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The Prospector Oct 14, 1899

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I   s
>: n
-■ "••/ .- -.. ■'.-"•-'••, *-# ::-Jt"#«*!>ss*
■f-'iHE prospector io.s nr:;:.\- .•
v. ■/-
-S  Ai'i'oixri-.i) no: oi'i- iciai,  ■*■
■tr >
-■* <■
>& K(ir siilllli l,.isl ICii..U'H.i'. <-
^i a.
*ft V* J -V~i-Q 0- * ;-S-s>-\"-r-t- '• >■> >«"8-s?«
?■ TAI.NS *LL   PU2L.IC MO- *
C.  SATL^D/ir,  (JCTOJ3J3R 14, 189,9.
No 41.
Mew Advertisements To-aay.
Hcnr\ lllllis .V Sons.     .  .
i;. A. r.llmi
Mrlil idi'l HioS. '
Klmln rlcv Hutt'l        .   ..
(.'.in.nil.in Hunk (il ("(iniiiii'in
, I'.iu
On Weaver Creek. .    '
O. S. Frizzell came down from
Weaver   creek*   oti   Sunday    last
■whore lie had   been   lo  do   some
work on Ihe Lonnie, :i   claim   in
-which  lie  is   in rerouted   in   with
Messrs. Thies and  Parker.      He
,-:ii ys l lie re- is   in   the  open   cul.
which is i'L' J'eet long with 'a   ten
fool face, a .streak 'of  free milling < | iuirt z on the loot wall, three
fe'xh wide  and   another on,   the
hanging   ' wall    from    eighteen
niches,to two feet wide.'  In run-
',' iiing for1 the hanging wall, about
eight feet   of  decomposed   por-
phyry was   passed   through,   all
of  which"carried   value. '' This
properly is/sit'uated   on  Weaver
creek not far froLi the Prospector's Dream. . ' .    ..
Al.  Annis and   his   associates-
• have    been,   doing-' assessment
/■work on their claims in. the same
"vicinity.     It is'thoirjntehiion to
ruji a, tunnel'for "2('0 feet to cross
I,en!  the   lodge   on   one   of'  their
lebiims.    Judging from   the siir-
Vf'ace   indications. " the   ledge   is'
[ifroiif Jifteen to twenty feet wide.
The owners of the  Blue, Bird
la re doing  assessment   work 'on'
folieir claims. ' '
11 • ,
No work is being done' on   the
A Promising- Property on Four-Mile
Will Be Developed.
Work was commenced on the
Try-A«ain claim on Four-Mile
creek and will be continued indefinitely. The' conlract it is
learned calls for the tunnel, being extended lil'iv feet bv the
present owners ami this must be
completed in,sixty days, after
which ten per centi of the purchase price is io be paid. The
property is under bono to .John
Lecky of Greenwood forsli7),000.
Lecky will ha\re
charge  of  the
Prospector's Dream at present.
Pleased With the Country.      v
Albert.  Demurs   pi"   Montreal,
■who .spent several days  in' Fort
'fcSitselo last'tweek,-' speaks   highly
.•of our, town  and   its-,resources.
He'said:    "J am much surprised
;it 1,1 i'o splendid showing of  mineral in the district' and   particularly on Boulder creek at the Big
Chief and Dupont.      1   certainly
believe the district  has  a  great
(future before it: to be sure, there
;is not  that  amount ofo develop-
\'ifiit which will  attract capital,
|V>nl, il work-- sufficient i& acconi])-
iis)uid many good mines must be
Uncovered.    It is certainly an attractive country and J  am   much
phiased'   with    what    has    been
hown me.     I"  like   your  people
imt vour town and   hopes, in   the
Spring to pay Fort Steeleanolher
'. .Mr. Demurs went west on Alon
lay. Me goes to look at .some
properties in which he is interested in the Troul l^ake district.
mi'iis of the ore. This is mi-
doubtc-dly .one of the larsrest
bodies of copper yet uncovered
in this Province.
Mining- Notes.
W. M. Sprague has ju>t returned from Tracy creel* where
he ha> been doing assessment on
the Kani's Horn claim, which adjoins the ('resent and* Vikinii'. A
tuimci ha.-i .been run fourteen
feet and a winze Mink live feet.
Mr. .Sprague says the ledge on
the Rain's Horn is from Iwenty
to 27) feet wide and, shows up
nicely. •    .
•It i.s, said that some phenomenal rich ore has been taken 'from i
the Ida", one of the Dupont group ! The Chickamon Stone!
of mines. The lead from which j , Tho worU" on, the Chickainon
the ore'was taken it, from, "eight | '^tbne is .-still being pushed with
to twenty inches in width. Some,1 vigor, and fourteen men are now
of the'Hakes of 'gold embedded j employed. Up to'the present
in the rock can easily be seen at!,,ijllL* 4-- if'e1 ol" work ii, tunnel
a distance of ten feet,, '    !ulul shaft has been accomplished
.   It is reported that a deal for a ,"s!ucu lho coiupimy took .hold   of
well known   propertv  oii   Wilci',the l»1-oporty.     The  shaft   now
Horse is pending.     The  details ■ beill= »v'uk is tlown r,° Ieal-   ThtJ i
could not be ascertained. new cross cut tunnel   is  now   in
■   v   ,r    , , .   ..      .A     'jS i'eet and   the work still  pro-
.).   \. Kesler arrived in the city . ,.,,.- . \   . >
m       , -,,  ...     •    rm       "^ I grossing.     The  mam   tunnel   is
on Tuesday, and leit  on  Thurs        oin ..   ,       , ,,.■'.
i in -10 leet.    A prospect shatt is
'flown 1-1 feet and the air shaft Tin
feet. The old cross cut is in r>o
This is evidence that the owners mean business. No ore is
being taken down, all efforts being concentrated on the develop*
ment of.the mine. John H. Fink-
was down to the property on
Wednesday and .reports that it
never appeared better since the
company acquired it.
It j.-s -.aid lhat thov are under
option to Col. James Bake?, but
this i> authoritatively denied.
Mr. Fraisier also examined the
Shop Keeper claim and > the El-
well group. Col. Baker has an
option on the latter property.
says   that   he   did     not     know
Canadian Pacific   Will   Undoubtedly   whether the Liberals « ould COll-
Build From Elko to the  Town  at   'est    the   next    election    on    the
the Head of Kootenay Lake. party lines of federal politics   or
The  railway  situation   in   the- not.   nor   what   would   be  made
Windermere country is about  as   the issue.
outlined in Tin-: Pkosj'KCTOh" a
Jewelry Shop consists of a tunnel now in f."0 feet with two
eros.-s cuts '20 and :j'i feet respectively. The work will probably
continue all winter, supplies for
winter cam]) went out from Fort
Steele (in Tuesday. A large
John    Harris   representing  Mr. Iamount   of  assessment   work   is
Development on the New York  few weeks ago. Ayeiitsof the com
being   done
claims.       °
Perrv    creek
WLoyio and Gliieen of the Hills Sold.
,' ]! i.s rumored that, the Canadian (iold Fields Syndicate have
-recured the Moyie and Queen of
v/ie Hills at Moyie. and that, the
pyice paid was ifr'.riO.noii. II" this
minor is'correc.l il will give this
syndicate the largest and' best
property in Kn>l ICoolwnay.
A Ledge of Copper Ore Twenty Feet
Wide Uncovered on Bug-aboo Creek
i,    North of Windermere
i|ieci.il in 'I'm: j'KiisiM.ri'oii.
Windermere. Oct. 1:.'.—A strike
>f   more   than   ordinary iniporf-
ince has been made on  Bugaboo
•reek  north   ol   this   place   by
Messrs.    McKeeman   and   Stad-
ander.        The    ledge   averages
woul.v feel in width, four leet of
vhich   is  solid   copper   pyrites,
'riii.s ore body   is   over.  ."iOO feet
ong and can be traced  for  over
I'tOO   'feet.'..     The   property   is
ny'n'ns the   Bear  groii])  consisting of li.ye claims, Black Bear,
Brown ■Boar. Blade Prince, Cop-
jier   Belle    and    London.     The
laims   are   located    about    ten
nile.s from the   Columbia', river.■
riie locators Robert: Mclveeman
uid. D. Sfadlander. both   of  this
)Iace, .liavw ;returtiod.   bringing
rith fliem some beautiful  speci-
day for the property of the Bull
l-iiyer Mining Company.' Work
will be resumed and continued 'as long , as possible
this av in tor. '_ Mr. Kesler will
ha.A'e charge of thoAvork.
The Hall Mines Smelter, ship-
lied tAv.o cars of matte 'On Saturday!, last: destitiqd for New York.
The value of the shipment Avas
*10,000. «.     '<
- Mr. EnstoriofCreenAvo'od went
up to examine.and report on '-the
Estella iniue on'Tuesday of last
week.   ' i / , ",     "
' Al . several    of   the    fuinina:
* '- i  ,<.     ■   i   , i      •■-,
claims in the vicinity of Fort
SteeloTlvoT'k will be continued
all winter and by spring it is
hoped that some of them may be
put on a marketable basis. This
is what is needed, show the outside world t'hiit flic mines have
merit, and then the country will
develop rapidly.
D. Brander has taken a co'n-
tra'ct to exiend the tunnel on the
Blue Peter claim fifty feet. The
claim is located on Alki creek,
and i.s owned by C. rhmirerford
liobert Dewar has relumed
from Alki creek Avhere he has
been working on the Mystery.
He brought down with him some
of the-finest copper ore yet uncovered in that country.
It'is to be regretted that there
is not a, better collection ol Fort
Steele minerals at the Spokane
Exposition. Il is well known
why a collection was not sent
down. An exhibit of mineral
from this district, this year especially, would have been worth
thousands of dollars as an advertisement of the resources of the
Fori Steele district-
Minnie M.  and Tig-er. *
N. A. YVallinger returned from
LeAv'is creek on Wednesday evening. He reports'tliat the crosscut funnel on the Minnie M. and
Tiger is uoav in IKS feet. At ISO
feet the ledge was encountered
and they have drifted eight feet".
Some galena is appearing in- the
drill.'and the hanging wall has
not yet been encountered: Mr.
Wallinger has groat confidence
in the property.
pany have been in the district interesting themselves in townsites
The talkabout Wiiulermere is in a
line with the write-up on the railway situation which appeared in
Tiik Pkospjcc.'tok several weeks
ago. Said one gentleman from the
upper   country:    '-There   seems
Hon. F. Carter Cotton says
editorially in his paper, tl:^
.New-,-Advertiser, that the Conservative platform just present
ed by the 'Conservative convention can be readily endorsed by
the Hon. Mr. Semlin and his
colleagues: in fact that most of the
planks are what the government
to be no other route  so  feasible  has been ti»htin<r
BONDED, FOR $150,000.
Paradise Group on Spring Creek  To
Be Floated In Eng'land.   ,     '  v
Tom Jones aiid others recently located three claims on Spring-
creek', a,tributary of Tobv creek,
in the*" Windermere' dislrici,
Avhich has been named the Paradise group. A tunnel Avhich Avas
supposed to be cross cutting the
lead encountered one of ihe walls
at 71) feet. ^
The ore is galena and, sand
carbonates carrying 7."i to !()()
ounces in silver.'about £."> in.gold
and :!."> per cent lead. The property is now under bond to G.
Mitchell limes for SloU.OOO. Mr.
lnnes will place the property' in
Fngland. This seems to be the
most important discovery yet recorded in that section of mineral
enterprises, and will have the
efl'edt of attracting attention to
that country. Hardly, a day
passes but news of rich strikes
are brought down,and next, year
promises to be one of uuparalled
activity in the- Windermere dislrici.
On Skookum Chuck.
Some mineral   discoveries   of
more than  ordinary  importance"
liave    recently   been , made   on
Skookum Chuck.    This  district
is attracting considerable  attention from some of its remarkable
surface    showings.       Skookum
Chuck is only  a. short  distance
from, Fort'Steele, and next I sea-,
son', considerable    development
will be done.    This is  only, one
of thej-soctions tributary to Fort
Steele, which  has 'not  received
the attention it deserves'.',
Several claims • on the. St.
Mary's a short distance above
the  Mission   are showing up re-
i * *■
mnrkabiy well. The, railroad
grade crosses one claim owned
by J. C. Nelson which is show-
in" u]i ' well in i'\-uc milling
quartz.     , .
It is reported in town that'a
deal involving a "property on
Weaver creek is pending and
that a payment will be made on
November 1st'. The name of (he
property could not be ascertained. • ■
News .of Strike Confirmed.
lioberl     McKeeman    and     D.
Sladlander    came    down     from
Windermere     on      Wednesday.
(They have just made a bigstrike
Tim owners of ihe Dupont are ion 'i"S»,'««> creek, details of
making progress on Iheir Boulder j wllicl1 "PI"'"'1 elswhere. When
creek properly. | asked about the strike  Mr.   Mc-
On a number of claims work-
has slopped for the a\Mliter, but
will be resumed in the spring.
New Hotel at Kimberley.
The Kimberley'' Hotel Avas
opened for business on Saturday.
Wellman & Hurel celebrated the
completion of the building., by
giving a dance on Friday of last
Aveek. c
The hotel is one of the finest
in East Kootenay. is splendidly
furnished and complete throughout. A lew weeks ago Tin-:
PKOKi'KCTOit gave a description
of Ihe building.
Messrs. Wellman it Hurel arc
well known in the country, and
Avill no doubt receive a large
share of ihe patronage of the
travelling public.
as that outlined in Thk Pkosi'Kc
vok, that a north and south road
will be built, up the east side  of
the    Kootonay, io   Canal   Fiat,
where it will cross the Kootenay
and continue up the east side  of
the Columbia to some, point   opposite Toby creek-, up lifaf stream''
over the,divide and down Grizzly
creek to Argenta; this will give
ii'] Jill   rail   route  to   the  coast.
That such a move on the'part of
the Canadian Pacific is proposed
there is no doubt,   it  is  practicable. ancVin fact   it  is   the  only
admitable   route  Avhich   can   be
followed. ,
"The company in connection
with Rossland people have a
townsilo called Peterborough,
about four miles below the Salmon Beds.' where the Horse
Thief and Boulder creek trails
cross to the Columbia river.
Several -, bui Idings have al ready
'been erected"''and' a 1 arge "hotel
will be built yiisfall."
"Where do you think- the
principal town on the west side
of the river Avill'be builiy asked
Tuts PiiosPUGTOK, man.  '
"The natural townsilo, if tonnage is assured, is at the .junction of Toby and Horse Thief
creeks. Windermere J believe
Avill be the town in the main valley.
•'The noAv'bridgo al' Alhalmar
is completed._ This seems to be
all that Ihe Government dias
done in the district. The roads
and trails haA-e been sadly neglected".
for, and that
the government can readily endorse the principles of', t lie Conservative party as' enunciated
with the exception of party lines
in provincial politics.
', ' Kesigned.
, Mr. John Fingal Smith' ha<-
so lit in his resignation as teacher in the, public school, and the
trustees have accepted the same.
This'action was caused from
the fact that Mr. Smith has been
appointed to a clerkship in the
office of Gold Coinmissionei'
The school trustees telegraphed at once to Victoria to have :>,
new teacher appointed,
Street Improvements.
Riverside Avenue is,being  improved,   work-men   are  engage.!
in raising ihe grade in   the   center of the street taking the earth
from the side for  that ^purpose. *''
When ;completed   it  'will     add
much   to, the  appearance of ihe ,'
thoroughfare, and   al   the  same j
time  still    fur(herv protect   the'
water mains.,  This'much needed,
improvement   is   made   by   the.'"
Fort Steele Wafer, Work's Co.
.i Keay— Smythe.
, The marriage of Miss Maud
Keay and Mr. J./W. H. Smythe
is annoiicod fo take place today,
in the church of .England at
Cranbrook.,_ Rev. A. C. Procun-
ier will perform the coremony
Avhich will unite the happy
couple. Mr. Smythe has taken
apartments in the Hanson house,
on Si. Mary's street. Avhere thoy
will reside a portion of the time.
Local Interest In the Yacht Race.
There is more inlorooi manifested in the international yacht
race in Fort Steele than was expected, and the result is being
watched with considerable
eagerness. The races Avill be
sailed every day until I hey are
finished. The friends o[ Upton
of course naturally feel that he
will lake the cui) back with'him.
Editor Simpson Again.
Editor Simpson of the. Cranbrook Herald has relumed from
Spokane. In an interview granted the Nelson Miner Mr. Simpson repeals the claim that Cranbrook i.s the center of   the   Fast
There i.s considerable develop-
not been told. The size of the
ore body almost surpasses belief.    The ledge, 1 judge, can be
traced   for   live   miles,   in    fact,
ment going on in the vicinity   of| „„.,.,, .,]V t;k.V(>M   daims   |o(..Mc(|
Alki creek. !     - ,,     ,  ,, r ..., ,    .
j on the ledge.      Little   work"   has
Work  on   the   Big  Chief   1ms b,!(.„ doin-, bul cnonirli todomon-
been resumed. jsfrate fhal we
Work   is
progressing on the
John Bull group of claims at tins
head of Sheep creek. These
claims a,re.owned by Larsen and
McKay! , '
/\t the  Minnie  M.   and   Tiger
development is .-progressing.
Oil Sand creek- the work-on the
Empire, Burton .and Wynslay  is j
going ahead at, a rapid rate.  .       j
iave   a   property
!of more  than   ordinary   merit."
Mr. McKeeman left on Thurs-
day for Spokane to take   in   the
Exposition''.   '      '<   '
From Perry Creek.
I£. B. Frasier of Silverfon, B.
G, was in town several days
ago, and from here Aveiif to
Perry Creek to expert, the Badger  and   Red   Mountain   claims
A. T. GaldAvell and R. 0.  Jen-iowl1ttd  b->r   Jo!in   R  Sherwood,
nings ' left  yesterday   for atrip {The properties were the original
up the St. Mary's.
The New Cable.
The Hall Mines, Limited, have
just closed a contract   Avith   Mr.
James D. Sword for a new  steel
wire tramway rope :")(),000 feet in
length   says   the   Nelson  Miner.
The   rope   is   of  a    high   grade
steel, and has a breaking   strain
of   nearly   70   Ions,   and weighs
aboiil .'!."> tons.     Ii   is   lo   replace
Ihe  old  cable, and will be specially manufactured for   the   Avork
required,, and i.s being  manufactured  by   the    Dominion    Wire
Rope Company, 'Limited.of Montreal, represented by..Mr. Sword
in this Province.    This   Avill   be
the   fourth   cable   used  'at   the
mine, e;«f,h cable lasting an average of a   year.      The   two   hist
cables were manufactured bv I lie'
Hotel Arrivals.
Windsor:—K.     Little:    Y'crvy
croek|_ S_.   D.    Pompelly.    Luke
creek:"W.  J.   Whines.   Sullivan:
A.    Demers.    Montreal:    T.    C.
Gray. A. T. Caldwell.   Rossland.
J.   G.   Nelson.    Dupont:    S.    A.-
Eaton.    Phoenix:   T.     Bourdon.
Toronto: S. Singer,  R.   J.   Henderson, John W.    Irwin.   Winnipeg:   Harry Howard. S    F.   Wallace,  Forme:  E.   B.   Fr.-iser.   Sil-
verlon:  L. McDermol. A. L. Mo-
Dertnot, J.  G.  Patterson.   J.   F.
Paterson, T. C.  Rankin, S. Roy-j
olio, G.  Joyce.   J.    R.   Costigaii, j
W. T.   Curd.   George   Breinner. '
C. II. Miner, Cranbrook": Ronald
Harris, (ireenwood;   II.    F.   (.'illicit,  Windermere:   K. J.  Iligbye,
Sheep   ■ Creek-;      J,      Rorkinai),
Pernio;  Rev. K,J. Coombs, Van
couver: T. G. Wan less, Calgary:
J. V.   Kcsslor, ■ Spokane: ■ J.   W.
Form, Tom C. (.'ray, Nelson; W.
M..    Sprague.      K.     Christian's,
Tracy.';-0. R. Evans, Si. Mary's.
Iqnartz locations on Perry creek. | same com|
The Political Situution.
Hon. Josuph Martin, has a decided   opinion, that    fhV Seni'lin
government -will meel with a defeat when the House, meets,    lie
Kootenay district,  and , that   for
forty miles around,   the   country
is tributary to Cranbrook. *<> Unpeople of Moyie.  Pernio.   Gardner.   Wasa.    Croston.   and   Fort
Steele,   are.    according    to   Mr.
Simpson, to pay tribute to Cranbrook.   The contention is absurd.
Outside of the .railway  there   is
twice  the  amount   of   business
done in Fort Steele as   there   is
in Cranbrook-.     The supplies for
Fori Steele do nol pass ihrouirh
Cranbrook.     neither    does     the
! mail     All Ireiyht   and   supplier
| for Fori Steele are   delivered   at
I Fori      Steele    Junction,     seven
j miles from this town.   Mr. Simp-
Json i-all riirht when he modifies
; his claims.
1 Pilot Buy Smelter Sold.
It  is. learned that theTilol Bay
smelter    has    passed     into    Ihe
hands of an   Knglish   syndicate,
and that   the   deal   was   consummated by A.   R. l-'roAvn of Kaslo.
The smelter  when   in   ojieration,
will be able io t real zinc and lead
(ires.      As zinc is now .becoming,
inore and hiore iisel'ul, the treat-    ■
nieiil of lead, ores  coniaiuing   a
large percentage of  zinc   within;-
the Province will be appreciated-'
Mining   men   instead   of.. being
charged.Avith an   excess   of  zinc
will reaji.a profit for its'presence   •
■; ■'.(■!
f most m^im^
.   ..■■; ;■■...'       ■';;.; ' . .?.,.:' ,,..      ;.,v.«/,.':"  ■ ,''."'     .■■■:.",'.''.    ,;;■."■' -v..... ''  li.."/'.; ;,';■'<;        . ,,, ....■■'■•.:  ■',     .■,.■   ■■• :'.-■..    ,'    :■■ ' ■'.•;,'■;,".:.' "■"''■'-: ■> ".   .'';. '• .•■■.'   :•:."',';'/,'.. ■     ■:■-. ■■   ■     ;.'-''. ■ . ■ Oi-,,',','!,       ';      ...'!.''•'. /;.. I'   A-.'■•',•'■'("���'■.-*■  •'■" ■"■■.- "■:'■.■ •.''".■
"'.  "■., . '.-'- kJ>.'- "?"'".'■. ^'./i-'Ji.-.'^/j.^r'! "7.1. -. -.  .'.-'■'":.!'. i;.;'."'.....•■': '-: -.s.'". ■';:,; '.''„ .:.'■'-.!•/ ,'/.'" ■; !>'.',', ' ,!J.\! T,.,.:..'-.'''.,7":-   . C .   '. '.'•} ■-. :"-'. .:'"/...'■' \::J r'/-'';'-'. v:ui:,^'!:,L\ :'.'-i." ■';;;'' '.;■■-..' "'-■'-,": ■; ,.;'':'/'; "„ tl.',/„*'   . :|.. ' .,„;;:/,''.-. /v.:'.;:',"„' ',W..V..\' \] "",.-■'./,■.'■;■: v"'v.'j-^r   a./i-:.,(S.-"!'".-'! ..■ .''..;■'".'"■'''.■"/:;.■,.'*
"'iCeftificate .of Intprpyements: ,A;..
Mineral ? Act, ,/l 896. ■
.Tlifi^rWyiiktiiK-j-MiiWiiliCliiiiii^siViiinc  in
h :thei:i"ori.:svool('=MiiiIii!?::!->ivis1oii offjasV, Koot-;;
/;-rh:iy;.bisijict,;;;:;   ;v-:'':.::n;:;-i:C--^v>'Vi:V. .:■/>■■'
■-Whorciocute(H-rAboiit.,i)iree.;iniles. aliov,
. the bi'idKc. ''».KlkJlivcr.'..':.■. :-.■.'.?:. ..".'.?.,'...,. .    ...
,.l;.   '■>'..7 .  ,.  ;.,",:, ■.,.,1.„.i,v. i.^b<;.,i,i,..,ir:.ni I Ivootenay District
1'"' ■l: Take nonce that 1. (.Inn his 1 • ,?.>inith.-.i?;eui ■-.        ■,-..   ■
/'■■''.-■■■:   :■■'.-   ■.);... v :-.y...■....;,■;..' :/,:v.-,-.-v.' .'.: ■ .:   „    "   ■
■V.-' -k
'.-;:TlieP-; Mystery;;; JUnunilCliiiiisiiiiiiteiii the
ForiSteele'Mining   Division? of' Soull),: Kiist:
Where l6(.-:i 10(1 :--(Jii..Alki.^Oi'-'ueifiiilS^niiics
't-1'CENSK. /AUT^pliTSINO -/An'^JOX'I'KA.
'':'^v;v:;^;'.>''iVv'---ON^BUSIXKSS-'--v?':;.:i;:'^ ■.' '''/l''-'
'C'O HI' AX IKS yV<;'l';' 1 *•'■>'•'."
ii   o1„*.N..:»-»l-l(.A-M..t..i.l.siX.,y .luys-fn.m-.ihe   ^W| *>t. M.ry s | „kc. ... «V.,;,'.;,*    ■.
:• 4 *■■ i.dVof I" ..I'l'lv an^Uio^il»in«;Ko,di-(le.- ;:i'1,,1\^»^1™;llli'V.X' Cl.m.ent Hun*crfprd
^Wi  «f.  i.ninliit/a Crown-i.,.,,,t'o   l.-e^ibov,, :^-™''- !'^ »Mnc.;s Ccrtnicate.    o  .«,*,.. u y
:, ': jiosd (»!'
'•■:■ 4'<-.uii"i..-■-.'■."'■ :■'■':•''-■ "■""■;■''--"..'■'■-•-"-•';' -^■'?"."?:- • .<; <^': .-;,-.':;.■• '.-.■;,'
"■'■■'.':;. :a'ii(I riirtlifc tnlji'.iKit'iwi tlisit.filctlon; under
> •M.iu'lmi :''.'• 'iiiiist.:li(i(J(iiniiii'iicb(l befiii'e tlir'iVsii-
" ■arivj-.ot sui-li■■e(;i't.ill('»l(V,(,if liiipr(>veiiieni.s.;       ■
■'■. - ..■;■.  ;: '      ;:f:;-:. '.,-.     ,v:(!. ',!•'. SiiiilJi.    ...j
■ ■V;.v"jxiioi"i)iis->oi.(iii.v-.»f .luiy.,."*1"1;".:-,y :{1''!"°
';'', -^.■."■•■■ •.■"NOTICE.  ^   ftv, ■•■
2ii(l.' iiil<in<l: sixty days 'from ihe dateherebf; to,
iiiiply.io iliuvMiiiiiiir Kec.ordur.foc ;':ij Ct'i-U'itleaio
of Iiu'iirovumeiits. .for. the.purposo of ol.uainiiiy
a Crown Grant of the above claim. .' \ ', : ■■■'
And furt.lie'r taUeiiotk.e iliai. action.' under
.section^;", linist., .be com nieiiced lief ore .tile issuance, of such Certillcateof Improvements.^;,.
; Dateil lliis!iili,(l:iy of AOKiist.;ia»(l; v' ,,', .-V>.-'. .'
:k-40'':.eI.l-'.SrKXT IIUXGKRt'OliU. 1 'OI.I'.'HX:
Mineral Act; 1896."
, ,   ':' ■',..■ (KCIKM J-'.") ',.-:,■ -.
.'.' ilie l-'orl, Stvi'le Mi'1',"'\Dt^''si'"',l>l .'''"""'  K':"'^
.-nay Uisvrici. ,       -! ". '.■':';" :.■',';,',
,   Wherelocated:;-AImiiii, tlire^  niilcs iiboyv , 	
'   the lli-idKo on KU; Jiivcr..; ....  .:,; f  <  ■   . ;'|." »^ ■ ■»,. :.       ,.';,..:,       :    '•'•■■     '.■■.:->,':,■'•'   '
■'..'.,.'     T:(l<ciKiUceUiiit:i.:cii(irlcs:IA Smith. .u«(.'iit';   .LKrlrpcnli'yOjl'JUIIinH^llieiUx.    ;
'■-'lorDiiirilis ii- Mackintosh, Yxv*  Minor."*. Ccr- ! ' > ■;.        .     '  " fii ■; ■';.•.——  '•     / '
iiiicatc Ni). "KrTSA" intend, sixty days froin-llio |     ,,.'..■ ....    ; ..NOTICE.     'V
date hercot/to apply:,.to the Minim: Hccorder !; ',, -The Bhie.l'.eter.-- "The Wheel of Kortiuie;"
, lor a Cerllticate oi improveiiicnisi, for Uie pur- :— nK. Maud.'-/■The Aiiistcr" and. "'lilue 'i'eter
•'<. pose of ol.itainini.; ;i (Jnnvii i Irani of the a hove ...Kracuoii" M Ineral'; Cliilnis' situate in' the Kori
'■i.«laim../' ' ''■.... .'■'''.".'■':■ , ■■''('.-'. ''••'. '; Steele .Miiiinj.' DiyisiotrofSoirnrEast Kootenay
.   ■"    'And further take notice, that, action. under.\0t.ai.jet.  '' .   ' '■■ .■';■'.- ■"".'. -■/'■'.' '"....
seclidn :IT. innsi lie coinaietici^.Vbelore the issu- ;:   :   ivhere.located:-1'(.)u Alki'.Creek: four miles
arieebf such Oertitlcate of I'liiprovemt-nts '. '".    -'■' fronihead of St. Mary's Lake.-   V    ".?•'.,. ...,'::
'; .':";." ...    CI'". Smith.,   ..■:■■_.     Take, iK.tice  tiiat i. Clemcni .■''H.iinjferfpril
,"       Uiited tliis^sih day of July, l^1-       '■^-^■< •.■'■: 'Hollcn l-'ree .Miner'sCertillcate No. ir:i:!n.  in
'_  ';"':'   —■   tend, sixty day's, from.the. date hereof, lo ■ apply,
.. • .  '.'     .. ;• to the Miniily Kecorder for a C'eriiilcate (if Im- ,
--■''.t.'^.'.'■'.'•■■;—sCa-n^im:    .■.'.:■.■•:.■.?,:■'-■■.-;■■.,,'■,..■('■.'■. ~ ;.'.'■!'■;..:.
Piii,ivlnci::oi-'.,Hki-i;ish 'Ocii.iiMitiA:,.f^ :.,ii;.V:':?'■!;■!
.xoOsd.:":,::;:,^:,.:':-. Z'S-xi. '',.M ■/>';'.:.«:', .'i';'':;C:.:.?"
•'iJ!';.i'"( Perry ./t'i'(Jek)ViCicilil' MIik.'sL? •t.liiii.ietl.-^ls;
authorized and licensed, to,;'carry oji;.business
ivitliinllie Province of Hritisli" C'qlunibia."aiid
to carry (nil. dr'elfeet allor iiii.Vl of llni. objects'
herein set,forth., toAvliicli' the':,f^ejrisialive ,:iu-
tlibrity.of th(j I'.(.'iiislature..of Hritisii '.Columbia
.extends.;'..'": '■■,■'-.'' ;%;..'' .;''";..;.. '■■•■.■:.i -,;,'')'/
';■■ The liuiiil olTiee of the, c.ouipiiny :is,, situate a t
No;;'ai(l. IJlishWood llduse,, Ne\v. Hroud Street,.
London. Khifiaiul. "'','., -.'.",:",'' .; :■' ' ■ ;' ■-.'.''.",r:,"
The aniiiuiitcof the cai>it.al ill' liio Conipany.; is
i-IKUHIil. divided inio.W.OOll shares of ill ciieh.'".,,.
; 'i'he head onice of the company. in^ihisiProv-
ince is situate iit.Fqrt Steele; and .lames While
Kobertson Youn'jj'. mining en^inee.r.'whose ad-
di'e.ss'is.l.'orr, Stee'ie iiforesiiid. is' attorney: for
the company. :   ■   ■   ',' ■■■; G , '....,.
..'The objects for.which tiie'company has   been
establishedare:-.- '•■ . ..'   ' ;''•'.'; '..'■:■.;,.''
, (1.) 'I'd a(i(|iili'(: cold mines; iiiininsr, rifihlsai'id
auriferous land. :uid any.'real or personal.prop-
,erty in IJrilisli Coluinbia, Australia" New JCca 0
Iand.Souili Africa, or elsewhere? and any; in^
.teiest therein, and-in particular; to adopt; and
carry'iiuo cITec.t, with'or "wiUiiiut modiliciitidn.
:i proposed coii'traet with the Finnncinl;: Guaril mee Syndicate.,' Limited.'.: idea tilled by the.
siennture pi' the'tlrs't signatory hereof:'- " -V r
: (~:J To search' for. prospect. ex:itiii'ue':ind ex-
plore.iiiiiuos1 and itround: believeii lu contain,
minerals or precious stonq.S. and to ''search for
and  (d)tain  information,, in 'regard   to .mines.
-      .  ..,,    ■■    ■      .'-NOTICE.. ,"','•,-' ... .,, 	
'".■.-"  The ■• liurton'-Mineral G!aj;ii,.situate in the' provements. for,the purpos.' of obtainiiif; Crown    ininiuy claims, iiiiiiins.districts and. lociilIUes:
.   pori Steele 'Ml n im.-' Division of Kas.i 'Kootenay ■. , ;ranis of. the above claims.    .    ,     ,:    "   '.  ''....
.. rjlstrict.      '■   . '"'■''' .'' '•'■'' o      And furiliertiike notice  that .action, under
Wh0reiocai,.-d;r-,AbOut three' miles above ! seetion'Jr.. iiiu.st'he conihieaced lieforc the issu-
' the. Pack llridce on Klk Kivei-.      ,,        "•■'.■■     : an'ee of .such CeruWcate of ImproveiiitMifs.      ,,,
'     Take notiee'tbati.f.'h" rli!.- !•': -Siiiitli. iu-'ent ;        I.iate'd this i'tli dayof August'.' isw!,'1
for (Icoive'H. Wiasqii?Kr.-e ..Miner's Cert i Ucii.ftv [iti-m   rj.n'ilKXT H UNCKIU-'O'IOI l-'OL'lil'IN..
Xo. ■•:Wf.HA". intend, sixty, lays 'from", the date': ■;.___.... '■_:_-.    ,,:,._, _:VL-.____1 L_iJ—:_.'
hereol. to applya.. the,Mining Keeordiv:or;:i;
Certiilcafe of- Lini.rovei^eius,, for t;ti«'pui;P'.'V;/
of obtaining; a ' 'i:p.»-r. (Vraut of the above,claim. ;■
:Ai)d turlh.'.'r,fi.ki;'notice that, action, ano-r i
section III. must i..- c..ron:ence,l bet.jr.- tin- i>sii- ■:
unWof such (■■er:i!icaf.-.o:,.I:ri'pf.>v..meli;is.
■ .. •    i'.'P. SMITH...       ;■
l-),ii.;..l this-:>th d!i.V'o'f,:.I:;iy:'i,.-,-'!'.i; ^   "'i-l'.'    j
Mlnlif.' Division .il'IOiisl  1
account; air. uihcls; ofvmiichihery;.implements, "dnysiicli company^ ami to!jj:uarai)iee oiviunde
artielesand-iu'odticts. ineicleutaiiy or^eonyeui- 'i write ..subscriptions; fpr .:iiiy.::.stoek. .shares.-or'
entiy.'eqnnected,: will]L.nny such" business . lis:, debentures, or]otliw. securlfies^.of *?in.v: such.
aforesaid:;;,.:..;y.:';■',;;;;/;■-',;■:£}<H--'^:?f;'$-:'Z■:""■. Ji; v^qiupiiiij-i'.'qri.tij:subscribe for iiifc.'sUiiiii'"'tii-;-.liiiy;'
.., Ifd.) ;'rp ' purchase ior ''bt.her\vis'e;aciiiiirt iiud ,;,j partlherebf: to adviiiic(;;iiibncy, for.sucli pur-;,
underutke a'll'qf any part of tlie busiiio.ss: pra^
erty'anddiabilitie.s ofimy )i"ersqn or:persons;:piv;:sli;in(!'„td sfiiri'.' extend or develop'jinybiisiness4
company, Ciirr.yiri(,'6n any busin'e.s's' which this jor ,l|.usines.ses.':or to. build "construct, Oi e'reci
conipany is'authorisetl to cari'y on. or possessedi^any.. iiiiildiii^.V oi'.'works. oivtoundeyak-e ;aiiy;
of:proiierty .suitablevfqr tiiq purposes.(ifiiiis ;;i\briir;ie.ilikely,to advance.'direeil.v or indirect-■■]
; »("i,i.)'.Tq,'eiiter: lnto:,partnership'dr into liny J," lii'.j To'accept'piiyment. for any^.prqpert.yTor-
arra'nKenierit for sliarini; profits, tinioii: (if "in- 'ritrht's sold or' otherwise, disposed of; or dealt;J
te-rests;.reciprocal concession's or, '(•o-operatiou : wit'ii by the eoinpany cithei' in cash; by, instill-;
with a iiy person or persoiis.oi- com))an.y carry- I meats oroihe. wise.or in shares of' any - com-'
ini< oh. or about io.cn rry oil si ii>'f business^ Which ipany.'' with qr.wi thou t (leferred.'or iirefe'rreil
this udnipiiny Is authorised to carry^oii. (lr.any j riiihts. in.;"respect, of 'dividends.or, repayment; of,
lnisiness or'transaciion capable'' of bcini.';'con- ! eiinital or otherwise, or by. means ol'a. mbrt-
dueted so as directly or, indirectly to'lienelii j J-'(i!.rt-. or, by,,debentures, debenture stbik or.
this company, and totake or otherwise licMitiire .i.njoi'tSHiite debentures of any. company, or partly'
and' hold'"shares or stock in.or seeurities of.j in.one mode and pa'rtly.in another, and;' ^ener-
and to subsi(Iise or otlierwistvassist any .such j ally onjsuch; terms as the Directors may a.p-
cdmpahy.  iind^tosell., hold,; re-issiiei witli or '• prove':: ''..;;'    ■' :"f: ■'.■'-''   ;   7       '."' ;;'V ;
without jiuii rail tee. or ptheiw-isedeai withjsiicli     „ I -U J To co'nsiriici: alter. Improve.'; main tain,
shares or securities:;.', .1 ., , o. .;:'''.'worki'iiisiniitre. siiperiiuend.j.iirryvoui. or eon-"
• (12.').;-'l\>,, purchase, takci 011; lciisujp. dr. in ex- i trpl'smy roadways, trnmwaysl railways, branch-
chinit'e.hire or otherwise acij 11 iro.lands;- liousesI'i.es orsitiin-r's. reservoirs; water-courses; whar-
wa'rehouses; buildings.iminufactorics. "wharves !;ves. maim factories, ships; warehouses, shops."
and generally any real or,, |iersonal )>rop,erty. '< stores; and other 'works, buildiinr's or' couveni-
,also any risrhls 01" privilei-'es' which this-,coin- j ences;wiiich may seem ; calctilated. 'directly or
pany may deem expedient or convenient Willi'■! indirectly: to ndvidice the.company's interests:
^reference to any of these olijecis.,or capablq of,!    ■[-
■&UM&S£ ■' yfew OTPilV. •( UenO « U (M
beiii'j.' prolitably 'dealt with in  connection .with j ecute proiiiissory noies.-biHsbf exeliaiif-'e.  and
any of this': company's .property or. riijlits for 'piher nejrbtiable insinimeiusP.    ' ;.-';•:
time helm.'.:'!'-' ■;■:•■".':''  , ';'..;;.;,;     I-'-'•I 'l"0dislribule any of the property or as7
;., (i:i:)'l.'o. pay 'for any, property or rights aci|iiir- ■ sets of' the; conipany.' iiiiibnjr.ilie members in
ed by ;tliis,coiiipaiiy.;.ciUierin casirorshares.'i, 'Sl>rei(!..oi'. otherwise: a.;...'>   ,.;...'_'■.   ,_.;;; '.,.>:''
with or Without preferred .i.ir iliiferred rif-'hls in i l-:'."l 'l'o,receive:inouey upon deposit, 111 iu-
; respeci;6f.dividend: or.re jriyment of capital or ;. teri.sl or.oihei'wisi... aiiil to invest a'nd ileal with
otherwise' or by any. seciiriiiekw-hich'the coni- ! the moneys of the conipany ;not immediately
paiiy'has iioweito issue, ."(ir partly iii one niodO;! roi'iuifed". upon siieh sectirities. aiid. Mil such
(iiid;p;lrll,v in anbtiier.. ami generally oh "iiit-li i insiuutM- lis may;. from-iinK. ,to tiiiie^ii'iietei-
ternis as theilirectors.may approve:      -     \;      ''! mined:  ,; •'.,'"        ;'       .  I   .".'. ''
7The Leartvilleof East Kooieriau;^ ifl
i-'-'' ■.'-■.;': ;:'    ''■". AT ■;>' '^■■■'':''■' ■■-■'■■■- '"'■ :,r'":'."'':';"'' .: '"' '"'v.; !-|
lir ;'hilies; 'Iroin : .fcli^ -fainiou^1 :"1
iccti.v. to iiuvauce iiie.comiianys interests:    ^T        '■    ,- ..,.,; ,.., ;■;        , h,.   ■   ..   ■
I.J To make. draw. acce'pi^udorsM,;a'nd'ex- j ^OltTI-f ■ oTAK;';inhlG.i),; :>. 1'ij-:   mile;?     s"
.MINKK'AL. AC'I':   IMHi.1
(Kiill.M   K.I    ,    .
. -kicri rii 'ATK ."■■• !MI'ii.ivkMi:.s"i'..
..(:!.) 'I'd purchase, take,on lease, or by coiices- I ,; I'-D.To raise money in such ,11. man nor us .the j ; j-1-.! To l.eni| liioneyto such persons iiud on
si'oiK or otherwise.'•'i.iiyi'iii'i-o"aii iiiieresiiu. and company shall' tliiiijr'tii,. and in particuiar by' j suehternis as may seem expedient... and in par-'
to hold, selly^lispose of. iiiii'l. dciil Wii.h iniiicsj ',l0 issue of ilebent tires.! niorls-'a ye debenliiVes. i lieu la r i.i ctisloiners '(if and persons haviiiK'
.iind'inhiiii^'ritrhts. 'find   properly   believed   to' I '"■ debenture stock- oroLher form  of m'orti.-aMe.,j'd''alinf.'s with tlic (•onipaiiy.   and   to- [.'uiirantei..
contain.: minerals   'ilr- precious.' stones   of   ail    pcriietiial  or .otherwise,  i-iiamed   up II  or'j'lJ'c performiiiice of coiitiaets  Iiy  members  oi.
kinds, a ml'with uiuiertiikinys ci.iiii.:elcd there- '! ;I"V  oiJliC: coiiiiiaiiy-s .property (boih present ;<u; persons ha vlnu'dcaliiiss with ihe company:
with: tii work-, exercise.,, develop,   iliiinice. aiid j imd   future) ■ including.' lis"uiiealleil    capital..;     1 "-'•''•.! To obtain nn.v provisionaror oilier order,
turn to account Hie slime, and io buy.  sell, .re-   l'i,1'(-'i' byspeeilicnr,iioaiim;.si..curiiy  "   ■•'•>■■■  ;      ....    ....
'   Certificate of Improvements.
, '";■ ' '   ■   NOTICE. '''    '  ,   ' '
■ ■; "Tli.-' -':.\Vi..l-.i.-:>u-; " Mijl^i-iii'' t":-..:li.' -'i!ti.a
the Fv" S.teel.-.Miiiii.-.i-i'iy^i'"'" •-'■ '';»-'  ''
.-nayDistrict- '
'      Wliel'.-I.'cai.'.l:     near M;.i'i:( r-".k..  '"
!hat;I,l:i!.'.!- A- Hiif-vcy.'.,
lod.icrePr.-e Min-
■ notice:
'   Welcliic .Miiu>ral i'laini -.iluntei'u the l-'ort.
Wher'c'.localed:    l >n''\Veit''Pork St.. .Mary
river.      -' ' h,      ,. ' '. .
Take in.tice thai. I. tloorsic   L'niuliiirt   l-'r.
line., inaiiipiilaie..  and  deal   in'metals of   all
kinds', aiid in .part icular yold. silver , aiid 'other
' precio'us'nieials a nd itrecloiis sloiies..,    ,.
(I.) To jriinsact. and carry ..in all kinds of
agency aiid coiiimissiiin business, and in iiiir-
ticularib collect moneys, royalties, reveiiui...
interest, rents and debt-,; j.o neaotiale loans, to
lluifinvesinienis: and to Issue and iilacc.sliares
tt'iuty Dis- i'meek-s, bonds, debentures, debenture  slock, or
,   -fakr tn
NO.   --SlVW-A.  :  iUteliil.   -ixtV dli'V
hereof, to.apply •:•.'• H'-  Min'iny
Certilicaf..!  rmuiovi-jn.".:-.--.
of iilitalniuw a i-'rowi't«i rant ":
Aiiibrurther •.ake^oLier.-tin
Section :'.7. lioi.-.r be e..;:iiri.;ii.".;.
'■Ii.- ;.
.t    M
I i.-:.
. :ii.; I;.!.'-.
ril.-|- tor- a
it-. 'purpie-i-
...v.; r.i.t io).
.'    .     JUner's  (.'erillleuie  .>'...,   illHMI.   intenil.   sixty
'"",. ': Jlayr. !.-'.in the .hit.- hereof, tn.iipply to -lilt: .Min-
■-' -, i:vj l.'.-e.i.rder *..'n:i ('eri illciit.- of Inipr»;»\"..;mi.nts
,     , ,j.ii-tin- pur]i..sir ..'...l.'.ainlli::.a ,(;rowii (Irani of
: lie- ab<',ve ciaiiri.
;'""   And.lnn.lif:r lake i>i>'i.l'ce  that aciioii   under
1 Si-rti.ei ,:.'•<" linisi I..- t-.'tmm.-iii'.'d b..|'i,r.. lie- issu
- i.t:'-.- ..1, -in-li 1 'i-rt ilii-ai.- <>: liiipro\-i-nii..uis.
'Dat.etl'his'.nli day .if Sepn-nilier. I.s'.n.i. :I7-ir.
I.       ' ijKdiici-: i.'i;.i.n;iiAi.'T.
.1 utj
e ..f -iirli 1 '.-riiiici-
1.1:1 (,-ii this
.1. A.,iiAiiv.i-:v.
liiv ..r Ailu'U-'.. 1 -;•'•-..   -'.'--i
I.a)i(i PitreliitH.i.
A 11 .Aiu.-i.lu'uinnl'ir   ll"'   '"'
itiiDini-' n.iiiii.'l/-.     ^:i'-''
of u„|,l.    \\'..,l"i'.:!!i:  '.v'.!'
Miidd-in s.-i't.i.di- i"i" l,ii.'l<M/.;.J;'i"'i.ii"dii-
tuin .'litiini-      ','an.;i". 'i b';:i.r   Mi--^!.
"Ku"(Mii.'  .M'irsinn.. ■-■.-'
Ko)"T'ai"i','blii'---i a!,!'l.'■  :'''
„|. .\. -HAK'VK)'. I''"i'' St.■('■!'..■. I ;.'(•-
..|-,'.MI   jM'l'e
,.,-   -"s   I || |l|
..•■I- ..1  l.ntni-,'.unil   t'.'i.i'li...     Virlorla     lie-   pi-rnii —
-,i.i., t.. [en.!... ■■.   ill.- b.l !*>u lu*: im.' i|iii-.l;'iin-
-;.1 [■■,':'.'-.!,1 n-l -il.;.-..-ii'--.I   ''l-osii   iand.   >(liiale
in N'-.rtw |.'.,i-i i: .....ii-na;,'   , ?.-;'..-|*i ln-.l :is   l..l|.,\vs;
''..loieelici'il!.' ;.'  :', )>...--l piain.-i. on I hi-iiesl I..-nil;
,,!     '.!;,. ■.)'...., '.ill)    , -!', '.■!:,     I'h.'ltci"  iMU'lh   Vn el
!h.ti. ■'■■■■■'   I  -"..'! 1 :..[.■■:■ ilien.'.i  Ill   so. 1 ■),;,,j,!.
securities: , '
f.-i.) To furnish and provide' deposits, anil
j-'tiaranieo fui.iils reiiuin.-d in.,relatii.u' lo- mi.v
tender or applical ion forany coni.i'ur! concession.' ileeree. eiiaelnient. priijic'riy or priviletre
in relation to ihe earryitiy run nl' ;inv .•ontraci,
concession., ilei'-'ree or enact ineiii:,
(lU.'I'p ca.ri'y 1X1 the business ul uieia] foii'inl-
ers.; niine mvners. smelters, eiivineers. mer
chants, shippers, owni.-rs.' managers, or overseers nf, mines, railways', tramvvays. aireiits.
j carriers, trailers, iiiaiilll'aeturiirs. a mici intriict-
I'ors. or any business or businesses e..n\ eiiieiil.i.'
j !y carried ..11 in e""neei iiui, therewith/ .(r ciile'u-
I la ted directly or iiuiir.ci ly m iiihiini-.- ihe vain
j ol or rende'r prolllableany of, i^e
ipriiperl.v. business 1.r rij.Miis; ' ,,;
[ Ci 'l.'ii en list ruet. purchase,. Icilsc, or ,.il ho—
j i.'U.' aconir*'. railway's an.I rraimVu.Ys^.'and io
J:• ■■ 111 iI).   inaiiilain   and   work.   I he \ame., ,.r a ny
itipany  lilu.v
1 or license o'f the.lloarilof 'I'rade or Act of   Par-
; ,(l.\) 'I'o piij'brokei's' lees  and , \ imissions.;):;'!11""-'11!- lor enabling' the ronipiiny to carry any
and lo reniiiuorale. by conimission and oiiier-;i ''}' its objects Into eilect. or for ell'ectini; any
wise, any person or company forse'rvlces rend- . inodllicati.iii of the company's const! tut Ion :•
eri'd in plu'cinw' oi-..assist I im lo place, uiiy'oi' tli(/ ! ' I-1'1- i ,'■'" subscribivio any fund.'co'rporal Imi
shares in tlic company's capita'!.' or any (ieiien- : '"' institution, vvhethei- incorporated i.r not,: in-
lures. or 01 her securities of ihe company: ■■ i corporateil. a nil lo act by delegate or otln/rwise
. (Mi.) To enter Jnlo' anv arran..'eit,ie.its with ' ,'""" ""'y ' ''''u1'' 1,"l"»!il- coiiiiiiiltec. chamber ,rr
anyMoveriinieiitsorautliorilies^siiineme i,nn- j ■•<V"lM'!m\s.vl""l\i,l<-''')r "lllr'' u'"^' "f: persi.ns
nicipal. local. ,„• oih'erwlse. Hi.-, i. . inny s,.,.,,, i l'-"-'I1«-<!'" Id "Oil l.v ). roiii..i,-.;,.i t I,,t I lie ^•iicral
'conducive,  to   the  conijianvs objects or anv of'' '""M'osl • of ll"''l'ra,ll's '"' "'llit-.'1 "''-  ''"sliiess  of
them, and to (ilmiin from any such toveninient
or o'l.hei's. any dinners, riirhts. privileu'es. and
concessions which the company may think It
desirable lo obtain, aiid ui carVi-y out,.exercise:
and'coinply witli anysuch arraiiL'..'ni.-iii,s. rii_'his
privile.L'bsniii.1 (•(islct'ssi-oiis':
Ihe coin|iany  is  allieil. or .any other husine,
thai iniiy be conducive to  the  Inierests of. tin?
coinjiiiiiy:   ;'        . ,...'.''     \'        '. ,
I'.T.J 'I'o support or subscribe to any charitable or public body, and "to yive .; pensions,
urutuities. donations, anil   emoluments  to any
j persons employed   by  or  renderlii;.' service 1.1
Ihe couiimny:   , ,   . . ■     ,
(•>'. I 'I'o do any  or al)   of'the above things,
ither   as ''principals,   airents.   contractor..
I alone or in..coiijiiiiellou.with others, ami  either
by nr through ay'elils. sillicoiitr'a'cliir'.s. l.rusl.e
or ot herwiso: , ; , ,
I h.'i'.i.r ;;i v li'.ii.'.' ilnil   -iMy   ilays  all
: I int-in| lo ..jiplv 10 tliM'li'iel ('iiiniiils.sioil- I railways ..i- trannvays which ill.
l.i.sscssa rl^hl l.TTi'tln .hit a ml work:
i's. I 'I'., apply lor, (ibtalu. piindia.-..'. or ntln-i--
w ise ae. 1.11 ire. any pa I en Is. I.i'.'\'.|-.sl iiivenlion.
hei'iises. .ci.xicc.-sioii.... t rail"'.secn-ls. 111-1\ ilef,"-..
1. j rju'li'Is  ami. iiitornia lion,   u ii.-i Ii.t  ai   Ji.iiii" <»r
;    r.briiiid. .Hie ar.|iil,il i.'.n. ol   wide! y   seem
a li'iila I .-.I dir.'i'l !y ..r i iiiiji'.-rl l,\' io l..-re'lill   this.
-o   .'nail.'",   "niitiiiiiln:''  in   -ill   'tin | eoinpany. a lid lo use.  exc-rei^".  , b-v"lt>|'i.  ',-raiil
'j li.-i'iiso ni ros| 1 nl'. ni- nHii'i'M ise iiu'ii  iiiiie-
IIF.N'HY   f   l.'UIJ.KT!', I eooni III" pr..|;.'l'l v. riahts/a nd   inloviiial ion   so
i.V in.i.'i'ii,.:'!'    1:1',    :ii.i ,\ii:-u-i. ; acouii.'ii:
''     , :'.!-I'.'       ',('.*. 1 'I'., manidaetiii'..', deal in.,;,ail   n.   uu-n   |o
"_ (IT.) Tnsell the wliole or any pari of Hie  un-
deTiiikiii!.' and properly '.ii' tlie-compi'iu.v ,1,0 any
oiher .company  or any' person' or persons for
such riiice. either wiioliyor partly in monev or ....-.-. .■ .    -
In  shares  or in  debentures   or  a  purchasing j "|",'!-V'^' in'.anypnrt 01 Hie world'.. and  either.
company,, and   on   such terms as this company   "'   ' '
niay'di-i'iii expediein..' and I., ai-quire iii,.  whole
or any pari of I he;uiideiialiiii^ and iiro'iiert v of
"■    ' '     b.'n. 1 To J.,   all    such things as are   iiiciileu-
tal or ' conducive l" liie iinaluiii"iii of Hie
~ j above objects. Aiid it. is her., by d.'clnri'.d lhat
the wind '"('ompany" ill this clause shii!] be
ili'i.-oied 10 iiieliide ,an.v pai'iiii-rship or 'other
body  of  persons, 'whether .incorporated or n..l.
Inc.irpo.i'aicd.    I   whelher   domiciled   in    l he
eriya,,,|..| Illi'ies, .fib is company,  or  oi'a.l-: ' '"i1"'1 '> !"-'1""1 "l; .''.Isewher.:. and ;... I Inn.  Ihe
j vnnc.im.. direct ly or imlireci iy Hie objects or lu- ;
I lei'.-sis t.here.'u. .11' tor any other puriio.,..' whieii '
iiia'yV.'i'tii directly ..r imlireciiy 'ealciiluieil to ,'
b.'ii.'iii 'I'is .',.iii|i;',ny, ii.v piiyiiii: ...- com ribui-i
in;; lowafils Hi" i.r.'li.ininai'c exnense... or i'ii'.i-
vidln- Hi.- w.hi..|v.i" '.-..' 'i-' > '    "\ "•■jL'i'iu. i'rovinc"  of l.lii'iHsh Columbia.  Ilii
,i;rom tJie; Sqi.Li\-AN: inihe.;^
:Nearly   ^tlil^M^-ai';-^,^^
 :K,A,:i:',,:!^^V;:iti1(l,l^,u.bV0„;Mt;,;;;   '''
' •':' '"'':,■ "■    '.■"-:-,''.''';'^"I'P.ihi*..^;.;: ^'i!'"?i::;
:: The terminus of the North Star
Railway Branch!,  ■';" . ^::/; ;?-;;!
';;,',';''.       ; ; . ;■ ;.. ,<.:;';■. ."o';,1!!
.IvI.MIJI'IKIiKY■'i.s.,iiot,'.ji; Iki.'uij   lownV'"" P
for. snri'iniiiiloil' Ii.v tlic .LAIU.'K.S'r sir i-:
it... MIIIS'I,     IKJ.^SSIirily '   hc'Cilllly     „      );u.,r£"
fAly '■...i]\".\ ' :.'':'..'.';■•' ..'!'■. '"' '.'",,:' ■"...""t;.",
For a;safe,and proiitable"invest--'
■■*  nient 6uy lots in Kimberlev
fort'Iteele  chas. estm.ere
:;   .        ; , ■•';'.'■.'   Sole AqenL
'..'' t'osl Office Address, Kiiiiborloy"
via C']-ii'hbrQok.-.'B!'C. '     ".  '"."■ '",'■
nipany's    or .othei-uisi    to  ama limni'iile   wnli. any  other :
coh.ipaii.y "si,;iblish.;d for oh.jccis similar in yen- I
.•ral chaiacter 1.0 1 hose..if tlds .com pa iiy
niiy such objects:
(Is.!  'I'o pjomol" or' lonn or assisi in tb.. f,,-,,.
luotionor lor lion ,,i any .uli, r company  lor
the pur'jti.se of uciuiriiu-. till or an.v of Ihe pr.ip-
l\' or pari ol.i'lie capital or o| her-
■wiv... and I.. laK'e. d.-al in. o^oihe.rtvNe'iic.inire j
ami jii.i.l .-.llaii'S'iii :iny suell'i'..ni|ai ny or in any I
ollmr company, ami to e i u e.i.itt..-.- I In- payment, j
oCany d( bi.utui'.'.', or oiii.-r secoriiies issiied bv I
obj.-cis s].iecln'.>il in each, paratrraph of Ibis
clause shall j except w lie re ol licr wise expressed
in.such pariu'l'iiphl be III in. way lilnlted by
.rel'i'reiice ni any oilier piii'ai.'1'ii ph.
(liven   undi'i;   my   loqnl   and   seal   of office al
Victoria',   I 'r<»vin<
IJol,lil.)rid»-o, 'AHHii-l.il..    ;
E.yy\,    ELTON, ■'■Afe.en.t;
/,'.(/(".s//'orn/./„i,ii !>ti,d-'"(-m„ji»in.k:-<. j Fori" Steeie and  Kimberlev?"
si, one thoiisandeiyli.i hundred
I Ith .lay ..I' Am
and ,uinety-niiio,
H..s. ! ' S; X. WOOTTON TfJE PIcuSPECTul;. 1 ('LIT STEELE. B. ('.. (KTnlJWK  IJ  on.  ��to |fr^0vectox%  riATCKKAV. i)V'V<iWV.W. 1-1. JSiiii.  Of Interest to Miners.  ' hi   the   last   fifty   years    the  ���State of  California   ha��   yielded  r ,J  mi aggregate value  of  eighteen  hundred million dollars   in   niin-  ��� oral products.  The original gold nugget found  by Marshall at Coloina, Cal.. .fan.  Hhh, '-l^, is now in possession of  W. W. Allen,.HS,i Phelan build-  iug, fjan Francisco.  XiJc -md uira i. :n the vicinitv 01  tlic S'lh.H rivi'i'. fin ihe Y.'hile  Nile. iJi.jUeJJuiLi^ojnil .]'ol. i . 11>-  triets. tlic India rubber creeper  (Lnndolphia llocida; i.-> found in  great profusion.     ]f   the   i nbhcr  and ihoroughh  honest     lie now i  , ' i  iiii.-. a   cosiiKipol.titn   rciiiiiiition. I  and it -spctik-, well for Canad,- ,i-  well a-, i'or'liiiii-cli   that   Mich   a  powennl corporation an ihe   Jiio  Tinlo  t'opjicr   Company   should  yielded by this creeper lie not of;-.elect liim over .-scores, of others  quiti'so good a   qualify   as   that;'to  manage   their   works.    , .Mr.  obtained from   Ihe  Assam   india jCarl.yle will leave about   Decern  rubber tree (Kieus elastica). it i.s  ber for Spain."  still   of  sufficient   value    to    be [   counted as an important asset   in ' Atiin.  the future trade of   the   Soudan. I     Lor(1 ^J'����st Hamilton, accom-  The   Assam    india'   rubber   tree ; lu,ni(i(l    b.V    Colonel     Haggarl  'financiers, of London.  England,  A  should certainly nourish' .well   in,  most parts of the Soudan,   more ��� '** uu llis WU.V to Atliu.    A   com  At one time in its  history  the particularly south of Khartoum.   l,:il->' n!ls ,K-'f-'u   iorineti, Imd   al-  liobert E.   Lee   mine  on   Fryer j Although, this tree takes twenty  reiltl,y work has been done.    The  or thirty years to arrive at a |clilil11* "iv known as the Anacoii-  girth sufficient lo permit of regu-,(ta rs'J'oup, and embrace fourledge!  lar tapping, its yield is so vain-i'cI:ii"J-s> aggregating '210 acres,  able-���about *1."�� per tree per an- '{')n<} ot these,ledges is stated to  num���tliat'its introduction into lj�� '<'<'<-�� feot wide, :J0(iH feet long  the country is well worth at- |aild 10u 1e.'-!l above the mill site,  Il i.s very much to beiand  'iS 's:,id   to ,��av��   17,mm,WW  tons of ore   in   sight   without  a  Hill, Leadville, Colo.., produced  about *ll7,0tMj in seventeen  hours. The ore was very rich  5n chloride of silver.  1 n some ores' the  gold  occurs  5n association with other miner-  fils which Render  amalgamation  (difficult or^/mpossible.   The gold  may be obtained, in  some  cases  .Iby   concentration,   where  amalgamation or other methods  fail. ���  Near Stockton  Hill., Arizona,  | js found .a vein carrying a com-  jplex  ore.   in   which  iron,   lead,"  [/.me  and  copper' sulphides   are  [prominent,    with    usually good  [values in silver and   low   values  [in gold.    Crossing  this  vein  at  li right augle is another vein ,al-  nost wholly composed of quartz,  jut carrying a small   amount  of  iron and   copper  sulphides  and  '���ioh in gold. ��  Where there is a soft stieak' in  ,v \'ein or where   the   vein   itself  fs soft, it i.s  usually  good' practice to pick out the soft material  he-lore blasting, as   better   head-  IVay can be   made  by  so  doing.  f,tj is not  advisable  to  pick  out,  |he soft 'material   further   than  hinbo conveniently done, as the  |>ss of time would soon' overbal-  .ice any gain otherwise  obtain-  [J. * ,,  The mechanical uses of .quick-  Id ver are increasing and the  electrical   demand   is   so   large  Sullivan Diamond. Drills  Most accurate  and   most  economical   prospect-  inu   drills  made.  Drills of all capacities, operated by hand or horse powe  compressed air or electricity.  SULLIVAN  MACHINERY  305 and 306 Rookery. Spokane, Wash.  .   IOHGHT & STOXE, A��e.\ts.  CONTRACTORS FOR   PROSPECTIHS   MINERAL   LANDS.  steam.  COMPANY.  Chicago. III.  tempting  hoped that a scientific  examina  t'ibn of the Soudan  forests  may jsl,lt^ or tunnel being made. The  ere long be carried out under, the | oro a-ssay-s from *" to &27 'to  the  superintendence   of" an   expert.'-110"-   Lord Hamilton is the presi-  It is certain that much  valuable .'dent ol tho purchasing company.  information   would   be 'obtained :J-1Llle l,1{l��l '-s f-'m-ried out  as  has  [from his report.    V��ry little  i.s" DtJon suggested, the^ stamp  u.ill  'known .regarding  the  possibili- ��� wili oe 0Ilfc! o1' the largest in ��� the  ties,of mineral wealth in the Sou-1 ���'W' Luld t,le now property will  dan.    Until the country is more!'11  tl   J!��w  ycsirj  'vie    with    the  settled  an, investigation   of  the | J"��>f>'it? n",road\vel!. __  mountainous" regions  of' Kordo-J"  fan and Darfur on the west and, Wanted  of the Abyssinian frontier on the  east would be impossible: Iron  ore is found in theBahr-el-Chaz-  sil province, and also ih Darfur."  while gold mines were worked at  one time in the mountains .south  of Fazogi. Could coal lie discovered,   it   would   make    a    great'  ! pur day niiri.'. iiunilonieii  or kuliu.i: ���.pcciul work: po.-irion  pL'i'iniuient: reliable linn, with l)(.-t  tvlereiircs: i;.\|ji*rii:iiL,i* iiiiiMjejussuj-y  Address.- ,   S. M. FUvl    .  I'Muld .MiuitiL"(.-I-. Torontu.  T. C. ARMSTRONG  FOKT  STKKLK.  B   C. ,  Manufacturer ot  Tinware. Galvanized Iron. Sheet.  Iron.   Stove   Pipes  and  Copperware  r  8UILDIMCS HEATED .ni-l VENTILATED  Plumbing. Pipe  littinii-  and  all  kinds of sanitary work  flir TiQlu-Hot Blast Stoves ���_���  Hydraulic   and   Air   Pipe-,   for  Klines .   ,  Sl'JiClAf,  AT'l'KN'I'lOX   1'AID'TO  .io'b woi:k.  IK VOL* WANT a UOOI.) mi:ai.  Go to the  I MONTE CARLO RESTAURANT  '    On Riverside Avenue  William Robinson, Proprietor  MKALS    AT    AM.    HOCKS  m the m  .'EXCHANGE iK SAFE DEPOSIT CO.  HICHWARDEN    &.   SON.  PIONEER  BARBER SHOP  1 i t  Everything Strictly First Class.  i i'  Next door (o flu- Prospector.  Truiisiicta a yuuerul ixill��otiii!f and e:  DRAFTS,CHECKS, TIME CHECKSASD-  ACCOUNTS CASHED.  ljr;tft^ i.-,-.ut.-fl juyahlu in C'anafhi  aiuJ  thi' L'nilud State-.. ' ��       "  Wanted: ���Indu-^Lriou^ im.*n oJ cliaractur  In travel ami uiijioim, aLj-uJiL-..  Salary mid exjieiwe-. paid.  MINING nSp^iiiiii���  1 mi KOOTENAY HOTEL  I  THIRTY-WIWTH TEAR.  nit it; is good opinion   that   lire  K't^ alone could consume' all the  l,uicksilver "'produced��� without  .it .  j'ny demand from the gold   min-  |iiii''corni)anies. )    ,  Smelteis and Business. v  ' Sinolters everywhere do  busi-  less with a view lo mutual profit  Isjdo shippers.    Whether it be a  fin Francisco, or Utah or ,Colo-  'ylo smelting company, the  ore  rind   its   way   to. the   one  [here, freight, rates  considered,  lie  best  returns   can   be   had.  Fnu.s are found Utah ores going  I;California and California ores  Ling to Utah.     Smelters  must  ive certain ores, and   such   ore  i worth   more   to   them���conse-  wenily   more  to  the  shipper���  i,an another kind of  ore  would  ���   to   that   particular   smeller.  lor instance the ore  cited   L'roni  yo Co.. Cal.. sent lo the Solbv  Ineltiiiir &  Lead   Co.   of   San  1 ��  [rancisco,   may have   contained  lj.v, of \yhich   they   had   an   ex-  iks. and, l.h(M'ol'ore,   they  could  lit worlc   il   foi-   Io"ss   than    the  :ted charge, while a   Colorado  liiellcr   might   he   urgently    in  1 ed   of  such   ore.    and   conse-  ''outly iiial'e a very low rate of  leatnu'iit.      li    must   be   plain,  iiwever. to all  lhat.   no   sinelter  ,11   worlc  ore  for   nothing  and  lake a profit; and when   this   is  l-iio it is because their   need   of  main    kinds   of   ore   compels  [em to do so.  About Dewey.  The London papers print long  special    dispatches    from "' Now  .York describing the welcome accorded Admiral   Dewey.     Most  of them while not professing   to  understand the  tremendous  enthusiasm.,, treat  the  outburst  as  an excellent feature oi  national  character.   The Daily Mail spec-  cial says:    ���\Being on the spot it  is impossible  not  to  enter  into,  the spirit of the thing  and  participate in the enthusiasm.    ]t i��\>  not hard to understand Hie magnetic patriotism of this vast lovable national people, whose emotions are as keen  in  expression  and as frank and1 as unrestrained  as those of children.     It is also  necessary to realize  the  strong,  simple, modest, unattractive personality of Admiral Dewey.    He  is Ihe one figure without a   Haw.  the one man out side a party. "  change- in the whole question  of 11 B/fAOLey-aA/tRErsoN co.. limited.  the Soudan.   In a few years time ' Ur.uiUord.  it is probable that  the  Geologi-' ���   \   cal Survey Department of Egypt   Wanted:-<.'hri-,tian moil   and   women.  will be able to depute parties  io   ��� '  u' lnV,K,1IW "Lil^ "' UlV'- ��,u  ,.x-o,���?,,-  (i���   e      i '"���,L   iHiirvellous   book   sineo   tile  examine the Soudan. (      ,,���i,i,- ' f!       , ,.    ,,.,,  imlilieatlon ol tlio IJihle.      A   c-Oiij-  iiientary (m llie Xew T.eManient. lo-  yether with eom|)lete  live-,  of tliu  Apostle*.    In point ol' art t.lie work  i.-,a ��cm.    The iine.it.  hki^i  toueh-  iny. life-like illiL-tralion.-, ever de-  ���.ijrned   for   I lie   Xew   TfM.uneni.  . Sell.-,   in  every !i(ni-,e. and anyljody  can soli it.    Capital or experieii(.;e  nniiei'es.sir.v.    Freijrht, paid.  Uook.-,  on time.     .Send   for  outfit,   uiviny  .  ' ehoice  of   territory,    and    we will  ' show you how to make money.  BRADLEY-GARRETSON CO.,  LIMITED.  llrantford.  Agents:--Our book "ISreakfiist. Dinner and Supper", ii-. a revelation in  delightful cookery. It"^ the he'.-t  advertUoiI.'iikki jiatronized. lea<t  critici.-.ed and mo-,t ouloyi7i��d. A  niiap for Miai) hunter^.  Bradley Garretson Co., Ltd.  JiKAXTt'OKU. OXT  , 24 Pages   :  Weekly  :   Illustrated.  INDISPENSABLE  TO MINING MEN J B  53 per year; postpaid.       I *~  SKNI)  l-OIl SAMPLE COPY". ,      j| Jf-  MINING - sd^ntific PRESS !i  330 MARKET ST., SAIT FRAWCISCO, CAL.       . S^  Movie City, B. C. =2'  Is a large and Attractive Hotel of quiet elegance in all its    3  appointments., with a cusino of superior 'excellence ^2  SUBSCRIBE  :''OI'  jrr       Strictly   First-Class  in  all   its  ^Appointments     ' ^  THE PROSPECTOR.  ,|~   iVlcf\laHo��  B^o's, Proprietors.   ,3  NOTICE.  Soudan's Natural "Wealth,  lin a   report  received   by  the  '���itish Foreign Olh'ce., Sir  Wil  I in Garslin litis called attention  Hie need of a scientific  exain-  .tion of  the  Soudan,   with   a  \v to the development   of   its  'ural resources.     It is pointed  K. tha.t^  very  possible  source  future wealth to   tlie   Soudan  in 'rtihe   vast  forests  He Had His Way.  II was.minored in the Oily oi  Providence awhile ago that they"  pastor of the Center church was  about lo marry Miss S.. a beautiful society young woman, but belonging lo the Episcopal church.  The good people of the pastor's  church talked it over, and came  lo the conclusion that he might  choose more wisely. Finely it  was left to the elders to wait  upon and expostulate with him.  They visited him and expressed  the feelings of the church. The  pastor listened patiently until  they were through and then laconically remarked: ���'(."ientlc-  men. there is more than one  Congregational church in the  world: there is but one Miss S '  The pastor now has both thi  girl and the church.  Is liuivliy triUMi Unit 1. T. O. t'locloi-. Um-iy  d,(,\-s :iftir dale, mit-nd to apply t<i tin- Chief  Commissioner ol Lands .md Works foi n il  \e:irs lease ol lilii acres ol land situate aliout  tour miles west oi Wsmlucr on the Ciou's .Vest  I'.iss U.iiho.id. C'oiniiieiK-iiiL.'.il a posrnui-KeU  'I' 1*.    S. V. corner.  'I'. G.. I'KOf'TOi:.  (SiL'ned)  O.iK-il SepU'iiiher-'lid. Is'.iii      , :i��i-4c  iMini;i;al act  Cllll I'll IC.H K  Or   I.MI'IHIVl MK.N 1-  NOTICE.  ��� liunnlii-.' Well Keindeer.'- 'Itulij I.'i-.ic-  liini" -.Hid' "-l.asl Cliiiiu-c" Mliicr.il Claims,  siin.i11> in Hie Imm-i Sieelc Mining Iiimshiii of  l-'.asL ICootenav DisiricL.  Wlieie located.-On I'crrv Creek K.ist  Isootena.N. 1'/. miles liom Die Old Shaft.  T.ike notice thin I .1 W. I." Vouiiu !���'. >I. C.  lillllU A. ,is a^ent lor^ilie ICooten.ij (J'er!\  CreekJ Cold Mines Ltd . |.'ree Mfner's Cuilill-  catc NTo. n. '.Wis iiiieiul, sixiy da.is from Hie  dale heieol to apply,to Hie Minlnj; Keeoidcr  for a Certificate of Impioveinents. for Ihe pui-  pose of <il>tsiiniiitr ,i Crown Cir.intxit the .ilime  claims.  And liirlliur take iioilec  that action   uiidei  seclion :ir. must he couinieiKcd liefore tile issuance of such Ceil incite of lmpto\eiiieiits.  Ilated Ihis '.'.".th d.iy ol Se]itcinlier. ISi'li  :����-'������ .1' W   It. YOIJNti  * -Or  is i'l-i!i,!s11|.;|j hvkitv sa'i'uiiij.w. axi1 has a  (;l-ai{an-ti:joi) cikcui.atiox i.aroer than  axv ijtueh i'al'kh ix kast ivootexav. it is  am. iiomk i'kixtkii. and contains ijouhi.k  * .     THi: AMOUNT OF Nl'.WS Ol-'ANV PAl'KIt 1NTIIK  ���-;���     nisTiocr.  * ���*  As ' A.n    A.d\-ertising ^Medium  Unexcelled.  Deserved Tribute.  Mr. C. 11. Mackintosh, ex-lieutenant   governor  of   the   North  West    Territories,    now   at    the  head of/what, is  known  as.'the  Mackintosh Syndicate,  wli.en. in  which I Montreal, was asked  if  it   were  !es the ba.uks of the upper Blue  true that Mr. Carlyle was., about  e. and extend  in   an   easterly   to sever his. connection witli   the  British, Ainerica Corporation.'  Mr. Mackintosh said: "Yes.  and he will'be greatly iiri.ssud tin  hiiuing'circl'ss as well as in the  whole Kootenay country.    He is  Section  IT.'      lu  o   the.  Abyssitm fron-  Ihe   , Balir-el:Ghay.a,l  ivince, piiticvilarly in the Boii-  country.   large  forest   tracts  i.sts ' The ebony tree" (Dalber-  i   liielanoxylon)   is    met  ifih of J��a.rkauj.   on   the  NOTICE.  Take notice Unit I shall applv lo the  License t'otninissioneis ol South Mast l\'..ou-  nav. at then ne\l siitiny Noiemlier Tth. lor ,i  Iransler ol my license troiii tlic Imei ii.tiion.il  Hole!, to I lie Mountain House situate at h'oi t  Steele.  :i'.'-n k.o. sinia.1.  n.lleil .(I l'"(ii I SKele   Sepieinliei-Titli, l^di  with  one of the. safest mining men   in  Blue!America,   devoted  to  his  work  , .NOTICE.   '        ''f     '  Application will he mad.; to Hi.' License  Ooiiiiiiissioners of South. Kast ICootenu'y:. nt  Iheir next sittlin;. Novcmlier ,"l,li. for a license  l,o retail Ihiuor on flic premises known us 111.;  St. Mary's Inn. fort Steele...  S. .1. Ml 1.1. K!(.  Kilted this l.s|h daydf Sepleinlier. ISW. ::H-v:  ADVERTISE.  A /��i  >{' tiii: rnosi'j:cT>>i; t'ovi:i;s .\ iustioct        '��'  W (|>  (1/ I.AltllKI! THAN S(lM|.; KMI'IKKS   ANK ll.\s. A   rp  J|J I.AIfOF. mitllKIS CIIIOL-I.ATION.                              !{J  ik ip  rS-S- E-S-S- c-S-S- f-S-S- e-S-S- c-S-S- ei-S- c-JS-fc  IN  THE PROSPECTOR.  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This Paper Pays From The Grass Roots,  And Never Pinches 6ut,-Stake One !'.-.  The Result Will Be To  Your Interest.  JOB' PlilXTlNCi^OP ALL KINDS NEATLY AND  PROMPTLY'  EXKCUTEI).-" " '������������'���''''.'��� THE PR0S1'FCTOK,. FOKT STETCkrYB. T;;��� OCTOBER 11, 1^09.  THE    PROSPECTOR.  ���'yis'. p'liiLi.yJihjt'.-r'A.^hKi.y :��;;���>  J'lte11 'J'liOSJ'ECTnll ������' YYI/Y.i'.Y)'.  .,-:,...:-:: ,11. ZGIt^CE^ KliITOn.^ AXD  <FUBLlSUE]i,':   ' 1, ���;;.-=���'  .THE   PI-IOSPEOTOK,    is    published  ���jevery,, .Saturday]., and  lias  si.guaranteed  .������'.Ysirctilatiu.n IdSfjoi: than uny'fiilicr paper  'Vin'-Ha'st! Kootenay!. ItY< iill home I'l'iujeJ  .Y and  eon tains  juiiWc; tlio.. ncv*   of   i'.n.v..  . ]' o':her"JMipei' in tlie district,   ';']  ."'As' an  adyertisins  mediCii it   i.ii.i'in-'  excelled..''.        ',     ���.':'.  "���'":;,:'.-.'.''...   ; ���..-"';���.'   .'  ��� ������', 3evoted io the upbuilUIuj;.of Fort, Steele,   tlie  ' s development of the \-a.stmi;ieral'resou'rees of  v3iieEiistKootenay Uiiniii^''district. i>   . "!'.������ ','���:���  YuW.'i'iij'.iui.'s. ]. :.".'.'. >'.".:."���;.'.-Y, * --'.<i(.',,!Jti-' ,\ e;: j-  . Advertising I'lin-s  loiitle K'.K.v.'n.i.ii.i'.jip'lii'iitj.'n.  ..'''������3p.ntri.bii,.i,f>us'ijve,,s'olieiieU.fV'1'^ :lY l,:l'rl<'" '���!l''  . '���  iistrica. but ail matter iriteiule.d'.foi' puhUcijlion  :''>i2Ust.i"i;.'l-'!''e!W-''l-1'''-'^ ���ii'iitV'-uw."   ., ';���.  riJjCJ1 p>. ppR Is!;ep! o.i'tii..:tt'"tli.-i:(lvi'i-.  ���������'��� J:C".'.'.S'vi''!>.' r.,'y::'s;'>;;iH!>:;:il;l!ii::l:   nivlIOiii::. ���  ,,'i:.S'P''.Kiine., 'VVi'.s|;,,',i-(:,;rc .'..::t:'in.'('i .r;!:;,be ;;uit':.'  ��H�� .^feb^pcrt&fc;  with, and'that ihe raee* will   not  be a \val"k,ove.r lor...the', defender.  '". TrheCanadian Immigration .Do-'  partmeiii '-..esthViattss 1b��! ..;;."}.(iiin  or 40,000, immigrants ha vc entered Canada during the last'.t>\yr>l'yo'  months. ;This-;is:.o)i .���..'tiie; ��� whole-  good news-arid'. it "would bo re-  (���eiY1;Hl;witb. unqualified''satisfac;.  tioi'.'w.fi-fj it; not, 'v. v .Live ^oiYi;f ii'!  V1 class of some 'pfvi lie '.stlito; .aided  immigrants;-:��� .   ti :..x\ ���'������'���  #:##^&^w  #'  -'.��. -  -��.������  iJiStc  I1\y  'He.ad'quaL'r.te-p.s.- for/ Mixxmg   and   Gonimercial   Mien  -'.'.-.Bishop,'; Potter., of: :''No\V�� Yorlv,  says, thttt .the s-candafoiis. ease  witlvwhleh-.-. divorce ca.ii :,he ;ob-  lained in the-United 'State's ;-:'is  a ,|'i:eu'auce to society anil the jest  (ff thcYciviiized -woi-Id",' In"��� this  Canada'ha* happily not followed  \.he biiclexample . of Jior neigh-  bori^Y ('ir is 'ihere iaitv likeliiiooi'l  iliit.t; s.licr(.'Vci.- will.. . .������;-, '���'   ���  '���!';: 01n.IarnAj.ry hi'st,.- 1Y; A;-'. <''!'';),)'   4.rell.hud the. foi lowing' in the 'i'o  ;'"������?'S'.-VTUl'!{��4''Y," tM::'.v(i.BYAi i-f. i^mm,   ���{ ivnio.'.UIob'e,.,. U ..was Yj'��i'd>Ji.shedj  TT7'^^=;r:^^-���- "������"^'^'''Y^^"'-'^''";';' | j h I'rlkyPKC.l.^.P'l-Xi-'tl.OK Ui/i llUt'ti Uie |  ., ; %;-;���!'���> '-. ''���;.W'^ff^ ���:"...-''���''.", ���'���"' ��� l';'" ���'-,- ��������� -';-a'���Y' ^Y'fh^rYf.ho' cti-euuislaliees ,lt,''  jl/.;I^:i:re:,:uii.spal^  ^^ti:'!ii��^./%v/: w^'/^he  /fcVs'p'i^b}^^ ::i\Va:rdrHM;,L on,:'the . Kooteuavl  %���'.;.:.'.v.'':cle/ht.';.|vr..u.ger sen'i.;;���iti'y'-ifj  uhi.!lKl!.Uin:' ;  !;:te:f;wHs,Iv;--1 iye 1 yf. p 1 ace "dui'iug-j  -....I  ^ f)^ tl^;:C��ncI:iti^S^:b'J;i^^- ���'$*} jthe '?|iuistructipii? of.v ihe .���Voa.iiJ.ff;  ^r,^:^iigHsh"troops ��^  S'O/.^'inyY /i::Sv^thdra a,m,birj;  .,/:s^tns;;'t(> ;be\ uo,?^^  '^Englis^^  - Ypne:;r;esulty;.YThft;i:S^  ';?''.,:Pep;u'yic,aW;Y;:U.i^  ^,?peude&les^;yf';;^C��^;a  ���:;:��� iTh(YBritish press, are^  - :':;^Ke:opmipiv'thai:;;th"'e;;B  '::; ''aoinga^fo;^  i^?}}}* $e;BrilisK'.gbye;rn.m  '. :and: that, their'^cfe  Y;|jegin|ffiii^',oiiilii;'^  ;   South African Republic' "'.,���" ''. ;;:'Y '','.--v';:Y -' "-; "'" " ���' " ' -^ii...'-';;y.;;..';��'':  ^Eargel^Sai^jDli;!^^^^  Opinions,differ:as tq;the.;.:dLU'a  ���.',';.-.ition pf'tl)e;con.flic|j''i1iany .beHev-^-  Y:/.ing/)tihatiit;'Wiil.���be^shprt'.':���''.tihid :;cfe  'Y :'ci'slAr(j5- ' wlnle--,;<;otliersy :tnaii;itaih  ,:���--;',...: ..������:��������>':���; ���"���,���.������-��:���: ..������:���-.-'��� ���.':���-.;   i.-; .;-���-, ���.���;-������������ ,-��� ���  *>:;:i;hatv!;!i tyYwi 1.1.;!'; be'-;.a -Ypi-piracted  i^stri^^io^'Y^ yy;:ji/^;';j,'/y. /"'^"(���'.i'jfYi-ij  'Y:;.���;Y?War' 'is;'libY| beYtl|pn;!(:la:teU.,,bu'i:.  Y''3sh'::'"G6vexw]m^^  C a ii ,B e '' Gro wn ; 'In'.'.]': the,: Kobteri ay  ���Y^Y;Yaii?'?.--W^  Y',''Th(i::;pi;6d vie-ts pf the .'KoPteiicty  s^il'lej-Ycanuoj-/be/^  where.li'ti the' country^. 'All tubers.  gro\v:Yu^abundance.Ywlii]e' ''i'ruit  1. ii: secti ohs,':;:TClieVe ������:. A i ten ii oil Yhas;  been ���S'Jinyeii\.Ytp:;:' li-,;..������. liaye^ibeen'i  i:;-/-.!31':^:':^-.^'   v'' ���    '   ';: ,; "-'" '���. v;" /:.,'ir^fTh<i,vsoif see'ms.ito.I:beYsimilal^loi  ���-' |-fjPIuYeditpr y^f:V:.ilie-'(-'GranlDr^k';  ".;'?H!|r{.i:li'[ lYts 'not: pull'V enough" to  ': get;tlie:;G6veriiiileiiYb  ,; Cra.nbi'ooky:; It: will,re(|uireinoi'e;  .strength.;than lip',has^sb ''.far"..de-'.  ���'-.-voliop.eu."���������: ;-���''*:��� v-~"    Y.'"' -.'"���? :."���'���"' -V. Y  "'���'..-   Y:    ���':': ���..''������'r'-  -* " *.'���    *'L    ..'-:-.;,.Y .".':',:'''  . Y,YBefore another' vea,r   rolls. b'vv  -.'-.   .,���;        I  . ���   ,;"   ���      ...I?     ... -.   J-  ...there wj.]I.;,bev';.several'' pi.;oduciug.  "   mines:"ih:' the. vicinity.,of.; F.ort  'Steele.-.;. aaid the tonnage, /rotn  - {li(.i.se;iiiih(?s,will not be iiicoiisid-  ��� ;erabje.?;: ThiY people 'are-aroused  .'to fc'he''.fr.ict-''''tha.t:.'-;,oh; the min^s  ; t.h(Y.'prosp'erity, of East' Kpptenay.'  : in i:i s t dope ii d,'-. a. i id ,'t hey have -a! so  a,rriyed   at' the; conclusion".,.- thai  '���^a.sid'eYf'roff^  '.'������' of i;h<YdisU-icflu'(Y limited ;     .;   ���".  that iiillaYColville Valley,-where'  the/ tinesjhfr.uit 'in 'the, State  of  AYashing-tph;is Yaised:',.1;I.tYiS']vaii;  Indiisti.'y whipli. should: be  more  ���generally engaged in,   "andv the"  nipney value in ;tn -acre*; of 'fruit"  -ti'.ees .iSngreater, as aYrule;'  than  can, be .obtained 1'rpni jmy' other  cropY;,,/ :.': ���.���'"���' .......   ���:,:..��� ;���",��� -.., - :--,; ���'.���-���'  "���'A few days agdiTuiviPKOSiiEO-  <tok WM-s ;.,iu ; ;receip,t pf some,  apples.a'aised on the-Pairmont  Springs' ranch, ��� .'"pwiied" b,y Mrs.'  ..lolni T; (Yalb.raiih, (they; were  of the'variety - known;.:' -as.'"?-the'  puchess'of OldeiilSerg,")"the. fruit  was fully, matured and '..of ��� ,u. tine  flavor.-. Mr.;.Phillipps'of Tobacco  1 Plains, it is learnt.'.has had great''  success in' raising apples, while  .-������It'TsYn^  ������Y,lhe-  prospects;'  for ��� 'Fpi'f.;...Steel!? J been raised oti;'the.';ranclie.s'.,'neai"  -.. were-hiiver iapre tli'itterihg'.'        .j.Fort Sfei-lle."   '    '" "'.'���'..'.        -;.        >-  ; ���",-,; .-/.���,     ':/���'���'.,' :"'Y*   .^'���...;,,'..'    i '.'Indian'".'Agent:. Galbrait-h   has.  -,- Yphe ,man ;\vh(j stays with -Eas't | brought iii from the. St;. Eugene  .   Kootenay; will ,'be strictly iii  ii.     !-M.'is's!oi]'-;is.- tine a .''.specimen'.^ of  '-;.-'������'      . ���  ''"   ,'r   ���*'���. '���'      ���   ; ipotatoes as can be raised in , an'y,  ������;     Tfiore is a treed .for b(>ttei- roads���ji.ocali.iy: i'.lhpy   'were', cultivated  ���and trail's, a-nd we/inay/ iook, forjaini grown" by i lie -pufnis" of'���.tlio  ���increasi'si . at.>j<ri)pri-.iii'.>,us _, Y-'om. j j.Md'n.siri;'il Schoo'i, ���.'.;';..���'    :':  ' t.iii'. ui-x; k:'g:.-:|;iii'i.r.Y  '���;���������''.   ���; Y\ .     ;.;   j.  Bi^invju'ileu hadii'.'sihall'  .'������  '.    ,'      . '���'���:."������.'���',.:���' ' .'���'..j-iii'tcl'i"I" j.'<)i'a;iO(>s in the lot back  . . ��� R. B. .Yi/ki'as." :YM'nH.M'iy  'euii'jr loilus jiiace oY business,    iliat.it  ()i';.!hv ,R..'v.,';s-t();:'.! ���Ma.ii. has Iji'-c'ji i. \\t< n i hi.- ive luii'd   lo.lx.'iu  .i.ir ; a.ny  .'.���iippoi:it-.'il\'!.'riiv:.it(-  ^.������.���reiai".-   io irVjuntry..,'    Y '  .��� Hiin:..(..'..��� ;.V. .'Seu'iliii.     'Tlii'- liji-l     Th'di'so'i'i oi :,l:e Kooiciiay   \Yi.l-  .���pointiii'.'iiri.-'u poiiiviar; on.;: ���������; ��� ..: Y-y islrapabiO of iiri"iiiucing-'"-any-  ,.'���;.. '.':Y   "    ."''   ��� '...thing;.  Wheir'ji'ic ' people   fiilly  '"'' Ci'uoi'Ms ''AY?-y in (';���;���:!",>-'. lie; mail. '��� !'.f;i'i ]/,.-���   ���*, hat:'". 1 here    are    (itlior  arres-eu ai  Princi-loM I.;YY..    ;'oi;   suDrees of v.'eai'tl.i t'liarn   the.   pro-  ��� Stealing S'.l7;0!)l'    Y-pili     (lie    \Yes;.; ,(,',,,., ;,.,,,  ,.,)��� ;j,(.  |,.'r.(lolis   ;>,) I (I;   I ISC - '  .Side bank in -Now��� Y<ir!-;;��� tifteeVi ' fi,| niiiierals. n'ji.i'-'e. people' wil  y<'a.l;s a^o. lias ��� bc��'-n s.-.i ���-.i*i-t'-;--.: ; i'.-)ig;igi..'.'i.ii agi-ic-'ullurar pursuits'  .lucigi.' Kuril): .bo fore   v.-iioin   "l,n.;: ������- .:..'. ���'���  extradition .jirviriri'dings ; -.'.���'������ tVY ' A a ���.'���fngli.sh soa'|,i maiiii fact u rer I  liroiigh!. dis'misx'Vil ni'm i.n 1 in-' ii;.^. reccl'/ed a, .(���ofiiiii.iiiiiea! ion I  gi"oiiii,d li'iiit tlio ex! radii ion ��� i'ri.ii''n 1 he itut horilies Of a, Pros by ��� j  treaty uf ,h:|rl   wa,> no; .'.!���"'! roai- ���'.t'oi iaii ehiirch iii Si-ol lan/.l ask-jng |  tivo,",      I I i in-,!.; ]f..v' , ilji | .   no! .   ilr-i'iy    lite  !i I'l u. I o, ,a:d \'ei'l ise  11 le Soil p oil j  .'thai', hi- was-' 'ho   ina-i   v.'.-i iited -nr'-.'lif \'.'a.!l,-,   of   ihe ���church'.       The  i l'ia.1  In; !.nu!;, i!i"  inoney. | Id l.e:- int una 1"il ihat  the   chiirchl  ���'-.    '���'��� ' .     ���  ������   '��� . was.ili  pec.riii i.'i ry (liiTiciill ies,  and!"  . Ya.i.'ht i ni:', -e-X] ut!-  iia,\o  ;ig,'.....(|   tiiai i'his way ' bad    boon . decided j  that the (,'(':>]uinbia has a. form.id-   on as 'lie'bost   means   of' raising!  able raciiiif liiaehiii"   to   contend ��� iiiuiiev.'.' !  ���;'I3|y^G  .<.,"'"..;���    '. .        ..-;..-..'       J-..''" ;.   .     ''       .    ''��� "     -     .-:"'"  ^     "'' '',    ' '..'.- .'.".'���      '";v"-: 'i:^ ..." ."-''  Griaiit'  ;FERK{E,;B.:C; ���:��� ;:QliD':TOV^NY:1  SPT^ENDID^AeCOMMOtoATIONS  .' : Y:'   ", ; '  -.���v.' *y- ;������;-Sample: Rooms for Commercial Meii  JESSGP'S: STEEY-�� GENERAL STOCK GF  MI1MESS'     SUPPi IES  Wholesale Dealers In       V .  ���      ��� ���'������'.���": ' ��� ���- -     ���     (.    '    '      ...O       '     , '  AGENTS. FOR.    SOHLITZ'S    .BEER. .' ; ���'.,  ,No .=���"Traveller Should''Pass' the Dooiv ���  ������������������'������ :o'j.,-. ;.���::".;������:       ���,.;-������ ,;,.,.,;,,:.. >,.���.������.."���,  ::::..���:   Tlie'trail; runs withiu:Yen.feet.olYthe,;'hous:e.''���  YhnxK .Y..Y  "', ���.. ��� ������.������''     '      '������ .;.".   ' ' ��� -o,        ���.���..','���    -...-.  ���Ijarir ai:idfiileiii:y:of.haY::U,nd'.gr!ilii.   ;If ybu- paYronize: the ��� ���''���")���������,:��� ^  ' Waldorf \Y>u will '.neveij, rey-ret it:; ���   ���'���'..'':  :- 'v.'"  Aj'-K-ANCyUSJS,:���'- ��� -,; ��� : -".,'Rropriotor^.  '"'SSrsJift  Ball Bearings im a Sewing l\ra-  cliine.    The weakest woman can.,  run  the   ELDREDGE ,B. withottt'  . harm to herself,.of even getting:  ��� ,'" tired.    It'sjiitst fuu for a well  ��� ��� womatitoriihit.   Itis noiseless;, ;  lias.self-lhreacling slittttle ; attto-  jnatic bobbin winder; complete,  .set of; attachments.  ' A perfect  machine at a low price.,, Warranted for five-.yea.rs.    No other''  as good ,at anywhere near the  price: Insist on having Eldredgc'  .-���'������B.    There, is an Agent for it in,  your town. ,'  '   : MANttPACTnilRII 1)Y TrtK  National sewing Machine Co'.  new york and chicago.  '    ,     The second !.-irK.;sl Sewing Jlncliins iMiclorvIn:      ,  CUT Otf PART Oh" STAND OF TIIR��.'c, w?r,(1 w,,!1'l'.' ��>iK'(->iy of ��.v.n .!,������,i,-,.,i Sml   j  I^Dl'IvDGli B ' ���'stxty-foiir inAelmius ])�� d:iy ; IdleliUlicIitcMCir..     1  H.    W.    DREW.  Proprielor.  fort" Steele.:��.  .Eh. A��"Ml^Jc&M^' j@.gexxt>    i;o.;'t���St:cc!c:. >?.���'��:,��� TYE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE. BYC.. OCTOBER l.-J, 1«IW
,     CTJK.IOTJS CHINESE C/lSE. ■-...'.
Mysterious ..'^Disappearance   of   Leon
Fin.    Litigation Over His ,'...-
: :,"' '■■/.-''"Y; '■■''.' •'■:,. Estate.';,;' "V ' Y :.
„.,   'Many'years'.ago  a   Chinaman
named.'.'Leoii Fi iron me tothe'di.s-
'.', iriot' frotilY Kaiii loops. Y hri ngitig
'Ywith him:ah; olive-eyed 'ihaideh.,
;'■•' whom he, disposed of at-': a "good
Y.'figure; to some 6ne onAVild;.],-lorse
creek: ■• -Encouraged by,the first
' venture lieYvent away; aiaf: came
■ back1 aiid brought; Yvith; him ,"iiii-
■'■'; other woman, together, \yjth other
nierchaivdise: -There \vas:iio diffiY
Y eu'lty   iix;finding a puirt-haser; joy
/the woman.   He engaged;!n;mer-.!
chaiidjsing daring his 'sfay.;,;.'and;
made frequent,   trips   froth   Wild
Horse to   IVrry  creek   I'or   the
be 'attached to ,all;'.private scavenger carts in ., Chicago, and,.
these bells must be; rung continuously while the wagons are in
service, which, may' be •'■ between
sunset.and sunrise, ;.'.'■-";;:/YY\y;Y'
,, Y ;,, "Y The;H.amt>ier.
; There Is liutbin'g, Ijke.advertis-
ihgi- ': Tli(-':;'last. :jssae; ■ pf '"/The
PHOMPI'^C'rbii,contained■■'a harmless notices castiug/reil fictions on
tlie stories of huntei'S'Who'alleg-
tfcl 'that they had;been;.svieoessful
in 'shooting'so' inanyUlhcks.;;One
inan c'aihe'intp'the/.officeYalmost'.
before! the YiiaperY^hact'-'lie-
,,co'mo ;dry'■''■' andY'left;;: aYYduclv
whichY .was'"';,;lliorbn'ghly;. Yenr
joyodY Y.Thev/^
back whatr wits said last;' week,,
aiidYexprcsses'•-. the: 'belief 'that
tltereDaTe;th6usiUids of ducks and:
chickens ;Yvet
from other Chinamen. On (»h
of the tri})s he disappeared in a
most, mysterious manner. The
horse upon which he rode was
found tied to a tree not far from
Six-mile Hal. 'Diligent search
was .mae'le by his country-
"men, but not a trace of the Celestial could be found. Provincial constables Dennis; Edwards
and Fonwick also made a1 careful search, and their "efforts were
unsuccessful. .Many were tlie
conjectures   a»   lo    Leon    Fin's
in gone 'qir tlie/Heiich in; fyd>h i) ;;6f
nfe"office,;'pl'pceedeel 16;'■ carry/it
fate, soine   maintaining  lhat  he jawayY;;He;fo
r was murdered for the, gold   dust  tahciiwhenlie byertookU'iis com
which he probably had with him.
l. , ■ -■■.-.      :-»■.....-.,. m...       .   i,.a..xjj'ju»ujLi.'.m^'—■ ■'
Visits the 'Indian School.
' 'IndianYYgeht (Yalbraith paid
a visit, to",the ..Indian' school, af
the .Mission on .'Monday.' where
■lie made, his -monthly examination. , He i'pund. that ''the children had made satisfactory pro-
gross ."in /their soyera',1 studies';
Tlie agent "also made an'exaire
,inat'ioii'of the buildings and. their
surroundings', aiid found: eyery-
thing/cleah and neatly kept]" / ,
;'Y      :•:•'■•      r;'Co:.|l'ANllY- ACT.  i*-£!7."
""y'liiill l(!rt<c .yiiiiiifi ((iid'Jf.iUiiig.Qi.''
,,'■;. ' h'wisu-i'iYi the Isr-^e'iij.i.'inlM.'r^lpii'.i.Y
Yf UKHKIiY OKII'i'IF V Mmv-l .li'ti >•■'•. tills iliiy.
1, , i'i'i.'ist('i'f,'d'tii.v.-"Hull ' liivi'i. .Miiiiiii-'.iniiV
,U'IliiiYC'(.imj);m.v'''usiiri Kxtrii-.pTrtvinciiiK'imi,-
iuiiry uiKlcr ill',.' '.CViinpiiuidS Act IrSUVl.tQ.fci'i'iT.v:
out„. or ellcm'I all pr,' aiiy ot t!i'.' qlijects licrdil-
nl'K.'i' setVortl) to(vliif/li tljc-,Iism'slut,lye;.iiij,l.W)r-
It.V ultlii- f-'-tfisliitiiri,' </t Hritisli CMluiiiblii '.'ex 7
unslfiughtered, j temis.',,, Y ■.".     '[,':';<■■■:'■.''■■ Y'-'': '' "'..  "■'.'
   .. ...  .   ,    ...   ;   ",'   ',   ; '1   '. 1,   ' Y'riii; lii.|i,(l u(ii('<V(il'tli(: Coir)i):in.v:is situiit..; Ill
'^I'ly'V1' AV| ncl1:"" 1S. U);^C:;:^0H,"tl Hl.i; PliyW S„bl(„.ie. "fi'wie ;,t'\V:u,Mh^,l : '■-. '■■
■-..'.' 'r.Ii'e'aiiioutil./iif tlifc ciipiKil of: tin.' C.i;hpuii.v.
...,....., ... .,      is' 'tilii.iwu. ..ilivlilYl.' iiiito' :i.(«i.ui.k/' s1i.'iri's.;of one
A'';geiiUeman;:;froihY;Montreal ^,;m wtcii,;    Y' ', ;   Y  '■'•:'■•     , :; Y ■-
> :■„■. ;■ "'j'j'l'u hesulYiitliji! of tin; C'o'iii]jaii'y in tlii'i'rof-
iiiec- IssiiuaK'j.ai-Fsii't Stl-i-l.... iiiid.r. II. Fin);.
m'iiMir.;(vh(isi;ii(Uli',.'.ss'is;|.*oi''t.,StL'<.'lC' iil'oi'ijsiiid,
'is ifiii,iitK'iriiiiy fur,ill.; CoiiiiJiiny '. ' •■ "''',,,
*;.', i'VUii tiiii'e'.Of thi- existvii.ci? ;(»f tlieYYtiipiiny
isaifty yi;ii:-s;; '!.•.■'',. ";■,!.''' •..- 'Y'''- .' ".   ,:;,:"'■
•i; ;'"'i;ii(i';6ii;io('l,s:i'or. wlijl'lr this C|)iiip:iiiy lias'
.ljec'ii,,ustiiIjllKliii(j'!ire'.--v,:'.•■■• .Yj!;,;, ::.;,,.■;:;
■:■'■' 'i'o ii-fii'li. ;,opcr(it('.■; liiij-. S'.'ll. ieii'se. iociite.
i|!L'(iuire;pro.euri;. liohl ii'ixi'ilei'il in miiiijs, ini;liils;
iind :iiiji)(.;rii,l ijhiims- ol'Y'ViM-y:::d(!si'i'ipii'r.i ifAd;
IciiHl.williin^ilte:Unilixl Slates of.AiiK.-ricu iuid
iii;tii(;,lJro;viiR.o of, Oritisli^Coliiniljiii. .CJanatlii.'
lind (ji.iewlierei.lolc'iirry pii mid vundwut u 'gon'-,
:oi*sir;,iniiiiliK- ■ sinulting, liiilllnc.'ilrid" reduction .
.opurute.'.eioctrle'ilshi unit power phi tils for'5;tin'
liuri)Ose'(i,',,,iiiiiiiii!-;.' iiiuritreaUiii.'o'ri.'s.'ii.iiii;^
'tliii purposes of'fiini'isliiii't'Iii-'hls-.iinil creniiniii
pbwor.for sill'purposes: :.liond.'buy; hiiisi.;. iociitf,'
(•oiislriici:.:. i)iiy,': lense. sell. ; biiilii 'or o,pt'i'(ite'
   ,   YiUlrc.'.ids. fi'i'vies; tr:iiiiH'iiyK:o'i',ciihei',,:he;in.s. of,
WE. C. 'MI.LLER,:.,P'roi
purpose  of   making   collections will..gi'ace,'.the  Rainblers1''fable;,!
1  •..■!.,... /*(!.:.,., .,-,.-.11 rin    , .11,1     'A'?'..,.....',, ii.,,-.,.,,;:,,*,,/.,'^:'\.l'^,,-,i-.,,-.'.'. I i
was ni;tbwii:,a|few days. ago. aijid
became 'iTiuch;iiiter(isted':ih; In in-',
eral^speciinohsv iYHe secured'a
sinalleivsaiiiples;hetook wi tli him
tof.i:he;ho"ter:'and-: saidYhe  wpuld1
retuiar: f p r';t hei Y> tiler :'■;.; ^ai'ly^voli;
tlie'niornihg of-his departure. .li<3
ctune'fpiYh'is ;■ speel meiv>/arici',vse(i--;
rOHj/aiiKingYilieln a ,nne;,piece';of
-    .       ■'■','■ ": f'.»:   c    '   ']'       ■ \ ■ ■      ■'■:     '' ':.,■.';" '':
The.,"Quickest'." and ..Finest-,■' •"
;„;:Trairi; Crossiiig- i;he;.(.'on-( ;
;:-';tinent.Y.;.'' Y.:-   "-■;;;':.' -,;■ ^'■■- ".■;
and his body thro.wn into someof | tlie^-YsiDeCith'ijir^'Wliicfli-'^'inie'-':'^Av:CS:::i..0't.h^.,i-n?11 lclf!'H-■■5'-L'-:"p.;1^*1'"^^-^K'^"^'"Y.-b^fTi-i
.,,.-, . .'.«:—'.■.:::.'■.Jr.jC:':.-.'.'-!-'.1.^^
the dee]) shaits. but the majority ciarryiiigYvas npiY:'lrpm,.::th;fe,;,jl!'^Y1d&ij.s;'iiiid
of his people were strong in the
belief that the devil had spirited
him away.
; The sequel is .somewhat interesting. A nephew appears on
the scene and claims the eslate
and entered a suit against Luni
Kin before- the, high binders
society, who sent.a delegate to
Fort Steeie to hear the evidence
pi'Oper (Hid requisite for life Cjirryiii;.' out ol' the
ohjiYfeiaui purposes ii^oresiii I. iii ilioir frdies)'.
li.Kri'iror.di.'st sense;. \vii,iiiii'tiie tci'ritory. liforc-
P _.     .
iiigi'StoiieAvas TCiturifed;.-;trifr;YtliaJ':^:^:;iY;:'Y'''i5:VY;'YY'.^^Y..''iY'Y''>v;'"':'''':Yi;'';;'
_-■■ v.!..^:-.}';,.,,: ;r'.::,!.;.:f.\.:r  ;,;;:,,::::,.;,,::.. ,'.'-.i ,,■.!•.->;,,,:     l|    ,,:   l.-.jVlin . luiller   lrl.V ililllld ' IllHVsCil! Ol'dlilCO III,
"' rm*'' i >''''(r':'-"i' r "   j,; ■^»;-r ■': "',"Y;. '■:''''',?';'Y'::'.'.rcI:«'vi.bi-'.'SciJtomhe5^'oiio't5;V)iiis;iticl uiirJit.-liiindri-ir
-^Tlip Ha.inbl.e^;hacb,o^cas 1 oj^
s'p^a.k's'qf';Yl:eYtowm^ ;v„i;'"Y ';'>'Y;Y:Y ..'^.YYYYi
Yv;,.; Y'';:v/fY-.V ■"■^''.■<^,:X''--'--Y'<:':'i^ «•; .'W1 ,. 'Sl'OTICKOF DISSOLUTION
f;p^;is;still;;in evidei:t<>e~':;;;^Ytl'iiw,;.;,;,Ki;,.;^
'Y'v^'W^'-^-i-'O.'sCiid* the- EAST,
;yA:NCOUYER,^s:EA.TTLE^ ;y ;:
i'ft f/:^ig''■'■•■'T--'"ifVarid YhrYGOAST;;j
'The.-';,Only,' Line!^Having*;Through
Y''r'Y,Y';f';';:5' Connectjon^
';^';;;Y;'':'';.:';:VY:?::-Lak e ^Route.v;;'L
-Ticke(-s;afc;Suli-i liieiYYY^r.Y;;^;^:^;^
..Excursion^ Rates ;;t o,;;:: t he'; :.'.Hast
■■■' ■, '■%;!% ■: S;i;ri;.i"^(5x--;s a i ■;'e::'. ■::; YY.;:;.,Y 1
■;'    I beg. to,'t't11rtounce t-hat a 1 tltough; tlie, new. .preinises
■are. hot quite ^completed, I \yj]l,o,ii.^.arid:',ttfiei;! Tuesday.
; October  HJili,   be .'found: doing  business'in the -X'oiv
To'wiistte' Bni'l'ding.';'I thank';my friends -a'iiil cii^stpmors
.for the.kind. supporYextended tome during the  short
.thhcY'that  I; haY(Y;,heeu.,in ,:For,t Steele, and-h'oj>« by
strict attention aiid;'study ofYheir' wants."'-.supplied ;at
reasonaljle;,,rates.'  that' I;'.may  confinuptoYcaterfor
themY /1 regretthat 'on several occasions I'.'.vfis. riu a.hi'4','•■•
'to -:hicet,' 111'.:' deinai'id. fp'r  some iiiies of liiy. business.'■'■''/<
. Tlii'S""" wasYunav()idaJne,;::beiiig' the:> ;naturai .WsitlrYif,. ■;
Wt   '  startirtg'busines.s in; :t liew' titltl of operation, and meet Y
MY ;lngi with, niuch^bettor success ihan'.'X.. anficipaled;,Y»i.VYY
fl% '  'stock was; hard :to r<i(pleiii'steat short- uotiee;.';
ku .''':■■■■',: .  •■■:,, ■■   ■■ ■•;' ;■:"■' '    ., ^:r':;x\- ;■.,■,;; '.".y '"..;.-"
W«  •;','■;. T,jia vp pii Inmc], a .fullline of ilours,:;.i'neal.s,y,rolle(|:'.'OtLt.s,: r
jjl^inivy :bea,ns. sinif^peasY'potrbarhiy.last ye'ars'(,iat,.s'. ..brairaiid U
N« wjieat'.';''; A ,st.i|)ply, (ifMialed fiinotli y hay. (petered;" to; by ■ iie'r.e. jtf
! \m\\. a, few,, days.:   "./'•<".■:'.!:rr? ".'.'. Y .Y; YY'''.'; ;Y' Y •■' '■?'•'■;''!'':'••''" ' "•■;"*}■
^ -Y.Y- ■■.'■.■  ,''= '■''•,'. ;'.'"-',;■■' ''":'. u-V """>" "'-■!"Y,■:, Y,-::.;:';'Y:ISYC-t:::MILLER.
) ':&!/"■ ',Fr si gating ;BoiieYat;'Re,asonabie: Rates^ ; ,'Y-:.;;..':' '■■■,:>;-i
■-Apjily : for   j)iit'LK:ul;trsYt.O: noarcsYCY
,^K;.'.ut!,ont','()r to'-';'v Y ;,Y ;;Y"'-■■',:'•':■ 'Y■;:'.:
;Pas3e%er,i Agent;; Wiiiiii|)eg.
ti ay sV ago; sh e; goli' into YlnY.: >vc> pdi;
, shed^pf vMiieigHborciiid-ltftei-^i'e-:
witnesses   were   examined    and j (^iing;!!^!^
in the-case.      More; than   fifty!
the decision is against Linn Kin,
-   who lias appealed   to   a  greater
chief in Victoria.
■ The suit amounied <to  only   a
hi\v hundred dollars bub such   is
Chinese fondness  for   litigation
that .thousands of,dollars will be
'' spent before  a  decision  can   be
o reached.
The poor Chinaman where is
he'/ It would bean act of jus,
tice if he would appear on the
scene and stop ibis expenditure
of money.
This case, had it-come before
the regular courts, would have
been a God-send to some .of the
struggling members of the East
Kootonay bar.
Enormous Mass of Metal.
The uncovering of a solid
mountain ol native ferre-nickel
manganese at Dnriuigo iron
mountain, Mexico, has created
great excitement ihoughout the
republic. Tradition has it that
ihis enormous mass of native
mot a! is an aerolilo that fell from
dlio sky centuries,ago. It is more
than :!')() feet high, half a mile
wide, and more than a mile in
length, and is estimated lo con-
lain more than ."iiO.OiKi.oiio •khi.i
above i:rouuil. II i* worth * Hi)
a ton. A rolling mill with I wo
large blah! lurnares i.s now near
ly completed lo work on Ihis
in a h-, of native metal, and already
live ciii-s of ferropiickei manganese are being shipped daily from
Durango lo ihe l.'nited States
and Europe.
Interesting' Items,.
In   Nelson.   New   Zealand,    if
you use the lolephone yon   mnst^
not name the number: you  iniisl
name the puny   you   want,   am
Ihe exchange girl will cheerfully
iell you whether he is in oi-  oul:
if the  latter,   where   lie   is   and
when he will lie  back.
(Jonipaiiia General ol. Alaii'ila
11i(Yla,rgest;ciga,r-fiiaking concern
in the world, employs 10,000
bands and turns out   every   year
S().'()!li;l.iKI0 cigai
bages.', tin-hipsYyandY'oth^rYyege-,
tables-'hiade; a, deseiit'f rpmYthree"
s-tiipks;-: 6f ;;;d^iahli.te,Y;)jarliLes$ly:
fear,she,:would 'expld'c'leanil hlalce,
sa.usage;;:.meat,'; of ,;.liei.'self.;;;;;, .^Jli'Q'
was inimune from bl(Vws,ahd.:fha^t
cpw''had;;cbinple1:b.;cpntrol^of that
jiortion*of town'.'- Y: Al'ter' aYfesw,
days Y' however Y;when/ 'it'; was
fhought'that; tihe' worfcpf. di'ges-
f |on lladtv.,i:embyed  ally; traces "'of.
the,; dynamite the "animal; rQup w-
edl5usiness at the old standi YY,,
Que of,our citizens, who in 'an
early riser,, hi in .self, and bell e.ye.s
in early risirig'ior <iveryoneel.se,
i n. ad v oca ti ng ;'li i'sv"p ri iicipals .pro;
ceedsevery; moruin^^.tp;; arouse
tli e pf op il e to i's ■ and cl erics' of ihe
di.ffereht mercant.ile houses.niuch
to 'their 'annoyaiiceY : ' Rrptpsta-'
t ions /however are. :6f • no avail,
aiid°:Ynotw.itbstanding:/ .threats,
which aire made-/agaiiisti:YhisY;li fe
tbe:good,;wo'i'k.gpes,,pn::•■ ■'. 'Y;'Y': ,A
;^;'X0'J3.C^;Ms.l!.'r(;i)y,^ijeii l!iiit.tlie/p:iiM.iier-:
'dftrsij.,'n(:H'I .lis 'i::re'wers,;'.ii; '.ti'ieii''roAcn .((of',,I''or!;'.
I;'6rt Steele lii'.e:.\viii^.,,Coinii.iiiiyi;*,jliiLs:,:iliis'':'dii.\,
Ikhjii dis^olv(idl)y:niiil,ii;ii [:ons«i!t:,,,i:/Y 'hf-i,;\W
""; Aii;dl'0)Y^'()',viiw':t'iV^
^lo/liu iiii ki;t (i- 1j. yfbl-.;,:! l/'J-'oi-L : Sloelc ';:(.l'oi-<.;siii(l'
tiil'd :ill/tiii!:i!l!iiinY:i^(ijiiKtjtlie,s(ii(l^ ijiiiariership,,
wlioiiillie/snnie ivill l)Ysetped;:.,;,;;,Y;Y'YY'Y-#
:J.):it(;d'iii;Rm'l^te;e.ie;':K;G: lliis i-»J.ii:;;(l;i;p,Yf
,ffJI. K/Kiiss;;-:;
':is-;ie:. .'©./■. °iY" ■'.'.'■'•
■7-:0WJ3Nili;;: ^Vl;l'.LTiVMS-Y
:.. \vm.,r."k.vaicij by(). n.'
o .Williams liisZ-AttiOruey  .v
^'■"'li/.SiOK.', ,-'.'i'Y ;';-:■ ':.':■;■'"
>; Mak^s;l'egul a.i;; tri p" s .froiii: Fort
Steelp Junction toYFort Siteele.  ;;
"Y Delivered; oil"'dityYof ■ arrival,;
Leave'orders'Yvfth"  /  ,. ,    Y-  ,,'Y
:;;Y;yY;;:YY'"Y'^.'Y ;M: ^.',-BEALK;;;'
.':.f ;;::^EIJ)I:G;:1MI0'^:^
lldijS,i;YAX,u:stCfN'l^At?JTlNG ''''/'■'■Z:'::y::'Y
FORT STEELE;-;B.;G; ■ v---.'
!   All; 'wp.i;k prpm.'iitly dOm;
'Yay ■' t \ Y-' :seneer;:;|Agen^ Winnipeg;
^', '('-, : ;v --V^Y--   i-'Y  : ..V- ^-:Y.' - '...".^^ :..,::■:■■:.','■- V ;.i;.".
} KfMBERL E Y.Y B-y G.;''
Y;''X!le,Fiii(Yli;i;i(^l(,irs ItiiVf
(Y^'iit-.Yand, l.-icst, Fiir'nislied
.Koonii? in Town. '  ■■■■'.'.:':'.'...:'..:'��
"" |i
,'.»4'#.'•'•*; ••w »•#*; ui'.y --'ii.. .'*.. '..'A*. •6*...'fl»..■'•*,.■i.'.'..>'iii."^."'ft«..«'t.r..*'|i..>#i..'..'di-.»•£;>'••. .»(li-(><i- H'-.
A.* *!^•:•► (»!* i<<» *!«>»>*^.«»*•.«► i»->^^I^ ■».• *>;•! '■■ «s«"*°I*?i*a*i *v* *^*i%^?%* -*.^ **&■*!«>
Baihbob ;'Rods:.Y,:;;'S,Landing.'Nel;st
'.■'■:■ Gruilheai'l: ..Rod's :'.Y' ■■';,':Y'y--!-.:TY;Y ;. Y
a1jLy;;.Iv1;N.D'S;  OF;
Superior to all others irrespective /
of price.    Catalogue tells you
l(l,liiH),ll(lO <-ig-i'YI       "why:    Write for one.
aroftes and nearly Y,,0(K'i   tons Of
c'lit tobacco. • ■).
HereafterYbelIs    tli:V,1    call-   be
heard a distance of a(.)U leet must;
Pact'oryi   "'     J
J        New York.
'" AND'/IAlPORTER fc)F • ,-,;.;
tipe.ky ^lountaiil A\-emie,
I' \v. Port Sieeie, B. G. y";    ■
'Y',',.   hYu't Steele. ::li.C. ".:'■
Y    General Blacksmith.-
'■■' YKGRSE,SNOEi'HG,'/ .-'y.Y
■ ■■ .'.■'■.J.'"' ■■ AMS. JOBBING.--     "■.
Alining ,'. VVork'- [ a.    Sp.et'ialty..
(;rice, i). j>.;s. :
(.'mi!I'liitc t'h iliiiicl nliin I i.-iital' < ,'ol lege
kiverskl'c    A\ciuie,
EOR.T STEELE. ,11.  G.      . ,j
>TIie   Milwaukee^
,.-  v.";    •':.:'     :.        '.-■"      ■- ■   V „..'-.-.,   .■-,.■-.:
', ,A 'familitir nttiiie'-.Tor-.■'.th.e.- •< 'liiragb.
.^I.itwauke(i'&:.Si..''''iViiii,l ratihvay.-known
till r'b'.ve'r the V.nibri Us.: tl^.o Greii.ti, I !ai 1,7
way -rimi'iiyg vlu: :;.l'iii,ijci- ljiiniltjt};:'
trains every, (layitiid ,niglil,;i;iet'\\-eo.n St.'
PaulYiuiil/'Yliieii^'O; ;ih(.l';.Oinalia. -unit'
Chietigo." •'-.Tfie; ,011 Vy" ])(jrfijct. trains in
the.world!" Undei'St rtnd: (.:(,innectiohs
tire "mad0 .with, :.!/';,'rranscontinc'iTtiil'
Lines. ' assuring' to'jiaHseri.tfors the b'eSl.
set-vice , known. :,YLu.\-iu'ip«'s,. (.'bitehf.-i.:
eleetrie li.ii;lits, stean
'e(|itakt(lMiy no oilier line;      ../"   .;• ''-,:• '-<.'■■
•'See, thai;, yoni' t iYcet re,ails Via vTlie
.M..il\vanke..-r'' wJk.-ij ii'oiii.ii' io any point
.inl.iiL' United.Stones' or <'unada." .;.:\11
ticket, ua'ciits selllhcin.'   ■'       :,
For rates, pamphlets or otlii.:!- 'infoi'--
niat ion.'adi'lr.ess.    -     '■ ■'■    -:■  '   '"■
.r.'.\v,;casi;:v,     .a: -i. Kniiv.''
"fniv. I-'iiss. Au\..        ■    (Ii'iii'i-il'l Ayi'iil.   ;:
SKAT'rr.K, wash. . poirri.'AN'n'. (>i{.
'»i.'..'«i.'>»»;,'.'|i >♦«.<:.«*. ..»i...4i.;,.>i...'f.. :
      -•-■■'■ ■* ^te'-;i».-.■:•.».»;-
.'LINKS;. .^■,;YV.-i''Y-;
arit:i?i:cial BA:nrs#
•*?. In ...fact' a" complete sporusmahs paradise,
Pixis] ),ectors a nd ,;Mii,iersYsho ill d. see .the display of-
°ij>:::Compasses,   MineralY&lasses,;';Spectacles,Y,Eye: ShadesY Eye.^
*^  niYYi'.i _'°i.' .1   ri.:. .1.- 3 "mY — YY ::      '--Y. ■''"':■'   <■.•     '."!'■;,';.;■..;./". --. ■   ?{v
Shields' .rarid.-'Smoke't?,.'"Glasses'.'
■•.*!■: ■■-
."...""■■ ..* Aly;stoclc"ol" Toilet Soaps is;bainplete '.'and.-the-;variety £
In-lhisiiile is'"asto"ni.shni«hY''fYY''YV'-"-;■"■;;.^
ass" ..."■■■. y:.
■•**■// ■  ■
ife.-o' :;
■'.If       .<•
■.»'6'«. y       ■■ ,     .
leah ol .-a   verity | ^¥.       ;./. -,; '.''■��•". '■■.x:'-[.'-':  ';■'";.■".•.,'" /['-'.x     ■■'. j."   .','"   YY;:' ' "'
^'4'   W    i^'l' Y 'l'k DEIjIv ■'Gr.aii.na'te'.OriTfirio'pri]']
'/FQRT-;; ■:-■   'Y':
,':', Steele.:
:%' (if Pliarniac'v ?J?,
:-;'..;;':". .   ./';;'Y;^;
.ii-. > ■»-   Jfi«. :'-i.-   .«.>->4i .-I?'1 .->i jiv'-V9>- ±$' j^»5.--»C'- ^t'.it'- .»«;-.'€.-. v'0^: .dr. .v^>. ,-;.5:. ..'.3;. >;>.,. i-»>
*   -" ■•..- 77r- " "r-..-'"-''o^*>'-'>    -:r^'---'.'-%^^r^:c^cu^o^-»>»^"^«r^o.^^>>-c,.«-t.-,^.".<?.-j..^wJ.^r»**
.'.' .ii.  ■  "..;';   .-■'•''..".'■. ,;.v:" ■.'.    ■,'.' .''•.'   : ■   ."   ■' " ,   .;"   ..  ■:,",.. .; .'.;•' ,'.;".-.
« jipst -$-* ^ps-: .-Ur'-? pa
A   Limited > Stiecial   Offer Which
<   .Will Last i'or Ten Days Only.,
(i'i':.\-i:.lNli,'l5.\l,-l,'l( .S 1)1 AMOXIJS have a
woi'l(lwi('lo,i'c|i.i;lul.ioli.' il 'is':l.l:l!i(,i.-.l.',iiii-
|l(issillle 10 (listill^llisll   tllelll   I'l'i'illl    U'en-
irine. 11 in iiKKi. l.-i -ciihI iny hinii.li'cd.-' of del-
lai-i. i','ic!i.    ''TlM.'y an'. Yiii-ii ,li\  tin'.', host
|H'o.plc.     SV.'ivill forward   11.  ( .' i:.\'i'l \" K
r.Alv'l.'loS 1) l.\M ox 1.1 iiiounli'd in a l.mjivy
i*T 11 ii-, pili. or stud t.o any   addi'i.Ys. u'j-ji'ni
i the,,-receipt  c>f   price,  >1 .ou.caeli. "t'.ai'-
! I'in.j's.   >f\'i-w:s.   or  drops., 'r-   per pair,
jltiny  sol-iJnys  mv inarlejif nnc coin-in-'
I nous piece of l,lii,(.]c,' shelled   n;old,   and
j u'ai-i'anted not to turnisli..1'- Special .'oni-
I liinal.ion ptfei: I'orten , days-only!', .liiiin-.
j'aiiil stud'sent to any  iiddi'.'Ss   upon   r<-
; ci.'i pi,' (if   #1.00.,    In   ui'i.lei'ini;' i'jiiy i;'ive'
: liii^'oi' iiieasiireiiK'til, Iiy I'si.u.jYt liieci.
sti'ine'    also full  parliciilars.     Addn
,TIIK   IIAI.'IOdH   HIA.\1m.\'|i CO.. j        ,   ' .,'  ,',..'
'Y  , I'tsl   I |s:| -r.cd.-nlwav.      ! •
".....•     \< a- veil:.YAgents  at■ Wi'Miermere  fo
'  il
j\Miici-s:go.!iig'.!ioi-ll!\v:ii-(l \-i;i (Ynioi; River.R'ou'to'\vill''.tiii'tl il ;i' hii'ge
snviug-iiiifl coiivonieiuie to ]iro<:ure lliei'r-supplies at.'" Donald.. ■'.-
(lantori   Slcci  Conipany
Willi I (.'rill ere. (Yd den and Divmld.
.Miiiing Divisions.
Hie California Giant Powder Co, THE PROSPECTOR, FORT S'J EELE. P. P.. OCTOREi: II. Ih'M).
®lj& ^vo&p-ttiox
SA'l't'li!) \V
I'oilKK N. ls!Hi.
Stories of Dynamite.
"A   cartridge  oi  dynamite   is
pretty much like a   woman   -you
can never tell what it, i.-> yoing lo
do ne.vt, beciui.so it doesn't know
itseJl."   said a boss blaster.     "1
have  .seen   ti   powder  .salesman
throw   a   cartridge  of dynamite
, into    a     red-hot    firebox   of   a
twenty horse    boiler    and      Ihe
stun" just burned like lard.   Next.
day I saw a boy   repeal ,the  experiment    with   a    blacksmith's
iorgi' and a pill of dynamite   no
larger   than   a   pea-- anil   there
will he wholesome fear and   soft
coal   in   tint  boy   as  long,as he
live--.    I have .-ecu a ca-e of   l"<>
sticks of dvnamite  fall  Mm  feet
upward-.    Jil.e     bkn-k-    potvilcr.
| Our   wa v   oi   provini:   thill    in a 'j
[quarry i.- to lay a -lick of dyna- j
('mite on top ot a bowlder.     After |
(lie .shot tli!1 bowlder is   smashed j
to bits,     lint the   professor  had |
has   own   notions.      He   curried
three   round   block's  of iron, six
inches   in    diameter   and   three
inches   thick.      Then   he  took a
newspaper from his  pocket  and
spread one sheet over the face of
the block, 1 placed  half a  stick
of dynamite on top and  covered
it with a little heap of sand  and
touched it off.     You would hardly  believe  tli!'  result,   but   you
can see the block  on   exhibition
in   a  glass  case   in the Stevens
Institute   library,   and  you   can
read on it  distinctly--of  course,
the type appears backward-tie,
printing   of   that   part   of   the!
paper which covered   the  block,i
11 .i
at , the   time  of   the   explosion, j
the   professor   had' anothei i
Ready .for prompt Shipment JX QUI
Bottled boor for family use a specialty
and AXLE6
Wire Rope and Supplies
Compressors m Drills
Write for Estimates and Catalogues
., Manager,
down  a   shaft  and   never wink.
and I've seen mi   Italian  drop  a! Rut
ha If cartridge from his   hand   to ; wrinkle up his sleeve.     He pick-| , '
his  boot   and not a urease spot jed tip an ordinary oak   leaf  and {
did the poor IVllow h-avn behind, [spread it over the face of  a  >ec- 'OUTSIDE ORDERS dl VEX STRICT
At that the poor fellow deserved ,'ond block.     1 prepared a i-harye i
a better fate, for he made a des- i similar to the first, and this time j       • , ,        •
perate   fight   lor    it    before   he j the ribs of the" leaf and   even,  ils
scattered.     , lie    was    loading   a! outlines     appeared       distinctly
blockhole  at   the   time  and had; pressed!   into   Llie   iron   surface,
jiisi broken a cartridge   in   half. \ According to the ]>rofos>or,   the
when   he  dropped . one   of   the action   of   the  dynamite   was so
pieces.      l-Jofo/v   it   touched  the  quick   that   the   rih.s  of the leaf
irround he .-ort yi half cauirht   it ) had not time to burst   apart   be
and  , then     ifinde    a    de.sperate! ture they were impressed' on the i
juggling act.    Airain   and   again, inrn^    In liie case  of   the   news-1
he half caught the deadly thing. ;paper the   printed   letters   were;
Then   he  mi.-sed   it.   '   FJ" 'iiiadY harder   tJian    the'   surroiuiuiny
'one last effort and stuck out   hi-^,white of the paper, therefore Jie .'
foot to break ihe fall agai'n.sl the  impression.       The    professor's:
hard ground, but it didn't  work, 'third block is hoi   on   exhibition]
biinir  and   it was: for   the  reasou   That    we  'never;
,»tood, near   him.'I found a piece of it larger than   aj
Which  shows  lhat   dvnamite Ls! clove,     and   that   reminds   me.'
BOX 812
Sick & Muts, Prop's.
     i*-   -'" ' iu
zz ' Getieral.Mercliaiit
L/iqtuor Dealer.
There   was   a
lucky   no  one
like  a   woman,  because   in   my
. time   T   have    dropped    similar
hundreda of cartridges of  dynamite and still T .-im ,here  with   a
good  digestion. c ljut   it    is   in
winter, Avhoti   dynamite  freezes,
that i|, i.s most oa]>riciou.s.   ,Thon
■ if you want it to <ro off it. .simply
refuses or bifrns-with a dujl roar
like a boiler blowing 'off steam.
It   i.s   mv thawing dynamite that
most   of  the   accidents   happen
sihoiif   which   you   read.      There
arc* Jwo  ^'iiy.s .of thaVing dyna-
' mile- -one by   ^I'K'iug, t'he  cart-
'ridge oh ;'i steam boil'oi'.or   within   safe  distance of  a fire:   the
.other   by   immersing   Ihem    in
pa.ils of hot water,  As the latter
Uiolhod draws  ouY ('Oiisidorablo
of the iiitro-glyceTiiuj. from   Ihe
cartridges.        and,        therefore,
■weakens   them,   it   is   often  (lis
carried in favor of Ihe more risky
Hiawing   by   the  open    lire.       1
once saw an inexperienced   man
thaw  a   dozen   cartridges by an
open lire, I hough, as the   sequel
' will show, he completely lost his
head when suddenly   confronted
with an unusual enierency.      lie
had placed the'cartridges within
a fool of an open wood   fire  and
had   sealed   himself" near   by to
await   development;-,   when   one
ot the carl rjdgos caught tire. -Had
he, left   it   to burn itseif out the
chances are 1 ()<>(> to P that   noth
ina   verv   startlinii   would   have
' what do you
1 er .said --ves.
-ay:-'"    The  report-
„ Cost of Yachting-.
, An elaborate calcuhition shows
that Sir Thomas' Liptou's ex-
pen.sew in the yacht race will .be
not le.ss<than si.nnn.OiiD. This
.sum inciudos the cost of the fine
and valuable steam yacht Krin.
I'or which he paid ^."iO.IKn'. and
twhich is wonth the money. Tt is
a great sea-iroinir steamer. 300
feei long and would be'profitable
in the passenger service. The
cdsi o/ the Shamrock- is *•';">( V
i«)(i. This i.s an immense sum.
as Dunra ven's Valkyrie'JJI cost
only xfiO.OOU. But it is said to be
not aiv improbable estimate, as
no expense was spared, on the
Shamrock': materials were new,
(if the costly kind, and subjected
to such tests that much more was
destroyed than was used, and a
bonus was paid for every stroke
of labor on the job of construction.     .       	
.Extent of Canada. ..
The area of Canada i.s nearly
thirty times that of Great Britaiu
and Ireland, and lack's only 2>}~,-
fioo square miles of being as
large as the whole continent of
Europe. It is larger than .the
United Stater- by :JOiU>U<) .square
miles. The --annexation of Canada." therefore, from the standpoint of area alone, means more
ation oi' our terri-
and irovorn-
inental responsibilities. Il is
sufficient to «,ay that, whatever
the'future has in store, there is
no indication of an early duplication o! territory and respon-
libilitv in thi-direction, remarks
happened,   for   it   i-  concussion j t,han a dupli
and not tire thai explode.-  dyna- : tonal   possessions
mite.    -In.stead.   he   rushed forward,   picked    up   the   burninir
stick by .one end. and. holding it
upward like a eandle.   bi'iran   to
blow   and    blow   until    he   was
black in ihe fare      lie never   let
o-o until Din Maine lm-an   lo   nip. a Tailed Siaies ex.-hangc
his h'njrer.s. and then   in   his   ex-
citemtmt lie threw the   carl rid if"
to   the   ifroiiud    ami    began    to
stamp on it with hi.- heels   a.-   ii
he were killinir a >u;ike: and. by
thunder:   Im   tramped    out    ihe
burning cartridge  ami   lived   to
Tell  about   it'     The   cart
called him -Angel', alter, that, he
cause, by rights he ought,  to  b<
an ftngel now.    One'day   a   pro
.Superstition Saved His X.eg\
Savages have curious superstitions A Swazi member of the
Savaife South Africa exhibition
in London had his ankle crushed
by an omnibus. The doctors de-
boy.- Yjkied that amputation wasiiccc.--
sary. Other members ol the,
Swazi tribe vehemently protested, saying that amputation ' was
fessor from Stevens f.itsfit.iite of j contrary lo Swazi custom and re-
Technology came to tlie quarry-! ligion, and thatY any member of
and. asked hie to perforin a eer ■! tlie 'tribe ■'uiidei-going it was retain', experiment for, hiiu.,,-. :\Ve iganled as br'.wit.clie!l aiu
printed.' with ..dynamite     direct-": o.-jl racize-
from.a newspaper 'in' to  a   block-! counts the savage South African
of iron.    Tlie professor .said , lhcYntid his leg
experiment,  proved   most   Inter-| linoly.   am
(.■Sting,  ,as   he    ha.il   cliscoverr-fl. 11 ha I thi^ .su|.>er;
At. last
wei'!'   gelt llig j;aloilg
doulitle.-s .   rejoices
tition of  his tribe
'    Steele.
Sole As»ents for. t'he
■' Lest
B     Manufacturer df all Kinds of L<uniber,      Yv large assort-    3'
S^:   '. nient of seasoned L-umber and Shingles always ~S
Z~ 0]1 hand. / v       ^5
B DIMENSION'    TATMMBR    "A      SPECIALTY.      ,   3
I   . WflSfl, - -Y B.G.     J
canton Steel
This Steel is guaranteed to be equal toMessop's or
■Hard'Rock Work.'
Firths in" all
Sole   Agents
Grows Nest.1 Goal company
Giant Powder company;
Mining Supplies a Specialty.
Tin: SL'iivr.YOij's chain .maiik
Tt, is tlio inuM modern in cqiiipiiK'nt,: it. i» the liL-iivicsi  railed  line:
it liiib u roeU'-hallii'-t  roiidlied: it, rro-.-'os no .-mid deserts: it was    Imilt
witliout :i hind irriint or yovormiii'iit aid: it, i.- noted  for eourle^y of its
it i- the only line .-orviii-j:  ine:iK on the :i lit earte plan.
l-'or l''Oi:T.STKI';iJl''; and Ihe K.YST KOOTKXAY MINKS. Weekly
Sla^e   I'roni  Kalispell.    Ste;iniho:ii eoiiiiminY'at.ion-. I'riini .k'liiiinjr.-
diirinsi  Summer.' iv)nielcesl and  I!<•■.!  ronU- to all  pari- ol' the  United
Slate-.   Ka-toi'i! fanada and   I'hirope.
For map-,  ticket•« and coinplete mf(irinat ion call or addre���
iii-are-l aui'Ml  or
('(J DfVON.fenera! A^ent. K I.W'll ITN K V. ii. I'. and T..V
Spiikane    Wa.-h. s'- »'«"'.  -Minn.^
  , .0 _______ ' l
The Steele House
First   Class   Brands  of  Liquors   and
»quarters      (ov .   Mining,    Men.        Commodious
Sample   Rooms.        Best   Cuisine^ in   the
West.       Modern  .Conveniences.
Home    Comforts.   .
D. McNeish
•The Best  Writing Machine
tih: oxi.v
l'ilej;'aiitiy   lllnsii-alcMl   ('.-iI.itlo^ne
iHnoiij,' other things,   jliat   il.vna-".: *;i \ ed liiin fnuii   tlie
mile   worlcs downward   and   not  the eivili/.i-d surgeon.-
Address Ed war   A., Hill, Manufacturer, 94-96 Wendell Street. Chicago
SHEEP CREEK, B. C. K. J. HIGBYE. Proprietor.
—   First-class Accommodation for Travellers.   —
Everything    New ,
The  Windermere  KI aire  Stop.s   I loth   d'oim
ami   Coininir.
Fort Steele
Meat Company
Y        ,   ON HAND.
Fri'sli   Halibut,   Salmon,  Salmon Trout.   Bolo.y-na  Sausag-o,
Uutter anil I^'.y.s.    Fish and Game in Season.,.-
Ri verside Avemie,
Fort Steele, 11. C. HI-: PKnSTM^CTOK. FORT STKKLK.  il C\. (K'TOKKK II. !�����('���.  >j i I'JLWMKr.mep'j-mjg^aii^j.*���>���> r  *#��    ��i*   ������#�����    ��#*    ��#*    *#��    %A��   ��A��    *|*    ������*    h#��    *#*    >i��    t.4*  *$��    ��f��    *$�����    ��f��    #$��    *(��     *�����.    #((��     *f*     *()���     ^3*     .-fa    rfm.     ,ft  >����� >*i��   ���(���   ���$*  ��#*  �����*   *�����   fc#*   *������  *!���   ��������   *i-  ����. ��(��  k*��..��.  >*��� .�����  .A.   .*��  ^ �����,t.  *  THE  HP  .frw   ��� *.   .f��-   .C-   ���>���-   ���������*'   ���$*   ��fi*   >t��    .*��    -I*  ���*�� -*- *c* -f* -t* ��J* ���>* ���*�� 'd�� '*�� *������  ����    ���t*    *��.    .f..    ��� *.   .����    .j.   **,    ,4,    ,1,    ,|,  -����� -��-  '(��  "������  -Ji-fi <  ��*> <�����  ,}. .(��.  ������� ��������  '        ��������� ��������  -*  't*  ���(��� ���*��  ' .��. .|��.  The only Government town \ti the District  '' ' c  " I        '    ' ' . , <        ' '  WATCH THE PROGRESS OF FORT STEELE  The Hub of the  FORT STEELE  District  Tlie Center o��  Population  Mining center of  11 ' ' t 1  the district  Kich Placers on Wild Horse, Brewery and Fisher creeks.     Since 1864 $25,000,000  in gold hasjbeen taken   out of Wild Horse.  Sole   headquarters   for   Tracy, Wasa, Lewis, Wolf, Wild Horse, Maus   and Lost  creeks.    The highest grade ore camp in B. C.  Head 01 NaViflatiOn On th6 Kootenay River  -Daily Stage, between Fort Steele and the Junction  The   Objective   Point ^ai  The KOOTENAY & NORTHWEST Railway, also  T h e  Northern  ��  Clioice resident aiid business lots 30x99 frQin $100 to $250,  titles guaranteed-    For Particulars Apply to  Easy terms  ti  ��  ��  ��  ��n  S& ff  ���9  ��  TV  ��22?  ��  o :t< isjys/'t.)K. i-< .UT sTi-.i;!.;-, u. <■.. i/cj u ,",!•:,<; n, i-'..;.
BT-4- »1 •   i —•        - -
Tlie Canadian Bank of
F>aSd     wp    Capites!     $6,000,000.
IfO.v. CjCO.  Ar.' COX,  Pn/siden:. , '       M. K.  WALh'l.K. (.'.■ii. .Man
EXCHANGE on all puns of the world bought and -.old,
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Fort, Steele's1 Girartfc>i~ook Branches
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
®tye $fia$pzd;ov.
S.VTl/KDAY. <)("J'oi.JKU \4. W.i'.i,
Local news notes.
Hoard of .License CoiumisKi'oncrs.
The Hoard of lijceiw Coni-
iiiis-doner-. niel ;it Cranbrook on
Sal in-day last. !>ul little biisJiic-,-.
was lr.-uis(icj('(i. A licence was
•riven to Tom Forresl of \]u.
Forrest House. (Yra'nbrook. ,\
license was refused S. J. lien
nessy of, l'\;rnie. The application
of CVor<re Shier lo transfer his
license io the. Mountain House
was not considered owing to (he
fact that his bu.sines.s liad been
-    St. John's Church of England.
Divine service will he   held   jn
•St.    John's,     church      at     7YJo
Strangers, welcome.
Sunday   school   at   i':.".o   p. m.
j AH the children invited.
I'KKSUYTKKIAN   cm  Ki'il.
WB 3y.-T--3r — ,-TY-cavs., 7T r-11—TT-j-^^-xr».-jjorna.>v-*j^uL*
h   -ni'   D    f      /i Yi,1 / V   n    ^YlY^fl^/   r §
5  i J-ih b. ',. /Vo^.i & oj-j i^Jvj ;t ,Al I
«3 , — y~~      oUJ J jl.1  laJ., LJD. i
S1     ' .I-ATK M\ii''\;;L\NK/v  CO.) &
2 i'r   -   ViJMCOUVCP,     B.     O.        4jf £
[j We arc .Manufacturer.', and direct Importer.-*, anu carrv a  \
3 lar^e stock-<d U.-ilaMc, h'urnnces, Fire <YJay Good.-,, .S.-iontHic '\
\ and I'racfjcal Hooks. (Jla.ssware, I'latiiiiun floods. Acids. !=
= Chemical*, and all other Assayers'and Miners' requirements,   '
j SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea. Beck- \
-.. er's Sons' Balances, Etc. £
'' i " ' ■' i2
| ( ufulonue and full particular.-, on application. 2
The   "*
F^r-oiessaottja I.
,'..„ i''oi:r stnlll, » c
NO. 30.
A.  F. AMD A. M.        C, R,  3. C.
If <-t-. ,ll,ll-     mi • lln....     |si     'I'l.isiliiv    in    ,-.lc!l
in..mil ,11 < it-lii I. vloi-l;      \"i^-ijintr Jln-ilii in an:
ronli.illy in\ 11. <1
A   W. ISi,h.\-.ni.i,iJ Sivrcuivv.
l-'oii-i Sji.ki.i, Iii:\-i:i,>m'mi:m Sv.MniAnLTD
III- l.caik'iiliall Sin-it. l.iiiiiinii, Kiitrl.nid.
J'OST oi.'i.'jra.; no.v s
loin L.   lira,.- wno   ha--   been      ti    ,.    ,.,-n i , • '
...  i-,,,., ^(/>  i   V       ,,     '       ,   ,. there will lie preach i im   e\ cr\
at I'orl Steele fcir   the   na.-l    lew,,
week-., jvturue i  I..  Ui.s'slaiui   i.n-     "u,iiy     al     tlu'    '-''''•■-hvteri.'.ii
Tuo.sdav. icluircli at 11 a. 111    Siindav school
0 i       .'
ut - p. in. '
S.  1). I'umpelly of L'nkccreek. '       *     ° . M    v.   .
uasa visiuir in town on Monday' ■ View, of the M.«,on, , ,
a.nd Tuesday '   ,   ° I'holoirrapher     1'ivM '   veiled
0 iih.-Si. Mui'v's  lu'.-erve   -and   Si/
.J. w. k. y..u„£. and Wm Car- u,, v-.    ,.,,V).nv,  CJl, . Monday. WELLMAN     d£     HUREL,     Prop's.
Kimberley,    B. C.
iiii wem io Perry creek on Tues-
\\ Idle there he secured soiue'cx'-
;CeII(Mil    view-   of   the    Indians.
The lir.-.l n!»uu\v ot the s.jiocm
came hint Tuesday mornini: c-nv-
orina: the earth with a white
niitiille much to rile di-misl of
\he liiniiui'!) wh'd had iieirUv'.'-d
id rliir their poUbtocn .'     Mr. and ili-s. Palmore ami Dr. Jiheir houses   and   surroundings. '
„   ,,   ,,.1,<y''T'"" ,        j Crice worn on a jijeasiii-e )rj;)  !o;4Yhew developed   ximc   of   tliespY
b..L. Millin-   ha.>   ac-et,t«,i   an | Sand   .-ivelr- a    few   days   a-;.. ' vi..w<   w:ij   ho   Nl,llt    hv.    !,1(1;.,„
aircncyfor a lea plantation   that "where thev .-pent   several" davs   V       , i    ,,        , ,'    ,
hnporr-from  Crvlmi. •   Ho. will i  ^' r   '      , Awnt t.albraith to   the  depart-!
.sell   in   -iinail   nuau-iiie-   or    w.     The b\,v\ Steele bramdi of the! "ui"' !lt ^tt^^i. ^hei-e they will :   "'
lariic. and invite-a trial >"  _Bank or L'uiii!'(e"ice will open  it.- 'p^^habl.y ap[iear in the next   an-1
.T 1   A,        "    Tr          doors tor  hu<me>.-  soon  as  the. mial report of the Tudian Deiiarl-!
Mr. and   Mva.  -J.   II.   Loiu-nui; -ale and -latii.iiorv arrive.    Th.e  ,„���„. °    \i,-    p,.„ ,   „.:ii    .i,Y.,i   '
and dauirhter  kd'i .ior .Suokaue I new   safe   u.^r,-  C..k).>   puund^'    \"'\'  , U"1   'VI"   "Uw lli : '
on Saiiu-day la.-,!       Mr. .CoukJiu   The interior of ihe bank was tilt- ' Vl"lt       '""^"'"i-'iv  district   on ■ a •
.will return in a couple of week?..; ed up'by Xeidiir B]-o',-.. wiior did 'l'"ofa.ssioual trip,   when   he   wil,]
' r 0 .a, ino.-t exceiieui job. " c no do.ubt srel ihe tiuest' v^ews   of
,  ' Joe, Taenha user  the  .Jeweler.' -- i that section ever taken.
guarantees all work. '•     ;     Fivd Sir.ith editor of the-Mo^vie J ,- -   v '.	
rn.      ,.      , -   j Leader and   Editor. Simp.-on "of i    ' Railroad Rumbles.
J he .people ol (iolden. alive to J the  Craabrook   Herald   went  to'  '■ ti,      u ,„ •   ,      ,
the i.nporhuk-b of communica- \ the Spokane 'Exhibition and in- ^. ^ ,?il!lW ^^"Pei-mloiidcnis
tion with the interior, have about j eidemally took in the Hi<di .links ■ "lthls "ivision has taken place,
decided to coustrucl a lelephone j of the Spokane Pre-s Club   -        'i-ay.-. the Crarfbrook Herald.    M.
line'lo Yunderrmn'e. | ,  '! H. Macieod. who has 'held   that
Xew wall pap^7atCamfs ^..^'.^mm^^ l^^s-,portion  since   the  branch   was
S2    PER   DAY       *
Is-ft  krge rind Attn.cLixo Hotel of Quiet'Elegance in ;tll
its Appointments, with ?t,Cusine of Sujierioi
F*.L.S.  c^-  CB.
J-Vn-f  Steele  B.C.
//.;.. v i:mm ix.<.
I'. L . S.  ,t   <:. /•;.
Fort Steple B.C. ,.
w. n j;,i^-.   ' n  \v, hkiiciimeb.
BaiTis.ter.h' ' -      -      Solicitors
,For(   Steele,   II   (j
LAXl^S and MINES ."
,   NOTARY   PUBLIC        °
Fort Steele,
B. C.
v«i.i- K-..11  ...,, i  n i . ,    ..w.v.- j;*s "•-   ii..j.Tiuuii   .-jiin.1,-    uje    ujaiiuu     Has
-New wall paper at (Jamis. ure in ackncnvleda-inif the receipt f ,.,i.  -, „*. , -.     n i   '
                               ..,..,  ^.^ l= "j- "■'"- ltLLIrl .taken over ov the companv,  has
„        ,    ,-.   ,.        ,        . ,, • uL   an    nivitation   to  attend   the I, ,       .        ,   4    «  ,, L     .
Raw J. b. Coombs oJ \ ancou-, tir-st a.-.-embly and .-upper to bei ■" a&sitfnGd _ to ,othoi" unpoi--
vei-. .-iiperinte.ndenl of Baptist j »-ivon'bv the officer.- and mein-'1;"" work*, and .7. A. Camej'on i.s
Mis.-ions.   arrived   in/town   on | bers of Coui't Fernie'lYO. F.   oniappointed   to   his  place.      The
mlhcPre'vrlT'n     j'" ludl'^|Pctob0l-    :Jlst.    The   hospitable | ofticial, circular  aunouucinir   the
m the liH ten.,,,   cliurch   ,he   P«oi^ Camer0I]
make the occa-ion one to  be. re-'    .„ .     ,.     ,
inembered.       '' - j will have cnarge ti-om JJunmoj-e
—._.'  , ,     '  [Junction  to   Kooteimv   "Landing
•\.   \Z.    Wright   of   the   Foft'jand   that   his   ofrico  will   be   in
Coo. S. MiCiii'iisr. , J. A. II:n\iy
'    <
,!iiirri.-lci>.   Solia'tiirr.,   A'tilurii* J'uhlir,
— 'Ci,„rci/uneci> etc.      , ,
•same evening.
Ckua'k Sj'liNr;i,ks.   Pirst clans'
.coast   Cedar  Shingles   for  .sale
, . -.. '  ~-~~. ^,. , j. "   l   liiJH Ul Ull^T 1'ULl,      ai.W        UJUI 111.-.        ..'.U^V. »>1JJ U^ III
iiquireat CigarSUnv or C.   M.   Sleele Mercantile Company   has j Cranbrook.
Keep iV- Co. '      __ ' •>••  , gone lo Siiolcane to take   in   the;    TY. . ' ,   ,        ,'-,->,
■ r        •   isxplwitio,,.    Mr. Wright i.s   the!    ^js expected .that the Kob.son
CM.   Keep   went,  lo   Winder--  hnlv    reiire.sentative   from   Fort' ^'Fenticton railway, will be  fin-
merf: on Sunday and returned on
Now is ihe Lime' to insure.   Ue-
iiii'inber I lie fate of   the   luterna-
lional Hotel, and call at once-on ,
M.  A.   I'iKAI.K. 0 ,:''
-    Ag'efil  Imperial Insurance Co.
Judge f.'orin ol Ihe Counly
Coiirl arrived on Tuesday.
(leueral Arlhur cigar.- and
Wiil'.- navy cut at Keep.-.
Dr. Hugh Wall returned from
a Irip lo ihe ea.-i on Tue.-day
A. C. Kobi'i'son expects to
leave for Quanali. Texas, in the
cotu'sc of a few days. He will
reiuru in t he Sprim:'.'
'■ 1-1    I'Y C'olhMi came down   from
Windermere on Sunday last.
imijv    i eju e.-entai i ve   irom   r ort'vv/J >-"<-'. >■"" in.ii.inj,-  ..in  m.   im-
StOeleai the Exiiosiiion and  hcii.shed to f^reenwood on M'ondav.
-iiii. ^'
will spealc a good word or many
of them for the resources of
East Kool.enuy.
Tom C. Cray, not, the original
Tom C. Ci"ra\'. who has been
s[)(>nding several, days in this
vicinily, but the travelling agent
of J. V. (iriftin & Company of
Nelson, wih in town on Wednes-
\\Y \i.  Ko.ss went to J\o.-sland
on Wednesday.
Judge Forin n'turned ,to   Nelson on Wednesdav.   ,'
Harry Reineman has moved
into the new house on St. Mary's
William Mills ,of Moyie is in
F. U.  Lewi.- of   Edmonton   ar
Tom C. Cray wem to Elko onji'i\'cd in town on Thursdav even-
| in-
', There i.s a large rail road camp      ('.    J'1,    llaniihiglon    returned
on St. Mai'v'- prairii.1. ilioni iliconsl last evening.
The new road to Perry creek Joe Taenhau.-er ha.- had the
is now completed. People whoi Watch Uosjiital lixed uji in tine
have been over ihe road pro , ,-hape. and ha- a comfortable and
uoiinre n a uood  job co.-y -hop.
The'"oiiauf ot Mr>. l)(malni" (lovernmcni Asrcnt Armstrong
of Cranbroolc wa.- <ie.-troyeii by j accompanied by Mrs. Armstrong-
lire a few day-iiiro Tlie house | |<.ft for Ferine yesterday morn-
is unoccupied and n is beliew'd iug They will ret urn on Moulin-1 fire wa.- of incendiary oriirin. jdav
  i _ _
.1.  C.   Liri'Wi'i'v   ot   Movie   ha-1     C.    M.    Keep   ri'lurned   from
bec>i    commis-ion.jd    to   act    a-   Windermere on Thursday   even-
.1 us!ice of ihe Peace. ing-     He reports   having   had   a
                             Iplea.-am   trip.
.lame- I).   Cordon   of   Tobacco;
Plains, has been irazet led coroner j     Mrs. Soperund   her  daughler
tor the Province. j Stella have gone' to   Kimberley.
. J. P. Costigan. the well Iciiown
attorney, was in town 'during
the term ..of court. '.'.'■.''.
The veteran- W. K. Sprague
came down from' Tracy creek a.
few days ago. ''Dad'' i.s an op-
i i in is t, and vi e w's 1 he i n i n i ng si t -
naf ion through' rose colored
glasses.        •   "■        .'      ;  .     '
K. O. Jennings went io Perry
creek on Monday rein ruing on
Tuesday night...
Harry Howard,,, of Howard <fc
Hays', (''ernie,- wa.s 'in town during tlie week. f
Steve WaJlace, propriet<u- of
the Hotel l^ernie. was a visitor
iii town this week.
J. A. Cameron the   newly   appointed   superintendent   'of   the;
Crow's  Nest   line,   formally 'as-j
sumed charge of the division   at \
midnight of Ihe 11th.   If was an- j
nounced   in   Tin-:    Puo.si'Kutok !
several weeks ago that Mr. Cameron was to relieve Mr. MlicLood
but this was denied, his appointment shows lhat The Puo&i'KU-
TOit's   in format ion   was correct.
Mr. Camerons jurisdiction extends from Dunmore Junction to
Kootenay Landing.
Kails oil the Nelson ot Uedling-
ton railway were laid lo Port,
UiII on Tuesday.
11 is learned that the winter
schedule of the C. P. II., which
goes into effect, on the l.'dh hist...
contemplates tri-weekly service
over 1 he Crow's Nest Pas.- Kail
There are Nan.0<>() men in the
world who gain a livelihood
chielly by fishing, making an annual catch of nl'lTi worth ol fish
for each man. The fisheries of
the United Stale.- supplies sOo.
noli pounds annually, and those
of IOurope 1.M)0,(I0() pounds.
Everything New. First Class and up to date J ,
s-_^^__   In Every .Particular,
HEADQUARTERS   for Travellers and Mining Men.
Do li o-ia spoors an
'    .OFFICE-Kivn-Mlc Avtnuts.
A'exf I)i,or to BleastMVit hnuj Store.
To be classed as "firbt \valer,"a diamond iiiu.Nl be absolutely wbite and free
from flaw.s. 11 must als.o be perfectly
cul, with every facet in correct proportion and anj^lc, and have clear cut
edg-cs at tlio trirdlc—otherwise brilliancy is lo.sl. Birk.s' specially is "first
water" diamonds. The economy of (heir
enormous purchases enables them to
sell Birks' Quality Diamonds for less
than what is usually asked for lower
Every piece sold i.s subject to icliirn
if not satisfactory.
Write for illustrated calalojjfue.
Shaving ?t Hair Dressing Parlor
Nrxr lu Onciitiil Hotel
All kinds of hair work   c
. a specialty.
i'olonrapine address: -
n     i   .t-oi-t rs . WY\LSI-!. OTTAWA.
A. J. GREZ,   -   -   Proprietor   	
El J. WALSH, C. E.
-M. CAX. SC)C. C. ]'.. ■      '
FormiTlv on t'licuieeriiii.' -tiuf ol' JJep.p.-;-
meiit K:iil\r:i.v-iiiul C'uni.ls. Ciiiiiuln ,irul late
Oiveetorof tlie Public Work- DoiJ.-u-iinein of
tlie I.ee^iiu!I-.!:i.':c!s. *
KKl'OHTS tor Storage   llescrvoir.-.   Filter   Herts.   Water  AVorlcs.    Salutation,'
Sewerage and Jjiuirl   Draiiianu.   Trri<ra-'
tion.  Public   Ronds and Bridges. Hail- '
ways, Tramway:! ,te.
Ottawa,' Ontario  and
Port Steele. B. C.
Sterling Silver
Silver Plate
Watches, etc.
Henry Birks & Sons
Jewellers to 11 is Excellency
the Karl of Minto.
County Court.    .
.ludire Korin held a cession   ol
the Count v Court in East Koole-
u *;
nay on Tuesday last. There
were bul. few cases on Uiedoekel.
Court adjourned on Wednesday
noon. °
M. A. Heale has entirely recovered from his recent; illness,
and. may now be'l'ound at the old
stand. ' "■ '   . '.'-''■'
B.    F».   COOK.
Livery,   Feed   and   Sale   Stable.
Fori Sleele.   U   ('.
TKAiUlN'O Ol'' Al.l. KINDS SOI .H'l'l'K I)
Fori    Steele    II. (J
ill.VJNti  IIKOK'KK.
N.liT.U.'V I'UT.I.ir.
Tliere was a meelin^ of t.h<
Hospital .Hoard' on Tliui-sda.\
eve.ninir. No business of.importance'was transacted.'
A. (Y Loni^lcy is in ..town.
.1.'resident' Mill of .the (I real.
Northern is seeking to purcluise
the Ceiitrnl Washingloii branch
of the -Northern   Pacific.
Lost:   -A   jiocktd    bool<. , con:
taininjr    several'   letters.      The
finder will ..oblige  by   leaviiiir   it.
with, N. A. Walu.N(":kh or M. A.
(•eorge A.Watson is in  town. iJJkalb.
KauTlman House
Livenj, Feod 6c Sale Stable.
t'orl  Steele  li.C
Iti'jiliilar   Daily   SIh»i-   iiiccN  all
trains at Furl Sln-le .Inneliiin.
• Ifi'iil Hsiiiie.iml Cencial A*r. nt,
-'J:        WINDERMERE,    B.    C.
< 'uri (Kjifllillcurr  Slilirilcil.
Assay    tS:     AIc-talkir^isL.
CIv'AXIIKOOK.   u. c.
, The al.iove.l-I.ole.1 has. been recently ■erected, and neatly furnished throughout.,
Cosy and Comfortable Rooms
The    liar   supplied ■'. with    die    ItKST
brands of l.if|ii(ii's and (.'iyitrs.
MRS. UNDERBILL,      Proprietor.
Sur\-e\s  nl   .Mineral   claims.  IJuads,
Mines. ,.|c.
wixm-JUMHiiK  j:. c.
h'resh Hread and Cakes
Y !<Yesh Pruits evei-y day
;   Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Eggs
Fresh'Milk and Butter
imd   \\rATER,.VIICLONS.
— will upun a —
■;     .     hi FORT STEELE
And will Im; here at, Furl-   Steele  oYery
following Tues'd.'ly tor Uie'j pn;senf.
Flash   I.ighl,    I 'ietiu-es   and', outside
views t.alcen h.v.aiipoint.inent.;
i ■' '■■;
Studio open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.mi
Kershaw's Old Stand.


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