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Revelstoke Herald Sep 25, 1897

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 _������*." "j  -ISSTTIEID   a?-V7"ia*El-^--V*7-EEIC~T^"E]"_ID2!T-E3BIDA.-32rS    -A-ZEST-D    SATU-EoDAYS-  Vol. I.    No. 71.  REVELSTOKE, B.C., SATUREJA^, SEPTEMBER 26, 1S97.  - liii  $2.00 a  Year in Advance.  ^SS^JiiSSSS^cS^r^^?QSjrfj?.S<ifiii  Groceries  Liquors  Cigars  Crockery  rHK "rat thlrs wiao p op'e thick of ������  when oreleiini. ironls hy mnil is llio <s  capacity for business of those ihey write V<.  to. Tho rcimwtle n wo enjoy for prompt- JS  ness n.iikui our Mull Oi-din- triuiii for^e *  nhe.iel n.1 n Bra'.i'ying rale. V\  Our Epoclallics -i���������e��������� ft.  Dry Goods g  Boots and Shoes |'  Men's Furnishings ft.  Tailoring &  Dressmaking gi  Requests for prico 1'sts nnd'samples &  rec_.lv.; prompt attention. SJ  Q  I  Hudson's Bay Stores, ^'  .for Coal or Wood  .Calvary....  KS^tS^^^iiCS^A^S^^^Ss^.  Haig" & Crage  NOTE AND COMMENT  Base Burners  Box Stoves  French Ranges  Cooking Stoves  Stove Pipes, Elbows,  Etc.  Sole Agents for  eveistoke  nsite  MINING,  FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE  (? HAS. R. CARLYON,  BAFiniSTER-AT-LAW,  SOLICITOR,  AND NOTARY_PUBLlG.  Otliet-.:   r.oor.is .1 axel 2. Tool Block, Ilcvol-  Htoko. 11.0.  A  RTHUR G. M. SPRAGGE,  Barrister. Solicitor.  &c.  Notary Public.  Ofilcc iipsta',i-3 in Smith's block. P.icU'c Ave.  Revelstoke Station. B.  C.  Stoves set up free of chtivge.  full  line   of  Heavy Shelf  Hardware.  Pennsylvania Blacksmith's Coal.  If recent utterances of the Colon..-!-  are to be I;nken .seriously I he government does not feel itself in anyway  hound lo bring down a redistribution  bill this c nniug session, which is  i'qnivaleiit~lo .saying Unit the next  provincial election will be ."run with  lhe present constituencies. It is quite*  possible. The present distribution of  seals suits the government, very well.  Tho lask of rearranging iheni without  adding lo tlio number of members  woultl tie both delicate nnd dangerous.  Wherever a constituency lost a mum-  bur, the government might have lo  reckon wilh a loss of a supporter uud  there would be no guarantee, that the  new constituencies would be favorable  to lhe government simply on the  grounds tbat it created them. Those  are very obvious considerations, to  which the lli'iiAl.Ti called the attention of the opposition some months  ago. Tho force of out- conclusions is  by no means weakened by the fact  that instead of redi.stiibuting the seals  to suit themselves, lhe government  hus discovered that! thoy are suited  already and moan to, lot well enough  alone. .Their disregard of whatever  the opposition may do or say is onlv  more glaringly apparent.    Thai is all.  TROUBLE IN FERGUSON  The  Result  of  Misdirected   Patriotism  and Bad Whiskey.  Last Thursday the usually peaceful  town of Ferguson was grout ly disturbed by n fracas which occurred in lho  Balmoral Hotel, owned by Ciiniiniugs  Bros. ClilT Crockett, who is running  tho Hotel Foiguson in the absence of  his father, and two others called Morgan and Ike Windlo, ��������� all hailing  from the. land of Uncle Sain, iil'le.r  (illing up on Orockelt's whiskey, made  up their mine's that lho British domination in the camp had got In cease and  to eli'i'cl, their object proceeded to tho  Balmoral Holel' anil comment-oil lo  liini themselves looso. The proprietors nn'urally objected and Hit;  result was a considerable scrap in  which knives were drawn and i hero  was niui'li smashing of glass and bar  furniture. Information of the Irouble  was laid before Hugh Macpherson, .1.  P., at Trout Luke. City, and hi* lias  sworn in Alex. Gainer and Pat Koeno  as specials anel put iheni on the tracks  of lhe perpetrators of the outrages in  Iho B.ilmoial Holel, all of whom have  skipped lho lown, ono maltimr foi  Kaslo and the other two for  Bay. Fred Fraser, .1. P., left  dav to investigate the matter.  COMING, COMING. COMING 1  The Great Mctropolitica.1 Melodrama of  Western Life.  Tho now nielotlriiinn.of Western life,  "Lost  in   New   Denver, Ij.  C," is  described bv coinpeleiil  critics as  the nit  of lh  Will In Walla Wa  THE POET OF THE SERIAS  On the Situation on the Golden, Frozen  Klondike.  Tn   his   last   loiter   froin    'Klondike  Jonquiii   Miller,   the   California   poet,  says:  Bourne Bros.,  General Merchants.  ���������.������������?'  Rubber Goods  tintl  We  ll eal  of client  make onr pal-  WHITE  &  SIBBALD,   -.  Mining and Real Estate J^rokers, _.  '   Notaries Public, Etc."--   --,���������"  Moncv to lotin til lowest rdio.  i-"iro iiiMir.-iiii-e in li'.'-t companies-.     ' -.  llautf Office opptihito Union Hotel.  GAMBLE  &  O'REILLY,  ClVIl. EXGlNl"Elts*.   PjlOVIXCl.Mj Laxc  SlJHVKYOKSi  Accountant!! anil Gcner.il Agents,  Noison nnel lios-dantl, West Koolenay,  Ilritish Columbia,  F, C. C.A.Mi'i.F., 1. P.. M. In.st. C. H-, M. Can. Poo.  C. K., 1". Ij. s'. for 11. e:.. (late Resilient Engineer Department of I'ulilic Works in  Otiiia.la in II. (:.,) Nelson, 1!. C.  1-RAKI1" J. O'lil-.IM.Y. .W0C. J I. IllSt. C. I-!., P. T-. h.  for li. C, 1Uis=1.--.ii.1, II. C. SJlytf  "^-^"ROBER r-SAMSONr   Dealer in Wood.  Dr.iTlnB Rnd  Peiii iry Work ti  specialty  at  lowest prices.''  Teams always renely at a moment's notice.  Agent for lho Stand ird Oil Company.   -  J.    R.    HULL-&   C O.,  Eucces-ors to Hull Bros. " Co.,  Butchers anel Wholesale andRotail Dealers  >.     I   Eo^i*, Pork. Kto.  KAMLOOPS   and   flEVE'-STOKE.  All ordcra in our iino promptly filled.  J.' D.^CAMPBELL,  Accountant and Auditor.  Boeiks kept anil accounts collected.  Iluslness solicited mid -satisfaction guaranteed.  ��������� V.cferonce.-i if required.  White "Sihbald's oflice. Ssotf  A. T. NOXON,  WATCHMAKER  All work Rtiarnnteoel.  Orders by mail promptly attended to.  jIt R. S. Wilson's TAilok Siior,  REVELSTOKE  STATION, B C.  MRS. R. L2ANG,  DRESSMAKER,  -Smelter St., Revelstoke Station.  There is .'  in rubber  ron.s safe  by  buying only the  b'.'.-t goods iii" the   best makes,  unit will guarantee tlie ipiality  of     anything     in     Ihia    lino.  ���������Special care given to   .  ^^=-_ SYRINGES  All the: l.-tlest improvements,  iind .ill the bt'sl. no mailer  how e-li-.-ap the price may seem.  FOUNTAIN   SYolNGES���������  1 Quart  SI 25  2 Quarts    SI 60  O Quarts   31,75  4 Quarts Si.00  Mail Orders have quid" allen-  . tion.  The McDowell-Atkins-  Watson Co., Lid.  "THE   DRUGGISTS,"  McCART"? BLOCK.  Ceo. T. Mallory, Msr-. Kevelstoko ISr.inch.  -^A-T-e-HES-^-  '    1347 R6SERS BR0S.'  KNIVES  FORKS     _���������    ������    ������    ���������r  Ar G_1Y BARBER'S,  Watchmaker and Jeweller,  C. P. R. Watch Inspsc'tor.  Xr-XT Uoon to Po-sT Office-  PATRONIZE HOME IMDU3TRY-  Oo to ottr ninrkct gardens, (tot  yenir proelttee fresh, anel good  value for your money.  R. TAPPING, Revelstoke  The Pioneer Brewer  ji  of Kootenay   THE REVELSTOKE BREWERY.  A. Me6_,IRE & (JO.,  0 iviioi.ksai.i: i>n.<.i.i:iis i.\-  Vegetables, Fruit and Hay  SALMON ARM, B.C.  Write for prie-os.   AVe are.- now prepared to ship  potatoes anil other vi-i;otaliles in iiirloael  iltllltltitivs  III  I lie  lowe'Nt prie-o  ein the  intirltct.   Soml  in your orders ami  ui- guarantee siili.sfai-llon,  *6Ctf  See that your  Name���������  Occupation, resilience anel nelver-  li-Joinoiit api-..'ar< in tlie i'itv  PuiniTiiiiv nml M.ir of To\vn-_itk.  now hol-.iK ciunplleel by K. P.  I'otlipie-e-o. This will In* Hi-: llr-l  comploto eliroe-torv of Keve-ist'i'ic  c-ior pitl-li-ilioel. It will cenittiin  the' niitiie.-- of all the residents' who  nn.* of itjri'. thoir ot-t-iii-ntioii and  lilatoeii* ro.sieionci--: ti iirilo-ttp of  llie e-itv��������� il-t leie^iitlon. rosouri-e-s,  biisIiie-M*s house.s. e-onimcre-iat itti-  purtAiii'i.. I-sile-'l yearly. One  thousand i-opios���������1st e-dition���������on  or about Oi-teib.-r Im. s;il.si-ri|iti.>n  price. Mi i-ciii'. A.leIr.-->: Citv  IIIUKCTOI:V, !t.jv.'Ialoko. H.C.  The fact of the mallei-is���������Ihero is no  opposition in lhe ordinary noeeplancc  of the team at all. There is a handful  of members in lhe Ii.c-nl legislature,  who recognize IMr. Semlin iis their  loader und who make a blnft.-tt playing  at boing lhe opposition in the house  and there is a largo number of very  angry .-iiicl (li.-giinlc-d peoplo in -the  province, particularly iu "Coolenay.  who lo a mail have no use. for Mr.  Tinner and bis colleagues, iltit between those two bodies there is no  pai lieuliir t onneclion. Tho oppnsil ion  iu lho c-o'.inlry takes no slock at all in  lho opposition in lhe house and the.  opposition in lhe house, tin not seem to  think il worth while lo make common  rau-iu with lhe opposition in tlio eonn-  Iry. Hence tlie government can alVord  io lake'no nolice'eif cither. * Given a  strong loader of tho opposition with  tho voice; of Uie country behind him  and there woulel be no moro. talk of  the government burking redistribution  As there* is a very weak slmelowy kind  of opposition leader, in whom tho  country has no coitiiclence at all. Mr.  Ti.rnor and his government simply do  whal they please.  Caleiia  yo.slor-  Iteras  of  TERRITORIAL'  the Ranching  Trout Lake is to have a newspaper.  Messrs. Currie anti Langst'ilf, of Now  ["onver. are -the promoters. They  have made satisfactory iirr.<ngeinenls  with the townsite company and let a  contract for the building*on Vancouver slivet. They expect soon lo get  out Iheir first issue. Mr. L-.ingst.-ifl.'  will bo  editor.  BIRTHS  Kei.i.btt���������At Arrowhead on Sept. 22,  the' wife of John Kellett, of u  daughter. -  MARRIED.  -McNisisn��������� KniESKL���������At   Golden,   on  tho   21st   inst.. nt the  Presbyterian  Mans!?,   by  Kev.  J.  C. Stewart, W.  McXeish. proprietor of tbe Columbia  ��������� Ilouse   to   Miss   Elizabeth   Kriesel,  ,.  both of Golelen.  DIED  Roiiixson���������At Revelstoke'. on Sept.  ���������.i'i, the beloved wife of Mr. Baxter  Robinson.  for Albert Canyon,  Wages, $2.25 per Day.  Work all winter.   Apply  sGc&x^ BARRY  &   ROSS.  aiigij.f  Your Advertisement   '  In The Herald  Brings Result-"  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE, No. 1653.  A/R       -Regular ni-'ctings Brc he'd in the*  j2_������*-^ Oddfellow...' Hdl! on the sccoia ai tl  *\~&r* fourth W.dns ficvA ol e_at:h month at  *MC������������ 7:."������p m.   Visiting brc  ">      iovitecl.  E. Adair, W.?<I.  tig brethren oidially  T. j. Graham. R. S.  T.    A BR I EL,  ".-Airu.sp. n.r.  Real Estate, Mines and Insurance  For intcriiiiUioa on m:ncrol claims on  Cariboo creek, write at once and g'-t nar-  licnlat-y. *2Snutf  Interest  from  Country.  Edmonton is coinmone-inir to be  strictly in it." A gentleman reprosont-  ing eastern capital is negotiating with  the town for llio-pitrchase of the Edmonton Dislric-l-.i-iiilway charter, wilh  ;i view of building nt once from lOtl-  nionton to Oltl Port Assiniboine. on the  Peace River, thus forming tlu*. lirst  link in the overland route to Yukon  by the Peace and Nelson rivers, fort  Assini'.ioine is iiboul in the same latitude north as the mouth of IbeHkeena  river. Tho. new com pa ny will place: a  lino of steamers on lho A.h.-'.basca,  Slave tind Mt-Tvoiv/.ie. rivers. Al lho  same time conies the news-tbaL the  government oil borer has si ruck oil nl  the Pelican 1 lipids of tlio . Athabasca  river about KID miles below tho_ Athabasca Landing. Tho siu'iac: indications point) to the; existence of the  most extensive oil lielels on lho continent, and'capital litis long boon wailing to learn llie' result of the experimental borings, which have Jieon conducted for some time past by the government, lo slop in and develope. This  will mean another railway al least iis  far as the Athabasca Landing in tho  near future, and the opening up of a  district, whose enormous natural  resources aro only dimly suspected at  present.  Plaindc'iiloi', South Edmonton : A  confirmation of tho reports of big  placer finds on the upper Peace river  have eoiiie from a B.i'tlo river Indian,  vvho piissed through hero on his way  homo a few clays ago. The Indian was  in the party of Inspector lieeston, of  tho-Hudson's-Biiy���������Co..^who-iis-oii_ti  lour of inspection of the company's  posts in Athabasca, district. Tlio inspector went west to Forl'Sl. John,  where there was considerable excite-/ 'b������ J*'1,1,1 *-',in  ment over gooel pay dirt struck in thej P'J,';'5"0  vicinity of Reindeer mountain.  W. Patterson, leader of the Ham  ton party bound lor the Yukon, ivnsl  drowned"at Grand Rapids on the Athabasca on Aug. 151st. It appears" that  tbe party had been misinformed as to  tho river at lho rapids iind look the  lelt hand channel instead ol" the right  hand. Liingworthy's party saw them  .-ind tried to warn them into lho right  bantl channel but without avail. Apparently thoy did not know that" they  were as ne:ir the rtipiels us they wore.  Patterson was asleep in the bow of the  boat, which .stuck fast against a large  rock shortly after entering swift  Wilier. The jolt threw Pattor.son overboard. His companions threw a board  lo him and he reached il but was e:ar-  rietl down the r->pids and drowned.  The men remaining in lho boat and the  boat and cargo wei-e brought olf from  their perilous position by parties who  saw them from lhe shore. The party  intend to return and give up the trip  for this full tit any rate.���������Edmonton  Bulletin.  Two members nf the Alpine club  and there Swiss guide have just completed the exploration of a considerable region hitherto unknown except  to tbe ' geological survey, ' about -10  miles northwest of Laggan. near tbe  summit of tlio Rockies in Alberta.  They discovei-c-d larger mountains,  loflie.'r peaks and more extensive ice  fields than any in the Hooky Mountains proper. " The mountains form  two ranges running north, which the  gentlemen in question propose to  name thn Fresh lie! el and Balfour  ranges respectively. The peaks in  these ranges average tliu tremendous  height of from 11.0UO to 1.-5,000 feet elevation fiom the sea.  io season. J.II0 Wnll.-t W.-t  tail, it Washing'on society .i'.'tnnal  .s.iy.s: The llrst scene rises upon an  oxtjnisilo picture of rustic life  eiilillod  MOIININU  OX  THIS   I-'AIIJI  nt Isaac Crook, a llouri.-hing settlement  near the city of Rovolstoke, 1". C. All  is peace and (iniel activity, but alas  the cloud, of grasping capitalism soon  blackens tbe calm horizon. A book  agent aL Now Denver bus soltl the old  man a largo chi-onio lithograph entitled "Moses in the I'lili-'isbes" and L.iken  a lien on lhe. fiirm. A letler arrives  announcing his mercenary intentions.  Uo will  j'-JItliCr.OSH TOJfOHKOW  tmloss tho heroine promises hint lier  lovely haml in wedlock. Slung by tho  despair of lier poor old parents and  nerved by her own approaching fate  lhe heroine makes a great resolve.  Sho will leave. She epiiut seclusion of  the farm nntl seek lo raise tho needful  money by singing I'or charily in the  BTltHliTS  HI" -."I-.*"   IlKNVEI".  Tho next act discloses her at her self  appointed task. It is ,-i gloomy night.  The wind howls and snev.v'is fulling.  Overcome wilh want of ft mil unci  weary wilh troailingall day tlio stony  si roots of lho gay anil liuartluns metropolis, sho sinks exhaust eel al. llie. door  of the Dingbat saloon, lint be-!p is  near. The hero, the gallant young  tlopiity-assi.st.-iut - undor-secretary of  stale for the Lanark - mine, throws  open lite ilnor anel ' stopping Forth  catches sight, of the prostrate body.  Tall anil handsome, his . yellow  loggings gleam iu llu* palo moonlight  as iu: stoops lo raise ber. Her ilelii-ions  niiiltorings furnish liini with a clue to  her s.id story. 'Ti- but tho work of a  minute to snatch Ihe beauteous form  to bis arms, to stride across the street  with bis lovely burden and rouse llie  douching villain of 11 book agent,  whoso oii'ico is jusl opposite?.  ���������'OltAttViSlI    MOXK\-OUU1j������F.H   TAKB  llAOK.VO'Jlt  CiOIjIJ "  bo cries, thrusting a largo gold brick,  which ho bus .jusl ptirebr.si.'tl fiom .-in  aged Siwash child nl Revelsloke, into  tiio bands of lhe avaricious minion of  11 soilless e-orpc)ralion.cau:l turns to  seek food anti sheller for tliu inanimate, though still beautiful, girl in bis  powerful grasp. -=IJut al.-ts, when did  the course of true' love ever run  siunolli? The heroine recovers, tho  farm is restored and yel  S3115   1.0VKd AXOTHKll.  Tt is the book agenl. The scene in  which she battles with her unworthy  passion is one ol lhe pi-ofmtnelesl priee_s  of psychological analysis in lho American lirama. - A choice must be made.  Which shall it bo':' Destiny eb't-itles.  The base book agent, who is also the  political wirepuller of the district, is  appointed chief of the government  cold storage system 011 lho i'loudiki*.  A telegraph messenger strolls leisurely  in.    Tho book agoutis lo  LEAVE  AT OXOK   l'OK THK YOKOX.  Put Ciulvin  said  last   night   in   tho  presence of Alex. McDonald, the .leihti  MtieUii  winlei  dnsl,."  ������������������Ye:  least,"  i'   of   tli  wo   will  .'    Klondike:  take  out *"00  "Next  tons'  of  that   at  THE BACKBONE BROKEN  THE URITISH FORCES  OCCUPYING THE PASSES  "I go," he cries, ".-indif, oil beauteous  charmer, l-reluin not within two years  laden with gold  dust  from  Klondike.  ���������ry  who   you  darn  . The final tableau is one which has'  ��������� 1 1 a*.triietod the fail- sex iu hundreds.  I Two years have elapsed. It is tbe  wedding day. Surrounded by the  beauty anel chivaly of Isaac creek, the  (young mining expert and lhe heroine  . I.'iud iu the grout prii-c-alhoclral at  jCaslo, for the book agent has not returned and his n.-imo is "Nit." The  ceremony is over. Tho young mining  export proses upon the .pleasi'el ami  gr.-itilletl i-lorgyniiin who has prontiuii-  e-e-tl the lile'ssing.ii largo block of Orphan  Boy sleiclc. the llrst notes of the _ Wed-  eling March sound through tlie frotled  roeif nnil long drawn .-lish-s. when a  sptniotl anti booteel stop is hoard ont-  sielo. There is a coiiiiiioliein among  the e-rowel. The book agent followed  Iiy two men bringing behind him immense coal oil cans full of iiuggt'ts has  jusl returned froin Klondike: by the  Golden J Si a Ail-Line,    lititalas  TOO   I.ATI-*.  , So at last is viiliie. rewarded anel  vice triumphant. 'Tis ever thus. 'Tis  true,'lis true, 'tis true,'li.s pity is'ti =  true. "  AE3TRACT   OP   RECORDS  Revelstoke Mining Division to Date  LOCATION.-:.  Fept. 17.   French.   8-inilo Crock. It. J. Williams  The Shear Inquest.  Lust nii;bt at 0:30 o'clock Coroner  Maclean, m ae-e-ovtliinco with instructions from the Attorney General' summoned the jury on the* Shear inepiest  to see if thoy coiilil not arrive at some  agreement. The jury again failed to  agree ami Ibis case wir< avfaiii referred  to the Attorney General.-  .1.  of  Zollft.   S-inilo Cri-u!.-.   C. Itii-lntril.s-.  Sept. 18.   Golden   Hope.     Uownic   C'reok.  Skei^strotn.  Sept. 20.   Mountain   V.0--0.     S  miles north  Itevelstoke.   1*. Vantlali.  Snow Klal.-o.   Sumo.   I", Lcvcsc-iie.  Itaintow.   Same.   ,1.1-*. lttito.  Motiiittiin Cioat.   Same.   S. J. lln'.e-. '*  Sept. 2-".   MorninsSjt.ir.   I.nfor::ie Crook.   If. 1:  riradcr por K. jtelair.  Etir.-!;a.   do.   Walter Wal-li per I". Adtiir.  Eastern Star.   do.   Oliny. W11M1 per E. Adair, j match will be given  ' Iron Kin.;,   elo.   K.-jlelair.  Norliiml.   do.   I I.E. .".li-Liitii-liliiipoi- K.A'I������ir.  E.lna Alice,   do.   'Io.  Victor* Uny.   de).   I-'. Me.Cirty pot   E. A.liiir.  Hillside,   do.   II. J. ISonrno por !:. Ad.iir.  Itoh Hoy.   Park Mt., I-afornii- Cri-ek.    Arthur  I'ollotior per II. Jlam.  3e;.t. 2-i.   licynon.     l'.of.-.-,-:-   ('.1: :.-.������������������,..-.: 1   I.-..  forme- e-reok:   W: I-': era-,'..- p.-r II. Haiti.  I think  we  will   do  m 11011 iieeel jMcDonald.  Tiny say McDonald is a very conservative mini in bis cnlrulalions. He  niaile bis million by locating claims,  having nothing at all lo begin with  bill a rich clniin, not a dollar to buy  wilh. I hoar be is probably tho rit-b-  est until in the world.  "How long will il Ink" to work out  the mines iii s'mhl, Mr. .McDonald?"  "Alore tli.'in ten .years, llu'ii lhe second working will bo easiest* and will  [) ty lo wiirli."  "Mr. Gnlviii. how far up tho Klondike is gold found ?"  "As far as men have gone there is  gold, but Ihey have gone lo bedrock  in bul live places fiii-Lher up than  thirty tniles."  Mr. Gnlviii is a noled newspaper  man of Helena. Muni., and is one of  llie bonanza kings of Klondike, a man  oi'Trish hirtli, mid said lo bu cntire.ly  truthful nnd I'.ir-sigliLed. Thoy say  when Pnl, says 200 ions it does nut  full short of the mark, nnel they say  hW calculations will bo fulfilled.  These i.s lots nf talk about starvation  iiutl all ibiil tuts coining winter, bo-  oatise no provisions iiro coining, and  water is lowoitthis time than for Lwo  yeais. There will be 110 slarv.-ition,  iind bul littlo I'oal snll'ering. There  tn-.- 10') :ind "!~0 catlle (two bauds)  coming, but a litllo way .'back. Also  I,OUt) sheep lb.it these.* dark prospectors know not of. Bositlos. I he: snow  does not fall dee]) here, and men can  li'.ivel up lhis. river and ils muddy  banks belter in winter than in summer." Tho mails go iiiicl come more  regular in winter I ban 111 summer.  Men can go out. either up or clown  I hi: river lo I idewater anil stores for  supplies with east: .-mil safety in the  win! or. if tlie worsl comes to lho  worst. Bul. sad to say, Ihero is going  to be nnicb sickness in Ibis muddy,  mushroom town.-  There havo been thirteen doctors  and eight cases of typhoid fever. Then*  are plenty of doctors. Two hundred  dollars a visit bus boi'.n tbe bill. Bul.  you see," the miners are run down by  thu cxcilemonl antlpoor food ami die  easily. Two miners, who held out for  .'���������_.~~,<"~0, died the third day aft or  securing their gold. Three men have  been found dead from hoiirt disease,  they say induced by too violent excite  ment. Good order, good nature, good  heart prevails.  BASEBALL AT TROUT LAKE  A Splendid Game.���������Lots of Fun.���������A  Shoulder Dislocated and a Jaw  Sprained.  Trout Lake* City was fuil of excitement on Thursday last on account of a  base ball game. E-'orgiison vs. Trout  Lake. The game was culled at 2  o'clock sharp by Umpire Bill Russell.  Ferguson started oil' with mine host  -p.illiu-lltilmes of-thiiLardeau___hoLcl,-iiL  Iho but. Bill'm's eyes wore'a littlo deranged at lirst. bul finally he straightened tliom ont, and sent the sphere  sailing through the lho air for a two  bagger; the the. fun began'. But the  (ioitiing of the (isheatei-s soon retired  the Cariboo hunters. What deeply  impressed the two hundred base ball  cranks, who witnessed lhe g.ime. was  the way the Trout Lake boys fieldeel  their po.sitions. It was wilh lhe grace  nnd ease that would put "a gushing  gazellettf blush. Bailey was 1 ho Hist  iii.-ut to wield lhe willow for lhe ti.-h-  eatei:*. The Ferguson pitcher. Holmes,  knew him well, so^bo lei Bailey walk  to the initial bag,- but lllllie's nini was  gootl ntitl lu* toon retired the side.  Score, lirst innings, 2-1. in favor of  I'Viguson. Then lhe game waxed fast  ami furious, brilliant, plays were numerous, one bantl catches, 'limbic plays  were 111 common thing, .-is the Caiibn������  hunters anil 11 .healers bad blood in  Iheir eye. It was tin efr die. and die  llie Trout Lake boys did. but tbey  were game to tho core ami el id not  give tip until lho last man was out anel  the score stood 11) to 5 in favor of tbe  Kergnsoii boys. The game went oil"  ei'u'tetly v.-itb no mishaps except two.  Sullivan, tlio Ferguson lirat base man.  struck so liard at a elrop bull that -be  dislocated bis shoulder, iinel Crockett,  the third baseman, while coaching and  running towards f'n-.-t base, fell .-uul  sprained bis jaw. Tbe umpire got  back to town" in good condition for  Ibis reason that his'decisions were: just  and showed no favor. In lho" evening  mine hosts. Nal Lay of the Lakeview  lintel, and Abi-.ibaiiison lire's., of th--'  Queen's Ileitel. htiuqut-tti'd the ball  pluvers, followed by a dunce, at tbe  Lakeview  Hotel,   which  lasted    until  For  the   Defence   of    Canada���������Serious -  Tronb'e   Expected   in   Honolulu���������Big"  Fires in Toronto���������Sir  Michael   Hicks  Beach and the Reserve of Silver���������The*  New C.P.R. Railroad into Rossland.  (Sl'KCI.Vl. TO  T1UZ  11 KliAI.D.)  Birmingham-, Sept. 2~.���������The Birmingham Post is informed that Camilla will make large purchases of defence guns and Held batteries in a few  months. Tho former are intended for  lho defence of Montreal.  Sax 1'iiancisco. Sept. 25.���������Th'e U.S.-  gun boat Wheeling anil battleship'  Oregon iiro leaving for Honolulu.-  Serious-trouble is expocled.   , -^  T.oxni*-.'. Sept. 25.���������The news froirf  llie Indian frontier is lo the effect that'  the villages beyond lhe Puss of Bail-I  inanai, captured on Wednesday, have'  been occupied by the British forces/  The priests who are responsible' for"  ihe uprising have fled. The backbone"  of the rebellion is broken.  Toronto. Sept. 25.���������Damage wns"  ilnne the Bijou theatre by lire on Friday night lo ihe amount of $10,000.'  By llie fire brigade horst'S miming'  away in the crowd, Berlio Haskots, tv  lad, was killed." some people fatally .  injured, and many hurt seriously.*  Kckbiii'dt to Co. also lost $30.000-by" u> -  firo the same night*.--  Londox, Sept. 25.���������The Standard  publishes- a rumor that Sir Michael  Hicks Beach promised to indemnify"-  the Bank of England against loss otr  silver bullion bought or sold, if they  would write the recent, letter, which,  created such a sensation promising to' '  bold one-fiflh of thoir reserve in silver."  BOBSL.'.xi), Sept.. 25. ��������� Gen. Supt.  Mai-pule iutd-'tlie engineering staff are*  here arranging the details for a' railroad fiom Hii.bson over tins Columbia  _; Western to Murphy Cveek,* up tbe'  Crook to Centre Star gulch ami thence  into the city.  Ottawa. Sept. 25.���������The government'  bus decided to extend the preferentiat  tarilf to British India.  Mr. Peterson on Lhe "War Path "Again/  We understand Mr. P. R. Peterson'  bus taken legal action against the;*  Revelstoke Water. Light iv Powei-"Co".  Ltd., and the- Itevelstoke, Trout Lake'  and Big Bond Telephone Co.. Ltd., to' '  have the poles erected by these com- -  panics, opposite lots 1 and 3, in block-  1. on Front St.. west, removed, as lie'  claims them to be a nuisance, aiicH  placed in a position which is an inconvenience to the public and himself.'  Mr. Peterson also intends taking.-iclion'  against Mr. 11. N. Coursier and .Mr. J.  Albeit Stone at an early date,-if th������������-  obstructions-no iv-iou-that��������� portiou-of-i  Benson St., leaeling to the river, are*  not removed. Mr. Peterson, it seems,-  has building- in this vicinity, and the"  rubbish spoken of would materially*  hinder operations in the cvent|of a  tire. Mr. Polei-seni says : " It appears*  that the police are afraid to tue-kle Mr.  Coursier on this epiestion.' I, spoke-  to the polite again the other day, arid  thoy told line- there was no nuisance'  ground to dump tho slutfon. -Would  Mr. Coursier dump liis cord wood in .-���������.  nuisance ground? I know another  man who had wood piled on a certain  street, not far,from here, but was im'  mediately oi-iloi"i*il to remove* it, wbielf  was promptly done. 1 guess llie "big'  blow'and bustle eif "clean-up" whirl.,  look place a couple* of weeks ago is all  over, its the odor from tlie Chinamen's  pigs and pens 011 Dnitiilas St., i.s -tg  li-.-ii;i-.int a* ever. Do tbey need ���������������  iiiiisiiiice ground to put pigs in? It is"  ein'.y a fe*w iiu>nibs ago sim-i* I bud lo'  fence Mr. Coursier by law to open that'  pin-lion of King St. leading to the'  rivi-r, which he had fenced in for his" ���������  own special use. Ami not long ago'  Mr. Cour-ier was one of llie foremost  kickers against the firo hall being situated on llie St. which ho is now oceti-f  pying himself wilh all kinds of things.'  If everyone was to do as Mr. Coiu-sier*  in this i-i'.-pect. what- woultl become of  onr streets? I think the sooner that  Mr. Coursier is made . lo understand  lhat streets are not to. be used as back  vards, gardens, etc., the better."   ���������   *'  the wee siuall hours of iniur-iiig. So  e*n,led the first ball game in tlio L:i:*-  elc'tui district. The boys were loud in  I heir praise of the treatment thoy le-  e-oivetl tit tlii! hands of tin* Trout Lake  citizens.    In till   probability  a  return  The Price of Silver.  Revelstoke City Directory"  The" Rovelstoko City  Directory audi.  'Map of Townsite now  boing  compiled  by   It. P. Pettipiece   will   contain   32?  pages of letterpress, and' tliconly   i-e-  I'  town have been collect ed, exclusive of  the Chinese population. The figures  poiul to ;i total population of little less  than 2.'X>-'. The directory will be in  the. printer's hands n'xt week anil will  appear tbe week after. Theie" are  difficulties ii'sepnratile from the first  edition of :l v.-nrk of this: nature1, whiih  the etiinpi!"!- hopes will he*   take'ii   into'  Wi'dnesdav. ~8!, fonts.  Tluiisel.iy. "'"j- cents.  New York. Sept. 25.���������f 'losing prie-e i  '   silver   yi'stoi.! ty.   57 cents.     l--::d.-  n-.-: iir.'ikui's  pi-.ei'  yl.C'J.    Cop}...-!-. ] c.-,:isid,-i-.it:.ui.   if    any     mistakes     or'  I easy; broker's price $11.If.  ! omissions appear m its pages'.- .' i^Sllh* "..'^���������-<   I'.".?-,1*  "v...^j.-cAiL*__ - , jx^l ���������J,.���������-_,.fc_.J-..^1.MJ.Mi._1 ,,���������,-_,  "___���������?_--���������������__). tfJC._Wi.BML  iwm������������������|'������������U"-m_.������_-;^^  *I  |'~;t-S  Revelstoke   Herald  Published In Interests of  Itevelstoke, Lardeau, V1r Bend,    rout Lako  Illccillowaot, Albert Canyon, Jordun  Pass nnd EqrIo Pass .Dlstriots.  JOHNSON & rETTIPIECl"  Proprietors and Publishors  A 8cml-"*'cokly Jonrntil, publtshctl In the  Interests ot Rcvclstoko und lho surrounding  district, Wednesdays nnd *_altirda}u, makiiiK  closest connections with all trains.  Advertising Katca : Display oils, SI..10 per  column inch. ti.00 perlnchwhenlnsciteelon title  page. IjCgal ads.. 12c per (nonpareil) lino for  ftrat insertion ; 8c for each additional leisortion.  Hoadlng notices, 15c por lino each lB9Uc. Birth,  MarrlsKO and Death notices, frco.  Subscription Hates: By mall or carrier, 82,00  per annum ; ~1 " for six months, strictly In  advance. __. ,  Our Job Department: Tin-: Heiiai.ti Job  Department is ono of tho best equipped  priming otHcos In West Kootenay, and is prepared to execute oil kinds ot printing In llrst  class Btylc at honest prices. Onu prico to all.  No job toolarso���������nono too Binall���������forus. "Mail  orders promptly attended to. Glvo ub a trial  on your next order.  To Correspondents: Wo invito correspondence on any subject ot Interest to tho general  public, ana deslro a rcllablo regular correspondent In ovory locality surrounding  Revelstoke. In all cbsob tho bona fldo nutnc  of the writor must accompany manuscript, but  not nocosBarily for publication.  Address all communications  REVELSTOKE HERALD  Revelstoke. 8. C.  C. B. HUME  Agents :  RAM LAL'S TEA  Wholesale MERCHANTS     Retail  Agents :  Victoria Powder Co.  NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS-  1. AU correspondenco must ho legibly  written on one sido of iho papor only.  2. Correspondenco containing personal  matter must be si|>Tncd with tho pr per namo  of tht 'writer.  3. Correspondence with referonco to any  thing that has appeared in another paper  must first bo offered for publication to that  paper before it can appear in I'm: llr.r.At.n.  Bound for the Hills  Prospectors and miners should not leavo for the hills without having a look at this stock. Wc  carry full lines of first class Provisions, Men's Clothing, Goodyear's Kip Boots, Prospectors Shoes (a  special line), H. B. Blankets, Mining and Prospecting Picks, long handled spring pointed Shovels, Striking  Hammers, Jessopp's Steels, Blacksmiths' Anvils and Bellows, Giant Powder 40, 60 and 7."5 por cont, Fuses  and Detonators.  The Building Boom  We have made arrangements to meot the demands which the rapid increase of orders in the building  trade has caused this season. Our lines of Builders' Hardware are very complete. Kails, wive and cut, ail  sizes and kinds; Locks aud Knobs, Hinges, Window Fasteners; Building Paper of various kinds, Tar roper;  Linseed Oil, Boildcd and Ita.v; Varnishes, Turpentine, Shellac, White Lead, Dry Paints, (a largo assortment).  Mixed Paints, Brushes, White Wash Brushes.  Next month wo will have a talk with you about general  Dry Goods  Something else you all want to hear about, which is  Carpets  SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER-"3, 1S07.  SILVER.  The   recent fall in   the price of  silver has been followed by  a  re-'  ��������� covery of several cents per ounce,  caused possibly  by   the reported  intention of tbe Bank of Eoghtud  to carry a lifth of   its  reserve in  silver bullion.   At the semi-annual  meeting of tbe Bank on Thursday,  tbe Governor, Mr. Geo. Saudeman,  said: "You are probably aware of  tbe proposal  laid before the Gov  ernment iu   the  summer   by tbe  United Str.'..���������_.= tind France, whereby this country might increase its  use of silver as a  contribution to  the international agreement which  while not affecting our gold stun-  Stores at Revelstoke Station, Revelstoke, Trout Lake City and Ferguson  WALSH'S   PARTY  HERCHMER DESPAIRS OF THEM  GETTING THROUGH  Difficulty ol Carrying Sufficient Food  for the Dogs���������The Grub Question���������  4,000 Pounds of Supplies.  Ottawa, September 17.���������Col. Ilerch  mev, in a letter to Fred White, comptroller oi' Mounted Police, says tlmt- be  bas l'J policemen ready lo go up with  Major "Walsh. Tbey nre all selected  tinti rciidy to march, lie does not  think that Major Walsh can get to  Dawson this winter, but Commissioner  I Herchmi'i- bas no heller knowledge on  that subject than  THE SLOCAN'S  RECORD  ���������. ,    has the   authorities  dard, might enable   the   mints ot |ab Ottawa,   llerchmcr does not think  Prance and America to resume  free coinage. Among tbe proposals was one asking the bank to  bold tbe amount of silver penuisr  sible under the act of ISS-l, as  against its notes."  The governor read a letter dated  July 29, addressed to the chancellor  of the exchequer,Sir.Michael Hicks-  Beach. It was as follows: "Referring to our conversation, we beg  to say tbat the bank is ready to  carry out what is laid down as  permissable in tbe bank charter,  viz., to hold one fifth of the bullion  _held against.its.note issue in silver  provided always that tGe-Frenclf  mint is again open to the free  coinage of silver and tbat prices  at which silver is procurable are  satisfactory."  This confirmation of the intimation made by The Times on the  11th inst., will be welcome news to  all interested in the Kootenay,  where silver has so far constituted  a very large proportion of the  mineral output. Simultaneously  with this announcement comes  word from St. Petersburg that- it  has been decided to withdraw the  one and three rouble notes, thus  forcing the circulation of silver  currency. As far as British Columbia mining is concerned-there  need be no fears. . Not only is the  output ot gold and silver constantly increasing but remarkable discoveries of gold are being made  that will more than offset any possible slump in the white metal.  Lead is also au item tbat must not  be overlooked. In the case of a  galena mine carrying' say 75 per  cent lead, tbe lead will practically  pay the expenses of the mine,  leaving the silver and whatever  gold and copper there may be, as  profit.  The defence of a fort in India by  21 Sikhs against a thousand rebels  should be written among the  heroic deeds of history. The  Sikhs stuck to their posts for six  hours and a half in the face of  three vicious assaults by the  enemy, until every man was killed  but the signal man. That  England has trained such soldiers  as these, willing to fight to the  last in defence of the Empire, is  one of the secrets of her greatness.  The bravery of these native soldiers is undoubtedly one of the  results of the noble example set by  the British officers, who always  lead the attack, and never hesitate  to face the greatest danger; hence  the large proportion of officers  killed in recent engagements.  the dogs will be able to" lake the food  I'or the journey, lie suys tlmt be has  SO dogs reaely with harness and -10  more, dogs ready to be delivered, making 120 dusky clogs in all. The sleds  aro being made at Jiin'jau and Vancouver. Walsh's party will consist of  probably 12, including Justice Maguire, liegister Wiide. "iiiicgurn. secretary: Bliss, accountant: "lacGregor  and Norwood, mining inspectors: and  Patnllo, of Woodstock, typewriter.  The supplies necessary for this party  will amount to botween three anel four  thousand pounds. The. best time ever  made from Lake Tnpish to Uawson  with dogs was thirty clays, and from  Ottawa lo Tagish woulel" take  iift������������en  or twenty days. The epiantity of food  required for clogs whicli must be taken  along will be very large iind a heavy  iuein'of-lraiisporti���������---���������-��������� =���������  Indians at Regina have made a  thousand pounds of pemmican to be  taken along; fresh meat pemmican for  men and liorse, pemmican for dogs-  mixed with .shorts.  Other provisions such as fluid beef  and some BriLish campaign rations  will be taKen so that in the event of  the supplies which the Nor'h American Transportation Co. undertook to  get to Dawson, if Ihey could before  the ice set in, having failed to arrive  and it shortage lakes place, these: may  be used in case of emergency.  Despite, ths Fall in ��������� Silver Its August  Exports More Than Double Those  of 1896,  The shipping record of the Sloean  mines for the month of August illustrates well lhe development which has  taken place in tbe Slocan during tbe  past twelve months. Despite lhe fact  that the price of silver has fallen, the  customs value of lhe ore exported from  the Slocan and Ainsworth districts  during the past month more than  doubles in value the ore exported from  Slocan nml Ainswcith districts during  the month of August, ISOti. During  the p'ist month shipments were, made  from nineteen mines in the Slocan,  aggregating in tonnage 2~92 tons, of tt  total value of $270,S12, as compared  with S12S.05.I. being lhe total value of  tbe Slocan and Ainsworth districts  for the corresponding month  in 1S00.  Tho Ivooteiiaiaii is alive to the advancement which has been made, and  publishes some interesting statistics  in the comparison of the record of the  past inonlh with thai of August, 1S3G.  These statistics show that the following shipments were made during tbe  month :  Pounels  Pavne 3.100,000  Ruth ". 2,.*10,000  Whitewater    51S,0OO  Slocan Star    510.000  Noble Five    -131.50."  FERGUSON  The  Centre   of the   Lardeau   Mines  Wholesale dealei s in  The Pioneep  Stopes.  kof Ferguson  arid Ten JAWe  Cummins & Co.  GENERAL MERCHANTS  Dealer in Miners' Supplies, Hardware,  G roceries, Dry Goods.  Even-thin;:  to  1*0  founel in a general store.  Post Office* in connection.  Washington   Rambler   ibex..   STrrpristfV-r/-- -���������'..".'.:.: T. :.'.-..  Great Western   Slocan Boy   American Boy   j\ntoine   Red Fox    Wonderful   Two Friends (Slocan Citv)  Wellington   Sapphire:   Lincoln  "    PEACE RIVER DIGGINGS  Big   Placer  Finds on the Upper Peace.  Plaindeaier, South Edmonton: A  confirmation of the reports of big  placer llnds nn tin; upper Peace river  have come from a Battle river Indian,  who passed through heie on his way  home a few days ago. The fndian was  in the party of Inspector Beeston. of  of the Hudson's Bay Co., who is on a  tour of inspection of lhe company's  posts in Athabasca elis-trict. The inspector went west to Fort St. John,  where there was considerable excitement over good pay dirt struck in tbe  vicinity of Reindeer mountain. The  inspector went east to Isle LaCross  and other posts without coming here,  and will next bo heard from at Prince  Albert, when a fuller report of tht:  find may be expected than tbe fndian  was able to give.  STRUCK OIL  By the  Government   Borer  Rapids.  at  Pelican  News comes trom the north thatr.il  has been'struck by tbe Government,  drill at Pelhcan tapiels nt a depth of  800 teet. On account of the: great How  of gas it was necetssary to shut clown  till next spring. It is expected that  by that lime the gas will have blown  oil to such an extent that boring can  belresumed. Up to the present time  the extent of the flow of oil has not  been ascertained.  The work at Victoria is progressing  favourably, the drill being now 700  feet down. There are as yet no indications of oil; but they are not expected for several hundred feet yet. Mr.  JIulholiand doubts that tbey will reach  it next summer. At -150 feet tbey  struck a strong flow of saltwater which  continues to flow.  G. W.tGirdlestone, an fold Winni-  pegger. elied on Friday at Vancouver  of diabetes.  320..JOO  120,000  '.10,000  ____.__������ nm  00.01*5  00,000  '���������-1,000  ���������".".000  30.000  215,000  21,000  2",(XjO  20,000  S.100  jU our TKN-MIIjE niLVNClI Etore  Powder, Caps. Fuse, Coal, Steel,  and ,all .Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies are  ___ kept on hand    M TJ-1Q & 0.  ���������general  Aj-cnls for K. W. Kairi Co.'s Pianos, and the Goold Bicycles Co.'s Celebrated Bicycle  stoko, British Columbia.  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  ATETIIODIST CHURCH ��������� Itcvolatoko.  * Preaching services ttt 11 11.111. and 7:30  p.m. Class mooting ut tin* close of the  morniiii! service, t* iihb-ith School and Kiblo  Class at 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayer nicetiiiR  every Wednesday avoniiiR at 7:20 p.m. The  public uro cordially invited, Seats freo.   ItEV: J. A. WOOD, Pastor.  Total 7.7SI.0ii."i  Feu* AuguM. lft',17, the- ore* shi|.pee1,  fre.iin Kaslo shows cn.-tom-j valuation  aiiel proportion as follows  "umber pound? "bipppel  .  Number pound** lend   Number ounces s.il vet*   Customs valuation   .-.-���������-i.w."  ;.'���������Xil,'2Hi  . ''"7,"-"*'  .'$270,812  TELEGRAPHIC   TICKS  The Fir.-;t National li.ink of Ilenton  Harbor, Mich., has closed its doors.  United States troops will be sent to  St. Michaels to preserve tbe peace tiur-  ing the coming winter. This wilt in  elfect establish a military post at lhe  month of the Yukon.  A destructive fire at Simla, fndii.  burned loO stores aud cremated four  people:.  A special from Ottawa says that all  around changes in the cabinet may  follow Me 1 wat's resignation.  A deputation from" the French  National Union waited ofllcinllv" on  Premier Laurier Friday iinel congratulated him on his frank declaration in  Tjontlon anel elsewhere that be was a  French Canadian.  The Oircassio, landed ber passengers  safely at CJueenstown on Saturday,  after being disabled by an accident  while 900 miles out from New York on  September I. She drifted 2*50 miles  eastward.  Rudolph llering, the New York  engineer who came to Winnipeg to  look'into the water supply, has reported in favor of an artesian well  system.  Ontario Conservatives, anticipating  an election, are doing earnest campaign work. Whitney is making a  tour of the whole province.  The Duchess of Marlborough, form  erly Miss Consiielo Vanderbilt, was  safely delivered of a son at 3 o'clock  on Saturday morning, at Sprier bouse,  the London residence of the young  couple. u  .Mereiiants.  Miners and Prospectors Otitfitlcd, etc.  ^- FERGUSON, B. C.  The  Centre   of   the   Liirdeau   Mines.  Be Sure and register at the  BJILMORJIL HOTEL  "When you reach EERG L'SON.  -  o  The- t.-iblt* is provideel with the* host  the  market affords.     Rates from  ."2  to ���������*>���������'' per clay.  CUMMINGS BROS.,   ���������   Proprietors.  When You Reach  Thomson's "Landing  ��������� e;o to thk ���������  f-HUKCII OH* ENGbAND-St. Voter's,  *"> Kevelstoko Ilourei ot uui-vico: Evening  prayor daily at 5 o'clock. Fiidays tit 7:30.  Sundays and Festivals: Holy Communion at 8  a.m.. morning prayer ut 11. Sim-luy School  and Blblo Class at -1:30, evening prayt-r nt 7:30.  First Sunday in tho month Holy Communion  at morning services.   FKAITIC A, FORD. Vicar,  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCII-Iteyclsloke.  Service every StiDday at 11 u.ui. und 7:30  p.m. Bib'o Cliss tit 2:H0 p.in., to which  ull are welcome. Prayer meeting at H p.m.  every Wednesday.   .  ���������" - ~":~���������EEVriP7=-D.-*MUIU-P.*stor;-^  UOJIAN   CjVTHOIjIC   CUUROU ���������Revel-  *������������������������   stoke.    j\lass  fourth  Sunday in  month  at 10:30 a.m.   REV. FjVTIIER. I'EYTAVIN.  Illeclllc-waet, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Good accommodation.   Best  AViues, Lieiuors and Cigars at the Bar.  . J. Lappan, Proprietor.  Columbia House  ffizsKsar  The   largest hotel   in  town.        Centrally    located  -Choice���������Wines,^Li(iuors^and^Cigars7  MITCHELL   &   CO.  INSURANCE   AND  COMMISSION   AGENTS,  MINING   BROKERS.  Calgary, Alberta  Best    accommodation. Kates    SI  '  per    day.  St.   Leon   Hot-> Springs,   on  Upper   Arrow  Lake,  v lun in connexion.  Sam Needham  Clothes  Cleaned  Altered  Repaired  In Good Stylo at Lowest Prices.  .bbss_. pROSPEOTOK'S  A    EXC.H.7LNSE. .  Bes>tm_.'il<i in tho Larde.-ui.   Stage iind  Livery in connection.  T.   \V. 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New Yonic, September 21.���������The  silver market was stronger here and  in London yesterday. .Hero bars'were,  epicled nl uS-Ji: against 5S|c on Saturday.  kksumino. .wonIf.  1Iax.ei.ton, l'ti., September 21.��������� Tho  anthracite coul strike in this region  appears to be ended. ; Today 1,200  men, half of the full coinpleinent, re-  turned tei work at the llonoybrook  collieries of the Lehigh to Wilkesbiirre  Company: :*C0 of the 1,300 at lhe Par-  deo i*c Latlimei- mines, while the Oi-an-  bci-y. Crystal Ridge eSs Ilarwood collieries of the same company lemaincd  al work.-  GHEAT STUKl".  Nisw Y.ouif, September 21.���������The  iigenls of the IJtink of 'routreal here  received yesterday from Lhe Cariboo  Hydraulic Mining Co., of British  Columbia, a cone, of gold worth  $01,9S7 and weighing 3,0Q0 o-jneos.  ''., -PROVISIONS I'*0W THE  YUKON.  Washington, September 21.���������Secretary Alger spent- some, time this  morning in conference with President  Weare'tind Michael Cutltihv, of the  Alaska Transportation & Trading  Company. Tbey announced then* intention lo make every elfort to get as  much of the supplies at Si. Michaels  up the Yukon as possible, nnil it is expected that three more steamers can  be run tip before tbe river closes entirely to navigation,  C. .12.  A. -UAllKISS M.UMSll-.r*.  Cincinnati, O.. September 20.���������Mrs.  Eliza, 11. Sclioenbergcr, widow of the  former millionaire here, and daughter  of Dr. John Beatty, oE Ooburg, Ont.,  was married to Chas. R. A. llarriss. of  Montreal." Ilnrriss was manager for  Albani on the occasion of her tour  through Canada. Mrs. Sclioenbergcr  is ti verv fascinating woman. Tbe  bridal trip will include a,visit to Senator and Mrs. Kircbolt'cr. at Brandon,  Man., with later on n short sojourn in  Toronto.  NATIONAL    DEBT     INCREASED  BY FOUR AND A HALt**  MILLIONS  COMPLICATIONS  In the Cabinet Follow Sir Oliver Mowat's  Resignation.  Ottawa, Spp'.e inner 20.���������The cabinet council on Saturday discussed tin*  resignation of Sir Oliver Mowat. Sir  Oliver's insistance upon being succeeded bv Bon. David Mills.hn's complicated the situation, the premier  himself and several of his colleagues  having cnterlained quite another plan  for filling the long expected vacancy.  The cabinet met again this moi niug.  ' Le Byron De Nos Jours."  Men. of Allien?, ere wc go.  Pay. oh, pay us what you owe;  Or'if that can never be; .  Leave us fruitful Tbessuiy��������� ~  Give ns down belore we go  Tbat five million-pounds or so.  By that vasos uncoerced  When the six powers did  their worst:  By three hundred thousand men  Strong in Grecian hill and glen;  : Pay to your victorious foe���������  That five million pounds or so.  By the battle made in haste.  By war's ravages and waste; "  By the conflicts won and lost,   ���������  ~Wheii-the Io3ei'-pays*tho-cosl..=_____=__  Give us as our "quid pro quo,"  That live million pounds or so,  Men of jVthcns. we're not gone,  Thiuk of us and raise a ,'oan;  lire we lly lo lstainbol  Alliens has to pay the toll;  Shell nut, then, and be not slow,  Tliat five million pounds or so.  ���������London Globe,  MEETING  OF  THE CABINET  Three Children Burned to Death���������  $150,000 Fire at Hull���������Lt. Peary's  Return���������Strange Death in Montreal���������  Another Fatal Case of Smallpox.  Ottawa, September 21.���������At tbe  Cabinet council yesterday considerable  hitchrg of departmental business were  overtaken. The ministers, lire anxious  to clear up a number cf routine cases  prior to tho departure of the. Finance  Minister for Ktigl.iiid. Mr. Fielding  has not quite decided .the date of his  departure.  eV LjUICIIS increase  Official returns show an increase of  the net debt amounting lo "1,517,703  during llio iirsl two months of the  current fiscal year. Tbe revenue shows  a decrease of half a million; consolidated fund, an increase of Sj>'32(_J,7GO;  and capital expenditure on public  works alone, increased from $1SS,000 to  $201,703. The trade returns, however,  show tin increase of half a million each  in the value of imports and exports.  a seiuous i-tre  llai'dman's mill at Hull, owned by  the Hull Lumber Company, was  totally destroyed by lire last night;  loss $150,000, covered by insurance.  Between live and six hundred men  aie thrown out of cmiiloymcnt by the  firo. _,.  C1ULDU1-.N   CKEIIATliD  Sturgeon Falls, Onb., September  21.���������Shortly after midnight fa lire  broke out in the icsidence of Lanilrc  Gatieti on main street. The lire  gained such headway before it was  discovered and the Humes spread so  rapidly that the par'enls and five of  the children barely escaped with their  lives and it Mas impossible to save  three of the daughters, aged thirteen,  ten and eight, who were asleep upstairs, anel they were burned lo death.  The lire originated on the upper Hat  and is believed to have been caused by  a defective flue. The loss is estimated  al $1,000, partially iustii-ed.  1"EAI""_S ADVB-STURES  Sydney, BfoTTSept. 21.'���������The steam  sealing bark Hope, with Lieutenant It.  E. Peary and party.on board, returning from North Greenland, aviived  hero to-day. All on board are in good  health.  The Hope came into port burning  her last ton of coal and with her  bulwarks and decks giving evidence of  Lhe' furious seas of an unusually-stormy  voyage. Sho is as nearly deep in the  water as when sho left here in the  laltei- part of July with her bunkers  full of coal. The huge Cape York  meteorite, the largest in the-world, is  in her hold and bedded in tons of  ballast.  IVEtl, KNOWN   DOCTOR DEAD  Toronto, September 21.���������Mv. James  De la llooke, a practising physician in  Toronto from 1S"0 until a lew years  ago, is dead, aged S3.  .-LEAD POISONING  Dhloraine, September 21.���������0. A,  Young.-M.P.P. for Dplotnine, brother  of Hon. Finlay Young, Speaker of the  Provincial Legislature, lies critically  ill fiom Iiie effects of lead poisoning  .onlractcd from drinking water which  is said to have passed through a lead  pipe. His condition is very serious,  but the symptoms are favourable and  there are chances of liis recovery.  A POINTER TOll CALGARY  Rossl_\nd, B.C. Septeuibei-21.���������The  Rossland boai d of trade, has re-orga-  ni'/ed and now is in a flourishing condition. The Board will hereafter take  an active part in the interests of  Rossland.  '   A '''VETERAN IC1LLKD  HEAVY LOSSES  SUSTAINED   BY   THE   BRITISH  ON THE  INDIAN FRONTIER  140  KILLED   AND WOUNDED  Patrick Jerome Gleason has been  nominated for..mayor of Greater New  York.  Peck���������Sure, Moike,   and phwat ha  yez doin in the oice chist 'i    Mike���������Oi  intend to go lo th' Alaska golel mines  nnd it's giltin' tiscdlo lh'tcinperachiirc  Oi am.  "A merchant, tiilor doing business in  Winnipeg visited Qu'Appelle last week  and start eel to '.drum the town for  orders. Onr two local tailors got, after  him and compelled him either to quit  or take out a license. He decided to  quit.���������Qu'Appelle Progress.  On Monday a general exodus took  place from the oliices of the construction department on the C.P.R., the  employees having moved out to the  olllces at the new station.,; The engineers' office will shortly be moved out  there also as soon as the building designed for their -accommodation is  ready.���������Macleod Gazette.  The average Indian is an honest  man. An Indian named -Wolverine,'  one of Piapot's band, near Kegina,  found a pocketbook containing a sum  of nionev, a watch and chain. He immediately took it to the farm instructor for him to find-out'to wheni it belonged. In the pocket book was a bill  of sonic purchases made at one of the  stores in Regina,' iind byS this means  the owner was traced.  The'Chicago Clondike party while  waiting at Saskatchewan Landing for  their boats, which were being built al  rCeliiionlon under "Ir, Card's direction,  became impatient and purchasing a  huge sturgeon head boat from the*  Hudson's Bay Company loaded their  cwipplics into it iind lelt for the north.  Card was ahemt half way to the  Jjiinding with bis three boats when he  lu>aril what Intel happened, atid his  remarks were, of such a nature that  Felix -J.ibrieI.nl. St. Albeit, who was  there, took to the woods. He.? savs he  will take one of llu: boats and with the  pilot will catch up to them, take his  siipphcs out of their bo-it nnd with the  guide coon and leave I hem to manage  their big boat as best suils them.  Montreal, September '*2l7^=Geot'ge-  Waidron, a survivor of the " Charge  of the Light Urigade," was struck on  the head with a cane by his wife here  on Friday nighb and "died in a few  minutes.-  HEAVY   SHOOTING  Kingston, September 21���������Tbe Well-  and Held battery with n score of ,300  carried   off   the   first  prize   and   the  Governor-General's cup tind $100.  KILLED HY .A iugycle  Bi'uCKVll.t.l-:, Ont., September 21.���������  A young mon; named John Pemnoi-k  was knocked down aiid killed by a  cyclist here on Sunday morning.  COLLISION  TitHNTON, September 21���������A rear end  collision occurred yesterday.near here.  The Hrenian nndengineer were slightly  injured and six cars and contents were  burned.  TORONTO AND LAURIER  Toiionto, September. 21.���������Ihe city  council has to extend a public welcome  to Sir Wilfrid Laurier on' October 5th  and 0th.  smallpox  Montreal, September 21.���������Dale  Suprenaiint, the lost patient admitted  to the smallpox hospital, died here on  Saturday last.   _>~.   With the July number, - Facts and  Fiction began its fifth volume. In  celebration of the event it appeared in  a highly artistic cover design in two  beautiful colours and black." The con  tents are varied and interesting to  every member'of the household. The  loading article is an illustrated review  of the'Tiirko-Grecian war, giving its  remote'and-immediate causes and the  present situation.. Some valuable  anecdotes about; Lincoln form  a valuable feature. Amateur photographers' contest in Which ten valuable prizes are olfered,some of which  are cash. Facts and Fiction is rapidly  gaining the distinction of being the  leading western monthly. For sample  copy write the Dominion Cotnp.uiy,  publishers, Chicago.  'Kamloops Stiinelarcl: jVU the Kcot-  enay money, we are glad lo say, is not,  going to the North West. W. J.  Roper ha" urriingt'd to send 000 bacf  e-'ttle down to that district, in spile of  the competition of more - than one  Calgary man. .The'Yale district is.  undoubtedly, parlicubulybli'sifd. We  havo a magnificent fruit country,  cat tit* Unit will compare with those of  any range in America, anil we nre  gradually showing that, our mineral  wealth is not a whit- behind either of  these sources.  Sir Bindon Blood's Attack Perilously  Near Being a Defeat���������The Main  Column Not Yet in Action���������General  Jeffries Attacks   a Village  Bomiiay, September 20.���������Advices  from tbe front show that the various  columns tire advancing against the  Mai MiHidisft'oni Piijkortiand Sluikkir.  Aa yet they lmvu.m'et with no serious  opposition, but tlie dilliculties of transportation in a mountainous mid almost  pathless country arc immense. An-  other loi'iuidubli! obstacle in the way  of a rapid movement is the lack of  water. -The brigade of General JelV-  l'ics has not joined the advance. Yesterday it.-.' left camp Asanuyat with  tsixleen companies of in fun try iind four  guns in order lo icatt-ack the enemy  al the village of Diiniodutu. The  enemy made a desperate resistance  but wore driven out of the hills. Tbe  British demolished Iheir towets and  captured -100 mule loads of supplies  As soon as the troops began lo retire  from tbe village the .enemy reappeared in force. The retirement, however,  was effected with great precision, the  native troops behaving .splendidly.  Two Sikhs \vevc killed and six were  wounded.  General Blood's attack on the Mo-  munds on Tuesday came perilously  near being a defeat and the" British  general, Jeilries, narrowly escaped  capture.  Yet the imparlance of these engagements must, in spite of sensational  headlines in the papers, nob be exaggerated in view of the real expedition  which General Loci-hart will lead ten  days hence. An unfortunate thing is  lhe number of British officers who are  falling ab a time when England can ill  nil'ord to lose men of this stamp.  PKIDAV'S BATTLE  Camp AnjWati," North West India,  September IS.- Severe lighting has  occurred between the second brigade  of General Sir Bindon Blbod's: division  and the Moimmd's. Tbe British loss  is 1-10 killed-and wounded. The brigade moved out of camp to attack the  enemy bub were forced to return.  General Jeil'reys and an escort of  Buffs became separated from the main'  column in the dark. The general took  up a position in the village. The  enemy occupied part ot the village  aud inflicted considerable loss on the  little party before- Major Wortledge.  with two companies, each composed of  Sikhs and guides, came up and .^compelled them'to retire  Lieutenants Hughes and Crawford  were killed; Lieutenant Watson and  gunner Winter injured; General Jeffreys. Lieutenant Cassels and Captam  Birch, slightly wounded.  PEACE AT LAST  HIS   AUGUST  AND   POWERFUL  MAJESTY  THE   SULTAN   OF   TURKEY  IN A NEW ROLE  The Great Explorer, , Ferdinand de  Journel, Lectures .in San - Francisco  on the Clondike Country.  The following which appears in "a  hanitbill in Sun Francisco will be of  interest to many of our old time  readers: *  GRAND  ILLUSTRATED  LECTURE  ���������BY���������  The Distinguished Explorer  '"FERNAND   do   JOURNEL.'  Subject:  To the Yukon Gold Fields,  The Clondike,  How to Get There  Life in the Great North West.'  Thrilling experiences to incidents  Supberb    Slereoptician    Views  and Scenes.  "The eyes of tho world to-day arc  centered'upon the Yukon gold fields of  the great Northwest.-."  "Fernand ele Journel who has spent  twelve years in that country pros-  prccting, travelling iind trading with  Indians, is a veritable book of in for-'  mation upon it. His actual experiences in tlie ice bound regions enable  him to give most interesting' information, which is not only instructive, bub  of the greatest value to all who  contemplate journeying to the great  NorthWest in search of gold., In his  illustrated lecture tour we shall see  iind hear all about the new El Dorado;  its people, their houses and mode of  living; its towns and settlements, its  mountains, its deposits '���������; of gold, its  rivers, lakes, canyons, rapids, etc.;  wild, wierd, perilous and picturesque.  Mountains-will-he'climbed,'"dangerous  trips made by water, and in fact the  routes to the'Gold Fields vividly portrayed. Manv of the views*which  will he shown by the Stereopticon are  most valuable in conveying a true idea  of the scenes they depic-.t. No expense  has been spared by Mr. de Journel in  presenting and equipping this lecture.  In view of the. length of the entertainment tho audience is respectfully  requested to refrain from asking questions during the lecture."  A special di'palch, lrom Bombay,  describing the defence ot FortGulistan  refers to the child-like expression of  the six year old daughter of Major  Des Vceux, the British r.liicer who  was in command of tho place and who  had his family with him. Little Miss  Des Voeux is" quoted as saying; " A  horrid man crept up to burn the hedge  ���������part of the detenccs surrounding  the fort���������and daddy would not shoot  until the hedge was burning and the  man crept back. Then he shooted him  dead." I think daddy should have  shooted bini first." Her smaller  brothers, il appears, kept th" nurses  busy restraining them from going to  the ramparts.  At Last Condescends to Attach His  Signature to the Treaty, But  Lets it be Understood He Wants  Something Else.  London. September20.���������At last an  ollieiul end has been put to the G rtuco  Turkish- war, which rcilly terminated  some 15 weeks .ago, by tbe Sultan  yesterelay afternoon attaching , bis  signature to the terms of peace. It  teiok tbe ambassadors of the Powers  more than twice as long to arrange  .them us 'iictual hostilities lasted. At  present the result of the struggle is 11  military viclory for the Sultan over  Gieece, and-undoubtedly lho Sultan  hopes and intends to gain a reward  for yesterday afternoon's action ol  complaisance., in the shape of concessions in the matter of Crete. This  he has plainly shown in an 'interview  wilh Signor Punsa, the .Italian'.-ambassador at Constantinople, when he  said that in return for'Turko^'s yielding in tbe mailer ol peace he expected  the Powers would show some leniency  concerning' Crete.  To Signor Pansa's remark that  autonomy for Ciete, to which Turkey  has consented, bad already been  agreed upon; the Sultan replied vrith a  CAPT. SEGER'S PARTY  A COPY  OF   DR.   MACDOIJALD'S  DIARY EN ROUTE  The Trip From Calgary via Edmonton  and Mackenzie River to Yukon���������  Hard Work But no Mishaps.  (From tho CiilKary Herald)  Cal-  uge  gesture "and  shall see."  the"  expression  Wc  ALLEGED ATTEMPT TO KILL  GERMAN AND AUSTRIAN  : EMPERORS  Dr. Geo. Mucdonald, who left  g.-iry over 11 month ago to join a  party lioiind foi' the Yukon, has sent  buck 11 copy of bis diary froin Fort  MciiluiTay, .''.nil through the courtesy  of Mrs. jMitt'doiialtl The lli-RAi.i) is  enabled lo publish it:  Left Calgary Thursday morning;  eirrived in Etlnioiilon same night of  August 12Ui iiboul 0.30 p.m., tiller  several delays along the way. Iinel  rain at Red' Ueer and raining haul  when we tu-i-ivtiel at Kdiiionlon. Saw  Drs. George and O'Sullivan at Innisfiiil  and saw Dr. iind "Mrs. Denoviin at Keel  Deer, unil Dr. 'Macleod at Liicomhe.  Iliirdisty inch us tit station al  Edmonton, and Friday we got what  few little things we fui'tbei' required.  Got a splendid rille for $12 and within  an bom.' tho sumo follow was oU'ered  $20 for it. We expected to pull .but  on Friday afternoon, but did not gi t  away until Saturday lllh tit noon.  Hilda wagon and heavy team lo take  five of us with out' baggage. Sent out  three wagons of it-eight on Friday and  some two wagons had been sent out  before. Going with ono wagon were  Hai'disty, Taylor, Adam"011, McNeill  and myself. " We camped Saturday  night oil Sturgeon creek  Sunday morning, l?" 11 Up at live  a.m., have breakfa.-: and pull out.  Have a great old* t.e with one of our  hordes, which isb..iky. Nicely wooded  country passed with plenty ~f small  fruits, which we pick tis we" go along.  Camped Sunday night 011 north side of  Twabueon creek. (I won't vouch for  spelling).  Monday morning: Up and have  breakfast and go on our way. Arrive  at Athabasca Landing al 7.40 p.m.:  unload, have supper, and camp at  the Landing. Met Captain Segors,  Matheson, etc., who are of our pai ty.  Stevens left Landing on Friday with  his party.  Tuesday morning : Up early .'ind  had breakfast and bailed the* water  out of our boat (which is now ready)  and got it in' readiness for loading.  The boat was built" by Sogers and is  11 feel long, eight feet wide and  iiboul three and a half feet deep. We  load up what..freight we have at tho  Landing and wail for tho other three  teams. Teams an ive Tuesday evening  late.. Transfer loads to boat. Ftnel  we have too much for one boat, so  manage to raise another, and get all  loaded and snug tor start in morning.  Saw Leslie Wood, who is in charge of  H. B. Co.'s post iit Landing, and whom  I met during C. to E. railway work.  Tuesday was a very hot day.  Wednesday, ISth : Up at -l a. in.  breakfast, and start ��������� on trip down  Athabasca river. In out- boat (the  new one) are Oapl." Segers, Alex.  Adiimson, who is acting as cook for  party, McNeill, Robertson, (un ex-  policcman) myself and a halfbreed  pilot named Thoir.os. In second boat  are Hardisly. Taylor, Sutherland,  Mathieson, and Carey. Then there  arc three other boats coming along  who will bear part of expense of pilot..  These three last boats are small with  parties of four, two and two. In our  outfit we carry about 1A tons of provisions per bead. We take the lead  aud tho oilier ooats follow strung out  in line. AVe pass Lac la Biche river  to-day (Wednesday.) Drift with  current all uight, changing watches  every three hours.  Thiifs.lay, 19th :   Had watch from  12 to :l .1.111., then slept until 0 and hael  breakfast. Kan through several  rapid" to-day. Stopped at steamboat  mooring and sent back letter. Camped  for night at Gas Springs. Threatening  rain tonight so cover all up well.  Friday; 20th: Had very little rain  dining night, but still threatening.  Startr i'or-Grand-l "lipids;-- at���������head-of-  fiipicls meet pilot St. Paul, who goes  with us. Water pretty low. Run lo  head of island, about half over rapids,  and stick several times, and have to  climb into water to get olT. Hud hard  time gelling into the bout, but diet so  tit last. Unload and., take boat'out  anel drop over rapids with a line froin  shore anil got bout lo foot of  island. Mighty hard work it was.  Unloaded, till the oth'ei' bo.its,unci took  both them and all our cargoes across  the island, about half a mile, on the  _ 11.B. Co.'s tramway. This kept all  j bands tit good hard work all day long.  All played out at nighl. Rest well on  island and cat well loo.  Saturday, 21st: Up early. Weather  cleared .up"ngain; nice and line. After  breakfast finish getting goods and  bouts over and fix up a few small leaks  in boats, Another hurel duv. Night  lireel out. Pull toolh for St. Paul's  wife.  Sunday. 22nd: Get all trimmed up  and slnit after breakfast. Running  lapids all day long. We are in big  luck having Segers as he knows, tho  river'-well "and knows how the boiit  slioirtet be handled;.- and is handy nil  round. Slill the river comsc changes  so often be thought we had belter take  the pilot to Fort MeMurruy. From  there down is his oltl course'that he  has been on for years. Pass mouth of  ���������    ., ,     , T ,���������    _        ,  _ -, .,, , Buffalo creek today.   Saw a big black  Faulklanel Islands andTerra del 'uegoj, ���������_._uhc pilot took the cimoo to  }^ei:0_-l^yZ<l���������?.n1?,0'. _???j?rll'!sh-,!,!,!>i I KO alter him but he   got uwav.  ASENSAT.IONALGCCiiRRENCE  General Jeffries Brings the Mahmounds  to .Time ��������� Chamberlain's Letter in  Answer to Sherman's Insulting Document.  London, September 21.���������A dispatch  to The Daily Mail from Vienna says:  "It is reported that as the Emperors  William and Francis Joseph were  leaving the station at Budu-Pest a  sharp detonation was heard, which  was followed by a thick cloud of dust  and smoke. The crowd took fright,  broke through the military cordon,  and swarmed around tbe imperial carnage. Emperor- Francis Joseph was  greatly agitated nnd shouted to the  police to keep the people back. Some  arrests are reported, but owing to the  secresy maintained by the ofiicials it  is difficult to ascertain the details of  the a (fair. The News-Weinar Journal  was confiscated this evening for publishing telegrams as to the ������e~ "-  rence;"  THE INDIAN REVOLT.  London, September 21.���������The corre-  pondent of Tbe Times at Simla says:  " General Jelfries has inflicted such  punishment upon the Mahmounds that  they are begging for mercy and asking  his terms. The valley is swept clear  of fighting men and no one *s now  clfering tlie slightest opposition. The  Salav Zai tribesmen have declined lo  light -further, fearing that their villages also will bo punished.  General Jelfries has demanded the  surrender of 30 breech loadcis and all  of those captured by the Mahmounds  last Thursday. When these terms are  complied wilh he. will resume his  march into the Muhmound country. J  -AN IT ALLS."*" CELEBRATION.  RO"iE. September 21.���������The anniversary of the entry of the Italian troops  into Rome, September 20tb, 1S70, was  nniversally-i_iCelcbi'aled_^yostcrel_iy_  throughout Italy.'  ���������CIIi-~IHEB~.AIN.TO SUEIUIiYN.  .London,- September 20.���������The long  letter signed by Edward Wingfielel,  assistant under secretary orMr. Chaiii-  hcrlain, whicli is published in The  Times, says in part: "Mr. Chamberlain cannot p.iss Secretary Sherman's  attack unnoticed because silence might  ne construed as an admission that the  dispatch was unanswerable. From a  pei usal of Sherman's despatch it might  lie inferred the protection and preset-  vation of the fur seal was identical  with the suppression of pelagic sealing  ing. This view is consistent with the  attitude of tbe UnitedStulcsmaintuiii-  cel lrom the outset. In support of their  views the United1,States.'Government  departed from the noblest 'tradition of  its country, which bus earned universal honour by their efforts to vindicate  lhe freedom of the high seas. The  nation which is now so. zealous for prohibiting pelagic scaling was 111 1S32  with eejutil zeal asserting the claim ot  the right of its citizens.not only lo kill  seals on the high seas but to land and  slaughter,them on the shores of a  friendly nation." Chamberlain elaborates this point, at some length, relating  the incident of the seizure eif tlio sailing vessel Harriet at Buenos Ayr's in  1S*2 and adding: "The shores of the  Pi-ibvlolT islands today nre equallyns  uninhabited, as  the*- shores   of   the  1'pct ever claimed the right to land and  kill seals there as the United States did  on the. South Atlantic under the protection of the guns of an Amcricar"  man of war."  Chamberlain's letter quotes and  answers most niinutelyall the points  of Secretary Sherman's despatch.  ���������'Marin," saiel the great hypnotist, "it  you don't put that baby to'sleep I'll be  unable to Kive my. (,'rent inosuic.riu show  this evening.*'���������riiilmleliikia North jVm-  crican. ,.  "Why elo you buy your ".'daughter a  new wlie-e-1 every yearV" '"It l.ei'iis u-w  from wanting to paint velvet lambrequins for the. drawing room mantel","���������  Chicago Record.  "She anil lier fiance make a banelsomo  picture together, tlon't tbey?" "Yes; I  fceliovi! her engagement is considered an  artistic rather than a financial suc'Ci'"-.*  ���������Puck.  There will be from 100,000 to 150.000  bushels of wheat in the .Edmonton  district over and above the demands  of the local trade. Farmers are in  some perplexity as to what to do with  this surplus.  got away. Saw  another cub in the afternoon.. Other  boat struck a rock and sprung a leak  unil hud to send Sogers lo stop it. We  'carry-a small Peterboro cunou with us  lo move about in when we*, want to go  ashore or travel from bout to boat.  Made about -12 miles today. Pull into  a bay about dark and camp for night.  Monday, 2.5rd: Up at daybreak anel  breakfast.-' Hardisly shot a goose this  morning. Run down over several  small rapids and pull, in "just above  Boiler rapids to let pilot' go and take a  look at them. Water in river rose  about li inches litsl night. Pilot back  and we run llu'ough Boiler rapids.  Ship some: big waves. Run Long  rapids next. Good hard work all along  After Fort McM array it will be easier  as nil lapids tire passed then. Run  through Stoney rapids next. Then  pass into uu/1 through a small cascade.  At head of small cascade unload half  and go over. Portage load about 50  feet, loud up anil puss on to within a  half mile of Ijigcascude.'iiid drop boats  down with a line to head of cascade  then unload and drop boats over tiig  cascade and' portage freight about 50  yards, load up  and  pull across river  /s  and camp for night.' Small cascade is  ti small, sudden drop of about one and  a half feet. Big cascade is a sudden  drop of about three to live feet.  Tuesday, 21th: Up at five and have  breakfast and pull out at six this  morning and run through Mountain  rapids and then through one small  rapid, last one. Run into Fort,MeMurruy ut 0.-I5 this morning. An outfit going back to Landing is expected  here today.  Stevens party, left Athabasca landing on l'l'iclay, the 10th inst., iind wns  just leaving loot of .-Islands at Grand  Rapids when we arrived. His partj  left jMcMurrny Monday morning the  23rd und we left ut 10 o'clock today the  2lih, so we tiri! catching up fust on  them. We have passed lhrough a  very rough country, pretty well wooded, lint barren for cultivation. Scenery  is line but there i.s too much of it.  Scenery below'-McMm-ray is much  liner. River bigger and dolled with  very pretty island-.  ead It  And Read II, A?i���������Every  page, every column, every  line. No paper in North  Kootenay has one-fourth its  circulation, or is as well read  by so many persons as The  Si'mi-Weekly Hevelstoke  Herj-JjM. To reach the people  of North Kootenay its  columns must be used, and in  fact it can boast of what no  other paper in its district  can. Every business house  in Revelstoke advertises in  it. and are sati-slied it brings  results. What better guarantee could outside advertisers ask ?  Its newsy columns, its  telegraphic, its typographical  neatness, its free delivery, its  interest in the welfare of  Kootenay, are steadily increasing its circulation.  We solicit your business  on the basis of results���������not  from sympathy. 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GORDON  Revelstoke Stn. ^.^a-xzzzsr*,  k"-_*jl=M-4_ai*CWK*ie_.l( de*n~.WJ'Mifc>4eva _,-  "*W������i^M������l������-W!S^^  .av������ *(*.-������������������ ������t-������'.*_p,7S  ���������->������������������*-;  m  m  l&f  i������?  "  8  IP  I* ii  I."f  '4  Is"  1-U  JUST ISSUED  New.  Mining Laws  British  columbia  Th.1! book gives cninplcli*  milling laws, ("gflher wilh  full diree-linns fo:- lvni-hiug  the dili'-.'!cut mining sections  of Ijiitisb Coin nibiii���������the  iiiti-l useful book for iniiicrs  iinel prospector;,  over issued.  Only -35 Cents, al the  Canada  Drug &  "^^    Book Co., Ltd.  Cha*. R. Mactjosalb, Miuinger.  Revelstoke  Station,  B.C.  m~'{  m  ��������� ti'i  ���������.--"(  Bv  mi  H'?'*  H---'  *H.'^i.  - _  ���������>-_*-  I  Bp  m-  BlI  B||  \/  m  ��������� "*&  X  M  *\  LOCAL AND' GENERAL   HEWS  An Interesting Budget of Local, Personal  and   General  Items  Round   and  About  Revelstoke.  Mr. John Giant- left town for Albeit  Canyon yesteiday.  ?.Ir. T. L. Haig hns returned from ti  camping holiday al Arrowhead. -  Jas. Dixon of Vancouver, is in lown  from Trout Lake Cilv nol in very good  health.     ������  Rev. T. W. Glover, of Toronto, will  preach tomorrow in the Methodist  church.  ������ A splendid assort ment of Men's,  Youths' and Children's Heady-made  Suits at Coui'sier's.  Mr. Chas. Taylor of tho Rcvclstoko  Development Co.. left town for Montreal yesterday. Ho will be away live  woeks,  Mr. and Mrs. Melville will assist  again in the musical part of tlu: sin--  v'c-u at thu Methodist, church tomorrow night.  ~~~W. J. Curtis, piano tuner from  Winnipeg, will be in town in a few  diivs. lie has had 23 years and guarantee-' .bis work.  The Cayley Bros, have the contract  for putting up ,������������������_, small parsonage for  the Church of Kngland, and will begin  the work at once.  3 Wc beg to draw the attention of  the public- to our large slock oi' Tens  and Coffees. Thcs freabest, purest and  best-on tbe market loduv. O.li. Hume  to Co.  Bourne's hall is now being us'el .-is a  warehouse by the firm of Bourne Bros,  and tbe scenery, etc.. belonging to tbej  stage has,  Thtfiitie.  Tlim-Ml-.ty's train from the coast wns  :i heavv one. as it brought passengers  from the Empress of India. Thu three  c-tiis in front were ci owdeil wilh Chinamen.  Mr. H. \V. 0. Jack-nn, Mrs! Jackson  anel-tlii-,ight-ei".-L-<.jci"iily���������of���������thii=:RosST.  l.tiul Miner, recis-ieied nt the Hotel  J'uvi'istuke.' on Thursday and left for  lite east next d.iv.  n  The* agent nf Mr. II. m-ischel-Cohcn  is endeavoring to secure the claims n*-  ci'iitly locutt'd on U:i':i:e:- Creek by  Link: Hios. which nave such l-em.-uk"-  tibl.' assays.���������r*e.v.-.-Advc-rl.i--.er.  The Hi:n.\:.:.< in-ir.-- to acknowledge  the* ri'tfij.t i.l the l-'ifth i!"pnrl e-.f tin-  l-i.'pt.in* Agrie-ultiiii'. i'till'-liu y.o.2 of  the '\,ittu,ii ili-tmy Society iinel n  bin.* bii.il; e-ti In-fi-f 1'ests lrom the*  Pi-iivine-i.il l.ibi.iry.  Mt-. Ii-.i-.__h Mt Ciinlv und family  Tr.iil,   i,-tiii'.i._-el  nn   We-liii'.-iiliiv  t   t.vn  iiiiviilb'-:  vi.-lt  lo  ulaiivi-s   in i  ������ Lookout Tor thu Milllinery Opening nt Ciuirsii'r's.-  itrrff yon want a good sciutu-e on a  round table go to Pcizer'si-cstaui-aut.  ������ A wai-iii lot of Undearwear, Over  Shirts, Mac'kinaws, Uiirnian Bricks anti  Lumberman's .rubbers at Coursier's.  Mr. .1. S. McOiigue's new bakei-v opposite llie post ollice on I.-'i-oiit street is  in full swing, nnd is iinracting u good  shiii-e of pairntuigc.  Tbe Harry- Lindley Co, have been  playing nil week In good bouses. Lust  night I hev gave little l.eird 1" ittiulerov  nml Hit- We.-ivOrs.  .Murphy, the man, who was shot iu  the' leg while esi.-ip.iig froui arrest,  .--lill Iin.-; hi-, U-g in |ili;.|ei-. Nut hing  I'm I her will In-done-in the case ttnlil  lie hus fully recowtvel.  s At lho bi'giiiiiing of next week we  expect in n 1,'irgu shipment of petu-.s  .���������mil I'.ppli-s. Hold your order.*, iisiIicm:  guilds arc prouii.-ecl to be first-class.  '..'. II. I Initio iV Co.  _.1~"l'bc l.".rge.-l nnel choicest stock of  ripe loin-: loos, grapes, peaches, peaches,  pears, watermelons, s-.iuii__.hes, plums,  apple's, elc, in iieveUloUc atJIutchi  .-on to Co.'s, Front Si. wc--t. Low-i-st  price's ever tjunteil in town.  g The House Furnishings at C. B,  lltmie & Uu's. lias o.-un going oil' like  hot cakes. Tliis week's stile, i.s the  biggest on record. There if- Mill a  sulei-iion in nl! lines loft I'or the rest.  I *ein't furnish without giving us a call.  irsrOiu: cai'loiid of our stoves gone  nl ready nnd thu other going til the  rule eif one. .two, nnel three a tiny. Cull  nl once, while the selection is good.  Buy your coal oil from us. W. jil.  L:iwi'uiii.'i_'s Hardware', McCnrly block.  The following appointment is in Lhis  week' Gazelle, el.-ilcil Sept. JTti*. : William A. Vi..*kt.'i'f, of Lists town of Kovu!-  slokt'. Ksip. to be mining recorder for  Uie Trout Lake mining \livision of the  West Kootenay dislrict. vice Thomas  Taylor, l-'stjnii-t*, resigned.  Mi-. 1-1. XV. Yo'.inittns hns opened up  aim shop nuxl door to the VicLoria  I loU-1, wlicre hi* is prepiii-ed lo niaiin-  fiicture iinything tlmt a tinsmith can  niake nnd lo receive orders foi-i-oofing,  Ciivetroughingniul nil kinds o! outside  work.  The Li-eslk* work and flume ou tin:  French Creek Co.'s ground is nearly  linisbi'd and the iiu-ii'.-iru being laid oil".  Mr. G. .J. Atkins ''uu' Mr. On minings,;  C li., are now up there to do some  surveying. , The piping has not yet,  reached the ground.  After a long nnd painful illness Mrs.  Robinson, lhe wife of Mr. Baxter  Robinson, died on Thursday afternoon  at their residence, on Third" St. Their  little baby preceded its mother to the  grave ii few weeks ago. Much sympathy is fell iu the c-eu'niuiinily for the  bereaved husband. The funeral look  place yesterday from thu Methodist  chuve-b. and was conducted by Rev.  3. A.'Wood.  The exhibit of Norlh Koolenay ores  for the Spokane Fail- will be shipped  this afternoon. It comprises a laiily  comprehensive.! collection of specimens from lhe Liu-deau and Trout  Lake Alining Division?, largely selected from Mr. W. TJ. Pooi's extensive  collection, but Big Bend and lllccilli!-  Wiit-t iiro hardly represented nt, all.  This is ,-i gre:it pity and every clVorl  should be mntle Iiy those interested ii*  1 he development of the country north  of the niiiin line* to get- more specimens  I'or Air. Sibb.-ild In lake down with him  on the first, of October.  Revelstoke-  Wood Working Factory  a-  &  WK10.UT,   I'KOritTCTOl!.*?.'.  " .Window and Door Frames  made to order.  Store'and Oxiics Fixtures.  All Kinds of Sashes and  Doors hi stock. Odd  Sizes made to order.  nn:  LcMiu.'t  Tim. U.  Taci'Im:  r.ur.i*in({���������Orr  Y.\r.i>,  Revelstoke Station,  B.C.  Notice  S-0 rownnl will W h'.wii lo nny in.*r*nu who  [���������"Ui (livt.1   iiif'ii'iiiiiliun  to ciMU'I'l   tli*.1   |i-,r.uiii  wli't ii'1 lire lu my i'l'iiri.' miiivriiil on ir.y U_.t on  liuorja-u stret'l, nur.rlv li'-himl m\ ]ioii������-i',  U SAVi'L. ni-:i:i)ii.\m.  Hotel License  NotU'o is "nori^tiv I'ivcn :'i*it lwo iutr:itl to  iil'sth- :������0 ������lnvs iifti-p dun' to ihy Hiijifinlhirv  MimNtratP of thn K-'vi-Uti,]:" iIIvNUhi nf Wo-t  Kuot'jiii'.y fur :i licuii-i: to retail li'(iior ut our  lmlel al Alliurt fiuivon.  ni-;0. !���������'. ICTNCJ.  Ii.   rATTKKPON.  .). rATTi-:iiri('X.  Sept. 3, 1R07. -iscltw  Hotel License  Notice is liuruby ^ivon iliti* :>() (\i\v< nftor dntu  vt! nit und to ujin'lv* to thu Slipundiurv Mav:^-  trulo nf tliu itev-jl.Uoku Division of West  ICootenoy for ii Hcun-"* to kuII li-]iior.-> ftt our  hotul ul Trout I.uko Oily.  Mcl-ir/XAN'   -'c  BLACK.  Trout LuUo fitv, .\uj_r. lit, |,*-^7. air.:l\v-U  Sutton Mineral Claim  Situat. in tlio Illufillcwiiot Mining  J>ivirion im We-l Kooieiuiy l)i:-:rii:t.  V������'iicro lotiiled:   On the iiorlln\oMt  siiU* of the nuiiinitiin  belwceu the  Ille(;illc\vftut   Uivur   an������l the north  lone of lliu '".nuc. about live miles  licrihtiflsl of lllouillowuct.  Taico notice i-uit I, irmik StiLlinirn T-Jarntird,  t-'n-e   Miuit's  (.'-.rtiiu-iilu S>). Soi'irj.s issuo.l ut  New Vi'esi;nin'*li.,r f>:i  tlio 17tli day of October,  lSVO. imimiulii---; direi-tor of the Lilloijt, I'r.v-er  llivor and  tJ*u-iiJco Uold   Reid**. Limit-id, l''ree  M;uei'*s Oortilif-att;  Xc������. (HIS A, ib-yuuti at 2*ov.  Wf^tiiiin*lor ou the KOtii day of .lunu, 1������S07, intend, fiu days* from iho date hcryof. tn a;-plv to  Lhe  Milling Jiocor-ler for ti C'lvLiiic-itc of "lin-  ln-ovoinonl*:,  tor tht;  purpo'-e  ol   cbtainiuy a  crown jrrunt for the above elaiin.  AjuI iiiniiiT uiJif nulice lhat action, under  Section   :>7,  must   be  comnioncod   before the  i.-sua~nce of sucii Cortiltrate 01  lmpro\eincuLs.  ���������    Oatetl this 2Uth duv of Sopt., 18D7.  2."������so0t\v K. S. JJEKNARI):  been   plnced   in   Tapping's  Aii^M-J, 1S07.  IX    TIIK    SL'PUKMK , COURT    OV   DUlTISir  Columbia, iu   the  matter  of   the   OlHcinl  Adniini*-trator.-_U'Aet, and in  the mutter of  tho   estate,  of "Charles   .Her-jcr  doueused,  dated the \?.ih day oi July, A.l;. 1 bi������7.   Upon,  road ing   the  allidavits  bf    Ernest   Tlenry  y'tieridjin   Mel.oan   and    Charles   Frederic  Lititlmarl:.  It   ih   ordered   that  .lames  Korguson   Armstrong, Othciul Administrator  for  thu County  Court ni^tr.'f-i of irootenuy, be administrator  of all and Mniiuliir the ^ooas, chattels, riglits,  und credits whieb were of Ohartes Iterj-jer, lute  01   rileciUuwuet in  the dip-.trict  of  Kootenay,  free miner, deceased;  And it is further ordered, that thi.-, order be  publi.-hud in the lievelstoko Herald newspaper  tor tho period ol r-ixtv tiavh.    '  (SlKiied.)   A. J. aicCALL,  The creditor^ and persons interested in the  e.-tato of the above named Charles Herder, lute  of ille"*illowaet in the District of Kootenay,  free lnhiur, deceased, are hereby required  within sixty days from this date *lo .-cud by  registered lotter'udilre^ed to .laine-" Ker^Uhon  Armstt'onj:. Ollicial Administvutor. Vort Steele,  Tirit.i-.li Columbia, particulars of their claims,  und thu uatr.ri'of the seenmies (if any) htdd  by then. After the expiration of the said  si *ty days, thi* distribution of thu j-'iiid Ohtitt-.'  will be proceeded with, regard bein^ had only  to -u������li claim"! of \\ hich notice thall b_,jrive:i  11- -,.iVir������,~,aiii.  Date i thi*- 2nth dav of August. iSi)7.  .���������).   V. AllMcaTKOS'if. .-  l'2i*:i: Ollicial Adir.inis:rator, Kootonay  DR.   R.  nATHISON  DENTIST  Will be r.t liis ollice oveir Ctuintln Hook  .' Driiu Co.'s S-torCillovclstokei-Stnltoii,  from Sop't; 23 to Oct, 0.  All Branches  ������r Tin:  Tonsorial Art  Kxi-i-nu-il villi inn Iii luxiroiiti  1 'L-A.te.-1-ily ill  J. Morg in's  -_E_r=o*-'^ Shaving Piw  Hot and Cold B.-.ths  Confectionery  or  OXE  Tobaccos  fresh Fruits  ilOOU KAS'l' COLUMIilA I10TKI,.  25   CENTS   PER   LB.  J.  Pvl.  WicCALLUM,  SliCIINU STHK1.T, I'.CVJIUIQI'.I*. Sf.'-Tio:;.  Your* "Valuable  Order  for all Kinds of Light Transfer  and Carting will be attended lo  by     T     ::::::     :  Robt.  Fleming.  The: ilclivory of pai-t-oli to tuul from trnins tmel  to tiny ].nrt of town ivill ritttcivci  SSiiutf my cnrefiil iillciiliou.  ipe mills  The lai'j~i;sb iiiul t-boicoi-l stock  of Toniiilocse, Gi-.-ipe-;, l*c'iic'ho-_t.  Pc*ili-s, Wnlt'i-ini'lons, Stinashes.  Plimit;,. Ajiplu**, elc, in Itevelstoke is ill  Hutchiscn- & -Co.,  Front Street West,  l.oivct rrlccs over quotcil in town.  I  A NEW MAN.  C. G. Chapin, Jeweler, of Burk's Falls,  Says lie is a New Man Since Using  the Great South American Nervine.���������  His Testimony is Endorsed by Thousands of Others.  '���������Fe>i- years f have been cji'enlly ti-niih-  leil with nc-i'voiis elKbiiity and i-.tVection  of the- kiilnoys.    I lielieve* I tried eveiy  limpi-ieliivy iiieilicino  under  th..* sun.  Ijiil. ntnm M'l'ineil to tjive  me. any u-lief  nnl.il 1 bad ti-iuel South Atnei-ic.-.n,.Xtr-  ViTft'7^T"-D~i'ny-sn:-p.i-i.-'-_'-H!iWli>t^br.t-fl-r  crave ni'-' trrcitt i-clie-f.    i nave *Liei--eve:--  e.l in l.-ikii'tr ii. and can say that I have!  not felt so well foi-yt.-u*-.  I do hc������.ii-tily   "~"e hive a sooa  recninniend thi-j irrt'iit. i-iii-c."'    Kohl   by **  Ciin.ulii Drner to IJobl; Co.  -jOOB DREAD,  Fresh Fruits,  Ice Cream,  Suiiiiiier Drinks,  Choicest Confectionery,  Canned Goods  A Carlcad of Ogilvie's t3est Flour just  received.    For Sale  :Ie;F.  AT P.OCK-S'jTTrjM  n  The Revel stoke 3  Rai way St., Revelstoke Station  TjStt  akery Stores,  KR-^.;l-r.UVirRY���������__:".T  "??������7  W. J������- -taw,  merchant Tailor,  Has jiint received lhe first conKi-in-  lueiil e.f bin  new  stock, and  has  more on the way.     He is now in it  no.-ition  c-lolhitijr  finii-.li.  to supply  nil   orders for  Ij-ile'st tslvtes anil b������;st  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  f^KGDESlA  -ESTAURAHT  and EOARDIMG HOUSE,  t_'o:::.-K:-. t-t-- -^rcCiNti Stp.i-:_?.t and  ':tiTo>: Av::st-t*.,  -S ^"-y^i-S-T-OKr-E-S-T-A T-I O N,-.-  uti'ler the :-tiperSnt.oiT.1-  u~> ��������������� ���������_     "J  *���������"* "i "4 '' * f*  ul | ..., i,  iroisi j kii ���������  FROM AGONY TO JOY.  Acut'i Sufferings From Acute* Rheum,-t:c  Ailment Relieved by South  American i  nheiii:i"it:c Cure V/h_*n Hope Hid Well I  Nigh Gone*.��������� Mrs. v/.   Ferns, Wife ot j  a "Veil-Known 'Manufacturer of Gleiicoe ' :  Cheerfully Tells the Story of Her Cure, j  '���������I iv,. ��������� f-ir yi'-ir-- .-- si-.-n:   -:';,*ri-r :r..:,i rlii-t.'.i- j  i-.i ni-- i-.ii_.'...���������*��������� i-.n-l t;i tlt.K ^ _.<-.J!  msf  KN'JLI-H Tut,  v'.V'i: of Mr-. :_.aji.  IV,i\\ti's fi'-jM i>i;ui<Ici1 lo pi-r&<)i!.illy by the  prot-rieior. j  i  M~i  They .in- the f.'-.i:-*,t*. nf Mi-  .>. .h'hn-e-.n. nnil   -.\i!l  n-iui-n  to  their  lii'tti'.' in Tr.iil ut. -"���������_ Jii.l.iy.  Th-- Jhuvi'-t l'e���������livnl t-.-rvic-.-e wii!  b-.- i.-jee-.'it.-.l lii:t..-;ie-.v.- ,-.t St. I'etei-'-i.  Olebi title,n ,-,t (i ...m.; .'.iiiinin-j; 1'i.iyi'i-  .-isiil l.il.my_ :il 11: Kvi'ii-oiiir ,-it 7*:'"1.  Thii tlecni.ili'iii ��������� li.'V.- !,--. n let.-iined  in  . 1 -,:...' 1 ���������  , n .-..-:.k >!  ,.ii:i-i--t..'i  i  ��������� I  'Ml  I  1    '.-,.  lam:'  (I.M ���������'.������������������-. !-t-.i*.- I..-  I_.,f.i,--.   ml   |,,.!li  I..-----.I  i.e. r.-'arti  iin'it-l  :'.���������'.<  _--���������.-.:  Jil \i^ ix. -'..j.--.' t'-i.  '-' f>li---l(-li-.  r.-I-i--*. .Mt'i-.-i.  ��������� ���������,.������ ,i.-.i:r ���������; ,:.niKt-  Itll  A' ii-rie-nt: 11Ii.  Material  ���������t^rzstf^^-'        Ar.ci Lumber  '.ut Pr\czs for Spot Cash.  Call and See us   Vve Can Vvs. You   j    C-!..-.:iliilc  :neitl--r.'.ii-.  iM'!-.'!'.  I., f  'I':  REVELSTOKE SAY/ iVliS.10  Revelstoke  St  LU  :.tio.i.  iLS  AT   ALL  HOURS  - Htul i-:i--.IIty our motto.    Terii*s  A. .;   r.AI'WOin'II, I'ropr'.etor.  C'.-jis iinncn Hall To Lot  iign Painting and Gilding  Kaisorti;'.:::*.:-'. Pspcrhanijinf;, General  Hauic a.-'d Carriajfe Painting.  I_I  Q  m  >s~r^J3*Kia^-*---������^=  Agent for tho Blickeuscle-ri'st'  Typa'jvrilsr  A        o "wj*? j>  Successor to GILKER  eSc WELLS  Dealer in Hats, Caps, Boots,  Shoes, Gents' h uvnishings- Stationery,  Patent Medicines, Tobaccos and Cigars,  Toilet and Fancy Articles, Fruits, Etc.  POST OFFICE STORE,  REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  -<=������__���������*.  B. C.  D-   STAMPER,  : " i .������    .   *. vi ������tokx Sta rro*;,  ii. <;  W.  B.  PEASE & CO._-������������.  ^  DKALEliy  IN   O-ROGEBIES AND PROVISIONS   --===-. HAY,   FLOUR   AMD   FEED =���������=35======:   (ffi:      A FIN������ ASSOFiTWlENT OF TEA, COFFEE,' BISOU1TS, SOFT DRINKS ALV/AYS   IN   STOCK.      -M  mi.        ..i^  $m^ ��������� ^---^^^-^^^~--^--~-^^^^--^*^^ - -  :_^*fjg  IT fflAKES NO DIFFERENCE.  ^^^^jacssssasssSSsx&^iS^.  Who is Your Physician.   It Pays to Take Your  TO V? R C* ,  i V L* O w r \  JSSZZ2SS31S3XCX  I.PTIONS.  re ABEY'S DRHS STORE  j~i~UATJ3_E Ihey Ri.vP il versonn! attention.  JjI'.'iJA(JS1~ Ihey, .'in* l-eli.-iblo eheiiiiat.-t.  BEUAUyiD yon can l-oly on ace-tii-iilo coiiijioundini; from p.ire ili-u^s al nioilui-iilc prices.  ?I-T*E!    *_l=*XO__iSrDS__E-iS,    3D"El-CrGrC3-ISX'.  *H,X*"i-V"-Hiri~3rrOT-C-E    STATIO*N*  l>^-e.j^-ii;';'fe2i?-ii riJSSii-i '''^_-S-''-'4-.,Kv"V^.j>-) rM&B <t*-fc:@'*__^_.  ������'<\  *-.  ������  C<    r-   ~i '  bell'Hardware  -p  ot ������uvery JJesc-rip'cion  nnil Hardwiiri: only, but ,-it liresenl I :mr  niiikinpi tt s]iecially of '  =������ ���������^f,=~_"=?;,,<*. *~n  ���������������1  - f~r~^i*33^E������  k������4  souvenir ^  Stoves.  a~  Hiiii^os, Cocking yioves. lli'tilers (Coal or Wood), tho largest tuul lira  bi'sl- holni'tL'il slock in ItevclsloUo. Jy^j  '  Tinsinilhinfr I'"sliiblislin,i?nt iu t onnect.ion.    lioolinfr anil Coi-iiic.ing a rtJS  -pucinlty.    All bir.tlb of Galvanized Iron Work r������t,  elniie on short nolit-c-. &,y  Glass,  Piiiiilft,  Oils. Viirnis.li. anel  uvcrythiiii;' usually  found  iu a ^r'  Virst Class liard ware SLoi-e.      _' tyj  PROMPT   ATTENTION   TO" MAIL  OP.DERS <0,     '  V. /"A. LAVRENGE, 1  H.r.rdv/aro Mtrch-inl, - Revelslolce Slalion     fyi  ^���������^: P? ivo^r~i~'"~^"^"-~-_2'* ~tcjO; ^*rt 5  ft.:-': Ibj'.V'.'i".-   will   in-  the-'ii" nlitci.-.-. :ir.  iilhlc-d*.  A. fi'in- w.i in i'ir.i-1 fii-.-milvioxv  lnouiitaiti on Laforiue c-i-.-ek oti/J'bii.-s-  elay. He :-.i.il hi.^ p,u t;:,-;-.Jiu.k.-oii have  put np a .--hack tuitl inientl to work em  the Nobie Three e-];tim thi.-: ivint������*i'.  They have, lucat'-d nnoiher li'cljju  carrying ceinper. about.'*/) feet above  the Noble Three.  V.". (.'. Niceley. who wa-5 confined in  Kainlocp.-, ji-.il waiting trial nt the noxl  county court here for .-.ti.'.-.liii'j; motie__y  euil ot u ti link belonerir.g to one n(t the  '.vaiti*e_-s<.'~ in tin; ilt.t'el I'evcl'lokej.  has c-sc.tp-.-d. Jle w.-i.-j einpioyeel us  took iu th** jail and made* his, "escape  thiTiiiirh the titien window eif the:  kite-hen. which is on an uppet' floor  and .-ipparently iinbaireel.  There will be a '-Mir.evs' O.iy" on  Oct. Sib at th" --.iiukanii Fruit Ftiir.  The Noitli'.ve-t Miuiii'i Associntion has  ceiliclnil'.-d to take the isiiitti.-l- up and  exert every eii'.irl to iti-iki*. it n bi^  faiicces-s. The iinuu.il mi-ulinp; of the*  association, which hits iimiiihiii-s in  every mining camp in the Pacific  northwest, i.- cnlleel f'ir Oclobi-r 7, ������  anel 9. It i-tlie intent ion of those who  have the matter in charge* lo present  si pi"i>^r:iinnii' for the three days which  will be iiit������rc.slinv" and iiistruetlive to  e-veiy uiininp man. uo matter whether  he* e������pe*riiti'j< on n Urn'-1 ���������"' a smtill sc-ule.  , The full proc-'riiiiiiiit- will  bo iii-inn^i'il  tneliiy, when all the committees arc to  -rcporVj.  Dioosy ?.r." l-iiar D'.-jwk1,���������A ������.���������:  e-u*.-.- .--."tie"! ;���������- irretit I"-liiitoi-.y. "l-'m- |.-ti I  ye-.-it-i I riiilfen'i! c;*.-e_-.-_..,!y fsoii lleai-l1  I >i-.f:-.-������������*. Fliltlt-'.'.itJtol' tile: fle-:irt iUi'l  t-jiiiolhe-riiiK S-pi1!!.-. in.i.'.e niy life it torment. I was i-n-.-.iiin-.i to my heel.  l)rop:-y iie: in. My phyr,ii'i:in t"lel nie  to prepare for the-" wur.-l. I t.rierl Dr.  Aji.nc-w'K dire for tl'.e Ho.n-t���������'Oncelo-e:  f������-ivi'. f-reat relief, one boltie- r.nre.-il I be*  IJi-opsy nnel my heart."���������Mrs. .hiines  Ail.-inir-,. Syraeitsi*, N.V. Sold by Canada Drtijjuncl Hook Co. I  Itchin.p;. Burning. Creeping, Crawling  Skin DiM-asf-i i-'.-lieveil in a f.-w iiiin-  ules by Acjnev'.'s Ointnifiil. Dr.  Ajjni'.'.v'is Ointment relieve-s iii:-l.:intly  anil riiri'f. Tette-r, Salt Itlietini, ijc.'ilil  Ile.-id. Ki.-y/.-niii. Ulcers. Dlole.-hi-s, anel  all Kruiili'ins nf tin-Skin. It is sinilb-  iii^ nnel i|i!'.utini; and acts like; uuiric:  in iill Iiiiby Iliiuiors, Iriiltititin ot ibe:  .Se.-iilp en- Hiir-he-s ilin-irm lei-lbint; I hue.  Xi e-i-nt-J a. box. Hnlil by C'.iniubi Dru^  to Hook Co. :{  Catarrh for Tv/cnty Years and Cured  in a. Few Days.���������Nothirij? loo simple,  nothin;'; Ion bavil for Dr. A(,'tn-iv'.-  Ciilarihal Powele-r to tfivn relief in ;tn  inr-tiint. Hon. fii'tir^e .'ii'.neM, of .Sainton. Pa., 'ays : "I have b'-ei'i a marlyr  to Ciiliirrh" feir 21) years, ronstatil.  ciniKhinK. elroppini- in lhe throat inul  pain in the head, very olTi'ii^ive breatb.  I trie'd Dr. j\i;u<.'w'.sratiirrb!il Powder.  The lirst application ^ave instant relief. After iir.intf a ft-.v bollli-s nil  lltese syitipt tuns  of   Cit.-irib   left,  me.  II is ii j-ire.'it re-iui-ely.' Sold by C'iii.iida  Drug and JUook Co. -  j Stockholm House  J. Albert Stone, Prophetic:.  'i',ib!i- ['-  in,till.-r  ������������������.',.������ i'.t  ii.i'.i", :  -.-. :1b th'- e !ie.it-e.*,t the  i~". -.1. Wm<-, I .ii 11;< Jt -  _'���������������  l'l-Zlli     ll.ll     l-eil.-lll.-..  ���������:y.   .Monthly ritte.  C^ TSf-fe Ci>.  -T)  J. A.  i U  Dealer's in ail kinds of  '���������0  i i  i ) i\i. '5 .��������������� t't-jpJ '  ---> J j j j i -j   -<jj -A -A -.i  Funeral Directors and Emhalmers,  'AA'. <>?���������',< r- ,;hcti Prompt Attention.  t'plieii--'tejrlr._; titrl I*..'f������ni:��������� ".V.ir'-i n Hi-t-e'-ttlty.  (II!'.'.A:-.'���������-   AND   I  .\-.;.'tit-e  for   I'.;  - meitl'l   "i",vip.{   Miie'lliiu*.   .Miuitl'i'-tlif'-r  Itisuriu..-.: i'..,.. l'ruvijie-'.e-.l iSiiil'l.'ii-t  .--���������'  Koole-.ty, L'rilon   Tire-  -.i.eti.  s.-Ei-v*E!"reSrJCo-K:-~~!   so?A.rrio-j5r,   s. o.  THE PIONEER LIVER3T���������-a^  Feed and Sale Stable of the Lorebidii and Trout Lake Dislrict  "AIIDIjK and  I'AC'IC  HOItSKS  AI.WAVK l-"01t  IIIil K.  4?B  FltKIOH'i'lVfi  A N I)  TKA.MINei  A   yi'Kf'lAljTV.  lii'ily .-inRt- li-ini-s Tliemivin's Ijiui'Ilns e;vcry nie.riling nt 7 e.'.-lne k f.-r Trout I.tilii' City,  KorftirticiilursAvrilc .       CX_,A1G   &   ]1[LLMAK, Tlie.MrfOK'a  LANDING.  FCR  YOU  AT���������-  R, S. WILSON'S Tailoring Establishment  /*. js*       _/_*=_: ������ v *?-������'  i'i  \)i\  ������������������to  Tj HAVE NOW THK MOST COMPLETE T-.1NE OF SUITINGS,  OvurcnuliiiK" and PiintiiiRs ever placed before the trnde, which we  will make up lo plonse; the cuslomor. We use the Excelsior fashions  which we receive every month from' Chiciit'o and New York, with latest stvles  and elesifjns in dress, iinel arc tin: most comiilctc designs published in America.  Wilh this anil our new workman, who can compete with the world, we arc!  able lo give satisfaction to any who will'favor ns with an order.  In aeldition lo our Tailoring we have ti complete line of Ready-made  Clothes. Suits. Overcoats, Pea Jackets, Pantings and Boys'Clothing, American  and Canadian manufacture:. Being Tailors wo are able lo select the best  wearing material for the money, and by putting a tailor's stitch in the?  lmttoiis. pressing ont the wrinkles and making any alterations that are  necessary, our lteady-nisides are rendered equal to Eastern ordered Clothes.'  Wc sell for cash, thus being able to make our prices lciw. -'  Give u_ a trial order.   Mail Ordut-s promptly attended to.  R..S. WILSON,- Merchant Tailor, Revelstoke Station, B.C.  -   !-{  M  <b


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