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The Prospector Nov 16, 1895

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 ' /A-1
0 0.'jL£j*&
Jxr     a\^ \^'tC.
iUf Ma liHs
-ir—s:—sr*^. ^ V/ ~
f4'fe II.. Ill 111
Vo lT=A?/7 7: ^tFFl tr^/n^
3lat of shaft and drift vi th croos section.
^      A'
yh\ I
l ■ -■. i   !
" •. ::.cI '. I
i ' .1S:
III-'j I
c'wi's SV1'f/o/t,
A short, time since, The li.orth Star Co,commenced
o drif'     -south    in shaft No  i . at a depth of
twenty feet,  from the surface, This drift ran
throy its entire lejujth Ca i'eet in solid g.alena',      \
But about  10 feet from the shaft steel    galena
was on its west wall;  To Which at the time    no
attention was paid as there was no resident ass/w^c
at the mine",    How-evor last week upon the arrival
of Mr.  Cowell a complete test was made of all the
different grades of ore    in the mine.    No new
results was obtained from the main body of galena,
It assaying as before from 45, to 5.5   oz,s in
silver,    and OP to 7° %.lead.    But the    steel
galena discovered on the west wall of the above
mentioned drift was found to contain265 oz,s of
silver, and 40 i lead.    This ore is known    as
Antimonial silver,    And was found along the
west wall of the drift for some  thirty    orforty
feet,    A cross drift has been started   about
fifteen feet from the shaft on the west wall    of
the    drift;    And is carrying a full breast of this
'ioh ore in the faoe.    We would add as a comment to
the above news.    That  should there be as large a
body of this rich ore as one might expect from the '
present showing.        Had the Company any    Boubt    as
to the advisability of erecting reduction works in
the vicinity of the mine,    They will now surely
see thefr way to do so in the near future.
The    St, Eugene    Mine,
During a conversation with. Mr, James, Cronan the
manager of the St, Eugene-mine. He made the stat-
ment, That if the    transportation of ores were '
possible that the St Eugene could and would ship   :
from 10.000 to 15.000 tons of ore next summer.
That there was nearly 1.000 tons of ore on the
duinijk at the present time.      And as the ore runs
50 oz,s in silver, and 65$ lead, at the present
price of silver and lead, the ore was worth  $80,00
per ton, and with a 1.000 tons on the dump it j
would be worth $80,000.    And this large sum
cannot be utilized for the r?"!3on that there \?.      •
no means of transporting suoh a large body of {
ore to a viae." af...t£ftfitiPfttft..
Dont forget the Minors meeting or. the  30th.
The Port Steele Mining Association.
The Fort Steele Mining Association   held tTai
leir regular meeting   on the evening of the 16 th
inst;   The regular routine of business was disposed!
of;    It was then announced that the next  regular     '
meeting would be held on the evening of Nov 30th
All members of the association are requested to
be present, as business of importance will come
before the  association.
Within the last year a number of new locations
have been made which have every appearance of
turning,'out we'll when, oap/ital can be brought to
bear on their develbpmensi    The £01lowing descrip
tion of some of the claims will give a fair idea     ;
of the result that may be expected when mining        |
operations are commenced.    Starting with the claims
called the Dardanelles and Mother Lode, which are
located on the mountain side- ,  about 2.000 feet a-
bove the creek,    A good trail has been made to the
property.    The ledge is four feet in width and can
be traced for over 2.000 feet,    The country    rock
being slate, porphyry and granite, it is in   the
latter that the led";e crops out, the foot wall
being slate,  and the hanging wall porphyry.
Numerous assays have been made, the average is
'(122 in gold. The present owners intend to work
all winter on this property
About a mile up what is called Wallinger
Creek wc come to the Rocky Mountain and Hoodoo.,
the property of i'.r H.A .Wallinger .    The ledge is
four feet wide,  the ore being black sulphurets,
assaying $25 in gold and 4 oz's in silver.
Mr Wallinger has run a tunnel in some 30 feet
the ledge improving very much.
All MEMBERS of the Fort Steele Mining Association!
are requested  to meet at the School House on the
evening of Nov .'50th   at seven Oolbok.
Mr, A. W. Vowel Superintendent    of Indian
affairs for British Colunhia    i :i in town. Mr Vowe
was formerly Gold Commissioner for this district.
• Y-'r I I l'l l'1!1!*!"!1! ■! 'I 'I'l'l*!
Dont forget the Miners meeting on the 30th
•f-H-H'K-H-M-i-i-i :-i-:-:-:-i-i--:-f -i-f-H-H-H-t-H-M- > i i ■! I *   A
SubBoribc for the Prospecter.
-rfe . prospect OF js-ziTqfiln^ov^^C-
Ihe    p B 0 S P E C. T 0 R .
■■;.li I I'l'l'
^lished  feekly Jv_the___PROSPEOTOR_ Co  .
'/  '".   ~" !i,50 per Annum.
P. L. S. and C.E.
and   Surgeon.
President .^
"""7?reSident. '
llll     \
n ii
I-To Ml:
&   Ail seeking information.
| All possible information   will be furnished by
the association   uoon application to
I " '  Thos.T.McVittie   Sec,
Fort Steele, B. C
near Fort Steele is a large
j   The North Star mine
silver-lead orooosition. The mine is owned   by
Daniel Mann, who has several men at work stacking
fun ore awaiting transportation.    The mine
p ore awaiting  ...
located in the 0row,.s Nest pass near the    line or
the Canadian Pacific
proposed extension.
Spokane Review,
e above is some what of a mistake. The   North
:ir is a silver-lead proposition.      and'it    is
I ed bt  D.Uann;    There is thirty five men   at
v talcing out ore. The mine is not located.at
e Crow,s Nest, but in a different direction,
e Crow,s Nest south east from Steele some sixty
-,-i.y miles.    While the North Star is north west
Fort Steele twenty miles.
to attention of mining men is called to the
■ospectors map of Huckleberry Hill, and the
jrth Star and Sullivan group of mines.
Another large syndicate to operate mines in
British Columbia   has been organized in London.
|  This makes the third syndicate for the exploit-
]ing the mines of that section recently   formed
in England.    Many of the capitalists who are
interested in South Africa have subscribed to
the British Columbia syndicates.
A Montana mining man says' The hills in all
parts of the west are filled with prospectors ""
this year and not 'for 14 years have I seen such
a large number of prospectors searching for
• mineral. This year they have penetrated to the
wildest and most remote sections.
•-;'-f*H~i-i-r"t-frS-f-r^-T-v-T*}- i-v-i-i*, ■!-:-.'■ J W ■: 4-v *'.£ 'i 'I ' I I l''M '.III  '
The St, Eugene    Mine.    Is a silver-lead
{property,    The mine is located on the   Afoyea
Lake,    It is owned by    James Cronan. & J. /Pinph.
i I,t has about ten feet of solid galena,   The
owners are working .15 men,    They are    taking
[out about  ten tons of ore per day,  We shall
give a complete description   and plat of this
iminein our next issue,
A ,B, 0 U T   TOWN.
,: i:ii-i-i : i :
Bob, Mathers is building a large Livery^fcaTjie,
Mr Lewis is digging a well on his lot, He is down
35'feet.      He expects to find water iriside of 100 '
feet,  „ L
.■ -i
N. A. Wallinger   shot a deer yast week,
If You want a go.cid. mine . Come to Fort Steele,
Ameel, and Albert Banks   will work on the
Dardanelles this winter,.
The prospects for increased activity in the    camps
of the East Kootenay are bright for next year.
The Kamloops Mining and Development Co, have    decid
ed to transfer their plant to Rossland.
The Crawford Bay country is coming to the front,
Thfir.e is a rumor around town that
the North Star has struck high..grade ore.
A specisl meeting of the Fort Steele mining
association is   called. Saturday Nov 16 th,
Jimmy Durick got so excited upon hearing of the       j
new strike at the North Star. That   He mounted the j
hurricane   deck of his cayuse and started for the
mine,   Upon reaching the mine He tried to drive his'
cayuse over the shaft house.      i
Every-body is smiling,' Smiling at what I The news
from the North Star.
It is well to look ahead as far
ipring,   And the question is what
all the ore that is taken out th
is .not enough boats to transport
North Star mine, And then the St
several thousand tons ready for
Dibble Group, And the Wallinger
River will have ore to ship, If
assured there would be at least
mined and shipped next summer.
as the coming
shall we do   with
is winter, There
■the ore from   the
, Eugene mine will
shipment,   The
property on Elk
transportation wac
30.000 tons of ore
Mining is active in East Kootenay at present,
Transportation is slow, too slow for the prosperity
jf the country, Ibj
:■!■! I M-l I i II l-l ll.il! I i 1
The' Shit ft Swan Capt, Bonanda will make   one
more t'\i.p from Jennings.
•W-l-W-H-f-M-tJ-t-f-^ -ri-H^+l-W-i-i-f-Ff-H-r-H+i+M-K-i-
'   ' There was 140 mining locations
recorded in this district this year,
■ffi"i")-4-/-t-l i~H  I- .■■{■■;.; | ...-..;■!! i.|-H~i~:-i-r-r-i-?--r-
Sl/BSGRIBE   FOR the PROSPECTOR $1,60 a year,
■H it I 1 I ; I i i i I 1
The time hs now oome when we oan see that the
future prosphrity of Port Steele as a mining centre
' fs an assured fact,   There is a large mineral
country that is tributary to Port Steele.Bull and
•Elk Rivers on the west. The North Star. Sullivan.
. on the west, Wild Horse on the north.The Moyea
country to the Kootenay on the south. Our mines
are improving as the development work progresses,
. All we want is a market for our mineral, We
have lots of rich ore   but not sufficient means
of transportation,   A good Smelter in this district
would prove a good investment. •,      *
■■!■; im:-m : n I Mi'U i :■!■»::: j: : i i'i ii :; i m-i i : i: i : t jm.;-:
In, the near future we shall give a description
of the COAL mines at the Crow,s Nest pass.
■I'M : ■• nw-H i'-: : 111 h k : i: ii i i n ;j j.;.|.: j Hi ;.;■:->■; *■+
The tunnel of the International Placer Co is in
over one hundred feet, The Company expeot to run
370 feet this winter,
N-»!^^M^-^IH^'-f'W"W-^l»H-'»^'»«'hH*W'l-l H»l'fl'l'l'l H I i I i
Jay, Usher and George, Watson
. is working on the Midnight, The Midnight is   an
extension of the North Star on the north, They
gone through the iron cap and are now iftto   carbonates,^ „
l\ 77/b >PkospJSCTOn   JSti*Pi£M£M /-   mLf /^/sJs
WFimfMrm^ map f\ m,
;fo$ r. H jSta r   Sf /(/ L l i m N   ft
1 North Star.
2 O.K.
3 Dreadnaught.    '.
4 Buckhbrn.
5 Full House.
6 Brandon.
7 Rowan,
8 Daffodil.
9 Cromarty.
10 Notre Dame.
11 Queen of the Hills
12 Gem.
13 Dorval.
14 Midnight.
15 ' Canton.        j
16 Little Chief.
17 Deane.
18 Good Luck.
20 Huckleberry.
21 All Over.
22 Quantrael.  .
23 Big Chief.
24 Eureka,
25 Utopia.
26 Stenwinder.
27 Ontario.
28 Vermont Boy.
29 Stonewall Jackson,
32 Ida Fraction.
The Sullivan Group,
1 Hamlet.
2 Shy look.
3 Hope.
4 Mountain Lion.
5 Galore.
6 Gem.
7 Stoney.
8 Blucher.
9 Major.
10 Big Dipper.
11 Stormy,
12 Gift.
,'North',Star Mill Site.
Ja^tlX-c^.L-L.«itt:lil-l.:tlli-(.!-U.l.itl.tl:ll-li   I     =
>ca\e   % <•/■' /in   li>   fS09J?t.
■X—. i. - >■'
-rW'PRo'sper c to r   ~j'fl r\ up oa y svw '*'" /B 9S'
The group of Mines now known as    the Sullivan
Group, was discovered in    September 1892, by
Mes'ser.s   Clever,  Sullivan,  Smith & Burchett.
Who were prospecting down the St, Mary,s river
from Kootenay Lake,    hearing of the    strike of
the North Star by Joe Bourgeois,    they prosp.ee
ted in the near vicinity and found good crop-
pings on the north side of    Mark Creek,    and
eventually staked the    Shylook,    Hamlet, and
Hope.    There is at present  in sight on the
Hamlet,    a large' surface showing of steel
galena and carbonates.    The ledge has been
stripped   for a distance of twenty feet,showing
a  solid mass    of galena in place. A large
number of small cuts have been run in various
places,    and it is no exaggeration to say    that
though the cuts are laall and scattered   over
several acres,  there is    more ou less    galena
of a good quality showing in every cut.
At  the point where the large showing   of
galena is  in  sight,   the owners are now sinking
a shaft,  it   is   down  about   twenty feet  and has
a good showing for a large and solid ledge.  In
sinking they went  thr,o    six feet of carbonates.
and are now in solid galena . which    assays
from 28 oz in  silver,   QOfo lead,   to  59 oz    in
silver,    and 60$ lead.      In addition    to    the
original    claims,    there has been ten    other
locations made,    "'See Prospector Supplement,""
And on every claim galena can be found.      The
contact is   porphyry and lime.
On the Hope a solid mass of galena has been
uncovered , but little work has been done    on
claim,    The Gen,  Stoney,  Galore  ,  Gift, arid
Stormey have all got mineral  ,
And there is  every reason to believe,    that
in the near future    the Sullivan Group,    will
stand    side by side with its neighbor,    the
North Star,
The PROSPECTOR    is devoted to the Mining
interests of    East Kootenay.
Our next  issue will contain a   Map of the Moyea
P A N.
H 0 V E L
The Northwest fining Association,with its headquarters in Spokane. Is an association formed
for the purpose of fostering and elevating the
business of mining, It is the intention of the
association to form auxiliary associations in
every mining camp in the NORTH 'TOST, All that
is necessary for this district to become a
part of this association, " and it is to our
interest as a mining camp, so to do," Is to
send the name of the President of the Fort Steele
Association to the Spokane Association, He then
will be appointed a Vice President of the Northwest Association,  This is a matter that this
district ought to look into, . A special meeting
of the mining association should be called and
immediate steps be taken to further the mining
interests of this camp, California, Montana,
Oregon, Idaho,and British Columbia, are all
interested, and at the present time there over
five hundned names attached to the roll from
the above named places.
We would say once more that we are Interested
that we cannot afford to miss this great
opportunity of placing this district.before the
notice of the mining world.
For the mining news of this distriot,
read the P R 0 S P E C T i R .
On    HUG K L E B E K R Y    H I L
Was discovered in  1892.
by Joe.  Bourgeois, and James. Langell,    Joe is well
known in Montana and Idaho as me Joc„ Bush,
The original was called the North Star,    O.K.
Dreadnaught, and Buckhorri.      Shortly after the
strike was made,  the property was bonded to a Mr,
Woods of Quebec, the consideration was  '140.000.'
Mr, Woods    then-gave an option on the cine    to
D.D.Mann of Montreal, who formed the present company.      During the winter of  189:;   under the
management of Mr,Leslie,Hill,  the mine was prospected   and more than realized the expectations of
the owners. A shaft was sank 5ome sixty feet and
ground was proved to contain Biineral for a distanc-e'
of five hundred feet.    The lead was shown to   be
from sixty to eighty feet in width,    arid further
developments    show that from twenty four to thirty .j
feet of the lead is solid galena, the balance    is
carbonates,    The galena runs 45 o:-.,s in silver and
68;S lead,    the carbonates 30, oz,a  in silver    and
40/o lead.      During the summer a shipment of some
fifty tons was made  the result was very satisfactory to  the owners,   the returns      averaged   \>8,70..
per ton.    the ore sent out was not the best, itwcis
from the surface and was rained some three years.
The Company has constructed a wagon road from
the mine to the Kootenay River a distance of    21
miles,    the ore sheds erected on the river have a
capacity of 5.000 tons,  and it  is expected to have
at least 3.H00 tons ready for shipment in the
spring.    Tho  with the proper facilities of transportation 100 tens per dry could lie taken out.
And all indications point  to  the fact  that  the
'■Jorth Star will prove a bonanza to the owners.
i    'There has been thirty two locations    made   in
the vicinity of the North Star.
Ore is being taken out on the Deane, Midnight.
Big Chief. Eureka,  and the Vermont Boy,.
The Stemwinder. Utopia.  Q.uantral.    and the All
Over   have a good showing of mineral.
The Hidden Hand,    and the  Iron Mask was
.iccovered last July on the East Pork of
■Vild Horse, the property is a large lead some fift;
feet in width, it has a heavy iron cap eight or
oen foot thick, Assays show that the ore carries
Gold to the value of te.,0.0. 17 oz,s in silver.and
1.0 ;i Nickell, very little work has been done this
■leascn except to cut a trail from the forks of
Wild Horse up che cree'K some three m.^es.
About one mile from the Iron
Mask down the creek we find the Sweepstakes.
Maud S. and the Nancy Hanks, the ore on these
claims, is an irnn sulphurets,   the lead is a large
one,    nearly four hundred feet  in width,  carrying
gold and silver, Fourteen assays give an average of
• 'U7.80 to the ton. The ore is very valuable as a
flux for lead ores,    the gold and silver gives    it
an increased value,
From the VERMONT CREEK CLAIMS, There will be
at least one hundred tons of high grade galena
averaging 100 oz in silver and 45$ load shipped-
from the Vermont Claims during the winter
There is seven claims located o,': the Spillamec
bene Mountains,    the first locations were made In
1081.  there  is considerable 'work   ione on these
claims,    The ore is Copper Carbonates, and a low
grade galena,    It is reported that D.D,Mann has an
option two claims, the consideration j.::    $30.,000.
-R EJI D   T H E
n   0   h   n ...O— A   ..-*._*
m PRO$P£ crop?   $Htu*my Woi/7m-;i^     "'-'
CARLIN    A    D U R I C K. ~ ~^e   A Tl 5 r t n\ « ~— — ,-
CARLIN    A    D U R I C K
Successors    to    Carlin & Lake,
Fort    Steele,    B.  C.
M E R'l CAN      STORE.
■MH-X-.'-K-i-i-H-MI'i-l'.'-M-i i !■: IM-l'i
 . ,fATc    | B L A N K E T c NOTIONS.
SOOTS    &    SHOES S    * CAPS- ; 'i
M I H I N G    S U P P L I E S 4    HARD W A R E '" TS & SHC®S.    1
B. W. J 0 N'E S
UPPER   C 0 L U U R T A      * XZ,:;r" „ „ '   ' Eort    Steele    B.C
U ?.! B I A      i Tramway      C 0.
EXPRESS,  Through rate 54 per Pound    U P P jr
-,/ .-- - ;■'■   :     .      FREIGHT. ■ i    ^,s~»r~,-.
Golden to Fort  Steele, Class    ,'...J3.f.O   3,   $25.50. ''\-     f|
C,  12.00. D.   'jl.50. (    . Jjp ",'.'•'.'
T. B. fl, Cochrane,  Pre;.  F.  P. Armstrong Manager.
B.  »,;>-OrJf_E S.
Jennings   Montana
The    S T E E L E   H 0 U G E .
Strictly First Class,
Free Sample Room for Commercial Men,
Chas, Levett,  Prop.
C  R 0 W E L L    i:   W A L L I N C E R  ,
A  S S A Y E R S    ft
I.i E T A L L U R G I S T S  .
Fort Steele    B.  C.
D A L G A R D N 0    HOUSE.
Fort    Steele    B.C.
BOARD by the DAY or WEEK.
R. C,  MATHERS.    Prop.
The   !.! 0 U N T A I H   HOUSE.
Fort    Steele    B.C.
[•I. J. S D S 0 N .
4-i-H-x-;-:-: : :■:■':-; :■:■:::: i :: i i i i :: i i i I'l'i --'M i i ' i i ■■''■*■+■
b  .     BRA ii D'E R  .
E ii E R A L B L A C K" S U I T H I N 0
And    W 0 0 D    W 0 R K  .
H 0 R S E    S H 0 E I II 0    A    S P E C  I L T Y,
Dont forget the
C  0 L U M B I A    L A U N DRY.
WASHING      and      M K H D I i;  G  .
Mrs,  LEWIS.
J A .'.! E S  . H 1 G H W A R D E N  .
T  0 :   S C  R I A L    A R T I S T ,
S H A V I 2; G    ''.    :- A I R CU'T T I N G.
Every    thing   neat    and    clean.
Call   on   A. M ORAM, when in Fort Steele-
and    get a    -roo.d.    C I 0 A R .
T h e    U I S S I 0 U    STORE.    .
G E N E R A L   U E R C H A J-l D I SI,,
T.LOVE.  Prop.
.;...;, <.|.|.|.|.i.i,i„i ;.;,; |,i ; j.k-k i.|ti.|.x-:^^o:^ i ; ;..w-;~h-k4i
v|,        \|,        w,        \l/       Ml      \U      \i/       \"       V/        VI       Vl/      Ml
?; A  I '!'   J  !•;'"&
S U B S C R i B E •   for    the
P    *    °    S    P   E   o    T    0    R  .
°:iLY     tk®<    Pe r ANNUA,
«v    /*    m>     m    'A      /a     /»    i*    m    (A    /r>  *


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