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The Prospector Mar 16, 1896

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P®/ jp4 My%\ P$<
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IL \iL.\M.m \f\
Vol, 1.
M'M-I l+144'l  I-i i'i M'I'i I-++44+4++4++++++++++-
To,Col, The Hon, James.Baker.
Member for East Kootenay.
I have been   instructed by the
Fort   Steele Mining Aasoclation to inform You,
as the Member representing the  Interests oi'East
Kootenay In the Provincial Legislature. That the
Association wish to enter an Uianlmous protest,
against the passing of  the Amendments to the
Ussessment Aot affecting Mines and Minerals, as
proposed and put before the house by the Minister   of Finance,    Enclosed please find protest,
which it Is expeoted will receive your earnest
consideration and support,
I have the Honour to reoiain, Sir.
Your obedient  servant,
Thomas.  McVittie. Sec.F.S.M.A.
The Fort Steele Mining Association,after duly
considering clause by clause,the proposed Amend
ment to the Assessment Aot affecting Mines and
Minerals^whiah have been proposed and brought
before the House by the Minister of Finance.
Hereby wish to enter an earnest  and most emphat
la protest against the Government attempting to
impose any such uniU3t and prepoaterous tax on
what,If fostered properly will  become the princi
nal^industry of the Provinoe. We consider that
if the.proposed bill beoomes law,and is put in
operation, it will without doubt have the effect
of very materially retarding the progress and
advancement of this District for many years to
come, for it must be bourne in mind thatMining
In British Columbia Is still in its infanoy,and
requires rather fostering oare,than the imposition of any suoh iniquitous  tax,i|hich would be
tantamount to the prohibition of mining development In many cases. For it  is out of all reason
to expect the common ordinary Prospeotor after
contending againat the difficulties he has at
present,to faoe the further fact of being forced
to pay heavy taxes on the ore which he has managed to extract and place on the dump,which 1n
aiost  cases must remain in that  position for quite
a long time before it becowca possible to transport  it to a smelter to find out its real worth,
in the mean time according to the wording of the
aot he remains at the mercy of whoever happens
to be the assessor,  who apparently has the  power
of putting any value he see's  fit on tho ore;  of
oourse It ia possible that  this officer may be a
man of great ability and well up In all matters
pertaining to metallurgy and mineralogy ,but even
In that oaBe it is a preposterous idea,the placing of suoh power In the hands of any one person.
Considering the law as it stands' at present,it
would osrtalnly appear as If the miner and
 r*—i—Tr^'nii   "i      i i i         :■-■
MARCH    16th    1890.
No 20.
Prospector, bore their fair share of taxation,
And the question naturly arisen, is it a wise
action on the part of the Government  to further
increase the difficulties under which these men
labor.    This tax would become especially burdensome  in the case of a claim whioh was being open
ed up,and consisted of low grade quality of ore,
which not being of sufficen't value to ship at
a profit,must remain on the dump     consequently
the owner do- s not realize anything on his output, but still, he mu3t according to the  proposed amendment pay a tax on this non productive
ore. Again the pe<?ulationa laid down In the bill
are Monthly returns of value,and quantity of ore
mined,will be found unpractioable In many cases,
as the mine owner in most Instances will not
know the value of his ore until he gets his re-    |
turns from the smelter where his ore has been       j
sent to be treated.  In the opinion of thta Asso- '
elation the only feasible way to imnose a tax  on
the output of an ore producing mine,is to Assess
the net yearly profit, the manager of every mine
to make an annual return on oath of the net   prof
its of said mine. Finally we wish to impress on
the members of the Cov e rnment that if they oarry
through the said Bill as proponed  thry will undoubtedly forfeit the support of the miners and
prospectors of Fast Kootenay.
Fairly    in    it.
Refering to this proposed Amendment Aot,it must
not be forgotten,  that thla amendment would be
discriminating against East and West Kootenay.
The Provincial revenue from these sister Districts,
for the years 1894,and OS, e xoeeded    ifel.000.an
amount larger than Vlotoria City, an amount  larg
or than Vancouver and Westminster Cities combined.
This revenue "unless stopped,as it certainly will
be by the proposed Injudicious act-     of the Government", will for the present year amount  to a far
larger sum, Aye'much larger than can be required
by any reasonable and legltamate wants of the
Government.    It would be far better that  the  outlay and expenditures be reduced,and the  olosest
economy be used,than that a young and profitable
•industry should be strangled at its  birth.
Where  Is our Member to day t Where  is Col.Baker,
the man that should protect our interests,The man
we have elooted to see that  this District   should
have  Just and proper legislation .Has he as  Minister of Minos,quite forgotten that he has a duty
to perform,that of representing the Miner,Prospector and Farmers of East Kootenay,Wp elected him
to guard our l-ntereats In the legislative halls
of the Provinoe. We might ask,i3 it a fact that  we
have no one to stand up and protest for us against
this oruel pleoe of legiolatlon. To ask Col.Baker '
to reaign"ag has been proposed" would be premature,
but it amounts to this,or the Miners md Parmera
leaving the oountry.What Is all this money wanted
for,why this need of Inoreased taxation,we have .
a large Incoming revenue that ought to suffice.   To
even mention the injudl olous and objectionable
'features of .the, anwidmcnt is-useless.
■i-i !■:■: mm-
i have been in this Country   32 years, and  if
this    proposed act  is passed,   I am ready to go
down the river on a shingle,
Dave.   Iriffith.
x I
t 4    in
i  r\     ',,,'<!
ft ft:
#tj «.=*.:«•
«-*«*ujlLl} p\.~-r: "
r* W     ill      ,-     .■ -      • -'
MONDAY   MARCH   16th    1896.
Assessor  , no words will be able to express the
amount  of illfeellng and friction' that will be
generated and oausedby the acf,  It will end in
causing a court of mining enquiry and equity to
be established in every District in B.C.thereby
originating another and needless method of expense.  If the Government desire to raise further
re venue, it could do so by levying a t ax on the
net profits,which would be fair and reasonable,
just'to all and would probably meet the approval
of every mining man in the country. However the
PEOPLE are in a positionto insist on the resignation of their several members,who decline to
vote down this amendment,but it is a last resource to which they will' turn willingly, if by its
means the passing of this aot can alone  ,Be frustrated.
M'i ii 'M -Ml M i i 11 II 444+4+
After a great deal of diapuaai on,it aeema to be
concensus of opinion,in  this   portion of East
Kootenay,that  the proposed amendment of the Aot
is not only a mis taken; legislation, but is mischievous and  iniquitous  aot   with  a murderous
tendency', the injustice  of which backed by its
insurmountable difficulties  and the autocratic
power to be placed in the hands  of one man,has
not  its equal in any civilized community of the
world,  and it  is most astounding,   that a Government which heretofore  ,has commanded a certain
amount of respect,should so far descend as to
advooate a measure which will  act very nearly as
a  death knell to any and all prospeoting work,
over and above the necessary amount of assessment!, whioh is Itself a direct  tax,falling only
on    ohe few,) that is obligatory to the satisfao
of the law.   It is to this very prospeoting or     i\
developing of mining property that we must look
for the continuous prosperity of this country,
and Up behoves every one,Merchants,Residents
and Labourers(who are all vitally affected by the
mining industry) as well as miners and prospeo-
tors  to record their emphatio protest of suoh
appalling interference.  The only  reason given for
this extinguisher,is want of funds to carry   on
works of importance  ,for which , only a ahort time
ago nearly  :?3,000,O00, was raiaed.of which we
have had no subsequent Information. It will be
at the consummation of the enforcement of this
act ,   that the unparalleled difficulties will be
at all appreciated,and its absolute absurdities
demonstrated.At the outset,it must" Institute new
offices and consequently offi.oers,,our mining Recorder   cannot begin to visit ,1nsp'eot,sample and
express an opinion on every olaim in the country;
If he be not an expert  every owner wl 11 objeot
and protest,the Government may appoint a visiting
expert,whose opinion is always open to question;
the sampling of dumps,1f it is done in a  thorough
manner will entail a great amount of labor and
time,and surely the Government cannot expeot everj
prospeotor to make a true sampling and thereby
add a further expense to his already 1
pooket. As to the authority delegated
The enterprising Artist 1 s in search of curiosities   for a Dime Museum.   We think the proposed bill , should find a fitting plaoe among the
freaks in       a TupennyOrab.
expi-'iiL evurj
d thereby I
impoverished 1
to the       ^1
We are not, and dont propose to make the acquain
ance of the proposed Bill. It is too familiar, .
and as a Mr William,it will suit us better,
■Hi-11:1 l-i-l I II I I 11 i Ml i 1-
, Pfm
»   . "fc£4   /      . It;: \
\    .•Cv^-A^.lr"'.'
i i'1
If the proposed amendment is passed,
some of the Ex Members jnay find the above employ
ment  ,more suitable for their refined minds.
+-! M 141 M-l l"i I I-I-I l-l -14 -I-I-I -l-H-l'l I-H-I-
We are not responsible for communications .Ed.
+ ii 11»hi-h-i-h-imh ii ii'iiin!11iii
,:■ I


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