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The Prospector Sep 23, 1899

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s '/
e.+f* >
N    ^
<t. -; -,'•■•-   '•• ">, '
j'-TKE PKOSPECTOR li.'.r* m,i'..Vj-
*- "*■
ty   AI'I'OIXTIIM Till,  on-IC1.M. ,->'-
,., -^-
r*. ' *>'
'^tk     GOVERNMENT   GAZETTE     ■£
'.»;. -- - < ^.,^»;-^ •>*■}■!■> \fs/f^^ !^
-    ^
Fn- Suulli n.i-t KoiUfii.'J
.* .' S-
'• .    - ' -> .-V>"V-*-*
Vo/. i5.
No  'IS.
, New Advertisements To-aay.,
Hull Kivi-i- Munn
11. .lolllisim.
I-'oi-t Strulc llri winu CiiiniMin
Jlrni-V liirlc.-,.';, Sons
Niitii-i- -S  .1   Miller.. • •'
V.WA   Piusl
Milling Uimiii.iiipy   I'.iiii' *.
.Charles    Bielenberg-    Adds    to
Charles Bielenberg lias bought
the one-third interest of Robert
Reed in tlie following claims, adjoining the jM.antana claim, on
Lewis creek, Howard and Clara,
-and the King Solomon adjoining
tho Miune M. -unci Tiger. The
consideration is; understood to be
41:")0u., Mr. " B'elenberg is already ownerof one-third interest
in these properties, therefore by
f this purchase ho secures control.
To Sink on the Montana.
xGharles Bielenberg   has  Jet  it
contract, to sink on the Montana
claim on Lewis creek, commencing a1  the bottom  oi'  the  .shaft
■which   is  now  down  fifty   feet.
"When the .shaft   is  completed a
.crosscut  will   be  driven  across
-the vein from will to Avail.'   The
vein on the surface is sixty   feet
' wide..'   Mr.  Bielenberg says the j
vein is as strong and well  defin- j
ed a,:* any in that section.    ' i        |
They All Speak Well of Fort Steele.
Dr. Corsan. who is well known
Iu Rossland. having been for
.some time physician to the Trail
runelten'is'making a short stay
in the--city. Uc- speaks ■ very
highly, o'f rthe East iKootenay
country and particularly of the
district,, around .Fort Steele, in
■which'town he has established a.
practice. ' This season, the doc-'
tor says, has been 'marked by a
marvelous growth, in general
business as well as in the mining J ft is said to be'as,good jn every
Industry of the. Fort-"Steele  dis-" respect  as  tho coal, now   being-
principal claims of the North
Star group and it i.s said 1hal
Ihe main lead is on -the Stem-
winder. The nearness of the
Fay Templeton ' to tho Steni-
wiiKier gives an added value lo
lhe claim.
Mining- Notes. '
A pack train of ill animals
loaded with supplies at Carlin it
Duricks on Tuesday and left for'
the properties of the Kootenay
(Perry Creek) Cold Mines. Ltd.,
on Perry' creek.
Work- oir the Chickamun Stone
i.s going right ahead and there is
no let up to the work. As development proceeds the ore body
appears to be getting stronger.
The company have decided to
keep back shipments until snow,
comes, and at that time sufficient
ore, will have been blocked out to
warrant continuous shipments
A strike of considerable importance is reported as having
been'made on the Estella. No
particular.1?, however have been
received.,    ' i
The work now going on in the
vicinity of Tracy and „ Lewis
creeks is of the most satisfactory
character. New strikes are reported most every day.
'.The Moyie Leader says:—Tho
carpenter work on tlio St, Eugene concentrator building is'
nearly finished and the work of
installing the machinery is going along nicely. The framework' of tlie office is up and is being boarded in. There are now
(51 men on the.pay roll of the
Lake Shore mine.     ,,
A large clcpo'sit of coal has
been discovered on the opposite
side of Elk , river' from   Fernie.
Properties on   Quartz   Creek,, Which
are Being- Developed.
A. Jjiuiis, .superintendent of
the Bull River Mining-Company,
whose properties arc localed on
Quartz creek, over, the divide
from Boulder creek, was in town
Tuesday last. Mr. Binns
brought down with him some
fine specimens of pyrrhotile niul
galena, both /rom the Center
Star.one of lhe claims of the company. , He says the principal
\\ork has been done on the Center Slar, although considerable
prospecting has been done on
the olher  claims.     The   galena
/' , o
ledge was encountered near the
west line of the Center Star, and
a tunnel has been driven"thirty
feet with a showing of is to 2o
inches of a good grade of ore.'of
which there i.s s'everal tons suitable for,shipping.
The pyrrhotite ore seems to be
foun,d all over the properly, and
Mr. Binns regards it as a good
sign. ,ftesidc<5 the tunnel on the-
galena ledge, the property i.s developed by another tunnel now
in eighteen "feet, and an open cut
twelve feet.
Several men are employed at
present in opening up and developing the property, and it is' the
intention to* conlinue the work
all" win tor.      • " ■
trict. and an era  of great  pros
purify for that country seems to
have begun'.     In the mining dis-
lric.l tributary to Fort Steele,   a
'number of rich  mineral  discoveries have been made  this  season, while active  work  is- being
carried ou by fhe owners of many
prospective mines on Sand creek.
3Jnil river;'Boulder  creek.   Lost
creek. Wild Horse  creek.   Luke
creek.   Tracy  Creole   and   many
other sections within a few miles
of the town.    The, doctor is firm
In the belief, which is that of all
Sieelilcs. that their camp will in
i\ year or two take a place among
1he foremost towns of the Koole-
navs.—/loss/ami Miner.
mined by the Crow's'Nest Coal
Company. Whether this coal will
be put up for sale at public auction or private sale could -not be
More Good Opinions.
."J. A. Whittier  who  has  been
spending-,   some dime   in   East
Koolenay becoming familiar with
the   different    miueral   sections,
says: .'"East   Kootenay   is   no
doubt  a great  mineral  section,
the    surface    showings  are  re-
While they show but
practical  '   development,
mines. Some doubt has been expressed as to the permanency of
the,veins. No one can see into
the ground, but the surface
showiiigs indicate permanence,
and most every mining man expresses this opinion.
There is a great future for the
dislricl, anil inside of twelve
months'the fame of the Port
Steele rounlry will be known all
over the,world,   and   will   be  as
, ' 0
much   tallied   of    as    Boundary
creek is today.
, The, Father de Smet Lead. ,
Jt is said by people who profess to know that Father de
Smet cross. ,in one of the passes
near Windermere, has been discovered a number of times during the past twenty years. The
story is that' in crossing the
mountains in the.early Fortie's
a galena ledge ' was uncovered
and the pi ice*of discovery was
marked with' a cross. --J do 'not
know", said an old* timer, 'if
any one is certain through which
pass Father de Smet crossed the
mountains, and [ do not believe
the ledge marked has ever been
An Option for a Bond on the Estella Group Given to E. H.
, The owners of the Estella
group have given an option for
a bond on all of their properties
on Tracy creek, to E. H. Thurs-
lon.    The properties are the Es-
No Jealousy Here.
The Nelson Miner say-, .Moyie
and Cranbroo].: are lx>th complaining that" Fort Steele i.s
getting more than it.s share ot
road and street expenditure, of
course at their cost, for' if Fort
Steele get- omJv its due there
would   be   more    -e:t     for   ;he
lell a. Skylark. Morning.   Rover,   others.    This N onlv one  exam-
r From Windermere.
T?. Q. .'Jennings who returned
-from the Windermere country
yesterday says." the paystroak
group of mines, consisting of
three claim, all of which he Is
interested in. is showing up finely. The claims arc located ou
Horse ( Thief creek below'the
canyon. .While only twelve feet
of work has been done the vein
which is eight feet between walls
is all ore. It is said that it resembles >the capping of the Red
-Line-. ''-The property- is easy, of
access; .and  Mr.   ."Jennings' says
but  enough   has  been   done   to I it is the intention   t'o  drift
From Near Windermere.
Osier   Hammond   of   Toronto
,. has taken a.bond on the Delphine
group  of   mines   near   Windermere.      The   figures   were   noi
>jnanV known.    <
Several men are now at work
iin (he Swansea group. A new
cross-cut liinnel has,been started
which will be l\"i<i feet long, and
will tap llie ledge at a depth of
it Id I eel.
There are ten men now al
worlc on Ihe Silver Thread. The
development consists principally
of surface work-, although a tunnel has been driven for a distance
of thirty feet. The ledge proper
is six feel in width. It is fhe in-
lenliou of the owners to start a
tunnel on fhe property about one
mile from the present workings
iind this will be driven for 700
feet, or far enough to,determine,
ihe value ofthe property
Budget From the North Star.
N. A. Wallinger returned from
.Kimberley on Thursday. He reports considerable activity on;
North Star Hill. The'company
are now surveying and cutting
out for the new Bleichert tramway. F. E. Loach is assisting
Harry Brown in the survey. The
diamond drill i.s now going in
and will be installed before a
great while. More men .are
needed not only iu the mine but
as axemen. 'notwithstanding
there are now, about fifty men
employed in and about tlie mine.
■ Mi-..Wallinger ssiys the assessment work on lhe Nina, Irene
and Summit claims on North
Star Hill has been completed.
These claims are owned by Montreal people.
Lasl week the road from Fort
Steele to'Kimberley was measured and it was ascertained that
fhe distance is 2-iA' miles. From
Cranbrook lo Kimberley is L'5
The railway contractors, are
working slowly. They are now
culling out the right of way near
warrant expenditure in further
exploration. Sonic of the showings in this vicinity would command attention any where else
in the province. I have been in
the district for some lime from
Windermere to Bull River and I
must say everything 1 have seen
passes my expectations".
Mr. Whittier is well known in
the Slocan being one of the
pioneers in thai .section. ,
The Fay Templeton Sold,
Wm. Thompson has sold his
.Fay Templeton claim., located on
north Star Hill, to W. K. Ross
pf Fort Steele. 'The.'consideration, is understood to be $li)00.
The claim is ou Mark creek and
adjoins-the Stemwuider -of the
'North   Star  group  on the'east.
Visits the Chickamun Stone.
J. McEvoy of the dominion
Geological survey, readied the
Chickamun Stone mine on
Thursday and expresses himself-as much jfileased witli the
appearance of the property.    '■'■■
Mr, McEvoy was on Perry
creek a short time ago, in fact,
some members of the 'survey
have been in East Kootenay all
T.ke new house being built by
N. Hanson on St Mary's, street,
i.s now well under way and   will
In ,the Vicinity of Fort Steele.
In the  immediate   vicinity  of
Fort  Steele  there  are   mineral
showings <which were such existent near Rossland or Republic
would at o'nee attract  attention.
People who have visited the district one aud  all   express  themselves as astonished  at  what  i.s
shown them.     On Mans   creek,
Lost creek.   Hoi-se  Shoe  basin,
Four-Mile and a number of other
places almost in  sight  of  town,,
are places  which   in   any  other
camp would be exploited.     The
mineral so far exposed   in   these
sections are, galena, high grade
copper ore and free milling gold
ore.    In several instances assays
from the mineral  ledges  give  a
value of over £400 per ton.
What the claims most   need   is
development.       There   are   but
lour which  show  any  considerable work, and   the  reason  one
does not have far to seek:     Un
til last year the district  was  remote from  mining  centers,   and
as a consequence, not much aside
from assessment had been done,
the   prospectors   for   the. most
\ve.re ..not   abundantly   supplied
with money t;o go on with '■■development.    Those conditions have
changed, the railway in the" district make'available' many  prospects;   which    otherwise ". would
never have been heard of.     One
mining man said recently:   "The
Fort Steele district is  the  most
attractive in the  Province,   and
it will not be long before monied
feet on the lead this winter,
• --'It promises to1- be a1 'great
mineral country", said Mr, Jennings. '-'And no where in Easi
Kootenay are there such surface
showings and such strong leads.'
There will be a rush into that
section next spring."
Dog  Star.   Cashier.   Aii«-<
Mountain Daisy claims.
In giving the option it is  stipulated thai a bond shall be given
within   thirty  days  from   Sept.
H)th. The payments on the bond
are as follows:—£7.000 on  April
i(H.h,  1(100:   £:>:>,OOU  April I'Olh',
1!K)1: &5fo.(X)(i Oclober.JOth. 1001;
!>-'.:>.000 ou February I'O'th.   B)02:
s-lft.OOO October 201 h. I<)()£!: or   a
total of $i:>0,000 for,the property:
,ln addition  to   fViis  the  owners
are to   transfer   free  of  charge
two  acres  of the   townsite    of
Tracy or sufficient ground   upon
which to build a concentrator.
This deal when consummated
'will be the most important which
has ever taken place in ' this vicinity.
, The Estella  group  is  one  of
'the best known properties in tho
Fort Steele  district, 'and   is  no
doubt the best developed.    In all
there- i.s about 1,000 feet of work-
done in funnel and shaft.
,   In^sinking  on   the   property
several hundred tons of ore. suit-.
able for shipping has been taken
out. besides a  quantity   of  concentrating ore.    Th'e claims  are
located' in  a   district which'  is
rapidly ■ coming    to    the   front
promising lo be one of the  b»st
campsin this vicinity, in M'act  a
large    amount   of   development
has been'donQ.oulside.'of life JEs=
tell a, and fhe showings are  certainly remarkable   ,Mr. -Thurston recently lodk a bond  on 'the
Crescent and Viking, and it was
only   last week  that a strike of
considerable importance was reported having been made on lhe
pie of tlie',,jealousy thai exists
between those places. Usually
such jealousy i.s deprecated, but
it i.s a heiilthy .sign. A place
that i.s stagnating is not hated as
a rival'by other places.,' We
gather from the manifestations
in 'the Crow's Nest that Movie,
Cranbrook  and   Fort Steele are
... . '       O," o
all prospering.      May   the   prosperity continue.
The, reply,, to the above ' i.%
found in another column. Cranbrook people ' not content wi,th
having the railroad, now claim
everything iu sight even to the
government buildings.
Paris Exposition.
November r-th  has been  ri.wJ  '
asr the last day for, receiving 'exhibits'for the  Paris 'Exposition. "
John Cuorin who has deiied
all French authority for the past
six weeks, has finally surrendered. • *
Kruger appeals to Italy to in
Scheurer-Kestiier. the ' champion of Dreyfus, is dead.
Only three of the vessels sunk
at Manila' by Admiral Dewey
can be put in commission.
The Chicago packers are buying up large ranges in Texas.
President Diaz of Mexico has
asked congress for a twenty days
leave of absence to enable him to
go to Chicago.
• The Prince of Wales has presented the Cordon Highlanders
with a new set of colors. The
presentation look- place at Brock-
ley. Scotland. The Duke of
York and Ihe Duke of Connaughf
were present.
The .JetTries-Sharkey light has
been postponed to October 27th.
Settling- Fire Insurance.
R. S. Day. general agent in
British Columbia of the Imperial Fire Insurance Company, was
in the city several days during
the past week adjusting ihe
losses in the recent fire.
The losses of the Canadian-
Fire Insurance Company of Winnipeg has been adjusted and< the
papers have gone in. The payments  will  be   made in   a' few
da^'s' n
It'is understood that a number
of important deals for mining
properties in this vicinity are
now pending, the details of
which have not yet been arranged.
Some Sunflower.
-. The Prospector „is . please. 1
.to acknowledge the receipt of j,
double sunflower from the garden of W. R. Ross. It is one of ■
the largest ever grown' in ,Bri:-
ish Columbia.' ,ln circumference
it-is as large as a 'smull sized
carl wheel—Just a trifle too large
to adorn ,tho lapel of, a ,'dude's
coat. , The stalk fron^ which the
llowei- was taken is fully teii feet
high.' In the vernacular of the '
times, it is iUidaisy of some dimensions,   . '     '     ,
R. C.  Church.
The Right Rev! D'oi.te'nvillo,. ,
the Roman Catholic Bishop Of
.•New ,^V<\st mil i si or. arrived at St.
likigene Mission on Saturday
last. ^ Ho preached at St. Eugene on Sunday to a large' congregation.
Bishop Douten'ville held a continuation service on Wednesday
in St. Anthony7s church. Fori,
Steele, on which occasion a large
number of candidates were confirmed. The Bi.shop remained
in lhe district, for  several 'davs.
The  Stemwinder  is  one of the j be finished iu a couple of weeks,  nien are in   the  district to  buy | pyrrl
Strike on the Mystery.
Henry    Wiggins   came   down
from  Al lei. creek  on    Thursday
where he has been doing assessment: work  on |" claims   in ./that
vicinity in which he   is   interested.    He reports a strike.of   pyrrhotite  ore  on   the /Mystery, a
claim  owned  by .Robert Dewar.
The -new strike was made  about,
fifty feet nortli of the old   workings, there is eighteen inches of
solid ore.   The old tunnel i.s now
in   y."i   feel:   in copper pyrile and
pyrrhotite ore.. -.
New Rates   Over   the   Crow's   Nest.
The rate issued by the C. P.R.
to Nelson Jobbers  has  been   received.     Tne reduction amounls
to something bettor then 2."   pci-l
cent under (hose which were for-1
merly   obtained.       For    CrowA'
Nest Pass point, between XcI.-mhi '
and Fernie a common rale ol    I:
cents is fixed for straight or mixed carloads.     This  rale applies
to   canned   goods  of  all   kinds,
.lust how il will effect  our   local
merchants has   not   been
° '. Hotel Arrivals.
Wtndsor:—0. H. Brown. C.
E. Dickenson. R. S. Day. Victoria: S. , D. Pompelly. Luke
Creek: J. P. Qostigaii'. E. K.
Small,-1.!. W. Hay. W. B. Stewart. Sam Pompelly. W. H. Sullivan Cranbrook; .John , Love.
Winnipeg: T. J. A/ Fiedman.
San Francisco: S. A. Jackson.
Brockville: .f. C. Nelson. Dupont: W. S. Haskin.s. F. A. Big-
low. Rossland: J. C. Patterson
and wife. Toronto: W. S. Keav.
and daughter New Westminster;.
B. M. Donnelly. .1. W. Lindsay.'
Moyie: S. .J. Milne. Fernie:. R..
I Lit lie. Perry Crook; F. P. Hogan. C." H. Wolf. Spokane.
Burton and Wynstay.
A .contract lias been' let for 200
feet of funnel.' The lower funnel is now in over 100 feet, there
is a good showing-of ore in the
face of the tunnel.
New Photograph Studio.
\Y. A. Brest. Iho well known
photographer, will open up
a studio in Fort Steele, next
Tuesday, where In- will be prepared lo lake portraits or views.
He has ;i large number of view.s
now on hand of scenes in the
vicinity. Mr, Prest is an artist
and his work is first, class. :'
Foot Ball.
It is 7 reported tliat tlie foot
ball game between fa', picked
eleven from Fort Steele, ''Cranbrook and the'Nelson team has
been- postponed.
Now Bakoryl/
. Henry. A lie, recently of Mac-
leod, has purchased the building
on ■Riverside ..avenue adjoining,
the watch hospital, and will in
course of a few weeks open up
a bakery. He is making extensive alterations in the propertv.
building a bake oven, burn, etc.
Mr. Alio is said to be (me of the
best ha leers in the North west.       ! THE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE. P. C. SEP'J EMBER 2A 1 -PP.  ^#**^S^^  <-e>  :si*  ?^?S Vs^&^^SSS^SS^Sc ^S? i^SSiSfS  IT    PAYS    TO    TRADE   AT  .��<  ft  (if  :;-..b.f ..",:'-��� w ,w: 7"'7 "7 Ax ������'���':,.:-7':,-f:���-,,-::cs.;7v 7...,..- 7.-.,7 fV-'v.: 7,-7:.v''?'.77 ;;..���-: fw^y sBAyy' 'iA-i--AA ������;."':���.'���'.'���'. ;'-v :..'.���.'���������-��������� Ww77::p.,,  itiiiiiiiii  (xiibcefrie|'S^  :.-':'' ' "���' 7        w.r' '   '!;.         ������ *'' ':ftP' 'AAA ���  '.-'"         ";   <;"-        ��� ;,V''.                 ',  '     -' -'^' '.'       B^i. .aJB   - ���,���'/,;,,'��� 'xtp'y [ ..���    ���  Ay-'-                  ���  i,iAi -A-  ,    ." ^   ".  ,���-.'  '���^."-'7.' 77fw'pp'7;:7777'.77yV'  7.'. ��� ,, ww .,..w w' 7 ���              r   7.7vf-7;^/::7.;p'-vf-tewW'  - ���  i,       :-.-. ii-' "w;"l! ���   (:'".''T   -":'���.-.;:'.   :   '-',;..p'.'  '.  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'-."."���������-�� To '"^. "'I��--���.- '��'.".'��' ���'Ominissions. ; luimont or ,.������ ,1,,,,; the eompiiny to carry any  kind^'an.l in pnrtiei.lai-Vrold, silv,..-"-,,,,.! ..oilier i !"'il ,l' I'omtnierai,-. by commission and othe,-, of its objects into ellcc.1. or lor oll'eetiiwa.iiy  iireclo.i.Mnefil^-iiid i��rociin,s stones I'wise, aiiy pi-i.-son nrV-onipiiay lor services rend-    uiodillealion or the eoiiipiiuy's const ittitlini: -  '.(-I'l "I'o  innisiie,.. ������,1  ,-ariw' 0,1   -ill   kinds  of I ored.'in'nhieii^ o,-'assisti���7 ,i, pb���-,i. uny of th,- 1   . I^-'I To.siiliseribe  ,���  ������y   r���u.l.ro,-pi.r,U.i������  ii^m-viiud i-o.miiissii-i. business..-:,,,,!   in   par- i sliar.-s iu i.l,V.L-.-.inp,,i,ys rai.Iia.L .��,��� i,.ny :.t..-l..-i,7 ,;..r l��.-*titutl.��n. wh,-!I..;r.IncMM-porinoiroi- not ,lii-  '     " ' i.iin-s. or .itli,-r si-i-urllies ol'lhe i-.iliipany.: , eorpuraleil. and to act by ,leli-��;ttc or utln-i-wise  Aim  m  ^TIieilieadville'orEast; Kootenaif^'-w  . li -v.' iiiiles'.;������''���frdm . ''thei, ftfmonssf'  fNouTiT;S^i-Aii iniiie.. 7l|-miles-"  frpmthe Sui^livan rnirii.7, :'��� "7,7; A  Nearly   2(lii: niiiici'iClf' ulaiiiis' .itirroumyr:  '".'���^'.Tv r^J'.l;II^RT^.T(,5Y--',,jin'tTi'.0v|:'i��^?'>.<f;'oJi "-it..',,- .-7 7  '"';'.���      x   " '���-. A  A<i\- 'js\i}>pli<iA:.,A'x :". A   '���.'���' ���';.  ��� ���';.i������-���-��� :7 .-"..'..- ,-f ������7:       -7 ���������;��� -..7-5,.7 ' 7'"7"ir.. ^77/77  The tieririirius of the North Stafs'  ". ,I.\.I.M I.IKI M.KY" is noi,  it,   i.ioolii������������fiowit-'";  for 'suiM'-oiijulOrt liy ;Uie liA.I!(IKS'F'SliB-  VKRAAAAD MlNltlS, IfN:'.l.,:if-.('l->\v6'"K.lirJi'.':  i|.   iiiu.sl.   noitt'SSiip.ily ' lio,-(iiiu'.   it   lui-u-rt  etivA ".A-    xiAf -   ',��� ,AA-.\ x'-yAi-i "  -1  1 ticiilur to'i-ollcct iinmeys, Toyallk-Sv n-i-i-iiin-  ���IJiili'.-il ihi  day'���  Certificate of; Improvements.  " -    .   , '���'       ������'   ��'-iOTICE.,:'   ���';., .  '  Tin-   ���.���.Mi.ihii-l.tt ''.'.Mi.*tto'a7 i'l-..::.   .:  tin- l--|ii-i.Si.;-i-!',"M,s'ii..:J,i>:'-,i.-i.-.!i ���'-,: !'.-i  '' .���riay'Dis.t.riei. :      . . -  ..Wlo-re t"t-a''-.-;i. -a-.i: .Ali'ii:;'-- ''x-'i-  TiiU--ti-iti.,'!-:li.it |..lti:ii..-�� <\. iy.'X"  for I.!iivri-n.-ri;..,;.laei:v. Frn- M'.;,-.-:- -f5  Xo. ���'���iimd.i'-.y." i:,t--::.i, -ivy .la:. - :: '������-..  ' ltere'of.-t'iappi.v''.., thi- .Mi.'iii.-.- t.'--e-,v.  i'ertit!,:at': of l.->:,pnv,-.-ii.,.-iir-. :-.:��� ���':.���  of���olHaiti.iiia- ;i ijrowti. i irain ..iftii.- p-Po..  - ��� Am! f'itrtli.-r fait'- ubtii-v'.tiiai :..���:;���-  Si'C.li'.i, '���'���'' tiV1-' l'0.'fo,iimi'-.-iiv-.l '���-:.'>.!������  iiiii-.- of >oi-!i 1'..���[���titi,-:ir-:   si f ri i r"r:" .'-*, '���::.--:  ���    W '���'    ���   '    ���'- ������''''-' H-V:7'  Itim-ii ihi.s'siii ,i:iy ..r .\i:_-!i-.". l-i.'.i.-  "      ���   7-  NOTICE,      . ���'  fitnUM^I. rinits-ind debts!  loni.^tmti.'hians.t.o'il-C) To  onler inlo  ������y urnnip-nlvirill,    npoi, a,,y'V,-ad,:,e,?i,,e.l. eoniniilti-e. eliainher ol  , ������'wVn-.im.. ������.Mii'i,-:-:,l t.-I,iIu,..-.i!ti.-.'t.'Mi'iU.lit-'I-:.n-l. I ir,���l-Inv.'-'-<liii.-i,ik-:;i..l"l-. t->,-iii-- ,iintiiliii-r ^li,ir..-s rnny j.'..v.-rr'iiiu-inf. ..!������:,iill..>rlti.!s..v;iii'ir.tiii.:!. mi,-. ! ,'""lfl't'"; s.vinli(;aie. or other body of persons  >te..-i.--Mif,iii--' liiyisii.noi'.'l-Iii-M'soifiiemiy Ills- ,'. sl���cks liomls; debentures. ,l,-bi-���i���re .|���,-i: ,��������� I nieipa'l. "��� !..,-,il. or ol lu-rwise. that. ���i���v ^,,;1il ,f opined to lawfully,proinoie either lhe ��ei,eral  trict:   "��� '������'������������������ X'A-   A-':    ' Kr-cnules:' -���- -W     ������'���'���      | conducive  .0   the i-ompany's i.l.jecs'. or :,n v A" ''"l7''^' of ,he t., -ados lp which the  business of  '.W,-.,:!., wine.!-    , i��� AA>! iyi-k'A:   MaVy's I'".' B:V���" ft.i'i.Uli   anil- providil deposit 7,,i.l i thei���.^���id to obtain from any such ���������.v,-,-������,e���l '71'"' ''oniliany- is .allied. ...r  any other business  r.r-.X X 'i'A-i-'y' , - UuiirimUM-'rinidsin-.Miirrd   in   rehili.mlo  :,���y (..',��� others, any clairlers. .ri^hts.p.'lvlh-es.   :ulll , '^1. ,,,:,y be ,-o,,,l,,.-,ve to  I he   liiterests ol .,,l���f  ,Tai;.fii-ilii-.- iii.ii f. ' iVoryo   l,',-.|i,h,-i ri.  l-'r'ee    tl-ndi-l- i.r iipiilii-iitiii'a' for nnv .i-oiiiriiet. conces- j eo'ni-es-loiis   whicli the 'company  miiy, think ii i l'"'''l''.",',:!' ' ,,'   '���'." ':"''.  .Ml,,.-,-;- ...:,-r;.i;;-!.!.-  Xn.   nlHi-of-mtemi.   si���y    si<���,.1lee,ve.,-i,���i-U.,,-Mi:i,,-Hp,-rly  in- urivilem-! desira bh-,��� ob,���l,i. ������d to ca rry   mil. exercise, j    Jr"1   ' " "['"i1 A  �����"'*'���'.'���"'���'���"���"'-V cliiini  For a safe and, proJitable,.invest.':  ���ment buy Jots in Kimberlev.',',  coniltieiveto   the i-ompany's i.l.je'ns'. or :,nv of" I'"l7''1'sl df lhe trail.-s lp which the  business of   B0X-835    '       '       HHfl<^ FQTMPRP'1  the��� eoiuHi.iiiy-is  allied, .or  any oilier business    FORT STEELE      ��n"V'    COllVltnC;  . yp'ply i'.i tin- ,^lin-  ,- pl"liiipi-ii'.'i'-mdiii.��  ;i   I 'l-oyil .< !!���:, 1,1  of  ',,tt:' f.'ivor-l--!- tiWl.,6 i '���'���'!���! ilk-'a  :-.,: ���; :,.-��� piii-po-.- .'���: ���'-/.,.7no,i  !,-.y..',- .I'bovi'-i-iiiim. ���  .'���      ������',,���   ���    7  ; ,\:st I'lriJe-r t:tl:.-'iv.i.iet" tliai :,etio:i iindi-i  PT''.:! iofj .',' 'n.vi.-MP,- .-unjoi.-hri.-tl l.'.-liir," til.' i.ssii  ,ti:f,;-'' ...f yiWi ���', '"i-'l !u ���it:.-- -i:' In, j ir. > veil ii-tits.  ."'Dii't.-ii tins P"li day .iJ.Si-pti-iiilier. I-".'!', itl-'l."'  '"' .''    ,:        ;\  7 -��� fi-:i'ii;i:,i-:, i;u,,!i.'HAi:Tf;' ���  in relntinu to the i-arryin^ieii . * 17- = * 11 ,^'  cotiee^siuii,; d.-i-ree or '-ll:,,:! ill--fit:    '  . , .' . ���      ' , '      ��� ' ,  1 iit:-) 'l.'n carry nirtlu- business m un-tal fi'iu,i<l-  j .-rs. iniiie, owth-rfs. smelt,-rs, enjiiui.-ers, nier  I elumts. siiippi.-rs, ,.iwn,-rs. lnanaL-i-rs. m- nvei-  | s,-ei-s i.i iiiiiK-s.-. railways, tramways, agents.  i eari-i.-rs. .tr:;,lers7tii:i,nir:it-tur,.'rs.;iiiiil cuuraei-  I .ii-s. 1 it any tiiisincss -ir lfitisi,i,-ss,.s cunveiiieut-  ! ly (-ari-ioii on in connection Un-ivwii It....t- calcu-  i iait.,1 ili.r*'i-tiv .'.��� iiiilir,'-,,! ly io i,,1,,-itii-..- ihe value  1"'">   '"   'vmnl.oViaudeimn'ly'withiliiyspei^Vrai^,^ 'A   P��l'lic. boilyi, and   to^lve   pensions  priyib  and i-nin-i  silllls  ��� (17.1 Tn si-11 ilie'iylidle or any pari iif tho iui-  ili^e. ;i It ini;:, nil iiro]n-Viy ot tin-eoiii'paiiy i.,'l an'y  other company or any person ,,,- ^n-rsoiis.for j  such,price: either wliolly ui- pa'rtly in money or  in sliures ,o-, in debentures of a purchiisin;.'  eoinpaiiy.- and 0,1 siici|,ierms as this comiiany  may .ili-ein expeilii-ni.. and to aepiiire llie whole  in-any par, of Mu- nmli-i;,ii'kinu' and pniperty of.  , gratuities, donations, ami w.-molumiuits  to any  persons eniployeil  by .oi- .ri-nderimt serv-iee to  the conipany:   '.'.���'.,',.' ."      ���'   f ���  |��. I To ilu any or all .of.the above Ihi,ms.  ���iiher as pi-iiieipals. .ayetits, eoniraetors, or  otlierwise.in any part of the world. a.nd eillior  alone or in conjunction witirothers. and eiUu-i-  by or Iiu-.  or othVrw  �� ��� ���   v; Sole flcjent,,  PosiiUniee AddroSis. IvinihorJey  \-ia Criinb'i-ook. .li; C.   ;-   7 '7;  -���=A'  .       XiiLniis'iPu'rehusb..  ��� tin  liipiiny's | or. oiherwisi    lo aiaaliramaie   v.nh  any  other !  ot  or i-cil,ii.ir   prolilable am;  jiropi'i'l.v. I'lisiin'-s's ur i-iwhis':      7   , ,. j company  I If I To ei i,ist rue',. pun-liasi'. leirsii.   or oili.-r- i era l.eliiii'iieier lo'lli  any ^.iieli .ibjia-is:  | IS. |  To pi-i.'iiiiiii-  .:,'H. )"fo  do   all  lal   or    coiidiicivo  such things as arc   iiiei-.len-  lo  t!,e .-uiiiinmeht.   oi  tli.-  ' ivOTlCc. ,      : ti'isc  iienutye.*   railways  and  li'anr.vii;;-;.��� ami ti'  ������ .....lire ! le,'I   P.IH.,'1, days   u I 0-r i'l-iimp.  liialnlaili   aiid' u'ol-U\   the   siiirm. or any  :i,!'/;.iv  i.i', ' le-! 'lii.-l ( '.iiiiliii-.sii'iii', J ra IJ ways < ir I ra ai wa\'s uiiiell I he i-.impa n','   aiav  '��� ���    ��FOR SALE. 7 . ';'  ,' .An, .\i,iu,|oaiimlo'.' I'd' ���.'���lo.U'ini' 'f--i  ' riii'lliiio- ijiuii-1./.; . Saves nv-r !'M je-f <������ ���::!  nf o',,ii'l. Wi.-iL'lil' '.villi ji!r,v..-|- Wi.!") il,-.  ^.j;t7<|.- i,, s,-c.r,ii)i'is lor !'::,���!;in^ ,'m iiwihii-'  (.ai,, cluin,.- i In; !��������� s',-':.'i. io-nr tin-, St,  K!i|.-'<,ni-',.Missi,.n. '      .;     .  r-'in" i 'hi-; ;,oil:u-s':i|i!>ij  ',> ��� j  .1. A. f s A !: Vl-fl7 i:',.!-i s..'-,���!.���. 17' 7 '  AB.  t"  ���o-.iiiiM  v. Icliijaa .'  lor   p.-nni-  , ,\;iiU- nii.,.P'e'ipi--il.,. nn  ,, Pl',;'.\'|-i illII,!. ���,!, oat  I.-..,,-,a'l.i-ii.a-   lollou...  ml.-., i'iiiVIiu'W'.  -���ni---   .-iiirlil.Sii  .pas.  ess a riff hi. I., n.in <>\ <���)��� a ml work:  I'Tii'apply I'ni'v'iiliiaiii. piireliiis.-,  lablisln-il, lor objeeis similar in een-. I , .    .   ,        ,      ,     ,        ,     .  ; above objeels.    And it ,s hi-.rel.iy declared  that  !ihi:   w-,��r'il  ������t.',')iii|iany"   in   ihis  clause'shall in-.  Ii-i.-nieil  to  inchide  any partnei-shUi   ipo-   other  ���Pot this  I'oinpanv.  f: .- '' '       ���  'i-uior assist' iu , lie pro- .  inoiiuii or ior lion i..| any i.tlicr ,-oinpany   for  lhe purp,  ,1' ii,i-i|iilrliie all or any ol' the prop-  'lln-r- | ..erl.y and I la IiiIil ies ..I' Ibis nun pa uyf  if   ad- |  body of person's. 'Whether hicorporaleil or not  iiH-orporaled.  an'd   whether  domiciled   iiifilii-  unl so thai, tin-  H-lsl' ni'-io I  liC -list-'..' Ol  *ay |ia 1,-m s,l��r..-\ .-'is rl 'i n\ ,-ni i,  -.-.sluns. i raili- ,., -crels. i ��i*i v i I.-l- .  \aiit-iii:: ..liri-i-tl.v nr linl in-ei ly 11],- ,ilii,-c|s or lu-  .ii.v ''Hilt*,- purpose w'hieli  ten-sis. Ilien-iif. oi  baiik j riidils ii.ini   iiiioi-uiaLloii.   ..vlieiln-r a,,   I a- '.iv l may s.-.',n din-el ly or  indirncily ealeiilaleil   to  ail,::    'abroad,   lln-  aeipilsl! uu,   ���.!'   wliii-h   miiy   si-.-m ' j .'beiii.-ll I '-Ids (-.oopaiiy. bv iinyiim   or i-oiii rl In, I-  i.i1,- .-a.ink    -a   ,-liilin,.;  .(.' al?i i .'e:    ih    ail   i".,n  ! c:il,-i,!at,-,l ilii-,-,-1 ly oi-jinlire.-l ly ,  ! e.iinp.'iliy. and to ilsi7 7'f\i-"r,ris.-.   .Ini ,-l,,|i,   :-ianl  ���'���-.. I'liei-iisi'.s in l-esp'-el ol. or oHii-i-H-l.se lin-n -In   ,ie-  1 .IIKSIM'   I-'. '"' 11,1.171'T.  ���'     "i-niiuMlii-. |i'i-op>-rly. rielil's,'ain'l  ialoi tion   s..i  M.il-'.l  -i'l    ,\'in'|.-nn"i'.-    It. I'.    P'i'il Aliens!. : '.ii-i|iili'eil :' ..'''.    j:  .. ', HI-I-;     i  ��� p.i.| Tn ma liufai-inr.'. ili-al in, ami   to  I u���   ]..  Is ilu- |iri-liiuihary i'X|ii'iisi-s. or pro-  viilin..-.- tin- win de or pari ol' tin- eapiial or otherwise, a ml in i a ke; oca I i n. or otherwise aei|ii Irian,I liolti slia r-s in a, iv soeh company 'ii- in any  oilier company', ami lp itiiiir.'iuioc lhe payment  ol any ilHii-mui-os or other secuiii u-s Issued by  T^of.'librid-ofo. 'All  ll'l'll!..  I'uiieil K iii^dom or elsewln.'  olijeeis   speellled   in. each   paraeniph   ,',|'lliis  clause ska 11 ie.vei:jit w here ot berwi..,- ex pi esse, I  in such parai.-rapli |   be   in   un , way)  linii oil   by  ref,-ri.-ii,-e'tiiaiiy oihcr paragraph.  ,:iv,n   ii in li-1-  my   lia'iiil   and   si-a I, ol' .nllce at-  Viciorla.   I'l-ovince  ut   Itriiisli   I'oliiiuliia.  lids  I lib   lay ..I Allele, i. I lionsa ml eiuhi liiindred j ''''''. '������  anil ninety-iiilu-. '��� 7 , ,���   '    7  !,..s.|   ,  " S. V. Wtlll'I'TO.V. 7 ' "   -S     ' s ,X'y'-y.  ������iiiyiMi-iti-'iri/iiiiii siiii'ii-cinii/.nmiis.AForl: Steele and   Kimberley  Ii.   A..  t-LTON,   : A'^ent THK PROSPhuTOK, FORT STEELE,  B, C, SEPTEMBER 2'A 1SVU.  Cibto 3?co0vejctot%  .-iatujiiiav. s!-:i"j'K.\]];i-:i: -au imi-.i.  no bark ;o tin-    liiy>   ol   the   old ,in llie memory,lo iho la-  iinoii !i b<nv "ii)>l-'"l.   there   ii   a ' London  '/'inn*  law-  iirons.-.ly iiiMrK'i'il dciM'i'.i.-.t'in .lit'  deadly elVc-i ol' tiieann.i. Ar-  cording to the reports oi Napoleon's army .-ui'i.'.'e'on'- ilir,iiigji-  out tlio cainpaign.i of the Empire  each-wound, falal or otherwise,  represented :5.00o shot- fired. An  the PeninMila ii looka ion of  lend lo kill a man."  The &old Standard in  India.  Al a recent -e.-.-ion of   the   Indian coiinci'l. the viceroy.  Jiaron  'Clinton of Kedolstou. concurring  in the statement of  Mr.   Clinton  J).-iwlvinj>, tho financial   member.  who, introducing   llie   currency  bill, -said that,.in  the  absence   df  ihn in ini proclamation from IUn,<r-  ,   hind, it had been decided to make  ���gold J ho legal tender iinniediate-  11   ly ,in tlie conviction that no other  nie.-isui'e would save   India   from  -disastrous    omhiirrasniiient1  n_nd  fresh  taxation,   roniarked    that.  thanks to the sagacity and  com-,  nion .^ense ui' the commit tee. tho  jtbility of lin; chairnnin. tlie  .slrongth of the case for the gold  .standard, and the , remarkable  i^oncen.nis of opinion, the  ii'crce-  ly   disputed   matter    had    been  reached.,    For twenty years the  policy  of  th'e  -government   has  -���*  been tho defence  of India  froin   . _ .   _    .  ihe inevitable consequence of fhe , lighting, from this"source, of the  .decline  of  the   rupee,   namely,  fresh taxation.    The adoption of  si gold standard would enable In-  ,dia to embark in discussion .with  foreign  powers,   and  enter  tho  '  field on equal terms.   Since gold  began to enter la-t year. 'A2.-  H-20.W0 bad arrived. A iixed  ���value must blend stability and  confidence to foreign trade. He  did not indulge in chimerical  dreams of the future, or pretend  Un open an Asiatic Klondike   He  firmly believed and hoped the  present action would invest the  ���financial lioro.icope of India \\;i1h j  ihe-security which it had hither;  lo lacked, and* which was the  tdufy of the government to utilize  in tho interests of the 'Indian  people. ' ' '  In South Africa.  The i:!ocrs are  great  hunters,  sin'd  in   the , excitement 'of   tho  Mixed at Home.  A i-oini!.' married couple Y\b<>  recently went to hwu.-ekoepinir  on f'lybourne avenue had just  enough money to buy the neco.--  nary furniture. Thoy had not  sufficient cash to inve.-l in moi-  toe.- ami picture.-. The young  wife is handy with a brush, but  To Lig-ht the Pyramids, j hu.i considerable yet  lo learn   in  A plan is now said io be under , book.-.      She  made an  effort   to  consideration by the 15rhit-.li Hov- 'supply the deficiency in mottoes  eminent for the lighting- of   the' for the wall by working  at   odd  pyramids by eleclricity   and   the  time.-, on- plain' cardboard   with  in.-lallatiou of an electricity pow-' water colors.     Mere are some of  er iran.-mission   plant   of I'.Ywnu' the moitoe.- lhal now  adorn   the  horse-power.    The plan involve.-  Clybourn avenue home,  the erection of a power-, generat-,     ;;A Stitch in Time i.-  the  Xo-  ing plant at   the   A.-sonan   r'all��  Idlest Work of God.'"  on the river Nile, ,anci its  trail.--       vWhat   i.-   Uoine    Without    a  mis.-ion i/vt-r  a, di.-tance  of   loo Fool and Hi.-Mother."  mile.-, throngl-i ihe  cotton-grow-       '-People   Who    Live   in  <!l;i.is  ing district.-, where, it i.- thoughi'' Hou.-es Flock Together." .  the  provision  of   cheap ;power      "Jjirds  of a   Feather  Gather  from thi.-source will permit   the no Moim. " , ,  building of cotton factories, Pai't      --Honesly    i.-    llie    Thief    of  of"lhe scheme contemplates  tfie  Time".  ������He who fighis and runs away  interior corridors  oi   the  p.yra-  get,,- the   worm".���(JhUaifo fit (a  niicW. and also the   operation- of   Oeenn.     __,_ . ,  pumping machinery for   irrigat-1 , Acetylme0'Gets Tired,  ing large areas, oi'  descsj;t   laud.-  Sullivan Diamond Drills  Mo^t  accurate and  most  economical   prospecting  drills  made.  Drills of all capacities, operated by hand or horse power   steam,  compre.-5c.-d air or el'-ctricity,  SULLIVAN  MACHINERY  COMPANY.  305 and 306 Rookery, Spokane. Wash. ��� -  ���~"    KNIGHT �� STONE. A';:-;:-;r.-,.  Chicago, III-  CONTRACTORS FOR   PROSPECTING   MINERAL   LANDS,  One pronounced feature in the  alongathe Kile.    It is also stated,, use  Cli-  ilt.eiyline gas, is its ten-  that  an  American  company   is  likely to receive the contract for  this work". ��� , *  deucy to lose illuminating power  when left in reservoir-' for   &ev  , oral dav*.    A  lo.-s  is   often  in  curred after a rest of from li'   to  jiM hours.    'Exports call ih if.'con-  Boys of the Olden Times.  Bovs have alwavs  been._ko.ys ���, .      . .  '  .   w   ,    ,77,      est""���   i  dition the tiredness oi acctyhne.  There is no doubt that Shuni and ' . .       "  jbut tliey give no explanation tor  nor dp they   sugge.-i  a   prac-  |'ileal cure.  <cha.se   t-hey   frequently   wander  i'ar'nJield. Old Oom Paul, frightened that his big. lighters might  gefc rash if tliey'got too far from  his paternal care,  has  forbidden  iJniiii'to shoot game   beyond  the  .Liiuipopo river.;   People in the  'Rand   are  still   fearful   and  are  getting out as  fast  as  possible.  The Transvaal  government   are  . ina,king desperate effort's ro keep  ' the mining industry  going,   and  ha,s promised that the workmen  ���will be'protected,   and   in   the  went of  war will  be   given   a  reasonable time in which to leave  the country.   Thbse~found~g-uilty  of treason will lose  their  mines  by confiscation, aud if  Ihe  own-  Airs refuse to work the mines the  ^government    may    work     them  ���through   its .own   agents.     Tho  tone is distinct]v warlike among  tho.-e who have remained at Pretoria.       A    .thousand'   Irishmen  have Conned   themselves   into  a  .corps, and   their  offer   lo  serve  Jias been accepted by fhe Traus-  A-a,a,l .government.     The  Italians  of lhe Trnnvaail will remain neutral, but lhe Hollanders will support  fhe  Tra.nsvaal   in   case  of  war.     Kefugee.- are pouring into  Johannesburg, and a relief committee is hard at work.    ,  Ham pitched coppers or "played |  jackstraws on the shady side of ;7.'  the ark. while Noah, who could  not find them, had to feed the  stock i himself, and that David'  held up two lingers to Jonathan  when he saw him across the  block and 'that they therewith  went in swimming in the Jordan  against the express prohibition  of their jnothers.���Minneapolis  Journal'. ' ,  Mortality in Battle.  Our      American       neighbors  t lirough some  of   its  exchanges  claim to have establish a  record I particular charm which in warps  Beautiful Killamey.  A certain tourist who was doing  all  the  sites' of   the. Holy  Land  witli'  painful  earnest ness  was scandalized to see an American arrive one afternoon,  hurry  around all the sacred places and  make ready to depart betimes tomorrow.   He ventured to inquire  of the  bustling  traveller   why.  having come so far.   he  rushed/  away so quickly.    --Sir. " replied  the Yankee. '������! am timed  to  do  Europe in a fori night.     J, have  thrown in fhe Holy Land, and if  I stay here longer than one night  T  cannot  see   KiHarney,   which  takes three days."   That American had been well advised.    Energetic,   bustling  tourists, have  endeavored to see all the  beauties of the place in one day.  and.  though they have been delighted  and overwhelmed with what they  &aw. they have noi been able to.  restrain a pang of regret   at   tbethought of what they  had, missed. ' '-, ,'  ICillarney. if not in itself at  least by description-is known the  world oyer and has a great reputation to maintain, bul, unlike  many other places of renown, it  does uof-belie it. The lakes of  Killarnoy may not prove to be  quite as the stranger anticipated  but the impression he carries  away is none fhe less one of  admiration   and   wonder.       The  CHI  .TH  iCAVK  op Tin-:  *          j  IlOCilsTIIATION'  OF  AN"  i-:xtka  -PROVINCIAL dOMl'AN'V  '���C'ii.mi  'lliAi-o fjrti  -L'i-,iereil liiu  .vxil-.V Ai'T.  lc.ir."  H> Jlfhiiittj  < AiiiijHinij."    ,  K  ISili tl.iy ol -1  uly.,.\   IJ.. k-W.  I hei-i-liy corn.}- Hint 1 lime this O.iy reuis-  ic-reil tlio ��� IIowe CIioup .MimiisrCompany" :is  :in F.xti-n-i-'i-ovinei.il t'oinpuny. under the  ������Comp.inies- At-i. ISf'T. ��� mid to n.irry out or  (.���iii-ci nil or any of llie obiucis lieveiniilter su--  rort.li tn uliiL-h the legislative nutlioi-iiy of the  'l.ewislaune ol 111kish Coliiinhia extends. ,  The head oilk-e of the Company is shunted  in the City ol Spokane. State ot Washington.  IJ. S. A. - -.  The iiiiioiint of llio c-iipiiiil ot Iho Company  is tuiO.tW). divided into I ihhi (HHi shares oi 10  cents eaeh. ' ,  The head oint-e of the Company in this  Province is situate at l-'orl Steele, and lJ.auel  Howe. I-'ree Minei- (not I'liipowered unssueand  transier Moelc). wliosi- .nldit-ss is Fort stt-t-ie  is the itliorni'v Ini lhe Company.  The time of the existence ot ihe Company  is titty .ve.i'i's.  The ohji-ets tor which tlie Company has  been established aie--  To worlc. operate. bu.\ sell, le.isc. locate  .iciiuue. procure, hold and deal in unties  metals, and minerals ot every loud description  and character, within the United Stales nf  Ameiiea and the l'rovince of llritish Columbia  Canada: 'I'o (c.irry on and conduct a jrener.il  miniiiLf. smelting, milling, and reduction business: in purchase actiuiio. hold, elect amiop-  er.ile electric and power plants air the purpose  ol mining and treating ores and tor tile purpose  ot Hunishiii^ li^'ht nnd cieaiiu;.' powei tor all  puiposi-s: to bond buy lease, locate, and hold  ditches. Humes and water tights, to construct  lease, buv. sell, build, or opoialc i.iilw.iy^  terries. trani\Mi\.s. nr other means of It:timportation tor iruiisporiiiiif otes. mining and cithei  materials. to<i\\n bond, buv? lease. seH.'iinii  locate timber and tittibei claims and land, and  finally tn do evei yiluni; eo'nsiMent and rei|ui-  site foi the ca ri viiiu out of the obiecis nnd pui -  poses afoios-.iid in then lullest ami, broailest  sense, in the tenilnrv atoresaid.  (liven under tnv hand and seal ol  olllce at  Victoria. l'ro\ince ol   Hniish   Coluinbia.' this  ISth duv ol .luh    one  ihous.ind  oiL'ht  hundred  and ninelj- nine  p.s. | S. Y.  WOOT'i'ON".  ;i:i-:ir        U'ejiistuii ol Joint Stocl; C'omininie.s.  in the art of  destroying  life  by  j-ille and cannon.    It i.s asserted,  ���without the slightest approximation to what we might  call  evidence,  that  the  ratio  of  Spaniards who fell to the  shots .that  ���were lired was as 1 to I'till    This  ���proportion   is   far  higher' than  the average "hitherto, .observed in  ��������� .modern  warfare.      During   the  most bloody combats of' the Fran-  ���co-German war the 'highest rc-  -uilt was put at 1 to .250., aud this  .on very rare occasions.     .Before  tlie campaign of .180(5.   when   the  Prussian needle gun  came  info'  operation land thinned, the  Austrian    ranks    terribly,   'without  'however   indicting   very  heavy  mortality,    the    a.-ver,age    ruled  much lower.    At pSolferiuo.,   for  instances, only one bullet out of  7Q0 found .its  billet. ���   When  we  him is that of the peaceful loveliness and serenity of the whole,  and this strikes  home increased  conviction after passing  by  lhe  waterway .from tho upper lo the  lower lake.   The former sheet of  water, enveloped as if is by ragged peaks and gloomy unclothed  mountains, cannot vie  with  the  lower   lake,, whose   lnagnilicent  stretch of silver waves is fringed  and   caressed    by    foliage   and  trees,   by    rich    meadows   and  sweet smelling blooms, while the  rugged outlines of the wild hills  is softened by the  purple '''haze,  and spa.ee is lost in an affinity of  graceful uudulations.    The boat  ride from the far end of the upper  lake to the ruins of  Ross Jastle  is an   experience   which  cannot  be described.     It must be enjoy7'  ed. and fest assured it will, linger  s^WHEELS,  Too!  I MILLER R0DE0NE2093 MILES IN 132 HOURS  The Eldredge  $50.00  The Belvidere  $40.00 ,:  Superior to,all others irrespective  of price.   Catalogue tells you  why.   Write for one.  NATIONAL SEWING MACHINE CO.,  \  339 BROADWAY,  )        New York.  Factory  BELVIDERE, II.L.  T. C. ARMSTRONG  Fowv Sthki.k. 13  0.  Manulaciurer ol  Tinware. Galvanized h'on. Sheet,  ,,     Iron.   Stove   lJip<'>! and        |  C.'opjierwnri- j  BUILDINGS HEATED ur.il VENTILATED  I  Plumbing.  Pipe  lilting' and' all  kinds of'sanitary work  Air TIflht���Hoi Blast SioveS  L-lydranlic    and   Air   Pijies   for-  Ii' Yv)f  WANT A HtliKi MM V.  Go 10 tlie  MONTE .CARLO   RESTAURANT'  On fUiverside Awinn-  William Robinson. Proprietor  M.KAl.S   AT    ALL    HOUK.-  HIGHWARDEN.&    SON.  PIONEER  BARBER SHOP  m THE kh  EXCHANGE B SAFE DEPOSIT CO.  Mines  Sl'HUAL-  A'I'TKNTlON- PAID l 'J'.O  ,1013  WOII1C.  j f-jvervthiny Strictlv First Class.  ! " ,       p  i  A'e.rt dm ir to the Prompt t-o  or.  'i';-.t:i-ii'.c? ;i 'jrt-Mi.-:-ul cnli..-.,i,LuL'' uud ei'  cH;uiLri- bii-inc--.  DRAFTS, CHECKS, TIME CHECKS AMD  ,      .ACCOUNTS CASHED.  ,  Drafta i.���u^fl payniii-,- in f !:maOn  und  ���h..' United Stiti.o~. ,     -  MINJNG..SCIENTIF,C  THIRTY-HIHTH 7EAE.  24 Pages   :  Weekly   :   Illustrated  INDISPENSABLE  TO MINING MEN. "�����=  , ,53 PER YEAR, POSTPAID. ; ��r,  ��rx�� I'OK SAMPLE COI��V.; ' "^  I ��� ;EflST I'KOOTENfty HOTEL ������J.  -Movie Citv, B. C. =1  MININGand Scientific PRESS i^   Is a l^-ge and Attractive Hotel' of quiet elegance in all its,   =S  330 market st., sah frahcisco, cal.   ,]^ appoiutuicuts. Avith a cusine of superior excellence  ���   ,, ^S  ,    SUS3CRI3E. ,  POR  ,THE PROSPECTOH.  ippoiut  .._(*&      Strictly 'First-Class   in   al    its   Appointments       ||  !^   MLciVljaRoii  Bro's,  Proprietors.-   3  -'��� is i'i;m.isni-:u i:\'i:iiv satcl-uav, A.vn iia> a     '"'  is >'  *��� c;uauaxti-:i-:i) cikoclation"  laiicli:  than     -i  i. a.vv otiii:h e.u'iCK ix kast kootiinay, it i>     f.  f\ ALL IIO.M10 I'KINTIOO. A.V1) CONTAINS  IJOl.'Jil.l-:  '���s TUP. AMOTIN'T OF SKtt'S OF A.N"V I'AI'LH IN Till:  ��- DIsTlOCT.  ���t-S^<KJS;<c<:%**:!i:��!5'5:S!,SS!;SiS:!K-::8S��-'SS:"'3s^StS-��-"-'  As   An    Advertising   Medium    It  Unexcelled.  ^S-S-S-&S-S-S-��-S-&&S-e-����-c-S-S-r-S-S-e-S-S-6-s-S-r-S-&<��  j, -I>  ��*'   THK I'HOSlT.CTOl: UOVKHS A UISTIIIOT {'}  j/   i.Ai.-ci-'.i; than so.mi: ilmImuks. and has a m  |Jj    I.AI.MK FOUiaCN CIl.-CCLA'I'lOX IJ!  -*-5 3-3-i -2 -J-9 3-2-3-3 -i S -2 -i -3 -3 -i -3 -S-i-3 -2 -3-3-2 -i-3-i-if  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This Paper Pays Prom The; (Jrass Roots.  And Never Pinches Outf Stake One !   ; the Result;.Will-Be To  Your Interest.  JOB FRlSTlSiAOF AT.LflKlNDS NEATLY AXD  PROMPTLY  EXECUTED A..
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7;jf;,77-7f-:part;expend.!^:7pi',:^1('vik.^tOLie';:;pjy !deytil/;,.:;-;,:itv.;j;i! ..['A,''X'yAxAfX[xAAXAi.XiAyA:BsfAAA[
'A0AA:tiiex-j;,of)blft&n'M^^ r.B-B"'iBBB-''^ AxAfAfABiyAAB
BiA:mmkeiAmm-B^   :>v-VB^^m?^. b^bba^b -- - -: = ■
AyAx "if p<>n 7.Mat.hef\v;;faiid"7Lnkci;7; creeps;
; of. Cranbrook: AB.y.7 A' ''- A ABs    .   7,. '-7,7.,.,. yyAs-xxsyxB/iAB
y.s'x:;,'::Ayx0s,-.y*ixy---y that f7t here utire/iffff"
[■oad to Perrv creek.   Trailsi .■■■.--,- 'yx " ryyxy-.y-,   ■-.. ■■■■■■••.,,;.,.v    ,"i.-.;
,"",.'. '■•., W777,BxiA.BAi-i. y-y.x 3(ju kinds7of oaoilu7in 7iv-hisk^y.7
'erry creek. ,,\V hi tehsh 'and  ■:> ■■■■.    „, •.-■; ■■��■<.. ax. .y, ...;•;•; ' ^,:f. .,■.,,  ."■■• ,|v-. v ■■.
ri^'.^vi7/T>ii^-^i^v7'Ui';;*VAV Thipsff.eXplaniSpfwny^fiirin.lving; ot7Bx
feffects-»edple'-in so'fmanv:Cdiffersl.p*
kind:pf:a;niicrc)be,i§bn;f shift^yi
tire,:bbozerino-when;yoii; talced i.te;
V7.;-'-7- Bxyyyt^J.   By,- ■' By. 'y   "-■.., ■ yAA i- .A • •*•> - - '■'--f'^v   A''::. ." "1     "V. ■       «-'■   :.-,    ..,.-■ r -'■■-■,:'  •;jlW. :.-  '   • -(:AVA ..'-. .-.MA. V   ,w---.w ,-=     ■    --.. --'^.v-. -;■- ■■   b.- ,y :-'ty    1 ----- ..     .      ■
*;b;^-:'ted',v'-:!ni.'.'',the'f-':yicjn'iC'v:''-'-''.eiHiin(:;i:a-ted L-x.-B-;..  s _<■■,... ,.:„w   -7 ;,- p-^ '7''''77-■
Asylyl,x,s,yjffs \r rysy^-r..  ■....!-.'., .;^.;ij.pp: -■ w: :p p:i Micro-organ ism, that'"• ifs  enstitrbi
w.p-.abovifiipfiindas.Granbi'ook' is', thed ;w-;w;w  '.n-xxy. sy x.,,a.yy :.^: .-.yx, -•:.
'i-AA-x-B-BBS,xy>'-:s:Sry-y'y-yyyyxy- ■■■■-'yy.s x.  t.c     by/ .the     acmilXtiU'e   : Of     ilCllia7
p pw,^ nearest:1to\vii':toifw.here the.:,;work. y:-yB.:yAx.B- 77w   J: xA'<-By$Aiy*
-■--"■-■■   -"•" ■""      ■"••"  ■•'•■"■" "- -* ' •••■ piiirH^is^the.',^
fxByBf.\c\ gBBvyBB' ^ni'^Bf-BBAiXra\B
'ByBBB-fB^^B^AB1 BiM^B-sBsiByiN
I w^f7; x-Jii vfci-f'E aii'd..; 1; 1 v 1 TTe?7>i i o lit 11X ^ 1^ J^; l A&* ^"
w77".^Vw:.7^-C-;^xt^J';p-^;.^i<Vi 1 >; 1;> 1f^oJ;ticl.;- '^Th'ewMoyie'
BAAroswlisroi: 1A}yaS; 1}Pne;iiif i;ha,t71o'\y 11:
'7^'':■'-;."only-iExpendituro.7f. npitr;-'Fort'/
A Ay [iS\A(i\6: ''1'i as; fpybeen ■tliij^i'itisiiig.'i;).!!
y r'AVdsjil "J'iftfa\"hich ccist $4''(').. f'lt is
7:J.'--.if: ;-'--tifi «.>"-' 1 ivi^-iii jii o'ij.^ o.ir\.i.-l;i 0 :-.'j^:o vcii;n-iii'oi.ii..li'
i'x[,yto do ccm^iderablef ^ork;;- on.; the
7roads;ii\ the^. vicinity'^p.fp:Fern.ie..:
^wfThe; ;Bu11 ;'Rivei.i: roiidvwas'coin-
7 w" p letfeiPa t: ;i. cos t ■ oT 7^7( )0%, ha Iff off
>:■: .•'■;tlp.si,'e'x.'if)<'/ii'.s.d. Aviifs f■Ifx'ii'ne -by the'
i'ii.i'i]iiiewnvnei'S^in,:'t;liat neighbpr-
BAhobB'A Bf'AAABxAAiB: .yfi.   .,-.'.;,;'
pf.:v^'7'. *!■-.':* ::'i'ii AAA'AAAx
a£ number1 •of^p'photbgraphSpvforf
iflib C'dhadiaii'Rbyieiw^'vvJiichfwillp
ryisy' :■  " SBsA'-'XiX-y. yyi- •'•■.•,.«.:■-  •.'■■.W^-'P ,'
iirjOctober. vassiie'-fa^^pfecjt'a'J 71 Jru'Sr7
Koot;eh;v\"fc;buhti-v'A:y "A
■.-     .   P       ■, V-i-V ';   •   ,   ''       Si"
" yyyxyxyy yv :;;',v: jw.'pf.:,
■■', 7"Eci;i,t;p;i';*1jiJ\v6'i;yi|;bf;..''tdie;;- iSfe\vf.'?
IMn'vbV ^
'him; the, editors of 7the>;SilyertouV
iahfafiicl Sandon;Pa.ystreak7.;The
bid; mini,; noweyer, seenis^ ; a,Sp in
the past, to be able- to.-.f'hold-.-' his
oVv.n'.; ;■■.".. ■:;-.f; ■:■-■'. "■•:' yXx'-x ■:. : 'y-y -xy
-.: Vaii ic<yuver: World :;--No,rtlfi'ahd
Sou tir East Kootenay; .asfpwell as
North'tindBputlr'West Koblenafy
and Yale are developing so rapidly; that:Mr;'Bpstoek is literally
besiege7l77wi^hf.'correspond eiice
urging...betteif'^aii'd'':<■ nioi.'e7 .rapid
,,;;f7 ^ot;rtdidlai;fIras;b<^
B: theg'overniiieni;>;pii'fthe strepts of | |jiese districts.'' '--A- f-'i'x     ;■;,
;.f^;Fort'Ste<^eidurixi.g'l:he■>past'.."t\<io;l  77'"--7';■"'• y["'yB •-* :°*' -'.■'''-:AB'X,:'A:x:
AXAyAAAyiBAy-veiHBsyfAive .^jyen^-w^j'i^bstoft^
7;-made; .by'.pi'if\;at4:'^W^
V The,wbrk:pn roads and,trails iu|thB cirickampii Sifon'e cost7aboii;t
A the imniedia'te f'yicinity -of Fori-' ^7,)0 ;'; (jf'thiV amouiit theOhick-
:;;;';Bteele Ira's .for i-tie''.ijok.part/;loeenv^^ R; px .lennings;
■;' f mining properties, pxci-ptin ob'';This. however.;, in 1.1st lie all right,
wor twoJ/ista-nces.' eyen,in. .(.he ,-x- ;;^;the HV-rirlfl claimsfffBull rive'r
y  c:.eluipiialca.s(f;s.t,li('Pt7o\vi)ers ,T»:iJ'l.f;.-;^-b<7*i,"iiir tributaify 10 Cranbrook; :
7.01K! lialt' thi.-cost.,,.   •'.■ •        7 ,       , , ■'*    «-'''•?'
fi p'TI,e .suuemenis ...,ade.;i.i the:' j]avin^,:lu.jaU,m.a u| ,;i;m,)V,;
' (^anbro(>kH.n'aia!>.v';i.'.'propert.y:f]](,' (';(,v,ll.iimt>1„ - i)Uiidings" to
-, owner'; m.. .'Mat ,<»n to.i.fioney 'f' ^ ei..,]lb,.onlw x,:,, ,V(;)Uld ask if il.pre
,,.ended ,on roads andJ.mds pwe.-y ^ anv,..,jjnl;: (!,S(,  , |„. . |)ti()1.,|(,   ()"
"i*i'i*i '■
m a
7y;illVi.liy niidicioiis. and 'the;ed'itor'
knew    it.   .    The   .-di.tor' 'fiir'the'ri
savs, ina-elauuh to   tin-   ri^iiioyal ■
C'ranbroi'ik want.- ■'■■
-J.J1   aiibther   indfiii'in.    will     lie
of the govern,ne.U otlices 1.0 that.,, fouu(1 a nli]n).ul ,sU)].y   of   mltch'
lo^'ii.   '-"that . prospei.-toi's   could
iiil.-ere's't.'; "V Tlii;   ■'inhn-iiia.tion ■   is
rj'i »i-~-.i:m.'ri.--'iv~\'l'.>   P' ■   , o     .     .^^' V^^V ^~
\$ a  lai-ec ancl Atl;i;rictive;Tlotplof.QuiiitpEl^gancc fh',n|^' *■
„.',..'    its.A]ipoiri(fnieitts,- with a 'CusimvoT Snpif-rior
■■"'" '   f1        •;',   '"'■: ,' .rCN'ce'll^nCe.-■■'
Wholesale Dealers In   7 !
Wittes, l^iqftiors arid Cigars
.take a'Tfram uirpct to Un- reeo,-,,-.. .!nj.nish(.d hvil]U,.]n,{ ])0sitioii   lo
'ers ot'iice and have his .recording ■,      ■ ■• 7 ', ...       . ••• .
' n ' .      ' 1-. IK A\ '.       . {     -
done. '■'■   f ' .'■.' '■■'.*:*,'-:-      ■        •'.'."
' 7 In-' rip.'lat ion7 to  the   iibove  we ;     Y\"e would.ask''property   hold-
will say tliiit.'a   i-.-iilwa'y  town , is ;(;I-^ in ■■Onud'.irook 'to   eoine  n\-er j ApiEN'l^S.f .FOR.    SCHLITZ'S    IHiRR.
not a mining town, ■■ittd thai   the '-and- visir t.i 1 *■ '■ < I'.iV'.'i.'iinieiit   ol^iees j    ■■ ■      ■.''■■".      ■'. ■ ■    '■'-.''      '       ■ '    .
.'edi't'.pr. being ,'i "•tenderfoot", is ;,,1(| ,-l.-,i-i-riain wUfiro • the njoiie.v
not. aw-a.re ol' t.'iie fin-i that i.u'o.-- i,,|-.,-,j;i(j~ ;»11VI 1 rails has' been ex-
peeM)i',s   aj'e   not . pi'"spi-e!.iug in   ]„-ii,'|.?d .ije.fore    gelling .e.Viiil.ed
■ the vicinity .of railways, that his ,, nyer t lie mat lyr. y
jH'ospi'-cl ing' i.i.'foiie in fhe r/iouii
lains far Cronr ra'ih'o.-iil.s. |.h:it. his.     :
mcaiis 'if ii iei.mii 1! ion.  is I he   iiur-
ricaue   deck'  of   a  , --a.\ !i.-e.    and      ,     ' -ADVERTISE.
shank's mare. ,, . ,..-■■'
■ (: Rai.lway. •'• n'I being a division-: . .. .
a! jioin!. are not sul'lieieiii    in   in-                    THE PROSPECTOR. .   ,
for!) Steele.
COMMERCIAL. MEN.      '"  "...''"   '■■'•■'  . '",. .'      ■ ; ■ •'"' 7" •
Everything Mew. First Class and up to date-
In Every Partictilari-
HEADQUARTBRS   For Travellers1 and.Mining Men-
JlTh-p-   lrtvr\i*rrprfrvr    |lf<'''r '" s<'^c'Illf:('11 ",iI('s fl'm:J  ^^A^n"d-      T|],J  ('"binei of France
*£l/-tjv   ^X'K'&iJk'K'iKtJ*'.   ulim,.,ji to ihe   lake.    It   A  now  dispones    of    Reason     charges.
Active Work   of  Consti uetion   Next
Year.    North Star   Branch   to   be
-   Extended     to    Kootenay     I.aJce.
Road to Golden or  Arg-eutn   Will
be Built.
The following informal ion was
furnished by a gentleman in a
position to know, and who.ie ut-
lerance.i eii ti be relied upon. It
is a   good   thing   to   know    Ihat
thought, in fact it is known, that
a, les« abrupt descent can be
m side.
"You,will see great activity in
railroad building in East Kootenay next year. The C. P., R.
are alive to the situation >and
know it cannot he much longer
delayed. The (Jreal Northern
officials have an eye on this section, besides a company incorporated to build a north and
south line.   It isno idle.ilatement
Dreyfu.i may leave for England.
Members    of    ihe„   American
Mining   Institufe   will   make   a
brief .itop in Spokane.
A Million Dollar Check.
.A Million Dollar f'he«;k and
Other True Treasury Tales, the
•Spokesman Review quarterly, has
just been received. Nothing to
equal it has ever been issued in
lhe North west. The quarterly
coutains 72 pages, and is neatly
illustrated with half-lonev of
mining   scenes,    mining   towns.
when I say Ihat lhe mining sec-
Fort Steele, has not been left al- tions of East Kootenay will not
together in thecold in the matter ]„. ne«>|f>cled. 'Tin-re i.i one ilII(l other illustrations: it is a
of railway lacililien. and llial we |i],j'ng i m;iy ;1(ld. railway* re-1 ^'ohiiiiu the holde'r will wish to
arts 10 have a railroad which will irpiire tounairo to  pay  operating! freasuro.    Tlie reading mutter is
o]n>n up llio mineral reioiireesof i,,jfj.f.,,^^.    ;inc[    j(   'standi
lleul   an
this section
" "It is the inteutioii ol'the.Cana
diau Piicific Railway Coin|'muy to'
build a north and soutli line",
said our iiiforiini'nl. "It will not
however be commenced ihis year
but will he started early next
year and pushed io completion.
As you know it i.s now desired
to get an all-rail short line to the
(    ^ ii
""coast. There, are, two plans
which have been presented: One
through from Elko to Golden,
Jqllowiiig the east side of the
river as near to the mountains as
practicable, to ;i point in the vicinity of Horse Thiol" creek,
crossing the Columbia-. ' and
I hence unto Golden, or to make
connections ''in the vicinity of
Horse Thief creek with th'e road
which will be built  froin   Argen-
itlid   carefully   edited. ', 4T-rvk-.~./-\m'n 1
write up of the  diicov-!   lUljjeiial
people in  hand   to   be   r.eady   l0' Und the write up
furnish, il   by    developing    Ihe Icy of gold on Wild  Horse   been
mines   and   putting   them   on   a .correct,   il   would   have   pleased
paviii"-basis. ". ' the people of ihis section  belter, j
'"   _—_! L .   ' However,   the' quarterly   i.i   be-[An ENPAR.ALLKLED
t    ,      General Mining Notes.        0      yond crit icism. ' ', j SUCCESS
'Quartz   assaying *o0   inriroldj -  -—- - - i <•
has been   discovered   on'Stalenl Major Steele Recalled.
Island: New York. |    -N!;l-i°l" [,f,,,|,y- °r th« x- w-  -N!
-..  j P., -whose    headquarters    have
One Head Was Better Than Two.      Ijn<*n for lhe  past    year 'lit   Villi
liiwuij Company
, An oriirual form of advertisement comes fi;oni;Russi;i. where
a.shopkeeper posted up the fa 1 -
lowiiiii-    announcement:       "The
i. o
reason whv I have hitherto been
cotiver. will.leave in a few days
for Dawson lo assume command
of the force in succession to Major Steele, 'who will return to
duty in the Northwest Territories, says the Vancouver World.
The recall of Major Sieele does
not indicate that his services
were not satisfactory,   and   that
The   Fastest   and   Host
Equipped   Train
it f
x   Crossing the Continent. '
Barley. Navy tteans. Baled Hay.
"-eed Meal'
Also Receives Weekly By Refrigerator Car
Fresh       53 titter       oriel       Eggs
Prompt    Beli'Bery
Send  in  vour orders if Vou criiinoi  r.iJl
1 i -
Freighting Done at Reasonable Rates.
able to sell   my  goods  so  much
cheaper than   anybody   else   is
that I am a bachelor, and do not
need to make  a  profit, for   lhe
maintenance of a wife and child- j officer will have  the, distinction
roii.    It i.s now  my duty   lo   in- 'of being the first prominent Gov-
.-     ■   ,T    . ,  , <.      , ,,      ....... .he public that this advan-7er
1a on kootenay lake,  across   the ..n     ,       , ... ,      ..   , . , ,      .
,,       ,,  ,      ,.     dage will   shortly be  withdrawn  (he  N ukon   without   having   his
mountains   -to     the    Columbia.   .. ,. ' ,      .   .      ■        , -,-,,',, i
Iroin them, as I am about  to   be character assailed by  the  grand
married.    They will,   therefore,   army of kickers of Dawson.  -Ma-'
do well to make their purchases'jor   Peri-y ohas always  borne a
at. once at the old rate.'* (hiyh character, he is an nljlo and
5 The result was thai   there 'was ■ eflicicuf oflicer.   and   has   shown
such a run,on the  shop  lhal   in i marked ability   in   the  aduiiuis
Steamers leave
I Alt
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday      £
Eilher of these  routes will, give
an all-rail'Servico to the coast.''
i -_ i
"Will not the, road from yYr-
geiita'to the Columbia be a difficult one to build?" asked tho reporter.
"No! I think not. Wherever
railroads are needed lhey manage to,' get thcni. The reason
why an all-rail route is .desired.'
it will enable the company to de
■livor the Crow's Nest coatattide
water at a minimum cost.
U Tho Imperial government will
undoubtedly use this coal for its
I' Heel iu the Pacific: besides,
should it be found that the product of tho coal mines at Fernie
can be laid down at a reasonable
Ifiirure in Vancouver the United
I Slates government .will use the
'coal, as il is superior to any coal
Lin tho western country. The
[route offering the shortest mile-
forni the public that this  advaii-Jerninent official   to   reUirn  Jrum I Excursion "Rates 10   the   East
 AAJl)  . ! '.)..
Toronto   Exhibition     i"*»f
Apply   lor   ji;irlii-iil;ii> , in in. ii-u.-i ('. i •'■*
lJ. H. iiL'C-iil <n- to
.-iuhi   ll   j  iui,uii     ui 1.7     i^iii ty      I I»<l I       I ll  '  111. til l\eu    ILHIIII.)       Ill       III",;      iiu [IJ I 11 II V ' "My I '
tl'ie'course  of a-few  days  this , (ration of lhe business end of the j WILLIAM STITT,- Ass't  General !#•       [ '   Projectors and Miners s
shop keeper had enbiii-'h   money j police force, ol which he has had I p^.'-^;, ,i -.„„<    m;,^.-,,.,, , •!• ,,..' „_.        .    „, „
,, ,. , • ii,° , ras&enger Agent, Winnipeg, i *   Compasses,   Mineral   Glasses.   Sn
to pay the expenses oi  Ins  wed- 'charge on the coast. , ,        <?{•    •    * ' '      ^
Fisliiiii> Tackle *
7f . ■ , -"rJ?
tJ? Steel  Rods      - Fish Baskets - English Flics ?}f
•£      H.u ii boo  Rods Landing; NeU '    Cast Jul;- Lines   **Jr
< i run heart  Rods '      " ' Reels T»?
'ALU    K'lXDS    OF    LINES ,   a        -fjf
'   :-     HOOKS "   .     _,   -rjf
:-      ARTIFTOLAL   E.\lfs?Jf,
C   .4.
In fact Da complete sportsmans paradise. ■ , "•{?
' Aji " A»t
ding on  a   very   lavish   scale.-
J age will be the one selected,   as
i the cont racts require a short haul
which cannot be given under the
present circumstance,   when  all
J freight for  northern   and   coast
ypoints inusl be changed from the
ri rains  to steamer  al   Eootenay
[Eaiiding. and aWain ]uif on Ira ins
[{it   Nelson,    and   to  steamer   at
IRobson. and lo 1 rains at Arrow-
Ihoad.      Reference   to   the   map
(will sIioav   tho  difficult ies   to   be
encountered ' in    shijipiug   coal
that  way.    An  all-rail   route   is
hbsolutely necessary.    The con-
lir.icls   with    two    go\'eriimenti
for coal means thill- the  railroad
V 4.ist be ina, position   lo   handle
[thousands and thousands o'f tons
lo!' the product   ol'   Ihe   mines  of
lEas!   K'ootenay.      You   can   see
[(hat the Iranshipinenl <>f freight
liiu1.-!ns increased cosl,  n.s   in   the
1 r
Ipreienl route it must be hand-
lied four times alter being loaded
[oil   the   ear   al    the   mines-   loo
nany   iransfers   in   make   shipments prolilablr."
•What will be done with iho
hToj;fh Star branch'/" asked Tm-:
|?i;osri-;c"i'OK- man.
•■It   is   dilliciilt   lo   say.      The
irobabiliiies are thai theterinin-
Et.i will remain al   Kimberley.   or
It some poini in ihe vicinity for
i /-
he   present,   bul    ultimately   it
Sparks From the Wires.
Spi-euil UiTiii: I»ki)>.imt< em. ,
Puerto RicansJ are starving.'
the food of the Island has'almost
all been destroyed /fhe relief
is inadequate.     •
'l-\ bloody riot occurred at Car-
terville. 111., six negroes- ware
killed and one mortally wounded
The Hoei's will fighi. th« Lon
don   ])apers   all   agree' that  the
last lingering hopfi of peace  has
been dispelled.
The plant of fhe American
Fisheries Company at Long-
Island was destroyed by tire, the
loss.is about .s."i(io.(Kii).
The United Stales CovorMinonl
are sending ^ large numbers of
troops to Manila.
Eoroiii'u residents at Caracas.
Venezuela, ask for the protection
of warships. The United States.
British aud French residenls
make (he appeal lo their respec
1 ive governnienls.
Lieulenant Clino ol Ihe Canadian militia, declares that lie is
positive that Dreyfus is guilty,
and say.s that he could give his
reasons for (he assertion.
President Hill of the (.'real
Northern purposes to expended
from s|.iw)(i.(i(i.() to s |..")()().( ii ii i  on
'   READ.
ji>     r  (
G E. McPHERSON,  General   Passenger Agent, Winnipe^.o
A»i Shields and Smoked Glasses.
MRS.l UKDBRUILL.      Proprietor.
Presh Hread and Calces
Fresh Fruifs every day
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Eggs
Fresh Milk- and Hutfor
EfMEERE'^Y.   H. (J.
'J'llr KiliL'-I ljii|l!iu- ;:ii(l
C'iuju--nnil Mi'-I Fiu-ni--ln-il
l.'ooniK in Tow a.
J.   L.   GATES, /Prop.
IJ, in this line is astonishing
i should see ihe display of
Spectacles.   Eye   Shades.   Eye TjT
M •/slock', ol" Toilet, Soaps i*-' complete and the variety,
Pioneer- Drtio Han '™&^
vf A. \V. lJLEASDIiLL, <:»-.-«i"«iioOiit«Ho.-oil
'v- •♦- •»■ »♦» ■*■  •>• •»• -♦- -♦- '»• -*• ••■-♦•:;«•♦••♦-"(•"♦»"♦-•♦>,»♦- -I- va7T/-
e nl" I 'li.-ii'iii;u-v ^-^
Did \ on i'\ it mil ire limv   lew   |>i'<)|>Il'
nn-  oi-iyin.-il   in   iliin^-.   iln-y  -n.\    ,-nul
tin'/    For iuMiiiii'i'.   iiiii1   lliiiii   iiiiilcu-.   ;i
liii-tiiin- mil nl ,i iii'i|ile  lliiiii;: iniiiu'ili-
•ili'lv liiiuilri'd-! ul' oi 11• -1-— li-y   ii.     Thi-
i-lniiiiaii iialiire.    While it   i- -jr.-itity-
illipi'oveinenls ill Spokane. | in^r to he I lie ••lii-.-l man" to   lirinu   oni
,,., ,       ..    ..        ,, Inn idea, tin- uri'.tl    111.1-1   imi^l   lie   i-nn-
I he liianageiiieiif   ol   lhe   Spo-1 .,,,.,
1        | 11'til In liillnu  tln-ii-  li'iiilei--.      I liei-e   1-
kan." Industrial Exposition have , ,,„„ ,,,„. ,,,.,, lN :l,u,iys ,„.[„, „„,. ,,„„-.
extended to the editors ol the ever, ,unl tlial i-the lui-iiii--- nf lii-iui-
Pacilic Xorthwest an invitation ley-C-n-ret-en < 'n.. i.iiuiied. nl IJi-ant-
fo a bailipiet on I'ress Uay. Oc- ''"'<1. Oni.. l,e.-.-.ii.e tlie\ roiitiinialh
.    ,       _'., rm '     ,. hriii"    iiiii    iiuttlii-jtiioiii.    to   -nil    the
lobei'/th.      lhe  averaiie   editor    . , ,
lime- and   -ea-mi-,.   Uui-   lln-n-   .lyeiit-
The   Milwaukee'
A liindiiiii* inline; lor.the ('liieami.
.\lilu-ailkee ,V St. I'iiiif li.iilwiiy. kuon n
all o\:er the L'niuii a- tho Creal IJ.ul-
w;i,v i-iiiiniiiii the "Pimnir lAiuiinl."
train-e\or\ da.\ and niulit liotwuen St.
Paul and <'hieaj;o. and Oid.iIi.-i and
Cliii-aiio. •■Jl'he only [lei'lec-l trains in
llie world." Under-iiiiid: <'onneetion-
are made with All Tr:iii-coiit inental
Lino-, a—uriny lo p.-i-.-eiiuer- the be-l
-ervii-e known. - Liiviii-iini- eoaehe-.
i'let-1 i-ir lin'ht.-. -team In-ill. of a \erii_\
equaled in  nn nl her line.
See thai your tii-Net n-.-nl- \ i.i •■The
.Milwankoi'" when .joiiiLi' io ,my point
in the I'nited Stati-  nr  Camilla.      .Ml
1 lekel   ,-lijt'IU- -oil   1 lli'lll.
Imii- rate-, painphli'i- nr other inlor-
111:11 ion. adilre—.
.1. \\\ Casijv. ('. .1. l-fmi-i.
I'l SI V.   IM—.  A .'I l.l"K'l.ll Aj.-i.lll
si-: \-rri.i:, wash,   couti. \xh, 01;
General iViercHoti
" (Wininfl ■' supplies a'Specialty ■
Minei-« goiiin- iiorihw.trd via Canoe,River Route will find if a larii'o
siivina- and < oiivenience 10 ]irocure their supplies at  Donald.
dinUm  Srecf (.'oinpany
Windei-inoiv. (hildtjii and Donald
Miniiiir Divi-ion-.
■  .,1 , I,- ■     ,        ,,,^,i     n.iv\,      wini     illi'l
IVill extend Irom  -omc   point   all ,  ,    .     ,    ,
w        1    m -ii 1     .1      Adinir.iJ    IVwev,   after   il
Ir neilr Maryiville. towards   ihe ■ '
will iU-i-o[»l   the   invitation   with   ,„„ ,.,.,„ .t,,1(,i)y .,,   „   ,  „,.,[„.  ,„•„
greai   joy.    with    Ihe   k-uowledi;e   hkhio.n.    In   l.-n-t. 11 1  oilier  in-i-iipaiimi |    i;i:m ivk n \i,'i;ios in \mdmis ha\ (-h
thai   they    will    have    one    "'ood 1 i- men- honoralih-. he.ilihliil. lin-iMliv. I uol |,|ui,i,. ,,.j,,,..uion.     ll 1-aliim-i 1111-!
feed during   fhe -year   with   me ''"' nl1''1 - ll!l11 ,L" ",:i"-v "!'i>»i'"'iiitie- i,n-1^,,,,^,1,1,. ,,, ,ii.-iinni,;-li iheni iiom  -,-n-!
limited   booze " '■ l","ll""i""-     h    1-   -" li'e-ehool.     -M.uiy iniiie diamond-eo-1 inj! I111111I1 ed-  ol ,Ini-I
'' j men and uomeii 111 Cin.id.i  lo-d.u.   t,-- , |.„.. ,..11.|1_      •|'|„-\ ,, n- uoni In  i In- l„-i |
Admiral Monlojo ol  the  Span- | nh m tin- ii-uihlidne— nl  hi- .-Liiin. in ' ,,,.,,1,1...    \\',-«ill Iomv.ii d  .1 't.'i.vi i\i: ;
iih   navy,   who   mrrendered    io ' i.i«-i. ii 1-•■om-eded o>i   all   hand-.   1 h.-u , j; m.-imu- in wtovn niounie.i m ,, 1,, .,v \ ,
I       ' one \ e:e-'- 1 \|)el h nee « h h  I Iii- 1'ji-in  I
A DIAMOND FOR A DOLLAR.    Agents  at  Windermere  for the California Giant Powder Co.
A   Limited   Special   Offer Which I
Will Last for Ten Days Only.     J   - ' .   .
ro s
st.riicfion o.l. tho .Spanish , Jhsel   in
1-111 l:- pei. nr -111
prk-s 01 the, St. .Mary's,   the   ob-
I'-ci-   being   to    lap   the   copper
[amps'.in that .Section,  and from
■hero   ifi   will    lie   exh-ndifd    to
I.'ootenay lake.     IJ11 ring the. next; J
uiuiier  -the    eoiintry.will  fl'ie'!-" <'i"uit Allen,    the .'jiojiiihir  au-
fioro.iighly'eAploi'i.;d.   to  Iind   nil; tho.r,    is   dying,  in   New    York.
The. novelist has. Iieen ill for the
past six.months and the end is
now hear.
worth    mine    in    in\    voium    mail    or   )],,.
! woman.   -Iliiin   I wi
vears. al
•1 ipi   ol   j
Ma,i,ilia ba.y,>.now'being  tried i{V;:;;:;;.^
by .court martial..      The prpsecil- I'vi-w. and linam-iiilly. il.i.-.i.ll Jhal   i-an :  ,s pivXi. „r t;hiek. .shelled, -old.   and i
tiOl'i. (lemaudeil  ililprisouinent  foi'j he d.-Kir.-i'l. , , ; wai-rant.i-d nol.t.o l.arnish.   S|.).'..ci,'i.| .-oni. j
Ai't.1. x      ' '   :     \ . i-      .",..,       .,.   ,'    ';..'.■■'   ,,   p hin.-it inii.oll'ei- for ten 'days' i.inly!'   I ,'iii^- j
:,:;:;f:";,^.77;;::;::SI16lf I MVM Hardware.
Powder. Gays ^
. j As'unts:    I >id yen ever I hink of'hiuidl-
in-i  inn-1 lati.-sl.   work- ••The r.i^iit of
and si lid sen|. lo any  address   upon 're- |
lasy pass ■through the inoun-
luns. A.''preliminary' survey
[ia.de Severn 1 years ago found
■hi 1,1 there was a- grade 'of  a.Odd
,-,-ipi oi sii.,,0. , I,,■ .ii.-.i.j,.i»M-..,.i,l,,■.,!,.,..; CiumhcrlaiHi , Blacksmith ■-Coal.
I.ile.' y   II mil. now is'n i;-ood lime lo   ,.                  J              .- ;        .  '     ■ ,T "      . w .                                               i
.    •       ..'.,■',                          ,       lin-jer niea.-iiii'eiiieiil.hy Usui!.'-11. pioei.'ul i.e.. ,-.,■.(;.,.,.         Mi-ill       "«;<•/.,. I     ■   Iff.'
slarl.    T.' ':<»> a dav sure: some make-    ,   .            ,   : ,.  ,'.-'-      ..'    ,;       ,      ,,          -nil ) 1I1US       Ullll     yMCCi,      1^1^.                      -
stnnu    also lull ..pari miliars.     Addi-e-s
tuiee tvliatP.        Kxpei-H-nc-o    ol-    enpilal.                      .                                                               v               . ■'■;        ■ ■■■■•-.-■                    '.:                                                                               ,      y
'nn-; iiak'i.iios iii.\:,i(i\n in..': ,,.,,;.
The jia-rdou of Dreyfus has been ' .
Bradley G-arretson Co., Ltd,
|{|-:a.\-|'|--i.i.i.,i>. o.\'.t
M.si~ll«:i i:i-,,.-iduay.
Ar'-.v AAirk.
IvOOTKNA V. ''TttitrpRpyptfp^
'fflje : $£p&p&£tjCiVr.
,S'ATUKI.).\ V, SKfTIO! I'M-lllS.i. 1H11U.
iyf y      Of Interest tp Miners.     ''
;: f,A7hundred;potincls of ;oi-(fvd6es
. fnot.-.f urnish.'a reliable mill, tost in
f'tif:.. mill doing custom .work.'
Slionkl-ii low grade ore fqllpw a
•rich rui'i the result ,may lie ini;
agined.., -.Avion: is hot too  much.,
7. So far as known  the .'deepest.
, d iii.ihp.ud' cl'i-'i 11 fiole ,i uf tin.;., U,|t i t ed
Slates is ; the. ,one: at Lincoln.
Neb:,' „ being    bored- tinder, the
;direel ion"of'the'State i'joOlogjCal'
Survey.- tit is iiow i'-l (>.'.! feet deep
and the/intent, isvto   bore   1 Vk.io
farther. ,     [- Ai'i.    r ;'  y    ': ,iy^ ,- .';..■ a:
'-.',.Aboni7uS|. -Vug- a, price 7foi; .14
i'iu-()spec.t,'''.a,s iinv told "of is ihat
'- '• '• s       St .p...'.  ?o      '. '   ..,'   .
oiB\-~'A>{}" !'orjJie'--(,..''an;..,iiriko*".■■
near Custer.  Sc>it\!i.   Dakota.; recently:.    .The ^piirdiaser 'was.
hdwe.vol-.i.uia.ble to tueel, thiv(, de-7
some reason -the.''work fin;: mines
of this class lisutiliy, stops7 with
the-: first disappeara/nce of pay
ore, though llie' ,succe,ssiou .of
leiisesiuay be fxd I owed 7 longitudinally for mites, 'their peculiar
irregularities being recognized;;:.
V'eins of 11:1 is . type undoubted ty
extend 'to,.greater depth than ;;is
generally supposed,' for? .iJ'.they
d<f> not,', then' we ttiust.fihielio.vo
that the surface liipography' has
a distinct' i'-elation to tlie distrihu-
,,tion of: veins,:: their .continuify'i
and'depth,", but fact's tend -t'q dis-l
prove,this7 assulnptibn'7   - '>"-" 'X'■■r'y" j
.'■' -•-'."       ',„'•.   f ■■•;. 's-x'"xx 'xy.   ...;.- ■:...." 1
Mining ^SeieniiliclV'^ss^-- -An■]
uiuSei.tied condition of thefpolai-7;
ealsHui.diou'iti Africa ,isf aft ract"!
ilig   attention   to   tdnil. / "country, j
Statistics 'recently  prepared ■■ bv !
•   .... '   '■.■■>. ....    .        ,,.,,;.:.'.':„   J
the Treasury'..DiVpariiiicnfp.of the;!
Uj'i i t yd "■ S, tii t.-i?s .i-.sji/.>\y pi.„.;.t J;i iii '-.■■•t. J n.<> r<-»'--|:
has..beenajhrgef^ncrease fit?., tlie 1
dom'tind;-; for t he Bin 11 .ufactu'i'es'f;
aiulx.product's-'., of 7 i'h:(w;;lTnited':i
■FaR^^ si' r]a £e ;; ■ b.7 7G;'!';; V:
MANUFACTURE RSff!;: and ' 7'BKlG\\rE.fe '■■ OF . EXTRA:
s'Ahf: ' '
; ■,.:.':■;;;        complete   plants bb'-Pb \
Ready for,prompt Shipment IN'buii.tiOSSfJAIil.f WAREHOUSE
Wire Rope and7SuppIies
Write for Estimates ami; Catalogues
BtiltleU7b.ee r j'tVr ;!;anii35' v'ti^e/a -spcckvlty7
yjtivve.il. ,piA:ihents.waiid7.the  sale j stHtes^aiuduhling since;
"fiMlpthrijugh^ .^The''j>ropem
7;pnow '
idf jfpdrt^
jChlvag^ syndicate";w'.'^
;'■ 7: ROSSLArSD,'   ';&'yiCyy '['Bx
ind-cSdthi'iigv andff7H)odstiitTs;:,:fbi;;i
the Soudan have allfo.n'nd. aithi-fi
7: ltdnerids of; a groitp; of! t^e:; nit)
r su I Is of; Iii e f a !>:'(i;ij)i c;it nd';
^■tal'jcf'a'cL^..-'■■:   Titfwuinv-isiprouiiii^^The Hull ia., Ifinl?t..'priiits>t'hdfii
'idjitwh- a .'d'lfl^ev iv(" the"'species. ] following !i'e'fiffcre;dit'cd'' tp';au'ex^'j'
p^NiobiuiTt:and' cdldmlnunfi 7are:^
"f worth'^riOif^per'pound ,:'avoirdu? ^teaches)! f^v/iniilosf^^.^otJ.v^o.wiV^
^ppisj.,: ai.)'d'.':'Tita:t^ [.
X pound. ,;7":,; , .-.■',■-''- -   -,.; As-;' x f.Ay x ■'[} teatd'nhg7;;iU';ii'ppa'£-e!itly^d:ulUut:le
wrote :,:'ihbv,AyQM
p blacliboardi. xAut
P. O.BOX!812
EUEPHONE' NO. 1 I C=.",.
SieK :^rmilliSein s;
xyfCAAd" "i pocki^ts. ^oct-'iir pimder
ahanyIconditio'nsr--i 11. 'oi'uck, slate
neil(,»\y: 'f,:''Sh;e.p
■feet' ''..pit1, the
: ,li.iiprtalc,: f hf.' a! i tt base,'f.7a].; ',A.
rfiiid^mestoneutud;: inid tori te,;'but
:'j.isiittU.yy,w'li.ei-e:..^^ tl:s'
i v Aiii 'seams con .v.
nt-ir-t-v-"-.|>/pliiiii.y could ,no!j7prQnoutite:P: i;t:7l.;;;
x:„yx .:-,., ,:.,\t.ux,:..u  '„,: ,.;,.,!Vl   ..V.-.v^-.: • Tu.^-.1 „»,'.- :
p.a-'lth b'.iig h: he; .could' uaifn^th ■&] 1 ei?-
Withfp:p'helr  hi6st7';cbaxingL
AiA^i-A T h m£ Ire |'«m'itS;'slie;|iid|: '^'Now^ Jolin hy 7 j
1   ' "■ "■ Avhapt.iS'::it ,a.;co\v--has;fff<"fourf: pf "
^vhilelfhayepfoniy, ;.,tyyp^'';p:.p pThb
\ iinspwer Avas in-oniptf^thPugh -fim-;
i>xpec,t.eiff'andwth6-v smile; 'pfaded^
f rp'tn7her.f ace,, '.billy :ftof,be;'multi--:p
'plied;7:o;n;7 fclie;7;7fat;!es;Afoti sundry;
vyjclced litjile fellpvvs1" vvlib, pAvbrb
nbtp'iii,: tlfS.felassi77^i';7:7';7,f''7'r::Pvf'7wf!:.:^
,; '■[ 'A ere v i ce's x>r 7v ei n'tiTf- A. F i v§ f ff .is' „th e I
:s :.:.. .Xx., ■..... . ....,;.y ■::,.  ,(:■ :1s   \,  f.y.:y.     .',.     •& ,    ,
'•-:7'"-vf.Ai f^i-i" iil ly.-ixtivrci ivfixepi.? L'v-;vyl'i'efi'iif 7 blyo;.
-A ^)bckei;s.(icci:ir: "Next: is^thecrbss-1
77f:';fc rafckf^dti i;ti ng7abrogs': .;tlre7'7Vf.einv;
:ki 7^7rt^ Olfi i^^l^vt: I fi <^ ;7&p> I cl is0ii^ri^. :7bW^v *J>V^
rJ^.ivf^s-rtbwaj'di i'tv7'p7r;i WJipref-fiiiese
■.■-.^H'.'1'1-' tV''"" ■' '-^"-o-y. '-'.','. -■ ■■_•■-.. '..''' -Ays. yyyt.y-st .ryi- ' ..-.-<■■:■.-     ■
;:*Sl'iVre<wbfini t^filif-* pdclle^rbfpv'golct^
;').'; ;-.i 1 'i'i i.y; • 0 i:.f li'via',y-! ■ J161; Ije^'iV j u lid.'.; 'The'
7"^)ccuivrenc(;'()l;p ifibckels^is' very ini;
;<';.and: allliough.l;lie!7sea.rphi.ii£r';for
Id ii..sciencejp the.eleiheiit of J tick
•r:f.'-'i,s aiidiiiporfaht factor.:7 ;'■' ":■     s ,7
•"" x:Afi\"<:{JH' there' Avere  forty-tiYe
; ;d!vidend ^iiay.ing::; gold   .mining
■    cbnipiiniesf,   in:  the; ;Transvaalf,
A. Sout.lr-Af!'ica:" the dividends ag
gregated. i'fiji.tHiJ./B")'. :
'bor'ibi nbn-ifiroducin'g.gold,mines
in   fiiat "xlistrict'last  year ..was;
';fbrty7 '"■',':'■■'.'''■■'Thei''"': .mines'. ■ :. total
ff'S--7As. A.'■'■'■: Mbiieyf\iri^Maiis.jp;7WWw'77..;
fiiig>inbhey;; ;?:Fbr Pi'itiie-iyeairi.vehd1-'
the- ienpi'iiiaws sum:pf>slS;(K)0,OpO7
The reliurh-pf. good..'■..t-i.mes,..!'and
thewecbnbmy7. of y. the:f'7;wbrkiug;
class','is"Sshow.ii in 'the1 increase .in
1,lie, savings bafnk deposits,■".which
stahdf at $615; 000:0(10a Thefnunf'
ber of postal: packageis delivered
last year were;i]^-19lj,pb,0;000:;Bony
dbn7receiyed 28"per ; cent of '^the
totalof-letfers posted." The staff
pf the .posl.offi.ee wits- increased
-by ll), 000 during -.-'-the.;, year;'-', aiid
how numbers ,i(i0.000,: of -whom
only oi'-;000 are women.. "7o''..'-:,;   ''
'■GSriGrr pi f \ iVUB t-'cr'fi" aVtt,
^'p';:';..,-Mahufacturer7 oft, all'Kinds- of' Luifiber;-.«7 if7B1 argb;ass««rt-fff;::7^S
•Er ;.:,f 7    ii•'.m'tMii.pfse^
2~~ V..;'':'-'..f Ayi''BxxyA'y'fAs'xsyi.Af[6B^B^^''[['B x A'X?iAixAAAAA*ir:AAi-~*.
^x-po.nsb'■'•'■''. wikh.
tlip7putptit77wasp£ I0.24f),(iy0.v,- ,Of
this'aifnbuuf the Rand cbhtriliut-
ed7H:'20 per teut.';7 The relative
ti se' was as folloAys: .: Salar-
wages,'.. to whifes.> M.B
d ■aiid: wanes' to cua-
ii.'S a.n<
.■"'■', Cotilcln't Make the Correction
■A 'A: local, paperpublisiied. a long/
obituary of a man who had - dieel
in: the community; - closiugV "witli
the statement thaty: ;.'a,..l'ong« -pro-,
cession followed the: :i'emai.ns'( to
theii'lastroastiii'g'place.';. The
f ami ly read the  notice f;and . dis-
■■1 1 85-per cent:.fuel. 8.2 per cent: I covered the supposed- error  and
biuldii^materiai; 8.*r per cent:! asked the editor to make  a  cor.
"'"       iocs and" dies7: lub-Nctioirni the  word   ••roasting',
but he said, fhe 'could fnot  do  it
until seven year's .back subscrip-
animal ! tion. that thedeceaised owed  had
food. -OB2 ,.er ceiii.: sundries. ..lyU j b««» paid.-Exc}tangev    :      7
pel-'.cent':-.total,    loo.  per ■'cent.7 •-..-. w-   '-.'
The aver.aii' yi<ddf per,ton of ore
n.illed, was 27.14 siiillings.  There j iioH.itors- .^   x]w   y,^^   posta]
were   '.1.0:',-!.702   tons   extracted:
.the mills-crushed 7,si)l;"Mpi  tons
of on
ptir.cent: fop
' tl ve's. 20. B '.per cent; explosi ves j
■. iron, tools. s;l
ricaAing-   belting., -etc. :4.;;i   per
e'ei'it: -chemicals.   3.25   per  cent:.
.lighting:   h2<>   pei." cent:
The mills per stamp per
diem,' crushed 4,501 tons (twenty-
four hours)- Stamps weighing
1250 pounds are,now', in. general
. A prejudice appears'- to exist
against, veins' iu. mica schist
where the veins occur. as lenses
of quartz of varying size. .lust
why such.prejudice exists i-s not
. easy "of 'determination for the
reafsoiv that', "where such veins
occur in . a- rugged mountain
country, as good veins or lenses
''lire found below the, bottom.-
1 be deepest canyons as fare found
on the summit of the highest
hills, and therefore it is but
reasonablc-fo conclude that the
lenses    may   continue .into   the
'mountain t'o   as   low  a   level   at.
least'as the lenses appearing in
the   canyon   bottoms;    but    for
i. According.7 to a;'■return' ]ust
! jniblished' there are; 7:000,00(1 'de;-
I positors in the British
{Savings -Bank .-with *l;>00;000,000
n.t their f;redit. There.is a bank-'
account' for one out of every.live
persons in the whole of Scotland
and Ireland: but if is right .to,ex-
plain that, iii S.cotland the people
are largely'given io investing in
co-operative societies. .-Fhe deposits in fhe '.Postal Savings
Bank", averagiV8sO, .and
leresf at 2h per cent...
draw   i.n-
Tho Phonograph in Thibot.
'l'lie phoii'ogrii]'ih' has boeii in:
irodu'ced' into IVha.ssa. An in-
struiiieiit was' 'presented ' Ijy -a,
of j iiiercliant to .the .Buddhist, chief,
who was struck' with fright on
hearing.it re],teat a chapter from
a holy book', The Chief .afterwards recited the Buddhist prayer, "God in the I'lower," wliich
the'.'phonograph repeats bund-
reds of times daily for the edification of lhe 'faithful..
THts^SraEfii is;giiai^
-': w::f:HA;RD;:'R'dcK:''WOK'K.7 B' ABBA; lx'B'yAsiyiAyAi:A:A"AA A-BAA'-ik"!r
Sole ff .Agents'
Mining  Supplies^:-^Specialty.
f   ■■•■'.TH'K SUIIVI-:VOIl'S  CICAIN   MADI'lp IT THK SIIOUTKST   ','/,.  i..-'..
-.- ,'.-,,7-- 7■",',-''■■■ , '■'■:- ".-.    "ruAXScox'ri.^KNf'iffALf nou'i'i-:. ■•■-.• •■,,    ;■■,   -.; ■"::.',
.-'■•'   It is' ,the: most niioiloi-ir.iii i'r|iii|)iivcui:'fit.isft.lie liuavUjst; raileclf lino; .,
■.it'liiis it''.l-o'clc-liiilijiHt, roiifllied: ,i,t"i:msses 110 Kami deports: -it, was   built
'•fwithoiit ;i laiiu graiit-'.br- fil'ovei-nnieiit; aid: it is 'iiiite'd.„ror courteay' ot" its'
empliiyes: it 'is the only line, siXrving' nieal^-on the a hi firartc1 ])lan. f   : ''
l-HROlKllf'Tflfl': iflltANtlRST StfKNHIfiy I K Af^llOfUOA .     .
X   -,.  -"';'..-•'    f'f-71. -' J.,.V:;'0>\yfJ,l.(!l'-l.'l.'. r-Xy■;■ ['A".'■'.7 ,•■"'. ■■'"[..
For k'jij;rL,''s,r'l;:i::L.K'.iu'Hr'.'t.he'.l-:A^T''JvOOTK ,-"''
Stajl-c ,; I'roin  Kalis]iell. -."Sn'aniboat (•(iinniunu.-ations fi-oin .lenning.sp:
'clufinl Siininier.    Qu'ickest aiuV.Best fi-onte to'ali--piit-ts Of-Ui'e United
,- '" "',.'"';,''.,.- •; '  states,  Kastei-ii t.'anada and  Europe.
■■'  for maps,  tiekets and i-oniplete infoi-raatioii call or address
':   ■'.-,.,-...• ■-.'. ■■-.;.;nearest■ aircii't or ..■..--.'." .■„:,"
p''First:'  Class   Brands'; pf  Liquors; aiM .Cigars.   , 7 Hea.d-
.'quart^rs  : 'for   f Mining - 7y'Men.7.    ^Coimmodibus7 /'
.".'," ;' 7 Sample ^-.Ro'o.msk:^ ^A ^h&      Ayi
■West.  'Modern    Cohvepfuehces.
-   7 ■■■ ■ ,.,-.' ;■' -■-•',-: ,::.:,'P".-»■'..' •-,-• - :--". '- -c- a     ■
Comforts-7 [A
.Spokane    Wash.
I'M.WIIflTNKY: G. P. and'T.A
Ay. St.t'aulj.Minn,
"MUNSON; NO. 2."
The Best   Writing  Machine
Till-:    O.NT.V
lllustraled   t-'titsiloguo
' 1. free.: ■ '
SHEEP CREEK,"'B.'.G.vV;:,; K. J.,HIGBYE. Proprietor.
"■—" .First-class Accommodation for'TraveJlers-   —'   '    .
''''■Everything":';  New..;'    ";"  0 ■',■■"■'•'■
• The Windermere S-fca.ar'e Stops  Both  Going'.and  Coming.
Fort Steele
Meat Company
. , ■   . ' ■'..''..' ok ha:nd.w .    ,v
R0BS0N & ROGERS, Prop's.
.'.-'.'   I.'   -   '■        ' ■-■"     .  " „. "'   - .-'     w
Fresh Halibut,1 Sahnon, .Saliudn Trout.  Bologna  Sausage,
Butter'and Eggs.'    Fish and Game in Season.
Address Edgar  A. Hill, Manufacturer, 94-96Wendell Street. Chicago!Riverside Avenue,
Fort Steele, li: C. THE PROSPECTOR. FOP/r STEELr:.  il. C. ^EI'TEMHKK 2'A rf.ti.  �����#��  *#*  ai*  :*:  :���:  !*'  ���������  ���f'    *#���    ���#*    ��J��    *'#-     fcf#    ��ftf.  ���e�� >*��  ^SJ^^TTjT  -��������  V  ���������  V  '(!���   '*��   'f-   *!���   *#���   '��*   '*.*  ?t��^i?  #*?&  ������>  4s-  *  .#. .��. .��- .*, *t'  *������ *���* *������ *f* '������  &*  ,  ,  '  *&���*���  (  ,  ��f�� .��.  ,  -3-^  -*��� '#��� ^  * ���*���  ���+�� �������  *#  #*  ri  i  1 Ji  nr  #*  r  n  '  ��� 1          i  V?Jt  I    L��  Ufl    I  ��*��� ������'  Mr M",  *  ,  j  -  #      ,  #    "  ���  *'  jmm��MT?' t��gj*!:^  ��*i iti ' *L 2 ��� " it. i��i i<i -1^ JL*1 .i*�� JL*i J$�� i*i jA  *��*  'f*   'I*   *&���   '#���   *��*  -#���   *#���   ���**   '5��   'I*   'I*   '���*  *���'  ..�����   .j*   .|.   .**   .f*   ���������   ���!��   ���><���   >#*  ���#���  ���?,?*���* -,*%? v%~ VV VV  r  L  w  r���  BO  ���  ���  FORT  TOWNS IT  ���I" ��#���  ���*���  '�����  ��������  The only Government town in the District  WATCH THE PROGRESS OF FORT STEELE  The Hub of the  FORT STEELE  District  NERAL, WjA\P  Tlie Center of  Population  '��By������2:'-  "'"r'  ~3L   Mining center of  the district  Rich Placers on Wild HOrse, Brewery and Fisher creeks.     Since 1864 $25000000  in gold lias been taken  out of Wild Horse.  ' - i  Sole   headquarters   for   Tracy, Wasa, Lewis, Wolf, Wild Horse, Maus   and Lost  creeks.    Tlie highest grade ore camp in B. C.  Head 01.NaVlflatlOn-On 11(16 Kootenay River  - Daily Stage between Fort Steele and the Junction  I, \ o  (The  Objective   Point  of  THW.  Choice resident and business lots 30^:99 from $1  titles guaranteed.    Por I^eirtiGi^lairs Apply to  to $250.     Easy terms  ~j ��  ��  "��tr  ^\  9  ��  9 M
i       ■."". ..'.i ■■■-''' /'(HEAD:; OFFICE':' TOROMTO i)..:;'' _.;:."   , .,'. i'X'A-B
/'■."■'.'■' :./'■''"■■',''' A1-       '''■'-'"■■       ■,'■ ''" ;   '   .. ;'<■■;'   "^  i       //  '     . -'•' '"'''■       , ''••_.
P»£»id     wp    eapital     #a;bpOjOOP.
B-,.W.Mnfl.V..»«a.«.i.«ft..-.il..i.,,.-W.l.....^^ P- P-ll
HON.  OHO." A.-'C'OX.'\F."l;--.ii'.li..-ME:-
,-; i:7!7.!.\\'ai.k'.i-.:i:.' Hi-'1- -^"'i.
Sterling .Exchange Bought' and Sold.       w ■'"'['■''■ :'B["Aa,
.London- Agents B the Bank of Scotland
CRANBROOK BRANCH, BiB [y.     , J. , W.„ H.'SM YTHEf Manager,
• SAiM;ifiDA:Y...sir:i,'r.iaii:ii':iif-.>;Cissf'i!t;
,, John  H.',Fink, ha* .bueh  ap-
',,/'pointed resailehtf attorney for the
/■/ Siillivaii: ,;^
7 ":;f..,.Jo(3 .rrae.'tiliu'use!i'1.'vfcji'^v',7«^\vi,'l.er,'.
///guarantees aV/vork/. xy AiixABf
^. AjOMM^OmB x)
Ass;i\-    &  7.Me1;;i]]ur^ist:. ',,. f
■"/'■■■'     ' ;..•-  .ci;7\xrni;ooK.. if, ci ■'■
■;,.'.   ..'/ ■   /-/"'.'' ,'■ ' ;l"'-,,p '.   !'  '■'''.'. /.j
('KKTJI-'If!,\TI--, Ci'li- 'I'll I-: K|.;i I IS'I'ItA'nON OF
'A SXKXTliA   i'KOVI NTH A I. fV>>l 1 'A XV.
y-B' ,.'.    *■(:.(iMi'Anii;s :\trV'.  ISliT,--
" PtjllyJiirtir Miiiiiiij wml Millim/Cu.".,.
., I{i';«ls(,crcil,tiic' |M Sii|in-iii|n.'r,, IHim.     ;■',-
T .Ijn'i'KKKYi^lOltTlli'-V.'l.liiit J ha'v/llii^liiy
,■:  i . ^riitrisi.iMvil iliiy '-lliill .ilivl-t '.Min!iiii; anil
■ MllliiiK'.i^iiipsih.v.-'iisiiii "kxn'ii-l'riivii'iciiil'^Vi'iV,-
imny uriviei-'-.'Hii- -..Coiiijiuniks .\i-t ISdr,'' ui i-uri-.v
oulf-i.lir, i;iri,-i-l,';i|l ;o|'PJI!iy Vif Uitf i)t).|t-i'tf hoi-i'iu-
■» fun- sei.fori li iii wji jt-Ii ihi; IijkhOh t ive  iiu ifi'iisr-;
it.vof ilu; I.i.-s,'isliimri' nf Ilrii).isli;.(.-<i.liiiiiblii(<l7\'-
tcnVK..-. ■-,.-..■."    ■■• '7'.':.   7''".''""-<i f-'W "•■ A'i' ' :'t
,   Tlii.-. In-:iil iiiilciVnr tlii''(.'<iii)|V,iii.v is sliiiun-lii I
tlii- C'liy or.SpiiK-a'iii;, .S|:i'Ui iif U'llsliliiHioii.'   ,7 fj
V.f'(.'Iii: iiinotaiii of.filu; euiiitnjY.r  thi-pCWl'iinyl
i.s'-'ii;ii(.(JKiii,",j|A'i<i<i'r|f l!ii|V.;ii«iii..i(Ki; sii,-,,-,^ of ,,,,'i,:
i-initiiiu-'li,: ,.'■ ■■-.-.   f -.'■■ •-' ■     ,; "y    ■"••'.-.'.     ■ ■■'!■'. .-f '■'■'.'
,.-... Tlii.' ii'ijHil-iillli-i' 'dt tlii- I.'ffiiiiiiiiiyiUi'tili- I'i-'.iv-
ii'l'i-li ii^fniii.!iviiv.)-,(pi:i-|:.S\':;61i7'lHHl«,l:.7ii7 I-lilik
iiiHiyr. >vlu)>ifvailili'.'ss;i« l^irt'siiii'|i!7iii'iM;,i..iil,|f
is Uii- lUliii-ni.'y fiii- f.!..he'iP!i>Htjpmii,y,   ■ ,' .     '7, : '■■'-',
., ■ ;■   K-    v,       yy; .      <>, i- :\'■•'■-   ■.'•'•■'  ■     i       .Tlty'diu/ m! t||i- vx i>ft .'.tu'-o 7-I tlii-'l>iiiip'iiii,v
Iho ,h lii-Jiest  I onus .ot/ns- treat-- «,|fLv fy.-iirpi:77^7' :' 7;:,- f. ,f xsX" v»';w ■;■' XA. ■.
iiieip' bo re .-■■ by   l)i'.t(VH'fsnn, aiidj ■ x;y'T\A ,ptiiiBx.B> AhAu htk iBmytuA. B
oiliqi-. fi-ioyds, ; '■  .'   ::   ;'"7,.'f :7- ;   •^^-"'•AtthilAAtittB' i':' si: xiix'-A'Aix is "■
xUBaB*  xuB ■  "
AX-,:'   \' ' t    As,' "i. ■-'•{-.
lLAAJ ii,  -AB'A
A, >''i.'.•.-
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■ .''.Itviilj,-- li'.i.Wl,,■'>;/ lii.-iil I'l-o; l'l-fj':v '.'
V, '& :.'ii!«.'is (lie ,ci:,'-.-'■•.<'.• i'i,',.- ,:, ��� ,. Xi,X,\,
A). i.v.iiB.r.- ArXiis .- '-; ■;,.; -' . -,   ... „•'..  y
'■"A/s   'li'j'r'ifiii;''-"'.-! vipijI'i,i-.i:-.:?.■"•
..-T/.i-siMiiii ul' i-'i'rio ,.f --Siv.'d-pv'i-f SiV;
B   Silyi-i-"!"!.-!'!-^ U'.-ii.r.iii 4,'rin.itl.l.    -
\\\: Iiniullir ,| fii- liii.-i' j,'i'.'ulw miiy nn'd.. nirii:-.;:.". i-; s-;-.^
Hivtrly all oiiriiv.-ii u'iioJ.i,: By .si-llinj;- JiriPiirf, ivi- .'n.-ihl,'
r i-iistoiiu-ivs   io   buy ,'• IJii'k's'f Quality"- ,Vi   ainiii; ||„.,
't x'A    nriciis tcciii'i-rillvP.'i.sU.'tl for iowur •AriiiXn^'.-      ..:'"■:   ,'-■'
-'  /I'liri;,.' isnopi-isU .in i>i\K-i'iii7f.' ffvni   us liy iii.-ii|,-is u--.>" yiiai--
,;■:.'■""•' : ..'iiiKm , Iii,)  i|ii,i.liH-; nl' all j";biids7-(<olJi:7.'ifui.I   r^lViinr.ilii-: iiuincy
in lull siuiiildtliin- tail 'i^-pU-iiM.^xxy ■■;:■.,.■:,,' -.".-'■'.-."."..'; ■' "'yx.Ai    , ,' ■■     ■ ',•>,
,    Qiii-','ca|,-ilojfii(. which .iliiislnnirs',.ai-tu:liU
ivi h jfi i iy;. i „ pru-..' I W)ii i i~i<<. i ;> $ I','(. KXI.OO, Wil I
Ill^lll.-liU-d ll|tiil|-:iyi|i|,.st. ; ;     .A": '■!■-, y.'."-.     f.
I ."!.
•/■'.Cjapt.. -loliuMiK-clpniieli wires
to'fa „ frioiicl, '■■sa^iu.tr,- Iiu ■ i'u-.ri V'VicI
litiriuyail   rigllt. p .. [':h.v.^i'Mf'iUyS ' iu
tltPAWTMUNT,., ;
DuillOlull     f;/  ■
y Sterlliy Silver
Silver i'l«tt
;■ Cuiicry.'•''■■.'.■,'■
a A.     ' X
• '■'■ PrOfessio«aI'.'v:.3 •
'xy,i' f: '7 NORTH   STAR   LODGE-
. ;:C>'' I''ojit Bkklk.U. (.!.      f' .,77
.'./: ""'■''" ''•,'.' li'H ,    HQ.i30. X   -:' Ay.yy
7      fA. F...AND A..M.       G. R. B. C.
77 ll(.Tji'lur.,*ini-i:-.|iiii|fs'.'-l.sl'   'f.'rirsilay.' in 'i.;io!i,f7
iuiOlilit 'at i:)i;Ui'ii'ihni-:\<: x Visit in;? Ki-i-ilii.-rn -ar«:'-
ci.'rvn.-illy invliHI.  ■,'■.      ' '"."-A       .; :    ',
7 ff       '.'-'■•  A.\y;.'ni,KASiiKf.r,f ^ip-civiiavy.   ■•■"-'
I-'OItT,.S.TK'*il.K .liKVIil.l.I'MKN'J-.SyrflHIJAT.Kfj'jTD.: '
i:W'i'.i',-i'il>-;i!i;ili:.S,|.t-i.-i:!,. I.iyuliiii. Kriffl/ind.■:.. '..
' ' ■'..7'7,7: i'OHT1oi-'i''ioi-; npx s<,   •.■■•■ ';.;„ ".
IlenryBirks & Soiis
7Birks' Builditig-,.;■"'    ':
' Jewellers Iu lli* Kfceilenc-y
,, tllc-lliiirl UI'Mililij, .-.
■;T,H 0,-M 'A-S'■-,,'M-c VI TT IE
; ..|P:>: Iw; S.;.;: ^''0.; E--;'
.,:v.7';:Foi-t7Steo]b';.B.:o. ,f;„w.'-'.;"
FAA. .KkiJIhollainl <>l',ko;sslaiUl
wasfiti town '(.larly. tliis ^y'-ek,.7.Ho;
luicl .biM^'u jVlirou^H1;thc^ U'riKl*-^'^:
,iiiel,i'^Qunii;'yi7 7p ^:"y-.A- 'yB/ivAAAf
A:A'.iiS\ivinB AiA. cattle ;,J«ii£vaJ7
.Q':i' f^-s i i*y i- /it ii tl'''. Malcolm','- ■.M'cli.incfs;
of. CranbixH')l^.p^vtM-i;!/fiii:'' lowiiVa
HOW :'(l»,yA,'iiiiO'Ai'"'' A "i'i. A';-. A-xyXisXx'i:
ArAx. i:H-xA:iiAyiillhiffAAyi^utxAo:i^m-\
'./,. on-Eriday* "::-A, A-B -xy 7' -:. „.,;;•-    ';" j \va^ i:X ,to\yx^ j-t^c«ntl\;. andf visjietl
.'':'f.7,"J7/.f:' A "'>isB; A xBB[ -xB- i.-' ''.'■'.'■: ■■'.'i''- i a.'immbei- «>f,i.,f3iiiiiiii>r--.,projjeia.ie.sf'.
7 p>v.,w7'.pNow..wttir.pap!Kiva ^^...[Mr.' Hasiciiic? Avas,foniierly:a rqsi
-   ,.'i-.y vi.v,i(,.';ip,,l-;iH,7 iiiiy/ .^t-ii. i,<viw;ruM''niiV.'iftrH'ArWfMVVJ
;.t-.)(nr..', pri«-iit'l'.,;hol(,l jtii.ta*;iil i'i» m'hi,.^, iftouil-; 'j Jv^'vV x.By'B'i. " A A ri'.x Ay'AA.   B AT ^...,','B y.-. X   ■•■'      '"      " " "r"''!^
-s.rt..i--;HjL«»crai..I»ini».'<,.<yr-.cV«r^..t'i^^-jefi>ii<:H^in.iI-j & >.*PH"-I^"-! H""-" - C^ "" ABB A A '&  A H aM ■'■[(? A T'
JniiU Wi,|fhi.,,',11,,|-.;ill,-ll Shili-s^r Am,^^
flu Huil'raviiVt'y iif (ti-litf-ti ;Oifiluiiil>iii,y. Vfaiuif'lii
.ijijil ^l.-si-.wli^t-t^fpft.ifi.t-ari'y. liipT'iiutl i-iiiniuc<i,rit f-itim-fj,
yi7|!  liiisilJiii.: jiincHfiiiuf■..ml'niMyf'.iiiitlf jviluotJ.iVti|'Si
Intsiiiii^ffi.t) piji-iiliiui..: iii'iiuiri'vIiififUI. fisri'iH iimi i
ii|ii,ii;«t:ffoIi'i:n-ii'lij.'Iu iiinl [fiuw^i-fiiliiiufsfTorf"tins-
I'ml'I«',-?>,',, i.i f-f iiiLudi}; 'iiiiitf-lreillitii?, Oivfsyjinit for
ilii>'jmi>|,i>s'(j,s iVf fjl 1-n.iiihiii'ii IIkIiispiimipI 'iiiviiiliii;
^iin^i.ritifiXilnivi^lAAiAAifli, .bitllilvifVrf^oifici-iiui
ritilV(i.Jiiis; fi,;l-i'io>7 ii-iUi'hyiiiys.f'oi- liilii-i^in't-itji
triitispiii-i.ii'Ubilf/pfOr.traiisiioi-itii),'   mlpfti(j_
.'Oilier.'iiiitici'Vii.l; yi- ti^.s^'ii^crsij^ltfifipiWrif fl)oiiiif'
ol:if.u!s;:aiul,HiiiiIly, tp.ilo wvei-.viliini: (-oiisistcMUi:
■j'.<^eiit.:"of "t!.Ve'7<.'.',i:')oiO':,'trA'loihV','.-C(Viu!';^
:x-ss:is ■...!■.':- ;..-■;■ s'r. ::■:-■,--■: -"si.. ■•-:'.. ;":'-.-, ,.:■■ ■-■■    :sssX:. : s: s ■'.•." x:s,.xy   ..--<:   \-;;,:..  ,:•...; ■*■;:    '.pp p '• v   aiidairoadv-siPsohM;, wltliln tlnf tertliorv.■vuforc--'
ymere on Sunday   last:,;   He »wasvf      	
iyiABBiA-tiis |iiii-in;.si-s: ,1'oiiii,"fi'u'.v; least/iwaio; ^ ,a. Bv.yiyy^itf'&xjS-kw^ lni]X>vli(iVii,.iuflfY Gafiprry,- a'/if
■•uiiii ;iio!d di^n^f■..ii'iuiii-N■ !ii>d!wa'i.Vivi-iKiVt!s.:'.Tt<>:'| B^-'Jl^.r^eVsloclc:.oi,■■Vl3^L^iihc;c•s,''■',■F-iJi',i'iiic'ief.sv .Cii■e'.Glay^G^o6clsv/SGij3iEL,ti:fi■cj•^ -
■' 'J,P,'H'>"'"',""'''""',"''"":,',"1,,'''',"i",,':A"''"""^3s
^iiii" ff Choinieals/'aiiclUilTqther^A^
; If. J'B. (A lyjl M I Asf '[""X i A; [
■'''■ ''iii. Fortf Steel'i"Bl.C/'' '",A
, sjiM,;
''■■Ai: ixfyAx'iAixxBAiyAA'-BA ':!°:-r77-''/'''V-7-,'':--/,.'■'■''■:j:'^'on).;liev'«4l*
A: 7?::t'v'f7XD^T6fc:''-'—X:hav(ii
:i[ -'S^ stfi:ikes7''u$7vas/bei?l^ '   " --i.ex ■,.>.     -.■.. -.     ..... .'...■ ....,.,...■
;!'.fWw;C.^ ''' '"B
,// p;sJlie';sanio.'■'"".'■"-.   .,;..f'f7 :i,,yA "'"B.x
W.XH. HiBA "A."-: ';/ A"f... iAwxukkuums:?.
Barristqrayif pf'/v f:,B ■■ Solicitors
'•":' NOTARI-ES: PUBLIC.'-"."-" W.. W.,
,.:.:-.^-P.-.CONyEYANCERSiv.p.p/p.:: ;B',.X:BAXX::
..i'i  °:.cp.'7:7 -ifAsyjyvrtyXSteeliAB^B'B
Xx.Xi: 'y,.s iis'X Air   .s'X sy. .-;■.*, •■-..: y.yxixyxx: -'-y.r ,,x' xA.,:;., -xs y -:-, x-X.s... a',; XiXi ftj
drisiinsii girxKnKrChi^ iijxrSrtril
[BAMi-s.f G,'::A.v ;Rliii'<;-eiisiiiitl:i7.'i;e/
AyySbwxAX the, time tdMnrilutfei/Re-
■;-':i;i 1 e rii be iy t; li^pi'a to o J^,tl i e ■ v A ti tor nB
[[ BffyyBy'Mix .Kbi:V|> ^iiVis^freiapoyed^lii^
"fVpiwf'ivltice ta t'li'ti>,i-poiri 7atljoini 11«>■: BB
^yf;7:|;iga,i'7,^'tor(^7;' -7 x'XfAf A:'B.fBAyXB\
i'B :7 iiiAiB)\( >?;•!• i x p A ^;ft!iii'i':pfJy|^'''1(S;,:7'aii(.l;
■xBaWi IT'S'-mtyy ::feifit^i.i;fly^bi)Sr:^7'',,7:/p*'7'!-
B XBBii] i e,-b'i i-i-1 iii i.ite'i ;,s-.; I., f;e. 11 .(■» \y e 11 ^ag;,.
f|;p:f'7e(l' fiii/reinodeilin^ ftlief l>uikliny'
77^77:l:oi.'Vii.er]y/.:Occiipiedf by:: tlie7..Ex;
f- 7/y (f-ifiiuige7 &, Sale'DelfiositGo/'Wheir
/'7 --''f> 1';',Ll:ia-:Oj'j/i.i'jic-l.'hiii■/■ '-I^fu11>-i:«>t!-ftQ<;»n;i-.
A. f ..■ I m'fi'l;ce will tit li e, possess ion...
'.■,"■•'" :',Tlie lire department wviJT soon
:..; 771uive 20(1 l'eet O.t;:af(lditioiutl,' hose
-:; •..'.'■■ji.'ui'r.'tli ree.i'io/j/.les.7.'■••" A, new hose
'■''; pcai-t hasiilso l><.-vn ordered' 7.The
/'/;, brigade7 wi 11 now have all;' ueces-
.['x .s.ci-i'-.y''appliances I'orfllglitiiig fires.^
B"-.'w'Tiie Rev" A.;X.:.,:Pro4urii(M^lei:t
lor Nelson yesterday. 7 'Qjr.Sun-
■;   ; clay- next he wil 1 be raised -to the
-.';.. prici'stl'iood 7   in ,   St.     Sayi6ni-7s
', cbiireh byp'tlie , Rig'li.t  Rev.   ,Drv
. ■ '.Perriiiy'Loi-d Bishop, of pQluin-
s[-:'ib\B'": AX xA-AA'xiixA-"' ii: S  -.~-.y-B.-y
1   -a .'■"■" ■   ■      ; ■■''   i '.- '
f '■• ff ■ The .uiinual,': Harvest; festival
/    fwill 'take;   place',,: fih'7f5t/: J'bliri-s
■..'..■'   church; bit Sunday the BUtliVinst.'
.'■•'.   The. church  will ; be .decorated
'/./■ -A\-i t lithe'fruits of',the harvest :by
■s ' .the la.dies (if .St. -'.Tohn's- Guild.'
"X Approjii'iate inusicf will -be   fur-
.';'7iiished7,for'the occasion. ;-- There
„ /,0ivi.ll be a7, rftoi'ning and- evening
.'-■  service: al'tC'V.the.v.ia'oimi,ng  ser-f
dit^on.to,Quiv-exchange lis^f-Th(3.{.sh
■'GlSbe' is H>>atly/p/-inteclj^ .well'I'eflr- J tiur.-i.'i&n'pu^ii's.'i-irewet^-Uiv^'tiiw,: /I'p.wii'fof.-'j'Tori'
^vaiit'.'.-wW;:','7ff,7f:7';'-;. ixi'i'iBAsAAA'i'-
:< 7t\::P./;HcJgan:7fpi-ysideiit!ipftt
G 6m; Mi ii ing;;C6; ■.';■'Aya$; i h f,7to>v»
few',day$f;:agp,.ffp2'7°f;f77J: y '-'AAi,
M •ac)< i n t #sh ■ -sy n d i ca ttlA: h a s; 7 bee■ h''•.
i'vy.yj^jjfoi-.■;,.in,.' 'towntffi5r'/tBe,,f7pa^t-
f\yeek.'/p"/:;'^ -BMyAABBii/'xAABAB'
A A. xi iX'-. i X' --,;■ 7.7' '-A—A- AXA:A -/■'• 7 Ai i By
A'-: S:; id if Ai i'l lovf a - lip \Bl f kAn ]>4A'-. of:
day;i';7^He •/ijx'pressesi"'■•■■ hiihselfe';asf
and .will prohrfbly:engagef in 'the
lio.'to) busiiiess here. ■..''■,.-"A,.-y''";yf
l-'ort Stifle Brcwiii^'7tV)mpiiiiy":iiiiK 'this, day
fbeeii dissolved7 ljy: iniiiuiilVbiisoiii/ff -:   -/' -f.':A',;
.';' Ail tieljt.fi-b\vln>f,.t6f tliefsiiid.iv,iriiiei-shiiff,'i.i;e;
ptb'lie fpjiid,i,6L/Sick. ■'at,fFprt,;'Sieeie.'.iaf'pVcwiici;
and alf'th'e ulainis iij?aiiitit:filio saiil pnVtfiier.sliip
fwliomptht; same.will-he setliedl :7f: 'A Xs'x X„-A-i:x
*T^Di'iiediitf,Frfri».^teel'6V'H/<i.' ijiis'''I-ifli'i:'rliiy."of
i$e]nemT,>ei-.lsii9. ■/ixAiXfiAAyAAiyiy. fAiX':
-j .: ■: Wjli..T.-KA-AKK-b.v a H-
A '-■■:■ AVillluins hisfAttoniBy P-7
i- ? n-:'L.'SlCK77:-:W/'„"7:-P/-■:''•■'' -
/: PB - nqtai^'7Eu;b£ig:;S:-; f A
Bfy.,, ;v„v,-7-7;7 Biicg^VE Y 'AimERf
Fo rtkstee 1 e ABiMBxiBB.B>XiC%
i FERHfe; /B .7 Ci; /:. fimrn i TGF vfa%
' Witne.is    -
:-': ATliSsrS' Bloasdelland Shillihg;
.1 eft'.b'n Fi-iclay to -visit some,,mih-
iiig jiroperties oh Weaver; c'reekf
.-' J oh n Pi n k. r ei u r ri ed;.. f ro ih th e.
'CJliicl«tTrra1i Stone iniiie on Wednesday/ t.;     "- ..-*"-"..;.--/ ■;:-.-'..■    [■ i ■/-/.-
■'■" Joe. Laid la-w wa^7.a ' visitor  at
Port Steele on Friday.  ■
"T: G: Prqctpr-off Nelson- is ' at
the""\Vu)dsor,pp -. '    .'.'•"' y yx
X Ri 0,:» Jennings'';returned from
a trip tpfWindermere on  Friday
"morning.';■.■;/■/';'    7.    ... .•■. '. ..:      :':\
i     y     ...' :'.    ~r-~       .   .'■■',. I
Prom. Avhat 'can be. learned
there wilkbe no reduction.iu the
passenger . rates ^between/Port
Steele aiid Nelson during the-
.Spokane 'Industrial Exposition:
The Nelson' & Port Sheppard
aiid Spokane, Falls >fc Northerii
raij.ways give reduced ratesfropi
Nelson,..;   '" ■'."    "['■■;,'■'.     '      '•"
. ' N'ice'lioly conini'i.ui'ioii will be'/ad-;    '  , f ,'w ;
■   ' ini iii s.te red.-,':'■■ ,-.. ,:     „. ''■.-.!"'' .Rev/G. E.' 'S'niiith;-.  Methodist
■   . ' .'.■'■;,'-. "' ——   ,,   .'   '...A.'- i   ! missionary Avill 'hold  service  in
,  ���/The yverage'-attenduiice at tlie"j-vhe Presbyterian church''on Sun-
',.',f public school, during' '.the ' past i da v.evening at TiMP o'clock'. ■ ', '.'
week was 55.'     Bet.wi,;eii   i>/>  audi     '     '. - -     '/   ,	
Hf pujiils.are eui'olk'd, , The .«11.-
leiid.ance ..is .'f'onstant'ly incrcas-
i i i ir   :; '■...'-,■'.       '■''".     -.■ '.'■'
'i'lie paot.week has beeii a- particularly active one.     There has
•been a Large number Pi'strangers
in town, among them several
mining experts vvli'o'; are , in. tliis
section looking- over many -mining properties. , ,The hotels Have'
■been tilled everyf.night and '.the
. town   has   an' old. tinie..appear-'
fa.ilee. ''■■■''...
F. \V7 Kobe'i.-l.soi'i.' the   Provin-.
cial   Mii'^'^'higist. 7 passed   over
the- Crow's   Nest   railwuy   last
/week on his way to Montreal.
; The Airs. Glark with Mrs. l.hn-
iDOre    visit(.'d   the. St.    Eugene
Mission and Tndusl rial school on
..Sn I in-day last:
G. IO. 'Parrel 1. P. M. of Oalc,
land. Galil'ornia., came down from
"Winderiiiere. a few days ago.
f  Tom.G. Gray left for Rossland
yesterday.  ' '   •
1 ■.\Ii-s,,'..E, J. Garni and ,Mrs. N..
A.' Wallinger and family are
spending a few days at Hanson's
, 'Sevei-al mining men from S]io-
kane  are expected' to   nieet ' in
Port Steele' in the course of the
next few days. .       ,
It is learned thai, several new
houses will lie built "in Port
Steele tliis fall.'
Rev. A. (7 i'rociinier ha.s gone
to Nelson.
ilames La id hi w returned from
a trip to Windermere on Thursday.      . .
H. I j. Giiininins has returned
to.-Fort Steele after an absence
of ten days. ;
... :'.ilu-ynijf'-bprni.ecl'f.up"at'fpui-i'/new
And larger '"store. '-Bid, shall -^be
tmiich/better prepared to do business withfcoinfortpand we slibuld
like all our.friend's :wlfio require;'
thef/fBestf^read^ and/Gakes^/into wn to remember our  liey^f.ad-1
dress-thewNdrth'S'tar Hoiise.f -,,;; ■
-   .:■„'■  -.■.-y, .-.- -s-,.,y- . ■    :. ■•?■■■.■.■■©■
W'7./      WHOLESALE,and RETAIL      '/.,.;/'
":[ We are; having allargef supply
Of fresh fruits arriving every
day. =; If you'^want'lo preserve
any vve will seiIchieap. Don't
forget us. 7 . ■■«;/ ' "ifiy
A For a pleasant'/gaine of Pool
or B i Hi ards•■• try Kershaw \s, tab I e
perfect-condition;. ,7 xi' xy
■A"" i.-  "/.';' notice.. BBiXy-iB
... ..Application will,,he puiiidu."tni' Llie. I.ic-onse
Comiiiissionei-s of Soiuli East, Koqleiiay: iit
tlieir next sittiiiK. November Till, for a' lieense
lo retail liiinor.on life premises .known lis 'tlie
St. Mary's Inn. Fort Steele. , '.:,•'
. - ,7 ' 'XyA'-A'-" '■'■'"/../ S.M, MILI.KK. y ■■;
Date.!, this ISth day of Septeniber. ,iw'iil.':!8-(p
i BByBi0i /;'w/,-//7 7;/, w / w :7f;/:./w v;:' //;^: w-' />■'/ -:;; N" p;./ -Tria'y' e 31 e r^.'' SJi o iil di. / i*as& / the -'' Dp'pr^-.
^Ayx'Byyxs T]i(/trail/runs-'withii/teti.f^
W!//:,:Bai;n!a!id rplen
UeOcS-ZAIcd^rtoi^^'^/"-''' v';//. -'-V'/J'i'A. Hjii'vijy/
W-.A -''.'./. '/.''" ■.-".-■"■/ ''*.'■' '.-'J!\-r-. ■; .■;■ ..,-.  A-iA':A  Ai.iX ABA'AB' i  'AAA-..
i xA'' i ■.-''/ 'BX i€BAywi^it'AeXAx-Ayyy:,ii,
wV '7/'f'EB^'fSTEC^K;;-B/b;:i7'/'^'/-'f!7i'
x.y a xyyAXxAy'xx y xyxAA'AxiBixxA-iAxxx.
/:'UKyivr.^ji)KE"STA'I^6^ arid GOjiibKN i/
'(jrbiLECTTO-N^/./RR'b'MPTL^-/ MADEfA
'...'.'   : , ''.■'.'' /. ' ' ■/"-.-■ ''- '-.■/■ "1' /'■ t[-.   "rv*'. '*: /'■ BB- ■ '• yf>.<     " ;,-. '
;/ '■' y^sD. ■; mpd^T^;.of%:S.
■i-A - Rocky Mpuiitain :.^yen«e.-V.'
'fr"xB\ Fort:Steele^ B^G:.:.-":--'.'\//w
77:B.;f/F>,   COOKByi
Livery; /Feed /and / Sale', Stable,
:x x'BPprt;Steele/7'Br:;G!.f'fy.7/;./;
I'KAMixG of AnLjcrNrjssbi.ioiTKb.'
/;/:w/;:-Fbrt': Steele/ ■ Brc/f '//■//;/:
General Blacksmith/
.' AifAyiifi^iBB^sABAy f|//r^ut//w/7f/
■a <t I
THEi ..';■/::-'■■'
7 7 — will 'ojien B-- ■'':'■-.
/iu FORT STEELE -7    ;/
And will hi.: ln.'i-e at, L'Virt.   Stoo.lt.'   t.'Very
- lollowihyf Tuosdiiy, for,tho present..-
l.'Tush   Liykt . l'-'intiii-cs   aiul   out^ido
view* taken by uppoiiitinonl,. ,
Studio open from 11.a.m. to 6 p.m.
Kershaw's Old Stand;
St. John's Church of Eng-land.
■ Divine.service.wi|l be   held' in
St.    .'IdI'iu's.    (-.liiircli     ,al    r.ilti.
Strangers welcome,
Sunday, school   iit:   ih.'iO  p. ui.
All fhe children invited.
,   There will lie preaching every
Sunday     at    the 'Presbyterian
church a.l 1.1 a. 111. Sunday school,
at 2 \>. m. ''..','•'■'
t   Makei? regular tri]is from Fort
feteele .lunction. to ;Port Steele.
Deiivered  on  day7.of. arrival.
Leave orders- with  , ■'-.-'
"•'.'"..  ■■  a"   '■-:,- M. A/'BEALE... '
Shaving M. Hair- Dressing Parlor
1 .   N-extto Orient ni Motel   -
All kinds of'.hair work..'
. ' ..fii'specjalt-y.
A. J. GREZ,   -  '.-" Proprietor
iiousk ANi>'sK;kj.rAiNTixi::/7' :  ■ / ''/
■ SC.\nC-IMtXlXC-:.aiuJll.,A.l.,ii!'l{; H^XXiPlNIiIP
'■■--."     "■",'- '-A.B ': .■---,-:■■ -,-c .-' ••-. >
iix,yFORT STEELE,. -R. C. 7'::
iI2y"'=   Alt ''w6i:tr."pr(lin,ip.tily' done.-
: Liveru,.- Feed, & Sale Stable.
""'.-   "' Fori;' Btutele.fB.Q.^ .7.
7  sa i)D-iiK■&■ 1'A('-k rionsi-:s.
I I-:.\.M1NG Ol- ALL KINl'iS A-SI»l-±IAl'.TY,
BbxEAJyiWALSH. ppC?-:E.p'7;/:/v
'..•' yy - ��� By. yM..AAAAoei;vAB[: ■■■".iAi- -, ■■'•;
' ff F<S*niei'I.v on eri'ir5aje«i-in'^r■'staff of Dep-.n-b;- -
mo.ll't7I£!^^l'tt■!l^'a'.n'd■lC»n:i■lS■.■7Ciriil'<l.■).'•'■iln(i, l;.tse.;:.
DiroGtoi'of tiW-jfublii)- WoiL-fe I)fp:ii-tint![it.,otx
the L/jew.a'.,(ll.IslimilVij'.''c y .XXX: '..,..".• •..'<■■ .'-pf-..:; ■/• :f:
. ;,StniyK-iisl PfLAXs.;. Ksrt-iMATjss':/.iiafb:'7
'RiiiCOirJ-s foi- Stoi'itu-e';''R'e^eri-oii'siv'..'Fii-';
ter 'p'Bcoli. !/VNraiter^ Works.-'-''' Siiiiiltttfeii,'/
Sii-WGi-tiijjv.a.-iitl Jf-anrt:;",.rj>t".stii:i^c.   fli'tig-a-7
.tkiii'.   PvAliu- -Rwitls.sitmi'Bvido-oi<JflSiul-.
\M-.tiys,. Tramwaysyte.7   rpf ;',.-::; ..".■.;-■./"
(iWitawa^ Ontario- and   A.:f:  //,//7:
■;://;/■; ''";•' .w/Fort:steei^.-B/'q,/
7l'iile^rai|')lu'pc auittv-iPsr-T-ff/  7 'X:i':-:AA.
i,i,Xi.AA././/,:.f°, avALSh. omwA. :
".'■■: .•/•:  fi.Ai■.'/■
Miis'ixt; iiitOKi-a;.
r •'
AND    . .'    ' ''J:  .-:
Port   Steele   B'.G
Kaunman House
•Th'e''-above Hotel lias been recently erected, and neatly furnished throughout.
Cosy and Comfortable Rooms
Tliu ■ Bur   sii'p|)licil    witli    Ilu-    BKST
'•'  ln-ands dl' I'jitiuoi-s rtnrt.Oijjiirs.''
.     Kciil Kstati! iiml i.le'iioi-hJi A(.'ottt. '-"■
' -   5SJ WINDERMERE,    B.    C.   7*
(Ani-irsjiiniitc-iii-i' S'lliei/i-iil.      L
fcitii'vo.vs nf   .Mtiiei-'u'l   chiini.s.  Iloads,'
.M'incs. elcf 'i'i '''.''.'".'.
.'WrNDKttMKRK p B. (A
.'"J.'GRICE, D. D.S.
di-itduutu I'll ilailolpliin Dental (f.'<iileys
Ri\erside    Avenue,


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