used to bo  /with him everywhere, and almost  frightened, tho wits out of LorI Uea-  consliolel onco. whon a treaty conference vvas being held botween great  dignitaries. Bismarck was shot at  ��������� twice by lunatic.*, but ho lived to die  in linl surounded by his.* family and  -friends.  A London eahl"~ nt sites that Erno.-t  llooli.-y is ill and will nol be abb' id  continue his revelations for ionic lime  to. come, f'ouncil have applied for  an "order to examine before a judge of  the bankruptcy court the Earl elo la  Warr and several other persons who  have bi">n mentioned as attempting  to" brib'- Hofihw to alter bis testimony  in the mailer of tlio amount. o( money  paid to tilled people during his company promoting.  .Hon. 11. C. Mnckiiiio.h and family  are at the Halcyon Hot spring.*.  A mixture of eiiual pans of best  paraffin oil and salad nil makes an  excellent sewing machine oil.  "N'o fallici-," the fair girl said, "Mr.  Allinghani may not be rich, bin his  lieni't is in the rigid place."  ���������"Humph!'' retorted the crusty old  doctor, "you've hnd your ear against  it, oh'.'"���������Cleveland   Leador.  Tho honey industry is growing in  Ontario. John MeEvoy, uf Wooilburn,  Wentworih county, had I0u cokinios of  bees after tho swarming last June,  and already had taken from these  seven and a half tons of honey,  which he sold at eight cents a pound.  The Washington authorities are  following iu lirilish fool steps in dealing with Lhoir newly aciiuired possessions beyond United Slates boundaries.' The postage from any pari of  lho. United Slates io Hawaii will in  fului'o bo the lwo cent rate,  A company has been incorporated  under lho Ontario act. wilh a capital  of sjnO.OOO. to engage in iho cold storage iind lho general produce and provision business aL Port Arthur. Hon.  Jeri'rey Prendcrgast Yerekei", of London, England, heads lhc list of promoters.  Ho: I'm surprised to sec a bird oniric rial of ti lender hearted woman  liko you. I could never bear io wear  anything thai cost tho life of an innocent animal. She: 1 slippage that Uie  calf from Lhc hide of which your shoe?  .are mado died of old age.���������DeLroit  Free Press. ..-rf=  The scheme to materialize gold from  sea water has come Lo grief, and so  has Lho chemist who had charge of  tho works at North Lubec. Maine; and  is now under arrest.' Tho chief promoters- cannot lio found, neither can  can Lhc money invested by iho now  penitent  speculators.   .  Mining operations in lho Klondyke  arc ai a standstill waiting until tho  cold weather sets lu. Tliere are  about 2f).000 idle men in Dawson eagerly wailing for something io turn up.  This number is being swelled every  day by arrivals from up and down the  river. Tliero arc now moro people  (here than the country can support.  The Noison Tribune of Saturday  last says: " "Contractor Haney is  pushing work on the Crow's Nest, pass  road. On Saturday lasl Lhc Ira ok was  laid within "IG miles of Ward ner.  From Macleod Lo Bull' Hoad' a regular  train is run three times a* week, nm!  passengers'-ban travel in comparative  comfort thai far. To Bull Head the  track is in good shape, and the trains  invariably make their time.  A letter received by the Alaska  Commercial Company, San Francisco,  dated Unalaska. July 2S. says: Information was received here lo the effect  that an entire party of 12 prospectors,  calling themselves lhe. Columbia Exploring Company, together with the  Rev. i".-Weber, a Moravian missionary, his wife, two native pilots, bound  for 'Muskovito river, have been lost. '  A Medicine Hat rancher, named All*.  A very, has had a nasty experience  wiLh it -rattlesnake. " 'J'ho snake bii  him 'in tho finger, 'dhd-Avery-had sufficient presence of. mind. to.bind his  finger tight!}- wilh'his boot, lace; and  suck out,the wound. He was driven  to town and attended by Dr. Calder.  The prompt action of Avery in adopting the course ho diel probably prevented very serious.consequences.  Tho following cablegram was rc-  ocivori aL SI. Michael's palace from  London. England, after the death of  Ai(:hbishop Walsh: "On behalf of  lho Irish National parly, who send  an expression of heartfelt sorrow for  lho death of Archbishop Walsh. His  dealh is an irreparable loss to Lhc  Irish cause and parly of which ho was  ho loyal ami generous a friond. Signed  Dillon, Davitt, Blake, O'Connor."  ���������=-'A-lclC5^T.m-fi-om���������l-l~.nibui'g-says-*ihc  police aro proceeding at lhc instance  of Prince Herbert Bismarck .under an  application to-the Alltona provincial  court, against' Lwo photographers,  Wilcks and, ITioler, for entering the  castle of Fi'oderickshi'ue, and photographing the remains of the late  Prince Bismarck shortly after death.  The proceedings arc based on an article in the criminal code dealing  with "breaches of tlie domestic peace."  Golden Miner: An amusing incident, ib tolel ot two ol our citizens who  were having rather a hot argument  as to the progress of our lill'.e burgh,  'iiie first -ono was explaining and  showing how our little town could not  help but go ahead under the present  indication, but the "other follow could  ,not bo persuaded andboing flnaly ask-  lus reasons said: Well 1 wont over  tovvn the other night to got a "night-  Pap" before retiring, and do you b<~I-  iicVc me. sir there was not a hotel  open and il was only ll.,o'clock, and  yet you want to persuade me that this  is a progressive town.  The body of a man . named John  Ecesley. a brother-in-law of Mr. Chas:  McDougall, was' brought lo Macleod  last Thursday, and an iquost was commenced this morning before Coroner  Anderton. Deceased is supposed to  have been suffering from typhoid  fever. He .escaped into the bush and  was found by the police, who .took him  to their quarters on Saturday last,  where he died on Monday. The inquest is boing held to discover  whether thore was any neglect on the  pare of those having the" care of the  patient. Dr. Forbes made a post mortem examination today and the inquest will Iprobably bo adjourned  until noxt week to obtain thp necessary evidence.  Toronto Telegram cable from London says: Tho Ear! of Minto speaking  at a dinner cf the agricultural socioty  at Hnywii'k on Saturday, saiel he appreciated the lienor which hael been  bestowed upon bim. Ho was ailve to  the interests of Canada, for wliich  e-ouiili-y tbero w.is* a groat future,  l.oid Mrlgiiinl ������~.".pressed his rogivt at  leaving; Scuilanel. yet lio was a cbar-  aetcriBlie Scotchman, and would not  tJ.;������ich from any duty he was called tej  uud>-rake, even though doing so he involved the giving up of many home  interests. He h?d travelled the world  over, a i.e! found Scotchmen leading the  V'ftnmiard. .Scotchmen would always  leael. 1I>~ wa.- croing to join the vanguard in Canada anel hoped.to do like  other Scotchmen'Who had gone before  him.  AN   AUTUMN   MORNING.  Die frn*-t'-(iBldim wliem thei dew wns dripping  ���������Inst in (lie Kpnce ul i\ ilny n^ono.  Tin- ro**o dee-p enl^e e>l' the i-iin is f-llpplnir  Thieuiidi mellow mesh ejf llii- iimunm dawn.  Soiie eif ne'itlH'i" llio lliru*li nor thn linnet  Ruses und .sweeps in it lu-ulicii How.  Only tho lireey-i em ii i-vvi'uibi K-r t_piin)t  Shivers a pensive iiiliiu'lo.  Tlio frei*t'R iikU'iiiii em llu- piuli I fnlloi.,  K-iirlet velvet tlie* vviteh lin/i-1 ..pinuls  ���������Atlovvii tin. slope! of 1liu old mill hollow,  Where) doileler inn;;l<-_ Ils lii*!rous tint.ids.  What I.s (here left of the Kiimiii.-i--*. story���������  Tliti fueled ioics, llio eliil*!.-: lt.M ���������  TTlnit of lier opulent clow nnd clui'y,  (Jut-nclied in tlie lilm of tin liuiiinin dost?  Dei-p In llie- fi biRe or lt_. willow ever,  Wlieio javelin pe.lntH of mui nr.- iln-nst,  Tlie ?tl'(.im llint rillilK lo ii Mnniuer luvor  l_clioo-i llie koiij; of un I lllle.l i-.nsi.  *. llnttiu Whitney in Wmium'.. Home! Companion.   BAI/TA (TIIE LAKE).  Everywhere around reigned calm and  r-ilcnco!  Thoy floated white and shimmering  on lho smooth surfaco of lho lake,  whoso waters wero nnripplcd by a siu-  glo breeze.  Even tho (solitary dragon fly, which  had flown across a littlo whilo ago, had  disappeared, and lho frog would not begin its croaking till oven tide. Thus nothing but rest, still and dreamy, lay on  tho surface of tho'trauquil water.  Many a secret lay hidden in I lib deepest depths of tlio bountiful lako and all  sorts of fanciful stories wero recounted  of its fathomless mysteries.  Thore grew tho beautiful Water Lily,  with,her delicate linoanients, ami her  fragile, spreading roots sepmed to bo always searching in vain ior a firmer  hold, and whose winsonio society vvas  'eagerly sought for by nil her neighbors,  Tho tall flags hovered arouud her and  were continually whispering and making salutations to hor.  Otton hnd sbo petulantly closed her  beautiful loaves, vyhcroupon they vvouid  promiso to leavo her in tranquillity, hut  whon sho again unfolded her petals or  mado even tho smallest movement it  was a pretext for renewed whispers.  All theso foolish adorers hnd novct  yet asked of tho-Water Lily why she  |)iis~cd all hor timo gazing upward toward tho sky, although tbey might well  hnvo observed that lho Lady Moon  -.bono there in all her splendor. When  the foolish ones slept, tho Moon's rays  jrew brighter and brighter, glinted full  across'the lako and embraced lhe liuvver,  which was transformed by lovo into a  Will-o'-tho-wisp, ,.which danced nnd  flirted constantly vvith its beloved.  Tho Tulip was tlio llrst to bo aroused  by this Will-o'-the-wisp, for as he had  lived nt court be was used to watching  and slumbered lightly. HoQ'drew himself up with grout austerity, tor ho saw  lhat the Water Lily was a persd] of  doubtful reputation, who allowed herself to bo embraced in a most unbecoming manner by tbo Moon, danced about  liko a siren, threw asielo nil "modesty  nud provoked nud (eased her neighbors,'  vvho nevertheless ruvered her and looked upou her as qui to a saint.  So tho Tulip lost ub time in relating  his discovery to his nearest neighbors  in the flower world.  Tho Forgotuionot opened its blue  eyes so wide, so wido in -their innocence, that thoy actually remained larger than when they first saw tho light.  Tho Lily of tho Valley, who tenderly  loved tho Water Lily, wept bitter tears,  whereupon tbo Tulip grow bright red  with anger and continued to ropeat his  story to tbo surrounding plants, vvho  drow together in groups uud chattered  aud recounted it to the South Wind,  who was  jnst  then passing over, them  Tho Wind ropeattd it to tho Flags, te  tho Water, lo tbo Clouds, who frowned  in nngor aud immediately covered tho  Moon with a veil.  Tho tail bluo Gentian, perched liko a  cavalier on tbo slope of tho mounti.it),  had hoard tell of tho beautiful Water  Lily. 'lieimagined that.thoro lay at the  bottom of his heart a spirit of iiro equal  to tbat of tho Will-o'-the-wisp.  He had ior some time been enamored  of lho Edelweiss and would gladly havo  feud led her volvoty leaves. Ho was nil  tho moro iu lovo becauso tho two castles,   tiuder  tliu  walls  of  .vhom he regarded as a more poot and  would not oven deign to glanco at, tho  worililo.s.' Reed, but stopped up his ears  with a weary, scornful air when thu  Reed thought good to rnsllo.  Prince Narcissus did not care to harm  tbo I.iiluirimui. Ho folt pity for it,  though hu could havo uuniiiiliitctl it  vvi tli ouo waft of his pungent perfume.  Tho Poppy and the Dandelion weie,  for bim, personages of too low born ex-  traitiein, and for a trillo bo would hnvo  nilopted a rude manner toward lliein.  Hut with Cavalier Cent inn it was  qui io a ilifi'erunt utl'air. Jlu liud comii  down from his heights and defied all  th(..*,e who wero enamored of the Water  Lily. Narcissus had accent ed his challenge and had overwhelmed him with  his pungent, oilur.  As his reputation for valor was now  firmly established ho would havo liked  fn his vanity thousands of voices tn be  raii-oii in his praiso and grow angry  when tho frogs croaked a roquiom in  compliment to thu fallen cavalier.  However, such is lhu way of tho world.  As lung us ono is alive it refuses lo pay  ono homage. Ono must tlio beforo being  appreciated and honored.  What would Narcissus havo said had  ho known that ihu Edelweiss took ilm  veil on account of her (loop sorrow on  tho death of tbo cavalier Uoiitiau:  Toward evening, whon ho had rested  from thu 1'aligiiQ of the day, ho cried in  a voico so loud as to bo heard all around:  "Como to mo, thou beauteous hermit, so white and puro. Thou art meet  and fit io lio my own princess."  Hardly had ho pronounced theso  words when lio was attacked by pricking pains, which seemed to bo burning  him on all side:-, but he determined lo  grasp and conquer his enemy.  Ho .succeeded in catching hold of thb"  Will-o'-tho wisp aud grasped it so firmly thai, it was soon inert and grew colder and colder and heavier and heavier,  Evonlually tho burden became so great  thac ho let it full at his feet, aud thero  lay ii mcii-tians jewel, whito as the  Water Lily, but bearing iu its depths u  marvelous blending of all tho colors in  heaven and on tho cnrlb, with n fire us  vivid as that of lho Will-o'-tho-wisp.  Suddenly tho Reeds- wero pushed  aside, and a long bearded gnomo issued  from tho lal~o and gazed wilh gogglo  eyes at tbo novyhorn Opal.  Lost in admiration, bo hastened to  pick it np. Its etl'iilgenco was so brilliant that ho thrust it into a lantern  which ho woro slung round his neck  aud,set out to rejoin his follow gnomes.  Ou reaching them ho cried out:  "Come and {-"eo what a magnificent  gom lI havo found."  His companions laughed at him, saying:  "Why, it is bnt ri Will-o'-tho-wisp."  "  "I tell you it is an Opal.  I picked it  np, and its firo scorched my hand."  "Yet 'tis but a Will-o'-tho-wispl"  Tho  poor   gnomo  was  furious with  anger aud exclaimed:  "I know that it is, an' Opal, and yo  uro jealous because lam wealthier thai]  ye nil!'-' _  .  Ho preserved his treasure for somo  days, hut ho perceiveel that it dwindled  slowly away us its rays grow fainter and  fainter���������so faint, indeed, that it scarcely seemed to shine.  "Take ifc back .to tho lake," cried his  companion. "Perhaps it may there recover its ofi'ulgeuco and beauty."  So tho gnouio wont sorrowfully back  to tbe lake, hoping agaiust hope. Ilartl-  Jy liael hu opono- his lantern when the  fianio sprang out, nud, iucrnnsing perceptibly in size, glided "noiselessly over  tho surface of tbo water lo the center of  tho lake, whoro it disleuded and separated itself iuto broad green leaves,  whence emerged tlio chaste Water Lily,  -which-onco -aioro-lifled���������its-fair-faoo to-  gazo on tho resplendent Moon.���������Carmen  Sylva (Qncoii of liounianin. in Ludy's  Realm.  dwelt, wero separated by a deep chasm  For all time cavaliers have given proof  of their easy consciences nnd have do-  jimmied moral perfection from their  own wives only. Tho cavalier brandished his lance in the sight of the Filch  wo.iss, to mako helievo ho wns going  a-jightiug,(.and tho Alpino Roses admired him ns ho passed nnd blushed  and regretted that tho cavalier Cculiau  hnd" set out in search of adventure instead of contenting himsolf with tboii'  churms.  But the Edelweiss was of too proud  aud ancient a linoago to show tho least  regret at his.dopavtnro anel remained  frigid aiid cool in her velvet robo near  tho terracoof horcastloand barely bowed hei" head us tho cavalier couched bis  lanci) ou passing boforo her.  Some timo afterward a falcon, wheeling overhead, perceived tbat this indifference was bnt assumed, nnd spoke lo  tho Edelweiss of tho water in tho valley  celow and of tho beautiful white Lily  whieh reigned over it. 1?_ told her bow  the cavalier Gentian hnd fought with  nnd been vanquished by Prince Narcissus, whoso perfumed darts had causi'd  hiin to fall senseless to the earth. Tlio  Edelweiss did not allow her emotion to  nppe.ir, but sho felt n cold fchivor run  throughout her frail body and would  willingly hnvo listened to further details, but th'a falcou had already llov.ii  away, and her diguity did not permit  her to recall him.  Princo Narcissus thus becamo a hero,  and was mightily astonished to fiud  himself such. Hitherto his chief occupation had beeu to contemplate his own  rcllcotion in the waters of the lako, to  perfume himself, nnd to languish in the  wake of the Water Lily, and so render  himself more interesting in tho sight of  the neighboring flowers. Ho lookGd  with disdain   on   the   evergreen Ivy,  .All OcrmiiiiH Go to tlio Oiicra.  "Tbo opera bogins in Dresden iit 7  o'clock and closes at JO," writes Lilian  Bell from Berlin to Tho Ladies' Hume  Journal.- "Tho' best sents nro absurdly  cheap, and wliola families, wholo  schools, wholo communities, I should  say, go there togotber. Coming straight  from Paris, from tho theatrical, vivacious," enthusiastic French audiences,  wliich they ( tiiif-i first (���������icrmnii audience hceuied seri  ous, thoughtful, appreciative, but un-  enthusiastic. They use morn judgment,  nboul applar.so than tho French. Thev  novor interrupt n scene, or oven a musical plirusn, with misplaced applauso  Thoir appreciation is slow, but hearty,  and always worthily disposed. Ths  French uro given to exaggerating nu  emotion aud to applauding an eccentricity. Kvcu thoir subtlety is overdone.  The (jerinau drama is cleaner, lho family tio is mado much of, sentiment ifl  oucournged instead o'f being ridiculed, as  it loo oiton is in America, bnt the Gorman poiut of view uf Americans is quite  ns much distortod as tho French. That  statomont is severe, but true:1 It would  be utterly impossiblo for tho American  girl to bo more exquisitely misunderstood than by French and German mon."  _1PER!i\L B_\HK  '���������OF CANADA  H������=ad Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital 22,000,000  I^esorve     -    -   -    -   l,2O0,GD0  Directors :  11. S3. Ilovvlnnii,  I'residi'iit  T. R.Mi'iTill.Yici-1're.1.,, (Si.Catharines!  William Ramsay, Robei I JnlTray,  Hugh Ryan,   T.  Htttliorlaud Suiynci  Klins. Rogers.  IJ. It. Wilkic. General Manager.  Bmnohoa  North WesL and lirilish Columbia  Portage la        |Vj.r.couvei  l"i"iiirii-i\Viiiiiipi..p  Prince Albert lUrvi.niokt  Sonlh  Edmonton.  ei.NTAKio.  Ni.'igiirii Fulls   ISl. Tliom.-u-  Purl Colborne iTiiionio  Rat, Portage      jWelland  ���������Siuilt HI. Muriel "Voe.dslocW'  St, GiiLliiirines i  MotiLreal, Quebec.  Agents   in    Great    Britain���������Lloyd's  Bank,   Ltd., 7:2 Lombard St.,   London,  with   ������vliimi   tuiim-v   may he deposited  for   triniM'ei   bv   loiter or cable to  of iiliove braiiclips.  Agents in Lhe Uniled Stales���������New  York, I tank of Montreal, I.ank nt  A ini'iiea; Chicago, First National  Bank; St. Paul, Kccond National Bank  Savings Bank I..e|).'irt.iiii>iil���������Deposits  of $1 and upwards received and  inloifst iillovveti.  Debenture- - Provincial, Municipal  nnel other <li">i.nliires purchased.  Dinl'U iind Letters of Credit���������Avail  able ut. all points in Canada, United  I\ii.f.d()iii, United States, Eiuope,  I nihil, China, Japan, Australia, Neve  'j_i'ii,binil. eir ..^  (���������old   Purchased  Tliis D_.tik Issues Special Receipts  wliich will bu accounted foi' uoeiiiy of  tliu Hudson's Bay Co's Posts in the  Vulcon link iioi'thei'n ilislrlcts.  A. El. B. HEARN,  Manager Rovelstolte Brar.uh  Brandon  Calgary  Edmonton  Essex  I'Vl-gllH  Gall  Ingot-jo  FERGUSON   |  The  Centre   of  the   Lardeau   Mines j  THE MOLSOHS BANK  Incorporates by Act of Parlitmont, 185S  Paid up Capita!  Rest Fup,d   -  Head  Office-  $2,000,000  -    1,500,000  -Montreal  BOAHD OP DIRECTORS  XV .Molson Macpherson, President  S. H. Ewing, Vice-President  W. M. Ramsay Henry Archbald  Samuel Finley   J. I", Cleghorn  11. Maiklnnil Molson  F. "Wolferslnn Thomas, Gen. jManngei  A. D. Durnford,   Inspector  II. Lock wood, Assistant Inspector  The bank receives on favourable  terms the accounts of individuals, firms,  hankers nnd municipal and other  corporations.  Interest allowed on deposits at  current rates.  Knglish and American exchange  bought and sold at lowest rates.  BRANCHES :  Aylmer, Ont.  Brockville, Out,  Calgarv, Attn.  Clinton, Out.  Exeter, Out.  Hamilton, Ont,  London, Out.  Meaford, Ont.  Montreal, P. Q.  St. Catharine  St. Branch.  -Morrisbui"K,<~>nt  Norwi-h, Onl.  Simcoe, Ontario:  Victoria, 1}  Kcvclstokc lirnneli:  Bo Sure nud register at the  BJILMOOL .HOTEL  Wheu you reach FFIIGUSON.  The. liiblc is provided wilh the best  ie market nMorels.     Rates from  .'���������!-  lo $:$ per day.  Lhe  CUMMINGS BROS.,  Proprietors.  Subject to ohatiKO without notico.  Trains run on PucIIlc Stanelard Time.  ooixo WEST  8:00 a ni Leave,  8:30 a in  'J::"(i a in       *  1:51 nm      "  11.0_ a m      '    .  11:18 a in      '  1)'::~Siiiii      "     _   ...  11:50 mil.- rive... Snndon  ooiso EAST  Arrive 3:.10p m  3:15 pm  2:15 p m  .   "      2:03 p ni  ,   "      l.-lSpm  .    "       1.33 p m  1:12 ptr.  Leave 1:1 .p  ~ CODY I.I.-K  Leavo 11:01) a in -"-iielon Arrivo 11:15a in  Axiivo llr-l) ll in Ccdy I.e.ive 11:25 a in  I)j������I_Y  . ..Kaa'.o   ���������South Fork..  ..bproulu's   .W hi tovvu tor..  ..Hour Lake ..  . McGiiieiin...  Ce.dy Junction  KOfpfRT IliVING  G, I���������'. nnel J'. A..  Gl~O.KCOIM<~L.\NI_>  **lll)eiill!in   ewil  ^Tb'e^VeTTnw'Sada^  ' IiitcrcKting Germ Sl.u.~3'.  Somo rcmai-icnblo observations ou the  longevity of germs in ilu.st havo been  lundo by Dr. Miquel, aFroii'ih biologist.  tn 1SS1 somo earth was taken from a  depth of tou inches und was found to  conlftiu C,D00,000 microbes per gram.  It was theu dried for two elays in a te:n  peraturo of 110 degrees centigrade, when  ic wns found that tho number bad decreased to about -1,000,000 per gram.  Tho dust was then hermetically sealed  and put awny iu a dark corner of lbe  laboratory. On e-P'~ni"g tho tubes after  a lapse of IG ye.irh it was found that tin-  dirt still contained 3.500,000 microbes  per gram. From tho surviving bacteria tbo tetanus microbo was isolated,  aud so wonderful was its vitality that  it caused death in gniuc.i pigs after an  inoubatiou period of two days.  Tn-uUct! Dignity.  "Hey, "t'.ioro! Are you tbo office hoy?"  "Office notbin'. .I'm do janitor's  pri-  ~rB.to seo'etary 1"���������Chicago Tri buno.  Watep  Wopks . v  M. J. O'BRIEN,   PROPRIETOR  Miinif iet.1 or of Hoda W'a'cr, r-Miicer  AU\ HurpnvvV.ln. ,itul all Soft 1)nuk*j.  __> full BiiniiN Ui pt in MfH-U nt Mo-  ("ally's CgM ������toia^j, whero or*JoM  din ljuluft. a'.O-sw-tf  ���������L PETRETTO  Tqe Roman  Sfeoe ,Mak,ep  DraliT  in    Hoots  nnd    ���������* haw.     Mackenzie  Avuuuc.lwo doura south Molson'd Hunk.  v o  Marneos KcT'uirini. done.  Moderate Prices.   Work t/uarantccd.  CHOICEST  Ottawa, Ont,  Ovvcn Sound, Ont.  Ridgetown, Ont.  Smiths Falls, Out  Sorel, P. Q.  St. Thomas, Ont,  Toronto, Ont.  To ron t _ J u n c'n, Ont  Trenton, Out,  Waterloo, Out  Woods tock.Ont  Winnipeg, Man  Vancouver, li, C.  Revelsloke, 11. C;  . C.      Quebec.  J. li.  MolBon. Manager  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  jV.fKTHOl.IST      CHUUCII   -   Kevelstoko.  '"���������"- I'rrnc'iintc Bervieaw'at 11 ii.ni. ami 7:30  p.m. ' Ola*!, incetiiiK at lhu cli _i) of lho  iiio.-tiin^ iFen-ire. .-.ibbiitli School and Biblo  tj-lasx ut _!::������) p.m. Weekly prnycr meetinn  every Wielr.esnay evei.inn at 7i30 p.m. Tlio  pub.iu nro rnnlially invited.   Bents free.  lUCV. S. J. THOMI'SON,  Pallor.  (���������"IIUKC-II 1-? KNGLAND-Sl. I'ete-'r'e,  ���������J Kevcbloko Huuraot _iuiice; hlveiiin-f  prayer doily nl 5 oV-lock. Fridays at 7:30.  Sundays .-������ el Keslivalu: Holy Communion al '  n.in., inurriiiK pmyer nt II. Sunday School  mid Kilile Oil., h at _.':3.., evoLini; jirnyi r nt 7:30.  First Sunday in llio niontli Holy Communion  at morning service... ,t  FIIAN'K A. FORI), Vicnr.  Kc  purcsUYTEltlAN CH UKCH���������".cyclstokp.  J- "-.en-ice even Sunday at II a.in. anil 7:3(1  p.m. Hib'e Cliss at 2s������ p.m., to which  nil are welcome.- Prayer meetiiiB ac b p.m,  every Wednesday.  REV. T: MESZIES, Pester.  OMAN   CATHOLIC   CHUROU ���������Kevel'"  stoke.     Mass   fln.1 and third Sundaye in  month al 10:30 a.m.  .     REV. FATHER THAYER.  <~~;-\LV,.TIO_- AKMY���������Meetings every night  *-"    in their had on Front Street.  Loyal Orange   Lodge, No   1658.  Regular mwltpni are held in the  jtAa U-dfeUpe. -' II I on tho seeond and  ���������*?������tr������ loium Vv.u.i ,.: vsol eaeh month  ���������s5__7-sl !lt *::w t"-"1- Visiting brethren  TB___-    cotd.allv invited.  Pr. T. JUr-. W. M.: T .1. Orrtnnin. Rce. See.  W.U. 1'im. >-,' Fio. Sec :   K. _. Wilson, Treas.  Court   Mt.   Begbie,  I.O.F..N0.3461.  SIcots-in tho Oddfellows" Hall on tho  2nd and 1th Fridays of  each month. - Vlmifni;  brethren inrltcel - to  'attend.  . J. B. Scott. C. It.  J. L. Smith, R S.  ^evelsto!\e  Hospital  Maternity Room in connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.    ��������� --  Drs  McKechnie   and   Jeffs. Attendants.  _Q_p_JMLLo_el2_  I hyti'jian a.-cl Surgeon, McKonr.io  Avouus, Kcvcielotio Station, B. C.  ciej_R,s  TOBJICCOS  CI SYRETTES  SOFT DFU.NK.S  ICE CR_EJ._M SODJIS  ICE CR,EJM\  Iiieyelea   Kepsircd  and   Tor Hire  R. JA. S.MYTJ-1 E  mT-tr -iiunn sniEEr ckn-tr-;.  If   you   want   employment, or  ,,    lonl.inx for a houso to rent when  vou reach  V..neM)iivcr apply to  The Vancouver Employment  and  House   Renting Agency  XII,    ltti-"-in-;s    Street.    West.  d.K-epnagfyan  <> Carpentep  and Buildep  un.ee bail Workshop:   Opposite Court'  Houso, I.crcl-ioko.  Plant*. Bpccinraiions and estimates given on  at-pl-caUoii- The larKCbt stock of doors, sash,  brackets, turnings, mouldings, Lose casing}.,  kiln dried lloonnK. coiling, and all insido  finish ianowJn stock and will bo otrerod at  nriccs ncv<.r before quoted on this tido of  Vancouver. Any on* requiring any of tho  above material., will he contultingth'ir own  intercuts by frclti-!|? niy prices btforo ordering  c fee where. a27-if  Wendell Maclean  Wholesale  and B etall  Druggist, Calgary  Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.  -".__-������ ���������  If You Want-  P13RE  COWS -JAILK.  G uaranteccl Unadulterated.  So to T.H E E U R.0PE DJI I RY  MRS. F. JULIAN.  LTjqTFRETZ  Contractor and Buildep. .  Shop opposite Imperial Bank.  WorKuianship Guaranteed .  ���������_.      Terms Cash  "il Refreshing  and health-giving  Beverages  For the Hot   Weather _____________  Hires' Root Beer,  Buflalo Lithia Water,  Hunyadi Juno Mineral Water,  Disinfectants _____-__---_~-t  Chloride of Lime,  Copperas,  Carbolic Acid.  Canada Drug & Book  Co. Limited.  Cil-S. P.. McDo.-eA~.~i,  Manager.  Revelstoke Station,  11. C.  LOCAL  AND  CENERAL   NEWS  * 0:30 at tho Vic. for a sandwich.  Services will lie held in St. Peter's  (hiircli next Sunday us usual nt 11 a,  in. mid 7:30 p.m.  Grand Forks is to have a 500 ton  smeltei- huilt us soon us the railway  is constructed in that town.  A mounted policeman at I_ep"ina has  deserted. Should he he captured he  vvill have to serve a year in jail.  S. F. XV. Gainer has charge of Guy  Barber's jewelery and watch repairing shop during Mr. Barber's absence.  The Bishop of Nevv Westminster  will visit Revelstoke on September  4th for the purpose of consecrating St.  Peter's church.  ' The Herald job oftice may not bo  the only one in town, but it certainly  is the best, price, quality of stock and  workmanship consielereel.  A. Lucas, police magistrate of Kaslo,  came up from the south on Monday  and went west. He describes things  in Kaslo and in the Slocan us quiet.  The steamer lllecillewaet will he  withdrawn from the Lardeau route  for the present. Fi eight vvill novv be  contracted for only as far as Arrowhead.  The Supreme Court of British   Columbia have decided that that  part, of  XV. G. Birney left this morning for  lhe Halcyon Hot Springs.  Major Houston, of Nelson, caino np  from the south on Moneluy.  For Sale���������Horse, harness und light  wagem for sale cbenp. Apply at lhis  ollice.  Mr. C. 3. Thin-ley hus taken n position in the dry goods department, of  the leading slore.  A. E. Phipps, of (he imperial Bunk  stall", returned on Monday iniirniiig  from his holiday trip to the. Coast.  lOveryhody shoulel attend the meeting at No. lFim hull this evening lo  talk over the celebration nf Sept. oth.  The Ituv. .1. S. Thompson returned  from the Methodist dislrict ineeling  held ill Kiimloops, Iiy No. 2 this inoi'ii-  ing.  The local corps of Koolenay Rifles  are i-eepiesleil by Capt. Tavlor to lui n  out, to drill practice" at 7 o'clock on  Friday evening.  Messrs. Cunningham et Bel way, of  Cniiiiiplix. holel proprietors, have dissolved partnership. Mr. Bel way vvill  continue ilu: business.  On Sunday evening in the Methodist  church the Hex: Sh: Thompson  preached a very able and forcible  sermon em temperance.  Tho Hev. Mr. Crosby went through  this morning for Toronto, to attend  the quadrennial genernl conference of  the Methodist church in that city,  Pr. Forin, of Nelson, und McL.  Forn, barrister, of llosslanel, unit  Juelge Forin. Ivive loft, on a visit, to  their former home at, Belleville,  Out.  J. If. Dawson, collector of customs  at Niikuyp, is in lown. Mr. Dawson  says Unit Mining Hecorder Fauquier  has heen offered the Cold Commission-  ship nl Kaslo.  Arthur Cunningham, of Coniiijilix,  was in town today. Mr. Cunningham  vvill leave in a fevv days for Ferguson  where ho will put some men to work  on I.hu Bruce claim on the Great  Norl hern lead.  W. B. Pool, accompanied hy Jlr. .T.  II. Turiilmll who represents a strong  Anii'i'icati mining .syndicate left on  Sunday morning for Pool creek to  look over the properties in that part  of the country.  The building of  t.ho  Hobson Pentic-  lon road is going to create more  pros-  _,    ,"T"    *    -r,       i  _.-        a   .  .- i  .-   ..   pi .'oils communities in British  Coluui-  Coal Lands Begulatm^ Act^biting | {...^   T).is   is   a   C1,ml   prm,jnC(. llmi  to the employment of Chinese under  ground is constitutional.   Chinese are  barred.  Thousands of Klondikers are leaving  'Canndian territory for tho Yukon,  where there is no dead cinch royally  to pay. This is only one of the many  ways" Premier Lautier is queering  himself iu Canada.  Another murder has taken place at,  Moyie City, on the C.N.P., the accused  has'been arrested and sent to Nelson  for trial. Puerio is the name of the  Italian who was murdered and robbed,  Antoine Bri.srn, another D.igo, is the  man in custody.  Extremely warm weather is being  experienced in Washington slate.  From July 25th to August 10th the  maximum temperature averaged from  91 to 113. Dissithfiert Itevelstoke  people should now consider this district ft refrigerator.  Wm. Ogilvie, commissioner of the  Yukon, and his party, passed through  on Saturday's No. 1 bound for their  future field of labor, where the grey  owl hoots and the robin never sings,  whero camp fires freeze and bannocks  are the stAtt of life.  .BitBh fii-os in this vicinity are grow  ing to serious proportions. A. Black's  chicken ranche, about two miles out  em llie Big Bend trail, was threatened  with complete destruction on Saturday, but a number fiom town went  nul and assisted in subduing the  fi iui ies.  '��������� Barharian " Bi'ovvn. the well-  known South African millionaire-, vvas  iu town on Mondav evening with a  ���������partv-nf-fri-ml..���������He-hii'--bought��������� up  the Kaslo Kootenian and intends lo  make that place his headquarters. He  and his partv were on their wav to  Banff,  There are now ahout"21 residents of  Revelstoke in camp at the St. Leon  hot springs. The party includes Mr.  and Mrs. Coursier and family, Mrs.  H.tigjMi4family, Mrs. Temple. Mrs.  Nellis. Mrtr-Grpgari and (iaughtcr.Mi.s;  Mabel Corl-etxJ-MisR Smvthe. Messrs.  F. B. Wells, Guy Barber and W. G  Puxlon.  Elko, the new townsite of East  Kootenay, is nituated on the main  line of the Crow's Nest railway and  only about twelve miles from the coal  mines. Th. new town boasts of  hiving the finest- wnterpe-iwor in ICaM  Kootenay and is sitimteel nn a hiirh  and level plateau overlooking Elk  River, from which it t-akes its mime.  There area large nuinber of mines in  the vicinity of the nevv town.  Frank Hanna. of Trail, liai jusl  made a six weeks' trip through the  Lrtrdeau country, and he broucht out  with him several sacks of ore from -Indifferent properties which he visited,  with the view of getting assays made.  We will await the result with considerable interest as Mr. H.'inna's  opinion will have murh to elo vvith lhe  ' further introilnction of capital into  that promising district.  Rev. F. A. Ford and Rev. H. Irwin,  of Reissland, left feir Vancouvei- on  Monday's train to attend the dioresian  synod of the church of England. The  Kootenay delegates will try to start  a movement to have a separate synod  for Kootenay as it is found almost  impossible for t.he delegates to attend  a synod at Vancouver every year and  the consequence is that one parish in  tbat city comes pretty near running  tbe whole diocese.  The French Creek Co. turned on the  water on their propei ty on that creek  Monday, the 8th instant. The inelica-  tions are that they will have a snrcef-s-  ful season. A nugget valued at .$10  was picked up on the property some  time "-firo and a smaller one was found  this morninK afler the water had been  turned on. A clean-up will be made  sometime id October. There woulel  seem to lie some shallow diggings too  in tbat vicinity as it was reported that  a minpr while prospee-ting in that  district found in one place as many as  _3 colors in a pan, but declined to  divulge the locality where he made  ��������� this rich find.  il is just in its infancy so far~-as its  coiiiiueiviii! prosperity is concerned.���������  Cranhi-Odk Herald.  On Monday morning .1. D. Sibbald.  stipendiary 'magistrate, gave judgment in favor of B. Fischer, a brewer,  against,   Ihe  Enterprise  Brewing  Co.  P. McCarthy, Q.C, of Calgary, wont  thiough this morning from a trip to  the coast.  Found.���������Memorandum hook. Owner can have same hy applying al. lhc  Mining Exchange. " ..  Jas. McMahon has just turned out a  strong and durable delivery wagon for  Messrs. Bourne Bros.  The Revelstoke Brass Band will  play in front or the Victoria Hotel on  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.  Mrs. O'Connor of the Windsor hotel,  Ferguson, came up from the south  hist night and went east on No. 2 this  morning.  .1. Patterson, of Albert Canyon,  (���������aine down here yesterday on a trip  and reports things looking bright ut  the Canyon.  It. Davis and Mrs. Davis, of Donald,  vvhei have been visiting ill the residence  of Mr. Ihiht. t.ordon for a few days,  returned on this morning's No.2.  Clans, of Nanaiino, the convicted  murderer of his Klondike purtners,  llendiickson and Burns, died at 10:15  on .Saturday night us a result, of a large  dose of strychnine. It is supposed  that the strychnine was given to him  in ii meat-pie whicli his wife sent to  his cell on Saturday.  Good News from the Waverley  The Wuvorluy peoplo have received  excellent news from tlieir manager.  By-the-by I vvas surprised to hear thai  Grant Govan had severed his connection vvith the Goldfields of B.C. He  has taken offices in another part of  lhe city and only connected now with  the group with which he has been so  much identified in the capacity of a  shareholder.��������� London correspondent  of the Rossland Miner.  fur $01.75, balance of wages due. Gee).  S. Me-Oarter for plnintill and J. Murphy for defendants.  i-ossliind has fully recovered from  its boom elays and now enjoys more  acliiul prosperity than ever. It is  now on a pay roll basis, a happy -position for any city to ho in. ll.always  has to cetme. anil the sooner in a  town's experience the better.  The lawn social t.i be given under  lhe auspices of Ihu Ladies'Aid of the  Presbyterian e-hurch on Friday evening next, promises to be a most successful affair. The l.evel.-.tnki: brass  b.-iiiel will be in al ti-iiiiance, and the  grounds vvill be prettily elec-orale-d.  The Annie Louise White Co. of New-  York, Queen of Entertainers, a union  of clever artistes, are tei appear in  Revelstoke on August .'Mill, under the  auspices of a few of our most enterprising young men. particulars of  which vviil appear in our next issue.  Owing to a typographical error the  woid IVwey's. kid gloves appeared in  our Wediiosdav's issue, instead of  Pewny's kid gloves in Jas. Gil) & Co.'s  advertisement,. Pewny's- kid gloves  are well known bv the ladies partie-u-  lnrly and are the standard the world  over.  Grand Forks is to have a smelter  im media Lell- upon the construction of  "tire Cn-TR/to that point. But Tt appears that the company ��������� has withdrawn their petition asking for a  right-i)f-way through that particular  portion of the townsite. There are  either townsites.  Messrs. W. B. Pool, J. II. Turnhnll  and F. GiiiTimd, who left, e>n Sunday  morning to visit properties in the  Liitleaii returned again on Monday,  _wiiig to tlie illness of Jlr. Pool, vvho  is suffi-ring from a very severe attack  of neuralgia, Tli1" party vvill go down  again as *-oon a-Mr. Pool is sufficiently  recovered lo lake lhe trip.  R. Howmiii has seilil.liis building and  prop.'i-ty em Douglas streel to Jas. McMahon."who will turn it into a blacksmith simp and i-ai-riuge works, and  tear down his olel shop, I liming the  ground into a lawn. He vvill also  make a number of iinpriiveini-nts to  his i-1-.iiIi-nce. -Mr. Howson has purchase-el Jlr. JIcMahon's property on  Third street.  Mr. B. A. Luwson. of O. B. Hume <t  ("i.-*-. ui"t with a very painful accident  on Munelay last. Mr. Lavvson vvas  splitting some vonel at th') rear of hi."  l-psiih'iie-e when the axe caught in the  clothes line anel swung hitting him  square in lhe foreheael, inflicting an  ugly wound which required seven  stilc-he-s. The Hrkai.ii is pleased to  stale however that Mr. Lavvson is  around again and able lo be on duty.  A prominent mining man from the  ���������Sloc-an said to u. Iffcit.vr.t) man a few  elny*. ago: "The Revelstoko district  is in my '.pinion destined tei become a  most, important geild producing region  wilhin the. next few years, anil the  capitalist.-* who acquire anel amalgamate the already known golel and  silver lead claims in the Big Bend and  the Laieh-iiu nnd I'rout .Luke district-,  vvill s-et-ure a lasting anel profitable:  enterprise'."  Anyone who vvill lake lhe trouble to  investigate will li-.-irn that there is  more, work being done in the way of  mineral development in north Koolenay this year Ihan is generally  believed. New prospects are being  opened, assessment work is being  performed, anil all Unit is liidiig done  geies to demonstrate that this is tt  great mineral counf.ry. Next season  will see hundi"(ls of thousands of  dollais invested in mining in Koolenay and il. ii fortunafe for those: vvhe>  have invested in Revelstoke that this  town is the central point of the whole  mining section.  Halcyon Hot Springs Arrivals, c  11. R. Cameron, S. "Vyhitc, J. M.  Reefer, Nelson; A. Y. .Anderson,  Brooklyn ; XX. de V. Leinaiiire, Trail ;  W. J. Neilson, Beavgr; L. II. Moffat.  Rossland ; T. E. Devlin, Kaslo ; J. A.  Cniilwell, Sandon , J. Murray, Winnipeg ; Capt. Tatlow, Vancouvei'; P. J.  Lyons. Rossland ; J. H, McDonongh,  R. Opperiiian. Sandon ; D. DeBrisay.  Robson ; Angus MacLeod, Burton  Cilv ; Mrs. Lowe, Miss Lowe, Alf. Fox  T. Sleinniei.'/,, 11. J. McCulloch, W. H.  Moe, I'I. I. Phair. P. J. Russel, wife  and family. *J. M. Coombs, Nelson ;  A. Dick, .1. E. Le'ckie, Mrs. B. F. Jackson, XV. Martin, F. P. Barr. Max Kar-  ter, John Martin, Frank Hanna, Rossland . XV. H. Aldridge. R. H. Cullman,  Trail ; T. II. DeCow, C. Harte, Arrowhead ; R. II. Gordon, D.-Anderson,  Sandon ; Mrs. M. .1. Yesler. Miss.Edna  Yiigle. Seattle ; II. B. CiiuibieVV.-in-  rouver: J. H. Sharpe, Nevv Denver;  Victor Dodd, Regina : XV. A. McAr-  llmr, Kamloops: Mrs.- A. McGwire',  Salmon Arm ; F. J. Wheeler, Vancouver ; T. Jh'Naught, Golden ; H. Chapman, Victoria ; A. F. McMullan.  Ottavvil : R. P. Pettipiece. wife and  family. Revelstoke; B. R. Hamilton.  Q. C, J. B. McArtbur, Rossliind ; Cap-  Sanderson and wife. Nelson ; J. Lind-  suv, Vie torin. ; F. H. Barnes. Vernon ;  XV. A. Hendryx, M. D., Los Angeles,  Cal.; G. B. Gerraril and wife. Kaslo.  If wo made' It, its proper  We are giving  demonstrations dully in the art  ��������� o������ Correct Tailoring. Our ens  turners are models eif neatness  nnd fashion, and wc take pride  ill having thi'iii such. If you  aro particular, if your clothes  must bo "Just so"���������lhen ive.  want you for a customer. It Is  our pleasure In please the mini  nf exacting taste. The niiin  liurdesl to please is the mau vve  want. Won't you let us demonstrate with you.  Suits, $20 Up.  R. S. Wilson,  The Kootenav Tiill'.r,  Itevelstoke Station.  Agent for the  Blicketisderfer  Typewriter  :d:____.____i__"r  __  *_*. Gents' Furnishings  Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps and  Stationery, Tobaccos, Cigars, Toilet and  Fancy Articles, Patent Medicines, Etc.  POST  OFPIC"E3   STOBB,   DE&El'V**ElIiai,OK:E! _ B. C.  March  Right On  Oo from store to store, examine  the goods, then priee them, jlftor  you have heen all around you'll  Iinel you can buy llie REST and  CHEAPEST, in our line, from lis.  We sell nothing but the very hest  of the following:  Groceries  A fresh nnd complete stock ut  cut prices, A. choic-u line of dried  and cvaporntcri fruits : canned  poods of every description ; choice  dairy and creamery butter ; eptfs ;  flnprant teas tind coffees ; the hest  ' brands of Hour on the imirkct;  frenh fruit of every kind arrives  daily; vegetables.  Hats  Ko part of man's attire detracts  from or aelds tei liis personal appearance emc-half us much as his  HjVT. It is the linisliIiiR touch to  the perfect man. If you want the  proper thing in the hat line, straw,  stiff or felt, properly lilted to yeiur  heael, call and see us.  . Shirts  Satisfaetorv shirts : that's the  kind of shirts vve sell here. Satisfactory in that tliey look vvoll.wcar  welland lit well. Hold their color  too. In patterns that are up to  , date aud styli_.li, without being too  loutl. " Warm " effects too. We  have them in colorings to suit all.  - Shoes  Shoes bought of us nre modern,  pliable, stylish and vow IS I'P.ice.  Wc carry all the latest novelties in  shoes���������shapes, fancy uppers and.  all that. Prospector".* ami others  should examine emr shoe stoek.  -!&**  Keillor's  Dundee   Marmalade in  i lb. Jars and 4 lb. and  7lb. Tins.  Crosse & Blackwell's Jam.      Maconochie's Pickles.  Tetley's and Other Choice Teas.  A Well Selected Stock of Dried Fruits and Canned Goods.  Mother's Mush, an Excellent  Preparation  for Porridge,  Especially Adapted for Hot Weather.  A 1 Large and Small Cheese. Freshly M_ade Butter.  New Laid Eggs. Hay, Oats, Bran, Chop, &c.  -^1  Pupil of Mr. Win. II. Sherwood, of New-  York and Chicago, and Mr. Ernest Whyte  of Ottawa, will receive pupils for Instruction In pianoforte playing and singing.  D^~~*Studio at the residence of Mr. 'I. J.  Graham, McKenzie jive. -      .11  THE STAR BARBER" SH0P  Candies and  Confectionery.  Cigars and  Tobaccos,  AU kinds of Shaving Material  Kept in stock and for sale lo the  Trade.   Prices right.  Bath Room in Connection,���������Hot or Cold.  Shop opposite   Canada Drug it Hook Co.'s store.  A. H. SMNN, PROPRIETOR.  HAVE YOUR  Bread  Delivered fresh every day and elon't  ronst  yourself over a burning stove.  .THOMSON'S^'LANDING  A Budget   of   Interesting   News   From  the Gateway City  Taomson's Lanuixo, August l.j.���������  On Tuesday last Mr. Domett and a  party of nine men came in for lhe  purpose of surveying lhe new railroad  line fnr llie C.P.R. They are ramped  one anel a half mile's fi-o.n here.  Mr. Westfa.ll. of Rossland. returned  from lhe Diuii-aii slope - yesterelay.  where he reports having str.ii-k a very  fine body of e>re. Mr. Simpson, also of  Rosstiiuil. was lieu* fot u f'"~~~ elays and  paid ii visit to the Goldsmith property  and vvas very well plea-serf with lbe  mine.  Mr. Me-Neill. superintendent of lhe  Silver_ Cup, .passed. throiigli..-On._hia  wav to Van .Oliver.  VV. XV. Cexiley. of St. Paul, Minn.,  was registered at the Prospector's  Exchange on Sunday. -   - "'  Our old friend .Mr. Darling paid ns a  visit, from Vancouver this   week.  W. B. Pool wills a few men went up  yesterdav lo open up the.' famous  Moscow Incited em the  Mohawk   lead.  The steamship I-irdeau which has  been docked at Comaplix for repairs,  made her first trip this nifirniiifj  looking very neat iu her new coat, nf  paint.  There is great rivalry between Sir.  Thnm.ein and Hurry _V_ edhiini in  tlieir gaidens vvhie li are kept up .'is  only Hardeners of Ihe.ir calibre e-an do.  It si'.ims tliat  the  ceivvb.'ll   nuisance;!  extends all   lhrough   lhe   Koolenay.**,  us vve nre: also   prsli.'d   wilh   the   elan;;  claiij_r of hellte.  j~~q*i!*,l to the. OccanTO-.  They toll this story in London abont  the ConnteKS Waldegravo, who was  married four times: One evening she  appoareel at tbo opera in Dublin during  her fourth husband's occupancy of the  post of chief secretary for Ireland. An  audacious Celt, catching sight of her  ladyship in one of the boxee, shouted  out with real Irish temerity, "Lady  "Waldegrave), which of the four did you  like best?"  The countess was equal to the oc<_a-  Bion. Without a moment's hesitation  she roso from her seat anel exclaimed  enthusiastically, "Why, tbo Irishman,  ������f course','���������a remark -which naturally  "brought'down tho house."  Minors and prospectors  eiiiltllteilonshort notie-c.  Fallis  ^ffla___i___M!i__a--_s__i!  _-...<-_���������*���������  ���������E_^7--"  Not tiik   ('niy :. having parlor  In UeveNtoke, but the best.  Hnir Cutting, .Shaving and  Shanmooing, with all latest  aii-us*ories. Koken's Celebrated Hvilr __lic Chair.,   Parlor  In The Motel Revelstoke  and the very best service is nt  your disposal for  ���������    35 Cents Ail Round  & &  A,-     xy. It It EN .VAN. Tonsorial Artist.     Jt,  ������#__������>*-  :t_3*gSICi  FRESH  Groceries  A nice new line at exceedingly low prices  PI V TIMF    SCREENDOoRS  *"** A-i-XTS-l���������. SCREEN  WINDOWS  Just, wliiiUyou require, to keep your house cool and keep  out. the flies. "Wo can fit you mil in anything in this line.  Sleel wire inosciuitn nelliiiK from 15 cents per y;ird. Spring  hinges und door nulls for screen doors, 25 cents per set. Coal oil  stoves, single and double burners. The celebrated Bine Flame  oil stoves.     Prism liquid paints al ways on hand.  W. ffi. LAWRENCE.  THE UEADEN& STORE  A Large Consignment of Dress Goods  Just to Hand. They Are Opened up.  Come and See Them.  James   Gill & Co,  MiKkN-ir Avn.*tii-  lii:vi:i_-������iOKi: Station.  CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE  A. N.SMlTH,K^!S^.Ry..,..  Undertaking and Embalming  R. Hov/son &. Co.,  Mackenzie Ave."  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Furniture.  A FIRST CLASS     "  General Store  in a noon itisiNi:  TOWN  Ijli.i.l.:...   ...1,.   ,.iu   j.ii|j.j, ....   .....���������   ...    .- -....,  the undersigned will offer for sule-at pulilie  miction at the Saw Mills nt the above tunned  Company, near .Vrrowliead. on  Saturday, the '20th day of August,' 1898.  at 1- o'clock, noun, the following goods nn_  e-liiitlels mentioned In sidit liieu-tgngi'. i-ii::  One mill building for saw mill with engine  house, ami snsli and door factory attached, <>iic  dry kiln, erne blacksmith sliopiind tools, anvil,  forge 11 nd bellows there in; one boiirelinglioii.se:  Ihrcc lodging houses; two residence . occui'Ieel  bv T.1I. Dee'ew and family and by W.M. DeCow  ninl fainilv; one horse stable, seven won:  horses; Also all the machinery and saw mill  nnel fae-torv plant of everv kind nnd description in and Miout the said buildings, Including  two engines, two boilers, one planer, one stie*k-  er, one" rip saw, one mortlscr, one band saw,  one circular saw, one sanding nuii-htiie, mit re  machine, one lathe, one tenon, one slii'.iglc  mill, enli! lathe mill and boiler, one fan and  heater, shafting, belts, ami all tools used in  connection with said saw mill.  Terms Cash.1  -  Dated this l'JIh day of August, A.D. ISCS.  (Signed) John MiCaiithv.  anglOli Haillff.  Notice.  Notice i.s hereby given that two months artcr  ili'.tu the Sunshine Limited, 11 company incorporated under I he Knglish Coin panics A .In anil  licensed to cany on business in the Province  of llritisli Columbia, intends to applv to thn  Chief Commissioner of Lnmls ami Works for  permission In purchase 17.1:1 (seventeen anel  IS-1(1(1) acres of land situated in Kootenav District, coniiueiic.i'ig at 11 post marked "Initial  Post North West, corner Sunshine Limited" aeljoining the east side line of tho Huron Mineral  Claim (Trout Lake -Mining Division) at a point  TNI feet From the north ea*! corner nf Mich  claims, thence north _":: deg.- oust for li:jtl feet  thence smith :_:; deg. "!l min. east for Mm.a feet  tlience south r_ tleg. 21 min. west for ���������".'--'! feci,  llience north 1(1 deg. .Ill 111I11. west for lo-'il'feet,  containing 17.1:: acres more or less.  -     Sl'XSIII>~~~ LlMITl'D,  JClKi.llt A.-IlBSNETT.  General Mil linger  July 2(i, 1898.  J-"br^  Buy Fruit  and Groceries  Tl.at nr. good. We probably  have the best stock in town,  em.- fruit business has increased  lo mich proportion*, thnt wc  hav.. Ii iwrlvlni? dally, thus bc-  KROM ing frcih.and wc guarantee It's  quality. Our prlcei for qimn*  lit*.).*���������for running purpo������ei���������  are pO-tivcly the lowest In the  Koou'cay. W Mall orilcs  0 promptly tlllc'l. *  Hutchison &; Co.  The stock in trade of a first class general  store for sale at a bargain. This store is the  only one in the town, ami is the outlining  store for a number of e-amps in tho I-'Ish Creek  country. The proprietor I-* obliged to go cust  and is therefore desirous to sell.  For further particulars apply 10  I. M. CITltON,  Thomson's Lauding.  This Is a good opportunity for a live, energetic man.  Uncle  A New I~o__ Fonncl.  "Oh, John,  dear,   isn't your  George droadfnl?"  "What's up now?"  "Why, I called at his office today,  ond he waa talking to one of hid olcrku  np Ktaim."  ".Nothing unuHual in tbat."  "And, John, he told tho poor man to  go to���������you know where���������through tho  Bpoaking tube."���������Pick Me Up.  NOTICE  Tli p. "teftni*������r rUopillf1 whoI will Ke *a-i tli drawn  from tlie J-t_rfIen.ii roMo for the prcM-nL  J. W. TROUT*,  Superintendent 0. <_. IC. Stcamcre.  f  Th������ F. E. Piper Co. hnve now on hand  FI.--*. CIA.*.*, Brick at right rirlces.  fnte.-i'Iiiig builders  would do well to  e-all ond examine.  T'.riJ-k vard just north of tho Gun Club  ground ������.  .Vfafl or'ler-- promptly attended to.  Price.-* on upplp fttlon.  The F. E. Piper Co.,  Revelstoke. B. C.  Musical  Instruments  You nre requested to loeik over iny  select stock of    VIOLINS, li UITA HI.    MANDOLIN".*!   "     IIOItNKK'S  MOUTH OUOANS   STRINGS and ACHSSOKIKS....  j\n excellent stock nt low prices.  Tob-coop, Cigars, Soft Refreshing Drinks,  Stationery, Novels, Japanese Curios, Ktc.  Chas. J. Aman  W. G. BiRNEV  Painter and  Decorator  First Street East, Revelstoke Station  Graining, PajK-r Hanging, Hard Wood Finishing, House Painting in  all   Ilranchcs,  Carriage Tainting, Gla/.Ing, .tc.  Dissolution of Partnership  Take notice, thai we Ihe undersigned, carrying on business as hotelkeepors at Comaplix,  |-70~~-uiider"the".triiriianio~nf-(,'unnliighiiin ._  Dclwiiy, have this day dissolved partnership  hv mu'tual consent. ������  'And take notice that Jos. Delvvay will" take  over the business of the tinu and rolled nil  accounts and pay all liabilities of the late firm  of Ciiniilugliam & Iti'lwav.  Dated nt Comaplix this l"ith day of August.  1E!'S.  Witness: - J AnnitiR Cunninouam  A1U!1I-   I"1S1IKII. I JOSKI'll IlKLW.VY  For Sale  A* Rubv Kim Lady's lllcye  This   year's.     Cheap.     App  Itevelstoke Stal ion.  Ic  y  in  K.  gooel order.  ei. HKcKKit,  ir.ati  For Sale.  1. Two residential lots 011 Third St., opposite IE. Samson's house, below the murket price  for spot ciisli.  2. A fin foot lot, fenced, and one story dwelling, on Second St., cleise to I'ovcrumcnt House.  :!. One lot in the business centre of McKon-  ?.lo Ave., very chcnplv for I'asli. A snap either  for business purposes or investment.  4. Iliisine*.* lots on Campbell avenue In excellent locution.  .">. A corner lot on Front street, close to Post  Ollice, very cheap for cash. This is another  snap.  Wo can help you to buy residcntal lots if  vou mean to bullil on them. House property  in Itevelstoke Is a valuable possession right  now.   Call and make Inquiries.  A real bargain. Four roomed cottage iu the  best residential quarter, near Ihe Court House.  Excellent cellar, water laid on, interior plas-  tcroil, wood shed, stands on 50x100 foot lot.  Terms: Part cash, part monthly payments.  The biggest snap of all���������Carnes Creek Consolidated stoek at ground floor prices.  augO GROGAN & CO.  Advertisement for Creditors.  In the estate of Thomas Wallace, deceased:  Take notice that all persons having claims  n-Uiust the estate of Thomas Wallace, late of  the town of Itevelstoke, II. C, deceased, arc  on or before the !!0lh day of jVugust, 1S1>~,  to send by post prepaid to the uneicrslgiicel,  Peilieitors for the I'xecutnr, .A. I~. Phipps, E'-q..  their Christian and surname, addresses ami  description-, the full particulars of their  claim, a statement of their accounts mul the  nature of the securities (if anv) held bv tlicm.  Dated the _Uli day of Julv A.D., 1898.  VViiitk & Scott,'  ItcvctstO-C. B.C.,  ..   ,  -_.    Solieitors-for-the_I_xccutor._____-.__  Application For Land.  Notice i.s herebv given that 00 days after date  I intend to apply to the Chief Ceiiniiiissloner of  Lanels and W nrks for permission to purchaso  fHO acres, more or loss, of unsu'rveyeil land,  part of which was formerly preempted lull now  abandoned bv Archillc Ijevosque anel situate  on Don'nie Creek.'Dig liend district anil described as follows: Commencing at a post at  N. U corner of Ferguson's land, marked N\ K.,  tlicnee north Hii chains, thence west 40 chains,  thence south Hi) chains, thenco cast 40 chains. .  containing :120 acres, more or less.  Geo. LAFOitMF.  Ilev-elstoko, B. C, Jutied,18!i8. ilaug_  Liquor License  Take notice, that I, the undersigned, intenel  to apply SO davs after date to the Stlpanillnry  Magistrate of the Kevelstoko Killing of VVext  Kootenav for a license to sell liquor by retail  at iny hotel, situate on the Waverley waggon  road, ten miles north of Albert Cauvon.  ItOHKKT 1'AfTEKSON.  itevelstoke, August 1st, IS'JS.  Notice of Removal  The oflice of the Gold Fields of H.C., the.  Tangier and Waverley Mines Co. havo been  removed to Albert Canyon where all business  in connection with the above companies will;  in future be transacted.  J.D.GRAHAM,  General Manager.  Revelstoke, .lugust 1st, 1������08.  PUBLIC    NOTICE  Take notice that a petition lues 1<"ph filed  vvith the Registrar nf the; Supremo Court at  Victoria again-.! the rclurn of the cleetion of  .1. M. Kellie, iii'inbcr fur tho K.-v.-lstok.; Riding  of West KemtciiHi- Electoral District In the  Provincial LcgMa'ture. The petitioner's agent  Is Mr. Arthur Philip l.u _teui, whose address is  21 Kastiim Street. Victoria. II. C  lSan2"  IOU.V D. SinBAI.P.  Returning Oflicer.  Light  Transferring  and Carting  "Mr-Telephone vonr orders to W.M. Lawrence  anil thoy will be promptly attended to.  Robert Fleming  .{UNISS WEST OFLAKKSUPKItlOR  Office of the Traffic Manager, Winnipeg, June  22nd, 1893  RATE NOTICE NO. 93  In effect until September SOth.  The following round rales will be in effect:  Sandon to Rosebery and return 7.3c  Three Forks to Ilnseberv and return 50c  Sell on Saturday and Sunday, limit to return  the following dav.  Itevelstoke lo Halcyon Springs $2 25  Sandon       " " "       A 85  Robson       " " "      5 75  Nelson       I" " "      7 50  Slocan Citv " "      .35"  Trail ' " " "      7 00  Rossland     " " "      3 25  Kaslo " " "       9 75  Ain.-worHi  " " "       8 20  New Denver " "      3 05  Tickets to Halcvon Spring-- are good for 30  days.  ROBERT KERR,  Traffic lyianager  Notice.  Owing to tho supplv of water being scarce on.  account of the hot .weather, tho use of the-  hose is prohibited by the company during the-  heat of the dav.  The hose may be useel early in the morning  or late in the evening.  In the interests of the town the company-  wishes to retain enough -water in the reservoir  for fire protection purposes.  (Sfgned)   TIIE REVELSTOKE WATER, LIGHT"  lOau .t POWER CO., LTD.  Hotel  Ferguson   l|  l������5r iMiiiiiiiiiiiimtitit-imimMi-it-f *E*r_-cfliBiiniTf?P  Ferguson, B. C���������7he Centre     Js  Q3T of tbe Lardeau Mines Tf9  "Z% IEIt*aillMlllinHI1tlll5BamL!:HB--ltCB-_IIIIIIIIUI ?Sg|  ^   Best  Accommodation   ||C  ||? in the  Lardeau.        m$  _������^2.I....'-Il-Il.-P1l__������'e.-I.,l-E1EII- .l->---M-lltftllM.I J^.'J  f       Rates   S2.00 Per Day.       j|ft  Dave   Ferguson,   Prop.


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