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The Prospector Oct 21, 1905

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 Uortr* <*" ^��6 ABI  ^  _   I   ,  JilClJi/^,,  .    *S-  yCT 2.; 190b     *  Jr>  mo*  RlA. S  Vol. 11.  CRANBKOOK^B. C, S^TCRDAV, OCTOBER 21, 1905.  No. 43.  !���  I':  CAUGHT  IN   THE ACT  Chas Dolaney Arrested Charged  With Breaking-Into-W H.  Wilsons Jewelry Sto'e  On Tuesday evening Chas De-  I.ini'y, alias Oscar Johnson, was  arrested by Constable Haron lor  breaking uiln the  jewelry   store  ' ol \V H Wilson On Wednesday  Dolaney was taken before Stipendiary Magistrate Armstrong  lor u preliminary hcuring' ���.  Tin.; eo.Mi'LAixr  c "JMiu complaint al legos lhat  Chas   Del.inev, at Cranbrook   in  ' llie County of r-iisl Kootenay, on  CK;t 17rli ,was found by dav un  lawhillv and without lawful  excuse in a curtain disguise, to  witt- his lace and hands blackened, with intent to commit an in (  dictable oltenst:, to wilt ��� lo break  into Lhe sftiu of W 11 Wilson,  and steal the goods and chattels  of the .said  \V. 11.   Wilson  A   socufd    I'niiipl.unl   charges  that Chas    Uebiney   did   in.law  lnlly breik and   entei    t lie   sln-p  oi    W ^ II    Wilson with intent to  t'Oliiill11     ii '     rid 'Cable    nil en so  t ll"l ('111   'til      Will 'O      sll'.ll       t III'  I 1 (  si on. Is a   d   cliilleis   nt    the   s:id  W    II     \\ il-on  Till     I'*. Villi.M'lC  W 11 Wilson "i.v.ii n 1 was  in nn stole mi ' idnhmoK, last  infill. 1 hi'iii.l .i click .lyain^i  the ,^-lis, |i>aU' window .is il a  fii.imond inn across tin- ui.iss- I  went '(i ih" li'uiiL (lour, loolied  out, ..nil saw .1 man Maaden; in  tionl ol the Manitoba Hotel with  .1 biii 1 o.it and slouched licit 011  lie ha I ins h 111 Is 1,1 his ovoreo it  l)Oc;l\el.s ,\ml was  lookinsi   across  a ihosbieet 1 saw his laco but  did no' ieeo��iuzo him Ue was  . about my height and my build. I  went back into the store and F.  Pat ton came 111 and said there  was,a suspicious man outside. I  telephoned Mr. Baron. I did not  see Baron until he walked by  with the prisoner. I examined  my window'afterwards, 1 found  a hole drilled through ' the window casing about three inches  trom the glass, I also found a  long wire with a little crook at  the end of it. There were dia  inonds, watches, cat glass, gold  nuggets and clocks in it. The  diamonds were in ring settings in  plush boxes The hole was half  an inch above the level ol the  floor of the window on,.which the  goods were placed, the rings  placed in a .semi circle, and the  lirst ring was about 12 inches  irom the hole and the farthest  diamond was four feet from hole  The width ol the window two  feel Tiie hole was about an  inch'and a quarter 111 diameter,  the rings coukf have been taken  through tho hole also the nuggets 1 dressed the window myself on I<Vnlay morning, 1 put  goods in tho window at half past  seven yesterday morning. The  hole was not there then I recognize the prisoner, he was in my  store yesterday, 1 think about  half past two, he asked about 11  gold chain, picked out one and  asked to have it laid aside and  went out and was to come today  and get it. 1 showed linn chains  only. The same gootls were in  the window as they were last  night  Fred l'atton Sworn:���1 came  out from the pool room and  stood in front of the, window at  McBride.s . hardware, store. I  noticed a man walk by with a  long overcoat iind a slouch hat,  the man's face nv'us blackened it  did' not appear natural and I  mentioned the fact, to Hamilton..  The'man walked across the road  to tho Manitoba hotel, past  W'l-  . , rion's store and back agitiu.-. Ho  stood awhile in front of the Manitoba hotel and crossed to Tis  dales, close, to where we wore  standing, ho took 0.1 it. liis-ipipo',  I had noticed a man smoking bo-  , fore on the street. He stood in  front, of Wilson's store window,  within lfi foot of the window, I  jiuMiot.Biiru whothur it  wiw   be  fore 01 alter he wa* al Ti-dales.  I alsosiw him standing in the  ape: lure between lhe -Manitoba  aiKRVilson's styre He walked  p.ist 'Pates and toAaids the  Cranbiook 1 weni o'. i-i and  told Mr Wilson that I had seen  a man infiont of 1 he .stoie acting in a .suspicious way, that was  about halt past "eight or ,1  quarter to nine in the evening.  When he came to Tisdales 1 was  standing about ten feet away. I  noticed that his hands were  blackened He had it long pipe  about -six inches long with a  quarter inch white ring round  the top of ihe bowl , 1 had seen  the prisoner some days before  with such a pipe I can't sa\  that the man whor had his lace  blackened was the prisoner, the  man who had his lace blackened  woie a dark ram coat. 1 cannot  recognize this coal, coal shown,  a�� lhat coat. The ma 11 wore  tanned shoes, ihey appeared, to  "ue lighter than these 'lie  p.-isonei is now wen rim: 1 d'd  not .see the pi isohet a'.'ill) .ili'-l"  1 told All    Wi1-.mii  Cro-.s IO--: i'iii'jo.1 !>\ I'i isniiei"���  He w is on t he skIcw il! oppos '������  1 he ap. 1 ..t 111.- l"'l \\v ��� 1 1 he Man 1-  lob.i and Wiis His, nut in I he  aperture l<siw \ mi w .ilk o\or  and look into I he -'1,1 e is il io  -,������(��� it ihei i' w as ,i'i\ 1111'Is   Inn e'.  lie I" -\ illillieu Who) looking  in I he w indow he w %s staudiii  1.1 j he shade ol Ihe builn' '\<i  w hoie li. ( ould si i ii sidi Thi  huh! only show- -" I.i'. vim,  Wi re o.iilside ol  1 he liLliit      , 1  Mi    Wilso ill.-il     1    w'is in  11I\   SlOle 1mm  s in "I Lis! Miijlit.  1  ,w.Ms in ihe back shop, tlie'e   was  a pailitiou between 1'ne  and   the  1 1 ,  trout I'1 ro in   wheie   I    was    1  could not see w lmt was ironi" on  in front of the window 7 A person .standing in front of the  store could not see me. Kef ween  4 and "1 I.took a watch ino\ement  from the front window, there  was no hole drilled then  Constable Baron Sworn���I received a telephone message last  night from Mr. Wilson, that  there was a suspicious character  on his side ot the street, and  that parties had called his atten  tion to it. 1 went towards Wilsons store on the noith side ol  Baker street, keeping close Lo  the store fronts As I passed  Tato's store, there was an olliee  between that and Wilson's store,  1 had to pass through the glare  of light a.s Tale leaves his lights  burning at night. L saw a mans  left shoulder and part ol his  head and part of his overcoat  showing out of the alloy way between Wilson's store and the  Manitoba hotel When I rirsl  stw him he w.is stationary but  when 1 came into the light, he  came out and went east, when I  saw him he was looking into  Wilson's window, 1 followed him  up ihe street, I was behind him  and close lo the buildings and  was wearing a inackinaw coat,  as I was passing the alley way  my eoat struck something thai  gave a metalie chink The man  I saw went into tho Manitoba  Hotel, he entered a door leading  directly lo the stairway, he held  the door open anil when he saw  that I was following him ho  made to go upstairs, it was light  enough for me to see his face  and h.'inds were blackened, and  coat collar turned up Seeing  him in this disguise I gave his  pocket a slap to see if he were  carrying a'weapon, I felt ���:something hard in his pocket'and'I  'grabbed him. The prisoner is  the man I grabbed, I went into  hisrpocket and took out a Browing automatic, revolver, the  magazine wa.s fully loaded 'arid  there was also a shell in the  barrel. I pushed bini through  the door into tho 'bin room to get  him in the light; handcuffed liim  iind searched him for other  weapons. Then I .asked him  who ho was. he said you know  mo. 1 recognized him, 'and  asked hun what ho was doing  with hU fucu  blackened   and   he  s.nd he lliiiiiiih'. he   had   a   right \ from the prisoner   a   watch   and   will  to go mound with   his   lace   and  chain, diamond pin, a needle pin  bands blackened il be u anted to, I a bank   book,   and   a  letter  <td-  1 asked him wh-it In- _w;is  doinj; .dressed io_Job�� B. Morau, a key  w nh that mm, lie said'ho always land a"belt  and   holster" and   ten  carried it aud could il lie want-ud joent-s in casn      When I first saw  to      J   io--denized   ! im as a man J you last night,  I only  saw   part  r assisted Constable   Ho-kins   tOjof.vour   he id,   your   shoulders  an est   111   duly   ],i-"l yoni.      Ue 1 and p-u t of your   overcoat,   von  pleaded  guilty   to   being   ,111  in 'leaning   round   lne  wall looking  mate ol a house oi  illtame       iJpjiuiotho window,  being    111   a   weak   condition  ho! The Pi isonurs   Story,  was   idlowed   ont   on  -.u ,peud"d j     I have   been   working   setting  sentence flo.wiis   convicted ; n]J some stove-,, that is the   way  under the name, oi 0 5c,:r John-11 |i-a. I happened to be black in  son, he now gave hi�� tiauii' .1- the lace and o 1 tlie hands Last  Chas Dolaney      Aftei  I nrie.sted   night as   1   walked   by   Wilson's  be closed down and no  shipments will be made until  everything is in shape again.  The cause of the tire is still   a  mystery ���Moyie Leader.  Judge   Wilson  Gazetted.  from the Graphite mine, which  is located on the St. Mary "a  River near Mat hew Creek. It  was on exhibition at Beattie &  Atchisbns drujr store.  TIGEK-PCORMAN GROUP  Electric   Light Fixtures.  P. E. Wilson of Nelson has  been appointed Couniy Court  Judge tor East ' Kootenay.  ���Sudan Porin being assigned to  Wesl Kootenay.  At The   Aurora.  him la-i night I broualit him   to  lhe   lockup,  an.l    made   another  lewelry store   to   the   Manitoba  Hotel 1 heaid a   noise   between  search, iimone the eflects on him j i'ne buildin��s   I   thought   that I  was   a   knife,    snarpened   to   a  would go b ick and  see   what   it  razor e'lire, I made him wash the  wa.s. I   saw   a   party   kneeling  Michael Sullivan, manager of  the Aurora, left for Spokane  Friday, where he will confer  with Messrs Mackay and Wilson  who   have   the   option   on   the  grease paint from   his  face   and. down,    1   thought   that  he was  property.    ThcAurora is show-  hands     He had   some  ammuni-  drunk.    I went across the street] ing up line  and   no  doubt  after]  tion for the gun and shells for a11 walked up and   down   several' the conference things   will   take  22  rifle      1   locked   him up and I times, I staid   over quite"awhiJel on   new  life   at   tho   west   side  ' * 1  wetu back to  Wilson's store, bo- .-md   finally   came back and was] properly.,���Moyie Leader.  Do you want Electric Light  fixtures? If so call at our office  before next Friday the 27thinst.  and let us include what you want  with an order we intend sending  for a large shipment of fixtures  for delivery early in December.  By letting us have your order  before the 27th., hist , we will be  able to give you the benefit of  the diflei.ince saved in freight  off the price of the fixtures.  Cranbrook   Electric Light Co  A Large Amount of Work Done���  The Property Shoving Up.Well-  LOCAL NEWS.  J M. Young, Toronto was  the Cosmopolitan Friday. "  at  W   li. McFarlano was in   Victoria this week on business.  Albert   Ba-iks.   Perry   Creek,  was in to ami Frida v  The    Flic    Brigade   was  practising Friday evening  out  J ust icf'cived   at   the   L'al  Cattle Co .  Fresh Oystei's  Petei Jensen ,ut Wasa   \ui  town Thursday  in  S    II    1 .ees,   Vancouvei.  in town Thursd.n.  wa-  Don'i forget thai tl.e B ol R T.  will give -i grand bill "ii Thai'--,  dav eveinii" next  'Wreck Near Jaffray, B.C., October 14th, 1^05  tween the Manitoba and Wilsons  store I found a.wne. I bumped  into it. it save tho sumo motalic  -.ouiul a-, helore, on moving the  wire I siiw about si.\ inches of it  move inside of Wilson's window,  the loin; portion oi tho wir^was  aeioss the a pei turn boiweon  tho buildings 1 examined the  walls ol Wilson's stoic and  found evidence of two holes having boon drilled through tho outside sheathing, the holes were  about a foot trom tho front of  tho building and the wood was  cut out botweon the two holes  making an opening big enough  to got my four fingeis through,  the biiildmtr paper was toi n, and  the inner sheathing had a hole  \ inch in diameter bored throuan  it. Tho wire was throuuh both  holes and extended into ihe window. 1 put mysell into tho position in which the prisoner was  standing when 1 tirst saw hun  and I found that in that position  I could work' the wne backwards  and lot wauls in the store. In  that position I could see into iho  window, and only the edge of  my hat could he s. en from the  inside ot the window, but not  the counter, in the alley way I  found another wne and a lot of  new -diavmgs ol the same sort ol  wood as the -dioat hum ol the  wall. The blackening extended  below the neck of the sweater  worn by the prisoner, il was  evenly put on all over the face,  his hands woie blackened inside  aud out and up to the wrists. I  saw the prisoner between -I iind  b o'clock yesterday afternoon,  lie had' no black"' on his face, or  hands then. 1> was. t<:">0 p. in.  when 1 arrestt'i'i.l him.   ?  Cross .exn'iiiined by ' prisoner:  The '-hole in''fhe? wall could, be  cut_by a knife, the.outer."slainthing is Midii an'' inch ..thick,, the  other hole is about two inches  further in, ��� ilinl is', I hen.. : is a  space of two indies.be'lween tlie  outer   and    inner   sheathing      I  goinii to take  a  wash,   to  wash  *^ i  my hico, when I heard a noise  that sounded like some one stopping- on glass, 1 saw the same  fellow there again he was stand  ing up, he was six or eight teet  from the corner ot the house, lie  saw me and hud down again. I"  ���wasrstanding tight thoie leaning  up agii.mst tho wall looking in  tho window when -Mr. Baron  came along, he spoke to me then  arrested me Thai was ill) there  was to it. He asked mo no  questions as lo if I had seen anybody but took me right off to  jail, fl ho had looked around  thou he might have soon someone.  Judge Armstrong decided that  there was sufficient evidence to  commit the priso icr lor trial, al  the ii"xt sitting of the Cujunty  Court o  WRECK ON CROW LINE  Spread  Rails  Cause   Cars  to  Leave Track arid Turnover   Results.  NBW HOIST ORDERED  Work Is Rushing at St. Eugene  The  worlc   of    repairing   the  damage done by the recent  fires  at   tho    St     Eugene,   i.s   being  pushed with all   possible  speed.  The   frame-work   ior  the   black  smith   shop  is   up   and   will   be  boiiided in today, aud everything  is being placed   in readiness   loi  ieiecti'ig   llie   big shall house as  i ^  'soon as tiie lumber anives. A  new hoist, a duplicate ot lhe  old one, has been ordered from  the (Mtuiiiwa. Town. Iron Work's,  and this tn in j/uii rn nt <>os to have  11/   blil-t    and    loaded   mi    board  cars for shipment. in -in days.  However, in ' the meantime a  tcinporiiry hoist will' be brought,  over friiin l.'oSslaud and "will be  used until' the new one .arrives''  This will probably he installed  I'wilbin' ten days' time, when tlio  j wurk'nl' sinking t be'sliiift an ad-  (li.tiniiiil    lht-- fed    will   be   com-  would .'not say whether ' , tl i<>'  shavings, were tinule by ;i knife  or not. 'I'o the court:. The.coat !���  Wiis liikeii I'roin the. prisoner in <  lockup'.by me, be had Hon when i  arrested. |     '���   Y  Crosu examined:   1   alao   tools.,  iiienced.    Thi.s will  bo  done'  by  and   I'il'lrick    Higgins  I ioniier w'l.'i-i'   awarded  ob ,wit bin   flic   past, day or  oonlrn'o!  aiiiKM.il*  'the-'j  A bad wreck occurred on the  Crow's Nest branch railway on  Saturday last, one mile west of  Jaflray, which resulted in every  oar leaving tho track and turning  over. Fortunately, with ( two  exceptions no one was sei iously  injured.  The accident occurred shortly  after 9 a. m., when one of the  cars jumped the track and was  bumping over tho ties. Tiie  engineer feeling the sudden  chock, pulled the emergency air  and the train came to a stop,  when the pullman, which was  the car that had jumped track,  turned over taking every car,  with it, with the exception of  Suporintendant Erickon's car  an 1 the online. c  Among those who were injured  were Mr. and Mrs. A. McBride  of Calgary, and G Bazzard of  Iiunilton. Al Doyle and T. M  Roberts of Cranbrook received  injuries W II. Galliher. M. P.  and C D ' MeNab were in the  pullman when il oveiturned, but  esciped injury.  DISTRICT   MINING  NEWS.  i  Of Interest to Those Engaged in  the   Development of the  Mining Industry.  The Trail smelter- is shipping  two tons of  silver per   week to  Chi tlii.    .'...;  , It is stated on good authority  that the Sullivan Mining Co.,  will declare a dividend about, tho  lirst of the coining year;  Chinamen on Wild Horse  Creek who have been working  leases, ''are. now engaged in  making their annual clean-up.  Considerable .active work has  been done during the -past' three  'months on mining prospects in  the vicinity of Kimberley.  Some fine . samples   of  galena  be- employed.   ,  The    mill lorn   was   brought   iu   hut  week  i "  two: ���   ,  Tiie'!11 new machine drills are  here so lhat. there will 'lie no  more harriers lo pushing development work. Nearly I af) men  wil'    ' '���������*'���'''  11 (! H'.-ick, Vancouver, and  11. N. McNaii weie regisioi oil  at lhe Cranbi ook l-'iiday  . Mr and Mrs Kred Ihniuoreol  Port Steele ,weie in the city  Friday  Chief Constablo J. II." ~Mc-  Mullcn of Fernie was in town  Wednesday on legal business.  Mrs E. J. Ciinn and, Mrs.  Lucas of Fort,Steele wero Cranbrook visitors Friday.  James Ryan and Victor Rollins  returned Wednesday from Spokane.  Mr and Mrs Otis Staples of  Bayard wore in town Wednesday o  Wes Cline and II. Matheson  were duck shooting on Friday  at the lakes near Luke  Cieek.  A W. Vowcll, Indian ageut,  and R L. T. Galbraith, local  agent, were at St. Eugene  Mission Tuesday.  On the divide between the  North Fork of Wild Uorse creek  and Diorite creek, a tributary of  Sheep creek are located the well  known Tiger Pooiman group of  mines, of which much has been  said duiing the past five years.  The owner, Mr John P. Larsen,  has ooen busy during the past  summer and has accomplished a  large amount ol woik which is  shoeing the properly up to  good .id van I ago.  D'liing the pa.st two weeks the  property has been examined by  Mr I'V-hx Levick, rof Leidville, ���  Culo , in the interest of a Colo-"  rado syndicate, Wo learn that  Mr. Levick is well satisfied with  the property, iind that he has  secured ' an option on both ,  gionps Most of the work done  during,the pa.st summer has been  devoted to the Tiger group,  upon w Inch,' the development  consists oi lour tunnels No. fl  tunnel i-�� now in DO fi et with a  > how mi- ni one toot ol ore in the  I.ice Thi> luiiiicl and the other  .hi ce h.i\e bi en iriveii on the  'edge, and the opening is 102  'oet below the summit No 2  tuniK 1 is in I" ti et showing the  siiuie.widib ot vein iis the No. 1,  Ibis is la.'J iee! below No 1 and  ''la below the summit. Open  cut Nri 1 ^hows the same ore.  This"w nk is f-0 feet below No 2  luipi'l and !]!).") teet from the  siiiinnii Cut No 2 i-, 78 leet  i clou Cut No 1 and -173 feet  lioni .summit and shows the ore  body to bo oi the same width as  in the uppoi openings.  In tunnel No. 3, now in 25 feet r  V I  there is'one foot of solid ore, ,  this iss fiO' tool below No. 2 cut  aud f>23 foot helow the summit. *  Tunnel No. -1 is in 12(Tfectshowing an eight foot ledge, with ore  and ledge mat tor. This tunnel  is 220 loot below No. 3 and 743  foot below the summit. No. 3  cut'shows IS inches of ore and  330 feet below No. 3 tunnel and  1070 foot from the summit.  On all the dumps there is  about 100 tons of shipping ore  which will average from ��73 to  SilOO per ton, besides a large  quantity of concentrating ore.  The country rock is lime, por-  phyi,} and quarizitu and are well  defined. There is an abundance  of timber for all mining purposes  and water within throe fourths  of a mile of camp, sufficient to  run all and any amount of machinery.       The     trails    to   the  J. A. Hold en,  Pincher  Creek-,  and A. J. Saunders of l.'ossland,   ,r���  were guests  at   the   Cranbrook Idlffl'rGUl  openings  aie  of  easy  Thursday. grade and a man can  go   to   any  '  '        of the tunnels on horseback.    A  B. Sunday, Moyio, Robt. Hay.   substantial cabin has beon   built  of Bellville, Ont.'.and J   Aldrich ana unili., to the extent of  two  St. Paul,   were   guests   at  Royal this week  the  An emergent meeting of Rocky  Mountain Chapter RAM ,will  be held in Masonic Hall on Tuesday evening next. Sojourning  Companions cordially invited.  Chus   Farrell Moyie, Fred. W  Green, of  the  Happy   Hooligan  Co. and D  Spencer of Phila   Pa  wore   registered   at   tho   Cranbrook Friday.  miles reach every opeuing on  both '1 iger and Poorman property  POOKMAN   GROUP.  Considerable work has been  done on the Poorman property,  an incline shaft lias been sunk  ���43 foot in ore. The ledge at 25  feet was in seven feet of ore between walls. The property has  been prospected on the surface  and the ledge found 700 feet below the shaft in a northerly  direction, at this point  an   open  Fred   Simpson   of   the   Cran  brook Herald and A   S    Bennett  have   completed    ai ran'.'omciits 'cut of 13 feel was made  and   the  for  publishing  a newspaper   at lore chute was two feel in wid'h.  Lelhbridge. A." tunnel   has   been   run   lower  down the "mountain side, with  ledge-matter on each side. and.  ni tlio breast the ore body shows  a'.width ��� of ���;.seven foot of ore.  This tunnel has a vertical depth  of 'TiaO feet beneath tho upper  workings. '  Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Ambrey  of Kernic were, gnosis , at the  Cosmopolitan Thursday.  G. II. Edminston, Vancouver.  A. J. Silborstoin, N.Y., ..).. C.  D re wry. Moyie, I<".'H. ICskuch,  Millwaiikoe, II. II. 1-lolman, Vancouver, wore guests at lhe Cranbrook Thursday.   ' ?".  There has been considerable  talk, in town by tlio members of  the. fishing ..club about duck-  shooting, buVnp lo tlio present  time wo 'have seen no evidence  that these hunting' stories are.  true. It i.s tho same with the  fishermen who blow about how  many trout, .they have caught,  and only in a few instances have  any considerable number been  brought into town. The .Siwashes seem to be the only successful  hunters aud liahermeu.  W. II. 'IV   Graham   of   Detroit  wiis registered at the Cosmopol-  '"'hursday.  itan  /  rann D.-izell, .1. Hathie and  another gentleman were shooting big game in the Windermere  district this Week. THK PROSPECTOR,   CRANBROOK,   B
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■'.  ,      "%!(/,:. wake offheXicee^sfid uiiiiei?des- J bi-oi.ic !spi:rit ''.'growing''-, up . iiiuV
i-7-Wl' ^'"''fV?'*1'^'11'^
:",' -V; l/'hlis;|i1' iiuotlior's uup()ypi'ishi,ieiit,,j.1j:|(;,..?aiii:-;is ^vhiu'wiii Miiiike-
^iTln- iiiiiier (LelVes int,.i?ir,e- ''art!' j o,,m|,,.ook ^
■■.,.'   ' Y1 vW.   ' a ml.''/■■■. hrings . ,. IVirth.    si»iiu.'tlinig'.i'... ?. '"'■ '-.■'   ■   '■■' '■■■■■■■■ ...'•-?.'.  ■:-.?...■ ■.
?,-',.''' ?'■  \^/ .i:..ivliii-ii aihl^ :ti)'!.!hi'.f:iii,oi'f.ii-t,. . Iiiij^' '
■•'■::        ,^A/J ''pin»'S.s and 'V.N-itl! h of ilie w-orld: ■
|Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection \
.■Y. ''NwarO's't to. rail road 'depot.   ill as ;ie<-omiiio>
•" ilafioiiS7:for.7YUi(i' "jmbl"i<; ■ uiiOqiiiilled' "in? ■
:?.'V°..';", '.."■'" '■ '■ • ■''   V■■  Oi'iihbrook?:V   •-.   ,'    ; " ..:"
jg Uot iiiicl ColdIJaths '    *      ',      :   Proprietors
C E.;REI©;& ;GQ.,
Phone   74
$.100 Reward,, 310.0 :.  -	
-'^,;;1,l!ll?l:l":^',:,|lll.l s(nt,lds 7i-e;idy:7l,.:i)',|,,;1,;:*i t,, feu-ivUi''l?"'H->-.'   i,   ;ii? loust j $r:   .;?:/',"'-Y                       .;.,' ,;,... ".''■- ,  ..'■ '    ,:. ��          ''   ; 7 :   ? * , ''?"?    ' '    'X,
W^'huv' liisjiri'xbict. .7'(:olii',?'Viiiiiing]'i::"'?'il'''-,(l'-''i':|,li^->^' V'1.'"1   -v.m.-o.-.- h:,-, i g.Y;. Y\\/'IV/>i"i;."V' Vrirr''-   TP-lV-i «-» 1 - y ' j~\4!''"3f
Jy, ..             '. .    V    ..,,,        ,■■:■'.•■   .,      'I'iwii :iM.- lei-u.-,- in nil it.-. ..siuir^,.-mii.1    V ■?  ■•  >?    111/ 11 JL.Oll        ..'   I  II1II IV        \j Ti      ?•
WW:.,MS:ttve/(.viily    ilnluM ry ;,,u? ■- ■iiiil.g.'n./; ji^i ;i,;i nun-rh.   Jlali^.i'ioiin-li ;'imuv   $t      ' ;.   «.?■' ,.;''?"'" ^       ''       "'"                            -     '    ^^*      'J
'i:i;u?b>7 ■■lhat-.-.j.-i  'iii;lM,iirecj;!y;;'iluilei;';Y *'    "; -■-i.i-- -.-•■•..■■ -   ■    ■ ■	
Villi'   ■driiu'hra.liqiiV.oi' ''"t,r'nsts .'iuid"; »
■'i>n;y1'.i«i!.itiyii .'.in'.- n.n\ Uiiiuvti .,,1)
;ii-ii'i,.7u'fr:ii'i.Vnil>.; ' i'"atiH-i-;lt\.lii.'ini::
.cSiisi.ri.iit'ins'm'l.',; ■ .-iii Vi'H v,' ■:,V:|.'!|'iii''>
J. 116 , ' JJl*Tl§'g:'lS^S.,;K()^r,i|n.iV,Hu;!'.>i'iriVvs. : "I i./h-tu-s;! h.',iO:ioiii7   ?!', e''tJ7.^i.<.ii'.!.'rM.>...Iu-ea;:!n,-.!U.?-.... ila'U';
W, '' , -.'■'■'';.,."■   .      ,   .■.■'.'.?.''■ -.:'.. ■■;'.'.  .'■'■'.'   '■.'•'"ii.tiii'i-li   <.''.'.n-'i,i,-  in 'Hi,?-ii' viiinviiaih.-. ;ii-t-
A.y. iiiii.tii.m nl   ';>i.!!.in(,;ia.ns.;  ;iii|t is 'jb;'>   iasi ,ii,,;.,., u  ,,,;,.„■•.i.;'.-.i,|,,i,tj ,n,l .uiyeiis
\JpYniY.- i'hilMs-,|,r'y 'ji».i"a,-v'.wliieli?''otfer>il>"^^y'^.y'Y\oy^T.u.u\yh,HyU\:il,--.h.Ay.
I'Q^'  YV..';;'|yr^PENSl'N't;v;.':<Jl'.K|:t'SPl':,ClAi.±
•/• ' "^^       ",''-'  •''"'."■'■'? '?:' ■•■,•■?''?'  "'7   : rY-    K"iY-'.' '77.?       .'■'■ ,''  7  ' ?v.   ll/T. ''     i -li'li'l   iab'JF   e'V | W'lhll'i!      ■    ■'••■'   '     ' vV,',,.?; .'7 I'i' ' ll?"ri?l .M'i [.I l.'l IV it t  ;»jr.'i ,Hs>ist'ili'!ir.H!il'.U'ri.l
. '■'" %^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^-@#^''    YY '   ;.;r-'. ■'"„,'"■;    ? ?7/V?"?? 77??,M?!,.:i,uY;,s''>;e?k. .':-.;|"U„   ,„v„,'.U.|i.fe.'
'. "■'."' ,"'Xi • "^^^S^"5:^' '^^•^si-'";:=^-"-'"^s.- ^^•^S/^^-'"7>=i-';^^is-.::'^>" Vf'V'   ■'< —.': "'V V"; "-•.."*'!■?'•*'-'.'   YY?,?;? -.■ ; h*i-v,'-...-.-.'- - ii. ii. • i >.---■._ i'i;.t*-:«\ * < n ..;.'! t.- - A-iii;» v> v."C:.
—.-.-■: ";.. 7^°V;"Y:__ -7 . .-   y — x-i.?"-^.—'S:_ri—._...7_:7??-.J..77 ..„?.. ...7, J7. „ - .._^^_-J-..1„'.?;.i.J--^^.l.Jjjlj.;i i;, .<. 7 ? ijl.:,;!,:.,:.? ?l t .^J^j. [.,, v. ?L 1.'<!»'. V i/* .' !■ 11 J|la. Xll.; *.   ..Ull.tM;. Illle    I't llill.lfijll;
L IVt/V/i'i ;.'^:: ??V!-!:eiU^.;^p''''i-1vi^^VVV1''.-^.';'^u,,^: .!'??|>i<'' i'<A!'';:'1'%!!»'i>','7''HrV,f^'-','r'>»v>-
".'■'■' 'j2'.-.'.■ :,buiV? ;ii\y ,. propeiiwSr iiiust V l.HMi.'r'1,1'"'*■•','"■•
"S^*'".':■'■■•' --:'?."■'•':   ?',7?7    ;.<";":.":'.,  "?'?.: '-",f?,? ?''???.■ .'■•'.?■.■'.•     "."-.7; , '—.■'   ■? ?i-igu,i insneet.ioiV-helQi'e tlie Capi. j:
^YYinur;^^^^.^^ -S,.,:' !^--.^;^,^^vXj        ^^
[]£=ii'''.i:i'. iiii.. ' i. ,'■ -- ;Always."'-',Up-to-Pate:"YYy'■ -'■■;■:•■■ Y,;-y~~^
»_.,:,.7.7.77^   .p y..rj..,yr.-t;, 7 -,7.77   '  .7  ;,..   ■-''■■'■ ?'??  7 :," 'v..'  . .■  V'.7??'7.~3:
McGlar y: s ■:' vF:am6iis'!
co;n-lierctaHustfn.i-.i•'jnMriau7WJ'hicheV1?'V:1' ;r S/w t V., 7 f^lcltinO  MaphilltJ
'MiKMsees'i hein .to'gii'pKb ?ihi ningV, ] '^^'ouipUne ;and 'i-eiid y- ■tp'opera'.re
jand xheyyri-cfuiaih as, Thi?.y?vvoii.id'.! A good uioheyiniakei4?'..-.? ?
■j*i|u'>V.:''0''t.:hot*;7 'legitii'iia'leV/hnsi'nijss.V j-?'?
■..{''JVrier.e.J<';;,:'.uo seunuieni. abq'm■'■ ?u. !.,.''■ '?
;|i f ??onyi;'';i;-;ed 7ihei;e.rMVl!'cnie\?Vlnj..V_V'.
'i,jtV.':.i-he.!v  ■;*■ -no?: i<>ck "Vqi' funds j j_.
j')iv:ai-Iab'le.,V. ?'TH'-'7'7V;eienveuis'?:"'bf j-hv _. ,    ... .   ,
■■'..cVmuioe.'dfre'-. enter ft "to a ^reaferj5"STE!^^^^RTS'3-
. * ....... . . » . . , . . . * .
1, J.      ;•■■'■    ;,.■■. ?.7.:.V:   ?77V,.'7.'?;,7.7???.7,'?.T
\"±, "-.:„, :•'..■..•. .''7  '„,..,,'. 7.7. .,..77...?? ,:?7.T
V 7Gosy;;;and ':'■ V,'?, ;;'-,:;:-;.V-.:'^::
V??GomForiable! Rooms "#7
Headquarlers: for
V? ■ JVIinind'IMenV?':
;■/Via'ry-s-yilie'/- B.:C^
) OUSHteSS? 77, ;■ ..   ;.    f,;,;.":'-. ?",?!.   77V
i   ,  i.he'indiHivsiimmer   has   Yan-;j"i'_: ,;', 7     7....      , ... i.'--^y
!A:" r,,;Y,;v'Y.YY;'.:   7?-   ?       .'"''V'.- Y- 'Y T ; .": ' FOR. THANKiSli tVINO'? ?-,.T
ft/.; l lie municipal : election  seems  T   >•' ?v;?7-:'?? -•■-7-.'-.'.. ,-'■, ■!"'-'?.   71-. . ,.■-.)•■ ,-,?i: ry,
it.o^'V-'om.^ A--:r,'m---?:
;! !-v;;:L-';:v:i?'?.:'V-?;•.''?,':7>7,;:7
7Yfn?tii'i'i-esY,if■•?('].,.pi'i-ssion it,-'is:ii'
good j i la ii. 111 -k" ty. p,' n p y'o u r; .<)> i f it s
d'piiV't- ;ti*ust: ,too jniich 'to. ltiok.^???
'' Y''', 7?^::,?^%. 7 •. ;.• Y'Y.Y:yi Yy'iij.Y'yii.
greatest^ benefit-VtolVGriinbrook?
pjCi, nowVsi^ Vdl'JWJl,tah^:.^Mi.j.t °l'pr
soiiiei^biiig^ t.p iVome^Vbut get a
liust-lo ;dn. iind.. force the,issue:"   ;
S'^^'^SaWitj,   #'
CBS»v/'::' ■:.'■
^aSfltiJ^C?■■-P.  .».._v
Purchase   Price   $3.00: a   Mouth' Y ''«
Allowanoe, Made For Old Machine, ?
i is
_i *" IAA»CHF"'
VV "Tiiesi.boye'ii(.l(>l;.hii.s been:r(.HM'iil:ly;Vii-qcl(KlV aniljVv^ntly.Vl'i.ti-nisli-.
",efk l.hi-oiigiiou'i? / TheVPar':' is Vsupplieif with" il'ie'. best, braiuls of
IViiipiors,;;i,nd f'ig:frs.»   " ,•-..'■.'■-■ ■..',,   ..-.■'     'V V " •  '-" '"^Y''   ■..''"   Y'Yy '■     ■■ ■,,:
,«•.--  ij    ;■■'...'"■■''■  .-";'v "■•■..,;,. ..  ,"",■-■-.■,■.■-.        vt,'- ,-,,-,/.- ~:mZ
;|;7Rockv.:i'M'ountain ::'G]'iapter sf
$Y.Y':% ,■ NO- 7.7-12f.ii:i,|-t..5. A.;AVy ?"? '?■  5:.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ '■
,'?.''.' .-...FERNIE,: B.C. ,...-:-'.
'■MAN.U.I*'A.OTUK RRS, and   PREwi':R.!S.. of'.. ENTRA^I'MNE
J/,.y? BEER :gV:PORTER ; -.;■-
t,?,S0LI5;,,BY., THE';7BARRKL,VKEGV0R . BCimEDSJ jm.-i-.-i.ii 7....1. ™i..j.i?: to'iiW' o/'
J-s-,o0 ■.''■'.      ■'..'.<'■'   iii     i'.'V'' e r        -'i   . '°    "■ ■ ■ ' .-♦ I this. distri.Sf.'.     ' '?'..'■..".      "    ■    ''   ,v
•■'.''.Ti'i.oWer that'iniiiiiigiii South'
e;isi ..,'. Ivoofenay    inay    achieve
greater'success, if   is" necessary.
that nil piirtie.s'.iiit.er(o.st.(»d"sivoi'il(l
work-   together    to-   secure   the
r:i jiiil 'Vleveli'jj'inient of 'our   niihes
iind   let'  ilieinbe.   known to  the
out>i(le:\yorld, .      '-,,      ..'"■     f   %i.
.. .   .
i_, 'The building iif the? Ivbdteniiy
Central- ..Railway ?m Southeast
K'ooteii'i.iy.'will start,,'u]i; several
towns in ? tlie K'oolenay < vaHey.
but Ci"ii.i'iiii'ook-i'wiir iiii.iiuliiin .its
p'osi't ion ' iis ■■■! lie  h'ank-in'g.   c.pnf-
l:.'K.VNHI,-OOIC. ,'ii.:.c..' .*-
J*'i:'. < Kyjrtiliu- iiieetiiig.s,:-—2nd Tiles'-; Z;
•j day in ..'Jielv ' likiiith 'iii.' 'iji«-lit.. S
-S .oidoclc.,       ■■."•' u £■
{£ . " •Sojoiirnuiy .(..'oiiijiiiinon^? aro■••' fc
• S , i:oi"(liiilly.bivii,c:(i.?7 ;  ;  '    5
■:»:■ :.'■■'■;': ,??■' ',..?■. S;
5.,';. .?," ir? .\r?"HtTKKo.w.-Siji'ibo e. '■■•■j
CHENETTE & NEAL Proprietors iiiii- ^Y^:'m-;:Y--yYm^
,:■»„,?  .77777777:?  7.7 :■.,...-  •'; ,,:,IV? '>.;    „    .;•:■.        ,■",:'• ■■■   ,    7,77.77    ■■■-,-,       ,.:;...   ■£'.,,    i.   .'„'<)
?;y'v-^ ^v M»rysyille,   B C. {p&^ YY ■ |
.est.equipped hotel in the;St.Vyiarys''? /;
SVv VV.'The7largestVii
nd  best
M^lbpfprjfe SAMPLE:,ROOMS.
««."?: ''■■'.■  '-Y: -?■":."-...." 17 -       7?.?""' "?:?":s; :?v?7 ."■ ,■"?■;■ '.■'.:. Y>y ■■;:;■; ■;■;;■' ■?'&
'■'■OI'tAiSrKUOOi.v'-?''-     B.C.   '■•'..
i Flannels, BlahUetSj  Curtains;  Carpets; Etc.
We Make a. Specialty:of ',Wa.shingC.;PjRVO\"eriillsV.<!-:,■: '-'?      '?
:..,'" ,.,   y V ' V VNo.Chi'namen Employed,. ? ?    ■;.;.: " Y . yy. "'■■ '■■
E. H. SLATER,   Proprietor
Voui" .atLOiitioti ' is .ciilleil    lo \ l.jie     ..
;''Pibiieoi-:Eiinitii<!"'traiiis (if'jilii3:V;Mil- ?; ,.'•
wnukoc''&"St-Paul l:!:iihy:iy:'"7:'Th'rf' oiily.Y Y)..
perfect, trains in:nlie worldv" ..-•.-,.•    '. ' -,; ?:
".."You Avjll liiidiit lUisiridiliV. t07ridc.:firi7::7. ?;
tliOHe.ti-aiiisivliQii.y-oinn.. |,„ jlnv. poinl.in .,,
the iiusteri'-: SnuiW' or■'■Oii'niidu: ;' 'Thiiy5'-'*'--:"-'
eonheet 7 wit.li     all ? Ti-iuiscflnliniintul ' yiiY
Tniins   iiml,  allV 'riokot:   v\s,ei)U"!inoJI    V?
tiuketH:,'-'■':""/:y ; ? y -77?? . .      "i"'?'- '? *' -yy
'"'•  Kot-: further iiifoniial,i6iiV|jiiiM|)liletB? "  '  V
etc, aflk':u[iy,Tii'-.lcet, A»-uMtor 'V       ',;.,    .  ? ' •'
v ' ,1 'uss.'-A^piili-'■■rv ,'Cieneriil:-AjfC:iii,. .■'' Yi-
'   SI'OICANK..?,        PORTLAND", "' 'Y
■Ai.i.?;VtW EVSriivi i ■
\,i..~.i Yi. '■■'■■.:: by'VusingV? ■:...:^,V-•-':,."..-'?
. 7 VV.:.'Y-?-.'''?.?**: ANpXi'Li.ifV.V;;'Y VV'fV^V.:?:?''^.':?'
■.?<7;....,.?"?. :?'::,?■;■:."and".- ,y???7 ;"■■■'■'.;'<.. ''.?'""?:
Bottled beer for lamily
u^e a special ty
W. p,GLRD   VV"
■-.'■' ■■■'■   Barrister    v'
"; Solicitor, Etc.   ';
I ncxr/tH. Star     |
* ^       HOTEL f
"."Palace and "Tourist'.1"'.
7    Sleepers, Buffett
7Library Cars, .Modern
'? . Day Coaches. ? '
1 Dining Cars,
Best?.Meals   on   Wheel's
Kimlierley,    B.C.
1     Outside   Orders
"'Gl'VEiY strict: and prompt attention
■ ♦
.. ♦■
♦ '
a*      . P. O.  BOX 812      '}yY
'%l       TELEPHONE  -NQ. !   ;■" .t?" ■
♦ |   'Let. - tlici" li'iiod   work   go  'on
■ ♦'I 21:1111 loiiii'ii.'viSu   ;ire   simply   aor
. ▲  ; 7'   ,    .   .
J i Iviiowle'd.ir.i.iiii' whiii  overyhbdy in
♦ j ('i-;i:n'or(K'k ;mrl Southeiist Ivoote-
♦ i uiiv" htirv known fur twelve venrs.
▲ 1     -     . ■ ''.
^ I lhat.    I. in-".;. I'lcosifi^C'roii   hits  n
♦"*■  Port   Steele   BrewiM"   Co,.  L
.♦.. "? ,."'■"'. T
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'-♦♦<♦♦#♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦'» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦*♦>♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦
ta. f! For Sale
haki-mstki:.'- so.Licrroi:
.'■'    •-.nil  NOTAI1Y   I'tSniLIC.    t.
Griinbi'ook,  Ji.C-
2I'"AST   TKAINS Y"/_.   ■
'Vl'Vir   full'' |)urlieiilnrs.   riiLcis;-. foli'le'r-i
etu., i.-ull on or uiliTi-nsw; ' .
8. O. VKBKK8,'GAVJ'.A.V,. '.'''■■. " "
V        ■ Y        Sei'ittle.'WTasli.'.V "■'
lkrov VxuqK'!'*r;Yp.i;^ ^ 't:a.?
Spokuiio,. ?...'■ .7   ■- 7 •' ■',',
f    H; W. DREW,, Proprietor.
'T\vn Si'u-i'\'.    Fi'iime,   Shiiiiiie
\.G. H.  Thompson
Post pfiicc
-/■ '"iStore- • ■'■■■■:
s^T^ "• (tiree & Four Year Courses
fe/§#V5l    «.Vl.'!.nir.l».!.lK!-v'Lri,.l
Mw\     /V   J^IS Enjlineerin-j,
& .A,  '
it.vniosTKii H siii.icn-oi;
%3@s&2r- "-
AHili.-U'ri to
University ?
.im.! .i':i!.:i.-,ilv?-,:li.
r :..r .7'.>-:i.!;.r t..
The STrrrlarv,
S.-ri'.ol.  nl    Mit.i!!^.
rClUg-loa.  I>lll-
:   I'OOlOO       ,        " ' ;.
Duelling House
1 in 1-lniiMiii A.vi.'iine.   plii.sfin-od'
;'l hr.oiitj'li'iiiii, .'Kliic.'t ric; l./iirht. ti nd j i 'i-iiiilu-iinK-. I ���!.'<.'.'
: Win i'i-. . Th.ri'f hi.-iirooiiis, Dining'| — r—'. _.■..'..._■—_ - —'.—.-,—.::.	
|;'i..nd .sittiim-rooins.   kiti-licn , and,!   THOMAS     M'oV I'PTI 10
i.ii-i-:N"i"i-:s,.i-'fi|{ -i-.i.i.in'i: sitiski:;,'     ,
'  ■'■     ■'■' ■        ...STIU'-K   ,  ■ . '• ''    ;;
-.. I'M.: ...<i   [.   .l! i.-ft'-'l    |..   tl..-    !•;... i^i.in^   y !
--.■:'. I!"n: !li-   l;iii-,lii.|||iiiriii* n«:n'..i   A.-:   ^io'r'l-.-!
v.-n.K .... ii'ii'lnu ■. : ■
- .*,*.. p.-i^.,n   nrni'...- .■:.!). -.r. ill., i. s..,..!i ...,-.1..;.' •'
' ..r  .-..m i ti i.-,' in '(!..•   l,.i^i....... ...i   ■■,..:;ii.t7     ;i - ■
■ |.rui.-Sj,,,i    'li-cni'.    ...'.i.-ll...-.   'in      i,i,lii.,r'ni-<.-
.vllllill   'llii-    I'n.Mli.-... 'fli.il    li .',      jihini-,    ..:■ |
: .-i'niiii'icr    liit.chi.'ii.'    iind     eelkir.
: ( i\\'ii...r   l"ii\'iiit;'    tnv.-'n    ulifi:   will :
'iiii'fi-r i-nV-y tin-ins'.'     .\|)|ily i
Arnold '"& RoDens!
Real Estate and Insurance  -
CRANBROOK. ' B-C   .- .'..'
1'lic: lnro'es't Genenil Store "in ' Mnrvsville. wliV.-rc inint:rs
ca.iv. lie supplied .with .anything' flu-y''\v;int ?:it :ill times nt
Cttinlirook prices.'- .   - . •-. ?.
Groceries,   Hardware,
Clothing,   Stationery
The II1 inois Central
M!iinl:iinK:'uno.v:oolleil. service ,1'i-oui
,the wcst'm'Uio'oiisi ;uul,.sinit.li. .Miikiiiu". .'■■
i:losu  ooniiiMilioiis   wij.li, M-uinn: of  till
LriiiiMuontiticiital linos,   |>iLMSCiig'i!i'.<i  ni-i-.   .'.
•fiyen t.lieii''.<:li<ii,L'iu.<>f-i'c>.ii.t'<;s to CliitniHo
Louisvillo, .Mcin/iliis iifi<l,Ni;»- Orloui'i*. '
und,111 roiijrirtlioso |ioints to tlio far ujial '■.
..'.' ProsjiuijtivK ti-uviiloiV (Icsiriny hii'oiV
illation us lo .t.lj'c loH-i.'Hl, rn Los „iiik'I   best'
I'diitos  nro   iiii-ifml   i'o  oi)i'i-6.s|)oii(li!iic(-..'■    ,
with the folhiwin^,i'i.'|iri.!Si'.iiiiiiiv'i's.
I.!. II. Tm;.\iiii;r.i.„ C.'oiiiiiioi-riiil A»oi.it
V     It-' Thii-il Si.. I.'orl.liind, Oi-»%on. >
.1. k bi'xijsKv. t. I''. X-,. I'.a.   ?   "'
112'I'lliril'-Si.., I'orfliiiKl, 'Ji-OHiiii' &
\'. ll. Tiioju'son.'I''. .t I'.A.. Uoom 1,
(..'(iliiinir lllily.. Suiittli;',■■Wash.  , ...  '■'
oKH'i'n--i'.:A-rn or i.mi'kovkmknts.
P.L..S.   c^  C.E.
Port 8l.c(>lo B.C.   ''   ■ .   '
f DR. I-1/. W.'CONNOLLY;I'
y::yy:.,;:y::;yi .,r^s»S:::^^
■vitu-.- . :\ iiii.,.. I :li-t   u.
lil ll.:'.' ,\rl  |.r... i.l. .1
l-l. ill,'.. Hi. I'i
l.|..|,,.-,l .. li,'..ii.
III..    I'i-mi-iiic-   ':
-nn I---I. in I..   |.ui-i
S  ■ ' '   _ _ '       "^3
I P. Burns & Go. I
ZZ.' Head Oftico,
*~Z Culffiiry,  Alborta.
Main Ollic.-i: for Eiiut Kootenay,
Cranbroolc,  B.C
< ""•».>*->"""'■   "I     l«'ii.ls    >....! ;y   11,,,',,'s:   <m„ ii :,.,„.   -mil ,,.,„.'   ?'  C=
I'liiiM'   I hi' : i . .- 7 K, s |,,in. I    •£;
ilium-,  in . •    I'liniii. Ollli-c HI.-,      it...Hi(|,.|„.(. 1(1-1   J    ^.
All   ||..|...ili- ..till,.., .,. ,1  ...   ,,.|i    ii.,'r.l(.,.v    , ic'tj       '  •■......; :.'■'
,1, Hi ]-. !•:.,: i.i. ■.■■..:,■ ,■...,, ,n,., i   I,j    II,,..,    |.,i,,,.'i.  |  Hi"' l-.-i'i'l.li.-'
|.:il~   ... >.'. il!.-ii:   .■[,.■   ... .i..|,.,7li'I......I..' .Ill   III- j :" :' ' '"" '"'"■'
li.-|i!irim-iil...r   A-ii.-.'iln.i.   / \ .|i.n,|.|.i     f.,r   i'h-,| I'lii'i"-    "'■■.■■'.
fulllicil |.-.|... I.,,.ue.   ..:■:l,...;|. ..1,1 i-;, | i,,n. .      |-|,«
pu.i.li-   is   l!,-...i     .ii,, ii.'.I   ,„.l    I.,    pin-liiio-
'  .—|H   H...I.    I..|..    il,...,ii.|..|    ,..-!■
I,.ir .-I y -!>>-
.IIP— ..I in-  II'......l nt II,.i'iI
I1-/..11.111-1.. -.I .'.:-. i->. 11
Vi.    -.'Hl.ll   . I 11 I -     I'.'",.,
J   H. .\X111',IIM i.N'
l.ii:p.il¥ Mltii'l'-i ..I Aji-i-iiI
( ..V--.I 71...in: .:..- 7,,. ..• ; .
I imitiiu .--i ■■. - :..., ,7 . ,
I  it-si   lini.-liiiii:     ,,,..,, 1
j  I-  ..|„---„..|  I-:,... I,,-,,,.,.
I 1111-   ..f I ,f.i  ■ ■"■ ,,    '■;  , i,..
! -Iimii.r   . i>iii;..,n.|i.< <-,[..
j      I-ii.-I N<.|.|. nn.."  1 -1 •.
Willi.1 ui li
I     :W .     I.mvi
■■!■ .-.n'll Ii..i;i • 1    iMiiili'liil \ .      ■ .
I   ..11 11.-in-.   Ill   I ll-  -..III lil'.'isl     l-l.l-lll-l
..,V   ..I       I.. 1:       '..'IH','      < ; t-(i 11 j. .    ..11-'.     Iln-iir.-j
.■':.',   „..if:',       -.11      i-haiii-. ,   lli-n.-.i''    .-ll:.l      SIl',' F^   fE.      I-CIING
•■■■■■    .■l,.i:--    1 ln-iii.|. -..ill li HI 1 i-|iiiiii7,    I li,.|ii-|. 7
;•■;   -..-...  iiiii,,... ii,.-'M.'.--.,.,ih L'ni.'hai..s.!' ^':    DENTIST
,'    • 1,. 1.,■.■,-..--! •.'<! .'li.iiiis. ih-  11..nl,   -Jii . ,1 H'l'ici:, lloi'Ks:    Si loll.' -.i.ui i J~'
n,..   i-iiiiin-. id-  v. --I '-''I-luiiii-   In   jiliu'c i I In (i ] 1.111
.■•■    ,,('   ' li..,;'iiiniii-.    -iiiiliiiniiii,.    C.ail" iii"-r
iiiiir" or l'i-7-. 1
WHolestife £itid  I^et£«il
iv Meat Merchants i
<Vi|)|ii,'i-  Clllll' and   North sStnr Miiii'-i-iil
Claims.  ■'■'
'-Slllllili! Ill Ilu:   l-'i'lll.  Slwiln   Mlnllli;   l.ilvlslim'
()( l-'lisl K'.Kiu.iiiiy lllslillil..
Whui-i! Iiu.iiic.l:—On Ilu: hii.hi slili; nr nin-ili
fork »r tliu Sl. Min-y's lilvoi- nbom i:i mtH\'i
fniiii Ilu; brldKu.   ■ .
' Tnkii noilcKi i|iiit'|..|(iiin o. Ouiiiiiiini;s, P.M..
CJ.   No.   H.I'lliT-i,   i'n'LlllK    us    UKl'lll,    I'll.-   .lorjl'jllj  •
11.        U'i-IkIh Pro.:       .Mliiiii-'s C.-nlll.
cam No. Il7:«r.:i. mid O. I'. Ccioii.' j."r«i! Miner's
CurMllciito N11. 'li.na.M, llllClllI, sixty il,iy,t fl-,-,,,,
lliftduio Iiuninf, to apply to tin; .Mlninjr Hoconloi-'
for 11 Oi-niiuiitU'Of liii|iruv(!iiMiniM, foi- tlir. pur-
lifisd of ol>tHliiliii:n f.'rnwii (Inint nf tlio nljiivc
And further taki;, iiiiiIik-. tlmi mii.lon, u„iim.
NOul.Ioii 117. nliiNt la; ernniiiiltii-i.il l,<i|on.> thr, lusil-
iiih.-(i of Kuril Ortlllmiti' nl liiiprovcin.nits
llnlcil llilB S7l.li liny or All|[ii^t, A.l>. 1»W,.
;17      ' 'JOHN II. C'UMMINC'IS
, lo-S |i.in.
S^' I )tTilci*s iii
.Inliii A.   Mi'Hoiiiilil.  I.iiraliir
I..,. Hi"
,1..'. ' A..-111 :       |lal'.-il i.'ii?  I -?• I i: ila>  oi Au^usl. lilU.?.
_^_ Aliiit.liiii' niiil ("old Slnr.'i^c ^3
."i-i-i. ■!■; ami i:i-;sm.i.-.ni'|.: '       |^     Livestock ;ii? Calgary. Alberta.   . H3
Ann.lronv Ave.   Cranbrook i^UiUiUi-UiUiililiiiliiUilitlitlViUiUiilitlitlUlilllllillUlilllti^
•I'AKl-;  N'O'I'IOK  Unit (hlily cl».v« 'iifltM-  ,1	
I liiti-inl tn iipply lo ll„. fini.'.f (-oininl-slotior ot
l.iinilmiinl Wi.i-liMfoi-n s|,i.|.liil. Hi..,.,,,.,., i„ ,.,,,
iiml riiiiy nwiiy l.liiilinr frniii ti,„ r,,||,,w|„,. ,l(,.
si-rllii'il Inn.Is In   Shim Im.,„ii. IviiiiIoh,, v: ?
("iiiniiiiinolni: nl „' p„s,.   p|„„,,.,) „,„',„, ,„.,,„,,,
l-lilllliN souih of ll„, noi-lhi-llsl. (-m-iici- of Lnt-li'ii
s""" N!      I-"o<-.(,.mi.v.       l,hi.|,|.,.     ,.„,„,     „|(,|],y
.-hiilini.  ilinnci! i'linnl',   ,.|l(h,y  ,-|i„i„„,   tli.'iir',,
wi'M.    ililtlll.y     -hlllllr.,    'linn,,.,,     s„ut|,      i.|K|,,y
i-liiilns lo pliii.,- of l,i|.(;liiiiln,... Iri'iuwii „„ ,.„',
fcl-.!.   , .... .       ,
. -. >V. J. TI,MI,|('K-,
■ U»l«il iicpttmibel <llc. IUU5. j< THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B.' Cv OCTOBER 21. -1905.  L."CLAPP  W. ROLLINS  i lie  ��fye ^vozpeztov.  Baker Street,,      Cranbrook, B.C.  Lighted    By' Electricity  ���   Heated By Hot Air   ��� ?  SATURDAY, OCT   21,1905  LOCAL NEWS.  R.  pray ,'of'.Calgary, was  town this week.    ??     ?  m  llm.-iii...  'V,': G(��nir'<)rtabIevBedr()6ins  ?      :<* - First Class Dining Room  HEADQUARTERS   FQ,R TOURISTS AND "OLD   TIMERS'  Dave El infer'  of? Moyie   spent  spveral days this week; it  town.,  ROBERT JOHNSON  I Proprietor;  '���y,Y- ���^:v:."Marysville,,i.a'C.V;V:^ ?.; -'���-.- i-'y.  ���':.'  'The leadiu�� Hotel of the St.   Mary's  Valley.  Nice airy rooms, newly furiiished. �� Table as good  as any in Kooleiiay.     ' ,,, '   .  ..';":  GOOD ?SAMPt2JE; ROOMS  $^52  I:  . F- E.' Simpson pf.: the   Herald  was at Lethbridge Tuesday..;? '  A. ,T.' Caldwell of Port  Steele  was in the city Sunday  last.   '  A. C? Bowness and J. Harris  were at Cherry Creek Sunday.,  Geo. Judd, "and li. P. Cooke  Fort Steele were intowri Monday  A. M. James, Vancbuverwasiu  Cranbrook during the early part  .of: this week.'.. "'    y'-iit^- "���'.'���  She  seeks  the succulent  grass  near the good citizens abode and  abides there'until dawn, of  day.  Then   hies   herself   to   awaken  other, people, who  hurl  anathemas ,at, her for disturbing then-  early   morning   slumbers.    The  village cow   seems  to think she  has a|  mission. .0,11. earth   other  than]that' of  supplying tlie people with,milk, beef and sausage.:  No  community  is ���without.-..'the  town cow except those;where the  city  fathers;: have  enacted  c:o\v  ordinarices.    Iii' small towns she  is regarded with affection by the  'iivjtiiSF bii reti i-setl) by" th'of' balaneil:  of     the,   community,;. ���''/��� Moral  T-^will our,city '\D;id's", in   Crah-'  brook,   give  sJOiiie  attention   to  the town co\v. ��������� ] ������������..':.      ,/'���  . MINKKAJ- ,;At"J".  (FORM F.) ��� ������  .��WW����������^,ii��*��%V,ly,(..|'i1vt*��,v.^^^^  C-EHTlVlOATE OF IMPliC'V-'SMl.NTs.,  VW:' Donald of���������Kamloops was  in,the'city during the early part  of this,wee)*;. '���'..-".'' ���^���.-i Y.Y'" -,?'?:  *********#****��**����******��,  .('���  M  Y Constable C. A. Dow of Wrtrd]  nei" was in VCranbrobk , Monday  on legal business.     V    ?:     V .;������-:.,;-  ?��� H. D./Simons ' of V^W'inhfpeg.-  was registered at the Cranbrook  Monday.Y   V ?  ���?:?':? '���:.? ���.- V.,7.':;  * Tailor ^ Importer of  Fine Wooletis.  '  ''7    NOTICE.     - ... -y;yy..  Bruce. Victoria arid Standard Fraction  ��� ": ,���'������������'   .Mineral Claims. ���''.;  ;  Situate in the Fort Steele Mining. Division pf  East Kootenay Disirle't.. ,>  /.Where l'uiiuoii:���On the west fork or tin- St.,  iviury'.s 'River unU;'udjoiniu�� the Great Jiune  Group.     ',    ; .'������'"'..."..-'.i'.'      '' :  Take liotlee that I, JohuO. Qiiminiiign, Fam;  Miner's Certlfleute > No. '-isiijnir,:-' acjiiiK  as Hgeut'jfor' Joseph II. Wriyht,. F.M.C. ?\o.  11731553 aud'C. Pl'cbbii',. F.M.C. No. ? Hf38j4'," a'n'il  Jas,.: C.' 'Hooker, F.A1.C." NT0. B.73-SK.. Intend  sixty duys,rrom the date(hereof, to apply to the.  Minim; Recorder:for a Certill'-ute:or Improvements for, the purpose of obtaining a Grown  <ii'autvof;tiie'ralA,ve'eiaims?:;---"7'-;'^"'??';?-:''? "���"'  And further' take notice that action,-under  s'eciiou 37, must be eoriiuienc'ed before the issuance of such Certllleiiie of Improvements. ������  : Dated this Sfciii day of'August,. A. II. 1905. .  ',37' ','���     ,���;���..-1".,.''   ''"V,'   .JOHN G.' CUMMINGS'7.  FOUK  n  OX BAKER ST., ONE DOOR WEST OF  '������   HILL" i   CO.,': The only,'place in tow,n  th;it: uuu make life v.-ortl*. the livib'g-.  ? a"'  n nnn ton  ill    Mil  sis �� \ I I b  U.U.Elil  ote  m'y: E;:':::n.V;SMALL,;,.' Manager  The I-IIinois Central  *  ���  *��� i  *������������:.  ji ���  #   Cranbroolc, B.C.   Armst'roiiy- Ave ,$  ���NOTICE.  ���-:';'#:;''-?v^>^  mi:Mi^^  ������"'Wanted--'A teacher ;for the  Public, School at Kiinberleyi B'u;  Apply to the ,vSeci'etaryVof ��� the  Board of Tru'stees;at:Kiiuberley,  ..B.'.:.-C..;.;Y'''';,,]:      V':.?;:':??';7V?VY' 'it;  Vv^'CJ'-iHi- PoileiK ' who has.:been'  hunting for a week iii the Skoo:.  kum Chuck district', returned? to  Cranbrook Moiiday.,   7:?��? ? v:.  ^:^cc^^5^3c^:^ #>^c^$  ���<y\  '  :V.n:'H?;Skiuner:'VH.:YCh;idwick,  and? E.VN.;^Vi'ay?w.ere;gueststat.  the Cranbrook��� Sunday���������'���lii'siv���;:.-'���  i^TTiCN-riOXi-YEverybodyvthat,  Pvei-V4o6;sDifferent 'Patterns fo^ Select Frorri;  PaLiiitm^ Decoratiiig v  ;;:yv??;:;y:;;^;;';^^;  p.0. box;33-  ;phone 111  #>^fe^:^c#^c^^ :^ac^r^^^^  Wholesale  AND  :?  ^  ;AG:ENT;;.;Fb^  Calgary Beer, Ale & Sorter.  T. KEBIiL & CO., Hay and GrainY  CraiibxrooZi:, B.C.  ,.77,.., 7     . .   ,.   ,. , ������'��������� '���   C '7      . *     '   ' ;  ^wiints furnifure: repaired  oi-."��'p"  holstering dque:^,p;iv,ui'!W.Yworlff  Avon Id- do'?vveli: td'coiiie V-atidV'soe  niG,:   New sn ni j 1 les p'ri- hand ."���/My.  (ihar^'esV V^t'fe^."-.;' in'oclerate.-JVVV', Av  GREN1K11,: A i-itisi:rbiig-���; A re.V y"y y  ii..Kobt-V;DeiiipscjyVwas: at?'Craii-  brook7;;'vl(HHliiy, Vii,nd::loH::bn: iho  itf teriioontriii 11: fc iri:; Jalfray V:,  :?,���  4??!'V;Y.:::^ll.:Sorts:of;,P^  V. A..woin.air'.'se'li't'ihei.v, smallYboy  into y the?: ei)iiii,try;?'iuid:: after? a:  week? of? :anxiety Y ree'eiyedy': the  f6110 w i ng\A e. 1 ,'tei��� V: i'iAy go t'; h e reVa 11  fight;: bit tforgo.t'tcvwrite sootier  ;AV.fei]er, and I^wentvoutii^aVp'oat  arid tne: bbatw��� tipped  over'���''��� and a  '"in an'"gb t; mleVVqii iY;*yl '��� was ~."s6V.;f ii 11  ,bf water that I didn't know anything for a good while; The other  feller hits to be btified after,,they  tind hiin. ? A 'horse kicked 'me  oyer aiid ' I  have -got: to?have,  some   money for   fixin, up  my  head.'.;' VYe-are going to set' 'an  olcl barn 'on  five 'tonight and; ;I  should' smile if  we, don't   have  some bully fun.     I  shall   bring  home a. taiiieipole cat if 1" can get  him in my,trunk.'*? '       V     '  Take notice that'thirty days lifterdale the .tin-  derslgniid Intend to?apply  to,the,Chief  Com-,  mlsslouer of.Lands and Works at? Victoria. ;li,  C.. for a spriclal^lteenee to cut iiml cHrry a'wuy  tiiuber from the following described lauds, Iri'  South Kast Kootenay??',? V 7 ,   VJ ?l7 V.?., :;?  I ���Coinuien'cltig' at? a   post .[limited'.'eighty'  chains <jwest', of ,.'Peter  Hull's' pre-emption;  ,thenc��:west 1(10 chaliis.nieiice.north',40 chains,  tlienceeast'100 ehalus, tlierie�� south 40 eliains to.  'place of,be^iuiiina-. -.,,,:.,'.'���.���,       V?,.  V Dute<i:Obtol)erjaihViBI)!i,VVV;VV''iYiYiYi'i :VV  .?��� ?.',:?;.,?':. ...7 - , , ICdwiirdK. Ifarvey' ;  ���;. i : .Cotiitrjorieiug; ai a post planted on the southeast ^ cornerV, of ; ^ciwaril'I-l.- rHHryey'.s tlm; er  iIceii6i')V;then<!c souih ilio clialiiaVtlience west 80,  ehains, theiiee' north?!u ehnins; thence:east 10  clxiiiis, tlieiico ''ii'ortli,''^Ui,,oliViliiii; lbeiice,i;a.-it 40  chain?! to plnce of lieiriiiiiin^/ .... ? 7",' '���:" ?7'  VlJioed October ISth? iiiilft.?;,��� ;V'7 77 7^777:;;;::  ? .;,-'���: '."7??:?':: ������" ? WililHiulfi Harvey ,!���;'.���  '.' SCoiiiiiiencfnK at a' |iost?piiini.i.HJ, at tho.  southeast corner: or, \V. ((,��� ti��rve.v',s '.tiuibfr  licence, thenee west liio eJiiUns^tlieiit-esiiuth-40  i-halus.' liiaiiei). easl. livi clinlmi. tWiieo uortlV.-lO,  chains to pht.ec of i-i��iniin:iiceiai.ut;.-'' ... 7': .;', '  Vnate'd 'cictober: lift iYi{iii:>]y;yYrY'YiYY:Y-..':'  '?:?.?? ?VV'V??? V YT'01'"!1''M- l.iiielniMi ������  ��� I' Oiiinuienciili'iital a post planteii at iiiii souih  ii>isi,c<)i-iii!i-of: ii.Vm? iViiiolmuiv'tlHiiici- lii-./iise/  lliunci!,west- ll-ii eliiiins.��� 1 li'eiice s.i'uiii'.tiieii.ii 11V,'  llienci:,iiasl liin chains; ilii.i'ii,,:..,;ii(iii,ii?|ij,: cliains  lo place oi bi.-|jInning., ������ :������ , ?:?     '..,-..,������, ,: ' ,:, "���  ?V::i:)iu<��i''oct:iibei;:'!:ith?i��ii;.,.-s?V'v:V':^.':?vV;V??  .,.,? :,?>? ?;?:?V7 ?,7,77 :.: ,. ?7- 7 : Isaliel .lllu-vi-y ?.....  :'.'" .i;,,,.Coii'iueiic:Iii'i. ui u": iinst'.plauUnI 7,111- the  souilieiist.coriiei-,?or., Is'iibiit'lliirvey's', iltiibe'r'.  license.' tlieiicuVwes't iiiii i-iinliis. theiiee sou iif 10  ciiains?tin-iiceeasi Hill o.'miiisl ilieiiei,' nuriii -to  cbaihs'to'iiiiico ^if^ieKinninifi: ??:??, .?'���'? : v,  ���:' 'Uiircirbctinliei' i:ii.li?i!i(i5:' ?:;7 -���������'���-.;{'''V'K'" "'"���  :'?,', 7.:,7'V :?7?V ���-..'.��� 7? 77:'? : K111 ily j\,?l 1 nrv>sy7?.jy  ,,'ii :c'oiunienclii|{at 11 post plantud at iliesmiili.:  xiast.'coi:iieiv:of? -li nil ly; A... Harvey's ��� 7 'i'lniije'r  'ilceuso,' iIionce?wi!st. .iiW, eiiiiiiis,' tlieni-e.: south  40cliuiiis.''the''nc,eeast':ltii),elialiis.:;,thiuiee,.u'orth  ,40 eliiiins toiilncoof heKlnjiiii(r:??777?, "���"'��� YYyy  I)ate<l October.illth, i(K)s".: 7.'������-. iYyA^.Y-'i'.-Y.'r.y  ?, Maintains .'iinoxoelled/soi'vice froni  the west to .tlie; iiust''ii..ild, soutli." Alakinir  ulose c-onnut-lioiis with truins of nil  transcOhtinvihiitl iiiies,;' pussenyei-s iiri-  sfiven their choice of., route's 1,0 ChiciijiO,  Loui5yiJlej'''Muin])lii.s.an:(l.'.\*c\v'OHc'uiiH'''  and'through these piMnts.to'.the.fti'rousi'  '��� j'rospecti.ve ti,uvel6i's,; desiring' itifoi--.,  mationas' to the lowest rates  and ; hes'r  routes. are invited "to' eorrespon'derjc.i  H-ith the i'nllowing- representatives. "..  ?B/ H;. TlVu.MUUi.L, Coinineri.-ialVA^eii'i  ty'-i���"���--*i4&?Tiiird St4?Poi-tliinil?b",nf<oi].  ...'J; C/"I.i'N-rJSEy'j T.FY&'viAi: i y'Y.Y  7? ,142"riiird St",'.Portland, 6re��-oii?  JoP.:B?Tiibii'psc)N,���������'F.'&: p?a:v Uopi'i'.1  1, Colman Bid��i, Seattle,:, Wiish;,  The TownYCow.  li  \^ ��.'"���. \��mS��  '   %*Sm  Came Go.  .Tlie iva'grraiit cow is a great  institution. ,:All through .the  long watches ol; the night she  makes her? solitary perigrina-  tions, and the bell never -ceases.  Fresh and Salted Meats    .  Fish and Poultry in Season;  .IUST RECEIVED   .   Ti|p|/Ai|C  A  Jot   of   tine   young    J |J| Mjjjc)  Orders by mail will receive .prompt and careful attention  Order By Phone 45  ::--?J.,:M?I)EER?:Y:  Boot^ie MMer  All Work buarnnteed  7 Now Work Made to hfeasun:  Armstrong Ave.  OppOBllO  Imperial Hotel  #  3*  ���M-I"I-I-M M.'I..i..i.'.M.l..r-M-1-i-I"!-  ^��%vk\%n*%i%��\��%��%��||mt*������%M��i��i%%%lt|  Centrally Located  Electric Lights  f  Un-cler*  New  Managemeiit  I lc:;icl(]u:ii"t:ei".s  for  men ;ind old timers.  mil'lllicr  it*  ii!  'When you, want' a good  plant; to stop come'to the  Manitoba.  ������'"���.'D. a: Mcdonald, manager',  e Cive You Your Money's Worth  TI$DflLE'S  Hoadquat-torH for ''.'������-.'  .'PUES5H PKUITS  NUTS and CHOICE  ' CONPKCTIONlCIty  Ice Gream and Soft Drinks  Also Tobacco,,Pipes '  and Ciffiirs  Baker St.    Cranbroolc  H-H-l-H-I-H"H"��4-!-W+H-i-  $ MUSIC .|  Mrs   Hislnn teacher of thb  IS.    niSlOU IMANOFORTE  Special iittention to touch,  technique, phrasing- iind  gradiii';' of .studies.  Por imrtliMilitrs apply to 0. E. Reld <k  Co., The Drutjulsw.  ?:'?::i.iniiiii iiui-voy.,.'  "���' ComiiH.nceitiKjat"���'H.'7iiost:"|)luiiU'il ?u.t';"tlie  Koiithwostcorner of.'{Liillnn llui-vey'a;iliiiiier  liisciise;-,theii'cu npriii 8U oliiiliis, tlieiu-e iv^stHO  cliiiin.s, tin.lice soutli 8V chiiliiM,'iliciice iiast SO  oliiiins to placebt bugitinliiR.' "������ ���'y-'���'���'��������� ."-  .-:.'.p'utedpctblioriiitii? 11105; ���;; ,"?VV ,'V ,',  "'7? ,  Miu-y F. Lliieliaui ,.  , 8 CuioninncInK nt 11,posl pliintod fprty.elittlns  oast of thu iiorihwest eoriiiir ql iiiiwiii-il E.:  Hdrroyls limber license, tlience lioi-ili aOvcliiilns'  ttaeucu west 80 cliains, theiiee south 80 elmluii,  thoiico east 80 chains to pluee of bogluiiinif.  Duted beiobor 1 il tli, I !��">,'' ? s,. ,\ ,.���.,. '���?:  ��� V' ':?.,;,.VV?, Cyrus VV.'riurvey  9   Couimeuclngitt ti post [lUiued ut tlio north  west corner   of  Cyrus   W    Hui-yoy's ..timber,  license, thence north 80 chains; thence, east 80  chains, thenctj south,80 ohuluii;. thence west 80  chains to place of begiiiniiiif.   :    ',, ���     ,7  'bated October l'.ith.'lDUD.    ������   .'V'        ?,       V  '?"���'';���. ���'"       ' ���:??;���"��� 7 ' iA:n;FeuwicIc''i  7?IuVCommencing.at a post,,planted  at  ihe  southwest comer ot Cyrus W: Harvey's'timber  license, thence north'1G0 chains, thence west 40  chains, thence south 160 chulns, thence eust 10  chuiii.s'to the place of bcginnlug? '     :,'"''���  "Dated,October lttu, 1905.   ?'    '?'���   .-"''.  ���-.;?V' "'���.' ?:?..������:'. .n. Fenwlck;?,.  ��� 11   ConimonciugatHpostplimteii at thesouth  west corner of E. E.  Harvey's timber, license,  thence wost'WO chulns, thence , north JO chains'  thence eaW'!.t;o chains, thence 'soutli -W chulns  to place of beglunin^.7 '            7  ������ Dated October 14th, I90D.. ' ' 7 , !.:??���������.  : " ', '7 C. H. Pollen?.,  '12 Coiiiniouelnir . at a post; planted at the  southwest corner of E. E. Harvey's ���.timber'  license,' thence west 1IS0 chulns. thence south 40  cliains, thenco, oust Wi ehains, thence north  40chuln.s to place of.begliniinif. .   V  Uuted October lith, IWi.      '''',.'."'.  ' ,,. ?   ������*'���'. ,7     T.H. L. Fenwlck    V  13 Coiiimeuelni; at u post planted forty  dm I ns north of the north west corner, of I). M.  I.lnelmm's' timber licence, tlience. west 100  chains, thence north 40 chuins,; thence oast 1G0.  chains, tbonco south 40 chuiim to place of be-  ��inuln({v : ;?���:,.'   ^      ,     t ���-,       ".  Dnto'd October I4th, into.'  ���'������ ������������''������ E. Fenwli-k  14 Cotumeuclht; ut a post plKiited' forty  chulns nor.tli of the norlli west corner of D. W.  I.inehttiii'^"timber lit-euse', llienee ' west', itIO  chains, liienee south 10 chulns, thenee east itIO  chains, thence north 10 chains to place of be-  Klninuil. ' ' ��� ���   0 ,  Dated Octot'ci- lit,li,-l��Ul. ������ ..-"������  A. H. Fenwlck  l!> Coiuini'liclng "I- U' poul? plan tin! ul the  northwest i-iirner of ll.?.M. I.tiu'liuin's ' tiiiilier  license, ilie'tu-e iiin-th l-JUi'liulim',' liienee east 40  eliiiins. thi'lii-c souiii HI) liliuliiH, tlu-uce casi -10  Ohalns. tlliiluic.solltli-lll i-liiiilis, Ihcni:.' west HO  cliiilnn to pluiwiif bimlnmiilf, "  1    llllt.;.| O.li.ln-1-"1 ll.ti..  ' ���     '  .       Wi II. Mui-wy  III I'liiiimuiirliiR ul , a piiMt pluntuil-fin-iy  l-lillllm wesl nl Hie hen I lli-iist. eorni-r of 10. E.  Ilurvi'y-s tliiilmr Ki-olise. tlienci.' west Hilcilmliis,  tlii'iii-ii siitnliW'cliains, ilu-nce oust ml Jhiilns.  tlllJIieii Iiorlh Hlli-lllllllll In pluillKir Iii.kIiiiiIiii;. ���'  U11I1.1I (ii-liilii.r I Itll, I'JO.V  0. II. I'oll.i'n  17 Cniiiiii'.-li'liiH nt lit 11 port pliintcil ul tlni  niirlliwiift eiiMiili' ur ImiIicI. Ilnrvny's' tliiilmr  IIci'iihii. tlii'iii-eweKl Hit), i-liuliis, tlmn.-ii north  lOcliuliln. tli,.-nci- iiihi HIOcIiiiIiiii, tlienei. south.  ���I'.Ii-IiiiIii- l" pill'-'- of lii'Kltiiil.iiK. n  .  Ilillii.l (lenibur Hill. |..lll&.  ���I*. II. I.. |.Vnw|i.k  in 'ciiiiiiiioiicIiik. ut n [..ist plumed m iiM.  iicii-lliwi'sl '���inner of isiilnjl llui-vny's tlmlii.-r  MixiiMii. Ilieni-i) wont 100 t'huliiH, Ilieiiei) south 40  i-linllin. tlii'iiem-a.sl -liin c-liitliin, Ihum.-e nui-tli 10  cliiilni !���" I'1'"'" "' benlniiln'n,  |iulu I ���'elobi-r I It!.. 1'Xifi.  �� ii. S.unli-t.  SEALEDTENDERS addressed to the undeii'  '7slKned, and enilor.soil li;ender for Iiidlilli  ,, irf,and FIslierlesr'offlfiis'HIdginNew Westuilii.s-  ter,;U.C.i' wilt be reoelved. at'; ails oilieo ^iitll  Sut'urduy..Oc'.i-.her 2ist? illD'i, Inciusively-. for tile  coustruction;?of iliiiliiiir iiiicl ���'. Fisheries otth'e  llld^.;KNuw Westiniiistiii-i":?' "V.:_rV'; ;"';V?;??  ? Plans' arid spgr lllciillpiis to be seen'andVoi-ius  of'leuiler olituitieii ul. this I.ieptu-imvui.Vui tile  oiilce'ofO. A. iveefui-, IisiiM iti;sideiii;EujiIiieei:  New \Ve.stiiil.xi'siei--;H.'C'/,1 7? ' .,'   ;'"[.  ?''���';.���?  i^ei-sons teiii'.erliii; -lire iiiitliic.l, 1 im 1: iuriiii.n-s  will. 1101 hi;, considered: unless iinale V.ci.lhi-  iirlnied Torui sii|>pii|..i "u'mi.sij.'n'td wi'iii iiieli-  ncluii'i s'lK'naiuri.-ri.'- ���:.:.- ?���.���������- ..'���'���-  '. ICueli .li-u^ui-.^uuist be.uiii'o'iiiii'flnied byv mi-  uccepieiteheiiiH- ;'nn;. iiviViiiiiiei-e'd . lianU.' inude'  liiiyulile?to tIiu m-iii-r or ilnVill')!ii'Urn!.|.iilii.  .yiinis'tei- i-i' i'uiiluv ���u'-.VrliS. .'tiliiil;', i..v u-.lr.pi-l-  cent,(ip iiiii'.-) '���'. tli./iiuiimii! nVuiiiVi-nU.-t:;>.iiu-l-i.  ,ivl|l lie fiji-f��ji��d' Ir.-iii^'p.i:i"ty'/ti.!'iiUi-|..:n<'.'di.'.iiiii;..  10 eiiLe!-'iiiu^iii:i;.iriti.-iiii.,\v'iii.iV ..JTi?:ii: iij'>.;.ii'i.i ,i...  ���so, 017 If tic' fiiii.if,' eViiii'li'.leVile w?i-l?rimi i-iii-li..,!  f|-ii-,;V'il' lilo lender lie n<Mu|!C''e;ited 'III.:. :.-ln?|iTi',  wl It be'ri.itiirl!(;d.,;..,'?:7:'?77,?;V?'.''V,,7? ;?:..?,,7''  ::;:Tlif.7 flepitriiiienv:ili;.i;M, nor; liiiid" it'-eif to no-  L-ept'the io>ye7t.oi:'uiiyi't'eniiiM-.'.:..*.;.' '?V:.'-'y,.yi.���',  ���:"' '.Y1'.?.,?:.'77??.-'?!I>'-'.Orit;.'i','::���'.������';.?':''���'���,,.'V?.7 'V?:..,,"  ?V>:?  ? ?::'::.::V;Y:i-'iiEi.i..i.;i-:i:.iNAs.';.&:  7 ���- 7i? ?''7,v.:,?.?,,,7:.,r:. .::.7:::?7v,:.,?::.;..lSe<:remry ,;,  i��-p��|)u'r.iuii!tii of I'lihllc Avoids, 7. V? V ''������{���J .-  ;..;ftii,1-. ?���:''. V'Y'' i.)ittiiwiV.jriii|)t,:wth':;iwif>.: 7 ::?;?  NOTICE.  .1  ,.r. N'OTICEJis.,heri;by.::^i.veii7.l.hal .niirtyidays  after liiiti). i Intend to iipplytotlie'ciiief Commissioner: of l.ands and Works, null to '..ilie  Asslstuu't Coinmls-jlou'i-r of: I.uiid.s uiid.' U'oriis  for the Distrlct'of Eust ICooicimy for a Mconse  to prospect'foi-,Coui.I'etro'euurover .tlio fill-  lowinir described lauds, silinitect on, Akuiiiluit  creek near the,1 South' ICootonuy 'Puss Trull.  Hlock .4.103, Squtheaatern portion of 'ili-itish  Columbia. ��� '���'''?',,���?������.; ';'��������� '������';'���-.'' ���';.���;.'''! ,?'���'���'.'��� '"..���  I Coiniiienclng ui iipoiit plnnto.1 ueiii- thuSoutii  Kootonay Pass Triill, about two1 milesfroiuMIie  head of Akuiulnu creek, east of unii udjolulni;  Elsie I.. Kerrr.'s Coul unii Petroituiii claim, aiid  iinirked Fruuk Meuerec's northwest corner.posi  thence eust 80' chains, thence'siiuih 80 chulns,  tiiuuce west 80 chains, tlience north So' chains  to the place of beijlnninij, oontuiuinjr 010 ucies  more or less.,   ,   .     .' ���, ��� 7 ..',.- V     , ".'"���'*  , Located Sept: bth, 190.V ,7      ? '      '   V  , .���'  ?   '....,.:     |..Fruuk Menefeo, r.ocutor   ,,.'.  . *" ??,.'.:       John Gloyn,. Agent  6 INCHv ;BEI>-r;ON  'MO^FOR  7J:':?:'"V'Y-:;YO'CT;'HAyE :^:w-ATiiS in THE  J ? CITX; MAINS?  '.Th'e:f,:6>iu.dl". .^oto-Ylllust^nted^ibovo will develop  \t.? :H.P.;and'uso but litUd:.,watbi-.' ^Choiipijr ttitin'Gas or Electricity,  ^0.,aud,..ad'ai3tBd";.;fdr.;vrunriih'g-/.PriiUin^^ General  (Machinery, Etc.    See the Motor lu Operation at tli^ ofllco of "The  ? Prospector':'. ���   "     .   ��� *'V?,,:  ' .:. ���''.,������: ���'..'?'."''V,'.C*-..-"'.'..:* '".'.-���'��� <  !??   'THE WATER'S U PP1_Y; cd:.'IYTD.  ���;���"V:l?V? '?   V: ':'.���.?���?ELL;-THESE MOTORS/;:: V  . ; And will give you full,particulars and prices': :"Or write u��  .direct, Y.giying-.; I'articulars'Vna, to power requirod and kind of  '.machine!-}; :you"wish, ttf run.. ?        ."?'���?. ���   ? .,: '.' '���'������;"���  y:      ;  :v THE'-PELTON WATER WHEEL CO:  :'Yii':ii-tiii''r'.Y'yy'yi.   100 iVlain St., San Francisco, Cal.  ,?,,,:������ '??;: NOTICE,.;.??'?.?; 'r' "'.?,���'  NOTICK;, Is hereby giveh thut thirty' days  uftcr date. I Intend to apply to the Chief ..Commissioner ot Lands, iind Works, 'iind to' tiie  Assistaht Cominlssibuer of Liiiids: and Works  for the District, of Kum' Kootenay for a' r.icensc  to prospect for Cbul.and'Petroleum on the' 101-  owling described lunds, situate at the forks, of:  Klsh-c-neh-ria and Akuminacrt-elts near,the  South Kootinay Pass Trail. Block 4593, Southeastern portion of British Columbia.  1 Comine'nclriVut u'post planted near'thei.Soutii  Kootenay 'Fuss trull, north.'ot*-and.'adjoining'  JohnOloyn's coul and.petroleum claim, being  the Initial post, of Nathan Whealdon-s claim  and tn'urki d Nuihuii WheaUlon's southwest  corner post; thence iiorlh 80 chulns. thence eust  80 chains, theiiee south SO ehains, thence-west  80 cliains to the place ot beginniii(f, containing  1140 acres more or less,  ^ ,       .  Located :Sept. 5th. l'JO.1.'? -V  .''���,��� ,7   N'utUun Whealdon, Locator  M .    John Oloyu, Asent  Ksssss^i^sasss^s^i^ssssos^'s'ssss^i^sja^sssjssssscsBS  ..'/'  ���, ':��� FORT STEELE. .JUNCTION  Finest of Wines', Liquors and Cigars  .Those   who "are  weary, and  .thirsty,   drop in, and  jAlex will do the rest. '',   " "' .  V',,ALEX McCOOL     Prop.  SALE   OF  'MINERAL'CLAIMS... FOR UNPAID TAXES, IN TiJE-FORT-'���.STEELE   ASSESS-  '���.'.'������    MENT DISTRICT,  PROVrNCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  I  IIKREBY GIVE NOTICE thiU/oit Moiiday t-Jv^sixih   day   of   Noveml^er,  *    GovernmeiH Otlipc's. Criinbroolc, B.C., an tho.hoii'r (>r twclvo o'clock' noon;  A'.'D., ,1905,   at  the'  ,      , I shall,sell 'at. Public  Auction,, the   Min'onil   Claims   heriMiial'ier ..set bii'i, of ihe purSuiis in t'nn list,hereinafter set out, of  which Crowii/Ji-iilits liav'obiu>iii.sfiij(!(],'ff>r ;ill ii'npiiiit liixes in-crued, (Im/  and   payable  011   the  30th '  June, 1905, or ar:cr.in;d, due ani'l piiyable at -any !.!0lli .June '-subsequent, '.to tin; dale of the issue of   the  Crown Grant and'for costs of ad vertisin;; and oilier expenses. ���'"''.���  ." .     .       ,       .���. (.        .   ���    ���   ��� ��� ���.  LIST   AHOVK   JlBXTId.VKI'l.   .    '  llllll.il llllll   I  itK0i.srKU|.;i) oSvNUit on cho.wn- (.ikantuk;     na.mi: ash i>i:Bci(ii'-rii.).v ok  C. II. Mucliitfwh .,  C.   II. MlK.'llltO.Mll,   './'. If. MhimiiUihIi . ,   W'.7Vim Al'HtlullTI 1)1 III . .  Arthur l'lillllim   CiiliiinbuH M. ritrlti.'.r. . .  vvinstiiv    I.01 ::��17 ti. 1 .  Kurton"   Lot. .'HUH Ci. I   MucliiKHli     I.I'll .'it'111 (i. 1..  Kini.-niiil     Lot llUli Ci. I.. .  .-������irii.'lHc*' i.tii.'ir.nnc;. 1...  lli)iiiiyC''<iiil��    '-"I f'151 CI  I.'11 pii ill  'i'll.-Ci  ���js fill  L'7 I HI  :;ii T/r  11 7f,;  l.'i (II)'"  11" 75  i K.\|lC'llS0B  ;nf Aiivur-i  lisini;. . j  .') nn  3 LTi  :l 2b  :i 2b.  3 2b  Touil  * 31 75-  3U 25  ���10 00  15 00  1(1 25  1(5 00  _T���" .������^Tr.T?  Dated nt CrattOivk, II. C, Hiin i'Uth day of SiUemtier, JVOS'.  A. C.  NELSON,  Fort Steele Asuessmcn  Issessor.  District  Cranbrook Post Ogle*  M TIE PROSPECTOR. 7CKANBR00K,B.G', OCTOBER 21,  iUOri
e.rj-uiru^jrrin/iJ^nririJTL^^^ , : .  ■    ■        -. ■ T fon     H'a'.v    nil, «     '■'  ■ » ',.'■"■ ■■'•'-. ' '
1''-; '"    s  —'■=" * -?;Liteto?m
■^is     'IS TIIK ..VIAN-     A<_s~~       I iiuikiiijii.vi'iii-   Iih.'.-jI   piirti-yii.H.       VV«?       ■•■'■    "• .'. :■.    ?       ,".
-f^-yvhu  tt;iii.-'i,.."":',ii,- '^fer- ■.r«'..1,jr«i,/i-„i 11,-1/ ui,. ui-,,,,.,-. „„iy ^ej Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000
V'nT i .Im.;'(' 'I-'1" >in-li iii;ii-I«-.(J   sin.(.|.'>s   in   ih.;-..'      ."■•
'.   ;|)|'.-i>l will.i   pii-liii-es   uf   lirifl.;sV. Voiiii'is. |,
■-, '"v-'.pAPITAL" AUTHORIZE'!)'  -$-i.0i.i0.0U0:
•CAPITAL (piiid-iii,)
Head 'Office ;--fo'rQ.n|o,:
3  -"-irm
; -MmmftTmTT»ntTmvTWfntmmmwmT-"
I |   LOCAL NEWS. |l ...... .,......,
'-      ■■ ■ •    '-- ! ii-ri-i-icil in li.n'kiiin' „v,.y , m 1- r-liinvin..- i>T i l'-' V 'l-'1" >m-li iiia.i-kc.d   sueivss   in   ih.;-..'
Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
2 i :uuiiUiiiiiiUuUiiUitiiiiuiiiiUUUiiUii:-
SI  "t. K;M!-:i:i:!TT. lv;,M,!l'-:,,^.-|)^i:^\VI.|,iaK?Vi<:.--IVoi'Mn,u;,Mi.'.Maii;:   "< ".':■ 'I1*  rr'VLlii'(il:iu'    u'a>   ViY^^f'^'liFislliilff    -Tadkle'"' ''"^"''V*- l"*'7«'"t*. .■;t.,v.ni,ir!fr.i'!"' B,
I'  XciPxfsviv -. -i-i.1^" •--.- -r"*- r: t -" i'-t ^' r ^-"-■lii^v.i-:- ■■i'^mK- ■-.--' -i-.v^.i-i.','^ -U.-:;' -."f-if' 'i" ^ V«^"' b?^V-V-^ «^ •-■^-, "..c^U-,, .-; .*..,_.;,_ -#       ^n5'^; A^J11P ipi-vii... ....uiii,,,,,,,,,,^,,,,^.. ;
5 •"■ ,■„.."      •■■„   .7 :■.   ,     „     ■■■....'..   ;i                         •'.::■■             .■'■...:■"'   .,"• :   ■.''!'.    ;C ,- '                 ;■  •.;     ,.——'■■   •'   . ?,   .    ■"'■■:    7   -i i •■    i '    '■■'■ , .     >            ', ', -, ■,, !■' ■     ■- A'""-    ^unily 1 li.?.lii^li. f|ii;ilit.y of   w,,,-ji ?,, ,
gVVl-,;"!d"":-::; .,,'?:'    ;.   , y'i:,:;;'Y. ■""...   ■ : ■:- '-..'■■      -■' ?. - -.,",5      It. lly.i'J'iffKi-'rfc <-.-i my-.-iij.- .fromi V AN t; "''''W- JV,,(-IS ■ <' ui Ixo.-is ol   ,,,. «-ni.-,,.j;v,i ,,;„.,, 'n.i.ii'-*..".:-.!'-*,, ,i,-u-,-i
IS.-.WALKER, General Manager' ALEX. LAipD,' Asiit. Genl Manager
.'."'',.'.. A .OV-n'i.'-,!-;!.: .|.i:ii:;i?!'i77: 'Uiisnv';--  I l-:iii~:ii,-i,.;-il.    ?,'■?,..  •?.,
Siu'iii^rt'' \iiw\YY)Y}itir<ril.o\\\Y-.. I.u'!eiV.s.;v ;ii lowed >'.'Yd'l1' 'K','?1
'AVi'irjt.iiei; Aloiiduy.
'■■%',-';■     lyi)S>T;il.!'.)'i'fu."iii'd Wednesday
'.C-uiJTjSuuiKiuijijTln . ?l-'r...-.h ' "I> 11Jl-c.-.- oysters ■ a)    file
'dilici'ent'sizi'i' .and:, tin-? ■Jnu.*st
fii'\ It's;V'sti'i >riLi'V' -i'i;H:,s <:t V;iri< uis
\v'i-i<j;lil's.: ;ill? kiruls ■ of :'l''li<'^
andVlj.opks'tYcY:. VAll Vt.llic.
; i'iyll't [)i:it:us. V ■-V ■".    '..'. ''ft t.Yii.
aiiH'ilii--nii.iilffjl, pi-i
'«'i.- v-'il I ,.| i ii it i- yi'iii u-.i | i ' leii vi.? im ili.ii iii:.
in 'yiiui:   iiiiiiil  .iiml   I liV plin-i. lu y'vi I'm-
Iii-iu'iil niii-i rn ii-; is'. •;  . ■    '."
'   ■;'. .tl   '., '     ...  •    . ' - 7 '.,   7 ,,, -     ■
.^;^.T?::??:7:V..:V:..?V^^ ;.*.( "::i.IVj-:i.i:\-'.:C.'itfci.i<-< 'c:n in.ri:i ii v-. . ?, : 'Y'Z'.iYlP^YY
jfc:,iiV*Ai'i-'J»*Svi*"iS'   " '"•'ft'-*'i'-'-jVii>,-«>"-»-i*«J."i5S' ■jX'-ilii.J-S.'vC       '' ' .""• '■,  ,       '"',?,      "."?'i 'r«   C        '-"I'  ' i"? '■""•■ I   ." •■
fc ■»',-■*? $<-**■.■*■ f'-^,?*..--'-*-...^'^ , r''v:i.77-'-r.-«^V7v,";""" ■■-    :^~:'".^Yf". :?■;:.'■   .....' .r-2—: V.::? • •■ .-.    ', V; P- S. ? Let us serve you by iniail
'^'"'■■""    '' — '"■-  ■■■', :" ■■?';," i.:i:'i''id'''i'.'.Ti.ii.-uiii<>; wa.«. in j.'iie'i   '"r-)ni ;.prpyn P ' :a>,.;,.,.;;;.?.,V?
mm-' f%a if -ft \^-r^y<m^*.^ ■*.m mmm k a-imison
L/yji''l)':,Y'UlI..' i-U:::.fe-.--?- ■ .v??;^:,..: -—::..?.?,.?    :-„ j-f.^. ..where It-Pays to Deal.    "
  -    • •■  -gE; .•   ..A   liir.L't.'.;   nimiJ.iei-    oi   .v,isii(-rs'j~'"■,*■■   .    . ■;•   'y.r ■
"•A"iJ.i-i'-'?li■('i-mni'M-iViiK -tins vy'iM'lv'. :   i'Yyi iY"'...      „?,:?   '"   •"'''.
"■/.- ■'■      ?        ■,. 7--~,~—■ ' '•:'•■' ...'' ...   : Stock 'ftitotiitioii
,   V\*    11,7  J>*?\ i-^-A" ■'' \Vih;ii|»7'ij: Avittfj  '"    '    "i    .?''???__-y.'"
1 i.-tsiI;i;\".      ', „'.s.7 ' !'"■:     !■;....,;-,!..,t'-i.Vl   i:,.,ii.'..-.'\  "|.
lialii'i- Si
.'■'-     ■"< ;i':i;iili|-()iil;j  |!.(
ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWINQ BATE8:      „. . ,';      .' a    .    ?,      7
$5 and under..;.................... ?3 cents??,;    .?.V?,, ■ ■"..." '; ?  '
Over   $5 and riot exceeding- SlO..'....    6 cents,,:■■', ,,   7 1  .,'   ■
:""''$10   '■,,".,'..   ''"'.,   '..$30' '.,:.10" cents ■ ■'.      o'•■''"'*■.■' Y ■''■'"??'.'
..,".  : $30.,     '"'   "? ;"■."■■, ■;..   '$50':'..:..".' 13 cents,;'   ''- ...;,'■..",' '■','..
ene Orders are Payable at 1'jitr at any office in Cuillida of a Chartered
:d._7-7J-J.l<ailk. (Yukoniexcypled)'.'.-!nd.at.the: principal, banking,points in.the-Uliitc>l-. ?x.?:.-u.: ,
'!       ' WKOOTIAKI.it   AT   A   FIXED   KATH   AT    ' .:.  . ' ■     ■•':"' ' '     7    '       ,''.7?....
GO.!   The
They form an excellent method of remitting small '.sums of luoucv
:.' with safety and: at small ettat.■■';■:. .  '
^!s;^P^(aj^lsjr[k]^0j.i<^5^lK]^®-» ®hs] ^^!i^l!^il«#*[i«Wi^sK(s^
''.   \\'t.>,.li;ivi-. Iii'oii 'in   llii',. iiiisiii(\ss
fin-   si'vcral, yi'iii.'.s. ;\v(>, hayi'- ilie
IV'sl;V;i(iii|iinont ii)j, )!.C;   iind   we jjl
•.fiiiii-;iiili:'i.''V.;iii^l';itMioii. '■•'■■'■ :    Y;..      !,'[«]■
Sii- that Pianojf
I 1 nsura m \ va I i ot I ie Eyi 1
.\V(;'-ar\;.:lli(,''  i'i'iitli()i"i/,i<il   ii^'eills ;
fur l|n^rV'i"ii:o'\-iil ul' MiisoinX- Ivisi'li ; W'.-■■■  „.
■■■,- ..... ,. .    il. ■■.,■■■:(-
.1'm.iit'S, wri ciVii do't'lio-cNvorlf'.'v^itli-^tsi'-.
Nlso.HiMl.SilllOlil ;|<,ll|-'*Ci«j-:,:
,??.■::.....,..?.:;:, ...... ??..|V.
0;;aiib,roflk?Cartage aiid:Ti'aiis,l'er Co "
nntiil'iLjt??     77?   !,.._,^;..,.,,, y :
'■';';' .  I Vnpi-ii'iiiis nl ilu-"??
< Mli'i-'.-.iipi'i'.Mii.."
tU'.i-i: o.:.i,(.i.v
I yar?\
■ ^=;.Sf7^;-. ,y....,,..,:,.,. .■-....-..v! ■:y:--y;.,yy-y;yY\ ...., y-,'i;;:^,y;'',..-i-:--y'-,yUy.l-v>';.,v<.\0r:O^
■'Y'WH-;-i~;-:-^•^•'t^*H"WrH^■•;-^•^-^.:■:"r:f•;•y s,ii:Vyy ■■■ Y ■.;. ■■■'    y .,; V
I :..
      i. !l<-;>ira.V„''>!!"("i'>-|ii|«f;iy<.ii!|-:'itlias>;
f ;'?{Ba']£©^,v'S,tx Vy>'^ :" v-
■j-;: -.-..,.y.   . -y,.y. . ■' '.'.;...?.■. ?,,»' .' ,,;..::;;:?"'..??;";?     :.   :    ,;.?', :t ;?     "-v? .,   :;-. j}!"-..-.;;- Ka![iir.(I.f).niioi"rth,i.'..Kcy..:(JliiiS'.
"    , ,   7   .. .'.-.- .,...,,-... -|-.,,,. nr;;ivl^-:^; i]:;],,;?:, i ^ -:?<VVra n t) rtxVk
i-■•;-vri oji.>n«i Ih- i'cosjiyii-i-iau iV'iiii.rch
r.-j;..:)ir'f!':(>p;i 'arioiiiV tliiV'Vtii'st \\":oijk'-i"i!
;-,;:|;),i.'(7i.'ui.li!;'r...:    . 0'??.V   ;Y _:.... ■'■' ■' .  .;V .V
'■■j&Yi. 'Win ' IY.■';"';&
■ ■; !fSfS2Si;":S>,'"'"
«-;''':§? I      -i   ^BBs.i-'YKMsaa.''-'.
HS^?; %®>k
■Jt--r: -. 11;    i^ ..'rv'j KJl^It-fl^v, I li;i,t   ril^.i;^ jis a
x:;.;Vliii'.i»dui;iirou^in(.^> in 'VIip ^mi.t'V
.*:}'-[-.r-]--'i;i:;iVs.vii!''<d.r>.\vii,:.'uiV ilie ?fi:-lVir-l<f!ii
ijTviHij'ii^V^.-^.Y; y^^V*.;..:';;..'^:^/^^;:^:/'!;.-^;/;/;.;;''
.•!-}:'. V'?'.'':;:; V?:.^;:',.,.' ? .,VV'V,;jj';vi;V?,X X'',i'V:
1?,G.i'is ,;-7,,t|5t!'is'i.;:'**yas'i. diVyvii . i'roin
P'-i-ry :^'i-('i:')v 'rposi-iay.;7^(7;irs."''-'is'
iiniiii'^-.iylKi believes iii dovoln]ii-
iii^-'i)V.i'Tiih^'!j,iropo.rl.y.,:?.V..'',°.';'' "ti
'•■■•-. C:h
..Tl.i'i;''i''rs't s'iio\\vTsi1l'-iuf.,.|.lid se(i-
■?on wjisiv 011"''Piif'-idriy moriiiiiif.
'This w^is'ivj it tkvdiiijy ioi-'VCi-iiii-
jii-tii)!;,.,;; but .wi.-: will hav,-. tine
T Vvi'iii.lioi-. Jic'i wo«ii now; "'Yii'id
•j-!. rii.-'ink.'j.i.v.ivin.ir 'Day.   ■ , *  ' '  ,:    '
...,■. .Wet;",' iiaveviilwiiys:: iiiidei^loud
thtt.iVtli'i' iiii.yi :\vho pry :li.u:iit,int;-';c>ii
.S't'iiiday. uiii.^t? oi!rhei?,^pl Icilled.'
-li^Uwiih anlaccicl'tliii.V.oi- <>;et:iio
dncksVVViyi'V'aV'j.mrty. whVi'^weiii,',
oiit.liisiVSiiiidii.y:. t-eitii-iied..'wi.thVii
dozen duelcs. and aside.tToih .being
Tliis, , ;i« <;Mi,l,ii;oly ; ajj-aiiisi:; the;'
ri-'ach'iigs of tiitv^Sniidity .rstdio ■!
!:ijO<iktj.?;,y\'■ ii 'iiiiit   •?'  i'ttyi■ ■'■..
YAYiii 1 iua'J'nanljs<i:i.yliiir servi'd'"
will lio held?:in,:U.;<* ; Pi't'sbvieriaii
,'j'\l;iaiil.fsi.''j..vins;..Day. :7?lteA'?;:B.?AV
G! ood ii eld: :\v i 11 V<: |) i-eii cli?Vtne V sfir-
mpu.:VV-I'lip Tlianl'risii'iA'Villi?; oli'ei.-'-;
iiigs^yillhoi "(I'ijyo'tt'fl. '■■toVtlieV'CJhi'ld'r
i"cos,;v\id ,Socicj:y;;..??;;:?;,? Jt't7/>V.
■ ax&^a.,:- :■?.    '....7 "■.,-■?..?.„■-. .?,77.:,.vjjj>!
. ■'YY"ivi-r Yi'Y'yY. :-t.ti:\.'Y't:.^Y  d
fi;7.■■■.-'■1,11 iiit-7i.iiiT.Miiiiiui^ii7iiiri-.iii-i-.sii,-i*|i;"7 •)
a! '"'-i.'iiii n.ivi- iii. loiiiiii in ilu. j" ';.. !. „V' (0
5>'''"Y?7,'Y1 .'"??' 'i-YY YtYyi.$
,^-..-....;.L7..7.AV.A.TTs:. Iil,i I l.l,)IN( i,;:,.:«. ft
I; 7 .....'.:',:«' ;■■   .-'v.   '',.'■■; '?■'-'■'ft
'*   % ..,,»7 •■'. . (a
§)■■ l-'ii-si r'l:tss'\Viii-l<. in"iili.liriiiu'lH.s >)i
fctiY YtY.y,.Y'Y--yYtYYii%
;_ VTlioV ai-cidcnt ; iiisiiraiice  i ? V
policy tiiat yields ^fiJKli) {in ®■  V
• ^.•sistt iiiii. d^mli,. providers aii'W 7;;,;,
iiitloii'iiiity' iii' AifjUO tot-? ilie.(BV
loss:61' botlivo'ves;':■■■'.' V-'■''■■ ■■"■■■'£} .'
.■'■■V''''.Y..''.:,."-Y"Y:.V.:7?;, ■.-YtifyY
'-.'Phis iiii.'iiii.i.t.lint. 11 lilimi limn is gi 7
|ii-m:-.ii(-itl!y iiiiii ilv'iKi.V-'.';.;-.:' ?7',!'l •ttt ' '■■■
■■'■■'■■'■'■■'■'■   (iimi-il yiiiir'oy.i'K vvitli (llii.; ijiifo'.-'gj.,: ,
..;""y   ;. 'I'nii  liiniiy  htiyu  piil.'■'..otlV'giy'itiif   t   ?
,,■:-!;.■"-... thotii: "tioiitinn, iiiitil: il.'?wns Lrii) '¥,:'.?.'
ffUJjjj;!"!'-''" I.'t; l.HMiotilli-d.   li uiiytliiiiy (H'■   „;
L -^ '  is'" theV iii:iy.ei-: wit.li   t.ln?m ''tiiat: £,' •■■':
ifj-i .U'liissi.':7i:;H-i'li Iii..1|'?i:iii-c-. u-ii ^■ill(ilull''voirso.,'.V''C'<')'nriiiilr.
f    ■■—■■■■'  ■"   ■    '.'-': :■■'■■ ■'■'■'    • '.fc--'r.   -..'. ''-' •'?.■•" -'   '■-''   ■'•?'?•  ..-?'■■ 7 '.■•':?.     •''.■■'IB; ■
f«l, G; v anb ro o k .?s •■..? i^e.£j d i m g -v Op ti e ia" os;^:
[fl"'V,;   .""ViiliiViiti  VViiii'.li iiisiii.i;l.>i:V'Oi-iiw'ri Ni^V ,!'nss i)lvisi.iii < '.I'J{ ■   ..V ti.'i±Y
j:.       ".  :' ■: ■■ :   .-"'.;i-..-:..   .'::. .,,.-.■-'■ ■..-■-■■  :v'?:::,?77 •■-■. ... .i? 7.V7S-' '■•■:'   7. ,?.,?.:.:'.".: ''77:7 ? |«J   '
..•..•.,.••.• .•..•..•«a..»..f
■   ,-4-
,■:•'".. i-
.,7 •
- -Yi: ti'yi-.; tYyy     ytittY '^.y YYYifc'y
■ .,T»T
j r\ .
■;;■ ^;I i^' iii 1 ci: ;M rs? immiiMtii&od
oCVV'Wiiiniii'cg: ?\\*ere::'Cr'finb'ro'ofe:.
-VIsM<">i*w?rPIiufsd .yV ?     :.-tf-r-i''"' ';.■•■-,
yoiir'Pan ^tni. -and overcoaij
,|..'■•,'!.■ i'i,'i-V l/iaisPKCToi-- i^ c]ileas(;d
.'.',■, |.''i.o !i;iii-,ii :Uiiii- .1. 1.1.."'l<Vnio*ii wlio
?  ! has Ih'imI   ^ei-ioii^f\'   ill?   ut :ilie
■ ::-2s;: •
%.  ■  %
iyY^M ^m
. Si-y.-"^!'.  -.,«s4s|
'1-yY^ Y**4i
::' 7,:^;^' v
:'*.'   K'y '.-...
. »'W;v,.
.-;'.:-. ■■**■■
. 'Viis■ 1'iiii" for ii ; sliort   di-ivc   on
VIi fir.I,-i v
Y N\ I ■■ pai'ties 111 lerested ■ i ti. tl ie
Cr;.i.ii 1 ii.'ook VLi tci'a'ry Society are
ivijnested fo'.i'noet.iii the parlor
ol'tli^ Koyal VI-Tolol, 011',- Monday
eveiiini!- next..-■-,':?■.,   '       ??:.;,,
*       :;GEAKY &,DOYLE, PROP'S T
.•'.,..:,?,. - ,..,77,,-.: 1:71., -    7-.  ....   . ,   .;..? .'■   4..
.*:..?.:-.v.'„r., :;:.::■:::,, :V„ ' .?.,,:•, ^iVi^--?v#:
•,;;■ .■ ' V.'v..,-.1-. 7:: '.: -- .,   7..:....:': .7 :■•:■: . .   .■:. •
f  : Teiims anddi-ivei-s L'uriiisli-•
i"7-  :p ."7:7:: .■■■■:   <-■.■:.■:■.      "£,
i edVi i'oi': itiivVpointiin thedis1 j
y,.-.:.       7...: .77.7-,. 7777,77- ;-7-.-, 7,  --,7  ■-.■- j-.
•;■•■;:'-' "?7-':»:.-    7Av:DOYLE,iManagerf
. ,,,,,:-    ,,,.,,7.   ,7:.,77-7,,77..-7,.777A«".7:.,.7?"i7
Trafalgar Day.
Tqdiiydsthe-eenteiiaiy of.'ihe
cleatli oJ'N.elsbn.'.;!,.. All', over'ih^
British :';iSin|>]i-e (lie illstr'iir'October isdiilv celebrated.    , ■■
"j . . Si'.rvit.'f's '• ii>.': usual in llie
I 'Met Itu'disi i?v-hiii"(.''h next Sundiiy
i.ino'ri-ii'iig. iin.ii i-veniiii;'. The 'p;is
?iiii; will.lia vi'. . <-h(i i-m>: • K\-eniiig
. s!i!)ji.(-i,;-VV"o!-|,hy i'.i,sia;ul before
.  1! lii.-i1 iiien,;'-";.'All,  ni-e..ii.i vifeil   to
"■■■■ lie.serV-.it-ps.;- *-..    .   7      ,       ,. -
I jaiiiisi ; ('hiiri-ir sii'iiviee nexi
■.Sunday will liniis follows: .Mdrii-
Y!:L-:-.u!:>.ii.:rt -;A lale.ol' ihe.^Peiii-'
p|..'V'rc l-.'.voiiin-j' . sii.bje(.-t■'"?•'; The
' i'-tii'itU-.i oT. .K-abyloi). Si.iecial in-
:'\"i,tiitii'.n- in' T-iraii'gers, . visitors
:,,ii'ui Fi-ii-i:i!s. :Ki'\-. : It A. r.'ond-
: !i.-!<i. .U.A'i/T'iiMor.. .'■'.'
V      TEAMS ;."iiK'l "DRIVERS V ■
q ■'    ■ ,    ■ ■  ,,  '    .
Kiirnished iiir'aiiy pninl in the
district.'.  .?-...■'''' :   ? .,
■■.'■•;,   :«7 7?;van(l?BUILDEfe
,   .IOIIIIIN'0. l"I>'d.Ml"|*l.Y  KXKOUTKIi:
Houses kneX Cottages for.'Rein
or Sale ».on Eas}v Ternis.
I.l M.I'" AX IV SRI NO IMS' FQH *..\ | ,K
1        V    Telephone  82.     V
,     'iff1:.
- i'i-
^4jiulIy,:' i. of -yU e a ii t y ■.vrst^lcvV;aiuii''J;inisJ.i'^
-^-.Staiiti: IJ'ncx^iiTlc'ci.v,'^-"YYt'W. -.Yyitt-YYt-Yt;
•'*>"....,'7'.,??.     ,,/':'v???7.?.Y..7','.7...fc7.??V7':?.?77.:V'Vs.Y-Y.?:5:'?aW
. 71^. ^.Tt-^KIDE
C rMn B;R:p;d'l^^v^Btc^
:'■■■.'■■'- AOBiNCv   ,■-■.■.
.vuii.'i   Ii?i\ '■' ui ■ < 1 -11 ■"
,;?''il  7. 7
iiisisi? nn ;;."..ci   •:!
....  ..   j..
iia.v.i- '1 Iii'-iii lii'i-i-'?"!
;, .,M   in   1
tiic.lll.   UIM[!|.--'.?.:.,i'
? 7   1 1,..-   !l
mid    \\;i'   ii.i.'".  *-i'.-.i"
\.:i-lil   .
tveru M.illi:-
.'Hi          \ '•■
Yi'ff        '          ■             :          ,    '
7  ;
■te$ ■■■■
". ;
it y  ':
..1   ■'', .,
si.'!   U
; ■ p -.■  '    <.' i." -■-  ',';,
1 .'■.•!   .!, ?! : ..'•    .?
:.;, y     u.,iii.i    :.-:i r
'    I     •   It will ]iiiy those who a-re
v;i*.:.ii.a-.--   inrii-'k.'il   ••'l'i-ii(i,..|>j     looking I'orVoi-lc lo i-iil'l iind
'Yz':-  will   i'.-   i-.-i.i-iii.(l   111 ihi.i   ■.•s,i(., ' ''  •'■■
\'i? ' I ■■    ' I'. 11.1 .k-.     I livi^iuii j ■'..,■■''
7. 'r-ii-.'.-irt. i,|.,ii. 1-1 irriiii-kj   Jim   McArthup .
I^tii.    I'.'i.i".   Ln-   LM-iiiliirj-    fiiiii-l   .  ,.,- ,   ■      '■..,; '
•.:,:.:   Hi,- V.iiii   ii..,-   ,,-;„.k>i     lU'  «"i h , sect i re  you iijobiind
u,ii-..|.. -.'.'iiiniiyii.-. Lu- !iin-,imi,l al-so lit you out in.
.M.'H.-.I ..•".? i'llllir.     S| ilil'll-
|.r'..|...-;il.-. Iiiiiv li.- -■.-.■li nh   ii|,.
". i,i*'Mi.n i-:ii...'iii,..'.-i-v 1 niii.i. j        'Mats, lit'C
' ;.'iii,   .l.'i-.-.iili-iil   ■ l-luyi -'i- '
V..I..I- -.'.      'I'I..-    i-i^lil(   i>   i',.-
i-.-i.-.- ;,  i.i- .•ill1|ii'.i|iii'.»N,
Carpenter %s? Huilder
'""■■  "Good   VVcirk ?    V ,   V
TieasoiiitlileVPrice ""■"'':
Office and Workshop   Lewis St
,    WE V  HAVE     .1UST-, i OPENED V' OU..T,
•a-'Shipment of Cud bury "s Chdudlate.sand   Bon
lions' I'roin tlieii- fat-.torv, l{aiiotivill(>.:En£i-laiid'
The  'consignnVent';-. casnei   to   us  ilireet'"•tlius en-
suring Their Perfect Freshness
Tlie assortnieiili eoiiipriseS^^ ni:i.iiy,ha,ndstHiiii;packages SUfT-
.AI'ITjE dV,0KYrH'ANKS(::;iVl.N'(r;  :PRESENTS?-Y ; ■ - ;    -Vv :   .7 -'
V.  ?   ;."'        "(Vail' lir.and Sce.tl'ie Display and V V- "':"".'..' "■?,?<■-'. 7  ;
,-   ' Sample .Their.   Milk ' Chocolate .< '<■'-.    .,.,   ,   '.;;:
Oct.  2(1 .''Dfl.y   V>Wrr
pan'cv ;m<i s-tapi,j:<: CROC.;- KlirSvand ckockery,.
Granbrook,  B. c.
rickets  611''sale    Oi-.lober    25
and   2i\  at  all   Oanadian  Piieifio
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, I-te.
'lim      11 n ll nflum        :lll(l   -"  '"■  ""   ,;itn!iciiim  lJ;ieifio
J M'hflrh  I  M r?»'ilwi.,vOm(«.s, Port Arthur  to
v   „.   |{r.,((l|.s ,      ^'ill      IlflUlll.DIIUI        j.Vaneoiiviir. and all Intermediate.
l.ihiM.,,, Kn.i, ...jIlHnson, Ave.     CiitAM'iitooic, UC-\ \u-.uicU IVine Pomls.,     Good ' re-
'.-. i.-'iuii .-'.nyiii.-i'i-.        j       ' -- ;—:—; :    fiirniiiL--' 11111 il Oct. :!H, lilO:".
ll-in-v. M.-I. iilli.  'I.(ll|."i. I     . A      jfl   -^-h, ..'"-
- .*Zl.:J,-.:><„-l)j/i..-r\  .' ,i
rhrooue;Ji Sleeping
Ca r
Arrowhead to Vancouver
'^•v.liilKy' ,
J. Eclg-ar Davis        * RESERVE
UiKht uf Way Kor Railways, V,U \sVSl)AS
i4i.    I.rick la\ ci*
~,r"'(^oiil ractor
I   If It Is In pur Add
I Its Rig'ht
[■] *'" ' -»-
) Jn Our Mens U'ciir 'Dep;i rtinenl Wo This Week Speak"   [&
y    ICspeciallv of Poui- Janes. ■'.-". '■' i
la ■■       ■    " •' .'-■■'» ;'■*; ■ "•'.,' .'f
ll Fit Refornr Clothing , f
.   Slater's .Shoes :'     f
'.'.,'■' ,' I*
Carss (Celebrated  Mackinau's
"       Jacket  and  Pants H
I'into ShellCorthivan (.loves and Mitts
I-Vm-iiiii-i-.    I!
ill .^ Co.
?"Y.;ir  i-'.,'! ;.,....'. hi    (  ;ii,:..I';i,
I <il! .-Siiibs finfl CHcrco.'U.s ii
CJ rs-i m !)rbok,
it-Hi    I'hins   11
iiiii.-.-.    l.-.U.-r.    l.„-iii«.'<;    .-1111I.  .|>j.i-rii-.i-:i-i,..,,ii„-..iv„i, r -r,Hv,i i«i,.ii<
.   ji,-,. Wnil, ;,  Sprciiilty.    A "'"'"h^^ FuyUiU   ,i,„-,ii'„|„,s,   li
ii.-iiiiilinii ..)' -,l.,h<.-w-o|-k-   u,i,i,.|..    '"""'' '""l"/'111 ""'1- l..-i'ii.liiiiM-i'..r .nils I'-ri.. ; lonrlMt.   mI'-i-|ii-i-   i-i'sci-viiiiniiH,   iipply l.n
1      *'   ' ' I1""!1   '"   "''•"I'     ^"ll<    lllllll.l-     ,,„,.,    .mil limn,,.;,  nl.lil,,,. Ullv  (WI)   fi'iil.  i.ll '.Id.'ll I  IIJfcnN ill' wr'il ■■
,1-m-li • Ml.- ..1 Mil,1 ii,,,.,... „,.,,  ,.,...,.,:v,.,i  ,-,,,■  i-lulit
|!'!     ""?   _ I'''.' I'""" ■    l»'     Ml.'ll     I'llllWIIJ?  I.IIWIM   III'  ' ,,        '
OrflrTs lell ill .1  D Air,liRII)r:,S      ' \ ''•'■","",,l"y w: m-eoid.:.'.   , !    <*:• HILLIKIt, Agent, Cranbrook
^     .       unif.i.i 111,1. (ii.-j. u./tu.DniiJt,,^   ■K.ii|i|^:;j;;;l(v'i;i:|;^j|-.i.iii.'ii..f i.i,,i,k.-.u-,.ik». j.i.'n?.'<\\i-ti-:i:.        io. .i. (■•(•> yi.k,
ES.C. . \Vili ■|;i.-l-oivi.. -|'r...iii|.i   AUculioM. |   ■""yk-t'.'.'ri..-. b'c? .!nj'ydu^l''l wi.      .       41. \ V.IKa ., N«l-,ou.     A.C. I.». A.. Vancouver I lEW»K~ftiKK''&^^^
iy ■   ,
T . V«'"'   <*;i"i ' l-ii.v   l''il   K'l-fiii-iii ('lolhiiifir aiKrSlat.o- Shoes    Ijl
/ only   fi-iiui   us.,    Thyv linve uia.ny 'imitators hut no criual   '   1L1
f*l ' '.- -          J
t Ih'1'!'   in und lonk" nvi'i- our Clothing Cabinets.     They    W
i ciiiitaili flu- Xi'u-i'sl in (!lul hiny;                                                            iti
r* '"■' T
[ii '* ,s a Pleasure For Us to Show Our Goods        '  ^


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