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The Prospector Oct 27, 1900

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 ,��#.$.*f.jj.#j5Hi.^,f;^-8-��-,��V--2 ins-**-"}-***  * ??  * ���*  * Devoted to tlie upbuilding *  * - *  X OF   FORT   STEELE: .*���  * ��  $    Independent    in  'I'otitic-..    :-  * ���?  ****--���-!>������(���* j-*< ���^*��� - '- *:v^ x��-��-���>*;���  * y  * *���  f -- *  * *  # "    *  ^ THE PROSPECTOR CON-   *  # *  f TAINS ALL PUBLIC NO-  *  # ��  # TICES AND GIVES THE *  # *  # LATEST TELEGRAPHIC *  # *  <��� AND LOCAL NEWS.                   X-  # *  ? *  Voi. 6'.  BORT  STBBLB, B. C, S^LTZ7/��-DAlr, OCTOBBR 27, 1900.  No 43.  New Advertiseiiit.iits To-day.  Cl   11  illliiiii.  r.irfi-  On North Slur Hill.  Charles Thies bus taken a  working bond on the Dean and  All Over claim* on Nortli Star  Hill, iind nine men are employed  under tliG management of J. H.  Fink. An incline aha I'I is being  sunk which is now down 2r> foot,  with four foot ol on*.'in iho bottom. Those claims nre wall  known having been   under   bond  to    people    COIllieclcd     Willi     tilt'  Kansas Gily'smeli'ing und refining company... Tint little work  ��� has ever been done on tlie property. Jt is the intention oi' Mr.  Thies and his associates to  thoroughly develop lhe claims.  BoLh claims adjoin the North  Star,'ground. ----.------  JIOl'S'l'  SKJKKli.    V-. ,  R. 0. Jennings who has been  connected with the development  ol* the claims belonging to this  company, has resigned his  position and a Air. Dixon lias  been sent out to take charge of  of the work.-, The' group"consists of llie Stonewall' Jackson.  Quantroll, Utopia and .Midget  Fraction. A luiuiel will be  'started on,the Midget Fraction.  Ten incii will be; employed in the  development cd the property.  One crew on-the Midget mud one  on the Stonewall Jackson. The  work' which has been done during the summer luis resulted''in  years longer Minn the, period  which George 111. ruled over  Britain. Since Egbert became  the first king of all England only  four sovereigns have lived to see  the jubileci-of t.lioiivcoroualion.  Of ihese Kdward IfT. reigned ."in  years, Llonry JI. ,"i(i years, jj,ml  George 111. completed .ii' years  and !)(.'> days. In Scotland .lame?.  VI., who afterward became  Jumps 1. of England, reigned for  ri.K years, and wa.s tlie only one  of Hie Scottish kings'who had 'a  jubilee, his nearest competitor  being William the Lion, who sat  on the ilirone for -Ji' years and a  lew davs.  WON THE SHAM 3ATTT,E.  THE WINDERMERE DISTRICT.  the'-iineoverjng ol ihroe feet of  concentrating ore. A llunie  several hundred leet long has  been built for the. imrjio.se of  creating a water supply for. the  machinery which"1 will- proba'bly  be installed in the spring.  "       The Doug-iieity Claim. ,  Col.- George Doi'igherty'wasun''  I , IV  town'on Tuesday hist. , He,gave  the representative'of Tun Pros-  PECTOii the following particulars  regarding his property. Cr. upon  ' which he has recently resumed  work. The. incline shaft is now  down loO leet, and Ihis work has  ' been done by Mr. Dougherty unaided, lie says the ore resembles that of lhe IJoniestake mine  in South Dakota aiid will prob-  ably average $20 to'lbe-ton.V The.  Colbnel.'SaysVSvliile,; working.,, on'  ��� thejyeitiuo waHs'liavo yet ^"been  encountered, aiid'"Kb i^ of' tire  opinion that his claim will prov.e  to be a mine of no small proportions.    -  Mr.- Dougherty was,-at.-.the  Ilomestake mine for ,some .tune  and, is therefore familiar with  the ore. It is to be hoped that  his expectations will be realized  and that, he may make a million  out    of  his   mine    on    Brewery  creek'. ' ?  Luck Of Interest.  Jf the same amount of interest  could be awakened iu lhe mines  ofSoul h Kast Kootenay. iis is being-  manifested in the Windentio.ro  counlrv there would be different  conditions existing. I'Vjr some  reason the Windermere 'district,  is attracting more eapilal and is  generously being exploited more  assiduously than anv other section of Easl. Kooleuay. There  are no bolter prospects than are  existent in Soutli Last Kootonay  today, and if matters were conducted right'I hero, is no reason  why Ciipital should not come  here. UJhe mines arc all easy oi  access, scarcely oils whicli cannot be reached wiih a few hoars  travel from Fort Steele. The.  future of the district is assured,  bu'i 1hc present is what ih'e min  er and prospector are looking  after. Some organized effort  should be made lo udverliso the  various resources ul theeounlry,  wiih facts and iignres. something  which attract the investor; and  no lime should be KjsI in doing  this, and there is no time like  the present. If the Board of  Trade will not tiiJce up.tlie mat-;  tor,, some publi'i'jS(iiriu?d:individual should rise'-'' p; "that 'future  o-enerations may call him blessed.  A   Now   York   Company    Operating'  Largely. ,t ' '���  . The   Richmond  Milling  Company in New York have acquired  :i,; number of -properties ,inc the,  Wiuderinpre country.     The control'ol The Morning (J lory group  of nvo claims on Toby Creek. 22  miles from the  Columbia   river'  Tin-   vein  on   the   property   as  shown up for 200  feet "is  about  10 feet Ayido,-" and "assays  ,J9%,  copper-, tff> in gold and'111 ounces  in silver.    One mile  nearer   ihe  Columbia   is  lhe "Mammoth   and  Majestic.   '     ,  'The Silver Pass and Silver  Teak, are regarded as the most  valuable of lhe company's holdings, these'claiiiis'ure located on  Macdonald creek about. '!.") miles  Irom the Columbia river."    II   is  a silver-load property upon  which development has disclosed  a ledge carrying Iwo and a, half  ���foot of solid galena, assaying 10  ounces in silver and 20% lead.  These claims are, adjoining the  Tron 'Cap'' and' Red Line," the  company own a halt interest in.  these properties. Among tho  other properties'SecuredMirc the  Moonlight and Daylight on Number One'creek. and the Pasco located BOO feet'from lhe Morning  Glory.;/,,..   :-,'"'      '-���-������    ���  The foregoing is the substance  of an interview of the Nelson  Tribune representative with Mr.  Alperson whoo recently visiled  the Windermere district.' Mi.  Alperson passed through Fort  Sieele and wont out by the  Golden route., ' .It shows lhat  mining,men are 'much/ impressed  with'the country 'aiid are not  hesitating to invest".';  In regard to the Silver Pass  and Silver Peak, of which the  company own a half interest,  Mr..Alperson,offered for the remaining halfV interest' ��8,"0'00 in  cash', aud S2UO,6oO in stock, but  the offer was refused.  ���' St. Eugene Ore for Chili.  The'St. Eugene, mine* has made  another shipment of eoncenliatcs  to Chili. On Wednesday' .six  carloads passed through Nelson  from the Sl. Phi gone consigned  to liie smelter of the Guggen-  hoiins in Chili. ' This ore is  mixed with those produced in  Chili, because they inak".-i better  llux..       _ '__   Jtfoyio   Notes.  People     who     have    been    in  Long Reign of Great Britain's ftuoen  Queen Victoria, lias  completed  a reign of over  G3 years, four  Moyie .recently say that the  town is going ahead faster than  any other town in the district,  and bids fair to rival the railroad town of Cranbroolc. The  constantly increasing pay roll is  the principal cause. The mines  arc turning out a vast quantity  of ore and thousands of tons are  beingxtreatod at the St Eugene  concentrator.  Moyie is destined to be a mining lown of no little importance.  G. II. Gilpin of Fort Steele and  Cranbrook' will shortly' open a  store Micro and several other  merchants have decided to put  in stocks of goods. II. is gralil,^ -  ing lo know lhat the towns of  the district are going ahead, it  means prosperity to all of South  ISasi Kootenay. '  Austria Seeks ii Big- Loan.  -(. A.s' a result of monetary disturbances abroad Austria wishes.'to  float a large? loan in. tlie United  States, says a New | York dispatch. I't is "reported- that :Miis.  loan will be in the neighborhood of ��-20,000,000.  Lord Charles Borcsfoi d's Seamanship  a Stmt'.'ug Contrast io Okf  .    Methods.  Lord Charles Boresford has  iiiiuiz(,'d Ihe world by the briiliaul  strategy- bv which he won the  sham battle in llie recent' ma-  uoeuvers of ihe I'ritKh Heel in  the Mediterranean. Ifis tactics  have bdoii pronounced the  cleverest in naval annals. The  Heel w;is divided into two parts.  Merpsford iu command of one  and Admiral Kisher of llie oilier.  HeresLord was blockaded   m   the  u  ,port oJ .Vlyiiloue -by , torpedo  boats and Wisher's ll,eet was  hovering about and iynig in wait  outside.  'Hercsford's task' was lo coal  his lleet, ��.'ol' out of Iho harbor  and nMack P'isher. I' sl'iould.be  remembered that Tjord Charles  has never been an enthusiast- cm'  the subject of lqrpod,p boats,  he ha-, repeatedly' decried, iis  ehicieucy as an 'oll'ensive craft,  ll is only-a Jew years ago that,  speaking in llie House of'Coin-  mons on a naval appropriation  bill.'he asked llie admiralty to  furnish an old warship, armed  and under his directions, of  which ho would lake command  with a volmileer crew raised by  himsoll and defend il successfully agains! the attacks of any  number of torpedo boats.  ''  His task- ai'Mytilene was therefore, precisely to his liking. 13v  pulling lights on launches so as  to.resemble ships in the darkness  he decoyed the torpedo boats  away on a laise'^trail and. wiih  every light on his own warships  out. lie slipped away ��� to sea  wilhoiit. a. vessel./ouch'ed. Having (lo.no this, he misled' P^sffer's  scouts by ia Ise signals and  caught the hostile licet entirely  unprepared oil IheLoinnos.  P'ishor'fe squadron was steering  in parallel c'olumns and l.-ieres-  ford manoeuvered his ships so  skillfully lhat the admiral had  no opportunity to change, his  formation' or to do anything' but  clear deck's for instant'action.  Meresford ran his ships in  single tile right in between tho  lines enabling him to light with,  both broadsides, while each of  Fisher's vessels could use but  one  Thi' victory was -so .complete  and' overwhelming ���that tho  umpire awarded il on the spot  to the dashing hero ol the Alexandria bombardment who ran  lhe Cordor iu right under the  guns 'of the Egyptian fort and  battered il lo aloms at close  range.  licrosford's daring seamanship  and resourceful tricks in those  manoeuvres are a startling con-  Irast lo the old methods, and  stamp him its the cleverest commander in the British navy.  even dhal. McKinley will have  7.").o00 plurality in - New York-  slate.  W. \i. Oliver, oilers a bet oi  ���s].(i0() even, thai McKinley will  have in.O(i0,j)liirality.,>*l.000 that  he will have :X),("i(i [durably,  and so on up to 100,0(ln.'  , iX   CAUFOllXIA.  . Pmsinoss men of San Francisco  are offering lo bet two (o one,  in any amount- up lo ii" 100,000  Ih'at California will give its full  electoral vote for MeKinlev.'  ALL APPROVE IT.  PREPARING FOR WAR.  Kexioim Government Buying Horsos  at Fancy Prices.  A " special from Cheyenne.  Wyoming, says:��� Seuoi Manuel Alvarez, an agent of the  Mexican government, came to  Cheyenne two weeks ago Pand  since thai 1iine has purchased  several carloads of saddle horses  which have been shipped to the  City oi -Mexico, e'roin remarks  .dropped by Alvarez the Mexican  government is preparing for  war; either a rebellion or,a war  of conquest.'  Get Out the^Vote.  Barely a month more and the  great political light wi.Il be over.  Very lil lie talking has been done  so far,'and but one ol' the candidates has put in an 'appearance  tin' this.portion of Mie battle  ground. A vast amount of solid  work must bo accomplished, be-  lore the grand finale.v  ���"'Get out the \'Toto"' is what the  winning candidate must do, hard  solid work, well kept it]) along  the line until the last, vole is  cast.        ''      \ ,  "Gel out the Vote'" .should be  the party cry: work hard,' early  and late, see thai, your forces  ai'c-well organized, this donel a'  Conservative victory will be recorded in South East Kootenay.  The Powers  Favor the  Principles of  the Anglo-German Agreement.  Washington, Oct. 22:��� It wits  authoritatively    stated    tonight  that the  United Slates government   views  with  distinct favor  the principles of the Anglo-German agreement relating to Hiina.  and   that   a   formal   response to  that effect will   be made   at   an  early day to the invitation extended this government  to accept  the principles of the agreement.  ', New" York, Oct. 22:���There is  much discussion of   the   Anglo-  German   agreement,   but   there  are J.i'ew fresh  details,   says the  London   (jorrespondont   of   the  Tribune.      , While    Russia    and  PYance   were r acting   \yith   the  other ppwcr.s, it was known that  th'ey were in alliance with each  other iinder'secret conditions and  wouid support each other.    It is  now equally clear that Germany  aud  England,   while' anxious to  co-opei-ale with the other powers,  were also in alliance  with  each  other tor definite ends.  London,   Ocl.- 23:���The' Russians will .continue  to  extermi-  ail'air  in  custody.    Prom   .statements and confessions made, the  police have  been  able  to  trace  thecoursii of the  girl   until'her  death,   and   the  travels   of  her  body afterwards are   fairly' well  known.      Tn  ;i  lonely" spot, the  girl was taken from a hack, laid  upon   ;i  blanket,   and   what lol-  lowed   is   too   revolting  to   describe.    The girl apparently lifeless was again placed in ,the cuh.  iind   taken   to   a   physician   who  pronounced her dead,,1 he   body  was then taken to a   lonely   portion of the road,   thrown   out  of  the hack-, the head striking on a  rock thai crushed her skull.  POST OFFICE ROBBED.  DANGER AT CANTON.  nate the'. Chinese in the most  ruthless manner in order lo protect lhe> future! oJ the railroad.  A critical study of oflicial reports  shows Jhat Chinese resistance  has been a mere farce.- The  Russians have been only too glad  of the opportunity to kill every  Chinese soldier, and to destroy  every vestige of Chinese authority in Manchuria, and ihey have  taken advantage of this farcical  resistance with a vengeance.   '  They are for McKinley.  \\~. A. Aldrich of Spokane in a  loiter lo Iho Review says:���  "lirilish'Aiiiericiins. will remember William McKinley's friendship and good will to the mother  counlrv and vote the Republican  ticket." Hryan ai Memphis a  few months ago, said: ��� "I wish  to God thai Lhiller may never  reach Ladysmith!" As iho bailie  cry ;it Cuba was ''Remember Iho  Maine" so will the liritish  Americans remember his utterances on the occasion mentioned.  I'UKKIlYTI.'ltiAN   CIH'KOII.  Christian servi.'o will be conducted in the Prcsbylerian  Church by the Paslor Rev. D.  MeK. Real. M. A. every Sabbath  evening.at 7 30. There will also  be ;i scrvii'" evorv "i her Sabbat li  morning ,u  II  oV  k.      Sunday  School al  I- a.rn  A 11 are \\ elc.iiiii' lo oi.r sei \ lees  l.t  BqMhik  in  1'i'V   Vmii  IS 7 l.'Cj lorliy.'i   1 lull,   olft  The American Election.  As is generally known, American presidents arc not elected  directly by popular vote, 'but by  "electors" chosen by lhe various  states, ' who meet in what is  known as lhe electoral college  and cast their ballots a.s directed  by the parly that chose them.  There are -1-17 electoral, votes  this, year, of which 224 are  necessary to elect. Of Ihese 102  are practically conceded for'McKinley, and ' NN for Byron?  There are 70 more lhat are expected to go for McKinley. aud  07 that are expected 'to go .for  Bryan All of these 137 however, are more or less doubtful  and. of course, hold the balance  of power. The crux of lhe  election will be" Now York, with  its 30 voles, which seems to be  absolutely essential to Democratic success, although McKinley could lose it and yet be elected. At the last Presidental  election, it gave the enormous  majority of L'Uti.OOu for McKinley  but'ihis was cut down to 1^,000  at the bye election in I Mis* and  the Democrats have hopes of  winning there this year. Tho  betting on the general result  favors ihe Republicans, as much  as five lo one being offered and  refused. The election takes  place on November (ith, and .the  result will be known by midnight  ol t he same day.  Board of Trade Meeting. ,,  1 A meeting of the Fort Steele  Board;of-Trade was held at -the  office of J. A. Harvey on Monday evening, but little business  of interest was transacted., Several communications were, read,  among them one from "tlie Vancouver Board 'of Trade on the  mailer of a general bankrupt  law,'���whi^h the' Port Steele organization were asked to endorse. Olher letters were read  and acted upon.  'Not Guilty.  Tn J he case of- lirnesl Cheno-  weth, about eight years of age,  who was Iried on a charge of  murdering a chinaman at Ross  land, May 23, the jury returned  a verdict of '"not guilty" without leaving the box. ��� Tho verdict was received with cheers.  Death of Hon. John Sherman.  Wiisliiiigion, Ocl. 22.���One  of  America's   grout     men     passed  quietly away this morning.   Hon  John   Sherin.iii,   who    for   more  lliiin   a   general ion    has   had   a,  innioii.'il iind interna! ionul   reputation as ;i sl;itesiua.ii and   politi  cal econoniisl/i died at Iho family  residence in this city at, (i: I.l a.m.  in lhe 7S|h year ol his life  Republican money ;M live lo one?  found no tnlcoi.-.y-;. Those who  had been helling mi Bryan at  odds <if 1 w<> "iiid.M half .and'three'  on McKinley were now'eudeavoV-  ���{.     - ��� .-. ii  'ing  to'place., bet's on the  other  side in order to hedge.     ���.'.  Jacob   Field   offered   ��10,000  To Bu Dedicated.  The new'St. ICugene hospilal  at Ci'ii.nbruok will bu dedicated  TliursdiiyNoveiiiber 1st, at 2:30  p. in? His. Lordship,.. Roy.'  Bishop.Donlouvilli;. I). D., will  perform the cereuioiiy.       ��� '''.'  'riii? sisters extend their most  cordial invitation lis all. Ilie peo  .pie. of h'oi'l Steele lo' be present  for the occasion.   ?  A Canadian Mint."  Montreal. Oct. 24.���Mr. P-ield-  ing in a speech��last evening announced that an .arrangement  had been arrived at by which a  branch of the Royal mint of  Croat Britain would be established in Canada, so that, gold may  be brought from the s mines, assayed al the offices here, disposed of at value and coined into  Canadian mmiey. and what is  not required in Canadian currency may be coined into British  sovereigns whicli are good ihe  world over.  Lynched by Negi'oes.  At Vicksburg. Miss., (Master  Barnes, colored, was lynched 1)3'  a mob of his own people. In a  drunken fury Barnes murdered  his wife, and wounded a negro  who interfered.  I/i Hung- Chang ia not Truthful,���  England May Send More Troops,  Hong Kong, Oct. 23. ��� It i.s reported that llie consuls at Can-  ton have received letters , warning them of danger. The rebels  are welcomed everywhere and  are,treated as guests instead ot  as enemies. Their leaders are  supposed !<.<) number ten. eauh  commanding a .separate baud.  Pekin, ,Oct. 20;���Tientsin, Ocl.  21, and Shanghai. Oct. 23.���The  Pourlccnfh Uniied Slides infantry has departed from the city  li. was escorted beyond'the wTills  by t.he other American troops.  . The British Royal Pusileers  haye also departed.  ' 'London, Oct. 23.���The ,Clobe  this afternoon announces thai  Croat Brilaiu has leased from  .the British contractors the harbor work's of Ching-wan-tiio,  now in course of construction,  for a period of eight months,  with the object of? landing men  and stores there and utilizing the  branch railroad thence lo Tan��-  ho. where it joins the main line  to Pekin.  Paris. Oct.123."���There "is considerable mystery regarding the  healtlrof the PreiiQh minister al  Pekin, M. Pichon. The French  government has receive:}  through' the' Chinese minister  here a cable message from Li  Hung Cluing, .saying that M.  Pichon is' sick', and suggested  that the Preach government' appoint, another plenipotentiary."  The French minister of foreign  affairs, M. JJolCas.se. having received the same'day a dispatch  from M. Pichon .which did not  ;refer to,, his health, considers  that Li Hung Chang's suggest ion  is "open to suspicion, and- has  cabled lo M. Pichon on the subject. The lalters reply has not  yet been received.  DOCTORS   BAFFXED.  Chartered ns a Transport.  Seattle, Ocl. 21.--The government chartered the British  steamship Royalist today, which  il i.s intended lo operate as a  Uniied Stales transport between  Seattle and lhe Philippines. The  Royalist is a 7'HUM on vessel.  She is now en route from Java  with a cargo of Sugar for San  hVanoisco  A REVOLTING   CRIME.  Girl in Pultoraon Drugged and  Murdered by.Four Men.  Police investigation into the  death of Jennie Bosschieter of  Patterson?,'N. J.,, reveals one of  the most rei'narkabli? and revolting crimes which has ever been  brought to light in this section.  The police have five, persons  more  or  less  concerned   in the  Admiral Sampson Broken Hearted.  Lieutenant Tl. P. Hobson. has  been quoted as saying that Admiral Sampson is dying of a  broken, heart, owing lo, the  Sampson - Schley controversy  which followed ihe naval engagement at, Santiago.  Kimberley Notes.  Kimberley. B. C. Ocl. 2.").���An  electric light plant  is   to  be   installed at the Sullivan mines.  The Sul li vim never appeared  in better shape than ill present,  the ore bodies are being opened  up. and tlie property has ovo.ry  appearance of making one of lhe  biggest silver-leiid mines in the  province.  Tho new manager of Ihe Ml.  Sicker Mining and . Development  Company arrived in town on  Thursday^ last. Work on the  property will be resumed.  Joyce Bro's are fitting up their  new store in lhe l'"slincre building.   '  There is a demand for laboring  men in lown.  Methuuii Occupied Zurum.  Cape Town. Ocl. 23. Lord  Mel linen has reocciipn-d Zerusl  and captured numerous wagons,  a large quantity of -.lores and  many cattle and sheep.  Burglars   Make   a   $3,000   Haul   at  Grand 'Forks.  The Posl office was burglarized  on Wednesday night.    The   robbers secured S3,00n in cash, represented by one package contain- '  ing si,0iio and   n noi her  si>.000.'  The   packages    had   been   forwarded by lhe Bank of Montreal  branches    at     Creenwood    and  Winnipeg    respectively'   lo   the  Kastern   Townships  bank here.  The  packages - were   insured   in  the British and.Poroign   Marine  Insurance Com puny'.    Post office  Inspector Dornian of. Vancouver  has arrived and is  investigating  mie matter. '    ,  Mining Notes. ,  It is stated on good authority'  f_hat tho Sullivan mines.will declare a dividend by "lhe lirst of  the year.  M. A. Beale, W. VanArsdalen,  accompanied bv Mr. Lowles  visited the �� Dibble group of  mines on Saturday last. .. ���]   '  The  Rossland   output   of   ore   '  for  this year  will equal that qi  lRO'.l.     ' ,    i   ��� '  James McGregor of Vancouver  representing eastern capitalists  is seeking a site for a smelter in  the Boundary district. A 2.*>0-  ton pyritio smelter will be erected before spring.  Robert Dore  is  still, working-  on his nickel   property  on   Wild  Horse. ���  Considerable   active   work  is  being done on   the-prospects   in<  the vicinity of Kimberley.  In the case of iho Greenhorn  fraction, in which several Port-  Steele people are interested, has- "'  been set tied���out of .court. ,. The  claim is "a fraction (.siliiate on.  the,,North Star mountain, and  has been a source' of contention,,'  for several years.      \ "*  TJie"Chinamen on Wild   Horse  creek, who'have' been   working   ���  placer leases, are   now  engaged  in nuiking their annual clean up.  , It is said that the  St.   Eugene, -  will   break-   the  record   for   ore  production this month.    ���  R. O. Jennings >weut fo the  Deane and Allover mine ou  Wednesday.  It is said that between 5*15.000  iind !?20.000 was sent out of  Fernie after the last pay day.  Fire At Greenwood.  Greenwood. Oct. 23:���Shortly  before midnight' last night fire  was"discovered in the kitchen of  the Hotel Spokane, proprietor  Salter had water" available, and,  with assistance succeeded in  subduing the flames. The tiro  was of incendiary origin, as a  sack of shavings saturated with .  coal oil had .been put through  dhc window close to the kitchen  range and ignited so iis to make  it appear the fire originated from'  fhe range. The property was  mortgaged and  heavily  insured.  Ho was Released.  Mr. Earnest Mansfield was released on Wednesday . -jfroin'  prison, where he. spent a week  for other people's debts. A s.~o,-  000 damage suit is likely to be  the result of his imprisonment.  Gold Galore.  New York. Oct. 23.���The Cariboo gokl mine of Qnesnelle has  shipped to New York a record-  breaking ingot, weighing 731  pounds and valued at over  *1."id. 000.  Many Changes.  New York. Oct. 23.���A dispatch to the Journal and Advertiser from London says- There  are reports of many cabinet  changes impending. Lord Cur-  /.on is coming Irom India, proh-  ably to lake Mr Balfour's place,  Balfour becoming foreign seen;.  I ary. Lord Cromer may succeed  Cur/.oii. Chamberlain seems  slated to remain in th,. colonial  iiflico Ourzon's reiurn means  Ihal he will be put m training  for the position of premier.  Fell From a Wagon.  While returning from itim.ber-'  ley   on Tuesday  whore   he  had  been with a load  of  vegetables.  Robert Mather was thrown from  his wagon.'and  run   over.     Two���  rib   was    broken,   aside    from  which no serious injury was sustained. ',. '-���  '\,  THIS  I'-'HOSPECTOii,    PORT STJ'JULL,   B. C,  OCTOBER 27, l'.Ou.  ESTAur-ISIIKl'     lr-iO  A. B. Grace,  PfBI-lSHKli    AND    RDITOK.  THE PROSPECTOR, ��- piihlislicd  ever> Suiurday, and lius a guaranteed  circulation larger than un> otlier paper  In East Kootenay. It i-, .ill home Printed  ���nd contains double the news of hiij  other paper in the distuct.  A�� an   advertising  inedi>:>n  it, is unexcelled.  Devoted to the upbuilding of Fori Steele, ilie  development of the vast mmeial resouu-es ol  , the East Kootenay mlians district.  '   Subseripuons         J J (K) per yar  Advertising ratu.s made known on application.  Contributions are solicited fiom all parts of the  dlitrictlbutall matter iiitcndcd f"i publication  must have the writer .s swii.tiure  TUIC DADCD I.s Itepior. til'" ��t incadver-  IfllO rflrtit iisiiit'.ii.'1-iK'ycf Ala.i.imlcr  4Co.. Suite !���'. rir.st Natimi.il H.��nk llulldini:.  Spol'une, Wash., win ie eoiitr.irls can lie made  for iu tzn    -   .  r  l,tpi   on   llie  at   i:   C.        A d t e i 11 s iiik  This Paper i;^ ���  AL'Oucy. 64 and ��s .Men-hunts l.Aeli,ini.-e. ban  Francfsco, California, win 1 �������� oniisifi- for advertising can be made foi it  Thic  Panpr i->k"i,",�� "'j'-1-1 "-' A -V;'  I It lO lapel Kim^ln N'-Wspipri .VI-  vctlsini: Ai-'cm-V. Miinm-.il ��ln "* er.im-ac-ls  for advertislnir can hi'in���iIi fur it  J. I11S   J  tl   'CI    liniliam A.   Cos   bonk  store. Spokane, Wash.    ��he $* ccepBctav  SATURDAY, OiToIiKI*:;:. 1!X"0.  Though there is not much  ' starting'news in the weekly bud-,  get of news received this' week.  ���   there  is  one feature lhat seems  at present to -be animating- the  ',, writers of newspapers, through-  "out the  length  and   breadth of  Canada, and that is a spirit of  ���    buoyancy   and   hopefulness, for  the future. Tt means that times  . are going to   improve, and  next  - year .will .be  a prosperous yea?-,  I in Caiiada under a Conservative  government.   '  -X- '     X   '    w '  r  And there  is  another  feature  ',   in the papers thai is pleasant for  'the people of   British   Columbia  - to contemiJliite. and that is that  the eyes of the whole Dominion  is turned towards the. Pacific  Province. , ,      i  '���    *    *,  ,   It is proverbial  that   the  evil  men   do   live   after them.    Tt is  - particularly true of life evils  . wrought by bad governments.  .   ���The present  Dominion govern-  ���ment, that is lo be.'slaughtered  <- in November, and may  then   be  said  to  be  extinct,   but (lie cx-  -travagance and evil '.that  it  lias  done  will by'no means die,with  it:  *    �����   *.-  - ' The^successqrs to the bad rog-  ��� i ime. that' has' boon maintained  ���'   during,the. past 'four years,  will  have their chief work in 'removing   the'effects   of ,the wrongs  that have been comniillod in  the  .   past.  In   Ihis   Province .during the  '    past  few years a new electorate  .   has arisen,   und  we believe the  sentiments   that   actuate   it  are  , sound, healthy and progressive.  .Holiest government is wanted,  ���honesty, with us much ability  as can be obtained. The desire  is that natural opportunities  shall be as free and open fo 'all  citizens as it is possible to make  them.  .There is the clearest evidence  that   the   people   of Canada are  '"-^determined on a change of  government.  * X        * i  The Government is evidently  "riding for a fall." It is impossi-  ,', ble that four years of extravagance and corruption is to be  ��� renewed, but the government,  knowing tViat its doom'will be  sealed by the elections in November,1 are making a  last  des-  , perate stand.  #  FORT  ##  &  The Mining Center of the District of Soutli East Kootenay  tt  m  #  *  The proposed Crow's Nest and Golden Railway, Recently Surveyed, will pass through  FORT   STEE  At-id    Tap    the   Greatest   Mineral   Belt   of   the   District  Choice Business and Residence lots for Sale  Apply to       R. L. T. Galbraith,       Tpwnsite Office.  I'-N;HANSON;lir:  General iVlercHarit ANci>  LiQvtor* Dealer.  Sir     Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber.       A large assort- ^3  !p , inenl of seasoned Lumber and Shingles always ^3  tz: '        , on hand! ' ' ~2  l~ DIMENSION      LUSTBEU      A      SPECIALTY. =2  ��� To Defend America's'Cup.  ' New York.' Oct. iV���An officer'  of the New York Yacht club is  authority for the statement, that  a new boat will be built 10 defend  the America's cup and thai the  Herreshotfs will be the builder*.  This is the first positive declaration that has been made in this  matter.  George Gould, it is hiiid. is  willing to undertake the ta>k oi  building Shamrock Tl.'s opponent.     Boundary Line Established.  Reports to the American State  Department at Washington, say  that fhe survey ol the disputed  boundary lineal Maker Mountain  has been completed by'the Canadian provincial surveyor Deaiie.  'The line places ail of the mines  of importance-in the district oil  the American ,side, although a  mile of extra territory, .'is1 given  to British .'Columbia.  'Crow's1 Nest ('oaf.stock sold, at  170 last week.  It Girdles The Globe.  ;'-,'  The. fiiitii-. of I'.iii-'cH-ii's A.riiicii-.hJiilvc,  as Lb" 1����'��'' '" '''"; wn,1',-b ''Nl'"'iil" i-'.'iui(l  the eui-l.li- '.It.** I.Ihmiim; |.it'(7<-i Ih-hIit  of OutH, .Corn*, Uin-iis, liruisi*; Sores,.  SuuHH tioils. Ulwi-H. Ktilons. A chest,  PaiiiB :iii<l   all   Skin, Krupl !<���'>*���     Only  lu     "v w. i'.li-:asi.)ki:.u uni^x, |  Wfl.SA  BG.  ^auiUaaiiuauiUiaaiuuua^aaauawauuaaiuuaJaaUiS:  the B. C. ASSAY & CHEMICAL  *      *���    SUPPLY CO., Ltd  733 PENDER STREET. ��.  *J^      Vancouver,    B.    C  *  . We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a  large stock ot Balances. Furnaces. Fire Clay Goods, Scientific  and" Practical Books. Glassware, Platinum Goods. Acids,  Chemicals, and all other Assayers* and Miners' requirements.  SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea, Beck-  ^     ���    er's Sons' Balances, Braun's Gasoline Furnaces, Etc.  b] Catalogue and full particulars on application. |5  9t3juu u?LhKruinIKJ:UuT!W  mini:h.\i. act  I Ki 1 ItM   i" I  BUTIHI   KTK  .'>"  IMI'HOVI.MIN'I-  NOTICE.  SELKIRK,   GEM   AND    GREAT   BEAR  MINERAL CLAIMS. |  Sitiiair in lln- Tun "-I.I-I !������  Mdiini:   |J:\ i-.mii '  nt s-c.llth I'.JiM Knou:ilii\ I)l-.-r!rl  Whi-ii' iwnifil-��� On HncKl-i.rrn M111111-..1.11 '  snulli ur .mil .iiljnininr ihi  N'ortli ->[..'��� 1/1 hi.ij <-'���  Iiinn".tl rl.um*  ���I'Altr luillii t'l.n 1, Chii-- r.Mmirr- V M 1'  11 (i.i*.i-i .ti:. nt. for A S. i roodrv. 1,1 HuisLnni ll  <- l-'n-i- AIIiiim's rv-n.IlliJ.tf N" I'.'"' wif ml.  sl\H tlav. fnni. iiir naU' l.i-ri-ul In ap|<]\ I'i ll"-  Mmliit' K<-i-iiri](.l- I��ir .1 CurLlIK.il'- of luijjioii -  mt'iiiN, frtr ilm iiur'p'iM-. ..>' i-iiiuiiiiiiu-a .r!/-��wn !  Orlinl. Of tin: iilinvi- rilillns. .(  ,. Ami further iiiK/: llntlm: I.IIJII.  'in-.l.lfn-J..  Ulliir.c |  HCl'tlon llT.-must. lii?i^,oliKniMM:i:il   ln-.for(7   till.   I  Miiuiii:ii-of sii��li'C��ri.lllciit�� of liTi]ii-ovi:irn-iits.  I.luti-.il t.lil.s"^rul dn.v of Aiikiihi. A.H.. lino.  - NOTICE.  '���" Sixty ihtyi li-orn, tliiui I inicnii 10 upi.ly to  t.ho Chlrif OiiiiiinlHslriiKir of Umids A-.' WorliN. for  pi.TiiilssInn to tuiiviiiiw! thu rollowlnirili-.'.i-rliiiil  hind In Srn11.l1 Kilki, Krioiuiiity. ('oiiiin'rncliii' :it  tlio norlli iiiisinorinT of N. A. \Viillliiir��!r.N';i|i|ili-  riiMon. tln.-iiri.. i-itst HO chulnx. Ui'ini-o souih Ho  c.lnUiis. Miom'i-. Ki:-fi.'JKilcliiiliis. llii.'iii-o north no ;  t-liullls to tho point of nomtrioiM-i'inriil, ili-diic- j  tliu: ilion-froin soiniii'li ns is rovoi-i.il' l��.v thi; |  IM-fi-i-iiijillons ' df (,'lilirlcs Ch.-ipiillin. Ui-iiImiii ;  ItoKorn. l-'riiiik Drmiivnn unil Al.hiirl lire*) r-"0  tiiiiillli: -1W .'U-rc.s iikii-i; or loss.  I.Kll.A  Kriss.  ::     l-'ort Sti;i:k-. II. C, Scptuml'icr 11, IWm.  NOTICE.  DAFFODIL MINERAL CLAIM,  suaiili 111 tin- I'on Siocli' Mlnliu,'  On Mod  of I-l.ist KrtoiiMiav nisuU-l  Wln-ri lot.ii.'.l     On Ilnr lilcln'i-rvllill. nr-iu  M.nk r-i-i-k.  ���|'.il��i' notii-o Unit I. Noll Mi-I.oorl Cm 1.111  (An'<lit loi Ul' Norlh Sl.ii Mililll|.'('rillipill\  f.lmll'-il   1 H i' Mini 1 s (Vi tlllc .Hi-   No   I.  .11 'iTilj  l", 11. Minri si.-iinii.i-. Ni, 11 :nvr: inii'iiil no  11.1 \> limn ilu- 1I.1H in ii-of. to .ipplj t" '00 .''���,l11-  llV !li-l-lillli I I'.I ll 1 1 Ililll.llC'll 1 mpi UK IIHIlls  Im ll.i p'lrpus. ..I 1,1,1.,11111c ,1 dun 11 'Il.illl "I  th.   iljt.ii  iltlllli  Anil rurllii 1 Ml,, noll.i ln.it .tt tion   ,wnill-i  n. .1: :.".::. --L In 1 oiiilin-lii-i il ni-1 111.-,  sil-  lik 1 of s.ii Ii i'i-i tllli-.m- or liiipuilioni-nls  1i.1i' .' Ih. -:llli iluv ��i .lull   IWoo.  .Hi- N-|:il. .Mi I.KIlll ( riilfAN   Al'i ill  ; NOTICE. '  Tain-, notion, iinil In 0110 inOnl.h iiflor iluto I  lmi-nil 1.0 :i|i|ily 10 tin: i.'lilijf i.-oinmlsslonio' or  1.mills .'i. Workii I11rpcr111lssl1.il 10 piiri-lnisi- tin.  I0II0V.-I11K di-si-rllroil lurid In Snuth Kiisi I'iool.i:  inly lilnli-iiH. i.'oiiiilioni'hii' ,-n 11 post pl.-nifoil on  lin-oiiHl. liui'ili of I'l-rl'.l- i.r-i-i-li iiliinii urn- fourth  of :i 111I.I0 nolJh.i.r l-'l'-noli i-r-i-oU,. Iln-ni-o soiilh  loolutlris. t..hi-111-r- \10sl. 10 i.h.-iins. tiioni-o norlli  lOrliuliis. fliiun-i- i-iisl.-lu i-1 j ni 111 to phi i'i- of i'O-  I'iniiiuiy ,  Il.-itoil this ili.ii iluy of Si.-pl.i.nil.i;r.,'llN';0.  -.1. 'I'. I.AIIH'.AVV. :��!-  2^5  ' ., '   ' * '       1  Headauarters   for   IVIining   and   Commercial  Men  The  Hotel  All    Modern     Conveniences  FORT    STEELE,   B.   C.  \ 1 \  Large    Sample   Rooms   for   Commercial   Men.  Fort Steele  Meat Market  FKRSU   and   SALT   MEATS   ALWAYS  ON HAND.  R. W. ROGERS, Proprietor.  Thresh T-Tulibuli.   Ssilmon,  Salmon Tronl.  Bologftia  Snus.age,  Bmior and Rfj-fcs.    Fisli ii,nd Cainc in Soiison.  Fort Sleele and Kimberlev.  Port    Steele  Brewing    Co.  FORT STEELE,  B.  C.  MANUFACTURERS     and     BREWERS    OF    EXTRA    FINE  BEER    %    PORTER  "J  1 ~  MONTROSE BICYCLEHIlFREE  on npiiroval to your aildruss WITHOUT A CENTiN  ADVANCE.  SEND US YOUR ORDER, stnto wlietIicr\ou wish Indy'Hiirmaii'H  wliml, imucoloi. licl^ht i>r lnunu uinl Kotir wiinttd mid WI! M'ILIj HUH*  THK WIIKKIj <-. O. 1>. on iLppivt\n.Jt allowlii^ vou to iiucnitu and t>x-  iLiniiio It itill> hcfoio >ou acvt pL ll Jf (t Ih not all iiiii] moie tliiui \\��  (Inlin f��r It, and a bett^i wjiccl tliiui 3 on ujui m t foi an> w hero nt'iir tliu  liilrcfiom any 0110 oIm��, rrfu^i It and wo will iijiy nllfxniusH (.liurtreri  ��iii��'iu��.   TAc "'MONTROSE"' BIcyclo   <fc#f ^ co  at our Spoctul   AjsouVh   nuniplo  price  or   *** | Q  Iti (In kiciicit harunln (11 a hlryrln i \c} offend. We K����ii"nti ti It cnii.il  toiuivfId uhcol 011 thi' nun lift,fi.'it! ^oll need iio| iicci nl U nut inwiLifiit  ir ��o�� d'��'!"' "nd it 1 *��� won iniNu.i.  u'i me i:.\ci.i'sn'i: iti^Yci.i;  MA.Mll'WOTriCKIM and tiilto tills niiftliod of iiulcl.-lv liktifidiii'lMM  ma- HUM M4��I)KI>. TIiIji oIIim- n(,a fminpln wlu-i.-I i.t Li'iiu Imv ]irif-o Im  mnj!titni��;cin'L' 11 RUDER A'GENYt\\iMv\\U.*v<\\ to ronn-wmt ut;  unil iitku onliirtt.    Our nj.*��jiilh :nul;i> nuiih-y IiihL  ^rtblrl^ii ^ SME-QrJfl HtifltiyHMiiih-HUiildii^ with I*oii?(d ,-iM.im ������-  U(��ih, Mush J'-hilc, liit|irovfil  tt:-painlci' ilnvlm (it  fnhd-ti n-al. itoi.t. iu:d  ll II" luir;   It-.yiil Aivlicntw'Pi the <�����.!..! vnU d MnvU licli'iii'id lumja-i'-  tho efiKle'hl. Piiniiiiij.r Ulinvnj Ifci'ord "A** Um-.i. the '-.; / aiid MSieot'(lie  HHi|itiexiM'fi��ivr.(,|ic(ioM (lieiiiiirl��-(, 'I lio t;einiliii! rt.J Mf-Hliiu'iT1 UvrlcnJi-*'  mulille; (unlJiii-, (oi.l-* niul.i.eet-KMorleti tlie Iti'cl. (ihytJlta'iIe. i:ii:nindi:d In '  MUifU, niiii'Mim iir,-..mdt ^ri'i-a, IiIkIiIv HiiIhIii'iI mid iti-iuiiiienl.cdi niic'lal  llltl.shed tiliiliclhii; on all .l.:li;li(. p:i|-(H. *\\',. llion.i'.prlily (e;.tit\i n I !"<'..  (if iiialcrhil flint i:<m.',i Into ihl.i iniuldiK*. Our I>(h<II>iL' j .-iir'n ifinii-  1111(1-0 l.o.id with ciii'li hlc.vile.  CD3TC (wniny niio'iemtliiif (tm ijii(|.M>cnHli In full with ordi r w��. will  rUlB-t Kftid I'reo a rremilm- Itnrdlik HI.OIH) nilN? Imncl |ttilici')i eveli'i-  (Hitler: or a lii*h (rnide Hour iitinip. Your money all imek f 1'VfMi.nn't not  INiWct'llv NitMiilU'd. '  PUPAD    WilPri <:    V/n do'nid. iiiani'ilVtt-io tlio i.'l.eap de|>aiU  Unr.Mr    nnCCLOi monl.Moil kind o|'u|���.el��,'htiL-liM!i tunny new  rim and   hlj,* Mirtjily hoiifurH advertl.m' and nell an hi^li jiraile.    Wu can funticli (lit'in,  iriwcver. ill.*."! t*> ft-7 M.rl|ii>ed: "i; ?'.��."��� to HM.r.0 eompli-te.   Wti do not uiniranteu nor reroiu-  niciiil them. ���   IIKFOI(|<: OIMHIIU Sti n hlr.vrle of miy oiu- else, no matter who or how  client', writ*? n�� mullet iih I id I you how much wn enn tiavu vu on lhe Hit me iiu'.clihie..-    ���  IT you HUARI  P *rt   DIIV a whwl ivo i>Mlt mfKlHtycii in KAIt\ A   HKIVCI.K liv din*  are     UlflMOLt  |U   DUI   (.i1hiithiKent:itfiiru*>Kriiniiiirewiltiv��.-   WuiiwiUmoiitTmili    '  Hit eneh town for thin |im-|��eM��.    We ha.vo wivt'nil titindreit KKCO.M* HANt�� WIIICICUS taken hi Iratlo which w��   :  VIII vU,��>* out it1.1���� to tfI4> ivirli; alHoHonifl nhopworn tmmpleM and *��l�� inodoli wry cheap.   Solid for lUncaln I.l��(.  *4��l'lt KICIjI AIEI l*l'l'V Ih uU(|iiestloiiuiI.   M'o refer to any tuink ur lau-lneHH Iiouhc In Chicago, or any exprewH or   i  nillroiid eoinpany.    Wo will hciiiI yon IcUitm nf rcforeiiciidlroi't from tlio huve.st tuitikHln Chicago trymi wlnli It,  fCCUn    VnilD    ADnCD today.   TliiHJow priceilwHIicmi opeelal term* of Klilpinutit without doiiosltwill  OE.nU     I UUn    UllUCn he wlthdntwn v<-ry huuii.   nrfllve muiie ..f (Ills pitimm-. *,  ���/. L. MEAD CYCLE GONSP^NY, ohtaago*fin.  SOLD    BY   THE    BARREL,    KEG   OR     BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSlOW ORDERS G1VICN STRICT & PROMPT ATTENTION  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ^,^X!i  Sick & Mutz, Prop's.  H. W. DREW,  Proprietor.  Fort Steele. TNR PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE. B. C,  OCTOBER :27. li'00  C��te %tva&pi>ctov.  SATUitDAV, o( ror.igi-j ^7. \<<oo.  Political Pointers.  i j  'j- Tho date ul* the election for  Yale-Kootenuy-Cariboo has been  set by returning ollicer McDonald for Wednesday November  21st, two week's, later than the  general election.  In a three cornered li��-ht in  this constituency A. 11. MacNeil  has the best of the contest.  Tarle designates the loyal  English speaking people l,|lie  fanatical hordes of the wesl."  ���Durham Chronicle.  A change of Government at  Ottawa could not make if worse  for us,' and there i.s a good chance  that it would make il bettor.  ' The total number of voters on  the list-for Yale-Koofenay-Cari-  .boo i.s something over IS,000.  In speaking of South East  Kootenay, it is usual in certain  circles lo say that the "Liberal  party put the gold in the ground  so that miners could pick up  fortunes. Oh." these prosperous days!  Tarlo's goose  will  bo  conked  ' oh November' 7lh.  It is reported that.Air. Chris  Fbley, the' Labor candidate for  this constituency, will visit East  Kootenay some time during,the  week.  It would seem thaKloe Martin  is not "just dying*' to .see the  Laurier, government kept in  power."   ' '  Sir Wilfrid Laurier is afraid  to tackle'II. 11.Cook, ex'-M.P., ho  has received a "billet doux"froni  the old lime Liberal w'arhorso  which ho ignores. .     '  sjiifi  THE  H. REIKEMAJST, Proprietor.  Fort Steele, B. C.  \X I * ' f  Largest and Most Complete Hotel In South East Kootenay  , ' ' r '  ���    ALL,.   MODERN  -CONVENIENCES''-.  Sample Rooms for Commer  -Men.  Headquarters for Mining Men.  Mining investments pay as ari  'all round means of making  "money.  A few doll a tm invested in low-  priced'niining stock, will iu time,  bring ,iri    an . increase    worth  '  having.    " '  There are hundreds of mining  .-, "properties in Soull'rEasl Kooteiiay ' upon which ', development  work is being clone.  - "' Every rmine-' in- South East  Kootenay ' that 'has passed  through -its development stage,  aud has reached a shipping-  point, has'become dividend* payers.       ' ...'."  After awhile some one will  rouse to tho situation, and capital'will be invested, butnot until  the first'great profits are realized by foreign investors who  take     prolspects    and    develop  them into miues.  , i  When" we consider  the   vast  ncss of thejnineral resources ' ot  South Easl Kootenay, th'el-niany  kinds of minerals, as well as the  .numerous large bodies .of-'ore:  we cannot be blind to. -tho fact  that there should, be some accurate means of, advertising our  great natural wealth." ���"' '"  Iu order that mining hi the  Fort'Stee'le 'district may achieve  greater"success.",it is necessary  that all,parlies inloi;ysled {should  work together' I o. seen re the  rapid development'of our mines,  and let them be known lo the  outside world.  It can be accomplished il we  take hold of the mailer, and in a  short time, there will be several  producing mine* in lhe vicinity  of Port Steele.  The mineral wealth of the  Fori Steele dislricl is of great  variety and practically inex-  haustable.  At 1(51 cenls copper mining is  a paying industry, Ihe copper  mines of Iho St. Mary's district  should be able lo produce if  transportation was afforded.  NOTICE. , ,'  T.ik<> nonce linn Diiity dins riom llii" il.ilo  licieof I mii-iul iciiiiiph to the Chief C'onmiis-  lSioihm of Lands .^j Works foij pei mission lo  puielnise tin- following dost'i ibeil litnds slui.ito  on Pel ry uiuuls: m tliu Foi I Steele .Mining Ui\ 1-  sion' of Musi ICooienay. niitisli ColunilM.i:  Coininuncliii,' nt ,i nosi'liiniueil of Peny Civile  about oue-hair mile bolou tlie old shaft; tlienu;  south 10 cli.iius. thence west -III eh,mis. llienee  noi Ih -lllchiiinr,.- thenee east 10 eh.ilus io tin-  Ijluvcol-lieKiniiiiiK. communis,' hi nil UK) .lei-es.  w.m. noniN'SON.  Dated .11 Foil Sleele this l.Sih il.iv ol  Su[i  icinbci, 1000  %S  (j^t  S.  ^   *>-  NOTICE.  Nonce is liereby ^iven thin :I0 days afiei  date I. Helen V Ilsimorc,iniciiil to ripply to tin  Clilul UoniinissioneV of'l-.uuls and Works al  Viaoiln, li. C, foi permissioni'to purchase tin-  followlnft desunbed lands Conimi-ncinf,' at ,i  post planted neai tlic old Noi ih Stai'oie load  aboui.iWO reel east ol the, toui mile boaid.  tlience souih 40cli.nns. thenco west lu chains  ihenec uoi-Lli 11) chains, thence east lOeliitusto  point of be^iuiiin^'. I'oiitainiuy in all IdO aeies  moie oi less.  Located Oct  17th, 11)00        '.   . -     '  ���      1>    ' ' 'HKLKN V HSTMKItl'. "  w Heavy Hardware  Stoves, Graniteware,  Tinware  1 r  Powder, Fuse, Caps  Paints and Oils.  i * .        i <  Sheet metal work of all kinds  promptly executed.      .',.���'<  KIMBERLEY  ' ' '  The    Coming'   Town   of  East  Kootenay.  .) ' NOTICE. .' ' ,  Notice is lierehi unci! that "10 thvs altei  date 1 iiilcmlolo ,i]i��lv to the Chici Commissioner of Lauds and WorUs foi "a license to  piospect for coal on the St Mary's l\i\er aboul  two miles .ibtit e the Indian Kesorva'lion Coin-  meiieiiiirai lhe south^i-asi coinei posl. thenee  SOehainsjioi th. thence t-0 chains ,\esi, llienie  SO chains soutli- thence 80 chains east to point  of, commencement ami eoniaining (HO aeies  more oi less  ���lAMI-'.S FOLI'.V.  Uateilal j-oit Sleele this ruh d.u of Octo-1*  ber. 1DIKI.      -, ,'        13  NOTICE.      '    '  Tal.e notice Hi,il thirty da.\s fioin the dale  hereof I  Intend tn  apply   to   'he   Ilonoiable  the. Chief Commissioner nf Lands and   W'oil.s  lQr a special  license to tut and c.in-.\   ,n\.i\  timber Ihiiii the rullonmu desciibed  1-iinls-  Cnininem m^ at a post,it, tliu south west cm uei  of loi Tlnee  Hundied and SIxLv-Tlmi-   (l''>!)  Oioup   I.   IConienav   Disttut    tunning theme  north one hunilied  tWO)  cMi.uii-,:   Ihenee, \\e>Jl  twonry  (-<))   chains:' thenee"  souiii   iwcnu  (-0) eli.uls. ^heiue  west IwenLv  (-U)  chains  thence south twoni\  (-illl chains    ihenee  west  .twenty,(ii)) chains, ihoneesouth one bundled  .���.'ilidVisfhU "(IN4J eli:iln��. llienee east iwenu {301  i-hiiiiis   ihenee noilh fortv (10) chains    thence  oft^t l\\eiilv(30) chains- ihenee noilh (10) chains  rilfence easl to west bank ol  Kll;  u\��ji    'ihenee  ^1J west haul; of said rnei' lo soutli lino of Lot  YW1: thence wesl lo pliu c of beginning     The  iclx)\e desenbed it.icl to conlain'Mie Ihousaiid  "1)2 os. . i   ;.  ".-������ .   , , DA KUSL V. iiOTT  Ditied. .XuKiisi.'i.'ilh ' moo. .r>  BirEMfiE^^5i3lV^Wi��3^  ��� 15 THE MOST'vMo^i^l  SCHOOL   BOOKS  SUPPLIES.  The   Latest   Navels,   Stationery���Com-'  6  A 'Lending . Liln'ary  Llie Book Department  in  connection  wiLli  ''Subsidizocl by Americans "  London, Uei i'.{. - -'lo i.s sup-  posud lioi-i'.*' says Hie llon.^-  Kong coi-i-csiiuikIguI, ol' I,lie Daily  Cliion'udi', "ilial Iho rubcls \\'ho  avo oporali.iii; limlcr Sim Yal Son  urc .subsidised b.v ' Amoi-icans nl  .Siii^a)ioro."*  NOTICE.  SI\IV da\s aftei dale T Intend lo apply lo  llie Chief Coninilssioner of Lnnils and WurK's  al Viclona Im pei mission lo puichase ihe t,il-  low uik tli si i ibetl lands. Coniuieiiciii^ ai a post  situale at Llie soeih west coiner of Lot I.sO'.i  tlioup I. ICooten.iv Disii-kl. thence wesL 10  ehaius: Tlience suuth 10 cliains: thence (.1st in  eliains: thence noilh lOch.iiiisto the point nl  cDiniiu im luent coiitaiuitii/ in all HtO .uiesol  land moie oi less  .      ' BDWAItD I-ILWIiLL.  Dated l-'ort Sleele. II. V.  Sepiembei 3.1. I'(IH) I  A*  f  $   ; AND  ���!������  i.��i mercial and Elite  -J*  t  I    PlfiHRRP DPIiH flflli po^eele  ^ A ��� W' BT F ASDFLL   G'"1"11^ Ontario College of Pharmacy %  ?Ji       ' ' ^    "        "        '  Tf>r vftfTTjtT **.+ *���$��� f^��-uf���  .j* >9>t  *f�� *9�� *j��  -$�� J, -f�� *-|* *%* ^|�� ��f�� *f�� *f�� -��f��� ��f�� ��f- ��|�� -f*  Near tlie famous  North Star  i O ' ��� . -  and Si4llivaii iVlit-ies  A Limited Number of Lots for Sale  at Prices Ranging- from  t i (  $1:25   To   $400  Also   Pishing   Tackle   in  great   variety.  Pioneer Droo Hal  m  now rs  of the year.  TIIE  TIME TO HUY as prices will be advanced the lirst  Apply to  Land Commissioner, C. P. R.  Winnipeg, Man., or to  BEALE & ELWBlwL  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  KIMBERLEY.  r.l      OU.iC ALL YQ'J:! pflSHS W17I1      ��.  ANDREW  GONTRflGJOR  NEI DIG  BUILDER  A.Nl'1  IIOUSK AMI) SKIN I'AINTINCI  .    -r.-ALI.-liMlNlNll aiui I'AI'l-lK. 11A Ni 11 N't:  KORT STEELE, B. C.  83^"   Ail. avoi-1;  j)r(.iiii[)i.ly done.  JPainJKSIIei,,-E  ;"-: n Ht-iloii-.o Chosl In It.solf.        j*  :i4 Ji*:  js;    Smplo, Eafo and Quick Cure iir    JK  ^CRitrj'iPS.aHflRRHOEil.COUGKsj!  L0LDS, KiiEU^flTr'Sft;. -^  MEUKALGZA. '$.  25 and 50 cont Bottles.     S  \e. BF.WAHE OF IMITATIONS. >A  |jj BUY ONLV THE GENUINE.^  g* PERRY DAVIS' W  Ki it)  fe��fe��K:��.'Kw:^��*iif-��-��viKAs;��:!*-.%:S(-}i(!��*��  FERNiE,' B. C.     OLD TOWN.  SPLTCNm D AC;COM.\rOUATTONS  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men  No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  Tho trail runs within ton loot oL' tlio houso. flood  Barn mid ]>lonly of hay and "ruin. If you palronizo tho  Waldorf vou will novi'i1 ro��riJl it.  Canadian Paciiic  RailwayAND  SOO    LINE  H.    A.    Ks\NOUSlz-  :>  Rroprielor  ���A.  l.<  "I  . Thousands Sent Into Exile.  Hiri'.y ,yen!��� ii Ini'di" iiihmIh'I' ul poor  miIWm i'I's ttiiii-,1' liinys Are son1 .mil  riti.-ki.td wiMi i.-(.iuylis :irn urii-ci! w ^'o id  iiiiol.lu-.i- iilinialf, I'iin, i.liis is,il<).si.|y und  not always 'un'ro.i Duii'l- In- an iwilc  wlicii Or? Kiii^'s-'-.Now Him (ivcry for  <,'oii8iliii])l.ioii 'will i-ui-iv ynu :i( luni.c.  It's ..tlii'.'' most inl'alli'ilc ,MH-iliriiii.- I'm.'.  Oi'iiji'liN. (Jolils. anil all Tlu-o:il, and .I.iihjj  VliS(;asc-s on earth. Tlio lii-si iln-i; lii-in^:;  relit-f. Ast'oiuHiiny i-.m-i.-s result; fi-oii'  ]KM'sistciit uhu:    'I'rial biittlit fron'ui  A. vv.- hi?I':a.si)i-:i?i/s di-u- si,���: i-.  1'i-ii'i,-   .'ii.li':   anil    $l.tlil.        lOvoi-y    Imlil  y-imi-a|ili-.i;il. ' .',     ���-���,.���  PITTS  WINDKRMERE ��6 DONALD  ereil Merchants  Mining suDPHes a Specialty  Minors ironic- nortliward viii Onnou liivor U011I15 will find it 11 lurgo  -.iivnm and ooiivoniciioo lo procure their supplies al   Donald.  ROLR AfJRNTR for  .Slill coiitinuos lo oporati'  l��_'upur-> on all irniiii from  FiiM-  Canton  Steel C^ompany  iiioeriiiore.  .'   .    Mini!  .'.oldoli ;i,nd-,  Divisions.  "���oiiald  Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing  Also TOl'KIST CAIIS p.is-,intr Uiui-  nion- .liiiiulioii l).til_\ lor hi. I'.ml.  Saturday-* for .Mimlroal ami Motion.  Monday t anil 'I'hiirtiluyt for Toronto  Sumo cars jiuss liuvolsitilfo  one day earlier.  No  T rou hie  To Quote Kates ami  t>ive you a  Pointer  Regarding   the   Eastern  Trip  you Contemplate taking  Fall and Winter Schedule  , now Effective.       t ' ','..'  JUST    RECEIVED  Assorted Car of Best Brands of Flour   and   Meals,  etc.  Flour. Patent Hungarian and Strong Baker.  Kolled Oats. Cracked Wheat", Wl^atlctts,  Cprnmeal, Buckwheat Flour, Split Peas.  Navy   Beans.   Lima Boa us. Pot Barley, etc.  Bran     Chops     Shorts     Oats     Kay.  Rleoiwood Tea. a pure article imported direct from Ceylon  try it once and you will use no other.  Fresh   Breakfast   Bacon.   Hams  and   Dry Sail Side Bacon,  Ruder and Eg^s.  POTATOES   and   CARROTS  FiREWOOD all lengths to suit all stoves.  THE   FORT   STEELE  FLOUK and FEED STORE  E. C. MILLER, Proprietor POST OFFICE BOX 836.  i</','*    All ^oods guaranteed and prices aKo as Iwiny correct.  Send in orders.  Now Open  Agents at  Windermere  for  tho California'Giant Powder Co,  l-'or l.inicMiilil  nialion iNi.il on 1  a^i-nl. or  .i.?\V. <'K.\NI-:;V\.reiit. fort Steel  i.'. I'^UANSKIKU). A��t. l-'ort Sl  W. F. ANDKKSON       K. .1. COYJVK.  'r."..\.. NuIhoii.. A.Ci.KA.. Vaucoiiver  i"ili-5 ami full   infor-  ulilivss 11.-arest ' local  J..-I.  t-le.  Kimberley,  H.-'W. Drew, proprietor.  B. C.1 ���PJIK PkOSPEOTOk- /FORT STICKLE, R. C, OCTOBER  i non  *J)R?  RICES  mm'm^"mfmm Ganaciian BanK ol Gommerne  mei  it   will   bo   one   oi'   tho pivdio.si  re-idoiioo.-i in 1<i\V(i.  Mr, iiolilio wli.i h:i^ boon  , ' i ,i:i-.lorrcd Irom Windermere  I'd F.>rt Steele is da'Jy e.\|ieoted.  IL  .'f  ���J  cream  BaKtno   Powder  Is a pure baking powder���  no aium, lime or ammonia.  /        i  o  -No acid but that from grapes  ���which   is   pure,   pleasant   and  '. healthful���enters into Dr. Price's  Baking Powder,  Fruit acids are accounted by  hygienists the most, important' of  the elements of the food of man,,  and of these the acid of the grape  is most prominent..  Dr. Price's.' Cream Baking  Powder is not only the most efficient and perfect ��� of " leavening  agents, but owing to its constituents is likewise promotive of health.  It i> learned' thai Co-orgo Wai-  son   is  expected   bad   Irom iho  north,   and   that   lie   will   spend  ji ie winter in Eorl ttloeio.  i    J. 11.   lloiiiswcu'th,   represent-  ! ,i-ii Wilson Ui-os of Victoria  and  \ auoouvcr. was in town   vesler-  day.  GREAT SLAUGHTER  SALE.  While  Closing Out  These Lines.  M    Single KiuuliiH*   I?.imi>s  oi-U'ni.il in K-i> .. *���!-.* .Ml now * \M  In   IJmilili1   (..(iMilim-    1..ilili^  i>i itrm.i! pi in- .        . 1'iiN)     ���     i.'mi  M" ini Mcdiiin.il Cli-cl iu- llt'lts '��.00  Till IM ' M.lllllll-s Mm  Tl'i IHI >.IH1  Idi uililit iji-. .s'.��\i*liv sufoi.\ l.^itir-. i.iNi  i"l> II.iiKlUil I'iiiiilini;-. of   KimtiMKiN  -,i,v l"i\L'0 and -JO.sIHl. norlli   ���W.-i.lNl  anil  >*���' nil L'iU-h. sulljii;: :ir $10 0(1 .ui.l *l."i.0(l.  iiii'liitlinir    beantilul     linriiiclu-il     yili  fra'iiR-..   moM    -.nitalilo   pp'-i-iil   ol   the  -.lav.  '      All kimUiir pietni .".' -ellini;   ill   owl,  IjiKtiire   l;-.niiir^   n   -.pi-fi'ilt \.      !'i-h<���  , i;nuraiiU*i-il ilu: ii��u��t m Koeiu-n.e..  Xiarlu    Seizor-..    Nihl-Iu     Kleeli i<-  n-'eU-tic- lamp-, ete," '  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.)  Raid    up    Capital     $6,000,000.  I '.iv. i.'k.'i.   \. nix.  lY.-.hi.-iiL. M. |.'.  U'auc r.u, Con. Man.  'GOLD DUST PURCHASED. liONU K0M�� DRAFTS SOLD.  FA'CllANttl" on all purK ol* lhe world !>ou��hl and sold.   "  London Agents���The Bank of Scotland.  Port  Steele $ Cranbrook Branches  , J. W. H. SMYTHE; Manager. ,  For   Sale  Riverside    Ranch  K.i-L Kooii'na\. II. I.'.  320 acres, (10 acres under eul-  ti\:ilion, JIO ,;icivs liood botioui  land, balance .bench laud well  li inhered.  STOCK.  17 head of Oat lie.  l���!li>rsos.  GRASSICK   &   DEMPSEY.  CONTRACTORS  AND  BUIBBBRS.  Fori   Steele   H.C  HARRY    BARR  o  Fori Steele.  B.C.  General Blacksmith.  HORSE SHOEING,  AND JOBBING.  Mining    Work    a    Specialty.  is** 4**  Professional.  North Star Lodge  FOUT S'JT.III.K  1',  l'.  NO. 30.  A. F. A'ND A. M.       G. R. B. C.  Ki*Kiilur uifCiiuKs���1st Tui".tl:iv in eucli  nifinili ui fslKln o'rliK'k Visiting Unaheni :iiv  i-i.Mliitin- 1m Iifil  A. W. III.K4SHKI.I.. Secrriury  I'llKT SlKKMC   IH.VKI.OP.Ml.NTSYNIIKM'Hi I.'l I  ISK I.ruilciihull stii"'i London. KiikIuiici'  N. A. WALLINCEH, KORT STEELE.  I'OST OVKIC'l-l BOX- 8.  CARLIN   & DURICK  t:oi>.i--,i'iii.t\i>.M. ^lionik-iiosiinm.- .Earning Implements otc.  pa iii--   oi-di'i-   ami   -ill   mall m-dois �� ill ,'  ivi-i-m- proiiij.il .aucnlion ai.  I    li. f. NOVKLT\   CO., >'i.N,..  ii. J>. ('  For ii-i ias ai.ji!\ to >. Mel.eun ;ii   lln  lanch. oi-io.l. A. Hat wv. Fori  St'i-olc  PRICE  BAKING'POWDER  CO.,  CHICAGO.  NuTE.���Tlieie are many cheap baking; powder*  , mule   ol   a'tim.    I lelmj. lli<--  fdtrhrated  chemist,   v.-t\.,   tli.ti   aUirr.  tli-*oulcrs the  ^lumacli ami c.mim:* ui.nl il> .imhl\*.|iq^a.  {'Ph.'  Mu-i  Complete  Uoiillli   I k'-oi'l on  i       tho ( nnthii'itt nl North Anu-rtiui.  , j sle.i.ucil luuKt Siciu-i \ uuii,\.illi-il lui Otaiukuii  -I>���.ri���ciiu Sn-rilini/'.Ol!:,,      ||      i cvon  '     TT^f        C,,,.:.,,^  Urt'n  tl.'.i->rt! i.'i iujuvilii'liilltiuiti': npihMiii- I HosilliiK li^lun;^C~,,; f - nJin�� Kt'-.uli'nt Oliy-  '.,!,,,,���.;        - . ; ki.wiiwoi.k odiiiiariujii ^.i.mi, vjul.Ne>  | f.'/i Si^ti i)tl.r. I'f'fO.     IlaU-yim ^[n-iuji.*.  Arrow  L-.iki'. P.. ('.  ,      i    JlVfo      KKuCI ��.'V    AUVMRiiVi,      ll(    l'H!t| '  .S'U.IC.    K-^.T,      >iO��.M,ll,tfUI   Am'IU.   Ul   )V   �� I 111 l^UKl-apll"'wmilHIIlK-llllOII  i ... ,,       , , ,     I with nil piu-is ol the woi lil.  j siiij,.nv;..i, \      M.,_',>:^.U       l\i.    Illkl     ��,ll(lll    tlK' I       1 , ,  * OiMltt,.V ��.f t\.i^'l^ll..\        i, ' *1'\\0  lll.*iN 1111 IVC .111(1 lll'p.lll l'V*'l v il.iy.  I ll,Jiik-iiili,,:l'.'uu.Ytcl.n^^l=k Ul ^|S pcl. WCl!|,,f .,,.,.,���j|11(J  , * ,     '       ,, ,      ,        ,       .... I to lv-iilonci; m Hotel or \ illas.  1 L-i ,,'k' -Mi'iiu^ ll.\v>it40i- ior  iht-   \\ m.leiiiicio ( i  .Miiiiui; Oixi>-'uii. Met  ���.'eorirtf ilolilii'. K��nuii(>   I        It-H.illis Cuic' all  Nuivoiis ami Muscul.u  tr.in-fvrtt-J tn I-'or: Stt>vU'. ^ !  (.HNl'HAI,  Fort  Steele,  Sole Al��Cllts lor llie  'MI'RCIIANTS  1-est  Kootenay.  Canton steel  COMPANY  T II O M A S    McVl <T 'J11K  Fort Steele B.C.  IV.   It.   Kl.SS. , IT    W.   IlkllCUMKH  KOSS& IlKRCIIiMEK.  Barristers     -      -     Solicitors  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEYANCERS.  Fort   Steele,   Ji.   C  Tins Stkion is ��'iiaranloed to be otiual lo'.fpssop's  or  Firths in all  0   '     llAlili   ll<M.'IC   WOW if.   ' ��� "        ^  Soi.i-: Aoiomts  Soi.K     AdHNTR  Dim:isc>      It-   U'aiei-- lli-.il all Kuliii'v   Lim-i  aril .-loniai-li AiljiK'iu-.        , j,    i  ��lje tyxo&pztfox;.  SATUI'iUAV. ,O<JTOi:i01' 21. I,!HHI.  LOCAL NEWS NOTES:  Mr. John I. Lowlus accoin-  panied by M. A. lJeale went* to  Kimberley on Tuesday morning  to .look at the mines in t.hat  vicinity.  Prices are holding' very linn in  'flour, milling goods, with.strong  .tendency to advance, so tho proprietor ol llie l'Vn-l, Steele Food  Store advises ns. This is, therefore, a good' time i'n purchase  yonr winter supply. He has just  completed a full stock- of (lour,  meals and breakfast foods. "���  Mr. Ceporloy of Iho insurance  tirm of Ceporloy. Macken/.io it  Ito u ns fell of Vancouver, spent  Tuesday in Korl Sleele.  Don't, forget the Clearing Sale  al Gilpin's store. '  R. L. T. (JalbraiUi rotiirned  from Tobacco .Plains on ''Monday.  McMillan Fur * Wool Co.'s  price list of October. 1HO0 is al  Ihis olliee. Those iiaviii}?"any  thin^ in their,line lo soli jc-.annof  do better than deal with lliis old  'reliable firm.  Don't forget the Clearing Sale  alTiilpin's store.,'  c "  'I'hiiii-ainlsoH'iiniiili.iii-iMii vouoh fur  the ��l!i(-ii<.,.v of thiti" [iocrh>.-a rougha-i'iu-  frdy. I'yiiy-Proioriii. It rnre- :i cold  very (|iui'kl\. -�����-. of nil, ilrnyyi-t-.  Miii'iifiii'Lnrcil 1>\ Ilu; iiroprietor- of  Perrv Diivis- I'ufn-Kill.'r.  John 'XV. Clark, Salt Lake  City ami O. C. Mnsgrave,''. Vancouver wero. rog-islered at the  Imperial'on Tuesday.  William    Hanpl,   came   clown  frouv Wiudermm'o on Sunday..  .).   A.    Gravel I   of   lCalispeU,  Moiil., vas'iii'lown on Monday.  Laurier has sot, (hanks.��>-iviug  day in October, possibly for the  reason lhat he wont have any  thank's coming in November.  East Kootenay  ]>ottlini> Co'��  Aerated waters  < i  Of all kinds.  S) nips, Champagnes. Ciders.  Ginger Ales, Etc.  Sofia  -ttaiur  in   -iiihoiis-.     'Plic  nifi-.i  i>i-oiioiiii<-iil'��:iy to liainlle it.  Shaving SK Hair Dressing Parlor"  N*i'\i io Orii'iual HoipI '  c .        FORT   STEELE, B. C. ,  All kinds of hair work-   ;-       ���' '  a s^iecialty.  Grows Nest Goal ���������������/���  Giant Powder (Sompany.  Mining Supplies a. Specialty.  Agents"for lhe   MASSFV    UARRTS,   CO., Limited.    "  Farming   Implements.  A. J   GREZ,  ��� Proprietor  The result' of the elecliou in  this constil nonoy will be governed somewhat by tho result, of  the vote of the other Provinces  in the Dominion.  The new road up ��� Wild Horse  is being pushed, but cannot, bo  completed this year, the appropriation having boon exhausted.  The road is much needed and  will prove a ��rrcat convenience.  'Moyie will have a school house  that will cost $1,000.  The Fort Steele Klour & Peed  Store proprietor is agent for the  Fleetwood Ceylon tea. Try it  once and you will n-^e no other.o'  There are several useless dogs  in town, who take pleasure in  running after teams and saddle  horses. Tt is a wonder that no  accident has occurred but il is  only a question of' time when  some one will got badlv hun.  TO THE DEAF.  A rich lady cured of her Deafness and Noises in the Head by  Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear  Drums, gave $10,0'K) to this In-  slilute. so that, deaf people unable to procure the Ear Drums  may have ihern free. Address  No. U.*>lft Tlie Nicholson Institute. 7^0. lOighth Aveiiue,  New York, U. S." A'.  b.  f?. cook:.  Livery, ( Feed   and   Sale  Stable,  , ^        Fort Steele, P.. C.  TKAMIXO OF Al.l, KIN'PS SOMCITK11.  .MI.VKKAI.  ACT,  IWil.  (mint r. 1  ckiitifh'a'm. or imi'Hi-ivi:mi:n"in  ��� O. J. Johnson a Moyie mining  man was in town on Monday.  \Y. -Alperson a mining expert  who visited Port, Steele a few  weeks ago is in the IhilTalo  Hump Country.  It is reported that A. H Mac-  Lean the conservative candidate  will visit Port Steele m a few  davs.  Win. Langley will go to  Colorado in a fi-w days.  IT. W. Barnes returned from  .attending court at Nelson, on  Wodnosdnv.  Mansfield B^Colterell  Fort Steele Cigar Store  L\\V i'.m\ .1 lll-M-rlus., line of  inipiu-ii-ii aiui onuicsi it-  Cigars,  Cigarettes   and   Tobacco  \W al-n iiiuo :i full liiiiMif  ]>i]K^  in-    i-llllllll^   .Mi'i'I'-l-llllUM! illlll  IJIiU.  i  ( 'ovoriinient Aijoilt AllllSirongj   l..n--til.nh ii���.|u)n-i.iiioiii ii-.ulim.< lomn  Went   to  Foi'llio OH Thursday. j    ->��� m,i s|.H-l, hI-j-ili-ih   ncn.-ls ��i< i-m liunce    ' "in.. (>ir iir. lh iii nn   li:i\ ���  n.ul iiml   n-iiini  In  .\. T. Caldwell was in town on  Tnosdav.  NOTICE.  LITTLE JOHNNY MINERAL CLAIM..  Siluiiii'il in ilie l-'-oi i Slci'lo Miiiinir l)i\ isioii  ofSouili i:.i>.i ICoou'iiiiy DIsiilci.  Wliri-c liK-:iieil:   On r.i>wi<. Creek.  'I'.il.e nonce lli.a I. .J.uur-. A. llariev.  :i;.'cnl foi l'eii'i-.If-uvii l-'ieo .Minei sC'erlillcniu  No "r. Ul.'ull." uml XiK ll.uiMiii rici-'Mini'i-s  Curiillraio No j. ��� .ISHirt.! A.' -.nioiiil sWtj  il.^-- from the (hue hereol. to aiiplv to  the Miinnir Keeoi-tlei- fur a CeiliHe.ue of lin-  Ii.-o\enienti.. for tlie puipo^e ol oln.1111111^ :i  <>o��n Giai.t of the :iljo\e i-lniin  Ami finiliei- ukc noiiee thai action uinlei-  section .17. niusl be coinineiR-e.l belore llie Issti-  .uice of sncli Certitieaie of Iii])iro\ tini'ini.  Dated this Jist duv ol September  1IKKI  .1   A. IIAKVUV.  HIGHWARDEIM.   &.    SON.  PIONEER ,BARBER SHOF  Everything Strictly l^irst Ohiss.  Next door lo the Prospector.  M ILLI N \i RY  Just  Received���A large consignment of Latest Styles.  ' MRS. DILSE, Proprietor.  Great Clearing Sale  *    --OF- ��� ���'...''  Dry Goods,    Groceries,  Footwear,      Hardware,  ^Furniture,        Crockery  and Glassware.       -  m gilpin'S store Fort Steele  In-order  to   raise  a  large  amount   of cash we will offer our  entire stock, For the next Thirty Days  AT    COST  This   is   a   grand   opportunity   for laying in'your winters  supplies.     Our stock is complete and, up to date.  Don't Fail to Call if yoirwant  Good? at your own prices.  jOur     Terms     are      Strictly     Cash.  T.iEDE  L.ANDS and MTNES  NOTAUY PUBLTC  (���OLI.KCTlONrS kIvi'II l'l!()Ml��T ATTKN'TION*  Fort Steele,     - B. C.   ;  lleo. S. MeC'aiier. ,1. A. Maive^  HARVEY & MoCARTER  HitrrisUrs, , Snlieitom.   NutariM  I'ubttc,  ' Conreiiuiirern etc.  FOUT  KTI'-Kl.K. P,.  u.  'KKVKr.STOK'K STATION and OOT.l)HNT  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLY      MADE.  ry i   IDouglas  Corsein  (CM-.VI>.)  OFFICE -UIver->Ide' Avenue.  Next Door lo H/enMlt-ll's Drttf/ Store.  ,  ROYflL  HOTEL  kimberley; b. c.  The Pinebt. Liquors and  Cigars aud Beat Furnished  'looms in Town.  J.   I.   GATES,   Prop.  KEEPS   CONSTANTLY   ON    HAND  Fresh Bread and Cakes  Fresh Frnils every day  Fresh Vegetables  Fresh Eggs  Fresh Mi'llPand Bulter  The   Imperial   Hotel   i-, doing I' "'"  an   excellent    bu>ine-��>  reason of the voar.  for   ihis  Nine Indian^ weiv arrested  last week for b^ing drunk hy the  Iodian police officers al Alhal-  mer.  The lorination of an A. I'V and  A. M. lodge in the town of Fernie i.s talked ol.  Windy oratory is   rampart   all  over the Eastern Provinces.  PI. H. Cook's letier to Laurier  was a corker  Editor F. .J. Smith <>f the  Moyie Leader, i.- ill at the St.  Eugene,Hospital.  ,E.    li.    Pnrdy,     representing  Brad streets .���Mercantile, agency  ������fytaa in. t.owh on Tuesday.  '     Kriiger li.'ls started for Holland  followed by the curses   of  tlio.se  'whom   he   lured . into   war; With  Great Britain.  ' A Willi" <:liiH iifl.-n iiii.iiiiiti.'miili!<-li  ilini's-j.������������I'ftiii-KIM.M- Ih nil Iinil is ii.-nl-  ed to; waril? il "'. ������ l-:ii.-<,iial .nl ��� or  eu -i1" i \ i-'.'d   sulisli-  Tiiere    arc    ])copl(j     in     FrnM  ftteijlc who do not   subscribe for  the Prospei-ior but they   read   it  all Ihe.sanii-, and dam  lhe  jiaper;  for   which   they dont cont ribule j  one cein  Our 1'il'i.iril   anil   I'nol  1'arlni-  .umI ('mil i-uoiii ,nv liiM fhis^,  A^-i nts fm < tin.nn.lu J'licilli   Trli-^i.ipli Co ,  I.-1-. in/ dle-i 1 i iiriiinuiiK.tiioij m anv p.n t nf Lhe  .\0llll Ali^llt^ llii   Call.nil.Ill    Wt-sll-lll   Ti-li -  )i)min- i'ii   vlilnir Hl-,1 i-lass  m-i i In-  InCi.wi-  lirunl  .md >i   i.u^iiiu .Mission  if \ou .in  n.ivi llliii.' un l oiii jiiti-s    We tan  t.   11 Mill ,1 LK ki-l  in .llH   p.lll    of   till     will III   \l.l  lln Ctiiiadl.ui IMiillc K.iilu.iv anil   lis i-uuurc-  lir.ru.  NOTICE.  Take noili-i> Iiml tliln.v ilnys fiom tin- ilatr  li -unil I liittuil luapph lo tin' llnncii-alilf lln*  Cliit-rCi>iniiiissioiiiii of l.aiuls and Woiks tm- a  special Iil'imiki1 in >-iii anil iriinv away liinlici  finm Uie lollowiiif.. ili'sciIbvil "lands: ��� Coin-  im-iu*iiil.r al a pnsL m-ai post l-'.onwi-si sidt-ofA.  l-I. .larkson's tiiiilii-t- IfL'cnsr.alKMiLoni'-lialf mill'  wt'sioi wost battle of Mlk i-lvcr In Kasi. Kooto  nav nisLi-ii;t. runiiiii/ llii'iict1 south fuiiy  (1(1) i-liains: Lhtiiii'r west fortv (HI) cliains.  llii'iii'c souih liri\ (In) chains: ilioncc ttt-si  clt'lity (��)) cluiiis- tlieiico noi-lli cliihiy (Sti)  chains ihcnee oast foilv (^0) cliains: tlieiico  noilh thirty (110) chains, tlience easl eighty (COJ  ch.iins: thciii i' south twenty (-^1) chains tn  piai c of liccliiiilii!.' The above ilccrUied trad  to i ninain onu thousand acres.  AICI'IIITII .1. MOTT.  IJ.ltcd. AllKllst l.'i. I!I(HI X,  f^jSik VoiJR GROCER Icff?  vmmmm  Messrs Sifk iV Mill/ have their j  new brewery at. .Fernie nearly j  completed. ; j  vrp.... SCIENTIFIC  THIRTY-BIHTII YEAR... J[    A\JL/tisJWj  N.   A.   VVallinger   i.s 'expected ;       ,  home from the Old Ooillltrv  with,! 24 Pa/��   .'Weekly   :   Illustrated.  in the next two weeks.; .-       EMDISI ^NSABLE    TO MINING MEN.  tii  ^mim.  | Fort Steele  m  M:  m  ��  .*  ;*.  Co.. Lit  7  Fort  Steele  14  Cranbrook  Wholesale and Retail  IP  m  'ip  *  " m  DfiALRItS IN  *  T. 6. Armstrong  Fort Steele, B. C.  ' MANUFACTURER   OF  Tinware, Galvanized Iron, Sheet  Iron,   Stove Pipes  a>nd  Copperware  BUILDINGS HEATED and VENTILATED''  Plumbing,   Pipe  fitting��� and   all  kinds of sanitary work-  Air Tlfllit���Hot Blast Stoves  Hydraulic   and   Air   Pipes   for  Mines  SPKOIAI.   ATTENTION   PAID   TO  JOB   VVOKK.  [���'<>U niOVKLOI'l-JO  J GROCERIES  * CROCKERY c"  MENS   FURNISHINGS X  GLASSWARE  MINING   PROPKHTIES  IN  EAST KOOTENAY, B.C.  WHIT I!   TO  py-wetopai I  A QUICK. CURE FOR |  # COUGHS AND COLDS ��  Very valuable Remedy in all  affections of tiie  cr��mp��'uml 'AUinAiin-n.     .A^.i.l ;��. *l-i-  T,)e ��� briil^O   wi  Perry On  The  contract   for   the   hrid^ei  across the Colnnihiii .at   Spronls  landing,   lias  been   awarded   to  the Doiniuion  Bridge  Coiiipanv.   ������,,,,��� ��^������^,���  iii ���&. 550 reei..i��� | MINING-" Scientific PRESS  I     i 10 MARKET ST., SAH FRANCISCO, CAL.  $3 PER YEAR. POSTPAID.  JCK.VI1   KdllHAMH.K  tVH'V.  g THROAT or  LUNGS f  ffi Large Bo(tl��, 25c. $  <')       DAVIS A LAWKKNC1! CO., Llmllrd      *  'i I'ioji-i ���l I'.iry D.ivIV P^ln-Klllcr       Jfc  For Sale In Kimberloy.  'I'VVM     IKIOMKI)     IKMJSI'i    Kixil.  j Wd/iil Slii-il Kxlli.    Il.cn   lldiisc  dmihli'  li(iin-il('(l 'aiui   impenid   ll'.vll-l.      I'Nincc  |l(ISlS !l.|-(lllll<l   till!   IllI;.   WllUil1  lltlfl. (Ill,,    $15  woi-lli <>r ciinl wi'md (in   tJic.. grriiiiiKl,   II  liens, .20 cliinlfi'iis und 2 i-do.sli.'i-s.  'I'cniii yi-ry r��"itsoii!il��I<>.   lOuiy iiiwlnll-  iiiiiiiI. s.vslcni..   Apply Ui  ..���.,'*      I'KAJ.K A  K.I.WKI.I., , '  I I'oi-t, Sluolu or. Ivinibei-liiy  BOOTS    "<i   SHOES  Cria.*rtt   Powder  Fuse   and   Gaps  HAY    and    OATS  m  m  Chas.   Estmere,  Mining and Stock Broker.  Kimberley, B. G.  DIL.SB �� CROPTS  CONTRACTORS  All   Kinds   of '.Brick   and   Stone   Work  L. COHN  TAILOR  AND IMPORTER OF  FINE WOOLLENS  Rocky Mountain Avenue*  Fort Steele, B. G.  GEARY   &  DOYLE.  BRICK .and LIMIiijl-or Sal,  Liven],-. Feed & Siile Stable.  Kort. Steele B.C  K��(f"lHi'   Daily .'.Statfii.'iiibetH  ull  ti-uiiis at Fori. Stet-lf-'Junction.  ?SADDLE & PACK 'HOKSRS?.  I'LASTKRING  Promptly  Done Beaming of, aj.i. kiniis a si-kciai-tv


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