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Revelstoke Herald Sep 1, 1897

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\ ;    v
^     /  t
%{/''��� A
Vol. I.    No. 64.
$2.00 a Year in Advance.*'
by Letter
THK first thing wiso people think of ft,
when ordering goo Is by mail is the, &
capacity for business of thoso they write JW
to. Thoroputntle.n vconfoy forp.-ompt- li
ness makes our Mull Order trade forgo
ahead at a gratifying rate
Our Specialties -i���*���
Groceries Dry Goods
Liquors Boots and Shoes
}J Cigars .Men's Furnishings
Crockery - Tailoring
��      Requests for price lists and samples
[?   roccivu prompt attention-
Hudson's Bay Stores,,
���t . ....Calgary...."
Haig & Crago,
,.      ..Sole Agents,for (' U I
Revelstoke r;v;:
, ;:>0 Tdwn^te
^    *,,   r      MINING,   -.    *
Mouldings ,
Newel Posts
Stair Rail
Brackets, &c.
j*. ~   _ * *
Stores at RevelstokeStatlon, Nakusp,
'".    _L~w Denver and Burton City. _���
The Stampede to the Newly Discovered Klondike in the Lardeau.
Out of 24 assays recently made of
ore taken out of the L-ule Bros.' claim
on Gainer Creek the. samples went
.$"200 to $3,200 in go'cl. The same ore
can he found all over two of the* claims^
A ptick train of IS horses is now etn-
ployetl packing out the ore. There is
quilo a stampede to Gainer Cicuk,
which is calleel in tho district "the new
Klondike. .There are several leads or
the same kind of rock, which is a kind of
brown spar with stringers of quartz
running through it, in the Lardoau
countiy, which are now being located.
This rock carries telluiiiini, a mineral
which was not' previously known to
exist in the | Lai'dean country, and
which is a constant concomittant of
gold. This very claim,, which the
Lade Bros, tire working, was staked as
a galena proposition, some years ago
and abandoned as woithless. The
present owners discovered that it was
gold bearing by accident. One of
them broke a piece of.the rock in'two,
when something inside held the two
nieces together. On twisting them
apart tho discovery was made that the
link* was a small piece of gold. The
Oregon the, recently discovered . gold
bearing claim-on'Pool Creek-is the
same as'that on Gainer Creek, and an
assay of it gave $50 to the ton. ���  ���       '
*-     BARRISTER-AT-LAW," '.-    -'.
-   SOLICITOR,    ' -      i
.   > -_. AND NOTARY PUBLIC.^   _.
.'Ofllco:  Rooms 1 and 2, pool Block, Itevelstoke, B-C*. ,, "    '
,   Arthur g-m. spragge,
~, "Barrister. Solicitor, &c.   . ���       "-
.-    Notary Public.        _ ,/���   ; -*."/��
" -* ," Office, upstairs in' Smith's Week"Pacific* Avo.
*"'  '    7      Revelstoke Station. B. C-
Mining and Real Estate Brokers,   ,
' _ Notaries Public,* Etc.  .
Money to loan at low e>.t rates. *    "
Fire Insurance in be-t companies,
llautf Oflice opposite Union Hotel.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land
Surveyors.  "
Ace*ountants nnd General Agents,
Nelson and Kotsland, West Kootenay,
British Columbia.
F. C Gamble, J. P., M. Inst. 0. E.; M. Can. Poc.
C. E., P. I.. S. Ior 11. a, (late He-idem En-
==s-=-cInccr"Pcpartment of���Public_Works_in
Canada in B. C) Nelson, B C.
Francis J. 0'Keim.y. Assoc. M. Inst. C.'E., P.L. S.
for B. C Rossland, IS. C. 3J1> tf
Dealer in Wood.
Drarlng and  Pelii2-y Work a specialty ot
lowest prices. -    , *
* Teams always read!' at a moment's notice.
Agent for tho Stand ird Oil Compiny.       *
J.   R.   HULL   &   CO.,
Eucccssora to Hull Bros. * Co.,
Butchers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers
i   Boer, Pork, Etc.
AU orders In our lino promptly Ailed.
The Pioneer Brewer
of Kootenay	
Mr. Old Customer:
Dear Sir,���I beg to inform you that I
have just received a choice line of
Scotch am) 'Irish Tweeds, also a com- ,
pletc line of Pall Suitings. My workmen, who arc just from the east, have a
complete knowledge of their business
and are giving great satisfaction to my
manv customers. My line of Rcady-
Madcs arc up-to-date and good value
for the money asked. jU\ fitting your
order at an early date, I remain,
yours sincerely,
Kevelstoke Station.
nakubp. n. c
Real Estate, Mines and Insurance
For information on m'ncr&l claims on
Cariboo Creek, wriw at onco and got par-
Hculars;- Sftnrtf
Dealers in.."....
Heavy, and'Shelf Hardware,*
_,Steel, Dynamite, Caps, Fuse.
* '". ���  " 'All-work guaranteed, *
Orders ..by p.iil; promptly attend_ed;_tq.;
"At B. S. Wilson's -Tailor Shop,; -
llautf *.  ���
1.     , JEWELLERY .*     . |
I       -    '  , .......STORE I
s                                      is the, best place in s
i            "                         Kootenay to secure ���
!         WATCHES            CLOCKS I
I              ",   JEWELLERY           , |
|    Call and examine our new stock.       ' :
|         Kevelstoke���Next door to Post Oflice. |
The Way to   :
Win a Woman
- has* been man's  most in-
- teresting    but   exclusive
- *-. stndy, since Adam sighed
for Eve. We make a business   of' supplying - the
Tell any woman she
' may have her pick from
. those newest and most
fashionable perfumes���
manufactured by F'naud
and Roger ' & Gallit, of
Paris���with her choice of
some rof those delightful
soaps," made by tne same
people, togelher ^with an
assortment of toilet waters, fine toilet powders
and hair brushes of cper-
fect make, that we've just
received,' anrl see how
quickly she will be won.
The McDowell-Atkins-
Watson Co., Ltd.
, .   "THE   DRUGGISTS,"
,>   Mccarty block.
Geo. T. Mallory, Mgr., Revelstoke Branch.
Delicious Ice Cream, any flavor, at roy store
opposite Coursier's���10 cts.
Fresh  Tube Candies,  home made,  now on
Nice Cool Drinks at 10 cts. per gloss.
Confectionery���a choice lot ot lowest pricc��..
Dining Room in connection.    Meals served at
any hour. (i
J. POZER, Front St., Revelstoke
Regular nicotinics are he'd In the*
Oddtellowo' Hall on the sccoid and
fourth Wee! no-days of each month at
7:3" p 111. Visiting brethren cordially
E. Adair, W.M.       T. J. Graham, R. S.
For the*Best,
Tbmatbes> ;
t �� Potatoes-^; v.v
-       - '*- ���?-1-*--''.-M^w'��~J!!,.-'ii����
'. H'A5Y"Vn d;feed
' At the lowest prices and ������ -? ���
Leave your older with
The Leading Grocers.
Free Dehveky. *   "       *
Hood bread,
Fresh Fruits,
Ice Cream,
Summer Drinks,
Choicest Confectionery,-
���   Canned Goods
The Revelstoke Bakery Stores,
.  Railway St., Revelstoke Station.
Fkee Delivery Every Day. _,   ,
Your "Valuable
for all Kinds of Light Transfer
and Carting will be attended to
by     ::_:::::     :*
Robt. Fleming.
The delivery of parcels to and from trains and
to any part of town will receive
2~autf        .  my careful attention.
Men wanted
for Albert Canyon.
Wages, $2.25 per Day.
Work all winter*   Apply
The sanitary regulations, which (he
medical health oilicev litis heeti sent lo
Kootenay to enforce, must commend
themselves to thu common sense ol the
community. The increase of population lenders it impossible tli.it the
country c.111 any longer 'coiiliuui* to
defy the natural laws, which govern
the health of humanity with impunity.
As it is there have boon alri'iuly
epidemics of typhoid fever*withiii tho
last twelve months in l-tossl.inil,
Slocan City anel other points, and it
may be added Unit it is hnpre or less
prevalent _even now in' Kuvolbtoke',
though very little is" lie.iril about it.
If it wns not for the pioteclion lrom
contagion afforded by -the excellent
supply of pure water from absolutely
uncoiitainiuiiled sources ���.there is very
little doubt that a very set ions outbreak of this elisease would have
occurred here before now. The l-egu-
Uitions will involve a certain 'amount
of tioublo and expense, and trouble
and expense are two things of which
most peoplo have, considerable dread.
However this is a case, in which no
one can advance any cogent leasons
for not obeying the*��� regulations and
it is quite*obvious lhat the .'authorities
intend - to" enforce "them. "The most
intelligent course on all. accounts is to
ciri y llu'in'otit"to tho" latter. >
Corner of Second Street and >,
Orton Avenue,
ENGLISH COOKING under the superintendence of Mrs. Lapworth.
Dining Room attended to personally by Iho
proprietor. ,
Cleanliness and civility our motto.   Terms
���Saugtf A. J. L'rWOKTII. Proprietor.
- The recent,case of coriti*sti*d application for water at the' St." Leon hot
springs," has excited n good deal of interest and caused a good ele.nl of comment., There.is a disposition in certain
quarters to represent" Mr. XV, "1.
Brown as " eneleavoring., to get tlfo
better of Mr. Grady and, to conal
everything in sight atVthe springs.
This view of tlie" case is'scdnlously*fos-
tered by ceitain parties with'some 0I1-'
jecl. best known to* themselves. Asa
matter of f.ict,"ami as every reasoii'ible
iii.111 knnwsi the two men tool! up tho
two homesteads as p.irtnew, inteticlin;
"to wmVtlie springs and the*, hotel site
together.** 'Neither- one "is any-use
without "the 'other. ' Nobody would
want to go to the hotel' except, with
the* idea of using the water, and the
water is practically unavailable .without 11 hotel at the.lake shore.-- The injured part j* is^elistiuetly Air. Brown,
who jointly with "Ir.vGrady has
put in c-on_.ider.iblu money and lime
which has been expended oil the pi.ice,
and now finds all the hopes on which
he was building frustrated by the action of the man whom he trusted as
his paitner. There, cannot, be*tiny
question on whose side* the injury lies,
or which of the two parlies to the suit
right thinking man.
.CORRESPONDENCE.    ,   ' ���
-The Lanark Mine.       *   - -
To the Editor cf the IIkralu :
, Di3.\~~ Silt: I see it reported in your
paper that the Home Payne company
have dismissed their men at Laurie
and have, shut down their mill and
workb nt that place, thus throwing out
of employment 13) men. Several "re-
purla have been circulated,as to the*
i-easou for all this. The most serious
one, so fur us the owners of mines in
the IllecMlewaet district areconcerned,
is that the Lanark mine has "petered"
out; others say that the funds "of the
comiiany have: "petered" out, but in
justice to thu owners of mines near
lllecillewaet, I consider it the* duty of
the Home Payne company to tlate exactly what their trouble is, as no reasonable man of business woultl think of
touching mines at Illecillewaet with a
blur cast, upon them, which has been
done Ivy tho shutting clown of the
Home Ptiyne company's works at that
place. Can you give your readers any
iMinitc information as to this, and if
not would not the publication of such
a letter as this compel the company to
give siich;an answer as would not cast
a damper upon all tho mines in that
I enclose you the number of my free
miner's certificate," wliich you are at
liberty to exhibit to any person that
you desire, who .have the right, in
your opinion, to examine same.
Yours truly, .   Prospector.
[The reason assigned for the partial
closing  down   of  the  Lanark  mine
which, "as far as the Herald knows,
is perfectly reliable, is that new methods have been introduced along with a
new superintendent,  which will   ne
cessitate    considerable    development
work, before the mine again  becomes
a shipper.   The concentrator will ac
cordingly be closed, but a force of men
will he kept at work on the mine itself,
engaged in operations which will even
tnally  cause    the employment   of a
larger body of hands than ever.  There
is no likelihood, judging from the report of a Herald representative,, who
was there lately, of the mine "petering
out" at preseut.���Ed.)
Passing Notes on Men and  Things   in
. The Klondike strike is helping tho
government lo reward -Ihe faithful.
Two recent appointments, aru Air. .T.D.
MtGi-egoi-, of-Brandon, to be inspclor
or mines in Yukon anel Mr. F.G.Wiide,
of Winnipeo, to be 'logislrai* of the
s.iiiii! district. Air. McGregor has
pttsbeel a blameless cat cor as a cattle
buyer and staunch supporter of Grit
piinciples. He made one ot the famous
BiMiidon committee to whom the
.settlement uf the' Manitoba school
question was first submitted and who
cli'i-ided that uniler its terms Clifford
Sitlon might run for the Dominion
parliament and the job of Alinisler of
the Interior. If these things do not
qualify a man to inspect mines in
Yukon, I would simply ask, .what
does? . Air. W.ictc is a Winnipeg law-
yet who wrote a very.clever and bitter
ili'fenee of the Greonway-Mtutin-
Stflon point of view in the Alanitoba
school question. -It is astonishing how
ninny men the Manitoba school qucs-
tiou has conducted to prominence and
good fat jobs. _
Wood, tho Nelson .murderer,' died
without, confession by-woid or sign."
The police think'that now he is hung,
the young fellow.'who, committed a
burglary - in Nelson arid afterwards
broke jail with Wood, may say something which will throw _ some light on
the motive of the crime. It is thought
lie committed the burglary in "order tei
got in wilh Wood, anil, aid-his escape,
and that he knows0-, good- deal' about
the crime. Wood, whose real-name
by"the way was.not Wood at all, was
ti man of considerable .education.
"iVliile in jail at Nelson lie read with
great appreciation Inn - Alacltiren's
'���Thro' the Bonnie 'Briar Bush," and
noted the exquisite pathos of the
stories in conversation.; In creed he
.was a theosopliist, and believed-.tliat
the futuie state consisted of the return
of the"soul to* this, world iii"ahightii'*_e_ii'
lower phase"of existence. <This'doc-
'tririe,'tending) as it;cloc*s to fatalism,
amounts! in some measuio for the
apparently motiveless crime, which lie*
committed and the cool uncoiicei-n,
with which ho faced its'punishment.
His',fatalistic creed had, lobbed the*
man of his conscience and death of its
terrors.   - i *   ���
, A Sandon Startler.
The   Sandon  correspondent of 'the
Spokesman-Review gets off the following startling programme for I he rulure
in the silvery Slocan: *
-* '"The most gigantic scheme of de-
velopmeut yet_cpiit__.iiiplntc'd in-the
Slocan it is aTiout decidccl to defer get>
Mug under way until a moro.propitious change of pi ices occur, although
the capitalists who were* to come out
from the east and review the pioposi-
lion have not signified their intention
of postponing the trip. The project
has been worked out by John Al. Harris,- president o" the Reco company.
II, is a double-track crosscut tunnel. 12
feet high, thu lower four feet of which
is lo bu chambered the cnti'o length;
one chamber for the overflow of water
and the other for the inrush of air, so
as lo insure natural ventilation. This
lunnel will tap at a great depth, thousand", of foet tin senile instances, and
within .1 distance of two miles the following rich leads, all of which paiallol
through the main Slocan belt, lying
between the Sea.011 and south (or
main) forks of Carpenter creek: The
Payne, Washington, l"i*c-o, NobleFive*,
Goodenough. Slocan ISoy, Robert 1-*.
Lee, American Buy, Aj.ix, Lust Chance,
Dead man, Antoine and Ruby Silver,
Best, Rambler, Cariboo, Dardanelles.
Texas, Omega, Blue Bird and Gray
Copper, not to mention tho many
rich blind leads supposed to exist in
this phenomenal mineral zone. The
exit of the tunnel will be below Sandon, near the Canadian Pacific tracks.
The New Klondike Will be Developed
in North Kootenay.
Air. A. W. Curtis, a Spokane mining
man, who spent p.u t of the bummer in
North Kootenay, litis given a very
glowing report of the country north of
the l.iilw.iy to the Spokane Chronicle.
In ctii'iecling in a subsequent issue
some errors which appeared in'lhe
first report says: "While there is no
existing doubt as lo the Revelstoke district being the Klondike of British Columbia in lho near future, yet it does
not need to be extiggeiateiVfor'the
rt*al truth and f.u Is places ber at the
top of the ladder.
"This country can be talked of and
relied on, saying, as was once said by
a pei-'on of note, rcgnriling King Solomon, al'tei' all this has been placed before tho public���"the half has not been
Let half the money and energy now
going into the Klondike be put "into
Revelstoko and Big Bend country and
we feel sure that wc will haye a "Klondike" in leach of many, who,will never
be able to see the iiclds of Alaska.
The  Silver Market
New York, Aug. .11���Bar silver, 51 j
Lead, ��3.85; Copper, $11.11.
TocLvy the open season for blue
grouse, ptarmigan, fool hen, meadow
lurk, wild duck, bittern, plover and
heron begins. Prairie chicken, willow
and ruffled grouse cannot bo shot east
of the Ctiscades this year at ull.
The now kindergxi ten room is completed and the furniture* is being
moved in today. The building is
nearly clear of debt ami school will be
resumed tomorrow morning. An
opening matinee will be held on Saturday afternoon from three to five
o'clock, weather permitting. Admission 25 cents, the proceeds to go tp the
aid of the institution. Everybody is
invited to attend.
Another Forward Step Taken by' 'the
British Columbia Iron " Works Co*.
Ld.'of this'City. * ,~
From the Vancouver World. -   -    ,
The mining.resources of-this .province arc being . rapidly developed.
New claims 'are/being' located every
day, anei for their'development good
and cheap machinery is required.
The progressive management of tbe
British Columbia' Iron Works Company, limited, of this city,* have leal-
ized the necessity "of expanding their
business, so ns to "meet,] the increased
demand certain to' arise 'for new'and
improved mining'machinery, and'for
that purpose have added a milling
department to their alie.idy extensive
plant, and placed, the same under the
management"of -Mr. J/O: Norbom,":iu
experienced niech.inicaH'iigine'er. who^
for many*years has been engaged' in*
the manufacture "of'all classes of mining machinery in Sau Francisco. .^Alr.
No'rtioiu .is-a.*,, thoroughly educated,
theoretical and practical eng'neer, and
lw�� for the' last >��� 12 yeais devoted his*
special attention* t��i "the-requirements
of th? mini's He has traveled through
till the mining districts,of stiles.-United
Stales of'America, and also those of
the republic of Alexica. Xhis'.yenr he
has given his attention to this province
and the bright outlook for 'the future
in the mining regions throughout the
coast, as well as those in Kootenay
and other: interior districts, has convinced him of the fact that there'is no
country looking more promising at the
present day. Air. .Norbuiu has been
consulting mechanical engineer for
several years for .some of the largest
mining companies in California and
will contiiiue-thc saiiio-hiisiin_*-s,-,hece._
He* has** designed and manufactured
water wheels of a highly effective
type, ille is also well up in sle.nn en-
guicering anel power plants genet.illy,
having designed tin* 1,(100 horse power
triple; expansion engine for the San'
Francisco & San Mateo Electrical railway iu San Francisco." On his two
trips Io British Columbia last soring
Air. Noi-bom placed mining machinery
anil made rnntr.it ts to-the^extent of
some 8(50,000, including the plant of the
Tin Horn mine at Fai'.-view. all of
which came, from San Francisco.
Willi their present plant and the making of a few alterations and additions
the British' Columbia Iron Works
Company can niiinufaeluro all of ~~ this
class of machinery. This will mean
that a great deal of money lhat now
goes to a foieign country and elsewhere, will be kept in this province.
The miner will not only get as good
an 111 tick* anel for less money, but will
nol labor under the disadvantage of
having to send so far for repairs and
supplies. It will stimulate the manufacturing industry of Vanco'tiver, and
give employment to many moie
mechanics. Progressive people like
the managers of the British Columbia
Iron Works Company are what our
Piovince should be piouel of.. With
every one desiring*-"" sr-c our city continue in its prosperity. The World
wishes them evei y success in their
endeavor to develop the latest resources of eiur young, but rich and
promising county.
"' Klondike Items
Our leading dentist, Dr. Jim Moffit.
believes in fostering home industries.
He uses only Klondike gold in plugging teeth.. Dr. Jim is also .1 jolly
jerker.   Call on hiiti when in town.
Little Johnnie, the bright and intelligent three-year-old son of our
esteemed fellow townsman, C. H.
Jinkins.who w.isso seriously choked
on a nugget of gold the hired girl
c-arelcssiy left lying on the kitchen
floor, where the child was playing, is,
wo lire glad to say, improving.
Vice-President "Shaughnessy"   Elevatesjl\"
Their ��� Tails   in   Vancouver���Terrible-,-
Loss of Life from  Floods in Japans-
Death of the Roman, Catholic   Bishop
of Vancouver Island.   ' rv        ,    .'���'.'"     -.
(Special to the Herald.)      .     !'
Vancouver,   September' 1. ��� .Vicpr "
President Shaughnessy eif the,C..P. R.   "'
met the hoard of trade here last night J*
He promisee!, in the near future,--terminal   station     buildings,   _. extended."
wharves, a better service jto -.Victoria,;f
and a 21 hours run to the r��lahd.*;,J  *
St. John, Nfld., Sept., 1.���Immense "^
quantities of coal have been discovered
1,, -*-jtg
:���_-.- '<vr
:*.-; %i
lost and entire towns have .been'de-'if   '',V'v'*'"<>"_��f1"*J~��l
stroyed by immense floods in Japan.',. ,"-',  "V��>r"��-?1|*tS_;l
>"J-.l*     -'  ".. ����ij.,-   -���'_*" -r��� 3r<S*^StijgJ
Victorl,., Sept. 1.���Word* has-been ^   .- <f.r 'j^;* ""
received here of the"death*'of Bishop.'1 J* /*���;; ,"*f|,P
Lemmens from y^llow"'feve_"r in' Gai'ite-J-.j U-'~:<-'.'':��}pffi>
tlirough'12 feet"of -it without "any-'ap-f'-'j""-
shot  was
tons. of. the 1
copper, galena and iron*, p-yrites^w'eiji'ijj^'.jv' f~ ''$&.%
.then on the eluinp, the>.poorest ot\V'-";''"_s; >^ ^ t>>>
which would ""average" SlGOii'n." lead^' "V-**S/^Y'"': f ~x��
silver and gold. The Tangier^belodgs. ~i~<Vr&~. '-'- A"
to   the! B.C. Golel" Fields-L^.'-^'rhe "'    **""���*-
Waverley is working on a big ore body v
of   galena  and sulphuiets   averaging-1
about" $200 to the_. toni^y Work-Svill.. -,
soon   be  started   on   thej? Revelstoke*
claim, which'is next to the Waverleyr**,_,,
An" ass ly made .yesterday ""-from-? a_ ,~���
number of specimens from the Tangier   V
shewed S300 to the ton.    ���"���.���.'  * *������ >H"  '-' .
- - *, -.
~_. t-
-���'-"-J'^-j-j-s'---���-%��� -��� '  \
Jim Reighley anel Jack Frisby made
a break for Klondike this morning,
leaving on the No. 2 for Calgary and
Edmonton, amid the hearty good
wishes of a. big crowd of friends, who
were on the platform seeing the boys
A small detachment' of mounted pofC-
lice will leave this week from'Eelmon-'*'"* ",
ton to explore tbe overland rqute;.by-^ '*
the Peace and Liard river.'.'They "will/,   ,v
be'acconipanie'd by a party hired by,.^.
Edmonton business men to r'eport.cm^* *
the route. ,J - . .*~.r?--:-rj-.*,. ~.-,"
- - "    '      -j- "*,    * -
Some of the letters received in ^towri' . __
inquiring as to the overland route't,o>.]_,'   .,*
the Yukon aie unconsciously huiiicwv.^,-'
ous anel display a startling state -of ig-J x:-,'-'\
norance of our great north land..' One'-'. '"*
inquirer asks if" he coulcl-get, through*- V*C
on a bicycle: and another   inquires''!",",/ ���
there are good boarding houses ,011 tlie.^*.' *
way and if the Indians are   trouble-     " "
soMie.���Edmonton Bulletin.   l   -1"   ''--"-/
A   pamphlet  and   mip   containing!^
full iufiu mtition on the subjects of the!
routes to the Yukon from Edmonton .,'
has been wi itten nnd published by G.-.
W.   Gairdner,   an   old   Hudson . Bay"
Officer.    " *.-!'���'  V
Speaking of Perducs's scheme to pack \    '*
with bis beef cattle as far as He can go,!-**1   **
the Spokane Chmnicle'inakes",the foi-''
lowing  comments,  which  will, be* mi* ���'.
interesting piece of news to_ our read-"
ers in Alliei ta:,  "His scheme may" nob'   ~\
seem   altogether  impracticable when
it  is remembered that cattle! in the!"! !. ���
Northwest Territory are-used, almost'  - -
exclusively  for  riding", and   packing;'
and .that  the stock selected ."are* all   ' ,
tough five-year-olds, already' inured to'
the   rigorous winters of  a" northerrf,
climate. ' '-.'-"-       *���"    "   '���
i> . -if .- . .  .
A Tacoma dispatch to the Toronto'::   ',
World states that two prospectors are.''
in  Vancouver    with $18,000   in gold'   ���
taken out of the Peace - river iu three .,    "
months.   A. D. Kitchen, a* prominent
T.icoma  mining-broker, found other   ,
miners in Vancouver with gold from'
the Peace river and is now.organizing    -
a company to   put steamers   on   the    -
Athabasca   and    Peace , rivers', next '
spring nnd tn establish three trading-
posts.   In this connection it is interesting to noU* that according to the Free   '
Pi ess  alt Rat Portage'- syndicate are
sending out A. G. Bell and a party -oft
prospe'-tors   to    prospect   the   Peace
river thoroughly.
- "'&>''���
''ll��W& '- -t  c  ?���������*  Revelstoke   Herald  Published in intorosts of  Revelstoko, LardcftU, Big Bend, Trout Lako  Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, .lordan.  Pass and Eagle Pass -Districts.  JOHNSON & PETTIPIECE  Proprietors and Publishers  C. B. HUME  & COMPANY  A Semi-Weekly Journal, published In the  Interests ot Revelstoko and lho surround!or  district, Wednesdays and SalurdajB, making  cloecst connections with all trains.  AdvertislnB Rates: Display ads, ~1."0 per  oolumn Inch. J". 00 per inch wbon lnscrtcdoo title  page. Let?"* ads.. 12c per tnonparoll) lino for  tint insertion; 8c for each additional insertion.  Reading notices, 15c per lino each issuo. 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All correspondence must bo legibly  written on one side of tho papor only.  S. Correspondence containing personal  matter must be signed with the pr per namo  of the writer.  3. i.'orrcspondence with rofcronco to any  thing that bas appoarod in another paper  must first bo offered for publication to that  paper before it can appear in The Hekald.  WEDNESDAY,      SEPT.    1,      1S07  Bound for the Hills  Prospectors and miners should not leavo for tho hills without ha\ing a look at this stock. We  carry full lines of first class Provisions, Men's Clothing," Goodyear's Kip Boots, Prospectors Shoes (a  special line), II. B. Blankets, Mining and Prospecting Picks, long handled spring pointed Shovels, Striking  Hammers, Jessopp's Steels, Blacksmiths' Anvils and Bellows, Giant Powder 40, 60. and 75 per csnt, Fuses  and Dotonators.  The Building Boom  Wq have made arrangements to meet the demands which tho rapid increase of orders in the building  trade has caused this season. Our lines of Builders' Hardware aro very complete. Nails, wire and cut, ail  sizes and kinds; Locks and Knobs, Hinges, Window Fasteners; Building Paper of various kinds, Tar Popcr.  Linseed Oil, Boilded and Raw; Varnishes, Turpentine, Shellac, White Lead, Dry Paints, (a largo assortment).  Mixed Paints, Brushes, White Wash Brushes. '    ' .   :     .     '  Next month we will have a talk with you about general  Dry Goods  Something else you all want to hear about, which is  Carpets  OUR TRICKY COUSINS  For ways that are dark and  tricks that are vain the heathen  Chinee has been said to be  peculiar. If Yankee be substituted tor Chinee, and the word  heathen eliminated for the sake of  decency, the saying will have as  much truth if less poetry in it,  judging from the devious turns  and twists that our tricky cousin-  have resorted to, since tho  Clondike rush started, to capture  and hold, by any means, fair or  foul, the outfitting and supplying  trade which the great movement  of gold seekers to the Yukon has  created.     _  Our enterprising.cousins started  out by booming the. Clondike discoveries for all they were worth,  endeavoring at the same time  insidiously to convey the untrue  ��������� impression that the rich placers  were in the American territory of  Alaska. The trade was progressing swimmingly on these lines,  when the announcement was made  public that the Canadian authorities were arranging to collect  duties on outfits and supplies  taken into the Yukon from  American points. This produced a  howl of dismay and abuse from  the American coast press, with  threats that the enforcement of  the duties would be evaded, and  forcibly resisted, if necessary.  Finding that misrepresentation  and "bluff" of this sort wouldn't  ���������work,-our���������neighbours���������suddenly-  changed their tactics, and industriously concocted and circulated  yarns to the effect that goods  could be purchased so much  cheaper aud of a superior class on  the American side that it would  pay gold hunters to get their outfits and supplies there, and pay  the Canadian duty, rather than to  get outfits, etc., dutyfree, in  British Columbia. This argument,  of course, completely stultified the  great wail and howl that they had  just been making about the imposition ot the Canadian duties; but  the maintaining of a decent appearance of consistency was, of  course, nothing here nor there���������  the object being to capture the  trade, at ali costs.  The recent announcement that  the Dominion Government had  decided, for this season, to exempt  a certain portion of a. miner's out-  lit and supplies, coming from a  foreieu country, from duty, gave  .our vivacious and versatile cousins  another chance to exercise their  ingenuity of which they have not  been slow to avail themselves. A  Seattle paper, the Times, immediately published, under great  scare heads, a terriblyexaggerated  version of the concession, conveying the impression that the duties  had been practically and indefinitely suspended. In the same  line thePost-Intelligenccr's correspondent for the Clondike, who is  going in with the crowds by way  of Dyea and the passes, inEorm*  his paper���������that is tha way it is  printed, at any rate���������that duty is  not exacted by the Canadian customs officers on "ordinary and  necessary supplies consisting of  plain common food and clothing  weighing 1,000 pounds or less."  The object here, again, of course,  is to cause it to be believed that  outfits and supplies can be bought  jn Seattle   and other   American  Stores at Revelstoke Station, Revelstoke, Trout Lake City and Ferguson  towns, and taken into the Yukon  practically, free   of  duty.       The  truth of the matter, however, is  very different from the American  misrepresentation.*   The   instructions  to   the   Canadian   customs  officers who were sent north from  Victoria,  says  the Colonist, ���������Jwere  to permit miners' clothing in use  and  broken     packages    to   pass  duty free,    the idea    being,   ou  humane grounds that, if all a man  had with hlni was what he needed  to keep himself warm and   from  going hungry on his journey, he  ought  not to  be obliged   to  pay  duty [on it.    The special instructions sent by tho Commissioner of  Customs at Ottawa, under dato ol!  Aug. 13,  for the guidance of customs olficei'S at Lake Tagish, were,  "that miners' blankets,   personal  clothing in use, and one hundred  pounds of food for the journey are  exempt this season, charging duty  only ou excess."  There is a good deal of difference  between one. hundred pounds and  one thousand pounds, as stated by  the Post-Intelligencer. Thus is'a  temporary.'concession made by the  Dominion Government, on humane grounds, distorted and perverted, i'or their own profit, by  the-greetly-tricksters-of-Seattle.���������  New Westminster Columbian.  Empiie in Central .Asia has  grown 'by successive collisions  with native powers and victories  over them mucn as the British  Empire has grown in India. It has  now, like the British Empire in  Southern Asia, reached its uatura  limits, and there is uo reason to  believe that an attempt will be  made to extend it further by invading the territories of another  civilized power. Threats of the  kind may be held out when Great  Britain crosses the policy of Russia elsewhere, aud there may be  boastful. talk in Russian army  messrooms; but there, probably,  Russian designs against British  empire in India end.���������Froi'essjr  Gold win Smith.  ANARCHIST  REVENGE  THE EXECUTION  OF   CANOVAS  ASSASSIN  Will Be Revenged���������The Queen Regent  of Spain to Be Assassinated by the  Anarchists���������She Is Guarded by a  Squad of Detectives.  - London, Autriist 27.���������A despatch to  the Daily_ Mail from San Sebastian  says that the Spanish Government has  learned that.at a secret anarchist meeting in London,it was resolved to avenge  the execution of Agiolillo, the assassin  of Canovas, by an attempt upon the  life of the Queen regent. Twenty of  the ablest Barcelona detectives are reported to have been detailed to protect  the Queen.   -  New York Tribune: Much comment has been 'made upon the  corporate and government taxes  upon the Clondike gold industry.  Transportation companies are  charging high rates for carrying  in supplies, and the Canadian  government has been considering  the propriety of charging a heavy  royalty upon the] product of the  mines, though it is now reported  that it will probably not impose  lit. These charges are in some  quarters denounced as extor-  tionace. Perhaps they are,  perhaps not. * It is of interest to  observe, however, that they are  most denounced by those who  have most superciliously sneered  at the grievances of tlie gold  diggers in the Transvaal, when, as  a matter of fact, the "extortions"  of the Clondike, compared with  those of Johannesburg, "are an  moonlight unto sunlight, and as  water unto wine."  In judging of the Indian  situation we should bear in mind  that there is probably no connection, except that of coincidence  in time, between the rising of the  tribes under a religious leader in  the Northern hill country and the  display of dissatisfaction at  Poonah and Calcutta. The rising  of the tribc3 is sure to be put down  by superior forces, directed by  military science and armed with  improved weapons, though the  process may be expensive, and, if  the Ameer is behind the rising,  certainly will. The disaffection is  chronic, and has its root in the estrangement of feeling arising from  a radical alienation of races. As  usual, when there is aDy disturbance in India, Russian intriguejs  said to be at work.   The Russian  "Not a dollar of Canadinu money  should be spent in building  telegraph lines or in making roads  whicli the United States will hitve  power to close against us. No  advantages from the standpoint of  economy ought to commend the  telegraph Hue or road through  American or disputed territory to  the favour of the ��������� Canadian government. Whatever is done on  the Yukon ought to be done  primarily for tha benefit of  "Ca^all^^n"d"frt'ie"Yuk"dif"p"'ove-s"  .is rich, as it is said to be, the only  way Canada can benefit is by the  construction of an all Canadian  road and telegraph line to the  Clondike region."���������Toronto Evening Telegram.  FRONTIER WAR  PLACE HELD OUT FOR TWENTY-  FOUR HOURS  Fort Lundi-Kotai Was the Scene of  Desperate Fighting���������Details of the  Losses Not Yet .Known ��������� The  Enemy Not Scattered  Pesiiawdb, August 27.���������The only  particulars obtainable at present re-  erarding tho capture of Fort Lundi  ' K_otai are that the place held out for  twenty-four hours, when the attack  ing force succeeded in entering the  fort. A desperate hand to hand fight  followed, lasting over two hours. ' It  i-^nou!'!ica"n4iovT-iuany--of���������the���������garrison were killed. The report adds that  the enemy is not scattered, but intends  to reassemble in September.    .  Editor Willison, of the Globe, is  away on a trip to England. His  substitute seems to dip his pen  into vitriol instead of ink.  "That fine old^Tory, Jisrael  Tarte," is the way the Hamilton  Spectator puts it.  Premier Laurier has been telling  the Pope all about ths school  question.  COUNT NUTSU DEAD.  He   Was the Premier of   Japan During  the War. ���������  V/abhI-N'Gton*, August 20.���������The Japanese delegation received'a cablegram  yesterdav announcing the death of  ijount Nuts-.il, formerly minister of  foreign affairs, but best known ns  the .TaD~.ne.se Premier during the war  with China.    -  WOOD IS HANGED  Nelson, August 20.���������James Wood,  the desperado, who murdered Paddy  Woods a blacksmith of this town, was  hanged in the court yard of the provincial gaol yesterday morning. He  was a marvel of gamencss. and to all  outward appearance wns the least concerned man in the concourse of forty  people assembled there.   ������ . ������  The war between Italy nnd France  is over. The Italian armv inserted his  skewer into the subcutaneous cellular  tissue of the French a*-my two times,  while the French iuiny got its skewer  into tliu subcutaneous cellular tissue  of the Italian army but once:. Whereupon the two armies shook hands and  declared the war at an end. The  French army���������Prince Ilenri���������then  went to a hospital to get a' couple of  pieces of sticking plaster to cover up  the ravages of war, and the Italian  army���������the Count of Turin���������wcnthonie  and ordered a dish of niaccaroni.  FIRE   WATER  A Sitka Saloon Keeper Sells Whisky  to Indians���������It Was a Horrible  Mixture���������Five Are Dead and the  Others Dying  S>Ej\Trr.K. August ������7.���������The steamer  Collier of Willamette ha-s brought an  nccount of ,v wholesale poisoning at  Sitkn, wliiclrit is feared will result in  a lynchiiiR.  Ten Indians "who bought several  bottles of whisky from Mickey McGee,  a Sitka saloon keeper, hr-exme violently ill after drinking the fire water, and  when the steamer sailed five were  dead and the rest were dying. The  fatal concoction was a mixture of  whisky, coal oil, lemon juice and alcohol.   McGi'c has been arrested.  THE   DOMINION  A Shop Breaker Escapes From Ja!I at  Winnipeg- ��������� Business Is Good in  Ei'tern Canada t  "tV'i.vsii'Eo, August 27.���������James Finn  who  is   serving   a   sentence   of   nine  month" for shopbreaking  and   theft,  escaped from the jail  here  yesterday  evening.  Toisosto, August 27.���������Dun'.s report  was issueel yesterday and reports that  business is good in eastern Canada.  STEAMER ON FIRE  The Tan     Stea-ner Atilla   on   Fire off  The Coast of Denmark  CopENifjViKN, August 27.��������� The  British tank sO-inier Atilla, Capt.  Hughes, from Philadelphia, August 8,  for Aarlmis, Li nn fire: olf the island  of Laesoc in tho Cattegut, off tli-.-  northeast const of Jut.land. Tho crow  has been wived. The Attilli is a  steel vessel bnilt at jMiddleisboi-.i, JSng.  in 185.). She is registered us of 1101  tons and is ISC) feet long. ������������������! feet wide,  has a foot beam and id 15:0 deep.  Her owners aro Jnlin Leonard anil  Son.  The Norli'ivist O.'i/.elfc contains ."  notice that, thii Ctloni.-il Probates Act  nf 1802 shall upply to the Noithwest  Territories.  "Agents for K. "VV. Karn Co.'s Piano"*, and the Goold Bicycles Col's Celebrated Bicycle  Revelstoke, British Columbia. \;  CHURCH DIRECTORY.  \,TETII0DI8T CHURCH - Revelstoko.  J-'-t Preaching servicer at 11 o.m. and 7:30  p.m. Class meeting, at tho cIobc ot the  inorr'r'j service. ">atib-itli School and BIblo  Class at 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayer meeting  every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.ni. Tlie  public are cordially invited.   Soata free.  HJSV. J.A. WOOD. Pa������tor.  f"H~JRCH   0"    ENGLAND - Rovektoko  '-'   8ervico3:    D-iily, evening prayer 5, p.m.  excopt on  Fridays   when it is at 7  p.   m.  with - address.     Sundays:   Holy Communion  8 a.ra., morning prayer 11. evening prayer 7:30  First Sunday in mouth Holy Communion at  morning services.    1 TANK A. FORD Vicar.  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH���������Revelstoke*.  Sorvico every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30  p.m. Blb'e Clisn-at 2:30 p.m., to -which  tall aro welcome. Prayer Electing ac 8 p.m.  every Wednesday. ,.   REV   P. P. MUIR, Pastor.  IJ_)MAN_CjVTHOLIO CHUROH^Revcl-.  *���������*��������� stoke. "Mass "fourth Sunday in month"  at 10:30 a.m.  REV. FjVTHER PEYTAVIN.  IHccillcwact, B. C.  First-class in every respect.    Good accommodation.   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McCarty  Wholes-lie  and   Itota.lI  Butcher  Doalop In:  II  Milk Cows, Saddle, Pack,  Driving aud Draught Horses.  Revelstoke Station   -   ���������   B. C.  Brown & Clarke, Proprietors  REVELSTOKE  When at  oioen- b. o  The gateway to tho great  Eastt-yootenay  gold fields   OOTENAYHOOSE  \ Ilk ill    *���������*;  - *_"������"-*"*  assures you every comfort, exquisite  tables and commodious rooms   ���������.        ..  "Headquarters for commercial and  mining men,   Free sample rooms.  Fort Stoelc Stngo leaves Kootenay  House,    every  Tuesday.  Strictly First Class        S.ADLER, Propr.  Fop Youp  cHouse Cleaning  Send for samples of our Wall  Paper, Prices from 10c, 12'c,  15c up to 50c a roll.' Mail  orders carefully attended to  Linton Brothers  Calgary, Alberta  W. G. BIRNEY  Painter  Signs and Paper Hanging  A Specialty.  Address care of Union Hotel  Revelstoke  L. JI. FRETZ  Contractor and Builder.  Shop opposite Imporial Bank.  Workmanship Guaranteed  a���������������Terms Cash  Any one Beguiling1  WOOD  i  Can buy-it-  -���������Cheaper from  . Fleming  Than you can afford to  steal it and take the  chances of being.caught  Draying  KSpe ialty  Iiotu Prices  IiEE & RTKJ^SQlH.  Builders and Dealers in  Carriages,  Buggies,   Buckboards  Democrats,   Road   Wagons,  Heavy Cartage "Wagons,  Etc., Etc."   *-  SeconcL.-hand Buggies,.-etc. always  on hand ...  Write iis for prices and particulars.  We can build you a rig to order  they can't be beat.  CH_CiGH_HV,  flllBHRTH.  Its All in tha Kootenay Guide  jt-. eflP  wmmmmmmm  J  t*/ O  GOLD ON  PEACE  RIVER  ���������\  ii  11'  ft  ���������<,.  i  IV'  l.">r  ATHABASCA  WILL   SOON BEAT  ITS NORTHERN  NEIGHBOUR  Fortunes are Being Quietly Made  While All Eyes are Turned to the  CIondike.--?tS,oc-o in Three Months  ���������A Sum Net to be Overlooked  TjVCOma, Wash., August 25.���������The  next mining excitement will be on  Peace river, in Athabasca territory.  Mining has been carried on there in a  slow way for years, but discoveries  made this summer leave* no room to  doubt that an immense amount of  gold will be taken out of tint river and  its tributaries during the next two  years. Men who arc now taking out  gold in large quantities there aie not  trying to create a boom, but are  quietly sending for their friends to  come into the country and secure  claims.  A. D. Kitchen, a mining broker ot  this city, has returned from British  Columbia. At Vancouver he met a  young man named Johnson who had  just come down from Peace river with  his partner, bringing "lS.OOO. A third  partner was lelt at the mines. The  two came out with pait of the season's  output to secure supplies _ for ���������the  winter. The money brought out was  placed in a Vancouver bank. Part of  it was drawn out for the purchase of  supplies, wliich weie at once shipped  to -Edmonton, Alberta, where they  wete to be sent to the mines by a  large pack train,  Tbe S1S,000 brought out had been  cleaned up by the three men in three  months. They went to Peace River  early in the spring, and Johnson  started.-.out in July. Johnson said  that all the miners on Peace river  were making a great deal of money  with the rudest appliances. Up to  tlie time he leit only nans and 12 foot  sluices had been usecl. Most of the  miners were not coming out this fall  because it was possible to purchase  siiDplies at the trading posts of the  Hudson's Bay Co., near the mouth of  the river. Johnson told Mr. Kitchen  that if he wauled gold all that he had  to do was to go to Peace river.  The Peace river country is re.ichpd  most easily from Edmonton, which.is  833 miles from Vancouver and about  the same distance from.Winnipeg, being 191 miles north of Calgary on the  Canadian Pacific railroad. Fort Chip-  pewyan, on** Athabasca lake, at the  mouth of, Peace river, is reached by  taking ii stage from Edmonton to  Athabasca Landing, ninety"miles, and  thence down Athabasca riycr and lake  by boat. Chippewyan * is 403 miles  froii' Edmonton. Steam boat" go up  the Peace river for a considerable distance. A number of its tributaries, including lhe Loon and Deer rivers, are  its rich as the main stream.  The Peace i ivcr rises in the eastern  6lopes of the Rocky mountains, a little  north of the centre of British' Columbia, in the northern ttontinuation of  the same mountains rise the Clondike,  Pelly, Stewart and other gold hearing  fcributaiies of tbe Yukon. -There is  this dilVerr-ncc, the Peace river rises  on tho eastern slope of the mountains  while tho Yukon's tributaries rise on  the west side. * Along Peace river on  Hip north are the Reindeer or Caribou  mountains, wliich have been found  this summer io be rich m gold bearing  quartz. "  ,    *  - Mr. Kitchen found fchat other'miners  had recently* arrived -it Vancouver,  bringing J.ii'ge amounts of gold from  Peace l iver. He is accordingly  iii-runc.:i>- ,to organize a company  which will put steamers on the Athabasca livi" .ind Jake, and on Peace  river next o._i ing. and establish at least  three trading posts. lie will go to  Lincoln, Neb., where -he" formerly  Jived, to get part of the necessary  Cfipitul. ks  THE INDIAN REVOLT  THE   GOVERNMENT    FACE  r     FACE WITH TROUBLE  TO  The Situation is Getting Worse���������Tribes  in   Revolt   All   Along   the, North-  *~     .Western Frontier���������Grave  Crisis  to  be: Met  ������ : "  Bombav, August 23.���������The ' latest  dispatches from tho fiont indicate  ,tliat the situation is getting woise. It  iu evident that the Indian Government  must face a grave crisis involving  heavy expenditure and possibly groat  loss of life. 'The Government is confronted with the following statP of  affairs: The KhYber pass litis tallen  into the hands of the Afi idis. the posts  "in the Vurr.im Valley aro threatened  by the powerful tribe of Orakzias; the  "Aobaniinand tribesmen are meditating a renewal of hostilities around  Fort Shabkads, while thousands of  troops are engaged in crushing the  revolt in the Swat Valley, and two  large brigades are holding the Tochi  Valley, where the "Joshua Mazitis is  ���������restless again. -  Keep Your  ye   on  The Great T  Lardeau Townsite  I"11"1  II IU-WJ--JM..AI-WPE^IW,!!!!^  __uM^~jeif������_0-_g-__B_ri__Wfn_Li������_5a__i  is the richest mining district in British Columbia  Promising Ferguson Claims  Cascade Group Pool  Group  Galena Prince Gr'p  Silver Chief Group  Great Home Group Big Five Group  Wagner Group  American Group  Black Eagle Group  Pilot Knob Group  Highland Group  Abbott Group  Glengarry Group  Blackburn Group  Holy Moses .-Group  Ped Plume Group  Each group contains from 3 to IS claims  is right in the heart of  Lardeau's richest mines  *.' ji  t&t  '*: -i; * '���������  Ferguson Working Miriest  Broadview Badshot ���������  , '��������� ' '"<  _.-!,-_ r_-H--l  ' -,. V ,;-  .Old Sonoma  )Great Northern  i Hillside  Sunshine  Black ^ Prince,  ' Silver Queen..  True  Fissure;  Towser '���������",- ���������' -  Silver,Cup ,, "   - "*'  All within a radius of i tb,6 miles.  'I   <.'- -*v*~-*_a"  ���������J". ',*'.-���������.. v^l  * *7?p->'^l:<p  :'J-*.'i" -"s-%-1  -. *"v* 'i' -,.. -sS'-'S-  ill -- ".; '-^^M  )n\\ .../'Mi,, -'-���������  -/Tir-m1  ���������I   i-".o:--_f-^l'^*^i  III '.  __-',*        yai     V>    ,    -r-iV-JP-TUJ-J-wl  p-,   - 35tf������~-...  *   ' .*' *.-..   -, .J'W-sV.  -    .  r_ <-.���������-* *js ������?.���������_<..  "J? I  -j������������Uson is  s  of    the    projected    Lardeau   Railway���������to _ be   built,' this   summer.  At the present ground floor price the best real'estate investment; on  .   * the market is "FERGUSON lots."'  W/H.VIGKERS  .     AGENT*FERGUSON TOWNSITE  A Corner Lot'at $160  can  for  $10  secured   "(--.  down- ** ", -"-  ='l*&\  An Inside Lot at $110 X^^^S  >"i  '^1  ,*>;,__.} I  "-r'-'j.  .-'"*Sa  A PARIS LETTER  ANARCHS  AGAIN  THE  PRESIDENT OF- URUGUAY  ASSASSINATED  ir  He was Shot Outside The Cathedral In  Montevideo���������The Independence of  Uiuguay was Being Celebrated  Montevideo, August 20.���������At a  national fete here yesterday President  J. I. Diarte Borda was shot and killed  by an assassin.  He was elected President of Uruguay  for a term of four vears, from Maich  ISO! .to March 1808. The fete was  -being held in celebration of tho independence of Urguay. which was proclaimed August 21, 1S23. The assassination occurpcl just as the President  was leaving the cathedral, where the  TeDeum had been Ming.  The assassin has been aijrested. lie  is a youth named Aroodondo. Borda  tlied almost immediately alter being  shot.  WILL VISIT CANADA  Montu-i-aIj, A.igiBt 20.-1110 Duke  anel Duchess of York, will visit Canada  next ������������������priiiir. Whether tho visit will  be Incognito or in state has not yet  been announced. However preparations are already being advanced to  honour the royal visitors.  International Politics���������The Relations of  France, Germany and Russia.���������The  Commercial Treaties���������Prince Henry  of Orleans  Paris, August 11, 1S97.  The cartoon journals devolo a good  deal of attention to the Kaiser's trip  to St. Petersburg. One sketch represents the Czar before the map of  Eiuope, seriously chawing the attention of Emperor William to the map,  finger" resting-on~thb~���������spbtf-inark~eil  Alsace, and adding: "There lies the  difficulty ot tho situation, and not the  Sultan." The Kaiser was m his clement, he delivered some speeches, tho  old stylo, with something like a proposal ot Germany to join Russia and  France, to combat the common Erb-  fiend, the disturber of universal peace,  the denunciator' of commercial treaties, and the owner ot the picked  colonies of-the world���������lhe British  Empire. The Ftencb grin at this clay  dream-timeo Danaos et dona feientes-  uud propose as an atiienduient to commence by giving back Als-ice and the  five .niilliaids ot hard money. They  would require the proof that Germany  has no secret understanding with  Encrland all the same, and that, if the  French felt inclined for a speculative  war, it would be more to their advantage to try it ou at the expense of  Germany than of the Biitish Empire  The Canovas tiageely has led to  increased activity on the part ot the  international police. No foreign anarchists arc now in France; they have  anticipated expulsion. The bodyguard  of President Faure has been doubled:  that is common prudence. It is a hard  time for t]iiiet lookiug men,weariiig  coloured glasses, and apparently occupied doing nolluntj. Such was the  make-up of Golli, the murderer of  Senor U-nov.-~.-_The belief is taking  loot that Golli was toed-Git by the  executive of the militant anarchists to  remove the Spanishpremier. His hint  that the turn for other exalted personages is coming-rrwhether* bounce or  bluff���������is unpleasant,a'pd begets c~eepir  ness in public opinion. , .  By the time M. F.mre arrives at  Cronstadt all souvenirs of the Kaiser's  visit will have disappeared. He will  certainly receive n wonderful welcome.  After the , manilestation it will be  difficult to attest that the Muscovites  and French do not desire to be one,  whether the union of hearts be or bo  not, backed up by parchment deeds.  The contrast between the German and  the French welcome will be gall and  wormwood for the Kaiser. Nothing is  more irritating than receiving love  overtures with coldness and indifference. It is ctilcul "ted that 1,6a Parisians have taken tourist tickets to St.  Pcterslmi g and Moscow. The I- renoh  colonv in tbe former citv is relatively  large," ar.d the moiety of its population  is contained of milliners and dressmakers. A few French, linns commence to Iiiul agencies in the chief  Russian cities. The economic trend of  Russia is to augment her experts by  living at peace with all the world and  to supply her industrial wants bv her  own artizans.    That appears to be the  new trading gospel with all people  since one-sided free trade is no longer  in the odour of sanctity, and prohibitive protection tends to stiMngle the  prohibitionists.     '  The "broach commence to see a little  more clearly into the meaning of tho  denunciation by England of the German-Belgian treiity of commerce, and  the loss ft will inflict on Teutonic exports. She is never displeased at the  misfortunes of fiiends. The entrance  of French outputs into othe United  Kingdom w ill not be more ait'peted a  year hence, than it is to-day. Only  France must try. ane^iipatiUicecheaperj^  with"oht~lesTemii^g~lh"e"quality of,, her  produc Sie wi 11 have a better  chance too in the English colonics,  where the local duties will be so increased that the German flimsy types  of articles will not hi able to support  the customs housesqueezingsand thus  alt'ord" a chance for the higher  class articles turned out by  France. The largest empires for the  future will alone be able to have suitable, markets, bub as the. in-and-in  system of patriotic trading.will prevail, foreigners will not have many  chances to enjoy the sunshine.  The French are in a brown study  respecting the capture of Abu Hamid  by the Anglo-Egyptian army���������a short  atfair, but executed in the old style.  The puzzle is to know if the English  intend to clear out the Mahdi lirst or  secure a well defined boundary line for  upper Egypt, and the demands of  Menelik. According to Piince Henri  d' Oilcan.-, who is setting himself up  as tbe foreign minister unattached of  the Abyssinian monarch, the Anglo-  Egyptian advance will be resisted.  But as all the predictions of the prince  have ever turned out erroneous, not  much importance is attached to his  divinations. People do not exactly  know what the young man is aiming  at; some say he wants to cut out his  cousin, the Due d'Orleans in the pre-  tendership���������a matter neither difficult  nor important. Ho wants to use  Mejielik, bv means of Russia and  Frah'Ce, -- ���������"'ainst the British occupation in Egypt, but His Majesty  is      very    shrewd,'*" Wei 1     coached  smooth away .the difficulties between  France and Italy.  There is a legend that Loin's XVII  did not die in the Temple prison after  the execution of his parents, that he  escaped to Holland aud ,made clocks,  took the name of N.tundoiff," and died  at the ripe ago of three score and ten  leaving a family who claim to be the  'Iright divine" claimants to the "light  divine" throne of France. The claim  was often tested in the law'coui-ls, but  was not established; it conveyed however the impression, that Sir Roger de  Coverley pxpoiienced after listening to  a famous trial, that a-_gr_ea,t-_deal_was  to be said on both sides. " Tho N.-inn-  dorffs have just hud the usual in mem-  moriam mass celebrated in the church  of Notre Dame des A~ictories, for the  repose of the soul of Louis 'XVII���������the  clockinaker Naiuuloi if. - Has clock  making any connection - with  mortuary eccentricities? " Charles V,  when he went into the watch anel  clock making business, duly 'assisted  daily at the rehearsal of his  own obsequies, "'hen ho imprisoned the Pope in the Castle of  St. Angclo, he lamented that he could  not libeiate his Uoliut-s"!, but ordered  masses to be daily celebrated for his  deliverance.      - -.     ._..__���������     _������,.  Guide at the Chateau do Blois, to  visitors: "This is the room where the  Due de Guise was assassinated."  Tourist: "Three years ago when I was  here, I was shown another room in a  diiterent part of * the building, ^as  where the tragedy took place." "But  the ca-tlc then, Monsieur, was being  repaired."  Jnlcs "Vern������;  Except when he biiiiss oflt one of lii-i  marvelous books wc hear little of M.  Julc<= Verne, but the fact is that lie is  lending a very quiet life at Aniionf*. jVI-  tliousli OS years of ace anil wctiriiiR tlie  tii.poar.inco of a retired Rpncr.il, lie* is  full of onercy and as hard-working us  tf voro. Hi* ii now busy in the oxe'Pii-  lion of his plan for pulilisliinK a soiics  if stories hearing on different countrias.  Before licfriiiiiinR a particular work M.  Tales Verne reads up a number of (ron-  traphieal,  historical and   -other    bonks  PREFERENTIAL TARIFF  The Pio-Biit'sh  Policy  of  the Government to Embrace Other Countries  Ottawa," August 25.���������A special  meeting of the Cabinet was held yesterday and jt decision' reached to  extend the operation of the preferential clause of thoc. tarifi.' to all  countries entitled under the most  favoured nation clause contained in  Great Britain's treaty ooligations.  GREECE AND TURKEY  The Evacuation of Thessaly���������The Greek  Government Will Guarantee Interest  on Any Loan for the Purpose  London, August 2~.���������A "dispatch lo  the Standard lrom Athens says that  the Greek Government aie prepared to  turnish full'guarantees for the duo  payment of the interest on any loan  destined lor the liberatic   of Theshtilj*.  THE MOLSONS BANK  Incorporated by Ao of Parliament, 1855  Paid up Gapital    -  liest Fund   -  Head Ofiice-  $2,000,000  - 1,400,000  -Montreal  and knows   the anglo-phobism of tbe I *rontin- of that part of the world. an.T  Prince and all it means". The Princej  is very much blamed for his unhandsome conduct in writing to tbe French  journals the gossip stories respecting  the Italian army when routed by  Menelik's soldiers and allies. Similar  scenes might be conjured up for tbe  chiffonnier's basket, respecting army  stampedes, but nothing is ever gained  by exhibiting the unexpected calamities of braves. It would havo been  more chivalrous, and, above all, for a  prince, to reca'l tbat good taste dictated drawing the veil over a misfortune  of war.- He could have remembered  the Ittlians when at Solfeiino and in  the Crimea, and not plied tbe muckrake, which is not an implement that  even persons not of royal lineage, employ. In any case the prince has to  stand a duel "for bis beliltlemcnt of  Italian soldiers in their defeat. | The  Due d'Qrleans. Philippe Egaiite, voted  for the/death of ins otvn cousin Louis  XVI. Sonic of bis bad blood has  broken out in his great grandson today. The matter is tbe more regrettable, as people were  endeavouring to  -;������������������ ho goes on the plot giatliially g.  bvi...'~s in his mind. Ho is, imlccel, an  hctivc *and luborious toiler. lie liscs  regularly nt 4 ti't'Iock in the morning  "nd vires steatlilj* iintii ;>ejnn. IIo retires to rfist nt 0, evcept on two evan-  Ings In the week, when hp'.iccompnnifs  {iis wife* to the Grand Theatre, ellninc  before at a restaurant opposite th.*  "���������iiililing. This is his groat treat, nnel  to Is fond of remarking that on thc-so  occasions he and his wife enjoy them-  sclve*s just as if they 0 were a ynun^  i">uple on their lioreymoon. As a niat-  "r of fne*t. >f. anel Afm(. .TuIor Vi'i-ne  "���������are not been near Paris fnr the I:v������t  I'lght years, anel fine] that their lif,. nt  /\miens suiift them peiTeclly.--I.oii.lon  Toipgrnpli.  ^eveisbke Hospital  Maternity Room hi connection.  Vaccine   kept    on   hand.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  W .Molson Macpherson, President  S. H. Ewing, Vice-President  W. M. Ramsay Henry Archbal"  Samuel Finley   ,T. P. Clcghorn  H. Miirkliincl Molson  F. Wolferstan Thomas, Gen. Managei  A. D. Durnford, Inspector  H. Lockwood, Assistant Inspector  The bank receives on favourable  terms the accounts of individuals, ilrtns.  bankers and municipal and other  corporations.  Interest allowed on deposits at  current rates.  English and American exchange  bought and solel at lowest rales.  BBAWOHSJ*' :  liViPERI/tL BANK  OF CANADA  Head Office, Toronto  ?s\d Up Capital    -   $1,963,600  Reserve  - - _- -_-    1,156,800  Directors  H. S. Howland, President    '  T.R.Merntt, Vice Pres., (St.Catharines)  AVilliam Ramsay. Rpbert .Taffray,_^_  Hugh "Ryan,   T.  Sutherland Stavner,  D. R. "Wilkie. General Manager.  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Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, Uuited  Kingdom, United Stales, Europe,  India, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Gold Purchased  A- R. B. HEARN.  Manager Rovelstoko Branch.  **~r Ai������ V"  (cmadidLi������UU '\;  Pacifi&F$H   *.- *.---��������� ���������, t^^,-A >;. ,-, i  SOO PACIFIC LINE^V  >'    :y"-'?)"'-*" " 'u'  Cheapest, quickest and best route. SV .'  Toronto. New York. Philadelphia,'---.. \ j.,  Montreal,Boston HaUbx'-all "  '��������� "/��������� -  _^_JEastor_a and European Points "r^"-^=T-  Tourist Cars  leavo  Revelstoke "*-   *  daily for  St.  Paul:   for -Toronto -'* *  every Monday; and,for Montreal  - .  and Boston every .Thursday."*  '      *_--   "  Train leaves Revelstoke "forTall   '* "'  points south daily except'Sunday; '",*"-  arriving daily except Monday. " ���������    - *V;   .   v..-i.."T_.-j1 ...     =  Empress  ot*  India, Empress of      *  Japan and Empress of China sailing   '  every four weeks ��������� for ��������� China and ' '"  Japan. _.   -   \ -h -    *���������-   - y - -"  Warimoo, Miowera' and Aorangil}.'-'"  sailing every four weeksfor Hono- .__  lulu, Suava and all Australian and *, *'  New Zealand ports. ���������, -  *     ,~t " c"  For full parUenlars apply to nearest <,'-'"  C.P.R. Agent or to -  T. W. BRADSHAW,'*    >- *  Agent; RevelstokeV-t" -  Travelling Passenger Agent, ~~elcon.'   '    ",  "  E.J.COYLE, Din, FMssnger Agent. Vancouver  ,5,-_j.o-r:B  Spokane Falls and: .Noptliepn  -Nelson and Ft. Sfteppapd ,  ' Red Mountain; Ryg.   '.-  Aylmer, Ont.  Brockville, Ont,  Calgary, Alta.  Clinton, Ont.  Exeter, Ont.  Hamilton, Onl-,  London, Ont.  Meaford, Ont.  Montreal, P. Q.  St. Catharine  St. Branch.  Morrisburgj'T'lit.  Norwich, Ont.  Ottawa, Ont.  Owen Sound, Ont.1-  Ridgetown, Out.  Smiths Falls. 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"  ;'-^ jvTom ~~elaon���������  "  *-"~37lJ.m.  Close connections atHelsem witS n____*iiTr,_iC  for Katlo and all Koot^maVlikeprtnS!^?1!?;  Passengers for KetUe River aad������iTS������iSi;*  Creek connect at Jlarcus xyithlt^^i^f^*';  If You ^ave- a *.; JV*. .^  ^irie to; Sell  * .-'*"- *  or wish a company formed, or  want to buy a mine or shares    ������  ui any mine, want to invest in     -  Spokane real estate or wish to -  makeaborrow.writeatonceto -  -J.H,MES   L.   FORD   &  CO  Mine Brokers.     Mining Stocks  No. 9 Mill St., fcitween Riverside and  Sprague, Spokane, Wash.   '  it-  i"������_V^"-i5'* ���������1  < >  JS ." '  Big  Snow Storms  Will Soon be here. You  want to get those rooms  papered. We have in  stock a full line of  Wall Paper and Stationery of all kinds.  Also a Complete  line of Pure Drugs,  Chemicals and Assayers'  Supplies. Try Our Quinine, Iron, and Wine,  one of the Best Tonics  Known.  Prescriptions    Dispensed    Day  Night.  or  The New Corner Store���������  panada Drug &  ^ BOOk CO., Ltd.  Chas. R. Macdonald, Manager.  REVELSTOKE  STATION.  LOCAL  AND  GENERAL   NEWS  An Interesting Budget of Local, Personal  and   General  Items. Round  and  About Revelstoke,  " The Herald " for Job Printing.  * A  carload   of   builders' and shelf  hardware tit C.-B. lluine & Co.'s.  Lieut.-Gov. Dewelney is in town to  day on his way to the lower country.  The Revelstoke Development Co.  are working away steadily putting  dirt through their machinery. They  expect to clean up at tho end of this  week. "  Ed. Adair came in this week from  Grandview between the headwaters ol  Laforme and Caines, bringing some  good looking specimens of pme steel  galena for assay. There are large  masses of the same ore on the surface  of llie?claim.  Vice-President" Shaughnessy and  Jjarty returned from the south on  .Saturday and went on west. Nothing  has been settled regarding the rebuilding of the round house* here or any  changes in the details of the. operation  of the roael, which may ensue from il.  Messrs. "Volcott anil Skea brought  iu,_a specimen of ore from the] Excelsior group on Pingston cieek last  week. The ore gieatly resembles thu  liofslautl ore and went "'-!l.~0on assay,  ."30 of which was in gold. There is a  12 foot ledge at the place wheie the  specimens* were taken out.  The Piovince map of the Yukon dis-  _tricc._is_a_iiseftil_additi.oii to the  means  of iiifoimation available about that  country. It. is boldly and cleaily  delineated in coloisand mounted on  cloth. The map shews the boundaries  as claimed by the United States and  Great Britain, a very lemarkable di-  veige-nce of opinion on the -suliject being noticeable from Mount St. Elias  south.  A curious, though not exactly novel  experiment in r.iilioad construction is  going on at Mountain creek, east of  Bear Creek .-t.-ition. A long piece of  ties tie work eiccurs here, which is now  being filled up by hyelr.iulicking gravel  down a Hume which runs ont at tbe  bottom of the bridge. Immense masses of diit and rock come thundering  clown the flume with a tremendous  noise, washed out by the persistent  stream of the monitor, which ono man  directs and controls as easily as a garden hose. The plan has been trieel on  the line on the Fiasor river before.  As it was thought the electric light  poles were encroaching ou the space  which should be reserved for a .sidewalk at the west end of Fiont street,  the Heuai.d interviewed Mr. Cowan  on the subject, who state-; that he has  had a survey made and that there is  ample room feu* an c-ight-footsiclewalk.  If the company's survey is wrong, in  the event of a sidewalk being built at  any time, they will simply have to  move the poles.  Col. Baker returnrd from the south  on Saturday, after a visit to Rossland  and the Slocan. The Colonel was  r.itich struck with the possibilities' of  af^i..culture which exist in the Columbia valley between this place and  Ariowhead. "He coriecti'd a statement, which appt'.ired in the Hkr." kd  an account of an interview with him  last Wednesday. He diil iiot~"S~y  Mr. Davey iind male n great mistake  in promising that the province should  aesist in protecting tlie river bank  here, but that his. promise, if carried  out, would have established a precedent of the province doing ��������� work,  which it is the proper department of  the federal goveinmeut to perforin.  Col. Anslcy of the Waverley Mine  was registered tit the Hotel Revelstoke  yesterday.  * A carload of hay, timothy and  clover, this year's growth, at C. B.  Ilium* & Co.'s.  Mr. F. Sills, of the Revelstoke Development Co. left for a six weeks tlip to  jMontreal yesterday.  Beit Iliinbui-y, C. P. R. fitter, went  west last night, to spend a couple of  weeks holidays in the const] cities.  Capt. and Mrs. Macpherson oE the  Halcyon Hot Springs, weiv in town  yesterday on their way to Calgary.  Among the guests at the Halcyon  Springs i.s 13. L. Wilson, Uie. late proprietor of the Wilson House, Slocan  City.  .1. A. Leslie has had an a"-s;iy of ."19  in golel and co|%>er from thu Guidon  Calf claim. Ltifoi-nic. Crook. The ore  shews traces of arsenic.  Jackson and Gore, the first locatois  in the new Grandview_ district, be  tween the headwaters of Ltifoi-mc  and Carnes creek, left on the Lytton  on Monday nuii'iiing to develop their  claims. They intend to put in tho  winter tit the work.  Mr. 11. .7. Stewart, manager of the  TiontLake Mining Co., is in town and  reports that the IimncL. on the Silver  Chief on Gainer Creek tapped tlie  vein at the depth of 100 feet. The  vein shews 0 to S inches of high grade  stuphenito ore, running from 2(56 to  "570 oz. in silver to tho ton.  The prospectus of the Equitable Savings, Loan and Building Association  has been laid on the Herald table.  Mr. J. D. Sibbald is local agent and  Dr. Maclean, President. J. D. Sibbald,  See.-Treas., T. L. Haig. Conveyancer,  and F. B. Wells, II. A. Brown and XV.  Cowan, valuators, from the loca  board.  The Lytton came in at 3 o'clock ^on  Sunday having made a very quick  round trip. Shu left Laporte on the  return trip at noon, and camo down  thu -13 miles in 3 hours. She loft again  with the*, balance of the French Creek  Co's. hydraulic piping on Monday  morning at 0 o'clock, and returned  yesterday early in the afternoon.  She left again this morning wilh a  big load of freight for local merchants.  Capt. Gore is navigating her and  Purser Jones is running thu business  end of the ship. Messis. C. B. Hun e  & Co. made the ai-rangi'incnts which  secured thu third trip of the boat this  time as thoy had about 11 tons of supplies, etc., to ship. Mr. II. A. Coursier  furnished the balance oE the cargo.  F. Richardson, who with his partner  Williams, arc* running the saw mill  and getting out the lumber required  I'or the* flume* under contract, came in  fiom Big Bund on Sunday. He expects to have all thu lumber cut within  30 days and thinks with good weather  at the end of the season that the company should have their hydraulic  plant ready for use this year.  Thu social given in the Methodist  church, under the auspices of the  Epworth League society, on Monclay  uvening last,   was  a decided success,  .botli_in^_poiut o_L_att endnote and.  socially. Tbe programme, consisting  of vocal anel instrumental music, was  well lecuived. Refreshments were  served and all present spent a pleasant  evening.  Tlie apartments l eccntly secured by  Dr. R. Mathcson for the practice of  dentistry, over the Canada Dmi; &  Co's. store have ah cady assumed a  snug appearance, and tbe doctor's  pl.'asanl personality and thorough  knowledge of his profession have already obtained for him a CQiiMileraule  practice. He intends in future to  spend about 10 days of each month in  Revelstoke. and will, as heretofore,  ,-innoiiii _o through thu Hkiiald to his  friends anil patrons the dale of his  arrival and departure. Ho goes to  Kamloops this afternoon.  Colonel Tupping, who has just returned from Spokane, says tint there  are better times there anel nioi-e business than he has seen in Dvn years.  He says the good harvests have  lnoiight plenty of money into circ.i-  I.-ition, and be expects .1 great deal of  it will come into the Trail and Rossland camps. He expc-i-ioiired no trouble whatever in procuring the funds  necessary for the working of the Ethel  group in the Lai-dean, but, on the contrary, was in a position to accept the  best of several offers made him. He  will leave again Satuiday for the  north.���������Rossland Mirier.  Dr. Duncan, medical health officer  of the piovince, arrived hero on Saturday and immediately started round on  a tour of inspection. He found the  sanitary condition of the town verv  defective and proreejlejl - io take  prompt nte.*surc-rf to icmctly it. On  leavinsrfcei- the south on Tuesday he  left iristinotions that all back premises  had to be cleaned up within 10 days.  The penalty for non-coinpliaiice with  these Instructions" is ijSlOO fine or im  prisonment for a term not exceeding  six months or both fine and'Imprisonment. Dr. Duncan will be back next  week to sec if these, regulations are  carried ont.  There is a meeting of the Home  Payne Co. at. Lauiie today. Sir Charles  Ross went up there this morning.  Mr. F, W. Rnlt. of the* firm  of Rolt  e& Grogan, mining brokers,  Rossland  was in town yesterday on his  way to  Golden to look at some properties.  Messrs. .1. R. Grant and T.  A.   Met  c.-ilfe, president and secretary, ot the  Trout Lake Mining Co., returned fiom  a prolonged tour through the Lardeau  and lower country yesterday.  * \V. M. Liiwiunce has just received  throe carloads of hardware*, including  ileal'of Gurncy's famous ranges and  heaters. A butter line of heavy and  shelf hardware wtis never seen in the  town.   Miners' outfits ti specialty.  The Last Chance cleaned up about  three ounces mi Saturday last out of  12 foot of a drift, most of which was  taken up with tt big boulder. The  gravel is running about $1.50 a yard  but the ground is full of boulders. F.  Sti'.iuduis came in from Ihu mine last  night with gold out of the claim.  BORN  McCarthy��������� At, Kevclstoke, on jVttg-  ust 2"th, 18i)7, the wife of Mr. D.  JMcCarl by of ti daughter.  * J. Arnovitch's store in Tapping':  Block is well supplied with Ladies' Jackets (latest styles), Elouses, Skirts, etc.,  which must be cleared out at once. Flan-  nelletes, Dress Goods, Table Linens,  Tidies, Towels, etc., at lowest prices.  Men's Suits at prices which v/ill surprise  you. The whole stock must be cleared  out by the 15th of September.    Call early.  ARTISTIC PRINTING-THE HERALD  Wanted.  A couple ot rooms, v. ith use of kitchen, by u  couple w ith one clulel.   .\ppl>- at tln-s ollice.  rierchant Tailor,  ' Has just received the first consignment of his new stock, anil has  more on the way. He is now in a  position to supply all orders for*  clothing. Latest styles and bust  finish.  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  Ail Branches  or TUB  Tonsorial Art  l"\cettl0'l with tnnbiilC-\trous  Dexterity tit  J.  IVIorg.-n's  ~WKk������������������������Shaving Parlor  Hot and Cold Baths  Confectionery  Tobaccos  Fresh Fruits  O.N'E DOOR EAST CO CUM IS I A. HOTEL.  YAI.E RKCITiCVr  Aug. 11, lS'JT.  IX THE ~"I'fi.EMK CO--RT OV HKITISII  Columbia, in the matter of the Oilicial  j\tIrainUirator!s* -Vet. and ia the- mailer of  the estate of Charlf-s Uomt ile.eeft.-eel,  dated the 13th elay of July, A.I). 1������T. Upon  reaeling the ailtcavti.- of ������ne-.t Henrv  S!*erle!an   McLean  and   Charles   Frederic  -=-=-I.inelc5nrJC-rJ ���������-.   -n���������..=_=���������- -   -   -   It !���������_ orelerol that Jaine-. Fcr_sii������������>n Artr.-  -trons. Official Aelrni:ii.-:r.i:or for the Connt>  Court Dl-arici of Kooienar. be aeIrciini-ir--.tor  of al! anelslr.er.lar the gey*!-. c*.a������t������is right.-,  ar.efrrt-tlit-' iVh'.ch -were 01 Cliartci Herder, late  of Illac:Ile*".'raet in the district of Kootou-iy,  fr*-e roiiif-r, eiec^-rtt-.e.I;  Anel it is funhe-r orel.������rcd, tluit thl? e.reler V-  nubli--heei in the Hevel-toec; II.raid newspaper  lor the peno-J of sixty "������y=  i-.Mjrn.*d.)   A. J. HcCALL,  *    ' J.  The crcelitors and persons iiiterc-������tfc'l in tin*  ciate of the aVive naine-e! Charl���������> lie-rjier. lute  of Illi_.Mllc.vaet in ir.e iJlsirle-i of ICtio'.eiiHV,  free' miner, elee-ctise-d, eere h*-r������������l.v rt-e|itirt-el  vltliln Blrty elay* from U1I1- elate to --������������������ti'I, by  r'nji-.tcreel Ie*tter*MtleIre-*-.''l to Jnnic- Ter^m-on  Arrnstronie, Official .".dmlnt-lrator. Fort ritee-lc,  Hrlrlsh ("oltimhia, particulars 'if iheir eliilias,  anil the nature of the, sLi-uritlei (il urijj liel'l  hy th.'in. Alt.'r the e*-pir.u'oii of llie* "aid  sixty eltijs, the elwirilinlton ol the- "laid e���������,e,ite  wllfbc preecee-elcel with. regan! b*'tujc ha'l only  tositcb elalms ol whie-lt notie-u sltail be Rhen  nt afe>re-������-itiil.  I_t������t';nl this-Kith elnv of An-ru-l. JS17.  3. v. A?jM-,rr.oNe;,  aianlt Ofllclul jldrnlnlftrateir, Keiotrnxy.  Notice. u  Xotlce it hereby given that t*/t elaytt nrter dat.'  the iineU-rJiKned, II. Onni'Bit !tob-te*n, intt nelu  tn nnilce application to the Chle'f e'f,tnmi-sl,������i).rr  of Latieli anel Weirkn for pei-mi-tlon to piire-ha������.,.  I--.ii nnrcs of land, sltual.' in I.ar.li tin rilvKlem  of Ke-oteni-.y District: Startiritr at a i������',-.t at the  *.'emth West corner eif jV������ii Iltliinatt's block of  .*ai tecr.'i, marked "Initial pi'i fjr If. I<-.incan  Rob^on't claim," rtiuniutt North 20 chulns  thence \\>-t 10 chain-", th.-it'e "r,u:.. 10 ch.il!.>.  thence Ca-t 1*1 chain-*, thenco Ne^rtli 1*0 chains  to place of liesiniiieif.  if. m;xc,.N r.oi{������o.*r.  Tci-Biiion, August lSth, I*/". ">C|>lStv.  Notice"  Xoticc is hereby (riven that SSI days after date  I will apply to the Hon. Chief romini'-slom'r of  I.iiinl-e anel Work.-t for n I'ccn-e? to eta tlmlW on  the followini. describeel l.ir.el In West Koote-nny  ���������llotrict. Trout Lake mining division: ejom-  me'ttclne; at a po<*t placed at the northv.ct  corner of Da-.-lel l-*er(cuson's pre-enptlejii, run-  11I11K north 2tt chains, wo������,t lf*-J chains, south W  chains, east t,0 chain-e, north 10 <*l-.ain������. east 111  chains to Initial po't, confalnlng llu aerc������.  .Vise, commencinK af, a post at the northeast  corner of Peter Walker's land, running west flO  chains, north 10 chains, cast "ill chains, north 10  chains, cast III e-hains, more or less, to nortli  feirk of Lardeau Creek, thenco foile^e'-.jf^ creek  south 10*1 chains, wc������t 20 chaii'-*, more or leus,  to I*. Walker's i.astlln~ tni.:u-e norlh 20 cliaiits  to initial post���������{""itainin-* -110 acres, more or  less���������in i-.I-fSij acres, more e>r less.  EDWARD ADAIK.  Itcvelsloki', Aug. 11,1W7.  Notice.  MOTIOK ia hereby K*ivcn that s!xty cloys ufler  eKtc, wo. ihe iinrtcrati<ncel iitlonel to apply  to tho Chief Ciiniiiissioncr of I-Jintla and  Works for pcr.-r.If_.Hion to purchaPo the following elencrlbcel properly, situate'' nt tho nit.uth  of lloyel Creoit (a tributary e>f ?"ioh Clrccke in  tho I.areleau Ilivli-ion of Koeiteitay Dialriot.  Star lost at a poat near wherotbo trull croracn  Itoyd Crock aril running n'.icty chains north,  thence Eixiychainn west, thence pixty ol'alis  south, ttter.ee sixty ehaiiH oast, to pclnl of  commencKjnicnt, cintalni>-.K~0O acres more or  lesa. ;|  GKOUOI: SlTMNKel.  ClIAULKH lU-I.LAItn.  Diilcd June 21.1507.  FERGUSON  The Centre of the Lardeau Mines.  THE.,  Stores  of Ferguson  and 10-Mile.  CUMMINS  &  CO.,  GENERAL   MERCHANTS,  Dealer  in  Miners'  Supplies. Hardware,  Groceries, Dry Goods.  r.\ cry thin,; to be found in a u'ener.'.l --tore.  I'o-t Ollice ill connection.  At Ovu 10-Mii.:: !l<t_>xcii S-roiti:,  POW DER, CAPS, FUSE, COAL,  STEEL,  and all Miners* nnd l'rospectors' Supplies aie  kept ou lii'.nd.  55   " "   cZ  General  Merchants  nhiers and Prospectors  Outfitted, &c.  Ferguson,' B. C.���������The centre of  j.     the L-ardeau Mines.  Be ' SlirCand icgistcr at the-  T  uivF  when you i-cacli FERGUSON.  Tho tabic 13 vro\idcil with tho Lost lha market  all'ortls. '    ���������  - Kates from ������ lo .f! per day.  CUMMINGS  BROS,  Propvletors. '       l(*.ju  When You Reach  Thomson's Landing,  PROSPECTOR'S  ���������-'* EXCHANGE, .  Best Meals in tho I.urdcnu.  Stage and L'vcry in eODEection.  T. W. GRAHAME, Proprietor.  Arrov/head  B. C.  E. J. Kerr,  Proprietor.  Prospectors  Home.  Meals  Bar Well Supplied With    r-~, rJ OJ  i5Cts.  Arrowhead  Hotei  Porter Meets All Trains  ar.d Boats.  Ail the Necessaiies.  TROUT LAKE CITY HOTEL.  ���������r553^������������������~r  I/Irs. A. E. Jowett, Proprietress.  Trout Lake City, B. C.  1 JITS 1IOTKL has just been cn-  lacc.ed .'mil refitted, newly furnished  throughout, making it the best hotel  in thu Oity. Tlie table i.s one of the;  best supplied in the Lardeau. Tbe  bar contains everything to make you  happy.  JAS. HUTCHISON  J  Heavy Draying and  Transfer Work a Specialty  Te.tiningof i'.'.I kinel.sretci'.e'rt prompt nttfentlon.  'I h'- -'!���������:*_���������'��������� fae-e-" hor������e is the ftljjll hoard.  REVELSTOKE STATION, B.C.  We hs*7e a good supply of  Building  ., Material  ���������"it-"**���������"'' And Lumber  Cut Prices for Spot Cash.  Call and See us .  We Can Fix You  REVELSTOKE 8AW rViiLLS  itevelstoke Station, B. C.  HORSES FOR SALE  Also Horses taken for Winter  Pasture.  Pack  and   Saddle   Horses   for  jl       Sale.   Apply to  r1  llni'.ll  Mccarty  Hotel License  "*f'lice W hc'reV," given that .in days alter elate  we itilcti'l loat-i-'lv to tho Htlpe-nellarv Mnitia-  tmte of the lte-vclstoke Plvislem e.f Mesl  iM.'itent.v fur a lle-e-nsc te> sell ll.iueirs al etitr  lintel nt 'I'rout lake- I'lty.  Jlel.KVNAN .V  UIjACK.  Tr-iitl I.i'ke rlly, An-;. l'J, I"'-)". au'Jtw-U  ^^Mi^^iE������  %#%  I   ,v  I  ___ri5KU_*.__aeouK���������  Agent for the Bllckeriscierfer*  Typewriter  Successor to GILKER & WELLS  Dealer in Hats, Gaps. Boots,  Shoes, Gents' Furnishings, Stationery,  Patent Medicines, Tobaccos and Cigars,  Toilet and Fancy Articles, Fruits, Ete.  POST OFFICE STORE,  REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  l������_dS.  o  ii r������_>.va������.  .DEALERS IN..  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  eHAY,   FLOUR   AND   FEEDe  A FINE ASSORTMENT OF TEA, COFFEE, BISCUITS, SOFT DRINKS ALWAYS   IN- STOCK,  *"___.i~ir .. ' i      ti ' ������������������~ti?_c-~r  Ute ��������� ;   ��������� .  , Egaa  IT- .ffl'A'KES'Ne" DIFFERENCE.  . -    ���������       -Who is Your Physician.    It Pays .to Take Your  PRESeRIPTldMS  ^���������^P^-fgfli'.ltr'-J-yy  .re ABEY'S ,DR_6 STORE  BECAUSE thoy Rive it personal attention.   _.,   -    ,       "   . * '..���������''-".     .���������'.'''..-  BECAUSE they are reliable chemists.      ���������'>     - ..',   -       .       -"..    ,'_T,*-'-   --*-,'_    -"'  BECjVUSE you can rely on accurate compounding from pore drugs at moderate prices.',-.'..'  T__K*E3    DPIO_Isr_S*El*E2. ' TD*E2.TCT.e3-C3-IS,X'J  "Ea3T*7"*ElXiSTOTC-El ' ST-Jk-'TIO-ir  X  o  <  w  X  H  W  >  o  m  in  "Why Buy  All kinds ol Iluttcr at all  Kinds of prices, v. hen the  CHOICEST  CREAMERY  BUTTER (Tr/lt)  Can he delivered at your door at  26 CENTS PER L.B.  I'ront   J.   -_MI.  MCCAItlttTM,  SK-coNu Street, Uevei-stokk Sia-iion.  Kay for Sale  A few carte of native hay of la������t pe-nson's cut  still em hand at from WM to "r>.00 per ton.  GEO. A. HE ID,  llattot LncoinlK.', Alia  J. Albert Stone, Proprietor.  Table furnished with tho choicest tho  market affords. Best Wines, Liquors,  ���������.ind Cigars. Lai go light bed rooms.  Rates : ijil.00 a day.   Monthly rate.  Upholstering and Repair Work  a Specialty  Mail Orders Given Prompt  Attention  ....  ���������R:~HmWSGN "& 0O:T  Dealers  in  All  Kinds  of Furniture,  Funeral Directors and Emtaalmers.  Agents for Kaymontl Sewing Machine, Manufacturers' Life Insurance Society, Union Firo  Insurance Co., Provincial Building <& Loan Association. j,  ORGAMa AND PIANOS  I2.__E3'V"__E3Iji3'-rO'jS-H5    ST-A-TrlO-liT,    IB. C.  THE PIONEER LIVERY���������  Feed and Sale Stable of the Lardeau and Trout Lake District  ������  SADDLE AND  I'.VCK HOUSES  ALWAYS FOR  HIKE. ���������  "  FREIGHTING  AMD  TEAMING  A SI'ECIaLTY  Dnily Stage leaves' Thomson'.-'Landing every morning ot 7 o'clock Ior Trout Lake City.  For particulars Write   ; CRAIG   &  HILLMAN, THOMSONS LANDING.


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