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Revelstoke Herald Sep 22, 1897

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 1 t *
\.'ir~yrf&' ! V.A
'%u.SL~^]Lj? ��
-ISSTTEZD   a",V\7"IC:""'C-.A.--'W*.E ^Jiq*ID
Vol. I.    No. 70,
$2.00 a Year in Advance.
TlIK llrst thinir wino p.oplo think of
when ordering i;.io.ls by inail i3 llio ��
ca'i-iciiy for btnincss of those iliey wnio ii
to.' Tlio ropur-.tlie n tvei enjoy for prompt- ft
ness iinikui our Mull Onwr trade forgo Jj.
nhond tit 11 gratifying rate.
W Our Specialties -1��������
& Groceries Dry Goods [3;
[i Liquors Boots and Shoes    G."
(V Cigars Men's Furnishings g
|| Crockery Tailoring ��>'
Sj Dressmaking g
w, iS.
{8      Rcqucsta for orlee lists and samples &.
fs.   rcouivo prompt iiitcntion. fcj-
H       Hudson's Bay Stores,      |.
<t. ....Calgary,... ��|
Haigr *& Crage
Sole Agents for
Qhas.r. carlyon,
Office.:   leoon'is 1 tu.d 2, Pool Block,
Bloke. ��.(*.
-   Barrister, Solicitor; &c.
Notary Public.
Oflice upstairs in Smitli'a Work. Pacific A vo.
Revelstoke Station. B.   C.
 for Coal or Wood
Base Burners   .
Box Stoves
French Ranges '
Cooking' Stoves
Stove Pipes, Elbows, Etc.
Stoves set up free of charge.
A full line  of Heavy Shelf  Hardware,
Pennsylvania Blacksmith's Ccal.
II appears that the chief remaining
obstacle tei pr'-l'i-cling the* title- nf this
iownsile is the unwillingness of Mr. A.
S. Fai-wcll lo .surrender his tiki provincial patent iind lake wluit is left of
the 1,tii.l originally granted to him.
Now while adinitt ing that Mr. Farwell
showed con&idi'i'.tblc* smartness nnd
onteji prist: at tlnj particular stage of
the game at which ho lticateel this
tnwnsilo an.l secured the provinciiil
grant, and while conceding for the
sako til' argument lhat tht; proper way
to tluvt-lnpu the wilil lands of the conn-
try is for the government lo grunt
them away to people* wile.* have; the
foresight to esliiiialu their proper
valui! nnel the energy to grasp Ilium,
slili it dous not follow that rights ne-
tpiit'od in this, milliner should be
allowed to stand in the way of the.
prosperity of some twelve or fil'tcen
iumtlt'cd people, who are not demand-
in;; any exceptional gran Is or favors,
from the government, but simply that
the obstacle?, which for the last 12
years have hindered tin* progress of
this place, sho'itd bu removed.
"C_ r\", ~3 y��*~"~ Ct
General Merchants.
Mining- and Real Estate Brokers.
Notaries Public, Etc.
Moncv to loan at le'we.-t rates.
Fire Insurance in best e-o-upanie-e.
llautf - OSie-o oupo-ite Union Hotel
Civil. Ksoiskeiis, Provincial Land
j\cc-onntaiits nnet Cleitwrtil Agents,    -
Nol.-on nnel Kosslaml, West Kootenay,
Ri-itiih Columbia.
C C,A:.tr.Li>, J. 1'., M. Inst. C. E., M. ran. goo.
l,\ 1-:.. 1'. T.. tf. for II. C. (late Resident En-
Ktnc-r Pepum-ient of I'ttblie Works in
Oanaela in II. e:..) SeUon. B. C.
FltANtlS .1. 0'IIKII.I.V. ASSOC. M. ItlSt. C. t., 1*. L. S.
for It. C, Rossland, li. C.   ��� ftjlytf
~    =Dealer~iir-VVoodr^���-
Draying  and  ~>eli*.ery Work a  specialty nt
lowest prices, ��
Teams always ready r.t a moment's notice.
Agent for the Stand nil Oil Ccmp'.ny.
J.   R.    HULL   &   CO.,
8ucces=ors to Hull Bros, �� Co..
Butchers and Wliolesalo and Uetall Dealers
1   Beef, Pork, Etc.
All orders In our line promptly filled.
XVa make on*.' pat-
by buying on!}* the
tif the  best makes,
There is a good  deal  of  cheat
- in rubber.
-    '    i-ons s.-tl'e
best goods of the  best
aijet will guarantee the ipialily
"of anything in this line.
..pecial caru given to
.--^.,..._-_���J_ SY R i N G ES
All the latent iniprovi-niontt!.
and all the bos.1, no' tnatlei-
how cheap the pi-ice may seem.
* I Quart   S5I 25
2 Quarts    01 50 ���
8 Quarts   SI.75
' Quarts S2.00
Mail Orders have quick attention.
The McDowcll-AtKins-
Watson Co., Lid.
Oeo. T. Mnllory, Mgr., U.velstul.e IJraneli.
The ili-inAi.ti is not aware thai, jMr.
l-'arwell h.-is ever thino anyt.hing for
this, or for that- mattc-v auy olht'i'
place, that the riyht*, wliich ho nb-
Liined uiidcr :i patent, which both lie.
and everybody cls.ii knew was certain
to be t-ontcstvd at the tinie when it
was grunted to him, should override
the uncontestable rii'hls of the rpsid-
eii-s ,nf this place to pursue-their
biibin'&ss and further their own. and
the lown's" pvospeiii.y without let or
hindrance - from tlu.* ttovoi-nincnt.
Wlialever money -Mr. F.ti-weli litis
made or will make nut of the sale of
lot's  in  Revelstoke 'is   as   much pine
Accountant and Auditor.
Hooks kept and accounts collected.
Business .solicited and satisfaction guaranteed.
References if required.
White ��fc SiubnlcVs oflice. 8-setf
All work guaranteed.
Orders by mail promptly attended to,
j\t R. S. WiT-SON's TAiton Shop,
Smelter St., Revelstoke Station.
iviioi.ESAi,K pr.Ai.nns IS
Vegetables, Fruit and Hay
IS47 R0QERS'B"R:0"S7
FORKS ' e    ~r   a*   e
Ar GtlY BARBER'S,      ^
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
C. P. R. Watch Inspector.
Nl'XT B00i'. TO 1'OST OlTICE.
"sol 111
"Go'to our market gardens, get
your produce fre_.li, and good
value for your money.
, R. TAPPING, Revelstoke
The Pioneer Brewer
of Kootenay .....
Write for prices.   We are now preparcel lo ship
potatoes and either vegetables- in carload
quantities ut llie lowest price on the
market.   Send in your orilers anel
we ptiarantue salisfiic-tioii.
See that your
Occupation, residence anel at.ver- .
1i-.en-.cnt appear-, in llu* Citv
HU-Ectoiiv anil M er or Towssitb,
now being t-ompilt'-l bv R. 1'.
Pettipiece. Tliis. w ill be the iir-t
complete dirt'etory of Kevci-tokc
e\er publisbcil. It will contain
the names of all Uie ve-'-'Ieii.-i win.
are of a-ie, their occttpaiinn an.l
place of rent'Icncc; a wrlte--ui> e.f
tut; citv���if location, reso'irccs.
business lieuise-e. cointnereiiil im-
]..iitatii>e. Ivsne.l icarly. One
tliinisatiel copie.-���1st edition���ou
or about October 1st. Sub-rription
price.-, ;"<) cents. AiItlre->: C'itv
lilKih.ro:iv, !'c-.el-_toke. li.i*
iram ;
; ic ho pitited it np em
the road,
litis never esp?ndcd ti eont em the
���c since lie got ihe paten'.-. Of all
viiricuis ti'.vneis that by hqiik or by
crook have iifquired lownsilcs in this
place, he must be judged tin any ini-
nai-titil survey of the siluatiou the
least worthy, of consideration. " The
0. IVII. have doni* and nre doirij; ;i
.-.;i-e.-tt deal.to iii.ike tlie town an* important i-eiilway point. Perhaps they
t-iuinot belli it, but the fact remains
that they ai-.u deling- it. 'i'ho C. S�� K.
Sleaiiiship NiiviKiili'in Co. Iiclped out
the place by its lino of sleameis. They
helpeil themselves loo, of ctui'se, but
they helped-the town as well. ISven
tins Mueller company* did put in a
smelter. True, it did not smelt, but
that is a matter of detail which their
American manager has loiifr ago explained, if not to tin* satisfaction of
the UnKlith shareholder.-, at nil evenls
lo his own. But "Ir. A. S. Fai-well,
what, has lie ever done?
Tin-: ili'iiAi.o i-ei-Cicts very much lo
have lo add anything of a peiMiiutl
tiiitiii-.'* to the prole-!> which i-ei-etitiy
uppeai-ed in our columns tiK.-tinsI, the
kind of !ati}riiiif;e so cuiislaiitly heard
on Front St. Ilnwovor na v.igui* |.;t.n-
ei-tiilties, I'.owevei- much nppioved of,
fail to have the i-etini-.-t.-tl I'U'eel, we
mii-.1, coint: down to particulars. One
of the worst offenders in lhis respect
i.s it man known (o c-vei-yoiu'in town
by the sobririuet of "Wild i'.ill." His
blasphemous i-aiitin,e;.s liuv.'led out at
tho top of his voice, resemble tlie
iMvin|;s of innanity more than anything else. This ntuii i:- looked upon
almost willi respect as a hind of old
established institution in the* town.
The excuse is made that he is really
ti harmless, good natiired fellow. For
these reasons he is allowed to shock
and pollute the 'ears of respectable
women unci liillo children not only
with impunity, but.even with a smiling
indulgence. This t own has nnv," reached ti stage when this f.-iliioi.s condition
of ali'aii-s hns got to tease, nnil the
police had better call IiLi-. ���'Wild Hill'.-,"
attention lo this fact at once.
Work has comment-eel on the itiiihoti-
i-y of the U. P. II. round house tititU:'.-
the (lirociiciii of JVh-. Tlio:-. FCilpali-ick.
The 11i-;ra".d has it on ij'iod authority thai a deal for the Liulu Bi-o-.' no lei
cliiims, on Gainer ei-eek, is on -tl i-'ei'-
g'.i-sini t inlay.
.Mr. J. D.'siblnild has a s.inall piece
of mil-picked ore kii'ickcd nit the lead
mi the Ilosoh.'i-ry mine, which envrii'S
vi.-ible fi-e't! gold'to tt ui.irkeil cstent.
IL was InongVil in JMr. Rrewster, secretary of the Carnes Creek Co.
Mt'Dugsil. creek, which runs into
Fish creek about '20 miles up from the
mouth, has conic to 1.1*.'*. lront this
season owing to the discoveries of
geild-benring nro Hindi* on It. The
fir.-t, st.i'.Ue was uuidu by XV. "Tutler.
���others about ���! mile? up the
They staked live claims on ihe
[tike gi-er.tp. and two on another
tiiuc-c then about '2~> li.iiniK al-
bave   been   locif-.-d   on   tl...
The ore is .u-SL-niui! iron and
an   iron   capping.     An assay
Now tho T-lHRAl.t) thinks that having
granted the patent to h;m in the first
place, the piovinci.il authorities have
,dotittri slvtjjiiniit^HiJ 'ISihjnrl^ th_ij_best
of their ability fco fur. It was a uiistaki*,
no doubt, hut o:ie for which the system'of land tenure- prevailing in the
Dominion is responsible, more, than
the officials of the time being. But
there comes in a point at which the
rights included in tho patent eetise. j^s
far as "Ir. Farwell is concerned, his
cientcd and legal rights are being at
this present entirely wiped out by thu
real and natural rights of, thu people
of Revel**! okc. Owing to his obstinacy
the pi ogress eif the place us it business
point is retarded, a large block or valuable residential piopurty is locked up.
and incorporation, which is becoming
a vital necessity, is hindered. If the
government really mean to act between ilr. Farwell and the citizens of
Re-'VC'lr-loke with a view to the real
welfare of the people, they will require
"Ii. Farwell to be good enough to tie-
eppt at once land in this place running
in value way up into the thousands in
token of the e.-teem and regard with
wliich a grateful province recognizes
hi.-, smartm*.-��s in worming out Major
Rogers' momentous secret while in his
cups, and the enterprise with which
he so promptly availed himself of the
knowledge so acquired. If he refuses
to do so, lhe patent he now holds is
contested, cli.-c-voctite-d. woilhless, .intl
the province shoulel treat the remainder of the* land on the original concession, still uiior-c-iipiedoi' ungianted. as
vacant, anel dis-pose: c f it in lown lots
at llie market price io tho<-.e who want
it. The government can do so if they
choo*-e, tind if they eaie anything at
till about the welfare of lhat port ion
of the people of the province 1 eliding
in tliis place, they will choose*. If Uiey
elo not, tbey will have only themselves
to thank if"ihc* dim sti-p.cion Intent, in
the minds eif Revelstoke people that
somebody high in nr.lhcnity has an
inteie'st "in ;keeping tbi;> ejut'stion un-
selilcd. e-i-ystiilli7.es into a definite item
in the local bill of grievances, wliich
will be pre&etited for settlement next
ante ton
made about lwo feet'.from ihe surface
mi one of the Hnmeiisikc claims went
t^ilij in i;oI'l. ' Tho district is liiifi.-rtuu-
iilciy riiiiiciiit nf access, theie being no
trail np ilt-Dtig.-il crevk-'jiu all. . Dcvel-
C'puu'.i'.l to a *li.*kt, extent has been
elone* nn Ibrce claims of llio iloiucslake
group -.luring the st-.niui-.-i-.
' \V. B. Pool has rc'lni'ticd from a
prospecting "trip south. iie visiLcd
Pingeton creek fissL to look nt. Llie
gold-bearing claims struck theie this
summer. About 2*5 claims have been
lorn led. Tho leads are very3 large,
as wide as 20 fc*(;t on the surface, and
the ore strongly rc-semhles the Rossland ores. The ctinnl.ry rock is a
.-���rhist. Assays from the surface go all
the way from a trace to IjiDO in gold,
Mr. Pool went, up to llu* headwaters of
Isaac creek, which rises on one side
behind the high mountains on the
other siele of the Illecillewaet near
town, and on the. oLh.'f near the head
of S.ilileVret'k. In tho formation and
i:liai-ncter of tho leads the district
strongly resembles the Lardeau c-oiin-
try, in fact' the ledges seem in some
cases to lie permanent right, through
"from the~I___arclUaiT.^   i!i-.~PoTJl~inleiid"tl
lo 'make town tilting- the ridge, but
five days' snow warned him back t.o
lower levels.    ,
Tho audience that assembled in
Petci-ton's hull on Hal unlay evening
last to hear B. A. ".Vellum's lecture on
���'Theosophy" was a small but atl.ciil-
ivc; one*. The lecturer explained in
plain language the foundations of the
Thedsophisl's belief, the principles
which rule Lhe Thcosophic-al society,
the processes of involution and evolution embodied in the doctrine or reincarnation professed by Theosopliists.
and the views eif the society on the
Septenary Constitution of ilun. He
dwelt strongly on the inability of the
churches to cope* with the evil existing
in the world, and spoke of thu remedies for its euro which Throsophists
proposed to apply, chief of which was
the practice 'of unselfishness. While
some of the* propositions advanced by
the lecliu-e-r weie soniewb.it startling,
there was also iniu-li that was at, least
plausible. A.ltngethei', iMi-. Welbon's
iei'lure was a most instructive: one ami
merited a much larger attendance of
The harvest festival services in'St.
Pc-tei's chinch were well attended.
The chinch v. as beautifully deem cited
with grain, flowers, grapes, and other
fruit iiiul foliage of all kinds. The
altar- was vested for the first time in a
handsome now white 'satin frontal,
embroidered with gold, and was
ittloinc'l with masses of (lowers. In
front of the temporary platform .".
s'-raeu was erected in which bi-auc-lies
of cedar, ferns, grapes, (lowers and
grain were tastefully ai-i-anged. j\l
the cast end the test "Tin; earth is tho
Lord's and the* fti!lue.=s thert-ol" was
displayed in white, gothie lotlei-s on a
red ground. Tlio whole effect was
very pleasing. The service consisted
or tin early celebration at H n.ui.,
morning piaye-i- and second cedehra-
tiem at 11 a.m.. and ovetisong at 7.o9
p.m. , Th.- old familiar harvest, hymns
were* all sting, and the service's were
very heartily rendered by the choir
anil taken tip by the congregation.
The vicai preached sermons appropriate to the e>r-easion beilli  morning and
fjGOLDFIIlLDS   OF    B.C..   LTD.
The* BigKBSt Lauor-Einployinn: Concern
of llie Keith Kootenay is Turning Out
a Gigantic Success
in a slipshod stii-l of ti way people
"peak of Iiie "ifoi-ne-Payne outfit." an.',
thu "Ui'.'iul-Giiv.'iii syndicate." l~olh
lei-iiis lire inc-r.-i-iee-t. The company
over which ."lr. Robert. j\IotHgoiiit-.-y
llorne-P.'.ynu presides, as chairman of
the. hoard of directors, is Ilm "Lillnocl,
Fraser River to, Cariboo GoUlliekls,
Limited," which owns- extensive properly in this district. Mr. Oi-ant-
Govan's company is tho./'Coldfieiils of
British Columbia, Limited," of which
an offshoot is tho "Vv'.-ivei'ioy Mines,
Limited." The Goldfieltls of Iji-ili.-h
Columbia, Limited, is an exploitation,
exploration and promotion ceunp my
which has hilhei to cculnied ils operations wilh gratify ing success lo tho
llleeille.wael distiici. Tho local atl-
niinislralinu is in the hands of Mr.
���John CI rani, who since 1SSS has associated his foiluucs with this dish-ict,
and is now earning lhe rewiu'el in the
way of everything tin-ning onl bettc'i-
than he predicted when ho invited his
friends in Lhe mother connlry lo cn-
IrusL lliuii- iti'iiieys lo his expeiidiLiu-e.
Mr. John Grant was in "town this
week and ha.I with him a sample ol
oro equal Lo anything thai was ever
piodnccd in Lhe ".Silver Gloc-au.*' The
tn*'j came from Ll-.e "Wavei-ley mine, the
lirst child-of the parent company
on llie noi-Lh fork of the iilee-!!ov.'at.-t.
it assays 721 onnees in silver, .;_.".;'.'-. in
gold, (':__ p. c. lead, and "A p. c. in
ilr. Grant, who refused lo i.e interviewed, was in '-'x'ti-eiiteiy good spirits
as to prospei'ls geucn-.-.il'y, and saui
I lint results will speak for Ihumscivi-e
as s-.n.-ii as llu* new wagon l-oarl from
ihe Wavei'loy mino lo Albert Canyon
on the C. P. i-.-.ih-oiid is liiiishecl.
Aa there ai'e several oilier gentlemen here al lhe present Lime, who
have recently been in - the Norlh
Fork district. il was possilile
however, for the LIkrald Lo r.b-
Liiin for its i-aa.lers some iiullieiiLie
iiifoi-niation as to what, is doing al lhe
nn.'sl itnporla'.'t point today in llu*
I"eii lh Koolenay.
Tin- engineer for lhe Wavei-ley company is Sir. i-'eiry Leake, who is lib
stranger to Lhe disli'id as everybody
knows. \Vith iihuudant capilal anil
���piudenl adiiiii'.ihlr.ilioii buniiiil him he
has a chancn ol' making an enviable
reputation in his proti'Ss'lon. in developing one of Ihe git-ali'sl mines of this
L'tuilineiil. It is' il rhaiic-e thai does
not fall to the lot of every mining engineer at Mr. Peii'v Leake's timu of
The new wagon road from Albert
Canyon is now completed for II miles,
.mil Messrs. Barry to Ross, Ihu contractors, will complete it lo the
Waverley mine by the lfith October til
the latest. They have about 170 men
al work, while til Lhe Waverley I here,
nre iiboul ;jl) miiii'is employed. On the
Waverley development work is going
on and the showing is excellent. Tin*
main lunnel, oi- adit, is in about, 21U
feet ou the lodge, and lwo others are
in about. .jO feet and 2"> feel i Oppet-live-
ly. All are on ore of first class shipping
^ll*ai'ty._ _"
lunnel has disclosed what is probably
Lhe largest body of shipping oie yet
found in fi3rili-ii Columbia. Thore is
tit least le'feet. of shipping ore, rich in
grey copper, galena and gold, and
averaging from fJiUl) to ."250 a Ion in
all values. Lt is small wonder that
Mr. John Grant is somewhat, jubilant
at. lhe intelligence! he has to transmit
lo his friends em the olh.-i- side
As ronn as the road is completed
shipping from Albert Canyon will
commence.. Ai-i-iingeiiienls have been
made i o pul on froin "50 to -ID leiims
during lhe sleighing season.
ilr. li._. Fmeil, engineer for the
well-known dim eif Messis. Fiaser it
Chalmers of Chicago, was nt Lbe
Waverley Ibis week, uud speaks iu the
highest terms of what he saw. It was
ilr. '"iiieit who put up tht! tramway
al thu Lanark mine i-.l Linti-ii*. Me
r.-ii-i'ful anil friendly intrrf-jt  lli.it
IIkii.MjIi riirdiaily" inviii-s  Mr.   Gi
1'riini liitit: to lime lo ftuiiish   siieh
forma!Ion as mav lie of inleiest lo tlie
general public, ami is at the same' time
not (lt-t.iittteiil.il let tlie- iti'e't-e-sl.-i of hi-,
sli.ii'i'luililcis. Tin* tioiiifl.'lilfl ol* U.C.
Ltd..'Hi* paying ll'." highesl i::te oi
.vt'.ures in !h.< ilNtrirt, :ue employing
many tiit-u iuiiI Wiil be tin* means ol'
keeping  l-.i-tiiy   in   tin*   lOintliy   v. tie,
WO'.llil  ll.t'.'I'    ll'.l.l    iei    Mf.'k     WO'.k     e.''..',C-
whi'i-i* during l!-e  eoiiiiug  tnonlhs  of
A Charniir.ff Pleasure Resort���Proposed
Road and Offer of a Ground for a Race
Cout-32 and Plcasitie Park.
The* funning seLlleiiient beyond the
Illucilluwac't if, one well worth a visit.
The four mile drive, of which more*
anon, is a heattlil'-.tl one, anel the hospi-
liillLy of lhe set Ileus is unlimited. Mr.
A. V. Williamson has a beautiful place
about a mile and a hall' in ti straight
line soitlh of town. Thu situation is
pict-ni'i'sqiii' una the soil pioduelive.
Two tons of sli'iiwhe-i'i-ii's were i'i own
on Lho i'ai-iii alone this season. Among
I lit* ot hei- allractions eif the farm is tl
hciiiiiiful lake ol great tieplh of deal-
water, iii.ikiug an itlt-al |",ii'.ee foi- bathing. The* fai'in is a grunt plin-u of ie-
siii-l. foi-Revelstokers, over "OU peejpl.j
having visitetl il lhis summer. The
diawbtu-k to the settieinetii. both from
a Revetsloke and the fanners' peiii-.L ol
vie'.v is tho li'ieil. Il is tmnei-ess.ii-ily
long taking four miles in go a mile and
ii half anc! icqitn-t'S four lu-it'.g'c-s to
r.T-o.-s eat It sepitt-atc- uuuilll of lilt* tiio-
cili."!W:ii't, whi'icas one britlgi.: aiotie
would lii'i-c't|uiri'il by the shorle;- i-iutre,
which conltl lie i-ousti-.teled ctititety
cut of reach of high water, ami thus
iibviato the i-cuiliuiiiil bpending e>f
tut.-iiey which this piesent l-otile re-
cpiii'i'_<_ every sj-.i-ing lo repair the
1'IVi'cls of washonls nn tin; bridgi's :ind
I mil. A thousand dollars, carefully
expendetl, -woultl Imild n load and
bridge' bv which Williaiii.-.ini's could be
reached from tht* station in it mile and
a hull' easily. As much money as thai
would bo thrown into the illeei'liewaet
in a very few years in the annual ifl"oi-l
lo' keep the pt'esunl- trail open in Lbc
spi-hig. in I he event of .his road being
built'Mr. Williamson offers lo give the
town ot' Reveistoke 20 acres of a beautiful flat cm hist piopei-Ly for a racecourse and pleasure ground. This is
something badly needed here and our
people' should lake steps to avail thiun-
sc'.vus of Mr. Williamson's gc-iit-votis
oifer. The giouiul would cmiMitult*
a gi'eaL addition lo the attraction of
lhe town a-o a place of residence and
the l-nael itself would add greatly to
out' limit ed facilities l'ot- a drive or
bicycle ride. The board of ti-aele should
take this matter np anil by put! ing llie
matter in ils pi-e-pei- light ticiVu-e cm-
member and lho government, endeavor In gel a sum for litis purpose
included in next session's uclimaies.
stiys thiit there is not lhe slighest engineering elifiirnlty in building a tramway to Albert Canyon at, very inotler-
titeiiiiil i-t'.-'.soi'.iiiile eeint, and that the
magnitude nf the.- ore bodies jiu-lifii's
tho expentlitttti'. ���
While Jlr. I'.iiicrt was al the Waverley mine ilr. Utlo Abeling was there
also. Air. Abeling :*> one of Ihe well-
l-ecognizc'd expei is of li-,- world on (lie
snbje'el of econeit/iie ctiut-enl nil iem
and the*, rciiistriti-liun of t-oneenl rato:*..
ilr. Abeling look samples of the carbonates for Lesling purposes with a
vie"" lo arriving ul an opinion as in
how the oro can lie. lien tee I lo tin* best
advantage hy eciic-entt,-t;!o;i, and the
lesiillsnl' his ii'.vehtigaiteiii'j .may bi*
looketl for in a few days. It is" to In:
hoped that for Ihe Ititere.sL of this- district. Mr. Gi-anl. may see his way cle.-ii-
In make Air. A be'ling's r.-pnil, public.
Mining for tlie-jiit-eions uu'lnls is nol
like ordinary l-.usiness in whirls com-
pi'tilion is lhe piniiiiiK'iil feat uie
Where success alt cuds lhe operations
of out: mine: iu a elisirie-L it i-. iitlvttu-
tngeous for all the nthers. and Mr.
John Grant has already iihimilnnily
shown his inteiest in the wellaie; and
piospcrily nf the dislrit-t with whit-'n
lie his identified him.-i-lf ,-.s its  huge-,!.
The Anti-Amsrican Feeling in the South
"- ���The Slocan is Ouict���Yukon Syndicates Among the Boys.
"Thu chief'feature in  Rn.-;!.intl ju--t;
now," said a well-known  coninierciit"
man lo Lhe IIisrai.d the other elay. "is
the strong   antagonism springing  up
l.uL-Wt-un-1 iio-A :r.ci-:c:in---i'.i'.(l_Ca.i!.-uli:L>;
elements oi the populalicn.    This f^-ei
ing exLer.cls to Trail,  and* is even   lie-
ginning to shew itself in NeKon.    The
Aiiicricans claim thai Lhe.y  eli.-coveree
llu: eonntrv tuitl thej* think they ought
to inn it.    The feeling is noticeable  iu
all lilies of business.     The Americans*
refuse* to buy gooels of Canadian   manufacture' eif any kind au-l even  extend
their elis.-ippreiv.il  to  Canadian   liei-i
So .-.:rotigfy is this  preference shewn
that, one Canadian nie*.chant a.-keti hU
niaiiiif.icturi'i's   lo   lake   theii-    trade
mark olf I be goods supplied lo him   in
order to bo idilo to  -ell  lo  Americans
ant! he has some dililcii'.iy in   |)rr.--.i.e;l-
ing his Canadian  customers, who  nre
equally set I lie*  oilier   way,   that   his
goods .ire really ttiamifaclitred in Canada.    This ill-feeling is extending even
to the   c-lnli.s.    Thu   teci'lit  orc-urn'iirc
in   which (.'os'.ell'i   ligm-ed   has   dot e
much l.i inti'ii.-ify it.    He anel hi_- fo:e-
niiin have been blagging in their  cops
thnt Lh">* fan gel  .'���!.-, (/'J to  buy   him
iill".    A-li.irp look onl i-kept on  bitii
a flutter among the l0m-'
do;? uo;"o~"etallists
Sc-rious Illness of Frcsidcnt Kruger���A
Vancouva- Ex-police_r.cn is- Strictly
it*, it���Terribla Typhoon at Yokohama,"
Jsp-u:--Loss cf Life, Shipping and'
(Si'::ci.\r. to t:i;-; ffKitALD.)
Ni-:w York, Sept. 21���Closingqiiola-"
lions���Bar silver, "Hi. Went up to'
"(IJ- during the day. bul eh-oppcel a'
point. Lead, brokers, $1.00, strong;'
coppfi-. bi'okprs. $11.1-1.
Vaxooovkr, Sept. 22.���Fx-Sci-geant'
of police ll.-iymond arrived hoinu from
JCloudikc hist nighl a lich man after
only three months absence'. JTe* i.s"
s.iiel to he worth from ��00,000 to t'UOO,-'
The steamer l-"mpri*ss of Ciidin has'
arrived from the Orient last bringing
advice, of a terrible typhoon*, which'
visited Yokohoma on the 8th of Sept.
Much shipping wtis destroyed, iiinny
lives were lost and countless buildings'
were wrecked.
Losno:-. S��*pt. 22.���President Km-"
ger, of the -Transvaal Republic, has
Bi'ight's ttr-case in au advanced  stage.'
LeiSDO.v.   Sept.   22.-The    SLandar'.l-
situs ail the b'-mk.<- and clearing houses
si-e to meet to discuss the "ey-traoi-diii
try lertt-r nf the Bank of England a:it"f
llie silver rjueslioii.    A wire has- been
received ft mil   Bombay  that* silver  is"
strong, rs it is thought that the. Bunk"
of England will buy at an  early  date."
I'lii' price has risen to 7��  rupees siuce
last Thursday, and it- is .thought -tlin-t,"'
Lhe Indian  mints   may   reopen.    The
Standard says that il is hoped that the''
nkors will stop the Bank of England
from inuking any further concessions"
Iii the binieliilist.s. ' ���
Mountain* .
A Big Discovery on  Mineral
up Laforme Creek.
ilr. Ed. Adair leturned to town JaslJ-
Saturday bringing some line  looking,
tn in pies of oie and iiiineitii.eing a'very;
rich  strike on  L.iforiiie  Creek., The]
find was madeona mo'.intain.-.vhit-h the"'-
locator has iinmi-d  ilitieral iIo'.int:iin,v
four ini'n*-- up  Laforme Creek   on  the"'
norlh siele  of the  i.orth-east   branch,
lie stakes! out seven claims. Which   he*
has iiiinietl Bow Fiiictiiin:   Flora  Bell;'",
Grandview,   Aloining   Star.    Kiuvka."
Eastern Star and Iron King.    The last-
is on a separate lead from   the  oth'ers,"
across the whole* of tbe six   of" which1
thu   following   ledges   arc*  .traceable.
First a four foot ledge enrrj i lg galena.""
Below that a ledge,* eleven" foot 'wide' .
carrying ~.~ inche-s of aisi*n*c.il iron ore'
as follows. 0 inches solid ore  next the
footwall.- which  is  limestone.   2   foet'
schist, fi iticht...s .-���olid ore, ?  feet schist,"
1-1 inches solid ore.  streak  of schist. 4
inches   solid   ore,   streak   of schist, 4"
inc-hc-s .--olid oie next I he hanging wall,
which is schist.   Lasily,.aiid a hui-itlrecl
feet below another ie.ige shewing  two*1.
-fuel e.f-  gn*iri- sillpbillI'.s.      -Spr_t__i 11 if hkI.
have been sent  for assay  lo Howard
West of >."cw Denver, and to the Doin-'
inion Governnii'iitj assayer at  Ottawa.;
.*. trail, road, or railway, could  easily,
be constructed ttji   llie  creek. In  the'
claims', and  Mr.  Adair,   having   com-""
mtmicitc-cl the news of his big lind   to"1;
his company and received their "reply,""'
guarantees to drive a 2i"0  foot,  tunnel-
em to the liiaels this winter, if a trail is*_ *
built, by ihe irovertime'iit this full.  The'
mountain is wry steep  and   he .c-alcn
laic.- lhat .a 2.".0 font, tunnel will e-.it all_
tbiv't* lends,    lie left today to do some'
piospecting on the Iron King.
to prevent his skip
: iit-i
s fn.* line.
In the Kli'r.tii 1'nut's are epi'.-l. Sandon
is vety dull, I'tpeciallvsince the rinsing
tlown of tile Sloe.-iii Htar. 'I'll,* boy- a:"
:inL spenilitig llu-ii" money but are
fentuii'g syiidirates iilti'iug t he-nt-eh'.-s
to leave for Lhe Yukon in tin: 'prints,
.'���."elson, ICasl'i and Revelsieiku are lhe
nn..-,! stiliel anil pin-peion-
Lo'.vns iii JCooti'itay at p:e.-eii
Harry Lind'sy Co.
Tl'.i.- cninpntiy oprni-el lii'tu in Pe-ti-j-
-���nii'-e hall last," ni;;ht v.ith the; !isi.* oid
fiithieini'il I'lticiis'-i't-eciicily "Fli.'Wc:�� of
Ihe Fi'i-'-st." The piet.e w.-i.s we'll suit on
and repre-s.-nled. ;t.i*.(l wa- gie.-.lly ap-
|'i efi.-lteel by ii crtjwtleel ho.;-,* .V
great ilrav.b.ick to t!H*e.'Vi*iii:i;_.'s> ���.���>iji>y-
mi'til was the pre.-, i.e e of a snli'i p';.-i-
lif.*c of louse wi.tut'ii oc.-iipyinj; t!-..'
I v.-ii entire iron! lira's e.f the hali. I!
sJie'ivs I'ith'-r iiilolt-i'.ibli* c-i.i._'k��� -no's
or e-ls-e  an  utter cii'-ri'g.iid  for ii'i'iiie-
The   Lanark  Mine.   "
Mr. J.  IIoi-tie*-Piiyne  relumed  from1
Ro.---lun-l on Alonday and   wont  up  to'
Laurie   on   Tuesday   morning, where'
Mr. AIoyiie-11. the  new superintendent.
Iris   pivp.iri'd   a plan    of   oper.ilions*'.
which will I'tliplny about, 20 men   for'
lite apprtiviil eif (lit* English   Directors.
From independent sources the 11 eua^d'
is in a  position  to'state that the ore
beielie- in tlie Lanark mini* never shewed  up to  a  better iii'.vtintagi* than at.
jire.-i'iit. but from the-initial work done
in  the opening of the* mine, it is im-" '
p.i-slhlf.  to etiuy on  operations witli
t'.iat degree e-f econoniy lwhirh i.s ilpsir-'
able.    A   ci'tmin   nmniinb   of what is*
tcrini'd in miner's pm-luiic-i* cle.-id  woik  '
will have' to be done, after which there*
is no ic.iFon tn dtiubt that (lie   Lanark
will   re-nme   its   iibic-u   as* one of the'
lat-n-sl shippers- in Keiotcnay.    On the"
B'.-oiidvi.'w opera! inns will lit* confined
to n small force of men working on t.h:*"
tiiiiii'.l.    The Silver Cup is s��Jso  being"
wt-rkeel   with  a force  of 82 men, who*
are woi kin'ir in an   excellent ore* body..
rereiitly struck.   The clerical   staff ot"
the coinpnny has  been  cut down to n."
Itchintr- Burning. Creeping, Crawling:'
I .Skin ilisciu-e.-.- relieved  iii  a few  miu-
, utejs    by    Aruciv's    Ointineiit.      Dr.
|Agtii*v.'s  Ointment lelieves  iiistantlv"
��� an.l cures Tetter.  Salt  Rheum.  Siald,
evening.  The services will be repeat oil   of such vital interi'-l t
next Suiielav, and the decern lions will! in unity   of   Xorlh   K
bu left strutting
iipiniii'i mi ihi'i'.n! if i he tiiitit.'.uci.'ient
that tht-- state nf thine;-, is ailowcei.    Uj Head. Iv-Zenm.  Ulcers.   Blotciies, "nncl-
, the lr.t.nagi".-(loins th��* seif-rest-'ectii:!; i all Eruptiim-. of tbe Skin.    It isVo'oth-'
e'tnjdnyer of labor,    'i'l-.e success of the.-1 pcnpli*  n( this  ph.ie  to  p-iti-riiizc his', ina ami ciuicting and nets  like  magic
Golelfields Company of B.C. Limited is j show, be  had  better convey  an  iiiti- j in till Baby Humors, Irritation ot  the'
' to tin* whole' coin- j mation to the 'IViui-'ilnin  e-nloby lli.il I Scalp or Rashes ilurint; teething time."
Cool'-'iiiiy, tind   il-. | tli.it-icn.-.n is unji-j ile.-a-ed Ihnn   li'eir ; /!" t-enls a box.    Sold by Camilla  Dm.:?'
ich I
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During the  20 years above referred to the  growth of population was  phenomenal:  1S70. 1S90.  California    500,000      1.20S.000  Colorado     -10,000 412,000  Washington...    2-1,000 359,000  Oregon     91,000 314,000  Utah     87,000 208,000  Montana, etc..   1S9.000 537,000  Next month wo will have a talk with you about general  Dry Goods  Something else yon all want to hear about, which is  Carpets  Stores at Revelstoke Station, Revelstoke, Trout Lake City and Ferguson  Total    991,000      3.O2S.OO0  And it i- climated by Michael  G. Mulhall, the eminent statistician  to whose article iu the' North  American Review we are indebted  for most of our figures, that today  the population of these States is  4,360,000. The city population, as  in other parts of the Union, grew  twice as fast as the rural.  Only two cities count move than  100,000 souls���������San Francisco and  Denver. The area of improved  land under farms has trebled in 20  years and yet there is only an  average of seven and a half acres  per inhabitant under cultivation,  while the extent of land is such  that the Pacific States have only  four inhabitants per square mile.  The production of grain has  increased from 950,000 tons in 1S70  to 2,900,000 in 1S95, and the production of meat from 120,000 tons  to 750,000 tons. There is a surplus  of meat, but graiu has to be  imported. No part of the cou-  _t i nen t__ha.s_._s ti c h_a_bu nd a n t___flg_c_ks_  and herds. There are eight head  to each inhabitant, against less  than three in the Union at large.  The annual value of farm  products is:  TONS. DOLIjjVRS.  Grain  2,000.000    S 50,000,000  Potatoes....    290,000 4,S00,000  Hay 10,100,000 75,000,000  Meat      750,000 99,000,000  Tallow.lard.     135,000 12,000,000  Dairy pro's.               " 4,000,000  Sundries.... 49,000,000  Total  S291,400,000  ' This gives an average of $13 an  acre, against S9.50 in the prairie  States. The labour of each farm  hand i= equivalent to 30 tons of  grain in the Pacific States, 22 in  the Prairie, seven in the Southern,  nnd eight in the Eastern States.  In other words each hand in the  Pacific States produces double the  average.  Butstriking as is theagricultural  production, the Pacific States are  pre-eminently addicted to mining,  the annual output of minerals,  nccording to last census, amounting to 8142.500,000, or $37 pel  inhabitant. Of gold California in  1S90 produced 010,000 ounces,  Colorado JOO.OOO, Montana 150,000,  Neyada 170,000, and the remaining  States '300.000. Of silver California's output was* 1.100,000 ounces,  Colorado's 1S,100,000, Montana's  13,500,000, Nevada's 4.700,000, and  the rest 13.200,000.- In coal, of  which mineral Colorado, with  2,600,000 tons, is the largest producer and California with 120,000  tons the smallest, the total output  was 6,300,000.  Between 1870 and 1890 the states  in question turned out the enormous quantity of 1,104 tons of gold  and 20.0SO tons of silver, thus adding to the world's permanent  wealth 1,405 million dollars. The  Corustocklodein Nevada produced  824,000,000 in five years. The  annual production of our near  neighbour, Montana, is 12 tons of  gold and 100 of silver. The annual  product of precious metals in the  Pacific states exceeds that of any  country in the history of mankind.  In 1895 the Pacific states had  23.800 miles oEirailway, which cost  1,210 million dollars, or $51,000 per  mile. No other part of the world  possesses such a length of railway  for population, since each inhabitant has 10 yards of railroad, as  against 5  in Australia and  0 [in  Canada.  There is no parallel to the increase of wealth whicn has taken  place in these states. The grand  total, in farms, houses, mines, railways, and sundries, is 0,S11 millions  of dollars, as compared with 727  millions in 1S70. The average  wealth is $2,318 i'or every man,  woman aud child in the eleven  states.  For the purpose of comparison  the province of British Columbia,  the provisional district ot Alberta,  and the unorganized territory of  Athabasca and the Yukon may be  said to compose the Pacific states  of Canada. It is well within the  bounds of reason to say that no  part of the world contaius such  promise of duplicating the phenomenal progress of the Pacific  states of the American Union as  the western heritage of the  Dominion. No other country has  the same extent of magnificent  and comparatively unoccupied  grazing lauds as Alberta aud  Athabasca. The palmiest days of  Australia and California saw no  such phenomenal revelations of the  precious mineials as incipient discoveries have already assured iu  British Columbia and the North  West Territories. In Rossland,  the Slocan, the Lardeau, Big Bend,  and East Kootenay, the surface  has only to be scratched to reveal  richer stores of mineral than in  Washington and Montana have  -been-uuearthed-by-decades ~f-deep  mining. California's gold discoveries of '49 have found their  parallel in those of the Yukon, but  a small part, of which are as yet  explored.  A fact mentioned by Mr.  Mulhall in his article is that the  Pacific States are the only section  of the United States in which  British settlers hold the highest  place.'outiitimbering the Germans,  and all other foreign nationalities.  British Columbia and Alberta, are  of course almost wholly British  and will remain so, though the  enterprising leaven of American  blood is already making its  influence felt. If British blood  counts for anything���������anrl it has in  every new country in the world���������  tne Pacific Provinces of Canada  stand well to outrival the Pacific  States.  It may be held that the Pacific  States have a climatic advantage.  In some respects they; have but  while their warmer seasons may-  prove more advantageous for the  growth of fruits, our colder  climate furnishes corresponding  benefits in that it produces richer  grasses and more valuable grains,  and supplies a greater stimulus to  energy and enterprise. A southern  climate is not to be compared to  ours for producing a hardy,  healthy, vigorous race of nation  builders.  Russia, a far colder and poorer  country than Western Canada,  ground down as her people arc by  antiquated and oppressive laws,  supportsa population of 129,(100,000.  The Peace river country is no  further north than Edinburgh,  Scotland.  WEATHER REPORT  on 2-1 clays during the winter the temperature was below���������50 degrees. On  March 12 it lirst rose above the freezing point, but no continuous mild  weather occurred until May 4, after  which dale the temperature during  the balance of the month frequently  rose above 00 degrees. ' The Yukon  river froze up on October 2Slh and  broke up ou May 17, Forty Mile river  broke up on May 11. Few reliable observations have hitherto been taken in  this interesting region, but foiiic years  ago observations taken at Fotfc Yukon  showed an average January temperature of 27������ below aero; February, 20;  March, 11: April, 13; May, -11 above  zero; June, 55.5: July, 00; August, 59;  September, 30; dclober, 22; November,  11; December, IS' These figures indicate an intensely cold winter, followed  by a short spring opening in May, and  then a decidedly warm summer from  June until the beginning of September, when a short lived autumn soon  changes to winter again.   ;.-  JUBILEE NIGHT'  IN WESTMORELAND  FERGUSON  The   Centre   of  the  Lardeau   Mines  lke Pioneer*  Stores  xof Ferguson  and Ten .Mile  Cummins & Co.  GENERAL "MERCHANTS *  Dealer in Miners' Supplies, Hardware,  Groceries, Dry Goods.  Everything  to  be found in a general store.  Post OI1IC3 in connection.  Wholesale doaleis iu  Agents for K. W. Kara Co.'s Pianos, and the Goold Bicycles Co.'s Celebrated Bicycle.  Revelstoke, British Columbia.  j\t ou- TEN-MILE "RANCH Etore  Powder. Caps. Fuss, Coal, Steel,  and till Minors' and Prospectors' Supplies are   kept on hand   BJI THO & 0.  General  The report of Yukon weather in the  meteorological ollice at Toronto is ns  tallows: The contingent of lhe North  West Mounted Police, which left for  the Yukon in 1803, was supplied by llie  Meteorological service with accurate  thermometers, and during the following winter observations were made by  Staff-Sergeant Hayne, -who each day  read and set the self registering instru-  ments at 9 a.m. Apparentlyj,the temperature first touched zero on November 10. and the last, zero recorded  was on April 29th. Between December 19 and February 0 it never rose  above zero. The lowest actual reading��������� 65���������������occurred on January 27, and  .Merchants.  iiiriers and Prospectors Outfitled, elc.  *������������= FERjSUSOjN, B. C.  The   Centre   of   the   Lardeau   Mines.  Through lhat majestic   anil   sonorous \  day,  When London was   one   gaze   on her  own joy, -i  T walked where yet   in   silence   unde-  llowered.  In "[the   lone   places   of   the fells and  meres:  And afterward   ascended, night being  come.  To where, high  on a silent coign  of  crag,  -Fucl-was-hcaped.-as on-somtvaltar-nld.-  Whose  immemorial    priests   propitiated,  With unrecorded rites, forgotten gods.  Darklv along   the   ridge   the   village  foik  Had gathered, wailing till the unborn  fire  Should, from its durencein the mother  pine,  Leap: and anon was given the   signal:  thrice  A mimic meteor his-sed aloft anel fell  All jewels while the-, wondering hound  that couched  Beside   me   lifted   up   his   head   and  bayed  At the strange   portent, with   a voice  that called  Far  echoes   forth, out of  the hollow  vales  Then the piled timber blazed  against  the clouds,  Roaring, and ott.a monstrous madcap,  shook  Hilarious sides and showered   ephemeral gold.  And one by one  the mountain  peaks-  foreswore .  Their    vowed      impassivencss,      lhe  mountain peaks  Confessed  emotion, and  I saw these 5  kings 1  Doing perfervid homage to a Queen,     j  Long watched I, and   at   lust   to   the I  sweet dale j.  Went   down,   with   thoughts   of two ! Iksl- me-ids; in the Lirdf-iiu.   Stage; and  great women, thoughts Tr    Of two great women who  have  ruled  Be Sure and register at the  BJ1LM0RJ-1L HOTEL  When you roach FERGUSON.  The table* i< provided with the best.  the  market affords.     Rates  from $2  te.> S'j per clay.  CUMMINGS BROS.,   ���������   Proprietors,  "When You Reach  Thomson's Landing  ��������� ejfj TO THK ���������  pROSPEOTOR/S  A     EXC.HJI.NeE. .  this land;  Of her, that mirrored a  fantastic age;.  The imperious,  vehement, abounding  Snirit.  .Mightily made,   but  gusty   aa those  winels,  Her wild allies that broke lhe spell of  '<     Spain;  And her who sways,  how silently!   a  world -  Dwarfing the* glorious Tndor's  cjueejn-j  licst dreams; \ Porter  Who, to her well nigh more than mor- "-  tal task,  Hath brought the slrenglh-in-sweet-  ness that prevails.  The re-gitl will that royallv   can yielel;  Mistress of many people, licritress  Of many thrones,   wardress   of many  st.as;  But destined, more melodiously than  theis.  To be hereaftor anel forever hailed,  When our imperial legend   shall have  fire el  The lips of sage and   poet,   and when  *'      tlicse ���������  Shall,  to   an   undispersing   audience,  sound  No sceptrcel name so winninglyatigust  As Thine.'rny Queen !     Victoria   the  Beloved. !l  ���������William Watson.  Livery iti connection.  T.   W. GRAHAME,   PROPRIETOR.  Tf2e  iJIrpowfeead  iJiotc.l  meets     air  trains and boats  Bar supplied with all  the necessaries  Arrowhead,  B.C.  K. J. KERR,  Proprietor  Prospectors'  '      Homo  .Meals  25e  T.  ROUT LAKE CIT/ HOTEL...  Mrs. A. E. Jowett, Proprietress,  Trout Lake City, B. C.  Tins IIotkIj. has just- l<ecti enlarged and refitted, i owly furnished throughout, tr along it the  Rest Hotel in th������ City. The table  isone of.ithe best ,t,uppj"������*d in the  Lardeau. Thu liar cont ~ins every  thing to make you happ.'-f.  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  A- h'J'i'ODIST CHURCH ��������� Rcvclstoko.  "x l*reachin__ services at 11 a.m. ai*d 7:30  p.m. Clans meeting al tlio close ot tho  morning service, sabbath School unci Bible  Class nt 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayer meeting  every Wednesday cvoning at 7:30 p.m. Tho  public are cordially invited.   Seats free.  HEV. J. A. WOOD. Pa-tor.  fElURCH OF ENGLAND ��������� Kevelstoko  *���������' Services: Djily, evening prayer5. p.m.  except, on Fridays when it ia at 7 p. m.  with addrefs. Sundays: Holy Communion  8 a.m., morning prayer II. evening prayer 7:30  First Sunday in moolh Holy Communion at  morning services.  l.~".\.NKA. FORD  Vicar.  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH���������Reyolstoke.  Service ovcry Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30  p.m. Bib'e Cits'1 at 2:30 p.m., to which  all aro wplcomo. Prayer meeting at 8 p.m.  every Wednesday.  REV. P. D. MUII*. Pastor.  RO.MAN-Cj'.THOj-.IC-CHUROH -Revelstoke.    Mass  fourth   Sunday in  uiontb  at 10:30 a.m.  REV. Fj\TIIER PEYTAVIN.  MITCHELL   &   CO.  INSURANCE   AND  COMMISSION   AGENTS,  MINING   BROKERS.  Calgary, Alborta  -  flercharit's Hotel  Illecillewaet, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Good accommodation.   Best  Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the liar.  W. J. Lappan, Proprietor.  Columbia House  " **i i"T_ri___f  The   largest hotel   in  town.     ' Centrally    located  ..Ohoice _ Wines,   Liquors   and.Cigars   Best    accommodation. Eates    $1     per.   day.  St.   Leon   Hot   Springs,   on  Upper   Arrow Lake,  run in connexion.  <��������� Sam Needham  Clothes  Cleaned  Altered  Repaired  In Good Stylo at Lowest Pricca.  Do uo las Street ��������� Rrvrlstoke  ftevelstol^e Hospital  Maternity Room in connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.  Drs.  McKechnie   and  Jeffs. Attendants  Wendell Maclean  Wholesale  and. Retail  Druggist, Calgary  Mail Orders Promptly Atte~ded To.  If You .Have a  .Mine to Sell  or wish a company formed, or  want to buy a mine or shares  in any mine, want to invest in  Spokane real estate or wish to  make a borrow,write at onceto  cHlkES   l.   FORD   &   CO  Mine Brokers.     Mining Stocks  No. 0 Mill St., between Riverside and  Spraguc, Spokane, Wash.  Brown & Clarke, Proprietors  REVELSTOKE  Fop Youp  .House Cleaning  Send for samples of our Wall  Paper. Prices from 10c, 12ic,  15c up to 50c a roll. Mnil  orders carefully attended to  Linton Bpotfyeps  Calgary, Alberta  W. G. BIRNEY  Painter  Signs and Pa ep Hanging  A Specialty.  Address care of Union Hotel  Revelstoke  L JI. FRETZ  Contpaetop and Buildep.  Shop opposite Imperial Bank.  Workmanship Guaranteed "  "���������!      Terms Cash  F. McCarty  Wholesale and  Retail  Butcher  Dealer in:  Milk Cows, Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught Horses.  Revelstoke Station   -   -   B. C.  Any one Requiring  WOOD  Can buy it  Cheaper from  Y������. Fleming  Than you can afford to  steal it and take tho  chances of being caught  Dt-ay  j|������-L-~Spe ialty  J-I-iy tt6ca Prices  liEE 8t ATKINSON  Builders and Dealers in  Carriages,   Buggies,   Buckhoards  Democrats,. Boad   Wagons,  Heavy Cartage Wagons,  Etc., Ete.  Second hand Buggies,  etc.  always  on hand  Write us for prices and particulars.  We can build you a rig  to order  they can't be beat.  CHIiOH-HV,  flUSEI~Tfl.  C. B. JWaelean  ARCHITECT. .  and BUILDER  Rstiraatcs tarnished. Plans and specifications made. Am also prepared to do  shop and joh work on the short! et  notice. Satisfaction giiaraiitecd in  every case.   O all or write for terms.  Main Street      ���������      Revelstoke  ___ 4(-,__.. LAID  BEFORE  Of  THE  THE   MINISTER  INTERIOR  For Consideration Yesterday���������Public  Opinion Strongly Against It.���������The  Request Has a Fishy Look���������Major  Walsh Gets   His Private Secretary.  Toronto, September 15.���������J.K. Kerf,  Q.U., litis gone lo Ottawa to make a  proposition lo tho Government on be-  lialt of some capitalists who propose  lo send a body of 100 picked men to  the Clondyko to operate mines nntl be  ready to assist the -Mounted Police.!  whenever necessary. A number of  members of the voluiueer corps here  will join the outfit. Tho company in  return expects the Government to  grant certain ptivilegos as regard*, the  hinds held in reserve by the Government.  Ottawa, September 10���������J. IC.Kerr's  olfcr of a company of volunteers to  assist the Mounted Police in keeping  order in the Yukon on consideration  of being granted permission to acquire  some reserved mining claims was laid  before Hon. OhlTord Sifton yesterdav.  Publicopinion is veiy strongly against  the granting of the rccjuesl, which  'apparently has a very fishy look.  SECRETARY   TO MAJOR WALSH.  A. .1. Magurii, the Ottawa correspondent of the Globe, has received the  appointment of private secretary to  Major Walsh to go to the Yukon.  CONVICTS REBEL  Against Having their Tobacco Supply  Cut Off���������They Make Desperate  Attempts to Free Themselves, But  are Now Locked Up in Cells.  Montr-".-", September 10.��������� The  village of Vincent cle Paul is in terror  over an outbreak of . convicts on  account of the cutting olf of the  tobacco supply. Nine of I hem made  a desperate break for liberty but were  caught. All the convicts, 301 in number, are now locked up in cells.  WHOLESALE   LYNCHING  Five Men Strung , Up   for   Rotbery   in  the State of Indiana  Versailles. Ind., September 10.���������  A mob of -103 infuriated men last  night lynched Lylo Levi, 13. Andrews.  Clifford Gordon, William Jenkins and  Hem y Schuler. These men had been  arrested for bt'.iglai'v. Frequent lob-  lieries lately committed here have  enraged the citizens of this county.  The niob was composed of citizens  from Sunniar and other towns.  Crops in Italy aie  the aveiuge.  only about half  And Read II A11���������Every  page, every coluuiu, every  line. No paper-in North  Kootenay has one-fourth its  circulation, or is as well read  by so many persons as The  Semi-Weekly Revelstoke  Hekamj. To reach the people ���������  of North Kootenay its  columns must be used, aud in  fact it can boast of what uo  other paper iu -its district  can. Every business house  in Revelstoke advertises in  ^itraudare-satistied-it-brings^-  results. What better guarantee could outside advertisers ask ?  Its newsy column', its  . telegraphic,its typographical  neatness, its free delivery, its  interest in the welfare of  Kootenay, are steadily increasing its circulation.  We solicit your business  on the basis or results���������not  from sympathy. Wo can  help increase your business.  Write us for particulars.  FROM     EDMONTON     TO     THE  YUKON BY AN AIR LINE  The Revelstoke Herald  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  fat  \P  anadian  Pacific R.  SOO PACIFIC LINE  Ottawa Men About to Construct a  Balloon���������It Will Carry Passengers  and Freight to Clondike���������Independent of Cold or Damp.  Oti'jVWA, September 15. ��������� Major  Walsh leaves for tho Clondike on  Thursday. A stock company i" being  formed by Ollawa capitalists to arrange i'or tho construction of a steer-  ecber balloon from a design by Joseph  do Letoile. This balloon is to be used  for the transport of passengers, freight  and Government mails from liMnion ton  to the Yukon gold fields. About 810,-  000 has boon subscribedand the balloon  is cxuccletl lo bo ready in three weeks,  when atrial trip will lake place in this  city. The nioli ve power ot the balloon  will be such that it will not bo alfectcd  by cold or clamp atmosphere. It will  travel close to the ground.  A YEAR'S SUPPLIES  -100  20  :.(5  25  101)  75  75  20  50  150  10  3  20  A  1  25  The following list of supplies for one  man foi a year, for Clonelike travel  .���������mil mining, may bo cut down to suit,  but it contains about everything a  man wants for the trip :  Flour  lbs  Corn meal i   Rolled oats '   Rice ���������.   Beans   Sugar    Dried I< ruits   Candles   Dry Salt Pork   Evaporated Potatoes    Evaporated Onions   Bacon   Bilking powder    Soda   Salt   Ginger   Pepper   Mustard   Coffee   Tea  10  Compressed soup vegetables.... 10  Soap \  5  Condensed milk  tins 21  Yeast cakes pkg  0  ."latches  00  Butter,   Extract    of  Beef,    Tobacco,  Jamacia Ginger, Evaporated Vinegar.  Gold pan  1  Granite buckets    2  Knife and fork    2  Spoons, assorted  0  Bread pan...'-?..- 1  Cups 2  Plates, tin ..'. 3  Whet stone  1  Colfee pot". '  1  Pick and handles  1  Hatchet  1  Saws, whip 1  Saws, hand *. 1  Shovels  1  Files, assorted .- 1  Axe and handle :  1  Draw knife  1  Brace and bitts, assorted".*  1  Chisels, assorted 3  Butcher knife '... I  Compass .-  I  Revolver     .'. 1  Stove , "  1  Frying pah 1  Rope, half inch, 150 feet; Nails,'20 lbs;  Pitch, Oakum, Medicine.  2 augurs, 1 and 2 inch.  4 steel drills, 1 inch.  1 heavy hammer. -J- lbs.  1 single hand hammer. .  Fuse and caps.  75 lbs dynamite.  1 folding oven.  1 heavy duck ten I, 12x12, wall sides,  (centre pole may be of 1 inch piping in  4 feet lengths to serve tis a strve  pipe)  2 rubber sheets.  1 large cow bide, tanned with hair  on is very useful. .  2 pairs, heavy blankets.  1 rubber coat.  2 pairs rubber boots.  2 pairs walking shoes wtl" nails.  10 pairs of moccasins,  l=p;iir-snow-shoes.  Socks, Mitts and gloves.  3 suits of underwear.  2 suits Mackinaw clothing.  Mosquito netting.  Snow glasses.  Sheath knife.  Simpson's Kidney Pills.  This oulfit can bo purchased in Calgary. Everything should be first class  for the journey, and can be procured  in Calgary cheaper tlitm at any other  point, all things considered. A post  card or letter to TnE Herald as to  prices will be gladly answered.  WROTE BACK TO THE CHICAGO  iTRIBUNE AN ACCOUNT  DISTANCES.  31.VCKENZIE RIVER ROUTE.  JO  Of  Themselves from Calgary ��������� The  Party Described���������Mr. James Reilly's  Railway Spoken Of.  A correspondent of the Chicago  Tribune, li. M. Sprenger, is a member  of the party of Chicago Clondikers  who recently passed through Calgary.  Writing from here the correspotidenl  says:  Sir. Warmolts bought all provisions  and other supplies not purchased at  Chicago, in Calgary.  Over 10.000 pounds of food alone are  to bo taken. It is cheaper on the  whole to purchase fond supplies here  than in the States. Every'ineuibei'of  the party is well and joyously linppy.  The weather is perfect and our appetites increase as we approach the  Ai et.ic circles. It is conceded that this  is the best provisioned and most  completely equipped party that has so  far started for the northern gold fields.  In its leadership, as well as its membership, it is exceedingly well calculated to achieve good results.  Mr. Laiijbertus Warmolts, the*" pro-  motor and leader of the expedition,  although but 30 years old, is self-reliant, courageous and ambitious. _ Ho is  resourceful, and intends to win in this  great undertaking. His secretary,  Harry Core", second in command, has  been over a good portion of Aiaska  and the British territory tributary to  the Mackenzie river. He served several years in the United States regular  army, is cool-headed, an athlete physically, and will be a host in a hazardous journey like this.  The average age of the party is 37  years. We have with us expert carpenters, builders, and a practical  mining expert." One of the party has  built and operated sawmills: another  is a "surgeon to old shoes;" several  have been sailors, and each member of  Lhe party can swim. Last, but most  important of all, perhaps, the little  lady of the party is a good cook, is  deft wilh the needle wilting, to do her  pari, and though but 25 years old, is  already called the "mother" of the  camp.  This little band of thirteen men and  ono resolute woman goes forth to  pioneer a new route" to the gold fields,  and not one of them expects to return  till he of she is rich. And to secure  riches I verily believe we could lind a  way to pull down the north star if  convinced that it was a ball of shining  silver; or we would tip over the big  dipper if satisfied that it was filled  with gold nuggets. We go at a time  when thousands hesitate to start in  view of the near approach of a rigorous winter; but nothing daunts a  single ono. The elements are to he defied, and not a moment lost. Three  boats will be built here" anel taken to  the Athabasca river. 90 miles north of  here, whither wc go by team. Thence  we sail down the Athabasca river lo  Athabasca lake, through the lake to  .-ind clown Slave river inlo Great Slave  lake, skii ting' tbe western shores till  we reach the sourc'e'of ��������� tL^Mnikenzie  river. Once in the channel'"of una  great highway to the Arctic ocean we  shall probably float along by night as  well as by day,'halting only at the  occasional portages.  The existence of these rich deposits  of gold have recently been so conclusively established, as to the rivers aud  their feeders, it is everywhere taken  for granted that'it is possible to find  the source in the mountains whence it  all comes. Therefore, hundreds of  men are now working their way into  tho very bowels of these monsters, and  within the space of a few months  thousands more will join these eager  hundreds in lhe- mad hunt for the  mother lode, or lodes.  Meantime, men of foresight and  energy here and in the states are  awakening to the necessity of piovid-  ing quicker, less expensive, anel more  comfortable access to this land of  gold.  Cheapest, quickest and best route  Toronto. New York, Philadelphia,  Montreal, Boston Halifax���������all  Eastern and European Point?  107  S7  287  10  100  Edmonton to Athabasca Landing  Athabasca    Landing    to    Grand  Itapids   Grand Rapids to Fort MeMurray.,  Fort McMurray to Smith's Land  ing   Smith's Landing to Fort Smith   Fort Smith to Fort Resolution   Fort Resolution   to  Fort  Providence   107  Fort Providence to Fort Simpson. 157  Fort Simpson to Fort Wrigley...'. 131  Fort Wrigley to Fort Norman ISO  Fort Norman to Fort Good Hope.. 100  Fort Good   Hope   to   Fort   Mac-  - pberson.,   Fort  Macpherson   to La  Pierre's  House      La   Pierre's   House  to the Porcu-  274  GO  ,, pine   Porcupine to the Yukon  20  400  Tourist Cars leavo Revelstoke  daily for St. Paul; i'or Toronto  everv Monday; and for Montreal  and Boston every Thursday.  Train leaves Revelstoke i'or all  points south daily except Sunday;  arriving daily except Monday.  Empress of India, Empress of  Japan andEmpress of China sailing  every four weeks for China and  Japan..  Warinioo, Miowera and Aonvngi  sailing every four weeks for Honolulu, Suava aud all Australian and  New Zealand ports.  For full particulars aptly to nearest  C.I'.lt. Agent er to  T. W. miADSIIAW,  Agent, Revelstoke.  H.   M. MmGREGOK.  Travelling P.-iat-cngor Aneiit,    el.-on.  E J.CO YIjE, Dis. I'ntiscnger j\(cont. Vancouver  Total 2124  PEACE-LIARD ItOUTE.  Edmonton to   Peace  Biver Crossing  Peace River to Nelson Forks   Down Nelson' to the Junction with  Liard   Up Liard to Dense river   Dease river lo Pelly river-..  Pellv river to   the  Junction  Lewes   Lewes river to Clondike   "Total   200  210  miles through the grandest scenery in  the* world, borne along on the mighty  tide that drains the hiils aud valleys of  tho land of gold, on to the waters of  Behring sea, where ocean steamers  will carry them along a coast lino un-  equalleel in its diversified beauty of  mountains and glaciers to the .sen-  board cities, whore they can take re-  turn trains for home.  "Yes, ana ono of the most attractive  sights of this now pleasure route of  our coming midsummers will bo the  sight of our (glorious sun at midnight,  a sun that will stay up to welcome  the eyes of intellect anil beauty that  will gaze upon the strange phenomenon with wonder and delight."  Mr. Iteilly is prominent in the political and business circles of the Dominion, and has tho co-operation of capitalists here and in the States already.  He is very sanguine of success.  EASTERN CANADA.  Banquet to Laurier���������Kerr's Volunteer  Scheme Sat Upon���������Yukon Police Are  All Right.  MONTREAt., September 17.���������The banquet lo Premier Laurier last night  was one of the highest social events in  the history of the city.  -  WINNIPEG   IN LINE.  Toronto. September 17. ��������� The  Canadian Trades Labor Congress yesterday selected Winnipeg fcr the  meeting of 189S.  NO,  T1LYN1C YOU.  Ottawa, September 17.���������Torrents  of adverse criticism on Kerr's volunteer scheme for the Yukon pour in.  It is said Hon. Col. McMillan of Winnipeg is interested with Kerf,  PROVISIONS IN AHUXOANCE.  Ottawa, September 17.���������A report  from Inspector Constantine dispels all  fears that the police will be shoi t of  provisions this winter.  YELL0WFEVER 0NTHE BOOM  The City of Jackson Demoralized and  Business at a Standstill���������Numbers  Leavesthe^City,   More Will Follow.  Jackson. Miss., September 10.���������The  city is completely demoralized and  business is at a standstill over the  spread of yellow fever. Fully two  thirds of the people have left the city  and others ore pouring out as fast  as thev can.  MORMONS STONED  English Towns   Stirred   Up   Over the  Efforts   of   Their    Missionaries   to  . Induce Women to Go to Utah.  London. Eng., September 17.���������The  towns-of Sutton, Bedfordshire, and  Kiver Lee are stirred up over the  eil'orts ot Mormon missionaries to  induce women to move to Utah. The  male inhabitants of the towns stoned  the Mormons and tbe authorities had  to interfere.  AFRICAN CHIEFS EXECUTED  RAILWAY DEAL TO BE SETTLED  '   ' ~ *   " NFXT WEEK.  with  120  100  170  220  . 200  .1370  ALL HAVE MONEY  San Francisco. September 10.���������The  sle.-iiuer   Exe-clsior   left St,  Michael',  six weeks ngo and arrived here yesterdav with 03 passengers and ""0.000 in       .  golel.   AH but two of  the passengers  can board  the  - An application will be made to the  Parliament of Canada at the next session for a charter to build a railroad  from the international boundary at  Ooutts, Montana, through the towns  of Macleod, Calgary and Edmonton,  thence by way of Fort St. John on tl^e  Peace river to the navigable waters of  the felly or Upper Yukon.'  This railway will pass through the  heai t of the district of Alberta, one of  the fincststock raising and agricultural  countries on the continent, fully capable of supplying the great fields with  all the necessiit'iesof life. The moving  spirit of lhis proposed railway is Jas.  Keilly of Calgary, who said tn ycur  correspondent : "Yes, it will be the  pathway by rail hoped for by your  American people since the acquisition  of Alaska over thirty years ago. In  the peaceable course of events, those  new conditions have arisen in the  piu-auit of wealth and happiness. The  recent stories of latent gold deposits of  unparalleled richness, verified by the  delivery of the article at the western  seaboard cities, has fired unnumbered  thousands in all ports of your country  anil ours with a common purpose, to  accept this promise of ample reward  for their energy and daring. And you  alight as well attempt to talk back  the waves of the ocean as to stay this  human movement'to improve human  conditions.  '���������This greatest exodus of the century  hits set a few of has thinking, and lhe  result of this has been that this movement to the great and now famous  Northlands should be provided with it  pathway of speed and safety, because  it will be readily admitted that where  rich placer mines are found, there also  will be found rich gold bearing leads.  In fact, our explorers have already reported the existence of such leada.  This insures a permanency to the population, who must be fed. transported,  protected and kept -in ..order, so that  the ro<id from a sensible pcint of view  must be recognized as a commercial,  postal, political anel even a military  necessity. When I speak of military  however, I mean as a means of bringing a force perhaps necessary to suppress possible civil disorder.  "In nJelition to all this there is another side to the project that will ensure it���������when built���������the sympathy  and patronage of the American people.  A pleasure train from any of tbe great  centres of population can in afowdnys  land the seekers of pleasure and new  attractions at the head waters of your  mighty river, the Yukon, where they  "   "'      finest  palatial   stern  TWO OF  THEM SHOT AND THE  THIRD  SUICIDED  King Benin and Chiefs Were Charged  With Being Concerned in the  Massacre of an English Party���������  Their Bodies Displayed in the Street.  Laooh, West Coast of Africa,  September 10.���������Tho trial of King  Benin and chiefs, who surrendered on  August ~lh to the British authorities,  anil wore charged with being concerned in the massacre of an un-  iirincd expedition under British  Consul Philips is proceeding at Benin.  Three of the chiefs arc already condemned, two of them were shot and  their bodies displayed hanging in the  streets for 21 hours. The third of  these three chiefs has suicided.  BRITISH   LOSSES  GENERAL JEFFRIES   FORCE ATTACKED BY  REBELS  At the Rawat Pass���������A Fierce Engagement���������Several British Officers and  Men Killed���������". Heavy Fire Kept  Up For Several Hours  Sijila, September 17.���������Tho second  brigade of lhe Mohmand punitive  force, commanded by Gen. Jelfrios  reached the foot of the Rawat pass on  Tuesday last. During the night the  British troops were attacked'by tho  enemy and a heavy fire was kept up  for several hours, Lieutenants Tompkins andBciiley were killed. Lieutenant  Harrington "dangerously wounded,  two privates killed, five privates  wounded, and 25 horses and mules  killed.  -" ���������������  ~   -���������������     ���������     - ��������� ������������������  r   FORTY DROWNED  LORD KELVIN.  IN  A     RUSSIAN     STEAMBOAT  COLLISION  The Terrified Passengers Jump Into  the Water���������Several Reach Shore  and Forty Find Watery Graves���������  ���������A Shocking Accident  St Peteksuurg, September 17.���������  Two steamers, the Tsarevilch and  Malpitka, collided yesterday in the  river Volga, near " Astrakan. The  former sank, and while she wns going  down lhe .'passengers, panic stricken,  jumped into the water. Many succeeded in reaching shore, but forty  were drowned.  Six Per Cent. Reduction in the Shioment  of Wheat to Duluth���������Mother Assaults  Her Daughter and Then Attempts to  Shoot Her Protector.  Winnipeg!' Man., September T7.���������  About two o'clock this morning  young Lizzie Taylor called at James  McCracken'-* [house on the corner of  Salter and Jarvis streets, in this city.  She was bleeding from a nasty cut on  the face and had just escaped from her  home on Fort ' street, where her  mother had been ill using her. Mrs.  Taylor, her mother, called at Mc-  Cracken's house* at eight o'clock in  the morning and demanded her  daughter, but McCracken refused to  give her up. Mrs. Taylor then pulled  a 32 calibre revolver Jrom her clc-thes  =and~dellberat"ely~lired~"atr'Mrsf-"Mc-f  Crackcn's bead, narrowly missing her.  Mrs. McCracken then made a rush for  the woman, - but did not succeed in  disarming her until she had fired two  more shots, both ot whicli missed tho  maiKed. Mrs. Taylor was arrested on  a charge of shooting with intent to  kill.  ANOTHER ROjVI"  to he built  Hon. Thos. Greenway returned  to this city yesterday. On being interviewed by your correspondent this  morning he said he expected everything in connection with the Duluth  and Winnipeg railway scheme will bo  settled next week. Cameron, who ic  now in Now York, is completing all  legal formalities with the company to  buildthc road, with good financial  hiickingandabonus willbe paid only on  the understanding that six per cent,  fier bushel reduction on wheat to DuA  uthwill be maintained.  ROAD TO YUKON.  C. P.  R Engineer Locating  Line From  Stickeen to Teslin.  "Vancouver, September 17.���������Super  intendent Duchesnay, chief engineer  of the Kootenay division of the  Canadian Pacific Railway, left on the  Princess Louise for the mouth of  Stickeen river in order to locale a line  of railway to Teslin lake, which will  tap the Yukon trade. On the boat  were about 40 passengers' from the  Bristol and Eugene, who will try to  get into Clondike by the Stickeen  route on tbe nil-Canadian way of  travel, having failed to reach St  Michael's.  AN ASSASSIN  Maker  a  Determined   Effort  to   Stab  President Diaz.  City or Mexico, September 17.���������  President Diaz, while proceeding from  his palace to the central part of the  cty yesterday, was sprung upon by a  middle aged man who attempted to  stabb him. The would be assassin  was arrested.  Well Said If Not Wei*. Meant,  A man of distinction who came to the  Postal Congress is Mr. Cluing You  lloon, who was Minister Plenipotentiary  from China during tho Harrison Administration. At that time the legation  was in Stewart Castle, and ninny and  elaborate dinners were given to the denizens of the republic hy the then Chinese  Minister, who, however, kept the women of his household well iu the background.  Al his first large reception the Minister was coticlicil by one of his American  friends as to the etiquette of tho'occa-  sion.1- lie-.was told-that the guests in  passing out would all cay thoy had-hael  a very enjoyable evening;- anel lie must  say, "I am very glad."        ;  It went very well until-a'tipsy official  came along and varied the breler hy say-  hip boisterously, "Well, 1 must go now."  The Minister was ready with his "1  am very glad," anel lie said it as if he  meant it.���������Chicago Tribune.  12xi.pi-.Hive lEnte-rprim-.  "I guess," remarked Farmer Uorn-  beak slowly, "Unit 1 admire enterprise  as much as anybody docs, but I am kinder of tho opinion that it cm lie cnivi-'d  to excess. ISvcii a gooel thing can be  run iuto the ground, you know."  "What are you refe.-riii' to, Ezra?" asked the wife of bis bosom.  "Why, you know when that tract society up in tlie city sent out a man to  paint-religions signs au'. wurnin's on.tlie  "borus an' rocks, ho inscribed" the question in red paint everywhere: 'Do you  want to bo saved?' "Val, now, I sec  that another painter, worliiu* iu the interest of a patent medicine concern, has  jest been over the same ground an' ndtl-  ed beneath each question this answer,  in letters a foot long: 'It so, take l'ritcli-  ett's Peculiar rills!' That may be all  fight, lmt blamed if it don't look to me  like enterprise carried to the point of  ���������jffensivenoss."  Two men were killed in a Chicago  street car collision,  Sir Julian Pauncefoto will remain at  Washington for another year.  Sii Wilfrid Laurier opened the Si,  John, N.B., exhibition on Tuesday.  The British troops mobilized on the  Afghan frontier number 57,000 men  The U.S. ciuiser Indiana was seriously injured by detective docking at  Halifax,  The startling news has been cabled  round the world that Paderewski has  hael his hair cut and rides the bicycle,  The Roman Catholic Archbishop of  Montreal has lorbidden the priests to  ride bicycles within the city limits, on  grounds that is undignified.  It is reported that four of tho largest  elevator companies in Montana have  formed a combine to control the grain  trade. Tho story is denied by the  elevator men, who say the arrangement is only for the purpose of  economy and*that prices will not be  affected.  Speaking.of George Ferguson, the  old Cariboo miner and preacher, who  was lecturing here last winter, the  Emerson Journal says: " At one time  Mr. Ferguson was a .'member of the  British Columbia legislature, at  another time ho ran for the Commons.  For several years he was a local  preacher amongst the miners and was  very well off.   But through the invest-  A Mini   Who   Ilau   Kuriclieel   Kvery  partincnt of l'liynlcal Science.  Lord Kelviu, whose discoveries have  made the ocean cable a practical success anil who has enriched every d<*-  liiii-liiii-nt of science*, > '���������*,' '" among the  delegates to the meeting ot tho British  Association for the Advancement of  Science -o l.o held in Toronto tins year..  He is ti past-president of tho assoeiatiou  anil among its must honored members.  Lord Kelvin, who was born in Ireland in  lc"M, began his connection with Scotland ami with tin: University ot Glasgow nl a very early ago. His father,  Professor .lames Thomson, still remembered by many nluiiini of Glasgow ns a  remarkably skilled and successful teacher, w:is appointed lu tlie chair of inalhc-  matii-ii in li-,'!..', set tltat when only eight  years ot age William Thomson begun  his residence at the University ot Glasgow. Only two or three years Inter he  bigan lo attract iitteiiliou by a brilliance of intelleel very rcuuirkiibli* in one  so young. His proficiency in inntlioin-i-  tira nnil niiiiiriil philosophy wtis very  Cleat, but other studies were by i.o  means neglected, ami under llie caref'il  supervision of his father he received a  thoroughly nil-round nntl complete education. It may be mentioned that of  tbe importance of giving its due place  to science in any good scheme of liberal  education no one could be more con-  rimx'd than Lord Kelvin, but that no  9iie Tables more highly than ho does the  Old humanities- and the importance of a  eg und logical anti linguistic training.  \ "iVliiie hu was yet a boy his interest wis  keenly exuileil by such subjects as the  figure of the eiirtli and Fourier's theory  ot llie flow of heat. On the lirst he  wrote a university prize essay and on  the latter a series of palters in which lie  successfully defended Fourier's researches from a charge of unsoundness  which had been brought against them  tbrot'.gli some strange misconception by  a very competent writer who had graduated a few years before with the utmost mathematical distinction. It :s  worth relating, as indicating the promise  nnel power of the youthful natural  philosopher, that when only 14 or 15  years of age he read Fourier's great  Iron line through in the interval ot  traveling about during a fortnight's visit  to Germany. That he did so to some  purpose is shown by the papers in defence, explanation anil extension ot  Fourier's results which soou after flowed  from his pen.  There can be no question that, like  many other eminent physical mathematicians, Lord Kelvin has been inspired anil directed by his early study of  Fourier anil tho other great French  mathematical writers of the end of tins  eighteenth and the beginning of the present century. But he hns fully and  gialefully acknowledged the helpful aud  interest exciting influence of some ct  his old teachers at the University of  Glasgow.  The table of Lord Kelvin's achieve,  incuts at Cambridge has often been  told���������how he won the lirst Smith's pri������t?  nnd the Colquhoun Sculls and was  known as one of tlio most promising  original mathematicians of the time. 11^--  relurncd to tho University of Gla'sgUw  as Professor of Natural History;.iii lSlO.  nnd from that day to this thjje'history cf  his lifework has been in rib small measure the history of tliey" progress ef  physical science. There is no department of physical-science' which he has  not enriched ciriil extended by his discoveries. Tlie re is hardly any theory in  dynamics,,heat or electricity, of which  his theorems, experimental discoveries  mid viejws do not form a great and  fundamental part, nnd in the domain of  physical optics he has recently shed  much light on some'of tlio most recondite  Ciiti disputed questions    by his lectures  IMPERIAL BANK  * OF CANADA  Head Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital  Reserve    ���������   -  ,963,600  1,156,800  Direr     re  H. S. Howland, President  T.R.Merntt, Vice Pres., IStCatharineo)  William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,  Hugh Ryan,  T. Sutherland Stayner,  D. R. Wilkie. General Manager. -  Branotaes  North "(Vest and British Columbia  Brandon      Portage la        Vancouvei  Calgary Prairie Winnipeg  Edmonton  Prince Albert Revelstoke  Ontario  Essex Niagara Falls   St. Thomas  Fergus       Port Colborne Toronto  Gait Rat Portage      Wetland  Ingersoll    Sault St. Marie Woodstock  St, Catharines  Agents  in   Great   Britain���������Lloyd's  Bank, Ltd., 72 Lombard St.,  London,  with whom money may be deposited  for transfer by letter or cable to  of above branches.  Agents in the United States���������New  York, Bank of Montreal, Bank of  America; Chicago, First National  Bank; St, Paul, Second National Bank  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of gl and upwards received and  interest allowed.  Debentures ��������� Provincial, Municipal  and other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United States, Europe,  India, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Gold Purchased  A. R. B. HEABN. .  Manager Revelstoke Brstich..  TIME C/\RD  Subject to change without notice. ,.,  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.  GOING WEST DJILY  8:00 a m Leavo Kaslo..:.'  8:36{ani ... South Fork.  9:36am       ��������� ' Sproale's....  l������lam " ...Whitewater,.  10.03 a m ' _^B~5irIi_Ke..  10:18 am _._!���������TT7McGu**an,  10:3- a ov"  -^..GOINQ KABT  .Arrive 3:50 p m  .   '���������     3:15pm-  " -^2,00pm  1:48 pm  1-33 pm  '.vrl  Cody Junction    ������������������      1:12 pm  10*!__iArrive.... Sandon .... Leave 1:00pm  CODV IINK-  Leavo 11*00 am. ...Sandon..,  Arrive 11:20 a m ....Cody....  .Arrive 11:45 am  . -Leave 11:25 a m  ROBKRT. IRVING  G. F. and P. A.  ! GEO.F.OOPKLAND  I       Saperlnten ent  O.R.&N.  Is th~ Shortest ana       '  Quickest Line to...  "WALLACE,   FARM1NGTON,  GARFIELD,     OAKESDALE,  PULLMAN,      LEWISTON, -'  COEUR D'ALENE MINES.  DAYTON,   WALLA WALLA.'-  PORTLAND,    PENDLETON;"  SAN FRANCISCO, MOSCOW,  CRIPPLE CREEK;  AXb"ALL POINTS   EAST OR   SOUTH.  EAST  GUN ACCIDENT.  el  Winnipeg, September 17.���������Arthur  A. Fowler, a street railway employee,  while on a shooting trip at Bcausejour  yesterelay was seriously wounded by  the  discharge  of   his  gun.    He was  nave money.  I can eioeiru   liiu   iini-su   ^aiaii.e,   o^...-    .._-,*.   ������.._,........-,--   ���������w*^ ������--   i-.-----    ---   -���������-���������  wheeled  steamers  for  a  sail of 2000 I standing and leaning over the battels.  IjORD   KELVIN.  nnd papers on the subject of the dynamics ot systems of molecules, and the  constitution   of  the  ether.  Lord Kelvin's jubilee celebration at  Glasgow a year ago. was a remarkable  event nnd was attended by delegatus  and visitors from all parts of the world  to do honor to one who had nd- j  vanced pure science in a rcmarkabU  degree by his own abstract researches in  Great Britain and throughout the world.  Beginning with the-certificate of the  Bishop of lily approving the appointment of William Thomson. B.A., as a  Fellow of Petorhoiise, they ended with  the credentials of Sir William Thomson  or Lord Kelvin's election as=member of  every one of the most distinguished  scientific societies of the world and in-  clueleel Uie lettern of the i*rri>eltial secro-  tary announcing lirst Lord Kelvin's election as corresponding member, next as  foreign associate of the institute: has  hot eliselaiiied to apply his great knowledge of scientific principles to tin* const ruction vof apparatus and appliances  whicli have promoteel peace among men  and aided commerce by placing continents in telegraphic communication, bj  improving and faenlitating navigation  nnel last, but not least, diminished the  perils to which those* who nail the seat  are exposed. At this celebration were*  displayed tlie diplomas which represented  lhe honor in which Lord Kelvin is held  by learned societies.  The attention devoted to telegraphy in  the celebration was a remarkable feature. Instruments were placed In the  university building so nics<wigi-s could be  received anil forwareleel from all part's  of the world. The different cable companies telegraphed  their congratulation*  ices   which  tho oaus.7  of electrical science.  ing'of  his money be lost all and   tho  j������5t Ave years of sickness has, brought j KXacS^iSl^a to? s^vi  him to the severest straits. He has a Ij0ti\ Kelvin had rondercel lo  brother, a Methodist minister in Bei- - - ��������� - -  Iin, Out., and is endeavoring to reach  him on foot. He passes en from  village to village, delivering his lecture  and depending upon this resource for  his only means of subsistence*, let  alone any comforts of lite. In Emerson he only made 15 cents. And it was  with tears in his eyes that he told, as  he left Emerson, how he had appealed  to different members of the church he  loved for a night's lodging and hail  been turned away, but that a liveryman with a b'f-C heart bad paid for his  bed in the hotel at a late hour of the  night."  THE ONLY  LINE   .   .  Via S*ilt Lake,-Denver,  '"-"  Omaha and Kansas City.  ' Steamship Tickets to . and from  Europe and other foreign countries  Train for the East and Portland  departs 7:15 p.m. daily. Wallace and  Moscow accommodation depaits 7:45  a.m. daily. Through service. No'  delays or lay overs anywhere, -,^  Get through tickets and further information of O. It. to N. city ticket  office. No. -130, Riverside avenue,  corner Stevens St., Spokane.- Wash.  J. CAMPBELIj,  General Agent, Spokane,  W. H. Hurlburt, G. P. A., Portland.  Spokane Falls and JtoptUepn  kelson and Ft. S .eppapd  Red Mountain. R^8.  The on'y all rail       ,    _  cars "Between Spokane. Northport,  Kewsli  and Nelson:   also    between   Koaaland    nnd  Nelson.  rout;-Kithont chinse o  Bsund  DAILY     EXCEPT      SUNDAY.  leave. NORTHPORT AnarvE.  **~~J?P0'i:a,'0��������� From Spokane���������  1:20p.m.     Irf0p.m.  For lloasland- From ReWand���������  lM0p.m 12.40 a.m.  For Nelson��������� From Nelson���������  1'Mo.m 12:17 p.m.    "  Closo connections at nelson with steamer  for Kaelo and oil Kootenay lake points.  Passengers for Kettle River and Boundary  Creek connect at Marcos with stage dally.  T~le _EnthnftlaielIc Shopman.  A shopman was showing a laely snme  parasols. He had a good command o"  the language, anel knew how to expatiate  on the good qualities and show the ln\st  points of the gooels. Ax he picked up  a parasol from the lot on, the counter  nnd opened it he struck an attitude of  admiration, and, holding it nri. said:  "Now. there, isn't it lovely 1 Look at  that eilk. Particularly e.bserve the quality, the fini-.li. the general effect. Pass  your hand over it," ho said, as he handed it to the lady.     "Isn't it a beauty V  "Yes." said the* lady ; "that's my old  onr. I just laid it down there."���������Tiei-  Bltm. i    .  REVELSTOKE  IRON WORKS..  Blao_smit*hixus������ Jobbing  Pl-unbi-iK.  Pipe FittinK  TinsmitMne;   _..  Sheet Iron "Work  Machinery Repaired  Miniqg Work a SpnninUy     _,  ROBT. GORDON  Revelstoke Stn,  -^="">'-^*^.-:JK7*--:-"1.--$y7- ,-.��������� Hi
1 ?1A^
Mining Lavs
This book give.-; complete
mining laws, together with
full eliivi-lions for reaching
the tlitVeicnt mining sections
of British Columbia���(lie
iiui'-t nsoftil book I'm- miners
and prospectors ever issued.
Only 25 Cents, at the
panada  Drug Sc
Book Co., Ltd.
Ch..=, k. Macijonald, Man rig or.
Revelsioke  Station, B. C.
An Interesting Budget of Local, Personal
and   General  Items  Round   and
About  Revelstoke.
L. O. L. Royal-arch mooting tonight
in Oddfellows' hall.
- A large assortment of fine shoes
opening up today at C. Ti. Hume A: Go's.
Right- Rev. Dr. Talbot, tho bishop of
-Rochester, will bent the Glacier next
��� Tapping's theatre hall is now completed anti open to the public. Sue ail.
next week. ,1
* Mackinaw jackets and  pants.    A
huge nssurluienl just opening out- ul
-��_. B. Hume <fc Co's.
Miss Cliu"*i""*r>\"Be~-J-asJboen Uie guest
of Mi*, and .Mrs. lIi'ai*iT~"i''~"^ the' past
few weeks, left vestonlay on rt-visit to
Nelson. ^--.
Mr. J. A. ?,lai~i. who is a local'
director of the Horne-Payne Co., lias
gone into the Lardeau to visit tlio
Silver Gup mine.
"* A fine assortment of California
fruits���peaches. ���,ie*;iis, grapes, apples,
w.itci melons, etc.���at J. Pozet's restaurant.   Meals at all boms.
In iinswei' to an inepiiry from Trout,
Lake* the HERALD i.s sorry to say that,
there- i*- no immediate probability of
the* Kamloops baseball match coming
Tunnel No. 2 on the Great Western
is now in about 100 feet tind the i-liai--
iictcr of ihe ore i�� improving wilh
depth. Work is still in progress on
lhe mine.
Mr. W. M, Brown is away on a visit
to the St. Leon Springs," wlu-i-o the
telegraph company are putting in an
oflice and an operator ;it Mr. Brown's
hotel on the hike.
Mr. Chas. Sandison. who owns some
gooel silver-lead propositions in lhe
Slocan country, pas.-eel through bote
011 Stitidity for Kclititiiitem, en mule to
the Peaco"river gold Holds.
J. Fleishman says J.Tukov. of Trail.
to the too from the Little Joe propel tv lien- Trail. The company will
commence shipping ore to the* Trail
.-inciter next week. ���>
.Mr. (.'. B. H'i'.iie has returned from
11 li.i-ine-j.- trip to the Lardeau. lit*
found Ffi';i;-..jii very dull but Tiout
Lake fairly hu-y. the* Hu'.-ne-Payue
Co. have /hut down work on nil their
liroperliC'i except lhe Sitvfct- Cup and
B: uud view.
Thomas- Skinner, who owns _ a
m irkol garden ,'.erii.-s the* 1 ail wav
u-.iclc. !i:i> l.-ft on the fiKRALii table a
fi'.-.vi-i- .if tli-Ru=-fiiin variety'of sun-
th-wer. ine.'.i-iiij ing 11 inches aero:-;-.
The i-.-.-il.. m-tke exee-Ilcul food for
chit-kens.     Mr.  Skinner  brought the
Cold (j'omiiii-..<ioiH>|. Ciriiluiin i-clnrn-
t'd lo town l.-.sl nighl.
Beit Caiupbi.ll, lypu, wi-til lo Vernon Sunday evening.
Mosm-s. D. Fergusim ,-uid W. 1-1,
\ ic-ki-i-.-i. of 1-Vrgut.in aiv both in town.
r ��'���',������ ^Y.V-'h'le'. of Ul" ni'nl ��r u'l"i<-'
i-hibbaltl, is ,-iwiiy at the const. He
will it-liii-n ,-itiout. tlie first wook of
Cli.-iti. Kkciu*, t.iiiin-kcept-i' at tht*
round house*,  who h,-,*   |,_.,.,,   |.,;,i   ���,,
wilh lever for lite p;lsi two inonlhs is
baric agiini al his oltl jiih,
Pillti'i-stui'.-i <nd,-i liisc-uits in tin
lioxo!-, especially pm, up for family use
1110. II. iliiuu- toCiu'n. Also Midii biscuits 111 plain buses I'orhtiti.! use.
T.c-keLs I'm- the Kiuili'Y-.lnlin.son con-
t't'rl in ih-e Mfilunlisl (*!ii!i-eh on Oct.
(ilh tti-e -foin-- .i.y fa-,.. '!'|U. recital ions
"S "Ii**k 1'imliiii'JoluiMUi never f.i-1   to
lllll'ill I. it   large   l-l-.lWll.
Ffi'sali*--One itionkov. lwo pootlle
dogs ,".nil a p.u-i-til. "'li.. owner. M.-ul-
I'luiiisi.'lh' Ij., heing alx.i;;, i��� marry,
has no lm-t-hei- um-Ih,- tbein.���I'riiiior's
Mr. ""artlelt, nf P.iirllo.l Iiro..., is in
town '.unking arrangi'tnt-ist.. lt, l-vin^
up nis park ti-.'iin I'l-nin S.Mi.lon lo help
lo p.-.i-k lhe Fienc-li Creek Co.'s piping
nnd .supplies froin L.-tpoi-it: to French
All specimens for llu* Nos-lii Knoli-n-
:���->' exhibil it.ti^t. b" in Mr. .Sihb.-ild's
hiinel.i before Siitin-ilnv. as ihev will
have to he--hipped en .S"'.liii'd.'iv'.*"lr:iin.
-Vi*. .'jibiiitli! will k-iive himself for
Spokane on Oct. L-l.
RJi'.ssis. Vt'iirhee-- & Davis, musical
iii'lt.sle.-., i'i on*. .I.ie-ki-on. .Mich., gave an
impi'iiiiiplu cnmei't nt lhe slal.ion on
"���*'���",;!;���>"��� v.'liifh war, highly upprouiiii-
i'd. They nre- ,-tnxious I <'i give- a concert
hei'-t; under the uusihc-os of souie
c-hm-cli or Mici'.'! y. Those who heard
tlii'in on Moiuliiy Imp- thai u-.i'v m:lv
iniike; ai-1'iingenicnls '.villi this view.    *
Mr. G. .J. Al kins rot tuned from the
Big Ileinl 0:1 Sun 1,-ty. He lefl i'rcncli
Crook liipl.Moutlay week. jVl.ih.-ii time
the trestle work was nil linishotl .-iiui
I.'2f.nl i'eelj of the flume oomph-led.
"������one of the p-ping, hnwevei'. had armed.-it Fiuuch C:-0'-!.-. though son-.t:
had got as I'm- iis Nine-tni'lo. ."Ir.
Al kins is well pleascel with tho progress of Ihe work.
lid. Million, of .Million. .Mac-l-'ni-li'iiil
& Malion, mining ongini*er.-. nntl it^onts
ol Vancouver, was in town ���n Stinil.-iy
on his way lo exainino home mining
properly nciti-.Silvi-.rLnn. Mr. Mahon
has been eoiiii.-eled with Konlenav,
particularly the Slocan, for sdi'i'itr lin'10
past, anel in bis fieepieiit visits has had
occasion lo note the progress of lhe
country. Ik- remarked how ils present
prosperity was reflected in lho bit.-i-
itt'..-s of VniKU-.iver. anti expre<-��et!
surprise al, the evident appearances of
progress visible in Revels;like.
Mes.,1--,. Tho.-. II. Fr-f.t-r, M. K...
MmI'icw ltyiui.. ,\J. K. and .1. C. IC'-ilh
j)f V;liie:oiiv,.|-. Here in town on _.Mon-
ei.*r"",. Mr. Kiaser i;, ,--, reeout. ai rival
fi-oin-o'phiiniie.-biii-g. Siiutl*. Afiiff. anil
is etirre'-fr-ineitii- with ll*.e I-'ii-.itm-i.-il
News of Tv.ottilon, ICng.. and several
e-oasi, p.-.pi.-i--.'_ An iiriiele from his pen
on the C.ii'i'iiiio'c-Tei.vk .-'.ppeart.-tl in the
Vancouver World o*f a leeetil, issue.
A series t.l'ailieles 0:1 rhe v.-iL-iii'.u; dis-
Irittis of iB.C will .tppeiu i.'i diiei'tiitise.
Mr. llyrne is shorily goinfr to Kng-
l.-.ncl lo cNpi.-iin lho le.-ottrc.-s eif ihe
country 10 t-apijnii-.;.,-. .Mr. lOilh i-e-
pi-c'seiiFs Viiniimv.-i- c.-ipiiitl. Tl-^'
parly litis gone inio tiiu Litidi'iiu on a
le'tir of iuspec-tiuii where Mr. Keith
will visit tho Whistler mine near the
A bbol. gioup. .,
The debriij uf the collision at No1 tli
Hill bus bc*en fli'iii'i'tl away fr.ini ihe
truck. Four li.iinj-s taken in tlie
vicinity of Lhe .--ei'iie of aec-iilor.l have
been .-n-.-estecl and charged wilh
vagrancy. Tho coroner's iiitjiK'.-t on
the body oT Hon. IJi'imelvelt brmmht
in tin open verdict of aee-idonlal di-ii'li.
Kngincer Geei. Iji-nwn of tho wieekfil
onginu iVJl. who wiiK m-iking i",;.> li-,-..:.
rip .-is tut engineer, will lo.-,e  his .11
Catanh f.ir Tv;cr.ty Voars and Cured
in a Few Days. ��� Xolhiug loo simple,
nothing loo Iniid for Dr. Agnew's
C.ilni'i'htil iViiveier In give, relief'in nn
instant. Hon. Georgii.I.lines, of St-iin-
lon. Pa., says, : "1 have, been 11 niurtyr
10 Ctiliii'i-b for 20 years, con" Innt
fiuighing. dropning in't.ln; tin-oat, iind
pain in llieheiiil. ver-.- offensive' brt'itth.
I li'ieil Dr. Agiiew'i_.Catarrhal Powder.
'L'ho li'.-sl. .'ip]ilii"ilion gave itwlant relief. Afler itfting a few bullies nil
these .symptom-  nf   (.'aiiurli   left inc.
11 is a gi'i-iil remeily.'' Sold by Canada
Drug ami Hook Co. 2
Woocl WoitiBg Pactoiy
I'lI'I'V .t WliliillT, l'1'.r.i'iiiinoii-i.
Window and  Door Frances
mad'" to order.
Store and 0:'f:':o Fixtures.
Ail Kinds of Sashes ���v-.d
Doors in sfek. Oad
Sizes i:i-*.0e to er'-i-ir.
Till*.  !'.. T-WviWi  i'.i,-iir.i::ii���Orr  tip:  L'-M!:::u
Revt.lstokG StP.':ian, 13. C.
Ni,'.i:*i* i"- lu-r-'l-y gi veil llu-t ro .lny- nfior elt-.lo
I lie* lill.li-l-- i-.t.---il, H. Dilllt-illt ll'll.^t.'.l, Illtol'.lN
10 -.ii.ikt' i'.'r,j,ii'-i'.i'.,iii te.tlioe Itit'f t'oniini-.*-'e.-.ioi*
eif l.-.ini* i-,iii \Vi-rl: u.i- pet-in is. ion 10 i��iirt-hei-,o
lii-.i :;,--. o-s (,: 11-.-,-I. *-ii.-.:i:t-' in l.i--t-.U-:iii I ti-,-jt-imi
eif lCt,iit'j-ii-.y I-i-tt'le-t:   .-l-.i-tini' nt 11 p.i-t nr lif-
j.^i'illil   V. L"-t   ccri.if   e-f   A-Jl   lliilllllltl'.s I.Io'.-'jC eif
'���'CO ni-i-i-i-. :iv;-___"! "iait:-.l ]io-:i  ei- 11. |itiii<.,-r,i
l'."'i.'.-<,Ii':e  I'llltia,"   riir.iung   Ne.rtli   Ol  e-l-ui-,.,,
tllC-lli;.'W..---I 1-1 cli-iiliM, l.i,.;i;.i- -'..itlli JO l-lilllt:',
tiic'tie-i: Ki-.--! -In i-iiiiins, lliciieo Xiifth 'JJ i-iiiii-.i-; 1
ti. ulii.-t- tit bi-gtti'.nof:.
II. !���'J NO AN"  ROlISfiN".
I'ergin-on. AugitM ]."lh, 1S--J7. ��ui.l!)l
Will ho at his c.lllee over Csniulii lK'.ol:
.': llrng e.-0,'s r-l',iv, I<i-vi-l.-s|cl:e IJ-liitlon,
from Sopt  28 to Oct, O.
All Branches
ui' -hie
Tonsorial Art
r.x(-i-.il"i! with nmliltl'o.ilru'is
l.'.'Merily ut
./'. Morg;n'a
-cr..-,r-.a^=-.-*���-- Sjiaving; Parior
Hot and Coiti Baths
Fresh Fruils
ON'i: DOOR _:.\3T C01.l'"!i;jA IKiVlil,.
yOlTPi-" I- I;- r.-!.y gl-.c-n lhat C'J eluyji tiflc-r
,-j eli-.li-, 1 iiiicul to upi Iv le> tlio t'lr.,-:' ("oin-
iiii*..-:>-,iic-:' ot l.-i'i-l-uutl Work-.' foi_. iH'r-iii*-.io-.i
to iiiu-.-li-.-^' l-.-i i-fi'i .-r itin-l, .--ii'.iirii' in lloot-
onr.y iii-.I���.-!.���:, t'.f.ir t-nii.'Iii.'i't-e -,f eini-.ir.r t-re.-k
with "t.uih Im..-..- of l.uf.ti'-m river, i.ior.: i>ni'-
li'-itiiiriy (|.---e-rlb-"l i-^ i.tllows : i-.ni-.iii-.ii.-tiig
tit 11 i.ei--( iiiiiiki-il "Iiiith.l l'o,t, s. I). cot'iii-r,
jV.A.C," u.i the v.osi li-i-ik nf Claiiior Crou',;,
iu-,ir ils t-t.-iil'i-jti.-o with tlu* Soi-.Ll. l-'c-i-k of
l.tirtieiiii i-.l.er. ilieni-i-N'm-tli -10 e-li.iin-t, tliuni-e
We-sl .10 i'!>:-it.-. i:i.-,.(--.'Suiltll-10 ch'tlt-.Ii. tlicill-o
1"U'.I 111 f-'ii-.his :<i i-oiitl o_! ceininii-iucill-jlil, ce.it-
l.'.j-*.::iigl-,0 Hi-re-., it-.ur-j or le-.s-,.
A. A. ("LA UK,
.'.U'oiU Ior 11. li. C. Curry,
-"i-.t'.-'e .Itt'.ti- ii'ilt, 1S'.)7. _���!"
Yali: I'.iicii-iiiv,
-Aug. 11. 1S-.I7.
IN"    THK    SCI'IIE'IE    COUIl'L"    01*   IlKI'ITSIl
,    trol'.iiubhi. in   ll.-_;   niiitioi-  of   tin-  OIHciiil
.'.elii'l':isti-i:t.':������.' Ae-t, i-.ml  iii  llie lntiui-i* of
lho   c-iat---  e��t   e:ln--r'i0s    Ijci-goi-   ili'i-ei'.se-'l,
.-l-.t-J.l ii:.; i.ltll .lit;- of .Inly. A.H. l.'-'.7.    IJlieiii
vcn.ling   tin:   iillUla-. ils  of   lu-ne-.t   Iloin-v
Sliurliltin  MeLeiui   ami   Cliurlus   l-'retlurie;
It   is  or.ie--.-iM1.   tlu-.t  JittiH-s   l-"'-'rt-;ttsoii   jli-in-
stroti,;. t.'ilit-i-.il .'.ibi.inistrtitoi- foi-  the Cotnite-
C'o.u-L nisli-i.-t of  Uor,t--ii:iv, bo i-.-lhiinifeir.-itor
of nil iin.i singi-.l.ii- ll.o goii-l-i, I'lintli'ls, riiihit,
r.uel i-.'.-ilii^ wliu-h v.-'.-ro of ."Jlitn-ii". liorgov, Into
ot  11 l._-eiIti-v.-nel in  tlio *ti-lrii-t   of   Kootontiv,
troe- lillll.--.', elve'01'.-.t'ei;
Aiiel il it. ftii-lhi'i-oi-oereel, Unit this orelcr ho
^nlilislti-el in lit-.- Kt-velsie.ko lic-.-til.l no...spiiiier
:or ihe perioil uf si\tv {<i:,-v.
(Si;-a-.-.I*.;   A. J. Me CALL,
Tin-e-ri-Iltori nn-l pen-oiK in1c:-.*Me"l in the
t"-t_u.- of tlio .ittow rii'-inoe! t:iinrlc- Ilf-i-^et-, Ir.ti.-
of I Hoc-ill") v.-net iti tin- liistrict of Kcotunnv.
Ii-i-.- niti-.i-r, ilo("-ii.s-j-l, nre l.o.-obv i'^nni,-e.*.i
v.-'lli-p si,;ty ti.e,-; f-.-enn ihi-- ..',c.w *lo --;i!j ov
i-i-Lri -i.-.-.-.l I..--i:.-r":.'i'Ire--se.l to .Junior l\-r/'.is-oii
Arit-..-trt.ii^, 0,','ie inl Aiimin!��tiY.tor. l'"f,t-t sioolo,
r.riti-h t.'.-ihn-.il.i.i. piirtie'itl-.'--- of tlu-ir cl.iii.is,
tuul tin- i:-,ir-.tr'j e.i lit'..' ���-���ot-tirilk'-, \,ii uny) hol-1
I,.-- tin-in, Aftot- tl.-i oviiir.ition of tho _,,iUl
.-:xty ,lnyj, t!u-flii.irllmtion of tl-.o siiiei ,.-M.-.l.��
will do i.n*'e_!i,--I--;'I wit}-, i-o;;i-.r-l tjotii-^ ItA-i only
to sii,-',j i-'i.'i':r.s* ot u Iiii-li uotlt--i .--I'-.-.ll ho given
tis ;-,:..-.'1-,-i-l.
Del-.^'J lliUCUIh ildvof j\ue>ii-l. lsr.7.
.r. v. '.iijiaritoN'ii.
12.uilt oilirtai A-iniliii-ti-.e.or, K��'.'leii_i .-
25   CE.MTS   PER   LG.
J. iv*. McCALLUPs/1,
Siif-o.Mi KrnciT. l:i:vr:-.u)Ki: Siatio.*:
Agont for- lhe -Bllckeiisderfo
Successor to GILKE1-"  Cz V/ELLS
-.--.j->"_/tii.t %-���."      i.tJ.    J..:-.e^vjt,'iCj3    \.JC'jjJC2,    i-jO-JoWj
Shoes, Gents' Furnishings, Stationery,
Patent Medicines. Tobaccos and Cigars,
Toilet and Fancy Articles, Fruits, Etc.
W     Vv"S T
for all I'JrA-i of Light Transfer
and Cartiiie; v,*iii bo attended to
by     :::::::     :
Robt.' Fleming.
The delivery or peircels to ami from truiiis iiiul
to any p:n-| of iov.-n .viil reeolvo
-li-ittilf my e.-:u-.:fnl tutoiuion.
 i'oi: Tin: i;i:st	
r rtiits,
Kay and Feed
At the lf>v.*(..-,l pritos."tind l-"��:i-.sii G.!ocni'.i::s
ASU rnori^iiiNS, lomo join-
o_-....-r v.illi
HUTCH'.SOr*'   &   CO.,
rho Lcp.ding Grocers.
ritia: Iu:i.ivi:itv.
'V-   a    a fi\w
flei'chant Taiior, ���
VV o
h     "
ii���*' a
H   jJ_^r~_k-J?iLw v ty-i.     %x/\J?9 ������_=_=-as.i--2a.
-=e==HAY,   FLOUR   AMD   FEED==
- j-.-'crv-"^-'
?D) fWrFZ'Q    'M.O    i"riTF"P*"py^"P7v*jr^F-
Who is Your Physician.    It Pays to Take Your
h. L ,3 o-r_ I y 1 I izj iNi C3
BF.ij'ATJSK Ihey Kive: il iieiwiiinl nl.lcnlion. ,
l.!l*CA'.JHii thoy aix* reliable fheniisls. ,',
l~KCA��jSi5'yo'.i e-.-i'.i rely on m-ciiralu coin]iouiiilinp; from p.iro.ilrngu at ntnderatt; pi-ices.
a?~=3:*IIl    iPIO-JSr-BJ*-!*"    X>S"XTt3C3-XB,X'.
lS,:ET.--7"*)3X,E31'01Cj'ij    STATIOH
��' -        -������-' '
M I Sell-Hardware
. *!J?.    .-   ���    " '   ' j- 1	
"k.__^j^     ^-, j-.    .,
rvtun Fruits,
Ice Cream,
Summer Drinks,
Choicest Confectionery,
Calmed Goods
A Carload of Ogilvie's Sest Flour just
received.    Fcr Sdla
IT  -:-V--'-*-',T":C'."  I'i-.I.-FS AT
Fireman I*!imio"s  sc:ilp   wound   i.-"in t TV-j-.  P��..,��� r.'r>r\^p.  f~nlc<��i-^' 0,*r.ron
i i      ,.        ��� �� ���    . ttiifc__Fi~*��- �� s^ i j I. "J ��� . *���    "���* "4 rv \^ i   ,    *^j *-__-* \��� o ���
ugly one. but lie is on  ;,   r.i-.r   way   to j        R_;i:way St.,  ���~eva!!:to'<8 StMlon.
lec-eivery.     I he enjrti-e. or v. hat is.  I.'.t '
of ber, has kuiic to Yaiu un\ i*r nn  fiat :
vi i i'K7_-TiTC"iTi _Tn-\vTT.v"~i rrriTr^wp.^���pnvn \���r      -  ���~ ���
loittleil   with   s-lcol   I'.ii'i-,     paint   nnil j We have a food
sbin!_t!es. whicli mv i-nv.- .tele,ruin;
lauii.-t-iipt* "iO yni't!.- on ��� at b sUle* c.l' the-!
rails. Only three en- of l in-- ue-i,;
boimil tt-riiu were ilef,'i!..-ri. The; t.-n-!
tier was .-plit i-lentt in Iv.o. 1; \\;t-';
emly sev.'ii inir.iit--.- fiom tin- li!',-- th-
tir.it* tbe* rniiiiw.iy tii'.in l.fr, .'."nie!-,;
11ill lill the wit.-, went ih.wn .,-lic-,-, :
.-he -".li'tie-"-. '-'t.-inU {'i.-.'Uil,j w.i
���Jissriiieer it', tliaij'e nf ISU.
:-i"J-7 of
K;---.;���: '_ received the fii-s-L consipn-
iiient of bis tii-.v sloe!-:, nnel has
Uioie; on llu* w,-ty. He is now in a.
position to supply ali orders fur
c-lntiiiiitr. .Tjiilest styles and best
Revelsto:-- 5--
ation, B.C.
Rhodesia restaurant
- oi*.m:i: t.r Si:t o.-.-d SninnT and
Oine.-,- Avnst'ri,
)"N"..T.t-lI cpCtilN'i; un.ler the siipt'rintcr.e!-
.���l.-e ii-.. u. i;i.
f���> j. ��-*-
j 5 ?_/
JL  e   �� v^-j. i, 4** Z.     _/. <^-��� Jl
".'-������.a Lumber'
,, _: i.'.or.i -iltoii-Iod to por-onally hy the
-"< i.. ���- .iii.l t-iv.lltyour motto.    IVrni-
���    '        A. .!. T.'iPWOr.TU, I'ri'.rlcli'i'.
r-..-_.--. Clczg tjancc Hall To Lst
(���^-.il trices .Ot  ^p.-j-_ ����ei.3i..; ji^ji i dilliiiig dull IzliQifig;
'fed wilh him ftum
The ovi-niiiK -ei'vii-i' at, th-3 Mctli >'.l-
i-l ciiui'ih !���*.-��� .Suii'l'iy w.u- t-rowel.'d,
lh��* atitie.iine'-itt.-nt ihil *lr. iiiul "ill-.-..
"-I-lvill ivenil 1 ti-.-lst tr..- i.ni-ic with
llu-li-irp am! Ivteii'di fim in.-i .tttr.ic-tii:^
;i _e*.e:l many. Mr. M.-lvill .-..ntl .Mi.-.
D-nt -anir two iinibi'ins. and Mr. Mel-
vill -ilso i.*t-i.ei'iip,tnied him^edf in a, c-cjii-
e'ludiiii; seilo. Their reneleriiiK was
iiiiich.ippri-ciale-d by tbe uolitjrrt^.ition.
Mf-.-ir��. lleit-fhle-y anel Fiif-by have,
s-c-nl a l.-lier to tht- 1ii:i:ai.d re|ioriing
proirrr.':,. dated Sept. 1 Ith. Tlu-y
1'eiund the Kdinoiitoii peojile very willing to give tin-in every infoi ilialiein
v. ith regard to the trip nen lh, iinel
very ic-.uson.-.blc- ki t.bcii- i-barcces for
reiijfjtling ttipplie=. Thoy had liougbl
"'" pemi"-. and ccood ��:n*e'. feir their
ttip. and intended to make a break on
the; 15th. Thejy have deciele-el te) go by
Foil S_t. John.'a Hudson's Hay post on
the Peace river, .and to winter llicre.
The C'algniy Herald's special Klondike edition is to hand. It contains 10
luilies. replete with iiifoi-uialion with
reir-'-rel to every possible route from
C.tlir.-ny to the Vttkon, excellently arranged and ci-iiiipris'iig tho tniniilest
tle.*l,iil<:. It i-- illii-u-.ited by tin excellent full pi^e map of tho country
ti-avci-eil, .-hewing the water routes
ana pack trails v��i-y distiiictlj*. The
IlEii.M-.lJ tougi.,tiil:"iles its nainesak'j
on the i-nle-rpri-i; r-hewn in the- publication of th'* .-pecial number, which
cannot fail to be of enormous value to
the iitibii.f-:. ini-ii of both Calgary and
Kdiiionton. and is of immense iuiere.-t
t<i everybei'Iy���and there .'lie a great
ln.iitv���who i- thit.kiiiii of making a
btc-rtk for Kloudiiic licit sjririug.
A r:~*,v MAI-;. j
C.  G.  Chopin. Jswrlir. of rJurli's  Falls, i
Siyc  He :.-, a j-.'cvj1  I.-Iin S:;icc   ""<>!_-,$_;,
the: G.cat Soiilh An*.er.e-^.n -i'iervi.i.*.- -
His Tc-cir.io:iy io Endorsed by Tr.ov.3- ]
p.r.ds oi Other'. !
'���Fnryi-iiis 1 hieve been ~n'.i!!y Iso'il.-;
le'd 'A'i'.ii n.'rv iii- elt-i.e'iitv anil ,'l'l'e-e
��� * t r* * ���"������-:
eii'U   OJw
Can Fix You  ���
vi;-   i- ��� ���,��!   ;.?;: i n !
\ii.\t-   Or1.ft   j;ii__t.i_J - j
RsvclstoUc  Station,  S. C., ; :
���' .':-��:," Paperhan=:in__:, General
.,z: J..ii. Can '-ire: Pairitinpc.
;_::vr; r-j,,ry t,TiTir,>,-, ]j. (;.
I.it wit!. ii-i'V v.,s   .,.���;,: v anel .-I .'t-i ion , j-. j             -,-U ^ ] ,���        VjV. ��� ��� a i  -'*'- ',:��� .,'���-)������ I wilh Ml.- < b.'i'n'sl tin
ol Ih.* !.'..,...;-.    } l.-!,er-     I ,i; ���,.,--, v - +,\(\C tf\\C*\.?.       ��*.(}}]*���>��, �����> ->Vm-!-.     U"-t VV -. Li,,,,,,,.-.
priipr;.-iiirv-   i.i-:.:.-,:,i-   tm.!,-:-  In-   ,.:,., .^.-^v/.'.j.iiyAiil      ��.^^j U^l'~t ,,������(./,;   .     I..,,- .,. 1'igl.l   b-d   i-noms
but ni.n.*-.. ."ii.-.i i.i-ive   i-.ie'.iov,- ���!..-:! j_ A,^.��� Slt(,.0.  pr^r;cto:-. U.i'.-    .-',...; i -lav.    .Meiiiihlv rate,
tlillil 1 Iiiul ti.'ii !-.-)i'.i !i .-.ui-i ii .'ij   .'���-.- J                                                                                                                 "                       "
;   '
vine. 'i;o my-n: p: :-<��� Iiie- Ihsi l>.,��:; -
gave* mi' ifl'enl rcli;-!*. I h,i\ e- pi t -.-v.-r-
e.el in taking it. nml <.in *���-.;.- i bul I have
nejt, ft-lt so v.(-!i fen-ye i'.r.-. i tlci hi'.ii-liiy
i-ec-iiilimend ttiis cri-i-a! e-itt.'." l-leiitl hy
C'iini.da Dr-.ig to l-joeil: Co.
' FPsO?rI AGO?;'/ TO^JOY.
Acute Sufferings From .'r.ute Rhcurriatlc
Aiirr.cr.c  Relieved  by South  Ar.ieiican
Rheumatic Cure V/hen Kons rl_jc! Well
Wish Gone.���Mrs. VV.   Fern-;, Wife o:
a V/ell-"~Hovrn Manufacturer of Glencoe
Cheerfully Tells the Story of Ker Cure.
"I -.wis for yvr.rJ .'. ^I'o-iL ' niffr- r fr-.M rji-'-im- j  , rr
j*.tii- i.t*i-c.:li'.ii   in  i:,y iin!.-i.'^' nnel 'it t:r?ie-s --.ti--1 *' *(-n
-���o h.l'l ilrit I eoul'I   it. i   -Afil'h.    I   'i-;,-l   o,-r>
klioiin rclio-1; unit li'Ciife-.t uit'j l.i-'.f f,iivs:e-:,i;i"e
for yeitir", tent ne> j.'-rtrii'-norit i��.-lie-f-   A>t!ion._;ii
my e onlleloilre- in rotno'li.'-s -.vtis about e:\hnn-te.ei
I Va-1 inelnct-el   to  try Sonlh Anie-rie-nti Klii-n-
inHti,-e;nrt'.    I  ji'tre-linso-l   n  l���-i:i-..   'I li.; v.-rv
lir-t elt.se; ijMV"-, mt-ri-Iit-f, nnel ,efti-r inkitij.- tv
I)ril--J e'w iSoeilt C'e-
^^..i^i ;,-_.   *j-,> ^^-- -'^.; ���
~~s -^y uj
J J ij :1j ^f \j J w
Dealers in ai! ^^_ti_-y\^r^}^^^^&
Funeral Directors and_ Ern'oalmers.
crii-.i.; si i'i r.'-jji-.ir V, ori; n '.-;,"*--.i:':;,-. .'. ..', <ir :--,-i ^-iv.-:i Vr ,:��i,i* .Mt.;iiLi.->ii,
���.."".'i f-r.i. o-
Ins  .*.i.-li
-.1'. e. f., ,  I
Ii.-i.r:.n'e*  .-
- - -C"','-.'-.".:*..
I--:.-: .c ..-:���- -.-.
fii.-ty. rni'en I-'irc-
r-t elt.se; ^.1V"--me- ri'lit't, nnel .elti-r   tr.kltlj.'  tv,.              	
.--..   no r.-ti-rn e,f i:      I .lo e-ii,-i-ri"iili; i--.,.r  I   ��. JLX311      A.   JLKj ��.*i JHiJ2 i.<.",��      JL"J.  V  jCjJTw
.-ii-i   this   *-.r.-.1   iome_'iy.''   i-e,1.1  hy   t'jiitii'lij.
Di opsy and Hear Disease.���A great
cure ant! a gi eat testimony. "Fm* Ion
y.*at-s 1 snifeii-el gn'.illy I'l-'in ile-.tii
'Disease'. Fluttering nf the; I!e-,iil and
Siiioihc-ri'.ig Sp-.-lls, ni.teb* my life a lui-
inelil,. I iv,is c-e-.'ifitie(l I ti my iictl.
Di-ops.v .s.-l in. My physle-i.in l"ltl nie
to prepare for tbe '���-ei:-.-,t. I Irii-d 111.
A.gne'w's Oiirt- for tin: Iicirl-Oti'-flr.-,"
give: gie.lt, reliel". tine- ii-i'.lie i-.iueil I be
Dropsy unci my i.'nrl."'���.Mr-. .Jntiii--
Ailains, Syrae-ii-'. .'*.'. V. Snld by C.ui-
ada Drug .mil IJuo!: Co. 1
Feed and Sr.io St.-.b'
.'ii"jc_t!j ari:
h.'. l'M.!_ AND
I-'-.' K  Il'ilt.-!".!
A i .WAV.- I Oil
1 T.-out 1 .'ke District
A   ��� 1 >
A   -���i'Ki'lAl.Tn'
^-r/Xj,.     I
I of Every Description
ir"-M.�� '<iy\Jt   V  '-l��"5-��c?-���' ' SJ%
"   G^"    "    "    *'
'fliincu". Cocking _Sl____"Cs. .1 lealers (Coal oiyWooel). tha largest- aiiel u)^   . '{
"best peU:i-letVslot-k iTTRuvi'lsloEtST^      ~ "  ""     '" ',���V$T~^���"^���
TinMiiithii'.g I'Xabli.shir.ont in itr.ineilion.    l"t:o'ii:g tuul Cornicing a ^J" '
>   bpeciiilty.    All kiml.s of Gnlviiui-'.t-t! U-nti Work    . pAt.
clone ttit t-bort, notice. -     ferfl
^ ?!  d ti
r ���
FOR  YOU   AT-���
XL   Jax.
WILSON'S Tailoring Bstablishuaent
j/ti'  ~*i '
\%TH IIAVJ3 NOW THFj jiost complete line op suitings,
Overcoatings and ""nnliugs ever placed before the trade, wliich wc
will make; np to please the customer. We use the* Excelsior fashions
which wc receive every month from Chicago and New York, with latest styles
and designs in dress, and are tbe most complete designs published in America.
Willi this iind our neiv workman, who can compete with the world, we are
able to give siitisfiiclion lo any who will favor us wilh an order.
In addition to our Tailoring we have a complete line of Ready-made
Cle-'hes, Suits. Overcoats, Pea Jackets, Panlings and Boys' Clothing, American
nnd Canadian manufacture. Being Tailors we are able lo select the beat
wealing material for the money, and by putting a tailor's stitch in the
biitltm.-. pressing out the wrinkles and making any uHcralious lhat aro
necessary, our Re-iidy-iuudes are rendered ecpial to Eastern ordered Clothes,.
We sell for cash, thus being aide to make our prices low.
Give us :i trial order. 'Mai! Orders promptly attended lo.
tii-.ily -t.l^e- loil-.'-s "n-eiln-o:
i-.c i iiriiuiilur, \. sjltu
��� I.iiti'liiiir e-s- ry tii-.riii.i.' ,-���; -, ,,-, h> -ic feir Trout I.n lee- ( iiy.
CI!Alt' to  Iffl.I.MjVN, Tho*.ishin*.-- UvNiiixn
WILSON, Merchant Tailor, Reydstoke Station, B.C,
....��_ i ....,,


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