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Revelstoke Herald 1898-06-22

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Vy ���_
"7 -1
,f   JIL___S^
-ISSUED   T"V7"IOE-A.-'V7"II]EIC ���"��V"EIDliTESI_>--_.'Y"S    ______." ID    S_A.TTT___.:D.A."_rS-
Vol.  II.    No.  44.
idsor/s Bay |
Company   |
[I  -CO''__>."lTI.D 1G70 |J|
Most   Up to-Date   Outfitters &
in Western Canada. ,t>
In'o-.dirg l'ro--]ieetors should uritc us
ior ore ol our new Folders, which
(ontiiins an es-tclient Map nnd an
c*ti-i"ite ot the probable cost of a
co.rpleli* o ::fit ior the Gold Fields
Hudson's Bay Stores,
Cite.'.-.*,, I'tb I. 1S3S
$2.00 a  Year in Advance.
/>? & Crage
Notaries Public,
* Sole Agents for
/ $ eyeisioke
MINING,    '
WM.  WHITE,  Q. C,
Ear.-isler, Sohc'itcr, Notary Public, Etc
Folic iter for Iin* crial i~ auk of Ciimda
Front St,  Rcvclstok., B.C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc/     *
Cue     Covinn Iilock.   1*0 Bo \ 10S
ThirJ St.. Revelstoke. B.C.
Application For Land.
Notice i* here... ttUcn that CO dn\s after date
1 inteuil to nppl*. to the Chief Comm'.-sloner of
IjHii'l. and \" or-* ior peni'i-sio.i to purclin-c
iyt acre* mors or Ies- of iinsiir\c\eirinud,
part of .iln.'li -Rsiornieih preempted but now
abandoned In Arclnlle Lcc-que and-ituitu
c Dn-inic ( reek, bir district and described c* follo-\s Commencing at a post at
X K corn.", oi _en;ii*on'-> laud, marked N K ,
thenco north Si i lii.n-. thence ��c-t -10 chains,
tlioi.ce south S.I chains thence east 11) chains,
c nit_in> ���*,; Z70 -uri's, more or less
Geo IjAroRiir
i'c*.c'stol.e, I) C , JuncG.lSCS. dang.
t>   -13
I Results
Count ' nt: i-cj. Is not half so
I i.i pi rt ml ns what >ou get In pnlnt.
Ci.cip 1 air.t is nli.aj. mm li
mere e-pen-hc than the high
I rice J, v hen re-ults are considered.
People .'.re li'iilmg this out. ��
A good artnle will nluojs make
-i The
lost nioie lli-ii others, but are the
most cioiiomk'il paints any man i'<e longer than nny
othcr paint", and in wc Include
1'iii'e I ca I i-i 1 Oil. 'I lies KO further
nnd have.ib'Iter npj carniiie. If
jou dou't knim this nlrendy, It's
i.orth iour while to find it out.
g .01 XI-',
g '     REVELST0KE
__�� L'ciili.s In He.v and fhclf Hard.
3, nnr.*, I . Oils, Olas*", i~tc
It  Is   Timo for a Change���Of Member.
Jlr. While has defined his polity, hu
is dealing w ith lionii* pohtiis. ICootcu.iy
iiisl. Air. Kellie hi- piomisi'd nnih-
ing. 'Twnuld be nouse anj-waj-we
suppose, he has done so I.tile
people aie tiled ol (on-.ill ing him. II
vou h.ivc anything besides .1 lot ot
.mi lent ln-lory to tell the people, Alt.
Kellie tint it out. What will you do?
Nol little you h.i\e done.
Mr. "Whii." had .1 complete iletury
.it Tiout Lake Oily.
All. Kellie is not only an
but ,i mind le.idei. lie-ays lie knows
whether .i man is going In \ote folium or not the minute he lays eyes on
hun. Pt.iy, but tin-mii-t he the way up the whole south countiy
lcd'ntly. as facts piove that
While will have .it least a Iwiethhds
vote iu any polling pl.ue in the liding.
If our xxe ikly lonteninoi.iiy'- editoi
paid mine attention lo hi- paper and
less to picp ii iug i eady in tde spee( lies
foi Air. Kellie. uho doesn't
they mean any way, the public would
appieciate it.
The interests of lhis riding should
not hi* s.ici HIi eel to the ambitions nf a
nice man in llio way who wants to go
to piiliainent.
What (.lino lo this riding was the
result of pnv.ite (itizcns and delegations to the capital,.under the government's open policy of giving ifull .-justice to .ill sections
A public indignation meeting was
held in Revel-tnkc not -o long ago aril
passed and forwaided lesolutioii'* to
All. Kellie plotesting against the sub
sidy of 20,000 at les to the mile ior 'he
Penticton tuilwiiv. But Air. Kellie
uevei heeded, he \oted tor it in spile
ot the appeal fiom his ( unstituonts. It
heiould not li-ten 'hen .tie lhe clei toi -
foolish enough tu return such a iion-
enttt ..
With Bi itish fair play Air. White
will lid oul (hst lepteseiit itive.
The policy of the government >\hie h
All. Kellie now so upbi.iids l- the -aiu,*
one Air. Kellie helped lo build and de-
lend loi
__   Foreign and Domestic Soaps and
A full line cf Toilet Requisites.
A complete assortment \>f Stationery.
Drugs and Chemicals, every
preparation being fresh and
chemically pure.    .
Dispensing a special feature of our busiiie*s.
o^Chas. E. .Reid & Co.
II _vl: RlyjttiVi:l" j."~v__uat_
C'AKf.-Atr* or
Staple Groceries,
Flour and Feed,
.Ind nre in n position  to quote
that are
hound to sell.
Full Lines of Hardware
Full Lines of Crockery
Prospectors!   Miners!
Come and see what nc'ic cot ln jour
line. XXc make aspeclaltj of this trnde,
and con fit jou out quickly and at right
_E(_~~-Agent*> for	
Giant Powder
Wc have nt our mag-irinc* nt Revel-dote and
Thoiiijon's Landing, a complete stock of cx-
plo��!ic-, caps and fuse, for sale at whole-ale
and retail.
Victoria, B. C.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
Pole ." i;ent��.   ~{eicl*_o_e   Station, and Trotit
Lake City, B, C,
Shown   Everywhere After   the
,   Bombardment, ihursday
The Dead Spanish Soldiers a "Prey fcr
the   Vultures���The    Bombardment   of
- t*ie Town of Guaitanams���Santiago
Will Be Attacked on Land Immediately���Manila lias, Surrendered on
Certain Conditions.
Special to the Herald
London. .Tunc* 22���A baud of 40
brigand-, .molding lo special do
spilchc- fiom Constantinople, abducted the the si-ter,of the sultan ol
T.n key. The piintes- was seized w bile
out. walking at Kizil to the p.u k, a lew
miles tiom Constantinople, wheie-he
AUSTIN. Alan , June 22. -A Bi.union
bov named Johnnie Powell, shot and
killed, last night, E. O. Wheelei'-. his
employe!*s four year-old -on (~hai he,
.md then -incided- Wheeli i had i_
Iused lo allow Powell to attend a picnic todaj. ^
Toronto. June 21.���The Alctlmdi-ts
fused SnO'J') last Sunday ior the
Bio.uhi.iy label lc.
"Washington. June 21���The lepml
of I i u t ii ni between MiK.nlcy ind
Allies is ilenii'd.
T-OOKLIND, Out., Jiitu* 21 ���-V tiot
oti ui i ed heie on Satuidav: tin* sinking iiiiilei-diivmg the po'ue inlo the
iivei, and a battalion ot militia will
piob.iblv be -ent  today.
LONDON". .Tune 21. -Loid Wolseley
pietei- to i em.iiu i ouiiiiaiuli'i -in-i htel
i.ilher th-v.i b*(tu:ie go\einoi-geneial
ol Canada.
Pahis. June" 21 ��� The Jl.idiid toi-
uv-poudi'iit oi Ihe Tcmp.1 -iv-: It is
lepoi ted hei e lh it .Manila has c.ipitu
latum, though the niini-tei.s have
I'-'civeil no new -.
GUAM'\N\:.r\. June 21 ���Yestei day
inni ninir the Amui it an ics-el-iesinned
thV-'boiiihaidnirnf*- ol '.G-u uft.ili una, 'and in 'tin* eouise ol" one-half
hour threw 75 shells.
AlADItin. .)iiiie_,21.���A pii\.ilo des-
pitch leicived heie fiom New Yolk
s iy- that Slidftci's -i|iiadiriii has
landed neai Santiago and will attack
the town ini'iiediatelv.
i he Albert Canyon Grievenca
To the I_intor of the HcniiD
Sm: In voui i-sue of vi���lenlv T
nntu e a leltei signeil ������ .luslicc." nn
l epoi led 'oiiti.igi ou- (ii-.ig.s ot -i\
( _ pel week foi boaid: the fiec
use ot lhe full"-..'ing ai lu le- pm ( based
CN-pic���Iv foi thi- woik la-ting oiih
llie oi -iv v e.-k-, 12 lent-, shoii'l-
pitk-. mitto(ks. i.*es, i on!, -.oie-.
looking utei'-tl- aiiii lamp oiitlit-.
gi inil-toncs. saw-, li.iiiunei s._di ill*-.
ci(.. el(. The bo ml supplied to the
men ( on-i-t- in p.u t of tie-h beef.h un, hu on. (.inncd -ilinon.
vegetables pine m.ibli*. fain., butter,
milk, (aimed veuelabli-. et( . etc.
siying nothing of the iidianie of nil
kinds of pim isions. let me as-uie von.
Sir, that the coinpanv .ire not making
n (ent out of Ihe men. Tnis outi.igeous
imagiii.liv'e of Justice t.ui
well he left to those engaged on the
'load, manv of uho'ii au* fiom Kevel-
slnki*. The dosing'. of his
leltei di-rlnsc., lhe piiipn-i1 ol hi-
g. ii*v uu (���.* in the ali'i'iiie of Mr J   Xi   s iy   t li ilr   iusli'ii timis
have been   giien   hv   hiin   to   luini-h
hoi-c-. -ul.lle bl.inkel-. etc.. any time
All. .Sibbald should vi-ii the work.
Ynins it-pi'ctlullv,
Fni-.D I'lt'Asnit.
I.evel-toke, .T.ine 22. 1&03.
Cut th.s i militate h is done a few
thing-. Hi'h is built ui my Mail . and
spent thoii-anils of doll.u'-. on w hu li
he thought would be in lhe inleic-l ol
lhat onec famous lake boom. L.udeiu
City, in which All. Kellie is inleie-ted.
The wi iter lecollei ts mci'ting t wo bu-|-
ni'-s men m SpokaiiH who p'dd $,*3IX) in
cash ii-pcetiveiy for two lots ivhiili
weie under six feet of water. Air.
Kellie ha*" al-o tinned hi- mat thu'e
times dining hi- political (aicer. ami
now by making his last icnowiicd political iicinh.itic feat he hop ���- to be ie-
tuincrl to Vic toi ia to dinw hi. imlem
nity and p.t-.e the streets of Kevelstoke
as usual.
Our oppo-itifjn landidate dues not
believe in ltiiluav sub-aliBiug. Only
-i"--ion befoie last he voted foi a giant
of 20000a( ie- pel mile to the Penitu ton
load, lint we foigot again. Mi.
Kellie w a-then with Ihe govei nmenl
in eieiy detail.
Air. Kellie at one time found .seven
member- who wished to li ive a little
innie -poi t with "le'lVr Plickei.'1
who voted for a lull of In- to .inne _ the
Yukon to Bi itish Columbia Of (oui-e
.Mr. Kellie -non disioieied mat lie had
been the vi( tun of a huge joke, as none
but the Dominion goK-ci: ment hid
anything to do n ith until question-.
Thi-countiy is sii k of being npresented by mei ely a good fellow . \\ li it
it w.u,t-at Vh tm l.i is a man of foue
md lii.iiu-. a man who ha- tin* .<_!< e.
the peiMinaliir and the b.uking to
make tiouble when thing- fail to come
hi- w.ij : a in.iti Mho toupcl- the pu-h
and entei prise to oiigiuale and diiect
wilh lhat  faculty to foice touiuiand.
Mr. White's Successful Tour Through
the Mining Camps���The Lardeau Will
Give Him an Assured Mrjo.'ty.
Mi. White i .lm ned on Sitiu.l.i.
nighl fioi'i a vei v s iti-l.u tin y
- icce- slnl-li ip to Ti out Like oil yand
Feigu-o i. The Inp w.i- iiudi'iLiken
at I he mgerit; l equi'ol ol a inunbei ot
his ti lends in the L.ude.iu, as it had
not been his. intention e\en to gotheie
till alter the Tin nor meeting, still less
to hold meetings. llnnevei, when
they got bim in theie, the demaiiil-
foi " ineeli'ig- both at Feigustin and
i'niiit Lake City weie uu miliums, and
Air White lelt to'iipellid to i oiiinlv
\\ ith them. A(toiilingl\ he held one
at Tiout Lake City on Tliuisilay nighl.
which was crowded with elci tins, and
anotherat Feign-on on Fndav aftei-
noon. whu h was .tlbii well altended.
At both th'*se ineetiitg- Ah. While
can led the with him and h.s
speeches weie well leceivud. A*.
howevei. theie wa- no opposition, All.
White did not get a gnoil oppoi timitv
of bringing thegoici nnii'iit side ot the
c.ise as i oiiip.iri'd with the opposition
" gi levani es" home lo Iiie elec toi s
till Air. Kellie pinvidciitiallv turned
up in Tiout Lake City on Fi.d.iy.
having scented d.ingei and amicd m
hot ha-te on the-ceiie. Anolhei meeting was called for that eiciimg and
���iitended by o\ei a liiiiuhed loteis.
The Kellie iiiectiug was All. Kellie's.
at least it was at lhe<~t.u t. as ho ( ailed
it. and was ojiened hy that gent leman
in a speech, 'which a a- m elicit a
Kellie lendei ing ol the soliloquy on
the \ utiles of Air. Kellie leiiMitlv'pub
hshi'd by lhe Kootenai Ah
Kellie dwelt p u tu ul.uly na the lint
lh?it he was uot n law) ei. but ,i woi k-
ii'g man, and the fiiend of the working man, a- prowd hv hi- Ti ia k Ai t-
He donounieil lhe iniqiutie- of ilv*
whole polii y ot the goieiiiinent dining I in* past session, p.u ttly the
pernicious pr.ulne ol biinit-iiig lail-
way-, to whu h. All. -Kellie dei luted
lhat he had been nppo-ed lur at, leist.
the p isttwo His leuiaiks fell
veil flat and leceived o.ilv \ erv
pel film lorv isplause. In his teplv
AIi. While h,id,\irv little difth ultv in
to.uiig the will kingm.iii fli t,iim,-iiilo
p.ei (*-, he -hewed that the Tl uc k Act,
All. K( lhe'-m.isti'ipi('( e,'had nothing
to do with the i^, all, a^^it i-
byeNpn'ss provision only' a'pplicahle''
to iii( oi printed towns and n i.i.ius of
thiee milt s mound them. He shewed
thai. Air. Kellie had been upsto Inst
-e���ior. the i on-i-li'tit -uppoi ter of the
vei y poluy ii hu h he i- nowdeiioiiiii-
i"i.'. and th il he had lotcd loi a bonus
ot 20.(100 aire-, a mile to the Robson
and Peul k ton l.iilw iv iu the vei v
teeth ol a lcsoliitiin ol a public
ini'etiiig l.u'd in I""vcl-toke to piotc-t
agtm-tit. All White -heued thn
the bn gain with Mann & AIcKenzie
niaile bv the pioi'iiiinl go\ ci miii'iit
was i business deal in eieiy -ens" and
(>Npl,lined the pei .lh.u sj-leiu of lo.ul-
inaii'.iii.iti'd aiound L.ude.iu bv All
Kellie in in Ins iiiiuh.lied capaiily ol
men hei and put owuei'iii the lown-
site Mi. While'- leuiaiks weie fie-
iiuenlly mtei l upted bv biiists of
pioloiig('(l-=-i|iplaii-e���and���-wei e---well
li-tei*.ed bv the audie.ii e. After Mi
Kellie had-liuggk'd ihioiigli a l.'plv,
I I.e iii'M'ting In nke up with lliu*"
i heel- loi .Mi. Wlul". and Air. Kellie'-
Inonds were loo di-heni tened even In
ptopose one single imind tor their
man. It was a Kellie meeting, hut
White I'.iptiiicd it.
Telegraphic Ticks
The pteniici- of Ont alio and Quebec
will hold si" coufei em o with the Dominion mil islei . on lm* fi-heiie-
ll.u i.ud will i onlei LL D.onLoid
Abeideeii on tlie2!JUi in-l,
Di'blo's, of Quehi'i, is dead.
United Slate- w.u.-hlps have bom-
li.uded Ca-ilda   Cuba.
Taster. AI. P.. ha- h"cn appolnled
judge ol theOntano i mill of appeal,
A(loudbiii-t did (oiisiderable damage near A-Ik toll. B C.
Duke of Oounii'ighl i- lo be
appoil ted loid lieilleii.ini of Ii eland.
O'er I hit Lv pei-nns weie di owned
,-tt I"l.-i(kwill'. Kugl.ind, at the laimcli-
ing ol tlie w.u ship Albion.
I'i of. Hivieie Biussels ha- I ecu
appointed to fis I he indeiiuiili to be
pa.d by Russian Ciiiadiaii sealeis.
Last Night's Meeti.13-
Biolhi'i Atkins'elfoits on behalf of
his landul lie. All. Kellie. nud the
duple ol -oiehead- weie,I ill to
behold and di-gu-tnig to the laige and
intelligent gnl hoi ing ol elettoi- who
ni tended the ineclitig to he ir fiom the
-peakers. then poluy iu legal.I lo tins,v m lhe wavo. opening up the
tiiimlr>J.ii imneisaiiil pio-pectoia.
The disgi.ueful tm tii - of the opposition iu tins tiding will do uiou good
for the goieimnciit (.iii-e tli in nnj
olhei met hod that could In- pui-tu-d.
It is a sum sign of lost hope, and no
pne know.-it better than All. K.llie'-
ti lends.
The gieat majoiity of the . lectin,
at last nightV lueeling uci e .iiiiilscd at
lbe maiiiiei ill whiih All. Kellie's
(lique li i I anangeil for his(ai i i\al.
The leai'eis ol lh it i-niuhinal.oii weie
app u entlj" \ei\- uneasy a- to his
del.iv. and h.- (oiiiiiig one liom laic
witlii ul .ilij- i m u-e wli.ileier, wa-.ilh
i ul and di led helm (-hand. All. Kclhe'i
pie ai l.uigi-d oialii.n wis a f.uluie.
The elcilois ot th it liding aie au
intelligent and fai -eeing (las-, but
-uc!) "giandst.uul plays will not go
Excellent   Speeches   Delivered
by Govcrnrre-_t Leaders
Over 6oo People Hear the Premier, Mr
Turner, a*id Attorney General Eberts
Explain ths Ga/_n.i_ient Policy���
The Obs.riictiye and Disgusting Tactics of the Opposition Gang���Afraid to
Allow Mi. White to Express Hia
Views��� The Truth Is More Than Mr.
Kellie's Fr_e.ds Can Stand���The
Weakness of the Opposition .Policy
Truly Exposed.
The government feeling held at the
Yii ton i mil. last night, to hear the
policv of the piesent gov el niliept expounded by tin* liotKiiable .piemii'V.
Mi. Turner, and Ihe attorney generil.
Mi. Ebei t-. was largely attended, some
OO'l people being piesent.
The uif.itnig, although (ailed for 8
o'clock, did not -tail until 8:4... as All
Kellie. as pie. iou-ly ai langed bv the
opposition ( onibination. kept himself
in the h.u Kgrounds >n oi dur to in ike a
gi mil st md Thi- had the effe( t
of ( Ul-ing a nnliie iblt* impatient feeling among the aud't* .re, who did not
nnddstarcl the little game that was
to be played upon them, and Iheini-
p itieiit feeling was part u ul.nlv notU
(ible among the ringleaduis of Air.
Kellie's i(Uiibiuatiun foi loai that thai,
gentleman might enter at the wiung
time. But Air. Kellie's iippe,iiiu,ee
was not grepled with viil'y eoulial
iciepMon he had inticlpnted, although
the (ii'gani'/ed gang of lootei-attetul-
ant, on hi- ti din did evei \ thing thev
foulil in Ills behalf. Mi. Ki-llie cannot
tn mill k tin i' popiil.ii it v bv -in h uie thuds��� entirely unwoithy ot n
piblii man. And lhat the electols ,-ue
disgn-ted will In* bettei ilcmon-ti ated
on July nth, by ietitiniiig~Mt. Whito
b\- a laige iiiiijoiitj',
'Thn chitrmini Dr. AIiKeihnip.
opejicd tlie iii(*otlng,^.ind.���iti a lew-well
chnsiin wofds explained to the electoi-
Ihe objof t for which the meeting was
(ailed. He also requested t|u> audience
to trivu the speakers a fair and iuipar-
ti ll hearing. .
:. The Hon. TJ AI. Ebei ts wis intio-
duceil as the fiist,-peakei oT the even
ing. In his opening lemnik-hestaleel he wa- piesent tn defend the
piesent policy of the govei nment.
especially that part of it pei I lining lo
i.iilway-. In a vei y lucid matinir he
eviil.lined the gteat development of
the ( oinitiy due to lint polii v. He
al-o discussed the government o'vni'r-
-lnp of i ail nays and tleai ly showed lo
the-ati-1 iclion of ,J1 piesent what a
fallacious polity that would be in
pioviuci tl poltlii s.
F. C Cotton in a \eiv witty but
nieanmgli_.ss__sp(_ei h-abiiM_d__t_h.L_gnv-
ernment on geneiiil principle. His
polii v con-istcd of one -ingle plank,
but, veiv iinpicpeily explained. The
lest of his speech was taken up bv a
disteuted account of the effeit. of the
iiinitgage   taN.      He   i hallenged   All
Tinnei to define his  platlniui,   wliich
as a ineinii''! ol theopp
iome 'KO miles to hear.
.   wind
,  helm
The Hon. J. IJ, Tinner wns lhe next
speaker railed and was well received.
Air. Turner, all hough suffering ftom it
severe (old. in.ido au exrellfnl t-peech,
in which In' laid hefole the people the
poli'-j- of l! e governnienl iu the past,
and a- lo their intentions in ihe ful mi*
to npi'ii up lhe < untilrv foi the piu-
po-col giving tiie p.-ople oi Kootenav
a ( li uu ������ to open up their p:opei lie's
by building railway-, wagon mad-,
elc. Air. Tin ner spoke at some length
inieplvto Ah, Cotton In icgaid to
(lie mortgage lav, lh(.ruiinei'- ta _ and
olher question- whii h weie put to him
by -ome In the ii.tdience weie an-
sweieil iu a in.inner sati-fact tuy to all
Owing to prc-sute  of -p ice we
ipiiible   to   give   i~.Ift.Ms.    Tillllel
I'jbei's-ji echc-iii   lull,   bin,   Ihey
appeiir in our iie\l issue.
Air. Kellli'- -p'ech, as u-ii il. w I*
liuiii-lii'-, I ai i lal .i'lii i h ii.u lei i-lic. lu
langii.'g ��� iicilh"! Ion ible noi e'oipieiit
he gale an ine oheienl .mount ol the
evil doing- ol the piesent go-.ei ninent,
but foi go, wha', line of policy he
would piir-ue in ( i-e of hi- leehtt on
A-thelioiii wisieivl.ue and oiei
Iwo-thinl- of the .nidie-iic had left
iipnn the closing ol Air. Tiunei's
-1'0,'ih. All. While was limited to a
lew minutes mil thus (lepi iveil il'in ot
the oppoi limit v to d( fend hini'eif anil
I.ivinjr 'iinp'ilv l.eloie the people ot
tlrsi.diig lhe polii v he intends to
p'li-ue shoul I he be eleded. The
meeting lhen ���idjoiiined with (heel*'
Toi Kellie, Cotton, White. Elicits aid
Tin ner.
Politicil Sidelights
Wheie is the Liidc.iu townsite?
All,. Kellie has - lid he is glad he w fis"
tint n l.iwj-et, and -o i- the* public geneially.
Air. Kell't'is a miner��� nii"*ninablv a
fiec minei. liow many hunt- has Air.
TCi-Ilie wmked in a mine (Inl ing the
inst eight xeiin of draw ing Id- v.
Not one. _..'( i does he pinpuselo woik
as long as he can Mini -iu km* enougli
on (-ithei **idc to ri'tuiii him a-, their
li'pie-cnt.itiic. All. Kellie dms not
(.ue app.ui*i.lly. whiih side (hou-i-
him >o long as lie is piovided well
enough  wilh  ihink to defray c ut rent
Then* was a letv good atlc'id.inci*
at the meeting i ailed I ist -li^iit. in the
Vit tm i.i link in the inleiesls of (l*o
onpn-ition i uulidit". Mi Kellie. Alt.
W. A. Net Ie wi- (lu'iii'i'i. and a
veiv fair piogi uiitiii* w .- an mged.
giving ample (h.i'iie lo liot'n sides.
However, the di-nidpi lines- (if many
of those piesent deprived the a-.idieiue
of much of the satisfaction which
would otherwise have been ptndiiLcel
bv a fair and tial he.ning of both
-ides. Siith (ondticl Is not only mini, iplv. but has a tendency to Ihiow- a
gi (id manv votes into "the
Side lo that whii li the "looter-" intend
to support. As far as Jlr. White and
his fiiendu nu* cnui erned thev aie
quite* willing that Air. Kellie's .idmu-
ei s should pm -ue t hese senseless tact i( s
al, pveiv meeting in the riding. It
docs their man no h.u in.
The meeting was opened by Air.
Kellie. who i.unblcd nhuig in lu-
u-u.-l imoheient s>i le foi some lime
on the Kn.-itenav Kow. the woi king
tninei's. tax, and the u-t of tbegnev-
tnifes sn aped togntlier bv the opposition. Air. White followed in a
Rpei'l'h whiih wns eon-taiitlv intei'-
l nptcd hv the motel*-, who -eeiiied to
be fiiganiHcd for di-tm bance. The*,
werequltp out -f control of thcdi.iii"
man and h id evidently been in lining
tlieinsi'Ivps for the"ni ci'i-ion with lonie-
thing sttrmger than water. In -p.te
of then intei ruptioii. howe\��>r. Mi.
While made i long speech, \ihioh wa-
wi'll received and fi cqiipiitl. applauded
Mi. Kellv spoke a few woid- i'i iepl*.
and Mr. Giogan made a short "spi'i-ih
Air. F. V. Cotton, late senior nioiul.ei
for Vancouvei. and editoi of ihcNew--
Advcitiser and the speaker of the
evening. - then nmsi* and made
an Intere-tlng -.pee. h.'in the coins., of
which he stated that ,-it piesent .-mil
up to the Oth of J.ilv. All. Semlin was
the leader ot the onpo-ition ,md he
had no reason to believe th it, he would
not continue to do so. Lie said tlie
opposition took adnpit i*--up with the
government, on Iheir lailwav
which thev did not ((*nsi,lei had been
made in the best inteie-l*. ot lhe
tieonle. Tie thought i in.ui-l*ou! 1 not
be taxed foi pei mi���ion to woik m t
.mine and (eii-iired tbe Oo minion
Government for its -laeknes- jn dealing with the Chini"*!* que-tie.n.. Hjv
spei*( li.wo'iiul-up.the picn. ceding- of
the cvpning.     - >_
As tin* crowd was going oiit-tbico
oheeis wpre tnoposed for Air. While
md thiee, cheers for Air Kellie. to
both of whiih a he.utv le-pnnse wis
Local, Personal and Political.
���iron's your printing ��   See The IIesals
-Go to 11. Tapping for jour gan'.cn plants
nnd produce. t'julO
���Good potatoes for S1.00 per cwt.
at Loi eiing's.
Loi ding's stock of oi.ince*-, lemon-,
b min,is. plums-, ett.. aie lte-li.
���Fiee'bus In the g.'lli'fv while the
( ut la-Is.    Revel-toke Photo Co.
���-The frin tii i_T.ii Nul lhe-Op]iosit.:nir
to get into ofTite in this piovmeu fm-
nish spoi t for t he gods !
The most encomging lepm I.s aie being received in town liom the Consolation mine in the Big Bend
���Photos! $'.1 a do<~oit 1 'A' this >s
Hot our'))ihe we insist on an
eaily vi-lt.   Revelstoke Photo Co.
The "while wings'" of the Oppo-ition
never grow we.-irv of inflating "that
tiled feeling" on  whole  loiniiiiinitii-.
Tlii'ie aie actually people in [.iili-h
("nhmibi-t who aie so milr a- not lo
behi'ie that cicij- Op|io.s.lio.ii-l i- he pielenil-.'tn be���a self-sic.i-
fliiug pati int.
Piemier Tinner. Atloi iiev-Oenenil
Elicits. Air. White and Air. Gn.g.iti
lelt thi- inoi iiiug foi N.ikn-p. when*
ihey ..ill addie��� the eleclois on Ihe
i���tics of the ��l-iy-
���Tlie* dramatic club I- b i-\* u-hi-ais-
mg eveiy evening for llie.r enlet tain*
incut on the 28. We hope Revel-tnkc
w ill show its appicualion of home talent liv I in ning on en c on th it
e\ euiug.
J.'iiie- Bo.iilon. of .Salmon Ai in, nrd
Tlioin.i- Qu-.tin. of Biocl.\ iiie. O.n.. h it
I In- nun mug tor lhe B.g Bend in put
in a new walel wheel and ho -t foi it
new -hull, on the Cou-ol iliou ln'iie iu
the Big Bend.
The might v Sh iki-pe.'.re would have
been put lo shaiiii'( ould he haw but
-fen "Czm Kellie" ,u i-c and wa\e bill, mils t(i_lli�� nig.m.y.atioii to keep in
older Emji-i���ion- of -ynip,iiliv fo:
All. Kellie aie iu Older today.
TlicRi-vel-tokebia-s Isiud liaskind'v
(oii-eilted lo fuini-h :t i hoin- puT-
gi.utiiiie of music foi the stiawbenv
le-tiyal em I'i :d,i>-_ evening, bli.tu"-
bci lies and iieaiu. ice i ic.iii. leinnn-
���ide and delicious ( ake with lhe iuii-k
ot the band ought to furnish a ih letl-
able eiitcitaiiimeiit.
A good attend.inee de-pile the mi-
f.n (liable wcathil- gieeted Air. Win-
i hest er in the Pie-'ivlci i iu diuuh
on Sunday ei cuing " la-t to hc.n
fiom him the ilu s'-iiiii/. il un
among the Chine-e of our pioiime
All who he.nd the lev. geiilleiu in
could not help but feel the lc-pon-i-
bility that t(*-tcd on us ir leg.nd to
biinging the Chinee of our t"ivn
tindiM the mllneiKc of Chi..t. Oigt-
iiiz.ilion for -v-tenialii woik unattended to. Di. ALK.'ihnie Iicii..;
elected pi e.-ident and C. E. Reid. -ei-
letuy. Tt. is the intention lo begin
organized woik at once, and in the
(oiuse of a shot t lime classes will be
_.*iii -.Icving cn Slc~lv Without
Serious ConseGucnces.
Iu3urr;er;;s Have Control of a Large '
Hunter of Spanbj Scl-hers and Arms
���Tha Spanish Will _.o_ Up
L:ci.tc_-:_ _t Hobson ��� The i.a_*_._._2
^an*: Robbery- The Cisterns Colbc-
tiors frcm the Yakoc���Other Needs
of Interest.
special to the Ilrt.tLii
London,   June 22 ���The Mail*-   e o��-
respondeno .-a Al.sdi .el says that Captain General Augti-ti telegraphed that -
he has s-one  in to the wailed  city and
u-ili be unable to tominiiniiate fnithei-"
with the government.
Gibeiialter. June 22 ���'.-
squadron was sighted oil Cape GaM,
pionionloiy. ���
Sunday, on boaid the Iici aid's I>es-
piitth   Boat  Off Santiago. June  10.��� -
(Xew   Yoik   Herald's    special)���Com--
mmnc.itinn ha- been   establi-hed from
Ctseva. !3 miles we.-t of' Santiago,  the ,
place being kept as a basis of communication   with   Sampson's lleet.     Fi\e
hnndiid Cubans aie on guard.
Ottawa. June 21.���The perpetrator
of the n.g lobhery of the Dominion
bank nt Nap..nee last fail, or some
coiifedei.ites at Ottau i, .ue ciiculat-
it'g the stolen money, pi rfc of', the'~
-poils seemed in the rcshbety -iv.-is a.
thr.'is.uid unsigned ten dollnis notes
on the Dominion bank. During Cue
la��-t few days a of these bills
have Ine: ciitulated m Ottawa with
lhe <~ign.ii.uie of the imin.iger of the
Xapanee .inch.    - E.   II.    Barnes
foic.-i.v-s; -'-..~-s-'* ^ - _,,.��� - *T/jy-r
AIiDittD, June 22���Bl-iruo "hns   in-"
formed.the United States that ho will
leteive no nioie flags or trace. -        t   '
The   Spanish   aiiUioiitics   will   not
exchange the llohsnu  ii.irty   or  pi is- ���*
oneis. ~
An :��tteii.pi ha- been tn.ide by Ma:i-
anoSalia.a member of lbe -.olimteei*:".
to assassin ite Blanco, Iiy "-.shooting.1
Blamo's wounds nro not dangeions.
San FrAncisco, June 22.-The
fnurih expedition to .Manila will leave
heie about July 1-t.
Washington. June22.- The govei n-
nent is coi'.sideriiig tl:e queslio'i oE
iii..kinga thii.l eal] for \ (ilimteei's. " J -.
t*.    si
' .   *"���  - c
-���~~*. ~<.-~s-I:
.    *    r-*J-~    fl
r     ,   >-.|
IIoxg Kono, June- 22.���Th*__.ljnited
States tianspoit SaiTt o has-" ju,t
ai lived he:e and has brought news*
fiom .Manila, dated June- 17. stating
that, the insurgents, iie^v hold -1000
-jpini.iiil- iinel 1.033 natives prisoneis
wilh aim-.
Ottawa.   June  22.���The.    Cnst.-ins "
dep.n-tinent    this     titorn'.ng   leceived ,
ar.olher remittance from Bennett of"*
QVoATOO which,   with  previous  lemit-
tanccs     bung     customs     collections
���ilong fiom Yi.konjip te�� i (jii .itci-cif ,i
mtllion   eiolhiis   by" the   end   of    the
fi-(.ll >���(*,'.!.
Montksal. June 22.���Clonler. ;i
Winnipeg meichant. n-c ti-cd of fijuel,
ha*, been arqiiitted.
R-~c I'outai;::, .Tune 22.���Light ning
destioycd the Rat Poitage Lumber
CJ..'-. s.i-h ond door fnetoiy this utnni- L-i-s- ��...0!>').    Insmed.
Bf.Kt.lN. .Tunc 22.���Dm in- {lie mili-
l-.iy leiii'.'.' yesterday at Dfutsili
E\!an, near Osteido. E.*st Piu-sia.a
-oidier in the tank-, vi <;<_-(��� identitv is
unknown, Hied at Geneial Aloa Rabc.
"iinnding him iu the leg and killing
hi-hn.s.��. A se.iuhing iir.etlisution
t- in ningiess.
W'.~.ii:.N-GT(r.-. June 22.���A cable
from Gti i':t. m. uno i,ii ilia soidieis
weie landing uik'ci thcvpif>t��*c-lion of
the gins of l!.e il-���.. but weie being
fl'.v'd ou .> the :*.p..:-,i-:i tieops. Ad S imp-on has lX-OCV.iunsjsitnfd
who aie ei gaged m l iishwl'.-.c.'.ing.
whiih pioves dTecliie in i,iolei-ling
tl-.oinaiiiies and prep u ing the way foi-
Ami' tinops. l-'i epa: ttions are
being made to hi ing ptoilsions here to
cai e foi la.tJOO sick and -mumled who
���i:c to be luoughl lieie.
General Shaft er wheu zeinfoiccd will
have abriut 2f.&'K) to oppo-e 20XC0
Spiui-h. lie will move on them as
XK.ii .-.sail aie landed. Ge.ieial Dtif-
ti-al. m (cnimand of 3.CX.0. will pmli-
ably -ail fiom Xewpoit within thiee
d iv-. and will join .Shaffer this wecjk.
The adi ise cliIT_i ent pi ices for
1 mding.
Si"".pout, Ont.. June 22.���The Car-
betty   football     team     defe.iled    the
UiUQua by 3 to 1 y wte .Uny,
"������ ??'
* ..r
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A  GREAT SESSION  This    has    been    a   wonderful  session of Parliament.  It has beeu  spun out to nearly live months, a  length decidedly out of proportion  to the amount of business done.  The session is notable  i'or many  tilings.    It is notable for the fact  that moie money has been voted  to     the    government   than   any  previous government has ever got  or asked for in any one year.   It is  notable  for   the   fact,   that   the  number of  departures  from  the  tender   and  contract  system,   of  private    dealings     with    public  matters, and of attempts to give  away valuable franchises and con-  '   cessions   to  ministerial  favorites  was greater than was ever known  before.     It   is   notable   for   the  number of transactions emitting a  piscatorial odor into   which daylight  has    been   let;   prominent  among which were the Drummond  deal,   the Domville   scandal,   the  bogus    election   prosecutions   in  Manitoba, the Killam scandal, the  investigation commissioners scandal,  the dredging  scandals,   and  tlie  Drolet  scandal."    It  is   particularly notable for the desperate  attempt  the   Government    made  to hand  over  to  a  pair of   pet  contractors    the   cream   of    the  Yukon's great mineral wealth, an  h'ttempt of which Mr. Oliver, M P.,  savs the last has not been  heard.  "The whole region," he writes to  his paper, "is to be held up until  Parliament can be bulldozed into  granting it away to Mackenzie and  Mann."      Notable   also    is    this  session    for   the   frequency  and  facility with   which    ministerial  promises have been broken.   It is  notable   for the   declaration  of  . Jisrael Tarte under oath that he  had deliberately aud intentionally  deceived parliament when he pro  fessed to be giviug a frank statement,   lt is notable for the killing  of   the  West   Kootenny people's  =.=-effort-to-get-r<ailway,competition.  via the Kettle River road aud the  open proof that enisode afforded  that Canadian   politicians  of  all  stripes are mere puppets that will  dance   to   any tune   the railway  magnates choose   to  play.    It is  notable for the way the Auditor  General   was    muzzled    aud  sat  upon    for    his    honest    protests  against- improper   payments   by  ministers.     It  is notable for the  flagrancy with   which   the spoils  system    has    been    upheld   and  grafted into the country's politic-  by the wholo Liberal  party, one  outcropping of the system being  the   resignation    of   a    member  because    of    a     quarrel      with  ministers over patronage, and the  declaration      of       the      Liberal  majority in the House, after the  government had given him what  he  wanted, that his resignation  was   not   a    resignation.      It  is  notable for the spending of 80,000  on a commission to investigate the  wrongs of the Crow's Nest workmen and that neither parliament  nor     the    government,    beyond  letting   off  a    surplus   of   moek  righteous    indignation,   took    no  steps either to repair the wrongs  the men had suffered in the past  or to prevent their repetition in the  future.     Yes, it has been a great  session, a record breaking session  for all that goes to drag Canadian  politics   lower   than   they   were  before.  And it can be but vaguely  hoped that the future may have in  store a leaven of improvement.  A    great   deal    of   discussion,  intelligent   and    otherwise,    has  taken  place   both   locally aud in  eastern papers on the question of  assessment versus old lino insurance.     Not having an  insurance  actuary on its stall', Tin. _Ii_i~aui  does   not   presume    to   condemn  either one system   or tbe other.  To do so would involve us  in a  controversy whicli life is too short  anil busy to justify us in entering.  There are ono or two things, however, that will strike the average  man  who studios insurance even  inj n casual way; and it  may bo  said   here   that    insurance   is   a  question   on   which   tlie   aveni^o  man  takes too much lor granted.  Thanks   to    the   importunity  of  agents a very large proportion of  the   mon   in   this  country   carry  some kind of insurance ou  their  lives.   How many of theso policy  holders understand the lirst principles   of   lite   insurance?     flow  many of them have been attracted  tothecomonny they are in, simply  because it's cheap?   How many ot  them  know   that under   certain  kinds ot policies they are paying  twice or three   times the   actual  cost of insurance?   A good definition of insurance is:   A method of  distributing   an  individual's  loss  among a large number  of  other  persons who are willing to assume  each his small share of it, in return  for the certainty that if a similar  loss falls upon any one of them,  the loser, or those dependent upon  him, will  in  like  manner be   indemnified.    In assessment  insurance a company or society agrees  to insure lives at the actual cost of  providing   for death claims, plus  agents',    officers'   and    other   expenses.   They will contract with  the  insured  to   ptiy  his heirs  a  certain sum at his death iu return  for  his  paying a certain annual  premium,   which    in    nearly  all  eases  they reserve  the  right  to  increase    whenever    they   deem  necessary. The "Mutual Reserve,*'  for iustance, a company that has-  been much   talked   about,   places  this'clause in its contracts:  "5. On the dales named .on the first  page hereof in each year during the  continuance of this policy there shall  be due to the association for premiums,  the amount mentioned on said first  page, or mirli multiple or rutin /hereof]  ax ilsf.rccnlirc committer mnn tlrjer-  m inc.''  Now ifc is exactly this feature of  the assessment system that should  be thoroughly understood. And  it is exactly this feature that is  XOT understood and that is too  often carefully kept in -.the back-  cround by the gentlemanly agent.  That it is kept iu the background  is proved by the amount of vigorous kicking that finds its way into  the press over increases in premiums when the company springs  then on tho uususpectiug policy  holder, who does not understand  that after his insurance has run a  certain number ofyyears itis either  a question of raising rates orwiud-  ing up t.he company. There i= no  redress in such eases. The policyholder must pay the increased premium or drop his was practically the  reply of Finance Minister Fieldine  when a deputation of as-grieved  members of the "Mutual Reserve"  canifl to him for redress. All tbe  comfort he could give them was  that he was in the same boat himself- Tm~ lI]_RAi,n has nothing to  say against assessment insurance  itself. It is all right provided the  people who go in for it clearly understand at the outset that th-ir  A urivate letter i'roin a member  of the London Stock Exchange  says���������"Busiuess in the mining  market hero is very unsettled owing to the war and the prospective wars .elsewhere, but we all  hope the present state of things  will not long continue."  THE LATE REV. H. COCHRANE  There is practically no demand  for wheat siuce Leiter threw his  stock into the market and Ogilvie  commenced selling half a million  bushels at Fort William. Ogilvie's  selling is significant. No doubt he  figures on buying from ..the new  crop at a lower price.  It is somewhat interesting to  the people of this country to learn  thacLomberg, the capital of Guli-  cia, is at present; in a highly disturbed stale owing to tho poorer  peoplo having risen and pillaged  che .'..hops aud attacked the property of the rich laud owners. The  Galiciaus are evidently not so  harmless as they look.  Died At His   Post���������A Loss   Sustained  by the Community  lhe news of the sudden death of  Rev. Henry Uoclirane at Jack Head  will be received with sorrow by many  who knew anil respected him. For  luuny j-ears he was a nissionary of the  Church of England. lie was a graduate, of St. John's College, Winnipeg,  nnd was n born orator. At the t hue  of the rebellion he was vety active  in preventing the Indians over whom  he had great couliol, having thorough  command of several ol their languages,  lrom joining Kiel. Many of lhe settlers in the North West have listened  to Mr. Cochrane in the early days and  will understand the loss to the Indians  in his death. He fell dead whilst administering the Holy Communion to  his congregation at Jack Head.  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  METHODIST CHURCH ��������� Rovelstoko.  Preaching services at 11 a.m. and 7:30  p.m. Class meeting al tho close 'of tho  morning sorvieo. sabbath School and Biblo  Class at 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayer meeting  every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. Tho  public aro cordially invited.   Boats freo.  HEV. J. A. WOOD. Pastor.  CHUROH    OF  Rovelstoko  ENGLAND-St. Peter's,  Hours of servico: Evening  prayer daily at 5 o'clock, Fridays- ut 7:30  Sundays and Festivals: Holy Communion at ,*  a.m., morning prayer at 11. Sunday School  nnd Bible Class at 2:30. evouing prayer lit 7:30.  First Sunday in tho mouth Holy Communion  nt morning services.  FRANK A. FORD, Vicar  TJ.E .MINING EXOHJIJ-GE!  FRONT STREET, REVELSTOKE !  Best .$1.00 a day house in town.    White labor only.  The bar is supplied with the best brands of Wines,  Liquors   and ^ Cigars.  Mr. M. C. Cameron tho newly  appointed Lieutenant Governor of  the Territories, may not be the  most popular or respected member  of the Liberal party, but Western  people will not be disposed to coincide with the remark of the  Winnipeg Telegram that he is "a  dishonorable slauderer and a cor-  ruptionist." Tho Telegram is  upholding its predecessors the  No-'Wester's reputation.  PRESBYTERIAN Cll UROH-Royelstoko.  x Servico overy Sunday at 11 n.ui. and 7:30  p.m. Bib'o Clisa ut '_::>0 p.m., to which  ull uro wolcomo. Praycf meeting ac 8 p.m.  every Wednesday.  REV. P, D. MUIR, Pastor.  ROMAN  stoke.  CATHOLIC   CHUROH���������Revel-  Mass  lh-ct and third Sundays in  month all0:30 a.m.  REV. FATHER THAYER.  Free Bus .Meets Ell Trains.  GUS L13.ND Proprietor.  F. JWeCJ-RXf  There is considerable rejoieiug in  England over the collapso of the  Lieter wheat corner - tho news  caused quite, a panic in Liverpool  market. The opinion of Mark  Lane is that steadiuess will rule  the English markets now that  "the plunger who was operating  without regard to market precedence is shaken out." The newspapers expross 'pleasure at the  failure of Leiter's plans. A leading newspaper says: "If the prime  mover in .the war against mankind is boggard by his greed, the  rotributiou ' is well merited; but  nothing can atono for the awful  suffering Leiter and his accomplices have caused."  The convicts of our penitentiaries  have much for which to he thankful.  If thev had not been there the}- might  have been working ou the Crow's Nest  Pass railway.  The late D'Alton McCarthy was insured in four companies for $57,000,  namelv the Canada, Life Insurance  company for $12,000: the Equitable  Life Insurance company for $5,000;  the Travellers' Insurance company of  Hartford, for $5,000, and t.he Life Insurance companv of Scotland for  $...000.  The Regina town council and a  deputation e_f cyclists tell foul of each  other last week over a proposed new  bylaw prohibiting wheels from all  sidewalks, enforcing it speed limit of  eight miles, anil compelling the carrying of lumps from half an hous after  sunset. The wheelmen, who have  been using tho sidewalks as freely as  pedestrians, wanted the prohibition to  apply only to the. main business streets,  and complained that as only a first-  class $5 lamp would stay lighted on  the rough roads of that region the tax  would he an iiisull'crably heavy one.  The bylaw was carried with the clause  respecting lights struck out.  Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 1G53  Rogulur meetings are held in tho  Oddfollows' Hali on tlio second and  fouitn WcducBdavBof each month  at 7:30 p.m. Visiting brethren  cordially invited.  Dr. T. Jens, W. M.;  T J. Grahame, Rec. Sec.  W. G. Birney, Fin. Seo.;  It. S. Wilson, Treas.  .Wholesale and lictail Dealer in   PRIME BEEF, PORK,      _  .MUTTON JIJtD SJUDSJIGE  pi'eminms-may-be-increa=ed-  cnmpanv to double or quadruple  the original figure.  The Macleod Gazette is the onl v  paper in Canada that has veutured  to defend M. J. Haney and his  Crow's Nest contractors on the  charges that have been brought  against them. Being nothing but  an apology itself the Gazette could  not be expected to do anything  but apologise for everybody who  wants apologising i'or.  Tho Yanko Spanko war still  diags along. The latest development is au intimation from Great  Britain that as soon as Uncle Sam  captures Cuba, the great bono of  contention, she will call Spain oil",  as thero will be nothing else to  light about. So' far., the war  has been a disappointment all  round. The people who wanted  to see Uncle Sam getapreliminary  spanking are disappointed, the  American lingoes who thought  Spain could be knocked higher  than a kite in the'..first round are  disappointed, and the general pub-  lie who dearly hinged to read the  harrowiug details of a great naval  fight to the finish are perhaps the  worst disappointed ot all.  Court   Mt.   Begbie,  I.O.F.,No.346_.  Moots in tho Oddfellows' Hall on the  2nd and 1th Fridays of  each month. Visiting  brethren invitod to  attend.  J. B. Scott. C. R.  J. L. Smith, It. S.  Ellis & (Spogan  Insurance, C'omini������6ion and Mining  Brokers, Cnlgary, Alberta.  Agent for tho Qneon Firo Insurance  Co., of America.  Itcpresentcd    by    W.    MORRIS,  Ilovclstoko. nG-tf  Fish   and   Game   in    Season.       Markets   afc   Kevelstoke,  Kevelstoke Station, Nakusp, Trout Lake City, and Ferguson.  flerchant's Hotel  Illecillewaet, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Good accommodation.  Wines, Liquors and. Cigars at the Bar.  Best  W. J. Lappan, Proprietor.  Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1855  Grogan & Co,  -������n���������_.���������General Agents  (Successors to J. D. Sibbald). Insurance  Ileal Kstato.   Mining.   Loans.-  OBlce: First Street, next to W. B.l~casc&  Co.   CcdoMorei-g and Neil.  Paid up Capita!  Rs8_ Fury!   -  Head Office-  $2,000,000  -    1,500,000  -Montreal  The Progreso of Havana, has  beeu giving its readers some interesting information of an essentially Spanish character. It is stated on May 23rd that iood was  dearer in Xew York than in Havana: that the starving Americans were ouly being kept alive by  soup kitchens: that Boston had  been bombarded and the residents  driven into the interior: that  thousands of soldiers were protecting Mr, McKinley'.. residence irom  Insurgents, through fear oi whom  "h e"tva-T^u nab 1 e���������io���������wal k���������abroad:  that _>"e~v York and Philadelphia  were full of barricade?, and the  houses guarded bya.rmed servants:  that the United States were sueing  for peace, the Philippines retaken,  and the Ainerieain fie_t sunk.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  XV .Molson Macpherson, President  i  S. H. Ewing, Vice-President  W. M. Ramsay Henry Archbald  Samuel Finley   J. P.'Cleghorn'  H. Markland Molson  .  P. Wolferstan Thomas, Gen. Manage*!  A. D. Durnford,  Inspector  '   H. Lockwood, Assistant Inspector  The bank receives on favourable  terms the accounts of individuals.firms.  bankers and municipal and other  corporations.  Interest allowed on deposits at  current rates.  finglish and American exchange  bought and sold at lowest rates.  BBAK'OHES :  The late Sir .lolin A. Macdonald,  when asked if his government intended to do this or used to say some  times that he did not know, he had  not yet read the morning papers.  The Chicago Drover's Journal says:  More and more the conviction grows  that there is a big shortage in cattle,  taking the country oyer. The influx  of Canadian cattle this year has tended to cover the shortage, but it is  steadily showing up more strongly.  Tbe people of Southern Illinois are  suffering from a visitation of the 17  year locust, which is storming the  place to an alarming degree. Fruit  trees hy the hundreds are heing badly  damaged or entirely ruined by the  pest. Dogs and chickens eat the  locusts and many have heen poisoned  by doing so. The fanners are helpless  iind do not know what to do.  The Uegina Leader, uot knowing  anything about the Galicians, bur.  constrained to defend the hand  that holds the spoon that feeds it,  says they are "nn intelligent,  industrious frugal and agricultural  people well calculated to make a  succe-s of life in a farming  country." Intelligent! Calculated  to make a success of life! it is  fortunate for the Leader that it  has no reputation for scrupulous  veracity to keep up.  There is a great opening ,for an  efficient purifier in Canadian  politics. During tho Drummond  County railway investigation Mr..  Put-well swore that he believed  Rufus Pope hnd shown him a letter  written   by   Sir   Charles   Topper  offering to pay a certain very con-   .  _^._ _...__  siderablu sum for the railway.   Sir I miinion service in gold' for St.  Paul's  SENSATIONAL   BANKRUPTCY.  Millionaire Hooley in Bankruptcy���������His  Rise and Fall���������Interesting. Revelations, -  Ki'nest Tel-all llucd. y, who has for  some ye.-irsjioen c-'nisiilcred as lixed on  a- pinacle .'������ financial security, has  filed his own petition in bankruptcy in  London. In the petition which he  filed himself he is dwrih. d as of ISerfc-  ley Sf|ii.ii'c. London, Kisley Hall, near  Derby and Papwork Hall, Cambridgeshire. There are actions now pending  against Mr. Hoofey for over ������2,000.0110.  and it is one of these for ������2f;"),000  which is *aid to have precipitated tho  crash. Mr. Hooley is said to have  commenced life in the city of Nottingham as a clerk at i:i a week, but that,  the spirit of speculation seized him  and fortune favored him until in 1ft. 0  he was known as/the biegest company  promoter in I'.ngland anel was considered to be fabulously rich. At. one  time he made overtures to provide the  money for the imnienoe loan to China,  but he was unable to float tlie scheme  In onecway or another hi-*, name was  always before the public. Xow 113  presenting an unusiinllyValuable coin-  Aylmer, Ont. .  Brockville, Ont.  Calgary, Alta.  Clinton, Ont.  Exeter, Ont.  Hamilton, Ont,  London, Ont.  Mcaford, Ont.  Montreal, P. Q.  .St. Catharine  St. Branch."  Morrisburg,nnt.  "-~_ir~~~i-h, Onl.  Simcoe.  Ontario:  "Victoria, B  Revelstoko Branch:  Ottawa, Ont.  Owen Sound, Ont.  Ridgetown, Ont.  Smiths Falls, Out  Sorcl, P. Q.  St. Thomas,"Ont.  Toronto, Ont.  To r on tojunc'n, Ont  T.-������r__on, Ont.  Waterloo, Ont  "Woodstock.Ont  Winnipeg, Man  Vancouver, B, C.  ' Revelstoke, B. C;  , C. ���������   Quebec.  J. D. Molson, Manager  CHOICEST.  CIGARS  TOBACCOS  .   . CIGARETTES        \{  .      -     SOFT DR-iJ.K,S  ICE CR.EJUA SODAS  ICE CREAM  BicycleB   Repaired and  i'or Hire  R. JA. SJWYTHE  Charles swore thnt he never wrote  the letter. Then Mr. J'ope was put  in the box and swore as follows:  "1 do not think J ever had'such a  letter to show. As a political  organizer 1 would not liko to swear  what impression 1 left on Mr.  Karwoll's mind. f would swear  that I never read hiin a letter  com in? from the government. I  would not gainsay, that ns a  political machine on that occasion  if I thought it would have done  the Conservative jmrty any good  to.liayo read hiin a letter i woultl  have read one. J will not swear!  did not. I would do it in a minute  if I thought it would strengthen  the Conservative party." Mr.  Pope is a Conservative*, member of  parliament, but his political  morals, bail as they- are, arc  neither better nor worse than that  of a great many other uieinbers,  both Liberal aud Conservative,  Cathedral, again as becoming the purchaser of the" Prince of Wales' racing  cutter the Britannia. In the floating  of the Dunlop Tire company it i . supposed he cleared (112.000,00"). He was  a promoter of the Boveril company,  and he has put chased at dilfeient  time-, numerous- historic county seats.  Within the last- month l)f purchased  the Belvidere Club in Pall Mull and  Regent Stieet, London, to be used as  his oHiccs.  'Ko estimate can at present be made  of his liabilities, but. they will be  tremendous. The limiting nf a Spanish loan was his latest, project., which  of course failed. Financiers have for  some time looked a.skance at Mr.  Ifo'iley. IIo is said to have- been  victimized to an extent wlich will  l-e a revelation to tbe public.  The Internationa! Mining Congress  to be held in Salt Lake Citv on .Inly  0. 7. S and !). is expected to be attended by over 2000 delegates.  \mm\f\i b^nk  F G/\ .ADA  Head Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital $2,000,000  Reserve    -   -   -    -   1,200,000  Directors:  IX. S. Howland, President  T.Ti.Merritt.Vice Pros., (St. Catharines)  "William Ramsay, Robert Jaftray,  Hugh Ryan,  T.  Sutherland Stayner  Elias Rogers.  D. R. Wilkie. General Manager.  Branohoa  North West and British Columbia  Brandon      Portage la        V*r_couvei  Calgary Prairie Winnipeg  Edmonton   Prince Albert  Revelstoke  South Edmonton.  ONTARIO.  Essex -Niagara Falls   jSt. lhomaa  Fergus       .Port Colborne iToronto  Galt iHat Portage     jWelland  Ingersoll    Sault St. MarieiWoodstock  ,St, Catharines i  Montreal, Quebec.  (  Agents  in   Great   Britain���������Llovd's  Bank,  Ltd., 72 Lombard St.,  London,  with whom money may be deposited  for transfer by -letter or cable to  of .above  Agents in the CJnited States���������New  York, Bank of Montreal, Bank of  America; Chicago, First National  Bank; St, Paul, Second National Bank  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of $1 and upwards received and  interest allowed. ,  v> Debentures ��������� Provincial, Municipal  anel other debentures purchased.  Draft? and Letters of Credit���������Available at all noiritH in Canada, United  Kingdom, united States, Europe,  India, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Oold   Purchased  This Ennli Issues Special Receipts  which will bo accounted fop at any of  tho Hudson's Bay Co's. Posts ln the  Yukon ank northern districts.  A. R. B. HEARN.  fl-an_.������;ep Rovolstoke Brar.uh  Dp .Mallo-I.  Columbia House  l  K  ""Tiirm'my  The   largest hotel- in  town.  Choice 'Wines,   Liquors  Best    accommodation. -  i Centrally  and  Cigars K  ' Bates    SI     per  i i,    -  Brown & Poo], Proprietors  1    REVELSTOKE "'  located  day  - V  ml6-tr  THIRD STREET CENTRB.  To.  Fortune  Seekers  ORIENTAL HOTEL  Large light bed rooms.     Hates  Table   furnished   witli  the choicest the market  '��������� affords.     Best   Wines  -Liquors    and      Cigars  $1.00 a day.   - Monthly race.  J. ALBERT STONE, Proprietor.  K_I_J-r������-_}I__D  Doors  Saslz  Turnings  .Mouldings  TRY THE NEW YARD  Arrowhead Saw So Plaining* Mills  "Revelstoke Agents:   PIPPY & WRIGHT.  Pli).ici_n and Surgeon, McKo_-io  jlvonuo, Kovulutolio Station, 11. C.  It you try your luck ;*rrspcctiiifc  ln tho Lardeau District, don't  pas- I. M. CITROM'3 goneral  store at Thomson's Landing, -hen  you can buy tho cheapest and  best miners' supplicB in tho district.  I. M. CITRON  ml-tt  THOMSON'S liANDINC*.  PETRETTO  TF?e Roman  Shoe ,Mak*ep  Denier in   Boots  and    Shoos,    Mackenzie  Avenue, two doors south Molson's Bank.  Harness Itcpairinf? done.  Moderate Prices.   Work guaranteed.  If You. Want������������������*  PORE  COW'S JVULK,  Guaranteed Unadulterated.  THE PIONEER LIVERY  Feed and Sale Stable of tbe Lardeau and Trout Lake District  Saddle    and     Pack  always for hire.  Horses  Freighting  and  specialty.  Teaming   a  Daily Stage leaves Thomson's Landing every morning tit 7 o'clock  ' for Trout Lake City.   Por particulars write  ' " "'" --'-"-���������-- -    ORA-IG-&-HILEMANffTuo.IBON-S-L.-NDiNGf-  THE  Go to T.HE EUROPE DJIIRY  MIlH. _*. JULIAN.  cLK-epnagfyan  Capper, tep  and Buildep  Onico and Workshop:   Opposite Court  I roc sc. Revelstoko.  PJana. specifications and, estimates given on  aDp-icatlon. The largest stock of doors, sash,  bracket*?, tu min eir, mouldings, base casir.(rs,  kiln dried Jl.~orlng. ceiling, and all inside  finish is now in stock and will bo offered at  prices never beforo r)j..tcd on this tide of  Vancouver. Any onu requiring any of the  above materials will be consulting thpir own  Intcrcats by getting my prices before ordering  elsewhere. a2.-tf  LAST  CHANCE  To secure one of tlioso desirable lots  CHEAP on the C.. & K. Steam Navigation Company's site.  Dont   wait    till,   the ' boom   comes.-,  our way, but BUY NOW.  HAIG & CRAGE  Sole Agents.  Robert  Samson  Wood Dealer  and Drayman  * .  DrayinK and delivery work a spceialty.  Teams always on hai.d ut shortest notico.  Contracts for jobbing taken.  Agent   tor the    Standard   Oil   Company.  eloign  E. Wood  Jlpefrteet,  and Buildep  Eitimatcs, plans and specifications furnished  on application. Shop ' and repair work  prompUy attended" to. Wood carving a  specialty.      Work   Ehop   on   Front Street.  T^e Revelstoke  Pfeoto Company  Revetetoke. B. C-  SI X-'DIO: DOUGLAS STREET-  What Do You  9  Want in Shoes ���������  If you want a good Minors' Shoe como to  D. Jenkins. *.  It you wunt a goad Proepcctors* Shoo como  to I". Jenkins.  If you -want a fine or strong Cork Soled Shoo  como to D Jenkins.  }_!  If you -want  Jonklns.  a Long Leg Boot como toD.  Shoes and Harness rep .Ircd on the shortest  notico. All lines of work kopt in stock  at prices to suit a1!.  D. JENKINS  First Street. one_bloek from  Bank ot Canada,  tho    Imperial  Revelstoke Station, B. C.  J. R. Hull  & Oompaqy  Butchers   and    Wholesale-   and  Retail Dealers in Beef, Pork, etc  KAMLOOPS and REVELSTOKE  A11 orders in  filled   our line promptly-  PRANK BARNARD  Brick andlStone Mason  Chimney buildlni. a specialty. Contracts-  prompUy attended to. Material furnished  when called for.      All   work   guaranteed.  First Street,  Revelstoke Station. /'  ./  THE LIGHT WEST OUT  AND   THE  YOUNG   MAN  GO  TOO.  LONGED  TO  Suddenly I*ft Alons With an Angular Fa-  male Stranger In _ Dark Room He Was  , Threatened With Bodily Harm���������An Em-  barms.tag _*re__lc-_i_ueiit and IU Sequel.  A young Cleveland man claims to hav.  been placed in a very embarrassing predicament roco.itly. He snys ho was calling  on n certain young lndy who resides In a  faslilonablo down town apartment house,  nnd ns she happened to hnve gone out with  her mother, but was expected to return  shortly, ho snid he would wait in their  parlor. Tho servant ushered him in, and  ho was surprised to Unel that another aill-  ������r was also waiting. ���������It was a lady cnlicr,  ��������� tall, somewhat angular porson of questionable age, with white gloves and a very  largo blaok hat.  Ijqft alo'na with this lady, tho young man'  felt a littlo uneasy. J_o lindn't contracted  for a silent teto-n-tete with a lono forualo  in a strange house. For a timo ho sat  Btlffly quiet. Thon, as the silonce grow oppressive, ho arose and busied himself fn-  epocting tho pictures and bric-a-lirac. Ao  ho moved along one sido of the apartment,  keeping at a safe distance from the s trail-  gor in the big hat, ho happened to approach  the electrio button that controlled the light  in tho room. Ho had his eyes glued to a  wntor color hanging on tho wall eloso by,  when, to his amnzomont, tho lights suddenly went out, leaving tho apartment in  total darkness.  Of oourso it was owing to an accident  nt tho power houso, but tho young man  didn't know that and naturally expected  tho lights would immcdintoly flash up  again.  An instant after tho ecllpso set in there  was a Ehnrp gnsp from tho direction of tho'  lady with tho big hat.  "You���������you   did   that a-purposo,"   sho  ���������  shrilly remarked. "I saw you standing by  tho button."  '    Tho young man wiped tho perspiration  from his brow.  "I assuro you, mnelnni," ho said, "that  I had nothing to do with it. It must bo  some���������.some lapse in the current or something."  "You did it," continued tho shrill voice,  "becauso you wanted to kiss me."',  "Xo, no, madam!" criei-tho young man.  "Xo, no! I wouldn't kiss you for tho  world."  Then, in his desiro to oscapo, ho started  for tho supposed location of tho door.  ���������'Don't move," cried the lady, "or I'll  ecrcam." - ''  Ho halted for a moment, then softly  crept along the wall again.  "I hear you," cried tlio lady. ','Don't  you daro to come near me."   ,  "Madam," said tho exasperated youth,  "nobody wants to harm a hair ot your  head."  " That's-jusb what tho burglar said tho  night our house was robbed," moaned tho  . lndy.     .  "But I must find the" door," said the  youth. '-We can't stay in here indefinitely  in tho dark."  "I should think not," snapped tho lady.  "But don't you dn.o to come this way. If  , you do, I'll stab your faco with a hatpin!  And don't you think you can fool luo. I  hear your miserable squeaky shoes every  etcp you take.'"  "Perhaps," said tho youth, for his senso  of humor was beginning to return, "it  would bo woll to tako them off."  "Mercy, no!"'cried the lady. "Don't  you dare to."  Then tho youth felt his way forward,-  guided as to tho laeiy's location by sundry  6niffs nnd starts of alarm, and utter ho had  run squarely into tho inniitol nml banged  ngainst a screen and tumbled over a footstool and soveral chairs, he finally found  the doorknob and bounced into tho hall.  It was pitch dark, but almost immediately  he saw a servant coming up tho stairs with  a lamp. _.  "Show me the way out of this," said the  youth, and tho servant escorted him to the  front door. As ho stopped on to the sido-  -walk he drew a lonft and refreshing breath.-  ,���������-Cleveland Plain Dealer.  ���������   '    ��������� GROWTH.       " "~-\  ___, build your dnm as high ns you cam,  Sou think I'm tnmnll, but I'll tell you _H  I'll got over it���������over just so���������  And muko your wheel buzz down below.  You can't stop me while _. utor flows.  I may bo a river yot���������who knows?  See how tho brown mold over mo sifts.  Bury wo deeper 'neath leaves iu drifts.  Forgot I'm here, deep out of sight,  Where it Is dark���������as dark as night.  STou can't hide mo while ucorns Brow.  ['11 be un oak tree the next you know.  Keep mo in dresses nud piny I'm a glrl|  Keop my long hair nicely in curl.  But I'm a boy, doubt thnt who can,  And somo bright dny I'll be a mnn.  Tho world will know mo���������Unit's whnt I salil���������  For I'vo a thinker in niy lieml.  ���������Snrnh E. Wiii-lov In St. Xiclioliis.  PRINCETON'S SILENT JEHUS.  ANOTHER SMASH-UP  TOOTHBRUSH AIDS HEALTH.  Sound Teeth  and  lioily Only to  lie Had  by Its l~r cqueut Use.  It is but a little thing, yet; on Its  proper use depends much of tho happiness of modern mau. Why civilized  teeth should bo eo rotten is n question  ���������which has often been debated, and probably tho 'truo answer is more complex  than somo would think. Many good  niothors are content to put all toothache  down to lollipops, but that sugar in Itself is not responsible for bad teeth is  proved by the splendid "ivories" often  possessed by negroes -who practically  live upon the sugar cane and thrive  upon it, too, during the whole of tho  season when iu maturity. Dental^  decay is common enough, however,'  among negroes in towns, and it seems  clear tbat the caries of the teeth which'  is', so common among most civilized  races is due not to any particular article  of diet so much as to digostivo and nu-  tritivo changes imposed upon us by our  mode of lifo and' to somo extent by the  fact that _by hook or crook we do somehow manage to live, notwithstanding  our bad teeth, whereas in a stato of nature tho toothless man soon dies.  Recognizing, then, that until the time  arrives when some great social rof ormer  either mends or ends our presont social  conditions our teeth will  tend  to rot,  and  that,. whatever   the   predisposing  causes, the final act in the production of  caries is the  lodgment  of  microbes on  and around  the  tenth, we seo  that for  long to come  the  toothbrash will be a  necessity if  the  is to bo maintained. It is only by the frequent use of  this little instrument that those minute  accumulations can  be  removed which  are at tho root of so miich niisohief.    A*  few olementary lessons in bacteriology  would, wo fancy, greatly startle many  people and certainly would  show them  tho futility of  trusting  to one scrub a  day.   Tho fact is that if people, instead  of looking  nt  the' toothbrush  (rom an  aesthetic  point of view and  scrubbing  away with  tooth  powders (I)  to make  their front teeth  white, would regard  it merely as au aid to cleanliness, they  would seo that'the time to use it is after meals and  at  night, not just in the  morning .only, when  tho  debris is left  from the'day beforo  bus  beon fermenting and brewing aoid all night through.  Tliey would also- soe how inefficient an  instrument the'common toothbrush  ia  unless it is used with considerable judgment. Ono of the secondary advantages  of spending a good deal of money on  dentistry is that at least one learns tho  value of one's teeth.    By tho time wa  have got  them  dotted  over with  gold  stoppings ������_"i gold  crowns we learn to  take care  of  them, even although that  may jnvolve tho  troublo of- cleaning  them more than  onco a day and  using  perhaps more  than  one" brush for the  purpose.���������Hospital. *  "  _~h������lr Ingenuity In Guttlnc Around _. Local Hoouier Ordlnanoo.  "As I stopped to chango cars at  Princeton, Ind.," said a gentleman who  bas just arrived in tho city from Kentucky, "I was greatly puzzled at tho  eight which met my eyes. Though my  home is near Princoton, I had nover  been in the town beforo and I had no  personal knowledge of tho peoplo who  lived thore. Thero was great silonce at  tho ruilwuy station, unci, though many  persons wero moving about, no ouo uttered a word. 'Is it a town of deaf  mutes?' I said to myself.  "But presently my eyes wero blinded  by many small mirrors, as it scorned to  mo, casting a dozen shadows in my eyes  from tho hands of as many burly negroes. It seemed no matter of fun to  them to cast these shadows. They wero  grimacing, contorting their faces and  twisting their fingers in a manner  stranga to see. 'No deaf mutes, 'but  lunatics,' I said to myself, and I began  to look for somo safo means of exit.  But these dumb, grimacing creatures  were on all sides of tho platform und as  I advanced oue way or tho other thoso  at that point lunged toward me and I  saw I was a prisones.  "It was a frightful'feeling for a few  moments, and then a rational explanation of tho sccno was made. Conquering  my timidity, I weut boldly to oue of  tho biggest of the black men, and, seizing him by tho shoulder, I said, as a  hypnotist might say, 'What do you  mean by casting shadows .in,my eyes?'  Tho mau caught mo by the coat sleeve  and whispered in my ear: 'I'll tell you,  boss, but I has to whispor, 'cause wo  ain't allowed to talk. You has to come  tome. I can't come and git you. Thoy  won't let us stand on tho.platform.'  "Then I found out" that theso silent  men had once been tho vociferative,  shouting hackmen who make themselves  so omnipresent on the platform stations  of most small towns. The good people  of Princeton determined to live in peace  nnd quiet, aud, by "act of the city council, they prohibited the hackmen from  using their voices. Bnt even this did  not abate _tho nuisance. The hackmen  would run up to tho train and' almost  carry away their patrons by force. So  tho city council passed a law forbidding"  them to stand on the platform. Deprived  of -speech and power. of locomotion,  theso hackmen had a happy thought.  I-ach ono bought a bright tin plate and  had the name of his hotel embossed on  the plate in raised letters. So they all  Etand there, waving their tin plates and  never uttering a sound."���������St. Louis  Globe-Democrat.  A freight Train Collision at Cheadlc���������  A Negro Tramp Killed  Calgary Herald  Thursday the freight train in charge  of Conductor Thorn nson going eiibt  was pulled into the siding at Chenille  to allow a fast freight train No. S5. in  charge of Conductor uove to puss.  Another train being also on the siding  there was not sufficient room for the  whole of the curs, stveial ol which  piojected over the siding, Clove's  irain coming along from lhe east  dashed into the projecting cars, blocking the Hack and causing some $50  damage lo Gove's engine and $300 lo  the cars. A negro tramp who was  steal hip; a ride on a car of lies was  found dead in the water alongside ot  the track alter lhe accident. 1 lis body  has been taken to Gleichen. Passenger Lrains Nrs. 1 and '2 were delayed  about seven hours the louner lining  held eai-t of Cheadle anil the latter at  Langdon.  PROMINENT MEN.  The newly elected Moderator of lhe  General Assembly of the Presbyter inn  Church ib hy birth an Irishman, hut  by reason ol over h0 years residence  aniongst us is n Canadian. The Kev.  It. Torrance, D. D., was born in  County Armagh, but his parents removing to Scotland he was educated  at Glenluce, Wigtonshire. After a  course of study at iho Royal Academy,  Belfast, he voiunteeted as a niissioii-  iiiy to Canada, and after a short, probation in Ontario lie boc.mic pastor to  the Presbyterians of (liieltih, which  pastorate he held from ISIO to the  time of his retirement in 1S.S2. His life  was a very active one at Guelph. For  a number of vears he has heen on the  Examining Board of Knox College  and is a life, member of tlie British  Association for Advancement of  Science.  THE  CARE OF PEARLS.  She���������You won't be long?  He���������Xo; I'm going down stairs Just to  havo a smoko.���������Punch.  ���������  ,- With Cotton Batting.  "I have dovoted my lifo," said the gen-  alsroan in tbe ill fitting clothes, "to tbo  upbuilding ef mankind."  "So haTe I," retorted tho man in tbe  "nobby businoss suit.," "I'm a tailor."���������  Cincinnati -inquirer.  I Uncle El>en~_ Philosophy.  "I believe," said Undo Ebon, "dat de  human raco would bo consid'able wiser an  happier cf you could git 'era to toiler an  alignment os oasy as you kin gifc 'om to  .follor a circus puhcession."���������Washington  Star.    Diet Treatment Kequlred.  Grin-am���������You say you havo tho writer's  .orainp. Now, whero docs tho diseaso show  itself?   In tbe hand or wrist?  Trenchant Ponn (tho poot)���������Xcithor. In  Aho ctomach.���������Up to Date.  ,   A Good Sugge-tlon.  '    Jack (preparing for his dlnnor party)���������  "Whoro can I put those rugs so thoy will do  ���������tho most good?  Tom���������Under tho tablo.���������Brooklyn Life.  _.amln[_. tho 'Baby.  1 She was a young mothor, and it was  _her_flrsfc._^It.was_the_prettiest_"_the_inpst_  intelligent���������in fact, there never was  such an infant. So she thought it should  have' a name which would distinguish  it from all others. .After a great deal of  thinking'she announced her deoisio'n.  ' "Papa," she said to the happy father,  "I havo thought of a name for the baby.  We will call her Imogen."   '  Papa was a matter of faot man, 'who  knew there was nothing' in tbat baby  different from most others, and he.didn't  wish to see his child saddled with a  name tbat wouldn't iit in with other  circumstances.  "Fancy her marrying a man named  Snooks," ho thought. "Imogen Snooks  will sound'nioe, won't it? But if I say  so she'll begin to., cry and will insist  upon it."  After a littlo reflection he thought of  a plan.  "I think that's a lovely name, my  dearl" ho cried. "It was my first sweetheart's.' Sho will take it as a' compliment, and it will always remind me.  Yes, that and your dear mother's name,  Mary, are the best I know."  "I think, papa," she said after a  pause, "wo had better call her" Mary,  after my mother."  And the artful man chuckled to himself.���������Strand Magazine. '  __,.  A Conspicuous Precedent.  "Shiftless as ever, Thomas?" said the'  wealthy uncle. "Still making a failure  of life, as you always have done?"  "I don't know that I'm such a terrible failure," sulkily answered the poor  relation.  "Why, yon have nobody but yourself  to'support, and you can't make both  ends meet."  "Well, tho rainbow has only itself to  support, and it doesn't make both ends  meet either."���������Chicago Tribune.  Even n Drop., of Xeuonade. Ia Sufficient to  Bula Their Appearance.  American girls are foud of pearls and  havo no superstitions fears that thoy  moan "tears." It may not be known to  the possessors of these gems that pearls  aro regarded as "well" or "ill" from-a  jeweler's point "of view. '.-.'Like human  beings, they require fresh air to be kept  alivo. ��������� In other words, tliey must be  worn aud not remain loo long iu a closed case. Judges of pearls can tell by  looking at them whether the gem is  "lucido" (clear and healthy), or whether it is beginning to be au invalid. Experts talk of pearls "dying," they sometimes becoming discolored' and turning  black.  A black,,pearl may be a handsome  stone, but it has not tha evanescent  rainbow suggestions to bo seen in a  milky or rosy pearl. Italian women,  who know a great deal about pearls,  wear their necklaces and "ropos" constantly. This gives Iheni tho light and  -air-required-by-the-myEterious-forma���������  tions, and yet they aro not exposed to  the chances of discoloration by being  touched with acid.  It is easier to keep pearlB in fair condition when they aro . set in a lacepin  or in necklaces. ��������� It"' is hard ;to car"o for  them in a finger ring.' 0_e'_ni__tb'e'care-  ful to removo them-not only jn,washing  tbo hands, but" they should never' bo  worn when there is likelihood of being  touched by food or drink.      ��������� *���������  About a month ago the owner of a  beautiful pink pearl worn. in a finger  I ring was alarmed to find the stone was  darkening and becoming tfeovered'with  an opaque dark crust. She took it to her  jeweler, who pronounced it a caso of  "scale." He told her tho delicate substance had been in contact with somo  acid, and as she insisted this had not  happened he reminded her that a drop  of lomonade would be sufficient to do  the mischief. ' She' then remembered  drinking lemonade while the ring was  on her ungloved hand.  The only remedy for scale is a removal of a1 whole layer of the pearl. This is  an excessively delicate* business, which  should be done by an .expert workman;  and never undertaken by apprentice  hands. It is a costly business and reduces tbe size and value of the pearl  j that must undergo the operation.���������Philadelphia Record.  Antwerp Belli.  From tbo cathedral tower at Antwerp  80  bells havo for over 200 years  rung  ont tbo grandest music for tbe benefit  The Koyml Beign' of Velvet.  Velvet in all colors is immensely  popular this winter and is used in every  conceivable way and in all sorts of garments. Young and old wear it with  equal propriety, and the evening gown  of velvet, which has heretofore been relegated to the wardrobe of the matronly  woman, finds special favor with young  women. Black velvet gowns are made  "elegant with jet passementerie, and old  point lace is brought out on the waist.  Somo of the skirts aro perfectly plain,  while others are profusely trimmed  with jets, black silk embroidery or  chiffon ruches. But in every instance at  of the people living on tho green fields ! 'east an  attempt at a train  must be  bai  Happy Sow.  '   First Clwk���������Yes; tho bookkecpor  tj-loo to hoaven.  Sou. nd Clerk���������Got a ralso at last, hal  !_���������?���������6 _n ffrftcolioo Examiner.  which border the Scheldt. Onco a year,  In tho month of Fobrnary, the authorities solcct tho music, nnd tho organ  plays overy hour from tho old masters  of Christian song.  geen.���������Woman's Home Companion.  If It'_ Not Borrowed.  Teacher���������What do we sea above ns  when we go out on a clear day?  Tommy���������We see the bine sky.  "Correct And what do we see above  When Cortes invaded Mexico for the ���������:���������-. j���������?������  eocond timo, he had 80 n������usket_������_ astd j ���������,??*C-ta_ll__"���������  90 croMbowmea. __ j    '  An usabrella."���������Pearson's .Weekly.  Joseph O'Meara,' a well known  lacrosse player is being tried in Montreal for manslaughter in connection  with the death of Dennis Clillord.  The London Standard says: Ci ities  regard the occupation of Uiiiiianiiino  harbor as a master stroke and the fact  that S.0U0 Spaniards allowed the landing is ominously significant."  For the month.of May the returns  of emigr.ition'tp Canada from British  ports were: English, l.ol-l; Irish, SI;  Scotch, 2.2SS; loreign, 1.1110. The total  for the five mpnths of thepresent year  are: English. 5,709; Irish, 31)1; Scotch,  701 (?); and foreign, 3,5=10.  A mass meeting of Winnipeg car-  penteis has been held in the Trades  Hall, to take action for an increase o'f  wages. It was moved and carried  unanimously that after July 1st a demand to be made for thirty cents  an house, and that the contractors be  given notice to that effect.  Japan protests against the increased  duty on tea in the United States. The  protest was sent to the State department and is based on the supposition  Lbat a uniform duty ot 10. cents on  every kind of tea, cheap or dear, will  l'uin Japans tea, trade. Thev want  duty graded according to value.  The Home correspondent of . the  Daily News says: A- new appeal has  been made to-the Pope to intervene or  use all his influence to obtain the interference of the powers. It is asserted that the Queen Regent has even  <-ubmilted to the Pope the" question of  her retirement in order to allay public  discontent.        ;    "    ,  The Canadian'Pacific'''railway announces its annual reduced rate excursion trips from the ' east to the  Canadian Northwest. The first of  these excursions will he on June 2Stli,  the seconel on July -13th and the last  on the 10th ot July. The return rate  will hs run. from $28 to !j>4S, and, by  the addition of a small fee, stop-over  privileg-S good for two months can be  secured.  ' A parly of 1,000 lialicians are now  on their way (to Winnipeg, and are  daily expected. This is the party that  have been quarantinedat. Halifax fur  the few past weeks. Doubtless every  care has been teiken to asce'_tain that  every trace of infectious disease .has  disappeared before their departure for  the North West was permitted. Dr.-  Corbett and Dr. Inglis, have left Winnipeg to meet the incoming train for  the purpose of medical inspection,  The late E. G. XV. Greenwood, who  died at Halifax last week at the great  age of 00 was one of the few remaining heroes of the fight for that, constitutional liberty now enjoyed by all  Canada, but first waged in Nova  Scotia by tlicllon. Joseph Howe, and  he it was who, as the foreman of the  yjnrv heiore which Howe was tried in  ISJj for criminal libel of the magistracy, pronounced the verdict of "not  cuiltv," which once for all established  the liberty-of the British  North America.  ~MrrCha.uibei_.uii made-an���������eloquent"  reiteration of his desire for close, cordial and intimate relations with the  United States; - adding:, "And the  more close the more intimate and the  more defined thev are the better I  shall be satisfied." At one point of  his speech Mr. Chamberlain was. repeat edlv interrupted by the Irish, and  the Daily Chronicle says that in reply  Mr. Chamberlain said: "I know more  of America than Mr. Morley and I say  the Irish vote wont stantl between us  and America when there is real cause  tor unity."  -- The appointment hns_ not heen officially announced, liutjt is generally believed in tlie war office that Lord Wolseley is the man selected to fill the  important post of Governor General  cf Canada on the retirement of Lord  Aberdeen. Only rumors haye appeared in print, but it is confidently stated  that overtures have heen made to  him and there is reason to believe that  Lord Wolseley has heen approached  with a view to ascertain whether the  appointment would be accepted if  oHered. Lord Wolseley is in his  GOth year and is at once a soldier and  a diplomatist.  London newspapers say that in the  proceedings of parliament every allusion made hy Sir William Harcbuit,  Mr. Curzon or Chamberlain in respect  to the suggested alliance or Anglo-  American understanding were loudly  cheered. Sir William Vernon Harcourt, leader in the House of Commons,  said: "No one is more anxious, more  eager for a closer. mo~e permanent  relation with the. United States than  myself. There is no member of the  Liberal partv. or of tbe Unionist party  who. does not place a friendship, alliance, if you choose to use the word  in the sense of coidial frendship with  the United States in the very forefront of English foreign policy."  oLate advices from Vermillion Itiver  district are that richer finds are now  heing made every day nnd the deeper  down the miners go the richer and  ccaiser the gold. ,In one instance  where bed rock was reached the finel  was exceedingly rich, the showing on  the slope of the rock was much beyond  any expectation, and, has been pronounced as promising as anything to  be found in California. It is said too  thnt the black .and which is being  worked will carry a verv large percentage of platinum as well as gold, so  much in fact that it it all turns out as  well in proportion as that in this particular spot referred to, enough platinum will lie found to pay for sluicing  and the gold will all be profit.  I������ you want employment, or  lonl'ing for a houso to rent when  you reach Vancouver apply to  The Vancouver Employment  and House  Renting Ageney  331,    Hustings    Street.    West.  Tfee Vernon Soda  Water Works . .  M. J. O'BRIEN,   PROPRIETOR  Manufacturer nf Soda Water. 3Incer  Ale, Sursnpvilla and ull Soft Drinks.  A full siiBPlv kept in -took at Mc*  Curty's Cold Siorngu, whero orders  can bo loft. _50sw-t������  WOULD    YOU    INVEST  MONEY   PROFITABLY?  If So Oome to Revelstoke the Mining  Centre of North Kootenay   -   -   -   -  '    JAS.   McMAHON  Genes al  Blacksmith  AND WOOD WORKER.  Wagons, hc.ivy and light, built to order or  repaired,   liorseshoeiui; a specialty.  ' Shop on DourIis Street, Easl, Hovclstokc.  S. AluMuhon, _ld-Hg<:r.  Shop on First Street, iust vest of Union  Hotel, llevulhtoko Station. Jim McMahon,  Manager. - - a'_-t������  We Have a Good Supply of  Building  Material  and Lumber  CUT-PRICES  FOR SPOT CASH  Call and see us. We can fix you  REVELSTOKE SAW MILLS  Kevelstoke Station, B.C.'  lt has been prodicteel by leading men of Canada that Revelstoke will  be one of the lending cities of West Kootenay. That its unique position  where the C, P. It. crosses the beautiful Columbia valley, with water transportation co the north and south and in close proximity to the richest mines  in Kootenay, making its location unusually favorable. If you want to invest  your money in manufactories, real estate, or mining propertv, visit  Kevelstoke, the "Gateway lo the Kootenay."  We are moving to the front and* no obstacle will or can impede our  wonderful progress. Do not forget that, you will never buy real estate as  cheap as you can buy it today. Figure the increase of the past and speculate  in Revelstoke, the "Gateway to the Kootenay."  The banks of the Columbia, on which river the town is situated, have,  been the singe upon which strange scenes have been displaved and wild and  dating exploits performed by lhe thousands who entered tliis district during  Lhe '07 gold boom in Lhe Big liend.  Revelstoke is probably one of the oldest towns in the interior. And it  was not until this title question was settled that Revelstoke really began to  forge ahead, commercially and otherwise. Growth was slow until 1807, but  the old timers and newcomers had great confidence in the town and smarted in  to make it a mining centre worthy of note. "  The C. P. It. is concentrating all its principal wotkshops on the  western division at Revelstoke. Revelstoke is not only a mining town, but is -  now and will he increasingly so .in the future a railway point of considerable  importance in the C. P. R. system and a distributing centre for the business of  Lhe rich mining districts included m the section popularly known as North  Kootenay. ILs unpot.ance in these connections is due to its unique geographical position. Seated in a beautiful open valley at the point of intersection  of the Columbia river and the C. P. R. main line, it commands the passes  running north and south, to the famous gold fields of the Big Bend and the  rich mineral leads of Lhe Lardeau, while on the east up the Illecillewaet  another district of great prospect is being opened up. The town is the point  of junction of the main line and the Arrowhead branch of'the C. P. II., bv  which access is gained to the South Kootenay by rail aud steamer. Another  line of steamers will make Revelstoke their starting point for the Big Bend,  for which country it is at present the sole outfitting point and base of supplies."  Thus hy the mere force of geographical position alone Revelstoke has forged" '  to the front until the little mining camp of a few years ago has become a town  of considerable importance to the business of the province.  The mining industry is still in its infancy, but with the careful expenditure of capital in development work will grow to large dimensions.  Large ateas of land in close proximity to the town are covered with  timber suitable for lumber, but probably just as valuable as fire wood, there  being no coal deposits discovered near at liand as vet. This land when cleared'  is proving to be exceptionally fine farming and gardening land, and , the  demand for produce is always, many times larger than the supply, train'loads <  being imported from other points everv season. This should be taken into  consideration by intending settlers.  .  '     Across the river from Revelstoke an excellent elav exists for the making of brick in' vast quantities, wliich commands a high price at anv time.     -  The town enjoys many advantages: A' fine,, healthy climate���������the  death rate heing exceedingly low���������good water,; a system of waterworks, from the mountain side just north of the town,"underlying which is a  stratum of gravel that ensures a natural drainage. A short distance up the C.  P. R. track, east, to the Illecillewaet river, is a canyon and falls, which must  be seen to he fully appreciated. The power from these feills is now beiug utili.  zed by ahe Revelstoke Welter, Light & Power Co. for running their fine electric lighting plant. They have an unlimited power which later on will be  useful for manufacturing purposes and running the proposed streetcar line.  if  il  -.  -S .  ''T-I  .'. I  Wendell Maclean  Wholesale  and Retail  Druggist, Oalgary  Mai_ Orders Promptly Attended To.  f22-tf  HEVELSTOp  Blacbsmithineti Jobbine.  ^f���������Plus__bisiS.--_riPG-__itti_a_.  Timmitliin-*  Sheet Iron "Work  Machinery Repaired  Mining Work a Specialty   ROBT.GORBOSf f  Revelstoke Stn.  ({evelstoKe Hospital  Maternity Room in connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.  .si  -���������'.'���������SI  .;.!  Subscribe   for'.tfye Daily  op  SemirWeekly  cHepald and Keep Posted on .Noptfr Kootenay  FERGUSON  The Centre   of the   Lardeau   Mines  Be Sure and register at the  BJ-UWORJIL HOTEL  When you reach FERGUSON.  The table is provided with the best  the market alfords.    Rates from $2  to 83 per day.  CUMMINGS BROS.,  ���������  Proprietors.  Canadian  Pacific  Railway.  AND SCO PACIFIC LINE.  Tfc-  Drs.  McKechnie   and  Jeffs. Attendants  Wood! Vvood!  Guamnteed Full  Cord Measure.  The undersigned has a large supply  of Hemlock, Spruce, Fir and Pine  Wood for sale. Any person requiring  wood will kindly, leave their orders  with Mr. AV. M. Lawrence. Reqelstoke  Station, or with H, N. Coursier,  Front Street, Revelstoke.  17nlf  FRANK JULIAN.  L.   JI.   FRETZ  Contpaetop and Buildep!  Shop oppoaito Imperial Bank.  Workmanship Guaranteed  ."���������      Terms  Gosh  'WwmimBk  [[PROMPTLY SECURED  Write for our interest hip; books " Invcnt-  , or's Help" and "Ilow jou arc b^^indl-lll.', ,  > Send iiia rough sketch or model of your ���������  i invention or improvement and wo will tell i  i you freo our opinion as to whether it is i  i probably patentable. V'c make a .-.pccialty i  , of applications rejected in other bandi. ,  , Highest references furnished,  MARION & MARION  [ PATENT SOLICITORS & EXPERTS  } Civil & Mechanical Pnfrlnrcrs, Graduates of tho t  i Polytechnic School of Knuinccrintr. JJachelors in /  i AppU'-tl Sciences, Laval University, Members )  ! Patent Lt-V A������_oclation. Amcrir.iu Waterworks J  ' Association, New J.iiulanfl Water Works A3������oc.  * 1\Q. Putvevora Association, Assoc. Member Coil '  ' Eocl _ty of U\ il Engineer-..  - nFClPPR- i NEW YORK UFE B'LD'C, MONTREAL CAK.  uri-ibto. ( atuhtIC BUILDING.. WASHINGTON, O.C.  Pioneer  Stores  kof Fepguson  and Ten Mile  Cummins & Co.  GENERAL MERCHANTS  Dealer in Miners' Supplies, Hardware,  Groceries, Dry Goods.  Everything to be found in a general store.  Post Olllco in connection.  At our TEN-MILE BRj-NCH Etoro  Poweler, Caps. Fuse, Coal, Steel,  end fall .Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies are  kept on hand  Shortest'and  - Quickest Route  To Yukon and Klondike Gold  Fields.  To Eastern and European points.  To Pacific Coast, China, Japan  and Australia..  ,'-"*'  TOURIST  CARS  models  are  of  ...Run daily and  comfort.  Magnificent sleeping and dining  cars on all trains.  Tickets    issued    through   and  baggage checked to destination.  C. B. JWaclean  ARCHITECT,  and BUILDER  Estimates furnished.   Plsns and specifications made. Am also prepared to do  shop  and job   work   un   the  Bhorte-t.  notice.     Satisfaction   guaranteed   in  every case.   Oall or write for terms.  Main Street  Revelstoke  Sam Needham  Clothes SL  In Good Style at Lowest ������ rices.  Douglas Street ��������� Revelstoke  Eastbouud-DAitY Tn.viN-Westbonnd  7:10 a.m. Ive-Rcyelstoke-lve 5:20 p.m.  Connection with Kootenay  points, S a.m. leave Revelstoke,  arrive 4:30 p.m.  For information, time cards,  maps and tickets apply to  T. W. BRADSHAW,  Agent, Revelstoke.  W. F. Anderson-, Travelling-  Passenger Agent, Nelson.  E. J. Coyle, District Passenger  Agent, Vancouver.  TIME C/\R0  Subject to change without notice.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.  GOING WEST D__U.1T GOI-Q EAST '  8:00 am Leave... ..Kaslo Arrive3:50p m  S-am ...South Fork... 3:15pm  !h3Gam       '    Bproole's....   "     2:15pm  __51_m ������������������ ...Whitewater... " 2:00pm,  10-3_m * ���������Bear lake ... " 1:48pm  lOU-am ' ...McOuisan.... " 1.33pm  10-J8am      "    Cody Junction - "    -1:18pra  1030 am Ai rivo.... Sandon Leave 1*0 pm  _ CODY -ESB  Leave 11:00 am Sandon Arrive 11:15 a m  Arrive 11:20 a m Cody Leave 11:25 a m  BOBRRT. IRVING   I GEO.F.COPBLAND  G. V. and P. A.       I       Bupeilnten ������_t I ���������  VERY UNFORTUNATE  Just Arrived^  Hammocks  Chinese  Lanterns  Musical  Instruments  Purses  Footballs  Pipes  Tennis  Flags  Racquets  Children's  Wagons  Baseball Goods  Wall Paper,  Croquet Sets  Etc., Etc.  panada D  Boc  rug &  >k Co., Ltd.,  Revelstoke Station,  B. C.  LOCAL  AHO   GENERAL  HEW   Call nt the Viciori.'. ulO.-O for n si:::! .vli'h.  From Momlni's Dfiilv.  G. T. Scol.t I'.'iine down last night  from tlie Big T"end.  F. C. Gamble arrived I'roin Nelson  on Saturday evening to start lhe work  nn tlie Canyon road.  J. N. Trickev. fr rniei-Iy M.ilii'ii  agent at Duii.-il-l. went through fiom  llie coast on No. 2 tliis mnrni.ig I'or  Donald.  Lieut.-Governor .Mcintosh rami' in  from the i'!i-t on Silurdiiy nielli.,   and  willi St.-ipleton Hobbs proe led sniilli  on .Sunday nuii-iiing lo Rnssl.-ind.  Gold Commissioner Sibbald rn mc  back on Thursday I'roin niinllirinl I rip  to various points on lbe lake*, ini-hid-  in*������ B-.nlon City and Thomson's L-ind-  i'--"-  The sold i-omniis. inner held a nie.1-  iiig at Biirtou City lust wee!- al. which  lie explained liis p'l,-ui.- l'oi- trail making'  ���������luring thi-; season, greatly lo llies.ilis-  fnelion of the large crowd of mining  men present.  Kul McDonald, who was arrested  las; Saturday evening on a eli.-irse of  vacrr.mrv. mtide his apperaiice bi'l'iire  Police Jl.-ii_tistr.-ite Sibbald. a s'jiitence  of three inenths in  Kamloops.  George Green, betlei'* known Vis  "Voiin'~r Corbett.'" went, throinrh on  No. 2 this innriiin���������. In New York, en  route to Eiiirlanil. where lie meels Dick  Burge. tlie English champion pugilist.  Il is reported al. the toast lhat .".rr.  .Sword. oppo-.ii ion candidate for  l.'i.'wdney. and ono of tlieir slrtuigi-si  men. has withdrawn from the contest  in favor of Mr. lhe independent candidate.  L-ist week 'lie vein in the lower tunnel of tin* Ho. olierv mine, the property  of tlie Cnrnes Creek Co.. was i-ui.  which exposed ;m excellent lot nf line  looking ore. Assays of Ihe ine will be  made, and ihe result of the assay will  appear in a later is.ui* of t he 11 Kit \r,n.  This will In* good new.-;, and will prove  the value of this excellent piopeity nn  which extensive development work is  now being done.  i Th:   Loss   of   the   Steamer   Farrell   a  Deplorable Accident  I Says the ("ranhrook Herald: On  Saturday afternoon, .lune -lib. the  ni.igiiifiieiit new sleuini"- .1.1). Farrell,  was wrecked in lhe eaiiyon. caused by  striking u' nick. Very soon afler  striking she sunk to lhe upper deck,  and lhen: is but slight hope but that  the boat can hu saved, as the water is  very high, still raising, and sweeps  ihiuugh the culyon like a racehorse.  An ironclad ship, slninded, could  scarcely withstand its fury.  There was naturally much excitement aniiing the passengers, but Cap!.  ".Ii Cm muck snici'i'deil in benching  hi.- boat, in a spot where lives were nol  erwliiugcivd, and all were sunn safely  lain!.'*'!.  In the de-lriKlinii of the Farrell,  S mill I_.-i->t lvnnieii.iy has met with a  severe ln_.. although, of course, not  heiim so severely afflicted as the  owners. The Fiiri-cll was entirely a  new eriii'l from stem lo stern, was  i'i|iiippc:l wilh all modern appliances  I'or speedy aud safe navigation of a  swift, and'treacherous river, but she  seems to have been out of luck from  the start���������in Ihe slang of the day,  hoodooed. .Starting for her first, trip,  a' n low M.igc of water, the river, if  .���������inyLhimr. a-" she progressed, or tried  to.'and what should have been a trip  o" two li.iv.s in- less look twelve days tn  .i.coiuplis'ii. Almost each sucieeding  I rip she met with minor accident!",  none serious, but all provoking, until  llie I'mal disaslrniis voyage of the 4th.  The Farrell li id made eight trips, and  would have had a very prosperous  s".-i-on lind she went through safely.  Her ciist was $15,000 and there was no  i'l-Mir.-mce.  ll is lepoi ted tint Mie Nnrlh Star  will ii"! .illi'iupL to run through the  i',-i:iy.iii hereafter, at least dm in_r high  w.-it'i'i-. but. that, the Gwendoline will  bring freight to the lower end, when  it, will be 'piii-i���������-iged to the npp"r end  and there taken by the North .Star.-  J^^i'_iliftiM]i_i'  ������������������������������������������������������.-    .'���������.*.'.'.' Tr**' '���������;_',- ���������*���������������.������ .��������� ,:r\CKi-ri Cr-r ��������� ������������������������������������  CiENT/STf  tUf~XX'ili be nt oflice until 27th June.  Ol'TICK:  Ovor Canaiia Dura it Book Co.,  Kcvclstokc Stntion, H. C.  House and Lot for Sale.  A Iiou-c nml lot on Tlilnl Street, lust cast nf  the Ij-i>\viiii lllnek, for sale. Apply for particulars to tliu lliat.ii.ii ullii'u.  Notice.  All per*ons having i-lniins ngninst Jlr, A, (I,  M. Spragge. barrister, late iif Itevelstoke, arc  ruciue-ti-'il to -eiul piirtli.tiliirs nf their rluinis  m the iinilcr*.ii_;neit in care of -Millions Hunk,  Eluvul-Kilcii Hliitioii, II. 0.  ISEO.P. MfCAItTKIl,  jnlil If Soliekor for Mrs. Spriiggc.  Liquor   License  Notice.  Xotii-c is hereby given that we, tin- undersigned, iiilLMKi in apply ISO daws after date, to  tlio Stipendiary Magistrate "f .North Itlililifr of  West Koutciiiiy for license tn sell liquor lit the  Queen's hotel, C'niiiapllx. IS. C.  CUNNINGHAM   it DI-.tlVAV.  Coiniijilix, Mnv '-1st, la'JS.  Dissolution of Partnership.  The partnership heretofore existing between  lis, the uiiilor.lgneil, Is this Hay dissolved hy  inutuiil consent. All ilebls due the firm will  be eollecteil by .liuiies K. Wright, by whom tile  business will lie eomltii'teil nt the old stnnil,  and who will pay nil outstanding accounts  against the firm.  J. E. Wiur.HT.  djh-8 Thomas A. rii'i'Y.  Lost.  Lie-t nil-lit, a black wnter-proof coat rape.  Finder requested to leave same nt-llKiiAi.D  oflice.  Agdnt lor the  Bhcketisderfer  Typewriter  ID__3__-_L-_---E~- X~t_T  Fro:-i Tces-l   --I.o __>.'.���������  of sight.  '.- DAILY   IlEIIlI.-.  j*j.-fish-;in-:-���������spuds  KV_ont-.  ��������� Photos! $3 :i dozen! At the  Revelstoke Photo Co.  .Mr-. R. A. J.'.uies. of (!nlir.-iry. e.-ime  in mi No. I In-:!, night on a visit, to her  daughter.  Mr.-. S. *S. S.i'inders.  ���������In addition   to the animated  soncr j  sheet, lhe  nub'.ic will   have nu   oppor-j  tnnity of   heatint:   selections   on   the!  .Ki-amophone nl the dratn.itic entei tuin-  ment on tiie2Slh.  Ci'ii-t. ?iic'i{-ip ionk two prii-oners to  I-.i:nloop-, la-l r.itrht. McDonaid. who  ���������:.': Ilir'1 ill-Jilt Is _ for v.urr int-*-. .iml  JJ'"iiso:i. wli'i >v.i- riiiniiiil l"d for trial  on a cb.ii-O-nf .-Uieiiipted Haiti wreck  ju-t witt of town.  .1. Brni e. Ki:.- repairer in l!'.e.\:iow-  lie.u'l lii.' lii'i*. who iaii:e to ton ti a  f"\*-d-iy- -ic.' for uii'ilic.i! tr.'.it ment.  di".l l.isl ev -,]i:i__' of iiill.nii iliiin of i he  l,riw__-. Tne new- of lh.* ili-.iih nf Mr.  I.ruri* v.-ill lit- r'feived with di-cp i>,-  ifi-i.'I by hi- friends lliriiiiijlinul. tlii**di���������  trict. "  Taxing Miners  To the Editor of the Ilcrnld.  Rllt:���������One point Ihnl nii^hl be ttivn  in favor of taxing miners i.s, lhat. the  openimr up of Ihe Koolenay enni.try  by trails, roads and vnilw.-ij-s, is de-  peni'e-.t Iii :i jrreat exlenl, on the  i-i'veiii-.i: derived from the taxation of  miners.  .Should ibis source of revr-nue be cut  olf, the crnvi'i-nini'iit. would necessarily  have to fall back upon other means of  openimr up I he country or cl'i' throw  the work nn the .shoulders of the pros-  pe-lnr and lbe miner.  Foi'inslaiu-e. we will suppo.-e tbat  lhis som-ce of revenue is cut, cilT. and  Ih.-il. the fiiiverniuenr still desires lo  maintain ils present policy with regards to improvements in this country.  The result miirhl. be that in order In  expect, llie .-aiiiu improvement,.*! with  lhe curtailed revenue at its cnniinand.  thi'jiovernment \*. mild necess-u-ily Iimn e  lopayli*<i- wa-jfi's tn llie labiii-ers tu  at eoinplish the same amount of  work.   ��������� ,  If lhe present scale ol' wanes was  paid, fcwi'i- men would lie employed  and fewer iii-proveiiienls neeessarily  ii inde.  If as many iniprovi'ini'ii's ai-c made  with Ihi- diminished revenue this revi-  iiii0 niii.-t, necessarily be sti etched in  oilier to pay the requisite number of  l.-ihoreis iMiir.-ijii'd in makiiis; these  iiiiprnvi'inenls. so thai -in older to  effect these improvements with ono-  hall' in- Iwn-thhd.: of the revenue now  used for that purpose, the laborer will  be compelled tu accept or.e-balf or  t wn-thiids nf thi* wanes now paid for  iu.-il~iti_~ these improvements.  If the taxation on mineis is stricken  oil'befoie this country is thorouglily  ini**ned uji and a low scale of w.i ares introduced by I he government, it will be  but a very short time until every min-  inpf companv nnd i oipni'iit'on in Bril-  ish (Joluuilii.i will rei'.iu'i* tbe wacres of  their, employees, as .it .is haiilly lo be  supposed that municipal c oi-poriilion*.  anil mining cnmpuiies will pay a  hiilher scale of wages than thegnv'ern-  nieiit.  Instead of working to lower wacres.  the miner and prospector ought to  stand together and defend Mn*n*selvc5  iisninst anv such lue.-isuie whether iu-  noditied by the eovertitnent rir tin*  opposition, as cutting \~nze_. mav be  ccimpari'd to a man runtiing into debt  ���������easy to get in: hard t.o get out.  .Minkr axd -  ;EICK !  The F. E. Piper Co. have now on hand  First Class Briek at right prices.  Intending builder,   would do well to  call nnd examine.  Ilrick yard Ju*,t north of the Gun Club  grounds.  Mail orders promptly attended to.  Prices on npplicntion.  The F. E-. Piper Co.,  Revelstoke. B. C.  Gents' Furnishings  Boots and Shoes  Prosper tors' Supplies  - Camping Outfits  Summer Underwear  - Hats and Caps  Shirts, every description  Grocerief, all fresh  Floui*  Teas and Coffees  Butter and Egps  Canned Goods  Vege tallies  All these and more, a fine  stcck at very close prices  Fallis Bros. bW.  Hevelstokc.  1 .reo Solicitation and Delivery.  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Write f. r paniculnrs. _~nj t  ELLIS & GROGAN ���������  Insurance, Commission and' Mining  Brokers,  Calgary, Alta. - ..  i\gems for the Queen l-'ire Insurance Co., of  jlinericn.  Represented by XV. Morris, Hevelstokc.  Musical  Instruments  You are requested to look ovor my  select stock of    VIOUXS, CiUIT UtS    ~t Ij-XDOUXS '    HOUXEIt'S MOUTH OltGj'XS  '    ���������   '         STHINGSnndACESSOttlES....  j\n excellent stoek nt low prices.  Tobaccos, Cigars, Soft Refreshing Drinks,  Stationery, Xovels, Japanese Curios, Etc.  Chas. J- Aman  Clothing  .our.,  Itv rho carload^  .Yoo--_i-  -the beht Lake of the  Bread.  Tho be-1 on the market, cither white  or bro--���������__. *  Cakes, Confectionery, Groceries  Be*i values in R&veij-toke.  ^^S-T-TSJt-SMrTFT  FOR "ONE  DOLLAR.  A Grievance from Albert Canyon  '-"_ tin- Editor <if the lt--.11.-.  Briefs  f! irei.i S.iiiti.-iKo.  !r.iivnii.-iii .-iniit's.-ition ba- been  di.-.i*ii.-.**'"il in Ihi- United State.-* Sim.iti*.  I-'ire at   Port   Arthur  yi*-U*ni.iy  d-'-ti-oyed sJIO.IVj')  ivortli   of  pr.ipi'i-ty.  0     Tbiity-five new  United   State*,   warship.-* have been   named  at  tni..  Cb.irle-* Oke. of Hoi-sevain. was  ihrt-ivii fri-im hi-* her.-'* nnd killed.  Th- United Stales flatf-hi,-) ha- been  sichli'd near Manila.  It is reported in Paris that _M.iniI.-i  bus bet'ii c-apttired.  T'.vo men have been hilled in   a  wav iviuik in Penn-ylvama.  Jliivan.i i-beiiiK supplied   '.villi  vi-inns by the blockade runner.-,-  Thi*   fori ifical ions   of K.nitiago  said to be completely mini���������-'!.  A   battb-   v.a-   fnu^lit   bet ween  Si'ivia'.is and Albanians on Friday.  It i"~ 1'"ported in .M.-ultid lhat  Sb.ifU*:- has arrived olf Santiago.  ""iW.-iehiiisfton believe  thai th������* e.-peililions to Cilia and the  Philippine'' arrived about the same  time. The latter numbers about ?.().-  tn'l -oldiei--*. but- Di*wey may wait for a  second leiiifnrc-ement before making  an a.ttnek on .Manila.  Duties iimoiintimr to 8i2.~i.000 have  been leceived at Ottaw.-i from I.-ike  K"iinetl.  IJiilish naval liiano'-uvres have been  ab.uidiined mi ,-ii-c-oiint of the Welsh  in-il sti'ike.  The United Slates railways will  appeal lo the interstate ecmmeic-e  lonimissiouer against the C'.P.U.  It  is   reported   by  several   wmkinir  men who have  come   down   from   th"  I "."."aii'rley   wii^ijiiii    rond    at     Albert  ' Canyon, thai   outi aaeoii"   111:1 rites me  ��������� beimr made for Iwi.-itd 1 oiisiderinit the  i f.n 1 1 hut the work is bi-in_r paid for by  ��������� tin* Government.  ; The it'im- "f men are wnrkitiu. nboul.  1 l ive Ive miles from the railroad al lhe  i rat" cf two dollars and a half per day  ! whit b is the reitulation watte paid by  ! I In* itovernmcnt on wn-k of I bis 1 bar-  ;.-icier.  I Tlu se men nre charged at lhe rale  i of ,-i.. dollars per week   for  board   -iml  has 1 Finnish their own bcildinir. Complaint  i-also'niadi: that the ft1'"'" isi ont-  ratreous.  It, seems strancte thai men ivnrkiti_r  for the ctovernitn.nt, only i'2 miles from  the O.P.I'., should he chained six ]>i'r week for board, when  miners employed by Ihe Waverley  mine, thirty miles from lhis sani"  r_.Ilrr.nd pninb are at the rat" of  llir.ii* doll u-s per (lay and only clini jted  five dollars per week  for board.  ft is usually supposed that the Government when emplnyiii_t men does  not make any profit when bnardili-t  these men.  Not. only i.s the ninnnttemcnt of lbe  Waverley mine chaiitiiiit thes- %ov-  i-rnmeiit employees this outr,ifteou������  Gen. i price for bo-ird, but also recpiire- I hem  to sign a conl rnc:t that tbey will p-iy  that sum and also t to pi villi roe day's'notice in case they desite  to cj 11 it.  As the lyold enirimissinner really has  charitecif this work.this mat tei- should  be looked into very closely by bim,  and steps taken In remedy Ihi.*, itriev-  auce. The presenl siili-miimif;em'>>it  of the Waverley Minim; flomp my is  to blame in lies case because n-uie of  the directors of this coinjiany would  countenance any such proc.eeilinjt  were it to come to their knowlediri'.  Yours i-(*s]ietffully,  .Tust'ice.  Hevelbtcke, June 20, 1808.  An accident policy ec.od for one vear, plvinp  *"fK> in cn*e of death sn<l _x dolfRr* for live  wc-ek-i for disability '*u������;ained Jor accident,  while rlilinp m nny conveyance propelled bv  iicfi-i. cnbli*. or hor^e ii'uM'f.  jM*.o the .���������amc fndemni;-.- for an acclrient  ������u*;alRCl while cyoiini; by colH������!oii -.vith  vehicle or fonvCTince. or while _i_ennz  froin tvjjliofd, typiiu", "enrh't .'ever or _<iiiMi  pox.    jll-n lmir.C'llaK.' euri*, medirnl or li-s-nl  Efhicc, ncd i"?ci-y ntfnti'111 fn.rn*. nf Injury,   tt -..������������������   ~~~.._.__ l���������t-... ~���������  io������. of <.nn������.i������iii-n������������. (ii������irc������*i r.r -u.i.i.'n HniKc rntnKniii^  ���������I��������� -.ih whii.* t.-iiii-l!i!ii_ in mmiii:.'uliu-.. lot I "uu'*v   * Ul UIOIIIII5O  Clothing  Clothing'  Clothing  0161.11111^  -,���������_  -���������. -j..  ClbtHing'  CiotHing  Clothing  * -- '-      JUST   ARRIVED  Suits to Order. S18"and up.  Pants to Order, ������5 and up.  _E__.   S.  WILSON  Rev.i lstoke Sr.iTios-. B. C.  C B.Hume  &Co.  '.ifi.i-r  iij.jiiy tn  j-iil-.H-.hi  -CHi'ii.'AX .'_ CO.  Jii"t received direct frcm .*-'ootliiml.  Photos  _~_~~-*i  Itevelstoke Photo Co.,  tH X  I.0ZEX.  - Poajtlas St.  i.iil-  pi'.i-  are ;  lbe  if y.u uill prune and look ntour..  'ilK|-������EI.f~   TAI'ESTKV       WOOL    MaOKI  J.W.iXE-iE Rf'-.S j\XD SCtCARES  Carpets  WOOL hCJCVRE.-)  FI.OOK KCOS  CO .OAXCT  MATS  ^'ij'l -ill U-  .lcaii-d.   And doii'i  hav-11  fowl Hint ������-o  Undertaking and  Embalming  R.  Ful) Range of. Linoleums  Howson  8c  Mackenzie Ave.  Co.  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in _*urniture.  IRNEV  Painter and  Doctor at or  First Street East, Revelstoke Station  Grnininfr. Taper Hnnjiini;, TlnM IVooil J*'ir(I-*h-  init,  House  Pnlntini; in nil   Ilr.inclic,  c'nrritt'.c I'nintinpr, C.lii?i!iK, _lc.  NOTICE  Carpenter   Tools   and  Boat  For Sale  ATihiI Chest nml n fumplclc mttl'.t nf rnrpen*  Iit'i t'lONj nl������n 11 In��������� limit offered for mile nt  n bargain.   A]iply to  W. FREWING,  d Jy 1" Second Street.  AI-o I,ACJJ CURTAINS, ART Ml-"I,IN_i,  TOWEI..-: and TOW'KLWXO, I'.r.EAC'irED  and CXRLKACIIKD TAIILK I.IN'K.V,  t:tc, Ef.  Dry Goods  A fine nii'.rtintnt.  Boots and Shoes  fslgRGst and be-tt imnrtment In the town  A nd r.'inetnhor to unit to sec our lines of  Straw and Felt Hats  Wc will   .ell nt rock bottom prirc", mid will  try to picnic yotl.  C. B. Hume & co.  Kevelstoke Station, Revelstoke and  Trout Lake City, B.C,  .   NOTICE  ELECTOIIAL DISTRICT)  \    Kcvclstokc Riding.  Ol" WEST K00TEXAY, )  To Wit:   ';,  I'UHI.IC NOTICE Ii hereby Riven to the  electors of the lllstrict of' West Kootenay.  Hcvel.toke Hidingc, that ill obedience to Her  Majesty's Writ to 1111! directed, nnd benriiiR  date the seventh day of .Tune in tlie year of Our  liord, one thou..tiiid eight hundred and ninety-  eight, 1 require the presence of the said electors,at the Government' Oflice, Itcvolstokc, oil  tlie twenty-'lfih day of .lune, at twelve o'clock  noon, for the purpose of electing a pcrbon to  represent theni in the Legsstature nf this  Province. !' '  ' The mode of nomination of Candidates shall  be'as follows: '  '���������The Candidates-shall he nominnted in  writing, the writing shall be subscribed by two  registered voters of the District, us proposer  and seconder, nnd - by three other registered  voters of the said District as assenting to the  nomination and shall be delivered to" the  Returning Oflicer, at any time' between tlie  date of the Proclamation and one p. 111. of the  day of nomination, and in the event of a Poll  being necessary such Poll will be open on the  ninth day of July nt Itevelstoke, Xakusp, liur*  ton City, Fire Valley, Halcyon Hot Springs,  Thomson's Laiiding.Trout Lake City,Ferguson,  Comaplix, Arrowhead, French Creek, Boyds  Ranch, Cnrnes Creek, Albert Canyon, llleeille-  waet, Glacier and Rogers Piisr, of which every  person is hereby required to tako notice nnd  govern himself .accordingly  m You Can Save Money  By buying MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING   |  at Bourne Bros, this week. i  .  \jxfl*. lnivc Just opened up live new enscs of new Spring Suits that lit    '  like a glove and arc made from the most handsome patterns .that   1.  oulil be procured In Eastern markets. The following is a list oi our prices for this   c  week: '. t  For "7.o0 you can buy a Suit made of good Tweed and nice fitting. . JS  For .8_-J we show a Cheviot Suit worth .$1'.!. '���������" ?  For ?10.~0 we show a range of Suits that w ill surpi ise yon, worth flit and $U. "      .   *  For S_.!_~(l nnd .10 we show you line Worsted Irish Serges nnd Scotch Tweed Suits,"' (  fit and finish equal to tailor-made Suits at ~'0 to ..Si. - _, '  SPRING  rtATS j  We are showing this week the'contents of .seven cases of Men's Fell  Hats, com-   G  prising the best English and American styles in Stiffs, Soft Felts, Fedoras, etc. 'j  Wc nlso show nn entirely new nnd complete rnnge of Men's and Hoys' Caps. i  ���������  , J'UST PLACED  INTO STOCK ~|  The largest assortment of Men's Soft Xeglige Shirts and Summer Underwear ever  seen in Rovolstoke���������light nnd dnrk color.-). 1  Shirls varying from 83c. to .1.51); Underwear, 67k. to ?J.~0. ' 1  TALKING-ABOUT SHOES ,:  Vou-liould get posted on the latest styles nml prices by 1111 occasional visit to  Our store.    This month, as our new season's Shoes are coming 10.hand  dully, we , 1  nre now showing some artistic designs in button, laced or Oxfords.   Come ami see.    ,  'Sa.  ������ BOURNZ]   BROS.     &5  -7  Wc aro in 11 position to everything in. onr own lints wc linve one Irmlc mnl 1 lint  ii tliu IlAri] .vnru biu-h-IK*. Onr whole time is taking tip in keeping our Mm-k un to " do  limit." We lune not the time to run uruuml time ami solicit trade; our --tod;, price*"  und treatment of patrons brin^ ns the business without sulicitiitiun. What'-, the matter  with taking a look at our oil stoves? Why roust your wife to deatli over-a e.nokstovo *  when for H--'1 >"on can have the comforts of a hot meal and keep your house cool ? Wire  screen door.-, and windows are not,considered luxuries, when you cun buy them so  cheaply from us. *  W: M. LAWRENCE,   "Hardware."  "Given under my hand and at Revelstoke the  eleventh day of June, 18.8.  J0IIX 1). SIHHALI",  '  dj9 Returning Oflicer,  \A7 IIUREAS   it  Is  v v      advisable to  [Ij.P,] TlfO.1". It. M.IXXKS.  CAXAllA,,  PI'OVINTK OF IIItlTlStI COt.CMIHA.  VICTORIA, by till! ("fuel; of GiiiI, (if the Ullilcd  Islngilnin of l.'rCilt Hritnin nnd Ireland.  Qi-kkx, Hi-fender of the Fnith, ._<���������., .tc,  .tc.  Tii all  to whom "these  Presents niiall conic���������  (illEr.TIN'l.  :   .I PROCIjAMATIOX.  II. >l. KlIEIIlS,  Attorney-Geni'ml  esinbllso tin- following polling places In the  .overnl and respective Electoral Districts  hereinafter niuiied.  XOW KXO'V VE that, by virtue of tlie  millmrity crintalneilln the "Provincial Klcc-  ll'ins Act," the Ijieuteiiant-GoveriKir In Council dci-Inres Hint "tlie following polling places  slinll be. nnd lliey are hereby, e*lnblislied for  the several Electoral District*-, tlie names of  which arc fet opposite sueh polling places,  respectively, that Is Io say:���������  I'OI.I.IXO' I'-AC-F.-. E-ElJTO-AI. DlSTKICT.  Cjovcrnmcnt Oflice, Revelstoke..  Government Ollice Trout Lake..  Government Oflice Xakusp   Govern ment Oftlce, Comaplix...'.  Thom������on~ii I.aniliiig   p.urtcn City ".   Halcyon Hot Springs li  lire Valley   Illecillewaet   Albert Canyon   French Creek liig Jiend   lloyil's Itanch   CarncsCreek   Glacier   Ferguson ���������  A rrowhead  ; ��������� -. -  Is Te-htuiomV WiiE-EoF We have caused these  Our IiCttcrs to ticmaile Patent and  the Great Seal of British Columbia  to be hereunto affixed; \ViT_tESS,  the Honourable Tno������. B. Mcl>">"~~!,  Lieutenant-Governor of Our _aid  Province of British Columbia, in  Our City of Victoria, in Our poW  I'rovince, this fifteenth dny of  June, In the year of Our Lord one  .i.:;.A. thou-and eight hundred nnd  ninety-eight, and in the sixty-first  vear of Our Reign.  By Command.   A. CAMPBELL KEDDIE,  Peputf Provincial Secretary.  I  __  1  Watch for our opening  announcement to-morrow.  JAMES GILL  &  CO.  C"~~~p_  Revelstoke Riding, West Kootenay Electoral District  Gi,:xti.hmic> :  In eomiiiK forwaril .���������ittheiinniiiiiious  ile.siru of thu supporters of the irovern-  iiient in tliis riilhif? to_ solicit your  sulTiMgL'S us ii eaiiiliibit.e in tin* luininiv elections, I wish to place  before yon in strsiifrhtforwai .1 terms  the lilies .-ilonir wbii-h I intend to  direct, my (-ourse."if elected to lepresent  you in lbe Legislature. I am to lie-in  with an advecacy of lhe iteneriil policy  of lhe Turner >roveriiiiii'iil.. as I con-  sider thnt their policy is practical anil  progressive ~n>'-* directed towards the  hest interests of lln* country.' The  development of the maj<_lilii'ent resources of this province iniiht be lhe  chief nil ii of Ilm irovermiient of the  province, and it is the chief plank in  my platform. As Kootenay is the  wealthiest and most pi-ndui live district in tliis province, it is to my mind  HUSlXESS for the Koveriiiiient to push  forward its development in every  possible way. The money expended  will be returned over and over afrain.  and in nailing the motlo of Kootenay  riRST lo my political masthead. I  do so not merely from a narrow local  patriotism, but as consideriiiR from  very broadest point of view possible of  thc'welfaie- of-the whole of British  Columbia, that the development of  Kootenav is the very best policy from  a business and practical point of view-  that any government can entel-tain.  This object I shall, If elected, pursue  in season anel cut of season, and any  measure which I consider, after Erath-  crinj? the opinion of niy constituents,  lo be of advantnue and benefit to  Kootenay iu eeneral and this riding in  particular, will receive my heartiest  support no matter from wliat quartern'which side of the house it emanates.  - The interest? of the riding nve n.1-  taost exclusively mining.    Tbe back  bone of the mining industry is the clans  who do the work, lhe prospectors and  miner.*.'.    In considering mining  legislation of any  kind, it is to them that I  shall turn   for advice.     If legislation,  injuies them it must be detrimental to  the best interests of  the  district, and i  will Hnd me against it.    If it is satis- J  fa.-li.ry only to them   it  will  be satis- "  factory to me and receive my support-.  There are other classes nf working-  men in this constitiiency. chiefly  railway men and those engased in the  lumbering industry. These men,  whether nrganized in unions or employed in occupations which*have not  so far enjoyed" the benefits of the  trades union movement, will find 'iiie-  their friend and the consistent sup-  porl er of legislation aiming to improve  their prospects and condition in this  province.  I do not see lhat there is' any need  further to define my platform here. I  am before you, as I have ah eady said,  a.s a supporter of the general principles  and policy of the government. I hope  to have lbe opportunity to discuss the  de'.-iils of that policy before you on u  public plalfortn, nnd also to make it  personal canvass at sill points in the  riding which it is jiossible lo reach in  Ihe time at uiy clispos.-.l, at no distant  date, which will give me opportunities  to explain niy position more at lensth  than is possible in an address of this  nature.  I would respectfully ask you. therefore, not to make any pledge until you  have heard both sides uf the question,  and iu order to uffoul the best possible opportunity for ymi to do so, I  hereby invite my opponent to meet  me at all meetings which will hereafter be ar ranged for nie to address.  Your ObedientServant,  W. WHITE,


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