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The Prospector Oct 10, 1903

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 ��� T o(f   Ad-  .ib'-ft-yoI L ��  VoA .9.  FORT STBBLB, B. C, SATURDAY, OCTOBBR IO, 1908.  No" 41.  MAY BUY UOAL LANDS.  A Montreal Syndicate-And Granby  Company May Secure Large  Coal Areas on Elk anil Fording Rivers.  ���A coal  will in-  Fording  Mori. Sleele, .O.l. S  experl from .Montreal  sped, the coal areas on  River next, week.  Fernie, Gel. X.���ll. is said that.  the Granby   Smelting  Company  is nogoiiafing with Fornie people  for the purchase of coal areas on  Italic river, and that, an expert   is  now  engaged   in  inspecting t.he  property.  The,now coal fields are located  ���I���on. Klk and_Fording rivers.aboul  ill) to-lO.miles'north of t.he  town  ��� of Michel, nnd'cm braces an area,  of over 17f) scpiare  miles. ,   The  coal is of superior  quality,   will  coke equal   to  t.he , Morn ie coal,  and  is  excellent   for steam purposes.  On Fording river, Fort Sleele  people have secured RTToeafions  and licenses have ^oon granted  1o prospect SU claims: applications are now pending for  ��� licenses to prospect the remaining al locations. It is reported  that a large Monlreal syndicate  have secured- an option'on this  bunch of claims, and that an expert, ,will' inspect, the property  during the next ten days. The  , coal Veins in this vicinity are  said to have a total thickness of  (id feel,-the'largest ^single vein  '"'having a width'of 80 feet.  Fernie people have located  some 20 claims on, the east, side  ol' Rlk river, and 18 on the west  side. , Several seams of, Ki, '20  and 30 feel have been uncovered,  "it is' this bunch of claims that  ' the Granby people are trying to  got hold of. "     -- .-'  The Trail   Smelter  Company  ��� have secured   licenses  to, prospect 42 locations on the east side  o  For the first time in   nearly 'one  hundred years the  Hag   of   England, guarded by British muskets  was borne through the streets of  Ihe   national   capital   today,    by  the   Ancient ' and   honorable Artillery Company of London. .Arriving   at   Washington   at  hnlf-  past one o'clock   this  afternoon  the redcoats inarched lo   the Arlington Hotel, traversing a,  pari  of the same route marched   over  by Ihoiiyuncoslors who devnstnl -  ed Ihe capiliil'diiring t.he War of  i      ,        ' ...  181:2. The' visitors were given a  cordial reception by Ihe local  military organizations and by  representatives of district and  federal governments.  Tonight they'will bo given a  recOpfipn and ^tomorrow a, trip  wijl be la.kon_.lP Ml.. Vernon and  Arlington.  Fernie-Riding.  It  is now conceded that the  ��� <  Conservatives have 22 seats;  Liberals 17; Labor 1; Social  ists 2.  ���W. ��� R.   Ross  elecled  by   fi v<  majority.  "    .                HOSS.  S.M1TII.   .M(.'l  MIKI'SOX  Sparwooil...      .'!  ii   ���  :i  (���'onl Creole'   M  10  ���ll  Morri^uy .'. ��� 7f>  '.  I.'i  s  l-Wniu    ISL'  1  >">7  S.">  Kllco'       li  Hi  l  .Miclic)    ....    17  t  :��i  ���>   ."i7  r      Tr        "  Cranbrook  Riding  1    ��    u  ���   .    i  Dr. .1. 11.   Kin  g  elect ei  1 'by  Ti  majority.  O.WK.W  ki .vc:  Kviin   ll  i  Veivi. .Steele  ...  ���">.'!  :;s  O'lnlirook. ���  l^'l  :iio  .Movie -   ,..">!'  :ir  Wiirthior .  2A  2v  .\I:ir,V!��viIk'  . ::n  '   i-i  1 'rirrv ('i-celc.   . ..  .   l'0  7  \Va��a    '"   .  ..  '���i  (i  Norili  Hliil'ii      ir>  7  TflE -MCBRIDE: GOVERNMENT  continue to do business at  Victoria.   :  Conservatives Win,  ROSS, WINS.  The elect oral oi of British Columbia has relurned the Conservative parly to power.  Bon.    Mr.   McBj-ide   andyhis  Klk river and the west side of (party   win   22 soa.fs.and the Lib-  Ford ina: river.  All these locations are made  on unreserved crown lands north  of Block 4588, and though situated 30 miles'north of the Crow's  Nest Railway, are practically an  extension of the coal areas owned  by the Crow's Nest Coal Company.   Sir Thomas Sails for Home.  New York, Oct, 0.���Disappointed but, not. discouraged  over his third failure to win the  America Cup and'heartily appreciative of the uniform courtesy  and kindness with which he has  met in America, Sir Thomas  Lipton bid his many friends  adieu today preparatory lo his  departure foi- homc^ Sir Thomas  still shows traces "of tho illness  with which lie was prostrated  in. Chicago, bul he says he is  feeling much heller and his  physicians expect the " sea  voyage lo make his recovery  complete.  orals" 17���Two Socialists and one  Labor candidate elected.  Similkameon, elects Shatford  and Dr. Oram elected at Coinox.  C. E. Pooley, Fjsquimalt, has  been appointed Attorney-General.' '  The expected has happened  and (.the Conservatives have a.  majority of two, over all parties,  in the next legislature.  Fernie Gave Five Majority to the  Conservative Candidate.  Local News.  J.   A.   Harvey   was  at. Pernio  Thursday on legal business.  Cus  Thois    was    down  Perry creek Thursday.  from  Pat, Quirk visited  Thursday.  Port   Sleele  Silver-lead Quotatit  ins,  A   ' '  New York  ,, Oct. il  Bar Silver..  ........  ���'ill J  Mexican uoi  ars .".-...  ���15*  Lead ....'...-.  4.f>0  Copper..,...  l.Vliv  Spelter. ..���'...  .(��  London,  Oct.. !>.-:  Silver,  27  71.2(1;  copper'. JW'l  17s   (ill:  'loud,  ��11  lis 3il;  spelter, X20  Ills <1.  *-A��  Matters Political.  Copper  London.  Market Conditions.    :  unchanged  was  in  Now  Lead was ������unchanged' in  York and London. |  Spelter deldiiio'd 2s (id in  Lon-  <lon.             ���  Anoients Invade Capital.  , Washington,   D.C.,   Oct.  ,9.���  The eccentricity and spectacular quality of Liberal politics  were most vividly demonstrated,  at Cranbrook on Saturday lasl.  Joe Martin says Ihat he is satisfied with the result at Vancouver. The electors of the province arc also perfectly satisfied,  with the result, and ' repudiation,  of "Joe". .  . It is quite 'dear thai, the Liberals have failed 1.6 coin uiand anything but a bare minority in the  next legislature. ,  .There'were a large number of  live ones in Cranbrook Safurdity  and the occasion is.marked by  numerous, "black eyes and disfigured faces:    ."���.   "/'���'������',  Don't .expect all sunshine.  Political clouds will occasionally  darken the province, but the sun  shines brighter afterwards.  W. R.'Ross, .Conservative, is  elecled in t.he Fernie riding by a  majority of live. Today's rcc  count will increase his majority  lo seven or eight.  Til I-i FUllNirc   RIO-COUNT.  Tho Nelson News, in common  with many Liberals throughout  this district, claims the election  of,E. C. Smith in 'Fernie. basing  its claim on the contention that  twenty-one ballots marked for  Smith in the division containing  his name instead of in the circular white portion, and rejected  by t.he Returning officer, should  be allowed. The Liberals contend Ihat these ballots should  not have been rejected, and that  they will he allowed on the recount which they propose to  have.  Chapter 10 of the Statutes of  British Columbia, 1808, being  the "Provincial Elections Act  Amendment act. 1808"deals with  this question very specifically.  Section 2 of thai Act repeals  Section 117 of tho "Provincial  Elections Act" and re-enacts it  as follows:���-"The elector on re-  ���'ceiving the ballot pdpet'7 shall  "forthwith proceed into one. of  '���the coinpai'tinentsyin the poll-  "ing station, and shall then and  "therein mark "his .ballot; paper  "by making across .in Ihe circa-  War ivhi/e portion <>/: Jlte ballot  '���paper opposite lo the division con-  L'/aiiihuj the iuiiiic or tiuhtes of,the  ���'candidate or vandid.ule.-t for inliont  "he desires- In role, il'e."  does say that it shall be put in  the circular white portion opposite the tlivision containing the vame  of the candidate., expressly intimating that a cross in the' division would not.be a proper marking* of the ballot.  , T3ut that ;'is not all. Section  137 oi'the "Provincial Elections  Act", amended as above, says  that "on the final count tho Re-  "turning officer shall reject  "ballots -"for' tho following  "reasons :-(l). (2). (3)v (4), {">},  "(G) being 'marked utttnitle tlie, e'er-  "cular luhite ^portion of theliallol  "papei;.''  This section puts the matter  beyond' a shadow of a doubt.  But some ��� Liberals have said:  "That applies only Lo tho Re-  ''turning officer;1 the .'ludge on a  "recount can allow them." ..The  Judge on.a recount certainly can  not allow them. For the purpose of the election, tho Returning officer is \o allow of disallow  certain votes. In Fernie he has  disallowed ballots which, under  the Statute, were clearly improperly marked. Why Ihen  should a Judge/have power to  allow these ballots'/ There is  nothing in the Statute empowering him to do so. The  mei'e fact that they show tho intention  of the  voter   does   not  tion   lo  identify   the voters.    If  identification was the   intention,  it might fail by rotsori of a num  ber adopting the  same .artifice.'  but that fact   does   not prevent  tho , possibility   of   the   artifice  having been adopted by each ��� in  the belief thai he would   be  the  only one to use it.    If the intention was to spoil the  ballot,   the  fact that a number adopted ,that  method does not lessen the probability of" that   being the inter.-,  tion: the method, we are glad to  say, was as effective for twenty  one as for one. o   Either contention i.s quite as reasonable as Ihe  one  that  the  intention ��� was   to  vote    for    the    man   in   whose  division  the   cross   was   made.  But this point need not  he.  seriously considered, since the legal  aspect is the one .that will decide  and in this legal a'spectfho votes  are clearly bad, and Ross  has  a  safe  majority  of  the   votes   of  ihis district.  KOOTENAY CENTRAL RAILWAY  Dominion Government Will Grant  a Subsidy of $3,200 Per Mile,  Or a Total of $600,000.  The Roll of Honor.  . Business is'picking up. Ad-  verl.isf! in Tin-: PiiosriccroK and  pick up your part of it.   j  What could be more speciHc?  It does uoi say merely that the  cross shall bo put in the circular  white portion; it" does not say  that if shall be -int.'Opposite' the  name of the' candidate; it does ' that they show an, intention to  not say that it-shall be put in the ' spoil the ballots ''by improperly  circular while portion opposite marking them in defiance of the  the  name   of   the  candidate:   it printed instructions, or an inten-  make them good, for by the Act  they are expressly declared bad.  The Judge  presiding  at   a recount is a Court of Appeal.    He  has no powers as a Judge pf first  instance, and if lie had he  could  not override the Statue.     He  is  limited to correcting any   errors  of   the   Returning    officer   and  Deputy  Returning  officers.     If  the Returning officer or   Deputy  Returning officers  have   improperly  allowed   ballots, it   is his  duty,   as  a Court of Appeal, to  disallow  them;   if  ballots  have  been   improperly  disallowed,   it  is his duty to allow them; but he  cannot allow any  ballots   which  have been 7 properly  disallowed.  In   this case,   as  shown   above,  t.he ballots  were  properly  disallowed,   and  the Judge has no  power to alter the decision..-   It  was   not  a  malitor of discretion.  The 'Returning      officer'    had  specific  instructions,   which   he  followed   to  the   letter,   :i.iid.no  Judge has any.righf lo  override  those instructions.  As to the contention ihal the  ballots should be allowed on  what may lie called the moral  ground���since there is absolutely  no legal ground���that, they show  the intention of the voters, there  is  as   much   reason   for   saying  (JONRRIiVATlVHS  KUSOTICD.      ���-  Dr. Young, Atlin.  Dr. Grant, Comox.  ,   lion. -R. McBrido, Dowdnoy!  C. E. Pooley, Esquimau.'  W. R. Ross, Fernie.  Geo. A. Fraser, Grand Forks.  < F. J. Fulton, l\amloops.   ���,  Hon. R. E. Green, Kaslo.  A: McDonald, Lillooot.  J. Houston, Nelson.  T!?Gilford, New Westminster.  Price Ellison, Okanagan.  T. Taylor, 'Revels!oke.  0  F. Carter-Cotton. 'Richmond.  1   TL. W. Shatford, Similikameen  Hon. R.' C. /Patiow. Vancouver  ' J.. P.- Garden,       ,    ' '   "���'  Hon. Chas. Wilson, ' .    '���  ' W. .1. Bowser,  A. H. 13. iVlacgowan        "  JJarry Wright, Ymir. ' ,  C. W. D. Clifford, Skeona.  Total i'i.    ,,  liiVkhalh klicctko.  W. W. B. Mel lines, Alberni.  Dr. .J. IT. King, Cranbrook.  C. W. Munro, Chilliwack.  W. C. Wells. Columbia. '  .1. N. Evans, Cowichan. ,  John Oliver, Delia.  J. R. Brown, Greenwood.  T. W. .Patterson. Islands.  IT. Tanner, Sannich.  Alderman Cameron. Vicloria.  ' The railway   subsidies have al  last  been   brought "down in the  Dominion House, and'as will   be  seen, British Columbiii has been  well treated.   , About   .v'.ond,0(iij  is'to be spout iu aid of, railways  in   this  province  and Southeast  Kootenay will get aboul ��(>0i).00U'  towards-   construction,    of    (lie  Kootenay Central   from   the  International'Boundary to Golden.  (   This  line   is  aboul  .JiJO  miles"  long, thus'making the   minimum  subsidy of about, ft:3,L'f)0 per mile.  Running   from   Ihe  head  of Ihe  Flathead   country   through   the  rich    and   as   yet   undeveloped  Kootenay  &  Columbia   valleys,  the railroad will open up  a vast  country rich   in   limber mineral  iind     agricultural '  lands.       At  Golden to ihe north if will  connect with the main line of the C.  P.R'.. while at the souih il   joins ��  the Crow's Nest Pass branch   of  the same railroad..  Among the mineral resources  opened up will,bp the iron pro-'  pertieson Bull river, which have  but lately come ,in for high  praise from St. Paul iron exports who examined them last  week. The water power on Elk  and Bull RiverSjWill be develop-0  ed at once, and ' the impetus  given to all industries by the  building of this road will ensure  them a steady sale for the,power  Undoubtedly this road will   be  a   most  important  factor in the-  upbuilding, of'both  Norlh   and  Sonlheasi    Kootenay.      All   we  have talked in Ihe past has boom,  proper    railroad   facilities, ' and  wifh the coming of these in   the  shape of Ihe   Kootenay  Central.  Easl.    Kootenay   will   take   her  proper place as one of the   richest and'best   kno.wn   districts  of  British Columbia.  Mining Notes.  land.  R. L. Drury,  J. D. McNiven.  R  Hall,  S. Henderson, Yale.  J. A. Macdonald, Ros.  Jones. Cariboo.  Murphy.     "  Total 17.     ���  SOCIALIST.  J.   IT.   Hawthornthwaite.   Lil-  looet.  P. Williams, Newcastle.  Total 2.  LABOR  PARTS',  'W. Davidson, Slocan.  Total 1.  St. John's Church ol England.  ad ���  the  Services will be held in the  Church of St. ���John;',the Divine  every Sunday evening at, 7:80 ex*,  cepl. on .the. third Sunday in each  month when the service will be  held   at   I I   o'clock   a.in.  Holy Communion will be  ministered at the close of  service. ' . ���   ���. ,.".    ,(7  Strangers are welcome.  PRIO^HY'l'IORIAN   CHURCH.  -���Divine Worship will be held  in l.lio Presbyterian Church  every 'Sabbath morning iif. 11  o'clock.  'Sabbath.School every Sunday  at half past two o'clock.  Choir , practice  every   Thursday evening at 7:H0 o'clock-.  Pastor:    T. McCord  T.   T.   McVitlie.   P.L.S..  was  ���t  engaged this week* in  surveying  the Til. for Tat group of mineral  claims.-situated on   Wild ' Horse*  creek, and owned by D. Griffith.  N. Lehnon'and .I.C.Woods,  iron exports, from St.. Paul, who  .where engaged iu making an examination of the Bull river iron  mines during the past week returned to Stecle-Sunday.  Harry Mather and A. C. Caldwell, prominent mining men of  this district, are on a tour of inspection at the iron mines east  of Dibble crook.  Some ton or twelve men left  Fort Steele Tuesday for Bull  river. .They will work on tlie  big ditch now under construction  by Ihe (.'old River Mining and  Power Co.  John Larson has a small force  at work on Ihe Tiger-Poorman  group. " y'',,  Will .Start the Drills.  '���'.'*'  The   directors   of   Ilie   Kinl.la  Lake-'Oil   Co. .at a i.ncoling this  week ordered operations .started  again on the .well,   and   ilr-i I ling-  will lie resumed, as  soon   as   the  .necessary arrangements' can   be  made.       The- money   lias   been  raised, the only thing now necessary.is  to get Hie  drillers-'and  crew oirfhe ground again';     It is  prohabjo that two shifts' will   be  put on', and.the drill kept' going  day and night until it goes dowii  as far as it can be'put,- or  oil   is  struck.'7-   .  'E.-C. Sniilh is one of ihe 0ld  gang that has fallen by the wayside.    . THE PROSPECTOR FORT STRELR, B. 07. OCTOBER I'I i«)o.'j.
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KS't'-MILl^lllU'     I'-'.''
Tk. B. 6race,
PUBLlSHKLi    AN'l)     10IJITO1'.
THE PROSPECTOR, i» pnbM-lied
e\ery Satt'irdaj,, and has a snaraiuccJ
circulation liiracr than an> other pnpei
In Ka.st Kootcn-i>. It is nil home Printed
und  contains  donMe  the  new-   of   «">
: >thcr paper in the district.       ,     -,.'.'
7      As  an , ,11 d'vert'lsin's' incdii-..n  it   is un
ixcciled.   :.' •.:•■; .'■-. '■,'■■'..•.     '/■'■..■'.'.'■■
Devoted io the upbulldins of'Fort Stfcele.,'.: the:
deyelopmeiitt'of the l-a'st mlnenil resouvct-s of
the EastKootetiay uiinmarlisti'li-'t.'      :■/!■.■   ■
■Subscriptions,'-'; .7 .7. iA.i.A.AA. A'Z.6a per yettn.
Advertising'rates made known on viiiplictition I
ilontrlhutions are solicited fiom nil puns of.the
7 Ilstrict. hut.all matter intended tor jiublii-iii""
must, have tin* wrltei-^.sit-'iinture.'    y     ;„■•
MijB <$vcf^&4&v:
"SATUKDA V7'<7lCTf)BKl 1  10.7.1W)::
r^HE; electors ofBKUsh'yCo-
luin'biafhav'e 7decided that
■ 7'ihe 7'Hon77Richard ;MeBride and'
his Party, shall govern this   pro
7  vince for the next four years: 7';
777 7 A Sop till east7 7 Kod ten ay  willy be
: ,r'Aepresented-by' \y;7Ry Ktiss,'Coii-'■
,77servati7v^, and J7 ■ H. 7;King'f'/IJila-
1 t'tu'1 he I'^i-rnii1 ridinii'. talct-s hui
little, imerest in the recount that
takes place today, 'having i^ono
olT on a visit, to Spokane. li' he
had been elected, his constituents mijchl expect the same in-
dh't'erence displayed iu mailers
oi" importance, to the 'district,
in the • Legislature ■ Mr.
Ross': election js „ a. 'business
proposition iny ■.favor,-, oF the hi;
t'erests of 7Fernie ■v\d\yg:VA"'A', 7;
7 Special Round trip "-.Rates;,
"■ Between -lime '4tliand': ancl -August
I'litli Tbe^Illinoii.Cc'iitrarwiirsell round
t.ri'|> t.iukets from Qres'ou-tind .Washington points; to'Oliiitiijfoj.Cairo. :■ Meinpliis
tun] Ne\\''':(F)rleiti)s.-'!it'gnE-A:TI-iV,-:RK--:
OCCKD 7 RATIOS..';.;; y,' :yy.y:.7y-'. ■■,,-:
; .T'i'ijkt'.t-s'so'ytl'ror-tlireo inoiitli.s:,-.. Go-.
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.■-. Sale 'idsu.ife areyarraii^'ecl '■' to; hAeou-
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Travel or*,titIt'iditih'iponyy 77 77 7:77y 7-
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Miniiig; Center of SoutliEa^ Kootenav
o/.'-'Yoti caii utke'yiiii'r' clu%e -of,rSix7tii«ii
•iDLttci-^nt; .Rdntios.    AYi*ite7 iis.7;; \Ve will
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:^homas'Gaven ;\va7s7;hot"'electedi
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7 7.;,7Wr.77R7 Ross,':me'mb.ei7fi"6"m.Fernie
■■'''/.'tb ;a33ist7^7Dr::'7 Kih^'Lh""doling'-'
it....: ■■ ■.■ -;•> ■ .,.■■ ......■■■:;',:■■■-     .;■....-■.;■:■ .■.■■^., i~\:.;..:....-;■,;": yy.. ,, ■■>?.
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,<iat.c: 1.7. tiiiejtr.iyH); iVp^'lyitorthi.^C.hie.^C'o-niiii^.^-
i.ioii'or 'of - I.Hiiii^.yinil VVoi'Us ftiriifermission to
.'p'Orv'iUas'a-.rhiis .fonoW.iuS «lei<;!"ibed.:!uiiiisy'ul.K;ist.
Kootenay-77Com asftucSiig. ii'i AiWi 7:p!unt^^'-7 oti
the Wesi bsln_»:pf-,t.Ht IvootyniiiyKiyeijOpiKisite;;
Loi'ivtiS ;i,;.r;oup7:i:-:Kpoteasiy';;Dis;trit"t7 7iiu'7ii«
sout'ii-;JO ehii;us7th<fccej";ist rp.'rjhainsi--. morcr^'.'oiv'
less t.6'lja.akV^:K'od^oii«y.:Riy^L'A
"ing7s;iid ..Ija'nif ui>yt;i-*':Vtn7torpoiiit;oi;i>oini^
iiient; SiO afrris7iubre br:fes. '■:.. V'V. AvAV./'i
'■ i*777v;177f7 "777>77^AT}JICK7;F77t)6l.AN;77;«
;'^rh!e77 Iiapgest7'y'';:'
IVt in e,r al^'Jlcpeai's
;ja,ndv.' th, iB.^lYfb s t-:7y
Extensive :7y.a^'a
Coal Fields
American Continent
are Situ^ated in
Agricnl tur ie
Grazing and the
-;'7'777*7'*r--'7y7:.'----.;7.77y7..h..y--,7:     ,;:..yy,.7'
Lumber Industry
■-.. ■»■ .■'--,-.• .■.■.;-;■'-,•   ■ y ■:■:■;.; A ■■,: ..■. i:v ii-;f: ■■■■■■;■■■■■<;:■ **-,
ape Prominent    y 7
y7.-vy;-.:y7'.7-gyNOTlCE.-.:;y {yJ.y-:AAVA*
Notice'Is' li<5r'tll)y7^tyeit .rhHV-i.is'ixty; iia>'7i: afiet:7
datb i-iiuomi'tp apply to thejciiie'f-t'oiirt'utissiori-
,uf:-o(.'Xi'aiiiis:kciri:'\\-qr.fc.s tor.,pe'rui'ifesiori'7'tb.77piii"7
cltiise 7 the."' fjjUmving:'.-rl't'st-ribcd Irtnds; iii; KaAt:
iCooteiiay: '.Cinivme'iicing at.a ipoTjt'^plnined-iu'
the mou.th;of .«i;'41oU'g.h oil'.t.lie.,.;i''iisi.''i>iiir;',7,j.»f „tlie,
i-Koo.teiiiijyRi'ye.r- iniii incliiriiut;.-all: -thd.iVlafirl.s;
lintlielvopletifty 'riVer..:'n.o',rth of *airi':p'di>t-.;.'6iiiJio-.
. Dis.trio:i;-:.1.0t>'si'c'ro^;ri>pjei.pril'es''l'':
77Dated tliis itHli- <iiVy'pf;sept:7 l.sfti/y', ,77.7-y'V.- ■- y
7 ;C:f7i77;77.AlVA-:^.iudson:'b.7i:7angley7;:;:
•™^-    "my':-' '.   . " A-i;  -9A-r   ,. =', .:'.: :.'.' "7 '7-.:' ".V;' 7': ,0- 7.;.-77-■  ;■;,;;', ,-'.';. ■■ ;v'f !■-''. '.'-A K :     A-1.," A 'A ■•A.-'      :   '•'•■'; I    ". ■''.{'!'■   ' -A-i'' - 'li V--.V  '■"'  Aj„ .   . -   ■;.■   * '    ■''..'".. .'-1 ■    .'  . ' ';.-.  .     .-'.--..-■    ■'•■.■    .-    '(.-■. ,.',"     ,'■:■' ■'.'.',. ■,:':'-'.. ,-A -A.     ".-'.",    ■ tA '." .     7 •<",■ ■■'      ■.' '■7!{'-.'"   'W  , i: .   .-,
l.his 7ridiiii>-: irtusti; ha,ve hoen:;--^
surprisb'even ;l-0 7;th.c.77;fehre\vdegt
a,ndc best1 in formed  .'o.bs6rvcrs.'7.oi:
political;;;, alTa-irs,
Ivooteha7y77 7 77.7''
in7 Southeast
■A): .Toscph Martin is reported ytb
have expressed.-;!- desire   to  stay
yl at'home and' practiep"la>\".y  The
rvoters:ol' -Vancouver have £?rati-
lied his wish,; and. consider - it. a
goodything- l'br.the! proving. 7.
. ." .'.■•■; 'y ■',. ■ ■:.", ■-' ■ *:•-.;'* ■: -/.-. . ■-..-'.■■.■,',;-'' ..
7 '.'■ JI  TpveTryhody   had;'.all ..they
.vWa.nt.ecl   it; would; be' a sad.time
. .jor ;the ehronie7kiC,kbr7;7"'7 '■'■'
■'■■   7 "-..'..••' ■■■-,    7 r-    *   ■-.*.■" "■■ * '.'• • ; ■■ ■" -"7 ■"
77;There  are  men   in"'this town1
•■'. who.,,feel,.it7;.a special favor to'a.
: mirror' I p; have the honor'of  reflecting theix--iuiag.e: "l ■:"'"v:    '■'■'
-   7 Whena man is hot.•■■don't.-drop'
ttchunlvof- ice down hisback' to
cool. hi in off;. . It ,wi 1.1. only.." make
"him hotter.;  y ' y 7  .
The Conservatives of Cranbrook riding' find much 'comfort
iir the result ,.of 'the election.
This district., in'the. next house,
•will -have a -member-' that, will
irAiz'/Aiy on- opposition -benches;:
What the' Liberal, party anticipated   we   do7 not  know, but we
": do know that Dr.' King's majority -of'. ")-l. 'was expensive, and'
will   run' ui)  to  at   least  five in
.a,   ■':  row       of       four'      ligures.
';,;Tlie.'Conserviiti ves, naturally, ex':
]>'ected a majorily. for the party-,'
and but for Ihe expensive!' slump
of over 100 votes. 'Mr. Caveu.
would hiiive I'Kien elected.
13. C. .Smith,  Liberal candidate
 _t . ^— ' ; .	
\\'.\ NT|:;i'> S.'l'A' KIIAI. I '.KI ISON'.S
nl' i'li,"i.rnr-|.i.-i- ii.ml ^nrirl ri.!|iti!-ii.i-ifin it;
(■ii'r'li sltil.t: (one.in llli.H cr.itiniy i:c(|ilii"t.:<l.,
I i.i f'i'prr.Si-ilt. s LI If J aiIVi-i"t,i.-i' nlrl rSl.til'.-
lislir'il wwillliv ■liiisiiir-HS linii^i' nl' srjlid
. liiiiinciiil sit'iiiiliii":. ■ Sii.lti.ry- '.toi.(iti
w.'i'klv v.-il.li I'XiK.'iisc- ,'i.ililil iimitl. nil
|>;iv;il''li' in I'Jtsli (lil'i'i'l I'.'H'li Wr-ilim's-
iltiy 11-< .in hctirl «,illii'i-s. Ilni'so tinii
i.-iirriii^'".- fiirnislii'il wlt.-it tn-'r-risntiry.
I ,'i-l'i'l'i'iii'''.-'. .Klii'lrrsi-     si.-if-iiilrlri.-ssr-r.l
t"iivi"ln|"".    (liilniiial I'ii.. .'I-'M   .'l.)r::u-li(irii
St,., t_.">i i.«_-j ' '      ■
■■/■•}:;'-,OKin,:PrqAn'B,-iOK'-.V.M'*»HpVKMKSTS: );::yV:
y7:: - y-- 7.'7y y y; y 7:'77.^l07rJP.^ ;7: ■i77"-7t;y 7:-,7y77;7y-f 7 77*7
Sit U11 iu, in t lie.Pot-t StcpieMiniiiK Division;of,
Kast. Ixootiiiiiiy'D'isti'ict., 7 ;; ^77: - :7'7- - 7
. .'\Vlio.i"e!;ipi"a,Luil:—On Nortii Star'Hill.■:'['■■''A.,',,."•■■
'-' l'Tiiko-Notii^!7tli,iil,l;'.'TlirSs;\:'l\-'.Mt!\*itUp:'--I:'.;'M.'.
C.7Soy 1 i:7-'i7|-l',',7agoiit^forTliott: '1'. MeVi'ttiei'P7
MiG'./No. ,'i|.7;t|.|.|-^Henry--/7Eliei-: .P.M.C.v Nq.7
,li..|:t-ii-i--piiviil Noweil.lPrpoMLine.i"'sCet'tificate
N o.77li.7:iltll.7 Iii trinvl. .sixty ilaysfrpmntlie iliitc,
iiuro'of. to ,'tippl>;■"''"it).-.'{'lip Minitiff l{ef;pnioi"fpr n
Opi-tilirtiitc of ImproyeinuiiLs, for th% purpose of
olitaiiiiiif,' it Crowii Oram of tlio iiljoyp pliiiiri:.;.-'-
, .Viul ftirtlior-'-tiikp notiprvthat action, mirier
sr-oti'oii ,:!7. iiiiiist lR". ciiinmoiirieil before the issii-
urii'o rif such Cpi'tilicate of ImiH'oyemetiiH. 777,
..■■.-Diilprl tli'ts ISlli1 In y7 of ^August. A.D.. Ii'0;1.7;,,
7':i:.,': ....  A:\y>      : 7v'"-THOS. T.Mi"VlTTik7   7
' "'W;
A A.
'M A.
y y'V
"* 7-7
7M1.NRRAI7 .■"ACT."
' :V{ K.'OR.M   F. 7)7-  "'•
y-;;7S^?ii?2!.;:.-;s";=:7 AiAAA'iAiA'AA .   *y-y.-, ...y .;*jy7     -'7.7:*77";7.7.:7 -7V*7777 7";-"777:;'.^*
7 y       '7C7 ynotice. 77/-;~y;;.;-, ' ..-
.."' Owen'-Soun'tli.Boy Fraction Mineral   7
.'.."■'•' ■„;..;•'•.',. ;.,pltiim,7 :'.:'.-■ y'y, .y.y
r.Siuiate in the Fort Steele Mining Division of
Kast Kootenay District. .;■'■"■   :":i
- Where::lor."aterl:,—On Sullivan Hill. 7 •;■'-   -•::./.•;: ;
.Take Notice that.11, James A. Harvey,.Free
Miner's.Certilicate.No. B.'ilOftEl. actinsj for myself ati'l- as; auent for .Helen V. Estmere. Free
Miner's 'CortilicatP'' Np. -Urni-IT.-' iiilend sixty
day's fro iii tlvedate liereot": to apply to the Min-
'in? Reepriiei'loi' a Certilicate of Iniprovemehts
for the purpose of Pbliiinina; iv Crowii"-Grant of.
the above eluim."   .        . ',',-'
■'■ And  further  take  notiee  that action, titu'ler
section :tr. must be commence:! before the issuance, of suciiyeniiicKte of linproveinenis.
.   tiate.l. ihii-.'ltlsi day of .Hily.■A.-D..7l.'J0:l.
':!•-..-■   ,■..'■'.:'■'. ,    .1. A.'JIARVEV.     '■
Large 7 Sample;  Rooms   fe
1 r'roiiM -I-'.)
I'KrrTIKlCATK .HI-'  IMl'ltOVKMfiN'rS.
•notice;    .7       ./■•
(trilil l-'.tii/ Frtti't ioti.-N'o: 2 Mineral Claim
.Sitliato in the Fori Steele .Miliini,' Division,of
Has; Kootenay District.
Where located:    On Norili Slur Hill..'.,
Take Nolice that I. .lames. A; Harvey,- Free
Mim-r's Certi.11 <"iiIc No.' II. WiKt. aitent'. fur
Eus/ene li. Hrarlen. Free Miner's Gortilicnte No
l.i.tsn-ar, liitciirl. sixty ilnys froiii the dute herc-ol'
tn apply to the .Mining- Itin'oi'iler for a Certill:
cull- o| Iruproyeiiieiits, for ihe. purpose of ob-.
Ii.'iriin^ a ('I'dwii i; iinii ol the above claim.
Aii.rfurtlier ink.- |.iitii'i. thiil acllnii, linilcr
Section :t7,.inusi be r.-oiiiiueiiced before tlie'i.ssu-
..iii'-i- ul Kiiclrl "ei'iltl(:itl.'<if liil|ii'<ivi'liicnK
lllilr-rl 111!", ttlm.'iliiy.r.f July. A.I)., Il«);i.
•"-'. I ' 7     ■        ...     .1.  A. IIAItVKV.
BETWEEN        I
*.'—,JL' •■«
24 Pages   :   Weekly   :   Illustrated.
ftKNri  roit PAMPMS C'Ol'V.
Vour .ititciition, is cttllerl to l.he
"Pioneer Limitetl" l.rttins of i.ho   -'Mil-
o ...
wtittkou & StyPaitl Utiihvtiy." '.."I'lle'nnly
pti.i-rcut. l.rtiiiiH hi, l.lie.worltl.'! 7
You will linil it, iloHii-tih.lt!, to ride on
t.linsi'. ti-iiins when, jfoiiijr l.o'ttn.y |iiiinl, in
'l.lvi: Kiisl-i.'i-n St.t'tlcs irir ('tiiiitilti. 'Pliny
r;oiiiii;r:l. wit.li,, till 'l'i";i.iim:oiit.iiir.ttittll
Trains   anrl   till y'l'irtlcitt    "AjriintH.   -mill
t.il-Ultt.M. ' '      . . ;" ,'
l''or furl.luu- infiii'miiLion, |iiiin|ililcl.H,
ul.it, lisle any Tie.Ui'l,  A^i-nl. nr.
li;   I,.   KOIilli It.  S,   IIOU'K. ■ 7
■' I'•iHti.'  Ajionl, (icntu'iil Ayriiit,
"/.Srp'KANIO.   . I "OUT I.. AND.
TO,AND   li'l'OM   A \A.
Points Eaist
VIA --
Short   I^iiie
Meat Market
T. ROBERTS, Proprietor.
'FreSlv and Salt Meats Aiwavs On Hand.
Spokane, St. Paul, Duhith, Minneapolis, Chicago and Points East
'I'll A INS    DAII.V
I'-AST  'I'I Ml'".
TNew TErniipinoiit .Tlirpuf^Iioul, Day
Coachus, Palace and Tourist Sloopors
Diniiiy and Buft'ot Smokiriy liibrary
l''or 'I'ii-lo.-.ts, Utiles. KoUloit;.- iitu.l l''nll
I iil'iii-iiiiilion.    ('ij.ll. on oi- imUivsn
tiny uyrtiil, (irciit Norl.lii'rn
Uaihvay rn-
A. 'I!. (.'. DKNNISTON. o.w.i-.a.
612 Flltli rtvenue, Seattle, Wash.
..NOTICE.    ' ■  j
N.nii'i! is liorpiiy jl'lvnii lli:i.i:itma.vs:ifinr 1I11U' I
I'lmili! Criic iiit.oinl l,«":ipi>ly to llio  Clilof Coin-
iiiissioimr nl' l.inuls ainl Works imil  tlie  Assis-j ■
nun. CiiiiiiiiiKSionoi' of. I.tinils iiinl \Voi-ks roi' i.Iki ■
"illstrir-.t iri' lOnsI Knrjli-iiiiy foi" :i lli-oiisis'ta^pn'is-,
pi."i"l lor Orml iiinl I'rjtniU'iini <m   llio   I'nilowhii,'
ilosr'.i'il.ii'il   litiiils:,-   Siluiit.o   four  miles  i.-iisl of
Aliiiiiiniiils Creek mill one mile noi'tli of I I'm In-
l.ernnlioinil Uoiimliii-.v I,ilie in tlie south eustern
l.iiii'tinii of Kusl K'l.ol.ciniy ilisl rii'l..    I 'oiiiiiiene--
ii.l.  :i   pi.'st   pliillleil    lll.olll    two   liiiles   eusl ' of
Tlii>in:i.N-t:. Nett'iniiii's eliiiin   lieinj;   lln-   iiillinl.
posl iiinl iii:irl;i!'I.Kinil<"  Oiil.e's   norl.luvesl   eni    i . . .    ■'''.''
nerpi.si.. i.lienee sniiili sn H,,iins.^<u>',<ri\^'*■[ \ In   Fruit.Troos, Small   Fruits,  Orna'
iiii!iit,til Shrubs,  Rosos, Vinos
A    111:1.11    in    rti|ir(.;si.!iil.    "C.'anada'S
Ol.'KA'l'KST N'lIKSKK'IKS'Mll tin; town ill'>
h'orl. Sl.iri'ln anil .siirroiiiidino"   coimtpy/
ttllil l.;i I'r... ni-rlt'i-s I'oi"
eh'ilins. I Iienee iiorl.li siieleiliis. I.lienee   wi-sl  hu
V ...!..!....      ..|„
elniins  to   pliii I'   lii'tjiiinliit;   eoiiliiiniiiK   ii
tiei'es iniii'i.' in- less.
I.oclil.i-il Sept. Ill.li.' Illlltt.
I'l.MI I.I"', OOTK.  I.lieiit.oi'
.       '■ .■ • '.I11I111 T. Hlnff. At-ont,
SOOCI   PottltOOS,   <&(.■.''
Odiinneiieini.' ill. 11 posl |.|iinl.e.l noilli or
liiilMClliri iliil.ililposl inljlieelil, 10 I'llnlle Hole's,
eliiiin Mini iie.irlie'l llenery t'osler's sontliw ;sl
eorner posl. Ilieiiee enst. Sti eliiiins. thenee norlh
Sil elniins. llienee west SO eh.'i.ins. llienee sont.li j
so chains to ■•.lie place of liiTimiliiK eonlniniiii,' :
I'.lti acres inore or less. . , |
l.ocati'il Si'pl. Hlh. !*.»'>::. '   '   '    i '
UliNI-IKV  l-'OS'l'I'IK'. I.oeiilor j
:;ii John T. Ijlut'f, Aut-nt.    I TORONTO,
Slni'lc triir to ntinii" anil live from Situ
.Inyo Scale A pi'i'mai'iout, |i(isii7iiui I'rif
till' I'lo'ilt nl.'l 11 nil i."il lir-t- sillnry rip nom-
inissioii. .'•'..
Stone & Wellinglon
I'.-oN'riiii.i, .\'i!i;SKieiKs
Hvi'l: son  Acres      '
ONTARIO THE pROSPECTOR,' PORT STEELE, - B. C���  OCTOBER  10, ! 903.  .'-<!J.i'':.'nnii;._Miijy ���-���wjiij,�� ���r.*ii|i��,j;a~,j* y*-'/^Jw/i';!;-'..-J'��'jy.*.J\'.^'.'ll.'"-i"iVJ-'T??:��-.'A '-I- ��� 1"I3  Pandora  Only Kunge t it^ed With Lnuiiieled  Reservoir.  Reseivotr is stamped in one  piece  from  sheet  steel,  which  -fll ��-s_ir~l T-prfnerly pljiri surfacs-  ��� lias no se-iins, grooves or bolt  heads to collect dirt  1 .   (A 0   in   shape���has   no  sot' ire   comers   to   SLrape out  \\hi_ii wishing  finished   with  three he i\ \  coats   ot   pure   white enamel which  gi\es  it a  smooth,   bard,   liiarbL-like   btlrf aee���uui    be   easily   and  thoroughly cleansed  Never taints the watei or corrodes like tin, copper, galvanized  iron and other such styles of ies^tvoirs put in loinmim i.ttigct.���is so  clean and free ftotti taint th it it can be used lor hulling truit and  i  %  'i'i  ���ft  '���&  Applications  for Timber  Licenses.  Notice' is hereby given thiil thirty days after  rial ii'. J intend, to apply to the Chief Co-nmis-  sinnur of Lands anil Works for si>ceial Licenses  to eut iiinl carry ii'wny limber frpm the following tracts of laiid situated in the Northern  ilivisioii Easl kootenay District viz.:--'���. ���;,  I. Commencing at1 a post, plimterl on the  north liuiik.of White River about seven liiiles  dp i'roni' the month,, thence Hit eliains north.  Uicncc '.so. cliaiiis-.ve.sl,. thence Wl eliains south1.;  tiience fth elniins east to point ofcommence:  iiieiil,.��':    Located I'.ith dtiy of August. r.Ktt'  ���V '}/ '.'���'��� .'������ -AAA "��� ��� ���."������' ''������'.'7i'V..ic. 1'iii.tY.  ,'J.���;' Ciiniinenciiig nt a postiiiarkcrLE... M. Mc-  MullinsKoutlicasi corner north .rjfaiiil adjoining E. IC. Polly's claim, thenee,north 80 chains,  tlieiice west HO ("'iiiiius: ihetice south, SO chains.  .Llii;Ji^L_>iasi^Mi_Chaii)^jQ3oin7l.:Qi7ciiiitiien.c.eL  $  many other purposes beside betting u iter  Sold by all entciprising dealers     Uookk-l free.  McClary��  ,, M London     Toronto    Montreal     Winnipeg     Vancouver     St. John. N.B. '4  k-.'&^.'y.^ '���;i::-.v'"-?-T? '->"-v >.->y-'":-U::'R-:--'-V.'^i:-:-'<'.%  ^*'J--"-">*���"--���-���**��� *���* *-���*��� *���'*"���* .t*-*.-1'.*<'.  .. .'..-.v.--.   *:*���" ,.V.J'-t*.". -.-..J".t".:?-.".'3:*.:-:-:in- .Vv/".'.".'".'^ tl  f&fieffijct&pJcicev  -jATUUDAY. OtTOIillll  10   IWi  The First Snow Fall  Noi   null]   llic  liioh   ])Oiilcs ol  the Itockios were ci owned   Willi  snow  did   many   ol   Hie cili/ens  realize   thai   Ihe 'siiminei    day.  are  over  ami   wmtei   is last ap  proiichiny    Nolhma is so stioni>  a remindor ol 1 ho oinvtti d  swoop  ol 1 line as these si��ns ol   elninir  ma   se.isons       When   Ihe   bells  ring in llio new year il   lequm-s  quite  a   stretch   of the imaQiiui  tion to make one appiociale   the  ��� significance     oi     Ihe   arbitiary  markiug ot lime, but when sunn}  daysgnew.iy  to  clouded   skies  and dhe   litst   niantleol snow i4  seen   on   Ihe  mountain tops, the  lull lou-e ol the   inaich   ol   lime  meannm  "Public Warning."  allti  I  The  snow  I.i 11  ���a   vonr      The  leaves  die, and  into motirniua  lou-e o;  is at onee Loll  compiehended  is the burial ol  llowers lade, the  all naltiie noes  to await the rosm 1 eel ion. and  with each going and comma, the  years are maiked upon us as  tliey are on the gianls ol the  [oiesls with their conconlncil  rings '  A   aiaantic   undei lakina   thaf  will cost not less than KiO.000 000  ii in the lorni ol a canal in Scot  land, plans loi which   ha\e   |usl  been completed       This  canal is  to be large enouah to lloat ocean  ships    between     the    Pii-th   ol  Poithon the easl   coast    acioss  the River Clyde on the wesi     A  writer in the Chicaao Ohioniric,  describing   the   pioposed   canal  says       "An   indication   ol   the  saving in di.stancc that  would be  eflected  by   the   canal   will   be  gained by the toi lowing   figures  Prom the Clyde lo porls  on   the  east coast ol Scotland, norlheasl  ol   Iflnghincl,   and   noilhwcsl    ol  lOuiopo the distance saved would  be 11 oin al"! in lies  lo   2AX   miles  l^iom the En th ol Forth lopoils  on   the   west   coast ol Scotland,  northwest ol    ISnaland     Treland.  America and  the   A'ledilei rancan  the   disiance   s.t\ed     would   be  fiom   Ih?   to   IH   miles       From  Tyne ports to the Sl     Lawrence  river the  distance   sa\ed   would  be l.")() miles      From  the we��l of  Britain and npil.hcast.ol Ireland  to middle Western   ports   of  the  continent    the   distance    saved  would be from ��?? to 1)8 miles."  Tin publi-lioi-, ol ilu Kimih llr'i.ild  mil "W cukh St.n ol Mont lull w.11 ii  lln lmlillr i r-j, u (lino ,ui olli i made by  (ci lain p.ipiji - iu u Iin li .mcit licsi Montr  i c.il p.tpr i ��nli i soini'u li.ii -.unil ir  ii.iini llio Tlio K.iniih Hit.ild 1-. olloi od  in <i r lnl)l)ii]o ( oinhin.ition It is i-r>-  poi h (Mo 1 lie pnblislii i s thai in some  r.isi-,i')i niloi li i-, Ik i'li act r plod inulor  llio lmpics-ion tt u.ts The Kinulv'  I loi aid and Wcilch stai that would:  bo i ct im\ cd Tni. papr i in (|tii'-,linii'  li.ig no t oinicr lion uhtloMi with Tlio  Kunth llr-ialdand \\ colch Slai It.'  is Tbr r.muh lluald ind WVckU "sl.ir  that is ollr i mi. ilu li.iniUoini piiinniin,,  pir till is and lai tir-r oloni i il in ip ol thr  Dominion .is piuuuinw 'llit, word,  KA.MII.y should Iii used when ad-  dir-isiiin   tli.il    p ipr i Tins   lanlion  sltotllil li i\ c 1 hi olli r I ol pill 11 no pf op 11  on lln ii  o nat d  NOTICE.  Sl\l\ ili\- illtl illltr 111 llllllllslr.lllll 111-  l( tirN tl) lippl\ ll) till (lllll C01tllll|ss|(i)lll ol  L 111(1-. Hill Will 1 ~ 111 \ li llll I I U c 101 pil  mission io pimliise tin loliownij; ili^oi ilierl  ?l mil in soul h l.isi Isooienin In'iniiiii/ nt a  po-i pliintnl it tin noi the i^i toi ih i ol Lot \'o  lll'i oiotip I tin nu -oiiln iiti i h uns to tin  IIOItllULSl LOI in i i '.ot No I'K i llicin i l IsL !--  r ham-, lo tin i i���'hl ol �� i\ ol   the  Oion ��'S'ist  I'ISS I'llllUIIV      llllllll    lOllDHIIl^   tin     in-lit    nl  u in nl sniil i.iilunv In tlio pi tic  ol   In ^iiiinii^  r on I ii mill-, I >J in K s in in 0 ol Ir s->  Dntiil J-I 111 Si |.!i lulu i    I'M {  It) I.Llil N"  LI  S'l)  NOTICE.  si\iN  Mils mill  ilm   the unrlei si���'iu a  Mill ml  to   ippK   io ihe ( lnei  Cumin smoih i   ol  LiniK   mil   Woi Us nt   Nil'oiii    It  (     lot pi I  mission  In  pniiliiisr   tin   lollou ins,r rlosi i ilicil  l:iml ill Smith ] iis| KnoteiiiiN     liLViiiniti,,' nt    i  post pl.uitiil il tin noi Llii isl loi mi ol Loi No  I II'I  tin tin i iiniiint,' KI i Iniiiis to tin   sontheist  i oi in i of Lot No   Mil    lliinri   nouh   so  ilninis  lo tin|noi lln isl ioiiii i   >i Lot No   I'm.   ilunn  ilonn'tln   n���rhlol  �� in ol till   C IONN s   N'l-ll'lss  IIijInnin io the pi in ol   In ���'innni���'   i mil uniiij:  IT'i   II 1 Ls I0O11   tn   Ii ss  I) mil .'llll Si ptimlir i   1 in1  Id OLOP  LL Nl)  mem.     - Lneuieil ifltli day oi'jA'ugust, 190:1.,,,   :  ���- ,.   V'i'.l:"?   ,;7i. 77;.' ' r.-'m.,mi:mulli.n -;  ���'.',. .Coniihenciii't;'��� itt �� - Jiost iiiurkeil' K..--.V  Hiirl's.soiitlieiist eorne.r north of and ; iirljoin-  iii'!,' R. M. MftMnlliii's I'liiim. tlieii<-e nortii HO  (���Iin ins. ilieiie'e, west, sjO'eiiiiiiis. theiiee sou tit:.SO  cli'aliis.'.iliehpt;, easl 8(1 elm ins to point of ebm-  iiteiicenient.''  lirieiiterl lilth.rltiyof Aiisust.1. lilllil  .."��� ���;..'������������..7'     -AA" i^lrA'Vy: K. A<   U1|{D.    "  I. (Jimmieneiiiftiii :i post miii'l-'erl C: 11. Ilinls  sou.theiisti'iii'iirir north olViiiiil^iiljoiiiiii^ ��� \i, A.  Mini's loeiitioii. thenee nOfth SO ;elitiliis. thenee  west sti eliii|ii.s.aheiieri south-St), ehtil ns:. theiiee  eiistSiieliiiins. to poinl-of eominenetnnent. ������')?.-���  '������ 7l.or'iiteil llllii day 01' Ausitst. I'Ml. 7       '".'A 7  7-7777- 7;777y77,y'-.7 y-.7y'o.ii77iiiiti>..i'77  ").' L'i)hiiiienein>." lit .'it . post miirUeil ,l.lt.  'I'lii'iiey's norlluyest eorner. post, heiti"? our;  liunilreil'r'Iiiiliis north pf'G," K.- Itiril's loeHlioii  lhenr;e.7'soitlli .SO,, eliains..thenee east SII elu'iins.  thenee norili SO eliains. Iheneiy west SO chiiins  to point of eriiiiiiienr'rinieiii.       "'^.ViA, ,  '..'  -. fLocitterl-lllili-'iltty of i<tiKlisi7' ilKKI'y-" A: '7f     77  '���'7 77:7"v'y7-"7.77 ; .;,'7.';'j;,u. 7ti7kni.:y;7 :y:  '",.'(!. '.ClomineiieiiiK, at" iiipost .;inai'keil.,7 Wi-l''.',  Lewis' noi'llifcist eorner-post, ihence spilth SO  ;uliTiilistlo~I^II^'t'ni1ire',y-s"loe:itioi"rf^l,lie  SII elniins. (lioiiee noi'tli Sftchaiiis, thenee east Stl!  ehiiitis to point or coiiinieneeiiient. .V Ar.'A :::A;A  ���'.����� r.ocateilltiliiiiiiy of August. iOOli. ':yA A'���'.���;.���  ,-77 7':77:7r '..;';��� AAA!.. \. A ,;yw7i"'7T.'Kwts77y  7". Comi'iienciiif- at a'post heitiK J; I'.' Lewis'  tioi'lltwest eqi'iief post.'-^licnKC south SU,7c'hsii'iis'  to .1. ll..'l'ui'iji(!.v's lo(tittloit,tlieiii'r:'eii.sl7SO elniins  ���ilipiiijp north.80 chains, tlietli'e,Nve.sfySO'r'.liains  to' point of commencement.;; .:;..: .zk AalAjV-V  7T.ociiteii.lStii iiiiy ()r:AiiKnst,7itHi;i.7y 7.7' ^AAa  777 '7   ,7 ���.-.7:-y-,., �� ������ -: ���; 7 'A A viA*.P..uv.xvm A.  ���-.-,��� iS7r Coiimieimiitt,' at it: post'hei lis C.H.y Hiiil's  northwest corner po.st.ylheiiee:' soiitli: !e'it,'iity  eliuiiiS to XV. 1''. LeNvis' location.' thence east  eitrliVN'r chains: :Uir;nce north ; eighty ,chains,  theiiee west eighty chiiins to point of ebmi'iicu'rc.-'  nient'..'    I'.oenteil.ir>tli ilay'ol' Ausiist: lCOtt.  7:  7y7yy-7-y:--7.-7-7'7:7 7:77' 7"77 7'7777:o.-.H.7]n7iViJ77  .' '.1. , Conimenejiis; at (i. post 'markeil , 13s;-G.--  Mird's norlheiist.;"eorner.;'pftsi;., ihence south  eiglity.Leliiiins lo7 "\\r: l"'..L(i\vis,''loctitiOn������ tlieiice,  Nvest, eiKht.N chains..tliehee nortii-oljfli'i.v chains  llienee.: east, eifility ehiiihs .'to. point of coin-;  iiibne'einent. 7 Liiei'iled 15th day o'f,AuKiist,:l!!0;l.:  7v-' Ay i-A'^i-: AA"77777y.-:    v  io. c;j; hird: y 7,  7 10. : Cqiimi'eiieitiKJiii. 11s' post:-iniirite.d 7: A.7^1".  l|ird's , sqtitheast'.coriirjr-: prist-, tlieiiee.(:nbi'lli  eighty' ehaiiis. (tltoiiee":'.Nviist 7eighty7 eliains:  tlience' sou tii eiglity,; 'blnn'ii's to"10.7.01; IJirrt'.s  loeiitioii tlieiice eusl eiKhty cluiiris..���1tn'.:'polnt.:'f>t.  coinmeiiiieinent;.���;-.7..y-y,.77',:������������..:.V-A'k'a;V- 777777  7Lor;ntoil ltitli day bf:AiiKiisi. IDOH.:A--AVAAVV:.  'AAAAi;.^V...AVAAyAv'ii'-":''M:AAV'V0mupl4^:i  "-.-'11.   Comiiieiicinp;',1':'ii"aV"'po'st nia'rk'ed .10.7 FI.  Mircl's,. soil til west,^^.obriiiiripo.stvtlieiii^e-'north  eijility ehains.^tlieiieeeasteiKli I y ehaiiis.'tli(:ii'ce.  ;'sbiitliyeiKli''t};7-:;eliidiisV^  Iheiiee-yNvesl.veiKlity.; chains,',-��� loi: iiioiiitor.cqin-'-  'nieiicemenLvi Loiinteil iritli (lay of-August7;*lliKI..  ^.������i;-^:"1.":^*^^':/'7- ."-''-..^C'J:i>/^.r"���"��7-7'i77'_^':t!77?v;7_j.-7\.-":.7'-7-'J:7' =-.-"i*?v73-^.7'I,*"3'^Tli^T;^:-^^.  ���Vi'-'iS.'v. C!pin.hinii6in'f-';:ii,',a,': postmarked7l0. 'A.-  Mi rir.s iiorth wektcorneryaheticefeiklayychiiins-  sonth, to A. T.. Mli-rl:s":'ln(:iiUoii;:''ihe'n��e'-:eiebi.y>  >liiiins^elis.i,,,ttiiMir"e^eii,'iity chains iiorth. theiiee.  eifthty eliaiiis7west, to 'point of eomnionccineiit.  -7 Loeatertl/iiirday p.'f7AiiK.ii.st,',i.!Kl3.'',',.,7''-   ;i;. A".'���.[������  VV A ?��"*-;'. 77'������������.������ 7 'y'v7':y. ,io;''A7iiiRn:-'777::  KI. . ComineiiciiiK- al.a post, niarked .1 '.77 CS.  Mint's -..son tii west "cornei':. post thenee north  ei(.'hty chains, thenee east eiKhtyehiiills; tlience  souih eiglity chains to 10.. A. Hii-d's location  thenee.' 'west eiglily chains to point "of ebin-'  iiieneement     Located 15th day of AUKiist. I'.iffil.  7  ��7';" :;.- -A'. 777,y,r7t:L Miiin. .������;-.  to .lames (.'.���micron's .location   thence west Kin  eliains to point of com'rneneeiiiciu.  ':   Located lKthday of Auj.Mist: l'.Wl.  .,-������"'"   ,    .,���''.'���������'���'��� 7 'A fKKTi sto'kk. ''.'  ~A. Coiiiiiiunc'liig-at, a post marked A.C. Liii-  hardt southeast corner post adjoining; V. Storks  location thence nortii .li'.O chains to Puliieer  Kiver, thenee. west 1(1 eliains': llienee', south iw  cliainsf ilicnce .east -It) chains to i|oint r>f eoni-  nieiiceineiit..7Loented 18th day.'of' Aug-t'ist.1 IW:\.  "���'.'.'     >,    :.'>7v:   -7 a:c.xn>HAHirr.  -5. Coniiiieiicing at a jiost planteit on; the  west side of ihe,Kootenay Uiver opposite R. O.  G'illelt's location marked 1{7 C. (Hilett's, south-  Nvestcoriierposl theiiee north SO chains: tlieuee  eiist SO chain.ythenee sriiuli sil .eliains. tlieii'7'i':'  west Sti chains to point of '"omuieiicemeut.  .���".r.o'faied'lBiij day.of August, 18011. .      '  .'���   .'������'       7�� ;'.'������'..''',.'. R. G. GIIitiKT'T. "'��� 7  i'i. Cuiilnji'iieiiiK- at a prist .maikoii SV, :i  Heiily's soutliwi.'st eoi'iier jjosi rjivm-f- .iiorth .-'  chains.'-,1 hence ei.sl ,SIJ ehtiins'to 10. W. 1 lazle-  NVOoil's locution ihciiec south'sn t-linins. tliem-i;  west SO eliains 10 point of.eommcuci-meni. '  .Located 17th day.r.f Aiij.riist'.,l'.HW.'"'.'        ,  ' -.'.'  '': ;'"77 7' .  ��� -:;' ���" .",-���'  -..   w.'t, hioalv. .,������'  ;''7'-'iiy-' r  ::A :'vu.A..":;V'Aivv-':-. i:  !������ "i.   Coihirienelh;.'.   at   a, post  niarlierl   t.-I.   S.  1'clly's, souUieiist eorner po.-l  arljoimar N. 10.  locution 'thenep   iibrtli , SO   iiiaiii-,  st SO'chains. thi|ii'i'e south  SO eliains  ::^6rTComnieiH''in"? at "a7"post.'iiiai"ke"d. Ei' H:  Bird's southeast corner post adjoining' R. O,;,  Uillett's lbeailbii,:.thenee. north' SO chains,  thence West SOehains, thenee south SO cliiiiiis.  thenee,'cast.','.80! chains' to jioinfof coiiimeiii'e-  lneiit, -Lfieaied.ltith day of AUKiist'. U)0:i.      7 7,  'AAaA'^W-; "',.''���''���  ' :   'y.ioyi.'niRn.,. '>������  27., Clnnimeiiciiif;. at; a post marked Geo. -\7  Caiii'eroii's.7southeast 1 eoriier7;iheiiee'"i'iYVrtii'7sii  chains to 10. IL Mird's location' thenci'7 west-SO  chiiins: llienee south SOehains, theiiee./'east S(i  eliains to point of commencement. t  ;. i.oealed l��ili ilay.or.Ati"{iist.' 19(��''-, ...77 -:-7-'.::- ,<l  ::7'7-y7-7 ������-,?<-��� KO..A. CAMKRONyy. '  :JS. eouimeiiclni;. at ' 11 .7 post 'umrked \V.  Forrest's iioi'iheast corner post heintirsouth of  'I'Ieii"' A i (''aineron's loi'ittirni Iheni'e south st)  eliiiltisfTlfcTieewest.SO eliains'. ihence'noi'tli- Sd  elmius, theiice cast SO chains''tn,. point ,.bf coni-  iiieneeinciil;, rioi-ateil Ifltli day of AiikusI. I'.ipti:  ':77. :A;b yy-7; ;;-..7' -7 v^y7\v7K()RRioST.:y7-  y,2i>.; eoinmeuelnj-'iit a.'iiost mtnked A. (.'aiii'-  eroii'..s7 norlh west, cornei', post, ail join liif.' W.  Forrest's.?!localioii rtli'oniie 'soutli'--: SO .chains,  thenr-e oust SO. chiiins'"'.tlii'iieiMiorlh.St) chiiins.;  thiMiec.NycsLSllA'liiiiii's^tqyiioinu.of-rainiineiicej  NOTICE  N'otn e is hen Iin ���'inlii ih it thu in   rlt\s iftn  il iti  I .lo r pli I ilwin L,iou. intend to apph   to  the Clin t ( oiiiiiussionii ol   Lmds  and   Woiks  IOI  till    IllstllltOI   I    1st   ICllOklllN   loi      1    llll list  to piosprrt loi to il ind pen i��li 11111 011 tin  lollounv rlr inhcd land Mlinti. on the Al. 1  miunis citek ilioui ei^ht links nouh ol tin In  leiuitiomil MouiidniN Lnu ill tin Uisliictol  Itiltisli t oluinlu 1 iiiniiiiLiii iiU' it 1 post pi inter 1 nnlsi 01 liciiir. tin initial posl idj in nl lo the  iNlr f 1111 hi 111 1 I inn mil milked losepli IMnnui  t lout s soutlu 1st 101111*1 post ilunn noilli  ci���'lil\ (linns ~ihtnn \nisi 11 Iiin iIhiii*  tin 1111 south eirTliu r li 1111s ihenei list 1,,'hlN  ilninis 10 plui 01 litvinuiii ' 1 out lining si\  liuud 11 rl Hid 1 >i I n   1111 s 111011 ni less  I 01 Hi il !si pt   mill   I'M!  IOSI  I'll   I D\VINT t.li'Ol   P   Loi Hint  10 lohii  I'   Minn    \���'t nl  at a post   marlied   A.  T.  corner . post   theiiee   south  Si\In  .l|l|IH��� I  Land-  I  .IN -  ..    llll'    (.'111  111(1    Wot I.s    loi  pill I ll.lsi    till"  follow lllLi    (  111 south i:,|s,t Know 11,in  NOTICE.  till I      (I.Ill       I     IlllOIlt  (   illllllllsslOlll I  pel nil  lo  ol  lo  sot ilu d   land  Coiilllioilr 111"  slUII  WANTI'lD  KA7ITH7KUL      l'UUSON  TO TUAVIilL for woll tistttblishod  honwo. in tifow counties, oiilliiio" on i-o-  tiiil iiii--!'oluinl.s iind tiyonls. lax-til forri-  lory.''Salary $\02A a yoiir. iind oxponsos  , iniyiiblo $1!I.7II :t nvooIc in ottsli unil o.v-  poiisos advanced. '��� ''(isition porinaiient  l.bi.sino.ss Hiici-i.-ssfnl anil   riisliiiio-.      |0n-  ,il   a   1 nisi   planiid   mi tin 1 ,ist li.uik ol  I In     Konti 11,in    1 in 1 1,    111 ti Iu rl    I     I)  (���onions    1101 thwi si     (01 nr'i      thorn-  iIonnii   sin tin    tloiiL.   -.inl   hank   in tin  s!o,ij>.li which loi ins lb. ut..st,.i 11 boundary of Ijoto.r)S. th.iJiioe ,oast  atnl   nortli-  Nvo.sl.'tilon.o' said'slouo'b to j'lbint-of eotn-  inoiK'omciit., r-onfaiiiiiio' -10  iu-ros   inoiv'  or loss.    Datod this I7l.h'day'of'Aiio'ukI-.  lilOll.  '        .'7     .1. D. CiOKDON:'   'A*  r.-loso. scll'-aildroHsod   o.iin"o|o|  tiril llotisi". .'! I r> ('axton IJ1 tl��  (  Stand--  :.-l"'o.  J.   HIGH WARDEN.  PIONEER   BARBER SHOP  Evcrythiiiic Strictly I^irst, 'OI:i.��.<  Next door to Uie. Prospector.  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anvonoseriillnt* iiRkctrli ami rlcHcrliil.ion miry  quickly iiscei'iiiln our ripi.iiion free wlieihur mi  , iiivi.'iiilon is prohiilily piileiitnlile.   ('iiiiiiiniiiini-  - iliiiisHi.rii'l.lyeiiiiililentiiil. IIiiiiilln.olcoii l*ntcnta  Hcnl. Iree. Olilcsl ."leciir-y for .icciirinir inilcul.s.  I'atr-iilH taken  t Iiioiil'Ii  Mtinn .t Co, receive  sjirr.hi'l notice, witlioui-clniree, In the  A lmnilsoinelr llliistraterl weekly. I'.nrKRHt. clr-  riilatloii of iinv Heicntllle Joiirnnl. 't'erins. ftl n  year: lour moiil lid, $1.' Sold by till nvivHilciilers.  MUNN & Co.36,Bro:,d^ New York  Branch Ollloo. (Ba F St_ WashlnKton, O. O.  l-l.   f.'oninieiiein  liird's   nortliNvesl  eiyhty chains to K. .-\. ISint's Ioeitlionlhenr-e  east eiglily elniins, thenee nortii u.ighiy ehuiiis.  thenee west eifihty i.cliains to point of com'-,  lnei.oeinent. f.ocnleil 18th day.of Aitfjiist, IDOII.  ������"���   r.;.-- -':'."'-"���  '    !,"'  "���   ':.   ���...������'A.--T..'��IRp."y  ir>. Coinnieiicinti at it. Cl! Ciiilett's southwest  eorner post thenee north eighty,.chains, thence  easl eighty eliains. thenee south eighty eliains  to,j .1.' tl ..'��� Iii rd's location : thenee , west.. eighty'  chili lis. lo point of r"Oinineiieeinent. 777'.:...J .;7.-'.-..;.  '���'" l.oeuteil ir.th riay of August, l'i)(J3."'.-.'".-       ��  - y, 7 -7i:-'f-'7 it; c: GiliTiETT. ���: y  ..Iti. Coiutncneln-t. at a.7 post. marked K,y..C'.'  Hird's soutliNyesl corner ])()st adjoining. A. T..  .tiinl's loi;atioif thenee '.north .eighty chains!  theiii'e east eighty chains, thenee south" eighty,  chiiins. thenee Nvest'elghty chains to point of-  eomnieiicenieiit., l.ocnteil.l.Sth .lay of AiigiiSi,  IflOt!.   7 7,        ; K. Ci'. MIRD: : '  ��� .." .���",   '      '        .. .:' ������"     7'.."    ���" : . ������ - ''v;.   . ���  IT.   Commencing at  a   post   marked  XV.   A.  Pratt's soutliNvest eorner , post tlience "north  elulil y chains, tlience east eighty chains, thenee  south, eighty, chains to K.C. Ciiilett's location  thenee west eighty nhiiins 10 point of commencement. Located lSt.li day of August..IslO'l.-  ���    XV:-A. PRAT'l'.,.,-   .  I.s. (".'Oniihr'iicing ai a post inarked Geo. A;  (,:ameroii's noitheast corner post thenee south  eiglity chains to W. A. Pratt's, location thenee  Nvest eiglity elniins. tliencc north eighty chains,  thence, east eighty chains, to point, of eoin-  uieiicement. I.ocaleil lHtli day of August. l'.Wtl.  Cll-i'O.; A. CAMERON,:  ID. Commencing" at a po.st ntarkerJ XV: A.  Plait's northwest corner, post iul joining Geo. A.  Cameron's locution tlience south eighty chains,  tlieuee east eighty eliains. thenee norili eighty  chains, tlience Nyesl eighty elniins to point of  coiniiieiicoinent., Located 1SU1 day of August  l!Ki:s. NV. A. PRATT.  Sfl. C.'oniniencing al a post marked \V:  Porresl's soutlieas.l r-orner posl adjoining Geo.'  A. flanieroii's locnlioii thence . norlh eiglily  :eliaiiis.,llience west eiglity chains, thence soutli  eiglily ('halns. thence cast elility chains to  poini ol' coiniiii'iiceiiient. Loeiiteil   IHtli  day  ol'Augusl.  I'.'litl. W. KORRHS-r.  .21. (Jiiitmiencing at a post miirked .lames  Cameron's si ml Invest corner post ml join ing NV.  A. I'ralt.'s localioii llienee north eiglily chains.  I.lieiiee.eiisi. eighty chains, thenee south eighty  I'liains.' llienee, (Vest eiglily '"halns 10 point ol"  coiiiiiioni'cinonl. Located IS1.I1 day of August  I'.lli:;. .IAMKS CAMKHON.  ::���.:. Coiiiineiicing nl a posl niarlced .lain.-s  Cameron's northwest corner post tlieuee souih  SII elniins to NV. A. Pratt's location lhcnce easl  SO eliains. ilienei- north Htl chains, tlu-nce west  SO i'liains lo poiiil-of'"oinmeiicemenl.     ,  Liicaterl IS'l.li day of August  l.ocateildiith day ofAugust. 1!)0:  .Aaa i ���7:'7 ::77':7 77 7..t7.,'7��7A-...cAME.KpN.,:."  ..; till.',! Coniiiieiicing: 'at "a post , niiii-Ueil,'i- Hi l"i.  Stiiebier's southeast riorner post thence ndith  1110 chains to Av Canieroii> location theiiife'  Nvest -It) chains,, tlionirc soutli 1(10 ciliaiii"-:. picii'o'e.  east"'-iti eliains to noin t of commencement.... '  yyLo-caleTd. liith.(Iiiy:of Augiisi7::!iio:i.771.7777 7:"  ���A: A -y777���:-7'7.:���H..'TJ.;STA,KH.rj5R',7.-.  ;y:|L :Conimencing7ai.' a  post plnnied-.nn the  Kast Ho'tindary of lllock .I5i)ti aiid7,1 tmctioii of  the lyiioteiitiy.River.inarl.eil:,K,;:,,\V;7 ilnzlewoods  northeast coriicr post tlieuee, soiitii'..Sil chains,  thenee Nvest 80 chains, thonce north su: eiiaiii.s.^  thenee east 80 ehaiiis to point of eoinnienceiheiit  ���:.���; Jineateil SOth'day of, August, 1!I0X-.-77 '"'".' 'A'^V-  ..:'"' 7.- 7v'7   7,7777 .���7''/1'Rr7w.J.H'AZ'rJ5Vv001),'i;7;  ..'W   Coniiiieiicing at a post  marked  A. G'am-  eroii's norlhwest eorner post situated,.2ii chtiinS <  south iif.'AV. Porri'st's loeiitioii tlience. south 1(10  chains, the-iice'e'iist^^40 chailis: thence npi'lli   100  chains, ihence Nvest -10 chains 10 point, of cbin-  meiiceineni.     Localed llllli'diiy of August,: 1003.  ���A\i:y:A -A-"A:: ArV,::A, 'y;r;:A:\CAMKliOSA A:  ��� 733.' Commeneing at' a post tiuirkeit n7 G i I'-'  ielt's sou tlnvesi corner ail joining E. \\r7nazle-,  .wood's location tlieiicendrth St!, chains.' thenee  leastao iihains; tlieiice soutii:.,St):7ehalns.  tlieiice  west80 ehaiiis"to poiiit.of eoirinieneeineiit., .7,7 (  ::,: r.oeHted SOIliday of.:A'ugiisi;. IH03. ': y 777 y:7  7'77727::7.-7.'77v77.7^;77:''7:77"''77-...H7'Gi'LLKTi\-.y!'7.  ��� 34.::.Commeiieing'��� at': a, - 'post'.'--';.uiarK-ed' .1... 'P/  Lewis' southeast"coriier postjatljoiiiing 7.177 H.  Tiiriiey,'s7 loeiitioii^ tlience ,7 iiprili..-10 .chains.  tiieiii-e NveslItiO-'ehairiH. theiir-e.soutli'���.���ifr-'.eliainsv'  thence,7;east:. IfiO ciiaiiisyto point or eoinme'uco-;  iheni:7 Located l!!tli 'day'of August.' 1110:1. 77'7777"77v  77'7":'777 7;;777,:::777:7%:7y.7,7"l,As7i.'7LE\yis.'7-77y  7:ii). 7 Comitieneiiig' at y^postyimu'lfectuyy F7  :Le.Nylsy sotitheasl corner. post7: thence: nortli.-iO  eliiiiiiS;to.,r.-;P',:7Lewi.s'.lQeiiti()ii:,ihenee:Nvest:iii().  chains, tliene.e south 40 chains; Ihence. east Hit);  idiaiiis to point of coiiiineiieeinent. ' y aV,.-  '.'' Lficaiett 12th rlay of-Augiist, .l'itOS.,...:: .  ''77777^ 777-.7.77!.,7":'7 y.7;:77'-. ;.\v;f: LEW'JS.-J'.y'  :::3��. 'Conihieueing. at): a, post .niarlced ,".. I^rc.il  Stork's southeastyorner pcisl' theiice,:nrirth 40  etiiiins to \V. P.-Lewis' locatioirthonec Nvestll'.p  .elniins, thenee soutli 40'cliaiiis, tlieni;e. east lilii  to point bf:er;)mmencemenl77 y 7:7.7.7 .7 7: .7  .   Loeateil:12ili(lay,of August, 1*��6:^-'  yyy" 7y:.yy.-'y'y , .... .y^'REi^SToitic. v..  3". CoiiiBiencing at a.post marked A. C. liip-  lianlfs N.E.,,eonipr . post adjoining I"'. .Stork's  location ihence south'-10 eliains.-thence-west K'.o  chains, thence iiorili 41) eliains. theiiee, eiist --llio.  ehaiiis 16 point of e-oinihcuecinent. ; .-,:''-1'"  '". Located 12th day ol'Augiist711I03...'A'- ''-7. 7,,"  y,yy.7" 7y:; ���; .yA.c.LiPHAkhT"...":;  ''38. Commencing til a prist murker! M. Mi'Der-  nilil's northeast corner postadjoining A. C--Lip-  hardt's location theiice .south 80 chains;-,tlioiiee  west 80 chains, thence iiorili 80 .chains, tlieiice  cast 80 chains to poini of commencement.  Located 12th.day of August. liltW. . ���'.;,  '-;_7't;' ..,'���' 77 '77 7" '. 7M. McUERMriX ��� "  73(1. . Commencing tit. a,i>bst marked Mv' llit-d's  northeast coiner thenee so.iith 80 ehtiiris loll.'  Bird's location thence Nvest 80 cliiiins.^thence  north 80 chains, theiieo-east 80 ehaiiis to poiin  of coiiimenc'euient:'"������'. Located ifltli"'day of  'August. HHJ3.   , ';' ���;  ���   : M. UIRD. .77  .: .40. Commeneing at a post' ratirke'rl I. Hird's  nortliNVrist cofrier post'ailjbiiiing M. Hird's location1 thence soutli 80 chaliisV tiiene'e east .80  chiiins. thencenorlh 80 chains, thenee Nyes'i SO  chains to point of commenceineiit7 ,7  Located lflth riiiyof August. 1003..' ',. 7:  -'37   '     '   V ������'.'/-. Ay v,   ���i,'|!1y{Dy -  Sudrliihy'  thenee wi  ihence e,|lst SO, eliains , to  110'i.ni of- coiiimeiii".'-  liicnt.''. Located irih day ofAngust. lt��i:i7 ''���-'-., 77  }A-y'Ar A...'a ���     ��� ������'',:;':-:7-':g.:^;'.pel,'[iV, ������"''  ,8. Coiuihrnicing at it pfist: .(ii'-irked If. A.  J'clly's southeast coriicr post adjoining (.!. ,S.  Polly's'locution theiiceiiiiitli 80 chains: '��� thence  west.80 r;ha!ns..ihenci7.'7south- 80 chains, tlieiice  east 80 chains io iio'lTjiof noi'lyi^-tcAi.y'y.������^���-  v Loeiiteil irtii day of'//. :;>:; i:7 ...;:j. '���''.���''  -"..:��� V���VVV '-7 77 7-7 -7" -.������ :lAA-'PY-iA-X-''.J.  it. Commencing "iii' it povt'intirkfil'.. R. :'A  Pcily.'s soulhensi eoriiei' post'.-ailjnliilnsr Ii'. A.  Pelly'slociiijon llieiicc: north ,,*!l71'haiiis, 1 hei.ee,  west SOf'l'iiiih's^henel-.sfiniliSil i'liains. tlien.-e  east SO chains to point, of eofnineiii'cnu-iit. ���,"  ...Located'tflli day of ���Aiigiist4l'.i(i'.I...y '; ,-  '���";'  ': -'.. -.'.- -'���-V.-7; 7'A-'V '.'"'"l(..S.-''l-ELLV.;.7 ���''','  ���AA'~'.%'a A!A- liAYAAi ;,-l-r '':v'A;A---a..  ���-.- in. Comnieiii'iug ai a post on the .West -.side  of the l\'ooleiiiiy Rivi'i" 'iip]i'ositi'7.N'. , K.',. Suil;  dahy's siinihwest corner liiai'keii: \V. i*.'. llor-.-  ley's niii'tiieast.'i'oriiei' post-, iheiii.i. soulli >J\  cliiiius, iheneewe.sl Ml oliaiufc.7,t|ien("'e' until) "'so.  chuiiis. Ihi'iicr' cast.80 cliiiius irr poilit of coni'  iiionei1111ei.il. . I.ocaleil istll'ilay of August,.iai��.-  77 77 .."'-"7.:.. 'v,-''-7-.7.-''".7-\v>. p. iIoksle'V. 7  -J'     '   -- ���,,''"������.:(  ���-������ - ���-.   : '     ,-���-��� '��� -       -.'...  ,'il. Commeiieing at a posl niiii'ke.I-,1. II. ,Mc,-  'Miilliu's niirtiiwesl corner "post': iiieuci;' soulh.sii  ciiaiiis, ilieiiee eiist 80 chai lis,to. \V. I'I loisley's  nicatioiii lichee norili SO c!iaihs,-r thence west. 7 sii  chiiins tii iioint ni' commcifeiMireift;  ;-.;:���  ' LoeiiliidiStlirliiy ofAligust; lfllW.y i''i '���  '������-:-'.   li:.- '....J. i.-l.'.Mi"iMi!.LLIN;  ���'...   --.-'.  ��� ;..,,'���-, -. ���:, ���-  ���    ti  ���   ...--..���   -..-,  '..--��� .������  ~i ,, 7".. .7. y -    777    ��� "  of  i'liains to tiie plaKC--'o.i-l-egiiiiiiiigai)'l eoinalui'i'ig-  -.lojiivrij^..     ..:    Sg.!. Ravjicr W. i-idnt.ui. Local.,!-  ,,-���'���'"        --���lami's Fisiu-r: ."it'cnj.'  ilst Ai.igiist. I'.'U.i; -"���   .'  7 V"'" ������ .  , -  -  gi: ~!  is iii'1'ol..v  '���'.VoilciN is iii-roby given 't'iiu f thirty'.days', u r 1 <_��� j- -  dmu I-iii tend U.) apply lo.liieC'liii.-i'poiiiiiji.'i'iioK-  er of .Lund arnl Works nyd the .���Nssi.st'aiHCoin  iiiis.sion..'!: 01', Liiiiiisl'a'ii..K'\V6rks,  for ti Lir-i-jice-,  'to'.i'i.o.ipeci. for Coal ami Petro'leuni' on the fo,l-'7  lONyiiig Uesi'ijilseii, land situate, on  the  Riteliie  trail oiie-i'/alf mile lioi'tii of Coul.irey (.'i-eek iiiiil '  lying V.eiwcep. Lot ;^:\':i^iLtiji.'jj;i:".7sput,I)e;'}]7  Ki.KCi'Vt" in ilH-'spui'ii'e'iis;- pp'rtlo'ti i'.f',E'iisi''K'6rito-' ���  nay. District,-J.ii'itisli C:oliimbii:7:-7' 7   7      - ..; '1'  ���   fy.C6m-nier.ein?'-tit a--po:-!. -jiHmesiyon.'' ilie '"'  I-.'itcllit:- !i".i;',-l o!ie-'lialt',.niii..''.uordi' 0,*'  Co'iilrlr.-y'  C"i"ee,k   .a.n'J.   two , inilcs . iiprt.Ii.  ni   the .iiiter;   iiiitiriinil Uqun'rliiry, b'eii)g initial post'-'adjae'efft^'  to theiiorilieast. corner of George H  Uickson'...  _elkiiii_jiIi��1-hii/i.jVii-iitiilsu--iil.iiiii^~^:.ij^��,^���i^'^^���������a.-^-.  coim)ieneiirg"at_:rpost"nriri'i;'pni:Ti:Al. J  Mill Hit's sou (.liwos't. coriicr. ixist.T'ei.ng'npi'l li^  iiiiiijidjo;iiiiig".l,7:ir:rftir'7Nliiiliii"s^^ideation thoiii'e  north 8(7)cliiiius. ilieiiee east SO chains,  tiience  west Si) elniins  t'O'poitiL  Loeaieit  isil'i .iiiiy..7:pjr  7K.7>1.VMcMijLLIN: AyV  soutli' SO cl.11 iiis..tlicnei  of commencement.  ���August, Ifl03v7 7K= 7;..'-.  ' vAvAAaAvAAa Sy,,  . .It). "Coiiinieiicing . lit, Vi /. 1 >os I- 7 luarlicd.-. l'\ , ICC  Peily's sduLhe'iist, 7<-ornei7!)osi7)|crng'' .west: of,  anil adjoining H. ALiMcMiilliii's'lociiiijon theiiee  iiorili. 8(1 cliain!j,:,tiii,",iice ivcVd. SO ciiaiiis: Ijiehce  south SOehains, tlieiice east SO'clialn's; lo point  of commeliiieiiieiii,:-. r.oeaterl��� IS1.I1 diiy of A'ugnst  !Yo(Kii:7y yyy;77777 ��j7l'/^7. 777777^^.^7^7l7^,- :iv777:'',i'7ii>iv^y-.7^y.:.  7fl.yCommencing, ai,.. ii.''-post liiiarked :(!'. i).1  t'cliy's'iiortiieast corner post, tlience smith So.  eliains lilong.1: II. --.ai'c.Jl ull ill's": \vesi ,i)Ouiir|ary,  llieiie'etyesi 80 c'iiai 11s..tlieiice north jj()'',''cliiiiii's';  ilieiiee',' eiist 80 (Oiaiiis <to poiiij, .of (.���bninie'iei)-'  iiicut.y .LoeiitriVI'iSiliilay .of Aiigiislv7 ltKK.'i v :���..���  ;:'i:l77:-"7'.- V-'   -: A1'lA:i :'A AAAA'AiaAA A''  'AaA'aAAaA ';7lNQTICE/7777'.: --;-y,ya.A'  .���;..:--::...:.-.---y A.A{:: :;: ii A: : .  ::.:-���...'.  v .    ' y-A..   ^:.A  ','Noticcis hereby, given, Unit, thirty  rluys after  diite I: intend'-to'iipplyto.tlie Chief Coin in issioii-,  er'of Lands and .Work.sainl .the: Assistant Cotii-  niissipiicr of'.Laiids;afiil .\Vpi"ks:foi;; a JieCjiisefio  pros|ieet, for coal'and petroleinii on: tiie" follmv-  iiig described, linicl sitiiaie: oii tlic77Ritcliif7liail  'iibo.iil.MOO feet east 'of��� C6nlrl.ro.v^Creek iiuri lying  iiei,wceii:: Lot, '-issti., (uid: .the',, ll.C^Soiiilierii. iii;-,  s'erve.in I lie .SfHttheiist portion,, of .Knst.lCopii^  :iiay;pistriet,i?i'iiisli: Colli in liia:-y::.-; ;..:;:7 A77 y*  ��� ^ii^V.Cohiiifeneiiig .Vip.ii"p6s'7;.j)liiii.te(I'.!"6"ii!; the  , I.i iteii'ld'-.'i rti'l.t'iibpii 1-71(10 y-'.fict^e'irsiv'oi'.'Ciiuklrciy  Ciee,k iinrltwoinMos iipi"tli7of. tlie;:l'|it.erniiti()iial  Bouiidaryyieing iiiiii!il7pr)st7pf:(.Pii7iil7:s77Coiii-  ilruy's ("lViini: 77 tlioi)iie..\sout,li  SO eiiains, tlieiice  i-wost 80 cliaiiis.iheiico.'iidit li 8(1' ciiaiiis; 'tliciioe  ienst,:;80 ,ehains-: to"llievplace;iof7l)cgiiiiiing-iiiUil:  .eon tn in ing tilO iicres. :-,.���'������ -r'; -'- r7 yy.'7 '77777 "' 7"77  'f-7 ',.:���'���,.. y' ���7"::'71,: Sgd7 Paii 17S. Coulri I'eyyi.oca tor  '���",;.'," ,7 A    '���'. .7: ..    ...; y'iiiiiesiOislicr.yNgcni   ���  ,7/2is|..;Aiigiist'',,i!i03.'.. ':;vy7':': 7 A-A A A' v-7v'  -N'otice, is'hereby, gi veil ihal Ihirlyidiiyseiil'tiii-,  dale 1 intend to iipply..to tlie Chief Commission-'  er of.Lands'iiiid Woiks ami the'-Assistant Commissioner of Lnjids and .Works for :i -license. 10  piospeet for coal and pelroleuiii op" Ihe follow-  ing described hind situate on ilie, Ritchie trail,  al.oiif 100 i'eet east of Odiililrey-Creek and.-lying  between Lrit: '-iriS'.i iiiiil llio I.'.. C.Soiitlieru Ke-  .scrvein the Southciist |.oi'iion of tlasi 'Kooii'-  tiny. 'District: Ili'ilisli'CloUimbiii.'--.,,... :��� ,: '. ' '  '. ��� hi poinindiieiiig al a.'past-., plmitcrl im .Ihe  Ritchie Lrail 10(1 feete-'ast of Couldrey rir'eek iiii.l  two miles north of,the tiitei'iuiiipnnl llouiidaiy.  being ,inilial post' abjiiceiit ,to .the norUieiisi  corner, of PanV &. Couldrey's ehiim:.. thenee.  noi'lh.SO chains; tliciiee'west SO chiiins.' tlieuee  south SO chains, thenee eiist ,80, chains to the  place of begiimiiig anil containing lil()'iicr(.'.s:-.-.'."'  ������'"���' .'-.''��� Sgd. William II. i^aldiug, Lociifni'  ..-.���-.,.' 7,.Iiiines I'Mshei", Agent  '���' 21st August.. IflOX; 7    ' ,7      '7''"''". '���,-'���'.. 7";;      '",:.'."  eliains: ihence -souih 80 ehainsj.-Uieneo v.'e,st"S0  elitiiiiSjlo the place- of bi'ginni.ng iind,eoii't--!.i'iiih-.-'  ;040,iici"cs.       -Sgil. Edith 'j'i.'..I-Iiin-iij,toii',7lL'ii|i;atbr  '"';'   --'V'!"-:       ��� .Tallies J'i'Imi.-i-,'Agent,'7,'  ���J I si Ang-tisl liiOti. 7: .,,;'  -.'j'77' Al. ��������� ��� ���   A'  ycotiei" i.s hereby given lliat.,t.hirty7days after  ��� late I inteti.i.iii tipjil'y'.io the Chie'i ���(..���oui'iiiissirin-  ei" of l^iinrln anil t|ie NVoi-irs. aiic! Assisiant Coin-  inissioiiei" of Lands nnd. NVorks;  foi' a Lii'eilce  to.prospeet fr)f.Coiil'iwi"d.'.fV-i'rr.ile-ii.-ii;6"n..'i)ie.,ff)V-.-.'.-  lowing di.--,ei7bcil(il:i-ini  sifiiui,; oiiiln- |{'itelll��  triill aboilt 100 yihils^iioi'th  of  Cdiili!!i'C,y   r-'reek'.  aiiili.vliig lit't.ui.'i.'ii LotM.'is;' iiinl the li.c. .soii'tlf/  (���'in 'Reserve   in.ilie' siOitlieast prVrtii-m ot.L.iii-  .IxiMii'enjiy liisMict. 1trri'-ish(i.-iii'mii.|jia::''-'-,/.  -,:.;������ C'oniineiiciinv '��; "n.jiiistipliiiite.V oil' lii-o  l."i,li'Ilie-trn(l aliiiui, lih) viirimiiiiirtii of (''���'.jij.lri'-y.'  ei'e.ik iiuil, tivri niiles n.nili pf tlie lini."i:ii:i.tii'.iiu^ ,  lion Hilary, beiiig i'iiiiiui jiiist adj.-ieeiit to tlie -.'  'i'li'inlic'iisl' eoi'tieiofllaylier \\7 llliitoii's chiiui,;  tllpnccsoiiili 80 ehaiiis.'ihyii,',. :ciisi-,Si:j cliaiiiTi. 7  ilieiiee;north 8o.ciiain.s.7iheiir"j '.vest.,8(1".chains .,  to. 'ilii'c'iiliKfii.' of Ifc-g I lining,' iiiiii'coti.litii'ifh'g,'t}l(i,'.'.  acres: ������.-._���'��� .'���'-' Sgil'.'.'f7*eo'ri.'hi.-i:Gi..:.V"'��h3l'iig, i.ocaior;'  -.'.'���*. .: ';,   ,.    y."liii.nrrs Pisheiy Agent....' 7  7:722iid,Augiiiu.lii03i_-;..,^..^���^y^_^i_t^y.i_y...  Application for Timber Licenses.  l'.IIKI.  JAMES f'A Ml"'. RUN.  2:t. Conimeiii'iiig ill a posl being !���". S|oik'<  lint-l Invent eoiller posl ilieiiee noitli 40 eliailir.  tlieuee e��it let,chains, thence south 40  chains  ' ' ,,;. ' ' . . A. A. -.. ,-��� -.-.' ��� 7 ���. '���  yXotiee is hereby given tlint thirty-days after  date 1 intend to apply to the Cliief Commission-  er of Lands and Works for Special Licenses to  eut and carry aM'a.y timber from the toi lowing  described tracts of land situate in the Northern  Division Eiist lCooteiuiy.  1. Commencing ..at a post planter!' at the  Northern Boundary of Loi 45!W where it is  crossed liy the Kpoientty River miirked Helen  Gilloit's soiitheust corner post theiiee iiorth  SO chains, thence west 80 chains, thence soutli  80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point of coin.'  inenccmcnt. . Located lTthday of August. 1A03.  ���'���'.,.���'���        HELEN CILLKTT.  2. Commeneing ':at a post marked .1.11.  Tnrney's norlliNvest I'oriier post" ilieiiee-. south  SO chains ut E. Gilletl's location llienee eusl sil  chains, tlience north NO chains.- Ihence we.sl SO  chains to point of I'Oinuiciicciiieut. ���,:'  Located 17th diiy of August, I1KI3.  '  '.  , ��� ,.1. It. 'I'tTRNEV:,      -  '   7    .....   II-  A.'  3. Coinmenciiig at a po.st inarked II. L.  Slaehlcr's northeast corner posl llienee noith  80 eliains in (,'ross River theiice wcsi 80 elniins.  thence south Si> elniins, tlieiice cast Sn .chain* lo  point of eoiimienecinciit: Located i'lh diiy  Of Allgllsl, I'.HI.'t.                     II. L. .S'l'AElILIM-  4. Commencing at a jiost miirked K. W.  Ila/lewoorl's southwest eoiner posl adjoining  H. L. Slacblci's loeiitioii llienee norlh Slli-luilns  ihence east so chnlns. thenee south 80 chains,  tlience .-west 80 chains to point of coihinoiiei���  nient.    Located 1 Tt.li rhiy of August, IWI3.  E. W. IIA/.LKWOrlll,  r>. Coniiiieneliig al h post marked N. 10. Sud-  ilaliy's souttioast cornei jiost luljoiiiiug W. T.  Ilelily's lor'irtion theiice north SOehaills. tlience  west .sn chains, thence south 80 ciiaiiis. tlience  easl sn chains to point of commencement.  Jvoeiiled 17th day of August, I'.)o;t.  N. E. SUDUABV.  Notice, is hereby given that 'fliirllv days nfier  rlate 1 iinont to apply to the Chief.Commissioner of Litndsaiid Works.andthe Assistant. Com-'  'iiiisslo'nci';'6f'-Liiiiils-iiii'd''\\^rUs'f.iii7'-7'ii''lleeii.s,'7'' tii  prospect for coal and petroleum oil tlio friilojv-  iiigdescribed land,situate on ihe'Ritchif;Tiiiil  iibontiOO.foct'east of Couldrey creek and lying  between.-.' Lot. 43811 and l!ie.li:C. Southern Reserve in the Southeast poitio.n of Eiisl, ICpote-  nay District.'British Columbiai��� ,   ��  c Coininenciiig iit'-a post' planted on the  Ritchie iriiif 100 ,t'cct east of Couldrey Creek  aii(l,:twpyiniles: iiorlh of the luternationiil  lioiin.dary.' being initial Vpost" adjacent ,}o the  northeast corner of Paul S. C7'OuI<Irey's rdiiim,  thence lioitli SO chains, thence eiist SO chains,  thence soiiili So cliiiiiis. thenee ivesi 80 "ehuins  to. the jiliiee of bfcginiiiiig and containing 04ii  acres. Sgd. Riernirrl L. Wright. Lpcaior  , , .liimcs l"'is'her.'Agenl  21st August. 100:!.  Notice is hereby given thai thirty clays after  date I intend lo apply lo ihe Chief Commission:  er ol "Lands and NVorks and Ilie Assistant Com-  iili.s,sirinei" of Liindsaud NVorks for a lircnsi.' to  prospe.ot for coal aiidpetroleiiin cni tin", follou'-  ing described land situai.t; on the Ritchie tr.iil  about 100'feet easl of Couldrey,creek and lying  between Loi I5sfl and i.hc ' ll.C. Souiliei'ii Reserve in the southeast, portion of l-'.nsf' K'outi".  niiy District. Ilrilish Columbia':"--.  ,.tl, .(.'oniincnciiig ,nt a po.st -planted on llio  Ifitcllic trail 1.00 feel eiist.'of Ciiuidi'i'y;r'i'Cel; iiiiil  twri miles norlh oi the Intei'iiiitional Itoiiinlai.-,-  beingihe initial post adjacent,to I he. nortlie'asl  corner of Paul ,S.' Coulrlicy's c.hiiiii: Ilienei'  south SO chuiiis, tiience cast so elniins. i-licnee,  iiorth SO elniins. I licnci" west so chain-" ' lo lln-  place ol beginning ;:in.i i-ouiaiulug CIO acres.  Sgd. Ceorcn II. Diiirson. Liiea loi  .Ill Hies I' isller, Agiinl.  :.-isi Aiigusi. r.'o.'t.       ' ,  N'olice is liereliy given ihat thirty days nil"!  dale I intend lo apply lo I he r 'hie! < 'nmmi.ssuni  or, of Lands anil, Works and the Assi si an I Com  iiiisslonor of Liuids nnd Works loi-a. Licence to  prospect 'for Coal anil 1,'elroleiini on llic lolli.u-  ing (lescribcrl land siliia te uu ihe Kitelilc nail  one.half mile norili of Couldrey creek and lymc  lictwceu Lot I.VS'.i and lbe It.C. Southern Reserve in the ';southeast portion of Souih En-It  Kootenay Dislricl. Iti-insl'i.Columbia :  e. (.'iiiniiienclug at a post planted on ihe  I'iichIc I rail aboul One-bull' mile north, of Cniil-  drcy crc's-l! and two miles north of the Inter.  mitionn 1 noinidary, being initial post adjacent  lo the -northeast corner of.< IW-'rgo 11. ilii'lisnn'-  claiiii. thence soiitli SO eliains. thence e.ist so  eliaiui. thence norlh SO chains, thence  west SO  - NOiice is Iil'ieby g.ivrni tlii)t.thiiTy ,.'l,iv.,vs  iifter  .rlate" I ;iiitenit: to 7api)!y to the^eiiici i.'oioiiiiti-.  sioiiei'-Ol'ljiiiidS'aiiil NVi)i'l;.s aii'l,.tlie, Assiiaani: '  f.'oiniiiis.sirijiei' of Liiiirl iiinl Worlis fiirii liiVeiici!1  to ])i"Visiii."i:i, for Coui iinil Ifetrdleuiii  on.tlie.foi-y  ,Iowii,ig,ilc.sc";iliqd,J,"iinVAsitniite 0)1 .the::Ritchie,  trail about JlinyVards..north  of 'Couldrey, .e.reek.,:,  iiuil iyiiig:lj6tiveen':Lot:;ISS9 iiiiil.ilie'Yi.'t'J South.'  ern.itcservii'.'In.(Die, s;oiilJiejost.:.pcji;titill of':Eusl -  ivrioieiiay ilislriet/.l.tritisli Columbia:-,-.-.-; 7 y��� ':..'  ��� ,:,li7,c6niniencing:. at '"'a:.-prist- pi!iiit��l-",6n.-'irilie;,7  .Kilcllie tin 11 n'iioiit iOD'yai'dsHioi'tii: b'.'.boti'Irlr'e'y...-:  ^cre.ek.,1] nd two -iii,i Ics north oi  (he'ln teriiatiiiiiiif.  ���ilouniliiry.  lining..Initial, post adjacent'aii tiie ..',  norilii'iiSi epriVeVpf Ryan~\', ;::.l:lini:rinfs "claimi:-  tlieiiec.noi'th'sp oliitins,"' tliisnco (;;i'.si SO .c-Iiluiis,"  llienee7sV)iiLhsii <-liiiir)s7: tiii^iicie!  n-sst-SJ.1 ehaiiis',;  id"' ihe  pbiee : of begiuiiiiig itii'l-c-oiitiiii)iiij^.'>IU ..  aei-es. 7   ;,,  i-grl,. Lei'oi 7-S'o. -'. Liiiiii.ed,:Loi,'.a,tor....  ,';���';    .:'.'"��� -:-,',''��������� :.Iaihes:!",islicr. Ageiit'   y  -,-2-11.(1 ������Aiijrtist;'-.i,.i63,: , y: '..":���'-..'-.tt.,'-:'.".  -..,7?,,..;.-:. -\:"i:  Notice is heieby given: i'li in iliirty 'day.s.-":i'ri..e'r."'-:  do i.e. I. inienilio nppryio.tiie Chief Com iri issioii-77  er iifi:,aiidsiii)d7w6ri&;!iiiUilie Asslsiiiiit CoilV-* .  iuissioniii" iif L:i nils ami Work.-: fora^lieejise' lp.;,  'prospect I'oreoiil aiiiljietroleunioiiitiie rolifiw-1;.'-  ing describeil hiiid'sitiiiiie^'n-'lliii-'Ji-i'tehi'e';,trajl7  about .J-liill/jvnrds north.of Coiilrlr<jy creek "iti iri'..  lyi(lgVbeiNveiio'.Ldi.isstijini'if ilie ;I).C: Sriutii()rii,;.'  Res'brve iii thesou'tlieiist portion pl'iOiist.K'ootii-:  iiiiy, Distriet;. Hnlisli. Coin niliiicyvyyy', AAl'.A  .'i.,, Coiiiiiieiiciiig at, :i,'i-l.()Kt: planted: pit lll'i ������  Iii ich li.".tr:ii..lii.l)oiil.''lOo;yiirrls7iioi't,h.6I Coil i'i'i'ey.'-.--  c'toi'lc niid two' miios novtlrbf tlie'liUbfiiatioiiaiy  ;'|5oii'n'>liiry.'. iieii.ig7i)iitiiii:..i')ViM-.7a'd,j:icent-id liirjy'.  iic'iitthijHst'^'ctirnei'.j'-rify.'c^  eliiiniytlte'nee'yprtji ^u;:chiijhst:,tbpi)i:e77i";isf^8p 7  ^ 11"ii.l ij k.'H-.h tiii.'-T\ so.ii LIijlii^; 11ti" f iis.' Lli6"iit:c-.f wes (.-'���' S(V.":  :oli-i!ii.s;:i'ty.tliivpl^  040-acres!:,y ; 7,-7'J;Sgi 1: i^oitiHii 11 ii 11^, Lo��:ht7'or  ���yy^y7yvy7yyy:;'7i.;.ly;;y.-'.|iniQS:i''isiio'i7^i:etii"i7y  .:AT^\��Al^Usl,JM);AiyiA.AA::A;A:A':-AA,AA:i:i,  -��� "Notice is liei'ebygiVe'ii lliat tlii ri y iliiys.; a iiei'7 ;  r)atii- f1 i 1.1 ir.;iirl:io7;ipply toilije'CliiefCPiiiiiil's-;.-',-  Siitner of. Lands nnd NVorks ami., the Assistliu's-'-::  Commissioner of LiindSiinil .NVorksfiira lieeuso ���;.  ^.._i,    '. ��� ���     ��� ..���  -    ,, :     ..   ... ...-���-.- '      .'   :-���'     ^ 1  tO"l,ij;osp..'criiii"'co:il and petroleuill pn   Ihe, foi-'   ;;  towing :ilese.iii)Cd''la mi situate on tlie Ritchie ..'  trii'il i'ilioiil 100 yards  iiorth.iif CNiiihirey creel:  iind tying'between- l.ot '-ISsil iitni tlie ll.C. Sniuii-7..  em   Reserve in . ihe southeast poriio'ii oi' lOas't I .  ICrjotciiiiy lJislriet..]!f,iiisli Cplaiuhiii:,--'      ���;"       ;  j.   .(.'oniini.:neiiig|a.L7a :..po.sl   pli.iii|otl;iin   the   7  Ri tell je ti'iiiiii brill t (no yai'dsnoi'tli. of ddiildrey ���',.  cr'cek.uiid ,two'niiles iiorili of i,lie..[ntei'ii,"{!..na!  Itiiiiinhiry... beiiig initial- post adjiic'iit 10 the  noi'tlicii'st, eoi'iici7oi" I'ii-nrginiiiv' C.   Eali'llng's ';,.  claim, tlienee.soiitli SOehains.  tlieiicle east So; .,  chains, ihence niirlii 80 eliains, tlience'Wes; 80    .  chiiins io tlicvplace of begin ning :i 111} coiiniiiiin.;,,  tilO iicres: '. Sgd. .I.olui 10..Hooper. Locator   ;  '   ... '���.-'.''.-,��'".-." ".Iimi'es l-'isher. .Agent ..-'  "L'Tili August,-.lt-i.13.'', -     .7"!''���:'   7:"A. ''���'''��� '  Notice is hereby giveiithatiliir'ty days after  date 1 inlend to apply .to the Cliief C-'imiiiissiPii-','.,'.  ei- of Liiiids aiid.NVoi'ksyind the 'Assistant Coni- 7:  missioner of Linuls :ind NN'orks for,'a lir'ense to.  ..pi'osiiect for.eoal aii'l petroleum 011 the follow-,'''  iug descrilied.laiid situate oh'the- Riteiiie trail ;',-.-  libdiitiooi'eel iiorili oi" Coiildrey creek iii lha->.'  southeast;poi"iion:iii .lOn'sl'JCPot'.-niiy-"Uis'iri'ci,:'���"'���"  British Columbia:--  ��� " :r,..       ���   ' .'  ' k.    Comnieneiiig. at   11   post   plained   dn'ilio   7  R.itchie.trail iibout 100 feel5 north  of Couiil'roy.'  ere;'!; and two miles north oftlie Inte-rniiiiouni  Bot.1 Hilary, being .iniiiiil'p.ost adjacent to ilio  liortheast  eprnei" ef .John   IS. Hoopcr.'s claim,  theiiee.north SO eliiiins. thenee east Sii. chains,    ���'  thenee soutli so.chains, tlience west So ehaiiis.''  lo'the' place ,of.:begi;inin.'->'.and c'ohifiiniiisr litO   ���-.  acres.' Sgd, Martha IIinioii. Loe.iLo:'  27th Aiigiist, l'.iOS     "    .lames Pishei;. Agent  1.    Commencing   al   a   post .'.plained on   the   '������  Riteiiio'traii aboiu i��i feet'nortii of fcotihlrej-, ,',  creek and t wo miles north of  the Jnternuiion:-.!  Boutiilni'y. being .initial   ppst iiiijaeen':  ii) ".be  nortlieast curlier  01'  ,/o'lin   10.   Hvoim.t's claim  thenee south SO e-haiiis.'llie;!.,e' east  su eliains  thence mirth so chain--, t-h'-n'ce   west  S'l clmiin'  to   ilie.plii'ei-  ot. beginning iiil'l eoiitHl'iiine-Olu  aerr-s. S;;i.l. r.cNv.-llVn VVyiine. LcVator  7 .lames I-'isher. Ag.'iit       ���  -Ttli .Nn,.;ust. \wV A ��� ,,  Shaving AM Hair Dressing, Parlor  ���'.vi to Oiit-.ntiJ lliili-l  roOKT    S'I'EELl-;,  n.  c  .All   Ivtlirls   nl' Hair \v,,|7;<-  a. .1. ci:\v/,.  I.'l.'i'il'l.'l K'l'r ill  ASSAYING  ( '. I'.  .X It -IK)LSi IN.  I 'ktkrhiiRot:  :il.  : Licensed by Provincial ilnvoriiiinml.j  (Mild '.-mil silver  Sii vol' ant! lend .  (Joiil, sil v-.-r anil  "I'I'  (ii'ld: silvi-r. l'"ild uiiii  ���i'.   .    .  i'i)|.|i,..,". .  .Sti'mplos   li  will 'receive  ���'I   with   (..'tiiin ,'c  irotnpt attcnliou.  -2M)  2. on  :;.imi.  ���l.ot) '���  ''Utiriok Sw-rt"-*^  THE PROSPECTOR, FORT STEELE, B. 0., OCTOBER 10, 1003.  K Til'. SOAP  THE MASTER MECliA .._  1 sofU-n-. tilt* -km. ..liilr" I'  e. oil.  ru-t. ."ic.    IumiIu.  rpuit-iiti-'n    |-rce s o. i.li'  l���,-t��6-v.   Altwrt TolK't So��jj Cu . Mir-. .MuntRuL ���>  l.wil-a'nil aortL-n- tlie ~1*'��. "'"li- l-rt;-:i|.lt* i-lfinMii.- It  of irriu-i- oil. ra~t. i-tc. liituluitili- for im,.li.iii:."i,  rniaiir-, rpuii.-mi.-ii    1-reeSo. i.li'���  i i... ij.t of sc lot  North Star Lodge  NO. 30.  A.  F.  AND A. ,M.       G.  R. B. C.  FOKT STF.KLE. H   C.  Regular   meetings���1st   Tuesday   tn   eai-b  mdhth at eight o'clock.     Vi-iting Hiethern are  cordially mvited.  Klk Itiver Lodge,  feime. regular meetings  held first Friday of e..cr. mouth. .  /-....-.I ,--r ���a r. i~_ ...i. '���u..... i.,..    ,..c.n.-  Ormiwivuft   uvu^..i,u..,iiv.i^n.-.ub   ..����,  _..^s.��  itig.s held on the tnird 'I'liursduv of e.tcn month.  .1, Hisum Secretary  ?&hz 3?ra0:pecitf t\  SATURDAY. OCTOHKl:  10,  l!>0,'i  ���I-TTnTTTTfTTTTTnTTTTTTTTTTTTTTnfTTTTTtTTTTTMTT*:-  I   LOCAL NEWS. I  ���MAauuuuuUiiiiauuuiiuuuiiiiiiiiUU*:*  Colin   C.   Brown,   Vancouver,  was in town Thursday.  El  R. Walsh, Dawson, was.registered at tlie Imperial Thui'sday.  Constable Liddicoatt returned  from Nelson Thursday.    "   "  V.   Hyde , Baker,    Cranbrook,  was at Nelson Wednesday.  Mr.   French   was  down   from  Wolf crook Tuesday.  Harry Burr, Tracy creek, wn-  Iti town Tuesday on business.  D.   V.   Mott,   Fernie,   was   in  town Monday.  R. Little was down from Wild  Horse creek Wednesday.  Victor Rollins and Win ' Hill.  Cranbrook, were ai Fort Steele  Thursday on business,  ,  'risvv\niyysynruTj\ruTJTJ\r\nj\ririTu^  Imperial Bank of Canada I  CAPITAL, AUTHORIZED   $4,000,000 |  CAPITAL (paid up) .   -    $2,983,896 5  REST ACCOUNT      -   -   $2,636,312, %  Heeid'   OFFice- Toronto.  T. II. MIOIIKITT, I'l-i'-siilcul,   I). II. WllilCIK. Vi I'ivh. tuirl (Ion. Man.  ACKNTS    IN    (HIKAT    UIIITAIN    l.lnytN    linnl;.   VI   l.iiiiilmril   Sl..  J.onilon.  A Cioiiiiral Ijiuiliinj.1 Iliisiuoss 'rrttiistti-ti-il.  Saving's Bank Department.���Interest allowed on d epos ils.  ^��*&*#**-\*-K-:>';!-^���S^AWiS*^^  The  Ganadian^ Bank oi commerce  HEAD OFFICE ��� TORONTO.  I'.-iid ti|) <";i|ii1:il JfK.700.000:  ISosoru-'l^inil W.OOd.IMM):  A^yri-ir.-iic !'o.s(iiii-f<"s Over 4*7-r),(10il.(l(HI.  I.mulon Ol'l'icc: <K> I.rmiliiirJ Sli-cut,  I). C  , New   ^ ink ol'l'iuu:  III l'.\cli;innc I'liicc.  Anil KM Iji-uiicliot- in Caiitidii. tlu- KnHi-il States anil P.rii.iali Columbia.  ;|   Cranbrook Branch. f. H. MARSH, Manager.  |  rCrLruuuTjiHriKnKiKHriljvnJx^  Cranbrook "Branch"  ���:<K  %���  #���  *  F7 C. MALPAS. Manager.-' I  NOW    IS   THE   TIME    TO   INVEST    IN  Morrissey  Mines, B.C.  J. Larsen audrfrT. J. _Qar]son  came down from the Tiirer- Poor -  man mines Friday.  Mrs. A. C. Kelson, who has  been.visiting: friends at "Wimii-  peir. returned home Friday.  , ��� Rocky Mountain Chapter  "  xo. i-.'o. k -a--\\.  FOKT  HTHJSr.K, H. (V  nebular inr>eiitii.r~���2nd 'J'iit.->day in  oatjli month at eisrht o'clock. ',      j     Mrs.   K.   J.    Cann.  .Wardner.  Sojoiirnintr Companions are cordially I u'us   visit'iiiST' friends   at    Steele  invited.     ' ��� J Friday.  R. L. JL_0.\r.BR.\rTH Scribe E  mi  Plie rise is subsla.nl.ial, and l.liero is not llio least likelihood   of aiivlliin0'  lloo  S. McCarter.  l ,J. A, Harvey  HARVEY & McCARTER  Jlarntters,   Solicitor.*.  0 , ���' Notaries   Public,,  Conveyancers etc. ���   ,  ; FORT  STEELE, R.  C.  IIKVKT.STOKK STATION iliirl GOT.DFIN*  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLY      MADE.  Born���To Mr. and Mrs' W.  Langley on Friday, Qctober 2nd  a irirl.  W. R. ROSS  Barrister       -      -       Solicitor  NOTARY    PUBLIC  CONVEYANCER.   .  Fori  Sleele,   B.   0  T 11 O M A S    M c V J T T T B  P.U.S.   <��  CE.  Fort.'Steele B.C. '  i  I-'imi-i- S'l'i'.iit.r I>i:vi:i.(ii-mi'N'I" Syniikiatk Ltd  I US 1,1'iirli'iiliiill Htivtst. London. Kn^'luiul.  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT STEELE.  I'OST OI'M"IOK HOX H.  ^Government Agent Armstrong  paid an 'ofticial7 visit to Fernie  YVednesdav.  P. .1. TrethSrway. ' Pincher  Creek, was at the Windsor  Thursdav.   7  Sneaking of tho clinses iindtjsrlying0 what may bo almost called a real estate revolution in' i.lii.s s'oclion. I  might say Ihat the .process has been one of anything but arlilicial nidation. True, the revolution lias come  with comparative suddenness, bill, this is due the progressive policy of Tho Crow's Nest Pass Coal Companv, lo  which it is indebted for such a powerful impulse. - ' ���      ���  The company's ^expendi!tiros- iu Ibis section'.-, interest are now counted by the million instead of by the  .dollar. This is an era of great, development in Ihe Crow's Nesi Pass. The marvel is not i.haf the stimulus is  hero, but that it was delayed so long,  iu ilie ntilure of a relapse.  On the contrary, developments will proceed and values will ascend in an accelerating ratio.1  ��� , There can be no more significant sign of,the coining prosperity in the Crow's.Nest Pass, than the plans  which the coal company are now putting into effect for greater development of Iheir properties, and Ihe onor  tnous demand lor the product of their mines and eolco ovens. ���   - ,  As the population increased in Pennsylvania, with the development of the'greaf coal properties there, so  will it increase in the Crow's Nest Pass , ,, '  Only those who have watched the development of the coal and coke industries in other sections, ca.n  grasp the certainties of a future not far, off, and are taking advantage of the'conditions here by investing al, the  right timo/m tlie" right place.   ,       ' "' ' '  Write me for particulars  J. T. Laidlaw and R. 'Little  were hunting at Bummer's Flat  Wednesday.   ���  THOMAS CRAHAN, Agent   ' Morrissey Mines, B. C.  W. J, Watkins. Marysville,  was in town Monday on business. '        '   '  A number of iron' experts  visilod the Bull rjver iron mines  last week.  J. G. CUMMINGS  CIVIL   ENGINEER  Provincial    Land   Surveyor  P'OItT   STEELE,   B.  C.  GEAR-Y   &.   DOYLE.     '  Liverij, Feed & Sale Stable.  ���   --Port Steele B.C  [lojjiilar  Daily  Stajre  meet-:  all  trains at, Port Steele .him-iion.  SADDLE &  PACK HORSES ���  1 KA.MINd Ol-' ALL  KIN US A SPKCIALT^  DR. SAWYER,  V. S.  Office and Stable  < oriiL-r nt'  Galbraith and Tfazei Street.-!  Fort Steele. B. G.  OFFICE  DAYS'      Uuiiiiiu.    Thin-  dav anil .Sat;u-il.i\ ,tl .-3ir*i-l<-.  .Hid Langley was up from Tobacco Plains. Saturday last, on  a business trip.  D. Bale has gone to Elk river  to take charge of the construction of the Elk river bridge.  * ,  * -   ���  *  \). M. Cooper. Vancouver, was  registered at the Imperial Tuesday.  N. Lehnen and J. C. Woods,  St. Paul, were in town Tuesday  on minina: business.   .  Carlin it Durick sent a large  amount of supplies to Little Bull  river Saturdaj' last.  The regular monthly , meeting  of North Star Lodge. A.F. & A.  M.. was held on Tuesday evening last.  H.KERSHAW,  i ��� i  GROCER  Fort Steele, B. C. ��  " ��� . , ' .     '     ' ���*  ���  FRESH  FRUITs   ,'  Hest Tanglefoot FLY PAPER  A Full Line of Patent Medicine  �� LADIES DRY GOODS.  Fort  Steele  Cigar   Store  ' JOE TAENHAUSER, Proprietor.  A   Fine  Line ol       $ ' ,  r  i, r * i I i  CigaVs, Pipe's and Tobaccos  Billiard Room   .  WATCIIMAICHU  ttllll   .IKWKLKR  ENGRAVING aiul 11EEAIR1NG  PERIODICALS '.  Toysy   Books   and   Stationery  P-S9��9S9��9S9S9S9S9S9SSS9e9^S9e9S9SSS9SSS9e��SSe9S9S9S9��  I SPOKANE,   OCTOBER q 5   TO   13  |  ,   TENTH    ANNUAL  Interstate   Fair  MORE   THAN   $30,000   IN    PREMIUMS  .The Herald's opinion of Frirt  Steele's value as a Liberal, town  has fallen to zero since it returned a majority in favor of Tom  Cavern  Scoffing at the election laws  of this province does not come  with good grace from Liberals  and their party organs.  Fori Steele  Diamond Jubilee  ���V" miss k moss.;       Hospital  ���   ���      MATMN., '   '  Ci'itrliiiiti. of Sl. LukiJs Ilospitnl.   7  .   ' V:.ri('<i!ivi:r. It; C.  7 '�� '���' ,  Th im I iislitiiiaon Int.- beiii) recently  ��� uilar^'i'iil l\v ti-ii':w. wiii^ wliir-h i.- now  (i|ir:li for rV-i-i.r)il,i<iii of put,ii;llt.s. I''nr  l.i'.i'in.i iipply K>  Mis?; i;; ^inss; ' rir  ,.r. !���'. Smith, See.  MiLl.ron.'       '    I'Virt, Hl..'.i;li:, P..C.  ANDREW    NKI DIG  CONTRflGTOR     anu    BUILDER  I|i>1'Sk7\NI) sion painting  C'AI.CIMININCI mill I'AI'KR HANC.INO  irOliT STEELE. B.  C.  Izk?*'   All   work  promptly done.  Members of the Port Steele  fvolf Club were out in force almost every day during tho past  week.  I  1  Greatest Attractions and $  Biggest Amusement Fea- |  tures Ever Secured. |  ACWOULTURAL KXIIIH1TS     . STOCJIC SHOW I--IU1IT l-'Allt    f)  JIININC   DIOI-AIITMIONT        V\7iK AI ITS  DISPLAY . j*  EIGHT    DAYS   RACING |  OVKIl liOO  ITOKSKS  KXTKIiKD MICi   lOVIONT  KACII   DAV     g  $10,000    IN    PURSES  Down   Town Street Carnival Every Night,   Vaudeville   Specialties  and High Class Circus Features  General iVler,cl-ienit AND  LJ;ictwor Dealer*..  ^ Mannfacturer of all Kindsfof Lumber,       A large, assort- ^S  r              nlent of seasoned Lunibor and Shingles nhv.iys 2  -                                '            r ou hand                                         " C3  ^             DIMENSION      LUMUEtt      A      SPECIALTY. , ' =j|  |      Wfl'Sfl.---: - BG. I  A hunting party from Fort  Steele, Sunday, were shooting  'at Bummer's-Flat. Three good  bags were secured.  A. B. Smith and A. M.'Grimes  Fernie,' who have been visiting  the iiortliern porfion'of the ��� district for the 'past few days, were  at .Steele Monday. y  The regular inonflily convocation of Rocky .Mountain Chapter  R.A.M., will b'7beld on Tuesday  evening Octobr-r I'ifb at7 the Mason it- Tiiinph'... ���  Chief Justice Tuck' of- British  Columbia, and. Lieutenant-Governor forget -of N.VV.T., ]>assed'  over .1 he '(.'row'sl Nest line Thursday on their way to the coast.  Till': .\l.\STi:i! .MKCHANIr'S l'i:i{K T A II  St.lAI' li.-iils uml ' .Miftiiiis lln- skin, will li-  jirrmijitly i.lt'ansi'iii.' it iif tti'iiiisii.  rill,   nisi, elc.  ItlVlllllllllli'  fl'.i' Illl'.'llilltil.S.   Illl'llH't'S. SJilil'lsllll"!!.  I''ri'.r." sniiiplii nil tiii'i'ij.l. nf 'Jr. fur piisUt^ii.  Albert Toilet Soap Co., Mlrs .Montreal.  Special Low Rates on all Railroads  v.    Confi-s'.ioii I'livili-KOs for Sulo.    Write for 1'i-i-iiihiiii List.   II. <:. STIM.M KI.. Si-r-',v-M(,'i  g^g^. _ ���-(.  'S9��9��9��969ese9��s6s��s^eses��9��ss9e9��sese9e����s��s��sti  CARLIN   & DURICK  GENERAL   MERCHANTS  Fort  Steele,  East  Kootenay  Port    Steele  Brewing    Co.  FORT STEELE,  B.  C. ' ���  /  MANQPAOTUIiRRS     and      HREWRItS   ,OF    KXTRA     PINE,  BEER    f|    PORTER  SOLD    BY   THE    BARREL,    KEG    OR     BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family use a specialty  OUTSIDE ORDERS GIVEN STRICT-$ PROMPT ATTENTION.,  SATISEGTI0N7GUARANTEED  T,l.i^^?  Mutz & Scott, Prop's^,  canton steel  Sole Agents lor the s tniihiiis ^hfftrti  COMPANY  This STKi-u/is irii;i,r;uiteed to be equjil lo.lessoii's  or   h'irths in all  .'   llAitn Rock Wouiv.'        .    ���     f ,  Souk Agionts  Soi.k   Aoknts  Crow's Nest Goal company  Giant Powder company.  Mining  Supplies a Specialty.  Atc'euls for the   MASSEY    HARRIS   CO.,  Limited.  Farming   Implements.  Gliarles -P.; Campbell  ��� ''.������'     .-������'���"������ 7. .'.��� 'i- ��� " ������ ���  :       'I'I IE   UNDKirrAKEK. ..  lOiVH'.ALMINC   A  SPIOCIAIVrY  'lOI.I'll'HONK  OP ION  DAY .  AND   NIC I IT.  I'os'i' Oi'M-'ici-: I'.ox "117.  CRANBROOK, B. C.


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