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Revelstoke Herald Nov 17, 1897

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 I / ��� f.
-ISSUED   ^^WTCtt-J��--Wttttl^--'W-ttlD2>rtt&2DJxJ��:��3    AJSTJD ' SA.TTT:E"_.:D.A."5*rS-
Vol. I.    No.  SS,
$2.00 a Year in Advance.
TIIK first thing wise p'op'e think ot !
wlii'ii ordering fronds by mail is the ;
capacity for business of tbo3e�� they wmc :
lo. Tho ri'piit.itle n we* enjoy for promptness makes our Mail Order trade forge
ahead at a gratifying rate. (
Our Specialties -j���*��� ;
Groceries Dry Goods _   ,
Liquors Boots and Shoes
Cigars Men's Furnishings
Crockery Tailoring
Requests for priea lists and samples
receive prompt attention.
Hudson's Bay Stores,      !j
is. ....Calgary.... W
Haig & Crage
Sole Agents for
Office*:   Rooms 1 anel 2. Pool Block, Revelstoko. B.C.
,     Barrister. Solicitor,  &c.
Notary Public--  -    "  "���
Office vtp3tatr�� in Smith's block. P.ieitlo Avo.
Revelstoke Station. B.   C.
WM.  WHITE,  Q. C,
B> rrister, Solicitor, Notauv ruiii.ic, Etc.,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Solicitor for Imperial Honk of Cancela.
Mining and Real Estate Broker.
Notary Public.
Ajrcnt for: Equitable Savings, Loan ifc l'.uileli'.ip
Association.      Fire Insurance,  the best cotn-
l.niilpi,. -  Oflice: rirst St.. om'0-itc Union hotel,
Itr.v i- ...stoIvE~St.it i ok.
Civil Engini-:ei*s. Provincial Land
Accountant., nnel licneral Agents
Kelson anil Kossland, West ICootenay,
liritish Coliiinhia.
F. C. (Iambi.-. "- Y��� M. Inst. C. K., M. ("an. For.
C. E., I'. I- S. for II. I'., (late  I'.esiilcnt  l-'n-
*-       gineer   Department  of  I'ublie   Works   in
Caiiniln. In 11. ('.,) Nelson, 11. (*.
Francis .1. O'ltP.iu.v, Assoc. M. Inst. C. 1*., r.L.P.
for B. C, Kossland, It. C. "Jlytf
Dealer in Wood.
Drarlng nnd  Delivery Work n.  specialty at
Io treat prices.
Teams always ready at n. moment's notico.
Agent for the Standard Oil Company.
C. I'. B. Tuie Inspector.
Front Street, Next to Post Office
Enter more laigely into the
act of buying than anything
else. -If the price is right,
the quality good,assortment
complete", buying is easy.
Tlmt is what makes buying easy at our store. We
have the stock and can suit
the wants of all in Dry
Goods, Men's Furnishings,
Hats, Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Crockery and
Glassware, and prices that
others can'c touch, quality
of goods considered.
We have, elegant lines of
n the best goods at various
prices and the latest thing
in styl*? of desig-n. This is
jast the lime to buy rubbers
and winter footwear. It is
a-pleasure for us to show
our goods;
Bourne Bros.,
Revelstoke Station
Sutton Mineral Claim
Piiuntc In thclllu-'illcuntil Mining
Dmsion of Weil Kootenny DiMrirt.
Where locute-i:   on lhe northwest
hide of the niouiitt'.m  beiv.een the
Jlleeillewnet    River   and   the north
fork of the Mime, about the miles
iiorthciibt of lllecillew tiet.
Tiike notice tliat T, Crunk Still:m-.n  Utirnard,
Tree   Miner's   Cert i lien tu  Xo. StsWJ,  i*--"uu(l   at
Ne*,.'\\ e^tminster on  the 17th -lav of October,
180(1, innnaKiiip director of the Lillout, Cramer
Itiver and  Cariboo tJohl Field-, Limited, Free
^liner's CertitH*ate No. fills A, n-ued ai Z<e\v
We-tinin^ter on the SOth day of .June, 1S.)7, intend, (iu dajb from the date hereof, lo apply to
the Mining Kecorder for a Certilieate of Improvements  for the   purpose   of  obtaining a
crowu grant for the above claim. ,
And further tuku notice that action, under
Section -i7, nui>t be commenced before the
i-MHinncc of inch Certificate of Improvement*-.
Dated this antli dav of Sept., 1S.)7.
���J-Stiltv IT. y. HAUN'AllD.
Situate in tho Illccillcvvct liiti-'nt! Division.
Where located���Hounded nn the tiuutli   by
the Mnple Liur Mine.v.l Claim, on t'.e Ea-t
by the   Ilorrc P.action, on the "West by
the 0.ik JUeaf Minn-til Cb im, rui-i.ing to a
narrow t,o:i t on the North.
Take Notice that I, F:a k Silllmnn 13.17nard,
Frao Mineni i.'ei-l licntj No.  S8i!92, issued tit
i\c.iv 'ViRtuiiosicran the 17ih day of October,
ISf'li, as Dgcnt for rnd on b,-ln.lf of lhe Ijillone-t,
Fras.T River and Cariboo G ��M Fields, Limited. Fr.e .'���litiois Cc*.'tit:calo No. CUP A it-sited
at Now Westminster en t,'.o30Lh day of June,
1S07. ir.ter.tl. li" day.)  from  llio date hereof, to
apply 11 the Min,iv Recorder for ei Ci-rtiT.c .to.
of Iinp.-ovoinorl* f.irtln-purpe-se of ohlahiinj--
a O.own e,m,:t of the nbnvo Mineral Claim.
Anel futthcr take ne.ticc, th-it action under
section  37, nr.ist be conititer.eed bofo o the is-
su tic e.f Mich t ei-iific.-iL'* cf 1 ^xjroven.ei.ts.
D -t d this 20tli use}* cf Oem'-or IS;!".
F. 8. II '.KNARD.
Griffith's Magic Liniment
A popuKr household remedy and n
r.iedifir.e- cho-st in itself. ..Cures more
p.ims and stops more ache-, than any
oilier liniment known.
Japanese Calterh Cure
Cures catarrh and cold in the head.
-lapanuie C.itarrh Cure hat. stood the
test for over 10 years and has proved to
be the only remedy yet discovered that
v.ill positively cure catarrh.
* c_^"W. A. Griffiths & Co.,
tini'Gtiisie, Kkvelstoki:.
Don't Make the Man
NO INDFKni Neither do the vant.-t and vet.
Coat,, pants and vest rigl.tly tailoreil do,
however, aiiel to the appearance of any man.
Thc-ee elays a man to be Miecessftil must not
only be a hustler, but must al-o be environed
with every possible advantage that is honorable.
elooil ciotlu's rIvo o-iniin an air of gentility
anil respectability thai often is of much value
to lilm in his chosen bu-ine-ts or profe-sion.
When -">, *;7.o" or ?I0 buy.- a pno-1 btisiiic����
suit, as it does from us, or "IS tn tl', for our
tailor-made suits, you have no reasonable excuse for not using the advantage that good
clothes will give to you.
Overcoats at from $10 to *~". These we would
be pleased to show you.
Situnte in the'lie Il'r.wiot -".fLiini;; Divi -ion.
Wh ro l'j'titetl:   B und-'d on ihe i.orl'i by
the l.unu. k iuin-ial I'lsiin, on the south by
lhe I'tirolhy nun. lal claim, on tbo ca t by
vacant Kr-nnd, iunni-.g vv\st toix nuriovv
1 ointv
Take notice thai I   Fr^nk Slilln*aii Barnatel,
Free Mu cts (.'iTtiliut'e.' >'o. 8-0J2, issued at,
JN'evv- \v tis-inir&'cr on the 17th dt.y e-f Ocub r,
Ib'.lli as aire nt for a'.d on  nchal. ot the- L'liooct,
Fi-eiscr ltivor aim  Caiib',c. Ooid li'ielils. l_.lit.i-
toil. Free Min r* Ce title .te Jtfo. CIS A, issued
tit New W.slmtn tci'i'ii thn "Uih uay ot .inne,
lii'J7 intend C'l el.ijs fienn  thu el.ne hercnf, tei
opf.iy to tho Mining It tO'eler foi a t'ei- ilicitc
r.tliiilir.ivoniuiits *ur tli" pin iv*��o ot obtaining
a ��� rovvn (J.-aiit' f lhe ab'��ve Mineral Cl'im.
And furtlnr toko uotte;o th.i-   n> lion ui.cl'r
Set lion  37. tniist   be   conitncnc., d   befo.e  the
is-.ii ei.ee of such Ccrtitt. at-- of I.iire.veinei.ts.
Dated Ihis20lhd.iJ of ui-t.ib.-r, ISI7.
F. S. U.UiNV.I.D.-
Si'.unte in lho  Iilcci'lcvraet Mil.in-; Division
Whcie hicatc'l.  Abtuf, fo ir miles ,,o;Lh of
llie ill.-w-.iei   Sra'un.   iiiilt.e.1    p..'st   bcifK
I'.bDtit 1!)) f.'Ct north "t S.12. cornel- uf _L.h,h-
t-tk minerel   brtn _    ; ,     .   ,, ".-_. '."
Take- notico tl-.i.t l.*"Fra:.k 'tsi'illinan 13ufnn:d,
Free Miner's Cei-ii'lceeto N'o. S.S GiW  i-siied a.
r-ew-Weanivn-ier o i the I7t'i djy nf Odo'er,
181'G ni ac;tiit foe* and on bill�� f ��� I tin* Iji'looet,
i''ie.r,",rlttv. i-e nel ij���iih.ifi G-.j el Ft- lets, Liutite.1,
Fre-e Mulct's (JcMiinuito  So. GIISa, issm-d ft'
-S'i".v   West iniiiotei- oi. tbe 3'Jtb einy of,Iu c
lc97. inti'iiil, COel.iys f.-cm  the dale hi'ic'if   to
tn pi 1 to The -Vtining Itec rdei- f ji- a cert:IlealC
eif iinpi-ovcnion.sf-r Uie puriosu e.f oothinit.B
a cr. iv.i orient of the . bnve mineral e hum.
���And fui-iher t-.ko notice tint aC'i-11 under
Sec i.,n   1.7   must  In  co.iiincn.-eil   b-fere   tbo
li-j.'a cc of -siich cm- ill '-etc of imoi iivements.
Li-ited this --'U:h day of O *t-ib.:r lf.\"
ill not
!���'. S. 3A11 SARD.
Situate in the Illeci'ilevvi'-et  Minim: Division.
Where  localeil,    ailjoinitig   the."I.anai-k"
Mineral claim on the east.
Take notiee that I, Frs'ik Stillman  Jtarr.ard,
l-'ree Miners certilieate No. J-"e.;tj, i^sneel at New
AVc-tmin-ter on the 17th  of October, ISiK. as
"njcent for ami ou behaif eif-tiie"ljillo.ii--lrI*riisei
Kiver and Cariboo Oolel Fields,  Limited,   Free
Miners certilieate Xo. 11118 A., issued at New
Westminster on the :'0th elay eif .lune, 1S'17, intenel, f.O elavs trom the elate hereof, to apply to
the Mining Jicconler for n certilieate of im-
provetnents for   the   purpoi-e  of obtaining a
. rovvn Oram nf the above mineral chum.
.Mid further take notice tlmt notion under
Section :17 must be commeneeel befeire  the issuance o: such certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this -_1!th dav- of October, ISf'7.
J'.S. It A UN.Mil).
Merchant Tailor,
Revelstoke Station.
J.   R.   HULL   ��&   CO.,
guccc83or3 to Hull Bros. & Co.,
Butchers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers
1   Beef. Pork, Etc.
All orders In onr lino promptly filled.
Books unci Pliotofir.iplis. Stationery,
Enjrlish To.miccos, Etiviititin Cignr-
cttets. Imported iinel Domestic
Uigars, I'ipe'.s. Etc. ; ".lininp; Books
atiel Maps. Japanese Curios, Toys,
unci C.-melies.
CI^&S.    Jo    hixnh^o
Situate in the Trout Lake Mining Division eif
West   Ktinlenay District.   Where  located:
j On Silver Cup hill, bouiieleil on  the north
bv "Sunshine," on the south by "Free Coin-
brc," em tlicenst  by "Silver Cup." and on
the west bv- "Huron" mineral claim.
Take notice ilml I, Frank Stillman  Barnard,
Free   .".liner's  Certificate No. OMiS-i, issued at
Nc,\v Westminster an the 17th day of Oclober,
18'."*., as n^eiit for and on behalf of the Lillooet,
Fraser I'.iver and Cariboo C.nlel Fields, Lii'iiteel.
Free Miner's Certilieate No. fills A. issued at
New Westminster on the SOth day of June. ISO',
intend. 6el doys from  the date hereof, to apply
to the Miniiur ltecoielcr for a Certificate of Improvements   for  the  purpose of  obtaining a
Crown tlrant of tbe above mineral claim.
Anil further take notice that action, under
Section H7, must be commenced before the ii-u-
tutce of such l.ertilicate of Improvement.-.
Dated lhis iltb dav of September. 1V.I7.
Pcpt Sl-Ot	
Fashionable Dressmaking-,
Finrr Stkkkt East.
Situate in the Trout Lake Minin? Division nf
West Iveinteiiay IHstrict. Where leicate.I:
Neirthcaste'rly from anil ii'ljoinin,: the
"Teivvser" miiicral claim.
Take iinlice Hint I. l-'r.mk stillman Ilarnaril,
Fr.-e Miner's Ce-rtilicate Nei.'lN-r.'JJ, issued at
New Westminster on the 17th elav of Cit-tolvcr.
WV, asnicnl fur atiel e>n U'half of th" Lilbieiet.
l-'ra'-'r Itlv.-r and Cariboo Gold l'teleis. Limiteei,
Free Miner's C.-rtiurate: No. fills A, is-~iie.l at
New Westminster em tl..' ."nth elay of lune, lf.~.
liiti-nd, ia) elavs friiiti the .late licrcnf. to p.ppiy
to the Mining Itce-i.r.Ier for a e'ertiti'-ate e.f Im-
provi'in-nls tor the |.'irpns>* of obtainlm*; a
e'rovvn t.r.int e,fthe�� .iImivc minertil ,.1-nm.
Anil fnrtln-r lake noti.i' iliil n.-llem. nneier
t-'eclieni :I7, ir.iist be* ccini'iii'iiieil l.*.feire tbe issuance of siti-b (Vrlilii-i.te.*! impr.ivc'iie-nts.
Dnled this 'Jth dny of Sejit.-mb-r. 1S"7.
Sept 25-9t
Situate in tlie Trout Lake Mining Division of
>��� est Kootenay.   Whore located���On  the
Silver  Cup   mountain,    btuindeel   on  the
north bv tne "Sun-iilnc," on the -south  by
"Free e"'nlua_:e," on the east by the "Excelsior" anei on the west by the "Silver Cup"
mlui'ral e'lalm.
Take Not ice that I, Frank Stillman Ilarnaril.
Frc  Miners CerliliiKte  No. t_s~9_.', Issued    at
New Westminster on the 17th elav of October,
lei'.!*;, as ngunt 'eir anil on behalf of the Lillooet
I ruser Itlver anil e arlboo Golel Fields, Llinlleil,
Free Miners Cert I tic ate No. f.llh A., i��sueel at
Neiv *�� estinln-ster on the .'leith elay of .lune 1M7,
intend, I'* elavs from tlie elate hereof, io apply
to the Mining Koi order for a certHicate of  Improvements  for   the   purpo-e  of obtaining a
Crown Grant oi the above .Mineral Claim.
i nil further take notice ili.it ai-tioh, under
Section :ie, ini'.s* be commente'l before the
issuance nfsu"h Ccrltncitie ot Improvements.
Diited thi- -Nth dav of October, ltsi'7.
K. .-*. IS.'.ilNAUD.
Situate ii the Trout Ij k��* M,nit*sr Illvi3!OTi of
West Kootenay D'strit t.   Where locir- d���
On the j*lplia ledge nb*ut six tildes from
TroittLike and be-ins a Southerly cxteu.
fion ol the "Col nini" n.n.iral clutn.
Take Xoi-.ce that I Fr ink Stillman Birnard
Ficc  Miners   Cettlliea'.e   Xo. tj-ni):, issued i.t
New- \Vesr:ninste* on ih-- 17th day of ejelobe-,
ISO" as 'Went fo- and e n bebi'f eif ihe Lilloott,
Eraser R ver a'.d i ariboo Gold Fii-lels, Ijiiiii-
ted. Fno Miner.- Certificate Xo. 01 8 A. fi>.iuecl
a' Xcvv W- st�� inster on the 30 b day  of Jude,
1SII7. intord, fiO il.ys fr n*. the date ht-rcr.f, ro
anp'.y to tbo Mini "a- Rscoreicr for a < eniflcnte
of Iniprovciuente for tlio purpose cf ob'iiining
a Cre.vvii Grant of rbo abo.-- Mit*er..l Claim.
^nd further t^ke note ibatacti n. under
Section 37. mu-.t be coinnienc d  before the issuance eif suen C^mfieato of   lr.prtiv niLr.t3.
lJet d lhis COeh day cf October. 1607.
F. S. B-vltN'RD.
Situate in the Tront Luke Mining Division of
West Koeilene-.v District. Wncre located:
Northca-t of arid adjeiining the "niiii-blne"
mineral claim.
- Take notice tliat I, rraul: Stillman J'.nriinrd.
Free Miner's Certificate No. No. ss.,92, issued at
>e>w Westminster ou the 17th day eif October,
Is'.-*., as agent for nnel on behalf ot tjic I.tilooet.
Fraser lliver and Cierilrtv) e.old riel'!-, Limited.
Free Miner's Ce-rtititatc No. MIS A. issue.I at
New We-tmins;er <*n tbe -'*e'lb day of June. 1897,
intcnel. m .lays from tbe dale ht-rcof. to at-ply
to tbe Minin' Ketorticr fe,r a CertiHe-at- of Im-
prnvcr.ie'nts :e,r :t... purple e,f obtHinin^_ a
i.'r'1-.vn Grant of the nlmie min.'r.il claim.
And furtl.'T take ne.tie-e tb.il Kction. under
"-���ctiein .17- must I.C .-r.ni-.n.*:icc-d before the issu-
ane-.. .if such e'crtirie at*- ��u* I: ipl-.iv*��-n.ents.
Hiil.'il this full dav of S._.p:._..-il_j.r. lb''7.
Sc;.t JS-St
It is sinceri'ly lo lit: liopeil tlittt. next
Et-iiliiy liveniiij;. will see tin; projeet of
incorporation set going wilh ,ui impetus, which vvill carry it thi-oupjli to
coiiiplt'tion. All re*al tlillicnltie'S litive
now hoe'ii surmounted and the ri'inain-
iiifi; olistticles an: purely iitiiigiiitny,
tine! will exist iu the s.nne indefinite
and shailovy feu in as inui.Ii as twenty
years Iieuce as lnuioriovv. The notion
that the f.it-t of lhis place liecoiniiig
ineorpornted would interfere with
any aid, which the Federal .ind Provincial Governments may piopose to
givo to the protection of the river
hank, appear*; to he of this imaginary
u.'iliiio. Both governments are continually spending money within the
limits of municipalities hoth in the
west and in the older settled provinces
in the Dominion. It is not at ail likely
that incoipor.ition will alicct the issue
oxceptiiisof.ir thai as an incorpior-
ateel town Uevelslnke would ho in .1
far hetter "position to bring pressure to
bear on the'tiiithm ities to satisfy our
requirements in this pit' tirul.ir. Another .-ii-gt'.menb in vogue is thnt in-
eoi poralion will nt'cess.ii-ily nietin a
heavy debt. This, however, is a matter over which lb.* ratepayers vvill
have full control. No de'iieiitnri's can
be issued without their concur!ence
expressed at I he polls, and they will
themselves decide how far the lown
vvill be justified in niorlg.igiug ils
future prosperity for present, expenditure. Our people tire not going
into this matter wilh any wild rush.
They are acting in tho mutter with
commenel.il.ile caution, a "(Million wliich
is a sine earnest of careful administration of our tift'.iirs in the future.
Hesitation has in fact been pushed almost to a-po'ml, where, it lias eeaseil lo
become a virtue. En'ei prist* is as
needful lo ti business undertaking its
caution, and the management of the
alY.iirs of a community tis a, whole is
only a busiiu's-s undertaking on a large
and co-opeiative beale.        '    . _   .
As a mailer of fuel both the advantages and . d.i'.igi'rs.' oi1"- ine-orpur-
.ilion ".may bu gre.illy exaggerated
in popular opinion. There is no
magic aboul il to make it declining c-oniminiiiy prosperous, Unit there
is a good deal in it, which helps for-
wtnd the progie*-s of a place, which is
already fi om other (.auses going ahead.
It is in the lir-st place =i sign of the
faith of lhe citizens of a Iovmi in its*
i'ulure,~of which the outside world is
quick to take note and which of itself
is t-alculatcel to beget tonlidence in
others in investing in the place. . The
rapid improvement wliich has taken
place in this town within the past few
inonlhs-hiss-al ready��� attract ed-coiisid--
erablo attention from visitors and
people will he very apt to conclude!
that if at thi:*. stage of the game our
own people do not care to risk incorporation it must be. because Ihey re-
gartl the past progress of the place of
ti mushroom order and thai its future!
's insecure.
Secondly incorporation will aid the
progress of Kevelstoke by enabling as
to in.ike such improvements to the
place as are necessary to milks* it a
desirable point of civilized habitation.
It cannot be denied thfil="the!re are
many great drawbacks lo Revelstoke
us ti place of resilience1 at present, pai-
ticulnrly in the winter lime, o lu a
pliieii wlii'i'i-' the snow lies so deep and
so long, sidewalks cease lo be tt mere;
convenience; they aie an absolute
necessity to existence. *A modern
sewerage system is also a vital requirement to the health and well being
of residents hoie. An adequate system of sti eel lighting would also add
considerably lo the amenities of life
here. None of lhe.se things can be
properly obtained without incorporation, and RovclsLoke has reached a
stage at which she cannot afford lo do
without tlieln.
Lastl}' this is a place of great natural
advantages which like every other
benefit of nature* require energy and
co-operation I'or their prop'-r utilization. We have lo Ihe north of us
what is probably the richest mineral
district in Koolenay. The surface indie ations .-ire am.iziiig. But it is a district, which litis been kept bacls for
years lor lack of proper transportation
facilities, which lack still exists. Thai
district and ils business is ours if we
choose to reach eiut for it. But it i.s
not, as some people .seem to think so
necessarily ours that we can alfoi-d to
sit down and wait '.ill the government
or somebody else npi'U.s it up for us.
In the- olel days of the Hlg Bend excitement a Luge pi eipiirtiein of the business of the district was done fiom
Seymour at the head of Shuswap
Lake, from whicli point there is the
best   of   water  communication   clear
down to Kamloops and further.
Seymour *is abandoned now. but as
lung as we nie content, to maintain
connection wilh the Big Bend hy pack
trail, there is nothing lo prevent ils
vovival tis a supply point. On the'
other hand as vvill be seen in our local
columns eliai-Lers are even now being
applied for for lines, which are intended to strike the valley of Canoe river
along the eastern stretch of the Columbia. In Hit* game for tho commercial supremacy of North Kootenay,
Revelstoke cannot afford to lose a
point. She is on top just now, bul lo
keep there she will have to- gain a
position from which she can materially aid its development iu her own
way, and this position incorporation
alone will give her.
We talk I'liile a lot about the natural advantages of this place. Let us
shew thai we nppicciate them, believe
in them and intend to make use of
them lo a finish. Incoi-poialion is the
fitsl move in lhe game. Until it is
taken people, will be inclined lo think
that il is not worth playing.
Protest  From a Down River Resident.
Editor HkraTjD : In your iss.te of
the Gth inst. 1 notice your editorial on
the disposal of the refuse and garbage
of the town, and mentioning thai it
would be a very sensible idea to dump
il in the liver instead of the nuisance
ground, objections being to the winds
prevailing from that quailer.
Now why not have the nuisance
ground at the. other end of your town,
but by no means, dump it in the river,
as your executive committee of the
Board of Trade advocate. The objections to thai are ti einendous when
thoionghly and carefully considered.
You admit that, there is-an existing
statute forbidding that eouise which
is undoubtedly an excellent statute,
everything considered, and should not
be altered in favor or any town. Statutes like lhat one tire not made to be
altered in favor of any particular town.
1 beg to differ with you in respect to
no one using lhe liver water for drinking purposes, you.ar.e dojih.tless.aware
I sitppiise* tli.-it there tire .-i, great many
people* in tin* lounli-y btit-dm-iug on
the river and lake below Revelstoke,
there are ranchers and others living on
the banks of the river and on the
shores of the lake, b.'sieles (he crews of
the fleet of steamboats whicli ply on
the lakes and also tin* great or small
amount of persons travelling by small
boat, who all have lodravv their supply
nf drinking water froin the river or
lake tis the cass might be, and t~i think
that the exee-ulive committee of the
Boni (I of Trade should be the prime
mover anil yourself as a hearty accord-
er lo llie * contamination of these
ivalers.wilh the towns litlli and garbage. Tt is bad enough ou the lake to
contend with sawmill rubbish and
refuse, without having Revelstoko
class beverage I can assure you il
would be to breed typhoid fever .-ind
other malignant disorders of the human system, there would be no lack of
patients of the above diseases in the
hospitals if your propositions were
carried into effect.
Pure Water.
Thomson's Landing, Nov. 12.
Rev. T.   Crosby   Gives   an   Interesting
Account of His Labors.
Rev. T. Crosby, president of the
Methodist Conference of British Columbia, preached in the Methodist
church here on Sunday morning and
evening last, lo large congregations.
He gave a most interesting account of
his lliirty-four years work among the.
rndiims on the north coast of the
province. The reverend gentlein-in
had many curious experiences-to relate, lie is a firm believer that, con-
tiiirytothe usn-il opinion, the adult
Indians are susceptible to the influences of Christianity, tind that a
too exclusive attention to the younget
generation is a mistake. The music
al the service was very fine. The
choir is excellent and is well supported by the orchestra of a harp, flutina,
and two violins under the leadei-sh'p
of Mr. Melville.
On Monday evening Rev. Mr. Crosby
gave a lecture in the church on
missionary work among the coast Indians, which was listened to by a
large audience with profound interest.
Mr. Crosby i.s a most interesting talker
and whether em the public platform
or in-private conversation, commands
the attention of his hearers. . He left
on Monday for Vernon. ��,-
Interview With Hon. Clifford Sifton.
Hon. Clifford Sifton, Minister- of the
Inferior, and Hewitt Bostock, M. P.>
arrived from the sooth on Saturday
afternoon. A deputation of the board
of trade waited on him and drew liis
attention to several points of interest
to people in this lown and neighborhood, which briefly were tlie protection of the river bank, the* removal of
all obstructions to navigation on. the
Columbia as far as Laporte, the survey if farm lands in the Columbia
valley and  the Far*well agreement.
In reply wilh regard to the protection of the river bank the Minister
staled that he Lhought that whatever
was done should be of a solid and permanent character. He inquired the
estimated cost-of clearing the river,'
which was stated . to lie $:80,000 and
said Unit the matter should receive
full consideration. With regard to
Farwell titles Mr. Sifton gave a piece
of information, which was news to
most present and \va-> to the effect
that Fiirwell, by a clause inserted in
lhe agreement, has got till the ond of
1898 lo accept or refuse the. terms
offered by the government. If after
that pet it'll he has not accepted, the
Dominion authorities will resume possession of the land and deed  with  it
t hemsel ves -The: _other_maltcrs_Mr..
Sifton said should  receive  the  fullest
Another Defeat of the Insurgent Tribes--
men���Completion of the Trans-Siberian^ Railway���Manitoba's Shipment of ���
Wheat to Date���Liberal Victory la
Drummond���The Pope Denounces the
Settlement of the Manitoba School
Washington, Nov. 17���At the sealing conference yesterday the Canadian Premier said that be would not
discontinue pelagic sealing, but insisted upon this and and all other questions being settled later at lhe Commission of the Nations. The Canadians-
will carry their point.
Simla! Nov. 17���General Keuipster'.-r
brigade was attacked by the tribesmen *
in   full   force  yesterday.   The tribes-  -
men were defeated and punished.
- Victoria, Nov.  17���The   engineers .
on the construction of the'traus-Siber-'
ian  railway have arrived here by the
steamer Empress of China,  and say,
that the railway is completed.,    '.'  '    ,
Winnipeg, Nov. 17���The amount of',
whettdelivered from Winnipeg upto"-
elate is 17,000,000 bushels.    ' j
- New York,  Nov. 17.���Closing quo-.,
tation yesterday:   Bar silver, 5SJ cts..- ���
Corporation Talk.
To the Editor of the IIkuild :
Dear Sir :   -There has been considerable   talk   at   dilfei'cnt   times on   the
subject   of incorporation, some  favoring  it while others oppose il, and all
apparently    without   any   leal   valid
reason   for   their   pai tii.'iiliir   ways of
thinking.     Now   why  not open   up  a
column of your paper for its discussion
and have opinions  expressed freely on
the subject.   The cry lias  been   raised
Unit-if   we   were     incorpointcd.   we
would be   too apt  to   have  a  council
who   would   go   ahead   too  f.tsl, and
eventually we woulel Iinel  oureelve.-, as
i'ai'   "in   the   hole" as   our   neighbors
down   the   river   appear  to be.    Now
while this fear is so prominent, in every
person's mind (and 1 do  not think any
person   i.s  free  of il) is not the danger
i-i'tlui-ed to a mi ti i in inn. as every voter
would undoubtedly  be anxious to put
in  only  the  best and most careful of
our citizens iis councillors.    Again the
objection   has   been   laised  that   our
population is not large I'liongh.   Nothing would cure that defect as  quickly
as   incorporation.    Why   do   we   not
find  larger concerns  coming  in here,
such   as    inaniifactutes.   etc.?     That
t'ui'.sl ion is easily   answered.    Ju.stap-
pioach   a   largo   eastern   linn   cm the
subject of locating here anel one of the
lirst   questions   asked   is:     "Is  your
town incorporated ?"    You  of course
answer  negatively,  and   later  in  the
conversation when the fact  crops out
that onr neighbors  aie incorpurati'd.
and iua position to olfcr- inducements,
you find that, the firm   is  immediately
prepossessed in favor of the   incorporated lown.    The river bank   and oilier
quest ions are also eif great  importance
to the lown of Revelstoke', anil  we can
not expect the   government to turn us
a  listening ear  or  pay any attention
whatever to our  requests  as  long as
we aie without proper representation,
incorporation would alsei  enable; w to
piotect   our own   industries   and   encourage  others.    Hoping  to   see  this
matter thoionghly t;nneinto tinel talked  over  lhrough   the medium of your
lp-to-dato paper, I remain,
In favor of ixcoitroitATiox.
-     * <   jt*
c - ���      ,:  _ *
Lauverae  Returned by Over 1,300 .of a
Majority  " *>"'.-.'..
-Last Saturday's bye - election"* ii~:V
Drummond-and Athabasca went'-ini-
f.ivor of Lauvurne, the Liberal ci*.o_i- 5*
date, by over 1,300 majority-"-.'.The*,'
Liberal majority iu . 1S3G. was 1,200-. **'
In 1877 Laurier was defeated in" this",'
constituency by 27 votes, the Conser-3*-.
vatives "nf. that.' time _ being > led "by* "
Tarte. Tbe Drummond%i'ailway deal *
had a considerable effect "on the elec- '
tion. ' *
Ths C. P. R.'s New Schedule.
Next Sunday the following changes
will come into effect in the C. P. P..
time table for the main line and Ai-
lowhead branch. No. 2 from the west
will arrive at S.20 and the train for
the south will leave .-it S.30 1 caching
Arrowhead at 0.~0. The steamer will
leave .it 10 o'clock. Passengers will
I'ci.cli Slocan points the- same afternoon and lower Kootenay points the
same night, arriving at Nelson at 22.30
and Rossland at '2i o'clock, Passen-
geis for the south will have to get
their baggage checked before 8 o'clock
and board the train before S.10, as the
train for the south vvill not draw up to
the station platform after the No. 2
pulls out, but leave direct from the
silling. The No. 1 arrives at Revelstoke! on tho new schedule 2." minutes
later than at present.at -l.~0 p. 111., and
the train from the south will reach
here at f.20 p. m. In this way quick
connection will be ni-ide for the south
for passengers from the west,and from
tin* south for passengers for the west.
Passengeis for the east froin the south
vvill h-ive to lay over one night and
passengers froiiithe east for the south
will also have to sleep here one night.
Condemned the Settlement.
xV special cable to the Montreal Star
says that the Pope has londeinni'el
Laurier's settlement of Use Manitoba
school question. Roman Catholics
must not attend the public schools,
but loyally support their own school
The Ornlian Boy Case.
Fuither p-irticulars to hand in the
above case recently tried at Vancouver show that in so far as Mr. H.
A. Brown one of she defendants is concerned the prosecution entered a
"nolle prosequi*' whereupon Mr. Brown
was honorably discharged by the
court, there being nothing whatever
reflet ting in th" .slightest degree of a
dishonorable character against him
Mr. Biown is tn lie coiiinundated upon sue.-li a satisfactory termination'! of
this case..
D. P..
D. P���
  . '���',-' r   ->���
Revelstoke Mining: Division to Dates
Oct. 30.���Alice Fraction between McCulIoughe '
and French creeks.     John Macquillan  by W..
A. Bauer. -   -
Homestake Traction, Ground Hog 1 Basin, C-.
S. Douglas by XV. A. Bauer. \   c -", .'
Aug. 14.���Halcyon Hot Springs, Arrow Lake,_.
Brett A- Macpherson.
Nov.. 1.���Heather   Fraction,    Ground    nog
Basin, J. Benson by W. A. Jtaner. '
Ground Hog Fraction,  Ground Hog Bfl-fih;.
\\*"R--"Iackinribn by WVA^-Baucrf^���-^        -'-.-.���.. .
Rocket Fraction, Ground, Hog Basin, XV. A.
Bauer. - . '
Nov. 3.���Blue Jay, Ground Hog . Basin, A- '
Wright: ' '
Mary Brooks, Eight Mile creek, J. J. L. Mc- '
Pherson. - - ...        - ?
Morning Star, Eight Mile creek-, E. McBean .
qy J. J. L. Mcrher.son.
Nov. 11.���Blue Bird, Four Mile creek,
Elk, Four Mile creek, C. T. Maxwell by
Gillespie: . ' ���*","
TRANSFERS. '    .*  "
Oct. 20.���Eldorado. Old Reliable, \i interest;. *"
J. C. Montgomery to D.,~V. I'ceplcs.   "50.
Nov. I.���Oracle, ^ intere-a. A.. C. McCullsm.-
and A. G. I'otts to Central Exploration, Co-.
Ltd. of Vancouver.
Nov. 1.���Iron Clad, .��intere��t, A. Mcintosh to* -
I'. F. Math!as. - - .
Constitution, JJ^ntereit, H. R. Atkins to IV
K. Mt*xhia*. '     . -
Nov. 6.���Heather Fructfon, J..Benson to Loiir- -
don ' II. C. Alliance Syndicate.
Oie Bull Fraction, W. A. Bauer to London  &
B. C. Alllance Syndicate.
Nov. 10.���Blue Jay, A. Wright toJZ. I" Woods
oi Verr.on.   I1S0.
Oct 30.���Keystone, A. W. Mcintosh; Rocket,
Owner; Golden Hill, Owner; Big Bend ,Belle, =
Owner; Roscberry, Owner; Oie Bull. Owner; "
O.K., Owner; C. O. D., Owner; Kcsef, Owner;.
Gold Hill Fraction, Owner; Oie Bull Fraction...
Owner; Bear Fraction. Owner; Grizzly Fraction, Owner; Lake Enaction, Owner; Heather-
Fraction,; Owner; Ground Hog Fraction,,.
Nov. 1.���Alice, Owner; Bonanza King, Owner ;-
Keystone, Owner; Gaspc, Owner; Gem, Owner j���
Homestake^, Owner; Last Chance, Owner;"
Alice, Owner: Homestake Fraction, Owner;.*
Golelen Ea-ile, Owner; Oie- Bull, Owners;
Ro-eberry, Owner.-; C.O.D., Owners; Big Bend
Belle, Owners; O. K., Owners; Golden Hill,;
Onncrs; Alice, owners.
Abstract of Records for Month of October-
Oct. 2��� Lakeview, A. G. Howard.
Potts and E. Scott.
Oct. 0���Rosalind Fractim, K S..
Barnard.   Violet. Charles T. Maxwells
Oct. S���Meagpie.A.C". Howard Potts-
ar.il E. Scott.
Oct. 13���Copper Fraction,. Walter-
Oct. 10���Copper Penny,. Elizabeth.
Scott.   Copper Ha'penny, W. Scott.
Oct. 13-Klondyke, C. J. .Martin..
Beaver. XV. B. Robertson. Jubilee, J..
A. Brinkman.   Cobourg, F. C. Martin..
Oct. 28���Btizz. T. Herbert, J; H. Darby and J. R. Erriugton.
Oct. 29-Kosie, Andrew Bluckberg,. ���������i     y '*,    % \    v x w,; \ <.  Revelstoke   Herald  Published in interests ot  ReTolatoke. Lardeau, Big Bend, Trout Lako  Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan  Pass And Eagle Pass Districts.  A. JOHNSON Froprlelo".  O. E. OROO'N Editor.  A Semi-Weekly Journal, publlahcd in tho  lateretts ot Kevelstoke and the ourroundinK  district, Wednesdays and Saturdaj b, making  closest connections with all trains.  Advertising Rates: Display ads, ~1."0 per  columnlnc-h. $2.00 porinch -wbenlnBertedon titlo  pages Legal ads.. 12c per (nonpareil) line for  lirst insertion; 8c for each additional insertion.  Heading notices, 15c per line each issue. Birth,  ���������Marriage and Death notices, free. ���������  Subscription Rates: By mail or carrier. ~2.00  per annum ; ~1,~5 for six months, Btrictly in  advance. _ .  Onr Job Department: 7iik HiitAtn Job  Department is one of the best equipped  printing offices in West Kootenay, and ia prepared to execute all kinds of printing In first  class stylo at honest prices One prico to all.  . No job too large���������none too email���������for us. Mail  orders promptly attended to. Givo us a trial  on your next order.  To Correspondents: Wo invite correspondence on any subject of interest to tbe general  public, and desire a reliable regular corres-  ttondent - in every locality -surrounding  Revelstoke. In all cases the bona tide name  ot the .writer mnst accompany manuscript, but  not necessarily for publicatio ..  Address all communications  REVELSTOKE HERALD  Revelstoke, 3. C.  We now beg to call the attention of the Public to our New Lines just received  in   the   following   articles:  NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS-  1. All correspondenco must be legibly  written on one side ot the papor only.  3. Correspondence containing personal  matter must be signed with the pr per name  of the writer..  3. Correspondence with roforonco to any  thing that ~iaa appeared In another paper  must first be offered for publication to that  paper before it can appear in The Herald.  WEDNESDAY,  NOV.    17,     1S07.  WHAT THE SPOILS SYSTEM  MEANS  The spoils system, or the practice  of dismissing public servants be-  longing-to the opposite party, aud  of appoihtiug none but adherents  of the party in power to vacant  offices, has of late unfortunately  become an accepted fact in  Canadian politics. - It was to have  been hoped that the lesson learnt  from the existence of this pernicious practice in the United  States would have utterly prevented its adoption by either  political party in Canada, not to  mention the precautions'taken in  England against the possibility of  its introduction into that country.  It is only too apparent, however,  DRY GOODS���������Comprising the latest designs in  Dress Goods, Cashmeres, Flanellettes, Laces,  Ribbons, Embroideries, etc., etc., imported  direct from Scotland.  BOOTS AND SHOES-Large shipment of Fine  Boots and Shoes from best Canadian makers,  GENTS* FURNISHINGS-The stock in this department is most complete. Shirts, Ties,  Collars, Socks, Hats, Ready Made Clothing,  etc. in great variety.  Agento :  RAM LALTEA'S  HARDWARE AND HOUSE FURNISHINGS-  Parties furnishing are invited to inspect our  Stock of Stoves and Heaters, including the new  Air Tight Heater, Granite "Ware, Cutlery, Silver  Ware and Crockery. Carpets, Oil Cloth and  Linoleum.   An extensive selection.  c  GROCERIES-Our Stock of Groceries is always  fresh and first-class, being constantly renewed  by consignments from the best houses in the  Dominion.   We lead in Tea and Coffee.  COMPANY  Agents :  Victoria Powder Co.  Dominion. Charges based on  lying statements and secretly forwarded ailirt.-vit- made by professional plaiie hunters, or their  political friends who dare not ask  for an.impartial enquiry on ,the  merits are sulticient to .iustity the  dismissal of every office holder  whose salary is considered worth  the having. The aspirant for the  proposed vacnncy "works" the influential local party men. These  in turn "work" tho local secret  political organization which exists  everywhere. This in turn "works"  the member for the district, and  he in turn "works" the head of the  that the spoils system hits become department. All that the outside  a power in Canada and like certain | world kuows of the matter is the  DESPATCHES  other noxious growths it may be  very   ��������� ��������� difficult    .. to '  eradicate.  Th.ose.Y~ho were responsible for its  introduction in the United States  some TOyears ago had very little  idea of the consequences of their  action, -   "When  Jackson  reached  the presidential - chair in 1829, in  accordance with his theory that  rotation   in  office   was    a   sound*  Republican principle, he displaced  500' postmasters in one year.   In  1832, Marey speaking in the senate  first- uttered    the    now    famous  phrase: '  "To the  victors belong  the spoils."   Naturally the members of the government had absolutely no knowledge of the applications of far away applicants for  office, and  were compelled, as is  ~the~praetice-in-Canada-- today;- to  apply to the representative of the  district  for   guidance,   the   only  qualification     being     that    the  aspirant should be a man of "'the  right     sort."        Iu      this    way,  patronage became prostituted to  the  rewarding  of    "work"   done  during an election campaign, or to  the conciliation of the local bosses.  It is not difficult to calculate the  results of such a system. It means  that public servants have degenerated into the servants of a party;  that a man expects to hold office  only so long as his partv remains  in power ; and that as self preservation is the first law ot .nature, he  becomes   what    might ."be   called  withjperefct truth a most offensive  and     dangerous   partisan.       His  salary is paid him from the public  fund not for his value as a public  servant, but in consideration of his  party services���������past, present and  iu'ture.     The   large    number   of  applicants     for     every     public  position has created a class of professional    politicians,    many    of  whom "are to be found in Canada  even now, and not unfrequently  have ministers been compelled to  devote to the consideration of the  claims,of political heelers the time  which should have been spent on  the   consideration   of   tho    real  problems- of   government.     The  rising politician must needs attend  to the" petty aspirations of the men  who claim to have raised him to  the position of patron.   When the  intending     candidate     for    the  presidency  wrote   his   friend   in  Xew England:  "If you git mc inside the White House,  Your head with ile I'll kinder 'nint  By getting you inside the light house  Down to the end of Jaalatn pint."  ���������his proposition contained more  truth than poetry. In short, the  civil service has ceased to be an  honorable career, anel the place  hunter supplants the faithful  public servant. There is no  longer that permanent civil service  as they have it in England, to  which Mr. Chamberlain a day or  two ago referred with pardonable  pride, but a vast party organization created for party purposes  regardless of public service.  These are some of the results of  the. spoils system as it exists in  Canada. Pure souled patriots may  deny its existence, but the fact  remains that is to be found in  every city, town and village in the  official announcement that Mr  Tory has been dismissed for  "offensive partisanship," and that  Mr. Grit has been appointed to the  vacant place, Mr. Grit as :v rule  having made some c brilliant  political coup at the last election.  Of course he does not come within  the. definition of an "offensive  partisan" properly so called, as lie  is not by any means offensive to  the party in power. This, be it  well understood is thespoils system  "as they have it iu Canada."  The Toronto correspondent of  the "Winnipeg Tribune wires his  paper as follows concerning the  vacancy in Centre Toronto caused  ,by_the retirement.of Wm. Lount,  Q. C.: "Lount has not been very  popular with the party managers  here. Some of the candidates recommended for good government  positions were not first-class  Liberals aud this as much as anything else disappointed some of his  supporters." Which being freely  translated means that Mr. Lount  tried to work independently of the  party bosse=,but found that he had  to quit. Other Liberal members  will please govern themseives  accordingly.  The members of the Government  are somewhat scattered just now.  The Premier and Sir Louis Davies  have gone to Washington. .Mr.  Sifton is out west, Mr. Fielding is  in England, and several others are  iu several other places, but Hon.  Jizzarel is at Ottawa attending  strictly to business that is  business.  TODAY'S     NEWS     CONDENSED  FOR   BUSY READERS  Sad Accident���������Acqnitted of Murder-  Toronto Election Not to be Contested��������� Durant to be Executed���������  Convicted of Manslaughter��������� Fifty  Men Killed and Wounded in India  ���������A Confcrcnca Arranged  |SI,I__CtA~.,~.0  THK IimtALD]  Gol.1"1"__<, November 11.���������A sail accident occurred bere this forenoon  causing tht; death of a man named  Orpwooil. The unfortunate man iva*  engaged in hauling scows ont of the  river when one slipped causing his  head to conic between it and another  and. killing,liim instantly. The deceased who'had served in tlie .British  army came here only two months  ago.*  WiN-.iri_.e~, November 11.���������The internal Kli'airs of Spain are regareleeel  as critical.  Gordon Tompkins, who was tried at  the Brandon assizes for killing a man  named Scott, was acquitted. (  The Conservatives will not contest'  thn bye  election   in   centre   Toronto. '  caused bv the resignation   of   William  Lount, Q.G.  Theodore Durant, the San Francisco  inurdetcr, will be executed tomorrow.  The people of St. John, >".B., condemn the terms of the Beaver line  contract.  ~~_-Vnton~Grejr;i7~trieii -*-ati������������������Whttewood-  for murdering bis father, 1ms been  convicted of manslaughter.  The bye election in the Exchange  division of Liverpool, was won by the  Conservative candidate after a fierce  fight.  General Westmacott's brigade suffered a loss ot fifty killed and wounded  in yesterday's reconnaisance.  A conference has been aTraneced  between the amalgamated Fociety ot  engineers anrl the employer's federation for the purpose of formulating;1,  compromise.  - It is again rumored that Tjorel Salisbury will resign the foreign secretaryship.  The seal experts met at Washington  on Wednesday.  The Globe's letter written on the  Quadra, with Sifton's party, gives an  interview with Wm. Ocilvie, of the  Interior department, who says the  finds justify all said of them. "We  have on "Bonanza creek about 100  claims, which will vield from $200,000  to Ji;500,000 each. At KI Dorado there  are some SO claims that will without  doubt yield on an.average large sums.  Taking tbo two creeks together we  have, say, 110 rbims that I believe  will turnout before being exhausted  close on 1*70,000,000. The gold bearing  zone extends from Cassia probably to  Cariboo northwestward, following the  general trend of the coast lino through  the head of Ilootalinqiia, the Pelly,  Stewart. Clondike, Forty Mile rivers,  and on the southerly side as tar as  Circle City cr Birch creek. The area  of this zone is almost "00 miles long,  tind of various widths, iu some places  100 miles.  "Wholesale dealei s in  FERGUSON  The Centre   of the   Lardeaii  Mines  TUe  Pioneep  Stores  _of Ferguson  j The Edmonton ferrie.-i ceased running on Monday last owing to ice in  river.  Katie Putnam will play in Winnipeg next week. "Tom Tinkers Kid"  is the latest addition to her repertoire.  Minister Tarte has given up the idea  of visiting Kngland and Koine iill after  the session, which will in all probability take place in January.  "Billy Perdue" who started some  months ago feu* Dawson City with a  drove: of cattle, is reported to have  reached his destination in safety.  Hon. David Mills will be sworn in as  Minister of Justice on Wednesday  next, when Sir Oliver Mowat becomes  Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.  Fred ICUiott of the Albion Hotel,  Seaforth. on Tuesday shot and killed  his brother Harvey Elliott during a  cjuarrel said to he caused by drink.  A new counterfeit American silver  certificate has been placed in circulation. It is a photograph and consequently is in two part_s,paslt'(l together  at the back. It is of the series of 18!)1,  the vignette being a bust of Hendricks.  Edmund li. Sheppard, Canadian  Trade Commissioner to South America  wires the departmentof agriculture to  warn Canadians from making any  investments in Brazil, which lie .says  is on the eve of political and financial  disaster.     I!  Advices received at Portland, Oregon, from Dyea. state that a party  started on October 22nd lrom Dyea  with 300 lbs of late mail' for Dawson  City. The Canadian Police were in  charge of the mail which was driwn  by dog train. ii  UNCLE   SAM   AGAIN   RESPITES  -     DURRANT  and Ten .Mile  Cummins & Co.  GENERAL MERCHANTS  Dealer in Miners' Supplies, Hardware,  Groceries, Dry Goods.  Kverythinp  to   re fotinel in a general store.  Poat Office In connection.  At our TEN-..MII.K BRANCH "tore  Powder, Caps. Fuse, Coal, Steel,  anil all Minerj' an'l Prospectors' Supplies are    kept on hand  A Government Contract Cancelled���������  Rev. Dr. Clarke Dead���������Turks at  the Sanguinary Work Again��������� Lanier at Washington.  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"Vhat could it be V It  ���������seemed useless thinking,  i The change in my lover grieved me  exceedingly. It was not that he loved  ir.e less���������-I could see that���������but that his  ir.'nd was so preoccupied. He had  been anxious that our engagement  should be made public; now he never  spoke of it. He had been anxious  that we should be married in tho  autumn; now he never mentioned  marriage. Yet I felt quite sure in my  heart that it was not for want ot love,  r.or   because   he   loved   me   less.  One morning���������it was in the beginning of July, anel the tiger-lilies were  all in bioom���������he wus sta-hding in the  porch, looking round him with certainly the saddest expression I had  ever seen on his face. I went up to  him and clasped both my hands round  his   arm.  "You look so unhappy. Ulric," I  raid. "You have never bc-en yourself  Flnee the clay of our picnic. What*can  I   do   to  win  back  the  smiles V"  "Bear with me, my darling," he  said, "until I have made up my  mind what to do. Kate," lie f.dd-ed  suddenly, "you are one of the noblest  Sir Rudolph laid both htinds - on  Ulric's shoulders, and looked Into his  face.  "We have loved each other truly,  havo we not,  Ulrio ?"  "Yes, and shall always do so," replied Ulric.  "Then take my word for it, brother,  that no son or**daughter of mine will  ever succeed me.. You will be Sir  Ulric Culmore of  Brooke; and  I  pray  - v���������  '>."���������'"'  I WEST Ur TO HIM ASD CLASPED EOTIt JIY  HAKDS ROUND HIS ABM.       ,  and least' mercenary of women. Has  it occurred to you. that if my brother  fJics without children, the estate and  title exime  to  me ?" _  "Xo, I  have not thought ot it."  '   -"It is so," he raid sadly.    "If no son  be   born   to   Rudolph,   I   shall    be  Sir  Ulric  .Culmore."  He looked so grave, and he spoke  so sadly, that I could not help say-  in c���������  "You do not loo'k very happy about  It.   Ulric."  "I am not," he replied.' "I���������I fear  there has been a great" wrong done.  If���������oh, Heaven, how can I even say  ihe words ?���������If what I dread be true,  I will take neither title nor estate. I  would rather go out to the backwoods  and make a fortune there,"  "Shill.you never toll me what it Is,  IJ.rie ?" I asked.  "It would serve no purpose, Kate,  and woulel only imbitter your life," he  replied. ''You say rightly that I havo  not been the same man since the  thought came to me, and it would be  as   bad   for  you."    ....  ������������������Are you always going" to be miser-  -ab]e,-gloomy-and_sa.d,JLIlric-?ll.I_aski.  ed.  ���������Not always," darling, I hope," he.  answered,  with  a sigh.  "Vhen shall you be your own self,  Ulric ? I love the old self the best.  You were so bright, So happy and  blithe. When -will-the Ulrle I love  come  back  again ?"  "When this terrible doubt is settled," he replied.  "And when will lhat be be ?" I asked.  He stood silent for some minutes,  land then answered :  "When I find courage "6' speak to  my   brother." I  "When shall you And courage ?" I  ���������pursued after a  time.  "I do not know, Kate; honestly  fcpeaking, I do not know. If 1 am  correct in my terrible suspicion, then  there J* very little happiness for us  Jn this world. If I am not correct, my  brother will be so bitterly angry with  me for the suspicion that he will never  .forgive me|. I must watch for my  opportunity,  Kate,"  Later on that same day Sir Rudolph  .called lilm Into the library, and show-  ee-J him the plans for some .alterations  at Brooke Hall. He related to me .all  ibat passed between them.   ���������  "Uric, come and look at these plans,"  Kiid Sir Rudolph. "They casne this  inc-rjiing from Millsom, in London.  ".Vhat do you think of them ?"  The brothers bent over the papers.  Ti eir opinions did not quite agree; Sir  Rudolph liked c-ne set, Ulrle the other.  "������ shall choose these," said Sir Rudolph,;! pointing to the ������et that Ulric  ���������preferred,  "I~o," laughed Ulric; "Brooke Hall  beio^cs to vpu. Rudolph, let the al-  te-'ratloriB be in accordance with your  taste, not with mine."  "True, Brooke Hall is mine, but I  shall never live there. It will never  be home to me any more. c I hate tho  place, and I Intend never to enter It  _xc3in."  ���������"Ilste  Brooke   Hall I"   cried   Ulric,  "Why. I  thought you liked it ?*'  "I did  a short time since; I do not  new."  "How has the place  displeased you,  Rudolph ~" .  Sir  Rudolph's   face  darkened.  ���������-That   does   not   matter.   Ulric."   he  _I4      "I   do   not     care    about    being  <,uesW<*-("-    In  the  natural course of  ,...���������,-_.   the*  Hall   must  come    to  you  Heaven It is so ! I thought he looked  curiously at me, and spoke sternly."  "There, you must be wrong," I said,  "for I do not think Ulric could speak  sternly if he tried. Lady Culmore," I  added, suddenly. "I wonder how mi.th  of your trouble is fancy ?"  "None of it," she answered. My  trouble Is real enough. The most Intolerable part of it is that 1 wake at  times and for a few minutes believe  it is all a. dream. How I dread the  gradual growing certainty '. 1 love  Ulric, Kate," shu added, mournfully;  "I should not like lilm to grow cold  to me."  "Why should he, Lady Culmore '.'" 1  asked.  "I can not" tell; but there has been  something I have not liked, something  I never saw in his eyes before, although I have seen it In Rudolph's  often."  I wondered if Ulric still had the  same Idea or suspicion that he had  spoken of to me, and if it was that  which had affected his manner to her.  thlngB   the*  Hall  ���������when  I   die;."  "Nonsense i You will have sons and  ,-i.i-ughtcrs of your own, Rudolph. I  ���������have no wish to succeed you. My  jcareer is marked out for me. and I  -jiopo to make my sell Isxa/wa." , ,,; .<  SIB   KUDOIjPH   i.aiij   110TII  HIS   HANDS ON  ULKIC'S SIIOUl.IlKHS AND LOOKED  INTO HIS TACK.  heaven with my whole heart that you  may   have   a  happier  life  than   mine."  "Yet,"   said   Ulric,       "you   have   had  everything to make you happy."  "Outwardly happy, yes. Every heart  knows its own secrets. I had dreamed���������Heaven knows how I had dreamed���������of a very different life from this."  -r���������Then the brothers faced each other.  "In the old days we had no secrets  from each other," said Ulric, earnestly.  "When you wero a gay, careless, younS  lieutenant, and I a struggling barrister, we knew each other's thoughts,  Ru. I knew of your love for Nest, and  you know how I was looking for an  ideal that I have since found. We  had not a secret from each other. We  stood true brothers, heart to heart,  face to face, no shadow between us,  loving, loyaland true. Now, Ru., tell  me what stands between us."  "A secret," answered Sir Rudolph:  "I know it," answered Ulric. "Whose  secret   is  it '_"' e  "If it .were mine," replied "Sir Rudolph, "you would have been made  acquainted with'It long ago. "It concerns another, and I hold it."  "Can you .not intrust it to me ?"  asked  Ulric."  . "I would, but the other- who shares  it will not. Better far not to know  It. It has {.lighted my life; it might  blight yours."  "Pethaps," said Uhlc, "I might help  you."       , - -  "Impossible. There is no help. There  Is nothing bu-; patient endurance until  life ends; and the greatest mercy I can  ask from Heaven is that mine, may  end  soon."  "As we are talking, Ru, more in the  old fashion than the new, let me ask  you one thing. What has gone wrong  between you and Nest ?"  Sir Rudolph's face paled, "and his lip  Quivered.   ���������_ ��������� ���������  ,"I  can  not  tell  you;    I  would if  I  could."  "Is it this same secret that has  blighted your life, Ru ? Has it come  between  your  wife and  yourself ?"  "Yes," he replied, after a pause, "it  is^the same thing."  "And, Ru, will it always last ? Shall  you   never   take  Nest  in    your    arms  again and kiss her with the old love ?"  "Never,"  he replied���������"never,  so help  me, Heaven !" u  "Has she done that which you never  .can forgive, Ru ?"  "She has." he replied. "I would not  answer such questions to any other  living creature," said Sir Rudolph.  "To you, my brother, I may say this  much���������no   more "'  "And   shall   you   live   and   die, Ru,  "without- telIing_^is"wHa"t tliis" "terfibleF  secret is which has spoiled youi* life?"  "I hope so," he replied; "it-would do  no one good, and would do much  harm."  "My dear old Ru," said Ulrle, "are  you quite sure that this is wise ? It Is  brotherly love, and not curiosity, that  prompts me to speak. Are you wise in  this ? No' man could bear such a burden long. . You will break down. Now,  while'there is time, let me help you."  "You cannot help." he replied,  gloomily.  "Do you mean to tell me that your  whole life Is to be spent In this fashion  ���������hidden from the world,blighted���������nay.  worse, wasted ��������� ~t Is jnconceivable. If  ,a wrong has been dope, |pt It be set  right."  "It can never be set right," answered   Sir   RudolDh.  "Then forget it. What Is the use of  brooding over a sorrow that can never  be healed ? Be brave and strong, Ru.  Trample it down, live it down. What  is the use of all this trasical misery 7  Let us end it."  "There can be no end," said Sir Rudolph, solemnly. "Now, Ulric, we will  discuss  the matter  no  further."  "Ru, let me plead for Nest. I have  never .seen any one so unhappy. My  heart acjies wfien I look at her. When  I think of the laughing, light-hearted girl of three years ago, I can nol  believe my eyes. She is like a wor  man dead in life. Could she not relent  even ever so little ? Cotjltl you not  make a grand effort,  and forgive ?'���������'  "My dear Ulric, you mean well, but  you do not understand. If you love  me, say no more. As It is, eo it must  remain. And now about the plans,  Ulric; you must decide."  And Ulric did decide with tears in  his eyes. He could not bear to think  that his noble, kindly, generous brother  should  suffer  so  terribly.  Some few days after that.I went one  morning into the library, and I found  Lady Culmore standing at the window. I knew that Ulric had been  wrllir.jf some letters there. She did  not move when I went tn. and I did;  not disturb "ier. I fount] my book, and"  waited to see if she wejulcj specie to  mc.  It  she  wanted  anything, 'or  U  I  could  do anything for her.   I shall never forget the white face  that was turned to mine.  "Kate."   she  said.   In    a low    voice,  "come here; I want you." _  I went to her.  "Have you noticed any change In  Ulric's manner to me ?"  she asked,  "No." I answered. "He has always  seemed very f->nd of you,    and   Is oo  now.  '.Then It must be my fancy. Please  CHAPTER  XII.  Lately we had one visitor to Ullamere, and that was the Reverend John  1 hornleigh, rector of Ulladale, though  why he eame I could not imagine, I  was the only member of the household who went to church; the servants  were, one and all, Dissenters���������even the  old butler; yet the rector persisted in  calling. He and I had become very  good friends. lie liked to talk to me.  I knew afterwards that he loved me,  and would have asked me to be his  wife-but that he heard of my engagement.  His wife was dead���������had died when  his only son was born;, and nothing  seemed to give- him such comfort as  talking to me about her. When the  rector was announced, if by any accident we were all three together. Sir  Rudolph and Lady Culmore would remain for a short time. It was a great  embarrassment to the rector���������I could  see that. Apart he could talk to them,  but together, he looked in a state of  bewilderment from one to the other.  He saw plainly enough the terms on  which they lived; that no unnecessary  word ever passed between them; that  strangers could not be less to each  other than this husband and wife. He  saw that all efforts to draw them  nearer together were quite unavailing.  It was distressing to him, and, unlike  myself, he never became accustomed  to-it. ��������� I did. At first it was uncomfortable, but from force of habit, the  time came when I could carry on conversation with both at the same time,  without the 'slightest embarrassment.  The rector could not. He grew confused; he appealed from one to the  other." His appeals weie met with  slein coldncFs by Sir-Rudolph, with an  excess of embarrassment by Lady  Culmore. Of the two he liked Lady  Culmore best. -She was always most  kind.,-to him,-and ready lo help his  charitable work .when he needed It.  .* I was present once when ho said to  her :  "Lady Culir,o:e, do ycu never attend  any place of worship ?'  And  Ehe made  answer,   "Never." -  The rector was a good man. He had  a real love for his profession. Moreover, he* was clever and accomplished.  He looked.just a little shocked, when  Lady^C-jtilmore answered  thus.  "Do you not think," he bc-gan. But  she Interrupted him.     .  "If you please, Mr. Thornleigh, we  vvill not discuss the matter. I yield  at once." I am quite sure that every  ont ought to go to some place of worship. I have my own reasons for  . staying away, and they are known  only lo  one."  What could any man say in answer  to that ?    '  Then the lector grew more confidential with mo. He talked a great deal  about Sir Rudolph and Lady Culmore.  They "were two of the plcasantest  people ho had ever met, he said, and  he deeply deplored the terriMe estrangement between them. Like every  -one_else_who_kr.eWi_them,-he^_w_ondrred_  gieatly what had caused it. He was  a true -friend of theirs, and, knowing  lhat, we talked always in the hope  that we might be able to do something.  But, after a time, I saw that it was  impracticable; there was nothing to be  dope.  The rector never tired-of talking to  me about his little child. I went to  see him at theMectory. On my return  I told Lady Culmore- all about his  sweet baby ways.  "Do ask him here, Lady Culmore," I  saiel. "You cannot think how the presence of a child brightens lhe house.  These rooms would be very different  with a child playing and laughing, or  even crying in them, Do ask him.  Lady Culmore-" I urged, "I am suro  If. would cheer and amuse you."  She grew very pale���������.sq palo that I  thought she would swoon.  "My dear, It would simply kill me,"  sho replied.  "How could the visit of a sweet little  boy like little Willie hurt you?" I asked, in some surprise.  She made no answer to the question,  and 1 continued���������  "It would please Sir Rudolph, I am  sure."  "It would not," she cried ; "you are  quite mistaken. It would���������" Then  she stopped abuptly. "No, Miss Forster ; if you wish me well, never let any  children come to Ullamere."  "Do you not like children ?" I asked.  "Yes," she answered, wearily. "I  suppose it is part of the nature ot all  women to loye then.,'"  '|I' am not quite sure of that. Lady  Culmore." I answered. " I have r.een  and known women who did not like  children at all,"  6o I relinquished my Idea,  I was with Sir Rudolph and Lady  Culmore another day when the rector  came to ask their help. It was for a  poor woman whose child wns very ill,  and the rector dwelt much on the  child's sufferings.  "It   seems   to   me   such   an   awful  thing,"  he said,   " for a little child to  ' die of want."  j He did not perceive, as I did, how the  expression of both his listeners' faces  \ chanced. Sir Rudolph's growing stony  and cold, Lady Culmo.-e's wearing that  terribly embarrassed a.!r that came  over her at times.' * 1 hastened to spealf,  hoping that I should turn tho tide of  conversation.  "I do not think it worse for a c'.tlld  to die of want than for a grown up  person  so to die."  The  rector shook his head.  "I  have a  theory of  my own  about  1 the de_������th of infants," he said,  Thinking to divert the conversation  from what might be a dangerous channel,  1   said quickly���������  "What Is your theory Mr. Thornleigh ?"  "It is this. Miss Forster? In the  case of grown-up men and women, you  know the extent of their capabilities���������  you know exactly what they aie; they  may be clever, they may bo the reverse. But. if an Infant dies, you do  not know what loss the world sustains;  he may be an embryo Milton or  Shakespeare., So the death ot a child,  it seems to me, is much sadder than  that ot a  grown-up  person."  There was something In this view  of the case; and I was so much interested in it that for a few moments  I forgot Lady Culmore. A deep slsh  drew my attention to her. I saw* her  turn away from us with a look of such.  Intense anguish on her face as I had  never seen on human face before,  while Sir Rudolph had grown white  as death.  I hastened to say that this was a  new idea to me, that I had always  thought adult life the more valuable;  then I asked the rector some idle  questions about the bell-ringers, and  Sir Rudolph made his escape. Lady  Culmore seemed to breathe more  freely after- ho had gone, and the  rector received all that he desired.  Thinking over one incident after another   it  seemed    clear    to  me    that,  I HASTENED TO SAY THIS WAS A NEW IDEA  TO ME.  whatever was the secret, the tragedy,  the mystery of Lady Culmore's life,  It was connected with a little child.  CHAPTER XIII. '     :-  . A most unexpected event happened  ere long���������the rector was invited to  dinner. It apepars a trivial incident  in itself, hardly- worth recording, but  it led to greater events. It must have  been at Ulric's suggestion. Sir Rudolph never asked any human being  near the place, and Lady Culmore  dreaded seeing any one." I may mention  that Ulrio had pretended to be dreadfully jealous of , the rector and his  baby sen. and that I was both young  and foolish enough to be flattered by  his jealousy, and thought it a great  thing to have such a tall, handsome  man jealous about me.  , One bright sunny morning, when I  was starting with Ulric for the. lake,  the rector was announced, and I was  obliged to stay and entertain him���������,  neither the master nor the mistress of'  the house was to be seen. Ulric's face  dar-rened. ,, .;������������������-'.  "Is- there really iio one but you,  Kate, to entertain visitors ? The rector  is what you ladies call 'such a hand-'  some man I' Do not stay long, dear.  Think of the pleasant time we shall  have, the boat gliding over the lake  among the water-lilies���������a delightful  prospect for a warm day."  "I must hear what he has to say,  Ulric,"   I  remonstrated.  As It happened, the rector had a  great deal to say. He was very anxious about the inhabitants of Ulladale; the town was very, unhealthy;  and,' as Sir Rudolph owned a deal of  property there, he wished to see him  and talk to him about it. Some of the  houses, the rector said, were so badly  built, so badly ventilated, that they  were neither more nor. less than traps  for fever and death.    ���������="  "Do not think that I am an alarmist," he added,, but, Miss Forster, if  fever does break out there, it will be  fatal for. many."  ' I advised him .to .see Sir Rudolph.  So it came about"that, the rector was  invited to dinner���������an event in the  Ullamere household.  It "was a warm day. The air was  faint with the breath of roses, heavy  and still; there was no movement In  the sprays of the jasmine. That evening Lady Culmore looked most beautiful. She wore a dress of white lace  trimmed with leaves and long trailing  grasses; a diamond star shone in"her  fair hair, a diamond cross lay on her  white breast. She had dressed, as  usual, to charm the eyes of her husband; and they never even rested on  ber". ���������-    ���������.  ���������  To please my lover, I wore a pretty  primrose silk, cut square, with short  sleeves. 'I had beautiful white, rounded arms, he said, and Insisted on my  showing them; they were made to be  admired, and he would not have them  h'dden.  That was the most cheerful dinner  I remember at Ullamere. The un-  natural coldness and silence of husband and wife were not noticed so  much when there was a visitor" present. The reotar bail plenty to ������ay,  Ulric was "In better spirits than I had  peea him for some time.  Suddenly���������I can not remember how  it began���������the conversation turned on  capita) pupiphmenf, anfl the rhetor  (j'upted the web-known word's' that "the  worst use to which you can put a man  is to hang him." I noticed that at  first neither Sir Rudolph nor Loily  Culmore jo(ned in the conversation.  They sat listening Iri silence. Sir  Rudolph looked paler than usual, Lady  Culmore with an unusual flush on her  beautiful face, The rector and Ulric  argued the question hotly, Ulric being  in favor of and the rector against the  punishment  of   death.  "I have often thought," said the rector, "that those words, "a life for a  life,' are capable of many interpretations."  "Do you not believe," asked Ulric,  "that the man who deliberately takes  a human life should pay the penalty  of his crime with his own ?"  "!'No, I do not," mpliecl the rector.  "Men are such strange mixtures of  good &nd evil. I do not see the use  of hanging a man. It does no good;  it can  not restore the dead to life."  "It deters others from committing  the   same   crime,"   declared   Ulric,  "I do not think so," said the rector.  "When a. man in the heat of passion  kills another, he docs noC stop to Un'iik  about  tin:  last  execution."  "Opinions differ," said Ulric. "Where  life is taken in the mad heat of passion, It is perhaps hardly murder. It  1s when life is taken after cool, calm  deliberation, after thought and reflection,   that  cull   the deed   murder."  The word fell painfully on our ears.  "It is a horrible word������������������murder,' " I  said. "The veiy sound of II is terrible."  "I read ti strange story the other  day," s-ald the rector, "one that struck  me very forcibly. A man murdered  his wife, how or why I rorgct; she had  given him some provocation perhaps.  He ran a way, when, of course, a 'hue  and cry/ was sent out. and the police  were soon after lilm. lie had hidden  himself in a low part or the town, and  In the very homo where he wns concealed a terrible fire occurred. X  poor woman was sleeping In one of  the upper rooms, and her cries were  heard. This man who had muidercd  his wife risked, absolutely risked his  life to save the woman, who was a  stranger to him. He rushed through  the flames and suffocating smoke; the  hair was burned from his head, his  face and hands suffered, but he saved  her life. While she was in the act  of blessing and thanking him for it,  the police captured him. 'You will  hang mo for killing my wife,' he said  to them. 'I killed her because she  provoked me; bul I am sorry for it.'  Some one present quoted the, words,  'A life for a life.' 'That is Scripture,'  said the man, calmly. 'I have literally  fulfilled it. I killed my wife, but I  have given life to this woman, inasmuch as I have saved her from death.  Truely it is a life for a lite.' The story  struck me as being a strange one,"  added the rector.  -Something induced me to look at  Lady Culmore's face. Her eyes were  fixed on the rector's face; she hung  upon each word that fell from his lips.  There was a strange light in her eyes  that I had never seen there before.    Af  D. -Ewarthiis been appointed chief  architect of the Public Works department at Ottawa.  Wm. Ogilvie, D. L. S., has left Victoria for San Francisco. He will go  east over the Southern Pacific.  The C. P. R. is putting in a McPherson automatic; switch tit the western  end of the Medicine Uafc yard.     ^   .  Hon. Thomas B. Reed, speaker of  the United States-house of representatives, has left Montreal for the  Pacific coast via the C.P.R.  Americans are asking the United  States government to close Dyea as a  sub-port ot entry.- The action is taken  for the purpose of capturing the Yukon trade for the States.  Hutton, the Toronto tailor, who  murdered his son with a pair of scissors on October I30th, has been sentenced to five years in the penitentiary at Toronto Central Prison.  Land Commissioner Hamilton of the  O.' P. R. is at present on his way  through the Crow's Nest Pass. Before his return he will locale tt number of townsites along the route of  the new railway.   ,  Hon. N. Clarke Wallace is at Vancouver where he met Sir- Charles  Tupper and "Joe" Martin. He char-'  acterised the resignation of William  Lount, Q.C., and his appointment to a  judgeship as a gross political job.,.-  Toronto insurance companies haye  followed the example of those of Montreal and refusi*d risks on paities going to the Clondike. Present policy  holders are not affected but new  policies will bar the privilege of  going.  A notice is given in the North West  Territories Gazette of an application  for an ordinance to incorporate "the  Clondike Alberta Transportation Co."  with authority to construct and maintain roads and operate a transportation and tramway company from a  point on the Saskatchewan" river, in  tbe district of Alberta, to points in the  Yukon, Pelly, Liard or Peace rivers.to  own and operate ferries, to erect, and  "maintain"'b"i'idge8~-and~-to~~do:v"a-"*}_i"o"oa"  general trading and supply- business.  Lougheed & Bennett are solicitors for  the applicants.  Some sarcastic yarns are being told  in the English papersabout thcYukon,  one going so far as to quote a price  list which includes horse sandwiches  at five shillings each and boiled rubber  boots at ������'2 a plate. A very good picture was published in a weekly magazine depicting the latest arrivals at  Clondike. He was easily seen to be an  Englishman and he was sitting on a  sleelge and chewing sandwiches while  sundry bottles of wine were scattered  around' him. Surrounding him are  represented a crowd of lean, villainous  looking men, some with revolvers anil  some with lumps of gold, both of  wbjcli they oifer for a bite of tbe  food.  Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,  secretary of state for the Colonies, at  his installation as lord rector of Glasgow corporation, contrasted the municipal institutions in GreatBrituiu with  those in the United States. He said  that in New York the government of  5,000,000 people had been handed over  for four years to a party whose object  is avowedly to get the greatest amount  of spoils. Tbe success of the British  system and th,p failure of the American, lie 'ontinued, were to be found in  the different way in which the.* officials  were treated. It was necessary in  order to have the best possible ollicials  that they should be *'irremovablet cx<  c.cpt for gross oU'enees." They "must  Vic '.'selected absolutely without re-  gard to their political opinion anel  must be paid the market price for their  services," G  A very humorous incident happened  In one of the railway offices this morning, says the Free Press of Wednesday: " Two splendid specimens of the  genus���������Albutta farmer, called on the  passenger officials and one of them  inquired the cost of two fares from  Salem, Mass., to an obscure point in  the Territories. Rate books were  looked up and considerable blank  paper was soon bristling with figures.  After about 13 minutes active work  during which a group of farm laborers  under suspicion "of travellingonscalped  tickets stood waiting around for their  turn, the passenger agent' ineiuired  how old were the passengers, ''Would  you need half fare or whole tickets?"  "Well, one of them is two years of  age." was the reply, "And how old is  the othei?" "Nine month." "My  goodness, man, they're free on railroads." and with a look of disgust I he  books were shoved to one side and tbe  agent proceeded to put the llrst alleged  farm laborer in the sweat box.  All Read It  And Read II All���������Every  puge, every column, every  line. Xo paper iu North  Kootenay has one-fourth its  circulation, or is a~ well read  by so many persons as The  Semi-Weekly Revelstoke  Herald. To reach tho people  of North Kootenay its  columns must be used, and in  fact it can boast of what no  other paper iu its district  can. Every busiuess house  in Revelstoke advertises in  it, and are satisfied it brings  results. What better guarantee could outside advertisers ask ?  Its newsy columns, its  telegraphic, its typographical  neatness, its free delivery, its  interest iu. the welfare of  Kootenay,-. are steadily increasing its circulation.  We solicit your business  on the basis of results���������not  from sympathy. "We can  help increase your business.  Write us for particulars.  Z!>e Revelstoke Herald  revelstoke:, b. c.  Towijsite  Changed  Hands ..  Although not much advertising  has been done, Rosebery townsite,  at the heart of Slocan Lake, has  been steadily coming to the front  for the last three mouths.  Wfat Strong Points  ..--..--���������-  ���������...-   Ptoseb~ry_Holds.on  the   Slocan Lake  Rosebery will "have an ore  sampling works in a few months  with a capacity of a 100 tons a day.  Rosebery is in tho ceutre of and  distributing point for Slocan City,  Sandon, Nakusp, New Denver,  Silverton, Enterprise, Three Porks.  Concentrator and Cody, only 12  miles distant from tlie mining  centre of the Slocan (Sandon).  - Ro~ehery is destined to be the  concentrating point.  Rosebery is the sampler point.  Rosebery is the ship yard of the  Slocan.  Rosebery ia the only safe harbor  on the lake.  Buy Lots Now   [f   You Want To- Mat\8 Mon.ey.  Scud at once to tbe general  agent for maps and price list or  any further information.  A. M. Beattie,  con General Agent.  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Tl.e News-Advertiser slates Uutl. the- Lumber Co.'s new store. -The Lai'deini  Liberal party platform will bu made j will fetch guests I'loni Arrowhead .at  public within ti I'ovv elf vs. luill' price.  Mrs.   K. T. Aliey  leaves  for   Rocky |     Mr. .1. ��������� 1 "dward:*,   of ��������� Diiii.Uel,   is   in  Hang Onto  Your Dollai  If you veeiuire���������anything in  lhe shape of a  Fine Razor  Strop  Brush  Mug  Soap  nr  Buy,   Cape.  l)ii'to:i,  N.  S.,   tomorrow  inorniiig to visit lier p.-irents.  -Mr. unil .Mrs. Thos. Sleeel, Miss  (Judge a ml .Miss Mtnslialls.-iy from  Trail, registered tit the Victoria yesterday.  Messrs. Ceivviin nnd Horn are busy  getting tin: Victoria .skating rink into  shape." This vvill In* ti popular resort  this winter for young :iiitl olel. '  S. 1>. Saunders ''arrived from Itevelstoke yesterday liiorning iinel will return on Thursday iicc-timpanied by out.'  of Calgarv's fair'ilangluer.s its- a bride.  ���������Calgary Herald.  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Fares, half price, via SS.  l.tii'iieau.   ������������������,-.��������� ���������'���������������������������'���������   '.  19  -Itutxuv A' NiiitiiiNCiToK,- ;  : l'it6i'iiti:Tiii:s.  , U p-tn-e'.ate Signs ami Ki no I'.i perilling! tig  u specially,. draining, llnrclvvonil l'"Itiislt-,  ing, lCnlsliiiiliiliiu. an.l "iniernl House  Tainting.*.  A'l are Invited  it  Gentlemen, GOc.  assortment and at right, prices at  'anada Drug &  '~^~>    Book Go., Ltd  Chas. It.���������Macdonald, Manager.  Revelstoke : Station, B.C.  LOCAL  AND _0EHERAL   NEWS  An Interesting Budget of Local, Personal  and -General  Items Round  and  About  Revelstoke.  * City Directory���������50 cents.  --"Private box at the Buffet Cafe.  Mr R. Marpole was in town on Monday.  The new C.P.R. round bouse is just  about completed.  The  "overnineiit cold  storage   will  close tliis week for the winter.  '      "Mr. .1. Genelle.  the lumber kins  of  Niikiisp. was in town on Monday.  -    .-*_sOne of Bourne   Bros.' famous alii-  "    minimi healers now at the Bullet.  Snow  pilots are  bi'injr  adjusted  to  all the locomotive's on this division.  '  - Order vour  storm  sash   from tho  '    Revelitoke" Wood Working Factory.  Billv   Hollowav   left yesterday   for  , "Calgary  en route, to  Michigan tor the  winter  ��������� Mr. W. F. Crage left on Tuesday's  train to attend the diocesan synod :it  "Westminster.  Mr. J. H. Graham, gold commissioner  left on  a visit to the coast on Sunday  - evening.  .-Mrs. E. H.S. McLean left on Monday morning on a visit to lier parents  in Hamilton, Out.  -Mr. W. M. Lawrence has opened up  a plumber's shop in connection with  bis hardvv .tie store.  Mr. Thos. IIillier. builder and contractor, left, on a tii]i to Edmonton on  Friday morning.  '������������������'���������Mr. John Ross, of the firm of ���������Barry  e_t Ross, contractors at Albert Canyon,  _%V;is_in_tcivvn.\ie5_tet_d_i^.____^_^ ^_^_  Mr. J. Benson is at Albert Canyon  ariaiiging to put on his puck train of  niiilei to cairy out ore this winter  from the-Waverley mine.  A big ns.-ortment of Cardigan jack-  els, svve.-itt'i-s and jerseys opened up at  our stores. Different stvles anil erratics.  G. B. Hume & Co.  * Coining! 1 coming! two cats of  kiln dtied lumber, lnouldinirs and  house trimmings. Pippy e.": Wright,  opposite Imperial bank.  on Friday lust.  II, is rumored thai, n, prominent government official is about to resign bis  appointment and assume the local  business control of a largo mining  company operating in this district,  whicli will open tin ollice in town  shortly.  Runners have been shipped from  Kamlocips for the sleigli-bus, which  ���������Mr. \V. Cowan intends* to run this  winter and the bus itself is being  built in town. The bus will be .stalled  .-is soon as reiiely and will run every  hour from nine a. in. till eleven p. iu.  During Hon. ClilTurd Sifton's visit  to l*os-.la!iil ti deputation vv.-iiLed on  li in i vviih reference to Judge. Wnlkem's  recent 'adinn in remitting Ihe sentence  of P. Costello. The deputation ttsUatl  for a rigid investigation at the hands  of the government and Mr. Sifton  promised tbat lhe matter should have  serious attention.  Battel son & Co. have opened up a  very cnuifortable tobacconist's anel  stationer's store tuul nevvstancl in the  west, half of .1. R. Hull e_c Co's. old  building. They vvill open a reading  .���������mil smoking room in connee-tion at-  the line:*, of llio store. Their stock of  cigars. tiiliai.-t.-os and smoker's  iiei/ossaries is very extensive awl complete. . r.  A flagstaff has been erected on the  belfry of the school house. Two  pictures of Her Majesty, which were  presented lo Mr. Lineliuark at the  coast, have been framed and bung in  each room and the Union ."lack has  heen draped behind the principal's  desk. The average daily nue'-idance  is about 73. * ' -  Work is going on rtipidlv a I.  the* Hume tuitl power house of the* Rev-  elr-toko Wider, Power ���������.*: Light Co.  The I'.-til of siirvv has occasioned .-.'Hilt'  delay iunci there has been a jjontl (leal  of waiting I'or "material, but Manager  Smith e.\pei-ls lo have every thing  ready by Christin.-i.s. Tbe dynamos  wen."shipped from Peterborough last  vvecl;  WATCH ____���������  *. !���������-. ^mith's  Christmas  Announcement  In next issue.  It  will be   of interest to you.  Agent for the Bliekensderrer  Typewriter  EhhS  4 ������h/4  Successor to GILKER & WELLS  Dealer in Hats, Caps. Boots,  Shoes, Gents' Furnishings, Stationery,  Patent Medicines, Tobaccos and Cigars,  Toilet and Fancy'Articles, Fruits, Etc.  POST OFFICE STORE,  REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  V.T**-r*-^_**"_*r  ' rkWsST  w  yPROVINCIAT/SECRETARY^  ,  ;."y i:UU':' ������������������*'y0^10E.'":;:^>; 'UUUU,  ; His:���������'Ilonbur ;the ��������� Ijioiiteniirit-Oovcviibr has  been pleaseel to make the folio witty appoint-  nieiils:���������      ��������� : ���������,';���������..'''���������.  '.���������'":: ��������� ��������� iy.- ,y yy20tli.Oetobor,18!>7.' ���������  ,",William. .ITeii-.-y-Vi('ke:rs,:3''siiitire:. -MiititiK  l.eee.irtlei-- at'Troxit T.uke, toybe ,ti Colleutor  tiiieler : the "itevonne -���������U-U" unci -a Oollccttbr.  tiniler tho "Iteveiine-Tax Aet,'t .for: the Trout  Lake anel Tjiu-sleatt ".liiiiii^ Divisions of the  W'estKoote'nay '���������Klcctbrnl IJistriet. .���������' '1.: -yy; y  .. :.Frcileriuk -j.'rasery Hsciiiire,:.!.' '"'������������������ .'."lining  Itcc-orilcr; iit'-Hevclstoke. 'to be- n Collector  tineler-llte "Hevetr.te.At't" atiil; the '.'Kevemie  Tax Ac:t,";i'.nil DeptiLivKegistrarof the bounty  Conrtbf Kootenav, holelen at Kevelstoke.' ;:..   *     * ���������- ���������-'������������������������������������������������������'������'���������- ������������������������������������ ���������'--������������������ ���������������������������-.- ���������...-��������� -j7ii_:t  wooi^i^obd]-:;  ./,;\,"'.i'r:-'.'v''--Gu:ar*an.teed;.F^  UU :..y:'.X6rd''Measure?' yyy y. yy.y  U:i The:.uiielerslRneel. Iiiia a jnn?1':i*"Pli*-',������-'  ��������������������������� -lleinloi'k, Sliriico;'l-*ir, ami ������������������l'iiie..\\.eioil fot*  sale.;* Anv .person ���������.Teiiulriiia 'vvooUvyiu.  klntllv leave: theii' orilers vvitlr ..Ir. "v.. Jt.  ���������l.awreuec, -Itevelstoke- Statioti,-or wttli  11..N?Coursier, Front St.; Kevelstoko/   :.v.  y::y-^;:FRA"N'K'yJ.utlAN::::-;'  .DEALERS IN.  GROOERIES AND PROVISIONS  H^v,   FLOUR. AND  FEED :    A FINE ASSORTMENT OF TEA, COFFEE, BISCUITS, SOFT DRINKS ALWAYS,  IN   STOCK.  lTiitf  Messrs. 11. A. and James Cossar  weie in town on Saturday'en route  from Ferguson to Calgary. . Thu  Messrs. Cossar are inlcre-.feii in the  Mineral   Prince claim  on   the   Silv  "i!������i-iiU.--&u:^:i^i^Uiii'i.  '���������^���������.���������vv^'-:-.-V . =-*jSMbx-"*fi'-'-_>l ���������'���������������������������-��������� .--������������������������������������,- .--   ..  ���������> iii&miZ ���������������������������.���������t5_^^^--,*v;;.>,:.i::.'..-, KU'.  p. u^-uuu:-. :uu&*������^^^  iKlW \mKG.*i:ACT;(IS01)^AI^-^DAiK^X  ���������: ^-A:0X;" :tS05,!- (S KG I W^ll^p^p/OF  Xotioc is liereby given".that -ITi.s Iloiio'ur the  Lieulonant-Oovorjiior    iii " Council    litis   boon  . plti'tUoii  to  roiJCrtl tlie regulation of rtlic lit li  day ��������� oi   JJocuinbor, 3S0tj,:.-\-Uh  regard to 'roi ior  iit^alust,'forfoiture owing.to Ihelapsi^orittFroti  -Miner's "Cor ti lira to'-horctofore inJorco; aii'.l'to  inako' "the���������-. folUnving ;'i rognlatio'h:iii':ros]><.*"rt  thereof, such ..rej>oal: ami   new   rogulati(in;to!  take effect on the .K������TH;pAy''iOP,*'XovK������BKR!-3Sl)7'":].  ���������   Any  i������erj*on [or: joint .stock .'compnity, boinir  the .libkleroi any mining -v^ronorty/.tlei-irinj;  roHef.'against, the ferfeituro of;'his or it.s.inter-  ! e.-*t in snt-li property; by reason of ;an;Oiaission  I'clb obtain a ne\\-- free iiiiiier'si-jortitifftte ou'or  before tho dav i-illdwim; Llie��������� os'p'iraliou of; tli^  certifU-Hi..-. sfiiiU" observe "the-following con-  "t!itioii.������_:     ."������������������'.������������������.������������������*���������' ���������' ."**->'-r:v;i:f'-"^.;j"'-:' ' ���������'���������[:''U-.--���������-'',.  \ X: Korthwithuiionascertnining'the expiry or  .his cer.tir-tMiteobtatu'ii new one: ;- ;'������������������'%- -**. "*:-  '2, At.the time of bbtainiajri-uch; new: onrtttW  cate tileLwirh'tlie Heeor-ler issuing th,e'saniO,  and ���������������������������post;. in' tliti1 Keeoni Ofuce,, a. notic.e:bi his  intentiou to apply, for relief: .'-'V  r '?,. .\Vith\n :'���������() days from surh liling-: trunsiuttt  to the; Minister of. Mine.-:������������������ the foUoVin^. 'UieiiT*  meniv- iindfco;��������� ���������>'; .'.:.*���������' z-r^-U. U^-^ri'  (a.) AjMauitory declaration srittinVir forth' the  eirc^:r__.^r-al"lce?";ol 'sueh oin;?*sion. w ith full par-  mmiiif: .proper.ic.*** held by ������>"  Sign Painting and Gilding  Kaisomining-, Paperhangimr, General  House and Carriage Painting.  D.- STAMPER,  Fihst Street East, ItErr.i.-iTuKi*. St.vtiox. H. O.  IVc.have a good supply of  Building  Mate.  8ia  And Lumber  Cut Prices fcr Spot Cash..  Call and See us ...... .  We Can Fix You   REVELSTOKE SAW iVIILLS  Revelstoke Station, B. C.  cVilni-iVil.'iii'id hiCve"^!" t 'finished tin- \ %U^ ^iiut^A"^^^^ vvti" a-r-  as������essiueril work I'or this  year.    1 hey j leisure.-:  are greatlv jileasecl with the property! -n.) A c-ert:ti.*a:.' nailer tbe l.r.n.l e:f the- c;.*M  andVili retiu-r. in the ' pi ing to pro- i OeiininiM=iu:)':-.* or Mir.inti licce.r.'.-r o: .-.���������������:.  ���������Jeocl with itovulopuient.  ~^lloitrNrClli"rk~-"\Vallai*e.*-\v'-i,.l-ftn-ive  here this afternoon and   vvill   he entertained   at   Mr.   Eii.   Adair's   ri'Stilenri  till lodge time.    There vvill he a recep  lion  in   the  lodge  room   at 7:'K). after j  which an At lioine and  dinner will lie; ���������  given.      A   musical   progi-nintno   will  follow* tlu- dinner.    As   Grand   'lastei  of the Orange Older, he will i*.'*- asked  to  grant  a  dispensation   to   open the  Sew-lot Ohapt'jr here.  SyC^Mtabfe  ���������J:' :\ve are the -t-ewt; artists iri the-..  ��������� .."siiftvinK imd~iti"'r-'cti'tii'tiK li������'9 in-V;y :'  ���������':~,::town'. :XX'Aare"enrefui;aiiel -.;sltil-;.; ���������'��������� y  '':v.::'-li.i;'-'*,yill give you a e-onifortable; yyy  ���������;-. - . shave or sltauipi-i.ii or a scientilie; ,-..:-.  :-i:\ ���������: haiv-eiit. ���������,-,.-Kvery,e)i>crat-6r:;.lit.r.e-yy:--;  :':-'-y is-: tin'.iirti������.t.,i^'lSrIslitiP8~?j";l?y'-";;/;''-  'yy/re-ael aiitl no leiiigwaits.; ,-���������  ������������������;:yy,y:-ry  '���������''?���������: -: ,TOBA{('0NIST.  CONFE^lbxETtr'-KTC1:, "������������������-.-.  ������������������Front -St.\-'-''U-'^-u:U'U:\.  division whereim any; of. vTie' said propcrtie-s, i*v  ���������r-ituaiOr that '-"notice* -Viitrt 1-ec-n v>o.-**ied,'arid .-hut.  no tecor*l-j (oiher JhiirsiUor-e nientibned in the  ���������~rn-!T~-T^r^^^".^--^-^  Cant's interest iu t)T������f s-->!d |-roj.(-rs'ieA.hav������r:t  "thade by him d'urintf. the tiint* In ���������w_ntch''-the.-.*  said ''Apj-'iit*f.T:t:-*������tftj" not in pr-s.-e?>;;oii of e valid j  existing-frt.*,.v.!'>incrV.'(s&rtiiicftic'.,'* ���������- J\UU '������������������������������������ \  {i\) A declaration- by the ���������rtopV)(-3.rit;-or"hJs (  acent   dulv eo^nir-anv.-oi 'ih������.i" locaUortof .the i ;���������;    .  Infnrrriat  2   sr-adly  i.Xbvi  Informatipn.Wanted .".M���������-  foriremtne; lUehnrd Lance Vvill  ���������eived '-ViVhis* sister.".; -Address:  4l4-u.,r;"tL*ajbvt.j ,-> o r_iLtiiiits--CQi.'_ii ty^  '���������        ������������������'-���������:''-' .;���������.'".���������     : 7*������������������-'-.:filialm  JAVING- sccuved Uie.services'of a. First Class Plumber,-  1    we xvo\M invite the atteiuioti of the Revelstoke public *  to die fact."" Estimates given on all kinds of plumbing work'. ���������  Baths,.closets and water connections under the most improved  and  modern   style,   and  subject   to   the inspection   of Uo  Sanitary Board ,of British  Columbia.     Having years of experience   in   furnace   work,   we   are ��������� in   a   position to give  estimates and make all materiil in   first class -style for the  .erection of same, aud will be pleased to give advice either in  erecting  of   new   or  in   renovating   and   remodelling   old  "Tiirnico^  ALL .WORK   GUARANTEED  Jlfl  Am*  Hardware Merchant  McCarty   Block, Pacific Avenue, Revelstoke Station  Revelstoke.  Wood Working Factory .  I'iri'V A WKTGHT, 1'soI'KU.tors.   -    . wiml.-iw-and. Door-Frames  y ,Invthe Matter of the'-Land Acty .,;;  >'otic:e iirhtrubv ijiven that Miciia._'l Graely,  'fV;' I e*i :St. lew Hm Sj.rings, in the .Ustrict of  ���������':"-.! vr _-.   .. ���������  "m''^tl'e_(,-''_-,i-'"Si;t,''T.;'-'-it's i.roi-t-TtIi.'s  ar;<i 'thei K'M,"'-r-ft5--t!;" ������������������',viier,,rtf''TjJl"113St tiroup Ono,  Irter' fa.-s   a4^it.tt'^  "arrbc.1 thcre������^d"oI< ah-^n'tr.r.leel-hiri^e   :������ fln3"s {r"T'! th������ !'.r_.i-I.til.li<-atlim.of.tIiis nijtice.  l_U-.it  s-neli  oiaiiri*).'el">-not (e-xcept as iii.rte -���������.)) ������r?i "U^W���������'.?^PV'i?!uuC 'tf    '^I'1  therein smt^lle-cnilir-tv-itli eir e>vViriaT. nnycf -f'r. Of ��������� e-Mtili-tliment -of^ a. piihlie:   W������hvvay  thc-projKirrte-V(th, a,.r,li.:ant:-    ;,��������� V-   -..   ;, i j ^T^UU;U^J^^^^M^^  (ni) Tfcemim of live;-dollar.* -...'.   Mr. J. A. Mtit'.-i was in town on Men-     '-"���������' "���������' '���������"���������" ���������*������������������������������������ -  ilnv.    Slii-iikinir to the  IlmiAI.I)   nhnut   . T;"' Mjul-te-- "! Mi'"--*  3>ay ih.-.-.-t-.'.:, t;lvf  lhe   ri-i-eut   a{.poi.,t....-ut--   Mr.   Mar,. dSi'^lu!!;,.!"'K "l^Uln'-^-^i,'  ..lid   that   iiUlic)tit;ii   ill-.   Teinplenian   runfurin with tl.e-Iiue- nf it." fipir-'-linti <,' iii������ ���������  I was I'.ii deiulit a    -tiiiln'Mli*   Si'le'i-tioti   for ! !i'-!'-'"l e. rt'lieiii-.-. nnel  ie,.i  t over I/Ot.  II  I K<-e-e>rjl!r.'; :       ....  r-rjliei   e|������;.,j-'lt-.ii III tl  .*!.;n.  iJBTCel  I miei   s.i. ,-,-j .,. .,,- .......  i.Stpe; of the Chief Ceim-  -- ,iner',Ve-.r).-s at Vie-lorin:-_���������:  itukc, British Columbiu, 9th  V. ������;.^r/Sl'JtAOOK. ?' ���������'"  ���������..������������������.pl-itokeHtatloii. B.f'., ���������:���������  ;...r the salel Mle-hae;! ejrnelj-.  that townsite*.  t OnionE and r.-'.Minfre 1 We have at  present a largo lot of iir.-t class onions.  .Vou should put in vour supplv at once.  Prices are low.    V.' XI. 11 nine .-c Co.  The train from the cast was fifteen  hours late last night. It is reported  lhat the delay was duo to the collapse;  eif a bridee acioss Bow river about  .five miles this side of (.'anmore'.  - Mr. W.-H. Viekers, tniiiinpr recorder  ancVc-ollector at Trout Lake, has heen  in town for the past cotinle of days.  Trout Lake- City is veiy c|tiii;t this  winter and only a few ju-nspectors aie  wintoriiiit there.  Miss Francis World ami Miss Marietta   La Dell   went   through   for   the*  .'���������outli em  .Monday.   They aie  hooked  for a concert in the Mothndi_-t   church  " here on the evening of Thanksgiving  -Day, >"ov. 25th.    .  Mr. ..Jas.. Gill,  book-keeper for   W.  - M. Lawrence's hardware* store, will  buy fin-? here this   winter.    Mr. trill is  'an oid hand at the liusiue.-s. linvinir  boiifcht furs for sonic . time past in  Southern Alberta.  j- Kev.' F. A. Ford left to r.ttend the*  'diocesan synod at Xew V.'cstiiiinster  - on Monday. He -will either ���������return  himself in" time to take* the services  next .Snnday ..or will make* arrangements for some other clergyman to  fill his place.  Tlie   commissariat 'storo."whicli  the  .'C. P. R. intend C'stablishing   here,   is  meant to supnly the   dining c-ars tuul  steamers.ind riot to sell goods to C. P.  R. employes.    It   is   pos.-ible: that no  ���������and arid by it havcaKti iliiltilied lin-i:  fi-ee-pieiit iientini.-i.itions, while' out eif  eillici*. of the appriititiiit'tii. to setuilor-  ships of uusucc-e.-.sl'nl ear.di.lali-s for  the Iki'.innt.'ns.  Application will lie made   to   Parliament, next fics'sion. fn'rnn act to incur-  CESTJFiOATECFIMPROyEMEHTS!^.-!:���������;:.  coi'i'i:n i':hov.k mikf.ic.m. f*i..\i_M.  Sltiint**. in the nii;i-.iIle\vnct-'"MIrilne.Division "of  West KcioteVnay Ulstrieet.    where ioe-ate_.I: \rrz  Iteinj?���������a  nortlierly  extension   ujion ;thc  Silver l*ow mineral* claim.    :' ���������]  \ pl-.'-e 'ii.ii.",  ���������I :s;. i.eejn He  I*iotice,  ',-, nveri, that <" el'i)'6 oft1:.-  <.,,;,t*- to tlie Clile-I t'nmmls-  ���������ti.el '.Veirlc I" *>'* nlli'Wft.I to  . - ..f lane_l,<'sItiiHf.-..l near the  t'i's, l'!,r.,T-Vrro-.v!.nkt', in the  - K....t"iiay M-trl'-t. II.''. anil  .- .I'-'cribml n������ fi'Uii-.v-s: e.'e.ni-  ��������� i,KrJ:i>*l -Iiiitli*.! I'ost" pliint-  i .me ������������������ e.f -al'I lati'I; loeiie-e-  ;,.-?!..<��������� en-t " r|ialn������: th.'ltee  , ���������ln-tii'.* v.es*. ."J ctialll*) tei llie  '"'"    r-itttieel)   M. viKADV.  ',.-. -tlii e>ct.1" w.        a-oetl-t  m.  Titr: R. T.vri'i  made to ordc  Store and Office Fixtures.  All Kinds of Sashes and  Doors in stock. Odd  Sizer. made to order.  ijfiim.vu-Oi'P Tiir. Lou'.Kit.  lY.vttl)  Revelstoke Station, B C.  Rhodesia restaurant  A  ^ and BOARDING H0U3H,  e*eiIlNT.l: Of Hr.re.Nri Ftk.'.f.t ,vnii  i nneiN avi:m'K,  Ki" V t5 Ij S i. OKI1 S TAT! C N.  KS'CI.IHH COOKI.N'tl ttniicr thfstii'':riiiti;nil-  e:ne''-' .if Mr.-. Ijipiveirth.  Iiltilin.' r.eii.in attend.:.1 to iiersonallj- by 1 lie  t-reiiirlL'ttir.  MEALS  AT  ALL HOURS  (:ieanlii>ei.-s nnel civility our motto.    Terms  ineiiie-rale.  'i'mtiKtl A. J. I.AI'VVOI'.'ni   J'reiprii'tor.  First Claas Oance Hull To Lot  Is found by Housekeepers   who   use  fc'?:  McQlary's Fanioiis Stoves  Application will lie" made   to  Parliti-I       weit  isi"jH'nav in*iu.-i.     ������������������.,���������-    -   , _.    .  ment. next ses-.-ion. for an act to inc-oi- VW* ,,*T,tr^fVa?���������"1''"   ,'1,0:,      'CL, "      _���������       - ,    *   porate   tho   'Hritish    Patilic   Pi.ilwuy!    tki1������' noVii*  lhat ���������}.-%-������"'; ?<���������..������. ar'-ii-a.! C f i~./~* V>> A1TM       HaHOA J able f.iini,l.ed with the.'choicest, tlu*  Comnauy. with power to  i-onst rtiil.  ,-t,   t.r-.-.it for the- r.-h  Kiver t*e.j,,,.r :ml  .-*iU.-r ! . ^ ? | Ji    K 11 < 1 * \ ' 1       ffj S 8 ! J vf* intn Uct al.ord.s.    Leht \\ me:-, Liquors  railvvav from Vici-ui... Brit i-1,  Coiu.n- \}\\$������������ U"UU KnT ''".';���������"* lUW*1' -U j "* *^*^J-      ''^ U^^ un������l Cigars.    Large: light heel   rooms,  bin. to*\Vinnipr*g.   Mi.nitnlm, vi., Iliite!^^ J.   * i������rt Stone, Proprietor. Rates : *1.00 a day.    M.mthly rate.  ��������� ���������'    '->--:-"'. I -I..'.-.-i,,. .m..j, h. .',���������- tin; ;nir:ii'-e of o'j.i-iinlt.v'!  ._L _���������  ���������      _ ���������  "'", <���������>.'    '"i   fnl'.'t, Caiiiuio. Ivlinrinton -.mil I-*rin  Albert,with a. branch line liutiiitiK  through the Ca-_si,ir ji riel Yukon districts anel a brant-li down llio valleys  of the Ciinne. Columbia anil Keiotenay  rivers. to tbo -Hltli ptivaliel of latitude,  with iiow'ir tei ptu chase, lease, anil  aiii.-ilir.-imtiti* or make running ariatigi-  i neiils wilh existing line-.-, or com panic-.,  on the line of lhe proposed railway, or  connecting therewith.  No little local interfst att.i'be'S to  the following from the Denver Republican : For siiviiil days managers  of till the smidte.rK 'Troin Texas In  British Coliiinliia have been conferring  intbiscilywit.il a view of the promotion of all the; inti'it'sls of mining  and smelting. There appeals' to be a  uu.minium; deleimination to ili-visri'  boine: humus, if iior-.-sible, to obtain the;  true in.'irki't price; fur. their products'  instead of I.be; doctored mid instti'licieiit  (A inti.rove.'tu'-'r.t.s. for the jiurt-osc ol o>j1h.Ih  a t-rowii grant of tlio nhov.-t-Jaim.  *r,<l furth.;r U'cej "rioti.M* that, fte-ti.oa, ..;n.I.:'.r  ,l������^l  in cold weather.  We can save you money on  Heatinp and Cooking Stoves. It  will pay you to call and examine  our stock.  BOURNE BROS/ Stoves and Hardware,  REVELSTOKE STATION.  ~7  1  p.*':tini~ :J7. mu*t r)t> fominfitipfj.'i bofnrft the-  ftrw:-"* nf Kiich ciirt-ifhsitfi' of t rn proven*. I* nw.  Th\u.(\ ilii.*' '������iih dft'v'of Sor������(-������mber������*lS07.  -  ioi*tw ' ������������������"������������������'   --������������������ ������������������ '     ��������� ��������� ���������  ;- ���������'  K-frtU-  \   i   H*  ?r"2s  ���������   SILVER HOW JIIN-EKAI. Cf.AlM. ..'__    ���������   ���������_    ������i.   ,  ^������_  ���������    ���������-������������������ i_^"*'" ���������% n rn  tati'.in tlicnili;e?nieivviie:t-.Mtniriif.Division of-     A     ,   ������*&   ,*?���������*.     ������  Wcsl Kon,ie*.iiii',v I������I_!trii:t.'   Where l������i.-r.lfltl::'l J&trz&JSa&a i.,^  J2,s  Si tii  . f>:i Copper I'ca'k.  Take riotioc-  tl-.ia T, *\Valter s.Mti, a.-:i*,  n^ont for thi; Kis!i  Kiver; c;e'ij,y,e>r anel  TO  j-Ca  ������S$&^������ few? - ur^ i O.-aii-W \jA  ';,tIimr,ro"ve.mc'tit.i, for lliiVpurr:"'"' nfol.nuii.ua ...-----  ___���������,---   a erewu ttrjin.t of .the nt;'.'ve "'.^l'1*,,,,_   ,,���������,,,��������� | _.���������_ -~  - ���������--���������-,- ^-_-****r**-  THE  Te> Hf-'curr* one; uf lliose desirable*  loin    CIIKAP   im   the* .G.'* &��������� K.  .Steam Navigation Co.'s site.  Donl.  wait  till the  boom  hits  ir  the  (own  in  the: spring like; a  fyel'ine. but  RIIY NOV%'.  HAIG & CRAGE,  Sole Agents.  ���������>': -Dealers: in: -all ^mds^o^^^^^|-^tt  Ami fnrthi'.r tnlci:  imliee-tiint action, uniler    -  soctieni   :;;.   nuwt   lie.  reirame'iiMel   t,"fi>r._v lho  issiiiUH'o of snetli cmillot tt'i of iin|.rovome:i-.t..s.  l-iiitt-rl IV.is'Otli eliivofSc.'j.tL'inl,er, IS'.iT.  2o0tj,v     : ^ yj__ __���������  OOlTEft it ILL. min-i-:i:.\Ij claim.  Situate in thee nie:"ill';w(i'-t :.riiiint_: Division of  '.V^t Keiolonivv Dislrict. Where io-ati-il:  T.'-'itiK   a ���������sontlierly oxtonsion    tijmn   the  insleael of l.beeleictiirecl itml lns'.iiiiciein. i.._-iiiS   ���������.  .,., ^..,       quotations  now   ftimt.slii_.el   bv c:e-it;un . KHver How miti.jrai Maim.   u          .���������  Aevy York jobbers in tbe case of 1-,k1. ^,^1* '^ 'i^^'^^^.^^fv^   '  '**   *"*'' ������in    U'hv M'i-olii,r. r:r... I.te!., Free Miner's  CiTtUli-nti; Xei.  .(.������. MI  id it. is  -...-���������.,.....   ..    ,u   ..,    .....  . i.uei ii, i.s   lii'lieveil   that   through  new building will hi* put up for the ' i:one-i;i-ti'd action on the pari-of till lend  purpose this fall, but oneof the til- j .smelt era juslie ���������.!��������� can be obtained in this  i-e*ady existing warehouse's utilized for I important mat ter. The same is true  the purpose.       ., ' of silver.  Pm- in st al ice, there is  no  reason   vvhv ;,fh__.,,..''f.r,.','i_ii!., Free Mi'ie-r**' 'tVertille-ntt. x.  the market,.price* in New York  should fnl'.u, Intenel, r.o .lays from the,.rtnie lioreof, t  notjie quoted daily at. $! 25 iiistetatl nf Tt^^U^!V^1^:lyU^^  ���������   -i   ...   -~    l...l,,.���������,���������l    ,!,.,!.    throutrh ,, ,.re,wn cr-lllt of tht- tlViv.; e-!.iln,.  r#  rreivvn fr-int of the- a>,'.v... e-l.ilni.  Anil further lain* tiotie.- that aetiem, unelur  se.Plion '���������','. Iilltvt. I.e eotnnii'lieeel l.efore the;  i.l-lliiTlf:!!, eif ;oie.;i e-e."lil.eat;.'' of i mt.rf.ve.'ntotlt.-.  Ini!e;i| this Ll'tli 'lay of Keptctnber, 1MI7.  "lOtlV  ��������� v:-'  PADriT.l-, 'AX 1.1  l'ACK Ilflltf'  AI.AVAYB !  lIIItK.  ���������''       (������  tli  PIONEER  LIVERY--���������-  Foed and Sale Stable of Iho L-irdeau ar.d Trout Lake District  &  KltEIGIITINO  A>T>  TI'.AMIXO  A   SI'KCIaLTY.  Funeral Directors and Embalmers.  Upholstering anel Ilepair Work ft Specialty. MbII Orders given Prompt Attention.  OKGAXS AKD riANOS.  ARonts for I'.avmoncl Sowing Muchinc, Mantifapttircrs' Life Insurance Society, Union Firo  - Iri-iiirance Co., Provincial Building .&.Loan Association.  E.-_E~~vr"_E3x.srJ?o"K:'_B   sar^.Tio'isr,   *b. a.  THE.  Haily i-u.,:..K,.v<������ Thomson', I.������...Hni. .**ery ,norn������nB nt 7 o'cloek fcr Trout Lake City.  Vot purliouhirs write  CRAIG to HILLMAN, Tuo-wos's Landing.  ootenay  "Lumber  Co.  Limited   Liability.  All Kinds of Rough and Dressed   LUMBER  At tlie''eompany's store is carried n, full  stock of General Merchandise. Miners'  Supplies and Outfits at close rates.  R. TAPPING,  .GMAlPLLX, B.C. I' ������* Ar-p-oi-iiEAD. -'- A      t for Revelstoke  Telecir-ith io Comaplix. 6


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