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The Prospector Nov 10, 1900

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 nr.'IVOf Leg A=3  <* #  * 2'    ,  *S '              -                                              *  | Devoted to the upbuilding g  �� OF   FORT   STEELE.          X  $ Ijuli'iiciidi'iil    hi   I'nliiii-.    *  * ';  1 *  # *  *  <-   TH  PROSPECTOR   CONTAINS ALL  PUBLIC NOTICES AND GIVES THE  LATEST TELECRAPHIC  AND LOCAL NEWS. ��  *  *  *  *  *  *  Vo/. O.  1*OJ?T  STJ5J3LJ3, J3. C, SATURDAY, N(U<rJ3MJ3J3J* JO, 1900.  No 45.  FIRST EALlY.  Tlio Conservative Can'lidalo Addresses n Liirfre Audieiut*, He Makes  a Good Iinnii'ssioii. ���  The   Conservative    Candidate  A.'-ll. McNeil addressed a, large  audience ill 1 lie Ojk I'M House   on  Monday evening.     'Hie meeting  was presided over l>y T  T.   Mc-  ^Villje   who   made  .1   lew appro  priate remarks.     .1    A.   Harvey  who   inlj-ucliK-fi*!-. ^ijio   candidate  said briefly.' The   present   eam'-  patgn is purely a business prooo-  siTibnJand wo an; salislied it will  be, so   shown    Ijimghl    and   .so  placed ��� before   I he   independent  voters oJ  lhi.s   foiisiiiucnc,\   and  than il will he I'./i1 tlio  voters   to  decide     The Conservative parly  lias a record 'ol  l��> .venr.s niu^it is  best for the country thai lhey ho  returned to power.   ��� An   urgent  invitafiou'v\as iheu extended   to  the lollowers, oi the Libc-ra'i"'aiid  Labor'Candidates t,j iako a .seat  _.on   the plaHorm.     Mr.   McNeil  'was then introduced,    lie said it  gives me   pleasuie   to   meet   the  electors   oi     this   constituency,  and to,, kico heiorc jhe.ni reasons  why  J'-j,',' Ocni'sorvaliivc -��� "party  should   gain assume  the  diroc-  o  lion ol the affairs' ol  the   Domin  ion.. The Liberal party has  been in power for Jour years,  and has utterly. Jailed in that  time 1o redeem the pledges made  by fhoin.\ The' Libeial parly has  aitacked the Conservatives on  Hie tariff question, claiming that  protection was Iheir policy in  'season and out oi season. What  -.aiv'e tlioy done, continued the  speaker, under Iheu" free trade  policy, they have reduced the  tariff 14 -J00cof one per cent.".? At  this rate  it   will   ta'k'e-"f hem   :V  o  years to reduce the lariffcono per  . cent.   This is tlio way 1hey have  -' fullilled.^ their--pledges,-,; putting    burdens '"on "the   people.  Tliey obtained office unci or   false  pretences,    and' now   ask   that  .their administration oJ.affairs be.  continued.    Under iho guise  of  favoring   the   mining   industry,  they have imposed burdens upon  it by permitting the' great  iron,1  steel   and   nickel    industries  to  pass  into  the   hands" ol   great  American    corpora'ions..?    The  Liberal party is dcad^to'.j'projLec-  tion/and.Avhere it possible,, they,  -would  give ^Vjnerican {-'capitalists contVol not onlyof tlieimctal  industry but of every  other industry   in   Canada      They   are  playing   into   the   hands  of our  neighbors across the lind.      The,  people of .Canada 'need not .expect    lelief ' from "Mho   Liberal  party.    The Conservative   party  is the champion, ol ,i piotcctive  policy, -   The speaker then gave  figures in support ol  his  argu-  'ments  all   ol   which   weie most  convincing, and challenged anyone 1o contradict.his statements..  Mayor Goodove of Ro'ssland was"  then   introduced     and    made   a  splendid speech.      He  amplified  the remarks of Mr.   McNeil 'and  poured hot shot  into   the   ranks  of the   Liberals.      lie .ridiculed  the pamphlet -'Plcfdgos Redeem-'  ed'' issued by   the   managers of  the Liberal campaign, and showed the utter fallacy of iheir  arguments, and proved conclusively  that every  one   ol   the   ten  pledges mentioned had not  been  redeemed,- no not one.   -Jlcr laid  bare   the   tariff" policy   of   the  Laurier govern men I and showed  that instead of being a blessing  itwa-3acui-.se to  the   people of  Canada.    The policy ol the Con-,  servative party was for ihe good  of  each   and   every   individual,  and   any   anle   election   pledges  mack* would be redeemed  fe.ited, there appears but little  left of the f.'rand Old Parly ev-  cepl its principles.  Great JJ.-ilain ha-, confidence  in Salisbury, the Unile'd States  in MeKinley and Camilla has  confidence in Laurier. Thai is  all there is to it. Nelson Tribune,  The election over save in live  constituencies, business will be  resumed, and plug along in the  same old ruts as if an election  had not taken place. A mini  established, but the lead indus-  tr.v of this Province is knocked  down 'J,or another series of years.  .What'show  has   this  country  to get the dulies on lead   and  its  products   raised to a parily with"  the" duties imposed by the United  Stales  on   like articles? That is  the quest ion .Hint  interests  the  people'   of   Yale-Kootenay-Oari-  i     *��� / *  boo ���Nelson- Tribune.  'HhcToron'o W/irld.' has ihe  lollowing incpiiry. -'Are we 10  be British or, are we to be  I'Yench." Quebec, on Wednesday  answered, 'Pi-ench, by a big  majority.  . THE-UOMIWION'ELECTION.  Libenils    Hav<>    a   Big-   Majority.  The election is over and the  results while disappointing to  many has caused re|oicing  among- ihe supporU rs ol. the  Laurier .go'verniiienl. " The .latest dispatches confirm the earlier  <lele��rrams that the Liberals had  swe[)l the country. .The following table will show about how  the* election stand although there  iikh* be some slight changes in  the general i;esult  liHiirns show. 17 Liberals elected, C'onsei \ all ves three.  iicnirc  K'etm-ns from (51 const il uoncies  in ihe Province ol Queb< c show  that '>'���' L*beials have been oJecl-  ed. and bid S (.lon-.ei valines.  The i-ef ui ns received indic.iie a  Liberal gain oi .--seals, w'-th the  loss of 1%\ o  The returns 11 oin S7 coiisfilu-  eucies in Ontario show Conservative imiii QJ those icporleci  iho Conservatives capture i1!  seats lormerly-held by Liberals,  and losi 1:2.' making a gain oi 'J,  which jus! ucpiulled the party's  loss in Quehfc. .T.\rith Ihe excep  fiou ol London the cifn'S are all  hack'in the Conservalive coluiuii  Ottawa and Hamilton reluming  lour Cons.jj-vatives instead oJ  four Liberals in Is'.Ki The rein ins indicate Hie election' ol 1'J  Coiiservaiive,s, "7 Liberals and  two liictejieiiceiii  Complete- tetu'-ns from the Dominion show j^-1 Liberals, 7^  Conservatives. ;j .Independcint  and '���'< Labor candidates elected. .  Mckinley is the man  Majority   in.   the    Electoral    Colleg-e  Lnrger Than In 1896.  NIP & TUCK.  '���-..->-   .   'L,1! s  CONT s  j*. ri.���-i', ,-'_,.?. ^r,:.^ :.' -t  i'  Ni-u Jtiuiiswii-lr             10  ���I  Xov.i Scotia       l                 .  ��-!(>  i  (^lichoc,     ..            l      "-T  7  Ontiii-io :.   :, .._*-    "  ._,*   ..  40  il.inilolMi"   "            .          ..      i  /) 30  X  W. 'Per.        .....       !  '    1 "  r           t  ���>  The changes  which  wil  7.1,  l" ap-  pear \vill be iroin those constituencies whei'e the, elections take  place later. It is reasonable to  suppose that the Liberal majority will be increased.  A remarkable,feature of the  contestAvas the ,fact that every  government wasJ-returned, while  every Conservative leader oJ any  prominence, with 'the exception  oJ Charles Hibbert Tupper and  Hoayart were defeated.  BRITISH   COLUMBJ \.  - An.]ay Morijisqn,.Liberal'^ was  re-elected.--'' TJalpli^Smil-h, L.'i,bor  Leader, defeated Sloan, Liberal  and  Woll.v.  Conservalive.  SoUl to David Giiflith, Consideration  Noi  Made- Public. "  <  The Ni]i it Tuck [ilacer ground  lias beeii"sold k# David 'Crillilh.  The. deal was made -on Tuesday  liisl. J. A Manas attorney Jor  U E Poster made the sale. The  propefty contains I'iOf) leel a!  crown granted land, loaether  with, jd.uil. supplies, water  riihls. ditches, etc. The consideration ol , the deal, was not  made public There -is three  miles ol ililch which0.w'ill cany  from 1000 to JadO inches ol  water '  The Nip & Tuck has not <boon  worked for the ptisl 'iwo years.  ft,is> the uilenlio'i yl.Mv C!riiiirh  to commence active work on Ihe  property-next year. This property is one oJ the best known  pieces ol pi icer ground in this  section ami many thousands ol  dollars have been taken out. hov\  much will piobeblv never be  known Mr. (Jritrith believes he  has a good llitna and is- Jeeling  elated over the purchase Mr.  Bangs who put the deal through  is Jroni Calaary, aiid was a Jpr-  mer nartner ol J.' R  Costigan.  Bally At Fcrmo  .)c)yce's Hall in Kernie was well  tilled on Tuesday evening- by,  electors ol thai loi*.n. to listen  to Messrs Mac Neil, (Joocleve  and lliirvey, who discoursed on  Dominion issues. The audience  was an enthusiastic one"and the  speakers wove. iroi|Uetitly ,iu ler  rupted by .a,pplaiise-r   ''' ������'"'  Election Quc-i-jes.  ���   WhaLefTeo^wilH t.liisj (jilecition'  have'cm   the'"lead ' industry   of  British Columbia,. ,        ,  With all the party leaders  de-  Earle and Prior, Conservative,  clecjed-af Victoria.     t.> t '  At Bnrrard, the election will  take place on December t>1 Ii.  \\ile - Koolcnay - Cariboo, llu*  polling takes place on November  LMsl.  .     MANITOBA.  ,,' Siflon^.Tjiberal, defeats Tluali  .John jMacdonald. Wlefts lour  ConstM;vati\'es. one Independent  and'one Labor candidate.  NORTH   VV1IST  TKIiUlTOUIKS.  Prank Oliver. Liberal, elected:  R. S. Lake. Conservalive:  Waller Scott, Liberal: Davis,  Libi*ta 1, elected.  NHW JSItr.iXSWTCK.  The Liberals carried New  Brunswick by two to one. Blair  defeats Poster: Lewis, Tourgeon  Leblanc, Reid, Blair, Tucker,  Emer.souand Costigan, Liberals,  were* elected. Hale, Canong,  h'owler -and Wihnot, Conservatives, elected.  1 Mil.VCt;   KOWAKI'   ISLAND.  Libertils have gained oik* seat.  MclCinnon.    Libi-ral,     del eating  Marl-in, Conservative   in Queens  lOasl       J. .1    llugl.es. McLelhin,  McK'iuiion and   Davis,   Liberals.  elected;   LepurgV.   Consei vat ive,  also el^cj.ed.  '    i   -   .  ,    "NOV V   SCOTIA  Liberals gain seven seals and  lose One. Sir .Charles Tupper  defeated by Dr. Kendall. The  returns from Pictpn ajre iiicom-  pk'te, but indicate, fliat Sir Hibbert 'Tapper may be defeated.  Minister     Fielding,     returned/  British Columbia Oies In Paris.  Tlio following is a  copy  of a  communication    received     jroni  ihe secretary of the  Paris  Universal Exhibition  ��� --  Paris, ist, September. J 1)00.���  Dear Sir. I have much pleasure  by order oL the Canadian Commission, to advise you that the  fnlernational .Jury at the Paris  Univorsal lOxhibition has aAvaiclod the Dominion of Canada for a  collective evlnbit of minerals, of  which your exhibit** oi copper  and gold ore Jormed an important part, a grand prize diploma,  and you will be entitled to ie-  ceive a cop,} ol the award, l' beg  lo 'vinain  Yours truly  At (i. Drpi IS.  -Secretary.  A   P.. (Irace |i]s(j , Port Steele,  II. C.  [I will be seen that -South Past  Ivootenay was remembered.  About 17i()(i pounds ol ore- was  sent Jroin Fort -Steele. A large  amount ol which was brought in  by prospectors, and much ol it  was collected by R. O Jennings  who spcul several days in visit'-  ing ihe dillereiit camps. The  cabinet in Tmo Pi.'uM'i;<"rou  ollice was drawn upon and contributed hugely to the collection  KelCjire shipment was made a  complete list w.c. made* and so  far   as   known   the donoi s inline  UKV.W SXCWKiJ i xm:ii at i-ovin  New   ^ ork.   Nov  7���It   was  evident at a very early hour last  evening thai the election   of the  Republican Candidates Jor President    and'  vice-President,    was  ..ssured       That William McKin-  loy ol Ol'-io, and Theodore Roosevelt ol New Yorlc were ihe  men  elected.    At hall   past   nine,   returns   Jroin    nearly    two-thirds  of     Ihe    election     districts    in  Creafer Now Yorlc had been  received,   indicating   that    Bryan  could    noi     expect  mioro   than  22.",</>0 lo iJO.OOO plurality, in   this  Democratic slronyliold, and   unless   1 hoio'were, a  land slide,in  the ouls'ide counties  beyond all  reasonable     expectations,     the  pivot state ol New York had declared in unmistakable terms ior  Ihe Republican candidates      As  the   night   progressed,    returns  from all over the   United   .States  oiilv     served     lo    confirm   this  judgement       , i  The remrns indicate that ihe  Republican majorities have been  reduced in 1he"eastern states, in  the ,wes1 strong" Republican  gains are assured. At \'2 o'clock  the Democratic leaders had  given up the contest, and it was  announced that Mr Bryan had  gone to his bed. and was,' soiind  asleep. The whole story was  easily and briefly told The Republicans i leket would have a  larger electoral vote than in  ��� IMNJ.        , '  '  New York, Nov. 7. l-.10a.m.���  The.',' Republican national committee claim to have elected MeKinley and' -TCbosevoll by an  .electoral vote, oI '2M, with-a possibility of 21 votes in addition,  "making a total ol .'!0,">.       <, .  lTi.tiO'i, Minnesota 7f>.u<K>, New  Jersey ."io.OiMi. Kansas :J0,(if'(),  Michigan (ir.,0f)0, Delaware .WO,  Maryland 10,000. California  10,000. West Virginia   17.000.  '  Iowa is republican by 100,000.  Wisconsin has 1O0.000 .for  MeKinley  Ohio says that MeKinley is all  riaht with Ml,000 majority.  New York gives MeKinley  1 ?."),(it >0.  Pennsylvania has 200, ()(��.)  plurality for the republicans.  FKOM    WINDERMERE.  New, York. Nov. 7. ���2 a.m.���  The,elec.1oral vote will probably  be as Lollow  MeKinley.  California       !)  ConnecMcul   Delaware   Illinois   Indiana '   Iowa . .       ?.   .  Ka nsas   Maine .. .'   Maryland.   .    -   Massachusel is..*  ...<....  Michigan   Minnesota      Nebraska     New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Yorlc. ..    North Dakota.   :          South Dakota   Ohio   Oregon..'   Pennsylvania   Rhode Tsland ..   .-   Utah ���  '  VermoiiL   .    Washington   West Virginia   Wisconsin ....    Wyoming   ���1  ���21  l.i  l.'i  10  17)  14  i)  s  4  10  ;;t>  -1  4  -I  0  1-2  rotal.  Bryan.  Alabama   Arkansas   Colorado   Plorida   Ceorgia   Tdaho   Kentucky.  Louisana .  Missouri.  Mississippi   Montana   Nevada   South Carolina.  North Carolina  Tennessee   Texas   Virginia  L"J2  11  K  I  4  i:i  i:i  ,s  Is  !)  !)  II  V2  l.'i  1:  Total.   .     .   . !���>���'  New York gave a Republican  majority ol I7.">,00(i. Indiana,  :i0,00(i and Illinois ^0,000 II  was claimed that Hryan had a  lighting chance in these stales.  Bryan did not carry his home  precinct, in tin- precinct m which  was allixed. aim il ��� M","'��''l>io jstevoiisoii Hie iX-mcK-nilic ciiiiili-  th.-il each one will I e,-,-,\ e ,i co|.\ ,(|;M(, |()|. vj(.t, , .1Vs;(|eiit. the vote  ol the diploma I'he e*J.-bit u\ w.is Ak.Kin](>v :;;(),,, i-jryau 111'  this   ore   m    Pins   will    h..\e    a'     'Phr* Ii f 1 v sc*v cnlli   congress   is  a-ood elle. I   no d'.ub'   .iltia<"i   i;,.,,,,!,!;,.,,",,    |,v     ;l     substantial  Uie.illeniK  i.ivcli.isi.,   Ins   wn|-ki 1|;f ,���.,,,���:������ y  section.     , ...   ;. ,  I.,,   imosI,   of   the    -stales   :the  Th" success. .���ii!.!/i(vp'u,.:'il.ion of''"< nbcsriiatorial   tickets   have   ap-  Ttiiv     'Piiosi-Kerou. -Has.    been j parent ly followed the  National.  gained by   always giving to. ad- jOdel'l. is  elected   in|Now York.  subscribers. " tile .j Yates in Illinois.  Massachusets  75,000.   (Oregon  An    Interesting-  Budget   From   the  Northern Cmnp.^  R.   L.   T.   Calbraith rein rued  from Ihe north on   Tuesday  last  and furnished Tut: Picoshcotou  with   the   following  interesting  inJormation.    While in that section Mr  (I.ilbraith visited Athal  inni'.i Peterborough.   Canterbury  and other jjoint.s.   ' He says most  satisfactory  conditions   exist  in  all of the towns and  good   business is being done'at all   points.  The mining outlook' is   excellent  the    owners    of   the   Paradise  group,   on     Toby   creek,   have  O.jOO   tons   of ore   on the dump  and of this there  are  ���"!.")()  sacks  ready for transportation.     Captain  Armstrong-  has   taken   the  contract lo haul all ol this ore to  the steamboat lauding this, winter ready to go out in the spring.  Work   is    progressing   on    the  Keep properties and   Mr.   Keep  expects to have a trial .shipment  taken  out   this 'winter ready to  be,shipped lo the Trail   smelter  in the spring.  .This property is  most highly spoken of and is regarded as one oJ  the   big   mines  of that section.      Considerable'  development  is  being  done   on  other   properties    and   all   are  showing, np jWell.'.   Save.ral .^of  them will be worked all  winter.  Roads up Toby and Horse Thief  creeks towards'fhe mines a re being pushed as rapidly,as a .working  force  of  7."i   men  can do it,  this  work  will   be continued as  long as the weather will  permit  There are no such roads  in Past  or West Koolenay the'c|iiali1y of  the work and grades being taken  info   consideration.       And   the  genera! belief is  that   the  Cold  Commissioner,      under      whose  direction Ihe work is being clone,  must belong   lo  the   good roads  association.  The many friends ol Mining  Recorder Coldie tendered him a  complimentary farewell supper  at the Stoddart hotel,, Windermere, a few days ago. Speeches  were made by Ihose present, all  ol which were expressive oi re-  grot at his departure for his new  field of labor at Kiinberley.  Hector Cameron who was recently appointed Constable will  take np his 1 esidence at Athal-  mar. - ,  vertisers an-  best possible values."  The river is still open and the  boats arc making regular trips.  It is reported that Kimpton &  Pitts have; been awarded the  contract for the construction of  a Telegraph line from Golden to  Windermere. This line will ultimately be extended to. Port  Sleek'.  The town ol Windermere is  steadily progressing. Mr. Pitts  is putting up a fine dwelling and  Mi-. Kimpton has nearly completed his *?!,.")(Kl residence.  The new Ppiscopal Church  was opened on Sunday last by  the Rev 0. P. Yates vicar of  Golden. There was a large at  tendance at morning and evening services  On Monday last an entertain  iiienl was given lor Ihe benefit  ol the church at which all ol the  amateur talent ol Windermere  (oolc pari II was a financial  success.  Mr '    Calbraith      found      the  Indian   matters   m   a most satis  lactor.v condition.  K .1. Scovil has been appointed stipendiary magistrate''and  registrar Of '��� ���birtljis, marriages  and deaths at Windermere.    ���  ���J. E. .'Cri'fiith. gold commissioner was at Windermere when  Mr. Galbraith.'left.  RAILWAY TO FORT STEELE.  Will     Incorporate.���Erom    Crawford  ._���_-.___Eay to Fort Steele.  The lasi issue of the liritish  Columbia Gazette, contains the  information      that: "Messrs  Whealer and Martin will apply  for an act lo incorporate a company to build a railway from a  point/at or near Crawford May.  Kootenay Lake, the Crawford  creek'and St. Mary's river valleys to Port Steele. Past Koolenay." This road will undoubtedly run over the route which  was surveyed for the 1J C. Southern, which originallyo intended  to run to Crawford*, I lay. but the  roule was abandoned owing lo  the .sleep grade lo the summit lo  the Hay which is something over  ."),0()(�� leet in 17 miles' Should  the incorporators c;l Ihe road  mean business, and 1he road constructed, it will open ii]i a mineral field of vast extent." and be  oJ incalculable benefit to Port  Steele and the tributary country.  Tl has been suggested that the  Great Northern maybe backing  thisenlerprise. If such is ,,t)ie  case, there will be no delay, in  construction and instead of one  railroad P'orl- Steele mav have  two.  Mining- Notes.  J. H Pink", manager -of the  Deane. on Nortli Star hill, will  prospect that properly with a  diamond drill. The plant "will  be installed at o.nce.  Work will be resumed t on   the  Old Abe in a few davs.     This is  (i  *"  one of the most promising   prospect's   in   tliis  section,   and bids  fair to inake<a good mine  -      i  '��� <���  There   is   six   feel    ol    quartz  showing   in   the  bottom  of  the  shaft rin the' Paldl Mountain,'   on  AVild  Horse.     No  work,    aside  from'assessment has  been   done  oi'i rHe-T^i'^|'je"r'i^.    'The' showing  isViii excellent one.  Next   season   East ' Koolenay  will be the scene of great mining  is '  activity-      Prom   what   can   bo_  gleaned several large companies  will bo operating in this section.  II is .reported that work on several claims will ha resinned this  winter. Placer mining on Wild  Horse will be carried on to a,  greater extent than for several  seasons. Jn fact the outlook for  the future is most bright.  The Koolenay Perry Creek  Company continue the work on  their properties on French creek  and the force at present employed'will probably be maintained  all winter. ,  The contract for work on the  John L. and other properties,  on Lewis creek will shortly be  commenced.  The Chickamou Stone is to be  prospected with a diamond drill.  ilie loss ol Kentucky. They had  been charged wiih having conducted a loose campaign, and  the results show . that tlie  organization was nearly perfect.''  On Tuesday morning the Spokesman Review published a list' ol  what they considered doubtful  .slates, of this list of Is the Republicans carried all but three.  Mm little change need be'" expected ihe election was a land-  slide, burying Bryan. It was a  great victory.  Foreign Envoys Agreed-*  t  The foreign envoys met   again  this morning and virtually  agreed as to ihe points of chief  importance,. It was decided to  leave minor ditlerences, for future dii>cus.sio'ns.  Canadian Regiment En,Route.  London. Nov. fi.���The following dispatch was received at the  war ollice from Lord Roberts:  *' ������The Ha warden Castle sails  today with the Canadian regiment.  Russian Protectorate.  London, Nov. 7.���Dr. Morri-'  son, wiring to' the Times from  Pekiuyesterday, says: <-,  Vice Admiral 'Alexieff has addressed a communication to Li  Hung Chang asking China's, intentions regarding Manchuria  and inviting her- to resume the  government , of ,that^ territory i  under Russian protection, whicli  he says will be of "mutual advantage to China and Russia."'  News Notes.  The fun in France has ''begun.,  ���the senate and deputies, have  begun their sessions and business is to be rushed.  The Russian reply is in harmony with two points of ihe  Anglo-German agreement.  Kriiger will wait at Port Said  to see if it will be safe for him  to land in Kurope.  Russia is placing orders with  American shipbuilders for the  construction of five battleships.  MeKinley has renewed his  lease on the White House, for  another lour years  Tin* press is represented by 7)1  newspapers and periodicals, and  1 his number is being almost daily  added to. Tin-re ar�� I I daily, 10  semi-weekly. ��� la weekly and (i  monthly newspapers, and i1�� is  admitted, ihal ihe newspapers of  Hie province are up to dale* in  every particular  i��i{i;.snY'ri:ui.v.\' cnuKcu. , <  01 u istian service will be conducted in the Presbyterian-!-  Church by-ihe Pastor Rev. Dv  McK. Reid. H.��A. every Sabbath  evening at 7-:)0. �� -There will-also  be a service every other Sabbath.  morningat.il o'clock. Sunday,  School at 12 a.m.        < ih  All aro.woloome to our services  Gallantry In( the Field.  Loudon. Nov. (i ���Lord Roberts, in ,'i dispatch, dated Joining  nesburg, November .">. reports to  the war ollice as follows:  '���Sinith-Dorrien states that-  Major Saunders and Captain  Chalmers- (of the Canadian  Mounted Rifles) has been decor-,  aled. Saunders rode on under a  heavy lire lo bring in a horseless  non-commissioned officer. Sana-"  ders was wounded and his horse  was killed, and Chalmers went  to his assistance. Saunders implored hi in to leave, but was refused, and the gallant Chalmers  was. f grieve to say. killed.  EltHticm   In  tlio Stiitcn.  The managers of 'he Republican campaign. Hie day before  election published a statement  ol the states they expected to  carry, in flits list Kentucky with  IK votes' was included, they did  not ��� claim neither . Nebraska or  Utah   with,11    votes,    both   of  , November 5th.  Monday November .">th. was  Guy Pavvks day." The celebration of this day used to be one of  the great events of November in  Knglaud One item of the Guy  Fawks day which still lingers is  the solemn search of the cellars  in the houses of parliament.  November .">th is also the anniversary of the Battle of>Jnker-  man. this was the turning contest of the Crimean war. this  victory ensured the fall of Sa-  bastopol.  Bryan    Not   Wanted.  The American election is over  and'the people have proclaimed  in no uncertain sound their con-  fideiic-e'iii the administration of  President  MeKinley.  Mr. Rryan will now be dropped  like a hot potato by ihe Demo  crals and relagaled to his farm  in Nebraska. No more will the  silver tongued orator electrifv  political gathering:-, with l(i to I.  imperialism ,u\d trusts, he is  politically dead, in tin* future he  will use Ins oratory at countrv  fairs a ml ag ricti I tu ral ga I hei i ngs.  InereaHU Hobpitnl Grant.  Word has been received that  the grunt for tluj Ui.mioiid  Jubilee Hospital of Port Steele,  has been increased from .*?."*(K> to  ���jwal). in addition to which jsU'i'ii  has been appropriated .for the  enlargement.-.'of the building.  Crokei" is surprised, Haniia  pleased^ Bryan disgusted: the  which cast these votes for Mc- j people of, the United States sat-  Kiniey'thereby nearly offsetting | istied with MeKinley. THE PROSPKCTO'R,  PORT STEELE,'H- C, NOVEMBER 10, JH00.
i^TABI.ISm.U     I e'>"i
7-V. B. Greiee,
THE PROSPECTOR, i- publislicd
everj SaturJa>, and hjs a 'sii.iiaiitL-cd
circulation larger Than un\ oilici* papci
In East Kootcna>. It is .ill home I'liiitod
»nd contains Jonhlc the new- of an>
other paper in the disiuct.
As  an   ad\ citisin^   nicJi'-.iii   it   i~ unexcelled.
DevotPd lu the upbuilding of I'uii Sterlr tin'
development of tin-v.i-,1 mineral ii-sni'i-i-i— <.f
rtie East Koolenay mintnt'district
Subscriptions  -   * - C») pel   si-ar
Adveiiisina rates lu.ulr liwissii on application,
Ooniributlons uresolicii'-i' from all parts of tlie
41strict. lint nil mutter Inteml'-d for publli-ntlon
must have tlic writer's si-mauuc   ,
TUIC DAPPP is Itt-pi on tlle.it thi-nilsri--
iniO  rMrCn tisin.-ajriiis i-f jVl.iA.i'idi i
ACo.. Slllt-l  1~.    Fltsl .Wil.iin.ll  ll.lllli    liUlldlllK.
SpoHane. Wash . uliire tcnii.ui- ran >>-• inuik
forit. : 1   I , '
i.VK I.'
in   Hie   <u   i:    I'.
>_-] 1'i-rt isiui
llllS l<ip6r u.\j\i. r. ... ii v.- r i - ^ i-r
Agency, 61 and ns Mereliaius l.xcli.uijn- sail
Francisco. C.ilifornla \sln-n- ci-nir.u-ls foi nil-
vertiskiK can be ninilt* foi I-
Thic   Panpr i- u«-i*i u<-»t n»" a Mi-
IlllO rafJCI K mi A Co N-Wspapel Ail-
VetisMiu' A.-eiicv .Moiiln.il. win it i-orili.uts
for ad\ertisi:ii,' t-.m In ina-li foi it
This Pa^cr '"■" ■" ''' u''
store. Spokane   \\\i*-h
<;i.ih,mi ,V   Oi **.   hook
(£he yjto&pectov.
The ap])licalion for a charter,
or incorporation, for, a, rail way
frdni Crawford.-, Hay to Fort
Steele does not necessarily mean
iinin.adiu.te construction although
it is probable that whoever is
cbacking the scheme intends to
proceed at an early date to build
a road.    A railway coming down
'   the St. Mary'.s would make avail-
' able one of the greatest mineral"
sections   in'    I-5ritish''  Columbia.
' While nothing is known definitely it is s>usped«d that the Creat
Northern has a hand in this   ap-
'   plication,   as  it' iA in a line with
/> its pojicy of putting out feeders
when .there .is  possible" traffic.
" Such a road as projected would
be of great benefit to Port Steele
and the-tribntary country, and it
is to be hoped that construction
will not long be delayed.
    ' -     ^
The elections in" the United
States is over. MeKinley has
been re elected;  the "full dinner
' pail" was the potent factor.
. While the indications nil point-
, ed to the re-election of MeKinley
the,Bryan prophets all prophe-
siased that he was llic future
President. 'The ".silent .voter,"
■that'is, of men who think, who
will not indicate their intentions
in advance, wore the ones that
' gave success to the Republicans..
The real crux of the Ml nation
was Nrew York, without which
Bryan coulcl not win, while MeKinley could. Indiana was'considered doubtful, but both New
York' and Indiana were the
states  that   cooked    thr*   Bryan
, *    *    *.
0  The election of Mr.  -Bryan   as
President,of  the-   Uniled   States
.- -would be little less than a calamity to the United States.
* X        *        ¥
Reports from all parts of this
constituency while showing that
all parties care lined up for the
battle,   yet  it is  conceded   that
■ the result as shown by the election on Wednesday will have' its
,effect through the constituency.
:.'■.■■'■•■ -»
The Mining Center of the District of South East Kootenay
The proposed Crow's ISTest and Golden Railway, Recently Surveyed, will pass through
Attd   Tap    the   Greatest   Mineral   Belt   of   the   Dlstric
Choice Business and Residence lots for Sale
A rich lady cured of her Deafness and Noises in the Head by
Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear
Drums, gave £10,01 >o to thir, Institute, so that deaf people unable to procure the Ear Drums
may have them 'five. Addres.s
No. 1451S. The Nicholson -In
stitute. 7L*0, Eighth Avenue,
i   New York, U. S. A.
Apply to       R. L. T. Galbraith*       Tpwnsite Office.
General fVlercftant'
Liquor Dealer.
Manufacturer of all Iviiuls of Lumber,     . A large assortment of'seasoned Lumber and Shingles always
on hand.
Headquarters  for   Mining   and   Commercial   Men
I     Jfl5fl.---B&      1
*-      *■ ' SUPPLY CO., Ltd.,
& -^      Vancouver,    B.    C     -rjf
g: We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and cirry a
g large titock'of Balances, Furnaces. Fire Clay Goods, Scientific
2| and Practical Books. Glassware. Platinum Goods, Acids,
gj Chemicals, and all other Ass^iyers' and Minors' requirements.
§ SOLE A&ENTS for Morgan (Jrucible Company, Battersea, Beck-
»     '   er's Sons' Balances; Braun's Gasoline Furnaces, Etc.
5; Catalogue and full particulars on"application.
, i • - II SI  >  )
mi I'-n-.s i f. to  isii'ituVhULM"
.MIKKItAL ACT   ls'».
0 - (KIHSI   ►   I
( KliriFIC'A'l F  lit   ISII-ld-S-l-SIKS-ls
Rltufiti-d In tin- l-'i-rt sufli  Miiiini; Divislua
of Somh K.imi Koot.vi.is (jlsi i U-i
VVlii-rr lui .-i
dii l.<
. ( i
'I'.tk--    iifini-f     tllLl    I     .l.-Un's     \      II.LISIH
linaux [or I'- ti-r.Iciisi'ii 1'iin* Muif-i s i'i i-lii1--.hi-
Xo "» IH.V'.l .i mi \'IK Il.iMs.ir] !'i,'. \1irj--l s
Certincau-    Nu        emm    s u-i-n-i    slxiv
ilays rrom im 'Lit'- li-m.f •.. i|>i-l\ lo
the MlnliiK II'-' "nl'-i f"i •' 0'-i|iIIi.i|i -if Im-
provcnK-iits, I--- Hi- ihiip<-»i »( i-Iin-iiui.' .i
Crussn Or.inl -r tin ,ii.(»\v i l.um
Anil fin i Ii'*' i.-'t-' ii'-tl*'   fli.u  .uiiiiti  iiimI-'i
secllnn .1", 'iHIHI   ->'   I i-lrl lIK-ril I-I In f-ill- I he Is- u-
:inc<" «f miic-Ii I'-ni-l- .-ii i-r Iiii|iiiis' mi ill
IlillWl tills iKI 'Lis  -if Srpli.iiilil I    I(i0i|
.1   A   II U.'Vi.N
}        Situiiti'in tin- l"'iit sn-ul..   Vi.ii.l'  I'lsl-i'.ii
o: .south KiisL Ko.)rt;n.i.y I'Ktnct
J Wilt*--'- loc.u.-i) - I.UH-mil. .in-l  i   li.-l*  trnln
j th«- inoiitf. "f I f-si ci< t-'.c  .i-i-l  .ii-i-ut   ?* n   mill s
j fiom Port sl--i'1-  in .i soutn i .is;    iih-pu.iii  a'j'l
I on Lhc north si.i. nf l./i^r ci* - k
'        'I'ul.i-ruillic lli.-t i  "I'lios']•   MiV.ilIi    r. M
| (*   S'n. ll4J-.il % .i���'i-il! foi l-1.-.1   .lol nsoii   1     M. *
Xo. I( lifts"!   S.IIIHI--I i.t-wls.i-i-1   I-'MC   N'o   mslJ-l,
J     1*.   AMlistloiik-    .iilinlnlslr.itor   roi   V.'i.'t;liis j
I'stitli t mti'liil   sl\l V (l.ts • f iiiir I hi- o u-   ht'i-or
to.tpph lo :h'' SHnliii,'U» C'.nl* l   hn    -  l.-rtlli-
c .t .*"■  or  linpros-lit'tits    tot tlii- jimp I'.fi-
L.mil'itr a * i.-Hii l. rait of tin- ..-.nu  - J.i.in
Anil furilii-i lulu-lu-lii i  lli.il   .hi ii.ii    uiiili i
M'l'lloll   (~   inllsl   111- I'dflliniTK .-I    li-foli    tin    Is-
s mi in I- of sin n ( i-i llrlf.Ui' of Iliii-rosi n.i lit-
lmi'-'i -in . -:>-ih ii.iv "f "< 'oil. i  a i)   ii-""
II- Tllfis •■•   ,\|,.\-|i|"| ||
I        -siium.- In tin- Port Su-ili' Mlimiif  DisKIoii
, Of i^.lSt ICoi-t-Tl.lS    IJlSllH't
i      win n- loi; in ii    On ihn uii-ih ms mil. iii-ui
! M.llU,'-i"-l.
, 'I.iUi iiotui ill.ii I SMI Mcl.i oil Cm Lin
IA|-'lit fot lh» N'ni'li J-t.M MilMlll.r ('.iinp.llis.
'I..liill'(l I ioi Mi in l s (VHilli ll( >.'■ i n ,11 'iTUJ
,1 ■<-<- Mill, i s r cull, ,u, S'o n :il.-|Ti Inn nil i.ll
i ll.Us fiom ill.- il.ito hi l.'iif  to.lpjils I-- Iho Ml.l-
iii/ Ifi i*oi il. i foi
ii.i tin- pui po'.r
Blown to Atoms
■'flic <>l<' i<l"Jl ■','''1'll"
Slxts ilns s ftoin il.it-' I   Hit- ml   ''i   ippls   '
ill*. I  llli-r < Oliltlllssli.tl'M  of  I. iiols ,\   Ui.rl .    tn
i pi'i inl'«sioii to piin h:i.Hr t hi- rnllni-.lnv- il-'si i Hi. ■
i I.nu! In South l.usl Is'ootr n.is* t omliii in ji.j/ .1
i tli-'ii'-nh i-.ist roi mo or N'   \   W Llllnj-- i s.ipph
liflll V silli||.|.iHK-s ft-ul-iotl, llllJlirl'.1 '.tilsl Hll (.llultis: tllCIM''-    sollt
"ncedK   it   |"
isvcrfiil.   ili-iisti
tntfi:il.t I Vo I chains. thi*tu-« syrst H(i rhnlns. Mwiic''
nflT ha.-i liOCtn C<|'l'.iil';il: Kit- Hi-. Kiny-'s U'litiliis to liir point of rominrncrni.-in
N(>W    J.ifo    I'lllis,    ss'llirii   ill'i'   | ii-i- r« ■< *t.l \' j llti)-' t.ll-.-ri-ri'niii mi iiint-li lis Is   i-osi-ri'il
. llOl-inl*'*"*!   JT'-nl-ly   sliliiiilai,!-    liver   --.nil j pri-ri'inialm-K   of   < :inti-lrs   Chapman.
,-Kisvelw    ((,     uxpel      |i(iimiinni.s ■ iiiiiJter. j Koirri-s/l-'nuilt nnnas-iin unil Allien i;ri-z
•leaiine tliu'l-yrtlciiii mid iilisnlnlelv  c tire '' tiilnliiL' lOO in-i-es inoii- or less. .   .
■ r'im»til«iH»" a",J Si'-'*'  H'-'-dii'-li'-.'  i-nly ; '' I.Kii.s imss.
,7r       t ^' \V.' Blea&di.'ll's Uru" Store.       ;' Fort Sloele. II.«..'.. St-ptcinl-cr II. I'.-m
ior|l, wi-
I'.v. lie!
/   f'lll-
i Hip ale liT Inijiloseini ills
ol ol-i iiiiiin.- .i i -' iiv, n  i .1.int  ol
ii   .ihos i   I lldll)
Ami Tin tliei i.ile  iioih-'   lh.it   aetion    utulel
t lion '.'.7   MUM   Iw- i OMlllii'lli i-i! hi foi e-tlli  Issil-
>  i/f sin ii I en I III ale oT 1 111 pi OS I lie III).
ll.il. il lln   llllil il.is of Jills   I'.i'HI
'" NlTl. Mi l,ri ill t'l  KHAN'   .St'-III
I al i   iiollie   in tl   mi   oiii   month   allit   ilil
I'.M lei to .ipjils   lotlll     I  lll'-i   roilllllissioiii I    of
I..mil-.'. \\'oiii.iroi pi i mo Sinn In pin ( ha « lln-
folll sslnif ill >i illn i| liulil III sieiilli I..I-.I ICoole
li.W III ill n L I oiillh'-IH lull it .1 post plant-il on
liie i ,i4t ii oil of l-i ) i s ' I-ell aiiiiill oni roiitlh
of li mil- noi til i.f l-'l t 'ii ti ill-ill liii-nce souln
1'iilii.iis Hi. no h.m to i linlii-, t Item i- inn t h
Hiih.uiis iliiini i im in. Iialns m ill.ii e of In'-
11 in (I this i'.tn il iv of s.. |,n nihi'i    MK-il
.1   'I    I.AIIU.AW. :.i.-
All    Modern     Conveniences
*■ \ •
FORT    STEELE,   B.   C.
Large   Sam-pie   Rooms   for   Commercial   Men.
Port Steele   .
Meat Market
I^KESTT   and
R. W. ROGERS, Proprietor.
Frosh Tliililmt.   Salmon, Salmon Trout. Bologna  Sausage,
lint for and Ea-u-s.    Pish and (!amo in Season.
> Port Steele and Kimbeiiey.
>SE" Bicycle  Ol* Ci -t=n
Linplo  |irl<n  or   S'l Di2il
.  H\ .   I    .iff,   .. .1 1« m. .   ^****T
I'KUIlijliiK i
oiinjiprosnltoyoiiriulilre-a WITHOUT A CEHTIH ADVANCE
?E?.D*iMs, ,ro,ufi P?PER> -"»»"<•«».-jou," i.ta""S;
« 'm'i l, Kis<*(-oloi'. In iKlit or riunio tind (rem ssiiui.'iliuiil Wll U II I, sllll*
''."I'lVi'i'i!-'!0;0- " "" I'i'i""*,"1. i'ih>«in„'.s»ii to iiiii-iiitu inui t-i-
iinilim It rnlly l«Tiuo jon mti-i.t It. II it U not all mm lump tluui sm-
41 ihn lor it, it in] a hatter svlncl lliioi > on tun Ki-t lor an> \,]i(ll.,.,,.,. tin,
pi'... l-imn aay onu .'Isj.   iHmv  ir ,in.|I »«.Mil pa, nil ,.X|„,,B chare..',
iiiiiM-lsiB.   Tho "MONTROSE"  —'-      ■     -*■   -
al our .Speelal   Aki-'iI'h   hil
Im tliuirii'ati'sl liai^iiln inn IiIi'm ]i> i'\i'i orri'inl     SS
In an.s WIlMlici'l on (Im iiiiliI„.| „nil Jim ne. ,| ,i,,l n,,.,..,! It inn n ivii
irsoil itn mil llnil II i ms..i it no   int     SSVni, i:,\<'|.|'sl S'r lEM'Vtei I-
.nv.M-r.\<-i-i-i;i:irv  ,„„| ,„.„ ,,,■„ ,r,. ■ i,..<i .*j ,, n, i.lv i iionin,,,:
""■' .uihm.u". ihNnii.,,.i„,. , .I,,,eii,;,,'; ,],,'.i1;
iniiii'ioMiiiii. ii fttDER AGENT  i> i.n.i, t ,„,.»,.,,i ,„
anil tauo orili'iM.    Oui u,fi nts ninl.i   umiik., |,,s|
SPFfilFlfiflTSfllN*?  .'."!!"• ' "I-■'i"'i-. ii-ii-s s'lmii  ii.'»t
IlilllM    Mlltill    ll.llll^     llll|.lliMll   I     Oil ill l    ihtld    Im   In.lii,  Mill   lln   I   l,l,l!
■''■•""" !  I<"*''1 So 1.1 i. - ii   lln ..Ill oi tut Mini i i.i illi mini.
Mill  <le.ll 1.1   MlllllllIK   idiulMI,   l.'i ,,i|.|   "\" Ih,.      l|„    /, ./ „l,il   ,,t ,,o|  lln
in...|..sp. iiMl.i'lh.-.iii III     I In. i.i iii  ¥l «, , .!„„,., u,„|,	
ralil.ll...   |,i.liit,i, t HI.ii il. . Hi.   ;„   |  „l.p,„.i,l,|,..    | ii,„;.,|,,||„
IiIiiiI.. Ilhiiooii oi ,. .nil  _•    Ii||;l,|    Mill  mil ninl  i„.|i|ii,     ,   , ,|„|
"Hi ll-il   III'I.i tin,- , I, nil   l.il   In   ,,!,, |„      \\„ I lion.in-Ill,  11   I i ., i . |„,   „
..ri.iMi.in.i ii.it .....   i,i„ in, ,.„„ mil.-,   im, I.I...H..1S ,i„,'.niu.
■ lilt. O  ll.ill.t   Villi  i till   1,1,'M i.
FHPF '"-"I """ ►iiniiiiKiii. rtin.r.o,,, i, i,i run mn, ,.,,!,, „,  i,in
■ iiui. i.. mi nu, n i-iiiiiiin. i:„,,ii, i. mmm ,,,n,  i,„,, i ,,ll(1,,,, i u t -
null.I     in li In -li I'linli. ll  | ,,      Si,,,,   I. i nil Inn I. It miii im. not
11 in i :h mil in, ii
CHEAP WHFFF *5  v,v ''" ""l'""""-"""" nu- -i""i- -' u
, ,,      UHUHr     lintCLO. mnil,! Illnil ,,l nliii U.nniliii. iiiiih ni'ii-
i..ii<iiii>  ninl  l.lo   .iniiils   I,,,,,..,« nilllllllM- 1UI.I Mil „M l.iuli Klllll,'     SS...I inilHli l|„.„i
liou   s. i.nlr. In*. Milni.nl. 1.1 •».?;■ to tl;.',i|i,.i,,|.|, i,,.   ssi, ,|„ i„.i ki.i,i„„iv,.    i..,-,.,„.
miiiiii iiii'ui.   i:i:i <>i.-i! .>Kin:i,-i.\i; „ i,i„y,.|,. „r ,,i,v ,.,„. ..i,,.;,,,, ,,,„tt,.,. ,V|„, ,„. Iu,„
.•lli'illi. iv I'll o nwnllll li't, IIHli'll you lion- iniii.'li ivi- .-iin hum) voii on lllo iiiiiiiu-inn'lllli,'.
"•'"" UNABLE to RUV'.ln'";Vl **"!'",""!i"lsV'v"'"" ,;'*"•'*'' A "itivtu.i: io-iii*.
"-•'    UHMUH..IU. UUI   lillnitliiiri-alaliiL'lirslj. in I't'is'ilurn.   AS',, iioimI ,,,,„ oitsoo
„   ,  i-iii'|«.mi.    ■SSi;liiivi.t,i.vcnil|ii,„iln„|HH<)<IMl 1IAXK Wlll-KI.S liiliiiiiliili'iiilusrlilrli svu
-w..,.'; wi'.';",1.",'.!.'ft.?-' l""'"'' "l«"»"'"'-';i"l"Vll'l''ii'ii|'l<:i '""I TO nioik'ls vi'iyi.|ii.„|,. Kulnl Tor ll.ritnln l.l«l.
tii K ■■.!.! AIII I.I IS I*,uii.iii«i»tloii<i<l. SS., ivk-i- 10 iinv lunik oi I.iimIi.i..«« lions,, Iii (,.|ilcn«o. or liny cxproHHiir
i'-i'l'I'li? i-'»''>Paii.v.    SS ... will himhI yon li'lti'in or nTt-rt n illrfi't rroiii.lliii lnrm'st. Imnlu III C'hlraKU ir voii Vlnli It,
YOUR ORDER i.v.'&.i".!".1"™^
Port    Steele
Brewit-ig   Co.
^ lioltlctl beer for family use a specialty
Sick & Mutz, Prop's.
eh l^nvii forth!
Iiu witlidriiwii very h
£.if"<Hvu nniuunf thin painir.
«J. L. MEAD CYCLE CQBVI**?\NY, oMomaoJiu.
*     "-
i   i *
'f? THE J'KOoJ'IOOTOR, FORT STEELE, 13. O,  NOVEMBER Id, 1000.  ��to Qvozpeztov.  SATUKDAY, ,\OVI-:.\J IlKi:  lo. Hum  News Notes.  Oovernor Roosevelt of New  York, on Saturday lust, completed the most, renin rkubk' tour oJ  the campaign, in eijcht weeks he  visited 21 states, made (>7;J  speecJies, :|,nd travel led 21,2\.)  miles, visited ."i{��7 towns and addressed :i,0(K),000 people..  ��� The British losses in' South  Afrioa,-durin<' the month :of Oc-.  tober, 107 were killed in action,,  71 died of wounds, ��.'."> died of  accidenis and 07 Captured or  missing.  Sir Henry Blake, the governor  of Hong Kong, says in a letter  lo a London lriend: '-Since this  trouble began I haven't had an  .hour of real leisure, and yet 'the  excitement is'-rat her, enjoyed 'by  nearly all of us. "  The United .Stales e.'naval in  creaso programme tor ''1001 in  volves the construction, of :i.  vessels ol l.">l,non tons displace  nient. 4 ' -  George Considiu, says that the  recent, figh I bet ween,Corbet t and  McCoy was a fake. ���>  It. is again reported that  Aguinaldo was really shot', as  stated some time ago, and that it  Wat. being kept quiet for political purposes.   " -������  THE  HOTE  H. REINEMAN, Proprietor.  Fort Steele, B. C.  Largest an  t Complete Hotel In South Bast Kootenay  Invasion of England Etffcy.   '  Tlio National Review publishes  striking articles  lorcibly  pointing out-Great Britain's dire need  of political, and economic  reconstruction, the inadequacy of both  the'navy and'"a Tiny, as at present  '- estimated, to meet  possible f and  '. ovcii'probable  emergencies   and  1    the  inability  ol   the  country to  cope  with  a    sudden   invasion.  Those -come'-from   the 'pens - of  English  authorities,   which  are  '   ' neither hysterical nor  ignorant.  George .f. Goschen, the retiring  first-lord of-the admiralty, .-it,*, "fcj  said. haslelHhe Britislf sqiia'dl-dii-  in the far ea-st   be  outnumbered  by the Germans0.md the  British  ���*�� fleet in the Mediterranean  is as  serted to be far below the neces-  (t" - *  '   , sary    strcrigtb.'" without" coal  -,-.stores and bases, while the home  ,' dock yards  are  filled, with   ro-  .   serve ships that-can not be; kept  {in good sordcr   and   an, effective  mobilization at short  .putipj the question'.  Captain' Cairnes, with' convincing detail, exposes''* how  comparatively easy it would be  for France to land several thousand men iii England (basing his  .'belief on iho landin�� of American -troops .near1 Saiitiago)' uhd  marcliing them in London before  the. whole mobilization scheme"  could be put.inaction: Through  out. these articles .there is the  evident conviction that England  limsl soon'' "tight" 'one of- 'the"  powe'rs. The shadow of that  struggle already',overlies the  " land, which is''not' 'moving hand  or foot to me.ej ,1iie ponding  crisis.' ''    ''    -;"      'r    "''*  ALL   MODERN   CONVENIENCES  ��� < i - i  Sample Rooms for ���Commercial Men.  .Headquarters for Milling Men.  NOTICE.  Take iioui-i- ili.it Units il.i.ss fiom tlio il.uu  lirii'of I iiiti-iul n, appls to tlib Clucl Cuniniis-  smiit'i of, lauiiK .<. W'oil.s loi pi-imission to  put I'll.ls(- tlu> lollusv illtf (U st-i ibetl l.lluN sltb.lti'  (in I'i-i-i \ i-tcol; in tlio KoiiStuuli'/Miniii-,' Uis i-  s.ion -of 1-J.isL i Knotc-iias* lltnlsh Colmnlu.i  Cuimnuiii-lii^ ai.O post pi.mud ol Pony Cici-lc  iiliiiul onr-li.iir mill- Ik'Iqss tlic ohl sli ill- Uiimk-f  sonlli Hii-liiiiiis. ilit-nt'i- ssi-st Hfi.li.mis.   iNmv  HOI til 111 I'll.Illls     tllOUCti   Oitsl   1(1   (-l).lllls   to   tin  place or'lH'KiinuiiK 1'Oiu.unlns,' m .ill Hid .u n-s  \VM   ItOlllNSO.V  IJ.ituil.il Pon Steele tins istli'das   ��r'��.(������>'  teniliei, 11W0  NOTICE.  .Voncu ls'-lion lis- Kiseii iliat it) uass unci  il.nu 1 Helen V. j;suneit, nileiul lo appls to tin  tjlnet Commissioner of LtiniK anil WoiUs .n  \'letot i.i, II. G . Jot ])Oiinission lo pun-linse llu-  follossitiir tlesenhciL lantls Commencing at a  yosi pl.iuleil Hem the old NToi 111 Star oie*io.iil  .'limit. WO feei'east'of the foui mile Uo.u'd  tlienec soutl) 10 th.mis tlience ssesi III elianis  ihenee norlli 10 chains thence east in chains to  point of heirlnniiifj Containing in all USD at res  aiioie oi less r  located OlI   irth  IMO  ���u "nm.io.v v nsTjniKK.  ride Bro's.  ne.ii t Heavy Hardware ;  Stoves, Graniteware,  Tinware  Powder, Fuse, Caps  Paints and Oils.  Slieet metal work of all kinds  promptly executed.  KIMBERLEY  'I ; 1  The    Coming   Town   of  East  % Kootenay.  * "' NOTICE. .  Nonce'ls hei-eh.s 'kisuii that,.10 ilass aftei  -liilerl intend lo ai)i)ls- to Ihe Chief Coinniis-  sionei of L..ni(ls ami Works Tor ii'lu-ense 10  piospc-Ll torcoal on'ilie St M.u.s s His-ei about  tsso miles alios e the lii{li.ui Reseis-.ition Coin-  niciu'ine at the south east' coi nei posi ihente  MJ chains noiih; ihcnui sO^clialns ssi st thence  M) chains south* ihcnco Hoeh.iiiis east lo point  of commcnclinent   mid   cont.11111)11;  nil)  ,uies  notice i&|-">"--oi less  ��� "c .ia.mcs i-om:v  '      IJnied at 1-ntt Steele this IMh das- of Ocio-  hoi   I SUM) ��� U  -   "       Home Again.  The Toronto  soldiers of  the  South   /\.J.'ric!J|.,Goiifin,ueii,t,   lmvo  returned, and heon receive/l-with  I remciidous enfliusiiisni.  Miinsfickl "# Collcrell  Fort Steele Cigar Store  U'eeinis- n lli'st-el.iss Hue of    '  linpoiieil anil llomesilc  Cigars,  Cigarettes  and   Tobacco  I rti 1 J. Hilt* of  |)ipi'��. I��� i���  M-liiuiiiV'illiil' III'.It.'    " ' "  1-atesi il.iils ness-s])ipe;*s 111 our ii-adtn^ loiini  - .   --.   ,1'    '       >',     ?..'       . '    (  See oui-stoelr of','-)< ent   nosels ssc 1 \eh:nit,'e  one roi .ins tsso son  hi!-.'* nail and   ii-linu  in  ^ood tn-det. J --  .NOTICE.  ^ 'I'aKo notice that inn Is* dass fiom the dale  lieieor lI intend loappls to the Honorable  the Clner Commissioner of I. mils and U'oi ks  lor a spot nil luense to cut and tans assay  umbel llotu the follnssittK desenbrd lauds -  Commenting al a post at the south sscsteoinei  ufloiTlnee Umnlied and Si\t\-Tliu-e (li.lj  Cltotip I. ICoolLlias- Dlstliet llinnlii'- tlieute  north one hundieil OOOi chiiins. ihonte ssest  tss-enty'.C.'O) ".Mi,tins-"-:thence 'south tssents  CM) chai.is theme ssest tssents (il) (hams,  thence south us entj (W) chains' ilium e ssesi  tssenlV (JO) Lhmns. iheneesoiith 0111 'imidied  anil uikIiiv (IWi) e-h.niis. Uienii'easi.i isenls i!d)  chains Ihenee noiih foi is (Id) i-li.nns thenci*  east' tssents (-0) i ha ins thence ninth (ill) 1 ha tits  tlieiino-east ui.siusl bank ol Mil. ils��t then<i'  up sse'st bank pf s.tld itsei 10 south line of Lot  'Ink thence ssost to place ol lieumuinA -1'he  atios-u desciih'edLtiacl to contiiin f.ne thousand  acies. , ^    '.  " \ -J  ,    UAXH'll. V. MO-TT  Daii'd.'Aiiiiiist'iruh' I'lOO ,l-i  ���3** ��>**�� W-o .��* o ��*w o*V ���'o *��Z��- �����-I��* ���"?.������ ���.��- ���*��**������ s.*.** (-*&*��� *��I-��- *�����*-��� *%* *���!��� *"fi* *-Z* -�������� ���& ���"& -Sy *5S? TfiP  SCHOOL  BOOKS ��  AND   SUPPLIES.  The  Latest   Novels,  and Elite.  Stationery���-Com  ��� ".;��� NOTICE.  Sl.sts'dass m< 1 il.He I Inieml to appls to  the tai,lel Cniuinjs'simiet of I.iiuds and Works  ���al V'4cl1>il,i Im petnilssion 10 pmeh.ise the lol-  losstnyCdesti ibed lands ('otntuencniK at a post  sima-tV al the south ssesi i-ohilm of l.ni ISii'i  Ciou)j-l Kootenns* Distint, thenie ssost ID  ch.llufi: Thence south HI ehutns llieilLi* casl ID  chains tlieui e 1101th 1(11 hams 10 the point of  comiilenu ineiil lotitaiiiiii^ in-all H.ll aciosuf  land nw>ie 01 less.  r.n\VAi-i) iii.wni.i.  Illifed l''ou Steele. II (;.. Septi nibei St. IDIIU  ***.*>��  &  it meicial  ���!-  ���������  ^ A    W   l^LK AS DELL    c'r^lliltc Onlario Collepc of Pharmacy  ?5r^*'-r;rt-��-?-?;r-?5r-T;v-r,-r-?(,'rT(*j--rti  Neartne tamous  NortH Star  1 '        < 1 i  atid Svillivari JHities  A   Lending   Liliraiy   in connection with  the Book Department. , '  Also  Fishing  Tackle  in "great   variety.  Pioneer Drua fiaii  FORT  STEELE  *  *  A Limited IVTumber of Lots for Sale  at Prices;Ranging from  " "  <<'. ���* w        '    ���  $ias To  $400  NOW   IS  of.the year.  THE TIME TO 1UIV as prices will be advanced the first  o>j<v- -����%�����,, ���*&*��� ���***- -t��*w" "T*- **!��� ���!��� *"!��� ���Z**' ���1'^ ���I* ���I*' ������I*' ���!������  ��� (<s    ,^H ^ ��^k    ��-|ia    *-|��    a^��   >|k   a^��    *f��   af-t    ��-|a   ��f��    rfm.    ��f��   ff%  oji^iy  Our Ihlliavd   ,m<l  .Linl C'.Li'il rooiii :i (]  Too]   1'jirlnr  At-'t'iiis Tin Cm nil hi 1'iUliH   'IVIi j/iapli Co  iM\tnjrdiii��t l I'oiiiiiiniiii .iiion 10 .iu\ pin of Hit'  uinlil A,jt nis foi   ( .111.uh.111   Wcsirut   Ti*1p-  phoin' to   kimii/   his:   ( I iss sri \ 11 0 toCi.ui  hioolc and wl. r.u^ciii   Mission  If \nu .ii'* h.ivi lJin^; an out i.uts \Vf cm  s>|] Mm :i tul.i l lo.nn j 1111 ni Hit u01 Id \ 1.1  I In* Ctlii.l linn P-v'Hli litiplwa.x .umI its toniirt -  lions '      " ���.'�� > if  *=v  *n  or  FERNIE, B. C.     OLD TOWN.  SPLKNDTD ACCOMMODATrONS  t  Sample Rooms for Commercial Men  No Traveller Should Pass the Door.  Apply to  Land Commissioner, C. P. R.  Winnipeg, Man., or to,  BEALE & ELWELL  Fort Steele and Kimberley,  KIMBERLEY.  HS*KK*,SS-��K&aS32>X&K^^^  ^    cu;��e all vour paihs with     x  IPain-KillAfJ  j^    Simfilo, Safe and Quicl- Cure for    ��!  Tin* li'iiil runs within ton R'ct ol  Fiiirn iiiul ]>li*iil,v ol liny niul vriiiii. J  Wiildorl yon will nover royrut it.  tin* hoii-^c.     Oood  :' you patronize tlio  //.    A.    .KANOUSJ3,    -       -    Proprietor.  tl Wedlclno Chest In Itself.  East Ivooteiiay  Bottling, C<). ;  /0|"ii.ll';lciiuls.: '   '  S\'i"ii)')S,' Cli.'iri 1 "iiri^nc-.-;, (:'k'lc-i"s.  Ginger������'Aicsv ICt'.-.  Will.lll    SV.-lfcl-    ill    i'.i|llllll].'i.        'J.'lll-    liKIs!  ei.-onoiuical way,to liaiidl-.- it ���  f^j CRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS, ?b  |g- COLDS, HHEUMATISra, '"��,  % , HCURALGiA. ^  || ,    25 and,BO cent Bottles.      1JJ  \4 BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. 9i  ^ BUY ONLY THE QENUINC.^  jW PERRY DAVIS' |  KMWWW��.*4i��a��K^fe��^^����!^^^&'*��;a  ',' A Detip Mystery. '  It, Fs 11 ,��� ni.vsliiiry; why svonii-n cnilnni,  l.taitjcauhc... 11yiiilm-110'..',. NurviiiisniiHS.'  .SlucprriSHrtfMW, ''Moliincholy, li'iiinl in^-  iiiul Diy.y.'y Spiills svhi'.n iIidiisiiihI;; Iiiivi-  |)i.-(is-(id'tlial. lOli'dtric l.'.il.t,i.!i-h'\yi.H i|iii<:k-'  ly'(ri)i-_i?,;sHi:li:,1.riinhli;s. '���'���T-X-tyVlVi-'c-il fin-  yi.-a'i'V'witli'\ kidney trii/rl.ilc'y-' -'ss'i-iu's  Mrs.T'liehr/'luirley. of 1 'i-l.c-rMnii. In...  "ninl :i lanii- liaisk .'I'laiut-d 1111,1 sol'. i-niihi  not ilntssj'iiiy.^till'., lint I'JI.-ot.i;!.: -1 !i11<;!'^  wholly i-ni-s'il . nu-., ami. . illM'niujfh 7:!  yi.'urs old. f iinsv am iililo 10 do all ti'ry  iioiisi'ss-ork.". 11, ���*ovcn":(.iii'ii.'S' 1'liiisl.ijiii-'  lion. iinjiros-i>s a|i|),ililo. yis-os pi'i-fm-;  li.-alth. ' Only 50c at A. '.V. I s|._-ijs<lvjI':,  di-uf*' stOfii.',.  5i,| 13  &   PITTS  WINMiKMEKE & DONALD  erseral Merchants  Mining supplies a SDeclaitu  Minors iroini^ uorthu-.u-d via (Janoi* Kivor.K011I0 will (iml il ;i liti-^c  s.-iviiii; :i.in.l L'onvi.'iiii-iK-f- lo procure their,supplies ;it. Doiiiild  ���'",'���������. ;   SOLI*) AGIOMTR For,;  .������   ���(ia'nlpn  Siccl Company  Canadian Pacific  RailwayAND  SOO    LINE  .Still cunt 111110- lo opei-aU-  Sk'i'iiur-on all ti.it 11- fi-oni  Kir-l-i-la-  Windermere  sViiiilei-iir-ri', (Iolden itnd Do 11:11(1  j Minii'i;' Divisions.  tlio California Giant Powder Cn'.  Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing  Alio TOURIST CAIIS pus-iiiff Dun-  inoi-i- .1 unci ion Daily foi- St. I'aul.  Suliii das - foi Monlri.-al and lio-lon.  Monday-and Thursday- for Toronto  Same cars pass Ivevolstoko  one day earlier.  No  Trouble  To Quote Rales and  .nivci you a  Pointer  ke^anliiii*   the   Eastern  Trip  you Contemplate takint;  JUST    RBCBIVHD  Assorted Car of Best Brands of Flour   and   Meals,   etc.  Flour. Patent Hungarian and Strontr Baker.  Rolled Oats. Cracked Wheat'. "Wheatletts.  ' Cornmeal, Buckwheal Flour. Split Peas.  ^ Nnvv   I leans.   Lima Beans, Pol Jjarley. etc.  Bran     Chops     Shorts     Oats      Hay.  Fleetwood Tea. a pure article imported direct from Ceylon  try it once and you will use no other.  Fresh   Breakfast   Haeon.' Hams  and   Dry Salt Side Bacon.  Butter and TCw-.  POTATOES   a"<i   CARROTS  FrRfiWOOD all len.-rths to suit all stoves.  THE    FORT   STEELEo  FLOUR  and FEED STORE  E. C. MILLER, Proprietor post OFFICE BOX 836.  oods iruariinlei'd and prices nl-o as hemic correct.  Send  yr    aii  in orders.  Fall and Winter  ;  now BH'ective.  l-'ur I.inn--tlitili-s. rati,  niation i-all on or adilr,  iiifi-iit. or  Schedule  ; ami fhll ,infor-  -s ni'.-iri-sl    local  .1. W. criAXK. Atront   fort Sti.-el,'.ha.  (������.  K. MA.VM'KIICI.Il. Airt. Kurt Kl.-.-lo.  W" F. ANDKItSON        K. .1. ( 'OVIJ-:.'  T.'\A..' Ndlspn. A.G.I'.A.. \'ani.-ouvi;i-.  Now Open  arUote  Kimiberley,   B. C,  H,,W;Drew; proprietor. ������.'���"-���' '������'���".' 'Villi PROSPttO'POK. FORT .STEELE, B. C.  NOVE.MHRli In, II  100  DFL  CREAM  La.st Saliba tb cvonniM the  coiigregaliou ol' 1 lie Prcsliylr -riaii  Church were didi_L-.liled wit'.i iho  solo -The JJoJ\ City" rendered  by Mi-s.-s Clara Fortune of Winnipeg Wo are pleased lo he able  to   announce, that,   thi-s.   talented  ��� uMi'ig lady lias kindly voiiseuted  in nivc a t;onceri undor the aus  pici-.-s ol th<-Pre->byte.vian Church  in    Fort    Steele     on    Thursday  ��� 'Veiling next, Noveuilii-1-tlin l."4b  The   Ubersil   pai-ty   will    con  ti nae in power for   tun other   live  vi-ars.  .1. F. Armstrong,, government  -.iL-'uit visited the Skookinn  Chuck'district on Wednesday.  W. H. Macfarlane was in town  on "Weduesdav last.  QTlie Id to 1 mule in   the Slates  downed Brvan. '  Tiie Canadian Bank oi commerce  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.)  F��aid    tip   -Capital    $6,000,000.  How flj;o.  A. Cox.  I'n-siil.-ni. I*,, K.   \V.\lki:ic, (J.-n. Mjin.  GOLD DUST PURCHASED.        ��� IIONd KONG DRAFTS SOLD.  EXC11ANC10 on all parts of the world bought and sold.  London Agents-���-The Bank of Scotland.  Port Steele? Cranbrook Branches  J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.  GRASSICK   &   DEMPSEY.  CONTRACTORS  AND  13UIL,1JB1*S.     ,,  Fori    Steele   B.C '  ANDRIiW  GONlRflGTOR  NJilDKi  ani>,   BUILDER  POWDER  Used in Millions, of Homes���40 Years the  "standard.    A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,  ,.-Superior   to   every ( other  known.      Makes  - -.delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky Biscuit, ���  ��� griddle   cakes ��� palatable   and    wholesome.  British Columbia,  lh'iti-li  Columbia U the   larn-  c-l   in   area   of  tlie pro*. ince-> ol  Canada,       eoriiuining       li^i'^'iOli  Mjiiaiv uiilos-.   the population   is  o   estimated .n  l.">ti.or��n people   It is  i po-M*s-,ea of enormous \\(*,ilih in  jiiMiuueraU tinibeiAiiid tisheries  ! ���'"���'��J',*''b  1       ; STOCK,    '  is     17 head ol Cm tl  For   Sale  F^ive-rside    Ranch  I'.l-t    K'(l,lll'||,-|\ .    Ii,   V.  320 acres, (in acres under cul-'  tivalion, !'0 aero-> siood bottom  land,   balance   heneli   land    *.\'<*ll  IIOUSi: AMU SKIN* I'AINTl.VO  CALOIMININ'O Iiiul I'AI'lOU HANflfNO  WHiT'STEELE,   \i. C-  li:*?"'   All   work   promptly done.  CARLIN   <fc DURICK  At  ���rr  Professional.  North Star Lodge  \/4^     i-'ois'i" stkj:i.k..is. e  NO. 30.  A. F. AND A. M,      C. R. B. C.  ItrKular tnvriliii't.���1st Tuchduy in eiicli  iiionih at pIkIu o'clork. Vlsltlnjf I!i��l>ieru me  cordially invited. .,  A. \\r. Hi.i.'ahdm.i.. Si-cretiirv  KlllfJ- S'l-KKI.IC   DKVM.OPJIEh'I'SY.MIIIOATIiJ/l'I.  I3H r.i-adcnliall Str<".'t, Condon, England  N. A. WALLINCER,        FORT STEELE.  POST OPPiCK HOX K.  The ferule valley.s are admiral*!*/  j adapted   lor  truit  irrowiny .ami j  j cattle, rancliiiiir.   and    both   arei , 'Horses.  ! r;i,i,dly .yrowinii' iiulustru-.-s. The | �� ���    Farming Jmplements etc.  , miiior.il   \wallli   of the province j    Von n-i-m.- :i..;,l\ u> s. Ui-'l.i-.m m  tin  I cannot be calculafod. ihe dw-ov- . nim-li. m-m.l. A. Hiu-wy. l-'ot-t siuele.  lory of jjiilj. silver-lead and cop  T ] J O i\l AS    McVI T T J 13  C  F��.I^.S.  & C.E.  Fori, Steele B.C.  VV.K.   KONs |(.   \V.   IIKIK.'IIUKII  ROSS& IIERCHMEK.  per milieu  in  the   Kootenay, districts  has  i^iven  an   hnpetu.s, u>-  rin* Most i\im]>li>U' Health Kosiu-l dii  lilt.- Continent of Xorlli America.   .  ���MluulriiMiiNi S.i-iK'i.vHninalli'dfm'Oiaiult'iii  THICK  BAKING  POWDER   CO..  ,. CHIOAGO.  Note.���Avoid baking powders made from  nlum. They look lik<; pure pou-ders,  and may laisc- tht: cukes, but alum  'is a poison a-.:d no out: can' eat food  mixed with it without' injury to health.  ffitye \$}xo8ipzjrtox.  SATUKDAY. .VOVF.M I'.F.K 10. l!.(Ki.'  LOCAL NEWS NOTES.  Robert    Dempsey    and ' Dave  Newell have gone to do work on  ,the  Qlreenliorn  elaiin  on, North  Star hill.    ,'  \\*. Ii. Ro.ss ha.s been in Manitoba doi 11 x.- yeoman work Cor the  Conservalive parly.  im.ir.sifjin the southern pan oi J Halcyon"   Hot    Springs  the  province such, as few eoun- j .;���,!���,, u'hi.^-o-,,:^-:,.,,. u,si,io��i im.v-  .   -       1 ��� . 1   A Km-uimoiis Oalll ld.1 1UIII sl..i,,, �� v.......  tries- liave experienced. , -! -v r-^11"^'"- *"u"i,vl",sl  ,   . ' ��� '   [   Tl.ilf.vou Spi-inK��. Arrow I.nkf. K. (.'.,   ��� .  j  ' I l'i it lesiMplno t'omiminiLMUon  Willi .ill p.lI'LS tlf till' WOI 111.  T��t> uiniN .iriivo and tlepait i-vcry ila\.  I Terms, SI.s   to  MS   per neck, iiucoijiiii;  ,   U) residence in Hotel oi   Villus.    ,  lis li.illis Cuiv all Xt! 1 wills and Musi-ul:ii  Diseases. Us W.iiois llciil.uil l%ulin'\. Lm-i  ���.lid Sioin.u'li Ailrneius.  (il-Nl-KAJ.  Tort '  Si cole,,  Sole Agents lor ih  MERCHANTS  F.cst  ,  Kootenay.  Canton steel  Hamsters  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEYANCERS. .  Solicitors  Fori  S/re/e,   B.   V '  COMPANY  Tins Rtkkl is guaranteed to be ecpial to Jessbp's or' Firths in all  11 Aiii) Rock Wouk, ,   ,. ���     ���  ADVERTISE.  SoleAcknts  SOIiK.    AOI5NTS  THE PROSPECTOR.  ,Mi-s. Charle.s Olarlc wii-, prostrated by an attack ol naralysis  on Sunday ni&lu. and was in a  iserioii.s eondition, but is^slowly  i in] >ro villi;'  , Prices are holding very linn in  Hour, milling goods, wilh^stroiii*  tendency to advance, so 1,1 u's jiro-  |'_prietor oT the l^orl . Steele   Feeil  I'Slore advises us.-   This is; thero-  ,'J'ore,   a gtiotl   time  lo  ])urc:hase  your winter supply.   Me has just  completed a hill  slock of Hour,  meals and breakfast foods.  \ I'liysici.iii is mil uliv.iys at hand,  (.'mud .vltni-ulf uij.-iinsi .siuldPn I'Onphs  mid mills,by ki-t.'|iiiijr :i lint tic (if I'ain-  K'ilk-r in tli'c house. Avoid sulisliliilo.s,  thiri1 is but one I'ain-Killer. I'on-.v  Dm is".   -i."<-. and ."iOc.  Lost���A brown leather pockel  case, with metal corners, Contents of interest, lo owners only.  Finder please leave at Tin-:  PltOSPHCTOK ollice.  Don't forget, the (Jlc.-iriiur Sale  at Gilpin's store. '  J. A. IJarvey   went  I on Tuesday.  Ii L.'T.-Gulbraitb and 13. A.  101 lun rottirned Ij-oni YViiidorineVe  on Tuesday last  .Mr. Shaugne.ssy ha.s given Ihe  people ol Windermere written  assurances thai the North and  Sonili railway will be built and  lb-it surveys will commence  e.-trlv in Ihe Spriiiir.  The election is over, and if  you were on the losing side lake  your medicine and say, "y'ou  lik-eil," ,     ,  Let Deeds  Ratify Sentiment,  r.atitt*- of Ciiiadu:  Tin.- woi-Ul novel- iiiw >in-h :m exhibition of patriotic -emiment.-.is the South  African win- called forth.i-  (,'an:uii.iii's. Australians "mid tiie  jjilcndiJ \outh of Xatal fouy-ht-.sidc Ih  side with lilt; British tea planters (J"f  Ceylon and India.  Australia drinks the teas of CVvlon  and rmlia. while Canada ali-eady drinks  then- Ulack.tea. Ih-inkei-s of .Japan tea  should n-y thi>ii-u(.'reon toa~. L"]i to  date-lea inei-ehaiits (tiie ,Saiada Company. %r instaneu) now,cell them eu-  lii-ol.v 011 merit., --Middie-of-the-i-oad  men" are only waitiiiH- for ,-uji]ilie.s.  While ".sit-on-the-tonce-men'" :ti-e watt-  inj,'- 10 i-et' h(*,,��- the cat will jump.  Lad tea of Canada, wu' pray you aid  the Mi-Uish ]ilanter. '      f'nl'onist. '  Shaving "?* Hair Dressing Parloi  1 ���*'  Xevi m Oiienul llnii-l  c     ,.    , "  "      FORT   STEELE. B. C.  All kinds of hair work  A. J  GREZ,   -  a Specialty.  Proprietor  Crow's Nest Goal company  Giant Powder Gomoanu.  1 ���,  , ,     ��      Mining  Supplies a-'.Specialty.  Ag-euts for the   MASSRY    T1ARRTS    CO..  Limited.'  '  Farming   Implements.  X.    BDB  LANDS mid MTNKS  NOTARY PURL1C  1 -oM.h-crfOVS given' I'KOMPT ATTENTION  Fort Steele. -B. C.  Great  GREAT SLAU&HTER SALE.  :..ci)  to   I'firiiic  The Conserviili\c myetiim nn  Monday uvuninsj wn,s wi*ll 111-  tended.  Tl~  Consi'i'viiliivf*   Party "wo   like  '   The Nip tt Tuck  placer., inino  will be worked next mi nun or.  The Port Steele Flow ^ Feed  Store proprietor is imenl for the  -Fleetwood Ceylon tea. Try it  once and von will use no other.   x j  The voice of the spellbinder  will be heard all over llio Dominion for another live years.  The Oon.se.rwiiivors liave aynin  pa.ssod up Ihe country lo the  Liberal party.  William  the brine.  IJryan.   is  now 111  o ' ���  -,   T  o, , ,���    ������   . And the   l-'renc  E. J. Caun went to  Movie  on  f. , ,������,���  xd 1 l^ilUdlltl.  Monday.  have   taken  -Messrs. McNeil and Goodeve  left".town on Tuesday. They  will take in ,all the principal  towns in this'c-oiistitiiency.  The County'Court will hold a  .sitlinir at Fori Steele on thei'lst  in^t.  While  Closing Out  These  Lines.  IH     SlndK' i.iiistiLiui.   I.:im]is '  nilKinul pnut"      .   ...       1-li.r.tl now r XM)  III    llOUlill-    Ollsolilli'    l.llllllls *  fii'iKin:il]ir��:u    ��� .'        nilii    u      Ii mi  *lOt),).\Ii.tlit;iii:tl lOlei'iiii' uelis  TIU.OO      " ���      lliiunrlcs  ���M.MHI ' " ��� ,s()(|  lllfliililli'irs .Viivclly s.ili-iv Livings I.(HI  K'O Hand Oil I \mit;ti"s,of  Jvoolenav  c t *  size 1">_\20 and ^Ox'tti. worth  .til.lK)  and  *,."i(i.(WI each, selling at ���jlO.OO and Sl."i.l)ll.��  inchidinjr     lieantiful     lmi-nished     liilt  frames,   most   suitahlo   present   ol   the  day.  All kinds of pictures selling at cost,  pieture framiii" .1 spuciulty. 1'rices  yiiai-anLeed the lowest in lCootenay.  \ovi-it\ Sei^soi-s. Novelty rJlectric  neck-tie lampr. etc.  (foods sent O.O.I), when deposit companies  0,1-dei-  and  .ill   mail orders will  receive prompt intention at.  U. (',. NOVELTY TO.'. JCeKon. H. f.  B.   R.   COOK. ,  Livery', ��� Feed   and 1 Sale   Stable.  (Port Steele, 13. C.     '    '  <      *  ' t <��� t  TKAMINC OF AT.T. k'lNMlS SOUCITRD.  Ci.'0 S. MeCarter. ' J. a. Hm-vuy  HARVEY & MoCARTER*  Hurrister.1,   SoliritoW,   Notaries  J'uttlic,  ('onrei/iitieernelc'.  1      ' ,1  - , h'oin* s'tkklk, b. ci.  ��� KllVKLS'l'OlCK STATION and aOr.DBN  COLLECTIONS      PROMPTLV      MADE.  HTGHWARDEN    6cl SON.  PIONEER   BARBER-SHOP  * <       1  Every!hin��: Strictly First Class.  Nc:rl door In the Prospector.  M ILLINERY  Just  Received���A\ large  con-  siffiimcnt of Latest Styles  MRS. DILSE, Proprietor.  Dry Goods;    Groceries,  Footwear,      Hardware,  Furniture,        Crockery \<:  and Glassware.  fit gilpin'S store Fort Steele  ]n   order  lo   raise  a  large  amount  of cash wo will offer bur  entire stock, For the next Thirty Days  AX   COST  This   is   a, grand   opportunity   for laying in your winters  supplies.     Our stock is complete and up to date.  ���     Don't1 Fail to Call if you want  Good? at your own prices.  Our     Terms     are      StrioUy     Ccish. -  Douglas  Corsan  1  , (CM-MIK)     '  c r  OFFICE-Klveisliie Aveuue.  Next Door to Jileagtlt.il'* Dm (/'Store.  ROYAL  HOTEL  KTM13ERLEY. 13. C.  The Filial Liquors and  Cigars and Best Puriiished  liOom�� in Town,  o , o.  J.   I.   GATES,   l^rop.  |i  '-Don't forget the Cleiirinii' Sule  at Gilpin's store.  Col. (Seorge Douirherlv i.s.  building a trail to Ii'n mine on  Brewery creek-.  John   I.    Lo\v]<>s  jind   M.    ,\,  Beale spent most ol the week   in  [ Moyie and Kimberlev.  James Wilkh, recos'iii/ed 11?.  tke most 'lluent .-speaker in the  Labor party in Hohilaml. Iia.s,  I been directed lofiimp on the  trail of Candidate' McNeil The  Nelson Tribune, say.-s, th..t lie  will follow him into tin- wilds, of  East Kootenay.  "While there is a   loo!   ol   snow  I at Phoenix, hen-in   I''oi'   Si'-'-l'-  we are having del ii; hi ful wen Hum-  [ No snow any when- exr-cpl on 111<-  lofty suininit,   ol   Mount    Kisliei,  and    tli"    l''^1'    l'��':d,-s    ol     :h<  I Needles.  The Windermere   ore   exhibit  did  not   reach   Spokant; in rime  for the exposition. "  Kli't\IIMr"'SCIE'TnFIC  24 Pigcs   :   Weekly   :   Illustrated.  INDIS3: ^NSABLE -  TO MINING MEN.  53 PER YEAR, POSTPAID.  .si vi�� roit �� \\ipr.i: coi-r.  !>IINING����- Scientific PRESS  I .,1 MARKET ST., .'.AH PRASCISCO, CAL.  NOTICE.  Xniii-L' is lii'i-eby i|i\eii  tluil,   tlio.follow iim ';iji])lii.-:iti(iiis for u licuii'su lo   rc-  lail litiuoi-. will   tio'i-orisiilorftl  at tin-  nu.\t im-fiinu of  tin;  License  C'oiiiinis-  sioiu-i-s of South lOas-t Koou-nay.   to  lie  hulii at Fcrnio. Xovemlier 1-ih. 1!HK).  It. L. l*..-*iiiein,in. Fort Steuli.-  ,  AVm. Spr.imie, Tracy.  Win. Mill.s. Moyie.  -\ik!i-l-�� (>ooi1. ('row's Xcsi.  ti''(��rye Weill w oi-l Ii. Craiilii 00K-.  11. Duiliie. Keniic.  IT. W. r.AKXKS.  ( lii.-f   License   IiisjM'ctor , lor   .Sontl  l'"..lsT JCooteii.i-..  KEEPS   CONSTANTLY   ON    HAND  Fresh Bread and Calces  Fresh "Frnils every day  Fresh Vegetables  Fresh Eggs  Fresh Milk and Rulter  I Fort Steele  ���;i'.-    MADE  FROM  BLEllOEDJ4AI1P WhEAT ���  CALGARY FLDUR  NOTICE.  'rnliiMioiiciMli.it lliiity chijs from lln- iliuu  lui-i-uri Iiiti-iul iiiajiplr 10 Hie llonoinlilc tin-  Clin f (.'oinniissliiiicriit r.nmls and Win l:\for :i  s]ii'i-lal license to cm ninl canv uwny tlmlior  fnini the follow Hi!; ili-sc-rllieil hmils'���Coni-  iiicnciiiiriil a liost iieiir post I-I on west siilenf .\.  10 .I.ickson's timber IKensc.aliout one-half mlli!  west 01 west bank- ol 1411; nver In Mast K'oote-  n.iv nistiicl. iiinnlni; thence sniilli .fouy  (A��) chains, thence ��esi foitv (111) cliains:  tlienei south llfiy (Mi) chains: tlience nest,  eiL'htv (Wi| chains, thence north pluliiy (��i)  chains thence east fnnv (III) chains: thence  north tlnrtj (:til) cliains: tliencee.ist ei(ihtv(SO)  chains tlience south tweniy (ill) chains to  lilac��� of hci;innlni.'. The above descnlieil tiaet  to contain one thousand at ies.  AltTlllJK ,1   MOI'T  IJ.iinl  August l.'i lliDu. :(.->  m  #  ���*  ���#.  **.  *  Fort  Steele  %  Cranbrook  a  "Wholesale and Retail  DUALEliS IN  J GROCERIES  50    YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  0<>1I|��1  ( on/lii   ;iinl   < iiNI'i   .hi      ill  ,.ui,.vlv "i'.iirt-fl,',b>' , I '.vny-Jinl^Jiiii.  l'cBH^H-tlie '-e^li .ilm;.s'. I'M:...' l.v. ftnil  ,niri*H readily ilic'inost  ���i,,s(.m:ii, Id.  Mafi'nfactn'r<"l   by��� fli;;   |.nri-ieiors .,r  Perry DiivIh'i'li'i'i-Kill.���!���.'  hiMfluLt''.;.-   off  , Justice took tliu  bflr eyes', on ' VVediK-sdn.v. In d  L8ideTei-!8W����l. ������l��-"k��l.-la  justise et nuit.  'The   IVIilwauliee^  A    f.iiiiili.n    il.line   for   tin-    ('liiea^o.  Milu.ml A Si   1'anl U.iilwtu. Icnmwi  .ill n\- ��� 1'n- I nioii as lln (Jre.-il Ituil-1  v..l;, i iiniii/ii.' 'In- 'I'miiiir Liimliil,"  11 mis e\i ri i|,n .mil in'1.'In In I u f i ii St  I'.in! .i'.d ' liicifo. and (im.-iliii and  ( Im .i/i. ''I'll' imlv iii'i-fci't I r.mis In  tie j i.rid I 'iiili-isinnd: ( niin. el ions  .hi     ii,nli    vitfi    All   Ti a iis.-i jti (ini-iiliil  !.!!.���-       .I-Mll'lllf    Id |IIL-ni-|l|r< l-s   111.'   Ilcsl  ���.������I \ I, '        illliAM. I .11 \ III i" Ills     co.'iclli's.  Trademarks ,.|, , -1 i-i ��� - l,e-lii.   sicmi ln-.n. ol  ,���,   \,.nw  Designs |  Copyrights &c | "l"'ll'"Ml' " ",l"'1 ll"1'  /\nrimn..��nmlltiic nnkeich nn.t <lc.-wljiii.,.i iihit i '   ;-;,.,.   t),;il    I'lini' I icld-t r-'iiils v:��*. "'I'lie.  nuleklv nn,'lirl"iln onr riphiton fr"Mf wTiiillnir mi. j                            ���     ���     ���                                    y     s.             -  Invi'Titliin l�� priilml'ly I'iKi'iKiiJilo.   JViiiiniiiiilcn. | ,M i lv.ii nki-e     wlii-n uniii"-   In   miv   IKiilll,  tliiimilrli-llvi'i"nll"lentlnl. Iliindhiiok 1,111-nleiiln . ,                                              -.-,.���*.'    I  fii'iit tree. o'l.li^t'iiL'eni'v for M-ewrlilif iwleiiln.   ��� - i in  (hi,  (   nil ell Sill t es .or   <'|l li;|(|:l.       All  1-iili'iilH liiken  lliniiiKli   iMllilli .t ��.'n. reeelre i  riKibil nH.kr. wlilii'in. elinrge. m Iho | ticket Hirenl^ ri'.-ll tlieni.  |     For i-;tl"'.s. jiiuiiiihlels.or   oilier   inl'or-  A hniKlsoi.icly lllnstrnioil woekly.', Ijimcut. clr-    j ni:il loll, address.  i-nlntliiii.iif anrpi'lent.lllc Jeiiniiil.    Termi". f.l a       ']     \\-    ( ��� vmov ('I    |."'iinv  vear: four mi.iilliii,*!.  Sold byall now��lcul��m.     I'1'   *���*������'  -*-h"-^ ��� '..I.  I.pin.  MUNN&Co.36'8-^' New York j    ''^'rr^'^Asli '."'vvTou  llrnneli (imee. (��'i K HI.. WiiNhliwlon.il. C. I .'I..M I I.I.,   IV .\.s| i.     I (II. I I.A.V II. OK  O  O A QUiCK CURE 8  P POX. COUGHS Q  and COLDS Q  ny Balsam  The Canadinn Remedy for all  VHKOAT akd LUNG AFFECTIONS  Larpe Bottles, 25 cents.  IM VISA: UWHIINCK  CO.,  Llmltnl,  I'mttfi I'cny I >n\ !h* I'mn Klllfr.  Nt'iv ^ orli. jMaiitriiul  5CCCX)Ovwwvw\wwv000006  /��/*Mfif M��tf (Cf,   "II limn. v:iiim ki.i,   in i in:  Scientific American.  For Sale In Kiinberley.  TWO ItdOMFll IIOUSK lli.\:>|.  Wood Shed ��.\ Hi. Men Mouse double  ho.-irdeii jind '|i:i]iered l^x-l. Fence  |iosts mi-iiiiikI tin- lot. Wilier liiiil on, JRIo  win-Ill of cord wood oil I lie <��r<mii<l; I-I  liens. 20 cliicU-ens find ^rooslers.  'I'ernis very ren.sonillile. IO:i.sy instiill-  m't'iil. sysK'in.    Apply l.o   .  ' ���.'"'    ���KKAIiJK &  HIAYKU,.  Fort. Steeli:'in-Kiinl.ierlev  CROCKERY  MENS   FURNISHINGS  GLASSWARE  BOOTS  and  SHOES  Griant   Powder  Fuse   and   Gaps  HAY    and    OaTS  m  m  m  s  I  *  %  9  m  m  T. 6. flrmstroiifl  Fort SteetjK, B. C.'  "MANUFACTURER   OF  Tinware, Galvanized"Tron, Sheet  .    Tron,   Stove f Pipes  a��nd ���  Copperware  BUILDINGS HEATED anil VENTILATED  C  Plumbing,  Pipe  fitting  and   all  s Icinds of sanitary york  flir Tight���Hot Blast Stoves  Hydraulic   and   Air   Pipes   for  Mines  a  SPRCIAI.   ATTENTION   PAID   TO  .IOH' WOKIC.  POl:  DKVKLOl'KI)  MINING   PROPERTIES  INEAST KOOTENAY, B.C.  i  WUITH  TO  Chas.  Estmere^  Mining and Stock Broker.  i  Kiinberley, B. G.  U. COHN  TAILOR  AND IMPORTER OF  FINE WOOLLENS  Rocky Mountain Avenue  Fort Steele, B. G.  GEARY   &.  DOYLE.  CONTRACTORS  All' Kinds   of   Brick   and   Stone   Work  SADDLE .t PAOIC HOrtSKS  URTCK and LIME ForSule. i' LA ST I RLNG Promptly Done teaming ok all kinds aspec^ltv  Liveru, Feed & Sale Stable.  .'   ,   '��� FVirt St.*elu M:C   :    , .-'   !  Reirular  Daily   Sta(>:<;  me.t'.ti)  all  trains at, I'\irl, Steele Juiietinii.  /,*  -   <o  ��� A  Hi  1*1  i y'i  V'i  !*.'*  (Il  P


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