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Revelstoke Herald May 15, 1897

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 '.'   l'    ���       >'
I   '
Published in Interests of Revelstoke, Lardeau, Big Bend, Trout Lake, Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, Jordan Pass and Slocan Districts.
Vol. I.    No. 84,
-ISSTTZEID   rrWTCtt-J��--Vri&JZ3l�� ��� -WttJD2&ttSlDJ��irS~J��2XJD   S.A.'TTTIRID.A.TrS-
$2.00 a Year in Advance.
by Letter
THE first thing wise *p< ople think of ��
when ordoting goo's hy mall is tho J-
capacity for business of those they write ij
to. The repututh n we enjoy for prompt- JJ
ness n,alios our Mail Order trade forgo ^
ahead at a gratifying rate. XS
Our Specialties
, Liquors
Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
Men's Furnishings
Requests for pries lists and samples
receive prompt attention.
Hudson's Bay Stores,
-     T.   L.   HAIG
Sole Agent for  2 "
^-" Townsite
Qhas. r. carlyon,
-    SOLICITOR,  '.
JWOFFICE : -Mail building, Itevelstoke. B.C.
- Dealer in Wood.
DraTing and  Deli-.e'y Work a specialty at
lowest prices.  "
Teams always ready at a moment's notice,
agent for the Stand *rd Oil Company.
NAKUSP.  ��. O.
Real Estate, Mines and Insurance   -
For Information * on m'neral claims on
Cariboo creek, wrlle at once and get particulars. . ~8mrtf
J.   R   HULL   &   CO.,
"��� 8uc^s5ora~fj3HuirBfos7*"C6T^     ;     ~
Butchers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers
i   Beef, Port. Etc.
AH orders In onr lino promptly filled.
House Painter-^-   > .
and. Decorator
House Cleaning
Send for samples of onr Willi
Paper.     Prices from 10c. I2'c,
15c up to 50c roll.    Mail orders
n   carefully attended to.
Linton Bros.,
Booksellers, Calgary. a
New Goods
Ladies' Shirt
Dress Goods
The Largest and Most Complete Stock of DRY GOODS
in town at
Bourne Bros.
Dressmaking Department
muler management "of   Miss Chase.
The Revelstoke Brewer
Jeweller and Watchmaker
C. P. R. Time Inspector
JAS.   L.   FORD   & CO,
- Mine Brokers.    Mining Stocks.
901 Biverside Ave.,
SPOK A N K,    W A S H.
Real Es'ate and Loans.
Fire, Life and Accident "nsurancc.
Residence: Forest Home.
Now  is Your Time to
Make a Strike!
Money,  time nnd   trouble paved   by
buying your supplies in sight cf the
mines at Revelstoke prices.
Yours for business,
General Merchant.
Thomson's Landing, B. C.
�� �� S $
A. N. SMITH, Propr.
$ $ $ $
) Showing  the Big Bend, Trrut
Lake, Lirdeau and Illecillewaet
Mining Districts. I: All the principal groups of claims and cot rect
courses cf rivers nnd c-eeks
given.   Price $1.00.   Apply:
P.   Leake,   H.E.,  Revelstoke
Dealer in all kinds of
Farm Produce,
Write for Prices.....
Some   of   our   contemporaries   arc*
greatly exceroisod over tlio large number of now  mining companies  whit-li
htive* been incorporated during the pnst,
session of the lugi.sln.turc-.    Th.-y  point
out that from fiist to ltist the legislatures    authorized    companies    to     hit
stocked, whose united capital soared
into the hundreds of millions and thoy
ask where the money is coining from
to   pay   dividends  on   this enormous
sum.   English capital is supposed to be
staring aghast tit this long list of companies, most of them  having nothing
to show bub surface* prospects, hut each
with its nominal capital of a million
or thereabouts. Thence arises a chorus
of shrieks, particularly from the press
of that part of the province oubsidc of
the   area   affected   by these   unusual
financial operations  and demands for
legislation to check the rising flow of
speculation unci over-capitalization.
.   Now ib  is  to  be   noted  in   the  first
place that these mil) ing companies with
their promoters1 stock   and -treasury
stock and the enormous discount from
their face value al which they are* put
on the market lire* no new thing.   They
have been formed in  the mining districts of thc'-Uniled St-ites almost since
mining began in tlit*m.    Treasury stock
in-the Conistock could once have been
bought for three cents and every camp
in the Western States can  show good
mines"that owe their development to
exactly   such   companies .as are now
being formed all over Kootenay and
British Columbia.    Even our own  district owes its recent, development to a
company, whose $5.00 treasury  stock
to develope. the Le Roi was once going
begging at  -10  cents,   ami  numerous
other good properties have  risen  into
value under this  very system,  whicli
up    toy date   in' this    country   has
only, proved   a   conspicuous   failure
in one single instance,  and   then   only
under mismanagement incredible out-'
side of.ii lunatic: asylum." ."* - ''" "i    .."'
Outside of ��� the principle of cooperation putinto action by these companies^ the prospector is at the'mercy  of
capital.   It is the knowledge of tlie
fact that the men who find  the pros-
peels, can if they choose  by adopting
this system, develope them themselves
that gives the miner n chance to make
a fair bargain tor his claim, if he  cares
to se*ll.    And the system, when  examined, is fair enough when properly and
honestly   carried  out.     There   is    of
course''no   certainty  about  it.     You
cannot buy into a shipping mine  with
a million dollars worth"of ore in   sight
tit fifteen cents on the dollar.   People
who want a lead  pipe cinch  must, lie
-pi-entireil'tirptvy for ii"r~Butrthere is no"
more uncertainty about biiyiiiga block
of "11.00 stock at 15 cents  in   the  Holy
Blazes Mining Co., with head office at-
Canyon. Creek  City and  Bill Smith,
free miner, for president, than there is
in subscribing feu- fifty ��1 shares in the
Imperial   Exploiation   and   Development Co.   of British Columbia.  Ltd.,
head oflice Throginorton  Street, London. E. C, and a score of dukes and
colonels on the board of directors.    Of
the two Bill Smith's subscribers, aie a
good deal more likely to get value for
their money.   He is almost certain to
have got hold of a promising claim and
he looks to make his money out of   its
development.    It is  quite likely that
he has been offered a good round sum
to sell ib outright,   but. he  prefers to
take the risk and  operate it himself
and offers his dollar treasury stock at
15 cents in order to get money to carry
on the work.   If the claim  shows up
well the shares will go up and his subscribers will often get their money back
over and  over again.    If  not he and
they fall together.    There is no eleatl
certainty about mining as an  investment, though an actual wild cat  company has we believe  yet to be found
among those actually formed in  Kootenay by Kootenay men, and the enormous natural wealth of this country
will      probably    reduce     the     risks
ordinarily found in  mining yentuies
far below the average.    0
There have been a very large number of companies formed, it is true.
But it must lie remembered that never
perpaps was there a mining district
opened np in, the world, in which tbe
mineral wealth was so constant over
such a large area as is found in Kootenay today. A Very considerable proportion of these companies were, we
will venture to say, in the possession
of claims, whose indications, as fat* as
development had gone, fully justified
the formation of a company to operate
them, and the successes will be far more
frequent than the failures. There is
not a silver mine in the Slocan today,
which has been abandoned because the
lead pinched out, and the. same mineral
,belbextends certainly up to the head
waters of the north fork of the Illecillewaet and possibly up lo and even beyond tho Big Bend of the Columbia.
The capitalization of Kootenay mining companies may be* enormous but,
the mineral indications behind it are
uiipariilli.-llerl in the history of mining.
The Premier's letter on the protection,of the'river bank is a marvel of
the official liow-not-to-do-it stamp of
correspondence. Ho claim.; that the
province has nothing to do with it,
still he would be very willing to cooperate with the Dominion government, to whom the entire! responsibility belongs, if they would only appropriation larger sum than $10,000
foi' the purpose, bub as it, is so absurdly small he*cannot do anything' in I lie
mutter, and ib is no business of ,the
provincial government, anyhow. In
meanwhile, while ho is fnbbing us off
with this string of> rambling excuses,
the river bank is disappearing at the
rate of 10 or 12 foot 'it a time.
Scene:,���Official  apartment in  Victoria.     Time,���right      now.      Enter
Premier  Turner disguised as Betsey
Spriggins, singing:���     *>
'  I hem- them a calling       -    ���    ,_
The river bank's falling;
The roadway's a crumbling,
,' And property tumbling
- Down into the river its fast-as can bo,
And all sich like rumors
And talk and continuum's.
But  laws that   don't' hurt  an   old
woman like mc.
Notes from the Rising Mining Camp on
Cariboo Creek
From Onr Own Correspondent.
Burton City, May 5.���The mining
interests in this city "aro beginning to
assu'me'the appearance'of a .veritable-
mining boom. 'Jlany mining men ar-;
rived ��� yesterday from Kossland,"
among the crowd being Mr. Corbin, a
reprc-entative .of Mi. Linnord, .who is
largely interested in mines, in and
round Rossland. This point, (Cariboo
Creek) is now attracting great interest
in the Slocan.
Much grumbling is heard from the
residents of Burton City on account
of tlie government not having commenced, the waggon road, which
means a very.great deal to mining
men and prospectors, getting into the
hills.. It is to be hoped this road will
be completed shortly, as a great many
developers of claims are awaiting its
coIfipleHicfin      '   ���     ' ~ ~~~
The hotel here has changed hands,
the new proprietor being Mr. Hector,
of Nakusp.
Jordan to Co. have just completed
their new store, have it. stocked, and
tire doing a good business.
Messrs. Hull and Beattie, the owners
of the townsite, were both here this
week, and are very much pleased with
the appearance of things since the
snow is off. It wtis learned from Mr.
Beattie that a map of the town was
under completion, and that he would
not sell any lots until everything was
in proper shape and a sawmill running, as one of tlie chief drawbacks to
West Kootenay towns wtis scarcity of
building material.
One of the best indications of the
future of Burton City is the richness
of its mines and prospects, which must
all ptiss its doors, anil beyond a doubt
assures an important place on Arrow
Lake at this point. A smelter agitation is growing, and considering the
great advantage offered by the owneis
of the townsite*, namely a free grant
of land sufficient for a smelter, and
the "idiiiirable situation on the lakes,
having control of the Trail, Lai-dean,
and Slocan output by water, is very
Mail at tho post office is increasing
daily, and the premises will have to
be enlarged shortly.
W. A. Swan has arrived from Rossland to look after his mining inteiests.
A trail will be cut from the waggon
road to Snow Creek shortly���another
feeder to the town.
Mr. Beattie left for Slocan City
today to look after his interests
there; but he has established an office
here, and will return in a few clays.     -
The few lots that were sold before
the town changed hands are held stiff
at high prices, consequently there is
much enquiry for the new list, and it
is expected sis soon as the list is out
that lets will sell fast.
  ;.j - .
. Revelstoke Markets.   .:.-������������'y ���������
Retail���Oats, seed ��30 per ton. feed
$28 per ton; butter, tub,; dairy ,23c.,
creamery. 25 to 2Sc.���;', potatoes $28
per ton; hay, timothy and clover.
$25 per ton;, wil'l.hay, $15; beef,*by the
carcase, 9c; pork, by the carcase, 13c.;
mutton, loo.;. egg.s,"fresh, 20c. to 25c.
per doz- i, .-.!������',
Mining   and   Business   Gossip ��� from the
,   Lardeau.
Thout Tj.uci-: City, May 12.���At last.
Tiout Lake is free of snow, and the
inhabitants are beginning to look alive
for sunnncv. Parties tire busy clearing lots, both for mill, anti private
dwellings, whilst others are rafting
logs across the lake to put up the old
style house, as they, cannot wait for
the mill to be erected. There's great
speculation if the mill will ever reach
its destination, but 1 guess it will for
the owner says il will, and ho ought, to
know. P.'irLii's at Ferguson are lie-
coming verv restive, and elo not hesitate to give niilsidcrs their mind about,
the delay of the mill and lumber. They
must hide a wee, and all will come
.las. Dixon, Vancouver, has a deal
on with the Utttlshol, peaple*. .If it
matures, I hope iL will turn out satisfactory., lo till paities.
Gossip stales the cutting of Lhe main
vein in the Silver Cup took place sonic
lime since, and is ns gootl as expected:
The Sunshine is quid, but f expect,  to
hear gootl accounts lrom her shortly, o
Quite ,-t lew claims have already
been staked this spring, whilst lots of
others are getting their assessment
work done: Prospecting proper has
not yet begun, neither will it for 3 or
-t.woeks. We, had epiitea heavy fall of
snow ou Friday last, giving IS inches
new snow. This of course was' fairly
high in the hills.
Mr. Btitho has arrived with cattle)
en route for Ferguson. He was asked to kill one beef at the lake and did
so, which will give us fresh 'meat for a
time. We wish Mr. Batho every success in his new undertaking. If
energy, push and courtesy will ensure
it, lie's got ii.ll of these.
Geo. Bonrkc*. is now enjoying himself
on the lake and mountains. He is us
happy as a boy with ti new toy. ���
Mrs. .Towelt is now in ftill play at
the Trout Lake Oily hotel, where her
kindly .face .and" greeting, cheer old
timers 'who have been away from
woman for years perhaps, but all are
pli'iisi-tl with the change. Everything
Js being done by the _. proprietors to
make itcoinfoiCtil)lilfoi'':iII..~- ���-.���'-'   -
Craig t&.Hillmaii'ctimij* in yesterday
with -1 four-horse; teams. I hope this
enterprising firm will get all they
want to do".
Beaton to Campbell are packing with
a full force of horses.
The Canadian Sold for $15,000 ��� Big
Strike Near Trout Lake ��� Business
Rushiug and Prospective Millionaires
Thomson's Landing, May 12.���We
have* been very busy farming at the
Landing during tlie last two weeks, so
those who expected items .from us in
pointed will have to excuse us on this
We have great difliculty'in getting
teams to do lhe necessary farm work
on the Laiidiii~crand arcs ut' the opinion
that two or three ' mores four-horse
teams will bo required to do the business between hero and Trout Lake and
Ferguson during the coming summer.
The holel at the_ljaiitling is crowded,
and 15 to 20 have to sleep on the floor
every night. The furniture foi- the
new" liotel at Thomson's is expected
this week. After tliis'arrives it will
e.-iso matters considerably.
Two steamers, the Marion and the
Lardeau, .lie making daily trips from
Arr-owhi'titl.to Thomson's with freight
and passengers.
Mr. ,T. Bel way has sold the Canadian
on Seven-mile t.'roek.a tributary of the
south fork of the Lartleaii, to a Vancouver company for $15,000. a part of
which was paid down. This chiim.
whicli is an extension of the Black
Eagle, is a line looking prospect, assaying over $100 to tlu* ton in golel,
rilver and copper. Thus one by one
the Liirdeau and Tiout. Lake prospectors are being roivarded. and ;is Mr.
Bel way has ti number of other gooel
claims on Fish anel Lardeau Greets,
we trust In; will be able to dispose of
tliem all at equally gootl figures.
There is a big lend of very barren
looking ore near Trout L-ike which
has heretofore been supposed to be
worthless. But a pro'-pi't-tor hail
piece of the epttirtz assayed, and to his
astonishment it carried $U0 in silver
and $50 in gold. Six claims have; already been staked. They tire slaking
it as the snow disappears, ami there i.-.
no telling how many claims will be
sttiked 011 it before July. The storekeeper at the Landing is in em it. It
only cost him a gold watch to become
a miUianaire in prospective.
Those fiom Ferguson state that both
hotels are crowded at that town, and
that those who have secured a heel are
offered $2 to sit in a chair all night by
those less fortunate.
Mr: G. B. Batho has taken np a
gang of men to erect 11 store at Ferguson. He has moved his family*up
there, and expects $10,000 in a" few
Ben Roaniy and T. V. Downing
have gone up Fish Creek, and we expect they will have added a milllion or
two to their already large fortune before they return." :
It i.s .reported hero that a gentleman
nanieel King is going to open a store
-ab "front Lake City.       '
E::pelhd from Paris���Earthquakes in Australia���Americans Dying- of Starvation
in Cuba���The Tariff Knocks out the"
Tobacco Men���The Jubilee Celebration in London and New York.
(Special t i thk Herald.)
London, May 15.���Tho Greeks .���instill fighting. They attacked the Tiir;
kish army at its weakest point, near
Greboro, but were driven back with
terrible loss. The, Sultan refuses to
grant an armistice [until the terms of
peace, submitted by the Powers, have
been nppioved by him. He is acting
on (he advice of the' German Emperor?
Paris, May 15.���Tom Mann, a labor
agitator or London, attempted to speak
in .Paris. He wtis expelled from the*
country by the policO.
London,  May 15.���A   special   from
Melbourne reports that 00  earthquake
slxjcks have been felt in South Austr.-i-
iti within the las,three days.   In many
quarters tho people are living in tents.-
A Hundred  U. S. Citizens Driven Away
From Their Plantations to Die
Washington,    May    15.���In   the"
report, of   the   committee on foreign
affairs, ib is stated, that  a ' hundred
U. S. citizens tire dying  of starvation
in Cuba.   They have been driven fi-om'
the plantations to the cities, and have'
no means of support. '       " "     _' _,<;���'*"
,  New  York, May  15.���The-Jubilee,-
celebrants will found a honie for aged.
Britishers iii_the States.*~
~      , .      *. ���       /
London,   May -*-15_*y-An.oi'icans   in-'
London will commemorate the Jubilee
by; establishing beds in all the hospitals for sick Americans. -   .
Tobacco Factories Knocked Out by' the". .
New Tariff
Montreal.   May  15.���The   Liberal'
majority in the house  is  still   in   dispute, many of the contests being very
Ottawa,   May' 15.���The   Conserva--
lives made  an   ineffectual: but strong-"
fight against the American Bank Note
Company   getting   the   contract '  for-
.printi 11 g-Caiuulian-bills._-   . .,^���ii-���.
Fielding intimates that there is al-'
most sufficient evidence that there is-
11* combine between certain uianu--
fac-lureis. _ A-little more proof and.
down goes the tariff,' on the article-
manufactured.-'  ���) ���
Montrea l. May 15���Following closely 011 the news that 500 hands have
been thrown 011b by Tuckott's tobacco-
factory closing down on ar.count of the
tariff, comes the news of the closing
down of Fen tier's tobacco factory.
The Premier on the River Bank-The
Condition of the Townsite Pressed on
the Attention of the Owners
At Ihe meeting of the executive
council of the boanl of trade, held on '
Thursday night, a letter wtis read
from the Premier'which excuses the
provincial government from undertaking the protection of the river bank
here, as il is a matter exclusively belonging to the Dominion government,
which has jurisdiction over navigable
waters. The Dominion appropriation
of $10.(je".l0 is too small for the magnitude! of lhe undertaking. The
provincial government has stiongly
tirged upon the Dominion government
the impoitane-e of protecting Ihe river
bank at Revelslokivand is willing to
co-opci.ite as far as possible without '
prejudicing its position in respect to
matters over which the Dominion has"
exclusive control. A letter from the
citv clerk of Toronto enclosing" a petition against the application of the
Bell Telephone Co. 10 increase their
rate's, was also read.' -
Resolutions were passed directing
the secretary to wire H. Bostock.
M.P.. to return the deeds'of town pro- '
pei-tv forwarded to Ottawa in lsSX),
and,"to XV. .Mclnnes. M.P.v member for
Vancouver, in support of his , resolution for the establishment of a-mini in
Canada. The secretary was also instructed to write Mr.T. L. Haig, agent
for the Smelter. C to K. S. "*.'. Co.'s,
and V. P. . R. townsite.; calling- his
attentiorr to'the disgraceful condition
of the;1 townsite. and urging that it !>��.-
cleared and tlie streets graded at
cint.e. os its present state is a reproach-1
to Revelstoke.   .������.��
* C
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The farmers had sold  them to a Leamington man. and when  Inspector jMcEachran declared' that  hog cholera existed and ordered them  killed the buyer compelled the farmers  to refund his money. The farmers  then got County Councillor Fox to  protest to the Dominion .Government,  and another examination was arranged to bo held by Dr. Wilson, si'.,  of London, Dr. Golden, of Windsor,  and Dr. Prdu, of Kinjrsville. When  the veterinaries arrived Dr. McEach-  ran insisted on killing tit least 12 of  the animals. After examining, their  internal organs he declared that they  had pneumonia, iind ordered them all  destroyed. The 12 de-id hogs, he said,  must be buried. The; farmers then  rose up and refused, more especially iis  the other veterinaries declared the  animals to be pet-feetlv healthy. The  carcases had all been hung up but the j  inspector cut them clown mid repented (  his order for burial. The farmers,  however, obtained a delay, and during  last nighb the carcases disappeared,  and ar" sail! to be pickled by this  time. The rest of the animals me still  alive and personal violence is threatened in case Dr. ~"cl~nchi'\n tries lo  enforce his decree*. Dr. JMcEachran  has left town. Tbe other doctors will  send portions of the dead bog.-.' yis-  crras to lhe Veterinary College in  Toronto.  A Reply toBudyard Kiplirg'o I'ooni.  Kor a season I am, mother, your Lady  of the Snows,  Yet I little like good mother, Uie.name  your song smith chose.  The overlord o' the North  was never  the master o' me;  _11 us__wi vesjie._has_in_.the_ Northland.  holds by fetter of trost.  These he hath,   and holds,  and  they  are forever lost.  Me he wins in the Autumn   by   spells  and subtlety.  But my   heart;  grows warm   in   the  spring  and   he   goeth    reluctant  from tne.  Then doth the blanket  o'   snow   that  hath for  five  months  covered us  twain  Melt in the fire   o'   the  sun,   and the  aftermath  is   the cleansing rain.  Then I rise me up and laugh and am  glad to be free.  Look at nie, then, sir song-smith, lock  at the habit I wear,  Look at me, then, my mother, through  seven months o' the year,  Look, and say ye if I am always frozen  and drear.  Look, then, at my green attire,  and  say if I am not fair.  Watch,   then,   O   good  mother,   the  decking of a maid.  O. mother, watch  me day upon day,  growing rnorc and more fair.  Waich me put on the  magic of May,  and set her flowers in 1713- hair.  But turn not your eyes, then, from nie;  I am yet bub half arrayed.  Watch, and ye shall see nie donning a  kirtle o' gold.  The gold of my million acres of sunlit  and wind swayed wheat,  Which later the world shall purchase,  for it is the nations' meat.  Say, then, if my e-uick body belongs to  * the dead, white cold.  Watch, and   ye  shall  see   me  make  bright my bodice with ilowers;  Scarlet and put pie and yellow, amber  and orange and green.  Say it my habit is not, then, meet for  a summer ejueen:  Say if one of your daughters,  mother.  hath fairer bowers.  For a season I am, mother, your Lady  of the Snows,  Yet I like not, dear mother,  the name  your song smith chose.  ���������Marstyn Poejue.  KOOTENAY'S   MEAT SUPPLY  Hundreds  of   Cattle   Required   to Feed  the People of   that District.  Nelson Miner: The people of Kootenay now consume something like  .$00,000 worth of fresh meats every  month and'most of tbe snpplv comes  trom the Canadian North   West Terri-  toiies.One firm���������P. Burn-4 A: Co.. of  this city���������ships in between TOO and 7?)  head-of cattleiand-frorn--]_i)')-to���������K~yQ-  head of sheep,-every VM days. They  now have 9.0GO head cf steers herded  on the prairies around Calgary, lCri-  monton and Fort Macleod awaitins  transportation to this district. It is  estimated that this enormous amount  of iieef will be consumed before the  end of the summer.  Within the last few w,*eks the- T*rief*  of beef hits advanced consider.-) blv and  dealers are now compelled to pay four  cents per pound for live slock wheiej  thev formerly could obtain as much a-r  was required for three anil three and  three-fourths cents per pound. Thr.  rise is Siiicl to be clue to the increasing  demand in Kootenay and the improvements of the Chicago and English  markets.  A lawyer in Stratford, Ontario,  whose sign reads "A Swindle," I Was  advised by a friend to have his first  name spelled out in full���������Arthur, or  Andrew, or whatever it might be. He  didn't follow his advice, however. His  first name is Adam.  '"Ian Himself 1������   a   Gamble Contagioni  Disease,"  '1'lln.t "man is a curable contagious  disease" is the contention of a witty  contributor 10 tliu current number of  The "Xew- Review, lie lias discovered  that the worlel is alive���������is it strange,  gelatinous creature, pulsating imperceptibly :hroughout every aero of its  surface; and, wilh the aid of a. seismograph, he lias found Uiat these pulsations or earth-waves, long and short,  ire the sy-mbols of a language -far  transcending all spoken languages in  directness and simplicity. His new language ���������'"can bo learned in an hour"-;  and the earth's soliloquies have been  overheard, and its thoughts and reilec-  lions caught, as a perfect physiologist  might catch the thoughts of a man if  the skull vibrated "with Uie movements  of lhe living- brain. Unanswerable evidence has thus been, secured that the  v.'hole generation of men is regarded  by the earth with heart-felt loathing  " nci^contempt; that oui- annihilation is  (lit- object of the big creature's most  fervent wishes; for it (or perhaps wa  should say he) has been heard to express its aversion in the ' following  terms: "They crawl on me. they burrow into me They are soft and illmy  and small, but they bore into my rocky  skin. In the bath of light where" I,  lhe orderly one, the crown and joy of  myself, turn my exquisitely punctual  .otnursaults, they hatch uncle.inlinesses  mil kill tliem and gorge their pulpy  Mule bodies with death. They gather  together in nests, and where their nests  ire. my skin is furrowed and polluted,  and the air whereiu I wrap myself is  ;>lackened. I. the orderly one. the solitary roller on the path of perfection,  Rm diseased with -vermin I "When. I  turn them 10 the light, they push themselves hither and thither, and prop  '.hemselves on their protuberances;  tvher. I turn them away from the light,  they fall against me in. millions, and  sleep, touching me." Such being the  "artli's unfriendly disposition, the contusion is obvious���������that he "may one  Jay wrinkle his bnck and shake himself, as a. dog shakes his ears, and send'  ns tumbling to a. thousand- surprising  'deaths." The mnod of * disdain for all  '.he concerns of human society can no  fnrthc-r_go. .          "This- Ts���������tiTe-in nc_"~eJT~ cl rsaWoTnCmeif t"  \nt\ of failure: Beneath the humor in.  'he expression lies a pessimism thai in  this country at rhis lime will hardly be  ���������.ir.dc-rsfood. But it is a. mood which we  have Just escaped. IC the great problems which our people have faced thi.s  year had l.ecn decided not for tho  right, but for the wrong, there woulel  to-day be sympathetic American auditor-* for one- who should entertalningly  Slse-ourse    of human    bacilli,���������Harper's  Weekly.  Parliament at Ottawa will like-ly  complete its work in June.  The universal postage congress  opened in Washington on Wednesday.  Chicago donated 8l~,C~Q.inrl 2"i carloads ot corn to the Indian famine  sulTerers.  Contracts have been let' for lhe  remodelling of the Victoria, bridge,  Montreal.  Bobby: "Pa. what is an heir-at-  law:-" Pa: "Utisuallv the lawver,  Bobby."'  At the Fort Steele office in April 121  Free Miners' licenses were granted;  111 records of mineral claims, and -'ft'  transfers.  Ban go. and Dibbs have jtmt  discoverd a three foot galena ledge  within seven miles ot Fort Steele, up  Wild Horse Creek.  George Dougherty reports a new  strike on Wild Horse* Creek nrnr Fort.  Steele. He claims it is the richest  rock yet found in tho district, as gold  can readily be .seen with the* naked  eye, and the cropping me:asure's 10  feet in width.  At. a meeting of the Vancouver  Trades arid Labour Council I11M.  Friday night the Dominion Government was severely criticized and  condemned for shelving the Mongolian  question. '"This was a matter of vitnl  importance to the masses" the  Premier said while on a visit to the  Slope before election, "and whatever  the West wanted in the way :>f  Chinese legislation he, if yelec'ed,  would see that the. West pot it." "5ub  oh now what a difference in the  morning.  ���������<���������-,  lltirtit. Diwl l'.'titill.'������������.  Whet: Ilob-rt Burns dt^il the* Mlo-"-  ;������g obituary appeared in The Edinburgh Advertiser of July if,. 17'jS, si.iy:i  lhe New Y'irk Press: "<->n th" -Jlct  inst., died at Dumfries. aft-_r :t llnccr-.  Ing illness, the rei<_i,r:U.-i! Robert  Rums. Ili-S pr'tit-al t -.rnpDSttl'inH. <l-s-  llnguish"il criualiy by the force nt native humor, by tli.- wat-mih and l-neler-  aess ot pasalun and l.y th..; gbnvint;  touches of a ib-������. ripl've p, ncil. will r--���������  ;noiri a la-siing rii.niui!i������ni i-f th- vigor  ind versatility of ;_. mind KUi.i'iI inly  ���������iy lh- light_-< of nature ar.-l by the m-  ���������piratlin ut genius. Tli'-* ptji.lt.- to  nh-'S!" amusement he has ."-������ la.-:; ,-i;.-  contributed will learr* w.'sh regr.-t "l-.at  Ins extraordinary endowments v..-.r������ -i--.-  ronipanln" with -Trallli-s which it-r.-li-r-  .-���������d them useless to himself and his family. The last months of his sh'-rt life  were spent In sickness and indip-nr-e,  ind his wld')-..'. with five children, and  ji the hourly expectation of a sixth, 13  now Ifft without any resource, but  what =h-? may hope fn������n the- r<.-g,-ud  3ue  to the memory of her hirst,.1 ml.  "The public are r*_.s_j������scl__lly inf'.iin-  rd that contn-rrucions for lhe wife and  family of the late Robert Hums ''-.-/no  are left in circumstance" of ������������������xi,-".-  digress) tvil! tie receive^ at the h-iU'.'-l  nf Sir William Forbes <_ e";.,., of .\f���������jsrs.  MnnFfield. Ramsay & ('<���������.. nnd tu lhe  <thrtp������ r.f the Kdinbtirgh l,o.>_<.vc|lr-r4. It  ir- proposed to publish some time hence  a posthumous volume, r.f tl!'-- poet ..__���������_]  retn-iin-* of Robert Rums for th" l.'-i ��������� -  fit of the author'.* family: lux fn'ri-W  and rteriualntari'CB are rer|ii<*������|cil to  transmit such poems and b-tter^ a;  may happen to l>e in their pr_ips"_*������i..i  to Alexaji'Ior Cunningham, AVtit-t  t"eorge-5'trc'.'t, "Ktl in burgh; or to John  fiynie.'Ks'|.. Ryetlale. nuinl'rics. Il t-*  hoped that, in Lhe meantime, none of  his original productions will be e:om-  munk-.'ited to the publb; through the  channels oT neivspapfrs or uiagazln-s.  e_> as to injure Uie sale of the intended  f.uMIca.Uon,"  owan-Holteq-Downs Go  Wholesale dealeis in  ^les, Wiqes, Spirits and Cigars.  Agcuts-foi' K. AV. Kara Oo.'s Pianos, aiul tho Goold Bicyclus Co.'s Celebrated  Bieyele  ^ Revelstoke, British Columbia.  IMPERIAL B/V.NK   OF CANADA  H_ad Office, Toronto  Paid Up Capital     -   SI,963,600  Reserve     -  _- -_-     1,156,800  Directors  II. S. Howliind,  President  T.K.Merritt, Vice Pres., (St.Catharines)  AVilliam.Kamsay, Robert Jalfray,  Hugh Ryan,   T.  Sutherland Stayner,  D. R. Wilkie. General Manager.  Branches  North West and British Columbia  Brandon  Calgary  Edmonton  Portage la  Prairie  Prince Albert  Vitcouvei  Winnipeg  Revelstoke  Ontario  Essex Niagara Falls   ISb. Thomas  Fergus        Porb Colborne .Toronto  Gait RabPorbagc      IWelland  Ingersoll    SaultSb. Marie j Woodstock  Sb, Cabharines j  Agenbs   m   Greab   Britain���������Lloyd's  Bank,  Ltd., 72 Lombard St.,  London,  wibh whom money may he'deposited  for transfer by letter,, or cable to  of above branches.   A gen tsj n___th ejln i ted__S_tates���������Ne.w.  York, Bank of Montreal, Bank" of  America; Chicago, First National  Bank; St, Paul, Second National Bank  Savings Bank Department���������Deposits  of .$1 and upwards received and  interest allowed.  Debentures ��������� Provincial, Municipal  and other debentures purchased.  Drafts and Letters of Credit���������Available at all points in Canada, United  Kingdom, United States, F.urope,  rndia, China, Japan, Australia, New  Zealand, etc  Gold  Purchased.  A. R. B. HEARN.  Manager Revolstoko Branch.  THE M0LS0HS BANK  Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1855  Paid up Capital     -     $2,000,000  Rest Fund   -     -    -     1,400,000  Head Oflice���������Montreal  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  John II. R. Molson, President  S. II. JEwing, Vicc:President  W. M. Ramsay Henry Archbald  Samuel Kin lev    W.M.Macpherson  J. P. Cleghorn  F. Wolferstan Thomas, Gen. Managpi  A. D. Dumford,  Inspector  II. Lockwood, Assistant Inspector  The bank receives on favourable  terms the account" of individuals, firms,  bankers and municipal and other  corporations.  Interest allowed on deposits at  current rates.  Knglish and American exchange  bought and sold at lowest rates.        ���������',  BRANCHES:  Aylmer, Ont.       I Ottawa, Onb.  Brockville, Ont.  Calgary, Alta.  Clinton, Out.  Exeter, Ont.  Hamilton, Ont,  London, Ont.  Meaforel, Out.  Montreal, P. Q.  St. Catharine  St. Branch.  Morrisburg.Ont.  Norwich, Ont.  CALGARV BRANCH  Geo. C   McGregor Mgp  WIN-V1PKQ HRiKIJH  T. 6. Phopoe, Manager  Owen Sound. Out.  Ridgetown, Ont.  Smiths Falls, Ont  Sorel. P. Q. '  St. Thomas, Ont.  Toronto. Ont.  Toronto.Iunc'n.Ont  Trenton, Ont.      '  Waterloo, Ont  "W ootlsfock.Ont  Winnipeg, Man  flerchant's Hotel  Illecillewaet, B. C.  This hotel has inst been renovateil throughout, a nil is now  first-class in every respect. Good accoinniochitiou. Best  Wines, Liquors and Cigars afc the Bar.  W.J. Lappan, Proprietor,  se  Tho Largest Hotel in Town. ' ������*-'��������� ������.  Centrally Located. '..."'  ��������� .Be.st Accomodation. "      ,     '.  St. Leon Hob Springs, on Upper Af row  Lake, run in connection.  Rates $1.00 Per Day.    .-,   Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  BROWN, & CLARKE, Proprietors, Revelstoke.  When at ..  m  Golden, b. g.  The g.iteway to the grout  East kootenay   f  -cold fields  THE If nnTFgjAV Uniipr:  assures you every cninfoVt, exquisite     .,  I    tables and commodious rooms- ��������� ���������  *      Hi'tidijuarters  for  coiiiinercial and'  mining men,   Free sample,rooms.  Port Qteele Stni,'o lenves Kootenay  House    every  Tiiebtiny.  Strictly First Class    *    S.ADLER, Propr;  When in Vancouver stop at the  Oriental Hotel  Free bus afc all trains.  Com lor table  and  iirsfc-class   in  every respect.  Itutos:  $1.00 and $1.50 a'day.  LANT/j & GIBBONS,  i'20-tf Proprietors.  Any one Requiring  WOOD  Can buy it  Cheaper from  W pleming  Than you can afford to,  steal   it and1 take the  chances of beini? caught  Dfaying  KSpeeiaJty  Iaocju Prices  Wendell Maclean  Wholesale  and -Retail  Druggist Calgary  Mail Orders.Promptly Attended To.  122-tf  LiEE 8t ATKI-flSOK.  Builders and Dealers in  Carriages.   Buggic-;,   Buckboarilp,  Democrat*-, ���������ltoud   Wagons,  .Heavy Cartngo Wagons,  Etc., Etc.  ���������   Second hand Buggies,  etc.  always  on hand.  Write us for prices and particulars."  We can build  you 11, i.ig   to order  ���������  they can't be beat.  CRIiGHHY,       *       flliBERTfl.-  L.   JI.   FRETZ  Coritraetop and Builder.  Shop oppoBite Imperial Bank.   .  Workmanship Guaranteed  ���������     ���������������"' ���������   Terms Cash  CUJAJAWS & CO..  The   PIONEER   STORE,. .  always-   keeps    in   stock",  a full line   of  ���������Minei-s'' Supplies  ~"FjKGUSO"N. Ji. c.  Sam Needham  Clothes  Cleaned  Altered  Repaired  In Good Style at Lowest Pricea.  Douglas Street ���������. Rf.vklstoke  / *-������"���������������������  f.4  of  Seep Your  Eye   on  The Great  Lardeau Townsite  is the richest mining* district in British Columbia  is right in the heart of  Lardeau's richest mines  \\(  Promising Ferguson Claims  Cascade Group Pool  Group  Galena Prince G'r'p  Silver Chief Group  Great Home Group Big Five- Group  "Wnf~j~ouer JSroup     Abbott Group  American Group  Black Eagle Group  Pilot Knob Group  Highland Group  Glengarry Group  Blackburn Group  Holy Moses Group  Ped Plume Group  PLAN  . or Mftr' ot������ -  Each group contains from 3 to IS claims  trout  lake: MININC Ply'.1.  1  horn  , ���������������   -  GneArtfofw:*:** ������������������  Pool. * *  t������AZi s������or -  -  r-iet.t.1 /^."t*s  '���������  /? 'HtCi.4 "   -,  ..  //   /?������������> OtA.2    ' ���������  - it. ventre Qjai*���������  '   /'-   WACt/C.X  * /J* A90or  - J& eSLAtK  P/t/ftetl  * ty Amcrica*. -v.  - es tf-vgn srAA.  *��������� 19  Wti.0 Slt/AfS  ������ J/   Coi.p  /</-/������  * JA ftft������A.i������:*rt fiiii  " _*_? ArJtirsSetf  - if Sa'W Cut.t.c?n������/>ror  ��������� ���������*���������������* /lAMdy     C/ZaOf*  "   J*   7tC2t   c+./������+-  - 1.J   /M.*c<  ������*Cl������  J-C-n..,-.  -7   <  Jit.  Lt-l ._���������  -������������������    --i-1.    .  j~e.-<-.  ������~.tl~At  . SJ,  <r  / *-   .  *~*  "<  J3.  III  Ferguson Working Mines  Broadview Badshot  V*" 'V *-������ ^<*'' ������*.  Old Sonoma  Great Northern  Hillside  Suushiue  Black Prince  Silver Queen  True Fissure  Towser  Silver Cup  All within a radius of 1 to 0 miles  | J.  IV-  Ferguson is the Terminus  of    the    projected-.  LaVdean    Railway���������to   be   built   this   summer.  At the present ground floor price tlio best real-estate investment  on  - ���������  the market is FERGUSON' lots.  C. E. SHAW  GENERAL AGENT  REVELSTOKE  A Corner Lot at $160 c^or b$% S.^ed  An Inside Lot at $110  -   be     secured  for $27.50 down  PREMIER      GREENWAY'S     PROPOSED   RAILROAD,    __   ,  OVER A RECENT DISMISSAL  ^"Tarte Explained tlie Case and Foster  Scored the Government���������Ministers  to Accompany Laurier to England���������  Winnipeg Will Send Four Soldiers  OTTAWA.'May S.���������There was another  ^display_of^fire__3v_oi'ks__lin__the__llp_.use_of_  Commons yesterday over the dismissal  ol civil .servants. ' This time it was  lion. Israel Lnrte who wielded the axe  in dealing with one named MeCalluni,  .emolovoe'l on the Lievere canal work's.  Jlr. Foster" brought *'i) the ejucstion  by asking Mr. i'liie ins grounds for  the dismissal. .. j,  Mr. Tarte related the case somewh.nt-  as follows:    "Mr. McCallum's position'  was not a permanent one, he was Ri.pt  .. on from year to year." .:'  "Then Mr. Foster gave his statement,  of the case with all its harrowing 'details, on which tlie ex-Minister of .Finance dwelt with a sort of gloating.  He feared that the*Government,, of today is impressed with the idea that  they own tlie country, hut they art;  only ils executive management .'and  tho labouring man has his rights iis  ' well as other people.  -It is reported that Hon. Messrs.  Cartwright, Fielding anil Tarte will  accompany Premier Laurier to London in June*.  '   . WINNIPEG'S C0STISOKNT.  Winnipeg. May S.���������Four men eif  the Ninetieth Hatlalion will go "to  England in June for the diamond jubilee celebration.  A   QUARREL    IN    ROYALTY  McLeod,   Conservative,   Will   Sit   for  North Ontario���������A Tobacco Factory  '     Closed' Down���������Some New Shipping  ' Regulations���������A  Winnipegger Dead  Ottawa, May 10.���������Premier Green-  wary's scheme for a railroad to Duliith  is much talked about here. MacDon-  ncll, of Selkirk, has a bill in hand now  to secure a charter for the proposed  route. .It is entitled the Winnipeg.  Duluth and Hudson's Bay Company.  The route of the railway,; is from "a  point on the international boundary  between the cistern limit of range l.J  aud east of the lirst'principal meridian  and Lake of the Woods: thence to  Winnipeg anil thence by way of tin*  of the west siele of Lake Winnipeg to  Port Nelson. The proposal to build to  the Hudson's Bay is not so important  to the promoters as tho pari from  Winnipeg south to the e'.-istcrn terminus, whicli is the real purpose of  th" bill.  The preliminary counting of the  -votes cast in the* North Ontario olee-  tlion was liedel on Saturday anil went  to show that McLeod, the Conservative candidate, had a  majority ol  17,  whereas the county judge gave the  seat to Graham, the 'Liberal candidate, by a majority of seven at the  re-count", when llie Conservative party  was not represented.- The. matter is  to be tested iu the courts.  ;      A  CLOSE DOWN.  MONTi'iKAt,, May 10.���������W. C. McDonald's big tobacco factory has been  closeel down owing to the change of  tariff. Nearly a thousand hands are  thrown out of employment and it is  likely the close down will be permanent unless the Government will  change their new tarilV.  SIIII'l'INO REGULATIONS.    ���������  Montreai., May S.���������The cattlo iu-  spqctors.at Ibis port werenotilicd from  -Ot"tiWfrto"day~Ui1itrrhe regulations regarding the shipments of cattle had  been altered so that American cattle  can be shipped from a Canadian port  in a space of two feet six inches,  whereas the stc.unsnips are required  to provide a space of two feet eight  inches for each Canadian boast. Space*  for-American, cattle'has been quoted  by bmkers at-17s Od, whereas the prevailing rate for Canadian cattle is 50  shillings.  AN HOTEL MAN DEAD.  . WiNNU-Kci. May 10.���������Mr. P. O'Connor, the we'll known owner of-the-  Nicollet hpuse, and recently proprietor  os the English Chop House, is dead.  ���������' A ROYAL <._Aimi'L.  New York, May 10.���������A special despatch to the Sun lrom London today  says: "Lord Salisbury is said to have  joined in the quarrel in the Prince of  'Wales' household by prole-sting  against the aclion of the Princess of  Wales in subscribing to tbe Chronicle  fund for the relief of the Greek sick  and wounded. The fund is avowedly  partizan, and the action of one so near  the throne is considered as contrary, to  all national precedents, but it has  touched the popular heart and there  is an increased general sympathy for  the Princess in her sore trouble at  home and abroad.  DOMINION LANDS ACT.  Ottawa, May IL���������Nicholas Flood  Davin today moved the second reading  of- the bill to amend the Dominion  Lands Act by reducing' the time in  which ranchers have to homestead  without performing jt the ordinary  homestead duties.        "  Hon. .Clifford Sifton concurred in  the principle and the bill wtis given its  second reading.  Jlr. Davin also promoted the bill to  change the superannuation system in  vogue iu the North West Mounted  Police, but on the motion of the Premier it will be let stand for further  discussion.  Mr. Davis, member for Saskatchewan, moved the second reading of a  bill to amend tho -Mounted Police Acl  by reducing the term which must be  served in the eoips in order to obtain  a pension from _i~ years to ___<) years.  The First .Minister observed that he  fully concurred in the principle of the  proposed legislation.  NEWS FROM THE GREEK-TURK  SEAT OF WAR  THE REVOLUTIONARY PARTY  Making Things Uncomfortable  for  the  Royal   Family���������They  Are   Insulted  . on the Streets���������Greek Troops Will  Not     Leave    Crete���������Extermination  .  London.   May S.���������A Rome   corres-  pondentsays:  ._ . _   _.  '���������Private news from Athens which  escaped censorship shows the position  of royalty there to be more perilous  than ever. Members of the royal  ftimily rarely leave the palace and  their portraits have been withdrawn  from p.tiblic \iew. When the Queen  and Princesses visit the hospitals they  are openly insulted in the streets. The  palace is watched by . revolutionarv  agents lest "their inajesties . should  attempt to flee the country." ���������  TO EXTEHJIINATION  ATHENS, May 8.���������It is stated positively that if the Powers insist on the  withdrawal, of the Greek troops from  Crete as "a condition of mediation,  Greece will reply that she prefers war  even to extermination.  AN    ARMISTICE   ARRANGED  The Itasca warehouse, of St. Paul,  was ile'strovcil bv lire*, with' a loss of  about s?200,000.  Between the Two Armies for a Fortnight  ���������An Important Edict to Be Issued  ��������� Volo" Evacuated by the Greeks  ���������Turkish Forces Gain at Velastino.  Constantinople, May 10.���������It Js  learned that .a circular has been  addressed by Sheikh Ul Islam to  the Isnams in Constantinople and tbe  provinces which foreshadows a speedy  approach of the holy war, the edict  for the proclaiming of which is  already in preparation,  volo evacuated.  - The Turks, according to Saturday's  advices, have not yet reached Volo,  which is now completely evacuated by  the Greek troops. The foreicn legion  took part in fighting at Pharsalos,  An Englishman and two Italian  officers were killed.  the creeks routed.  Edhem Pasha, Turkish conmianc"er  in Thessaly, has telegraphed to the  Porte as follows: After a fierce battle  it considerable force of the Greeks at.  Velastino was utterly touted. We  captured the town, iinel afterwards  captured strategic points smrounding  Pelafiepe on the road to Volo. Our  victorious army is now marching on  that to~wu.  AN ARMISTICE   AURANGEIJ.  Athens? May 10.���������It is believed that  an armistice of a fortnight between  Greece and i'i Turkey has been  agreeel upon.     "  ORDERED TO LAY DOWN ARMS  A dispatch from Arta says Suae! Bey  Turkish commander, through a,Greek  priest at Arta, has issued a proclamation to the Christian population ordering them to'lay down their- arms as  otherwise their villages will be burned.  The environs of Kanja in Turkish territory are burning."  GARIIIALUl'S FOLLOWERS.  Kicotti Garibaldi'.s volunteeis started for the front yesterday, marching  to the station shouting, "Long live the  Social Revolution." These cries were  resented by the spectators.  a  CANADA   TAKES   THE LEAD  The  Colonial   Premiers   to   Form   the  ���������--First-Part^of��������� the���������Queen's^-Jubilee"  Procession���������The    War   Situation���������  Greece to   Get  Another Joint Note  London, May IL���������The first portion  of the Queen's Jubilee procession .will  will take place in London, on the 22nd  of June and will consist of the colonial  premiers escorted by representatives  of colonial corps. Canada w ill take  the lead.  THE WAR SITUATION.  London, May 11.���������Apart from Peace  negotiations the principal fen lures of  the situation is that Turkey is pressing  reinforcements forward and preparing  for rapid advance. Unless the powers  succeed in quickly preparing a settlement the Greeks are likely to sutler  further disasters, as lighting is predicted within the next few days.  The conditions insisted upon by  Germany the chief of which is that  Greece shall give her formal consent  to the principle of autonomy for Crete  will be'aecepted by tho Greek government.  The note of the powers has not yet  been presented! but it has been drawn  up and is to the following effect.  "Upon the formal declaration by  Greece that she will recall her troops  and agree to such autonomous regime  for Crete as the powers in their wisdom shall deem best and will accept  unreservedly the counsels of the  powers if they will intervene in the  interests of . peace." The note will  probably be presented tomorrow.  The German Minister has leceived  final instructions.  FREE TO VOTE AS THEY PLEASE  Ottawa, May 8.���������Several telegrams  have, been published in Quebec purporting to pive the opinions of* the  papal delegate on the school settlement. These telegrams have been  used in the election. Merrv del Val  thereby authorized the following,  which his secretary has sent to La  Minerve: "His Excellency wishes to  say for the moment that in an  election where the issue is only'the  question of administration each is in  conscience at liberty to vote for the  candidate whom he prefers."  TIME C/\RD NO. I  To ttike effect en' Wednesday, November 23  lS9j,   Trainsrun on Pacillo btundardTime.  C0IXO WKST DAILY GOISO  EAST  8:00 am Leave Kasln Arrive 3:30 p 111  8 "6 a in *' ...South Fork... " 3:15 pm  i:~iiiim " ....Sproulo'd.... " 2:1.5 pm  DtSlani ' ...wuitewuter... " 2:00pm  10.03am " ... BonrLako... " 1:18 pm  10:18 a in      "   ... JlcGuiRan....   "      1.33 pm  lU:~Dam      "    Bailey's    "      1:21pm  10:38am      "   .... Junction    "      1:12pm  10:50 u m Arrivo^v^Sandon.^r?v-I_,eavel:CO p in  Dr. Hamilton, of Toronto, for  abortion on the McNally girl, was  sentenced today to two years anel a  half, and Constable*. Bustard, in the  same case, to three years.  For rales and  information applv   at  tho  Company's offices.  1". W. BUY AN,  RO BT. HIVING. Supt. and jVsat. Treau.  Trailit'. Jlnnugcr,' Kuslo  . ALLEN'S  For   use, in   cases   where  disease., eats   olf the horn  "of the hoof  Also  a Never Failing: Remedy  For fungus growth ol' ilesh  in any shape whatever, or  old   stand ing   sores   that  other remedies have Failed  to cure.  Try  It and Savo Your  Horse  Here is n never failing remedy. .  For sale by  W. A. ALLEN  Veterinary Surgeon       Calgary  F. McCarty  Wholesale and Retail  Butcher  Dealor in: -  Milk Cows, Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught Horses.  Revelstoke Station   -,   -    B. C.  When You Reach Sandon  Buy Your Supplies-  HAY, timotliy and prairie; OATS,  CHOP, BRAN, SHOK" S. "LOUR,  POTATOES EGGS BUTTER,  FISH, HAMS, UACON, Etc..  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Preaching services at 11 a.m. and 7:30  p.m. Class meeting at the close of the  mornihff service, inbbsth School and Bible  Clans nt 2:30 p.m. Weekly prayer meeting  everv Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. The  public are cordially invited. Seats free.   '     REV. J. A. WOOD. Pa������lor'.  pHUROH   OK    ENGLAND ��������� Bevelitoke  V^   Ber vices:    DMI7. evening   prayer 5. M.  7 with address.   Sundays:   Holy Communion  8 a.m., morning prayer 11. crecing prayer 7-30.  First Sunday in month Holy Communion at  morning services.  FRANK T. FOBD, Vicar.     '  PRESBYTERIAN   CHURCH-ReTelstoke.  ' Uetvica  every   Sundav  eienire   at  7-30  p.m.    Bib'c Civs at   2i*0   p.m.,  to which  all aro welcome.   M. GEDDE-. B. A-. Mlsiloaary.  ROMAN   CATHOLIC   CHURCH ��������� Revelstoke.    Mass  fourth   eunday. ia  month  REV. FATHER PEYTAVIN.  at 10-30 a.m.  Ppaetieal  Water_makei-  C. P. R. Watch Inspector  j\nd Repairer  PROFESSIONAL  WB. McKECHNIE.  ��������� IM. 1)., M. D. C. X.)  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Fauipiioi', mining recorder,  of Nakusp, litis been g'i'/.et.leil us nol.  iii-y public.  * Buggy for sale���������out* horse, open,  secondhand���������going cheap. Applv to  XV. XI. Pease eV Co.' I"my2t  Three curs of ronre-ut rules from the  Lanark wei-o sliippi'd em Weelncsday  friini Vnni-ouvcr to San Francisco nil  the Wnlla Walla.  M<������ksi-s. XV. 11. Pool ami A. li. Kin-  caiele and a party of men leave nn  Monday for Ferguson to commence  work on the Net t ie L.  A Toronto despatch says that Rev.  Peter Scott, Ii. A., a newly ordaine-d  Presbyterian minister, has left London, Out., for Itevelstoke, where he  has been appointed to a charge*.  - Mr. C. 15. Shaw left yesterday for  Ferguson tei open np an agency for the  townsite there, as the numerous demands for lols right on the spot  render the presence of an agent right  there very necessary.  J. Mi-Calluni received a carload of 1-1  horses from Olds yesterday. They are  a mixed lot of saddle*, pack, driving,  and work horses. The horses are  ranging near town, and Jlr. McCul-  lum, who can be seen at his house  near the "station, will round them up  any time for inspection.  Before long, what with one half the  population, including ladies, struggling with the mysteries of the wily  bike, and a large, proportion of the  other hill I' having just enough mastery  of their wheels to go prettyfast.but not  enough to avoid a collision, if going at,  a good pact', nnd all on one, narrow  strip of road, there is going to be a  fatal bicycles accident in Itevelstoke.  Messrs. White and Sibbald. owners  of the. famous Glengarry mine*, at the  head of Boyd Creek in" the LnriU'.-tii  district, will put a full force of men at  work on that property on the lirsb of  ,1 line. The Glengarry is onu of the  most promising properties in the.  country, nnil the owners expect, to  have it. in good working shape before  full Slocan Pioneer.  Mr. L T. Brewster, secretary of the  Carnes Creek Mining Co.. came in to  town yesterday morning, having  walked down from the Itosehory  claim. lie left T. \V. Bain and his  party installed al, the mine and working two shifts on the. tunnel. The  i.-ompimy intend to go on with lhe  tunnel on the Itoscihery claim, and  also do same work on two other  claims which they own near there.  They will nl>o do some work on their  claim nt Illecillewaet. ami they have  prospectors out in the Big Bend country ns well.  Mr. ICellie informs ilm Hichai.p.  lhat the map for which the commissioner of Lands and Works has been  wailing before lit* could register lilies  to lots iu Itevelstoke has been recently  forwarded front Ottawa, aud Ilia', if  owners will send their deeds to Victoria, they .-tin be registered. lie  thinks that if an etTeu'i. was made to  get. back tin* papers now at Ottawa  ���������intl forward llit-in to Victoria, I he-  whole land title difTicuIty woultl be ut  an end. It is obvious of coursi; that  Ihey cannot register lilies at Victoria  without the deeds to go on.  An Interesting Budget of Local, Personal  and   General   Items  Round   and  About Revelstoke.  The Herald for .lob Printing.  * Fine salt mackerel at C. B. Hume  to Co.'s.  * H. N. Coursier is agent for Hie  Ileintzmun Piano.    -  * It. Howson to Co. have some fine  kitchen tables at a bargain. 3  Gen. Supt. Marpole left for the  south country on Wednesday.  Geo. Lafornic. left for Calgary on  "Wednesday to buy paekhorses.  * Call on R.Howson to Co.nnd see the  display of furniture just arrived.   3fc  The roael into Ferguson will be completed by the end of the week.  Mr. and Mrs. It. V. Pettipiece  returned from Pullman, Wash., yesterday.  * R. Howson to Co. have a choice  line of cheap bedroom sets. Get one.  before they are sold out.  % G.o to C. Ii. Hume to Co.'s to inspect their large new stock of table  e-utlery. '  * There is a nice line of sideboards  on display at the sh.iwrooni of It.  Howson to Co.  They are selling cheap.  Mr.   J.   M.   Harris,   owner   of   the  Sandon  townsite,   went   through    en  -route for the east on  Thursday morning.  R. W. Green and five men started  up to the canyon this morning to do  stune work at clearing the trail to the  Big Bend.  II. Howard left on Thursday for  Coldstream -with a boat load of supplies for himself and two cutters to  cut firewood for the lllecillewaet.  Mr. T. II. Parr, D.L.S.,of Winnipeg,"  went down to Coniaplix on "Wednesday to lay out the townsite for tlie  Kootenay Lumber Co.  A new stock of silver knives, forks  and spoons opened up ut. C. li. Hume  to Co.'s.   Call and see* them.  The fence and old warehouse at. tlio  lower end of King street have been  removed, and the street is clear of  obstructions.  General Superintendent Marpole  returned from the south country yesterday. Additional sidetrack is to be  provided tit Arrowhead at once.  Merchants and business men requiring neatly priiitetl letter heads, bill  heads, envelope*, etc.. should call on  the Hkkald for prices. Our stock is  of the'best.  . A number of old prospectors, who  are taken with the appearance of tin*  hills right around Revelstoke. have  made up their minds to prospect the.tn  this season.  Notices of "Dangerous; ! Drive  Slowly" have been placed at each end  of that portion of Third street threatened by the crumbling ol" the liver  bank.  _______I_te_sidMt_____near_itlie   brewery    are  complaining nf'the abominable-suiells"  arising from  decaying  animal matter  ��������� left on the site  of  Mr. McCarty's old  slaughter house.    "  The Methodist Conference now in  session at. Vancouver have elected Rev.  Thos. Crosby, president. Rev. J. A.  Wood has been appointed to the Revelstoke station again.  Capt.Troup brought the Illee-illewaet  up to the lower whai'l^iti'st night, but  after paying a visit to' the canyon, decided notto attempt the passage till  after high water next fall.  Mr. F. K. McXainara, of Spokane,  one of the oldest sissayers in Uie west,  intends to visit the Lardeaii country  this season. He has already taken in  the Okanagan valley, and thinks very  highly of mining prospects there.  Mr. li. Ferguson returned from the  Sunshine claim on the Arm on Weel-  ni'sday. He has run n thirty foot cut  on to the lead, which is improving iis  it is opened out. He brought a specimen to town for assay from the lead.  Mr. W. A. Nettle will preach in the  Methodist church tomorrow morning,  anti Mr. Josiah Savage in the evening,  the; pastor. Rev. J. A. Wood, being  away at the Methodist conference in  Vancouver.  Tho pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. Sam  Needham in their evening stioll yesterday was considerable marred by  both of them tripping over the ground  wire at the Central Telephone .station.  They had a nasty fall but, fortunately  without serious consequences.  At the regular meeting of Columbia  Lodge No. '.il, I. O. G. T.. on Tuesday  evening la-t, the following officers  were, inslalle'd: O. T., GJ Northev:  V. T., Mr. Goddard: sec.B. Campbell:  A. S.. Miss II. Valentine; F. S., 11.  jMcTnggait: tre*as.. A. N. Smith: C.  T. Lewis; M.. F. Fraser; I). M., Miss  Maggie Lewis; G., Miss A. Bell; S.,  .T. Dallas; P. C. T., .1. Scott. The  lodge intend to give a social about the  1st of June. (.  .Superintendent McGuh-e nf the Oily  of Spokane, received detailed iiistruc-  ions yesterday to close down the mine,  and proceetl   to.the  Larelc-au  country  to take charge of some of the; Lillyriot At t MORGAN'S Shaving Parlors"  Gold Field's company u properties  there. The showing in.llio winze wtis  so favorable when work was suspended last week that Air. McGuire concluded to do a few day's work on tin-  City of Spokane before, .leaving. If  nothing is found in the next 10 feet,  work on the claim will be discontinued.���������Itoss-land Miner,  Properties  The following is an extract, taken  from the report of Robert .l.-iiuiesoii,  M.l-",, dated April 1. 18!*7, upon nne of  the proper! ics nf tin- Ltllonel. Fraser  River & Cariboo Gold Fields. Lid., in  the Trout. Lake district��������� lhe P.i-nad-  view claim, one of the Great Northern  group:. . .  In computing tpiitn lilies I have  take.ii the surface galena chute at 5  feet witle���������and llie iti-i-ii shown on  sectieui should product! 13,2So tons���������  thu area below lowest dotted line,  taking the. pay shipping ore to average 1 foot iu width, will produce 7.200  tons. Between tbe KH) and :,00 foot  levels, taking thu high grade ore ut I  foot iu width, this area should produce  ���������17,0'tt tons.  The above computed as under:  Galena, 13 '-S5 tons, iivc-nigc 03 ens.  silver���������?tO.WI        ������5'".'1Sj 50  Grey copper, 7,200 tons, nvcrugo  310 oz). silver, pay S1S0      1,200,000 00  Grey copper, IT IKI7 tot.s, average  o00 ozs. Bllver      8.(_28.C'*0 00  slug.    _i+m    M^J-l,^ 'UV^  ij,. , rj-p.._jy  .4^____rai____P������_M  ���������C* -K M *C Sn) fl'!   *M C .rn),.f*-H -fl Mt  ^-rM-������'i ^T-tV^C   '''/W'!t*l   X'nUUUi    jd>   _������*  \ii  Agent for the Blickeusder-rer  Typewriter  ���������  . VCIibS  Successor to GILKER & WELLS  Dealer in Hats, Gaps. Boots,  Shoes, Gents' Furnishings. Stationery,  Patent Medicines. Tobaccos and Cigars,  Toilet and. Fancy Articles, Fruits, Etc.  POST OFFICE STORE, 5  REVELSTOKE,   B.C.  IMPEACHMENT  r  A Significant Story from Rossland  Stories are in circulation in Rossland  regarding a certain moral and political  upheaval, which is to surprise the  people of British Columbia ;n the*  immediate futuii*, says the Rossland  Miners 11_J.-___sii.id that an oath-hound  society has be;e.n   formed, with  ramifi-  ~lO,iU0,0lr> SO  In making compulations, such as  above, the results attained are more  or less problematic in their nature,  but iu this case I have taken the ore;  thickness at much less than iis it really  exists ,*it the several points exposed  over nearly the full extent of the area  computed, and have reckoned nothing  at all upon the large, mass of ore existing, iind which will have to be treated  by concent ration.  The Lanark is owned alsocby the  same company. Tbe. daily run of this  mine i.s 101) tons. 'ibis concentrates  into 25 tons, which quantity is now  shipped daily via Vancouver to San  Francisco. The value ot the output is  $200 per day, and the net piofil.to the  company is about $ 1000 a day. The.  quantity of shipping ore anil concentrates in sight is certified lo by Mr.  .Tamieson, M.E.. and indicates several  years' supply to draw from without  further development:  LANARK Oil 13 ESTIMATES.  February 22,1S07,  Total cubic conttiits in feet of ore  chute ex.osctl. 1 ,e;>r.t-7.~ feet: estimated solid ore (one lli'th) --10,37"; at  1.3 cubic feet per ion���������1V.IKI1.1S tons  tcaletm  17.991 IS  Total cubical coiitinw eon cent nil ing  ore in feet. SI'S,'." 0, Inkcn at 12 feet '  to   tho  ton, OS.'lll.S  tons,   which,  taken ut die proportion of 1 ton in  1 tons, concentrated ' 17.197 95  Totul amount of. payable ore in sight in  tons    05,192 13  V. B. PEASE & C0,  i  REVELSTOKE STATION  TIMOTHY by carload, ton or bale.  PRAIRIE offered toil a}' at very low prices to make room.  BA' POTATOES���������Nico-y P"1t up in n01b* *������*���������������������.-__ and  Bound.  THE   GREAT   NORTHERN   MINE  Shipment  of  Two  Carloads   of  Ore to  Nelson  Hugh McPherson. of Trout Lake,  iirrived in tie; city Lhis week with.two  carloads of ore froin the Great Northern group in the Trout Luke district.  Tbe cue is consigned to the Hull Mines  smelter, and is a trial shipment sent  .forward by Llie Australian Gold Fields  company, the recent purchasers of llie  Oil-out Northern group. By the stile of  the Great Northern, McPherson and  his p'litiier, A. J. Bellies, of Montana,  made a neat clean-up. Some IS months  iigo they bonded the property for  "S12.IXXJ. They since spent about. $0000  "ifro'pcrnrig^np���������the���������proper! -jvand-ten-  cations  nil   over the province. whot,e | days ago closed a ileal  i������r its t-ale for  principal object is to secure the  impeachment of the; present provincial  ministry on charges of malfeasance in  office. The principal ground of complaint appears to be in connection  with graining of cns.h and land subsidies to railway corporation!!.  .Iu?t who are at the head of thi-  movement we are unable lo learn,  though fvoln hints dropped it woultl  appear W. H. Mt-Innt"--. the Dominion  member for Vancouver, is high up in  tin; order. .I.N. Blak>\ l.tlcly arrived  from Toronto, anti .lc-eph Powell, a  mining engineer, are among the prim"  movers in this community. A locul  committee i** said to have b������-..u I't.t-uicd.  which is gathering data to use in I be  proposed impeachment, pior-ccdiiigs.  and this committee has given some  attention to the matter of laud grants  anti railways in Kootenay.  Wanted  An intelligent boy. to deliver milk and to  make him't.f generally useful; must he able  to milk.   Apply at thli olllcc. I2mj-lf  TUITION  Miss Lcsii Martin will give Piano or  Organ Instruction at pupil's residence.  Private Lessons in German, Shorthand, and Calisthenics. Typewriting  done by tin; hour. Apply at the  Kindergarten from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  Irnytf  .���������530.0*00, of wh-ch "10,000 was paid in  cash. The-Client Northern lead runs  frijin 2 to 4 feet in width, and averages  a good 2J feet. The ore i.s expected to  average "0 ounces silver, 7 pei' cent,  coppei, and >}1 in -gold. The group  has developed well, and there is every  prospect eif Its milking a divielend-  puying pi opei ty. The Canadian  Pacific railway company gave the  Great. Noitbei'ti owners a rale of ~!'.">0  per ton on I lie pi-e.-i-nt li-ini shipment  from Thomson'-, Lauding to Nelson.  This, in view t.f (lie 1 nt 11 --fi-rs necessary, the owners riniMih-r .levy fair  'treatment. Ibid ilu-iv been .1 heavier  shipment, made tin- coiiip.u.y would  have given ait even b'tl.-r rule.  Mr. Me-Phi-r.-nn expects to -������������������__��������� a big  move in the Tro it Luke district this  milliner. The.Hotn'--Payne syiielieate  bus h.-itl great luck in the elcve|npmc*nt>  of its Silver Cup und other properties.  In the Silver Cup they huv.- perhaps  the only high grade properly in the  camp. The company is working about  (tO men. There are se-ver.i! o'.lier companies working on a siri.ilU-r -scale, anel  nil that is necessary to .-end the district to the- fore i.s better transportation facilities. Tbe Hornu-Paym!  syndicate is putting in a ctuM-eritrator  for the Silver Cup.���������Nelson Tribune.  The Tariff...  HAH  XOT  RAIS-l-.n  tub piiii;k ok  Cigars  Another lar^ and complete Bto**:k of Tobacco?-  jnm received, r>o a fine Block of  Confectionery  J. MORGAN, Tonsorial Artist  FOR SALE  ONE   CAR  ^HORSES  TO   ARRTVE  I'tli   MAY  Saddle,     Pack,    Driving,    and  Team Horses  For Burgtiins apply to.... ,  J. McCALLUM,  12niytf Itevelstoke Sttilifn, B.C.  FKESH    EGGrS-A. large consignment.  Before hitting' the Hills  Get your Medicine Chest refitted at  Parcels Delivered  We Never Sleep  REVELSTOKE   STATION  __- ���������.. m i_piF_t^t_fTy\,-^,wy_yJA^'7yAS*W-.'jJ<^  RESIDENTIAL LOTS  FOR SALE���������situate between llie Methodist Chinch und tlie brow of the hill,  near the old town.     Por prices and particulars apply to  ^^x****~~- To L. HAIG, Sole Agent.  ;  G.'.E. SHAW,  NOTARY PUBLIC,  EEAL   ESTATE  AGENT.  Desirable Resiliences for Sale or to JjUt.  Convejnncing in nil its breaches.  Fire Insui-unco.  MITCHELL   &   CO,  INSURANCE  >*-ND  COMMISSION   AGENTS,  MINING   BROKERS,  CALGARY, ALTA.  ^  ������>;���������"       From Brantford, the Home of Good Manufactures  gg THE ONL2Y-  M GANAD1AN BICYCLE  That fceeiveil tin award at the WorM's Ctilttm-  btiin Kxpni-iilnii for iiciin'.s 01* general excellenco  was tlie Brantford Rod Bird, tlio siroiiKi'st,  Rf.ee'le-t tuitl most lictiutlful Mcyelu sold In llio  Dominion totluy.  -I  m  m  m  ���������V-S1  m  "v"  '';���������>)  e5"i  K"5   Those raraous Wheels aro sold by tho  X& COWAN-HOLTEN-DOWNS  CO._  BUANCHE3:  Toronto,  Montreal,  St. John, _  Winnipeg",  Sydney.Aus-  tralia.  ,.TTlE WISDOM OF THIS AWARD  Is verified Iiy the fact Hint four out of live of the  CliisB H elininiiioiisliiiia for '95, and four nut nf  live of tho profcseloiml clui.nplonslilps for '<JG  were won on 11 Red Bird "NotwiihstandinB  tvlitit llie litlers of other wheels 11:115- do, tlio  fact remains tlmt when tuiytliinp; worth winnini;  is won, the trick .is Kenerully done on thu fust  mid beautiful Red Bird.  THE  GOOLD  BICYCLE CO., Ltd.,  BRANTFORD.  HOTEL LICENSE.  -Notice i.s hereby given th.-iL.10 tluys  after duff, f intend to apply for it  license 'to i-etnil li'pior in iheljuiuie  Holel, Lniirit'. IJ. O.  (>. A. I'huoki;.  A pi. 1(J. lHil".       -liw  land notice  Nt.t,''o Ulier-tl.y idven Hint, hixly tltiyy urte.r  tNti.-. I ltit'-r,.l to ui>i>ly to t>t; Chief C.nmmtH-  *Itiri������-r.t.f I.,n-'s tuitl *A rirkn t-.i jmrf littf--.: the  follo-AiriK l.uitls. j.itutit'-d in 'I rnut. I/ilte tils  liielou rite Htiiitb fti'l: of the l.tii-tl(uti river, tit  Hit' r-".lKht. ,MI".o CiIiIkc..  e^jiiiite-T-eitKc at, ti e...t mntkctl 'Itilti.-il I'o-|.  ICol.tirt .Ititterttoti, Nurttiwc-'t t-orn-'r p-.m";  rhc-nct; ensi t-f) t-litiir>: thence sntitli 10 eimln������;  ihent-t: wet-r K) cliiiltnt thence n rilt 10 cluiti-.  to Ihe T.oitit. t.f r,iiiiiiif:nceitic-r.l, coltLairiir.^ ll'J.)  ucroH it-ore or lem.  IIOIIKRT .1AMIKSON".  Sttiishlno .M ne. I'tli Mnrili   l������7        27mr"*~t  f-,^-. fj*n r?. t, ^-.-->. -?** t^^s rP-T* r>-?. i-t-1^ rt^c*. )-*"-*_-' r^-t7*! ryzi rc^^r?.t^o^^^t^^rr-^c^t?_^^i������__5'?^w_t^cx  isa  ,,W. A; NETTLE, ���������  Carpenter and Contractor  Plans and EbtimatCfc Prepared.  REVELSTOKE STATION,  B.C.  NOTICK Jh hnrehy j^U'cn thn)I t7������ rtnys nftcr  duto, I inM-nrl 10 n.' ply r ':hu VAi'vS Corn-  nr'sai"ncr or I^tmIh pimI \V. tk1* f ir j.orinla-ion  to pnicli'isti tho follof.-itiK flesrrib*vl land ?itu-  Htrd in the flcveletokc Divtfiion, Wcftt Kootc-  nny Dintricl: (.'ominoncin^ nt n ]*oftt planted nt  or nctir the noiLnon^t cotiiit of Lot 1110.  (iroup 1, \V'������>~t Kootcnny Di-trir.t. unci markrcl  "C. l'������. Shaw'?! N. W. corner." tfoing in chains  orm\, thence 10 chains sooth, thenc. JO rliain������  WL'fit, thenco P cliainK ^ortli to t\\r- point of  0'innnt.nccnicnr, cumalniiifc *C0 ncrcs more or  n.ttci, March 21th, 1807.  3m>w9. C. E, Suaw.    I  IS  To Suit  Our   Customers.  And jutlf^iiipf by the: ���������incrc-siso in  our business, we tire succeeilitii; in  suiting them, probably better than  outside tailors we react about.  XVt- have the largest stock in the  town to select from. The very latest  in suiting.-:.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Wilson, Tailor,  Opp. 0. Y. li. water tank.  EVERYBODY READS THE HERALD  W. G. BIRNEY,  ���������PAINTER  SIGKJSrS.  "Raper Hanging a Specialty  Addrcse: Caro of Union Hotel, Revelstoke,B.C.  REVELSTOKE  BLACKSniTHING and  JOBBING,  PLUHBING and PIPE-FITTING,  TINSniTHING and SHEET IRON ?!  WORK, ||  MACHINERY REPAIRED. \  Mining Work a  Specialty. .),  Robt. Gordon,  -   Revelstoke Sta. A  J


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