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The Prospector Oct 10, 1896

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 Tilt: |.|tj)Si'i'X':i'(i.ij     "5
,IVI    TIIK    I.AIlliHKT    C|IH'l'-i
I'VI'liiN Of ANY NUWS l'Al'1311 fl
•>?*?»?»»«»««»d»»?tt *•»• !<
No 16.
A   rliirlV nimtiig you ttikin notes,
And failli ho'l print thorn,
Mrs. Henniore arrived on last
weeks stage from Toronto.
McLood & lioeson have com-
leiod the Port Steele resturant.
W. E, Johnston returned after
ji short visit to Jennings and
Mr. Bleadell is expected in today, his Drug store is nearly
Report says Harry Bro>vn is
taking Music lessons at the
North Star.
Mr. McDonald is running the
business for Dan McNoish during
ids absence,
F.roeman & Little are now running tlio Dalgarduo liyerv stable
in lirsl class style-,
Mrs. James Clark from Toronlo
arrived per Saturdays stage, she
is a sislcr of Mr, Galbraith,
A. R. Grace Editor of (lie
Prospector is expected nexl
Wednesday from Spokane.
Divine Service will bo hold
next Sunday evening in the
School Room at 7,30 o'clock.
Messrs Smith & Clever left for
the Sullivan group,whore they
intend to do some work.
Mr. J. J, Quhllivaii & family
have moved Into their new resi
deuce whicli Is completed.
Tho Dalgardno House closed
yesterday, but rumor says It w
bo   opened again  In   the   near
Arthur Fenwick has gone up
the St. Mary's on a hunting ex
I (edition with two English gentle
Wo understand Mr, Hanson of
Wasa is building a fine residence
al Wasa. Bale & Scott have the
Dan McNoish left for (lolden
last Sunday witli bis brother
William. Ills new residence is
completed, ft Is easy to guess
his errand.
The Indian prisoner serving
llvo mouths for boating liis wilt
made bis escape last week. Mr,
Ha rues went lo Tobacco plains
tn try anil lind his whereabouts,
Col. Ridpath and Mr. ,T. Cronan
arrived from Spokane by way of
llie Moyen. We iiiulei'stnnd Col.
Ridpath bus employed a number
ol mon lo work on Ihe Sullivan
mine Ibis winter.
The farewell dance given to
Mr. & Mrs. Campbell was a very
enjoyable ulTiiir. They leave us
today for Tobacco plains, where
Ihey intend to take up tho occupation of farming, we wish thorn
Dibble. Dole & Dad have gone
lo Spokanelo lake up Ihe bond
on the Dibble mine, Mr. Thos.
McVittie, will represent Ml
Wiillingers interest, Thoy intoncl
to spend two weeks in Spokane
and lake iii ihe [air. Thoy weal
by way of the Kootenay river on
the Steamer Dibble Dole* Dad,
A new strike has been miule
called tho Hidden Secrel, loenleil
by Wellington, Kinney anil Tom
Cvr. Assays average ^on in
gold and silver, on the summit of
llu- new Sl. Mary's trail to I'ilol
liny, The ledgo is 20 inches
wide and can lie traced for some
Development in That Section Is
Both Rapid and Encouraging.
Largo Shippers Are Talking pf
Erecting Thpip Qyp Concentrating Plants.
Barney Quinn, who has spent
(he last four months in tlie Fort
Sleele mining district, furnishes
some interesting information relative to that country. He
"Mineral locations have been
mado along Ihe Kootenay from
Elk river, npar the International
boundary, to Golden, on the
Canadian. Pacific railway. Tbe
counlry abounds in mineral, free-
milling epiurtz and high-grade
galena. It is certainly an interesting district and one well worth
visiting. The ledges in the district are usually large and of excellent grade.
"To give a complete account
of tlio country and its mineral
resources would bo a difficult
task, so I will confine myself to
mentioning a few mines in a
number of which Spokane peoplo
are interested,
11 Commencing at the St. Eugene mine, on Moyea lake, This
property is owned by John A.
Finch and James Cronin, The
workings aro now in solid galena
ore and from what can be learned
it is of splendid quality.
"At the North Star mine in
the silver load district the development work is still going on and
a large amount of ore is being
extracted. Tho steamboats have
been unable to handle the output
It is probable that some time
next season tho company operating the mine will put in a concentrator, Ono hundred men will
be employed on development and
in extracting ore this winter.
Tlie North Star is the most thoroughly developed mine in tho
" Tlie Sullivan group is owned
by tho Lo Roi boys of Spokane
and has a big surface showing.
A contract has boon let to sink
Kill feel on tbe property. The
properties aro located north of
the North Star mine.
" In tho same vicinity lies tlie
Midnight, upon which 13. C.
Kingsbury of this city litis a bond
The showing on this property is
a good oiit'. Kree-milling gold
quarts! has been discovered on
Perry oreek. The discovery has
created considerable excitement.
Upon one of the properties there
is a tunnel in 50 feet. On Wild
Horse creek the Invicta company
and tho Nip & Tuck, owned by
English syndicates, are working
their Placers Oil a large scale.
"The Dibble group, back from
Port Sleele, is now under bond
lo Chisholm Bros, of llozoinan,
Molilalia, Tho oro curries both
gold mnl silver ami will run from
$150 lo ¥200 U Ion. The bond on
the properly is 820,QUO and ex
plros this month, Tho owners
expeel lo ship enough ore lo pay
the bund.
The Dnrihincllcssituated aboul
in miles North of Port Steele, is
ii free milling proposition. The
owners nre now working an urns-
Irn with good resnlls.
"The Lilly May is located lo
miles northeast from Port Steele
The mine is owned by Spokane
parties. A contract has been let
for III" feel of work. The owners contemplate the erection of a
stamp mill in the spring.
'• Doherly's eUt'in in the same
vicinity is developed with a B*J
foot tunnel. It is a I'ree-nii.Uing
"My own locations in tlie distinct are llie Lady Anno group of
four claims. There is a six-foot
ledge with throe foot of solid
galena. I have let a contract to
sink 20 feet.
" Some splendid ore has been
uncovered on the head of Tracy
creek. Some of the claims show
four i'eot of solid galena.
" The report of the Windermere district are to the effect that
many of the locations aro showing up well."
" How many locations aro there
recorded in the district ?" Mr.
Quinn was asked.
"I think it is safe to say 500.
The recorder told me recently
that tlie locations this season far
exceeded those of last season,
"Fort Steele is the supply
point for till that district. There
are three general merchandise
stores, three hotels, one blacksmith shop, two barber shops
and two meat markets. The
population is about 350, but dur
ing the past season there has
been a largo floating population.
"Tho government has built a
trail from Fort Sleele lo the summit of the Solkirks to connect
with the trail to Kootenay lake.
This will be of advantage to every
ono who may desire to go across
the country,"
Mr. Quinn will probably return
to Fort Steele in the course of tt
few days,—Spokesman Review.
Quart/, anil Placor Diggings at
the Frail Fair.
* %
Thu Spokane Fruit Fair will
have the reproduction of a mine
at work, Men are constructing
a tunnel, in all "0 feet in length,
on the south side of the buildings,
'adjoining the Auditorium. It
Tvill lead directly into tho main
building, where the drilling con-
tost will take place, and at the
other end will be a chamber,
where men will be constantly employed jn drilling, thus affording
a practical object lesson in quartz
mining. Outside and connected
with the tunnel, which will be
five foot wide nnd seven feet
high, the walls of basaltic rock-,
will be a shaft, 115 feet deep, from
winch ore from Hie Lo Roi mine
will be hoisted every day. There
aro now two carloads of ore on
the Spokane Falls k Northern
railroad track for this purpose.
In addition hi this an artificial
placer mine will be operated by
the hydraulic process. Inside
will be a mountain and to high ten
, the effect native cedars, pines,
'tamaracks and furs will be
placed in position, giving the
mine the appearance of genuine
workings, so far as possible to
represent it artilically, even to
the natural moss. The design is
unique, and the fruit fair management anticipates that the mine
will prove one of tho most popular attractions on the ground.
M, Brophy an experienced
Hydraulic Miner of 25 years in
California and British Columbia,
who has been up to tho Inviota
Hydraulic mine for the last two
months in charge of the Monitors
by night, was in Steele today on
his return to tho O'Kaiuigun country, water giving out piping by
night has ceased. He is returning
to tako charge of prospecting a
Hydraulic mine for London parties in the O'Kanagan district.
Speaking of the Invicta Hydraulic mine he says he considers
it a good mine under proper management, undoubtedly will prove
to be. a dividend paying one.
Indian Agent Galbraith arrived
from West Kooleiiny Via Moyea j
Trail. He reports tbe wards of
the Government as progressing
satisfactory. Tlie Reclamation
Co. arc busily repairing Ibe damage dime to their works by the
high water anil before the winter
sets in it is expected, Ihe work-
will lie closed up. .\li'. Keefer
C. E. is in charge and gives the
work a careful personal supervision. Some good claims have been
struck in Ihe neighborhood of the
Reclamation Works which promise well. Mi', ilalbrailh found
the Moyen Trail very much
blocked lip with fallen limber
and Ihe Goal III vor Trail almost
Impassable,   lioih of these trails
should he cut mil in Hie spring
lis  II good deal uf Hie (ravel will
como in by thai route. Mr.
I lalbrailh leaves for Windermere
ona lour of inspection amongst
Iho reserves,
sr us, in in; poll  Tin: Pllosi'liCTOli,
Late Particulars of the Wreck of
tho Gunboat Itlis,
San Francisco, Sept. 27. While
a story of the sinking of the German gunboat Itlis had already
boen told, the Doric, which
arrived from the Orient yesterday
brought additional particulars as
to the death of all but eight of
the crew. After the vessel struck
on the roof near tho promontory
and began to break up, it was realized by the officers and men
that no human efforts could save
them. Tho majority of the crew
were gathered aloft, where Commander Briuin and the ollleers of
the watch and Lieutenant Prasse
were standing on the bridge. At
the moment of the gravest danger, the captain gathered the
doomed crew about him and
culled upon them to give three
cheers for the emperor. They
were given with a will, and, waving their bills at the Hag Ihal
floated over them, Ihe brave
sailors showed tholr lldolity to
Ibe fatherland and took a farewell of life.
While Ihe cheering was going
mi, llie shi|i broke in iwo near
llie Foremost. The musts toppled
ami fell, anil as they went down
they crushed through tho bridge
ami swept several of the men into
the sea wilh their rigging. Just
IIS 11 big wave ellllie elll'lillg lo
ward the lost vessel, (liiliner
Kaolin requested ihe men iii join
in singing ihe national hymn.
i they grouped each Others hands,
and with their voices mingling
I witli the howling of llio storm
Hiev   wenl  down In (lentil in llie
Agents Por The California
Giant Powder Company.
| A N D
1 Manufacturer of I
ni -■'
m-~ Z"
|       all kinds of
■TV '„'t
1       LUMBER.
B A large assortment of
£ seasoned lumber and shingles    '
£ constantly on hand. -„«
| Dimension Timber a Specialty.
i WASA, B. C.
■J; Two Goiiiiiiodloiis Sample Rooms tor Commercial Men '■.
# IIO'V ,{■ COLD 1IATIIS                   HATES S.i PEL DAY. $
| *
1 J. G. Greene. Proprietor. t
* - ■ *
2J GOLDEN, />'. C, |
i *■
************ **************
Port Steele
Mining Division,
East Kootenay,B.C. Ill' PROSPECTOR,
JS   Hi:i;l.lsllEli   WEEKL)   IIY
.1.  /,'. GllACE. MAXAGElt.
ii|il)ull(llni| u( I-'i
low Aeeusecl of Conspiracy by
llie Turkish Police   Incriiii-
inuliim' Documents Pound.
Grand Vizier Threatens To Ro
''"'I   sign   British Residents Stale
Their Lives ure in Danger,
.voi'llseinu rul>> iiiai'.,.- luio-.cn orj upiilli'iitiyn.
ulrlli itlDns are solicited from ull parts of the
li-let. bul ■:■'. mutter Intended lor pltpllcatton
ist have the writers slitnuture.
Little Hope for Distressed Armenia   Great Briliau ran i
Act Alone.
Constantinople, Sept. 2a,- The
police announce tliat thoy have
made an important discovery of
bombs and oilier explosives and
incriminating documents in nn
Armenian house in the Faubourg
Scutarj. 'two of the leaders and
many of the members of Uie Armenian committee have heen
arrested hi connection with l
enter    the     Riisphiu-lis.        The
government al Washington, Ihe
dispatch says, is fully informed
nf ihe |iliius nf Lord Salisbury,
anil if Hie ships nf llie British
Hoot force Ihe Straits nf the
Dardanelles, the American warships will follow and preserve
order without engaging the'Purl'
isll forts. Several of Ihe leading
provincial papers including Hie
Leeds Mercury. Liborol and Hie
Yorkshire Post, Conservative,
concur in the view Hull Ihe joint
action (if Ihe British and American war,shi|is at Constantinople
would l>e a magnificent ami eltoc
live en n|ier;ili,in
More conflicts are reported lo
have occurred betaraeri Turkish
troops and Insurgents in Macedonia, .News has been received
at Alliens that 100 insurgents
have beleaguered the convent of
Sl Deuys, near I'un a.
'the British MeiiileiTiiueau
fleet as expected arrived at tlie
Island of Leniiis (Island of Nlal-
iinini) to.day. Active preparations foi' sea are daily proceeding
among the vessels composing tho
Russian  Black    sea  squadron,
'   !. T.
,'. s   I'r
'.'   A. W
, homas
,.,.                       Seere
.i.iliu   (1
A.ll.llI'MO.     [[.Willi
Thomas  McVittie.
aext rofular mc-attm,' 'it iho   usst
will  be lield on Siitunliiy, October,
Ail  possible informntioii   will  bo  furnish-
jpil   by  Hie Association, upon appl Ion lion to
miiis MeViltie,  Sec,  Fort Steele li.C.
Physician id Surgeon
I'liliT STEELE,  II. II,
Whissling is a wind iustru-
iiienl. says .lush Hillings, mnl is
made hy puckering up ihe iiiuuih
uml blowing through Ihe hole.
Grate thinkers an. nut apt in
he good whisslei's, in I'llkt, when
a man haul think uf nothing. Ilien
he begins lo whissel.
We seldom see a rascal who 1/
a guild whissliT. there Is a great
deal of honour bright in a sharp, I
well puckered whissel
If i had a buy who couldn't
whissel. i doii'l waul In he under
stood lhat i would feel at liberty
tew give the buy up for lost, bul
i would much rather he would
linn limy lew whissel fust rale,
than to kno how tn play loii'ds.
1 wouldn't force a boy of mine
lo whissel agin his unli'iil inclination,
Sum people alwns whissel
whare tliaie is danger this they
dn In keep llie fraid oi.ll of thfllll.
When i was a hoy i alwuz konsi
doled whissling llie next best
thing to a kundl.e to go down
, cellar wilh in the uite lime.
I lioutricial cotninuiuiiuo prohibits ,.,     ,     ,    , .    .      ,,   , .' ,
,.                    ,   ,                       ., lu.' best wlnsslors that i  have
discovery   and  nave  conlessecl a inoelingoi foreigners and says
their guilt.   Thev have also de- an  foreigners who do not enjoy
nounced many of their aecom-1 tjie confidence of the government
[dices to the police.   The police J vt-ill be expelled.
Have a hope of being soon able    a ispucia}  dispatob  received
to unearth the whole plot \fmn Ronw says that Vice-Ad-
London, Sept. 25.—A Constan-Lira] Cauvero with the Hying
tinople dispatch to the Morning squadron, leaves for the Levant
Post says:    The Grand Vizier. at the earliest possible moment,
Halil Rafut Pasha, threatens to    Vienna,  Sept.  18—The None
resign unless the minister of pol- pj-eie Press,, says the inspection
of the forts of the Dardanelles
by a Russian general is the sultan's reply to England's efforts
to force him to abdicte. lt is also
th.' response of Fiussin, which
lias taken the sultan under its
protection, to England's menace.
P.L.S. A*- C.E,
Purl  Steele  II.C.
//. /.. CUMMINS.
P. L. s. ,i- c. /•;
Port Stoela U.C,
ice is dismissed on account of the
recent massacres. The .sultan
upholds the police minister and
refused lo accept the resignation
of Hie Grand Vizier.
Tlie Standard publishes a dispatch from Constantinople that
Voting Turkey party is covering
the city with placarts inciting the
people to dethrone the sultan.
Serious trouble, it is added, is
certain to occur within a week,
Turkish troops are nightly deporting Armenians to the Black
Sea, where, il is believed, Ihey
are drowned. The British resh
dents, nl tin' instance of the
British embassy, liayo tele.
graphed to Lord Salisbury, stating that tholr lives and proporty
are in danger, The French
residents have taken similar
action, The British and French
Heels are now near the mouth of
the Dardanelles. Feud Pasha,
one of llie sultan's Aides-de-camp
was questioned as to how long
the forts along the Dardanelles
could check the passage of the
warships, and he replied that
they could stop them in almost
half an hour.
The British foreign office has
given onl the following semiofficial note: "The outburst of
the continental press against
Great Britain, which is accused
of selfish designs in the east, has
astonished official circles. Nothing that is being done or contemplated by the govornmont could
give the slightest color to such
assertions. The government
cannot hold itself responsible for
the natural Inn.roi- inspired in Hie
minds of the public by the ntroc-
/ii,™,,!,-!/, ,.,i ■,, /.,,( policy of Great Britain has, however, undergone uochaugo what-
_______ _ ever,   and   the   government   is
acting in complete accord witli
tin- other powers, as il has
hitherto done. Nevertheless it
is becoming obvious ihal the
public feeling iii Great  Britain
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     has  been   so .-.tiicliiuyi'il by   Hie
shocking events in Constantinople thai thegovernmenl would
THE Mac ART Hi: It FtllllUiST   [never be supported in, again sid
ing    Willi    the    Plil-le, If    Ihe
powers en ii in tt seo their way io
All Mon Laid OIT Por An Indeli
ni|o Period,
II', I; lien; Harvey. /■*, '', ,s',
I .1/,,,,. Ed. Inst. M iv M E.\
Assay Offifctc,Mi'tullnrgleal Wmi%
Vancouver II. V.
Mill lists  until,   „,,  pit,;; Is nl   lir)   »p It,
I.nun. Lbs in la'ajht.
i ASSlil I.   tiOI.lt   EXTItACTIS
CO MP A XV. " Ltd."
Andrew B. Hendryx, manager
of the Kootenay Mining and
smelting company, owners of the
Pilot Bay .smeller and the Blue
Bell mine, has just executed an
order which means that tho smelter will not be operated this
full, at least not by his company.
When thesmeltor closed down
last May it was wilh tho purpose
of cleaning up, making some ini-
provinents. and resinning again
at an early date Throughout the
summer a large force of men has
been engaged in malting bricks
foi. an additional stack and a
proposed refinery. Wednesday
Mr, Hendryx appeared at Pilot
Hay. discharged the entire force
and closed down all works, leave-
ing only watchmen on Hie premises. He makes no statement beyond that the smelter will be
closed for an indefinite period.
This of course means that the
I Hue Bell mine will not lie worked, as it must depend upon the
I local smelter to treat tin. low
grade ores.
There is no new developments
in connection with Ihe supposed
negotiations for Hie smelter by
the Kansas City people.
over heard hey boon among the
negroes(i make Ibis remark witli
tlie highest respekl to the accomplishments of the whites). | hav
herd a south Caroliny darkey
would \vhiss.el so mitral that a
mocking bird would, drop a worm
out of his bill and tall; back to
tlie darkey.
I don't want any better evidence of the general honesty
thiire iz in a whissel than the
falrt that thare ain't nothing
whicli a dog will answer quicker
than a whissel ov his muster, and
dogs are as good jtigdes oy honesty az enny critters that live.
lt is hard work to phool a dog
onco, and is next to impossible
to phool him tho "A time.
I ain't afraid to trust enny man
for a small amount if ho in a good
I would want to sell him afurm
on credit, for I should expect to
hav to take the farm back after
a while and remove the mortgage
You can't whissel a mortgage
from a farm.
A good whissler is like a middling sized fiddle, good for nothing else, and tho whissling may
keep a man from getting lonesum
it won't keep him from getting
•*~ ■**?
IThe Mountain!
I        Foil Steele B. C.
; WILLIAM   EOHSYTH,   liltll'HIETilll.
j£      This is one of the bosl appointed Holds in tlio
£ Port Sleele District.
j- Every   room   is   comfortably   furnished.
Two Biggest Engines.
■ nlii^—W^—m^^^
tin Cyttiil, I'rneisssliimld  end nimyih*
tin !'„,.,uluin rtprest ttlttliei,
A-,".(tiffin ,1' .Veltilliieykal Works.
I' I \< ttCYEll ll.t'.
I'ho two  biggest   Nro engines
ihe world ni'e. iii Liverpool.
idopi  moans to cooperate to cud These magnificent specimens ol
, ,   il arnagii the only course upon workmanship are the most pow-
io Ureal Britain is to stand aside orful lire engines known, throw
and to hope for a mini' wlisfac |ng |;Ht)0 gallons of walnr a mill-
lory state of affairs." lite, and a jet I ID feel high, The
The Si. .hinii'.-, Gazelle pub force with which Ihe water is
lishes ii special dispatch Iriiiii cjci'led from them may he cslini
Washington in which il is agser aloil from the fact that the Jul is
led ihal President Cleveland "warntiifod to kill a man at, DiiU
is determined thai the l.liiltedjfeot,"'l|1uoh engine look hm wtiok
l-. Till  I'lliiseij'Toii.
Stales warship liyncrol't, now on
her way In Turkish waters, shall
In build, ihe cost being roughly
I':',mm curb.
'I'lie Mining Recorder ut Port Steele, 1
in i pint of ii dli'Miliu' from tlie Minister of Mines, requesting; liiin to collect
Hpceiiiions of ore from I lie various mines
ana" prospects in ''is Division, Mlnc&
i 'luim owners nre requested In furnish
tlupllciilo samples of ore from tho lodge
iinil also iluplli-iiii- siiniplns nf oaoli wall
These specimens nro sent in llu
Milling liiiivuu ni Victoria, one being
assayed, and the ntliei- exhibited in lln
In East Kootonny.
Mr. Sussiniiin of the C. P. It,
and Mr. Stafford of tho Gait Coal
Company were in tlio Crow's Nosl
Pass recently examining the coal
Holds and both expressed Ihem
selves bigiy pleased with what
thoy saw.
ST   When vou visit Port Steele you will miss it if you dont ^3
r-                                            , =3
tz                                  stop ul  the, zS
1    Mountain House. I
|     The Pioneer |
|          HOTEL 1
I   of Fort Steele. |
1    strictly First Glass, I
•^ -^
t^ zi
sr          Charles   Levett,   Prop. is
Hie National Matte Smelter,
One Kvil of Bonding,
i'lie Slocan is full of men who
wish to obtain control of good
pi'iipei'lii'S nl a small oiillay by
bonding them. We do notn[iprovo
of this iiielhod id' doing liiisiiiess.
The prospectors should develop
their own properties, and make
deals for wish. Tliu bonding
l.pi'oeess gives the capitalist too
much of a chance lodaniu a. mutt's
properly, if hi. lalies a notion in
thai dii'ocllon.   Ledgo.
A practical, cheap and simple
method of mulling sulphide ore,
such us nickel, copper, gold, and
silver ores, in localities where
lead ores and fuel are scarce und
almost unattainable, our pyritie,
water jacketed Mutle Smelter
has been recognized with highly
satisfactory results, and has
been thoroughly tested on various pyritie, sulphide and arsenide ores, in capacity of 2 to no
tons por day. It is the simpliost
method of gold and silver ore
matting, and concentrating that
is known to-day,
ll roquiros no extraordinary
skill, no lend ores, no fluxing
material, and nofuol for llie smeller niter it Is started, The sul-
phor in the ore is its natural
fuel only, und its cost' has no
comparison with any othor process of concentrating.
We ui'O prepared to furnish any
size or capacity plant complete
to substantial mining people, set
it up and furnish our men lo rim
il for them on easy payments,
Prices end specifications, with
references and testimonials on
NATIONAL Olll; li  1,'Hlll'i'TION I'll.
,\liiiiii(in'liii-,'i's nl I'lii'iimii", dir Nlt'lii!l,l'ii|i|it>r.
Cliild,.silver mill l.tinrtOim,
BN'tllrlllllllS ANIl i.'iiN'HUI'Tiilm lull
Kl,ll'l|.|\IK\T    UK    I'ill'.MIttAI.
lii'iiiriTiiiN wouira,
ST,  LOUIS, .Mil,
Port   Steele   U.C.
A S S A Y   0 V V .1 C D!.
Port Steele li.C.
Cold,   Silver,    Copper,    Loud,
Etc, nt prices lo suit  Ihe limes,
A trial respectfully solicited,
All work will  receive  prompt
|;|.',A1) Tllli',  I'llOKI'I'CToi;,
Weekly delivery lu mining camps in tin
Xorlh Star and Wild Horse Dlstvivls.
Address all communications lo
Iloi'se-shoi ing A Special iy < CHOW'S NEST PASS,
d'he (Hi ibe Urges its Construction
Canadian Wholesalers AreUnablc
to Compete in Kootenay
siderable share of  the  trade of
Kootenuy "
The Globo also refers to tbe
question editorially, and while
pointing oul the desirability of
this construction ol the road as
soon as possible, urges lhat no
monopoly of the pass be given to
any one railroad, For the Gov-
erninenl to build and give for all
would in its opinion be doubtful
wisdom. Some moans could be
devised, il thinks, to retain public
control of the pass, Somo who
have gone through the pass slate
that there is room enough nl the
narrowest point for four railway
A special correspondent to the
Toronto Globe, in his letter which
deals with the transportation
facilities of Kootenay. After
pointing oul that tho trend of
trade is southward, across the
boundry line, he deals with the
Crow's Nest Puss railway proposition, setting forth some very
convincing reasons why that
work should bo carried through
with all convenient expedition.
He says :
■' Tho one question universally
asked here is, "When will the
Canadian Pacific build the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway ?" Nothing
else would assist so powerfully
both in continuing the rapid development, of the country and in
enabling Canadians lo compote
on fair terms with their neighbors for the'trade of Kootenay.
Its advantages would be numerous. In the lirst place there
Would be all rail communication
with the oast, and if Ihe new line
went through to some point near
Hope or Mission Junction, with
the west also. Various new sections of the country would be
opened up, including East Kootenay, believed by many to bo as
rich in mineral wealth as West
Kootenay; and the Okanagan
district, which the line will touch
at Pendleton, and various other
districts, such as tlie Chilliwhuck
yalloy on the west and Eiluionton
district on the oast, placed within
Comparatively easy reach. But
imo of the most important fen-
lures of the Crow's Nest Pass
Railway would be Hie supply of
eoal it would render available,
there is an abundance of coal in
the pass, which is at present useless. Al present much -of the
coke and coal used here is
brought around from England
and Wales by way of Cape Horn,
this is not so surprising as it appears lirst, when it is remembered
Hint vessels bringing this coke
and coal are content wilh the
lowest freight rates, sometimes
evoii bringing it as ballast, their
principal mission being to take
return cargoes of lumber and lisb
from Vancouver, In Ibis way
they tire enabled to compote nl
ninny points with coke and coal
from Naiiiiiuio. The English
coke is frequently quoted a little
higher tlinn coke from Nanaimo
coal, but liuds purchasers nevertheless, owing lo the faot that a
third more ol the coke is necessary lo securo tho sumo results,
The cost of eoal, however, is very
high, usually running over "J20 a
Ion. Willi eoal from the Crow's
Nesl Pass, llie price will almost
ho cut in two. This would again
reduce the cost ol smelting, make
profitable the reduction of a lower grade of ore, hasten tho establishment of smelters, and generally quicken tbe development
of the whole Kootenay district.
"Wm. Whyle. general superintendent of the western division
of the Canadian Pacific, was here
reconlly looking into tlie railway
question,    I understand it has
been decided lo build as quickly
as   possible   from   Rossllllld   lo
Kobson, wlilcli would somewhat
shorten the distance lo Hie main
line, und would give dll'OCl   rail
way connection with Nelson.
This is very good us fur us il
goes, and llie line from here to
Nelson would be no doubt an Important and proiiiiible section of
llie larger line to Lolhbt'idgo,
through the puss. Ilul if the
through line i-, not built, eastern
Canada need not look lor any eon-
A curious element of the monetary situation is Japan's, gold deposit of 111,000,006 .'nthe Bunk
of England. This has largely
increased Ihe bank's stock of
gold, but since it. may bo withdrawn at any moment it is uot
available as a gold reserve, but
is hold in the vaults for safekeeping. What the Japanese government intends to do is a mystery.
If the navy is to be straightened
it will not leave England. Lombard street has heard a rumor that
Japan being a silver country intends to keep a gold reserve in
the Bank of England and issue
paper currency of ^22,000,000
against it; but this report is not
believed, The Japanese deposit
under tho existing conditions is
simply luid subject to future d
nuind and does not increase (he
bank's gold reserve, Another
feature of the monetary situation
is Hie increased production of
gold in south Africa, where, after
a protracted period of political
disturbances, the Rand lias surpassed all previous records.
by il letter just received from lite
young inaii il appears tliat (lie
whaling ship was wrecked as
slated in Hie Arctic Oeeiin, near
the mouth ol ibe Mackenzie]
river. Another whaling ship of
ihe Heel sent a boat to the wreck
and took off some of llie crew,
but as the reselling vessel was
short of provisions, she could not
lake all the shipwrecked crew,
and young Simpson and five
ojhors were left oil Ihe ship.
Thoy stayed on llie wreck till
their provisions were exhausted,
Mid as no oilier vessel appeared
to succor them they were at last
forced to set out in the desperate
indeavor to reach the land.
Thnn.. of them starved to death
on the journey, but young Simpson and two others survived and
managed lo reach the shore.
Prom the mouth of the Mackenzie river, where they landed,
the three survivors set out to
traverse tlio 1,800 miles of wilderness which lay between them
and the nearest settlement in'
British Columbia. This tremen- j
dous journey took them up the
Mackenzie river to the Peace
river, up the Peace river, through
the Peace river puss of the Rocky
mountains and across the wilds
of northern British Columbia to
the coast, but they succeeded in j
accomplishing Hie distance in
At the coast young Simpson
found employment in a salmon
canning establishment, and by
the lirst mail from tlie nearest
post office ho sent to his family
in Dresden the letter whicli gave
them the welcome news ot hisj
ft war tied
Highest Honors   World's Fair.
DR. -
A Boom to Siberia,
Russian peasants aveemigratinf
to Siberia in numbers that alarm
the government. The purl of the
Siberian Railroad opened lias
been blocked by the rush 1.8,000
persons being encamped at Tche
lynbnrsk in the middle of May,
waiting for tnnsportntion. So fur
this year 1-15,000 have emigrated
whole villages being left without
inhabitants, to the great ombur
riissnienl of Hie elder, who is re
sponsible for llie payment of
taxes, and finds only deserted
farms on whicli to levy. Pentil'ul.
cheap lniiil is (lie attraction to
Siberia. It is reported Hull the
government will stop banishing
criminals to Siberia, and will
use only Hie island of Saghal-
ien, the northern provinces, and
the prison districts as receptacles
I'm' convicts.
,V pure Gi'iipu Creiim of Titi'tur Powilut-,
l-'ri'ii  from   Ammonia,   Alum or any
lit her lldlllll-I'llllt.
111 yimis tu): sTAMi.iiin.
Fort Steele
W.M.Carter Proprietor.
You Pay Por What You Eat;
Meals at all Hours,
And from Iu Cents DP.
Will Open October 1st IBflG.
Contractors ■-"<* Builders.
Two and a Quarter Million Dollars "Worth in a Year,
The total value of the ore shipped from the Kootenay during
tlie year amounts to $2,280,132,
These figures according to tlie
Nelson Tribune, are obtained
from the custom house at Nelson
and from data furnished by the
Columbia and Kootenay Steam
Navigation Company,
II UMTI'lll. uml SHOP  Weill.
First Glass Work Guaranteed.
Simp 'apposite Hie   Furl   Steele
Printing offiee.
Watch, Clock»'"' Jewelry
In ihe bent stylo ul llie iiiiiii.. Mull
nnd Kxpress orders receive prompt
C.M.I.    I'l'oS    Ml',    OPPOSITE   Till:
.inns McMillan,
tlfll.HES    II.C.
Thrilling Experience of a Lamb-
ton Youth.
Siii'iiiii. (>nt. Ori-in Simpson.
11. son ol N'. Simpson, of North
Dresden, went oil' lo seek his fortune somo live years ago, and
was last heard of in H-H", when
he wrote homo that he hud ship-
pi.d on board 11 whaling ship
bound for Ihe Ai'etie seas, Nothing more was heard from him,
but from another source came
news Hull Ihe whaling vessel hud
been wrecked, ilia! only one bout
load of the crew hud been saved,
and thai young Simpson was mil
among the survivors, Ills parents
have    since   mourned   him   us
I'l.ENTlKUl. ON I'.Vl'.llV DUMP,
Tlio ul lent inn uf Prospectors ami
Minora is culled tu llie inorils uf u now
Improved itppiirutiw for testing unit
smelting viti'tuus kinds nf ores mid
minerals, such us gold, copper, nleklo,
silver uml lend ovos, refractory uml
compound ores, This Fiu-uuco is designed und ciiiisli'iii-li'il hy unit lor u
prospector, wlm requires 11 Horvlconble
furniu'i'. eiislly transported ovor 11
mountttlnbiis oountry by 11 puck iinlliud!
tiiul is I'limpli'li'mnl ri-iuiy. und eitu bo
BOl up ul any dump nf low gmde ores,
lliiit otherwise will nut pay insliipwiih
prollt unit muku 11 ii'niiil iliiy's pay mil ol
ono or two Inns of ore every dny.
To Judge tlio vuh ranch mimillii   '
uf a ('upoliiSmeHoi', knock-down bottom j
type, wiili extension when smelting
urea, made ul Nn. IU steel plains with j
slug uml iin-liil spouts, nihil'}, sinnl I
iilowei', (..ountei'sliutl with geiirud pulloj
(or liliisl supply, by either wntor. stouiu
ni'  1 a power: wilh throe gruphidc
,'i'iii'ililn.-. three stool Indies,six riiriuiool
stool lull's uml liinls. only weighing com-1
plele ISSi pniinils when tho prospecter
eini (Intol'iuiuo llie vulltc uf ouil tun of
llm m-i-in 11 ihi'-liiiui'lieu! hy llm nut-j
|iui of di.' bullion.
With n lillie iii'illiutry liiU-lllgiiin'o ul
It,' average pi'iispm'tor, ilii-. ll vi   .' 1
Iiy lln  feel  Inside   (Uumcler   llllle|
snleltei', nm "it i<"i gt'llifi- urns, wit mil
unit  puj  Ini' ii-ril'vi'v ivei-k hm  il
wlli  nun, in''1' llm   "'.'I'lii'  lli'lnlnl  I'- '
(loinplliin wlm does un! belli \'~ wli.li in
Kalispel Mont.
Purlins tu nnd from Fort Si.nl,
will find llinl this Is llm host pllice li
leuve their stuck, und iilmiiii conveyances,
GOntrattorse. Builders,
Fort Steele 13, G,
Estimates furnished lor Uie erection nf
Concentrators, Smelters and Stamp-mills
All work promptly attended to.
Tlie Mission store.
G e n e r a 1
The Highest Price Paid For Furs
Weekly Stage
Fort Steele B.C.
Tobacco Plains
Kalispel I.
Leuve Kurt Steele Saturdays,
.. ,. Tobacco Plainsi Tuesdays,
GOING NollTll.
Loaves Kalispell Saturdays.
Por Freight und Express rates.
Apply lu
K, II. 11011 ART,
Fort Steele II.C.
Fur Catalogues, Address
DANIEL F. HEATTY. Washington,
Sec .It ,'setl.
(ii'Cinis, jmj.oi) up,  sii'ii
riAlMJS   i'ivo.    Aililnw   iwiili'l 1'.
llcutlj., Wii-lilii|.i„n. N.J.
flRf.flWQ  U'l's ("iitimil.    I'lUiilnnuu It.'.-
uixunno Aii,ir,'ssi»iiiii'ii... iii'iuiv. wi'sii-
liiiilon, N. .1.
IIKA'H'Y'S Orirans MS.OIl up.
500,000 XK;;!:,T,S,iyAw»s
's Ortjans B.E:K!,,,)I
11,'iillv Wnshllll'lnU. X..I
l-'IStl  &  ClAMK   IN  SEASON,
Meats Delivered ut Tbe Mines ul.
Reasonable Prices.
If   ,vini   wiini   tbe   prime
All  iniiebiiie niiule on [nctoi
principles,   ('nine in
Fort  Steele  li.C.
vk(;i-',t.\iii,i:.s a- i-.\i;m piioiiui
of ull kinds ai the
I'llll.LIITS  KASi'llE.
A tow pairs uf mire IVkui  ",,),
ami pel'link',   [.enve order* with
IIOIISON ,l  sitksmitu.
James Highwardcn.
luilMiriill      li-llst,
Shaving & Haircnttiiig.
livci-yililna Ncnt A  i.iviin.
This sllli'llcr hits llli'l willl  sllnli  mil
Vnl'Sill   silllsflli.tillll,   illld lllll'I'llllilllnlli'i
lu it to ship the nbovo outllt eoiniilato
In responsible represonlivcH nn lln .lays'
li-iiilfiirlliiii'iiiivlidi'iiiiiii»ii-iniuii whew
low irrillle eelil. -ill ni' lind' -iillMilnMil-i-
iin the ilmn]) wlll now hot lieur shipment
tootliei'mnelterii. ll will pnj fi rilnell
every week,    Oui" iii'iiiit In on I'tiyiiHl
Ml nnllls    |iur  li".    Ill    urn sllii'iti r.'d.
montldy -,-til.-m.-nt. Wetiiwl yon will
lipplwllltOthoopportllllU) in uiiii'i-uii,|,
linl'iii-n competition ilrvi'lii|i,'- Itself,
wllleh illwajH in uny now   prolltablu
In,-.ill,'- in ,','i'lilin lu follow,
Pull  mnl enniplolo iu-ii-n,'ii,Mi-   "■
«ill, llm 0111.111,   which   ([Ivi'H   inoili    III
livillllinlll ,lt ilillnrnlil nl'i.. dii-nnl',,Ilii- i Uinu up uml "Uii'lnii    ter.
luei lluxluit. mnl -■ iH'Ml-ii'.'ien    i
,„',„ prospecliu. who
|,„|.,.hit«U   li,.'   1.1,--I-
Boattii's Pianos Ki'iMXir'i-fc
ll'i'ie.  WuAlnyt'W N.I.
Hot And Cold Baths
Washing A- Mending,
Mrs. Lewis.
  Vegetables S Farm proffuoc
Uvery, Feed fi Sale Stable,    oi all kinds al rea; nabli prices,
!  Hi-el*-IU*. Oliposite lln;   "     it  i
-MMil.i: A   I",' :■   IKill  ,.-. ,'  .
"Ie   H.I',
II  (UIM, III   II I   I.P I -   I    I'l I ' -.1 I V
Tim Iimi Iimi n !.riiii ini'.iiy ni lln
otipoln ty|io hidi'IIi !"• ni'.' 'mtt   li i
llil.i|ilnil lhl'"ll'.'l I llllf   \\','.|,'l'll    ll
ill'.; ill tl'tei   Illld ,ll! 'li'.illl   ,'lilil'n  - 'I
fin-linll,   ;-   slltlli i,'lil    I'l leillll ti
Iiii'l! Id Illllllll  .i- un idi-uil
Iinni—ii.\    I,i i',   l',\   |iriH|ient(ii*,    mi
owner,   mlllniiut, iHuhplhlfc' w m-It,
nibilliy eiimptinyi
', ', I'l' iSALOKKS KKIH.-I rloS i
.',T.!i', i lli.i.Ti:n h WI  \\ I..
s'l', 1,011(8, M".
Mi inittiduri'i'* mid I'm' ii'" - "I
: i-rus'.M i-- r ni SlfKlU, i' il'I'HK   I.
l.l'.AU " i'..-
 -J,,   ,„„ .        |   ,1   W ii. '' II   etirlujt,   Tlio
'    ijniniiii i       ■' 'i11 In- I'tirrleil mi h
■   , .'I'l    !'■ H llll .     , ,•     .., |        ,, ,.,
,   ,'.,.,     \\ ,   '.;   ii,..   ',,     ,'i      llll   di'lit-   IIUll   eiilleet     ileciiii],! ',
 '   ':l ' '"'" '" du" ih.' ;ii ii>.   Tbe dissolution
l'„i i ', |, ■ . i,       dates from .liine Ul 18110.
ii.,'.,!-' ■ e ' ilu; n  -   lemh I I-" .I.W.kC'oweil,
M'lisi'ntiiKi''uu'illl;|.i!iis|.|.i'i.'U Witness, V. Kind bird, IS   A   GHKAT   MINK
iO'.v   Body   in tbe Standard  is
Mammoth in its Proportions,
YIELDS    Mid    TONS     A     DAY
ui Ibe llth to Osborne Pliinkott.
:'nr Vimi'i'iiver parties, by tlei'li
iiiiiii brothers und Jaek Melsin-
Dr. liel! Irving bunded nn
Thursday llie Thompson group
on Four-Mile, owned by Thoinp
son Bros, Messes Siege. Clever,
.Miiurer, Teusediil! nnd llendei'
son, sin,linn was the future,
MINIilt.M.   IfKCOIft),
if Miin-riil   Liiciiliiius   in lh.
,'ln    district    fl'illll   llm   | -I   n
„f   Ainillclltloii   fur   I'lil'lllli'ilH.
Ill    llllllI'lll'OIIH'lll-
,'. .says Will Hun Eighty Ounces
in Silver and Sixty Per Cent
.iu Lead.
British  .Money Lenders  Awail
, Resu't of the Elections.
Tlie shaking of the ore body in
tlie Campbell .tunnel of the Stan-
ilard mine, in the Cofiur d'Alenes
has more significance than at
first appears from the brief announcement contained, in the dispatches yesterday. It means the
.employment of a large number
pf men for many years, and the
expenditure of hundreds of thou
sands of dollars in payment for
This tunnel is in 2640 feet, and
is 580 feet tjelmy th Banner tunnel. The or" body was ascertain it to be ~e. feet wide at
! he point where i' was encountered i:i the tunii. This was at
the end of the chute, and it is expected to widen out to. 20 feet.
'Plie ore c,tmto in e Banner tunnel was 500 fee'. ."; and it is
pertain that llie . ■ chute in the
new tiiane] i> full} as long, Five
hundred and thirl feet in depth
with an ore clu.,' of 500 feet,
(Hits in sight tho -inds of tons
of ore. The workings will be
ppiitinued each sid of the tunnel
with throe shifts of eight hours
ouch. There is evy indication
that the ore body oxlends 500
feet or more below 'ho tunnel.
The ore is ol tho same grade
as that in the op; r workings.
This tunnel is the largest in tlie
(Joeur d'Alones, l)t', g eight reel
high in tho clour and ten I'eet
Wide, H Will bci(:i|i|i|Hieil with
p double track and a com pressed
air locoinolivo to haul but the
I ruins of loaded cars l,o tlie bins
pi, the mouth of tlio tunnel, 'I'lie
bins, whiel. have boon recently
(•onipleleil, have a capacity of
Illllll ton,-'. From (he bins the ore
will bo I .|. led on railroad dump
cai'san-i tiled to the mill at
Wallace, distance of seven
The Standard mine is without
doubt one nl the greatest mines
in ibe invest. It has produced u .turmoils quantity of
- the past is or 2d
paid monthly divid-
I nun, Ll is a close
,, and whut. is being
u spread broadcast,
The owners have gone steadily
mi pniiii'. ing ore. and at tlie
.same time spending large sums
of money in development, It
was paying dividends when driving the Campbell tunnel, just
completed. The management
has been f sighted and conservative, and the results of this re-
I Miliiliiilliiii, lilii-h A lirunily.
i lisllii'i-, .1, (', lUis.li.
:! Alum. ,1, r. lilisli,
•I Columbia, \V. I.. O'Vomii'll.
5 Miiiutirath, W.ViiiiAididnn.
II X.Kuys. N. s. Uuigloy,
7 l.usl An. II. s. Quin,
s linwdiiny, W, jil. Waiters,
n Mui-nlrig liliii'). K. li. Snuit.
luidinl Wild, il. Rogers,
11 Kiilii'i-i.-uu, II. Rogers!
12Slv-John; A. Mcliiiiiiiid. li. Ftohsln
13Galena, ll. I'lijiiplicll,
II lllue Ilreusn, Q, Cuinphnll.
In Xoi'lln-i-ii ('onslclliuioii. ii'i'ijimiill
l.ii Kuiileiuiy ijtilt', K. I'itjv.y.
IT Beauty. P. Hayvey,
IS Artvntii. P. Gassy
'I'AKI.   M'Tli'K Uml .In
Anil ftn'ilK'l
I'l'tlOII   Hi.  n
[irovcninils lor the
liyl-iltll „l llll'ill',,1,
Hill'  u,,ll,',' llinl lie
llllll'll tills'.-.'llll lltlV 'll   \UI'IM
P. Aug. Heinz, readied Rossland on Monday night, after returning from a trip to Europe in
the Course of which ho spent the
most of his time in London, bul
was on the continent a few days.
Speaking ut railway construction, Mr. Heinze said that nothing would be dune until the
spring. Just now all tlie financial men in London are awaiting
the result of the United Suites
presidental elections. Though
Canada may not be affected by it
directly, yet indirectly business
is done through American linns, j
They all state that if Byron is
elected president of tin.' United
States in November, probably
the greatest financial crisis in recollection will follow. Never
has there been so much cash accumulated in London as at the
present lime, and all for the reason lhat people are afraid to put
it out. ile therefore docs not
expect to be able to mature his
plans for more railway building
until after November.
In Loudon ho found an ever increasing interest being taken in
British Columbia mines,
A Place in Mexico Where Water
Is Worth S3 a Quart.
A]ir.li,';UI.,ll   (or
|>I 1111(11
ore, an I
months ;■
mills oi
ilone   is
The Papazo Indians inhabit a
country of broad plains. With
mountain ranges between, says
tlie Baltimore American, Tlio
mountain ranges are remarkably
rugged, and rise sharply from
tlie lowlands, All over the plains
live the Indians. 'I'lie country is
one of the most arid regions on
face of the globe, a whole year
passing sometimes without a drop
of rain. Tlie streams rise in the
mountains, but never reach the
sea, and the debris carried by
the rivers, instead of finding its
way lo the ocean, is spread out
upon the plains, the rivers drying
up before Ihey reach the sea.
Seriliind, in the stale of Son-
urn, wns never seen by a white
tent work has demonstrated that (man uniil about two years ago,
ibe Standard has no peer in,when the bureau of ethnology
mis section if the country. st'n1 '"' expedition  lo explore
The mine is equipped with one I thai region. The natives ure
„l'U,e finest compressor plants constantly viligant every mo-
llm, could be built, and all of the ment, from day today, week to
machinery is of the latest, design, week, month to month, year io
a„d fully'ii). to dai'.' Spokane j your, expect ing and dreading Ibe
[{„vfew. approach of an enemy.    Thoy
are always prepared for an emergency,   'I'lie dearth nf water was
—_        „— the greatest obstacle to ihe ex-
i [iteration,   Every drop we used
SOME SLOCAN   DEALS,     was carried from 12 to 15 miles
'by  men   under  heavy   guard.
.."!'.. Water  thero  is mure valuable
I than gold, and ufleii we measured
The Wild Cloose group, includ i'1 '"" '" spoonfuls.   In counting
inn ihe Corinth nud several olherj""' dangers and labor of securing
claims,   has   been   bonded  hy t water we estimated its worth at
Evans, Coleman & Evans, through])! ' s:: to Uu quart
McGilvary, tor an English syndicate, who also have the liead and
Tenderfoot group. The llgure
wus   Sln.lllio,   priicliciilly   cash.
C. VV. Callahan reported,
Special Charlos Whitfield Me
Anil, nf K'iisln, ll, O, was appnin
led, nu I lib of .liiue, by llu
Tupper Government,  a Quoori'ti
The  llluek Prince,  wilh  two!(joiinsil,   and   Ibe appoint) I
el of free gold ipuiriz, wus sold wn8 uiujetlad to day,
Ill Pred. 'I'. IJuliiiis. P. s,. |tm.|;|.|..
20Modiste, II. M,. t'asey.
lit lied Dive. P. tiuiudiin.
22 Idaho, 11. M. Cusny.
2.'l Win- Eagle, WinAViilsli,
21 Nni-nutu. ,1. A. Cameron,
2.'i Hunter B, Ruin.
2(i Iron King A. Hun-lay,
2T Per Tine i\ E. Parrel
28 Carrie Lao  P. Tracy.
2U .Malm   Win. Cariin.
:l|i Manhattan   lUU'liwhiilm.
.'it Bozeman  Q.P.t'hisliolja,
32 Held Bug  Adam Wise.
:>,'! Southern Girl .l.K.Huskies,
■'14 P.iiiiua  .i.ti.Dui'ie.
"' l-.-i-i-y  .l.P.Hc.skiii.s.
'■'■', Highland Mary P.lleckcr.
i~, Mohican Vv',E.Langle.v.
'-s Ale. Milieu i''...\tur[iliy.
'■■■', Eldorado P.J.Hazon.
•in Anniversary R.Dore.
41 Forget*me not W.Watson,
42 lliUclimnn X.Mdunstt-y.
411 Hehil Light J.Letter.
44 Ella Williams .l.t'osielUi.
4.". .Mountain Daisy .T.CosIillo.
40 Blue Kywl p.mmti J. Costcllo.
47 Hidden Hand N.McKtnstry.
45 LaBcll Bt-uxelle P.Matehell.
4!i DeMoi-uac lMIai-nietlei-.
,''(! Pemme EeRose M..MeGingan.
51 Emleo Olive (', P. Venosta.
•-.2 LuBelle DeParis P.K.Langis.
.VI Capilane W.Malensfev,
54 Wanetft       ,, ,,
55 Midway I.'.E.FiiiTel]
,'iii Comet       ,,        ,,
57 .Minnie R.H.Scott.
5S Champion R.Rogeiw.
5!) Sunrise C.E.Parrel
HO Alberta G.Hiiywiird.
Iii Old Dominion J.P.Shorwood,
112 Lust Chmico E.Hollcy.
113 Perry Crook   ,,      ,,
04 Goody Fraction ,,   ,,
(in Monday D.Nowell.
(iii Mark Creek CParroll,
S7 Silver Hell .I.Honnndn.
liS Lost Fraction lO.Smith,
lill Pansy E.Rnbortson.
70 Lady Ann W, E..Ioluison,
71 Heliotrope B.Quiiin,
72 Coinstock -loss Hotohtsoii,
73 Sherin R,Western,
74 Bailey   „ .,
75 Victoria Lode .I..l,Qiiinlivun.
7(1 Mountain Crown -lutneS'Bukei'
77 Queen of the Rockies I-'. Hii/.tin.
78 Royal Crown Il.Buker-
711 Helping Hund CEhvood.
Sll Curhonute Hill A.Riihei'tson.
SI Lone Still- W.E„lohlison.
82 Colorado Boy   „      „
S3 Whut Cheer L.Dole.
SI Wild Horse Lode  A.Wise,
85 Sour Dough O.S.Fi'lzKoll,
SU Di'iiniliiniiiioii  R.L.I'ockle,
S7 Polaris .,       ,,
88 Mandoline A.T.Stevens.
81) Pea Vino N'o2  G. Polly,
llll Little Jim A.T.Stevens
111 S. S, S.S.SiiniuoiiH,
112 Mogul   „
113 Evil Genius  A.T.Stovens,
HI Rory O'.Mooro G.Pelty
115 Trumpeter W.A.MiioMoilohilin.
mi Money Mukor G.l.cvuc
U7 Beiii-s Homo P.P.Norliury,
lis Hard Hcurt T.II.Penwicii.
im May l!.0..!cuiiings,
IIIU l.nllin .I.A.cnmnl-nn.
llll Liivvliindui' E.c.Wmilh.
102 lloi'snshou U.S,.liiliiison.
Hill Ninnlnnn lliiiidicd i). Brandor,
ill-l Piii'i'iipliic Ainii-ew .Inhesion.
lu.', limit Divide .liihn .McRue,
ion Loiiscscu .luliii Toller,
1117 Union T, Bliiiictiiird,
Ini American Joseph Coirler.
lull Norlliern Light -I, Patnsivoi'Ui'.
tin Hidalgo Win. M. .Spruguo.
111 Lilly A. Piislnml.
112 Clovoi' G 'go .Miillhews,
If.'! Minei'vii A. SwuilsiUi,
III I'liigJi. .Inlin Olson,
If, Smm Storm David Cliii-k.
lln Sniper II. I„ Amine.
117 Maliio llavlil Lniii'lny.
I|k Hi-links 11, VV. Western.
Ilii Moiiiituln Ciller Mlelmol O'llilen
ISfl Gi'iinilc
121 Milton Blcluii'il W, Woslci'il.
122 Woliiiii	
I'.'.'i Pyramid .blliilehesoiiA .M.n'iii'lcu
121 Win-run
125 lliii'iiliiini It. W. Weulon
UTl'lUl  .MilHM'lll  Clllilll  HltUlllO  III  UK'   i'l'l'l
SU'.'ll'    IllllllllK    ,llVisl„ll    ,ll    Kllsl     Knilll'llll.V
Dlstrli'L Wliciv Iw-iu.'il: A li'iii'li.iii between
tin' l'L'U-r 1111,1 Queen „t tliu liiUsjuiinoi'iiloliilnis
■ll i„»„r Moylu lulu'
TAKK NilTIt'l'. (lull Junius,1 yiiniii P. M, I'.
S,,. '.'mis. iiiimiil. si.\t,v iluys Ivom tlui iliilc
ii,'iv,,l, to upiii.v i<> tlie Mliiiiw Uot'iit'di'l- lor 11
','1'ltlli'ilU, lit ItlilifiiVi'Uli'lils. lor til,' nill'OOSO nf
Uit'iillillK 111'l'tn, 11 Kl'lllll nl till' Ullliyo l-tuilll.
Anil liii'lllot' lull,- iiutiiiu tlllll lU'linil. lliulci'
I'rtli.n :ir   must
li,il,',l this '.".'11,111
10   .Vlloili'lll'Oi!   1,0)1)10  III,
lllk'liti' ol liiiimivou\t'ilts.
y of iVititllsl. ISli'l.
ot   AlM'lU'atloil   for   (.VvtilWlUe
Ot    lllllH-OVfllliMUS.
(ruction Miuorn! Olulm, siimiu' In i\w
Port Steele Milling Division of Kusi Kootonny
lHsiriot., Wlieiv loeatod: A [rm-tluii butweon
ihe peter nnd Si. Engine -mineral c&nns on llie
lower Moyle lulu-.
TAKE NOT1CK thnt Jmnes Cmiiin P. M. C.
So, 'SM-1*, intend, si\,\ iluys from tlio dnte
Hen'of,'Uiu|i|)l,v tollie Mlliillj,' Ueeorder tor a
eertltlente of iniprov; •■ ■ ,-ts. for tlie purpose of
obtuinliif.' ti Crown cr... i •..'! tlie iiuovo elnlm.
And further tftko cotleo Unit netion, under
section :i/. must he - iniueneed hefore the
Issiiiniee of siieli eertlii-ute of improvements,
Dutwl Hits iiind dny of AuRust, \s%.
\ (iinni Powder, Miniiif; Supplies & Hardware,!
Supplies l'jur Miners & Prospectors,        <>
1 w, e. johihson -nnd company,
Steamer Annerly.
: Will   make   two   trips   each   -week I
l -.
I    between Jennings Montana, and   I
I Fbrt   Steele, Ji. C.
Notlee  of   Appllc:'
of  Imi;:,:
ti   for C'erlillento
Peter Minernl Clnitu i 'unto in the Port Steele
itiitiiriir division of : ■,.*< Kootenuy district.
Lot'tited on tlie pnst side of lowor Moyle luhe
nhoul \\'» miles from Moyie hrjdse,
TAKE NOTICE thnt Jnmes Crouin P. M. C.
No SKHIlfl, intend, sixty dnys from the dnte hereof, to npply to the Minlii,: recorder for n certili-
ento of improvements, for llie purpose of
ohtiiiniiin u Crown grunt of the nhnve clniin.
And further tnke notleo pint notion, uudor
section ;t7. must be eomijieneei.l hefore the
iKstuince of such eertillcnle of improvements,
Unled |,l|in a'Jnd dny of August, laihi,
Noliou  or Application for Certillculo
of  iPiproveinents,
Tho Queeij of Uie Hills Mfnernl Cltiim, situnte
In the Port Steele Wining Division or Enst
Kooleiiny District, LoDiitcd on the Enstern
Slioreof Moylu Luke nliout twinniles from lis
TAKE NOTICE Hint I Prnnli Houghton
P. M. C. NoOTHI. nnd 13, P, Dfivis P, M. C. No
rOliiW. intend, sixty duys from tho dnte hereof,
to apply to tho Mining Hccorder for n certili-
ente of Improvements, for the purpose of oli-
inlnlng a Crown grunt of the nhnve elulm.
And further take notice Unit net Ion. under sec
Hon :I7, must he commenced before the Issuunee
of such certiilente of improvements,
Dated this 3»tli day of August, iwm,
per Prnnk Houghton.
Jenninirs   Montnnu
iiuiiuuuuuuuiuuiuuiiuuuuuuauuu. .Uiiuuuiiuuu,   uuuuuuuumuiuu^
Golden  B. C,
Coufodemtlon   Life   Association,
Canada   Accident  Assurance Co,
Phconix   Fire   Assurance   Co.   of   London   Eng.
Pliumix   of   Hartford.
Liverpool, London, Globe, ami Atlas Assurance Go's.
Western Assurance Co. British Assurance Co.
Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co.
Application Forms For insurance to be had of Carlin ami Dnricl;.
h A N ll      O T li E R S.
••••tf?*s»-s»«*?»r»-?i»»t,'--ss»»(»»«. •-; ..»(*»*»*?»»<»*«»«bs«<»:
Nollee of Appllcuiion   for Cerlificute
of Improvomeiiis,
The Moyle Mluorul Clllilll silunle In Uie I'orl
Ktecle Mining Division of Kust Kootenuy District. Whoreloented:-On the Pustorn Shore
of Moyle Luke «boil I two miles from its outlet.
TAKK NOTICB Unit I Prnnk Houghion P.
M, C, No Mm nnd E, p, Dlivls P.M. C. No.
ilBW'i Intend, sixty duys from tlie ditto hereof, in upply In the Mining Recorder for it
tillcute of improvements, fur tlie purpose nf
olitninltig n Crown grain of the nhnve uln-tin.
Ami furilier lake notice Unit notion, under
suction UT. must he commoncod before the issn-
iinee uf such eertillcnle or Improvements,
I Hi led ihls *.V'lli dny of August. IWHt.
perPrnuk Roughtoti.
Anil   Tl; -
Cuniiopttng   witli   Tlio
I, Imti'liy nlvi. niilli-ii. Unit slxly iluys
lilliil' ilnlc I liiliiinl in n]i|,l,v In llm niid
Ciiiiniilssliiiii'r iii Liimis uml WiiiliK. inr iiiir-
iiilsslon tu imri-liiisi' nm,' liiiniii'i'ii uml jdxty
iii't'ns ul iiiia'si'i-viiii mnl iiii,„',ii|iinl Crown
liillilH un Mark i-rci'li Mil.I Kiiotuiniy lllHlHiit,
llm Inlllnl liosl I'l'liiK llie N.W. I'linii'i', sit.
until nn llio N.RImiilt nl Mnrli i.iiii'lt.iiiiil
nliiiiit iwn liiiniii'i'ii flint inii'lli nl llm tviiKKiili
niuil lii-lilKii. ilii'iii'n (III.IW) fin-ly clinins Must.
Illlllll'l!   (IH.IH1)    lin-ly    CllllillM    Slllltll.    tlllllll!
llltmil lurly i-liiilns \\ri,st, llHilii'i.' (HI.IHI) riirly
I'liiilns Nin-lli tn Initial linsl.
linii'il Oils lull ilny ul .Inly IHIiil.
II. II. illilllllllltHI
Seiisoll    of    1,'lflll,
Leuve Golden every '1'iiesdny -I »,i",
Slajie leaves Fort Steele Tuesday ut II p.m.
Sixty iln.VHiilliit iliili'. I Null Mi'lmliiK'niTflll,
llilt'llil Ulllt![ily In llll' IHlinl I'nllllillssllIii'i' nl
l.iinilt, mnl Wni'lls ill Vli'lnrlii, fin Iliil'llllHSlllii
iii iini'i'iiiisi' I (en I ilii'i'i' liiiniii'i'ii mnl i.itij(iiy
Ai-ti'Miif llllnl nn Mlil'll Cfi'i'li: I'liiinni'iii'lnif nl
li |inHl, Hillllllo nn Mnrli I'i'i'rti ilislnni 'Illi'iliilns
HUM nf  If.  (I.  ,11'nnllil's   Snnlll   IVl'Hl   nil'ln'l'
llii'iii'i, c Ini' III rlmliiK Hum:  tlii'iin- hi
I'lmllls Hiintli, llicl  Ill i'liiilns VVimll tlinmiii
During lln' iiniiilli ot Aii;:hsI. I'lrimiiii.N'niiii"ii"imi-i inhii n,
ilieic  woro III   ooi'tlflciitos  ol mmini.  Nnii Mi.i.iniiieni-i'iiii',
wiii'li ri'i'iirileil,  and Ilii milling
liCI'IIM'S  iriKllI'll.
|||'( 11, S. 1', Ai'i'lil.
I'iii'I Slni'li- I'.iikI Kiiiiliiiny III',
/'"il ",l Klilll IMH1.
Now under the management of
Is a large and attractive Hotel
of quiet elegance in all its
appointments, with a
cusine o? superior
Special rules hy Hie month.


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