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The Prospector Oct 16, 1897

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■* •*
f I*'01l SALE ON )f
* Easy Monthly Payments *
Sf i
..i   ,- .v-rt.i,TOR CON.
No 15.
"J'*_/"A;lVii'Msi>iiii;iils ul* llii'sc linos will bu
Iiliuiil in uiioUlul' iiiii'! of Mils pii|ii'r,
Fort Stoolo and Moyio Lake.
UopUi-lH, Kiii'l. Stoolo, TuoMlnys unil Krltliiys,
at T a. tu.
Ai'HvoK, IVurt. Stoole, TluirsUtiys ami Siimluys,
nt !l:ltl) y. in.
Port Steele to Kalispoll,
Loaves l''iirl. Stoolo  l-Ylilny  nioi-nlnijs at 7
ItoliinilOK, leaves ICulispull Tucsilay mornings
ill? o'clock.
Uypor Columbiii, Navigation Co.
Stage U'iivuh Kurt Stoele Tnostlay uml l-Tiilay
iimniliK-'s, cimiii'i-1InK wlili  steaiiiors ai-
Cljlial I'lnt liii-Unliii'ii.
Now Advertisements Today.
l.uml mnliT, Wm. SU'wiui Pago &
Tiinlier notii'o. U'. Carlin    "    I
l.liliuii' license, A. T. (Uimhvlelt   '•   I
Hon. David Mills is Minister
of justice and Sir Oliver Mowitl.
Lieutenant-Governor ol Ontario.
Thomas Crahan recently made
the trip from Kalispell to Wardner on a bicycle.
The report that the North Star
Oompany has purchased Wade's
interest in the Btenrvviuder is not
The latest blocks in high class
hats at Gilpin & Lindsays'.  ,   *
What is the matter with the
Inland Revenue people at the
coast? Letters have been going
forward to them iu the effort lo
got it license for the brewery
that has beon built here. Six
weeks have elapsed and no reply. What are these coast officials paid for?
J. C. Green, tlie well-known
mining man, has gone down the
river to Jennings with his family
in a row boat. They are en route
to Seattle, and will remain tliere
during the winter, returning to
Fort Steelo to take up their permanent, residence here next
April or May.
P. C. Smith, ot the Sullivan
group, is in tho cily.
Splendid trout fishing is re-
pi ^ii'il .just co* in Elk   Uiver
{;i-a_'*_.   Illtd tluOlSj-'l-OM'-f-Olv.
Tlie tish aro large and numerous
and take the bait with great
Fur dress trimmings, laces, el c,
a full and complete line, at Mrs.
E. J. Highwarden's *
James Angus and Wm. Tarrant have staked live very promising claims near Barnes' Ranch,
west of the Green Monster
property. On tho Black Hills
claim, one of tlie group, it hole
ton feet deep has been sunk
along the footwall on a ledge six
feet wide as far as explored.
The ore, whioh runs all through
the ledgo matter, is galena mid
copper in it matrix of white
quarte It is very pretty looking rock, tho yellow pyrites,
bright bine copper stain and
sparkle of the galena, giving it,
much brilliance of appearance,
A picked specimen was subjected to assay, and showed i_ oz.
gold, UU oz. silver, and -1(1 per
cent copper, a total value of ^lil'i
to the ton. Of course that is
lunch too high for the ttvera
of the rock now showing, but
the owners have good reason for
feeling hopeful of groat results.
Two iiinn will continue at work
on il, during the winter.
Fin-dress trimmings, laces, "tc.
• A full and complete lino at Mrs.
B, J. Highwarden's, **'
Thoro is now quite a nourishing settlement at Crow's Nest
Landing, between _(J and 1)0
lillliiJios being located there, A
school has been established and
1_ children are in attendance.
Capt. Sunburn, woll known as
master of tho steamer Gwendoline, wont through to Moyie
Lake on Thursday carrying with
him tho plans for a now stoamor
to ply on Moyie Lake. The
model shows a very trim vessel,
14 foet ovor all, by 10 feel beam,
.Sho is to be a propeller, and designed to haul oro barges, Hoi'
linos are straight and graceful;
and her speed will be III miles
tin hour, Sho will he built at
this end of the lake, and is to
be got ou the ways at onco.
Clearing out sale now on lit
Washburn & Phi'viimco's, to
mako room tor new goods now
on the way.
The d-vplopiiioilt in the lower
tiiiini)) ol! tlm St. Kiigono mine
HOW hIiows six feet of solid
Karl Noltzel, who has boon ul
work on the Monitor claim on
Weaver Oreek some time, was in
lown this week. Thoy have laid
bare a ledge is feet, witli a paystreak li or 7 inches wide, it is
free milling gold, and several
tests have panned out, from §111
to $17 per ton. A tunnel ilii feet
litis been run on ihe Pauper's
Dream ou tho same creek, and a
wide tissuro was encountered,
which, however, did not pan
anything. Mr. Neit-o] and three
others are preparing a winter's
camp at Uie Aurora claim oil
Moyie Lalie. where a tunnel will
be driven. There is two and a
half feet of snow ou Weaver
Mrs. Sprague expects a consignment of fresh fruit m a few
days. *
Albert .1.' Grez is about to begin the erection of a residence
ou the lot purchased from C. F.
Venosta last week on Galbraith
M. H. White-Fraser has purchased the residence of J. J,
Lamont together with tlie lot
upon whicli il stands.
You can find everything in the
market at Gilpin & Lindsay's.
Prices all right. *
Tho Indian Boys Concert next
Wednesday evening promises to
be a great success. Tlie sale of
tickels has already boen large,
so that a full attendance has
been assured.
Business all right—No kick
coming at Gilpin & Lindsay's.   *
M. H. Wli ite-Eraser and wife
left for Banff via Golden on
Thursday afternoon. Mr. White-
Fraser expects to be absent two
or three weeks, and will leave
his wife at tlie springs during
the winter for tlio benefit of her
Should bo Bona This Fall.
A considerable lime ago a waggon road was surveyed across
the Kootenay Rivor Hat from the
1-,,-ir.l,.-,..■• I    Ji'i  ,-','-.   t,f I'."-' '-tyjeVl
land on the road to Moyie Lake,
a distance of about a mile. This
Hat in tho spring months is very
soggy, and tlie ungraded roadway at present used becomes
practically impassable, being at
some points covered with water
lying on mud feet deep. Although a survey has been made
the Government has not made
the road. Provincial Secretary
Colonel Baker was seen about il
whon hero wilh Land Agent
Hamilton last week. He says
the work will be done in the
spring,—after the need for if
will have vanished for another
year. This road should be ypt
hi this fall. A great deal of
heavy teaming will be seeking
passage over that road during
the early spring, but apparently
that signifies nothing to the ag;
gregatiou of carelessness and
incompetency at present cumber
ng tlie Government offices at
South of Billy Boas.
Many people in Fort Steelo
know William J. Ross, formally
years bar keeper at the Oootir
I'Alene .saloon, Spokane. Ho
liod lust week' from the effects
of a blow on the head received
at lhe bauds of Carl Johnson, a
minor. The assault tliat resulted iu the death of Mr, Ross toot
place shortly after 7 o'clock on
lhe morning of September 10,
Ross had only boon on shift a
few minutes when Johnson,
somewhat intoxicated, entered
the Coour d'Aleno saloon and
called for a drink of whiskey. A
quarrel arose between tlio two,
which ended in Johnson landing
a terrific blow with ills list ovor
Ross' eye. The latter was staggered, but managed to keep his
feet, lu a moment blood began
llowing from a deep cut over his
eye,   made by Johnson's list.
Johnson was arrested, bul Ross
declining to prosecute,  lie was
liberated on bail, llnss was attacked wilii iiillaiiialiou of the
brain to which he sticcombed.
The deceased was a very popiilai'
iiiiiii (timings', his many friends,
and had lived in Spokane about
10 years. Ho was a Canadian, it
native of Ontario
Working-men   Deserting*   in   Large
Numbers-The Cause.
During tlio past week a considerable number of men reached
here from the line of the Crow's
Nest Railway oust of here. Most
of them are "broke." They all
com e with the same tale of ill-
treatment and failure on the part
of the Railway Company to
carry out their' agreements and
promises. Lust week wo gave
some particulars. We can now
givo something more definite. J.
Kehoe, F, Forbes and D. Simmons, are three young men from
Trenton, Out. They came here
a few days ago from working
on the C. N. R. and tell the following story. They say they
were employed in tho east to
come out and work on the railway. The arrangement was that
their fares wore to be paid and
they were to receive $11.50 a day
wages, witli board at S3.50 a
week. They oame out, and
worked altogether 52 days. The
Company's account with each of
them was the following;
For Nine Week's Work.
Tn 52 iluvs (ii)$l.50  $78 00
XfssR'y fare to Miipleocl.$2l 50'
" I'ai'u Maoleod to Pass 7 110
" board, II w'ks (jb $4.5(1 411 50
" forwarding mail mat-
tor, 50(i, a month... 1 00
" do-tor, 50c. a mouth. 1 00
" lodging in Co's cabins   1 1)0—72 00
- Balance due... $ II 00
Those men also had to supply their own blankets, and of
course had to pay for tobacco
and all other supplies they got
from tlie Company's stores, so
that after doing nine weeks'
work', besides time lost iu travelling, they found themselves out
of pocket. If- what they tell us
j true, and there is no reason to
oiibt it, they are being most
grossly ill used.
.V.'/..-.-..,!*.-" •=•*   iho  pOSHl-ll
of the Company, we are told
that tt is the intention only to
withhold the amount charged
for railway faros till the work is
finished or until lhe men have
worked six months, when it will
be paid over to them. But what
authority has the Company for
doing this? When men have
earned their wages thoy are entitled to be paid. The pay is
being withheld iu order to coerce
the mon to work for wages that
are below a living wage. The
price of board is being constantly increased. The men are now
being charged §5.00 a week. Surely this sort of thing is intolerable.
In the above bill, of charges
against lhe men, the item "forwarding mail matter" is for the
service of carrying a mail bag
along tho line. If 4,000 men are
employed, the revenue at 50
cents it inoutli from each man,
would amount to §2,000 per
month in tho aggregate. It
would bo a fat job to have that
contract, seeing that the two
men who are employed to make
fortnightly trips along the lino,
are each paid only about $00 a
month to perform tlie services,
We would like to know inlo
whose pockets tlio balance of
tlie money exacted from the men
for this service goes. If this
outrage is being perpetrated in
tlie manner that we are informed
it is being done, there novel' was
a more disgraceful thing heard
toll of in tlio records of railway
building atrocities.
Another item in the abovo bill
is that for ''lodging in Company's cabins." Those cabins
are built by the Company or the
contractors for the use of tho
mon, but a moment's reflection
will show that the men are being
made to pay dearly for
the com fori s alTordod Uicim, If
the charges were kept up I'm* a
year, you could almost build h-
aliali palaces out of tlie ace e
Ih il to bn wondered at tha'   !.e
men arc (pitting  the  son   ■
The wholli [it'ocoodlug is an
position upon the people of ;!;is
Province,   In   a   few   mouths
these men will be out of employment, and being left with little
or no means as a result of thei]
work, will many of them be a
charge on the B. 0. public.
Party Lines Will Not Bo Bra'.vi... .*■
Provincial Elections.
According to press reports the
convention held at flow Westminister last week to form a
Provincial Liberal Association
was a great success. Tliere were
110 delegates present, representing all parts of the Province.
Aulay Morrison, M P., was
chad-man. The association was
duly formed amid great entlin-
itsni. Wm. Temploman, Victoria, was elected President, and
William Baillie, editor of Tins
Pitosi'iJCTOK,, Fori Steele, Vice-
President, Yale, Kootenay and
Cariboo. The other vice-presidents were: E. P. Davis, Q. C,
Burward; Alexlieiidorson, Westminister; John Sluggott, Vancouver Island; George Riley,
Victoria City. J. H. Kerr, Vancouver, was elected secretary,
and Dr. McKechnie, Nanaimo,
Treasurer. An executive Committee of three was elected from
eacli of the live Dominion constituencies. Tli6.se together with
the officers of the Association,
are to form the Executive Committee for the Province.
Tiie feature of tlie Convention
that attracted most attention
was the discussion of the following resolutions which wore carried amid great cheering, with
only two dissentient voles.
'That the members of this
convention declare that they are
emphatically opposed to the
present British. Columbia Government as shown by the legislation promoted hv tlio Government, and by the action * '''--.llie
Executive, and     . •. "*■. \
oirice is detrimental lo the general welfare of tlie Province."
"That in the opinion of iii „
convention it is in the best inter;
osts of tlie Liberal party to sup
port in all the constituencies oi
the Province, such candidates as
declare themselves to be fully in
accord with the resolution jusl
This means that Liberals will
join with Conservatives lo del1.
the present Provincial Gover_
monl at the election next year,
throwing Dominion parly divisions aside.
A resolution was proposed that
Liberals should support only
Liberal Candidates, but it received practically no support.
A draft of the party platform
was presented and discussed, but
being in an unfinished condition,
was not reported. The final
completion of the platform has
been left to the Executive Committee.  	
His surely time something was
heard from the P. O. Department
regarding the letting of the mail
contract between Fort Steele and
Kalispell. The dale has now
elapsed ou which it was to be established.
Crow's Nest Contractors.
J. D. McArlliiir, who had tlie
most extensive contract on tho
prairie end of tho Crow's Nfest
Railway has pulled out and gone
easl witli his whole outfit. The
reason of this sudden quitting
of the road has not transpired.
Egan Brothers, who had it
considerable contract on the
eastern end, aro on thoir way
through the Pass, to resume
work on this side.
Goorgo KI revel mid Buchanan
■were iu file cily lhis wenl;. stopping n1 lln' In lorn itioual, 'I'lie;
have gone lh.onyh Y, . .
lho Pass, nnd are uudorsiouii ,.
be looking for u considerable
eotitrael fur this w i'ilo.i'.
1   bi
The first lot of the Waterworks
jipes have now arrived, and lhe
remainder are .on the way down
from Windermere. Mr. Bale is
.nuking good progress wilii tlie
struction of the tiiiikhouso, uut!
./ill have everything in re.idi-
oss as soon as needed. Tlie.
vines for the pipe trenches have
been laid down the centre,' of
Riverside Avenue, and excavation will be begun in a day or
But the Fugitive Gets Safely Off With
the Boodle,
On Saturday last J. J. Quinlivan. blacksmith, of this city,
applied to Stipendary Magistrate
Armstrong for power to arrest
one C. Riley, a man who lias
been running a water cart here,
who owed him ljil-18, and who
was making for the boundary
lino, evidently with the object of
eluding payment of his debts.
The Magistrate said he had no
authority to issue a capias, and
that there was no official iu tlie
district who had such authority
The nearest authority was that
of Judge Form, of Rossland.
and as that city is a four days'
journey from here, it was evident that he could not be got at
in time.
Mr. Quinlivan was compelled
to resort to "bluff." He telegraphed to the Provincial Constable at Sand Point to intercept
Riley, but the fugitive had already passed that place. Tho
Elk Rivor Constable was then
sent down the trail in pursuit,
but did not come iqi with his
man, though he followed as far
as tho boundary.
Mr. Quinlivan I hen l.elo_ raphe
to the U. S. Sheriff at Kalispoll
iVlont., with whom he was acquainted, to hold Riley there,
but the Sheriff has replied thai
Riley had not put iu an appearance, evidently having' turned
olf in another direction
uf co t'se ",11 these .moves o;
t'uiulivan's wi;!';;. onra "bluif."
i hail tlie slightest authority I'.
lterfere   with    Riley   in   the
oui'se of his quiet pil :i'aniage
out of the country with Quinlivan's money; but if was
.bought that if ho could be come
U]3 with he might be scared into
leaving enough "dough" ho]duel
him to satisfy the Fort Stoele
son of Vulcan's just demands
Riley, il is said, had plenty ol
money, having carried ij'JUO. flic
■ , icoi'ds of a mining claim, mil
, ich him. besides a team ami
waggon laden with goods.
This is au instance which
strikingly illustrates one of tho
hardships under which the people* of East Kooteday labor
through not having a County
Court Judge resident here.
Here is a case in which a man is
openly cheated out of his money
because of tlie deficiencies of
our Judicial equipment, Tbo
Government, we aro pleased to
say, is being appealed lo for a
redress of this grievance, and it
is to be hoped that thero will hi.
uo unnecessary delay in having
a County Court Judge appointed
We direct attention to the
scheme outlined on the second
page of this issue to facilitate
the settlement of the public lands
in this district. Read it careful
ly, and make it a point to give
what assistance you can in this
very important matter.
There are 111 carloads of supplies at (lolden for the Crow's
Nesl Railway awaiting transport
to Fort Steole.
Two Citizens Have a Very Close (Jul
for Thoir Lives.
On Saturday evening K. i urn
er, of Ilic Swansea townsite. am
T. MuVittio,
cily, were drivi
horse-, in ilu; bri
down ,i * m    , ,i
The horses succeeded in break
ing awny from the rig and con
tinned their
the hill, leu
dm].  Both
ireer dowi.
ing lhe wreck be
-litleme i wore ren
a shor
ir irnpac
lereil unconscious
hue by lhe force "
.villi tne ground, and when they
came to, sal looking at one
another in a dazed sort of wny
for some time before they could
realize what had happened, At
last they gathered themselves
together and followed tlie horses,
whicli Ihey 1'ouinl entangled hy
the harness in a dense growth of
underwood about a mile further
in. It was a very lucky escape
or the travellers, They were
uninjured except by a few bruis*
but it is a marvel that they
were not thrown over the steep
mbankment on one side of the
road where tho accident occurred,
which would probably ha vein oant
:ith to them. Mr. McVittie was
on his way down to begin the
survey of Swansea townsite.
Cranston's Succoss.
Last, week wo reported that it
method had been found by which
tlie big tunnel h the Crow's Nesl
Railway at KI; River could hi*
overcome.   A cut 15 feet deep
to be made, which will save
ihe   Company   some   §250,000.
This result i.s duo to the skill nf
Engineer   Cranston,   who   wns
sent down  lo  look*   over   the
(•round after the tunnel had beon
'renounced   unavoidable.
io found a wny mil, and ha ,
■.'dell fresh Inures io an e
ioi' ropiilul.i!
i gh. Tiik
III  s
Wa-hlnirn it
fling oul i heii
I ijf *.*i,. 11 a c i ■
of Ci
irai.ls  Inu jusl  ne receive,! nl
vlrs. Sprague's. *
Ymi can buy Hour at Washburn
i Purviance's al the same ohi
nice  its  long  as  ihe presenl
slock lasts.
A  special   price  on    cauile
.Dud.-, by the case at Vashbtiru.
.Ir. Purviance's. *
Hon. A. II. Blair, minister of
railways, has returned from
Loudon; ho is accompanied by
iwo London linuneiors, who are
directors of a big London company, wilh 85,000,000 capital, to
acquire gold mines iu this province. They aro A. T. Salisbury-
Jones, of the London linn oi'
Jones, Bidwell & Co., and Robt.
Judge H. M. Ball, of Barker-
ville, one of the historic characters of tlie Cariboo district, is
dead; aged 71.
R. Randall and bride are now
touring in the United States,
and will come to Fort Steele to
Disastrous forest and prairie
fires have swept a large section
of Manitoba east of Winnipeg. A
number of lives were lost and
many people have lost every
thing. From Cross Lake tt
i.ieausejour it is a scene ol black
desolation. Tho elevator at
liagot was destroyed. In Beause-
joiir settlement seven Genua
vvomoti and children lust then
Tlie eugttgomout has been announced of Mr. ti. II Osier, Q.
C, to Miss Lily Ramsay; daughter of Mr. W. i'linisa,.,, of Hum-
(jollier has been found guilty
i'i Attracts Great Attention—British
Columbia Prize Winners.
(Special despateli to Tm: Prospector.)
Spokane. Oct. 15.—The Fort
Steele  mineral   exhibit  is  the
main attraction in the mineral
section of  the Fruit   Fair.   A
large crowd surrounds the exhibit at all times.
The Hrilisli Columbia fruit exhibit has taken \1 first. 8 second,
I third, and I fourth class prizes.
Fifty thousand people visited
lite Pair during llie past week.
Some forty Fort Steele citizens are visiting the Fair.
The llrilish Columbia journals
were well represented al the
press banquet.
The    Spoltesnuin-Review   says:
The long bible on the right of
the entrance running  tho  full
length of the building is given
to two dislrict displays, that of
Boundary I 'reel; and Fort Stoele,
Iho latter in charge of  A. B.
Grace, editor of the Fort Stoele
Phospectok.   This display has
been    carefully   selected    and
shows a great variety of ores.
I'he famous North Star and St,
Eugene are prominently repre-
nted  with   large  samples  of
ores, and Air. Grace takes special
inins   in   showing  a  beautiful
ipecimen of native silver taken
from the North Star.   On the
corner of the exhibit are huge
blocks of coal from Crow's Nest
'ass. wilh a specimen of coke
■nil it produces lying near. The
■•'*,!!)•    liscovored    Coronado
"iiii :s 'veil  represented, and
i io Lake ores are shown in
.• f ..-.'mi.   As  an  evidence of
he activity in the ilistrict Mr.
'race shows a bottle well filled
lh ass'.iy buttons produced dtir-
ug the summer, and he tells an
nteresting storv of lhe growth
„    .■,., <■ .„-.-.-...Tr-iv , ir:j-  ll*-*'3l*nit'.«U.
he Phospectok when it was a
•Hinge  of   less   than   a  dozen
iiusi'S.   To do justice to  this
exhibit would require columns.
II is regarded by many as tho
most complete in the building."
The Bridgo Opened.
(SliL'etuI ii,>..])iii,*ii lo Tiik 1'itnsi'i'cron.)
'Northport, Oct. 15.—A passenger train from Trail passed ovor
lhe big steel bridge for the first
liiiie on Tuesday,
Great Britain Firm.
(S|l!'l'l!ll ili.'S|)UU-ll III TlIB l'UOSI'KCTOH.)
London. Oct.. 15.—The Brilisli
foreign olliee reiterates Salisbury's position as to tlio Behring
Sea conference,
Put to tho Sword.
(Spcolnl Uosiiiitcll lo Tin: I'iiosI'eotoh.)
London, Oct. 15.—Three thousand Abyssinians havo been put
to the sword. General RttsMe-
Kinnis is slain.
surveyor, of th!
ill    the    (-.I'liuiu;
brought aganisi
if Public Worki
P. V. Villi i. .*
I    hliei
The White Metal Still Continuing
(Spt'Ultll despatch tOl'HBPHOSPEOTOR.)
New York, Oct. .15—Bar silver,
..lij; lend,-1.15.
This bears out our pediction
of last week that today we would
be able to report a rise of several
points in the price of silver. The
price last week was 55. Tho
ipivard tendency is almost cor-
tain to lie continued, and it
would nol be surprising to see
Lho figure up iu the sixties before long. The--conditions everywhere are growing more favor-
.o very nuy.
Sir Wm, Vuiilliiru  is al Van-
tiiih I-
r broach (il
lady waul-
David MoLsniian, ;
or, Stratford, is dead,
with great force lo uio rj.MW.il}!.
, i.i * '. Wisiii'i' of Brantfpi.fi)
i.,,: uf the pioneers of Ottlitldiiin
implement making, is dead.
., i . Klmll HUP
v !<i|- ll RpOQllil
I., ml Mm hor <
1 llli-folliiH'llitf
.    i iijiiimiii'-iuif
ut » point on
mi   .mil ii half
i-lllW Lllll fllllH,
nn* ii .iiii Uii'iMin
in .iiiii  liiviT, tt
iincn folluwliiK
11 I.i
liiwil   li< um in Ul
i point of uom-
itmvnlnliifl lllmilL
ii. mif.
0110   LlimiHlllul
VV. CAItt.lN.
Mil if
cp'liyiflv.'ii iimi, ;hi[|ii,vh afterilnto
IC   1
-iipiyUHHoCJOW C
tiiill IIiihoph by n-i
nown un LllO Conl
.lllllll'.-.l.ilHT for
il "ti tlio promt-
(Teuli Hotol, in
1 IM'
if Conl OrHOlc, nour l_ltt Hlvor, Jn
of Kust Kooiuiitiy
Ji-toln<r I
, IW7.                A.
THE PROSPECTOR, Is pilhllslmil
every Slltui'-iiy, mid luls n guaranteed
cireiiliKion lui'gei* Hum nuy other impel'
In Kust Kootenuy. lt is nil limne IM'iiitevI
uud contllins douhle the news of uny
otlier paper III tlie dlstrlet.
As un iidvertlstng iiiedlii.n il is unexcelled.
Devoted to the upbuilding olPorl Steele*, Hi,*
dovolopmeut ol Uie vast mliienil resourees uf
tlie Kust Kootoillty mining illslrlet.
Subscriptions ¥2.(1) por yeiir,
Advertising miles mu tic lmown on uiiptleitlion.
ConlrllHitions lire sollcileil (rom till purls of the
dlstrlet, but all mutter tiitemleil for pulilieittloil
must Imve the writer's signature.
TUIQ PAPFR Is-optoiltllbat tlieudver-
ini3 rrtrtn iM,,..-agency-)! Alllx-uiiliM*
&Co., Suite P.. First N'uttomil liunli Building,
Spoltmic, Wash., where contruols cun lie mutti*
■ if value in giving inl'orumtiouhopo)   oll'oetuully. stopped   Dr.'
Iiiiiii inliiiiilinr.'si'illi'i'. Hawkey    from    repeating    to
others llu* (Inniitging slalonioiits!
Tin- knowledge 11 ins atlainod Ll(, mm\0±0 ua
we will group us accurately as
possible, imi inin type nnil keep     'rut: Frosijkctor lias no word
-ft,   fl   •
1, standing in I In' columns of
Tim Puosi'ECTOu from \yeek to
week, till tin' luml has been
taken up. The descriptions of
lho various parcels of land will
be added l" as information is
sniil in lo us. We will then havo
u map of the district engraved
anil printed each week in connection wilh the descriptions of
land, so as lo aid in guiding settlers to the exact localities mentioned. We will also open iu
this olliee a book of reference for
intending   settlers,   which   will
of detraction fur any town or
any proposed town in lhis ilis-
ti-i.-1 in* elsewhere. When' we
sen energy and activity in building up communities in East
Kooteiiay. we have words only
ul' oncoui'iigmont and applause.
Ilul we ui'e determined lo see a,
square deal, if that is possible.
We have tin objection to the efforts being made to establish llm
town of (.'raiibrook. Ilul we ilu
object lo statements by lhe promoters of thai townsite that the
Government offices are to be re-
She |ti\HHia'tciv.
contain more copious notes of moved thither from Fort Steelo,
the public lands than are con- and that Port Sleele is not
venient or possible lo give iu j to have railway connection, I
print. This bonk will be open These statements nre lies, uml!
at all times to the free inspection|ihe object of thorn is In lake;
of the public. This will prac- something olf ihe value uf real]
tically be a bureau of informa- estate at Furl Steele and mid it!
lion respecting the desirable to lhe value nf real estate at
public; lands open for settlement Cranbrook. This effort is mis-
in the district. erably dishonest   You might as
well deliberately filch money nut:
lu a scheme tn facilitate set-|o( mwl's pot,lie{s, mll1 L-osid-_"fs of |
Hers sueh as the above, it will beTm,;   PROSPKeTOt*   would   lind'
apparent that we must have the [ this 1)apw ;ls llot *m tll0 ,vpl.t,ixl. j
ready co-operation of the pen-;.;
Best Accommodations in Fort Steele now
IDJi     ready for guests.      Iff
A  good Restaurant man can learn of a line business opportunity in connection with lhe above.
A few Offices and Stores to rent in the building.
THE total absence of anything in the way of facilities supplied by the Provincial
Government to aid settlers to locate on public lands in this Province, makes it necessary that llie
people here should take steps to
supply the Government's deficiency. People are now coming
in here it) considerable numbers
hoping to find public  land on
which they can locate.   There isl ject,—which,  we perceiv
a good deal of land still reinaiu- involve   expense   and  a   lar«
ing    unappropriated,   notwith- amount of work,   it cannot bt
standing the deplorable lavish   mean a substantial advantage 1
ness with which the Government | „[[ „f us who are here now, ;
has bestowed the public domain well as a boon to the iui
on its friends.   But while there | settler,
are still lands remaining open to |   „,       "TTT,.   ,,      ,i,,, i.*,,.
settlement, there are no means L   £ g^ of -^ ^.^ i( Woi-ks Act be proclaimed
by which a stranger coming into , .    ,-..,.„„.,„..„ .,i .,,.,, i1( ,;■,,-• i,, t *'•-,,-,-*< \,.-i
;■•            „   , ,, led to make to the (.rovernmem touuong tne nneui .ne -ro« s i\osi
pass uu ue! tn permit of Fort Railway, that it be enforced only
Steele becoming an incorporati I at those points where large bud-
city municipally early nex, les of men were employed, ami
year, will meet with the approval! thai the Mounted Police be given
ul' llu* citizens gouGWillv.    It is' the discretion to vary Hie bound-
ies owning lands in the valleys ^ ^ ^    ;       ^ ^ .^   ^ ,„  lwe M ^
"nh" t""""1"i' ;""1 Koo,CUay witness a large increase in the deemed advisable.
population nf this cily and dis- ' A. C. Nelson reported that tlie|
trict. ami should this increaseiStreet Committee had funds and
otpial our expectations and hopes were ready tu begin the con-
in iim matter ihere will be an|struction uf a .sidewalk un the
absolute necessity of municipal eust side of Riverside Avenue,
government. The earlier, there- On motion the Committee were
I'lii'e    il Js   nriiviileil     for   lhcienipnwereiljoi'svahead,
better.    Ihere are now  in West!    V, liluun .Baillio, '.:,..  tnt   .. ..5...
Kootenay tins cities  of   Kaslo, mittee on Incorporation of the
Nelson ami  Rossland.     Ail of City, reported that the Commit
ul sitmlar conduct il direct-
pie who best know the dislrict. | ^against Cranbrook as when il
Their part will be tn supply usjis p,,-,,.,,,,! a.-aiust Port Sleele.
the information; ours will lie to '„ ,      „——;
disseminate it:  and if  there isl BOARD OF TBAD.E.
active interest taken iu the pro-) .       ~ _,.,    „..     .,
... Iiieoi*-poi*-Uo*a oi iliti City   Sidt'wiuks
w"        to lie Built   Five Wardens- Noe-
irge        essity of 11 Comity 0*udg*e,
;,,;; At Ihe meeiing oi the Port
" l''1 Steele Board uf Trade Tuesday
* as evening last the Secretary re-
"'•- ported thul he iuid communicat-
rith iiie Government at Ot-
1 i'e luevsting tliat in case the
tho district can find them, consequently, so far as progress in
settlement is concerned, they
might almost as well not be in
existence, Tlio various Compan-
lands in the. valley
safe guide in Ihe economical outlay of money for lliul purpose.
As soon as the brigade is formed
ami lhe oflieers eleeled, wo think
lhe captain should personally
make application in Hie Provincial Government for the customary grunt for the brigade. Al
least S-00 should be obtainable
from that source, ami Iliis, wilh
such contributions as will be
made, should be siil'licient lo
provide a fairly decent equipment till next year. We understand there is a quantity nf lire
huso in the city, also branches,
couplings, etc These should be
looked up ami secured. With
the waterworks iu. Port Steele
will nol be a difficult city to protect from tire, and it would then
be the duly uf tlie Board of
Trade to see that a favorable
ruling is obtained from the
Board of Plre Underwriters.
The Companies at presens will
accept only partial risks, and at
such high rates as to hea heavy
lax on properly. Let there be a
good attendance at the meeting
nexl Wednesday evening.
Rivers—notably the C. P. Railway and the Kootonny Valleys
Company—have large areas scattered here and tliere in irregular
blocks and so illy defined thai it
is impossible lo tell where they
are.   These Companies are not
settlers lo Government lauds,
having large areas of their own
to dispose of to their own advantage.
them nre prosperous places, and
nut une of them four years ago
had anything like the solidity of
backing Ihal Port Steele is now
assured uf in the. mines Jtliiil lie
contiguous to it. All of the
cities nieiitioiii'd have been
greatly improved by incorporation and a, proposal lo return to
the old position of non-incorporated towns would not for it moment be thought of. In lhe
important inuller of providing
cheap and good supplies of water
anil lighl alone, the advantages
of incorporation have impressed
themselves on eery thinking
person in those communities.
Port Steele i.s now in 11 most
favorable position to begin its
municipal career, There are no
com plications of franchises
granted, nor anything whatever
lo interfere witli tlie smooth
working uf the machinery. A
good ski t can bo made, and by
prudent administration such a
city can be built up here on the
banks uf tin* Kootenay, with a
beautiful townsite.   surrounded
bv the must charming scenery, I Mooting For  Organization— Things
ami having the sinues uf a greal I Tlmt ArQ IloV'irad*
industrial and commercial uctiv- '" •• few wwks now> •'■■ tl10
ity supplied by numerous mines promises uf lhe Kurt Sleele
at our very doors.-sueh a city j Waterworks Com puny nru I'tillill-
ean be buill up iii a lew years ,ls | ed, wo will have 11 copious supply
will be the pride uf iis inhabitants and iSu* ..'Hv.* iii almost any
If the intending settlor applies
to the Government Agent here,
he is in little or no butter position. Mr. Armstrong is a most
efficient and painstaking official,
always doing tho very best he
can to aid people in any way
within his power, lint in the
absence of a survey of the public lands, and in liis lack of
knowledge of what lands are
available, lhe information he can
givo i.s al the least but meagre,
fragmentary, and indeterminate.
Last week wo urged tliat tho
Provincial Government should
begin a survey,--which il, should
have begun long ago,—of the
public lands suitable for settlement in these valleys, but even
if it should now be disposed to
do this, which tliere is uo reason
to believe it is, it will take a
year or moro to accomplish anything that will bo of aid to settlers, Tlie Government has been
engaged in surveying lands in
the comparatively inaccessible
regions hundreds of miles to the
north, leaving lho nearer agricultural areas unattended to, a
proceeding lo whicli people will
not be slow in attribute a sinister
But the people of this district will be lh" pride of its "inhabit- J water fur domestic and lir.
cannot afford lunger to wait up- ants and the.envy ol almost any protection purposes running
on the Government if they are other municipal community iiiitbrough llu* mams in the l.t.si-
to take advantage of the present I British I'..' * • :-■ "-"."'1.;.. In view
opportunities to improve their j
prosperity by locating farmers '•'"■' "
on the public lands. Tut; Puos- dl'fiW s'11'1' f)oi!lled attention lasl pin- lines limn anything else, no
PECTuHwill undertake a scheme;*""1* l" 'ho conversation Dr, lime should be lusl in orguiii-iug
which if backed up by the peo- Hawkey told 11, he had had with a lire brigade, Among tlie men
pie of this district will, we think, <•*>. P. B. Umi Agonl Hamilton,-' of this city there must be many
d0S01D0g00d. I wu, Ihal such stilteinenLs, who huve hud experience as
                whether true or nut, were likely members of lire brigades olso*
Wo invite anyone who knows ho ilu both Wurdtter uml l<1ort whom, We would ro(|tiost nil
where there is a piece of public Steele '•<■ grave injustice 'J'he such gentlemen to be presenl at
land suitable for liomostoiuling result of Ihem, al least in inleii   a meeting at llu* school houso
lee had considered tlio question
and concluded that tlie Government should be requested to
bring iu a short Act making tlie
speedy Incorporation Act of this
year extend over to next, so that
the cily might become incorporated next spring. On motion
the report was adopted.
J. J. Quinlivan stated a case
in which he had been cheated
out of a considerable sum of
money because tliere -^us no
judicial officer here to cause
the arrest of a man who was
leaving the country to defraud
his creditors.
The question was discussed at
some length, and the legal members of lhe Board were asked to
prepare a statement, to he made
lu lhe Government, of the judicial requirements of the district.
Tlie Fire Committee reported
interviews wilh the Fire Wardens, who would shortly make a
thorough inspection of the buildings in the city.
of lhis. ami lhe fact that wo are
■nn Tin; Pkospectoh worse off hero for means of stop-
to send information regarding
ils locality to this office, together
with aslatomeiil of ils approximate area,  tlio  besl,  moans of
linn, would be to depreciate the on Wednesday eve g next In
value of property at, the places|organi/,o a, brigade for I'url
mentioned, Tho importance of lSteelo. The advice of expov
llie publicity we gave lu the ienc.ed men will bo most import-
reaching it, the quality audi mailer is now plain. It has ant, An ol'fol't will need to be
characteristics uf the laud, the drawn from Mr. Hamilton a de  made lu get, lidgotlior some im*
number of settlers in the neighborhood, and any other parlicu-
iii,il of any knowlodgo of where
lhe Crow's Nesl   Railway is lo
lars regarding it which will bo| ho located, anil it has (we shall
pleineiils In be used iii case ol'
lire, and it is only one wlm knows
about these things that nan boa
Editob Prospector: Sir,—
Your article in last week's issue
drawing attention to the injustices imposed ou Canadian workmen is timely, and from what 1
know of the facts, it leaves unsaid some things that still further aggravate the wrong. So
far f do not lind fault with your
position; but I would like to
Iin.       imi 011 earth tlie Domin-
 '      "--.-'■>»-   I'-,     l]l    **:U1,
the matter: You say it is tune
tho Government interfered. But
what right have they to interfere';' The Canadian Pacific
Railway curries on its own business in its own way, aud the
Government has no more right
to interfere than they would in
the affairs of your printing office, if tlio Company breaks its
agreements with its employees,
those employees must seek redress through tlie only recognized channel, the courts of
justice. I say this, Mr. Editor,
while fully in sympathy with
the workmen aud the object you
apparently have in view. But
the Government cannot take the
law in its own hands any more
than a private individual can.
Pebby Cheek.
October IU. 181)7.
I Tins Prospector is woll
aware that the Government cannot take the law into its own
hands, but it, can do something
equally effective. It can put in
11 remonstrance to tlie Railway
Company against the systematic
injustice that is being meted oul
to the employees of a railway
that is being built principally by
the people's money, aud if this
is ineffective it can undertake to
espouse llm cause of the work-
inghien wlio hnvo been wronged
by breach of contract, and thus
prevent 1111 imposition upon people whose knowledge of the law
is not such as always to indicate
to thoro the means of redress, or
who, if Ihey did know, being
without money, might naturally
be expected to submit to tlie
wrong rather than undertake to
light n, great corporation in the
emu ts. Wo think il is the duty
of Uie (Iqverninent to protect
Ihe citizens of tho country in
cases such as this. Men havo
been brought far from their
homes, with no capital save
their powor tn work, uud with
the prospect of starving before
l.helii if Ihey do not work. iVIon
will oflen submit lo any iimouiili
of wrong I.n avoid (he pangs of
hunger. We cannot think that
"'Parry OroGik" has looked at
the question from this terribly
practical standpoint, or he would
easily have perceived where lhe
duty of the (loveriimeiil lies,—
R. G. shier,   ^0RT Steele.
I'lHII'KIK'l'Oli. w-v-       n-r
Tlio Toronto Capitalist Tftllts Aliout
Hum! Kootimuy.
Robert iiiffruy, who was in
hWl Sleele a .short lime ago un
Crow's Nest Coal linsiness, lias
gul hack lu Toronto and boon interviewed by the Toronto Globes
Said he:  -
"Porl Steele is a rapidly growing lown situated in iho midst of
what, must be 11 nourishing iiiiiiiiii:' country, nil the indications
being Ihal gold and silver will
, lie found in large quantities in
ihe neighborhood. We got together our pack train ot cayusos
ul Porl Sleele for the journey
Ihal now lay ahead of us. Our
expedition was iu charge of Mr.
Pernio, an old monntainuer, who
was perhaps the first settler in
tliat part of the country, having
arrived there in isil-l. He inul
been in Australia and California,
and went into the Koolenuy
country as a gold prospector,
lie was afterwards Cold Commissioner and Road Commissioner, and now lie is a Magistrate, We could not in the whole
of British Columbia, have found
a man better able to guide us
safely over the mountain trails.
Our train consisted of sixteen
pack ponies and ton saddle animals. We encamped the first
night at the junction of Sand
Creek with the Kootenay River,
it is probable that the Crow's
Nest Railway will cross the
Kooteiiay River at Wardner
small place where some building
is going on, though little business is being done at this point.
After a journey over a rough
and dangerous trail we arrived
at Ell; River on the 7th. Tin
Railway will cross the Elk River
■_-ti'I'   a  vol--,- plvtf.mjoe.-i-np   wattaii
fall. Ruiu detained as here until
the Oth,-when wo moved on to
Ridgeway Ranch, where we remained over night, proceeding
next day to Coal Creek and
thence to Michel and Martin
Creeks. On the 14th we went to
Old Minis Lake," whence wo
drove by team to Sulphur
Springs, Next day we drove GO
miles to MacLeod, having passed
out of the mountains to the prairie. We found the construction
work of the Crow's Nest had
reached tho boundary line between Alberta and British Co
lumbia. Upon the way wo found
from two to four inches of snow,
which, however, did uot extend
beyond Pincher Creek. Altogether we drove 1)0 miles over
the lino of construction, and*
found tlie work progressing rap
icily, with every evidence of it
being substantially dono under
the direction of Mr. Haney. No
bettor man could have been selected by the C. P. Rr for tbe
work: that ho has to do. and no
better assurance could be given
of a well constructed railway and
of the very best grades than is
afforded by his connection wilh
tho undertaking, together witli
that of the experienced engineer
who is associated wilh him, Mr.
Haney is coiiliilent that he will
bo able to roach Summit at a
U'raile not exceeding I por cent,
it is expected that lho road will
be ciimpleleil to Sum ml t by November Ifi, and to the Kunloiwy
by.luly l-l, JHI)«,
"I was satisfied wilh the quantity and quality ut the eoal which
will lie mado accessible by the
railway. Operations have already been ciinimonced upon the
Kootonny Company's properly,
so that coal will he ready for
shipment whenever the railway
reaches il. A spur line will be
built .frnni the main lino to Coal
Creok, My impression of the
Crow's Nest line is that it will
possess lho bust grades of any
transcontinental mad in America. Mr. Haney believes lhat he
will reach Nelson with the
grades not exceeding I percent,
There is one thing .1 "would like
to say, and it is wherever 1 wont
I hoard the Mounted Police
spoken of in terms of the highest praise,
W M. W '^t^
W if W- /& ^or ^rave"ers ttn'' Mining Men—
j| * p: ^ -———■	
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M *; ^; M; Everything new, First Class and
8 H J * —Strictly Modern in every par-
* M * *      —i[mhv' '
'M, * p: '¥:       : ■
I I I I      HomB ComfortB' ' "
t4een9s Hotel.
^ ■    Two Goniiiiodioiis Sample Rooms for Commercial Men
1 I
j. G, Greene, Proprietor, i
ort Steele
Wholesale $0? Retail
Hardware, Groceries, doing
Boots #Ste,Rui)i)er Boots,
Crockery,   Lamps,   Glassware, Hams,   Bacon  and  Salt  Sides.
Men and Women's Overshoes, Dry Goods, Maoanaws, Blankets,
AViiiti for oui' now Oomignmoiiti of Queon H'outei'H and Stool Cooking Runjros.
FORT   STEKT-18.   it.CI.
«          ....      |
| General    Merchandise. %
j|ji   Miners   Supplies    a   Specialty   -j|
%     Agents   For   The  California.      ft
m " W
M Giant Powder Company. ijte
I *
318«7 £
linlii nml ('iiiid Oil's Melted, Ue-
tilled mul Bought;
JI'. 0. Unit 171)5.     .Spnkiine, Wnsli,
Lee, Metfoi-il, Winchester, Marlin, Remington;
and Savage rifles. Greener, Tisilall, Scott,'Chi"
broiigh, anil VV. Richards shotguns.
(inn Iinilr iiillllnii Hlli' uml ulititjfllll I'lirtrlifiiii nf uvury Itlml
unil nilullly.   t'uliilnuuc nn ii|>|ilieiitli>ii,
_■_■ ©he yvoeiy-cctciv.
Wheroin  tlm  Unitud States  Differs
from Grout Britain.
(From llio Woston Mining Worlu.l
When Hamlet beseeched his
mother, the ipieen, to look upon
Iliis picture and llinl, in order lo
stir the old lady up and fret her
excited, ho little thought thai
his expression would give emphasis to the law of comparison
for nil liine lo como. 'ihe English lauguago is incapable of a
clearer distinction between contrasts than the illustration of
two pictures representing lhe
extremes, lu lhe mining world
there is a picture gallery showing greater extremes than the
portraits in the palace of lhe
Danish queen.
A quaint old painting, distinctively English in composition,
hangs in Ihe-^allery of the mineral industry of the world. It
represents Great Britain encouraging mining within its domains. Koine features of the
picture are striking, in New
South Wales 22,207 men are engaged in mining, although the
hardships are great and the
country comparatively new. A
reward of $2,500 is given by the
Government for the discovery of
a new gold Held, or any section
of the country containing pay
deposits of copper, silver, diamonds, or opals; and a reward
of $5,000 for the first discovery
of pay ore al a depth of 2,0(10
feet, ln 1896 the Government
expended $126,000 in awards to
enterprising miners, and in addition to the precious metals extracted from the bowels of the
earth 400 men produced $125,000
worth of opals Tor Ihe market
of the world, in one corner of
the picture is British Columbia,
with a revision of laws calculated
lo discourage Americans from
rushing in lo absorb the ininoral
advantages that rightfully belong lo British subjects, John
Hull stands with one hand lo his
brow peering over an area of SOU
miles by inn, full of rich silver
ore, and witli llu* otlier hand he
signals lo the Haul; of England
to give the white metal a boost
thai will keep the world from
losing interest iu it us a money
metal, lie knows that Prance
will soon be ripe lor British Columbia silver, although il lias
managed lo get along without
absorbing much of lite United
Ktates product; and India—poor,
heathenish India—must again
have the white metal or perish.
British Columbia silver will do
for India what foreign silver was
not permitted to do—save the
land from utter commercial ruin
and its people Ironi starvation.
Moreover, the encouragement of
silver will people British America with a sturdy citizenship that
will enable tlie Government to
view witli less alarm (he aggressive spirit manifested by the republic of the United States.
Withal, the picture reflects the
policy of Brilisli statesmanship
—a policy of oolf protection lhat
has challenged lhe respect of the
world if not its admiration,
Another   ilileresling    picture
that attracts a greal deal of attention represenls llie irrepressible t'onllict hi'lwei'll the (loveru-
ment of the Unilod Klnles and
the mlnoral industry of lhe He
publio. Here lhe limitless of
Liberty is seen ill the nei of
ruining llie silver industry, hy
siirrepliliously working a ile
niollelizulien nei through the
American Congress, as a resull
of a llirlaliiin which the old lady
had with foreign capitalists,
After destroying silver as money
she still Insists In compelling ilu
owners of silver properties to
pay an outrageous tax each year
in order to hold the claims upon
which they have OXpoildotl their
money and time I'm* many years.
Unlike her niotinlighl lover, John
Bull, she offers no bonuses, no
premiums, no rewards In the
tolling miner, hut mi the contrary, robs hlm of the fruits of
his labor. Her milling laws are
vague ami IndoHnllo, leaving to
the fender inoi'cios of the local
courts Iheir interpretation und
application. The great army of
paupers, whose fortunes have
boon lied up in silver prnperlies,
innsl live nn bread and wnler lo
protect their holdings from the
.,. .,. .,'anjvmr*___im'u-_irinnnnr_inr.nnnnnnn'm
■ ■:-
Now open and ready for guests.
Everything new and first-class,
Choicest liquors and cigars.
Special Agent for
**,'.  !*-     ..»-     «•-     !•-     .-'     ..-     ..-
3 A
o 4>
•* * 0t 0* ** IS* ii* ** ** ** |5* ** ;';* ■■>* ■** 0* ,5* IS*
Restaurant open
day and night
All the delica-
1   cies of the season   \
le Hotel
Mouie City, B. G.
First class accommodation fur travelling-,public,    A well stocked bur.
Good stabling.
'reams leave Fort Steele Tuesdays Fridays and Saturdays at
7 a.m. for Elliott's Landing, connecting with boats for Moyie
limits i'liu In.1 Inul uny (lav ul KUiuU's.
m the dh
Moyie g» Steele
Freight will bo carried hotweon Port
Steele, Crunbrook, Sifton, and Moyle
City, ut tin1 following rates:
(Over 50 lbs, being at 100 lbs, futo.)
Hi*iivi'i'ii Sli'i'li* nml Cranbrook -
"ill pounds * 2.',
lllll pounds     60
lli'twt'i'ii Steele uml Sifton—
50 pounds     7;'i
100 pounds  1.00
Between Steelo und Moyie—
GO pounds  I.ntl
lOOpoimds  1,60
Speotul rates on largo lots muy In*
arranged hy applying In <). M, Keep,
Safe Deposit building, Fort Steele,
Also il stage lino twice u week between Moyie Lake und Steele.
Fort Steele, B, C., July 111, 18117.
Drafts sold payable in Exchange
on all principal points in
I'lxehnnge National Hunk Spokane,
Commercial   "        "       Portland,
Nut. Bunk of Commerce ICansasClty.
First National Hunk Erlo, l'n.
Merchants Nut. Hunk Poi'tlund,
jumping proclivities of the men
si'iit mil by English syndicates
to absorb the silver interests of
the world al small expense. Tlie
(liiildess ol' Liberty i.s slanding
on one side of the picture in tlie
allilude ol' a housewife shooing
a recalcitrant Hock of hens into
the buck yard. Whal she is
really doing is driving lhe American silver miner out of the country tliat lie may become a good
loyal citizen to some nation that
will treat him decently. Afler
having gone to the north pole to
escape lhe rigors of the Anion-
i*au Republic the silver miner ls
In about the humor of Kipling's
small boy:
Thorn iiii-. "un' ii suiiil] boy In Quoboo,
Wlm wns liurli'il In siiiiw tu llu, null,,
Wlii'ii iislusl: "Am you frlzy"
Uo mpllodl "Vim, Ils,
Ilul Wl- illllll villi lllis i,«ilil li, Quobou."
Ilul why prolong a description
of llie two most interesting pi,*.,
lures iu Hie art gallery of the
mineral Industry of the world?
Why harrow up Hie soul with a
truthful portrayal of contrasts?
Il is enough lo know thai tlie
ililTi'l'elii'i's ure a shivi'l'ing l'o-
Draughtsman and
Blue Printer.
lu Moyie Townsite Company
Sole Agent,
Fort Steele,
,\ lii-vveelll.V SlllgC Will leuve Sleele
every Tuosdny und Friday at
7:80 A M
i'iiiiinii Ing Friday, July Mill, for
Crunbrook, Slftnn, und Moylo City,
llotiu'nlng   "III  leuve Moylo mi
Wednesdays ami Bntui'diiys ut
8:80 P M
Uounhlng Stoolu lho day following
at, iiuiiii.
Tleliels mny be procured from 0, ,M,
Keep,   Slid*   DopOBll  I'i',.   Sleele,   Illul
iiiidiil llie lintel, Miiyli'i'lty.
Tho advertisement of the Moyie Placer Mining Co. Ltd. is
withdrawn until further notice.
Home  made Bread and fresh
Coffee at all hours.
Personal attention paid to all kinds
of Job work.
Sheet Iron Stoves mado to order.
Hot Air Drums a Speoialty.
Crow's    INest
Elk River, un the line of
the new railway.
The Great North Western Telegraph Company.
Direot sorvice to all parts of the
Offices in  all   important
points in East Kootenay.
Albert J. Grc__.
Next Door to International Hotel.
A largo oxporlonco in I ling
bnrbor simps of Amorlcan cities
ami foreign Countries,
I'ruit A Confectionery
Notions of nil kinds
CI3ARS and TOBACCO.     -""
Manufacturers of. and dealers in all kinds of rough and
dressed lumber.
Hough Lumber to Contractors, .Jlli.OO   Hustle No2|l 'Ing  *22.00.
Local trade 91(1.00. Ilustln No I $20.00. I Inch Beaded coil-
No 2  ii Inch flooring »22.0O.        Ing No 2 J24.0O,
Nol   0 Inch flouring J20.00.   I inch Headed celling No 1  128.00.
Nn j   I Inch flooring  $2-1.00   Finishing lumber-No 2 $22.iki.
No I   I Inch flooring  J28.00.  finishing lumber No I (20.00,
The Largest Stock of Dry Lumber in East Kootenay.
*~ ___!
I   First Class   1
m~Z —*
*"" _25
(Lodging House, j
**- __2
| ' |
*"- !____
__£ ^3
£ Mrss.   Levett    Prop. J
^~ ___s
Fort Steele Meal Company.
I'resli ami Sail .Meals always
on hnnil,
Heller <V Viiiuleenr Prop's.
Riverside Avenue,
I nil Steele-, B.C,
___ if
1    __/     1
X   f
■_^^^^___.^^_lS'_^^X'«_-__^-_.l.■,l_.'.*-_ „w
So1e Agent for the
--•';•■■' ,*':-T»A.
!*      i!   ■ 1 '£ i'v I f.f H k^._. IIP
1      %J  WW   1 I <UP I I.W «
■A '        "
Z'--A „
.   ■ . I
..     '    W"       « '-'7.*     -■
unmninni n "r: nhwihi iiii ?ttt?tt?t*t?ttt?t? w " '
The Price of
No Other Tow
i L
i Ul I   UlUilO   If
!Q|i   fi
lull    llb/1
Lots Will-Ran up Accordingly,
n in East Kootenay Presents Such a Chance
for Investment.
. .AN
,pj& I __aa__i -cna
f\ C A
_V v_>
ole Ag;ent.
T. e Most Prosperous.
The Only Town in East Kootenay. (The |H'oo.pectov
SATUKHAV, in "I'lil'.KK 111, ISUT.
.1 atiii'-s K'i'i'hi', ii iiicuilii'i' of lhe
[nipoi'ial Purliaraont, who is til
[H'osuul iu llrilish Culuinbiu, en-
tiTluins vi'i*,v snnguiue views
I'ogai'ding bimetallism. Suid be
lln- other day: "We have tho
strongest  assurance  from  Mr.
I'll borlaiii  nml   Mr.   Balfour
tlmt an international conference
will bu cal led al Brussels in Mny.
I think tin- business transacted
nl Brussels will result in thero-
opening of tho India mints al
losist. Senator Wolcolt, ol whom
so much bus boon heard on the
binu'lnllit' question, is an exceedingly I'h'vrr iiiiiii und n powerful
rli;iiii|i'u>n of tho cause. Though
considered u froo Innco by the
public goiiernlly in lho voicing
ul' his virus whilo in Englnnd, I
have tin' slrongesl reasons fur
believing llinl in* wus an nocredit*
i'il ro])rosoiitalive I" tin' United
Suites Govornnioul on that oc-
casion, Nexl lu tin' United
Stall's, llie strongest supporters
of bimetallism are the French,
nnd I think lhe recent action ul
tlie Hani; of England, which lists
given rise io much discussion,
was tlie outcome of diplomatic
representations mado by the
French. I believe we huve not
ilone ns much I'm* llie cause in
two ni* tnreo years us the Hunk
of England bus done in one
The Canadian Pacific Railway
is having a very prosperous time
of il just now. Since tlie beginning of the year Canadian pacifies on tlie Loudon stuck
market huve made ihe enormous
advance from 411 Id 7m.| . Money,
a London financial journal, suys:
"The aggregate gross increase
from January 1st tu lhe 7th insl.
is w I, •Jul, i ii ii i. Very encouraging
advices have been received concerning lhe benefit which the
line is likely lu receive Irom the
Yukon gold fields. According
iu ciblograuis which havo been
received, arrangements are being mado by llu* Dominion Government witli the Company to
proceod ul tlie earliest possible
uiomoul with the construction ol
a standard-gauge railway from
Gleuora, un the Sticlceeu liiver,
tu the head of navigable waters
uf the 1 tikoit, uud the Canadian
Pacific Company is also tu run a
line uf lirsl-i'iiiss steilinoi'S between Vancouver und Gleuora.
It is anticipated lhat this will
bring u large accession of traffic
tu the line, uiiil thul the Duiuin-
ioti Goveruuionl will gram u
considerable subsidy tu tlie Company."
A Slocan mine manager estimates tiiul (i ton of Slocan ore is
worth $50 for silver at 50 cenls,
and i?-.'i I'm* lead al §2.20, ur ti
total of §75, The cost of freight
and ore treatment is ¥20 a ton,
leaving a margin of §55 for mining niid putting on cars.
Vice-President Shaughnessy,
of the (J. P. R,, does not "make
any bones" about saying thai his
Company intends to freeze out
opposing railways in British Columbia. .1. li. McArthur, president uf the Rossland Board of
Trade, interviewed him al Montreal, and learned particulars
concerning Unit corporation's
policy in regard to lhe Kootenays. Mr. McArthur declares
that Mr. Shaughnessy is authority fur the slaleini'iil lhat '*(.!. P.
It. interests iu Kootenay are infinitely greater than those of
anyone else, and we must ileal
wi'lb thorn in a big way." 'I'he
dispatch also stales authoritatively llinl the C. P. B. intends lu
invade the Kalso and Slocan territory nml by a system uf Irani-
ways lu lhe mines lake Ihecrenni
uf lhe trade enjoyed by the little
Kalso A Slocan bolweon Siindon
and Whitowalor Stations. While
lhe ('. P, B. is uut going inlo the
smeller business, those who are
closely iilciitilictl Willi il will ilu
do su, und arrangemoiils an*
practically completed fur lhe
oroolion uf large reduction works
al some advantageous point un
lhe Columbia liivor, which will
treat Eossland ores, This pluu
includes a scheme fur gathering
together oros uf the different
mini's situated uu Hie different
mountains around Kossland at
one general depot. Every shipping mine will be niaile tributary
to tlie G. P. R, by lines of aerial
tramways from tho mines to the
ruilwuy truck, lu the total exclusion uf oilier roads.
The issue of Jubilee postage
stamps nnd curds bus been discontinued nnd the plates from
which thoy were printed have
been destroyed. Tlie eereinuny
look place at llie American Bank
Note Go's building on Wellington
Slreet, Ottawa, in tlie prosotioo
of the Postmaster Gonoral, lhe
Deputy Postmaster, lhe Score
Inr.y uf llu* Dopurltnonl, lhe
Chlof uf the Slump Branch, and
Mr. Sladden, of the Govornor-
General's olliee, an Ollawa pliil-
There were ihirly-two
iiiiiiiiii stamps and seven million
cards worked from theso plates.
IMiis 1'iiis an end to uny more
ui'ked nil' und conse-
hey   will   increase   in
belli;,''    v
people u|
lhe low
Hung  Ivi
vi* disipiiol 'be I'ei'i'iii
occasioned tu Kootenay
here are al leasl some
hu do nul worry about
irice uf silver, Tu ihe
nig und Shanghai Bank
it certainly has
is viiucbl
<>f   llu
Till!   II
tions,    ljuder the new currency
laws in .lug in ti a steady exchange
inked fur, and whether silver
remains where ii is ur doconds
lu a lower level, lhe bank will
land tu realise a largo sum uu
iheir I'mds iii Japan.   The fuel
d I'm* by lhe chairman
Milk,  and lie  ought  to
gesl and fastest pus-
nil freight steamer in
Ibe wurl I Kaiser Wilbelin del'
Grosso (lonnuge, 1-1,000; horsepower, 10,000) has nul only
beul ibe 'ecui'd from Southampton tu New York, but has ex-
ceiled he world's record in
nuts run in twenty-four hours.
Her timi! from the Needles, off
Suiilbniu iiuu, lu Sandy Hunk
Hship, was ii days, 22 hours,
nd 25 i dilutes. The previous
westwan record was held by the
American liner St. Paul, and was
i days i'l minutes, The days'
'eturns in the new liner (in
nuts) writ: 208, 405, 512. 552,
ili-1, and Hi. Tin; 501 record
beats that uf the Lucmiia by two
knots, 'i'he Kaiser Wilhelm's
tverage speed was 21 knots.
This lias been exceeded by tbe
Liiciinia 21.1, and the Campania
21.88i but it is uf nuto thnt the
Kaiser Wilhelm made her astonishing record un her maiden voy-
tlie Crow
Collingjwood Schrieber, Deputy
al conversation which I bad wiii.|^|ff|^^||fntf|f|^||ff;^f;^ynf^fnfnfnnM^(tMn?!tn!ntF^
you and another gentleman, asps
the subjecl mailer fur au atlaclc 5: ^__- - , ~~
un  Air.  1-lauiil  llu- 1'. P. li.  £ r | > "fl^ j
Lund Commissioner, While your
statement uf ilu* conversationIS~
which I had witli Mr. Hamilton, \£
and thoughtlessly repealed be-It:
fiire yuu. i.s partly true, yel ii is jj;
incorrect iu certain particulars, ZZ
yuu having made positive slate- £_:
incuts uni uf what were rather\£
suppositions and su colored ihe %z
matter as to place it before the1"*"
public in an entirely wrong light.
Th invorsation   referred  tu
look place between Mr. Hamilton and myself only, Col. Bakor|__
nol being presenl, us your aril-\tZ
ele indicates. Mr. Hamilton \£
stated in a general way, thai hc|c_
thought il was nul absolutely
certain that lhe (.'. X. I!, would
cross tbe Koolonay nl Wardner
and thai he was under the impression llinl lhe main line would '■£
nul come Into Purl Steele. Wilh tZ
reference tu the branch he said. £
also in a general wny. thai If C:
Purl Sleele gui a branch ho sup- £
9 *_•
I Id
1   •  I
Fort Steele, B. C.
—m !     i?JL
This is une of ihe best appointed Hotels ia the      zii i'i
Port Sleele District.
Every   room   is   comfortably   furnished.
£■_    When yuu visit Port Steele you will miss it if you donl    ^2
Stop al   lhe, _!
Mountain House.
=3]   f
~_'    i'i
The Steele House
pf Railways, said to a
i* reporter regarding
s Nest Railway: "The
■^2^2 IftibSt ldoISJ-?*dto™1 ""SSSI ^luiuiuiuiituiuuuiuiuiuiusiuiuiuutui&tiiuiitiiuuiuuurc 11
brandies, which 1 understood
him to say, although I may have
been mistaken, was thai tho town
benefited built the branch and
the Company operated it, Mr.
Hamilton staled that litis was
liis first visit to tlie district and
that lie did not know the situation very definitely, and 1 am
sure be had nu intention that his
remarks should be taken as positive statements, Furthermore
Mr. Hamilton showed nu evidence uf wishing either lu injure
or to promote tlie interests uf
nny East Koolonay town, as you
appear lo think. I repeat thai 1
regret very much that you should
have published the remarks made       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by me without my knowledge orI
consent.    Ill   questioning   Mr. "i~v     "Iiii'/."XT.._•«_."I_
Hamilton I was only actuated by ! \J,   JllCil CiSll
the desire of 11 stranger to learii;
existing conditions in Easl Koot
enay.   1  may add  thai  1  havelV
never hud any conversation with £
either t'ol. linker or .Mr. Hiiinil- tz
Ion iu respect lu Cranbrook and £
have nul the slightest intention E
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters For Mining  Men.
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Besl Cuisine in the West.
Modern Conveniences.
Home Comforts.
Mining Brokers
Real Estate
Commission Agents.
Correspondents in
!    Montreal,     1
ttawa,       I
oronto,     1
Winnipeg,     jj
ndott and J
opuons carried.
Mining oedis rransacted.
K. A. ELTON & i ii.
Hooks kepi  and accounts audited.
;, .«.-•• -ii -p ;..,. .,. .,. r,. VWWWWWWWV
pass throhgh which the line goes Lf becoming connected  with it !****
 ,lul "i"'* being far su- Us you suggest,   Yours truly,      £
that ol the present hue j ■; j HAWKEY.     ~
•__!     VV
is u spiel
perior to
ul' the (
won't In
deal of I
Ihey will
the mill
thnn tin
In ace
if 1007 itj
,'nnts for
incuts to
paper pi
ill the mi;
llle claim
is publish)
the lieari
of Iheelal
Fort Steele, October 11, 1897. S=
|. P.  It.   Of course it
built  without  u good
eavy rock work.   The:   [We can scarcely conceive of a sr
re  very  reasonable-    ,„.,„  havi     rmAweA   himsolf £
not be over n.-l feet to ,       ,., ,      ,, ,, SZ
mure   contemptible    Ihan    the Er
above letter renders  Dr, Haw- £_
key,    lie says we put his words {r
in  "an ontiroly  wrong  light
General Merchant
Lviquo.   Dealer.
1 paper to the location
im.    Any notice of the
us for certilieateof improvements published not iii ac-
•ordance o this Act nro illegal.
Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber. 2
A large assortment of seasoned 2:
I.uniber and Shingles al- 3
ways   on   band. 2
The only light we pui his words j| Dimension Lumber a Spectaty. 3
in  was   the   light   of  absolute tz ^
~     W fl S fl, — B. G. I
GREAT        E
whicli is much belter
nuin line."
dunce with the British
Amended Mineral Act
is necessary for appli-
ortiflcates of improve-1,    ,      , .    , .,  .    ,, i^
lidvertisethesitmeina U'uth'and '"' k""ws ",l"'   l!*v £
dished and circulated his lettel* hB nillsl ll:IV1' aiiwiS £
ling division iu which forfeited the respect  of  L,  A Sr
s situated, If no paper ~
id in the division then
it lm- ;
lln* iiih>i moilcra in equipment: ii Is tho heiivlcst railed tine;
rock liulliwl louillii'il: il ccossua no suiiil dewoi-Ui; il was   built
i luiul _i*iii,i oi' vji'v.'iniiH'iii niii: il is noted for courtesy ol its
: il Is thc only line -e'-v in_ molds on tho u In curto plan.
u. A. Ham lton Mnkes n Denial   The
Situtivioit Of Dr. Hawkey.
"Mallei's of Concern" in last
week's issue brought C. P. K.
Land Commissioner L, A. Hamilton to this ofllco with a statement, whicli lie asked us lo publish, that he had not said to
R, J. Hawkey, M.D., that the
Crow's N'.'sl Railway would imt
cross the Kootenay River at llie
townsite of Wardner, neither
bad he said Port Steele would
have to build its branch railway
and that afterwards the C.
P. li. would operate it. Ho said
be came lo Koocenny Inst week
for the lirst time with Col. Baker
lo look ovi'i* the Railway's lands
in this d strict wilh a view to
placing tliein Oil the market He
was. he uaid, very ignorant of
tho topography of the country
horoabouU, and Fletcher's map
Which ho liad inspected before
coming di wu bud greatly misled
him as In Ihe oxacl locality of
Porl Slee e. He hnd had some
connecting wilh lir. Hawkey on
Ibe joiirii
lain lie  I
would  jujstify   111*.  Ilnwkey   in
y down, bid was cor-
id said nothing lhat
ur uf ibis paper, lie dare not deny
llial what we staled last week
is literally correct; but lie has
heard that Mr. Hamilton has dis-
ip'irovedof what he said lo us,
md is apparently half scared out
of his life at the resentment of
the C. P. R, land agent, ll is
only a very lively sense uf commiseration for the man Ihal
makes us desist from further remark.-—Editor    PliOSPECTOU. |
making tile statements attributed to Iiin;. He had nothing at
all to do with thu business of the
Company, he said, and was totally iguoi ant of what Iheir plan,
were with reference lo lhe con-1
struclion uf tbe Cl'OW's Nest
line, wlm!lm" il would cross llu
river at Wardner ami whether il
would bu Id direeily Inlo fori
.Sleele. 'J hose were matters III
knew mil ling about, und if In
had known he was nol given lo
lulling lh' Company's plans ii
Mr. Editor: Sir,—the reputation you enjoy for a knowledge
of the punctilios of polite society, is my excuse for asking you
ll question in table etiquette, Is
it the proper thing for one, in
eating an olive, to remove the
oxocarp from lhe drupe wilh the
teeth, in* sliuulll it be done wilh
the knife and fork? At one of
the best tables in the city tlie
other day I witnessed one of our
bosl ladies lake an olive from
ber plate belwoen her linger and
thumb and put in her i ith.
The chewing I lint ensued, followod li.V lhe ejection of tin pit,
wns anything hut pleasant lo
me. Is lhis, Mr. Editor, good
form?   fours,
Mary Moderation,
Fori Sleele, (let. Htll.
[Mr. Editor presents Ids compliments to Mary Moderation,
and regrels that be is unable lu
answer her question. He sug
gesls, however, Hint some om
uf his lady readers, wliuse eyes
may full un Mary's query, mny
be able lo do so. |
|g tlie same mailer, lhe
letter   has   been   re
ceived: -I	
ElHTiili PkoHPUOTOR: iS'/r,    ll
i.s Willi gl'clll I'ugl'Ol licit I see ill
your issue uf  ihe Uth Instant,
you have made use of au inform-
In lhe Supremo Court al Mel-
son lasl week* Samuel Moore gol
jililgeineiil ill bis favor fur Slllllll
damages against the Hall Mines
Co., for the loss of nn eye. The
loss was occasioned Iiy an explu-
sioil in the mine caused by a
minor having lell an unoxploilod
charge al a place whoro Moore
was sniil lu ilu some picking and
by which llu* charge winoxplod
ed. Tho judgement wus under
Uie Employer's Liability Ad.
Nnllro Is liereliy nlvnn iiuu I. Wlllium Sl
nn. lm,ml to iiniilv a. un-1'hii'i CitiniiilHHliiiiiir
el Liiti'ls mul Worlis. V'luloi'ln iur iiri'iiilssliiii
I" I'liri'liiiM' I'i res nf 1.1,nl  iiii'ii.'lii,- nl ii
llllllll SO rl,.,,,,., »,..,,  ,,[  ||„. ,i, ,,v Vlilli".',.
I'., s lilni'li r.1,,11,, il,. ,„„• rn lKiMii.lr.vnl liM
Hill! iiiiii.'i'u,"! in Mui!,,, north hi ,,iiniiiN, eusl
in I'tiiiii',. mi,! li ill olinlns Inii'li in linlnl i,i
i'liliiiili ti,', in, ni. WM. STEWART,
I'orl Slnniii, iMnliur 11,1SH7.
Drew & Hayes, Prop's.
1'iiKT STICKLE unit the EAST Km IT UN AY MINES, Wcekl
.,ai,*i;«„t.-ii'.Mi-. iVimii .iViinlrfj?.-'
ngo from lCalls|iell,   Steiiml I ■ ■.
ug Siuiiaii'i'.   Quiekesl mu] [lest nm
slat.**-. Euslel'll Cilllllilil
Is of llle L'aileil
fin* majis
nrapletc inin
ui'esl ugcal
nl Eui-ope.
IllltiOU  Cllll  III' llllll
tM.WIHTNKY. C. I', anil T. A.
si. Paul. Minn.
Strictly First Class.
I am heiulquat'tors for those goods.   1 carry
Manufactured by Abblo & ImbWo, of Now
City- tho laryeal uml must reliable
houso in fishing and -.porting
goods in AuiQt-ica.
A full lino of thoso goods now in -stock
All now goods,   ('nil and Inspect,
<$     f)|    (ft     f|t    f|\    H\
Pioneer Drug Hall,
Fort Sleele, B.C.
Gt'd-iiuta Ontario ('ollo^o ul Phurniacy.
■rot-T«^ GMD___I v -
(V u____u____U-U__u_uu__£'      >3uii__uuu___u-uuiiauuu_u 'All
upper Goiambia Navioauon»»
1 loternatloiiai Transportation gol|
^    Time Table, to lake died July 1st, 1897.   *
Bteatnors North star and (jwondolinc mako four trip*, a week.
Kxpross orders for ^ood_ will bu inimediatolj attended to at Spo-£
J]]^ kane, andseul upC. O. I).
•/.       Stage leaves Fori Steelo Tnesdu.v and Fi'iday morning, arriving ai'/
f_ Golden Wednesday aud Saturday at 1 p. m.
Nmi' under the management of
Is <-i large and attractive Hotel
of <iuiet elegance in all its
appointments,  with a
ousine of superior
\l       Mall iui-'iiili'ii for E-'orl si*■<■]•■ i-lu .lcnnln-/s,should beadilr id care%
of liiti'i'iiiiliiinnl Co., .1,'iiiiiii--. ..1,ini;iiiii.,,'!., iwi-f letters ai''' .-i*nt viii!^
Nolson uud (Joldun, II.C, (J
F. P. ArtnstroMgl
iVta-rtager.      jjj
il*/,  '"i.-iTnmnii.-Tuiiii.iiiiii;T.iTTi?i_      ,7TiiminmTTTmiTnnnnim'-fT!
!-^3.?^35'_->>'??fiS'';:ISiS^'i   -'''''"£   -^iv^S1*__S5v__3_i^:
S|ii'rinl rules by lliu month.
i' »"»'-»»»S»«»S
^^^^        _<_i W Aa _iir__     ^^^^^^^^
Golden, B. C.
A Train Leaves thc Kootenay House Every Tuesday & Friday
Connecting with Steamer for Fort Steele. LICENSE    At-THORIKIKQ    AN    EXTRA
PBOVISCE Of HlUi'lsil ("(il.l'.MlHA
NO. 1, '97.
any proporty which tho couipuny is authorized to auquiro, ami to carry on or
do any of tho biuinoiftcs and acts and
IhingH aforosaUl, either aa principal oi'
ugouL, und eithor by tho agency of or
us agents or trustees for others.
l/j Tti remunerate and make donations ()>y eash or other assets or by tliu
itllotmentof fully or partly paid -hares,
or in any othor maunorj tn any person
THIS IS TO CISUTIFY that the orpersons, for servioes rondorodor to
Pyramid Kootenay Mining Company, he rendered, in Introduoiug any prop
Limited," Is authorlssed ana Licensed to Brty or business to tho company, or in
curry nn business within tlie Provin
of British Columbia,
The head oBlee of lho company is
situate at No. 30, Lime Street, City of
London, England.
The amount of the capital of the company is £50,1X10, divided into 50,000
shares of ti each.
Tlie head office of the companv in
this Province is situate at Nelson, llrilish Columbia, und J. Tl. Macintosh,
whoso address a Nelson, British Columbia, is the ittorhey for tho company.
The objects for which the companv
has*been established and _<> licensee!
(a) To acquire and work certain
mineral rights in British Columbia,
upon the terms of an agreement to be
entered into by the coinpatjy, the draft
whereof is set out in the Schedule to
the Article.- of Association of the company, and to enter into and curry such
agreement into effect, either with or
withoul modifications.
ih Topurchase or otheiMsisc acquire
any grants, concessions, lenses, or setts,
' easements, or interests in lands, water.-.
mines, minerals, mining or mineral
claims, mining rights and other hereditaments in British Columbia, and any
property, real or personal, moveable
or Immoveable, for purposes incidental
thereto or to any other objects of the
(c)   To prospect and search for. get.
win, worl;. und raise within the urea
aforesaid copper or other ores, metals,
minerals, or substances, und to carry
on  the  business  of miners,   millers, 1 "v..1"!"
smelters, and workers of any processes f //"''
In the production, reduction, and mak- .       ,
ing merchantable, of oresj minerals,  n  tVL
metals, metallic products, suppliers of
water, merchants ami mannfactuvers
and workers of uny minerals, metals,
articles, aud tilings used in, or in connection with mining, milling, smelt
'hieing or assisting to place any shar
tlebonturos or other securities of the
company, or fur any other reason which
the company may think proper.
un To execute and do generally all
such other things as the company may
at any time consider conduicve to the
currying out or attainment of the abovo
objects or uny of them.
Given under my hand and seal of office ut Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 29th day of .lime, one
thousand eight hundred uud ninety-
lieuistrur of Joint Stock Com pa)»_«.
18th Autjust, Lin:.
HIS 110X1 ll'll tlio l.ii'iili'iiiiul-iii'Vi'i'iiitr Ims
lift'ii pli'iiMil In appoint Wim.i.im SlN-
i-Aiii aoiiE, orthoClty of Vletorln, l'-.i|iilro.
in bo Wiuei*Comiiiliiiilortorliinliir llio iirnvisloiis
of tho "Water Clmises Consolliltltloii Aet, 18117."
ft.    i'l. ~fT> _.
isth Auyust, 1807.
HIS HONOUR Un' l.ir.iU'ii:iiit-llii\*.-nuii- In
Counuil lias lu'.'ii jili'iisi'il h. UiiTi'i tlie
IiubUriitli.il of llio limliT mi'iiiiuiiul Suulo ol
Foes, payultlo iniilor tlio iu-.ivisl.nis or Hi.
"Wiiie. Clauses ConHoIklation Aot, 1897."
Uy Coiiuimiul.
Pmimial Scereliwj,
sixty days aftor duto t lutend to apply to tho
Cbiuf Cotmnisslonor ..( Lunds uml works for p,
permissJoD to pukUiuso a fruetlon nf 1
Fort Steolodistriot.desL'rltiedus follows: Cow-
moncliiK ut u post planted ;u soutli eust com
of lotSffJ',G.I, tbeiice rutining eust sixty [W) j popovery
chains; theneo running south forty rli>) chains, { juj-j \w\,r
theuce running west -i\ (0) chains, uioiu or [ \s,,v upuori
less tou point ou shoru ot Moylo ;Lake, thouca to buust
follow Ing suid shore or Moyio Luke tou post in respeoi
pluuted on uorth shore of said lake, theuce nn-d es
running north thirty seven (37) chains to poiut { corded ui
oi commencement, contululng one huudmi and I tunil im
icres mure or less. |   Uie first
OV   WATKll   run DOMKSTIC, A* ill I-
| Highland Cream,
Hi a tut tit mrf
Highland Cream, |
Dated this
rid duy ol August, IS97.
Thos. Smith.
Sixty days after dute l intend toiipply to th
Honorable Commissioner uf lands aud works
ilistrict nnd deso-ibed a. foi j
rs: commencing at u post plauted ui the
•th eust cornor or Johnson and pewur't* pre- j
ptlon, thence running south forts (■*>) ehuins. i
-i twenty (20) chal
^ il. id il. ih it* id \h ih iii il- ib lb Ui ill tif llf tti llf 11 ■ it-Mi' il. ill it il- iii V,
|      AS SUPPLIED TO      |
I 11. II. 'I'lie Siiliiiu nf Ziinzilmi*. I
s f
|        llrilish ('mitral Al'ririin *
|   Sir II. II. .li.litisti.il.  II. C. It.   |
_ t
/ I, |i |, HII (I'll |l |l|l 'UT 'll '(I'll tl *|, |l'|l >|l'|l 'l"|l'H'|l >|l.-.*
Thniiitis MoVlttitl.
I). S. l-'l-lzzcll.
N. A. Wllllinei-I*.
15. O. Smllli.
IVIIlliini lliiillii,.
'l'llO   I'OlJIlllll*   IllCOllngS  Of  llll!  llSSIlfillllllll
will lie helil „n the |si „„,, .,,.„ s,„m.,|„v ,„
lion In tl
iGiizelteuc Uiiki
litv .*>
mrttes „- tleilnetl 1
".   ', ,;
Uie  -stiitulM  an
tees i" l
i ntltitii the Commit,
j point ol eon—
HICIHLAND CKEAM is oaiioclitlly suited on account ot il
AIISOI.I TH  l>UR]T1   fill* list' ill   lint I'lilllllli's,     ll   Ulljliys  llll'  Illl'in'Sl j
sule of ini.v Seoii'li Wliiskoy  i'i  India, Mexico, I'i'iiirnI Afi'lon,
nml Smiili America.
Golden tnul Fort Steele, B. C
iited liu.- the 2d day ol August, bin.
E. A. *_OR~lS-t
lougtbe MoyleLal i      .  . -
"..u.-i three hundred (eel to 1..1;.
thenee north to Moyle City '.,.
ed August 18th, IKK*.
1 thnl I. M. S. ll.'l
I Liinils niivl Works. Vletorln, U.C, fm* permission to purehaHO IBOucres
nl luiul dcscrlhed nt followm 0 menelnn .11
iiin sinttli west cornor post situated on llu* «"-i
shore nl Hi" Moyio Lnlto thonco running »
chnlns north, tlience ensl to tho Moyie Lake t
chains more or less, thonco (olloivlng the Moylo
Lnlic southerly to the point nl commencement.
M.tritit'ulj. I 1:1.1.1s.
Dated September 1:1111. IHlir. ll-lfl
Notieo is hot'oliy jrivt'ii lliuttliooo-
|)ai'bllOI'8tll]l   lll'l'flllllll xistillii' lllltit'l*
tho llrm name otC, 1'. Vonostn A* 1 '0. is
tlisHllVI'll ll.V Itlllllllll I'llllSflll. Mi*. N. .\.
Wiilliiiot'i' itiii'ino'. r. p, Vonostn
will iisBume nil ili'his uml oolloot nil iu--
t'liiiiils iiin* lln' lli'in,
c. l*'. Venosta,
N. A. Wai.linoeh,
unit otooi* proeooses Hforesaulj in* any nf ""A
(i/)  To soaroh fm* minos uml minerals, ami to acquire nnil tn grant license!
jnil other rights mul privileges fm- thi
purpiisi' nf. or in respeot nf. the search j ,.'*|A'
fin* tn* winning and getting of copper or:'
other ores, metals, or minerals. 1 f8™,   ™'"'
te) 'i'n purchase, take on lease, or in j „"",,'",,,,"-',,"',
exchange, hire, ,11* otherwise acquire
any real or personal property, live or
dead stock, or uny easements, rights,
privileges, or concessions, or uny Interest therein, necessary or convenient
for tin: company's business, tn* for developing or utulMng uny of the company's properly, uml tn explore, work,
and develop tin* stunt;.
(/) To acquire, erect, construct, or
hint and maintain and work,' any Iniilil-
ings, plant, ongineB, machinery, fixtures, mills, roads, railways, tramways,
ennui.-, crooks, shafts, dltehos, or other
wnrks which may lm necessary nr ad-
visahle for the purposes of tho company.
(,/' Tn undot'tako mid curry into effect all such liiiiiiii-iul, _ contmerelal,
trading, or other operations or businesses in connection wilh thi* objects
of ilic company us tint company muy
think lil.
tli. To acquire any inventions capable of being used fm- uny purpose connected wiili ni'*, "f tho businesses or op-
orations nf ii imiiiany, or tho llcenso
or right tn iif' tho silme,
(1) To amalgamate with anyothereom-
pitny having ohjouts altogothor 01* in
purl similar to the objects of thiij company, or to acquire and ilndorlitke tlio
whole in* uny part nf the business,
property mnl liabilities of any person
or coinptiny currying 011 any business
wli'ii'li litis company is iiutliiirl/.ttil in
hut} uu, ur pnssussud of prupt-rly suil-
lllili' fur ilu* purposes nf this cniiipiiit.v.
(/) Willi Uu1 snniillon uf uu oxtra-
ortlliiarj resolution of tint company,
Inn not otherwise, lu pu.v for nny proporty ur business pui'i'liiisi'il ur otherwise acquired iu sliiims (in In* treated
ns wholly nr partly paid up] or ilobun-
ttiiw or' debenture stock uf the 1 -
pun v. ur iu money, or partly in shnreB
ur tii'lii'iiini'i's or ilobdfituro Btnuk I
purity ii i'.v. and, witli Hit- like
sanction, to accept in payment for any
part ur fm* tin* whole of tliu property
nf tliu company sulil in* othorwlBc ilis-
nuscd of. shares, bonds ur dubontures
uf uny other company or companies.
(j*|' Tu Improve, miluuge, dovelop,
let, uuder-lot or sell, or olnorwlso dis-
|ioso uf, eiinrgo ur deal with, in nns
iiiutiniT whatsnovor, uii or any purl or
parts ot ilu* proporty of thu company,
oriiny rights or easomoiits in or over
llll' Sllllli*.
(1) Tii ucqulro by original subscription ur otherwise, uml lo hold uud sell,
or otholwisc dispoBO nf. shares, slock,
■iobonturos, ur debenture stock, nr any
Interest in the roveuuos nr prollts of
uny company, corporation, partnership
nr' pi'i-siin carrying on any business
rapaltlt* uf botag condiictod su us di-
reotly or indirectly tobunoilt this com-
puny* uml upon uny return of onpttul,
attribution nf nssots. ur division ul
priilits. lu tlistl'iltiilc sliull slull't-s. Slltl'lt.
dehontures, or debenture stuck, timong
tho momberBol iliis company in Itiiitl.
{mi Tu borrow in* raise mono) I'm*
the purposes uf ilu* company, and lo
execute unit Issue 1 ds or debontiires,
ordebeuluro stock, in bearor or other-1
wise, mortguges uml other biBtrumonts
fiifs.-etii'iiio Un* repayment thereof, nr j
fur any other purpose, with or withoul
oharge upon all or any of the property ..„„.«.,   ...   .n..
nt tin- company nr its uncalled c tul. MINERAL ACT, 1896.
iiinl upon suoh terms us to priority or [Form!
Otherwise us Uu inpimy sliull think
(ii)   Tu establish ur promote, or eon-
cur iu establishing nr promoting, nuy
other company whose object .hull iu-
eliitie tie.* acquisition iiiiii taking over
nf ail ur nit*, purl ui Hi" property, 11- ,.„;]V ,„,;,.,,.,
set& or liabuitles ol this company, or    u*„,,..:.,,m.-.i   Ahomsov nmlleiisoutbensi
sliull In* iii ti"} manner calculated to orthosourcoof I'crryCroeli
L'lihiince, either directly nr Indirectly,:   -AK1j (joriCEihat I, J. u*. 11, Voung free
the Interests uf ll. impany, uml to Mt„0,.-B ccrtiacnto No M,i83, agent for A. 11.
acquire mul hold .-ii.i'vs, Btoi k. ur se- j Mitchell of Fori Steole Brftlah Columbia i-'r,-.-
curltios nf. in* guarantee the pay nl
nf uny Beciirll.lus Issued Ity. or any
othor obligations of any sueh company.
in,   Tn lend, invest, uml deal will, j
■  ih.' moneys of thc company u nmo-
iliiiielv required upon Bitoh Bocttrltles,
or will.t.ui B it'll;,', uml in such manner us from Hunt in time muy In* dr
ll, 1   Tn inul'.'*, 1 1'1, Indorse, m
oxeenlo promlBSOry iiiiIhk, bills of •■
change, and other negotiable Inslr
(tn   To   upply   lui',  iililiiin,  uceop
udiipl mui curry Into elfoct, any ActsI fcml w upplj i" 1
ol purlin ut, provisional ordom i-| 1,111 uni Wnrlnf
1,1    W vi't'tt-i fet
\ - if
N'llli'o Is ln'i't'liy k-lvi'ii lliul IMI duys iiUor (Into
I Intend Ut apply LotlioClilorConimlsslonur nr
I,mills uml Wnrlis. Vlutorln, fur pei'inisslon lo
IHlir] use INI ui'i'i'soMimil im Kilt Klvi't- Imil u
miln uiiNl nf Mini, liivor uoiiimcnuitiK nt tin'
S. W. post plitnli'il ut Mm root nf 11 inouiltilill
nbout fifll.li pui'iillol und 1500 Ccot iiorl.1i of tho
Hiilpliur sininji. liii'iicc running in uliniiis nisi.
IllHII'l' Illl'llllltlS Slllllll. llH'IKT   III  I'l 111 lllS   WCSt,
llii'iirc io ehuins nortli Ln post of L-ommonec-
0llAH-_.K8 Wi. l/ltlitt.
llilU'd tills AllHUsL lllll. m>i. g
(FllltM I'M
Cerlijlcate of Improvements,
Tho I'i'tii'l Mineral elnlm. sllunlo In tin* Port
sii'itlf Mtuliiij liivtsiott of Bast Kootonny Uis-
I'-.n- tli,* lilint- nl ilu J
tloncil In section siol
For every Certillrnte'iti
,if-I'l'tlitn Win! tl.,-.\i-
Por UU'  I'MlttlilltUi"'!  at
every sclicdtii • pr,
lolls, rtilts. tares, rem
100 no
t.ii ami Water
"ti M.isri'.u'-
v i'nwi.ti
pay in respcci oi
Schedule 0 tl
i'l. a It f -i   -.Til
section ss
mil,H AM) SILVER, $1.50,
SILVER, $1.00, SILVER AND LEAD, 81.o0,
The Stamp Mill hns ti capacity of 20 Tons n clay.
Tlie Cliliii'inalioii Plant 1 Tons a dny.
S. A. ROBERTS, 1\ L. S.,
iJusiiiess Mgr.
£6    CO'.M AS'sA
1'novixciAi. seoretary's oppioe.
MIS HONOUR llie Lielltenunt-lluv-
l-l- ernur Ims been pleused to niiilte
Uu* I'ulliiiviiio* iippointinentsi -
.Insiuli Siirnttt, Esqnlro, MiningRo-
I'urili'i'. ut Donald, In be—
Reeonlei' nl Murks unil llrunits under the "Cuttle Art." fur Uie Eust Kuut-
uiiiij* Eleetorul District, und Duput.y
Clerk of tho Peuee, fur tint Niirthern
Division nf llie suid Distriot.
I'liurles   .Mussey Edwuttls, Esquire,
.Mining Reeurdor,  nt   i'url  Sleele, lu
Deputy Clerk of the Pence, und
Uoglstriir uf llio County   Court of
Kootenuy hulden ut Eort Steele.
AlHtltt six lllilt's siiitllienst
; I',
TAKE NOTICE llial 1. ,1. IV. II. Young,
Pree Miner's i fi-tiil,-:,,,* No. Mi.MI ttrt'itl for A.
ll. Hit lull, ol Pot'i Sli'i'li.-. Hrltlsh Columbia,
Pree Miner's 'Vrtllli'tii'.- No. sii.tsi. Inleiul.
sixty iluys from Un date horcof, l„ apply to tlie
EiIlDlni; Recorder for a certlfli'lito of liniirove-
melitH, foi- itif intriiosit of olitaiiiinij u Crowu
tii-tiniof the nhovo claim.
An,i further u.it,- notice Unu action, undor
section 117, .ini-i lit* commenced before the K-
tjunnce of such cortiUeate of Improvemeuu.
.1 \\. R. YiiINil.
Rated nils sofoinl day of Ocwlwr, i-m.   I i-^l
Certificate of Tmproi
Notieo is hereby given Unit A. W. McVittie
is applying In llu* I'liii'f' 'ouililissioner of i.timls
tiiul Worlis for permission lo piirehaso the following described land in Port Steelo lilvlsloii
of East Kiiiiitiiit.v: commencing ut tlie Iniiiul
posl which hits been plllllleil nl tin* south west
corner of llu1 Fori Steele Cemetory ii-se
Ibenco 'lit about HO elmins to On* soutli limit
of I'oliii'i'slint.i. iiftii'i'ivtst along suitl soutli
limit iiliuiil 10 chains lit Hit' fool nf llle llllllll of
Kootenay River, thonee southerly iilong llu
bank of snld river to Un* north limit of Ml*
t'lnrli's purchase, tlioin list nlongtliouol'tb
llnilis ol Mr-. Clark's purchase and It. I.. T.
tlitloi'iilili'- pre-emption to llu- place of hoglu-
niitiv. containing nboul fifty acres.
Dated September lull IBtli", ll-m
Port Steele  B.C.
.J, ,1. Lamont
. .      , . .»,•,,        A!' ,n""»ll"° Ihfoi'ination   will  i„. rui-nlsb-
LOlltraCtOr lllUl UUlluer eA  "*v  ""-■ Association, upon mmiicnlioii to
lillie. Sec.. |t*ort Sleele, II. a
Fori Sleele, II. C.
Uoi'sii-sliooing A Spoctnlly.
Port Stoolo, II.C.
General Blacksmith.
Milling Work a Specialty.
Boots  jg£P Shoes
Repairing dono in a workmanlike
Travellers, to and from
Fort Steele & Kalispell,
Will find the best of accommodations at
C. M. Walker, Prop.
Kalispell Montana,
Tint Klltliiii
It,' Pot'lMi',
iilvts,',n„l Ivnsi Ki,
i t*. ii'tttti-..' N ' -'' >! Int'-iiil sixty
from tho date hereol u npplj lotho Mln-
the inin. ! ..i ....1 -.i, ,■;;.,it ol
nl fni'iii'i take notice thai action, under
ion 117, innsl In- (■i.ii.iiifsi'til before thn l„-
ict'tif Hllehei iiiini,!.-ot lii,|ii„'.,'ii„i,i'
.1   V.   It  V'tl 'si,
itcd tills secoml dn) ,,l Ool i  l-.t,   11-31
't'nltonotice Hint -,txti-on*', nli, rdnto I in-
Notice is lioreby givon thai sixty duya lifter
tliitt, wo Intend to upply to tin' Chief Commissioner ofLnnds andWortiH foi' pt'i-inissiiin lo
purchuso tun acreM more or less situate on tliu
west side of Efh fiver. Commencing at a post
marked S. II. corner on Un* west intuit olEIll
rivor ttlioitt sis milt's obovii the mouth of Mloll-
,,| rroi'i. iii'iiti' rollowlug uie honeh or Kilt
lilvi'f hi i'liiiins nniiii. Ihonee sn chains wosl,
tlienee 80 chains Houlli, Uietico 8(1 ellalus east,
to Initial post.
Rated al Fnt'i Steele this milli SopU, I8»f.
M. CUIUS. 11. li. l'AIIHUNS.
ii. ll. Mi iiak.     n-'ln
men of Purl
,11 MVOI'll
W" Hit* llli'lit'lf ntsltiift
wl, .th. In-,', bv mini oui'"'.li'i'.'. n
l.oitiii'   llinl  v.,■ nlll nol '.I'll.
.vill mil
mils,   ilffi'i'i's. It
vhii'li   unil'  lm   I
I'ltlili' fur tiii'il-i
Hal ill-l' Illi'lliij.ri 'tiny of llio olij-lltu 11
III  I||.'«I1II|iUII'.,
(rl  'J'u i.i'iii'iii'i' llu' I'tiiiii'iiii.v iu hr
|'fo|sl,'l*l'll   Ul'   Illttll'IIUl'llll'tl,   ur   ui liui-
iviill'lllltuil'ill'il.   l'lll|lllUf|'l't|.   t'l'lll'l'.sl'lll-
cil, ur ri'itiiL'tii'/i"! lu HrlLI.li Unliimbllt.
(i,l  Tu liulil iu llm ntuiiits ul iitliuis
lipilll  Unu dny wltli'li
ny previous day. Thin
it. lioiii lln* Hint Uny of
il i'i
Canadian Pacific Railway.
When aoing East this line affords excellent accommodation for the traveller.   Splendid
Dining Car Service, Palace Sleeping Cars, Through Tourist
Car Service.
Lake steamers leave FV-Wiillaci. ont
Allioi'tn,     I'm' Owen Sound tivi'i'y Tuosdny
Ailiiiliiist'ii  "      "        "        "    Thui'sday
Manitoba    "      "        "        "    Sunday
C. IS. WKLLS, Air.'tit, Goldon, li. 0.
ROBERT KERR, Tntlllo Mahagor, Wliralpog, Mnn.
■ Nollee Is horoby wlven that sixty iluys alter
ilatel Intonil tn apply lol In-Chief I'oiiiinissloii-
erol Lands nnd IVorkn lor a Hpoolnl IIcoiiho lo
eul timber on the IoIIowIiik dosorlbeil bind In
I'iusi Kooii.|i!iv. Starting ut tt posl pinuit d on
Uu* ivosi inuili of llll: rivet'ulioul Uu tiles
aboveConlereoli, thoneo norlli iwcbnlim. Ill -e
ivosi in t'tiiun.s. llienee iini'lli IHI eliiiins. Ihei	
t'llsttiilehnltis. Uutiiee noi'th  III elialns, llinnee
.nisi loiniiilt of Mill I'lver iiiiiI ilown Klh rivor
lo pllli't. of liittllillllllf.
II.,I. I*. TunisTim.
llnleil Hi'|il,'.'.-,lli. ISM. Ill-*.1l
Ntti.li>,, Is horoby elveu' that IW i1ii,vh nftni
ihilt* I Inienil io apply lit llie llolil I' il-.hl.in-
t-r fur it lleeiipo lu sell liquor by it-lull »t
tin- piemists to tttt llliuwll lis Hit. Lnlto Vloii
llollsii, ill lln* litwitsltti til SivtuiHi'ti. Moyli
Lnlio, Ulslrlol ill Kusi Knoll.nny.
tinted Sepl. 'llllll. ISIIi. 1:1 I'i
11)1' 1
1.1      lllfl.l'C  1
'.II..Mllll'    lh.'   "11,1
I'lll I
lorn of Mtilil
Ills  tllOIICOIMflU)!'!
80 i'l
IlllS.    tlK'I.CI
v Bflnluiiintlopliie
of ho
T. II. I'Hi n 'I'l'.li.
rial, 1807. ll-'-l
t In | (lll|il,i „l,ll
IVillll, .'. lot:
.Itif Ttli'ltliiillsi'l'
11, I,   lliMsi'lli'll
i  ,i illitiiwariliui
VV II.riiintiny
Notieo is iiurnliy iilvtin lliul ulxlyilnys ufiiu
dtitii I Inli'inl ioiipply lo ihi'l'ltl'"'!iiiimlssloit'
er or Liltidsiuiil Worlis fur ii spnelnl Hroium u
nil llmlii'i'on tliu fitllowliiii ili'siTllinil Inuil In
Knsl Koiilt-ltny. Sllirllite nl n posl phillloll or
ui'hi inuil, ol Milt rivor iiliuiil ■' miln*aliovi
biH'I'lil       IOiiuliKooii,Ihi'iien mi uliiiltm west, Ihniiru iti
i,,v I'lirvliiiien e miixlh  nee I s eust.  ,,,'.■ mlHutoH mil". Il'lm HilofCm sslt
<_r    Mrs. 13. J. IllGTlWABDEN
Next Dour In Lurtier Simp.
Livcru, Feed & Sale Stable.
Fort Stoolo B.C.
IKIAUNG 111* Al.l. U1MIS t sl'l.i:i.\l.TV
Hugh Watt, M. D., C. M.
.1/. ''. /'. A'., Ontario and llrilish
I..ITI!   01*   Tin;   HOVAI,   CAHIIKlll
Foin.' Steisi.u, B, C.
P.L.S. tSi C.E.
Fort Stiiolo B.C.
P. L. S. ,is U. E,
Port Stoeh B.C.
W. H. Iluss. ii. -y, HumtiuiBii.
AgotttB liu* thu Kootoiitty Valleys Co.
Limited, Tlio Phoeiiix liisurtiuoe
Cuiiiiniuy of London, _ngliind.
Fori Steele,  B.  C.
Customs and Mining Broker
iU'n'>lf7 l\opeflies BouyM and Sold.
Perry Creek,
Now opon fur business, Full stook uf
wines, liquors unil t*io*nrs. Good beds
und o'liuil meals nt reitsonablo prices.
Mnnnitt'i*. JAMKS .1. MfKvov.
Kalispel Mont.
I'tirlies to tnul from Fort Steole
will lind Unit tliis is tho best pluco to
lottvo thoir stock, unit obtiiin convoy
A lfl-Uprso-powei' poi tnblusaw
lill, lu good condition,    Apply
Wusu, B, C,
Port Steele
and Kalian
Sixty tltiystiflt'i-tliili'I Inlt'iitl ltin|t]il.v lit llm
ritli'l llinniiilssiiini'i* ul Luiitls unil Win lis Iur
lii'i'lllisslini lu liuri-liusi' tlu- rollowitlb* ili'si'l-lln'tl
Inuil: I'liinliii'ttt'liiiiiilti lltlst iiltiuu i'hKI ft'ttl tut
llio oust or lofl Intiik or lliu Sloylu tllvor ml tint
I'lui'o known ns Uu* Irisliiuun'si ruiliilnif witst
Itulinlit,.,Ilii'iti-i. smiill lu ullllllls, tllt'ili-tt tlist
■ll) ulllltllH, itii'in't'iiurlli lit [lllloo of liittiinllluii,
liiili'il Aiirit.-l lilli. IMit. h
On iiiiiI uflcr AiiffiiHl -"lli. IS!I"- weekly
Hliijfos will leuve Furl Stoolo on Friday llHII'tllllhrrt ill 7 u'clui'k.   lie-
tlll'llllltf    leiivi*    Kllllspoll
'I'liesiliiy  inbi'lilligs ul
7 ii'cluck.
Kalispell and Fort Steele ol'iloos
ut the stoids of
J. A, Harvey
Mining Broker.
Port Steele, B. 0.
Johjison & Robinson
Fout Stuelu, B. C.
Correspondence Solicited.
Fort Steele Assay
Joe Taenhauser.
If your watch is sick semi it to Taou-
iuuisur'is Watuu Hospital.
Opposite Townsite Oiiicc.
ani> UUJLD.KK. .
PovL Stoolo,
11 C.
Tali lili'u. sixty iiiiyn nfior iliUo I sliull ii|i-
|tl.v in ine i'lilef ConiinlKslonoi' i'f Laiuis uml
Wi nli-' fiii" |ionnlhnlnn Ui uut Uinliur mi llio foi
ImdllKtl-HUfllKMl laml: until 1110111*1 UK ul li jn isl
liliiiiU'ilutiUiuN. VV.eoriim'ofO. H. it. blooli
fKl.tliistit'ij Nortli io t'lmlns. llicncu liiifil !M
lllllllilK, ilictii'i' Norlli HiicliuliiH, llti'lirii KiihUlJ
cl.itlll.s, tlli'lH'i-,Slllllll llMllllllllS, Uit'iH'd l-IIHiai
i'iiain.1, iln'iii'ii Smiili lln-lililliH, llimii'ii I'lasU'O
eh ui i us. i iin Smiili iu Nortliui'ii in ui in iu ry ni
mill) l.l.u'li ilii, llii'iii'i' Wimllu llllllll nr Ih'kIii-
IlllMllI llll-s Ullll duy nf AIIKllNt, IWIT. II
I horoby kIvi nollmi itiutdlittyiliiysuflu
1', a. MoHilOo
II. |'„ Kin,-,'. In.
M, Mfllnntwi- rn,
.1. W. Wolf
K.J. li. J. liHllllll
I'mlltl  .nil &  l;-.|'«   I '■
(iiiiliis iiorlli  Hi" Nl I'liulir. ciiHi. tliuiifi
tmi'lll HH'luilli'., Ilii'tli Wl   "M I'lml'i-., tin Iii'i
Ni'tlli HM'lialii'.. MilillCli OHHl tii I'-l Ii liver. UlClll'l
llttWII llm luiiilt Of rlvi'i- In |i!i uf iM'fliiiiliii'.
A. K. JaiHhdN,
DlUul St |il. *J"lli, IW'L IU-CU
of LihiiIh uml -tVoi'liH for |htiih    lu ptiri'luiM'
nu Ihlund lu ihi' Kunii'iiuy rivor, ttlliliito o|)|m-
hIio lilnoltn mi uml mul. Orouj) l,voiiUtliilliK
lllllllil llfU'i'll IIBI'OH llllllll Ul' li-HI4.
KorlSluolo,MnliUtllllsirWI, isUi.        IMII
Wholesale tloiiloi' in Ctnifticitioii*
cry, I'Vuil, Nuts, to., &e,
Cigars & Tobacco.
.Mis. .Itiiiit't i'liliiiili   I
"   .1. II. KmlniTK   ■     IIIIIKIiTllllM.
"   VV. A.l'iini'iiil )
Mils, I'l. II. Wkiiiihii, Miiniigui',
1'iilli'iilnfriini I'lii'l Hli'iilii, Itml till
iiiIiii'h, wlll  lm I'lii'iilvml ul imtniilili
ruliiH,   I'm' toi'llW ujljlly l"l
Mrs. E. R. Wclilinr, Maiiiiucr.
ISvoryiih-Mg Striclily l^ii-sii Class.
AV.r/ (/our lo flif, Pivupcofuv,
D, M, McMillan,
(Vliiitng Propositions,
Mining Sliiiri's,
Farm Lunds unil
Koul Estate.
D. M. M-Milliiu, Bi'andoi), Mnn,
The Provhienoe Fur Company,
I'M Al.l I,  I'M.,   ihi ii In  ull   1(1 Mis  nf   Ituw
Puih, sicUih.giiiHinn.sin.in. Kir. ;_yi»riifiM
ijiiuifil fur iirxi sixty ilityN nro us fiilnm-M:
Silvor Kox fi."•• ou i.» MM Ml
Unu-    Mm tu    i'.iHi
Otter    I ihi iu    -.iiu
lloiivnr    :iini|i.     ;t;,D ii,
M.nnii  '1 IHI lu Ullll
Wulf  I IKI lu -JOO
Itnl l-'nX  I llll lu ' .KI
Mlllll   if. tll !.' IHI
Sl.null    ^ lu I ini
ilniy Kox  rm to *ft
Hat     "jn io *»
C* I'llt-o l.liti imall otlior ru 1*h ami Hltlimuii
:i|.|.n. .in ui   i.i.i inli'iM Kimriinioi il. i .ii. ini
Hl'li'l'llull,  CUI'lflUls  111 ill Illllll   aild   IN.III. .Null'
I'Oll)IIIHIIOU llll llll niiiM.'iimi lil . IU-I1J


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