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The Prospector May 22, 1897

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■****> 7
f »tf sf Efff ess tcff tff intake-
k^dmr/w /*
A eh lei's timniig you liilchi notes,
Ami faith li'-'l [U'cnt tliem.
A hardware store is under construction mi Itlvoi'sido Avenue.
'■w'"''"""'• llminingus ''timing News.
I'i'iiiii Wesl Kootenuy cumo in
ilmiii;;' Ilii' week. Wo learn Unil
Mr. Arthur will talce up liis rosl
iliiirn ;il Stoole,
PORT vST/i/'L/-,  /;. C. SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1897.
ii   ML*
Wiii. Cordon ol' Pilol I'ay. ar-
I'lved ul Porl Steele on  Wednes-
Wo learii that 15. S.  Llnilley, *** ovouil«'   M,'-,:"1 n is !l"
luis  placed  „  I',.,-,',' nf men ni oxl"!rt "nnorologist, and has had
,     ...       ,   ., ,.        ,,        n arm, nnd practicu   experience
woi'li culling ii I i'ii 11 I rom  Perry I,      b ' '
,,,,,,,. , ' :in I'liiiiu'i'liiiii  w'uli smelters nl
in lli'll hour m: i'1'i'i'k.
'Ea.-I lloleiiu, Wicks, Ureal Pulls
('.  !•'. McMillan nf Kosslnnd
purchased H lots in Steele,
(' M K'i'i'ii'vill npi'ii ;i bunkl    Nuvlgulion mi  lliu Koototiuy | Castle mountain, Tosian, Evorelt
here about ihe 1st nl' Juno,
la mm mm
rivor will bo opened in aboul tw-o and Tacoma, and also hns I n The only Town in tho district where lho Government offices   #
weeks.   Captain Armstrong will identified with  the  Wellington llm] Cll5loras houso aro sllUttlodi \§
0. S.  Frtaoll is building a have tho "Gwendoline' ready for minos at "West Kootenay,
I'siili'iiii' nn Galbraith Avonuo,
II. I,. Annul' will creel u
cottago on Govornnionl Avenue.
Wanted- A '.'nnil cook, upply
ut ihe Prospector cilice.
W. E. Johnson wont to Kalis-
pell Thursday.
Wm. Ridpath returned lo
Spokane on Wednesday,
Pishing tackle and choice
cigars ul ihe Pioneer Drug
Mr. J. 8. Clute, Custom Inspector for this dlstricl is visiting at Steele,
W. S. Knyi', Custom Collector
will he stationed al. Iho Crow's
Nesl Landing.
"Wm. Steward has commenced
the erection of n hotel on Rivor
side Avenue,
Several Chinamen wore blown
up by giant powder, on Wild
Horse creek lust week.
The Kootenay rivor is rising
very fast, It is about eleven feet
above low water mark,
Blackwood Bros, are erecting
ii soda water inunufnctury across
the rivor,
The annex to lho Dalgardno
House is rapidly approaching
Transfers to tho extent of *!.-
000 were made in the real estate
line on Thursday, by Venosta &
Another lol of those famous
razors, ulsn stationery, combs,
brushes and soups, nt lhe Pioneer Drug Store,
Coining up, tin' Kootenay
River is still rising, though tint
ns high us lhe highest point
reached in IWll.
The roost Chntuai. and most accessible point
Mr. Walt, one of the owners of I a]| mjm',Si
llm Wellington   iniiii.'  in   Wosl j
Koolenav arrived at Fort Steele The mpst central and most accessible point to and from ail
with seven passengers fur Steeloion Wodnesdny.    .Mr.   Watt  will j mines.
Mr, Weightnuui reported a largo look ovor the miuoral resources y,,,.,/,   Traci'Creek Basin  11 mill"-- Wasa
number of freight teams en-route of the district, und possibly in
business by (he Isl uf Juno.
John Wolghtman's stage from
Kalispell arrived on Wednesday
! ^ %
rHAN   AN',    Ol'.I'-.l;   PAPER  '11  ¥..'.'-, IJffjV
for Fort Steele, delayed by high vest,   Mr. Watt assured a Pros-
water at Sand creek. Lector reporter lliul   the   Porl
,,,,,,      ,   ,      .,       Steele district was all ri* lit, and
heal estate has had  unite a .   ,
, ,   .      ,, ,   ,, i mul a great lulure,
boom (luring the past week, C. i
P. Venosta, of tho firm nf  Von-     15.  S.   Bail ley of Spokane, sir-
osla & Co., townsite agents,  ro- rived ul Stoolo on Wednesday.
port sales to the amount nf&'O,- Mr. Bailley has bonded n  group
000.   No wonder "Van" wears a! of mines on Hull Roaring creek.
Crow's Nesl smile upon hiscoun- Wu learn lliul  Mr.   Bailley  will
tenanco. I \
I mediately   upon   lliu   Drone
I .i ii
'Mr. Bailley is one of the owners
'of the Payno group uf minos in
the Slocane district, West Koot-
-    Nuiith - Moyio 110 miles; Si. Eugono, Houghton & Lake Shore,
Fast -Willi Horse creok-1 miles; f?l",000,000 placer gold,
West   Perry Creok & St, Mary districts, i!2; with   lliu Perry
Creek, North Star A Sullivan groups.
Thu Head nf navigation.
Five Hotels in operation.
For business lots and choico residential lots apply lo.
Considerable excitement was
caused (hiring the early purl nf
the week, by three drowned
cayuses coming down the river,
there was considerable speculation as to whoso out til it wus, but
ut present wc are unable to lull
who was lho owuer,
ilaco a force of n nl work im-   <f~v      W~%     "=*. /.—,. - --v^. A.*-*    JCL
 Itotely   upon   the   .,,■ m>.   t^ •   Y CttOfeta    (X
Port Steele, B. G<
I'.l'l   MAKE   V.   -.,- ,1 lAl.'l ,   ,':     IUH ca§.'. A)
PRINTING.    HEW TYPE, NEVi  I'l.   '.. .' >     ,' 'A
1 ''(
nirucii   NOTICE.
.Inliii M, Burke, a mining ex-
perl from Spokane arrived in
Port   Steele   Ins!    woek.     Mr.
Burko in diately visited   the
Dibble mine,  Report bus it, thai
Mr. Burke is oxperting tho mine
Next  Sabbath  evening al H
o'olock, the IVi'Suyfi'i'i.'iii fin in uf
Divine worship will be conducted Ifor " s>'ndicalo wlm desire lu
111 the school houso.    The belliPu,'chaso   li"'  P''operty.      M
will be rung twico, onoe al  "ll'i
nnd again at 9.  Al! nre cordially
invited to atloud,
A  New and Modern   Posl
Office For Fori Steele.
Burke returned from lliu Dibble
mini' mi Saturday, uml left iu
lliu aftornoort to inspect the
Rams Horn property near Six
mill' creek.
Another now strike bus been
Wo learn that a new site has !;_'l»"'b';l '»»rll._ of lliu Upper
been selected for a Post Office,
and construction will soon bo
commenced un a suitable building. Tliu new olll,',' will bo un
up to date afftlli', and adjusted to
accommodate the Increased pos
tal business nf Purl- Stoole,
Wm. M. LEM
KSiiK IfiT^STt"} TO SL
benefit nf himself nnil the people
uf British Columbia, thai li" finds
in lhe creeks mul gulches ni' Iiii-
district llm oltr marks uf hidden
treasures, which bills ''air thai
liis hopes will be realized in  llie
finding of tin source fr whence
came these promises nf wealth
shows Inn feet uf load croppings
upon    i bu      surface. Wu
go into lln' upper tunnel, and
cunnot help admiring thu beautiful sighl which confronts us there,
a uinii"i ilrivi'ii through HI11 i'l'i'i
nf suiiil galoua, which yields j.",
uzs in silver and (i11 porcontload,
n large amounl nl work bus boon
performed upon Ibis properly,
Sixteen purlieu stopped over BBmgH Columbia's new laws
night ui Wasa   lusi  Saturday, 	
Ihey were nil bound   for Port Province putln Good Shape To | manager of the iSt. Eugone mine
Pn Business
peel lliu i laim al unci
session lasting three months in a ! westerly direction
day, the Provincial Legislature
closed ils sitting lust Saturday
wilh Hie usual.coromouious prorogation 'iy lb" lii'iiii'imiit
govornor, II bus boon an ovoul
ful session, uml as fur ns lb..
pVO\ iii'.'" itself gnu--, unu uf in il'.'
limn usual historic Intorosl.
Thoro woro more Ihan ?d bill ■
passuii io,  lliu legislature  thli
Moyea lake, and about live miles
wesl uf Cranbrook. .Toe Davis i
the lucky finder; he says lhat ho      .   , ........
i i   .i ,.        and   happiness,   luuml   in    ihe nn,i n,innth„„,lvo„l nl'lbu f
bus traced tliu iuniinliuu  Irom    , '.    . .un uponim .nui'iu oi ,i,u*
   ,, .    ,   ,,    v     ,   placer diggings in days past.   A Nesl   Rai wav  ii  «iii  liecmoii
the St. Eugone mine lo lho North ,        „ , .     1, ,   •
... , ., ,,. ,    largo niiiiibur "i quail/, claims large producing mine,
Star and Sullivan   group,   il,.'i    ' .        .,,' ,       IVe follow the eroimi softhe
,   ,.,,    ,.       ,.    .    ' Iur,' located uu  Weaver  creek,   .    ,,      ,        ,' In    .
trend of the formation is west ot , ,.      ,    St, Eusreno ihrontrh tiiocil, Pow-
,,       ,       , .,    ,. ,,       aiimiig lhe many  iiromlslng   o-    ,, . ,   ,,    ,,,    ,.'•     ,       ,., ,,
north, and can be easily follow-1     . ,      ,. ell into tha FraDiavalo nutil the
cations, aro lhe Prospectors croppings aro lost hi the Moyen
Dream, old Abe. Sniper, Nile, Lake. Tbe Queen of the liills
Paupers Dream, Monitor, Gold has a luagniiic.enl showing of
Reserve, Wid" Awake uml lho galena- The Moyea is right in
,,..,,.. ; unu wiiii u large amounl ol lim-
lhl1"1""" ''''«<■"'»• ,,,-e. The Lake Shore, undor the
The surface ore in this region manugemeiil of Mining export,
is strictly tree milling, ii is very Chas Parrell, hasa largeumounl
rarely thai onu finds sulphites inIof coiicenti'iiting ore ami solid
the ore, the character of ll '"I^'l1",'11'""''".'!"1!11';'
is n liniiuv cunib. hermitito, oxid
ed. Thu lead crops in various
places in the form of largo iron
cupping containing lend, from
specimens thai we have soon,
nlso shown to Mr. ,lames Cronln
riu'i'e is nu doubt llinl  the min
oral none „;-  bull  extends  im-
Victoria,   May   1-4tli   Afler -.,',m''"'1''  ''"'''V lu''°s iu  a   north
* General    Merchandise. §
{T~V 1/
ti  1 e i > « s
PORT   STEELE,   I!.'.'
M'mers Supplies   a   Specialty
Agents  For   The California
(linn- Powder Company.
*f "Si?
* % w % * * «■*■ * «' * * * * % *»: * i'i $ % x4. % $ i * #
Mr.   Davis
A large number of claims hav
•ui located ai this point within
i i.i     ,- ,. •   of iron nuarlii,   now  and  then the last. Hi) davs. thus ffivinir ov-  S «■». c~ «t v-,-•»,-i »       a «?-»•« f ,, r, •, n , r. r.
hasinadetwo locations on lh s   . ,'. , .. ... !,    '"V ,   ■ '     "      !3 As-iiiLDl3!      \'A CDC Ll U },\ T\  C C
«-,» i" - «*"» >->z:ntz::::?^z t;::-^^:z;^\:;- j   utNtltrib MtRbrtfiNDIdt
weavp:r   creek.
Prospeoting lias now com
munced hi ciimost, lie old tlmei1
would   hardly    recoguiue   11>, ■
nl lead or zinc ill tho m'i'.
If wu take into consideration
tlm immense water power \Vou
iur creek bus nl its disposal, the
tho Vusi amounl uf low grade
s'.ublishod nn Moyeu Lake.
It is reported that iin large
freight teams from Kalispell,
Montana, are un their wny In
Porl Stoele,
Pour large freight teams camo
in from Kalispoll nn Thursday
evening,   loaded  with   general
P. Jenson arrived from Jennings lu.il Sunday. Mr. Jensen
was hore lust season nnd has
several prospects in lln' vicinity
of Tracy creok,
(iinil Commissioner Annsti'oug measures Hum ever won! Ihrough prospector, The attotition nl lie
has sent out a largo force of mon al nny previous session,    The prospector i-> directed towurds
lo repair and placo In good don- Water cIuuhcs bill mul iis com the head of Niger croelt, which eimtnf milling in lhis vicinity I
iliiiuu for travel, tho Tobacco panlon bills will mnlte il simple sirlkos their fancy from the lin-win not oxeeedM emits per km, COMMUNIOATION   BETWEEN  JEH-
Plains road, for coinpanits to Incorporate in menso areas of granite, iulersecl Lining *2  per  Ion, leaving a       Ln. AUn eftBT „..,.
future, and as a general sel  uf ed by large ledges   t  liable pin Ihnndso ma,   into ihe iuvesl mm m fm 8T"lEl
wotloiw hiw 1 n passod which phyrltlc nuartu,     Evidunc  „,,   t„ conclusion wemigh l.|    \   .„„,.,,,   -n „ ,.,.„,„„.„„.
will lu future apply to all nompan- prospecting can be soon all over that   inking  into consideration ,;,na{,  ',  ,',,■,,„ .   „■ ,,,.  '., ,s ,
A \1 P D f (
%*/ /-'*. ,1
% Giant Powder, Mining Supplies & Hardware. 8
I 5
John Campbell, Barrister, ha
ipeued   an office nn   [Jiversidi
! Ia\ oiiue, Mi'.l'.iinpliull, is ii mem : 3
i!'"1""' npj'iwiablc amounl oi  b|1), „f ,,„, „,,,; ,lf vvilbon and |
high grad 'ei   we are cerliiiu Cinnpell of Victoria. ii
I Groceries    &    Provisions j
Supplies For Miners A- Prospectors,        I
passed bj  the legislature  this crossing on Palmer Bur ci k, that this creek cannot fail to et,       ,,.. N' , , -.,„,,,.. ,,, ,   .,...,.,« isi r      lAI'Mr-APl TlnA rnsiriRiHU  1
> '' ;'" ■,"-.".'- '"■•■■■; which is literally , , ■ uft,   „„.   favorable s g of N. V:lt 'p     S    , «  ] W H,   JOnNSON flOO 'OP^hY
BWHW   '""ll1""*   I""*l:";'  '""is, mi lomiug ami going Gold ores no« ...nud iu  Hi,' vi- diseases of thi eye,    inch ,g| f tl" "' W"*"'''^^' ' ' »»'« VUII1I  III1 / * |
lusting i'"'- i' i s uf rofructioi
;,'■ I .i'ii.:.   . !uSS(i  .
chilly nl I'.-rr.'. i I'ril;.
(\s near as we can judge  tin
Gilpin & Llndsoy huve nearly
completed Iheir new gouoral
merchandise stoi'd their ."luck is
nil nu the way In Steele, and will
arrivo by the lirsl nf lhe Week.
■ incorporated, there will bo the mountains, and It Is nol  the tho largo amount of ore in sight, KuMsnoll * Si'iolruii- Biiv«'llie
:• less tlluo lorn" ovor private Lrnil prospector, or the l r ox-', i,„ comiinrnllvelv small eosi ol '"  ', ,-      .    "\     " ■'■ ,\
,   ., ,.,,,,, ,        .       ,■■        '.   . ,        ,        ,   ,      'uinp.u.'.iu i., mi,in i i..  ui ,iW|1|l |,,i|hl.   h;ls heen  fully re
Ism Inliii'.' sessions than In u„so „i ihal gonhis WhosonkH prodnciinn, wo are certain thai .,,,,., ml(| Vill  leave   leiini	
I'liier years.   Tliu amend I his lnfofuiallon fr llio Record   foi.  McQuade an I   his friend: „,, Pri Steele 11 Tuesipv \1   •
| FOKT   STEELE   B.C. ~,
P «"li-A».,.Vtt"l'4'«tl*"»,>'«'il« ;t# «T,t»l|-HSU - iV^W.V.*4*l'.^"tiL"\ii-i^t^\!'»»*»t-»':4t"i"t,).%'llt^ti^
,„.    - ... t     .    .1 i .     '■""", '    .'"'"■ ' "'      »-iiviwiiwiii     Jii.s  I    III     ll il ,.li|   I--UIII   IM1' tHT'.H-tl       (,, A   (M    ilill   '*     JIM        ti»,        .,«-!>'
with;;;:;:r ; 'L;"::"" ^^v^Pr,,,, lW „,.,.„„, ^zz;z iti,::;,,,:,- ,,r ■• -■■■"■■
ofthem are actually poinoneiis,"       f"'"   ""'"''"f,011 «h«  const' olher people's c ,s, bul  ll  Is have made in regard tothls so
--A', r lli-i-iihl    \        'aihioriil mi placo   which ihn cream of the prospecting frit-1 Hon of i ntry
_ '   '   '""'    I uuisl bo  round   preparatory In lornlty  that are Hoarc.liing lhe|
\ csl some—not all,   Butjsiaklnjtf a  I'lttlm, is "• thing'uioimlalns of East Koolenuy
tll.1t isn't the point.     Yotl'thalll Innr will a])preclate,     Weaver  creek   gets   n
Till'! M"VI'.\ CAMP.
John Cairipl)8ll. i %
BARRISTER, ^LioflVO!) ETC. \ *
*%%%*%fS&**M   '       ■      rPr.   .:*. ((|f|*#
f wu Co in in ocl lone Samme Roo <;:-■ in, Coiiimci i.i'ii Wen
HAllli 'u .i     '   iNnl'l Hill H
liink tea because you like '"' 'v'" "'su """ " ''"''' ''"' sl,lll'° ni' "''' aiienlioii <■< iho|   Th" Moyea i imp is hi '-,„,.:.
,      ,    ,. !,,-.,,..„ (, I, I   '"''"'  lil1"'11  '" I"'1'"'"1 inuiiupu   |,ri,.,|,i,c|ur.  Ilyun cauiu.i'ii"h:   IVosI   Kouloiiivj    llnd    Ro   land
inii ,', l.'i.i rsi le Avonii
Purl Steele, 11,r.
', ,      | f ,      . ,       Ml-til      III l»l-II      H '       " '    ( i   11 I    IIP Mil I   III        I I
it--not because Itlagpod IloM „ ,.„,,'       JuJ]t]
for yotl.
i   iliu high niuiini lies ul lho pi'ospeCloi's are thoroughly  in
pnwnrsln the mining districts,    I Weaver creek iii.TIi    j in vesllgaling lhis portl I llu
The   WholdSOllle   tea   i-i     The session has I n n mosl'see lhe camp llrcs ol lhe ;    Porl Sleele dlstricl
nlso tllC bcst-ttlslllllf: Scllil' "s"hl1 '""'' ''""'  """   "';i1  ''"'I""1"1- dotting   lhe   nioiinlalu     TliuSi, I,.        ,   lhe prldo o
i.j. I    /',i/--'il   n   -c-P ' '"biliu; niilu-ii'y is ^uin^ lihnad aldo far and neai', Trim evidence Ihn Moyea country, and when we
..'V    '"'      '    »   ** IH       su I'lip'niiy. nn.l iipi-iiu" up new of llm fact,  Ihal  thu lulolllgoiit, look al ll nrfaco   showing
lei'i'ilury. lie beiit'iiis uf ihu bill, prrtspui'lor In sallslled to tiXpowl of this  proiiei'ly wc ('an  llill'd
fi,      piWl Wlll   Ji',n I |l|H'"i nili'il hi-nllul'l , in biliil lab."'   fill'   lb"   |j     li"li"v,.    uni'   laiii'liur    Which
ifc    llnl  ,1   t'tiLI' II.ITIIN
i *
Jno Taonhauser, I ¥
And ENGRAVING,    ; *
Uivorsldc Avenue, ! $t
/; ins r: PER c.n     "^
I J. d (me, Proprietor. *
lim Mleole,  U,(l,
*-##** * •* **,***«»■ W * ***»*'"#-*# ■* >,;.■* % 10 f?»-
fi .-," -TNN Ml WW*' 1 *
Notice Taxpauers,,,,. „
THE    PROSPECTOR,    in place, but thai  lie has found
                    it.  McCreighl considers ii is nul ~    ,. ,                             — - —
:  I hereby give nollee thul. tlilrtv duys , . ,  .	
intended to suliiecl lie miner I" ,, ..,.,.,...' , ;,.- .,,,, ,., .,,,,.1,...., 1".,, -. "i,,     'Otitis of Assize ur.d M«i 1 t-lua
f k.-       I>7 ' I' 7   I v / / J   11       II   fr t-  l,~ I   \'     1 A' I   llll      .   I   I I.i '1IU   I   1 ill' l-l \   1' 1 I il1 ' ' Hi 111
mM'S/So    rSi.V     'j»-l^;  a "siibsiauce" bill I, (■„i„„„ssii,„,','„„-,i, ,,-,„,:„.!•*-::-:;;"'^;;:;:;;:;::;T -sKss^nr ,ctA,iouRov,hc,A, ,■,,,,',,■ Us, ,.,,,1 s^Worksj
,1"!"""1 v''11-    '">"!"   wording".    >"   '!   'olul.ii, the premises knot -  ■ i( lllw.       .u. REVENUE  TAX, for permission In purelnise lliu I I- „ Ml.vlui„
ustheCli   f .justice lifts held, be   ''"' biilionul Until.      ( ^        ..„,.;.,,,..,,., within llie following deserilied area. 0: s, ,,r,lwll
horoby givon iimi  sixty j
luy- lifter ilulc I Intenil to U],pl,\ 1„ the
A, II. URAUE. MANAGER.       ouuse often a  Inrgi iiditurc CAW '"■
is necessary iu nrdi 'In llnd  tli     " '    '"'       • '•"•"•*•
the prospector, ^i|*,o"|hn'i^ vein between walls   uml   oil n	
. 1.ciiiiiii',, 11 i.uii.-r ii'.ui mi.' other paper  withoill success as tu walls       til
in Ens, K enay. It Ls nil home Printed   short it is 1101   intended   lo     lib
fit}   .'1   \rl 11 Muiiilic . Ihe 21st
iluy nf Jinii', ISIIT,
Till '  I llllllllll. ul!   .\
ilnj nl Juno  I.SU7.
Iiy f'liiiminiiil
,1A.\1 KS II \KKI1,
Kill."!' STEELE DIVISION ul-'  HAST  '  Mnneillg III the lllil'lll  otlsl   L'lll'llt'l'   \   ,   Wnllllnjer,
Km rr i:\.\i   Di   l'HI
nl  Im   liilll. II.I, Uieiioe iiiirlli in il"
15, (.'. Smiill.
|,is', ,»; 1 iif  W. s, 1 nlllcr. llmncc
I'   Venn
eel lhe  miner to lhe necessity      Notice, ihut iliirtv dtivsufti.r ilnic I
.„ ,11, „dvc,',lsl„« mediuni It Is ,,n- 0j   finding  ll   substance between Intciul luiipiilytn thoOiiliH'iiniinlssinn-   /■ m-iul Sicr,  ■      ,
ex""cJ-                                       defined walls bo fori location and "   '                  ll,i""l! "■'  lv::L'                 '■'"
„,„„.", ,",,■:.'... Ill,,   M   " -; "■   ,,,,,,,1 "" " ' l"vml8es  ] '" '"■ "" h :i
1|t.,.l.|0pmi.„u,l,l1en,M        urn                 1 or I          '   ' l|":''1.   sitillltcil  III               '        Moyen
Mill ll I .
.,:;''■                          11.50 por yen     QQ^jjy,-.,     -     , -.  , , , ,   .; -M    , I      l.sey  I I'llSSlll.
' IJtiteil  May  I".   IS',17,           I
lllil,'!     ||ll     I
wesl  Iii llie   ICoiili'
"   fnllii'.viii ■  llii   rivci    11
1,1   'Hi I'.usl isn    1   ..' I. Inuieki  ;,, iiiiiiiiii   In  IMU'cllllsi', 111,'a." 1 .1-1 tn tin '1'ln'  iveilllll' niueltous o| Uio ,n.sn, lmli„,
niiisl u,„    ...   |„|,|,    I',., f riiiiiniiillot.'nient. "    ,|'1'1  '' Isl uiin :'.|,ls,'ilui',li,j. ii,
i' III,       '   'i I' ,    1 ........... 1 1   . . .,,    -     l"''"1'!  '
Oil sunn  i. ,. |„„ .(.„, .,,„
■ ■••      ilu   ...        1
•    I" ...'il. ul in., ..III,.,, it, !■',
\ I ..IIV.,
1-11 t.      ■       I
11 (mill nn nr i„.r,ni.,im,, mu    ,
Oiilcil in i-'i'i-i Steele Uillli April, ISH7.
T, \V, ,1ACKSON.       Ill   All   imsiillilo  lliloi'iniilloii   ulli   lie   furnish,
...I   hy   Hi,-   AsKOollllloil, ii|„„i ii]i|ilii<;iiini, 1,-,
inri'i '   mnl purls of ilu        Pi isjii    lul'S   111' uillg
,.:-.'' .      el'tillllS,
:     !. exc  i'l
.        .  -      nits, 11
Wi     III I'l'l  • ■ '
'.■ '"""'
'   ' III,,   llllll
uthuveI '
1 1    , 	
1 .    |„.,,j
 111 llnl ||i ,,,     ,..,.,,.
KNOCKED  Ol'T !> Till''   3rd    '
■    '
' -I 11,11,1 „„i
■■. ■   US,
"I OMl'ANIItS'   .li'T."   I'AUT   !\',.   ,N1,|
I'   I''   Vim,Ml.
r'nl'l   Sli-iUr   |l.i
Tin. I' ds ,'   to   liiii
re I.' .,: ■    ■ "iu ii' ■ ■
amendment was knoej ed out    [i
was losl by n  majority ol  one,
pro I'ouring the
hence this district made a  peril   c. P  R   AT   WORK   IX   THE
ously narr  ■   - scape as  lo   il-        ,-:', nys vest P      -
future prospects, 	
The adoption o!  this n 1 01 1 ,'      ■.    •■■..   \]
menl would  have ilnne i ifinal    that Mr. Lumsd. \
injury lo Eusl K lotenay al  this the C P. R. s ■
time, as it would have shul  oul   y-•  p --  says   Ihal
American   pn s] " lors   al    the -,., ■
most vital time in the historj   will r,
of the district, al  a  time when • ,
we waul our district prospei ted ,-, ach lho survi
mul made a rid fie I for ■ ntor are woi king eas
prise with capital.    Though  if !■;, ,- ■ .
this bill has passed   0111   Amori	
can cousins v • dd In   - appreci S'i
alcd tlio fact    llial  this govern
uient   was  the  originator of a
similar odious bill, bid good com   ''' 'I'D
mon sense seemed to have come
to tlie assistence er both  leg sla
tive departments, and both  bills   .....
have mot tho same fato, „y. .1
 ,.. '. i toria      InSn
,.   .,.
THE      f'Ru 1 : lEST
I ' , , i ' \ ' ' !     ' '  ■
Kumloi ; 1  - ....
■   in 1 1 r'ni'
... ,,.,.,,,,   ' Sii/linii     t,,-,.;,,   I,'',,,,,,,   ( nmyuny
Is over ivum l''"l' l'|/ n.
"ii   mil      '  ..1 nm- |.n  .   	
ll paid on or after lho Isl ,1
I"   I -X,
>' A
i    111], |sl tiny nl Mill
'l"i 1 III .  .  I'.',  '  I' I, I 11',  tiiul I I
Hi J
illln    Sullivan
1 Hi     '   ',11   i"    pen nil pro    "","
u\ lim \\
Hugh Watt,Mt D.,CM,
W, c. P N,, Ontori., mul llrltinh
I.til    ,11     llll;    1(111,11    CARIBOO
l''ilK'l' S'l'I'lKI.K, II. C,
„I I
lln- linsiness
ell, ini'l dull
iiy. sell. 1,1
ntlii'itw   isiil vi Im nl ivlltl '"i'1
..       ,.    ■   ,,,,   ,,.   ..,,[ llllll
■%   . ' U  1
'    1 mi)   |ii,i mu -..        'I
■ ■ Hie loiiinvtnn '"''"
. I     .■■■■...,■.    ..        „,..;,       ,|„. Illftll
U' inisiiliil 1, liars     m •
'"   ' 'pi'li-onl; ulieni  "tin,
iivei ten tlunisitnil tloiliirw 111111 nul mini
I •' '     ''I    '1-.   un,' nn.l hull'
in '      ■   when sneh mans i, *W,
r l,uli"vi    ■'       1       .   ■ .'. liars , nf nnd 11  nut
'' M' l'*nWAHDS, nee'lun^O^
Assessor aud Collector. :    Tin I'lipiuusioeiiur um -1,1,1 a y is
»   Porl Steele Fob. 28i-d, laff.    lit ^'St^E^LS^S
uie sen.11 j TIKiM AS   McVITTIE,
P.L.S. c$ C.E,
Fori Steele B.C,
t's, iiiiiI jiolielull) inili
isl Stntes 1 the IT,
;,. hikI In irii'l mnl
llinl llll iili|,l|iinees foi
S   \   ','
P. L. S. ,£■ C. /■:,
Porl Steele B.O,
The inosi  important  finest! n
before the people ol Rasl Koote ,          .
nuy today is, w lion <'■ 'il the rond -;i,,:,.          ... ,
iiu  constructed      'i' ere   is   no for tvliii li   ■   will im 11 en
knowing whal iiiiiii s may bo optional.                 i-.l. mul m
,            1 ,  ,     1                      ,1 nftl CllllllVC llll	
brought lu bear nimn lho govern ,                                              ■
I'.ven umi •'  •" nitimi to 1- nn 1 ■
ment, unil Ihey mny be led to   (■     , |     ,   , .    ;
'     ' C
...    I
i.   ,  Mo
I]      ■ I
is ror norm!
■    bel   eee
eli.ulii ul
lln II     .   ,
. "   '■:..:,li. 1-1'i.
Given mule,' my liniiil mnl setil „1 ullu'i- m
. Vleloiiii, I'ruviiu" .., iJt-lllshOuluinblii. ililslsl
iluy of MiTlTll, l",'i-
[I..S.1 S. V. WOOTTOX,
.!. .1.  IjAMONT
I Illllll'   lliilliv   is   hi'l-eliv   irn-oil  llllll      ,,    . , . , .   . ...    ,  ,, ,,    ., , ^ ,   ,.     .,   ,
xiy duys utter date i hit™! n, ,i„,,i, ','-',""''"i''"'''""" *""'■'  '"'""•"  ;" Contractor and Builder
Pui Steele, fl. C.
of Lunds 11
IVorks for peraiission to purcluiso 320 NOTICE,
acres ol iii:occii|,iei] (''nun lunils, In 11	
fiillcy ou the soutli side of Hull river.' I ltci'uliy give notice, that sixty days
nl'iiin in,' and 11 half miles from tho after dnti I intend to apply to thu Chief
Puck bridjjo. C'oniniL'iichiir ul tin -tli (.'onnniiisioiior of Lands and Works, for
trust cornel'jmst, tlience fern chains permission m purcluuie 0110 hundred
soulli, theneo eighty ehuins eusl, tlienee Slid sixty ucres of unreserved ami 1111-!
i'ni'ly chains north, thenei ui-> lit -, i-lmin- oceuiileii Crown lands situated on IV rry
tvesl loplm feommenecment; '   creek, ilistriel of East Kootenuy, 13. C.  N 0 T A R Y PUBLIC.
A. W. Bleusdel!     I Boglnnins ul 11 posl plneed on the south
west unglu nl tho old Town  bench,
Date,! a- Fori Steele, B. C, this 2711
diiyof Mai'ili. ISIIT, .[;
:■    . .       11. 1:.
s iifior j
sloll 111 j
ii(!n|ii a course which would  nul  .:,,■
lie   whal   lh"   |ii uplo nf Ilii-, ills      (i
llienee north  10.00 forty chains, then ■,
'" easl 10.00 forty chains, thei  sotitl
v_    in.nu forty chains, thonco wesl   40.00
forty chains in pluee ol bogitming,
.\. Irvine Robertson.
Fori Steele,  H.  C.
cessily in uni' I I'siness, ivu  wan
,'.;: ^^r;;::.:,'''^:;;;;;;;:^;;;'';:,'",:;;::1,:;:;::'; ;ir'.,'',i'ni''i ;uiui;<Ml,'.'u'.u.,v';!! iti:1.', I, w: !,","'l ihis •,'1, A'";i- ,,i;'T-      4-'
trict rtosil renoilcottaithlrtvd-v-fc*riSS!l^^ ^ J&^ ^^^'^^^ W«k-'farj-
we want the rnil.'uud, ills a   lie   hl1; '.   "'      '','   ,,   ',   '1M,'     uflerdul ,1 to apply to the Gold "i™' u license for the purpose of iirospocting NOTICE.
its assistance in  ,levelu|,',„g ourl       t       in V "„ '."lT\ etui, on the premises I ,„ nine,, Apr,, ,,„, ,W, ,„ * «• ^ i™.'»bo.ct (2) two     Wo horoby give notice, thut sixty
1     ; . ' 1  vii uu ia in 1 ui 1, Houso Wanliior ' u       '""'  '"'     1"h,ul '"'-''rvu- ,lu,- nil. 1- ilul,■. wc niein   In applv in'.
"; mi kt'' ""H"1""'1"'";;,!ttiTi ;ri'"" a m r\\      \vinil ;■:,;,   \ tiu»- ^"; *•«*» *» ™*«- &» < , ,„1„„lt-il„,1.,„,.;!,; ,
'lieapen     Hi"    necessaries    ul    sin.iis. ami in unuei. 0 1 m-eii .. corner post, thenee running SO ehuins Works-for permission lo purohuso 1110
•■■■■■'■■< NOTICE. north, thonco running SO chains west, acres of lund   moro or less situuted I
II. I'liU!'.   __ _
&    Mrs. K. ,1. IIlCilVYARIIF.N.
N'.rl Poor t„ Hurher Shop.
Wo need ii- road to li'nnsporl
machinery lo develnp our minus,
lu hasten the erection of smelters
uml reduction works, for lho ores
mined in lho disli ict.
And the main point is, for the
Government In seo that lhe road
is  coiistracled as soon  ns pi
,. rinlciidi-nl nl Ed
.  ■    Wc hereby „lvo nollee Umt sluiy days nllor
I hereltyglve notice llial thiriv duvs '""" "'''""'"'' i""1'1'ly f.n,u ,'iil-f Coutmlss-
Porl Steele, B.C.
General Blacksmith,
bluriiivuns'lhi'iis-au'iniruilinli Ka!1SE SKCCiKSi uateil this Sth day of May 18117.        -I-l I Dated April Urn!!
the road  will  bo built; and wo      ... .    *!!? J10BBI!18,   ■ ,
won't complain as In win, con-      Mlnln9 Work a SP8Glalty
sinic's. owns ur operates it.
Tlie building uf  llm  Crow's
theneo 80 ehuins south, thence SO ehuins alii,,,, two „   , -  ■  ,  	
.iiiiiiii 1 iiu 1.uu.-ni,1 mu uu 11, inns nun .     /s/",;,'/',   <2'l^l?l?l  17
east to plaee of commencement, coin-  from Moyie Luke, Starting ut the north "'l *     >-  ' Jjl-t'^J-i,
Prising '"H1 ucres, \ ,,,,t, urncl. ,„,,, „( Mose Pntdhonime's
E.J. WALSH       | tiro-emption, theneo   10 chains north,       ASSAY    OFFICE,
In eliiiins west, I
     :. 1 une. itmr ■ less, tnence  111 ehuins south, I 1 thence 40 ehuins south, tlieitco-10 ehuins | Fort Steele II.C.
Hotel tn l'",,ui-ii'ii,'i,',r,!! 11,,'I,,1,vii ol "!"11'' ""'me"- «,'.-i.iii'iii'tii'.'ii -iii.i'iii.|  oast to pluco of comiuencement.
thence in ihn.iu eusl tu pluco ot eoinincuco-
I.,,;.,,,! I.iiii,,-mul Willi, for permission 1,1
:'    ''' ,1:;'"'   ' "ll":"1 '" ' 'J  "' !!l" -nuii-i eimncri Ilunil. Slni'lluBUtapolal,
",    1    1 "")!:;/'!. -i   ' 1 ;  ' '••    (lold Commissiouor torn license tn sell Un Moyen imll. 3 miles soutli olCn rook os-| Dated this loth April, 1807. II   """'''' '"' l°s8i "
I , V, LluJlLih,   .....   ,,,   liquor by retuil on tho premises of u une. nior less, t
'I', llorlirltlgc ,t (.'u.
.1. Lamont,
Ed, Muhphy.
NlH '- ll    in I y ,''\, ,: Uml  RiXlJ*   llll) ■■   MU'
■ iimi to upply tu tin- CUIcI (.'oinnilN
v ffivo notice that   sixty
Chiof t'oiiiniissioner uf Lands and
Wu'ks for a Uconsc for the purposo nf
piuspcL'ting for coal on lauils, situate
;im tin1 south side of tho St. Mary's
river, about throo inllija west uf ilu- St.
Nesl Railway will give every on- , ,. ,,         ',       .                     . .    ,,n" •" <<™«* '"»' works fop permisMoi. to (]itys ttftot. aate wc Intond to apply to "V0I'» amf nrcc mi,i* wost or tllu bt*     Hiorcby give notice that sixty duy«
. ' iiiiiflmsi ifluucrcs of iiiioci-upieiW-rown lund .,.' ,,,. ,.,       .   .          , ,     V  ,    i KugoiioMission,   Startlnji frmu X. IC. after date,  I   intrml lu ai.i-lv tu tin-
«0«™S0mc,,ttolhedcvol0,JUlO..I   ' ,.'        '       ' ,       -^no.h „I tho.v„„h   ^   -^l?£^«J^A^V*^™ « 80 ehalus Chief Cminissinnor of Undi i Wort A"   work   W
1 ■ I    tl,,,   itiiiiiii1',]    I'lt.'iuti'iiii.'     t ,1      llii," >i .1     A,.           ■   ,.      I'':     !,■'         liIiM.*'liiillii'^      ,.'M»\.-~     11,1        11 1 inn. mu     im      nut uiiis, ,  n,,
ul 111" lilllli'l.ll ii'miiiii "1,   III   Uli-   ,,,.,,,, , . ..,..,,   ,,„,.,         ,.M..„   1,.     si, ,,.,!„,    smiill. llienee ,silelli.ilisiv,>l, Hi,, h.t Sll I'm-iirniii^iiui l„ nnri-hase llliiu, -i-u> nil
I horoby give notiee, that 110 days  Dated this 2-lth April, 1807, VI ,,  ,,     t.-, ,. ,     ,
utter date, 1 Intend to anply to the Gold'    "llvi'v'    '"I'l'01'.    Lead,
! IClu, ill pvicos lu suil  the limes.
I A trial respectfully solicited,
il!   receive  prompt
iirii's nf luiul, more nr less.   Stnrting
district, tlie rcstlll   will   li"   llial    ■ '......,.    ,,  .,,.,,„'; .',',„',',;'■'*, '„„ ,' ,'„','i'i7,,',. 1 ..„.,[..,..\f i,.i,,, -,..,, C 1 '•'"iiu'- n'"-tli. tli'-iu-u «i uliniiis ,„>| tu. Imii.I filiiut,- in lljisl Ki.ui.-nuv,lusi-,-il,u,l
, '"''■    .11   I HIM   Mill III  \M ••!  I 111 III'1   HI .MIIIIl!-HHl i\
Hi"  markets cf  the   Norllnvcst   ,       , . . ,.-,i..i ,.,„,,,., , »■.„.■», „,.',.„„ ,„.„.,„„,„;,„, „,,,,„„ 3I „|„,  "'">'' ' <•»"» "'»':-•   L'on.lii'lslndiis follows: Uesinnimf al. a post pluutoil
willbethcnii'ansuf in iplyingthe ■ >'--< " -,,.-,...;., 1, 1., \i......„ u totul of IHO ueres. I til l'n- soulli ivesl enrnor ui lol Iffi
thousands of   minors   with  lln
fiple articles nl I !
iiiii-i ■ .
'.'.. .,', WNOLEVi
'.,   7ii ! .
1 "i  \ HON,
■ : r, e
1     IS 11KH1   IY '.1' KN  Ihill -un ' Hi'iu'..'.' A-li A l'n.
: wappl) Chief   i,.,,,.,! v,,„.;| .,,|,|  |Vi7 |i
uni Works Vletufln ■ 1      -    ■
'"     ' ■""""'
■     Kust KiHHfllll     II '     1   ■:■ raenelllH
"' ' ' ' 1 llllll,    '  '       lOUlll   l":,l.
■.   .    • un,  i NOTICE,
,,     Uku, thoneo 30 ehuins, nioie nr less,! Nleholiis Coeeolu. Theneo soulli III ehuins, tlieni isl  ,0
nni'ili nasi itlon" Moyeu Luke, tlionee  Dnted Hits loth April, JSI17. -II  ehains, tlieuei! north 40 eliiiins, llienee
M ehains lioi'th to plaee nf eonunonoe- |WCh' ID ehains In pluee of beglnnlnij:.
I. "   Oatod I'l'l, llllll, 1807,
NOTICE. \V. [''HUNCH.        I
ROCK   I','   PLACE   DEI '
-■'iiii   llienee lliehnlns | 	
„, |';,,i.    indsitual '    """'j <-:s«
111 ' ' it, iu tl
Belle case, has,lellnod what is u      "'
i-nhdinnieni   ,   i io   also whul
- mini ..ii ,     ....      1 ' 1'    - - .....      ;
-1 in- thai  ii:" li «ri latioti ii. itsjehu
iU'ls ha- ... ....     ,
I. horoby givo notieo thul sixty day,
lifter iliiin. I lntoud in upply in lln
Chief Commissioner of Lunds & Work,
ho holdon nt fort Sleet iplleiito 0; Uio c leiiio ol Til Wall
iv 1.. it I„...,> I .., 1 ii„..,..,„i ,1,.,. ,,r
ill tin '    " 'di i-'--..ii,.-. iiiiHatiir-
' '     lit) id Inn,, ut llln'eloell in
'    noi ■   for ilu' .uu! ..,
Wuile In llir ill,,,v,' lunils ll I lho IKlIll llll)- nl
I'll 11 ''lllll'l I
Liiiul   lleulsti-y  inili-...   Vletorln    Hrltlsh
Iii:|in,i ireil friiiii lhe Kogls-
 f lh,-.I ri.'-.
I. I , .'ni  iiin-'
!• of  I      - ..   '    Court nl
lit     11   !     I Steele. llll
Colin .1.   .Mi.Mi l.'ili
s, V, V,',i,r|ri,.S',
Keel iriirllenorllliifTltlcs,      IU
NOTIl.l .
I.ANII   lll.i.l'.TIIV    «,"!'
■lai"- "1
■i..i keel hy I    1   - 1  [10     |,lncntl
'I.:,'',.,   j,"-    ilu 1,11 the 1   0 ol     .	
I"'  ledge ui' vein,"   lh'- nl
"'   1' -   '"'    "in"  ill'"   ill   ■ uicl     ■
lind -Ji",'. lliul   ' un il'nl
ii"'     iter a veil  !"  ,„   miv ■
-ni'v, tjiou; h ,' inifrlil   he    'iiii'
■"ill fur 11 ;>„ ilium,     'll," lui'iili"     1,
shall .il in I" i.       li ■ .11  |io 1 .1
Hi" point    1 ■ is disco er
ml "I'licl, in ■ ■ 1 '     . .■ bi 1    Inili NOTK'I'; , ,,,„ ,
ll"      tt!    " i.'i-l
'I :■'     ..' ihscuver; 	
"I "Rock in plan is "vain-'"'"'""'         '■ i iii-.ui-un uivkm i ,11 i«
'   '   ! "     „,'.  ill" HI I   Um    ■ '  III lllil   ul   OIIO   llllllllll
llllll'    (ll'pll   1!  i    1,1       1   ,'    Till,        III' llulxl I, IH, ,,...,        [n|)|   |h|i|  | f0(]|   l(i  |   ||((    (
WOI'tl   "tilln.iliii       I'     "   ,1,'llili.l '     "    '       ''       '"   "'i 11  nl tho eenlllrato uf llll ll
 . .    '"IWillloi'il   I, I l"i|lli.'lliil
as "capable  ul  lieinn   nil I. .... ,„ i„   ■■ i» ,,UJ. „ ,,. ,..,. ,.„.,„,„ rt„i iktio a
Tin- iipplicutil    Hie ,   ror 11
niiiii'iiil clllilll in' 1 nul KWi'lir  I"
iu the i'llllin nf lln i'.'i'ii.il luiiini
I lu [Tlu iTlvenolleo.lluil slxly ilnys itftortluto,
1 inn,ni in .i|,|,ii in ii,,- Chlel Commissioner
"i l.iniiK I Wurlts, lor iiri'iiil-.l  |,m-
fllllso nil- lillll.lr.'il mnl  slxly Iii'i'.". ,;,' Illllll,
slliuueil In lhoillslrlcl ..l liusl Itootoniiy uml
ili'Mlih il  IK full.nvs;     lltiiliililm' n,   ii   |ii,..l
|,!i.iii.i!  (1.11.1X1) Iwonly I'llllin, -nlitli nt llm mil.
liosi mi, in, Iiern houuilnry nf hlueli mil,
IV. .1 1:. .ui'.'Ki.i. is nu. iinni, ,,1  ,x .,|.|.|.i,i'ii.iN 1,,11   1 ro soutli |«,i«l) forty eliiiins, ihoiiei  iuu , ,
hiii.u ,,.,.,,., 1., i»u 11,,,,,,.,, ,„,., 1, imikii ,,,.,,.' "i' 1"' 'in ssiiui In pireiuso  nil aeres m
%,    \    lllll'l.U'ATK   n,  , I ItlU'li  t'lli "I' 'I'l'li.,:'lu    ("''"'I IniU 1 h.illi- tllf111 u  linrlli   IHI.IHI)   lull,. I 1
"   i'hit (l.ir.ueresi or 1.11T am, is  rr hm; »I,i,Iiis, ihonco eusl (-I0.110} forty clinins lu plneo lund in K11.-I Kootonny Dlstrlel sltuuteil
(lj, 1 i:\.\v insTiiu t. , 'iuiiin;.'. j nn Perry ereok, lueiiiniii^nl tlie Ittilini
NO'1'1013 IS IIKHKIIY 01V15N Uml ll Is lM p" ""■"''" 11"'"1 I'1""1"'1 "l""" riiur niiles uliovo the
mi iimi 111 iin- explmtlnn „ii nun  1111,  l''1"'1' liiiliApril ist,;. 11  old shaft, them iisl In ehains, thenee
 inly  i'iiiii'I  nf frofn lliu lirst inililli'iition hereof 10 Issue u I I south 40 ehuins, llieneo west III ehuins,
theneo iini'lli 10 ehuins tn Inltlul post.
Diilnd thls'i'lrd dny of April, 1807,
W S. I'lillSY'l'll.    II
- ii .1
n notice Umi slxiy iluys nfter
upply n, ,1m Chlel Comnils.
nil Wi.i'li-  for  |ii rails-inn Ii,
Iiiiiiiiii' ivoniy litres ol
.hm Mm In lill 1:11-1 K1111U
11,1'iimlin.iil ii  li'"'   ni.,,,1,
.1 in. 11,11 ul IliWOr Mm n   l.lln
if iluhlv t'hiillii   llioneo en
i'  1 in ii   ,     11, ■. rum 1 "ii  ' in ti In 1
I I'l.II A I'll 1,1   , , lllil I,   HI,  III'   'III II      I"
1  .1 HI lien       ':«'.   IN   '.""I I'  ONI
•in.,  'I' Mi • ,1 If
BUI  il llllll.
I I...      I.IM.M-f   , -(,,1,.
> """' 1 i" 1 nl''	
nru 1 n.' in '.,'il l,,|,i,.i' in  ni.'
..1. .1.' 11  lumtvii im Moyen in,ml
1:11 -i UIIN I't'll'li
IWloil Mils lUlliihlyo, Viirll   I'.'.
I iierotiy '.-," iiollee, tliiil iluiluy liflurillil
1 liiii'inl luumily mi 1 '"'"mi u irfi
' mIi-i 1 ii'lll In llilrl) ilnys ii|,],l      iwo In mil minority retell ,.,1 llu   iinni
I i,.,i ni- linleu,   Vletorln,   lirlu-ii' ''"' » "'" 1 ' '"'"'"  ''"' '"" "'in 1   Isos liiiuwn ,.s llu- Minors  1. , m
Iliiusiinl Wiinlniii' 11 I,'. ulilTown, Perry Cruel,.
1. 1 floiu.iri ,.■:
i ■!,,    m 11.11 i.iii I-;,,
.,   if, 1,|.|"|.|i\ i Iin'1'! ii"- nu, ilnv ..1 'ni" I-',.
.-.,'''.. II -    11/ '." 1 ■-...' v      , ■
Notieo i.- lit'i'.'liy givon tlml I he North
Sim- Mining 1 '11111111111)' Intend sixty ilnys
uftor dute loii| ply In tho Chief Com-
tiiiii.inni'i' uf I.iiiuls iiiiiI Works, for
poriiilssion in pureliuse inn ueres uf
unreserved und tinni'tjuplod erown lands
siiiuii.'il 111 Mi lllnly . reek, liusl Kootu
uny, II.C.
Ili'.-itlllilin    ill    11     pOSl   pllll'l'd   tl, 111'
siiiii li-wi'si uf llm Company's buildings,
iinni',' forty i'liiiins nui'tli, llioneo forly
eliiiins oast, llieiioe forty ehains smith,
thenee forty ehuins wosl to plaeoof beginning.
Norlli Sim- Mining Co,,
pi 1 VV, M. Mel I Cumin
tinted ul 1'ui'i Steelo, Ihls
lib..lie nf Mil)' l«H7. I-''
I hnroby give notieo Hull I wlll appl)
in ilir linlii Cniiinilsslnnor fm 11 lleonsn
;n ...'II i sli'iitlng lii|u'"' hy I'eiiiil ut
nit rnsiili nl Crow's  Nesl   Lnndlng,
iinni till, river. Olijeetlous should bn
llltil ,n Hn- Mining Reeni'der's Olliee
li.'f.ii'n llm Illli. .Inn.'. 1807.
Mrs. .1. Mull.
Hilled llm E'ili. day uf Mny 1807        I.
\..lii. i-.li. I'l 1,1 -iiin In.11     IXI.VllllVi   nil,,
Inin. i inn nil  |l|ll.|  I,, tlm  Uni, I  ,;,,	
J ml liiiul   iimi Wi'll - >"i   l»',iiil.sl,,i, 1,
niiri-lui -, is, in - ni iinni 11,111  1.1 1.      ,..ii
firlslniniii I■■! miim li.,,in m.i river u|,|io-
.lln thi' noil imim.iiri.iliiii Wu iiiiiii'.
'II I'      tll'll'l   "ll   Ul,-.'!.'
 il nn, 1  ,;- u'^Ard*.- un»»vww»b-wn,-SMir^j»wwwiwT-a«.M«n«in««M
direction bi Iwecn  Martin crceli
tnd Michel creek, and  furni. the
■ ■	
litis, ridge ;; niinihet' ol  spurs,
flu Wednesday a doptilullon of with  sleep inlnrvonlnj; gullies,
citizens wailed on Cold Co is   descei I abruptly lo the trail.   In
sioner Armstrong and l'eprci.enf Ihese anil on lhe intervening
nil |o hlm lhe ileal taiiil Ut iii'li",!, i iilges, u wonderful series of colli
Die necessity in '.i'i' of llu icnin:- are disclosed mi" abuv
wrecking of both lhe river bonis lho oilier lo the summit of Hi"
uf putting iin- ivngon road lie I'idgi. The uulcrops, which can
tvnen liui'u iiin! iin- i diirj   in '    eon on grounil, tire twenty
positions will, in the evenl of nt- fc"'',*,1<;?'-».'-,«.*ii^»'»«.''i«.*<»'^*»':***;0'>^^
* a
iriuplril invasion,  be  defended '« f.
west side of the valley of the I by to militia aud volunteers, tin   \ &)>    13 A. IO* ('S f~\ T\T '^ i
west side of Michel creek. Krom \ regulars being  pushed   lu   the'jj {■
n good stute uf repnir, iissuiipllesj
uml Iriivel ivonlil  linve  to ci '|lliicl:iiuss i
front, ami in order lo educate lliu
luii'ii'i'fur lliuii'v.. :!,   uiin,'iuiis   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
rille Hinges nre lo be cstablisliodjS    WHOLESAl LIQUOH       MERCHANT,    §
/"■ 11 "*'*"**• (• T
di ion il i    .;" i-i.   a   to ii     ure  *
.     i fi
10,m'ii a""' s as i1 iniitiouv i
ground for troops, v, ith n si eciitl   I
\ lew lu the  training of oliiee
■ ' leu   Sl. c,
llllll way nov . ,!i'. Ai'iiislroiig
(villi his usual pi'oniptiliule,
readily ngreeil lo lhe      ■ ■.    I n
riii'i'cKis in llie Crow's Noi i I'm -
behvei n lln- ui,"'"i'i; siiiiiniil nnd
the villi ;. "i   llle   i!1!.   river,   un
' ' .   ist \ iiluulil,.' unil p  ii   I would  in   in  iilinosl   ii'i'ejui    ' i" ,'
li ciili duli   iv   dd gi'
ulioul    i.'.i ■ in;
nil".    S ;>.'!,  Kepi ,
Iiiid a gang of men lefl Tliiiri >   iirenul nul less llinn  III stpmi
niorniiig for Sund crei !,.    ;  iliueil  lo be om
ivorsl places on lhe iiri :
1'epiiireil lir I v. ■ mul luiul
nlso llinl .iii. ', ogli wrote i In
-,im.' .i'i;. in i; lends ill Knllspell
lu Inliu steps ;ii mice iu linve llu
road fi'i,iii Ihere iu il;" In uml ir
liuproveil. '-. '• nnii ,' i ,.,,',
look im' 4 si inly slrotiin of Irafllc
over lliu ivagon road r„r llie re-i
of lliu sumuier; fur however
plensanl and expeditious i ;\< v
travel may l> • vi lien ull irur.-
well when lhe i'i li of « ,.-],,
liiiul Of I An ai ;; lil • , i lu "■;
into consider:!Hi n, uuisl people
will   choose   lliu  sul'--!-   though
"Ji.y^ip Exp .-..   pi         .■-■,: iol Californiti "  lo N'ew  Y. \
upon wli  lhe work of defense J ■, ,.     ■                           ,„      .,,,  ,.-,,,... -,-%-.- ,.    , »
__^_****1          .                                  \i> UlllSKEsta direel i
ul   "uiil.   milv ia.'. in lliuiilling nil'    In  lies   * C-
,i  men.   All,   ■     ,      | from The Di.sl  |,  „   ,    Wessr'i tt«,,. Teacher & Son {
u ",,'  ii,,   thai]  i !ii"i' nbii "i ll ■ Clnsgow, Hi ithiuil, X. ll. /
• n
i   .'.."  if 1   iidoii, llie objeclive '.' And Messrs U  ....   .    i      .'. Co. (llu .-•'.. Scotland   N.ll s.
poiiil , '  .,•■ iin .■ iion, und n hicli   ' f,
!■   .. . .
heaviest mIM ..'. ■
torts; it wm linlii
rant nl aid: il
ellipiii'.. -   il is the oul,
;i ,
nl Held.' un lliu , >tillin nl,    ni i, '".■ ii lliougli :.."  island  il    i "
If were not eonipiered.    I'lie   >    ' ' {
.   ■"      . ' ' -.
I .     .
llnl 11,-sl
BRl'l     ■ ■ i'i:i-'i-.Mi;
ui iiiarkable N. \ al .md Military
Preparation • N'i it Ships and
i'm tilicatioiiR,
A writer in lh" New Yorlr Ob
orver in .  i';'".        me   iiii:   I,
harp contrast wilh  the Cern.aii] navy and military  prupara
slower mode uf conveyance by I Emperor's  pi      aim'  [or are Grout Brit
land.   There is no evil  without lho nexl  four years ii ll il    i   in iiaci of < iiiliiinn. and
suine ciiiiipeiisniiiig  good.       [I tho next linen    ear i    mill,   pre   n'riiiinalion lo    rlifj  lli
seemed   and il   was  a   serin i    leuled lo the llri    li Pari i i   ..'. ifrom . in it to      lire,
disaster to have llie nn igalion   I'll '   inner ■ ailed Eoi nu expen    I      !; r i itadel i, lo he i
of the river so suddenly closed     diture oi  3-.M,0fKJ,0UU marks in | prognabl
even if temporarily.    Only—al  building   I'our   uitltleships,   six
lonlilion is, it is held, a real dan-11      '• ■    '    ' '         ' '    '"  :'"'""       '       "   '   I ' •' •>!"-s"-v   '"'   ;                                : '   ■          '' ;'   T  *'■
■!'■  .   tin    mi ..,'    Im   it  belli     : i : ,   .       rum lhe mu iiifui lure i t,
i .   .
jealousy of llm rapid e; n mi ion   ■                                                                                              ':
ofdreatllritaii    lhe beli      I    i                 I         .             ...„■:'.■- .„- »..*,. , HA  | %*%****%****l    t****H   k***M**
she isain a      iiin-i ig   Up slrife   |   " "'■                                              '     '."               '■   ■ '•""'■      ■    ( *                                                                                                      "*
Tf* l!"'lx)W!rH' "'" I:'   '                                        i iFor The Voi'i Steele Mines,?
rid herself of political aud com    •)„.„,.,.....       ,  ,   .   ..„,,_„ ,^ -.„.„.-„ ^ ,, ,A *                                                                                          •'u
merciiil rivals, and lho chagrin *"                                                                                          •-?■
■■■■:.  siiien nl lh     inabilitt  I    MlH'MIHJH mill    I mil      itltllfHIl 111 lllltlHHimHlHI?-|tf/Ii *                                                                                                 PS
..,,.:.     ,.,.,:,..                                   '                              '     '   '  *    '           '.J ^ UPPEK GOLUA^BIA NAVSCftliGfS AIS1) [KflWWAy CO. Li,J. ^
without BritUi.-usseM. Tl.«new;|    «y       .    .    A     .">   I ^ "-  ^">, TK T        3'J
iparatiom  g     j 'v,        H   /A   |\J^I     1 \%        3 *
wertothe »=   1    ^»    »     I/"% 1.   ^IAZJV^I    N  ©   =3 *
her  ilu-   »—
, I A I)
.'■   -
:'■    1'
And    file
TIMK    ':   \lll.i'.     '
llMPLfi; Oh'E TESTS.
tho hosl stage of water loo;   but  cruisers, i guntioat,  two ci,
it has proved lo us tlie absolute palch  bouts and  three  torpe
ni'i'.-.'-i:;.    of  bavin-  lhe   Inml,' i Inials. hut met Willi   such  'h ler-j        ^MMr "~|H F
road south ])iit ill good condition  mined opposition  in  the Reich Por  Use by  Prospectors When B
lui' traffic all  the year iiround. stag thai   tin   Go, irnmonl was -|■-..... are in lhe Jtouiilains. ;r
The cable forry al  the crossing  t'orci ;  to iicci^il   In  lieu of il n                    ...    . :
of the Elk river is now   in g«od credit of l.OOu.in rks towurd The   following   simple   lasts !£
running order, so thai  no delay|a new battleship.    The    Iritisli - ill ihow whelber an ore carriu.r '■-'
Man uf; icturer ol
t%' : U ;   p '- of
-» P. TO OPEN II    , 01 APRIL, Al :' 1: 1    01  MAY, UOA    I WILL . EAVE ^
"*T        "3! ",. DAILY,   I EXCEPT SUNDAY. I '
fS M ft"-
_^   iiv   I-'hht 'i UIO,1  nnil ■    1.1 ,     !'■
'^I   *-f'   lion,  - r ....
or Incqnvenienco v.t
oncod thore. By the way tli
cable for this ferry was pun h
used 1 j pn, do subscription
v - believe; v by - ho, Id it not be
niaintninod by Ihe govorninenl
a< nn- fei'i'ii's in oilier parts ol
the province?
i,e rs^B^H^H^DH
BD'I^DDQI'^B^vn i'tls
L-rf %-> i 1 tt £'_-» 8-4 K~\ a •
A large assortment of
^51  'Z     in;.-      I     • II    I'   .' 11)    •       ' "!...,,,';,
2 ji    Tui'filiij", arrl' In    ill I
3 -p    Mtfi' May  I-!. ■"- 	
ri   H    Vv\Ci i.i 1, ennu etinii ivl     -       .-    ' li la. 1 >
"':     '    "'   '   '  the rock should be I»:  seasonc     lui     '   r and shingles ^ £     ,„. >-
or more than the German ajipro   assi   edlou  lorlai   tho amo«ntl£= ' 3   '•.-   :l'"' : ",:::J ::"': ':' ':" :        '   : '      ''    *■
''■■id. ;,:'i,.|.i„mn"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B        *
■■?\l:>Pm*m*m*m*m*m*m*m*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:'' "*
four battleships, ,:   ,1   cruisen     ih     . - nro pm
two   '■   ps,   1'oui   ..nul ;■-.:... and  line ai I  «
two    loi pedo   b ml   .:" In ,'ei ■
Adding  these ti   lhe   siiips alen       .''■   '.-" I,  the .   will be
1 undi 1 ci or lo be com-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lle ■
The mail service in lhe Porl 14 battleships, 17 cruise .. 12 de
Steele dislrict still needs to be 1 stroyers, two sloops, four gun-
improved, and wo trusl that oui  boats, and nine boats tor special
member,  will i  the necessity service, a total tonnage of iiai) 11
of improving tho service from Und will di volop i I a00,U
Golden, also the securing of a |horse powor, and till of them will
  Brightest of metals, of a beauli-
routesouth,    llie result would | it |s expected, bo readj   for sir-! ful white ci • and rich luster.
i lilll II IIIUo! (1 0|Juul(ill)i!, iifw-^*
-    —-   a* 3•%%%,%***:>W-*w*',«:w«•*^^'*^*^****^i^5
ii les not soluble in  nitric   icid.   ';
■ ■   laiuiiiiiijiiiaiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiaiiiaaiiiaiiiiiiyiu^l
otiier n,otais11ora'nii ,      th, | ^nffirnfflfniin!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!?!?!!?^!!!!!??!!!!!!!!.^
lo  traits:   li   is
ut ailed upon I S=r^"er^ 1! ?-*\   IS      Al J •
following  sim
by nitric acid. I j*~ S
iz ia
Silver—'Pu;'.'    silver   Is   the  p *
up in   fc^°S^i
la., an inipi'.'iveiin'ni in our min
ing and mercantile industries,
Already large crowds are (lock-
- ing to this district; investors
with capital are hero, docuuionls
of Importance are dispatchi d to
all points, thai rorjuh-u a inure
rapid means of communication,
vice this year, including
il,"   torpedo    boat    desln yi
:ome   " ivhich are guars deed to
reach a ipei tl ol iiii knots,    Provision is also made foi   nn increase  of  lho  navy   personnel
oftti ers, seamen, m
iii" nev . slhnate b'
Duo,   as  against   !lS.~i>0 for thel
cui t'enf year, and  the manufac-. pi
lure of guns, projectiles, powder ki
and oth ir muuitii us is to proc icd sn
mi a  largor scale.    Meanwhile, ■
'hloride of silver   If sitspoct-
I in a 1   "■ I'i"' hh i ub,; bi ighl   i^
11. 1 ^-,
and wet copper cal ridge thereon. Sill' a chloride or a chloride brom g~
ni" , I silver, il will whiten tl - K
,.,1)1,■...'.     Graphilo    will    alsoi B
       whiten copper or gold  ; nl can   *Z
for the    ('..pi'.','   After   roasting   the  ;..:
intimaloly mix aud  well  jr;.
witli  11  like fpmnlity of j SZ
ml candle grease or an;.     ;
fut, and easl into lhe lire
The following is the tariff nil
011 ininoral products in  lho now  us a preparation against  a  pos-1 when the characteristic i ri      S
McKinluy bill: Leud.ores, I cent sible invasion of England by a lirsl blue, then green will tip- S
por pound on the lead contained, coalition of continental powers, pear, This tosl is better made £
Lead duties are to bo estimated and to relieve the  navy   from at night. .':
at port of entry, bonds given in more purely defensive work  the     Galena   Black   zim   blend i-  t
doublu tho nmount and tho duties IVur   Depurtineul   proposes    lo often mistaken for galena.   The
Ikpiiduted in the end afler gm    fortify four more harbors, and lo two may be distinj  lisl idb    lie
oi'iuneiit assay.   Lend dross und    '■ uglh'-'u  lhe tl fonsive   posi   Infallible  sign:   Uu   powder   ,1
refuse lend  :.' cenls per pun id,  lions alretidy selected   between galena is Muck: Ihal  of  blende,
shoot pipe, shot, etc. "| c.oulsper London unil  llie coast.    These| brown or yellow,
pound; niulaUic inlnnrals crude, j
llicllldiug iiiuuiii'.i!"  sand   2D  per'        ,
cent; mica 3 cunts per pound nnd     in.' tclass ineveio partioui ah
la pur eenl:   nickel  li  cents   pel''     CON  .  iikntto railway depot
pound, quick liver 10 conts-porl    and steamboat lamping
Inp* /'VS-05"f1 tf^Ht^f-
M    A \Jr <LJ L...y &~4
Fort Steele, B. C.
will:.' u fohsytii, proprietor.
This is unu u!  the bosl  appointed  Hotels in tho .?;
Port Steelo District. 3
Every   room   is   comfortably   I'urnishod. 3
When you  visil Fort Steele you will miss il if you dont 2
Stop ,';     il,", .*3
Victoria Assaj   Office
Metallurgical Works.
2S Broad Strccl Victoria 11. C,
I,. H.ii
I. li VII
1 I'l'l'l II
M 11 |  in  u ;..,..
i vnniil -i .'.',.
It, nil eiisc
Al I.  s,\ til i,i-;s   in: i
WITH   Di   t-.v ,
Lll.Mi . M  '•.
...       , ,      ,1   ,',   I;              •   1,00,
Mu! .•'       '.
l"l        ' .     ill li -1 ..*'.-
■ • tram n   . ■
....      nl      mil i-li.ir: n   runspurl i ;,',i.
i''.'    'i'. !•:;   il-;n   '   . '■,,.':•.',
ypiAM wm.    I j Twenty years oi Active Business
Pmm:.-pp.AA::; ti liiiiiiiiiiuiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiii^ I
£ \-w\" .        in ■-• 'I'l'i-i-iit.
RATI . ■ k;  onabi
i . ; :■ "-ii' ■     ROOMS
iffP |      1 :
I  iii4 i'rt    ii ■■ ?;•
The biiililinii' of lliu Crow's
Nesl Pass Railway, aud lh tie
maud f ir coal and more especial
ly I'uku, are atlractiiig more ul
tontlon In tho Dominion of Can
inin llinn any otlier question of
llie'dny.    The   reporl   of  Dr. I
Solmyor, lalo direclor uf llio Do-1
in in lot i !j'eo,'.'i'!i|iliii'iil survey, is
of grout inturosl ul the |irosent
jiiiii'liii'e, l''rui.i iinulysls il is
nsi'i'i'laiiieil Umi nu excellenl
cultu, vui'.v low In ash, can be
produced which cannot be o.\
colled b,, any iniiile in the wesl.
The coal Holds nre nour the
Crow's Nesl    lal; i   n   ridge
which runs in a  norlli en ilerly
r ■ I ■	
;W„"; il:'i:^,A...",'.,;,:;
M   ■■:   "':
diliij' ,.r-  til.'...! ■"» IU- ii, .'..'■... .;. .' . ii [St   tr '.i% A Up..
»   P
ro-o k\
"1 &   *     ^>,'«"  j      Act-       N'f6"'l'.1/>   5 ■'","
'  '   '.'"'■
•'    ■'
I TUB  l-HiiNi'ii, iion,
Golden, B. C.
^^ I SlfiL
Drew & Hayes, Prop's.
Strictly First Class.
Firs! Class Brand:; ol I    i ors and Cigars.
M ■ idquartcrs For Mining Men.
. '.  ! ■  ■ iple Rooms.
Besl Cuisine in ihe Wesl,
Modern Conveniences.
Home Comforts.
?   imon'mki; nm .
A. w.;.::.,:     ii,
I. ..
: IX McNJB        Proprietor. \
•   UUdUIUUUlUlUUWUU    '■■'■    UUUIIiUlJlUUtUiaUUJlliUUUUUlllUlUililUUui
B 8 U  i  lu iu, J
ALE & scon
6(] actors & Bonders,
run, Steele ii. G.
listimatcs furnished for the erection of
Concentrators, Smelters anil Stamp-mills,
All work promptly attended to.
P»i(n\' under lhe in n        [ment of
KJ. i>. .'i'i A TH ER.
Ih ,-i large and attractivo hlotel
o'i 111ii, 'l (•/( ■:'.am'<' in all its
appointments, with n
cusint, •  of HI 11 n Tit >c
< '.N'( 'I '//( OWC .
j*'^*i*tf?itfl^!5il%iv%rt%%\%%"l1l%^t%»%l-| '.(vi\n-«*tv\f».-«7i-*7 a*,»'>«.*«'l*'"n'>i> '"■%* the future  capital or  IMAY RT11T V) A KPI \U   '•■*   ,:l"       '"■  'hoi*t!11!!f!lH!fn!!n!»nnt!n!"H!!H!»!HW!nH!Hnnn!!!,!!!Wi   fort steele msat co.
  '''"'  !     ' " ';"''    'V   '"'   Ln    b'ueliies   Illld   lb"   i,u,.„Hi,    '
ni:, y ,1'i r
Horse, mul tliu good prosiioQts. •-.'
Groat Northern Line North qF and minos un Tracy creek, Motiso "£
P»rt Su-olo, lb- future capital    JenninSs is Contemplated, rl',rk' s"ml rn"',K'l!i'" .hwund g
0)'EuhI Kontenny, D, C Is silii- _,_.-..  ... .  - other streams,    railing into con. £:
,,!,,!  [nwi inilus south of Golden   TO    CJ-ET   UEYONU    TIIK siileratlon that in-obably seventy- j-
D)1 ||,,, t, |>  ll. ami  H'm miles UAI'IDK Ave per eout. of all lho locations g
north'o[ Kulispell on lho G, N, ... _'_ !__. Iinvphoon made within a pEn,
I; r    I: is Uio head ui' tiuvlgn   0n,   ,,ivr Ml)(!So] s-PW Tvaolf Is aml "'^ !l m'i' s " I"1''1 '"' l,l0E ' ' '"
lion on tlm Koolimaj rivor, and m.v     i„ ,,„,„„ No... territory bus boon  |,rospCctpd, R
■r. i he mil '.i'i'.! ilislribiilhig point '     '     /" there is no minora! section that C
., .   ,'| onilnying oainps iu lhe Ijen'g Consiilerod lllfli]>i s0 U,.1|1V  inducements 0(.|g
;,;,;:,';. has an abundant supply u| ,     ^   gt   ^ Iwiho brighta future,
ofimresl .'in,,'. uii'l,i lirsl .'Hiss ^ ^^ ><m of tk,      Uieroarc Ihoiisimds o|  ,„
3, WHi
.5   IN I'UKSII MEATS Olf   Al.l.  KINDS.
--* ,         _ ____—
.uj H'roWi/ iiWii'u'i/ to mining cumys In "'
MUTISM    CO I. Ill: HI,\
:i  Weekly tlelivery lo mming cumys t„ mi; jviJiiiSt-i, Artel Minil-lu-
9   v,,,:,'! ,si„, umi wm iiovsi iHsivkis,  '7»'n9S /*"« 'Tinning
G-f "*    3    HOUSE il' ( M'/TM'.' DEALERS.
"Stock   Agent,
3 Address nil communications to |   Ownorn of Kiwi Cilaa Mining Proper
Zk .,.,.,,,„,,,     ; i-l'* imil ivinlilii" in Mill nr iiiiiuli,
3 ; WHITE mk I'ri.i. PAHTJUUhAIlS,
Mrs.   I^cvctt,   Prop.
,y.tem of waterworks Will he „i ^          '                                   poo.o s going in  m,    there   s
operation at an earlydate,   Fori    '        - ^ ^      j room or all,  II iw, ll undoubl
rlteolehusi, line public sel I, N edly be many g I discoveries
and religious societies are ropre.     -     Jj       ^m        yfl< made tin, si, •  ,u  u.itiroly
wnted.6 1 hotel aecominodal- J     .       ,         ,    ,,          now disbnels             ......
imis will have a b.mk withm 30 ,     .'       .,   .     ,        ,   ,,       fori !?toulu Is growing riipully g>                                                                                       -!
Sysandislhi oldest gold, pro- ^""^j  ,'M""'.'   J*^ ll»°t a.r.l is w, I ,  utodii lh * iliaiUmUiiiiUlluaUliliiilllUliiiiilliiiillililiUliHIllUiU^
ducli'iB [lortlun o| the district, ^/^h"^^ wmU "'  "'•''  HowS,l*UUl ll,",U!i"l"!
BOM   liavinn   I n   discoveve h    d  Q u.,v,8a         lie   luwusllo    is
hm,c in island since tint peri- t                                 ,   . owned by Mr. Ulbralth.aaonrl
odhas  produ I over p.OlW,        ;. ,„„ h:iv,, ,,.,.,„„„ ,.„„   ««» »ud 'ntolHgoul gentlonian
 if the precious metal,   Here ^    ;i[ „,   .,,,.          ,        , .o  lias  heo.i    |.ro
g 3 ' I   THOMAS  Mc.SAUiiHT
| PRICES TO SUIT f.VI-IO'liODy. %      phillipps hanuiie, ' Mining Broker.
B 31
l^ineinclol A-u;erit,
llll Silsl \
l    ,   I I lev
s   i n u I im.i |i
/jj    A  f.'.v   |i„ii', ul inin-  I'.il.lu  Iiiiiii
3S:i.iiH|n'i'|iiiii'.    I.,'iiv,nr.l.i':. uilli I-WN-VBVAMlllill isn siri'.tiiv H Ul.iri,
,.,,,.„,,.,   ,r,,A-ii,,lw, i    l'''|,r,-vi,ii„|;'l'l„',\l|„.l'|l,„„(lK„„i.
/,,i/,.',ll.\ ,l   SIILSVIIII. |.,„.,j li,.v,,|„|,„„ii,|(l,i„|,„i||V  |,,,|, „,„)
Tlio (lulilon uml I'Virl Sttmlg I)i)Volii|i.
If  yuu  want   lho   [lrlmo mont Ctunpnnjr Uil,
11 A l i: V   PRODUCE
'                           ,        , i \ IIR'I'II U ill 111",    ii i ;"    m;,'!",;    '.
'do.,! cue of tho largest bp $m   ml(| iwlilia^    lho oust „, h,
Ivcr-leaddepositsontheCon- . v ;|ml ;, „;i. ■;■ ""! ftiees nre o       , tab
.aentith mines will soon be l        ^.^ ffi„ ta(ld Imhed .nst,t..tions, an    hi
<"P.: I with tlm latest lmprov- ,. h      |:i„n(, ersar ry pleivsaut Kentleuie,i
ed machinery.   Stamp mil Is are '  ,' s]    ,                 ^ On    ol,       ■ ng thul
to be  placed  on Weaver  and •   ,„. f     p                  ,;".:11"'.;;     ' '       '
Perry creeks as soon as the n c
cssary means of transportation
nan  bo   eie-eii'il.    The  towns
Mining ISrokers, Commission and
Real lAuuc Agents,
public.   1 be stores en
another aro ind the I      i eso ne ,, ,
,,.,      ,, .    ,    stock, wel a-' :  in-ices
piece ol wator    « hen iiu< ob-
1     ,   ,      , mi roasonable,
stacle has been overcome,  .'-,,,
^ '^ bQen ;l  Mtatantia] wM . - < tor
one, free from the evils attend   ,„,.  ,,,.. fixtures ai or the
am upon real estate booms.    Ii ,;,v;l,  Sorthom   to
will be seen thai Fort Steele is s,,„.,     . , . S]     mi I
me uf ihe few towns where hard •,;,„,.„l,;ii
times imve not been felt,   The     [t was • ■-' ' , ,■ v ,.      ,     -,, ,
people are a prosperous and in   the Great Xoi s much ucion, i\o\\  1 orii, LsMoagO, St Paul,
iniportani u of  the  matter     id ■. -   ■    .  be
taken       . the large divis Koot-
tliitt plans   and    specifications
id been prepared fo'   the   pn has his eyi
posed   spur      Inq ii '   at th       i I ■■ ■ .   ■ this d,i\ isioi
dustrious class in lhe fullest
sense ul the torm, and tho con
linuance for years of thosi Ho ir
ishing conditions nre cei ta n.
The mines in ibis district will
Montreal and Toronto,
Options Carried and mining Deals Conmnmntttoil.
soon becomo producers, and will superintendent's     I ice   elicit ■      - ■
this statement; ent, and ation is
"The matter has not gone that ■- I     Somi of the
far bul ii is undor  ""ii-i'1"!':''' .      sl - ■  ■ d     i future
by the engineering department." for Easl K    tenuy.     eater thun
It is said ih".  Great   Northen | '.'. sl   j i ■ aay,
realizes that same such step will C       ian Mining Review.
be required to hold the traffic into
cpiiry concerning our minus and the East Kootenay, as their is a   .,ii'i'    n-y  CELEBRA.TE
mineral  proilucti,   will   receive compoting   trunsportation    lim
promjit altontion.    Coinmuuicu
lions shiml'l Im addressed to the
Sueivlarv   of  the   Fort   Stoole
Milling Association, Venosta it
Co, ur Tiie Prospector.
place in circulation a large
n iiuiini of money, No other district inBritish Columbia presents
n safer field for investment In
mining properties than the "Future Capital of Easl Kootenay''
•'!■:,el Stci-lr. '   Any letters of in
Mining News.
from the Canadian Pacific on the     The last Ci   idian Ganette eon
north. tains    the    11 ivernor gonoral's
There are now tour routes into proclamation fixing .1une 22nd as
the Porl   Steele   euiiiiii'yi   Tb.- ;l ..,jiiy ,,,' g0n6ral thanksgiving
 -Ui'-rn Hue via I lolden a wagon and ,.,.j0tchig" for the purpose of
road from  Kalispell  and  trails colobi-ating the Queen's diamond
.tannings and   Bonnor's   Furry. ■ -..11,■ t,....
Ollleers   of   lim    Intermitional     [t would bo in order for Porl
- -'-   I Trunsportation Company tho lino s,,.,,),, ,„ ,.(,;,,bn„,, j„i.n, i> day
I VIMS M'nl'Mi FORT which siHTumllho l-econt loss ol this year, as the first celebration
Iwo steamers say they will Imve 0f note that has ever taken place
their new steamer now under in stoole,
construction al Jennings, con-
pleted inside of 2ii days.
Those routes will havo to take
cure of lliu rush into llio Steele
c iiiiiirv ihii season  but   it   is i
believed by y thai tho Crow's
Nesl Fuss road of lhe Canadian
Pacilic will be buill Inlo lho new Uyholesulo dealer in Confection-
district by next season and llinl j .
.,,   ,,       , ,.   i       i'1'V, I'nut, .Nuts, sc., &c.
section   will   Ihen   be   supplied ■"
with the bosl  of  transportation
I'l,I'l    Sleele    is    |'||S|   I   Inil,"
(lie leiilre of luiiiiv mineral
claims, along Ihn   Wild   Horse
creek  ii diutely buck of the
town aiv n number of locations
llll currying gold, silvor ami cop
per.  Within lhe lust few mouths
ll iiniii'v in llm vicinity of
Wasa. Trucy nnd Sheep creeks
has  iiltraeii'il   ibe attention ol
prospectors, a mlnoral none ex Ifacililies,   Exchange
lends through the mountains ut 	
Sash & Doors,
Newel Posts,
Handrails & Brackets.
Our MACHINE SHOP is prepared to repair Engiuos.Bollers
and all kinds of Mining Machinery.
We have ou hand, all sizes uf Pipe and Brass Steam Fittings
Pm- Sale, a throe Slum], Quartz Mill, Prasier & Chalmers
All machine inndo on [notary
principles,   Come to
Ml*. 1. I'tNWIGK,
Fort Sleole B.C,
Horse-shoeing A Specially.
,h":'"'"," "l","1 ul,iril1 many '"  WHAT OUR BANKER HAS TO SAY
cations have been mutlo,
The mountains in tho Selkirh ftEDUT   US.
range bus n largo mineral belt,	
whicli extends for forty  miles,  DOWN FROM FORT STEELE
Cigars & Tobacco.
have i laiins to sell or develop
mlil not ilu better llinn consult.
Thomas McNaught.
B. C.
nud many  promising  locution! ,
have boen made on the bolt, tha C M. Keep is Greatly  Pleased
ure being galena similai' to thai:      Over ihe i lutlooli Thore.
found in the St,  Eugeno,  North 	
Star and Sullivan group. i   C.  M.  Keep, who  has  been        MINING   BROKER,
It is within the bounds of pos staying several weeks al Fort
sibility that Fort Steole will in Steele, came down on theiirsl
lhe near future,  be surrounded  steamer, the Gwendoline.    Tho
by rich producing mines, passage down io .I>-!.nii)L.r-  ~
  pleasn "■ the passengers
,.,,             wore Mr. C irran, mnnagi rot the                   notice,
sl.\i,'i IM,    LP. , ,,   ,  —
•*■"'■"'    " ''     '   ' '    -     i!„     ■:-,	
Co   '.v     i,,'        has a large editor of the I"1'- Steelo Pros-    ■■ i intmni w apply i ,- ciiiof conimis-
. ,        i   ,,,   .1,, ...       ,,   i   , ,   ,i . , mi    "I '-■''■    uml WorkH for pcrmUKlon to
force ol men employ -   the pector,   At.Iunn igs  be i an n .,.,,, |aml .h,i;i, „,„„
Sullivan aiiii" wo   earn that  it crowdol  people awaiting theii ..;,.■ i.,e.„.,.,,„,«.,,,.,„t ,:.,*, Kwtoiuy,
istheintunti f the company turn  to  take  passage   up   th, ,^^-r^l^ll.S:
in push di         nenl   work  as river, >ikii»,loin,' noni, iwumiurs
East as possible, preparatory to     East Kootenay  i a   wonderful '     ; '  :i":  ","'"";.":"""'""■'
1,1 I I        I '   '.■'.;.ilaiv    in i-liiii;i,v   Ihi'lii'i-   I.M-liiillis It,
placing   machinery   upon    the district, tho ■ liowinj; is line in sill [**im oi iHiriunimr.
wine.   In excavating for a pow   dlr ions     N ol  i   dny  passes    a .    ..Z^'piA''       .,„
tier magazine   a large body oi bul ne            ericsure reported
galena has been exposed, making and it Is yet early to prospect	
li more apparent that the  wh  any bul the lowi    li
mountain is a vasl   silver-lead Fort Steele     ,-ei    lively.   It
deposit. is ih nti e of I       istricl     Oi
James' Iranln tnanagor of ih,
, ,   I, , nln»nrlll"01l"!Im,Si',",'ln     ""' l"lu   nl11         n ■  I «   i„, „ , » I
S'' K,,i-"""  '"'   h&,     ""'I'1"."       „VBn   ,,,, ...   ,',,,...   ,,,.,,     .      „„|     '  M i
"   Inn e u|   lui'li,  lleveluilllll'lll   Wlll ' Ihi    ".   ' ,'.■ i   ■'!   I"   i K ,1 	
, „,,  ,,, ,.,. lodges ol   free milling ore n ,,„..,  „„ ,, „„ ,„ „,..,
Wo will pui lots ou sale in the
new town of WARDNER within
a few weeks,
A largo Hotel will be under
construction there, In a short
the wesi ii-,• the v- Mui ■     villi       -" "'" ' ", 'in.v» "'"■
,        ,. ., .     , , lll,i ml ". i,| ;,i .    ,,,   Um'   lln   I   i ..HUM..
tb.- famous .'■ ii' .   la   I .nl  Sm
A rurr
so that parties coming by wagon
ruad from Kalispell oan cross the
river lit WARDNER.
For Catalogues, Address
New Jersey,
Mr, John Bulioan, Winlield Park,
Thmiili'ihill, will handle freight
betweon Adola, Mud Luke and
Fort Sleele, and rotuni, Goods
warehoused at both ends, For
rules apply to
Kalispell Hospital! -■,::
Port Btoola,*"©, 0,
(lold. Silver, Lead &e,, al prices
to sail the times,
AH Work done in iloplieiile,
Watch, Clockimii Jewelry
He pairiii!;,
In th,' liusl sijli' iif tlii'ti'iiili', Mall
mul I'lxpi'oss onion rocclve prompt
I'.M.I.   I'l'uX    Mil   ul'I'usl'I'K   THK
WATOI.M.lliliH   AMI .IliWIll.liR,
GOLDEN  ll c.
Aj.'1'iii fur tin) Cnimiiliin Anwi.v nnil
SmnltinK Wnrlts, Awnj'sandtroatmenl
nl nils'lU'ii" iviili Uu, (fi'mitosl cxpi'ili.
iimi nml MontlHti iti'i'iii'iwy, rnll or
ivrilu fur fiu'iln-i- iiiii'tii-ularii.
Mr.-, .Inn,,-s I'unlaii   /
"   ,1. li. Roiigors   ■    DlHECTOns.
"   \V. A. Conrad (
Mrs. K. R. Wkphbh, Manogor.
I'lilients from l-'oi'l Steele, ami tin
mines, will Iio received m reaeonabli
niton,   I'lir H'l'ins apply toi
Mrs. IR. Webber, Wanaoer.
Hot And Cold Uatlis
Washing eft Mending.
Mrs. Lewis.
The National Matte Smelter.
OlllllMS ^-il.lllll |||1.     SI,-,|
PIANOS    I'l'l'il'l'-V. ',,1.    I'Vlulomi'
i i.'im/n  f,re0    .,,1,1,,.,..  uimiui |,-
lii'iillj'. WnsMnmmi, N. ,1.
I'liiiins,*■_'■.!?,in,luislm, I'nlii-
flRf-flNC   I'',-.  »     I'llluiii  lice.
uitunrtt) A,i,i,,.„, „.ii-. i;,,,,m \v,;"h-
IllKlull, N, .1.
llliA'I'l^ "SUl'i'lius *.l?,llll up.
.,,,     ,.   ,        Ron nnii >•""' iiiiMiiuii'ii. Aii,;,,..,.
y will be nut in at unci' "UU,v,ou ,., .,,11 Unnlnl P, iicaiiy, Wn»li-
Iwnon, Now Jnnojy,
*:is,liliii   up.     Sinn
mi ...'i ol the i Vow's Nesl  Rail
'   '.      Ut, I,..'li     ,.    i-   .'.i . linlii'
. .'   I,	
mid placers.    A number ol  nu« . .,,„, , ,,,
eots  wore   broujrhl    In    fr  '• Hl"
,  ■      ,      „■      , i    ii, i llllllllll        llll   Ilk) Hi 111,)   IW.
I im in-.,, 'i, ,m|i,v   I nek aiui Weaver roueiiily 1   tjoing an
the China Go have started iheir high as .<''.;
giants, mui ii largo amounl of     Moyea river and lake have re
gravel Is being  washed,    Tho corded a number of good disoo\ SUBSCRIBE,
Nip  A  Tuck  ex| i   i"  hav 'les laloly and the St.   Eugene
another giant In operation In a Is showing up line and Is n greal ' ""
f-wdnyn mhio „,„ ,u,Mj,uW0»,
A Telegraph line will be constructed to the town of WARDNER, ns sunn as the poles and
wire can be put on the ground.
Thousands uf people are wailing for lho bunts to start, aud wi
predict tor I5ast Kootenay tin
grualesl em of prosperity in the
near future thai uny mining dis
tried bus ever seen,
RiKikoru Builrtina. SPOKrtNE. Wnsh.
Beattu's Oroans ISSvSX A"
I, Iiiiiii'.I K
Beany, Wunlilnetou, X..I,
113211.00   up.     Slim
Beattu's Pianos ^Z^^iL^
lii'iillj'. VVaabllwUD.N.J.
lo nnnniiiire tlie
|i,T.lnir nf uiir N'l'iw Jewblkv Stork,
foatnve witli ns. nn.l nil work entrusted
will revolve ramfnll attention,
Sn-iciAi, Attention hivkx To
Mail Oiidhbs,
W VlVIIMAKIili i Jkwei er,
Fort  Steele  B.C.
ft- McLEOD SCO- ""
Contractors «m Guilders.
A practical, cheap nnd simple
method of limiting sulphide urn.
such as nickel, coppor, gold, and
silver ores, ill localities whore
lead ures nnd fuel nre scarco and
altnosl unattainable, our pyritie,
water jacketed Malta Smeltor
hns boon rocognlued with highly
salisfaclory msulls, and bus
been thoroughly tested on vari
mis pyrilie, sulphide uml arson-
iiie ores, in capacity of 2 lo Hit
Ions per day. II is tho simplest
method of gold and silver ure
matting, nud concontrullng that
is known to tiny.
ll requires no extraordinary
skill, no lead oros, no fluxing
material, and no fuel for the smelter aftor it Is started, The sulphur in lhe ore is iis natural
fuel only, and ils oost hns no
comparison with nny other process of concentrating.
U'e are prepared to furnish nny
size or ciipuolty plant complete
:.',I',R   BARBER  SHOPI to substantial mining people, sel
il up und furnish our men to run
Everything Strictly First Class, | il for them on easy payments,
Prices mul spool fi cations, wllh
Nej-t door to llu- Prospeotor,
['•ui:   SALE.
A 111 horse-power portableBirw
mill, in good oondition, Apply
Wnsii, ft C.
references uml testimonials  on
Mliimflii'llirrrs nl I'lirilHi'i'S for Nli'lli'l.('n|ipi'l
lii.lil. SllVlirlltld l.i-nilUI'I'n,
KNtllNllKltH AMI IlllN'I'llAimilll, It'll
ST,   l.ul'IH,   Mil.
il iimii in: 11,1,1 sunn  ivimu
A  Sl'lilil vi.i v.
First Class Work Guaranteed.
iSVioj) Opposite the Fori  Steele
Printing Office.
mueA ma mm,
Llvci'ii, Feed it Sale Stable.
Fori Sloolo B.l'.
TIMJIIKO ill Al I. SINKS ,\ sl'l.l 1AI.TV
Livery  Stable.
Hood Saddle Horses,  and  Rigs
of nil kinds for hire at
roasonable rates,
G. L. Dalgardno,
Fort Steele. R. C,
Kalispel Mont.
l'iii'i.ii'n iii nnil from  Knit Stoolo
will find Unit lhis i'i tlie I„'i,| place In
Iniivr llinlr btiK'lt   unit obtain COhVQV*


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