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The Prospector Jan 30, 1897

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tub minus of
'■''K   llir'l'   IN  0,01.0. SII.VKI1 '(j
' I'l'ivll AN|) I./SAI).
#, «SS-SSSfc««9«S«SS9tSSas
f)    Tut: pijoapEcio'B
V'Qk 2.
No 80,
...ol'.s iimaiifi- yon Initio notes,
Ami fiiitli lie'l jii'.eot tlicto.
Light sni|\y ijSfli'm, siiuiiuoilml by onlni
plotll' W'B|lt))!!l',
Olisoryer- Dr. Cli(i|>lPp ^Ijj'itjmi,
The Bey, M, Coocnlo visited
;Fort Stoole op Thursday.
N, Hanson from Wasa dropped
in to see us on Monday,
Bight sacks of mail matter
camo in by the last oppress for
Fort Steele,
Wo had a fall of tho beautiful
Thursdiiy night, which huts improved the sleighing.
(Twelve loams aro hauling rook
for the foundation' of the new
olv   (ih at St, Kugonn Mission.
• f" .diiglo loiter was recovered ,,',m the clutches of tho
nail i'obbor,
Mr, Maelean takos charge of
' ' I'lili: rdno dining room on
tlieht'ol .he month.
]     j   ,        j        6
st I"-'1"'   ■. Tt
US  in tiiri ,s!r
1 isen have oon-
in ng Lathe, for
roi timed f ,
Bml river
'    and J. Lamont
unting trip to
ot two doer,
1'rof. D
company ;,i\
Bels every
31-yue comedy
ig their rehear-
.forth'        of Robert Mather's
. ii gie'       j shake, and accept
con        aliens,
learn lhat Bale & Scott,
;. tho contract for the con-
.notion of tho new warehouse,
Four hundred letters are supposed lo have been destroyed
and burned by Leitch on the
morning of the robbery.
F.P.Norbury is noting us ■ recorder In place of C.M.Edwards,
who loft for Donald with tho
mail robber Loiteh.
CM,Edwards has a leave of
absence for throe months, and
will visit England before his
Harry Brown oame in from llio
North Star mine, and spool a
few days visiting his many friends
Constable Barnes who has boon
sick is now muoh bettor and will
bo around attending to his duties
in a day or so.
Mr. Jones of the Saw Mill Co.
has purchased a lot and will
build himself a homo at Fort
Leave your order at tho Drug
store for any News Paper, Periodical or Review printed In England, Germany or Franco. Prices
quoted by the your.
You probably pay too
much a month for tea; it is
probably not very good.
Try Schilling's Best. If
you don't like it, your grocer returns your money.
You may find unexpected
pleasure and profit in it.
Tlio road to the North Star
mine is in good condition for
han)|ng and the teams are busy
dpliyer'ng ore at the landing,
The Chinese Nety Year wi|l
commence Monday when the
holidays will ho uek)bi'i|,tpd by
tho usual festivities,
Messrs Carlin & Durick are
having a largo pair of Gurnoy
Sctalys put in position, so that all
can haye their bay and grain
A large gathering assembled to
seo tho last of tha mail robber
Leitch as ho departed for Donald
in charge of Constable Barnes,
It is needless to say that not a
ivord of sympathy could be, heard
for him,
The way of tho transgressor is
naturally hard, there is no obligation on the rest of tlie world to
go out of its own way to make it
easier^ usually happens when
some rascal steals more than
would land him in jail for larceny.
Wednesday Mr, Galbraith paid
bis usual monthly visit to the Indian Industrial sohool and found
everything'in first class order,
the children progressing satisfactory with their studios and all
healthy and happy,
T. & H. McVittie returned lo
Stoolo after completing a lot of
surveying at Windermere and
immediately started to survey
the Fenwick pre-emption at Six
mile crossing, where it is supposed a railway town will be built.
There was no Divine service
held last Sunday afternoon on
account of the goueral excitement
in the town occasioned by the
mall robbery. In the evening
Mr. Galbraith conducted the
Episcopal service reading an interesting discourse upon the
text. " And God saw everything
that ho had mado, and behold, it
was good. "
Services, next Sabbath will be
hold as follows; in tho afternoon,
at i O'clock. Sabbath School.
Ati) p.m. Episcopal service, and
at 7-80 in tlie evening, a Presbyterian service conducted by Mr.
All are invited to attend these
services; and parents are roquos-
ed to send their little children lo
tho Sabbath Sohool.
1807   TIIK SITUATION    1807
M Cui'llii, iiili'i'i'sl,"! hi thu mining
hiiliiHli'liwof (Inliloit, ll C. .iiri'h'ial from
the went on Tliui'sflii}', Mi'. Ciirlln mi.vh
the (li'invs iWsl Fuss railway will In
liullt the coming summer, nnil Intiniiites
thut he hus iili'cuily received from the
I'.I'.K. ii contract to got out nil the lies
oei'ileil for the roucl.
Winnipeg I'Vee I'l'ess.
I'l'oni impel- talk wc ]oilge Hint tho
(Ji'OW'h Nest mllwn.v will liocoostriietoil
this yoni'. We wish Hint the govoi'n-
ment would reconstruct, thu present
mull service,
Ottawa Special, „^^^^^
If a private Company does not
got tlie contract for the Crow's
Nest Pass railway it will not ho
for want of applications for char,
tors. The official (liizoltoconlaiiis
an application from Archer Mar
Wilj East Koolenay Havo a Railway This year
This district, '.'The Fort Steele
mining division of Eust Kootonny," has deyel.op.od inlo a mining
section of undisputed promise.
The Ivopfoiiay valley is ono of
tlio most promising agricultural
and grazing districts in the province of British Columbia. These
facts aro known to our local government, aiu]. yet, for a number
of years very little has boen. dono
by either tlie Dominion or Provincial governments in assisting
the progress or development of
the southern portion of East
Kootenay. Our mines are rich,
but no market for our ore's, our
valley is fertile and productive,
but no market for our produce.
This is caused by the inadequate
moans of transportation, all this
should bo remedied by the government, iu constructing good
wagon roads to all tbo mining
camps in the district this would
enable farmers to dispose of their
produce, a railway would give-to
the miner a'markot for his min
eral, bringing both consumer ami
producer in harmony with each
other, and advancing the prosperity of tho whole district, With
the advent of a railway into the
southern portion of East Kootenay, tho development of the district cannot bo stopped. There
are mines where the oro is of
such value that evon with the
present means of transportation
it can be mined and shipped at a
profit, There are low grade
propositions by tho score waiting
cheap transportation, and a home
place of treatment, For many
years surveyors havo been
through this country, looking
over the situation,, making maps
etc. etc., their labor all ending iu
putting tlio proposed road on
paper. Published notices of application foi a charter for a road,
havo appeared, all have ended
on paper, Prospectors have
boen ovor tho oountry, and discovered, and located many vast
deposits of, mineral, and it is
known all over the dominion,
that tho mineral resources of the
district aro large and promising,
development of our minos have
boon pushed as far as our limited
amount of capital would allow.
We have shown to all, that wo
have one of the greatest mineral
districts on llio continent, wc
havo also waited for proper
moans of transportation, "and
the old song' you will got it next
year, has boon only too effectual
hi slopping our pleadings, but
the limit has boon reached, we
havo sounded our Inst cry of woo.
IHII7 wo trust will soo tho fulfillment of the promises of the new
government, and ihe sound of
the whistlo of the Locomotive
may be hoard in this valley, bo-
fore the winter frosts closes the
navigation on tho Kootenay.
V/o notice that several of our
exchanges from West Kootenay
lay considerable stress upon the
fact tliat Mr. Bostock has return*
nil. to British Columbia, also that
be has visited that portion of big
constituency, showing liis usual
care and energy in milking him.
self thoroughly acquainted with
every question with which he
may have to deal with, in order
toloarutlm pressing wants of tlie
The people of the southern
portion of East Kootenay are
very much gratified to learn that
Mr. Bostock is trying to learn all
tho pressing needs of his constituents. Wo havo some vary pressing wants in tins distript. "A
more timely mail service. The
Kootenay river improved, and a
number of othor mutters which
aro of tlie utmost importance to
the prosperity and advancement
of this constituency." Wo trust
that. Mr. Bostock, will, be able to
visit Fort Steele, and ascertain
our most pressing wants, before
returning to resume liis legislative duties at Ottawa,
•V. A. WAU.INliKlf c. r. VJSN0.ST.) I',. \. lij.TOS
A Schilling & Cniniiiiny
Sail Ktiiiiclicu
Fort Stoolo, II. C, Jan, ^7, 1808,
To the Editor of the Prospector.
Dear Sir;
In the account of tlio
Leitch trial, in the extra issue of
the Prospector it might be in-
fdrrod that I suspected A, M.
Loiteh of robbing my lill, I wish
 to state emphatically thai  I do
tin,   solicitor,  Victoria, asking, uot suspect Leitoh al all of doing
for a chariot" from Lethbrldge | thu dood.
Yours Iruly,
.1). McNoish.
Woiloul know who Mi',Me,\'elnh suspected, nnil ul I lie 11 i.i I ilM ml. know
through tbo Crow's Nesl, Puss to
the Columbia river and thonco to
a point ileal' the Eraser rivor or
the Straits of Georgia, or any arm
or inlet of tho sumo at tide water '..' '.,'„" ,",' , ",	
e,. .......v.,... 1 I ""•V "" "" ,'ol'l",',• "' ""» '"'''-''i wlieo
or seaboard, | JtwaaVtipottwi bi. tJiia off
Hewett Bostock, M. P. for this
constituency, in an interview
published in the Revolstoke Mail
and reproduced iu our columns
yesterday, declarod himself
squarely in favor of tbo government building and operating the
Crow's Nest Pass railway. The
Miner is very much gratified to
learn that our member takos the
same view of this question that
wo do, for the reason tliat Mr.
linstock's views ought to have,
and probably will havo, weight
with the government, Representing, as he does, tho district
through which the proposed railway is to be built ho is. above all
other members of the house of
commons, entitled to be heard
on this question.
Tho fact that tho Hon, Mr.
Blair, the minister of railways
and canals, after coming to the
province and thoroughly investigating the question for himself
lias come lo the same conclusion,
should greatly strengthen Mr.
Bostook's position, and we think
that government ownership and
control of the Crow's Nest Pass
railway can now be secured without unnecessarily delaying tho
construction of the railway. Mr.
Bostock has his constituency with
him heart and soul, and we shall
hope to soo his views embodied
in the statutes passed althonoxt
session of parliament,
Rossland Minor.
It is eight years since the press
of British Columbia commenced
to insert notices of application
for a charter for a rond through
the Crow's Nest Pass. In lsrt!)
the report, was, that tho road
would be constructed next your,
In 1800, again it wns next your
that construction would com-
monoo, and so on from year to
your wo have listened lo this
paper railway talk. Tho people
most interested, at present, iu
the Immediate construction of
this road, are in Ensl and West
Kootenay, And llm fact is only
loo apparent, Hint we want this
road, " and wo want il mighty
bad, " and we wont kick at any
company, private or public, C.I'.
R., llm government, or any
body, it llii',y will got in and coin
plelo the road us soon ins possible,
Mining Brokers,  Commission  and
Real Estate Agents.
London, New York, Chicago, St Paul,
Montreal and 'Toronto,
Options Curried and Mining Deals Con mi mated.
Just Received
$ Fresh Eggs
-& Finland   Haddics
Labrador   Herring
Salmon Bellies
8      Rkoi'Ckii Piiici-iH on ma. Kinds ot" Dm' (looio
Befohk Stock Taki.xci.
% Giant Powder, Mining Supplies & Hardware, \
| Groceries    k   Provisions |
i I
■'        Supplies For Miners & Prospectors,        j
:* -if
| QUEEN'S     HOTEL. $
i *
&     Two Goniniodloiis SiiniDlG Rooms lor Goiiiincrcl'il Men     W
win itnosi'isciren,
1 J. u,
M M	 6»i'
«--■**»SSfBfo $T> BEB& *•*
^■fer'ii&.p:'-1 Sl I.-. ■.!!«-■
^■-■r.'*'-.-.^ ■',l '^...i'a^'w. * ■ • ■ .-  .   '■■-..-...
ir Man's Mail room at wasa
A During Mail Robber Makes it Hani of $1,100 |n dish.
:.f Six Hours Kiom  the Time  Ha  Dono  i||,> ,|„|>
—o— \CASS'■:1.1. iaii.ii  i:xitt
IS   PUBLISHED   WEEK!.)   i:P '".V/'.l.M.   •/..','"
Tilt: MacAH'THl-it FORRES'l
Devoted to the uppujlding ol Fort Stee
(levelopmenl of the viist mliienil resou
ftie Eas; Kootenay minjng district
Attvortlsefng rates made known on applioallon, |.
Contributions are solicited from all parts of Uie
district, but all mutter Intended for publication
jnust have Ihe writers signature.
.U'u.iiut:,, ,;■ '■!■■
i Man. Ful. Inst. M & .:,'
toy Offh it- M,
Tliomus Mu Villi.:
0, S. Frtaoll.
N. A. Wallini!"r
E. 0. Smith.
0. P. Venoslii,
The minim' motllfnjis of Ihe ossuclullini
will lie hold on llie ?|itl nnil .|lh Siiinnlny In
every moiilh.
' All  possibly Information   will .lie flirulsli-
fl.l  by  the  Assoeillllpll, upon ItppllrnllDll le
0. I'', Vliliosllt,   See..
POM   Slei-le   ll.li
Physician tli Surgeon.
P.L.S. & C.E,
Port Steele B.C.
p. I., s. ,t c. /;.
Fort Steele B.C.
J, J. Lamont
Contractor and Builder
Fort  Steele. IS. C.
Vancouver ll. c.
Mill luls mad, „u p,
l.coo. Lbs in tc, i.flit.
I'l-iillqilfiliirn/, ii,,,/„,
Port Steele B.C,
Gold,   Silver,   Copper,    Lead,
Etc, at prices to suit tho limes.
A trial respectfully solicited,
All work will   receive  prompt
Notice is hereby given thai the
partnership between lln,'iis II. Small
unil David i i'.'iiunir. is dissulvod,
IJnvi'l iairi'iHiiir retiring, Tbo business
will is- carried en Iiy Ijiui. II. Small
who will puy all ilobu, and collect accounts 'In,- 0," firm.
Tl.,' dissolution dates from N'ovemhcr
Kim-OS II. Small.
David Lui'iiimir.
Wituiia., Al'. llarret.
tin-so itrtiolos as |jm littings In a
mail Im:;'. I found Hie Fori Steele
bug ripped open, tho loiters como
.' ii smull I'n.i; inside ot a largo
buj I identified ihi' mail suck,
u, iho ono thai Doyle gave mo ii
v, is ripped open when I gol il.
M;.-..s Jossio i.,'wis. Sworn,
'i'     nanii'   is   Jossio   Lewis,
Question, did you oxpocl registered mail in this until**1
Vnswor, "Xo Sir "
Hnyo yon recently  received a
".\i'.!!i New Vi'ai's or Clu-isl?
njos 1 don'l Know which.'1
Fuper produced.
Did you receive a package in
iii- wrapporr
"1 cannot say I received a box
dono up in a similar wrapper,
bul cunnot remember,"
;   Cross examined by defendant,
Ho you remember  wrapping
shirts up iu ibis paper?
"I oannot say. but think that 1
did soi lowhero aboul Christmas.
A If rod Doyle, Sworn,
My name is Alfred Doyle, I
arrived at Wasa on Saturday
January 23rd about 4 or 5 o'clock
I stopped in front of the door at
Hanson's, 1 tied up the load and
covered it up with canvas ready
for the night, and I was in the
saloon until about to minutes to
.ut lnoneHi2; wlion I went to bed, tho mail
was all right at that time. Tlio
nexl morning about 7 or 7-30 I
saw lhat the load had been tampered with, the mail sacks thrown
oul on one side I looked ovor the
mail sacks and found the Fort
Stoolo sack gone, I told Hanson
about it, ho said cattle might
havo pulled the cover off. There
was livc-er six parlies there aud
wo made sure tbat'it was gone,
,,; siioi
er Hint
Fi-idaj which is tho day tli'.' mail arrives tii'1!'''. anil ill,.- supposition is that
ti;,. opportunity did not occur tor tho
successful taking of tin- mail sack, A
largo sum of money has been expected
n th,' hit" mails, which did mil arrive,
parties have been closing several min-
in cash be sent him, ibis is prolialily | Ihon we wont out to hunt for
il,  in about 1.0 or 15 minutes,
a it 300 yards from Hanson's
house on tlio main road, wo found
iho mail sack, then we looked
around for tracks we found that
a man and horse camo down the
hill. Tlio mail sack was cut open
whon wo found it, and somo par-
cols thrown around on the snow
looked, for the letter sack but
found that it was gone., then we
got on to the track of the man
"; j nnd horse where it oame down
Ibe bill, the horse had boon tied
whore the mail sack was found
on llio main  road.     Tho mans
lb,' iiiiin,'\ ink,mi from tho prison
Several cheques amounting In four or
live thousand dollars should also have
been nn ibis mail, also money und
cheques tn othor parties, iii all it is estimated thai about six or eight thousand dolliirs in eh,spies mid inonoy were
in the mail. It is proljablu Hint all llm
cheques are destroyed, Tli,.- loss will
be trilling, us Ihe cheques can !„; replaced. This i- i!i,i lirsl time in the
history of the district thut an attempt
lias been made lo rob tit'' mail, ami Ibe
I'llifii'iil innmior in which tho robhor
was captured, Ls highly In tlio oi
constables I'ihvnnls and Harm
their assistants,
THE   r'.X.'iMI.VVI'ION.
eh was brought before Messrs Cal
braith, Norbury and Maclean ,1. fs for
a preliminary examination nn a, hargu
if robbing Hor Majesty's mails, nm!
vuscommitted for trial in thu firs!
court of proper jurisdiction either at
Donald or Kamloopa,
I      'I'll,' Information and, Iv, idened.
Information and complaint for
an indictable offence,
I'roviiiei' oi'  British Columbia,
District nr County of East Kootenay.
«T     Mrs. E.J. H1GHWARDEK.
Next Door In Barber Shop.
I hfirftliy glvtl until;,'  tlllll Sixty iluys l.fli'1
tliuii, I lniiintl ui apply u> thnChlrfi 'nmintssli	
of 1,1'N'I. & Wnrlis, fur pin-mlssl,,,, tn purctlftHO
tlml.fmillion ,,f IiliiiI lying nnrlli nl lul ,'.l Kro,i|i
I, *■"., ,<f lut fill grntip I, tiiul lielwr-nli mini lllll.
mnl Om KimU'iiiiy itlvor, m-nr fort SUiolo In
Kiwi, Kootonny DlHirin 0, 0, Ciiiiiiininn In nil
h !„,„! | liiM) i twmiiy ftiiros more nr loss,
.liiinime. Diirluk.
IluM Hoi, Join >li.j 'I Die, IK*
'ii!,., unoccupied I'ruwn
i;.. ;i! the Nortli l-.'n-i
mine   II) chains south
I Kill,
. (.', DURKIIC,
Application ln« - boon mudo lor tin'
transfer of HioUjkwiim of the Dnliiarilno
Hotel, now (landing In tin' mini" of A.
Mm io. in II, ii. Mather llm present
HiiUvI !,lii»'>l',|da,v«f Nov  IMKI,
10 o'clock cm. Monday, A, M. j track was around thore, it was
an overshoe track, it was a track
liKe (overshoe shown to witness)
il showed plain on every track,
measured sho;- and track, they
correspond, we followed the
track lo l-'ort Steele, there was
only two tracks on the rond, tbo
track of the borso coming and
going, Ihere was fresh snow and
thoy wore tho only tracks, could
truce the tracks easily by tho
horse having only half a shoo on
the right bind foot. When we got
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^^ffl^^fflRfouud Ibe horse
•['he information ami complain!! wilh Ihe shoo at Lovott's stable,
Eric Suiidstrom found the horse
and piece of shoe, bo was measuring tin; truck all along the road,
Erie gave mo tho jiiece of shoo.
While delivering tho balance of
the mail al, Iho office Eric was
looking for tlio horse. I reported
llie, robbery at onco lo constable
Barnes on coining in, bo said he
would got a search warrant and
search every plane in lownjiopul
mo to watch the drug store, restaurant and Macleods with Hyde,
linker, the bouse whore Mr.
I.i'ilcb was living wo watched
until llu- soarch warrant camo,
while thoy were searching the
bouse I soai'ohod Ibe stove nud
found the I'lveis, staples and hasp
and llie I'm the inline goes on
the mail sack, and a watch, we
rolled I In 'in up and gave them to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_... Tom li'i'iiwiek, (I identified the
I'oM. musio;'al Wtoi-lo, I  idonlify liH'tlolos) the lire wns red hot in
ofC, M. Edwards nf Port Steele
taken 25th day of January, IHD7,
before ibe undersigned une of
hor Majosty's Justices of tho
poaco in and for the district or
county of East Kootenay, who
said lhat Alexander M. Leitch,
stole on tbe night of January 23
or on Uu- morning of January 21
a post letter bag, llie properly
of ihe Dominion nf Canada [rom
Ihe iniiil at Wasa, the same being
in trans!! lo tbe Posl Master at
Fori Stoolo, and in charge of
mail carrier Alfred Doyle,
('. M, Edwards.
Sworn before me Ibe day and
year lirsl mentioned, at Fori
I1'. M. Norbury, ,1. I'.
Mi'. Ohlirlos Clark, Sworn,
My mime is Charles Clark I nm
the stove, thi- ashes in llio stove
looked like charred paper, anil
tliat there bad been a i|iii|nlily
burned recently, 1 tun oerlaiiithat
tho loiter sack was taken ironi tha
large saek, and thai Hie large
Fori Sleele sack was stolon, I
have seen l.eileb al Hanson's, he
rude down Willi uie iiuee, lie
knew bow Ibe mail was disposed
of, be. was ul Hansons on Hie
night of the dance, Jio know
where Ibe mail was put.
Constable Barnes, Sworn,
I was down to Carlin -V Diii'ii'ks
when llie mail iiiiiii- in, Doyle
motioned Hint Iiii wanted to see
nud speak lo ine. I went to Ihe
olliee and he lol 1 me that llio
mail hat| been robbed on Saturday night, I asked Mi'tbilbraitb
lo lake down ibe number of par-
eels left in Ibe sack, l saw Ihal
sack was ripped open, and I ciuuo
up and got a search warrant lo
search tho booses io town. I
searched the house of Mr, Leitch
1 found in a hole that the stove
pipe went through, ou Iho upper
lloor, where it goes through the
tool'. Erie Siinilstroii] had a stick
and tried to punch the board oil'.
Mr. I.eiloh took the stick and
punched quite hard and a package of bills fell down which I'
caught I made the remark that
it was a nice little roll, and Mr.
Leitch said to mo, "Yes! it is the
last dollar on earth that I have
got, tako care of it," I told him
that 1 would and put it in my
pocket, I then arrested Mr,
Leitch on suspicion and searched
him and found ,?1U0 on his person
I turned the money over to Mr,
Edwards who counted tho money
iu the package, Mr. Leitch said
thero was i?lli)0 in tho package,
Mr, Edwards counted the money
and found !?1,000 in s-UO bills,
what I found ou him was $100,
While Mr, Edwards was counting
tho money Mr. Doyle came up
stairs, ho said that he had found
all the belongings to the mail
sack, and ono watch, I then took
Mr. Leitch to jail, I went back
with Mr. Edwards, Mr, Watson,
and Mr. Baker and searched the
house again, we found a paper
marked Miss Jessie Lewis, and
found a couple of brushes that
aro new, this is all that we havo
taken from there. Yes, I am responsible for this portion of a
horse-shoe found I went to seo a
horse in Mr. Lovott's stable,
Doyle told me of the half shoe
on tho horse that he had tracked
from Hansons, I looked at tho
horse and the shoe was olf, the
horso looked as if he had boon
driven hard, I asked Percy WU-
inonl whore the pioco of shoe
was, and who pulled it off, and
ho said that thoy took it olf and
1 told them that I wanted it aud
found that Erie Suiidstrom had
it. Mr. Leitch looked at my logs
and mado tho remark that a long
logged man bad rode Lovott's
horse last night.
Adjourned one hour,
Eric Suiidstrom. sworn,
I was searching for the mail
sack on the 2-lth of January but
did not see it until I saw Perry
with it on his back, I went to the
I place where the sack was found
and I tracked tho tracks until I
i reached Port Stoolo, I will swear
they wore ibe same tracks,
I was at Leitch's house when
tho money was found, it was on
two boards near the stove pipe,
it wits a bundle of §10 bills and
Mr. Edwards counted it and said
that thero was S1.000 in tho
bundle. I was present when it was
found, 1 saw and measured Mr,
Leitch's ovor-shoos, they corro-
spond witli the tracks in the snow
at the wagon and at tlio place
where the ripped sack was found
I am satisfied that those are tho
name shoe that I saw the print of
in tho snow.
C.M.Edwards, sworn,
Ou the 21th lust, I was present
whon the money was found
iu Leitch's bouse, my counting
mado the amount $.1,000 iu $10
; bills, Loiloh was I ben arrested,
land tho sum of $100 was found
I .pn. his jjorson, 10 ifj bills aud si
-—— \  — I .liMimiiiunHHW
£10 bills. 'I'lie overshoes prodiio.
ed wore found in Ifoilch's house
and I looli charge of thorn, also
llu- i'lveis ele, found in Hpi stovu
a new hunting knife [bund in the,
water closet, a pair of hair brush:
us with tlio monogram plate po-
Ijiovod from the back of ouch, a
registered mail wrajipjng paper,
|bo knife found is an exact din
plicate of one specially madn for
Mr, II, Baker of Cranbrook,somo
yours ago by liiidorwootl of London, Eng.Aud it is thought that
llio knife found, is ono ordered
by Mr. J.takor,which he has been
expecting for somo time, thu
place whore the knife was found
was the closet to Leitch's house.
Found on Leitch a bill of sale
of house from Carter tho former
owner, and as far us i know
Leitch is the solo occupant of
tho house whore tho exhibits
wore found,
M'e cull the attention of our many
I'lirrnspnnili'iits lo tin' fact Unit thu
mall to Kurt Steele lias been entirely
destroyed, all coiiimiinications directed
to us since ,Ian, 1st, should be duplicated
In l.mjitrp prompt attention.
Cai'liuA Durick.
N O T I C15.
Wo call the attention of our
many patrons, and others to the
fact that the late mail for Fort
Steelo, has been entirely destroyed. All communications directed
to The Prospeotor since Jan, 1st
1H97, should bo duplicated; to
insure attention, and protection
lo those who have remitted, mcuey
advertiseing, notices, etc .etiJ, to
this office.
■ An Italian hive .cor named Cor-
zetto has constructed an apparatus which he calls a "r-iethydrie
sphere," and by means of which
he professes to be ablo to descend
to any depth in the sea, says a
writer in the Scientific American
In his experiment at Spezzia ho "
stored some 2000 cubic feet of
compressed air in his apparatus,
whioh he entered with two
friends, and which was then lowered to a depth of somo 110 feet.
As after an expiration of nine
hours tho "sphere" had not been
seen to reasceud to tho surface,
a message was sont to tho admiral in command of the naval department, who sent a diver to
the spot. The "sphere" was
found still resting on tho sea
bottom, but the diver hoard nothing to his knocks. Some barges
having boen brought lo the spot,
by ti tug, the "sphere'' was hauled op with ropes, and as soon as
il, emerged its door was opened
ami its inventor appeared with a
livid face iiinl half asphyxiated.
His two companions were unconscious, but were quick ly resuscitated. Thoy had remained IH
hours undor water. Tho inventor explains lhat so fur all his
experiments wero successful, but
on this occasion whon ho intend'
ed lo return to the surface the
air pressure at his command
proved insufficient to propel the
water ballast of about two tons
weight which had so fur kept his
appliance submerged, and hence
they had to remain where they
wore until rescued, At any rate,
throe persons were enabled to
remain under water for IH hours,
and this experiment may not bo
without significance as regards,
tho much discussed problem of
sub-marine navigation,
Till!   MiOSI'UC'll'OH,
S'ejisi'lllJii: f'OII   Tin: l'/!'',',"i.'liou, ry
ll'1' STISBbK
ii,. naliii for
'liti'i'prlHuiiiust lui
1 ll,   t'lii't S
.I'l-li; [Must  Kooto-
i     -;.   'or fill
ita H| lill nt' Now
H ,;. ill'      -it 11
12 pug'O (i rnliiiuti
.  Wit.   .       i'i
nsiili'l'illilr portion
nt llu
I'lS'.lt'                ■ l
ofeHl-Ing (kills'Willi
lillioiill?1   ..   '■
in. ii great doul nt
is  tll'VIlt
;'ti iii'i'iiunl ot iiliu
risii tiiiil pi-o^rcss
i   , it't, SI,','le mnl
Kniitiiiiiiy nil.
im in .-i-iii'i'iii. ll in
(inly nowspupot'inmi familiar \yilli tlie
luuToiin(Un#s uh l-Hcy ut present extet
fji-lhe viuinit.y in which Utu Prospector
|a published who cun fully apprauiatp
lit lis tniu vuluo thp Now Yuur'd t.'ilitliui
t>r oui' Kust Kmiii'tiuv cnutoiivpomryi
whiHi Ih imlci'il a nH'i-i'iii'uiita ouo und
is btiyoiid ull dmilil Llio boat which
(ins I'uitohod us from ihn hitoviov pi'BHg,
Yatiemivmt World,
A very cret|ituhlo holiday nitmlnsi' Is
thut of tho Pod Steelo Pro^jouhir. Kii-
l.tor Mruiv's artist-it.' ptMie-il 1ms prodvii!-
p:l several slu-U'li*^ iiijd works (if tho
miuiiig i.'mnps in ICust Kootenay disti'iet,
while montioii is imtdc of almost every
mine and prospect in }hedistrict, besul-
.fis articles on the general development
that goof-* on.
For the second time in sitooession we
huve received hy Use same mail two
(■.opie.suf tbo Fort Steele Prospector,
published u week apart. Surely Kust
Kootenay in out Hied to a better mail
jserviee than that world imply.
Kosslnnd Minei'.
i'L.S'1    E. DBWDNEY,
VICTORIA. IsytheCraeeofldHl.of
tlie United Kingdom of Groat
Britain  and Ireland, Queen, De-
render of the, Faith, too, &o, &o.
ToOurfiill-lil'iil tin. Mi-'inNerseleeled lu
serve in the Leglalutlvo Ah«miiIiI,v of
Our I'l'oviiieiMif Brilisli ('niumhluiit
Our City .of Vit-tui-ln   tiitn-tlntf.
NOTICE is hereliy given thai- the
Lli'ltish Columbia Southern Railway
Company will apply to the Parliament
of Canaiiii, at its ne:.t session, fur un
Aot to dei'lare the said British Ofljuin-
bia Southern Hallway ' 'nmpany to lie n
body rot'|iorale und piililte within the
jurisdiction of the ('arllumimt nf Canada, und this Comptiny's railway to lieu
work tor the general advantage of Canada, also to unthoriv.e the extension of
the line of tlie sahl raihytiy from its
cii.siei'ii tet'iniuns in the Crow's Nest
Pa--s. aei'osf, and over the (.u.4ern boun-
B. M. I'lMKiri's | U'iikukas W,i ,,.„.,. „, iMtinliColumuui, i„t„ tho l'f„-
Altnriuil lli.uenl | ui'odoHlrotisiinil j vim,, „( .\ll>..i-l-.i. Ihuiiwi In nn oiwtoi-ly
1'iwulvuil, us 80011 us nitty lie, lo moot j aiii-iiitlun In .Miti'loiid. ul' toil 1'niul on
Our peoplo of Our Pi-ovlnco ot lli'itish j,],(; t al.Ljr:ii-,v uml Miu-IuihI Ituihrii.v, uml
Columbia, und to lia-,v thoir tidvioo In  n,,.,.,, | ',„!l,,.|  w-lt), u
Our l.i-'i'isliiiiiiT:
NOW IIN!;\V YIC, that (or dlvorn
umbos unit I'uiiijliliiriiliinis, mill taking
julo i iiti.-Mi'i'iitloii tin.' I'liso unil conven-
teiioo of Our loving: imlijoets, We huve
thou-.'lit 111, by and with the uilrk-o of
Our I'ixoi'iitivii Council of tho Province
if British Columbia, to hereby convoke,
und by these presents enjoin you, and
each of you Unit on .Monday, the ICig'htl)
dny of the mouth of February, one
thousand eight  hundred und ttinoty-
Mt'iii', um
iply to Lollibrlrtge,
CIkmsuu, A May,
Solii-iliirs for applicants
Oltawii 181.1) September IM,
NliTil!!:'. iK llel-eby f.-lvoti Hint uiililli'lltliill
seven, yuu meet Us in our said Leglslu-1 win do mud,, t„ the Loidsiiiilvo Asso|iiiilj of
lure ni- Parliament of Our suid Prov- the Province or Urltisli Columbiii, m In next
inco, nt Our CttyofVlutoi'lu, FOB THE', w***™-'"!'"" Art l"i-o"'|,ni-..iiiiB llio Kootoniif
,-.,.„,,.,„ ,,r ..,',  ,,,,  ,.m,,l,c,     .      i ,       I'llWll' llll'l   l.lfllt  l'0111]lllll.V.   l.llllitCll   fill'  tllU
DlbPAf CU OF 33USUN I3bb, to treat, | ^^ Mi]ip]yi|i,, ^J UgM m \m hy
lo, uot, and eoueludo upon those things cmutiiiiHswl ulr rnifl oloptrlclty to Un* InlniliU
whieh in Our Legislature of the Province of British Cniumbia. by the Common Council of Our said Pronnce may,
by tho favour of Clod, ba ordained.
In tkstiMONY Wiibkeop, We huve
canned tho.se Our Letters to be made
Patent, and the Great Seal of the
said Province to be hereunto allixed: |
"WlTNlCSS, the Honourable BDGAK
DiiVVDXF.Y. Lieut ennnt Governor of
Our suid Province of British Columbia, iu Our City of Victoria, in
Our said Province, this twenty ninth day of December, in tlie yeur of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred   and   ninety-six, and in the
sixtieth yeur of Our Reign,
My Command,
tie 'M Tivrincial Secretary.
NOTIGK IS HKRKBY lilVEN. Uml linpli-
I'uiluii wilt i»i> iiuitlc tu Uio PiirHtunoiit ol' Cimiulu
ul. tlia next session tliorupf for mi net to im'or-
poratdlt Cotnj.Hiny to euiistrael tiiul pponilnit
railway 'from u point ul or iieur the Town of
rjOt-htirlilcD, tn Allwrui. in the Nov! h West Tor-
rftoriusof Cinmiiii: tlieneo Kximiulnu wu^torly
tliroHirti Crow's Ncsl fuss io the CnHmiliin ri:
ver in the pi-oviner* of Hellish ('oliiiiibiaiLhomT
wcstoi'Iy too point In suid Province on ornear
Uio Frusor River or tho Straits of Oonrln. or
nny arm or Inlet of tho sitine nt tide-v.-itier or
senhonvd with power to inillii.iieijulfi.'.iniiinttiiii
umi operate .steam uml oilier vohsi.-Is to he us'-'t
in eoime.i-lioii witli the Kind railway, als» to
purchase- and use water to tfonenitu eleetriral
power anil lo sei! uml lease sueh power.
Dated at Victoria, Ul'iiish Columbia, 17th December. 1!'W.
Akciihh M.Airns.
.Solicitor for Applicant*,
Applications for authority to
build railways are far from being
certain indications that Ihe railways will materialize.   Many instances  of  such   initial   steps
'.i..v ig the end as well as tho
begjj.c?i)g oi: projects might be
recall - . this province, perhnps,
lia-.i'i:- more than its due share.
But Wpre  there   is  so  muoh
"smoke-- in connection with the
Crow -, i> ,(j-onto thero ought to
be a rDasc -xAq nssumption that
some "fii'o is present.    It can
hardly be, hat all tho proposals
to buila a i-i xnnvc empty forms.
When tl' ' i j go much apparent
anxiety il rnish railway accommodation i - ',,,, southern part
of the prolan, there is some
ground for !„3,,, ihat the country
.will uot bB i,ri.J(l upon to pay too
'.dearly for  ;,„   self-sacrifleing
efforts of flv   „.,. tt..,ij!ors.    It is
particuli'ii,    .,i,.m;iive to note
the manner n-yhicli tbe Canad-
ianPacilic -fe boon stirred to
notion,   t|f| fhe Tupper government I'Viintifld in power it is ■ almoin,   rii'iin that the Canadian
Pniic company would have seared eomple'te  control of the
,>v.'  coveted route, and would
liave been more or less extravagantly subsidized by the government for the building of the road
The peoplo may well bo thankful
that men are now in power who
do not maintain to close an alliance with the big company and
are not so anxious to assist, il to
a monopoly.   There is good reason to expect, that the desired
railway facilities will be secured
with   much   less eosi lo tho The 1805 figures,'those in braclc
publio than was at ono time conn- ots are gjv.oll.t>0,. ,,i10 pul.p0SG or
""'' "• icomparison: Exports, fe'.WKl. 134
($2,855,005); imports, free, •■w\\,-
(620,015); imports, dutlablo.
Hints, cities, towns, mines, smellers uml tramways in the Mast ami tt'eiil Divisions of h'uol-
enay Uh-iriei, also toeonsiruet. maintain und
operate tramway and telephone, systems In the
suid Hust und Went Divisionsof Kootonay Uis-
trict and to extend the said systems lo other
districts eontiKemis tlmreto, and to erect and
muintain all neeessury woHcs,)iidldini.rs,lhimos.
dams, raceways, poles, luy pipes and stretch
wires for the conveyance and supply of colilr
pressed air and elee-lrieity us aforosuid and
wilh power lo expropriate lands for the purposes ot the said Company and alsa> for the
purpose of tfeiieratliii,' power, liglltand heat us
aforesaid to appropriate and use so much water
from Kootenay river and ils irilnitarles and the
Columbia unil lis tributaries as the Compuny
may see lit and to do all sueh other thinj-'sas are
iiiL'Jdentlll nr conducive lo the a tlaiiimen|,of th()
above objeeis or of any of them.
Dated ut the City of Victoria, this 2-lth day
of November, A.I). I81HI.
FjfANlf MnaiiNS.
Solicitor for Applicaals,
of  Applieutlon   for Ceiiitieuti:
of   tmpi'ovements,
Watch, Clock""11 Jewelry
In the Iil'si stylo uf Iho tniilo, Miiil
uml IHxpi-GBa orders roooivo prompt
i;ai,i,  upon  mm  opposite 'mik
eOI.UJIlllA     flOOBK.
john McMillan,
I)J';.VIPS15Y  &   GRAgSICK.
Fori Steele B,C, .,
Contrntftors""" Builders.
£ I  I
Fort Steele B. C.
Thus is one of thy  hi-sl  appointed   Hotels in the      ^
Poj't BU-Hiit! District. 3
Every   room   is   coini'Drlubly   furnishi'd, 3
t£   Whon you visit Fori Stoclu yon w'i! mis;-; it iCyou dont    ^
XZ SlO]) ill    till', Z2
Tako Notice. Sixty days after date, I Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
nud Works, for permission (.o pnrehuse a certain puree! of surveyed land known us Lot-lit
in irroup t. and situated on Findlay Creek about
a miles from its month.
billed, Golden, B,C.  filli. diiyJimuiiry.lsOi,
TDcDcun Mineral Claim, situate lu (he 1
Sleele Milling Division of Kust Kootenay
District, Located* on Huckleberry hill, north
of ihe Noi't'h Star mine,
TAKK    NOTICE    Ihal   R.O.,Tonnthu'S
P.M. C. No -nms Intend, si^ty days from Uio
date hereof, lo apply to the Mlninif Hecorder
for u.eeriillcale of Improvements, for the pur*
jiose of ohiainin-j'. a -Crown grant of tho above
clu Im.
And further tal;e notice that action, under see-
lion :ii, must he eommeneeil hefore the issuance
of such certillcate of Improvements.
per ll.O.tleiinliiga.
Dated lids lIMi day of November, ISfltl,
l    Mountain House.
Nolipc of Aluillmitloii  for Oi'i'lillniilo
Of   .lllipi'OVl'llllllllS.
were only «l)IKi lust month.
Victoria—Tbo customs returns
All-iiviiv Mllioi'lll Olllilll sluiiiti; in tliu Ii-iii'i
siuiilo Mining Division of I'liim Hootoniiy
Dlstricl. I.oi'iitcil on HiiL'ilUiluirry hill, norlli
iirtllo Mortl, Stnr mini'.
TAKE NOTICE thul li. 0, Jennings !•'. ill. (1,
Mo, ran. Intend, sixty iluys from tin) iliiln
lioi'i'-iif. In nnply ui tin.' Minliiii Himoi'diii' fur u
(lel'ltllcille of imin'iiviinioiils. for tin: pin-none of
nlitiiliiili!) II Orown iii'iiiil, of llie uliovc cliiim,
Ami fnrtller tlllie notice Unit action, uiuloi'
for the yeill'1890 are US follows: aneUon ,ir, inusi bo commenced boron llio
Vii'loi'itt 'J'inu'i,.    I
$1,88(1,772 ($1,787,81)11); duty paid
$03-1,070,.1.7 ($1)20,98-1); othor col-
lections, $58,8211,9-5 ($5-1,710); tho
l""l!'1''l" " ' ■ lulv|f' iiihiiiil i-BVonuo recoiiita wero
$108,861,88 ($154,871,84).
sowiua; oltleors
Victoria Tin
of Acini
boon iiiiiliilled by I). U. (i, ,\l
Hiiiina: ft. XY.. A. Hoiuliirsoii
and G, M„ R. Amlersoii; Thorn- Nitnaimo-Aii appvopvlatdon ol.
as Tubman, N, (!.; F. A. BilliiiR- 8I0.0UD having been made lor the
sloy, vice 0.; 8. W. Etlwards, R,; purposo oi' deepening the Nanai-
B.; Win MeEackreii, P. S,; G. | llu» harbor, tho dominion govorn-
D. Christie, treasurer; A. Slioret mont dredge Mud Lark is expect
ed to arrive shortly lo proceed
with the work.
R, S. N. G.; J. Robertson, L, S,
N. G,; W, I-I. Handley,, warden;
M. Blaekslock, Con.; W. Sinclair
R.8.S.; D. Burns, D.G.;'C. Pi-
chon, L. S. S,; George Tensdali-
I, G.; Charles Chisletl, R. fi. V,
Nanaimo—In tlio customs returns the duties collected were
S4, 101,86'; miscellaneous, $11)0-
94; total $4,298,110, Imports dutlablo, $18,485; imports free $1190
total $22,817,   Thovevenuo cob .„ , ,,    ..,.       ',', ,,   "„ ,., suit llnimi' by rulall, mi llio m-oitilBes
iiii-       t.t       i I'liliruary. Mr. WliiirpUiil.lertlelil ,,„„„„ „.,i,,,',.„,„i ,,„„,„.,i i „i„i
looted    dui'ing   .Novembor  was ,.  ,„,  ■ „       '   ,,,      .       Iiimwn its lliu orttml Lontinl untol,
no in i-i r,    ni   i ,-i "I   Windsor,   One,,  will net as
$,1,101,10, winch shows a consid- .  .,      ,.,,   ■      ,,        . .,,.
,,' . ,.      ,,       , luilge ot tlie poultry exhibits,
orablo  increase lor . Docoinbor.
'The    dutiablo    impoi-ts   also     Naiiahno--During    Docnmber
Incroused during December, but there were 21 birth's, 8marriages
tile imports coming in fee, which and 7 deaths registered froih this
Were over $11,000 in November,, district,
Nanaimo—Prompt justice bus
been meted oul, lo Appleby and
Jones, the housebreakers. All
within one week the two men
were iiriestod, tried, convicted
and sent to the penitentiary for
throe years each,
Vancouver—A poultry show
will bo lield in this city early in
Inmtl'iince of sucli
Diitml tills Mill iluy of Noveinlloi'i IBM,
tlllciilc nf Imiiroveiiients
per U. I). JoniltlnJH,
I'iuii.ic Notice Is horoby -rivon tliali
sixty ilays uftor iliite we bili'iiil toapply
to llio lion, tliu Chief Commissioner of
[.mills nnil Works for iiermlsslpn to imr-
I'lniso iniu litiiult'oil mill sixty iii'i'os of
unoccupied Crowr! lands sltutitod on
Perry crock Eust Kootonny, about 1)
toilos ubovo the old town, oommenoiii
ut tbo west corner post I'linnhiy -In
clinins oust thonco 41) chains nortii
thonco -10 clitiins west thonco -III clllilll
south to llio pbu-e of commoncemont.
Dnlcil Dccenilnii' lUth, 18110.
W. .1, Wem.isb.
A. DOY1.B.
NOT I ('K,
I hoi'oby irivi.i notice, Uml, 11(1 duyi
iil'lnr iliilc. I Intend to uppiy to llu
(lolil I'oiiinilssloiii'.i' foi' n llsi'i'iico li
ii'll liquor by retail, on lite prciiltsei
A. M, bollilh,
lliitcd Mils IHtli dny ot Nov, I8I1II,
A   Sl'IIC.IAl.TV.
First Glass Work Guaranteed.
Shop Opposite the Fort Steele
Printing Office.
Weekly Unlivery to minimi camps in the
Norlli Slur uml Wild Horse Districts.
Address all communications to
of nil kinds nt llio
 *     .
A fow   pairs of pure I'ckln pucks
$11,00 per putt-.    Leiu-o orders with
If   you  want   tho   prime
All machine mado on factory
principles.   Come to
Port Steele B.C.   .
Hot And Cold Baths
Washing * Mending,
Mrs. Lewis.
Horse-shoeing A Specialty.
Light Sett of Light
Sleighs Suitable  For
Ranching Purposes.
Inquire at the
American Stor
Fort Steele B. C.
Estimates furnished tor the erection of
Concentrators, Smelters and Stamp-mills,
AM work promptly attended to,
For Catalogues, Address
DANIEL F, BEATTY, Washington,
New Jersey,
The National Matte Smelter,
oreniis, s:is,oo up. sins
PI AX'Cm I'lunlci-swillllftl. (.'iimlmnii
I.  UUWn   lix-e.    A,i,lr,.„s. Drnli'l  I''.
lli'lllt.v. Wllsllilnlliiii. N. ,1.
A practical, cheap and simple
method of mulling sulphide ore,
such as nickel, copper, gold, and
silver ores, in localities where
lend ores and fuel aro scarce and
almost ituattainahle, our pyritie,
water jacketed Matte Smelter
has been recognized with.highly
satisfactory ivstills, and lias
been thoroughly tosted on various pyritie, sulphide and arson-
ide ores, in capacity of 2 to sil
tons per day. It is tho simpliost
method ot gold anil silver, ore
mailing, and couconlrating that
is known to-day,
it requires no extraordinary
skill, no load ores, no fluxing
material, and iiofuel for the smelter after it is started, The sul-
pht'i' in llu- ore is   its natural
S.2M.1 00   nn.     Sinn   ,.     .       , ,. ., ,   ,
Beattu's Pianos S^M^fc ,""1 °"ly* iml'u vm{ lms uo
uciiiiy. Wusiiini/ioii.K.j, comparison with any otlier process of eoncoulrating,
l>lllllliH,S335,()llnpSlmi I'llln-
(IRfiANI "irs ivunl.'ii. I'lilnlMUii,. lice.
UllUnllO   Ail.lress llillil.'l I''. Ileallv. «'«-ll-
Ituitnu. ,V. .1.
ni'i.vr'rv'.soi'M $:t,V'o up.
"innnnn sn-u i-n-ii.t,',-. wnni,-,:. .won,.,,
CJUU,VUV oieull. pimli'lF. Il,'iill.v, Wurfi-
llnrlun. New .Jin-sey.
S.'l.l.ooO   up..    Simi
'6 Oryans Il;;!::;:;^ir;,!!;,i,'^
llently. Wlisllllii.'l»n.N..I
James High warden.
Tntisoi'iill     Artist.
Shaving & Hairciittlng.
KvcryllililK Nclil A  Clollil.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stable.
Purl. Sleele II.C.
SAtllll.K 4: PACK lloK.SKS.
Kalispel Mont.
I'lirili's lo nnd from I'lii'l Slet'lu
will tlnd Unit this It, iho li.'si |,|i,.i.,|, in
leiivo llii-lr iliii'li, uml uliliiiii I'liiiv.v-
We are prepared to furnish any
size or capacity plant complete
lo substantial mining people, set
it up and furnish our men to run
it for them on easy payments.
Prices and specifications, with
references and testimonials on
NATIONAL "III; .v lllilil'lTlnN m.
.Mliliiifiiitilri'if,(,l I'-imnu-cs for Xleio'l.Copper,
I...I.I, Sllv.r nn.l l.,-nii Or,'«.
i:si.im:i;i<* ami , oKT
"10- full
i!i:iiic"i'n.)N woitKs,
BT,  Llll'IS.   Mm.
Yee  I.ee.
Vsuctablc!. i< ivii'in [Jroiliicc
ol all hinds at'reasonable iirlccs.
Opposite ihe Mountain lloiiso,
Port Sleek' IM'. ^M^_ j—ill        _   i     i ; ii mi mm         in    .■,M„,„,. »W!wmf-iii|n>i,m| nu tmnm^mm
THE MOVEMENT THIS WAV. loss  than  25,500   horse-power,
  and ran ii]i lo even 2(1.1!))', while
The indications all point Jo a she  attained  n  speed of 22.5
■very   largo    immigration   lutoijoiots, In the second-1.hours her
southern .British Columbia■ this;! n,nxhiiiun horse power was 22.
year, Many will come from east- 034.   tiluu carries il.onn tons of
ern Canada and many will como COui and can thus steam 0,000
from the Statos of Washington inlots at I l.:'„'l knots iui hour, or
Oregon, California, Nevada, Col-1 <.->„,,, knots at 21 knots an hour, I
prado and Montana. Some will In.- j\h, Brooklyn, again, only our-
disappointed, but the chance., for! ,.jes   L7M  tonS| lul(1 M.„ only
^hoso that can go mil  into tliBU^m, c.oss |(UOts nt   10'knots,
uiounlains   nud do prospeoting (m\ i^oij knots al 20 knots no
work will be excolleiit. The mm-(il01l|..     -eIu,   ....^uiiim'iH  of Ihe]
pral bearing area of British Co-; powerful is in harmony wilh her'
fumljia is very extensive five or | dimansitn^s.    There are no less
six hundred mjles long and two Uian lilt) steam engines in differ-
Tffff—--■■■  ■■'!'.'"
or   three  hundrod miles wide.
ent pans of her vast hul
Spukiint,   Wash.
This vast region bus not been I ^s "a j)H)teletlra dflpk of S)K.inch
carefully prospected; ludee'.* U j as of stilfd'steel. Hor guns wilt
has hardly been penetrated and j lhi,ow nam,\y c,ighi tons of pro
there are thousand, of losatiousj ja.tiles pcr uiinuto, and with the
yet to be made and many ripli j higbjjsl velocity ever attained,
discoveries yet to bo brought to, Two aroi,, haij imis ,l( lha, may
I'"1 '•■ ibe  thrown straight abend and
Wo know of no similar area ,.f nvo uml ;l ha|f Ums strajgW as.
country anywhere in th,,- world u,nh which is a great ndvantagej    C.O.UIXON.Ucnwal ASei
today whioh offers such induce- she is supplied'with  Belleville
ments1 to the prospector aud mi-1 boilers, and is  tha test   large
tier, Fortunately, too, the pros- |cr|liser so fitted.   The Terrible it
pector will not have to wait long jsistel, ship ot ,|„, Powerful, is
fo finda purchaser if he has some <' llsi.1.1,. a0inpleted, and is expect-,
Using good to ofror. There will be,,,,| in sev8Ea] respects to excel
capital hore in abundanie. W*': thr htU'r.   Thev are fair types
shall not only havo capital  from j 0f tll,-. ,.•„,;!*-;■» with which the!
the states and from Canada, but j Bl,itish !lavy is wilhm !ll(1 Uim
from England as well, and per-! few veaK ,,j b,, numerously pro-
haps from France. The attention vitle^ iuld there are n0Ile ',. ,,,h
of the world is now directed this Lj, countries which ut
way. British Columbia is on tho | equalling thou
tongues of mining men every-; 	
'nil'! si'i,'\'i;vi)i,''s rn un mai-i: rr Tim snoU'pes'l'
'/'HANSlONTINKN'l' 11, HOl.'1'K,
ll U ill.' most nunli.'tii iii ,.,(iiipiii,.iiK il is lln, Ijeavl-'s! n|lfi,il lip,,;
it has n roi-k liallasl roailhi-tl: it crasso., no sand dosorls! il was  bull!
tritium) n Ian,I e'l-iinl or jffli'ei'imieii! (lid: il is uti|u(J fm nrlcaj' of iis
pinplujesi i! is Hi,' only Iin,' sei-ylntf niciil-on llie a la i-urle plan,
I     i> t N U K A J,     jH'.'ji J{ <; I! A jv T /I
5 A.Nj) ,"        8
8 W ll O U; >S A JL li   UgUOB   \)U\'.l-nl
i Golden li. c, |
A('i:.\TH   l-OH   Till';
for l-'OHT KTKKI.K iimi tlu I4AST Itiu't-N.n   MINKs. Win-klj
stn;:i'  fi'iiiu Kiilispell,   steiiiiiUini ,'oimiiunii'atioiis (nin- ,1,'iiiiiiii;-
lui'ing Summer,   Quiek-wl and Heal route to all parts ul 1 lit- t'niled
siat.rs. I'ias't'l-ii I'iliui'la and l-ltjl'iipo,
for oiaps. ni'k.'is umi emnplete Infiirniatliiu mil nr address
ii,'ail-si air,,nl or
l-\l,WHI'.t'NKY. li. I', nod T. A,
SI. I'nul. Minn,
uoijfiid.oi'iilinn   Ufo   Assoolation,
Cuiiacla   Aeeideni   Assuranoe Co,
I'liittui.v   l-'iru   Assuriineo   Co,   of   London   Bug,
I'lm-iix   of   llui'lfoi'd,
Liverpool, London, filobo, nud Alias Assuranoe C'o's,
Western Assurance Co. British Assuranofl Co,
'i     I'lieifie Cfiiisl li'ire lusiiranoe Co,
A N 1)     O T H E K sS.
tome near to,
Kcgular Weekly Stage
Kalispell, ToDaeco Plains, ana
Fort Steele,
Thero never was -a mining
movement which did not have its
attendent disasters and misfortunes and wo will have them
bore, but tho general result will
bo a tremendous increase in tbe
population and wealth of British
Columbia and a vast increase in
Prom oar special correspond-
kimptons four horse team
passed ii]) tbo valley last week
with a load nf &400 pounds of
merchandise.   Part of the eon-
the general prosperity of the|signnionl being for tho North
Dominion of Canada. Star
Wo believe tho opening of tho
mines in British Columbia will
bo tho  most potent   stimulus
which has ever been givon to tho
industrial growth of Canada and
that it will go far towards plm
ing Canada in the from rank of
nations. Wo therefore welcome
the movomonl now gathering for
British Columbia, ll is not a
wild and senseless stampede like
that to Alaska last summer. It
has lakon threo or four years to
got it started. It is not without
reason or cause, On llu- contrary it is woll founded and will
result iu the betterment of 11 large
porportion of Ibe people who
0:11110 here if thoy'oxeroi.se Industry and good judgement.
Groat Britain's Latesl lluili
Cruiser Ibe Most Formidable
in the World.
The Indians. Kuoteiiay's and
Slniswaps are slid passing down
the valley on their way homeward from tho St. Eugene Mission, whore thoy have been celebrating Christmas, Many linger
on Ibe way and go up Sheep
crook, Findlay creek and the
KoUenay rivor hunting. Declare slid reported to bo plentiful,
othor big game is uot so abundant,
A Mission Church is to bo
erected by the Kooleiiny Indians
on their reservation between
Dutch crook and Mud lake. It is
expected Autumn will see its
completion. Chief Tat-low was
noxious to build the church at
bis own expense, but it, was considered In be moro satisfactory
that the church should bo erected from the free offerings of
many than be lln- gift of one.
Carrying V. S. Mail [o Tobacco Pill-ins-.
 T't.Mli  TABLE.   ——
I., a\,' K'slirp,-! every Saturday at S a.m.
Arrive at Tohaeeo Plains Sunday at 12 11.111.
Arrive at Fort Stoele ou Monday Kvenin.y.
Leave Fori Steelo every Wednesday at S a.ni,
Arrive at Tohaeeo Plains Tliiuwday at 12u,m.
Arrive at Kalispell Friday F.voninji',
For passenger and Express rates apply lo
D W Stryker   Kalispell   Montana
Prospector Olliee Fort Steele B-G-
H   Application I'm ins hor Insurance to be Inn! nf Carlin and Durii'le.  g
I And   Tho
Connecting   with   Tbo
t Season   of   18013-7.
I Leave Golden every Tuesday 4 a.m. '
I Stage leaves Fort Steele Friday at -I p.m,
Some  Things  We   llave. .'
Britain has just had completed,
£=       GENERAL MERCHANT      |
£ A N D 3
ig the mountain sides as  a;"fi
My stream in full Hood.   Its'g
The Cbi.u'oks have been busy
this week. A lierce one came
northwnrds in the commencement of the week, with none of
thoroughly tested nnd put ln| jibe soft gush of the streamlet us
commission her latest-built cruis- u riPPles :l1""'-'' 1)lU sonndtaf
or, the Powerful, the largest and ulonS thc ra'M"»ain *'&
most formidable crulsor in the j""
world,   No cruiser of any other1"11'"1'1" wero •*"")n ''xh;'-"-',od- bl|t
country at all approaches ber in ,;,,! !:"'f"r" a considerable ,,uanli-
iliiiieiisions. equipment and pow- '•''l,f SI")W W1|s lvlll"V|,(l'    'rlli--*
or.  The well-named Powerful Is '"''- succeeded by a fresh coating
•vis  feet  in  length. 71  r'.-.-t in 1'1"" :i n'""'"' ""'" lh" ",a,ls lll'°
breadth. 27 feel drouirhi. and 11   «l**W-   T"111"--'"'" """' P*183*11*?
2"o    tons    dispatchment:    the[gl'lhe lakos' as tho ico is durable
Brooklyn, the lai'gest endser ol and distance  is shortened and
the United States, is onlj   W0.S l«»vy grades are avoided, Doyle
feet long, rW.BS feet broad, 2-1 feel wtth ,hl' ma,ls '""w lakes thls||
draught, and 0,271 lonsdispatcb; ''"'"'"
tflent, In course of her trials the
Powerful developed 26.407 hOlse     'n,,. ,,.,
power, while tho horse-power of grea| prospefily for British Co- 9
the Brooklyn is only I'i.o'i. The humbia, and remarkable strides «e
first test of the Powerful was one \m<e\ n made in all parts of
of HO hours' continual cruising, j the province. Numbers of new
with only 5,000 horse-power, and; discoveries are reported, nnd It
she attained 11 speed of H.,11! Wonld seem that the whole coun-
knots, nnd consumed I 1-2 tonsi lry -m one of mineral, A few rail-
of coal per hour. Next She was j ,,oadK are all that aro now want
tried for HO hours wilh Is,one ,,,| ,,, ,,,„.,, up isolated places,
horse-power and developed a making ihem accessible About
speed of 21 knots, consuming hn nine-tenths of this prosperity
tons of conl per hour. The third and enterprise i.sdue 10 cltiiioiis
tost was lor I hours, with not on this side of the line. 11 fact
loss  25.000   horse power   under] which   is  duly  nppreciuli-d  by
natural   draught,    im IlatelyiBritish Columbians.
lollnwed by  I hours morn with Western Mining World.
22.000    horsepower,    uml   film
stood both perfectly. Illii-fng the   ——————————————-
lii'-t I hours she ip-vi' showed    si.-nseiiiiiKi-OR Tin; I'ltosiuicroii.
c  Got your. Axe from your hardware man,
Sill.s of your Dry-goods man,
Milk from your Milkman.
I But PUKE  DttUGS,   Good Brushes-, |
Pine   Soaps,   etc.  etc.   of
_—_____      i«
i" im^t year Im- been one ol'iS
Now under the management of
Is o large and attractive Motel
of quiet elegance in all its
appointments, with a
cusine of superior
»! £
Special rates hy the' mouth .
I IVIa_iit4facti4rer of"%
I all kinds of |
1      LUMBER.      |
••—- -«•
£ A large assortment of 52
£ seasoned lumber and shingles -5j
•»^- —«
^ ■ 3
p constantly on hand. 3
Tlie Mission store,
The Highest Price Paid Por Purs,
ST.   I'.t.oFXL MISSION li.   V.
1 The Pioneer
1 of Port Steele.
1 strictly First class,
£      ,   Charles   Levett,   Prop.


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