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The Prospector Sep 9, 1899

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Array 5 *-*jB
'"       r-^T        'S,
< • ••'*3M-s.*':--.):-!«-:SW»«:<iA*;»^»*>
I < j»
<}-   .M'l'O.'NTMU THIO   OKMC'lAL   ?*
*): I'-'ir South K est Kocii,'ii.i\ #
I' ■* w
^.x-a  t .^v
Vol. 5.
New Advertisements To-aay.
<>-iii;icli;lii l'.icilic Unlive-iv
P.IL'i'   ,S
I "New  Tunnel
,,    There   is
ivork  now
on   Chickamon   Stone,
considerable, active
being, done on ,tho
Chickamon Stone. A new lun-
rnel 100 feet lower down ihe
.mountain has been started. 'The
upper tunnel i.s now in 2-iA feet,
■ind the winze i.s down '.]'.> feel.
When the new tunnel readies iv
-loint nuclei- the winze an upraise
ivill be made to connect.
There is more work ttoing on
i bo in the mine'than on any other
iroperty in Shis vicinity.
terially reduced, and mining development will be retarded for
cajjital will not .•stand extortion
even in small mailers. Tl' it isf
d'-sired to make known your
mineral resources' offer inducements for capital to come in.
You may thinlc I am''free with
my .advice, but what I have said
i.s true.
No SO.
The Minnie M. and Tiger Mineral
Claims Now Controlled by the
Lewis Creek Mining; Conipany.   ',
The final payment on the Minnie M. and Tiger claims wa.s
made last Saturday to J. H.
Conkiin and',1. W. Arthur. 'The'
amount' paid  wa.s  fr-J.OOO.     Tin
Gold Strike on the Black Bear,
' A*strike of gold in, the  Black  property now is  under  absolute
I .ear claim is one  of  the  recent
'ineral surprises. The gold val-
\as at the  surface  ran from  a
•ace to $1.,while ut twelve feet
i'\ey'had increased to *12.44'and
com roi of t}ie Lewis Creek Mining Company, of which W. M.
Ridpath. one of the.Le Roi magnates is president.,
The properly is well known to
14.47., An average ol" ail values the people of Port Steele.     It is
l,;cording to recent , assays of
|ye samples wa.s £01.015. o The
Llack Bear is one-half mile south
l! Kimberley, and is under bond
) Charles Est mere.
Moyie and Vicinity.
■ •'(.). .'). Johnson of Moyie was  a
^sitor in/Fort Steele on Monday
located on the divide between
Lewis and .Tracy creeks. N. A.,
Wallinger. the resident manager
of the company, says:'' -'It is the
intention to continue work on
the Minnie M. and' Tiger, although the plans for its working
have not been fully matured.
The development at present,con-
,,      T , .    , , , .        xue ueveiouineui. ul present con
st.    Mr. Johnson is largelv in-    . ,y    ,. 4 -       ,      ,,      n'
,      ,   -,    - -  . -    " .      sists oi two   tunnels,   the  lower
[.'rested-   in   mining , properties
lit only near this town.but near
,7>yie.    Ono claim on' tlie' west
lie of'Moyie lake has  been, de-
'joped  by  a- tunnel  now in 90
<   and   i on    the   surface  .it
been   uncovered  for a  dis-
L'ice  of  40  feet.  a This group.
f,own  as -theeAurora, sliows a
c foot leds'e with three feet "of
[ ucenl rating ore of good,grade,
is  also  interested in claims
[joining tho St.. Eugene,   these
l.wever  show  but  little   work
I'de  from   that on'the surface,
[,t"lhe showing is good and   be-
so    near   the   St.   Eugene
|'3perty    their , value     is    e'n-
l.'lr. Johnson reports great ac-
■ ity about Moyie. and he ex-
Ijjsses the belief that the town
I'll be one of the best in East
Intcnay. , ■    •    »
one now in 120 feet and the up
peii40 feet, the latter was run oh
the vein; the -upper tunnel will
strike the ledge inside'of twenty
feet. In addition to4he tunnels
there are three open cuts, all oh
tho vein. "With four ledges traversing ,th'e property. ,it gives
every indication that with further'development wo will have a
mine."'."", ,,        -   - '
The claims adjoin the Golden
Fleece .and is in an exceptionally
good location. <■
To Work Another Tracy Creek Prop-
Charles '"Beilenberg returned
from a trip to Spokane on Wednesday and left immediately for
Tracy creek, where he will let a
contract for, extending the' shaft
Tom'C Gray of Rossland Tells of
the Red Line Group. Will Further Explore Perry Creek Properties.
Tom C. Cray, a representative
of governor G. H. Mackintosh,
was iu town a few diiy.s last
week-,on business connected with
the properties which are owned
and controlled by the syndicate.
Mr. Cray has had many years
experience in lhe mining districts of Butte Kossland and
Colorado. A few weeks ago in
company with D. J: Mucdonald.
chief 'expert for Mr. Mackintosh,
he visited the Red Line group
of mines in the Windermere district, on which his principals
have a bond. They , made a
thorough and con^lcte examination of the property. He said:
'•On the Red Line? group which
comprises the Red Line, No. 1
Red Line, No. 2 and Iron Cap.
We found at the opening an immense body 'of ore which at that
point, ' measured -26 wide and
twelve feet high. The ledge is
well defined and' shows up
strong. There are thirty tons
of ore on the dump, which' we
were informed 'would give a
value of $2:10 to the ton The
ledge matter from these 'wprk-
ings is traced up, the mountain
1900 or 1700 'feet, and over the
summit, averaging on the surface twenty feet in width. On
the summit there is a small frac-
tion'owned-by other, parties with
good galena showings. Following down the Red Line No. 1 towards Iron Cap Creek this lead
runs into the Iron Cap .claim,,
making a continuous' vein from
Red Line gulch over the summit
to Iron Cap gulch. "\A e'made, an
opening on the Iron Cap 'vein
and found six feet" of .solid ore
carrying iron, gold and load.     "^
To make the ores from   these
there is a tunnel driv-n 12,4 feet.
We areTTow figuring on sinking
a shaft to further explore the
property to ascertain its value."
Mr. Gray 'left on Monday
morning in company with Mr.
Smith to examine the Burton
and Wynstay claims near Elko,
that work completed he will return to Rossland."
J,,  P.   Larson   Purchases   His   Partner's Interests.
, J. L\ Larson of Butte has purchased the interests of Messrs.
Kingsbury. McKay and Calhoun,
in the  Brittle  Silver  group  of
eight claims, situated at the head
of Sheep creelc over  the  divide
from Wild'Horse.     The  consid-
ation is  not   known.     Recently
some of  lhe  finest   ore  seen  in
this   section    wa.s   .taken    from
this property.    What Mr.   Lar-
sen proposes doing for 'the  fur
The    Properties    in, the' St.'   Mary's
District   Severely   Hampered    by
Lack of Transportation Facilities.
On Thursday last The  Pko.s-
riccTOR was in receipt of a prospect us" of  the  St:   Mary'.>  Ea.-,t
Kootenay   Copper   Mines,   Ltd.
[u reading it over one is .struck
wiih.its fairness and the,lack of
buncombe which usually characterizes the  average  prospectus.
It is"a plain statement  of  facts.
The company own a  number  of
claiiiLsin (he St. Mary's country,
and the policy for their development has not been definitely outlined.    Mr.   Thurston   who  has
charge of the present  workings
of the company, declined to make
I the purchase of the bank building.-, and fixtures ofC. M. Keep.
Soon as the,transaction i.s completed Mr. Keep will engage in
some otliei- business. The bank
will probably open its doors to
day', wilh a goodly siart'in the
way of depo.sitr,.
ther development of these claims
could not be learned.
Investors and East Kootenay.
Word has  been  received  that
several mining-men from   different parts of the country, will  be
iu  the" district „this  fall to look
over the field and  see  what' we
have to offer in the way of  mining claims.     Tin-; Prospector
has always maintained that once
the tide set towards East Kootenay there would be a rush.'    In
the early days of  the Boundary
Creek country it, was difficult  to
persuade any one  that' the ' district would ever amount to anything, that the ores were for the
most part base'or low grade and'
mi profitable - to  mine ' under the
then existing .transportation  fa-  •        Ar;,„    .,,,- ,,,,  t
,»ni'<;ne     iTnli-xr^AA^ ■■    10n- Many o1 them pressed 'their
cinties.    East Kootenay  now  is Li  • i    .,   ;   ,    x
,   .. ...       ,,      •■-,       ,    claims so close y that they were
in a better position  than Bound-      «.,   -, ,.    ,    '.  . "<-.>. »yie
„      „      ,        L   Ay ,l    unfitted ior business next dav.
ary creek- up to the present time.'.-.,,
Notwithstanding    ivb,v.i-,      iwl    One lady said there Seemed I
any statements regarding the
work now being done by the
company or its future operations.
It is learned .however that the
ores in most instances, are of
low grade, and under existing
transportation facilities, can not
be mined profitably. A good,
road is needed to the lake, to allow work to be carried on continuously, and a railroad up the
St. Mary's to make the product
available for the smelters. It is
further'learned that the Government appropriation for roads
and trails in the district is entirely inadequate, and the result
is that the money so far expended on roads and trails in that
section.'is practically thrown
The Rambler.   ■
The number pf men who„savcd
the town 'from, destruction  during the fire last"week' wore  lee-
Monday's Races.
Tho races on, Monday  aur.tc-t
ed a goodly crowd.'    The .weather was not all   that   could   have
been wished, it rain, hard during
the forenoon but let up  later  in
the day.     ,Tho track- was heavy
and much of the racing  was  necessarily slower'than would have
[been the case with a good track.
However   the  pools  .sold- fairly
well,   and   taking  it ' altogether
the meet wa.s a satisfactory one,
Tine Fkook.ymmk.
First race. 000 yards. &](\) to
first, $")() to second, was won in
two straight 'heats by ,,Easter
Lily, Goldie second.
Second race, one-fourth mil",
$K>0 to first, !?">(! to second.' was
won by Easter, Lily. Goldie second. '  • "
Third race.' 300 yards. >qub- to'
first. #7)0'to second, was won   by
Disturbance.    Easter   Lily    sov-
Notwithstanding which. that
district has forged ahead in spite
of adverse criticism: It will be
the same in East Kootenay.' The
ou   the  Montana,
I liner's   Opinion   of' the   Winder-
lj mere Country,
III.   L'.   Am me returned   from
rudermere last week-, where he
». been   for  "several    months
Iking over  the   mining situa-
|i.     In  conversation   with   a
■i reseii tali ve of Tin; Prospkc-
U regarding  the  mining  out-
■'■-•    lie   said:—-'I   regard   tho
I'a try   from   a  mining stand-
[nt most favorably.     While it
take a large amount of nion-
l,;j exploit it thoroughly, 1 be-
,e if will prove a groat miner-
|,'ection.    The mineral  belt so
i as  explored   includes  Toby,
[.v, McDonald and Morse Thief
alcs  jind   'their    tributaries:
1 ii ii this belt the surface indi-
JJons iiro most favorable.  Most
I he valuable claims, so far lo-
"d, are above timber line, and
fry of them hard to get at.
lir. Amine will not return this
Iter but will  remain  in Fort
hie to look  after his   mining
li rests  here.      While "i.m" the
Ijidermere   district   he   made
[k-al  locations  with   a   good
I viiiir of ore.
shaft is now down 2.")  feet.     At
the 100 foot level a cross cut vvill
be run to ascertain the width of
the.ledge which on the surface is
from I'i to LY) feet wide.     There
is one chute of ore four  feet in
width.      Which from a .">0 pound
sample gave a value of $7,0 a ton."
The company have not made any
plans  for   continuation   of, the
work when thereon tract is finish
ed, although there  i.s  no,- doubt
but   work    will    be    continued,
should the vein   prove  as  good
at 100 feel as on the surface.
claims available  will   require  a,
system of tramways down  Red showings  are  better here than
Line   and    Iron    Cap " gulches.   there   llt   lh
These tramways would  each  be | developmonL
about   2\    miles    long;.       Both
stage   of
On Tracy Creek.
H. Conkiin came down from I
niches end at Macdonald creek
about one-half  mile  apart.     A
road could then  be  constructed
down Macdonald creek a distance
oi; eleven 'miles to Horse ,Thief
creek, and  down   that  creek  to
the Columbia, a distance of   18
miles, a  total  distance ^for  the
road alone of i1!)  miles.     Prom
the Columbia the ore can' be taken to Golden and from thence to
any smelter desired.     The present workings on  the  Red  Line
are  at an   elevation   of   nearly
8000   feet.      The   summit   over
which   the   property   passes  is
!>,750 feet, therefore above  tim
towards   this  section  has   com
menced     and     before    another
twelve months the fame of  the
district will be as great as  that
of any other mining section.
Special io The I'homi'i-.otoh.
Winnipeg, Sept. S.~Braziljhas
celebrated its 77th-'anniversary •
■The ' Filipinos are making-
nightly sallies around Imus.
The citizeus of'Medicine Hat'
gave Superintendent Niblockt a
send off.    *      '   ~ *    ,
°, '    c / '
'Land,has been selected in  Al- ■
bona for a colony-of Finns,        -
The telegraph line to Dawson
City will be in operation by,, October'loth.,
,dy said there Seemed to
be a wave of alcohol (lowing
over,the town,during the fire.
Another one offered an amendment and suggested a tidal wave,
still .another   added   fire-water.
ij5^     ui. i ... I        j. uu uaruuii  i_'ll\"    IIOIOI.     1^,011°'
movement The->' ^    "ghl. The streets Jshlucl   WjWa ^J^,    "^
I were    literally,    flowing     with  Loss fc'SO.utK'     '      ' "
whiskey.    There was a quantity
The Dreyfus court martial has
closed, and a verdict is expected,
ou Monday.-
The Garden City  hoi el,   Long
Tracy creek- on Thursday.     Mr.
Conkiin say<>- that   work  on   the
property   of   the   'Tracy   Creek
Mining Company  is. still  going
on.  The shaft is now down sixty
feet.    There  are  several  hundred tons of ore   on  the   dump
I which will run   high   in  copper
land lead.    A  new building  for
the  accommodation   of    twenty
men  ,isl now   about   completed,
and it is. aii up to date bunk and
mess  hpufee.     A fire blast   for
deitring     the     workings    from
.'O High Prices For .Prospects.
J)   . '..     .       .
1 .conversation  with  a   well
Iwn mine .'operator 'from West
j tenay a few days ago,   he
■'-     "You will'pandon «ne if 'l
ber line, and  adding  materially
to expense of mining."
While in the vicinity Mr. Gray
visited several outside jiropor-
ties and was much pleased with
the outlook. He said: ''I believe
the Silver Thread group can
ship ore now over a raw hide
trail down Law to Boulder creek
thence down Horse Thief. There
is ia horse trail to the Silver
Thread now." '     .
A large amount of  prospect-
ting has been done on the mountains thereabouts, and the probabilities   are;   that   some   good
Mining- Notes.
I E. Elwell who returned from
Windermere a few days ago,
was. not idle during his visit to
that country, while 'there he
made a number of locations on
the mineral belt, among them
the Gil Bias, Fleur d'lis and
morning Hand . on Iron ' Cap
creek not far from the Iron Cap
of the Red'Line Group. The
showing is an excellent one.
there is an average of eight feet
of iron cap which assays $4 in
The country in that section is
all located. Next spring will
witness great activity in all that
smoke is now  ready, for operation.     Mr.    Conkiin ' has   great,
faith in the property and is thor   mines will be opened up.'
oughly Coilviheed that it will be on pkury cuekic,.
a  shipping  mine   before   many
._ .. ...„       Some fine  specimens' of "or*
j,-a.L a remark you haye doubt-  have    recently     been    brought
"I went out last week" he continued, '-to visit some mines on
Perry creek, in. which the syndicate is interested, viz:, the   New
heard^before, theipricesask-, down from the Bill Nye.     This York Jewelry 'Shop and the Lon-
J'or mining prospects Sn  this
[ion  are  out  of   all   reason.
le   you   .have,   undoubtedly
|':1 prospects in the juountains
'•abouts,    they    will    remain
i.s one of the promising claims
of the district and Mr.; Violet
one of ihe owners is of the
opinion that it will with development prove to be a mine  second
I'ipects unless value* pare-nia- to none in,.this vkdnitv-
1   ■ .
don Treasury Box. While there
I thoroughly inspected the work
which has been done to develop
the property.' The development
thus far has been confined to the
London Treasury Box..on wliich
Hotel Arrivals.
Windsor:—Jos    La   Ronde,
Mrs: Jacobs,   Mrs.   Phillips. B.
-Tindell, Montreal:   T. G. Want-
ess,   Calgary;   Tom C. Gray, G.
Patterson, Rossland.  P.   Rosen-
dale,   F.   Nicks,    Wasa;.   J.   &
Conkiin     and     wife,     W.   ' M.
Sprague, Tracy; T. H.   Holmes,
Salt Lake; Lam   Coluiaii, .7. G.
Burgess.   Wardner;   E..  Elwell,
Windermere; .Tno.H. Poll". Vancouver;    D.   .7.   Quillan, Geo. H.
Gunn,   Nelson: ' J. - T.   Sanders,
Spokane;     Jno.    L.     Nutt,   M.
Bisuce',   Elko;   Miss  Lur'tin,   R.
Drier, Toronto;   E. H. Small, C.
Maggs,   C.   D.   Vrooman,  Cranbrook:      Miss     Sliger, '  K.    J.
Higbye,    Sheep  Creek:    .1.   W.
saved (?) from fire, only to be
used later in the day.' Champagne
was free.
Slivers sold pools on Monday
and probable reaped a golden
harvest.- He lacked the insinuating tones of Tom Rookes; Tom
had the faculty0 of drawing-'
money from anyone who would
listenitorhis siren voice. Slivers
on the contrary was disposing of
first choice etc. by pure force of
lungs, and did remarkably well
for a novice.
The peripatetic fakir was in
town Monday with a wheel of
.fortune—that is a fortune for
the fakir. He said winning once
would pay for six losses, a.s a result he captured a number of
quarters from people who are
never adverse to bucking any
kind of tiyer.
Fire Protection.
The  day  after   the   fire   last
week there was a general feeling
that we should  have  better  tire
protection,   in fact  it  was   the
principal topic  of conversation.
On Monday there was  lc-ss  talk
a'nd yesterday,there was  a  feeling of apathy, and by .next week:
there  will   undoubtedly   be, the
same  feeling as  existed  before
the fire.    In a. small  community
there is always a difficulty to be
encountered,   that' of    arousing
those, who are directly interested
to the importance of fire prot.ee- J
tion.   '' . . v.'
John Livingston, brother of
the great African explorer, died
at Listowel, Out.'
The Russian government has
closed thirty synagogues in   the .
south west provinces.
The Boers have demanded an-
expla'nation of the British mobilization of troops on their, frontier.
' By the wreck of a large ore ship'
th'e Soo canal is closed for traffic
to many vessels.
A tremendous sea is- running
on the Nova Scotia coast, and
boats have left  their   moorings.
, Mr. McNicoll of the C. P. R.
has estimated the value of this
year's Manitoba's crop at £50.-
The Government, it has been
decided may give a money allowance in place of rations to
Yukon officials.
A    summer    theatre    at     St.
Thomas. Qui., was  blown   down,
by a terrible wind storm/and. several of the players injured.•■'"  \
Tin?'London Standard objects
to tlie report,.that Great Britain
has rejected the Canadian-Alaskan boundary question.   '
The manager and otliei-officei-s
of the Ville Marie bank are on
trial at Montrea,l,_._and a bad slate
of affairs; was shown to have exist
in the defunct institution.
Go'rdon, Kiniberley: H. D. Hen-
dersoii, Movie.
Ths Now Bank.
The Fort Steele branch of the
Bank of,Commerce i.s now an as
sured    fact,    the   arrangements
having   been  alh completed   for
An English court, being re-
Icently required to define' the
word ".mineral" held that; the
word "includes every substance
that can be got from underneath
the surface-of the earth' for th&
purpose of profit", which is no-
definition at all. THE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE, K C, SEPTEMBER' 9, 1899.  ���:.'���'.������;������}���  "�����"n��i  ���Br'Ices; the�����. Sa inCi cit 13itIier iPlace  iSKfeM'twsia^^  MSiPI  an  ^are  B  10$  ler  -��.s p  apt-,-..  ;,;���.;;";-:;;/;v::-;:>v.;;;7 ':;-:'";>"v-'tJ,-;op:^'./;���-���;;w-;;;;V; \; yA'x[yyx:AyX-yyy ,y.yyyix-'fyAyxyf''y':;A[ixBxyAAxriiXXy'yAAA  Xxisy XsAAXX". '-:; ..'    i;-' .'W;./i ���;;,P.:.P:.t/'-'ffi'-',;|'':';'. :,'V: ���y)A ..'.��� ;i,:Xy7:y,i.:,xAyy- ' -,   ���':.������.-' .".'..' iXixXy :..A:. ')���.' A'  . wv'.,.W;W  W:B^'^  ��� yy   -'-.'   ,'.,; ���' .���.,���'.-. as.il::. sy..   y-j'-x ys.y AyXxyxxyy-yy  '.������'.'���'���",   'X-.s's ' .'������:.'n'V',���������-.'���'���'.'-,:���.��� -..A ��lllw.  * .'J  nP*  liiill�� iiiaij 11106 iaEiliillilMiiiing  xyy.xXxyAyiAyAfjiOTlC12.xAxAiXAyX.Ayxy  AyiA: AABAiKivvnq.ii'i-.tvtliai "tliii;Ly- .clays :niter,  ;':^'-"--v'clsite']'-'fntoiirl'i6 sipply;id.ih��!Chier^'c6iiiiiils,sio.n-.  p'   .dr of Laiiel^icncl Shirks. Victoria.: B..C.:i;oc- pper7>  !w7mftsi'cjii',to;ptirefe  iyi Of.oiiiiicn sintlPiViirv.hiiyr.vi-tl Crown luiiilsp'siituiiteil,  pp7 vfj on W1W Horse ei'u'i^  ���'7;wilrV^;W)i^Gro^  PWst��'li%;:^  ���': A Uieiii:cW'c:rmiii,s'eiixtV:'i"l��*.-ico.;Sy.;;eliaIn*i-'iior��li,_  iw7UieiirtV Pi i:liiinisSv-i^u;liii/i)i!c;,;!<07 cha liisi-.s'inftli.'  ";:i7W,iii'iic;c:;rolirfwini;pl>a^  i:,-'���.'���. ilii;'�� B\ Iiiii -i'o pcii'ni of .i:ciiiiiiiiini;ejiicni. Con-  7 A- uniiiitu i�� iiu':!-" aciv'^iiioi-c'or li-sj. "���.������' ;,;.  AXAyx .A A- '"-yyxxi y-A"i x-. .���','������.���'h',.-i-vAM*i*". ' "  [iB'��������� ��� ���'.'''-liii1'Ml'iit'i-'m-i.;sic;i'fetI^ ,C.y,tliis32;tli clay OC  ''' i'XKiBl^A XixBy " "w 'A AxsyBxABiiBy  i:ABfy'-XiAA"y'A[Bor\CEi.'Byy-A^ :yy' ���;  ;'.'.;';'?'.'':;.i'-'ii('i^i>.v,;^iviiii'oiii;i!.iiiiii,'i)iii-t.V' 'lay*' f'���<�������  '"'���.'   ilBdtitAiBAI intend to'npply  lo:tlie:Chief  "  ��� Co��iinlssloiiiii-'-'>r'.Nii'iiiI.s iiml Worlcs-P for. per-  Wi/ii's^cin loiiui'i'iliiiKi'i'lliijrollowIri^plotu-of.. un-  '"'    oc'c'iiiiiccl'iincl.'iinrusurvciV Crown... laiul'sitiiiile  '������'    \)Ki,atlii'CC.iiincsnoi-iliwc'siorKl.Uo.!.los.i:rlbeil  ���   -is follows:-:Coinmei/ciiii: ����-t- B initial' Post.  7'':;"U.iuK<ltx) riiit't westerly fm.ni the'No. ^Poster  '    tl���. "Wyiisi.M.V"-ini"<-'i-al  flalm-   tliS��VC\iioi-tli-.  wVlisilii's: Thence' west -10 chains: thence south  A 40 i-lii'iln*:' lluince iiiiikAti chains to the. place of  -\Winiiini'."' Contaiinniil'l'l ^i'(is more or less.  'C.'P.-SMITH,  liiitc^l.'.'ii't  Fori -Sieele the :ilst ilay'of July.  ;'.A<;.������.'.'IHi!'-'' .'-,     .  m-:ir>'  Certificate of Improvements.  ; A A.'" ;'" notice: ~' ���";~A  '���"':'   The- vVVyiistay;>:Min'-ral7CUmii.,'Siuiate  in  "tiip Fpvt'Steele Mininsr Division of Kast  kooi-  '������'eriay District.. ��� '..��� ...     ��� w   ...... -';���    ���'..'  ....'.  i  'A:.. Where lociuedw-Alxmt .three, miles above  ���    Vrie l)t'i'ii-'�� on Kll* Kiver. ...".;   .  ���'���''     -Take notii-e that r. Charles I-'. Smith. a��eiu  ��� ^foriliii-olil ���Wintc-i'Dot.tiiih. FreeMIniirsCertili-  c-cte S-o  "'iHl-lOA'.'. inteml. sixti" days  from  th.;  '' tiiui,, hereof. lo'appl.v,: tf.). Pthc-.; Mining  Kecoi-d^r  ��ir ;i GerUlhrate of iTOiirovemonts. for the pur- 1.  " 'pi.seor.'otJt:'itnin��iV'':rowii Grunt; of   t!if,ah<}V  ���A:yXAXiA:.AiiAXHOTlCE.:y, fffBAA  '���������-:'.. Tli'e'.Copper -klnir Mineraivliiim.'Siiiiiitecl.'iliP  th.p?..poi't Sleele .MiiiiiiffiDivisioiiof pKa^.t Koqi-  eriiiy. District.,,,..',',..;..'.;'., .''���' yi X-'A-X   iii, ,' ..;.'.. , .'^-.  .,".;���!  Where 'ioeaieil:-. On .Biill Kiver.-.aliouL.onc:-  ��� liiilf.-iiilie a.b6v<Ti,iic,Paek;B?ici��fi:/tvp;777;B 'XyX���������'  AX Xlie Copiier,(!ji)CeiiWiIine;i-al  Claim,; sitiiatg.  lii*��hc .. Fein 'Steele-Min^  ICooteiiay :DIstriei;;;];;.;i;;V't.v':VpPp,v iyyyi Ayxy.yy..  A f Wn.iire-ioc-citecl:; .Oil IpJijlf Ki>fei% iilibiiC one���  'hViir'm'ile'aijbyo^  .tlii;.Copper.lvinir.nij|ienil clahn.^-.,,:.;., ,ysx.::,  iiX: Txkeiiotiee thai: I.'Mneoh, p. p^'ink.-'.'Free  .Miner's Certilieate Xo. yii itiiiQ'-y pintend ;sixty;  days frbi'ri the date hereof, tp apply io..tlie. Mini:  ing K'eeorder for a 'Certilleate pf;Improvements'  for the purposeiotobuiininj,' a Crown Gi-iint of  theahbve claims-.. Xiiii, A. ���'.'..  ' ���;-.. And further take'notice that, '���'action.' under1  section ,.17. must be commenced before the issu  ancc ol'sueii Certilleate of Iniprovements.,'.,.1  ��� ",'������;.; ; '.lACOHi.P. FINIC.'  .'������Diiteil this Tthdayof July, ISIIH., 2T-:ia  Jnotice.;  pIN; THE. COU.Vry iC.bU'KT.p.OI-'. /KOOTENAY.  "/,',.:���   HOr.DEN.AT.FORT STEEEK,i/;,.-o  7  ' MIXEKAL   AfsJT.  CKK-I'IKIOTB.OK IMI'HOVK.MKNTS.   ^  .������'.;,, .|-'-NOTICE.- yAi.y, ���;������;;. ���";.���; ���  ' ���    liisiCiilcif Mineral Cliiinisituaie in tke l'"ort  Steele.'.Mining"' Division of 'East KoolenayVUis-  'trict."'v"'.,'":':;'.:. .w'-'"V��'v;i',,."w." ,; 'yc  A. Where' ..located:���Oil. the .north ..side ��of  IJoulder creek. East Kootenay. about two miles  from the mouth.    '-.'./.  'Golden Coin Mineral Claim, situate' iii, the  FOrt Steele Minini:.Division of East.Kootenay  District:    ,   .        ...'       - ,."' ..,-.' p    .' .  Where located: . On illoulder' Creek. Eiist  Kooteiiay, adjoiniiif,''. the. His.'- Chief: Mineral  Claim. - '.,,- ;;.'._. . ' ���:' . ''; .. "AB, Axif." A'X.  'Ames -Mineral Claim, -iituate in tlie. Fori,,  Steele Minlnii' Division of East Koounay Dis'-p  ji'i.ct. ���..  ,'  .       ... ',,.'"   ���''������''���        .���:������-���.'   p pp-  \\"here'located: '.Oh' l)i,iulder:Creek,..! East  Kootenay. adjoinins; the , Bij.- Chief Mineral  Claim,.       ������','   '���'.-"' .-    W  Tilled notieu.lhaiy. William H. Koss, J.-'.   M.  ( C.P. XO. '1.Vi7:('.a. airont'Tor K..1.), I-liuliiiy; F. M. C.  ���y'ix iiiAyX'XA'iBBssotitmiir'syxyyxi'yyyyy  .. ..'Iii;lhi-:matiei-;of John IVewis.i.deceased,aiiil  ill: tlitMn.-itter oi'/'-Thi? pllicial Adihinisiratbrs  Aca:'. -.Dated irthcliiyiof'Juiie:7A: Dp i8(i!i.;w.- ti;  ";.������ ;x Upoiiireadlni,' th<:; iinidavits of, Maude); 10.,.  Crease and James Fi Arihsfroni-'Pitp is: brclei-eci  It'luit J'iirnesI-'ei-K'iis.on. 7Arrii'Stroiif;i OlHcial' Ad-7  miiiistratbi- for, the County, of Kboiciuiy,'/shall  .be Adiniiiisiraior of all anU,sini;uIai- the koocIs,  chattels arid cretlits or'John ,Eewis. deceased  and that this Order, be piiblislied in two'"cpiisec-'.  ,utiver 'wejjkly"' issuesP>of' the "Prdspector" -a  newspaper, published'at Fort 'Steele iii.' tlie  County of Koolenay. -v .':'''. W''   ���'  ,'    'r   s'.yAA"'     ; a ' ; ,(S'itxl.)''\l..A, Forini J-  Creditors anil other clniiiiiiiiis; should lile  ti'ieir .'claim's", with .1. F. A,rmstioii!,'i dmeial,  Adir.inistrator.tFortSt'eelei l.|. C. ,      '-'���.,<! "-."   '  MOYIC CITY. EAST KOOTENAY. B.C.  A GEORGEIGE^RY-;  Mineral Act,   1896.  . (Fc^HM V.)"-'X'��: .  t    . : , ".'..'.! Xo. liiH*': Wiilier-VuiiAi'Sdiileii. 1;;.  M.  C.  Xo.  ���\iiil further v.iB notice ihat action.', iimler | n licW3���.'iind II. f��� Amine. F. M. C.PXo: WiSSllA,  s'.' -lion :n must tw coniJ^'-'nei-'cl'l'iefore the issti- \ owiU'.r.s of,the above-.mineral c-laims (kiiowii as  IncVofsiich c^rtiHi.v.ue'of./nnprovniiie'iit-  F. Smi'.Ji,".  I.inic.rtli^^u>.lay'(^.!'.:!V. lS'.tf."        ������***'������.  NOTICE.  '��� . TlnTMu'ciintosh:' Mi:i!.;!'iiJ Cliaiui. -.iiaai.  ,Ue Fort Steele >!--.i'^ O: viM-,". oi IBy Kc  ���-nav Di'-li'icl. .-' .     '���  Where,; l.-cateiw ��� Ab.eil 'hi'e.p   iriik-.S' .il..  tlie. Uricliir'i'.ciu i'.lU in-i.'.-'i-.        '���������,������     ���    '  Take nonce liiat I. Cli'iriv> i-', .Sisislli. a.-.-iii '  jPorCharle> Hi >,lac.-;-.i'.ict.-h'. Free 'Minei--.-; W-r- |  Tpitleute X....'p'>"^.\': iiiii'inl. siv:yda;,'~. fn.-iii'tli..-. ;  late iit-re. >l. 'f-apiily :'.:. "������'������': 'Miiii!;-'. Keiiii-.i'-r j  fur aOertitU:are.;f lm|V.i-c;'Vf:yc-.-;it... ior -:i- !>':iL- ],  p(ise of ,->l��laliiini:',-i.''-i-<''''.v!i G:--,.ia of.. t!ie- p..,.,v- 1  v'laim.' ,  And further laue ii-jt'.ec-.   Ihat :ie'.iin., ':::���!, r.;  section ,i7. uiu>i llcU-��r!lIl:!.-C<-,e*I he/ore I.il':.i-S0'T j  ."jvace of such cVerllllc-.if! -.: 'l'K'.ii.rovi.-tu-;.ts. .' j  ''tin- t'A-j Chief Group), intend'' sixty days from  . the "(lute! lii.'1'i-oi tn apply to the Minimr l-Iecorcl-  ! ei'.ror' Certificates iit .Improvi-iiieiils for 'the  i purpose cm. >>l.liiiiii,m.' -i.'t'owii -.Grants   01   the  ! aiiyw- ici'iiints.  ��� ,��� p ;y   ���',' ,      i  A'lcilurilic.'C.lala.-notice  thai action' under  f.^ei'ii'in ;-'i niiisi he roiuuienc.'ed.bel'o.re the issu-  l nticejiSl,Mit;h < rerlilicaie ol iiciprovc'iiicnis.'  '        Uatc'il ilils :.".'nd .lay Mf,.inne. IS'.'l'.  j ;      CS-M      '   '' VV. 11. KHSS. .  ���;��� Ctyrl.ijiettitti of Tni,iirot:noi.tiit:lA.A,  ���    ;    A .'p.'.'.'.NOTICE. :,[::.[[., ,."'/'.  , ."The HIueJ.'eier.-,!-Tlie Wheel of ForluiieJ"  "The Maudi'' "The Ainster" and --nine Peter  .Fraction': Mineral, Claims .situate ih the Fori  Steele Mining Division of South East ICooteiiay  District.      ��� '���:- .-:;-':-���','.',i -7:- "'  '-.���   Where locaied:~;6n Alki Creek, four, niilos  from head ofSt.; Mary >'Luke. Pi "... -V .'   -';  , Take notice that i..CIaiheiii p.lluntrerfoi-d  l^ollen Free Miner.'s'Certilieate XTo. lrJIilii., intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to npply  to theMiniiii.' Kec.o'rclor'fcir a Certilleate of Ini-  pi'oVements. for the purpose of ohiiiiiiiiij; Crown  Gi-antsof the above claims'. ,  '7   -  And further take notice ihat, action, tinder  section :17, must be coninibnced beforeihe issuance of such Ceiriitlciitei of improvements. .   .    '  Daled'this ��lii day of August.' lSHU. '���-,':  Itt-lU"'. CI.EM.I0XT 11 UXG KKFOKI) I'OLI.E.V.  ^;,LTlier aiboyie '^p^^as^iefeii'ipire  ceritly': erectecf^,' and neatly, fur-;  nisliecl thrbughput>C.f^,,= '';7:^.v.^'S;/;;ii  "[; Coisy. and .Comfortable Rooms, ;���;  Tlie   Bui- ..supplied , -With;". iiiA",BKST,  yif;���,brands of L.iquors aiul'Cigars. .  .�����  HEADQUARTERS    FOR   MINING'MEN.  iUyeruvlFeed? & -Saie".Stabfe?|?  B:'xABy^B^eA\&!W-B'BiA:B.iAA  yfy SADUt \i[&i }?ACK;;;HpRS'KS7' Ayf  i ka'mixg oi- AiiL kixiis a si4:cia Ii. TV.  GRASSICK   &   DEMPSfY;  ���^���:''il  y[ U.lAi BE-TT'CHEN ;.; A  0 THe  Jewel ler "ft  Mineral Act,   1896.  (Fcilt.M   I'1.)   '  DiU.cal t:  :;.-Ui day  ���   f. I'-.- Smlii,..-'  .Ini-.. 1 ���-!',<;���       ':'.!-:��'i,  .,;        NOTICE.,  The ������ Itu ;���':���!!!'' 'Ml.ii'-rai i'i/.-. \jl;. As. .cat;  Fort, St.i-.-l'; Mucins I li'vi-jn.-i,-.,''K:i;.i '���',',  District ,.  Wli'i-rc Uic-nleil:.-;'.'Ai."'it :!,,-." cii:l'-.-.  -^.Iie'Ifiic'.k ll'.'i.!/.' ''i'. KIK Iti'v-r.    ���  Take'' iicilicf- Hi:.!- i. ' 'Inij-I���'���--��� F.���Sii.it.h  loi-Geoi-Mc-. IV. U'a I,ii .ie !';���'���'��� .''liii'-r '- '--.''  Xo. "MiHA", Inio'cnl.' -;i\:>' .l;./-:,!.!"i)'i ' >i  heripol. to a|.ply inch.; Mini:,-..' :,-".���.,.',;������."  fVrll tic-ail-'-..f "!i.'i|>i'Ov.;m'-iii-.' ' ..;'M' ,' n- ;.  of'Obl :c I n in:.' ii .< '!���"��'.. ' P'l.r, i /������ ' lie. a i " ���-.-'���  An.I fin-! n.-i-.c :i K-��- .i"! ;ln<>!   .".on.'  si.rliciM .i'i,. i" "s I 1.-'.'..'iimiii'I.i ���;.! 1.1-for'- lie  ���in,... of sii'rh ' 'i-rriiic-.aii' ..I fii.iu-c-v'.-ir;.-ijI.-.  ������ ,". j.-. sm.it  HaU'il ilii.-;-'"ili'Vlav "i.-l'iii . H-n  ,(Jer/ip'ett,/e of .iniiproreiiienxls.   '  NOTICE.   ;'  The '-.Mystery" Mineral Claim situate in the  '.Fori Steele M ini ut.' , Divisitiu of .Snutk i^iist  K'ooienay Disirict. ���   '      ' .'  '"   . .Wlu.M-i' 1oc-iiic'cI:tt On Alki   Crcyl;  :>!.v uiiH:s  ,'from head'6l St. .Mary's Lake.  i.       Take'noiiee:  that   I.  Clement   lluiigci'l'oril  p Pollen, F.M.i,:'.   Xci.   liailin iiuuiiL lor  Uobert  I Duwiir. l'-rei; Miner's Certilieate Xo, uliii.SH, ,luly  ,-iilcl.' iniend. .siNly days from tlie date hereof, to.  j npply io the Miuiuj-' Recorder lor a  (.'ertilicate  , X.-.i.'c'c- i~,!.ic-i-c:by ifivic'ii that application has ,..,r Ini)irovoincnts. lor the purpose'of t.biainini.'  ,! 'ii-.i-v.   mail,-  to   lie.; .1.1 oiioi-al.il.'  the'Mln isle r nf-j n c'rcnvn Grant of lhe -above claim.  l.'ui.Jh- W.ii-I:-.. -.villi whom phuis.ljavi: lic.vii cle-j   <     And furlher lake nolici.'tiia.i .aclUni!  under  i,.,.-.i.i.���<I.-Ici- pc-i-iiiissloii lo .-reel, a   hrids.'c.   with , section il7.-iiiu.sl. b,c: ciiiniiienci'd before the issu-  a''.-,ii:table ci.-u w spun, cucr  tin." L'pper (,.'olinn-.j uncc,' uf such Certilleate of Improvements',  bin   l.'i'.if.  ai ' :.i ilium   known-a...   i-ln-Siilinon j Hated this llth clay of August, ism.  I'.".1S. .     '. ' ...      i.X'B  XX x   ,,'p. CAIH'F.IM.'ll'i'T.OX.  ,i..'ln.-! ' oniinissioiier of Lands ,<��� V\-orl.-s  l^iiiids ami Worli.c lieparliueul,'.   ,  Ci.'toriii. If. ''- .I'.Mli .bine, isii'.i.    .It-:!!*  AVATCIIKS.'KI3PAIKED arid.SATISFACTIOX  ���'.���'��� .���;���;:"���;;"���'' GUA|{AX:i'iiKD. , : , "7 .,    '" ,       -'  FbiiT ..S'rj3'K.m5.,': -y  ^JiBBGi-  ^B\iifBl^i<^<^TS%BA  ���;;';.;'jAiro.''iMPORrjdE^:.6^  FINE WOOLLENS  .',". .-Rocky' Moviiitain Avenue if' a  ���   [, Fort',. Steele"- B-G.:-- a-Bb'  BiBBByBBf  iBAiBAFfBBiMiMBWcBA^x  A'Al  iyil  yi'ii  ���'H\  xxii  Shavihg;:p Hair;?Dressiiigj;Parl��>|j  ���": A.:AAA '.���,,y.;Sc'*t:.'io\i'.6rien'iill HblulxAi: AAA  :hx'AA..:.y..,.  Ar'Xyii ,,Xss: ��� A-   .", :. ��� ., sSXr   XiSiy  :���'-���   FORT   STEELE^ B.C.        ffx  NOTICE.  i.'K-in  i:i.k,\ii-:xt iii-.vgiou.fokii I'oi.ij-ix.  Certificate of Improvements.'  ,,;,.,.  -,'.-    FOR SALE.  ;!':.���;,'  ��� ,i    '.\ii ''.\iii.i.l-���'-.iiiiii!tii- jliiiv wiirkiuo    iri-t-  .I.,'.  ��� miiiin-o��� ,jii:n.-l/'.     S.-iv.-.- .ly.i.'l' '.HI |li'i'i>c;nt.  irjic.-.'  i (if -.-cilii,    "A'.-ij'iit tvilli |iinv.'i' p^'S'.illMl llis.  i in M:iil. .'���; ici'i-' Iii!-- 1 'r'lc.li i n'o-  In I'liijtiM-  .Hide  ;��� litiii i:l.-i.iiii.-       I ii.ti  i��" .-.-.-ii n'.-iif, 11n-   Si  ��� ;.... ii-  ; Kiio--.ii'- M i.-imi,              " ���'  .                 ''  ll  I-'i.r' 1 'ill''.ii'nl.-ir^ :'t|i|ily to  ',-:'*.'  " ,1. A. ii A IIVKY.  Koi'l Sic.'!.:,  ll,''  .,'-."   NOTICE.  j    " Tin'  --.Moliic-an"   .Mineral   Claim  siiiiati: in  I fhe l''i.ii't Steele Miniii,':- l.iivlsiiin ul lOasl.  K'nol-  i .'nay Histrii'l.  ,   '. . W lie re localed:- -in-a I- Marl; I in-eU. '.  Take noi ice Uui I. I .Iiiiiick a. I la n'ry,' iiTent.  for l.iHvrcnj.i'i; laeri- Free- Mhut'si 'erl.liicatc-  ! Xo. ���;.',lli,.u,.,.\!" iniend. sixty days ii;om   llie cliii.c-  hereof. |c. apply io llie   Minim;   KVe.in-tler for n  IVo'lillcal" of,  luilii'iHf;iiii-iil>P '|,i|-   ||i,.   |iii|,,,���sl.j   I H ll :S !���:  AX|l SHIN   I'A I N"I'I ,\(  oi'.il.ialuinr ;'i Crown Gi'auii.r i.Ih- uliiive. i-l.-iliu. '  ���     Ami Iiii'IIiit'- lake uullcci inn I' action, .under  Sri'iioi: ::7. mu;,I tn"Roiiiiiiciicecl beloi'i' tile l.s-.u-  .iiirc of such �� '.'i'! iticuii' of iliiiil'o\-!'ni'-i,i.l.��. .  ��� I. A.   M'AI.'VKV.  I lat-il ibis sib day of Aicnsi. |:-iiii.     :::.'..io  .. Bf Port, Sleele.'B.C"     :  '"  " t\-x   x'xx    .....'.' ,- y.- i. - .'��� I-"'..  "General Blacksmith.  HORSE SHOEING,  AND JOBBING.  Mining    Work'   a:   Specihlty.  J.-(iRICJi, D. D. S.  (ii'itduiitcj .l.'h.il.'uTi:]|ilii;i l)t;ni;i,] Cullcjuo  DENTIST7  Riverside    Avenue,  KGl7tT-STEELE,   'ii.: (A  B.   P.   ���GOK,  Livery,  Peed   and I Sale  Stable.  -,' yyy--iFprlrBieei.fi.iB.B.��� :' B:.-���':  tm a mi XG- o I-- a r.i ���' ie i x i')s. ��� so i. 1 err js i .v;  All; 'kiiicts '6i;liair, work  A.;'i.;.GRE'z��p.';^-  H specialcy^j  Propriet6r-|  .H'lGHW-ARDE'NB&i:' S0]%;  PIONEER ;>pRBEri;;SH0Sl  Every thing.''Strictly.'; First Class?^'  xNext,ilpor-tiolJAsProsptAtorfxBi-ii\  G. ARNOLD  ���Makes rcgiiiar trijis I'l-om J^ori  Steele .Jiiiict,'ib-u to For>'Bteela;  FREIGHT OR EXPRESS  ,.Delivered  on   dny  of, arrival.  Leave orders witli .  [Mi A. BEALE. '  Why Not Iriyesf jh  KIMBERLEY  NliiDHi  HRO'S.  GONTRflGTORS  a.vi>  BUILDERS  I'A I.i'I.M I'M.VG iinJ I'Al.'Kl;  11 AM I i.\'G  Euu:r sri<;kli<;. !i:;'(.:.���'������.''  .All    u-o.i-k: |ii;oiii])lly'done.   (.'ckkI  HOTEL    WINDERMERE  WlXllKli.MI-IlM-:. li. f.  J, A. STODDART,  prop.  -I'lic    liMiicst'   .llcil.i'l    in   ilOiisi���'��� Ivoiil.iMiitV  .'      ''.'������   ' '     "' 1'- ������'. ' ..' '  Everything New  Ouisiue Uncxoelled  CIV Kill.i HiKI.Vi .'       W I XI IKI.'.M I'll.-I'l.'     I.AKI'l  FINE    SUMMKK:' HESOl'IT  -loatinii,-     aiid  UT,l:<  i< ISilllli  The Leadvp.pf. East Kootenay; A  yiA[ iniles froin - tlie Iin'iiouts!  NokTir STAii inine. If niilo*'  froiii fheSui.i.ivAx niiiia  Nciii-ly  :-(lll   iiiiMui'iil .claims surrouua^  KIHr-JKRI'.F.Y ami .clcjjic'.nil uri  it.       \  fiir ,su|i])liori ". -r  The terminus "of. the North Star-  Railway Branch  .    KiiMIJI,'.K.LKY' is not. a   Iioom   rn\v.ii..  Ten-Miii'i'tiiintloil'liy i,l]'c.'l..\ Uiil'lKT Kl.L-i,  YK Yi-LK All MIX US 'I N '1' IT l->\\' () I i Ll> ;  it,   n i.n st   nc;'c:c!.ss:irily="TicH:c mu -' ji   lar^ft'':1  ciilpy ,.. '  For a safe and profitable 'invest--'1:'!  ment buy lots in"Kimborlev  ^SrV^EBLE' ^h'as: estmere;  ���   Sole /la'eiit,,  , PostOliic-.e'Address. Kiii:li.;i-[��-';  via Crmibrook, .��!. (;. '..���������'. THE PRORPLuTOK/FOKT STEELE, 13 C, SEPTEMBER y, 1S!W.  ��tj�� $}V0&p��Ct0X.  SATUJMJAY, SIOi'TiC.MUKU il, ISiHt.  II  Ottawa Letter.  Fiom fiui'   Own Oori-c-Njioiiclc-iit.  '.OUawa, Sept. Aj���Lust,week I  referred al  some  length   to  the  trade policy of  the  Government  '.'viewed in tlie light of the   well-  rflelined   platform   laid  down  sit.  /���the Ottawa Convention  of   1808,  and I then promised to give  attention   subsequently   to   other  i'liiiture of that platform.    There  {, are four of t hose planks that may  be   brietly   given  attention   this  -iveek,���all  of   large  importance  Xo llie conmiiUjlity us a whole,���  'iipon whicli the  party ,,when   in  Opposition defined its policy  in  no anib'tgiKHis tonus, and in each  .case has tlie promise been  literally redeemed'.  'The first of these lias to do  with the franchise, and that was  idealt with in the session of 1S9S.  The Ottawa Convention denounc-  isl the franchise act of 18S"i, declaring that it was excessively  costly in its operation both to  -Jie country-and to the two political parties; that it was so cumbersome iu its working as to be  ui many instances practically in-  ilTectivo: that it had failed to  >eoure that" .imiforrxiily which  A'as'the principal reason assign-  id for its introduction: that it  i ,  uid .produced  gross   abuse' by  lartisan barristers;' that its; provisions were  less   liberal   than  hose  existing  in    tlie   various  irovincial .franchises,  arid  that  or all these' reasons.. it  should  ie repealed   and  the provincial  i'Yanohiso adopted  in  its  place.  L^his is exactly what was done by  be franchise act of 1898, a measure which has greatly simplified  ,he operation of the,election law  I'.nd secured the privilege 'of the  ranchise to the greatest number  tt   those  qualified  to enjoy  it,  </ith   the  least complication   of  iroeedure,  and  at  the smallest  -.ost to the individual elect or. the  nunicipality and the state.  'AN'ATTEMPT   FRUSTRATED.  Followiug   this   the   Govern  itient attempted during  the  session just ended to redeem another,, election promise by  bringing  ii a, measure to remedy the short  -omings and  remove , the  injus-  ice  perpetrated  by' the gerrymander acts  of  1882  and  1805.  'jVs little disturbance as possible  ,vas proposed'in view of the fact  \ia,i the only desire was to re-  ���uove the existing anomalies and  'estore the old county  boundaries a.s they existed  prior to  the  (ntroduction of those   bills.  ��� So  vninently fair  were  the.provisions of this act that  very  little  eal opposition was offered to the  neasures in the Commons but it  li'us  left   to   the    Senate,    over  ivhoni the  popular   will has  no  , fleet,    to  block  the   legislation  yliich the Opposition in the Collisions  dare  not  interfere   with,  fhe Ottawa Convention protested against the electoral divisions  they      then    existed      aiul  consideration of the iidiniltedly  great tn'ils of intemperance it i.s  desirable that the mind of the  people should be clearly ascertained on tlie question of prohibition by means of a Dominion  plebiscite." No sooner were  they in a position to effect this  undertaking than it was loyally  carried out. 'The plebiscite was  taken,-7-siinple.,straight forward  and entirely unencumbered-- by  any side issues.���the result was  such thai the Government did  not feel justified in proceeding  furtheralong the line of practical legislation, and their action  has been approved by thoughtful and practical temperance  men'the country over..  MA UK INC   TI.MK  TI1J.  NKXT   SESSION.  So far then as these important  matters were concerned the Liberal parly in power has thoroughly and in detail carried out the  undertaking given when in Opposition On another,, question'  that of Senate reform, they have  not'jn-oceeded quite so far but  the reform has been inaugurated,  and knowing full weir that ' the  more the country considers and  understands the question the  more thoroughly vvill it favor a  change, the'matter has been allowed to stand until another ses-  -��� i o  sion, but the resolutions dealing  with the matter which have been  introduced into the House of  Commons by. the Premier, remove all doubt and uncertainty a.s  to the Government's intention of  thoroughly living up both to the  letter and spirit of its uridertak-  ing with the people, as express  ed in the anti-election resolutions  adopted by the Ottawa Convention.  The matter  iu   connection   wit it  the Yukon which lias   most   agitated llie   Tuppcr   family   i.��..   as  your   readers    may    remember,  some supposed  shortcomings  in  the general policy of the Administration in connection with which  many   fairy   stories    of   official  crookedness   were  industriously  put iii circulation by the worthy  baronet  and   his  energetic  and  impulsive son.   but that  matter  lias been disposed of for the time  being..if not finally, and   in  any  event the Canadian people alone  are  the arbitrators  as  between  the Government and- its  accusers.     It  is  only reasonable   to  suppose that Sir Charles  is  too  old  a   parliamentarian  and   too  well versed in   the  constitution  of the Dominion, to imagine tha{  ho can   induce "Imperial  statesmen  to  interfere.     The   whole  story, most probable is a carnard  prepared 'for the dolectation of  the    American   readers, of   the  papers in which it appeared; one  thing is certain that if the  paragraph has any foundation in fact  Sir Charles is likely to find  the  results of  his  action  decidedly  "serious" as far as his own reputation for sanity is concerned.  Sullivan Diamond Drills.  Most accurate and  most  economical  prospecting  drills  made.  Drills of all capacities, operated by hand or horse power   steam,  compressed air or electricity  SULLIVAN MACHINERY COMPANY.  305 and 306 Rookery, Spokane, Wash.  KNIGHT & STONE,  ft  Chicago, III.  rVGKXTS.  CONTRACTORS FOR   PROSPECTING   MINERAL   LANDS.  T. C. ARMSTRONG  I^out'Sthklk. B C.  ��� -   Manufacturer o?  Tinware, Galvanized Iron. Sheet  Iron,   Stove  Pipes and  Copperware  BUILDINGS HEATED .mil VENTILATED  Plumbing, Pipe  fitting and  all  , kinds of sanitarv work  Fork Steele and  Kimberley.  'is  'leclared        that       '-to      make  .he Mouse of Commons a fair ex-  oonent of public opinion and   lo  ���preserve the historic  continuity  J|)f the counties, it is desirable in  khe formation of  electoral 'divisions county  boundaries  should  Lie preserved, and that in no case  varts of different counties should  Ijoe put in one electoral division".  [j[t was exactly along these lines  }sh at the proposed act was drafted   and no.attempt, was   made  I'jjven in the Senate to show  that'  Inhere, was anything unfair in the  lf,ueasure, . but   upon   the   mere  technicality of whither the meas-  |V'-e was constitutional or noty.the  irresponsible Senate presumed to  'nferfere and decide for the Commons and for the electorate,  the  [conditions which should govern  li'che elected Chamber.     ;  hrl'"r  ANOTIUiK  }>r.Kl).QlC KlifojiEM-  ..is.J>-. ������.������' ���'  A third plank vyhicli" has been  [(honored: to the full was that  [which had reference to the liquor  Iquestipn. It .ran as foliows.:  ['"That whereas public opinion is  rat' present, much directed lo the  V  TIME  HAS JUSTIFIED  THEM.  About.a year  ago  it  was  my  misfortune to arouse the ire and  indignation of some of your contemporaries particularly  in  the  West by venturing to say a good  word for the Galician immigrants  who were  at ,that  time  coming  into'the country   in  great  numbers.    I made bold, to  question  the correctness of the-.character  which had been assigned to them  by certain strong  opponents  of  of   the  Government's  immigration policy and quoted from  the  last official report then available  to' show   how   excellently   well  those who had been in the country for a season had. progressed.  This report is confirmed and emphasised by the'latest advices received; the people  are  showing  themselves to be industrious and  thrifty, anxious to establish comfortable homes and to cultivate  their farms intelligently and  to  the    best   advantage.     Only   a  couple of weeks ago the following itemcappeared in  a  western  paper which   has  hitherto  been  far from friendly to the newcom  ors:���"Nineteen binders  and  45)  mowers and rakes have already  been sold to  Galicians  at  Edna  and Limestone Lake, and twenty  more binders are ordered for the  same district.    This is a good indication that considerable  grain  will be harvested among the Galicians  this  year."     A western  Ontario paper commenting upon  this'pertinently observes:   -'This  is substantial evidence that  the  Galicians are what the Government claimed them to be,  namely,  intelligent and  progressive.  That    they    have   thus    early  shown themselves to be'practical and enterprising in  agriculture is cause for much satisfaction, and should silence some of  those -carping'newspapers which  are persistently,-for  party * purposes, maligning those people".  "SERIOUS  REPRESENTATIONS".  The .London; (Eng.)_, correspondent of the New.York Times  cables his paper to the effect-that  "Sir Charles Tup per, the London newspapers say, has made  serious-'-representations' on tlie  Yukon question to the '/Imperial  government." Of course it is  notivery clear what ?'the Yukon  question" is, for there is no particular question in relation to  the Yukon specially before, the  public-.at the  present-  moment.  at'loa  'Lethbridge, Alberta.  E.    A.    ELTON,  Agent  FEW MEN ORIGINAL.''  Did you c,vor notice how .fujv   people  ure oi*i<;iiiu]   in   things they say   und  do?    For instance,   one  man   makes  a  fortune out of a simple thing: immediately hundreds ot others try  it. ^ This  is human 'nature.    While it  is gratifying'to be the "first man" to  briii"-  out  an idea, the great  mass  must be1 content to follow their leaders.    There  i*>  one line that is always original,   however, and that is the business ol\ Brad-  ley-Garrctson Co., 'Limited,  of Brant-  ford.  Out.,   because they   ,<-ontinually  bring   out   publications,   to   suit   the  times and  seasons,   thus their agents  are kept steadily at  it and  make  big  money.    In   faefi no other occupation  i.s more honorable, healthful, lucrative,  or oilers half as many opportunities tor  promotion.    It  is a life school.    Many  men and women in Canada to-day.   testify to the truthfulness of his claim, in  fact, it is conceded on  all  hands,   that  one year's experience with this Firm is  worth    more    to  any   young   man   or  woman,   than   two  or  three   years  at  College,  from an  educational point of  view, and financially, it is all that  can  be desired.  Agents:���Did you ever think of handling our latest work "The Light of  Life'':' If not. now is a good time to  start. S.'t.OO a day sure: some make  twice that. Experience or capital  unnecessary.  Bradley Garretson Co., Ltd.  ' BltANTFORD. O.VT.  NOTICE.  I licruby (.'ire notice Lhm sln.v iiuys after  date I intend to npply to Hit-Chief Commissioner of r.anck .ind Works. Vletorlu. for permission to pureliiise the follow-in;; unoccupied, nn-  survcyed unci iinrp.serveil Crown hincl. situutr  in Nortli K.ist Kootenuy. closed lied as follows:  ConiiiieneiiiK ut u post pliinteci oil the west lunik  of Muedotiuld creek; theuce north Sill chains;  thence east SO ehnins: thence south SO eh.iins:  thence west 80 chains, contain I nt' in all 6U1  acres.  HENItY l\ COU.KTT.  Dated ut Windermere. II. C. Unl August,  1S99. -M-u  UNDERTAKERS  y,m EMBALMERS  Present address MAGGS & RUCHES  Opposite Hunk of Commerce  CRANItUOOK.  .Telegraph orders promptly attendee! to  T. H. TAYLOR. C. E.'"������"'"  PROVINCIAL   LAND   SURVEYOR  Surveys  of   Mineral   blaims,  1 toads,  Mines, etc., ���'  Wf.NDEUMKkti   B. 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' ; THE PROSPI-XTOR-   Pu A   STEKI.K    R. r     SKi»'J KMBEK JJ, J899.
THE     PROSPJECTOK.    j IA.>rt Steele i-oV/be all rii/hi.   Wo
would a.-k.   what   i-   tlie   matter
with Port Steele now.
L-,    J'I'' 1 ISUEli     U ELKi. V   P, Y
THE   i l-i>sPE>.'±*>ll   <UMi'AA'Y.
A    h. coJAWP.   KDPKjlt AND
, THE PROSPECTOK, 1* publi-licJ
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circiil.-moii laryci tli.m .in> '..ilicr pimci
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and  contain-  double   ihe new-  of   nn>
t,llli:l   rap«.l-IIl   !•>.-"  dl-Ultt.
aj\ citi-his   inc-diiiiii 11   i- mi-
.-:.c-clU j.
The He'-ald take-eredii lo 'A-
■sell' thin it ha- a true '1 word ioi
every town in the dKlein. Thi-
statement is af varianre witn it.-i|<fy
insinuations. Ti' tlie Herald wa.-
read extensively outride tho district peoole ifli.uhi iin;lr.'ii'e tl -'re
was no town in British i/ulnmbia
but Cranbrook. ' '■ ^
IE. G. KILLER, P..)ii.-i..i,.r
A shoi;,i time ago  a   citi/.en   ol'I vp
Fort   Steele had occasion to visit i [rf/
Cranbrook.    "N hile there he was
told    that    Port   Steele   would!
'•' i never amount to  anvthiny.   thai. Jus
»c.-,-.l,:n :.s
r .' c 0 l'c i  > i
.l\c r:wi,-r ,.U'■- n. ici, k'.cw."! .tppcii-ain-ii.
■ Cranbrook would vet iret tho \///
■'( Joveriinient otiiee. and all that|Wa
'wouid be leil of ForfSieelo  was      '
a lew houses and a name.
Cantnliui c/a»-..!' sulic .ti'il J.ci:. all i...lsi'I tin     j^    j-'i'^ndlv    to!
i.t'.ra l  om .ill .'ii.i'.u i .: n'.-.c.:- cl 'fi V»-i 't.«i.' '•• • '   i.
~w: ci.. A, »i.:. i .s.^u.m.1.' people    prole--
'feeling a<;-ai:isi other town-.
i   town,    when
■   have   no   ill
Th'e de-iniet ion „or   the   liner-
j HIS PAPER ■'{s'!,,li!'.L]1!-."],','rj,-1 .\!.7\j'mi.':
o.   m.'i. r  i .i-t v.iti..r..ii 11..11. ».iiu iv national Hotel bv tire last week.   Y)«
rIKih-i.ui-  Ha.;,    .ci.cic   c.O'1!:,  r-,,u, i.. i <i..i. ,                                                           \V/a
•   .:             ' whould ini[i),i'<-. ujioii our citizens''
THE BEST OF- Flour .M.'al,-.  Rolled Oat.-, '.Split  I'oas. I'ot
Bitrloy. Navy Mean-. Baled Hay.   Oat.-.   Wheal   Bin-
,    \-<vd Meal ' D
Also Kecejves Weekly By Refrigerator Oar
Fresh    „ Butter       mttcl       Eigj&'s
l.KAVK  VOriv'  OUM)l«:iv'S  BOB'   BIB'B. W'OO'll
Rroi'npi     Ucli\-ery
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Semi in   voiu   ccider.- il   vyu, cannot  <-:i/1
PON'P OBBIOB'BOX  B,{\     —
©he $}K0&pPct&i'.
ihe in'ces.-ity   tor   improved   '''<''flw'
, proieelion.     Th*'  brigade   work-  lifexCS
Freighting Done al Reasonable Rates.
ft   All Modern'Conveniences   ft 3
Fort Steele.  B.  C. * =f
£=.Large Sample Kooms tor Commercial Men rg
'■ed wi.'ll  with   th('0;i|ipliaui-es  at:
hand, but thfv werehauiiii-apped •  '      • ■■ - , "
m tlieir elToris by  lack   of   lio-e. i. y , "
• But for tlleir ell'orts the business | , | .
port inn ui the town would today! / ", A.   ,
have been in minis.    The co.-t of - ' ,
additional appliances, is not niiu-li '
■ eulliRterill"- I ne  imilieiu-e   savillir  tt,'TTnnT»TfTTnT7tTVTTTT»r'fnnTTTT,fTnTTTTT7TTVTnTTTTtTTTnn'TTrTTrTTTTnTrmmTTTTnTTTTTTTTTf!3a
„oi la.t week H is U6eie«   tu  teii'of „;.   lh.lt        ,   bo  mtllio. |tt '       ' "    ,   ■ ' ^
,   how it could have b.en  avouled.   ,Vh]: {h|? ;,.„; y,.t >mould^u,0    ££$£    KOOTENAY    BOTTLING     CO.    -||
r. eei-nnnlr e.^i.,. ,rot-hi.\ e oeeii ,{lunv„ ^ w fop: ^ rais,. „)om.v !££      • . ' .. s 11
handled bett< ■ by ai v   u:».'i-ar-   ,(), y,pnr ,0>^ mctlUn. 0il.     A;^ " °
ize<l departu^nt.. in .act ^om,, oi  chlillJ1eai en-iiu- is what is.more.t
tnosewho uvre workin-so.tauh |pank.lllarl v    „t.„a0,i   as   beina ie
fully have had  sonic experience : -j ^^ r^(H.livt.      A sl        j«
SATUmj-W. ^f-M'ThJJBKrv". IM"'.
PIPE Pltal Et-Pioy.
:n i-oniiUf'iiTiiiir   upon  thi"   tire
ji lu.-t week i-t is us-ele.-a   tu  tell
low ir could
.': certainly <
handled betti ■ i\" ai v  mi'-i-irai
Now Open
forth Star Hote
Kirnfoerley,   B. C
H.-"W. Drew, proprietor.
in 'tire  department.-  elsewhen-. ! h?,,e JIuriUt, .^ ,,u: (,f ,ju. Oi;e-iio!iiitt        BOTTLERS    OF    Sarsaparilla.    Cin.o-or    Ale; ,  Mineral    ||
There is a lesson conveyed by B,dl pi.c.sent', whih- a hand \.u-ine i'pt  Waters etc
Tire which take.- a building from
,the biisine.-s;center of the town
is practically °u.-eless.
The Ies-1||
ie ousuie.-sjceiiiuroi me luwn. ,son>s L'(   be   i;,tu.ne(i   |,v   ou(J   bio-IPt '        ■■ ' -      33
lis lesson should be heeded. Tt ; fire an, nui^el.ous and our pebple|r| CBABB    c£   3.1 URRMY, proprietors %%
as apparent lo every   one that I will no^loubt hoed'rliPiii'. «' ' ' c      ,, •   , ||
there was a woeful   hick- of  Iii
righting appliances^   There was;    1SrDr D w r-hl„ wh0severso.
nil   in.sunicient  ainount  ul'  ho.ie
-and only pne nozzle and only one
'hook, and that .-<> unweilcly-as to
McBride Bro's,
SI16II f
aiipear'occasionally in the  Xe«'(Efe
Denver Lodso. the saine   D.   W.  tt
Mail or Telephone Orders will receive
,    -' '     Prompt Attention.
Heavy Hardware
Powder. Gaps tOFuse
who Pivo or three vears airo had
require   ha
handle iit. -(,
There hits been  Several   meetings of Iho  lionrd   of   Lrade and  glocaii.     ff so it is tho old story
;b dozen gien to ,U1 at-rimonious dispute "with
Mrotifer I>oworv over the value
of tho lamoiis Tbex'claim  in   the
'llie priuci'piil topicdi.-cu.ssed was
lire prelection. Apparently
there was no effect to their meetings outside of the room where
they were held. '' ■
' It is now time Unit a public
meeting be held and that whatever action is taken should he
followed up ;it once. It is easy
to gel together and tell whal,0is
needed but it takes money to snp-
of the lio'n anil the lamb.
Last week* wcjiad occasion to
remark upon- the great amount
of development work which is
being done in tho different
camps tributary to Fort Steele.
Later reports arc to the effect
that if the rainy season continues much longer work' oil ' many
of the properties will have to be
Cumberland   Blacksmith , Coal.
Supplies/  Drill    Steel,   Etc.   -
M i n i us*
'-   ■     THE   LAJiUEBT   .STOCK   OF   HARDWARE    LV   EAST.
ply those needs, and   now   while, abandoned' as   the    roads    and
the   ruins   of   fhe    International j trails are becoming impassable,
are     still'   .-inoking    the    town
should   lie   canvassed,    a ml   the
amounts, if  any.   subscribed  be
Labor Day was generally observed throughout the province;.
collected, and then let   there  bo j In   the   larger   towns   fhe   labor
no delay in getting what i.s need-J unions had parade*, and oven in ir
•nei.   Unless 11xi*-= i- done it is only { meetings.
;i   question   of   time   'when    tho| ■ °
whole   busbies.-   portion  of   thei
town will mi up in smoke.
Musiness and hick of time prevented .Mr. (c'race from paying a
visit to tho,office of   the   Herald
on the occasion of hi.- recent trip
1o   (Jranbrook.      It   wit-   not the  > .^
tirst time Mr. (Irace had   vi.-ited   *
Cranbrook.    He was there iiMho'
.sprimr of I"'.*.") year-   before  :)iej
•editor of the Herald knew  tin'iv
was -ucli ;i place. '
i-i on. F. Carter C'utiou was   m
'Nel.-on Sunday,     it would bo in-,
tero.-tinir   ii   Mr.   Cotton    would >
deliver  a   lectin e   on    "What    I
know   about   the    heiiver   Land
and Investment Company" belter
1 li
JUij  LU
known twenty year-auo   a^-  the'i
F.iiii'lish Company. >
lie Eldredge
Groceries, Dry Groods/
O * ' *
Boots and Shoes,
Hardware, Crockery,
Giant Powder, Fuse, Caps,
t   "«,*il.»'i,..J  iiff1!  ^nrij-**J
Fort Steele
Meat Company
Fresh Halibut.   Salmon. Salmon Trout.  Lolognu rSausage-
Butter and Eg<i-s.     Pish and Game in Season.
Riverside Avenue,
, r
Fort Steele, B. C.
K. J. HIGBYE. Proprietor.
—   First-class Accommodation for TrsveJlcs.    •-
Evcrj'tliinii    New
The   Windermere  Singe  Slops   Molh   Coino-   and   Coniinii-.
A re' l.iit'i ailvertising vales .of
the Herald as low as --fflo ior ;i
six week's insert ion' 'of .an. ad. tho li
size, .given- the ■Cranhrook cele.-'v
bra.t.ion. in Tuto Pivospi-:. '"i.-tiK..      ■''):
ie ueivioere
How   does ■ the   Herald   wiilor \
, . ,   . J Superior-tn alt others irrespective
recoileile-. t.he   stjilenieiii.s-.   niacle  f ■ .      .   .   „   ■
W'iirdiii'!-   Inl'e'c-.   \
by    him   in    tin
national^ aiid , t lic:ise f , wfii'di
iippoai-r.-om week to'.wc-ek in i|ie
Hera 1(1/
'l.'lie   ci-aiihrooU-    .Herald    ',-;iys
of price.    Cat.-ilojciic tells yon
why.    Write for one.
)  ,'..1V !'.!,'OAI)WAV,
}        New York.
Pnctc.ry,    f'"'   j
HI-I.VinriKli. II.I.. ;
Wholesale Dealers tn
'Wines, ,Liquors' a«d  Cig«r«
AI.IKNTS '   l-'Oi;    SC.'III.ITZ'S   ..I.MOEIu   ' "■ B
M cM i ll a N Fur &;j/y o otCo^
"\^ ;,' PROPRIETORS^       '
7^7^. Minneapolis/SheepskinITanner^i
Highest Prices" Paid
. • ..r/ltar;-* .v-*ccjp-     •— ~.f
No Commission Charged y:i,
200-212^FiaST4rAVE. NORTI
» .        ■ ——      " ' x-ti
|; Shipments" SollcHcd.Tt'^T?
Write"" for} Circular. THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE; B.4,"SEPTEMBER- 9, 1899.
©fye ^v0^es$&i
principal    and ■ .interest.-;;;'. Nils
Hansen is a welhknown business
St. John's Chureir of;England; ■'
Divine service will be- held   in
man ,of Wasa, near. Port  Steele)- St: x John's     church    ,at . 7.'30,.
and is reputed wealthy..
It, Takes the MCoiiey, to Run a News-
i' '.'; "... .: '/■'•'. /    ' ...paper...
, ■'. w. St. John, (Kansas)UNews.   ;;
:; What an exa^eratioi)!■',,.-Wh'ijit
a whopper! It has been disproved:;! thousand times; it is a, case
Sparks From,the Wires. ,'
London; .September 0. —Lion
awakening-. ^11 the,, signs of im-;
.'pending.' war. ■ Kruger's army it
is believed will: srrike^ the' tirst
blow..!:-: 7'Crack'regiments / ai:e ordered to the cape:, The, VolksT;
raad " is"x treated;  ";. to    vigorous
,of airy fancy.     It doseh't 'take
■ iBmeyixornBiiB^
can rii xi"; without .money." It?, is
Strangers.welcorrie., yAA  :fy
liyi Sunday   school, at [2:30.■ pi
All the.'children invited.
':'•..     PKESB YTEKtAN' CHVliC'iiAfB,:
There will be preaching ever}7
Sunday,..-•. at-.-■•■ the, ,,,»Presbyterian
church' at 1.1 a. in.- Sunda-y's'chool
at.2 p. 'to:7;., '■',''".' ■Ai'y'i'x .xxf.'.
> ui Ice in' otherwise'acquire
stdtk  in. or securities of!
not a- business venture. ;.\It is 'a,
charitable institution, a 'begging
concern, ahig-hway ;robber.o :' //A
newspaper   is'the  child  of  the
ihi and his policy
'■• ; Mv;;Laboi springs ; a new'x sensation at Ken lies, Sch wa ry.kpppeii
and Paiiiz'zardi are  supposed  to
know   who  the  traitor- is,   and
.air, it C'l-eathi^of ;a-;dreiim..'.' It j possHjlywyillC testify before; the
can'go on iiiid on, arid, any' other
Douglas  Corsah
OFFICE-^KivvrKid • Av^ni!-
'concern would "be -in  the  hands.
-; of ;i receiver and,wound-up with
xy. .cobwebs   in"  ihe y windows!.,,; It
w stakes .windto, ruri7;;a  iiewspaper;
,'it tiikt^S'galhtpriih ;ihews]ja])er^
'It takes a sclnfi lliif ing acrobatic
',; liniighiatipu^and;7,a;,.Iiall'iP dozen;
':ywhite/shirts; and' a; railroad»».pass
pfoixvuh a/;iie\v spaper,?/*BuBwhq-
; ,Jev6r ri'eeded-'moriey; td's coridnet a,
J p-newspiaperi1' i Ki ndj; words iai.:et lie
."t'v- :' ■_"■ ",,'v --■*--. ■■*■ -. ; - - ■■-w . ;   ■ ■■.■  ■ •_;- „,■■-.,   -.-   A,.. : ;.  y .: ; .,
;;:*h2edium;oi''ipex6hi!,nge;j;o dp-; the
^/business/!-for/ itheZ/editor^kind
'■'/; words; and church^sociable /.tick^'
a:etiAyiWheA; ypuiy see^ah/editoi-
,'; "with money,;;wafciv bnri;//He'll
wbe'pay i ng his; -billA an d A& isgrac; -"
w pig/his ■ih;ore^idn;';;; ^eyerigi
:f.mqiiey to ;ah'editbrw;(SlaKep;;hin:ip
w trad e^ i t; 'up. f ;*;He; 1 i ke£" 'AB s wa p!;
ff .:;|rhen«w;hehvyo;u die^ifter/hay
E.; J.  WALSH,  C;  E.
■,;'■■'■■■■ p ■''"' ■■' ilAfiASi SOO. C.'.cE. "',;; ';
Fonp.eri.v  c.in  ciiKiiicp-cji-iiii;
! cpurUmartiahif ;so Dreyfus/,will■] gAuAMo:.BAUeas<iellADi-iu/'SioB.
.be,acquitted.' .:. ■'■",    ; ,,, ,   yA'AAy ......
' United States consul at Souiie-
berg,- is- alleged 'to : ha ve us,ed
his position .to aid Germany iii
proi:uring 'French,,iriJ'drmatioii.
■ - '.The y i2illu ■'« et-', &" ■ Heel a; ■ :t h e
famous Michigixn copperlminiss,
wilh pay: a dividend f'oii'^20 per
shared-::-;. '■'p'-.w xXAxyfyiy -fA-eUx'  ■
i \ Admiral "Sampson;'''Has;'/asked'
to .be'sreljeyed,<)f ■ the'command; of;
.-the';Noi-.tli, Atlantic squiidrpn/no
ti ine'-pnias^beeii^ set^;:\vheh';hisre-;
■lief :shali;,be ;qrdered';>^
'iyilh'; ihas ■'. i be'eii /^dgcliir ed,;/ th a t:
.1 p; ()pd,.pppnien ;,;is-;: the outside, intmT<
bei- that the y Transyaal govern-7
hient Can pu ton the iiekl■ : iiB y A
//Harypsti ng; in/; Ea;stei-h;;; Waste;
ington is at a stand-'■■;stilL.'.;:.%1Ke'at(,;
ul  pruperty  suitable; ''f'.ir tl;o iiurpost-s of this
'company:   .    '   ; '    ,     ' '
(ll.) Tc.i c-iites-.'iri-.o partnership or into any
arruii'.'emi.'nt'for sLariny proiits, union pf iri-
iifrc-sis. rt-irijiroi-'al i-oricessioiis or co-opciratiou
yithpauy person"or persons. or.comiKUiy'ean.-y-
j un: on oi-aliout loc-iirry om.an'y business wliich■■
this company is auihorisc'd xo carry on. or. any
bushic-ss orti-ansactiA-n capable "of beinij 'con-
ilucK-cl so'as direcily. or ■■indirectly . to beiieilt
,ihis coinpany. anil to
aiid hold  shares or
anii io subsidise or otherwise; assist any such
company.'arid  to sell. hold,  le-'issue. with or
withniiiKUiiruntec-,- ^r,otherwise deal with such
shares or securities:.     ;  "  P   s-SiX.   XXi.,..' ,',.■'   -
112.) To purchase, take o,n  leii.se, orpin"c-x-
ehuni.'t',' hire or otherwise acquire lands, houses
warehouses, buildings', muugfactoi'les', wharyes
J and- j-'encrally any  real,'or personal property;
j also any rights or privilei-'es which  this', c-oin-
puny may deem expedient or convenient with'
reference to any' of these "objects, or capable, of
bc-inir protitnbiy dealt with in  connection  with
any of this company's property - or rights for
■lime bcint;:   !■•'   •' ' ■,.   ■. "■ As,: i,'y:  A A ■-.-■;
,-'(In.iTo pay for any iiropcrt.v or rights accj'iiir-
;ed by ihis 'company.' either in;casb oi-'shnrcs,
iviili cir without, prc-feri-ed or deferred i-iirlas' in
i-esiiectol'cliviiieiHtl'oi- rep-iymcni bl capital  or
6l'nf-rwi.se' or by any seciiritii?.s which tii'e" company has power to,issue, in- partly in one. mode
and partly in another, unci,li'ehei'iilljvon'.'sucli
terms a* 'the.direcioi'sinayappi'ove:       '    '■•' /"r
| :,(!}■) 'I'o raise.rrioni.'.v in.suc-tipa-innnner.as.Llii!,
| c.i'lrnpaiiy shall tiilu«;llt, and, hi  pai-ticuliir by
j the issue of ciebennii'es.' rnbi'i|;:i|.'e ileb'-'iitu"ri,'.<
j or clolieiitin'e snick or other form  bi' liiortt-ai-'e.
,'.. :,y i ;';i perpetual ,01" otherwise,,- chac'-kocI,'iipon' all or
  talf.of Depai't- | any cif the company's pi-opcjrtv (both pre.sent,
ifientKailwaysaiicl, Clivals.. Canada.-and lute j ami .ftitii'rej piiicliidinjr pits -iiiiciiiled "capital.
IJIrectorgf the ;l?.ubllc' Works pepai-tmeniP.df (Either by spcciIUvortiotitiiii;.seciiiMty:/:'.,■//; H
tlie leeward Islands. &;, W p yAf fiy XA',y'XAfA.ypfi.) To pay .brokers/fees jind comiiiissioiis:
i'Ai,y\.Xy"!"r,xx ";'" ;.7p 7 ■'"' X '-' — " ■''xx.i.-.p-'-j and to'i-cinuneriite,.by commission7; and 7bther-
■ .J:,L"v??ys.:' p1",1-^^5! '1-STIMATES'.-PAND I wiso^any'pci-son or cbmpanypforsiM'vices'reiid-
REPOKT.Sfo'l' Storuoe jAeservoii^ip Fil-lerecl in iiJacin^ pi-assistini; to place/iiny of'the
Roadman'!] ;pBi'irt^ "'ll1
'""'■''     - ' aiijW'overnnieiits'oi-iuithoi-itiesf.supi-iiiiii;,;'iini-
nicipa.1.' local,- or; otherwise../ that,   in ay seein
c<iiidu'ci);e to  the:company's objects,'or any of,
t Ottawa^ Ontario!' arid ;" ■ A AX: "Ay "' fAl^B. "»<ri<> .'otitnih from atiy suchSoyeruiheiit
-K.';W. DREW,     ■..':■".-
"i'i    sBh ?rpprieioB[,
Fori> steeier
Seweriicre and Ltiricl:
tion,  Piililk'/
.ways, jTi-am way 5 /&<•/,
/vi7 its ;^p^yintmen t^^^
■ww-ww'';-/aaAA'Bi ii AixbeliericeixyX BBBfyix -AAy'r'AABy-
,'D ■'•"
xiyiftiiBi iiu ';'ci:dw:' paper^£he;'sure;/ahd
p^.;;/p;hayeryour/'\v;ife seiidjn;f6i-..,three
S^^exlS-a/pcojDies;|hy-i;oh<3';;; df//yOiir
7 //':;; weepin^childrenyaridHvh^
f //-';reiad s; tl ie' gerierousiand'p to ufchi rig
;i/'/;nOtice;;abpuii yQu;;fo]'e^\%rn';hertp;.
:/;/i';^iegl ept'Tto': serid;'15!i7ceiits ;td''/tl]e
AyiA editorz/It-Avould pyerwlielnrliiiiri:
J/w/Xhe;'; edi tojwlcnd
if iiy:/;» wan ts, i s - yoiir; .heartfelt;,; tl fa. 11 lvs^*;
\"syiir»P7*s'./,, -^"'P- ;-;: '■■■'.,'sX'sA.'Xsyy-iS. isXiy.-Sxryy,'
.1.. ,.,,,iyyi\^L .0. ul -;,..-, ,,':. -.-.y;..,,. ,,.■■ . - '.-;.-,;,.■., -1,-' .;■.-■ .■..•;.,.,..';;'. 'j,.;," i'ys'r
*Kp//3913 y^hpe'r arid- ■t^i;eu;;come;;aud;i:i,sk7
ABA iprfXf r&fe/'ghu^chf JuOtice^l/^j (3.et,
yy,i...xxy.y x,y yyy ...  Ww-,.■- xy.iAsxXxxy ■■:■ :.
A iy y, and ' tli'ep /lloodp^theKeditoriwith
■AixAoi,respect aridpcards; pf/pthanks.;^
' s;'J/Tiieypmake^ such:^ spicy'/reading
'.tjwith;these glo\ying^ aud; vivid
//•77/';iriprtuary'";arficles,;' -you /.areQ;so
proud of your little .local'■ paper!
wBut/nioney^y-scPru  the'filthy
tiling-/   Don't let' the' pur<3 in no-'
cent editor,know anything about
/it:     Keep that for sordid,trades
people-wwlio:' ^charge -for •■■ their
^atlli^editor-iuidhisVlit--,^ _
:;//S;epte'riiber;4/-^'LQridon "pa]iers j':^,:'';^/.i;/-'-'sf;-''^^
diink.r':ihat;^;eslden t;^
reiilv!- /.is77 ;dininbus.:;:i:/;; Tiierefo re yxABxA:.wisrBRAkRBV^Aic'.'ii
Lip i^ksk wa r;TKOKrsixt>/:Ay;; /kxtra/
A[irByBAAA:Aoyii'A.:iA TcA-AiuiBA
.f 1;0im a';Bri ti sh;-poi 11 trpbij; viovy/itfis;
quite-useless" to;'pai-iey46:h2:ef;//'/'l^
-   ,-r,,. :■ ISS-y'i"   . ;■-;...    ' ,•■-• ,■■<„■,Sy   s "■''■   :■:''.'   ,. :■:   \   ' ":i,  '   y  r.s. y-.y- y   ir-yrx"- ■ ■�� A ■:'
;;i;pAdniiral'.';;De>v%y;/ "iS/A inoBsB-BB^BAysA^AxBAAB
;•'. / T.heS^r10ui;ted/w Statc^ ;;'.c;rriiser J;/;;
^plemfee^fciiip:!^^;^'^i |'S// Ba,
yx; A^\.-,'-Hund red;»mi 1<^ wi^glay yfyAA&
.-,.«,  yxs.y,;,:,. ...,y.yy,.    .jpji'    4. q+      1   -0;: n ...■ I' A BB- AB^'tAMyAArit^tiA pi:ivile«es//aiul;
p    .;...;..; nPj/.nP... p^.^ think it.. 1
.Z/';-.;Z.;Wi(/.';;:!P.:'./' BAxi ■■ ■/'''. './■•." P;; /s/ww./-/.,;7i!wdvsii'ablu'to obtain, audi tio carry/out,, exercise;!
'^!~i^gViiP^B,,'BhB'Bi.i~X'iBi.X .vpp; ; ;; iiii<l,cpinply.with,:i.ny,suchai-i-ah>rements.ri(;lils
BXAsi yxyAjA'Xixfw'fAiS'Hii Oili'VAwAxii if'^'l'ejfesahd concessions:;';AiiAAfvBAB'A
Xy x's' j."'.-   x  -XA-. ": ' .'."' ''''',.;;'' .'■,,"' :■■;-// '/■iv;'.:h,l7.),-.'iyi''s'(in;tife';wiiqle'.o'i;,i»iy part pi' t.he-uri-
filer aUiriifiiiul property opf.tiiePcompaii.v/to.'aii.v
I.otlier company p or. ariy'p,person Vor pei'spns ior;
/sucli price/either wholly oi' partly in,rrioriey-o!'
iAi-A iAXBXsAiAA:AAjtx::Aiurcs'A)AtBAA)iiniuvi!AytAAii\i'^iuAiiA
wltll;^,^•/,.•;,:^';//■';0'1'l,l'ly■'l'll', "on 'sucii tei-ms'as.tiiis coaipauy
AOTAKY   Pij 111 At:. .:...:■     y,r   -:    -,.;,,..     'yy.,.- ;    :.y     ;        ,       - ,  ;.
...-,;.,.   ... !..;j.... .:>.;■;,. ,!; iiia.y cleeiii expedient, and to,ac(]ui'.;cMhe, whole
' A'':i xBiAsAsifXii. ;i <iiv :i»iy part of. ilieptindei'takiiiicinid property of;
] ortotherwisC'to airiaii?amate''witlir'iiiiyp'Atlier
j.coiiiiiahy.establisliecl forbbj(>(:ts'siVhila!-iiii.'en-'
/ei:a,i;,chai'iicici\..io ilicise o'f.tiiis/conipaiij-rrbr/of
I aiiy such' olijc-cts,:'//'*!;;7;-; Ay ,''////':. XXXXy A.,:,''-
', ./I'^-LT'l proniotpeoi-pfprmdi- iiPssist in the pi-o-
fmbti'oii' oif'l'oi'uiiiiloii'qi ,'Vii1y,,oi,l'iL'i'"con!piiiiy/.lor
the p'u'i-po'sti ol' :iccj iii ri ii" ii 11 fii/aiiy bi' 1 lip prop-
xsample;;; -kogms^eqk;;/
fn''Every Particular^w^
yiincinirclirectlyor indire'ctly; the pbaec'ts oi- iii--l./f;//;;,t;:;:;.:rW/7i/pv',,./;P ./,;://■. "■ ;/:':/;t ;/.■-/ .;/,/;; „p.p, ;-:;;,; ...1; . yX <::,s:,X
Qi-.aiiy othei-.piii-ppsepxvliichl-. /;.../'////pw'/o///■ ,"p//■iiiyiyX.y.XX'iX'-w//'.A'Xi'AxA /•,;/,;,/•,;/.!''■' /';//,,?
)!■ JiHli.r'ectly./esi'lctr:!^ ' /:/p/ppwv;7 ///.,■/'.//:;'..:.!; '■:::'' ; '7;  XXis
',-'QOjii»ASiiiS ''Mrfi
: cPPASAUA^aS,,;//';*!!*''
nr, Ijiiri'isif Giii.iLMiiiA.T/'
Aa-^BA iiiiA i'ii AiA'"iiii AA AAAA Aii',
I JLw (I^nw^Creeiv). XI fild". MinesU-iT/iiiiitijciS in
aiiUiorizod and.licien'seci Lcpiicarryybiiip;business
w'ithinitiii/Proviiici.''')!'' PJ.li'itisii/ViOluinbiii. :a.iid
terests tl:L'i'L'(if,,or:l'C!
iiiiiyssec;iiy directly, oi'
be nejlt 'life ^onipiiiijVbypiiyiiiy-cii-'p c^bii-iliiu- j
itij.'. lc,iw:ii-dsli.jie;xyreiiiniiia')\y.;c:x
,Vi<.l;iii;;:)n.':\vi|(Se oi' i'Aip'i'tiic-'c-ii'iiiuv) crcbic/i-/;
\V'lse/:i;irt;io;f)il;L^.a/;ii iii'; :^>r;cj!il,;;ywUii iiiiijuWi;:
,.iiiiii,jioi(i sliai-'es in any s'ucilc-ijinpiiiiy or hi rtii;/
other coiiipaiiy/and tOKiiiiriiiitee'-'tlie-payni'e! s"
,of iUij^tlciiij.ni^Ves'o™
.ariy.such coinpaiiy/.'iintripiiutiraiiteeoi-j.iiiiO.Cr-.p
;>yri Lea/stii isciri pti -in S./fbi- A'it y/sttick.^sliafcfri.-bi';
rrii'riiriil'i-ott li'-ia   Vvfifir'i-'-i I tir ' AkBAAB •■-'Pio ilmo",n- °t" d16,capital of -the coaiipiiny.
coiii iiiittee1,Jias,omcii^tiy,.de(jid
;.,''yyares., w.The//editor , gives ■••;his
':'bounl;yv;away./ The/Lord loves a
'y \cheerf uhgiyer !';;/;;|I.e.Ul;;p,ttiike.eare
Ay.(}i[the editor, w,7He';lias a charter
/from the state1 to;act7'as/doorniat
;,; for ,thp coni puny/ / .He.; will^get;.
',;the    paper    out  sonielibw; - and
s.'stand. pU]xfoi-^the/to\vn and whoop
.'■ -i'tfor ypu \vheu;yoir nui; ii'orX office, aiid I ie aibout .your;/pigeoii-
■ ■■'' toed ;daught:ers , tacky.' wedding,;
and blow n.bout' your  big-footed
sons when; they.get a §-l/ii,' week
job/and .weep-over your  slirivl-
.  led .soul when it is released from
its miserable hulk,, and/smile   at
, your giddy   wife's  second ..iiiiii--
riage.w Don't  worry.'about the
editor—he'll get on Lord 'knows
how—-Hut sonlelibw:  ,       :   ■'       ;
'A Pioneer of Pioneers. -•';'''.
Colonel David W. McLaughlin,
son of the celebrated Governor
McLaughlin,    is.   visiting   ,Fort
Steele.'   Tlie  Colonel   has  lived
'pin  the   Kootenay is' for  the   last
forty  years,   arid . is  at. present,
living ait Port Hill. .Idaho,   and/
engaged, in the real estate? .business.
the;cub;/7 ;':A":xx,A'/iX XxixA /'/ / /
'-■/',■ <J.     ',       ,    ''     '��''   '■;",  -;', ,;:'P'' ,P ■-'■';.'■'.   '"t,.
:'-: The, Goluiribia;; again,"defeated
tlie' pefendei/on September A IB
by 10 iiiiiiut:es,ancl/7: seconds/ //
'■;,. Transport' 7Morgan-7City -/was.
;Wrecked;poff tlie d'apan ;coast.^,, all
Haiids;.sayed.: /' A.Ar''''x-'B,'-:■ ■ Ay
X Arichivage, 'has  been; made/in
tlie/.; Rrissiau'   • iiiiiii.stry,::■'■■■/'.','fifb';
ptticials  lid;ve been ^relieved :, of
their pprtyfolios;••".-;/ iBit..A:x ," L;/
:-';; John.' Flanagan., has /'■.-.made 'a.
new /worlds 'recprd/'iii Jiainirier
throwing.;wile threw the;inissile
•104 ; feet/ v): wnches;- eclipsing tlie
i-ecprd,of .l(iT feet.; /    "xyf "■'•        ;/
;; Great.liBritaui'/.will,,, probably
consent/..;to;-'the-p-plaiis    of /the.
•United' Statris/in.relatipii 'to/ tlie
'Ni.ParaguiI,':G^liiil^p^^^■'//',■;'//./ "[Ax.
/ Railroad Rumbles.'''.]
.'VV.yiF. Tye,, ;chief en'giiieer of
the Penticton braiich of the C.
P.;R. :has been appointed super-
intenderitof thP newTine. The
C. P. ll: i.s doing ii, good work- iii
pi-irinofing its engineers.
The new railway to ihe-Bound-
ary creek country- will; not ..be,
tiikenover by the(C. P. R. uni.il
it is completed to Mid>vay.'
President Shaughnessy of the
G; P.. Bi, is shortly expected, to
visit British Coinmbia to make a
tour of inspection over new
lines.' ''.-''"■.
■   ''-.''        Law Suit.
:The'Nelsoh Tribiin.'- 'says;
big suit will shortly  occupy'
'citl'OiitTbii of tlie ■courts,
feed .years ago .1; Hiinseu.execuf
dd an.' agreement in Sweden
\tdiicli was in the. nature of .'an
ii.ssiginiieiif for i)7.i>i)(.h Swedish
Tlie Heirs of J. HVuiseii
■'.'.,General MCiniug- Notes.
A big strike is reported on the
Mascot-one pf the pro[iert,ies of
the Big Three Mining Company
of Rossland, the vein; is six :;
wide and i;he ore is valuei
§2li-l-.(5,I; per ton. ': Hon. .R.
Pope, is■ largely interested in
I at
Hn.!l Mine.-
j | ior Led I.^U tons of (.',op]ier   matt
[ last week- of llie value of -^-lu,51
,.     .made   up   ;i,s'  follows:      Silvei
are now suing  Ails   l-.I.aii'seri   I.oi- !!si',|.07!J.   copiier    s
^5i,-l7Ti. biiing the baliiiiice due of; gold.
hice.'is situatPt; at I-'ort Sieele. and .lames White
.Uobei'tson Younii./iuiiiiiiif.i'iiijjriiieoi-. \yliiisu address is l.'-oi't: Steele aforesaid,  is auoi-iie.v foe-
the coiiipaiiy. ;/;;/', v,;/i '//''  '"iAA./'^ /".'
v The objeels;fpi'.\yhieh;tliu cbiiipiiiiy liiii/lpieeii,
established iirci:—-, ',yV ■' X:AXyt. -.-'<■   yy -y'"■'■■' n,
(i..) To iiccpiiiVtrold mines, niiiiiiii; rights and
auriferous lanit. and aiiy real or personal', pi-op-
'prty -hi iiritish.CVliinibiii. Australia.-JSTewPPZua
iuiiil; Soiitli Africa, or elsewhere. ■ ''and aiiy in-
.tui-est'tii.ereiii, and in particular to iidopt and
carry into ell'e'ctWvith or withciii 1/ liiodiiicatipu.
a, proposed contract, with' the l'7inaiicia,f Cluar-
anCee .Syiidiciite,7 Limited.- iden ti lied .bys tlie
signature oi' the first signatory hereof:^- ;* ..
i(i.) .To'.seai'cli for. prospect, exam'iiie. aiid explore, iiiines. and ground ,believed1 to; contain;
iniiierals or precious .stones, a ml'to search, for
aiid ubtaii'i. information' in  regard -io;,iiiines!'
illinium claims, mill ing districts and. localities:.;
f (A) .'I'o'pui'cliiise. lake on lease;or: by concession? or otherwise ac'ciuire ui'i interest in; aiid
■ to hold. sell, dispose of. and deal; with injneis
and initiiii!,' rights.7,,and  property' believed/to
contain   liiiiierals/ or'prci'eiou.s   stones   of- all
. kinds, and with undertakluffs'eoiiiiecied tliet'e-
wifli:,,to work, exercise, develop., linance, 'and
turn to account the same, and,to- buy.  soli   re-
llne.   iiianipulatc..,.,!inii. cleiil i\\\  nietals  of   all
ly'iids/aiid in particular jiohl/silver aiid 'ptliei-
.precious metals aiid:preciolis stones.- /:
:;(■(.) To ti-ansact :ind'carry bn'/iill  Uinds cil"
■ai-'ency aiid 'ci.inimi.ssipii business, and  in piii:-.
ticular. to ccilject' moneys,   i-oya'llies/revciciui;.
iutei'est.J'eiiLs ancrclebts: .to aeyotiate Ibans. tc>
lind' iiivostiiieiits.and tii Issue! and -place, .shares
-stocks'. iVoiids, debentures'; cllibeuturc ..stock, or
securities:    /   ■  , '■   ■    :'   '/:  ; .      " ,■   '..'
.   IS.) 'I'o' I'ui'iiisii   iind   pi'civlde deposils   ,-iucl
^uai-iintec i'linds  rcc|Uii'ed  iu   relation   to any
tender or application for aiiy ccmti'hct. cCiiices-
sion. decree:, enactment,■■ properly  or privilct'c;
in relation to tlie cnrryinir out of any, coiitnict.
concession, dcicu-ee or eiiacliueul:
(li.).'l'o carry cm.the business nf.niel.nl found-'
ci-s. ,iniiie liwiiers.  snielters. enirineei's.   nier •
cliaut's. s|iippc!i-s. ow.acM's.   maniis-'ei's. or over-,
seers cif  mines,;  railways., tramways.   as.'eicts.
carriers, traders, manufacturers, and contract-
prs. or aiiy business or bnsinc:ssc:s  coiiveiiieni-
ly carried on in connection therewith-, or calcii-
'lilted directly oi'inclin.-cl.ly lo inhanci: the value
of or  render  proiitable  any  of llie cMiinpany'.-
propc.-i'iy/.bicsinccss orrii.'hts:
(7.) To construct..purchase, lease, or otherwise iiciiuirc. railways and Irani ways; and to
eciiiip. -"iiiiiinl-alii aiid work, the same, or any
railways or trainw.-iys which ihe c-nmpan.v. may
p'osse.ss a.rii.'ht.lo run nvcM-aiid work:
(.-j.) To apply for. obtain, purchase:, or/oilier-
wise admire, any p:il..-:ils. bn-ve-ls 'Iliaveniioii.
licensees. e'oue:,..-.ssin!is. ii-ade s,-c-Ve-is. privile-'cers.
rit;lils anil iiil'onnation. wlu'iln-i- at.. luiirii* or
abroad, Uc iicniilsliicih ■ .if wliich. may., seeiii
ca leu la I eel clirec-Uy ":' iinlin-c-ily 1,1 heue'ili. this
c-ciiui y/nnl i-'iiiw-.   exercise-,  , 1.• v".-1..)..  :.'.r:nl,l.
Ile-erisi-s in rc-iiee-i. of. m- uiln-ruis,. mi-ii lee ae--
c-'oiiiii. the- pn'|iefrt..\'. rii-'hts. ancl inloi-iieai l-,n ^o
ac-i|llire-d:     ' . ■ WW, .
' i'.i.j't.i iiiiiiiiif.'icl.iirc;. e.le:ii ,iu'. ieiid tn Mini in
llccounl all lilllels of liull'liiliery. illl|'i],.li,,'iit.>.
ai'liclCf. and prodia-ts.' in.-bl;-m:i.ll.\-.,-n- ..■',m, v.-tii-
enilly coniiee'icil with any sne-h nasiiii'.-. as
llforesnnl:   . ■' j;
' (Id.) To pnre-liasci or ,niie-i-u-i.-,c- '':icie-|ulre-al'icl .
iiiidei'Uike all or any pari ,,l lib- beisiue'rss. pp.'-p- ;
crt*y unci li;iltilili\-s-<»f any ]n-rsem ,ei-,jje-i->r,ns or j
company onrr.viii::'in any-business whic'h tlii- j
e-emipa n'y is :inlli"risi.-d ie, carry oii. or jhi>s,-s/,.,I '
,;.-[|i,-J; 'f'b aciceiit .pa.viuenr. Ijoi-/aiiy .property; ol'
rights' /sold;Oi;,:p otherwise'elispiised . of/or; cleiil t
v.'illi' by the company either in'ciisli/.-b,v-.iiist:iIT
.ineiits pi; othe; wi^e/'bi-'-in  sliai-'es; of any. com-
capital ibr'-citherwise. or/ by 'uieanscOf a ind'ii.7
(,'iiKe,. or ..by:.;iiebeHt.iii'e.s.'^^ pclebyiifure „stock or
-yy-sysy-y "•;;-"-r.-.,'" ;•-■■;-•,"; "-"���•■ -"■-
pauy; pwitlrdi- without .dci'cryeU : c'.r pr<:i'er
l'i^lits iii;i'espect"of1iliviele.'iids or/rejpayiueiit
^a^riboo ;;Rbds; A>Af:
':".. Grrin 11 cart/Rods'
inorti.'ai;c;'.'dcbenture.s of aiiy conipany. or partly
iii one 'mode i'i lid. partly in anotlier. a nil Veiio'r-
ally- 011"such; terms as the Directors may approve:, '-c ,':■'". -  •'-     ..' ':'■'-': -'.'•;. ■-.'■' XJ'Bx.    px-pp;
; I -t)'] ;'l'6 'construct., a I tciv, i 111 prove.-; nia i ii iaiii.
work: manage, superintend, carry.oiiu- or'con-1
ireil aii.y.roail«;iiys', train ways, railways; branch'-!
es.or'.sidiiij-'s-. reservoirs, water-courses./wharves, iiiiuiufiictories. ship.s;  warehbuses."! shops,
stores, and otheivworks. buililinexspor conveniences,which;may seeiii, calciiliiled/ directly-'oi'
.jiidire'oi'lyiUo advance tlie. coinpaiiy's in terests:
.' |2I.'] 'rO'inahe. draw; accept, indorse anil ex-'
ecuie promissory notes; bills of cxchaiifre. am!
otlier;nei_'otiiible iristruiiioiiis:   ' /  /!;/./.'/
sets of! tlie!coic)ij;liiy  anions the lnembors in
speciePpr otherwi.se:;;-;--'     ',;!;•.';'..
.4^:1,1 .Iro'recejye-Hioney., upon.deposit,' at, iii-
tet-est 6rpllicrwi.se! and to invest and ipleiil'.with
the'; iiioiieysi.cil' the coiiipaiiy ,not iinniediately,
reciuired.   u'pciii -jiucli 'securities -aiid . in r'si'ich
.milliner-ns .lnay   froinHinie  to time lie deter-,
!iiiiiied:'     ' "'■    / ■,.,     .   .;.   ':   ■;,,''  ;•■",,. 7 ■/ ■'...-
'I^-I.f 'L'o leiid nioney.'tej such persons aiid on
such terms'as inay! seem expedient, and in.particular to, custoiiiers :olJ ami persons having
deaiiiigs with the couipiiiiy. and to guarantee
theperibrniance of contracts by. inembei's of,
or persons liaviiigdealinss with the company:':
,|i-i. i 'i'oobuiin aiiy provisional oroiher order
,oi- license of-llie Hoard ol'Trade or Act of l*iir-
lianient for enabling the conipany. to.carry any
of its.bbjecls iiito eiTect. or ior eilectingaicy
iiKVdillcaiiouof ihe company's constitution:
j.'-'t).| To subscribe 10 iiny l'lind.'ccirponuipic
or.inslitution. whether incorporaied or licit Iu —
coi'])brateci. and to act by delegate or otherwise
upon any trade ceiiincil. cominittee..i,-haniiie-r of
ceiiiimercc. syiicllcate..or other body of 'persons
fnrnii'd \n lawfully .promote eiilie'r ihe; general
interest of the trades to which lhe 'business'- of
the c-oinpany/'is allied, cir any other business
.that may he conducive to the interests of iho
c'cunpaiiy:      : -      '      ' .''
!-'"..l 'I'o. support en- subscribe ib any ebsiril-
'ahie.iir public body, anil 1.0 give "jieiisious.
gratuities, donations, and emoluments to any
persons employed by, or rendering scrvice-io
lln- company: ,■'.'/ "
.'■(•>'.;| To ilei any-or'! all eel- tlie n.hiive.ihiiifts.-
eilln.'r as principiils. . ageilis. coiilracteirs. or
ciilii'i'wI.Sc In any part of tile: world, and either
11 lone- or in ctoii^ru.ciioii wliii oi.Iiers. and eli.hei:
Ivy or t'iii'.nigh iigciiits.-suhc-oiit riiclcci's.' l.riisl.-es.
>r -)lb':r\\;ise?:-.
! —"-'. I 'I'o do all such thliigsas are incidental or conducive to the altaiunicnf of t.lie
abeve objtM-i.s. And it Is hereliy decla reel' thai
the' word "Company'; lu this clause shall.hit
ele-ciifeil. tee include any partnership-'or ,ulcer
body  cif  persons.' -wluitlier iiicorpoi-ii te-d or, not
i» -poralccl.  .'ind. whether ;doniici|i-ei .in   lie-
eniic-d ICinediiin or elsewhere, and su 1)1,1,1 , tlie
olije-cls. specilied in '"each1 paragrapii ul' ibis
clause shalJ |except where oi.lii:i-wise.c:xju----,-i e
in -iiyb'ii:ii'iigr.aiih.| b- in rn/w.-iv liiiil't'.-.l. i>v
i-e-feri'iii-i; toiiny oilier paragraph. '
' nve-.11 • imiler my  hand  andWeal  of ciiiU-e-nl
Victoria.   I'rovin if   llritish  1'obiinbia.   ibis
I llll .hey 11J August,    u.e l.;i(MlS!llie|.-i!'hl lilll|d|-,-e
ami nil ('1.,-iiini'.
!-s. I - S.  V.  WCi'.VJ-i'c i„v.
Pri/ii.1 rnr 11J ./../,',/ .^Iiirp-fumininii.i
.«■««. ;-
Fish/BixskefsJ. ...
vS.''Landiri g/ JJ.o'ls1;
ft In fact a complete 'spbrtsmans! paradise.:   /;^  / ''["['.:■'[aAf:
i&i'AAX Asy's ii',,X A y.sysy.yyi' ,■   A" sAyA,, ;-■ ■-.,   ■/,' .'•- ;-';■ i'i.AyABBBy:.:
:'V   X- ■•■:■■ ■■""■/,. ' ;; ''    -r'    'V;-. XA,:-   ■'-      -'"...■ .;„;...'■'vw-. A■.■'::.    '"-'ysys.Ays
ffe x.y S i ,X"-■    -■ -.       ■■■■'-.     .,..-'.,■,■:,,-.■:■-..:.  r ■; . . v ...r.....   -. ;., -•-.
,'3'«:'  v [i-i- ^ros1^^9?'sBn^: iM^tei,S"Shouild see/tliealisiilay- of ;
^ Compasses'^-:Mineral ,Grlasses,;;.Spectacles,:■ Eye-;Shades■> Bye^
i»i!' Shields -and Smoked Glasses.     ,/ ■ ://///.   -wp Bxxyf    but
'-'$?;.. '.';.,;..■-, ,-.:'-  ■"■     ".:'.'. ..      ''.'..,:.. v    '    .-' P.. ■   '' ,- •    ,-' '■ ' ii. ,y ri Xr ' .:   ■'       ..;.. .;.. .''■''.:.':.
ft'i'"AxAAB.Ay.i"iAifAA "A'iyyA 'a': BXi:y[xi.yAyf.yyiBi,yAyfyx
■■''■'';;.'•','. Casting.: Tiihib^./'':?»r':
T... . ,-t :.'■  ;    /■  .\L'aA.-
yyy.xyyB"'. Byyyxyft.x
iXXAAx  xifci
;■,,,„■       -.■■:»♦.»-.-
• :?♦.»•■
3£y■■■■ bsbb. My^^ocl^oJ'Toilet Sp^ps^s;comp
3r".ih:this Inie isi astonishing. - ; :;--: :.'f; ;.;i: :':■ -.C^ >;  '.:,: a-bbi.^ 1b ■:''■■*■ ■' ■ "*tT.
«£•'■;,!,  ,r                                          :■,". '-;.'1'-'- ■                 "               -     -                                                                                      'V ""                         ''-'.»;|V.'
tyy! '■ ■-,  ^ ;'-.■-     ,'■■..    'y -B: .■                   i. 1    "'.'            ,;.■.;.            , ,.;..;' .,,.\..A a ..*.. .:-.-.a*-.b. .„,!*fe
fiooii DruQ fiaii
■*•♦•"■     .''■■ '.;■.'■  - •'; ■--   ,-';- '".'■■.      ■■-.  ■ ■■' 1;
§ A. Wi'-BLE-ASiDELL, &¥*'?■*
*#;■■ ■  .-.
-FQRT   ,, '■■' '
..'' '."-"STEELE"'
i ..ts'olltio'e uf Phtu-nuicv^'i?.
iiijtl!itJ^iLJL*iL^Jt^.wji^ife:J^ H*'».At: -*d  .i>  k4,   ,-rt>   .-«:   . ti   'tv
Getieral TVlerctiartts
Miniiio supplies a SDeciaftu
Minors yoino-
,   sn Villi? illH
11 «v 1.;
uoi.-tJnvard.yia Canoe River Route will iiiid it. a iiu-...
convenience lo procure, their. supjilies at   Donald.
-SOLE .AO'RNTS.'jfoi
Canton  Steel Co
Winderniere, (
olden iind.
Agents  at  Windermere  for  the California Giant Powrfer Co. THE PROSPECTOR-' FORI  STEELE B.C. SEPTEMBER '<), 189!?.  &to %fi\y$pixbov.  ��� SATL'Kil.W. SKl'TK-MHIOi: !>. l*W).  Of Interest to Miners.  Eight hundred dollarsinUnited  States gold coin weighs 4',', ounces Troy. Nine-tenthsoi' this is  ' pure gold, one-tenth alloy.,  Hence. ^OU divided by iK7gives  �����:.'li,()71ri the coin value of one  ounce of pure gold.  The term extralateral is used  to denote the right to pursue a  vein on its downward course outside of and beyond vertical  planes drawn through the side  lines of a lode location, into-aud  underneath the surface of adjoin-i  ing.or contiguous land.  With metallic copper worth l>  centa per pound a unit (twenty  pounds is worth $M.Uu. The cost  of treatment of copper ore varios  with the character of ore and the  mi industrial lux on all miniiiir  apparalu.-e. a stamp duty on nidi  page of the rcquirc/d set of hooks  required by mining, companies,  a 1- per cen 1 duty on the prolits  of railway transportation of ore.  etc.  A fault sometimes dislocates a  vein hrsuch ii manner as lo be  very pleasing to the prospector.  If the fault occurs nearly at right  angles to the course of the strike  of vein, aud,the --throw" is, not  too great, the prospector can  readily understand what inn; taken place, and knows just how to  proceed." Sometimes a fault occurs which nearly coincides with  both dip and strike of thi- vein.  The displacement may then re  suit iii doubling the vein, giving  it twice its normal width, but a  .short distance away one side ol\  it mav bo entirelv lost,  and  the!  e '.  other side will flatten out audi  the vein present every appear-'  a nee of playing out.    By sinking  side   may  Port    Steele  rewing  FORT STEELE,  B,  C.  Co.  MANUFACTURERS     arid     BREWERS    OF    EXTRA     KINE  BEER  IM  PORTER  SOLD    BY   THE    BARREL,   .KEG   OR"  BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  MACHINERY  COMPLETE    PLANTS  Ready for prompt Shipment IN OUR ROSSLAND WAREHOUSE  BOILERS  HOISTS  Rand  PUMPS  BUCKETS  CARS, WHEELS  and AXLES  Wire Rope and, Supplies  compressors 'm Drills  'Tlie   Milwaukee'  A   familiar  name   for  tlio , (.'hioajro.  Milwaukee vV St. Paul Kailway. icnowu  all o\ ei-the Unioii'a.-   tht?   Oreat   Kail-  way  running ,lho   "Pii'iitcr   Liinitid."  train.- c-vt-rj day aiul uii^hr between :>!.. j  Paul   ami   Chii-a^ii. ' ami, Omaha   ami i  t.'hicairo.   --The only  iiorfoct  train-in J  ihe worki."    U:idei>iaSHi:   l-oiiiKviic.ui>,  arc  :naile   w\ih   .W   Traiii-eon!mental ���  Line;-,   as-iii-iny 'Jo tiu:-:-.-jn;ro>-- tho bc?l j  mot hod of reduction.     Some  of  the  largest   copper  mines   pro- j and crosscutling  om  duce metal at a nominal  cost   of J usually be found,  five cents per pound.    In must of; ���        ���' '��� ���  ,'  lhe mines it i.s more. j .  Native gold though 'yellow by-  reflected light, is green by transmitted light. ' When silver , is  employed as an alloy tlie color of  gold by transmitted light is light  green.     When'ailoyed. with cop-  ���n per the color is emerald green or  pven*blue by, transmitted  light.  When in a state pf  fusion  gold  often  exhibits,   a   bluish   green ; ^ kv  known., . Ui.\u;-iou-  coai-l;  lint, and at a iiigher temperature 'elm-trie.- lisrh:-. j-toam he.nt. uf a vei-itv '  gives off  purple'   vapors.      It   is j ����injloa by no o '  one of the most perfect conduct- j  ers of heat and electricity. I -    ,    T- .    , 0  J I m the united states  or  l unaci.-.  ,    Gold is deposited in .segregat- j ticket im-nb .-ell them.  ed   bunches  of, greater or  less!    l-'oi-nut's, pamphlet* or other info  size, a.s irregular  masses,   crys- ! m:Ulon- a'Wi-u.--.  - tals"    dentritic   infiltrations',' * iu ���'"'��� u"- <-'asky.        (\ j. Kddy.  foliated, fernlilcoand other forms  in crevicesjn the rocks, and are  called pockets.     The genesis of  - these, accumulations  of gold   is!  hot  understood,   though  it  has  been  .observed   that   they   frequently'occur iti veins at the   iii-  IOUTSIDE OKDEKS CJ1VEN STRICT ���# PROMPT ATTENTION  Write for Estimates and Catalogues  JENCKES MACHINE CO. CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  ROSSLAND,    B.    C  1\ R. MENDENIIALL, Manager,  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ���J^\��l^  Sick &'��� "Williams, Prop's.  ^mfjmjmmmmmmmmwsmmimmwwjjmmwmw^  I" N. HANSON! 1  General Merchant  LsiQuor Dealer.  AND  -^r  .. lino.  .Set-  that  voai- :k-kci read- via ��� -Tht-!  Milwaukee" ivhctn -_'oin<;   to''any  point J  Ail '  CARLIN  & DURICK  Manufacturer of all-Kinds'of Lumber.       A large assort-  "���'merit of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always  on hand. , '���> ���  ��= DIMENSION"     LUMBER  SPECIALTY.'       '.=3  Trjv. 1'a^. Ant..  SE.XTTLK. W.\SH.  , t.,"o.'ier.>l A^'ent.  POKTI.AXl). OK.  ��� tersection   with    cracks    which  , "have a- strike nnd dip   dill'ering  ,/from ihii-'- <?f t'h.y vyin.    .Some--'  Mines llicy lire found where a  change of formation taires place.  While there is a great variety in  the conditions under which pock-  vis occur, l.liey lire usually found-  in any particular miiie'surrouncl-  by similar conditions.  '    Ahuninuin is now in,great   de-  jiiiind-for various purposes, such  ���as-illloys with- copper, for electrical conductors, and for lithographic plates. Li. is superior to  I'm or iron for cooking utensils  ii.ii(l the high price of copper is  causing the new inetal to be used  ' for power transmission wires.  America produced fi.:X)0.000 lbs.  during IK'.)*, being over half the  total yield. The Foyers and  and Swiss works also .show an  increase, but Germany has ceased to manufacture the metal.  Molybdenite is not used on the  Pacific coa.->t. Concentrated it  it worth about ��i'0u per ton.  In the year \&*'i but S:i lbs.  of aluminum were produced in  the United States. Tn >J the  amount,was l."i0 pounds, and in  'cS.'i was i's;5 pounds. hi -M3 il  was :j.mifi pounds. During the  succeeding years the production  A DIAMOND FOR A DOLLAR.'  A   Limited   Special   Offer Which  Will Last'for Ten Days Only.,  IIKXUIXK IIAKK10S DIAMONDS have a  worldwide roputation. It is almost im-  |ios.-ilik: to dirttJiijiriu^Ji them from .gen-  Ill an diamonds (\o-jtiiifr hunch-eds- or dolliirs Ciicli. They are worn by the best  il'iiioplo. Wo will funs'ard a (IKXUI.vk  BaukiOS Dia.mO.vu inounlod in uheavy  rinir. |>iii, o;- stud lo atiyacldri>f upon  the i-eeeipt of |)fii;e. $1.00 each. Kai-  riiic,--.-. rfc;row>. or drop.-. *2 per pair.  Uiii�� .-ottiii^ are made of one contin-  uoiif piece ol thick, shelled yold. and  warranted notlo tarnish. 'Special combination oiler for len days'only! 1 tiny  and Mud sent to any address upon receipt ol id.."iO. In ordering- rin�� ifive  linuer measureinent by using- a piece of  string- -also full particulars. Address  plainly.' - '  ���l-IIC   ItUJIUOS  DIAMOND CO..  MSt-IIS'i Broadway.  New York.  GENERAL  Fort  Steele,  |      IKflSfl;'- ��� - B.G.      ��  MERCHANTS  ���' Eest  Kootenay.  Sole Agents for the  Canton Steel  COMPANY  This Steel is guaranteed to be equal to Jessop's or Firths in all  ' ' Hard Rock Wokk.    ;   ' .,.�����.  - -.11  DON'T   FORGET  -it n  The Steele House  CKHTIl-ICATl-:   01-'   THI? .UKGISTKATrON  OK -\N KXTIIA-rROVINCIAT. COMPANY  ��� Com p.* niks' .UT. IS'"."  ���Jftniy 6'rm/// Jfuiiii;/ Compiiny.'  K..^Mitl-(1 tin: lMl. dny of .Inly. A. D.. liW'.i.  I hc-rc-by certify tlnct Iliiivc tlii- day re��i--  tiTtu the "Horn.' Croup Minini: Company" a-  an Extra-Provincial Company, iiniler tho  ������rompanic^- ,Act. lt-97." unci to carry mil or  effect all or anv of the object- hereinafter set  forth to winch the H-ui-lative authority of the  I.t-Kislauirc of llnti-h Cohinihia extend-.  The head Office of the Company 1- situated  in th��- City of Spolc.inc.  Slate  of  Wa-liin^ton.  | r. s-. A.  i        Tin amount of the capital cif  llie Company  !l.  *ii/0.<jO>   dmded   imcj  I (nKMKiii -hare- of 10  increased rapidly.      Tu  !M it iiad ((.(.nlK,..,,.���  reached loO.Onn 1)0unds. in ���!!.")   it I     th- i.��-...i ..nk-c of m.- company i.. tiu-  L'        . ]'<-(jv1ik-i- 1- situate in l-'or! Steele,  and   IJamcl  Was HlJO.DlK) pounds.   Ill '"--h 4.1'lJU.- ; ���0Wt.  ,..n.(, Mm,.r lI1(ll ,.mpo��ere.l to i-Mie and  COO    aiid ."  idll.ODO in ''.^. '    tr:in-fer-inrM  ��lm-e acldre��� is  1-orl Steele  ' ' K the aiiuniej for th- Company.  A  fault  ill  rOCk formation   is    aj        The umeof ll.e-Usic-nec- of  the  Company  t   1 I- llfir yc-ars  taKOn j        ,j.hl   0i,j,.ct,  f(),   tthlc-h   lhe Company  ha-  The ,' 1'ei-n c-st.clilisli'-d arc  ���I'o nor!,, operate    lm\  <lisplacement which has  place along a fracture  moveinent ranges from the fraction of'an'inch .to more than 20.-  . (:HJ0 fqet. " In' inany mining regions the faults play an important .part in the economy of rriin-  'ing. Tliisis.particularly exempli-,  tied at Leadville and Aspon. Colorado, where faults are numer-  o'us and often puz/.ling a I, tirst.  Mining in Spa.in is  burdened. There "is an nnnual  royalty of l.'i pesetas- .on minerals, a duty of three per cent on  the. gross values'uf all ores,, c-x-  traeted, an exportation lax, s'o  much per Ion on Jail ore shipped  from Spanish ports,- port dues,  duty on explosives used in mines  c-ll lease locate.  .K.ij.uiri. prpc-icic- hold and ileal In mini's,  metals. itnl]^l!IJ^eri!J:5.J?l��il����,y_kl,1'l��� 'Icscriptiou  and cliiirsicterT^pnTTT.iiir'Unltoil Slates' of  America and the Province of llritish Ciiliimliin.  Canuilii: To' carry on und condiu-l a general  minim.', smiiillni;. nill'llim. and reduction liu.sir  icess: to purchase, acyciire. hold, erect, and 'opera ir electric and pou-er plants for the. purpose  of nihiliii/ anil treallm-" ores, and for the purpose,  .,( fiirril.sli'liii! IlKlitiiinl'i.TeHliiiK, power for all  purposes: to lionil.'liii.v', lei'iHB. locate, mill hold  ditches. Humes and.watc-r liifhts'; to construct,  lease. Otiy. sell. .Imllcl.' or ojiiM-ale railways,  terries: i.rauiways. or other ineatiK of i,i-|in,spoi--  ieavily.,j tillj(>��� f���r tninsportlnKoi-.es. niinliuT and- other  | man-rials, to own. bond, heiy. h-iiscc, sell, and  | lcc-ac.e limber and timber claims aiul land: and  llnally lodo everytliimt co/i.sisl.c-nt and rec|ill-  slte for the curr.viiijr out of the objects and pur-  poMCs afor'.-salcl. in 'their fnlleKt and broadest  sense. In lhe territory aforesaid.   ,  Oiren undnrmy hntiil and.sc:al  of  offlce  at  Victoria. I'rovi.'nce of   llritish   Olluuibia,  this  ISth clay'tif .hil.v. one''thousand rlKht hunclrcci  and nlnetv- nine.  fr,.s.| S. Y.  WOOTTON.  Ji-z;    ���   Uostlsti-ni- of Joint StoeU Companies.  Sole Agexts  Sole Agents  Grows Nest Goar company  Giant Powder company.  Mining  Supplies a Specialty  W  E  E  S  GREAT  Northern  Railway.  s  First  Class   Brands   of   Liquors   and   Cigars.       Head-  o   quarters     'for      Mining     Men:        Commodious  Sample . Rooms.        Best   Cuisine   in   the  -West.       Modern   Conveniences.  Home ' Comforts.  D. McNeish  Proprietor.  THI:  SUKVUYOR'S  CITAI.V  MAIJE   IT TI1I-J SirOKTEST  TUAXSCONTI.VKNTAL,   ROUTK.  Tt is tliu most modern in equipment: it is the heaviest railed line;  it hit-, :i rock-balhib-t, i-oacllied: it i-i-o.sse�� no sand deserts: it was   built  without a land grant or government aid: it is noted for courtesy of its  employe-.: it is the only line servinj; meals on the a la carte plan.  THUOUCTr THK OKAN'DKST SCKNKRY  IN A.MKKICA  RV   ^.\^'LIG1TT.  Kor FOI IT STKKLK and the KAyj' KOOTKXAY MINKS. Weekly  Staire   from  Ivalispell.    Steamboat conuiuiiuc-ationp from .lennings  during Summer.    Quickest and  Ucst route to all parts of the  United  States.   Kastcrn Canada and  Kurope.  For maps, tickets and complete information call or address  nearest, agent or  U.G.DIXON.Genera!  Aoent.  Spokane    Wash.  F.r.WlHTNKY. G. lJ. and T. A  St. Paul. Minn.  Commercial Hotel  *��&  Baker Street. Cranbrook. B. C.  Conducted   on   the   European   Plan  "MUNSON NO...2."  The Best  Writing'.'Machine  -nn-; oN'i.v  INTERCHANGEABliE  STEEL TYPEWHEEL  lOlegaiitly ���Illustrated  Free.  t'ataloguc  Address Edgar  A. Hill, Manufaoturer,- 94-96Wendell Street,[Chicago  WELL    APPOINTED   CLUB    ROOMS  Best     Wines    and     Liquors    at     the     Bar.  CITY  BAKERY  MRS. UNDERHILL,      Proprietor.  KEEPS    CONSTANTLY    ON    HAND  Krusli Broad and Cakes  '     ���'.,'",'  I^rosli Fruits'every day  ' -.Fresh Vegetables  Fi-osh Eggs  Fresh Mill* .and ButtGr  and   WATERMELONS.-  HOME" RESTAURANT  MRS. AM ME,  Prop.  Frui t #  Con fectionevy  Notions of all kinds.  CIGARS and TOBACCO.      g$  f'"P  11 B  THE PROSPECTOR. FORT .STEELE.  B. C. SEPTEMBER ��i. 1B9.  it*   ������*   *���*   *���*   *#>*  *#*��� ��'���*' *���'*  tf�� ^ ^�� 4^ ��r^ ^nv- ��9 -9 c^ ��w ^ ** ���  *���.*    ^0*    '���*   '���,*���   *0*   *f*  **$*    *#*  *#��� *���* <r? *���.* '.#* *#* *���* *���*  *  ��  ft" 'J.-  -I- ��*��  ��ft'.  .ft'    "ft*    ������.    *4'    .Cl'    "ft.    .ft*     .ft.    .ft.    .ft��    .ft'     *ft..  ���ft'  -t�� 'J- �������� '����� -ft- -t- '*��� '����� -j. ������� ��������� �������  ��� ft.    aft.    .ft.    .ft.    .ft.    .1.    .ft.    .ft.    .ft.  ���;^ *:������������:��. ���*���. .���*��� .���>. ��,J�� ��.*��� w*��.  ���ft- -���- -����� 'I- *������ *����� '!�� ���#��� '���*  CA  U��  FORT  STEELE  TOWNS  ����������� '����� '������  �����> <����� '������  �������� �����-  i��ii*i  ijiiji  '�����  ���������  .(. .ft.  .ft. .|'.  ��������� ��������  tJttJt  i��ii��i  ��������� ��f*  Hi*  .ft*.  '����� �����"  ���ft' ��������  ��*���  *���*  1) , c ,  The only Government town in the District  ' i ' c  WATCH THE PROGRESS OF FORT STEELE  The Hub of the  FORT STEELE  District  MEKAL' MA\P  The Center of  Population  Mining center of  a'     ''  the district  Rich Placers on Wild Horse, Brewery and Fisher creeks.  in gold has been taken  out of Wild Horsp;|;-'^^^  * i '  �� "a'   -���.''."  '-.-. -':   '".',Ai-,:-A    ' ''���    : ���''   ��� *   y A;'iy. ��� -,'��� , ." ��� ''   ' '���'-'' i    ���? '  Sole   headquarters   for   Tracy, Wasa, Lewis, Wolf; Wild Ha^^Ed^Af^aSfl^M  ' n ' ' ' ' V.     '*' Bi . ' '..'i.1',,')'    v..    .','"'.     X\[ ,b-  y',B'\     '/"    '\B     '. Bi-i[-B:   ;���'       ��.    :'.'.':   ,      "".���'.,.'../  . creeks.   The highest grade ore camp in B. C^w^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^?^^^^^^^^^^^ |  tiead' oi .Navioation on tlie Kootenay iiiver SSPiS:S��SE  Daily Stage between Fort Steele and: the Jiinctio?!  The  Objective  Point of  The KOOTENAY & NORTHWEST  The  Choice resident -j^d:.,^  titles guaranteed^   P r  Easy terms  S__-^��     J~^L<  9  ��  Oi  ��  -w &  m.t->  9  JbL�����^��  tt^xy  �� vgas^..��  9HB8  ftlBMUl THE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE, B. C., SEPTEMBER !). 1809. ,.  T\}i  I    '  ne Canadian BanK 01 Gomfiierce a^-bbbbaa  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.)  Raid     up    Capital     $6,000,000.  ���Hon. Ci:o. a. i 'ox.  I'-v-idc-n:  ..*. i..  \V.\r.Ki.i;. (.c-ii. M.ui.  lay.  Tin' Rowland lU-fDi-ti is iinicli  ' imiii-iivi-d under Ihe management  , of W. E. Estn.-y.  ;     Work lin.s been eoimn-enc-ed  on1  i tlio smelter she ul. (Ii-conwooii.     I  i       _ i  ;     There i.-> a strong   probability i  I of the mines  in   tho   Slocan   re-1  csiniiiny work at an curly (lav.       i   J       " i  .-\. 0. Roborson came down I  Irom Windermere a few day.-,'  ago.       .Mr.    Roberson   toyeiher!  '&&  Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold.  London Agents-The Bank of Scotland;|^^^ Scllc.  ERMERE  Is now on the market and LOTS are  CRANBROOK BRANCH.  of the Red Line group.  A.. R  ��Itc ^wsfptctov.  J. W. H. SMfTHE, -Manager.!.- A' J ' '     ,. : ,w,,nl !<> lh'-' Mar'!  s       .Un nunc on l< riduy. ,  .1. W. and  Clyde   Ai-thiu-   left  WINDERMERE  is the MOST FfCTURESQL'ELV .-,iiuaTed town in the ENTIRE EAST KOOT-  dA'JTKDAY. .SKL'TK.MIiKK !). lS'i'.i.  LOCAL NEWS NOTES.  Xew wall paper in C'aim  for Sppkane on SumJiu  i   ,,  The old timers say wo will not  have .settled weathoi  .     Eoui-   larye   rafts   oi    lumber' >r-NA v   DISTRICT  I were    received    at   'Fort   Steele1  idiii;iiii��- the past week !'  Dr. Doim-la- C'orsan went to  Rossland on Wednesday. He  wa.s accompanied ,hy hi.-. >oii  Tom.  lhe autnniniia! ijq;iiiui.\  The recent rains, have made  the mountain roads a'nd trails almost impassable, and manv of  |he properties -will be coiupul-  ied io stop operations as tho  owner* will be uuublu to gel in  -supplies.       ��� -- ,       c  F. C. Pott,s ret-eiiily oomuvted ''  .,      .      .     Dun McKav ,'eft   for   Spokane I 's��i����i��'���� "����� il ����. in ihe CENTER o: the  11 ICI1 RST GRADE MINERAL   BELT of RRITLSH  ,m"1  lllT01>.oii Mmidav last. '   - '  1   .(hivcrnineiit AyeiitAr.-iisti-oiii.'  is   lookiny   over   tb.e roiuls anil '": ���v,0:'i'1 M'st Rooti-nay,  trails in tlie M. Marv's coiiutrv.  !  CPLi'MBlA.,      It will'be thi- PRINCIPAL COMMERCIAL. SOCIAL and  RAILROAD CENTER  Fok-Sai.k:' A Kani Piano/j  also a sewing machine almo.si;  new.    For particulars'apply  at  Thk   PkOSi'I-X'TOK   office-,  THE'SUPPLY POINT for HORSE THIEF. TODY, DUTCH.  LAW, BOULDER and 2C UMBER  Prank ('. Rohbms -Of Creen-  wood. 1-5. C,. has been appointed  consulting engineer for the  North Star M. Co.'at Port Steele  R C.  i.  Dr.   Taenhaiiser.   luauarrer   of  the* Watch  Hospital, guarantees j with the  Manitoba   Free   Press,  all work. , , j'has been appointed to the  posi-  o    '   ,        -  ��� jtion. of travelling.' salesman of the  The Herald M!gge<t> that   Mr ,'Crow's Nest Coal Company.  Crace   take Something  for  bis!  dyspepsia.    We icvominend ver- j     Thei  mifuge for Editor Simpson, it'xodn-. of niinimr niei: f>-om  ihu-u-       ��� , ,      ���  j Windermere   count,,-.      Sevmd \%VJl?e coas" a.bout,{-'1? ov   -OUi  Remember Kershaw's for fresh ! extra sta-es woro'ruu last  weekh v month *��  all  those  who  n-'tits tu lowest jw-ices.     Forsrei   to accommodate the travel , 1havo. bc^ P4ttmr ofl iMB  visit-  1    .i.s'noi -     f   "' |T0   tlie   Dentist   have  very little  ,Eber 0.  Smith,  who  rocenilv  dispose<l otthe Rossland Record.,  talks of. starting a  dailv  news  paper'-at Ci-antl Forks.'    If  he  TWO Crooks.  Large Lots  Wide Streets  eem.s to have been   an"    n,.  ,-,  ��� >   ,      .      ,  ur. Li nee intends leaving hero .-  ;  iiuui   me'j fn  L'OllUtl'V,  does he will have for a  compet-1 H. Mackintosh his interest  in  a  ilor John E. Reaves, formerly of Simikameen,   copper    propertv. ,  the Rossland Miner. '       'rhe  consideration   v��-as   >=40.o6o [  '  I cash.     v '    ��� >--j  Kershaw's soil the best   bre.ad  and cake'in this (own. *  J- W. R. Ynun* returned from ! ^ *��� |u wh,ch to  raake  ^  ,. ,.:.:�� ... -n.,...v ^    f-T-"!        -, men minus,  a \ isu to bjjml on, ihursday.  R. A   Brown, better known as  ���'���Volcanic", has sold to Hon.- C  ' Hon. Hewitt Hostock. M. P.,  is makiti"- a trip thrdug-h (he  Houndary country.   '       .      =  From    what' can   be   learned!--'  George Shier will build-a   new j  and    better    International.      It!  would be a good idea   to  call   it '���  the Phoenix.  '    Kershaw's  cooking   Out tor  a I  2oo par liy is just splendid.      * '  >      ���> i l  Fi'fiillf P. Hogall of   the. Sullivan mine wa.s in Cascade rccenl-  'ly examining prospects in that vi-  oiniliv. ���   ���  Rt'paii'ing Chronograph and  Repeating Watches our specially. " V , L.'Bkttsljiii-j.v. Jeweller.  Nelsoiiohas experienced a genuine building boom during the  .past four months. - Pour new brick  blocks js-ill be erected on main  si reel before snow Hies. Nelson  is without, doubt the commercial  cenler of the Kootonays.  V    1 NOTU*K.--r have just received  a, new consignment of seasonable  and fashionable' suitings, and 1  cordially invite, an inspection of  the same.  L. 'Con.v. Tailor.    *  The management of tho Le  Roi, mine,at Rossland liaver,de-  cidod to sink to the i,oOO foot  level, and to that end have ordered a new sixly drill air compressor.  The fair and races at'Maclood  have again been postponed and  will not "take place until the 21st  and L'i'nd of the  present  month.  PRICES RANGE FROM  $25.00 TO $200  FOR FULL PARTICULARS ADDRESS '..-'���,'���     "     ' '''  H.ECOLLETT,  I �� ' i < tT Q   *  J .    ���  I �� -   i -  Windermere, B. G.  Robert Dice the Royal Yeast  cake "mai\ of Toronto was in  town on Tuesday. - ���'  E. J. Walsh  will  return  from  the east iu a few davs.  Railway Gompanu  An English syndicate has been  buying up all of the saw mill  plants in tlie Kootenays.  Ceneral   Arthur   cigars  Will's navy cut at Keeps.  and  C. F. Hanningtoii, who i.s now  in Shediac, N. B.. will start for  the west today.  Iv. O. Jennings went to Palmer's Car on Thursday.  s-'    Harry Drew came down  from  Kimberley a few days ago.  H.,L. Barnes of the provincial  police is about town collecting  the poll tax of *8.00. There is  no use trying lo escape him and  it will be necessary for anyone  who wishes to evade the payment to <^o across-the line.  H. D. Stewart returned a  fe\y  days ago.  The old timers  still  maintain  that such a season  as the pres-  0. J. Johnson was a visitor atj��"t has not been known in  East  the races on Monday. j Rootenay for twenty years, and  that the rainfall is greater than  ever before known. We have lo  take the old timers' word.  ���THE--  'Imperial  Limited'  ��� \ cl  I J  An UNPARALLELED  SUCCESS.  1 the B;'C," ASSAY'& CHEMICAL , "V"~~j  I   <   :    �����������*.    SUPPLY CO., Ltd. I  ft  (LATE MacFARLANE & CO.)  Vancouver,    B.    C,   ft  Professional.  >.��c%  We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a  large stock of Balances, Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientifit-  and Practical Books. Glassware, Platinum _ Goods, Acids.'  Chemicals, and all other Assaycrs' and Minors' requirements.  SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea, Beek- j!  er's Sons' Balances, Etc. ���  Catalogue and full particulars on application.  dTJUuu JuiKH>LnInJ��fLnjuUuij  3|  NORTH  STAR  LODGfi-  I--OKT. STKKl.k. ��. O.  "^-   , U. D.  A. F. AND A. M���     G. R." B. C.  Kejiular   inecilii!.'^i-tst   TtiCMlny   irroacli.'  nionih :it ci^'ht o'clock.     VUiting Uicthcrn ai-a  roriliiilly iiiviied -^^-t-^i--  -\- W. Mc.k\sliki.i.. Suurelary.  Charles Kstmere of Kimberley  was in the lown early in the  week".  The people of this section are  beginning to talk of iroing to the  Spokane Industrial, Exposition.  Is the Canadian Pacific io give  reduced rates, because many of  our citizens will rindL,it difficult  io dig up full fare, with winter  staring thorn in the face and  no wood in the shed, and last  vears overcoat out of date.  The report that Superintendent"Macleod was to be, .transfer-:  ed, and ;that J.. Cr Cameron of  of. the Winnipeg-Fort. Williams  division of the 0. P. R., was to  come to Cranbrook-. proves to be  ���.untrue. The people of this section, are perfectly, satisfied with  Air. Macleod. ,  Bob Dore left for Spokane on  ���Monday. i '  IVCi Armstrong vvill build on  the site of his old building. It  is said thai, the new shop will occupy the entire lot... i  Se])tember I'lird is the dato fixed for the football game between  the Nelson team and a picked  team from Port Sleele and Cranbrook-. It has not been decided  where the game will be played,  but probably on the grounds of  the Fori Steele team.  The   Fastest   and   Best  Equipped   Ti;am  Crossing the Continent.  Sleamer> leave  PORT WILLIAM  Tuesday, Friday and Sunday  The  Waldorf  Foit-r S-i-KELh Du\-EriOi>MKN-r Syndicate Ltd.  i:* r.end(!iiliitll Slxei-s. U>tuii,n. Kiiu'IniuI.  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT STEELE.  I'OST OU-KIBK ��OX S.  FERNI��, B. C.      OLD-TOWN.  Col.  H.  D.  Heiuh-rson   wa.s  a  visitor in town on Thursday.  E. Elwell returned from Windermere last week;  George H. Gunn of Nelson  was in the city on Wednesday.  N. A. Wal linger we nt to Tracy  on Thursday/  J. II. Conkiin and wife, of  Ti'acy, were in town on Wednesday.        '    , '.' '  Kellogg superintendent of the  North Star mine was in towu  Thursday. He, left, yesterday.  morning for.the mine.  Excursion  Rates to the  East  ���AND���  Toronto   Exhibition  Apply   fin-   parl.iciilars  id n'c-iii-e-il I.'.1  I'.   I'{. Itci'Wll, Of 1,1.1-   ' '    ��� ,  WILLIAM STITT,   Ass't General  Passenger Agent, Winnipeg.  C. E. McPHERSON,   General   Passenger Agent, Winnipeg.  SPLENDID ACCOMMODA TIONS  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men ''  No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  Tho trail runs withinten feet of the house. tiood  Barn and plenty of hay and grain. If you pulrouizo the  Waldorf you will never regret it.  /-/.   A.   KANOUSB,    -       -    Broprietor.  TH OM AS 'M,e VI TTIE.  ���Fort Steele B.C..  J l. L. CUMJUNS.  p. l. s: d- a. e,  '   Fort Steele B.C.   '  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  LAKE & GO-  .��� Dealers   In -���   .,:.'',.���'  -���.'.' ���'"':, A..       ��� ��. " :  General Merchandise  ���, \: . -������������; ATHELMAR, B. ,C.     i       ' ...-.  -b  Prospectors   Supplies   a   Specialty  ' <;; ROCERIES, H AR DWA HE,  CLOTH INC., BOOTS and SHOES.  V\'. I!. ]{cp��s. n, \v. Il'huciiuhH.  ROSS & IIERCIIMER.  Barristers     -      -     Solicitors  NOTARIES PUBLIC     '  CONVEYANCERS.,.  Fort   Steele*   li.   0  T.    Ei>E  LANDS and MINES  NOTARY  PUBLIC     ���:>  CONVEYANCER  Fort Steele,     - B. C.  (.Ico. S. McCn i-lpor.  ���I. A. JIai-vey  HARVEY & MbCARTER  Pun-hli'm,   Solicitors,   Auturk.i   Publie,  (.'oiiriii/iuiri'i-s nlv.  KOKT. STKI.<:i,lr:,  R. <j.  KKVKl'.STOKI-; STATION unci GOUJKIU  A s  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLY      MADE.  msag


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