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The Prospector Jul 3, 1897

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'■-, :■:;■'{ «■',' s-ic-'H ;v;s;S;Sis;v;;i;iii:i5ii';
Mw j|TW fsT7 /Ml
ii% -^p
.% $
,-.;:;s ;-,t,t, public NO-
..- i,. -. i - -.v. s i*ai8*i«*a
Vo/. I?.
No 52.
Latest Gossip cf Interest to Residents of Stoele.
Mining I^iewSo
John Pollock has gone to Weaver creek.
Geo, Hayes left Tuesday for
Golden, where ho will remain n
short time.
Sunday, duly 4th, a game of
base bull will be played between
two tennis of Porl. Steele.
When yon want stationery,
fishing tackle, razors, line soaps,
try the Pioneer Drug Hall.
Messrs. Cairn & Co, are open
for business, with n general line
of stationery, periodicals, etc..
Mr. R, C. Haywood, of Minneapolis is in Steele, and is very
favorably impressed with the
conn try,
At a meeting, hold at the
school house last Saturday, Mr,
Barnes was elected to succeed
himself as trustee.
Mr. Chas. Thies is erecting a
nice double, building next door lo
the American store, which isnow
tho Port Steele Mercantile Co.
The owners of the Kimborly
townsite have contracted with
B'ineli & Jones lo have a.saw mill
in position by August Ist at Kim-
file Latest Mining Nows, Gath,-
efed ffoiii Point?, of Merest,
location of their and other claims
of which thoy may know. The
map previously mentioned is on
sale in .Moyie City and Kimberly
Townsite Go's, olliee; price Sl.DO.
Another rich strike was made
on Weaver Creole last week by n
Mr, Ititnkio. Specimens of tho
ore have been on exhibition iii
town and have created no end of
favorable comment. Pour chtiins
were located, lying on tho left of
Weaver crook. The oro is u very
pretty galena, and shows assay
returns as follows: lead. 72.23
por cent, and a trace of gold.
The ledge is live feet and extends across all four claims.
Another lodge showing some
copper ore is also on this property. Tho ore shows, -1.1.0 oz copper and §2,80 iu gold and silver.
Nocking Malta Has Yot Boc-n
Doiu. .
& Co.  bought a
E gold dust from
last week. .. Ils
and was panned
G. Mi  Keep
pretty bottle o
Weaver  creek
value wns £175,
by a Chinaman.
An addition is being built to
The Prospector to house the now
Babcock Perfecting press, which
has arrived and will be in position in a few days.
Tho North" Star arrived here
last Sunday, the Gwendoline
Tuesday, aud the North Star
again on Wednesday. This is
good service, if it can be kept up.
Miss Ella Bain, who has recently Coiiie to Steele from Spokane, has taken an olliee in the
building with Voliostn & Co.,
and is prepared to do all kinds
of stenographic and typewriting
work on short notice; Miss Bain
has had a great deal of expert-
entiti, and is thoroughly competent to do first class work.
The steamer North Star last
Sunday brought into Port Steele
a family of throe generations.
. consisting of 10 peoplo. They
oathe all the way from llm Rochdale-, England-, and Selected
Steele as their destination, filter
having travelled all over the
Western States, and tho coast
Veglon of B, C, The family name
Is KershaW,
W. M, Cumin, tigeiit for the
Noi'th Star initio, received a tele-
gi'ltm I'roni li, fl, Mann Wednesday ordering' all teams now
Working nt llio North Slur to be
soul ttt'oiVco lo Mo'Lood. Tho
leiiiiiH'. iib'Olll HO hi number, were
liltal'ied odt on Friday, und will
vetuih Mcl'ieod hi a HOW days. It
Is siip|)osOil that the teams ure to
lie w'orkod on construction of tlm
(I, P, If,
Mi', 11, II, lloll'iy Of li'verefl,,
Wash., a man of perhaps00 years
and who had for a long time been
'connected with mining, died last
Saturday at Perry creek, Mr.
Holley hail ridden ouldnring lho
'day and retired as usual at night.
Next morning whon some one
wont to call him ho was found
dead on his cot. Tho remains
wore shipped down tho rivor on
tihe stoamor North Star, and will
bo sent to liis homo at Everett,
It Looks Like it Mountain of Ore
if Indications Are Verified,
In June, 181)0, while Grundy
tVakhaus, Albert Mutz and Jim
Scott were hunting and fishing
around Lewis creek, in tlie
neighborhood of Wasa, and incidentally doing a little prospecting, just to occupy their spare
.lime, they had tlie good fortune
lo run upon some very pretty
specimens of qnarlss croppings,
which Grundy was willing to bet
would assay §3,200 per ton.
Mulz and Scott didn't allow their
visions o£ a goldon future to
carry their estimate of tho prop
erty quite so high; but at the
sumo time thought well enough
of it to help Aakhaus stake out
.three claims, which they called
the Lucky Star, Casino and Pris-
boe. Enough work was done
during tho year to show that the
claims wero really worth consideration, and when Don McKay
visited it early this spring and
made an offer of St,000 for the
Lucky Star group his offer was
accepted, and the property passed into the hands of John M.
Burke and Don McKay, who
have sold a { interest in the
group, which now consists of six
claims, to Francis McClelland.
The three additional claims were
found nud located by Mr. McKay,
and consist of tlie Butte, Lucky
Baldwin and the Hortense.
To use tho words of an old-
time mining man, who was recently in Port Steele and visited
the property, "The Lucky Star
is eitliora bonanza or a failure,
and from present indications it
most certainly looks liko the
Tho only work of any consequence that has been done on
tho group, is on tho.Lucky Star,
and consists of a shaft 10 feet f'.Mltlore' lllolcad « about live
deep having been sunk oll t,.lefeot in width, and several claims
lend, followed by an open cut of hllvu ht"!u loeilt; ''
30 feet and about 1.0 feet deep at
the breast. There 1s another
open cut
indications of there being a chute
Although a Half Meeting Was
Held Last Wednesday.
If Port 8tefelo residents are lo
be supplied with waler, at any
time during the next decade; II
is high time something was being
done lo attain lhat end. Some
six or eight week's ago a committee was appointed to lake charge
of tho matter, nnd up lo lhe
present writing the committee is
still obviou-ly silent. 'It is indeed a crying shame that nearly
.■.',000 people are forced through
the fault of others to be compelled to drink the muddy waters
of tho Kootonny rivor, after its
being hauled up by team,
Prospectors aro fast going into Kokl al  thu exorbitant rate of
Schilling's Bcslk simpjy
good honest ten, well graded, fresh - roasted, packed
air-tight, ,
If you don't like it, you)
grocer 'return's your money
in full.
There is no.other such
ileal ing in tea.
A Hitllliiii: a, Ciiiiiiuiiiy
Him i'i nn nu
tho Hell Roaring creek country
in the hopes of catching the
lead whicli was uncovered there
last week. Several locations
havo been mado in the past few
The Coppor Crown mineral
claim on Perry creok, has boen
bonded lo Prof. Haiiman for tho
Hammond Co. It is a splendid
piece of property and is ready
for development which will be
begun at once.
Work on the Prospector's
Dream on Weaver creok, is progressing well under Hugh Mc-
Quade's management. Tho Prospector's Dream, is a free milling
gold proposition and is ono of
the richest in the district.
It was rumored in town Thursday that a very rich strike had
been made ou the Sullivan, bill
no ono could be found to verify
Skookum Chuck has again
oome into prominence by a very
rich discovery of oopper carbonates having been made by J. P.
Steve Young has made a dis
Mwmtof 30 feel which shows coyc^ of ovo In -WM m>Vi*
I which   bears a   striking si mi.
oforeatlei«l50feetwidV"The Mty to tto Dibble om   Th0
or'o is free milling qntirtz-, and 0'M is a■«ra?r 6oV?w' and ttec
many different assays have feU.0U are ttvo leads, one of two feet,
an average of about 15.00 p01. Another tlire'o feet,   Tho claims
ton,   Work wiil bo continued on !,U'G  loMt°l1    ttbout   six   11]iles
the Lucky Star, and a contract 'Nortlnvest of the Dibble mine,
has jusl! helm lot for a 50-foot • ==—==-:—•
shaft, to bo sunk at once. SOUTHERN   MAIL  ROUTE,
Work will soon begin on the  _____
Butte, lis  surface   indications .Have Your Mail Dlreoted In Caro
show, a good-sized lead of the
same ore running parallel on the
Butte. Tho property is in charge
of  Don  McKay,   who    is ulsd'
acting   as    superintendent    of
Work now going on.
of Transportation Co, at
The International .Transportation  Company   hnvo mado arrangements lo properly llaildlo,
lust us soon as indications jits- mul deliver at Porl. Sleele, all
fifyitstiiiiipniillsivillbopiitln,lmH.iU(i(||,06iSOr| j„ \\m\t earn at
and Ihe property will bo worked j Jennings, Molilalia.   It, Is ubso-
by present owners. jul0|y necessary   how   lo  have
—  mull directed ill their cure, as
Chas. Eslmoru, civil engineer otherwise, the words, via Jon-
and draughtsman, bus just com- \ nlngs, have no bearing. Tho U.
ploted a milling map showing the S. postal authorities have given
twenty-live cents per barrel. It
in an outrage that industries
which could prosper with sleain
as a motive power, are forced to
await the pleasure uf a few gentlemen who haven't time to attend to this very important matter. Buildings are going up just
as fast as material can bo secured—all frame—and built of
lumber whicli would bum easily
and very fast. 'No insurance at
present and little prospect of securing any. Life, proporty, and
tho future of the town nro all
endangered, and the committee
has not as yet seen lit to even
enlighten the public with oneen-
couraging word. And not only
are tho lives and property of lhe
residents in peril, and llie merchants, hotel men and olher,s
placed at a tremendous disadvantage, but a more serious matter
confronts us; the sanitary condition of Port Steele is something
that should and must be consid
ered. The loss said of this the
better, but; tho condition of affaire existing today, in a sanitary
way, is indeed "awfully rank,"
and the best thing for ils Improvement is a water work's system. Tlie committee can secure
addresses of firms In Camilla and
throughout the States by applying at this olliee.
. Will IJletcher loft Friday for
Wild Horse.
■ Robert Mather of lho Dalgardno, bus gone to Victoria.
James P. Voght, has gone to
Kalispell for a few days trip.
Joe Mortis and H,   Hughes,
came in for a few days'last week.
Harry P. Palmer has returned
to Spokane,   afler a short visit
W. P. Ross, has gone to'Vie;
loria, where he. will remain about
Iwo week's,
D. L. Bettschen, of Golden,
will be ready fur business in liis
jewelry store very soon,
Lane Gilliam, of Spokane,
siient a few days hero last week,
and thinks well of Port Steele.'
Mr. Hugh Sutherland, one' cf
the owners of the North Star is
hero again after a short trip io
tlie East.
Joe Wilmshurst lias gone to
Moyio city to examine some
property near Moyie lake. He
will return the early part of the
Mr. H. S. Stuart of "Fores!
Grove, (ire., arrived on the last
steamer, to accept a position
witli C. M. Keep * Co. of Tlie
Exchange and Safe Deposit Co.
Thos. Lee, the Pioneer harness
maker of Brandon, Manitoba,
will start a harness shop in Port
Steele. Mr. Loo represents L.
and Vi. Bourbridgo of Ottawa.
James Freeborn loft on the
Nortli Star Wednesday, for hi;'
home in Rossland where ho was
called un account of tlie serious
illness of his 1 year old daughter
Col. A. E. Head, Prank P.
Hogan, Doc. Reddy, and P. J.
Mc Million, went down on tin
North Star.   Col. Head may nol
W-m   Tilt- 1 VWV
VV III. l?i. i_ILil_X
« T H E -■
Liberal Association.
return for a few monihs, but lho
others Will lie bunk soon.
Mr. J. K. Parrel! of San Francisco is hero with Thos. Star-
bird. Mr. Parrell is a milling
man of thorough knowledge and
experience, and is very woll
pleased wilh Blast Kootenay.
Frank mid Jack. MoMalioti left
last week for Moyie city, where
they will begin lhe erection of a
large two story building, which
they will slock as a general merchandise store. The Messrs McMahon aro from San Francisco,
and are enterprising young men
of tlie western type.
The permanent organisation of
the Liberals of tho Port Steele
district was completed on the
28th iust.i with the following officers:
President -P, P. Norbury.
V ice President—-T. MoNaughti
c,        , m it    i       I hi-i'i'hv v'ivi'imlii'i; iluit lliniv iluy
Secretary-Treasurer — Hugh   ,.    ,,',-. . , .,,.,,
■' n    after iiiiiii J mti'iii! leiiriilj' in llie llulil
Watt, M. D. U'oiiiiiiisiion.'i'  for n llconse to   noil
Advisory Committee- Messrs. liquor by rulnil on llio promt*™ known
dimming,  Grasslck,   Deiiipsey,Jiistli" KootoiHiy.rfoimo ut tho Crow's
Durick, and Langley. i;;'"1 '''IS!i L|U!(% "" lh" Ku"t''lll'.v
Among the resolutions passed
were Ihe following:
■ Beds and Bedding—Warm and Comfortable—Separate
Compartments—The Greatest Spread of Rain-proof
Canvas in British Columbia.
li;t#/.v^f $■■*;*■#&& *A%$\M%*M%y<%
I General    M rchai
■^    Miners   Supplies    a   Specialty   ^
•|      Agents   For   The  California      |j
% Giant Powder Company. m
.-&'• ' 'IP
'■That the Association expresses its strong disapproval of
the manner in which the new
mail   contrail  between   Goldonlulie
fluted tills 2!lth iluy olJunu, hill",
Piiviil (J. lliii'liiii-y.   i'.l
roby givo nolle* 'lint thirty (tuj-n
lull' I illli'll.l tOlipill.V lo till'(llll'l
ami Fort Steele was let;.'■•ftfter|^ml^l"w™'™'',ll,fnw',0«<!ll!1(l,lnl'
Calling for lenders for a wei
service, accept iug nouo of i-
■ i
| Giant Powder, Mining Supplies & Hardware,
I Groceries    &   Provisions
11 III;
principal mineral claims on Tra
coy, Six Mile, Wild Horse, Shingle, Horse Shoo and Lost Creeks,
Ho has taken groat pains to
make it as reliable as possible
without actual survey; having
gone on to the ground himself
and taken Compass bearings of
creeks and mountain ranges.
T'h'is map covers a long felt want
for at least a portion of the great
East Kootenay district. However Mr, Fn-itiuoi'ii Intends to
spend the rest of lhe summer in
lliu Held, ou lho West side of the
Kootenay liver and take miles
for a complete mining map of lhe
counlry lying between tlm North
that  thu leams  sent from  lln
Star and Sullivan groups, south Noi'th Star had gone for thu pur
orders to send all mull directed
to Port Steele, via tho nor! hern
route. It is perfectly safe to
havo mail directed as pet' above.
Howovor It Is .Behoved tlmt
Whole Matter Is iMtlod.
At llio hour of going to press,
no nows hnd been received iu re-
gard lo lho Crow'.'i. Nest Ey. if
is safe to assume, however, that
Parliament has been parogtied
and that tho whole matter is
dellnitely  sotllcd.    The rumor
to llie lower Moyie hike and from .pose, of being worked o in-
| the Kooli.uKiy river west lo l!ie;s!riiolion, was denied hy Mr.
jboiulH ot Sl, Mary's nml (lout Hugh Sutherland, who said the
rivers. Prospeotors would do tenuis Iinil boon sent to Lho ranch
i Well iu giving Mr. Esl.i'nere all simply   because   there  was no ular conveyance of such eorre
111 formation   possible abort the' work for them lit the triiue
tenders, but lulling the contrael
privately to it dlfforentindlvlduul
undor a different contract."
"That there being now over
throe thousand peoplo receiving
mail at tlie Port Steele olliee, lhis
Association  strongly condemns
it's known nn tli,.1
'row's ,N',,n-t uiill,
iii™ on Ulli Klvi'iv
Diitotl tl
'ih dny nl .Inin', 18(17,
Aivli-o. .Mol.i',1.1,   i
Suppil-S For Miners & i'l'dsp'e'cibr's,        \
Nolii'n i.i lu'i'.-liy 'jivoii llinl i-ixly ili'.yi
iiiini'ilul". I Inland to upply lotlinClilot
Ciiiiiiiilii-ioinir of Iiuiiii', iiii-l Works for
jiot'inlsHlon lopiii'cliiiii" I nn urn wnl luml.
the proposal lo givo Fort Steele Ion tin, l.owur Moylo Hiver und Iiottor
only a fortnightly service for lhe fi- --.<-i-il>. -,l m follows:  (,'imiinumilhg m "IK;
it  post  pliiiitml   une  hid I lulln down M
.-.li'tMiii  from  ln'lil;!'.! inul  itliiitit ono
i|iiiirii'i-<il' n .mil'' wosl. nf tliu River,
llli'lllir i-Hiil -lili'llllill.1. Illi'llvr Hlllltll   III
iiiiiiiiii:, ilii-ni'o wi'-'i -In nliiiliiH, llioneo
iini'lli lu iiiiiii nu in point of Ijiighmliiif.
Iiiiti'd iiiiii .limn until, IS117.
.lulm I. 11(101/0,     M
ll TUB W
winter, beginning wilh October;
that in our opinion tint service
should lie twice tt Week milil rail
way .construction is complete,"
"Thai, as lil'ly per cent of the
('.(iiToKpondeiieo going from Fori
Steele is wilh the South, Unit
being the tpiiekost mnl most natural I'ollle for such correspond-
once, ll. is lhe opinion of this Association llinl. a subsidy should
be paid for a weekly mail,service
lo Tobacco I'lnins, Montana, lo
connect, with lhe seiui-weekly
posl. from fliero to Kalispell;
that by so doing there will ne
prevented a consldoniblo loss of
revenue now caused by the irreg
i'stpoii'donco NuiiUiwIii'i"!,'"
Customs inul. Minlnjj Brola-r
Mining Propcrllcit Pnuglii mill Sottl.
'llllll   I'.iliwt'tili loll,
Two Goininoilioiis Siiiniile Rooms lor Commercial Men
HOT ,(: HOLD PATH'S it AW.fi # 'Mill DAY.
J,  G,  UlUl
(ruini iv)
CiH.tit'iile. of liiijiriicrnun',- Snliee,
Oorval fining Clsiw.
.'I.  II.   GRACE.   MANAGE.ll.        j    Wlut, liiiwili   lliinkluli [ivl'iill unnrMiirH I
THE   PROSPEOTOn,   i.   puMHicil1   'fWK  N'o'l'IcK iim: 1. I). U
i 1 li'ifeby give iiutien thut sixty duys
| nfter ilul'', I iiile'lid to apply to tlie
ICh'iiirCoiiHiiisskiiei'uf l.iuiils,v Works!
ilupureliiiso l.ul -li'i, (lump I, in fell i
I Kuiiteniiy,
T. II. i„ li'lSKWICJv",
Dated May _].1i, IW, -I",
fvoi'y Sittlllilny, mill tins a (jiumuueoii
^liviiliiiliiii liii'c.'r iluin any utlicr piipt'l
jll liusl Kuuliuiuy. It in all lii,„it. Primed
,iiul tsiiutitlits iltmhlvi tlm news ul' nny
ptlicr paper in the 'istilut.
As an c,v!vyi'tl>iii;( uieviiiiuj |t Is till-
pDVOtallnill,;-uplniii.i... .,;!',,,". St.i'li'. tin
(levulopiiieiit ol tlio vii. iibmi'iit ri'simrci^ o:
flu'liiMlioutt'iiiiy ml- i   ilUtrki
(Juliscrl'pticiiis,   ! 1,51),pet'seal'.
Ailviii-ilslnir vale., mini,, v.iuhwi oa ayfllijaitloii,
district, bill all ir.iiilfr Intend, a lo,' puliliuiUlDi!
ymsi Imve tlie writer's slttiuittirii.
'I .
■::     NOTICE.
li'.ilieti In Iii'inliy uiwii Hun sixty ilnys uli.i'
alii 1 inleiul Ui upaly lul lu'Cliief ( iinni,issii.i,.
r of ltm.l-i unil vmi'tis t„r \„ TiiiL,.i,-n to piii'-
(I . I i, uiu..., Imul .Ul Mlirli ei'i'i.;; Ilii-liue Iv
v.ili,-u.-'Ui ill, nee III I'lllltllK ivi'M, tiicill'i: IV
mm\ AOT, 1888,
Ci-riificnli ol' liiip-riivemi „!s Notice.
Good Luck Mineral Claim,
fMmi AST, !§06,
Maverick Mineral-Ciaim.
Our meat esteemed conlfiiupor-
pry the t'loldeil Era, seems In
think  tlmt  The  prospeotor, i.~
laboring under a tnlsapprehen-
fsion as to the Era's renmyks regarding llie  sell-styled. Liberal
candidate,    The Era has hen,
very emphatic In essaying the
fact that Mr. Wells \yas a candidate ol the Liberal party.   Willi
aji  excuse  (i teei  ■) \ inches in
length, it says, "The Liberals 01;
the ''Era" end nf the line oame
to an understanding io support
Mr.  Wells."    Now we have no
objection lo the  "Era" or llie
members of the Liberal party or. 'ZZZ-\ZAi ',ZZ,  ,.'!■" ■'■.Z's'l '";■::.■ vvvi
that end of the district, support- ,i-,-e:-.:.-.. - ■- jiii-iie ■[ -.-.■..■.-.. ,.,,-x- -. -
ing whom ther please as the1 r:,.'.'..,'.."..'i...,.
eandidale;  but wo think, "and!  A'" ■•'" '"' '•■" v":" ''■•'■  ■:,"1"";"
rightly too," as tye have been in- .Z.,,$- '.,.■'■: ■'.-•■.■.:.■..', ',,:   - P   ...
formed by prominent Liberal",;' ;:,'" '• '■""• ; •'iK-,>i i
that; the parly at this end of thei '**" ■"■"" -'M'-- ':"'i;;" :
line should have something loH    P,     '"    -----—■-—;   -—7
„„..,,        ,, \       ,      ... 1 the Fort Steeiu district and r.as--.
sny 111 tlie matter, and surely will;,.    .
have, when the appointed  tlmci   °     ". '     .
,   .       -,   „ , , 1   The following eomments are
arrives,  llie Ern, also takes um-L •■„'■.?
, , 11       , ti   . Irom some ot lee many promt
brage at our remarking, "that I       T„     ,   .     ,,    '   '.
,,   ",   ,       •, ...   ,, , . ..    . ,   . nent Liberals 111 Mas portion ot
the electors of this district iniirht:       ,.    ,     ,'■"■',      , , .
,   '. ,, '    i the district, interviewed on tins
go a long way and tare worse,:    , ,   ,■,
,,       ,.   , ...    'subject oy ns:
ere they find  a representative!     ,,.    ;'
,.,    ,, ,        ..,,..;    "Vie shall commit ourselves to
like the present one.     Opinions
..,..,    . .,.      no candidate until we see how
may di tor in many ways.   Oui' ,     ...     .       , ,  , ,.
'■■', ,   ,■ .,-,      J' i the riding is to be constructed,
remarks apply to the roprosen-     , ,„   ,. , ... .„ ,
...        , ,      ,   , ,    ,     I    "Wo think il is a pleoo ol 1111-
talivo only as to what he has j     , ,        ,l ,.,,     ,,.,   .
, ■    ,...»   .,.':,,, , pudeuee on the part ot Ihe 'JSt'tt
done to lurther the onward pro-;1   ,. . ,. , , ,,
„,,     .. , . .       1    , ■,  ' to toist any caiuliuuto upon the
gress ot the dislricl,  ami while: ,'.    .     ..        *
,   ,.   ,   ,,   .   .,       party at tins lime,
wo are a lenilerlool ot but three '    ," ..     ,   ,
,.    .   ,,   .,.,.. "1 am positive that no mention
years Rtaiiiliuu; 111 the districl,i we ,     ,      '    ,,,,..,     ,.:..
.,,    ,.        . ,,   .    ■ has been made to the Liberals of
say without fear ol coiitrmlie.lnmi,,     ,.,    ,
.,   .  „ . 1       ,     111 urt Steele ns lo any person as
that lhe   present  member  has ,.,.,_„
dono everything ]io«sible to fur
■ ■'  |
.ii..,,.  mil Wnvlis ',.,  lieniil
^ nftor j
■    lltitei
11. ;>. KiMc'iii
May lllil'. 1357.
■ituto 1 |
■I'i 1
Nutii'u ia lu.'i'i'by jriven
IiiiiI. 110 duys
tfli'i'dale 1 iiitenilt.fi mul
. application
11 lliu lln:.i;i'!|li|i'. Uie 1'
i'h;;' Uonimis-
doner uf fjiuidti uml Work
i fur 11 spiieiiil
ieeiiiie tu en! ami carry
away liuilit']'
nnii   lliu  following (lem
fllieil lands,
iliuiii'il about two miles
aisl uf Puck
Bridei! un Mil: Itivi'i'. K
sl Kiiiili'iiuy
IJiiitvii't, eiumlieneiiig utu
ilaki! pluiitud
ni wesl end of limit wile
.- llu- illinui- i
aiu jllillrl the I'llli Hivi'i'ii
ii I'xteiuling 1
•astevlj' about -UU oluiii
i.v'iiiiiviuiii, lu'iiiif luiiiiitU'il
iv lite uioitiitiiiji mill mi
until Iiy Elk'
Ltiyer. I'liiituiiiiiii.'' uliiiut 1
111 ll.Ti'ii.
Duted Mny ±.'ikI,' IWI7.
Nui'iiv la lii-ivliy  a'''
1   Unit ulsiy
lav ufi-r 'lm.' 1 Intend '
ai'l'ty tu llie
lliiimi'iilili'   i'l.ii-1    Cm,
v iduiiei-    0!
I.iuhIs ami  Works iur
...ruil-si.ill   111
I'UVIVI'IIHI' ,.,!,-   IllllUilvl  Ul
: -ir,, to lei-.
1: foilriivliif !
-elliui. iiutnliet'iii! Ull. ol 1
C'liiit]iuules A
•t, l«ii." relative 10 Uie l,.s
freu ,iii|lii!''u 1
ei'lilli'iiie IsiiuullHliutl tor 1
nun Hun ol .10
fl'l'Sl-ilrii CilMl-Asins.
Minister qf Mm.
vliU'liil Seiai'l
ley's Olliee. lllil May. 1 HOT.
. 11
1.   Nitlwltlml
liilliin itii.vlliliin In llie ro
} In seiitlnu 1
iv lien- Inili"
a tlio "Minill'lil Aim, IHim,"
I'liieef Mlnhiu A.-l. 1MU,"
nul ',..|..ii|.'ulliet llie inliii
lice i< hereby lilven Hint tlilrty iluys nltor
rim Sullivan Ui'iniji Miiiliii:('iiiii|iany P.M.
'1:.' wilt uiijily In Hie I'liief eoniinlssloiier
mis nml IVoi'ts fur a iiiioelnl tlei aao lo ciii
•i- on llio rulkiwlili.' ilesei'ilicil iiieee uf In nil
.oiilliMlirliei'ciili, In linst .Kouleiuiy ilis-
II. C, to wit; ('iiliiliiiineliiaiilii liusl lillHlt-
llieSiillii'iinTi'iiilint llio Ninth slile or
eimli ulioul ■'; of iiiiill6aoiillio(i«l,ol lliu
iilinei'ul elaltii, lliiuiiiiie tlietloo went forty
, llioneo s
lieliu.. Hi.
ulli forty
elllllus. tlil-lii'i'
iiriyeliiiliiii. Hi
Wu liei'e
niii afti'l' i
iiie 190 liilunil
i Ihtii. slst.i
Mi il|)ply le
nf liiiiivli; nnii
piii'i'tiiliiis :\2,
nn rtl,t MU,
.' Mlesiilll, I'l'
li'. imi
lelill UIU
IK. llienee ein.l
oiinliis. ilieliee
ne luillilreltllial
elialus, llu'lieo
U.'inuy i'liiiins
'I'i'.il'.siii'ei' ot ltd
I MlnlllBl.'li,
' 111. IH it,
N Al'T IMIi",
'■il. |.',
al; e
limine of Sim-
Ml'lllllB Oli'oi'i
|.;toilc In the
appilentlotl lu
nannies for In-
l. im llio Slllll-
1 twt.
rlli ol
isl slllll lit till
Slnle Of W;,.,!|l!,||
Wnll Wane ul I
nu lllro'lif Hrilisli I'uluiiilili
velliillile Unit ire linve 111
in llejtlslnir ul Jiillll Btiioli
iriionilliin iinili r llio nhoYo
in 11 iMiili. N.ii'lh Still' ita.l Port Steule 'I't'iua-
uy I'olllliiUiy fin' tlie liill'liose nf liliililllu',
lullil.liia mill i,|icriilliia Iriimwiiys, ami fm
iiisli'iu'tliiK nnil e'l'illililliu li'liill'iouo itnil tolo-
ritlill liiii-h In fsililieei! n llrreivltli,
'I'lie pollils l.i'lu'i'll M'hlell il ls lil'0|iosi:il ll
oilil slieh Iramivnya, teli-|.lioue ami l.eleio'tit
Ii.'iii'i' SI! i'Iis, ?
■ Initial post In
l.'e .(lll'lis. W.
\Y. eoriier.
. Tints.
1 hereliy iflve nollee thut tlilrty iluys uftcp
ilule I Intenil to nr-iily lo the Chief Cuiniiilssloih
cr of liiiuils unil Works fur u sjieelul lleetiinj to
eat liiiitiei'uu llie I'olliiwluir ili'smllieil ttleeo of
laial in Kust Kiiolt'jiiiy (llslrlet.   Ik'alllillnil nt,
ml iilnnti'il evenly oiinliis east Ironi lho
mil III west elliui i-uf Willi Willie's lll'ii-ennitlon
llio une aillo (vest, llienee one ami a half
liilles iiiii-lh. thenee une ijitjii ellnl, tlienee oan
 I n Imlf miles soillll In allien of !l0|;llln|ll|[,
It, I), Mnthi'l',
Dnteil June lsi.li. 1S1.T. ' ru
lltitiidMiiy 2-IUi, IS
tl, Gii|»[
:\)ft Sttlt
lo,$Inj; jo
i. isti;.        'it.
■■    -™ _-
«—■   ..M     •--
(1 i
ti is litre
.imi M>
jy jftvoa t
ty diiy.s uf
tut I the untler-
•rOnt1'. ui ayyiy
ief Ciiinu! bsloiii!]'"'
Uiinds & Works,
ii>v juii'in
KS.lllJl lo in
I'cliRsc ~o,'.\ aereh
cf It
mi Wm.:
.creek,, ft
.nut •iisi'.;
1 riisl.coni
imueiieitig nt lho
1. thetie'Q.i'unututr
i-onol.S.:H..G. 1,
chains ii
irth to the
north west etsnier
■>t E
tal;u, tbe
-C'llltltiut). I
w the lahc shore
mi thi't
astern bou
ultiryoriol :M-1.ti
11 ilio Will
jitnilury ."iotitli to
n. j
uy 2-t, U
us norih
:i eandiilitto,
The Liberal electors of Fort
Steele do not need any consider-
al ion from the (lolden Era for
what (hoy are perfectly able to
do lor tlieinselvos- select a eandidale that will ho acceptable to
the electors of East Kootenay.
They will he very much surprised
if the (lolden Bra's nominee will
be nu aeeephible candidate le
any Uberat Constituency.
ther the interests ol' his oohstit-
iioncy.in this district, these Facts
are patent to all, and we are not
passing judgomolil, I'roiii either
a flovei'iuiieiii or Llbern'l standpoint, but from what we know of
his official ear"i during the past
lltree years. ".■ would also assure : our uio;-.! disliiij.oiisl oil
[rieiid Ihal the t'rospeetor is
"iion partisan" and always .will
be, and its ciiliiniHs are open lo
all, upon the political .silunlioi,      M/JL   SERVICE   HEEDED.
Irrespective of party.    And in. I    „ „„,,.,, is „ny Kmon m em.&
othei'l'iicUlint we would nii|ir.fs,imfcn|i ,„ ,,,,,, (,0lm)10U b,.a.'mof|
upon llie "Era" is, llial no poll-1 ,„,,„ why Pol,t gteUlo sll(nlld flot
ticittii i'l'i'in eillier side  can pui - L(( onliUod' lo H|. ,,,iist ft semi.
;cliasea('onlrolliiij!iiiloi'.stiiilhit',!wl„,k|y mui) ,.c,,.vk,0i v,0 know
paper, for ils columns are devot-1 mil w|uit u 1Si   W(! luu,e lod.u, ,x\
ed to lhe interests of tlie district, LTowiujj population of perhaps!
and not its politics, and our sole|uOI)0 ()|. ,^m 1)0,)pl0| wha iu|
object in replying to.tho Era ha,-1 |U0Ht (.,ls0S| |l|v stl,au„el.s, aml:
been lo call attention to the. fuel !wh()   expC(Jt|   .,,.  .,.  mntl0].   A
that this portipii of; the districl! oou|.sc U]l0n oming ,„ hore tu bu|
has been ignored complelely in ,Ml,,() „,,,, m,u] ,a ,nnst om.,, per|
the matter, niiieh to the rogrel i wl,(,,.    u is h,cl,,(1(1 ,ul im,onvoa. j
of our citizens.   If we have been i j(>m,(, ,U1(, ;l v.0|,ry ,0 .,u wh() ox.!
rlghlly inl'orineil,  the maun; er; „„,,, anv ,,llvn.:i]}l,,,A(,ncr:; espec-l
of our esteemed eonteniporary ■ ia|ly .of-ft buBhwss mU;ure. Somo.i
coraosfrojn a hiiKlof politicians, i|hh)J,must bc, dol,„ t() ,„,,,(„|v
a laud virtually under a pellici at t||H l.un„n.u!>|,3 state of affairs,:
government, where t'emule sul',- Ab()Vn u!1 lhin?s capitalists andi
rage   reigns   supreme, and tl etilm,st,n.s snOT,id tl(jl |)(, elieumil.
lessons learned from female |o-!oro[i with thwilisadviiiilagenpoiii
lUiciaus.allows tlie ildllor to pro-: comir,,.- into the cuunli- us there ■
claim his position us to purly is nothinw- tliat lends to awaken
politics I;-  months before  his',, ai_gu_t and distaste for anv
valuable services ure di.o.    'rteLwlioll more ,!w„ ,;,„ f;,(.t timl
';'vEra" says, if our eonleraporary lno is ()Ut in the  vviUs tln,ei,|
lsasiipporterofthepresentmein-|wooks f|.,m] anywhore.   [t \H ,„;
bor, tho Editor will admit that it|bchopcd thm the citizens will'
is highly improper for him lojgivi3  .ljnU) tji0llg|)t l0 Uiis sub :
dictate to the Liberals us to how ."•  ,t
they shall act in this  matter, | - :.
We would inform the Editor oi I
lhe Era,  that we aspire lo no!    Telegraphic dispatches to The:
dictatorship,   we question   no'Prospector announce  llm   tact
man's ri;lht of suffrage, and care that work was begun last Monday
not, who'either party selects as morning upon the Crow's Nest/
their candidate, only Inisting to Pass Iiy, at Lotlibridge, Nelson,
the good judgement of tho elect- and McLeod,   How definite or
ors In selecting the best man for ju.u then lie lhe information   we;
the position, But whon a louder-! know nol, "but at any rate 11 is a
foot cf some foui'months In llm'god send to tiirtiwrs, merchants!
district crawls llirough a politic viand, workliiginen of ibis dislTlel, i
al door, and undertakes to select! who will lm eallod upon to fur-;
u caialidate, and boast him as the I nisli material and supplies for its,
, calididnte of lhe party, without j completion,   'It is a gala ocens
consulting  the   electors,    "woiionfor Eort Sleele and vicinity,
kick,'umt we assure the manage, and the small till of news will,
Hieiit of the "I'll'll" llllll We  sllllll | HO dfillbl, he welcoii.eil   with   lie
ahviiyn   kick,    vigorously  a;".l tense ilelight by ill rostdents of
heavily for ll'.e bi'iit iiilercils ut. Hie 'district. i
'I'iik" notii'O, thul llilriy ilny.s Hftov dnlo I
sliull tipjiiy In tne (inlil Cuiiiiiiisiiiiuiei' for u
Ilvi'ii.s.., tu n-tiiil liqiiiiiv- en thi; pn-mi.si.'.s Known
Mi.Sl'.'Uonnlils !tini.,|,. Hotel, White (irousc
Mininliiln In .illld illnlrli-t.
W. T, .Mi'OlvSSAa,
Untcil May illli, ISK. .»
1 lieroliy ix'wo notice, Unit sixty days
after date Intend toapply to the I'lilef
i .'tmiinli.siinier of Lands and Works for
iiei'tiiissiiii] to pitreliiisii 1110 tiiu'es of
land situated In East, Kootenuy. iliBtriet
en Sand creek itliont ninti miles from
the bridge, The i.iilinl post being the
north west corner, Iheiiei'. -10 ehains
south tlienee -10 eliiiins east, thenee 40
i'liiiins noi'th, thence 10 chains vest, to
placo of conimeiK'einciit,
.1. B. Lnnsley.
Dated this 12th dny of .\Iay,l»llT.     -Ill'
1 hereby give notice thai. 1 have tip-
plied to the Chief Commissioner of
1muds and Works for a license In cut
tiuilicr un tlie following described piece
of land, situated en north side nf tit.
Mary's Hiver, in Mast Kootenay District: Beginning at the K I'l. col'iiov ol
Albert thuiUs' pre-emption, tlienee east
(.100) ono hundred chains, thenee smith
(120) one Hundred und twenty olinlns lo
hank of St. (Mary's River, thence west
following blink of St, Mary's Rivor (t'Oj
sixty chains, thence,noi'th,forty chains,
thence west forty ehains, thonce noi'th
eighty chains to place of beginning.
F. P, Hogan,
Dated May 28, ISIIT. IS
(nl, eriiro ii tiuim mi llie West niillltnf tin
ll.i'iti'iiiiy river, Nui'lh ot mill tieur lhe mnnlli
nt Sl. Mary's Hiver nml u point in, or tieur tlie
iiiiiiiiii ol Mnrli Creek, in tlm Rust Kopteniiy
Uiiilrli'i,. Hrilisli Oiilninliiu.
(li,) Fi'mn ii |i"inl nl ni' neni' llie tiionUl of
Mnrli Creel: tifni'iisultl nml i; piilnt on or niinr
llio StoiiewitU .lltcltson Mlnernl Clulm, on Snlll-
vnn lilllltl sniil Uust Koolelinj, liisti'lcf, Hrltlsh
'I'.ic (toneriil rotltn of llie .sulil triiinwuys is
lii'oiiost'il to lie Hi follows!
(ii.); Coniitieunliin ill il point mi tho West
imul: nf tlie KoiiteiiiivV l'liyer. Nortli of. nml nenr
Hie miuilli nf St. Mury's Hiver mul I'liniiinn
Westerly itloiilf Hie Nortli liunk of sulil St.
Mury's lllvor ton point nt or iinni, tlie iniuilli of
iiiiii: Ovceli.
(ti,) Ci'mninueliiit n.t il point ut or nenr llie
inoutli of Mnrli Cruel; unil I'litnilnii nlont'iiriienr
tin; Iiuiiii (if sl'lil Mnrli C'ret'li In it Nortli Westerly (lli'ciiLloii to ii point on or iiiiiir the Stone-
wiill .lni'liiion Wlnei'tll 011(1111 on Slllitvun lllil
FllANH l1, llllllAN.
WAIT W'v\l)ll,
Witness:  Wm. 11. lloss,
Dnted nt Porl Steelo, Urltlsli Ooltinillln, this
Mill iluy It .llinn. A, n,.l»!U, W
|ii linri'liy "ivcii Unit I iMnvBiiret e. llerrliiini
Inleiul to npiiiy In fii,, Chief l.'iiiuiiilsslnnor of
Iiiiiiiiii mul 'n'nriis, virtni'ln. (or iiormMii in
put'eltlimi itvlu iieiHis of luiul. Coiiiuu'ni'liijt tit my
soutli mist I'oriiiir hll.miu.ll an riinliis norm of thu
south tveel mu nnr ut VV.S. Collliir'stirn-eiiipltoii
lliinu'ii ruiiiilni! Ill eliiiins ivjst. thenee Kll chillis
iini'lli, thenee j'lelinius eust, tlieiii'e Sll clitilna
miiith in point of cominetuionionl,
Mill'lttll'etC, K'lll'liiiiiii.
I)u|il(l Jlilie IS(,!i, |SI1J, ' 1,1
1 liei'eliy I'lvo nollee Unit llitrl.v ilnys ilttlni
•'.me 1 lull ml In upiilj. in Hm Clilet(.luininisslon,
erul I,il|illsi,|lil lVi>i|;,ifci'iiiipc|,|itl IK'lliiso tn
cut tlnilicl' on (.lie [ullinviii;; ili'sci'ilii'il plenu of
luml In Must liiiiiteuiiy illsH'Int, HCHllllilllB ut
n post plllllleil Iti'i'llly eliniiw mist Iriiin tho
north lyes! eiir|i!:|iii| \Vujt Willie'spre-emptliili,
tlieiiuu ensl oi|i' iiille, theniio jjurtli onu unil u
hull m||os, H|ri|ill0 west Dipi uilje, thonoo soutli
one uml » |i|i|f miles to pluee „\ heitliinliiB,
l'*i A. Jones.
Outi'il Jlllili Ijtlli. islif, 61
TION ACT 18115'.
.Kotlee is liornliy (tlvoti thut iipplli'lillon will
he ninile ut tin, nest session of the tiCgtsltttlve
I hereliy give notieo that sixty days Assenihly for the Hrovlnec of Hrltlsh Cnliiniiiiu
I liei'iihy nlve mitiee Hint thirty' iluys sifter
(Inlo 1 inleiul lo upply to tlie Gold Cunimls-
slnliei'for u lieense tn sell l!(mor ttt retnlloii
the .premises imowu us the "ItiU'rniitlonul"
llolei un the west side ol Ulverslile Aviinue.
Port Steele. 11. C.
(ISO. lIOCiGAli'l'H,
Dnted ill. Purl Stoele, H. C., this Slst dny ol
Mny, A. 0,. isnf. 18 ■,
Notieo is hereby given that tho partnership of C. .1''. Venosta & Co. is. dis-
iilvod by iniitiiitl consent. Q. A. Elton
retiring therefnira. The linsiness will
lm continued inider thp nanio of C. t'.
Venosta & Co. who will assume all
liabilities and collect all debts due the
tinted JiUKi ist, 1S07,
I hereby give no-ice that I will apply
to the liolil l'oinniissioiiei' fin tl license
to sell intoxicating liquor by retail at
my residence at Croc's Nest Landing,
iieai' Kl!i river. Objections should hu
lil.'il ut tlie Mining'llei'iii'ilci's Olliee
licfiiru the 11th, June. htll".
Mrs, ,1. Jlot't,
Dnted lhe 12th, day nf May ISO".      Ifi
And still lliiil water committee
is silent. And the wheels of industry in this thriving little town
urn awuiling its decision. The
inhabitants are thirsty and must
digest the muddy mixture of the
Kootenay. The streets at-flight
are ns dark as "the land of lho
midnight sun, tliat never shone,"
ani.ltliedu.it can't be sprinkled
save by the kindly benefaction of
Divine I'rovideni.'.e, in omitting
occasionally a shower, to hoi p
out lhe fioor (hist-liegi'lliietl citizens. And what the committee
suys: we know It not,
I hereliy; s'lve nollee Hint sixty ilnys utter
ilnte't Intend to upply la tlio Chief Commissioner of liiuiils unil Works for permission to
mtt'uhuKO -to ueres of hold sltitnled In Husl
iMioioiiuy dlstrleti on the nortli fork of Snnd
ereek.ulioiit ono und it Iiuir inllos from the
fiirks. Tho Inltlul post licliis tho South oust
noruer, thenee llu ehuins west, Ihonoc to ulllllns
north, thenee llu ehulils oust, llienee -io chains
south lo ylnee of coininetioc'liioiit.
DuHKllhls I'ltli, iluy ol Miiy, 1SUT. -In
1 lierepy (ilvu noilee. tlmt sixty dn.vs nlior
dull', l Intend to upply to tin: Chief Commissioner of l.innls nnil Works for permission to
purehuiiO sixty ueres of lund sUfuitnil on the
Moyen nuke in lliu dlst (let uf P.nst Kootonny,
I'oniiiloneliiK ul u postiiluiiteil ul the stnith west
I'liruer of MeVllttes Inuil,'llioneo(iisHlleliilllls
thouee south I:, rhuins. to tile north liuiilulliry
of eiirisfeU's pre-i u.ptloli. thonco rollowlliB
snid liimililnry 111 ehuins, thenee In clllilllS'lo
point, of lieiflnliiiiii.
W. 15. Ulftlmis,
Dined tills Iilh iluy of liny ISU". «
I hereliy five iiniieii. thut sixty duys ttfier
dnte, I Inienil in upply to llio I'lilef Ctitiimlii-
slouer of Cuiiils nml Worlis for permission to
ptlrrhtise I'l'l neves of lund. sltltute oil Moyeu
liillio In tile illslrli'l of I'lnsl Kooleiiuy, Illilli-
meiielnii ut u post puititufl ut tho south west
eot'liiir. iheiitie lu eliiiins Knsl, iheneii In ehlilnu
nol'tll, tlictluu lu ehuins wust.llliilleu In ehuins
sum h tu point of in "ituiitie,
111. IllKBllil'S.
Uutoil tills ITth duy nf Muy, IW, l»
after dute 1 intond to apply to the Chief
I 'oniiiiissionei' of .bands and Works for
liei'inissinit to purchase ono hundred
and sixty acres of unstirvoyed and unoccupied hind Crown Lands situated on
Tracy Creek ill Fort Steele Mining Division, Beginning at it post planted
dose to Tracy Creek at the foot of the
mountain and about tlvo utiles from
Wiisa, being the "NE. corner; tlience
south III chains, thoneo west 40 chains,
theneo north tU-i'hiiins, tlience east 40
ehains to place of beginning,
Guo. H. Scott.
Dated May Will, 1811", 48
Public notice is.horoby given that
sixty days after date wo intend to apply
to tho Honorable tho Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission lo purchase throe hundred and twenty acres
of unoccupied Crown Lands sitimtod on
the west hunk of Elk River, Must Kootenay, commencing at tho southeast corner of lot 22" of the Kootenuy Valley
Land Co's, land, thence west 40 chains
to lot 1121,  thenee south  SO chains,
theneo oast, 40 chains, thonce noi'th 80
olinlns to pluee of commencement.
■ Gko. R... Watson,
John o, Walker,
Giso. HontiAiii'ii,
Jay Ushku,
Dated fort Steele, May totli, 1,811",    48
Inside of Ihree weeks The
Prosneolor will have in position
ils new liiibcocli sleniii pl'Cl'H,
whicli will gWo all tlie iiocussary
facilities for the present. The
Prospector expects to publish an
1'vptigo paper not equaled by any
in Hi'ilinh (.'eliinibia,
I hoi'uliy «lve imi let, Hint sixty ilnys niter
(Into I liili'iid In upply lo tho cnlel Cloi'inil--
sloiier of luiiiils mul worlis for piiruilssloii lo
piii'ehnso :en ueriiH of luiul slluutu uu Moyen
lillllu In lilniil Kuoleniiy dlslrlul nnd (leserllicil
uu follows, lli'itlnuliiK ill u punt plllllleil liulf
u inllo down sin utu from lu'lden uml u iinurlur
of n mile lihi'lt frnni thii rivor, tlioniio niirili su
plmhiKi theiu'ii wosl. in eliiiins. thoneo soulli Ho
iihuliis. llioneo oust In eliiiins to point ol Iio-
I., A. Mu ll In.
Hilled Ihls Imh iluy ill Muy, IBIIT. '«
klxiy duys uflcr ilnlc I Inienil
h|ef I'litiililtsslillior ol l.ullil', &
Isiilon in pni'i'hnwi! ulioul mil
■veil mill timireiipled crown
 nst Iiuiiii ol Wild lliufic
enny dlslrlel. I.li'iilinilnii in
riicr uf lm BI llVm. Ilulllli'l.
..iiii in mny uliiiliis, ihoiico ousi in
, iioi'ih iniiiul 'id twenty
i'liiiins to liluili el Wild llorseelTcli. tlienee
fiilliiwlmt liinili ul Willi llorsi' rreeh in plliocol
11, 'in, CUMMtN'B,
Divttiilul t'Oit Steelelllltli April, Win It"
1 Mi i'l'l
y In Hi
, for pi
if mil'
limn !■:
in .iik
t hereby give notice that sixty (lilys
after (Into I intend to apply to tliu Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worlis for
pc.i'inissloii lo pureliuse three hundred
and twenty acres of unreserved and nn-
(iueilplod Crown lands situated on St.
Mary's t'tlvoi' In linst Koolonay Dis,
tilct. Inigliiiilng at the SW. coi'iior of
A. M, Met.. Moni'l'.en's pi'O-ciuptlon.
tlience liiii'th elghly clinins, ihoiico
west forty chains, thoneo south nighty
i'liiiins. more or less, to baiik of Ht.
Mary's River, thence following hank or
til, Mlify'ii ttlvor to plaoo of licglnniiig.
Wait Wa on.
Iliittnl May T,, I8U". 48
furun At!tuuUiort/.!nt,' tho imiurpomtiou or u
Comimiiy to consti'ucl 1.11O oppviite 11 line of
IfuUwa.v -ommonoini: tit stimo i«iiiit an tlio Unu
ot Uio MrliiHh Olmnbiu Snutlicni Kullwiiy
fmliLirwisc !ni-Wn us tlio Crow's Not Prissi
Rnllwiiy nearest tho town or lAn-t Stei:lu in
Kust Koutetuiy antl thonvu UirtMi)-'li Miesaifl
ftjwn of Fort fitcelu und the Tiuc.v ernt'k (Us-
trict to somo point on Wnsa ovcclt will) powor
to operate tlie sitM Railway either by means of
steam or oleeirie power, also witli power to
eoiwti'ttct anil operate a telCisraiih or teletilionc
tine in eomieetion wllh su.li Railway nntl with
all oilier ui-uiil powers, rights ami priviie«es.
Dat«rt at Fort Steelo this "th Juno, i^T-
.IOHX CAStPiliJlili*
Soliolioi'foraiipHeanlH,     •111
'I'ulte lioiieo. thai, nlKt.y tiiiyn artcrilalc t
flmll apply to Uio Ciiiei' Commlssitiner of r»amls
md Worlw for the pnrolnaso of the foilowinB
lii'serilH i\ land, jtririimimr m n pom planted Hi)
L'!inin« uorth of the nortli east eoruer of lot -yi\
ui-oiip I. llioneo ^es(, M) elialus to a pout on ensl-.
ern houndury of jot j-'i, gvpup I, Ihnnoc nortli
to tho north 0114 corner of mild lot -iii. ifronp I,
tlionen foll-whiif tho tnijilis of the St. Mury's
Ittvo110 Uie north won|cnnior of lot liNll. yrotm
1. tlieiuto nuiith t» |lto soutli went eornor of sail!
lot ltwi!,f{n;up 1, thonco qiih!* to the kouUi east,
eornor or said lo*. HHit, in*oup I, thenee -south tq
the soulli west corner of lot -iStl, (jroup I, theimo
eaul to lho south ihkI;eornor of said lot 4,-Hi,
uroupl. thoneo south II eiiaiiw and IW links In,
the point of 'Ije-iltminij.
Hated |lils aistititv of ,lnno, iwr,    .       5|
Wo liercby (jivo uot-Jeo that sixty days after
date we intend to apply to tho Chief Commis-i
slonerol* Ijiindsand WoHts for pt'rnijssion lo
pureliuse R30 iieres of land more or less situatefl
in Kust Koolenuy district. II, C, Uctrlnnini,' ut
11 post stml-h west eornor of \Va!|, Wailo's pntv
ehuseL-iiiiiii on Si;. Mary's rtyer Vj ehaiiifi west
of moiUji of Me.rl: creeU runnjuw thenee north
«:i ehains, west =11) ejiuins. soulli Wi chains to St.
Mary'H river, east ploiif: St. Mary's river l«
place o[ liCKltyiln-j;,
F, M; cVljp 87011',
■ F, M. c, No»;.|iih.
Joseph Trainnei;,
R. U. McDonald
Hated ,!u.po!4Lb. 1M>7. w
I hereby jilvn notieo that 3 tiuyc applied for a
npeeial lieense to rut. timbev on the following
described land in ihe Fort Steele dlstdet of
'EustKootenay.vu; eonimenolm-'Utthe north
west corner of C. P. R. liloeK Xo »td. thonce
noi'th to Donovans north enst corner, thonee
wosl so ehuins, theneo north ill) chains, theucu
oast SO chains, thonco south 'JO ohuins, thence
east (W ehuins, thonco south *H'chains more or
toss to northerly limit of raild bloc){ 810; about
M» acres.        "
Dated this oth day of Jtme, 1807, -lit
Slxly days nfter tlntoHnlonit to upply to
she Chief C'omuilHsiouov of r^smtlrt und Worlis
for permission to jmrehaso the following described lauds sltuuted In l-list Kootenay district, lltgiimliwiitthc north west corner ol
IiotSM, thonee oust ulontf tho nortli boundary
of said lot forty chains, thonco north 71.l«
ehains, thoiH'o west two ehuins to the south
oast cornor of lot ski, theneo confclmilnif west
ulonn Unit bouiHlary of lot iW.JtlUOchains to
tho north east corner of lot iis. thonee S. alouu:
Uie oust boundurii's of lot ','H and '.M 10 pluee of
commencement aial contiilulnu 'M acres more
or less.
FrolrlchJ, llaxcu.
Dated UilsfllbJmio, IKff. , : '111
I borohy s'ivo nutlito that sixty rtnys
iifti-U' dato ! intend to ajiply to tlio Uhior
t.'oiiimtsislonoi'ofLaiulH antl Works fm1
pot'inbtiloii to imR'liaHC thirty a_ran of
land sltaato on Bt. Mnt'y'n Rivor in
Itliiat Kootenay Dlstrlofc, libtflhnlng at
tho HI'1., cornor of A VV. MuL, Moaoli-
on's pro-omptlon, tliont'o Houtli (20,00)
twoiily-llvo ohalnn, moro ur Iosh, to
lntnkof Ht.1 Mary's River tlmnoc following Up bank of St. Mary'H lllvor to
n pusi, on Honihorh boundary of A. W,
M-U Moiuilion's pro-oinpUou.
Dated May „7, 1^117. 48
'riilrly days after duto, fflhall apply
In the Clohl ConunlMoner, for a Hoouho
10 sell Id 1 nnr at retail upon tho premis-
ru of tho international Hotel at Wardnor,
P'liM.a DtJNlMH,
Dated tl.W .'.ill day uf .itiuo, J _l)7.   •$
liitireUytdvu notice that sixty duys nftei
tlalo 1 Inlouil to upply to thu Chief Oom mission-
or of i.auds tint) Works lor pur mission to pur-
elmsti ob'von acres moro or loss of uuoccUDled
and nusurvcyt d Crown lands noar Fyrl Sleoit,
(11 Kind Konlrniiy dlstricl. Undiinlnir at tlio
nortli wwstcornni'of \M'*\ Uroup I. 'rimnce
oast lo smiUl west corner of hot HUM, Uieaco
north iW ehains to norlli west corner of lot HM I.
(■roup l, thence west to bunlt of ICootenay
river. Uieneu following imnlt of Koolenuy river |
lo place of iKt-'liim,'.
K. S. CbAlllt.
Dated this tali Juno, WI Hi
I hereby Kiwi notice Uitt thirty days after
dato, I intend to apply to the Commissioner of
Lunds and Worlis for a spL-eln) license to cut"
timber on lho followitur O.eserlbod pfoco of land
stH!t!tf> on Markcreclt Inl'lasUCfotonaydlstrictj
li.C, Uctjinniu^titnpoKtonUio trull, on tho
oust side of Mark creelt uhout'JIi miles from
the mouth of said creel;, Uimnlny thenee north
forty eliuius. theneo west eighty ehuins, theneo
south one hundred and twenty chains^ theneo
oast eighty chains, tiicnco north oit,'hty clinins.
topiacooflicjjtnninii, Gontntulng W!U acres.
>VAiT WAOli,
Dated juno l.itb, i«)7, MJ
, Notieo I.i hereby (fivun that I nm applyliu*;
to the CJlilef C'ommlsslonoi' of Lunds and Works
for n special llcnnse to cut timber on Uio following described laud. Commencing at the enstorly
limit of C, P. It, block :tlit whore the iniiiul post
has boon plunted, ubout a mile frou tin south
limit of said block. thtniM south sixty chains,
thonco oust one hundred nnd sixty ehains,
thonee north sixty chains, theneo west ono
hundred and sixty chains to pluco of beginniiii;,
,. 13, C. FAllKBH.
Dated Jituc Uttfii IH>7. 60
1, Vah'titliie 1 lytic Linker hereby jii vo notice
Unit 1 lntoud to make iippllcatioti to puieliase
sixty days after this dato all thai parcel of Imul
situated as follows; Bltirtliig from tho smith
west cornur of lot U7 East Kootonuy. thonoo
runniuif west half n mile, thenee nortli ono mile
tliehito east half u mile, thmice South to tlie
point oi commencement inukitm itao acres moru
or loss,
V. IIVtiklJAKKlt.
Duted this rith.lnno, 180V *-'*>,
I Imndiy uivu noilee that I havo applied to the "Clhlof .OommlHslonor ot
Lands and Works font license.to,.'out
timber on the fnllowlni{doBorlbodplooo
of laudi fdtiiate on north side of St,
Mary's River, lit Iftiat Kooioiuty'Dls-
trlot, hojjinnlnir at tho NIII. eornor of
Albert Hanks' pre-emption, tlienee
west one mid ono-lialf nillcs, thonee
north one mile, thenee oant ono and
Notice is hereby ttlven Hint sixty days after
tUto. IfliteuO t-fnpplyttiUlcUhlt'fOoumilsstoii-
or of Lands mid Works for permlHslon in purcliiisi! tin- following described area of luml, sll-
uutucl in East Kootomiy distriot. doserlbed as
follows, Ueirilining ut tho noi'th east corner of
Aliens MacLeods pre-emption, thence cast
forty ohulus, tliutieo south forty chains, thonco
west forty ehains. theucu noi'th forty rhnlns iu
Dm pluco of iH'tiiunlat!- Contiilniaj' turn hundred and sixty acres moru or less,
' Mu Icon) Mae. Inncs,
Dnted ,Tunu lilh. ISitt,' ,Wl
I hen by givo notlv'o Unit sixty duys after
daw, 1 lnt-ud to apply to the Chief Comiiiis.sion-
or of Lands and Winks, for permission to'purchase iVti acres of lund situate on KI, Mary's
V'.ver in East Koiileuny district 11. (.', Iliiilnniui*;
utu post planted mar thOsouUi bank of St Min-.v s
rivor, opimsliu the soiitii east eoniur or 11.
Ltuio's application 10 purchase, theucu south
forty chnlns, thoneo west elmhty ehuins, theneo
north forty Hindus to bank of rivor, theneo fol-
J.ttvlujt down Uiu same to place or be-jlniiiiiK,
coatniiiin-,' it'M lucres more or less.
Froo Minors Certlltcato, HiiiHi
,      F. I:'. llOUAN.    ,
DtitodJnucisth, WT, .       -W.
1 horoby Klve notloo tliiit thirty days after
dato, t intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works Tor a special lUicnsu to
mit timber on thu fullowliiK described piece of
lund sltualo In East Kootenay district, HchIii.
ulnii al ti post planted on tho North Star road
neur McGiuty's, theucu eust eighty eliiiins,
tlieiico south ono hundred nud twenty clinins,
theneo west olithly chains, thence north onu
hundred and twenty eliiiins lo pluco of boidh-
0, H, l^iNOU.
Dated ,luno Hlih, isn?.    ■ nil
I horoby five tiollco that sixty days nfter
dato, 1 intend lo intlko iipplli'iitlun tb purehaiso
nil tlmt parcel of Ituui at Paliuor's Hav Crock
crossing, described us follows! Commona/intab
llie Initial (lost titmr tho trull ornt-mlniMtl said
hiliuor's Har creek and marked •'noiitli-ciint
posl," thence 1101*1 h ultflity clitiim, Uionmi west
,1 iflitlity chutus, tlioncii hoiiUi einiity chain-*,
mii'-half tnitos, theiico south 0110 mile ,|l(mi,„ mi (l(w|)lv (:iui|,w ,„ u„, M1||(I |„|tt,(j
p 1st, ami cmniti'lidiiii IM11 ,\wm tnovu or Idhs.
H, tANE. ■ flmoi \Y,vih'.
•ii!.      Dnudjtinuinili,\mt, p.    .jw. ,
to idaeo of lioalnninj,',
JJated,May2H( 181)7, iiiiuuuu
msmmsm wammmiM^GSsamm.
imw&mmLw sax _kssgssk__
«    •     •
Sole Ageiits for the
—, _j_u__Mu„i_)ui)iiium
The Capital of East Kootenay.
&   Wi
Ufa         . „•
•# &
/;■'   *
* ■#«
*  *<
 ■  - -
(Hie North ytar Oame in Sunday
From Jijjjiiings,
■The iu'\\ steamer, North S|ar,
arrived 1'i'oin .Jennings Sunday
jnoi'iijng, mul dejinrtoi]  Monday
morning,   heavily  loaded   with
nre, and i urryhig aboul  !(' passengers. Among lhe passengers,
who  lofl   puly  lm' ;i  IVyv days
were: ('.,!. A. K. Ileal. Prank P. I
llogan, .1. I'  1'oddy   p  .1.  Mc-
Million, I'olieri  Mather,  \V.   R, '■
Ross nni| ^aojps F  Voj*h|    The
North Sinr wu- built  ai   Jen- j
nings, by Louis Paquot, of Port-'
land, Ore.   and is -,-,  beautiful |
specimen  el   lb'1  swift    water
era ft.    She i> a 375 inn burden,',
nnd when nol loaded, only draws
I" Inches of water.   The trip up
ihe river was a delightful one. ;i~ j
reported b\ ilu- passengers. The!
sleamor lell  Hi"  Canyon   nl   I
o'clock   Set;,I'll::;,',    a.   in.    audi
reached Steele about  11  o'clock
Sunday, making a  remarkably
fust run.   The North Star is the
largest boal oyer built, nr run mi
the Kootenay,  and  is indeed a 1
model of light sieainboats   Captain Miller was iii command, with
Purser Honk• looking oj.it foi' lhe
pomforl of iho passengers.   The
North Star will be u valuable ad-
ditioi lie trans] ortation facilities of fori Steele.
i-*-,nK*-:!-«.!i«v.«vft*: -»*4A.» ■:-.,■■;*■;. :i ^;..VVi*l-....;;.5vV;:i!v?!.'s.:e>
;;.-■ v *<>■■.■.' ■:,■>■-, vv.:..;,i5-»i5;.«..!.i!*-»i>-' •; ';■?•,:,■.;.■;■; .»,;■.;,
•V 'is
i,i .#. .,.
'   ite»»*ii;.ii>
*3»;".. , .
ilii^^i-^i^oiriru j uiru.4 4.iii|;ui|irt^ i,u.iiu.i|t,11 inju-.u.uTjvu'uuamm/in, ui/uui/uajiiuinnruijiontuyooruio'Hey^
-I- *•• 'rrfui.rituij_jtjtnjifuuuuutiui_jmKhjuuinn'n'iuuuLnjuuutnjuAhjui_.iTjiiuuxnjuAjtnjin!nj^
..... ,       *   1
i^s^Si&^ t <r ^**a*^^_^ v? "^ _s^s*^"^@ ? ? ^ >^i_______^: t f ^ £_______£__g_&tT; y _N__^f_______s_3 f t -tt^s!s____^i__%@9[-f *t tsamesBSBieKiiNes-f-t *i ai«_i___KiesiSB'',_3'a3i>,9| -f ^b
redely for guests,
ond first-class,
s and cigars,
Special  igent  for
A   f   iff  J*   ^r -«  s*-  *
•' rt*<
', * v*
1* »* S*   *   * I* 1* 1*   * V*   * ii* .i* sl* ,}*
James Brazell Says He Is Coming j
To Kootenay With 150
 . ■ ....
San  Francisco  Call;     Seven!
veers ago English capital   was
looking for investments iu the
mining regions of I'ri|ish (lolum-
iiia.  At tlm! lime James Brazell, j
Patrick    Eirwin   and    George
Wells, tho well-known engineers!
visited the counlry about  East !
Kootenay and Rossland districts j
and pronounced It particularly I
rich in gold, silver and copper, I
the greatest drawback being tho
tremendous stratum of granite,
in many instances 40 feet thick,
interfering   with  tho  work  of
in in ing.
Brnzoll had then a proposition
before the English, (ioviirnuient
to send oiil a pni'ly qf 1,500 prospectors, covering nn area of ton
miles through Hnl'itdi Columbia
in a northwesterly direction from
Rossland, Hie dilToronli (lamnslfe:
being ill (loiislnnl oon\rf|iinl(Wtlon 15~
wilh lho main oll|eo of engineers
Ihal would follow along iu their
The cost of such an expedition
was such Unit lhe English or
Canadian governments would tz
havo nothing to do with it, ihe
IllViiard being one lhat lhe homo
Hooi'iitnry could uot countenance
The proposition, however, has
inul with the approval of a syndicate of Knglish capitalists who
believe In Its merits sufficiently tz
lo send forth l,"ii men from this E
city to work tho English torri- lt_ 3
'"'i'hese miners, nl .he Head oJllilillllllllllltlllllllllllilillillSiliailllllllllltlliilllltlllililliil
whom is James Hra/.ell, left on j
the overland train last evening
for Oregon. They are all men
pinked from tho heads of departments In lh" mini's of the Coin
stock where llra/xll was superintendent of lhe Bullion and
other mines In the days of the
"1 bollove lhat the country!
about Kootenay,1' said Brazell
yesterday aftornoon, "Is one nf
lhe richest on the face nf the
globe.    There is it great deal  of
territory to cover,  and   I  think    ______________„_.____	
ihat with a sufficient number of.
men who know their business I        nj'/m    P.riT ntJIITJC "'   you  waul   tho   prime
.    ,,     i     ,     ,i JJH/1JJ    UU IHVJ '
can  eveniiiuy   orate   thein- „ A , IM;0DUCE
trance to at  least such another '
, i-   . ,   I    .i-    ,.   ,.,.     KALISPELL, MONTANA,:     . ,, , . , ,     ,
bonanza as wo louim its years i .\n maclnno mado on factory
ago in Nevada.   I am starting'Wholesale dealer in Confoction-     inoj]os   ComQ |(j
withon'y  15° men'   They wU1l     ",'v. Fruit, Nuts, Ac., to
Restaurant open
day and night
All the delicacies of the season
I   First Class   1
B |
| Lodging House. 1
B zs
it  »  SUSSri*  Si*  «S
. , Kimberly, B. C.
Now iiu'ier miimigomont of.
Mrs.   Levett    Prop.
\/| oyie Placer
1 ining Company,
First Block of 10,1100 Shares now offered
to the Public at 12 1-2 cents per share.
Applications may be sent to the Secretary, (', ]■'. Venosta.
Ten per cent in cash must accompany application.
be divided into prospecting
camps and cover the territory as
speedily as possible, so as to lind
a proper starting point. If I Inul
1,500 men. us I lirsl demanded, 1
could move along more speedily,
bill I iim well iisli.slied wilh llie
number I Imve got, I feel assured, in my own mind, llinl be
fore ho days pass over I will linve
enough work ahood of mo to
bring up I.Ouo iniuers from ''nli
I'.ahy carriage body of darlt
wood, silli parasol, all in good
condition; $10.   Apply to
North Star Landing,
Cigars & Tobacco.
Ir-. .lie I'liiilini   i
"   .1. II. Idiiliri-i-       liinncToiis.
"   IV. A. Horn-nil I
Mks. I',, i;. Wkiihigh, Mniiauei'.
I'lill.nl- Irom l-'ni-i Steele nml the
iim-'. uill In- I'crulved ut ri-iiniiiiili|i.
nli--.    I'm' li im- il],|ilj In:
Mrs, F, (*. Webber, Maii.iijcr.
K'Al.lsi'Kl.li. Montana,
Porl Sleele II.C.
I'i lit   SALF,.
;\ I'i horse power porlnblesiiw
mill, ill (rood condition.      Apply
Wnsli, li. c.
lii';iii|.'iil.:;in;iii and
Iiiini I'l'intor,
In Moyie 'I'ownsllo Company
C.   P,   SEARS,
Is roady for the accommodation q{ the.
TKAVEWNG PUBLIC,   ,   ,   ,
The Golden and Fort Steele
Development Company,
Authorized Capital Stock of 7150,000 Shares of
Par Value of $1.00 Bach,
F^brry On Perry Creek.
In the center of the richest mining properties
in the world, . . It is the only town in East Kootenay that has an unlimited supply of water for
milling and motor purposes. . . Now is the time
to secure valuable lots. . . For terms and conditions apply to	
p. a. Mcintosh,
Ileal Estate Agent, Fort Steele,
— on —
Mining Brolcor and Pinaneial Agent, Port Steele,
The New Store
Por Hardware and Ooiioral Merchandise    All new goods.
Speciiiily suited io local trade.   Largo and complete stock,
,   ,   .   Porl Steele   .   .   .
Treasury Stock 500,000 Shares.   Head Office
at Golden, British Columbia,
This ii: n jiitri'lv lni'iil niiiiiiitt ,'iiiitiiiin.v -(H'ltHul for tlie iiurpoim tif
Illll'illL' itllll <ll'VI>llt|l'
ii nl llrilisli Coliimlilu,
J Tlie iii:iniii;i'iiii:iil. (if lliu riniipiiii.v Ik In tlm liini(|s uf cnpublo mon
,b wlm iii'n right mi llie spnt nnil in-" tliornforo able In scmii'ij fur th,, itonj.
* puny llie limit prupcrliiw iiviillulilu.
W        I'l'onlilniltl   Tliumiin MuNimgliti I'lH'lii Port Hlqulc, t'liiitiiuliil Aj;t.
* Vii'i'-I'rtisliliiiil;   .Miixitiiiliii' .Minn, li',nq,, (litlgiii'V, Murrliuiil.
J        K. lliirhur, Msi|., llulili'ti. Hodl'Ului'y ilulilim liiiiuinTCiiiiipiniy,
vt,       Tituimirur:    Alaxumlur MoQuuun, 1'lnq,, C'ultfuiiy, Mitmn'o'i' Hull
* Trli'pliiiui' Couiptiny.
J        Siii'itiiii'.v:   lli'U. H. Mill'iirliir. I'l»q., (Iiiiiiiiii. Hiirrinlur,
jjj       't'liuru nro no Hiiliirliiil olllitiiils In lhis cum puny,   Tlm prnmotor'n
A ntui'lc in piiult'il until llm fuiiipiiiiy oui'iiH ilividi'iuls.   |')x|)01'totl_(l prun-
* pi'iiui'H liuvi.' Iiuiiii ongujtuil lo Huuiii'i! i'liiiins for ihls (Minipiuiy In tlm
" Culili'll mill t'ol'l SU'ele llistl'ii'ls.
Thu cuinpiiiiy hits sui'iireil it two-thirds inturi'Ht In llm ''Mojoil" and
"Tiiiliiiskui" uliiiius mi Tinliiiskiit Uiko, Si iiillus north of tk'iivoi'on
tlm Columbia Hiver. Thore arc two lunils HO foot ami SO foot wldo ro-
Bpootlvoly. #1,1011 wiirlli uf (iovolopmont work done. Twenty tuns of
nre. on l.lm dump. Latest ussiiy from IIOIU' Hm Slll'fiICO lfavo over $72
per loll in silver llllll load,
Tho "Uluo Wutor (li'oup" has Just been semiriid, oonslstlng of a
two-thirds Interest In the thru,! ulalnis on Um lllue Waler Rivor, about
12 mill's Irom Donald on llm Canadian I'liellle Railway, Assays from
iiiini' the sui'filuo (flvo llllll oiineus in silvor, llll per eent copper ami $11.1X1
in gold per Inn. This is a most valuabla property and tho oompany aro
furtiiiiiiiu in Booui'lng It,
Forty thousand shares sold alreiuly. Thu balance of lhe first block
uf shares
Proceeds to he used tor development work.
— Apply to —
Thomas McNaught,
Mining  Broker and  Financial Agt.,
LAST KOOT1INAY,   -   -    B. C.
<.       i\      ,Wl     *).! *j^jfji" _-4P»VP!M*_pqq|ff>«_f_p«iw^w_^^
■«^^-WM_l-«i»fl'M***«**» r .^wr^fcwmr-^v^KiaM,- tmfrmt «__*v**»«f
_,_«.. 'AAZAZAnAZAl i. +_„  9         _       .             # »      w v   _•"»   ff-fe /_  _nh__! /*"">& istvT „z?       S
GRA5SI0X   a  Df.MPStY.
jlutljpj Lancaster Believes in tlie J*;
Future of Fort Steele.        i i*
from ilii- S|Hi]o:.sinini lluvirw. : **(v
Dudley  P.    I.'.iucaslcr,    who 9
spent sevi'i'iil week's in t]ie Port ?*$,
f-ileele country, and v.as in H110-! 9
|iiino on a hurried trip, Mi ugajn 9
yostoi'duy for Hint mineral lield.: #
Ile is eontiijifflt |hnt there isaj 9
groul f)i|.uro fur Kust h'oofopny.
"It  sepms In me," sail]  Mr.
I.iinciister, "llinl thp Porl Steele j 9
lillning djslriiil  is ji ciii|iitry ol'i ty
■wondoi'fi]!  possibilities,     I he | 9
liovo llinl  il  is u  conservative ^
statement ll|ii'. tinny jsno section I 0
(if Hrilisli I'iil||inliia llinl offers, 9
or  hiss, offered,   titiroi'  induce 9
piauls to mining inopi  fur i|ie 9
Itmounl   of   ilevelopnient  work ty
done, Ihun the Kust [{potpiiny, 9
inhm Brokers
• i
j,.. ■*»
I|| i       BUILDERS,
f I whomvS.ale   liqi'oh   merchant.. |
4     |! CONTP.'xCTOPS
if AM)
Fori   Stasia   ll C
linen of tin.' asaootatioi)
Lt iiui 3"rd riui-urduy iij
om mission Agents,
l.|.   i.,:l   I)C   luinif.li.
n. upon appllfljulon t„
Fori Sicclo ni'.
CorrcHpondents in
r l.
Gplden  B. C, l,
til J.   .1,   f,,V.MOV,
0-,.. fit
/ Contractor mul Builder
jjiia     Pspt'PSS pm, B.S. i'State ot California" to s.Vw York, l\ furl RtecU, II. 0, "       -^ ~ —
X'S      A Consignment of FINEST SCOTCH WHISKEYS direct jiv Professional,
■ Uislillerii's iif .Niessr'.s Win. TniUdli:!'* Sons. % ft'   M(,L t OD   "X GO •         |                  .—*___-■
Glasgow, Scotland, N. II. §
Wfl   H	
flS i.iusgow.ppoHiinu, :>.,,. si j Contractors > Builders, I „
w\m   Aii:l.Mi:ssr's p, .Miicliinnon ,v Co. (jtasgow, Sool|:inil, N.|l.      '«'  |  M, U, p, S„ Ontario and llntish
Hugh \Viitt!M,!).,(:,M.
'It is a big country and nl
m    _
present is ililijeulf of access, but
ihe iii'wsli'iiiner. tlieNuj'tli Star,
will reach I'Virt Sleele somo liinel $&
(luring lhe latter purl nf this! %?
week on its iniiiul trip, and then,
wilh lhe assistance of lho (iwen-
doline, wlijch is now running
regularly from Jennings lo Fori
Steele, will give lho public a lirst
class and speedy service.
"The promising properties
now HJidertloyolapniout nro the
North S(.U', Sullivan, St. Eugene, the Dibble, recently bonded by John M, Bui'kp, lho Silli-
loc group, on Weaver Creok, the
Eureka group on ferry, njid the
Moyea Chief group, at the head
pt Moyea river, Hugh McQuade
is also working a bonded prop
erty on Weaver creek and I'ro-j case tho possibilities of lho gold
lessor llarilmanof Toronto is belt of East Kootenay in tlu
erecting a stamp   mill   on  tho j production of gold is simply in-
ui'iisrn !''i; ,'i"i Mini' wou(i
A   SI'lvCIAIi'I'V,
w « 	
|| Teacher's  MKfflWfU  PWUM  Is  penfmition   ,.f   Scotch   ^ First Clas& Wofk GlUI'itlltCOll,
•_>i 4. WhislfDy, as evinced bv iliu immense cleumjic] from Itidja,   fi' ,,, , ,,     .,   ,,   ,.  ,  ,„  ,
■»(,■■ . SJ (g .,nii}>  'jjijhiidii   llu   ru, I   Mil j iu
ffl\$ Australasia, The Sliilcs and Mexico,                                   ft.             Printing Office
Largo shipments of  bhandys  io arrive diracl   fioni   fi
UTIi   01    UU-   liHV.it   CARIflOO
IIHSI'I 111..
i''i..i,"r Steele, B. C,
T'llo.M AS   M.VITTIIv.
W \fl   [''I'luico; also OJNS
i fi'oiu the ni:ini|!':i(iui:erf
IJ.J.QUINL1VAN.I   p biS# ^ CfB
.•■ii. &
opt is carried
inino Dea s T-ransoGted.
3i ! fi ''iii-1' rouolvod I   A Miiipiiiuin iif 2,1,000 ()n„ Siiulis, Tur Sown, 11x20,
W\'    Hie./..   (,iiuili|.y iniiiriu,luml.    Pli'jn WiOOI'lU'H'Plli CASlli   Sl'iCill nun- .___
9 I tiittuwto.liinaul.itS,   tl\ WHEELWRIGHT,
*•* '.o Si    Horse-shooing A Specially,
ifi. 6SCT8S_SSS88S9«!«S-K5ea^e__!«H»_i_»_!SSe^S«S«86S«S , i.i.
W - ! —  	
Ty.'o gonJ dairy [arms for ,'iale within 2^ miles of
Fort Stoele,     Furnished house Tor rout 0" sale....
Thompson  properly  on   Perry
"The magnitude, of the conn
conceivable, and especially in
view of the fact that what has
been done in lhe way of develop-.
try can woll be Imagined when it nient is most luicourng
is known dial Fori Steele, con-! "Thefirst locations in the Mo-
sldered the center of the district, yea and Perry creek gold belt
Is ill) miles from tlie North Star j were made in 1888 by Colonel W.
mine, lln miles from Ihe Sullivan. ' \[.   Walters,   nn   old  Colorado
10 from lhe St. Eugene, 2ii from
the Silliloe, and |0 from the
Moyea Cliief and Eureka.   The
Hereby jrlyo notice that slxly iluys
nfter ilnui I int.,ml in apply In the
Chief Commissioner nl Lunils uml
Works fur permission lo piirohiise '120
ueres of lund sitiiiatod nenr Murk oreek
in iin-district or I'lusl Koiiliiiiuy, B.C.
Commencing at thy Southeast corner
posl uf \V. A. M.'l,. Meaeliem's |«'.'-
iiiiiptinii: thonee Musi 40 chains, thenee
North SU chains, Iheneo West tu
ehuins, thence South so chains, to the
iner. and heoonhdently expects I i'""«"""'"'»"''"«""i"U'
1 .'ii.iii'iiT Hanks.
Dibble is tin miles from lhe North! fciniin.
tliat section to rival the riches of
the groat mother lodo of Culi-
Star, and the St, Eugene is GO
miles from   tlio Dibble and IIO
Thoro is now grout activity
in  lho  camp.     Townsites  ar
llnled at Fori Steelo. IS. (!., lhis '-Mil
(lay of .lime, A. D., 18117, S2
|-'K(lVI.\f'l,\r,  .SKl'llKTAKY'S
HIS HONOUR ll": l.ii'lllcllllllt-liiiv
Ornor Ims liuon pleased lo inakii thi
follOM'ilig iippjiiitniinit.
:::ini Aliiwli, 1SII7.
llmiil Watt, of Vor, sinuh.1. Es
ipiiro, M, D„ to lie Resident Physician
ut the suid pluco. und u ( nroner within and fur the Ivusi, Kootenay Electoral
District, vii'..: Charles .MeUuU), Esquire, y. H-. resigned. ;*»- -
miles from lhe North Slur. The| numerous along the proposed
Moyea Chief and the Eureka'route of the Crow's Nest Pass
claims are about 20 mile's from railroad, the building of which
the North Star and DO miles from is now an assured fuel. It is re-
the St. Eugene, liably stated that construction
"This represents a big .section I will begin at four different places
of country.   It I'liris from the within 30 days,"
foot hills of the Rockies on the __   —	
noi'th to lhe summit of lho Pur- j H0W T() BUILD IJP YOUR TOWN.
coll range east, soutli and west, j	
The whole country is charged if yol, Wanl ti build up the
wilh mineral, gold, silver and town, never disparage it to
coppor, and has many lino loca- others; never speak in terms nf
lions. ridicule of it to visitors;  feel a
"It is tlie bigness of the camp,! personal interest in lift admin's-
together with the fact that it is i tration of its public affairs us you
thickly timbered and coveredIwm,ld in conducting your own
with Wash rock- and gravel that j business. It is a duly tliat tt man
has discouraged so many people |owcs to society to take part in
who have gone into tho country j tho public improvements of his
to prospect. 'town,  to contribute liberally to J in the outside world.   It is easy
"The North Slur is now down |an enterprises of a public enough to convico a person, as
about 00 feet and bus shipped j character, to assist so far us ho! common reason is the master of
enough oro to pay «U2,000for the hs ablo in building schools, j any argument, that Steelo is the
mine, build a wagon road 30 churches, hospitals, and all J besl point in East Kootenay for
miles, put steamers on the Koot- other institutions that give repu- investment;' but what needs to
euay rivor and pay for all devel- tation for culture and public Ibe done is to draw those people
opmont. Tho Sl. Kiigono hns [spirit lo his lown. All market into lite district, who have
10,000 tons of high grade ore on facilities build up a town. A money to seek investments.
the dump and a line showing of cluster of wide awake morchants j Thoro is no boiler way of doing
ore. The Sullivan group is Van soon build up a town. They this than by advertising to the
cilled n inino by miners.   John not only attruct trade, but Ihey |outside world whut the town of
I hereby give notice Unit thirty ilnys
after date I "sliull apply to lho Cold
Commissioner fur u license lo sell
liquor by retail upon lite premises of
the .Moyie Hotel, situated ut .Moyi
City. East Kooiciiiiy.
.101'. W'll.MSllCliST.
Dutoil .llinn 2S|h. 18117. Ti2
Fort Steele needs advertising
M. Burke Ims already made fhe'uitruet capital, llie value of real
second payment on the Dibble: estate advances, buildings go up,
b md of sill.nun. public improvements aro planned
"Wild Horse , reek, Perry \m\ carried oul. und iu a few
creek, Weaver Oroek and Moyie years tie surrounding counlry
river nm slill  being worked for becomes thickly settled.
placer, und in llio 'lids woro lho ._
scenes of grout activity. Six- Spokane, Wash., Juno 27-
teen millions have been taken [Special.]—Timothy Glenn, the
from Wild Horse, eight millions woll-known railroad contractor
from Perry Creek, a like amount
from Weaver creel, and aboul \1
millions from the Moyea, from
ils source lo Moyoa lake, a dis
tiinco of about Iio miles. It is on
tho foot hills along those streams
and  on  tho divide near   thoir
of this city, who some weeks ngo
went up into the Fort Steele
country, representing a local
.syndicate of mining men, for the
purpose of prospecting the district, Inn evidently struck il,
rich. A letter was received from
sources where'the big free mill-j him a couple of days ago in
ing ledges havo been located, j which he statod that he had lo
The gold taken from the placers
mentioned hero is lho product
principally of erosion, proving
tliat it came from the great lodes
of free milling quarto found within the bosom of ihese streams,
"Practical mining mon have
given il us a reasonable conclusion Unit, lho two parallel mother
cuted a number of claims on lho
divide between St. Mary's river
and Hell Roaring creek, about
ilu miles from Fori. Sleele. He
knocked off some samples from
the surface of an exposed ledge
on ono of tho claims, which lie
brought lo Port Steele lo have
assayed, and from which lie ob-
lodes crossing tho country itt tho tainod returns of right ounces
bend of Moyea river and Perry
creek ai'e the central outcrops of
the free gold ledges of Montana
on lhe soiilh and the Cariboo ills
trliil on the north-   If such is tfie
each of gold and silver, or ll total
of "jion.aB,
fiiu I'liooeuL'ToH.
Porl Steele is today.
While the .lingo Senators and
representatives in lhe U. S, Congress are pulling the hair of
Cuba, would it not bo a good ideu
to Invito the dusky Hawaians lo
join Uncle Sam's little colony 1
The celebration of the Diamond Jubilee all over tho world
was one of feeling and honor by
an enthusiastic and patriotic
Townsite lots aro in demand,
and building progresses rapidly
and lho wnler committee is still
The Prospector is in receipt ol
a copy of Tho International, a
now weekly publication issued al
Wardner, H. 0, It is a bright,
newsy and enterprising shoot ol
•I pages, nud is edited by II. T.
Brown, formerly of the Norlli-
weslorn Newspaper Union, wlm
is nn old-liino journalist in and
ai'Olltld Spokane. We bespeak
for Tho International a brilliant
and Influential future,
Beginning wilh the nexl issue,
The Prospector will begin lhe
publication of u series of articlos
on ''Our li'jnu! Mines",
Victoria Assay Office
Metallurgical Works.
2S Broad Street
Victoria B, C.
GOt.u is Sin'iui *1.5'l.
lU'lAll iV Sii.vt'.K SI.SO.
iiiii.n, sn.yivit« copper    "M.00,
Oilier   Mottlln   °n   Applloiition,
Mill tenia 141 tn III Iiiiiii,
Cliyniiie train up In i Inili),
rliliirinnlii.il IMn up In '1 Iiiiih.
I'liri'i'lii nf urn up In llu Inim Miutipl.nl.
In nil enhios rush iiiunl lie romltlod with ni'dnr, uml I'liuriii's nf ti'antipill't paid.
At,l,   SAMPLES   1'110.MI"I'I,V   AT'l'IOrillHU   Til,   AMI   IIETIJUNBD
C. I'. Vt'.NOSTA
N. A. WAI.I.IXOlvit
Port Steele.  II.C,
General Blacksmith,
Mining Work a Specialty,
Everything Strictly First Class.
Next thiol- to lln- Prospector.
Pull   l-i'.ivll.   ]I.C,
//. L, UU \1MINS,
P. L. s, ,1- C, E,
Porl Stoolo II.C,
Robs* Horchmcr,
Fort Sleele,  P.  C,
John Campbell,
Office, li'ivnrskie Avenue
Port Steele, II.C.
W    Mi*, K, .1, HiaitWARDl'lN.
Minim; Broker,
pis-?.£Hici_ll Agent.
Next H'ttir In lltirhcr Shop.
icoNll.l.i'.il.u \M) NOTAIIV I'l'lil.li:,
I Hiipri'-iiilini/ Tin- AHiitii, nml Knul-
i'iui.v llivvlnpiiii'i:! I'uitipiiny I,''I. uml
'i'lio (liililmi uml Port Stoele Dovulop.
ini'iil Cuiiijiiin.v Llll,
Mining   Brokers, Commission and
Real Estate Agents,
London New York, Chicago, St Paul,
Montreal and Toronto,
Options Curried unil Mining Deals Consummated.
lililTISIl   CO i.i: Mil I A
IVUi-icm And Mining
Stock  Agent,
Oivnm'H uf t'iin cIuim Mining Proper,
ties mul iy|sliiii|{ in vnll oi'Stouk,
wuni: me t''i'i.i, 1'AUTirri.Aiis
i.iin'iiiin'. Ontario.
Livery, fend & Sale Stable,
Fort Sloolo I l.r,
S.\|i|>l,K It I'.M'K IIOKSI'.S.       1
Livery   Stable,
G001I Snilille Horses,  :inil Ki:
of all kinds for him ut
,"'as""ill,l"n""S' I   WINERS & PROSPECTORS who
TEAMING OP AM.   KINDS   IniN'K. ; h.,vl,  , lili|ns  „,  soll   or dovelop
I could not iiii bolter than consult,
G. L. DallJuT'lllO,
Port Sleele, II. C.
Thomas McNaught,
Sash & Doors,
Newel Posts,
Handrails & Brackets.
Our MACHINE SHOP is prepared to repair Engines,Boilers
mul nil kinds of Milling Machinery,
We have on hand, all sizes of Pipe and Brass Steam Fittings
For Sale, a three Stamp Quartz Mill, Frasier & Chalmers
Mr. John Buimrm, Wlnfleld Park. \ H. K, WALTON
Thundorhill. will handle freight ncCAV   ni'CTrr
between Adola, Mud  Lake and I Aob/V 1    Uh'iLh,
Port Sieele. and return. Goods
warehoused at liolh ends. Por
rates apply to
TtiUNDERHiix.   |       All worl,: done in duphcctte
Fort Steele, B. C,
Cold, Silver, Lead &a,, at prices
to suit the times,
Port Steele B.C.
FEED, AND ](,()|(1    silver,    Copper,    Lead,
SALU STAPLES. 1 Etc, at prices to suit llie limes,
Kalispel  Mont. A trial respectfully solicited.
i     Parties to ami  from   Fort  Stool,   AU  W."rk   wU1   ,'L't',"'iV"   l'TOm»'i
i«-iii fiiu] Umi ihii ii- I'M- host iiiiuv in attention.
leave thoir i-toi'li. unil  uhtiiiii convoy.
Travellers, to and from
Port Steele 6c Kalispell,
Will find the best of accommodations at
C. M. "Walker, Prop.
Kaiisjiel! Montana.
Por Catalogues, Address
DANIEL F. I1FATTY, Washington,
New Jersey.
Joo Taenhauser,
Riverside Avenue,
Porl Sleele,  B.O,
lliiliins. Vl.i.llfl nr    Sii-ii
PIANOS vt'AZAZ SiffiT Port si,,
ami IIIMI.PKR. .
II. C.
l'llllllis,>.lV.'.s.llli|||iSi;.|i Cull,
OKI WIN'S '"" w""     emiii,,,..,,  i,,.,.
uixuniio .mi,ir,.siiiini,.ii-- Him'. «.. ii-
llllllllll, N .1.
Kl.s.llll up
KAI.lnl'lvl.l., MONTANA.
,m fffr
,500,000 RiV.tliUwKtlliiyl'wnS Soils Only tho Finest Liquors anil
f.is.iiiui up. | sirnl The Cliolcesl Delleacles of the
BOilltlj'S OrfldllSj £»w™£V!»i[irijj |5n«lom Miirltels Served ns l.iin
' _.. dies ui llie Bar, or iu Private
suns,oo  up    simi Rooms,
SSSysnessSSS i«««»»U»»»»»»m___m«»»MS9SSiSSSSS-98SSS'
/T      *_    "!"_» TT_k. T _""* /~~~y ^~\. SSSSSSSSSSSS iiM»»MM»i_»»_____»_»_»_e98aB8eS8
One night last weelf, when Mb
in Steele wus made just a shade.
more comfortable by getting out |B00KSELLERS, STATIONERS, NEWSDEALERS, ETC., ETC, j$
into the cool air, away from the DEALERS IN WALL PAPER AND FANCY GOODS. j
heat uml mosquitoes, 1 sat anil
listened to the story of a miner's
death in the early days ol the
Coeur d'Alenes, and was wonder- j Ap Loading Newspapers and Magazines kept Constantly on I land. %
fully impressed with the effect it e, ,   ,„: ,:,„  ,i    •, , r    „,, ,, ,i-,- \
-'     ■ , subscriptions Keceivecl for all Publications. *
had on a dissipated looking fel-l *<
stoppi ,1, through Opposite the Bank - - - Port Steele, j
S_'5 n    fi
curiosity to join the crowd. Naturally through an anxious feeling and partly through sympathy, I approached the fellow audi
afler a few moment's conversa- j
tion, learned that he had at one
Between _________ l|
■  ne been a well-to-do rancher in Q.QLDEN ™ FORT STEELE.   '
the section where the death oc-
Leaves Fort Steele ~:'M) a. m, every Friday,
due to arrive at Golden Sunday evening.
Wow under the management or
la ei large and attractive Hotel
of quiet elegance in till iis
appointments,  with n
casino of superior
Special ink's by llie month.
B.  C.
||   Active  Working  Mines  at  this  point:   St,   Eugene,   n
■j|5 Moyie, Queen of the Hills, Lake Shore.   Cus- 8
linn   House .lust  Established,    Hotel
I uml  Livery  nnd Pack Stable §
fNow   Being  linill. |
On llie line of flu' (Vow's Nest Pass Railway. jfj
2*?        On main trail from Bonnor's Perry.   ...
3t Control point for the Moyio Lake country,
s i
curred, Ho was living as happily as any man could wish, his
wife being the sunshine of domestic bliss. But one day, after
having worked hard all day in
tho rain unci snow, he had goncl ;"v"   l'Vl!'fllU particulars Apply lo
homo in a bad humor, nud in a '■»—— E.   A.  ELTON  &  CO., Agents,JS
moment of anger spoke crossly  _:_._. ___._■-:|i-j__s___._ -—-■■— vr—i   K:
to one who he adored -one word ' *p
that he would have given his life   \/ ps ^t A £* *-v f» ft        **&>     Uam,    £
to recall, but Which, as his words     >«nilW*vai        Sv> .  -«. ai,,
tell, was too late.
Ho had transformed his story
into poetry in the rough, and
though the edges may need
founding, and the rhythm im
proving, thoro was an earnestness, and meaning in that fellow's
words, that siruck a cord of pity       ————,———
In every heart as he said:- Riverside Avenue.
There is no misery ih&l close otiservers mourn
Like hopeless urivt vl hoiielass coiirafJG born m      ■
Then: Is nothing lhat sets tHo soul tn pulnin
[like an nbuseu wonmh uni'oiiipltiinlni.'.
jt nlways draw* in j heart out In sMis
to soo ii brave lodti in a womiiii's eyes,
You mnrrtc-men, uittl theru arc many ii>
vie w
jion't Lhlnltyotir wives can Wrap all lip lh ;
Nor imau'iiie however close their son ■ >■■
may i*ro\v,
That ymi are the only folk'- they ei 'c i    ;ii
SS®9iMBSdfi-!69 8S4W--W****»i*u*%%%»« *f>*^*>**«i'0»** -fjifK** •"■*
§ D. A, MelNTOSH, Sole Agent,
^-^Fort Steele.
IThe Mountain!
l-'i.i.i'i'll.  PEED,  HAY. I'll \IN  AMI HATS
■su egos. m"i"i'i',i;. et(!,
Fort Steele, B, G. E
of allagi
. the town
ilors antl
'orl Bteeli
sUlficienlly acquainted I js
itish Columbia laws to £
st wi" so s the luty but s_
iL_Jp »__/ "3
Fort Steele, B» C.       |
117/ /./.l.V  FOltSY'l'H,   PIlOPlllFTOH. Zi
This is one of tho besl appointed Hotels in the,      _j
Porl Steele District. 2
Every   I'lH'in   Is   comfortably   furnished, ~f
When you visit Port Steele you will miss il if you doll!    ^3
stop ut  the, zl
i; particularly those be
to the hotels? Whose
is il to look after the
iio llial iilih tlviiw words,
iiro ili'iiivlil. cory often full l
llnl iii.il lliin-ill raii'l suv,' llii'ln iilnvi llnv
Still forced to remain oulsldl
for at least an hour, 1 slopped in
am going to tell you tnal  it  v
of our friends.   The iuformatioi
, has bt'i'ti held by lis for two days tl e
and is now closely locked  in  an lou
iron box and carefully gliarded bus
*h to protect  it from the gloating back yards and particularly those
eyes, of curious news gatherers, where the public aro freely ad-
«- Take my advice and be prepared milted?   And whose business is
tor n shock, il to prevent all sorts of tilth
|being emptied in the streets of
the town: The hot mouths of
summer arc coming and thore
are plenty of gerins in process of
Mountain House,     a
****""— u_S
The Steele House
To Locate tho Fort Steele Line.
A. D. Campbell, inanngor of
lie WeSlorn Union office iu Spo- j development to  breed   business
front of lhe Central to listen lo a lltane, and W   M. Shaw, of tlio | for moro doctors than you hav.
parly of old Crohlierrfnloil, talk
ing of eillly dnjs Iii lhe wlist.
Mr. Spraglle tolli df tile Hold up,
nl Aliiei IIiilih,  Montana., when
"Exchange National bank, will go
at present,
\\. w:
The National Mat!
■ ■He
A |ii':ic!!eal, cheap and simple
method of malting Sulphide ore,
sueh as nit'k'el, copper, gold, and
silver ores; in localities whore
lead ores and fuel are scal'Co and
almost unattainable, our pyritie,
\\ntcr jacketed Matte Smeller
has been fceo£n!i»/d with highly
satisfactory results, and has
been thoroughly tested oil various pyrilic, Sulphide and arsenide ores., in capacity of 3 to SO
Ions per day. Ills the* shnillest
rii'ethod of gold niid silvor ore
imiliiivi-, and eonc_itratlhg 'that
is known to-daj.
!• requires lib extraordinary
skill, no lead ores, no  flnsing
lo Kalispell today.   While there
Ml", Campbell  will decide Upon
llm railroad point Ironi Which
Iio oniy oscilpcH witli his life, by I Uio Spokane l-'ort Sleele Tele-
making itsoiellln prUiliisi1 noVbr gi'ttu'll alld Telephone Conipimy
lign'ui to carry drafts, iii cheeks will eoiinlrticl its (olograph lino
on il j'liiniei, ns Ihi' robbers] i"I" Hm Porl SloelO eoiinlry.
i'oiililni very W'pll im'tiillo uny- Rulispnll, JihitiingHj Bonnor's
ilung but nisii. nnii b'v'oii afler Pori-y and Troy are under eon-
this narrow escape to liai'u hllil skloratloiv. ThocoiilpiuiybXpocts
the nei".'", li, bllrrolv ft-.'H |',om|In have llie leie iu operation by
'une of llm Iiieluviivlileii. lo seel Aiiirilsl I
llllll Hie jiaWy didn'l gbt liilrslyl
before  ihe e'ld   t)1   (hi-   joiiniei |    The    Moyie     Placer     MinVli'g
ivas reii'licil     Alia ItlSo pf the Company tho iivst mining com-
lime win"' h" foiloVv'etl "Itii]uilsi" panV to bo ol'gilJiiie'd ih lhe town
for |8 hoftrs iVIIHottl srobjlin§ or shoiiltl oe a success, jironiot'ed by
baling) aii'd didn't get Voty tiWti- t'citiionsi suilp'oHod by 'clliwn.s
irry al that, ils the climate ftaslnnd  worked by thoi'dughiy ex-
not A Very good nn*' I'or eatllljj.iperienced pltai' iiilnors known
After Mr. Sprueee I'.iil iini.dii'd io us nil.
a poker stdry Wile! told, \Vdlich     Thai   experienced   Hydraulic material,andnofnelfor thestnel
bausod Col. Head, losipuue him. miner Mr. .1. M. Buxton says hi tor after H is s'lirli'd. The sul•
'self around, dike n fresh pull' al lliu last tjrltish Oolumbia Mining pher in HVe ore is  Us natural
.i clear lliiviinn.. (Criisailer.) place Recort thai "gdld is almost  die! fuel only, and its dost has no
his inil si|uiii'ely back, and atari last thing we look for" in exam- J comparison witli anV other phi-
oul   ''ili'i'.'ii   IH,"   lhis-      "You lning a hydraVdlc mining prrtpo-lcess of doneentratiiig-,
fi'llov' s:   talking   about    inker sition. AVe are prepared I'O flil'iiisk any
games,   v here  money  was    in     A largo vollbrie of water which size or capacity plant 'roinploto
sight, rnihci iniflso nie, talking ''an be brought onto the ground! to substantial mining people, set
about yoiii gflmcs v hen thi ante ill a considerablo height, a good it np mi'1 I'lirnish oiirinen to mil
was hiij ei ,-vMi eoliai ■->. linn ih" tlu'lHp for the tailings and a iargeilt for tl'ieifi on ensji payments-
limit a llinusauil.   Why I. played bar  ol  gravi
in a L'uni" down ill California, piped, being
during  tlie  ei'iriy   ilnVs,   Wlion*!oot which of
jilnci'i' iu'.iii.h were found on front ile mine can
lu\Vii!-. mul I'-act \ ai'ils ami wlii'il     Tl"1 Mnyi'
'i.'Ver.vliinl'i lill.l lol;. .: dilsl    tha      hoi    Moyie
was ivni'v ii i i'lie,,.   it va- in :i " aier Biipply
little town  not  far from San undor ahead
t'l'iiucisi'ii, and I lu to were live of The be i roeV
iis playing The ante was a quart feetatioVe 11
of gold dust, and "a force blind of ''"   remflrlfaTilj fl  • irrenl
'ii gallon,   There were always  I will carry a*ay n    to   Dgs, and
o.' n gallons, iu 'lie. put, ai'n'l each 'he quantity ol  gravel  i- osti-
follow had a whole barrel,, (which mated il ovoi  ti'." million cubic
was tholiinil) silling by his side,  vai.ls,  containing over two mil-
Wo played from 5 o'clock Sunday lions of dollars in gold,
afternoon, until I'1 o'clock Wed   ,
nosday morning, and al the end To tub "Editoh op Tub Puoh
of iiiiii. lime, there was only half     PKCTOK y,m, „^m fw i,,,,,,,,.;;   villi »inul( ol
a  barrel   of gold  dusllefl; w.e     SlH     At each one of my three wlnofi Hi] ■- iiiii! ,;l'.t,'". '(inuil lieilH'
nover knew Whal tiiul bedorilo of Visits to yolir onlorprlsing lown, »ml i:'»»i moiiln ui ijciuiiiiiiililii prlcad.
ll, but the supposition was Uml T have hail occflslon lo'congratu A. J, TloliidHTHON,
the strong winilfi Wh'lcti woro   late  .".:. Mr   Kdiiov  on your " ''"'""'  '■M,-'l'*v"^
limes lm,., iii 'jhftt coiinti'v hnd own ambtiioiis I'lesirnii hnil tholr
griuliiiill.i iiii.wn i,n';| 'ii.Jiml nil  l.npp.v  fulllUfnenl    ■ t,    also on
been blown nwnv     Anil iSpiili'iie 'lie   l" icrnl   nVfigro!)!  "r    Vonr  ,  i,   ,    ...    ,
i       i ,   ,V       " .           , ,            ,,    ,,'              '   i Mni'M' I'I'i'iio'-il uiin',
bonglil  llie  nexl   round. lown.    Oil  Hum ocnnsion  I  am Mihliiit. Hh'tiroil
Roiuji'i's of Th" I'l'o'-peeloi' w ill ub!" lo 1'iiijilue.iy.c all I have said ' 't'lirm .T,nnds and
seenn ii"n. in Hi"■." i iihiii.ii'. i.e-: iii'iiii"  imi regret that tho gen- Ileal Kslato.
Sntlli'dli.V, llinl will be ot Inleri" I oral   ,'ippeilranee    ol    Sleele   Ih COflRESPOHDENOE SOLICITED,
'io e'l'ei'y man. wm,um anil child, nuii'i'i'd  by  lank  of HiIIiiuhh     I ll. M. Me.'.lillaii, Hi'inidoil, Mp.ii
First Class Brands of Licjuurs and Cigars,
Headqliarters For Mining Men,
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Best Cuisine in the West,
Modern Conveniences.
Home Comforts.
D. McNcish
Drew & Haye^ Prop's.
Strictly "K_f8t ClaBs.
iiii  is 'easily Pnces arid specificalaons. With
~"n;'n1s. \v'.I'll-' referenc'"s nnd  test/taMinillTJ   Oil]
n • of tvhtch, apiilicationi
'" ,     KAltONAL dSl_ A ftiflj-UCTIolj 'CO,
";l"'     '':'-  ,,!'    Mimll  vv  ,. ,■,;,.„  ftVNIokoI.Coii,
■ I,, draw its "•■" - "'"'■"'" tatadwn,
i   nii'l  can use ''  er'"'"  V r . ...''ihai'ioiih ru'ii
"I'   200   f""!. Kf.'l IIMKM'I'    OF    CIIEMICAI.
I";i~!   twelve IIEDUCTION wofiics,
v.'i" river and ■
ST.   I.OIMH.   Mo.
THE   •-     -
* , HOTEL.
Perrv Creek',
fi r a'o'o'oX rYeti'r ?5'n c6 m ri e U&, al A*n b mWino m*1!!
&oldeii, B. C»
A train Leaves the Kootenay Housr Every Tuesday & Friday
Connecting with Steamer for Fort Steele.
M. ■Mf'MlLLA-Ni
f WHAT'""
'Hint's d'luit you'll gel lion: bviii'.v thilo In iiiy   |
I'l'iiHi'i'lpliiin l)i.i|iiirtliioiit. .'.'. We strive. i.ii
ili'siirvi'. yiiiii' iitniotit iionllili,nei'. . .'. NlilliiiiK
"f'llKAl"'   liniv,  hill your Mnni'V'n Wlli'tll    I
n'very llni".
1,1   V   (|l   m   +   ni
•Pioneer bi-uK Ifall,
Fort Steele, B, C.
(imduulf uritiii'loCollujfo(if IMmi'tiiurvV.
v The Rossland
^ Of East Kootenay.
Base of rsnpply for North Slar ami Sullivan Clroup and
an inilhniled iiiimher of mines now under development
on Mai'll Creole and sni-i-oiiiiding country. Lar»'i; hotel
now  heinff constructed.     Choice,  Lots now on   sale.
"Sole Agent, B
3 Poet Steele.
A    Northerti    E
The sutiVEVott's chain maiim rr the rhoiitest
It is Uio most iiiiiiltTn Iii equipment: it is llio hmivloBt I'liilotl linoi
it litis tt itlolt-uallitsl l'Oiiillicil; ll oi'OBses no snail ili'sorisi it wus built
Witilmitt a laini yl'lmt or government iiiil: il In noioil for eoui'tesy of it*
enipliiyi.'oi it is the only line nerving moiilson tlie a hi cai'to plun.
l^ir FGll'l' BTEELE Iiliil the EAST KO ll'l'.NAY MIN'tlS, Weekly
Stu»e t\\n\\ iui!i?|icll.   Bteiilnboal eomuiimleiitiuns from Jennings
during KuimliOl'.   Quiokost mill Best route to nil juilli! of the Unltetl
atiites, tOustei'ii Ciiniiilii mul Europe,
l-\Jl' liulpii, lieliatnlliul eOlhploto iiifiU'iiiulioit call or address
neurest ujjelit or
C'.'C,.m.\-0,V.Clehl!hl! Agent, l'\I,WlllTNTV. 11. V. ami T. A,
Sp'okAm!  Wash; St. Paul, .Minn,
^°°___^^__ffiuuiiu_iUU_^   _uu_^u_uuu_uii*i_m__^u^|
ational TransDortatlon go.1
f hfte Table, to take effect j uly 1st, Mil,   g
SUiniiioi's Norlh Star nnd cWomtolli'iG inula' (our trips fi (vooli, ",
V.spi'i'wtiiirilers for ijrfacls will Hi Iiii'iui'iliulely :iilti'inli'i| lo n\ Spi-!''
Itnno, nidi s'clil ii)i ('. V). II. V
SlnjfO leaves I'-oh Sleclo Tiloinliiy urn* |,'i'iil,\e i,im'liliu<i -nnii'tvlng nl
! Goldon Woiliii'silfi;' antl Snl.i'.iilliy it't 'I p. th,
It,       Mull iiili'iiilnil for I'Virt Stoolo vill ,1,'nnlng.,, should In: iiilili'o.-st-il I'li'ri'ij..,
of Inti'i'iiiilioiinl CO., .lofsiilfig!!, .iloiiinnfl, othoi'ivlso lottoi's nro soul viitpff
lj Nelson nnil (Inlilen. II. I'. (j
P. P. Armstrong!
Ma-rieigera      g
ife____^_!___tS_!__S   luUuc   __§^-_js^_6^___!2!i_5
-g liencrtil iMerchaiit mt>
^ L/iqubr Dealer.
B Manufacturer of all Kinds of l.unilrer.    3
B A large assortment of seasoned        zx
B Lumber and Shingles al-              ^
B vvays  on   IfahcK                     3
B DI't*ne«i_ioi-i l_«nil'ier« Specialty-. 3
J W fl S fl. - - B. G.    I


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