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Revelstoke Herald Mar 5, 1898

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 r 1  J  -J/.,  '   rt   *-'    "������������������  '-   /  -ISSTTIEID   aP^rxOB-A.-VT'ElEK: ������������������W'BHDnSTESTJA.YS   A.3sTID    SA.TTTI^X)A.-2-S-  Vol.   II.     No.   !5.  REVELSTOKE, B. C. SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1898.  $2.00 a Year in Advance.  ft2_BgS3SS������������S2&ce3������i=^^i=2^'^.*2e^  \  " Hudson's Bay j  Company   I  [lNio!'.ron.iTi:nir.70j H  - I  The   Most   UD-to-Date   Outfitters ft   "* S  in Western Canada. ft'  Intending Prospectors should write us  for one of our new Folders, which  contains an excellent Map ami an  ci-liiiiaie of the probable cost of a  complete outfit for the Gold yields.  Hudson's Bay Stores,  Calgary.  Cilg-iry, Feb. l, 180S.  Haip; & Crage  Sole Agents for  j^eyelstoke  ^^ Townsite  MINING,  -FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE  A  RTHUR g. m. spragge,  Barrister. Solicitor,  &c.  Notary Public.  Office upstairs in Sr.iith's block, Pacific Ave.  Kevelstoke Station. B.   C.  WM.  WHITE,  Q. C,  B.'i'.r.isTUK, solicitor. Notary PritLic, Etc.,  Revelstoke, B.C.  sotf  .... T- - ��������� -   '    -    ,     -  Folicitor for Imperial Bank of Canada.  JAMES  MURPHY, B. A.,  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  Oaice:   divan  Bine!.,  lUvelstok-,   B.C.  P. 0. Box I'll. lGflf  DR. MALLOCH,  physician and Surgeon.  Office in Or. Mel.aan-.s oflice.  Mt'KKNZIK AVi:., - KEVELSTOKK.  At his olhco 1'riday, Saturday ami Sunday.  ,^,gamble^&^o:reilly,_,  ClVIL ENGINEERS.   PROVINCIAL LAND  SUUVIOYOHS,  Arroun'r.*its and (icneral jlgents,  Nelson and lto*-sla-.itl. West Koiiteuay,.  Uritish Columbia. _  F. C. ("amfi.e, .1. P.. M. Inst. 0. E., M. Can. Son.  C;. i:., P. I.. P. for II. C (late Kenidcnt Engineer Department of Public Works in  Canada ill Ii. f'..! .-.'e-l-ioii. 11. C.  _,_,_,..���������  Fraxci" .1. O'I'.eii.i.v, A-wr. M. lu'-t. C. E., 5'. Ij. s.  fnr 15. C, Kosslnnil, I". C. Sjlytf  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE, No. T65S.  Ppgiilir nin������tings are he'd in lie*  Oddtcllows- tlsll on tho se*co-id nr.d  r ������ fourth W.ilno dayBof each inonlh nl  ������>' 7-3lpni. VisitlDgbrethren coidintly  ���������~~~* invited,  nn. T. Jeffs, w. M. T. J. f"n.\iiA>in, Hot* .-fee*.  W. G. IliiixEV, I--in.-Sei!.       K. S. Wilson. Treas.  ELLIS & GROGAN,  Insurance, Commission and Mining  Brokers.  Agents for the Queen Fire Insurance Co., of  America.  Represented by IV. Morris, Revelstoke.        Gntf  ROBERT SAMSON,  Dealer in Wood.  JDra������Inff and Peli\ery Work a specialty at  lowest prices.  Teams always rcodj- at a moment's notice*  Agent for tho Stand jrd Oil Company.  J.   R.   HULL   &l!CO.,  Successors to Hall Bros. A Co.,  Butchers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers  in Beef. Pork, Etc.  KAMLOOPS   ond   REVELSTOKE.  All orders tn our line promptly filled.  THE  CITY SCAVENGER,  A. WRIGHT  Is prepareil to Uo all kinds of .scavenging round town. All orders left at  the Herald Ollice and W. 11.  Pease <fc Co.'s store promptly  attended   to.     Yards,   lanes   and  privies cleaned.  innm  Our business during theXuias  rush equalled if not surpassed  our fullest expectations, and we  wish to thank the numerous  friends and customers, who  helped'to make,things lively.  Business must be kept tip  although the holidays are over,  nnd'with this object in'view we  call attention lo the following  announcement : ,_        ,  e*  Our Dry Goods Department  bas been thoroughly  overhauled since the rush subsided. All our stock is in splendid ,shape.; and new, line3"haye  recently-been added. We wish  to draw special attention to our  bargains iu  Imported Flannels and Flaiinellettes  Pieces of Dress Goods  A Stock of Hosiery, just imported  A Well Assorted Stock of Silks  Gents' Furnishing Department  A well assorted stock of Men's  Clothing ninde by the best clothing houses in C nada. is now  open to inspection by the public.  Our Suits are in all styles and  for fit and cut look'just ,i_s well  as cus.om-made clothes at a  third of the cost.  The Grocery and Provision  Department  is always kept stocked  with a full supply in every line  of the best and freshest goods.  We are agents for Earn Lal's.Tea,  the very best in- the market.  Our prices are made to suit the  times. We always keep in our  warehouses a good stock of hay,  oats andcvegetables.  Ontario Candidates and Majorities  The   Following   is a List of the Candidates  Nominated   for the Election   and  the   Members   Elected���������The Majorities in 1894.  niDixa.  Addington   Algoma, li   Algoma, \V .....  Brunt,  N   Brant, S   Broekville   Bruce, N   Bruce, S   Bruce,  0   Cirdwell   (.'in-let on   DiifTerin   Dutidas   Durham. 13   Durham, W   Elgin. 15   Elgin, W   Essex. N   Essex. S   Fi-onleiiuc..   Glengary   Greiiville   Grey.'O...   Grev, S   Grey. N '.  Haiti imatul   IJnltnn   Hamilton, ]i..   ..  Hamilton. VV   Hastings. W....  Hastings, 15 ...  .  Hasting.--', N   Huron, K   Ifni-on. S   Huron, XV   Kent, R   Kent, W-.   Kingston   La Million, J''   Lainhtoii.' W   Lanark, N   Lanark, S   Leeds..".'. _.  Lennox   Lincoln   London   "Middlesex,  Middlesex.  Middlesex, XV  i~.lo.u-k.   Afiiskoka.   Nipissins-.v.-"-.'  Nnrf'olk.'.S   Noifolk, N....  Noi-thuinberlai  CONSEIIV-.TIVE  ...T. Ki-iti:  ..Dr. Fell.  . .0. (.'hudwii k,  ...L J I. Fisher,  ..G. Elliott,  ...7. Culberl,  . .D. il. Jcriiiyn.  INDEPENDENT  Ontario. N....  Ontario, S.  "Ottawa   Oxford, N .  Oxford.'S..  Parry .Sound..  ..A. 15. Little.  ,.G. N. Kidd, (Ind. Con.)  .. Dr. John Barr, .  ...T. P. Whitnev,  ...W. A. Fallis,"  ,..\V. H. Reid.  . .O. A. Brower,  ,'.F. G. AleDiariuid.  . .Ci. A. Winteriiiute,  ..VV. P. Killackey.  ...J. ������. Gallagher,  .. D. R. .McDonald,"  ,..K. L. Jovnt,  ..J. B. Lucas.  ..Dr. D. Jiimieson,  ..G. Al. Boyd.  .. F. lt. Lalor,  .. Lit-'iit.-UoI. Kerns,  . H. Carscallen,--  ... Mayor Colijuhonn '  .. M. B. Morrison,  . .J. Stokes,  ...XV. J. Allen',  ...H. Alnonev.  ...H. Eilbcr,  ...J. Heck,  ... A. AL Alnson,  ...Dr.-W.-_M. Hall,    *  ,..E. H. Smvthe,'    -  ...Dr. J. A. Alackav,"  D. AlcNaughton,  J. S. Macdonald,  VV. Dynes,  Haycock,  M.'McPherson,  John B. Davis,  D. McNichol,  K.  N.  ...Dr. R. F. Pieston.  ,.. Lieut .-Col. Alalheson,  ...Walter Beatty,. '  ,.. Dr. Mem-ham,  ,. .Dr. Ji'ssup.'  ... Adam Beck,  ...T. D. Hodgins. "  ..(.',. (J. Hotlgiiis,  ,..G:-B. C.iniplii'll,    -  ...T. Galhiiiith,-  . .G. E. Langford,  . .O. Laiiiai-c-he,--  ���������'.���������',     -v  . .J.'L. Buck*,-   -       -    -  . .".O. Robertsoii,  E Dr. VV. A. Willoughliy,  , P.O. McCl.-illnru,"-  A. T. Giird, ���������   ,', ���������"'  C. II. Gould (Labour).  Nottliiiml.orlund.V.'Jt.IniT. Mulholland,  .VV. H. IIovl  ..O. Cilder,"  ..C. B  Powell,  Bernard Slatlery,.  ..A. "iloiitiigiie,    ,-  .. B. VV. Ch.-uiihci-s,  . ,VV. R. Beatty,  Peel". F. VV. Bovnoit,  Perth, N. .*  T. jMtigoocl.      '  Perth, S -.N. Monticth,  Petei iiorough, 15 .. .Dr. Foul,  Peteilioi'tnigli. VV ..J. XV: Garvin,  Pref-cotl .-*   Prime Edward VV. B. Dem;\sev,  Renfrew, S.  JJeiiFi-e.w.-N....  Russell   Siincoe. XV..'..  Siinccu*. 15   Simcoe. C   Stoiniont   Toronto, B   Toronto, VV ...  Torunto. S   Toronto. N   Victoria, ID... ,  Victoria,. VV;..  Waterloo. S..  Waterloo, N...  Well.itid   Wellington, E.  ,.H. J. Deinpsey,  .-.. .-.-A.-T.-VVhitc'r-������������������   H.-Robilliaul,   I. S. Duff,   A. Mi*-c-amplii'll,   A. 11. Thoin pson,   J. McLitughliii.   K. A. Pyne. ,   T. Crawford,'   J.J. Fny,   G. F. Marter.   .T. II. Carnegie,   S.J. Fox.  .....VV. A. Kribs,   Dr..H. G.Lackner,   1. Harrison Pew,    >  . Dr. Coughlin,  L. ICaiifinan,  Dr. Fowle,  Jos. Edgar,'  G. Fiame,  J. Cava n,  John Bonlield,_  A. Currie,  Amos Train,  J. Bennett,  Wellington, S *.H. Hot-top,  "Wellington, XV.  Wentworth, 1*7  Wentworth, S.  York. E   York. VV   York. N   ....T. A. VVnrdt'll,   Sanford Evan*-,  .... VV. .1. Moves,'-  ..  .J. \V. St. John,'   Lieut.-Col. "Wayling.  Jos. Park,  G. Tucker,  F. Wartiiifin,  (". F. Farwell,  J. Ciiiinii',  D. Burt,  A. S. H.-udy,  Ci. P. Giuliani,  C. M. Bowman.  R. 13. Truax (accl.l,  A. Mnlcolin,  Win. Wright-,  G. Bud'ham,  VV. B Lawsoti,  S. Grandv,  Dr. Mitchell.  D. Mclntyre,  D. Mc-Nisii,  VV. J. AIcKee,  J. A. Auld,  D. 0. Mt-Rae,  A. Buchanan,  .1. Roland,  J. D, .VI organ,  J. (ilelnnd.  J. VV. Holmes,  3. K. Barber.  .1. X. Middleton,  >  J. M. Gibson,  H. Bleecker,  S. Russell,   .  11. (~. Ij.it t, '  A. Hvs'.on,  .-  A!. Y. McLean,'  ' J. T. Gin-row,  R. Ferguson,  X. L. P.irdo,  W. H.irty,  11. ,T. Pi'ltvpicce,   ,'  F. F.-Pardee.  VV. 0. Caldwell,  J. M. Clarke.  AV. J; Webster.   '      "  II. Ayleswoi th,  Janies Doran.  Lieut.-Col. F. B. Leys.  Dr. AlcWilliams, *     "  XV. H. Taylor,  G. VV. Ross;  Iv. Haicourt.  Dr. Bridgi'l.-ind,  J. Longlii-iii.-- i '  XV. A. Charlton,  13. C. Oarpeiiler,  J. H. Douglas,  H. Clarke,  T. VV. Chappie,  J. Drydt'ti,    _  . A. Liinisden,  (i. O'Ki'ffe,  .A. Pat.ilio,  ��������� Dr. McKay,  J. Smith,  .1. Brown.  VV. C. Aloscrip. '-*  X. Blezard.  J. R. Stratton.  A. Evantural (.ici-1.),  . _N. Hpraguo, '  Jl. A. Campbell,   ^ ...  --I IrBar i\ r���������r���������  , O. A. Rocque,  VV. M. Harvey.  D. Davidson,  A. Mullu'i'.  Ch.'is. Caldwell. -  Dr. J. Spence.  W. B. Rogers,  Rev. Dr Ewart,  J. Austin,  Dr. McKay,  J. P. Phin.  Dr. Ij. IJ. Clemens,  VV. AL German,    ������.  .L Craig, .  .1. Al utrie,  ' It. Scott.  A. F. Pirie.  J. Dickenson,  .1. Richardson,  VV. J. Hill,  13. J. Davis.  ELF  consukv'te  Reid,  Little,  -Kidd,  Barr,  Whitney,  Fallis,  Reid,  Brower,"  AIcDiarmid,  G.-illiigliei',  .AIc-Don.-iM,  Joynt,  Lucas,  Jamieson,  Car������rnlleii,  Colciuhoiiii,  Morrison,  iCTED  ijini~ii.\r.  Farwell.  CJiiniiiee,  Burt,  J lardy,  Graham.  Bowman,  Truax,  Malcolm,  Allen,  Eii ber,  Preston,  Alatheson,  Beatty,  Jessiip,  '���������������"- ~   "La marc-he  ���������.I  Hoyle.  ("aldi'i-,  Powell.  Beatty.  Alontcitli,  Deinpsey,  MfKi'i  Auld,  Cleland,  ���������iHolines,  Barber,  Russell,  Hyslop,  ��������� G.-irroiv,  Ferguson, -  Pat do,  Harty.  Pel.t.ypiece,  Pardee,  Aylesworth,  Leys,  Alt-Williams,  Taylor,  Ross,  Harcourt.  Bridgelaiiil,    Chai-Itnn.  Cat pen ter,  Douglas,  Clarice,  Liiuistlcn,  P.ittillo,  McKay,  Smilli,  Brown,  IJIez.-11-d.  Stratton,  Evantuial,  s-^Canipheil,   *.  Ban-.  Elect'iidelayedone week.  Duif,  Thompson,  AlcLaughlin,  Pyne.   ,  Crawford,  Foy,  Miirter.  Carnegie,  Fox,"  K ri lis,  Lackner,  Tucker, Con-P.  Wai dell.  Harvey,  German,  Craig." "  Alutrie,  Dickenson.  Richardson,  Hill.  Davit.  THE ONTARIO ELECTIONS.  C. B. Hume & Co.  Revelstoke Station, Revelstoke and  Trout Lake Citv, B. C.  Board of Trade.  The executive committee of .the  hoard of trade met on Thursday evening. Present, Messi-s. Hearn, Coursier, Shnw, VV. AL Brown. "Wells, Haig  and Cowan. The following telegram  from Mr. Bostock in regard to the  protection of the river hank was read:  "Council decided to uphold Tnrte's  action. Will not appropriate money.  "Bostock."  JTo answer has so far been received  from Sir Wilfrid Laurier or Air. Sifton  to the telegrams ordered to be sent to  them on this matter at the last Meeting of the board.  A resolution was passed asking the  gold commissioner to secure a tailing  ground to the French Creek Co.  Alessrs. Brewster, McKecknie and  Abrahamson were appointed a committee to circulate a petition asking  the legislature for legislation to permit the town to discharge its garbage  into the Columbia river.  The communication of the Trout-  Lake board with regard to appropriations was recommended to the favor-  ahle consideration of the gold commissioner.  The board then adjourned.  Ci. IL Suckling, the townsite boom-,  ster, is off for Klondike. '"~  A LETTER FROM SKAGUAY.  Thousands of Men There Already and  Still They Keep Coming.  The following letter has been received  by a resident from R. A. Fraser, who  writes from the Hotel Alondamin, corner of Broadway and Hi-lly, Skaguny.  The heading of the paper calls attention to the electric lighting and steam  heating arrangements of the hotel and  that itis run on the European plan.  Skaooav, Feb., 11th. "89.-".  De.vr Friend Dan:  I expect you think by this time that  I was not going to keep my promise of  wrioing to you, but 1 have been on the  move ever since I left Revelstoke, and  now I tun here but will be in B. C.  about the end of the month. I received  a letter from McKenzie, he says it will  be all right in the spring* This country  is no good. Thousands of men heie  and still coining in. Tliere will Ik* a lot  going Kick In-oke. Wages are., nut as  high ns people think. I "don't believe that lhis place or Dyea is as  tough ns old Yule was in its palmy  days. I came back from Dyea yesterday. I leave hero on the Danube  when she sails. I expect this will go by  Seattle. You can expect to see me  next month some lime. The weathei  is very cold, hut'not much snow in the  town." Give regards to Jim and the  rest.    I will close with regards.  Rout. A. Fraser.  Meeting of Presbytery.  The Presbytery of Kamloops met on  Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock in  Presbyterian church here and continued their sessions till Thursday evening. On Wednesday evening a reception was given to the visitois by the  Ladies j\id society of lhe cliurcli,  which was fairly well attended. The  ministers present were Rey. .T. C. Stewart of Kamloops, G. A. Wilson of  Vernon, T. G. McLeod of Enderbv, JL  C. AlcLellan of Grand Forks, T. Glassford of Trail. A. (Sandier of Rossland.  Robt. Frew of Nelson, P. D. Muir of  Revelstoke and Hardy of Clinton ;  stftelent missionaries, Messrs. Polock  of Salmon Arm, King of Donald, and  Booth of Nakusp.  The congregation of Hevelstoke made  application to the Pre**liylery to go on  the list of augmented congregations.  The application was .-iccepletl and  recommended to (.the augmentation  committee to be confirmed. This removes (he church here from the list of  missions and gives it power to extend  a call lo -t pastor.  Stevenson  to Co. are announcing a  removal sale for the next fifteen clays.  The readers of the Hniij\Ln had moro  complete returns on Wednesday  morning of Ihe. Ontario election than  the people of any town on the mainland of British Columbia. In accordance with the wish of several of our  subscribers wc gave the latest news in  a bulletin on Thursday morning. The  Hkralij is here to give the news, and  whatever wo can do to g"t and provide  our readers with the the latest intelligence on all events of interest will  bo done.  The latest returns of the Ontario  election indicate quite as complete a  victory of t.he Conservative opposition  as the Hist dt snatches indicated. Afler the general election of ISO) the Liberals numbered .10, the Conservative 27  and the Pations and' Independents, of  whom there wtis a bewildering variety  of shades of opinion, lilled 17 seat-s out  of a total of 01, Air. Hardy having a  straight Liberal backing of six over all  and being really able to count a large  proportion of the patrons among his  supporters. Tt is at (he expense of  these nondescripts that the Conservatives have chiefly strengthened themselves, although the Liberals in some  cases were not in the Held at all, hut  left the constituency for their seciet  supporters. The present house as.far  as the returns indicate will consist of  ���������IS Liberal, 41 Conservatives, and'l  Patron, who supported the opposition-  last session. Russell, where the election will come olf Tuesday is claimed  by both sides, hut Robillard, llu*. Conservative' member, was the sitting,,  member anel carried the seat, which  went Liberal in IS91. on a bye election.  Of the Hardy cabinet Dryclen, .Minister.'of Agriculture ami Gibson, Commissioner of Cioivu Lauds lost, their  seats, on the other hand the defeated  candidates St." John, VVilloiighby..Vk������a-  cham aud Alagwood are ail prominent  members of the opposition. The loss  of the Patron leader Jos. Haycock will  be felt on the 3__.ibi-i-.-il side.  NOTE AND' COMMENT .,*  The Edmonton Bo-ird of Trade,  many of whom are staunch Liberals,  is out flat-footed against the Jlann-  Alackenzie deal in a circular addressed  fo the People,.-Parliament and. Pi-ess  of Canada. It condemns the'scheme  as '-crude, ill-devised and.dangerous'.'"  It goes on to say :* " It' is al[ but;;iii-  credihletbat'tliis '<?i"ver'iYmeht 'shoulel  need to be warned against creating  great' monopolies, and reinin'ticd of  their past record. For-eighteen years  they vigorously'opposed the. berila'ge-  squandering, monopoly-making policy  of their predecessors,'the bitter fruits  of wliich this North-West.^-tiid ' all  Canada must long continue to leap.  Clan any support er of the scheme" in  discussion explain in Parliament, or.in  thePrc*='s, wherein itdiffei's in principle en' detail from the worst doings of  t heir predecessors ? Can we not see  behind the puppets, Alann and Mackenzie, tlie hydra-headed monster  which has so long devoured the wheat  fields tind grazing lands of our great  West, audnow seeks to swallow., the  _nugge_ts_.ancLgolcLilustj-of��������� the-North'-?-  The Crows Nest Pass sjibsiely, even  with its redeeming features, evoked  the dismayed, it' silent, disapprobation  of all .true*Liberals. What must, t heir  I'eelings lie novv, if they, iu the East,  call see with- our- eyes the* dangers  looming on the horizon ? The population which litis long gi tinned, under  the oppression e.f the 0. P. R. is of a  very different oiiler fr"in that which  will shortly fill the golden Noi-lh. and  the discontent whicli. on the prairies,  spent itself, in grumbling, will, in  Nuggetlatid assume a f-'t.-tl form.  Does the Government suppose that an  unfortunate who lias left perhaps a  needy family thousands of miles away,  bra red uncomplainingly the privations of almost at die travel, and.  afler spending his last cent, finds  wealth in his grasp, is going to quietly  obey llu; dictum oi'agnlil cumtnis-ioii-  er. "Hands Off! This belongs to Alann  and Mackenzie."' l-'loli and blood will  not stand such 11 cat ment. Respect  MAY be shown to tiie* Government's  claim to alternate areas or block", ill-  advised policy though it be but so sure  as this mine-grabbing syndicate a( tempt to eiifmce their claims,  open rebellion will result. Aniui-ic.-in  miners taking lhe lead, troops mn.-t. be  sent'in. and l^ol the country is  Jilundged into the hotroi-s of n war.  involving many millions of expense  and more than likely intei national  coin plications. Will the American  government stand by and see its subjects shot down in (lufeose of that, lo  which their outlays, hardships tind  privations have given them the best  right in the world."  Tlie brilliant young slatesmau who  represents (his constituency has  evolved a new reason for supporting  the Maiui-Alackenzie deal. He is  going to vote for it because the proposed line will act as a feeder to the  Kamloops route to Klondike. It has,  *we believe, been remarked before by  somebody, that the dividing line between genius and lunacy is a veiy  narrow one.  SPAIN IS.CALM  DOET NOT BELIEVE THE STATE^  WILL GO TO WAR.  Latest From Ontario About the Elections.���������A Small Liberal Majority.���������The  Manitoba Elections Fixed for, July.���������  The Advance on Khartoum."���������Japan  Demands Explanations From Russia. ."  ."���������The Klondike' Stampede at.the:*  Coast.���������The Italian .Jubilee.  (Special to the Herald.)  Winnipeg, Alar. 5���������The Hon. Robt.-  Watson, .Manitoba .Minister of Public*' '  Works, is, probably   the   prospective  Lieut.  Governor of the. North  WesC  Territories. Air.Watson is a fanner bv-J  profession  ,-iud one  tiineW represented  Marquette in the Dominion House.  Vancouver. Alar. 5.���������The' steamers-  Amur and Islander left for Wrangel  last night, the former with 200 and the  latter with '.SKI passengers. The boom  has reached, its 'acute stage and fully  300 a day are arriving in Vancouvei*"  and Victoria:- "Yesterd.-iv's "Pacific express was delayed 20 hours.owing to a  wash ont at Di-ynoc-h near Thompson's  Landing.'  ���������>'''.���������   -:*-*      '-'. ~'j".r  Dr. :Philpot,.of .Vancouver, has interested one hundred thousand dollars ���������  i    -i '4  of capital in. England for,th'e purpose'  of- erecting a factory oirthe Fraser to  treat salmon offal.." U*.  ' LoNDON.-AIar.j.���������Japan.has'demand-"  ed on immediate., explanation from  Russia of-her peenpation.-of Port Arthur.'       .-;        "      ��������� .   -- \ ;���������-  ,<, Spain; is calm.- There'is-no excite-'  ment even un the bourses'   The genet--  al impression is that the.United States"  dare,.not. make .the*.!Maine dieastersiiv  pretext for war.. "''���������-'*' "     ' '  ..'-���������'     ���������   '*   * 1      ".F -"i"*'j*^ ~     "'    '  .'  ���������   Winnipeg, ALu-ch 5~~-Tlie -Alanitoba-  proviticial. ele'ctio'ns  will' lie   brought--  off in July.     ;--���������   -��������� -    "ns'.-.i'.  . London,    Ai arch'. 5l!_'sirJ,. Herbert  -Kitchener will-lead, a ;British'advance-  on'Khartoum immediately:    ���������''-  ��������� .-Hume, March 5���������The  jubileey anni--  versary'of  the   Italian ��������� Constitution-  *i-   ,   -''..('    .     *     --  took   place   yesterday. . The,, people  gave King Humbert a* magnificent rc--  ception.  *,;   __       -     _  ���������NKV~~*-~Ci>BKr-Alari-liT5==CIosinii"ipibta?"  tions   yestei day:   Silver bullion   513;:  Lc.-\d,'$3.C0- Spot,'5-1 s" "  Yancouveu, Alar. u.'^There are no-  more special despatches from the east  this.morning regarding the .Ontario^  elections. The Conservative papers-  still claim a victory after the election,  of the Speaker. ��������� The 'Liberal .papers'  claim five "of a majority. The-  Associated press claim three of a ma-.*  jority for Hard>-.'  The No. 2 train was delayed yesterday, by a wa.-liout in Thomson Canyon  this side <>f Lytton and did not get in  till this lnorniiisr, It is reported 10  hours late again to-day.  Jas. Dunbar i.s officiating behind the  bar in the Columbia Hn-.i-e in the  pl-.ce of Joe Ander.-on. who has left  for lhe cc>.ist.  The Waverley."  The directors have received a letter*  from thoir manager,  dated Jan. 10th,  enclosing shipping bill of the first cen-���������  signiuent of  ore,  to  tho order of tho  company at Liverpool. "This shipment  consisted of twenty tons, and customs-  duty'wns charged on a  value of Si">00.-  ecpial to tibout .���������520 JOs.-Sd.     A   sample   of   the   oiu.  was    f.irwarded   to  Alessrs. J. Lewis to Son,  of Liverpool.,  which they have ttssayed, and  proved  te> contain a value at current prices of  ������33 per ton.���������Financial Bulletin, Lon-.*  don. Eug. " ���������  The Tangier.  At_, the  Tangier  meeting,   held on*  Thursday, Feb.  17th,_,some  very satisfactory statements were made by the-.  chairman. Llie Earl of   Essex, and  by-  Alr. E. Grant Govan, the managing di-.  rector.   The latter, in the course of an  interesting   speech,   said-that he  be--  lieved that   when   the  snow cleared  they would be able  to .ship from the  Tangier mine more than enough   to  cover   the   working   expenses.!      The  companv   contemplates  joining with  the Goldfields of B. Ctnid the Waver-,  ley in constructing a .raili*oad from the'-  group of mines clown  to  theC. P. R.  anil   also   yropo-.es    to    construct  a  smelter on the Illecillewaet river, close-  to the Canadian Pacific Railroad.    Ac-  ccudir.g to latest advices, a shipment  has just been  made of   fifteen tons of'  clean shipping ore of the approximate-  value of ������1700, equal  to ������Zl(k������. Sd. per-  ton.   The company seems lo have got  a good man to look after ils interests,  in the person  of  Mr. J.  D; Gt-.iliam.  until  rece"i'lly   gold   ceuiiinissioner at.  Revelstoke. a* post he  resigned to join  the Goldfields group.���������British Colum--  bia Review, Londo:r,-Eng. Revelstoke  Herald  Published In Interests o(  Revelstoke, Lardeau, Big Bend, Trout Lake  Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  Fast and Eagle Pass DiBtriotB.  JOHNSON Ppopriolo-.  B. OROCtAN Editor.  A SemlWtoklr Journal, published In the  loter-Mta of RevelBtoke and tho aurrountnnK  district. Wedneadaya and Saturdaj o, making  -tloae~t ���������onneetlpnB with all trains.    -  -��������� ���������  AdvertUlnB Bates: Display oils, ������1 "0 por  column lecb. $2.00 perlnch when inserted?!, title  pare. Legal ads.. 12c per,(nonpareil) lino for  Hrst isMrtton; 8c for each additional Inaortion,  Reading notices. lie per line each issue. Birth,  Marriage and Death notices, free.  :������������������������������������      ��������� -  Subscription Rates: By mail or carrier. 82 00  per annum i tWi for six months, strictly in  Our Job Department: The 'Hbualo Job  Department ��������� is one-of the beat equipped  Printing offlces in West Kootenay, and ia pro*  pared to execute all kinds of printing in 11 rat  A   NORTHERN   AGRICULTURAL  SOCIETY   GETS LAND  THE   WINNIPEG  DELEGATES  class style at honest priceB.   One prico to_ all  No job too large^-none too  orders promptly attended to,  or us.   Mail  -   ' ���������      Give us a trial  en your next order. .  To Correspondents:. We inv 11 correspond*  enee on any subject of interest to the goneral  public, and desire a reliable regular correspondent in every- locaU������.~ surrounding  Revelstoke. In all cases the bona flde name  of the writer must accompany manuscript, but  not necessarily for publication.  Address all communications  REVELSTOKE HERALD  Revelstoke, 3. C.  NOTrCE TO CORRESPONDENTS.  A COMMISSION APPOINTED TO  REPORT ON THE  TORONTO-JAMES'   BAY    RY.  1. All correspondence must be legibly  written on ������ne side ot the papor only. ,  3. Correspondence containing personal  matter must bo signed with the pr por name  3. Correspondence .with reference to any  thing that has appeared In another paper  must first be offered for publication to that  paper beforo it can appear fn TnE Hkiiai.d.  SATURDAY.     MARCH   5.      1808.  LOTTERIES  The recent conviction^ at  Medicine Hat in" connection with  the promotion ' of lotteries has  caused a good deal of discussion  amoDR the Territorial press on the  innate iniquity of the raffle. Itis  pointed out that raffles are illegal,  contrary to the public iuterest,  and generally demoralizing to the  community. No doubt, so long as  the statute book specifies a punishment for conducting a raffle, it is  right that the law should be  carried out and that breaches of it  should be punished. The question  here, however,-is not as to the  carrying out of - the law but as tD  the justification for its existence  in its present form. If- is difiicult  to understand why a poor woman  overtaken by. misfortune who  raffles her jewelry as the, most  ad\ antageous means of purchasing  food for her family should be  denounced as a criminal while  charitable ladies who by the con  sent of 'the mayor conduct raffles  for church purposes should be held  up to public admiration. II the  raffle system is .demoralizing, it is  just as much so, if not more, when  sheltered under the cloak of  religion as when a straight  business transaction. If it is contrary to public interest as well as  demoralizing one would thiok it  should be so in Quebec as well as  iu the eTerritories. The same law,  however, which makes lotteries  illegal elsewhere in the Dominion,  makes an express exception in the  case of certain lotteries conducted  in that province. This is the condition of things which The  Herald objects.to. Let the law  apply to everybody in the  Dominion, or else wipe it out  altogether.          _^___i_^_^_  Meet the Government���������Shiprccks Off  the Maine Coast���������The Greek Loan  ���������Ladv Abbott Dead���������Want to Shut  Out Americans���������The Union Jack  Hoisted���������Parnell's Family in   Want  Ottawa, Feb. 2(5.���������The Minister of  the Interior seeing no objection^ to  meeting the wishes of the Fort Saskatchewan Agricultural Society recommends that letters patent be issued  to the society for 20 acres of land in  the Mount-id Police Reserve, township  ol range 22, west of the 4th meridian  on payment of the usual patent fee of  .$10, on condition that the land be used  for purposes properly connected with  the society and for no other.  ST. ANDREW'S KAl'IDS  Ottawa, Feb. 26.���������The "Winnipeg  delegates had a most satisfactory interview with the Government yesterday regarding the deepening of St,  Andrew's rapids.  CrnElf JUSTICE KNIGHTED  Toronto, Feb. 20.���������Chief Justice  Burton has been knighted.  SHIPWRECKS REPORTED  Portland, Ale.. Feb. 20.���������Several  ship wrecks are reported to have  taken place off the coast of Maine  during the recent gales.  LIBERAL ELECTED  London, Feb. 20���������Lord 1'ilzmaurice,  Liberal, was elected yesterday for  Crickdale, North Wiltshire.  THE GREEK LOAN  London, Feb. 10.���������Lord Salisbury  announces that the proposed Greek  loan will be speedily arranged.  VICTORIA  ASICS RECIPROCITY  Victoria, Feb. 2(5.���������The citizens of  Victoria ask that. the United States  citizens be shut out of the Yukon.  I PRANCE WON'T HOLD IT.  Paris, Feb. 2G.���������France declares  tbat she has no intention of perman  ently occupying Hainan.  LADY ABBOTT DEAD.  Toronto, Feb. 20.--Lady Abbott  widow of the late Sir John Abbott,  Premier of Canada, is dead.  BRITISH  KL.VG  HOISTED.  Seattle, Feb. 20.���������According to  despatches received here, the British  flag has been hoisted at Summit Lake,  Alaska.  BY  A. M. BURGESS   PASSES   AWAY  SUDDENLY  ATTEMPTED   ASSASSINATION  The refusal of the French Government to grant Captain Dreyfus  an open trial, will lead to the  general belief that the Government  has more to fear than Dreyfus  has.  An exchange says that it is  altogether unlikely - that any  armed American troops will ent*~r  the Yukon. Mann and McKenzie  would immediately have them  up for trespass.  A Hot Time in Ontario Over Elections  ���������The Railway Rate War Still  Waging���������Lady'Cartier is Dead���������  The Brazilian General Elections on  To-day��������� A Notice   to   Klondykers  Ottawa, March 1 ���������A commission  has been appointed to report on the  Toronto-James' Bay railway.  WELL. SUPPOSE IT IS 1  London, Alarch 1.���������The Irish local  government bill is acceptable to all  parties in the British .House of Commons.  WHERE DID UE HEAR THIS ?  AIontreal, Alarch 1.���������The rate war  between the C.P.R. and G.T.R. and  IJ. S. railways continues.  HY 1-TlEIGUT EROM SKAGWAY  Victoria, Alarch S.���������The following  notice has been circulated in the  northern cities: Police notice���������Canadian���������"Notice is hereby given to all  those intending entering the Yukon  that each person must have at least  sufficient provisions to last one year  at the rate of three pounds per day.  ���������Z. T. Wood."  THIS WILL EASE   TIIE PUBLIC MIND  London, Alarch 1.���������Hayti has  agreed to Italy's demands for  taxes.  LADY CARTIER DEAD  Ottawa, March 1.���������Lady Cartier,  the widow of Sir Geo. Cartier, is dead.  HEARD THIS LAST WEEK  Washington, March 1.���������Nothing of  importance has developed in respect  to the Alaine disaster.  THE SENATE GETS THE PAPERS  The papers in the Behring sea  award have been presented in the  Uuited States Senate.  THE DAILY CHESTNUT  Vancouver, Alarch 1.���������Many deaths  from exposure are reported from  Wrangel and Skagway.  Of  King George of Greece���������Several  Shots Fired But the King Escaped  Unhurt ��������� A Disastrous Railway  Accident At Chicago ��������� The Maine  Disaster���������British    Steamer   Burned  The Cowaq  "Wholesale dealei s in  Ales, Wines, Spirits aqd Cigars,  MORE  DENIALS.  Washington, Feb. 20.���������The sensational stories which have been circulated as to the cause of the Alainochs-  aster have been once more authoritatively denied by the United States and  Spanish authorities.  PARNELL'S FAMILY  DESTITUTE.  Dublin, Feb. 20.���������The family of the  late Charles Stewart Parnell are said  to be in destitute circumstances.  SHE GOT CLEAR.  New York. Feb. 20.���������.The Spanish  cruiser,    Vizcayn,    which , has     been  guarded   by  police  during   her  stay  here, sailed yesterday for Havana.  foreign vessel sunk. ������  London, Feb. 20.���������A foreign ship,  name at present unknown, was sunk  last night during a collision in the  channel.  FREE LANCE SAYINGS  !Now that transcontinental passenger rates have been cut in two  by the railway rate war, perhaps  a few Eastern Canadians will  muster up sufficient courage to  come "West and see what really  good places there are in Canada.  A good many people are complaining of colds, ���������"���������' whicli have  become more frequent than welcome. There is nobody so-lazy  that he will not catch a cold, and  the peculiar thing about it is that  if you let it run on, it will stay  with you, while if you stop it, it  -~vill go away.  The Canadian government  should not allow itself to be  swayed by further threats from  the United States. The United  States have already doro everything possible to hamper Canada.  They can do no more. The administration to them of a dose of their  own mediciney would help the  istuation more than anything else.  Emile Zola, who, judging from his  books, roust have been the very hottest  thing thatever came down the pike, is  having a tough time of it in Paris  where he is being prosecuted by the  Government for his aspersions on the  French Army in connection with the  Dreyfus affair. But*matters might  have been worse. All is not so dark as  it seems. Had a change of venue been  taken to Red Deer or, Wetaskiwin he  would long ere this have been putting  In his three months at the Fort, wheeling {a little wheelbarrow round the  ���������auare and chopping cord wood for the  Ma jab.  In the older and more effete countries whenever the Grandes Dames  wish to exploit their talents, beauty,  eccentricities and dresses, and inci-  dently inspire the herd with reverential awe and wonder, they eive private  theatricals in aid of some local church  ���������"____. ������ba.rl_-y_t They rehearse and_pro-_  "ducelirfast French play "Frou-Frou."  which calls for lots of swagger and  tine raiment, with the ostensible object of purchasing a new cloth for the  altar; and. although there seldom remains sufficient money after paying  expenses to buy a cloth large enoueh  to flag a hand caiv-yet their purpose is  served in that they have toundan outlet for the alleviation of their vanity,  which, as we all know, is a quality  hard to keep bottled up. Tn like-manner, as human nature is the same the  world over, we have it in a humblpr  form in the little hamlpts of the Xorth-  ' west: only they don't play "Frou  Frou." Every now and then a concert  is held in the church with some charitable object in view, usually the paying  off of a fraction of the inevitable debt  ���������:i laudable cause. We are always  present at the<~c functions, cheering  like mad from a back seat. The  church concert is always n. Sucres  J' estime. There are no cynical critics  sitting in the pit. for there "'aint no  pit." and any one who cannot recognize the favor conferred by the Hon.  Tommy Lines in consenting to come  down all the way from South Edmonton to sing "Tbe night beforo Larry  wa.s stretched" and the "Grui.**kppn  Lawn" in aid of the ecclnsinsttral situ  ation should be thrown neck and crop  out of the sacred edifice.  The purposes of christanitv are al*~o  pleasantly served by the spirit of love  for each other which such entertainments seem to foster in the breasts of  the fair performers. There is not the  slightest ���������suspicion of a spirit of rivalry ; and ^palouiy, the green-eyed  monster breaks not into their ranks.  The arrangement of prphminaries, thp  sdpction of singpr*" and sireompani**ts  and minor details are engineered with  such consummate skill and tact, hy the  pastors, and are characterised hysuch  mutual love and forbearance on the  part of thepprformers themselves, that  it is no wonder the walls of the church  are decorated with " Peace on parth  and mercy mild," -'Love one another,"  and such like appropriate legends.  Amongst, prima donnas nnd stars of  the theatrical firmament there is a  chronic state of internecine warfarp,  easily accounted for, because thpy arc  spry people, and each think** himsolf  or herself ju-tt the cIippsp. as Ward and  McAllister used to put il. Whereas,  it is a well-known fact, that members  of church choirs and those who have  the church concerfchabit are siocially  endowed by providence wilh the  Christ-like attribute of humanity, and  are ever ready to sacrifice themselves  for-���������sweet charity's sake.  Deputy Fitzsimmons, of Stony  Alountain penitentiary, is dying in the  Winnipeg General Hospital..  William Ogilvie estimates "that  15U.000 people will attempt to reach  the'Yukon this spring aid summer.  Mr. Helmcken, M. P. P.,for Victoria  has given notice of n resolution petitioning the Dominion Government to  exclude all aliens from the Yukon  district.  Tasse, Wood & Co., cigar manufacturers, are dissolving partnership.  The business of the old firm will be  carried on by Air. Tasse, and Mr.  Wood will start a factory of his own.  The Department of-Agriculture has  issued a pamphlet on "The Possibilities of Agriculture in the Yukon district," the most distinguishing feature,  of which is that agriculture has no  possibilities in the that inhospitable  region.  The snow is now disappearing in the  Crow's Nest Pass. The weather is  mild and the railway will probably be  completed as far as the coal mines in  Alay. There will be from eight to ten  thousand tons of coal awaiting shipment by that time.  The government has seen fit to  interfere in the case of Lyman Dart,  the 17-vear-old bov. convicted of murder at Truro, ' Nova Scotia. The  council was unanimous for acquittal.  The judge's statement has been received that the boy would never have  been convicted had all been known  which has since come to light.  . The Klondyke is not the only place  where golel is found. When returning  from the North West last year Air. A.  Ottawa, Feb. 23.���������A. Ai. Burgess,  Commissioner of Dominion Lands and  ex-deputy minister of the Interior  died here on Saturdaj-. He had an  apoplctic attack on Thursday last and  was attended by Dr. Wright and Dr.  Henderson who gave no hope of his  recovery. A couple of months ago  Air. Burgess fell on the sidewalk, and  was confined to his house until very  recently with an injured knee. The  doctors attribute tlie trouble to lack  of exercise in the open air.  Alexander AlcKinnon Burgess was  born in Strathspey, Invernesshire.  Scotland, October 21, 1S50. He came  to Canada in 1871. and was for some  years on the staff of the Toronto Globe  and Ottawa Times. Under his direction the reports of the debates of the  Ilouse of Commons were for the first  time published officially in 1875. In  Oct., 1870, he entered the public service as private secretary to Hon. D.  Mills, then Minister of * the Interior.  He was promoted to be Deputy Minister of the Interior in Feb. 1882", which  position heoccupiptl till a few months  ago, when he was appointed to another  responsible place in the department.  attempted assassination  Athens, Feb. 2S.���������An unsuccessful  attempt, was made yesterday to assassinate King George. Tho king was  returning from Phalerum at five  o'clock in a landau, accompanied by  Princess Marie, when two men who  "were concealed in a ditch alongside  the. roa 1. opened fire with guns upon  the oct upunts of the carriage.. The  first shot missed, but? the second  wounded one of the royal footmen in  the arm. The* coachman whipped up  his horses and thp royal party dashed  away at a gallop. The would-be  assassins fired seven more shots after  them, none of which took effect, aud  the king anil the princess returned to  the palace unhurt.  RAILWAY j\.CCIDENT  Chicago.' Feb. 28���������Six persons were  killed and 20 injured in a railway accident at Chicago yesterday.  LA CHAMPAGNE   SAFE  Halifax, Feb. 28��������� The steamship  La Champagne whirh was disabled at  sea has been towed to Halifax,   -  FRENCHMEN  IN  CHINA  London. Feb. 28.���������The French have  landed an armed force atlCevanCheun  Wan:  LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL  London. Feb. 28.���������The London  County Council campaign is being  hotly contested.  BRITISH  STEAMER BURNED  London, ' Feb. 28.���������The British  steampr Legislator has been burned at  sea.   Six lives were lost.  THE MAINE DISASTER  Washiegton, Feb.__2S.=r_T'here tire  no new developmen "'in "connection  with the Alame disaster. It is now  generally admitt.������d that the occurrence was purely accidental.  CANADIAN FISHERIES  Ottawa. Feb. _ 2S.���������The value of  Canadian li*-heries for the year 1807  exceeded .$20,000,000.  INCREASING  THE   BRITISH  ARMY  London, Feb. 28.���������It has been decided to increase the strength of the  British army by 25,000 men.  FRONT STREET  REVELSTOKE, B* O.  YUKOKlWflP  Published by The  HiSiiALD, acknowledged to  oe the most complete and  aou-ate map obtainable  of the overland routes to  the Yukon   Lithographed,on heavy  or light paper   flerchant's Hotel  lllecillewaet, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Gootl accommodation.  Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.  Best  W. J. Lappan, Proprietor.  Price  $1.00.  Columbia House  ���������The   largest hotel   in  town.  '     Centrally    located  Choice   Wines,   Liquors   aDd - Cigars  Best    accommodation. Rates    $1     per    day.  Brown & Pool, Proprietors  REVELSTOKE  Together with a copy  of special edition of The  Herald, containing complete information regarding   routes,   suppliss, etc  The Herald  Calgary,  Alberta..  Stockholm House  Large light bed rooms.     Rates  Table furnished with  the choicest .the market  affords. Best Wines,  Liquors     nnd      Cigars.  $1.00 a day.     Monthly  rare.  J. ALBERT STONE, Proprietor.  lury, previous to His "departure for  Liverpool to take up the position of  Dominion Emigration Agent, brought  back from Edmonton a hag of sani  taken from the Sa-skatchpwan River,  weighing about Tfl lbs. The diit was  assayed at the School of Piactical  Sciencp, and the assay certificate  shows it lo carry eight penny weigh's  of gold to the ton, equal to about $8  a ton.  Dr. Langis, of Vanconver. and T.  Alercier, of Golden, have sold to an  English syndicate,, represented in  Vancouver, the "Bugaboo Group" of  thrcp claims at the head of Bncrahnn  Creek, south of Golden, for $03 000.  This adjoins Uip Alercier group of four  claims, upon which the Golden and  Fort Steele Development Co. uncov-  vered a huge ledge of galena last  fall. Negotiations are also in progres?  between the latter company and an  old country firm for the sale or  the Alercier group at a large  fieure. The governnipnt agpnt has  asked for an appropriation of S8.000 to  build ,i wagon road to the head of  Bugahoo creek this spring.  A party of ten, II. T. Rogers, Winnipeg: Dr. Rogers, Sault SIp Marii*  jVlich.: .1. Everett, Ashland. .Mich.: U.  Pusch. J. Bone. S. Sherman, C. Cotn,  Sault Ste Marin: A. Hogan, Alinnp-  apolis; A.N. Orel. St. Paul: and E.  Turner, Winnipeg, left Vancouver on  Saturday night to pick up nuggets in  the north located h_r ,T. Bone in a  hypnotic trance withJ.Dr. Rogers as  operator. Bon?, they state, proved  his power by making astounding pc*r-  formances to project his astral bodv  through spare. He gets Jin'/.OOO and  his share'if the find already located  by him. The secret was guarded til!  an hour before the boat sailed.  II. W. Canavan, late of the Geological Survey, who is now in Dawson  City, writes on New Year's Dav to a  friend at Ottawa. He says: "Things  here are red hot, and money is loaned  at ten per cent, per month. Next  spring $2.-5,000,000 in gold will be taken  out. Tn anyonp coming in I would  sav: "Get on t.he way at once and  bring plenty of grub, for you can't get  it here. No place to go but the  saloons. Thousands are gambling  daily and nightly: it nev.*r stops. One  main last week lost .$21,000 nt one  sitting, lam going out again next  autumn, and you bet I will have my  stake made by that. time*. Moccasins  are $10 a pair; drinks, fifty cents;  grub not for sale; everything out of  reason: money loaned at ten per cent,  and lots borrowed."  THE_CANADIAN,  PACiF-JC  RAILWAY  Is Loyal to  Canadian   Interests���������Have  Used Their Best Efforts   to Divert  Klondyke Travel to Canadian Points  (From tlit: ilontrrnt Witness, Feb. .5.)  The people of British  Columbia are  not easv to satisfy io the matter of the  elforts which   government,   railways,  pies--and people of"Canada generally  should make in order to secure to the  British   Columbia   ports   the   Yukon  business,   but   the   Canadian    Pacific  Railway'.*, coutse seems  to   be   highly  approved at least by the Victoria.B.C,  Tiinw*.    ft say_*:  "Tbe Canadian Pacific Railway Co.  has shown wonderful, yet characteristic, energy in dealing with the Klondyke; i]tie..tion: they have fairly Hooded the 1,'nitpd Kingdom with literature in the* highest degree henf-fici.il to  the imprests of Canada, yet indulging  in no abuse or misrepresentation of  tin'Americans. The case for Canada  bus bppn put in such a manner that  thousands who would have gone to  Seatll.*. Tacoma, Portland and other  American points corne to Victoria. Vancouver* and other British  Columbia cities. The C. P, R. can  take passengers to Seattle |iquite an  cheaply as they can land them in Victoria or Vancouver, but it is to the  company's credit that ull their efforts  have bepn to divert the travel to Canada. We don't expect railway corn-  panifs to be influenced entirely by  patriotism, but l.heC. P. R. have certainly in this matter done all within  their power to give Canada the benefit,  of their influence without going out of  the way to hurt rival lines by false  statements. The Alaska Commercial  Company, with all their experience in  the Yukon and thorough knowledge  of the rules and regulations governing  the import of goods to the Klondyke.  purchasing their stores in Victoria is  significant testimony to the fact that  the Canadian campaign has been conducted on the proper lines iind that it  will be immediately successful."  IMPERIAL B/\NK,  ���������"OF CANADA  Head Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital $2,000,000  Reserve     - J -   -.   -   1,200,000  Directors:   ,  H. S. Howland, President  T.R.Merntt, Vice Pres., (St.Catharines)  William Ramsay, Robeit Jaffray,  Hugh Ryan,   T.  Sutherland Stayner  Elias Rogers.  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  Brandies-  North West and British Columbia  Brandon  Calgary  Edmonton  Portage la  Prairie  Prince Albert  South Edmonton  ONTARIO,  Vancouvei  Winnipeg  Revelstoke  Essex  Fergus  Gait  Ingersoll  Agents  Niagara Falls    St. Thomas  Port Colborne  Toronto  Rat Portage    ' Welland  Sault St. Marie Woodstock  St, Catharines  Montreal, Quebec."  in   Great   Britain���������Lloyd's  Bank, Ltd., 72 Lombard St.,  Loudon,  _w.ith__whom__j_noney_niay._be deposited,  for transfer^by letter or cable to  of above branches.  " Agents in the United States���������New  York, Bank of Montreal, Bank of  America; Chicago, First National  Bank; St, Paul, Second National Bank  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of $1 and upwards received and  interest allowed.  Debentures ��������� Provincial,  Municipal  and other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United States, Europe,  India, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc -  Gold  Purchased ,_  This Bank Issues Special Rooelpts  . which will be accounted fop at any of  the Hudson's Bay Co's   Posts In tho  Yukon ank northern districts.  A. R. B. HEARN.  Manager Revelstoke Branvh  The Molsons   bank   has decided  build a $100,000 block in Vancouver.  to  A party of miners, who htivo just  arrived at Victoria from Dawson  report a. stampede from Dawson fo  Skookmn Gulch as the result of the  finding of a nugget weighing 81  ounces. -   ���������  '���������!������������������.--���������'.     '  REVELSTOKE  IRON WORKS..  Black smithing:. Jobbine  . Plumbing.   Pipe Fitting:  Tinsmithing  Sheet Iron Work  Machinery Repaired  Miniqg Work a Specialty.������������������������  ROBT. GORDON  Revelstoko Stn.  Itevelstoke  Hospital  Maternity Room in connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.  Drs. McKechnie   and  Jeffs, Attendants  Wood! Vv ood!  Guaranteed Full  Cord Measure.  The undersigned has a large supply  of Hemlock, Spruce, Fir and Pine  Wood for sale. Any person requiring  wood will kindly leave their''orders  with Air. W. Al. Lawrence. Reqelstoke  Station, or with H. N. Coursier,  Front Street, Revelstoke.      ;j  Doors  SasU     \J  Turnings  .Mouldings  TRY THE NEW YARD  Arrowhead Saw & Planing1 Mills  Revelstoke Agents:   PIPPY & WRIGHT.  THE PIONEER LIVERY  Feed and Sale Stable of tbe Lardeau and Trout Lake District.  Saddle    and     Pack -  ' always for hire.  Horses  Fccighting  specialty.  and   Teaming   a  Daily Stage leaves'Thomson's Landing every morning at'7 o'clock  for Trout Lake City.-  For particulars write  CRAIG to HILLMAN, Thomson's Landing.  THE  LAST  CHANCE  To secure one' of those desirable   lots  - .CHEAP on-' tho C.  & K.  Steam" Navi-  'giition Company's site.  Dont wait till the boom hits the  town in the spring" like a cyclone,  bub BUY NOW.  HAIG & CRAGE  --���������=---������������������-^Soie^AgeniS";  C.B. JWaelean  ARCHITECT  FERGUSON  The Centre   of the   Lardeau   Mines  17ntf  FRANK JULIAN.  and BUILDER  Kfttlniales fui-nislicd. Plans nntl specifications made. Am also prcpnritl to do  Bbop and .ioti work un the Bhorteet  notico. Satisfeictlou i_uriraiitui.il ia  ovory ciso.   Oall or writo for terms.  Main Street      ���������      Revelstoko  W. S. BIR-NBY  PJILNTERand  DECORATOR.  First Street fast, Revolstoke Station  Graining, Paper Hanging.  Hard Wood Finishing, House  Painting- in aU Branches,  Carriage Painting, Glazing, Etc.  L JL FRETZ  Contraetop and Buildep.  Shop opposite Impori.il Bank.  Workmanship Guaranteed  ���������        Terms Cash  If You .Have a  .Mine to Sell  or wish a company formed, or  want to buy a mine or share.';  in any mine, want to invest in  Spokane real estate or wish to  make a borrow, write at onceto  gJJLMES   L.. ���������-F0RD-..&   CO  Mine Brokers,     Mining Stocks  No. 9 Alill St., between Riverside and  Sprague, Spokane, Wash.     ������  The  Pioneep  Stores  *   nof Fepguson  and Ten -Mile  Cummins & Co.  GENERAL MERCHANTS  Dealer iu Aliners' Supplies, Hardware,  Groceries, Dry Goods.  Everything  to  ho found in n goneral storo.  Post Ollice in com cction.  At our TEN-MI LK UltANCII Ftoro  Powder, Caps. Fuse, Coal, Steel,  and.all Minora' nnd Prospectors'Supplies oro  kept on hand  Be Sure and register at the  BJ1LM0RJ1L .HOTEL  When you reach FERGUSON..  The table is provided with the best  the market aifords.     Rates from $2  to S3 per day.  CUMMINGS BROS.,   ���������  Proprietors.  Sam Needham  Cleaned  Altered  Bepaired  -In Good Style at Lowest Price3.  Douglas Street ��������� Revelstoke  JMJflMM. .--?/  -<:*������  MANN AND M'KENZIE.  THEY MINED IN ALASKA.  THE   CONTRACTORS   WHO*   ARE. TO  BUILD THE LAKE TESLIN ROAD-  Both j\ro Cnntiilltiiis nnil Prominent Moil  in the Coiitractlnsr Worlel To-day-*  Their Ciu-ccr* nml lloir Small Things  l--|tti!el Them feir Attumplinc Gi-euler  rriijuctH-Their Personal Quullties.  The proposed construction ot ono hundred nml fifty miles of railway from Telegraph Creek to Teslin Lake, forming nn  important link in tho Klondilco roll to,  has again brought, llio contractors,  Messrs. William McKonzio ami IJ. IJ.  Mann, prominently beforo tlio public.  This stupendous task whicli lias to ho accomplished within four months, could  not, it is declared, havo heen entrusted to  iiicu-c capable men. Both aro essentially  fclt-mado. They each began at tho bottom ot tho ladder, and although tho primn  of lifo has not, yet boon reached, both  have won tamo tind fortuno. Ono is said  to be tho complement; of tho other. Uoth  aro Canadians.  Mr. McKonzio was born at Klrkflold,  Out., about forty-eight years ago. In his  early manhood ho engaged in   lumbering  XV'.   "    v(  Ml".  P.  D.  MANX.  operations in the H.iliburton district, ami  subsequently devoted coti-iiclcrablo attention to miUiiig and kindred oi:ci-ations.  Later on ho had a share in the construction of the Victoria railway, before undertaking contracts on the Credit Vulloy  Railway. Before tho work was completed  hoc became associated with Mr. James  Ross, vico-president. of tlio Mont real Street  Railway. When Mr. " Ross obtained tho  contract for constructing several ot the  most difficult sections ot tho CP. ll. in  tho Rooky Mount-iins Jlr. McKenzie  went west to act for lilm In an executive  -capacity. Mr. McKonzio afterwards built  thu snow-sheds through the Mountains.  On returning to tho Kast, he secured, in  conjunction with Mr. Kloly of Toronto  and Cleveland capitalists, tlio franchise  ot the Toronto Street Railway. His executive ability and appreciation ot public  requirements has helped make the railway  tho valuable property it is to-day. Mr.  McKenziu's nest venturo was to undertake with Mr. Ross the transformation of  the Montreal Street Railway into an electric read.  Besides this comparatively small contract, he built the Llegina &��������� Long Lako  Railway, the Calgary and Edmonton Railway. Mr. Mann was associated with him.  later in building the Lake Manitoba Rail-.  way and Canal Company.. He is essentially one of "tlie swiftest" and most clearheaded men in Canada. Besides his street  railway interests hero and in Toronto,  he controls, with Sir William Van Home  nnd Mr. Ross, tho Winnipeg Strcot Railway, as well as several other street railway franchises. Ilo was ono of tho llrst  E-istem men to invest in Western mining  properties. His revenue from this "source  nlono is very handsome.   ���������  Mr.   McKenzie's   latest   deal with Mr.  Ross was to leaso fie Birmingham (Eng.)  Tramway Co.'s   systom,   whicli   is   now  b.'ing converted into an electric road.  r'~   Mr. !_). D. Alann first saw tho  light on  a farm near Guelph, Ont.,   noarly   forfcy-  threo.years ago. ' In   his youth and early  manhood ho"won many prizes in  athlotio  ���������pompeliitlons.-���������Ills -physlcal-developmont-  *  was well high perfect.   At many Scottish  gatherings ho defeated all   comers in performing such fotits  as   putting   the shot  and tossing tho caber.  Air. Mann's first experiences were in  tho lumbering districts of Michigan. Ho  Is proud of recalling tho send-off ho was  given by his aged father, who presented  him with a' small Testament.   Although  lilt. WILLIAM M'KKNZII--.  ho has sinco achieved worldly success, ho  says ho would always preserve unci cherish tho parting gift of his deceased parent. Mr. Alann subsequently went to  Manitoba. He socurcd contracts on tho  Canadian Pacific Railway then* building,  and so successfully did ho accomplish tho  work that long beforo tho road was completed ho bocamo identified at various  intervals with Mcsssrs. Holt and McKen-  7.I0 in tho completion of other contracts,  lie also built forty miles of the Hudson  Bay Railway beforo undertaking tho contraction of the Calgary and Edmonton  Railway with Messrs. Ross and McKenzie.  Air. Mann has enormous mining interests in tho Kootenay and Cariboo districts. He has always enjoyed tho reputation of treating his employes with gn-at  liberality and consideration. ~~er*,onally  Mr. Mann Is known for tho modesty of  his demeanor. IIo Is a warm-hearted,  whole-souled Individual, who, having  fought au up-hill liatthi against odds, has  ���������tiu'li'd many others on tho way to fame  onil fortune. Ho married Aliss Williams  of AVinnipeg. After the completion ejt tliu  C.P.R. he visited Chill with tho object  of building 11 Government road, but tho  restrictions were so Irksome that ho abandoned tho project and returned to Canada.  I__est Only Their Labor and 810.10 AplMS  In 01s Months' Operations.  Evtry one who had ever bean in Alaska  of course began ot the oponlng of tho Klondike craze to relato personal experiences  which in Eomo way or other bad connection with the subject of gold mining.  Many of them had a chance to make a fortune if they had only known, nnd others  saw millions, moro or loss, taken out of  tho ground with a broken shovel, and tho  mini whoso only cnpltnl lt wus 001110 back  to tho Statos and live happily over afterward. But in spite of the lngonulty which  has heen put into the manufacture of thesn  ttorlos, thero is an original flavor to one  told by a soldier at present located In tlio  United States army In this city.  It was iu 1880, whon ho wus in tho navy,  that ho was stationed on a vessel near  Sitka. There was considerable gold boing  taken out near thero, -and an enterprising  speculator got bold of a party of marines  on the ship and induced them to buy his  mine. There wero 100 of thorn who finally  wont into tho scheme, and they paid $10  each for their now souroe of wanltli. There  wns always a good deal of spare time on  thoir hands, and they easily scoured per;;  mission to use this in working their claim.'  For six months the soldiers dug quartz by  day and dreamed of sudden wealth by  night. All wero confident of being able to  retlro from tho service with oomfortablo  riches, and looked sadly on the poor officers, who would have to keep on soldiering  all their lives, not being in tho soherao.   *  At the end of six months tbey had a  large pilo of quartz, and, loading it into  all tho old barrels, bags and provision  ensos thoy could find, thoy sent it by ship  to tho nearest orushing mill. Then followed weeks of waiting till the returns should  come, and an air of subdued importance  grow in each man who expected at any  time to be Informed that ho was worth  thousands of dollars. At last tho ship  came which brought tho roturns from tho  consignment, and tho gallant hundred  gathered around the treasurer of tho company to hoar how much each was now  worth. That individual opened the message, nnd a grim smilo frozo on his faco ns  he went through a short calculation on tho  back of the envelope .  "Gentlomon," ho snid, "you, each owo  the sum of 10 cents to tho stoamship company that earrlod tho quartz. The gold in  it was just $10 short of tho - freight  charges."  And then ho passed his hat, while ono of  thoir numbor sought out tho ship's chaplain to lead in a short service.���������Springfield Republican.  He Was Examined.  Francois Arago, tho groat French scientist, was a prococious'youth. Ho was prepared for tho rigid examinations of the  Kcole Polytechniquo beforo he wns 17 years  old. M. Do Mirccourt tells'a characteristic anecdote concerning Arago's examination.  Tho examinor was almost brutal in his  manner toward the young candidates. -A  fnvorito companion of Arago was badly  frightened at his sovero questions and failed to pass tho examination. At length  Arago's turn came.  "Youngman," said tho examiner sternly, "you aro probably as ignorant as your  companion. I adviso you to go and complete your studios bofore you risk this examination." n  "Monsieur," replied tho boy, "timidity  was_all that^ prevented my .companion  from���������passing.'1 Ho knew much moro than  ho seemed to know.''  "Timidity I" exclaimed tbe examiner.  "Thoexcuso of fools I Perhaps you aro  timid also."  "Far from it," returned Arago shortly.  "Takocaro. It would bo wise to spare  yourself the disgrace of boing rejected!"  "Tho disgrace for mo would lie in not  being examined," said tho youDg candidate proudly.  "Arago's solution of tha problems set before him was so accurate and so brilliant  thnt at last his examiner sprang from his  chair and, throwing his arms about tho  boy's neck in delight, exolaimed:  "Bravo! If you are not received into  the Eeolo Polytechniquo, no ono will "bo  admitted."  And he then began a career which added  2 greatly to tho stock of human knowledge-  ���������Youth's Companion.  FIGHTING THE SNOW.  Sh* Liked SsUlnff.  The following true tale is a most curious  instance of living well on nothing a year  without breaking the laws of tho land.  About 20 years ago a steam packet company of Liverpool wished to buy a piece of  land which wag owned by a "stay at homo  spinster," as her noighbors described her.  She sold her land at a very low price, but  insisted upon a clause being inserted In  tho agreement giving her the right at any  time during her lifo to travel with a companion in any of tbo company's vessels.  ' When the ngreomen t was closed, she sold  her furnituro and wont on board tho Unit  outgoing ship belonging to tho packet  company. For years this wise splutter  lived nearly all the time upon one ship or  another, frequently accompanied by a  companion, according to tho agreement.  This was always a person who otherwlso  would havo beau a rogulur paiscuger, but  who purchased ber tlckot at reduced raws  by paying the spinster Instead of tho  packot company. Tbo company offered  her moro than twice the value of tho land  If she would givo up her privilege, hue  this sho would not do. Her reply was,  "You got the land cheap, and I like sailing, bo we ought both to bo satisfied. "���������  'Upplncott's Magazine.  II  Sent Him Off In Style.  A colored woman went into a store In  tbo rural district and said to the clerk:  "I wants de fines' suit or men's cloze  you got in de sto'; I wants ter make my  I   husban a present of 'cm."  |      "Why didn't you bring him along with  you," asked the- clerk, "so wo could fit  him?"  "Kaso Ioonldn't," was the reply. "You  see, it's dis way; I had five husbands."  "Yes?"  "En I buried all er dem 'copt dis one."  "You dldr"  "I sho' did, tub! En de present one is  'bout ready to bury now, en secln ez I  mndo de former ones a present er a new  suit for dey funerals, I doan want ter  ninke no distinction between 'em, so I  gwine ter fit do las' ono out in do bos' en  lates' stylo. I dono took his measure ray-  ���������olf. Hcah it is. En if you kin fit lilm,  hcah'g your monoyl"���������Atlanta Constitution.  , ���������    -    -_,,-������  { Distinctions From Boston.  Thero are fow goods that can properly be  kept on hand. A glove merchant has the  ' right to uso tho phrasa, but boots are on  !. feet, trousers aro on legs���������thero la no naed'  !. of pursuing tho subject; every thoughtful  J reader will see and admit'the;point and  i shape his speech aoconJlcgijr.���������BoiWa  Journal. _ 1  ... .     "'-������   '.     T_   T���������^���������^-P^���������^*-^^V���������'  THE GREAT WHITE FOE OF TRAFFIC  IN THE NORTHWEST.  Railway Lines Blockaded hy Sweeping  Avalanches���������An Army of Men Required to Keep tho Tracks Clear���������Tlie  Rotary Snow Plow an Improvement  Over Old Methods on the Prairies.  "Canada is tho b.ittlo ground of the biggest snow fights on earth. .Thero are  thousands of men in the northwest whos?  only occupation during tho winter months  is to fight snow. Jt Is oxciting work, too,  a lifo that involves tho greatest hardships  and continual risks. Onu might search  tho world over for a moro desperate and  dangerous employment."  It was a Canadian Pacific engineer  who spoko. We wero traveling over tho  Boeky Mountains at midnight.   Through  THE    ENGINEER    AFTER     A    RIDE   IN   THE  STORM.  the glass-panoled door at tho tuil of the  train ono could seo tho icy ercsts of tho  mountains in tho pale moonlight. In the  wako of tlie summer fires the trees stood  up thin and rakish, " liko tho . masts of  ships. Elsewhere they wero shrouded with  drooping branches and spattered stems  in tho universal snow. Tho snow gave an  impressive sense of poacefulness to tho  impenetrable silonce of the mountains. I  looked out upon the solemn stillness, the  broad stretches of motionless white, tho  deep passages of avalanches carved along  the mountain sides, with'n feeling of awo  for tho immensity of,tho power that had  so changed the face of nature.  But tho railroad man had no illusions.  To him tho snow was a foo, a foo to bo  feared, a foo against whom men and engines had often measured their strength  in vain.  Every now and then the sccuory was  blotted ,out; tho glass panels suddenly  showed us nothing but tho reflection of  the car and bobbing light of the overhead  lamp. They wero snow sheds through  which the train was passing. The railroad, cut like a singlc^step in tho side of  ho mountain chasm, was roofed in as  snugly as u house. .Aboyo, for all we  knew, the snow might bo tumbling headlong over tho slippery ledge in a tempest  of passion; but, for all its malevolence,  impotent to inflict an injury to the poor  snake of a train hiding bonoath its shelter.  Those snow sheds havo been erected  among the mountains at an enormous  cost. They are of massive timber work���������  heavy beams of squared timber, dovetailed and bolted together, and backed with  rock. They iiro fitted into tho mountain  so that they become, as it were, a purt of  the mountain side, so as to bid defiance  to ttfe most terrific avnlancho.  Anything may precipitate an avalancho  down the steep declivities of those pilcd-  np precipices, among which the single-  track railway looks liko a pin's scratch  would on tho hand of a man. It need bo  -no moro^than^ a���������looscnod^ scrap of-rock  that has started rolling downwards with  no forethough of the immeasurable cataclysm that its passa"jo will create.  In a fow yards it has become imbedded  in a mighty mass of moving snow, a  wool -white torrent licking up tho leviathan  trees as it passes like straws swept up in  a storm of autumn leaves, growing more  venomous, more powerful, moro irroslsti*  bio, until the rush of tho wind before it  clears a passngo through tho forest anticipating its ravages, removing all obstacles  as tho outriders to a royal equipugo inako  way through'a mass of human beings.  lt is truly a royal foo that tho railroad  men of the northwest have to encounter  uniong tho mountains���������tin onrushlog,  terrific force, something which cannot be  chocked. It is necessary to resort to sub-  terfugo to cheat it, to hido^ from lt, or to  make good by artificial means tho path  that tho railway has struck out for itself.  Among tho Cascade Mountains 1 havo  seen seven and eight engines linked together charging impotently against tho  snowbanks, nnd at night time there Is  no moro wonderful sight  than this, each  THE ROTARY PLOW  AT WORK.  hissing engine throwing its sheath of firelight on the tenders, with their heavy  loads of wood fuel, on the 'gleaming  snowbanks, on tho great trees seeming to  press round to mock by their stillness all  this useless fuss and fury, this powerless  raging, this rcsultloss disturbance of  their peace.  Under favorable circumstances, the  snow parts readily before tho onslaught  of tho plow. At times, however, under  the b-ittcry to which it Is subjected, it  only becomes moro rigidly compressed,  moro solid, more impenetrable at each  renewed charge, a solid, unbudging block  of ice. Tho engine may go back a milo,  the throttle may bo thrown open, it may  rash upon the barrier at a sliced of 40 or  50 miles an hour, but when the snow  dust has cleared sufficiently I for the engineers to see around them, it may be  that they havo only advanced a yard, pog*  sibly the engine  fires  have  beenjeirtln"  guishod, nob improbably the engine may  have been thrown off tho line.  Tho ono recourse! which then remains  is to call in the assistance of a small  army of mm, that a way may bo forced  through tho snow with pick and shovel,  and, while these operations aro progressing, the passenger train has to bo kept  constantly on the move, lest In a fow  hours it becomes incapable of movement  nt all.  At such a time it is no unusual tiling  to soo sovoral hundred men at work on a  single drift. Pcrhnps eight or a dozen  platforms aro out in the snow, and thus  what is rcmovod fiom tho lino is passed  upward from stago to stage, climbing tho  steep walls in liny shovelfuls, until lt  finally roaches thn open waste, thirty or  forty feet abovo tho heads of tho workers  on the ground lovel.  The thing that has simplified the task  ot snow Ilghtirg more than anything else,  especially in tlio prairie country, is tho  rotiry plow. Thu appoaranco ot tho "rotary," as it Is familiarly callod by railroad men, reminds ono of nothing so  much as the crow propeller ot a steamship. It is a huge rosette of flanges, about  twelve feet in dlamctoi', that bores its  way into snowbanks, clearing just enough  space la unable! the waiting train to pass  through. As tho winter goes on, tho snow  is piled higher and higher on both sides,  until wo.ha\e the perpjiuliculai' embank-  niunt tlirousli whiuh tho train often  pussos for miles without a break.  As the wheel ruvolves, tho snow chips  pass back through lh i intervals between  the.shovcls, fall into a largo-sized fan elo-  vator, aud aro hurled forth on this or that  side of tho Hue, according to tho quarter  from which the wind is blowing. Iu a,  giaceful arch of silver dust, thu snow ia  flung into tho air to a height o������ (10 or 70  feet, descending liko a fountain over  the half-buried poms ut the telegraph.  From the smoke stick a volume of iiro is  rising. Thero is an uproar like tho sound  of artillery galloping over .1 cobbled street.  As a spectacular effect the snow plow is  a great succoss. Some of tho bigger plows  weigh over 50 tuns by themselves, and  with the machinery that operates them  the total weight is over 100 tons.  Tlio cutter, with its owu private en-,  ginc, t.s it wero, is placed on a massive  truck which is inclosed liko the cab of a  locomotive and linkod to a heavy freight  engine, the "Hog." Following behind  this travels another engine drawing its  load of, tools nnd its complement of workers. .The men who operate a snow plow  .draw'high wages, tho expenses in this  rcspecS on ono job amounting to over $150  a day. A rotary in goud hands will clear  a snow blockaded track at tho rate of  from tivo to twelve miles an -hour; but  the consumption of coal is one ton in ;S0  minutes.    '  , With'.-t .rotary plow the engineers do  not run tho same risk as they do on the  plow of tho old-fashioned type, with  which "it is often necessary to charge the  snowbank at top speed, not merely cutting through, but burrowing under tho  snow. I'm,even tho j'otary plow is liable  to be disabled by encountering tho frozen  carcass ot a hoi*=o or a steer in - a snowbank, or the debris cf fallen telegraph  poles, or,^.. among tho mountains, .-tho  trunks of gigantic troos. It' is nominally  tho duty of the section. men to look out  for this, and, if possible, to warn tho  engine driver, and to telegraph for a gang  of workmen with pick and shovol^to clear  the track in the old-fashioned way. But  it is needles, to say that tho most vigilant  section men cannot always bo relied upon  In such u matter as this.  RICHARD LE GALLIENNE*  The   English   Poet   and   Critic AVho   Hah  Brought New York to His Feet. ^    _ ,���������  Richard lo Gallicnnc, tho young Eng  lish poet and critic unci by far tho boldest  eccentric in London literary   circles,   has  RICHARD    I.K    OALLIENXi:,    ENGI.IMI    POET  AND Vlil'llU.  sitcceude'd in bringing Xow York to his^  feet In hysterical admiration after tlireo"  days of rusidonco "in the finest hostelry of  that city, unci is now ready to start on  his h'otiiro tour throughout the country  under nio-t favorable auspices.  This Is not Mr. 1.0 a.'illleniio's first  visit to America, and though ho I.s quite  thunuwest and tlio ficshust that has come  across thu water for many a long day ho  Is not unknown to everybody on this side,  Ho was hero last In Alay, ltlllG, with John  Lano, publisher of tho "Yellow Book."  Sinco then ho has bocomo tho loudor of a  cult in literary London and when - ho  "opon's his lips" thore is no dog bold  enough to bark. Not sinco tho palmiest  days of Oscar Wilde hns anyone elso done'  the oraolo trick so successfully. '  Lo Gallieno is a bold young man���������only  about 80���������for no ono but a bold man  could say as ho has said thnt there i.s no  saner writer in tho worl 1 than Emilo  Zola, and that Walt -Whitman was tho  most original man since'tlio bcglnnng of  tho Christian era. Ho has written considerable matter, proso and verse, though  moro for his cult, it is said, than for tho  world at large. Peoplo who road him  usually start with his "Religion of a Literary Man," said to be tho best thing ho  has dDiie.  Personally Lo Gallicnnc is almost as  striking as he is In a literary %vay. His  faco is pale and clean-cut and his eyes aro  piercing black. Bis hair is also black nnd  long���������almost down to his shoulders���������his  figure slight, his manner gracious. Ho  has been twico married. His first wife  died at IS. His second wife, a.brilliant  young Danish woman, is with himnovp.,  America, ho declares, is ready to hear  new things and ho has come hero tQ  spoak them.  How to Heal Wounds on Trees.  Place  .1   pieco   of  muslin sufficient to  cover the wound, and   soaked   in heated  grafting wax, over the spot, and  bind it  on with strips of the muslin,  KLONDIKE CHANCES.  A _~I.i;> Whicli Shows That Nearly All ol  lh** Most Promising Claims Have  Ilcun Located.  The accompanying map shows the situation in tho Klondike district on tho  Yukon accurately, according to the latest  information which has como up from tho  interim- oi the groat Alaska mining district by way of Jlyoa and Juneau, tip to  llio middle of last- month. Tho map Is  taken from the Alaska Mining Record,  primed at Juneau, which is a good authority on all matters pertaining to placer  mining in thu Yukon district.  The llrst dlseovory of gold in any paying quantities was mado on Bonanza  Creek. There nro several stories about  how tlio gold was first discovered, no two  of which agree. William Ogilvie, the  .Surveyor-General ot tlio Dominion, is authority for the statement that tho Klondike lind been prospected at least, twico  beforo tho discovery of gold was made.  Tlie llrst timu was several years ago. Apparently tho difficulty with tho original  pro-pi:eioi-s was that they did not go deep  enough. AU the gold that has been discovered in such paying quantities has  been fuunil at depths from fifteen to thirty  feet below the surface.  Ir will lie seen from this map what a  very small section ot tho entire Yukon  country has boon prospected thoroughly  and to what, 11 littlo nrea is duo all the  excitement. From Dawson City to Indian  Kiicr is only thirty milos. Partway down  from Indian River the Sixty-Mile" River  flows into the Yukon from the west.  Most of the Sixty-Milo River and its tributaries were prospected pretty thoroughly  long beforo the rich strikes on Bonanza  Creek wero mailo, and tho diggings thero  bad tho reputation of boing among the  wealthiest placers ovor known; but tho  wonderful finds on the Klondike and its  tributaries havo made Sixty-JIilo River  and the groat strikes on Forty-Mile Greek  below Dawson appear trivial.  Tlio le3_t creeks in tho Klondikodistrict,  are Bonanza, Eldorado. Hunker and Gold  Bottom. Although the Klondike has  given its name to the diggings, the richest  claims are 1111 other crooks. The Klondike  and Indian Rivers run parallel and flow  into tho Yukon about thirty miles apart.  About half way between thorn there is a  hill, dignified iiy tho title ot mountain,  which bears tho name of The Dome.  From this hill various streams How. those  to the south emptying into Indian River  and ihoso to tho north into tlio Klondike.  A lot of gulches, dignified by tho title of  creeks, flow into tho streams which - are  tributary to tho Klondike und Indian  rivers.    Tho" streams   flowing   into   the  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  M1  ETHODIBT CHURCH ��������� Revelstoke.  Preaching sjriici.s at 11 a.m. and 7:30  p.m. (Jia.s meeting at the close of the  m-.rn-nK service, -ahbath school and Bible  Class at 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayer meeting  ovcry Wednesday cvei.iiiK **t 7:30 p.m. Thu  public are cordially invited.   Bents free.  REV. J. A. WOOD, Poster.  THE SITUATION IN TIIK KLONDILE REGION,  Klondike to tho north of The Dome are  Bonanza.,. Crook," furthest west; . Bear  Creek, Ifuuker Crook and Too Much Gold  Crook. Bonanza Crook is about twenty*  live miles long, counting all tho various  windings, and is practically ull located,  there boing 10U claims, below tho discovery claim and 1:>3 abovo it. From the  west there flow iuto Bonanza Crook,  Boulder Creek, Adams Crook and Eldorado Creek. Boulder Creek and Adams  Creek havo been very thoroughly pros*  pouted, and so,," iii fact, lias Eldorado  Crook, qlthotigb. only ton claims havo  been recorded on -Eldorado Crook. Tlio  richest claims in' tho Klondike district  tire just at tho junction of Eldorado and  Bonanza creeks. o  Bear Creek, east of tho Bonanza, is all  located. Between Bear Creek and Hunker, Twclvo-AIilo Creek flows into tho  Klondike from the north. That, too, is  -iill-loeatcdt-^On- tho-Hunker-Creek-thu  discovery is about fifteen miles up from  tho mouth. From tho west Last Clmnco  Creek, which Is littlo better than a gulch,  and Gold Bottom Creek flow Into Hunker. Both tiro located. Too Aluch Gold  Creek, oast of Hunker, is said to bo all  located.  Tho streams that flow south from Tho  Dome into Indian Kiver are Quartz  Creek, furthest west; Xo Namo Creek,  and Dominion Creek.  Ono ot lho last parties that came out  from Duwhon to Juneau reported that tho  mothur lodo has been discovered, but it is  doubtful if subsoquentdiscovery boars out  this information. It Is a fact that quartz  in very rich quantities has been discovered iu several places. l*Vi"k Sluviii, tho  pugilist, made tbo dli-cu* y -.i-st, while  proe-pecling on The Dome Ho had boon  Influenced hy tho fact lh.it upjii tho side,  bill-, of tho creeks small specimens of  quart/, and nuggets in profusion had been  found. Ilo prospected iu the vicinity of  Tlie Dome, nnd followed up indications  of quail/, for miles. IIo had prospected in  Australia, and was familiar with the Indications for quartz. Finally, on The  Homo, he uncovered a vein eighteen inches wide of white quartz heavy with  gohl.  Within twenty-four hours it was reported that apparently the same vein had  been struck in threo different places, although widely apart. The second discovery was thirty feet under ground, on  claim Xo. til. above tho discovery on  Eldorado. This wtis found by A. II. Jose  and his partner, who wero working a  placer claim for another man. Thu quartz  claim being 11 separate and distinct prop*,  erty from thu placer, these men at once  located it for themselves. The ledgo  crosses tho creek ut right angles. Tho  third discovery was at Xo. 10 Xnggct  Gulch, a ravine which leads to Bonanza  Creek from tho west, bctwoen Eldorado  and Adams Creeks.  A lino projected from Tho Dome, anil  running straight from tho extreme eastern point of discovery at Tho Dome to  the westerly point of discovery on Xug-  get Gulch, intersects nil theso places where  quartz has been found, nnd indicates tho  continuity of the ledgo. A good many  locations have already been made, but it  will bo impossible to do work sufllclont  to demonstrate more fully tho value'and.  extent of tho ledgo until spring or_.-ives.  Somo blasting operations have been carried on nt Xo. 31 Eldorado, and about,  thirty pounds of oro havo been taken put.  It was white crystallized quartz, containing free gold. Tho samples brought to  the coast aro very rich. They might more  properly be described as specimens ljetter  fitted for a cabinet than a quartz mine.  ("HURCH OF ENGLAND-St. P-ter's,  ^-J RevcUtoke Hourd ot service: Evening  prayer deily at 5 o'clock Fiidays at 7.30.  Sundays ard Festivals: Holy Communion at 8  a.m.. morning prayer at 11. Sunday dchool  and Bible CIh.-s at ���������/���������AU. evcinp prny.r at 7:30.  Firac Sunday iu tha tuooib Holy Communion  at morning services.  FRANK A. FORI), War.  pRESRYTEUIAN CHURCH���������Rcyelstokf*.  ���������*��������� Sort'Ici; i-vcr) Suuday st 11 a,tn. hi-d 7:30  p.m. Elbe Uliss ut '"���������.") p.m., to which  ill aro welcome. Prayer uccting at b p.m.  every \\ cdneeaay.  REV. P. D. MUIR, Pastor.  UOMAN CATHOLIO CHURCH ���������Revel-  *-~>. stoke, Mata second Sunday in month  at 10:30 a. tn.  REV. FATHER PEYTAVIX.  Strictly in the Wood  Business now. I have at the present  time about 100 cords of good, dry  Fir and Hemlock Wood  Full measure guaranteed���������prices  right. All orders left, with XV. B.  Pease to Co., Revelstoke (Station, or  at The Hekald oflice will receive  prompt attention.  JAS. O. Hutchison,  Sdtf Wood Dealer and Carter.  We Have a Good Supply of  Building  Material  a���������d Lumber  CUT PRICES FOR SPOT CASH  Call and see us. We can fix you' *  RIVELSTOKE SAW MILLS  Rovelstoko Station, B. C.  ( anadian  \ Pacific l\\)  AND SC O PACIFIC LINE.  The best and cheapest route from  Revelstoke to alt points east and west.  Through tickets - to Vancouver,  Winnipeg, St. Paul. Chicago, New  York, Montreal and Toronto.  First class dining and sleeping cars  on all trains.  Through tourist cars to St, Paul  daily, and to Toronto every Monday,  Montreal and Boston on Thursday, tind  Moutreal and Portland eyery Friday.  Purchase tickets to your destination  and have baggage checked thiough.  KJondyke,  Through tickets to ' "Wrangel,  Juneau, Sitka, Skagway, Dyea, Pyramid Harbor Landing and Haines  Mission. Full infoimation as to rates  and routes furnished and berths  reserved.  For full information as to rates,  time, etc., apply to nearest agent, to  T. W. BRADSHAW,  Agent, Revelstoke.  Or to E. J. COYLE.  Dis. Passenger Agent, Vancouver.  The* Canadian-Pacific Steamship Company's  Steamers Naku-p and Kootenay leave  -.rrowheod dally for all points in Kootenay,  making connection at Xakusp (or all points  on Nakusp and slocan Railway, and Slocan  Lako.  Close connection at Robson for Nelson,  Kaslo, Balfour, Pilot Bay, Trail, Rossland,  Northport and all points south.  For full information, tickets, maps, etc..  call on or addreBS  T. "W. BRA1J3HAW.  Agent Revelstoko.   Or to  W. B. CAKSOX.  Travelling Pauenger Agent, Kelion.  E J. COYLE. Dis. Passenger Agent, Vancouver  TIME C4RD  Subject to cbango without notlc*.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.  OOINO WKST DAILY OOINO KAST  8:00am Leave Kaslo Arrive3:50pm  8:36am ...South Fork... 3:15pm  9:38am ' ....Sproule's.... " 2:15 pm  1:51am ���������' ..."Ahitewuter... ������������������ 2:00 p in  10.03am ��������� ...Hear Lake ... " 1:18 pm  10:16am ��������� ... McQuillan.... " 1.33pm  10:38 am " Ccdy Junction ������������������ 1:12 pm  10:50 am Arrive.... Sandon .... Leavo 1-COp m  ' COST LIKE  Leave 11:00 a m.... Sandon.... A rrivo 11:15 am  Arrive 11:20 a m Cody Leave 11:25 a m  ROB-CRT. IRVING   I OEO.F-COPELAND  O. V. and P. A.        1       Ruperlnten ent  Spokane Falls and Jiortkern  .Nelson and Ft. Sfyeppard  Red .Mountain Kys.  Tlio only all rail rout** without change o  care between Spokane. Northport. Rnreland  and -Nelsan; also between Itosjland and  Nelson.  DAILY     EXCEPT      SUNDAY  LEAVE. XOR1HPORT Jl REIVE.  For Spokane��������� From Spokane���������  ^l:20p.m .....................Ir20p.ro.  For Roaelacd��������� From Ro-wlard���������  1:40p.m..........  ...,1:10 a.m.  For Nelson��������� Froin Nelson���������  1:10 p.m 12:58 p.m.  Close connections at Nelson' with steamer  for Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary  Creek connect at Marcus with stage dailv.  Rosebery  Townsite  Changed  Hands ..  Although not much advertising  bas been done. Rosebery townsite,  at the head of Slocan Lake, haa  been steadily coming to the front |  for the last three months.  Wl^at Strong Points  FJosebery Holds on|  the   Slocan Lake  Rosebery will have an orel  sampling-works in a few monthsB  with a capacity of a 100 tons a day. f  Rosebery is in the centre of andl  distributing point for Slocan City.l  Sandon, Nakusp, New. Denver,!  Silvertonj;Euterprise, Three Forks.L  Concentrator and Cody, only 121  miles distant from the mining!  centre;of. the Slocan (Sandon). I  Rosebery is destined to be thei  concentrating point.  .   Rosebery is the sampler point.  Rosebery is the ship yard of thei  Slocan."   -*1 - I  -Rosebery is the only safe harbor!  on the lake. ���������  Buy Lots Now.."..  If  You Want To   Mal^e Moqey.l  Send'"at'-* once to the general!  agent for maps and price list or|  any further, information..  A; M. Beattie,  General Agent.  c9tf  0.R.&N  Is thf; Shortest and   ���������'  Quickest Line to...  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White litis removed his law  oflice into his new building opposite  the Stockholm House.  Messrs. E. A. Crockett and F. B.  "Wrong came in from Ferguson tm  Thursday afternoon.  ' Mr. E. McDonald returned on Wednesday from Nova Scotia, and will  leave tonight for the Klondike.  The Archer is keeping the channel  open on the Arm and making regular  trips.   The fare has heen doubled.  Mrs. J. Miller of St. Thoiutis. Out.,  arrived Wednesday last on n visit to  her daughter, Mrs.'T. W. Bradshaw.  _ Judge Forin has heen mndo Stipen-  -ninry magistrate tind also appointed  to act as such under the Small Debts  Act. :  .The ladies of the Methodist church  have decided tojjive a first-class entertainment ou Easter Monday, April  11th.  The bishop of New Westminster is  holding ti " quiet diy " today with the  vandidates for ordination ami other  clergy,  A social will he held in  the  Metho-  - disc, parsonage next Frid iv eve..  March 11th. We expect this will he a  very enjoyable affair.  Thirty-live cars of ice for Mr. F.  ~McC'arty's cold .-ttu-age has arrived  from Banff aud is being placed in the  cold storage room.  U.   Brown,   C. P. R.   engineer,   and  family moved to Revelstoke yesterday,  where they   will   reside   in   future.���������  --K-TiiulcjopsrSentinelr-1      ~ "  Mr. J. D. Molson. who is to be manager ofthe bi-unrh of the Molson's  bank here, is a first cnn-iin of Mr. A.  G. M. Spragge's or. hotli sides.  The bar and billiard room of the  Columbia House, will look very smart  ���������*ts ."-iion ;is lhe clecor.itors aie through  painting and papering.  The Orange Lodge has received an  invitation from the lodge at Calgary  to participate in a grand celebration  on the next 12th of July. t~ which  lodges from all over the west have  heen invited.  Mr. R. G. McCnnnel of the Heologi-e  f.-il Survey of Canada, hasacct-ptcd the  "position of provincial minei-aloitisl in  succession to Mr. W. A. Carlyle... Nn  Iietter or more acceptable appointment could be ninde.  Mr. J. A. Stone is building a new  -hotel 27x0). three stories high, over  the old one. As .-non ns the roof in on  the old building will be taken out. J.  Picard is the contractor for the work,  which will when  finished  he a great  - 'addition to Front St.  J. Herthmer. C.P.R. freight conductor, has letnrnpd from a visit to Min-  * t ion polls.    Mrs. Here-Inner will  return  _ shortly.    Con. Herclmier goes to Rev-  ' elsioke in a  f**w days  to lesuine   his  "run" on the C.P.R.    He will reside in  " ��������� Ravelst-ike.���������Kamloops Sentinel.  Dr. Malloch has taken Dr. Cross'  work in connection with the C P. R.  for the next two or three months.  .nod he will he found at his ollice,  Kevelstoke   Station,    every    Friday.  ' -Safirday and Sunday. The iest of  lhe week he will  be at  Donald.     Dr.  ... -Cross has gone to Winnipeg.  *" Xpetition was being circulated   in  " iown with reference to the application  ----fot-:1 eases of placer ground on  French  ', '.creek  heinK made  by  F. Vandall,  S.  ~ .'"Bate and M. Black on French creek.  The leases applied for cover the course  tif the creek and   ground   which   the  -French Creek Company mean to  use  :u������. n dumping gi ouncl.   In consequence  the company nave pnt in an  object ion  to these leases  being granted   by   the  -Gold  -Commissioner.     There   ran   be  -verv littje doubt of the object of the  -Hpplicatu>ns for these leases,  and  the  Herald hopes th.-it the petition being  _cii*c������Iated    will    have   every   weight  -������vith the Gold Commissioner in decid-  jniT.Jiiro to tefuse them.  Some  Famous   Creeks   in   this   Well-  Known Gold Camp  ~_~ItI__NC.il  CI IKE I"  Comes in lo Goldstreani three miles  above McCullough. This is the most  famous creek in the Big Bend and  furnished the biggest proportion of the  gold taken out during lho excitement,  of 'CO and '07. Traces of former occupation and work tne everywhere  extant. Long tunnels are driven into  the benches, shafts sunk and the ruins  of scores of log cabins and remains of  mining tools mark the scenes of the  milling activity of thirty years ago.  The richness of thf gravel left, easily  leads file to believe that the bars,  when llrst discovered, were of a very  productive nature. During thn last  four or live years the Consolation  cl-iim cm this creek has proved a verjuice property in the hands of working  men. and has turned out profitably  to the shareholders, being worked  economically and in a workmanlike  manner by means of a shaft drained  hv a bed rock drain.    In  1S00 as much  as $2<X" a week was taken nut of this  mine, which during the period of thai  year in which il was worked was  credited with $1,000. Nuggets going  as high in value a.-, $10 nntl $"><) have  been found in this mine, ami I lie gold  in il is coarse running from 5 cents to  50 cent nugget.  A. large number of placer claims  have been act] ni ted on the bench  lands on each side of the creek bordering the location nf the richest bait in  the early days Iiy the French Mining  Co., a Chicago syndicate, which has  done a lot of work up there last yiwir  in getting to the ground and installing  an' extensive hj-ilraiilieking plant,.  Thev have put up a saw* mill and are  building a flume 12,(11)0 feet in length  and iWl and 4x-l in size. Ofth's 5.000  feet, is now c-ompleteil. The. flume  passes through 870 feet of tunnel aud  brings the water clown opposite the  works at 400 feet of an elevation.  The water will 'thence be carried to  the mine iu iron piping and finally  discharged on to the gravel, through  two giants, ten inches in diameter.  The company expert, to be at work on  the giavel within about, two months  after the opening of tho season this  yea r.  Almost directly opposite, the mouth  of Golclalreain' another auriferous  cieek empties into the Columbia.  This stream  SMITH  CltEIvK  was worked on the surface only in the  early days anil some very rich bars  found. " Since then gold bas been  taken out of the creek by various par-  tics of mineis \vlio have worked it.  hut attempts lo reach bed lot-k have  not met with succc'**s. Prof.. Nasnn  lid ti good deal of prospecting im Ihe  creek last year for the United Stales  and British Columbia Mining C'oin-  patij*. ;i Kansas City sj-ndieate wilh a  view, to putting in an hj-dranlic plant.  In an article bj' that gentlemen on the  Rig Bend country, which appeared  in'the Engineering'and Mining Journal of May S. 1S01, he says :  ������������������The Big Bend country has been  known to be auriferous for the last  :>0 vetits or more. The country was  pretty thoroughly tiavcrsed by pros-  pectnrs in lhe early days. tint, with the  (���������"eruption of the funis on French  Creek, no diggings were "mind that  could be worked i!t a profit with access  so difiicult and supplies so high. Even  now practically the only prospecting  that. litis been done has been on  sLieaiiis emptying into the Columbia  River, and lor only a few miles from  their mouths. Again prospecting has  been cm lined alniost.exclu.'-ivelj* tn  auriferous gravels, little or no attention being paid to ledges. In mining  the gravel.-, of the streams, nut onlj- of  those nn which placers tire being worked, but on others as well, there is  found among the black s.uuls a liberal  .-.prinkling    of_ga.len.-i*^_Cpnsyi_i-.Dg       . ���������  how sot land  friable  this   mineral-is.    - -  it see.iiis tis if it must have a pretty extensive source in order to show as  abundant 1\- as it does. In the lower  sands, tlie"*'blue gravel" of tin* Califor-  ni-ins. there is also found"niuch pj-rite.  clialrnpyriti*.. and other sulphides.  The-e are withotit exception, so far as  writer's experience goes, auriferous.  Whether these aiiiit'ercms anil artren-  tift'ions sulphides come from extensive  and workable veins or frt'tn small  --tringei>, no one is as J'et able to stij"  for tei tain. Near Smith Cieek several iriegul.ir .veins iu hydro-tnic-a  slate have been found to carry gold in  their hon sulphide*-. - but no laige  woikabie veins have been found.  Owing to thu difficulties of gaining  arrets lo tht* mountain*, but little  tlioiei::gh prospecting lias been done  save for placer gold. Then, loo, the  ���������.iii'.-1's.ifitl ili-velopmeiitnf mines in the  lower count!-}- has attr.-u-ted the attention of mi'i-i* pmspt'c toi*~. In the  mount,iin.- of llie Rig Rend snows  come earl}- and remain late, thus  practically* limit ing the season ro at  the iiiu<*t three months, July. August  anil September. In spite of these  drawbacks, it is the writer's eipinion  that a thorough search in this Section  will meet \\ it's great success. Once it  large mineral licit it developed, the  Government is \(-iy prompt ami liberal in aiding mining ente-rprises liy  opening and ui.-iintairig good trails."  I'i-'KNII-" citKEi:  joins the Cnlnmbia,"about eight miles  above Smith Creek and on the same,  the west side*. Coarse gold bas been  found in I his fivek. and in the early  days eight dollais a day apiece was  made by four men for one ������hole  season. Judge Sproat.. an old tin.e  authority on Kootenay, has remarked  lhat there mc including Smilli and  Ferriie Cieek. nine large creeks on the  west side of the Columbia, between  Gfililstii'iim and the mouth of Canoe  Itiver. in all of whicli pay gr.ivel ha:,  been found, and all are ���������.veil worth}- of  more careful attention fiom pio-pcc-  I ors.  The Bishop of New Westminster  and Ven. Archdeacon Small have arrived to hold the ordinnt.iou service in  St. Peter's cliurcli tomorrow. The  candidates are Rev. S. r~. Yates of  New Denver, anil Rev. Mr. Turner of  Golden, both deacons. The service  will commence at 10 o'clock, and those!  who attend are particularly requested  to keep their places to the end.  A detachment of five or six police  froin G divi-ion, in charge of Corp.  Butler, will leave this week for Peace  river when; they will establish a  barracks at the Peace river landing.  Four buildings will be erected, namely,  oflicers quarters, mens quarters, stoic  house and stable. Outposts from lhis  barracks will "pioli.ilily be formed iu  the near future.���������Edmonton Bulletin.  A petition is being prepared for circulation asking the provincial government for ten thousand dollars to build  a wagon road up the north fork of the  I..-11 dean. This sum it is estimated  will build six miles of toad lhrough a  pel leetly feasible country for a wagon  road anil will open up a very rich mineral district. Everybody should help  this project out by signing llie petition.  We can I tot expect to impress the government with our ideas of what should  be done in lhe way of developing  Knotenay unless we give voice to theni  ourselves.  Tlie.Silveitoni.-ins.-iystli.it. the sample ease at I he Revelstoke Depot is lo  be utilized for the exhibition of spue:-,  mens from that section. Havo we no  mines any nearer than Silverlon, have  we no specimens, have we no gold  brick*;? Is this a way station on t lie  Calgary A: Edmonton raihvay ? Or  where iii-e we at imj-how ? Seriously  speaking tliere ought .to be a mining  committee of the Board of Trade to  look after such matters as these. We  ought to bu able to preserve that show  case at the station for onr own ores  and such a committee should see that  our mines and claims were adequately  and attract ively represented there.  There could be no better advertismeiit  of the mineral resources of Noi th Kootenay than a such an exhibit, in that  place with a t.-ikingly painted sign  calling attention to its contents.  RAVING ptu'i'luisod  the Eovolstokc store  from C. B. I ruins & Co.,  we tire ovoi litutiing the  stock, and putting-in'a  stock usually found in a  first c'nss store, and having had considerable experience in this line, we  lind that cash is the most  important factor ; consequently Ave have decided  to sell cheap for cash.  a        xLzJ a        is ia   Eta ������������=3 K=a  Successor to GILKER & WELLS  ���������VM^'tr ^r-J VSJ   "-5J    v������***a>_  rJL���������J-&  Agent for the Blickcnscierfer-  Type writer  Dealer in Hats, Caps. Boots,  Shoes, Gents' Furnishings. Stationery,  Patent Medicines, Tobaccos and Cigars,  Toilet and Fancy Articles, Fruits, Ete.  POST OFFICE STORE,  REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  Beavo, F. Dent.  Lang,   M.  Adair.  E.  E.  Loft-void, C. Wood, E.  A.Hillier. N.Lee, F. Allen.  A.    Benson,   P.  Robinson,  Public School Report for Februai-y.  Class V.    W  Cl.xss IV.    E  Fraser.  Sen. Ill  Hanson.  Jtin. Ill  Jun. II.  M. Hvatt.  11 Primer.    Robert Caillie,XV. Clark.  Annie Hanson.  I Primer.    Harold    Toombs,   Willie  Ogg, Harold Rurridge.  B.  Class.    Eltlgo     Morgan,     Willie  Booth. Charlie: Gordon.  A Class.    Ray   Fraser, .Jacky   Sibbald, Emma Allan. ,  Situation Wanted  A .voting iiiurrie.'el i-imple elesire ti situation.  Woittiiu is a gooel l'.ein<-cltecper; mini well tiseel  to -torc-kci-'iiiiii'. farming nml rane-li wen-Ic.  Mei<lernte uaire*, lii-si class references. Ap.ilv  to ".\. M.", !IKt:M.u litlie'C, I.ti.-el-toke.'.    8:nr!iv  DR.   R.  HATHISON  DENTIST'  Will bent his otlie-e nver Cantuln Hook  & DrilK t-'o.SSteirc, Itcvcl.-coke Station,  until March I2th. 't)S.  The Revelstoke Plioto Co.  Stilt  STunio: Dowlas Stiiket.  Revelstoke,   -    -    -    B. C.  Trousers, __   .  Pants,      ���������   ���������"  Breeches'.  ("all theni what yon will. We.  have the choicest line that's to  l*e found anj'wlieru in lown.  Lots of them. All kinds. For  the.roughest work or the swell-  est dress. The low prices wc*  ask liavi* made our tailoring anil  read\--to-wear business the success it is.  R. S. WILSON,  Tlie Morcliiuit Tiiilur, Kuvul-tuke Sliitlon.  * r Mccarty,  WlIOI-BS.ll.i: AND  IlKTAlI. I~i:.lL~~K IN '  Prime Beef, Pork, Mutton,  Sausage  Fish and Game in Season  The Ladies Aid of tlie Methodist  church held their annual meeting in  the parsonage on Thursday. There  wils u large- iittfiiflaiice of the iiiem-  bf-.-H.-and the following officers were  elected for the ensuing j-car: President. Mrs. B. Goddard; Vicc-I're.-ei-,  dent. Mrs. Downs: Sen clary, Mrs.  Downs; Tn-iiMii er, Mrs. Laf'-ime,  Magic Liniment  Should be in every heu3choM for burns  nnel <* a'ds, all form-5 of sAcilir.t;.?. ton  thi can ivhoopi'tK cough, cold, on the,  chc^t, biff < I iciaects an*! al: forms of  iiifitimni.ttion. Majpc Lin'mcnt i_=  superior \o all ether*.  A Terrible rabit ���������-wrxxs**.  ?������Iany people have "ur-coaBCions'y become  violins to the terrible ccctm*; h-iMt, through.  "ii^i7i^rThw_ca'^rTrrT7D^"dcrs~wnfcft coi.ijaia~i.nTsr  dr-g. JaprinLsc *. a*a*rh Cure do<������H not rank  aniong this da.** of c-ai-^r h cxi-^p. It i- ,1 thoroughly ftiuiwip.ic pomade, which rea*jic* th*  se*it of the disea."i������: rciievta cuid in t^e he id In  one minut**. and there it not a single cr.se of  cat rrh iaciirabl<*. if thi-j remedy 1* pereisleatiy  USU *e^^W. A- Grifiiths & Co.,  DfcI'OGI&T^T  KKVELhTOKE.  iapp  llyrkcls   nt   Ilevulstokc,   RcveNtukc Stntioi!  .S-ftkii-.i*. Trom l.iiku City anil Furgiinon.  .���������"JHtf  Ing's Theatre>^  Xkah Station.  KKj-T IK TII I. IKTEHIOII  i:rkctki> 1SH3.  Cor. Victoria Ed and CormaugHt Ave.  .-'.   verv strr.ng fr_:ii_:_____-trtictiirejl_?0*cej'J.,_tivQ.  storey, each -.-ellitip ln-iiis 12 ft. clean; a. lirst  clas- *.tn-ci*. lijx:~0; tun private lioxe*,; tv.'o  elre;-j_.in^ roomi, i~l"l."i ft., oaeh;. e*liiini_rcs eif  M-c-nery; .vcntiliitor-,; reflectors; '-!-t electric  lit'-it- in-tftll.-'ii, a_-reinj:t'(l so us to Miit any  '���������ta.-'o ti'-t: p. pemil brill r,'e>rn floor. Kvcryiliin;!.  c-ompleti'. A (re.e.'i piano anel all the hiti-*t  mruljjrti ~mi.ro\e*ttie*ii:*. Iiverytliin^ strle'tly  .'i.-it e-la*'. To l.-t only to ri'siieictable people.  Xo eitlii-r-i n.'i-ie ai.iily. Cliar^e-t inoeloraie.  :fli_i !'.. TArriN'!, 1'roprietnr.  I  x-IOTIOB  REVELSTOKE DIVISION  Of West Kootenay District.  :To  Contractors, Business Men  or Families  the Mariilc*, tlmt Provlnc  norordanf-c v/hh  ritxl KcveniU' Tux  nnd all tax*i������ le\i'*d under tJir* A*-*c-*������������in^nt Act  nre now dm* /nr the year ]V>. All nf the aly^ve  named tuxc rollfrtable uithin th������������ R^v������'Nt*������fev  division of the Wet Kootenay Df������-trir-t art* r>n>--  able nt my oflice. _K������'vcMnfcc, a-.-c-^d i������\������*-������  are pollertable at the follmvin^ rate* viz:  If paid mi nr beforo30th Jnne, IKS, thr**e-  flfth" of fine per ecnt. on rual pro^rty,  two mid orif-hp'f p*"-r cent, on a-^-e'-^ed  value of vdld land.  One-half of one per rent, on p?r-������nrial property.  On fo jnueh of the ir.romc of any  ppr^oii as exceed* one thousand dfilJar*  the following' rate**, nnr.udy, iif-^n iu"h  exf-e*-" pf income, when thp vanic ii n<������t  more than ten thousand dollar-'. o������"  per rent.; when such cxress i������ over t-������:~  thousand i]ollar-e, and not 0more than  twenty thousand flollnr--, oiu~>itI'������ne-  qnartcr of one p'T M-nt.; when Mirh  exre.iH I* over twenty thou.'iand dollars,  one and one-half of one per cent.  Tf j.aid on or after 3*~t July. 1MW, four-nfth-*  of on������* p**r rent on real property. tlir-.������������  per  cent,   on   assessed   vulue   of  uil.l  Three-fonrths of one cent, on  per  sonal property.  On so inueh of the income of any  j.er.'^ou a** execcdrt f������nc thousand dolhir-t  the folIowhiK rates namely, upon micIi  execs when the yarne i* not more than  ten thousand dollars, one and (iiii--fjtiur-  tcr-< of om-per cunt.; when such excels  is over ten thousand dollar* and not  more than twenty thousand dollar*-.  one and one-half of one por rent.; when  ���������Mich excels N over twenty thousand  doIlar-4. onennrl three-quarters of one  per cent  Provincial Revenue tax ?:;00 for every male  person over the age of IS yearn.  jojr.v ii. sntnAi.n,  "Assessor and Collector.  He.'.'.Moke, .January 'M, IBM**  Ji'-.'juirinK anv mii'i'iii' .������f Bread from 1 to 1000  l-*rt-_-Li'*hii haw ������-������:������������������!'��������� -m ������dirjrte,,t notice from  htVK'.-ToKK *-TvTif������f !{>KEitv. Our_ovpji-; are  Mr������f������nil A 1. (-Hprtb.*-' of t'lrniiiK ont one ton  tif Ur*>At\ da.i}-. Al-o J i*.-nr at lowe:(t priest- ^y  tlie ion or fx\K.  Canned GoocLi* Conf*:ctionQrv and Fruit  iny   part  of   city   or  on  ������ye   dellvt ^y  rain^-.  Revelstoke Station Bakery  >Miru .'_; I!vmsb. I'ruprletor.s.  The Great Western Mines, Limited.  " Xotic: i' lisrcbj- ^iven Hi3t the Annual  fiecral "tfettirg ot sbareholdcru of the above  r.inieil com cany will b*i held at the cjjraptir.y'a  i.fH c. Tier*- -l-to/es Britiati Colmabla. on the  riuhth ei ij- ot Jlirch. l_sS~, et 2 o'clo k In the  afternoon, for the: tmrpoie of elcctlocf ofHcfm  for thn enatiln-fjf.Ar, anei for all olhe:r x';n<-r I  purp'-.i.e*! relating to the_! mamigeinent ol the;  co'i.pa-.y.  A. K. KIN'Cj-IIii".  Secretary.  Kcvela'-Oice*. tlilii-.li Columbia,  f-'obrn.iry I.'.tn   1338. ICftf  TO    WHOM    IT    MAY   CONCERN  The c.-.viwi-** e.f llie Tfiwnnili* of  Ilr.! ton City. I>. ('.. hei-uliy K'v'; nolji'"  t.hat tliey will nol, Im icsjionsilile for  any linl-ilitii-t iiicttrretl or i-ontrjirls  enteretl into cm their l)"hnlf by A. M.  Ueattie. of V.incoiivcr, Ij. ('., who lias  now no interest whatever in Hit- saiil  Townsite.  W. Jt. HfJLI,.  IL H. BURTON.  l"'IL\NK H. BOURNH,  Owriws of the JJurton  City; Townsite.  Date.'tl Slh Feb., ISOSJ 12f-lt  l"or Sab  A llaliy (.'i-.nrl Ni'v.-t'iinilie' l'liiin., i-,i*i.-ieienl  ('ti*.e, In iii.|-li'i-t ni-ilei-. 'I'l.ti't lirst i������.-!s*11������ nt lh.1  Chlt'.'ii:!) Kxpiiiitiein. l-r:t.i' q-:*-"**!* Tenu*. -|".I  ciit.li.' Applv I*Hi* .v.- (Ir.-i^ini, C'll.-'in-y.       I'.j'ir  Notice;  Notlcp K Iic-.vlu-iilveii tlmt ii|i|illi'ii!inii will  lie ninde lei tlu- I'liriii-.tiu-nl nt Ciili-iti.i. ill it*.  next M'ssieiii. for tin Ail tn in. ui*| ..u-u i-,*, u.i-.n-..-  ptiny to I.e ki.cnvn ai "Tlie I.;.:in CkiiiiI inul  Mutton Kiiihvuy C'linipitiiy," willi pnni'i* to e-eiii-  i-triii't. eetitip, opcrato anel maintain a railway  nf standard en- any either utilise from a point at  or near the Iietiel of l.ynn Canal, northwiirel  alontt Ilallon's Trail, or us near thereto as practicable to a point at or near I'ort Selkirk, in  the Xorth\ve.-.t Territories, with power to e-ein-  net't with any ralhvav in American territory,  mid to construct, maintain anel operate branch  lines" and all necessary roinhvnys, .indues  and ferries, and to build, own and maintain  wharves anel eloeks in connection I herewith ;  to carrv on in the Province eif Uritish Coliini  bin anil in the Northwest Territories the  business of carriers, forwarders and transportation adonis and nil other business incitl-  ent thereto or coiini'cteil therewith, anil also  the business of wharliiijtors, shippers and vessel ow ners; anel may for all or any of the sniel  purposes, purchase,* holel, lease or otherwise  acquire timber, lanels, buildings, eleicks, works,  boats, vessels, vehicle**, floods, wares nr merchandise and other property real and personal,  movable anil immovable, aii'l improve, extend, mauaice, eleveleip, lease, inorluiiKe,  exchnni-e, sell, elispeise eif, nr turn to account  lhe same; and liia'v c.*labllsli .shops or stores  on the said lands;' nml limy purchase and  vend funeral niei-'-liandise, cleilhitifr, provisions, stores, iiiae'hinery and supplies, anil  mav etcat in mineral products, ores, mines anel  pre'rious metals, and generally may elo all such  other things lis are inci'lentiil or e-oueluclve to  the attainment of the above objects; lo builel,  aceinire and opernte sicaiu and other vessels;  lo take and use water for icenerntiiiK electricity  and to transfer and elispeise of lhe power I herefrom for liithtitiK. heatiUK and motive purposes; wilh pow er nisei to carry on the business  of a itcnernl trailing company or an express  company ; also to own, iiianiiite and lease  hotels; 'tei ncqiiire limber limits an.l ope'rnte  saw mills for the iiroeluctlon anel sale of  hi in ber, and to mini! ami develop mineral  lanels; and to curry on n general ininiii!.' aud  ore smelting business ineliidiiijt the ere'.:tiein  iind operation of .smelters and concentrators;  with power to expropriate hinds for the purposes of the company, and to aceinire lanels,  IMini:!es, privileges and other aiels from any  government, municipal corporation or other  persons or bullies, am! to levy unit e-eillecl tolls  from all parties u-ing and on all freiglit-piiss.  ing over anv of such mails, railway, ferries,  wharves and vessels, and with power to make  triillic or oilier arrangements with railway,  steamboat or other tonipanies, .ami feu- all  other necessary or iurtileiital rights, powers  and privileges in that behalf  x. ic. IjAI-"la-iimi-:,  Solicitor i'eir applicant-..  Montreal, "Uth December, 1MI7. afw'Jt  Notice  Notico is hereby given that application will  be made to (lie Parliament of Canada, at its  next session, to iue-orporale a ceimpauy to ho  known as the llriiish Columbia and Neirlberu  Hailwav Companv, to construct a railway to be  operateel by steam, electricity eir other motive  power, fronioreiim poitituf tlieC'ituaeliaii I'li'-ilie-  Kailwnv Company near the town of .\-hcrofl to  run in' a nnrthwi'storiy direction .-'.long the  valley of (he I'l-n-er, Iiy !-*on Ptinirl bake, to  the head waters ot the Stiekiue. Kiie'r. an.l  thei't'C. northerly, eleiw n the vcllcy ot tl.e  Lewis itiver to I'ori Poiklrk; with full power in  divert the above road as may lie found most  suitable on future explciv.ticn nut! survey en"  engineer*, anel with pi.'vcr to con*lruct.  ac.juire, operate and niiliiftain br.i-.ich lines  and all uei e*-sary bridge-., cub-en-, remilways,  ft-rrle*, docks, coal bunker.- anei water lanks in  e-oiiuec'tion lli.-'re.vitii to carry on in the I'ro-  vinee of llritisli Columbia and In the >*urlh-  west Ti-i-rirori'.!*' tl'.e b'isi'.ii_.-.s of carriers,  forwarelert .m-i :rnn*portntie>n agents anel ali  other busine*.s ir.eiileut llcrcto ov cotinected  Ihercuith, cnel ��������� also the b-.-.siiiess of wharfinger.*, shipper* autl ve*-sel eiwncrs; anel may  for all eir any eif the saiel piirpe>ses. tuirtditise.  Ifcildi lease or eitherwi-e aceinire timber, lnne.s.  l.-'uleling'., eleicks, weirks, boat*, vessels, ve-  liie-ies, goeiels, wares or lnerediaiielise nnel other  propertv real and personal, movable an.l immovable ; and Improve, exteutl, iiitniH'-tu,  ilevelop, lc.i-e, mortgage, exchange, -ell, iii.s-  p.nse of, or turn to account the same: and may  establish shops or steircs on the said lands; anel  ���������..iav purchase nnel veuel general l-.ierchtitulise,  clothing, t.rovisions, stores, machinery and  -siippl'-!-s,-a!uLjnay_clei'.l-i!i-!:i!!!er:'.l_prutli!i ts,-  ores, nir.iiis nnd precious metals, and generally  inav elo all siie-h other things as are incieietttal  or e-ondueive te). the attalnniciit oi the above  obje'cts; to build, ne-quire mid eiperate .stcniii  anel other vessels; to take and u-e water tor  generating electricity and to transfer and elis-  pos.-! of the power therefrom for lighting, hcat-  imr anel n"otl\e purposes; with power"nlso to  carry on the bnsine-s of a gone-ral trniliug company or au express company; nl*o to own,  manage and lea-e hotels; to acejuire timber  limits and e.per.ne -aw mills fnr the prod net ion  and sale of lumber, and to mine and ilevelop  mineral I.ine!.-.; anel io carry on a general niin-  int; and ore smelting business, including the  erection anil operation of smelter* and cein-  centrator*.  Mi GO UN' <t -"NCI.AVII,  Atleirn.-y-i,  Uritish Columbia nud Northern I:. IS. Co.  Montreal. Until December, I.SC7. _IfW.lt  CS  HOVELS  Long hiiiiille. round point, lontf li.inille. square point, J) handle  roiuiil point,  D handle, square point, scoop shovels,'  FADES.  is to  hi*  found  in my coriT-  i  full supply  on   hand and  And every variety of shovel niaile  plele slock of linidware.     1   have  eairy a ltirtri!!'and bet I er supply of shelf anil' heavy hardware  than litis ever lil'ore been displayed   in   UevelstoUi*.' 1   have on  the way several carloads of hardware,   bought at right prices.  Gooils well boiiRht are half sold.  Hardware and Tinsmlthlng  Painta and Oils Furs Bought  W. M. LAWRENCE.  Notice  Notice is hereby K'ven that application will  he made to the Parliament of Canada, at its  next .se.vdou, to ineorpornte a company to be  known as "The Siiekiuu and Teslin  Lake Hnilwny Company" lo construct a  railway to he operated by steam,  electricity or other motive' nowe" from  Fori Wrannoll following the Sneklue itiver  north to Telegraph (Iveek; from tlieuee to l-'ort  Selkirk by way of Teslin bake, with power lo  divert the above road as may he found most  suitable on future exploration; nud with  power to construct, uctiutiv, operate aud maintain branch lines, and nil neees-ary bridge"*,  roadways ferries, docks and coal bunkers iu  connection therewith nnd railway stations  nnd water tanks; nlso to construct and operate  telegraph and telephone lines for the trans.  mission of message*- for the public; to build,  acquite and operate steam and other vessels;  to take and use water for generating electricity and to transfer and dispose of the  power therefrom for lighting, heating aud motive purposes, with power a No to carry on the  business of a general trading company or an  express company; aNo to own, manage ami  lease hotels;, to' acquire, timber limits and  operate saw mills for Ihe production and Mile  ol lumber, nnd to mine and develop uitriVrul  lands;. nnd to carry on a general mining and  ore smelting btiiiues-., including the erection  and operation of smelters and concentrators.  \V. P. UJTUIIIK.  v ���������   *  .-   .A ttorney for applicants  Montreal,-MMh Peeemher, !&)".  If you  w'uiL employment, nr  looking ror a house lo rent  when yon reach AOmeouver  apply Lo the  Vancouver Employment and  House Renting Agency.  :������l Hustings St., West.  Harry Edwards,  Taxidermist  Third   Street,  just   east   or   the  School House.  I~c:r Henels, Hirels ami jluinials, etc., preservce"  anel uieiiiuieii', .Mn-il Ottders promptly  attended to. Sdlm  Notice  Notice is hereby given  thai  applicntiou will  he ninde: tei  the 'Parliament of Ctinaela, nt its  next scs-ion. to ini'iirporntu a conipiiuy. to he  known  a*, the "Yukon   nnel   I'ncilie'   !.in~wiry  l.'iimpnnv," to ceinsirue't a rnilwav to be operated   bv' steam,   electricity  or  other   motive  power Ironi Slcagway or Dve'ji lo l.nke illc**'ij^_t*, j  nnd from thence bv water nii'l other means to  Kurt Selkirk-anil further lu Hawsini City, and i  from l-'ort Selkirk ttiapolnt at or on tho tlreat ,  Slave!  bake, with  power   to  elivert the iibme  road ns nmv be found most suitable on future  cxplorntliin; nud with power lo ceiiistrucl, ne - 1  quire, operate nml miiinlniu branch  hues, mid  till neci'ssarv brielges, ruaihwiys, ferries, elen-ks  nnd conl  bunkers   iu   ceiiinecllon   therewith:  nlso to cemstrucl nnel   eipcn'.te   telegraph iitsit  lolcpboiie   lilies for the ti-iiii-ml*-:iIoii of messages for the public;   io builel, ui'iiuirc, lcn>-u  nud operiilu.stentn anil oilier \e**cls lu   take  and use water for generatii.g  electricity, nud  to triin-fer and di*.pose of lhe power therefrom  for. lighting, healing  and   motive  purposv.-,-  ivllh -power also to.carry on the Imsnia-s of a i  gejneral trailing cot'ipiu'iy eir an e'*pro*-s com- I  panv;   also to ow n. niniuigc and  lease hotels:  to ne.|uire timber limits mill opei-atc saw mills |  for the production and sale eif lumber, nml K* \  own anil mine nnd elcvcluii mineral Inn.is; ami ���������  to carrv on a gene>r.il mining anel ore smelting  business, including the erection an~I operation  of smelters and conc'iilrator-..  (iEOl'nilOX,  IIOitlON A: AI.I.AX.  Montreal, ".Oth December,']!)''/.   .     .       afnllt  Rhodesia^^  Restaurant  and Boarding Ho*ase,  CCIKMIII OF .tl.-COXi) KrilKKT jlNl) OltTON  AVESrEl  lli:vi:i:*-.-oKi: -Station.  ICngllsb Cooking under the supei-intenilciice!  of -Miv. I.npworth.  Meal.-, at all limit's.  Cleanliness and civility our motto.     Ternia  niodvi-ale.  "lilt JIIIK. T.APWOI'.TH, Propristi-ess.  J. Karris ������& Co,,-  .Calgaiy, Alta'.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  XOTICIC.  Coi".'i:n l"i!.u;r;ox Miniihai. claim,  Situate In the Illecillewaet Mining I.ivisiin* or  West Kooteunv Districl.     Where located:  lieing a northerly extension upon  the Silver Bow ininer.il claim, near Copper I'eak.  __=-Takitinolice_lhaUJ,!.V.'.ilter���������--colt,-acti!ig-a.s.  agent for the  l'Mi   Itiver-Copper and Silver  Mining Co., Ltd.; Tree Miner's Ccrtilieati: Ne).  111,101, Intend, sixtv et.ivs from Ihcelnle hereof,  to  apply to the   Mining   Itecorder   lor a certificate 'of   improvements, for Uie purpose of  obtaining a crown grnul of the above e-laim.  Anil further take notice Hint   action, uniler  section   :_7,   must   be   commenced   before   the  i*.suniiee of such certilieate of .improvements.  Dated tills 1 Ith day of January, IMS.     -KJHtw  . B. Pease  Notice  Notice i* hereby ������lven th'U application will  be made to tlie Parliament of dimi'la, at its  nest session, to incorporate a company to be  known as "The Northern *fc Yukon llailway  Company,** to he operated by steam, electricity  or other motive po������\ef, fro'm Kdmonton in a  nortliwesterly direcif<������n by the Peace Kiver  down thronglt Teslin Lake, and to build sj.urs  to the head water-* of the Mackenzie Kiver.  with power to divert the above road a* may be  found most suitable ou further exploration  and survey, and with [tower to construct, operate and inalntnin branch lines and all neces-  sary bridge*- roii'Iuiiys, ferries doeks and eoal  bunker* in connection therewith, railway  ���������stations val'V tanks, ete.; also to construct  f-nd operate telegraph and telephone lines for  the iran-uni'-Moii of messages for the public; to  carrv on in the I'rovinee of British Columbia  and in the Northwest Territories the business  of carriers, forwarders and trans port ion agents  and all other bu.-tlnc*-,* incident thereto or connected therewith, and aUn the buiine������s nt  whar(inf*erj, fiilpperi and ve*>uel owners; and  may for all or any of the xald purpose", nur-  cha-erhoM, lent-e or otherwise aeriufru timber,  Jrrifle, buibling.s, docket works, lx������at������, vesseN,  veuiclcs good><, w are or merchandise anil other  f-roperty, real and pergonal, ruovnble nnd in>-  movabler ati'I improve, extend, manage, de-  vi-)#ip, Je������t������e, mortgage, exehnngc, Mell, dinj-oije  of, or torn to account the Name; and may  e-tablffh hhopt (tr Htore>< on the nai<I landy; and  niHy piirelnii-t- Mitr] vend general merehandlne,  clothing, provI^louH, Htores, machinery and  supplies nnd may deal In mineral products  ores min*"* and precloo" metal-*, and gum-rnlly  may d'> nil sneh other things ns are itwidenta'l  or conducive to the attainment of the above  M������je(N; to build, acquire ami ojajrate *������team  and oth*-r \Cf-rN; to take and use water for  gcn'Tt'ting t'lecirielty and to transfer and dis-  p*e*e of flic power therefrom f'" lighting, heating and motive purposes with power a Iho to  curry on the bic-dnefis *������f a general trading  company (tr an express company; also to own,  manage"-)-,d )ca������c hotels; to ac������|tiirc tlml>er  limits ami operate saw mllLs for (he production  and sale nf lumber, and to mine ami develop  mineral lands; and lo carry on a general mining aud ore smelting business including the  erection and operation of smelters nnd concentrators.  EOMCNP 0UERI>",  Attorney f������r the Northern and Yukon Rv. Co.  ���������: Montreal. r-Mh December, 1897. 2fw9t  &Co.  .���������in; oli'i'rinjy :i  great  vtiricty of  vriioi.iCHALi.; DviAr.ici.'s ix  ATS,   HAY  and Chopped recti.  i.'arloaels !Mji;ip'!eI e.n shore not'ec.  Cen-re.si.i.ndeli(_e .voile iled.  lSJmt  A Shelve  A Haircut -  A Bath  Smoking" Tobacco  Chewing" Tobacco  "=~i"=    =i"Ch"oice"st='Cigar#i=_=  Big* Assortment   Confectionery. Fruits, Etc.  J".   -A..   ZIVT.OIR.a-^ILT  Tonsotial Artist,  I'no.sT Sti!Ki:t, 1!i:vi:i.stokk.  0ISARS I  '    CIGARS!  G. J. AMAN,  o '  The English Tobacconist.  Coffee  JOB PRINTING AT THE HERALD  .Suit Mcnts, Salt Fish,  Eggs,  Kuttcr  unci Gi'oeeries of till sorts of Al  f|tmlily unci condition.  HAY, FLOUR,  FEED.  W\ B, PEASE & CO.  KEVELSTOKE. STATION,  .-;-,.~~:;": q    r sssd&v /^ass~������  : "f /; 0  -������iffiiar.T.iH&(JO.  i  INCOff-OKATED.  EXPORttSS AfsS IMPCHTER3.  j 200-212   TtflST   AVE.   PJOBTH,  j   !Vi I "Ni "*J ES A ~=������0 *- IS,    r-_ei I!������J M.  ! Eransh: 6? wi-Jist^VICTORIA, B..G.,  ]     . '., J.' A.   SROW?"&. MAt4r.ocn.  'CZ/"S_iipr.!cr.!o Soliciisi!. V.'iite [or C:rciil_sr.������-Si  <h  ���������mm


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