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The Prospector May 5, 1900

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Array V
'*    V \"  '  \"
■**?■ t-i-?- #-ff"S
| Devoted to the upbuilding £
# ■>.
-y OF   FORT    STEELE. .S,
# "j*.
-£    Ind.;pei)./eni    m    I'olitics.    ■*
■# -j*.
iic*->-rf-'if si**»-j'"S-ra-e^-^-^-«—-?"S-s.-~s^js-&*s-
-2* «.
Vol. O.
*&\-s-SS-SHS- fr-SV**^*-**;**-*****-^*-*
No 18.
New Advertisements Toaay.
W. A. Murr.ivi.Oe.
IM},'.' .">
The John Bull Group.
John   P.   Larson  came   down
from* the  John   Hull   claim   on
Sunday la.st.      He says (lie work-
on Ihe claim is progressing, and
Ihe   .shaft    is   now   down   thirty
foot.     The ledge has been stripped for ITi fool  and   il   lias,   been
ascertained that it, iiininlains  an
average   width   of   eight    feel.
The property is much   improved
from last year.   '  At that lime it
attracted considerable attention.
\Jr,   Larson   returned   and   will
/•oiiiinue the work all siiininor.
showings there and a large
amount of development" on the
many claims. Work for the
most part was continued through
the winter and will be kept up
all summer.
The   Banff
four   claims,
Banff Gioup.
'       Dr. Brett of Baull',, and  .1.   P.
Curron of Cochrane, arc at pros-
.«i)l engaged   iu  developing  the
) inn ff group of claim.-.,   situated
near  Moyie   Lake
group  consists  ol
the   Banlf.   Lady  of   the  Lake,
"Susan and Cladslone.' Consider-
able work 'was done on these
claims last year, and il is expected that this seasons work
will show up the property to advantage.
Tile Howe Croup Mining Company, whose property .is situated
Hear  the  St., Mary's Lake, are
making  extensive   preparations
io.do a large'.ainouut of development during the coming .summer.
A large amount of supplies  lefi
Port Steele' for   the   minos " on
[Monday last.     And upon the arrival of Spokane parties who are
I'v    interested, . active "development
■•work will commence: , '    '
\ JOHN   lilTI.L   (IKOIP.
Prank- Tracy aiid Harry. Brad-
. **    i        , *
, A'ord are making great  progress
in    developing   the, John* Bull
,group of claims, which are  situ-
.nt'cd   near'the .meadows,   above
the St. Mary's Lake., 'While the
,in«ihi ore   chute   has   nol   been
reached.'the  l'cdg^   matter   encountered, and the vein   in  general indicates the close  proxim-
5S\- of a large ore body.
TAE.vrrArftF.K group. ■
Walter A. ,WcK and Joseph
Taenhauser have started active
d'iielopmont work on the above
named group, which is situated
above the ford, on Ihe south
fork of the St   Marv's river.
Windermere Country.
Unless all signs fail the Wind-
ermerr- erinntry will be the scene
of great activity this summer.
A large number of men wintered in ilie country and many ha\o
gone iii^lliii spring, and others
arc coming almost daily into
Port Steele bound for that country of great possibilities , Il is
the most remote mining section
in Fast Kootenay. and probably
for that reason prospectors regard it as probably the best
country in which to ply their
People who have visited that
section this spring are mucli impressed with what J hey saw and
predict a great future lor the
The Paradise group, of which
so much was heard last fall, will
resume work again in a shori,
time. Ou this property there is
an immense showing of carbonate ore., which from the grass
roots was of a shipping grade.
A .syndicate headed by R'. Ft.
Bruce has taken over the property.
oSome ore from the Red' Line
was sent to the smelter. Lt is
reported that work on this property will be carried on-this summer on a larger scale than ever;
this," However, is only rumor.
Considerable ore was "taken
from the DeJphinu during the
winter to the landing, ,, from
.whence it will be shipped to'the
smelter:" it is said the value of
the shipment will equal that of
last year, which netted over $80
to the ton.
Work oti« the Swansea has
been stopped for some 'time, but
will shortly be resumed. There
is considerable high grade ore
on the 'dump ready for shipment. ,    '
MOO Votes Will   Be  Polled   At  the
Coming* Election.
The voting list in ih<- Port
Steele district in lr-!i.s numbered
Since that lime l'37>2 applications have been received at the
Government office, making a
grand total ot 17^' voters. Applications to the ex'tent of I ho.
removals io other parts of the
Province have U-cn received.
The Court ol Revision will le
held on May 7th.
It is estimated by L.overntu.'iil
ofliciuls iu charge of tin- voting-
list that between l-'Jim aud 14-hi
votes will be polled in South
East Kootenuy at the coming
dead under him. -•   Pour  others'
I had .similar escapes.
The Sullivan Mines.
Sullivan stock has.shown a little
weakness on the Spokane market
during the past   week,   but   not
| his speech as given in   the  Free
50,000 Troops on a Front of Forty   Press, partly as  an   example  of
Tlio   improvement.-,  going  on,
in, Fort  Steele   is   remark-able.
Several   new   .residences    have
been erected  and  a   number, of
others will shortly be put up.' In
addition to this many ol the older houses have been painted and
neat   fences    are    being,,built.
These improvements 'add   much
to .the -appearance   of a   town.
Painl and fences  are   important
factors in beam itying ones premises.      Under the old conditions
there "was an air of  uncertainty,
as though  the  people  expected
to pull out at any   time,   having
doubt as to the stability  of  tho
town, but as we all  know   Port
Steele  i.s here  to  stay,   having
long passed the stage of, an   uncertain frontier town.     There is
no more beautiful  a  location, 'in
all of, the Kootenay region,   and
for most part the'people are here
to  stay,   feeling sure   that    the
town has a good future before it.
Therefore,   the   permanent   improvements    which    are    being
made   are  sure  to  impress  the
stranger with the stability of the
pioneer town of the Kootenavs.
withstanding this the work still
continues:    fortunately,   fluctuations   iuive   no   infect   upon    the
munaycmenl.      They   have   ore
everywhere    and   have   demoii-
si rated that they have  probably
2i' i.iMio ions in  -ighl   ready   for
shipment.    The management are
feel im-    comfortable    over    the
outlook     A  piu'dicuon has been
made that shares would be quoted at 4i>c inside of ."JO days;  however tins   may   be   the   stock 'is
sure to advance when shipments
commence.      There   is   nothing
the matter with tlie Sullivan,   it
is all  right.
K. Rlwell paid a visit   to Kimberley during the week.    He re-
A new force will be put on the | ports the town   nourishing  wilh
every appearance of a   healthy
growth.       There     is-    ■••    la rye
Mineral Specimens.
The-Engineering  and   Mining
'(.Journal   say.s   there   is a big de-
■,<.' mand for mineral specimens and
\A <|iiotes prices   which   the  dealer
fi will pay.    A really fine rhodoch-
' rosile .specimen cannot be bought
.Jlor less than ijy.". and .prices   run
ijft«p lo SyoO for particularly choice
itrvs. i Cood rhodouite specimens
iju-i'l) bring !?|.-i mid   up.      Axini'o
jjspociniens   of  good   qualify will
bring     -50     and      up.       Choice
l<-rocoit<' sell from $10   up to .^."i
'Pyromorphito specimens   are   iu
'jb'inand at *f> and up.
Silver Tip, the property which
recently passed into the hands
of a French company from West
Kootenay. A payment was made
on 1 he boud a few days ago. The
Silver Tip will be extensively
exploited during the summer.
The different towns in the
Windermere country are all going ahead. Peterborough is enjoying a season of great activity
and a number of buildings are
going up: by many it is thought
il will be the principal   town   in
On Sand Creek.
the district. Windermere has
the prestige of being the oldes'l
town in ihe region. It is well
equipped with good hotels and
stores, besides the advantage ol
having the (iovernmenl buildings.
(. Then: is a vast country lor exploration embraced in the Windermere disl riot, and soon as rail
road   facilities   are   afforded,    a
considerable ■ v;ist ilm°111'- of ore will be taken
Sand    Creek!""1 if   t,K'   present   development
^•properties this summer.    At the {is an indication   of   what   to  exit 'Rmpire a large force will be uiii-'I"*1, .
,    There    wil
kvork     done
ployed. A number ol men will ,
'ilm put to work on Ihe properties
of the Mackintosh Syndicate.
,'iThi- Langley Bro's will start.
'[work* on their claims, and other
('properly owners will,still I'urth-
'-M-develop their mine*. Prom
I'.vhat can be   learned   there   will
W great activity in thai  .section.
•.if     ' 	
To Ascend Mount Fisher.
Il is learned that a party of
mountain climbers will allempl
the ascent of Mount Fisher this
.summer. The old timers say
the peak i.s inaccessible, still
there may be soino point from
which il can be reached.
amount of lumber on hand and
many buildings will, be erected
in the near future.
The siding of the North Star
branch railway is being built
and will.be completed in a short
time. The company ihave ■ not.
yet decided upon a location for
the station.
The tqwnsite company will
shortly let contracts for the
clearing and grading of the
streets, auci for other needed
Charles Estmore will shortly
erect a two-story building, 80x1.")
feel.    The lower  story   will   be
made into Iwo stores and the upper will be divided in to oftices.
Mr. Klwell has formed a partnership with M. A. Reale and
will open up an office for the
transaction of a general commission, mining brokerage and in
surance business.
Mining- Notes.
ii-      i ' '
' Word was received from Kimberley to the etfecL that a contract ior haul in a" 1000 ions of
ore, irom the -Sullivan mines to
Kimberley had been awarded to
Paul II audio v.
W. A. Chisholm loft on Monday for Mark.^Creok where he
will do a.-sessmenl work 'on the
Robiii elaini. which adjoins the
Carbonate. Ore was encountered in the workings of the Robin
hist year.
.Work on the Invicta placers
"on-Wild Horse will bo partially
resumed in a short time.' some of
the ground'has been leased _aml
will be worked this summer.
The Critchfield placer ground
on Wild Horse is now being
~wo,rk<d- by a,.Port' Stqele' syndicate. The results up to date
have not been made, known.
At the McMillan claim opposite
the mouth of 'Brewery .creek;
work has been continued, all
winter. At the end of the long
tunnel wash gravel and boulders
have been encountered proving
the around to be on an old
C. R. Brown succeeds J' L.
Parker as superintendent ot the
North Star mine. Mr. Brown
has been acting as agent for the
company in Great Falls.
. H. K. Collett came down from
Windermere on Thursday last.
Sjxvjal in Tub 1'uiiipki not
London, May ^.--Roberts' advance north-has. started. Brapd-
fort. fifty iniles north has been
recaptured by the British, and
there is fightini-r around Karee
Some  forty   thousand   troops
are now working   to  clear   railway line.
London,   May    I.--The   Daily
Chronicle    has    (he     following!
fi-im Tliabanchu. dated  Wednesday:       '
••Jn yes'turday's flanking movement Captain Tmvse and tifty
Cordon Highlanders were surrounded by i'.")!) Boors who. demanded there surrender.
■"Captain Tow.se ordered his
men to fix bayonets and charge.
With a wild cheer the Cordons
rushed the enemy and swept
them away with groat slaughter.
Captain Tow.se was blinded iu
both eyes by the enemy's fire,
and throughout behaved most
heroically." ,     .,    .
London. May-I.—-1-40 of  General Broad wood's qavalry brigade
have   reached   Isabell'ontein   i'S
miles north of Thabancbu.   (Jen.
Ian Hamilton's rbrigade^has ^bi-
vouacked   at  Jacob's   Vaal  and
General Tuckers'   brigade  i.s  in
Ihe Karee siding  district.     The
divisions  of    Generals    French
a nd Kundle are in and near Tliabanchu.   Thus Lord Roberts has
7)0.000   men  operating  clear  of
railway along ,a  front of   forty
miles.    He is  advancing  slowly
with some success,  but  nothing
decisiye/yetTft all points of concentration the   Boers appear  in
sufficient force to compel British
to pror-eed with caution.     Their
wide front in a  rugged 'Country
makes   turning ' movements    of
hand   difficult.       Observers   -at
headquarters    iu    Bloemfontein
seem to think- thai the-Boers are
preparing to evacuale Brandforl
and Ladybrand.    The Boers still
holding Tliabanchu   district   are
estimated al -l.OOi".      They   have
among (heir guns a -l->-poiiuder.
One correspondent   wiring   from
Bloemfontein   said    the    British
hoped to cut off tho  whole  com
mando. ■
his skill in fence, and partly because of the intrinsic merit of
the extract itself:
"1  do  not  expect to hold my
own in a debate with Mr. Martin.
He has made his living with   hi>
mouth. I have  made   mine   with
my hands.   Mr. Martin asks why
J am opposed to Iiis Government.
My principal reason   is  because
he has been   unable   to  get  any
support from any public -neii  of
prominence in the Province  aud
only' one   newspaper,   and   that
paper only a short time  ago  accused   him   of   being  dishonest.
There must be something, wrong
with a man who husjiiot the support of either   thejj press  or, influential   men  of  the   Province.
Mr. Martin has a  great   deal  to
say abpui  corporations'au?l   appears to be ho**5tile'"lo them  now.
He said the s..uie thing in, Maui-
foba. but he was  glad   to  leave
there in ilm pay   ui   one  of   tlu-
biggest corporations,   anil   I   expect to hear afterahis elect ion is
over lie will be glad to take   the   .
pay of Some corporation or other.
He i.s pretending to^be the friend ''
of the working-man and   (ho  opponent   of  corporations   to   suit'
his own ends,  and   is'  trying   to
make   trouble   between   capital
and labor, and.any'one who does
this i.s no friend to..the   working-
man.    Capita] and labor are necessary to each other and shouldt
be friendly.   'Anyone..who tries
to breed distrust■„ between   them
should   bo, put  clown."--Nelson
' •-Uncle Pat'' Sells Out.
./olin   Ciiainiiigs   has ' bought',
""oui    ihe   business   of - Pafc    the',
wa,terman. aud.will hereafter devote his  time  to   supplying   his
patrons with the be.sl quality of
aqua pura.      Until he has every- '
thing;, in hand he will  be pleased
if customers will leave orders at
Miller's feed store.
Houston's Platform.
.Joe Martin has a good platform which he offers to the electors ol I he Province lor consideration. But in the.'opinipn of the
wage-earners of Nelson riding,
-John Houston has a better  one.
To Be Used For Offices.
N. A.   Wallitiger   has   in
templation important changes
in the old Mountain House. If
the changes are carried out the
building will be used exclusively
There is need of a
building in Port
good   office
The   correspondents  at   ICiin- l^'hicli tlio «jl«cttjr.~i c»f tlitu riding
Loan Company.
The Montreal Loan and Investment Company have commenced business in Port Steele.
There are several parties in
(own who will take advantage of
(ha liberal terms ottered by the
company and build Ihemselvp.s a
berley have been forbidden to
communicate for several days,
the deduction being that there is
a forward movement under way
The Boeis iu Natal are restless. Two hundred crossed Sunday's river yesterday and tried
to engage the   British   outposts.
The Spion Kop dispatches
were laid before the British
House. o
will support   with   confidence   at
the coming election.
Tracy and Lewis Creeks.
Comparatively Free of Boers.
n„u |     Ladysmith, May I.—The couii-
|| Tracy  and  Lewis  creeks will  try   nortli.   of    Sunday's    riVer
l';''-"u"  ~ '  ""  '-■»""<■■•■"•♦•-"<- seems   comparatively'cleai
Cheap Music.
Chiii music is cheap these
days. Amateur statesmen can
be found on every corner with
full Hedged ideas of how to run
the Government, and they arc
not modest in stating there
>>ttv.the.' scene of great, activity
|'!|<hi.s summer, and. probably more
lijhinhig will be done'in that sec-
^Kj'i'on than anywhere else  in. this
ftficiuity.     There are  some line
'Boers. General Louis Botha
has returned to Pretoria to resume supreme command of the
Transvaal forces.
"B" Squadron Engaged.
Montreal. May I.—Mr. Finn
correspondent in Houih Africa,
of (.lie Montreal ' Herald, cables
under date of April 1'8, lhat ,ti
squadron. under Major Wi 11 ianis
was engaged at; Leeuw Kop on
Sunday. They, retired after
having fought splendidly. Captain Sfraiiben/.ie's horse was shot
Frank I'Metcher has been nominated by the Liberal-Conservatives of Nelson to contest the
Nelson Riding in the coming
election. Mr. Flelchor has pitted against him .lofem Houston
who defeated him (of mayor al
the last municipal election.
Telegraph Brevities.
S]>l'l".l] IllTlIB t'li..-.|-M"li)l(
The total deaths at Sehofiold
mine. Utah, will reach 27>0.
The Hull-Ottawa lire relief
fund has reached ihe half-million mark*.
Five ears of silver and- silver
ore were shipped from Port Arthur, Out., lo  Dululh.
Philadelphia. Canadian boys
have sent xi.iiOii (,, Hull-Ottawa
lire sufferers
Tho North West Territory
Assembly wish to |i--vo the I'.aiilf
National Park extended lo the
United States boundarv
To "Work the Big* Chief
A co liinicalion has been received, that tho directors ol the
Big Chief Mining Company have
decided (<> commence development work, on a large scale at
an early date.    One of the direc
tors will go to the  luiiie I.o look j man who knows  how   to strike,
after the   work,   which   will' be He was given a fow-Jniuutes  at
He Caught a Tartar.
The candidate who tackles Mr.
Ferine. ; iu Southeast   Kootenay,
t will   find  himself  apposed'to'it-
done-under the superintendence
of a well-known mining man. A
diamond drill will be installed.
Mr. Martin's meeting  a.t'"Fernie
British Subjects Banished.
Pretoria, AprilJJO.—As   a   sequel to'fhe -Johannesburg explosion, the government  has order-
< d British subjecls.   with   a   few
exceptions.to leave the republic
within -is   hours.      Nearly   L'400
has been received" for the   reiiei"
of   the   victims.      Commandant
Schatt has been relieved   of  the
military command of -Johannesburg and has gone   on   commando.
A dispatch to the Oaii.v News
from Lorenzo Marque/., says:
Sixty-live bodies have been extricated from the ruins in tin;
Begbie Iron .works ;i( Johannesburg.
Take the ''Prospector."
.Vow is the time to send in
vour subscription to Tiik Puos*
I'KC'I'di; Thorej.is more local,
mining and general news found
in Us columns lli,in appears iu
any other pap«r iu ,1he Jdistrict.
It is publishing iho.lafe.si war
news In addit ion lo this it is
(he     best     advertising      'iiedilllll,
and il- circulation V.\< .-cilsy that
ol any other paper. It reaches "'•
all classes and i.s therefore in a
position to carry r-ITective advertising. If has taken Th.k Puos-
pkOT.oh over six years to reach
its present state of'efficiency, but
the  other  night.      We 'make  a j now it is recognized as being the'
shortyextract 'from the report  of | best paper in the district.   ';" THF,P:R0SPFCT0^,i,,F0P:T STEELE,  B. C.. MAY r��, IUoO.  , ^^'T��rrsr^��=;^5i��ciX;  ��:;   ��������� #   '.  ������������.V*''-0- f y  f ",'.y ���      .'"'':  ^^^SS^Sci^SS ���S^i^5&^S^^��$>;S^5i5:fe;  nv     rt>  **V-!8^  C isy.s��-Ci->.si.   SN>.\��C .v/.N.C^-'^-sSr-.' S.<  SX^C: .jSKsSSs-^S?^":  ~��s*5��V 25KCC "��" **��� -*��� fT  -ft*  'C*  0K&H, B-. C.  Have E^ tlie Largest and Most Complete  t<r; ;C^f;" ^m ^-^SJ'^^t  aE  &h.&'-^  iiir::':'t]2e   "Windermere - Mining, District  At  ��� Peterborough  .i'^:^? Prospecting" Supplies  ���*'.*'   '. ��� '"-,��� , ��� ,. ���'���'' ..=���;';.-'   ., ���      ..    ' . ' '    -.        . (.       - ,!..���....   .'���'���      t'F   . '* ���' .; ���    ''' i  ���..'     ! '" ' ..���.''     " "/���   '"   ",,..''....���   ��� ',',..'.!' '..*-:.'. :.* .,..',. '    .-.-... if '���.',.    ~'f. ,... c  illei>fii:tt tne District to Develop Properties  ';!H'avi'^5lo.^.i?^wri ^rei-gR^ .Defy Ctompetiiiora  #?^^^  *flH>..  ay    and    Oats<  .-" ���"���: -.''.-��"'.���  ':')i;'::;:;;^ssbi-ted',Car of ^k^t/BrandsJo^Floui' ,;fnci'' ,5it;als.  '��� Eloii r.'Pateii t Hungarian'";! tid S troiiif Ba keiv   :. Fff ,7. "if fff.  7:FfFiR^&^F  fifffffi 'i 'f ffi; fff .'; Navv"-' Bea:nSy';Lima'lieahs^P.otvBarley  .'etc.  -���'0.'  : tu  Bran  s  : Shbris     Oats  -E]|etwf>pd'^  fff'fi.if'' iti-Fy'Fii-once.and/yqirSvi'lruscrii^  .,'.'.'' f. F- F: esl��-;'. B i: 9akJ" as t  iSiit iff nndi^EggsFFMt!  'B-acpn^y^  :'.anc.l  7��IRW^  \;E.:* G; MILLER; PPopnetor''..���:  *" ;:���:���).':���', f*  Send in  **7'7\AI1  ;brdt.vrs?  li'bod s g n a ran feed a nd  POST OFFICE BOX 836.  ^rices'also as beiiig correct.  SA1LBEHP.IRC  Ball Beariugs in a Sewiug Machine." The weakest \voiiian can  run  the   ELOREDGE B. without  harm Id herself, or even getting-7  tired,  vlt's just fun  for  a well  ��� woman to run it...>It is uqiseless; .  has self-threading shuttle ; auto-  niatic bb'bbin'winder.; complete  : set of attachments.. '. A pei-ftet  ,- machine at a low price. Warranted for five yeais. No oliier  ���as. good  at anywhere"near'the  .  :, price;. Insist on .having ��ldre'dge ,  B.    There -is an.' Agent for. it in  your town. .  f'ffff yiiffffiNOTlCE.f::if:ffyf:..fi  i,:.-'.; is'iilico is. hi-retiy' (.-ive'ii tli:.t in*  iippliciviiiiu  ���will   tie'uiiiile to iho-.  be-rislhUve .Assembly of  iho PrtfvliK'eotlil-llisliCpluhibla; ut its',next*  session  for nn'S-A'ct- to incoriioriite ii.Corapari.V'  with"powt-r.io corisi'ruvl, oquip. 'nininuiin. unci  opera le a"line or'lines.'of telephonic eltievriwil  works, power houses j**i*iH*r;itinK���pl*iiitanil all  iut-h cither '.rppljances   iis, are, neceswvr.y; and  proper for iho 'sent* raring q. ijleotrieitycir. other  poweraiKlfransmittiiife'^^the'same,  witiiiii.aii.l  ,'y, p{ ihrouirlioiit  the District'of Kast Kootenay and  ...V ......j'.Various Townsites in the.s.'iitl ..District.;;, as   tho  etC; 1 Company from unit' to tinie .leterniiiios; iind lo  7.   ... ���"''���! eoristruet. iiiiiiintain. 'and   operate   th.-'. siiu-.e.  :������'���������-"; .,���"���  ,'y ..! uloti'i,' the sides of. anflicrossoruiHleriiiiy hiiih-  TJgi w^.j.way.i.'itreeis. public brHlt'es^oV any.. such 'places  .    -..��������� , .yf y, Un tiie said District as the Company'.irpni time io  r time determines anil to   boiistruet..:ci*oc-i.  and  (.maintain; such; anil   so maiiy , poles' iind other  !. workSland.d'evlees'iis'the Coinpaiiy. deems lie-.���  ! cessiiry.for.iriiikiii'.'.eoinpietint'..supportinK.us-,  1 in'^-yworking, opcratin!/ .and,..iniiintainin^\ the  1 -iystem of eommu'iiication by^iclcplipnejOr^lce-,  triciil work.s.pbwt-r houses, genera tin--' plant and  othei* appliances, anil to open or; break up':itn.v  [iai'tor partsof'siiidlVi*.'li*,Viiysbr.streets,a.s,ciftcn  iis the said Company its'iitfi-hts; officers .or 'work-  ;,men tliink proper, i.iicl, foi* tlie purpose ,'of ;iiie  iindertlikiri*; io. purchased iVcijuire.'or'ieasc iirici  nhp|<i iindi.sejl ami dispose of;'or^^.surrender lands,-;  _buildini;.s or tenement^^^  said arid' to purchiisc or lease foi* any term of  years.'any .telephone line esuiblislied or to be  established in Hritish Columbia.,connecliii-,' or  to'be coi.neeted'wiih the lines which,the Com-  piinyinay ..-.instruct, and; to. purchase in* leiiso  for any term of yciirs the i i(.-lil. of the compil ny.'  to const root and maintain any such; telephone  line and to'timali-'aiiial.e with or Ieasfe its line or  linns or,iiuy portion ..b; portions thereof, to* any  company possessing as,priipi'I-iicr. iiiiy lineVof  telephijne cojiimuniciitionc.onncctinj.- or to be  connected wilh tliesiiid Comp:inies line nv lines  and to iic'luire binds, boniises.. pi-lvile-.'es! or  otlier iiids from iiny.person; or body' corporate  and with all.other usual, necessary or incidental '.t-iirliiN. powers. 01* privileges asjnnj* be  iiecessary or incidental to the attainment of the  above objects or any of,,theiri.   .���   f-i.f  .. Dai ed this 1st ciiiy of .Miirch. 1,s��hi.        ' : '  ,  '* ,   '���        7.   IIA.KV.KYV& AIi'CAKTKK. f  ��� '"'. if 'y y Solicitors fort'h'i:'Applicants  .77 ii, i ��� .. nptice.^.'7v''��� '���'���;,;.': ./...'  ,'l'iiku nntice that 1 have niiide aiiplieiitiun  to the llonoriible The Commissioner "of Liinds  and Works lor ;i special license to cutytimber  on Ihe Crown Lauds hereiual'lci' more particu-  ���liirly described situate 110:111' iilk' K'ivcr about  two',* .miles iii. rill of. Ferine in'ilie Districtof  Kast Kootenay::; C'.oinmenciii!,' at :i post I- niile  north froin the X. W. corner of'l.iilHoir: tln-nce  west !i a mile: llience,south one hull', a mik'V  theiiee west I'..', iniles: 'I'hcnCc. soutli .;-.,* of it  mile: thence eiist l-'r tnil..*s:'. lliciic.*.' liin-lh I1.'  miles'to place of beirinnin!.'.' C1.11t.iii11i11----.IOO1>  acr(!s nii.re or li.'ss. '! ������  ;.'.'' '���'.   IIIOXKV   IIOWAK'I). [i:  ' :  l-'i-i-iil.!. II. (.'.. .Mairii i.ili.' IWhi.  , . "'   .  ANDREW  GONTRftGTOR     and  ��� (     ' MANni-'ACTTTEKI. I'.V THIS.. .*   "���'    ..   : " .7  National Sewing Machine Co.,  .. new yo.rk and chicago."',.  , The secou.l largest St-wiucMachinel**actot-\-i'n  CUT Oh' PART OF .STAND OF THE ')": w?.rUi),',tl,.?cr'Paci|yo'1's?vcn..''"'"'red ��"*�����  ��iDREDGE.. B.  ��� .sixty-four machines per Hay ; late Kldi-cdge fits.  '.tS. A, ^"LsTOm,  A��e.2i't��  Fort Steele, Bfi  McM  'fififft.;/fif.f. NOTICE.  ;'       ",. ���":   f    ���:���.    ���.' ��� ,  .  ;   Xqtice is hor..*liy (.'iven 1 1i.il .111  application  will  be  niiide   to .lite.-' Lci.'isl,ittM' nsst inlily of  tlui-l-'rovinc'e of Britisli C'llun'biii   .it  its  next  session for an  Act to. inc.nipoi.it.' ,1 t'onip.iuv  with powert.o construct, eituip   ui.unt.iin  and  operate telephone arid  tel.vi.iph  lines within  and lj.iroii*rhoutrill't!i'.'citi! s low ns. 1111111Ieip.il-  ities 7 and 7 districus     of.    tne    mainland     ol  the yl^roviiice-,' of -.British      Columbia     and  to ...coiisti'uct.., erect.    :uul    m.nut.iiti    sttcli  iind so many poles iind otlu'i woi ks and ilr\ ices  as. tlve, Cornpiiriydeeiii  net cssn r\   for mak-in*.'.  cbmpletifi'.-. supportiiitr: u'stnt- w01 kin*.' opei:il-  in-,'aiiil iitiiiniairiini.' ihes.\-.i. m of i-iiiiimiiiiirii-  'tidnii.v  teiepiibnc iind. (,ele*.'r.ipii .ind to open  or  break   up; any  part   01   p.nts ot  the .said  highways oi* streets lis often as the said  Company its agents,, oilicers  01 'workmen   think'  proper and for Uie purpose ot  the und.-rtiikitit.'  to purchase, acqu ire.Ieitse. c\ pi opi la te hold and  sell and dispose of lands, buildings ortononicnts i  witliitijtheylimiis' afbresiiid. and  to purchase j  or lease:'for any* term of years anv telephone or ';A.ll kind.S of llftir WOl'k  teler-niph line .establislicil or to lie established  in ''British .'Coliiinbiu connected   or to be connected,lywlih the 'line Whicn the Companv may  construct, ancl to iimalparnate w 11 n ot lcisc it.s i  line"pi-jlnes: or tiny portion 01 i��irtions thereof.  toanycoiiiiKiii.v'possessiri*.' .is  piopnctoi*. an\  line of'telephone or lolefii aph communication  conrieetiiii-'.pr tola: coiiti.'cied. with  tlio Miid  CbtnpiVny's  lino brliriesTiiiul to bortow money  for the purposes of tJie Coinp,in>, and to ple<lfie  or lnorij^atre any of- the' Couipant's .issets  for  that purpose, and to receive bonuses, or pri-.il-  ,ej;es from any, person.or- bod\  corpoiate. and  wi thrall other iisuitl.'necLss.11 \   01 incidental  rights, powers, or privileges as nt.ij be neces-  siiry orineidentiil tplheiui.iiitiinentof the.ibove  objects, or.any of them.     \ ,    ,  f    Dated this 1st day of March,'iSHjtl."', ". ,  :..;.     7      ,    ''DALY & HAMfLTOrs'.     .      y ,y.,  ,.y       7  ( Solicitors for tlie-Applicaiils.  NEIDIG  BUILDER  nou.si*; .\xu skin painting ,  CALCIMlNIXU and I'AI'KR IIANCINC  1^0RT STEELE.  H. C ��� '  ITdS-f   All   work  promptly done.  Shaving, '&. Hair Dressing " Parlor  ,      *"    Next to Oriental Hole!  FORT   STEELE, B. C.  A. J  GREZ,   -  a specialty.  Proprietor  Cei'tipetrlb of. /'iii.prhrt'.iiii'irts.  GRASSICK, &   DEMPSEY.  CONTRACTORS  *,',"   '    . _      AND     '        '..'    "  BUIJLBBRS.  .     Port   Steele Il.C  y    NOTICE.   ,  BIG      CHIEF.      LITTLE      CHIEF.    EUREKA.  GENEVA  AND  MELTONiFRACTIONAL  MINERAL    CLAIMS.  Sltu-iied in,Mi'it l-'prt Steele .Mining Division  of Soutli Kast. ICooteiiiiy District..       ;���  Where located:, . Hig Chief, (in Huelclelieri-y  Mill adjoining Uu-Kureka .Mineral Clitiini  Litti.e Chief..adjoiaing'tlii.. (.lenrvii   .Mineral  Chiini. -y '-,.���'"���.--��� "',;.  yyy ������-���  ���    Kurekii: on.Huckleberry Hill nforesnid. '    ,  ���t'enevii. , adjoining the.-,. Kurnka /'.Mineral  Chiini...;.   '..'��� '  :.      7"-'''"' .-  Melli.n Israel.ioniil iiiljoining the h'tiri'ka  Mimu'itl ('biiiii. ��� ' t *  'I'llk-p notice t.liii: Iy William...ko.ierici-:. I.'oss  acting :i.s agent, fiir.t.lu.',lla.stiugs llrii.ish:*'olutn-  biiu. K.vpl.iral.i.iii y.Syndicate. I.iiiiit'ed. l'Vee  Min.r's. CeriillcKte N'a 11 It;1.':.'., intend,  sixty days froi'ii.thp date liereoL'tn apply to the  .Mining lieciii-.li'iyl'iii*,a i.'.oi'tillcal.e of Improvements, fur tin.*, piirpuse of obtaining a i.'row.n  Grant f.ir'.'.iicli of the above claims.'  And fuijlher tilke. notice Hint act ion..under  section :ir. must hi* 'coiinn.'nceil'bel'orj. t.he issii .  iiu'ce of such Ceriill.-illc of linpnivi'ini'ni.s.   ���-  Dateil.this ITtbiliiy of I''.'bniiiry. I'.niji.  \V>i. U... KOSS. ��� .���    y  ;   s-jil' ��� ',- I-'. Si. C.'No. 11 UIU::.'  ��� '.'NOTICE.,   7 .  X1.1I ii*.' i.s ln;i*i:liy. ���j*i\*i'!ii l.li.-it,. iii'  si.'i|iii!iii-<! <>r Iin: i-xsiy.iiiit.idii III'  ('liai'l.-s l-'.sl iin:i*i*. ill I- liusim-ss" in  iiocliiiu uiih the ';l\iml��'.i'li'.y iiuvusil...  on iimi ;i lli *i* i'i *lii*iiiii*y vllit.li." I ill Id: 11 nisi  In.* rliitu- l.li niiij:*li 1111 ��� i.nict" ol'.  ilie- Fori  i-oti-  .Mi*.  niii-  .     , ' v..-.--.-.EXPORTERS AND   IMPORTERS. ��.  200-212 First Ave. North, Minneapolis, K?inn.     .  EWWritc for Our- CJrcuSar and See ihe Prices Wc Pay."  HARRY   BARR:  f 'Fori   Sl.i'i'i.'.   !.:.(.'.  General Blacksmith.  ��� c ...        ''..   7 ���  ^ iyf'f "  HORSE SHOEING,  "AKD JQSBSKG.  St i'i*  I Slci'  ( (llioi  <-1 (��� J11111 Mil   *-i.vll(lli-;ll.  \. \v.\i !.i.\i;i-:k,  ii.TIic >' 'iirlin .v Ibirii*  :ii    F  iVlllllllo  Wor  Si >L'ci;i] l v-  Agents:���(Jumidians won't, lie IkkicI-  wiiikcd. Oi'jposilion lmoks ' rom-  ])lotol.v snowed undor. Oui- niairi-  rnolh 'rwo-Vohime work on "Bopr-  Briti.sh War" nnd yronuiii.: "Life of  Moody" swecjiint: uvurylliiiis; Irom  llieir jitit.li. Sond your iiddrcss and  ..... >rt}\. out.lit..s quick.      ...., -y       ......  ���i'i 1 i-;'1.1xscoTT i'.u n i us hinc com if* a n y  fff        ,   ':���' '������' ff   fi  .''���������'.���   "fy .. Tot'OlllO.  Agents:���"VV;tr;in South. Africa..'^Two  7'"''. vohinics. ;"Ph*.st eontaliis coiupleit:  7 Itistqi'.y of country and war to,date:  ,  'lulls alioul, oiit* 'i;oiitin'yoiits.''jrivLnyV  "  ���'���' ntinios of ollicors and men.'   Su'cond.  . vohtineto hci; ]).ul)li..sliod. when   uutr  ���, is.over.   -Onlv  ('iiiiadiaii   inamifao-  .  .   . (V     .   . ��� .���. .. ...........  7    l.ureil   book'.       lOvervbodv  ciiiii-el-j  IliL'ii-. onler   for    Antci-ii.-iui . book.s  ..when . sei.'iii"' ..'otn;.s.    ; If it liusi.ler,  lb is i.s your yold tuiin.:.  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'jj'ivnl,  bnlties, ji'rciit. nimi. yi-i-at. iiivent.iiiiis  anil iliseoveries. proyi-ess of nations.  ', .full iii'.'oiinl of iho., Drryfus ���Ir.iaj.'  history'of Soiiili .\ I'l-iea' to dal,o,.v'v.ai-  witit'Spaiii. 1111'd ;i-i*iM-y yi-i.-iil, evo'nl.  ot   I |]|."(-.i'itl itry.       I.!i<;- '��� book,    well,  7     illtisli-iilcd...  Simp for liiis't lors.  '. Bradley G-arretson Co., Ltd;.  . I'.i'iiull'oril.  Trade Marks  Designs .  Copyrights Ac.  Anyonff 9enilltic; a *kcteh nnd dencrinfion urn-r  qulrlcljr -ucertiun our opinion free whether un  Invention In probnt.ly putcntHblc. Commanira-  tionnntndlT'coiifldoritinl. Hnndbookon Pntento  ffont. free. Oldest HRrnr-y for fteairmif pnt��i]tji.  1'nu-nU taken tliroiiKh Munu i. Co. recelre  tprtinl notice, without charge, lu tbe  Scientific American.  ^ A hundsomoly illuntrftted weekly. T,anre��t ctr-  omaiion of any ikmentitle Jouriml. Term*, $.'> a.  reiur: fonr montba, $L Soul by all nowMtoalers.  MUNN & Co.36'8'���^ Neir York  Branch Office. 026 K St., WashiDtrton, D. C.  Canadian'  D  acitic  'i^^ffff:  :$0��F:FM&:,  CflHADA'S    NATJONAL   JIGHWAY  Aniei'iett'sf .'reat.,Ti'aiis<riinUi!eiit;il 17ii.|6  '* ;'��� ���   .7'. 'I '������������ ": '"��� ��� .y1 :";. ..     i���    ' ���. ". ���   ' ["' .7 : .  *  <i.  ' '.'''..'y'*;���   ;,,y.y.  AN li T.FI F. if. i' '���.       . .ff . .',;  Ay6rld:s)Piaoriit] Route  ���''���.' (I;i ves thi,;.oil l.v direct :ser\jiee froirr  7  BkfSi/;iI'^:fe^7'V^X^^-^  GEARY-&  DOYLE.  7 fffifffjfo ti.ll ��� Points..7T'-.ffifif  EiAsTifi^F .'��� -WE3"n'  First;-Class Sleepers  ii'iy'ffy on all Trains  'toi.Tn'irt'r.'iAATis'p^  I'liiily. for Si. I 'mil- *;7 Sit|idays .ilritl,  Wrdnesjliiys I'oi*.'I'oroiilo. l-'ridu.Vf-  for Monl i-i-al aiid I'.oslon. ��� '���''-' ���  H.'.VA  ll.KI  l'"o|-l Sliiele -l.-l  ", '.(Vi'-iiiilirook ''':  .ivenj.' .Few! & Sale Stable.  Westbound Daily Trnin Eastbound  'l.'.-avos'-'K't.^S-'  ���'������''���*.':'' 'i-.<M  ���" .C<iiin<���'cbs Tri-wc'ck'ly. ;il Tii'lac-  leofl". rdivCii,iii-;iry iind Edmonton  uik'1 Duily nb Mi'dicilio, Huh ��t\i~-  all ���points' East.. ���.'������'���'"..:'���.'���  (..'oniiei-is Daily |U..K'ooi.oiiay ��� J .andin;: '  for' iill jioinls in 'West Kooluriay'. Sloeun  iind l!oiind.a.i*y Disli-iels. atjd for I'.-icilie*  ('oasi ni'iil Main li'uiv I'niiits  via   l.lciv..;]-  olJe'.-'y'  ,     ..'���'  ",' ''"'if... :        -:. v.,"'  Th rotii:'li'..rI.1i(;l<(7i,s   Issiunl' .ami  iiiro C'lii'c-l-'i'd lo Ib'st iiiiii iiiii.  'l''oi'1,".SI.Oi'le   !!.(.'  nni...  CKEAP'RATES.i..<>ti  H. ALIIE.  Propri  Ki\-ei7sic[c A^'cnu'c  positc Post -Office.''  I.V-ula'r   Daily.  I'l'iiins :il  l'"oi'|. Si.-.  Siajji*   iiii.i-ls   .-ill  ���|c .1 Mini ion.  ���   rat.---,  iii*a'n*s  atnl-  I;  local;  s.\ni)i.|.', ,v fAi'ic noi;s|.>  !.l.   W,  .iAt:-'l.-l  (''HANK   7   I'  7.rl Stei'li'- -lei..  AMIMI   nl-   Al  I.   KIMI>A M'ICIAl.TV,  j.-.W". !:  I'lM-'.  .'.v.\'i>i:i:si ��x7  A'... Nelson:' A.'!  -��-'; 0LD.'C0UKTRY  1 "i'li.forinal.ioii  'a.'i -  yriil. i.i*  ,*.\i.7.\ii':i.)in:'i-:s'V'  - A.L''1.I'Vauhrook.  ��� .i'i, i\if fiyi.i*7  .i'. A..' Vancouver. TJIfi"! PltUSi-KfT'-i'. J'OJIT STEEL  W \  W$2 ^fvcsspbctoic.  /'  SATUKUAY  IaV ."). J yon.  MARK CJIEEK.  The North Star and   Sullivan  Mines  Shipping:. - Th�� Future Output  Will Amount to 200 Tons  Daily.,  Mark creek is  .sitinited  about  the center of  the*   immense  lead  /.one that traverses  tho  Selkirk  range    of    mountains   in South  Wast Kootenay.      The   rock enclosing the ore found  i.s  a -Mark  gray,  with  a  fine-grained  hard  Lough texture, apparently oJ" igneous origin,  with evidence-,  of  bedding planes in the vicinity of  tlie Sullivan group of mines, indicating the probability of its being very highly altered  stratified rocl-c.      A large number of locations have been staked on both  sides oi" tlie creek.     The North  1 Star has shipped during the past  three years about 11,000 tons  of  ore. and has blocked out by  its  numerous drifts aud tunnels over  100,0()0 tons of shipping ore, and  .since the completion of the railway has averaged from 7f> to 100  tons daily.    The  ore  is  a   very  fine-grained     galena,     assaying  from forty to fifLy ounces in  silver, lead ;"),"> to.05 percent.    The  '.ij 11 a-���Mens ilc -I'l'l and tiirouoJi  'ic inoiiiifiiiii la-.lne.ss"-: will)  thai -ii.-.tainhi'.* coiii'denei- and  hope of .ionic day iind in" pay  colors that is <o characioristic  of him.  Thus a partnership is formed,  in which one parly furnishes tho  money and the other tfie legs,  eyes and time in hunting out  paying claims. Hundreds of  men in my state owe all iheir  wealth to this source. The late  Senator George Hearst was a.l-  wiiy.-, ready to grub-slake a good  II.  J (.'  'Ml,'  . 11 S i. I (' 1) 111:1 i  ;;U"iii ,"iii   ol  ��� ih"  ri'-our-  man. The mom-yed partner  also furnishes the money with  which to operate the mine. The  richest, man in my town is a.grocer whose good-1 tick it was to  find one of tlie most famous of  the Cripple Creek gold-producers.  '���The story of the finding of  this mine i.s as remarkable 'as it  i.s true. Many of the great  'finds' of Colorado have been by  accident. In this case two mining partners were off prospecting, leaving the third sick in j meeting was thed��vising of ways  carnp. He went down to a spring j and means for the improvement  in the ravine ancl when return- j of thestreets in the town. A  ing slipuedand fell.    He caught J resolution was passed thai each  L'nd. To dca I with a!J questions pertaining to the commercial welfarc'of the town and local enterprises.  3rd. , To answer truthfully  iiny questions directed to it iu  reference to the mineral resour-  ce�� and local' enterprises of the  camp.'  -fl.li. To cooperate with similar organizations in any legitimate effort to further the coin-  inercial and mining interests of  the Province and East Kootenay  in particular.  Tlie Kimberley Citizens' Committee started with a membership of seventeen men.hers. The  following members are on  the Executive: 11. White, president; C A., iiigelow. 1st. vice-  president; A. Archibald; iind  vice-president; P. Joyce and  Chas. Est mere, secretary-treasurer.  The principal business  of  the  The ���  Biggest Silver-lead Camp In the World  AND IT IS ONLY "BEGINNING  M000 TONS OF ORE IN SIGHT  Within   Three   Affiles  200 Mining Claims.  Within   Four   Miles  Shipments of Ore.  Already Commenced.  a sn all mountain bush 'as he  went down, and as he got up his  eyes were attracted by the falling stones aiid gravel. The little  upper part of the ore chute,   has  become decomposed ro a' mass of !Piece of cluartz he Pickcd' UP led  Mack, brown and vellow 'oxidesIlo that spot becoming  and carbonates of iron and lead,  with beautiful specimens oi',; metallic silver and crystals of cer-  rnssite. There is a large amount  of this orc,-=aud, unlike the .carbonate oi-o in the Slocan, it carries a higher value than the solid  galena. Across Mark creek' to  the. north we  Iind   the  Sullivan  irroup of mines, which bids  fair  i?   l 7 ,     ,  io   equal,   if    not    surpass, ' its  neighbor on the south.    The ore  is'similar to that found  on   the  North Star.    The  immensity  of  the ore boayi.- betrayed   by  the  large    amount, of   galena   float  found on  nearly  every  location1  on the mountains.      Jt is expected that shipping will commence  j  ihis week.   Delay has been caused by the non-completion of  the  J siding   ,at  Kimberley.   and  Aha  condition of the wagon  road   to  the mine.    There are now thirty  i1*"carloads of ore sorted and; ready j  for shipment,   and , the   amount  ' blocked out   will  equal   that  in  ' ihe North Star.     It   is  said   by  i, iho management that the future  ; output will amount   to.  from   7;i  1 to 100 tons daily.  i),     The ore now being  produced,  j'and there is a large , amount  ou  ,\tho dump,  has been   got out   in  j the course of development, 'and  Aas stoping ground i.s   opened   up  it he tonnage will   bo  largely   in-  jcreased.    The average value  of  'v.he ore now being  taken  out  is  ���t-?f) ounces iu silver,  5.">   per  cent  l};;ad.-  ���i   The   company   have   ordered  i mining  camp when the ���find' leaked out.  My .neighbor ,che grocer, who  had grub-staked the* trio, was  made affluent by his one quarter  interest, secured by a few hundred  dollars'   worth  of   supplies  from his store."      _ ���           n  . Blessing- the Sword.  One little episode of the going  forth of tlie Duke of. Norfolk  to  the war recalls  certain  customs'  of knigh:ly mediaevalism  never  abandoned, by the House of Howard. '  On the day.of  his departure from Loudon the Duke took  his sword to the  private  chapel  at   Archbishop's  House,   where  according' to   a  ancient  rite .it  was solemnly blessed before'the  altar     by     Cardinal,  Vaughan.  When  the   kneeling- soldier   of  fortune���in   a   new    sense���was  enjoined in the 'accustomed  formulary to accept no  greater  reward  for  his. services   then  cis  their just due', it was a little difficult for either actor in the, moving little ceremony   to  preserve  a countenance  quite   impassive.  Vmm the Canadian Kand Drill  j^ompany. a 10-drill air oompres-  v.or, which the Hand Company  ,'Wree to have on the ground in  ,'^irt.y days. Wlicm the com-  ���essor is installed and running,  l^ie output of the mine will be  ' tore than doubled ���  The Grub Stake.  .; '���The eastern man." said .1. C.  raw ford, a Colorado mining ex-  ���rl, "has an indistinct, detini-  'on of the word ���grub-slake", be-  'iiise il is English after a fash*  .(iii. A case ol* an enormously  'ealthy senator, now occupying  ll iblic attention, calls it to mind.  ������Much of his wealth is said lo  l' ilie result of shrewd and jndi-  oiis  grub-staking   of   prospoc-  j,;rs.  bv   which   he  received  an  ���'i *'  |.yt.erest,     usually    one-half,     in  fO.'hatcwr mines were . found   by  tie prospector to 'whom., lie -had  ItfTiiisJied. the  supplies, with   to  Vy'ispect..  I?1-'A miner,.will go   prospecting  I foot, or with burro with sev-  HjKiI month's supplies  of  bacon,  ���fir, file, and a frying-pan. He  ���r,:,vlv in fact be grub-staked sev-  J^jjil times by the same  partner.;  fen he will got another and an-  'V er, maybe years elapse'before  1 ..'strikes it rich,* perhaps nev-  it , But he searches   on  over I  ii  Preparing* For the Gold.  ' The Seattle assay office force  i.s busily engaged making prep-  artioiis to handle the Alaska and  Klondike gold output of the season now drawing to a close. Every  indication points to an unprecedented yield, and this year tlie  bulk- of the dust will be reduced  to bar and bullion gold by the  institution.  Only a rough estimate can be  given at this time as to the  amount that will be Tendered.  Alaska and Klondike produced  during IMIii, according to the estimate of Krank A. Leach, superintendent of the San Francisco mint, and Charles G. Vale,  stat.istican. ���fc.M.OL'r.iJ.'iO in gold,  and $1!'7.1'..7 in silver. Of those  amounts the Seattle assay office  I rented iJll'.Hl'o.t'):!!.."):"'!. Segregating the Klondike gold, the  output was !?ll>, 110.1 I'll, of which  the local assay ollice handled  *l 1.000,(10(1.  This season's Klondike output  is estimated by the most conser  vative and experienced operat  ors of the district, at from &-!('.-  (1(1(1,000 lo fcy.OOU.OOO. With such  a yield the Seattle office, holding  last year's proportion of the  Klondike gold traffic, should  treat sKi.000,0i>0 or #17.uou.(i(ii),  to say nothing of 'the returns  that will be offered' from Cape  Nome and other Alaskan. districts. . ���  property-holder be asked to pjy  $10 for every lot owned by   him,  and  $307>   was  raised   by   those  present, as the result of that resolution in as short a   time  as   it  was possible to draw up the subscription list and have ti. signed.  It,is expected to raise  an  equal  amount from non-resident  property owners.     The Fort Steele  Development     Syndicate      has  agreed  to   subscribe   au   equal  amount to the total raised by all  individual  ' property     holders.,  This'will make a street improvement account of about $l:.'0(>  or  i?1.100.     Tlie work- on street improvements,is to, begin about the  lath'of  May.     The  Kimberley  Citizens' Committee is to be congratulated on   tlie   united  stand  taken , on  this' most   important  question  in * all   new   mountain  towns.     The starting of a news  paper in the town was discussed  and action will be   taken' in, the  near future   for   the   establishment'of a   paper  at   Kimberley.  The election of fire wardens' was  discussed, and immediate  steps  are being taken for th'e election  of the same.  ��� From the above it will be seen  that the citizens, of Kimberley  arc energetic and enterprising,,  and the success,of <*the Kimberley Citizens' Committee is assured when such a-spirit prevados  the community.  The Kimborley Water & Light  Company is being organized for  the purpose of supplying Ihe  town with water and eleclr'c  light. Surveys of the pipe lines  have been made and the plans  and profile'have just been completed by Chas. ' Esnnere. C. E."  Tho length of the systetn'will be  2217) feet from the reservoir to  Spokane street, giving a pressure  of f.").") feet.  Messrs. Finch &'.Jones have  just, completed hauling the lumber rotpiired for Mr. I'lstinere's  new building on the corner of  Spokane street and Deer Park  avenue.  P. 1-1 and ley has secured the ore  hauling contract from Hie Sullivan mine and will begin hauling  as soon uschis wagons are properly equipped for thai purpose.  Tlio Mlack Hear mine is sacking ore for the purpose of milking a shipment shortly. Work on  the property is being continued  on theiin-l'oot level wilh encotir-  aginii results.  Now is the time  TO   BUY   LOTS  Prom  to   $400  An advance in price will be made soon  Apply to  N. A. WALLINGEFi,  Fort Steele, B.C.  $  ���>;s;-k*i-*-:ss.--fd--.-s^--i->vW*'-JJ-)c**-s;*:jf,{'*-'>:i-*- ���***�����'��***%�����  IS I'LTHI.lSUI'l) Kl'KIIY S.VrUHII.lV, AND ll,\K.\ *  i;u.\i{.\NTi;i-;n cikcui.ation lakgjck  than . ���*���  ANY OTIII-'U I'Al'KH IN  KAST K'OO'l'KX.'lV  l'i'IS %  am, iiowi: i��i:i.\ti-:i).'.\.vij contains doijism-: �����  Tin-: AMorvroK m:ws ov anv i-wi'kh in* tiik *  DISTWCT. *  * -iKS;1^: IV* S:^- Vi;**? ���vK)!-s��;:'*Sr%* Sf'S:**3-!{;Jt-$s ^.-���^S-S;**  News From Kimberley.  The Kimberley Citizens' Committee was organized on the I'Sth  of April, 1,900, at Kiniborlev, B.  C, being composed of tlicui representative business men of -the  town. The object of the-organ-  ization is: ,  ! CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS,  COPYRIGHTS AND DESICNS.;  \ Send your liiisliionji flir.;<..t, to Washington,.  miivc*. tim<;, <roHts.l<:��i*5 better nvr\iv.ti.  My ofllct close to U. S. Putont Offlcr. FREE prclimln- i  ' KYy examldatlon-i iQAdc. Atty'i tt. Dot due until patent /  ' la B��:ured PERBONAI. ATTENTION GIVEN���19 YEARS i  j ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Book "How to obtain Patentu," <  , etc., sent freo. Fatentfl procured throng). E. Q. Bigger* t  i receive  special   notice,   wftliout charge,  In   the J  INVENTIVE   AGE:  lUnitr&ted monthly���Eleven  E.R.SIGGERS,:  ^i.s   An   Advertising  Unexcelled.  Medium   It   Is  * f)  ^   '1'IIK I'KOSl'KCTOll COVhHS A  DiyrnicT 2)  U/    IvAItCiKU THAN SOMK  li.MI'IUI^  AND  HAS A t)  U'r.AKl.K  I'OIIKICN CIKCCI.A'I'ION. %\  \i, "��>  , lllnatr&ted monthly���Eleventh year��� termi. $1. m y��*r. j  Late ol C. A. Snow & Co.  918 F St., N. W.,  .WASHINGTON.  D. C.  BEAD.  THE PROSPECTOR.  The Paystreak Of Ad's In This Paper Pays From The Grass. Roots,  And Never Pinches Out, Stake One !     The Result Will Be To     .  Your Interest.       ; |:  JOB PI-ilNTINC  kxtfOl.TTEJ).,  OF ALL J KINDS NKA.TLY AND PROMPTLY  Ifcz  *��  Vf  fe'-i*- €
•i ,;*■•
w.T-m i -j trittn v v^ma fn *zn*'-**r*t'
■.":- '''%tyztyx;&&p%i^%i
■■'. ,i*:sTAHr.i>ii'Kii   vfii-ff
,;R;;iB. Grace,.','■ •
•     ,*. ■■■.;.,;   '■'..   '• V f\'}[K rHJOST'Dr'-'OR- FftiT STEELE; B. C.. MAY j., i'lpt
-^i ■,■/-'■ <^^'^» .p-^.*eri.. -..ifiii-rwwiiMJ-a' '-..mmri m»'t«i<jhi f* WW**^* W*f*"*W ^
I'o 1.11* - ('o.voi'i.iii'ieul.    At any r;ib
!(.•<'..wi*! i 1'i'iiV i ii''%v hoie >7ii<-'";   un- | £,.-, .j.
THE PROSPECTOR^ is published
-very Saturday, and has a guaranteed
circulation .larger than any other paper
In Kast Kootenay. lit is all home Printed
.and  contains  double the .hews' ,of  any
; other paper in the district.' ' ..
,.\s an  advertising  inedii-..n  it1'-is'.uii-
. excelled'. ■'--,., ,;■   ','■'.
Devoted to tlio.iipljuilcliiK.- of.Fori- 'St-eelo,;. ,-he
.jSeveiopmerit-ot'tlii'vast, 'miiivml '.resource.-; of
»be Easi kootcta'ay 'niiuinv; district.. .7       "[-).     .-,,.
Subsoripiions. .... ff.':.■':.'.: .SIMM ikt year
.Advertising: rritcs\ iiuule known ..n application.
Contributions are solid ltd from .ill pans of the
iistrii-t.b'jt.:!.)! l-na'tter mteiuk-it tor publication
laiust.huv*.'i'Ih*. writer's ,-ii'.-n.->uire.' ■'-f
til June 0\\\. when lie v.-.'ji be
hgeif to-take a-buck seal./ >:
"The Object lesson tc> 1)C; drawii
from the Martin- tour through
South • East.   lNootenav-is'; lhat.
 ■   ' f ' %m
he is mot want ed'.   '
The Martin,
?":NJartin. is a miirratory
bird; who , was,,.borne -on -the
whigs of a Manitoba blizzard, i.o
the land of peace and', plenty,
where the baling cdiinook,.'.' pre-
.vails'..■-.', Unfortuna,t.ely Joe the
Martin is'pbssessed.of -a /u.onihi; i
iru.i   sort';.. of   whole- hoii'-or-'n'oii.'.'
f. I nlO.-rHi   E-f<'t.isi.-[..-.'ip:,>iK'Yi)f :.\l,-i:;aiiih-r (spirit.     AV tie 11  ll.(.' CHI Ig'Hl teU .1 l'oni
'JtCo.'.-.S-uiti-.' I'".: l":.:>l,N:it-0!iii.l Uu-il*' \ l.t.-il-li.'!;.',      ,   ,-    ;.-'.......   ,■■'■■-''   .,';,-      -      '•■'■•
Snol-;i!)c7 :.W.:i"l,.'. wUef •.•,o-it'i*:t*.*l'* eAiy In* i»*.".l,;    the   , llllid  . Where i tllCy     blW.ai'ds
-—— t-l'roxe eyervThiug in .sight, "everi
This Paper ■•■";.-, KK-,.iS>l'y!fv,:>, ;^i.,.;.| noli tics..'-the peo id* • ..of '.\.j an.it oba-
"Apt-iicy: .'it' aiia'i*.'' .V'-.t-liiirt**-  i-:?;.'!;;..''::*.-  San [■}'   .... '..*  ...        .ft   f ''■'■    ■ ,  , , ,   , •"!
. Frani-!^'.i,\!:':,liVoi'i«;i.. 7vtH;ri. i;.,'i;lia.*i-. un- yid- ythreW  111 1. 'tb.ei I-  llano S Ol  '.lie    ftl!-
, vertKinr/'iVr'j l»v..m.a.;U'-..foi-'ij.."
Ill      Li^'.'II        U.IUV..7.     . ",y :.., .v  y     ,.,.. .        ,
li'ess -of .their. he»r/ts   aiid -."rri'ctl .;
Thie '"' Pinon l* '^ *••«'■' *-'*' lUcye.  ',]'-'' -v* :'u'~ } .        ' ',   ',-,"■'    '' ' '■■■ f  '■'<"'■'.,.,, : .!■   '"•   '' ■ ■'• ■ :
I il la., rdpei-Kuc. .■< c». ■nvv.mIu*..,,.* a.i-! out, .■'-'(:;! ijt,th'ee,."iH-UjCt".''I n-ou demi-.'
veti-.;ii:ii'.''Ai'ei.*i-,v.,';.Moti'ti*t-u.t.   <-•'!].'i'i.* <*omi*:ivtK j- *     ,  ■ ■ ■■•.'    •.'       , • ,.- ,■   ',   ..      .-   .- ■■'■;
.':.ior.j,i(1vi'i:UKii:t>'.;i;itri';(ie ftitde f '"   '■••■-'.■;,'    ■ f \;gO(\.   .'I'll li-'lly I'V    pOi|M''il!' ',;.is'pi,l';-i -, ,
,:;'-.;"OM."»iidl'i,:i:i.*.. ';V :,.>.<..■ "'ff. ■;:■
tons, of the' 1'i'i
e .<»!'   nMil" .1:'l'<it,','.'
•ff iifi)
l-TIVfjii ■ljvt.!iu.s,|'of;,)«,i'>tistj'.ai]il...sini.i;'::
10 frrfr^yrr-trr~'^f^rf^^s^-.ri==?rssir=r=^ ,; yf: j,\y xyf>'<\   ■hi.-IU'll  'iiii, .over.   I ht.'
t  . ',-,-'.' ■■"■.!■■■■■'■'f J.i ■ ■■■     ■■""■■'■■.• .' -'■■: -■■'■■■ --•-•-) ,y .Joi.'The: .VJaniM .1 r:;iv<>.«;i.is...l.j.riV-
.^"jisii, ■:.G-o,l'Vini'Viiii.   the',, hiiKi^vhere
i==tthe 'bal tuy (^Uiuook'.'i.>(H>iii<;?'s'r. ii'iid
■■:;!,^tHit^V!,Ui':'^.the;:;iy^ :;'.
rfv ■province :p:iar|e^
:3:-'yro unnerstand'how; vy;el.l m&
*f'aiid;ithinkuig::ineh r^
■if ;*s tl tu eFifi ti f 'ii "^-itfc i; t. vb:«y..;^ ifetruif ej ;.t/5»» v '. ^' ^f^.^ V?:;;.. v^ ^ ^;«»">'■ "y! W ^-;t; ^;;
'.7°^\v-AkehecV t^hisrecfh-d
^l^'tl^ J  ffFfi. fff -yy
if of 'h is '•- ym-erli rn eiit" 7\voul d'' mean j "k il rtheni jill, ,i^et:|:«" a- ;so:iiiid" -and if f f
f 'it.roJSouth. East 'Kobtenay,:-hisV.re-'j:stabh^^emlin-Covt;Oii;; :^o\'ernyl;;'y;;;..;
:,7- :ele6tfoiii;;<)r'rthe ;'e^
,y^rai;tinj,te:froiirthis^o i" '
fi: \< :dojisi dfered .M Jin pf )Ssibili Ff'f <Fd *^afe a' hew, <roy erumen t-:0f
fFFF^F'filfi'zif.^^f'Ff iii ■'■";'■•'''ihy.^o^.n^
y:t;i:;-TheCdut^J>f :t'lie^
>-:'.jh}s77 0ut/"a'ii!i'we'dii^
Large; "Sample
;h^* :;'y:; ^:»yi:7'defhied*;issue'(betw.fieh'yfihtf'g^y:.
FFiyiiiif if '-e.ru meirt^7;iTid:Xh'eJ'uSyure..progr(^ss
if iff,If if' f:i art'. ah< I;, jji'ogress, '■iifpi jli if Jiroy-
-iy fff y.
if '■'-■ It;- woiild^..J'l.e'.'.'V'i'ht.feiro.sting.-'Jo
f JfhbWy; ■ Vroiij.■.;,'. wliero, ^Martin', is
fi 'ti :£'ettiii£'' ids. ■'camp^ig.iiy.,aiiiinuy.
'".., -jiititin:   Soii)esa.yJ,hat the \Vlnte
■■■^■.■"LVissV .Railway   are ' puttingCuiip,.
'i'i, i then .again -Ave^heai'.:; that   .Ti'iiV
f'i .D111 feni uir. isv:liie 'mail,, but.   who;
7 evciy ifyinify' bfej they are .not do-
,: 'ingyjt.^wit.liovit expecting::! i.'.i,cht.
,',f return. '":      f'.if'. f'ff-ff.f    . ..'"."..■'
J J.Wil],.ytheh' ~^hi3>s;V>'tlie:rold-tih]&
political; li:u:ks;:tliat^LJ:a.ii:7the
only great' Joe7.Mar.tni.v-^L.wUl
iiiid  candlestick-maker: tb "form
my;;go\^)rhinent'."which7will Idc aj.„;
.tiipjienuy-grab affair;, iThfen:I
wi 11 fpraiselth ei 1 if an d: i 11.: tii e'fful-*
■iiesWbf iny Jieart';Iywni7..f6ply;the'
will astonishJhemJiYahe'sbuiidr?
toiindythem.with, yflie^yd'act.: .that*'
goodjiapiiblejmen ai-*eiipt  Syant-'
ed, .t'or" Iy-ani7 tiie/only;J[oe_yJ^
.•^Manitoba;.:, \ybuid liave c'oii.-
fV'.ri'i'd. a . l!a,vor,:.".ah't.l in on.! fully
.expryssedlier friendship oi* British Cbhimbia', if shevh.id sent, us
a- ijiizzartPaiid '• kept •;'.]'biii Martin:
.a.tyii.tMiie. *;..-' :" ' '..;■■ ;."■•;• .'   fy.f      7° ■'
Mali-tin and /'my.' 'dominant., spirit
says.' 'You^Joe^vHndv; only you,
ai'C the :; government*. '.'>•■' F . will
idacethe'Seat oi niy government
on Deadman's Island, no .other:
politican shall desecrate.. the
laud, .and no.'' vandal footl; shall;
leave its ''imprint'1 on tluy/.shores;
of my/domain, for. .am „,not- I,
•Fighting '-Joe', and am 'nbll
worthy' of, my name:«-;. I will, eh--,
close iiiy government with the
remnants of the eight-hour /law/
put in, »: referendum., plank.fpr
/■<- (Jiiiside business•■meii- observe j my miners, to rub 'their drills on; /
-with soiii'':aifiriTi,fhe   6
of "Ff; ",Mai\tni :^ governnient. .! The; mine /owners I. will- slap' on
.-'/Don't be uneasy ■Neighb'.)r! :^0n ' theiiaCk. call him a. good fellow,
'dune i.itlV,: Martin will think lhat | and touch himfor il ;■ big .-retain-;
■■he is /iii Mani.toba,;' when", the j ing; fee: for I.might, need it if my
* political,-.blizzard of. that- dale:/government goe^ broke/"-■ I will
hit's ■him.'   • ''.''   ''"'''■'■■   '■*''''■'. J cf-'ush tire, miner with   my   refer-.
■ '■/ ./.'-'.:'''.'.'•''.;'*- ■"■ .•*/ .,*■.''';'.. ■ ' JJldum ■ I'iank, .and. break the'
- Our/politics -are the ■general,. m*n(; \nvlw.y Avith . iiiy retainiiig'
.'good of t.h<\p.'0}>l<'. We have no ; ,-(,(> ;let th^ny tiglif,' f Avill,'.re.ap"
pariA- .'affiliati.ons . nf 'nti.. ■ The,. {hl,- i)(.;u,,*h.S;- 1 will fool ,. fliem.
•good tiiatviien d.;,..',/:we Jv^l li'1(l ; bul li. and when I. vain tlie ruler
ourselves! bound al.-.yays to. iiraisef ;)f j],^ (.OVuitry. i'll lia\'e no rich-
and np'/ioUh 'Ui.e.,, .-vi'i. w.* shiill ; ,,,'aa.aronhd except, myself: they
atti.ck 1,10 in'atter iii wlial/piarn/r'^^.,),. aU W()1.k ft>r'.'ni'e. --loe: the
■ ■if may -raise j't> n-ly .iieaii. Martin"', ami.. I.   will   not   let, Mr.
fff    ■'.,,:: ..     '   ■'• ('.'apiiiil'in, noi1. N'tr. Workingman
.'"Wo'iih'tirlfuV tiv-si'i'   ii   -l-'ori ;'uiii!.   and   thus   ri.iina.jl/  except
Steel(:', r.u.i)lic   .-pirii e'l'inving 'ip : uie.  '.'loe 1 lie Marl iii:* .,
a-nij-!i::rde.n-n.r in'.'; ll.= . ■'■'.)<i..;e.a:'id', ..'        •   /Rush.'■'••■. Ei.i^ru.oo. ' '
s'iiii.-'-.y ''.:■ th'.- |i.:o']:i'.'  i.'/''*,.    That       y.,,.r,* is a■ 1: ri.-ai .rusii up l.-'.iei'a-
•a.f'ier ;:ii. is. whai jn:;!-o.'> ;■, iiiac.-'.     Ijoo..      Sp:'"iig   .Uid'■■ party    from
.     ...   , ,    'W'iiiili.'i'iliere jiave g 1,1.1 ie 11 [), I-!uga-
j'1    jo   i!-,ri umiie   iii;ri    1 he ' 'new ' >>'lu ''alley on ,*: prospecting join'. ; St.     John's   ..church
moon is"w.iiii'i. /.veaii'i-.r.  |..r*pphcis "i'i|» .I^l.inst.n and   (•'.' Slaeey   are j Strangiu'S^.wt.-lcoiiie:
-'     ;!;0,,,1      (',,..).; 1, <_■•   :.•/,   ii.i-h"re oii   .s.imilar. .bu'siiies-;..,    A.    " Sni'iday ' scliool   at
'" ■.-'_:.'!     ■"/,;■'',..'"."".,■'■'.       '■'■':■' '''':'      "■    '' '■'• "'    ' '. '' .: " .' *''       ": '"    .'" O1 ''"V   •'.*'■.' '
il's a large ptncl Attractive Hotel of" Quiet Elegahee in al\fi
'-:■■■/ ;.  'its Appointments, with :a Gusine.,of Superior   ,/'     f.)
.■<■-■'■ ■■■■:■,° :f .-■' ■'■.;.      Excellence., ; ■'-..-,   . .-'■ ..••■:/ ■'"';■"•   'ii if
For House Cleaning Time.*
.commercial'men./;.:,.-fFF* fit F:..F!.:f::F:':-..'■ .-. FF
Everything New. First Class and up to date;    ,'/    ■ / ■ //';'<
In Every Particular.
HEADQUARTERS   For Travellers and Mining 'Men..
^yChlonde'/Lime/. ,77"/
.-' Bed Bog Poiso.n'
/; '. Boracic: Acid
Carbolic Howcler'f'-.'. -■
''"■'•.': Suljiliur Torches^:
.... .01 MX..,../•;..; .,.;-.„.... ;
i.■■ ■■'■ /Sponges and Gharii'ois^■'.-'$[
f-   ..,'-,       ■'..-■..■   *,.'    v-„ :-,,„-v      ff'i^ff*
Electro  Silicon, aiid ;.Silv!er;\.Soap:..i^'hA.Clea.tiin'ir;
Windows.and'Silverwarer,'  - "if".'■ 7''fffi ffiff"..-'-<;
, .. . . 1..        .   m
.can a ,u
docs duri iiii/a •poril.ie;'', '/.-a 111 paig.n
a 11  a.jnii .riiial   1 hi i"S1    '-'-'i i I    i"'  '.'U -■
111 1111 -. 1: ■ y i
gellilereil     1 >.\".
iisaiif-'.        .   ;
"  '..We"-W',.Md.'l'  'ff.ii-  '■ fy
of I his ! 'ri >v-i.i;c. ■  ">..-1 < > 11.*..*.
M-'irliii', .>i':i!' ,J<o" ViVriii.
\Y. J.".) 'I 011.
I..  II   Ivstell. iui\'e also■gone I hero
oil 1 in-'same   iii'isr-'n-'i';. '   .11    hn.iks I
:,., jr r|,:e I ;u:j;ih'i -.   '.'.:i!l. ';.<•   t'lior- '     lu   'future,- anil   'uiifil ''I'urthe'i"
'."|.'.'"!:IV   i.il'i'^pei'led     lllis    S< 'list >ii,': notice.   , (I i VIII.',, -'siVrv iee ,   will,    be'
;,n,'|   ; hen*  !-■   "• ■. .e ,..;'• ■    proini.sillg'    held  oil  Sunday    ill     liie.    I'i'e.-.l.y - '
,.. .:i,,i.A  in ."".o.'i,-i h;-.-';.K'ooteiia-y.   lei-iaireliureli ;ii'm.:p.   ml,   "idy,,
I'.Oidi-ii  I'e'... • '       ' Suiulu-'.s'cli-.,'"! af :! p..-m.
. . RESTAURANT'. OPEN  'DAY   AND;, .NIGHT.;'   •;■
.St. John's Church .of Eng-lniifl., .](.)liii  Houston   has  ailii'ounced
Divine service will be' lield.-'in   him.solf'.as'.ti caiididatf f<ir Nelson
iit     7.■•'!()'.  :l' '•''.'■' pi'-'viuciai idecfions.     'He
■ is ananfi-parfy mail, 'flie |ieople
.;.;ii    .,   |n '   of 'Nelson, a.jipea.r   lo   l)e   ill the
,  ■ (..V.ar's fa\:or. but,   whiil.*'will   be-
A lle'o.  .'I:-    I'a lie 11   Ail t he child n ui iiiviled.
i'i.',|.:s.i'.v'i'|.:i;iA,,\ -fiiiMiCii.
^Copperas for.! Disiiifecting^etc. i etc. ,',-■; >^
#.-A;' W*:'lM.^Asti.l£I.^
**V»';       *:' '■ < ■   '   ■ '. "■*»>*■"
■».tr ' (,- >■ " ■ " :••>",
-»#jt ■■■'I-.      v        '    "-..    . ''•'■ ■ ' ■•■■■'. '"■**&£
.'-■#. *?l
come ol Joseph when/John  goes
lo. Vicloria'.-.- Slocun Drill.     ' '
'■' '.•■"'■/. ';■.:'_.   FERNIE, B. G.   ' OLp;TO\r!v.
SPLENDID A("'(.:OMM:o.DATIONS •    ''-/: ■'■.'-.., iff:" f iff f'i' •   ....;
, Sample Rooms for-Commercial''Men ■* ■'•      'fff
■■"'■'■ No Traveller Should Pass the 'Doer. J
The frail runs within ten .feet of the-house,'' Good'
Hani aiid plenty of hay aii,l grain. I f voii'.pat roiii/.e t liy.'
Waklorf:voii will never* regret, if.;  '••'■■ ' ',
\.   'XANO'USB'.
■-'   RrO]>rl<fi<)r~i Tfif: PROSPEf'TOR. F< >KT STEELE. Ti. C.
i lo
•** u>r -m rwawa c
rrjcaw*—wrrr ri ■»■>-,■?-*
££hx* 3?t-tf0;p£jdo:L\
Wanted to Kesign.
Loudon. May 1.- -The morning papers give special prominence to the statement of a news
agency that Sir Red vers Bnller
sent his resignation to Lord
Roberts after the Spion Kop
censures were published, and
lhat Lord Kobe,rts declined 10
Accept it.
The war specials today consists chiefly oi detached -,'craps.
the favorite introduction of the
military conmieiiiors and editorial writers being that a*^ only
scant news has.been wired something bi<i is about 10 happen.
The Daily Chronicle's exp. ri
'-'ays: "If a solid victory is to
be (Aitained Ihe British iiiu.V.
have different leadership l'i..in
.what ha-> been'displayed in ihe
Dewetstlorp operations
Gallant Bush by Canadians.
London. April   ^l.-A   special
thrown into mist absolute confusion. There are no liquor
licenses in this province outside
of city municipalities. Every
person who i.s selling liquor in
incorporated localities, under
proper form issued by the pro-
vincc-" is liable to a fine under
the old laws, which are revived,
because he has really got no
license, and there i.s no way of
'giving the owners of hotels
throughout the province any pro
tection whatever until the legislature meets on July nth.'"
Make the District Known.
'The   question    is    frequently
asked how is it that capital   has
not sought Easl Kootenay  as  a,
field   ior   profitable   investment.
The   rea-011   i.s   plain    Uial    this
country of  nuttchless  resouives
ha-, not been .siillieientiy advertised. |'\.r the years which ha\o
elapsed since quanz mining com- j
inuiiced not one car -of ore lias ,
ever been shipped 'from tliel
east side of'the Kootenay valley. |
Samples   for   mill    tests    have'
The Win. Hamilton
Si-lid yiiui' risime and •I'ldr.--- for a
eojiy of our new < 'atulojoii-. It i> alii—
1k- ami lull ui information about ihe
lalt-s' st\ If.. '' L<iv<;h ]ih<^tofii*ai>!)i<-
;llii*-.ti*atimi-. ... lailot* made ^uit-. -ai-eel
yown- and •liv'.-.y i*e<*.;];tion dri^-c- tux*
Hiven. Tlie <'ulalosint; is jir«|«ir<.-il al a
jircsil exiJi'Jihi:. and we are .inxioii.-. to
"place it in tlie liitntN of Indies in Uie fur
away iHKirict--. who Iind it dilliciilt to »"''t
1lie -mart in,"-: and style they like -o
much. *
;nt lu am adilf—- in < '.tn-
New Ginghams
New Blaekgoods
New Muslins
New Dress Suitings
New Cambrics
New Silks
F.\ ei-\ lliinii -llov- On* ll.'Wi.e—
Maiiiifactiiriiig- Co.
1 Address Mail Order Department.
W.   A.    MURRAY     &    CO.,     LIMITED,
'   ' 17 10 21 Kim.  Street   Kasi.  Ill ri. li. Culhoiiie Street. 'Poroiitu.
Peter"bo3?o*asrlT.!.     ' Oxafar'ioc
$77.0* ?■;• -» -?■•? ~z- „
~Im*J   4~* *... *^n V.3. V3>. E
di^hiv;,;, Tliabanchu. dated' i'-<ine,Hly   been   ^  -'; .""'CROFTS     6t     DILSE
Thursday,   d^cribin-   the   tight lh6M..i.swer.;n.,l ol  siitom   WI\V/I *    *Z^     1J%.     I^11^01^
importance to call particular, at-j
teution to the country: or if it'
was the facts never reached'tho
at  fsraelspoori,  which   is  about
seven miles west' of" Tliabanchu
. ificiiuies
•Wholesale :.n<: K.etcLiI
<.^ss <L
ay*: ...
Three   bunded    J3oer»    were! t'u',lu
strongly cntrenchedon two kopjes. The place of honor was
given td'tln/'Canadia-tis. who advanced very cleverly under their ,h^J sho,lid b'
dashing .loader. Colonel Otter.
The l-5oers„re.servcd'their fire'un-
_*\s it  is   now   there  is  not  a
producing mine on the east side ■
of   ihe   Kootenay   river   where j
dozens.     As  a j
result the people are living here I
AM ; Kinds   of   Brick   and   Stone . Work
All   Kinds   of  Foil 11 rv   aiid   'Game
til,, the Canadians had reached
ilie wire entanglements. Then
°ihey opened with a terrific
hail of bullets. The Canadians, however, had taken good
cover and were not greatly damaged. Thev were ably support-, „
^di.ithea.s^iult'bvtheGralia.ns-11-y-"*^^ results may be hoped
lown Horse. Successive rushes I ^'*- bul ji ™ ^aia'lti' ilP"Ui«t.c,
brought, them' right up 'to "tho|'^'*V S""1 Ulinf wil .^S us
kopjes. whenX;olonei Otter was  *>£• "»d sections le-.s  deserving
j on hope, and this .-state of affairs j     .
will continue unless some organ-j
i/.ed effort is made to show up KKJCK and LIME For Sale,
the resources of tlie country.
The'mineral i.s he-re. and all that
is required is to place the fact-
permanently before the mining
public: if this is done   judieious-
PLASTERJNC"   Promptly Done.
struck twice, one bullet inllict-
kig a nasty but not dangerous
wound in the neck, and the ot her
toaring the bandages from his
*.honlder. . vHr.t  he still cheered
his men on until 1 he kopjes (were
curried.   The l-si-il ish lost twenty j but so  far   they   have '.made
killed and wounded.' ''       ,    .'™™.     11'a strong effort   is
made before   long,  this   section.
but with' a progressive popula-
tiouwill bring in ' capitalists to
develop there country.
.A week or"two'ago Thk'Puos
ri-:uTOi< urged upon the Board
of Trade -,to  take'/soine  action.
If a strong eil'oi't   i.s  not
Charged With Murder.
« London. April "SO.—A'dispatch
to the Daily Mail from Johannesburg .dated Thursday.   April   23.
Kuys: "
• Personal examination at' the
♦scene of the Begbie works disaster shows that the foundry
was destroyed by fhe explosion
beyond repair, probably this
side of the declaration of peace,
' all hough the Shell making plant
may be transferred to another
foundry, lt is said that 17 workmen are still unaccounted for.
Mr. Begbie is charged with
murder, lie i.s suspected by fhe
Boers of having blown up his
works, which, cost 3100.01)0. in
order to' revenge himself for the
affront of being compelled to
manufacture .munitions' of war
for Ihe enemy.
• ,
Profit m JL.OW Grade Ores.
That, low grade ore may bo
worked with profit by modern
methods was' demonstrated last
year a I the Do Lamar group ol'
mines in Mercur, Utah. I^s.-
:-S01 tons ol'ore, averaging about
is;i Til) per Ion and giving a ro-
turn of sl in,-I'!? was worked al
a cost of sl • I'"1 per ton for mining the ore, and 7J cents per Ion
for milling, leaving a net pro fii
of tfl 10,010 for Ihe yea r. from
tailings which had a value, of
JSl.O'.i per ton a nel prolit of lio
cents was reali/.ed. the Ireatnieiil
costing I1-' cents per ion. s|o.-
r>;'l was i;he. net pi-otils from the
i The License Act. . ' ■
. : Among, the'Acts of.fhe B. C.
Legist aturc recen 11 y' di sal lo wed
was the Liquor License Act. Iii
commenting', on this at Kaslo,
Hon. .Joseph- 'Martin said: lie
noletl that, the'Liquor License
Act hail been liisailowed/aI. <)l-
T.a.wa because if allowed   that   no
will make no advance, .and in
ten years it, will remain in the
same condition as at present.
Central Hoie
fori Steele.
Empire ..'..'".     0 c.
Black Bear      3Jc..
Jvimbei'lev Consolidated  10c.''
" '      f Change of Boundaries.
Windermere mining * division
has been extended north io take
in the'country south of Salmon
river, says the (J olden Era. Thi.s
adds to ihe Windermere division
Hie country Ijbtwoon Salmon river and No. 2 creek, which was
formerly included in the Golden
division. Tins change was made
for the convenience of the prospectors interested in , that coun-i
try operating from Windermere.,
which is a more convenient center than Cloldeu for.'recording-
there locations.
The Boundary Country.
The wonderful si rides which
tlie Boundary country has taken
in the past, three years is due to
the people resident in that section. They know the possibilities of the district and made direct efforts to.inducc niiiiiim men
to lake an interest, in ihe country. How weli they have succeeded i.s shown by the large cor- 1
porations which have invested 1
largely in mines. Among 1 hem
maybe mentioned Colonel John
Weir representing the ('ugen-
lit-ims, who made large investments ihere four years ago. I^ar-
rell and Midgson. owners of thf
I 'arrol mine ol I >utte. and later
the .\li'iier-(iraves syndicate, and
nia.iiy olhei's.. The results of in-
tei'esti'iig these--people in the
mines of the. district, has given,
the Boundary -'Creek, .country a.
prominence .second' to*' no 'other
in the Province. ;■ '■'
in ail of the "'Boundary 'Oroo'k
country there/ wore never such
surface showings .as are existent,
Can  .recommend   Empire   and
Black Bear for quick profit.   ■
Chas.   Estmere,
Mining and Stock Broker.
Kimberley, B. C.
(Grus.  IMeidig
Contractor   K   Builder
All kind-ol l-'aney Siiyn and llnu-u
I'uinlinu'. Ciilciiniiiinii and I'tipcr
llan^'inj;' 11 »[)i'i*i:ilt..v.
All Work Strictly First-Class.
.-vr.'X:."'u *© "<:-'?i-Ta'W'"."v,ti.',A-'viAVo/n-«r
J m r \rr -. i*t»    ir c ■* r»   rite.   U.iiin *{;
'The   Milwaukee'
A   fsiniilitu*   iiiiinu   foi*  llnj   tJhic.tjio.
Milwiiukuu ^ Si. Paul Uiiilway.. Icnown
all (ivur tho Union a:-   i.he  (Irutit   llail-
* } f1-
wsiy   running   iho   "Pioiunr   Limitid."
train.s cvoi-y day and hijfln bot.woon SI.
l'tutl   and   (;hie:t!>o.    and    Omaha  and
Chicago.   ••'I'he  only   jiorfool   ti*<iin;-iii
tlie world."    ljn(loi*»laii(l:   ('muicctioiis
arc'inailc   with    .1//   'ri*anM*oiiluioiilal
-Linen, 'a-^u-iny   iti ])ii-M.'ii>>ci'> tin; hc-t
.-erviro' knewri. ,    Liixuriini-   coaclu;-.
cleutrie liiihth.'stettni heal.df  a   verity
eiltnilod liy no othei- line  l
Soe thai, your ticket read:-via "Tim
Milwaukee" w'hen u'oiii'j lo an.\ |>oint
in iho United Stale- or Canada. All
tieket ayont.-.-oil them.
For i*ati>. painphlet-'or  oilier' inlor-
nialion. addre—.
.1. \V. C'ASKV. I'. J.  Kl)l)V.
'rr:n. I'..-.-. .\^i.. Crn.'i.il A^ent
SKATTI.U,  WASri.     I'OI.-ri.ANl). OU.
Fort Steole
"' \To\'ie W'ardner.
Mansfield &
Cigars nnd Ci'oarettes.
iiniot eamc of cards.'
and Retail   Dealers in Toliaccog,
'flic I.cadine   Resort in town* for a
B.   F».   COOK.
Livery,   Peed   and   Sale   Stable.
Port Steele, hi. C.
C-    these ifc ?>:: !i.r:^ '■:• pmk on •?
<! A.1ML-,   iCJVCT.'iM.' 01:   Ei'. .-|:i:flf L, ■*
fi-* THAT  FitH-t.lLl.er; W.LL K0T  HE-?
!'■ UCVE.
•>   LOOK OUT rO't IiJIITATIOIIS andsub-
?sinurr.c.    tp.z gcnuime bottle'
Kveryrliiiiir .Strictly Pirst  Class.
Nt'.rl door lo i/tc J'riit/x'rtnr.
Ll "..■^t.',G/'-2^
•y&.ai^i/fSuV'i/SiKyZj st 3
No Right To Ugliness.
Tin;" woman who is lovely'in fa'i-e.
form anil li.'ln]ic.r will .always, haviy
I'l-ieijils. lull oil..! who would he.; al.ii'iic-
.ti\"i{ injisl keeji lier hea!l,!i^rsitfci:.slL'j.:;is
weitU. sickly and all run down., shi.'will
bo .nervous and irritable. If., sin* .has
(•(instipiil.'ioii in*.kidney f.roiihle. Iier ini-
|inre Wood ..will i-ansi*. |iiiii|)h-s. hlolelies
skin ■crti|)l.knis   and   a    wrelrlied    roin
MA I'Ll*'.
.KAI-' 'tJUOl'l'.   KIU
render**,   will   lie   receive.1
2llt,h inst: hy .1. A. Harvey, I iarrisl.er,
fori -Steele, for continuing the cross
cut tunnel now in 170 foot anil, known
as the lower tunnel io I he- led•>*..' a dis-
tauoc oi' .*i.|i|)i*o.\"iinalely 11(1 f<•<■.
April■..:>!h. -liiilO.     '   ..   .'   '
plexiop.. t*'.l..-*i-t l-ii" I ?i i I <*i".-* is tlie. best
ill 1 lie Fori Sh-M'l'.' (listl'iLVf- today | medicine in ihe. world'• u> .. i-.-lmiI.i1o
i'uiil then; is nb'reason svliv  Klisi j si.'hnach.   liver   and    kiilm-ys: and- i..
u-",.||    purify0 the    blood.   '     It    e-ives    sl rone-
nerves,   bright   eye*-. ,-mool li,   vt-lvciy.
i .      . .. .skin. i-'icli-cbiupleNion.     ll  will»iin.ke  a
o-jviMI  toilliy   -lilp    or   <.'llili;i.lliail.. f\u..  1'rdVillre. .; Lbod-lookin-.   cliai-ihihi.''  woman ■ of  a
■'.By     "tllllf    iliSIliiOWIIlicc."     sn.id !     ■ ,'    ' .READ.    .        "    -'~'"" '"' I r.m-dowif invalid
ICoolt'iiii.'v slioiild not 1.xi
license to sell   liquor   should   he ! U-iio\vn :i.s ;i ny   oilier   poi'fiou. of
■; ;ju. coMNi; ;.,.■:
T;\ilok'* ■'.'
and i.\i.:."'('.)K*.,rh:ii..(jF '-.,
l.'.oek'y '*,M'ouiil"iiin ,.*\ venue   ,
orf.'.StiM;le. 64, G:
AV'e keep a full line ol* imported and cloine.-tic eiyurs
anions which urS ••our own i5]ieci:ils" and -the famous
•■fi'eMCnil .Arthur Ci.ynrs."
Our Chewing and Smoking Tobacco is Always Fresh
-  Have you tried •'LJipur Hiedsick'" ehewiii"-. Ihe pride  fit*   the
Yankee's or '"Wills Nnvv Cut." Iin- best, smoke in H. ('.
We Carry a Complete Line of Pipes including
,    B B B and E A M.
Our Billiard and Pool Parlor Is strictly up to date.
Lo<>]\ us over and see what we can ilo lor \ou. Your comfort and pleasure is our a iin.
Fort Steele Ciear Store
Fort Steele. B. C.
McBride Bro's.
sneii t Heavy Hardware
Stoves, Granite ware,
/V-: Tinware ■■
■■'■...■■  -   Powder; Fuse, Gaps■"..
.ain ls
■.'Sheet metal work of all kinds
.promptly;, executed. THE PJipSf'EtrrpH. 1^'OliT STEELE, B. C. MAY 5. 1900  SATUKDAV.   MAY  l'��KI.  WHERE  RUNS  THE. WILD  HORSE.  A MAGNIFICENT COUNTRY AND  ���   RICHLY MINERALIZED.  Placer and Quartz Are to Be Found  in This Section.  Where tamo ha.- dwelt for  many years, and fortunes wait  for those who seek, where for  thirty-five year.-, a -day has not:  ,passed that the miner's pick has  failed to tind a re.-uiug place iu  the "old embedded gravel.  Such  ��� i   \ ��� ���!. ijii'd d i.i i im 1 'i'   j '.I- '    \   'il-  /Old' lo   .ill    a ji] ��',11 ,iiice--   lia \ !���   ;i  i;ii-i_<" and   -.pleuaid   -liov/uur  oi  Hold quartz. '*ai'r\ iiih   hi^h   v;il  ues. f     n  Tiie Dardanelles is another  property upon which a large  amount of work has been done.  The Bald "Mountain is another  good looking property. Vos��"  claim, Doherty, Colossal, Cornucopia, Coronado, Dodo, Hoodoo, Rocky Mountain, John Bull  group. Golden Five group, Hi  Yu. Lone Star, Equator, and a  large number of prospect.-, are  under various stages of development.  Here   i.-.   the   one  spot   where  ort  e  FORT  SI  eeie  rewiti  EFLE, b, c.  o,  MANUFACTURERS     and      BREWERS    OF    EXTRA     FIXE  , many eyes are turned , today,  s the historic Wild Horse creek, j awaftin^ the result of, what de-  hat swii'tlv wend.- iis wav   from '  the .summit of the main ralitre of  the Rocky Mountain.- to the  rvootenay    river,   a, distance  of  velopmeuf work is lieing done,  and so far it has been very satisfactory.  There  are .more   location.-   in  ANSON, i  ��  General iVlercHarit AND  Liquor Dealer.  BEER  %  PORTER  SOLD    BY   THE    BARREL    KEG    OR    'BOTTLED  nearly forty miles, and whose��this .,(.ctioil for thf, >izt\ of'tliej  pure water from the mountains tun.ilorv than in anv other parti  above,    washe-   out ���tl��>  richest >of   the   ivoviiico.   and   forlune.s'  Bottled beer for family use a specially  S^ Manufacturer of all Kinds of Lumber.       A large assort- ^3  Cr               ment of seasoned Lumber and bhingies always ,;~g  S^-'                                                   on hand. ^3  ��=             DIMENSION      LUMBER      A      SPECIALTY. :=3  |      WflSfl. -.'-.������ BG. |  will .-urely be made from many in  the famous Wild Horse eountrv.  OUTS1DK ORDEKS (UVEN STRICT ,*��� PKOMl'T ATTENTION  Sick & Mutz," Prop's.  lilaeer ground in IJr.'risli   CMum-  bia.   ,  From the h".id of  Wild. Horse,  creek  one   can'  .-land   and   view: Progress,   of   Mining-   Development,  the Kootenav vailev below, as! lt is gratif\ ing to ob.-erve that , ���< ,\ ', M ,- If ,\ .'"IM. \ \] P I I A U A'M'l "L'L'H  oeaurifui a.-Jene as i, to be wit , all recent repor..- from all ,overj^ 1 lbr AU I 1UI\ UUAKAlN 1 tti)  :ie.-.-pd tu any country, on   earth, i the Fort Steele district   indicate!  Tbe weird nigxod appearance oil progre.-.- towards the  establish-1 . ��� ��� ���    -        . '  the Rockie.- on either -ide of the; ment of the mining  industry  on1  ^old-embedded guleii.   makiua  i\  a sound hu-iuess   "oasi-.      Everv '  iiiaLrniticent   foreground for   the ��� drill-'J-troko does it-- share in   de-  ''licture.  in the   distance,  'whose 'teriuiniay tho value of the prop ,  r , i , I '  "ticnul v is enhanced by the state-' erty   on which   it   i>   employed.  lv .Selkirk   range,    with    their, Much i- hoped for   in   these   de-  snow-covered peaks  seeming  to ��� veiopmeius iu the vicinity of the  break   into   the  'cloud    covered , town of Fort Steele, aud tiie ' re ','  .-kie.-, above.     And   to  think ' of.' ports are a source of much plea-'  the hearts that have  been  glad-��� sure, as multiplying  the  indica-j  dened and   the   soul.-   that   have j tions that the country is al!' that ���  been brightened   by   the  output j ha.-been claimed for it.   "���       ���      i  of   this  little  stream,   it  makes      In the Fort Steele district   we  one feel'that some wav i.s ahvavs i are seeing  the ,<rreat  iies-nra   of  orovided  foi'  those   who   try   toi prospectors   to   look   for   other  a mass a 'fortune,   through   the j mines like the noble deposits  of  kindly donation  of  Providence, i silver lead ore at the North Star.  DON'T    FORGET  P. O. BOX 812  TELEPHONE   NO.  I  ��� ' 1 1  The Steele House  CARLIN   & DURICK  GENERAL  Fort  Steele,  Jn 1s(i4, after a hard trip over, Sullivan   and   St.    Eugene.  MERCHANTS  Eest  Kootenay.  First   Class   Brands   of   Liquors  ancl   Cigars.       Headquarters'     for     Mining     Men.        Commodious  Sample    Rooms."       Best   Cuisine   in' the  , . ���. i  ' West;-      Modern    Conveniences.  Home    Comforts.  tiie monn'tuuis, through a wilderness, where to all apparent, conditions the foot of a   white   man  had   never   left    its   print.,  fhe  'hardy pros]lectors (niched   their  i.un'i'on l-hc   ihif   upon   which   is  ,v.ow   .'oe'ijed   the   town   of   Fort.  ' Steele.  What those adventurous pio-  i'l-crs found was enough to gladden thq eye and inspire the spul  uJ even* the most' imaginative  dreamer of golden days in California. The i-iimp nourished for  isiany yours, during which tinutile noveriiiiieiil received "'aduiy  en .seventeen ��� million dollars  worih ol uold dust." and I hern  i.-. no way' ol tolling, or even  ��iies-.ing Jiow much w;is taken  out l hat passed over the border  info the Stales, of which there  i- ii'o iceord.  Among the companies now lo-  caled on Wild Horse engaged in  placer milling. The Enst Kootenav consols have the most valu  -able yroiiud and a splendid plant  mile- of ditches. IInines, ho.-e  cHiid "hints, electric lighting  plant." in tact everything needed  'or the successful operation of  the company.  Across from   ihe   East   Kootenay   Company*-   "-round    is   the  'Nip & Tuck ground,   which   was  worked    lo   -plcndid   advantage  ta-t year, and there i-iiood pro.--, i?v-  I'cets   for  coiiini'iiui!   the   work I [, J. A..  <Miriiig the crmiiuif .-e;.-ou   Tin".t ; TniHTY-niNTn tear  wiitor supply is \et*y iw,oil i  Mob Don- an old-linn- pioneei  e! 1-(')1 will work- .-oine ���rrn.iud  ���)iith of the Easi Kooietiay  <_ round  The Chinese eoiupauie- are  vorkiiur like Trojan-, briiiiiing  PuM*e \v;iler from tour mile-  :>Dove. and u-niii their iio-e to  i;ood advantage.  >%)r.\i,' iv  im;< ii'i>-.n'ii).N-.  There are a l.n '-i" nuinher of  uelf! (piariz 111 >11'11��j" ( hums   local  ed oii Wild llor-e ci !*.    md   ii-  i   ibulcirie-j.  u Im Ii <iiv '���oinmaiid  ni^r u.ore i li.ui oi duia.r\ :i! t.-ni ion.  Development of these |'i.i'open ies  'is progressing rapidly..-and' ii   is  n>.|-prted    ibal   one    if-   11 <> l ���   two  north and south railway nvill do  much to open tlie resources of  this section of mountain land.    (  ,Cape Nome i.-' all right, the  Klondike good, and the' Fort  Steele district has just as good  a show-foV scoring a .success in j  'mining as any other 'portion of  the American continent.  Tt is now the concensus of all  mining' men that 'South East  Kooicnay is a vast mineral country, with every encouragement  for Ihe prospector, miner and investor.     '__  Development won: is going  ahead steadily all over the Port  Steele district, and whiLc the  conditions will prevent anything  in the way of large ore shipments, except, in ihe vicinity of  the Nortli .Star. Sullivan and St.  Eugene mines, there will be  more than sufficient work done  on a large number of properties  to put them in shape to ship as  soon as transportation facilities  offer.  Every mininir man who comes  to Fort Steele lose.-   no   time��in  Sole Agents for the  Canton Steel  COMPANY  D. McNeish  Proprietor.  Si.  This Steel is (guaranteed, to be equal to Jessop.s , or  Firths in all  Hard Bock Work. . '    ��� ' .,-..���  Sole Agents  mukiiu  an    invest ment.  "ho  reason for this is lhat the rapid  development of the mining resources in the   vicinity   is   prov  right.  vicinit v  u  insr that ihe counirv is al  Mim  -d SCIENTIFIC  24 Pages   :   Weekly   :   Illuslr.-ited.  INDISPENSABLE  TO MINING MEN.  53 PER YEAR, POSTPAID.  "I Mi   Mile - -.Ml'l.l.  ( HI'V  MINING ���- Scientific PRESS  3 30 MA'REETST., SAK FRANCISCO. CAL.  %XTUOSE :WH0fVS��'Fm  CALGARY FLDUR  PREFER YtMO ANY QTHEft  A.*New Jersey man won' a   lie I  mills will, be in  active   op.'-r;tl ion i.flie   othei*   day    l>y"  drinkilig  this vicinity this season.   ..The i quart   of  whisky   wit liont.. stop-  SOLE  ' AGEXTS  Crow's Nest Goal i*���  ���"  i ��� -.  Giant Powder Gbmpanu  *       ' i  Mining  Supplies  a  Specialty.  "theE'C. ASSAY 4"CHEMICAL~ ' ' '' *"  ���   ���,   *.'   ."^   .SUPPLY.CO., Ltd.  |j ,       "   ��� /(LATE AJacFARLANE &" CO.)" '  j;   .    ' -rjf.    Vancbiiver/, &'.    C      %?  ij We are Manufacturers and'"direct. Importers, and carry a  large slock of .Balances, Furnaces; Fire Clay Goods, Scientific  andu Practical   Books.  .Glassware,   Platinum   Goods,    Acicls.'  ���Chemicals. andVll other Assayers' and Miners' rcquircmen-ts.  SOLE;AGENTS for Morgan"Crucible Company,,Battersea, Beckj  "'    er's .Sons' Balances, Etc. '< '        '     ,  Catalogue and full particulars* on application.  s  w  E  GREAT  Northern  Railway.  s  ���nil': sruvKvou's chain madi*: it tiik shoktkst  .TUANSCONTIXKXTAI.   HOUTK.     ,  It in tin; IHO--1 inodorn  in cqiii|micnt: it. is l.lic lieiiviest railed lint':  it h:i^ it rook-liiilliiil roiidbotl: it. itdn-os no tfaiul do^ort'-: it  wjis-   built  without a land lii-iint <u* i>ovurmiifiil aid: it is notod fur 'courtL'.s.v of itf  cmi>loyi;s: it  i> tlio only lino servitiii  nifals. en Ilie :i la curio plan.  TllKOt:cir TIIK GPANDKST SCIWKIiV  IN A.MKUKiA  \iY   DAYLICFTT.  Kor l'X')KT S'f'lCKLK unci  llit- KAST KOOTK.VAY MIX'KS. Weekly  -  St:tj:e   from  KuhSpell.    Sleamlionl  (���oininun'..';iti<mi. Irom Joiuiiiijrn  ilnriny  Siinmicr.    (x)iiii'ki'.-t :uul  Hi'-I  i-inile to all  part- ol tlio  United  state-..   Ka-liTii  I'anada and   Kui'opo.  For map-, lii'kt'ti. mid coiuplol.' infot'iiiatiuii call or utlilro-  ni'iii'i'-t  auoiil  or  I GOSMOPOLITftN HOTEL  E.  CRANBROOK., B. C.  SIKEALiLb,   -   Proprietor.  Tlie  only   modern   and   IhM  Healed thrnii"limit with hot air.  ^lai-*- lititol in South Ka^l Kot>ton��v.  When you visit Cranbrook don't forget the Cosmopolitan.  *S9S969S9S9SSSSeS*9S9S9SS iS9SSSSS9S9  i  (0  !  PREMIER HOUSE  ('.(!. DIXON.('elH-rii!  Ai;oiil.  Spokane-   Wa-h.  I'M.WIliTNKV. (I. I'. and  T.A  St. I'.'iul.  .Minn.  "MUNSON NO. 2."  in  ���'Ifig (yliiiif ami  iJujioul   group   of ! puig.   hut  mines '.are  situated   oii   Moulder  creek.' ".nd ha.v'e' been coilstianfly  ii- . is not oraggiiig  aboutil.. Tii'' undertaker snys  lie never will.    ���' - '   '  The Best   Writing  Machine  TIIK   nyr.V  INTERCHANGEABLE  STEEL TYPEWHEEL  ���Elejjaiitly . Illustrated   r.'atalofoio  ' :      Kree.  Address Edgar A. Hill, Manufacturer, 94.-96 Wendell Street, Chicago  SHEEP CREEK;'B.C.  K. J. HIGBYE. Proprietor.  ���   First-class Accommodation for Travellers.    ���   -  liverythin.n    New  The  Windermere  .Stage  Slops   Moth   doing  and Coming.  Port. Steele  Meat Company  i  W K.hlSU   and  .S A LT   MEATS   AL VV AYS  ,       '       ,'���''���     '.'*���������' .ON HAND.-. .   ,.'    -  ROBSON & ROGERS, Prop's;  Fresh Halibut,   Salmon, Salmon Trout,  Bologna  Sausage,  Butter and Eggs.    Fish and.Game in Season.  Riverside Avenue,  Fort Steele, B. C.  i-j FORT   STEELE   is the fPoi^  014T1  Ghoice Resident a^  Titles Guaranteed.    Por',:Particwl:a'rs:' Apply to  Easy terms.  fc'f  ��.  ��..' ��&  ..����  !9  p <g>    .  'frfoYrf   ,<f�����* V~>, '  if i t^^  [tt.  ��  ��  4"  ���^  V'  if ���  ���^1 THE  MIIO^I'Ei TDK'.   F()KT STEELE,   ti. ('.. MAY :,. 1'im  me Canadian Bank ot commerce *  (HEAD OFFICE T0R0KT0..  Paid    up    Capital     ��6,000,000.  Hon. (Jko.  A. Cox.  tV'-'di_-!ir. - M. K.  Wai.kki:. <'<*n. Man.  i  GOLD DUST PURCHASED. HONG KONG DRAFTS SOLD.  EXCHANGE on all parts of the world bought and -old.  London Agents���The Bank of Scotland.  Fort Steele ^ Cranbrook Branches  J. VV. H. SMYTHE. Manager.  Crrlifii-'it-j ol  lui'.'rovou'f'jits.  I\i.l. *. i     \i   1    \Mi   ^Vi,.\|iVI.\'|v  NOTICE.  e  I  ��J-Jtf $JXO&pZtfXiV.  SATt'KDAV   MAY  I'.Ml I.  LOCAL NEWS NOTES.  IX Co'angiM'. who until   ivci-iu-  fy kepi the Miatior. at Cana! Flat.  na.-> opeiiod a hotol  in what   wa>  formerly tin- (-overmncni   buiid-  ina- iit Windermere    c  Sow is the tniiH to iu-ui/-.   Rr  ���nember th-.' fate oi  'li.-   Iuti-rna  Jional Hotel, ami call at oik-., un  .M. A. Bi.ai.k. >    '  'VERMONT BOV   MINERAL CLAIM.  ������ jtn ��i< ��1 iii ili>- I ms -.i.-.-li- MniiiiL' liivisi.tii  i.i K.i-i K.".|- ii.iv I n-.li ii't  Wln-ii- Im'.in .1 ' m Mu.-Id- I" ' I v Hill .inniiii-  ln:-' tin* Kii-vl.-i Minrr.il i'I.hi.i  T.llic   I,.UK',     lll.lL   I    Wllll.llll   ill tl.'I'll k I'll.--.  ���ictiiii.  n-. uki-iu   ir.i- lli.  'n.'-tlnu-. (Mi'iiisli (in-  luminal K\]]]iir:i(loii hvn.lu-.iu-. Limited.  Vi   Minn s ('cintlc.iu* N'p li ll."SS. nit. ml, mi)  (I.i\-. from ill." dun" lici.-.'f In .i)ipl\ I.i tin' Mm-  mx Ilccoi.In lor ,i 1 v--iilc.il. of hiiiitf.v.'ni.-nt.  foi I lie iuii|��.st-nt iilirainiiitf n I'l-nwii Cum ..;  Ilie *ilinw climn   '  Ami luilliri l.ikr iiciii i tli.it. .ictiiin iiihI.'i  si*. tUMi 'l��* mu-,1 lit* .'oi.init-iii't'il I.i-f.n.- tin- is^u-  '.. lie*' of -.nt-li I'oi UIU',,1.- of 1uiim'..\ ciri..n .,  D.uni litis (th J.i', ui Apnl, ll��)(>  II- H'll   KOSS   K M (���   N'o   nihil';,  A Powder Mill Explosion  lii'iiiovi-s i'\fi-\ thino iii-.iobl:   mi  iin  (lrn*<tii*   itiinorul    pilln.   Inn    b.ith   :n*.>  ini^hn   iliuiooroitN.      Don't   dynamite  .      tin: rli'lic'.Ui'   luai'hiiu'rv   nl   \niir   l��oilv j  A. h  (.race hie,  endo-ed   Ins i   .,,, l.ttllM1|,.,i (.,oU)11 oIj m, :l'U), ,    <���;J  lot ou Kiversak. Ave.n.e and will   v,,,i.M n,. ]CinuV Ni.w uiu, ,,---.,_ ���,,-,.,,  rouimeiioe tits new r.'-Mdenee   in  a -hort iiiiii".  General     Merchant  .Mosi (lomplctc Stock  In Kast Kootenav  S32'*oifessios-Ei��j,  North Star Lodge  ��?       I ('' 'J   -'IM* 1.]     li  l  <: NO. 30.  A.  F. AND A. M.       C.  R.  B. C.  Uenul.ir im-t'tiiiKs -1st Tiicsil.iy m cact;  month .it I'lirhtoVlool* Vl-.itm;; Itirtlicrti ur-;  <���or.li.illv invit.-.l  A. W.lli.h.AsiiKi.i.. Scoic-tarv.  Hardware Dry Goods  i  Machinery Clothing"  Paihts and Wall Paper Footwear  General Mining Supplies Groceries  I.1.I-' \si)Ki,r,',s. ui'iio stoiy i  I an- L'Olsllc ll-- .1 -Milium * t.ri'i /<������   il(>   t'd.i  ] uork |u"''li"��'tl*i .   I ii i-l - ll'-aiuu lu*-   i'iin-  ���       ,       . , " ' ... ' ,>-tilMlll>Il  E. .1. Canu wont   out   to   Km-   ���   -  berley ou Saturday  la-.;,   return*!  inir on .Moinlav "  ' " .,  ���-  MILLIMvKV  E\t-n  new-,   from   th"   >eal   of'  war i.s not so t-aiivrly. wauled   a.s  jllSf   Received,-   A   'arm.-   i-ou  .runs a   .Vu   works   :,��,,       Tl,.. i �� sisrilnu.nt o! UU(1>t S;vles.  prC'M'ilt        tlL-lll     III    UH1     UIIU'I'iMll '  electoral kopjes i- causing more : ,0,0   nTT or,   ..      ���- '  c.vii.'in.ui!. ' MRS.'DILSE, Proprietor.  Furniture, Carpets and General House Furnishings.  1-V.HT SThhl.K  lJEl'KI,.lPVHN*r SVNIlICATK LTD  l.'W l..r-ii.lc].luill S-.n.'.'t. !.<ni.]()!i, llniih.nd.  N. A. WALLINGER, FORT STEELE.  rosr oi-M'Vjk no.v -i.  T H OMAS    M c V I TT IE  Fort Steele B.C.  ' Xoordor too JiU'tii' for our fncilitii'M. none too small for careful  , alti-ulh'fti  J.    A  _ C.rhar^ of    Sj.okau,;'    keeps  constantly on   hand      *ft.^**;%fc*��*#ft*ft^^  \..*...,-  f i,-,,,...-.-.i r.. ,, i-     i Dopuiy Snpromo Couniiatia'iu   of,  .   . IlilMU   1 111 pi'1 Iii 1   Ui.-.lll'alil-i-' to.i-,-,-'*       ,/ i-v. ,. ',, ,,, , ,,,,  1     ' th..- kmuht.s   ot   .Miu-oahcos. was, Eivsh UrL'iid and Cakes  Mrs 'Ada Ekm,. moihrr of   E. 'in f��.nv" lll,riu- 1}U] vri't']) "**'���  A. Ellon oi  this place,  iwi.rncd I rT2ed a 'CBl o! "'"^ "*'d,M'*   }ho  tu her home a' Pineln-r crf-eU on ���   , .       ,. .  Saturdav ia.st. i.-lup tu .rou:  odire starts out with a   member  o l'i1 iiieiuliers.  Urown Eoirlioi'ii Fiiriis ;  ���oui Pi'izi* ^><tj: ti. sj j,,.,*  of 13 e<i'��i-:s.  i1.  or  --ak1  A'TPi.tr,  D'AAiiiaii'*- pack train   started  for   I't'iTv   civek   ou   Thursday.  j w -ib a I'lii load of suppiie-  l''re.sh Kruit.s ncry day  Fresh Veueiable.s  Fiv-.li Eggs  Fresh Milk and l.huter  E.   L.   T.    Culhraith' left   oa; vWr :o ��ho ^ella  0,   W.dn.s-.  [ '     ^'     l"  III<DUI "'W  .Sunday la.st on airoiticiai visit to'  rJ\ibaf!Co    Plains,    returning    oti  "Wednesda v. ��� ���  We have on file for njferoiict1  by our readers the latest price  '���ircular of Ihe MfMilhni Fur '<.1-  Wool' Co.. Mhine.'ijioli.-,. Minn.,  dined April E th. Their adver-  tihiiineiit will be found in another column, nnd we take pleasure  in recommendiiur any parties  who have woof I.s in their lim* to  ship to them. '���   -:-  !     E   H   Su.-ai: .ind H. H.  MeVu |  '  j tie were uv*r from Cranbrook on !  Tuesdav���  l  FOK'f Stioki.k. B.,C.  MANUFACTURER   OF  Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur   ti.   Fen  wick  \vi'iceiii   town   diyiuir   the.rp. '  weelc.  I'ost Offk-e  liis|)eeior   Donnan  ���was in Fori   Sleelc   a   few   days  ago.      lie   found,'allaiis, in   the  Posl Ollice   in , lir.sPclass   shape.  , Mr. ,McC!(-]!an. the,lie contractor who mysteriously' disappeared from J a 11 ray a few weeks  ago. has turned, up all right.  From nil appeuranees was dun  eiiiirolyto   liiianci.il   dilliculties.  Dr. John Barber has  gon'e   on  a professional' trip to'Moyie.     J  Word  has  been   recently    re-'  ceiveel that work will be   resumed on the Martin andTriiliy. two  promisiiiii    Luke  creek  prpper  ties.     '       .  1<". 10. Simpson ha.s been  heard  from.      lie   was in Seat lie a few  days     ago     in    company    with  Messrs. Shier.    Doble. and   Wat.  ���?;dn.     , ,    �� ,  K. .)., Higbye and Ed' Clark",  two-horny liamled miii.s ol toil,  went down lo Fernie on Tuesday lo attend 'a labor meeting.  They relumed on  Wednesday.  The oh; .shipments from  lioss-  laud last  week-   were   -CHi   tons.  ., ihe total shipuienis for ihe   year  ;o SiUurday last behiii 7.")!il tons.  Cranbrook i^ only a young  town. The survey was being  iuade three years aii'o the present mouth.  Several hundred feet of pipe  Mas been sent out to the Pearl  and Elkhorn claim- ou \}^rvy  creek. The pipe i.- to be Used  for veutiiatiiiir pui-po.-".-.  V*. A. Howard, of Eo.-.-kind.  and Charles Burn-, of Easio. arrived in town on Mondav.  Thoina.s Ede recci". ed hi- coni-  .nUnion a> retiirnuiir onicej- on  Mondav la.-i  Owing to unwarrantable, delays the new hotel ��\vill not be  opened before June 1st. When  completed it will 'be by fin- the  best hotel in East Kootenay.'and  there are very few in West  Kootenay that will compare  with it.  William Carlin left for Colden  on Wednesdav last.  ��� '  o  N. A. Wallinger returncd-froin  a I rip to Wolf creek' and Wasa  on Wednesdav.  Colonel Herchmer of 'the second contingent is safe, he has  taken a stall' appointment �� at  Cape Town.  Tinware. Galvanized Iron, Sheet  ,Jron.   Stove  Pipes  a'nd  Copperware  BUILDINGS HEATED .im'VENTILATED  Plumbing;  Pipe   fitting  and. all  kinds of .sanitary work  ., flir Tight���Hot Blast Stoves  .Hydraulic _ and   Air, Pipes   for  Mines  SKKCIAT.  ATTENTION  PAID1. TO  .IOR  WOliK. , s,  I Fort Steele  *  Co.,1ft  Fort  Steele  *v  Cranbrook  Wholesale and Retail  DEALERS  IN  ^GROCERIES  * CROCKERY  C. F. Hanington' is expected  in Fort Sleele ��� a 1 mosi any day.  He sent word to a friend that lie  would be here inside of ten days.  D. J. Elmer. P. J. and F. J.  McMahon. Moyie: Walter David-  sou. Toronto. F. C. Fahey. Win-  n.ipoLr: were in town nn W'ednes-  dav.  The water in, the Kootenay  river is exceptionally high for so  eaily in the season. Ye.sterday  it was crawliti" up on the eight  foot iiiarl'.-  Il    i>   reported    that     Pal     the  waterman ha- sold out his inter  e-t in the water bu.-ine.ss,     I!   he  The family of' M iv Ha rg reaves  j arrived in town ye.-terday. Mr.  I Hari;r'-aves hiis leased the ranch  iof   J     E     Humphrey   on    Woll  creels  J      P. .). Iv-pelaer expects to leave  ! im.* the coasi on Monday next.  .     foi.-  Mean   ancl   X.   William of  iia-not   a   Io!   of   hi.-   customer.- ��� ,-c,���ISI-,,��1 were in tow,, on Tin.rs-  an  irettinir niiirht.'. thii s'.v,  plav  I  Charles- Buckinan wanis io or-,  uanize a Cactus Eucktu.s club for      ti.  political purposes    What lie has  ui view or what   man   he   wishes  In put   forward   loi'   the   |e<_ri-la-  - ure could nol  l>e l.-ariied  (  aylor of Maclcod aiul J.  (.. Sutherland. Moyie were visitors in Fori Steele on Thursday  ln-i  are  amateur  Pollen     and     .1.     E.  Humphreys went  up Wild Horse  lathers now working on the. new j yesterday,   .to    look   over   some  hotel..- 'By'the  time .their   work j filacer ground .in which. I.hey  are  itcrost.ed.  is completed |,lii*v.iii;iy   hi.'j i-Ihm  ed as.oxperfs!     , '     .        \ ������. ��� ���  ;      " , I      It is   reported   that  James ,.!.'  Several 'of the lioys cainii down -j Mill, president of the ('.real  from tiie l'<>i'ry .('reek inines .a j Northern railway, is eim temp I allow days ago for the purpose oi'jing iho purchase of'iron, mines  si/ing 'up the political   situation, j on Texeda  island. v".  IF VOL"  W.\N*T A (IOIIU MIIAI.  Go to the ��� .  MONTE CARLO.RESTAURANT  L On Riverside Avenue  William Robinson, Proprietor  mi:.u.s   at   ai.j.   uorus  CALGARY FLOUR  IS THE  BEST.  Reported Killed.  It has been persistently reported during the past few days,  that Harry Melton who went out  with the Slrathcona Horse, had  been killed A careful perusal  of the late papers contain no information regarding the casual-  it ies.  l'iiin-Kilk"!1 is tlie li.'.-l. -alr-t and  -,iii'i'.--l I'iMiii'ily for crumps, colii" and  iliiii'i-lioea A.-a I Tu inifiit for uoiiiidh  mid sprain-, il i- iincquulli'd. .Avoid  Milisthute.s. Iilii'i-o'- Inn (me r.'iin-Kill.'i-  I'ci-rv Diuis'.    ^.".i". iind "iOi'.  b'ev. Henry Medley left Brand-  ford. Ontario, on 1 he .'Jilt h ult. for  l.'osslaiid. where he will be rec-  lor ol Si. (Jeorge's (.'liurch. Mr.  Medl"V is. a broilier of J. ��� Al.  Medley of Fort Steele.   V      ���  READ.  THE PROSPECTOR.  m.  ��� ���*.  *  *  If. L. CUMMINS.  ' P. L .-S.  ,(��� C. F. . t  Fort Steele B.C.  XV. K. UusS. :    U. XV. IlM<C/JM1.3  ROSS & IJERCIIMUR.  Barristers     .-      -      Solicitors  NOTARIES PUBLIC  CONVEyANCERS.     ."  ���     " '      Fort   Steel''.   B.   0  LANDS and MENKES      ���  XOTAKY  FUBLJC     "  ���   ,     '       CONVEYANCER  Fort Steele,  b. c:  Otu. S. Mc-Cirter '.I. A. Harvey  HARVEY & McCARTER  ��� ' ��  JJorristrrs.  Solicitors,    Xoturies  Public,  CuiU'iii/nin-i rs'eic.  FOliT, STEKI'.J.:. J*!. C.  .KUVKI.STOKl-: ST-VI'IOX .uul OOI.DK>."  COLLECTIONS       PROMPTLy      MADE,'  BOOTS 'and SHOES  MENS   FURNISHINGS J  GLASSWARE S  ;*  :#*  'x  m  Giant   Powder  Fuse   and   Gaps  IJoziqI&s  Co^rsan  1 ��� iCM-MD.)'" '  o    '       ���  ' .  OFFICE -liiv.-r^iilc Av.'iiu.-*.  Ni:rt Door to Bleasdc/I'i* Itrurf Store.  E. J. SCOML  .-::���    XOTAKY'l'L'HI.IC* if-  1  Fin.'. Life  Arculunl. rnsiii-.m'.-o.      , ^  Ke.ilK.stiiteniiil MIXING  Itl.'OKER.  a O  ���":'-        WINDERMERE, - B.    C.   ,   ���*���   '  I'UTlOIOiOKOroil. .   '  ^ ' I  T. H. TAYLOR, C. E.   "  PROVINCIAL   LAND    SURVEYOR  ���Survoys  of   .Vlinunil  Minos, eir.  aims. fJo:id��.  WIXDlOJi.MKRK   li. C  HAY    and    OATS  ^m"m'm#m,*.#>fi(:*m!*m%'*'**%*my.3W��ii  KIMPTON   &   PITTS  WINDERMERE S& DONALD  General Merchants  Mioinfl supplies a Speciaitu  Miuer.'s iioing- liorlhwarcl via Canoe River Route will find it a large  savinii' nnd eonveiiieiiee to procure their supplies at  Donald.  SOLE ACFNT.S for  Canton  Sleel Company  Windermere, Golden mid Donald  Mining Divisions.  Agents at Windermere for the California Giant Powder Co.  NOTICE.  Miss A. MeJVeish will ti-ansiu/t hiisi-  n.;s-. ,i~, Di-.-.-.- Mukor in Ilio town of  l-'ort Steele itiid u ill In' pk-.i-cil Id re-  ccivu orrliM'-s li'oin ii<>��' mi al 0. Mc-  Noi.sliV priMitu I'u.-.idoiioo. ,()i'il<.'i'.s will  lie |)i'(��iii|)l l.v iitl.Midod ti..  ROYAL   HOTEL  K'l.MDKKLIilV.   II. C:  Tin" l-'ni.'si    Liijinw-i nnd  ('l^lll'.s Mllll    I Sent   t'lll-llislicd  Itniiiiis in  Town.  J.   I.   GATES,   Prop.  PPPCf    TUE  II \)m       PHOTOGRAPHER  -    VISITS -  FORT STKELlil  On the following dates:  April   :t.    lli.    IT   .ind    IS.  May   I-l,   I.",   ami   1C.  '.linn*  11. , li; .-ind  i:*i..  ��� liily   Ki.   IT  :i,nd   I.S-;' .'  Other (lales given later.  Orders for Micliir.', Kniiiiiii-r left with.  Mr. ' Ki.'i'Hlinw will ' receive: 'prompt,  itUuntioM. '.���.'���'���'


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