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The Prospector Nov 28, 1903

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.1 T ait A»8
i-iu-y oi ^'J»
Vol. f).
No 4-S.
Recorder's    Office     Closed—New
Publication—A Dividend  -
The closing ol llio mining recorder's ol'licc al Crcslon lias
caused a good deal ol' illfoeling
and there is something in (ho
nature of a faction figh1 'on Ihore
now as a result.
R. L. Lowry is ar Poplar
Creek, and llio first issue of 1,1 io
'•Poplar Nugget"' will appear on
December -Hh.
Tin1 Crnnby smelter is nimble
lo handle the entire onlpul of
the Snowshoc mino.
The Gran by , ' Consolidalod
Company will pay a dividend of
.^i:j;i,(i:iO on December 10th.
Tho failure of Ihe Canadian
Pacilic Railway Company to provide the necessary cars for 1he
transportation of coal and ,coke
prodiict'ol'llie Crow's Nest Coal
Mine.-, has shortened'the coal
production lor the pa*t nionlli.
, One bear.s on all sides nowadays prod in ions i bat the Koole
nay Central railway will be i.uili
lo Steele iie\" sunn.iei
Czar's Vidurg Anniversary
•'case." fie is noi. One detects
no morbidness. Kis cool, collected manner excludes the idea
thai be is morbid I should say
he has good sense, ability lo
bond bis mind to toil." and
The Russian-American Line.
London. Nov. i'S.—A dispatch
from Sl. Petersburg says the inauguration of the new steamship service between Russia and
America takes place today.
Cargo has been booked for South
liiissian ports, and a satisfactory
compleinent, of immigrants has
been secured at, Naples. The
service will be maintained by
several ships having a minimum
speed of fourteen knots. This
is the first, long-distance Russian
Steamship lino, exeepl that, between, Russian ports and the
Far East!
Einley,    siiuaie      on     Sullivan
Mou n 1am
Tailor—Located by H. Mellon
Lucky   Roy—Local ed    by    TL
Silver-Roll—Located ,by   Win.
.1. Noble.
Ivan hoe--Located   by   W.    F.
Lone Pino—Located by E-
Standard—Located by Carl
Copper Crown—Located by O.
.1. Johnson.
Silvia—Located by D. Newell.
Inventor—-Located by , M.
Re it an.
Copper King—Located by W.
Lucky    Roy—Local ed   by   O.
Morning Star—Located by B.
Liindin. situate on Tracy creek-.
be effected and greater economy
indaced. Coal and metal mine
operator-- are animated bv no
senlimental inclination-, in lavor
oi older methods It i- *imply
a question with theni ol an out-
lav and re*ul1au1 profits, and the
.electricity driven apparatus is
everywhere slowly but olfoclual-
ly displacing apparatus operated
' by steam or compressed air.
Pitz and Gardner.
San Francisco.'Nov. i.'i. — Pit/--,
simmons gels the decision on
point's. Gardner was not in his
class. Fit/, was unable to s'to]>
Gardner in twenty rounds, hi*
blows lacked force, at critical
limes when most needed.
The all absorbing lopic on the.
street, is when will tho Kootenay Cenlral commence construction.
Nov     ^.--(ii'iiinin'
who well remember tbegitlbno
dav* of Print-ess Alixaf Darin
sladt can scarcely reab/.e the
fact that it is nine years today
since she became the bride'of
the. Czar' of All the Rnssias.
During the. last few weeks she
has again visited the scenes of
her happy youth, looking little
older than when she left nearly
a' decade ago. The visit to
Darmstadt and Wiesbaden and
the return later for the runeral
of little Princess Elizabeth of
Hesse afforded the Germans a
good opportunity of viewing the
Czar at close range. Tn all truth
it must be said 'that, tho impress
sion left by his Imperial Majesty
was distinctly a favorable one.
In view of the conllicting statements thai Hood the European
press regarding tho Czar's personality and the state of his
health the following, written by
a prominent journalist, who had
facilities, for close observation
during the recent stay of Nicholas IL on .German .soil, i.s not
wiibout interest.
The Czar, says tho writer, has
just body enough to maintain
and'sheathe a high-strung nervous system. One can hardly
realize that be is lie, so modest,
quiet and unaffected i.i his bearing. He is relined without being
liiiical, delicate without effeminacy. Though extremely impressionable and emotional, he behaves like a man of cold nature
and keeps under all circumstances a level head. 11 if good
form was modesty itself,
unalloyed with shyness and
one thought the disposition must
he obliging. A pair of candid,
kindly blue eyes bring him at
once,into touch with-those who
meet his gaze. ' They arc full
eyes aiid a little- like those of
Alexander TI., but, do not. like
Alexander's, express a mournful
sense of solitude.
The under part of the face,
however, shows the halnf of re-,
Licence. The Czar's impression,
able nerves are seldom without
the, curb. 'Rut he eaiinofwhon
stirred | ire ven if be nervous centers suddenly drawing to themselves all the blood iii his body;
this makes his pallor; striking
and brings on a state that ought
to but.'does not make him quiver
all over like a strongly excited
thoroughbred horse. Doctors
might say from this' that he   is a
:ii '
. !''•
Mining Roper's for November—
Thirfcy-ono New loci!ions Ri-
'The   fidlo  v in   '   I-  -I   'i-1   "I      m'n
ing recor.l- m iJ'-'at "u •   syoveru
mont, olhre   Port   Steele   duiinu
the. in   ii111 of \'.vviniii,'i;
iVrtiliiMU'. >il Wnrk. •' i
•• , hupi'iivi'iiii'ii
New  I.(trillion-'
Milll'l '-   I.il-CIIM'-.
WniiT Kiulu-
Montreal—Located by Edward
Cassant."the. claini is situated at.
Wardner.   n v
,, Strati on—Located by Edward
Cassant, situate at Wardner.
"   Rock wood—local ed by  W.   E.
Craig on Perry creek.,
Silver Tip , Fraction—located
by W. R: G. Ganong. tho claim
is situated at Sand creek.
Crystal-Gem—Located -by E.
A. Barrick. situate on Perry
creek near tho Sherwood group.
Bunker Hill—Located by F.
Wiliiams on Tracy crook near
the Rover claim.
Pauper—Located by D. Newell, situated at the head of Shop-
herds Gulch, Wild Horse, creek.(
M ou n ta i n Meadow—Loca ted
by D. Griffith, on Raid Mounlain
Wild Horse creek.
Eclipse--Located by Edward
Warren, situate on Lone Mountain, a relocation of tho Dominion claim.
Muskfcot—Located by J. 10.
Miller, situate on Sand crook.
Manse—Located by Tom Rao
on Lewis creek.
Copper Home—Local odv by A.'
Grez, situate at the mouth of
Dior-ito crock.
I.X.L.—Located by J. Glenn,
situate on Bull river.
Eva—Located by Win. K'idd.
situate on Rull river.
Elk—Located by U. filler, situate on Iron crook.
Oak- Located by J. A. 1 larvoy
on Iron creek.       .
Cariboo—Local ed, by R  Little
■Wolf—Located by J.A.Harvey
' Ontario—Located by Dan
Mint roe.    ■■
|box- Located by C,II. Pollen
■Maple --Located, by' D- M iiuroe
Myrtle--Located by   I).    Mun-
Mascot--Located   ,by   George
Mini-Located by A, li. Grace
situate on Iron creek.
Mammoth-.-Located by Win.
Carl in. .    7   ■
Spijciilai- Fraction-- I ideated by
,T. T.McVitfie.
Wellington—Located by James
tains'is a beneiit to every bus •
neas man in the province Thi-
money goes where --nu little
think. it helps every indnsny.
It Duilds up every busines*.
With it the mining man pays hi-
'grocer, his butcher and his baker
He pays the hardware man. the
merchant and the dealer in all
kinds of supplies. With it he
supports his family ,and gives
his children the advantages in
education and 1 raining which
every boy and girl in Rritisb Columbia should have. Ue helps
and encourages 'the fanner by
giving him a market for Ins produce. Without, Ibis 'market,
which we hope to build by successful! mining induslry, fostered and encouraged by the early
construct ion of ihe Kootenay
Central -railway, what can the
farmers of the 'Kootenay and
Columbia valleys do?
1    Silver-lead Quotations
.\*( u  York. iNiiv. 2~.
Il.il- Silver »• • •
\l'o.\.ir:ii! iliilliu-^        -   .   '
. i'M
Spell,-      | -     ,
;.e    ,..'.     '<••"    2~      -;i!\ i r.    li'i ~-'<t\.
,, ,| , i    '.-.',1    UK   •!.    I-M.1.     £.11    -       <l
-ni'llrl.     lit)   \2^ l!d., ' ,
Wild Horse Gold Dig'gmS'S.   Near Fort Steele. East Kootenay.
Will Sink a Shaft—Putting in a'
• Wire   Cable—Winter    Prepar
ations.  ■
Considerable,inlorcsl has boon
aroused at Perry crook, by the
Theis Company, who are nowc
engaged in sinking a shaft to
roach bedrock. The placer
ground ui ihe vicinity of "Old
Town" is known to be very rich
in yellow gold.
[t is planned by Ihe Kootenay
Perry Gold Mining Company
to continue' exploratory operations on their ' property all
winter. A wire cable is now being extended from the wagon
road to camp, and will be used
in the transportation of supplies
and machinery-
Several Chinese outfits who
have been working m the bed of
Wild Horse'creek this summer
have done well. it is said that
the average pay has been about
An poi' man.
The Ran Quau Company, who
have boon operating on Wild
Horse creek, only made a pariial
clean-up this fall owing to the
sudden cold wave, which filled
the boxes with ice.
Wild Horse and Perry creek
have been worked lo their fullest
capacity during the pasi
The numerous companies op-
ating in Southeast Kootenay. on
Wild Horse, Perry creek and
'Bull "river i n't end "making oxten
sive preparations .during 1 he
winter-months, so as to have-; in
readiness all supplies elc, so
that when next 'seasons, operations..-begin   there   will   i>e   no
Electricity and Mines-   ;
The operation-- of .mining '>p-
paratus by electricity 'is daaly
growing more., and -more wide
spread as the steady work of tImplants now running drives home
the conviction that by means of
electricity mines may be ope rated more conveniently than by
any other  system"; -butter work
China and Japan Will Fight
Russia—Murderous Attack—
G.T.P. .Deposits $5,000,000.
1 -War embers are , glowing,
China and Japan arc ready-to
light Russia Yuan Shi Kai,
governor ol Cbih-li, ha* informed tlie emperor thai bo is prepared 10 declare war against ihe
Russians in Manchuria.
A murderous attack with a revolver was made Tuesday on
Mr. Graham, secretary of the
Hank of England, by an individual who' is supposed to be insane.
Nine city policemen at Winnipeg have boon dismissed for insubordination.
It i.-, understood ihal the
Grand Trunk Pacilic made its
deposit of sri,(X)0,00() Lo Ihe «ov-
ertiment in London Tuesday.
Port Arthur has been opened
by the "Russians as a trading
The Chicago strike i.* settled,
concessions were made by both
I Sau Domingo was surrendered
to the revolutionists Tuesday
Senator Morgan Mworoly arraigns President Roosevelt "m
Panama policy
General Reyes will make every
effort lo preserve the im regity
of Columbia.
Tlie doors of the military
prison ai Fort. Leavenworth was
opened today for.ox-Captain O.
M7 Carter -Who hiuy completed
his live-year -sonfence for rob-
l.i'mg this 17T:S. Governnitsnl. -
.' ; Senator llale-ypredicts, that
Canada.will become an inlegral
part/of the United States.
j - There i.s more snow in the
mountains at the present time,
than there- has, been'-.for many
years,past. ,,
The Successful Dollar.
Coppei was in.-, U.wer in London
Lead declined ;'.d oin Lo-tdeii.
Locally it was quiet
S-fpellqr was unchanged.
■ Logging" Contracts.
q The Crow's Nesi, Lumber 'Co.
have a largo force engaged-iii
logging at the St. Mary's river
camp, ll'is'cstimated that bc-
Iwi'i k four and live million feel
of logs will be cul at this crump
this winter.
T. Penwick has received a
contract from tho Crow".-, Nesi
Lumber, Co. lo cut and deliver a
million feel of logs, which will
be' cut on his Kootenay river
13. J Cann has a 1st) received a
contract from the mill company
lo cu't and deliver logs on the
bank of the Kootenay river.
The General Elections—Hawthorn
thwaite as Speaker—Martin's
Suit for Libel.
The date of the general Dominion elections will be settled in
a few days.
Collectors of vote* throughout
the province have been requested by the department of state al
Ottawa to forward revised copies of the voting lists for their
respective:, district* This indicates preparation for an early
general election.
It is said that the speakership
of ihe provincial legislature will
'be   offered    1o   Mu.    Hawthorn-
Tn the Martin libel ca*e, it is
hinted that' Ihe defense will
atiempt a general justification'ol,
the "Sisemen"" loiter.
A .leading liberal al Ottawa is
quoted as saying Ihat the govern ment will take 'six weeks io
lay it* record We fore Ihe country
Ihat it wa* not looking for a
*uap verdict.
Local' News
X. A    Wullingor was al   Cranbrook Tlmi'*d;iv
,p'.  DeRusier.   Jail ray.   was   ai
Steele 1'Yidav on business
■ Dan   McNeisb   was   al   Pernio
The   local   legislature met on
H. \i. Dewolf, Cowley, was at
the Imperial Friday.
The danc,e at, ihe opera house
on Tuesday' evening was well
St. ' John's Church, ol Engla-"d.
Kvery dollar's worth of gold
and every dollar's wort hoi' silver
or copper taken onl of'.otir nioun-
Services will be held in the
Church of St John the Divine
every Sunday evening at 7..'JO except on the th'u-d Sunday in each
month when the service will be
held   at    11   o'clock   a.m.
Holy Communion will be administered at the ojose of the
Strangers are welcome.
Divine Wor*hip will bo held
in Ihe Presbyterian Church
every Sabbath m'n-nine ai 11
Sabbath School every Sunday
morning at ten o'clock.
Choir practice every Thursday evening at 7;:'»n o'clock".
Paslor:    W   T, .Ioiinsto.v
What Transportation Will Do.
7 The proper facilities, of. transportation often,, it may-,, be said,;
in nearly, every 7instance, make,
successful mining possible, and
without which -many losses, a re
incurred which under favoYable
circumstances'. would bey'tiirned
to "proli t.-'' .It. .enters info the
question of successfully ,operating ■more"' mines than'-' any one
cause, for it enters largely "tn-lo'
them all.' The' building of the
Kootenay/ Central., railway will
open up into mines, a. large number of. promising'prospects situ-
tiled in the .main range of the
Rockies...and in the Windermere
Joe Taonhauser and Dave
Pjinory returnedoThursday > from
a hunting'trip to Shoe]) creek.
South Dakota at World's Fair.
Si. Louis. Mo.. Nov. 27.—A
site for the South Dakota building a1 Ihe World's Fair has been
definitely selected^ The building will occupy a conspicuous
location opposite the Texas
building and east of Oregon's.
South Dakota will erect a handsome structure, covering, with
]lurches. 7-1 by -Hi feet. The exterior will be covered with the
famous South Dakota cement.
The stale also plans to make
verv Hue agricultural and horticultural displays, and besides
the mineral exhibits oi gold, tin,
cement, etc.. will have in the
Mino* and Metallurgy Building
a relief map of the famous Black
Hills rogkui. and an outside exhibit ot reduction works, with
amalgam and cyanide plants,
that will be run continuously on
I Hack Hills ore throughou. the
exposition period.
Port Steele
Closely related to ihe mining
industry ol Southeast Kootenay
is the town oi Fort Steele, li is
the most important center ol the
\arious mining camp*, ll is situated geographically, the center
of ■ i;!i(^_.disu!act.:^.._irhe mining
eaifi'iis most .directly connected
with the fortunes of Forty Steele '
a re those .of .Bull river. Dibble,
Lost... Wild' , I lorse. Four-mile,
Six-mile, Tracy, Wolf and Sheep ■
creek's. .ft 'is a mining district
i'-niioiis. in the -early history of
the provlnoo.a'ud district, for ils
•pincers.-.and has. sprung, into in'-
creased activity ■ its a result of
j recent important discoveries iu
quartz mining.
Averaging''-.UUP feet, above
!soa level, the climate i.s dry and
j solubrious. The summers de-
S lightl'iil, tin- winters enjoyable..
ii niE prospector  port Steele; r a. November 2^um.  V.:'  The Mining Center of South East Kootenay  KSTAULIsliK!)    I ���.!.;..  , A.  13. Grace,  PUBLISHER    .VXD     KDITOH.  THE PROSPECTOR, is published  every Siiturdaj,. and h.i.- :i ^n.iruntuoil  circulation larger than an>  other pa pei  ,ln Hast Kootenay. it is all home Priuiiii  end contains;, double the new?. i>( any  -ither,paper in  the distnet.  As  an   advertising   nu-di>:.n   it   is lin'i  e.i eel led. .  Devoted ���o the upbuilding of Fort   ^tc,.'.^ -.it  development or the vast rnnW.C  rcsou.-'",.-.  or',  the Kast Kootenay mirmii/iJi-tr 11  Subscriptions, .,    ..... l-J.Ou i.),-;   ,-,.jr  Advertisinp rates  made known ots applii'.i:.oa.  Contributions arc- solicited from u.V. parr-, of -.".l-. '  district, but ail matter intended ror<pubIv,iit;on .  must have the writer s signature.  By tins accompanying- illustration we can bwt, sug-g-esr.  the exceptional value* offered  by lis in Brooches._  SEfrg $JV0&pjetfxix\  SATURDAY. XOV.  lyw;  In this beautiful Sunburst  Brooch there are 65" Pearls,  mounted in  14k. Solid Gold.  Oriior b>  mail.     If you arc not per.  icc'-.'r sa:i-,rie<l with it your moacv  .   wi,!, i>c prumptlv refunded. "       p  Write for our handsomely  illustrated new Catalogue.  Ready for delivery, N'ov. : 5th.  ryrie bros: ,  JEWELEKS  I 18,   120,   122  and, 12+  Yon&a St.. Toronto  The Largest  Mineral Areas.  i- 7     i r  and the Most  Extensive  Goal Fields on the  American Continent  are Situated in  South East Kootenay  Agriculture  Grazing and the  Lumber Industry  are Prominent  Features of the  District.  HpHE Kootenay Central Rail-  * way when co'mpletod will  prove oi' groat service to fanners  in the Kootenay valley by convoy-  nig their products to , market,  and also be of .great benefit to  t.lie lumber industry of Southeast. Kootenay. ������  Thai    the   c.uitivalion.  of'the  soil in the, valley  r>r0lho   Koolo-  nay may be'carried on lo I ho bos)  r .-ulva.ilI!ngo,   il. is   net-essary   that  tlie I"?ii-iuoi-  should,, bo  provided  with udoiijiuto   iiknuis'pf    |t-jing-  portal.ion   lor" his  product,  also  moans of getting in ;i sumoionl  ��� stock- of machines and hnplc-  ��� inenls of the latesl and bos! const ruction.  The proxiniily   of   towns   and   I hos.o' who run around night's,  ���populous   villages   inhabited   by  a   mining   population,   implies a  demand   for  dairy   produce   and  vegetables.    'Such   commodities  from   their bulk   and   perishable  iiallire,   do   noi  admit   of   long  carriage, and the Kootenay Central liailway will be the   all   important   factor   in    distributing  the agricultural products of this  valley Io every minim;-camp and  town in Southeast Koutonay.  having a ytly "time" in this life  who will not be able to sport'a  pair of* wings in,the next., v       ' .  - ' -X        �����       *���  There, are two classes of men  that oughi.. to be forced to pay a  license and wear a dog collar,  viz:' .those who are continually  liowlinu- about thing's that don't  exactly ciUor to their   taste,  and  The merchant who refuses to  advertise i.s just like ;, lmin <j0\vn  a well refusing to receive help.  I'.otli are in a hole to slay there  unless they seek aid.  The proposed Crow's Nest and Golden Railway will pass  through Fort Steele and Tap the Greatest Mineral Belt of the  District. - - ��� .  o  y  Choice Business and Residence lots for Sale  Apply to  -Vol ice is, hereby ��ivon that tlie  lmlf  \ early meetine ���r uUj Uoai'd of License  Tl.-H    il,��      ���      ,- .-    /,     |<'1,,"��,i'-!-i"or��-   t'on    Steele   License  Ihat   the    cultivation,   ol     the | Db-trict. will be held at,   ('ranbrook  on  soil may be carried on lo tlio best  advantage, an important   manor  Tu.-.-day tin.- tifteenlh day of December,  i'li'.'!. at llic hourul ten in the forenoon  is an" abundant supply of ��'ood ' '''' '"'"��� xh" f,>!l,wi��n applications for  wt^ter^o.���^lolMe.stic:pul���'pos-.^s\nd|l;S.,,l',',,,V������, "Ul ��,,nu' Mov* lhu  irrigation. In ctho mountains! Mlm M,x,M',. yil,,,;. }h)U^% _,,01.t  the Koolonays there .-ire many j s^-' !'-���    ". Keincman. Imperial note],  ' Tort Suvlc.     Jj.s.   .Mather.   Windsor  R. L. T. Galbraith,  Townsite office  rivers', creeks and sprimr-, callable of furnishing the necessury  amount of water, at such an do  vat.iou as to admit of its being  brought down in pipe-, or ditch-  o.i with a continuous How.  Within the limit.-, of lid-, vallev  there is to be found almost i-verv  possible variety of cnltivation.  oats, wheat, barley  produced upon a >cale of mai'-ni  tude iinoip.i'allod'lii any portion of  Canada.     Fruits   of .ihe   north-  tttsmissn^**  it  ""���'���'��� K,"L Steele. I:. A. tYasei',  Slrathrona Hotel. Imm'L Steele. Nils  ilaii-ixi. V.'a-a Hotel. W'awi.  ���1   A. -Mc.MlJi.Mx.  < 'ilii'l  Licence  llHpectOr  Kf.'-ii'i'. Xov. -ji, luu:;.  ^  THE  NOTICE.  .Not.'ci    i~   h.-i-'liy  jjivon   that  thirty  u\-,ifi-r (j.ue 1 intend lo apply to the  Uid rye ;tre   ' iiief     < 'onniii--ioncr     oi   Liuu|s   and  > ���!��� V-. ;ii:il 'i.i'A���-i-utni I'oinniihsionei-  i i.iOid.-, .'uid Work.s, .of-the.,, Province  .y I-h.-'itis-h   < 'iiliiiii'liiii.   foi- a,licence  t.,,  ���    ���-    .    . ,-. ��� i-osp/scy for c.ja-l, and iS't I'ole.iiin (,��� |,1,,.  em    temperale.    zolie ,gr,,w    in . f..ii��)��-jl,j.'ii^.-I-M>..,i "l,ijj<i.siu,,LtecJ in,U,e  i,i,i't.)i/-i-ri. jioriiou  nf  I'.uil .),-)'.).���{  in ' i.lie  -'lUiji'-a-lei-ii j��-,i7l.i(iii of Kast,' K'ool.enuy  I'ist.rii-t. Uriti.-h. < -oluinbiij.: Coininenc-  II''a p.o.-t lr,i:iu,Myon Uk's. .w'est.-.sIojhs.  4  #  abtindance, . and- ;i ho ���'' 1 imit less  ���prairies.-and benches of tho low  foothills furn'isli .-iiiin'moi'" and  winttsr past i'i rage for t liousa nds  of. head-of ca.tl lis. -.  If    is   somewhat  -rein.arka.bio  that time.docs not liy, any -faster  flli'i.n if "usi'v-l |.(.v.. since overyi hiiiL;-  else is Hying at such a gn'-ii--head  ���gail. -,������-. 7-  . ���      . ' *:���       ?.-       :(  .  liear Admiral Henry.Class is  iiof likely.-'to yet rattled if tin;  ('(iliniiliiiins do. I brow stones. ���  Then.'  are   plenty   of    people j  : o; .Me- ilii-i.le bi-t w,7.,-i, I Iri I inh .( !o] || 111 Iii..  j-...'i,l Alberta, ii-r/-itory one.' inile north  . aiid e:c-i of i he hoi-Hi liramsh of,a i-.n-.vU  ! 711!������������(ia-'ii;..Iv i-alleil'Sipisuv ("reels; which  ill-i'.v.-, .-.oii-ih'aliinit wven miloc iin,,, j,|���,  yt'liifheail liiv-i-. ju.kI ������:i.!:.| ";.,/' t-tn- . kimii-I-i-'  j-iif th.- -<,,,!,li 1,,,-li ivf the   north   fork 'of  IAlil'il'-l   e-n.'.-il.   II,.'  same     bejll"-     l,ll(S     in-.  ili.-il jio.-i ,,f t;.-'<ip_r,. 'li row I i'm <-]:) f,,, ,-  lhcnce north wo eliains. thence cnsi, SO  (������liain.-. llienee mciiI, ,so chain.-.,, thence  u-est SO chains, li�� !he place of.bi.'ei j,,, f,,^,-  eoiitninine i;ni acr,-^,  |;  'esoi'o-,., |',ro\V!i.  I,i ciiloi-  !    A. I,., Anderson. A^nt  H.-ite'd Oct.  Mllli. l!Hi:i. ���,. ,|,s    '  H. REINEMAN, Proprietor.       Fort Steele, B. C.  Largest   and Most Up-to-date Hotel in   East   Kootenay. mc  THfi PROfiPECTOJI    FORT STEELE,   R  1-903.1  REPE,  No matter what your ideas or preferences  are about a rifle, some one of eight different Winchester models -will surely suit  you. Winchester Rifles arc made in all  calibers, styles and weights ; and whichever, model you select, you can count on  its being well made and finished, reliable  in action  and a strong, accurate shooter.  ntCE   Send your  name and address tm  a postal  turd   for( our    104   page   illustrated   catalogue.  ~   WINCHESTER    REPEATING   ARMS   CO.  '       NEW HAVEN, CONN.  WANTED  A man in represent ��� Cant \ da's  Greatest Nukskuiks" im die town ol  l'Virt Steele mid siirrouiidiiio conntr\.  and take orders lor  li''7y VV'WVV  ������'7":? 'v'::'vi  OUR   HARDY   SPECIALTIES  In  Fruit Trees, Small  Fruits, Ornamental Shrubs, Roses, Vines  Seed Potatoes, &c.  .0  Stoekitrue to iiunie uud free Ironi San  Jose Senle. A permanent position lor  the right man ou either salary or commission. '  Stone & Wellington  FONT-IULL  NiritSKHlHs  Over KIWI Acies  HIGH WARDEN.  0  ���Plomm^MiSERxsSbp.  Evorylhino Strictly W}v^\  Class  Ni'vf ilaor lo Ihe Prospector.  TORONTO,  ���t>;  ONTARIO  ANDREW   NEIIHG  GONTRflGTOR     and    BUILDER  HOIISK ANDtSIClN PAINT1NU  CAMJIMININU mid PAI'KK llANd INCI  FORT STEELE, K  7:'7SiNt5': daysy7ifler:'yiaj;(:i77r: iiitendjlo  tipjilyylo:-yt.}i(.?y Olnel' <;\jniiiiissioiiei'yol'  ���I^andfiyitni'ly7VV'm'ks fpr ':'jieriiiissioty-to  piir(,sliage7tlie;l'(illowinHy!(ies(':ribe'(l Miitid'  i n; Si ni th;.ls:asi71v(]Ofenii7\;::y Gonii)i<?iic.fiio':  iii.. .':l7,: i ��>--it.,.- j > I.jI i_i'(,���.!< l.i..;��iii 7.tli o.< os is li -;lifi i ii 'k*.- o i"  7).hey lyKiiysii^  do'wh7sl.i:(;ai]iya.]oheys.ii(]-:' jiahfc'rto tlie-  ^'-'.'W1^ "'''' ih$H? ')}.$ 1;! 'V; we��t,erhihou/j(:&  ���iry, i>(A^ob: ;W8rtii e nc^7easl77:uid:7n(n'tli^  .���wtf��i;; ttloh^-'.'MfiicV. s l<7>iiHvli71<> 'i.ioi'iV'fc .or7-ooiii'-'  in6iieeiiKAii'li.'-eoiiUiiiii.n^.'','l()';( acres . liiorcs  '"'��� ,(!*S" i.771 h^-V^i K11 '* l^'l ilay.of'Aiijviisi,,  l!i();{:;7y:7y'7y7;;fy;iy:.,(;bui3o^7.777:1577  ;:;   c   notice. ������.,.;,  Notice is hcrisby iriventhitt we. tlie undersigned, thirty daysafterdate inleiiil lo apply to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands . iind Works  nt Victoria for a license to prospect'for CoiiJ  ami .Petroleum . on tlits following described  laiiils situate in   Southeast  Kootcniiy.   British  Colli uilifii.      ���"��� ���'  ,',   ���'���''"  ���':���'.��� . ,���  ' I.   Commencing at apost planted about ei;;ht  miles norili of tlie  Klathead  Kiver, One tiiilo  west of l Iks junction of tlie forks of a" uoii'tlierii  tributary of tlio Kliitheiid one mile, norlh.,and  joining' the IJnckelt group on  the north. litid  wesi, of: tins .south ' fori:. of  tlie .,jifj)i,li fork.,ol'  Michel creek.'about If, utiles'eitsi  of. tin;  town  of Ferule,,on block ���lasi.'l.'iindlive miles ,:Vvest of  (lie watershed.of the Rocky1 Mountains,  beiiif,'  I lie inilial posl of John -Tutile's claim., thenee  soutli SO chHin.s,' thence  west SO (.-haiiis. thence  nortii SO chains, thc-rice' east SO'chaixis  i o  place  ol'.besjiiinilis. containing (i-10 acres.   ,  y    ������-.���','"'.',  ';':";7'' '77;:     y     ilOIIN TUTTLft. Locator   77  .:':/"..:'   7  7    7..'.: "-���">��� i" An'clersdii,'Agciit  ,  hiitcii6i;t. Kiiii. ifliK.    '��� y y,7:- 7/7        .7;  i Commencing nt a���post- bei'iis the.initial past  of.Sam Plyiin's claim, iind iiVljutsent- t<) linrth'-  eust corner of Joiin.Tutile's ohiiiir ihence south,  8u"(siiiiins",''' llienee east,80; eliains, thence norlh  80 chains,'thence'.-west 80 ;cliiiiiis;.to,ihe place'or  boKinniiiK (soiitaiiiinj,' (ill) acres. '  .7 ' -' ��� ��� ;;.��� ��� ,' ... ! 7 ...S.-V'M FriYNN, kowl'or ; ;  ������.������'������.���..',. .������",���,.",    ',���'���'  A. 1>: AiKlursftr, AKi'iit.-'V  natrcl hri, Kith. IIHIH., ' 7    7i^;77   "���'"'",' , .':  11. Coiiinieiicinf? nt a post- lietnj,' the Initial  post of A., f. r.ooiiiis'. claim, aiiif-iiiljiicc'iit to  life soiilhwjst coriiur'of Ueo. A. 'I'litilis's claini..  thence north 80 chains, thence west So chit I lis.  tiience soullrSO chains,.tlience eiisl'SU chains to  place of lieifiuiiihi?, ('oiitaiiiiiifs'.ltlO acce's. '������<  ''':_ 'V'i''V.-V,iVV';:���:'��� "A' l..:f.Of)M!S7 Locator 77  ,.- ''77.7 77     ''"������'.,%���'��� -,-���' A; I.. Anilersnn. Akcih  hnusii Oct. iiith, ino:r;- y, : 7;:��7 7r...':,; '������%���: ;���,  ,��l. i.'CoininenciiiK ' at." post hcins,' (lie initial  post of Cluo.tA;TiiHli!'s clalnraiKl. :i<! jtiedh   .lo  i!^7^llMW"L*itJift!Ji5y^!iyS  i.lieilculibrlirstl.ulialiiN.itlieiii'ti; eii.si Sii.chains  tlience s(liith SOehiiinS.. flienVsc' wesi fHI':isliaiiis  lirplac.iV(irh(sf,'innini,'coiitiiiniii|,'lHO acres.   ������."���,.  ,',   y77    7 7,., 7 tlKaAvTUTTLIC. Locator  *', '.,-n',.,'''i.7..: 7   ���'':!���-'A'.'. Li-Aii'(le,i"soii,.-A|feiit  ;,;-lJhte(.t''o<si.:,l(iih; IIHIX-y.y^:-:-������'"���������V(h:y.-",.jr,y  ��late J ini.  ci-of Luu,  ini^sioi'iVr  'fJi'sj'riet;.'..  ;;-,���. , ..'7,7., 7' 7 NOTICE.. .        ,,y ���   ,   - .|. , ,  .. ,-(������  -Votice is li'ei-eh.y''uivu'ni'il]iit, we. .'ifiV ijnUer- I    v   ���     ���  sijincd, tliirly days afiei" date intcicl, td.-'apply !    Nl".,l;c-J  io the Cliief ConniiisBioiier of Liinds .-i.uil VVoi-.i;^  at Victoria for, a license to.prospect, for (,,'bni  and   Petroioiiiii ,.yn   tlie   followiiij.'  ,lc7cri,hc.l  hinds .situiito in  .Souihcii.st ICpotcmiy.  Hriiisii  ColiJiuhia;   ,: ,;   '��� ,,   .-   ,   ''���'���'..'   ���������. '   ���..  1..,' CoritUKjiicirij; at a post, plaiitu'l, aiiom  foiineuii niiles^no'rtli- .of ihe7l''lathea'd Kivcr.  and seyeiCiniles: north <if the l/aeke'ti.'L'roiipi  aiid y.-cstiif the soulli fork of the. north fork of,  !,Michel <si:eci;7dn liloisk IbiW/''uliont' li! niiles <r-as!  ��f 'ihe iwy,ii oil'-eruie. and fire. uilli-Vy wesi of  .the wutersliecfuf the Kocky Mouiitalu^,.. i,ciiiir  the iiiiti-ii post of K'uheri Morfiliys, i-lnim,  thence south So chains, thenee east 80 c'liiVins.'  thence north So chains, thence West Huchn'iiis.ra  roini 0!'.c()i)iiiieiK.-einent, conlitintngO-IO acres.-  :"V;.;V '������'��� :,.'���', KOBKRT .\iOr{KlfJL.;|Joi.'<n6r,:  - ���':'���������'' ���'���-,���������'��� ������'���' ,A "L. Auilor.si.n.Aftent.  ,Pale,l Oct. Iiith. l'.ion.,       '������������-- ��� "��� ,,     7-  \\'/v^i' k ir^-- vxvim v u. L7777- p krSo n  '\'0:Vvr\ ;7\7\'livi7  for,7weil77esl.alili!ihe(l  no.ise7i,n7a~tSijt "HouiitieSi'lsalri.il7on 7re-  l;iii: iiiois(sli;uil,�� and ii'ifei'its'.-' '.hiieiils-lerri^  i6rv7y.Saiarv:*IlW-rii-7\-(!aryiiid-uxiie  ) iiiya h! ivvff.li M7(j:ii. ��� wtsekii iif eiisliy jincl.V'ux^  ;|>(^nMs ;idyiineed.77 IPiwitio'iJ ]ici-niiiiieii,t'  f'misfuess sti[;Cessfiil7:iiid7riiril]iiio'.y:,(IOti-  '.;lose s(:;]f-adaVe^'ed.7enYelope.777-J^tUinl-7  7si7t;(!i;-:.iH:.o'u.^V.i::-n.o C\-i-xroii.vl3Jt]KVJ-'.'tJJiiositro.^  JOTICE.  All   work promptly dono  wantkh-s\>:vkiia l imoiisons  of character uml "ood roj)ut.ition in  eueh state (one in lliis county ro(|inrefl)  to 'represent and advertise old esi.il>-  linhed wealthy business house ol <solid  linuneial standing. bulary " *21.0U  weekly with expenses additional, all  payable in wish direct, e.ich "Wednesday from head oflices. Horse and  curriag-c furnished when nuci'ss,ir.\.  Heterences. lOuclose sell-addressed  envelope. Colonial Co.. .'!:I4 Dearborn  St., Chicago. ���  NOTICE.  Notice Is hetehy i;i\eii lluttliliM diijs artet  dute 1 Intend to apph to the duel ('online,  sloiioi of I.unds nnd Woiks and the AssMimi  I'oniiulssioiiei of lainds mid Woiksof lliu Phi  vlace of Dntisli C'oliiiiiln.i foi a license to^  prospect tor co.il and petioleum on the lolhni-  Inif ilesetihed l.md situated in Ihe noiihein  poitionot Lot-l.-.fl.l in the soiuhcii'-ioi n poiuou  of Kast Kooteiuiy District, Hi'ilisli Coinniliin  Cniiiiueni'IiiKia ,i posi located on the uesiom  slope of Hie divide, hetween linli-h'(.'olumlna  uud Albeuii Tcmtoij. one nnlc noith Mid  thence llnoe miles easl ol the north bi.inch ol  a creek (iiequonllj calledSiiu.iw (JiccK) which  Mown south iihoutcsesen miles into ihe I'lat-  hcad ItUci, and enit to the souuu ol the sou'I,  fin k of the noith folk, ol Michel ctccl. the same  l.elnis: the imllal poit of Wn\ Pillshui\ sclaun  thence soulli 80 chains, thence iwst so < haius  thence nouh Wli luilns, thence cnsi siiclianis In  point of, oiiiiiieiiceiiiciu, con tain I iir dlO .lens  udJoinliiK lldKltoehi'Ster'.s claim on the east  \Vn\ Plllshmy   l.oi.noi  ���17 A   I,   Andeison   ArciiI  Dated Oct. Kill), 1110.1  NOTICE.  Moilcu Ih tunuln i;hen ihul ihu t\ days .ill.i  duie I Intend to appl> to the (,'lili-rCoiimiisMoii  er of 1.anils and'VVorks and the Assistant (Join  uilasloncr of l.andft mid Works (if the Proviiici  of Bsltlhh Columbia, foi a llicusc lo piospiti  for coal and petiuleuin on tin toll,.u In;; ,1, s  crlhed lahd'sltiililed In the uortlicru portion i)  Lot 1598,' In the .Houlhensiorii purl Ion of Kusl  Kootenay Dislricl, HrlIIsh Coluinl.ia  Coiniuericlui^ al a post located ou Ihe uesi  slupu (it Ihu divide between III Itlsh ('oluinhln  and AllierttiTerriKiry, one utile north and east  of the nortii brunch of a creek ffreiiiiently  called isl yii inv Or��ek)v Howlug south a distiiiici'  oraboufseveii'mllcs Into the - It'latliead- Kivcr.  and east of the .source of the south fork of this  north' fork of Michel ci'oek, the sti me bclni,' the  Initial post of Has Rochester's claim,, theuc,  ��outli'80 cliulllH, thciKseoasI SO chiiins. fiieiic  nortii liOehulii.s,ilnmee wesi SO (slialns nillli-  point of eoiiuiteiiceiucni, conLainlii^ (1-10 acres  the Hitme IksIiik- locatedadjoliilnj; ainl norlh ,|l  the HHekelt-tfiouirot claims, localcd liy him ns  agent. , ,   Has Hoclioster, Locator  .47- A. U. Asiili'i'son. Anolil  Dated Oist. illfh, I III).'!.   ,  Shaving M Hair Dressing Parlo;  Nevl lo Oriental llolid  FOKT   STEELE,   B.   C.  All   Kinds of Hair Work  a   .Special ty  .Votie'e. is-'lierohy, giv'eiiytliaty.vi-o.'iiie iiticloi>;.  Signed.: I lli I'iy daysfiiflerdaie; 'Mnleii'dyto ;hp"iiiy  to.tlicpiiief C'oniiniSsioiier oJ, l.iiiicls tiiiil.^^(lrks-  al-\'iciqriii: '.'for.iiMleon'se'io 'jyi-(js\iu'otyfoif--.'c(i��il.;Voii''.  life followiiV^'tlest'iiljelV itiMi^  .'lHg7liiv6r'iiii'.^  .Hnil|)j.;li7i.''i;:U...,J-J!^  .1.7 Goiniiienci'nijs iiyii .post pltinted, six-��� miles  iforlh arid one niile'w'ost (ifnorthc-isi coi'tier of-  f-ay, iriSS.'���lie|[i|f;l'li'(;'.,li'ii'lliil poslVil'Johii'Miirtiiis  cliiiiiiyi,lieiice;ivesf ,SI) (siiiiiiisyt.li(sii(se-'ii'()i-tii::8(i  eliaiiis., t,iioiic(!.t'ust':siri;.lifiin -, thenee,1 soil th 80  cliiiius io ' place .'of' Ijejfiiiii'ingi, ctuitniuiiifjr'li-lO  'aeres;- -,'-���-.-'.yyy'.yy.y ?y, ���,���'.v'",-:-'y',-:y��� yy y-.,.. -  ���"���;"��� '��� 7 7777,7 7y.ioiiN7M.AimN. i.(H!aior!  ;7 hilled Oct. ii!ii(i'1.-:i!it):iy.".-.''.;;..7'' 7777' 7.:7777 7  ..".'., Coinmeiicihg ill a post���plii'iit,od"foiii" luilos  norili litiil t\vo iiii.les:.\vlssl, of. the noi'tlieiist eor-  ner. of Lot, iriSS, lieim,'' the. initial post of Joe  TaOnhiiiiseiys eli'ilni. thence .vest. .80 .chains,  llicncenoi'th 80 eiin ins, llienee east..SO chains,  theiiise-south 80 eliains io Uie.pliii'erof'be��riniiiiiK  cpniainiiii,'O-IO acres.'1 . , ; ' ,,:: ';,- .  '-7.7 7 . ���;'���'��� ������' . v7 JOK.TAKMllAus|illt,: Locator  ..7.].)iite(l,Oet-.<;2iii(i.:-.l.!l(W.,,-''- ;y''.7.- 7;y'"���.;..-y-;.���.V ".  . :!. i ConiineiieiiiKat a post, pli'inlerl font' miles  north aiid two niiles west; of noi'thoast icornei'  of-J'^or-lfiSlj; l.ipiiife'.:tli,e''' initial posi7of��� '.U ���Hjurlir'  warden's'^claini. tlience we.sf So chains,' thence  soril.li "SO ch'it I ns. theiice east SI) ('haiiis/.tlfisnee  'north 'SO eliains io.tlKs.piiice-o.f'.bcKitnhnK\ copr  tnininK (III) iie'rps.'7s.'',.'..'���" :,7       .->'��� -7':-' '  ', '-   ���������'.:���'���  .������'���"���'-, ���7.7-77; .. .l:7\S.;iUGill\VAIM>l'l.N-. I.oetitor  : ;Dated c:)(st,.sisJiKiyi;n>:!.:y. 'iy-,,.--. y's:,: ���:������ ������;��� ;���_,;..'  - -I.' Gonuiieuciia,'- ill a post .'planted one:iiiil.c  no'rtir'aiid. oiieinile w'asi (if norllicii.st ('Ortier of  .|'..ot,'lfiSS. liuliiff tins .nil l.iii TpiisLof: A.; ,V. 10 win's  claini. tlience'west Si),chains thisnee north So"  'ehiiins. lhisnc(yc.iisi7Si).cliaiiis,itlieiicts'7si>nth 80  chiiins i.o- the.piiice of liec;i,nniii!,' ('.oiiliiiiiiiiyiiKi  aisi'iss. X:: \'���.'��� ���.'. '.':'.. y.,' ". -\  ..'���,, ',,.        s.  yyy .     ry"''.7A. A.'isi.u-iN.I'i.iocaioi'. '.'���"  '-. I )."i.t'cil Vlisl... M-Jo'i'i. ������'ll'llll.    :'':.''    ,   ,:��:'���  '' ,    . ���    !Z>- ',"'    .    '' ' "      ������.,,..-��� ,-  r,. (.'oniuienciii!," iiln post, planted one nn'le  iiorth iind one mile west'iii' norlhciisi.. isornci' (if  'liut-I.WX beiiiK I Iks' iintial post, ol, John lirown's  ishihn tlience wesl'SO chiiins. theiice .siiuth. Sii  chains, thence cast., 8(1 chains ' llieiicc north so  chains to ihe'plni'c ijf belli tilling, (siiiitiiiiiiiit; iVIll  acres,,,. 7 .loll NT l(l((l\\rNT. Locator  ''Dated Oct. sSsJiiiiyisin:!.     '        , :  11., (.'oiiiineiiciiiu'ill il post. |)lanlc,r I wo miles  norlh si'nd two niiles cast,,of the .norlhciisi corner, o!' Lot. -l.-iSS ,ln!i'nj{ this in I till I' post "of I'I.  I'litlerson's claim. Jlieuc,- wcSi sn chains,  thenci- norlh so chains, thcacc, .cnsi SO chains,  lhcnce south so chains io place of 1,,-ciiiiiliii;,  contniniui,'llio acres. ".   ���',������,  ',   '���" 10. I'A'n'IOh'SdN'. l.oi'ator  liai.cl oi'l. shad. I!it��. '.i;,,  yr'."7 yy;   7'-::i^TiCE.7'..7,,.,l,y:..y.7y7:i.'  y Noliceyis,,liereby;:Ki\;e'n tliat. wb. tins under  signed, thirty days after diuer'inlciiu to 'apply  .to the Cliiisl'Gdininissioiierof.lVaiids iitid Works  at y'i(storiii;:foi"'a'li"cense.s io ,prospect, -for ��� Coal  iind , Peti'bhsiiiii; oiip they following- .(le.seribeil  laiuls Situate in Hint ih-Kast; iCooteniiyi' liritislf  coiumbi!i.'y;,;,;"y^:y,.y!;yy.";:"r -".'V.-Vy ���:."y'.~;;���  . I.! .'Coniineneiiiff ata post 'plained,alioitt ten;  in 11 (is iiorth of tlie. .Fliithead' Itiver and'-tlirce'  liiiles iioi'tli-ofthe 'ITaclcutlkroiipyaiid west of  ihe,south fork of the nor't'hfork'of M iclipl,creel>  and''about .s-ixteen . niiles,; eiist, of :,lhe I owii of  l^ernle. in lllock..jau.1. and.tlveaniles ��;est ol "the  willershed 'of I lie Rocky., Al ou n tiiiiis:- lie! rig.', ihe.  .initial,. po.st7bf7 loyntiunioisler,Vc.inihi, nieiicc.  'south SO 'chains, llienee enstySO e.liii.ins7 theiice.  .north 80;chaiiis, theiiisi: west SO chiiiiisotb. Ihe,  ji()int7blNsonitntsiiceinen t,'con tain iiiiffiiti 'acres.i  -: 7'. 77777' HIA)' * I* Pfj i A U:kKiST,K .It;: l7i icntor'y  7"7:-;::7-;v,vrJ.'' : ���.������'���'."'���."���il'v7'AV fj.'AnVlersoii7 Ak-isiii 7<  '���ffiJafe'ii.D'fttyifltlvili.iOSy--:.' i|:!,S:''iyi7:::7��^  7'2.! Coiiimencini;':it a".post,.,'plniited,;.��djaceh't'  to tlie iiorth weHl.'cbriiei" of Kdwa'i'd Hiinnister'H  elaihi7'.'beiiii7tlie liiitial'iiosi' of \\riii;:li'. ri'iffeii-  backer's,claim; tlipnce s6iitli:^0i;ehii!iis.,'tii(;iice'.'  west 80 chains, tlience:,norl'lf'Sti:ciiaiiis.yiiience";  east SO chains to jioiiit '(if. (sbiniiieiiceiiietit. isoiij  taliiiii��,(VI0:aeres7'; \v;:';y777y777y7;7 ;;7':;,77 yy  7777:;::77:7,7\yMyp.nxppi':N^  ?77v'77ya':7':77y77777-'-^7 1j;' AndefeoiV^JAffen f':  77i3iiicifghi. ��� usiLffj-iiijiw :v ^;'K^7 &j^!:v'^7^^-^&!7%'-"K7.  77 si^yebiiiiiVeiieinKytt-a [)ost,'piatiteclViilja(se'iit. tii'  theiiorlheastcorner,of \Vr.in,,P.';D.iffehliiicker's  ,eiiii]ii.:uuinK..hi'e7liiltiul..ii6sl''bf''fJucllile:MiJler-s  claimy tiience mirth...:. st). y chains, ; theiice  w"esl,SO;(:haiiisi'thciiisd south SO.c.hai|is, .thenee  .'east SO eliains to poinf-ol' c.ouinicncohient. con-  tiiiiiiii'K.lilil aci-es77 ' |7; 7 777'7; ''������: '-'\ 7-.-:1; y  .yMjciT^LIs! MrnMSlt-, r.bcator  . 7   :;. ..;,,,;,; A. I'.; Anderson, Anent  ,::  '���   Dal.ei! Oct. H^th, l'.iOH.;. :  ;      '���:v.:: 7.' ��� y-:*' 7, :,.<7  ''- I. Coinmonciug at a, poslphtiitQil iidjiiceiit  10 Lucille Millei'-.s- southeast corner, hoin^r 'tiiis  initial ]ibst of of- K.:;D7-iMilIer's cliijiii, tlience  iiorll^SOi'hains, lliemse; oist SO (.hains. theiice-  souili'80 chains, theiiee we.st.S0 chains,. Io poinI  of coin iiieiicenient. con tain iiig-lilt) lieres.-  ' '7. ;- "������-'��� , y 7 '':.v;At:;ii: Mii'.iviOK, Lociiior,'  :   ,-:������ yy-'  A; L. Anderson^ AK-eht  .Dated Oct. |��th. lt&y. 7 .''���  .   ,'���'    ''      .:���'��� ���'���!�����  ��� :�������� Coihtnciiciiifs: iita post planted adjacent to  the north west corner of Koliert AJo'rrj.'llls'cla-iin..  bciiiK:lhe:'ini tin! post, .of' (..'ha ries AlcC Hires'  claiin. 'thence south' Si) chains, thence .west SO  ciiaiiis. theiice north SO chains.: tlience east so  chains to'point of ^couiiiiciiceiiient, coniiiiniiij;  (|l() acres:-- ,''*������-::,"  ..'���!���';' ;.  ''", ������'���'  . !     J  . 7CH'Ali'i,10S Mc(i(JlKI07 Locator  .' .'.'"������.' ���<":��� ,.  '���", ' A. L, Aii,Ic|-m,|i. Asrciil  ,., Dated Ot;trl(iili,. I!H��/'..-../ ���'���'������  :��� } V "';.���" 'vV'-.V  . :i.': Coiiiniencih^ a I,a   post.-phiiited Vidjacciii.  10. the . northwest,cornei- of l.-biiiirt^Jliiirril]'..-.'  claini.'lieiiii;' ihe Initial jajsi of Kolierl. I.'ichar.ls  claim, thisiicc norlh 80 chaiiisi thisiicc cnst^sti  eliains, thence south So chains.'.tlience west su  (���liuins. to ,|ioliilbl':coiiiinciKiciii(.siii. cptit.-litiintr  (till iK'.res; .'.'���'.':   ' 7',':': :"7'::'' '' V   '' " ���"'::  ������'.';-, 7  7; .KbiiioiiTKiciiAiiiis.j.ocator  .";������..7'.',-:;- '.    '''���    .7.. ��� A. f...Anilersoii. Aj;eiit:7  y Datciroci. Knii,' liiiwV.:,!,...- '7,':iVy'y'V������.:<< ���.'..  ,l.yComiuencii(is.riti ;t prisl .plantedu ailjiii;c|ii  ^(TjjL_J||ghj^j^auu3m^L^  TCfafpost of ltoheriyi7.7He;ird',s:7('!.'i:ini.. lhcnce  'h'o'rtli^Ao'chains:!hence west;SO:clni'iiis7yi!ieiicis  south SO chains,.thence ciisl SO chiiliis7,to ikiinf  i>f t'OiiibiiriiisCMiiobti'L'iMitiiii'i'iiVg^Olh'rici-tS'.'lx.r':. 'y...-.';  ; s7 ��� 7".:: 77 7w, Koii'ioi:t'jr: f;. mo a k r>, Locaipr  : : V'V:yV-';;,',. '::��� ������ .'��������� '��� A VW#& iidisrson: As'cnf ���' -:  '..paled Oct..n;ih..ioo:i.'- <���*;������ .-V;_tyyVViCii>'y  NOTICE.   ' ,   7.y;.''.  ; herein- 'a'lvvii i-ii'SSl; thirty.''Iiiys' afusr  ,ui i.o-,'i|.].i;r ).'.:, i'.mc (''hi--!'Coiinii'.ssidn-  s'.aiid .W'orK-s/.'imi the, As.-is.'/i.iil.fV.ni-  (if.  Lands;,  .anil'    Works,  for   ;|.e  >i    Kast. Kooicniiy -for a   lic'eii.se to  pr.-)spcA.foi7,-i^l':ijii];;yet7oieili:7i7i (lie  foih'iu'-  iiif,J'd<ycrii).;,dt;iiii.l .-ji'.iato.in the S,,,ur.li<;;yt/7'i5  poril!oii of Kusl 'Isfoiiieniiy '.)!st,rirt(;"t!riii,s|j do-  Iiiiubiii:-.- ' -.������,���... ,-. ... '���    7  ���.   ,'���'���'.'  7  ;' t.'o.mniciiei-.'iKr.iii   ��.,-,p,'i,sl. ��� ,|)i.int,::<!   on    IhS  ifilchie,trail  iliioii'i' tlirci'"iiii'l<i7:;ji,,,rUi. of.the'  lincriiaiioiiifl .���iviuTidary.:''ii.!.'nc;''.:'iinO.;two. iiiiles'  west of. tlie lv'I:i.ihcii',ri:ive..'.7jic;ii^7iniliai.y..iisi:  iidjiiceiit  io the south'/vest conier f.f .Pred ('7  Otimiiiins' claini. iliciic,.- smiiJIi Sut-hiiijis,,il-i.'-'it'i-c  wsiSO cluiinv.' iheiice aiort'ii W'.ciiiiins.;1,thence,  '���ea'st. 'SO chiiijis. to''tic-0 liiaue,.,,,? l.���.-!--ini)ii,g ami  ;Conta!miur WO acres.'.   : ':^'<~:'/) V'';', 7' ''��� ���'���"''V:VV:  ,7.y   .,.'... ������������::'���'��� :���'��� ������������ A-iiii>;l;::-M-iUfe'ari1.'Locator  '7:7        ' '   ": -. ;       .)amcs'Pish,-i-:'AOTnL.;,,  ,   Dated tlih day of Octo!icr,;.IS)l);iy '      7   yio  77 777"'   7 7"NQTicE7;y :7y -..:���' y7.  .N*oti(s(s is hereby i.'ivi-otilai Ihirty (inysval'ler  liute.i''intend lo .apply tfi !,lii' Chief(..'.'>iiiui issioii:  er of Lauds and Work;) and' i|i,;, 'As.si.-t.ain f'oin-  inissioher.'Of' Lands '.a.iii.i U'oi-l;s for1 -lint  .Dislricl -'-oiV'-.'Kijsi',' ICiioiena'y lor, a IIcciim- to  l'il'osl'iei'1, fur. con ha lid pclrolciuiiiiii l!i.V'''foll(>'iv-  iii^des'/frilicd iiinilsif'oafc hi |li(! .-.oiifheasicni  port Ion of Ki'i'sf, Ivooteniiy, Disiri'ct.,1 A'itisli t'o-  -1 ��� iii11��� fii..:--';-��;-���.'< '���-'���'#������"- ���: ������ ',.'-',,'-:'' y'.7 .���-:". '���',"- , '���;  Cbniiiiciiciii!.',.al ;a pbsi plniited ,oo (friive's  crisc'k' lour niiles -north of the- Ininriiaiiona]  noi'iuilar.v liiic anil iV.iir aiid a- half, inihss west  of this l.'liftlKjiiii; ri ver, .hclitfrtlie initial '"post adjacent ; to -this. i'i0rtliiyi?.si coi'iicr Of > l'-;'iiiicis .1..  i''iniii';i ue's tsin iin. tlitOj.ci.) north. 80 chains;  tlieiicci ,ca's( Sii ciiiii|is.ijheuc,7so(iih 80 chains,,  llienee west SO, ciiaiiis (<��ii oe.|>J.u."o;of iieKiliiiliis.".  iiiid ciihtalniiij.s; (i.ti7;icres.7 y.V ��� ���',;. .77.,7'.,  '���';.;( -:' ���:"."'-'   '������;��� V   Chlirlpis II; \VilK-ii.' Lpeillbis:  ^fiati'iFilifyli"(ii'iy iif Ocfoiier.'i!��i:l 7,     7  77/ 111  |:   ': .   NOTICE.; '-,������ : ', 77  .'.Votice is herein; given tii'iit thirty ,'lays .after'  ���date   I  inleiiil. to apply to ihe Chief Co.miiijs-  'sioiieri.f Lands ami Works aii.il. the Assistiinl  COiSniiyiiuasr or  Lands aicl'iVorks   jot-   tiie;  District of; East Kootenay for a ! ice use'to pros-'  ��� peev-!fci'rcoa-l end 'ptaroltiini  on 'the' f,,,,|low-inK  (lesV-i-ihcii^hiiirlsiliiali-iiiiii,,.' southeastern jjur-  ..l.ion'.,,!" the, Kic-'t Koon-iiay liistrict'. llriti,sli'(.',,:. .  luiniJia:,--' ,;7 ,.,'    .;,,.,',     ',,-     ',   ���,'7." 7' 7     .'���"���':  r -.Coinu)i;iiciiisf at a;i,ost,plaiik-(!,oii lire' KiicliScV  7trair,iib"iit-thi-(:c ni.ii,.'-  north  oi:i'hi.:: Iriteriu,-;.  tional^Uouhdary line uud t'vvo i.iiiles'vesio'f ri'it".'  ���I-'hitheiid-ihVer.heiii^ tlie inftiai |.osi7i(]jace'hi7  io the soiiih'.ccs't coru,.-r oi  f'rcl ���(���':. Cuiftmiii.s-  eia'iih; fhem.-e s<.,i.iih,-s,i e.hains.  theiict-  east '.-sii ���'  chains, llienee nortii so chiiins. l/ieiscc west: -so ,  icliaiiis  to'the )i'Uiir.ni l,ecinniu<ha.nd eotily.iu.-  ingrMfcv.r-yrr--. ���:���},: ���'^~r.:7-,: '7'7  , ..,-;    ���';���-;.;;- 77; ���-','    &i;y;uJ'J^Dyer7I.ocdibi;  ,;, .-''7          ":,.-.,   :'.''".':.���"���'James.Fisher. A^eiri,-;'?-.  "; Diiteu illli liayof October. iwu;i.  .';,.'���'.   ',, -H. -.-  .7. ;7_....��� :���-���._^_:y__:.^ '���   ',   '���'- ''������ _-_ ,���  ������y;7���:..^y .77:;,,.;.KlOTlfc&  ;.,;,7'.'7''   ,;.-   ',: ....  .Votice is hereby, Ki'voifyliiit thirty days' -after-"  date i intend to..-.'aiijily' io, the Chief. Couinii.s- '  s'ioiiCr of: Lands a-iei Works and , th,,; Assistant.  Coiuiiiis.sioner, ol"' Lsiic'ls ;aiul  yVprt-.s: for. th"  ,Disirict of Kasi: lyoniJna.y for'V'iicjjnstvtb.pro.-. ;'  pect for coal aiid'neiisoleuni 'on ' tii.- 'jToHcivv iii��  desi-ribiel   laud ".-.lllufie   (in   Ibis iilierilaliona! ',  lloiindaryliiieahdlyiijiiyoi-.iw-iH'ii Lot."-I.\s-!i'iiii<l'"'  'tiicil.C. Siitithcrii Hpsprvis'iii the soutijeasicv'ii,  :  portion 'of  I'hisl lvi���He'nav-l')is(i-ict:  Hriti.sh.C'o-,  lutiibiaM -Vy'VoK y-- ���-��� ,;;7y . f7,;:.;>��� i^yVyi-'.  ,V Coinincn.-iiiir ai, a post plan ted  oil, tlijslntei-;'  "tialioitlil lloiitidary iitip al.oiil 'hsn  i'riVlos ;.>vV;s'tr"-  .of 'tilts   Fhltli(;nd. liivcr^.tieiaif, tile in it lufrj fcisl  ���ii(ijii'ci"iii.'-'lfl;,;i|i()''so'!liiiea.st,.;c(i'riii;i"' of   l:1rank 7  tii-iivos crrfiui.'rtheilce iioi-liy.soidiilins.; theiice, ;,'  eiisiss1 chains; tlience sninh; so  i-liains^ .tlience :7  u-csl %> ciiaiiis, to., Hie' i'iliuselof b('��ii'initi)y:aud  'coiituhi'inW'lllh acres.';.;:,-;,," - 77;\ :. V.iyy"'7*7;  ',, '.,���; ���:..;,'; ,   7     7" 7 ,7 7>Ved'Alaso.i7l,r.c.itoi- ,  Wv  ���7:7"7:;-y'-y,yyyy:.7NOTiCE.;7,iv7?-'i;;. 77-y 7yy j\  :';Nolh.se,is;h(srpli.v,:j,'.ivpji7 tliiit.We,,1, the uiiiier-'  sifjii(;,ii:,thii-ty7hiys;after date;inteii,l :.,.lp;:ii,j)ly  lo the Chief (,'oiiiiii issi'ptier (if Lands and Works,  a L.Yictbi'iafor,!!,; license tOiirpiSpecl'foi'coaliind1  peti'iileiiiii, oii,tli.e.;rbllpw'i,liK;(lesci'iij(S(l" lailds  situate in.Souilicu'sl,ICooton'ayy IIriIi.sli  Colliiii'-  ,i.'la".7. 777--' ���'i:'i- *���������&'��� '"''���' 'y.'i'V "'���:','", .777;.7;7.:"7'.  7,i; Comiiienciii^yit a jiosi7s:jiiaii.teVi',sixteen  miles iiiirth; of .tlie. ."PJiiiliciiil; i\'i\-er,,aiu|iiine���  inilos nprih.bf the l.faelcott Krouji.and w'est.iif  t!ie7soiith7ifork:'(if;ihp7nbrtli;'i'qrk.; of ;Miehci'  'creek,'pn .lilbck'i^M:i,;;.abb'u.l7I'd niiles Cast:'of the  iowii of'���.h'eriiic, and; llvi.v' tnHusVjwest: of llic  u'li.Usi'.slieiLof the, Woe Icy; iMoil ii tai ns,"' ijei iiy-7 tlie  initial ,|)osiy,of,:.1.71i7Mosely's, claiin, tlience,  sbiith sii chaiii(j.: tlience vvest SO chains, thence  nbrili;S(lciiaiuS..aheiiCe7east,S0:'(diillns,'.!o the  place of beniuiiin;  '.'V V'VVW' '777  -��� ,7;-,77yy--,-y;y;;NOTict^7'777yy;y'777:',,  .Viiliee isjiereliy jjivpn that ihir.ty, daysafier  diiiel iiiteiid iii apply tii theC'hiefC'bnitiii.ssioii-  ernlvLanil.ynml 'WorU.s.'aiid ,thc, Assistai,i:f.'C'oi.ii-  ^niiSioni'ry .(1177 Linidf-yandy Ur(irl;s ,,fbr -llio  JJistrlct. ,if lOast '.lAi'iofiyia'y^fi.'-r.--.' a'; Licence to  prospect for Cdalaiid l.,'etri:ileu:iii imUhe follow-'  iiiir'described liiiid.sitiiatc' in,;.t|ie soul.heiisie'rn  poriibn ol'lOast. ivb(;u;nay 'Dfsti"i(sl'j..llriii"sl.i ,,('o:  .luiiibiii.:7i-7..^.:,;yy^,7i;y:':;~-,,7^v;;y'--,;;:7~;-:y'y-vy;7  ' C.'oiiiiiieneiin,' li l,"a post;On i'j rn ve's ci'eek aiibiit  four iniics,iioftli,(if;llie,lhiei'iiai|piiiillioiliiilary'  line and four aiidiii hiilf.'iiiiles,usest of tho.i.'hii-  head ,KiA'cr.) Iiisii,ij,r ih('7initial post adjacent 10,  the tiprllnvesycbruei' ofKrailids' j.^.f.-.i 11 uciilie's  c.lai 111..thence .norili ,��o islinitiss; 'tlieii(s<y;7\y��sst ^80  chaiiis7 thence soiilli'''.Sir('liaTiis/7.l!asiic'o,'-(.'a'si' S0.;  chiliiis Ui tiie;|,lacc i��fy fus.u-itinIiif;, Mml; ei'iiI:tia-  iiiir;illO acres,':,,,,.,'._.'.-:..;.....; Aiistiii-Ciirbiii. Locator  ;,l.':!���'red I(iti'liie,.,A��ciff' 7  ;0':;  Daie.il ltilli.''iiiiy''(''if..ivisu-)iiisr,-''.'i!iiw..  ���Hi;'  i, tlie,.;iiprtheasi:('oriier. of.)'.;��;.','-.lil'iise.i.v-ff'ciiiiiji  ein'f.-.tlie.;unihil|i'bst of \\r, iO.,S:C''(iynis,ss.claini  'Notice   is '  days -ii.fl.er, ilu'l.i.-.   I   shall  ('hief ��� ('oiiim'issinn'cr ,  of  NOTICE.  iicceliy   jficon,'Him, tiiiri.y  Ji|ipi.y   to the  hands'' and  A. ���J.I'GREZ,  PaoPitiiOToij.  Works and the Assisla,,:, .'.eoimiiission-  ei; of Lands and Works of th,. | 'royiinsc  of Hritish (..'olninl'iia, for ;,. license'.to  lirospecf for'coal find pei.roieiiin on th,.  follmviii^ dcscrilicd |iui(|, .sifuaic in'fjic.  iiorfhcrn. porl.ion-of l,(if -iail.'l, j,, "|,j���,  soiiflicasl.isrii. portion of |.:;,,K|,. k'oolennv  District, liritisli.-l.'oluiiiliia, c(ni,.,,e1M7  ine'til, a. posf.localcdi.ud mi|cS M���,.||, or  I.hi-- 11'0'rl.heu'st'corner post of ..\larv .\|_  Shiiiv's claim, the .san,,,. hcin^'fl',,, i���'.'  hial post of Charh,;.; A. ('oleV ,;|:Ui���  MieiKsc south SO chains, flicnc,. ,..;^,, H(]  ���tiiaiii.s'i.heiice-norl.li SO elniins. fhctic,.  H-est;,S(l chains io the p|..ce of li<..-i,,,,|,,,.-  containing UK) acres.  ',.,;, ������Iiitrl.ss A,���Col,..; Locator  ���'''������ i' A- h-Aiid(."i-.s(,n. Ao-ciii  Dated Oct. Kith, ijiij:;.    - . '���        j  ������; '.';':��� 7 7, ...-NOTICE'. 7-". -,'7y7.  ���-������"���    ' ���:'    ,,   ���,���������-.. ������'.(,.;    -.' '   .   " ,, ��� '- ��� ���  .Notice is hereby .if I veil'; ihat,, we, .the under-,  signed, thirty days after date .���iiilend'.-'to tapply'.  to ihe.ChiefConinilssioner.ol'.Liiiuis aiid,Works'  iityiciorin for a'-license'to.prospect for Coal  audPetroleuiir on- the; fbllowhis, described  liinds siluiite in'; Soutlieassl K'o.oiemiy. Dritish  ;Columblii. .;-     '/'.' '; 777:...,7'.;;':'. 7-'. '7- ��� ,- 7.-'77  ; 1,., C'omnieitciiiK':;at;a post; planted ' ahottt,  I'.wclve niiles nortlf.'of the Klatlusail Itivei".saiid;  live iiiiles north ol'i the . liuekett G roup," aiici  west of the.- south fork of ,:ihe nbi'th.forkof ���  Michel creek. 011.lllock lfi!);i. and a bout' sixteen  iniics easl of the town of I'-ernie. andiibout live  liiiles 'west of,'tire- watershed of ufe'Kocky  Mountains; bei'iifr I lie Initial post of WtlliatncG.-  Ihirlow's isliifin, thence soiithiSO chaihs, thenee  west Sllislmln.s, thence .north1 SO chains, thenee  casfspclui.lns to, point of conimencciiictit, con-  ta I nl nir (ill) a c res. .    ,., ..'',-'-''   '  Wll.l7lAM- tl.  llAin.OW, Localor  A. 1.. Anderson. AKent  put is, I Oct Iiith. Mil):!.,!- y  ;'.. Ciiiuniencintr at a piist plained' adjttcciii  10 tins northeast corner of Wit:, tl. Harlow's  claiin. Iielugthe, Initial |)Osl of (lcoi(;e Lee  llupkins''cliilm, Llieiicc south so chains, thence  eiisl so chains, ihenccno.rih. Si) 'chiiins. thence  west Sl) chains lo point of coiiiiucnc,..incnl. ciiii-  liiiniiiir 'HO acres. .  lIKOHfllO LKK  IlilPKINS, Locnlor  A.,L. ANlilOliSON'.. AirciiL  llaioil del, .mill, i'.ilili, -1   .  cdiiiaihiiiij: (lid aci'Ps:77';i',y.  ;iyi?;i l-vMOS 10 L^y 7Localbr  '777-'A; L.7AiidcrS6iL;AKeiiW  7Datedpe't.:iiiiii.;i(ii)H:;/y7 ' :,y'y,;y;.; ,;��� yy;V:;yy-;  *-v::'..Comiiieiiciiitf';'.-iiilJa-pi;iKi;'Vi)iii''n^  .10        -"���������-���       - - ......  he  tliencp.soulli1 SO'chiiins,; tlieneis.:(.-nst;80?chains,'  yil(jiiise;nbrjli;80chiiiiisy Iheii(sej;:we'st7l50, cindhs:  't(>,;th<i',i|,ilii're of. litKUiiiingjiinil ���(sbntaiiii'iij; (iitl  ^?&M-:V.:^--& .w7 .K7s.;CpyNl":7l7pca'iii7  ; 777777;;.;; ?;;; ;':. .'���;';r;A,f ���.rj.-"''A'iiilei"S(fn,yAif'eii't''.'���'���  ;;:pated';(Jcfe:.l(itliyili0:i:y;;;yy';#;77v;7'y;y-7;4^  7":;,.:!.:'iyC4'-1-'^  J;o7tlfiy7um;tl)Wissi7'caU'Uer.of..\\'..,IO. si;ijoyiie;s  elaiihr lieihs.''.th;s Initjafiiii.st.ol'l'.'e(irj,'ei.l\'ii,ss--elis  claiinytiience, .uorllrSl) chiiitis, llieniasyvest'SO.  uliiiiiis.'.Llitjtic^ii's'iiiit.li-Sfi- c!liii.liisyi.LiiiMfi-iy..~6Vi!sL,'-."s()'.  .j'sluiliis "i.u'j the pliice7oMj.j'Minhiiin-. coiilainin.'  ,(! lliiicresii'yy, 7';",;77y;y y..>. ;7:,.';.';'7 "VV'^i -V'':.y  ^'���''Vy^iyVy^vyV^  ���'.'.''' '������''',', '���';-'.-������'.''',. '���'-?"������.    A..,L\ Andersoii.' Atjciit  ���^ Dated Octy niLti,'t>io:i: '";' '��� 'y1;;,-. ���?."���   ���'���'': ��� y"���������������  7 I- OoiiinipiieiiiK 111; a post planted adjacent  .to the soil th wissl. isoi'iier" ofiyicorne .Husscil's  claim beiniy iliis initi.-rJ','jio.st of.,,1.7,1!.".loncs  claim,; tlKSncenorni SO: ehuiiesV theiiee east SO,  (shiiins, ll-.i'iicc'souih SO .chains,,! hiiiice ; west, Sii'  chains to place :ol":iH^inniti|;. con.I,���iiii.hiit.ilId  iibrcs..."���'-���".,;''.:"     .';'".'.��� y' '������'���' ���'���������:-' ''     ���.:���'.":.."������'���.".  'I'MOS. .l,l':pi',IOi;SOX:'lvlNC,SHUKV; Lp'calor  :���..,;;���'; ,7 ������'���'��� ��� ,' " ������' . A;,.!:. Andersiin.'1.A^cnt 7'  7  Diiieil Oct. IClli.'. I'.illll..���.;','7.-.. ..'In. ,  ...O.    -"-7 ���'., ,   ���7NdjlCEO,,:-'���.���'������'.,7.7'^,.'���'-'  'Notice i.s her.oby tilvcnthiif thirl ydays lifter  diite']. intend to apply to lite Chipf Conimissibti-'  ci'-.'bf ' Land and Worksalid ilie AssisliintCom-.  .misjsioiier, of    Lands ; and; Works, Tory tins  District; of   lOast"   ICooteiiay.��� loi;'. a' ;Liceii.se'  ���.t'o'-j'i..'.aspect'for. Con I and Pelroleinii Von the foi-,  iowiiii,' described  hinds .sitttate on  1.I10, rnlor-'  hatipniil Hoiitidary line and lyinif'belweoii ,.l.pt'  .IfiSO aiid   the  B.; C.������.Sbutliei'ii -.lJesor'vo iii  the  Southeastern  poriion of IOast.���K-ooipiiay ..J.lis-  trict. Hritish Cohiml.iia:-sr ���   ;���'  Coinmencitii; ai;a jiost 'pla'nled oii.J;heyiii-'  ternatioiial Hoiiiiilary,liue libont.twelve niiles  \yest' of the pin I head Kiver, beinp; the initial'  Iiost. theiice'iiorth 80 chains, lhcnce east.80  ishains. lhcnce soiilliso chains, thence, 'west .Si)  chains to.the plice of.bes-'iiiiiintr and coiiiiiiniiif.'-  mil acres. '.;��� .'..';������ Albert K.l'aliiier.. Locator  7..,.-,..,, ���',. ,.l..l''red I'ilchie, Affenl  Dated llll day of October: HUM.     . . ' :;      iii  y.;'-7*y:'y'''77:<'yy7.;::NOTiCE77y^;s77':-y.;"'77;.7;  "��� ;N"ot|ce as hoiebyVl vcii.tii at'thi vl y^diiys: ail cr,  linleJ:-intend iii'a.|>pM}"?ii);th().rtliief.boininlssioii-'  ei" of, lV|i.'ii[ds':'{iii.d7AV,.(i"k's.'ii'ml' the; Assisla lit Coin7  'lii'lsslpiicr ;iif 'yi7.aiijix7'.nii<jyy \\'ip-ks .y.l'or7,,tlie,  Dislricl, of:;,iOiisi-'lyooleiiaj-'.l'brii. lii-ense'f'to,;  prospiicl for cpal aiid |j(r'-i.i-c!tji>';ii''in.Vtfii;t-iiQ; '^l"0,lip'iv-'1-  intf,ne'soi"iliefl)'iinid...M  portion c>i,; 10asI,IC"��oIi"i 1:iy71.)Ii: 1,riqLV-'Hi'i tis) 1; Cij-i  11 i.ni ii f sV.:"-;;-. fc_'-"v!���.-��?> v.-.';'-i-,'.; ..7- 7 r-;.-^:'.;".--1-. y.-j...." '.iuX-s-f.. -;;. r.',y ���"vr;-.,!'>x..;.y!.  '-i'Ooinmphcinfci.ii^^  creek'..'iyhoyit':'^  tiotiafJipJ)i|(liii-y,,lLiie.and;f(nirAiiid:^  W(ssi,.(ir;ihe .-.!i,.liitli(jiii.i:.';li'iypr.yi)i."jiiKltlie.'; i lilt iii I  libstjiiljaceiit; U)yii^,iioi'th,west'(:oriicr of; I'-rilif^  els .I;?l''inu(,!itic,'si'hiini7thpncys0'itll s<i).(,shaiiisl  thence wi.'St.SOeliiiiiis. l)ipiice,niu-ni S(). ('jiaiiis:  thcuce:enst SOrhaiiey lo'the liiace of ���libjj'fliiiiiijr  aiid.conrainiiiis'OtO ;i(:i'cs'7 : '.';:��� ;' ,,;-..,; '':���,'*.-'���������"���' ������ ���';.  ''���;,', '���.'."' 71ose'pli C. Iilcl,)oii(iuj.rli.Locator  ;7 :    .'';,;'',-���-���'���''������'..     ,."j' y-.i:l''i'(i,l K'iLeliie; .-Vt^iyil   ;  ,,'-.(lilted Iiith diiy'-i'if Oi;le.boryi!i0:i7������''������;������"''.'."'."7l(i" e  :i. Coinnicncliiif at a post, plained adjaceni  lo Ihu northwest, coriier of (I.10. Iloptln's claini  heliiK lbe initial posL of Nancy (.'., Harlow's  cliilm, lheiicenori.li SOi-hiiins, tlience "eiist sii  '���latins, thence sonih 80 chains, ihcnc,, Wcst sn  chains to point iif. coiniiiciiccinont. conlainiiu.  ll-lll acres.  ������   .VAN'CV (I. MAltLOW. Locator  A. L. Anderson,.AkciiI  ���   Dated Oct, Kith. I1K1M.  ���I. '(loiiiiuelnsliiB-iil a post .'adjacciil to the  siMitlnvcst corner of N.(l. HarloWs'cliilm. be-  liiK.ll.a;  Inltiiil   posi.or  K,   A.   Ziinlel's chilm  ,l,��11' oi'lhSO chains, thence wesi si/ chiiins.  11 .��" s.,"l', M> chains, ihoiice eiist. SO ehuins  to   ixiliil   ol    eoniiiiouceincnl.   conialiiiiu;   OKI  acres.  ���'   ;  ��� 10. A. ZINIHOL, Lo.-alor  A. L. AiKli'i'son, Alienl  Dated (let. Kith. I'.KI."!. .      .,.-,  ADVERTISE.  THE PROSPECTOR.  ..   NOTICE.   . . ; ';,y  Notice is hereby Kri>'t'ii that, thirty days after  date I iiilend 1.0 ajipiy 1.0 tin; Chief I .'oniiiilsslon,  er of Lands and the ���Works, 'aiid Assistiinl ('oni  inlssioner of. Lands . niid; Worl;s. for the  Dislricl of Kusl koolt.'iiny for n License  10 prospect, lor (Soul anil Iviroleiiin 011 the following described kind situate In Ihe S0111I1-  'i.'iiKlisrii --poi'tioii of JOiisi, ICooleniiy Dislricl.  Itritish (..'liluiiihiii:' ������   ,  , ' Cominciicin^ al a piisl planted on the 1,'ilchic  Trail about three mil,-s north of the. Interna-  lioiinl lloii.tiililry liiic, il'iid two miles west of II.,-  I''liilhcii'd Kivcr heliiu ihe initial post, 'tlii'iic  north SO eliains, ilicnce easl SN ch.-iins,  thciicis south sn chaihs. .tln-nci.' n ..'si. So chiiins  to .the phice of1 1,,-kIiiiuiik nnd coutaiiiiiiK iiln.  aisres. ,,    l''i',',l (-;-(^iioiiiiiiis, Lot-liter  '.'' .laiiM's l-'islirr. Assent  ol( ictolicr, 11111.'!. 111  Hilled Ilth day  l7,,77.'"77:' 777;.' ;NOTICE7: ������'    ' ,y,.";77 7,:,  . Notice,is hereby giveii.thiiiyiliirly days sifter  dale ,I,,in tend to- apply' to.liieChiel'Coinmi.s-  sionei- of Lands iind IVfirks and",ilic> Asslstani  Comniissioiierbf Liii,id.s,.iiii(i Works for ilie  .District' ol" lOast.. ICoousiiay for a license  lo prospect. forCoiil niid petrolenni. .1)11 the I'pl-  IpViiig.'deseribcd land, siuiii to - in 1 he soiiih-  casiei'.n "''portion Of lOast iCootciia.vyDislrict.,  I Si-i tisli Coli 1 mh '���; .7 ..'.'..'..-.-  ''..Cbriiineii'eiuii at. a post plumed oa liraVc's  creek aboilt four ;.mill's, north .of "the Inierna-  .tionaliioiiiichii'.y litieiind foar'aiid a half uii'iPs  wse.st of,the' 'c'latlieiid li'iyer .'l.ieiii}f'l.tlie.'iiiiiial'  posl.,tlieiice'south 80'ciiiiins, iliciiejs cast SO  .chai 11s."theiice riorlli'SOcliains, theiice west su  chains ..lb the, place of l.icj,'iniiiiii,'iiiid coiuaiiiiii'i;  OH) acres; '' ������''_��� /'...''.'  7'.';.7    "������".' 7' ;';���������. ''.  .,,-.������'. 7. .7'7 l-'rancis .1. Ifinucain.', Locator  ''.'���'.-��� ..,' ,'���,.' '"���.'��� -I . l-'red K-iI'':iiie7,:-\7'��sii7l. '���������  * Dnlcdiot.il day ,,f (.iciohcr.liio;!... ''.lis'  ".-���,'    yy .notice, y    -: 77 , ���';-.  . Notice-is hereby clven tliui thirty days; aft er  dute. I iiiiend to apiil.y,m-t.lie Cliief (.'ouiinissioii-  crof Liiiidsauii 'AlYirks, anilihe Assisl.-nu, ("Om-  inlssioner iif "Lands and -.Works, for tlie  Dislricl of Kasl.' Kontena.y lor. a liectisis to  prospect for. con I. ii n.i ���petroleum on this fullow-  iut,'desjeribed laud siluiite on the Internal hum!  itonndiiiy liiie'ni,,! Iyi,ii|_-liclwi.-eii l';of' l'iS;i,ani|  life li.O. Soiithi'ni HcservcMii th,''Minih,-asu-r!i  porlhiii ol'JOasi Kooietmy DUnici. Itrilisl: 1',,  luuibla:-   '-. '7  Coiniuciicliij," (it 11 |���,.-i |.i..i.n. d on the liner,  inilioniil lloiiinlary Ilin- .-ili,,,ui i-i^'hi .miles nc-l  of Ihe Klntheiid riser. 1,,-iiii; Ih, initial |.,,-i adjaceni   10.th,-   soiii.iii-asi 'i-nriicr.  ol'   I'atr'li'lc  Wep-h's chi.jui. lln- ������ norili -0  i-jialiis. ihence  ciisl. su rhiiii,-; llienee.soulli   mi -i-hnlns. Mheiic,'.  WCsl Sil l-llil ills  l,o  { lle,,|,I;i,;e  llecililli 111     Mild, coll  laillii'l;; i';IC acres'.   ,,. -.,-'.  \'oll.ni"\  Will,.111,-.1,11, lioi-iiin  .1. f-'i-'cd l,"il,'hi.-, Lneat,,  1 i,-i,.i..;i    Co:; ' ���!,;,  ^Dl|.l.|..<l_nl,l,7.l  ':;'77:7''"':"':"- v:v ;777 NOTiQE77;7;;7 ���'7:^y7yr"7y777"  Noiipis I,s hcreliywiyea thai ihirt.y;daysyiifler;'  .''',.,"-v-','-;-.-',M<v,lt-?;--.T'07' ii-|iply;'Lo.tli>t-'t?iiii!'f Obi'hihiw-iv-'-  siiiiier'ol'laiiidsiiiid���.W.briis ami, ihe.:'.Assistant '���  Ciithniissiouer ol7l7iui(is aliil urijrics7foiy tile 77  DisO;icl of;I0ast;j\Oiit.eiiay;;fora' IjceYise;lo-pr()s7,;T  pei't for,.coii.l and pistroloutii.on.the foll.ow'inti. >':  deScriheil liuid situii,lesin;tijeso(ithe;islernrp(Siry;:'  tion;:i,f. Kusl ���'K'boteii'ii^  :(unihiii':7yy7;77' 7"i;.<7,. y7' 7;77 ~.;77 7;;y. ,:7;;.7y  ; GbVunieneihi; at 11 lipst phiiiied bu'ihe Kitehic*7  l)'ail;;al,pout three iniles. iiouli.;6i 7t ties I ri 101-ii^J 7 7  .,.l^i!;!.y.i.!i!i!!.li!!.S>rJ.Di.e^  i,,1''Lheiij! Kft'or.-beini; ihe .iniljtil |)iist,a,(ljtHaaii777  to this soulhwest.ep'rii'cr.oiyf'red C. Ciiinmiiis 7''  chiiiu. lhenciynii|-th '80 ,,-lm'itis7 iheficeyyosi 81.1.;;;  chains., llieiicc .sonny So chiiliis; ihcnciseast sir  chains,iii the place pr i.eKlniiiii^cbiitilliiineoio7'1'-  .acres,: y. .."yiyiVy ;7'.,;:,;\'.-'';7; ,y.'.y,    VyV. V.ii ���;������;���:  ;"';,-'..;;.;:..'-;'-'-.7 v'- 7;;: 7 "; '^,}1" Miiiiroe7Lwatbl-y7  ,','.'���",.'. 7"7.;.'.- .,.���" :��y 7 , , ' 777 -Jf Lines I''islier yA^Vrh C ��� -  i .'Dated'I lib diiy.bf l7)cloliei';! iSiiti.'''".'.,. 77 7:';, iiVV'VV  : 7"7'7,y- :-:7':y^ 7::'!777-7-.;-;Nq7ricE77y7'; 77*y7'' :'y7'!;'.--^yyy;  ;7.police isIjepsby-ij.iy.dii"that, t.hlriy days iifiersf"''  ilaltili'nieniltoapiiiy; l(iytli(7.pliief .t:oininii777;  'ssi^iicrof,Laudsiuid \yoi-ks7altd tiiei-Assisliilit7y,  e^imniissioiHsr ;pf;7^ands; anil :\V(iri;s7for,;the7;7  ;l7's,!l'ii;,'7"'!|7;?���}&}���'���' Koous't!>y7;���fbi;yir,..i'ice1n'se7i;)7.77'  lirosiieel. fOiveiial ail(l:pcti���oV(5il^n;;;pn7Ule^fp)ib^^7 "7;  ,'nK:��l<JSi-'HMedjliiiui,sliijS^  ;!''.'"'!!'!V'S '-1^-1'''-' iy'"^ Wpt-"7oou, iipf7!j-,siyaiidyy  .UlP71V Cii^,ii<j,utilt; 1-1 iyKtss-erV��t iii,liie Kiiiitiieastern;-^:;  l/brtibnof Kast ICooteuiiy i)islii(;i7|ii-itfsh: Co-'K V  itim.hia;y.;,:";;:;;;;.,:;,;;. yy-yy;;-, ,.,;.;;;y,yyy:;y;,::y;y: y  .yycbiiVineiieiiig at';a.,])?��iv'i^  natlpiial; Douiidaryy'iiiieyuibiit^b  *itiiv' 9> 71 It ?7 i i'i1 ,l!'" e>i(!,7;iver; lieiii^Uie|iiim;il?777  ifei^idjiU'pnttirJiiie'spiUiicJist cprin7r7il7v\iheriy7y  -.-I-^-y ii't's* I ii"ioi*^^'^"r��iIJi I ttl '4;"--��.i��^tii*��*v"i---iV��'i��j^t ii--;-. ^���'"���^oift/ilrVij^''--^''-1-'"-  llieiieiyea'st-SilisHliiiiis-Hhe^  thence wcsi.,so ch'anis ;'ipilly .idiii'i.'.of hejjinniii... 7:7  ;iiid,cpiif:iinins; 'llOS'acresJ; 7"7:'y -'y'.'f y '���������&��� '���':Vy;-V.  "'���';yy;<":��--'''���;',';. ���}������:: .'.'���''^K.r'an'V tfravcs;. I.orator7 ''7  ": -.77; 7; .;;"7 '^77 77,77 .77 .1, 'Kr'tiil. Uitehie7 Aueni;" 7  Diiied atiuhi/iif Oeipbei-; ts'ii::,   ;7'7;,yyiii 777';  ."'"7'7i*7y::77y-..���- NPTICE.7. 7 .-.7 '��� 7.7y7;,y7::;  '7 ;Noi ice-Ishereby tdypii tliat'thirty diiysaifier.  diite; I   intend   to api'iy 1,0 ulieljlnef Cotnniis-;.  sioner of Lauds aiutWoriis liii'd'-^lie-; Assistant  '���;'.  C'< iiissiiitii'i   of; LandS7aiid ;Works7 for.ythe  777  District or   lOiLst , ICoo'ienay   for ,a   license to ,;.>  prospect'fiir coai iindjietipleinn on.the1 rolipw-   '  jiil.- describi'il land si'tiia.le iii   llic sniitiieiisiyrii  -7  portionof Kast Ivboieniiy . Districi. Ilritish i;,f. .,,  |umbiii7~-��� , ;,; 7,7' -.'..'���"-''.���''''.77  'Coninienciny'.'at   :i   post .planted 'n��� tlipcii'yy "  bankvof  Hae-e;Crcpk7 : threeiiii'liiV east ofthe'7 :;'������',.'  PlatheiKJ  Kiyer... and .niiic' niiles' hortli.pr.i he ...7 '  I.i) ternatioiial I kill nda ry" line. J.ie'i nir' tii c i 11 i t i,i'! r  post adjacentto the iiortli\vest "'eo'r'iiorof' I0��� \\7 7 r' ;  .Huff's, claiin. thence   libnlcSO/i'liiiii'i's. theiice 77 ���  west S(i chain.s. theiice spilth So chains;''themse7:   ,  ,eiist7S(l, ('linins   lo the plnce'of tieKiiiiiiiii:. and ..-.''���';  cont;iiiiiii|;t'iito acres luoH'iiries^"'      7 , :' '7,7  y7v 7 .'.,':.-��� ';;.:.;.; ,, '   .'    -Mamie, Uili'or. Lp'calor '   -,  ;������;'-.    '���'������'."'��� ,   Jiime^; l''isher7'Ai;en!  Dated liili diiy;or'(>-toi)cr;7!;i(i:i.  ';      '7   ii;  ;;.',.  :mu  ���I  j*:'','ff-'  -.r--y--,^.-;  ���yV-7^  11'  ,'777;7M7  ���  "   -J  $m  SHORT LINE  BETWEEN  iSTPAUlrCHICAGO  Din.,-,1 mil,I,,  NOTICE.  ".   ' '   NOTICE.  Noi ice is hereby 1;I vtsir I.I1111 Ihiny .lays 11 ltd'  dale I inteiiil lo apply 1.0 Ihe Chiel (,'omuii".-  sloneror lain,Is and W,,lie. and Ihe Assistant  Cominlssioner of Lanil and Works for llic  Dislricl of Kusl ' K'oiitoiui.v for. n lic.eii->e  lo prospect, lor Coal, and I'el.rolcoiii oil llic I'ol-  lowliii; described laud situ.'il.e In'lhe Miiillieasl-  isrii portion of lOasl. Ko.it.enny District.. Ilrltlsh  (.'oluiuliin; ���  (Somniciieini.' at 11 |,osl pin 11 led about, one mile  cast, of s*usc creek and seven miles nortii ><f Ihe,  liilernii lionii I lliiiinilai-y. beinu lbe Iniliiil |i,,-l)  ildjneeul to llic *oiiliiuiis'| coiner ,0 li'os.-,  Thompson's claim, ihcii.-e souih sn ehuins.  Ihence cast su eliaiiis. Llieiicc iiorili 8'icluilii-.  I lie nee. west SO ehuins 1,0 the place of lies: in nine  an,I couialtiirps I',I0 acres.  ; Alfred Th.imiis. Locator  j      , ' ' .lames (���',slier. A item,  lulled Isllh day of October. IHOit. 10.  ml  ���I    \  Noi Ice is hereby tsive;  il'ale I Inienil lo i,|,|ily   I,,  1  -inner ,,f   Liiiid-; ���.ii,I \ylli lis  ('ol.'iin issiouer   ,,l    I ,,iii,l-    a  Disi.rlel     "I     IOiisi      K..,,'eii:,y  .Mi   pro..peel    lor   ceil    .10,1    i,.-l|.  lollowlnt: desei il.. .1 laoii'siimn  1111 iiuinil 11".inula 1 \ line ,, ii.l Kin  l.'.S'.i and ilie ll.i.:.' Seutliei 11 .1,  s.oui.lieaKterii poll ton of i'.:f-  llrli.l-li Cnliiiii.iiia.  I.in. 1 hiri.v .iiavs ufi.-i  1 i'-l  i'  1, ih,  ��� I wi ���  -linn.  : -the  ���N'oui'   :il It-tltion    is   called    lo-  "I 'ioiicer Limited" i.rtiinsof the  waiilcee .v.St. I'anl Kaihv;i,v." '''I'll,  perfect trains in tin- world.'",' '  Von will Iind it desiralitv lo fide'on  fliosi;'.trains when yoin'o to any point in  the Kiisleri! Stales or ;('mindii. 'I'liey  connect     with     nil      Ti'nhsront iiicnltil  Trains   anil   all .'Ticket     Agents    si,  1 iclci-fs.  ��� "    |.'oi" furl her.,information, pamphlet;  i'fe. ask any Ticket' A cent or  1;. i,ri''oi;i>,, 11. .s. i.-owk.' -  I'ass-  A^-c.nt,, (.'ciiern! Aip'fit  11  SI'OK'ANK.  l.'O.KTLA.yi).  NOTICE.  Kooli",-ia>  lli-.li i.i  ( :..lilliielicilu; ,'11   11  l'.i  .sl   pj;|l|i.  -.1 .,:,    Ilie    llller  Hill ionn!  11.aiti.l,, l.\-  Li  lie Hi...,It  li 1II.' miles K'e-I  of the Flathead rii ,-r.  1,,-in:' ll,  i- i-niilal posl ml  jill'l'lll   lo Ihe s,,lltll":is|  (',,!',le,   ,  .If red M.,is.,ns--  cl.'ilin. ihe.nce north id  ISlllV    elll  lill-'.   IheilCe   i-iisi  eiclity   eh iin-.   ihciie  e    Si,Hill  eis'li'ty   ehuins;  llieiii','   wesi   eiirhiy  chi.lns  i  ,1 'pince   of   l.c-  riintin:' eoiiiiiinlier -.i;,  Inilldr.,'.  I'i. trick  .1. Kred  1 ..n.i forty acres  IV.'Irh. L.ii-iiloi  1'ilchie .Aj'enl  Daled .Mb day of Oel  uhcr. 1'."',  :���;.                  -io  N  dm  er 1.1 I  periiib  I  ice is hereliy |;iv, I  I  illleml |,i apply I,  111.Is and  W011;..  ,I..11 to pin-i-||,|M-  lliat. sixty liay- :  llo'Clii.-l ��'..mini-,  il    Victoria.   |',,o  !������   fo|l.,.i��'i||i; 'i|e,(.|.  flel  I'OII  I",I  ,1.,'d  ilds 111 Kusl K,���>l,'liay,; I -"illlliell'illi: al u  p,,.s 1 .pi.-Ia 1 I'd "I lh��| north"',.si corner o| |in.li..\  I larlin^N purchase hear Oaliowuy and ni.-iite.l  William liieckefii idtscs'-.oiillicist corner |...-l.-  I hence runninj." wi'st Sii ejniius. 1 hence noiiii in ���  c11:1 ins, 1 liein'c cast SO chains un.i-- oi !i*-.n to  the II. C. ,"i ."Southern Kailwiiy. llienee in 1,  southerly direelioti n|one said rie])t of way so  eliains uiore or lesN lo th*. place of beiriiiiiiii!.., ���  eniifaiiibie .'l-.'O acres mole or Icsn.  Located this 7th day of < i.-tol.er. I'Ml.  ���I.-; Wit^L.l^UJ liitliCKtONKlDGJi  ���J^Sk THE: PJiOfiPRCTfr'K;-  POUT.^TEELE,  I7L C.   i-'i-Wi.
Teacliei" Wanted;
7 Wanted foi' the senior division (if I In-
„ Fort'Steele- I 'ill die School: .'ii.'niiile'.pr.c-
ITe'i'red';.''(.Apply to     -,;' 7" •'. ' •.',',
'i\y '":'"■ .. 1 '■!:,I'.'.;„T; 'G.ALHKAI'!'lL:Si''erV'1;iry
;...}7.;y7..:   y7y".  .', ',.-.iMii"'i;4t."elei.'J'.-:7(:.',.''i.•;■
:;-,,,;7,,. ; .   .jyy. NOTICE.   '    7 ,;/   7   .,'   ',-.
V  7'".'    NToiice'is ip'rcbyeiveti'that-thirl'y (lays  iiftei-
;7■■','."','"" dale: I intend In iipply io iiie;i.'lri('f t'oininissioti-
'■.'.;■'- /■'.'. ci-'of:'L?i,pd>„nnd.Wiii'.ks''a'ii'i;l jhe.Asslstain 1*0:11-
'".•.'•'■'*   , iiiissioiicr of, Ln lid i.a.inl"; Works of. the i'l'Ovuicc
7, v,■' ' 7i-.'•i'.riiiidi CoJiinibia.for.a  iieeiise, to''prospect
:.'•'".,, 7 : for "coal  .-ill,! petroleum   on   tin;  foliowin.e ('.,'-
•,''. , icVili»d .liiijvi. ji"iuiau-il in tlieuorth'. ■rii portion of
'"; ,,; , ' L'lf if'V?.. 'in:;rilie'-;.-;u'u'iii..'<isie'r'i'i'' p.uriuii 'of'Kusl
;-.:,■•■;■-, ■v.lvphreiuiy '"District.;;   77"; ,:'7 ■ •- '■;;;' .7;   , ,. ■
',1,:'■.'." '■-' . i ■iiiiinieii.chitr af'a  po.-t-locatedoil UP'WcStc-rn
,„.'"■'..    sl.'l.e.of lily 'divide, b.-iv.v-esi   llriiish   Columbia
7,7! niei   AlbrniV 'iVrriiprv.   iiud'uiile   ndi'ah, and
7    7. '■•' theiice thi'e.e.iiiib'S east ofilie norlh   tjrasicli  ,.f
;v';,- ,;,| ,-i-eei; (ii-e.pie,ntly esiileii Spiiau; Ciy'.-'k,) which
7,:!    ri'o'.vs w>utli :ibom. seven linles into,tlieFtnUie.Kl '
','':'.,'' I.'i^e.rahd east of,die source'of the ,.-.out,n   for!;
,' .'■'•>! I Invnortii ios-l; ,,f Michel oreol'rl.'ihc sanlo  Ue,
;.-•,'. "77 iii>r'-.;"i,'iie.; initial; iinstAi   ('iiaVtes'.'.!-..(Kinnier's
";"  7 -icidiiit, .thenci' -,.uth  ."-V'elr.iiii.N. .thence east >0'
chiiins. theueeiiPi'th sn eli'iiins. .Unsure ',>vo.s'l, s,,
■''':-.■ •'■'■./'■"■Iia'iti's to ]),',!i;t,;..f .■oiiiuiene.-'iieii!.'- ;'.put;nu|ii'e
"''■■■        i'.IO' :i(-i-cs:,':111 j..11i.iiiB-..,>yo'v
-.".'   ine east;
7    „  -." .'''".to .v.vtt kko.m ■ all ,yy;
.:..','    .''    7 "----';VlA-',V,': , •■' ,,", '  '.   •'■-y ■
^ .71F^;^ il >^a ^;7,7;
':' ;ShOrt. ''il'jlin'&y.'''l''y
.77"' ■,';.,;77'. ' .-■■   ■,•'',".-to   '"';■"    ■" 7       ,   ''  '■,..
( 7   ' NOT I <".'";.  '    '      ,.'.    ' . ■'
. Notice is;liciel,y Ihal thirty d,iy's,HDer 'date I
inteiiitt,. iipply to the,Chief Coiiiuirssioner of;
Lands anil-Works nnd the ; Assistant. .Conniiis-
sioncro!- Lands and Works of llic .Province of
llrilisii'i'idurnbia; for a license lo prospect , for
coal and peii'i.leiiiii'oiiihe'l'ollowiii'i,'''described
l-.iml.si!i,iale,tiu,flie iii.rtheiii "porlioi! of Lot
4aii:s. in i|ii-,;si,iiilieiisiei-n portion or Kusl Kbote-
nay' nisi rii-t.'IJrif isli Coliniibiu. ; ,7
,' ' Coniiiieneiu-iiliil'psl: plauled ou Ilie western
Slope of iiie di vidi''■■bciw-ec'ni.i llr.it .ish Columbia,
(Hid Albe'i'tii 'rcriitp'iy.. ,iul.i.(ii-i-iil'fo 'if?' north
western cprjiei- Jiosi iif .loiinArllihr's eliiini,,
tlie siiiiiVelieiiii;;, Ihe' initial' poK of ;W ill iii ui
^liirkha ni's ;.cl:iiiii7. I'lu.'iieo iioi-lb oiu-.Iu.v-
'eliains. 'ihence' cast eighty 7-iuiiiis, Un-ie'd
south chrlil.■• eluiisis- ll'jeifeo'ivesi. HsVut.v. chain s
lo'poir,r(ifp',;iniuiei'i,-ei!ieui.;coni,!iiniii'; 0:I0yeSres,
itiljoinin- .lliiV c'l'aiiu p( ;John,/;Ariliur,'ou...l,li.^
Vinrlh,.,    ' .7 7'   Willhi'm. Mnrkliam'.  LOeaioi:
7. i;   .""        '   :(('" A.'fi'.''-V\iid'ersbii. '\is-eiil
,.yi)ui.'"d.'(.^V.-,l,,)i.l-;,l!ii)::._  ,7';7;7. ■?;.
■7-7- ■;;.,   NOTICE.. ''7'y.: '"
. .i'!.'.',..    '■' ■■-    :"' . ■„ ..■■■'  ■■ •- ■'■ ■  ; :,-; -  ....
;   'N.oi'.\':e .is   hei-oliyyiyh-ei) thai ;tl) diVy7
: lift i;t" dale" i   gli'ii'Jj.   iippIV Vu'llii'. t/iiiyl
I ( 'oiiiiiiissiiiiief ui' l.iinds■•Ui.it. VViii-lc.-. ;UiU:
:ie   Assist a n't   '■ 'o'nVn'i.issi.oiu'i"' ui'   I .aiul
'   ,   '7.:;;'"7:  '  "7 ." .7- ■.,.. '   -  '' 7 ,,   ;■■. '' ')  V ■,|'iind';\Vi->l'ki of the   I'rovinci', ■ (i.( yVJi'-if i",!i'
 „,„...   Spokane, St. Paul, Uulutli,yMihne-it'i'iiinii.ii,:..tora■lieens.'^tii.'pruHari••..',%
^iinfr,X^ov7i'iyu'i.ilr:,vyy.i(ti.o-7/v,y   ■ ^j"--''''^^;;^ v^-A -^"v: i'v;'.':'''!"^«», V'£'h'-  7:<*!\'u'"y
y:-- ch;,i!ic«M7;KMu-f.ei';d;eeM.,r! .-;<ippns, unitago, Kuu.rauub tasu y^^-v..^,^. ,U(ll(1-vu,,.,,,,;„ ,,,,, ,,„„.,,■„.,;,,'
J p(iVti'()it.VI--l,i.d;'l'*>Vi:V''.i-ii i-Iji- sHSsihoitNieni
iiiAdion iif 17;isi. l\))i'i'"i;a\,l!iNJ,i;ici. r>'.i--it-
ir;;;.=:     '■ ■■■'<:■■': ■-.■,,?■■ A.''-l..-7v\ilc
7|.)at,.;il7<7)civ,Hitii.:;i!Myi. 7 7 ■
..'•y7'.'---- y:..-'::-;.'- ,.v ■'■ 7y: 7,7 notice:;;,;,, y777:' '
7;'y    ;;.;, .>.*■ iti<{«!:T's hereby .ei.veii;t.h;il.;;.>:pays,;a!;iyr ihi .
.;-"'--,;■;-■' i.-.-'i intenibto appiy.tp't'io' (;,liief(:r.m;u;>si...i!(sr o'f.i
7:7;;:',' .yjisiiids. au,l7.W,'!'k> and' the y\,SNi7iiii,i  ('.jiami's'-
- '7, ::;7si„uvP;,of r)7ands;iind AViirki-.br' tlie   p.'i.yi'iice.;..l'
;7 ; fsriiish (.-oliunbiir'-t.-ir^i. iic,-iis,-,-o,, psj,,s[-,,-cs ii.i
7.   '"' 7 cdal iiiiii!petr-'l.'.um.o.ii 7iie3 i:oliou'ius; ■lescribeiP
^TT^PS-yi'srCln i'lTe^^^^
7, tnty^.i)istriet;;,l!ritis)i;c<rtiV<i!biil... 7y :   . ,' 7'';'7,
",;, 77- 7 CouiihonV'iii^ai a. post locates!;on,j:rie; wes.i'eisu-
7, ';'"■ slopi" ofilhs; ili;V|iie. iies.weeti' llriiish Coliiiiibio
7.'■.-.;. .■:,. ,atid AliiertaiTeri-itoryyihree niiles'.tioVtli ,fi'','n
;-. ,'.;•;' the'.' north f-jrlc ofr,;t '-'fc.reek'. (f rep ue ally ca!!e<!'.
'■" ;■■-,:'"'-'" ;'S,|uaw'Cre(sii)-;',s'vhich; tioivs- soiit'li-abinitv.sevt'h
V ,y ;.y miles into tlie ryafheiid Jiiyei-, ii!nd,tc:i,s!:;;f)! the
777"'7'7siiiirl;e of'7 tiiie 'so u'tli'', 'rii'r'k ;of;th(;'tiorfh;;i'orR:y..f'
'[..$}: y7Michisl crpe.k. -tlie sa'nie-l^ing^he'i'iiHiHrtio'iitof
7 y; 7 "kii^alsetli; G7 Mopry;s;'claAm. theiiise.yputh sir
7;:7':c|iains7lh?sneei^-cst SO chaiiis7theiiCe:north, sp
yv .:::777shains7theiieepiist'so,cha'iiis:,;to7^Kiinyp^
77 ;77y ..meiieeiiicnt. 7ts<(ntainiri!?/.,''-'fft'jeres: 7adjoiPtny„
777;;, .lofiit '{•'.:■ Hiiiupliries' claini on the north..',;,;'.,. ,7
'"77;7;7777777'77:r7"7 7;7y77; Elizalieth
.. '^,'.''-.;■• ■' '; jr ■"■ ';.■''. ■.■■■'.',•,;,.■ ■'■.'■'■'; '"'A;' L. A'iidersoii. Ajieht
7:;.;y,7,;'- f)ated7(,,)is;.7l!ith; IilOM.,;;.;- .7y 7(,.7 7 ;,; 7
7:7777:.77;■'.■■" 'r'. :''-''77:,''"-;7;'7'^'OTICE.7y -y; ■"■. 7;''-' 77; ;7
77 ■-' ':;;;y;No,lice is'iiercby Ttjven t IPi I, th i r! v (lays after ,
:7, ;; 7;d:i'ted,intend ueiippiyib'theiyhief Cijmm'ission-;
7y7,:: rr of 1'.anils anil Works iiiiilth'ei,Assislaiii;Coiii-;
.77;.missionoivojyiailids.arid,WOTks..!!f W1*'J,>rrjV:i!";.'i:
;77 a' : .of ilrili'slr CpiuiiiiiiiL fqrrfiiyiiCchsPto ,'ii'ros'pecj.
■'7,;!; fin-. iSipafaiid pel role uiii-oiiVthe. ifollowiini (ie-
7y;yNcrlbe.il la^il^sitiiiitcd iii, ilie^'ii-pi'iilierii-'-pPrMrtii
,'■': 777yof.Lpt I5S«. iii; lbe 'sou'thesistern-'.pprii'o.n' 7|,;^st7
-7.:.:;;".;ICoOiaii!iy District..liritish c;i)liiiiil>i:i.7-'7;7;7;,7
77 ■;-;'..• 7 Coniiiienciiiil ill :i; post, located bn't lie iyesus.ru,
y;7;7y;yslope of;tiic (ii vide, between '■ llrl l.is.li'7 Colli iii ftlu''
7::- ■-'.'.'-.■ ^:isiiiiiu(5i,,IMl(y',iiortheiistcporiV{sr pos'tyihe siiiiie
.yy'VyjcJne.thcjnilisU-post or;A;;,iy;AiiVlerspu's cliiiui.
7,;; 7;77-7 thence spltLli7eiiJlh.y'ehal|tsyiiieiu:eW(5sl. eighty'
77"7;:'y.(sli:iii'is;i;. Ffusiicc7nfu-ifrielSlitye'di'diisylhcnce:
"-Syyyyiist ciijjity..chains to ,;poiiit;bi' coiiiineni-eiiient..
;■;;; :7y ■7ir:;y;!;,:,:'";:;;:':";;>i:?;r;A;;; li;, Aiideisoii, Iioc'iiior
y ;:.'":.y;-;7;.~;',-■;;■ -.,;:,;•; ,;;,s;;'."yy-y-■;■""-; -.'"■"- ,'..'•;.>-.'.'■■.y;
-■•:, ■y-;^'i;.^\:^'!;'^y:vvpTU^
V' i^-"7^7V>r:"•"^ni* ii iT^rsi7^1 'KV~iV*vi;''i5iVj-^Sr i"vvyriTciiiirtyrivrFiriiy.-i-i ii">5js">si-i;«"o t-'
l .;y77 dale ;l   iiiteiidyip iip|iiy,io;the Ciilef-Wuituiis^'
s.',;;: 7. ; s'iiiiiitr'pf f.iiiidsiinif.AVpisks iiik!; flic  Assisliini
77 7 yViioiiiiuissioner of'Liinds! ;i.n it Works, tit' tins t *ro-;
7:!'"     yy-liiceilii', .l!riiislr'-'cVi|iinibiii7 :for  a. ..license tn
;,";, ;, ''insosji'ecl foreoiil aiui'i.,elroleu.ni'oh,"tlie i'pllow-
77 ■    .iiil?   ihsscl illisd ■liind7;S|lii;i;li'il   til   Ilie llorlllorii
;'"■ ..■''   -pori ion Pf yait. liV.HI.in tins sou I fusiisferii portion
' ;   ,7 ;-.' of I'hist ICootciiiiy l.iisl'rli't, Hj-ltisli (ioliiiiibiii:
:';*'-■ '.(.sbuinn'iieiiie at a post:located.on tliejW'i'slei'ii
'    ; slopc.of fbe'dlyide.'lici.weeii   Itritish   ColuniliiM
,'.-■        77aud •rfSlhisrlu.Tc'v'j-I'tory. ailjacenl io   IhiS  north;:
,   east   eiii'.iiisi'".: post   of   A, 1.7 Andersonls   cliiiin.
.'■'.,''.'■'7.   lbe  siin'i-i.ii beiiij.''7fhe  iniiiab-iiosi, of A'rthur.l
.,'"''■•'■:' sibii>v's  c.laim. .tlience    north   cii-'hly   chains.;.
7:.;7 thlsiiee'issisl. eighty clulins,, Ihence south eighty
..-....'  .."'' eh's'ilns'.   I.iii.iice'West, eielily eliiiins lo point of
1,7 '.'   ; coniniencemenl. eonniiiiliu,' it III acres.,    ■,,■■-,,-■'"'
■''■'■■"-.■■ '" -'■(■'!• Artliiie.L Sluiw. •Lpeaior
■-IT""' '-'■      A. L. Anderson.; Atrenl-'
"'' ■'  Dali'ii Oct. IsHli.. HM.i:l.;;   . ., '"■  ",
■-.'MstlA'I'N'S.'  1'saUA
' .. ivAS'l'  TIMJ.'.'..
7 7>->7' "".•■,■•! poViiiin.i:>t;''Ka.Ni.'K.i.ii'i»."i!:,ii\,l>i-.'.i',i>"i. I..i--n-
,7 :~ ''."■' '■,.7! is|'i.'i..;iihjiiihl:,i,,.".v"().iv.iiii''-'Hi;i!,i,i a't ;aV|i(>'-ii' U;i-
'.''. ■,•"■■ '..'{'■.eltti.-il! (i.fi .! !!i'..w,:stv!''i;i.J<ip,ii!l, ihiyitvliK'
'■;; ■■'.'•'' ;.,';;7' -..■■ •, /.-.v-; , ,;• ■;.■'•'■.; "  ■-■'■■'_ yyj lielwccii lii;i:is!i I ,'t ilA"iii».ui u-u.l vMl'leirta
{';,,N,^.:F^uipmoftt.'.Tlirou?ho«iy..:pay..j^^^ nm-tjiea-Hi.
• Coiiehe^^ttltice' and Tqurwf ■ Sleepers , r^. -^ ^;, .^.^ i^i(1|,^ v,hlll,y
Dirinis,- tuid Bufl'ot Smoking" Library i       ',■■;';;;,;; ;- ,,. V "•. ;;,. ■■■ "7-7-,- ; ■{':. '.y, i    ..r
■ '   ■     ;   ; ■;■.■)■>„■.:. „     :'':.■' ■. 7 ■'.■',.-���• ■.;    'i-liu". saluc .^hi-iusy ■ V>c   .initial-, pot „oi
Cars.       "- ■•„;• '!■-,■ ,;,„ ,■;.",  -■    ,' ,«   ■.  .      ,; ,"„:;. |-^^jii^N;'. 7J,s,y.^iVs^S,^^!^!^!^"
:;.TTcS>"■ r5; "flari'S. J;VililTMf>yutra^7lli-!7'7-|;nori'ii,siH-)V;itiis7:tlTi7sTi<.7•■■■ west ^n'cTrahis.'
i.ufoni)a,n<A '"'■ j'theticij-yiml li ■s():,s).i:u.ns.7 liieitce. .".Mlsty^O
ypluiins lo the :pt;ici';;iif;,;.i)i'tlii)Hiii;y'"   rCl})5
  .,        ,,      ..... yy uti.ni'.-y 7'" !;-'lV '77v7!'7^-■':lii-il'i,'itl-   ^'7^'^
'7\7B7i:i-l>r:NNI,s7l70^77«7\v:i>7A 7;'
-'   <<• ".;  ._■.-■  7 ,'7-,,.,, ,;^, ,-. ., , y,;, ;aii^i;s!;u> J-",yvuistvii,,'i,oistit(ii'
,,n-7; "777" „7: „77a°7i ;. ;Aiirlp.t'so'n:'';7Vo-eiu
■.Wily.ao-ent i'ii-eit't77Xot't;!ie,i'ii
tsijiwiiy or
^12-7Ftri,hyftv6ni[e. SeattifeWasit, 7
•■! :; 71 Ja t (>fi ■. Ot si:; ,1,0 i'li;: 100-^
■-■, *■*,' -i7.7" ,-..7._77: --S-..
7 7^pi-ici)yiyy!ioi'e(')>77gi.yetn'77i^ ■'i\45.::iV;i*tes:!  :»7yi>)iil;7By7\Vai'rep.77l7i(k::it;oV
d;i7\^,y:ifiei" 'dttie,,,!; 7sn^}V77^n!y7:'j;Vji!i^ 7^y7f77 77i;7;77;77 77v7'7lj7;^yndlerg()n,77A'o;(3iit.
^nViisry^iiniinissimtei" ;6.f,; 7i7;lndsy;:uid    ""'1-i -'s .;;■,-,-.:..;.    .......  ,=1 ■., -: -.7.-. ,.
Wilrl-'s'-aiid xlviv'As^istViiit&onVmissioiKsi
yr'.y  7.7- 77'^'.'NOTICE,    y 7-
Npli(Si.s is. iiisi.'cl.iy ; o:ivo,.ii tliaf   wit hi 11
sixiy. (Ia.ysyi.fler.'iliif,(';i'l iiilend -'.to   a|)|)ly
lo7;thc;  IvMiicf;- Ci>iniiiissioiiei';,i>.l7 I7ands
siiAtl \V.oi;li7s;7A'ieloria. lor, periiiission to
inii'ciiase. thisJollowiiio-yiesilfilfed .land:
:.',',-■').■■  ■.  . ."'"',        ■    ,, i:: ■'  -      ■   ■     ■/
(,;.(.)iniiienciii.t!- 'twenty   chains-' .south nl
the liorf.heust. coriier.ftfs l.ot fiSDlt. thence.
forty (sh;iiiis;easl,.   tli(snce7,fiirU-.'.-eliaius
son tlL.tlienro TortA" chai lis west, 'thenee
lorty  iduiins    norl,h   to   poinfcsof  coni-
iiiencenieiit. coiitiiiiiitio'-DiD tieri
r Iiiili'iijl'i'lvN'ove'inl'icr.'.liHW.
■ '-'Td-Gliieuiro atitiviti; jHiiiitseas^:, 1-i-jds- j -.■'•'; xiiti'ce ;■ is': heivi'iv ' iti.voti tli'ibt ,.t;lurl7\;,
vi^'o. ,Metaphisv;Nesyyn"ieaiis7"7:ttid;,:a;l| ^.^i'after' date '1' shall; apply -do  tlie
■'  See7 tnat'votir7ti.,0";7 reads.7via;'tlH"f\Vorks and the AssistaiiV't-'piVtmissioiiei"'
...iuo-iily; ino.leiyi tt'Hins e()ime«u >yi 1^^^^
transcontiiiental knes at ir-l -v, Haul; ;and ;,, -s.y ,y y ., ;, y . ;: - ,1,7. r„i
'Omaha. : -7 "" 7'' ^ " ' " ■■:.V-:W':VV. ;, -wvei'^t'fp'-- eoayauil peti-oliMitii (.)iiytlie,lolr
^,y7 7 7;:.7;777:777:.7;77'77777';77''l'7,' ■■'," 'V loWiitLr descrijied Tiiiidi'sittiiitts ;in;t,he
. [f, your fvieii^ls -ars- eouiino-yvesi let J nhrthern poi;t.iotii;of ,:-'.L6t.' :,:45y:i.,iii tlie
us.kiiow .in/)7^.AviU.:siMpt^'^thvrtii:.<lireit^|-^uiK'ed=tfern;r>oi-t-i'«ViV''rtf7l^iiit^Kttot^iUL^
the specially-low .rates ; ni>>\- in, en.ect, i y . ,,.;. - ?.--.;. .;;;,.v ■;:-...:,,.:. ■ ■, .,.-- ;.*,;'.
.-fnHVi«ill:o^terii--poliU.-,:,.;^':-':.-"'-r^ (:;oli;.mluti.-:;epin.i).ciie-
77Anyyti.roi'.;i;iti(Mi«tis'to7,i'aVt"s.''roiites.j,,iiii;' nt.'it, Vosl  hieai^d   mythe wtsstpvii
etc',7(;"Jieei"ftilly!tri veil oitapilricutiiiti.y yjTjlpjie ;(>(,, tlie  divide,;  betweeii , llrihish"
'7V,|.7x^|V1;N;^si"^7;.l^ilJ"-,,^;'l'^-7 ';>V(;'
vyry;;;M2 Tltird St,77Portliind, ■ Oregon. I'nniesnoistlt-Troni-tlia^soutlieiist,. 'eoi^iei^
77:   771-^7ThW73K;:l^
y,.^. B.y.nioMPsoxy Ep^iy A.v;U(K^
l iiliniin.-Hhlo'.., heiUtle..AVash.,;-..',,       ,.,..   ■■,-..-,-«-.-, '■■!,■.-■■ ■■"■■ -Vva- --!i ■■• ; n-';,,„.
""'   ''■'■" "'  ,("hains, ,tlieii4e-efist.ysO.:,clKiiiis,; tlience
;iiprtli ^Q'(shiiih^7;i;Beiu"y7\^
7tQ- fh<4„phtee of-ljpiKihniiio-,'■- eontii'inino-
iiritwi Octi;' HHih'.;-i.sii)3:7:y!%y;i7
Of I'iai:ids7aiidt Worlcs of:■tite.,.'L'iro'vii.Vi,;o': of,
■Brifisli Oolittnliiti.7foi7fi;lii^nse to.iiros
|ie("t7f(.ire()ai:ttH,l ]iet:t;oloutii on :;tlie foI'll" '
ie("t7f(.i";e()jil7:tiKl imtroleuiii on-'rt-l«'0 Tol'-i, '■,jayT,'; an.,e'i-;---"iiiittv.-''T-.-'t_sliji.li-:,ii'i>p'i.V.-.titj-^^li9'
Ifii'l.het'ii'" portion   o'(';.v Lot. -loii:i, in -y,he ',\\-0,.iC:7 and'tiits 7\ssisfiint.:0(iiniiiiss.i.oiioi"
ioiifheiisteriv^iiortibn of  Kasl7 Kootenay "(-|- j j.ul,is ;lii(I \Vprks ii'i' t;iie;Pi"pvi.ii(:e'of
, 0 Islf'i.c.t. I -iri 1 ish  ,('ol n ml >in.' 7<-oii) nfeni
in'e  ab.ti  post; located ad.jaiseiit lo.th
P(irth\vi.sst, Arorner   post.of; Gharles,. A
(Tole's eltiliii. the sTun'e l'einjT;" the iiii.titt
post   of jl^aiyso.n , Rc.iir>'s77claiiii,. tlie.iii"('
north SO cjiains. thence' eastSU r'chains.
ill .."neesouth 'SO chai ns, tlie,iice7:wesf SO
(ditiiiis tii;the place of   beoitiniii^i,. ehn-
taihiiii",- i!4tl ueres; a'djoiiiini!- (.'hiirliss A.
(.'ohvs I'laiuvlo the iiorth.    ,,     ;• -»•;
,;'■ •"■.'"'7...,"        7    l.awson Kiino. Lociuor
.   -IT   "' '   77     7 A. \'j. Anderson. y\.o'e7iit
■"' naie'il Oct. ii'ithi'IlKKs. 777.
7.7; ;,,'7' '7     NOTICE.;  7,7
.7 Xoiico, |,s'7 liefeby. o-ivts"7i.h;tt tliii'ty
days lifter date. .1 ...shall...apply.'to.', tlie
Chief   ('oniinissioiier,of.    Ltihds  . and
Worlts anii the Assistant (.'onn.iiissiouer
of i.ands and-VVorks of the I'rovinc.e of
:  , o-   ■ ■    ... ■■■'',. ■   ■   ■ ■
Uritislit.'plumhta. jor.a 1 icen.se.io..pi-ps-
])is'et for coal and.petrolemii'oii the fol-
lowi'tiir- deserilied" laiid. situate in the
nor! Itet-tt  portion •■■of   l.'ot  '45ii:-t. in   th
HrLt,isli7C'ohinij.iia.' rpis a Ihseiisetp pvoi
''■■• 'peet i'oi.",coal,iind iietroienni on'the Tpl-
• idyritio' (lesisi"|l;ied,hind; situated in iho
northern: portion of Lot. ^I5!i:i, in "llio'
soiitheastei'ii jwrtiiiniif 7.10ast,;' Ivootefiay,
District; Kh-itisliyColumbia.' eoniuieiH.-
ine- at- a-post on the w-esteriislo'pc of t,ht;;
diyide-'befweeiii lh"it,ish7Coiiiiiiliia .'and
Alberta Territory, two miles east- of
the northeast corner pi isi,' of Mary Nl.-
Shaw\s claim's, the sainc'be.i'n.Lrthe initial post of I\.cit,hl7'iilsbiii"y's.'claiin
thenee south SO'("liains. Llienee west; 'SO
ijlains. thcii(se7iipi"t,h,SU .;-i.*liainisyfchon<.-.e-
.easl7S0'chains Ui'tlK;.place (.il'.,beo-.iniiiii'>rr
eontainin<;- I.i40tierus.'_ ;,.'■-; ,' ■-.';■ -" y.y ,',,
,,7;.. 77,.Hyi!:b.'l:'il|sbtit'V.<1.0i'aUii7
: -17: 7, „ ,   :' ...,,-  A.; LyAiidersou, AoTsnt
7.,7|)ated:Oei.7lOt.li.71.ii():!:.,, ■ .7 ■ - '
-IT .       '"(JKbl'vCJK--, h<7>i.7(.! I..AS. I7oi;atiiiy'southeastei'n ]>oi"iion of Kast   Koiitenayi
'-—-■-;--.--■.-•-,■.■.-,-'---'-   --'■: ■■•-■■•I;''i.'l)fsi rict. l-iritish   < 'olunibia. - eommene-
;     NOT'CE.    ' f        i ;u a ppst: lo'caied'adjacent to. this soiitii-,'
'.police 'i.s hereby'.uiven-Hint iliiny day's  iili.e • .vest   corner   post'   of ' ■l,.awspn.-.   Ueno s.
date 1 intend 1.7 .ipplyto t'be' 'iii"! Couuiiissi.,:.- ; -Juim. ■the-'sanie. beili'-f 'tins initial ])(ist
....,", of LiimtiMiud Worksitipl'lhe ANsistanl .Com- j^-.   (;;.nl.„y   \\:."; .lolh'-'s     s'lailll.   ,the|lcr,
tuissioiicr of Lands and Woi'Us of the Ui."   Dr.- : ..".       , ,' ; ■•     ,.
vine.,  of nritisi,   Columbia., foi -a :;>•.'"- ;■■ j ■■■■'"■' 'I SUchaillN. Ihence west SOehaills.
pro.s|)ci'i.s'.iii-o:il ami p.'lroieiim 0:1 tin, ml.iow . j:|ielici- sOiltii SO   ciiaiiis. theiiee ..east SO
iii-   itescrilied   in ml. situated   ill lie 'north,•!■-'. | /.j,.,; „.; ,,, , (,,, pjjp'h.  11 f   liet>'illllil|o'.    eoil-
.   „-,i,„, of Lot m.. It, sic- soiHlieasten, )"'"»";; ,.ti,|Ll,„.   ,;.,„    u,.,,.s.  ,:l,i jnifii 1,0     LawsMin
of, KllSI  K'ootelliiv   Dislricl. Ill Sti'il !   OiUSIl!,!ii        1 -   ■"" •',     '
7 Co,u.„enci,ici.lap..stlocate,l,i.uth.-wesie;i, M>n(.-, cla llll on III." ivcsl;.-
slopc otlhe diside  l.el.weel.    |lll!!sh   I ."..:■! us: slji' j ' ( i •■nfji'   \\\   .1 III l\".   LilCalOl"
. and Albertn Tcvritory. threi; ini.lcs north   m'uu i.    :•-  '    • \ ;  [,,  A ndi-rsnll. ■ A Li'eilt
she   nonb   fork   of  a   ,-iv-!s (fte'liienllyeall.-.i :      [|.lt,7i (),-i pii I," IIHI'I.    ^
■ Si|ii«w creek), which tlow.s .south .-(ii.cm   s,.;,,.,:,| ,
.niiles.   In!"   t'liilheiid   l:ivi"i".   and . ea-i'-.if tin- ■    -— : .....—.   •>, ■.        -— -
-,.111.1, iiirkof flic •ji.'nhh. fort",. 1   .Mide-l  -iA-1.   |   . NOTICE.   ' .   .                7    .
ih.-  siune   lieinu'  the'''iniinil   |),.-i   of-Mary I.e." 1 , ,.  .     ,      ,   ,,,,
•■ "   .      '       , , ,, ,        ,   .• Voii.-c   is heieb-. isiven ihu!. tluriv days-siuer
\1 'c's      e illlll.       I.lletice      sou III.    -o        chain-, ■     •-. ■ .
.,     ... ,,    -.,-    .    ,,,'„,    ,   ,;„   .i'llil-   l; .i,!c.li,l,  io   apply   to. UloCbiol Co.lllilih'
llienee   eiisl.   sl    cballis      he   Ce    lo; t 1, s" ,'liM.ill ■ . . ,        ' . ', .■ ■     ,
' ■'!  " .        •   ■ .   --oi,,!,,! Liin-ls and \\ iirbsiiiio 10 l.he Assistiint
llielll'e Wesi SO chains    lo   poliil    ol    .'..iililie..c-   .     , '      , , ,.,,.    ., ,   ,,	
--.,     ',,   , , ■   ., ,      .,       ,,. ,     ;i',,i!)ii,;s"i„!i.'tn! Land- nnd W, ,1 Us. ,,I the Pro-
"""": I«)l.l..", .Il" ".•r.-,.«.l.Mhl.,!r.he ,...„„:    v _,„,„„, H,.f(Kh ,,„1„„1|)|;i   r,„. :, ,„.„„,„. b, ,„,,,
..f.:.-,.i"H.- II.-..W ."no.   I. ; i„„|„,.,.,,,l,7,„„„i, ihefoliouin,
,     . Mil TV   Lee  Moore.   I...<■:»!<■'-      '
|7   . . ■    .    -  •    A'.' I..   All,lei-
ihifeii < list. I'.nh. ion::. ;
THIRTY-WOm! YEAR.    J.    l\L/l3u
24 Pa^tss   :   Weekly   :   Illustr.-ilcd.
KIN'll con samc'i.k f;orv.
■MINING-'"-Scientific PRESS
-'       0 WAKiOiT S-J-.. SAW !■ UAHCi3C0, CAL.
.leserliied liiii.l, -,il.,i,n..d in ill.-. N'orilieni per
1 Ion iii l.iii, I,Vi:i. in the ...uilieic lern portloii ol
Last K,.'it.■11:1 v |ii-ii-iei., I'.iil.liili Columbia
1 v.iiitnciii nij" nl ., pin-,!, tiii'iiied on -.iild land
.it.'oill ,< ■.'i-lilc.'li illib-,. .'ilslerlv Iioiu l''.-r|i ie oil
lies west "lojc" of Hie illvbli- b.-iwc-n llriri-li
1 -obiiiil,in >ilid A'li.eili, "I'l-i-i-iiorv. ,iiel one mile
noilh ot lbe N'l.iti, I'-iirli '.I i" ci.'i-l; llie,|,l,.;nll,v
cill.-.l Suiiiiw . i.-.-l:i ..w h.lch Ib.ivs a dlsltince "I
al„,ul :-..-wli mile- snuili into lbe T'lsil heiei
' I,'Iyer, --'ii'i sliit" l.'-inc i'li-fot tie' „,nreei.r I Ill-
Sou III   foil: of the Norlh fori, »l Mined erect
I Ie- -a 10c 11"ills," 1 In- liilli.'il p"sl of I' rise   A- •'.
i;.,. Ii.-si.er's claini. Ui-nce south so chains.
Shcuce ".vcsl  SOehaills. 1 hence noilli    SO   cllilills.
ihence   i-ici   sn ■'chain-   I"' po'isil of eoiiiineiice
incut, .oiitainiu;.' (lie in res. the sumo   b..iur   lo
ciled adjoin iii j; uud norili ot I lie II .m* I: .-t I uroiiji.
..I claiins. 1,>c:iicd by him a- uts.-nl.
Cc.iii;.. A.■(■". Ilocliesi.-i    Lociilor
-Ir     ' ' A.  I.   Anderson. Al'.ellt
Dated Oct.-J'JLh. :.1'JIX5:''
Nptdee   i,s*;:hei"el)y..'.o-iveii   that;tinrliv
7,   7-7 NOTICE.
Notice is here.hy o-iyen that ' thii-ty
days ttrier d'ate I inletul lo apply lo l-li'V
t.'jiiel' (.'(-iniini.ssioiusi' ol" Lands . and
\Vork-s7 and the Assistant' .'dinmissidnei-
of, Laii'dssand Work.s of file I 'rovin'ce of
I'.rifish Colniiiliia, for ti. license, lo jiros-
jiecf for "coal and ••le.troloiim, on I.Iks'I'ol-
linvino- (iescrilied.latid. situated in ,!|1-'
northern ponton of Lot -|5ii.'!. in,the
soiitlieaHterii -jifjV-i.itni of Kast Koofenay
Dist.rict. Hritish liolnniliia-. coiniiiciio-
inos ii'i, ;i [Hist, iwo'. miles- norlh o.f the
southwest, corner posl- of Arthni" -I-
•Shaw's claim, ihe same heiutr tho initi-
ttl jiostoi' .Mary M. Shaw's claini. thence
.sufilh S(l i'liaiiis. thenee west SO 'chains,
fhciieo mirth 7'sll chains, thenee easl.'; SO
.cliiiius lo the place of lioo-innj.no". con-
tainiiio- Cilli ai"i."cs.
' 7 '■   '   ■   Mary M. Slniw.   Localor
■ 17 A. I.. Aiul.'i'.soii. Ao'ei.it.
Dated (")ei.. I'.iih. OW-i.   •■.
50   YEARS*
Trade Marks
.... Copyrights &c. .
AnvdiiOHi'iiilIiiK ii.nlicleli iin.I ilcwrli.tlon niiiy
niitclily imccrlldu our o|,llii,,li Iree wliistlusr nu
Invention I.i |ir.,ttilt,ly luilciitulile. ('..iiiiiiuoIcu.
(IntiHiilrlc! ly coi 111 ilea I hi I. I ImiiiII.o(.I( ou 1'nlcnt.n
Kent tree.Olilesl luscncy for Hc-urlm: imtciilti.
I'ulenls luUen' tlirniu.'li Mann ,V Co. receive
upris/iii il'ifirc, wlShoiii.cliiircc. In the
Scientific Hmencatt.
A linnilNonielv llliinlruled wc.i'lilv. I.iircis.il clr-
culiillen of nilv Mcicnlllle .l.uu-iiiil. 'I'einis, $il l>
vciir-Ieur inoiitlm. *Fl.  Hold l.ynll newsilcalerH.
MUNN & Co.3GIBroadw^. New York
Urauc'ti Uflk'O. BIB K HU WiinliliiKlon. l>. C.
''.        7       ASSESSMENT    DISTRICT^ 'PROViNCEy OF .BRITISH    COLUMBIA.y  7 ,        7 -,
17IJ5REBX Oli' l<7 NOTICE llntt, on Mondity, the Seventh Day of December A. D.7 1903, at .-the,
iioiit' <>r't;welve,o"cIock noon.' itt'the Government Offices FofVSteele, I shall sell a,tPublic Auction .
tho lands hereiiiafter -sot out of the persons in said' list hereinafter set out, for tne delinquentTtaxes
nnp;ud,by   ^aid persons on the -31st. day of Dec-etnber 7li.lO^ aiid for interest, costs  and  expenses,
incliidiii«,l:lie host of advertising said; sale.-1;   y   .,.-'; .,,-      y   . "; y. '" ;'7-;       ,y ',.   ; 7 ;7    ■ ,7   '     ., :-)v
' .y'nv, > 77;.  . '7/,y  7yLiST'"AHOv.io muntioneix. 7 ':'v '7 .    ;" -''77---',-' ■'-: -7    7.   -7''y- -,7.y ■■ y-
Name of Person Assesised.
Short DescriiDtion of Property,
Sfcw:ii"l7...Mjss. ■ Ksfsii
7 Lroiiillcllc,   I ly . ■.'•-. . ,
•■■' I '(ii'r.^ltiiiiilfiliili;.,..1.. .
(s'auii,, Ki'.i.l;.:.,.   ..'': 7; .
"IVi.iWi.^li'is  77 ;«77'-■
.-teyiei'. \V, ,11.,.,..'.
,    lei.' Sleejc I lev 1 )i." Kyi
llcouiTli'lii'. ,1 ly . ,„•:,.
;,l *liltilo\Vll '.-.-. J.    '.'.,. '.'.,. ;.
-.■''lyii'iiili 11 hiti-*fV\as-;.,'.
I' nkifou'ti,. .',. .•' '.•;■.'..
.tin. 'Utni'i-ho7''■-■'.-" 7 :
-y.;! till/., \\" 11V.77.-.--..:........  7y
1 ■hnlh'i-,t,''in. •!",. '"7\l 7 '■--.,
-'■• riiciiiii'-dsoi'fy-'A.- L; , •:
,, I'liallcriiui, .17, M, ....
71 •i/v.idi'i,. .inn ..'.'."...'-. -.;.>■;
• Mo'ttv.:\-',"'l'ow.iiseiiil ,:; .
7M,"Kinicy,yv. iy.y.,'7
jylyaiv'saiii. W;.; .''.i.'-.';,
"~~i'iiriieV,'/Alau ; .'..;. .''.
,. L;it iil(,\V. -1.7,;. 77-7..,
f'cri;V, dtl« 7 .77•';■■,, . .7
"y \X^Ai.,VitAV?.V\.:..
.hirdine. Ai^lf .
ytliiloliiBoii.. .1 . ,:;.,y-.   . - •■,
Ivi-ii'i-iiriiii.-..'.tiusv/y.■,-'.'-.' . VV.
7'7l) ill, 7\l'i-s.7KlL'iK. ,;?,.., ..
;.Laurie. .:C-!'eO.;7A ~.'':...t.V.V:V.
yAleO'i'uiiloiy. AV.7|,.;.:;;.
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.C'linho'eFon'y.:.:.,.■.-,. .7;■■:•>;.■.
li'Vin^7,,Mrs, 7-V.i'7. ':.-.'.;-7 .'
.:, Iveiineily. .Mrs. B. ... 7...'.
;.j\)atihesi 111. ;■ .17';..;,;v..:. i'7..
5 Alisritioniiiiv. D.-' I. V-AV.
;'^lcNeil,7M.i'si.,,M.,.|7 7.,:.:
'Ivirkey-Liiwrence.. .;..;-7
'7.;:li!vaii's:.-7 rt'obty:7'.yy,:-;777.
'.;'-..(ftl)s6in.7h:. vV.7(.!.;;., 7. .7.7
7.';Little,7.rdrf,.,j,,;; 7.'77;yfv.
7s BtinIv dr'Mohti-oiil'.;.".. .'■;
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77tjitriivetta. ,7Coiiv7; 7.7 ;.,
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'.■■'Otirosella;-'.;• P. vy.v-rv 7.v.
iySiillieaii7;D:777\l.yy, ::7y.7
.v-'AVitldS,-: a.fSM'7 77777'- rA^
V;71vi.rlq)atrielv. § 77 .;;';;. v7
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77y06t-s6ii'.vI7)r. 37)"."WiVV.VA
■ 7,7M;i.lleux.7i;;ev.,, lfatbef.,
7 ;Stevensoni; T,■■..-'..:".'.■'; . . 7..
7;,Evtihs.7l.l.yi.....7y :7y.77.
ylUnvlevyil.  B.7 77. 9. .:s
■'.•VMeAfthin'.- 17)7 (i: &:'Gai':
Diiy. F.7K7.;.;. 7;...:s.;?.
,. l.-iobinson",  -"L- \V-.,,, ,. . . .■■■.'
':';' Mislvenzie,   Win.. y......
;;7-\lclveiizie.y7yV'lii. . . .;'.;;
:   IIcil'iiiisoii.■'■'.'!. W..":;.•...■.''.■.
■'"•'Pliillipi'isy-M. ,.S'i-'.',-..-.'.:-.
': 7l;iryis. A.M.;^r MeBean
M'ai'lcer. fetale: ,7.
7if.0trt^7-o,  Blk'L;  Port Steele, .... .7
:!|..ot.-i'lrlilk I, '..-■ .    ,■''"'"-,■.' ',-'    •;.....-;
',;i.ot.'s:;i.:;i.",'itii<-i'.,' ";"•■ .."•■■ ,-•:<: ,7
MiaiiM a. ■':;, -ie rukrin y-7.     -  y.......
!l.otl!. lill- \2 7.; 7 :••,;, -■■ V..V.AV
'"||:.ol, ."I, I'UU 2. .Sub div, l„- IL'.S, West'porl.
."dads'■ I,'"-„'. I!ll< 5, .'■■'."■ y .., ICiinhci
7|l,oi,'J!i,."ISllc ayKstiiiere'Add;.'. ■'" "' a -,"
yiaits H. li.-1,51k' -1,7 ,-..-, 7  •;• ■••■;;: .-.Moyie';■.7.
.;l'.ot li;  l.llk o       ;'.■■;    .-     7   ,'"■',■ •'.'■'■■•, '"-.'''      • -7-7
:.ii.oi.o, ink r>. :•     ■''-'''■'    '„•'"■.,.■     •-, '■'..-.'.',.
,'!(.<il. <l."I tllc,S.7 -...,.       '-;. ,-•  '7. , :• ".;....
7;l7ot Kl. I7!lkii7; v.       '  : ' ... :•    .■•.';.".
,'i.l.ol,' 10. Iiik I (loVl Add.  :''<■.    •-.-,'..- '."I-.''..'
.JLot/7. Blk 2   a,.-'■;;;.,,•'.■ ■;■ ■' -..    ••, .,,-,;
71 Lin, 17, 1S. iiik 2. ',
yi.ili7iVI-.llc 2. Lake
.ibot, (u Blk .-!,■:■'.. ">
;.'i,Lot:7S.,(ir:iO. B.H '';;."
,;Lol,-I, lillc"-!.    -^   •.
.: Lot,"'.11.- l.tlk'i);■•'.' ,,
7lLdls I2.7i:i,' Hllc Ml.
.[Lot 17, l.ilk ;I0'7;
.iLol> 17, IS. Blk ill
7lLot..25j Blkyi2.;7.
Shore Add.' .Miivii
, ('riinbrook.
TfT.TfiriiiytJilr'Ki'T, Lrit-rl nr^l
.|Lot':«», I751k':itl,77, ;77.! ' '
7Lot 17718. Blk::i7.V -7 - -'f
liut 21. Blk'vl?.',-' .-.. -vis;.r-'>'--
Lot;o,'"Blk :IS„7- ■,, ..';,;'- ■•
,L6t,7lOy;Blk;ifi7 7 7, '.;■ y;7 7
Lot.-4.-'I.!ll«r-:«l..-.-. .--■',- .7 ;,,„;;; ;
Lot7l(i.7Bllc'oii. 7'■■'.'■. -;:;-';
'Lot."2:-ii',Bllc'-'42.;i,'-v;,-.,, ; 7  .;
Lots.17. iS7 BllcV-l^y-v-.;,
Lot, iiV^yyof 277 l!lk i:i 7
Lot Ml!. Bllc4oV'A""'.:•.'•   ;;.'v.
Lot 177BllcSii;,. 7yV7,;;-;: ,
J:otv24; Blk'Js,S.7-.r7'7?:7:.;7:' ;
Lot 157.Blk Sil.: ">vr";" :""■'
Lot Sil or li! Blk' S(l.:,;,■-,'.■■■."
Lot, 29. Blk S«..     '..   7
Lot 15; Bllc.OO,
Lot. -35'. Blk HO.   -."v.-.,   7 7
Lot 7.7Blk;01. 7'7,;.: 7. ;.,
I-ot S7'l!lk 01,77 7: 7 77
Bot.15. BllcOL■•'   :'..:..,.'
.LotsSi-4.7Blki)2.7!7;7,    ;7
Lotss77S. ,1311^9:1.- .7-...'■ '-'••:.
Lots'15. ;](i:^Blk:'(i7i.y '--7,;-
Lots iiy'lO.-Blk'SKi; ;*;''-.
Ldtls: •'()." :i.0.-':Bl!c"!J7-. f ,7y
Lots4;t. 744.7 Blk !)7. -,,,-'   7'
Lot. 2.7Blk7,21v7.'"77yy7';y;
LotlO..Blk-i:i;,,.7 'V;y,..;«
Lbt(i.7l51k7]8;,.,,;7,77sy7 7:7
Lots .17. 2,i..Blkyil. 7,7,7,^,,7 "
7Ldt"'S;.7l:!llcv'2o; y;77 7'y;-":'
Lotiih B]k;2:i.7;yy:y:' '7;s7;
LotlO. TBlk Af)A:yA ;yy7=-,;
7Lo#s; 7B1 lc 20; -j-h; „= ^ ■; ;• ■;<•
Lot7i';-13lk-27;;-i- ;;.7';;'''7'
Lotsl.5.10. Blk; 2e;.;.-;
Lots Til! 207,Bllc>!;V
Lots M. 4.' Blk 5. Lot
Lots!). I.O.yBllHiV-'.;..
Lots 1.7; IS. Bllc
Ldt-^OoS -G.A-'■''.. n-777
Lot oootisi; 1." .,,■'',,-'.'•.
l7ot7;ioii7 CLI. .'■:'■' ;■'.
.Lot7:in5S'(';'-l.' ..'.\ ■„■:
Lots,280 kt 4S7 (!,.r,
Lot SOI0 G 1 >';'.;:
Lot..SOS G,, I
l.S.71'1 Blk 10.
' 7o„ . ■;*■ .;".,.';'■  .-;.-     y
Lot, i;t7 i!lic7is;7;
Tiix'es S
a-', .total
r, *:
' OclobcrAoihV. I»(k::
, .'AvC7;-NELSON';7'^Wnw/'... /■vA:iA:,..;,' -^'vy..y .y',,7yyy;.:v
;■■ ■•:;■''.-'■ .•".'"'■ i;,'.";'," ,- '':■■&-:     ■,;        "-.: ;i-■■".'. ■ .,;-;'-■ ,;.■■': 'i'<
'■ . Fort Steele. A SNesxinmt:Di«M<;t,: Fort Steele.,'. li. C. y 7
.-.  (. }7-7'7 ;noticEo ,;.77
7;;Noti(ic.<is hereby: given thiil:,thirty
iihiys' .-i'I'I-oi- dale., I shall, iipply.'.tcrlhe.
Sliii;r-'-"i-;om.iiiissioiioi-,-'''oJ-   ..Lands.''yind
AVorks,■■iind the Assistant, t.'oiiiiius.sipno.i-.
■ol' Linds and Works ol the Ir'l-ovinci'yol'
iBril.islr.C'idiinibia. J'(>i',.a licence to pi'i'*"
jieet. I'oi" (seal atn'l petroltsiuu 011 tlie i. Ibl-,
lowiiio' (lesei"ilji.sd land, situate iii the.,
:nort,,hi.!riv 'pot-tion7'.ol'.. Lot. -I5!).'l. itr ;l.he
iSputheasteriLportion ol'd'aist Kiioteiiity
District. I'.i'itisii t.'.oliiiiibiii, eoniinenc-
ino-7at 11 'post, l,w(.v: miles, vVest, iind' one
iiith,' northol'ticoi-.o-e. W. .lolly's .son'tl'i-
eusi- cornei-.' the, sumo'hcintr ,,1,; ' i iiititil'
post of Aulhony Smith's, elai 111. thence,
south SO chiiins.' thence east SO chains,
thence ncirth SO'eliains. lbein.se west SO
c.liaiii.yio lln- place of !>eo-i iinino-, con-
ttiiniiio-0-10 acres. :i(l;joiiiii|o',('!f'oi:»'e W"'.
-lolly's claim im the west. .'        .'
■ '.'■'■'     •  . 'Anibony .Smith,'. laicatiic
•17       » 'A.  L. A iider.s'on. .-Vo'tsiil.
;     I lilted (jet:  lOt.ll. • OM}. \ '      '
Notice is hereliy e-ive.n'7 that thirty
t.htys iil'ti.'-i' diite. ,1. slittll apply to the
CMi'ief ('oniinissioiier ol' , Liu ids and
Works and tins Assistant,'Commissioner
ol" Lands aiid Works ol' the I'rovinc.e of
British Coliiinbiii. I'or a Ibsense to pros-
pisct for coitl sold petroleum on', this I'oJ^
lowing dcsci'ilusd . ianil situate in. tins'
.nortliorn.portioii of Lot -I.1)!,'-!; in ,'''" '
soiiflieastcrn |iiii"lion ol' I'liist Kootenay
District.  Brilish   ('olunibia.   coiniiieiic-
iisl;'    at.   a   ''post    iidjoinin^'    Anil y
Siiiith's 'niirflnvcst. coi'tier. post.' the
same liciilo | he initial post -of; < .eoio'i.".
W. <)'Dish's claiin. 'thenee. south -SO
chains, thence west SO cliiiius. thence
north SO'chains', thence cast SO eliains
to flic .place ol , lico-'innintt. coiitii.in.ino'
O-IO acres, iiiljoiiiino Anthony Smith's
claim on lie," west. i      :
1 e.'oi'!4i" W7 < > Dish. Loealoi-
•17 A.  L. Anderson. ..-\o-ent.
I lilted ■<>rt.  .'->lh.   I'.iOIf.   ,
y'notice, yy.
Sixty (lays after; dute tin's, uiiiiei'sijiiie"! 'ii.i^1
lemls 10iipply. to the Cliief Comniissioiier/of
iiiiitds iitiit Woiks hi, A'ieloi'ia.;M. (.'..■ for, l'ei'.-
niissibu. to 1iiiful1it.se. ilie'foi lowing .ilese i'i lied;
luiiil iii Sotitli I'liist'ic'ooteiiiiy: ..befcliiiiiiiir-. «t, a
posl pliiuli'sil lit lite iioi-tliciist eoi"iiei'.,ol' l.ot No.,
IHl'.l, Croup" 1. Iliisnee soulli lid' (slinins t.o the
northwest corner of i'.()i-^o.:i»ii.i!,'tlieiiis(j'ui.ist US
'(•iiaiiis tii tlie i-inlil (If way of tlie Crow's .Nest.
I'iixs Ifnilwity. llienee followiuK tlie I'lRlit (if
wsiy of sin'il i-iiilwiiy 1.0 tlie.-plue.e .of lienlniiliiL',
coil 111 i 11 i ni; IM iic.res more 01;less.
tinleil illli'Sep.leuilie.r, l'.«i:i.
id -."'■''     7 Kl.l.l'IN' I.I.INO.
NOTICE.    77.7.77:-..
Sixty days alter ilate,tlie itiHlei'sisfiied intends to apply  10 1 lie Chief 'Commissioner (>i
Lands, and  Works ni.  VioK>,ria. H.C.; for |ier-7
iiiission   to purehsise  the 7l'ollowiii(f described
! Iliads:  7C'i)iiiineiieliij; nl the post pf tlie'norll>-
j easl eoriier of IL Dii r I i 11 u-s' piireliaso licart:!*,!-
j lowny. thenee west80 (shsiinsynienee  north  mt
j ehitins. the.iuse oast 80chiiins .more, or less ,,to'.'.
j the li.cLspiifliermKiiilway rljilit of way.'tlieiic'i;!
j south  iiloiiir the siiid ri^ht of way to the plaea
j of 'iicKlniiiiiK (so.iiliilnliin (HO iieces moru oi- tissj.. :
I  7 I.oisiii<s(I 'this t'thday or October. I'.KKI.y.,
I     -Is! .-■''■'     DUIH.KV I)Altr.iiiC
j' . ■ ;■" 7 m 1 N-Kii.Arf 'act 7''. y.y.-
I,   -,     '"■       .', (rOKM.-k".). .     ■
READ. i  "-.
7  A   ■     |;'    "   ■
7 ._ THE PROSPECTOR. ,tn..J.      J
NOTICE.    ,7    ■     '■   ".
Sixty .1I11.vs "is f tor dale -.tlie tuidersiencil ins
Usui) to iipply 1.0 lbe C'lihsf Commissioner of
'f.iiiiils'iiiiil AVoi-U-s 111 Vi.'loriii. II. C. for pisr-
iiu'ssinii iii pnrishiise the following (lescrilie.l
Iliad in .South Kusl k'oiileiniy: lieiiiinsin'i.' at si
post planlcl nl the nortlieiisl'corner of Lot No.
Iltl'.i.'llienee ruiinl nit. HI elm ins to ilie soallieiist
(soi'iierof Lot Xo. Il'ilii, llusiieis north 80. chiiins
lo'ihelnorllieasl corner of Lot No. IWi«. thenee
iiloinr Ihe iiuhl of way of the Crow's Nest I'nss'
K11.ilway 1,0 the place of' beiilniilni.', ("0111,111111111.'
I'e» acres more or loss. , ,
'llateil silth September. IWIII.
in '!   OblH'' I.I.TNIJ.
—-;,"—-,,"-' ,not1Cb.   ..
. Xolice is here.l>y o-'iven thut thirty
days al'ler.date 1 intend to apply to the
■Cliief 7 Commissioner of Lands iind
Works iind the Assistant Commissioner
of Lands iind Works of the I 'rovimsts of
British Columbia, for a, license, to prospect for coal itnd pe.trolelilii-on this fol-
low'nio- described hind, situated in the
northern portion of 1. -I5!i:i. in the sonth-
e.a,st«-rn porfinn of1 Kiisl, • Kootisnay Distrust. British,< 'ol'uniliiii, (somnicuciho- at
ii posl, localeii on the western slope of
the. divide. hel,\econ:; British Cohnnbia.
and Ahicrta 'I'.sri'ifory. iidjoinmif th(".
northwest corner post of .Tom B.
Warren's claim, the saine beino- the in-
itiii.1 post of Malcolm ■ S'esinian's (sla.iiii.
flicins..". nortii SO chains, finance cast so
chains, thence south SO chains, thence
west SII chains lo the place of bco-in-
n in jr. eontaitlinc ('.IO acres, adjoinm".'
Tom II. Warren's claini on the north.
■ Malcolm YeumiUi. Lociitor
.17 A. L. Anderson. Aejisiit
DiLln-'d Oel. lOt'h. .l'JOIl.
j.ft 7, "   '■>;    ,      NOTICE. ■:■',''.
i'tit yt'ou   tat •: i.K.v'i-/,   LonK-citu/i
;.'"■   '■'■'■''      .,MINKHAI.   CLAIMS;,';. '.,7:7
Situate   in   the   l.'Virt  Steele   .Milling
I Division'of I'liisji; Kooteiniy District.
-I   Where     located:— On     Shepherd's
j ( hileh and Boulder Crock.  Wild Hftrse
j Creek. •■   ■     ,       ■
!■' T.-VK.K XOTICK that I, ITlavid Ke.w-
! ell. Free Miner's Cei'tilieiite Ko.
! B7:il()l ae-ent foi- David Grillith, Free
j Miner's Certilicate No. Bl 10(197, intend.
j sixty days from the diife hereof;
; 10 apply to the M inino' Recorder, for it
j CertiliciiLo of ImproveinentH. for the
1 purpose of (ibtaiiiiiio- a Crown Grant
Uif the above c.litim.y       ' .,
And further tiike notice t.liat aistion,
under  sisction  ,'17.   iniist he coinmeiii-iMl
: before the. issuance of such   f.'ertilicate
of Improvements.
Dated this Iflfhday of Oct., liKK!.-
~~' NOTICE. "
'    Sixty days after ,bile the undersliined Intend
lo npply'lo l.tic Chief CoiuinlsKloner of   l.suuls
null Works "I V!elori:i. It.C, for peiiuisslon  lo
piireliiise i,he rollowlui; desc.rllied Iniiiis:    Coin-
' iiieneliii" nl 11 posl plantod on nortlieiisl  cornei'
of loi. number I'.IIWC.I   Knst   Ivooteniiy.   tlnsiiee
in ii'iiorlberly ilireellon iiloiiir the n'uht of  way
of the It.C. Soiilhern Uailway HO ehuins, thciicis
! west Id chains more or  less lo the  northeast
■ corner or II. I)iii"II.iiiis 1u1rcl111.se. l.lKsiiee south
. St) ehuins. llienee isiisit 10 the plaee of betritiniiuf
eoiilnliiiinr live acres more or less.
I.ocitled this Till diiy of October. I'.llBI.
I-.' l'-ItANCIS IIl.TT'l'l^Kll. THE PROSPECTOR,  PORT STEELE.; B.  C,  NOVEMBER is; 190;).  Mit  \> r,' S    <v - ���',  m  <M  $&.  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Their ;genefouabfl'ei7.is 7ineeting'  deserved' success: 7 few homes in  Canada ..will ybe', withbtit    The  7Eamii'y Herald aiid Weclcly7 Star  when   sucli value  is;;pll'ered;for  d'blkuv.  ''���'���;,' ���.'���. v.v'���������''' .7'���..-/���   ������..-  AV^V^AAVV .y'77NbTICE;;yy;-y;.,;;. ;',yy  ,7. Notice is hereby K.iyeii tlnu^ihirtyyiay.s lifter,  date 1. inteiid to'apply to the Chief Coiliinissibn-  (sr of Liinds'iiiid Works tiitd. this'Assistant Coni-'  niissi.otier of. r.inids s'intVAVoijlfs of therPi-ovinee  of ltritisli Columbia, foi" n .license ; to 'prospect  for coal anil'puti'.oleuiu'oa the folliiwaiif.'/de.s-  er.ibeil iand situated in the northern portion of  'Lot isuVl. in,;tlie: Soutlieiisleni.- portion' ot'; Kiisl  Koqienay District; itfitisli'Columlji'ay:/pytt';,,;;;-  Coniineneiii!,' sit ii post located oil tlie. we'sterii;  slope of 7the7(li'vide.bet\veen;i3ritisii Columbia;  and Albei'ta^'rerritory. oiie-mile'iiorth,aiid east  of, .tlieyubrthy|>rsiiBCli7of..stVereek/freiiue-ntiyr  iig soiltli'iii yiistiiiiee  t he; Khi tiiead;.Itivei" :  tlic7soiith'fbru7%;tli(j  north: fork,;;6f;Michetei;eek."thosiiiiii7be  ii'tiitiiil po.stfof,.Ioliii7E.fniiini>ii.i'i<ES- ('.lii,iui,tIlicnce.  nortii 80 ehaijis, theiuse, west' si): eliains; tli6hi.se-'  siyi tlv.SO ciiaiiis.'tlieiiiso' eiist ;sOe.hiiiiis' tp.the  jioitit ol^commeiieeiheiit; eOhtiiiiiinfjiyoyiieres'T  ������';y"'" 7 yy..; '   y';jolih;is;;Hiimiiiiries, r.oeiitoi;  ;;���!��; ;'y7^y7777;y;i "^^TTa; L7TAsi(iVrson,;Atcoiit  ":"��� I3iltfcd:aet7'7h>i'l),y1903;,77:77y;7- A fAi :  one  -���; .   e  Saved by Revolution.  :'y--v:-7:::H"7-7'-r-"-..7 ���;��� ^-yNQT'P^-'ft^ri-'iA^ ^v'iyy^;  y7 Notiee is hereby jjiyeii' tiiiit7.tiiirty diiys; sifter  dale I. intend to appl>"7to tlie'Ch.iei'.Coiiiii-iis.siph;  ei;.or liiinils niid Works and tlie Assistsint Coni-  .niissioner Of Landsand Worlts'of ihe^roviiiee  ot lli'ili.sli Colut.nbia-. foi" ii iicense .to prospcot  ;foi"',.eoal >( nil petroleum pnthe "tollowiiiji 'de-  'sui-lbed land situated in the rioia.hisrn'iiprtioiiof"'  Lot 4:")!I.'I; in .the'..southeastern.'.portion of kast  ivootenay Distri(st.  :. yy,;, ,. 7'7        .y   '.���;'  Coinmeneinir lit a postloeiiied on the western  slope of the divide, beuvceii British Columbia  and,,-'Alb'brlii...Territory..- one mile north, iind  I lienee. three miles east of the nortii braneh of  n creek (frequently (stilled Squaw Creek) which  Mows south about seven, miles inlo the Flathead  Kivcr" 'and eiist' ot Ihe ,south .'-fork-j^bf  the norlh fork of Michel isreek., the siinie be-,  inj.' the initial post 6l'.Watson C. Squire's claini  theiiee north."SO eliains, thenee,,west SO ehsiins:'  llienee south; SO chains. ,': tlience .east, SO  eiinjtis to point...of e.binmen(semisiit.,.i'oii,laiiiini,r  (iin acres; iidjoiiiint.' Uisoriie'ltrbwii's claim on  the easl:,'.?:; 7; 7 . '\\ratsoivC7 Squire, Locator  .18; ���:<���;���'   - 7   ',, ;, '    .    A. L.'Anderson. Acfsnl  ;;:'.O'iit-,oVI'"6|ii.;7M)th';-1.00H. ', 77' ;  7��7777y^7y7NOTlC��.yy;l:7':;7;y,',:'y-7;'  7" Notiee';,is'i.'li'eroby-'.;-'g:iveil tliittiytlurty  7Uitys7iil'tei-7ditto ���! v��li'iir7iipp].\y,U;b77tlie^  (7-hief j (7!ommissioner   of ,77 Lands ��������� and  ; Work's .iii cl t h b ^ V is is i s t; t n 17 Co l n i i i i s s i o n er  ''pf'I;iiu(iS:.ii'iKl'';WoVks''of./  British (Voluhibia; foiya lieenssii'to^iroST  peetj'oreoitl iindspetroleuiii'bn 77t.he l'61-:  lmvin^d<3S(h-|ljeil��.laiicV  iiortliern 7poi't;ion7;o.fy Lot;745S)"!:7;iri7.the.  Boittlie:is'tei-n7i)brtioii.or KustyiCobteiifty,  Pist:rtet.;'Bi"itisliy^qlttitiWa,,;,eoin  ing"77iit; it post;,located; qir tlie:;west0rn  slope;7ofytbe;:;,divtde;-;|i^t,\v^^^  'Col'iuiii).)iit5ciih'(l:!;iA7ib^;i^  '���itfc(j!it'i.v:','t6'''77tli6S^7iiortiw  J...,..,...,, ,;. .'...������ ..,���.,,>!.-.���..;- .������.a.---,..   ���.-.:������ ,-,,���,. ���-���, .'(..v1 fr; y  posty;ofr:.rames7;^;7i;7NJ,b6re:s'7;cliii!ti7  .J, ..    tl':.: -y.  .    ���' ',. ��� ,,'���<,-��� ..���������-, ���. .���  .���-������.���..���������������.���.������.;. ,.'...;";���.���,:-  .SiHn'uel.!svl2ildsA;7<5hiiiii'.;tt.h^ii^^^  eliiiinsytlienec7\vest7S6;eliains;;7; tlience  tibi"tli7^0'o,liiiiii��7tbcnct;7' .oas'tlVSO': Wains;  t;o7tl)(i7plt'iiii7of 'bcifjilining-, 7eotit;aintii��7  i')40'iie^syi(ljoiniii^7tbQ;claiiii7,!^ik1l^t'  A;,;M:ooi"e.oii'tlib7wcst7,77'j; 7A'iA V,yy'y  ;y. y:77.- 7, ."y-Saniuci' Piles, Locator  7:4"7;7r-' 7yy7;- A.,..!^';And(jrsdn,; Ao-en'l.  ��� ���7'Dai:bii'bpt^i.9tli)i^  Pbrty pi-ominent citizens of  Panama had boon cbndem ned for  oxociition when the. revolution  saved them. 1 She ooiildn 't ro-  vol vti- any, too ,q n i.clc to .'suit, these  forty prominent citizens. In a  few years another revolution will  doubtless be required to rescue  these same necks from .ieopardy.--  /<���  NOTICE.  'i'al;c Notiee thut si.xty days al'ler dine I iiilend to make application to (lie Chief (.'oniinissioiier of I.noils anil, Works, Vlutorisi, tor jier-  uiIsnIoii to purehiisis ihe. followiim described  lauds hi South Knst, Koolonay: CoinmencitiK-  al a poliit on the north bank of Sprliiir Creek.  ��� iiboiilo,ie-halr mile from I'err.v creek. Ihence  west, I" chiiins. ihence norlh 211. elm ins. Ihence  east Id cluiihs. thenee south *J() chiiins to Ihe  point or coinnienceiiKsut, (soiilsiiiilnit SO iieres.  ttnteil ill Cninbi'ook, Oclobcr Ultit, r.Ki:i.  .i.v. ���  itomcirr o. .iknni.vcis.  NOTICE.  Thirty dsiys afier date Has uiKlcrsit.'ned,Iiilend  Kriipjily to tho Chief Cotninissionei": of laiud.s  soul Wot'ks nt Victoria. H.C.. for �� speein!  lieence to eut unit carry away liinher off the  following described IsinUs: CoiMiiierKsiiiK. nl'si  Iiost planted nl this north wesi corner of Lot,  number 'WO. Croup I, lhcnce riiiniin^ south  1110 ehuins. ihence west. 1(1 chain!;, llienee north  1110 chains, thenee (.'list -III Clin Ins lo the place of  besfinnini,''. 010 acres more or less.  Hated istli d".V of November. liiOH. ,,  48 Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Co., lAd  y.; notice.:-'.y.;-  Notice is hereby ��iven that III) days afterdate.  ^1 intend to apply to-llio,'���Cli���luf Gosnmis.sioiieror  Liniils aiid��� Worlcs and the Assistsnil vCommi.s-  sioiiei" pi' Lands nnd Works of tlie Province of  Iti'ilish.Coliuublti. I'iir si license lo.' prospect 'for  coal niid pelroleuiii on tlie fpl.lowiiijfdescribed  hind, sitiisiteil in the northern portion ,of. Lot.  ���I.V.r.l, in Ihe .s-outheiistern portion of lOnst Koote-  uiiy IJislrlcl.liritlsb Columbia.' ;.y  Comineneinjriii n post located on tlie western  slopeor ihe divide, belwisen lirltish Columbia  nnd Alberta Terrllory.��� three niiles north from  the'north fork of si creek' (frequently'.nil led  Squaw Creek), which, Hows soulli about.- seven  miles into tlie I'Miilhead River, this same buhif,'  east, of the south rqrk of the north lork of  ..Michel creek, snld stiike lielni;the inltiiil post  of Alden ,1 lilelhen's elsiiin. thenee norlh SO  (slniins, fhonee oasi.HO chiiins. llionce soul li SO  chiiins, Ihence West SO chains lo point of com-  iiieneeineni. roiiialuini" ('.IO iicrcs, siiljolnlnit  Ihe cliiiin (if Mary Lee Moore on the north.  ���-��� ���    ' ,   Alden .1. lileihen. Losssitor  ���IS i A. L. Anderson. Ai-'ent  ���  Dated Oct. llll.li. l!i(i:t.  ;,7.yy7tyyy..;y.,yyy:,y,;notice.'.-' -y;-3 .A,,7;y  ',-; Nbriise' is hereby o;iveiyt.hai.7;i0 days  'ii.r,ter '.date.T shall- .apply'fry, the 7ehief  Conunissioiiei;,of 1'jauds and Works, iind.  the Assistant.' 'Commissioner- of Lands  and Works of the .Province. ol'/Britisb  (7',oli,ii,nl)ia,.for,a license to1'prospect!'.for  coal aiid jieti-oleuin; on,7tlie; followino-  described land, '.situate in. the northern  ���portion oi' Lot. 4593. in the,soitt.heasftst'n  liortiiiit'of East, Kootenay;District. British Columbia; eommencitio- at a'pds.tlo-.  eated, on tlio we stern slope o f the'di vide  between lb;itisii ColiinibiayaiicrAlbei'ti'i.  .Territory,! two ''miles., west of the noi'th-  :.enst, corner, postof Win,. I*;. ..Sehriekbrs!  (."laihi,1 the same being the initial, post.  of'; .fames "A. ..Mobi,e'si',.JeJiiiin,'';- thenee  south SO" ehitiiis. thenee etistSO chain's,  thence north' SO chains, 'thence west SO  'chains to the"pln<;c of 'befriniiin"���',.. non-  tstiuiiio- (WO . tierc's's, iiiljbinjnjr;tho"claim  of Al'ilen .1; ,1 {list hen. on the nortii. ' ��� ,7  .1 anies A. Mooi-efljocator  '47 ���'������''.���' A';��� L. Anderson;,Afrcn'ti  Dated.Oct.' Iiith. 100:1. ;,  ;��.,' 7      '���    -,���  SLA lltl l^!?Q}tli;iG\N��G]sltSITLA'I'ION?  -IKj  '���Ai^2^&&��^^*^2i2$?y^^  iylTheyPkystfeak^df!;  ;|An(iyNe^erJPniclios7;a^  ;77;.Your^Interest77:-7;yry:;!;7;'7y^s  ;7^3|RKlfTK*C)i<l;!S  --1-f  -i^yy.7,,  ;6-,v,;,yy  .;.77;.7;,,.,;,,0;.77,>i:-;NOTlCE.,y:y7.j;;;7:;,jSy77.,V'y;:y,  y7;Noyi'(se��;isjiiurisliy;iri ye ii';tliat7t hi rtjydlVys.' :ij l er  dtite-'-'-iji-'iiitem  fsipaeiyof br7ti iiiis:'i ii( I ,,\\r6 rksyii u<! 7Vtit(i;. Assis'tsi ii'i.  CommiSSibnesyoyLii i,u^^  yii.ice';of; lJritisli7rCotuinliiii;7fdryy;.li(seiiSe;to  iVrbspeety'iircoiil ���siiiil-'iiot-i'.tirei-lin-.on.'thiv'foljoiv-'  i��K"' i3ese'vibedyilliiii;7sitiiUt7ey7:iii/tlie:li'ortli6r"ir  portion;, of .L'ot.4n'J;t.���'.iii tlie ssoiitliaiisterni,poi"tion  pf7KsisyiCo6ieniiy7Dist,i"lct;7BritiSli;Coiviinl)iii.'y  ���i Comiiie'ii'ciii'i? ai',i(;post pisuited oil tliewesterii.  slope of liie.iliviile,; betu^se,n iii'i��i.i��.l'i.'Colnmbiii  a.iid7Alhisrta7'tVri'iibry.7;iuljoiuin!,': ilie'sOtiih-  .wosl corner post Of Will in m "il ii rkhiiiii.'.s.'oliiiiii."  the saiiie Ijoiiijj tlie -,iuiriiil p()st. 0,1', .Ibseph  lilellusn's.'clsils-n,. tlie'nee's iiorili ei^hfycliaihs.  tluiiieS west'i.si"/lityisliii ins, thence; sou ill'ei^liiy  elniins. ' ihence; east -eighty clinins to point.bf  commencement! coiiiaininKtilO'iicres, iidjoinitii;  tlie;claiiii; oIVilbhii-H.-'l^owijltiiii.tiie;norlh. '���;.���  '...,'. "\y ���:���;���; ,'.:'-''\7:': .losopli Itiefhen, .Lojsiito'r,  7 -IS   .:'>':';. ,,,.::... A'. L, Anderson,. A^isnf  :'vnat.e(rOct74!)th, iiio;-i;777v;7AVA.:Ar--':  'A;AAAV .;���'...sNOTICE.'-y:,';; '-,'��� y7--. yy7  ��� Noluseis hei'eliy si veil 111 nt; thirty days sifter  diite I; i a tend to, iipply to the Ch ii;f Cbiiimissibn-  orof "r.atid.s iitid W.orlis stud liie, Assistant. Cbn]-'  ;inissioiiei'..of .Lands"and works'-'of tlie the Pro-.  TUice of lirilisli;, Goluuibiii.:- fbr, :ca'! licensc.td  'prospect', for conl,:!iui. petroleum on llie.fbllow-  .iii^^lesei'ibeii' la lid, si united in the norilieru,  liprlioh of Lot;-!"!1'!'., in tiiesotithesisterit portionV  of7liliist.Kootenii.y.'IJisti"i.c't.7l.iritisli,C ,  ", -Comnienciiiji at ii past pliiiiteiToii the.vresteni'  ...       -^- ��� ���        ���       ,....    o     .  'p. ."���   ' ...���-.,,.,  slope, of the diyicle,b.efw-een;.IIritis!i'.,tSoliutibiii  sin'd. Albe.rtn.Terrildry, two niiles' 'north'..of'the'  sonlheiist'cornerposiof JosoiililIletlieii'scSiini  the: siime ��� being .the Jnit'iiil p6s't of .Isiiiiesi'/���:;;  Hell's 'cliiiin.' 'thence ; sou ih ,'��� SO plinhis  thence'(Siist SO, ehniiis'���.,tlience7iioi-th;so fliiiins,'  lhcnce west SO chuiiis' to poijil. of eoniii'ience-  ntont. eon.tiiiiiiiiL'.'.'dO iier��S.i_adjoiiiiii!;.:,WilUiim  iMiii'kiiani'.s.cinim blithe tiorTli. . '���' ". 7. 7 >������������  .-'���'' ''���'��� ���.-'.-���:' "..;���.,-:. .iinnes t'..'lHsll, Lociilbi-.,  ���IS.- ��� ��� ,;'-" ' .!'.������',: AyL'.Ande'i-soii, As-'ent  . .Dateij, Oe,f; lkh.,l!)0:i.7'  7: 7.     ."  ���- v ;;-7.yyy:7y 7y ��������� 777N qt IG E-. < 7;yy ��� =;?-y;-;, ;y'7.7i  ,;';No!ice.isih'e^by.yivisV  ���.OiitpiiiJiiten^  : ui-.- 'o f,. 1:^:1 ticis' ii i ii'i'.. Viro'i;..lf ^ 'ill ii tl 't.1 i c -jVs;.*!^ s't :.t u tA.'CJot h ^.  iiiiikss(6nei;'.of'-'.l'.siTi(l'^  oyiiritiyirCoiiimbisiytq^^^  ���i'pr; ybtii7iinifi lieirqitsuiiiy bii"; this:1 follow'in^de^  .'ser'itietl'Tiuiyi'y'si'tlintba^-  'hfy'ib't'-iri!):i;Mii''*.-tli'6ysouth'6si7sli|n  .1 v <>oli:s l iii i-yo.i .s t i; i eit 7 li ri ti fell ,C611 i i i i 1 >! si. ; <* y , 7' *!��� :  ;:' Gomraonoins at. a p(ist.si(|jii(soiit-to tiie nortii  eit'st1 coiner; posty.of '.fohii,',II, Pdw'eil'.s cliiiin'.;  ���beiiis::t|io initial post of .IbJiii yvrtlnirfejfilsiini:  Lllieii(:c7soutii -eiltlity ciiaiiis;^lience:eiist .eiirhty;.  eliains. .ihenise... .iio'r'th,,,eijjiii.v einiiiis. theiice  /westeighty i,;liiiiiis;lo point or cbniineiicemenl,  coiiliihiiux lild iieres.,-iiil.ioi hi ng, the -cliiiin.:-: of -S.  I,,.c!;i"iin-ror;d,'on (lie iiorili.., ;.".;'   ''���-.!:���; ���'-.,  ;'������������-������������- .7; ;��v- 77.;  y .' .-.Ijoiur. Arthur. Loetilor  ���io 7",,   ;,.   ��7.l! './���'.',   .   A. 7L, Anderson;. Audit  7,;Dated'OcL lllth. 1!I0{1,   7/ :;;.;���..; ;;/,..::::  ,77. ;.;. -yy,/ '.'Notice., ���;. ���; ..;...  ''.-.' Notice,,.is' hereby7,o-iyeii th'sit--t-liiiyty  ilays7itfl^i'':tlate; r'slntll/sipply ; tpthtS  ���Chief Ci/iiiinilssiiMier -of yLands and  ,V\'^.irks,'.iiiii.Vtlie;Assii3tai|t.'CbninvissiOno'r  of lJiiidsah(T,\\r6i"ks of:the province of  British Coluiiil'iti.'' foiyiLluscnse to jii-ps-  .'���jiect' fotv.cpa] '.and- petroleiiiiypn the;-foi-!  ;lfiw.ino- described, laiid, situated.'-in: the:  .iiortliern 7pbi'tipit; of I.pt-7l5!)3,77i.n;7tli(:s  soilj-heaatern j)prtion7pl77K;ist; Koutetiay  ,Dist-i'i.ct.7Bi'itish7- <^()hiiitbia,' 'cominems-  iii"''"���', a|7 ���. ii'-"7 pcist Vl loeai.ed adjoiniiio-  tlienot'tiieust corner. ��� post of.Oeo'ro;e \\*7  O'DelLs,, claim. . the sstiiic l.ieiiioy tlie -initial posiv of .Iohn: ,i'-J'7- nMxsCrsiw's '���" cliiini  tii en ee :n ortli .SO ,i: i;h ;ii n s ,'��������� th en ce 'eiist. 80  (shains,'f]i'en(:e7sdii1ih,7.SO:7("liiiiiis.;t]ien(:e.  west ..SO. c.hai its' to' the, pluc'c of lieyinniiio-  epntaiu.iho',(|7|0,ii(",res. si<|joiniito-Anthiiny  Siiiitli'suslsiini on I'lits north.; . ���'y  ,;���>'.'-. :.''''.'.'V; "������" -IViTiil.ll. .M-eGrii\y''...L.(''isatoi"  7-17, '; ; ',';������,', A. L. Anderson. Ao-pnt  .   Dated Oct: iiith; lwtf;."     .7  :7*:777y;7:7;7'7,7.7y.NpT^E.;yyyf!;;yy^  7;y^otiee/,.is::li0rcj)y:.jly(in/tlfiit'tliirty'ilays!;irtf^^  ,/iliMe'v,'i"yii7teii'd:;U.'dXsi'iq>^  ���sioiipr of (-siiiiIs sinii.\\roi"if's ��uiil t<) the-7\.ssiistiin(/:;y.' i,  "Goiiiinissioiiei" or.Liuids'iind -\\roirtcsyor;the:Prp-y;,y;  rvlu(at/^rH,ritisii;CiXliiiiibiii.; for srlirei'Se;t6:'prc)S;7,7.;  ;.pect;:l'qi:i5.cbii]7;iiiid'iieii:oleiini;oii;tlic; ftii lciivi liK-.i-'.-ife/  jiusei'i.bci'lihii^  iioii of Lbt;.iri!i:!;;in:the'.s'oiuli'easte'vii,poruioii7o  .Hiist.lvooteiiiiy OislrietyMi'itisli/Coltimbiii,:;,;;^ ..7;  7 Comm(5neiujj7 !it7'ii\ypost', ���planted77oii 7tli(.s 'AA  western;; sioiie.���;,iff.', the 'divide betweeii/Brltisli :; ,;  '^oiuiiii.ii.,i:and-,;'A,ll^e.'i"i!i;'s'rei"i"i'tory.;y 7  llienqrliiwcisl coriierpost-bl ���" Jlimes ,E.   Hell's-'  ���el;iiiii;ihe sn liie iicinKthe'initial post of'Wllliiiiii'  !���:. Sc.b riisker's (slii iiil, thisiicc sou tii 80,. eliiiiiis,'' 7 7  l.hencsewestSO'einiiiis! IheiK'cnor'th .Sli.'eiiuiiis'. .;���' y  ���'theiice"- eiist Sil chstiiistib point of commence-' ������.���'..  /nieni,' eon tain lug''(HO sicreS,  std joining,.losopli 7 '"  Hleilieii's elniiiiou ilienorth. ; -.'���.-. ;?7 ''  ..';<'.,-',������".   "Wlllisini K. SehricUcr,. Locssitbt"'.'';.'  ���IS.;' ���''!'.    .',     !,'    'a. L. Anrlersoh, Anenl   '���' '  .yDated Oct. IHtli,! IIIOH;. '&y; 7:7   y : y7 ! '���'  7y-.y"'".--'7" 7.:7!'i,77NbTiCEv77''y.'''77;7''|';7;.y777'':  ���..' Xotiec is hereliy ",'ieeii tls'sii thirty days,/aftet:  ,7  date  1 intend, to ;itppiy : lo the Chief CominisV  sionor.or; Lands;iind 'Works and .the  iVssi.sIaiit'.:",  'Couimissioner.of Lands ithd.Works of. the  Pro-,7 :., :  y.inee,; of ./British; Cbliiaiiiis'.fpr'si; license: to     '  prospect, for cosiIuikI;petroleum on tlie follow-.!'"'--'-:  ���inir. deserib'eil land .situated / ia . llie.northerii.. :  ppriioii.of/'Lot'-jSsis- iii:the^ sijutlieHstera portion     7  of.',l':(i,st:KooteniiyJJistrict;i5ritisii Columbia.���'  /Commc.iiciiiiriit.yi post located.dn'tlie.western ";  slope oft lie divide.,bet ween  British.' Coiuitibiti  andyAibertii 'Territory,! one mile':���'ri'orihy.a'rid777  t.hehce,three liiiles east of,the,iiorth; brsiiioli /of  7  ;i i:reok.-(f'requeutl.v csilled S<iuaw- Creek) wliieh'/'  t.tlows..smith .'iibqiitl'seven  niiles i?ito -.he-Flai- ��� '  lieiiil Kivei".: dial east to the' source of the soil tii' !  fork of the nortii ,fork of Michel creek, the same.  ���iiein).r': the'initial "post of S. L^Cru'w-fonl's claim.,-  tlience norlh So cluiiiis. tlien.-.'e east, Sil   chains.  t hence sou lb.SO clinins. 'ihence west SOeMiiiis.to .  point of.i.-omineiteenieni.1 contsilnini; i!40 acres,  adjoining ,1, K'iinncr's clnim on the north. ,'���.'.���'      ! ..      ' S   L. Crawi'ord., Locator  IS ���,.,..���      : A. L. Ati'Ierson.'AiiCiit  Dated Oct. lOlh. lltli.X    ������; ,:,.'..-"  !  Ci"*!' i-  ���I.  7 ���     NOTIf ri. .  Notiee'Is hereby tliat thirty <lnys,,nflor (lull; I  inieiKl lo apply to lbe  Chief Commissioner: of  Lands and Works iind llio  AsslsLiint Commissioner of I ai nils nnd Works or the l-nivince of  British Columbia, for n license lo prospect  for  (sossl uud pelroleuiii on tlie following deseribisd  liiud, siluii.usd in the  iiortliern   poitlon   or   Loi  ���l.-ilW, in the southeastern portion of I'lasl Kooi.e-  iiiiy Ulst.rlef, British Colnuibiii.  ' Coin men el in,' lil.n post two miles east of Alden  .1, Blclben's Inilinl iiostsinisiled on Ihe \venterii  slope of llic dlvldis  between   British  Columbia  mid Alberlii   Terrllory. I,hree miles  norlh   nnd  thence two miles easl I'roiii Ihe north  fork   of ti  creel!   (fre<iuently called Suuuw (.'reekj which  Hows soulli   about seven   miles  into the Kbit-  bend River, nnd beinreitst of the soulli fork of  the north fork of Michel creek, the same beini;  Ihe  initial   post of   John   II..  I'owisll's cliiiin.  thenee south einhty chains, thence wesi eifrhty  elniins. ihence north eighty chains, lhcnce ens!  eighty . eliains    lo   poini  of  coiinueiieeineiii.  il'ljoiiiius."  Ihe claim of Alary Lee Moore ou the'  east. John 11. I'owell. Lociiior  AH A. L. Auiler.son, At/ent  '   Dated Oct. 10th, JiliW.  '"'life ''������'*" ��� ...'..',...-���   -;.'��� . . -    SZijfUz^S ' A ��� /.���' i*iC  :^#?'   . *       ���'���.,.'���.������!-��� '---X-'-.'-    '.���',;������ ������"if"-r-��'   - :���'���      .... :'��������..        '*        ���'.'.���#���' '*'��� *��?X-  #  Headauarters   for   Mining   and    Commercial   XVIeh  &  sor  ���.....,;.   !FORT    STEEi-E,    B,   C; ,    ;  Lai-ge   Sample   Rooms   for    Commercial   Men. TIIR PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE,  B. 07, NOVEMBER 2*.   ifif.:  I  THE MASTER MECIi\V..~ . ' 'ya a"Al-  I.i-als will nOfUIls tilt.- -kill. \,!u.." piLllit-llv tl. ill^l'tK' '.-  ..(    tTt-U-f, ,ull     lllsl.   I-IC IllMllUlt.l.-   <.'!"    lll.i   ..III" ���"  j iinars. ^itott^riitn   |:rec ���"-,�����'..:���'' "'��' '" t[ ��� r .'.'i-j-  1 t,-l��K<s.    All"" TlUs-l S.����a Co .   Mil-. .IliilllKilL.  ->  North Star Lodge  ) ^ l1"1 ^*VlI?JTJTJvv.lriTijruT.njyn^  ||] Imperial Bank of Canada  SATUIMJAV,   N'C'A'. :.'S.   l!Mi:i  ���:-TTTTTTTTTTTn!TTntTTTTTUr/��fTrfTTTTTTTTTTTTfTT-:  !   LOCAL NEWS.  1'  :-uiiUUUUiiuuuauuiiiiiiuuuauuuii-:-  M.'A.  Beale.   Cranbroolc   was  in the cilv Sunday.  Tom    Ivuberts   wa.s   at    Ferine  Monday on 'business.  C.    El well    and    H.     Fairfield  wore in town  Sunday ,  l'Ycsli oysters   at 'llic Oriental  hotel.  o  Harry    liuwness.    Cranbrook,  wa-s at the I mperial Sunday.  .  ' |  I ' .leiSMill was iloWII fl'DIll   W'llMI \,  Mntislav im bu,-,'mi.'-ss. c |  CAPITAL AUTHORIZED $4,000,000  CAPITAL (paid up) - - $2,983,890  REST ACCOUNT     ��� -   -   $2,630,312  &-:K;s-��#*i��-��"K��*;s-:!V:s^^  5!    Heeici    OFFice.���Toronto.  o  r,     T. K. M Kill I ITT. Piv.��,i<li-ii1    I). II. W 11 A'IK.  Viec-I'rcs.  1 (Jen.' Mini.  |;    A(;KN"I'S    IN    <;i:i��:AT  'milTAIN ������ Uuyds   I'ank,   12   l.uiuluml "si..  lz London.  A (leiii'i'sil Hiinlciiio  liusiiie-.s Ti"uii��:icl<-(l.  5"!     .Savings Bank Department.���lnleresl allowed on deposits.     '!  ��'Cranbrook Branchy f. h. MARSH, Manager.  ,5  Jt!ruTj-ijtWnj\jilri!n>Lfi!n!nInju-ui^  The  Canadian Bank o? commerce  HEAD OFFICE ��� TORONTO.  I'iiiil ti|) Capital $K,700.0(lO:  Iteserve Kmiil M.UOO.OIK):  ,  A����rc-��:iU' Itesdiirces Over *7/i,00(��,<HM).  London Office; (II) l.dinhiiril Street, K. (*.  Now York Office;  I <��� i:\elisiiiKe  I'lsice.  *'  s*  #  *      And lill brunches..iu Canada, the llnitiJ<] States anil Hriti&h Columbia.       #  *  ,*  %'  Cranbrook Branch. F. C. MALPAS, Manager.   %  SIX BOTTU-S  PERUNA  FIVE DOLLARS  NO. 30.  A.  F. AND A, M.       C.   R.  D. C.  FOKT STKKI.K   II. ('  J      I!.     I leiiuerberry,    Marysville. was iv^i.-lerod at   the    Iin-  'penal T'ue-sdav  .    .     .  ~ o  Al    l)d,\ Ie .J. Nt'l-siin. A. pank-s  ami    !���'    William-.   \ i.sited "C'ran  brook Tuesday  , .  '       . r*            Henry .Kershaw," Fort Steele, B.C.  DEALER IN PATENT MEDICINES.  Heiiulnr   meetings���1.M   ,Tui.-il:i>   in   cnoli ' "" '       . .  .    I  month UL eluhl ii-cl(.cU     , Vi^iunrf'Hr.-llu-i 11 sir.  ,        Al,  llll'   llllllbei'    I'llliips    111     t I US ���  isiM-illiilly Invited. jdlMl'ie!   prepa I'll t idllS   have    been i       completed for lU'tlve worle.  ii* ,'t it. ^ 1  Klk Itivur LuiIkc.  l'Vrnir.   ivi/ur.ir  ;ii" I'lin-'  ' nriir-ursc-i'Tina-j���OT-isricirsmnicnT--  1 Aeitl   I'lie-iihsile    1 liir-l'di'il.'  1 ,1  2 lil'illlm   Sell/er.  ..J!   LSlAI-il.  1     (.'oveViiiiient A��-ent Ariusl i-oiiir '     ! Uui-din-U- Klmuf ttiiu-i-,.  (.'I'ili.l.i'OOk t.odps. C'r-iiibi-uot:. ,,-.���!,(��� m*i- ,., ��� \\',.thl,>Sila V nil  l-lli- I   '   '   ^U   ��"7  InKs lir-lil on ilie third Thur-ilsir of 1-.11I1 iii-'i.tu , .  eial UiiSMK'SS. ,  .1. II ifi.er. Sivri'isirv     , ��� '   ii  I Jeer. Iron .V  \V Ine  7  l,>(ir.ieie /Veid.   Charles Finch. Marysville.mid- ' -s Mnnnn tjuiui'ie 't'sihlets.  Rocky'Mountain   Chapter   ' reyisteivd a; the' Oi'ieni'iJ   AVod-' " Uaj Umii.  1    ' , iiesday J 1�� IJeii/.iin".  NO.  12.5. R. A. M.  " "  1!<��"i^-    ���     .  FORT  STKEI.K.  H. ('  John E'sviii   and   Frank   Dona- 11' Breuu-, Troeho-,.  'van roitii'iieu from a pro-Hiec-tintr \ A'-l t'uticiii-i rinlve. ,Q   ���-  Reo-ular meetini.'-.,--2ii(l 'Pne-diiv in :"-''P (-ul I'a'l.-er ereok .Monday       . It r.irn Cure (llollawii^.l  each month at eisfht D'eldck. ,    , ' J ' , ' !���'' <'Iddrate 1'(.ta-li TubleH.  Hill!  riv.-i'   dislriet   b, lookllisr .' !,ii Chee-selioro' N'swelinen.  Hojomniiii.' Companion-, ure coi-diull.v i up.     Another bis sawmill is pro-.'' \7 t'arliiilie'tiintiiient (ICello^-.^.)  iiH-iieii. ' 'jecied ;0 Littii- Hull river. ; is <������i.-iorin.' .  ���7    ' '       ��� Ill ('alifornisi Syi;,up ol' h'iu.i.  W'o slioilld  like to   sec   a    little! i'i.) Celer.\ ("'oiiiiiiiiiikI. (I'nine.-,.)'  It. L. T. C.maiumtu Scrilie  Professional,  HARVEY, MoGARTER& DUNBAR  BARRISTERS AND SOLICITORS  <;ilA.\l!lt(')OK,      -      H.C.      (,  W. R. ROSS  Barrister       -,     -      "Solicitor  *   ,      NOTARV    PUBLIC '  CONVISrANCER.    .    .  -     ��� Port  Steele,   Ji.   (..  T 11,0 M A N    Mo V I TT1 R  I<\��rl, .Steele  H.C.  Il-OK"!' K'I'KIII.K   Dl'VI'.l.ill'MISN'l'SVNIIICA'I'K I.TP  MS I .ciulciiliiill Street. I.oiiilon, Kii|.;liul<l.  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT S'l'F.ELE,  POST OI.M.'IfM":' IIO.V S.  J. G. CUMM1NGS  CIVIL   ENGINEER  Provincial    Land   Surveyor  FORT  STEELE,  li.  C.   '.  GEARY   &  DOYLE.  ul' the L'rtnv's Nesi eoal   in   town!   m CaM'tirei-.  this winter.    < j   2^ t':i~tor Oil. ---  ���      l   2:1 I)y--]>e|i.-ia Talilet.-.. (Ktusirt.-s,.)  OpiKisition is tin*  life of trade.    o4 ij:tritli-]i<>n JTJiticrs.  We l;a\e l.\o biitia.or sl.i.-j'S in  fowl), yet there has'been no di-op  in prices.  A��'c-liiiifiok has been blo\vin��-  ,1'or the past few days, and il'io  lii-ht    snow,    is   a    thin."'   of the  past. ��� "   c  Door are plentiful in ilie vicin-  iiy of Sheep creek, and the snow  in the nioinittiins'is in excellent  condition for snowshooiui!;.  I0.\e Wnter. (l\'ellon��'s.)    "  ' 2(1  !   "'���  bisterine.  ���  |     Riiliifoani, fl'iiotli Wasl  )  70  1     Kye Salse, (Petitt'si  ���27 ,  1     .12  l.i(|iiid Ainiiioiiia.                , -  |,    1 theiiniatii: ('tin; (S. A.i  ,  77  1     l-!lliuntil 7s lOinhriHsal ion,  2S  1     .-).-!  .Me!leiis.l'\io(l _'    _  1     Radway's ReadyJ^elioiy   ^y   7S'  Keleclrie Oil. (Tlioniiis')  20  !   ni  tVervol (.I.T.I.yon'n)    ���             o  Re(|iia Charcoal Talilcls  7!l  Kxlracl Witch Hazel.  ;in  |   r,:,  1 'eriina.  RoH"er ,>t < Juliet's Ksicc,  1  'owdeiv  SO  Kxt raet 1 Jeei" (A i-niiiiir \.)  . ::i  ,-il!  1 'er.-.ian Ream ilier. ,  Kwainji llool (Kilmer's)  ���  SJ  I'lxlrslel   l-Jcel'(.IoIiiisoii'm.;  :!2  !J|  1'iiin   Is'iller.  St. .Isieolis Oil  82  lOllervescenl Ssill'-,.  (A liliey'.-,.!  .!.��  .">S  Pills.                     ,  Sli-edman'.s Teetliinn Powder  s:J  !      I'l^-yptism Liniiii'eiil.  Ill  .->!)  Rink I'i lln (Dr. William's  lOno's  s-i  Kpsoni Salts  ;ir.  IK)  ISaby'h Own '���        '���         ������       ,  Spirits Xitre  c  S,"i  l'l.\'iraei Wild Hiraivberry.  ::.;  lit  Pierce's Pnrt'iltive, 1 '(,'llels  Soap-. Toilei:���-  .Sli  Kiitliymo! Tooth I'siMe II'.IK')  >) i  (12  Litlle Liver PilN.(0."irler's  ('iiticiii-ti  S7'  I'V'llnw's Myrnp Hypo I'lioipliil  ���h its  (i.'i  Kidney Pills. (Dodd'sl  1711  Rlyeerine  SS  Kliu-iila Water.  :m  (i-l  ���    o        " i      (Doan'sj  Usihy's Own  ,  Sit  i     1'Yoy; in 'rhroat Talih'ti  ���l()    '  Im,  Reecliain's 1 Mils.'  (jslshinere   UiKpiet  (If)  1     Ki'tiit, Salts (Kno's)           '  il "' .  iii;  lliillowity'h I'ilK  'Castile (C'(dj"'ale'.s .V Co.  lit  ',     (lolden Modifiil nincoverv.  :i2    I  (17  Ohiise'.s hivrr Pills  IJInsh Rose  !��2  Ileadstehe Wailef.s.  ���t::    !  IIS  ('lark's Anlihiliioiis Pills  1 'esirs llnseeiilcd  ii::  1     1 lair Vii>or, (Ayer's.)  It     !  ii'.i  I'erl'iinie.-,  Inl'sint's Deliiflii  nt  1 Isimlins Wizard <")il.  ���I.'i    ���  7(1  Man ile Ksp;ti;iie (11 .V  (1)  Turpentine  !).">"  '.l:l])iinu.-.o Toolhsielie Drops.  'I.i    |  71  .lot-key < 'lull. 11 "."iri&l  Tincliire Iodine  '.),-.  Uents     ,       "      "  -17     !  72  lliisc   Wilier  Talcinli 1 'owder  !I7  ' K. D. ("'. '  ���is    !  7.'l,  White Rose. (1 '."iris)  0  Wilcli llsi'/el.Cream  ow  its  Lull"- UalhSim. (Allen's.)  '-in   :  7-1  (JiiiniiK" Wine A-   Iron                 '   ���  ti'lvcerine  !l!l  |Jithia'ritlilet-,.'(l'. D's )  .-,0   !  7-">  lioeUy Moilill.-iin Spruce (liini  Oloridine 1 Dr. Cloris Hrown'-  100  2."i Death lo .Mice.  ' THR AP.OVE list, e.onlains 101. differenl. kinds of PATENT MEDJCirN'E wlii(*li we. carry ard nlwa.ys have in slock. This is  however, only a small qnanlily of the nnmorons arlicles we handle of this deseripi.ion. Thend'ore, when in need of such "'oods ��ivo  [-r.^K-RRRT-lAW a (rial,  he can ��-ive you sal.isfaot.ion.        PRICES    O.K.        , �� ���      '   ,' '  Kobert Lit 1.1c was at Perry  ('reels last week looking over  I'he properly of the Perry Creek  (���'old Mining Company.  C. 1C Aliiiislieid and his sister  Colin, Ahinslield wore the quests  of M. IJiirick and his sister .Anna  Duriek Wednesday.  Fort   Steele  Cigar   Store  JOE TAENHAUSER. Proprietor.  Coo. Watson and Chas. Cock  left Steele Thursda.y on a liunt.-  iu.o- expedition to Hull river.  Tliev will be awav for about  ten  davs.  C. 11. Pollen returned' from  Otlawa Saturday whore he lias  been engaged in Kootenay Central Railway busincssi 1 Io left  on Mondav for Victoria.  X. A. Wiillinijor. M. A. Beale,  Coo. Watson and Chas. Cock  spoill len'days in tho inouiilitins  near Kull river in search of big  mime.  A   Kine lam; of  Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos  Billiard Room .  =?:  CARLIN  & DURIGK  GENEKAI. -MERCHANTS  Fort  ' WATOIIMAIsKU .and   .IKWHLKK  ENGRAVING and REPAIRING  PERIODICALS  Toys,,   Books   and   Stationery  Liveru, Peed & Sale Stable.  Pdl-t Steele   V..C  Reinihir   Daily   isiuue   meet-   sill  tminn at fort Steele .Junction.  John Drown a prominent. Spokane mining' man was al Sleele  Thursday Mr. Hrown will visit  the Sullivan mines before ho re-  t urns to Spokane.  SADUbK .V   PACK'   HOI-SI'.S  i David Wilson, suptsriniendenl  ] of schools, was at l<Y>rl Steele  j Thursday cm his annual   lour  of  1UMIMI ill   AM.  hlMis  \ sl'l ( I \I.I\   j Ulspecl idll     of     till'       sl'llOOl.s       (ll   __.__ 'Soulheasi  Wooteniiy.  DR. SAWYER,  77 S.  Of lice and Stable  Ciji-uer of.,   '  '-.������'   Calbraith and.dfazel Stiieets  Fort., Steele.'B. G.  OI-'RW-'IO-DAY'S: .    .Moiid'i.v..   Tlimv-  ditv :tii(l .Siil.ni'ilaw.'i.t Sleele.  Fort Steele  Diamond Jubilee  ��,ia.��osS, -    Hospital  ,M*tHON.  I J 1-11(1 llll ll- (if,St.   I,il|j;i",   Il(l.-,|iit.sii.  \-|iil('(ni vr. H   (.'  'I'Ji i.s lii.Mtiti|ti(iii li.'is linen reei'iilly  enlii.r'feil liy ii new u'in^ wliieli is mnv  open foi" reception of piiticnts. .' l/or  terms apply to  Miss li. Moss,    or   .1. I'\ Smith. See.  Matron. Fort Steele, B.C.  im  m wru; .Mr.<'ii.\vii"s iTiii'i 'i'ak  soAl' li.-sils ii ml i.(ifl(siif ilu- skin, w-liilc  IH-uiu-plly i-l.-.-insiiii." il of ifi-csisi'". nil. nisi. mis.  Iiivsilniililc !��.- iiKsclisitilf.s. iiirinisrs. .s)n>|i.^meii.  l-ic.--iiiiil.il- .in ic.-.-i|.l of 'Jr. I'm- i)iistni;c.  ���Alncrl 'I'l-iilisl S< hi pi .������>.. Mtrs iMrniirciil.  ���MINKKAb AC/I'.  I.   l"'('i|{.M    l"'*i j  i:i���:i:'i'11*'if'atk (i!���' iM i ��� iti ivbm t'.N'i's.  NOTICE.  I'.fidic Miiieral  < 'laiiii.  sini'sii..: In I In- I'nri Sl.-'.-i.- Mill In is- HiviHJi.li (if  l-'.i' i l-;.!-.|.'iin;7 lii'.irlrl.     - . '���  U'lii-tt- i.ir:.l.-.l' i 111 III'- we:-.|. I.lllll.'ll nT III.-  S:, .'.In i.i- '��� Hivi;. ��� , ���'    ' '      '.  "I'.ilsi" t.i.'ii-r Ilinl I. .lion"'.'., A. Illil-v.-y, Kl'��'l'  -,!Iii.-ii, f-i-rllllcsil;" S'n. "II .'.Hi'.'.':'." liisdll f'l'i"  .i,,k.|.I, I! Wi-1-.'lil. I'.M.C .N". "IKUii'iir'. f'liil  I'' ( ....ii. I" M.C. N'c 11'.."'. I'.'". K.ilici-I, W.  1,'ii.l.r:, I'.M.i- ,\ii. ' ii;:i.-.T"-'. ini'l (iciuvi;  Dnl.i.i^ l-'i-.- Miili'l''.. Ci'ltiliciilc %'k 'iSI-.l'.KIS'",  liii.-n.l si-.iy liny-.' fioin 'li*- 'lilt's lii-n.nr.' to  iii.ply loihc Minim; l.'v-ciir'.i.-i i'..r n OnlUnitr  of liii|i.-.'vriiii"iils! .'ci ih" pnrpc-i' ..r (ihtiiliilni!  ;i i 'rira'ii i Iriim "f l!i<" nl id vc i" Isi I in.  Aii-I fun li.'i' Hike' in.ii ir.: tlssil iii'lion. linilci'  r...li..n :\T. .iinNi l��' '-..iiiiiii'iii'c.l l.i.fi.i-c llic issii-  lis.-.- i.i swell I 'erli'ii'ille nf- I III pr'.V.in elll >.  Ildii.uil llii.sifilli (lay ol Oclnliev. A.I)., lliii:!.  is j. A. iiau\-i:v.  | N.HANSON, J  HE General MerchaHt ANI> 3  rr l^iciuor* Dealer. ^  Steele,  Exist  ,  Kootenay  Sole Agents for i.ho  Canton Sim  COMPANY  Tuts Steel, is guaranteed lo be etpial to .Tcssop's  or  FirUis in all  IT a it d Route WOKIv.  SOI.K AOKNTS  Grows Nest Goal <���y  S^:     Maniifaetiirer of all Kinds of Lumber,       A large assort- ' ��3  ji~ in ei it, of seasoned Lumber itnd Shingles always 3  sr on hand ^5  g DIMWNSrON      LUMBER      A      SPECIALTY. 3  1      WflSfl. - -   5 G      J  ^iiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiuiiiuiusiuaiuiiaaaiuiiiiiiaiiiiaiiii  fioi.i'-;   AmoNTS  Giant Powder Gompanu.  Mining  Supplies a, Specialty.  Agenls for l.he   MASSEY    HARRIS    CO.,  Li mi Led.  Farming   Implements.  Port    Steele  Port  Steele  Meat Market  T. ROBERTS, Proprietor.  Fresh and Salt Meats Always On Hand.  rewtiig  FORT STB1RLE, :B, C '.-> :'..'���������    )i  iVrANCTFAOTUl.{'li3RS'7  a.nd     BREWERS - OF    EXTRA    FINE  "T ���B.BEE    %    PORTER  SOLD    BY   THE    BARRHy; KEG   ,0R    BOTTLED  ' ,'      !' . .-"������-.;��� .    '  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDE ORDERS (7! I VEN ST1MCJT ^PROMPT ATTENTION'  :    ��� ��� ' , 7       ���     ���'  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED T  Mutz & Scott, Prop's  P. O,. B^X 812  ELEPHONE  NO. I


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