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The Prospector Dec 14, 1895

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 rt/( (
• -i- 11 *-• t  *» t, m - Atg
't!«   ^
if' #- Jw-mJm M
If. Jr.
^ /^r^r^ /'f//^> ^cr ^ f
Vol,   1.      FORT    STEELE,   SATURDAY
The amendment to the Assesment    Act which was
passed last session,    and is being now enforced,
is causing a "reat deal of dissatisfaction      j
among the miners and prospectors of this section
of the Province. Surely the Government could i
find some other means of raising the revenue,with
out unduly haaoering the efforts of those men,
to whom we must look for the development of out*
mineral resources',  -/hen you consider the hardship^
these men undergo  in their search for the precious metals, the  time and money expended while
thus engaged, the cost  of mining li cense, and record fees , the yearly ass'-sment work on each claim
the labor that is necessary before the property
can bo proved to be of any value,  and which    is
thrown away when proved to b^ worthless, the
length of time that must  of necessity "lapse- before anything can be  realized even on the    best
of prospects,  it certainly seems as if the Powers
that be, ought  to have been satisfied with the
Act as it was,    And rest content with taxing
mineral property, wh> n a crown grant had been
obtained or when they became ore producing mines.
It  is a question which would be advisable for the
MINING ASSOCIATION    to take up and r'iscuss. so as
to get an oxprssion of opinion from the mrmbers
generally, whioh could he forv-arded to Col,Baker
our Representative in the Legislature,;    Following
is the clause referred to in the Assesment Act,
which was rep'.al-d last  scission,  nnd also what
was   substituted then for.
Act , 1888.
Section 3   >. flubs cot ion 3.
(3)   The terms land, Real Property, and Real Estate
respectively,  include all buildings or other
things erected upon or affixed to the land,    and
all machinery or other things so fixed to any
building as to form, in law part of the realty,
and all trees or underwood growing upon the land,
and all mines  (other than gold mines) Minerals,
(other than gold)  Ouarrici.and fossils in and
under the same,  except Mines belonging to Her
Amendment    1895.
(3)    The term land,- real property, respectively,
include all buildings or other things erected
upon or affixed to the land, and all machinery or
other   things so fixed to any building as to form
in law part of the realty,    and all trees or.under
wood growing upon -the land, and all mines, or
lands held for mining purposes ( whether held
under Crown grant , lease, jecord, pre-emption, or
otherwise howsoever.)  and includes all Quarries
and fossils in and under the same.
+ 1 I I I I-I I It I I i'l 1 if^-t-H-t-f-l-f-l-i--H-M-l-f-f-l ii :-!■;■!-l-i-H-i
Mr, Derosler from Tobacco Plains, reports that
the wagon road is completed to the Plains, the
men from Fort Steele cut and cleared some 22 miles
making a good 13 foot road as far as Elk River,
The contingent from the plains, put in a bridge
165 feet in length at Elk River,also out fc cleared 20 miles of road to the Plains. And now we
have direot communication with Montana.
Mr, Derosler came over the road with a pack   trai
D E C E M B E R,       14 th,     1895.
No 6.
A    SPECIAL (  illustrated ) number of the Fort
Steele Prospector will be issued   next week,    It
will form a handsome Christmas souvenir to send
to absent friends.    The  illustrations will   embrace scenes in , and around Fort Steele.  The
resources of this District will be fully set
forth in an interesting manner,it is the   hope
of the publisher that their efforts will prove a
benefit    to the mining and   general business
interests of this distriot.
Messers Domar p>= Derosier will nut on four,
four horse teams between Fort Steele and Tobacco
Plains, they will do a general freighting business,  They will also oonnect with the Great NorthJ-
ern R.R. at Kalispel, giving Port Steele direot
means of transportation with Montana during the
winter. Freight rates will be 2$ per pound from
Kalispel, and 1$ per pound from the Plains.
11 -i-|- i'l 'l*f*in *i—I -l-f'l"l'i ■! i ll1 i -i
Dont forget the mining association meeting   to
night,   )
i ii 11 11111 i-i 11: i'i ■: i-H-t-i
Riohes  .in   Lumps.
The following is a list of the largest    gold
nuggets ever found, according to the records of
the Smithsonian Institution.    King of the Water
Moon nugget found in Australia in 1852,223 1/3 lb
The Welcome, found at Ballarat,Vic, Australia in
1854    184 lbs 10 ozs; Bakary nugget,  found at
Carson Hill, Cal,  in  1855,   180 lbs. and another
at  the same place in the same year 149 lbs. The
Corona, found in Toulumne Co, Cal. in 1850 147 &
1/3 Us.    Farish nugget in 1660 at PIERR'A BUTTES
Cal,   1.33 lbs.    Another at the same plaoe in 1869
69 lbs.    Great Siberian nugget near Miask Siberia in  '40.90 lbs 4ozs. The Blanche Barclay nugget found in Australia in 1042-   146 lbs. A gold
ntwget  from the Reed mine North Carolina,  80, lbs
Rattlesnake nugget, Rattlesnake river,Cal,1061bs
2 ozs. The Meroo creek mine, M.S.W. produced
three nuggets during 1851 that had a'combined
weight of 318 lbs.
I t i-l I1 a i i i i i : : I :■;-;-: ;;;;:■; i-i-j-
The following Ladies, and Gentlemen will
take Dart in the Childrens entertainment,
Miss,   Sell. .   -.     -
M rs, Huokle.
Mr, R.Lit tie.
Mr, H.W.Barnes.
Be sure and help the entertainment by Your presence ,
■i'l'l—r-Y-l'l"!-i'l  I ',--i : ■; 1 -s—1 -I "I-
Capt, E.C.Parker has returned , He will arrive
in Fort Steele    to-morrow, we tender htm a hearty
Mr,James Brady of the Thunder Hill mining
Co,accompanied by an expert,  is at present engaged  in examining the property as to future operations.
■H-H-ll II J..II I ' I II ill I
The majesty of the law will be evoked, for the
benefit of a oouple of Chinamen, to day. THE     PROSPECTOR
To the Editor of the Prospector.
Fort Steele,  ;^.C
Please announoe through the
columns of your widely circulated journal, the
sudden death of Mrs.Jarley.  en route to Port
Steele with her choice collation of wax figures
I ask the sympathy of the community in my    sad
bereavement,    Say to them, I will be with them
on the 20th of this month, and I will try, under
the circumstances to make the entertainment as
successful as possible,    although not    equal to
the late lamented Mrs.Jarley.
Now Proprietor of the late Mrs, Jarleys choice
collection of Wax Figures.
N.B.    The residents of Fort Steele can show
their sympathy for me  , by a full attendance at
my exhibition. Please let them not forget, that
Tickets can be had for 50$, each.    A liberal
patronage will lessen my sorrow a good deal.
JARLEY,   the
bereaved   husband of the late Mrs,Jarley.    Sole
Proprietor of the only collection of Wax Figures
on exhibition in Canada.
Look out for the following at the exhibition
on the 20 th prox.
Mrs, Gamp.
Queen of Heart3.
My dainty partner.
Miss, Maffit.
Little Bopeep.
-   Mrs, Winslow.
Florence Nightingale.
Red Riding iiood.
Jack and Jill.
Crimean Hero.
■i i-i-i-: ■:: i :;: i i i i i-i-i'M-i-i
Dont Fail to get Your Tickets ( as there will be
a rush for seats )    for the,
to be held at the Dalgardno Hotelon the Evening
of the 20 th at 7 '/% 0,clock P.M.
Tickets   can be purchased from the Pupils of the
Public School, or at the Stores.
The following Ladies, and Gentlemen, have kindly
oonsented to lend their assistance to the Chil-
drens entertainment to be held on the 20 th prox.
Miss, Bailey. Mr, McVittie.
Mrs, Levett. Mr, N.A.Wallinger.
Mrs, Durick. Master H.S.Clark.
Miss, Wallinger.
Mrs, Henry. And the Children attending the
Public School.    It promises to be the   most
successful entertainment ever held in Fort Steel
The above names, connected with it,means SUCCESS
Mrs H.W.Barnes will also take part in the above
entertainment,    We   accidentally omitted, the
Lady's name.    Ed.
Ill I I I 1 I I i 1 I I I i'i I I I-14-
Dear me I how they come to see us -
Come to see us - and then, maybe,
Come beoause they heard that me and
fife was goin' to name the baby.
SATURDAY    DECEMBER        14th 1895
, I
fO1'1-,- ,"
-l-:-i-l i-i'H-M
Divine Service will be held in the Public School
Room, on Sunday Evening next,  at  7 l/2 Oolook.
The subject for the Evening's discourse, Dark I
Times. A cordial invitation is extended to all.
Strangers are Welcome,
At last Sunday Evening's service there was a
good attendance. And the discourse was listened
to with marked attention.
-ii'.-ii'-i H-i-i-i-ii-i-i-:
The Nip and Tuck placer claim on Wild Horse Creek
lately purchased by   Mr Foster for f 4.800.
Has been    leased to an American Syndicate   for
ten years, the consideration is $ 1.500 per
annum.    The above investment shows the value of
mining property in this district.
+■:■::■::: i:::: 11 !■:: n-t
I    It is rumored that Tom Robson has sold his ranch.
Messers Dempsey , Grassick and Barnes, went a
hunting last Thursday.    What did they get!    why, I
they got home safe with their guns.
We wonder what is the matter with the Gun Club.
Messers Demars & Derosiers will put on teams
between Kalispel, and Fort Steele.   .
Dont forget the mining association meeting
to night.
Mr Wm Bossee returned to Fort Steele on Thursday
He called at the Prospeotor offloe,And to our
surprise proved an old friend.    Mr,Bossee   was
one of the Pioneers in the Couer D'Alenes. He is
a praotioal miner, and a Jolly good fellow.
It is reported that a small lead has been
struck on the Dibble property.
NOTICE,    NOTICE, We have been informed that    a
social dance will   'take place after the entertain
nent on the evening of the 20 th,
We would suggest to the danoing oomnittee,
that,    that stove will not be wanted at the next
Mr,W.M.Sprague has made an offer, to the owners of the Sullivan Group, to bond the property.
The owners, have matter under consideration,
The Prospector will have a X,mass edition.
Has any one got, will any one give, will any one
lend an old shoe to me.
The old woman that lives in a shoe.
Wanted by the School Children, A goodX,nass
story, with plenty of Candy, Nuts, and Raisins
in it,
Dont forget the X.mas tree.
«'|<N- 1
SATURDAY   DECEMBER,     14th 1895.
•     The    PROSPECTOR.-
-H 1-1 II H44-I-M I I I'l-
Published weekly by the PROSPECTOR Company,!
A. B. Grace Manager.
-r-?-:-j-i i'l I'-S-K-M-K-fr-i-
$ 1.50 Per   Annum.
i Dominion Representative    John,A.Mara M.P.Kamloops
Provincial   ""    ""    The Hon, James.Baker.M.P.P.
Custom,s Collector,    Chas,Clark. Fort    Steele
Postmaster Chas, Clark    . Fort Steele.
Postmistress, Mrs, Cha3 Clark, Port Steele
Indian Agent, R.L.T.Galbraith,    Port Steele
Provincial    Officials.
J.F.Armstrong S.M, & Government Agent,    Donald.
Michael Ph'illipys 'S.M.    &    Recorder TobaccoPlains
Charles Edwards. Recorder Port Steele.
H.W.Barnes Constable    ,,        ,,
Chas,'Maclean M.D. Health Officer ,, ,,
R.L.T.Galbraith Inspector of Fruit Pests ,,
Thomas McVittie    J.P. Fort Steele
William Femie J.P.
Chas, Maclean J,P.
F.P.Norbary        J.P.
Miss,A. Bailie,
Secretary and Treasurer
of School Board. '
H.W.Barnes.    Trustees of Public School.
-I- -M-t-H- W-t-S-M-5-W-M- H-H~t-r-i-H-
Physician and Surgeon,
Chas, Maclean.
Thomas, McVittie.
H.L. Cummins.
P. L. S. & C. E.
P.  L.   S.   & C. E.
■i ;■:■!;:;:;::::;::: i-k-i-i-h-i-i M i.i 11 I
The coming season will without doubt, be
the beginning of an era of prosperity in mining
matters in this seotion. Heretofore vie have had;
no ore producing mines in operation, oonsequentljf
the District has been laboring under a disadvantage, in not being able to show and prove to the
satisfaction of Capitalists, that we possessed
valuable mineral deposits. But now with the
North Star, Moyea, and Dibble miner, all actively
engaged in getting out ore for shipment next
Summer; While the work that is being done on
these several claims is proving beyond a shadow
of doubt that they are true mineral lodes and
promise to develop into mines of great magnitude,
we can re-fit-content with -the- knowledge that,—that
difficulty has been surmounted„ These claims
have been described in former issues of this
paper, so there is no necessity for any further
remarks concerning them, but there is another
pr-cperty on whioh there is considerable work
being done this winter and of whioh very little
notice has been taken,, it consists of two olaims
the name of one being ( the Wynnstay ) situate
in the Rockier, on the east side of the valley,
about three miles North from ^hore Elk river
leaves the mountains, and about one mile from
the proposed Railway line, it i3 a well defined
ledge from three to five feet in width, containing
Malachite, Chalcooite end Copper Pyrites,with 1
iron oxide and carbonates on both walls; j
an average assay gives $4.00 in gold, 8. ounces
in silver,    57 ft oopper. There       are   three men I
employed in extracting    ore and they eypeot ',o   .
have about 250 tons ready for shipment in    the
Spring,    it is thought that  it will be worth at
least $80.00 per ton. The mine is very easy    of
access,  being only three quarters of a mile up
the mountain from the valley, so that when the
Railroad is built it can be worKed to great advantage.       There are other men working on a small
scale in different sections of the country, and
next summer will see numerous properties opened
up, as the owners gain Confidence, and realize
that thes District   has at last begun to produce
ore which oan be shipped out to smelters   at    a
good profit, '•'  '
I »
R.D.Mather So
Wm. Carlin
Thomas. McVittie.
All possible information will be furnished by the
association upon application to r
Thomas McVittie Sec, Fort Steele B.C
»»    ni
i \    11 i
»i »'.> [
Secret arjJ
-+* **-i1 ! i-i 11 : i-i n ■!-: ■! "t i i 11 i-i:-i : i.' *■: i: m-i 11; H-
Every one is asking who i3 Mr3 Jarley.? Well on
X.mas week all will have an opportunity    seeing
her and her unique collection of wax figures,
which 3he has recently exhibited in the United
It if repprtet'"4n'a< 'ct$+l!tflfer of the"*tt earner
Haly's has joined Capt, Armstrong and the two
will build a boat to run between Libby Montana,
land Fort Steele.
'jie North Star "bo, will have twenty five    te-iws
hauling ore this week.
-. '1*1*1 -r-r- 'I'M'I-^ 'I'l'-l'I-l-'-l-l -f
Parents, and those interested in education.
will remember the X,mas tree.
Dont forget the Mining Assoolation vesting  next
!.   ■        '      ffotupfo* evening. v
THE    3IG    THREE.
These mines are situated on the East fork of Wild
Horse Creek some two miles from the forks,  the
Sweepstakes looated by Chas,Elwood, Maud S   by
H.L.Amme, and the Nancy Hanks by A.B.Grace. These
three oleums has the largest vein of mineral
discovered in this district  . the vein is   ~40Q
feet in width, arid oan be traced for   a distanoe
of    4,000 feet. There has been considerable work
done on these claims,    the ledge has been cut
showing mineral the full width of the vein;  there
i3 numerous small cuts some sixty feet apart,also
a tunnel in 15 feet,    The ore is Iron Sulphurets,
an analysis of the ore is  ,
Lead Carbonates.
Silver Sulphide
Iron Sulphurets  ,per Oxide.
Manganese Oxide.
Zino Sulphide   '
Aluminum Oxide.
Silicon Oxide.
Aa there is a large body
profitably worked by smelting,with Galena or any
other lead product. An average of 14 assays give
$17,80. to the ton.    In the event of a smelter
being erected in this district, these olaims wilJ
prove valuable ( aside,from the gold and,silver
contained. In the ore )' as a flux to any and all
lead products. • ','.':
quartz )
of tliis ore it oan be
'-"'..—.-. J-l- IU g   . — LI J1
J     *» .i'    ww   swunin'i n.ii.—■— mn ii        j'   m     1
i—,. N    1
-»Wi,.rt.»t.. ».n- *a**Umm*mm—lr+*Hmm> i«i    iq
C  ,'. R L I H   &    D U R I C K.
Surerssors    to
Carlin i Lake,   Port Steele B.C.
Agents    for   SLATER   &    S 0 N 's
Celebrated   SHOES.
+ ■1 i'l .'.'I i'l t-H'i 1 H : 1't'i i 11 111 : 1 i i »1 i 1: i i '"i'l t-i't 1:
(Navigation and
UPPER    0 0 L U M B I A*|   Tramway   Co
I **•*&£$,* EXPRESS through rate S<p per pound
f$Z>!p):'°l ;; freight,
Golden to Port Steele, Class A &5,00.
. Class B, $2.50.
Class C. <$2.00.
Class D. $1.50.
T.B.H.Coohrane, Pres. F.P.Armstrong Manager
I I i I i'il'I'M I i-i 'l-l-W-H-M I'l'H i'l I'lll-i i I i : i ! i I-i I i'l i 1
T.     jlDEST and   BEST   HOTEL in FORT   STEELE.
Strictly First Class.
Free Sample Room for Commercial Men.
Chas, Levett, Prop.
-r-r-:-M'! : : i i»h 1 i : i i-i»: t-i-i-ih-: 1 1 h-h 11 i.t ;.; 1 i :-i 1 i-i
A S S A Y E R S    &
Fort   Steele    B.C.
»"-**■'• L» ■■• 1 -. ■•' 1 ■■•"".-v-.—vt-pt tttt•■•i-r"!~*H'-i'■♦■*"•* *i
D.  B R A N D E R.
1 i ill 111 11 ii i-i i 1 i ; 111: i i mi i'<■!■{ i'i h i-i : 1111:111
Ah   There  ; Dont forget the
WASHING       and       M E.N D I N G.
Mrs, L E W I S  .  ,
-M-+-H I l-m-|-i-| 1 1 1 i-i-H-H-n-i-4-fr-i
-H-H-H'l I i i 1 1 |-HM-HJ
Subeorlbe    for   the   PROSPECTOR.."
ui 1. iiLJ     . '   . "?
The AMERICAN    S V 0 R E. i
Fort Steele    B.C . B.W.J 0 II E S.       Jennings
-il . lm
Apply to
B.'W. J ONE S, Jennings Mont
- , i . . 1 .  . I  .' .  I ,' * .
l'1-i-i-l i
BOARD by the DAY or WEEK.
R.D.Mathers,    Prop.
I i I I I I i-M K'K'M-l'M-i'M.'l-i-H I 1 I !-v
Fort    Steele    B.C.
H.J.EDSON,    Prop.
■ : i : i i i i i-i-iM i-i M 111 i 111111 i-i ii 11 : i i-M : i i i-i-mi i-i
The H I G H E S T .
T.    L 0 V E . Prop.
■i-i i t'l-i'i i; i; n i-i-i-i i M 11 !■! 11 i"i i 1111 h i-i 111 ;■;■: m-:-;-
JAMES,    H I G H W A R D E N.
Every thing neat and Clean,
-t-i'i-i in i ii 111 ii 1111111111111111 ii 1111 nil 11 ii-f
|    READ!    the    PROSPECTOR.
|l    |    »■—»»ww-wi--»»«"^>—<-^


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