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Revelstoke Herald Dec 29, 1897

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 ���-"tuivt-rr-1 i-V" tv?
Jjk. Ma.   jLnx*4   -<^%
-ISSTTETJ   T^*AriCE-^^-"V\TE_EI<:---V;7*-E]ZDI_:TSSX5^"2"'S    AHD    S-cVTTTI?_3DJ^"ir��
Vol.  I.    No.  96.
$2.00 a Year in Advance.
by Letter
K    ���f'HK test thlrg wise p:oplc think o(
JSJ  I    "     ' '      " ' '""	
tradd forces
when ordering Roods by mail is tlio
capacity (or business of those they write
to. Tho roputatir n we enjoy for prompt-
runa makes our Mail Orelei
absad at a. gratifying rute.
Our SpetdBltles
Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
Men's Furnishings
K) Dressmaking-
58      Koeiiicst? for pries lists and camples &
js   recaivo prompt attention. I?.
M       Hudson's Bay Stores,
���v ....Calgary.... �����
Haig & Crage
Sole Agents for
^-^ Townsite
.New Designs  Fancjy  Goods
from New York.
e:. r. K. witch inm'kctok.
Barrister. Solicitor, toe.
Notary Public.
Office upstalra in Smith's block. Pacific Ave.
Revelstoke Station. B.  C.
WM.  WHITE,  Q. C,
H>rih��tkk. ."oi.iciTnii, Notary rvm.ic, Ktc.
Revelstoke. B.C.
Soliritor for Iini*r<��I lliiiik of Citifiilii.
Mining and Real Estate Broker.
Notary Public.
A_;ent for: KqiiilHblu ~~nvlii|_r*-. Loan .v llulliliiie
Aimi-iBtiiin.      Kim Insurant;.*, the.- heist coin
jianleii.     Oflire: Kii-nSt.. nppusilo Union hotel
KkviiLstokb Station.
Civil. Knginkkhr. Piiovincia", Land
Jlppounlnnto will (iencrnl A(rent��,
Keliion anil Eiomlanel, Went Kootenay,
British rolumbia.
F. <~. "AMRI.R. J. r...M. Inst. C. K., M*. Call. ~oi*.
C. K., P. I.. S. for P. C. (late Itesielent Kn-
Klneer   Department   eif   l'nlilic   Works   in
Canada In II. C.) XeNoii. H. C.
Francis J. O'Heili.v, As-dc. M. Inst. C. K., I*. I-.S.
for B. C, Kosslnnel, n. C. ��� "jlytf
Dealer in Wood.
["raring an'   Deliiery Work a. specialty at
lowest prices.
Tetania always rcacl<- at a moment's notice.
Agent for the Standard Oil Company.
the Revelstoke Plioto Co,
Stitdio: DocGLAf Street.
Revelstoke,   -    - ' -    B. C.
A very complete line of Christmas Curds. ..Calendars and
Booklets. Wo also have a
line; selection of the Po'cf.s and
ii choice stock of Teachei-s'
Bibles and Hymnals combined
at right prices:
It   is   a   pleasure   lo   show
hz-^W. A. Griffiths & Co.,
"naiji.i.-i", REvriJiToki:.
���FOll Till" -
Some Tempting*
At Close Figures
Crosse & Black well's celebrated Candied -Peels; Lemon,
Orange, Citron.
Baisons : Valentin.-",- Melaga.
Sultanas,, Mufcatels, London
Cleaned Currants.
Mince moat, in one pound
Walnuts, Almonds, Filberts,
Japanese and Naval Oranges.
Figs, Cranberries, Etc.
Pure Jama. Jellies and Marmalades, Evaporoted Apples,
Peaches, Apricots,.Pears, Pitted Plums, Prunes, Etc.
Miller's Paragon Cheese
��� Everything bright, new and
In our Dry Goods and Gents'
Furnishing Department.
kerchiefs, in plain and embroidered silk, linen and lawn.
Gloves, Silks, Ribbons. Fancy
Dress Goods and Velveteens.-
Embroideries-, Laces and Muslins. A special line of Children'" Knitted Jackets. Caps.
Mitts, Gaiters, .Bootees and
Men's Neckwear, in all the
Leading shnpes. Hosiery,
White nnd Colored Shirts,
English Natural Wool and Extra heavy Scotch Wool Underwear.
In  our  Shoe  Department,   of
Ladies', Gents' and  Children's
Slippers.    Examine our coun
ters and get prices.
China and
Holiday Presents  for  Everybody.    All   avc   ask  you is to
call and examine our goods
Our Stock of
We have just ireported 100
head of prime thoroughbred
Hereford and Poll Angus steers
from Lord Aberdeen's , famous
ranche at Vernon. 13. G��� and in
point of quality or excellence
they positively cannot be
pqual'.ed in the province. These
thoroughbred cattle are the same
as bred in the Old Couhtrv -~
grace the tables of our graci~~"s
soverbign, Queen Victoiia, .;::_ _
will," without a doubt, satisfy
the most fastidious of our customers. A larger and better
stock of Ihe choicest selected
meats than ours has never been
seen in..British Columbia.
Our .Stock of
We have just received a cor-
load of poultry from Smith's
Fall*?, Out., celebrated the world
over for their select poultry.
Our stock in this line comprises
everything required for the
Cluisimas trade. Call and see
our display.   ,
Our Stock of
-   A carload of specially fed A_l-
bcrta mutton just placed iu our
cold storage rooms. The choic-
e-t display ever seen in JRcvei-
Our Stock of
0   Fisll
We are receiving daily large
consignments of the famous
Lake Winnipeg whitefish, the
best in America. We also have
a nice display of halibut, sturgeon, codfish, shrimps, etc.
Our supply of Booth's oysters
is as usual the best in Revelstoke
at the lowest prices.
Game and Venison of All
A Special Discount of iO por
ccr.t. will be given on tlio following lines of goods for
SPOT CASH purchases from
now till the 27th day of Dec,
A. C B, Hume-& Cn.'s
Dry Goods
Our whole Pry Goods stock,
which is large and complete in
every department,will he thrown
" ~n to the many shrewd, far-
fights 1 customers who patroaizu
3 .' core, and who are keen after
tn,. jis,hi thing. Such buyers
will find an endless variety of
correct goods as right prices
from which to make u selection.
Act now.
Gents' Furnishinsrs
Our esteemed coiili'inporiiry's idea
nf spontaneity i.s so remarkable: as to
c.ill for a. word of couimeut, According to its opinion the most noticeiiblt.'
i'l-.-Uuri! about thu Kellie meeting, :i
week ago last Tuesday, was that it was
so entirely spontaneous. It was so
wonderfully spontaneous tint one of
the gentlemen present foiiml hims.'If
spontaneously down to second a, motion, and wanted to know why the
business men,who had framed it, were
afraid to put their names to it. There
was also :i very spontaneous desire on
all sieles to adjourn and a spontaneous
notion appa'.'eiilly.pic'vali.'nt, that the
resolutionr presented were scarcely
worth the trouble"! of voting for or
:i(j-n.inst. However ' onr e:-U:emed is
apparently uniler the- impression -lhat
the ineelinR was called to discuss the
appointment of it Gold Comiuissiouer,
with which except) as ono of thu feeble
excuses o.Tered bv ilr. Kidiiu for goin.-f
ovcr to the* Opposition, it had as a
matter ol' fact nothing to do at all.
Great aliownnecis must he. made for the:
unfortunate sheet, it has caught for
the first time in its career ol' dullness
obscurity, it passing' taste of popular
favor by 1'aIHiTg- in with the. outcry
iigiihis-l Air. tiibbiild, contrary' to the
expressed personal predilections of its
edilor. Intoxicatyd with the unwonted elran.-lit it distorts and suppresses
the plain fads of the iiieclin*-;. as if the
fate of an empire depended on coiiccil-
inp. them and rides the mimic: .waves
of this bivo-liil tempest in a tea cup,.as
if contruling the destiny of nations.
Poor little linpot-"ilail. Its eyes iiro
just stickine;- out of its head lo watch
the IIkh-.'.'ld'S smoke: and yet it. can
not see. which w:ty the wind is hlow-
A house so well known as ours
in this lino requires no' special
mention. Wo have, however, a
good thing to say to those who
contemplate buying Boys'Clothing : we have a choico assorl-
mt'iit. You should inspect (hem
if you want the riyhs quality
and correct style ot a cut price.
Just here let us so.y
your money is worth more
and far more ooayinciiiq than
the credit of any one. Take advantage of this offer and save it.
In ia your right.
All of the above lines are included in this sal-.s, aud many
bright,clean side lines and caichy
.-tyJes-in-goods-W-hich-a re-all���included in the general term of
Dry G-oods. -We have not space
to .neution them. You should sec
Our Grocer"' Department
Although not included in this
sale, still our choice, fresh Groceries are winning their way
into the estimation of -housekeepers in the city, and finding
their way into the homes of the
country. Our qualities and prices
are making many friends and
customers i'or us.
Our Methods
In business are thoroughly iu
line with the " Biz" of~toclay.
Promptness of service���correct
styles���ri<~ht prices���tell their
own story.
The Results
In any of the above - articles
we will challenge any town in
British Columbia for a better
display. Our increasing business
demands the large stock we have
in store. Thanking our many
customers far and near for their
liberal patronage during this
year, and soliciting their furtner
favors, we remain,
Yours, etc.,
McCarty's >^
Meat Market,
Revelstoke Station, B.C. j
Your shrewdness in buying���
actual cash in hand to buy with
���our liberal treatment���should
be of benefit to you if applied
Mail Orders
ilr. J. D. Graham is making tlio assertion round town that the 15~"it_.u_>
intends lo knife the AVavcrlcy JMine.
Isolhin�� can he further from the. lliiu-
ALu'iS inLeiitiun. nor can��� ilr. Graham
point to a single word in the Hj~j"j*i",I)
in dis-pariieremc.il of the Waverley
jilitie since operations started on it.
The Waverley has in fact received ex-
eeeiliiij_-ly favorable notice in our col-
mns. But tlie operations of the pro-
motors of the companies which have
or are .'.t'liuirm*- the Waverlev. Tun-
priei- and other properties in Ine
vicinity must certainly be allowed to
be open lo criticism, much more.scath-
iiij-r than anything the 11____i".*iT.d has
ever saiel about them. The dissemination of the absurd report in the Itoss-
liind Miner altribntecl lo AJr. ~*~:igle is
positively without excuse. Even if
tlirec million- worth of ore in sight
last ���.-mum-.'.-, which he did not nor
anytliitif*; at all like il, the people who
made use eif the statement to boom
their shares, must, have known it was
false, at the time when they were using
it. It is .all very well to talk aliotit the
benefits which this district is deriving
from the capital spent in it by the
Waverley Co., but every sensible man
knows that these benefits sire, dearly
purchased ill the cost of the inevitable
reaction against the couutry, in whicli
the absurd hopes held oul to investors
by reports of this inscription in order
to boom up stock are inevitably destined to result. The Hicuai.u believes
that the Waverley has shewn up very
��-i:!l under development so fur. It is
to be hoped that under Mr. Graham's
uiiinagcini'iit it will further develop into a paying mine, and that the expenditure of the company will he solely
devoted to that end. We have: had one
instance of the result of a big English
mining company operating in North
lCoolen.'iy on the line of building roads
and bridges,installing expensive plants
and maintaining :i large* and useless
stall' instead.of developing its properties. It will greatly depend on Mr.
Graham to see Unit a second fiasco of
this kind does not occur within the
next few vears.
friends did not know he was in town.
He did indeed attend a concert, one
evening to wile away the lime, bul we
can assure the anxious Ijiberals of
Kamloops that the occur]once was
entirely without political significance,
lint it i.s in the. account of the Kellie
meeting that this unknown genius
hai- displayed his best touches. It
appears that "outside* the hall there
was a big crowd, which shouted itself
hoarse' in honor of the man. who had
shewn the possession of some back-
hone." To the unpolitical eye Mr. Kellie seemed to inarch down behind the
bund in solitary grandeur.*,in the deadest, kind of stillness. Even the hand
was wrapt in silence:.
Not a tlrion was liei.t, nor u funeral r.oto,
A.- Iii, nibs to tliuinuL'ijas ilicy lmrrlcil.
j\nel lti.s i-i-ii:iiei-, eon lei ;cct noono to till np the
Anil ilicvsccnicel mo.-; con.'ciir.ilec'.ly ilur-
However to our muttons. It seems
that at the meeting at which'the Sentinel correspondent was present tliere
was a. resolution passed condemning
the government for not consulting Mr.
Kellie in the appointment of Gold'
(Joniniissioner. At the one the J-lna-
Ai,!"' was at the slight oil'ered to Lhe
injured iiic-inber seemed only to iiitei-
csl. himself. Lastly another resolution
was apparently carried expressing
cciiifidencc* in Mr.'Kollie and authorizing him to vole in favor of any
nml ion of want of confidence in the
Government lhat niay be introduced
next .session and carried amid wild
applause. ' This resolution 'also the
111:n A l.u reporter failed to catch. We
.did hear "Ir. Kellie. invited- to retain
his seat to save the expense ot a bye
election, which scarcely seemed to
indicate any very wild enthusiasm and
was iis a matter of fact snatched out.
the* meeting between two motions for
ailjoiiriunent. The.* chief enthusiasm
noticed by the Hlii.Ai_.ij was manifested when the last motion to adjourn
had been carried and was being acted
upon. It strikes lhe IIkkaIjD tliat it
is anel must be a. poor cause "*. hic'n
depends on such lies and misrepresentations to bolster up its courage.
The Combined Fleets are Anchored off
the Coast of Co'rea.���The Landing- of
Russian Troops will be Resented.���Cuban Autonomy .will Beg-in" Next Month.
���C. P. R., Returns Shew a Large In-'
crease.���Halifax a Starting Point for"
Klondike'.'���The Golden Cache.
n n-
Christmas Eve was celebrated by
the Methodist church by a Christmas
tree and treat to the little ones, at
which Santa Clans was present in person, arriving through the window;
and gave away the presents from the
tree to their great delight. Besides
the tree a Cantata, Crowning Christinas, was given by the Sunday school
scholars, in which each holiday appealed, the prize among them all being
a warded   to   Pather .Christmas.. The
(Si'KciAr" to thu Herald.)
Tacoma'.  Dec. 20.��� A'copy   of
peculiar and remarkable contract,
der which Kussia seized, the   Corean
finances   and   customs." and    thereby
forced out Mr.  McLeary  Brown,   the
representative of English interests  recently,  and  wliich so .offended   England lhat the British' Pacific sq'uadton
litis   been   dispatched   to    Chemulpo," '
neai- Seoul. Hie   capital   of  Coreal'has.
been received liere..   A   translation  of
the report shows the l.iet.that.Kussia,
not only seized the. finances and cus-
tomsof Coreii.- but  proposed  to  liold'
theio forever.    '     .     -
LoNDOXDet:.'^).���The situation in.
China is growing morealarming. The.
Japanese, anel 13iiti��h.'fleets, acting
in conjunction, have anchored olf Port
Hamilton* The combined1 fleet is under Vice Admiral Biiller. In Japan
the Diet has been dissolved to prepare-*
to meet Kiissi,-i halfway'.with the mil-
im*etirig"of'parliament'.', Kussia will be
requested not to,laud troops in China,
wliich she is piepiiring.-,to do ostensi-"
bly to protect her vail road interests.
"~K"v' York,' Dec. .""^Closing quo-,
tat ion's   yesterday :i    Copper,    S10.7S;'
lead, $3.50;' silver. ."OJc."           "'    "   "
.Haueax. Dec. 29���Steamers are being-purchased h'e're fo run between
Halifax and Klondike in the spring.
MONT!."".u��� Dec.'20��� For the   eleven
months ending "STovember 30,"the C. P.-.
K.  net profits  were  $9.250.321, an in-"
crease   of   ~2,0G7,172   over   the  same
period in ISO".   In 'November   the net'
profits   were . $320,000   over the same
riionth in 1S00.    .
VANCOTJVEn, Dec.   29���750   tons   of
Golden  Cache rock, outside   of o tons'
of pocket stuff, went S3.10.a ton.    The"
mill   will   continue, working for   the
H.W."""",' Dec. 29���The autonomy"
government for Cuba, will  commence-
Eeceive our prompt and personal attention.
We wish to see you at
our Store
To our many friends and patrons ve extend ail the compliments of the approaching festive
season. Thanking you for your
liberal patronage in the past,and
soliciting a continuance of the
same, we are, I
Your obedient servants,
F. McCarty, Proprietor.
I I. Cowlcs. Manage".
CD      fT'll'ST'P     Rt    C*fh     '"   llK> ���~,','-,1!''<"'   ���"*"  l,1��  Hotel Itevei
c    Us    Xi.tXxi.tXj     (uL    \ji\J*   ct.)!:.-, that even some of  his
The Itevelstoke informant of the Inland .Sentinel is wasting his time. A
vivid imagination like his would com-
ni.-ind big money just now in some
Sound city anxious to ^cslablk-h itself
as the ono ar.d only possible outfitting
point for Klondike. The. hell wel her
of the Bostock herd says in otic place
that Mr. T. Mayne Daly has recent!y
p-.tid several visits to Revel" toke and
held numerous caucuses with the faithful. As a matter of r.-u-t on the two
occasions this year that Mv. Daly has
passed through this place, anil perforce
like every other lr.-ivelIer.lo or from
the lower country, stayed over a, night,
once going to and or.ce coming from
Victoria, he has kcnl   himself so cjuiet
gathering was well attended by the
members of the church and friends of
the scholars. The timidity school
membership has largely increased lhis
year. On Sunday evening the Methodist choir rendered the following
anthems: Glory lo God in the Highest. Hurley, There Were S-fheph-irds
Abiding, Earl. Wake the .Snnir, MePhail. Nazareth. Gounod's well known
masterpiece, was alto rendered in
.Midnight in.-.-" was sung in tin* Roman Catholic church on Christmas
live. The church was tastefully decorated with evergreens. Behind the
altar three* branches were disposed
springing from one stem io symbolize
1 lie doctrine of the Trinity. 'The alterations inside the church were completed in time for the s-ervice and the
new altar railing added considerably
to the appearance ol" the church. In
the belfry lhe new circular window
was illuminated. The choir and organ
were placed in the new gallery. Father
Peyt.-iviti was celebrant and the musical portion of the service was rendered by a choir consisting of Mrs. .1. A.
Morgan and Messrs. Geo. Wallace. A.
McNeill and E. Picarel. while Mr. K.
Ahlin played the organ. The church,
which with the additional space given
by the recent alterations will seat
about one hundred, was comfortably
Christinas in St. Peter's began with
a midnight celebration of lhe Holy
Kucharist at 11.30 on Christmas Eve.
The music was Merbec-ke's. and all the
old fashioned Christmas hymns were
sung. There were two other choral
celebrations on Christmis clay and
Sunday. After evensong on Sunday a
number of old English carols were
sung with great heartiness hy the
choir anil congregation. The services
were very well rendered by the choir.
The church looks very pretty with its-
Christmas decorations of dark evergreen, berries and i'owei*s. The new
reieiel screen adds an appearance of
dignity lo the east end. wliich was
lacking before and the whole interior
of the church has liccngradnally trans-
lormeel with great aelvantage during
the p.ist few months.
on January 12th.
At The Hotels;
Christmas Day was observed in the
hotels of Kevelsloki*,, with iibundauce
of good el'.eor. Al the Hotel Revel-,
stoke the burnt out officers and staff
of the Nakusp were among the guests
and secme-d to enjoy the very recherche menu with the appetites observable among shipwrecked mariners all
the worlel over. Over 50 guests sat
down at the Victoria to n most elegant
and well served dinner, reflecting the
greatc-1 credit, on the management of
that popular house; At the Columbia,
according to old custom a .sumptuous
free dinner wns served to all comers at
noon and amply appreciated hy Messrs.
Brown to Pool's numerous guests. At
the Gold Hill, Central. Stockholm.
Union and Senate, good old fashioned
Christina- cheer was provided Hanked
by more modern and elegant dishes to
suit the taste of all and at every one a
large crowd of guest did ample justice
to the bills of fare.
The FiremaS*fBaIl.
About 30 couples figured on the floor
of Peterson's hall, on  Monday   nighti ,
in  answer  to  the  invitation   of  Fire **
Brigade No. I. The hall was decorated.'.-.
with evergreens and the appliances*~of ���
the brigade aud looked very nice.    Re-   ���
freshments were provided by the lady
fiiends ejf the brigade  and  ample justice was done to them  by all  present.
The music was furnished by the Kevel-
itnke   Orchestra,  who   rendered   the
following programme*;
��� Saratoga Lancers
 Solera La Solas
.: tlooel Soriely
 ""airy Koot��tcp
.... l-nieiue Girt-to
.. .Bouquet of Roies
C~rnnel March-
Wulti '.	
French Minuette ���
I-aneei-J l	
Fireman"'= rianc-e ���
Q-ia'Jrille. extra. 	
\" aliz, extra ,
Iletn Ton	
Viminian t'ec-i	
Circ-ssiaii Circle.. .
Wait: .
_ _cm1 Sat" the eju._eu
 Oro Matra.
 White Xavy
 Mca Bella
...- .\SirGordon
Ooide-ti "Vedelmg
-is;.. Revelstoke   Herald  Published in interests ot  RoTeHtoke, Lardeau, Bis Bend, Trout Lake  Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  Pass nnd Eaglo Pass Districts.  A. JOHNSON Propplolo*".  O. B. OROOAN Editor.  A tSunl-WeoUr Journal, published in tho  isMi-tiU ot Revelstoke and the sui-rounding  district, ~~~tJ-ne__8<_iays and Salurda} b, making  closest connections with alt trains.  AdTectialng Rates: Display ads, ~1."0 per  oolumniuoh. |2.U0.per inch when Insertedon title  pare. Lagsi aas.. 12c per (nonpareil) lino tor  first insertion ������. So for each additional insertion.  Reading notices. 15c per line oach issue. Birth,  Marriage and Death notices, freo.  Subscription Kates: By mail or carrier. *"2 00  fr annum ; ~1,~" for six months, Biriotly in  adTance. 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GROCERIES-Our Stock of Groceries is always  fresh and first-class, being constantly renewec  by consignments from the best houses in th<  Dominion.   "We lead in Tea and Coffee.  Agenta :  RAM LALTEA'S  THE ROW IN QUEBEC  From Tho Calgary Horald.  The ��������� .eruption   caused    by  the  publication of the Langelier interview ih Quebec is still the chief  topic of interest in political circles.  To judge by the way many of the  Liberal organs have ignored it, the  interview has apparently not yet  caught    their    eye,   while   those  which    have    noticed    it    have  studiously endeavored to minimize  its i.sighincanee.   ,��������� Mr.   Langelier  makes uo secret of his reasous for  criticizing   his   old  friends.     He  claims'to hold abetter in which  Premier Laurier promised him the  Lieutenant      Governorship       of  Quebec, now held by Sir Adolphe  Chapleau.     He  indignantly  protests against tne rumored alliance  between' the   Liberal   leaders iri  Quebec and Lieutenant Governor  Chapleau.      He   repudiates    Mr.  Tarte and regrets   his inordinate  influence    over ���������   some      of    his  colleagues in the cabinet, andiri  conclusion he   bitterly complains  of the favors SiivWilfrid Laurier  has' bestowed   on   renegade  Con  servatives  at   the    expense   and  humiliation of  old  time Liberals  who   fought   the   battles   of   the  party in the long cool shade- of  adversity and naturally expected  "to   see   their    reward   when   the  sweets of oflice were won.   One of  the!    most    significant    opinions  imblished   on the  quarrel   conies  irom    Mr.   Calixte   Leboeuf,   ex-  president of  the   Club  National.  "Mr.   Tarte," he   said,  "i.s   not a  Liberal.   He was even ashamed to  say so under oath.   He refused to  .proclaim himself a Liberal and my  friends are delighted at"itr~"He~is  not    the    stuff   of    which   true  Liberals are made.  I had no doubt  whatever that he .would make a  compact with the most dangerous  men in Canadian political  life in  order to carry through his scheme,  with the aid, of course, of all the  cliques    which   have   caused   the  ruin of the several  governments,  both at Quebec and Ottawa. Birda  nf a feather," added Mr. Leboeuf,  "flock    together.      Tbe   attitude  taken by our friend and one of our  federal leaders, Francois-Langelier  will certainly be, and is certainly  approved of, by nine-tenths of the  Liberals in this couutry.   We the  old     time    Liberals*,    who    have  fought  for   this party during  .'30  years, who have built it up stone  upon stone, and who have given  our life,   our- force,   and   all our  intelligence,  today, when we are  in power, are put out of doors, and  those who arrive iu  the partv at  the last moment make fun of us  and literally spit in our face*-.   We  are in  power at Ottawa since 18  months, and I can say to you that  the position is such there that we,  the true Liberals, never go there.  We   remain    at    home   awaiting  events."  Le Soleil. the chief Liberal newspaper at Quebec, has also .joined  the anti-Tarte cru=ade and is  vigorously backing up the position  taken by Mr. Langelier. Looking  at the dispute without party prejudice. The Herald sees reason to  differ with the Montreal Gazette,  which has taken the strange  ground���������in a Conservative paper  of the best standard���������of seeming  to support Tarte against his  Rssailants. The Gazette admits  Tarte's influence to lie evil, but  thinks his opponents have a poor  case which is doomed to failure.  We venture to believe that a  glance beneath the froth and scum  of this family quarrel among tne  Liberals, would reveal a situation  much more far reaching in its  details than outsiders realize.  Evidently a determined effort is  being made by a certain section of  both parties���������Conservatives^ and  Liberals to bring about a coalition.  There are men on both sides like  Chapleau, Taite. Blair, Haggart,  Montague, Clark Wallace and  others the chief item of whose  political faith is���������not any broad  E & COMPANY  Agents :  Victoria Powder Cc  question    of  public   or   national  policy���������but  the   acquisition   and  maintenance of power.    Oflice is  their goal, and many of them care  not an iota on what principles or  policy they have   to   trample to  secure that great and glorious end.  With these men public office is n il  a public trust, but a pri\ ate snap.  Tarte evidently  foresees that   in  the face of the growing opposition  from therespecttiblc portion of the  Liberals he cannot long retain liis  position    and    influence  without  contracting some new alliance. On  the other hand some of the professional   statesmen who   largely  caused the downfall of the Conservative party are anxious at any  cost and under any conditions to  get back into ollice.    Mr.   Tarte.  thus sees a glorious opportunity  co strengthen himself,    lu some of  the politician's we have named he  would iiud   far   more    congenial  colleagues thau in such unbending  Liberal*-   as   M.   C.  Cameron, Sir  Henry Joli Lotbiniere  and others  of the old school, men who staud  high in the respect of the country  and who should scorn to stoop to  the peculiar  methods  so clear to  the heart of the Tarte tribe.    A  possible coalition betweeu two unsavory sectious of the  tivo great  parties is repugnant  to the   best  public opinion of the country and  would be disastrous to Canada.   It  should be opposed by the better  elements of both parties   to   the  last ditch.  The Toronto World has an  editorial dealing with the bellicose  utterances of the different  American newspapers on the  Paciiic coast as against Canada  and its administration of the  Klondike regions and says that  the Canadian government must be  prepared for trouble in the spring.  FERGUSON  The Centre   of the   Lardeau  Mines  The Manitoba school question  may soon become a live issue  again. It is said on the return of  the Archbishop of. Montreal a.  council of the Canadian Catholic  bishops will be held to deal with  t.lie Pope's instructions regarding  the settlement of the school  question. All good citizens will  regret to see the matter brought  up again.  Tne Pioneer  A GREAT PROJECT  From tho Calgary Herald.  From Montreal to Calgary by  steamboat is a suggestion of somewhat startling novelty. Yet to  accomplish this is one of lhe  objects of a company now seeking  federal incorporation. The name  of the syndicate is the Lake  Superior and Rocky Mountains  Navigation Company aud its chief  object is to construct and operate  a navigable waterway from  Thunder Bay, on Lake Superior, to  Calgary and Edmonton. The  route to be followed is along Rainy  River, Lake of the Woods,  Rousseau and Red Rivers, Assiniboine River, Lakes Manitoba and  Winnipegosis and along the  Saskatchewan and Bow Rivers to  Calgary aud tlie north branch of  the Saskatchewan to Edmonton.  Itis the intention of thecompany  to dredge and otherwise improve  these watercourses and Jto create  such connecting links as may be  found necessary so as to complete  throughout tbe entire distance a  navigable channel of ac least nix  feet in depth. The company al.so  announces ils intontion of using  water from its canal i'or irrigation  purposes and for generating  hydraulic and other powers. The  project is undoubtedly gigantic in  conception and "f carried out  mean not only millions of dollars  spent in the North West in construction, but millions more saved  to the people in transportation  charges. The enormity of the  scheme, however, is no reaion why  it should be scouted as crazy or  impracticable. Greater schemes  than this have been laughed at at  their inception but have nevertheless proved successful, fabulous  capital would be required- and it  may be many years before we see  the Lake Superior and Rocky-  Mountains Navigation Company  landing tiiassengers and height at  Calgary, but who shall say the  thing is impossible? This is an  age of strange projects and he  would be a sceptic of the sceptics  who," looking at the map, would  condemn at first sight a proposition to connect Montreal and  Calgary by navigable water. If  Canada can be and has been  crossed by canoe, why not, with  the aid of capital, by steamer?  The Boston Globe reminds Mr.  Mulock that the proper place to  advertise is in tlie newspapers,  and not on the face of postal card.*,  and the Free Press very properly  says that to permit the use of  postal cards as a medium of  ordinary commercial advertising  is unbecoming the dignity uf the  Post Oflice Department, and unbecoming the service ir wa= established to perform. If the Postmaster General's colleagues would  remind him of this fact they  would be doing him a kindness.  MPER1A_L 8/\N^  oa;nada.  Htsad Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital 32,000,000  Reserve     -   -   -    -   1,200,000  Directors :  XI. S. Howland, President  T.R.jMerntt, Vice Pre*-., (.St.C.itharinesj  William Ramsay, Robert .Taf_*rav,  Hugh Ryan,   T.  Sutherland Stayner  1'Ti-i.s Rogers.  D. R. Wilkie. General Manager,  Branches  North West and British Columbia  Brandon     j Portage la        j Vancouvei  Calgary       ', Prairie;Winnipcg  Edmonton j Prince Albert (Revelstoke  Ontario  Essex |Niagara Falls   ''St. Thoma1-  Fergus       [Port Colborne  Toronto  Gait I Rat Portage      'Welland  Tngersoll    SaulfcSt. .Marie' Woodstock  St, Catharines ;  Agents   in    Great   Britain���������Lloyd's  Bank,  Ltd., 72 Lombard St.,   London,  with whom  money may be deposited  for  transfer by  letter or cable to  of above branches.  Agents in the United States���������New  York, Bank of Montreal, Bank of  America; Chicago, First National  Bank; St. Paul, Second National Bank  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of SI and upwards received and  interest allowed.  Debentures--- Provincial. Municipal  and other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United States, Europe,  ^ndia, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Gold   Purchased  A. R. B. HEAR".  Manama- Rovolsto"te Brar.cth.  Stores  ���������.tnof Ferguson  and Ten .Mile  Cummins & Co.  GENERAL MERCHANTS  Dealer in M.i tiers' Supplies, Hardware,  Groceries, Dry Goods.  Everything  to  be found in a. general store.  Post Office in connection.  Wholesale dealeis in  es, pirits aqd Cigars.  At our TEN-MILE BRANCH Store  Powder, Caps. Fuse, Coal, Steel,  and .all .Minors' nnd Prospectors' Supplies aro  kept on hand  Be Sure and register at the   ,  BJ1UM0RJ1L .HOTEL  When you reach FERGUSON.  FRONT STREET  REVELSTOKE, B* O.  The table is provided with the best  ���������the-inarket^-iftords.^=l"-ites---froi~i-ij>2  to .$3 per clay.  CUMMINGS BROS.,   ���������   Proprietors.  C.S.paGlean  'ARCHITECT  and BUILDER  Kst.lmnlrs fnrntahrel. Tluns mifl spcoi-  fie.-fUioiiH miiile:. Am nlno prcp'tre el to el>>  Btioo nnil .ion viirk un the clicirtest  notice Htitlsfeictinu Kiin.ri.nfMct' in  ovory ciiho.   (Jail or write for terinB.  Main Street  Revclstolte  Ffevelstoi\e  Hospital  Maternity Room in connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.  Drs.   McKechnie   and   Jeffs, Attendants  REVELSTOKE  IRONWORKS..  Blacksxaithinsrt Jobbiner  Plumbing-.   Pipe Fittine  Tinsmithin'r  Sheet Iron "Work  Machinery Repaired  Minit-g Work a Specialty,���������aaa  ���������ROBT. GORDON  Revelstoko Stn.  Fop Youp  -House, Cleaning  Send for samples of our Wall  Paper. Prices from 10c, 12' c,  15c up to 50c a roll. Mail  qrders carefully attended to  Linton BpotUei-s  Calgary," Alberta .  Sam Needham  Clothes  Cleaned  Altered  Repaired  In Good Stylo at Lowest Prices.  Douglas Street :��������� Rrvrlstoke  L. JI. FRETZ  Contractor and Builder.  Shop opposite Imporial Bank.  Workmanship Guaranteed  "���������       Terms Cash  If You .Have a  .Mine to Sell  or wish a company formed, or  want to buy n mine or shares  in any mine, want to invest in  Spokane real estate or wish to  make a borrow, write at once to  gJJ-JiMES   l.   FORD   &  CO  Mine Brokers.     Mining Stocks  No.!) Mill St.. between Riverside and  Sprague, Spokane, Wash.'  flerchant's Hotel  IlleciSlev/aet, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Good accommodation.   Bust  Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.  W. J. Lappan, Proprietoi  Columbia House  j*������m2iz".i)LjffiJ  " TheJ largest hotel   in  town.        Centrally    locatq  Choice   Wines,   Liquors -. aDd  Cigars  ~~Best~    accommodatiom Rat^^Sl^^eiT^da  Brown & Poo], Proprietors'  REVELSTOKE  Large light bed rooms.  Table furnished wit  the choicest the mark!  affords. Best Wim  Liquors and Oiga:  Hates" $1.00.a day.     Monthly race.  ���������J. ALBERT STONE, Proprietor.  ouse  -KUj^DttfElD  Ii     1 BER  Doops  Sasl.  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For particulars write  CRAIG to HILLMAN, Thomson's Landiso.  The Kootenay Lumber G(j  (LIMITED LIABILITY) ������       '  nOAATIPl TY     R     f    Post Office Arrowhead.  vVJt/TVt/ir jUIAj   ID.   ������������.   Telegraph  to1 Comaplix.  ALL. KINDS of ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBE!  At the company'store is carried a full stock of General  Merchandise, Miners' supplies and Outfits at close rates".  R, TAPPING*, Agent for Revelstoke.    \ ���������Ji  _>  ���������u-  ii ���������������  K i\  II  1-    --'  *-\  ���������������  I  SHALL   CANADA   TRADE   PART  OF ITS WEST FOR MAINE?  RUSSIA   AND   CHINA   AT   IT  Chapleau Publishes a Denial���������Numerous  Yukon companies Forming ��������� Three  Liberals Elected to the Quebec  Legislature���������Other Notes of Interest  Montreal. UeeeniheraJ.��������� At three  bye-elections for the Quebec Legislature yesterday Liberals were returned  NOT BY A  .ICG   1~~~_~T_,  Ottawa, December __������!.���������A prominent Canadian suggests that the United States should cede Maine to  Canada in exchange- for part of the  North West.  Owners of sealing fillips seized by  Kussia will accept the indemnity tendered by the Russian government.  ClIAIT.KAl."  AND TAHTK  Movm eat.., December 23.���������Sir  Adolphe. lias published a denial of  the .statement that his letter to Tarte  proposed a coalition between Conservatives and a section of tbe Liberal  cabinet.  The Chinese are strengthening the  defences of Port Airliui under Russian  supervision.  The anti-pelagic sealing bill will  secure the entire United States trade  to New York furriers.  Applications for charter.-, are being  made to parliament for 2'A Yukon  companies.  Russia is said to be furnishing  money and arms to China.  General Weyler strongly opposes  autonomy for Cuba.  Marmaduke Pearson, an old Toronto  merchant, is dead.  An Alliance between Great. Britian  and Japan seems probable.  The United States has paid its  agents and counsel at the Paris seal  commission   "____~-l.i~M.  The General TraJtic Company Association has reduced grain rates from  Chicago to the seaboard.  YUKON VIA STEAMER  INTERVIEW WITH   PRESIDENT  BREWER  Three Steamboats to P'y Between  Athabasca Landing: and*Peel River-  Twenty Days Frcm Chicago to the  .Gold Fields.  From our own Correspondent.  Calgary, Dec 24.  Among the numerous enterprising  capitalists who have recently visited  Alberta in connection with Yukon  matters is Mr. J. A. Brewer, president  of the Alaska Mining and Trading Co.  "We are now bui.dir.g." Mr. Brewer  said to The Herald, '-three steamers  which will be ready by the tiin*" navigation opens up on the Mackenzie, All  tbe steamers will bebuiltat Athabaska  Landing and the machinery shipped  up from Chicago. Two will he regular  river steamers with paddle wheels and  the other a stern wlieel<*r. 120 feet long.  The first boat will run from the L-ind-  -ing to Grand Kanids, the. second from  McMurray to Fort Smith, and the  third from Fort Smith to the limit of  navigation on Peel river, whicli flows  into the Mackenzie near its mouth.  .From Grand Rapids to McMurray we  Are arranging to portage passengers  and freight.  "We propose to blast out the rocks  in some of tbe worst rapids and otherwise improve the navigation."  _ _^H_q_A'_long_dp.^������ou___e"P1~t^fo_ta-__L_L  for thn trip from Chicago?" The  Herald asked.  ������������������We can put passengers through  from Chicago to a point 100 miles up  the Peel river in 20 or 21 days, and do  it easily," said Mr. Brewer. "Our line  will start .from Edmonton and we  shall carry freight from_ there for 20  cents a pound for the trip.  "What are your passenger rates?"  We propose"to charge 10 cents per  mile, or something over .*"2~9 tor the  trip, including meals en route. * We  oxpect to use several house boats .md  liai'ges, which will be tugged by the  steamers. We are making provision  also for .shipnir'ig horses. From the  end of our routp. through a pass into  the Yukon valley, will he about 100  miles.  " Have vou anv knowledge as to  gold on the Peel ? "  " Yes. we have. A Chicago man  named Robinson, came from there this  fall with "2.~,000, which he took out of  n small stream running into the Peel.  He left Chicago a year before with only  SIC in his pocket. Since his return he  has been engaged in working up a  machine for taking gold out of the  beds of streams.*'  "Alt' you getting a Dominion charter. Mr. Brewer?"  Yes; we have already applied for it,  Our Canadian directors are John A.  McDougall, Frank Oliver, M.P.. and  AV. Short, of Edmonton. Mr. Ches-  nown and myself will be the directors  ��������� on the other side. Our capital is $100,-  000 and we are preparing for the certainty of a tremendous rush over this  route, which is known in the States  as the "back door route." We think  it. will be proved the quickest and  cheapest route of all."  Mr. Brewer is a quiet, shrewd and  able business man, and looks and talks  as thongh the undei taking would be  an undoubted success.  BRITISH WARNING FOR CHINA  ANDREWS ELECTED MAYOR OF  WINNIPEG  The Federal Bye-Election���������The Japanese  GovernraentOpened���������Postal Revenue  Largely Increased���������A Criminal Libel  Case���������The Behring Sea Award  Winnipeg,   December    22,���������Alderman Andrew defeated   E.   F.   Hutch-  ings in the mayoralty contest in  this  city by the large majority of 005.  tarte's man wins  Mo.NTiti~.vij, December 23.���������At the  ~_-e_.di_r.il bye election in Nicolet. which  look place yesterelay, .T.P. Leduc, the  Liberal or" "Tarte candidate", was  elected by 2-10 majority.  A WARNINfl.  London. December 22.���������The British  squadron will make a demonstration  at Chec. Foo as a warning to China.  (Via Winnipeg, December 22.)  The Imperial Japanese Parliament  was opened yesterelay.  The Winnipeg l'ield Battery-stands  sixth in efficiency.  Canada's postal revenue increased  $70,000 in November.  The Ontario Government was sustained on a division of 5 to 24,  Owing to the depression in the  sugar trade, planters are leaving  Jamaica by the hundreds.  Senator Templeman, of Victoria,  has been committed for trial on a  charge of criminal libel.  Fall River cotton manufacturers  will reduce the wages of their employees by 11' per cent, on January 1st.  Ib is said that \V. H. II. Giuliani, of  Indiana, will replace U. S. Consul  Duffle at Winnipeg.  The award of the Behring Sea dam-  ago commissioners has been forwarded  to Washington.  BISON FOR BANFF PARK  Lord Strathconna's Herd of Seventeen  Animals Presented to the Dominion  Government.  The buffaloes on Lord Str.-ithcona's  farm at Silver Heights hai:e been presented to the Dominion Government  nud will be sent to the National- Park  at Banff. The herd numbers 17 animals, thirteen pure bred and four  crosses. This herd was first established at "The Heights" in 1800 by the late  Hon. James McKay, the famous hunter, trader and courier,- who kept a  trading post tit Deer - Lodge. He  brought the lirst pair from the Saskatchewan and afterwards obtained  others, and had a considerable herd at  the time of his death.  The present, herd on the farm of  Lord Sbrathcona (Sir Donald A.Smith)i  was begun in 1SS7, with three animals,  a pure bred bull and cow and a halt  bred cow. The following year there  was an increase of two, but owing to  the death of the head of the herd there  was no further increase until 181)0. In  the latter year, there was another increase of two, and since then the herd  has gradually grown to the number  already stilted. ' During the past three  or four years several animals died from  one cause or another, from impaired  vigor of constitution, caused partly by  the inbreeding, but probably due in  a greater extent to being too closely  confined in the original field, specially fenced for them, which, being  none too large for tbe original three  animals, was absurdly to small when  their numbers began to increase,  as'they could not get grass enough to  more than keep them.alive during the  summer and fall, without laying in  fat and flesh to sustain them through  the winter. For the last three years  tliey have had ample range and there  hasbeen no deaths, and they have  done much better in every way. The  attempts'at cross breeding with domestic cattle-have-been-mosfc--6uccess-  ful.  The buffaloes at Silver Heights have  been a great attraction both for citizens and for visitors and their removal  to the National Park will he much  regretted, although ii is a pleasure to  know that in the park they will be  returned to their wild state ' and will  probably be the means of again restoring to their uninhabited regions a  sufficient number of their species to  be of public value, while at the same  time-serving as objects of curiosity to  tourists. The leader of the herd is a  majestic fellow, a worthy representative of his once numerous race.  The animals will he shipped to Banff  in about a week.  A despatch from Dallas. Texas, says:  Texas,  telegraphically speaking,   has I  been cut from  the outside  worlel   for,  practically two full clays and nights.'  No such prostration of poles and wirps  was ever before known since the electrical   enterprises  entered   the state.  This is the worst sleet storm the state  ever saw.  Last Tuesday was the day fixed 1>>*  Judge Maguire for the hearing rf the  charge of criminal libel against Walter Scott, of the Regina LeaeliM, by N.  F. Davin. M.I'. Judge Maguire?, being  in the Yukon, the case has again  devolved on Judge Richardson, and on  its being called on Tuesday his lordship fixed Thursday for the hearing.  H. D. Lumsden. C. B.. who has been  engaged on the Crow's Nest Pass railway, has gone to Montreal. Mr. Lumsden will in all probability survey the  C. P. R. line from the headwaters of  navigation on the Stickine to Teslin  Lake. *~  The city council of Indianapolis by a  vote of 12 to 7 passed a curfew ordinance prohibiting children under 15  years from using the streets after I)  p.m. in summer and 8 p.m. in winter.  An effort will hemade to deteat it on  reconsideratian.  ���������  A young man, recently a member of  the Mounted Police, en route home to  England to spend the Christmas  holidays, is stranded in the city, having been robbed of all his cash, some  .S120, and also his jewellry. He has  beeu compelled to accept a servant's  position to earn his bread.���������Winnipeg  Free Press.  A man named Reuben Lane, walked  on crutches from Barnsborough, Pa.,  to Topekti, a distance of 570 miles, to  marry Mrs. Eliza Ann Parker. When  lie arrived she refused to have him.  He immediately employed a lawyer  and commenced an action for breach of  promise. He is a widow������*r, 33 years  old. She is a widow. GO years* old,  and became engaged through a matri-  I monial agency. It took Lane thirty  days to make the trip.  fn Alphonse Daudet French literature  has lost a brilliant writer who contributed as only a Frenchman can to the  gaiety of nations. Although all his  writings we're not intended for the  young person, he took a hei'Ithy view  of life, anil brought out its more kindly  and humorous features. In an age  given to looking on the sombreand unpleasant side* of things he was a man  to he thankful for, and he will be re-  greted in many countries besides the  land of his birth.  PUBLISHED   TWICE   A   WEEK   AT  IS THE BEST VALUE IN KOOTENAY  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  AjfETHODIST CHURCH ��������� Revelstoke.  J-���������- Preaching servioa at 11 a.m. ar.d 7:30  p.m. Clues meeting al the cloec ot the  morning sorvlue. ���������rn.hbath school and Bible  Class ac 2:30 p.m. Weekly piayer meeting  ovory Wednesday cvoi.ing ut 7:il0 p.m. The  public aro cordially invited. Scwta free.   REV. J. A. WOOD. Pa-tor.  f~HURCH OI~ ENi_.LAND-St. Peter's,  v-e Rovelstoko Hour* of service: Evening  prayer daily at 5 o'clock Feidays at 7:."0  eiindays unci Festivals: Holy Communion at 8  a.m.. morning prnyor at, II. Sunday School  and Bible ClitrB at 2:30. evoking praye-r at 7:30.  First Sunday in llie month Holy Communion  at morning services.   FRANK A. FORD, Vicar.  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH���������RcTClstoke.  ���������*��������� Sorvico every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7-~0  p.m. Blb'e Clean at '-'-.'to p.m., to which  all aro wplconic. I'rayer tweeting ac b p.m,  every Wednesday.  REV.  ~\ D. MUIR, P������stor.  WOMAN   CATHOLIC   CHURCH���������Revel-  ���������*���������"*���������   stoke.    Mass  second Sunday in  month  at 10:30 o.m.   REV. FATHER PF.YTAVIN.  Strictly in the Wood  Business now. I have at the present  time about 100 cords of good, dry  Fir and Hemlock Wood  Full measure guaranteed���������prices  right. All orders left with W. B.  Pease to Co., Revelstoke Station, or  at The Hekald oflice will receive  prompt attention.  JAS. C. Hutchison,  SJtf Wood De.iler and Carter.  Wood! Vvood!  Guaranteed Full  Cord Measure.  The undersigned has a large supply  of .Hemlock, Spruce, Fir and Pine  Wood for sale. Anyperson requiring  wood will kindly leave their .orders  with Mr. W. M. Lawrence. Reqelstoke  Station, or with II, N. Coursier,  Front Street, Revelstoke.  17nlf  FRANK JULIAN.  We Have a Good Supply of  Building  Material  and Lumber  CUT PRICES' FOR SPOT CASH  Call and see us. We can fix you  REVELSTOKE SAW MILLS  Revelstoke Station, B. C.  ( anadian  \ Pacific R\)  AND SCO PACIFIC LINE.  The best and cheapest route from  Revelstoke to all points east and west.  Through tickets to Vancouver,  Winnipeg.' St. Paul. Chicago, New  York, Montreal and Toronto.  First class dining arid sleeping cars  on all trains.  Through tourist cars to Sty Paul  daily, and to Toronto every Monday,  and Montreal and Boston on "Thursday.  Purchase tickets to your destination  and have baggage checked thiough.  For full information as to rates,  time, etc., apply to nearest agent, to  T. W. BRADSHAW,  Agent, Revelstoke.  Or to E. J. COYLE,  Disr-Prtssengei'"A-geiitrVainc6uver.  The Canadian Pacific Steamship Company's  Steamers Nakusp and Kootenay leave  Vrrowheod dal.lv for all points in Kootenay,  makint connection at Nakusp tor all points  on Nakusp and **locan Railway, and Slocan  Luke.  5Close corncction  at  Robsoi    for   Nelson,  aslo,  lldlfour. Pilot Bay. Trail, Roaeland,  Nerlliport. and all points south.  For full information, tickets, maps, ate.  call on or addrete  T. W. BRADSHAW.  Agent Revelstoke.   Or to  H.   SI. J_L������cGRKGOR.  Travelling Passenger Agent. Nelson.  E J.COYLE, Dis, Passenger Agent, Vancouver  READ IT.  ADVERTISE IN IT.  TIME Cr\RD  Subject to change without notice.  Trains run on I'aciflc Standard Time.  dOI.VO WEST                 DAILY OOISO lABT  8:00 am LcaTe... ..Kaalei Arrive 3:~0pm  8:30 am  9:36 n m  I -51 s m  10.03 a m  10:18 a m  10:38 a m  ..South Fork.  ...Sproulc'a ....  ..Wliltewbtcr..,  ...Bear Lake ..,  ..McGuiitan...,  Cody Junction  10:50amArrive... Sandon ..  3:15 p m  " 2:15 p m  ���������' 2:00 p m  " 1:18 p m  ** 1.S3 p m  " 1:12 p m  Leave l:f~0 p m  o CODY 1IVB  Leave 11:00am....Sandon Arrive 11:15am  Arrive* 11:20 am Cody Leave 11:25 am  ROBKRT. IRVING  Q. F. and P. A.  GEO.F.COPELAND  Supcrinten ent  Spokane Falls and .Northern  tNeteon and Ft. Slieppapd  Red .Mountain R������ys.  Tlie on'y all rail rout** without chinge o  cam between Spoknne. Nr-rtbpo't. Rnealand  nnel Neleon; alio between Kosuland nnd  Nelson.  DAILY     EXCEPT      SUNDAY  lkavb. NomHPOP.T JUIRIV-E.  For Spokane��������� From Spokane���������  1:20 p.m Ir20p.ni.  For itoiolaod��������� From Rowland���������  1:40p.m 1:10a.m. k  For Nelson��������� From Nelson���������  1:10 p.m 12-53 p. m.  Clnse connections atNelsnn with steamer  for Kielo and all Kootenay Lake points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary  CreolE connect at Marcus with stage dally.  osebery  Townsite  Changed  Harjds ..  Although not much advertising  has been done, Rosebery townsite,  at tbe head of Slocan Lake, has  been steadily coming to the front  for the last three months.  Wl]at Strong Points  fyssebery Holds on  tlie- Sloean Ukt  Rosebery will have an ore  sampling works in a few months  with a capacity of a 100 tons a day.  Rosebery is in the centre of and  distributing point for Slocan City,  Sandon, - Nakusp, . New Denver,  Silverton, Enterprise, Three Fork-.  Concentrator and Cody, only 12  miles distant from the mining  centre of the Slocan (Sandon).  Roseberj- is destined to be the  concentrating point.  Rosebery is the sampler point.  .:  Rosebery is the ship yard of the  Slocan.  Rosebery is the only safe harbor  on the Jake. *..    -.��������� .  Buy Lots Now   if  You  Want  To   Ma!\-  M8--y.  Seud at once to' the,'general  agent for maps and price list or  any further information. ��������� '  A. M. Beattie,  oSlf  Ce~eral Agent.  O.R.&N.  Is the Shortest and  Quickest Line to...  WALLACE,   FARM1NGTON,  GARFIELD,     OAKESDALE,  PULLMAN,      LEWISTON,  COEUR DALENE MINES.  DAYTON,   WALLA WALLA,  PORTLAND,    PENDLETON,  ���������SAN-FRANCISCOrMOSCOW,-  CRIPPLE CREEK,  AND,,ALL POINTS   EAST OR   SOUTB.  THE ONLY  LINE   .   .  EAST  Via Silt Lake, Denver,  Omaha and Kansas City.  Steamship Tickets to and from  Europe and other foreign countries  Train for the Kast and Portland  departs 7:15 p.m. daily.' - Wallace ana  Moscow accommodation depaits 7:45  a.m. daily. Through service. No  delays or lay overs anywhere,  Gel through tickets and further information of t).  __"...& N. city ticket  office,    No.    430.   Kiverside ��������� avenue,  corner Stevens St., Spokane. Wash'.  J. Campbell;'  General Agent,-Spokane,  W. H. Hurlburt, G. P. A., Portland.  Wendell Maclean  Wholesale  and Betctll  Druggist, Calgary  Mail Orders Promptly Attendid Tt.   fH-tf  PATENTS  PROMPTLY SECURED]  GET RICH mnCKVT. Write to-day fer  onr beautiful illustrated Book on Patentsana  the fascinating story of a poorlnventor wbe  made $"o0,~CO.00. Send tu a rosgli "lrttrh  or model ot your Invention and iro will  promptly toll you FUSE U it ia new and  probably patentable.  Holranilras.HMiMtSer*-"--, Specialty:  Ten������li caeca rejected is other bands aa "  ET  pen. Banks,  Companlee feliesta  U( ������8*M-  anyIi������oIIty-. 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CnAS. R. Macdonald, Manager, y,
Revelstoke  Station, B. C.  y
An Interesting Budget of Local; Personal
and   General Items  Round  and   ;
"..;������"���"���".���.'..  About, Revelstoke.:* r"y
j Dr.    Mclvechnie's. rnncVition   is  im-
- proving unci 'tlie fever has abated,    y
������'"./-"il iss Janes; of Calgary. ; is-'visiting
with her sister, Mrs. Sam '.Saunders'.'���_.;
: Mr.YVaugh;a prominent cbhtractor,
���of Kaslo. spent Christmas in town. "��� ":
Mr. W. Savage, of Kamloops,' spent
y Christmas with his relation in town. ���
'Mr. F. S. Kettk'son, of the HERjVt_p
staff, is spending .the Christinas holidays in Calgary. >    . - y
Mr. JVD. Sibbald: has been laid up
for the past few '-'clays and '-unable to
attend to work. '.������"
Ml'. \V..-Batty, of Ferguson, passeel
through town on-Monday en route for
.'���'Calgary.';y-y-'.-y-iy ��� ;;i-v'..'. "��� :   :.;-.���;.,y.,."'-���-..���.;
'.'Fred.;.Eraser, J. P., litis resigned the
position nf , mining recorder of,; thei;
Revelstoke division.
' Don't forget the -'wrestling match tonight in Peterson's hall. .Itwill be 'a
contest worth seeing.
:������:. Miss Smith will "open a private school
fat the station on the coiner of Macken-
"zieAve and Second St.   .
- :Mr. and Mrs. Chas.  Holten returned
,:_.from their honeymoon trip to the Pacific Coast cities, on Christmas-Day. ::.
There will be,the usual watch .night",
services in the.'.'Methodist church on
New "fell's Erei Friday, commencing
at 11 p. m. . Next Monday will commence a specit.1 week of prayer.   .,     y'<
The Free Lance, published at "Wetaskiwin, a nourishing village on the C. &
Kx in Alberta, is  the latest .'addition.
���^ teethe���HERAtD'Ss-exchangti^slist.^ti
is'a bright and readable little paper.
Mr. T. McRae, the Donald champion
in the "wrestling match, which comes
off in Peterson's hall, arrived in town
yesterelay and is registered at the
Victoria." \V. H. Caldwell- .tntl J. Edwards arrived this morn ing.
The ihasquerede- ball in Tapping's
"hall on New Years Eve, which will
come off under the auspices of the
Quadrille Club, will attract quite a
number.to dance; the old year ont and
the new year iti	
At- a ski party held on Sunday on the
.hill al the back"of the town. Mr. Chas.
Am.in added considerably to 'the gaiety
of the spectators in his .ittetnpts to
c-onlrol the wily skis. He* hurt his
tinkle slightly biit is still in the ring.
Veu. Archdeacon Pentreath, Archdeacon of Columbia, and Rev. E. P.
Flewelling. rector of St. Paul's. Kamloops, arrived in town this morning on
h visit to St. Peter's parish. The Archdeacon is going on through the lower
Word arrived from Albert Canyon
on Monday that a man of the name of
Henderson, a teamster, left the farm,
a stopping place on the wagon road,
on the 23ru and had not been seen
since, .though search parties have been
out locking for him. Henderson h.*v.l
acted very strangely nt the Farm, iind
supposition is that he has thrown himself into the Illecillewaet.
W. B. Pease to'l'o. beg to intimate
that after the end of the year they intend to carry on their business on
strictly cash principles. By so doing
they will be able to offer goods of the
best quality at such moderate* prices,
; that the principle of CO. D. will comment! itself to the business instincts of
the Revelstoke public.        Dec. 29 2i lis.
A nose biting scrape at Illecillewaet
Was ventilated'in the police court yesterday hy J. D. Graham, S. M. The
affrayarose but of a drunken squabble
on Saturday and resulted in one. of the
combatants ' biting off part of Sam
Ewell's nose. Several witnesses were
examined yesterday and the case was
'���ii"again this morning, when the prisoner. M. Cooper, vvas committed for
trial. '"���     "��� '���'
The Edmonton Bulletin lias publish-
"another spec-ial edition full of the latest
reports of the va*Sous routes to Klondike from Edmonton, g.-tthered from
the numerous parties now on the road
or who have arrived at Dawson by
I hese routes. The number proves that
Edmonton will have to be taken in
���'ccT.unt as a competing, supply point
for the new El Dorado.
Closing- Exercises of the Public School.
Presentation to Dr. Proctor.
The closing i.xi'i'cit-cs of tlie public
school 'were held last Friday... The
pupils were quosticnieil on the various
subjects--they b.ul studied, nnd the
proeeeditigs were varied by a number
of recitations by pupils and "by the
(!.-iii,-tili.-ui niitiiin.-il simg. "The Laud of
llu: Maple." sung by the) whole school.
At"the clvmc* a number of prizes were:
distributed by Mrs. flannel.: Those
receiving prizes were : . V. ��� Edward
Forrest; IV, .Keta . Clark; III. (latlier-
ine Atkinson and Eva Manuel; 11,
Winnifrcd Daniels and Frod. IJiiiei-
liart. Primer, classes, 'Hilda- Hiihbs.
Joseph Nealnn, Margaret. Daniels and
Emil Coliirch. A "number of parents
were present anil expressed themselves
us well -.'pleased, with tho progress
manifested by the pupils.
'The children of the: town arc* practising for a Xmas tree aiid entertainment to beheld on Xmas eve*. Freini
all appearances it is likely, to be very
successful,   ? . ������.".'.������.-.
'y Last '..Saturday afternoon, at a. rehearsal for. the'Xmas tree,our. popular;
C. P. Jt. physician. Dr. Proctor, was
presented with the following address
and a handsome copy of Picturesque
Canada by, the teacher and pupils of
the public- school to shew theii ' appreciation of the interest taken by him. in
their welfare during tlie year.
Dona ld. B.C.. Dec. IS, 1S97.
A. P.;PltT)CTOic.'Esq.v'M; 11., V'.
iDoar Sir,��� Wc, the Teacher anrl
Pupils of the, Donald Public School,
hog to accept tht: accompanying copy
eif; Picturesque Canada* as a token of.
our ilppri*c:iiitii)irol' the i.kind interest
you '.have "sh'qvyii in our welfare, as al-
soDf the: trouble y<>u- li'ive_taken"l.i.)'
have ciiu- school room kept '/ih : a "clean
and healtliy condition duiihg the past
year.' ���; v. '-.:.--./-.'
9Wishingryouy happiness   and prosperity wheie over yini'iiiiiyihe; "y,?"-S'':>..''.'
Yoms sinct'ifly, ",���'*;'-."!'.���.���.'���..���. :'���',���������
'.'/';' '.'������-.::--!''i'X' ������ T. 3. Baicuon; Teacher.
���;'" ';:;,;/"    y:'/'(-" Eel warel Forrest.  ."
J n behalf bl'-j, --jSl.-igijiii'. AVilliaiiison.-
.'������"���.'.-��������� the pupils- -L/NellieD un ne.
.'.���'Rev.'" Mi-. DuncanV ciindiicted the
Presbyterian service on .Sunday,-Mr.
King, tlie -missionary rbcitig laid .up.
with a bail cold.     "'���"��� "���    -'���-" ."
Donald, Dec. 20. / . ���,.:���::'::���
To the Editor o�� llio IlKKALn: ,
y Sir,���As a .newcomer1 have iibstiiin-
eil, from'���'lpci'.l."politics, but now. thnt 1.
iiavi!- clt'cidcd US lcic-iilo. '.here, perniiin-
ei-itly.aiHb.hii.v.e rogisteu'ed 'myself on
the* veitcrs' list of tlie '.district',' ly beg _ to
say*that'Hi am: thoroughlyy.iti ..iiccpi'il
with the stand ���yciiir'/'pap.ei'' hiis taketi:
in provineii.il politics, aiid 1 think with
ynu' that it-is time 11 nit the voters of
British Ciiliiiiibiii quit'.being led ''by .the'
nose: by , the liberals, of the pvovinci*,
uiiilcr the guise of inili'peiident. opposition, as tbey were iii ISO I. thereby
streiigtheniiig thi* liberal party's:lii.inds:
;incl , by...tlie . retsnlts of the* prpyinc-iiil
'elec-.ti.-.ns ul' 'Oi..notably in '.Vancouver.'
mid ''elsewhere'; splitting up -.the .conservative, party and placing several
conservative seals in the Dominion
hbi-.su iii the hands of the liberals at
The Libaral Press Receive Kim With
Open Arms.
Mr. J. M. Kellie. M. L. A.,���not M.
I'.P. its .some* provincial contemporaries erroneously cull .him, for as a matter of fact a local legislature is not a
parlinuienl��� is the latest bolter, his
reason feir changing his allegiance being Unit ho was not consult oil in regard
to the: appoint numb of .). D. Sibbnlil as
Gold Commissioner. It, can baldly lu
said thnt Mi'. Kellie's reason is either
lofty or' admirable, but perhaps thai
.-lioulil not bo .allowed to inlerl'ei-e with
the joy in heaven at. the sinner's roller, tanco.���- Victoria Province.*.
A Revelstoke dispatch of   yestei'ilay
contains tlio very  important- piece"ul'
information   to   a  waiting worlel that
the   current   issue   of the   Heu.m.d of
that town contains a letter.from-.1. M.
Kellie. "I.P.P.,.renouncing his support
of the.   Turiiei' Government, owing to
not having  boon   consulted.in the. appointment   of   ,T. D.'Sibbald. as   Gold
deii'ui'iiission'er.    lie of tors to re:sigii his
scat, the dispatch  adds, if his course is
neitapprc'Ved by liis   siippo-.-te.rs.;  The
idea   e'tf ''let   'el- flicker." . Kellie. ; who
swallowed   lhe   parliament   buildings
and   other   ,Government     enormities
without turn ing'a. .hair, "renouncing"
the Turner Government, -.because', he
was not consult ed with regard, to  tho
appnintmeint of a  Gold  Comniissionci-
is distinctly a   buiiioi ous  oui:.���West-
���minster Columbian,
i /Iii a, I'L'cent'ciispatch from Revolstbke
it"is stated thnty\lr. J. M. Kellie,,M.P,
P. for the north riding of ��� AVest; Koo-
teiiiiy is oil ti n a letter to bis gc-oiistitu-
ents , in  :whicli:; bo l-eiibuiiccs his iiru*.-
giiince ,:!to;.tho. Ti'.riieiy ,Govc'rniiieiit.
beciiuse .T.D.SibiiaUl bas'beon iippciint-
i.'tl; Gold   Coinmissioiii'v/nncl   Goverii-
ineiit Ageiit   without so much its, cpii-
.���siilti.iijir/.hiiiii.-'. -Thp/'_srciiiiist-ftn.ce'..'.is:'iivQt-
of pi-iiiiiil iiiipoitancc. "It .oiily-.weak-
-��'iis. tbo GovoiniiiiViit Iiy ciue.yote,which
iniiy :pr.C''.suiii.ably::;;lib;'.l'i*gain.cf.l:-'at-!ihy''
timu'b'y/.th'iv.juiticipiis bestowal p!';spine
'incbhsiclureiblii   bit :of. pati-ouage.    It
brings iio siibst'aiiti-iliien-.i-oliiililo"gititr
tei the opposition. ''-ili'.'Keljje'sipiiliti-
cal.career has beeiierriiti.c aliilpst from
the very liegiiiniiig. ./His oa'iier-:votes
were east in oppositioh to.the Gos'orn-
iiii.'i:t:of .which the Hpti./Johii   Robson
w'iis premior, aiid subjected theyiiieiiiT:
bi.'i of \Vost Koofi'iiay tej*swiiie of- that
gentleniii.n'e-'inost biting sarcasms,    it
wiis:pnly it Teiv ��� iiiontlis, biiwever, uv:-
til _ ii   change   c:n iiie,:. and , Mivy Kellie,
appeased by ;i 'coiiiiiiissiotiersliip. was
���fondling the li'.iiul. that .smote him. ��� 'He.
gnini'd the ccninleiiiiiK-i!; Dt'/his  ne.'.vly
fttu'iid frionils but hasnever   ha'f! .their
ciuifieleiiC-e.    They  never.: trusted.him."
nor regarded him in/the  slightest elo-
gre.'e tvheit  ileteniiining   their, poliiy.
Heiiiis iio.'.v'.iiiiiili!.ancither'-appctiiriii'icc:
,-is ii _li!gi.-!:ttivt'   acrobat.    His   latest'
spmm'ersault' is: similar   to. tinv iii-si.
iinel c[nile:   ns .selllsh.- : Politically Mr.'
Kellie.is as tins tit lilt! as' water.     Iii- tin's
in nil e no permanent hi i pression.    The
opposition'..should,, le
The Ashcroft Mining Journal shews
commendable* eiiU'rpri'.o in publishing
:i hitmlbook cm the l'oor Mini's Route:
from Ashcroft lo Klondike, but why
did it have to go all the way to Peoria,
ill., lei got il: prime:!. The. Ashcrol'l,
rem to' possesses llu: advantage of
actually having n rond in existence
part, of i bo way and u pack 'trail Tor
llie' lin!.-iiii:o ot'tbe way lo I he Stii-Uiue.
The h.-mclliook eontnilis n gooil elenl of
vii'iiiilile.' iiil'oriuaUein on I.lie.* l-emie lo
be.���',raveiled aiiel vill no iluulit be inst rumeiilal in inducing a gootl m.-iny
KlcindiUi'i's lo l.-tUo that road to
ge.-Mi-n fort une*.
_***"*>��� T 7���Jix
���.::-\.i-:--:i:: We have. Toys, Fine Silver-
."/'���/y iviiro' - afc.���'-low.:-'prices,"-SiIk
'���".'   '���". Handkerchiefs,   Fancy. Silk
: Scarfs, .lleiutiful 'Silk-Cusb-
ions'nt 7."Jc..en'cli.   .
C0".IK AND, SME.      YCIUAHE Vl~.l"LC0:.tE.
(fe J. F. Doyle, Danager.
Lnjon rrotel -' Block.,'. /    y"-
Agent for. the Blieketisder'fei"
'���'-.."'������.  Typewriter y_ ,
Successor to GILKER & WELLS
..Dealer - in:. Hats,,. Caps;, Boots,
Shoes, Gents' Furnishings. Stationery,
Patent Medicines, Tobaccos and Cigars,
Toilet and Fancy Articles, Fruits, Ktc.
/ ;����ST:; GFSIQii:;, STORE,
' U*'UUU* REVELSTOKE,  B. C: :KvO:.*;.;*V
Harry Edwards,
Third"''Street,  justv east   of   the
".',������'" School .Hbu'ss'"'".'
//If yiiii:, w-ibtoiuplby l lien tii'i'*:/;
yy looking 'feir a honsi.- to, rent ��� '������. /
���'"���/���.' vv lien.yiih'i-eac.il --Viii icoti yer  ,/  ;
-//-���'.'-'!;  ��� -'apply tii the; /
Vancpuv-r Eniiil6-?;me.nt and/
y ;Hbuse Renting: Agency. _���';
'���"'��� ::/'i'3t'l:iiistiiigs3^^.West:;y y-::
y t:;PKiV:&%E;/y-::':
������--.  A Vriviitc KcliooV tvill/bc , ni)e*neil /
/by itiss.Smitlioii .liiiuiitr.v :*v:l, 1807.
/corner-" Iiii'e_.n7.ie Avu:, tuul '.Sueonel
struct.'/ //,., /'/y :������-.../' ���:..'���.- :j~s'y;
Deer ITdnilK, Uinls nnel Animuls, etc.1,preserved
"ftiul .inoiinteil,    /-J.Iiiil'.Orc'.ei-s    iii-oinptly
������''.'.at'tciiileiil.'tb. : "U,     ' ;        .--// ���''__: '���        St! I in
���y'f ?E3itIS/:&;;;GROGANi v; ;y
'-'/ Insurance," Coinniission and.' Mining ;/,_
::--'y'';'���'-':--:;y���'-.'-*Brokers.'���-,-/;-:/-.-:-������.--..y-.'--'.' '.y
jVj;ents;feir'tlie' Cliiee!i*i*iro Iiisiii-iin'c-c Co.,-eif
,, :,:Ainerii:ii.,\.y;.:'_'_/r./,::,;::./-y ;':',../;//':-/,'      'y;- ://,:'//
K'opreso.ntuel iiy \V.Morris, Kovelstoke.;i:,/:-Ontl
:'Uiielcr.the emVejiit'c:; of/the Qiiinlrille Club,
in���'rn\ijiiiig;s lliill, on /
-'"V'y. Refreshmants Provided.:/
*���"���' Music b'y, the: Columbia Orchestra.
.T;cI:ets:.~_-:.5Q..:y-.'-UU^U '.i'-:":-i.
RGDt^, Gordon,,Manager^���;::
inn vervse-i
vereiy alone.���Kiisiu.Koot enii;::a;i.    /.   ;
���, It-is.e'vident-froni llie* foiUiwiiigleiier j
of. J .-'".i. KalHc's in thei Ktsotetiny y "-tiiili
I'that' the Turner: Gr,ve*-:i[;ii'n*Vs;nek.-is.
going il.-it iind :i,,!ilV,lc '.hedging   would
be -a .vviiie and politic-niove.alli'.  -Keilics.
lit* Irpv
TT"t_TS      MT-Tm~~~~TT~:~ -  * irTjrrrrg rcrf^x
successes and tbo ��� di*s"j;nsb Un- pi-tivin-1 Uu* styi;- .-Vf:;t hnvi-vrUr"und: ��i.W��r -it
cial votei'S have beeniiUtM.l with bv the j p;i^wA ib'i-ou^h  .tht.  Jln-e** kt::^-**,.    It,
attitude of the so- called: indepeiulehL-1 ���\\f*' bpp^i hy hi*. \yythw^\ip^\\v^ =^^^i
���     ...'-,   ,, 3 .- * ...    ���...   ! u nb kt--   th'.-  j-hove   in.-i-t-v  ni< ��� dew-hip- .y
oppoaiUon/; iNo. wonder   the-: liberals j ,rl(>nt ;nI;nthv: pi.��j;u^:i:M;Uf* .K<- iiot.alW.};v^ -
haye thrown oil Llie  mask, and, -undt-rr'r! ib~* prccur^r,!- ff. hi* .spi^uy ti'p'>l;Uvt*rttj"j'-��^X"P^
���t!as^Ga:kes a Specialty
.T-^::V':.'^r:v;>;^^^NOTiCE;:./:';,;;;-- u:-;!'uu^
Xoiicei'S licrc-bv fjivon tliiit ivpplioation ;wUl
be   niaile   to- the  Lcgi-shitivu AsKiMubly of the
t'rovince of J>ritish'06lumbiii'. nl its next sos-
sioh'^'forVn- I'nvale   Uill  to iuoorporuie n llnil-
\yay.nud CoHini-'.iU.ou.Ciimpniiy to.l>i!iUl,e<[iiii>-
iniiintain anil o pernio-a-line;or. linos c.i: i'uil-:
r'-vay; from  smiie. -jiohit  ator noiir tbotliotul of
stouiiiboal ncvigtition   on   tlio  ���SkeeiiK.'- itiver;
tl'ionc'C by the most feasible route to a point at
or.noar the Yellow Ileail   >'iiss. or/in the altev-
'ntitivi* tn somopoint on the eastern boumJar;,-
of tlie rrnvin-;e of British Colnmbia, l��y way;ot"
;UiC"'��"Viirsni|��.IUvi'pf'Avitli power.to extend the
said line from the starting'point ('o\vn:; tn the
mouth rof the said Skeeua,. Hiver; iuidul**,n to
aiuhoriso nnd empowev the conivflny to.build
from   time to','ihnc ��� branch lines, i.n  fanning
lands and to -rvoups of mines and com-entra-
"-t'ors from any nf the above-mentioned lines of
rnihvavs,  snob ,'uraneh   lines   not-"1, to' oxeoed
thirty������-..inilos   in   length; witlt 'power to build
.telegraph  and  telephone linew. and: to* equip
and.operate the said railway and its branches,
and to e'rotdfund maintain all nei-essary>\vorks
;for lhe jrenevation and transmissi'ou 'of elef-tri-'
'eitv or .power-'with in' the area of the operations
of "the. said 'Company, and   power;, to   build,
maintain   and   operate    wharves,.:do<*k:V aud
steamboats, saw-mi lis, and aequire water. privileges,  to eor.j-truet dams, tltniies.ete., for im-_
proving, and increasiutr tiie wafer pvivileiius,'
aiid    to;   make- -traine   or/other    arraui-e-
monts Willi railways, j'toainboiits or other eom-.
panies;ant1  for all  other "isnal aiid.neeesyary
powers, rights or.privileges for tlie purpose of
a railway and oolonixalion'company.  ���"-.:'���'.���.'
"'" '���-:���.   llbliYVKLK l'ftVIN(.; A -liUFF, -:u'.:
'-'"���"-.:. '���-'.'   ;' Koiicft'or.- forApplieants.
.Virtorin, 1'-. C, '2-Uli Xovuniber, A.D.JS07.
dee;-l (it W:"- '��� :n ���"  -y.'U " .
the fiilsc cry Of a e:le:iu jroyernment for I dissolutiori.���Trout; Lake 'Topic,
the province, for the sole purpose of
perpetuating the*, Laurier government
wliich iit.teinptthcy will no doubt succeed m.'.i.tile-sS we place a'strright -'pn-
.servntive . tic-Uet   in   the  fiebl  fo?- the
provincial elections next spring.    I inn ;.lI1Vn,n,Ki;ES:fiI-'a"'''ts"1'' "v
���-find teisee that .the, cuuWrvaiivi^  op rU's '!'' ' ���'*' whv'1'- ���"���f.iiiiiniiiit.y
^- u "-j >^i. L5. *-_/ \j X. KJ xx
/.Death of Mrs. Lsughead. :'.
The' s!H*l.riews <-f the iuelile.-n. rb-.-.t.h'cif j
Mrs, ��� Iliinii   T-jviiirli'-.tci-  on-Chri-rtmi):.\.i
ile- l)<:-):
I cei'i*ii-el iiiel;,- 'riii'ityin .;hil'.!liii'lh   iri'iiii j
j heinofi'hii*-':!   ill   tin-; most tme-xpe-ru-.t j
j iiiatiiiei-i.   'Khe*s'ilay'l.'i.'.feii.-e.'",-ihi' li.nl  pie- |
: parcel.every tiling to tnnke :i !ii .lie i'e.-ist/j
,.,,..       - ,     ,    . for the t'liii'iii;^ (.:!n-ist niits eliiVi bit-iie-i-1
the purpose? of balloting for anrl  elect- .      .       ,       ,,-..r    , -, ���-,���'        ".,., '���
. - . ...   .     ,     ., .     ... hiisbi-.nsl unci litt|iM:hil(lrt*ii,    J he most,
ing  it  party  canaiclate* for this ruling
elanu'er, iinel hope to n��e soon a .convention called with di:legntt'.-! from I hi*
ouilvincr .-districts   in   attendance, for
1���3    rT"5"\T (f   '      r,.|viiTit-f_r<"Mi�� to t.o--fn].e.':er;.isiM.r,Uiu pi
������-*-���*--    "-^ :       JJtiYcl Ihi.'l'tli <iuvof l)(".'^ml.er, .fv:.
uiuu''u?u'~Z'''^ ���.���Wp^.t- ' '���:. :':'\'���'-������"���
'X.oti^o isbereby jjiven tliat applirfttioi!1 will
bo .made to;- the* i.ei;islalivo 'Assembly of.tho
prbvinee of-liritislr Cohunbia mils ne.ytsp.s
sioii for an Aet: to iU����iii*por��.tO;/nie ^Hninliiin
Tram \vay and Klcrivie .i*o;uipimy, wit'a power
to .eonstriHit,. aeo,uire ap.il .operate, ropeways
and tramways'for iU-nnspornitsovi of freight
^aui----uaiiiJi^b_'ii___.n ^-uear^ul.e., .l<jn j:_nsjt ..A'.. Sldyaii"
Hallway and branehov fhetvot", to" nntTTT^raTitr
mineral ��� c*I*��i-ni3-".lii the,.^:(;!it:i^"'-.!iV*<:;-i.mi"�� and
Whitewater.,, I'iasiu a.nd else v. here in ti'.e.di.s-
trici.thronjrb whifdi sai'i vaih.v;'.;.*-ui;l*!.<Viinehes
piis.4 or wiit pass .i.tid irooi points on ihe
('oluinbifl ^ 1-Tooif'iiii.y Uaitway, Drow's" No'st.
line, con^truetei} or to I.~e roustrtioled, and
br*ui:'dies ;in-r'!of,; in .lho. miairi^ districts of
Kast and WotKooteiiay, in mines ami mineral
-dniniK in. t ho di>.._*-H.iis. 'ihr*,��'uj*b \vhie)i sitid
Unil,w��ys tir.d bi-fi'.ndics resprciively paw or
\vill'p����s;;mid to--i":i��i>''tn:--t,'iiffiiiiri* and operate w'irkri and pla?*? to ueneraie and supply
bent, 1h��lit and Oicrtricily in tlie snid nistriets
and-.clstiwliere in the i'rovin<v, and tudiMpose
of- such ln~'-_t, li*:J��t and electricity; and to ac-
.(���piiro and P.cdd all kindu of real and personal
property, tou'<itiH;i' with: lhe i-ovver to eKp'i'o-
prlate Iannis and all other powers and privll-
���p-s that may ���b;: m-i'ossary, incidental or
���;dvfiTitn-r<''Mts* to tbo'/nll e.��:ercise of.the powei'K
������:.'��� .y&i
'um -
S /9S
".'������������������ :^fi
-y  &M
���;:������������:��������� \r<K
'     -'"vie tvv-i'i.t.bi ligs 'which all lniyors..iiil".i*:ini(i'<'oti!ji.iU��r-'.,
���-..'-':   -atiim./nr nt  .-ill , events,  ish.'uli!  ilo: sc>.  /\"i'!-y fi'-iv;-;.-.!^,'.'
.."'.'���'������"j'le.'iplcv. ���.*:ii���>.v>.-:si.rti!vS-*s'..~V;i'j'--ii .fitTiii'-d '-to..V��ii-y''.i-i':<-l>'li.-Ksl>-;''>' cpj
-, You /will   Hear ipeupli* /say "thai/in," the old iliiy s,"'''''{ig),'.
���;:'-���;������'( 1'i.ey 'used to pay: I~>~* li:i*,iiii articliV '\viirl.li 7." :e-eii!.s ;    ci^yi/
���'������������������ if v.iiiii-e'!illv\v:i,iiteci.i.bi:"aiticlo." viii: itiiil to jiiiv. the   :S\'_\' _
)gy    :     ,:,/...,,.,'..:.:-.;'..,.^   :..,���.,,,..,. .::....,.,.: .>.���., ���..:,,....,..--*-.*-*
��*y Chnstnias .'.Trade-
price.or gi):wit'!\ri:it it, iisyoiir niarUi-1; vyns liini tiiil/   Wv*
ul "of  tiuii.' roll~i-..ii' and now (ini'lsyou    _��-J .
;.7. The/wbe
i"n.;:l,"|nisitiiiii;.io   buy   wtiei-e
iind from \ybom vim    r&K.
: tileiise.v vnyeNerci-niigtliis privilege vim,* wil I  soon
; di-i.e-iiver vylit'i-i' ye-ii i.-.-m:Wny to the best ailyaiitnge,
both as-i-egiirds pWee iiiicl yiilue. i :.   :>-:.'-.
for the provincial election. A>iregards'
Mr. .Sibbald's appoititnie-nt tei Lhe position of gold coinmissiotier, V bog to
congratulate that gentUmian, and sup-
yifirt the government in tbo cheiice. .-is
I think they, have acloel wisely,: in the
interests pf the public, in placing a
totally indf'peiident gentleman in that
important position. 1 also would urge
on all true conservatives to see that
their names arc put on the voters' list
without further delay on their part.
D. St a Mr-Kit.
Revelstoke Station. Dec. 27, ">fi.
The Burning of the Nakusp.
Very.little can be added to the* ri-
port of the total'loss of the. "N'akusp by-
fire, whicli appeared in our last issue.
The fire is stated to have startc:rl in the
pantry <::irly in the morning of Friday
last. Owing to the regulation in foree
on the steamers of tbe line, which
s-hnts down the elynainei.s at 0 p. tn.,
lh(:ie were no ligiits on hoard-al the
time, which rendered it very difficult
to locate the. fire and to add to the e'il-
fictilfii!s of the situation the: hose: was
frozen. - The boat burned like: a. ni-ilch
box and it wns .vtilb groat dilTic-iilty
thiit everybody on hoard was. got safely oft to shore.
The clinrg". of assault preferred
against Mr. Ii. A. I'rown of the- Union
by a man. whom be ejected from the
hotel, c.-iiiie: up this morning iind was
adjourned till I-'j-iday.
honi-tlVit sympathy of nil Ite'Vi.'M.eike
goo's out. for liev grief strieke-ti iiusbatiel
and children. Th**. i'.ir.i-i;:l .-si.rvict. was
cotidiH'tei! on Mondav.���..���il*ternoon''bv
Hev.��� X." A. Wood.nt* the "Methoelist j
church it i.i! cemetery _i in! Wiisatte-neleel
by l.ii'gi* nniiibeis of.',p��r>plc!.   '" j
Calene-*.irs of l8p3.
-Jlr, I~."'R. Wi!lli,'"of Abe -IV.st Onic.;
store, Front Sti.fc issuing a very pret.tv
iind novel_ calendar  ntiit lc*i.t.er, liolele-r   ?i   ., ,   .
decorated with pictures of London, iiii II'1 iiciS   llCCH
which  the gallant gentlemen  of "the
I.ifo Guards an.! vvcill to fche.fo.ro.
.  Messsrs. Btnir/ie- tiros,   iiie  giving   a
very sensible; calendar piint.efl in good
holel figures, phr.ri' but, n.t.trnctive,
:    ��� ,\-r-.- '
r. s. wilson;s
Merchant Tailor.   ,"    .
9!-U)l      ���:���
.'���!.*,. i'.i-'IIA I,!,. MAC.*".-:i I.!..'������ .VIII'.OTT',
,   Sii'iiclteir-'. for ii].vlie-:iiit.-i.
������������-������'.��� I- have:oil liaiid n. "plt'ii.did. asscu'tnienr, of  imiiorlod
Buck   Horn, and   Ivory" lb'mlled; Carving. Sets :
I'lgi'is' ���' 1857;'Tt'ii, Tiihle .-md: Peserli/Hpoons, Dinner   _
/iiiid.Dossi-i-t Knives nnd l-'oi-ks ;   8ilvci*. Cake., -lins-    ks.
. ::kcts. Ci-ueis, I'ickle Jars, Salt and Popper  Caster*!. . A?^
..'���:.C!rij:ii!i,-'-'.Tiigsy/-!;3uK>i:r: .Uow.ls., '.Spoon   llnldoi'synll of. ^tj
:^--J,bi_____.b)i^_^i__di!wig:i..aieiiIQuid^ygiloib ', .'Hungmg _I".-ill "������ gii
��� : iiiierBi'iickel, Ijiiuips.    .R-arFvTtlfO-Tjitrgf^stH/ii^ssort-���--r^-
*;       .........  !..   1>...'...1... ......  ..I' I I...  ...*.!,.I....,..:.) V-n.i....',. c:..,..!.;. .   C.-_r-i
nlent iu Revelstoke- of l.lii* eelebrniod Cl.-tuss Goods:
Ceii'-i'tigate'd Ih-CiidJ."iiiyc's.;~le!itC!ioppci-s, Scissors
" in i.'jidle'S.s viiriefy .-" the ilaiiify*lit,t,!e scissors,thnt
IjiVdies cleliglit to possess ; iilso Dai-bei-'siind House-
bold .-���, Scissors.:. . 'l.ta'.'.i.irs li-om nil cciits .io .$2.50,
beiuitifully finished, very nice: for Xm.-is i'n-i!.si'iits.
Sleigh Hells. Uack.Dbdy and Shaft in great variety.
;c Stock.  eimijilot.e   iii n.ll Villi's of 'Shelf.'and   Heiivy ;���.���
llii'.'dw.-ii-i'.   Skates,   Gurney's   Heating   and Cook
...Stovesi/Ktcrii'l'jte.. .*  /,., .,". ;' ��� "���     ."������ ",,>   ���"'::
'       jMy   Goods   .-ire   niarkcd   on   .-itbiisiiiess basis,y
I heroforo. giving the'  buyer goods eif a First Class
Qiialitv .-it d reasonable figure:. tliuscoinpiiHing the
;; ail vantage.���PRICE AND VALUE. y_
I'iiiuls iind Oils.-   Tliirdwaio nn.-l   Tinsiiiithing.
Coal Oil, in bulk, 40 Cents per, gallon. ���
: -.
... ������-11
CjWXKF.H of f'bif-or f'Ai;hn< arc invited to send
' ��� 11. few   ftnliceri  of t We black or kvov ft\
Krey sand,
ob-nintrd hi wa��hln-; the gravel for ^old, to tlu;
"Tlie I'rovinv-iiii Miii-'ralo*-isti I'.nrean of
'dine1*:, Victoria," suiting tin.: name ��if: the
crt-ck from wliieh the, sand Js taken, and its
loenlityv   .
ft P-f believed tiia;, i'LATir-Tlrr��i, and perhaps
Iltn��njM, are frc'toently puiised over and lo.st
l.ty the prospector, as 'tlory have...ij)neb the
UT-p"itr��-ntM? of iron hi.the. Mind. -Tliese mlner-
al.*- are a* vaJuuble as prolo, the latter -more so,
ami iii the placer 'claim owner-- will send the
t-'io'k or kr'-y .-and us ('.foresaid it will be astiay-
t ed liihi the results ^ivuiito the owner.     .
-,    '\     ,     ,.      (.        '    -.       :���        ���,,.",'!'" .1AMKS HA-KKR, '
>-y  U.:::  i-a^iyi.-r raiirond   me!)   of   f aioi-Ia - -);. .,7 Mlni.-tiir of Mines.
.k': v-III tj'i e-.ni., ',( 'in..- Hv'iji .
,vri*i nf. Ke.eiti-iiav:   "Itit :'';���>- j
. i.',...*,:rJii e-o.-i'iiiiiiji'I.: it. -
m McCarty Block .'    Wl
Wf ��� '-" .- ��������� 9^'.
r^-j /~-"*~.j^~Jjj~_k^*fi~^S_^��K~_S-~^
h. "w-. ���~ro*-j*~vLJeLi_--s, ~=EO'Piax*E3a?o'i~-..
.I.Aiiiiiin.vn���At. Itevei'stctki* on .Chriiil,-
iii.-iS' morning, tho wife of .Mi-. i-!ugb
ljiiiigheitd of a son.
.Mcl'niciip'.ON���In.Trout 'Lake City on
\Ve-ilriescl,-):y. Diicciiibe'r '22. llie.'. "wife
of Hugh McPherson, r.f a son...
fjAt:fiiit-:,vt)��� On Christiims morning,
.Margaret, wife: oi" Mr. Hugh l.aug-
heiiil, .-igoel :"' yi:,-irs.
."f\"-->TH:K is lii'rotiv Kiven tlmt thirty elnvs
' ^    nfi.-r .lute: ! will nofilv to tlie Ktlp.iii'linrv
".IflRi.-trlite; feir I lie: Ni.rlll I'.i'IlllK eif IVex., Ke,i��f-
*:nfiy fur j,c:riiii-isioii tu triinsftir mv li.|in.r
license- tei VV, 11. Ceieil. ' ,,
liAi:i'.j\i:.\ e.;l.,\i:K.
lttVClsllitl.. ])i;|.. 'Jttll, 1S'.!7.
If you want lo
-invest youf money
c:i.:r.,'  te. R.'-...,i...o..<\ nil'!   iv!ir,n   von ii:<,i.ilf:
el'.vn, l_.iiy yenr   e>ri,i-e,rie:��.,  Kliifir,   l-Ve-el
iiii-.I I'ri.vi.sj,,,:*. from
Tin: I.i inline (iriernr.'.
^jfi^       I-e'/niiir ni'*e!lint;s arc lie'.il, in th'-
-frtzL, Oile|i.:l!ei_���_���_���', [lull on tin; Kooenet   nnel
ff^fr" foo rt t. VVcelno'iliiy.'i eif imeih iiioulii fit
>^'*. ��)���'' 7::'.;ip ni.   V'i'.itini; iirotlire;n e;.)ieliiilly
��^-^~ invii..-:!. .
E. Adair, W.M'.
li.    HULL
T.-J. Graham. R. S.
,.*:'.!ie;ccrneii'n to Ilnli l*i-on..?-, f.'e).,
Butc'ncrijniidV/holCHaleiintl notsi.ll Donlors
i   Uobf, Pork; Ete.        "���������
i-Ar/-i-ooP3 nnd  hevelstoke.
All ej]ilt:rn in our line |ironi|Hly  lille-el.
mas beasSon
Oltf-KI*.   KI'.CIM	
J. R. Hull h Co
I.V-'jIl'     St"
. Multijii, '
I'i'.I. ��'-si I. I<i11T.-
Sell 111
*k   of   tin:   rlie.ii'vst    !'.,���"���:.   iVrk
'e'ni.seiii. I'einttry. I'isli, f.)y^t..:rs
nnil eitiiiio in Sanson.
",I:|-.PE .t\'i> I'y'oMlT I'TTMVEnV.
(I.nto scinilar of Winclu'stor, imel yrmluatc of
Kind's Oeilli-yc, London) is |iri.'iiiire:el to receive
11 llniiteil niimltur of piii'lls. in J.iitin, I'reniili,
(ii.-riiiiiii,Miitiieiniitii:H, Kneiliel, Alj^ebrit, Cieo-
iiietry, Clieinistry nnel MiiOkki.-eiiiii^.
ICvcninit e:liisp'.!*i in e.,omiiic:re:inl sutijoeits feir
inliill-i. Voiini;- nnel Imelcwiiril jiujiils iielvuneeel
jn elcriicntitry subjects.-
���Kkkbue,vi:bs til vex.   TKu.ms JIodkbate.
Class-Itooiii: .Smelter linilelint;. innlin
Photographs, Cards,
Fancy Goods, Japanese Ware and Bric-a
~_~> ^~K IIA    Brae in endless|variety.
fi   fi IV .afc       See <"u" performing
i   \J  i &    Butterflies.
Cigars in small boxes cf 25   each.       ���
THE PIONEER;    ���"!* -.���.;,
PAINT SHOP-'sj   .".:
Up-to-eliite Signs anil l-'inc raperhanging
a specialty,   (.ruining, Ilarelwood Finish-"
ing,  Knlsoiiiiiiing  unci  General    house'
���':      I'nintiiig. <���,-���".'���
A Shave
A Haircut
A Bath
Smoking .Tobacco'
Chewing Tobacco
Choicest Cigars
Big, Assortment....;...       o
Confectionery. Fruits, Etc.
Itfveisie.-.-e_. t-tm.Ion'.-
CT.  JL.  MO.ELG-.A.lsr
, Tonsorial Artist,


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