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The Prospector Oct 9, 1897

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 * / ■:::■
■■> FOK S.M.K UN*
$ I
t Eiisij Moiithlu PaijiiiRiits :
Vol. 8.
No 14.
New A-Vortisomoiits To-day.
Mntlcu T. ii. 1'1,11'iiu' I'uii,
Ci'l'lllli'iuii ul llli|irnn'iiii'iil«   .1. IV. II.
.bung    *'
IVl'llllnlli' nl liiiiii'iivi'ini'iils   .1. IV. It.
Government Agent Armstrong
wont down to Sund Creek to inaugurate a new waggon rond to
a settlement ho has christened
Jjangley, The Government contributed $200 towards the rond,
which is six miles long, aud the
settlers themselves, who number
seven, did the work, Mr, Ann-
strong states that there is some
good laini still open for settlement in that dislrict.
Messrs. Gilpin & Lindsay are
putting all addition about 12x60
to the western end of their store,
to accommodate hardware and
other heayy goods.
Malcolm Mclnnes has returned
from a visit to Calgary, coming
via the Crow's Nest Pass. He
found the railway graded from
Macleod to the Pass, the ties
distributed and everything in
readiness for tho rails. The
track has been laid only about
ton miles out fruiu Macleod, but
a greal deal of tho most difficult
work had been dune and the remainder would proceed very
rapidly. Mr. Mclnnes reports
times good at Calgary, a more
bnyant reeling prevailing in the
business community than for
years past.
Tho Crow's Nest Railwuy tote
road, with its horde uf dollar-a-
day dagos, has almost reached
tho Kootenay Rivor. They will
continue on down the Moyio to
Kootenay Lake, after whicli they
will be discharged and sent adrift
to prey on the people of the
counlry. As the railway contractors were responsible for
tho bringing of those Italian
paupers into this country they
should also bo charged with the
responsibility of putting them
across iho border again. Lei'l
hero, they will largely Iimi their
way into tho jails and penitentiaries. Query?—Wore uot these
foreigners brought into Canada
in direct violation of the Alien
Labor law?
Business all right—No kick
earning at Gilpin <_ Lindsay's.   *
Since the purchase of tho Port
Steele Opera House by H. D.
Henderson and those associated
with him, the work on the building has been resumed. It is intended to put in a nice little
stage, and during winter time
weekly performances will be
given. One half of the upper
floor will be given up to a hall
for societies, a much needed convenience in lhis city; while the
other half it is proposed shall bo
devoted to tho purposes of a
club. Some ornamentation is to
bo added to tho exterior of the
building, and when all has beon
suitably painted, tlie building
will present an attractive appearance.
Harry Khiiioinan is now on his
foot again, after his recent serious runiiaway accident. Tlie
broken arm, although slill painful, is mending satisfactorily.
Mrs. Sprague expeels a, con*
signinont uf fresh fruit in a few
days. *
T. McVittie. has returned from
the survey of several milling
claims on Perry Creek.
M. 1J. Macleod, Assistant Chief
Engineer C. N. Iiy., came in on
Monday and registered al the
International Hotol. On Tuesday he went through lo Klk
Elver to look ovor tlie survey
R. ,T. F. Thurston left for the
East via Golden on Monday.
Thos. McNaught, Hugh Sutherland, and Prof. Hantaan wont
out the same way ou Wednesday.
The absence of Piro Warden
McVittie from the city lias delayed tho inspection fur fire protection purposes uf the buildings
of the cily. Next vvook the
Board will mako a rigid inspection,
Mr. and Mrs, Wbtto-Frusor
will leave iu a day or two fur
Bonn", where Mrs. While-I'Vaser
will remain for the winter, Mr.
VVhlte-Prasor returning here.
A, II. MacLoniui'i. A. I''. Mac-
Donald, I). .1. Mao Dunn Id, J. Q,
Cox, and .1. II. Connolly registered at the Intei'iiatiiiiial Hotel
on Tuesday, and on the follow
ing day lofl on a trip along the
C, X. li. through the Pass.
They will likely obtain some extensive contracts ou the B. C.
division of tlie line.
Fred Cope, ox-Mayor of Vancouver, was drowned un his way
lu lhe Klondyko. The Blayney
party, uf which Mr. Cope wasa
member, had made good progress
iiver the Skagway trail. The
accident occurred about two
weeks ago, Mr. Cope having
gone bad: with a liorso to get
some guuds left at a former
camp, hi fording a crook, he
slipped ami was instantly swept
away by ihe current aud up to
the lime uf Capt. Alcock's departure, llie body had not been
T. C. Armstrong, tinsmith, of
this city, has just completed a
very haudsome piece oi' work,
lining tlie dome for the spire of
St. Eugene Mission R. C. church,
It is a kind of work which requires a vast deal of calculation
and practical experience, and it
is questionable if it could be
done any place else in this Province.
You can find everything in the
market at Gilpin & Lindsay's.
Prices all right. *
T. McVittie leaves today to'
begin tlie survey of the town-,
site of Swansea, at the head of
Moyie Lake.
Billy Woltz i.s back from Spokane, and has completed the deal ■
m the Midnight claim adjoining,
the North Star, He and his'
partner Sieve Young retain au
interest iu the property.
Il i.s reported, though not continued, tliat the Nortli Star Co.
have purchased Wade's interest
in tho Stemwinder. ,
A Vancouver correspondent
writes: "The offer of Mr. W. il.
Remington, of Salt Lake Cily,
io put up a 300-ton, double-stack
ure smelter near Vancouver, in
consideration of a municipal i
bonus of $100,000, payable by |
the city at $1 a tun un the output, has induced the Rothschild-!
Evans syndicate, of London, j
England, to 'go one better' audi
offer to put a 350-ton smelter
near Vancouver, on tho harbor!
front, if tlio cily will grant a;
bonus of 885,000, payable at $1 a (
Clearing out sale now on at
Washburn & Purviance's, to
make room for new goods now
on the way. *
At Itegina on Friday of last
week, R. C. Kendall, of Fort
Sleele, was married to Miss
Mary Horehmor, a belle of Re-
gina, and a daughter of Commissioner Herchnier, of thu Northwest Mounted Police, at Hie Re-
gina Barracks Church. Bishop
Grisdale performed the ceremony. On leaving tho church
the members of tho force and a
crowd of people loudly cheered
tho happy couple. Pour dashing grays were unhitched from
tlio carriage and llio redcoats
draggod Mr. and Mrs. Kendall
to the home of Commissioner
.Journalist Ed. Farrar did not
come through lhe Crow's Nest
Pass un his way wesl, but will
do su when returning homeward.
He is now* uu llie coast,
Sir Charles Tupper and Sir
Mackenzie Unwell are in the
Province and will make a visit
lo lho Kootenays, probably visiting Port Steele and going uut
Ufa tlie Crew's Xest Pass,
M. Carlin, fur many years connected with tlie Golden Lumber
Co., has resigned his position as
manager of that. Company, and
ou October Isl assumed tlie position of general manager of tlie
Columbia River Lumber Co.,
with headquarters at Beaver,
B. C.
Muir's sawmill at Moyio City
will be iu fall operation'within a
Tlie Golden Minor is authority
for the statouiont lhat the North
Star has been sold tu an l.nglis*h
syndicate fur $1,000,000, Nulli-
ing is known nf the ileal here,
and the report is discredited,
A comfortable hotel has boon
opened at Swansea,
The latest blocks in high class
lints at Gilpin & Lindsays',      *
Provincial Constable Hamilton
of SilvoiTun, his boon dismissed
for misconduct.
One of tlie Most Promising Camps in
British Columbia.
The extensive development
work that has boon dune this
year on many mineral locations
on Pyramid Creek lias shown beyond any manner of doubt thai
a great mining camp will nexl
year lie established on thai
Creok. The most extensive op-
orators there are tlie Pyramid-
Kootenuy Company. Since June
last Capt. T. D, Perry has had
25 men constantly employed on
tho 1-1 claims owned by thai
Company on the Creek, and on
each of them not less than $500
worth of work has been done,
while on several two or three
times that amount has been
done. This will permit of the
whole of thorn being crown
granted this winter. The shortest tunnel or drift that has been
driven on any of them is 35 feet,
and the longest 72 feet. The
Ci unstuck so far seems to show
the greatest lead. The ininoral
is copper and silver; the paystreak is not loss than 12 feet
wide, and of extraordinary richness, a fair sample across the
vein assaying fully $1,000 to the
ton. Tho Granite, Washington,
and Milton claims are the next
most important. They all carry
galena and copper sulphides.
Next spring, as we mentioned
last week, a waggon road will be
built by the Company across
from tlie head waters of Pyramid
Creek to Mathew Creek, theneo
down that stream tu connect
with the St. Mary's waggon
road, and thus secure a good
line of communication with the
Railway and Rivor at Fori
Steele. Next your also a largo
air compressor plant will be put
in. and it is not improbable that
a couple hundred men will be
employed in the Company's
During the past summer these
claims have been visited by Professor Carlyle, the Provincial
Metallurgist, and several other
well-known mining exports, and
all pronounce them of wonderful
richness. Besides tlie 11 claims
owned by the Pyramid-Kootenay
Company, there aro a number of
others of almost equal promise,
but nothing more than assessment work has yet been done on
them. Work on the Pyramid-
Kootenay group has now been
closed for the season.
generally, and llie workingmau.
Thoy must have forgotten aboul
it, so we allude lo il here by way
nf refreshing their memory. Al!
they need to do would be to reduce lhe wages of tbe men a few
cents inure a day. anil il would
then lie found thai after tin* men
had satisfied Hie demands of the
company's boarding-house keeper and the company's doctor, hail
bought a plug of llie company's
tobacco, and had gazed once in
the direction of llie company's
paymaster's bag, tliere would be
nary a niclilo left tu bay whiskey
wilh. Why, the thing's as simple as rolling off a log. As il is
now, when a man has got to the
end of a month's work, and gol
through a merry little burl with
the company's boarding-house
keeper and storekeeper and whal
nol, tliat, which remains to him
is such a gauzy and intangible
trille that he can only smile.
And he can smile only about one
time, too. Tho temptation In
perforin the wickedness of this
bibulous cachinnalion should be
removed by such prudent deduction from his wages as wo have
mentioned above,—nr if not thai,
then lot the unctuous boarding-
house keeper finish the thing up.
To put the counlry lu all the expense of proclaiming the Public
Works Act and bringing in some
troops of Mouutod Police to
worry Hie heart oul nf thehonesl
licensed victualler is loo bad. A
man like M. 1. Haney, who draws
$30,000 a year nf Government
money because of his skill in
removing temptation in the
shape of wages from railway
navvies and the like, should nut
have needed this hint. He should
have completed his work ami received tho applause and lasting
adulation of every licensed publican in the district, besides the
undying homage of the sweet
boarding-hoiiseman, the incense
of whose worship would then
ascend forever into the heavenly
Haney's sacred nostrils.
0. N. R. Toto Rond.
Tlio C. N. R. tote road that is
now about completed to Sand
Creek is of course rough, but a,
very fair piece of work as such
roads go. In a good many places
it will bo Hooded when high
water comes next spring, but
will serve its purpose for tlio
whiter all right,
Public Works Proclamation—How to
.Avoid It.
Ill a short time a large number
of men will be employed along
the line of the Crow's Nest Railway at various places from the
summit of the Rockies to the
west of Moyie Lake. The Railway Company intend to have the
Public Works Act proclaimed
along the route of the Railwuy,
which will put a complete stopper on the sale of intoxicating
liquor Within three miles on each
side of the route of the road.
This will close up all liquor licenses within the area specified,
and a strong force of Mounted
Police is In be brought in from
Hie Northwest to enforce the
Act. The penalty for the first
infraction of tlie law is a lino of
$40, or three months' imprison
ment; a second conviction will
occasion the same fine, and tlio
guilty one will besides bo sent to
gaol for six months, These are
pretty heavy penalties, There
iis nothing said iu the Ael regarding a return to people who
have paid license fees, of lhe
proportion of tbe fen fur Hie unexpired term. It will certainly
bo somewhat tough mi lhe dealers tu have in close up their
linsiness, and get no advantage
from the license fees thoy have
'I'he railway company might
have secured immunity from lhe
operations of the liquor dealer
iu n much simpler, more satisfactory, and less expensive way,
alike lo llieiusulvos, the country
Elk River Tunnel.
It is reported that Engineer
Cranston has at length discovered a method by whicli the Elk
River tunnel on tho C. N. Railway may be avoided. It will
necessitate a -15 foot cut being
The Shooting' Unjustifiable.
Tho Coroner's jury which investigated the doath of Hie striking miners at Lattimer, after an
hour's deliberation, rendered the
following verdict: "That from
tho circumstances of the case,
and the evidence offered, the
said Clement Platock aud others
came to their death by gunShol
wounds on September lllth, at
tho hands of Sheriff .lames Martin and his deputies, and in this
we, the jury, do all agree, and
wO'do further say that tlio sail
Clement Platock, and others
were inarching peaceably and unarmed on the public highway,
and they were intercepted by the
said SherilT Martin and his deputies and mercilessly shot In
death; and we do further find
that the killing was unnecessary,
and could have been avoided
without serious injury to either
person or properly; and we lind
finally thai tlie killing was wanton and unjustifiable,"
The verdict wus not unanimous, lour favoring it and two
A special price on canned
gonds by llio case at Washburn
& Purviance's.
C. I1'. Velinsla sold a lot nn
Rocky Mountain Avenue this
week lu I.enii I'nbn, who will
erect a Tailor simp nu it this
lln mil forgol In attend thu
Board nf Trillin mooting at ilu*
school houso mi Tuesday evening.
.Inliii I'cid, Into Junior Pacini*
nl Ibe IIiiiIsiiii's Iluy I 'nnipuny,
is dead, lie was stationed for
17 years in lhe service nf the
oompany iu llie Mackenzie River
Canadian Workiugmen Refuse to Submit to Imposition.
Whal has all along been expected tu occur nn llie Crow's
Nesl Railway lias uow taken
place. During iliis week between HO and inn Canadian working men arrived al Godfrey's
Camp, situated aboul 15 miles
above Coal Creek, They came
out from lhe East ou an agreement to work I'nr $-15 a month,
In be charged $3,50 por week fur
board, and tn have their railway
passages nut free.
Ou arrival al lhe Camp they
found that by some counting-
house manipulation a month was
lo he made up of llu working
days, and as during the llu days
in a calendar month tliere an*
four Sundays on which no work
would be done, tlie working
month was lo cover a period of
ill days, lhe four additional days
tu make up for the Sundays.
They also found that they
were lo be ohargod $30 for transportation, the amount to be do-
ducted off their first earnings.
Tliu board they wore to gol
for $3.50, had when thoy reached
Godfrey's camp risen to $5 per
Crawford's camp is tn bo used
as a whiter camp, and the men
located tliere to cut oul the right
of way over a long section of llie
railway between this and nexl
spring. When the new Canadian
arrivals found how Ihey wero to
be treated, Uiey held a meeting
to take lhe situation inlo consideration. It was shown that a
direct breach of agreement was
contemplated by Ihe Railway
authorities, Tn begin work nn
lhe terms proposed, would mean
that at 'he oud nf tlie lirsl month
they would slill lie $5 in debt to
the Company.
The agreement respecting
transportation, wages and board
are in writing, and a resolution
was passed refusing lo submit In
ihe injustice tliat was proposed
lo be inllicted, to return Eiistmid
take legal action against llie
Company for breach of contract,
Thoy notified llie officials of llie
Company on llie ground, and Hie
next morning about 00 of thorn
started to tramp buck In llie end
of tlie track- lo Mueleod, None
uf them went to work,
A gang of Italians havo been
put to work in place nf llie
Canadians who have left.
Tho teamsters who have I n
employed to bring in tlie sup] dies
from llio end of the track are
also in a slate of insurrection.
They are paid 2 cenls a pound
tor teaming, but all those who so
far have brought in loads have
mnv abandoned the work, They
state that after paying for oats,
etc, for their animals, and grub
for themselves, Ihere is little nr
nothing remaining to Ihom for
their labor. The consequence
of all this is thai supplies are
getting short this side nf lhe
Pass, which further complicates
tlie situation.
The truth seems In be ihal lhe
Railway people think thai when
they gel men inin this country
they are so far away from any
other oiii ploymenl thai thoy cun
treat tbom just as they please.
But the action ul Hu* Canadians
and teamsters as staled ahnvi
shows that llie Railway lias
made a mistake,
We would   like In klinw, will
are the pariios who wero lo gol
the prulit nf au increase of $1,50
a v, It in llu  price uf board?  Is
il Smith, llu* boarding-house
man, nr who'i
It is time lhat ihe Dominion
Govoriimonl interfered in this
case. The Government will lie
held responsible if Ihese iujus
tlcos continue farther,
English SutUiii'Hi'Cainiin*,'.
It is Ic'irued Ihal a parly nf Iin
young lilnglislimon are nu iheir
way In Kust Kootenuy riu Crow's
Nest Pass, and may bo oxpoclod
along here liny duy.    The*, me
hero   to   luke  up agricultural
lands, and  if  liny an*   uf  tb" FORT STEELE ON TOP.
right class ,,f men tliere is abun- L M;mnd B —jt Spokane the
iinni   chance  ol   a  prosperous! Banner Exhibit.
future    fur   them.     There   is   UO       IS| i,.|„,i,.|, i,. -iiik J>u. ,-l-m r, ,u.)
place ill the West where farming Spokane, Del. -.-Tlie Port
will pay larger returns than here iSteele exhibit is tin* banner ex-
in East Kootenuy, und when tho hibil in tlio Fair. This display
Railway has been buill the mar- has been carefully selected and
kel will bo unfailing and the do- shows ;' ureal  variety nf ores.
maud constantly increasing for T  il justice would  require
anything ibe farmer has to sell   '■": . ■ -    I; i-. regarded as ibe
Care should be taken by citizens mosl ■■ plete in the building.
lu afford Uie newcomers every     The British .Columbia fruit ex-
possiblo aid iu making selections hibil is ii •• fi    -' at tbe Pair,
of land iu the mosl favorable lo-     lusp,        I    lo, of  Westmin-
cations. islei.  s al lhe Pair.
OUR NEW WATERWORKS. The British Columbia minerals
form tlie  greater   part of  tho
The   Service  Will Begin   Iu   About  n]inn,.,,l nxhibil
Four Weeks. _■     ., i     , i       1     i
Six thousand   throe hundred
On   Saturday   lasl    the   Porl  ,„.,.„„,, ,,,,-„,.,. ,,„. fail. today,
Steole Waterworks Company lei:
the   contracl  of   building  their England Remains Firm.
tank and tho house to cover il tn     ,r*,,"::l',"' "" ™.e,*.*s,..-.-,■.„,.>
David Hale, who has bee,, busy l"""1""' 0ct* S.-England is
all week on ihe work. Tho limit Put l'et' She refuses to go into
is to be cylindrical,  12 foot  in a Conference wilh Japan, Russia
diameter, and II feel  p.    lij1111'1 ,h"  ,'llil1"1 States on  tlle
will be erected -10 feel  from tin
ground, immediately'on lho brow
of the bill al the eastern oxtroni-
ly uf Riverside Avenue. The
power house will be situated at
the excavation al lhe bottom of
llie hill in the Wild Horse Creek-
Valley, 70 feel below the bank,
where the well from whicli the
supply of waler will he taken
lias been put in. Tbe boiler will
be callable of developing fifty
horse-power, and lhe pump and
boiler are now on their way in
from the East. The waler will
be pumped inin the tank and from
llienee will circulate through tlie
mains by gravitation. Tin* pipes
have reached Windermere and
llie lirst ln| uf tlieui may be expected hore by leam any day,
ufler which llio excavations for
lhe pipe lino will be begun al
niiee, and tlie work of laying tho
mains will be proceetfod with, A
four-inch main will be laid along
Riverside Avenue frnni one end
to the nlher, and one inch pipes
will be laid from lhis lo convoy
Sealing question.
Silver Again Upwards   Copper and
Lead Strong.
(Siicclut ilospat-li io Tin: PllOBl'BCTOB.)
New York, Oct. 8.—Silver has
sprung up lo 55, load has gone
lo 1.15, and copper to Yi.10.
The above despatch will bring
cheering news to the silver miners of ibis dislrict. The strong
advance on last week's prices
shews that the outslaught of the
London bankers has been Ineffective in shaking the strength
given to silver by lhe action of
llie Hani; of England. We pro-
did a rise uf several points be-
lure Ibis day nexl week.
Tli" action of llie Hank of England iu determining under certain conditions to hold one-fifth
of ils metal reserve in silvor,
suggests to tho Western Mining
World   "characteristic     British
water along lhe sl reels running selfishness."   Willi charming cy-
off the Avenue. I-;       tlmt ,
Pour hydrants will be sel up
at suitable distnncus along th
Avenue, and from each of these
hydrants Iwo powerful streams
can be thrown I'nr lire protection
purposes, When the hydrants
are boillg used, 'he pumping will
be dntle  dil'OCi   frnlll   llle   power
houso, so llial any houso alone
ilu* Avenue cun be delugod in :i
few minutes. The tank will be
kepi tilled ull lhe lime, and when
the pump is nol actually al work
ihe lires will slill be kepi burning so as tn provido for emergencies 111 ease of lire.
The tlinit has a capacity nl
I, Ion gallons, umi is under con-
trad in be completed Iiy lhe end
nf Ibis moulli.
If nu iinfn,*soon delay occurs
the whole system should be in
operation by llie lirst week in
Mrs. M. Mclnnes is sojournhiL'
ill llie llnl Springs at Canal Plat
fur the benefit nf her health.
"The dovelonmonl uf Un- mlnoral ro-
Bourn'* ul British Columbia indicates
lo John Bull his prospective future as
a priiilui'i'i' nl silver ores, and it can ho
Sllill llllli-l'IVllll tlllll III' U.'V'l'l* throttles
tho Industrial lifo that springs up full
nl promise iii nny portion Ol Iiin wide
domains. Unlike tbe short-sighted,
slllv, lirutul i.iili.'v uf ilu* American
republic, (Imul Briton fosters tin- tlo-
I'olopineiit "I its resources uml will lind
liiineiiillii* uispiriitlou in ilu' mineral
fields ul ilu* nortli.   When ii It.- es
lln' uhief producer of tin: white metal,
silver uii: again take its nluco beside
th,' ntra iriuniphunl gold, uml the
slngle-sluiidard advocates uf America
will again see where Ihey Imve been
oulgeiiL-ruleil by tin* inntiiiT country.
Bimetallism iscoining, but tin* cream
ui liu- |n,,.-|i,'i'iiy il will bring in tin*
world will be skimmed from the bowl
nt industry by ilu* hungry tongue of
the British bun."
Brief Paragraphs Containing the Latest News.
Tlie Massey-lhirris Company
is sending seventy-five carloads
A 1, 'ding house and black- of bicycles and agricultural im-
smith shop havo been erected at plemuuls tn Australia. The ship-
ibe  Canada   group   on   Moyie\mwi wlU B° through next week
Luke.   Worn will lie continued !m tour Canadian Pacific Railway
all winter. j trains.
You can buy flour tit Washburn Maxime Lepine, one of the
& Purviance's at lhe same old most noted men among the Metis
price  n-i  Imi!.'  as  the present of Manitoba and Hie Northwest,
slock lasts.                               * died   suddenly    at   liattleford,
,1. !•'. Shorwood, of ibis city, Iast Thursday   night,   He was
contributes a very  interesting Louis Riel's lieutenant,
and accurate interview on Port Win.    O'Gilvie,    Government
Sleele   tuples   in  llu*   Spnkaii'' surveyor uf Yukon, says there
Spokesman-Review, aro 8,000 people in Dawson and
Mr. .Inlin Mui'lli'ili. formerly a only food fur 1,000 all winter,
11 'ber of Ibe Manitoba Legis- Crushing commenced  at the
Inluro for Kild m, died sudden- 0oltl,,n ,*.„.]„.  slamp  mip, 011
lylastwook. Cayoosh   Creok,   Lillooet,   last
Al a  ling nf tho Ottawa week. All the machinery worked
Reform Assoiiiiiion lasl week E. smoothly, and il is said that the
l.elilaiic.   in f   lb.-   ijicenco plates indicate a very high per-
Commissioners of the oity, drop- < tage of   gold   in tlie  rock
ped dead iiii tho Hour from lho crushed.   It is oxpocted that the
chair on which he was silting, lirst cluan-up will take placo In a
ih* had jusl linlshud spoiilting. woolt or ton dnys'time,
Henri disease.              ' I   y\w faculty nf Toronto Uni-
Tin*  I,usl ('bunco mine  near ver-.itv in   special   convocation
Sandoii   bus  I n   sold   lo the ( ferrnd   Die degree of LL.IJ"
nw -s-ol the I'livne group for, on Mr Wilfrid Laurier.
d is stud, v.':.'.i,i mui), ,   [j0|„.y Ooorgo was uiiiiiilinoiis-
■Manager Cronln "I He Eugene ]y nuin'iuuted  lor Mayor al the
mine bus purchased a site on lho (''iiy Nominating Convention of
short) of Moyle lillie on  which a ii,,,'    Diuimcralic    Alliance    nf
Conceiilralor   will   I reeled Oi-onler Now York,
"1TI,o"''Ti„.os" Qllawn com* | t BiaUom.in Bison was killed by
.,     |. ,    ,iii Kiuosion ol a troignt locora-
alive  boiler  iiii   the ('. I*. I{.   m,
White Hridgo lasl week.
pnuili'iil suys nn
authority llial afler the oxpir
ation in .Inly, I • '-, "I ibe coin
inereiul trealios now iu force,
Canada will adopl a tarilf thai
will be essentially pro-British.
Washburn & Purvianco are
selling oul iheir stock ot Coal
oil al ¥5,50 a ease. * THE   PROSPECTOR,
property of tkesi npunios.   ll  the Mining Acl ul
is asserted by people who were | sion of tho Lugislalu
hero ut the time, Unil the surveys
made by the companies mentioned woro Dover legally  marked,
A. II. GRACE. MANAGER.      |!l,ul ir lllil1 l'il" '"' I'rovi'ii il is
  possible    iluit    tin*   Provincial
„    „ „„„„„„„ iiovoriimont, if il had tho dispo-
THE   PROSPECTOR,   Is   pnhllsll.il     . . J
iiiiiviin. una ims ii Km,iunu.j sition uml il
eii'eiiliitlon liugci* llinn nny otlier pmier
In l.u-,1 ktitit-llliy. ll Is nil home I'l'inteU
und eoillilins iliniblt* the news ol iiu>
oilier pnr-.i lu tlie district.
,ts nu iidveiti-ini; medii-.iii it ts ml-
Ii,-v„ii',l i,,!l„'ujil'iill,liui-ul l-'url Steele, tlio
development ol tlie vast mineral rosoureos ul
the Eust Kooteniiy mlnlini district.
i pir
utes liunli' known on upplfciiilon.
Contributions nrD solicited iron) nil parts ol the
district, but ul! mailer intended fur puhlleallon
must lin.'i* tin- writer's .sieiinnire,
pi mi Uio nt tlioadver-
-iiL-iiirv ul   Alaxiili.it'!'
&C6..Suit(j !'-. First Nu
ili.iiiii Hunk  Buildin«.
Spokane, Wash., whoro
contract- l-uii bo made
for It.
THE proclamation of the
Public Works' Acl whereby tin* salt' of intoxicating liquor
will be prevented within a certain distance of the line of tin1
Crow's Nest Railway during tlie
period of construction of that
road, ir. a move which wus to be
expected on lhe part of the Ruilwuy Company. Tin.* same thing
was done during the building of
the main line of the C. P. R.,
and in that case the prohibition
of liquor extended on both sides
of tlie line over a very wide area.
It was a blanket proclamation,
whicli prohibited liquor from the
time of commencement of construction to the finish.
cessary "sunn
iu iis makeup (which ii hasn't)
lu do so. il liiighl compel the
Companies lo make u new survey
nnd re-deline llie boundaries ol
their lunds; otherwise ilu* < lov-
em monl uuisl do lhe work itself
or wail on tlio convenience of
land owner.' who will nol naturally lie husteftil in telling incoming settlers whore public lands
cun be found. R. 1!. Venables-
Kyrk, manager of ihe Kootonuy
Valleys Company, when here this
week, told us tlmt ii wns thoir
Intention to define the boundaries
of their lands by u new survey.
Inn lhis i.s likely to lie ;i moro or
less leisurely proceeding nnd nol
such as will meet lho demands
of incoming settlers iu this dis-
The  Provincial   Government I
should get t" work at once to   , ,   , , " *'',   '
■ staked have been n
prosecute u through survey of i, ,   .,     , ,-
1 ..-..'        httsn i gol inin* for
iu tlie Li.,-,      i       i
' Illill Klllll illlli pllslli
ri, iinil address a comiuuiiica- Mel. io obtain $1,500for tho work.
imi lo lln* Minister of Publio Tho mooting nlso recommended
j Works, Retting forth tho restric-1a,ud instructed Ilic Board of Di
Thoro is another vice to which tas under which iho Act, in tlio rectors that all shares other than
prospectors are addicted, which Lpiniouo|! ,,„. |30ttl*d, should bo treasury shares should be pooled
causes a sorious drawback and uo p.0(.,uimecl    Thl,S(,   conditions U0r twelve monl lis, nnil thai no
;''"' o£ heart-burning, and which wore that it sh d apply only to transfer of shares other than the
I'oitld nnd  should be cheeked liv i,,,,;,,, .   ,,,,   ,i,,,   p.,;i,,..,,.   ...i......, i. ,.        ,-  , -, ,
■' points  on   iim   iv.iiiu.i.i   wncie iransler nl  treasury shares be
ivery simple process. ^A pros-|W0Hc on a large sonlo was being gvimtod   lor thai   period,   Tho
carried on. |mooting nlso  resolved  and   in
A discussioi
regarding tlie
i Imil; plucoIstrusted thai in lhe ovonl of no
if having the treasury stock  being  sold the
lands of tin* C.  I'. K. iind  llio -property   he  mortgaged   for u
peeior slnrts into the hills, skims
lightly ovor lln- ground, und
wherever he finds an indication
of mineral lie nl unci' plants his
stakes and I lieu goes on further K,)()tmmy  Valleys  ('oiupany  in I sufficient amount lo do lhe tli
in his way, putting up during a g,*|s   ,,;,.„.•,,,    IV,S1I1.V1.V1„|   and velopmenl worli
season in,eiulol slakes, nnd,I'nil   „„„.,, aoslinc-lly detiniil. 	
ing to have many of tho locations     Al |hl. „„,,,,;„., „t ,t,,. ||,,.„.,!       LOCAL N1:WS NOTES.
recorded, leaves his stakes stand-1 „(.xt. Tuesday evtuiing the rep,irt      , ,       ,~   ~;.—
.lolin   (leorgo    Ili'nwu,    iiinn
1,1 u'° wininitlee o,. incrpuni   ,„,|MI|;n.|y | wu us "Koolmiay'
lion of the city will conie up for Brown, was in lln' city Ihi,'
ilisi'iission, and il is lo bu Imped week. Mr Brown is now nm
that every member of lhe Hoard 11'.*1*"-.01! ;|S rlli''1 I'""'!""' "" I*"
will lie prosoui.
ing there, n serious obstuidc ii
more genuine and conscioncioui-
prospectors wlm mny follow in
his wake, in this wny. we know
of largo areas ul' mineral bearing ruiiulrv Hull   have  beon  da	
serted.   Assoonasa prospector matters op concern.
finds himself on slaked ground,     Col. Bailor, M WU. Provincial j ,„„. ,„ in Ciiriboo In the palmy
he quits as East ns he can. and Secretary, Victoria: L. A*llinn | days, and lirst siruck Port Steele
ilu* instances are verj :,-,\ whore ilton, Canadian I'm ilk'
he takes the trouble to return,     Laud Comiiiissioner, W
often main miles distent, to lhe and Dr, 11. .1. Hu
rdor's   office   tn   lind   oul |came in from lln- mum uu om u
I'. R, X., between lln* suniiuil ol
ilu* Rockies and Kooloiiny River.
Ho is,iur uf the besl known old
iniii'i's in llrilish Columbia, hav-
R, G. SHIER,       JiQRT   gTEELE.
PROPU1KTOU. w-v—     iv
Headquarters -***m
For Travellers and Mining Men
* :* & *
'** .# * #
i * i #
m m * *
i * # ***
m * m M,
.* ** k *
i k *' i
k * * :*
% ■# '■¥■ W
m m & i
:# m % '*
■* •* i %
Handsomely and Expensively Furnished.—
Everything now. First Class and
Strictly Modern in overy particular. 	
Home Comforts,
wu.v I■>■' of ■'! .v'iii'S iiK".    in* ii- ii re \-jt,
iiii'kably  well  iiresurved iiinn,|l"
 il is slill ;ililn In take liis share
*    ll'iorui, i(if (jiu hl|| t),  |,juiuia|. |j[(, wit|]
ill "ii 'sai ;,!„ «, clf ihutn.
iwo  liiriui'i*
A proclamation of the same
nature in this district would not
only work a hardship on people
who have established hotels al
various points along the line,
but would be quite unnecessary
to achieve everything that the
proclamation is intended to
achieve. The object of course
is to prevent drunkenness
among the employees of the railway. Thero is much to be snid
in justification of anything that
will effect Unit purpose, and as
has been mentioned in another
part of this paper a good deal
has already been done to minimise the chances of that contingency. But in proclaiming the
Public Work's Act ill this district
it should not be proclaimed in
"blanket" form covering n slated
area for u statod period, for
iustanco, this winter the work-
over the wliolu of llie line will
not be general, but large gangs
of men will bo oiiiployed nl various widely sepiiraled points
where work of a eluirnelor that
can lm economically carried
on in Uie cold weather will
lm proceeded with. At Klk River
and Moyio Lake doubtless thoro
will ho largo gangs of men cm-
ployed this winier, and tho proclamation should lliorol'oro be of-
fi'i'livc only within a cortain
distance of those points. This
would serve Uie whole purpose
of lhe proclamation of tho Acl
as elToctivo'ly as if it were made
to apply lo lhe whole lino, while
at tho same lime it would avori
an injustice lo licensed vicinal
lors located at points on llie road
where bodies of workmen will
nol be. employed Ibis winter,
till'   whole   of |mg	
Kootonny and Columbia Valleys I
and in the Elk  River  District,
It is only Iiy this means thai ai    Tin
satisfactory result can in* arrived ; ameiv
at. No doubt the private holders peeto
of   large tracts of  land, whic]   hi   su
are to be put on iiie market *.-'■■■
winter and nexl yea   v
this proceeding  with
lint I'avi.'i*. bul  il  is th   dul
ih.* Government '■:, the     ■    st j of thi
of the people. To talk ol "d I.
in connection with the pn  • ■
ings of ih,* present  I':'' . ■.   .   - -
Government   will   probably
casion wild laughter in Cal	
nvt'es -is Vn toria, but d ■ f there
is nevertheless, and the people l";i,'i
are in a temper just now to insist tnanj
upon its performance in the im- -
portnnt matter now under con- ;:- -::
unciamiou grouuu.
ining   law
'I'he work of preparation for
he Indian Hoys' concur! on lhe
oiii insl. is going on siitisliictor-
ly.    'I'he event will  lie one of
the stile ol I'. 1'. h', lands in this much   Interest  anil  enjoyment.
dlstricl hereafter, and la* Hutched ! N'-'U" ly all the besl musicians of
n'oi'i  Stoele nre iu training lo
uirios of townsite   of   Cranberry.     M
io other I Hamilton is lo have eliaigo i
; llie Provincial t*^	
■ pros I ....  - i.i        P -        ■   assist,.
u s nol
i Columbia   down  here w
iu lo conch him on the com par-1    .Messrs.   Keep &  151 well wont jjjjjj
ivo value of corner lots in lho UP '"  Bummer's Plat one day
°Haforesaid   Cran-berry.  lhe  saili | l!;e-«.vk and biigged 10 snipe.
•I'll,,.,, , ., ', They   report   lhe  game  quite
'    llw llicial Secrelary having pol | ploil'tU*uli ,uui 0(l8y en0H„'h to be
^^^^^^ latched a half of thai townsite j got al to afford lino wing shoot
iv in*" lho ciuicollntiou totlH, Rlvuwtty Oompany in cou-
prospector's free miner's|suiei-ation   of   sundry   benefits
In the valleys of the Columbia
and Kooleiiny Rivers and in the
Elk River region there is a very
large acreage of land that could
be brouglii under cultivation ut
''-v  conferred on  him  by tho Coin-
*' puny.    Dr. Hawkey was visiting
lVl; iiie country with a view lo set-
'',nl.iliug  somewhere   iiere  in   tho
ili> practice  of  his profession,   li
''".' ■ was ;i guileless query for him lo
"c" make of his travelling coinpau-
11'1' ions whether   tho   new  Crow's
"* NeM Railway was sure to cross
ial the townsite of Wardner and
I whether the Railway would touch
at Fort Steele.   The ready Mr,
tO-ECTlON   i-'iei.'i   fire—pub- j Hamilton replied thai he was mil
i.e.'   vvokks act   proclama- sure  that  tlie   Railway would
Ti' i.\   mew sidewalks   sun- cross the river ut the townsite of
VEVOP AOHH I'l Tl KAL LANDS j Wurtlaor, but that in.* was sure it
^^^^^^^^^^^^^     t   At iii'1 meeting of tim Fort would,not'touch at Fort Steelo,
no very great oxponselo Uie set-1 stoeie Board of Trade on Tues-1 and that if iiie Fort Steele people wanted a branch they would
Her, nnd llial would afford happy I day h1S|. a communication was
and prosperous homes to tens of |micj .,.,„„ o,,, Under-Secretary
tliousands of fanners. East
Koolonay possesses by long odds
llie mosl exlonsivo agricultural
men of liny dislrict iu Hrilisli
Columbia, and with llio development of the minos and lhe comparative reinoleiie.ss of oilier ng-
ricultural suctions, it is bound lo
provide n homo market that will
insure t'onliniiod prosperity lo
tlie local tillers of lhe soil. The
Puosi'EC-.it intends lo mako il
ils business lo bring theso fuels
prominently and constantly bo-
tore lln* intention of Hie public
in the U'esi.
We observe Ihal some of our
contemporaries in Wesl Kootenay Imve fallen in with Professor Curlyle's proposal llinl before a ininoral location is allowed
lo be i orded $100 worth of assessment should lie completed.
Tho objection to this proposal is
Unit ii would discourage pros-
pecting, 'ihe prospector is a
mosl useful factor ill llie. initial
development of any mineral
region; without his efforts progress in nst In* very slow, and il
nil lie does is to hunt up locations, he has done a service thai
ts worthy of substantial reward.
Thnl  lie should  linve a year in
A considerable force of Mouiil
ed Police, we understand, is lo
be brought into tlie dislrict It
enforce tin* act, and wi
would suggest Unit it should b(
left lo the discretion of thesi
police to establish from time to
time tlie varying biiinid^	
the area wherein llie act is lo he which lo try to Induce some mn
enforced, according as tlie work else wilh more capital ihan he ti
of railway construction moves| go on and do tlie work, is not too
from one point to another.   Tin
Fori Steele Board  of Trade's
Committee should urge this view I degree worth the bestowal.
of the case ou the Government,
and   we  doubt   not   any  such     The real objection lothesys-
reasonable proposal will be ai*-!*''"1 I,s '• ia now worked is thai
ceded to by the authorities ut|"ri*-'inal locations are re-located
o! btate, which was referred lo
a committee consisting of Messrs.
lileiisilell, Titus, ami lhe Chairman nnii Secretary to be dealt
The Committee on Fire Protection, unpointed at the former
mooting, reported lhat they had
considered lln* subject, and found
thai lhe waterworks would now
be completed at so early a date
tliat lo do anything of a substantial nature in llie wny of erecting tanks, ele.. would be useless,
as by llie lime they were com-
pleted lhe introduction of the
Company's water system would
have rendered them unnecessary. However, tho work of
forming a brigade would begone
on Willi, und implements would
be provided for their use. They
would also urge a most careful
inspection by tho Fire Wardens
of all buildings iu tlie cily, and
such measures us wore possible
to prevent Ure would be taken.
Thoy urged thai citismns should
individually luke tho utmost can
to prevent fire, and thus carry
Un* city through safely lill such
time us tlie completion of the
waterworks would give tho protection so much llee.led.
Tile sidewalks ('lillllllitlee 1*0-
nleeil nn ein-niir |ported llial Ihey had received
subscriptions of aboul 8120 for u
lidowalk mi ihe east side of
Riverside Avenue, but on the
west side they were nol so sue-
cessful, The report recommended   n  throe-fool   sidewalk
have to build it themselves and
then the Canadian Pacilic Company would lake it over and
operate it for them. Fancy the
gleeful chuckle of Hie lot-vending Provincial Secretary at the
ready wit of that ready reply.
Il wus nuts for him, to be sine.
The only possible rivals of the
delectable Cran-berry knocked
out hi one round and finished
sentence. Hawkey didn't say
so, but no doubt he thought it
singular that lliu Railway's Laud
Commissioner should como armed
with all the secrets at Hie end of
his tongue as to where a railway
whose line had not yet been located and the location of which
is a inatter for the Dominion
Government to settle, should beyond a poradveuluro Uo placed,
and what liis Hallway Company
nail decided lo accept from Fort
Stoolo, Sir William Van Home,
tlie President of Uie Company,
says differently from tlio laud
Commissioner, but men of course
Van itoriie is doubtless lying.
At all events, Hamilton must bu
right, and he and Bailor will
have Hawkey firmly established
on a corner lot dispensing pliysie
among ihe swoot-scoutocl bunch
grass of Cran-berry tins winier
buyout! llie .shadow of a ilouol.
•Mr. McMillan has sold one
quarter interest in lhe Dodo
group, adjoining the Coronado, to
eastern parties. The terms are
ueen's Hotel.
Two Goiiiinoilioii- Sample Rooms tor Commercial Men
3£     HOT ill* COLD PATHS
J c. Greene. Proprietor.
U iu lln* highest
i-'our Si____ Kiinino co,
A nieeiiiig of shareholders of
tho Fori Steele Mining Company,
Spoknuo, resident ill Fori Sleele,
was held in I'orl Sleele last
week. David (Irillith, vice-president of the Company, occupied
llie chair,   Upwards of lai),iM.i
 ,"•' .rr,"fw„,,iu1i,l-lfrom  year  to year   by   beingIfrom Chits. Levolt's to the Knot-1shares wero.roprosunted at Un
itawa.    We think Unit a I.nuns■  i _.„.-_.-I ■ •
cllllllgi'il I I'oill   on.
of '■', or  I  miles from points at
which work is going on wouldIanother, withtl
be a sufficient area within which '"'-' ",e outlay or labor
in make tho act operative.
l)i'veloiiiH"iii Co's corner, |meoting,   A written repo't Iiy
Messrs, 'Jriffith and Quinn, who I brother's doal.li
Messrs. Ross & Uerclimer linve
been ai'iioiutelMB
at 1 tin Steelo of the Kootenay
Valleys Co., Limited. The prop
erty is to be pui on the market!
in a short time.
An importation of choice e
gars and tobaccos of tlie invoriie |
brands has just be received ul
Mrs. Sprague's. *
Another strike of aboul twenty
i'eel of galena and carbonates is
reported at lhe North iSlm* initio.
Dr. R. .1. Hawkey, of Victoria,
has beeu in llie city iliis week.
A Rod-Handed Revenge,
Word comes from Nelon,
Wash., that a report has just
reached thero to the effect that
Manager Keaue of the Cariboo
at Camp McKiuney, who shot
and instantly killed Martin Roderick last winter on lho suspicion tliat he was Uie mail who
relieved Geo. B, McAuloy of the
Cariboo gold bricks, was shot
from his horse, some time Thursday by an ambushed assassian
on the road between Camp McKiuney and Hock creek and not
far from the scone of the celebrated holdup,
Keano left llie Cariboo mine
Thursday morning intending lo
ride to Midway on. business and
Thursday afternoon a putty of
prospectors found his dead body
lying iu the road.
He had been killed Iiy a heavy
bullet which struck him in lhe
left side of the abdomen and
ranging upwards camo out under
the right arinpil. All lho surroundings would seem to indicate that he was murdered by
someone who lay in ambush al a
turn iu lhe road ami lired before
he had an opporluily lo ilefeml
No tritco of lho niurilerer hns
boon found aud no clue lo his
idontiiy can lie obtainod, but it
is supposed the murder was coiu-
mit.;d in revenge of Hie killing
of Martin Roderick, by Keaue,
last winter and some slight suspicion is advanced that the
murderer was tlie brother of
Roderick, who, it is said, had
vowed to be revenged for his
'ort Steele
Mercantile Co.
Wholesale ^ Retail
Hardware, Groceries, Gioihina
Boots # snoes, Rubber Boots,
Crockery,   Lamps,   Glassware, Hams,   Bacon  and  Salt  Sides.
Mon and Women's Overshoes, Dry Goods, Maoanaws, Blankets,
Wall favour now Conrflgnmonl of Queon naators ami Su*ol Cooking Uimu-yn.
i*i of avoid-Und  thai   tin*   prosout   walk
thonco to Carlin & Durick's on luwl visiLoci   und   inspoctud the!    Only very meagre particulars
liueniworli.   'i'li«* Intoutioii of a List sido, be co clod,   Tho r- Com] y's properly, whicli con- ,<>> lll(l murder could be obtlllliod
lyery useful nnd proper provision p0ri wiis'ndo] , und thu work sists of iho Idly May claim, was'*3Ut il 'IH sllld Ull! l10l'son who
A short liiiie ngo Tut: I.'uos-1 *>f tin* mining law Is iim-. do L ui pm Intoii'io. submitted to Uio mooting.   Tho brought llio nows to Nolson was
PKctok drew utionl ion to lho I foaled; a re dy should be ap*          puiu.ii; woitits act, ropwl dealt with  lhe p|.0NUiit | ono of Uiu pany whicli 1'oiiud tho
drawbacks to settlors coming In plied.   And ilu* remedy is one     ,.\ ,1,,.,,.,,, ,,;   u„, case by condition of llio Company's prop- body, so tlioru i ns lo be no
and locating on Crown lands In found easily at hand.  It is Rimp- R. L, 1  llaibrailh, gavo risu lo orl.y, lho work that had I i ru.iHon for duiihtiiig lhe rupori,
this district, through   Uu*  tact My Unit of making ««u tmniiworl   ■  ,-,,.,,.„    tlie   proposed dono, mnl   whal   [urthor work     	
llial tne boundnrios of tho lands « mremiiu tscfurc. ,-, tmiiium t„„ proclamation    ,,;'    Um    Public wiih necessary in order lo fully
owned by the Cm inn  Pacific fa riri.rtlrd,   This plan wo mig   Works Act along lho li  II vo io  pi *ly so as lo V ''''^'"t^'P'P.AA'''^
Railway, Hie Koolonay Valleys |Rosled  some  ti    ago In the Crow's Niml l'n.., Rallwiiy, dur* miilto lln, producing ininc,   Tlie \      BflltlltLUtH _ KAlll-H,       j
C.onipaity I othor private own-1 columns of ihi.-. paper, nnd we ,,,,. n,, por|0(l „i construction, inuuinig    ilinoitsly  resolved  'i  ASSAVKKS AND CHEMISTS.
ei.,, we,*i'so ill di'liiieil Uml il was1 would eo loud it to the careful The  Cliaii'inai d   Hucrulary Unit further dovolopiuunl work jj Unkl nml (Inlil Oivs Mulled, Uc
liiiul mill  l',ull|;lil.
S|,nliiimi, Wnsll.
| General    Merehandise. |
M   Miners   Supplies    a   Specialty   $'
'%      Agents   For   Tho  California      W
^f! Giant Powder Company. $&
M  p
•tI'W Wire -to w *% * vW -w -w 'm.$mM%%%%¥s%%%%%)&
^1807 £
ers, s\i'.'e so in i ii ii i ih'i i nun " "«o  ' iiii   '   i mi iii, "i    .,' I,,,,,.,     . _.-■ ,,,„>,,,.   w ,it„u iiiiii 	
impossible m lell what was gov- consideration of Lho Coverniiienl nml Mr. Uorelimer woro appoint* should Imilonu, uml Unit n block  S |        f"™ ""
orninoiil land and what was tliejwlien Inking up lln* a inliiig of |od a ei ll.  look inlo I ,* of freiwury .-.lock be sold in or- timi^lS.
1 uu, Meiford. Winchester, Marlin, Uuinin-Jitiiii,
iiuu lavage ril'ius. Greener, Tit-dull, Scott, Glu*
brouglii nnd W. Richards shotguns.
(Uiu iulll million Hill* llllll sli'il-iui iiiii'li'lift'i:iif i'vitj* liiiul
mnl qnullly   C.'iilJiluguo na ii|i|iliiiiillnii.
Vancouver* ■&k;_i.&_y____b.__
.-'.-, i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i.*.'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i
■•■ W "," Wr(**'T*'T -,' W ',' V V V','
i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i i'i
V V V "i- V '," V i,f V V
t_g ci.
Sole Agent for the:
Fort Steele Townsite,
The Capital of East Kootenay
Ik Population of For
ie Trebled Next lea
The Price of Lots Will Run up Accordingly.
J   No Other Town in East Kootenay Presents Such a Chance
for Investment.
Sole Agent.
The Most Prosperous.
The Only Town in East Kootenay. FDRT STEELE.
Approvance of the Oity and District as Seen by Official Eyes.
The fifth report uf tho Department of Agriculture of Hrilisli
Columbiii has jusl beon issued.
li contains tho following, whicli
is uut without interest lo the
people uf this city and district:
Furl Steele is the must southerly point visited in Eusl Kootenay. li is unparalleled inuil llu.'
uppor country fur lliu beauty of
its situation ami surroundings,
and being, as it is, lho centre of
a lim' agricultural ami rich mining district, and mi tin* line of
tin.' Crow's Nest Pass Hallway,
there is every reason lo believe
that this section will, ere long,
attain a first rank in lhe districts
uf the Interior. 'I'he lown, in
which there are several stores
aiul hotels, is situated on a high
bank overlooking the placid
waters uf the Kootenay] the
laud lying tu ilu* back i.s level,
ami uni very far away are the
stately Rockies. Tlie river,
whicli is navigable fur steamboats down tu ihe boundary and
up tn Canal Plat, is spanned
with a good draw in it, whicli
connects roads leading lo (.'ran
Creek, utu* uf tho Hnest ranches
in tin* country, and wilh Sl. Eugene Mission un St. Mary River,
which debouches into llie Kootenay just above tin.' bridge, Tlie
road from Windermere, with the
exception uf some rather steep
gradients un the Columbia and
rather dusty, in good, tlie distance being-- to Canal Flat, 28
miles; fruiu Canal Flat to Sheep
Creek, I- miles; from Sheep
Creek tu Wasa, I" miles; train
Wasa tu Furl Steele. KI miles;
in all about 76 miles. Above
Wasa i- a ferry across llie Kootenay, by which access i.s had to
lhe road leading tu the tanious
North Star and Sullivan groups!
of mines. There is a public
school ai lhis point; the Sis'ers
of Charily also have an exeellenl
schuol for native children at St.
Eugene Mission, where practical
education in agriculture is afforded by the operations carried
on under (lie auspices of llie
Mission. Tlie fruit trees inspected all looked woll.
Mr. C. M. Edwards, Mining
Recorder at Port Steelo, reports;
Tin* summer, generally, has been
free fi'uiii frosts, and Ihe fruit
trees lately planted have thrived
well; un une Siberian crabapple
tree, only three and a half feel
high, ihere were counted sixty-
live apples. 'I'he winter, un the
whole, ha.-, been very mild, Willi
the exception uf aboul eight
days uf very cold Weather al lhe
end uf November,
Mr. li. I..'I', (lalbrailh reports;
Wheal, uut.-., barley, peas, and in
favourable localities Indian corn,
are grown, tlio yield being nbout
utu* third less lhis year un lie-
cuniil uf lhe very dry season. It
would be belter to buy Hour Ihan
lo mill wheal here. Peed hugs
and make bacon and pork, which
always bring a good prion aud
ready sale. The production of
wheat fur milling purposes is
mil pi'ulilable; labour is loo high,
and lluiir can be imported cheaper. The principal grasses are
timothy, rod top, and blue joint;
clmer is nul much used; hops
can be successfully cultivated.
Prints given fair yield, considering that lhe lillie orchards
were only planled a few years
age; the crops were nol affeeled
by frosl ur weather, nor by posts
of any kind.
Cuttle raising is a successful
industry; horses have not. been
pi'ulilable; nut a profitable dislrict iur sheep; swine and poultry imi prosecuted with any system, though roinunorativo; llie
real cause is, however, Ihal su
lew ui the [manors are married,
as iilteii ihe fanner lias lu leave
homo from time to lime to attend
lu other matters, and there is nu
one left lu look after lhe chickens, etc Tin* farmers are too
far apart tu establish a creamery; thero is plenty water for irrigation.
Yellow pine, black pine, bull
pine, lir. tuinaruc, sprue* and
cedar are easily procured, mostly
u;,  ihu benches  ami   mountain
market, tho X' rth Star Mining'
Company buying ail the hay and
oats we raise, and paying good
prices; lln* mine is aboul twenty-1
two miles from Fort Sleele, aud|
i'i iii a!*
it. .,iioiar*-_-in*wiru-ui_iruLnnrL|-uanr^
."-.-■ :rr-:r:-.-:-r-.■■■:■-, r
... K
III    I » «
Now open and ready for guests,
Everything new and first-class,
Choicest liquors and cigars.
Special Agent for
* it? i-4f '••■* $*} >t # *r
6 ff,
. Beer
* ,;■* ,?•* -v* ,-j* -*,* :.;* -»& #& |5* •}* ** «* jS*
Restaurant open
day and night
All the delicacies of the season
[Crow's    Nest
Elk River, on lhe line of
the new railway.
MOlliS Me
Mouic Gitu, B. G.
Ioyie £? Steele
Fi'olglil will In* curried between Fort
Steele, Crunbrook, Sifton. nnil Moylo
Cily. ill lln* following rules:
(Over .'in lbs. bolng nt 100lbs. run*.)
Between Steele und Crunbrook—
50 pounds * i'i
lull pounds     50
Botwoon Stoolo nml Sllton—
Till pounds     75
Kill liimiiils  1,00
Between Steele und Moyio—
Till pouuds  1.00
Hill pounds  1.50
Special rates on largo lots may be
iirruii-i'il by applying to ('. M. Keep,
Sul',. Deposit building, Fort Steele.
Also ii stage line twice a week between Moyie Lake and Steele.
Furl Steeie, B. C, July 13, 1SII7.
Tho advertisement of tlie Moyio Placer Mining Co. Ltd. is
withdrawn until further notieo.
First class ueeoinniodiilion lor travel-1
linn iiiililii-.    A woll stocked bar.    '
lomil stabling.
Tenuis leave Port Steele Tues
days Fridays und Saturdays at S
7 a.m. for Elliott's Landing, con-1  In Mo*viu Townsite Company
Draughtsman and
Biuo Printer.
ectiug with  bouts  for  Moyii
iy day at Elliott's.
Boats im
lands were on the market, and
snld iii. a reasonable price, the
agricultural population would
soon increase.
Mr. 'I'. Norbury,of Pish Luke.
near Porl Steele, reports; On account "I iiie rapid development
of tin.* mines the demand has
Di'i'u in excess "i lhe local sup-
ply, oats and vegetables being
shipped in from the Mai''-- in
considerable cpiantities, and as a
consequence   the
ni.   i in
ices   luivi
 in- in i.'i*n
1^, -. ,-nil have to be cleiin-.i I bniMi
has a good waggon road to it. , v ,-,,.,,.     .„
*\\e all lMklorwurd anxiously toU huvi ^liu,bll. .,„. f^mt
he building ol lhe Crow's Nett L,ltiVttttol_ Theseo-ons, tliougl
Hallway, wnicli wm open up the   i    .  ... „   ;     .,,. q. j,„i r ,,
eoal industry and give us steadyL .'  ' ',     ' " '   ' ,.,   ' „., ; .
,,.",,' . .*•   tarming purposes t-roin wlii'-i
niariiels    or  a     we  raise;   the ,.   ,.   ,, ,  , ,.
I,        '   ,      I i'iiii*ii i-arlv ure the besl  Iur lie
prices will be di nt-1 ■ lower, but
we will havo a constant und in-
Solo Agent.
Fort Stoele,
creased demand.
The country round Porl Steelo
consists of rolling hills sloping
towards Lliu Koolonay liiver; on
In,in ■ ides i'n* bundles are a
light soil mixud Willi sand, nud
grows i'\i'i*lli*iil roots und vegetables .nul grains ol ull kinds;
the bottom lands are rich black
Iiuiiii. Vury little Uovernment
kind ;i io open im' |'i'i' eui'ii ion,
;i"d llio railway will nol sell est
raipl in largo blocks; tlm Kuui
enay Valle,*, kinds nre bold 111 tlie
su   w.i,   It'uiii  ion  in  twenty
dull.ii i  por  acre, and very  l'*w
larin.' im sale.   Ii  Uie railway
tanning purposes;
i'i 11.-u early ure thfl	
section, us bad weather may I
expected from the lirsl week
September, I believe this se
linn will bo touud to grow fm
in great abundance aud o[ ex
ccptionully Hnellavour. 'I ho Iruil •'* '" '*
iI'i'i-.-, have so far indicated this.        "•'
The Slocan Mar mine has te     ' imm
HU I    IV'Orli   With its full 1 nve,      ' ''""'
ilu- threatened   cave-in   having
been only an alarm, ilV ...
The I'ilui liny smultur is aboul i
in reopen and will run all winter. '-   ■>    ,
Tlioy hnvo ai ranged for Iron and ■   „'i ,.,„„,.
coppor ores lor lliixing, n  groat    Tliikuta may lm |
deal   nl'  whicli   is  In euiiii' fi'iiin : i',.,.,,. Sul.' lii'iiii it in., :
the Trail Crock minus, |M„I U| hir |li.i,-,. Mnyii,! itj
-. In -.'...'ki   <la; ii ...ill leave Steele
,'i-i-y'I in* '.in, nnd Fridii) ul.
7:80 A U
umi.' in in;' I'i,,l.i;.. .Inly llll.li, lor
run ilt, iiiito,.-.. 'nml Moylo Cily,
8:80 I' M
loin Illllll Sll'  I" lllll (luy  Inllnwlllg
nil  li'iimi'. M
,     Stoolo,   lllll
The New Store
Por Hardware and General Merchandise.    All new goods.
Specially suited to local trade.    Large and complete stock.
I^H Poi'l   Sleele .     ,
Manufacturers of, and dealers in all kinds of rough and
dressed lumber,
Hough Uinilmr In Ciniti'Milors, .ifliVIIO   lliuil.ii* No 2 lliiiii'lng  *--■■"■•
|j(„,nl lm,|u tHH.Ilil. Ilimtlo Nn I t2II.IIO. -I limb lli'iido.l coll-
No '1   II hinli lli'ini'llig K-*1"'*        bin No '1 »2I.O0,
Nul   It iiioli llooi'iiiK Wl.iio.  'llllllll Hoiuloil nulling No I  *2S.0ll,
Nu 2   -I liieli llnorlng (21,110   Finishing liuiiher Nn '1 sK2.nl).
No I    I hull lliiiii'lng #28.110.  KlnlaliliiK linnber Nul *2II,00,
Tlio Lui'gost Slock of Dry Liimbor in Knot Kootonny.
First Class   I
(Lodging House. J
»*- -■«•
m~- —«•
•*- ~*m
Mrs.   Levett    Prop. 3
Fort Steele Meat Company.
Fresh and Salt Meats always
on hand.
Heller 6c Vandecar Prop's.
Riverside Avenue,    -    -    -    Fort Steele, B.C.
Homo made Broad and fresh
Go.oo at all hours.
Fruit $ Confectionery
ijf    Notions of all kinds,
CIGARS and TOBACCO.     ««
The Great North Western Telegraph Company.
Direot service to all parts of the
Offices in  all   important
points in East Kootenay,
Albert J. Gre-z.
Noxt Door to International Hotel,
PORT KTI'll'll.!'!, II. (J,
A. Invgo oxpoi'ionoo in lauding
burbot' simps of Ainorlonu alius
mul iiiri'.ign I'.iiiiiilriuH. NOTE AND COMMENT.
Tlm Guidon Rivor Quosuollo,
Linn,cil, is ilic nniiii! uf :i Lowlon
Cunipiiny, ciipilnli'-wl ul Sl,7fil),-
linn, which has aboul completed
a iinni "1)0 I'i'i'l long, across lho
QuHsnolle rivor. Thoy inli'inl lu
wiirli tin* In* I ui' ll"' rivor belou
liio iliiin. IVln'ii tlio galos :ii*i'
olosod nml llm win or hold bacii
Ihoro will li>' somo sovun inilus
of ground bnlow Ihal mny lir
worked. Periodically llie gales
will lie opened anil Uio |ii'iit ii|i
waters when Ihey have rison
high will lie lei loose In relieve
llie pressure and then tlio oper
ation will lie ivpeali'il. This is
probably ono of tlio largosl and
mosl daring enterprises in llrilish Columbia, li is praclicnlly
ilaiiim'mgiipiiino thousand sipiare
miles of waler, fur four mouths
iu lhe year, ami during wliiuli
lime the natural bed will In*
worked for placor gold, 'I'he
ground is said lo lie very rich,
Tlie Laile llrm hers wlm iv
cenlly niiuh' a, sensational discovery of lelliir'ule nre on I laiuer
crook are not salisliod with ihe
smeller returns on a two-ton
sample uunl lu Nelson for tre.it
nient. ll returned Sl-lu per ion;
the IjIiiIi's expe.leil thousands,
mul they will try an Ainericaii
sinelter nexl linn-.
Sllli-Bl Creek, on Coal River,
West Kooleiiny, was the seene of
a great rush during llie past
summer. There was not, how-
over, more than tifly cents per
dny in the ereek, bul thero were
poets iu the camp. Written on
a slab of wood, fixed lo the
stump of a live, appears lho l'ol-
Hi I ivus nonll.v I"''1
Ul StlllKL't I I'l'l'l! uml nil iis
I'liiiid ilii' mil pilil nnil in*l ni'li Mivii.
Kwimi. ui i-niii-Ki*. l.y Midi » lull*.
lKliiililild'i'illiiy|iiidii:iitlli>ii|:ilu* trull
I'm Itnvirvy Ii mnv wilh ii ilct'ji. .Ii't'ii siviii-
Siuiiu sou nt :i nun must liiivi- lolil a lie.
The Enterprise mine on Ten
Mile, in ihe Slocan, lias shut
down, owing lo change ul' proprietors, Il will open again
Willi a large force, ami it is sniil
will attempt a cut trom isil.'iii lo
livi in lhe millers' wages. We
hope and expect to see thul attempt utterly frustrated. The
miner that would submit to suoh
a cut is too peace-loving for
this world; ho should lie soul lo
'I'he Nelson Hydraulic company, operating on Kony-ninc
creek, as a result ul lhe season's
operations linve cleaned up !*M-I,-
U-U in gold dust. One solid nugget, weighing nine ounces, mul
valued al SlfO, was taken mil.
This is Iiy far lhe must successful sluicing ever dono on the
A "Working Girl" writes llie
Rossland Miner that she went
there lasl spring lo got employment, bul found it impossible,
owing lo all tho domestic positions being taken up by Chinamen. She became almost dis-
harteiietl, but luckily learned
that there was u big demand for
men. "I conceived llie idea,"
sho writes, "that I should dun
male attire and masquerade ns a
man. 1 weigli 105 pounds, am
tall and have been list d to bard
work all my life. Willi the exercise of a little caution 1 squui'-d
a suit of men's clothes, and then
1 had my long hair cm oil hy
pretending lhat 1 was afflicted
wilh headache. In tliroo day
afler 1 Inul donned male attire 1
bad secured a job atii_.o-poi
day, and have a sleady engagement, t have my owil clothes
locked up in my trunk ami will
resume tlio wearing of them
when I return lo Toronto with a
stake. 1 have saved Hourly s_00
since I assumed men's attire in
llio beginning uf Juno. 1 have
Inul one glass uf boor in a saloon
since I dunned eont and vesl. I
went hi just for the sake of seeing what a saloon is like, I fool
i|iiilii happy. My advice lo other
young girls, who are si rung,
hourly and young is to do us I
linve dune if iney wisli lu gel un
ill life. Nu une suspects Ihal I
am a women." This ontorpris*
ing young lady does um give
away her idem ity, which is prudent, fur a woman is liable, under
the Canadian law, to lie clapped
into jail fur wearing men's
chillies in public. The polticoul
is a danger signal which mule
man is juslilied in demanding
shall always be displayed un
lhe female.
{'M8&   fi
v_tii'_,»-__-_'_'i7-..^,Aetu'iiiiV^i:.*4-V_'«.t^__ _'_-i-.,4U4U^^\ittlti\iii*iT^vviv.ut'._fci.i,ia\i.*w_
 F0*1T STEELE, B, C.
Best Accommodations in Fort Steele now
"f;*'/£      reaily for guests.      !{•$!
li'Ul.NJSllED Olf IIXI'TIUNISIIKI).   .   .   .
A  .'.'unil Bosluuranl man can learn uf a lino business oppor
tiiniiy in connection with the above
A few Offices and Stores to rent in the building.
Tilt IViirl Mil
itt'i 1,' AUnlim I'
.1. W. Weller, a prospector
Irom Eureka, Soulh Dakota, was
returning on foot from New
Denver lo Silvorlou, and in passing through the woods near ihe
llie. latter town, was seized from
behind and a gnu shoved in liis
face. He was uuaele lo rosisl
and his two assniinuis ileal ly cm
uut his pocket and docainpod.
The boiity cuu.-iisieil nl a watch,
throe plugs of tobacco, and ijcllii
in American money,
Any miner ur pruspucloi' who
lias a blow pipe, alcohol lamp,
and a lew drops of sulphuric
acid can, in a. few minutes, de
tcrminc   whether, tellurium   is
prosunl in ore.-. All thai is necessary is io break olT a small
piece uf uie, placo il in a small
porcelaindisli previously wanned
•in as lu avoid breaking, apply
lhe bluw pipe until llie ure is in
nn oxidizing boat, (hen one or
iwo drops uf sulphuric acid un
llu* porcolaiu tlisii; allow in mix
wilh lhe ure. The reaction will
huiiiodialoly Follow, if tellurium
is present, by bountiful carmine
and purple colors.
Notice is given lo joint slock
companies in the last issue of
the llrilish Columbia Gazette
llial sect inns 87, it-1, 89, and UU uf
the Companies' Act apply to all
incorporated companies, under
whatever net ihey were incorporated. These sections relate in
making annual returns uf lhe
names.of shareholders and the
summary of particulars and keeping a register uf llie names of
shareholders, directors, managers, wilh their addresses and
occupations, and the sending of
any alterations to ihe Registrar
General, and llu* providing of a
penalty iu case of failure lo comply wilii these directions.
A mining dispute altogether
new in lhe Rossland Camp has
arisen between lhe Centre Star
uud the iron Mask Companies
nver llie possession of nn important vein lying near lhe boundary
line between ihe two claim-..
Both properties were located
under ihe old law. whicli confers
a title lu ail minerals found in
any vein ihe apex of whicli lie.-,
ivithin ihe claim, 'i'ln* vein iu
question outcrops very near lo
in.' boundary line and llion dips
inlo Iiie iron Mask ground. The
puiul in dispute is as lu whether
.lie apex ul lhe vein lies within
the Irun Mask ur the Centre Star
clu lui. A decision ou this point
will curry with ii ihe undisputed
title to llie ledge ut whatever dip
il may extend. The controversy
was raised when llie Iron Mask
miner.-,, in sinking a winze from
Iheir main tunnel, came into a
crosscut being driven by the
Centre Slur people to tap llie
sumo lead.
A question touching the legality of notices of improvements,
on whicli iiie issuance of Crown
grants are bused, wus discussed
injustice Drake's court on Wednesday, says tlie Sandun Review.
The opinion handed down was to
llie eil'e.'t that whon a notice of
intention to apply fur a corliti-
cale of improvement com..ins
llie nolice uf application of mon
thnn e!:e mineral claim, llie
nolice is illegal.
,1. Fred Bitcllio, Link Duveu-
poi t and Hector McRae, owners
of the Doorman gold mine near
Nelson, sold u une half inleresl
ui Unu property to Messrs.
Needham and U'ulll'suha. Tlie
liguro is nul given, bin it is, ao
lording lu rumor, nut far froin
tho #1110,0-11 inarlc. Hut wodoubl
ilu* rumor.
Al lhe seiiii-iiiiiiiial mooting ul
ihe Bunk uf Kngl.ind recently
Govornor Hugh C. Sniilli said;
"Vou are probably aware of lhe
proposals laid before tlio Gov
erii'iii'iit iu lhe summer by Ihe
United Slates and li'raiico, whore-
by ihe country miglil increase
lis use of siller as a colliI'iblltion
lo an international agreuinenl,
which, while mil alluding our
gold standard, might enable lhe
minis oi I'Vaiiee and America lo
resume free coinage. Among
the proposals wus one asking
this bunk lu In,Id the amounl
of silver permissible under the
act of Is li as againsl ii miles."
The Governor llion rend a loiter
daied .Tilly ailih, addressed lu
lhe cluincelliii* nf ihe exchequer,
Sir Michael Hicks Bench', ll was
as follows! 'i'l'.'i rriug lo mn*
conversation, we bog to say Unit
llie bank is prupiired to carry
out what is laid down as permissible in lhe bank charter, viz:
To hold one lil'l.h of ils mile issue
iu silver, provided always that
the I'Vi'iii'li mini is again opened
lo the free cninuge ul silver, and
Unit Uie prices nl which silver is
procurable and saleable are sal
isfaolory." Koplying In ques-
llons, Uie Governor said llio
bank had not had any liogoliu-1ctolTli-ii'
lions witli  the  United   States MuUiuil"
Drafts sold payable in Exchange
on nil principal points in
I'lxL'liniiifo Niitloniil Hunk    Spokutio.
I'oilllliet'otlll   " *' I'tii'tliiiiii.
Nul. liunk nl'i 'oiinnoreo    Kansas City.
I'-ii'st, Xutiiiiuil Hunk Erie, Pa.
Moi'oliunts Nut. Hunk Portland.
Personal attention paid to all kinds
of Job work.
Sheet Iron Stoves mado to order,
Hot Air Drums a Specialty.
r. li. AHMSTRGI1S.
KlilERflL ACT, I89S.
Ccrlijinifv uf Iniprovementa,
■al Chiliii. siui.ili- in tin-Fii
Islon of Kusi Koounmy Hi
U'lii'i-c louiltiMl: About six miles somiicusl
of iiH'simivi'oi furry Crook.
TAKK NOTiCJ- Unil 1, ,1. Ur. U. Young,
t-Tvo Mfutir'H CKI'lill-iito Nn- W1.TSH, tiBOIlt for A.
D. MU Ml. of Korl Surle. Hrilisli Columbia,
Krci- Minor's Cui-ttilnito Nu. m.im, tiiteml,
slxiy tiny* from ihotliiluliuroor, to ayply to lliu
AtiiiiiiK 1,,'i'i.nli-r iur ;i ooililk'ulu of hujirovo-
mciiLs, for thu purposo nt* obtaining u Crown
h'nuil of the nbovo ulntm.
Ami iin-tiii'i- wise notieo iiiiii notion, iiiitlur
MTtion :ii\ :nusi be oominoiiooil imforu lln- is-
i owtitiointu of iinprovomonts.
.1. W. li. Vut'Mi.
mini dny of IK'l.itici'. isur.   n--,'i
'.')'*'/ i
.~r      /■«-__.__.■'■■     !.'._-._/
Fort Steele, B. C.
This is uiu* of tin* best  appointed Hotels in the
Port Steele Dislrict.
Every   room   is   comfortably   furnished.
When you visit Port Steele you will miss ii if yon don
slop ul   lhe,
H :
->-'■:■ 'j : C:
—• !     .,.
-3!   .i'i
Iii HOIIS-5.       1
______ £._
Mining Brokers
Heal Estate
Commission Agents.
Correspondents in
s    Montreal,     jj
Ottawa,       s
il, 7 4>
s     Toronto,      jj
I     Winnipeg,     5
il London end f
li/ rfT -ri       B It
i./ ^StjT l. o, IX ■:*/ c_ C it... *!_>> ii "'
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters For Mining  Men.
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Best Cuisine in the Wesl.
Modern Conveniences.
Home Comforts.
D. McNeisli    -    Proprietor.
General Merchant AN1>
iLiqnor Dealer.
opsiis Gamed.
Mini Diis Tra
I'i. A. ELTON & CO.
l_ool<s liopl ami accoiinls audited,
■•■ -,- •,- It- ■:■ ■<- .f, ...'.',. .,: ¥'.;Vr VW ■,' ;• ;■ ••■ •* w
mmi ACT, I3S6.
Certificate of Improvements,
Tlie Elkllorn Miluiml t'liilm No. 3, sluinto In
Ilii' I'i,I'l Sit .-ll- -.lllllllil llh'lsilili nf Kusi Kimt-
,'imy Uistiii't.
\V!ii'i'i'l,i,'iili'il: .Miniii.sev iiinlh-.ssiiiillifiist
of lliosollrciiof 1'i-rrj- Cri'i'll
TAKK notii'i: tlmt i. ,i. \v. i(. Young, i-'i-uu
Miner's Certllleute No. *-.',.<s:l, nuent fur A. D.
iMttulioU of Purl Steele, Brilisli Columbia, Free
Miner's Coiilllt'l.to No. 8II.T8I. inleiul. slxiy
ilnys from tlie iluli* hereof, lo tipply to the .\lln-
tny lleconler fern cerlilleuleof Improvoinenls.
for tin- purpose of olitiiliilni; u Clown unini ol
lli nbovo fliiliii,
Ami further lulu* notleu Unu uetlon, under
icotlon Hi, musl lie eunimoseell beforo the Is-
suun uol sin-li ii'iillii'iitL-ul linprovenients.
.i \v. ii. vouno.
linti'il ihls si'i-iiuil ilny ot October, IWir. l l-*.'l
Tulio notieo thut slsly iluys after ditto 1 Inienil le upply In the chief I'eiiiiiilssloiii'i' of
Lands nml Worlis fur permission to purt'liuso
llle full,iwint-ill'-,!'I'lli,'il Illllll: I'linillletlritie 111 II
post murked T 0. I'mi'ler'ssmiili uusl eorner
post, tlienee weslerlj* aloiiii the norlh line ol
Hanson's purchase -it, chains inure or less to
lho lulu', thonco northerly followlnii the eusi-
ern shore uf sulil lulu* siicliuliis. thoneo custerly
'.'11 clinins. llienee southerly 811 chiilns in pluee
of liCKlllllllllt.
T. ll. I'llin "I'liu.
iiiitrii Ociohur 1st, isur. ii-i
ni'ini'lnry cominission, luldin*?!
"We linve Iiiiiiiiii no silver. All
we huve done is to agree, under
cortain cireiuuslnnces, lo carry
out wlial is porniissiblo undor
lhe Acl ol' 181-1."
I'l. .1. Pliuinogiin contributes a
liri.elilly written leller on Korl
Steele Milling District lo llie
7Vi.mii!, ol Wallace, Idaho. He
mutes llie prediclion "thlltwithin six months after lhe arrival of
the Ciuindinn Pnoiflc Railroad as
far its Moyio Lnko, the oro shipment of Knsl Kootenuy will exceed tlio present lotmiigoof West
Kootonuy, The Sul 11 vim, Norlli
Sim*, St. Kiif'cno, and LnkoSlioro
I'.ombined cun easily ship live
hundred Ions of lend ore per
day "
r Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber. 2
§ A lari^e assortment of seasoned *
S Lumber and Shingles al- ZS,
£ ways   on   hand. 2
~  DiinensJon Lumber a _speci£ity. 3
I      WflSfl. ■•-B.C.     1
II  is llu- lliosl  Illllll.-I'll
il   IlllS II   I'llllll   IlllllllSt   I'lllllll)
«iiIiiiiii :i Iinni gnnil ur _i
einiilovcs: il is lln* only Iii
* liouviost railed line*,
dusci'Us; it wus built
Vil liu- courtesy "f ils
■ ii In ,'iii'ti' iiiini.
Drew <fe Hayes, Prop's.
Strictly First Class.
siiijv  from Kulispi'll,   Slciiinboiil 0 iiiiiiifiilions fiom Jennings
iliii-iii- Siiiiiini'i'.   Qiilukesl nml l!'"i route i" nil pail- of llm United
siiiiu... Iv.i-ii'in Oinitdu mui Europe.
Por iiiiiii--. tii'kels unil '
C.G.DIXON.Ilenei'ii! Airent,
Spiikniu*    Wn.-h.
ill ur mid
ITXEY. G. I', nnil T. A.
Si. I'mil, .Minn.
I um heiulquui'tors for those goods.   1 curry
Manufactured hy Abblo iS;  [mbrlo, of New
City -the liu^est ami most ruliublo
houHO in llshlng uml sportin-Lj
lunils in Atuuricii.
A hill liiir of tlieso gootlH now in stock,
All new <.'noils.   Call ami iii*| t.
qi f|t  ii r,\ r)t  i(i
Pioneer Drug Hall,
Fort Steele, B. C.
Gi'iiduiito Onlurlo Colleiro of l'liiu-inuity.
;**«*«_«»«.»r»'->»n»''-*«4»'''''^ •>
/''inin Fl. Steehlo linn    Mtjlil i
Kllllsnull ..
I. I'i
pnltllH. ...
E.i-I ul' Mlinn' nlll.
Kii*.|. rn I'll 111....
..* (I,i'i   *ll..'illi»
.Nil   (
.mi "
..   i.n,-,     I.:
I   1.1.-,
I 1,25 .ML .
.. Lull I.III. 4
.. I.Ml 1.25 B
.. I,lli, .nu X
..   2,n.'i     1,115  »
Lllll ij,*/
Llll) I
.80 fi
Nrnv under the management of
Is n large and attractive Hotel
of quiet elegance in all its
appointments,   with n
cusine of superior
S|ii!c.iitl ruli's by llm month.
Golden, B. C.
%. A Train Leavos llie Kootenay House Every Tuesday & Friday
1.05  iVkHS%*H*>,nim„iiimiiu<imi<imnnn> t»««feS«<»S5>«S
Connecting with Steamer for Fort Steele. \
•'COMPANIES ACT, 181)7."
NO. I.'IW.
"Pyramid Kootonny Mihiug Cqmpuny,
Limited," is authorized and licensed to
carry on business within the Province
of British ('olumbia.
The head office of the company is
situate at No. Iiii, Lime Street. City of
London. England.
Tiic amount of the capital of the con
panv is £50,000.   divided   Into  30,000
shares of Cl each.
The head olliee of the company in
this Province is situate at Nelson. British Columbia, and .1. R, Macintosh,
whose address is Nelson, British Columbia, is the attorney for the company.
The objects for which the company
has been established and so licensed
- ((() To acquire and work certain
mineral rights in British Columbia,
upon the terms of an agreement to be
entered into by the company, the draft
whereof is sol out in the Schedule to
the Articles of Association of the company, and to enter into and carry such
agreement into effect, either with or
without modiliciitions.
(In To purchase or otherwise acquire
any grants, concessions, leases, or setts,
casements, or interests in lands, waters.
mines, minerals, mining or mineral
claims, mining rights and other hereditaments in British Columbia, and any
property, real or personal, moveable
or immoveable, tor purposes incidental
thereto or to any other objects of the
(c) To prospect and search for, get,
win, work, and raise within the area
aforesaid copper or other ores, metals,
minerals, or substances, and to carry
on the business of miners, millers,
smelters, and workers of any'processes
in the production, reduction, and making merchantable, of ores, minerals.
metals, metallic products, suppliers of
water, merchants and manufacturers
and workers of any minerals, metals,
articles, and things used in, or in connection with mining, milling, smelting.
and oteer processes aforesaid, or any of
{d) To search for mines and minerals, and to acquire and to grant licenses
and other rights and privileges for the
purpose of. or in respect of, the search
for or winning and getting of copper or
other ores, metals, or minerals.
(t) To purchase, take on lease, or in
exchange, hire, or otherwise acquire
any real or personal property, live or
dead stock, or any easements, rights,
privileges, or concessions, or any interest therein, necessary or convenient
for the company's business, or for developing or utaliz-ing any of the company's property, and lo explore, work,
and'develop the same.
(/) To acquire, erect, construct, or
hire and maintain and work, any buildings, plant, engines, machinery, fixtures, mills, roads, railways, tramways,
canals, creeks, shafts, ditches, or other
works which may be necessary or advisable fertile purposes of the company.
(</) To undertake and carry into effect all such financial, commercial,
trading, or other, operations or businesses in connection with the objects
of Jibe company as the company may
think lit,
(/i) To acquire any Inventions capable of being used for any purpose connected with any of the businesses or operations of the company, or the license
or rigid to use the same.
(*") To amalgamate with any.bthor company having objects altogether or in
part similar to tbe objects of this company, or to acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of the business,
property and liabilities of any person
or company carrying on any business
which this company is aul.borl/.ed to
carry on, or possessed.of property suitable' for tho purposes of Lhis company,
(j) With the sanction of an extraordinary resolution of the company,
but not otherwise, to pay for any property or business purchased or otherwise acquired in shares (to be treated
as wholly or partly paid up) or debentures or debenture stock of the company, or in money, or partly in shares
or debentures or debenture stock aud
partly in money, and, with the like
sanction, to accept in payment for any
part or for the whole or the property
of the company sold or otherwise disposed or, shares, bonds or debentures
of any other company or companies.
{/;) To improve, manage, develop,
let. under-let or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal with, in any
manner whatsoever, all or any part or
parts of the property oT the company,
or any rights or easements in or over
the same.
(/) To acquire by original subscription or otherwise, aud to hold and sell,
or othoiwiso dispose of, shares, stock,
debentures, or debenture stock, or any
interest in the revenues or profits of
any company, corporation, partnership
or person carrying on any business
capable of being conducted so as directly or indirectly to benefit this company, and upon any return of capital,
distribution ol assets, or division of
profits, to distribute such shares, stock,
debentures, or debenture stock, among
the members of this company in kind,
(m) To borrow or raise money for
the purposes of the company, and to
execute and issue bunds or debentures,
or debenture stock, to bearer or otherwise, mortgages and other instruments
for seeuring the repayment thereof, or
for any other purpose, with or without
charge upon all or any of the property
of the company or its uncalled capital,
and upon such terms as to priority or
otherwise as the company shall think
in) To establish or promote, or concur in establishing or promoting, any
ether company whose object shall include the acquisition and taking over
of all or any part of the property, assets or liabilities of this company, or
shall he in any manner calculated to
onhanco, either directly or indirectly,
the interests of the company, and to
acquire and hold shares, stock, or securities of, or guarantee the payment
of any securities issued by, or any
otlier obligations of any such company,
(fl) To lend, invest, and deal with
the moneys of the company not immediately required upon such securities,
or without security, and iu such manner as from time to time may be determined.
())) To make, accept, indorse, and
execute promissory notes, bills of exchange, and otlier negotiable instruments.
('/) To apply for, obtain, accept,
adopt, and carry Into ell'oct, any Acts
of Parliament, provisional orders, concessions, contracts, grants, decrees,
powers or privileges, which may be
deemed necessary or desirable for facilitating the objects or any uf the objects
of th'.1 company.
(r) To procure tho company to be
registered ur Incorporated^ or otherwise domiciled, empowered, represented, or recognized iu British Columbia.
i.i   To hold lu the mum-, of others
any property which the company isau-
ilieri/.cil to acquire, and to cany on or
do any of the businesses and acts and
things aforesaid, either as principal or
agent, and either by the agency of ur
as agents ur trustees fur others.
{/} Tu remunerate und make donations (by cash or other assets hi* by Ihe
allutine'ntuf fully or partly paid shares,
ur in any other manner) lu any person
nr persons', for services rendered or to
be rendered, iu introducing any property or business lo the company, or in
placing or assisting to place any shares,
debentures or other securities of the
company, or for any other reason which
ile company may think proper.
(tt) To execute and do generally all
such other things as the company may
at any time consider eondtiicve to the
carrying out orattainmeutof the above
objects or any of them.
(iiveii under my hand and seal of of-
liee at Victoria.'Province of British
Columbia, this 20th day uf dune, one
thousand eight hundred and ninety
[i-.S.] S. V. WOOTTON,
lit yislrar"/' Joint Stud- (Jompimw,
Nolle, ts hereby given iuul *ixi.v ilnys arte
lIiuo Wu Kit) uiiuu'Myti-_u iiiu-wl W-uyinj' Unu
Ulil'l tUUlllllsSl-HL'.   Ul   LlUUI.   iUIU  UUI'KJjiC
leave io imrenu-- wu turn
ISIll Ailtjilili, IS'!)'!.
1-TlS IIDMlll'U lllll l.|i'Uli*li!llil-ll,iVi*l*IIMlllli
I -l 1,,-i'H [ili'UM'il lu lilniuilll Wll.i,IA.M SIN*
■|,,M1I Hum', ul llm Cily in' Vlullii-iu. Ksimii'i
,i ilu* "Wiiii'i- riiuisi's i 'oiihuiiitiiilun Aci. mil..'
tSth Amjust, 1897.
HIS HONOUR the UeMt-iumt-aovoi'iior In
i-.'muii-n Ims iii'i'ii pleased to direot tlie
!>uli)u':ilimi nf ilu*
I'Vos, iHiyabli! um
"Water Clauses Cm
mli'i- mentioned !
oliilutimi Aet, IW?.
rravinciul Sucre
iiuter s tiimi. which .iiAi'iini'
JlVlnlua. Llluiitc -li-il-i- 1'u.llil
Millia. UlcUUii rt'uM-IU eUlOU>,
nuuin lu oh.' yiuee ut uegiiuu
Daied August tith, lou*.
no net,
■slxiy days utter Bine 1 niu'i
CttiL-i Luuiim*
lu l)U
Luiiiiiitf ng
■Ui llu
ay sev-ru \
_t CUlULtlttU
, euuuuiuii
tWlUj  (U-
/ Iters
S UlUtV Uf Ui
lju.eu iu
.1  li-C
u i..j_ yi au
'ItAI,. lNIH'STlllAl. AStl MIMM1
100 llielll'-S uf Witt iv
for every luliUiinii
M) inches	
Fat ovury uddtUoni
UlKl inches	
For iipiiortioiting ill
to be used under i
I Highland Cream,
Highland Cream, |
I       ■jjB«a_immni!mmnimmTm!iTmnni
•_ lliiliili il ik* lli iIjiIi ilul. iliiliili ibili iii lli iiin, iii iiiiiiiii iii il*
1      AS SUPPLIED TO      \
1 11. 11. Tho Sultan nl' Zanzibar. I
3   i
2 British Central AIViciui       *■
1 *
Vv,|l,|l(|l,|li|l,|li|,i|li|i |i1M"l"|i'l"l"|i'|i'l'1"|i'|i-|"|"|i,|if
Sir II. 11. .Johnston, 11. C. B.
-oi'd (excoiit ii
■orded nml mv
nml pn'rpuww)
filing nn
sciiKtn'LK two.
elbpuw, m
luciie- run
ruiiuiiui uu
,eh of the
Is Sched-
Sixty dity.s after dmo I intend to apply io th>
Chief Cuiuui-ib-oner ot uaiMs aua wora-sio
pi;i-iHif,_ion io >purchu_u itit! Mio^'ittg ttes-t-iiv
laudin _uoyio ui.iiriet, Wcgmalug tn a pus
planted at ine north west corner, meuet ,--,i..
uasl uiuti_ tne iUKj'H: Lnko lu Lulte Shore ciuiu
ihonee easl tu Uilcesaore claim. Uioace ikhi
io .souiu West eorner ot Ijiiko siuuti ciuiu.
let! easi llivco auurtrcU leet to Lake Miur
claim, tiiotioe norm to rtioyie City towusin
tnuiiee west to |ioiiii ot he_;tuiiiiig unit coututn
nig l;i acres inure or Was.   ■
Dtlttiil August 1-lh. IHtff. <S
Notice is horoby given Unit (ii) days after diue
1 shall apply to the Chief C'omiuissionor of
Lands and Vv'niks fur permission to purchuso
the following dusorlileil parcel ol land, stiirilng
at a liusl planted near tho trail, and ai about
me in ile smiill uf Uie paelt trail bridge on null
river, thence soulh -It) chains, theuce east :!ij
slialns, ihnui-e. sniilli 40 chains, llienee westuo
ilialus, thenci' north Hi) chains, Ihenee oast lo
•Iiiiiii!-. to point ui eummoneeui-iit.   CunuitlitUg
i- les
!_. L'. S.\l I'l'li.
Dutoil this Tih day of August, ItfUi". H
Notieo is hereby given that I, M. S. Uollls
ilsty days aftor dale inienil to apply lothe
Cliinf t-ommissiunoror Lnmls and Worlis. Victoria, It.C. Tor pi'i-misslou lo purchasi! HHIiicits
of luml diiHiirilii'il as fnllmvs; coiiiiauauiHgiU
tliu Koulh west eorner iinslsllualed on Ihe west
shore of llie Moyie l.alie thouee numing -ill
i'hiilns norlh. ihenee east tu the Moyle balto 40
elailllK inure or less. Ihenee following tlie Moyle
Lake southerly tu lhe point of couimeiicoment.
,M.u-Hiri:S, lini.i.is.
Oiilui] Huiiteiiihor tilth, I8lir. 11-18
'I'hlrly duys aftor dato 1 InlciuUo make application ui the Chief i-oiiimlssioiier of Lauds
ami Works at Victoria for a lieense to cut ami
remove timber on the following described
lands: comineucliniat the unrlii ensl corner of
Moses l'ruilhoinmes pre-emption, thenci' running oust -to chains, theneo soutli 120chains,
llienee west *W chains, thonce north forty
ehuins, theuce easl -li) chains, ihenee norlh tH)
uluilas lo pui nt of commencement-
Dated this l:.th Au-_ust, ffl7. t
Notiue is hereby given that the imi-
[lartnet'ship heretofore existing under
the firm name of <'. P. Venostu & Co, is
clisHolvctl by mutual eoiwent, Mr. X. A.
Witlllnger retiring. <:. F. Venosta
will assume al! debts ami collect all account, due the firm,
0. t1'. Venosta,
Tub Ad)tii9i*-io*}i i
in Df Wateh asd Wate
NlU'-Tftl.lI. UH  MASUPAC-
■i-iiedule One pros
■ doeuiQcnts meu-
of the Act a fee of
spec l of
?One of
speet of
* i:i tn)
or section ft) of the Act, afeii of     IO0 00
'or the exuminuiion and approval of
every schedule or proceeding Uxin«
tolls, rates, fares, rents orchurj-Os, a
foeof       !U00
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Gov-
ernoi'luts boen pleased to make
the following appointments;—
Josiah Stirrett, Esquire, Mining Recorder, at Donald, to be—
Reeordorof Marks and Brands under the "Cuttle Act," for the East Kootenay Klectoral Dislrict, and Deputy
Clerk of the Peace, for the Northern
Division of lhe said District.
Charles Massoy hldwards, Esquire,
Mining Recorder, at Fort Steele, to
Deputy Clerk of tho Peace, and
Registrar of tho County Court of
Kootenay holdon at Fort Steele.
N'OtfCP K hel-el'V I
llili'lid in apply to
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner os Lunds
iimi Works, Victoria, for permission to
purchase live hundred and sixty acres
of unsurveyed and unoccupied Crown
Lands diinineneitig at a post planted
at N. \V. corner of Lot 271), G. 1, Eust
Kootenay. thence running west forty
chains; tlience south one. hundred and
forty chains: llienee east forty elmins;
thenee north one hundred and forty
chains to point of commencement.
M. tl. Bunyan.
Dated 10th day of August, 1807.    7
IHtrct tt
mtii, east of Um
N*. \V. pnM ptanu
iiiiuiit -Villi para!
sulphur -prinv. ti
ill.'ill'c SHrlmili- -
thence -iu eh.ili^
ith. thtmee W
mrtli in rtof.11
Cil Mtl.V.H K. UOIJD.
mts and \V«rl
II. ll.jSfrVmn*
einemborffil, l-SK.       1:mi
date wo Uitui
doner nf I.at
lliireliu-ie Clll
WOHt Htfll- Ol I
itmrlieil 3. Iv
.V.tiee is horoby (riven that A. W. .McVlttiu
Is nitplyinfj to the chief riumiiissinnerof Lunds
unil Works f«r perml-sNioii to purchase tliu fol-
h-.whn'di-siiiii.d lund in l-'ort Stoolo Division
ol Kit*! Kooioimy: cointncndiw tit tlin Intllul
pn-t which liu- Iii-cn planti d at ihe simtli west
fornor i>f Hi'' Furl Steele Cumetei'y resorvo,
lln nee imil 1. titlOHt '.li ehains Im the soolll Illllll
of Collier's land, thonco west alone said Routli
Itmltulioui in ehuins in lho foot of ilic hanlt of
Koolcmiy Hiver, thoiice southerly iiloliii the
htinU id said river t» lhe north limit of Mrs
I'lurli's pnn■lias.. ihouco wiHl iilonir the uorth
ilinlLs of Mi'fi. Clurk'H purohaso und It. I.. T.
Uiilliriilth's pit'-eiiiptliiti lo tho pluco of lic-uin-
iiin-/, euiiiaiuiiiif iiliuiil ilfty ucres,
A. W. MuVirriH.
Imte.lSeptetnhor Ulli IWir. Il-IH
HIGHLAND OUTSAM  is ospocially suiiod on aocount tif its
iVHSDLl'TE  ITKITV   I'oi' lISiMll  holi cliUilUoS.     ll Olljoys  illO IftrgOSt
sale of any Scotch Whiskoy  in   India, Mexico,  Oontral Africa
uml South America.
Golden nnd Port Steele, B. C.
Fort Steelo  B.C.
,J. J, Lamont
Contractor and Builder
Fori Sleele, li. C.
Hoi'sp-slioeilig A SpocinHy.
It    HOLD ASSAY, $l.l»,      HOLD .VXD SILVER, $1.50,
S1LVKI!, $1.00, SILVER AND LEAD, $1.50,
W. i. R. COWElt, B. A., F. G. $., MINING ENGINEER.
Tho Stamp Mill lias a capacity of 20 Tons a day,
Tlio Chloi'iuatiott Plant _ Tons a clay.
S. A. ROBERTS, P. L. S.,
Business Mgr
Traveller's, to and from
Fort Steele & Kalispell,
Will find the best of accommodations at
C. M. Walker, Prop.
Kalispell Montana.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
When going East this line affords excellent accommodation for the traveller.   Splendid
Dining Car Service, Palace Sleeping Cars, Through Tourist
Car Service.
Lake steamers leave
Alberto     foi' Owou Sound every Tuesday
Athabasca  "      " "        "    Thursday
Manitoba    "      "        "        "    Sunday
C. B. WELLS, Agent, Golden, B. 0.
ROBERT KERR, Truffle Manager, Winnipeg, Man,
vorwipijuitih mi
"IHT Wl I'lllllll*   HI
tilllitH [mu
DllLi'ilill Poi'lS
M, t'.MU.IN,
lit i.  pfJMt
run lln- w.nl. I in nli ot Ktli'
■jtitlmvc tlm mint th nf Mltih-
'Ilowinn th" hnncli <>\   Klh
'lh, llii'liee "i eli.ilje- iu-,I,
lllll. tlliiHPO HIIcliiiln-eii',1
ti'i'li; 111 tn .Kllli Si'fil,   JHili,
IMI   PAiyitiKB.
It. ll. Miu.iOAK.     i:i-'_tt
We Ull! limlfWlHni.il liM»llH'NM)|i'lliir Kni'l.
iti-i'ic ilu linrutiv ''iii'i "'ii' itilvt'H, u])(in nor ward
I lumiir. Uml ivi! will mil 'icl! ornllinv Inlic
nlil lh ''in- ituri.muiy khikIh, wuiuhnriiitirolilili-
\si\ ilium >)'•' l'"i't » i>»v "H*1 ,||l,i wn will not
i-l;ver nr RllllW   I"   lie   l(i lU'l'I'l.'ll   Idly   iioikIk
,111'in, ne ini'ieiiiinillM' iitniii that duy wlili'h
Imil nny lu'i'ViiniHiliiy. 'I'IiIh
litiiilliin hutii Hit'* tillluliiy or
Imve  1 1  illllll
ItlM'eeilil'l.t   Ur   li
Ht-jitcmlmr, iarf-
l-'i.lt Sle«-|e,Mi'H
Clllili. kU\tim\
Wu ,\. Ilttfliwtmli'ii
W. II. t;*-iintit.y
iiie i'i
'hitrli'H Tlilim.
Wll.'.lllitlMliV I'tll'VllU
V, A. Mi'MHilr
If. K. KIiik ACa
M. Mi'Iium-nATi.,
,1. W, Wnli
I1. .1. I, ,|. l-ullell
ltlJlllllHOtl & l{()||«V8
Noilim Is lifniby kIvisii Uml sixty iIii.yk urter
flulo I liiU'iul io upply in tlie (ililol UihiuiiIhhIoh-
or nl hiiuils uml VVorlw lor ii spi'clul lieuimo to
cmiliiiliorntitlit!followtiiK rtOBorllK'il Itiiiil iu
IStiHl KooWiiuy, Sin ri lm.* ut n piml pluuliul on
Um wost ImiiU ol Kilt rivor nbciul tlii'oo liillOH
uliovo Con 1 creolt, llutimo norlli *.'<) (OiuIiih. lliuiu'o
wost III clinins, tlionuu norlli mi olmliiH. llioneo
oiutdUOotiiijns, tliontiu nortli io hIiiiIiih, Uiuimo
mist lohuiilt nl Klk rlvor unil flown Kilt rivor
In pluee nl iii':'iiiiiinir.
It. J. I'1. TlHIIWTdN.
Diiiwi Sopi. aiiiii, imir, ui-iHi
Niitlri' h liornliy kIvoii lliul ltd flny« uf tor
(lulu I lutunfl io upply lo tlio i inili CoiniiiiHsluii-
or for ii IIooiihu to si-ii lliiuor Iiy lotull on
tlm proiolsi's tn lie linowii us Um Lulm Vlow
UOHKO,   Uf fill'  tOWM-SllO   Of   SWHIIBUIl,   Moyio
Lulu1, DlHlrli'tof Husl Kootonuy.
DiUofl Sopl. Will, IHIir, ll| III
Nniii'i- Is lioroliy kIvoii Mini Hlxty fluys uffor
ilnte I inienil In upply lotlmClih rCiiiumlHHliiii-
or nl l.nnilh nml Works fur u s|iorlnl llimtiso lo
uut Umlior on Uiu rnllowlnu iIuhupIIhhI In Hit lu
Kusi, Kootoiiliy, Sllil'ltltK ut ll post pluillofl no
wosl- Imoli nl Klk I'lvor iilimit ii inllim uliovo
Ofml uriiolt, lltiuiuo «o i'liiiins wosl, llioneo fill
I'llUlllS llorlll. lllUIHJU'llh'luUllH OIlHt,   lllOIII'U -io
i-lntiii. norlli, llmiico no {iliuitiN oust, llioneo
imrtli 'IIIoluilliK, llioimn oust liu duilus, Uimiitu
norlli 'IIIoluiliH, Uioiuiii oiiNlto Kill rlv«r, tlioimii
diiwii the Imnlt ur rlvor lo pluco or Imuliinlnii.
A. K. .lAllUHUN.
I nil e.l S«pt, Wilt, isiii. \:\-W
Slxi-y ilnys nftor duto I hituufl lo upply lo llio
Chief floiniiilHHloiior of Lunils mul Worlis fur
pei'iulsslun lo purohusi) tlm tiillnwliu*: fleserilied
luml: uointimnoiuKuiu post ulioul RUU feet on
thu oust or loft hunk of Uiu Moylu Hlvor (Ul Uiu
pllieo kllDWIl US llie li'lsdnnm's) rutuiliiK wosl
locliuins, i lii-noe.south-III eliulus, tliuuuu ousl
'HI uliitlim, t lieiii-c iiuiiii to pluee of lieu Inn Inn.
Dutod AllHllst lllll, IH1»T. I
'I'ulto notluu, sixty Uuys ullur flulu 1 sliull upply to Utu tlhloi Coin to Ihslonur of Utufls nml
Worlis for pormfsKlou to out i linher ou thu ful
lowiti-KtloHorlhufl luml; eiimiiiuiiuliiK ulli poHl
Illumed on Um N. VV.eoruorofO. I*, It, hlouk
lliil, thonoo Norlh-III oliulim, tlienee Kust %
ohuins, Uiuimi! North Ml ehuins, ihenee Kust'III
iilml us, Umiieo s.iiith .llolmliiH, Lhoiiiio Kust IK)
einilii:.. UioimoSiioth'liluhuliiH, thoiiuo KiiNtlll
ehuins, Llm imi i rttuiUi to Norlneni lioiiinlury ol
suid lilouk ilili, thoneo Wustlu point of Iii-kIii-
iMV 11 HII kii.
Dnlcil this llllll ilti.V nf AUfttisl, lmi». 11
I herehy i-ive iiiitldo Unit tlilrty iluyuuftur
iluto I Inli'inl loiipiily lo tlio Hold liomtlilHsloil*
or fur ii lleuiiso to soil lli|iiorhy roiull ou tlm
promises known iw llio "Suuflpolnt lloufl" on
the Kulispoll I'iiihI iiliuiil,utm uml u linlf uilltu.
soutli ofHiiudeiiiold
\V. W. .ll'IINHllN.
I mn d this iiilrfl iluy uf Aunnsi,, iwti, ^
Fort Stoolo, B.C.
General Blacksmith,
Mining Work a Specialty.
Boots  jgS? Shoes
Thnmiis Wi'Vlltle.
O. S. Frtaull.
N. A. WiilIiiiKii*.
15. O. Slllllll.
Wlllium lliiliili*.
1)1111   I'OBUlllI'   lIlllUtillllN nl  UK'  USKUIlllltlUII
win bo Imld nn tliu Ist und llnl Sulilnluy in
uvury imintli.
All  posslblo  liiloriniitlon   will  lm  ti lulled by  tlie AkhocIuiIuii, upon' uiiplleiillon to
W Illluui Hiillll,,. Boo..
fort  Steelo  B.O
Hugh Watt,M.D.,C.gL
M. O. P. S,, Ontario mul British
I.ATI5   Ol'   *l*llli   IIUVAl.   CAIIII1IH1
Fort Stiseus, B. 0.
P.lw.S. c£- C.E.
Fort Steelo B.C.
P.L.S. ,(; C.E,
Fort Steele B.C.
Repairing dono in a workmanlike
m~    Mi's. E. J. HIGHWARDEN.
Next .Iltior to Imrlie.r Shop.
Livery, feed & Sale Stable.
Port Steelo B.C.
Perry Creek,
Now open foi* linsiness. Full stoek of
wines, liquors unil otgurs. Good beds
und {food meuls ut reasonable prices.
Muniitfer, James ,1. IJolSvov.
Kalispel Mont.
Parties to and from Fort Steole
will find ithat tills is tho best place to
leave'tlioir stock, and obtain conveyances,
A 16-horse-power pot table saw
mill, in good condition. Apply
Wnsit, B. C.
Fort Steele
and Kalispell
On and after August 2"tli, 18117, weekly
bI,iii»iis will leave Furl, Steele on IPi'l-
ilii,V mpriilinjs at 7 n'eloult.  Bo-
tui'iiiug    leave   Kalispell
Tiietday  luiii'iiings ut
7 o'clock.
Kalispoll and Fort Stoole offices
at the stores of
■CALISPELL,,       -       -       MONTANA,
Wholesale dottier in Confectionery, Fruit, Nuts, &_., &a.
Cigars & Tobacco.
Mrs, Junius I'liliiiili  I
"   ,1. H. l.liiilKors ■   Dlitl'liiTOIIs,
11   W. A, Cnlii'iid )
Mils. 111. II. Wl'llilllilll, MlllHigot'.
l.-'utionti) fi'iiin lfm.-1i Stoolo, anil the
initial), will lm I'ui'olvinl ut riiiisoniililo
rains.   Ii'or tonus apply lm
, Mrs. E. R. Wehlicr, Manaoer.
VV. B. Eoss. !t. W. Hmioiuiuii.
Agents for the Kootenay Valley Co.
Limited. The Phoenix Insurance
Company of Loudon,.England.
Fori Steele, 13,  C.
Customs and Mining Broker
Mining Properties BntglU and Sold..
J. A, Harvey
Mining -Broker.
Port Steele, B. 0.
Johnson & Robinson
Port Steele, B. O.
Correspondence Solicited.
Fort Steele Assay
Joe Taenhauser.
If your wntoh Is sick send It to Tnon-
haaser's Watch Hospital.
Opposite Townsite Olliee.
and BU1LDBB. . .
Port Steelo,
B. 0.
Everything Strictly First Glass.
- AW door lo the. Prospeclw,
D, M, McMillan,
Mining Propositions,
Mining Shares,
Farm Lands and
Hon.] Estate,
D. M. McMillan, Brandon, Man.
The Providenoe Pur Company,
I'riivl'liiilitfi, II. I.. wiintH till lilntlH iif  [law
PlIl'S, SIllllH. I.IIIIHIII1K, HlllllHlll, I'ltll.   fiPr'l'l'llll.-H
iiuutiiil lol- linxl sixty iluys urn us fiilfiuvs:
SIIVM !•_»  till Ml tll Illllll INI
Iiuu'  .iiiii   aim
iiiii'i-  -I iki in    li mi
Ilimv.ip  IIIKItll IIMI III
Mnrllii  3Hll.il 11111
Willi  I Ml In SMI
llinl li'nx  ,  I iki in 2 HI
Mlull  J,l In SINI
Hliulili   Illllll I IM
limy H'lIX  Willi 78
iiiii,     until      as
'.er I 'I'lt'ii I, lul iiii llll ntlltil' fill's mill slllns nil
uiililli'iitlnn. full lu'li'i's iniiminli'i il. Ouriitiil
llllllllllloll, niii'lniiits ll'i'lilliii'lll uml lllillii'iltilln
I'liliilllliliiiiiiiii ull tiiliisluliilinills, lll-ll?
TUB   I'llOSI'im-TOll.


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