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The Prospector Apr 16, 1898

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* il
Vo7. 4.
New Adveriisomini'J To-day.
Ntilipti   llHjiiu & liniw  fan. 'SI
UndorlnTl & Co     " S
Porl Sleelo Tuwnsim T. T. Mo ratio....    "  7
NolloO   11. I.. T. Il.ill'rullli      **   »
Provincial Ooveriiuiuu1. U,,;*til to B.>-
Uiu Public Worlu lit Onco An
Appropriation for tlia Hospital
Demanded Koport uf tlio Dole-
gation to Ottawa Eon IIU lts-
ceivad for City and iJutrict
Kooti'iiay Biv.ii* Improvoiuouta
County Court Judge for U mth
E»bt Koot'.iiv.,    Chartered lLiiiic.
The new school houso \v,»s
filled with citizens on Wednesday
evening, the object of the meeting being to take action in the
way of urging the Provincial |
Government to proceed at onco
with certain public improvements required in the District,
and to receive llie report, of tlie
citizens' delegate to Ottawa. The
chair was occupied by Dr. Watt.
R. L. T. Galbraith opened the
discussion by giving au outline
of some public works which he
thought il absolutely necessary
tliat the Provincial Government
should begin at once, the views
he expressed being further enlarged on by the chairman.
.1. A. Harvey thon moved the
following resolution:—
Whereas the Governmenl of
this Proviuce has appropriated
the sum of §13,000 for the construction and improvement of
roads and bridges in the Fort
Steele District;
And whereas, according to tho
usual course in these matters,this
appropriation of money will not
becomo available before tho Isl
of duly next;
And whereas, tho construction
of certain mads ami bridges at a
date previous to the Isl of July
nexl is an absolute necessity if
the business uf the disiriei and
the development of our mining
and commercial interests are to
lie properly facilitated;
And whereas, owing to the
high stage of water that prevails
in the streams at the time the
appropriation would in the ordinary course of events become
due, it will be easier and cheaper
to proceed with certain of the
necessary works now than then;
Therefore, be it resolved, that
the Government of the Province
be respectfully urged to provide
means by which the following
works may bo proceeded with
without unnecessary delay and
without awaiting the time
when the aforesaid appropriation
would in the regular order become due:—
Wild Horso Oreek bridge, opposite Indian olliee.
St, Mary's River bridge aud
St. Mary's wagon road extension from Mark Creok to St.
Mary's Lake.
Matthew Creek trail,
Trail up north and west forks
of St. Mary's River,
Bridge over north fork of St.
Mary's River,
Road through Westport.
* ' The mover said lhu resolution
spoke for itself. If the work on
these improvements was delayed
lill after the 1st of duly, the advantages of the expenditure of
the money would scarcely be felt
lhis year, while the additional
expense attaching to lho prosecution of the work after the
water had risen in the streams
had made it a matter of ordinary
economy to go 'ahead with the
work at once.
E. A. Elton said that good
rouds meant cheap freight, rales.
As the roads were at present it
was a tremendous tax on the
linsiness of the country, and the
sooner they were improved, the
sooner would general business
take on renewed activity.
Win. Baillio seconded the. resolution, lie slated that those
who had drawn il up had enumerated ill it simply those worlis
which Ihey considered of lhe
greatest urgency. At. a previous meeting a complete list of
what improvements were though!
n icessary in lhe districl had
been passed upon and forwarded
to the government, A largo
number of items were entered in
that list which ware not included
in the resolution. Those included
o nbracod particularly ihe neces-
stry W'irl; lo open up tli * Si.
Mary's River country, which
would be greatly advantaged
by ni:n*:*:i iiinl utheis being
ablo to get in thoir sup
plie>, mining machinery, etc.,
from this aide, instead of
being compelled, as they had
been last year, lo ascend the
steep and difficult pass from;
Pilot Bay in West Kootenay. If
any work of particular urgency j
had been omitted from the items |
enumerated in the resolution, the
mooting might add to the list as^
it thought lit.
Mr. Poison proposed that the
road to and up Tracy and Lawis
Creeks should be added, and tho
suggestion was adopted.
J. A. Williamhorst thought
that the improvement of the road
from Moyio City to Kootenay
Luke should be added, as it was
practically impossible to get a
waggon over it.
Mr Galbraith objected on tho
ground that the road westward
from Moyie was a C. P. R. tote
road, built by the railway for its
own use during construction, and
that the Government could not
properly be asked to expend
money on it.
On the suggestion of Alex
Poison the trail up the East
Pork of Wild Horse was added
to the list. The resolution as
amended was then adopted uiul
ordered to lie transmitted wilh
necessary explanations to the
Provincial Government without
T. T. McVittie alluded to the
fact that the Provincial Government had been repeatedly urged
to make an appropriation in aid
of tho Port Steelo Hospital. It
was a shame that every other
public hospital in the Province
except the Port Steele institution had received aid from the
Government. He saw by the
estimates that not a cent had
been appropriated to Port
Steelo in this regard, and he
moved, seconded by W. M. Titus,
that a telegram be prepared and
forwarded to the Government
asking that an appropriation be
made in the supplementary estimates for this purpose.
The chairman adverted iu
strong terms to the neglect or
the obduracy of the Government
in this matter, and said that
prompt and vigorous action
should he taken to secure au appropriation this year.
The Chairman and the mover
and seconder of the resolution
were appointed a ciiliiinillee lo
draft ami forward a suitable
despatch to the Government on
this subject.
Wm. Baillie, the citizens' delegate to Ottawa, was then called
upon by the Chairman to make a
report as to the results of his
mission. The delegate arose
amid applause and made a
statement in detail of what had
been done and what had boen
sought lo be done. lie tirst alluded to the steps taken al Ottawa to secure the establishment
of a Postollice Savings Hank at
Port Steele. This object had
been obtained, and he was
pleased lo see that already the
Postollice Inspector for Hie
Province was on the ground,
and within a few days tho Savings I'niili would be iii operation
What he regarded as probably
i ii
tho most import
considered,  aud
difficult portion (
signed to him in t
sion was tl.e obta
omul   appropriu'l
improvement o
the Kooteuuy Riv|
Tiie  Kootonay
Porl Port Steole
lhe whole districlj
transport   for   it:
nnd for lhe produ*
v. liich could  uevi
lized, and il won!
check upo i Pie r
ways, compollin,
fair  a:id  reason
both passenger ai|
lie. it was indeed
in llie position ■
pendence which
joyed, and anythi|
to increase Uie
tage of location
nay  River  confej
was a mat tor of
importance.  (Apj
to  be   regretted
tremely hostile m
States (iscal ena|
gards Canada hm
to produce very
tory   feelings   a
Canadians.    Evi
Government novf
Ottawa, though
otis of freer tradii
fair   terms, with
States,  could  nql
recently iucreasi
the  enactments
States towards (|
and had been I'm
spirit of retalialiij
wise would never
Out of this spirit,
opposition on tl
Government to d|
was likely to giv
Statos an   advail
which they were
reciprocate. Hov|
iar situation of
was urged on the
repeated   interv
shown that oven
our own border
improvements on
were being asked
work lhe deleg,
invaluable assist
Bostock, M. P.,
the Government
appropriation of
work this year
Minister of PubJ
whom  tlie nego
matter were carr
to the delegate c|
he had a reporti
of tho rivor, and
the amount ask
insufficient to pr
the work,    lt w
from §18,000 to
ally, and afler
would be require'
tervals   to  Iteej
shape.   In closi
on  'bis  subject
marked that wh;
lures might lie
year, the amount]
do good servici
It was all they hf
him to ask l'orj
gol it.   (Applauf
The delegate
efforts he had mo
South Easl Koot
porl of entry ti
Port Steele, lie
lion. Win. Patori
Customs, on this
limes. At prosi
is au oiilpoi'l ami
the districl aro a
the customs lions
minster, South
was growing rap
niercc and theesj
full porl of eu
necessity. Duri
lerviews with   I
mt, all things son, theJMlaistei' sought, lo test
also the most i the accuracy of a statement made
f the work as- to him hy Mr. Baillio that Port
io Ottawa mis-, Steele had during tlie last year,
nlng of a sntli-. increased it -i population andbusi-
Ioh    for    the ness  at  least  threefold.     The!
navigation on Minister   summoned   his  chief j
ir to dies juth. clerk and had  ilim  produce the
liver  eavo  to customs returns for lhis oulport!
and  in  fact, to for the fiscal  year ending June
an avonue of *B0th,   1897, and   for  the seven
:  merchandise ! months thereafter, ending Jauu-
its of ita mines al'y 80th, 1808,    These showed
r  be  monopo- that for the year ending June
1 always be a 80th,   ls!i7, the customs colloc-
pacily of rail-''ions had amounted to a trifle
nil   times over $7,000, and for the seven
Able  rales for months ending January 81st last
d freight triif- jto 1K> 'ess than $17,500, or at the
the chief factor I rate of $80,000 for the current
if traffic hide- ] fiscal year, being more than four
rort Steelo en-' times the figure for llie previous
IK that tended;
. , ,.,,... ...V  •  .
:  ;*i;:: pnosi £ i *•■ •   '.-
IS tices and gives the
************ ■■ s##*«*«
No 10.
Customs inspector for the Province and the necessary steps
taken to carry out the desires of
the people in this regard. Mr.
Huillie regarded it as a certainly
have been fell,
had grown the
o part of  (he
not willing to
over, the pecul-
East Kootenay
Government in
lews.     It   was
i required the
the river which
for. In all this
had had the
mice of Hewitt
and at length
year.    The Minister was coin-
natural advan- polled to admit that the delegate
wpich the Koote- laid    rather   understated   than
rrcil   upon   us overstated the commercial prog-
the very lirst ress of Port Steele.    The result
dause.)  It was of the negotiations with the Otis-
that  the ex- toins Department was thut the
tare of United'Minister promised  to have the
itments as re-1matter fully investigated by the
1  beon such as
strong retalia-
ng   Eastern
the   Liberal
in   power aa
ilnrally desir-1that in this matter, as witli tlie
intercourse on ' river improvements and savings
the    United |bank, the Government  within a
overlook the; very short time would establish
ig hostility of Port Steele as a full port of en-
of  the United try for tlie district,
anadian trade,!        COUNTY COUHT JUDGE.
*cd to take on a "    In ,iH, course 0** urgh,g 0u the
:ui which other-1 Government tiie appointment ol'
a County Court Judge for South
Easl Kootenay, the delegate discovered that the matter of divid-
|o anything thatIing  tne  Kootenay!   into  more
to the United tQan oue jufijcia] districl had allege   iu   trade; ,,,,,,1^.   heen   brought   to   their
attention.   The arrangement of
the boundaries of a Judicial district was the duty of the Provincial Government, while  ;he r.p-
__,^_^ pointmeul of the Judge to   ;-|
he trade within | therein pertained to thoDj.nk*,
ion authorities. The i '..-: ; 1
Ottawa seemed to hi tint t'nero
should be two Judi :ia! lisiri '.Is
in the Kootenays, n:io of them
lying along the main line of the
C.  P.  Railway,  and  the other
agreed  to au j along th(, lino o{ tho Crow's NeKt
$5000 for tho j Rajiway) luui  t0 be named  the
Hon. Mr. Tarto,  Northern and Southern Judicial
ic Works, with Districts of Kootonay. The delegations in this gate urged that these districts
on, remarked would b(, too lai.ge t() bo attended
n parting that to by onc jurjge in eaoh,   The
business arising in the County
Court of South West Kootenay
was already   sufficient to  keep
the present Judge  fully occupied.   South East Kootenay was
rapidly increasing in population,
and   before   very   long  would
probably equal West  Koolenuy
the   river  in *m t|)(, amount, and importance of
remarks j),,,    judicial    business   arising
Mr.  Ilaillie re* nerGi   Ti1(,n. W01.Q peculiar cir-
Mover oxpeudi- ouraslaiicos attending lhe situa-
necessary next tion of this distaict right on the
obtained would boundary line, which rendered
for this yeur. the appointment of a Judge here
I commissioned |i0CGssary,     lion. David Mills,
ami they had Minister of Justice, the delegato
"■) found,   was  desirous  of  doing
ENTitv. whatever wns necessary in the
lokoof the matter. It was suggested thai
do to secure for the practising barristers of lhe
may a customs district should draw up a memo-
be located al rial showing lhe exact position
nul interviewed of affairs, so llml our necessities
ion, Minister of might be clearly demonstrated,
subject several This it wns Ihe intention of the
lit Port Steele, lawyers here to do, und llie
ihe returns I'm* memorial would be forwarded lo
I made through the Government so that an up-
i'ut  Now West-  propria!ion might b ule in the
East Kootonay supplementary   estimates    this
dly in ils com   yeur.
llisll Ill of a CHOW'S NEST  KAILWAY.
ry here wasa The branch line of the Crow's
ig one of his in Nosl Railway into Porl Steele
ou. Mr. Pater* was a matter of tho lirst import-
tho condition
lie felt sure that:
for would be
rly carry out
Id likely cost
$20,000 evenlu-
that  a  dredge
I to work ut iu-
ie* his
next >
ance, and on reaching Ottawa
tho delegate had at once sought
and obtained an interview with
Hon. A. G. Blair, Minister of
Railways, on the subject. Personally the delegate had never
felt any anxiety about the building of this branch line, I'm* il wus
as important to the ('. P. li. thai
it should reach this point as il
was to Porl Steelo to have the
railway connection il would give,.
Hon. Mr. Hlair was furnished
wilh maps of the disiriei and a
lengthy written description giving in minute detail the whole
situation wiih respect to Port
Stoele, its past history, its present importance as the central
point of business activity in the
district, its position as the distributing point for the great
mining urea surrounding it. uml
the prospect it enjoyed of quickly becoming a large and prosperous city, with mining and commercial interests second to no
city in the interior of the Province. Hon. Mr. Hlair said lhat
if tho facts relating to Port
Stoele had boen placed before
the Government previous to the
signing of the contract for the
building of the Crow's Nest Railway, the Government would
have made it a condition that the
main line of ■hat railway should
have had its course directly
through Port Sleele. The dele
Kale explained to him that il was
only an accidental occurence
that the Governmenl hud not
been given tin- necessary information. All needful step-,
bad been taken io lliul end by
the   people   of   Port   Sleele. lull
there wus a failure in tin* transmission of the documents to the
Government which was simply
an accident and could not have
been foreseen. Mi'. Blair said il
had been the policy of the Government from tin' beginning to
have the Crow's N'esl Railway
track' at every settled point that
could   reasonably   be   reached.
Port Steele was one of the points
Eiat. should have been reached
y '.'..,: main line, but the con-
acl was now done and finished.
The branch was the best that
could I. * done, and he was not
sure but this would serve the
people of Port Steele as well as
the main line, and particularly
so if through it Port Steele had
the advantage of a terminal or
competing position. He assured
the delegate that Port Steele had
no reason to fear for her railway
connection. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
was next seen, and afterwards a
number of interviews were had
with both the Premier and the
Minister of Railways. Sir Wilfrid expressed his regret that
the contract did not call for tin
main line into Port Steele, but
the branch was a certainty. This
he had been personally assured of
by the management of the Canadian Pacilic Kailway Company,
he haling lakon occasion since
lhe arrival of the Porl Steole
dologato in Ottawa to procure a
statement of the Railway Company's intention wilh respect to
the matter. Every li. C. member of Parliament present ul Ottawa during lhe delegate's slay
Ihere had loyally .seconded his
ell'orls regarding this railway
inuller. uud lln* resell of llie
whole business wus llllll lliedele
IgalOllOW  possessed   Ibe   wrilten
sialemeiii of Vice Prosldenl
Shaughnessy of ihe Canadian
i Pacilic Ruilwuy, tlmt the branch
line  inlo   Porl   Sleele  would   lie
I buill, iiiiii thoro wus no question
of coming here, but it wus one of
gelling illlli Fol'l Sleele ill the
elirliesl possible moment,    ll.oild
applause.i     Mr.   Shaughnessy
himself would be ill Porl Sleele
!within   lhe   nexl    four  or   live
weeks. Ha (the speaker) had
heard it reported that a contract
for the Fort Steele branch had
been let to Contractor Egan;
this was on the authority of Dr.
Wall, Ibe information being obtained by his informant through
oneof llie Crow's N'esl engineers.
Although not a matter which
he had been specially commissioned to look after when in the
Easl, Mr. liaillie had seen most
of the general managers of the
great chartered banks of Eastern
Canada wilh the objoct of securing the establishment of a branch
of one of them at Port Sleele.
Mr. E. A. Elton was in the East
ai ihe time and wus extremely
active in impressing llie bunking
peoplo with the importance of
locating hero without delay. Together Mr. Elton and the dele
gate had seen several of tin*
general managers and boards of
the eastern bunks, had prepared
and supplied them wilh maps
and written information respecting the district and city, and lhe
result was llial ii was now regarded as a certainty that one or
otlier of these banks would locate a branch here early this
spring. In le*' 1 he hi I bo * i in
forme 1 Unit already the safes of
one of the banks was at the
Railway station at (lolden. The
advantages of u chartered bank
ut Port Steele would be very
greal, for through it the financial operations of lhe whole disiriei would be conducted.
These, concluded Mr. Baillie,
were ihe results of tho important
mission which be bad bad the
honor of being intrusted with by
the people of Fort Steele. On
resuming his seal Iiie delegate
was loudly applauded,
L W. Patiii(ii*e moled, .seconded by E. A. Elton, thai the hearty
thanks of the meeting are due
and be tendered lo Mr. Ilaillie
lor lhe efforts he had made as
the citizens delegate at Ottawa,
and whicli had been crowned
wilh such signal success.
J. A. Harvey and E. A. Ellon,
speaking to lhe motion, referred
in terms of praise to the work
that had been accomplished by
the delegate, which would be of
substantial and enduring benefit
not alone to the city but to the
whole dislrict.
The chairman then tendered
the thanks of the meeting to Mr.
Baillie who briefly referred to
the pleasure it gave him to have
met with their approval,
W. R. Ross said it was his
purpose to have hud a forma'
resolution in readiness to present to the meeting urging on
Government the necessity of the
appointment of a County i 'otirt
Court Judge for this dislrict, i it
he hud been very busy during
llu* duy and had 1 n  un ible  In
prepare  ilu* inatter.    He had.
however, been ill lolTexpondellCo
wilh Col. linker respecting :1c*
appointment of aJudgo hen*. He
made a statement of some of tho
drawbacks and hardships iniler
| which | pie lien* labored because of lhe lack of ii I 'ou ity
Court Judge, and moved, second
ed   by   Mr.    Harvey,   thnl     tho
mover   ami   s inder   and   Mr
liaillie lie a nillilteo lo drnl'l a
memorial ou lhe subject to ih,.
Govornmonl and forward iho
same without delay. (Applause.)
Tin* resolution was passed,
nud the meeting adjourned,
Lost lu Port Stoole on Monday evening last red leather
pocket book containing two teu
dollar bills and o her papers ol
value only to the owner, The
Under will be suitably ro warded
by returning it to this i dice i r
to Mr. Doyle, Steole House,  * THE PROSPECTOR, PORT STEELE, It. ('., APRIL
Certificate of Improvement
llurphiiin Mtucvul Claims alt- [ur prrmlshloti luiniri'tittholtiiiflprp'* ol uiimi
Sleele Minim: Division el Kant v,yr,l tiuiu'i*uineil will linn-sum* l Inuil In Ll
i-i. illstrliit i*f iie-i Koutpnn*!.  CuuimcncltiKti
•a    im   l'jrnmlil  Creek,   St. |Ki„t plantoH At Uio north nest eornor ol I
ibout furl*,* miles wont ft I'vii s,, •>'.*, ,; I. thence runniun sonlti HO ehuins
thltnco west 111 chnlns. tlienei' north 80 chain
lm 1. A. 9. Furwell, aueni fur utonco ,-ast i.i clmlnn tn |ihtoe of commune
Cootenuy Mlulng Co., Limltorl meni,
. Minns Certllieute No. 1081* B, IIUNVAN
j*s Ir tin* iimi' hereof, to np-        |rui, creek, March llrd 1898
in: Recorder lor» Cenlflcnte ol
Iti, 1«!IH.
I'vi'tini'il mnl
mil' ui tlie Vox
Kootenuy Dlsti
Where luent
Marys River,
Tuk.- notice
lln* Pyramid
(Foreign), lrre)c
iiiteud, sixiy tl;
plyio Uu- Min
('rown Grant»
Ami furthi
-iv   »,. .Her ihlle ,'l...*n„  f #|$D|>#|$|fW$|f #<|>|#$'|###*# ft/JOIIlfi       HOtR!
the(*hli*fCoinmlBslo,ierof l.an.K nml Woi*li«i|k A..v iJlV/ylU       llVJUUl
<#        tui; popular  route to       $       mojie (itu,b.c.
for the purpose ol olitalnlug »
lhe nbove claim,
lalto nolice that action, uniler
section 87, musi be commenced before the issu-
tinri* nf such I'Tiliii'iitr nt Improvement
Dated this 811 dny ol October, I8B7.     n-tt
Wolmer. Wa
oral Cla
I'.'.      *.   ' Ul
Man l Klvi
the Pyramid
il'' ri'li ■    l*'
Inn   I sixty I
I, v * i *.li.   Ml
Imp   ■■
Cr        Ira
.*,■..' turll
unci   I sueb, i
Nm ii i: is hereby given that slxly iluya nfter
dm* 1 stiMl npiily luthoCUlel L'oiumlsHlouor ot
Lnuds nod Works (or portniinslun lo purchuso
Wu ucres ul laml, mure or tehs, aituatwl on st
Joseph u Prulrti i ret k eoiuuium ii,; a   u p ■■
■sltuaii1 -M I'halUfi eust oi thi u   ■    ■•       ■
ot Lut 33, Uroup I.   Thence north luvlialittt,
ihenee wosl I u suuili iu chalnn
,      , . .,, ... ■,. .,,„    ihenee eust -io ohuins tj thu point oJ eumiui n
Ten  He "Hi* unu mu tun aiin*
.,*..    . ihe F rt Stee    M i     ;
■  ■ .   Dis	
'*,'        i  *; I".*'! I
■ - .vesi    ' I
The large ami contnioilioiis steamers
North  Star   tmtl   J.  B).   Par
Cupacitj, nin' liiiiii!i*inl |i:is*.i'ic;i'i*s uml one liiiniii'i'ii ui
lulls   fl'eildll   I'lll'll
&r.   First claws accommodation for li-nvrl
litis pnlillo.     A well auii-keil Imr.
liimrl slnlilitifl,
ts. CAMPBELL, rr.ornitTon.
ijft     TomilH leftvo Fort Steele Tups
•*$ days Priilivys and Mftturdftys ivi
rcil$  ' n.iii. fm* Elliott's l.andinsr, con-
W  nPClillf?   Willi    bonis    fur    Mufic
Thunun MoVittie.
0. 9. Prtaoll,
N  A  Wallinger.
K. C. Smllh
w.i.uiu nalllii*
The reiular mefllnn of il,., sss'HilnUuii
will lie held en lhi' 111 anil Srd Saturday lu
every muniii.
All   possible  Information   will  lm  ruralab*
ed  hy  the  Association, npoa iispllcsilon i,i
Kort  Steelo, II. (.'
William llnlllii*.  Sec.
iVAl(l) I'll.W El
Lifuur Licenae,
£. Will open th it o i i   :"'i on the Kootonay Itivi
- 4
X iet Kootenaj    ihout April 20th
Jennings, Montana o    ie Ui >at Northern Railwaj foi
\  -   i .. imu i
•■   v       ' '""'*'      S'otleela
Miner's S       * |  |  .
,    from llie date hereol .
"  * . ,
1 for the purpose of obtainliiB a |V
*     *; ,
■   il 	
\ -   *\   u
<:■     It,   -
vlsl n  I ! est
Stci •
*i ,',.   :.
(Fi relKtl
inti nd. sixty
ply to tl     .1
Improv in* i.t
i r
t'En' passim; ci nml frci ;lil I'nlcs uiltli'i'ss lis* ci
;i;:i*ul   n .liMiliings,  Montana, in* Thu I'orl Steele Mm
"' i'u , lm i Steele or Wiii'ilner, IE IE
Milton, anil
Mining Di
Kr.ounay Dlstl
Nul ■     ■ ' *   **-}'
' il
nn as lho li
^-)|i^^"^-^t,T^-^^^-^^; ^^•'■^■^■l'H*:'Hjv*'!E'^
Sullivan Diamond Drills
rom ,*.
all      I
*  '   ...
ti ■-. ;  a - ■ *.. A' *
Most accurate and most economical pi
Miner li* # "
'■ * ''" inu licills nuulc.
■ . - Drills of nil capacities, oporated by hand or horse now
, , ciiiiiprt'ssi'tl air or olecivicity.
■ i -.* ■   "     "   . ■
.    . ■       i    ■.'■■
Mini ro i la
in>: i '. ■    lotl
Mary h Rive
Tuke notit
tin- Pyrn.mii
(Fori inn i
ply inili-' Mi
Impi ■•>' ti'r i'
Cn wn (Irani
Ami turlh
stvli.in 37, in
anr.i.f and
l '..ini I IiIh
M *■
ited:   On   Pyramid   Creek    ^,
il. it fort) mile** west nf Fort
- -
■ .   Kerln   and i ■ ■'-' ■'■        '*■ ' it thirty days
*. Lhai I. a. s. Farwcll   ■ " ti '
Kooti nny  Mining (''-    Limited
i  Mini i - Ci rttnente  Mi   1081 (
iluys r.rom tho dnte hereof to aping Reeorilor for n Ccrlltleatc i I
.. for the purpose of ohtaintajt «
if thcalmveeliiiin,
i- take nollco thai action, under   Stetle, H
iH Vie eiimineti'-'od l»f«rn the issu
I,,   ' , .,',* of Improvements.
,\. s. KAi:\vr1.1..
aotiidnyufSeiiteinher HOT 24-lf
date 1 shali ■      -■
for a     ■".-        -■ .
;■■■■-....■ is i ..   \\ .   Hotel
i.:. .-  ..    iin|      ist K    ■ ■ ,.
NKI.SK beauliek.
iti ■ ■   *■ 111   ■.    f A] ril LsBs     : »)8
305 and 306 Rookery, Spokane, Wash.
Pake notice that th    j     ■■ -    fter   nei
pply i I old i   mu  - *   ::■ ■■        u
Iiei nst Lu sell liqu ■■■ ai n tail ■ n thi   pn misi •
koi ivi   its   thi   i:.''-:: atlonal  Hotel  ul   Fori
lated Pth day of April, im. 15-ifl
Chicago, 111.
Kamnfl House j buy im
Luml I'liiiliiiii
Tn I,,* nn
npply in lho
ll i* lo pun
lllirrsiii,',] I
l In*,,,*,,     ii
ill, 111*,, ".null
lllOIU'0 [lllll
IWli-il Hi
ilviv artel*
tlm Ub.el i
nl V'li'torli
llu, Inllonl
li s
,.|*irlv in I*
n |ii,itii km
Mltton .hi
elmins ensl
elmins iv
ol !.■ -I'i:.!-
:    *
Tnko notice thnt thirty <l;iy* sltcrdutel
iiinl! iipply lo tho Oold Commissi r (,,r n
license to sell lliilipr lit rotnll on tho premises
' 1 wu us lhe Klk Hotel - ■ inti *:. Elk River
S'ol ■ - hereby kItcu llinl Uu* I'nrlurr-
. I re siibslstlnK under lho ^tyl,* unit
flrmi'f Henry \V. Drew ami Qcorgo 13. tlnyes,
:,. hotel keepers In the elty ft Fori Stoolo, 1ms
ihU .lay been dissolved by nnr.iiiil consent.
All accounts due in lho Inn llrm nro payable in Henry W. Drew, who will settle nil iu*-
v'niiiiis due iu/:iinsl the llrm.
Imteiliii Fori stieir this 2flth day of March,
Witness; 1IKXHY W. DREW
Iaites anicou.     oeohqb i**„ iiavf.s.
l'.i*iil« i'iiii In' IiiiiI .1 iiv 'Inv »t F.llinll'r.
Crov/'a    Nost
1,1k Uiv«r, on lhe line of
the new railway.
mm mmmmm m
Iteelc   House.
llns Ir.tsi'il tin* HiniiiR* Kiiiiiniinil llml
Rooms of tlio Steele Homo, unit lioys
lu solicit it sliai'o ot tlm palronagc ol
ospect- lh°i|llblic'
6 A.M.  TO  S P. M.
HUKAKfAST    li to 0 a.m.
er, steam, dinneb  12 to 2 p.m.
srri'i*;u   h to 8 p.m.
Short order** will be yervi'il only tnj-
tTreoii reifiilitr mi-al hours.
Hal,,! this nth ol April, I-!'**. 15-ltl
linn slxly days niter date I will j n. i
!,„,,„,] r iNsloiierni i-vn Sleele.
:u,si! lln* lollnwillK mi I mill
rown hunts from thoUovermnobl*
ni 11 post plunted al lhe » h
nl lot ailTO, Clroup I, Ivootonuyi
Bd chains; Ihonee wesl 10 chains;
BU chnlns to the * i. Mnry's Hiver;
■timi lhe eninso ul the snld rivor
I,, the pin I commencement.
(lucres more nr loss.
SI Ml IN  1!    I. \NE. ! EAST K I'BNAV Uls lllll "!' s.il'l'll IVIINUI Vlsl, ,N i
Sllh dny ol March, A. 1). ,*'■" "-"■"■■     NOTICE Is hereby ifiven, in accordance with
 . . —   tho statutes, thai Provincial Kovenuo Tax nnd;
The above Hotel hns been re
TOiitly erected, and lent ly furnished throughout.
Cosy and Comfortab'
Uofleril & 60. r—■
il    wit I
iif Ijlqtioi'S iii
r-Ji e   V  ■**> House, Sign and Orna-
^ZZstikZJriiZZ a" mental Painters
assessment tax and rnoviNcui. paper  Hanging  and Decorating
Leave orders at
NOTIC",E. ;i" ,;l!c'"; levied  under ilu- Asscssmont A<'t
■i,v i-ivi-ii I'mi wllhlu slxly arc now duo lor tho yeur 180**.   All ol lho nbovo I	
i' "" '"'] "i;,;;",,"' wx'"'-""';-."1'1"«'■•"'"'■••«-'K""-"«>' ™yA MILLINERY und DRESSMAKIN&
Inner ,,i \au\ In uiul Works s lutiierp Division nre payablo ut my oftlce Port i
n i'   for iiiirmistlon to purchase Steele.    Assessed taxes an' collectible at the
i. (U'scrliifd lunils nilimtoilul i following rates, v!z:
utint of the mouth of i'aluu.-rs liar if paid on or hefore lhe 30th Juno, 1898:
.t. KiKitenay 11. i'.  f'ommfnein r al Threi -Ufthaof one per cent, on reul proporty.
mi ,i  the louthensl corner of Harry Two and u half per vc\\\.. on assessed valuo uf
Hcatton for pre-t inpi ■■'   " '" '■   ■'' '*- '<' Uvnil.
ihenee w) chains n»»rih   tlience Uni half of one per cent, on personal property.
......         ■   lothe posi on so much ef the income of nny person uh
exceedis one thousand dollars tho following
\ W. iHiKASI)Kr*L. rntes,  nninely, ujwn such cxcprs of income
■ !                                 u--.h.' i when tin- sum is not moro than ten thousand
 —  dollars, one percent   when the excess is ovor
NOTICE. v E dollars and not more than twenty
thei ui-r
f. -
IE;,  ■
ni ■■
thi lU'U I :t
u\ I i ■ llll
we    l
,. . intend I   apply to   "     -;'•'' dollars   one and one iiuurter of ono
,',nmissinner o   U '-    "■*   Per cent: when such excess is over twenty
u  .   , nd in i tl      *.*    I llarsom andnhnlf ofonoporcoul
.   ..   .     [f paid on or nfter thc Isl July. 18M:
: ...... ■.,   tone per cent, on real proporty
■      - Three per cent.« i the assessed value of wild
s. thenci      T; '"-'   'rllls0' "n,' Pcr ccnt- "p P°«onn'
: opcrty.
i in so much of the tlie Income of nny person
,, ... ;%i.s-/.ii:.       as exceeds onelthousand dollars the following
. .    _,        rates namely upon such excess, when thesamo
noi ::. i ■ ' hnn ten thousand dollars, ddo und
turter if one percent.: when such excess
Mind dollars and no) mnn' Hutu
d illnrH  one nnd one-half of
■ ; ■   .-. at   ii In ii such excess i- over twenty
. | liars one aud ihrce-citiartcrsofono
.... ., - Kiw.lt
' Provincial Revenue Tax, KOO per capita.
[Signed)   l   M. EDWARDS.
M°n« '        ■ '"'- Assessor and Collector.
i,.m —..;,-  H  i     mu, March. hW       |«-lfl
■   *
|* ■   i
■ ■
mile, the
south easl
athJnnum     W
i on •
A reward of two hundred dol-
N0TICE* larswillbo given for tho arrest
• "" * ' ,,:   Pred Carson   charged wilh
purchase .    i   i       \«   i •     ,
, tpainn manslaughter ol John Muki al
r,,,„,„.[. aa Bt thi     tin r« i Michel Creek, South East Koot
rlli ,,r lir li„, *.
in,.! marked    norlh »i *   I
hi. III chnlns  the      ;
I here
ilim* I shl
as lollnw
planted n
I'iuiui in
thonoo sc
thence ni 'lh mohnlm   ihem ■   ■*■     ,    tin
lo tho anil Inlllnl posl oicludln«
way fnr nillwny
A   I*.   II   WATT
tnoln, lln, i i limn        ' ' ''•
li   Mi*l.i*iin. do horelij .'
,la;s alter dnte I mill an|il| ui the
nmlsslonnr ol Lands nnd tVnrl   fm
n I,, liiirrlumi* nil   li'inilf'-'l mul  forty
in,I siiimieil in ilu* Southern division
uie, i,r Knsl Konianm and doserliieil
L'ommenclnii ill n i"1*' i toil nn
hmili "( ihe i.i*.   River nhoul frail
,ve Coal ui'l,   ii"*   »• *  '''*'•
ulli cliililj chains, thenci ensl
I. Wu
llllll   VIII
Chlel i
l„'rnii ial
ncren "1
ol tin* I i
the wesi
mites al
cliiiln.. H
lho sniil
i ..nn
iv Ut Ell; Itlvei Uionei i irliigl »n» "i
ivr inilu* place of comme mi m
„e March i«iii ev 13 81
enay,   IE  IE on   tho Oth   IA
ruary, 1-'.'-.
Ago iiliuiil 30. [{eight ahoul
E feel 10 Inches, Weight about
I7n |iiiniiils. Com])loxion ruddy,
reddish In-own inouHlac.ho, n'sl
nf linn shaven, eyes Btinlton,
features sharp, addicted lo mor
■iiiiiii*, temporarily lame from
ruceni accidont. Is it profosslon
nl gamblor nnd   frorjuontor  of
lioiisi's of III Iinni'.    tins I n n
brtil-tosman. Wun' whon lust
si'un n light groy golf cap full in
front ovor poak, groy Norfolk
jacket with ploats and bolt, long
brown overcoat, tiif-'h urclic
J, I*'. Ak.mstkoni;,
Provincial Government Agent,
Kurt Stoole, H. C,
Fort Steele
and Kalispell
Fort Steele, B, C.
Hereafter tho subscription rates to
Tho Vancouver Daily aud Semi-Weekly
World will be as follows!
i tii iiy odllloii iiy mail, pcr annum, lfi if
Do.   fm six months    2 76
Do.   per month      RO
Tlio Soini-Weekly edition, matted,
porimnum t\ 'H1
Hu.   fnr six months      mi
Advance payments Insisted upon in
every instance,
Tho foreign postago (thai is toall
countries outsido of Canadu, Newfoundland and the United States) will bo
added to ilu- subscription ratos,
89 Samplo copies suppllod on application.
J. C. McLAGAN,     Vancouver, B. C.
Everything Strictly First CIuhk.
Neil door lo the Prospector,
Livory, Food  and  Salo Stablo.
Port Stoolo, I!. C.
ToRtnlng ul' nil kinds loltcltod,
,1,  J,  OUI Nl,] VAN,
Horso-shoelng A Spocialty.
On nml nlli'i* Aiijiusl 2"tl
nlit*,ri*s will leave Fort Si
day mornings at" i
turning    leavo   l^
'I'lii'silny  miit-ii11
7 o'clock.
0 Rooms
llu*   BKST
1 Cigars.
Wholesale dealer in Confectionery, Fruit, Nuts, &c, &c.
Cigars & Tobacco.
I'orl Sleele, li. C.
Siirgomi hi n. \. ll, Coiiatriiollon Camps
'I'lIKSIlAV   L'ltmllS AH fltr HH IVllliltli'l*.
Wii'mm-av  rumps nn return trip.
TllVllsiiAV   Mission Hospital,
Piiin.iv  Ai homo,
SA'i'uitDAV   Mission Hospital.
SUNOAV   At Hum,'.
(Subject to chitngo on spectitl call.)
T II O M A S   M c V IT T1 E.
P.L.S. cV"- C.E.
Port Steelo B.C.
P.L. S. & O. E,
Port Steel') B.C.
H    W    tlllll, HMWIl
Barristers   -    •    Solicitors
Fort  Steele,  B.   0.
T.   EDE.
Customs ond Mining Broker
Mining Properties Bought and Sold.
ti™. s. Mi'i'iirti-r. ,i. A. Harvey.
Btirrisltrs, Solicitors,  Notaries Public,
Comeyimcers etc.
Johnson & Robinson
Pout Steele, B. C.
Correspondence Solicited.
Kalispell and Port
at the stores of
H. E. K
. 180", weekly
eelo mi l*'i*i-
ick,   Ro-
Steele offices
A bi-weekly stum; wil
every Tuosduy nml Kr
7:80 A
Commoncing Friday,.
Cranbrook, sifton, unu
louvo Steele
tinv nt
ulv li'itli, for
Moyle City.
Returning   wlll leava  Muyie on
Wi'iliifsiluvs nml Salui'ilnvs ut
8:80 P M
Rooohlng Sttii'lii llm iluy following
nt iiuiiii.
Tickets may lie procured from C, M.
Keep,  Safe Deposit Co., Stetile, und
uml ut llu* Hotol, Moyie
Personal attention pa id to all kinds
of Job work.
Shoot Iron Stovos tiado to order,
Hot Air Drums a
Fort Steele VV
ood Yard.
//ui'l Orders mi'l'i Olln
With tilts Willi r lir
v,iill lengths,
ii it'* Lindsay, or
ilvcry Man.
Catarrh makes life miserable to
many people, Scarcely u person is
wlnil l.v freo from it Catarrh arises
from a combination of gussos formed in
Hm human system. I havo medicine
that will cure yon permanently in two
TAI VI*',l*'„Tlie Druggist.
Port Steolo. II. C.
# The Jeweller
WatchoB   repaired  and   satisfaction
Pout Steele,
It, (E
Fort Steelo, B.C.
General Blacksmith,
Mining Work a Specialty.
Kurt, Stock
ll. 0
,l. ,i. Lamont
Contractor und Builder
Fort Stash; B. 0,
Draughtsman and
Blue Printer.
In Moyio Townsite Company
D, M. McMillan,
Mining Propositions,
Mining Shares,
I'Einn Lands und
Real Estate
I). M. McMillan, Brandon, Man.
mt THE (Nt
Transacts u gonoritt colluutlng and e.\-
ohitugo business.
IJrnfls issued payablo in Canada and
the United States.
Fort Steele Assay
Tho Providence Fur Company,
t'rovldonco, It. I.,  waulH nil UIimIh nf   Itnw
1''imk, sklim, (llnsi'iiK, Si' ii, Ktc.  lirVr\vvH
Hiiotetl for noxl Hlxty duys nro tw follows:
fillvor Knx -fir. oil i.. ft.-.mui
Unu-    fi iki in    y:, ini
oin-r    -I oo in     noo
Hoiivor   ;i mi tn    HMIb
Mtii'Liti     li (Nl lo       \) INI
Wulf     I IMI lu      'im
Kcil Kill      I IMI In      ROD
Mink  TS to     ii wi
Skunk      i!f> m    i oo
limy Pox      Mi in       *r»
Kut      Lil ii)       Ufi
jY/'i'i-icc 1,1st nn nil othor tun rmil hktnn on
iitiiiili-uiidii. i-'uii prlcoB Bimrantocd, •Rnroful
RQlootton, oortooun iroutioont nml Immodlnta
ti'initiiMicfiin nil oouitifntnontSi l'J-;W I'll!'', PROSPKOTOR, KOKT STEELE, IE C„ APRIL 1(1, I SOS
. »*. j -»» j..•*■**«»'■■
. . .     .    .        ..
8* '
* fl I Pi
■ I I *W
3   III   I :
, .*
Riractors ana miners
The new town of Tracy is 10 miles north ■ ■   -    ' '      ft is th?   enter and 1b
' 11.,.
natural supply paint cf the minos on Wasa, App. Sheep, '."*; 1 ail  Grundy, Tracy and \p,
the head of Wild Horse creeks, ail within from ono to five mi ■■ *    ie new town
The mines in this district show larger ledges n
camp west of the Rookies- MINES MAKE TOWNS and th
or town proporty should cull on i.. D, KEAN, Tuacy, 13.0.
li grade ore than nny other
lo iir.*".*,I iii minora] claims
Wte Vwwdev. StetaR
S \'l It.'liAV. APHlLlfl, ISIIS.
Switzerland is going to adopt
government ownership of railways, although it will involve nn
investment ' of §2-10,000, (XX), u
very   largo  liability  t<i be as-
ii* gold mul prevent
er from llouriug. 1:
will do ilu* work of live of the
best concentrating tables now i'i
use. Professor Spear has beon
trying to get u loasu ou the Em-
Gi lid, Go] ; Eirorj whero, and Not a
Cent to Spend."
,.. i*si .': Minimi IVorlil '
Still nuothor gold-hearing pro-
ri tofore iiciiii referred to in vM
isu columns, is the extraction ij/j
values from soa water. Works Km
pi re .Mill lo make tho test, bin joct, which like tho others hay
tho   Wiggintons,   formerly   the heretofore  been referred to in
lonsors nf  tbe Raymond mine, ,i
have a leuse on tho same until
April I. su thul  nothing cun bj '"
done at present, and will havo to j have   bot-n   orected   at   North
I wait until  this  or some other Lubec, Maine, to gather in the
s,1,l""i b*v ;" mratiTOly poor|mU1 can ,„, |mt  |u repah.i0ril
new iind complete mill erecto I al
Ohio   Cily.     Professor   Spear, ,
claims that he can work all the 0)   ""   *':i'"!"'  "*''*'il*      'h"
low grade ores of this camp, ho
counlry with less Ihan throe
millions of inhabitants. The decision wns arrived at by a referendum,   when   ','i--1.171  persous
voted for the purchase of tho I they oxides or sulphides, up to a
roads nn,! 170,002 against it. No high per cent, al a cosl of $.1 por
decision has yet been reached as ton, and there is a large amounl
in how the money will be raised, iof $S and §10 gold ores here extracted and now oxidizing on the
dumps.    The whole setback of
gold supposed to be lioatiug in
sol ul ion in the boundless waters
Tlie flimuees of Switzerland have
been very well managed, the
public debt being less thou 818,-
000,000 al E.l per cent interest,
and against it the republic holds
assets very greatly in excess of
this amount.
The Atlanta Constitution wants
to know what becomes of all the
old copper coins. There are
191),000,OUO of old copper pennies
.somewhere. Nobody knows
what Ims become of them, except
once in a while u single specimen
turns up in change. A few years
ago I,EilO.lliill bronze 2-COlll pieces
were set afloat. Three million
of Ihi'in are still outstanding,
Three inillion IIcent;copper piocos
nre scattered over the United
Slates, but il is very rarely thai
oii" is s i.    Of 800,000 i-cenl
pieces, which correspond In
value (n English farthings, not
,"ne bus boon returned to the
governiiieiii for coinage or is
held by the treasury. Congress
appropriates nl mul $100,000 your-
ly for redlining the silver coins
now in possession of lho IE S,
treasury. Theso aro mostly half-
dollars, and are not circulated,
because tliere is no demand for
them. Not long ngo the stock
of them amounted to $5,000,000,
but it is only nbout half that
now. The money set aside for
rocoining is not intended to pay
for the cost, of mint ing, but it i.s
required to reimburse the treasury of the United Stales oil account of the luss which silver
pieces have suffered by abrasion.
The loss amounts to $80 on
every $1,000, and it has to lie
made gooil in order to sot the
treasurer's accounts right.
■Professor A. IS. Spear, of Ohio
City, has a new chemical solu
lion cheaper than cyanide lhat
will set the gold and silver free
from tho iron sulphide, writes a
correspondent of the Gunnison
Champion, lie also has a patent
of his own called the Union Con
centrator, or Whirlpool Amalgamating Pun, with constant
flow and  discharges  that  will
this district is the failure of
parties in working and not saving the values iu both low and
high grade ores.
If the Dominion Government
imposes an import duty on lead,
says thu Kosslnnd Times, il will
no doubt give our silver-lead
mines a bettor chance to supply
the homo consumption, iiiii. the
amount of lead used iu Canada Is
so small that the output of one
of the large Slocan mines could
fill lhu order. To keep out foreign lead the duly musi be a Stiff
one, and a high duty must enhance the price. The consumers
will kick al lhis, and there will
be great opposi tion loan import
duly on lead iu the manufacturing centres of the east.
The defeat of Mr. Colton'smotion that laborers in mines should
not be required lo takeout a free
miners' certlllcato will certainly
carry weight with the miners
when the time comes for them to
record their votes. It was made
a party question, the Opposition
voting for it and the Government supporters against, the figures boing 111 to 11. It seems to
us who reside in a mining dis
trict that the Government has
acted foolishly in not granting
such a suiiill concession. Moreover, it is discriminating against
metalliferous miners lo impose a
tax on them from which coal
uiiiiers are exempt.
water is gathered in a tunic at
high tide aud limned into a private room where the professors
md other scientific bric-a-brucj
extract the gold with the help of
providence and such oilier means
as they can command. It is
known that sea water contains
an average of 0.71 grain per ton,
but all efforts heretofore to precipitate values havo proved ineffectual, and there is room for
suspicion that the Maine project
will reap its richest harvest from
the sale of stock- ill the Electrolytic Marine Salts Company, instead of from the rolling deep.
However, the company gave a I ^H1S Steel is guaranteed to be equal to Jessop's or Firths in all
Sole Agents for tht
\m e\
Ganion Steel oompany
Rossland Miner; "Jim" Hill,
of the Great Northern Hailway,
thinks siillirienlly well of the
prospects of Kasl Kooleiiny to
coinmonco arrangements for the
construction of ,*i railway inlo
that district as far north as
Russia has landed 2,000 troops
at I'orl Arthur.
Ureal Britain's war preparations are being continued,
The (E P. I", net profits for
February excelled those for tlie
same month last year by $88,844.
number of tests, claiming that
gold buttons of 7 to 7,'i pennyweights have heen secured from
a run of sixty hours in ono machine alone. Two sample tests
are as follows:
"No. IJII, August, 1807, Long
Island Sound. Result of 1\
hours' work with apparatus using *17.'i tons of water, 110.3 grains
gold, value about $2,50; cost of
extraction, 211 cents.
"No. 107. August, 1877, Long
Island Sound, Result of week's
work, using apparatus sufficiently large to form unit of construction in plant of any size, 0.84
pennyweights gold, value $9.00;
cost of extraction barely 7.">
Thus Ihe search for gold goes
bravely on. Mankiiul caunol
await lhe slow processes of taking gold from the bowels of III"
earth, They musi imitate llie
genius of tlie Creator and manufacture it. They must wrest ils
infinlisiinal particles from ihe
tides uud storms; nud prelly soon
some scientific acrobat will arise
from Ihesliiuiber of thucoiittll'ies
and wrest a gliltering fortune
from lhe gold in liquified air.
To paraphrase tho Ancient Mar
ihit: "(lold, gold everywhere
nnd not a cent to speud."
Russia has taken China under
her protection und will resist encroachments of other nations.
Hard Rock Work
Sulk Aiik>
-Grows Nest Goal Oompany.
So« 4™ G|ant p0I(|er company
Mining Supplies a Specialty.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
When going East this line affords excellent accommodation for the traveller.   Splendid
Dining Car Service, Palace Sleeping Cars, Through Tourist
Car Service.
Lake steamers leave Ft William, ont
Alberta      for Owen Sound every Tuesday
Athabasca  "       "        "        "    Thursday
Manitoba    "       "        "        "    Sunday
(E E. WELLS, Agont, Goldon, li. C.
HOBERT KERR, Trnlllc Manager, Winnipeg, Man.
LivtTij, Feed il< Sale Stable.
fori Steolo li.i'.
ll.l.MIM* 111   ill. KINDS I SPECIALTY
Kalispel .Mont.
Parties to und from Fnrt Steele
will fiml that this is the best plaee to
louve their stuck, und ohuiin conveyances,
Port   Steele   B.C.
Tobacco Plains,   •
Highest Price
Paid for
Fort Steele Meat Company.
Fresh ami Salt Meals always
on hand,
Robsoti 6e Rodgcrs, Prop's.
! Riverside Avenue,      -      -^FojlJikcle. B. C.
Fruit $ Confectionery
*{♦    Notions of all kinds.
ClfiAAS and TOBACCO,     "j*
Kulispell Hospital
Mrs, .Iiiini*" i 'nnliiii j
"   .1. I!. Rodgors       HiiiKiTous.
"   WE A. Conrad \
Mas. I*:, k. Webdbr, Manager,
Patlenta fnun Port Stoolo, unil the
minos, Hill bo roooWod atrotwonablo
terms,   Poi rates apply to:
Mrs. E. R. Webber, Manaoer.
TH S PAPER '  "' '"    '■;"!*" i it o more Hum mio hull nf wl al isn three-fourths majority of the would lie with ho Government's LHBBJ 5L.«?!;""« mnnnnnrnnnrnTTirminTTiTnn-nnvp'nnmTnf'nrfWrinn'Si
niii  iiiui,^,,,,,  «,.,„,.                                                                 j    ,1 S"^"^^n»""inTTmmOT^
SCo. siili,* 1*'. l'lrKi Niiiiomil Iiuiiii 1 iillillnt', We produce.    Ue   imported   Inst  .senators wlm nre  Coiiservn ives ' iipponeii s   in   lint i   Houses   of Ei                                                                                                              aa
SPO      III    lYUKh., When MlWlK  '"'nul*               I                                                    ' I' ■Mliri'IV\l-M    1       1  I I ,,, I   ,    ,     T     imnm,,       r..„ «3
torn. your about 10,000 tons of load in -and therefore politically opposed Parliament,   in oilier words, the *j| y ](  [ ()}{{f\  MK I ALL! IRGK'Af   WOPFS II
^i'    »ii»"™              a        = all forms, miiiiufacturod and uii   to the presenl   Liberal  Govern   odii f it would  fall  upon the ;L:                                                                                            H
UWtS $VQ&P$Ct0V. inanufactui'od.     We    exported ment.   Tho vote on fhe Railway Conservative party. <J        <fp-S«w^-ANI) ASSAY OFFICE,               33
—                            ———.  ,,l„,i,t   111 1111:1 1,me         Tin, inn,oris   ll'll     Ulnc    :,    ^li*,il,.l,t     t.m.ll,    ,,,,,, 1:5; '   3r!
aboul 10,000 tons.    Tin* imports
bill wns a straight  party one,
iOAV, Ai'ltii. ih. lsiw.     |,,iuue jn ciiieHy in tho shape of a»d the agreement was therefore     In our opinion the Government |E| 43 FORT STREET,   VICTORIA, B.C
";,.  ~~~''~ ,,'iir     I'wl paiuls and manufactures of completely    "snowed    undor." Undo a greal mislalco when it al fi      W. J. R. C11NELL, I. A,, F. I. S„ MINING EKBIJIEER,       \\
" '   •■"'''■   '       ithor kinds.    It would probably That an irresponsible body sueh lowed the Crow's Nesl Railway |||
l-nl>li-- mooting held ati, , .  ,       ,|M   ,
lake innnv   yoars  lo  establash
Iho School Houso on Wed sucl,   manufactories   in  Canada
'"■ lay was one of the most sue mA *m ,■„, „„,.,„,*,  We would
cessful iu the history of lhe Dis b0 tuxiug ourselves heavily for
■  * Bontinient is now ,hl, |eaci wo usod. while we would
the Semite should set aside t" ho built by aprivaliieiimpany,
the whole deliberations and de '■' lhe (loverniiieiil had under
terminations of the Governnionf  lalum thai worli Ihoinsdvoslliey
EC    (101,11 ASSAY, ri.nil,      (llll,II AM) Sit,VKK, .ft Jin,
of tho day baelied up bj n large (would have had  Un* loyal sup
majority of  lhe  people's ropre   porl ef  priietieully  lhe whole of
I* i* l   iron I tn the needs of tho | l)e shutting our lend  miners oul sentalives,  is  not   in   himuon.y'-lm population of this Province,,_
District, and il requires now only 0e tn Urkol  rt-hich  they now with present day ideas of popu   and Ihey wnuld have embraced ||
a continuation of the determined ,, lur and responsible Government, un opportune uf beginning ihe f;|;
[nsiste shown nl the meeting and thai sueh lias heen done in great worli dial sooner or later pi
lo ucipiire from  ilu* Provincial     The   production   of   lead   in n„. presenl ease will  iindoiilil   must be undei'liildMi of aeipiii'ing
Governmenl    those   public   in    L'unuda is ucreasing at an < r   ,,:|u   ,.A,.  , ,. „f nnd npeniliug Ihe whole of the '"     '     IwiiOiHiUllillililitliiSli
proveinents       u       mt the U      *  *   •    tti    ll        i'n iso  in  Ihe  uliieht'oi   ninn\   , pre   railways o   Ciiiiaila in Ihe i   ■
trict to which we ure i   I 11110 cons Bad is ex    in,...,,-x   muttering!   lime  been cMs of lhe people, instead of, as
which ar* nbsolutelj    ecess ■    ■■ *, slow,    If our load mines \mm\ \ ,, ,|„. :li„,|ii;,-u of al presenl, for tlm benetlI nf for
i ■-. in .   h   the   activity \\\eH e  *   eigu slock and bond holders who
of   the   wh [So it i leililies rhich will bring   have no concern for lhe well he
I  Ini      u    .        and the develop .......   u,,i,   lmi! iug of llie people of Canada,
 rties  I ...     Goveriimont
.   i       enable   ihem  to be j)V l],	
Slt.VI-'.U, Sl.nn, Sit,Villi AM) I,|.;a|), !f|.;,n, ||
I'KAli, 9i.no,        oold, sii.vkis Axiii*oi'i'i-:i;, *;i. ||
The stamp Mill has a capacity of 20 Tons a day, If
Tin* Chloi'ination Plain 2 'Pons a duy.
S. A. ROBERTS, 1\ I. S
I business Mgr.   p3
What   um*   Bxchnnges   n a   "
Alnml  l.iinil I'ulilirt
ffnri8  *   I"'"
ed by I ie Unit        .*-...*. ^,         ,       |      5„       ..              ;     * .     *     under the eircnin
'      , output don   iv nances   the   (li.ver.i nl    will     tioldcn ft',,: A petition signed!
aro determined to free ( tons being pro   adopt  wilh regard   to the con   ,,v ,. »<m peoplo   has been
struclionof ih,-Yukon Railway Mlll  in ,„,,,,, ,.,* ', is|sl„,,,
"" -                '     ' whiHl-    The             11 i   ■ seen     In making praying for tlio extension of tin*
alwar. Butifitci    es            * .    .       s, when      e agreement with Mackenzie & \ {mnchiso to women,   v,*,,.,,,,, h,
o   ■     •■ for thei Mann the Goveriiineut took the Lytl       jtl,    (||is        ,(ion
Wi» interferi s         .   .                                         ,: lhBt the whole project.was Womuu ,mV(J ftB |mK,h r|pht lo    I
P°relJ    *IHt-ulatiTC   one.   in voico in the election of inombers
the result of this who such a ma            -                                      '* did m,t think U wtts of Parliament as men havo   and
businesssha   on .     .   ...,     ,      ihal   anv  of the  imblicLjialnly they would return men
(' isttoalai-   exti   *      s                   V should be hazarded. Still, | who wouU be a Kmlt(j|, neM iQ
and  America, the struggli   » then was a very pronounced de* the representation of the  I'n.v-
have been a godsend  to I -                 sirG ,     lha ,i;ll, „r the people im.(, lhft„ nmnv ,,,* the nlllC()m.
"y*   " would beanatm i  I   s. |         wl    .      ... railway should be built, p00ps who are at present allowed
anee. nn.! w Ibeofsuchpowe _    e       obii           aud built this summer.   Maun- t() „„„,,,.,,        ,)|(,     |l!i(, ,lff.li|s.
as to be able to teach intenil livi     .   rtdutj         id; faeturers and merchants all over jn tho most discreditable way
tional   manners   to   the  whole and  lead  i        '     ires     * •   ti the country  were clamoring for     '' " "
world.  And a lesson of this kind 'hej  rant I   sei tin   ead  it, because through its construe-     Mr. Kellie's Truck Act before
is badly needed  by the modern used in Canada   in   all   shapes tion thty clearly "saw that a vasl  •••*-'    Legislature    requires   all
governments of Continental Eu- manufactured   in   Cauada   Erom amount of tin tfitting trade of wages to be paid iu cash.    The
(he products of Canadian mines.  tne Klondyke pilgrims would be only legal deductions from wages
Drugs % Patent Medicines.
—{ |       I'lnc TOIt.K'
—• a
-^« ,i *
-*"' ii
I'llll! mil:, TOOTH mul NAIL IIUesilKS.
>J   »   11   II   (I   (1
Pioneer Drug Hall,
Fort Steele, B. C.
11 nullum Ontario College of Pliui-miioy.
iv/i  tiif  t'\HIFF v"'-'" our view, to attempt   o preserved to Canada which otlier- will be for medicine or medical
*'"   ' ' '      ,  ,'    Z,,'t st,,',,, force such ii desirable condition ,visi. wouia  |„, turned into the attendance, and   fuel,  tools  or
. ]osT'J"toii, X(  iin  i/'/iii i* "inilKi          '    ngS by means of tariff legis- business channels of tho United fodder necessary  I'm* ihe work
imul 7Vim * ini " ■■ i'i*.*!". "I i" ' liu ■■ lutioii   wi .          '   onl^   prove states    In view of those circum- man's occupation and victuals.
nil Imiiiirt ilul   in   Inul " -f" l""'!**'** ,.    .,     , ,,        •      ,     • 	
tinn.il               rn      .-..i-'-iiiiii.*. nn* futile, but would seriously jeop* stances an(i acting under condi- Nelson JV/oi/Hf: Tho people o
Ctiniiiliiin 'i'n
Till! I'HliSt'W"
(Jnili-il HliitnH
„ prnliiliitivi*
Cnliiinliiii Hi
iirol   '
.     . ,  people of
nn i/.,' our v, Iimi'  lean iniiiul!.' in-  ti,,,w,,i'v'i*liii\*ei'iilioii**,! ni*"*eiiev i*    ,       i *u-        i- ,
iioiiMi. *,,,( in mi puiiu, iiiu„i. in ,\. East and West Kootenay what-
dustl'V.    Before  IliaU'ine  a   pro-  ii-iov flntm-minoil  In five Mann & ,   .-
,       iiie\ ii. -u-i mini -i iof.i\i .ii.oiii a (,v..r  voprosentatiou    is   given
"••1    whirl wiHihl   CUl   oil   our  \i.,,.iv|,;r,.*„,   n   in-iml   nf   mineral ,i i     n   i    . ,     ' .,
      ...unu them, should elect members thai
, presenl  established   marliel   for i,,n,i \„ ,1,,, Ynl.-on  wbieb mi<»h1 -n
idiiu 111 me 1 iinu.i, vMin. 11 iui.,10 will vole ns 11 unit, nnd by domn*
iiii-ri-.-n-il   mnl     iiilni'iiiiiil    ivi'Hii'i'ii lend, those making the proposal ,,,.  ,,,;,, 1,,   „,,,   i,n  vnlnnble ns 11 1               ,   '
a„ i,.,,,,   ;, ,       mui   ,,.i. ,i'..* ui.,, ' . .'         01   migiii   noi   '»    uu in. or, us u So cease to be mere hewers ol
„   ..I,,   ,.,, ,    1,    ,,,,.  ,    ,.,,, HI      have been in 11 position to  hnnns fn ifiinn wifb the enlist I'lie- !>,                 i-              ,ri
ivo       iieiiiin                  nnj                                           ■                 iio.iii.-. 1.1 ,.n. m v 1111. Loiisi 1111 wood and drawers of waler. Ihey
I'i Sini'                             1 "i'i' show lint   a market oould be ob- .;,,.,  ,,- 11,(,  milwuv     In doiiiL' 1                           1       .,   ,     *'n
,,,,.,!  ..i,     ,                 ii,|                                                        ;   *'"   i-i""-1.**   i"   '"■"- should return members that will
l-hi'i'i                   1 in tli.- a; (lined forourlnrgo surplus else-,,hist|u,y,i(.p.irlna f()1. t]lC. non(.e: lm{] not f0now.
r d'Alene
./. G. McDONALD,     - -     Proprietor.
Is now  open for the benefit of the  travelling  public
The Dining Room is under the management of Mrs. Underhill
lie.st Cuisine in East  Kootenay 1*'0ME comports
would have been valid until Pub
11 ',;,'     ,   .    ,      i-here Ihan in lhe United Stales.  f], „„,  ,,,*   !h(,   rundnmeutal
1,,',','.    ■' *  1        ,'„iiMii.y I tireat Brilain, as we montioned j principles o£ tho Liberal party,     ''"   land 7'iw   .   The  i diner's :How tlie Lily May Mine -Was Lost |nlal'y of this year. The companj
"liu    [or ;* article 011    his sub-  u.. ly, that the lund  should be uttacl?  on J.   B,   McArthur has aud Found Again. through carelessness of its ofii
''.'.J',,.?',,',     .'   ,' ject,    imports   annually   aoout L.s,.n-,..d for the people,    tl was 1 nuul° tlwt gentleman moro pop-     The Lily May Miniug Com-1cials or ot1lm- reason, failed ti
1(1.(100,1)11(1 worlli of load,    llm aJaugerous experiment, nor cau mar than ho wus before.   There p-my is au American joint stock comP1y  with the amended  law
'■■'" '■'■'■'" '-'''■'  ;! ';"' Vl1"   ii has not beun shown thai thc We believe that'it has mei gener- is considerable nlkiiowamongsl concern, in 'poraled under thi
'"*    ■        ' ' \     "   ;,:  presenl Brilisli supply could be .,,[c with r,,,, apl„-ovnl of  the men of both political  parties of |iWs of the State of Washington.
I11' -rly appreciate thosiiiniti m aisplaeed   by   iin*   produci   of Liberal supporters of the Gov- '"A'-]]>" *Mr*  McArthur to stand  [t was organised for the purpose
''"■-I""'      '       ;";"' "':""'''    " (' midian minus, or if it could be urnment throughout the country, as as a candidate for the provin-10f working the  Lily May mine
'-■  ' ■'" !      : "'   :   ':'  :':  lolj    ■-•  displaced,   llial  the  change   \.t least the feeling of untipathj   eial legislature at the forthcom- j situated on Wild Horse (Jroek in
1    present conditions would be L it has b(J(H, Suiliciently pro- !inS election.
this district,    li was stocked for
requiring ihem to take oul a
fresh SaOcortitlcuteonJuue liOth
last, iind consequently their legal
status in this Provinco as miners
and claim holders ceasod.
This   laet   became   known  lo
-•■   The elucidation of! j llCud to make it impossible     X„|S(m T,lhll   U Fort Steelo \^w<m<   iilid   »    considerable I ;ion>e people here, and in Octo-
:ii"'1'    "   *' '  acts with rasped  to these lhn1 lil(, Government will evorju is eiirrentlv rei.ortod and be- 'Hiiount ol'tlio stockwasdisposed bel;°J  ^1 year the  Lily  May
I* important  points would be ex* again be induced to oner public |iovoc|  t|m, Hon Col(mPj i.,,,,.,,.   of at prices ranging from 8 to 7 cla"n  w'ls jumped, new slakes.
Ill"!' "      ' '      '*      -   '■   -'■   wo   would hmds as a subsidy to any com-: mjnjster 0f minos   will bo on- cel,ls 1>L'1'slmr ' tho l,ftr vftlllG bollnUR lho ,mmo °r A. G. Rob
by prohibit 11 ,,      ...    ■ ues  3hould be p.,ny for any purpose. p0sod al  the approaching dec-|of *''   Out of the funds thus ob- O1'lson-free miner, being ] ,|
'"" nrded lo lhe Gover rni nt tions by w'Baillie udilor'of the tiiinod some six or eighl Hums- on ils ''oundaries and a record of
V'cP'-:  *.   Ottawa to have a careful official     The Conservative  opposition  ,,,„,',','„' ',„,' ,.' '. ., ,,  ., and dollurs wuro speul in work- lll° same madu in the roeordor's
In thi   *   I   ilareil   :" ..,,..■    ,- ,,   mai\e ].,,,, thu mul    m the Hous • ol ( 01111 is, oral ,
the reconlly issued report of t]l(, I ing Uio property.
' I 'I'l ,1   ,.!*
office III  Port Steele.
t'1Ril   constant pr ■ t. befor  nexl   sessio ! least a majorily of tlioni, (with a L  Mt,tmcl|t 0f'lnint,s   lm,  wmt\    The amimdmonlof Ihel'rovin      Thei,« was a commotion caused
matlei       '*. Parliumenl   so  thai   the whole singular lack of consistency, ro- ftt,t0'nliou js ,mid to lioi'thonstorn dal Companies Acl of last year bY U»s action, of courso, but the
Ear ns we can see. 1 ,,,   j   i„.   intelligently memboriug   tho   magnitude   of Ko()l        ' ^ bci       (lsed' wit)) roquirud that all foreign or ox-1 company s I to bo powerless
■ll":* "' dealt with,    tt is  11   matter of their own laud grants while in {|,unltffj,^'uifoct- against thn war. tra-provincial  companies doing todo unything,   Tims mailers
thai such importance that a false step office) favored 11 cash subsidy.  jj^i.e c-olonol     Mr Baillie's forle business here should register in 'Iriflcd    intil  reconlly some
thi ..,,  to mosl  soriousin- Wo believe that proposition to be Les ■„',.„,'     v'(.',. ,",|* |,js   ,',',,„   this province, and also that com- |l'eoplo becamo cui'ious onough to
po  * to iin* miniug industry of almost equally objectionable,   [f    ,.,           '" '     „„„,„",," ','.. punies should after lho i-IOth ot|lool{ "P Hm status of A.C.Rob-
, il       1 ^ .     • 11 -i ■ 1 _  1   • 1 4 ,      I  W M ll 11   In I J|      \ il !M I \      lilt II I       IM J\\ I '|     '
um minister linker's oratorical Juu,J l,lsl W *■'» ''"' Uwl» I'Vee,'''' ^m,  live miner, ami   |„ nud
vord,   Asu writer Mr.   Baillie Minol's'  Coi'tillclUes  instead  of f^W!  y discovered that ut
esl of the United States I >TO\ ince,
thai  i*i- U                                                     let the Governmonl itself build
sufficient to .-,..,,-,... matter we loam the road and control and operate
ers of tha  1:   tntry     [1 s only; "mt the smelter al  Nolson has ,t ju the lntoreBlB of the pa0piQ.
ul t three    ears   go I     »Kain blow" in its lead fm'uttee' The whole peoplo can afford to
stringswen                  uni ai   and is now liroduc"^ consldol'a- take the chances better than a
lead miners to ii xte '  tl     ble ipiantities of this metal,         p01.tionof the people, as would
fte duty on lead going   n  1 thai   , m.liU ,.A , ,„.,„,. yn<nS
country was uoubleil, being m        HAILWAY AGREEMENT
creased from jfths ol  a cent per .     u ,
I lie action  nl   Hie  Semite   III
pound to 1 .*: cents,    I hal I he
would in* glad of an excuse to
urge such a further increase in
the dull' lis would shut inT 1   .
lie the case were a company lo
build the railway.    Of course,
lhe Government will be held ru-       . ..
.,      i puddle railway charters,
snousiblo   should   lhe   railway
excels, but as a speaker he has!11"' *'■ too previously charged
vol to make repute, li will not T1,c paragraph 111 the amended
take much effort to equal and | act bearing on tho subject is as
defeat the minister of mines,
whose chid' claim to political
distinction lies in his ability to
promote townsite schemes und
ilian lead altogether, goes with
'.oiiug down lln* agreement   bo- sl
tween   the   Dominion   Govern- p1"'" oul  nol  to be 1 and
ment and  Messrs. Mackenzie & therefore tablo.    lint lhe
Maim |,,r Um construction of a Ciovornmonl  is put  i lice to
railwav   between   Gleiioru   and °XG1'ciso its judgmonl  in  Ihese against all coiners at the eiisuin
Golden Era: The lion. I'E \V.
Aylmor will probably bo a eun
didnle for North  Easl Kootenay
matters, and,   I  il  makes mistakes, In lake Hie eoiiseipiences.
oiii saying.    It' they added an   ,,.',, 	
' lesln    Lake,   has  produced  a.
oilier cent a iii'iiiiil in t he fluty it ,- ,   ■    r,       0 o
' acute situation in < anadiaii noli
would close ilu*  American  lead        ,, . ,
lies,       he Senile i« an   111 inin        ,,,, ,,        ,,  ,,     ,.      ,
mnrkel   to   our   (J Man   pre ,    " H'0 ''"'""" oi   the Senate   in
1  " hm *,. resiiousi 1 In  to  no one  ,.        . .   ,,     .,    ,       ...
''      1 1 luiiwini'.  mil   lhe Mnckell/,10 A*
lm* its legislative ac.tioni
Mann llgroemetll   has slmplillod
 1  proposal, ihorefore, lo members are appnintod for life,  -.,,„ ]M,„Ul„ * |ht, (;l)V(,nnuoiil
prohibil   iiiporlatifino!    end  and the appoililinents lire  made *|n ,|lls ,„,,,,,,,. Vl.n.  ,h    ij-|
(nio  I 'iiiiadii   from   the   I nib il
Slates, we innsl reekoi     ■
ll,,. United Slale ■ iiiarkel, which
j,    nd lm . i.e.ni    11  Iur our only
UU! |'|   III,       I Ull*   I    Ill.'U'kel   "lell
il , ,*ury pound of lead used in
Canada were lhe produci of
Cn linn mines, would consume
irovincial elections. Mr. Aylmur
is, however, desirous of seeing a
convention of lhe opposition
party whon 11 mutual iiiidorslaud
ing mighl he arrived ul ami so
avoid any splil in the ranks.
There is some lulh of 11 petition
"No miner's certificate shall be
issued to ;i joint stoek company
foi* n longer period than one
year, and such certificate shall
dale from the 80th of June in
oacil year; nnd every Pree
Miners' Certificate held by a
joint slock company at tho passing of Iliis act shall he valid nud
existing until and shall expire
on the 8OU1 duy of ,1 unci, IW.
Upon applying lo renew any
uiu'h cortillcnto on or before said
iiiilh duy of June, the joint stock
company shall he entitled lo u
lehale of 11 proponioiiiileamount
of the I'ee   paid   for  a cerlilicale
herelofore issued according lo
the furthor tiuio for which it
would Iiei for lhis suction have
been Void."
■; ,„s occur by  (he Gov   ,. "    i IwliWtwH "P asking Mr Ay p
Governmonl can now ro mi and 10 allow his name logo 1 m-
;":i'  lial'l"">- l"     construcl the railway wilh pub ination.    Mr, Wells's friends aro     The  Lliv  Mav Company had
:"'"    il1  '"•'  li'"u*.. "";Tllc   r,,n  i""i   lr  ' '"ilway alHocauvassingiietivelj'; on his Lhl|li n,0 ordinary *5 certifi-
 " ,"" ;" iU;"ll,ly ,,°f   'he sh 'oven   losing coneeri, »J■■        |; ^ \:    *™»    -!,,„„ in Pobruary, I8H7, and b,,l
sain, political parly as the Gov    „..    ,.      i,*i, ,„i,.|. ,   ,  Iiuiollioi    |)ios|ieclt\o  euiulidato .        ,.   ,
eriiment thai inls thorn, and u"   B" l4lonaylt'    u,wo wl isl 11 promised u gi  for the  passing ol  the abovo
1 s0 happen., thai jusl now there|petering out, tho responsibility |deal of support,
iiiuendinenl,      this     certificate
lho time tho Lily Mnv was
jumped Robertson's free miner's
certificate had run out! It took
a mighty short time tore-stake
the claim and thus jump the
jumper, This lime J. Collyer's
name appeared ou the new stakes
and on the record that was Immediately made with the Recorder.
Within the past few days the
properly has  In  transferred
by Collyor to David Griffiths,
who is, or Wiis.ii prominent shun-
■"■ll1''1'  hi   (he  Lily  May  (' -
pany, hut It is nol known Vel
"'''" l"' intends to turn tho claim
over lo the couipiuiy again,
The Lily May is a freemilline
gold proposition, nnd is regarded
;';- "  V,PI'.V pr ising property,
'he vein is I'rom ,'J loli feel wild',
ami the assays show that much
1,1 the rock carries  high values.
The Master services at lhe Mission church were well attended.
A number wenloul from tho city. THE PROSPEOTOR, FOKT STRF.LE, R. CE, APRIL 10, IMP,
A. vj,annnni*ti-innnniyinnnjyumnnrtrinnrinnnri^
™ wSiKriJuiKrmiiml^^^
B    I      I
******** <+.,«♦«.* ■>*****■*,(,,), .;,.,,,;...,j(.v.afl<ip|,,»1,;t<.,,.>»S(i]()1(
vi-.* **«i*-s ;<*.>? :■•>•>•'. :■-■•   ;■■ ■ ■: ■.'vr...v*.;'i„';*i.«i,1,
-.-»■»-.■ -j*-,*.-*   -.* *   ••**-;••■:;■.*>.:•• ,..;;.*,.  .*  ..,«..,*■*•*
•>*;**:.-:i**.*: .*. ?;-;■->  (<**$*:
' ' :*■■:*•■ :-!•*,
•   . V
Fort Steele, B. C.
New hous
iW (*
New furniture.   Everything firs
ztm.n   •*■ '.:'
Special Agent for
J tlV
Jf 0* <S& *& vi* ,}*fe vi* S* ,S* <* ** ** ** ** ** ** i5*
Restaurant opens
day aiid night
All the delicacies of the season
Special sample rooms for travelling men.
(^Jte lihv*ii-»ti*rJ-rti*   ei'eotion"!'llin i,oles nirougiioui
V.UV ia«I»VUlOt+    axe oity this week.    Ho expects
most valuable assistance in con
nection with the services of tin
i liave the local service in good cliiirch.     Au examination of tin
sai i i;n.\\. .wen. ki, wus, . . .   ..      ,      ,.,, , ,,i
- - ■     --. working order ;u . weeks,    lli" accounts showed the church ti
the MEBB.-.' MAsaUEBADE.     lino botwoen here and Cranbrook be freo from debt and in a mosl
and Swansea :*' r ports to be til- satisfactory condition.
A Very Succeseful Ka::  in  Ai-i  of        ,       ,  . ,     .
,,„.., rea y   domsj n   irood   business.
the Hospital                              *                          . The Now Map and Foldoi'.
„,.                      ...     ,      .1 in' mossug  ■ cons -  i'.h* n large i
, "'Bra^l^rade ball m aid oi      ., ,,  ^^ [m,    [g   .^     The Canadian Pacilic Railway
ael-orlbleeto Hospital  ,u the  „„.,..„ ,„„.   ,vi;n   .,..., (hus has issued its new and splendid
Opera House lasl Monday even- fa  ...,,■,,,..„..,.■.  folder and map of the  Kootenay
ine wus a great success,    rhere .... . I dislvicf s Ensl '*iii(l Wesl    Fori
vantages of telephonic eotnmuni- ul*'il1'1*- '-lhl *""'   mhl*   ' ""
were aboul UU couples  present,      ,.        .,,       ,  .       , „„     Steele District cannot  complain
ii ciiliou with outlying places. The    l   '   i'."ini i.ii.iiui Loiiipnuii
and tlio costumos worn by many  .. .„.,, „ '      ,',     ,   .   ,,    of lark- of intention   lui* a well
j  lm,. up \\ nn tloise Croeli is tho ""'"' "u
of   in"  inasquoradors wen'  i
'..'"  next to be undertaken, and this written   description  of   its   re-    inr.
much merit,  A number of ladies     ...   , ,,    |sources   is   "*iven      The   uian
will   lie   begun   as   sunn   as   the   soiui.es,   is   fm u.       un     ui,i|i,
and gentlemen hud sent  to tho.    )ch  is    ;;!|,i„*,,,nl|v   ,.i,,„.   of which is in colors and particular-
Coast tind elsewhere  in  procure              ,,          .,                    . Iv clpnr nnd well definpd   shows
i            siinw.   Durum'the summer wires '•'   " "' '■"" "-" ' ""   '* *'"""■-
costiuiios, but the tailuro of lho wi]1   ^   ^^   [q   tIanson.s the Crow's Nest Railway from
express mutter to arrive by stage Tl, and ti,Q *Nortli Slur, j\ end lo end, with tho branch line
lasl week compelled thorn to al-  .'.'.' ',  .'  '.'     'Lf «,;,- mjiGS inin this citv ami
,.,,,,.       ,. ,   ,...    Harding is at presenl  in charge "'  sls  ml"^ "-'" ll"»,".",llm
tend tho ball in ordinary habih- „, u,,, „,•,,,„ ,,,,.,. ! the location of Hi" city   itself
ments with no other fancy dress ' marked in large gothic capitals.
save Hie mask.    Tho dance  was Bole of Public Lands, , Bu) •„ s()|||1, mi]1(1|. |.(,sl„,,,,s  j, is
kept up uiorrily lill about :i The returns to tho Local Legis- fiu,i(,y. Wardnor does not ap-
o'clock. Tin*"" prizes wero liituro show that fully ono-fifth noar on the map at all and the
awarded for innsl effective cos- of the public lands disposed of | position of Cranbrook is obscured
tiniii's. following i.s a lisl of !>.', sale bv tli" Government lastiD,, dininnitive lettering. Au-
thoso in fancy dross: j year aro in East Kootonay. This otjler  j.,,]^  we mv told, is to
Spunlnh   im i*.   tut   prize,   Mm. is an indication of the rapid de- be got out'uext fall, in which a
Rigliwiii'ilon. . volopinenl thai is taking plan" in : io, ol* u]).to-dttto mutter, showing
Sandwlun man, 2nd prixo,   Mr. Lee,   Povt Stnoln (lislricl   I'm* llm bulk .i ,.     r..
Clown, iltd prim   Mr. Riisinimst,,,. ' lho results oi the seasons oper-
ol thosalos woro made in this | ations, will be given.    These C.
Two Llttlo Girls I MisiHoso mining division.    Tho shumoof |i |; folders aro scattered about
,   ,'",''""' ' Mrs. McNoish Jt |s   n,a|   ,|)0  Governmenl   has  lt, lin,lfliwl<s nf thniKsunrls
|lni|iii'i ill Inowors Mrs, Ammo ;'" iiiiiHiieus oi iiiiuisaiius.
A Study in Rod Mrs. Huoltlo now givnn awny lo monopolistic
Dawn of Dny Mrs. Binmoi'o corporations nearly  all  the re- The Anaconda.
maiudor of the land, so the reve- Active work has now been re-
nun from that source must prac-' suined on the Anaconda, a free-
ticall.v cease. I milling gold property located on
Nigger Creek, aboul lu miles
from the lino of the (.'row's Nesl
Kailway.    Thei*" is  a  lead   of
immediate; remittanc
i.des, Pelts, "Wool,
Write for Circular giving Latest Mark ' P :
yprlng Mrs, lii'iiH'iimii
Tain I'i in i*i in* Girl Mrs. Ilurwuiiil
Mai'iruorlto Miss Kersluiw
Tin' PROSPUCTOI! Miss I.. Korshftw
Lady Nurse Miss Uoiil
Lady Toazlo Miss Diu'lok
Night Mrs. Wiilf
Oi'Tonliil l.iiily Mrs. Mather
Court Costume Mrs. Klmpton
Dully Vai'don Miss Gibbon
Vonostn I tostaurant Girl. M rs. BoiiIiuil'ij
Coui'tlorof King Charles....Mr. Boato
" Mr. Wllloughhy
Ti'iinis Player Mi*. Rlwnoij
Tho great success of the bull
is dii"  largely  lo  Mrs.   tluckle
wh Die. good work in Iliis  mallei*
has iiddod to lh" funds of a mosl
St. John's Church.
On Easter Monday last the annual vestry mooting of the Parish of St. ,lolin the Divine was
held in lb" church al II o'clock.
The following olHcors woro
oloclod  fm*  lb"  ensuing yeur:
Messrs. T. 'IE McVilti ill  NE
A.   Wall'ingor,   cliiirchwiirdons,
ami Messrs Uloiisdolliind (lilpin, |<jf Uiu Dulgurdtio Hotol; work ii
deserving, und, wo are sorry lo vestrymen. to be continuod during the sum
say, also a mosl  uoedy instilii-     Owing lo lb" Increase in tl "'''■
aboul I fool which has boon
traced 700 foot, lying botwoon
walls of diorile uud porphyry.
Assays from lho croppings
showed (ft).OH in freo gold. Tin*
property is owned  by .1.   Ihiyl"
tion. Tlm musi" was furnished
by the Port Stoolo String Bund
undor lh" leadership of Albert
.1. Om.
Toliiphonu Sorvieo,
Manager Quain of the Telephone    Company    began    tlm
congivgnliiiii it was decided lo
enlarge lb" church by adding a
chuucol, "boil* and vestry, Votes
of thanks woro   pussod   in Hm
Muyii' Placer Oo.
Al a mooting nf tin* directors
of iim Moyio Placer Mining i'n..
belli at   Porl  Steele on Monday
Ladies'Guild, Lho organist, Miss last, it was decided Unit work on
Builoy, tin* choirmaster, II. U. the proporty should bo com-
McVittie, uiul lho choir tor their | menced atom*".    Tho Superin-
b, miMikUn
tonduiit iu charge will accordingly on Monday next place a large
Eorce of men at work.
Strike on tho Payroll.
Wm. West "imi" in from the
Payroll, on Nigger Creek, ou
Wednesday and reported thai in
the second tunnel th" vein had
been nit and a thickness of throe
and a ball' feel nl' solid galena
was penetrated. It will lm remembered thnt last yeur ill" on*
from this property produced
gome very high assays, and tbe
strike now made shows iim prospect to In* on" nf gonuino
value, Two lunimls have been
driven in, ono ID feel and tin*
oilier 17 feet. The owners are
A. Smith, .1. Lallan. Win. Wosl
and M. Qnaln, and the proporty
lies mil inoi'" than _' miles from
the railway.
Tlm Nip nml Turk Salu.
A Vancouver corrospondonl
furnishes llm particulars givon
below of lb" sale of tb" Nip nnd
Tuck Hydraulic niiiiu. Tb"
property Is on Wild HorsoCreek,
neur Port Stoolo, and lias boon
Mild in a strong ICnglish syndi
"ai".  Tii ui", tl .'b hitherto
worked nn n comparatively small
scale, tb" capitalisation of ihe
company being only tjiiio.iiixi, has
yiuldod oxcollonl returns, ami
llial. ils valii" is pormilllollt is a.-,
stirod by llm price paid, !?LM,000
cash and I'll pm* eont. nl' lb"
slock in a company to be formed
). Inc.
■ZOO'?-? ;*n*   . *
fnr tli" nun xtetisive ivorkin: in ■
of lln* niiii".    li v.*ili  bi*  t'onieni    m **:     r, din
lu'i'i'd thut a year nr two ago llv   coup
claims  of  this  co   p ny   *    tva ■ the ■ i
bond id ,n .*■ I hi ; *E [ihi assailed  by
"ai" and snni" sio.0 10 paid on umi •• I
them, after which tin* bond  ■
thrown up and IE" l?10,0ll i fo '    '
feited lo ih" owners,
ti a
■   ir
Tho Eslellii.
The tunnel on the Estellu i
Ins] ■ *,   - .'.,*■
•I. '•''..
I*E Ailaif. Mi *
1,11 lracy( ''""■'»>n,w "i ■" i-t.s.c'i       *
860 feet, which   is -10  feel   fnun I*. Livermore, Wu *   i
the point where they expect to ('- I'E Hmtloek. Moyie.
tap  iim  main   lend.   This will in'tf.unatio.val.
givo a depth Oil   the  lead  of 250 J, Seehoiivnr, Trail,
I'i'i'i,   Thore are two lodgeson ■'■ MoCarty, ItudoroCiinyon.
lhis property, i of Ihem show*' ''■ si,"'lllil'* Vl innliieg.
ing a vein of solid g un of 3 ;sl,;lS Illil''   "
, . I*. I..  V. Ilsoil,   ' I'l
loot, wlul" lho other shows groy ^  v „ •,h„l,.„
coppor   currying   gold,  silvor,' i.. r'i™«iii, .!.
coppor U1ld   somo   lead.    Assays: ,1. II. Mt'Duimli   -:, Hup ...   Onl
oii Ibe lallor havo shown from \i.\ust\
*:'".'<"*  ti) ill" ton,   Three ,,, M,.M(lh    M   ,„
shifts aro now ul work,   There |t, t. , n ,.
Ls a lui-KQ ml of oro »lreudy i;'. i,,'^  ": ;;"'"■
1,111 "'I'* COverin  KhI  !■■
Zulu Qoob Oloar, '* ''* ('"rl«on,
|,|"'ih* April E.   Tb,* court of J.'kJZ,™ m	
cessation lias qunshed  the sen , ,|, Iliti-ilinir,
I cure nf mie year's imprisonment G. ''ftni|iliill,
T. I', Kinti.
.1, Mnllii'iv-.
ami  !l,il(li)   francs   line  Imposed
upon M. P.inilc /.nla nn Pebi'nury
llllll, as n res ill of ii collups
the churgos made ngnhisl him
the Auroro against  the coiului i
of llm Gsloi'hni'.y courl ninrtial, Nex' I)oor 'L'' Int r S-tional llolol.
Albert J. Ore«.
but il ri  has ordered i>ial
before nuot ber n ■■*,ize.
This decision is bnsod nn the
A largo oxporion o in loading
barber shops of A rican eilies
*uci that Hie  president of the and Foreign countries. STAGE LINES.
*,*.,.       ■.. ,i|  in,„■ lines will 1
f. '. l'i      lol llils punri*.
■   v* 81  i■ ■     ' I Tiloyie Lnlte.
I*               * .. .  ■          . 'I'liTOluyB mnl ''ilil.ii
An* v.  ;-.,l.i), uml Smiilsj
 I I '■—■-;•"■.
I    v . , : n     ;.-.'.   .
Iv ' '..'''■' T
1  0*l*liH*k.
■ , p    Cohni ; ii Navigation Co.
nn.l I
*  .    ;
self      Tile l Illilll'S    I     *:'■■       au
|]l(, |,.      iinuin marel'.i     oul  al  '*—™ »»»*www
I a.m,, mi I in* folli'
E".\ ■> lioin    li lor,   llie
1       i I ■■    . ,:
troops ivi i*«* i,i i ,■
lings \v«.>11' Ibe i on all tin
vessel! '
■•"~~.~~~-~i»™^M~»^.,^^^m.,lr_mrm^_^___    ^	
RTS INN    »<**
(The "§'>:o*i>i:doK
... v.*..i>-,&wva»***i»t,'ftw.A'*.uvv.^^ .v'
ftttft^fttft :;.-;•■•:. -;'■' rJiA"
W. M. TITUS, Proprietor,
.....  FORT STEELE, B. C.
v- i Accommodations in  I'orl Steele now
ready for quests.
Two Goiiiiiiodloiis Sample1
■■   •'<■       of o il,\ I'liblic l .ir,. iSi  Maw
lie   Vveliue.
li-MiiiAtil'- Ti;|,\.srKi*i;i*;i> i-mic
EOT e,   i 01 ll  *.* mis
•    ire ■ I i rent in tho building, t*
ninniSHtmnwi * mm mmwd £
■ i
z i '.' 4   .   . ' : : : .- '
'• ; ■
tlll'i ■! ' :
[icllitioil V
'I hu I'l'icl
oil tl
and a     ;
ort Steele, B. C
*, one of  liu*  best  appointed   Hotels in ibe
Port Sleele District.
i,uiin    is   comfortably    i'lirnisbeil.
a *,
s Hotel.
Rooms tor Commercial Men
J. 6, Greens, ProDneior
4 U * ij * *U ij
=3 R. Ci. SHIER,
S3 I'KOl't'lCTOH.
ad qua
*  w
- ■    . .  **£
tS of I ■   - ,1"
ir.-    .   ,    * uis  In Ip tbeiu lo r. |)ort o    the uppl    itiou i    a]
lie        .... .!*>.• peare
Lmiiliii,   Henry Ciuirles How been brought  to Pincher Creek
ai'l. Karl * i  SulTolli  anil   Berli by   thi    ri .   mj '•■ ;.:,
sllilv* isilead ,, ilancus on   Jan lary   E„l. and
lllll'l :      ' 'VI'S tllll
'" ijipn ipriati
I'i'lii : I ub.'iin
iii**,| ■■'.■■'
p      I       iVIll'll        i ■ ■'
nol recognize Iheir indopundetii
ui visit Fort Steele you will miss it if you dont
stop nt the.
sdie- SZ
w-ountain House.    |
i i m
* $ m m
m m M *
i m m i
*. * * *
M m m *
* & % *
* m m W
*. * i *
■* « $ I
Wlnil Becomes of Mutitls.
Tlir greater portion of the
lea ; mined is converted into
u bile !' lid, ted lead am! oriltlgo
materials ivbich are used as pig-
in, nli or paints. Much lead is
mnu11!Ei<-1 iired into sheets, some
into bulli'l.- and oilier projectiles
und iin* only  lead which comes
that Dr. Mon lo was called in lo
attend them professioi ally, and
thnl thoy died while under his
Mi*. Justice Rouleau, after citing i lie cases bearing on the sub-
jeel, said: "in lhis rase thoro is
a dangerous precedent to be
avoided. A physician who is at
the same linio a coroner, in order
v Steele j
P> B
General Merchant AN
lllli'K* illln lln ll'l.el  ill the I'l I III i —K^^^^^^^^M^^^M
,, ,,   , ,   i*     i     i In avoid  a   pro-ivulion  fnr nml-
nl   scrap   is  that   used   lor lend . '      , ^..       __     ._ _,.     .    _,
practico would have only to call 1\     McN^l^ll
''.'.,      ,        ,.       , a jury and hold an inquest on I"' ^^UlfSU
/ine is largely used in galvan- ,,,.,..
.     . ,   , the body nl  his victim and tho
l/.lllg sleel rn* inin, in  iniinulael- *
.'   , ,   . , law would lie powerless to pre-
zinc aiiill-^^H^^^^^HM^^^^^^^^H
as oxide of zine  used in paint.
The only zinc available for thc
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Headquarters For Mining  Men.
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Best Cuisine in the West.
Modern Conveniences.
Home Comforts.
££     Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber.    S2
js: A large assortment of seasoned 2
A large assortit)
Lumber and
ways   oi
vent him.   It seems to me tliat
J,S«»S*9S*5»^8 »™»aa»*lM»-™M»^
ciaushould beoiieoftheprinci-jjf    -DAL/VJAKJjJNCJ      HOUSB.
.£ Dimension Lumber -a Specialty. 3
^prieto,j        M$fl(--&&        I
new iisi* is thai iim'iI  in  making,   m^m^^^^m^^^^^^^^mK^msi
.. . E  pal wilin*.-.-''■- because he  is the '.t
brass.    Nexl l" scrap iron  and ' .     . . , %
, ■   t      i      ,i     milv seieiilitie man vho saw the '9
steel, scrap brass is found on the      ' ,.,,.,       8
persons immediately before their 6
',.   ,'   ,. ,, ,,.   ,. deaths, and he is the only com- '■*
Musi   ul   lln*  world s  tin pro- . ', 5
,,,,     pi'leiit   witness   to  corroborate i
the evidem I'  the  surgoons|g
duet i*- used in tin plati
scrap is imi available and, though
many efforts have been made to
uiili/.i* tin scrap, no considerable
amount of metal has 1 n obtained this way.
Next '•' iron und steel, cop er
is mosl  used  in metallic  form,
who made the post mortem ex- S
amination. Common sense should t
have dictated this to the coronei-, S
and it was his duty to call for;J
another one in his place lo lmld i
the said inquest and investiga- i
, „ ..     , . 'uni.   [ am therefore of opinion a
milv n  small  pnipiirti'in  being . , ., . .      ',     , , t
, ' , thul a writ ol  priihiniiioii sliiiuld ,
used ni the sn ts ol  copper and . ,.,...       ,,    ,        ,,       \f
,, . ,,., .... issue prohibiting llerberi Rem- i
blue vitrei   I he greal inassol ,.,,,,
... , ■ gton  Meade,  .M. IE, coronei
used  in   i laniifacturing  ol ...
... Irom   proceeding   liirllier
lirass,  ol   vhtcn  it  forms two
one., |
..„„.  j,*wvVBU,„8   ,,,,,,„-i   with /
lhe said  inquest and investiga- jf^^v
Now under the management of
Is a large and attractive Hotel
of quiet elegance in all its
appointments,   with a
cusine of superior
Special rales by the mouth,
Britain's Turn Now.
thirds,   .:;   elect! lu iors,
sheet  . ■. •     ■
■ I .-' eci mesol tl eenoi       I 'ekin, April 1.   The  British
im. is   imou      ol tiistei   here. Sir ('laud
donald, had nn important confer-
•SSSSSSSSSSSSSniuumnnuninuwnuituuntw «S»?«9«j SS**'
ever is n  m  >toi .    as a
..■I.  ■ ..'. . | ropoi lion  - ret u n
ed in 1 of scrap mal u   .
I .   * ■     : .in,i, ol Cliiiin
The follow ine* if.--, ript ion of
lli- ' .'       ol   Porl  Arlhiii
and     Ta   Lien \\ nil      i*.       the
Russians has been made  ,. ib
I'.v command of the  Kmpi
and I'm* I In* purpose of   fullilliii^'
llu* condilions sel   forth  in  Ibe
convonfion    w itli   the  t him ,i
i lovnrnment, (len«ral Clrodokew.
commanding tho Amur District,
despatched   from  Vladivostock
on March I7lh, n dolnchmonl ol
troops uith orders i" join lhe
landing  parlies of  Ihe   Pacilic
Squadron al Porl  Arthur, com
iniuideil by Rear Admiral Dubas
.ui''. today with tho Chinesi
:, otlice. flreul llrilain de
mantled i in portani compensatory !
concessions for the purjioso of
maintaining the balanceof power
in ihe Par Kasl.
in ,', Sliiil'.'iu i,y I'Jiuilii|uitkn.
San PranciHco, March ill. A
severe shock nf enrlliqiiaka was
f.*lt hereal llil.'l lasl nighl, The
vibrations continued I'm* fully
fifteen seconds, causing people
in rush from their homes in all
purls nl the city.
Tlm eai'lhqiiilK'e ;<■ as line llf llle
mosl ho vere v\ et e.xperieiieed iu
this stale.     IlllilllillgH   were   vio
lontly rocked and telephone and
telegraph circuits damaged.
At midnighl no sorious dam
age had I i reported,
;;:' for the fort steele
Travellers, to and from
Fort Steele & Kalispell,
Will find the best of accommodations at
C. M. Walker, Prop.
KaKtpell Montana.
All Kinds of Rough and
ing and Build
Lodging House.
Mrs.   Levett    Prop.
^t Steele.
For Travellers and Mining Hen
Handsomely and Expensively Fur-
- nished.
Everything new, First Class and
Strictly Modern in every par*
—tienlar, —
Home Comforts.
3 a
ent of seasoned
Shingles alii   hand.
o, and Dealers in
)iessed Lumber, Mould-
ng Material.
vjiESS     1
^3       4 IE PROSPECTOR. F(TRT STEELr*.   IE CE, APRIL 1(1, ISH",
F E ■ H*¥ iCw <f» *.• V ■)■ VI ••- SwfW
Sole Agent for the
Q Ijr
Placer discoveries on Brewery and
Nigger   creeks
Twenty Millions were taken out of Wild
Horse creek.
he Caoital o
The Center of The Great Mining District Reached By
The  Crow's Nest Pass  Railway
Miiiing Brokers and
Commission Agents
''.KLK, H. C, APRIL I'l, HOB.
ells foi WESTPORT
Agents for
Nicholls A- Bagshaw,
Representing SANDYCROFT MACHINERY Co. limited
Stamps, Batteries & Accessories.
WftLLftGE. 8 Go. ltd. Gyanlde Manufacturers.
J. BIRCH & Co, ltd. Merchants & Engineers,
All Glasses Mining Machinery, Engines & Boilers, etc.
i' §oli
Agents for
for the
Mannheim Instil
We will insure money and
,* United States and Canada
Correspondents in London, Newf York, Montreal and Toronto.
British Columbia.
•ance Company.
packages to and trom all parts
Agents for
Passenger & Express Line,
Stage leaves Pout Steele every Saturday at 7-80 a. in.
Arrives ni Golden Monday nighl.
Loaves Golden Tuesday at 7-30 a, in.
Arrives at Port Steele Thursday night.
Mining deals transacted.
©Ije |iL*o0:pectov.
il. Hi, IS
it you ivanl iii make money
buy lols in Trucy.
.Ins *. Ilnrvi y, lawyer, paid
ii ru.'i '.i i riiiinn ok Iliis week
on legal linsiness.
Question Win* will Tracy
muke ihe liosl mining eanip iu
East Kootenay?
.Answer Because il hns more
liigh-grade ore. larger ledges
ami inure ul' Ihem than any ul her
camp in Hrilish Columbia.
Because the lownsito is owned
by progressive, enterprising
linsiness men. wlm will offer
good advantages to investors or
people Umi waul iu commence
! localise it is ii"'. on  tile main
li f  lliu ('   P. li, ,nul  Is nm
owncii hy Mann A Mackenzie,
bul is 1.11 iho main liui' of Jim
Bill's ri nei.
Because ihe Estellaand Golden
Fleece will ship the highest
grade ore lhis season than has
evii* been ship] ed from this district, and more o
Mrs.  James   i lark lias   been
a]   - nti I  ass sl ml   *■ acher   in
*:.*■ public school, and ass une I
her   diitii Vli inda      I i -'
or te    days the
al tc      nee at I il wi 11 be
aboul lj ore I hai *  ■
i . proper! \
i Irani   ttsb   -   ack e o]
on Sa; urduy at the P    11  i<j
Wm. Baillie,, editor of The
Pri ispei i' ni, returned on Fri*
■ ia. of lasl week from a two
months' trip to Eastern < lanada
uml lhe Pm ti Coasl cities, IE*
turning *, ia V\ es! Kootenay lie
rode through over the 11. N. I;
tote road from Kootenay Lake.
If yuu waul a shine    A  clean
and cool and refreshing shave
go lu (Iron, lie* Barber, nexl   tin*
International Hotel
Tliere was n shortness ol fresh
beef in town for ii few days pre
viously tu Monday Inst, Tin*
slress wi. - relieied le. lhe nr
rival of ii bunch of heel' cuttle
fur M. Mcluiiis
Pm,* s.m.i. Thirly Ions ol
good liuiui hy hav Apply lo IE
I,, 'IE (iiilbi'iiitli,   Indian Olliee, i
Pull  Sleele.
le*. \\ al   •eports the general
lhe employees in the
railway camps to be excellent.
Tl..*!*.* have been no serious lie-
lidents recently ai all.
A lew new novelties in silk
waist patterns al Mrs. E. J.
Easier Pay. The Festival of
Easter was duly observed in all
tho churches. Al St. John's
Episcopal Church there was a
very large attendance at both
morning and evening services.
lho seating capacity being taxed
to the utmost. The church was
beautifully decorated with mottoes, ecclesiastical emblems and
spring llowers, the work of the
Ladies Guild. The music was
most appropriate and in keeping
with the Easter Season. The
sermon ill tho morning was delivered by Mr. (lalbrailh and in
the evening by Mr. Armstrong,
their theme being the "Resurrection of Christ."
Furniture al Gilpin & Lindsay's    * -
C. M. Keep went gunning to
Bummer's Flat a few days ago
and-bagged two geese and eleven
Seven freight teams with merchandise chiefly for Carlin it
Durick arrived from Golden yesterday.
The children at the Indian Industrial School at the Mission
enjoyed tin* novelty the other
day of each of ihem for lhe lirst
time speaking through a telephone.
Tlio new hospital building al
the Mission will be in readiness
for occupation in aboul a week.
Tin* charter lor the Kettle
River Railway has received the
assenl of the Dominion Parliament,   i 'urhin i:, happy.
Re\. Mr. Duncan nl the Presbyterian service on Sunday
evening preached a noble sermon
un the Immortality of tho Soul
and the Resurrection and Judge
iiieui Day.
The work of surveying and
platting the lownsilo of Van
limine, situated nt the forks of
Wild Horse Creek, nboul IS!
miles up, was completed lasl
week by A. McVittie. The
townsite is tu be pui on llie nun*
kel as soon us lho spring fully
OpCllS,      The   >IHIH     pes    prelly
deep III   VlllllllIllllO   jllsl    HOW,   I'lll
iii ii iiiiiiiiii   it  should  he prelly
It is gratifying to see that
many citizens are fencing in the
lots surrounding their residences
this spring and are preparing to
do some gardening. These
fences are gradually giving
shape to the outlying streets.
T. T. McVittie succeeds C. P.
Venosta as townsite agent of
Port Steele.
A tine merchants' lunch at the
Venosta Restaurant every day at
12 o'clock, '      *
The plant for the newspaper
to be started at Moyie City has
reached its destination, and the
new issue will appear shortly.
Fort. Steele dislrict is growing,
and Moyie Cily promises to be a
good town.
M. (i. Bunyan leaves for the
East shortly to arrange for tho
placing of Swansea townsite on
the market. Swansea i.s a very
pretty location.
Hewitt Bostock. M. P., has
presented in Parliament at Ottawa a petition for tho East
Kootenay railway obtaining a
charter. The railway proposed
in this bill is to be constructed
from the international boundary
to Fort Steele.
A large stock of the celebrated
Schiiltler waggons will arrive at
Gilpin A* Lindsay's by the first
boat. The Sehutller is the waggon for this country.
A carload of shelf and heavy
hardware is due to arrive at
Gilpin   &   Lindsays   in   a   few
days. **•
One hundred Klondykors were
liilled recently by 11 snowslide ill
the Chilcoot i'nss.
Agricultural Implements.
—Gearing's famous mowers, also
harrows, plows, cultivators and
all other implinieuls at Gilpin &
Lindsay's. *
When Gilpin & Lindsay's new
goods arrive in a few days, Ihey
will huve Ihe largest and linest
slock of dry goods uud gents
furnishings in Easl Kootonay *
Tiikr iinUiii! Hail   I  hiivu today lip-
imlntiiil T. T.  Mi'Vllliu iitfonl I'm* llio
fori sii'i'l.* Towimlli' in |iliu IC, I*'.
All |nT-Mn   having lueiin-ss in i'ihi-
tii'i'tinn wilii tin* Tmvnsili' nn* (III ll'll
tiilriuiMli'l lln*-mm* wilii T.T, MeVittlo
iimi iu imiku nil ptiyiiicntfi illto in* aivru-
lllg ilili- mi lotH lllri'lllly Hold tll lliill.
It, I.. T. 'li.U.IIIIAITII.
Port Stoolo, April Wli. IHlis,    Hi-20
Tbe lirst steamer thai oraes
In will bring a stuck of goods
hut will till Gilpin it Lindsay's
bin* store from cellar to garret. *
The river requires to rise !)
ncbes before the boats can come
lip. They should be here by next
A. W. Vowell, Superintendent
if Indian Affairs for Hrilish Columbia, will arrive by next stage
from the north.
Steamboat Bates.
Steamboat rates between Fort
Steele and Jennings have been
fixed at 1.1 cents per lb for cur
"ond lots, and 2 cents for small
Service will be held every Sunday evening in St. John's Church
it 7:80 o'clock.    Sunday School
it!! o'clock. Sl rangers welcome.
Service in connection with the
Presbyterian Church will beheld
ni Sunday in the Opera House
kit 7:80 p, in.   All welcome.
Sabbath School and Bible
Class will meet at 11 p. in. iu lhe
Opera House.
Lute Arrivals.
Mr. Harwell, P. L, S., arrived
down from Golden by singe yes-
Frank Brophy, who is Interested in mining operations up
Wild Horse, has rciurnod to the
S. II. Buxton of Vancouver,
is in the city.
NE Hanson is in the cily.
Ladies'   Aid   Souiety.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the,
Presbyterian Church met at Mrs.
Dimick's on Thursday afternoon.
Tho  following were   appointed
olliee bearers  for   the  ensuing
term:     President   Mrs.   ,1,   G.
Duncan:    Vice-President   Mrs.
Martin;    Socrotary-Troasuror
Mrs. Mclnnes; Assistant  Secretary-Treasurer   Mrs. Underbill;
Sick and strangers committee
Mrs.   Dimiek  (niuveneri.    Mrs.
Martin   was   appointed   Lo ucl
as Prosldollt 111 lhe absence
ul Mrs. Duncan, ll was ini iin
aled to lhe Soi'iely Ihal a gener
ous offer of uu organ for the
service    of    Ihe     Presbyterian
church bad been   made,     Tb
Society heartily accepted the
offer, thanked lhe donor for his
generous act, and   ordered   the
; thanks of the Society lo be engrossed in  the  minutes.    The
1 organ selected by the donor and
endorsed by the meeting is the
iBell organ (Cathedral model)
handsomely finished and decorated ou all sides, and is admit-
iledly the besl style of organ
architecture suitable for church
use. Rev. Mr. Duncan was appointed to convey the thanks of
the meeting to the doner, lt was
intimated much to the regret of
| the society thai the lady who
had been doing duty as organist
had resigned her position. The
ladies resolved to record iu the
minutes their appreciation of her
services and appointed a committee to attend to this matter.
The talent scheme was then
brought, before the meeting by
Mrs. Martin, and its method discussed. The Society approved,
and appointed Mrs. Martin and
Mrs. Underbill to set this scheme
going. The next meeting is to
be held at Mrs. Dimick's on
Thursday, 28th of April, at il p.
in. The organ referred lo as
about to be used at the Presbyterian church service has six-
sets of reeds, twelve slops, and
knee swell.
Licensed Victuallers.
The retail licensed victuallers
of Porl Sleele held a mooting
at the Dalgardno House on Wednesday evening, and formed
themselves into a permanent organization    for   proteclive  and
I political purposes. Harry Drew,
of Ihe Ceiilral, was elected president, and ihe association starts
out, with a roll embracing every
licensed victualler iu the city.
Acting as a body they will be a
power of some magnitude in
whatever direction their efforts
may be turned. A second meeting will shortly be held to per
feet the urgani/.iition.
Washington, April III. The
president's message bus been approved of by lhe committee ou
foreign rotations and returned lo
congress, and was sustained by
an almost unanimous vote by
congress, ll now only needs Ibe
president's signal ure.
I lonie/, promises thai he will
pi'oteel the landing of American
troops wilh a force of 811,1)00 insurgents, and will march to
Havana wilh an additional force
of 20,000 troops.
United States  to Proceed With Its
Settled Policy.
Washington. April IE. Every
incident of the past week confirms the belief that the crisis
has reached a phase from which
there i.s no issue but war, or the
hauling down of the Spanish
The ambassadorial appeal at
Washington was regarded as an
I obvious formality, and that the
I American attitude towards Cuba
is the same as any other civil-
hied and self-respecting nation
would hold under similar circumstances.
Plans for an army of invasion
in Cuba have been prepared, it
i.s expected that 50,000 men will
be landed in Cuba within a few
The Hying squadron has sailed
under sealed orders. The destination is supposed to be San
Juan, Porti Rico, where they
will reduce the city, and then
continue on to meet the Spanish
licet now anchored at the Cape
de Verde Islands.
British Troops  Orderod  to Halifax.
London, April 12, The First
Battalion was today unexpectedly ordered to sail for Halifax
on April 24th. This is an unusual assignment, since the regiment only recently completed lfi
years foreign service. No ex
plunulion of order is given.
Anti-Monroe Dortrino.
Loudon, April 12, Afler commenting upon the fuel that "the
effect of the drama!ie postponement of President McKinley Es
message has been to plunge two
continents into profound suspense and pui every bourse in
the world into violent alternations of heat and cold," the Spec-
lalor suggests us a possible explanation of the delay that "the
president found, or fancied he
had found, he was face to face
with a coalition of Ihe continental powers Franco, Russia,
Germany and Austria nominally lo preserve the peace of the
world, in reality to conduct an
anti-Monroe campaign to prevent any territory now in possession of European power passing under American control."
But lhe Spectator in its nexl
1 si 'llii'liee knocks this question oil
[the head hysaying; "Wbilethe
continental powers do mil love
the American republic, Ihey
would mil be so mad as lo risk a
war with the whole Anglo Saxon
race, and llml would be the outcome; for if America was ut-
taelii'd by a continental coalition
England would be nl her side in
L'l hours,"


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