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The Prospector May 17, 1902

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 n-KorcUr'n Otto
jy-.i-urruTi u-u-u-inj-innrmnjrnrinriJiri ^
St IN*    I'.H'I       $2,850,289
^    .....
M     i*c-       ii'*
j-ipjTinnn ^nr^^nrirunn/xriJTTiru-iri ,y
£ :.ii\'i:i{ \i. I'liiiiii'i ni in* or '?
2 i;i:rii-ii cui.l",.mi;ia in I'mi 5
& S20,7!3,501 p
'. *LruTJuinjTj^/iruiJTJuij-Lru-LruTJUiJaj<*
Vol. S.
New Advertisements To-aay?
Sports Cuiiim'.llru. C>.1 nljroolc
I'iipltiln Ai'insli-oiii,'
I'-il-i"  I
£     MINERAL  KLOAT     $
An epidemic   of   smeller   con
si ruction   api)o:irs   lo   ho   rife in
British Columbia'nl. present.    .
Tliu groat steel and coal industries known as llio ••Dominion
Properties*' have amalgamated'.
Canadian capital now ••"'« ab-
soltitu control of the iron.«steel
and coal industries of the Dominion. , i;
The increasing o interest in
Southeast. Kootenay'mining properties is partially due k>^ the
' fact that the three liitftlcv'olopbci"
mines of the district tiro, paying
During the summer there will
.be a genuine oil boom" in the
Flathead valley, based on actual
business transactions.   . ;  ,
Evidences of renewed activity
in mining' matters are seen in
and around Port Steele. ■
Great credit can be given to
the management of Ihe Eslella.
mine for the persistent, effort
put forth to,.develop ■•••
ft  might  reasonably be asked
-;why llie development   of South-
.east Kootenay has been so   long
■delayed,.but the answer docs not
require much enquiry'.    .Lack*  ot
transportation facilities:
' There ■ are  several   good  pro-
pcVties in this distriel at present
idle,' but  it  is more than likely
under    the r order   of 'new   in-"
tlueuces, wil"i  be in active'operation during the present year.
The Tiger Poorman' group of
mines a.ra'situated near the head
of the north fork of Wild Horse
'creek. There' is a really good
showing to open,up a large and
valuable mine at this point.
The North Star mine is again
on the shipping list.* ' ';' '
Already Southeast Kootenay
feels the impetus of the coming
mining development, and work
for the coming summer is being
mapped out.     *
Eortnnes have beeir made in
mining, and fortunes will bs
made by the shrewd and far seeing investor.
Among the history builders of
British Columbia the primary
place belongs to mining
.There are immense forests of
yaluable timber in this district.
Mining and tiio' prospector
have been the avanl couriers of
civilization • and development,
and from their initial dates tho
•■towlh   of  this  district, and the
*f~» ij   '
Load mined and smelled in
Canada and refined abroad is
now readmitted into Canada. Inpayment of duly only upon Ihe
cost of refining.
The mineral resources of
Southeast Kootenay are very
great and their exploitation will
prove a great beno.il to llie
The melting of Ihe snow on
the mountains is supplying the
Wild Horse creek* placer mines
with plenty of water for
hydraulicing and ground .sluicing, and they are'takings advantage of il.f-- , ■'■"' '■' .. ■' ; \-
. ,i.n South East Kootenay there
exists iron ore deposits of great
promise within' reasonable distance of the coal areas of the
Crow's Nest.
Every effort' should be made
by the government lo foster and
encourage the mining industry
of the province.
For several years prospecting
lias been going  on.   and   assess
meiit    work* 'bei iiu   done and the
men that have pinned their I'ailh
in limes past lo the   Rockies  are
about to have their reward.
Mining' Records.
The records (or the past week-
show ihat ten eortilioales .of
work* have been issues. *°
Mining location: Highland
mineral claim recorded by Prank
Sluger. situated on Jim Smith
creelc one-half mile west ' of
Crow's Nest Pass railway, and
north of lirsf lake.
Rapid Development of a Big*  Southeast Kootenay Copper Property.
Messrs. Violet and Olson returned from the Star group of
"mi nes~oir~S'a 1-n fd iiy^i as Ir-" "w i itrrG-
' e,
they have been actively engaged
during the past seven months in
developing the property.    ; ■
Tho Star group is situated' on
a tributary of Hull river, and at
present, reached by a trail up
Wild Horse, thence up Boulder,
creek", the distance from 'Fori
Steele being about 'twelve miles.
During the past two years the
property has been developed, by
500 feel of tunnels, shafts aiid
open cuts. The ledge is of a
vast exlent. all highly mineralized and carrying high values in
copper, gold and silver. Late
last fall Messrs. ATiolet and Olson
secured a contract for a certain
amount,of funnel work,' time be-
ing the-only limit-.' which extended until the. 1st day of May. 1902
During the time elapsed, the
tunnel has been run a distance
of 17f feet, along'tlie hanging
wall, a cross cut has demonstrate
ed that the ledge has a'widlh of
02 feet from wall lo wall, in or
near Ihe center of the ledge
there Is a pay chute of fi feel of
solid ore. the balance of ihe
ledge or vein being highly mineralized, a smelting product,
carrying values sufliciont to pay
cost of treat menl and transpor-
lation. and a fair return of profit
The properly is owned by'UTe
Bull River Mining Co of Spokane, who have expended a- considerable amount in developing.
Mr. J. Y. Kesler, manager of
the company is** expected at
Steele about the 1st of .lune.
f. In Tunnel and St ope %
c' • -a
north stai;.
The first shipment of ore from
t'he Norlh Star mine was oxpocl-
ed to go out on Tuesday. 11 is
said that the future shipment
will amount to -Id tons daily.
O.M1NICA.     ,
Work- on the Ominica claim,
which i.-s sitnateil on Mark-creelc,
was resumed on Friday. The
incline tunnel is now iiv Ol feel,
with four feet of ore, in the face.
■I       '*■
Work on the Fort Steele claim
situate;on Wild Horse creek was
commenced on Friday. T. C.
Arinstrohii'. the.owner, will de-
LveJopJto_. thc_ .extent oi tho
a.nnual assessment work.        .-
IIAUI)SUK.\nRl/l3   .MINK.'
ported  'in   li'ive   lalcen   place   in
the Antilles a-, the rosiih   of   t'lie
earthquakes   and   \')lcaiiic   out
break's,   and   he   i-s   plannim'   lo
undertake     iii\ ■ •-,• i^:n "'.i.     \\ it li
Ihe lippi <>\ al of Admiral ilrad-
ford. ' talcing a -scries oi hydro-
graph i<? surveys. If the current
reports as to the subsidence of
llie sea bottom are correct, (here
undoubtedly had been corresponding upheavals of the hot lorn
in other .-sect ions 1 han Martinique
which have created gfeal menace
lo navigation Ihrough Ihe I act
that thev are not chartered.  '
A Revenue Producing' District.
The following assessment list
for 190*2 indicates that Soulheasf-
Kootenay i« progressing and
that it, .is one of the largest
revenue producing districts in
the province.
I'cul Proporty
Wild Land.
Personal Properly.
Income Tux
+ 1.0-11
Fort Steele.
Port Steele is the center of a
great mineral counl ry. Draw a
circle around Fort Steele with a
radius of Iif) miles and you take
in some of the i ichest mineral
belts in the proviu.-e.
Kast Kootenay Stock.
• „, Aislced.      mil.
I'l-ow's-. No-si.Coal     *    .        ■K'.'iO.un
Xi.rlh Situ-  21 2:',
Sullivan     0       SJ "-
St.  KllUc'II'' . "iU li'
New York. May H
Har Sihov	
Fred   llazen   was   in   town on ! Mexican dollar*-,.    .
Thursday.    'Pie reports work on j '-cad •
tlie Harciscrabble as progressing'c;ol'p,>1'"  •■    '*; ,
,        , , .   ,      . ,. |     London. Mav 11).    Silver. _M: ooppci'
Present development consists of  £..( ^  (]; ^   £.n ^^
a  tunnel  now   in   00   feet,   with
No.   "2   an   incline   tunnel   in 110
feet.,     The  ore 'carries copper,
and of a character that   is   much
wanted by smelters as a'llux.
Mining Notes.
George .Tudd and Tra Pierce
are engaged in duing the iinnual
assessment work on a property
loefated near Jsadore.Canyon.
The big iron dcposits-on Bull
river are recei,vin» considerable
attention at -present.
■There are rumors of a deal being made for a big iron proporty
on Dibble creelc".
.Thero'is a, vast coiuilryTor exploration embraced in the Wild
Horse and Tracy creelc section,
and as soon as transportation
facilities are afforded, a vast
amount of ore will bo taken out
if the present, development is an
indication of what, to expect.
.'John Glenn and Billy Walsh
arc engaged-in doing the annual
assessment work on a mining
claim situated near the paclc
bridit'e on Bull river.
Market Conditions
Dispatches 'to this .paper
promi.-.o a large mineral development for Southeast 'Koolenay
Ih.is year.        ' \     '
General trade situation is eu-
'cou raging.      t c
Weather conditions continue
favorable,1 and vegetation is
rapidly advancing.
The Bank of Pngland reported
q.ruTjrnrij^jTrinjT-ren nrjin sinnnnrjirup'
\\ Ule TslearauJiic News |
^,„ .111   I.i 'I II I     I'1(..S|-I .    Im!
\     PONS'.J    XII!      KIM.    Ol*   MM|.\"
Madrid. MavlT    - Hi- ma jest v
r, ' °
All on.so 2\tH.. King of Spam,
solemnly took tin* oath to the
con-siitui'ion in ihe' Hall of the
.Assembly of the Chamber ot
beputie*- today, with llie'utmost
ceremony and in ' accordance
Willi all the religious |onn-s and
ancient rites.    ■
Conspicuous, among Ihe distinguished foreign visitors were
Dr. .1. T-. Curry, the official representative of the United Stales:
the Duke of Connaughl. representing Great Britain; Prince
Albert of Prussia. • G rand Duke
A lex, is.,  ol'.'_ Ivussja, .....Archduke
jc i :■>',
in gold
St. John's Churcn of England.
Services will be held in llio
Church of Sf. John llie Divine
every Sunday evening ai "::>() ex-
cepl on \he third Sunday in each
mouth when Ihe service will be
held al 1 1 o'clock* a.m. by I he
vicar, the licv. II. Boo'-ham.
Holy   Communion   will be  administered'' at   the   close.Of   the
service.   ■ j.._.
Strangers are weIcoine.
Pltl''SI'YTI'KlA.\' ('Ill'li'Oli.
Christian servi/'e will be conducted in the Presbyterian
Church by." llie Pastor "Liev. D.'
McK.. lii-id'. B A.'every Sabbath
evening at 7::■'.(>. Sunday School
ill 2 p.m.
All are welcome to our services
News Notes.
The outlook for peace in Souih
Africa is still hopeful. No decision will be reached until about
May -Mb. when the burghers in
the field will have been con-'
The MarconTWfaiion on Glace
Bay, C. B., will have.four towers
each -210 reef high.
Seventeen thousand children,
each carrying a^colonial Hag will
form a coronation procession in
Coventry, England.
Russia and Japan are without
doubt preparing for war. The
most tremendous preparations
arc being made in the east, and
all well informed men consider,
that the conllict is inevitable.
La I o   dispatchc*.  are   lo   the
effect that Ihe Marlinique  catas-
tropc   was    more   terrible   than
| lirsl reported.     New cralers  are
(opening, and the   sea   for   miles
I iroinul   covered   wi'h   wreckage
of vessels sunk*, and   Hie   city   is
lilled with corpses.      The   work
of   clearing   away   the   debris is
in ])regress
~ 'iSxcursimi  Rules _
VIO'I'OI.'I \    DAY   MAY   2 ITII.
For the above the Canadian.
Pac.ilic Iviiiiway will issue, return
tickets to aii'l from all. points a.f
fare 'and one'third for Ihe return
journey. ''Tickets on sale May
■J-J ~2'.\ and' _! It h .good for return
.(ill May -7th. ., •     ,''.
Are Monaco to Navigation.
'Washington-.-- Captain  Sutherland, chief of tlie   hydrographic
office, has.been 'deeply inferesthd.
in the. vast physical changes   re-
a  decrease
Lake copper ruled slightly below ll' cents during1 the'. past
w.eek.        '„ "
There i< no change or event
of interesi lo note ill, connection
w.ilh lead.
t Towns in I'Vni of Bandits.
Manila—Within the last lew
days petitions against the removal of the Am.eric.in troops have
been received from Ki-towns and
villages. The reasons for, these
petitions   is   said   fo   be   lear ol
I V i
bandits   after   Ihe   Iroop.s   have
ll is believed in some cpiarlers
the petitioners are more probably influenced by, a desire to retain 'the trade of the American
soldiers in the places in question
t,han  by   fear  of  robber dopro-
dalions.  j	
Good Hauls by Kitchener.
London—The weekly report
of Lord Kitchener shows Ihat l'J
Boers were killed, six were
wounded. >*•- were made prisoners, nine surrendered, and 000
rifles. I.")7 wagons. -IOP horses
and -1000 head of cat tie fell into
the hands of the British.
General Hamilton's columns
have arrived at tho western railroad, after sweeping the Lich-
lenburg dislrict of southwestern
Transvaal. The troops brought
in'io? prisoner1- and practically
all the wagons and stock ol the
Boer commandos in that district
This unices a reduction in General Delaivy's forces ot s(io men.
Southeast Kootenay.
'The.    future   of     South     l<>sl
K'oof.enay lies in I he I uller devel
opinent of I he i-i eal   mineral   re
sources   ol    Ihe   dislrwl. ,il-,o its,
lumbering   and   au ricu ll in a I   re
sources.       Willi   the   liilure    e\-
' plbilaliio.n    of. 'the ■' silvi'i" lead,
copper, gold and  silver mines of
this,district'. .'The rapid development of the immense  coal   .areas
in the Crow's Nesi'P.ass in their
ufinosf (Capacity, aii'd   1 lit•   esuib-
.lishm'enl  of   local   sn'iellers  and
rclinci'ii's t hroiiglioul the K'yoie-
nay valley:    increased   lyan.-ipor-1
tiiiion,   the   l^ort -.'Steele  niiniiig
division'will rtinlc   as .a   mineral
region of'large importance.
Frederick o'f Austria, (lie Duke
of Aosta, represenlir.g Italy;
Crown ' Prince Custavus of
Sweden: Prince Christian of
Denmark- and Prince Albert of
Belgium. 'The Pope was represented by a delegation of eminent
prelates headed by Cardinal
Vaulelli. former nuncio ,of
(".OV.   TAFT  C.OINCi   'I'd   HOMIO.
New York. May 17 —Covernor
Tal't, sails -today for Rome to
negotiate with the representatives of the Vatican lor-the purchase of thei friar lands in the
Philippines. Upon the conclusion'',of his., mission in I tome
he will'proceed lo Manila by the
eastern route. '
Washington. D. C,'May 17.—
Tho remains ol .G'eneral Rose-
craiiS'Wei-e reinierred at Arlington Gomel cry today with imposing ceremonies. ■ General -Kosc-
craus died,in Calilornia'ahch was
buried I'lKU-e.'.-. 'Yiuldiiu*, to the
i;e(|iiest of oflif'ers -who served
wiih him. including those eo'n-
sl ilul'uig'1 l.e Army of Ihe Cumberland.'' the' fa.mily consented
thai the remains should be
brought to Washington and interred at Arlington. The President and his Cabinet, a joint
committee ol Congress,, Ihe
Loyal Legion and other,bodies
occompanied the remains lo the
cemetery.', The guaru' of honor
was composed ol veterans of the
Fifteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry,
better known as the Anderson
Cavalry, which 'was on duty during the civil war for smne time
as headquarters guard of General Rosecran.--. ' The reinterment was accompanied by impressive services hold at, the
pavilion at'Arlington.
New York. May 17.—One
hundred New York men and
women interested in the study
of Colonial and Itevolutionary
hislory leave today on a pilgrimage to the historic plantations
and iowiis of the Jnines river
The pilgrim- are .scheduled 10
arrive in Washington tomorrow
and in Hul Springs the day fol-
lowni'r. from where they will go
to Charlottesville. Monl icello.
Richmond. Williamsburg. Ymk-
lusvn and Point Comfort, and
will go from there down the
.J.lines nvei 'The pilgrimage
will conclude Willi a \ isii to
Jainestow u Island
A I.*   ST.    OUU''   CnU.KOI;;
.N'oi.-l.hlii'.ld,   A.Jiini,.   May ,1.7:--'
'Tlie'"corner   stone   op. .the   'liew
libra.ry of Sf.'.Ol'af College,,' pre-
seni-ed   by. (.'oiisul   Hall   Sleens-'
land of Madison, Wis.-,   was   laid
ilolay'wiHi interesi ing   cereiiiou.-
i jes.       I't'   was   a' gala (lay for the
! college.     Ahunni and   friends  of
i ihe'instil iitibn were present froni'
'all parts of Ihe Northwest,    'The
:day   was   appropriately   chosen,
I if Ix'ing llu' ei;
No 90.
\er*ary o:' Norwegian independence and ihe college being
supported whole!y by Lutherans
of ihai niiiionalifv
l'i)M'*i:f.'l-.,\-(  I-:   Ol--   UI'NKAiiDS.
ltichiiioiid, Ind . May 17.—
DolegiMc- and visitors are arriv- ,
ing~in large numbers for the
national conference of' the 'German Baptists (Dunkards) which
begins tomorrow al the town of
F.ldorado. ten mile- east of this
city. 'The sessions are to continue through the greaier part
of next weelc. The,visitors come
from all parts of the United
States and Canada, hul Indiana,'
Ohio, Iowa and Kansas are par-
(i'eularly well represented.
'  London,   May   10.—Tho  anni- »
vei'sary   of.   the   action   on   the
Ma.lopo River, by which the relief of Mit'felcing was secured,
was celebrated'in Loudon today.
Colonel Rhodes and' Prince
Alexander of Tect were the chief
promoters, of the celebration
which consisted of a number of
loyal speeches by men of distinction in war and politics.'
Development of the Carbonate Group
Iu the vicinity of Luke creek-
there are a number of promising
properties which with develop--
menl promise tOi-malcc mines of
'considerable magnitude. ,There
are largo surface showings, and
the shafts, funnels and openings
on the various properties give
evidence of 'better values, than
appear on the surface. The
ledges for the most pari appear
well delined. The completion of
the smelting plain at Marysville
now uncler? con-druc'lion. will
furnish a market for ores mined
iu ''his vicinity.      ,   '   ■
cai'ijonati'' cuorr*.
W. A. Chisholn'i returned from
Luke creelc on Tuesday last. Ue
has been'doing, work on (he" Carbonate group, one" of the big
galena properties in that vicinity
Presem dovelopiiicnl consists of'
several hundred feet of shafts,
crossculs and surluoc cuts. ' The
ledge has a width of live feet,
the ore if- a galena, carrying silver and On', lead. 'This group
of chiiins is situated within a'few
miles'of the Marysville smelter.
hi v-eigiith   auni:
Kootenay River Rapidly Rising.
' The water iu the1 Kootenay
river is now rising rapidly. The
river rose Hi inches in the
twenty-four hours ending at 0
p.iii. Friday. The river is now
ien J'ee't above low water mark,
and within a_i'oot of the highest
point reached last year.
Assessment Work Done.
The Swan claim i.s situate on
Tracy creelc. Messrs. Rockc
and Lundeen returned from the
mine on Monday, after having
completed the annual assessment
worlc. They report having a
three foot vein of copper ore.
carrying   values   in    gold     and
Items of Interest.
Ottawa. May 1.".. — Parliament
pi orogued today.
\'i('toria--'Tliere is no change
in the poll' ical situation, and i|
no\\ look's as il llie issue will be
one ol endurance between the
i4o\ ei'iiineiil supporters and
members of the. opposition. '..•■
'. '.Copenhagen--.- The Danish
West Indies treaty is now ,''.hopelessly' .-deadlocked. ' This will
necessitate an exleu.sion - of the
ratification time limit,' which expires .1 nl.v I'-llh. ■ .
Al' roads and frails will lead
to Elko on the'-"ith of May.
'Don't   forget,  the excursion to
Wasa ou Monday next. ���. 0  Tni'0  P;RGST>,fiC'iV;)|.' " ^Oi-'.'T'STJ'JKT.K:   IX .0  ��� '   . .',.,-. ���   .. .      ���   ���������.&.:     . ���     .   '!��� ���  MAY  ITylOCe  Wty& $K0&p����t0TC.  '   ,.''' F.s'i'Aiii'.isuKii���, iris;:-!.-,,  y  7*. B. Grace,  ,���,���: .I'^BLiSni^c' 'Ayi)   icDiTbii.y  ' THE    PROSPECTOR, a'-*> . piiblis'lieJ.  every Satyrdiiy, niul l.iis a guaV-intecd  clrculaiioii Imser Tliiiiv nny 'other,paper  In Kas-f Kooiunay. It is all home I'riiited  and- cimtaiiiis doiiMc,��� llie news ?t, ''"}  oihcr paper iii the- district. '   ."  As  an   adVcrtisinj;   nu-diitin  it   is tin  ^Kcelled.' ���, ���:'(s,.;; '��� ,,:';" ' ���:'; .'"',-       ���"'    -","    .���'���-  ;. Devoted t6.the''upiJulldiii(f,ot'l"''ort 'Steele.'   the  development of tliii vast mineral  resources of  ,(be East Kootenay mining district;,.. ���.,.";;��; ..  S-ub=criptioii5~.:.:.;. ��� ?'. -:'. ��� ��� '.,.;...* 2-00 per''year  Advertising 'rates made known on application.  Coritr.lb'uiinhs'are solicited fi-onr'all parts of ttie  distriel. but all matter InteiKled.for.publieauon  must ha-revthe'.wrIi(3r-,-i,'.s1frnaiur&:��� ������;   '-.���....     ';.. -  TUIC DA OCR Isl-.e-pt t-ntiieai, tlieailve%  I nlO Trtr tn ii.si.iit.'at-.eiicv of Alaxander  4Co'.' Stiitf" r-\.' Kirsv- Xaiioil'al. Until-.-, I'liililiiij-.  ,'SppKane, \Vash.."*.vhi-'i'r. ciyilnicts can be made  forit., ���    .-." '   ���'        ' .,.';���''.'   ������ :',"' "���' '-'"���   ,.���";' n---.  kept -on, tile   at   K.   C  "���       '    *   ' e Tt is iii;  I nis raper d.^k io s, Ady  ���-'. Agencv..*>4��� arid SS. Merchants fcxislmlife. San  ! 'Francfseo.'Califoni.iii'i where contracts for :ad-  ,,; vertising e-aniie-made jor.tt  vincia! ^nforinutU-,,. to;. whiHf a, 4&*lN^&^^  number  of. copies  'were/sent, hy  S^-jJj-      ��� ,   .���-..        ���':"-' ,v -.''���        .. 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The mere .iiitrodiii'tibny)!, biU-s,' ?J*?  is ho indication - of: ���u'obih'.sJAttes-,  manship.,..'"-: M^ore   bills   ��-'et':.i'uto  otlifertmalters^thaii Ia\vs. '      ��� ���': :  '-.'��������� '..,,':;:',':"';;-*;';;> ������'-*.:;'. ;?������< '':^'f'������".'}  ''..,���'.'It  is 'b.etler... to/ t'l:finlc."\v'itliog'V-  talking "$haiT 'Ue>v- taJl-y .'.wriilib'ut  vhiuking;.-; -'.y r'-y ,:'��� "f-i .:; y:';/ -y '....  ��� A>'niau   may;  be;,yy)  experT at J  .building air east.|es,:aiiiT not lu'ive  s:ense;,e)iough ..'tb/'iiropyyly .."(:oii'  ^strucLa: \\en'Aioop;:\y'hy: "ii*;/'-';.''';,'.';:'.::  -'-y.. :,���,''',   '"/ y-$--v':i*  '���.?���-      .:......,'��� .��:  " -��� Occasioii^iily;;soiiiiy luiair .she  ceeds 'iiist.art,ling t'lui -AvyVrld: btt't  h^:dqh't keep:.it/startley!'long.'.y'...  .,'   ,   "': ��� ,y  -  ���'���;      ���/. y. -X-;;.    ;>.*';''   ^  "' .''.    ,,  ���'.'it- talking po,liU(.;s/:soiiii'lihies  make.men' lii-jl.i'f: Avli'at. wtfliiit' be  tlie" res iii, t,. i, '\\: bin e ii,'., w e.,i -e ������', alio \yix -  ecl:to:yote:,'::y ''"' y'f':'v ;;;'?;yy"'''y,. i'-'  ' yM!any''a;teai*ilid:ite \yh.o. reg^ilyis  hi ni self':,'ay'y play v:\lui'hi^"'r;';:;tl)e;  election yh\ndsy hynself    f^  ��� ���iii.ud1';oti ilie blee'ti'oii.,      '-���'.'���' y"':'\  ''M.&tS.d.au.^tetT^'. 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'ti'ljers b5the .s'pil ;'���.'���. '"';.-:.������''  y���   c:'��:v  ���'iV.     -;.': '-'.':���:,"     ',;   : ::\, *    ���'*'..'*������'.��� .���:���.'���'������'-..  -. -'���:'���;'���'"���' '.The   progress yb-f   iSputheast  '������'.:���  Ivbotenayy during   the, next  fire'  years pronlises t,b-be,as ^reat or  :'   greaterythan'.iii any:o|:her district;.  ' I:;. of thaproyirice;':'   '   -7       '     '; '  ���..:;;    ,���':'������"   ���".'..".���'.';".'."./*'  '*'.���.."*' 1'.',"'    ''"'^:    '': '���  ,'.'  �� /j   '    - ���'���.-'���, ..--������.-'������,      ���'    , ,- >   ,:       ;, ��� ;,  " ; y There is ..an ^increased, amount  :-of activity' i'nr mining''circles at  '  ."'��� ...     -..''. .- - .. .'       .  ..^   '.   " 'U  ,,;���   present,    We le.ai.-ri that  Several  'impprtant''de,als: are; under ;cpn-'  ''.-" teriiplatioir.   ' The  ov\-'iier.s 'of-"'a  '���    ' "- !' '      ';...','..,���''��� , ...     o.   ������  ���', ...nuriiber of'pyopertie's aye   laying  in supplies, intending to develop  'their ^claims  ds  rapidly as possible.''   New'locations are: being  made, and the general   feeliiig is'  :   fit-  HAn^i^crs:��  " yO vey fif tyyeaWa 5yu'S��Ti:')��t:ryr5y;iy  farl'itrns. ^j.r;iiV!>;;\Vtjiiti-\s;: truyF,,!,  Crtiiglis.yy.li'iyyn-l,,;:;,:, j>y-i-i.i1?.-zjl-.i; Hr-'.,:  ble',.t.i).(i'(;.ciir.'iu'"ev3.-rv .i^''>i;^:'::':>:,���::iSW-S"pf  M'f ��'&^' &'i ��� W..(i)i*ltl 's -:��� 'FSc;liiit;S7:Li'ii;e:'  ^ ��i g:.;M^.i^r[''v:V'-;-'y.:.:,, %y.yy^f, 'yyy-���'.- -'.:. y-Jf<^ -..4"  ���-%. -,^i:.'i5 i-^'gc ty^J-yi n'e -;���,-.; ;i*- ;X�� o-w-.e.fe t: HL-Ra-t e;s iy--.;:  :t'::.':'M^M^^  yy :CAUT!(JN---Tlierc;is.ciii!y: :M^^^yi  :one'^Pond'��vExtfa^t:;:vr.8e /l^-^'.yy:':.!'  ."iE'ure.ypU"get';'-the''ig'*j'nui'n.e;|.r/p.i^'ii^;^-ij""]  ; sold only in sealed bottle's^>'^j|^��^:yyt;  ���Jn''buff_'!wra*ipers:!^yj:"^:'^  yvyitioip..^;  '.j^roniny.::':  yijptiiviC'y,''  tAiwtf't'fi!... ���  : N'eiW. 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'='.';';- 'b - ���        ���   (V y  :''" ���   ... ���,-������-���  ^fr^"---5'''i:^?^  _;*V ..'��� :'yy ;i::y''y'V:::"af':pric'es;'";~ ���'--���-"::^~^-'-^- ���' v>;-.*'-��'���������  ; ,Ypiii";at:t:pti,t,ioii '"ii*?:-. cahcil :,;t:d y:tiie  "l.i'h.'iiioer,t.iiniltjil'yt.rttiii-- ofailiey'.'^lil-  'wiiiiK-cu el- ,.St: l:>a.tilit;iihv:iy:"',, "'i-lio' oiily  ;'jici'roi*t.:ii'iuiisi'iii tlio Nvoi'ld." "'���'���.���;.;, , :f ',  ViyY'oii 'will tind itde'sirtibie ..Ui.ricle on  .those li'tiiiis '\yhpn ���i'oingv.to any "point, in.  llic ICastyrti Stales. pry:i':uui(l:i.; 'I'li'&y  epniiect with' till ;...Tr;i'iisi(.*piitmo'ii'tal  .Trsiiiis.: aiul all Ticket.:..Agenty" sail  tickets..������ ' ���    . :. ..'���;..'    '���     .'' '*:'y,',jV.'���;'���������'  Foj; furtliei': in forma tion. jiamjilvlots.  ote,"iisk-iiny:''Eri(:kot- -Agent or/ ���     ..,"'  R. .L'-vL'-OHl). ' ' :y Q.''.!, KDPV������'��� '.''."������;  P;iss;'Ay'ent. ���'; ���".������������ ..Geriertil Agent,  ."��� -'.   SI'OKAXE.' "f'OKTLAiSfD  .:;.,yy: '."Public, Inquiries Act.'';';;y;:v  ;; rUBUC ��� NOTICJ-: is|.-'.'lioreby' 'srivon .: lliat  meetings o,f the' Commission 'issued to W. 11:  Bullock-yyebster. Esq.. of Kelson., lo hold "an  iiHinir.v into the ..aclinlnis'iraticm. of .ihe :.:-T.icaipr  Licence' Ae-t aW" ^ in' tin? Fort Steele Lieeticy  District;, will be.lit'iyiis foi lows:���'      '.  .       '.-.'  'At MoyiVon i:fith;Ma.v,,l','O0, at 10 o'cloch. ti.ni.'  ���"At Elko oh -'th' May: iftiii.'iii T o'clQclv. p:m,  At Ferine on itiUi May. 101r~/lit 111 o'clockn.m.  At Criinbriipk'.'on jilst May', IPO-:'at'iu o:cloi.'k.  a.tn-. ''..���' - ;,���': . ': '[' ..' ..     : ���������; ��� ���''',' :-.���.���'.���  At Marysville on ipdyinne-,'���!!)(i*J.' at 10 n'cloi-k  ���a.m.'. y::~���-,'."'.' ' ��� ���'   ...''''���"'���'.   .-"   '���-. '   '" ���   ,   '  At ICiinlierley, on 4th",liiiity.li'lU, .:it 10 o'e-'ltiol;  a.in-' .' ;������.,'���.'      .:.'       '.���'���.   .���,'���'."  .   At Fori ?teeI.-'on At.li'.hme. I!i0-'. at 'i 'p'l-loi-k  ;::|ai|||^v:v|/;|||:^  :^'^lyiyyLe;^  y^aiicb.iiycr, (Bec'lUef^Cpa'st.;  ;yv*t?:5!:e?a'H-i$.Hip#  Tyjc  ,'.c.Mvin  'o.l:-t'()ni:?AT;i,iic<iii vei': -A'hteT'a.:  ,        ������*"   ,. ' ���'    :���"-������ :-'��� . '���  : ',",'.    ;   " ,���.'������'���'.'   ���;:���' :��� ,     '('   ' , '���'.'  .I'ttliati iiiiil- ���A'li.s.tviilit'i., : -;���' �� "y '.'������,'  .,���;  ^.;'-Ti.ir.iJii^U''''lJQpk.i'ii^''j;'^  'Atlttntic lines.;-,:,' ' :y ���,������     ' ���������'.���..���;���. ���'; .'.;- y'.- ''.���.  .:''������";:.];'repaid   i:ii*kd(��, froin". ;iill     ,;-   /  ',,:'; lipilitsitt'liivyest.i-atos:':   '.-   v';::...'.'.-  J':'"'S.'-OiCRTER?.' f ���'���:.;' E: J:;C0YLE,  DisyPass. Agt.'^���*���;���.'.L: ; A:.&.'E/.k ;  '.'���.. ������":'Nelson. ",'���'���.���"���"'���','   "���.���;' -Vahcouyer  Fort Steele and  Eim  J. \M^1t~t*aaM***e*e*.-*Vu^-*ia-e*!S*Mblu0i t< .7*1 ll  .   . I1IW  Kunlierle  Se'e-i-iriary io the C'oii'iiiiissinn.'r'.  H; <::., imh .Miiy. u>"--*.  P-i"'.'' . -; '���.''       '      ,   '  that.we are on the v.erge   of   un- j   oi wiik-h.-in pi-rwins ini'-ii-i-sieir u��- liereny  ',     : ....    .,      .   '���',.       .  "'.    '.'     ,    ,.       I rc-ouireii to t:ii;".'ii'���ii('(-anil govern   tyeiiiii-lvt-s  nsual.activity vn tho .nrinin,'>   in-1 ft'J���rdi'cl,"'y,    y; ,;���,;':  dnstry of the district. ; ��� ,,     I '       '"���.''"  i-khtock-i:. i-yikhes. .'      ''  ,     ,.".'     ���   '* *: '     '��- ''  Tt is1.gratify ing to observe .that  all recent: reports froin j.hu  Tracy creelc ��� district indicate  progress'-towards tlie establishment of the mining industry on  a"sound basis.',  .-��� The: placer ynitnes within a.  short 'dist:a>iice. of Fort Steele  rshbw increased activity.' and now  . placer fie.Uls ''are rejiortcd on  which a large amount of development w.ork iis lieing doiie.  *   ���      *' V.  .-..A neatly prinled hooli. en.lifled  "Tin; City of London, th-yPrince  iind. Princess of''Wales and' tlie  ('���olonies," ���which was- published  by the Corporal ion   .of   t lie/City  of London as a souvonier <>f   the  ��� i  l.'ecoplioii of Their I'oyal High1-  nesses on I heir reiiirn to England, has reached Thi-; PiiOS-  pectok froni. the Human..of Pro-  . j'.*;,HIGHrW.ARD.E.N.'  PIONEER 'BARBER'SHOP  Kyerythi.ng Striclly Pir^f (Mass,  .'  Next 'door to Ike -J'rtixperlw:  ���"-;::;-'.Bu til you aye going east .\v.ri',te' us for our rates  and. ��� 1 et,  us tell   you   about ;:'tl'i.et.ser.\Mce'''aiid.''a'Cctnninbdii.1'joiiS''p'll!ered ,  ��� by/iiiie y'Vy" ���;., '.,''. ;' y.;/" ���;'���'" ':'"'"';:"'- "���:���.';���;';���;;.':;������. -"y- '^-������;. ,',;'. yv'yy"''  SLLiNpSS    CENTRA  y Through    tourist   cars    via   the    Illinois  Centra] .-from. Pacific -Coast to Chicago and  yCiiVciiihati. 'v      ;     ". ."'.\...-'.':-:':.'-y.' :^-:.     ','���; 'i; /',';''���'��� '''y  -.Don't fail to write iis about, ybuiiv t/i'i]) 'a's'Ay.6 .'������  ..-'';  ���������     are in ayio.-sitibn to give you some, valuable   in-  ���   furnial.i<)i'i',!and 'iissistaticc'. ������'. vul\9 iniles ofl rack ';,���-..    .������'.���  .-     over which ..is o]ierated some oMhhlinest, trains.  .   .  in Ihe world.  ���������:,'.'������ -    ������,",,     ,���       '���  vPor jiarl.iciilars regarding freiglit.oi''"passmiger   rates  call  on or add'i'ess:   :;   .  . .'      ,.,    .     . - ' . . ,y .    .',;."  ti:!tmhull;  Agf. '   o  .1.  tV.   Ll NOSEY  ���T.  F.&.P. A.   ,   ���...��� ���- -.-   '���'    ,..'       ';.. Com'  ; I-TJ'.Third Street, Portland, Ore.  :  mim  i a  Gefiercil iyiercharit ANrx  LvictMor bealef-v  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks -'  Designs  CoPYniGHTS &c  A liyoiu- "i-iiilltiK n wkclrll riml il��'."ii'rii.tl..ii limy  qillclily iiHfiirliiln i.iir ..(.iiik.ii fri-e ��Ih'I!i.t ni.  Im-nnl l..n ii pruluiMj- i.iili-i.iiil.li.. ( .xn 11.11 ii.i--.i-  li.iiin plrlrtlyc.iillili.iiHiil. I l��iii<ll...j.k ..11 I-.iI.-iiIh  Hi-ill fri-i-. (liil.i��t ne'.riifv f..r m-i-iir'niL' loili'iil.-..  |-:il*.|its liiki-n I liij..iii;fi .M111111 ,'< ('... l.'.'i'kp  fl*rrial nutirr., wlilimlii iilmre-e. 111 llm  Scientific flmerkan;  A hnmlflomoly tHiistrut-/-mI w*-*'k!v. l.-iruc'-**! rir-  rulMtimi <��f nny Hr,i*;nlill<: JMtirniil. 'I'ithis. ?:! n  vt'jir: f(��nr monUif-, $1.   Solil t>yall ncwt'ili'.-ilf?^.  MUNN &.Cd.36,B"��d^ New York  �����:  ����������  *  id'  ���?��r,  ������-  ���c-  T*)r  *'*i  ���o-  �����-  I.*  I*  i'i  *Jt r,rrfr r^-T-jT t��T"T*? ?-"?���?��? ?��TT������?*?.T^  ' 'i*i  ��� �����.������  iti  KOOteiiaY ���'!:   Boundary Line.  ��� ' ���' Tobacco  Plains.  iOt.Al-..     rfe'     *** B. C.  Z��.     Manufaefnrerof all Kindsof .Lnnibei*,       A large assort-     *2  Srr ���(���,'���������      '   m out, of seasoned Luinber and -Shingles always  ' 3  ^ ���" '-     '"������ on hand. ���;.���.' ���-", '���'���;��� ' -***2  ^' 'DIMENSION   ."LUMBER (   A,;   SPECIALTY: 3  |:.^v;:;:fftS:^l  Port    Steele  rewittg  FORT STEELE,  B.C.  /:  Brmncli (.IBIix". fflTi 1'. St_ WHHhii.ii!luri.,JI, C  Si.'igi' line h-a.vi  'l'"i'i*l;', v a: -^ a ni..  (|;ry :ii  :    iy. in.  i4i  i*ii��i ���-*!��� i*i =*��-.i��i  '��>  i*i  ������.��.-���  #  i*i  -�����  i��i  ���'��.������  i''"  #*  ���  . #  K'onlenay Hotel'lor .|<]|ko on Monday and ]j;  iciivi's I'llle   llotol   on Tnesdav and Sat nr-.''Jt'  '     ���?���?  JULES HUREL. Proprietor.  (;ii(i|i     ,\i 'i!''.),M,M.i )|)A'I'I( iX   Vol*    TkAVKI.I.I yc   Mi-:.\  ,:-. '������'v ���"   '"   ,"'���/��� .. . ' '  '���������'" ;  A First- Class Home  MANl:TI',A(!TIJIMi:K.S  o.' .     !"'',..''  iJi  and     BRISW'RRS   ,OF    EXTRA    PINE  PORTER  -��, **�� -0.5^ ���%V- -���-"���r ��:������ ��>���:;; ��v> �����>��� -^:-�� ���:��: **;���: ��������:���: **V ���> #V ���> *���*���>��. ���*���> -��%��� �����*-��,  SOLD   ,BY:  THE    BARREL,    KEG!  OR    BOTTLED  liotllcd beer for family use a specialty  OUTSim-: OK'D'.HIiS'C-MVIiSN STRICT ^prompt ATTENTION  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  utz & Scott, Prop's.  P. O. BvxX 812  TELEPHONE   NO. I I  ,'/���  THE PROSPECTOR. FORT STEELE, B. C,  MAY 17,  1902.  i  ��he TjgKQ&pextoK  3ATUIIDAY, "MAV  IT,   1!��)2.  Crow's Nest Coal.  Announcement is expected  shortly regarding the re-organization of Crow's Nest Coal. The  directors, it is understood, propose to convert the ��*-',r>00,noo of  common stock into 7 per cent.  ' preferred stock and to issue to  shareholders as a bonus 6*20.000,-  000 of common slock. If is also  proposed lo chang-e the par value  of the shares from *-"> to ��1(10  each and to provide for $2,.">0(>,'-  "-"UoO of a per cent, bonds which  may be held in the treasury or  issued lo.provide for extensions  as may .be'deeined necessary by  the directors.  ' Crow's Nest coal now pays a  dividend of 10 per cent, and sells  around ?i00.' '1'y'the issue of  &i'0,000.000'of new common stock-  as a bonus shareholders would  have for each share'of the present stock.onp, share of preferred  ' 7 per cent, stock* and ���*��� shares'of  "common slock.' ,tp  Willi- but 6i\;"io0.o00   of   preferred-Stock   Crowds  Nest   preference shares would   he  locked  on a gilt edged  investment and  at 7 per cent-, a conservative  estimate   of    the   'market     value  would   be  at least laO.    Taking  this from 500 would  lenve'lTiO as  the price   the *B shares  of new-  stock .would   have  to sel,l for Co  recoupJioldors of present   stock  . at 500 or A'.i :5-J-p6r share. , With  Crow's    Nest   at .(500   the   new  shares would have'to   market at  - ;">(')��� 1-4.   -  '.. The output of the Crow's Nest  mines   is  said, to "be  now about  v *.'.500 _ tons  per day and the net  pi'ofit- per  ion" about, 00   cents,  but   when    inanu facta red    into  coke'a bigger profit.   rAt, a profit  of. 00 .cents per ton, 2,500 tons  would"   make   daily , profits -of  s,5,225,'or,for a- year of 300  days  ,,��075,000.     These  figures   show  earnings on tlie present, capitali-  './.alion   of at   least 27 per cent.,  and would-leaye 8500,000  after  paying 7 per cent, on ��2.'500,000.''  With ��2,500.000 of ''5  per cent.  -. -.bonds calling for annual interest  "of ��125,000,   there  would  under  'present  conditions  still   be   left  ��;J75.0O0  toward  commoiio 'stock*  dividends...-  This would ���pa,y  on  ��20;000,000 ii rate of 14 per cent.  It is claimed that'within   a  year  '���Ihp, output  will   be   10,000'tons  per day, with ready sale at rates  which'-will  give 'profits  proportionately larger than at present,  since the greater the output  the  'cheaper  the  production":'"  This  would mean not annual earnings  of-��2,700,000, and,   after  paying  7 perl cent: on *2,500,000 of  preference stock- and 5   per cent, on  ��2.500,000 oi' bonds, would   leave  for common slock ��2.400.000.   or  sufficient   for  a  dividend   of   12  per cent.    w._  Though the  maximum   output  by  another year is estimated at  10,000 Torts   a   day,    there   are  chances ' that   it will not equal  Tbhat. amount.    Willi a daily   pro-  'dnotion'of 5,000 tons  the  yearly  earnings  at   00 cents net   profit  '���per-ton would amount to ��1,350,-  000.     Tak-ing  net   interest   and  dividends on tlie  proposed   preferred    stock-   and   bonds,    this  would   leave   for common stock-  dividends ��1,050,000, or sufficient  to pay? 5-^ per cent. -: "'"���."  ���'Amber" Plug Smoking To  bacco is winning on its merits.  "T-Javc you tried il,:**"  '���Save the Tags, they are valuable."  Notice to Delinquent Co-owners.  'l'u Jose-jili Mi-Caiin. .1 W. Mi-Cann anil W  A. 11.nils or Id liny pcisdii ni-pi-rsotis lo \ilioin  llii-v or any of I hem may linvc uansCi-iii-d tlicii  or Ins HltCll-sl in tin- ��� lljj; Ul'ml llov" ���JlllllfV  Oniiib". ' e^ui-i-n of Shrba and "King Solomon  mineral claim-?, knouniis Llie '-loldeii I-iir  Oionp ' and situate at ilie l-'orkp. of Wild Hoi'm?  cici-l;. in tin- l-'orl Sti'Ulc Milling Division ol  lOast Kooti'iiay and ree-ot-ded in the olllceof tin-  MlniiiK 1'i'i'Ordcr at Foil Steele.  Yoii and each of you are hereby noLitied  lhiil I have expended +2.XIK) in assessmi'iii worl:  on the allow nieniioni"d mineral claims since  ihe Hlh day of Ausiu.ni A.I).. IWH. under tin-  piovisions of llic Mini-nil Act And if within  iiiui'U days fioin llie (late of Ihis notice vou  fail, or it-fuse to coini ilmle your portion of  such 'e*i")oiidilure toKftlier Willi all cosl.s of  advertising, your and each of your luteresls iu  said claims will tx-eoine llu- properly of llie  'indei-sitjiieil under Section ' of an Ael emiiled  "An Ael lo Amend the Mineral Act, 1!H)0".  Dated at I-'ort Jntech" ihis ���.Ttli day of  Mareli. 1WK. <���  13- C. M. IWl'KI"'!'.    r  First-Class  The Mining Gent  FARM    FENCING  ONLY  SOC  -sV> /���*���.���*��..  JD**OTk  , ,FOU SAI.K ItV  THfc ONT. WIRE   FENCING  CO., LTD.  ' Picton, Ont.   .  RANCH  For Sale. Rent  or Exchange  (Consists of :28'! acres of bottom hind  meadows, two spriiitf creek. The ruiicli  is fenced, dwelling house, stable, (.'tittle  sheds, root liou.su etc. ' Title perfect.  If you wiini. :i cheap ranch or llie use of  one for improvements. further in-  tormation K..A. l'Al.l-:. Fort Steele. ,'  The Largest  Mineral Areas,     f  and the IVIost  Extensive  Coal Fields on the,  American Continent  -ape,Situated in    if  South East Kootenay  Agriculture  "'���''���'.-'' i.i-:'?,';': -.f'yy    ''���'���:''y:'.:   ,!''  .  '"'������  '���/"' ' ���'',"'.'���''  G-raxing and tho  '''"������ .is ,'y-:;':   ' i iy ";]"c ri :  ,-r,'.'   ;���'.:,;' ''y   ,'i    ' '.''.: ;'���  Lumber Induirtrf  Features of tho  District.  ��� -;��?  JIINKI1A1. ACT I HIM..  (FOIIM  K.)  eKHTIKICATK OK IMI'HOVKXIKNTh.  NOTICE.  Mille'l'lll  Omdiirinjin      and       lu'ilivf  Claims.  Siiuuie In Uip Fort Steele Mining  nii'lsion  of South Kast Kootenay Di.strlct.  VVIiere loc-ated: About one and one half miles  N. XV. from lite P.ielc HriilKe on Hull Kiver.   ,.���_  Take notice tli.it I." David IC. Newell, free  Miner's Cerliticate. No '����� I32il*". Agent ioi  David   Grittltli.  Floe   .Miner's  C'erulicate N'o  li KKMK". iiitciid. sixty days fro.-n lite dale.  Iieieol, to apply to the Minim; Keeorder lor ii"  Cei-tilie-.ite of Improvements, for the purpose (it  iilHaiiiinir a C'iomii Oi-anl ot the above elniin-.  And Inrllier take notii-e ihat action,  under,,  section 'XT. must be eomiiicrii-ed before ihe issu  aiieo of such Ociullcate ol Improvements.  Daied this 1 -Itll .lav ot Apul. A. IX. IDOi.  '   irt- '   DAVID K. NI-'.UM-'.I.I.,  The proposed ^TOp|s||f^  through Fort Steelefand ^ap t^  District.      -'   ���   ���    K^.tW  -���p��'i. -'/:-.'-  Choice Busmiesiliiid ^  0  ���"-V_"  Oook'i Cotton Boot Compound  Is successfully uBed monthly by orer  '10,000Ladies. Safe, effectual. Ladies ask  your druggist for Cook'! Coltoi lt��t Con-  Take no other, as all Mixtures, pills and  imitations are dangerons. Frloe, Mo. 1, fl per  box: Me. ���, 10 degrees stronger,IS per box. No.  i or S, mailed on receipt of price and two l-ceni  stampa.   The Cook Company Windsor, Ont.  ta^-Noa. l and 1 sold and recommended by all  responsible Druggists in Cauada.  :ym  - I,-;;.*,..;������/���:  "..?Vrii:''f^'^  Apply to  No-. 1 iind - sold   in   l-'ort,  A. \\\ Hlea-^dcll. Di*iii;'<-ist,.  Steulf  ���>.V  '-iliere/'.-li-is- been il", gi-eat deal  said about capital and labor and  the greater i>art of. it has been  ..s.a.id:lta.no good purpose���j List, to  stir up sti'ife and sot the man  who is coinpelled:by..c,.iLCifmstan-  ces to depend on his toil, and the  capitalist av.Iio helps' furnish him  .Qiiiployi'ient,against oacli' other.  ANDREW   NEIDIG  GONTRftGTOR     and    BUILDER  IIOUSK AXI) SHIN PAINTING  CAI.OIMININCI anil FAPKR HAN(!ING  POUT STEELE.   Li. C.  iW   AH   work .promptly done.  R. L. T.  Towxisite Office.  aM*a*a%<&'4��*i.i.%'&'a*n-&%*a-a%-aii%%%%-a>a%-4-������%*.y  J. TAENHAUSER  WATOHMAICKU   illld   J KWKI.KU  i: ii i'i u\ inH  KivorMtle Avi'inio.  I'Vii-t, Slocli'.   I'.. ('.  Tho-.. favorite  gl  ���:���' V-   ���.'",'-���- ���   '   ' '  "girls is tho mirror,  ,nien arc partial to  i,ss- with . the.  but  most all  Llie beer glass  tbig  The development ol' the  silver-lead mines lias, played an  important economical part in the  settlement and .development, of  Southeast Kootenay.       .  ���" .  Extensive  mining   operations  on Luke creek are'���oiiteniplated.  i,i*��%*4*a*a%*i*4%%*a*��*ii%***a*a*4.*ji��*��*��*��*4ii*ii%*4*a*a**i'��*��.%'��'  :^iiKi.".I  PERMANENTLY; CURED wi.iie  you'u'di-lf :tnd wil.lioiit 'lain,' of (lonoi'  rhoeiii. Syphilis, .Sexual VVfjalciiciSh and  all l^i'ival.e Diseases. Viii'i'iMli;��li.* and  HydroceleiC.iii'cd spenilily. and IVu'evei*.  No knife and no pain. Cm- painless  solvent t.real.iiienI- dissolves .strieHu-e  while, yon hIci'ii wit.ii wonderfiil rn.pidily  .\ii cutliny. iMii'onic (liseasi'S of Llic  Ileiti"!.,'/.SiUiniai'lit' lyi.vet',. Kidneys and  liludilei- cured, 1.0 stay cured. l^uieU  ci'l.re for Cat,ai7;li.:uid ltheiiiuat,i.sin. If  iiiiahle to (tall, write. I lotne treatment,  always successful. Consultation free  and, conliihiiitial.  1   Address tetters to BoxT>44,  ENGLISH MEDICAL INSTITUTE  The Sa.voy. Cor.  How a rd   and  Main Ave. opp, Grand Hotel.  Spokane, Wash.  Marysville-,  B. C.  BALE;&;:SMA!LL^  Proprietors  The-Pioneer Hotel.  First. Class  Comfortable Bedrooms'.  Room.  Dining  Best Domestic and Imported Liquors and Cigars,  I  vA  I  - ���    ��� ������    ��� *  I  I  t  1  ���  * -  *  *  ��.-���  ��  *  * -  Tlie Steele Hou^  lroi^::vSfec^e",yB.^O.;^  Gentrall)1^;'Situatedyon ^Riverside Avtsriue;  Conducted on Up - To - Date Methods. >  'The Best Bar In Town.        :       .  IJ. IWEclMeish  :������;������       ,   PRbPRiETOR. ���   ���;������'������'������'  ��'. "  *  *"' ���:���:  *  *���������. '  :*   '���  *  * ���"���������(.:  '���*���.���;.  *  *  .* "  it  ��� .;������������ .������'"  t$p  IMPERIAL  H. REINEMAN, Proprietor.       Fort Steele, B. C.  Largest   and Most Up-to-date Hotel in   East   Kootenay ��� ay ���.���':-:-.'"-.-:   .���-.':���(;...  ,*.-  ,:/���;..-, ,*.  -'J*T-JE  PROSPECTOR.  FORT STEELE,  B.  C,  MAY  17,   1002.  r - �����***"-"**���"��� ���^lu-j jaifci  North Star Lodge  so. 30;���  ���A.  F../AND A.  M.    . G.  R> B. C.  ,'. " .i-*i*..KT.'ST.,!",!':i.l'.:..H'. cV. ���'-'.''  ch  '.    Ki-jjuliir    lm-ciini's   -lsl    Tiiesd;i<>   in  month at cit.iit.o'i'li-ci!      .Visiuiig I?i-i-tni.-:--y 11 -*-��'  cordially.invited. ..' ,,.-..- ��� ��� ,.'.."..  Eli; iiive-i- '.oil!*,.-'   I'-'J'!,;"'' re---ul:.'i: .I'lit-i-.lytii.'"-  li(:li.l,Ur-.i''I--riil:iy"(Ai'.('iii')i.l".��'''1:v.   ..'.'':���:,.:.,.,���  .Crantii'odH I.o<iu.c. CninUroOltc I'l-t'til-ir'meetings, lurHl on t Hi-, thiril 'I'iiursiiiiy uf i-'urli.mo'iiii.  .. ,,���    .'..- '���! y:H..:.!i. Ma-.i'hkh, Siioi-.iiar),-'!,'  SA'ryiiDAY.,, ma v."17, \y>2. ,:'  ^?T>TOTUVf.?f'i;mTf'i?Tw?rwnrf^\TTTTi,Tvt��tT';'  I ' I'- O fl A l" " *\J ��z\tif-��i "���'' 1  Jr     ,L��. v.,-* V^ ^ 12-^ . e >�� i*,su *j v i*wf^ i.     3  i il,, Ha lives, ynyiii-itMi. of ��� the  'Cyiiiaduii'i .v,n;m'k;'.'i>l'   Coii/inerco,  CruuVrookv  ;'V.'-.iSs',''i.':!    :fn-:vii . 'on'  SatuiiduyJa-st ' ���, -. '���.- ,.   ,,- / :.;.  ���'-H**-**-"--*---"-#*-*--��-fc-'"**$-��  % ������������������������ ' ���',������.. ���,"   ���   ��� ".; "   ���   jjf .  ...... ,. .        . ...  I   The  Canadian Bank oT6ommer(i61 i  ' .'"Rocky'Mountain  Qi-ipter  ������'��� ���'��� ���: '.  yxo. i^5..��. ^'m. ./,/'/',   ..;������  'i' ''.': ���:���'   ���'."   FOKT ^STHKI.K.' 1*.'��?." : ^  ���'���:   :    Re^!iyi:i-,,iiieetin'j*s--2ndTi!esday in  :eaclvraoiith;aryi'^L)i:b'i'!(*i'k. ' .-;.  ;    Sojourn iny Ceil)]'anion.-- aVe.''onlially  invited.. :.".'  li' ...'K'.-.'.L.',. T.;, . v.;;i.Ji'>r'-:i"!.:fi'',V:.:'Indian  , .   agem, roHirinyl f i ������.'���'iiryui'��� niiie-iajj  ,R. -L'.'T, GALi'RAi'rn *si.'i'ilK:',l::.   Mumi'iV'initmv!  Will.  ���visit to the ' l)iii!'ii:!,s,..u! .'''J'iJT7:i'v:e;'i> j frApf  Plains;���.un'^urnhi.y^tiisl.'.'', ? ��� '://..': -fl'l'ljl 0  0. S. fj'uiiili.'iy Sv:), Dii.kotii-, ami ������  ami Gy;Ed wards, -lyrko,   v. <"*n\,: in'l   //  t6*4Vii::i)h''Moiid'Li .*;%'.;��� 'i ���//���-,i-       ;',:'!-*-  Ffiuil' AY-.i'li-'huii.-s'.oi.''.l't-ucy s,pii'iii. I."  Steamer Wortli Star.  carry'*.'a'xi-  Excursion   from  mm m wasa and Return  .Sel'Wl "ChiIdron 'iiiid^r'twelvo years free oif Steamboat;  Professiott*aM.  ���Geo.''S.'MeCart'er:.':���'     ��� ..���:������./;'������'-,:���>��� iv-iH-y^-'J'-  ;];yr"HAIfYEY;;;& ,;McCARTER/ ' y 'i  . JjarritlerXti��<>licilc>i:x. ���������������' ,'���':, .;:��� ,v;  V;..'���'���' " '.''";' Notaries H'ubac-,iy "���������.�� :.'''/ "y������.  '���'���'���'   ���'.'.'.'.'::' .i, ���''"' ' 'r ���C'>))'*V'/��,)lf(f)'-s ?'<;,;'.'.' ,���.".'.������'  '..! LEAVE-  'RETURNING;', ^^'.^���#.vy!  ���'L.eaVei.'Waisa; at (> p iii' ',.,   .  ; Arrive at Slieele 7 .p.m'.^ '���...���."���'���'������������; ���  ii:J,lio Sti'iunlxmlv uiy al..l-1-l'io' hotel at  v ���" ',    : ' ''- ��� ; ���   :, V ;'"'  FpRT.STEETvByB. ,GV.  .,i.:--''.',:'.'. .''���..���' ..:   ���,.'::���������'.,���.' i. ���.      '.'���:  . RKVE'lSTOKl": STATtoi*.'inie>''i;i(jbi:>'i'  I   'vFolui. .''Sh,vi'vv6(y. ��� oai.i.' ���: duwiiy.'' p0Tt Steele-10' a.: m::':  'r.'onr^'iMALI.o^.y.ia'^'k.yiii..^^  ��� lVy''%^y::::J':-'' '-;A - : - l/1.^1 '���/,."'��� v','i:;.'/;;;������'������'-. i;.  .,'��������� u'"'"'.'^^!'!^'!1!' ^Ti'-in's-'i-i���':\\^{i'"'"oiv ['.���"'-.���������' ���=^:lv,:!,>:!s';''^l^"."-Vv!':"..<'>v>.i-!li',i',H<f'- ��  [Sunday lasi.y.' "'���'"/./.��� --y:. ^"'^'il A^1^''.'; ���-���,.,���"���' '..'���' 'y/ ��� ii. ��� ? ' ::;': "'.    .           ,,.,,, ......  '.-: if,C'... ':'"''' '��� ������   'T~v~'"   ," t-,    '   i'i: i .'������������!���',,'���:''','���<'Passbii��rei,-r-u'Vi*? ailvist-d tt>'briui^V.lJsiskdls;,' iis this  excursion   is  i(yua:sVontto,XV;:is:),.iM!;^J^  !'��� '���' is ':v>'!",'i'' ;"ii.':-" ���':���' yr-.''tt'i'i'X .iilEoOtoriav"rlv-dri'-'.;,: ��� y;i.y; ., "i'i. 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' ��� '.: ',; ���    ' ���  i    y  '      London office; <(<) l.oiiiriiird ..Street, .)���:. <:.    ���."���      ':' ':.���''  '('���',' ���'-'   i'"'-.,;   ���''���'..Ncw.Viii'li Office;  1(1 lCxcliiiii��e,,I��lacey '.^'-������''������ ��� "  And (iS In-anelies in Canada.'llie'United Stales and Kritisli Coluinliiai  |   Cranbrook Branch,  *'"'���'���"  *  '�����'���,���  *  *  �����.'.:  :'*:  *  HUBERT HAINES, Manager.   ��   *  ��***Si.**��**��***tSK****  in  :;^;h^ii:R^oa^.;v:'^iiJ^  '���;B^rristeF;:i':'-''���-''���������'-- y- -Solicito*'  ""        ' " ' .!  y'0';..T6bacc(y|  >;'i.)-'i :.��:i('>(M.!fiy -.;���  .���������.VM-iiiII"  *n;.a:i.ta>  NOTARY    PUBLIC  GONVEYANCER. .  "���" ... .::; ;"'-:..J-' yFa*-yer . V^x^x^x..: "'.Sy i,:, Eu's'i-'ije ;  ''"''c' f ���/��� "'i 1 ."iV' "'.''��� i-'fi:''.'';';j'Mis>!buKlLald;^rSe,;.viC^  :, y,i^yy-''i^.':.-r-7--^-TC  iliRIiili  iiVi^Wy^^':���''#:  :F6n.T:STEEt;i3:DKVEr,oPMB\-i' SvNi'iioA'rBT.'i'py,  o i.'".-..  :T,..'Ty.yA.ly4ji'iyda %^-i i '^M  Tiieiftro^raniViie^ror   the  days  13SLeridonball'Streeit,,.r.oi'dbii.;Erisiai.itl.v    ,i t^e^CO'It'tra^  ���i^'!ri'':i:'i;"'ii!.Ayf'-'i.yri:-:-i ;V,f('.'to"vVjiJfsit'e.i'-ion.,;:::;';'.live'f^Jittiii-s-.i;a"nch.-j';'-:;-y.- -><.���"..'������'---' ryi-   1��.^" " ���"''���������"'���  f^ we* Woofr's PheBjihodlntr:  TheiGreat English Itemed!/.  Sold and reeonimonded by sll  druggists in Oaiiads. Only relir  able modlcl'ne discovered.  Sia:  . packages guaranteed to cure all  forms of Sexual Weakness?'all'effects.of abuse  or excess, Mental Worry, Excessive use of Tobacco, Opium or Stimulants.Malled on receipt  of price, one packaRe *1, six, $5/-. One will please,'  six will cure.. Pamphlets * free to any address.-  ;::V TUo Wood Compmaj, Wiadsor, Ont.  ;;; "isoiti :i)Xx-i;w:iBie!-i-sd,eii:y DriiM!^t:j-;  iN. a.:W;ALl;nger, ' ,'':'fpbt,;SteeLe;.'-| nearyFi-d-nie  'i-ii'ii'i'.post���oPFtcfe'.'i'ibx's:- !'  ",T:H Q M^S'iM:C.^$T T I Jfi.--  ^mii^^;s;:.: ���;.��� c�� :ii ����;;|e ;l;  :i?;Siiy^  W^eulldersM^  iiy.,Ai^'i^orlf -Steolq-���'���'J3-.C."i;.. y>���  Shaving: ?^'iHairy]}res|ingyParloi(  '���'���'';,. :;.'v ;::.' .���;:-'������ '.'fr ���������'.' -:'i:'::':. ::',;';;'"  :i FORT   STEELE,' B.' C.  Allikmds.,of.;hair worlfy 'y���.. ,    i  i 'vi-. ;���' ��� ���:" '���'���.%;'��� ������: i '��� i a syiecial ty'.  A. J  GREZ,,  Proprietor  ^7:'i:E,caHN.'i  ���: ;;    AND ��IMPQRTER.(3P y  ,  4;7tfT::"V^--.TINE:''Wp0i:LENS:  : 'v --Rockyi'-Mountaih. A\-enue :': "'.  yii/vFbrt Steele, B.G.;i ���*  Fort Steele     ���  ."���: Pece.Wpoid.s c^peyilowaiyfi'oin  the ChBV'ry'c^eolvi'Vi'infth;'q-y.;,Mbh-  .aoi'&sei^liueh: :Le;il'brid.ye ,,\-s.,  ���!' i,4.Cranni'Ciok, (J-lie iiystT.p.r;.-U .(iei-ios': for-"  liie 'riib'eroSib 'cup,)'.'.. '.",''���:     - 7Vi''.:-:;:,  .ii''Me%i:;s'.'''':'rV'.i-tif*5''5:(rp  shaiiryyci)'t.^'ib:.'tlVoo .i'aifcl'i  Sand:ci.-befc:bti,:iMoviela'i*.; :v^y,-^:'.  ���������i;.''-A^:''':^.':lFfe,'hSy"ic^  the rahcliholiiTviGsdliyj   ,���;'''*" -":;;  i''V':y^';y^C':.'.,:V;i;.i'.'"!( '''<���:,,'..'v',"'/^jy ::y,;.:y'  ::-jPinG;rain dud warnier:\yeai;her  'ti- i'0:i: se itcli n giyyegvj ta:i;ipni'ibf;y.al;]  lei ild |yi;iilotg;i;';at;.i:ai'jgyeati::rate,.''���  ^Uicy"ai:b':ats��'!;bringin:g  out of thb riipiiii:tii ins; ahtl a rayaifi;.  i'iSe ni:l!hb'riybf;ls"ox'Tii'Ct(^5T':":J  ("'The grand   bail '.."at 'ythei' opera  iiousebntthe' 1 Otlii^i.s,:pne bf it'hb  ?plcasaii,tiev4iUeisbf' rhij'seaspn/" -���'.'  l'iease Mi'. .prup'i.Ms.t iiitiyirie,, what I  -ask tdr-'-tiie (l.ii'e,; .'.l.-'.aiiildiler.'"; J'pri'.v  Davisil know ii in the best '.thinjivon  eai'tji -.fyi* .summer eoiiipUiijits. ' ';-So do,  ,you..   iTliank .you:' ;'������'; .Tiliei-e-:-'.is' your  'liionov^ ���'���.' ������'  ���}.���   \.y \'i,"ii. y. ,.y '��� -  "'" 'Dad'Bpi'ag-ie.canipxlpyyn .'from  Tracy creek on Wednesday:    ;,;  Js'iles  Hyirel, 'Tpbaccp i Plains,  was in tpwiiioir A\iedaesday.      iy;  Tom   ;BeveiisvAvas   up   ..from  Little .13 iil'l rivei- on .'Wednesday.-/  ���".'��� 'G over llm oh'.i"'''A'"geht' Armstrong  retlirncd/' 'from/y^.]S;.elsoni' iori  Wediie-sday.'   ";':.,;    y    '       ���-'  ���Ci-au'brbbk. yvill  celebrale   the  L'-ith of May.;.    '   > :    i ���,���.   ; ������'..���  'PI'.   W.. i.Ross.i Ca,lifonvia;" ar-  Diamoncl "Jubilee;   \ 1/'ved ali^u:el,<;' on:Wednesday.,  MISS FOLSON,  MfTRON.  Hospital] . Seeding 'time iy al lia.ndy   The  ���.'"��� .j'Fot'l: Sy.'eJe    K-Lnur    ami-    Peed'  '  '.... , -:::   .���,','   , i/.  "    :   '"'^'.Slori.:' "'hayi'ng". ^'s'l.p'p'lied   '"their  (���i-aiioiiu'of .si. Lukes ii..siii'.;i;,: J ("u.-siOiuei's'liU-vi!'" a' .su.iall , a-sSort-  y-yvancouvi-r, i::.",    .:',':' :(H,.;i,    j.yV   IO   :hi-    (J \<\ KisiHl/of at  'iow   ra'fs-i     tioi'yis! ing OIV R.qd  .:.������] li-,-', '!io I   (iii'i\;er  and  Tliis   .Tu-j'tit.iitiori   lia.-   lieer.   Y'i- ���-���::  enlarged by a new winiy which   i.-  now ( ^'l([' ^ ".,/,'."''' '  open   for   reception   ni'   pat:i-nt>.      l-Vi::��� i .'"   ' . '__  .terms/apiilyio ^        -    \        ��� !     _ j j., ,.,.���-���������, y,i:, i]s(  ' '    .   . ' ''."     ' I'l'iiili the jiiii'.'i".  NtlSS   FOI..SO.M.      or     .1.: '���. .-.Ml'I-ii'.'-'.''-. i ,.-..'. ,.     ' :  , . , - , . ,..  .  ,    .      :     l\   * 'I . I 1*    s, |   l \   .     ;  Mil iron. !������(>!���:.-)*.--���:������.���.���;.���'. ;V'  J-  .��� I; 111 * i ���  T.. 6. f\riiistronorv  ^   Fort Stkki.i-:. 1>  <:  . ':''  MANUFACTURER   OF  .j. i/.;.  eariii'     do wil  ���i-i\ ranch   on  in    low n    on  .ii !��� ni la v   on  A  sji.-ri-a,  Mi i':: ni nil i   (   i:: i jii"  ���ni (Vi .('���.', I inn    .    ol  football Match;  Horse  i.'i'Atliiet'iei Sporty, i.ipo.yards'dasliy '  y ~iiVvileyd'a'siO '..;  ���-.-. :"22i)'';'.yjLi*ci.s:..;oV)st*i'clci-raee-, one;/ini|e: -  i-.i'''i*.('.'laji"':ra.t*.ei'V"75;!iya'rd  Vft--" i.1'jH.'- siio t. '.'i*n i ti ��� '51 ith'ci jg>V.iij il '*4\i'.s ViLn tl i ii ^ / /���.  iVbrpa'd/jiiV^  i;. ^i"\inniiigvli.igh ,jii'mp"ahdi iiii/y'i/iy.^/y  't '.,�� .���' r-K .-".������;���'������ :'-ry.i-v '^ y^y^yyyf:;)^ 'yip'- :i,.. ������.  /"/Tug "of: 'War,- ���Qranbro'ok;^ys,i-all:  !c,bmef^:/.;:fi;''.i/:;i:''i'vy:ib;ii':;iy-ii^  ^ ^.y^'j-!!^/' .|g///:ai:]: ;^i; excel lenC/ipiri/-y  ,g^raib/hivli: ol'iy ��s pbyJ^i^ithM^'f^it  slipnlt) sPi'ove most iilterestiiig: &���:  ','������.'- '.NtlNKIiAL/AOTl'IKSlll.'.  ������' "'"���   ���,, . '; ,^i-'<iib> r.,):;".y v,'y /;'/,/.  .OKirnrieA'i'i: oi-'. i.mi'iiovumkn'.i'R,  NOTICE.  ������i.Try'iVi.vain'".Mineral Claim. ���.''  Siiiiiite in the :Foi-i, SteeleMiniiiy.piyisioii of  Kast Kooteni-.'y lllst.i-iet."���':'', : y . ,:'���./  '-.'. Whei'C.located:���On Six Mile Creelc: y y,  ,. T'AKK ..NOtlCKtliiit I, Thoiiins T./MeVittie.  ��� lr: U. C.'No. '-"15. -13-ISir*,' iijfe'ni'for A. W. Uleas-  dell, l'-ree Miner's Certilicate No.': II. 1.0078;' inT  liind.'Kixl.yila.vs from tlio-ili! to licreof. to apply  to Mio.'MiniiiB-Iicconlcrtor-'ii; CertiIicate.,or:Im-  provevaoni's,: lor tlie purpose of., plitainini,' a'.  GfOivn'Oi'untor Uiealjoi-cclnim.;. ' :  Aiulfiirtiiei- tuUe notice: tiniV- action, under-  section.37, must be commence'iluO'oi-e the issu-;  lince of sucli C'crtilicate.of Improveineiits.-,, '��� r  Dated this 2-lth clay oFApi-il,1002: '.   ,      ��'���;; i  ..,17-/        ;''   '/ ,: /'.. ; THOMAS T.McVlTTnil.f ;  .   v'Amber''r Blug'��� .Smoking To  baeco'-is. winning on. its merits.' ;���  ;.'*Haye you tried it?''; .y-    - V  ... * 'Save thbTags, they are; valuable.'".'���..������  ''i;" '���'-''.,.     .���'���,  .-'���'������"���    i M.   "will,.ho   lii-i'-l   on"M:i'y  2\\'\\..  ;"'���.' ' ! .S'Oji.Hii'iiii'i:.' c.f'iiii'ia'iiio,-- V'n\'ili'il to  .'iinyaro/Calvanized''Tron. .Sl.ii.*el |;,i.i,i',(.!:i|.  Iron,. ,Stovo ,,Fipes' a'nd��� i.  Copiverwarc  i      Don't  i'o'rge'1   Ho- 'o.'i-nrsi'jir lo  i W'asa on Monday iiexi.  / ; ���' ,;, notice.     .*,������,'���  'f'al<e notice that thirty (lays after date, I in-  l,i-nil io .niiike, application 'to lhe: Cl.iiel ��� Oom-  liiis'sioiiei'- of l.ands aiid Works for a special  lii-ense'io i-utiiml carry 'iiwu.v limber from the  I'ollowintrdcsci'iUed viicant Crown 'Lands':'1-   ���  ei.innienciiiK at a post - plmiieil -alio'ut one,  'mile west from the .west.bank'Vif llie' Kooteiia.v  ri\-e'r and about, opposite the, mouth of Klk  river, in the Dislricl of F.ast Kniiteniiy: thence  Soutli eighty cluiins: llience- West eighty  cluiiiis': ii.iii'iice" Nut-ill i-is-'hty chains: ' tlieni-e  Knsi I'lislity cluiins io the place of iieginiiui'?.  I,-1..iitiiiiiliii^ six hiiuili-cil aiid foi-iy ncre-s more or.  .Ii-ss.     -.-,'. '   '       '  .    Dai.-.l iliisllnl'ilay ol April. A. I)..UK)-*.  , .  I Si ' .        .      .1. A. McKi'l'CIIAI'.  ' .NOTICE.  N'OTIi'l-: IS - MKItl'-.ilV l.liyKX Ihat sixty  days'afie'r diilc- I slilill apply,to the Chief  Coi'iiiiiissliini'i' .if Lands aiii'lWorks. \'icloi-ia.  Im- llu'- puivlias.��� nt ,lln- 'fii'lltiwiin.' ilescribeil  vai-aiil croivii iiuids siliiate in tlie- Uisi.rleL of  l'.:isi' K.n.i.'iiay ' i '(.iniiM-iii-iti!/ at a post lnarked  ��� .1 l'.r,.uii N. W. i'nrii.-i- I'nsl" said post being  plitiiii-il :. I m in i r.'ini' lei li.-'lnw 'I'-.voliy llros.'  i.-i'iii'ips lii-liiu-'ilii- iil'nliili ..I I'ill; river..llience  li.i-i.y clnilns -;a.si lullilivliii:.the bank nf .sIoiikIi  ' ] an, I, i:'i ml i-iia,v I iv I' lip si i-i ll in ii 11 u; II. I-'ll/sllll-  .iiHui-. |iri.--i'iiip!.lnii, llii-iii-i-.south forty eh litis  fiilloivm:; t'll/.-liiuui'iis mmiIIi 1 iiu-. theiu-i- ivesl  i,.i-|.,v iliaiiis, iliciui' iiiii-ilnl'orly chains In place,  ,,l ..-nii'iiilr -iiii-lil       O'lnial.iilni; I .'.'ill acres inoi'e-  iii-'lt-ss'. '��� ..���'.:  joiin' inioi'.'N,  '.May :.lli    I'.ui-.' lil-  TKeWhole Story  in*.a." letter/:./. :y:-..:  'am  , v;.      ".'   .   ', (1'BIUIY  ilAVIs'.) ;:.      :; /  '��� Froni-Ciipt. F. I.oye, Police S.latum Xo.  5, 'Montreal:���'.';Ve "fie.pieiiily .ui-e l'Kitity  Davis' 1'Aix-Kini.Eit for ptiiim in the ntnin-  wh,  rlieiiMUitiMt, Xtljrtnw, frovt liUen,rhil-:  \})latn��,rerami>*, Hiiil, iill., ulllictioiis   vvliieli'-:  befall lhen iii our pnsiiion., ,1 have no liesi-  tatiiin.'iii' sayiii-' that I'.i iNrKn-i.E'i U tliea  bcfC.'remnhj t;i have ni'iir ;it hand.yy  ���  Used .liitiiriiHliy i��ii(l Exterimllj-. '".'  ;'i/ :���//��� TwoSizes^; KbrnnilnOc.; hot ties./'!:/ //.  British GoiiimDia Pottery Go; Ltd;  -:'yy-yr-'yyiyi:./- ���'   ._'" ���;';'-������ ^Tf,,ii,nT*T^..'"''"^ .' i.-y  '.'.���'; ���' i'~:'":''   '":',' manufacturers of"���...''���' ��� .,.������"." ".'iiy  i-y i&:"V'i'T'R.i'.rp'.i'te-p:;/*;. i'';.:'  :;;^AbTi'GLAZED;;/SEWE  .'":'   , .y/i:y '/i-ii'.',. v '-<,'���';.--. f<vXf kinds of".''.;  .,"'.; \'---:'-�� ''y''i' f\ .i'-  , feanitary /Pittingsy Agricultural   Draiii1 Tilo,   Flower Pots,  Terra .CottiaiiChimiie^^P  FiroyBri4ic,y; Pirey^b Goods,  Assayers' FuriiacesietC; made to.order.   "    ,    ii' r     y  :';    i  '#::;'���  Onjanie'ii^  Cementy/Plaster/of;-��� Paris, -Linw^y^tf^Ail^kinds of Ornamental  -:',^'^^'^--���V:i-'i.V-'i;:'.;i;;'i'rf-^y'i^iPlastisr'-.Worlc:' ^:i;::::;:''i.'/yiZ:r::i,':-":'."- ."'"X-.-'ii���i"''  m  ���:MMk��% GE'N'M' AlB MERG RANTS & W: '"'  Fort  -'ii-'- '��������� v'::"r3Vrw.VVX, iii yyV^Ji  PoH';;;St|ele;:i|i:--yi;-  Winderniere and ��^  Peterborough  ��������� ,.���.-,*! ���>''���������     ''���',.'���. ' -' :'��� ..? '::' ������-���'.'."'"���'.' '������ ������'... '������  ,;���;;'';   .-��� !time tablk.;��� i>: ',,'-:i  .JI'Ay.,:1s'l',/ li��02.y '"i;.'    "   ".;"v.i;.'/,-"; . ���'-.'  [jcuv'e: li'ort.-Steele cyei-y Sutiirday  niorning' iityi a.ui.' Arrive at Pete.i'-,  boroiiyh"���'Suiu'lay.'evening:.   . . ���'���'".'������'  Leave Petc'i'boi'buo*h, every AVediies-  day liiornihiyat si a.in. iAfrivo at/lcort  Steele,Thursday.evctiinc;.'';  '/  ... y'������'���  ;  For   Pa.ssen.oer; andi.Express   rates  app.iy-'.t-p ii.':;' ���;'/ '������; -i'ip..:.'/i'v ���:'.''���'.���;���.  .vyi;;i;.Geary,;&.^Doyle.. y.-i;,  ?/Fort Steele; and Peterborough1, i  Steele;  Sole-Alieiltsvfqr the  This ; Stkict: is giiaranteed; to be /equal/to/Jessop's/oryFirthsiTa^aU/.r^^  ;-:lyyi3-A;\iO:'']itic^  S(iM.E''AGENTS  ;i'.'''?;0SblJK:f!iAGENTS'  I  COMPANY  .,;'iy'/,i;Vi^',y';M.inin'g';:'Su^^^^  %ents;fdi'':tlieijMASSEYyiH  Monte  THE MOST  UP-TO-DATE  (fe  PLACE IN FORT STEELEi'.  Everything Cooked  "AS   VOU   LIKE .IT.  WM. ROBINSON,   Proprietor  ..'.it A  :   MINERAL. AOT.     '.  ;;,,,'; //(FoiiM r) .:"  (JKIl'I'lPlCA'l'K (Jk*' 1MI'ltQVK5IKN'TSP  NOTICE.  BUILDINGS. HEATED iiml VI'NTJ LATED I  ���    i        I      Wniti" \V:k|i.-. ( Ir.'initi'.   flvvinw  PlumhiiiK,   Pipe 'littivii-   and   all   was in imvn mi '.-'ridiiy  f       kinds of sanitary work  ftir Tight���Hot Blast Stoves ������  Hydraulic   and   Air   Pipes   for  Mines  SPECIAL  ATTENTION   l'AID   TO  JOB  WORK.  .'(.', M nil iw w.-i.' re pi (.'Si,'ii liiil''  MattlicU'-s. '.I'dwus ', ..*.' , I'd..  Mmiirdnl. was (Viit, St'-i'lc ; on  Thursday. .',���'���  Fred   IJazon   was   a  visitor at  Steele oil Thi-rMla.y.      '  ASSAYING  < '.   I'1.   N K 'IKH.SllN.'  l''i"--ri-:i:i!(iK(ii.i(.:.u, I!. C  II.K-ciisi.-d by I'i-i ii-11 ir In I Oi.vcriiiiK.iit..')  Cold ii ml silver. . $2M)  Silver anil lend. '......   2.(1(1  ..Cold, siilver ,-ind ('<i[i|n."r..... .     It.00  ' Cold, silver, lend and copper..  -LOO  Samples' left  with  Carlin ��fe Durick  will rue-"'ve prompt attention. ���  ; '.   Mornini;'  Star  .Mineral Claim.   '   ;  Siliuitu iii.tluvFoi-iSleeli! Miiiiiii; Division of  Kast Kooieiiaj*'. : .   .,,'.'���.        ,'������.  . Where lociiuoil:-0ii Wlillc Cl rouse Mouiiiaiii'  joining the Harris Group.".' ��� ,.':���'.���'  'Pake notice tluit I. Cinoii'i'- Mnttliews, for myself, iiml .nctliiif us ''Agent fur Aliel Swiinson.  li-ree Miner's C'ertilleiue No. IS. 50CW. ��� l-'ree  Miner's Certilicate No. Ii. SIKH I, iniciiil sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mill-'  lug liee-oriler for a'Certilli-aie of Iiiipi'oveireiits  for the 'purpose or olnnining a Crown Grant'  of tlie above cluim. '������  And fiii-lhcr tulie nntii-e that action, .under  section :t7, must lie coiiimt-nccd before the issuance of such C'ei-tillciuc of Improvements.  '.  jial'e'il this Ilrst dny'ol April. A. U.,'Iii02.    15���  GEARY   & DOYLE.    .  Livery, Feed ��Sc Sale Stable.  Koi'l, Steele 15.C,  lleij-iiliu'  Daily' Sta'-'e   meets  all  trains nl. Port Steele '.liinction.  SADDlilO��� -fc I'AOK   HOKSKS  IliAMINO OI-* Al.!. KINDS-A SI'HCIAI.T*!  NOTICE.  . I'arties rc<|niriiie- \valer from the  ��� irrijrtition dilcli for their eardeiis will  arrange with tlie uinlcrsie'iied   for   the  S.'UI'K.'.  Anil any person takiiie' water fioni  the ditch I without puriiiission will he  prosecuted. ���  HOI' VUKN.  LUM   KIN CO.  Lossi'i'-B.  Fort Steele. 1st May, 190i\  Mfeat Market  /FRESH   and   SALT   MEATS  ALWAYS   >!|  ,    ��'yy    'ON :HAND./i'':::'���'���'.if '*.,    :J  Fresh '.Halibut,- '.'"Salmon; Salmon, Trout., Bologna  Sausage;  Butter and Eggs.    Fish and Game; in Season. ������'    '/  JUST  Assorted Car of Best Brands of Flour  and ' Meals,  etc.  Flour, Patent Hungarian and Strong Baker. /  'Rolled Oats, Cracked Wheat. Wheatletts, ;  ���'" Cornmeal, Buckwheat Flour, Split Peas,���/'  Navy  Beans,   Li ma Beans, Pot Barley, etc  Bran     Chops     Shorts     Oats     Hay.  Fleetwood Tea. a.pure article imported direct from Ceylon  ��� try it once and you will use no other. i.  Fresh   Breakfast   Bacon,   Mains  and   Dry Salt Side Bacon.    J  Butter and Eggs. .���;-���"  POTATOES     nd   CARROTS  FIREWOOD ��� all lengths to suit all stoves.     y :  THE   FORT   STEELE  FLOUR and FEED STORE  E. C. MILLER, Proprietor POST OFFICE BOX 836.  ISF*   All goods,guaranteed and prices also as being correct.  Send in orders. '  VI


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