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The Prospector Jun 24, 1905

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 our > /gj  i?   hii-ini'--.      Anv   waii-ii   li-il  * jS/  ��   -A-itli    us    vvill ' ivci-iM'    thP �� V|  t 1UM-.1 .-.ii'i'fiil iittuiition. I .i'i."- .> w  ?  lit-m-c Ilii-. sliiti'iii.-ni.                ���+ /���  W.A^A/.*,^ iA*** * �����* * *��� *  ^. -  ���jj       Wiiti'h   llc]i:iirin��   i  ���vi   hu-iiii'���..      Anv   wal.-li   1H1  *  ���flr  | '"' il WILSON,JEWELER |  ���JW 28 1905  YY)  J..sJfl-    anthill:.'     I iv      'i.u'illiy. ���  <    < Illi   tlllj.' illl.i. .'.\JJ.  l-j-'I'i-.- ,i,"i- +  *' ,i' ;, nnr .ii-j.n-.il. I-  I     i i mm. optician !  ���* -i-  \/oi.  7 7.-  D1STRIGT   MINING NEWS.  CRANBROOK, 13. C, SATURDAY, JUNB 24, 1905.  No.  K2<y>.  Of Interest to -Those Engaged in  , the   Development of the  Mining Industry.  The output of .silver-lead from  Southeast Kootenay during the  present month will bo the largo.-,)  of.any month since .Ian   l^t.  Southeast Kootenay is rapidly  entering upon ii period ��' ftreat  mining activity and more pros-  peel ing and development is being  prosecuted than ever before in  the history of this district.  According to the best informed  mining men Southeast Kootenay  has itrthe St. Eugene and Sullivan the iwo largest silver-lead  producing mines in Canada.  Tho. only coal fields of r3riti-.li  Columbia being actually mined.  , for coal are tho*o of Vancouver  island and of the Crow's'Nest  Pass, and thesoseem .tobe more  than able to sjppl^^-l'iievvmarket  tit present available^yasviny-nei.ther.  held have the ni,ine$ been iible'vfo  work tho year ���'������thro.iigivyyvyith"a  force as groat as,coiil cB,b^^  emploved. ���> The^gross'/ambuut  of coal produced: yduringdl90-i  was 1.0hr>,G9H i^iig^.tons;y;an^:iiV;-  crease over lOOSyof .20|:7Sy,:ytbns:y  The liiiporial^Coal'y ancl Colce,  Company, opfira,��iug-''6iv:'Porcliiig:  river, is carryingdo'ndextensive  d q velop men I workQd -d, yd ddy iiiyyt  'ft is iiiinounco.cl!':.tlra.t.'dthed con-,  tract lor the St. ���Eugene--^lining  Company 'with ;'tbe^d4iSei.ter.dati;  A ntwerp. 1-Udgium,'i wi^  June 30'and afLei,dijhat^dat:;e!ythd;  ore eoncontratesywi 11 ; bedsbipped:;  to    ihe   smelterd va'ddT^  1 1,-    .. ,- (-������>  it '.,    . :^-.     'd     ,     \  Nelson. - The tonnagevfroiri'Hhe.  St: Eugene, togetherdvvithdpther:  Malcolm .Mclnnes and James  Fiuley. and other residents of  Cranbrook" arc interested, it, is  said that the deal now ponding  is to be a sixty day option for  inspection, then a cash payment,  iind that the payment vvill run into ;it least six ti��ure.->.  The property \> situated norlh  of Michel creek and condists of  five or six locations, which have  been partially developed, sulii-  cient to show up largo, bodies of  excellent coal.  HOLDUP at FERNIE  Three Hotels   And Grocery Store  Robbed No Clu3 to Perp:trators.  Coal Mines Payroll  The   following  isdhe  payroll  of the Urow's NesL Pass Coal Co.  for May, paid on   .Saturday hist.  Coal Creek .      .    SUl.O-L'.W  Michel     -1:5,07! i. HO  Carbonado' '   IS,l).'3I.0r..  .-..in i.ii io 'I'm  1'ki>-i> T.   o :.  Pernio . June 22.--A during  holdup w\i>-. perpetrated, on Wednesday   mornim,   at   Ihe   Pernio  in-  ih roe masked robbers  iibout   fifty dollars  silver-lead inines^of^^teyyKoote;  nays should be sufficient toy keep  the' smelters busydd : The'vS'td  Eugene vvill declareyavdividend  of 870.00(\ or,two ceiY'rs a,.;share,  ou July 1st.        'yA:'y...A'yy:iy':i'y:'iy:'-  It is reported vthat .there yis'ya  possibility of they Estella^.mjrie,;;  situated on Tracy creekj'; being-  bonded by ii Wes|;:.;Koot(|hay  syndicate. ,��� ���":���  ���"']'" -d   yyy  Sovorai promj.hent; -.'.; West  Kooteiiiiy in ini ng men vvere at  Windermere la^t week inspecting;  severtil mines, the^y returned: to,  Nelson on Sundayylasfv' ".'���.; .d'.:"d  The outlook ald'thQ^SuTlivaii  group of mines, ail' Kimberley,''  looks more promising thany ever.  'A .large' amount ofd'develop-  uieut worlc is now-going on'at  the North Star,'yMidnight, and  Stouiwiiider mines .situated^ on  Huckleberry Hill.' I yy A i  British  Columbia. Lead  Hotel  who -.ecurod  Of  in Ciish..  Al '-i-'-'iO ;> m, on Wodnesday  morninii- as Kil. llnyne-, the night  porter al the Hotel Fernie came  up from stoking Ihe hotel furnace.-, he unlocked llie bar room  in order to pass through. Turning to lock' the door he' was confronted, by a man with along  revolver who threatened"to blow  his  brains  out   if  he   uttered a  Tot^l   !?J-^.(T'3.0-J       Word.    At  the    same,time   two  Wedding Bells. more  men   came from   the   rear  One   of   those   event.-,    whici; cloor, leading from   the'lavatory  makes   the   world   brighter  ancl  and the vvatchmau was taken into  ,eve:nin^!iiinhe:todv^  wheniMrv:Ott(dWisner-and>Mrs? x'ifl^' :^aY-Alh^vYh�����v^lf --^ft  'Sara!VHiiviIP   wei'fe'>YmiS",;..'a ^bbetlyof; about;.$#,;, vvyas; then*  inairrUigW^ddThe'cereiiibhy-'dvas''^y  ,performld=by:Eevv J;' "P::^Vest,dwa  hiand pastor "of   the. vM6th6cli"t  hi. ving- rojDbed.tlxe,, (;ash register:  mnrc\Yofi^YYVfacYy.A  hunjb^rybf^rieridsdrtrriA-edf  alKparts of^tlie'-tdwn-i'aiidv&  brdok'' 'y- '"��� ':"'; ���:';f'd-sr:'-:':-.'d.; ... i.iyy"y::-.: hag into ���the''bard . yd.., y^y.y yy. y...,.-  Yp.ixim0f ������'.'��&8'��� "b'cWckdtile;--:;vn^evporte'r-ycutofl: from assist;;:  wedding iikiSK'w^s'pia^ed:v'and''^  :iny-arfevvdirnnStesn  ^|rSrdUie^iarged::dinii^  ;the Centralrhbfbfelea-ii1Kj?T6:-tf f9^YZ Manager Rookes;p| the,  dirnldb^Mrd^^^  >pbpuiarrproprietc^;of.f!l^ Ce^  ^he'd;w eddln g-v. cere ii i on y "S  ^^eivditne-Manv^vfrie^  'theudcbngr^tuJiitibiis^anii^^^^  ^lldv'gtitd^bvviiddoviva1' suifriitiibifsd! gpSSWY^�� ^: l^AJ-^^:<^y  will be conijileted this year.  During construction, iind upon  its completion, it will be of greal  benefit to Cranbrook.  Tho building of  1he' Koole  nay   Central,   north  and    south  through   the    Kootenay    valley  vvill  also  be   o'" groat   benefit to  Cranbrook.  Willi increased transportation  facilities for Southeast Kooienay. all indications point to  greater activity' in milling os  pic-rations, also large increase in  lumbering, all of which will enlarge fhe commercial and banking interest of Cranbrook-.  FERNIE VS. CRANBROOK  Football   at    Cranbrook     An  Exciting Game in Which  Fernie  Wins.  I'llko  %bftfr;;pterw  tiheir dway:;toy- thcdliidlivviiere-an idd':June'yi22y-ifA^fy ,ni^hty y.the:  enyfbyabled ti me ',yvas:dy; spent 'in yQiuonyBotehy King's  musicyahd;daricing ^iitil��the::wee. BlundeiVSygrb.ceryy.were"entered"  small.: libui^ofdhidnioruing. :^5he: .anddhe'tiijsyswept clean, v.There  tlihirig    rqoibd '';and'y -KalPywerej is appa.ri3n.tly vno clue'l:q.'''-'.tlie..per-:  beautifully . yyclecbratedy^br,, the | pe^rators   , of - ytuiy y ybl'.v: .'these'  occasion. .   The'ihanyd presents; iT.obber.i'es.;,- .yln^  the'case' of.'.tlie  reccived-showed the; high esteem,| H"ptel Ferine Hie,,ppvter was. tied  iti.. w'hicji' d the-, .ybrid'e  and groonii to a chair with towtdsaud. aprons  are, heldv y.. MidandiMrs./ Wisner and 'at -,' .the"', point; of  a revblveiv.  willv^take'dip ytheiryd-elideuce iid'ordereddtb'.keep quiet  Witi'dnerand all join in   wishing  them -many' 'years,' , of "'��� hapiiy  wedded life.:  -d        '���'���''������'. ���';���'-.'   .'"���,'������  Tennis at Granbrook;  Records of Interest;  The lead mined in'Ca.na;da. in  ll'Ul, 111,(UK) ions was about, twice  as much as in 'iOOf'.;-.'owing no  doubt, largely to the encouragement given by the bounty granted by tho Parliament of Canada  in l.Ki:;, of 7."i cents' per.10.0  ])ounds of lead contents itithe  ore smelted in Canada. There  is ii provision when the standard  price of pig lead.-in. London'exceeds V12. 10.-,., ])Or ton of _!,2--.l0  {lounds, the bounty shall be reduced by the amount, of such ex j  cess.  Tire. I'ollo'wing location Ay have  been' recorded at,; thp ygovern-  The:^.handicap-, for dt he; .yCran-' .uient, ottico Cranbrook during  brook; TennisyyyCl;ub ,, is 'y being, the. past'week." yd;... Yu. .-,,  played, this w'cek. and tlie results;' ,,, - ;���;;-.,s ���,-���-"<��� ���- -, "���'������,- y "���'���  so far. are as follows d" ;   ,d .   Arizona. .Dehith, Copper Queen-  'd,l^0B..S5L'Sc.sAM^  VN'ilnioi'.,d'.' ������'"��� a;'���'.. ���������';; .,; y . Kin'gymineral,claims, situated on  vd Mona'dSiiiyli's; Dicksoir vlioat Beiil.-,; .Grouse , Mountain,;. located by;  JVf'aHdM'; ln'1'i.Lv 'rfiukiiiim.    (Iniln'ii' beat. f'f-Jeo.  H. Foste:!'.   : '���'���"'.  CdOlliir. ;'     "'���. ..:���:'."'���' .  ,"      ' ���,- ���, -j-     _   ;    ��� i-i,.    '      ...   ���' ������ ������,������' ��� ' r'v   i '  -.,���-    ,,.,' i ���������'���   ������..������'�����������    , ;.       Last Chance located.'Oti.Fisher  -.���.'.Nlixcil Diiubles--rAliss'A,vii!t<tron},',.iii!(l. j     ,    "      ��� ,      . d  M.'.Oiircl iiuiit.-.\lr.s.'' HoskiiisyaiHidMr.. creek by R. L. T. C-albraitb...      ���  I'iiibien, vlociited. two   and   ohe-  Co.-k; ���'.; ,,.."; :.';..  .\Ieiis bo\tl.iliii!--->\lc.siii-s 'Pi'iikliiiin :u.vJ  J U'lilobi'iil.-Messrs'Co.'U iiiiii Nelson  Heard in the .'trovern'ment Offioe.  The, government has authorized'' fhed extension , of tlie St.  Mtiry'sfi'Vei', wagon road' along  the north: side of Sty 'Mary's  Lake,  , The Wil't Horse ���creel::, wagon  road, will receive' considerable attention' this fall.  .The roads   and  bridges south  of   Port  Steele   have been   ie ���  ���paired and are. now   in  exciJlen.  condition for travel.  Professor     Fowler. ..a,     we.  Practical iy 'all' the   lead ! known- 'milling,  expei'i.   of  No;  '' York' will, at   some   time iif th  .irook ".for   the    purpose-  o  ��� exporting several .inicing  oliiim''.M  isiiroduced by British Columbia j XDl w. v  l, ���-���'������,>/   -     r..- \i ���'���      ! coming,   ni.ontli   of     July     vist  and-  over "sixty ;/.. m   Southeast jCaiil       "     " '"  K'ooten.ay:  ,    ���.     rv    , ion CroiisiMiiouiitiiin.   ,  , A "Big Deal'.- j  '"������'   '" i-        i Will Shoot on July 1st.  One   of  the    most .important'  mining    deals'    that '-has   taken  place    in    Southeast    Koui.oiiay  during .the.  last twelve months  will  lie.   closed   inside   'of   thirf^'  days-      ���"'.''.  It is i-epfirl.ei.1 that D. C. Corbin has an option on a coal property,, north   of Michel, iiv-which   tlie match.  liail'  hiil.es  from   Yahk, Station,  by K. S. Williams,    '  d       ."  Mineral, Hill, located by Sadie  Farr'ell;' situated, on we.st side of  Lower Moyie.     ' ;'y   ' :,  Have,.'Coke' Contract.  It is reported in l^ernie, ' on  excellent authority I'roi'n Coleman  that the'"' coke' ovens. and the  mines which . supply lliem are  both closed doWfi. The reason  given,'is ���thiU;';i'con1;racti hits-Vice n  signed between-the (.'row's ! Nest-  Coal comi'iany and.. the ���< Irnn'by  suie'lter, by which 'the for.nier  vvill supply ;ili the coke that,Will  bo needed in tho smelter'.for Ihe  neat two years. :  1   LOCAL NEWS.  T., M.   Roberts,   was  iit  Wednesday on business.  II. C. Baker.   Toronto,   was in  town F rid ay.  Mr. iind Mrs. Wm Small, are at  Windermere this week.  Will Rollins, returned Tuesday  from an extended eastern visit.  ,. S,'A, Al. Foy, Calgary,.vvvusju  the city-Thursdayvyd , :d:'yyi =   iy A.  ;:.:JdAd;Green;'yCalgiirvd was :a;  .Cranbi'pok,iyisitbrypnd.Thnrsd:iy.,  '';; Thos.;.;Roberts ���and'v. J Taen-  ha:user:of FprtdSteele,d-werey'at  Cranbropl: ^Fridiiypiidbusiness;  .    .   '���   '"  '   :    '  Y '   '' ' ' ' ' .''''    r.    -/''-'���.  ' I '  " r,  ���v-dDalry butter in :"pouh'dy; bricks'  ahdytubs'i^c. ��� ������.-.'���..Creamery id .281 b:  bbxes28 cdti'tsi'at: GyTy^ogevsiy  ;;.';D;dClai'k,'n;ahdy.i, yHutchcrbft,:  Marysville,v 'were ; in. Cranbi'ook;  onvbusi'nessFriday.d v y^iJi '-ii. .-/yy y  ���d;-;I)V.Rti''^Res;;atia^  JBayardy were' ��� iildGra'ubrook'Voii:  busnnesSi:.I-dd;: ydy.y': idyd 'yy; y yyjy  iy '(Editor. Smy the Of y;tluSdM:byie";  ���Leadeiv is;a.td;Pbri;liin,dy.this-Vveek  tiikingvi^v:Uieiyfaii.:v;yd,:,y;:';^::-:-^  d. The; annual,, ;Cbi'pu3y',phrisfi  :.''f?el .(ibriiti on'^dva's' ���; h <��Xdy AyS d'i I^n'd  ���geiie'yMi ssi bn-'-lonv ]Tliii'rsd'a y: yy-iy-i  : y -Road; S ii pe r i n te; n de ritf D." -;M itcA  kiiy:::'di'byed"byor'; dfrdihdSteele''  Thursda^d-'^K-di^  A"'',G:ebr,vWlJsb;iiT, dAyiniiipe^repre;:  sentihg ��� Clark Bros ;&; Cpd'stav  tiohei'svwas^in town Thiirsday. ;;(  ���:;. .PA'- d'iy I Me A r thu'i'y'diind:'',V.I'. A -H.:,  Smith,v Sussex, ���:-:'N:.'.B;';: were at  Cranbrook '.Thursday,:., '':  -;':'-.  ., .  dR: .'Dewiir,':.caniby';. diiwii ;.'f rom.  the Mystery ini n'liig claim TTiiirs-  ciay. vHe.:was' iif 'the' government offices Friday oir business.  ' ;T i -y i h g to . ���; ��� l ��� u h:: a:, b 'u s i lie s s  \y.ifch'b;.it.adveyi'tisiitg.is' li���l:e trying  to run machinery, or burn a laiiip  :wifhout oil.        V       y   d ,'.''��� o d. ,���  ,,..]'. P.M.- Pinkhami, Vd ��� Hyde'  Baker-andsu]3eriut:endent;. Erick-  soii '���yi'sitcid.''. they St.,' 'Eugene  Mission Thursday,  dv, ..  :��� QeorgC'Rogers, ,a Slocan city-  tonsprial artist was in- Criihbropl:'  this Aveek.; He"������returned to Slp-i  canyFriday.y,..':   ..v'dd       i.y"<yy  : Mr: and Mrsd.Hbggarth drove  oyer' to Steeled Monday. ��� uThey  reppi't having, ii. very plciisaht  trip.' "  ���',"���,' ���������    d :      .;,,.' '.. ',.-    , ,-  i .!��� "McNeiC ' io.l't oil Pridays  traiiifor Rex'fbrii where he will  meet vMrs.yMcNeil.' and 'return  with her to.Cranbrook. �����    ���  ;  ���'..'Win. Car.-!in,  Fort  Steele., was-  at Perry,creek Wednesday. ���: He  returned  to    Cranbrook  Thursday.,       y-.      ;,,      ��� '��� .:   . ':���-,  .- ,d'''���  A Dancedind   Supiier   will be  given by tiie   proprietors  of The'  The match gain.; oi fonlbnll  J^ernie v.-.. Crauhrooi:. for u gold  medal was played on Friday  ailornoon and after an .'Xciiiiiii  aiid very fa.-.t game l'\-r;".ie won  by two uoaK to Cr;iiibr<;i*l: om-  How the tiame Was Played.  At iho los.s up Cranbrook won  and   kicked    oil':     tin   bail   wii-,  well returned fo Ihe   centre   and  some good pas-iuu up bv lln-Cran  brool: riirhl wingcarriod the play  lo   the   Fernie    uoal.    hero    the  l-'ernieilo^.   loll   winu   w;idod    in  and carri(rd tlie ball up   Hold do-  wards the Cranbrook" ��oal: -oine  pretty     passing     aniongst     the  Fernie forwards resulted   in   fhe  ball   being   headed   through the  posts   in   l.i c minute.--   from   the  kick u}V. ... Fei'iiie. lygdal.' ,y y,   ,.  -, 'vThisrdvorseset.tlui Crahbrbbs):;  forwards .''^���yrouyd , ih.oir:;,;.yv:ihetfii  and ���.'.'��� y ,t lie v ;��dbal i ,'';. 'travelled'  .upt.iiiid:^tkiwi1;'^ii'eiu,d;':.sain.e:.i.^  work byd'Ciiriladgyy ony one sid,e  and Scpfidind Giihiniond dn'dthe  btiieV/.'V.'i.Playing::.was; onliveiTed  byv'tlie.referee,, penaliziii'g,iCriut-  brpok^brjiifringcuhenfs.tlkit^bid::  nbtiriieetvyifh; fiiyoryof the cniwd  s'ey'erai. kicks,;int.Q-v- foi:icl;i took up;  sonietiined:'t:iie!i;'i;ysDii]'ey.ivigpi,(m  forwarcl: pi Ay y dby, y Cra n brook:' $���  right wmgy'tbok-the bailiJ-ight'-iip.,  to 7tlied-Fcrhie:v. gbal,-dixit; ,,t'he',.  chaiiyev 'wasdjbsfc :;by; 'Sjyimi'js,;iir-;  s tiai iii eh till i t;yv ,d;Co i:/y.ys'6 me : ,y:ti m oi  .theybiilldi-iiveleddiipda^  the field-tlie'backs'b'Tiv both: si'cles:  .,    - ��� ���. '������   'a .'��������� ���-  ���,' :.���-..,���     ..: *-���:��� ���'��� ���-.������������ ,' ,    ��� ., ..',;��� '  v.hi-6king':��dn^  vliiliiitdion: invthisvpla'yAttie,,.back's  ,'p n't vi h. so rri e,;vv p il: .-o n -lip i I id s ides.;  .'Gotn e rsv;i n d d ree' rki'c. ks' pec ui: r. ed'  here,; the :refe;ree;.s',:d(i(usion riot.:  findingd favor; v 'dForhie's ; ;lefty  wiiig'eiiVlangercd-fhe; Cranbrook  goal but Scott '."a h'd ' ..'C-.r.ii union d.  bi'okedup.fhp com hi nation,; y sonic'  srioit'.' passing :-ensued:."but. tlie  .bifeks.oii.both sides were on the  spot C rimluohd.,rush ypliic.ing tiie,  ball into his 'right wing- who rain.  the bill 1 down and: centered very  uicel'v, tiny kief. at. goii-l being  too:high and a good chance. ,dya;.s  lost. A corner fb*Cra'nbroolc.'iiiKl  then Stewart /and y. Rush ton  caused Bivsho]"\i. ..someyuneasinoss'  until he 'got;di,n".dii(j olvIris "Icicles  and transferred',,'play ���'.���to'^ceh"t:ej:v  Mbie -free .liicksd aroused.dfhe  sarcasm . , of ".'��� {(lie ���:.'crowel i.'the  referees' y ahtecodont's receiving  attention. 'Score d^Foriiied' ,',1.  Cranbrook  1. '':  Deciding to���ptliiy another   half  hour  play of, 'corner, was-'much  quieter, but  the  betterv coin bin-,  ation of the Fernie team" served,  them in gooti stead Cordon;keeping his men well..supplied   .  unfortunate   fracas ��������� 'ihiirre'c  ]ieace   of. the''  c.o mm unify."  when   play Was.  rosui'ned  y,��    . . ...  Forme ..loft'.whig,  attacked-  the liiinl'oi Ij'i-I'io��� lociilly. but  the- milhinu. arc very i opeJul oi  ;i irood -.'iinmor.  Opi'i.U.on- at loiit'ini: camps  ;ii Sicookiim Chuclc, Wolf and  Sheoji' croi'k^ cbiiliuwe. and a  large nuinb-'r o! -,i\v lui;-- have  boon put iirio tin- K'oolenay river.  The biir mill <u iho Crowd  Xesi Liiiiibcr Co al Wardner  vva- clo-'eil down ihi-s week. To  enable the eoiiipiinv io put all  their iuailable An oe at work in  -.eeuriuii 1 ho eis/lil inilhbn feet  of loir-s that sire, now commiT  down 11n- Knotenay.  The   md!-.   in   the   vicinity   of  Craiibroule iire all'in   active   cji-  er.it'ioii.    iind      a      con.-ideriible  iinioiinl     of     luinber     is   being"  -hip] ied.  THE KOOTENAY CENTRAL ���    ���  Will Offmmence  Operation  Inside  of Ten Days  v  TheidKeoteitayv,vCetiti;a 1 dRiiil-r:  ���'\ya;y .vC:!oiii|)anydjiitK:y:afe, li'dsl- .ai-it:d  lioii need ,i is:��� iii t:eh;1 ieii i-oga;rd,i hgy-  ,itsycbnStructioii.d',Craili'rig .wil 1A  ���commence; iusideypiVtoiieiays,;y-y'y'  d'"Md: C.: Hungerfoi;d; .'.Ppl'lon,;'- ony"'''  ;W?cd nesday, ;i.'j3:tUi/ned- ,f roin. Klbii A  ��� treal,:' ;.In' ..cbnv'edsatioii^wiyt;, ,ii  :represeiifitiyeof the.;P;rp.spoc:tor,;  MriijPpllcn siiid^diAlllhe -lie'ces-y  sary .: - ]:ircpar;itio,ii-;i;: have; .ubwy;  ibeeii Gonrpleted fbi-vihe i,mm.bdi-vv  iiiedcbhiinenejbmehd 'bf-y,worfc;pii V  tii e'-Kbotonay'..Central.   ."Asyspony;  as the su' vyetvip 1 aitsvyare .viivailvvy  aided dvhkdt'will ,bb,insidevPf:twii'^  prdhr^ydaysdy-^iiij^  Jetfpivg.i'adiug.yy'.W^i'kyw^  riifiriceyb.n.���;theCcilxien'end; oty.thed  ���liii6daud.;wi 1 hbe ;,p.iisbed;a's''ra,pid-���-���;'..  ly;;as;,pbssi:bi.(;d';a.;,..;.:;d/;'vd:;''-d^ YiY'-i-  -M i  vlrVilleud: stilted y;yvtliiit -. 'the.:  >roiidrrrW-ould'vbe;c()iistruct-;)ddbyjflio:r  lvbi-ifeifiiy  Centt'iifdRailway '"Co.;.;  andv thai' the; Canadian: v- Paciiic"  won Id li a ye ������. notlyi i ivg:. tb';: d o' '.\y. i il i.;.  .���it-.s':c6i;isiTiict-ibn.;''',v-;-d-.-- ,- 'd-d',;,;d'; ��� ' '  y ;Foliovyiiig '-l-l'Mi: construction of-  thi'dvobhiiiay. Cent rai, tlieredyill; '  ,1'ie ii'sloady,'increase:.'''iii 11 ie ]u>|i-  u hi tion'of the' Kootenay '<valley., '  y' yC ran brook,   as well :ras: every  btlioi- tbwiiviii Soiiflieast   Ivoo'io-'���'  nay will, b;e benefitted iiy its crjii-  sfruction.'    "New'     jveOple-     \v i 11   ,  coiiie into fiiedistrlctiuid go.uer-  a.1, pi"ospe'rity::wllld;be enjoyed by ,  lill.    T'h(.; ruining..canvas wi", bx-. '.  pand  i'i:icl -iihpro-Ve '-in   koopiiigd  with, -the ���rlevelopment'of': mini's';  and the! demands of, irood ti .fries;���' d  ,- y-y I  R. ,L: McBride' of 'Nelson, .was  ;in tbvv.h'Friday.'..".'';���-������.->.���'���  .lames...Ryan., moved iutolii.-  iiew residence: on Baker Hill  Saturday .last..- ��� ��. ..-."'  ... A. .S. Cndihey.  liihosfail Albt..  Wiis'iii'tovvn on  business   Thurs-  ^iiy-.-" ���"   '..,;'.-���'        .:  ��� ,.'���  .    ,,-' -,G- H. Webster'u'fdhe .C'aig.'ii'y  Al1 j Cattle Co. Calgary., was a,. Cr;iji-  t-'10! brook visitor Fridav.,      ;  but!  i  Falls View Hotel at -Marysvi  on    Fridiiy ..lune   ;-!().  .everybody is. invited;. ,  '���(J. Howoll, au'.old" lime   pros-  pec'for iii thi.< district  arrived a!  Cranbrook' 'I.Tinrsday uii his v\;;iy  to Tracy creek.       iV,j.r. H'ow'e'11 is j  S| ye;irs   of   :igo, 'and, last, year  rnn'.a i!0 foot tunnel oh iii.-. prpp  t'i'fy. '.' ��� y '���"��� i  '   i '       ..'..':.  Dr., Pi.^hop iind Cd P.. .Iiu-l.^iin.1'  'L'JC| Marysvillo. we're-at ���CruiibrOok .  t lie i Fridiiy :on iiii>iness. ������'>���' l  1   ���    ��� ,i '''���.'"' ��� ...  Cranbrook -goal   and ..scored tlie]     Some lifty.,Fi'M-moiies ;iiti.iid.��d'  to wli-ich ! '.winning jioind     i.'oo'd   play   rjiii.'.] the.   fool hall  ���mai.eh    on    Fridav:  iift.eriioo'u.    ���   '   ' ,',��������� '  T.  Id.C'.-iviu. -was   ill -.Spokane' ���  .liiiic'tioii   Miiiidav,     Mr.     Ciivoii '"'  A.  ilii'O  A.   Devlin  The, Fort, Steele. Rille Assoc in,-'  tion intend holding ;i, match for  l')ii/.es, (id the lirsi of duly.  ���There, vvill be a. half dozen  prizes, and nil the .momborsiiro  requested to attend.' 'They-are' \V;i  lOinindod that tlie' annual fee of  si. 00 must be pa.id before (hoy j  will be allowed to .'participate in !  Railway   Rumbles.  to  All    indication   now     pom  unprecedented 'activity   in    rni 1 -  y co'iisl.ruc.ti.ini this summer iu  ���Southo.asi   Kotiii'iiiiy.,  The     Spokane.    .Inkvrnalioiial  railway is now   being   builL. 'and  Senator  ?��nd   W.   .1.     Id-mgley.   rotu mod "���  from   Marysville   Wednesday.  'They" wo.ro very much im-.  pressed with tho 'woi kings of  the new smelter anil pronounce  it equal to an.yi hing in the States.  Tin' Nelson Daily -.News.i.s receiving ;i liliiiiher of .wireless aud  grapevine messages from, the  coast, saying'.that. .a. provincial  election vvill lake phice I his sum, ���  Trior: Kdilnr Dean is tuj.'w at. Ihe  coast milking arrangement for a  .still further supply of wireless  soil hing.--  t a tors; .will testify.  '   The Line-Up;  i 'i :.\ nisi ten) k ' d  very <i uiet. ensued from, now, till j  timo was, called ��� k-aviiig   Fornio  winners   of:���an   excellent   game,  but. thai thev vvere.tlio I'orlunal ,'��� ff ''V'1' ���"l";'Valio...s. ....   ids   new.  ',..,.���' ���   ,      ,   d ; I hotel illV that  pliiee, .: V  ones iind in lt real luck ine -speed .  !       Messrs' (Jhene! Ie A"    Ni-ii,    pro-  ,     ��� I priolorsyof ,1 ho Ival is \'\o w I loti'l,  ivv.il I giv'.-a da nee i ,ii Fridav JuiiiT  ���I'l'lKN 11-'.| :'ni h io,which iho.y.extend ,-in in-  vital'r.u'i   In   al I   their ("na'nliroolj  i'rioiid.--. ,." '  1 .'eitl .V ( 'o's "new si ore on  I '.a ker .-I feel i> r;i | n. I Iy ;ij e  I tri lacliiiiL'' .������iilii | del io.n. ��� S\'h.'ii  liually coiupletcd    ii   -vv il I   he on'e  nf.the   kll'L't'.-l     iilld     li||.r>l     -lores  in the h''.ni!eii;iy^.  .i'.. Is. .'Simpson i-rditor ;ind ,i.ian-  a u'e'r oi ihe I lera Id, ret u'riied. I o  i 'ritidu'i ii,il:, Friday. Whi lo.avv ay  Mr. Siinpsoii vv;i.i e|e<u..d Depuiy'  (d'iin'd Masiyro!' the H.i.d (iraioi  Lodge of 'tho I mii'i H'liden t (Jrder  r.isiin|i  . ������'"..  nil.'  ���riiiicia'i-:  i ii'iiiuiiiiiiii  .   I'ull-  .;..���'!:.'  Spii-i-'j j  Sriill  1 'iii-ij,,.i:...' '  W.inli'iilt,'.-,  :   ll.'ilf-  iii.'i;-,  Nm-ri- i  SI ii .-I;  ��� ,-.  ..I!i'inl.'i-.(iii \  Sliiiii.liliii  *  i .i.i'niiin j  1 iiilil'.viu  Im.i'i-  ���;i nl--  Si tililii'l-l   |  |)i.'r|<  ,\!,.ll|-.'.'  i  M.-l .iiri-'ii  .1.  Si.'-.v'.'i'l 1  'riii-'iiin|ii  i r.N'.'ii  T. Si"w ..]i-l j  lin-liti.ii i  hi The Logging (lamps.  Mill men a re, hopeful of a irood  Summer Act ive operiil iou> will  >iHm commence.  here is  verv   little   doing  iiiiol'Udd  l-Vllov'vs. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B C, JUNEd!-i,"190?;'"/.  o  WlH'iid:it';coiii(.'s''��t(d;; Flour. - ;:r:liUts':tl;H'dvv;iA'yW(-'.tliiiik  ihat> i the "vw;iy ,y w(':aivt.dt[iats 'th<y iTas<>n, Ogil vies iRoyal  Household F1 o u r i sin c oni pa Va b K- ���;������ A1! - Sa tis f v i n g  The 1WJiitest,dIJ^lites^  ILSTAIIUSIIKU     lSli.-i. .-.,  ,y;:.y7\.. B. Grcicie:,  i'l-nusiiKR   AN'ti   Korroud  GI> It e ffltq&pcKio ic  day's issue stilted that McBride  has'iid present intention of appealing to the'country, also that  Mr. Ale Bridenever does know a  good1 thin" even .when it is held  up to him. ���,'., 'A,'' ���;,��� ''.. .:''.'.;  ' As jiliglif 'be d'Xiiecfe'd,;: the  Daily   News   is daily engaged in  SATtIKD'AY.'.l|rNf:dd-.!!)U--��.;;   ''Jf^Y^y hb'Typol it icilislorios ill  i t.s, II |ijiei;, si ope.' A in I "'vv e won 1(1  iii ed to ; enquire1 when' Hie. Daily  iniiso oyer did have a gVid'd't.'hiJtij^'.'  politically, to efl'or tod-ither tin;  id-it. or Conservative party.d It  shoiihl apj,K'ar iii'ilsdi'ii(dc(>lpi-s;  a radical Socialist '.organ'1.   ���';. !i  ATO'lT tlio progress , of  . .C'riiiiliroolcv tlio '.capital  of. lOa's.'i Kootenay: lho ..center of;,  ii grc'iif" mining/and   agricultural''  disi'ricid!-.;;;,; .' ��� -,.-'������;;;.: ���'���"���: d  We Sell  :'Tliey,ohly   yelectioiii that,'will  lake   pliiee   this r,snViiiiiiT' is'  the  v .\ x 4- Y. a ltd. 'k'r. \ i ��� L i,;: -tyk (iYSYu. Yy- , Y^ Y'AYK" K;']d! v' ,v Y  :A(3ra^  For sixd|oiig,-.an'd. weary .-years'  th('���;,: i'ii'oi'iiOio.rs ,of. the Kobleuiiy  C'on i'rii'l,'; idii I vy":.i vy. .have-   labored  I fcM-yt'lic.o.piistia"if',i"ii��nl of, this '1 ni- j Albei ni   by eleciion,   and    it is a  pdiliiiiL artery :<d' .d'nn'spiirui-tioii, '..foi erotic conclusion ihal   a   gov  aiid.: .who. '���'wiiknow. roapdho i:0 -Jeniiueiil   supporter   �� ill   he   re  j vviii'd.' .old'Tliei'V   perseveri'iiee, .byjivu'iied  dhedia.-i'bai'-iinild iihin.uUiito   '-on-dd '  I mViii:r.iii'nT'or'fi'i'iw:;f 1 n'iicii;in 1.1 ii''/:11.-1.vi-'!    '"'^"'    llf1��-''  "��"   Common- is  itoihoTlovehqiiudn't dCXori I'i and ! likr :1 ,��"lI",,l��  <'<'il<b'on"  says the  DSbnihiNWlvd^^ U'"ly   Nt'ws'     1Vl'hill>*  .,.,,,. :..���'.'.   .;,,., -     dljh11' i-   Ihe cio;ison   for so many  ���^i-AM>i^u::r.i^\v-il!->-*i^^i R:i4v^-.or--i>pi->ai:' 'UiUl ��"  ,ht'  Ml,,litnl',il S<'1'001  :"(f nin:i;tvdi> sj'vVr/' YYnj ii'Sotr! honsid ^''M IOM-   '  dy.lv'ootoii'ayv'd';;-.-''- -'���'��� "-dyd.;. -. y 'yy" '"'  ��� ItCRANBROOl  '   *! HOTEL ��=  $ o  MGuests Comfort a Specialty    Good Stabling in Connection ft}  I  1  Noiirest lo.riiilrond depot.     Has accommodations     for     the     public     unequalled    iu  Cranbrook*.  8  Pa ��� m  HOGGARTH & ROLLINS     f>\  M Hot and Cold Baths    "       " Proprietors^  dididididididididididididi^didididididididididi.dididi  ���zy//////atm  m insure, you  BBS8S<S&S��y>  di  ���41).  Against any Accident and any kind of ifc  ijf Sickness absolutely no restrictions i>ivin���� ^  ^ vou $10 a week in case of either for  r]  "yy'LY., i' y"'"'Y,'' . = : I-Beware of Ointmejits lor Catarrh  ^&^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^;'^';" that Contain Mercury  ���" ,.[\;}   '       "���-���'���(' ���' d'dd ���:���':'.      "   ���>. .''���'"    ^i', ;d, ';d.,,',;is   iiun-iirv    will   .-urelv   ilc-lrov   ihe  y-??^SWl^.''I ^yr-1^"*.?'^" **f-'^-U-;V"t?.'":I.1..^?- ,.*--r-^;,^.I-1 j-^-.'l;^;, SS?:-i.Hi-*��-o   (.I' -mrll    mid    ������'iHiiul-.-luly    cIh-  ' ,'^/y.i 'nr'alio, adil-tiir'A'-ai'ii alfai;'i.';oed ii|i;fi-anm' tin- whole ;.ysieiii when isntei'injr  i!\\Myy ���''���' '1 ���'���'--- -i-������������'��� :''.,.';;",'���:..:.:,,,. j i t.-.:l li i-t ��;* ti li Uie mucous mii'Iihvs. Kuril  ��� d^ddtin,^ never'IK' us,.<l exi-upt oil  i// ������;���;. ������'���-'     -'���.': y. ....... y.y ...   :../,y .....'.. y,:. . ...y.y   j ill li i'oas;h ilir inurous iiirku-i.!-.      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TCootmuiy,-!^  ,CVn 11 liriii.iC,   li.'O ���  ,   VV Hole fs fife   jsntM^cliii! ^S  eat jVlerchants ��  to do .witli theyfool biidis'A,-''-;,'iG rit  Papers"-who.:0:fhinlc. 'fhiiivdevery  piece of political wire, is'irvvorniv  '���'d-dv ..'''-, ,.������"'���' ���}'':'':',������ :"��� d,:  Unless ;ili signs fail Crnnbrook  wi11 ,dlinng: the comingt;suminer  aft rit'ct- .'attention r'fi'piri. aliaive r  L'iiimdu.' This is" no idle,sl,:.i.te:  menl'.i ,rriio mineral resources of.  the dislrict .tributary -to Ci'a.n-'  bi-oolc are;, oven now, subject to  coniinent, in ^i.li niiniiig ceiifi;es,  and tlip commonly isyi 11..every���in:"  sf.'ince favorliblod   vd       . ..  .    r V '��� i- ���    ���".'������ *   '*'*'.. .������'   ,; .  , 'ft is coi'iiiinly gialifyiiig to  .mile the increased-" aclivity ,���in  milling in this,section.    There-is  less' t.allc of wluit 'dvo jiropose to  dov and riiore la lie of what has  'been''done in fhe.vviiy' of sub-  siiiiifiai worUd     \.  ..' ' ���'", " ������'������;','��� ���'���'��� '������ '������'.: ���'���' '  ddl.u ail mention. ' of mines of  Bbutl'ieast- Kootenay ,-in'- . the  Ciisteni pa.|)ei'S the uiiine of;the  Craiibroolc Prospector iilvviiys  iippoiirs. rJ,his is as it should bo.  Tlio -govern uiioni 'offices are here,  in fact Craiibroolc is iho. natural  centre of this, district. ' ���'  :������#,���','  ���'Thomas Taylor, \I. L'. A. Uevei-  st.olce. and VV. li. Uoss, M.-.L. A.  l��,or,ido, were in.tow'n hist week'.  A y' largo number of,our ������(irit",  friends, immediately 'caught on  fo, the -idea, flint ad provincial  election .'was. 'in' sight..' Messrs  Taylor'���' and ivoss" visit, to ,('rnn-  broolc " has 110 politiciil sij.Miili-  eance. 'f'aylor was hero on  private business, and K'oss was  hero'in see his friend Taylor and  WoW'ullie 11 i 111 lo Uii' inel'l-opiilis  of Soul heasf h'oiilonay.  tdl.-cii iiuoi-nall.v, aiiliny ilh'i'rt.fy upon  rlio hlood and inuroun -ui'lacc-. ot the  .sysri'in. In lmyiii�� Midi's C'litiua-h  Ciiro he sure you ^ot tin; jiemiine. Il  is taken intoi'iially ami Hindi; in Toledo.  "THuo,   hy   l'\   .1.  '('huiioy A: Co.    Testi-  'iiiouial-. live. ���       ���    .  ,i; Sold hy Oi-a;j-ni-ls, 7.">r per bottle.  'yT.ike   Hull'-   family   I'ill-   for   ron-  si.ipation.  ��Thc Illinois Central  ��� ,c ���  jjdMiiinliiiii!- uniiXi'tdlod srt'vice from  tho vvl'.-i. to tho rasi and -outh. Making  close eonneotion* with trains of all  li'iiiiM'Oiitinrnial line-. ])iis-i;ni;i!t'.- arc  given their choice of rouics to (.,'hicajjo  .lji'tiuinvillo. .Moiii[.lii- anil X1.1v Orlcan-..  iii ul iliniiii'li tho-i' point.- to tlie lur cast  yt'ni-.pi'.'.tivL'it ravclei's desiring   infor-  ���iniuioii a-to tliu lovvi..-.t niil'- and  host  doute- lire   invited   to  roiTL'spoiuh-Micc  uvitl) thi; lollowinj; l-t;prc-L'iUnt ives.   .  .���..'-'I.?. II. TKLwrucu.. Commoi'ci.il Ayoni  <;;      1 l'_> Third St... I'ortland. Oroiron.  .!.-;���. LlN'OSKY. T. F. \ P.A.       ,      '  I r_> Third St.. l'oi-tlui'.il. Oregon  P. I!. Thompson, lv. X-M'.A.. I loom l  (-'' .  (dfilnuin lildii.. Souiile. Wash.  Professional.  d ; HARVEY & ��� McCARTER  *  IS  TC  "HUTCH'  General Ae-ent for f  di  ���������  T    4i  ���I-  ������*���  **��  4  Cranbrook, U.C  di  East Kootcnav:- :j:  BARRISTERS AND  SOLICITORS  A. Mel lor d��**.i��  General Merchandise  ATTENTTON PROSPECTORS AN�� MTXISRS.���Tl -is not  necessary to' I'reiirhl your supplies twenty miles, when you e:iu  purchase tho same p-oods. nt the same prieo. :if   MELUOUS.  Mitiot'.i fiiiinj;' to all points, via Si. Mnrys river will Iind il a   lai'iie   saving  and ronvrniohi'O to p'rociuv -aipplie- from  General  Outfitter  /Vlarysville,   B.C.  fl. Meilor  I  ;SSS9��94��rSS^S��-9S9S9��-9��9J^S��S9SA��9��?��9��9��9SSSSS9��9����S9  I  \   FALLS VIEW HOTEL   |  J CHENETTE & NEAL Proprietors  ���3^    Marysville^   B-C  I  I'KANIllitlOK.  I1.C.  W.  R. GURD  Barrister  Solicilor, Elc.  Grdlllll'OOk -    -   I'ritish Columbia  ���^ I )c;ilci-s in  ��     Live Stock  ���   The Nelson    Diiily; News, in,;i  recent issue stiilted tliiif :i. ,i;ener-  ,\ I'M 11". .:,     .1 e,i !   (    1 )|d   St 1 i|-.lL;e -  ^    . ' '-  ": ^^'y^'Y- A hcrta     ||i  ,  11I.uvill(,ial (;l(!Ction would be  . C. H. DUNBAR  iiakkistki:. sobrcn'oi:  ;   nnd   NOTAKV   I'UI'.LIC.  Ci'iinlirook.   B.C.  G. ti.  Thompson  ~S>i   ii.viiKis'i'Kn .v. siii.ici'i'ou  "yyy^ notaky ithmi'  OFFICE    LEASK    BUILDING  (..Yliiihrooli.   W.C.  TII OM A S    McVTTTIB  P��.L.S.   c^  CE,  Port Steele B.C.  j DR". .!���:. W. CONNOLLY'f  I  '   Phusician i>��(i Surgeon      ?  T     OI'I'IOI': AKiMS'l'KONli   AV'I'd J  i   lli'uiKs:    '.1 1,0 II ii.in.   l! toil p.m.   i  i 7 to s |i.ui. , ���  4    I  li.me ( lllire l()."i       1 tcsiduiii'.'  Kill   f  ������ ���  R. 'E.   KING /  -si..:    DENTIST  '/ '  < U''l'.'IOK   llolJKS:     '.''lo IL' II.Ill  '1 lo (! p.m.  7 lo x p.m.  o i''i'' 1 oi.; and Kksiuknik  Armstrong Ave.    Cranbrook  1  S The   largest   mid   best eipiipped hotel in the St. Marys'    j|5  $   valley. COMMODIOUS SA'M'PLE  ROOMS. $  Cosy ancl  Com Portable Rooms  Headquarters For  Mining Men  Royal Hotel  Marysville, B.C.  FRANK ANGERE. Manager  The above hotel has been recently creeled, and neatly furnished Ihrouu'hout. The I5;��r is supplied with the best brands of  Liquors and Cigars  di.dtididididididididi.did.ididididi.dlkdididididididi ���  ���^^���?ijr'^T'^^?tT?��T'?��T^TV-<^r'?j'?V VVVWVWW  �����*  f NORTH   STAR  =_ HOTEL I  **i  ^  Kimberley,   B. C  ������  '�����  di  V  di  �������  *!���  �������������  d��  �����.���.�����  f    H. W. DREW. Proprietor.  dii&.di.d& didididididididlididi dididirdidiifiididididi  I  Post Office  Store  The largest (icneral Store iii '.Marysville, where' miners  can lie 'supplied with anything tluy w;int ;if ;ill tiniesnt  Cranbrook prices.  Groceries.   Hardware-,  Clothing/   Stationery  E.Y). CLAYTON THE PttOSPECTOR, URANftJiOoK', B. C, JUNE -21. 190.',.  A \  DON'T   FORGET  mono iii  E. H. SMALL, Manager  ROYAL  HOTEL.  f c  i ��� /">  THE OLD RELIABLE NEVER'CHANGED HANDS  ' i 0 i  Van   always   on    hand    to  welcome guests. o  L. B. VanDecar, Prop.  F. E. Hauisey of Vancouver  vv;i s doin^r business at. Cranbrook  Tuesdfiv.  The ������only" H. O'Connor.  Wiimipeg-.'C.P.R. lire inspector  was al Cranbrook on , official  business Mondu.y.  BABY'S  OWN    SOAP  NTo other   Soao   w  jusl  ns   tfood    031  ALBERT TOILET SOAP  CO , P��frs. MONTREAL.  THE MASTER MECHANIC';* H"J 'I \li so\.i*  ti< .iN ami -oil* n^ Ilw ������liin, w lull- |ij(Miiiii'b> ��Ji iiimnj' it  ol ^n h-^v oil.i ru-t, * ii. Inv.ilii ibh- ii>( im i li inn -t,  J. i iim i ���< -.jh i i-mi'ii I'ree s niipli on it*i ( ij.r ����i "u lo-r  |j(.-in;��<- 9 VILli L 'IuiJlL buuj> Cu , illis   il unlit uL -��  rrhe' splendid adverli-duiir patronage given the Cranbrook  Prosjiector provosthnl times are  good in Cranbrook.  N. Hanson, of Wasa. was in  town Tuesday Mr. Hanson  say- that the new hotel at Wasa  is now completed and open for  business.  Prospectors iind Miner* will  save lime and money by having  their watches repaired ill \V. P.  Tate it Son���practical wntch,-  niakers.  ,  SATURDAY, JUNK 2-1. l'JO'i  J<1  ���  LOCAL NEWS.  Patterson,      Minneapolis,  was al Cranbrook Monday,  . F. W. Burpee, Vancouver, was  in the city Monday. . '  1*y*?^Y4^^yjrM!2<&c^ ^^^i^dc^'>c#^:>^^  ifc  ARMSTRONG  'AVENUE  Newest designs in  D  \n i it.  i i  aoers  �������;$.-  Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From  ' i- 1 '  '��� f  J V  Painting, Decorating *  , ���., and Sign "Work  P.O. BOX-  PHONE  11  .ft  ;���?  r''  &���  v.  ,0  I  Dave'Newell. Port Steele, was  in town Friday on business. ',  Imported and   Domestic ci��;irs  at, Might on & Kelsall's  the farmer, and everybody else  KveryUiing   men wear, every  thmu'bbv.-. wear at Hill tt Co.  A. W. McVittie, P.L.S. was in  town Tuesday. Mr. McVittie is  at present engaged in surveying  reclamation lands in the vicinity  of Kitchener.  The young men of Cranbrook  have formed an intermediate  Lacrosse team, and intend to  challenge, and wallop Pernie  and other local loams.  The '���chicken thief" is again  doing business around Cranbrook  He will surely get a six months  vacation iind reside at the government hotel at  caught.  Nol,-.on,    if  Government Agent Armstrong  was at Michel Monday on official  business.  lid ward Sproule of Marysville  has been appointed lo be a  ."lustice of the Peace.  ^>2*Q9C^^^3eC^<^^^ ^���^���^/^^pC^^^cC^.  ������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  FORT "STEELE  BREWING CO,, LTD,  FERNIE, B.C.  MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of EXTRA   PINE  BEER  f  PORTER  SOLD  BY  THE  BARREL, KEG OR   BOTTLED  Bottled beer for family  use a specialty  Outside   Orders  GIVEN STRICT  AND PROMPT ATTENTION  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  d; P. O. BOX 812      h  <\       TELEPHONE   NO. 1       $S  Fort   Steele  Brewing Co., Lvtd.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  Lee Manstield of the North  Star mill, was iif town Tuesday  on business.  Harris ' Bros moved into their  now and commodious quarters  on'Armstrong avo. on Monday.   '  .1. S. Carter, district passenger  agent, returned to Nelson Saturday last from a week's trip  along the Crow's Nest line.    ���  The :illh annual communication' of the M. W. iiTund lodge  A.( F. and A. M. of British' Columbia, opened in the Masonic  Temple in New Westminister  Thursday morning at. 10. a. in.  HORSE   LOST  Uuy Mart! Iiriuid C with ���* in-idc over  loft hi]) tliri'c yrar- old und broke.  \\*oij>ht iiljout.' 12UU lb-, white siar in  Corel)oiuI. I tewiird. apply'tu Tro-pee-  toi- olliee or Ui    , '   ' .  SAM  CADL'IX.      "  Sheep Creek.  igFiirnac  Don t  Shovel  Ashes  Not o;ie make of furnace in twenty is- supplied with an  ash-pan.      ' ,: ,  Without an ash-pun the allies must he dun died into  a pail or some other receptacle for rcmov ,i! means dust  in the eyes, ruined clothes, extra work ; :i dirty disagreeable  jbh���the meanest part of furnace 'lending.  The Sunshine Furnace has an ash-pan winch caches  all the ashes, ancl slides in and out. easily. Has Iwo handles  for earrying.     \To shovelling, sweeping or dirt.  Thi- is only one of a. dozen good features po-.-.rx-.cd  by the Sunshine Furnace, none of which are found on  any other furnace.    .  MXIaryS  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.  Patmore Bros Sole Agents  SIMPLE  STRONG  T. T.' McVittie, Port, Steele,  was at Cranbrook Saturday last.  Mr. Mc-Viltie'was accompanied  by Mrs. McVittie.  lrYoquent .showers are keeping  vegetation of all kinds growing  rapidly, and lho crop prospect  is still everything that could be  desired.  E. C. Miller, Fort Steele, is  agent for McCormick Harvesting Machinery. ��� Those wanting  mowers, rakes or repairs will be  supplied on application.  ' The Illinois Central  .Maintain.- unexcelled serviee I rom  the vvosi to Lho eii-L and -oath. .Mukino  close connections with trains of 'all  transconLinoiual linc.s, jin'&aoiiirei's are  ��iven their ehoice of ronies to Cliieuuo.  L(jui<villi'.-.Mi,ni|)hi- and New Orlemi-.  nnd throuH'h tlie-e jioints to the ItireiisL  Prospective traveler- de-irini! inlor-  iiiation as lo llie'lowest rate.- and hc-i  route.- are invited do eorrc-iionduiieo  will) the lollowiny repreaeiiLaLives.  B. TI. TuuMiun.i.. Commercial Ayetil  1-12 Third St., Portland, Or^on.  .1. C. Lin-dskv, T.ld \ P.A.'  1 -11-2 Third St,.. Portland. Oreyon.  P. I>. Tiiojri'SON. I<\ \- P.A.. Uoom  1. Column IJ1(1��.. Seattle. Wash.   '     ���"  JAMES GREER  COXTIv' \CJ"C)R '  and i;uifj")i'-:ic.r  I'-.sTi.vi.vri'is i ri:\-i<Mi n ox ,\i.i. wnitk'  jonmxo  I'laLVii-n.-v  r.xi.i i-n;n  I louses unci Coff.'igi'.-^ for lu-nt  or  Sale   on Ivisv '1'ernis.  I Ml  A.M.) SHIX'CUIS Poll SALI-'.  Telephone b2.  SILENT ���0l,^i^YmiE. SPEEDY  Purchase   Price '$3.00   a   Month  Allowance'Made For Old Machine  rtrnoid'&RoDe'pis  MINIOI.'.VL ACT  O'oiim  !'���)  <-i:u r.i le.vi i: or imimiiivi:mi:.n'is  Uny il '.from the boys every  Saturday morning and take it  home witlli yon. Tiik Puospku-  TOii. it contains alhlhe district  news.  ������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Centrally Located Electric Lights  Manitoba Hotel  Under:  New  Mb��agemerit  Mr. Christie, an old time prospector and miner, who lias extensive coal iind iron properties  in the I?riest river district was  ;i Cranbrook visitor this week.  B. C. Strawberries  +��� * ��  Pre.-orviny   -ea-on   i-  hJ     drawinji'   near.       boiive  your  order-- pi ompi   delivery  fiiiai'iiiuoed.  Mi C m.Mli'KS  Marticiiibo Chocolates'  Choice Confectionery  ������Haze I wood Ice Cream"  Hugh Stewart  Phone 75    Armstrong, Ave  ' Headquarters  for. mining'    ji(  . ' -     * &  men and old timers.'- i'i  \Vhen yott vv;int a ygood  place; .to. stop come to tlie  Manitoba.  We Give You Your Money's Wos. th  NOTICE^       if NOTICE.  .      NOTiCrc is liiiroliy k'vuii  111sii.  sixty .liiys  ���.ift��r iliilij I liitij'inl in U'lM'ly.li"'Ui'! Oliliif (.'ini)-1. N'O'I'ICl'-. is liureljy KiWin. Uiiil, sixty .liiys,  inissldiioi- of hmi'ls mill Wnrlis ���fur iHii'iii'lssion j iifun' <liilr. I InU'iid to upply I" IM.,'. Ohl.;l' I'oni-  l,n |nii-.:lin.sr. Iln: I'.illowiiiK - iIc.'SC-i-IIiimI lull.Is,! irilssloiKii' f.l'l.i.n'ils ii.'itl Works ill, V'l.'Kiiln f..i'  sllmili- Iii'Soiillieitsl. IC.)ol.;n;iy: c.iMiui.'iii'iiiK ill'.', pi'i'iiilsslon ti,i pun'linsc Uii: f.illiiwiui; iIi.noi-Mx.'i.I  iln; liiii'lliwusl iioi'Iiiii- of I...I No rJ'.H'.!', '.roup 1. Inii.ls slltiiili'.l Iii'KuiiIIk.'iisi K'noelciiny illsli-l.'l  llieiiiio iiiisl ID ylinlns. .lln.'iK'i! Minlli'.'"(iliiiliis, ; C.miiiiiMii'iii!.' hi, tin: siiiillii'nsl .-.ornei- oi' l.oi,  lli.iiir..'. rust .im i'lniins, lliuii)'.: norl.li .I'l.-liiiliiK, ' N'o, :ll��. (iinnii I. ICooiuiiny illstrii-t. llii'iii-.'wosl  llicnuo wusl iMI iiliuliis. I.IioiiiVi: norili III itlinlns. HO cliiiins, Uii'iiri; si.Mill fill ii'lialns. llii'iii'.- vnsl  ��� tlmtii!'! w.ist fll i-liiiiiis. 111.Mien koiiI.1i i'i i'lniins. '31 chnins, iIhmu'i. somli :ill cliiiins,, Ui.'iii't: i!iisl  tlu-ni'i: cnsi rlD clmiiis, ilicnci: south   I'i clmiiis ; '.'11 i'lniins, llicii.'u iiurlli ~'(l cliiiins. flicncc .'list Id  to Ijl.ICO of iH'Killllilli! (lOlltllilllllK .".''.Il IICICH   IIIOI'l!.    C'lllllllS.  Illl.'lll.-U  IIOl'lll SO I'llllllls   Ml    pllll'l'   of   II..1-  <M. luss. ! K'liiniiiK containing iWll ncrfs more ne lw,  d  Kohu M. I.liilliiiuuiii, Locntor' Clmrlos   K: Liiitliai'iiin.    Locntor.  Uuied this STili. dny of Mny I'-'Di- !    '-" tl.iti'ii this yrth tiny of Muy..iyiJ3.' . -J:!  Ci. C. Jewell,,ol .lalTray, W.M.  of Kernie hjodge A.F. it A.M., is  at New Westminster this week  attending' a convocation of the  Grand Lodge ' < ol Ilritish  Columbia  Consliible Morris captured a  Kornio man on Sunday last, who  was wanted in that town for  stealing a uniform. Mr. Morris  left on Monday'.s train for Kornie  with t he .prisoner.  ;.). Hewitl:,ir.i employee at the.  North J-?l,ar Mill, Cranbrook, met  with a severe, accident on Tuesday, lie was loading-logs, when  one got away''and,..'badly crushed  his. foot. -.���'������.     ,,: .   d  "Mrs. . DeVere Hunt, left' On  !<Yiday.s train, on'ii visit.vto Vdui:  con ver., -.\i i-sd |-1 nut will be away  about a month'.  :.��.c*5  '���"NOTICE.  Till   .Villi.   \N   VV.lll   I.ANIl llll'AN'T  A.'-T.  GUANTS'of   hunl  iini'li!   to Volunteers, their  heirs  or ossh'ti'-.   uiuier. nul In.rli.y iif   lliis  A.'l. lire Mll.jei-I lo file collllilioll .thill Slll'll  llllllls Still 11 hlivc h.'l'li'selected hy the   Kl'llllh-l'S  oii or hehii-e Ui" lirst <l:i,v of July. Ilui.'.. Notice  Is, tin'rehire hereby umjii lluil niipllcntioiis  for Mich hnnl". iniisi.'lie llle.l ill ii Ooi-crnnieiii  (mice I'.v Unit < I:i (������:  li.  K. MltlCKN.  Chief C to in issi oner of Lands ��� A'Works.  l.iin.U itii.l Wo Us Uu'iJiirtinent.  V'ii.'ioriii. I.'.C. Mill Mii.V- I'-'UC. :'.*.  L rn  Auni  *  | Tailor % Importer of %  |        Fine Woolens.       \  %   C'l-aiiliroiiU-. li.l'.   Ai-in-ti-oiiji A \<���   .;,  SHORT LINE  BETWEEN  ST PAUL-CHICAGO  OMAHA-CHICAGO  KansasCily-rCMCAGO.  NOTICE.   ' ."  t'lvine ('lini'l Miticral I'liihn.  Sitii.ilc In Ilio I'Virt Sli'i'lu MIiiIiik linision  oi l-'.nsl K'oolon.iy Iii-.li i.-l       '  Wlii'ie' loi ninl. On M.irl; Creel, one mile  fi oni l\ inihei lev.  ���|"nko iKHiie Unit I. Tlio- T. JleVitlie !������. VI C.  NTo. UT.irin. .iKt-iii lot .1 ('. in run KM C  NY> ' U-I.ldh. .hi- 'I'l.u'nner, I'.ML". N'.i. IJ-Ciin,-  ,uid.l. !���'. .Vinislioiu' ollii-i.il a .inn iti-Li n lor loi  KillOKK esl.ile l''iee .Minei's Ccrllli  i-nte No. IllJIie. intend sixty iln>. s lionilln'  dote lll'icol lo.ippl\ lo tlie Minill;' I.'.m oi'lel  for :i I'( 11 Mi cute of Inipnn eniein--, lor the put -  p..-,e ot ohtiiiiim^ .i Ci ou n (1 riint nf the nh.nc  elaini  And forth.'i hike noine th.it iielion, nndei  sectun. :.7, I in i -a he com in en. ed helot e the i-.Mi-  iince oi ^och ('ci tilic.il e nl Impim enients  liuled this isiii ,|,ij r>l Api ii, A !>   IHfi.  P. M'llOS   T   .MeVIT'l'IK  �������� ��� i  D. J". JOHNSON    ���  Carpenter  % Bui Icier  ,  Cood   W.orh- at '  lieasouable Price  ^ u r  Office and Workshop . Lewis St  ,01; VNlll.'nOK  Lli'MNlT. DLS'I'IUC'I'    .  \      speel'il      m.vtll".,'     ..I     tin-      Ho.lld'e Ol  Licence   Cniniiii-si.iiii i~     ('iniihiool,     Licetic-'  Uisliict     will   he   In hi    in   the   Oonit   lloii-e  C'liiiihinok. on 1'inliv   lone  ,!��i li     i'.iO'i   ,u   ten  o'clocl;  in   tin-  liiiei.o.iii    to.oii^id.'r  the   fol-  lou iii^' upphcitioii-.  'I'. Il" l\i\en   h'o\.il lioiel  SpoUme .Innciion  Win   -   |-ui-,\ili   lioviil iloti'l. Klinberlej.  D.nc.l tin- l.">Ui .loin    I!Hi.".  O   'I'   II   Mi MTLLIN"  '-- (hie; Ln ciice !n-.iieeli'i  J*'%y��^ Three h Four Yiar Courses  ip-���N$>S   ��'  M'lim.:, Clieinkil. CimI,  ��l��l    ^Z1    1*^      ^U'hr,"U',la"11   I'"If<-tlH"ll  IS I:riiflH��crlny;,  Vr     Miiii'i ilo.'v nnd   Oroli.^ ,  iliolo^y .md   1'uhhc Ilritisli.  W: ite fot c- ilcnd.ir to  The Sccietaty,  School  of  Mining,  Kingston, Ont.  m;  3 GLINE  I  /)  l-'ir-l ('la��� W'ui'ls in all   brain-lio-   f)  (li Ihe old Miiintoh.. Iliuhei -hop  i un imu' he [iMill'l in Uie  WATTS'   I'.rtl.DIXC  (if ilii.  Ton so rial Art  SSSS ��?��2iiS��1*��S��S��5 ��*��? *��������  Youi' al.lciiliuii is I'ltllcil .Ui llie  "I 'itiiM.'.or.UinitetrM.i-aiiis-nf 1.1 io. "M il-  waiikci: & Sid'niil Kn.ilu'.-ty." "'I'lie only  liiu'fce.l, l.rniiis i.n llie world."  N'ou.will Iind it di'siralile. t.o ride (in  t,li(is(! t.rai.ns when jfnin^ lii'iiny point, in  Uie KuKt.o.ri: Sliiles1 or (J.'inada. They  coiHii.'i-l' with all Traiis-.'onUiK'.iitiil  Trains and', ;tll Tiidcet, . Ao-cnts .sell  l.icki'ls.   '���.' ' ���  Kor. further inforiiialidii, jiamphl.'.ls,  etc, sisk any Ti.-Uet, A.yontor  K.   L, KOltD, II-  S,  ItOVVI':,  'Puss. Aount, Goncra.1 Ajjrcnt,  SPOKANE.   , PORTLAND  %'  1 leadiiharici's for  ,���I''I;KSII   I'M; I'ITS    '  d  /������'' XI'TS and  (���||(i|'(.'K  '; ������" (���<)M''|..;<:ti()'nki; v  Igo Cream 'and Solid Drinks  Also Tobacco, Pipes  and  Ci^aris  I'.ukgrSl.  (dr;ii) I hy >i ik  l..t..T.*t..?..!..T. ���   ���  J, M, DEER  '  Boot-snoe Maker  A 11  Work (.u.ir.iiit.'.'il  .\e\i   Wiii'k-CM.idi' lo Mci^iilv  Armstrong Ave.  Opposite  llllpell.-ll   lie'  d NOTICE.  'I'hli-l.y'.lii.vs'iifn r il.iic I im.-ml h. .. pply u>  the ���Chief (.1oiii:iii-,.-|.iiiei' of Lull. K nnd w.irks.  for n liccn.-e I... .nt nnd enrt ���, ��� :n\;ty ilnilier  from llie lolleuliei .lescrlhe.l hin.Kjili . Soul II  I'inst Kool.eil.t.l : , ( nni iiiemiiii; hi n post plllll-  teil lit the Small i:i.si eorner of Lot ISi'.i, i Irotip  I thence uc:. In cliiiiu-.. thence norlh -jn rlmliis  tlienee west I" chnins: ihenec smith sip eluiliis',  i hence en si so elm ins: t lience in,rth i;o chnins to  plii.v of lieeinniiiir,  !���:. M. I'-i:nuii.:k.  Locnted lliis'Mli dny of June.  I'.'iij. U >  THESE DAYS ..  YOU    WA'NT   the    latest  Iii Photos  y   ;0R'XONE'AT A XX ��� -'  T11 e   Newest  I.^ Su re   to  He  I-'ouiui at  Prest Photo go.  Studio.  ���������������������������������������������������������������  IGraoDrooK     \  i M Livery l  ?   ��� .r  ? GI3AUY  ,<i   DOYLK,  PKOP'S ?  ? ���  T ���  ' ���  T ���  ��� Tciiins ami ilriv(..'i-s furnish- i  i od for any |>oin1- 'in the (lis- I  ���T tried -   ' ���   ?  i i  ��� A.  DOYLE,  MannB-erf  .���..������.������'���'<������'������������������������.���  .������,.���..���..���..���.,��..��..,  t.  ���:������,.... 4  THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBiiOOK, II C, JldNE,24, JOnH.  -^jnj\nnj7J^-tnriJTn.'XTJ^hrv^^ I .(7!  | IiiipeMaidB^  I':,       ���   ' "    CAPITAL. AUTHORIZED,: ,$4,000,000 "���-,:���  Sid ,ddd CAPITAL (pint! up)      d. $3,000,000   ���-      ���'���;���  Yy     "'     './."REST ACCOUNT, ..'���.������ -   $3,000.0t>0 < ���     -  "d,  i,i:o0^Ci:tor+  satijuda v, .iTxt: di. moo  Head    Office:-:   s ororitb. (  T.-:il:,M H'lUrJT'r. 1'i'eddi'jit. , I)..I ;,,Adl I'.lvl \1. Yd-,'-I'i-.  yoxY'iy������'��� ifv  c,:.i;kat   Biiri'Ai^-di.ii'vtis  Idnk."���;  . London.'  aiid Gc.ii. Man.,  dq  '��� ���   ' ��� "������    C  I (imliard ������St:,;���,g  A'-C.eiibral Hanking '.Ididtf'ds TraH.-aeH'd,  ���y^VTrmnnrt^^^TiV^VIVtVXJJ}^^XVtm->  I  LOCAL NEWS: i  'dd  I). ;EJ.lis,diM<)iil;i.ii:i;"'..Was, ill  the (-"Py Thursday.' -.���.'   d"  ������ '..-������ d';;  'yT.'yl . , l>llio-|it.-V\y;u|(-OU-YOr,     WilS  ! iiii ytheyciiy, Thursday.:, '��� .yy:"' -":  5i, ���" SavingsBabkDepiirfmididX-:-kitidvsf allowed on (.lopo.sits.'" -."]2 i-.d".',-,'. .,,',.-���,',��� ���;'���!���      '.''.���   .,dd'. "A.y A  &���:. ,  '���. ��� ,.-'   :y   .'���.:.'���'���:���..' ���'. .   ;���  v,d d,d SA : '.'"-"'"'������,������   ' '       ,������'.":���.:.d.'.,'.d'.���'"' ','^!^;dl:)y..r..,,l.'>oyc<>.,.,old(:;i]<r-;irv', was-.  ine Man who  LiKes to Plsli  "~~:*>-ji./>  5}vV Cranbrook Branch. ' y y'i jdPdAi.PiNJ< HAM; Manager.  ���.TJXJTfijtTU-U"U'lJ-LrU-lJU-'.jH I  in town.' Iiu.'Sfla'y'.y;.',    '.'>������'���.���'    .y   v d  .1: dldvvy   bi'.v 1 J'()Vslfiiid... was ' in  levil V'Tiudthiv.      ���'������'��� "-;' 'vd d ��� iy  ���*���   . y-i., y.        :������ ''.(;.-.   ' ���������   "���'.���.:'      '���'���:.''V  '..'   'Ah'������!���'��� v K'n'iJV'Jcfi. ���diver the coast  .you n ivi-.si',.. ssd r.ip vcdci'daydd'y.  ~f* "���''���,���/A' Md:,(> li ;;,-��� "���'' |.'d(d,);Vidyi'd"f'i,s  &fy-'...'. yiyyyyy-A \y y- yty \n< �����-<  $,..���;'    ���'���������������  ^/>,   IS TIIK MAX,-^^^..y  T'yV'.vvho   will'Vlic-   iii-    ;<~^~ ���;..  I(.'i'i's1e(l'iii lii(jlciiid lii.'j- iVii'r sliiiii-iiio- ,ip  Fishing  Tackle  ; YWX:: .'vav'.(/";'^is"'���''.'IH.l IxcyiJI-S ,of  (lilhvreriLysizf'^diiHJ..', tlit���/   liiLcst  styles. s,i,Td;n�� Idiniddol'various  vvcigli'ts.v, nil dy]>'ii:i%dof, yT'lii'S  ancl' yy I | "t n.^y. ^YL.i iYlYnk^y  figli tvjirircs.d iyyy'y dd'y. ' .���"'���''..''"',  P.S.y,Let its; serve yoil by mail  ;^; f3 f:a-rn" f-i^^S;'. A'tc: i^yi son:  ; Where It Pays' to Deal.y  THE CANADIAl  ::d:.:-:dOFy:G01^MERGE'y Y;L  Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve FLiiid. $3.50O.0G0  ,'.     "d ';"'y:;A"';'':'  HEAD  OFFICE;; TORONTO" d'/ -Yyy "; ���'"'"  d   Id lv. AVAI.lv KK;, U.-n.-idl M^n.i^vr . ' ������', AhKK., I.AIUi). Assi.. Gcii'l Map.ii^ci  ,'   '   V    '.������'. A'-' V ��� ,';��� ..''��� ISSUED ATTHEydpLLOWINO l.'ATES A'i        ;'."���:. iii:  ���dv      '���::?.."������',   ���      y,$ and 'under,.:.'.',.. .'.'. ....... ':".''. 'ii'..'..'.. ... 3 cents   '.-'-'-.���.'���'���"  ' .���''.���'.', "'���.'. ���;���'���.   : Over   S5  .-i.n'd not exceeding -SlO. ...:..'6  cenls  'd ',,,:���,   y:,',;:y  dd"v#10,d,'   .". "; , ������',"''.'���'��� :d:-?3()'. /..;.',y 10 cents ;'"''.''  ',;  ",'v���'../���:';,;.'���������,yA"y$3ttii   y';.yi    d'r'.'': ,, SSO.d;-.'/!,.",15 cents   '{A   :    'A..      ,���'���  ���'' ''d'^V,1-'1''1''1^ :vry^ ','iiV'iihlc,i��t���l':ii ��� ;it��;i(iy. ollu-i- f n (duiiidii ol' ;i ���Cl'isirtcrcd ���  .  Itiililc, (N'i|k..|i i'Xi;.r|iUHi) ���,-uid al ilie |irinci|i,;il  b.-iiik'inj;-,iioiii|,s,iii,tllc. l.'llitcd  ���,"   '   .'*,        V    ^ ���     .     M-.iio i i.Mti.i-:-Ar ,\. i'im-:i. kaii-: ,.\ V-. ,'."     ," : ���'.  dliiiC (CANADIAN  JJANK Olb COMMElUiK, LONDON, .-"liN (';.".      d  'I'livjvfi'ini, an excellent inclliiid of reniiHinj.1, sihnli sums of ihohey  \vitti  siifely iiiul at sniall a.'st.      ",  ������".'���'..'���'���'.    '���.."'..  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'C.y'AA ���.���:���:; "y.A yd yy  f ���':r]d:^'d("''i'Vf'id:A:dvrQi;d\/^  i.yyMr. "'Nyi-llanspii ��� roi|i,ios lis. your  j>i-(>sou('('d!i-i,t.li .l.'ul:ip-s',(.'i.ii','the open-  .Aiy ^'A^'Y^  r.^,'dilul^..fi1U:dlU-iditi-viilX'f)iri;ridsdv^ dd  ���"���':i-:^:d' 'yi'>V)ulu:''nTiui'l-J'i'ii'��;'a)]llJ'p|':iiid  ���jy-^vd'1 J^'f)H:H;:vpSi--riii;P  dv^'r ;i,: Rd'1)tii' iorgePAiPe yytA&\xAtfrry;  ',^;''.'f(.'s't:iv:i] diityd'tHe.y Presbyterjair  ..:>s>j dhurelr: .gu.y'.'JL\ii u rK(l:;i;yd.vruiit!-d]i)th,.  )^dlid:y:0:ni,iihin4^rJHU'(di'l(>yvv:iis  ^c 'yi ii itesr u i, ii i i'> (. ��� rail bri.-ok T11 rjs-  ^���'"l;iy--:"'d; vy-^.fid'l-^-r-^'-dnVA'-.' -���;���  IJoi'-.n'''. ill C(ridrbd)ok,'':ri'utisdiiy  -ii?;'f'-Juii'.' -lis M hdTovk'l ry aiiddMrs.'ydJyo7  ~jj�� SNy hixAi \(y AjdihiixHi vrA . 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M Vy ���  .:ite.d'    vd '���,. -h'-iyi iy'.yy.-y'.' :.yv:. y    ;  yi-y .,,.������-.������ -   V, . d     . i^ V V ,��  yy^  tyheifi..; ..,';v Ly;e.t;v.iis vfitt';dv'iu ���;o.ut:y:;ancly^^  ^vpeiisos. iincl'icfeiiger'yfromvlired''- Y-Yi-YY'-t Y'���'���'��� ������ Y- "i$A'Y:  ...-^������',:c:.' .'"���,, ���.:/',:'������...;���':','VdV ".:������".:i:y,i: i "A     '������'���,':���'.:.'' V dd V"d    *y ,d" -'dVv '.9s'':.:yy  ;-�������.':���  visit to*-the:dooast.ddTliey d-vere  visito'rsdatdthe Portland.KxjioSi-  ti'o.n. Ui'sld\v-bek.ddvd'''v '.:-..:��� .vd' yy.y.  "ilisy, pi"ii|-i('rtvy' ';i-i.,lj��ji-n's::,tH.e Sullivanduul those a  r. t  T  T  t  T  ld T  .vdill acqiKiiiited,. \vi.i'b"'.cnb..']).i"(.ipt',rt.y. Will   rea'vlily .".st-o   that;..!.  '"���y-llViy-al'jOV'f'dis'.ii'VVbx^i'jU'K't^ d        -.     ��� :������ '";������'. ''y        c''d  -j-  .'���   . .'"���'. - .'. ��� '  '..", ;! '��� ^-' ������':���. " d ���  'T  .y y          , ',. .',.  y." ."������'.'��� ���   p...- . -,.,:'     " :.       ' T  ���Tliis Ms subject to prc\'ioiis  sale.  if. r-jiirbarta/dsuporintetidont  of 1.I1 p ..Trail snielter was'in t"ovvn  Monday. ,' v'-. ������'������ '.':���'.���' i-"-  'Mi:-s.;, Md -R ; King,, left 'Craii;:  brook Priuayy'on a. visit to, Vtin-  couvor. "','���"       "d"���',   ':    -'yy- v  JAGi ^Hungerfb'rdM Pol ioiiddprest-  ,d��n'C'.6-t LJtha l|Kooj(fiii A\i._ .C-eii t rai  ���Railway��� Co. retiirnbd.yWbdnes-  'day    from   'ai-d.businesS' 'tri]j,V,'u  'Montreal..: ;':d;y.'y...-.'dd 'y...y'.A'Aiy  d.The.'ma'ny friends oi!'.LV;B.;:Va'n"-'  ,Decar. wil 1;'be, ]ileased;to 1 earn  tliat IJ.-:R., Avli'o lias been ill for  several weeks, is uow pro'g"res.s-'  ingVapidly towards recovery. ,  '��7:.'.  Li'My  ���.;;:-������.���-���*.���?���;' ,  v ���*'���'*��� Y  - 'da:-"  VV-ifcV,.:V  -.������...,-��.��.v,-.:.u.  yiik'-A  ���r.&i'-t"  ������ ::��.*.�����.��� .-'������:  .d'i��i',,-i  ������I.TKr-y.  .1 i-.-.*l'��.i, '.������ ���   ^  ..      ,^-.,-��5��.c.,  ,,...������,��������'��� .���.f-..-;./....-' ,.������.(!..,-,.'.. ���.'    .,,���   A-,.���.���.-:-:;.���-,     .���-.,������  .-���f.:-��*��-;iS-.r.  :'i"-,,���-  ��� -v. ���.:������/���.''���. '������'.������.-;' -������ :, ���.;:���>,���.;����������;;.:���'������',:  Senator A. Page, of AVardner  Idah'6,; A. 13ev 1 in,,- .a pro'mine'ini  mining lnan of .SiiiiiGtown, .and  Wl .1 ,,.;��� .Langley, of ���������':V;Fort-  Steele, vvered in ^town Tuesday.  On Wednesday they visited the  Marysville smelter, dd  ,;:",���'.,������"���  - The Uielelil-atii'in iif. Aloyie on  July -1st,' will bp, generally at-'  tended by ' the Cr.-.tiiI'irook-' ''contingent. '.;'���'' V ''  1  111 > L-^  Xadies'.' and Men's  mishers.-::i'���.''���;  Ad P.. Fenwick , and N. A.  Wallingoi- of Port Steele, ���were  iit . Cranh'rbok ':��� Wo'diu-sday ' on  business.  \y;  :i(.i-  ���ill'"  ;i  I'd.l'f J' 'I'd' ;i ili',1' In  it.!'i 'l.ui.'-i- 'j( ii ii A ::  ! ii'"  iv ( U'lci  v, ' null ���  ii  w  Don't Believe what   we   teli   vou,   tlon't   believe what anvone tells  vou  Gome and bee  Our j iid'Sont  'S6  .Bealo tt Elwell (ixnect, to move  in ;i day or so to their'new (ifticcs  where ihe l.mperinl Bank used to  -bo.   '   .",,       . ." '"'.��� .    ��� ���;���  ���  l-Jiirristei' '(!.     E.     Thoiiqisoi)  was'at. Toronto'. Out.   this weidi.  He will extend  his ciistern visit.  .lintiUahoni. t.lie iniddle of .Inly.  Tin- lirsi," local, strawberries  made ��� l.lioir n|:r|.H'.a.i-ani::e in the  inark"el,'iif' Slcwiirts. ihis week".  They 'arc of good llav'o'r n-nd size.  vdJohn Hainbly,��� ,���'has opened a  ge tie r ti 1,, m e rob aiid i so 'store on  Ar m st r o 11 g a v e, n'u'e. Mi;.; PI am b -  ,1.V' is'-'an old 1 i'i nor in .. thi;. Koot'e-  hiiy.s,- and \vas ,in business '.iit.'  Poplar.creek' prior .' t6c(un;ng'to  C ran brook.'- -  ���^Yir::Y:Y.^:m.M;-  ROBERT JOHNSON  ;���.".. .dProniietor  f�� '.'Marysville,' B.C.���>;.:;��-;,   ��-y.y ���'���'&  Wi :Y      THe0leadiug Hotekbf tlie ' Sd  .Miiry'syVatley. d "A  [v%     Nice airy;room?, .i'i,(nviy'''fuirnished..d. Tabic as,gbod:    ��r  \m   disyany in Kootbriay.-.  ��'"'','���; ;.d���'"-������;'        :"'y   ; '���;,'"���'������'"   .,   (J)  m      :.'������'.':    ' GOOD- SAMPLE" ;R06(V1S       "      ���    ^  'i��   "��� ���'".':������.-���-  .-.,���������:.���      ��..-���',' .   /-I    ������������ , /I)  l <iX>'^ <S5>-?^'c-5>-s^c^5r^-,^^-c-5^-^-f^r>.^^-^*r^-v��'^ ^-s>-"o^-v'SNvs?--v^v-^<��--vr^^^;/r5  P.-McCoi/neir vuiis in town froiii  bis ranch-' at McConnelIs island  in wi lie I'vootenay';'.'i ver lielpw  Wardner this week'.: He brought  with himsbmesa'mples of red fop  aiid bi'ooin grass which .showed  great growth for this timeof  vein-.       " '    ' '   .'".'"  m  M' r-  :y y .r\''J  rn.:-.  My "  M' Y  ���V .'���     "    '.  M ���"-'���  ���'#'  M  Mr V  TheTjiidies Aid Society of .thq,  Presbytprian church, will hold a  s t raw berry y test i va I, ai'id ii ji ro'n  sale, on Thursday eveningyjune  I'SUh'. It vvill be iinder the inan-  agen.eiil. of" '���' riic'sdiimos Loitch  and  R re inner.  (Icorge Watson of" Idirf Steiilo  avTis in C.rnnbrook .Wednosdjiy,.  iVlyr. \V;ilson vyas on his way to  l lie. cons!.  ever   known;    ,'iiui  s;n !' VV'i ���  vv Otllrl  (I' i.  I.- I.':  tlic  :!' .il":-.t ,:  i,'i i    \'i '���   ,l !  n ' "s:    wi v   li; i vi-  ��� ' li.iiii;'' wli;i I   vv'o  HILL& CO.  GranDPOOK's Greatest  tore  .Tho gainc warden. ,of,Southeast K"iloicuav. should pii'y nmre  al Iciil-Kiiii'to his (lulics. .ludiiius  ari'^aiii to lie killing gani"onl  i if .si'ii.son. arid sol ling .if-in outlying cainps. Any |n'rsou caught  willi game in hif, possession,  while man i ir I iidiii u should be  pros.ecuii.('|.  | >l I'cliaiiic-..  1 Viriiicrs. Spinlsincii !.'  '{���     'I'll    ll.'.ll    .lilll    .���.iitti'll    Ul.'    .-Mil    llll'l     ll'IIIUVl'  j ctviisf. "il 11:11 nisi sliiiuy. piiinl iiml .'iirtli  I cilc., u-i'.' 'I'll.- "Muster Mrulm nli-V.' 'I'm'' -Sofip  |A!l'i.r  T-.Ili'i Xii.Li|. (,'..., Mlis.  A re])resenafive of the Prospector visited Wind .Hamilton's  ranch, one' mile west of Craft-  brook" this vyeek Mr. Hamilton;  lias been untiring in - his efforts  to in'iiki.1 ;i good fruilyranchdjf his  place and' he. must bo' proud, of  his results. . The fruit trees are  laden with'fruit: and a good -crop  is assured.  $��^:$p��M^  m  Wi  w  w  W'  w  W  w  e,  di  Our C()iii|)lc.le! Cold Slorage Plant, enables us !<j tur,-  ^ y'nisli. pur goods ;in jierfecl coudilioii- atdul! seasous' of  1|.'  the-yea r.;     d d     '     '���������'' , -- [ ^  1  i  'The Alefliodisf Churcln was  crowded to fhe doors last' Sunday night fo hear the Ivev. .1. p.  AVidsiiiiiiu the jiaslor deliver his  address ou '''Thought, force and  its influence ou the coin'niuiiily.  Next .Sunday evening the pastor  vvill c,oi'ii,iuii(.. his address dealing with' "The nature..and ihe  power of man". In the .morning'  the subject will be ".Seeking  fhe highest and best". The'choir  will furnish suitable music, .for  the occasion.  Thisv week we'.,offer  all 'Trimmed and Ready  to Wear HATS atex-;


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