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The Prospector Oct 31, 1896

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Array " P'
■fW*yn, s»**s#»s»s«s«s»s fi
TIIK l'l,»ISI'K< Ton       ft  ^fl *m\   \
i niu ii,Muii',rii i uii i - k\
sesssesss '<
yo/. 2
Tin; MINES,,
mi: itu'ii  in'
i »»»»ii.'»»«»«»'»»»^»*«.*
No 16.
A   uhioPs mining ymi lultiii
Anil fa hi) In1'! prinl tlii'in,
Wo leiii'ii llinl J.Rooko Cowell
foi'ini'i'ly of l-'ort Steele, mot with
u .serious ueeidout.til Victoria,
which, il is reported will I'esull
in Ibe loss uf nn eye. Tbe aoci-
ilenl was ettnsod by it prematura
xplosiou during it chemical
Mr, & Mrs. Wallingor arrived
nl Steele, on Saturdays stage.
Lust wet's singe brought in
four Japs from Ktilispoll, ihe
.laps were evidently on lo their
job as thoy left llie singe outside of town anil wended their
way to tin: gold Holds of Wild
Horse on foot, and forgot lo n
port at the custom house.
wealth within llu1 confines of ibe
ui mei'ic iiisuit i nun  un    UII'i) ——— —
rpassed in nny oountry, tbnlil   On l.'erry creeli  there are u
years past millions of gold wu4iaiw, nl,lll|u,|. 0f men :i|  wov]c
The new drug store will mien
Daniel McNoish and Wife are
expected on todays stage.
Capt. Armstrong paid a visit
to Fort Stoolo on Monday.
Mrs. Savalge and Daughter
left on Tuest] ays stage for Calgary.
R.H.Bohart cumo in on Wednesday with a load of potatoes
from the plains.
Tlio petition to the Post Master General, obtained 12fi signatures in tiyo hours.
, James C'ronin has gone to Spokane on business.
Walton VaiiArsdalen oaino in
from Huckleberry hill on Monday.
Throe heavy loaded teams
came in from Kalispell on Mon-
We learn that there are a large
number of prospectors in the vicinity of Perry creek.
J.C.Hooker came in from West
Kootenay oyer the St Mary's
R.L.T.Galbraith Indian agent,
is at Windermere on official linsiness.
J.W.Clevor and O.S.Frizzell
visited the Sullivan mine on
Wo learn that the Hon, Howell
Postpaid M.P.is in England on a
We have increased the circulation of the Prospector iii por
cent during the last month.
Jud Langley is trapping on
the head waters of Wild Horse
Constable Barnes went lo Win •
del-mere to arrest two fugitives
from the Kalispell jail, on Tuesday evening,
A largo amount of snow fell on
tlio mountains on Thursday,
Capt,lames Highwarden lias
gone toBull river on a hunting trip
Next Tuesday is election day
across the line, the Ui lo 1 qnes-
tion will then ho settled,
Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth came in
from Ktilispoll on Wednesday,
A,Moriii, has commenced tbe
erection ol a large two story
cottage, near Ihn McNoish cottage,
Wm.Sprague und I..Dole  are
expected on the next singe, Ihey
have been engaged in closing up
the sale of tbe. Dibble mine.
„,,    .,, ,       ! realize whul  progress has been
The Steeleluniseliiisclosed down:       ,   .      ..,,,,.,      ,.
made in mining and nil kinds ol
business ut Port Steele.
The following petition lias been
forwarded to llie Postmaster
General by the residents of l-'ort
Tu the, Tlie Honorable, The
Postmaster General of Iho Dominion of Canada.
We the the undersigned citizens of Fort Steele, having heard
with regret, that our weekly mail
service wus to be reducod during
the ooming winter to ft semi-monthly mail, which at this lime
would bo detrimental to the milling and commercial interests of
Port Sleele.
At a mass meeting called, and
held in the Public School ro.oin
nt Port Steele on October 26th.
It was resolved that a committee of four be appointed lo draft
and forward a petition to tho
Postmaster General, stating lhat
it is absolutely necessary to the
increased business and prosperity
of Fort Steele that the weeldy
mail service be continued and
lhat the round trip lie made in
seven days. We trust that you
will give this nmtter.yourcareful
consideration, and your petitioners will over pray.
Tho above petition received
128 signatures in two hours and
many did mil have an opportunity
of signing on account of the mail
closing ul I p.m. and il. being
necessary lo forward the petition
at once.
In commenting on tlio above
article, we will say, that last
winter a similar petition was forwarded lo the Postmaster General slating thi' fact that a weekly
mail wasa necessity to Ibis district, why at Ibis particular time
when our commercial and milling
interests ure steadily increasing,
our population having increased
IHO per cent, in Ibe last year, a
large amount of capital already
invested in tho distriot in mines,
nud a number of mining deals
nearly completed, il is evident,
thai Ihe postal authorities don't
taken out of Ibis dislrjcl, " fun
casting the future'1 .Mini the mill
end wealth of Ibe Port Steeh
mining division is almost unlinv
iled. yet in spile of lbe.se 1'nets
we ure compel led lo submit lu u
iiiiiii service llinl. was insufficient
away back- in (lie sixties, when
at least 5,000 miners were in 11)0
country, Tlie liai'dy placer miner has gone to seel; now fields oil
treasure, in their place we find
llu- adventurous prospector,!
climbing llie mountains in every
direction,seeking gold, silver ancC
lead on the tops of the highest
mountains, in tlio depths of tho
lowest valleys, undergoing privation whicli ordinary men would
succumb lu in a very short
period, yet these hardy and adventurous prospectors who have
boon searching those hills for
years for the precious metal,
sometimes gelling letters from
tho loved onos back in other
countries once or twice a year,
now haying located at this point,
showing to all what our mineral
resources are, inviting all hardworking prospectors anil miners
to our midst, bringing their
families here, making homes for
the future, we cunnot understand
why the powers that bo don't
appreciate these facts, and help
us by an increased and more
timely mail service. What is
needed at this time, is a round
trip weeldy mail from Golden on
the C. P. H., also one from Kalispell on the Great Northern, We
have weekly stages running from
both of these points, and the
time has arrived when it is a necessity to tho vast mining and
commercial interest of tlio Fort
Steele mining division of past
Kootenay that our mail service
bo increased to the above extent.
new  locations are being   made
for few days, for repairs and a
general house cleaning.
Jack Elliot and .lames Hamilton came in from Perry creek on
Thursday. Jimmy look- in the
new ore exhibit,
The stage from Kalispell had
four Ohinamen as passengers,
they will help to swell llie population of China town, and work
the placer ground of Wild Horse
A novel election wager was
made the other evening, Mr
Stryker, proprietor of tbe Kalispell stage line agreed to carry
Mr. Denial's to Kalispell 111 limes
during the coining year free of
all expense, if llryan is elected, I The hardy pioneer who for years
Mr. Demars agrees to make 12 have been steadily prospecting
trips with Mr. Stryker and pay and developing this largo ton-ibis own expenses if Mc.K.inlay is lory, showing to ibe peoplo of
elected, I Canada,  Ihal it has u mineral
Situated nearly in the centre
of Hie lower portion of East
Koiitenay, Port Sleele is Ibe distributing point for all mail that
has for its destination any point
south of Wasa, to the international lino a distance of about 110
miles, and nearly Hie same distance east, and west The population included in Ibis large
district would oulmiinbor many
towns that receive a daily mail,
ll is a fuel llinl we lire shunted a
long way from the railroad, but
When one lakes inlo consideration the vast mineral resources of
this district, whicli al this time
are   inulorgolng    dovolopmonl,
A Good Clean up.
Wo leam that the Nip & Tuck
Co. engaged in Placer mining on
Wild Horse creek have mado a
partial clean up, We are unable
to got at the exact amount of
gold taken out, but from good
authority it is said that it is 25
per cent, of the total amount invested upon Ihe property was obtained during the past season, if
(lie above is Irue. Ihe clean up
was remarkably good, when taking into' consideration the fuel
that new pipes, Giants and etc.
bad In be placed upon the property, also lhat nearly eight weeks
was lost during llie early part of
the season, when the waler was
high, also that the clean up was
only a partial one, occasioned by
tho caving down of a large
amount of gravel covering a
large amount of bedrock that had
been washed. Under all these
difficulties Hint, the oompany labored under, that thoy obtained
tho large, amount of gold whicli
thoy did. proves thai, thai Ihe
ground worked is rich, and possibly next season larger resells
may be looked fur.
have been bonded, llie indications are, Ihal. a large iiinoiiiil, of
work will be done in that neighborhood this winter. A Montana
outlit have captured u number of
valuable claims in this vicinity,
somo eight miles of locations
have been mado, which nr-' four
claims in width, Ihere being four
distinct leads running side by
side through the entire length of
these I'laiins, every ind'cntion
point to Hie fuel lhat in ,lho near
future Perry cr.eek will 'l)e ono of
the largest gold producing camps
in East Kootenay,
There is an increased amount
of activity in mining circles at
present, wo understand that several large deals in mining proporty are soon to bo made. Tlie
owners of many properties are
laying in supplies for the winter
intending to develop their prop
erty as much as possible. New
locations are being made every
day, and the, general feeling is,
that wo are on Ihe verge of unusual activity in mining circles.
We learn pn good authority,
that a large mining deal will lie
ei.insiinial.ed in tlio near future,
Ihal will involve a million dollars
tho claims are all in llio Fori
Steele district. It is reported
lhat Spokane parties are interested in the deal,
We learn that the Gold Hill
property on lioiilder creek is
bonded lo an English syndicate,
the consideration Is §25,000—10
per cent, down upon the approval of the properly by an expert,
The North Star company bave
some thirty men working at tho
mine tailing out ore. Il is reported that tlie ore now being handled will run in tho vicinity of
S200 to tlio ton.
We understand that the Tracy
creek properties are all looking,
well,ilis reported thai IhoEstrolla
has seven feet of solid ore.
A large amount of development
work' is being done on Ibe copper
properties in the vicinity of Elk
and Bull rivers.
A,B,Grace and H.L,Aniline
have obtained a lease of a large
tract of placer ground on Wild
Horse crook.
James Cronln has returned to
Spokane, a number of mon will
work- on the St. Eugene during
tho winter,
H, L. Amine and Walter VaiiArsdalen have struck a three
foot load of rich galena on Iho
It is expeeled that, work will
ho resumed on Hie Dibble property, us soon as Ibe bond is
taken up.
It. O. Jennings has a good
showing of mineral on the Doan
and A Hover.
Col. Riilpiith bus !i men working
on the Sullivan group,
Boots   &   Shoes,
Agents  Ptjr  The  California
Giant Powder Company.
111111111 111 W* 1 $11 111*111
•»-- —**
TZZ -***'■*
B                              A N D 3
B ^
£              LIQUOR  DEALER. 3
»— -*
| Manufacturer of |
|       all kinds of 1
I       LUMBER. 1
•£ ZS
B          A  larjse assortment of zs
zz ZS
B seasoned lumber and shingles 3
s^ zs
£             constantly on hand. 3
| Dimension Timber a
1                       WASA, B. C. 3
Greeks H'oughl Turks,
The Inviota company are now
busily engaged in cleaning up, il
is reported Unit a large amount
ul gold bus I i taken out, and October I) near Groiivon, Maee
the result is highly satisfactory doniii,    Both    sides    sustained
lo lln: company, [ heavy losses.
Athens,  Ocl   Hi:    Insurgent
Greeks uml Turks Coughl all day
Two Commodious Sample Kooms lor Commercial Men
l.i.\l,'(',Ai,K TIlAiS'Sr'EllKKJJ FKEK
J. b. Ul uo
iiilMliinii ^11111111^1*^
Port Steele
Mining Division,
East Kootenay,B.C. THE PROSPECTOR,
(S  VVlUASHbll)   WtiMLY   IIY
A, ll.  QMC% MinaKIL
PovotCtl !o the upbuilding of Port SU'i-Us thu
levolci|imoiit of tho v;i!si iiiini'nil resources ol
the Kasi Kpotoniiy niftilng district;
Subscriptions, ,
..-? 1.30 per ymt
Advcrtlsting rates jniulu known un applicatit u.
Contributions arc solicited from ati parts of the
district, but till matter Intended for gtibUenUon
must have tbe writers -signature.
ft. U T. Gulliriiirtl.
0. S. Frtazell.                     Vimi
N. A. Wollllyor.
Robert Dempsoy.   ■            .,
fViltlum  C'urllii.
.Thomiiii McVittie.
!                 directors.
jfohn   Oru.ssielt.    A.B,flrpce..    H.W.llurlies
fUi.T.Oullirultli.     Thomas  Mevitllc.
The next reiiuliir miieiliit; of the  assoct-
iiiiiiii will  lie held nn Siituriliiy, October.
/ll  possible Information   will be  furnish.
.nl by  thu Association, upon apiillolltion to
Thomas MpVlttlo, Sec,  Port Sleolc  II.C.
Mining at Fort Sleek-,
Physician. & Surgeon
P.L.S. <5e C.E*
Fort Stoolo B.C,
I'. L.S. it- C. E,
Fort. Steele B.C.
II', I'ellew. Harvey. F. C. S.
[ Man. Fed. Inst. M tf M E. ]
Assay Office ,1' Metallurgical Works.
Yu'itcuuver it. C,
Mill tests made on parrels nf ore up It
J.OOO. Lbs in uriijht.
Prompt ret urns, and tieeitraryijiiavanleed.
Miners u.ial others, tcunliny are. tattled by
the Cynidc. Pvocem should send samples lo
the. Canadian vrpresnitalive,
Assay offive it- Metullurylad Works.
AliVMITIH'li! IN Till: I'lliiM'l'.CI'iill,
.I;ii-k Welch, who bus ,lusl  Returned   from   Mini   British
Columbia Mining (lamp,
is Interviewed,
Willrtlie Advent uf u Railroad lie
Looks  fur   Lively Times
Nexl Your.
Hugh McQuaid Suid tu Havo n
Bonanza   Will  Keliivn  to
Ilelenii Soon,
.__„,, 'I
The innii}' friends of Hugh Me ,
Quaid will rejoice lu learn that]
lie bus, as Ibe saying is, "a good j
thing,1' in a mining way, iiifnrofl'j
British Columbia, Jncli Welch
who has just returned I'ruiu Fort j
Steele, Brilisli Columbia, where i
he has been engaged in mining'
lor about 18 months, is nl the
Cosmopolitan, and in conversation with a Herald reporter lold
something of ihe mining interests
of that section and incidentally
mentioned that Mr. McQuaid hail
hold of a first class mining proposition in the shape of a bond.
The property is on Weaver creek
not far from Fort Steele. The
mine hits about; live feet ofquunx.
There is some 3' 10 tons of ore on
the dump running. aboul Si'a tu
the ton in gold. Mr. McQuaid
has a bond on three adjoining
properties and lias made a location of an extension of one. He
is in lirst class health and Mr.
Welch says expects to be in
Helena very soon.
Fort Steele is situated about
Kill miles north of Kalispell and
almost To miles due west of the
famous Crow's Nest Pass. At
present the place is without railway facilities but Mr. Welch says
that there is every reason to believe that a railroad -will be
eonstriicted into the district next
year when the Canadian Pacific
completes the branch from Fort
McLeod, N, W, T. to Fori Steele
and on through to Nelson, British Columbia. The road is
graded as far west as the Crow's
Nest Pass. It is generally understood that the line will be extended next year, With the advent
of the railroad ho predicts a boom
for the district. At present there
are somo 500 men in and about
Fort Steele. Tho mining is
placer, quartz and some silver
and lead, He is interested in
the former in a property known
as the International in which Col.
0. P, Chisholm, Congressman
Hai'tnian and other Bozeman people as well as Sam Schwab and
other Helena people are interested. Mr. Welch has been busy
driving a tunnel -100 feet in order
to tap what is supposed to bo it
channel of Wild Horse creek.
Before driving a tunnel a shaft
was sunk for prospecting purposes and ground struck that
went 7!i cents lo the pan. That
ground will be worked hy means
of this tunnel and Mr. Welch
expects very favorable results.
He is in Montana for the purpose
of conferring witli the other interested parlies and expects lo
return to Fort Sleele in a week
or ten days. He snys ihe placer
mining season there commences
about the middle ul' April and
lasts until November lath. There
is always an abundanco of water.
One of ihe largest placer mining
companies is the Invicta, an
English properly, This works
about lu men. The company has
about H) feet of gravel nnd is
treating Uie same by the hydraulic process. The stock of the
company has recently advanced
in London from 20 to:.'!! shillings
per share which lends him lo .believe Ihe company isdoing holler
than ever before,
Among the silver lends he
ineiilions very favorably tlio
North Star which Insl season
shipped 5,0110 l.oiisof ore. Messrs,
Pinch, Cronln and Campbell of
the Coeur d'Alones, nre lining
considerable work on the SI,
Eugene, another very promising
mine the ore of which goes 50
ounces in silver and lit) per cent.
Regular Weekly Stage
Kalispell, TotaGGO Plains, and
Fort Steele,
.Carrying U.S. ,\|nil to Tobacco I'lnins,
IThe Mountain!
I,,'nn: Kutlsiml
Ai'i'iv nl 'I'l'l'l
Arrive in I'm!
illllll-lliU   III   S 11.Ill
Arrive nt TqUiivi'i)
. Arrivo ut ICnlisitell I'Milft}' Kveil
flu' Pas:
,-iltlV III S ll.Ill,
sUftv lit   \2 11.111.
cr ain! Eivpre
I) \V Stryker   Kalispell   Montana
ProsiiectoV Ojflcc. Fort .§|i)§ B-G-
end to
be lou. Many othor well |
Montana mining men are
g     interested     in  the
Miners' wages are ?3,50;
per day.   Cntil the railroad is
completed and mora opporl unities
for work are offered Mr. Welch
says lie would not advise men to
go there in search, of employment.
The camp's mail at presold
arrives once a week via Golden,
a station on the Canadian Pacific.
An effort is being made to have
a mail route established between
Kalispell and Fort Steele. This
will be a boon to' the Americans
there and thoy comprise a majority of the inhabitants, as tlie
mail for this country at present
reaches there by a "roundabout
way; it has to go to Seattle and
Victoria, then east hy the Canadian Pacific.
In high water boats make the
trip from Jennings, Montana, on
the Great Northern up the Koot-
eiltiy to Fort Steele carrying
freight and passengers. But the
water is low now and one must
make the journey either to Kalispell or Golden or across the
mountains lo Nelson on horseback. Mr, Welch and seven
others came out of tho country
in a very novel manner. Thoy
built a Hat boat and lloated down
the river to Jennings. He found
the trip not altogether disagreeable at this season of the year.
They woro four days on the
Bandits Tried to Loot tt Bank at
Meeker, Colorado.
NOW    BEYOND    TltOl-'BLlS
They got the Booty, but Citizens
of the Little Town Were Too
Quick- for the Outlaws,
In connection with the Perry
creek properties mentioned
above, we would add the fact
that over eight miles of locations
have boon made, comprising
about 1.12 locations. This district
is distinctively a good bearing
section that., "according to all
appearances, and assay returns,"
bids fair to rival any and all the
gold quartz mining camps yet
discovered in any country. Weaver creek- is another tributary of
the St, Mary's and is also a gold
bearing district, both Perry am
Weaver creeks have been extensively worked in times past for
placer gold, a company are slill
engaged in placer mining on
Weaver creek, nud what is known
as the Perry creek Mining Co..
are making arrangements to
commence work in the coining
The future of Port Steele as a
great milling centre is assured,
from the fact it is situated in the
centre of a vast mineral dlstricl,
in fact tlie whole section of country known ns the Fort Stoolo
mining division is Iribulary to
Kurt Steele as a supply point,
01 English Capital lu 1'iirchiiso
the Nickle Mines of Sudbury,
It. is stated mi the bust author-
iiy Ihal it wealthy Knglish syndicate hitvo despatched a man liillie
Sudbury district, wilh u view to
purchasing nil Ihe nickle interests in that region.
Lendville, Colo.—A special to
the Herald-Democrat from Meeker, Colorado, says:
Yesterday afternoon three men
entered the Bank of Meeker,
which is connected with the store
room of J. W. Houghes & Co.,
who own the Bank. Two of the
mon held up the store employes
while the third went to the bank
cashier's window and, firing one
shot, ordered the cashier to throw
up his hands. The order was
not quickly obeyed, 'ind the robber fired again, whereupon the
cashier's hands went up. Tho
manager of the store was then
forced to open tho bank door, and
after gathering up all the money
in sight the robbers marched the
cashier and store employes into
the street with hands up. Thoy
then rushed out tho buck way
with they booty.
Citizens attracted by the shots
had pretty well surrounded the
building by that time, and boiu
armed opened fire on the robbers
two of whom, Charles Jones and
William Smith, were killod by
the first volley. The third man,
George Harris, was shot through
tho lungs, dying in two hours.
He is fully identified and glive
the other names, whicli are believed to be fictitious. Four
citizens were wounded—District
Game Warden W. H. Clark,
with a bullet it liis right breast,
not fatal; Victor Dickorman,
clerk-, shot through the right
arm; C. M. Booth, linger shot
It is believed that ono of tlio
dead men is Thomas McCarthy,
wlm robbed banks al Tellurido
and Delta, Colo, The coroner's
jury returned a verdict of justifiable homicide, Meeker is DO
miles from Rille, on the Rio
Grande, the nearest telegraph
HOUSE    *
Fort Steele B. C.
'   -*
£ I
£ zs
B 3
SZ:     This is on,e of lite besl appointed Hotels in the     3
B Port Steele District. 3
£ 3
B 3
B Every   room   is   comfortably   furnished. 3
B   When you visit Port Steele you will miss it if you dont   :3
£ stop at tho, 3
I    Mountain House.    j
|    HOUSE    1
B *£
I     The Pioneer     |
I   of Port Steele.   §
1    striGtiu First Glass,   1
£ """"9
§E Chafles   Levett,   Prop. 3
McUrinr Won The Select Slakes
And the Race Brought Him Just
1100 Sovereigns,
London Oct Iii:- ■ Three horses
started In the race for the select
slakes of lino sovereigns yesterday. L Hrassey's Mcliriar won;
H, McCalnnml's Knight ol' the
Thistle second, Enoch VVishard's
McBr'ule   third.
In Ihe race for the czarowllicli
slakes, 2!i sovereigns encli, with
500 sovereigns added, there were
111 starters. VV. Lowe's Spirit was
first; Ohichat second) Lnouduiin
The National Matte Smelter,
A practical, cheap and simple
method of matting sulphide ore,
such as nickel, copper, gold, and
silver ores, in localities where
lead ores and fuel are scarce and
almost unattainable, our pyritie,
water jacketed Matte Smelter
hits been recognized with highly
satisfactory results, and has
been thoroughly tested on various pyritie, sulphide and arsenide, ores, in capacity of 2 to 80
tons por day. It is the simpllest
method of gold and silver ore
matting, and concentrating that
is known to-day.
It requires no extraordinary
skill, no lead ores, no fluxing
material, and no fuel for the smelter after iI, is started, The sul-
phor in the ore is its natural
fuel only, and its cost has no
comparison with any other process of concentrating,
We are prepared to furnish any
size or capacity plant complete
to substantial mining people, sot
it up and furnish our men to run
it for them on easy payments.
Prices and specifications, with
references and testimonials oil
.Miitniiiiiiiiiritrs nf Fiiriiiiniis for Ntuliol, Copper,
Otild, Sllviiritnil Litiiil Ol-u.1,
Port Steele B.C.
Fort Steelo B.C.
Gold,   Silver,    Copper,    Lead,
Etc, at prices to suit the times,
A trial respectfully solicited.
All work will  ruceive prompt
Weekly delivery lo mining cuwps in Ihn
North. Slur ami Wild Horse Dislvicls.
Address all communications to
READ THE it'MOSI'ECTOR. |   Horseshoeing A Specialty. ROSSLAND SOLD OUT
Wardner's Syndicate
Every Unsold Lot,
THIS    PRICE    IS   §176,000
Biggest Benl Estate Deal in the
History ol! Kootenay—Purchasers are Montreal Milijonaries
andC, P. R. Officials—Wardnc
tloes East.
week we
,hy syndic-
Ill our issue of last
staled that James P.
had organized a wonll
uie of Montreal capitalists to
invest hi British Columbia milling
properties. As soon its he returned to Rossland ho began
looking up a proposition for his
people, and ho soon came to tho
conclusion that The Miner has
long held—-namely, that the
townsite of Rossland was tho
biggest gold mine of them all.
Having come to this conclusion Mr. Wardner set about
securing an option on all the
unsold lots on tho townsite, Today ho holds an agreement, on
which ho has made the lirst payment, to deliver to him 8-12 lots
for the lump sum of §176,000.
This property includes every
unsold lot on the townsite, which
moans every lot south of Thompson avenue except one half block
and two-thirds of the lots between Lo Roi avenue and Thompson avenue,
This is tlie biggest, real estate
deal ever made in Kootenay.
Mr. Wardner leaves for Montreal
tomorrow afternoon at two
As is well known Mr. Wardner's
syndicate includes several Montreal millionaries and some of the
highest officials of tho Canadian
Pacific railway,
rcni.ic Notice is hereby givon thul
sixty iluys lifter (lute. Intend to apply
Initio Hen. tlio Chief Commissioner of
Iannis anil Works fur permission to
pitpolliise Hill ni'i'cs of iinni sitiiuliiil on
Perry orook Must Kootonny, tlio siuiie
being luii'i'si'i'vcil ami iiiiouuupiciK Ymvn
llUllls. OOllllllOllolllg 111,   lill!   iVlll-tl)    Kust
coriior post running Sll oluilns south
thotioo 20 oluiliiH oust tlioiioo 80 elm
iiii'tli tlienee 20 uhuliis lu llu- plui I'
Duleil October 8tli I8IIII,
A. M, Li'ii'irii.
NOTICE is hereby given thul tho
British Coliunbiu Southern Ruilwiiy
Company will apply In ihe Fui'liuiiieiit
of Ctiniidu, ui iis next session, for an
Ael loiloolui'O lliesuiil llrilisli Coliini-
biu Soul hern Railway I 'innpiniy In be a
body corporate nnd politic within the
jurisdiction of tin- I'lit-iiinni'iit of Ciuiit-
ilu, nnd the Coinpuny's railway In lieu
ivot-k for the general udvuiilugo of Cu-
iiuilii, also to authorize thn extension of
railway from iis
Ihe Crow's Nest
the ousloi'ii bomi-
liiil. illln llie I'l-u-
ico ill un easterly
in- In a jiiifin uu
Tak'M NoTicii Hint sixty duys
from date I Intend lo apply In tlie
Woincs for permission to puroliuso one
hiuidi'L'd and sixty uercs of land, tiini'c
or toss, Conuiionclng utii stake N.I'].
Immediately adjoining the N.W,corner
stake of Edward Kelly's pre-emption,
(Record No.!12) on tho St. Mary's river
thonco -10 clinins West, thonco 111 chains
South, thence -III clinins East, thonco -III
chains North lo Initial Stake.
Louisa Kuatz.
Dated this 21st, day of September, I8SI
Several  of Them  Engaged
Holp the Insurgents,
llie line (if  llie   suid
iiistern terminus in
'ass, across anil over
dary of British I'iiliini
vinee nf Alberta, tlienee i
direction lo Maeleod, nr I
llio Calgary and Maoleod Riillwiil', and
thereto connect; with the same, and
tlience easterly to Lotlibrlclgo.
Chmmii.i.k May,
Solicitors for applicants.
Ottawa 18th September I8IXI,
A|i]iliniliou   foi1
of Iinprovomoiits.
Sl. ISuguno Mil
riiiiiiisihuitriii i
Stoolo .Minimi nivls
in   nl   Musi
llslrliil.   Wlmro loan
it:   nn Hum
oii-oi- Moylo lulm ulitiii
111 mill's I
l'.limit's Cm
Nn. 'SIl'S. llilnilil, six
y Iluys tail
lii'i'inil. lo apply tu ilio
Milling Kit
I'lTlllli'iilo ut tiiilmivfi
louts. lor Hi,
Itllllllltllg II I'l'iiWIl UI'll
nol llio iilm
Ami fui-tliiT liilcii i
nlli'i' llinl ii
', M, C
i  iliiu
ul   Auiillcntloii
of liaiii'ovoi
lllf   I'lTlllll'llll'
|      STORE. |
i i
\ Giant Powder, Mining Supplies & Hardware, 8
Supplies For Miners
there is no necessity for National
club to put up the §10,000 purse,
as at tho four-round go at the
pavilion §1-1,000 was taken in. As
a ten-pound sot-to between Sharkey and Corhett is likely to bo si
linish light, at least tho same
amount would be taken in.
Danny Lynch said last night the
National athletic club was about
to offer a fair purse for a finish
tight. He will aocopt the oiler
for Sharkey, and in ease Corhett
does not agree to a dale for a
fight, he will post the balance of
the side bot and demand that
Corbetl/s forfeit money be given
to him, Sharky wdll then claim
tho championship of tho world.
Notice is hereby given that application will lie miido to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, at Its next session, for an net
incorporating (lie Kootenay Power ami
Light Company Limited, for the purpose of supplying power, light anil heal
by compressed air and electricity to tlie
Inhabitants, cities, towns, mines, smelters and tramways in the iiiust and
West Divisions of Kootenay District also to construct maintain and operate,
tramway and telephone systems In the
said East and West Divisions of Kootenay District and lo extend tho said
systems to other divisions und districts
contiguous thereto, anil to lay pipes,
erect and maintain flumes, polos and
stretch wires, for the conveyance ami
supply of compressed air and electricity
as aforesaid, and also for the purpose
oi generating power, heat und light, as
aforesaid to appropriate and use waler
from Sheep Crock, Kootonny River and
its tributaries, and Uie Columbia River
and its tributaries, and to do all such
other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above
Dated ul tho city of Victoria the 30th
day of September, A.D., 18110,
Frank Hiooins,
Solicitor for the applicants.
No\V Yorki—The World says :
George Ti Bartlettr formerly
United States government scout
at Wounded Knee, S, D. and one
of the best sharpshooters In the
country, has boon engaged by
the Cubans in this city to take a
band of 50 sharpshooters to Cuba
to aid the Insurgents. Bartlott's
companions are Seth Hathawayi
another government scout, and
Harry B. Williamsi Both men
belonged to General Cook's command in 7(ii
Tampa Phi,—The family of
General Oolliwo have received a
letter from him in which he notes
considerable improvements in
the artillery work of the Cubans.
" Another expedition hits arrived,'
ho says, "and our situation is
improving day by day. We have
arms and ammunition) and should
the Spaniards attempt a winter
campaign they will lind us strong
iind with the moral conviction of
ti brief struggle and a sure
Events of Interest in the Ania
■ lour and Professional Field;
l.iii'ii'iiii Mlnoral eiiitai sliiiiiiii iii ilio Km
sii'i'io niiiijiiji iilvislon of Knsl  Kooioim;
nlMi'li-i.   Wlioroloi 'ill   A fraction liotwoin
llio Color uml Qnoon of ilio lillls mineral iilnlni
on imvor Moylo lulm
TAKI!  NOTICII Unit Jnmos Ol'onlll V. M, r
ii. illll'ls. Intom!, sixty iluys from tlio   llIU'
iroof, lonjinly to llio Mining llooot'dor tor i
■rlllli'iili' of liiijii'iivi'iiiuiiis, im- tlio iiiirpoHO ii
iiluiilnliiir u Cl'own urn nt of llm nliovi' elnlm.
Ami fnrttior lulm notion llinl, notion, initio
I'lliin III.   must Im ooiniiioneoil boforo tin
Issiiiiiioo nf siioli I'urillli-iiio uf liiijit'ovuiiionts,
lliiltnl lliis IWnil ilny of August, 181)11.
of  Appliu'iillon  for C
of Improvements.
Kose fnidimi Minenil Oliiiin. til tun to iti llio
Fori, Steele Mlnln« Division of Hast KootOllllJ*
District. Wliem)ociitoil:--A rrnoMon between
Uie I'eter ami St. Kufdiie mineral claims on the
lowor Moyle Hi Itu,
TAKK NOTICE Unit .liimes Cronln P, M. C.
No. SWISS, intend, sixty days from tlie dnte
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
eertillciite of improvements, fur tlie purpose of
olmilni-ij: u Crown grunt of tlie above claim.
Ami further lake notice that action, under
section •ir. iniisi be commenced before the
Issuance of such cortillcule of improvements.
Dated this IWij-j duy of August. 1HIHI.
& Prospectors,        i
[upper kootbnviynavigationI
Steamer Annerly.       \
'i Will make two trips each week |
= between Jennings Montana, and |
I Fort  Steele, B. C. 3
San Francisco;— The long ex
peeled letter from Corhott to
Sharkey \s manager, Danny Lyneh
has at last reached this city. It
is dated two days later than on
tho day on which the National
Athletic club put up $5|000 to
bind tho Sharkoy:Corbett match)
but Corbett says nothing about
that, merely stating Unit he cnii-
not afford tb meet Sliai'ky; as lib
must lli'St iitlend to Fiteiiniiions.
The fact that'Corbbtt will not pay
any attention to tho National
club's olTor of $1.0(000 .('or a ton-
I'ouild fight With Shnrlty is generally dooiiied conclusive evidence that ('itrhett cunnot again
got in Cbildiiiion Id meet the
bailor boy.   ('rirhntt knows lhat'
London i—"Peddler" Palmer,
of England, who holds tho title
of champion bantam-weight of
the world, defeated Johnny Murphy, of Boston, in a twenty
round go before the National
Sporting Club, Tho quarters of
the club were crammed to their
utmost capacity, many fashionable sports being among the
spectators. The opinion among
Johnny Murphy's friends was
that he had cut out a tough job
for himself, and Palmer was a
hot favorite at odds of (i to -l.
When tlie pugilists entered the
ring it was easily seen that both
had paid strict attention to training, and it was also plain to
sports that thoy were in for a
long and tedious flghti Palmer
meant to take no chances, but to
win on poiutSi At no stage of
the twenty rounds did ho attempt a knock out. He punished
the American very little, and in
fact there was very little blood
shod. Palmer, however, always
had the light in hand, and al no
stage was Murphy dangerous.
The Londoner depended mainly
on his loft hand; The glove was
seldom out of his rivals face, and
scarcely more than a donon right
handed cross-counters wore ox-
changed. The major portion of
these were delivered by Murphy,
but ho was unable lo got near
enough to do any damage. Palmer's right-handers wore of the
slightest possible kind: Tlie
affair was Voted very lame, tho
only redeeming feature being
Palmer's cleverness andMitrphy's
gaimmess, There was very
little applause at the llnisli.
Notice is hereby given that llio
partnership between J. W, R, Cowell & N,S,A.Wallinger carrying
on tlio business of Assayers and
Mining agents, is dissolved!
,T. W, E, Cowell retiring. The
business will bo carried on by
N.S.AiWallinger, Who will pity
all debts and collect accounts
duo tho firm. The dissolution
dates from Juno 1st 1896,
J.W.R. Cowell.
N.S. A. Wallinger,
Witness, F. Bradford.
r Apiiiiciiilini   for C'ei'tlllciito
ol Iiiiiirovmiii'lils.
Pctei-Mlnei'ii! elnlm sltiiiiiii in ilio Foil Steele
iiiililim lllylslon of Eust, ICooLonuy lllstl-let.
I.oiiuli'il mi llie mist side of lower Moyle Inlte
nlioiit O/a mill's Ironi Moyte liriilgo.
TAKE NO'l'lCI'l tllllt Jitmus Cronln l'\ M. C.
No :.':ltl!H. lllteilll, sixty iluys from llle illlteliere-
of.lo n|t]il.v to the Mining lleeiii'ilei- fur it eenltl-
cinii of Improvements, for llie purpose nf
olitiitnlngu Crown grunt of llio nImve elnljn.
Anil further Hike nollee Unit notion, iiiuler
seelton 117, must lie ooinmetieetl before llie
issnunee of sinili ooi'tllleiito of liiiprovomonls.
Iliileil this IKllil tiny of August, ISIIII,
Notice  of  Application  for  Cetrllfleulo
of  improvements,
Tho Queen of the Mills Minora! Claim, si tun t
in tliu Fori Steele Mllliliy Division of Mas
ICootenay District. Doomed on the Kustoi'i
Slioro of Moylo Luke about hvu miles from ll
null i'i,
TAKK NOTIC13 Unit I I'Vauk HotlKlllotl
P. M. Ci No*J;tn(M)i and K I*. Davis F. .M. C. No
Tttte!, intend, sixty days from ihe dale hereof.
to apply to tho Mining Recorder for a certiil-
cnio of improvements, for the purpofe of uti-
Uiininti a Crown «raitt of I he above elulnu
And further tulto notice thul notion* under section :\7, inns! be oommeneed before the Issuance
of such cortilieiilo of improvements!
Jennings  Montana,
G J- N E R A L     M E R C II A N T
Golden   B. C.
t'liHhio Notice is hereby givon thut
sixty iluys nfler dnte we intend to apply
to the Hon. tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands unil Works for permission to-liur-
oliuso one hundred und sixty uei-es of
luioootipied Grown liiinls stttiutw
l'ei'i'y oreok i'liist ivoiiteiiiiy, eonimeno-
ino; lit the south oust uorner post I'lin-
hlng SU I'liuins north thence -0 eiiuins
oust, theiu'e 8(1 ehiiins soiiili thonco 211
(.-liuiiis oust to the pliioo of conimenwj£
Kii'tiiliiii-litli, isnii.
.1; I'. POBIOKi
Ihu'eiiiirl Still at the Head.
Londoni—Sir William Vernon
Harcoiirt, replying to an eui|iiir,y
oh tlio subjoct today, lologi'itphod
that there Is no truth in the rn-
pori thai ho has resigned the
loadot'ship ol the lilicral party in
llie house ol' commons;
The pui'tiiei'ship fidt'dtdfdt'd oxtstln'
lietiloen H.Wi.liliieSj AiCiUdliliisiln unil
W.Ei.'Idhiison iiiidiii' liio fll'in niiiiio of
B.VV.,llini's & I'd lias linen dis'dlvod. Ml'
.liliius liiiving ti'iinsfei'i'eil his Interest iii
tlio liiisinesH to Thoniiis K. Coiiilin unil
W.D.Elbnls of Spdltund Wiislilngltlii,
A now piii'ttii'i'ship has boon formed Iiy
the luitioi'signeil wild will ciinttiiii
iiiisiiioss us formerly iliulbr tho lien
llltllli! of \V.I'!..l(illllsiill .V Co.
All ilolits dm' llio old lliin iiro piiylllili
lo Ilii1. libit' lli'iii, who iissiiiiio nil Mnl
We tniio ibis opportunity of Hum
oui' itiiiiioi'oiis oiislomi'i's, uml siiiii'lting
it uiiiil'liniiinoe of tlio piiti'onugo biwl'dw
ed in tin1 past.
A.I'. Ill llll NSON.
Confederation   Life  Association,
Canada   Accident   Assiu'itnco Co.
Phcontx   Eire   AssUraneo   tio.   of
I'liienix  of  Hartford.
Liverpool, London, Globe, and Atlas
Western Assurance Co. British
Pacific Coast Eire Insurance Co.
A Nl)     O T II i; R S.
\piilieuttou Forms For Insurance lo be hail of Carlin and llurick.
London   Eng.
Assurance Go's.
Assurance Co.
Anil   The
Connecting  with   The
time    Table
Season   of   1806.
Ave Golden every Tuesday 4 a.m.
Stage leaves Port Steele Tuesday at ii p.m.
R P, AR.-vlKTkOXG.   MANAGER. ,       |
Now under the management of
Is /; Inrge and attractive' Hotel
of quiet elegance in all its
appointments, with a \
cusine of superior &
excellence. 1
Spoeiitl rales by ili<■ month. t
"SSX }\11J;CH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!       T ll K s I'd k A x V.      I hi.,.1. ^  Tin, official ii!„ehee|,,.,-j >Valch, Clock Jewelry! T>   AID    C     C-pATT
,,   ,   "'   ■„      .. . broachteanlhtiThs owVliine Repairing. MjJ\JLiJlJ iV  -OVJvJ X   X
Contractors & Buiers,
Uncle Sam Does   Nol  Wish  lo
Force the Dardanelles,
Washington:—The closest in-
fluiry fails to disclose nny change
in the policy of the slat1' depart-
Spokane, Special, This city
has heen crowded wilh people
attendant upon Ihe Prilil Pair.
Tuesday was thoopeuingday and
everybody has words of eommen-
daliiiu loexpress at Ihe size und
nient towards tho Turkish quos- tine charueter of the exhibits,
lion, and- particularly respecting   ;\ perceptibly larger proportion
the movements of lln- little dis-'
patch boat Bancroft,   Prom the
first the officials uf both state
and navy departments have re
[used tu stale where llie  liiml   is
going, further than in ninkopub-
lie the official orders tn her coin-
iiiaudei'.   These orders directed
him to report mi his arrival ul
Gibraltar to Admiral Selfrldge,
commanding the European stat-
I llll.
The victorious Butte loain was
paid the $500 nurse Inst night,
The 0, P. li. ni'i- faiiiiliiii'i/.ing
themselves witli ihe rosouroos oi
lln1 ivisl kuutenay, ns recently
Ihey have lutil their expert Mr.
Siis.sniuti examining the coal
s Nesl puss.
of Ihe visitors turn instill itivuly
to the mineral exhibit Flare are
specimens cf ure from nil the
most Important mining camps oi
lh" Kortliwpst. British Columbia
has more mineral on exhibition fields ui' tlie (
ihuii nil the States combined, the Mr Sussutan, alter malting ti pro
East Kootenay, the principle tty thorough examination of the
inuiiii,' whicli Is Fort.Steele is minerul resources of ihe pn-.:..
represented byoneof ihe inosticauio awny and expressed him
hib'us ai ihe fair, self as extromolj satisliod with
uw there, Tlio r.l'.i;
In tin- lii»i| stylu nl' llu- truilii, Mull
nul Expi'uns iii'ili-i'rt I'i'i'i'ivi' prompt
'AM.    I'I'UN-   Ml'l   IU'l'tlSl'I'K   Till!
I'nt.l'Mlll \    I10USI5,
joits McMillan.
cm.ocs  ii.c.
intori'Miiu,' I'xl'.ii
inn. and to take all further specimens of rich gold quartz, what I
orders from hhu. It can be high grade copper ami galena dW a wise thing when tlniy,tiyai-1
stated positively, however, that ores, nlclde, graphite, and coal, 'ed themselves of'the-services of
no orders have gone forth since Lua asbestos. Much surprise is so noted an export mid nodoubt
Ihe original Instructions tu Ad- expressed a: the manv different their future policy in British Col i
s-.i/.--; staples.
Kalispel Mont.
"lil-lii'S Iii mnl [,1-inii t'ni'l Sloi'li
tlllll Unit thi- is tin- hliSl |ltl|CU ti
,■ lluilr stiu-li. unil nliiiiiii i-tnivi-v-
Fort, Steele B. G.
Estimates fiirnishcd for the erection of
Concentrators, Smelters and Stamp-mills,
All work promptly attended to.
tniral Selfrldge, nor are any on yari
the way touching the future disl
movements of the Bancroft.        I ma;
The vessel, upon arrival al |
Gibraltar, was ordered by Admiral Selfridge tu proceed to
Smyrna, and is due there hi ai
day or two. The Cincinnati isjFRE
also on the way tu the same
point. At Smyrna arc now assembled the flagship Sun Francisco, thu Minneapolis and the
Marblehead, The purpose of the
gathering is to meet the Cincinnati and Bancroft, which bring
out drafts of new men to take the
place of the sailors on station
whoso terms of enlistment are
about to expire, for if Ihey a to
kept longer the government must
pay them extra compensation,
the men relieved are to lie placed
on the Marbelhoad, whose place
will be taken by the,Cincinnati,
The Marbelhoad will come
Naval officers ridicule the idea
that the Bancroft will undertake
to force the passage of tlie Dardanelles, for Ibis would be absolutely impossible single-handed,
lind oven if she succeeded she
would be helpless when sho arrived olf Constantinople. The
probability is thai she has been
sent tn Turkoy to servo whntoyor
useful purpose she can, either as
a dispatch boat to comniiiiiiealc
between tlie larger vessels of the
United States squadron, or lo
accommodate Minister Terrill.
Undoubtedly the minister would
like tu havo near the United
States legation some vessel lo
servo as a refuge for tholegntion
people and Americans in Constantinople ill case of rioting, bill
it will he left to his discretion to
get the rigid nf wny fur Ihe boat
if he wants Ijor.
The state department has preferred no request for her admission to tlie Dardanelles, and in
view     of     the     semi-official
. this luiuliia will be guided in a great
rJe of measure by the opinion ho forms
[ui' Use mineral wealth uf the ili,'i
jereni sections he i.-. called upon
n-utg iimli
isc examination
Tne Advance.
.\ liiiie less experting,and less
kicking as to who shall build and
|control the road, and the 'actual
building if the road will familia-
rue tlie whole world as lu the
mineral resources nf East Kern-
enay. Tin- i.'.l'.U- has known the
fact tliat an,unlimited amount of
coal was in the Crow's Nest pass
I fur inauv yea rs, -also thai tho mineral resources uf litis section of
-  the Province wero boundless, if
The world's Champion
Preethey ami Davy of
Montana,    retain   the
champion   rock-drillers
world, and hold il now bj
raised the record ~| inches. In
the space of 15 minutes they
drove a sleele drill 1!^ inches
into a solid block uf granite.
No such drilling was ever seen
before iii the world than thai accomplished in llie great contest
at driving pari; Friday. O'Don-
nld and Spaulding of Coeur d'Al-
one began proceedings by driving
llie drill down 10| inches, Frec-
Ihey and Duvey follnwed. making
their un preceded record of 49f,
but unfortunately they drove one
drill through the.rock, breaking
olf some from the bottom, and
the sleele got slack, hence Ihe
distance drilled could nol be
measured until the rock had been
turned over.
After llie Hullo team had finished. Ross and Smith, the popular Rossland team, drove their
drill into the rock 11 inches.
This was the lirst record-breaking record announced, and caused
much excitement. Stevens and
Patterson, the Murray team,
came last of all. Their experience was similar to that of the
Butte team. Their drill went
through, breaking off rock at the
bottom and they began un a second hole wilh a short drill.
they wbnld'gettoworkand either
build nr Id some other company
build the road, is all that East
Kootenay would ask- for.
To decide the matter the big
announcement of the ports, that (rock,had to be dug out uf the
such permission would nut be I earth and turned over to ascei-talu
granted, it is nut likely that ihe, thu amount of rock each drill had
department will subject itself to I broken off, ll wns after/dark
tho snub tluil might hu expected when this .was done, and a crowd
if the demand were made. It is of highly excited, anxious men
regarded  ns  probable,   in   the Ic
European   Powers   lo   Compel
Turkish Reform,
Absolute Inaction Dangerous lo
tlio Peace of Europe—Tho Policy of Great Britain—They
Don't Want Any Special Advantages.
London. England:—Sir Midi
ael Hicks Pencil speaking at
Darlington last night declared
that the actual position of the
powers witli regard to llie eastern question was Hint Russia,
Austria, and Germany were determined witli a view to preserving peace to maintain the statu
quo in Turkey that had been
('rent Britain's traditional policy
and he said lhat any departure
from it would bo met wilh active
resistance from the powers, At
the same time absolute inaction
was more dangerous In the peace
of Europe than would he united
interference by the powers lo
compel Turkish reform, Groat
the iudires wlm wilh!Britain's policy wus lu secure a
iirv  on uui.'i;^ any  i.r.NO'i'li.
ftt Wm. Siilvatjo's Wood Yard
,1// orders promptly ullcmleil to.
Leave orders with Carlin and
Durjck or the American Store.
Northwest  Mining   Association
Adjourned in a Blaze of
Tlie Mission Store.
The Highest Price Paid For Furs,
event of a real disturbance at burning matches und a candle. concerted ni-lion ul ihe powers lo
Constantinople, thai tho only j carefully made their measure- iDsi8t ul3on reform. The British
case in whicli ihe Bancroft could inents. ' Government did not desire In nd
be uf ihe slightest use.    Terrill     Thousands ul dollars changed jnUm'''"''" "bli,i" !IM-V sl'GciHl M!"
would be able to bring thu ship handsonthe  result.    Freelhey vantages for Great Britain,
throughwithoutseripus objection and  Davey wero the favorites,
but in ihe present of Turkish oven money being offered on thoni
affairs there is no reason to look against tin- field,   Tliebookmuk,
for trouble. or's   odds   were:   Butte,    2-5;
losshtnd, 7-2; Murray, 2-1 : Co-
•nr d'.-Mi'iie. 3-1,
London:—Inquiries    mado   al     Even money was offered afler
1,0 X lit IN S.   VIEW  OF  IT.
Bicycle Wedding at Cairo, 111.
An iqi to date wedding that has
excited much interest here is Unit
of Mr.Alexander S. FrnSer and
Mrs. Minnie P, Hendricks, the
foreign offic   hore show  that 'I"' first team had drilled that| latter a youug widow who until
recently has heen a lonelier in
Ihe public schools. The feature
nf this wedding is thul. Ihe bride
niid groom, rode their wheels to
Ihuchurch. and nffor Ihe marriage thoy ami their attendants
remounted their wheels and rude
homo again.
nothing is known there regarding Butte wo"ld drill ovor-12 Inches,
the alleged intention of the l/iii-1''"1"' to one was offered thai
ted States government to force a K'°e«r d'Alene would not win.
passage of ihe Dardanelles yrith Variant! oilier odds were offered
tlie cruiser Bancroft, supported on dlfferoiif propositions.
Iiy othor vessels nf the rniied Th" rock-drlliing look place
States squadron in European during llm progress nf llm races,
waters. It Is further stated thai The site wns the center of nn
no communication hnd boon ml amphitheater formed adjoining
dressotl to any foreign powers to the judges' stand mnl opposite
ipporl.  Hie   United   States   in  Hie grand stand,   The must al
.-\  llilii'i'iiiiin gentleman, who
forcing the passage uf ihe Dar  sorbing inleresl wns taken in the was asked uf H il'eci nf ihe  |i
d nn olios,
'Die judges were : I,.  K.  IV.,
Heel! of Murray, II. I,.  Frank uf
to I policy in lite united Slate
ays Hint  if il  sin ds   il   will
moan ■' Nothing in Am " for ihe
The banquet was a fitting final
10 llie convention of the Northwest Mining Association. While
it was tendered by the citizens of
Spokane, the convention took
entire charge of it. Tlie banquet
was held in the Auditorium hall,
and nearly 500 peoplo were in
attendance, The hall was tastefully decorated with evergreens
and illuminated with festoons of
colored electric lights. Tlie
good things whicli wero spread
before the guests were the most
dainty, and at the same time substantial, that could be procured,
and fittingly paved the way for
the abundance of liquid refreshments which wero to follow. The
guests represented almost every
mining camp in tlio northwest,
and many of them had not been
in Spokane since tho last banquet.
The solids being disposed of,
President Dennis arose, amid a
storm of cheers, and after a few
happy remarks introduced the
Hon. Charles P. Pishbuck, who
spoke I'lir 15 minutes. He paid
a high tribute to the miner and
milling men. and alluded to the
citizens who wore loyal lo Ihe
Union .lack and the stars and
stripes in a manner lo provoke
tumultuous applause.     He said
11 int Ihe miners were tlie kings
of llie world.
There was no regular order of
speaking. General Carlin was
introduced and. made a few well
chosen remarks. Herbert Bolster sang a song in which Ihe
gnosis joined in the chorus. Order having been restored, nftei
tlie sung, ti. S. Glidden made a
brief address.
hi. Deinpsie then spoke for a
few moments, in his usual happy
The loasliniisler then proposed
Ihe toast, "The Queen nf England." This was greeted with
cheers, and ono of hor majesty's
loyal subjects, Herbert Ciifliberf
of Victoria responded anil paid it
high compliment lo llm American
miner and prospector, and to llio
citizens of Spokane, after his ro-
Ultirks, one verse of "God Save
llie Queen" was sung, llie guests
Col,  .loliii  VV.   Foighan  was
lied upon, and  Ihe festivities
Weekly Stage
Fort Steele B.C.
Leave Fort Steele Saturdays.
.. ,, Tobacco Plains Tuesdays.
Leaves Kalispell Saturdays.
For-Freight and Express rates,
Apply to
Port Steele B.C.
Por Catalogues, Address
DANIEL F. MATTY, Washington,
New Jersey.
orcuiis, SrtSiOO up. Sinn
DT A \tf1U iMilnl.Ts \.-uiitL-.l. Ciitnloini
rlAflUS  |!|TC.   Aililrnsn. nmilcl.1
lii'iitiy, Wimliltiijloii, N, •'■
Alllll'l'SS llulilt'l l'\ Haiti)-, Wlisll
Iniiuiii, N. .1.
llEAVrVS Ol-Blllis $115,1111 up.
n/ifi nnn Siini I'liinii'is wiinti',1.  Aiiiii-nm
c)UU,Wi; nrnill. Imiili'l I''. Ili'iilly. Wnsli-
liiKlim. Noli' .liir.su.v.
sus.onn up.   simi
Beattu's Orcians ffi*s,13,,!,iSii,.W:
lli'inl.v. Wiislilimliiii, N.,1
S'J'JS.llli   up.     Sinn
Beattu's Pianos 1'"""CT" •'''>""'"■ *'•
ht'usiniMii: I'-DHTiii; nuosiTi.Ton I liullo am]  Palsy Clark uf Uus* , American people in a shuri time,! ijoncludod at a lute hour.
Imssiir i-iill. Iinni,! I
lli'iilt.v. Wnsliliifliiii, N.,1.
LivGi'u, Feed & Sale Stable.
Fort Sluolo B.C.
Meals Delivered at Tho Mines at
Reasonable Prices.
If   you  want   tho   prime
All machine made on factory
principles.   Come to
Port Steolo B.C.
of ull kinds ut tho
A tow  pairs of pure Pckin Ducki
43,00 per puir.    Leuve orders with
James Higlwarden.
'I'oiimii'IiiI    Artist.
Shaving & Haircutting,
I'ivci'vililtiK >'i'«i it Cloun,
Hot And Cold Baths
Washing cV- Mending,
Mrs. Lewis.
Fort Steele
ll'i/l/, Carter Proprietor.
You Pay Por Wlm! Vou Eat;
Meals al all Hours,
And from 15 Cents 111.'.
Will Open October 1st 1808,
Yec Lee.
Veuetables & Farm Produce
of all kinds at reasonable nrices.
Opposite the Mountain House,
Fort Steele B.C.
McLEOD s boesen
Contractors »> Builders.
JTIINITI'lii: mill  sunn   WORK
first Class Work Guaranteed.
Shop Opposite lite Fori  SleclH
l'rinling Office.


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