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The Prospector Apr 10, 1897

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i» n.ooo to thi; iiir,n,
A I liii'l'sllliiunn' yni; tn
,1,11 Illllll lio'l lll'olil llli'lll
Mr. I).  Hundley's four liiii'.si'!pirTTrirTmymvirnrTmmiTmmimiiTfmimmimiYimirmmiimmiTiiimntiriv7ifniiri!
.sla"'e ( ante in from Kalisnell on t
.1.11 Mi-l l
S.  I   M It I.IMil'K
local news, E^Si^rs ™"yti(ir§ °' Mvii Km IV ENOSTA
|.''lil,"l' STKI'.I.K  WEA'i'lIKH l,'t:i'(ll,"l
Cilliolto,  ,lobti   Hum!    and   Goo. i
I Sinter ul' Kalispell   ami   Thos. 11
"Edwards, of Libby,
II Ml'l.llATI III..
Mr. A. I„ ll.
interest in e  Im- mini.
the Lake Shore Mlnoral Plaint.
M1N|M0,\|     advertised for some time  in  our B
nt. I
In, n' j>J~ii ""columns,   waa  sold   by   public
'?• ' :*■ 'I      jauciion on Tiicsdny.   Mr. Chas.
Parrel was the purchaser—and
I the price paid 81,350,
Mr. T. T. McVittie, G, E„ wus
Abiitily  I'ltinily. iii-i'ttsi tl gusts n( I out this week  Surveying   nl  the
viini'mul somo pausing showers. Moyea,    He will next week sur-
Otarvor-Dit. Cliiirlos MitLoitn. | v,'.v ll|l> W tmvn °r Kimherley
  j on Mark Creel; new tho Nurlb
NEW ADVERTISEMENTS, ! Star mine, owned by Messrs Jen-
pings, Durick nnd. Dr, h'cddie,
|lie returned with Mr. Jennings
! yesterday.
C    viiluc In it- I'llSll.lll
li'iifflflrt ill iniiiiriii. Miutll.iliii tnul tliu Nurili Wesl TotIIi
ie iiiiiui iiiiiI liiln'l tliu synonym "' Inmost survive,
AM   IlKTTKIi   Kt,H ll'I'Kli THAN   EVKII   IlKt'i'lil'..
i Ill'llii Slu
■ lm',1
iittni' skill nr I'.'iii'
Mining  Brokers, Commission and
Real Bstate Agents*
\, VV, Hlcasdell,
E Graduate Ontario Colletn of Plturinncy,
31 London, Sow York, Chicago, St Paul.
NOTICE   N. A. vVtilliiigoi',
l'„ A. Kllnn.
T. Hiirlii'iibi'.vt'ii.
11        .lulm A. riirisiicV V,
- ,'fua, Biikoi', Prov. Soc'y,
(leu. Ask & Co.
"     ■ -S. ,M. l!i'i(l^'.'s.V Co,
j    The old original Port Sleele
i House bus jusl changed hands—
I the   gonial Mr,   Dan. McNoish
taking charge of the  bar  anil
A  complete  stuck of fishing Miss Crcgan yf the dining room
Incident the Pioneer Drug store, land  lodgers' apartments.     The
j whole house has been thoroughly
'I'liovnted, und will lose none of
Two teams loaded with freight
from Kalispell name in on Thursday.
Mr. Young of the fnvicta
Company was in town on Monday,
Mr, Woightman's team oame in
on Sunday with live passengers
from Kalispell.
Six Ohinamen came in to town
its old popularity under its new
Dr. Kedilie wns so much
pleased with what he snw of the
East Kootenay mines that he
made several investments, and
will return to spend tlio sumniei
iu this district.   In an interview
witli the editor ho expressed the
.opinion that   the  prospects  of
Sunday.   East Kootenay is »ot |East Kootenay becoming a rich
ESTIMATES   181)7-8,
Appropriations Por East Kootenay,
Montreal and Toronto,
alliums Coeeieil and Minimi Deals Consumnia
ill need of more Celestials
Mr. Cnnurd, manager of the
Nip & Tuck hydraulic mine, is
back and busy preparing for I lie
season's work.
Several very promising locutions have been made in the
vicinity of the Minnie Wells during the past week.
Mrs. Levett's new house opposite the old stand will very
shortly bo opened lo receive
Wo are glad to hear thai a
dairy outfit nnd twenty cows ure
on the way up to Fort Steele.
Something very much needed.
| mining camp are bettor than
were those of West Kootonny at
the same singe of development.
Port Steele real estate Is moving—it moved some the other
day under tho impetus of the
high wind, But that is not what
we. mean. Lots are moving into
the hands of in-coming residents.
and new business houses are being put up as rapidly as lumber
caii be had. We need'nt call it a
boom, but only the evidence of
steady solid growth,
Mr. Venosta of the lirtu of
A'eiiosta & Company, mining
brokers, &c, returned from a
visit lo England this week. He
found nu extraordinary interest
manifested al the world's financial centre hi British Columbia
mines, and has no doubt lhat
British capital to an almost tin-
Messrs Freeman A- Geary are!1'"11"''1 ral""t wil1 '"' im'osted '"
now  driving   iheir   new   waUil. our district and province during
tank.   II is a groat improvement I""' nuxl lw" »'olu''s'
on the old barrel system,   ll was
made by McLeod. rill lii'll    NOTICES,
Roads, streets & bridgos SI5.000
Lock-up ul Port Sleele        1.50U
Recorder, Assessor and
Constable al Port Steele     1,140
Recorder and Constable,
Windermere 702
Constable, Port Steele 780
Public School,  building
at Port Steelo 800
Stipendiary Magistrate "i11'1
Teacher's  salary,   Fort
Steel.: 819
Repairs   to    Buildings
throughout the District "00
It is very greatly to be regretted that the Government has
seen fit to withdraw the aid given
to secure a Resident Physician
ut Port Steele. Wo hope they
will do something towards repairing the mistake by voting a
good round stun [or ft Hospital
Jack Lamont is putting an addition lo the Barbor ship for Mr.
Durick. We hear of sivernl other
new buildings in contemplation.
 I |
Wo have been asked whether '■£
ii is in accordance with tho law %
ihal the lauds grunted the Co- ijf
luinhia   &    Koolenuy   Railway I %
Company  in ibis district, und! %
now owned by Ibe ('. I'. R,, are! $£
assessed by the Provincial Assessor in Victoria instead of hy tho
local assessor for ihe dislricl or
division, The editor is supposed
to know everything and be able
iu answer correctly the most
knotty questions; Ilul llie Editor
of Tut: Phosi'F.ctoh is absent
al present visiting his Cousins
across the border, anil we. as
his locum lent us, can only answer
that we suppose it is or i1 would I
nul be done, At the same time
it is most decidedly our opinion
lhat these lands can be bettor
assessed by Ihe local assessor,
ami we may say further thai Ibe
valuation pui upon litem .should
be exactly ihe. siiiii ill which
they are hold by ibe Company I '.-jf
for sale- or if thul cannot bo as- -}£
cci'taiiietl, then at llie full  figure   if
-*.  " —
m  Just Received.
* Fresh Eggs
Finland   Haddies
Labrador   11 erring
Salmon   Soilless
Reduced Pricks on all Kinds op Dry Goods,
Before Stock Taking.
We bear that llie Chicago,
Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Company, whose line is now completed as far ns Hillings, Mont,
will buy lln- Greal Palls und
Northern from Lethbridgo down,
change it to u broad gunge, and
if possible make connection
through the Crow's Nesl Pass
with British Columbia. This will
give a new through line to the
Atlantic, anil eventually also, if
the plans of tho company ure
successful, to Ihe Pacific. This
report shows whal is thought of
the value of the Kootenay trade
in the oast; and il nlso shows
llinl th" Province might have
secured Ihe Grows Nesl Road al
Win. Bull Ho bus burned 150 Tho Presbyterian form of wor
bushels of lime at Bull River for ship will bo held in the sohoo
the new church al St.  Engono house noxt Sabbath evening at
Mission.    We are told  that ho 7-30.  Allan 'dially invited to ll much choapor price limn is now
contemplates making brick also attend. | being paid for 11    I .• m, cn-n-:,
as soon a ilemaiiil arises thero- 	
Canadian  Ihe objection
Al   lite  Mas.s  Mooting held in
liiiul through 1'iiiieil Stales terri
Tlie "While Swan" boat art'iv
ed   on   Sunday    from   Tobacco
Plains.   She left again on Wed-
,ii i    ■■ i   re  tory.
I'hiuil bouse uu  ibe  .il'll,    I.
al which Ihey may lie as.-essabli
as wild lands.
ll is also complained lhat  Iho fe
celebrated Koolenuy Canal Cum \t
paivy's lauds are nol assessed at\f
all.    fi is surely a  greal  public j
wrong that  Ibis should be llie;*!
case: for the lying up of much of j
the very best land in our vallej
in the hands of thosi
is retarding, und has xory
retarded the sottlemoul and oi'ljj
course the prosperity of the dis- jg
Mot,    What should be dune wilh
oil ibe loo extensive railway re-
servos in the Province is simply 5 ;
and briefly this: The Legislature I GrOCCliCS         &         Pn)Visi()llS \
should hi ihe Interests of  tlmiS 5
'3 -
whole people, (after all the su-'g
preine law,) resume control of:%
these lands und throw them open
uptimes i
l.V S
S Giant Powder, Mining Supplies & Hardware,!
Supplies For Miners A: Prospectors,
^"i-trs W. I JOHNSON And COMPANY.!
Crown  hands,  paving over the i ,
proceeds  of  such sales .,, the FORT    STEELE    B.C. |
Companies,    Thoro won hi bo   HO Wiuttinuww*tmi\Hiwwmttttuwiu"tmnnwiw-»mii«imiiiw
injiisiiiv in   this   for  hitherto    „, " ~ T", \ ma
these Coil it's have us a  rule    **************************
T.  MeVittlo  Esq. occupied  tho
chair, N. A. Wallinger secretary,
'"", ,"."",."--'    Aftor the petition and the letteri   There havo boon so many now
nosdny, taking live pniwiigorB             ^                ,(1 ,    0) I arrivals this week thai i. is al-
for Jonuings, Among these were .       .   , '    '  ,   '   ,,,„ most impossible for us lo chron-
conductod Ibcinselves. ns regards
ibe sale of their reserves, a-
public enemies, and have thus no
U,, ,]■ , ., |,     , ,    -, I'l llllll  I   I   1   ,  '     ' I,.',       '   "      '       '  .       1    '     '  '  '■'   ...-.,  ■
r. Kedilie and  Ar,   r t tzgera d ,. . ,'iclciill     \ ic lie more recenl L' ,■    ,
, ,       •      , „ meet hi"', discussion was entered"" -'"'•   Anmn^ "" mon. n u ni|s.1(,,,|    Severe doclrmu this, but
and our  champion   lull   mnn ,,,,,>
ownership righu in such landsl S ^ H..TrI *
that the Province is bound tore-1 I     Q L<L ll A    S HOlllL.     J;
Let's take hold hands,
Mr. Groi er, and dance!
We've got some beautiful
business for you and with
nl„ by Messrs Pilxgonild, Nollis- comurs (u" 'wi'sobitck) wore Mr. Lniuolltly ,„,,,
el, (lalbrailh. lileasdell. Norbury Esllnol'Q C' E' a,lcl Mv' McUru01'-
and Dr. Wall.-  Moved by ,\. A, Mri bsUn01'0 inlomls SottmS ""
Wallinger  seconded   by   l(.   n. |u map of Ihe tlislrist showing al
Jennings   that  the   petition  be lml,1U8 liml  l""""'"' ll"'" s lv
adopted, carried.   The loiter lo
corded,    lie lolls us also ihal
you, and for and with your! Resorvo was llmonded by adding
customer. tho following: "When and under
Schillings Iks! is the what authority this resorvo was
. r, , made, and undor what conditions,
tea.   Pay every customers lnclucling001Ui ooal oi, lim(ls ,
money back that don't like tlmbor,
it.   We'll pay you. 'tTTr-.—....
There's money in it. SUBSCRIBE   FOR
*8'SP,^T"V m   ' 'HI':   ITIOSI'IUC'TOU,
Col. Baker enquiring as to l]l0 there will shortly bo in an agent
motes and bounds of iho Railway IoI ""' Ruiu1'  'Ml'N,,ll-V ('"	
Chicago,   who   will   publish    a
large map uf ibe western mining
ll was rather un unexpected
ending lo Ihe case uf l.enlz
againsl Connors yesterday. The
lesson is; malic nu complaints
utiles-- you have a good 'as''.
ili-i-li It rmiily 1'oniil
i ,1'iti'ii in mit I'm
Two Commodious Siiiimli; Rooms for Gommerclal Men
i:.M.i:.\t.i: 'I'll IN'SFKIIilKI) I lit;
icoipts III  Ibe Clovorii Hi
liieiil ofllco hero for ll ninth ul ft
March woro ?ll. 7711   a very good %
showing iliui.
HATES $,! PER DAY,    ^
***** ft**-***'**-***-*'***-* ^W^lj
^    HOT ,1   COI 11 PATHS
*    J,  I),
GOLDEN, D   (' TlUl   PROSPECTOR,   'ween the company and Uio pen-
  pie  iii  nlternule   blocks  only.
Could anything bo fairer than
this? We wnnt no more C. P. R.
'■bells" nor Islund Railway
i uiaiKuv aivii notice mi" ™ >t»*
nrioi'tlnlti I iitii-iiii to apply to tliu ctiti'i c	
llitssluili'rlit Limits ,V WorllS for permission I
pill'CllllSO   llHI  IH'.l'fh   1,1 Illllll ill KllSl ItOOtOilflJ
lleylmitiiK nt tlm litllliil |,nst jiluii
IVPSl Illllll! i,r llie KouUilliiy Uivi'i'nl III'' snutl
,11s! ,','I'IM'I ,,1 !„', ,11, 11,'IU',' Wl-I 111 I'lllllll
111"! '|CWI, Ili'lll'l'M'lllll  II I'lllllll'.. Ill'llU' I'll'
Till '
the prospector, la i.tiMMu-j LAND RESERVES■ PETITION
i»vcr>  Sutiii'itiiy, mul lias ti BUitnnilee-J _	
jliciilminii larecr Itinn tun uthcr impel* rin     ,- ■ <               •     n           i-,-
Mi Kit»t Kontenny. It Is all homo Printed fllO following   IS   lillO   petition ^J^l-cfotlmvf-i
mul oontulns dmililc the news nl nuy to     \\w    LesisllltivO   AsSOlttbly, '
Other pnper in the ill-strldt,
nil '
As un ndvvrtttiinfj m.Jimn fl  is un-
Downed to t!i"ii|ihtitl.li!i
itcvelopmem ot the vti«t
Ihe East Kootenai' uittiln
AiiviTtUiun rait k mudu
t'ontrlbuiloiis urosollciti
autiloi but till mutter In
I adopted at tlio meeting on Sulur
day night;
To the Klbnoi'ablu the Speaker j
and Members of the Legislative
Assembly of the ProvincM ot
British Columbia in Pai'lianient
. N. A. W.U.iilNi.l'.tl.
. Dated this nuth day of Mtirt-U, isi
Notice Taxpayers
icoo't'KNAV  nisrnit r
,\!li.| till) i
within ll,o I'm
HI.',', In r'uri
llm riillnw
■eu ru» pusiicni   Geutlomon:
The petition of your momoi'ittl-' w,
r^-J.--'.ti^   i isls. lite  resilient* uf tlio  1'ui'l  ",r;
Steole Mining Division in mass ..,
By  its agreement  with   the meeting assembled, humbly umt '"
Dominion Government the C, P. respectfully shewoth us follows:
R. syndicate seoured the right to     Whereas ii is hi the Interests °"
build branch lines in any dlreo- of the Fort Steele Mining  Divis
tion from its main line in any  ion,   thai   immediate  steps   bo
part of the Dominion   and that taken towards the construction!
without obtaining, or in spite of of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway j
the refusal of, a charter by the iu order that  the great  mineral
local authorities,   That right Isl resources of this portion, of Brit   ,,'
still in existence, but it has been : ish Columbia may be fully di i el
exercised in very few instances oped,
so far as wo can recollect.   The     Vnd whereas the British B C.
policy of the Company has al- Government    tsbei       tiled   in
ways been to put up private in- for assistance, in thi s     -  of a
tlividuals to apply for charters handsubsidy  towards tin   con-
and secure laud grants t'rnm tho Utruction of said roa I.
provinces—and then quietly ab-     -,-'     ,■ ■ ■• .
,   , , ,        '      - therefore your memorialist*,
sorb them and the read. , „ "   ,   ,
respectfully and  humbly   pray
"With this power in reserve the that the Government   il  B  tish
C. P, R. needed no charter to Columbia in granting  tand con-
extend its line from McLeod or cessions to  any   company  eon-    i
Lethbrldge  to   the   provincial stritoting said Crow's Nest l'n.»s ""
boundary; but su leu,!.'as it  saw Railway  should   reserve  every t
no immediate prospect of any alternate section for accpiisition ,
othor company entering the Held by  the people under  the land
"n  held  back  and  declined  to und mineral laws of the Province 1^
build.    It was Impossible, how- nnd take such steps as shall make
ever, to ignore the all but uni-'lhe construction of the Crow's
If pttiil un or aftor ihe 1st July
versal demand throughout the
Dominion for the ('row's Nesl
Railway, It was not sure of its
standing with the new Government. An American company
might oven secure llm charter of
the B. • 0. Southern. Su our
Ciinnduin giant roused himself
and we are to have llie road subsidy, or none, it is said, though
wo incline to think thai Hie company will huve the subsidy and
we shall have ils rates.
The gentlemen, who applied
for und scoured thu amendment
of b'.in to Ihe 11. C. Southern
charier were shrewd meu-
shi'owdei' mon than tho average
13. C. legislator, Only think
what this pregnant clause
means now:
Nest Pass Railway dependent
upon the retention of those coal
deposits (which ure at present
under control of the Government)
from nil monopoly thus securing
for Ihe people of Ihe North West
aud Hrilisli Columbia choap fuel
supplies anil aiding ill the dovol-
opulent of the mineral resources
of this section of British Columbia; nnd as in duly bound your
memorialists will ever pray.
-    • .     -.. '''liisMlllI   to
'■ - . ' " !' loss,  SlUlT-
-    .   ':    '.   -    ,■.!!,, I , 1 .lolltistOll <X
■  ." mains smitli mM"M'!i Lake,
ilnsnona i" rim''' "t coinmeuco-
.lulin A. Clirtsllo .1 Co
pill 2nd, Ifflr.
The Adams Anti-Chinese bill
received ils third reading on the
3rd .March. This bill is intended
lo prevenl the employment of
Chinese or Japs by any company
obtaining special legislation from
•Wherever nh nig the line of th" House. Wo congratulate Mr.
Ihe Crow's Nesl Railway Ihe full Adams on (lie stand he has taken
rpianlily of i!0,000 acres pel' mile
iu alternate blocks cannot bo had,
the delicieiiey shall he made up
out ot a hell of land live mil's in
this .session in this inatter and
Ihe House ou its decisive vote on
the second rending of the bill 21
to s; hut we regret tliat all of
width along Ihe east side of Elk t-ho ministers took the wrong
river, extending belwecn a point; stand, voting in favor of the
live miles below Morisey creek Chinese. No doubt unless remain point twenty-eight miles coded from this will be remem-
above Michel creek, and from a berod to their injury at the next
bell two and one-half miles in elections.
width on eaoh side of Coal creok 	
extending to the summit, and
from a belt throe miles in width "rl;   M1XKS'
on each side of Michel creel; a
ou each side of lln -.1 and wesl
We have  just   received  from
COURTS of Assize nnil Nisi i'riiis,
uml nf Oyer unit Terminer tnul General
Gaol Delivery, will lie hidden ul the
places iintl on the dates following, vi/,:-
t'ity iif Xi'lsi n. nn Monday, the SIM
iluy of Juno, HUT.
Town of Donald, on .Monday, tho 28th
dny of June. 18117.
lly Coiiiniiitiil.
Pmi-htcitil Stcrettiry.
Provincial See ret ary's Office.
JJrd'March, ISH',.
We hereliy give notice thnt sixty
iluy." ufter tint'' wu Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lunds unil
works for perniisflion to purchuso, lia
iieres of land, inure or less. StiU'ting
ut post smith west corner of Johnston A'
Deu'iii'8 pre-emption, tlietieo iin eliiiins
west, tlience lid ehuins south lo Moyeu
Luke, thenee :iu ehuins, more or les,,-,
north eust along Moyeu Luke, thence
lid ehuins north to place? of commencement.
George Ask & Co.
limed April 2nd. ISO", -In
i so umi'li of the tiii-oiuns nf any person ns
'l-tlH   "11,'   lllOUSIlttll   llOlllll'S   Ull'   fnlluwilU.'
els not more Hum toil thousand ilulliti's,
and ,nir-;'i.i'i, '"'ii net"nun*,; tvliot) such
sals over mi lllolls.lt., ilollnrs unit  mil
., thnn twi-i'.\  Ihoiwniil u,.,'liii-.. ono unil
■I'll!! ill--.!- I'l'l'l'l'lll:   llllt'Il M,l'll   I'Xft'ss   is
•.unity tliousaml dollars onu uml iliroc-
rtcrsol one per cent,
,'vitu'inl lli'vi'iiiR- 't'ni t::.im in r uilillu.
C. M. KllWAViDS,
Assessor und Collector.
Fort Steelo Fob. 28rd, 1897.    ill
I ht'i'i'liy give luitleo tlllll. sixty duys
iller iluti'. I liilenil In upply In Ihe
rhirf Commissioner ol Lunds &« Works
pi'i-iiii',t,liii! in piirehuso one hiinili'od
uml six I y ucres nf luiul. sltuiilii in the
lllstrlcl nf Kiwi Hiiiitennj nn.l ilesct'llitul
n- fnllowsl Hogllllllllg ill n pnsl plulltetl
un the.soulliern liiiiiinliii'j nl Lol Niillffl
| lll.tllll i'lllllll:. ,'IIS.I Illllll Illi'S.W.t'lil'lli'l'
uf -ulii Ini, thi'iici! miiiiIi (lll.llllj I'ni't'
,'liniii'., llu.n .i-l i III,nn flirt-  i'liiiins,
thonco iini'lli . Iii.nii  Ini'ly ilinin.-' In tin'
ni iii.- posl iiii siiiillii-rii Iniiiiiiliiry of
l.i.i 112.i, llieiiee wesl |ll),ll(l| forty eliiiins
tnlliiwltig tlii'i'tt liinuuliiry nl "it"! I"'
In plui'i' in' hegtiiiilng,
Duleil li'li, Mil, IHD", 112
I hereliy give uodou lliul sisl,, iluys
nfl.'i' iliiin. I iiitt'ltil In lipid}' In Ihe
riiiof I'liiiiiuis-iitiii'i'iif I,mills ,Vi Works
t',,.. piu'iuission In piirehitsooiie hiuidred
uml sixtj ucres nf Innil situule in the
ilisti'ii't nf i'lnst Ivoatonuy, iiiiil dnserllied
:t- follows: lli'.giuntiig nl u post pliuito'd
,ui tlm wesl liiitik nf Ihe Kiiuli'iiuv river
.■lii.iinifiii'i.v t'liuiii.-. south from thesonth-
ent liiiuniliii'y nl Lol 1125, tlioneo wesl
,-1(1.11111 forty chains, thonco south (10.00)
flirty i'liiiins. lli.'iii'ii nesl (-10.00) forty
i'liiiins, thoiiee fiilluwliig tvostorn tuuik
nf Kootonny rivet' to pluco of beginning.
iiuieii Ken. nih, isti:. :i2
li'Otrr   STEEL)*!'   MINING!
Tlloilins Mr Villi!'.
O. S, I'l'laoU.
N   A, IVllllllll'OI'.
I-:. v. sniiiti.
I'.   I'',   Vl'l!ll.',lll
Tlio  I'l'S-illltl'  llli'i'llns.s ot Hm iismrldlnn
wlll in- hold on ilio isi umi .'ifiisiiiurilny in
uvon uiiilitll.
All  |,osi|li|ii Inr.ii' Hon   will in- riirnljli,
isl   Iiy   111,-   Assoi'lntlon. li|inlt ii[lli|li'iilliin |,|
c !■'. Vi'inisin,  See
I'-ol't  Sleele   li.C',
Pliblic Notice is herebylglvontlmt
sixty duys ufter dnlc we uitend toapply
tn the linn, the Chief Commissioner of
Lunds und Works for permission to pur-
cliuse one hundred und sixty ucres of
unoccupied Crown lunds situated on
Perry creek Eust Koolenuy, nbout ll
miles uljove tlie old lown, commencing
ut lite west cornor post running 40
clinins oust tlience 111 ehuins north,
thence -III clinins wesl thenee 40 chains
south to 'lie place of commencement.
Dutcd December llllh. ISIiti.
W. .1. WEi.i.iai.
A, liovi.i:.
Tula- N'ntkT. Sixty iluys after ilatu, I intenil
to apply to iin, tiili'i t'liitiinlsslotiiii'or l.unils
n)i,l Worlis, for purtiilsslou to purchase ii eor-
tnln pitreel or surveyed luiul known its Lot III
in ,,1'oup I. mul situated on Elnilluy Creoli alioui
Siullos from Its inoutli.
Uiucil. Golilen. U.C.  (llll. ilii,v.liiililin-y,ISIii.
The Hrilisli Ctiltinibiti Southern llnil-
wtiy Compuny will upplj' to Hie Put'liu-
menl of Cuiiudii ut its next session for
uu Act, authorizing il lo Issue bonds to
the extent of Thirty Thousand dollars
per mile of ils railway Including un extension from ils Eastern terminus in un
Easterly direction io Maoleod or n
point, on tlie line nf tho Calgary and
Mueleod Rnllwiiy uml thence Easterly
to Lelhlii'idge, and lo make such agreements for conveying or leasing Ihe
Company's ruilwuy und Its rights and
powers us is usually given to Hallway
Companies in tholr. Acts Ot Incorporation, nnd for other purposes,
Gem-mill & Muy,
Solicitors for Applicants.
Ottawa, Jan, 20,1897, -'12
'I'Aiti: Nn'i-ii'i:. sixty iluys after ilule. I Intenil
io apply to tin- elik'f Commissioner or Lands .v
Works, for permission to purehaso a eerUtlti
ptireel of surveyed lun:l known as lot No. *W,
ixrotip 1, situate on l-'liiitluy Creek, Unst Koot-
Dated at Golden, Feb. 23rd,
ts'17. S-l
I,ANl)   lililllS'1'HV   ACT.
creek-  to  Ihe
Hie   lll'll.'il'lllii'l
ii cop;
by give nntii'i' lliul sixty
i^q | days after date, wo intend In apply In
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works fin- permission tu purchase u
fi'iii'iiiiii nf luiul lying between, Johnston  iV   Dewur's  promptton und  the
S. M. Bridges & Co.
liileil April 2nd, 181)7, In
Annual Report of the Minister of
Mine-.,Col. Baker)for IKIG. This
Wns ihe  Legislature of  I-i"' is one of the very best  reports
really aware thai these "belts" ever issued bv  tb"  Department. jn„nuit,ii„.   Starting at u post north
i,,„i,,',i ,i ,,'i it     it   , i ., i  nf Mines     It   I,-is  -.even!  vprv eastcorner of Johnston & Powor's pre-
lncluili'il ull tee then kiioivii con    " '"men.    it   n.is  si Mini   \>i,\ ,,, ,  ■ ,
  ,. , , „ eruption, thenee 10 chains oast,   heiu'i'
lands in Kootsnav' usefu   mans uml n lumber  of ,„', . ,   ,,.      ,„ , .
j.uiu.   in none ii.ii . ^       j-III chllllls .smiill, thenee III ehuins west,
photo    representations   givmg thoneo ,|0 ehuins noi'th to plucc c,r uoiu-
U is not the object s pen-  viows of the new mining towns, Lencoment.
pie of Port Steelo to cheek or &(, T|ll, „„al 01|1|],|t „,- ,,,„.
hinder in any way the construct lulms lUl,.MUli! coai) ,',„. isoo
ion of Ihe (.'row's Nest Railway. u,,s ^,7.,4C.I25; of placer gold
No section of tlie province bus s-n ,,.,,. nn.u,).. ,r,)M ■ftj.244.i8fi,
morolnteresl than Easl Kooten- siiVOr?s!lOi).6Sii,copperlitlOO.!)2B,
ay hi seeing this   road    push-|leftd S721 3,,j     The ontpul tor    GREECE  AND   TURKEY.
oil    through    as    rapidly    as East Kootenay is given as *154.-	
possible, In memorializing the 127 0f \Vn3t Kootenay SI,002.71)5, '' 's (inuouncnd that Groat
Dominion and Provincial Govarn- Copies of thn report can be hilt) I Britain liaw dociclccl not to hike
monts on this subject, our desiroIfrom ]hl, Qu0on's Prlntor, lwl'1 '" ""' blockude of llm
is simply to see Justice done its viitoria. at the nominal price of' Grecian ports, ami thai. Gormany
between the constructing coin   r;>fi cents nnd I'Vance will probably with-
pany mnl ihe people.    We itsli draw also from  the  European
Hint   no   monopoly   should    be  —    coiieerl.   This will leave Russia.
created |n coal or coal oil hinds Aitstt'ln and Italy to do tho dirty
thai  110 "bells" of Mich lands SUBSCRIBE   I'OI,' I work of police for llie tmspottk-
should   be alienated,   but  that able Turk, lu the game however
IX 'I'll,: MA'ITKIt ill' AX AI't't.li'ATiuX Rill
\ iilll'l.ii'ATl', nr I'intTii'lcATi: n,' 'i'l'l'l.,: Tn
i'aiit II.U5 ncros) ni'1.11T Ml ix inii'vi' "xu
(I), Iinn-I'IINAV IllS'l'lttl"!'.
NDTlt'l'l IS IIKIIKHY UIVI'.N llllll It is
iiiylnli'iitli'iiiti Uu' extili'iitlon mi nm' inoutli
from llie lirsl iniMlcntlon liereof lo Issue 11
iluplliiiito nt Uu- ivi'iiili'iiti' tu Tlile of Willi
Willie lu llu' llliovo 111 nils itltlt'il llu' -'-'nil iluy ul
Outolior ism umt iniuilioa'd is.ti A.
l.iniil Ueitlstry Dliti-i'. Vltitot'lit, lli'ltlsll
t'oluiuiicii.   Mnti'ii mil. IS'".
S. V. Will 0 Tl ix.
Iti'ulsii'in'i'i'iu'f'ili'f'I'ltlrs.    :itt
N 0 T1 c: E.
IX Tilt'. MAT'tllll nl' AX AI'I'l.li'A'I'Inx I'lill
A   liri'l.ll'A'l',: Ul' I't'llfllKII'A'll:   OK    I'l'l'l,!.   Tl,
I'AitT ti.iHI iici-us) or 1,01'yuu, ix uuiict' usi,
ll), Knnl'eXAV uisTltlCr.
NO'I'IOM IS H1SUI5IIY 111VKN lliul ll Is
my inli'iilltiii ul tlie uxpll'illlott ul une inuutli
ll-iiui llu' lllst imlilii-llliiili llelliur tu Issue li
ilunlli'iilu ut Die ci'iTitli'iitui'f inin ut lleiijuinln
WlllUT JlllU'S 10 llll' ItllllVl- llltlllS llll It'll llll! llllll
iluy uf Ooloour ism. mul nilujlioreil ISTll) A.
Liiiul lli'itlsli-y Ollli'i', Victoria, Hrilisli
Columbia.  Mureli 1:111. HUT.
s. V. Wtlll'I'I'llN
iti'iiisti-iii'iiiini'i'iii ui 'rules,    mi
1 lici'oby irlve notieo t'nttttOiliiys nfterdtlte 1
Intenil to npyly to tlie Chief Commissioner of
Units uml Works Mr poriiilssion m purchase
um ucres ur luiul situate In Bast Kootenai' uml
Uescrllutil as (nltiuvs: tli'iiliniliik' nl a posl
planted on llie West Iiiinli or the Ivoiileiiuy
Itlvi i' itlioul otic mil 1 uliovi' lln- nioulli ot Hull
Hiver. TlH'iii't: lllclliilns Norlli tlu'lii'i'-lllcllillns
Wesl tlit'iii'i' III chains Soulli tlieiiei' ill chains
Knsl 1,1 posl No I.
February 20th, 1897. 8-1
Hugh Watt,M.D., CM,
.1/. ('. /'. .v., Ontario and British
i.ati;  oi-   rill':  uov.tl.  r.Aluilot)
li'oliT STE|iLE, B, C,
P.L.S. & CK,
Port Stoole B.C.
P. L.S. rf U, K,
Port Stoele B.C.
.1. ,1, Lamont
Contractor and Builder
Fort Steele, B. C.
(ST    Mrs. M. ,1. HIGHYVARDEN.
Next Door In Barber Shop,
Miners and others icanliny ore treated by
Ihe Cynide Process should send samples to
the Canadian representative,
Assuy Office if' Metallurgical Works,
Nn'i'ii'i'i is lieiTliy nlv, . thul slxly iluys
tiftor date. 1 Intend tu apply tn tho G'ldot Coin-
nilssliini'i- or Lands ami IViu-lis. lor poriiilssion
1,, puri'luisi' n',11 acres ut luiul on I'l'try I'lei'li.
cuintnonoitlK at Welliirtltul liuyle's s Wi'in'iier
post, ilii'iu-e rtinidnn 1.11 clitiins noi-tli. tlieneil ll,
i'liiiins wesl, lliiiiii' lllclliilns soulli. tlii'iici' lit
chains rust. Unuice SO cltiiliu  Ill lo point ul
K. .1. WAi.sll.
Illlle I fori Slel'li'. Mnrill 1.11 III. ISW. fli
tin' .'■ should in' n|iportkjned he
NOTIl't: IS   IIUIII'IIIV  OIVI'IN   llllll sixty
iluys iiIIit iliili' I Iiiiiiiiii In apply In lliu Ullliir
Commissioner ut lunula I Worlis Victoria,
Iur iii'i'iiilsslnii lo piircliasii um acres nt tu ml nn
WiiUi'i'i-i'li Knsl Kunli'liiiy, It.t'. t'oiiittii'iii'liiii
in tlloN. W. cut' sit e on tlie  Ill lllllilt
of tin' iiiiovi'i'i'i'i'li; ilii'iii'ii iTiiiiilini iii Hindus
rust: tlx'tii'" III i'liiiins soulli: Hun tn eliiiins
wi'sl: llii'iu-i' in clinins norlli to lln- polnl ur
i' it'll nl.
VV. .1. it, I'oWl'.l.l,
lilt:   l'll'''|i|'l:f'T'ill.
Russia is likely Income mil head, |   ume.l tins m dm "t Ainu tun
A* sitting of the County Court of
Kootenay will be hidden ut fort Steel'
ut the Mining lteeorder's olliee on Siitur-
iltty the 12tli dny of dune ut III o'clock In
the forenoon. Summonses for the suid
Court etui lie pi'iieiu'eil from the Registrar ul liiitiiilil.
lly order of tho.ftidgOj
,1. I'. Armstrong,
Registrar. of tlie County Courl of
Koolonii)' hellion ut fort Steele,       HU
A S SAY   0 I'' P I 0 K .
Fori Steele B.C.
I hi'i'oliy give notieo, that llll days
lifter ditto, I Intend In apply lu I ho Cold
Commissioner forn lleeiisii in sell liquor h,v ri'tiiil mi Ihe premises known ns
flu'Ci'iiiul i'mil nil I Intel.
lu'iii'oi! Wiilsini.
Diil.'d ilii-.'iiiiltliiyiif .Mni'cli, IstiT,
Gold,   Silver,    Coppor,    Lead,
Etc, at prices to suit thu times.
A trial respect fully solicited.
All work will roceivo prompt
IK Pclleir. Hurccy. F. C. S.
| ilfciii, Fed, Inst, M if M E. ]
Assay Office it Metallurgical Works,
Vancouver ll, C,
Mill tests liim/i' nn /iiikt/« of ore up to
l.tlllll. Lbs in leeitjht.
Pitnnjil cittt ens, a ml ai-t-ii nicy onu vn ntitd, IRON IN EAST  KOOTENAY.
Our Iron Ores Rich and They
Lie iu Proximity I" Inexhaustible Doposits of Coal and
ll is hard ror eastern people to
coniprelieiiil of-whul groat (hum-
cial importance- tho construction
of the Crow's Nest Pass Railway
COLUMBIA    lllil'Slj.
JOHN   Mi-Mll.l.AN.
• ZS
possibilities   in   store  for   a    Eton this landing the Upper Watch, Clock 'Jewelry   yni!l!l!?t!!!!in!fnn?!!n!!H!!!l!?!!!!!nn!!!!!!!H!!!!!!!f!!n!!!^
commonwealth  possessing   ibe Columbia Navigation and Tram- _       . C- :3
natural advantages of Musi Koot-' way Company will run Iheir line Kepairillg.
iti.v.- Contributed, of steamers to Ihe Mud lake near    in tliu besl style nf th,' trade,
Fairmont Springs,  Prom thonce und  Express  orders  twelve  I'l
lite passengers will bo carried by attention.
slago   in   specially   prepared   ''all upon  me opposite t
The second session of 1 il. vohiclos'   Tho company will run
Dominion Parliament was opened j throe    steamers,       ll    is   ex-
:it Ottawa on the 25th Match.      poeted there will be a largo traffic
1    1
ThoSpoochfrom  the Throne|this summer  down   tho  valley;    watcii.uaki:k am, jeivki.uk.
is to this province uml  lo ihe'"!"'"s wi"' ;|  l'l'l'<'1'1'1"''' to  tho j from Golden to Fort Stoole. The GOLDEN  U.C.
'            coming    colebration    of    tho company  has  made every   nr-l
Quoen's  "Diamond  Jtibiloo   al
ihe Capital of ihe Binpin .
-i expi
Dominion :ii  largo.    Th" groa
future of Hrilisli Columbia ile
ponds largely ou cheap and convenient transportation lo bring
the varied resources of our pro
ylnco to favorably located industrial   centres.    When we turn
to our mines il  is impossible lo
estlmote   their   wealth,     The
province has produced over W'y
00(l,Hl)0 in gold and silver, and al
the present time   moro  capital
and labor are being expended in
precious metals mining in Hrilisli
Columbia than nt any previous
period of our history.   ' A. great
trade in limber is in store foi' ui.
Pino marble doposits are awaiting menus of transportation. Our
coal  beds are magnificent  and
practically inexhaustible    We
have coal of all descriptions and
chemical   composition-  from   a
seini-authracile to a low grade
lignite.   Our iron deposils are of
immense size and excellent quality.   An average analysis of ten
samples of East Kootenay iron
ore from Hull River showed as
follows:   Iron  IIs. 18  per  cent,
silica  1.1-1,   sulphur .01.'!, pho-
phorus .oil.    Coke made from
coal which came from the Elk
river doposits (nbout leu miles
from the deposils of iron ore)
showed; water L. 12, lixed carbon
90.01,   sulphur  ,281, ash  8.18,
Limestone    from     tlio     same
vicinity: calcium carbonate 07,02
magnesium carbonato 1.12, iron
aluminum .10,  phosphorus .i'l.
silica 1,56, Mangttuose oros: iron
28.15 per cent, manganese 2n.UI,
phosphorus ,008, lime 5.50, magnesia 2,04, silica 2.02.    The report upon the ores from which
these analyses were taken stales
that within ton miles front  the
Crow's Nest Pass survey, thero
are  numerous  large  bodies of
Bessemer ore in close proximity
to coal.    Near Iron creek there
is a largo deposit of haematite
ore low in phosphorus nnd .sulphur, The vein is estimated lo bo
over one hundred loot in width. A
large body of nuinganiforoiis ore
occurs at Hull river,   If we hike
all these natural advantages into
consideration the  cost of East
Kootenay pig  iron   would  hi
raugement   lo   cope  wilh  thisI   A-""i ,'"'' ""' l'""",ll«» 'W "'•'
,..    „,,    „   .  , ,    attioltioir Works, Assays and trentmen
,,    ., ,     iru lie lie reiit'it tirriiiie'i'nienls  ,,. , ,    .,, ,,
The reference to the Munitobu , ■,. ■ of oros dune with the „
School  selllt'iiient  concludes  as betweon   .Mini   Lake   and   1'01't tlon and•seloutillo iiceurnuy.    Cull or
follows:    "I. confidently   hope Steelo havo been entrusted, it  is write for furthor purtieiilars.
that this settle nl will put an understood,   lo   Mr,   Bulhnan,
end lo the agitation which has Thunder Hill, I	
marred ihe harmony und impeded    lh"   development    of   our    Already  qulto  a.  number of    DEMPSEy   .v.   GEASSICK.
counlry and will prove lobe tho business    lnBI,     |mVQ    passod
beginning ot a new era lo bo ,.,     ,, ,, ,, ,,   .     ,,,   .„  • 	
,        .    .    ,i ,     ,    Ihroiitih liiililen on Iheir wav  to
characterized by generous treat- ,      ',    , ,
inenl by one another, mutual con : bori Steele.  I he Eastern papers: _,|Vvnfl
cession and reciprocal good will." now write about Port Steelo as;   LUA / iv^lC-J. U/vo
(Hope so too.) being tho capital of East   Koot-
The bill to revise tho tariff, it enay.
is hoped, "will make our fiscal
system moro satisfactory to the Mining operations nre com-
masses of the people." moncing to  bo brisk down hore,
The vicious nnd indefensible and there is qulto a demand for
Franchise Act is to be abolished L   (,0|,t,|iu  (.|,lss  o£ pl.0pGI.tios.
andtho franchises of the several!    .   .   ,, -,    .,
,    ,   ,.„,.,, ,,,„-., , prineipally coppor and silvor-
provinces adopted instead. (Wmle f     ,             '.' .    ,
[.j,,,],! 1                                        bearing properties, Deals havo
The enlargement of llie St. Soue through in tho McMurdo
Lawrence canals is foreshadowed ■ and Donald districts. Capital
and also ihe extension of the In- appears to be moro attracted by
torcolonial Railway to Montreal; U)is clilss rf .„.„,„,,.(., t|liU1 tno
but no reference is  made  to  Ihe: ,,    . ,     ',    ,. ,,
, .,,. , ,. ,i, ,,-'■„.■ \- / p„;t more alluring and seductive gold
building ot the tiws Nest Jxail-        , • °
way—a work of inlinitely more bearing properties which have
importance (to tlie interests of proved lo many capitalists—es-
"astern Canada even) than tho pecially British capitalists, who
embarked   in    Australian   and
African   speculations—to  be  a
extension of the! R. to Montreal
ll was announced Unit arrangements had boon completed for a
system of cold storage ware-j snare and deliisioii
houses, cars unit steamers for1
facilitating the shipment of agricultural produce to llie English
Tho  address   in   reply    was
moved by Mr. Russell of Halifax.
Sir Chas. Tupper in reply refer-
ing to the School Question, do-
Mr, Thomas McNaught, Mining Broker and Financial Agent,
who has opened an ol'Iice hero,
moves down to Port Steele, next
week, where an office is now being lilted 11)1 for him on the main
H'  o llie Mcliool  i.'ueslton.   no-    ,      ,       ..     ,        ,    ,
ored Hint while liis party had stief'    Hfl  lms. Ilft(1   'I1"10  a
endeavored lo do Iheir lies! for
tbe minority.ho was now desirous
of washing his hands of tbe
whole affair. A lively "spat"
took place between him and Mr.
Laurier on this question and the
ballot stuffing cases. Mr. Laurier declared the school settlement
a "happy solution of u most
difficult question," and promised
u tariff Hint without hurling any
existing interests would yet relieve Canadians of unjust taxation,
Mr. Molnnos of Nanaimo gives
lotico Hint lie will ash: for Un
number of enquiries for good
properties both from the Const
und down East,—Contributed.
Port   Steele   B.C.
Contractors umi Builders,
I'l UMITUi:  uml  Slllll'   WOKK
First Glass Work Guaranteed.
Shop Opposite the Fort   Steele
Printing Office.
disallowance of the Act, of the I!
('. Legislature extending Hie
linie for Ihe construction of the
H. C. Southern Railway.
j     fi'illlt
uio- pleasure tn alinounou tha
; of our New Jeweuiy Stork.
WATCH   HEP AIR INO, is a prime
'ilii us. mul nil work entrusted
| will receive earoftill attention,
Special Attention CIiVen To
Mail OltDEIls,
Watchmaker ,\- .li:wi:i.t;ii.
The Chinook winds  have at  golden.
£ ~l
|       Fort Steele B. C. %
£ ~s
XX- ~**
£^" —*
?z zs
iz   ■ Thi:, is om- of tho best  appointed  Hotels in the ZS
B Eort .Sleele District. 3
••— Zt
•—- ZS
?z 3
sz , 2
K: Every   room   is   comfortably   furnished. zs
£ zs
zz ~-*
£^ ZS
Sz. ~^.
SX   When you visit Port Steele you will miss il if you dont ZS
»■— zs
£ Slop ill    the, ZS
I    Mountain House. f
contractors & Builders,
Fort Steele B. G.
Estimates furnished lor the erection of
Concentrators, Smelters ami Stamp-mills.
All work promptly attended; to.
about $7,2(1 per ton provided that Ilttst •stnu'lc (;,,M""' "'" Enow ls
satisfactory froighl rales can bo (1!saPP( m''mS ana Ibe main street
S00lu,ed, is rapidly assuming the appear
Lut us lake into consideration
that an experienced miner can
mine and deliver the oro on Ihe
cars for T/i cenls per toil: and
adding the freight ihe cost
should n il exceed $1,50 delivered
at the furnace, oro averaging lie
per cent. Ooko is worth ^1.2",
per Ion ill Ihe initio, $1.75 delivered ul Ihe furnace. Limestone
fill cents per Ion. (in this basis
it is estimated tliat I,' ions of
ore, 1 Ion of coke nnil ', Ion of
limestone will be needed per ion
of pig iron.   ]'! Ion of ureal SI,50
I"'1'  ' U!l,a  S-'li:1:    '   l"""l'|c:,. .,       : ...tc        ■     .'', ii
coli,.aitrl.7;.i'<|tial.ss|.7,-,; ', ion Onorntion u low miles south from
nee  of  a  succession  of back
yards lilled wilh refuse heaps.
The trains from the west are
now late, some times many hours
over due caused by stunt slides
from melting snow. There hns
been a series of thoso principally
in uml near Ihe Rogers Pass.
otutnsro.s'iiK.wii soLlcrruu,
xe-ex. Ontario
The (lolden Lumber Company
havo been very busy nil winter
gelling out lies for theC. !' R,
which are lo be used iu Ihe main
lenniice of  Ihe main line,   Tin
company has senl mil close upon
,      ,„       i, i    i    !    THOMAS   JO \'ACc111
ll  hundred iliousaiiil.     II had a!
Mines As-id Mining
Stock  Agent,
fVUniMjj; Broker,
01  Hinostoiio  equals  >  c s;|u',olotfn   sitlmt0(1 „„ ,h,. wostl Firtanclal A'rcsit.
labor 81,25 per ton:  repairs 50 !,„„,, „f ,.,,, ,,,„ „:,.,„.
Weekly ielivevy In mintny vttnips in th,
Norlli Slur unit Wild Horst llislriets.
Address nil communications to
VEGKTABLKS .1  t'Al'lil I'ltiiDITl',
llf llll liillllsilt llll.'
A  few   |,ii|rs uf |iiiii.'  I'llllin Ducks
111,011 per pair,    Loiivo onlors witli
If  you  wnnl   Hie   prime
All macliine iniide on factory
principles,   Cohlo lo
Port Sleele li.C.
Hot And Cold Baths
Washing A1 Mending.
Mrs. Lewis.
The National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and simple
method of matting sulphide ore,
.'such as nickel, coppor, gold, and
ilver oros, iu  localities whoro
Por Catalogues, Address        load ores and fuel are scarce unil
DA^m.F.BlUTryAVaal«ghw,l^r.^^•^^ ■
pvater  jacketed   Mail,. Sinelter
'"    '' j lias been , ognized wilh highly
ititisfactory   results,   and   has
Oriliitis, S:t.-.lill „p.   SIh
tii'iATTVsorriiiis s:i?.i ,,.
snnnnn Sit'n| "t'-";" ■ ■^•n-,,--
0\JK),W\J   ,„■,..,,„.  | |'. |,,.,ltlv. iVil>ll.
Iiiiiiiiii, Xi'iv Jorsi'j'
Ucntty's Org-iiis 'i^Z-^lLM
IlL'llll.V. Wilslili'iKton.N.J
cents iier ton: stipplios 50 cenls
per ton: selling expense _."
cents per Ion: total §7,20. Of
course these figures do not include interest ou capital invested.
Tho day is not very distant,
when Brilisli Columbia will be a
factor in the western iron and
steel trade, It is tho province of
the future. It is the only province that can pride itself on hav
bank of llie Columbiii river
This company has llie conitai I  "WVHVAnckh ,im« notaiii pi iiii,:. ,/.,/. QUINL1VA.N.
'4T»r,t": Kalispell Hospital
for orccling the new bridge over    Fori Ktccle, (juld
Kicking Horse river connecting
the old town wilh Iho new lown. i
Goldoti is practically two iowns|
situated  on  the east and west!
sides of the
and  considerable   Iraflii' passes]
between.    The erection of Ihe
new bridge, which will be close! -    -
to the Old bridge and on tha West Ui,   , .   ,|.(]1|,.,. ,
ing high grade iron oro and good side of   ll, is to he proceeded    "' '■}. li, litiuViirs     DIiIkctoIih,
colling coal and oros of pruciousKvilli at once. Material is airoady    "  u-A-,,"ll,,|"i '
metals in such close proximily to on Hie ground,   The bridge will
each oilier,     In  fad a world of bo slronger and more massive, so
Mils, l\, 11. Wiaiiitai. Miiiiii
A Nil
Horse-shooing A Specially.
GflSfi ior PUR.
valuable  minerals concoulriilud as to bo able lo carry a locomi
inside of our lioiindaiies,     Whal! lite engiiiG of the C  l». I,'.    A | „,,™0l^,f1',!,*! i*',,'^!.'!^.""!!!!!! Slll|)lllf« I'lltlll'IIHll ill, Olll' CXIHllISi
a glorious hurilagu—what tt Held lino ol' rail, will  run  from llu
for energy and brains is wailing! station down lo Ihe (lolden I,inn
to be utilized by Ihe widiiiiwuhe her  Company's   Mill   and    Ihe     .,      r   „   ,„ ,,       ,,
Mrs. f:. K. Wclilii'.r, M,ii!,i|j(n*,
Beattu's Piai
llwnt)'. W'lishliisliiii.N.it.
h  thoroughly tostad on various pyritio, sulpliida and arson
- jiite ores, in capacity of 2 to 80
„:,,  ",,0   lS!BaSkM'glai!S!S,Bl!S-   tOUSl'0,,d">''   I' is   Hi"   Simplest
fml'iiito  . ,.    ,.. ,    ,.,  u..wi,lil: method of gold and silver ore
matting, and concentrating that
is known to-day,
It requires no extraordinary
-kill, no load ores, m, fluxing
material, and no fuel for llio smeller alter il is started. The sul-
plt'T in Ihe ore is its natural
fuel only, and its cost has no
comparison with any other process of concentrating,
We are prepared to furnish any
size or capai'ily plant complete
to substantial mining | pie, sot
ii up and furnish our men to run
it for llii'in on easy payments,
Prices and specifications, with
references and testimonials on
NATIONAL ol;,: .v iiLUfcrioN CO,
Muitufticluri i% „r I'liriuio lor Nickel.Copiiet,
>in|.l..-.ilv..|. iiii.l l.tu.l Or,,,,
ll|,|.l,V I.I
men of pusl I industry!    Im   Steam botil lauding on tlio I
taginiit ion cannot c'oncelve of ihe lutnbii' ,:«- - ,-
KAI.ISI'KI.I    ai,---. ia-.a
ll iiiidcs arc not satisfactory.
Smith & Liniihky
i;,mi -Li,   Mom
James Ilighwarden.
Tllll-liliill       tl-llsl.
Shnvillg & Haireutting.
liveryihtiig Noui ,v eicnii.
Livery, Feed & Sain Stable.
Fori Stoolo II.C
s.miiii.k ,v I'.'.ik i n i list;.-;.
II A.MIMi 111   .11.1   MMIS   I SI'IXIAI I 1
t.n lilt)'
Kalispel  Monti
I-  It.,'  Itinl   |,lii,,'  !,,
uml  nliliiiti .'iiiiii'j.
li'.'llI'MI-i.NT   OF    CIIKMIGAI,
Vee  I.ee.
Veaelableg R Farm Protlucii
nl .ill kinds .it iiiii.soiiiiliiii\)\'\i,rx
(ipposlti! ihe Mountain Hamtfti
Prom an article in Hie Spokes .      I',
• Ouiy I man-Review il is learned that
Captain Armstrong ospects navigation on the Kootenay lo open
about April 10th, bul lhat llie
The  building  of  ih.' Crow's st«"no''a wiU noi  n,;l  1"'*-''!:M'V
Nest pass railway   will give a '"  1*''"'1  Steole ll"lU aboul  ,l"'
great impetus to mining in East
Koolenuy.   In addition lo that
part  of the  country to  which
flttontion   has  been   frequently
called, ihere is a vasl region of
unexplored  mineral  i-ounirv o«1
" - expects the Crow's Ni il Ri
10th Mity There will he a daily j
l.'o'ii during me summer. No
boats will ruu above Hie North!
Star Landing, (hi tho Upper]
l'o! imbiii two sleitmoi - v. ui run
from Golden P I miles to Adla.
■     Northern
Tin-; ai in kyitit's nuts w \w, it thi
News nf the Province.I
■ni  A-..
Klk river and on tlie Upper Colombia. Al Golden, on the
Canadian Pacific, there has hi en
considerable mining dom tu d
several years ago a smelter was
built which except for a short
time has hen idle. In ibis unexplored mineral belt wonderful
Stories have been told of rich
mineral ledges  I tthing au
thentic has bei u . ■•.•■ . us to
their vain", but that thi y exist
there ici ins to be nodou ■:
An ild-timer who has resided
for a. number of years in and
about For: Sl ■ li - a shorl
time ago;
"There is mineral inlhemoun
tains adjacent to the upper Koot
enay  and Columbia  as   far as
Windermere,   but  the   stn a . -
have not been prospecti d lothi .
sources, and the extent of the
mineral   belt  is   therefore   unknown.   The district has been
practically  out   of   the  world.
lacking in transportation facilities.     As  a  consequence,  until
within the past three years thore
has been no encouragement to
prospect for anything but placer
gold, but now the conditions are11
, ,       i  , ■ in lttvor ot GOV
changed, and the coming summer   .
.,, ,, I lion and conti'
will see a vast amount ol  pros- . ,   , ,
, , , i   i r  ' i-    is meant, out "veto tt
peeling done, und 1 look lor discoveries to be made which, wilh
development, will equal those iu
West Kootenay,"
The Port Steele country is uot
now. Millions of dollars wore
taken from the auriferous gravel
of the Wild Horse anil its tributaries years ago, and ils treasures,
after all Ihis time, have nol all
been yielded up. nud placer mining is being conducted on a larger
scale lliuii ever boforo, Modern
hydrnulit: appliances have boon
installed, but ihe companies' op
Drilling llu'iit do mil say how
li : ' .''e gravel lias paid Ihem,
■ 'ai ininoral counlry,
■ nd it'll I increased Iranspor-
Uiti in facilities thousands of
millet's will Hock to the new- mineral region. Spokesman Review.
ikh    - ! \
in   D,\\ i lull I'
is Limit*
\ IV \:l\is, Wuiiklj
nil utltnts ti'tnti .Ituinlnyi
I' l,\\ III'l'NKV. (., I', mul T. ,\,
Sl. Paul, Minn,
I   WHOl.liSAU:      I.KM OR      MERCHANT.   $
Golden   I!. C,
Aprons pei    S.S. " Stiito of Ciiliforniti
to New  York,   fi
SKEYS direct   8
/      ACntisig 'in of I'MNtiST SCOTCH Will
I1; from The Distilleries of Mossr's Win. Teitchor & Sous
*i Glasgow, Scotland, N, B.   <fl
t And Messr's I). Mat kinnoti <$ Co (,'lnsgoiv, Scotland, N.I3,      ft
I, Teacher's   llloill.AXIi   OltEA.M   Is   perlecliou    of    Suotch    'I
;# .        B
t>. Whiskey, as evinced  hy the immense demand from India,   >i
I Australasia, The Slates and Mexico.                                  *
« Large  shipments  of   iikasdvs  to  arrivo  direct   fiom
I'l'iince; nlso aiNS from the manufacturers,
jFor The Fort Steele Mines.?
And   The
men!  io  "veto
li. C. South
is not the right expi
H   c'oht Steele and Goluen Eoute, l.'ntil tlio opening of J-favigii-   %
TIME   TABLE   18U7,
The siirnilicence of the resolu-
inui'iiinir itrriv-
winter and late spriug.
There have been serious losses   * tion, stage will leave Fort Stoulo every Tuesday .,„,.,„„s .„.,,- ^
r cattle owing to  the severe *' , ,-         .,,,,,, C
■fa ing ut Golden triilnv evening, uml leave Golden - |i.m„ every ^
**& Tuesdav. iirriviii't ut Kurt Steele Saturduv inorntiig. W
=—==        \M '.   '                         ' ■*
\I,hfSf)\*                    ' Jc. After-May, 1st. Steiuner  will leave Goltlcii 1 u.iu. Tuoscltiytj and ,-w
,,  ., ,,       '.   .         , .     A sfe Fridays, connecting; witlil'Stajre ut Adola, and arrivintr at Fort Steelo *^fe
Tho Gold Commissionorship of IS \t
West   KootGUay,   it   is GxpGCtetl,   ** Thursday and Sunday afternoon, and leave Kurt Steele, Tuesday
Jusl received 1   A Shipment of 25,000 Ore Sacks. Tar Sewn, 14x20,
i-i!.     l-Mro $1)0,00 par 10Q0, cash,   Special quo-
'.   Uie,.   Quality e«
«    Ititintis for lui'so lo
sz zs
•- —•
£                              A N D 3
"*••>-- —■»
£              LIQUOR DEALER. 3
all kinds of
may become vacant shortly by
:,y  uecotno vacant suoruy  i,y|£ and Friday mornings, and arriving at Goldon Thuraday ttml Sunday  Sg
the retirement ol Captain Filz- Hq ,*£
ci,  11      mi i      i,i sf*-   afternoon.
Sluhlis.  There ure already three; ■""".
candidates in the Held—Captain ^
Woolloy,  Harold    Selous,    nnd
' & '$
Mr. Goepel.    The Tribune !l,ls! ^^^f"#-#^^-##^^^'^#^^^^'^
nothing good to say of the flrst
Iwo, but; favors very strongly
Mr, Goepel.
The value of the ore and matte
entered at the port ol Nelson in
the third week in March readied
$172. OT.
,    The cil v council and the rep-
l"1"   ''l,l"l" -v   lha  ToroHreaentnliveof tin English sviuli-
1 !o|t| "''l mi0 "I""1 ll"1' 'sli,mieuie havo reached an agreement
of the construction of Hie Crow
Victoria Assay Office
Metallurgical Works.
A large assortment of
£ seasoned lumber and sh!n"!es 3
£ constantly on hand. ^
I Dimension Timber a s»iaity. 1
\% WAiSA, B. C. 3*
28 Broad Street
Victoria B. (',.
nss  riiiiil  is derived from
the standing of tho men compoi
to build a smelter nnd refinery al |
ai a eosi of §000.000 and a enptt-1
eitv ol
its a diiv.
$l.tlo, cioi.n .V sii.viai $|,50,
$1,1)0. I.k.m, & sii.viai $1,50,
$2.01), 001.1), SlI.VKIl & Coi'l'Hll $11.01),
Oilier Mottils   nu   A|i|ilk'iitloii,
Mill tests up in lu Inns.
in?: the Hoard,  who may  fairly
lie sniil lo rt |il'e.'-ent the   view  ot       _„^^_^^__^_^_^^_^
tho businoss men of eastern Can-j   Ti"' following local companies|
ada.   The resolution affirms defi- li:iv" bGB" fegistoredi
iiiiely  the  desirability  ot   the    Tlie Eas1  Kootenay and Elli
early construction ol  the road,   River Development audExplor-j
;:,:', i   mipany, hend office Port       Cyanide tests up to2 tons,
divided     into    three   hundred    in all eases etisli mtisl i»' romlttoil witli oi'iloi', unil olmripwaf UiiiMjmrt pttlil.
, iitnd shares al the value of
■... cents each; trustees John
1. .•' an    ■■    Rossland, ll   (.'..
,1  ■.'    .     'go    H.    I.eesoll    of
ICiilifury. geutletnaii: John Louis
b.   55 1  tl tl L/ Cr    3
the advisability  of  a   railway
company and nol the government
doing tho work, and the securing
of giiaranli'i's :iiid^^^^^^n__^
precautions  which   will acconi   -■'
phsl rtainends iu its operation   '•
lions are ; 1. the prevention of a    :
ed up in the construction of the ,,:'
lino, the securing of tho road ':i
through the pass as a railway
highway, tit" conserving of rail ;"
way competition, the control and "'
settlemonl of through transput ''
lalioii as well as local  rates and ■"
the diversion of the  British Co '''
Innibia    trade    into   Canadian '■
channels,    Winnipeg I'Voo Press. "■
The Calgary correspondeni ol
the Winnipeg PP Westi r
Not only i.i the male populalion
of Ibis country llowlng over to
tho Kooietiay, but it seems us il
the ladle.-.' turn wus coming. Mi--,
Bannister, of Davlsburg is to be
married to Mr. Edwards, of Fori
Steele, on the 7th of April
Cliloi'lliatlon tests up tn 2 Inns.
I'm I> of ni'i' up to 25 luiii- stiuiptcil,
.M.I.  SAMPLES   l'liO.MI''l'l,V   .VITKMilUi  'I'll,   AND   IIKTl'liNKIi
noil    o
tinl.  «,«9»^SaM9»*iwunn>«nnuuHMnuftlwu«M£«»««M9»?»A»?
"i", Win. II. Ball iif l,W- ^
Easl   Kootenai
1 Devi
Mining m
oiiiiiaii.v, head I
capital sioi-K-,/
■d    into   oir"'
arts at,§i each; trnsi  \      V<ko\v under the management of %
S. MeCitrter, Thos, v\, i                      ■_*    -^     _-  .  rv-.MBB-.K-h k
,1 Samuel llarber, all                       R.D.MATHER, I
Ih a large nnd nt tractive Motel i
i jj
shock ol eiii'th(|uiil,e \          of quiol elegance in all lis $
appointments , with n
amino of superior
The Pioneer
of Port Steele.
siriGMD First class,
Charlies   Levett,   Prop.
ll;  .,' 'heellv
ml u second oeeured on Iho :.'7ih j
I'lni'li -hook the itiosi subBtan- 'Ji
buUdingB In the oity.
Special rules by lln1 mould,
Tlie Mission Store,
The Highest Price Paid For Para,
,sv   EUGENE MISSION .p.  c.


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